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File: edcabc463f4c988⋯.jpg (9.52 KB, 255x143, 255:143, q research general.jpg)

31d29a  No.5881987

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Saturday 03.23.2019

>>5854029 ————————————–——– Why are [they] attempting to re-write our history? (Cap: >>5868364 )

>>5853603 rt >>5853578 ————————— you may start your attack run

>>5853545 rt >>5853322 ————————— FIRE AT WILL, COMMANDER.

>>5853176 ————————————–——– Meme: MY TURN...

>>5853115 ————————————–——– Meme: D's haven't been this mad since R's freed the slaves (Cap: >>5868364 )

>>5853007 ————————————–——– MAYday MAYday MAYday (Cap: >>5853118 )

>>5842693 ————————————–——– You are witnessing the collapse of the largest pre-planned & coordinated propaganda event in modern day history

>>5842648 rt >>5842610 ————————— MSM: their only defense is to play 'dumb'

>>5842541 rt >>5842272 ————————— Q on Fox News commentary on tweet from Q-related account

Friday 03.22.2019

>>5838347 ————————————–——– Nunes: "Unraveling of the biggest political scandal in American history." (Cap: >>5838390 )

>>5837376 ————————————–——– [They] thought it was coming last Friday. Ammunition spent.

>>5836740 rt >>5836660 -————————– DECLAS is a comin'!

>>5836480 rt >>5836393 -————————– The RULE OF LAW is being returned to our GREAT LAND.

>>5836164 rt >>5836091 -————————– Sanctions lift? Anons know? (Cap: >>5836244 )

>>5836091 ————————————–——– BLOCKADE REMOVED.

Wednesday 03.20.2019

Compiled here: >>5852541

Monday 03.18.2019

Compiled here: >>5802127

Sunday 03.17.2019

Compiled here: >>5791939

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31d29a  No.5881995


are not endorsements


>>5644463, >>5646510 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q

>>5857423 BO on global notables


notes @ 630

>>5881870 Slavery reparations debate resurfaces in WH race

>>5881857 IDF Deploys 1,000 Troops to Gaza, Blames Hamas for Rocket Attack

>>5881840 Kellyanne Conway: Adam Schiff needs to resign over Russian collusion hoax

>>5881809 Creepy pics from showstudio.com (Chandler/Nick Knight)

>>5880778 PENAL49 now changed call sign to CERE8R14 hdg into California

>>5881706 Call for the DIGG on writer William Saletan

>>5881684 Deltas of POTUS first 6 tweets are green; does GREEN mean GO?

>>5881410 Will children be used as sheilds? PRAY anons that the answer is NO

>>5880832 (PB) Macron hopes a 73 year old YV protester who suffered head injury "gains a little wisdom" from the incident

>>5881615, >>5881716 Presidential Proclamation for Israel's Sovereignty over the Golan Heights; signs Declaration

>>5881560 Anon on how to get around Twitter algorithms

>>5881486 POTUS & Pence welcome PM Netanyahu to WH

>>5881402 wrt >>5880735 (pb) QIA gets a piece of Rosneft?

>>5881419 Over $10 Trillion In Debt Now Has A Negative Yield

>>5881430 Jeremy Richman, father of Sandy Hook victim, found dead in his office

>>5881326 Penal flight from LB on West Coast; lots of activity

>>5881319 Meadows tweet: never was any evidence of collusion

>>5881304 Good work by @greeggjarrett from Devin Nunes

>>5881302 Dan Rather still hoping for media to find collusion

>>5881301 SC refuses to hear mystery grand jury fight

>>5881293 New POTUS tweet & vid: Schiff has insisted there is evidence of collusion

>>5881282, >>5881609 Lindsay Graham has set the stage for investigations into FISA, dossier, Steele, DNC

>>5881932 #7524


>>5880544, >>5880548 JW releases 1,000 summaries of incident reports on unaccompanied minors processed under Obama admin

>>5881059 Photos clearly showing the french police carrying hammers

>>5881027, >>5881040 New DJT, 2nd link is video


>>5880846 Graham corrected link. speaking now.

>>5880823 Charlottesville schools closed for 2nd day over threats; arrest made.

>>5880778 PENAL49 now changed call sign to CERE8R14 hdg into California

>>5880735, >>5880782 SCOTUS denies secret case appeal

>>5880733 FOX Link for Senator Graham holds a press conference on the Mueller report

>>5880576 Lindsey Graham wrt Mueller Report will air on C-SPAN at 11 EDT

>>5881219 #7523

Previously Collected Notables

>>5879566 #7521, >>5880414 #7522

>>5877286 #7518, >>5878034 #7519, >>5878839 #7520

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>>5872647 #7512, >>5873459 #7513, >>5874199 #7514

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6a1e2a  No.5882023

File: 5f8ec62937c7d57⋯.jpeg (36.13 KB, 450x312, 75:52, 3A1CF36E-9543-4EAF-9F01-C….jpeg)

POTUS just dropped the “T” word.

31d29a  No.5882033

File: 1feda8c9b48a4b4⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 246x204, 41:34, baker2.jpg)

new dough


3a2e12  No.5882036

POTUS drops the T word!!


31d29a  No.5882038


Wait for the DOUGH!

511a96  No.5882046


Time to shit the bread?

Too Soon?

premature ejacula'''Tion?

6a1e2a  No.5882049

File: 32385ba9e65b215⋯.png (47.31 KB, 500x566, 250:283, 7EF4C86F-499D-446B-84F5-09….png)

>>5882023 (me)

Sorry. Taking lap.

31d29a  No.5882052


Baker requesting handoff

d6ef7f  No.5882054

File: a2f394da86909a6⋯.png (72.75 KB, 720x405, 16:9, CNN MSNBC grief cycle deni….png)

Thank you Baker!

e0ea51  No.5882057

File: 90f892eb59b4b13⋯.png (537.84 KB, 520x348, 130:87, ClipboardImage.png)

mmm,delicious TYB

35523c  No.5882059


Students at Charlottesville High School in Charlottesville, Virginia, walked out of classes on Monday, issuing a list of demands to the school district after they were targeted by a racist threat on 4chan last week.

The walkout, organized by local activist and student Zyahna Bryant and the high school’s Black Student Union, was framed around pushing the school district for cultural reform and increased safety. By one estimate, some 200 people joined the Black Student Union and marched through McIntyre Park in protest.


1afbc6  No.5882062

File: 75e34fa3246facc⋯.jpg (531.38 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, panic.jpg)

File: ea53d04184cb869⋯.png (22.42 KB, 578x410, 289:205, last_resort_PANIC.png)


c270d2  No.5882063

File: 25b0f4d8b9bd4f8⋯.jpg (58.46 KB, 850x850, 1:1, tyb_EnikoMihalik.jpg)


Thank You, Baker! nice work!

6a1e2a  No.5882064



Boff of y’all niggas need to shut the fuck up.



1e2748  No.5882065

d38672  No.5882066

>>5881430 Jeremy Richman, father of Sandy Hook victim, found dead in his office

Can't hold the truth back forever, whatever it is.

511a96  No.5882067

File: f00cd57d2e71468⋯.png (578.43 KB, 1238x556, 619:278, t3.png)


breaks into the DAY SHIFT

so proud of the graveyard/late night anons who practiced baked

T3, A4, Jedi

sorry if im being prseumptious and/or namefaggy



142878  No.5882068

“They are literally — the media and the Democrats — have called the president an agent of a foreign government. That is an accusation equal to treason, which is punishable by death in this country.”

Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary

7bbe8a  No.5882069

File: 05160b7eda958f7⋯.jpg (428.47 KB, 620x920, 31:46, 14798083.jpg)

Ty, baker

54c30b  No.5882072

File: f3a8e256e946a59⋯.png (516.96 KB, 1292x647, 1292:647, nocollusion.png)

74f826  No.5882073

POTUS sounding very Q-esque just now.

Likin' it.

593fd8  No.5882074

File: 92975d2e50ac5f4⋯.jpg (18.07 KB, 600x600, 1:1, focus.jpg)

File: 56da3266fd49f62⋯.jpg (11.59 KB, 600x600, 1:1, unite.jpg)

File: 966affd3eb40d85⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 600x600, 1:1, verify.jpg)

5cdff3  No.5882076

File: 1f650b1fede091e⋯.jpg (26.31 KB, 400x316, 100:79, TrumpTrust.JPG)

=Trump signs proclamation recognizing Golan Heights as Israels sovereign territory==

477522  No.5882077

File: 60f58eddff3d1ae⋯.png (376.43 KB, 638x650, 319:325, SandyHookSuicide.png)

File: f872b71beb4ae87⋯.png (107.59 KB, 890x508, 445:254, Q Drop 969.png)


At first I thought that these THREE rapid-fire suicides were a response to the NZ hoax and causing some ACTORS to become uneasy about their role in all of this. Confessing to their "therapists" and exposing themselves as a risk to the C_A.

Now I see that the walls are closing in on them. Justice is coming, and they are offing themselves to avoid taxpayer expense.

Make a list? No, make SEVERAL. Politicians/Celebs/HOAXERS.

1c62e2  No.5882080

File: a7ab390f1bd8504⋯.png (148.72 KB, 300x169, 300:169, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5882049 Shit happens Anon

3a2e12  No.5882082


POTUS let's the triggered media scream outraged questions, and just sits there and lets them scream! Answers one question about Mueller report and they're shooed out!


d78ec7  No.5882086


why are you posting this again?

7bbe8a  No.5882087


Or one list with labels

both actually

6c0335  No.5882088

File: ed50d9315c12c16⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1133x1700, 1133:1700, IMG_737.png)

patriots remember!

78e767  No.5882089

File: 45fb0de454e6eb7⋯.jpg (167.48 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, MuellerNoCollusionHahahaha.jpg)

19aaf9  No.5882090



Watch the documentary "Empire of Dust" - it is only a few years old but is almost impossible to find, Amazon won't sell it nor will anyone else, but periodically it pops up on YouTube.

Extremely enlightening.

4163c1  No.5882092

Not sure if you guys are watching but the media is all bending the knee right now. I have never seen anything like this:


4daa5b  No.5882093


Whoa…do you have a link for that?

be7b9c  No.5882094

File: e53ce2affea3839⋯.jpeg (67.48 KB, 852x406, 426:203, aoc.jpeg)

5c6d79  No.5882095

File: 38191c250ab23f6⋯.jpg (162.13 KB, 530x681, 530:681, time-so many questions.jpg)

593fd8  No.5882096

File: 9091fd63030e34e⋯.jpg (146.97 KB, 600x425, 24:17, ukraine-ukraine-ukraine.jpg)

cf0c0b  No.5882097

I took this week off work for some sanity, turns out my timing was perfect. Popcorn marathon frens

43e9f2  No.5882098


Can't let them re-group–DECLAS time now.

16ea56  No.5882099

File: df39f2b160094e4⋯.jpg (49.6 KB, 800x400, 2:1, IMG_20180713_212051.jpg)

These motherfuckers ain't gonna like the 10X'ers!

1afbc6  No.5882100


2 little 2 late assholes…


8e1cdd  No.5882101


Two questions:

1) Treason?

2) Sauce?

477522  No.5882102


I like that!

How about a FISA FISA FISA version?!

4163c1  No.5882103


I truly hope they carry that out. No jail, no deals, buried in a desert. See ya traitors. No fucking around.

3a2e12  No.5882104



FOX News

Statement w/Netanyahu before private meeting in the Oval Office

27eba4  No.5882105

File: f06b322e192e9fe⋯.png (351.43 KB, 640x573, 640:573, GUTHRIE.PNG)


3f3b15  No.5882106












31d29a  No.5882107


Goes FAST!

08543a  No.5882108


We can never let this happen to a POTUS again!!!!

593307  No.5882109

File: 52f2824de636982⋯.jpg (205.98 KB, 713x820, 713:820, 031104-F-6340W-011.JPG)

File: a70b6de24065dd1⋯.png (70.55 KB, 2588x335, 2588:335, 18dbf45d-27d0-46a6-884c-ac….png)

File: c9a7d6827925d1b⋯.jpg (31.16 KB, 470x684, 235:342, 4813962-6246453-image-a-27….jpg)



Like most people, I never liked or trusted Graham. He was clearly McCain's lackey. But, I think he must have been held hostage with blackmail because since nonames death Graham has been acting as if he's been freed. Don't underestimate a man who wants his blackmailers to face justice.

Lindsey Graham has become a military judge and can thus preside over a Military Tribunal!

"Senator becomes military judge

BOLLING AIR FORCE BASE, D.C. – Col. James Van Orsdol (right) helps Lt. Col. Lindsey Graham don a judge's robe in a courtroom here Nov. 4, after Graham was sworn in as a new judge for the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals. Graham, an Air Force reservist, is a U.S. senator from South Carolina in civilian life. Van Orsdol is a former chief judge for the court. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Amber K. Whittington)"

0fe256  No.5882110



Q and Barr….


c8005b  No.5882111

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There are THINGS about God that may freak you.

Just sayin'


P.S. It's been In front center… EVERY SINGLE POST.

1c62e2  No.5882112

File: 2b9d374b59f3b83⋯.png (371.55 KB, 640x639, 640:639, ClipboardImage.png)


#Qatar received the first of 24 @Boeing AH-64E #Apache #Guardian helicopters—the most advanced version of attack helicopters in the world—at a ceremony at Boeing Plant in Mesa, Arizona. All #AH64E s are expected to be delivered to Qatar by mid-2020:

Muh Qatar today

593fd8  No.5882113

File: 98d8882035f648d⋯.jpg (51.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, awake1--time-to-wake-up-am….jpg)

File: d6290f98f63fd1a⋯.jpg (32.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, awake2--time-to-wake-up-am….jpg)

File: 6b384eff3441378⋯.jpg (73.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, facts-matter-1.jpg)

File: 68e51ee50ad0434⋯.jpg (42.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sleeper3--time-to-wake-up-….jpg)

afe006  No.5882114

File: ccce13781f6a36d⋯.jpeg (616.08 KB, 1242x683, 1242:683, 9F21455D-C1BA-4A3F-A2E4-F….jpeg)

File: 937472608114bed⋯.jpeg (569.46 KB, 1233x1139, 1233:1139, D6CB5B50-647E-4967-94CA-3….jpeg)

File: fd092922a322c44⋯.jpeg (152.85 KB, 1122x588, 187:98, F367C776-B1BF-422B-AA74-1….jpeg)

File: 2ab036749bfc429⋯.jpeg (239.83 KB, 1104x1243, 1104:1243, FA271572-24AA-49D3-BB5F-4….jpeg)

File: 4c6b9b32c6d7739⋯.jpeg (467.14 KB, 1143x1087, 1143:1087, DA2AA0CF-FE98-4E2F-B2BF-7….jpeg)

Signed in front of a waterfall.

A couple of weeks ago there were discussions about Pelosi California wine caves and blood. Are there caves or clowns in caves? What is Bibi saying?


Bibi: “Mr President I know you don’t drink. Golan wine is the best. I’ve brought some. May I give it to your staff? I hope there will be no investigations to it.”

3f3b15  No.5882115

Is there a board with actually woke people who dont fall for every jewish trick in the book

Or did the overlords ban all those already

3a2e12  No.5882116


"…some very treasonous things "

b11f9a  No.5882117

File: 6aa8e2e828e9c73⋯.jpeg (2.45 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 0B627FD4-2B73-4156-B9E9-6….jpeg)

File: 0fedc29057ff05f⋯.jpeg (171.15 KB, 749x616, 107:88, 32C47FEF-66F5-49B1-91DE-A….jpeg)

Trump on Fox said some bad people did treasonous things.

Now C@mes THEP@ain USC 2381

500817  No.5882118

File: c890aaad80f0ce7⋯.png (868.96 KB, 914x609, 914:609, 1528386943453.png)

File: a95c829f34a7319⋯.png (120.97 KB, 698x313, 698:313, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-25_….png)

File: 959971d645a68ef⋯.png (105.62 KB, 815x326, 5:2, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-25_….png)


Callsign might relate to the game CEREBRIA.

There is an interesting line in the write-up about the game.

This sort of relates to us anons, Q, and what we are acheiving.

The game is won by the side with more influence over the finished Identity, thus becoming the dominant force in Cerebria.


eaab60  No.5882119


GITMO would be preferable than the other option. You see those media people had a job to do…

Did they do it?

Where they successful?

Do you think theirs master are happy with the result?

I would advice any of them browsing this board to call the FBI ASAP!

5a0130  No.5882121


Need another zero there kek, 50,000,000

nice though,

db0491  No.5882122


Any chance of the Question been asked and answered ?

Soon ?

7a695a  No.5882123

>>5881934 lb

Thx I posted it the day Q did.. but it got ran over by anons thanking Q

03fb68  No.5882124


Kiss the ring, and we decide your fate after you repent.

3f3b15  No.5882125


Please stop larping about your jew demon daniel

Anyone with a brain knows its not the real god

b85b7b  No.5882126

File: 2f97972c3127216⋯.jpeg (3.64 KB, 228x221, 228:221, download.jpeg)

efcb96  No.5882127


Maybe an easy excuse to skip class.

71f367  No.5882128

File: 5106fd084e7a132⋯.png (338.59 KB, 844x739, 844:739, ClipboardImage.png)


>Zyahna Bryant

What is wrong with that clown city?

53db41  No.5882129

File: 839036d4e6c81f6⋯.jpeg (141.08 KB, 634x453, 634:453, 0812F01E-C57D-4D8E-A495-4….jpeg)


The battle is good v. evil.

Remember that.

40c0fb  No.5882130

File: 86e734778ec1638⋯.jpg (72.21 KB, 922x603, 922:603, Capture.JPG)

was he about to talk?

4163c1  No.5882131


Where is that U2? Stil over Napa?

1c62e2  No.5882132

File: a215a0e16caeb61⋯.png (111.49 KB, 255x199, 255:199, ClipboardImage.png)

In front of Bibi!!!

My sides hahaha

1afbc6  No.5882133


sometimes things like this get drown out by Q posting or shills going batshit.

6c6687  No.5882134



Baker, you have "notes @ 630" in the notables

7b88ee  No.5882135

Are all Canadians leftist cucks?

Or just the retards who make YouTube videos?

500817  No.5882136


Wait one checking.

32e8d7  No.5882137

File: 4f7d494f40280e1⋯.png (123.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



1067e9  No.5882138


>Pissed Off Racists Everywhere

<helped get Heather Heyer killed?

325d31  No.5882139

File: 0078265818d7b31⋯.png (106.4 KB, 1090x600, 109:60, qclockm24commscrop.png)

File: 8f1246e4c01e88b⋯.png (137.34 KB, 496x514, 248:257, ClipboardImage.png)

POTUS retweeted this Great Day tweet.

Delta had :55 SS marker.

ce1b01  No.5882140

File: 939c58e818d8e96⋯.png (91.73 KB, 360x450, 4:5, SG-7.png)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

54c30b  No.5882141

File: fa00f834fed1d84⋯.png (516.88 KB, 1291x645, 1291:645, no_collusion.png)

e0ebe1  No.5882142

File: ac62ebfeb033f9f⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 2839x1665, 2839:1665, JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED.jpg)


>>5881430 Jeremy Richman, father of Sandy Hook victim, found dead in his office

>>5881458 (pb)

>2 Parkland students suicides now a parent of Sandy Hook, interesting.

>>5881483 (pb)

>These are the kinds of things that make even normies sit up and pay attention.

>>5881327 (pb)

>It´s real

>>5881347 (pb)


>>5881305 (pb)

>complicit fuckers dropping like flies

>One of the Sandy Hook parents just committed suicide…

>>5881476 (pb)

>Sounds like an investigation may be happening. Someone is closing in on this. More survivor guilt?

>Don't think so


de2f4a  No.5882143


still no sauce , just fake & gay reply. = shill

4daa5b  No.5882144



Lindsay Graham becomes a military judge for the Air Force. Military Tribunal anyone?

274ce8  No.5882145


Charles Adler

Verified account


1h1 hour ago


Avielle Richman was 6 when she was shot dead at #SandyHook Today her father's body was found outside the #Newtown Connecticut Town Hall. Jeremy Richman was 49. This is the 3rd #SchoolShooting related suicide in 2 wks. https://www.wfsb.com/news/father-of-sandy-hook-shooting-victim-found-dead/article_893b237c-4f0c-11e9-9404-83204962313d.html …

9bd007  No.5882146


Same thing.

c270d2  No.5882147

File: ced2fcf30db93cd⋯.jpg (26.59 KB, 578x169, 578:169, twopoints.JPG)

>>5882021 (lb)

And two points now?


17c950  No.5882148

pedosta on cnn , now

27eba4  No.5882149

File: 5d1e461d61fbfbe⋯.png (377 KB, 475x353, 475:353, andrea mitchell snotty 1.PNG)

File: bd0b8980ca03030⋯.png (201.84 KB, 258x350, 129:175, coup plotter chuck todd.PNG)

File: ee16a30356af09d⋯.png (220.72 KB, 255x350, 51:70, guthrie royalty.PNG)


these 3 need to be first in line

believe they are on Q's list of traitors

3f3b15  No.5882150


Blue pill anon

There is no good vs evil battle

All forces with power on this planet are evil

They all have their own agendas

And most of them involve controlling us and farming us

Q is the zionist faction

I fucking hate zionists

1efed4  No.5882151

File: 090f5d728e22ddd⋯.png (102.04 KB, 557x799, 557:799, dodnetworkcenter.png)

eh o/

75be87  No.5882152


8 minute video at c-span.org

142878  No.5882153




ab0571  No.5882154


Bibi was under investigation for receiving wine bottles from his rich friends

17c950  No.5882155


MSNBC oops

e06a0d  No.5882156


Thank you baker.

53b0de  No.5882157

File: f121956b1c1ca4c⋯.png (46 KB, 599x408, 599:408, AQ5.PNG)


Those people will certainly be looked at. I've been looking at them for a long time and I'm saying why haven't they been looked at. They lied to Congress. Many of them. You know who they are. They've done so many evil things”

6c6687  No.5882158


go watch the video you dumbass

db0491  No.5882159


Link ?

9f0fe8  No.5882160

File: 5c18017a71aefbf⋯.jpg (203.14 KB, 802x854, 401:427, 19948251.jpg)


There you are.

71f367  No.5882161

Everyone talking about POTUS btfoing the press and NONE OF YOU FAGGOTS POST A LINK

7a695a  No.5882162


I know, anon.. it's a crazy maker.. I just sit back, wait a few days and repost. It gains traction second or third time. It is frustrating though

f058c5  No.5882163

Anyone still digging on R.Chandler?

here are some ig acc's w/ connections

Modeling agencies are connected








a7db0d  No.5882164

=This seems NOTABLE=

3ae4a2  No.5882165

File: eec45953bf6384b⋯.png (550.16 KB, 920x531, 920:531, 2019-03-25_12-45-08.png)

17c950  No.5882166

pedost a breathes through mouth like brennan

474009  No.5882167

File: 9eb77909b103d48⋯.jpg (91.09 KB, 960x960, 1:1, The beginning is near.jpg)

b85b7b  No.5882168

File: 10c92cf89d389d3⋯.png (490.75 KB, 1559x699, 1559:699, Untitled2.png)

2674ac  No.5882169

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Seems now might be the time to bring this back to full circle

as it relates to the key players and Ukraine.

Obama Administration timeframe (2014)

2014 pushing for regime change - remember this dozy from Victoria Nuland. "Fuck the EU". But them discussing regime change if you know the players and the pushing to get the EU/UN to help facilitate.

Recall that Biden is also involved and so is his son.


Ukraine "follow the energy"


And all the key names that keep appearing

Biden, Podesta, Manafort, and others

Obama's Ambassador is still in the Trump administration too.


4163c1  No.5882170


Exactly. It has to be rooted out and destroyed. If it goes to jail it can indoctrinate others. It needs to be put down, all of it, even a slight connection, rooted out completely.

142878  No.5882171



500817  No.5882172

File: 9e1e7df242d8951⋯.png (365.47 KB, 1880x934, 940:467, U2_2019-03-25_165102.png)


Over Searles Lake.

3f3b15  No.5882173


Be me

Be demon god yahweh

Jesus comes down from 5d to tell goyim to stop falling for my scam

Kill jesus

Tell goyim hes my son

Make christianity even worse than judaism

Keep goyim in perpuatual cycle of enslavement by promising them heaven

9bd007  No.5882174


Except with Israel… just not with Russia.

a7db0d  No.5882175


I mean

This seems NOTABLE

72c23c  No.5882176


too much coke

73a3a0  No.5882177

it's suicide weekend

get your swim trunks

and a towel

drink specials

c8005b  No.5882178


AND as you read EVERY SINGLE POST I wait with YAWN.


1afbc6  No.5882179


MSM is full of C_A assets. They will be dealt with & harshly. This can never happen again.

9f0fe8  No.5882180


>There is no good vs evil battle

>All forces with power on this planet are evil

Projecting, again, we see.

776c3c  No.5882181

Kids missing on the news today…

Pics on screen in stripes, 4 pics, 3 difrnt out fits of stripes plus dad….

I'm feeling kinda ill…

3a2e12  No.5882182

2674ac  No.5882183

File: 445308d2e8dbbe0⋯.png (201.42 KB, 486x468, 27:26, 2019-03-25_12-50-17.png)

File: d4462a7efa8009a⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 560x466, 280:233, bPMZWgAR.jpg large.jpg)

1130fd  No.5882184

File: 895b797d3e97fd5⋯.jpg (10.33 KB, 201x241, 201:241, 1c5d6025d35a81d22185a09e93….jpg)

f2231d  No.5882185

File: 2eb77649ccfe28c⋯.jpg (44.26 KB, 500x344, 125:86, 2wv2ry_1.jpg)

File: 679729eb08d7c27⋯.jpg (58.44 KB, 500x372, 125:93, 2wwg1j_1.jpg)

File: af48c4e0de57555⋯.jpg (36.48 KB, 500x428, 125:107, 2wwhxr_1.jpg)

17c950  No.5882186



1e60e6  No.5882187

Suicide week

de2f4a  No.5882189


if you post iit…asked for sauce multiple times..you give blah answer..

your bad not mine

74f826  No.5882190


He's publicly spouting the Q narrative directly now.


142878  No.5882191


This is example of lost sad soul.

Dont feed it Anons.

Let it suffer alone.

35523c  No.5882192



3f3b15  No.5882193

File: c4c7e54407b3db1⋯.png (357.38 KB, 595x433, 595:433, D153WqZWsAU3Jz3.png)


e7c2e2  No.5882194


Copied and saved!

59568f  No.5882196

File: 4e45ca1d5d31b29⋯.jpg (220.28 KB, 570x848, 285:424, 63456F4234g2535345234bws54….jpg)


follow the wives

Ms. Hensel’s is reading about the history and public health implications of infectious diseases such as influenza, cholera, and the plague. Her practical experience ranges from bench scientist to regulatory medical writer. She is driven to answer the “whys” of disease pathology and as a result has a unique understanding of microbiology, parasitology, immunology, inflammation, and oncology.

https:// aviellefoundation.org/team/jennifer-hensel-m-s/

53b0de  No.5882197


Giuliani says news media treat Dems better than GOP

"These guys, they're so used to getting away with it because the press treats Democrats differently than they do Republicans," Giuliani told hosts Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton on "Rising."

"If you think that this is the way that Hillary Clinton would have been treated, wrong," he continued, referring to the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. "She would have been treated to, 'you get to see the report before you get interviewed. You get the questions in the debate before you go out in the debate from Donna Brazile."

"It's a total double standard," he added.

17c950  No.5882198

File: ffbabb29df2c626⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 320x384, 5:6, mitchexpresses.gif)

594ead  No.5882199

File: 8b15418c78f5004⋯.jpeg (83.29 KB, 595x884, 35:52, 966958CC-5DDF-446E-B35C-E….jpeg)

d6299d  No.5882200

Pence at AIPAC: we went to Poland, and visited Auschwitz…

Sandy Hook Elementary was bulldozed.

why was one destroyed and the other preserved for perpetuity to generate tourism revenue?

0a0906  No.5882201

File: e448923c608735b⋯.jpeg (823.2 KB, 2224x1612, 556:403, 70CBB3C3-6209-432F-81BE-C….jpeg)

3f3b15  No.5882202


And here anons is an example,of a jew

God i wish hitler didnt take the deal

3d1985  No.5882203

File: f22b22ad427c06e⋯.jpeg (220.51 KB, 1108x1123, 1108:1123, 0C9ED7EB-3F71-467C-8B0F-5….jpeg)

POTUS Press “Timely Announcement” https://twitter.com/POTUSPress/status/1110181859651211267

3a2e12  No.5882204

File: 0b79710a480c734⋯.jpg (10.62 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 0b79710a480c734454e67884ca….jpg)

9bd007  No.5882205

"Trust the plan."

Brought to you by the same people, who murder millions while making claims they have "HIV".

"AIDS is made-up. It's population control." - Dr. E. Michael Jones

eaab60  No.5882206

File: 5e1c453f435a673⋯.jpg (372.29 KB, 750x893, 750:893, 6wyi.jpg)


Hmm coincidence……. Wonder why they are all committing suicide like this…. Do they need new identity? Or are they now a liability?

1afbc6  No.5882207


Anons know….

Q doesn't post hints like this for no reason.

593fd8  No.5882208

File: e59da14dda029c2⋯.jpg (134.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, brain1-facts-matter.jpg)

File: da748e6fa56058e⋯.jpg (51.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, facts-matter.jpg)

File: ea35d69a772bf19⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sleeper4--time-to-wake-up-….jpg)

File: fcead2798660d66⋯.jpg (34.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sleeper5--time-to-wake-up-….jpg)

c2c209  No.5882209

hot fuckin damn >>5882068

53db41  No.5882210


What litmus test possibly validates your position?

75be87  No.5882211


1. Kellyanne Conway 28 minute presser

2. Sarah Sanders 8 minute presser

3. Lindsey Graham presser

4. President Trump 2 question presser w? Bibi


All 4 can be watched at c-span.org. Anon has all 4 bookmarked for many future looks.

c797d6  No.5882212

File: 379ea786604eaf3⋯.png (3.56 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 6A5EE688-091F-4A8D-9319-7B….png)

Has it been posted that another parkland student (unnamed) committed suicide Saturday


2a2530  No.5882213

>>5881913 lb

>>5882004 lb

>>5882040 lb


Was just gonna watch the part of the video after

Bibi starts walking. I curiously noticed at the beginning of the video that no-one is standing behind Bibi, then Trump says "Please come in!" (or something to that effect, am paraphrasing) and the three guys including Jared all come in and stand behind Bibi!!!

I mean seriously something is going on here that's so weird and unconventional.

about 12.30 on the video clock.

4163c1  No.5882214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I am so excited by this comment I can't even put it into words. They are going to get them all, it's go time, they are seriously going to eradicate all of them.

To you media fucks who helped harm our country. Good luck, say hello to our wonderful spec ops when they visit you for us.

99bd92  No.5882215

File: af79317ef5fe6a8⋯.png (17.53 KB, 981x178, 981:178, SH suicise.png)

File: 67160b457d604ee⋯.jpeg (69.73 KB, 502x510, 251:255, SH suicide2.jpeg)

>>5881430 (lb from notables)

Father of Sandy Hook Mass Shooting Victim Reportedly Takes Own Life


The father of a victim in the Sandy Hook massacre was found dead of a reported suicide on March 25.

Jeremy Richman, 49, was found dead outside of the Newtown, Connecticut, City Hall building, reported WTNH-TV.

In his office or outside city hall?

They can't even get their fake stories right

Nothing to see here.

WTF is going on?

9f0fe8  No.5882216

File: 9f3004630893aee⋯.jpg (78.16 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 1535537213351.jpg)

>>5881709 (lb)

Beat me to it, anon.

That was yet another great James O'keefe hidden cam capture of the truth.

Unfortunately for Van, he's been honest in private, but a liar and propagandist in public.

However, the overall point:

>>5881688 (lb)

is well taken.

We all saw Van Jones at CPAC this year, actually giving credit to Trump and conservatives for prison reform.

He may indeed be a sneak threat.

"This was a whitelash. This was a whitelash, against a black president, in part. And that's the part that hurts."

53b0de  No.5882217

File: 0f5fc2580776f01⋯.png (38.3 KB, 613x356, 613:356, AQ6.PNG)


Netanyahu: And I hope they don't open an investigation on it.

9bd007  No.5882218


Jews are fucking liars. That's why.

6f7d84  No.5882219


I'll take "Setting the Stage" for $500, Alex.


474009  No.5882220

File: d3a6934bb5d6298⋯.jpg (10.81 KB, 255x154, 255:154, Pepescarface.jpg)

ad07f2  No.5882221

File: 7e29dfc04af5520⋯.jpg (285.12 KB, 1158x902, 579:451, 575225355.jpg)

Look what I found on my fiat currency!


73a3a0  No.5882222


can we pound our elon holes and daniel faggots on the beach?

78e767  No.5882223

File: 12249ebc2197cc2⋯.jpg (404.75 KB, 2047x874, 89:38, MuellerNothingburgerHahaha….jpg)

d38672  No.5882224


i think people who post shit like this end up in hell.

hope you like a warm clime.

500817  No.5882225

File: 64be2efc3aa0049⋯.png (373.52 KB, 1880x934, 940:467, U2 KC10 Q_2019-03-25_16534….png)


Make a Q

U2 & KC10 making a Q

c3bd54  No.5882226



Frens, why respond to namefag shill?

31d29a  No.5882227

55e620  No.5882228

File: 1ff16fa3c707fd2⋯.png (271.51 KB, 605x630, 121:126, twitter_com_GOP_status_111….png)

File: a4cbde790a73b58⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1366x3086, 683:1543, www_wsj_com_articles_muell….png)

File: 57320ae1e41e393⋯.png (1.42 MB, 601x4075, 601:4075, mobile_twitter_com_Charles….png)




4c2b95  No.5882229

File: af5115df169d2df⋯.jpg (74.51 KB, 716x488, 179:122, 1dfvgfda111.jpg)

0a0906  No.5882230


The word evil is a tell as to where we are going

f436e2  No.5882231



3f3b15  No.5882232


Yeah probably

Id rather just be dead and not exist than live in jew world

73a3a0  No.5882233


no lotion

27eba4  No.5882234


just fuckin' love this man, troller in chief!!!

ae04a7  No.5882235


digits chkd

9bd007  No.5882236


Yep, you kikes always save your drugs, porn and alcohol for us goyim… Thanks a lot.

53db41  No.5882237

17c950  No.5882238

File: 4b44ccc16b1d098⋯.jpg (44.59 KB, 931x524, 931:524, sarahsanders.jpg)

sarah sanders is awesome.

1afbc6  No.5882239



Tolling is fun.

274ce8  No.5882240

Post in (LB) and in this one Sandy Hook Father Suicide…3rd in two weeks, related to the Sandy Hook School Shootings….I used DML News which one Anon did not like but he is good news IMO….but to appease I posted Charles Adlers Twitter as well….There are 30 more source by now for additioal sauce

9b142b  No.5882241

>>5881855 lb

>>5881794 lb

Ugliness and decay, destruction and darkness are art values these days. It will change back to truth and beauty though, I’m sure because I’m always ahead of trends . Artistfag

282bba  No.5882242

File: f40ed6ed91255a2⋯.png (305.98 KB, 402x600, 67:100, ClipboardImage.png)

53b0de  No.5882243

File: c5439af9b47d471⋯.png (88.34 KB, 605x518, 605:518, AQ7.PNG)



Trump Jr aims fire at Shifty

7bbe8a  No.5882244

File: cdb81db95c2a28f⋯.png (1005.26 KB, 801x599, 801:599, Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at ….png)

6f7d84  No.5882246

File: 49c5d90b11d8d5f⋯.png (7.07 KB, 255x187, 15:11, meme.pepe.pointing.png)


This had to be code, beyond the obvious.

We all know what THEY do with wine and vineyards..

Why is it being amplified?

83ae46  No.5882247


They have had access to the same information we've had for 18 months. They can shove their apologies…

71b993  No.5882248

File: 5964002dc64e621⋯.png (20.21 KB, 578x410, 289:205, D2DBEBD8-F311-4EAF-AE50-8E….png)

File: 4e63cf4947fb0be⋯.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1536x2029, 1536:2029, 70832EB7-014D-4D60-99DB-1….jpeg)


President Trump’s attorney general nominee, William Barr, told a Senate panel Tuesday that he “can conceive of situations” where the Justice Department might jail reporters. Barr made the worrisome remark in response to a question from Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) who asked Barr, “If you’re confirmed, will the Justice Department jail reporters for doing their jobs?” Barr reportedly did not give a direct answer, but finished his response by stating that prosecuting reporters would be a “last resort” that could happen, especially if a news outlet has run through a “red flag.”


What does “run through a red flag” mean?

Cross a red line?

Perpetrate a FF?

Seems like odd verbiage.

d31f4c  No.5882249

File: 6c5a6f9030694b1⋯.jpeg (125.29 KB, 1125x979, 1125:979, 1552952044-1.jpeg)

874e4d  No.5882250



08543a  No.5882251


It's Happening!!!!!!!!!

e5b616  No.5882252


POTUS face looks like I don't trust you

4163c1  No.5882253


Q you sneaky cool bro you.

73a3a0  No.5882254


can we get someone to squeeze out a juicy turd on mueller faggot so he stops comping the comms with his jealous faggot jew beef?

0a0906  No.5882255


Wow, what a thoughtful gift: wine for a man noted for his lifelong sobriety

17ab2d  No.5882256

File: 0084e3d98af555b⋯.png (58.77 KB, 733x234, 733:234, ClipboardImage.png)

easier to understand why they made the documentary and who john doe is possibly

f2231d  No.5882258

File: 750a48b620182eb⋯.png (631.72 KB, 773x454, 773:454, f8d44f99a6c5ce906fa2fe3676….png)

Lindsey Graham is not gay anymore his embroidery days are over.

4163c1  No.5882259



950a7e  No.5882261

That Sandy Hook guy who killed himeslf was the one going after AJ. I don’t like or follow AJ but I remember that guy’s name because he was vocal against AJ. HE who screams loudest…

635ec1  No.5882262

File: f65831e6d971280⋯.png (894.2 KB, 1056x1656, 44:69, Last Resort.png)



5a0130  No.5882264

3f3b15  No.5882265


>people read every post on a board where you read every post

They dont pay you jews enough

1130fd  No.5882267


I feel the good in you.

Let go of your hatred, it will only destroy you.

9bd007  No.5882268

File: f209fd430730381⋯.png (44.25 KB, 865x279, 865:279, Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at ….png)

Fucking BASED.

17c950  No.5882269

ben rhodes


b85b7b  No.5882270

File: 29f556bb9b96ba8⋯.png (428 KB, 1463x678, 1463:678, Untitled2.png)

331d1d  No.5882271


Sandy Hoax is coming out.

477522  No.5882272


Sorry but that is not an official account for POTUS or the WH.

73a3a0  No.5882274


we might have to club it;s stupid judas fehgel faggot asshole like a baby seal b0lth0l3 bot

d38672  No.5882275


A cretin wouldn't be expected to know that one needn't be an alcoholic to appreciate a good wine.

09869d  No.5882276

File: 7440f2d11c18900⋯.png (56.53 KB, 468x523, 468:523, 2019-03-25 (9).png)



440d71  No.5882277

File: 7723f44104bd060⋯.png (40.35 KB, 532x368, 133:92, Hogan re SC Investigation ….PNG)

No collusion.

No obstruction.

Complete and total exoneration.


e7c2e2  No.5882278


Where? Last tweet I see is Dan Bongino interview on FOX

500817  No.5882279


Check the crossover with the KC10.

038f20  No.5882280


Cheers anon

73a3a0  No.5882281


what about nadler

e06a0d  No.5882282

File: 86c9d3aee944db7⋯.jpg (67.01 KB, 571x500, 571:500, 86c9d3aee944db75d10ad10b84….jpg)

Q, Q+ bring the pain and drop the fucking hammer!

3f3b15  No.5882283


>let go of the only thing that keeps you from suicide

Yep definitely a jew

27eba4  No.5882284


can't imagine parents agreeing to a hoax that their child was shot to death at school

might explain the suicide

53b0de  No.5882285



He knows Trump's making him and the "Gibsons" use up ammo.

138090  No.5882286

File: 6833a6f5d3c8a10⋯.png (260.98 KB, 877x276, 877:276, Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 1….png)

Yahoo trying to rally the lunatics

f906c1  No.5882287

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

DATED 2016 but very relevant today to tie the Glencore/Clinton/Terrorism scandals together. Great vid by Anons

This explains all the connections in the Glencore/Mark Rich/Global Terrorism Scandal and the Pardon he bought from Clinton for $1M or you could watch the video.


Glencore -> Mark Rich, Head/Face of Glencore -> Bill Clinton -> $1M/Pardon -> DNC/Clinton Foundation/HRC Campaign ->Eric Holder appoints -> James Comey to investigate pardon wrongdoing (found no wrongdoing. No surprise) -> Scandal end. Simultaneous parallel scandal for a pardon for an mob/cartel boss pardon. -> HSBC -> Drug Cartels ->John Podesta/Major Investor in Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc. -> Whitehouse Chief counsel Obama, Clintons. -> Joule Unlimited trades commodities (and carbon credits) globally ->led by Russian Politician Anatoly Chubais (and loyal to Vladimir Putin) -> Joule partners with Audi/Volkswagen -> controlled by Major Stakeholders in Qatar actually own Glencore with major Saudi Prince backing. -> 'Saudi/Qatar/Democrats/Glencore profit globally from terrorism as a rogue commodities broker who supplies the worlds dictators and brutal regimes -> Mark Rich admits, "Most profitable operations were done by violating international trade embargoes against: Iran, Iraq, Apartheid South Africa, Castro's Cuba, Gaddafi's Libya, Marxist Angola, Nicaraguan Sandinistas, Ceaușescu's Romania, and Pinochet's Chile. -> Tied to HSBC, who launders terrorist money, investigated by Comey, and again no evidence found.

Tommy [GAMBINO] BRIBED Roger [CLINTON] with A [ROLEX WATCH] on a golfcourse in Florida to press his brother Bill for a pardon for his brother Rosario [GAMBINO] of the [GAMBINO] crime family in New York.

It goes on and on from there. Amazing compilation of data from reddit and 4Chan Anons. Well sourced. Links to sauce in the video info. Well done, Anons. Well done. This should be watched by everyone.

6980a8  No.5882288

>>5880482 lb

on bogus Lincoln quote.

I just want to second the accolades for anon that took the time to reach out and ask about it.

I also want to add that anytime an anonymous finds themselves in a similar situation if possible I recommend following this example. you might be surprised at how often someone will reply if for no other reason than to reciprocate for showing an interest in the matters that shape their daily life. They often appreciate someone taking g interest. I would advise though be clear and precise in asking for what you seek.

Think for example calling the census bureau and asking a statfag there if they can clarify some datum they worked on.

Their boss doesn't give a shit about the minutae; their spouse doesn't get aroused by it. it gives them 5 minutes to talk about their expertise / themselves.

This anon has gotten replies from chomsky at MIT Hausmann at Harvard Kennedy School and Hidalgo at MIT/Harvard (in addition to excel jockeys in statistics departments)

1afbc6  No.5882289


better presentation anon. TY

71f367  No.5882290


Savanna Guthrie is too retarded to be held responsible for anything

500817  No.5882291

File: b962e1ec277bdb5⋯.png (75.72 KB, 750x467, 750:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-25_….png)


Forgot capture.

31d29a  No.5882292


correction made to pb Notables in dough, thanks anons

=Notes so far==

>>5882243 Trump Jr takes aim at Shifty

>>5882212 Parkland community grieving after 2 apparent deaths by suicide

>>5882217 For Keks? Netanyahu: And I hope they don't open an investigation on it (on his gift of wine to POTUS)

>>5882118 Moar on callsign CERE8R14

>>5882112 Qatar receives first of 24 Boeing AH-64E helicopters

>>5882110 "Last Resort": Barr says he can conceive of situations where journalists might be jailed "as a last resort"

>>5882105 NBC's Guthrie to Sanders: Does Trump owe Mueller an 'apology' for his rhetoric?

>>5882068 Sanders quote: "The media and the Democrats have [made]….an accusation [about POTUS] equal to treason, which is punishable by death in this country.”

27e9ea  No.5882293

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump/Netanyahu - Fox10 Phoenix


3f3b15  No.5882294


Thats why he had to go anon

William " i sell drugs for the cia" barr had to be appointed so he could suck off israel harder

35523c  No.5882295


Is that the one who smiled before the speech?

73a3a0  No.5882296


nadler is the pedo fake jew devil of nambla

which is a canadian organization running pedo poltics cross borders with imf and gynotology

6f7d84  No.5882297

File: a68effb03d8ef03⋯.png (384.52 KB, 492x511, 492:511, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5f1b220ec049de6⋯.png (10.53 KB, 409x190, 409:190, ClipboardImage.png)



Ask yourself, why now?

f2231d  No.5882298

File: 05951ae37ccac51⋯.jpg (34.27 KB, 453x604, 3:4, downloadfile-27.jpg)


08543a  No.5882299


INCOMING - Adam about to get BOOMED

1067e9  No.5882300


Does seem an actual worthy adversary.

So much better than Kamala or - egad forbid - Scarey Stacey. (or Cory Bookered, obviously, hardly worth mentioning)

6c0335  No.5882301

File: a5ad776f2be47f9⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, IMG_732.png)

patriots remember!!

f94250  No.5882302


They have to get the loose ends tied up before the RICO indictments are unsealed on the media and the shill shops.

99bd92  No.5882303

File: 920853af10fe6a1⋯.jpg (50.52 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, punks-arrested-leftists-to….jpg)

UPDATE: Three Far Left Punks Arrested After Lighting Tulane Conservative Student’s Dorm Room Door on Fire


Going after TP USA

Look at this sorry fucking lot.

9de38f  No.5882304

File: db9af048688e64c⋯.jpg (14.68 KB, 400x402, 200:201, IMG_8916.JPG)


>Make a list?

d38672  No.5882305


having a child shot to dead at school might explain the suicide.

what the fuck is wrong with the geniuses here. they consider everything except the perfectly obvious. it's some defect, some inability to relate to the human condition.

i guess if it keeps you off the streets its "constructive," after a fashion.

b5a7bc  No.5882306

>>5881406 pb

Be advised Maggie. Nervous chatter by your masters overheard on the Q-train – She might know too much!

78e767  No.5882308

File: 8e03298ffd3c473⋯.jpg (364.12 KB, 2047x874, 89:38, MuellerNothingburgerHahaha….jpg)

e7c2e2  No.5882309


Can't watch it

His voice makes me nauseated after hearing him abuse that boy in the shower vid

40c0fb  No.5882310


when a politician goes on live tv and repeats exact quoits from Q it make me believe they are Q or has conversions with 'them' , not just a follower

73a3a0  No.5882311


why does all this fake jew bacon glow so much ?

27eba4  No.5882312


but not retarded enough not to be on Q's list of media traitors

nice try, savannah

b85b7b  No.5882313


I am a dumbfuck. I can't capture the two trails…

142878  No.5882314


what we are witnessing right now, is COUNTER ATTACK.

Potus, Sanders, Barr… all of them are using same phrases as Q.

They are preparing the stage.

Panic time incoming.

Blockade is removed after 2years, imagine what Patriots have prepared for (((them))).


31d29a  No.5882315

Baker must leave after this bread

Please step up to bake next bread

10daa7  No.5882316


Is this the video where Trump drops the T word? Only asking because I have five minutes before a meeting and I want to fast forward to that marker.

1c62e2  No.5882318

File: ec718043e0aa40b⋯.png (281.69 KB, 920x695, 184:139, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5882217 https://www.bloodofchristwine.net/

This wine?

282bba  No.5882319


Just a coincidence move along

274ce8  No.5882320



What I am seeing:

Spring house cleaning!

eb71bf  No.5882321

File: f2b886b93c69f2a⋯.jpeg (395.59 KB, 1118x1328, 559:664, FEBAE8A5-8419-4005-8B8A-9….jpeg)


My Country

My Family

My God

73a3a0  No.5882322


that's a schumer gaylord ham brand secret , like the double gasketed feature or the butthole lips. wait till ya see what the leather does

84d114  No.5882323


Most likely scenario is reporter not disclosing a source. Has nothing to do with the accuracy or their advocacy activity. Another scenario is publication of classified information, but that is unlikely, the categories of "classified" are narrow, and most people recognize classified info in these categories (military secrets, basically).

08543a  No.5882324


Snipping tool

27e9ea  No.5882325


Watching it now, fren. 4 minutes in, still no reference.

ecb019  No.5882326

File: 56261ad6ecb41f7⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1208x1028, 302:257, ClipboardImage.png)


c26c11  No.5882327


adrenochrome in the wine?

6f7d84  No.5882328


Read crumbs.

You are either a shill or someone who doesn't get it.


Those kids didn't die. It was a hoax. Do your research.

b6a214  No.5882329

File: d4aa1a127757fa4⋯.jpg (324.05 KB, 938x1110, 469:555, sandyhookparent-horz-vert.jpg)

f2231d  No.5882330

File: bc027418932feaa⋯.png (534.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, downloadfile-22.png)



Adam Schiff is going down on his own dirty deeds….

Adam Schiff was 7.8 million worth it.

59e802  No.5882331

File: f6bfbf0819d9277⋯.jpg (537.01 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114347….jpg)

File: 542016bfd41b71f⋯.jpg (437.6 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114330….jpg)

File: 1bec0ea3e898623⋯.jpg (373.67 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114442….jpg)

File: 0f40913bb02bf8c⋯.jpg (470.71 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114406….jpg)

File: 438971fdfbf8771⋯.jpg (410.32 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114557….jpg)

Child Sexual Abuse Covered Up by the MORMON CHURCH





Post 1 of 2

0d1743  No.5882332

No tweets from Barry and Mike since 19th and 22nd. Odd during march madness for Barry. Maybe they have been detained.

35523c  No.5882333


Anon yes it maybe like you said

We are researches under assumption no koinkidence

We note it may become relevant

Do not let your emotions go ahead logic

3d5f3d  No.5882334

File: c06151ef7580f86⋯.jpg (94.32 KB, 500x574, 250:287, 2wwbjh.jpg)

File: 79765e1555ac827⋯.jpg (32.83 KB, 649x385, 59:35, 2wwb14.jpg)

3a2e12  No.5882335

File: ff9ee38cd843acb⋯.jpeg (101.02 KB, 723x500, 723:500, 544f44df030b92330d3334b42….jpeg)

71f367  No.5882336



55e620  No.5882337

File: cb75765a2772901⋯.mp4 (8.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, vnMVf9DT4GiEtXvq.mp4)

NBC’s Kristen Welker on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report: “This is a definitive political victory for President Trump and his allies…the cloud of collusion…has been lifted.”

78bc37  No.5882338


Modeling agencies are just a global front for escorts for the elites.

f16d8c  No.5882339


Sometimes, being able to look at something without the burden of the ‘human condition’ can be enlightening.

[They] hide behind human emotion, using it against us.

Artists for a reason.

1c62e2  No.5882340

File: 4050b0e100f6177⋯.png (373.44 KB, 640x620, 32:31, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5882131 @defpostmedia

#Raytheon Developing New Version of Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar for #USAirForce #U2DragonLady High-Altitude Reconnaissance Aircraft. #U2 #ASARS


60389b  No.5882341


What’s with the eyes??

99bd92  No.5882342




2nd nom

73a3a0  No.5882343


thanks, the truck needs some new seats too

440d71  No.5882344

File: b1a8a604886e758⋯.png (28.22 KB, 534x373, 534:373, SDavis MSM Poll After SC R….PNG)

Which fictional Seinfeld movie best captures the media's mood after Mueller blew up their Russian collusion delusion?


3f3b15  No.5882345

So is there a planet or level of existance with no jews that actually fun

Or is this just it

Perpetual jew slavery while they shame and gaslight you for being alive

500817  No.5882346


Click menu - options - aircraft - aircraft trails - show all aircraft.

efcb96  No.5882347


This is the first I'm hearing of school massacre suicides. Who are the other two from this week?

9901b7  No.5882348

File: 18aef7cc56babfd⋯.png (242.49 KB, 565x708, 565:708, 09871320754378.png)

File: 39bd9fb025278a8⋯.png (404.19 KB, 393x384, 131:128, 0792436723674367.png)

635ec1  No.5882349


>better presentation anon. TY

Thank you!

4b9dbe  No.5882350

File: deb02c2bf84d718⋯.jpg (61.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2wwokb[1].jpg)

40c0fb  No.5882351


sry about misspellings

long morning

282bba  No.5882352

File: 34cd14eac806e1c⋯.png (21.18 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

b3e481  No.5882353

File: 43c533b0371f39e⋯.jpg (137.34 KB, 1024x850, 512:425, mueller_results_tina_carto….jpg)

73351f  No.5882354

File: 0174c8547975e50⋯.png (3.94 KB, 319x70, 319:70, yay.png)

2c27e6  No.5882355

>>5882297. So what is the connection here? The SH false flag and the media were in it together?

f16d8c  No.5882356





17c950  No.5882357

POTUS mentions evil…whoa

53b0de  No.5882358

File: 966e6b5eb184a8f⋯.png (445.89 KB, 490x471, 490:471, More Memes.PNG)

4163c1  No.5882359


It's dropping all over the globe right now. This is just incredible.

b3e481  No.5882360

File: 0e4b2860c2d5703⋯.jpg (145.63 KB, 600x429, 200:143, grin-600-li.jpg)

03927d  No.5882361

File: ca1a0029c7b2277⋯.png (83.3 KB, 803x729, 803:729, tav.PNG)


59e802  No.5882364

File: 421b51b30071195⋯.jpg (490.46 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114505….jpg)

File: 4c4edd3f54c39fe⋯.jpg (467.02 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114702….jpg)

File: 31c1da417937190⋯.jpg (504.22 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114639….jpg)

File: 18fabc45fdd52aa⋯.jpg (465.93 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114744….jpg)

File: e7e2112041e51a2⋯.jpg (279.2 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114715….jpg)

71f367  No.5882365


Not a drop kind of sobriety you chode

ecb019  No.5882366

POTUS today - "we cannot ever let this happen to another president again"

Another Q proof!

e0c778  No.5882367

File: 9d7bd447716dfeb⋯.png (359.43 KB, 920x793, 920:793, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7efd453753fadd1⋯.png (53.05 KB, 895x223, 895:223, ClipboardImage.png)

Rosneft deal was used in dossier to slime Trump, but was really Qatar and Glencore

Yes, Glencore as in Marc Rich

What is 'weird' is that they made like $50m off the deal without doing much.


4391fe  No.5882369

Is there a site online where I can download videos off c-span? Something like this one I use for Twitter vids: http://twittervideodownloader.com

3f3b15  No.5882370

Its funny that Q tells people to be logical and to not,let emotions cloud judgement

But in order to support kikeotus and Q

You have to be super emotional and play mental gymnastics as to why Q and trump are the ones doing all the bad shit

7f1125  No.5882371

File: ba472070fda867e⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 768x480, 8:5, Pong.gif)

Pong with Obama Hillary and Booker

b78eba  No.5882372


Curry & Dvorak at No Agenda has been on the Ukraine bullshit (among other things) from the very start.

They not only maintain archives and keep good show notes, but listeners & producers have also independantly set up various searchable lists and such.

59e802  No.5882373

File: c2e729fb392bfcf⋯.jpg (305.35 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-114801….jpg)

File: c9ac7a7e9298364⋯.jpg (551.92 KB, 1074x1989, 358:663, SmartSelect_20190325-11501….jpg)

fb462a  No.5882374


Shame that's a regional jet. Would have been tittier in a jumbo

27053a  No.5882375

File: 1e47c7b4363e031⋯.png (373.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, handpicked.png)

73a3a0  No.5882376

File: 87e544458b9be71⋯.jpg (79.43 KB, 500x452, 125:113, GLORIOUSSPAM.jpg)

what's new McHomos

0d1743  No.5882377


Maybe, he has said that many times in the past though.

8e1cdd  No.5882378

Consider these…

Putin gives Trump a soccer ball. What's inside?

Kim brings Trump a giant envelope. What's inside?

Kim allows us to bring "mini coffins" (many of them) back that are supposed to be remains of fallen soldiers. What's inside?

Bibi brings Trump a "case of wine". What's inside?


8061c6  No.5882379

Imagine being the MSM and the Dems right now. Mueller report comes out, no collusion, no more indictments, POTUS kids not indicted like they thought. No Q posts lately.

It's like being in the ring with Tyson in his prime and they're wearing a blindfold.

cda270  No.5882380

File: 61ac8fade69d901⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1255x830, 251:166, bob.PNG)

6f9b73  No.5882381

File: 2e7304db9a8154b⋯.jpg (403.69 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, tree2.jpg)

500817  No.5882382


Shame it is not a 2 seat fighter - they have mirrors. kek.

6f7d84  No.5882383


KeK confirms

Yes, it's all been part of their plan to use our emotions against us. SH was a huge hoax. I actually think no kids died. Parkland, likely no one died either.

>Actors are feeling the HEAT and taking the easy way out.

God will judge our enemies.

73a3a0  No.5882384



ebot posted

0e5594  No.5882385

File: 4a56f003063a0f4⋯.jpg (195.43 KB, 962x735, 962:735, Kim_Kardashian.jpg)


Or even a Kardashian on a Cobra

73a3a0  No.5882386


god bless mustard

f058c5  No.5882387


So…2 people commit self termination, both with ties to "mass shootings" no there there anon? Use your fucking head

eaab60  No.5882388


Hmm this look more and more like people going into protective custody…….

4cd3c8  No.5882389

Sandy Hook Suicide Dad Jeremy Richman featured on C-Span in 2016. He's a neurosurgeon guise…


2ed2d1  No.5882390


>Bibi brings Trump a "case of wine". What's inside?

Bibi knows Trump doesnt drink, there has to be a reason for it.

f2231d  No.5882391

File: b185cd77506ab7b⋯.jpg (54.06 KB, 500x616, 125:154, 2w19tx_1.jpg)

2a2530  No.5882392


>Help me I can't see any wood because of all of their trees!

This is you.

6f7d84  No.5882393

File: 8c527c8c6f2a6d5⋯.jpg (53.89 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 3e48eb940e501b24d22730bbc1….jpg)

65b391  No.5882394

File: 11b5b2b7904e3d0⋯.png (346.35 KB, 606x596, 303:298, Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at ….png)


9fb39d  No.5882395

File: 3dcded783b114e1⋯.jpeg (137.38 KB, 828x781, 828:781, 92A4F3B6-9D2D-434C-93F9-3….jpeg)

To the hoaxers and deepstate,

Everything you did to pursue your traitorous ruse has been recorded, the time has come for you to be exposed and brought to justice. There is no escape for the coming merciless retribution for your crimes against your country and its people. The best thing for you to do is capitulate and beg for life with telling authorities everything you know. To the orchestrators of these “false flags” in a relentless pursuit of your depraved society ther will be no mercy nor quarter.

This treacherous behavior will no longer be tolerated as society elevated to the peaceful and fair one it can be.

4163c1  No.5882396


Was the signal from the guy behind Trump who was oddly holding two fingers and Trump randomly called out? Timing connects.

55e620  No.5882397

Apologies to President Trump: Opinion and Analysis by Sharyl Attkisson


8484fc  No.5882398

No. Title Length

1. "There's a War Going On for Your Mind" 1:22

2. "Mayday!!!" 4:36

3. "Same Thing" 3:29

4. "Stand Up" 4:38

5. "Fight with Tools" 4:51

6. "Handlebars" 3:27

7. "Never Had It" 5:07

8. "Combat" 2:05

9. "The Rhythm Method (Move!)" 3:52

10. "Anne Braden" 4:21

11. "We Are Winning" 3:22

12. "Rise"

8d1a53  No.5882400


3 people

65b391  No.5882401


forgot article link


17c950  No.5882402

File: 17524a7a57bfb1e⋯.gif (767.16 KB, 218x254, 109:127, 17524a7a57bfb1e65d9e28c6ca….gif)

5a430a  No.5882403

File: 04ef9e863cbeacb⋯.jpg (321.18 KB, 2001x1095, 667:365, IMG_20190325_164533.jpg)

566c3b  No.5882404


Big if yuge!

36a480  No.5882405

Should steve scalise sue jake tapper for the mass assassination attempt?

4cd3c8  No.5882406


Worked for the Clinton School of Public Service out of Arkansas - can't make this stuff up

b78eba  No.5882407


cspan.org has edit & clip functionality built in. Last time I checked you don't need to set up an account or anything, though that may have changed

92885e  No.5882408

File: 188dd53a1e7405a⋯.jpeg (109.23 KB, 1125x1008, 125:112, 5F89475F-CF88-4302-A711-1….jpeg)

File: 0acf13fe0812b77⋯.jpg (94.44 KB, 612x558, 34:31, trump the killer.jpg)

File: 0ff8f0c024b4509⋯.jpg (306.33 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, o-cheney-smile-facebook.jpg)

File: 3c65ef6a51a271d⋯.png (138.96 KB, 500x742, 250:371, i-know-donald-trump-his-su….png)

Anons are so anti semetic

You should all be grateful to die and be slaves for israel

fb462a  No.5882409

73a3a0  No.5882410

File: 8a1349078957f00⋯.jpg (201.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2b59580c6e213c906e0ff00e5a….jpg)

may the epistle tortuga fill your plate with tacos

53b0de  No.5882411


Great points, Anon.


f058c5  No.5882412


top kek

baker notable

4c2b95  No.5882413

File: 4261c9ce935f213⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 2306x1338, 1153:669, ASchiff_History (1) (1).jpg)

09869d  No.5882415

eaab60  No.5882417


Ok now I think we are about to reach the point of no return…..

6f7d84  No.5882418


This anon may be on to something, too.

Maybe not 'suicide' but protective custody witness protection.

They would have to lose their old identity for that.

36a480  No.5882419


i am so surprised

ecb019  No.5882420

File: 7ff88a45d97a361⋯.png (826.92 KB, 1238x1334, 619:667, ClipboardImage.png)

Or in other words, CNN has had leaks for at least 3 weeks that this is a BS investigation. They will never admit they were full of BS.


58deea  No.5882421


Last resort = missile on central israel to drag both sides to an unwanted conflict.

Funny coincidence: when the rockets were fired im tel aviv 2 weeks ago, Netanyahu was in Russia with Putin, now he is in the US with Trump.

These peopme are afraid of losing their foothold in the middle east and dragging Israel and gaza to a conflict is their last resort. They are terrified of Netanyahu beong reelected and the implementation of Trumps middle east deal.

These people are sick.

17c950  No.5882422

avenatti..extortion cnn now

bbbfa3  No.5882423

Per CNN - Avenatti charged with Extortion

Nike Case

8da9ca  No.5882424


Top fuckin KEK

53b0de  No.5882425


Michael Avenatti to be charged with wire and bank fraud, federal prosecutors say

Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenattii is being charged with wire and bank fraud, federal authorities said Monday.

A press conference is scheduled to discuss the charges against Avenatti in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

Avenatti had represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

0e5594  No.5882426

File: d1559d0bbee1d02⋯.png (442.09 KB, 557x408, 557:408, ClipboardImage.png)

73a3a0  No.5882427

86fe70  No.5882428


But I just HAD some popcorn, I can't just eat more! Trump stop too much winning I'm gonna puke!

d5dcce  No.5882429

QAnon Team:

We demand our 2 years back!

We demand a new election for Congress and Senate.

ALL of these things TAKEN by lies and treachery!

Imagine what our POTUS could have gotten done!

e0c778  No.5882430

File: 86e67fedaf1362e⋯.png (879.63 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 53ee546c85f2edf⋯.png (511.24 KB, 894x571, 894:571, ClipboardImage.png)


Steel dossier talked about Rosneft offering Page/Trump a 19% stake in exchange for sanctions relief.

Then Qatar-Glencore magically gets a 19.5% stake in Rosneft in DECEMBER 2016… before Trump takes office?

f058c5  No.5882431


fuuqq it's been a while since I've participated here. ty for the correction anon.

8027ad  No.5882433

File: 5681fb7521d0c79⋯.png (169.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, myturn.png)

92885e  No.5882434


Small kids for trump to share with the other elite ?

6690a5  No.5882435


Guthrie, you stupid cunt. First, we already know you were on the list of journalists colluding with the Clinton campaign. And Americans realize that the real question you should've asked was whether the media should apologize to Trump. I pray that you and everyone else involved in all of this till the very end faces maximum punishment.

c11a28  No.5882436


red flag is a warning, last resort would be jail time if they don't cooperate

255ee3  No.5882437

File: c6074a316a1a51d⋯.png (7.24 KB, 477x194, 477:194, NextWeek.png)

Last week Q said they thought FISA release would be the previous week

If Q's 3x NEXT WEEK's are related to FISA Declas



4c2b95  No.5882438

File: f9de748e814944d⋯.jpg (145.95 KB, 624x353, 624:353, MAvenatti_History (1) (1).jpg)

8d1a53  No.5882439



1820c5  No.5882441

File: ecf501c06560e72⋯.png (32.5 KB, 737x292, 737:292, arrested.PNG)


71f367  No.5882442

File: 7cc77e76de3cf37⋯.png (120.7 KB, 300x206, 150:103, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck you and your little Q too!

17c950  No.5882443

File: 623794198fb7a9b⋯.jpg (23.33 KB, 563x655, 563:655, qredpill.jpg)

what a day!

6f7d84  No.5882444



c8005b  No.5882445


I Daniel am absolute ZERO, NOTHING.



6c542d  No.5882446

File: 78a5054fb01d035⋯.png (286.78 KB, 632x960, 79:120, bq-5c98fe53bd0f5.png)

99bd92  No.5882447


Trump knows Everything.

Notice he doesn't say "bad things" or "corrupt things" which could be only political malfeasance, but "EVIL things".


c1509c  No.5882448


Servers I hope

92885e  No.5882449


Yeah he couldve spent even more time making israel great again

73a3a0  No.5882450


it's the free bacon

the jews are addicted to it naturally

de2f4a  No.5882451


I don't think it happened in this video…concerned about Israel not domestic stuff.

Still no sauce…just "go look at the video

anon can't accurately sauce so =shill

0d1743  No.5882452


I wouldn't say protective custody, more likely would be intense interrogation.

4163c1  No.5882454


Shit it really is happening.

e22d0b  No.5882455


give it up

just like the collusion media

give it up

bbbfa3  No.5882456

File: 7c730ea231f9d1c⋯.png (356.45 KB, 650x400, 13:8, ClipboardImage.png)


cdc85a  No.5882457

File: 8cc824dacd9e1fc⋯.png (391.85 KB, 645x624, 215:208, Screenshot 2019-03-25_13-0….png)

File: fb77221239c97ba⋯.png (68.17 KB, 616x380, 154:95, Screenshot 2019-03-25_13-0….png)



234ddc  No.5882458

Be careful predictions, rumor, lying shills.

e0c778  No.5882459


That's not what CNN is saying.

fe3a0b  No.5882460


Right after that … Pedosta travels to NZ and days later the FF occurs.

8b2f3a  No.5882461


What these idiots do not realize is no one but their fellow cargo cultists GAF about this shit. The rest of us are fed up with their temper tantrums.

31d29a  No.5882462



got it, thx

142878  No.5882463




73a3a0  No.5882464

maybe pedootus won the short end of the schtick in jewsih satanism

0e5594  No.5882465


Top KEK!

36a480  No.5882466

File: 6ea9b7d5495a20b⋯.jpg (42.69 KB, 450x340, 45:34, spongebob-begging-please-m….jpg)



2ed2d1  No.5882467


Repeat this Daniel," Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior"

e22d0b  No.5882468


go looking please

e0ebe1  No.5882469

File: cdaf215343bbf99⋯.jpg (329.97 KB, 1397x760, 1397:760, we are the news.jpg)


>Has it been posted that another parkland student (unnamed) committed suicide Saturday

Looks like the D's have having "a bad case of the Monday's" LOL!

7bbe8a  No.5882470



331d1d  No.5882471


It was that Baker outside his office, set him up. KEK

519acc  No.5882472

Lindsey Graham just announced that the senate is opening multiple investigations into Trump opponents. Clinton Email probe + FISA + Comey Leaks + etc. This is amazing. Can’t believe that Trump is actually the real deal.

92885e  No.5882473


Nice daniel

Im a fly

That means i only,exist for the jews and their demon god to harvest my suffering

Trust the plan thoa

b71c04  No.5882474

File: 57538181f3df3b2⋯.png (606.16 KB, 983x553, 983:553, ClipboardImage.png)

KEK poor Avenatti, poor poor Avenatti :'(

3571f1  No.5882475


I agree. They are saving these people from Arkancide before the HRC and Obozo trials.

4163c1  No.5882476


COLLEGE basketball! Admission scandal connection!

4b9dbe  No.5882477

File: cb60c443de30435⋯.jpg (121.38 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 2wwpez[1].jpg)

9de38f  No.5882478

File: 34444a16c057c61⋯.jpg (240.32 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, IMG_6194.JPG)


I got a rock :/

59e802  No.5882479

53db41  No.5882480


Neurosurgeons don’t kill them selves,… ever!

The ego is waaaay to big.

53cf76  No.5882481

File: 85d0d65c2768bd0⋯.jpg (523.35 KB, 1200x1577, 1200:1577, Wakey-Wakey-Liberty.jpg)

31d29a  No.5882482


Notes @400

>>5882394, >>5882401, >>5882425 Avenatti arrested for wire fraud & bank fraud

>>5882331, >>5882364, >>5882373 Child Sexual Abuse Covered Up by the MORMON CHURCH

>>5882303 Three far-left punks arrested after lighting Tulane conservative students' dorm room door on fire

>>5882367 Rosneft deal was used in dossier to slime Trump, but was really Qatar and Glencore

>>5882287 Connections in Glencore/Clinton/Terrorism scandals (vid)

>>5882243 Trump Jr takes aim at Shifty

>>5882212 Parkland community grieving after 2 apparent deaths by suicide

>>5882217 For Keks? Netanyahu: And I hope they don't open an investigation on it (on his gift of wine to POTUS)

>>5882118 Moar on callsign CERE8R14

>>5882112 Qatar receives first of 24 Boeing AH-64E helicopters

>>5882110 "Last Resort": Barr says he can conceive of situations where journalists might be jailed "as a last resort"

>>5882105 NBC's Guthrie to Sanders: Does Trump owe Mueller an 'apology' for his rhetoric?

>>5882068 Sanders quote: "The media and the Democrats have [made]….an accusation [about POTUS] equal to treason, which is punishable by death in this country.”

474009  No.5882483

File: a6382f8083f13d1⋯.jpg (124.68 KB, 888x499, 888:499, pepe fight club 1.jpg)

File: 1582905af11144e⋯.jpg (13.08 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Airbus.jpg)

Airbus close to signing aircraft deal with China: sources

PARIS (Reuters) - European planemaker Airbus is close to signing a deal worth billions of dollars with China following a delay of more than a year in the negotiations, industry sources said on Monday.

The deal is part of a package of trade deals coinciding with a visit to Europe by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Airbus declined to comment.


d41bd8  No.5882484

File: 712ef75a262c0b7⋯.png (14.55 KB, 588x161, 84:23, Steven Portnoy.png)

e7c2e2  No.5882485


I know what you mean

Some breads are filled with softies

It's day shift

Night shift is usually edgier

1a8cfc  No.5882486

Fox News is now reporting avenatti arrested

440d71  No.5882487

File: f2e5458d7ea5479⋯.png (324.73 KB, 538x463, 538:463, Concha Avenatti Charges 3-….PNG)

Michael Avenatti to be charged with wire and bank fraud in alleged shakedown of Nike, federal prosecutors say



142878  No.5882488


Finally it is Anons time?

e0ebe1  No.5882489

File: 19b0b019198a9f4⋯.jpg (72.44 KB, 504x672, 3:4, bottomfeeder.jpg)


>KEK poor Avenatti, poor poor Avenatti :'(

ecb019  No.5882490


>That's not what CNN is saying.

Sources familiar with the situation = leaks to CNN from the SC.

58deea  No.5882491

File: 25cf426cac4d855⋯.png (8.3 KB, 170x255, 2:3, 0b05a4d6ec3113bae188303b8c….png)

b3e481  No.5882492



3a2e12  No.5882493



The private meeting later on

543121  No.5882494

File: e0ec4abe5a0b53f⋯.jpeg (325.01 KB, 750x759, 250:253, 3D1696BA-F364-421D-BE93-9….jpeg)

Creepy porn lawyer charged!

ce36ca  No.5882495

File: c2f5e0e32ac4a66⋯.png (403.34 KB, 835x254, 835:254, Screenshot_2019-03-25 BREA….png)

there's that left eye again

1067e9  No.5882497



7982f7  No.5882498

File: 3e48d923abd238f⋯.png (331.96 KB, 601x910, 601:910, 25e9385b37279bb159c446caf8….png)

File: b71d21057b25ea3⋯.jpg (507.31 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, CIMG1728.JPG)

Hidden message here? The Edmond Town Hall is no white clapboard structure as it's being described in the article.

53cf76  No.5882499

File: 4ba237d55be357d⋯.jpg (142.53 KB, 480x357, 160:119, Awake-Liberty-It's-Time.jpg)

File: 089a5279aa9e061⋯.jpg (313.56 KB, 600x833, 600:833, Change-is-Coming-Prepare.jpg)

File: 891ed26f86a287c⋯.jpg (227.69 KB, 600x750, 4:5, Dreams-Come-True.jpg)

File: 15e87b35801a14d⋯.jpg (657.55 KB, 1200x1577, 1200:1577, Lights-ON-Liberty-QA_Hands….jpg)

92885e  No.5882500



just like Q daniel wont say jesus

Demons cant say jesus

Now that shit is funny

Too bad the jews tricked everyone into thinking jesus was one of them

282bba  No.5882501


I see it as giving israel what it wants is like giving a heroin addict a needle with killer dose

c2c209  No.5882502

fuck yea! freedom boner is out of control today>>5882457


53b0de  No.5882503

File: 3557628060665c9⋯.png (37.76 KB, 597x304, 597:304, AQ8.PNG)

File: 9dd477615ff5c85⋯.png (35.73 KB, 607x294, 607:294, AQ9.PNG)

File: 086e02f6fe9ebca⋯.png (42.77 KB, 598x338, 23:13, AQ11.PNG)


CPL Tried to Extort Nike

59e802  No.5882504

File: 00632757eff896e⋯.jpg (282.08 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190325-120830….jpg)



e22d0b  No.5882505



sorry for your feelings


593307  No.5882506


Man you are brand spankin new aren't you

must be nice living in that naive land you dwell in.

Seriously, you will go through a state of mourning when reality hits you in the face.

But, buck up. We all went through it at some point.

6690a5  No.5882507


How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

fbfde1  No.5882508

File: b9fa74e6943487e⋯.png (724.34 KB, 1058x748, 529:374, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at ….png)

File: 643e3513e3fbe6b⋯.jpg (16.07 KB, 363x139, 363:139, Unknown.jpg)

Okay…That makes sense. KEK!!!

POTUS will drop his first "Hooah" on Twatter ever, when Our Beloved General Flynn is FULLY cleared of ALL wrong doing, and then POTUS can issue an apology to him about the CORRUPT railroading of our Hero, and THAT is where the ever elusive 1st "Hooah" will arrive.

Very Nice Script One & All. Very Nice.


71f367  No.5882509


Say what you want. I think Kim K is baller

17c950  No.5882510

File: b7c4933e3600f80⋯.png (341.15 KB, 712x650, 356:325, b7c4933e3600f80f56584981f8….png)

cda270  No.5882511





90c41e  No.5882512

File: 0f9b61dd38f19c7⋯.jpg (229.95 KB, 807x803, 807:803, ready.jpg)

File: ae4f846beee430a⋯.jpg (169.9 KB, 876x547, 876:547, P1050304 (1).jpg)

331d1d  No.5882513


BOOM Michael Avenatti to be charged with wire and bank fraud

bcf0de  No.5882514

File: 39f7232191bb557⋯.png (144.18 KB, 577x316, 577:316, Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at ….png)

431a7c  No.5882515

File: 0bf615b55ff09d1⋯.jpg (631.84 KB, 3561x1219, 3561:1219, nocollusion.jpg)

2bb444  No.5882516


Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenattii has been arrested on charges related to an alleged $20 million extortion of the athletic apparel company Nike, federal authorities said Monday.


e7b09d  No.5882517


Nike = Goddess of Victory

c8005b  No.5882518


Fun stuff.

History is nothing?

If you could UNDERSTAND I SAID Jesus eludes me (sorta? NOT!)… I'm OLDER.


69d1a3  No.5882519

CPL arrested, kek

73a3a0  No.5882520

File: 53fd93ace7a4cce⋯.jpg (73.45 KB, 285x410, 57:82, IMG_4898.JPG)

File: 1e81d562fa4f1b8⋯.jpg (347.71 KB, 1024x1023, 1024:1023, IMG_4910.JPG)

File: 6f5f16233f73972⋯.jpg (2.79 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_5396.JPG)



065155  No.5882521

File: b1c0432a94955b3⋯.jpg (275.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, notAdemocracy.jpg)

fe9c5d  No.5882522

drudge just hit the avenatti story


3ab959  No.5882523


After 2 yrs of waiting this headline makes me ask myself is this really real or fake and gay.

519acc  No.5882524

File: 623d09e2200e24d⋯.jpeg (90.72 KB, 640x432, 40:27, 4DE6E3F9-CD96-47F3-A5E1-4….jpeg)

53b0de  No.5882525

File: e97de1f705c218a⋯.png (33.54 KB, 580x351, 580:351, AQ12.PNG)


Jr Wasting no time trolling CPL

92885e  No.5882526


I hate sand niggers more than i hate israel so nice try

331d1d  No.5882527

File: aa7d7784b6b1034⋯.jpg (45.33 KB, 432x480, 9:10, buckle.jpg)

255ee3  No.5882528

File: 2e32fa00b4be25c⋯.jpg (22.64 KB, 598x309, 598:309, vj.JPG)

Can this bitch be thrown into Gitmo already?

d31f4c  No.5882529

File: 0dc3526d5ccb598⋯.png (384.31 KB, 419x631, 419:631, 1552097208.png)


Top kek ho bag.

58deea  No.5882530

File: d77d4611d778a15⋯.jpg (160.89 KB, 800x608, 25:19, MuuuhJooos.jpg)

440d71  No.5882531

File: 5ed85104db06c3c⋯.png (63.56 KB, 542x525, 542:525, Portnoy re Avenatti Charge….PNG)


According to the complaint filed in federal court, Avenatti told Nike attorneys by phone last week if his demands were not met, "I'll go take ten billion dollars off your client's market cap … I'm not f*cking around."


73a3a0  No.5882532

File: e33097ec347566b⋯.jpg (74.32 KB, 665x665, 1:1, IMG_0112.JPG)

0e5594  No.5882533

File: 27c34504cfda6cb⋯.png (72.9 KB, 641x443, 641:443, ClipboardImage.png)

c15f03  No.5882534


That's not the reason…that was never his name. HIS name has always been Yahshua.

6c6687  No.5882535

File: 8852214627bd905⋯.png (4.26 MB, 3705x2456, 3705:2456, Qproof31.png)

Reminder of the time Q scared Avenatti

5617fd  No.5882536

File: b0a8257e71e7576⋯.jpg (109.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Trumaxresdefault.jpg)

90c41e  No.5882537

File: c216e71571072de⋯.png (331.3 KB, 466x353, 466:353, avenatti.png)

331d1d  No.5882538

File: 63aa891f5f68731⋯.jpg (80.34 KB, 782x1200, 391:600, DYdrj2vW0AABvqu.jpg)

92885e  No.5882539

Notice how avenatti was allowed to ruin the lives of many

But was only charged when he challenged our corporate overlords (nike)

59568f  No.5882540

File: 2d63da307d67c05⋯.jpg (113 KB, 545x337, 545:337, 00-56-df65gfhdgfh-7-d_055-….jpg)


Part of the darkness in Art is that it is funded and money laundered by evil elites

Part of the darkness or shock in art is from generations of programming by the comped media that is owned by the evil elites

Part of the darkness or shock in art is that artists respond to and create art that documents or records their perspective of life and the world around them. Their art becomes based on what they see, feel and experience in the world around them.

When the world changes around the artist so too will their art change to reflect it.

https: //www.cnn.com/2018/03/26/world/london-sculptures-project-84-suicide-trnd/

https:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3323692/Don-t-jump-Life-sized-Antony-Gormley-sculptures-Hong-Kong-high-rise-buildings-cause-panic-residents-mistake-people-contemplating-suicide.html

https:// www.atlasobscura.com/places/corporate-goddess-sculptures

Here's one for suicide week. (pic rel)

https:// koaa.com/news/digital-original/2018/06/08/rise-of-the-octo-maid-new-sculptures-hit-colorado-springs-rooftops/

028b2c  No.5882541


Iterdast from BNO article:

Less than an hour before his arrest, Avenatti said on Twitter that he would hold a press conference to “disclose a major high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated by Nike that we have uncovered.”

He added: “This criminal conduct reaches the highest levels of Nike and involves some of the biggest names in college basketball.”

17c950  No.5882542

File: 51b14eb4732f899⋯.jpg (274.59 KB, 890x500, 89:50, 51b14eb4732f8991f7f886da41….jpg)

e0c778  No.5882543

File: 0ecd6a253233dc8⋯.png (490.07 KB, 1433x699, 1433:699, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 86e0a908d3e6fc5⋯.png (512.08 KB, 876x735, 292:245, ClipboardImage.png)



The REAL Rosneft collusion has always been in plain sight

Why did Glencore (ie Marc Rich and Frank Giustra) get such a sweet taste of the QIA-Rosneft deal?

Why is an Italian bank involved?

Why was VTB secretly involved?



e7b09d  No.5882544


Wasn't he supposed to run against Trump? KEK

be6dfd  No.5882545

File: c900c9e7289e703⋯.jpg (50.64 KB, 700x394, 350:197, ed14fd05bbe050ad075cd6e0ba….jpg)

Sorry frens, workfagging and I know I'm late to the party but just had to stop in and comment on Avenatti getting popped, by none other than the great normie hope "SDNY" and their "ongoing investigations":


b78eba  No.5882546

File: 1a18e64344cff28⋯.jpg (66.92 KB, 413x395, 413:395, 1528234410501.jpg)



46bd57  No.5882547


Who is CPL?

20e11a  No.5882548

File: 32363576db7ac37⋯.png (31.93 KB, 617x668, 617:668, POTUS_Scedule-Deleted_Twee….png)

POTUS_Schedule-Tweet DELETED

POTUS_Schedule-Tweet that FOLLOWED delta 45s

12:50 PM - 25 Mar 2019

Note: There was a deleted POTUS_Schedule tweet 12:50 PM - 25 Mar 2019. (see attached image). The two Tweets were separated by 45 seconds but I don't know how long after the first tweet was posted and then deleted because when I clicked on it a few seconds after posting it had already been deleted and the hyperlink was invalid. The only difference that I could tell after about a minute of inspection was the addition of the date line at the bottom of the second tweet.

f03dc9  No.5882549

File: 1af60aa42545b50⋯.jpg (112.74 KB, 696x1044, 2:3, 1af60aa42545b508f2ce2c2589….jpg)



Veritable if Verifiable. Oh, wait:


Dr. Richman serves as the CEO of the Avielle Foundation and has a Faculty Lecturer appointment in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale’s School of Medicine.

So…. What does the Avielle Foundation do?

8da9ca  No.5882550


I'm having a hard time processing all this winning

331d1d  No.5882551

File: bd5030c0c58faf1⋯.png (236.39 KB, 960x531, 320:177, BOOM.png)

1e0c8d  No.5882552

File: 34a12fc4fb4d5c0⋯.png (53.12 KB, 640x525, 128:105, Nick J Fuentes Liked my QA….PNG)

Not everyone in the alt right have been subverted by shills or con agents.

aef7bd  No.5882553

File: 5a6dca625ca92c9⋯.jpeg (643.21 KB, 1125x1481, 1125:1481, 5F835025-99D3-4826-AE03-F….jpeg)

from Kekistan with love

Press conference today at 2:30 @SDNYNews to announce charges against Michael Avenatti for attempting to extract more than $20M in payments from Nike by threatening to garner publicity to inflict financial & reputational harm if his demands were not met


73351f  No.5882554

File: f3f8bf9f32e44a1⋯.jpg (12.34 KB, 400x200, 2:1, val.jpg)

431a7c  No.5882555


They're trying to crank up rhetoric on muh gun control by eliminating people who never existed.

db0491  No.5882557


Ha ha what a faggot .

JAIL time,

SHIT just gets better.

6690a5  No.5882558


I pray that he will lead the DOJ again some day, or perhaps end up on the Supreme Court.

6c6687  No.5882559


creepy pron lawyer

7e6d76  No.5882560



26f469  No.5882561


Fox News reporting two press conferences re: Michael Avenatti. One in SDNY, one in LA!

d41bd8  No.5882562



58deea  No.5882563

File: c7ead545092d614⋯.jpg (634.15 KB, 1018x981, 1018:981, 89f2964a1c5bb789f29cbe9531….jpg)

cdc85a  No.5882564

File: 35a0cc88a93942f⋯.png (66.5 KB, 645x338, 645:338, Screenshot 2019-03-25_13-1….png)


1c62e2  No.5882565

File: 20b3f4c8134c147⋯.png (607.96 KB, 581x388, 581:388, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5882408 Panic fagget?

53b0de  No.5882566


Kinda itchy muhself.

90c41e  No.5882567

File: a5d19d8ef9ef713⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 4988x3836, 1247:959, DSCN0390 (1).jpg)

2d624c  No.5882568

File: c5f48fb5888e3c2⋯.png (183.28 KB, 825x1042, 825:1042, ClipboardImage.png)

639f2a  No.5882569


Targeting the creepy porn lawyer, eh?

2de67b  No.5882570

File: 4b8d682d538871e⋯.png (598.04 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

c1c945  No.5882571

File: eb78988bc0f72e1⋯.png (1.37 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 0982829E-D9F5-478C-AC36-F9….png)

File: fa28cba9513c215⋯.png (1.14 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 057A0854-AD5F-4048-B09B-01….png)


26f469  No.5882572


Damn good album!

ce36ca  No.5882573

File: aab224ea0bbb4d5⋯.jpg (7.85 KB, 242x208, 121:104, index.jpg)


depends on the definition of "we"

167407  No.5882574

Wonder who’s gonna get their comeuppance first?

No worries cause it’s coming no matter what.

36a480  No.5882575



420beb  No.5882576

>>5882378 Bibi gifts wine to a man who doesn't drink?

92885e  No.5882577


Like trump the alt right was created because people started going off the reservation

474009  No.5882578

File: dd27649738c6354⋯.jpeg (62.44 KB, 474x325, 474:325, Mining gingers.jpeg)

Hoping to assuage investors, Newmont offers special dividend if Goldcorp deal approved

TORONTO (Reuters) - Newmont Mining Corp will pay a special dividend of 88 cents in an effort to soothe unhappy shareholders if they approve its $10 billion takeover of Goldcorp Inc, the company said on Monday.

Facing protests from investors who say Goldcorp shareholders benefit too much from the deal, Newmont said the immediate cash payment would represent a portion of the savings from a separate agreement with Barrick Gold Corp.

Newmont’s friendly bid to buy Goldcorp to create the world’s biggest gold producer preceded the agreement with rival Barrick to create a joint venture combining their operations in Nevada. Newmont offered 0.328 of its shares and 2 cents for each Goldcorp share.

Top Newmont shareholders including Paulson & Co and Van Eck International Investors said last week the Goldcorp proposal transferred to Goldcorp shareholders too much of $4.7 billion in synergies from the Barrick venture. Paulson said last week it would vote against Newmont’s acquisition of Goldcorp.

A Paulson & Co spokesman said the firm is evaluating the announcement.

“We’re very pleased with Newmont’s decision,” Joe Foster, portfolio manager at Van Eck, Newmont’s third-biggest shareholder, told Reuters. “Companies always claim they’re going to create synergies. It’s great to see Newmont putting their money where their mouth is and giving us a payout up front.”

In an investor presentation earlier this month, Newmont said Goldcorp shareholders would get $600 million of the pre-tax synergies from the joint venture with Barrick.


d6ef7f  No.5882579

>>5881934 (lb)







Yeah, this last bread post really should be


it was given 2 "Notable" recommendations last bread, so I make at least 3.

73b809  No.5882581

File: db9152a6005fd07⋯.png (189.25 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 092D4EF8-9DB5-46E3-A5C7-62….png)

File: f523ceae78953ff⋯.jpeg (296.32 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 9184BF6B-9FE9-42B9-9002-1….jpeg)

File: 9509462368decf1⋯.png (242.35 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 460CC78E-F2D8-4B8C-B70F-68….png)


84d114  No.5882582


Wow - very quick investigation and charge. Out of SDNY too.

065155  No.5882583

File: 13817d61afbc7ab⋯.jpg (276.85 KB, 1920x1091, 1920:1091, notAdemocracy.jpg)



635ec1  No.5882584

File: 570565b438cab95⋯.png (731.08 KB, 776x586, 388:293, AG Barr.png)

7907ac  No.5882585

pardon fags

Any have a link to the USER JS for Qresearch?

Had a crash and lost mine. It highlights posts n shit.

0e5594  No.5882586


I like this part of the movie

e0c778  No.5882587


Witness protection?

03927d  No.5882588

File: d35b4d6017c99b6⋯.png (45.62 KB, 629x328, 629:328, fingerinthebutt.PNG)


Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenattii has been arrested on charges related to an alleged $20 million extortion of the athletic apparel company Nike, federal authorities said Monday.

A press conference is scheduled to discuss the charges against Avenatti in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

Avenatti had represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

The charges were revealed less than an hour after Avenatti announced a press conference to discuss claims against Nike.

2ed2d1  No.5882589


So Daniel, are you telling me that Jesus is beyond your comprehension?

9519cd  No.5882590

File: 3dc217cc349ffd6⋯.png (678.59 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, CF45CE6A-9706-48F2-B525-6D….png)


27eba4  No.5882591



same sdny that is supposed to go after President Trump

severe panic for dems and mockingbird media

331d1d  No.5882592

File: 222dcbf22472303⋯.jpg (59.27 KB, 645x363, 215:121, dingbat.jpg)

f03dc9  No.5882593



Here's a google cache version of the "Funding" page. More "web" links to actors?


6690a5  No.5882594

File: 0ce54e9fe1857d2⋯.jpeg (82.12 KB, 471x362, 471:362, fullsizeoutput_1eb9.jpeg)

dd6b03  No.5882596

File: ca32eb84d8f9381⋯.png (51.8 KB, 596x346, 298:173, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5ff0b03622e11db⋯.gif (9.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, d.gif)

b6cb93  No.5882597

92885e  No.5882598


I mean if they wanna arrest me for 8 chan shitposting induced by mind control and dews then sure kike

5c544d  No.5882599


>I'm having a hard time processing all this winning

Winning?? Yeah, the guy is a scum bag and deserves what's coming but wake me up when people like Comey, Brennan and Clapper get indicted.

2de67b  No.5882600


He clearly overestimated the DS' chances against POTUS.

0b11e0  No.5882601


avenati using Chicago Children as Human shields

creepy porn attorney the protector of Children ?

99bd92  No.5882602

File: ed8d42c242ba236⋯.png (53.51 KB, 1800x350, 36:7, ebot.png)

Even ebot is good foe laugh from time to time.


59242f  No.5882603

Justice Department

Verified account


26m26 minutes ago


Duke University Agrees to Pay U.S. $112.5 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Related to Scientific Research Misconduct https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/duke-university-agrees-pay-us-1125-million-settle-false-claims-act-allegations-

1b8e67  No.5882604

Whatever is in Avenatti's safe is evidence now, right ?

36a480  No.5882606




53b0de  No.5882607

File: 87f8a59f8aee724⋯.png (379.43 KB, 497x403, 497:403, AQ13.PNG)

f2b505  No.5882608

File: a1ed1168c19de29⋯.png (257.18 KB, 828x1792, 207:448, BD6EF764-D51E-4EEA-8C9C-65….png)


How long has this been going on!? Straight hex to text conversion reads Q.

b3e481  No.5882609


Avenatti is looking desperate

7e9268  No.5882610

Will Creepy Porn Lawyer be cellmate with M Cohen?

27eba4  No.5882611


passover wine for jared and invanka

c11a28  No.5882612

File: 7d7f7db2fde40e4⋯.jpg (43.22 KB, 800x416, 25:13, trump-curse-01-800x416.jpg)

e7c2e2  No.5882613


They are being suicided to keep them from telling the truth

d6ef7f  No.5882614

File: 75e34fa3246facc⋯.jpg (531.38 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Daily Beast Barr Last Reso….jpg)

File: 5964002dc64e621⋯.png (20.21 KB, 578x410, 289:205, Last Resort Q.png)

File: f86fd29e3d52b2b⋯.png (227.47 KB, 697x569, 697:569, Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at ….png)


Here's what was in anon's post.

282bba  No.5882615

File: 87efe3a9b8a19a9⋯.png (963.53 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, ClipboardImage.png)

4163c1  No.5882616


He BASTA'd him!

cf8b2b  No.5882617


Lindsey 1.0, under the control of McStain.

We've now got Lindsey 2.0 – our guy, but will always carry whiff of McStain.

99bd92  No.5882618


*for a

431a7c  No.5882619

File: 13261a698513c2d⋯.png (694.09 KB, 774x892, 387:446, Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at ….png)


This is a picture of the "family". Does any anon have the graphic with all the Jewish crisis actor families on it? The lady looks familiar.

331d1d  No.5882620

File: 38a4051a6cf1648⋯.jpg (73.39 KB, 731x500, 731:500, trust3.jpg)

a39596  No.5882621

File: ea5b053811e5534⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 868x651, 4:3, watch_the_water.gif)

36a480  No.5882622



84d114  No.5882623


I wonder if Avenatti tried to extort Trump too, beyond the initial hush money payment to keep his lying client shut-up.

de2f4a  No.5882624


Lindsey was a "neverTrumper' until no name got his just deserts. Suddenly he grew a spine starting at the Kavanaugh hearings.

Black hat that flipped. Call him grey hat ??

f03dc9  No.5882625



Fixed link for ya:


31d29a  No.5882626

Reminder: Baker must leave at start of next bread

Anons, please step up

26f469  No.5882627


Yarp. I find it all quite humorous.

1afbc6  No.5882628




>>5882110 "Last Resort": Barr says he can conceive of situations where journalists might be jailed "as a last resort"

It's in there….

4a8ee9  No.5882629



Michael Avenatti arrested in New York on federal extortion charges >>5882590

63cad5  No.5882630


That's the absolute truth! I spent 3 months last year in such a funk I didn't know where up was! This year so soooo much better though!

fe9c5d  No.5882631


Tis a great day!

f21086  No.5882632


(((we))) will deserve it.

0b11e0  No.5882633

File: aa988222710f36d⋯.jpg (17.96 KB, 255x255, 1:1, aa988222710f36d2086c3a8cee….jpg)

2a2530  No.5882634



6f7d84  No.5882635

File: faa6210a6b8416d⋯.jpg (66.05 KB, 500x704, 125:176, 2ftz3p.jpg)

31d29a  No.5882636


It's there

74ae12  No.5882637

File: 4359f9db8fa80cf⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 1553530270012.png)


8d1a53  No.5882638

File: cd5253df7f31ef4⋯.png (58.56 KB, 573x253, 573:253, Nothings Happening.png)

Moar college scandals. Loving the #ButNothingsHappening

a20194  No.5882639

Everyone catch that Avenatti was arrested!

2ed2d1  No.5882640


IMO, he will always have the stank on him, cant trust him

474009  No.5882641

File: fc06425cf1f24fb⋯.jpg (54.93 KB, 699x499, 699:499, nike dump.jpg)

File: 0a7f2abc9755441⋯.jpg (7.01 KB, 474x323, 474:323, just did it.jpg)



06a351  No.5882642

msnbc's ali is having a SERIOUS EXISTENTIALIST MOMENT right now. Avenatti; and SDNY


THANK YOU Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1130fd  No.5882643

My autism says that these suicides related to the hyped false flag events like sandy hook, is a way to diffuse investigation into the truth of publicized media events, and corresponding agendas.

These suicides will be labeled by the media as harassment from conspiracy theory's.

It's a psyop to diffuse what is coming.

It will further the narrative for social media company's to censor videos related to such events, and any video they label or deem a "conspiracy" will be shut down at their need.

d31f4c  No.5882644


Looks like the Feds want this one to stay alive.

331d1d  No.5882646


She sand at the super bowl 2013

e7c2e2  No.5882647

File: aa2b36c6385d0e4⋯.jpeg (30.02 KB, 255x190, 51:38, image.jpeg)

be6dfd  No.5882648


Why the fuck would anyone follow a T_D account


b78eba  No.5882649

File: cc13ef647e3bc0e⋯.jpg (83.63 KB, 700x512, 175:128, 8e293acb8d5ff06e878fdece66….jpg)


>threatening to garner publicity to inflict financial & reputational harm if his demands were not met

AKA, The Jesse Jackson/Al notSharpton Grift

dd9a8d  No.5882650


I'm glad that someone else made the 1337 speak connection.

c8005b  No.5882651



I'm saying I GET God.

I was born BEFORE the Son.

I will ONLY understand MY God.


20e11a  No.5882652

File: d07a643be828da2⋯.gif (120.97 KB, 588x644, 21:23, Judicial-Watch-Tweet_20190….gif)

Judicial Watch Tweet

1:00 PM - 25 Mar 2019

"Judicial Watch announced it received 756 pages of newly uncovered emails that were among the materials former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to delete or destroy, several of which were classified.



1a8cfc  No.5882653

File: 1eaaa5b945d0b69⋯.png (445.14 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 86459D03-2603-4835-B484-82….png)

Ultra kek

0b11e0  No.5882654

File: 317df6a1884803c⋯.jpg (96.18 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DZZhrUZUMAA2BnW.jpg)

719147  No.5882655


just did it

1c62e2  No.5882656

File: 643e5881ba58596⋯.png (169.37 KB, 402x541, 402:541, ClipboardImage.png)

e50cb4  No.5882657


When ur balls are in the gator grip of mccain…. you’ll say whatever he tells you to say. Graham is free now. Get over it

c2c209  No.5882658

it gets better>>5882586


566c3b  No.5882659



30450d  No.5882660

File: 8fe8c19edb81d00⋯.jpeg (295.82 KB, 750x933, 250:311, D816BB3A-80CA-439E-B42B-6….jpeg)


35523c  No.5882661


Anon that was dugged so many times

I suggest we leave it for now

At one point hopefully there will be an answer

But pls not SH again

1c7abe  No.5882662


I can feel it in my plums.

video link?

282bba  No.5882663

File: 4a244703b1369bb⋯.png (251.16 KB, 735x540, 49:36, ClipboardImage.png)

457f05  No.5882664

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f2b505  No.5882665


Like Assange? I certainly hope not.

3d5394  No.5882666


Can these fucktards name one AG that was not handpicked?

e299a9  No.5882667

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

AE911TRUTH live right now

e874f8  No.5882668

b85b7b  No.5882669

File: 8d73f764415edc5⋯.png (348.74 KB, 1383x643, 1383:643, Untitled2.png)

Here is your Q. The trail went white but you can see it.

17c950  No.5882670

File: dc9c80c1e421082⋯.jpg (23.04 KB, 540x271, 540:271, wehaveitall.jpg)

5c544d  No.5882671


Is there a chance that Trump is sick and tired of groveling before his Jew masters??

751ac7  No.5882672


will parkland be next?

c15f03  No.5882673


Daniel your Elohim is YAHWEH

2ed2d1  No.5882674


My condolences to you bot

593307  No.5882675

File: 806830caecbad9c⋯.png (165.88 KB, 3620x900, 181:45, 826bbbcf-e547-4eb2-8106-e0….png)


Blackmail controlled a lot of people.

65b391  No.5882676

File: 31f799b0c09f644⋯.jpg (929.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxell-top-kek.jpg)

7907ac  No.5882677

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



I miss all the added options it gave me.

3ab959  No.5882678


LIke most comped ds assets he’s in self preservation mode. He will do what POTUS tells him or get no named

36a480  No.5882679





92885e  No.5882680


The same reason people follow Q

Low iq

0b11e0  No.5882681

File: c36595a8719f698⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1355x763, 1355:763, c36595a8719f698761e5cf1ce6….png)



Media said wait for SDNY

08543a  No.5882682


Could've meant "we know how bad we are and he will lock us all up"

c3bd54  No.5882683

File: 1a4dc207f17384f⋯.jpeg (90.07 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, trump.border.wall.jpeg)

Build the Wall.

Deport them All.

Seen in NJ.

99bd92  No.5882684

Moar on CPL

Lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested, faces wire fraud and bank fraud charges


Los Angeles attorney Michael Avenatti has been arrested by federal law enforcement officials in a wire fraud and bank fraud case, authorities said Monday.

Wire fraud penalties are worse than most violent crimes.

635ec1  No.5882685

File: 31cf4dad924c935⋯.png (65.61 KB, 624x355, 624:355, ClipboardImage.png)


>Michael Avenattii has been arrested on charges related to an alleged $20 million extortion of the athletic apparel company Nike,


Tmrw at 11 am ET, we will be holding a press conference to disclose a major high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated by @Nike that we have uncovered. This criminal conduct reaches the highest levels of Nike and involves some of the biggest names in college basketball.

Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion attempt against Nike

*Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenattii is being charged with wire and bank fraud, federal authorities said Monday.

*A press conference is scheduled to discuss the charges against Avenatti in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

*Avenatti had represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti has been arrested on charges related to an alleged $20 million extortion of the athletic apparel company Nike, federal authorities said Monday.

A press conference is scheduled to discuss the charges against Avenatti in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon. Avenatti is scheduled to be presented in Manhattan federal court on Monday.

Avenatti had represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

The charges were revealed less than an hour after Avenatti announced a press conference to discuss claims against Nike.

A criminal complaint against Avenatti says he “devised a scheme to extort a company by means of an interstate communication by threatening to damage the company’s reputation if the company did not agree to make multi-million dollar payments to Avenatti and [co-conspirator], and further agree to pay an additional $1.5 million to a client of Avenatti’s.”

The complaint says that last Wednesday, Avenatti and a cooperating witness spoke by phone with lawyers for Nike “during which Avenatti stated, with respect to his demands for payment of milions of dollars, that if those demands were not met ‘I’ll go take ten billion dollars off your client’s market cap … I’m not f—ing around.’”


5a94bb  No.5882686

>>588253 I wondered where the name kike came from

c17f31  No.5882687

I imagine this has been noted, but interesting that Mueller report to Barr, proving no collusion or obstruction, was delivered on 3-22. "Game Over" message from the Patriots to Cabal/Skull & Bones?

500817  No.5882688

File: 1afe4a4c3f00132⋯.png (136.35 KB, 434x424, 217:212, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-25_….png)

File: fa0189979508de8⋯.png (580.71 KB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-25_….png)

These three planes might just be flying random patternes.


d6ef7f  No.5882689

File: f207a58245f6fcb⋯.png (438.22 KB, 680x562, 340:281, Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at ….png)

Just posting for the Photo…Subversive Hollyweird Lib Tears = Yum


a82884  No.5882690

File: 7b297a92ff29561⋯.png (312.53 KB, 640x674, 320:337, 72712fee-198d-444e-94b8-a9….png)

For keks


440d71  No.5882691

File: 66521c85e559dba⋯.png (73.48 KB, 634x870, 317:435, SDNY re Avenatti.PNG)

File: fa2556880e158ed⋯.png (21.84 KB, 409x355, 409:355, Q 2603 What if.PNG)

File: 5e9640bf8e2b2be⋯.png (242.45 KB, 1485x754, 1485:754, 1 Geoffrey Berman Wiki.PNG)

File: c50f4e2cad19953⋯.png (73.95 KB, 1500x574, 750:287, 2 Geoffrey Berman Wiki.PNG)




See [lb]

Bread 7524


Geoffrey S. Berman = Stealth Bomber appointed by Jeff Sessions

03fb68  No.5882692


Make a big fucking pot of coffee, you might get really tired of all the winning soon.

23abc3  No.5882693

Bibi giving Trump wine is almost as good as Hussein giving the queen an iPod. Kek

4163c1  No.5882694


I think that is why those three are dead. They took Golan at the exact moment of the NZ "attack" and then we discovered the connection between Christ Church and and Mossad and Chirst Church and Sandy hook and then they suicided.

It is connected IMO and why the POTUS was clearly angry and why Bibi cut the trip short.

74ae12  No.5882695

File: c091e0254c3c56a⋯.jpg (291.33 KB, 1600x1132, 400:283, 23orb-superJumbo.jpg)


Bibi is so scared that Israel bombed itself (we know this because IDF was the first to report Gaza rocket, therefore false flag) in order to cut Bibi's trip short

Bibi flew back to Israel right after this meet, cutting his trip short

f21086  No.5882696

File: 9828adc58c67561⋯.jpg (2.91 MB, 3049x3182, 3049:3182, punishedtrump.jpg)


I hope so.

234ddc  No.5882697

"The Clinton campaign, which funded the debunked dossier in an effort to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil Trump Tower, actively promoted a “Bombshell Report About Trump Aide’s Chilling Ties To Kremlin.” The Trump aide with the purported Kremlin ties was Carter Page. The “bombshell report” was a Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff headlined “U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin.”

Rep. Devin Nunes’ intelligence memo makes clear that Isikoff’s article, which was promoted by the Clinton campaign, used Christopher Steele as its source and was used to help obtain the FISA warrant. The FISA warrant application falsely states that Steele did not leak information to Yahoo News."


fe9c5d  No.5882698



84d114  No.5882699


Trump in the oval office with Bibi is the venue where Trump used the word "treason" referring to the group who is involved in taking Trump down with false accusations.

aef7bd  No.5882700



c797d6  No.5882701

CPL arrested

32e8d7  No.5882702

File: 38703b814942dfa⋯.png (118.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



519acc  No.5882703


Israel Last.

028b2c  No.5882704


Seem to recall POTUS meeting the young owner of that Co.

74ae12  No.5882705


Israel false flag bombed itself in order to create a reason for Bibi to cut the trip short

431a7c  No.5882706

File: d882c5fd0b38132⋯.png (163.52 KB, 1280x978, 640:489, Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at ….png)

File: a79949aa907a970⋯.png (999.7 KB, 1228x900, 307:225, Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at ….png)


719f2e  No.5882707


That twat sealed his arrest.

1c7abe  No.5882708


Apple's TV streaming and news bundle, expected at today's event, may see rivals cry foul

Apple's Monday event is expected to be an extravaganza of subscription services: TV! Movies! News! Bundles! But competitors say the company is out of control.

e3ffba  No.5882709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b6cb93  No.5882710


please help baker next bread handoff request

Current Baker also baked graveyard bread last night

0b11e0  No.5882711

File: 57f522dc851ae4b⋯.jpg (11.56 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 57f522dc851ae4b7d7ee168fcf….jpg)


March Madness

ee5930  No.5882712

File: 01c66bdff59269e⋯.png (586.91 KB, 938x695, 938:695, AppleNews .PNG)

Tim Apple, er, Cook…Tim Cook uses today's Apple Livestream Event t announce 'Apple News+' subscription service, as selected by their editors; "human curation" designed so you can have news you can trust. Includes over 300 magazines.


"At just $9.99, it's am amazing value!"

31d29a  No.5882713


last call, baking early

>>5882652 JW tweet: Received 756 pages of new emails that HRC tried to hide

>>5882578 Hoping to assuage investors, Newmont offers special dividend if Goldcorp deal approved

>>5882548 POTUS_Schedule-Tweet deleted; POTUS_Schedule-Tweet that followed delta 45s

>>5882543 The REAL Rosneft collusion has always been in plain sight

>>5882535 Remember when Q scared Avenatti?

>>5882525 DJT Jr trolls Avenatti

>>5882483 Airbus close to signing aircraft deal with China: sources

>>5882394, >>5882401, >>5882425, >>5882503, 5882685 Avenatti arrested for wire fraud & bank fraud

>>5882331, >>5882364, >>5882373, >>5882504 Child Sexual Abuse Covered Up by the MORMON CHURCH

>>5882303 Three far-left punks arrested after lighting Tulane conservative students' dorm room door on fire

>>5882367 Rosneft deal was used in dossier to slime Trump, but was really Qatar and Glencore

>>5882287 Connections in Glencore/Clinton/Terrorism scandals (vid)

>>5882243 Trump Jr takes aim at Shifty

>>5882212 Parkland community grieving after 2 apparent deaths by suicide

>>5882217 For Keks? Netanyahu: And I hope they don't open an investigation on it (on his gift of wine to POTUS)

>>5882118 Moar on callsign CERE8R14

>>5882112 Qatar receives first of 24 Boeing AH-64E helicopters

>>5882110 "Last Resort": Barr says he can conceive of situations where journalists might be jailed "as a last resort"

>>5882105 NBC's Guthrie to Sanders: Does Trump owe Mueller an 'apology' for his rhetoric?

>>5882068 Sanders quote: "The media and the Democrats have [made]….an accusation [about POTUS] equal to treason, which is punishable by death in this country.”

99bd92  No.5882714



Might expose Nike (we all know what scumbags they are) during discovery.

1c62e2  No.5882716

>>5882598 You're not that important.

Enjoy the show!

0aa8ab  No.5882717




7907ac  No.5882718


ME << – Does a Circle Dance

2d624c  No.5882719

File: cc87e1417332890⋯.png (224.34 KB, 287x1263, 287:1263, ClipboardImage.png)

d172a5  No.5882720


Who were the men dressed in camo the police had in the car that day? Did you not research SH when it happened?

e7c2e2  No.5882721


Supposedly two parkland kids

72d29b  No.5882722


Reverse Q ?

90c41e  No.5882723

File: edafa0239c638e2⋯.jpg (75.75 KB, 600x437, 600:437, treason?.jpg)

161de2  No.5882724


Academia being held accountable!


After Mockingbird Media

Academia swamp must be drained to stop brainwashing.

ab2d3a  No.5882725

File: e96050093e4fc21⋯.png (120.33 KB, 1080x707, 1080:707, IMG_20190321_183310.png)

Now that the Mueller probe is over is Trump going to go back to being anti immigration or is BASED legal immigrants and Israhell shilling all we're going to get out of him?

2c27e6  No.5882726

>>5882660. So once he took the bait and announced that he had something on Nike, he was arrested

1067e9  No.5882727


>then we discovered the connection between Christ Church and and Mossad


just like

Breivik/Utoeya, MOS

610f98  No.5882729

File: 8cf55d0fbf230c4⋯.jpg (88.64 KB, 450x600, 3:4, lqukrq-b78841637z_12011090….jpg)

File: 95d919e46270e92⋯.jpg (8.88 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: a8da6f946644728⋯.jpg (24.05 KB, 400x278, 200:139, Rally_monkey.jpg)

Anons can make some great fun, meme the rally monkey.

31d29a  No.5882730



got a lotta avenatti, anon

b78eba  No.5882731


He tried to pull the old Sharpton/Jackson grift on Nike.

6e2d5f  No.5882732


im sure the package includes CNN, MSNBC, WAh Post, NY Times etc.. lol

fe9c5d  No.5882733


DEM not seeking re-election!

0f6f97  No.5882734


- Air

- Pics of Kims Rocket

- Remains of Fallen Soldiers

- Shitty Kosher Wine

1a8cfc  No.5882735

File: 447a8fb2070c56c⋯.png (591.58 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, CF9E1CAE-90CA-4307-8555-6C….png)

635ec1  No.5882736

File: 4c800de4650ab43⋯.png (835.77 KB, 2356x600, 589:150, ClipboardImage.png)


>Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion attempt against Nike


These two tweet came less than an hour apart. Absolutely unreal.

(pic related)

c8005b  No.5882737


Give me a Psalm and I will UNDERSTAND?


594ead  No.5882738

a7fb05  No.5882739

File: f4ec882aed38821⋯.gif (3.87 MB, 445x250, 89:50, sandyhook.gif)

d6ef7f  No.5882740


Better not be… not where my mind is going with that.


digits say "Of course not. That talking point relies strictly upon the utter stupidity of their viewers/readers."

5468d2  No.5882741

File: f42842d5bccdddb⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 254x255, 254:255, racf21552a86f545aa51820ae5….jpg)