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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, Q_Anon Flag.png)

160ea8  No.5663975

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 03.13.2019

>>5662895 ————————————–——– Think LifeLog dump.

>>5660203 ————————————–——– Trolling is FUN! PANIC is GOOD. (Cap: >>5660254 )

>>5655015 rt >>5654980 ————————— Figure 3.1

>>5654980 ————————————–——– The Tarmac Meeting. Days Later…. (Cap: >>5655020 )

Tuesday 03.12.2019

>>5650770 ————————————–——– Do you believe in coincidences? (Cap: >>5651235)

>>5650117 ————————————–——– JUSTICE (Cap: >>5650199)

>>5646668 ————————————–——– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ (Cap: >>5647861)

>>5645954 ————————————–——– WE STAND TOGETHER AS PATRIOTS

>>5645633 ————————————–——– Promises (soon-to-be) kept?

>>5645404 ————————————–——– Jim Jordan's AS Tweets.

>>5643022 ————————————–——– Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.

>>5641102 ————————————–——– Doug Collins tweet on the release of Lisa Page testimony (Cap: >>5641129)

>>5640195 ————————————–——– Do UNICORNS exist?

>>5639954 ————————————–——– The Clinton Connection. WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

>>5639743 ————————————–——– Do you believe the timing is a coincidence? Stay Tuned! (Cap: >>5639795 )

Monday 03.11.2019

>>5631851 ————————————–——– Stay in the LIGHT (Cap: >>5632526)

>>5631245 rt >>5631220 ————————— [Michael Gaeta - FBI Rome]

>>5631220 ————————————–——– @PapaD (Cap: >>5631336)

>>5629243 ————————————–——– Memes, Memes, and more Memes.

>>5629177 ————————————–——– 4-6% [brainwashed] will never wake up even when presented w/ FACTS. (Cap: >>5629222)

>>5628683 ————————————–——– THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS WIN.

>>5627803 rt >>5627658 ————————— Re: JPB "Time in Russia? ... Intercepts are revealing."

>>5627617 ————————————–——– "Heart attacks can be deadly."

>>5618750 ————————————–——– John Perry Barlow POST January 27, 2018, DEAD February 8, 2018.

>>5618461 ————————————–——– Banking on HRC to win? Banking on BRENNAN to bring you home? (Cap: >>5618485)

>>5618056 rt >>5617930 ————————— Who was Agency DIR from 2012- 2016? [JB][JPB] How did we know (prior to)?

>>5617930 rt >>5617724 ————————— Connect the dots? Define 'Spook'. Define 'Shadow'.

>>5617724 ————————————–——– @Snowden Parades or Restraints?

>>5617565 ————————————–——– Why was the NSA targeted? Why was the Agency protected/sheltered? (Cap: >>5617740)

Sunday 03.10.2019

Compiled here: >>5646346

Saturday 03.09.2019

Compiled here: >>5630830

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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are not endorsements


>>5639699 MEME WAR! Q requests a meme campaign on POTUS's historic accomplishments

>>5644463 , >>5646510 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q


>>5663878 Moar FB outage news

>>5663830 Trump grounds all 737 Max 8s and 9s

>>5663797, >>5663875 All 6 runways closed at DIA

>>5663717, >>5663734 Was Huber in Denver??

>>5663537 Q 1183: Sky Event

>>5663603 Dems' new bogeyman: Big Tech

>>5663561 New command senior enlisted leader for Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay

>>5663559 Q2793 on China-Russia-Iran 'fake' take down

>>5663400 Two suspects in NK embassy attack in Madrid alleged to have CIA connections

>>5663434 DJT Briefing on Drug & Human trafficking at Southern Border

baker assist

>>5663292 Cabalists Hate Boeing: NoName nixed a Boeing contract for one with European Aeronautic Defense and Space

>>5663298 UK lawmakers vote to reject leaving the EU without a deal

>>5663324 WH tweet on 22 illegals arrested in San Diego

>>5663352 FL House bill on anti-semitism receives backlash for banning legitimate criticism of Israel

>>5663983 #7243


>>5662551 160 pounds of meth, fentanyl seized at AZ border

>>5662554 NRO releases declassified CORONA imagery

>>5662556 POTUS issues “emergency order” grounding Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft

>>5662577 Multiple explosions at Venezuela oil refinery

>>5662650 Boeing stock market update

>>5662750 ; >>5662762 New DJT

>>5662883 Ford Motors cutting US salaried positions, doesn’t say how many

>>5663229 #7242


>>5661777 Memo re: racketeering charges in NXIVM case

>>5662085 Huckabee weighs in on Manafort sentencing

>>5662095 Update on Brazil school shooting

>>5662134 Germany refuses to take black boxes; FAA rejects Canada’s 737 ban as “inconclusive”

>>5662152 House passes resolution urging Mueller report to be made public

>>5662174 French MP’s approve anti-riot bill amid Yellow Vest protests

>>5662205 LIVE: POTUS receives briefing on drug trafficking at border

>>5662248 German conservatives demanding Merkel’s resignation

>>5662251 Nancy Salzman, NXIVM co-founder, expected to plead guilty in case

>>5662278 Former NYD commissioner calls for obstruction investigation in Clinton email probe

>>5662340 Twitter planning to remove “like” and “retweet” metrics and replace with “positive reinforcement” 1984-type shit

>>5662391 #7241

Previously Collected Notables

>>5660852 #7239, >>5663029 #7240

>>5658527 #7236, >>5659328 #7237, >>5660066 #7238

>>5656242 #7233, >>5657000 #7234, >>5657778 #7235

>>5654293 #7230, >>5655983 #7231, >>5655994 #7232

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160ea8  No.5664025

File: b0ac359b3c02bd9⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Dough.jpg)



Thanks For The Baker Assist, Anon

0bb154  No.5664049

File: 8ce78f51c0dc870⋯.jpg (170.25 KB, 555x600, 37:40, 20190313_141236.jpg)

File: 7750f45af5ad6e1⋯.png (921.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7750f45af5ad6e1bb7b7bb2ff0….png)

File: 020bc89359b3a6b⋯.jpeg (160.87 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, Dz-jsxfVYAA2M1e.jpeg)

File: 972525b7af656a3⋯.png (920.01 KB, 783x898, 783:898, 20190222_015558.png)

File: 50299e87a5393fb⋯.png (422.58 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 41cc83527aab62ff5eee13ca6c….png)

Gonna be watching Empire tonight at 8/77c to see which advertisers have stuck around. I have DirecTV Now and a few commercials will be different than broadcast. Any other frens with antenna or basic cable willing to help compile a list?

With what they did to Roseanne and the constant call for advertiser boycotts on Fox News, I think we should beat them at their own game.

ee5854  No.5664053

File: 3bdb9220a3541ad⋯.png (249.81 KB, 970x606, 485:303, ClipboardImage.png)


real Payseur ?

991236  No.5664056

File: 67f2d852c50c278⋯.jpeg (320.4 KB, 799x1038, 799:1038, Screenshot_2019-03-13-15-….jpeg)

File: de3c3c931d54dc1⋯.jpeg (368.99 KB, 799x934, 799:934, Screenshot_2019-03-13-15-….jpeg)

File: 31d6e1b3fed61b9⋯.jpeg (308.22 KB, 799x829, 799:829, Screenshot_2019-03-13-15-….jpeg)

File: 293176c1e4f7aba⋯.jpeg (189.37 KB, 799x676, 799:676, Screenshot_2019-03-13-15-….jpeg)

'Acting' Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan worked for Boeing for 30yrs

Today he established the Space Development Agency


He is facing ethics complaints



93366b  No.5664062

File: f548d7b0f169239⋯.png (1.09 MB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

How Air Traffic found out about the 737MAX8 grounding

3e9a16  No.5664064

File: e4638bdf869b769⋯.png (1.54 MB, 886x1019, 886:1019, Crash.PNG)

Meanwhile at Boeing…

cf3a19  No.5664065

File: 10e1e0faf8c8139⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1316x1218, 94:87, 6906ef9a441ed1b7505749cb62….png)

dbea10  No.5664066

File: 1ca60b5b34a104c⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1280x1553, 1280:1553, 20190313_140641.jpg)

Thank You Baker

b15514  No.5664068

File: fa7469e68612730⋯.jpg (124.67 KB, 768x766, 384:383, rbg smollett.jpg)


Thank you baker.

11b442  No.5664069

File: b2496b7fae63046⋯.jpeg (17.22 KB, 255x163, 255:163, F9C57C43-417D-424A-9013-D….jpeg)

c47c98  No.5664070

Hello "anons". Jim Acosta here. CNN's Chief White House Correspondent. I believe in #realnews.

I've heard you've been begging for a reporter to ask the Q. Shall I?

601119  No.5664071


Perfect title


dbea10  No.5664072

34fd12  No.5664073

File: 46e90b0c0712df8⋯.jpg (50.5 KB, 960x480, 2:1, rick singer.jpg)

Who is this guy?

982b51  No.5664074

File: 39bb9016efda89b⋯.jpg (74.73 KB, 688x440, 86:55, bread.jpg)

0c7131  No.5664075

File: b3af86896038e30⋯.png (424.61 KB, 605x581, 605:581, WH 3-13-19 12 31 am PDT T….PNG)

File: 46008c40596ecf0⋯.mp4 (454.35 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Video WH 3-13-19 12 31 am….mp4)

ICYMI Repost [lb]

Bread 7243


“…trampling over our fences, the drug dealers tearing down our gates—that is immoral."

This is a national emergency.


121cd6  No.5664076


Is FB looking to be able to "program"

the Political Leaders of the Future ( Avatars ) ?

"That's the plan . . . ."

424ea2  No.5664077

File: 47b5caec3a774f6⋯.png (449.86 KB, 444x618, 74:103, G-o.png)

File: b92381acfc35d13⋯.png (316.23 KB, 642x450, 107:75, Z-e-c-a-k-r-jm2jm2yyy.png)

File: 8c783cc5a0f57e5⋯.png (1.31 MB, 999x722, 999:722, the-lamb.png)

File: 2a5afb9ca72a82d⋯.png (86.74 KB, 444x621, 148:207, C-h1-zh-T-00-MMEE-2.png)

File: 07a9e6b39a0603b⋯.png (148.54 KB, 1025x333, 1025:333, dje-fr-mGJ.png)

As strange as it would seem, consider the following scenario:

Beings from "another plane of existence" are seeking to enter and take our world. They can't do this easily. They have to subdue us first, in any case. And evidently, they can't subdue us with brute force (a law relates to our free will they can't violate), so they must infiltrate, subvert, erode, etc.

The 'other beings' are currently interfacing directly, right now, through ai. The enemy is HERE.

Presumably they/it wield(s) enough control to threaten us (nuke?).

The war is for US, our souls, because we must choose to yield to them/it.

There is a hierarchy to these 'beings'.

This is a scenario I am offering for people to think about. It is very strange, and easy to ridicule by today's customs of thought. But what validity does our modern mockery actually have?

Our understanding is very limited. Science leads only to weirdness. The scenario of "other planes" and "other beings" is not, in itself, implausible. We just simply couldn't know if it would be. How could we?

I offer this just as something to ponder.

0f41ff  No.5664078

File: 039c39455838f71⋯.jpg (26.61 KB, 648x326, 324:163, DARPAbook01.jpg)




160ea8  No.5664079


Notable collector ready to go again?

Sorry I missed the fresh bread post Anons, tying to snipe the 751…

352e10  No.5664080

File: b87a8d06f12882b⋯.jpg (36.59 KB, 507x356, 507:356, GM.JPG)

File: 8805c1470e92821⋯.jpg (30.15 KB, 435x342, 145:114, GM2.JPG)

GM tick tock.

JE tick tick tock.

8b9f2c  No.5664081


Lewis was stationed in Ottawa, Canada, and he was on a vacation to Africa, his family said.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft went down in clear weather just minutes after takeoff. It “rotated two times in the air” with smoke coming from the back before crashing, said witness Tamrat Abera.


468815  No.5664082



Haha, Jim's a comedian

af0aa5  No.5664083

File: a00231241bdf75b⋯.jpeg (81.39 KB, 800x525, 32:21, 514CE108-B62A-453D-896C-1….jpeg)

424ea2  No.5664084

File: 16fe3afb51bea87⋯.png (276.73 KB, 999x871, 999:871, T-w-g-t-KK-MMy-eeeeee.png)

File: a845f068922af10⋯.jpg (290.01 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipic.jpg)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

e15a67  No.5664085


Pics or fake

5b1426  No.5664086

File: b458c33b6ef4d36⋯.jpeg (332.82 KB, 1385x1064, 1385:1064, B93CA4F5-083D-4F78-8018-C….jpeg)

File: 57a7a2d45b23926⋯.jpeg (50.5 KB, 350x423, 350:423, 32AA63C7-5DB7-49EB-A7C2-3….jpeg)

888f34  No.5664087

File: 7b8e6590ff36de2⋯.png (585.24 KB, 2048x667, 2048:667, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5664042 (lb)

Excellent typo

dbea10  No.5664088

File: 2bfda85238979b9⋯.jpg (76.4 KB, 600x399, 200:133, george-c-scott-patton.jpg)

360ce5  No.5664089

e37525  No.5664090

File: a6fa73915d71391⋯.jpeg (479.3 KB, 1219x1804, 1219:1804, CA38250E-4A25-41F5-B557-4….jpeg)


b5516c  No.5664091

File: f778f4c6dcd88a6⋯.png (313.04 KB, 1976x1570, 988:785, qresearch.png)


moar news regarding board search:


- the indexer had some issues and missed a lot of posts. created a new indexer and indexed everything again => missing posts (74000) are available now!

- encoding-issues in 8chan qresearch posts should be solved to 95%

- performance optimizations

happy digging!

34fd12  No.5664092


You should be deported you anchor baby.

20927c  No.5664093

File: 162defe3f743ed8⋯.jpg (170.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, FU Pepe.jpg)


No you would probably fuck it up.

We need a real reporter, if you know any of those.

325359  No.5664094

It's not just Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

purl.org (a central piece of the web) wasn't redirecting two days ago – this is run by archive.org (The Wayback Machine).

No one cares because 'Permanent URLs' haven't been a thing on the web since the 90s – except to LIBRARIANs (do you know what the Dublin Core is? the Librarians at OCLC *invented* purls back in the day, then handed them off to ARCHIVE.ORG)


Google is adding DuckDuckGo to Chrome – do they want to hook to stop intercept calls to DDG?

e371bf  No.5664095

File: 91f4ecc61dbecfe⋯.png (219.45 KB, 679x1533, 97:219, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e03b90a0d61c45d⋯.png (257.48 KB, 763x591, 763:591, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 83d99158f41211c⋯.png (295.96 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Crashin' planes, HRC and Mueller

8b9f2c  No.5664096



At least 21 staff members from the United Nations were killed in the crash, said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

424ea2  No.5664097

File: 4c8a92e2bb49a53⋯.png (554.77 KB, 1111x627, 101:57, youare.png)


all of em

0f41ff  No.5664098


I don't want to consider shit.

I'd rather you just shut the fuck up and quit the spam fuckery, douchecanoe.

af0aa5  No.5664099

File: 24a5236ad8d4cf6⋯.jpeg (124.6 KB, 859x481, 859:481, 5124F525-AC96-474D-8BBE-A….jpeg)

99b8a3  No.5664101

File: 41cdf284b141f57⋯.jpg (25.81 KB, 400x317, 400:317, Symbolism.jpg)

File: 0dee60597affdc8⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 255x229, 255:229, 8168cc5e42a124d613a2c30b2b….jpg)

File: 506e1e7236e5de2⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 460x307, 460:307, order3.jpg)

File: ca7133bc50ad8fc⋯.jpg (98.04 KB, 750x908, 375:454, JFK.jpg)

For Newfags:


792b28  No.5664102


You're welcome, baker, just practiced baked at 705, 7 minutes behind but it's day shift, what the heck?

424ea2  No.5664103

File: e3def9ce8876fad⋯.png (708.18 KB, 758x606, 379:303, FL-yyy-FFF-jmjmjm.png)

File: de26f47792db0f3⋯.png (1.43 MB, 999x769, 999:769, Friendship-prevails-in-the….png)

File: 4f3782376c165e3⋯.png (227.43 KB, 999x756, 37:28, v-0-xxmmy.png)

041c7e  No.5664104


thank you Baker its good to see your dough

peace n love to you and all anons

bless this bred

1d05f3  No.5664105

File: 1fbc03b20e0b3db⋯.mp4 (5.82 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 1fbc03b20e0b3db66e4d9de813….mp4)

df08a2  No.5664106

do it jim…ask the Q.

11b442  No.5664107

File: b0208d9146c4fe6⋯.jpeg (270.72 KB, 1125x1568, 1125:1568, BC3757C7-81B7-4F76-AF67-A….jpeg)

File: 4056a09cf5fa7a6⋯.jpeg (307.26 KB, 1125x1499, 1125:1499, 1479F488-E441-4BD5-A9A2-0….jpeg)

File: 929253f2ba3e893⋯.jpeg (305.65 KB, 1125x1531, 1125:1531, 98BE7B2C-9C8B-4562-9734-9….jpeg)

File: 3985df9d46a7a1e⋯.jpeg (467.63 KB, 1125x1801, 1125:1801, B5DE0D11-7C10-4032-8F11-D….jpeg)

U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. Steven M. Burkett has been selected as the command senior enlisted leader for Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay, Guantanamo, Cuba



52b686  No.5664108


Brian Singer

424ea2  No.5664109

File: 27dc1c2ea8943b2⋯.png (292.7 KB, 711x499, 711:499, biden120.png)

File: 155f1abc1df012c⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1111x833, 1111:833, T-b-RR-ee-jjjjjjjjjj.png)

File: fd4434fad9a6ae0⋯.png (102.94 KB, 389x333, 389:333, zhhH-HH-ooM-M-ZTSts.png)

364c66  No.5664110

File: 9059fe7e1ed2b0e⋯.jpeg (106.72 KB, 736x1025, 736:1025, 506ABE4E-4565-4A5E-A7E0-A….jpeg)

5cb71e  No.5664111


Is that bad or good?

0c7131  No.5664112

File: d954280fe2f0fc2⋯.png (358.51 KB, 590x626, 295:313, WH 3-13-19 12 57 am PDT C….PNG)

File: cb8227f2e0fbce9⋯.mp4 (1.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Video WH 3-13-19 12 57 am….mp4)


>This is a national emergency.

"Illegal immigration provides a lucrative cash flow—to put it mildly—to some of the most dangerous and ruthless criminal organizations on planet Earth."

This is a national emergency.


994b53  No.5664113

Maybe the arrest s will be spy gate perps in regards of removing a president …. Obama gets arrested along side Mike Pence

5b1426  No.5664114


Soon to be felon

e27757  No.5664115

>>5664034 (LB)

Anon, newfag Q dropped bout both long ago.

Lurk moar.

It was out this morning, Q just recently in last couple hours confirmed the outtage. Seriously go to Q maps and type in facebook or darpa and READ

982b51  No.5664116

File: 569eae9cecf7302⋯.jpg (2.81 KB, 200x63, 200:63, dorsey jag off.jpg)

File: 8abab883da58227⋯.jpg (94.25 KB, 500x667, 500:667, dorsey take your kids.jpg)

330f0e  No.5664117

File: 25dd8cca6934127⋯.jpeg (531.42 KB, 1358x1363, 1358:1363, 2F04A36F-E796-4B0C-836C-E….jpeg)

Fun With Numbers

ff7ef4  No.5664118

>>5663339 pb

Perhaps. Just looking for antonym for keystone and none are listed.

Antonym (opposite) for

Key - Unimportant, neutral

Stone - Neutral, achromatic, inert, soggy

Prioritize the nature of each subject/issue?

Unimportant to Very important?

Hmmm… The pecking order?

792b28  No.5664119


Send me a check for $10,000 and I'll believe you're the real Acosta.

1426b8  No.5664120


any chance of archiving the research threads (past/current) that are listed in the bread?

Other Dedicated Research Threads

>>5578121 - Biblefags vs Unleavened Bread #9: The Pharisees are the Jews Edition

>>1796608 – Human Sex Trafficking

>>911014 –– Occult Music and Pop Culture

>>5066118 – New World Order Research Thread

>>1311848 – PLANEFAGGING 101: Hints and tips all about planefagging to be put here

>>5006160 - Planned Parenthood: Resources, Facts, Ops and Memes

>>4861109 – Clockwork Qrange #8

>>5499240 - Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. #7

No Name Research Thread Archive: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2288160.html

Vatican Jesuits Research thread: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/5241423.html

dd6329  No.5664121


Give us a selfie and we will believe

Ask the question and be immortalized

0f41ff  No.5664122

Mike Pence should be replaced with Flynn.

7041cb  No.5664123

File: b1d173d456b6d05⋯.jpg (57.84 KB, 600x400, 3:2, levonhelm.jpg)


0bb154  No.5664124


10/10 would laugh again

ebfcc0  No.5664126


He needs that cash for acting lessons.

11b442  No.5664128


No cause you suck.

72f149  No.5664129

File: 2e2275545f3e015⋯.jpg (50.43 KB, 720x885, 48:59, 2019-03-13 08.18.30 images….jpg)

Q. The Great Awakening; 'Darkness To Light.' -Bringing the truth out safely.

Imagine the ultimate difficult task; namely that of deciding what may eventually be revealed & what must stay concealed for the greater good.

We understand some truths would without a doubt, undermine the very fabric of society.

& that some truths revealed will cause domino effects, that would seed then spawn, terrible troubles in the years to come.

Anons get that.

Anons absolutely believe that there are soon some amazing revelations, facts and truths, to be brought into the public realm at last.

We excitedly anticipate this, knowing the light, justice, change & goodness that will certainly follow.

So our prayers for those deciding what does, are extremely important now.

For those decisions are the most weighty & paradigm changing, that could ever come before 'The Pen' & team.

'Darkness To Light'. Prayer is needed more than ever before.


cf3a19  No.5664130

File: 793b075b1bbde62⋯.jpg (124.19 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 06c83f824ab9daba42375650dd….jpg)



ff0446  No.5664131

File: 9251a10d9ac1a8f⋯.jpeg (159.13 KB, 1123x632, 1123:632, BridgesDontWork.jpeg)

038093  No.5664132

Q please save us from these brexit traitors. WE VOTED FOR THE "NO DEAL" BREXIT THEY JUST RULED OUT!

7472ad  No.5664133

File: eda34803f640f6e⋯.png (332.38 KB, 497x259, 71:37, 2019-03-13_16-11-03.png)

>>5663814 lb

Wandering mindlessly from meal to meal…

always hoping to stumble onto the perfect doughnut.

Some folks are content with low hanging fruit.

Maybe he's happy?

aa52d1  No.5664134

File: 5f638e284bbcea7⋯.jpg (7.21 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 5f638e284bbcea75a21cd063c2….jpg)

8002c2  No.5664135



bf8fd5  No.5664136

>>5663346 lb

wow, well this wifeanon just left that marriage…..









0c7131  No.5664137

File: f6016df0ee8f644⋯.png (420.2 KB, 585x508, 585:508, Hannity Tweet re Grounded ….PNG)

File: b7eb2af9978675e⋯.png (17.8 KB, 562x308, 281:154, Hannity re Grounded 3-13-1….PNG)

YOU’RE GROUNDED: Trump Orders Emergency Grounding of All Boeing 737 Max Planes After Crash



c47c98  No.5664138

File: d82a08ff51d6dc7⋯.png (88.13 KB, 307x164, 307:164, ClipboardImage.png)

34fd12  No.5664139


I'm wondering if like Brian Singer this Rick Singer guy is Jewish. And how did he get all of these connections at prestigious schools?

2549fa  No.5664140

File: 5d4f9f38e1219de⋯.png (323.89 KB, 1903x4375, 1903:4375, Screenshot_2019-03-13 Busi….png)

File: 72b3154d518b34c⋯.png (854.9 KB, 1903x3712, 1903:3712, Screenshot_2019-03-13 Unit….png)


I did a small dig when I could. If this helps anyones research. seems the QRS-11 chip has a checkered history

a45e48  No.5664141

File: ba75715266602cc⋯.png (1.05 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, ba75715266602ccb66f3148711….png)

File: f5211facff017b1⋯.png (828.16 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 825e8e1a5556838faa8457db57….png)

888f34  No.5664142



>Hello "anons". Jim Acosta here. CNN's Chief White House Correspondent. I believe in #realnews.

>I've heard you've been begging for a reporter to ask the Q. Shall I?

256b69  No.5664143

File: af727dd9fa2b4d5⋯.png (162.5 KB, 1138x573, 1138:573, Coulter Vs Trump.png)

one possible response is to say "You aren't going to be satisfied till it's done -so let me finish and then we can all party"

52b686  No.5664144


Old School Marine.

af0aa5  No.5664145

File: 4e7b7f425b40843⋯.jpeg (100.44 KB, 1122x495, 34:15, 46A28933-0D25-424C-9109-9….jpeg)


Important moment in time.

The picture will be the signifier.

The signifier will 'force' the Q.

The Q will be answered (((WWG1WGA))).


8f4df6  No.5664146

Exclusive — Donald Trump: Bill Blocking National Emergency Declaration for Border Wall ‘Going to Be Vetoed,’ ‘Hard to Believe’ Any GOP Senators Voting for It

President Donald Trump marveled that any Senate Republican could vote against his decision to declare a National Emergency on the Southern border in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News in the Oval Office on Monday. But Trump vowed again that he would veto the measure regardless of whether it passes the Senate.


573e49  No.5664147


Wait a minute. That's just not right.

50f80f  No.5664148

File: 0463bde477bb7e5⋯.png (39.97 KB, 771x276, 257:92, ClipboardImage.png)



Deal that POTUS made while in Vietnam for 787's


e27757  No.5664149


Shill from last bread

424ea2  No.5664150

File: d066f58836dceaf⋯.png (154.9 KB, 730x680, 73:68, whats-it-qm.png)

File: f21e8583735c714⋯.png (366.24 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

File: bd3758f9f2ac2cf⋯.png (831.72 KB, 643x785, 643:785, BoardJesus.png)



What is ALL THE DATA for?

Used by the AI, and possibly in ways that would be beyond our guessing or comprehension.

We are dealing with intelligences that are well beyond ours, from what I can gather…

And yet, here, limited in important ways (thank God!)

d81d8e  No.5664151


'Still Got The Shovel'

364c66  No.5664152


[2] days ahead of schedule

4c105b  No.5664153

File: 9e874e9a8c11b36⋯.png (20.74 KB, 943x538, 943:538, Quran29-4.png)

8157d8  No.5664154

File: 06078c78c3486df⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

160ea8  No.5664155

File: 489a92613bd8289⋯.jpg (149.88 KB, 640x502, 320:251, WeThePepe.jpg)


Alrighty Then!!

Gonna go do some IRL, listen for Q-post app to go off, and see you at the end of the loaf!!



Good to be here, even if in limited capacity for now

50f80f  No.5664156


Sorry…Second link is PB

5d46c8  No.5664157

>>5663537 pb

well 737 is 17

1d05f3  No.5664158

File: bb81a86b139b014⋯.jpg (30.46 KB, 798x407, 798:407, Bryan-Singer.jpg)


REPORT: Bryan Singer Dropped from Red Sonja Reboot


fa1abe  No.5664159

File: 056389b6b050f38⋯.png (449.83 KB, 555x628, 555:628, bidenjussie.png)

3e9a16  No.5664160


He doesn't look very friendly.

Does he really know how to deal with the high-ranking personalities he will soon be able to welcome as guests?

982b51  No.5664161

File: af572c4218882b2⋯.jpg (16.64 KB, 428x285, 428:285, Marine Paratrooper.jpg)

File: 8f8924d6fb30aba⋯.jpg (40.33 KB, 691x630, 691:630, SIR Flynn.jpg)


>U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. Steven M. Burkett has been selected as the command senior enlisted leader for Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay, Guantanamo, Cuba


>Mike Pence should be replaced with Flynn

792b28  No.5664162


Are you ok for collecting notes this time around, Baker? Or looking for continued assist? Can do if nec.

5cb71e  No.5664163

File: 4b2f6d477c22b43⋯.png (247.78 KB, 500x566, 250:283, ClipboardImage.png)

dc22b0  No.5664164


whooo weeee

a1a4cc  No.5664165

Is @Snowden in Denver?

This post directed to @Snowden.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: be3a94 No.5618461 📁

Mar 10 2019 23:48:58 (EST)


Banking on HRC to win?

You never thought she would lose.

Banking on BRENNAN to bring you home?

You never expected a new DIR to be appointed.

Agency rogue elements still in control of OP?


GINA (EX_UK_DIV_) open attacks?






C U Den HQ

And Huber is in Denver.

8edbf7  No.5664166

File: 1c452c26f52dca9⋯.png (736.59 KB, 664x523, 664:523, 1c452c26f52dca93e3f4fc2347….png)

Epic title Baker!


df08a2  No.5664167

File: 7a79abf5c9e46de⋯.jpg (24.26 KB, 1024x420, 256:105, PENCE1.jpg)

72f149  No.5664168

File: f416535c3b9e95a⋯.jpg (31.31 KB, 405x459, 15:17, 2019-03-12 06.32.41 www.go….jpg)

Facebook ain't my doing.

Just remember that my special boys x

b5516c  No.5664169


>>any chance of archiving the research threads (past/current) that are listed in the bread?

i'll check if possible

9b2d1b  No.5664170

File: db6767fc1a89ef8⋯.jpeg (195.94 KB, 1938x1340, 969:670, QNN We Are The News Now.jpeg)


Haven't You heard #WeAreTheNewsNow


5b1426  No.5664171


Inabilio in da hood!

a224e8  No.5664172

File: 2767758661c7f66⋯.jpg (82.11 KB, 700x700, 1:1, dude.jpg)

2549fa  No.5664174


sorry I don't have the links. I screen grabbed this last night during night shift. The pic on the right has a seattle times link so the pic on the left is of that EXACT Seattle Times article.

d578ff  No.5664175


that kids been doxed like 10 times sol watch that shit on his youtube explains how the jew star literally means fucking explains the tippy tops interest in Q and the tactic of mocking exposure

fb15c2  No.5664176

File: 187518cc79e18d1⋯.png (99.4 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, TRUMP-Q_2020.png)

fa1abe  No.5664178

File: b780e94013489ff⋯.jpg (297.68 KB, 1120x840, 4:3, weareqrise.jpg)

File: fd3e3cc119c7297⋯.jpg (79.99 KB, 526x405, 526:405, wearethenews.jpg)

83fca0  No.5664179

Boeing thing bugging me. Do any of you remember Q saying something to the effect of "Arrests to be made when planes are grounded"???

1426b8  No.5664180

File: a3c27f0f5b0811c⋯.jpg (71.02 KB, 465x548, 465:548, 1516765769873.jpg)


>>5663537 pb

How is it supposed to be a sky event if the planes are GROUNDED?

5ee4f0  No.5664181

File: 24ef41aa84d6866⋯.png (977.43 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 85434547-A534-4C15-998F-82….png)

File: 371c530860dec2c⋯.png (2.35 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, CE737279-FBEB-466C-BC66-00….png)

>>5663961 lb

>>5663831 lb

>>5664036 lb

>>5663827 lb

WW weather fuckery.


34fd12  No.5664182


I saw that. He should be tried for the murder of Brad Renfro.

424ea2  No.5664183

File: 5dd7103d84fb6b1⋯.png (381.77 KB, 778x789, 778:789, theidesofnunes.png)

b95c1b  No.5664184


You fuckin' better

9777e4  No.5664185

doh, was too late

>>5663982 LB

i'm thinking >>5663304 LB

9fd639  No.5664186

Listening to that blowhard Howard Schultz…

Can't even run Starbucks without one controversy after another…

Rofl..He thinks he will be able to run this country better then President Trump…Rofl…

He has his head soo far up his own ass he could run to the bathroom without breaking his neck..

72f149  No.5664187

Where's that time travel post from the last thread?

Thought it would have been waiting? kek

d2d9d8  No.5664188

Anyone reckon the Boeing stuff will setup for 9/11 reveal?

bbe7b1  No.5664189

File: fa9518f12cdd77f⋯.jpg (889.56 KB, 848x772, 212:193, no deal on no deal.jpg)

File: b3d535b73d85520⋯.jpg (701.95 KB, 672x758, 336:379, dr. evil.jpg)

Did you really think I would LET you just WALK AWAY?

"Let this be a reminder to you all that this organization will not tolerate failure".

91b5f2  No.5664190

File: ffbabb29df2c626⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 320x384, 5:6, ffbabb29df2c62666cb69d6df4….gif)



52b686  No.5664191



"This is what billions of your tax dollars gets you."

424ea2  No.5664192

File: ed0c54b7e627ee9⋯.png (221.03 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Z-e-c-a-k-r-jmjmyyy.png)

File: 27dc1c2ea8943b2⋯.png (292.7 KB, 711x499, 711:499, biden120.png)

File: f6490c25d80b3a3⋯.png (245.22 KB, 444x601, 444:601, NEEp-ee.png)

453461  No.5664193


Wondering this same thing

29539e  No.5664194

File: 8150ddc43dbf9a6⋯.jpg (220.52 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, JobTrainingTrumpAccomplish….jpg)

File: b314e742be149f8⋯.jpg (274.7 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, JobTrainingTrumpAccomplish….jpg)

File: b3df33416abac1f⋯.jpg (398.98 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, JobTrainingTrumpAccomplish….jpg)

File: ce75005fc61efce⋯.jpg (275.78 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, JobTrainingTrumpAccomplish….jpg)

File: 60772e03d65a9e4⋯.jpg (391.53 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, JobTrainingTrumpAccomplish….jpg)

MOAR memes for Q's requested MemeWAR! >>5639699 /pb

Thank you twatfags and memefags

8ab73a  No.5664195

File: 84e4d28205719e2⋯.jpg (14.75 KB, 512x353, 512:353, pence.jpg)

5b1426  No.5664196


High probability

9832ad  No.5664197

>>5663887 (LB)

think mirror: SO R OS

just interesting. thats all

20927c  No.5664198

File: 13fa30a420ae5b5⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Comfy.png)


Not legally binding.

It means nothing.

Did you not catch May's speech?

'The default position in both UK and EU law is No Deal.'

If no deal is found, Then No Deal it is.

If they push through an extension to article 50, we fucked.

I think we heading for No Deal, or last minute 'we'll sign May's deal when everyone gets nervous.

Great movie.

ebfcc0  No.5664199


How long has this college admission scam been an organized operation? I I had to guess, it would be at least a decade or two. There are some awfully dumb people running shit.

c6f2ba  No.5664200

File: 8711626b0db6c53⋯.jpg (152.55 KB, 996x1080, 83:90, 8fdb0adc828c5b672fc5494179….jpg)


TY Baker!!!

bcbe7a  No.5664201


holy hell dude. youre a fucking loser.

424ea2  No.5664202

File: 837e41215cb72fe⋯.png (887.38 KB, 999x660, 333:220, now-with-us-be-that-which-….png)

File: 984272ba79f4c7c⋯.png (154.03 KB, 399x444, 133:148, mcpolit.png)

File: 3f0d37fdeddc769⋯.png (658.95 KB, 564x885, 188:295, OUITEBIBBOO.png)

160ea8  No.5664203


Please continue, please?

aa52d1  No.5664204


Thats a threat.

480dc8  No.5664205

Once again, there was a crowd of people outside the Manafort sentencing, some were literally screaming about Trump. Is Media Matters or another group paying for this? Didn't seem to be naturally occurring.

9777e4  No.5664206

how many obvious bait posts until you learn?

there was the wife thing JUST LAST BREAD

and HWanons before that…

>>5664082 >>5664085 >>5664089 >>5664092 >>5664093 >>5664119 >>5664121 >>5664124 >>5664128 >>5664131 >>5664134 >>5664138 >>5664142 >>5664145 >>5664149 >>5664170 >>5664171 >>5664172 >>5664184 >>5664190

fa1abe  No.5664207

All the planes have been grounded

Aint the fire inside?

Lets all go stand around it

Funny, Ive been there

And youve been here

And we aint had no time to drink that beer

cause I understand youve been running from the man

That goes by the name of the sandman

He flies the sky like an eagle in the eye

Of a hurricane thats abandoned

792b28  No.5664208


Will do, set it up just in case

c47c98  No.5664209

I just proved that anons want to see Jimmy ask the Q.


424ea2  No.5664210

File: a0a2caf0666e9c9⋯.png (50.15 KB, 209x222, 209:222, bbbb.png)

20a05d  No.5664211

File: 9897b2408a402bb⋯.jpg (32.14 KB, 480x286, 240:143, 1.jpg)

File: 6f5b1530a97f5a2⋯.png (302.91 KB, 626x351, 626:351, 1.png)

File: 0c0cb04fc837fe7⋯.jpg (235.14 KB, 1405x794, 1405:794, 2.jpg)

File: e42da6161f280f2⋯.jpg (46.25 KB, 585x332, 585:332, 3.jpg)


Never heard of you Jim. And what's a CNN?

1ff819  No.5664212

File: 0dd8ee16c15de3c⋯.png (685.63 KB, 850x813, 850:813, ClipboardImage.png)


28f728  No.5664213

File: 1eabe3c2986a0f1⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 320x180, 16:9, giphy.gif)

cf3a19  No.5664214

File: 0613a6e9e91961c⋯.jpg (157.21 KB, 1336x776, 167:97, 0613a6e9e91961cf3682800fce….jpg)

7041cb  No.5664215

df08a2  No.5664216

File: 9b3c0936f70cf5e⋯.jpg (75.22 KB, 1143x633, 381:211, mitch!!!.jpg)

232b76  No.5664217

File: 407b4e51f856944⋯.png (244.53 KB, 603x620, 603:620, twitter_com_TheDemocrats_s….png)

The Democrats actually just tweeted this….

The President has talked about the opioid epidemic, and focused on this issue with multiple policy initiatives for two years. The Opioid Crisis has *easily* been the highest frequency point of administrative priority.


b8e60d  No.5664218

File: 8a74110c9d3a757⋯.jpeg (78.81 KB, 500x540, 25:27, 8CE20612-2F12-428F-BE32-C….jpeg)

Those who yell the loudest!

Samantha Power

446afe  No.5664219

File: 687a0835e630755⋯.jpg (157.34 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_5430.JPG)

File: 8db3f8e9f49d90c⋯.jpg (869.59 KB, 1920x1484, 480:371, IMG_5437.JPG)

File: 485c07ce1330099⋯.jpg (131.09 KB, 800x888, 100:111, IMG_5959.JPG)

File: 4774d668cb30a52⋯.jpg (496.25 KB, 1200x798, 200:133, 20C21517-A99C-4477-AAF7-EF….jpg)

File: a0d370e6c13b13c⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 600x754, 300:377, AD9724B3-C678-4941-9875-92….jpg)

0bb154  No.5664220

File: 61882fb3400f562⋯.jpg (417.77 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190313-152111….jpg)


Anyone more fluent in this have a take on why this is so stable today after two days of free fall?

724b37  No.5664221



11b442  No.5664223

File: 60ebf6b99181c71⋯.jpeg (36.34 KB, 400x400, 1:1, F1AA0BCA-9893-4671-939E-7….jpeg)

1d05f3  No.5664224


Did Hollywood kill Knoxville's Brad Renfro, or was he doomed from the start?


eb69dd  No.5664226

File: 4af92d6d3b7cfe2⋯.png (204.18 KB, 500x364, 125:91, AntifaShill.png)

File: bac370f7407db1b⋯.jpeg (13.73 KB, 255x184, 255:184, 640a5492f5527afc61795a611….jpeg)

File: c18f88707f78c69⋯.png (560.75 KB, 660x672, 55:56, 0-sXgXgeLb_2dABam-3.html-c….png)

File: dc30b8d4c32cf82⋯.png (206.12 KB, 610x406, 305:203, RTahw0K.png)

File: 56cd0f45aea8daf⋯.png (1.01 MB, 720x713, 720:713, 6zue99cv23f11.png)

Charlatans Rising


5b1426  No.5664227


Funnin hall monitor

Sit back down

711e95  No.5664228

File: 4e6c401b1db9320⋯.jpg (402.77 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, clintonvote.jpg)

8b35bb  No.5664229


thats teh poem!?

147bf7  No.5664230


You ran out of time jim to do the right thing. You were self serving. You could of helped others. You did not. So did everybody in fake news.we dont need you to ask anything, GTFO. But maybe you should ask Q whats going to happen to you when your shit hits the fan…

9fd639  No.5664231



damn i double checked the spelling on this and it still changes it after i hit the reply…weird…

72f149  No.5664232

File: ff98b77bd3b30f5⋯.jpg (31.89 KB, 593x612, 593:612, 2019-03-04 00.18.14 shop.d….jpg)



While Trump bravely takes point, VP bad Ass Pence works his nuts off day and night for the cause.


121cd6  No.5664233

A three-judge panel in a New York appeals court asked questions Wednesday that appeared to signal they would make documents public related to multimillionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein's plea deal for sexually abusing teenage girls, according to the Miami Herald. The Herald is suing to unseal the records, claiming it violates the First Amendment to have them sealed.

The Herald, supported by 32 other media organizations and Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz, is suing to have documents related to a lawsuit by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who alleged Epstein's partner approached her when she was 16 and working at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort about becoming a masseur for Epstein. Giuffre alleges she and other girls were sexually abused and trafficked to a number of other wealthy individuals between 1999 to 2002.

bfcd5c  No.5664234




Major cock-up with the Q Graphics all in GMT update, Baker!

>>5663261 is a dough post!

>>5663675 Q Graphics all in GMT #73

Please copy & pasta contents of https://pastebin.com/g6QDjWyW over existing list in dough, to be sure.

Godspeed Baker

2a1217  No.5664235


he will

982b51  No.5664236

File: 58da1c42f74b5bc⋯.jpg (138.21 KB, 750x500, 3:2, starbucks dumps.jpg)

File: 4a2d9964f6def9c⋯.jpg (49.72 KB, 620x726, 310:363, Starbucks.jpg)


ima just gonna put dis a here!


815186  No.5664237


rent free bitch, rent free

356f5e  No.5664238

File: 8ebc5bfa94f65a2⋯.png (23.46 KB, 1000x377, 1000:377, ClipboardImage.png)

What did Q mean ?

He / or she??

7472ad  No.5664239

File: 3e88779aa701d22⋯.png (294.63 KB, 489x312, 163:104, 2019-03-13_16-21-49.png)


Hi Jim!

No, because you're a wet…

2e857b  No.5664240

>>5649688 (pb)

You mean, "Big Mike?"

ea139a  No.5664241

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

91b5f2  No.5664242


Perfect shitpost opportunity. Please fuck off.

b95c1b  No.5664243


Isn't it "Haul" monitor?

bb494e  No.5664244


One day I want to start a good slide…just to say I did. I got it…

Anons I work for a tunnel drilling company that gets govt contracts. The tunnels are not just for continuity of govt, when we make connections to other section of tunnel there are very strange noises and smells coming out.

ea139a  No.5664245

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


586b89  No.5664246

File: 76358bfcc684653⋯.jpg (457.38 KB, 1070x888, 535:444, Screen Shot 03-13-19 at 08….JPG)

File: 6fd39c2616dc783⋯.jpg (811.98 KB, 1895x888, 1895:888, Screen Shot 03-13-19 at 08….JPG)

File: b73d62feb8cc463⋯.jpg (391.63 KB, 1070x833, 1070:833, Screen Shot 03-13-19 at 08….JPG)

File: 9e306a6f0701293⋯.jpg (274.35 KB, 1070x886, 535:443, Screen Shot 03-13-19 at 08….JPG)

File: 132b112abdfeab3⋯.jpg (306.63 KB, 1070x886, 535:443, Screen Shot 03-13-19 at 08….JPG)

Q May neutralized? Looks like the British people have just been royally shafted up the arse!

No wonder they have just clamped down on knife crime! wait till they have their balls cut off in public.


a224e8  No.5664247


#2 works for me. Nice work.

9777e4  No.5664248


>Perfect shitpost opportunity.

Define "good bait"

cb5e09  No.5664250

If that was Jim Acosta go right ahead ask Trump the question though I'm sure you would have to get access to ask the question in first place.

Now the more realistic answer is it's someone being a Shill and pretending to be Acosta since I doubt Jim wants to have a visit from his tie attached to a doornob. Jim won't ask the question like most of the msm until they can't avoid it because that would lead to massive awakening.

20927c  No.5664251


Thanks hall monitor.

Shitposting is half the battle dummy.

How to create noise?

ee5854  No.5664252


I'm not convinced, look at the timestamp.

1edbde  No.5664253

File: fbbe110724ec7b5⋯.png (142.37 KB, 738x552, 123:92, Screenshot_2019-03-13_14-2….png)



stone cold killers?

Did the engineers warn the managers about a software defect?

If these questions are getting harder maybe you should have answered the earlier ones.

fa1abe  No.5664254

File: 14dfc358fc0c4c5⋯.jpg (109.02 KB, 873x534, 291:178, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at ….jpg)

Break through the reality distortion field

b40185  No.5664255


Damn those fuckers are world champion projectors.

888f34  No.5664256

File: c654acda5e14c05⋯.png (495.58 KB, 387x580, 387:580, ClipboardImage.png)


Well hello there righteous dipshit

1ee440  No.5664258

File: 464a97a8800c93c⋯.jpg (42.71 KB, 600x683, 600:683, Grim Jaw Dropped.jpg)

MAJOR MAJOR HAPPENING! NXIVM president pleads guilty to racketeering.


2eddd3  No.5664260

File: 3eaef9106218a16⋯.jpg (10.3 KB, 214x300, 107:150, LL.jpg)



You can bet if this was Trump, they'd be broadcasting the records all over the news and in congress about it.

Also let's talk Obama….

>As has been reliably reported—and which should be common knowledge by now—Obama has refused to release his name change records, adoption records, records of his and his mother’s repatriation as U.S. citizens from Indonesia, baptism records, Noelani Elementary School records, Punahou School financial aid or school records, Occidental College financial aid records, Harvard Law School records, Columbia senior thesis, record with Illinois State Bar Association, files from his terms as an Illinois state senator, his law client list, medical records and passport records. He has also suppressed the marriage license of his parents. His backdated Selective Service form remains unexplained.

>Nor was a valid explanation ever provided for his false Massachusetts Social Security Number, despite the ostensible “fact-checking” by Snopes and its shady investigator Kim Lacapria, actually an effort by the husband-and-wife anti-conservative site to exculpate Obama. (Odd that the Mikkelson couple, now divorced, should have chosen the name. The Snopes family, featured in William Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha novel cycle, represents the dregs of humanity.)


Not to mention the current College bribery scandal and since they want to go after Trump's circle

>The massive college admissions scandal is drawing renewed attention to Jared Kushner and Donald Trump's academic histories


Malia Ann Obama - Harvard University. How did she get in?


>Personal tennis instructor for Michelle Obama, her daughters charged in bribery scheme

>A tennis coach who worked with the family of former President Barack Obama was among the 50 people charged Tuesday in a college admissions scheme in which wealthy parents allegedly bribed coaches and others to get their children accepted to some of the top schools in the U.S.

>Gordon Ernst, 52, was a former tennis coach at Georgetown University and the University of Rhode Island. He is accused of conspiracy to commit racketeering while he was at Georgetown.


0c7131  No.5664261

File: 9f07b34253fef28⋯.png (37.19 KB, 590x312, 295:156, 1 Pence re CBP 3-13-19.PNG)

File: 02dbdf0c402792f⋯.png (529.29 KB, 587x721, 587:721, 2 Pence re CBP 3-13-19.PNG)

File: feea533b9b4f3f0⋯.png (347.34 KB, 605x656, 605:656, 3 Pence re CBP 3-13-19.PNG)

File: 8398ab3e1d0f9ea⋯.png (487.84 KB, 594x674, 297:337, 4 Pence re CBP 3-13-19.PNG)

File: c51f1944a582c26⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1137x750, 379:250, 4 Pence re CBP 3-13-19 pic.PNG)

Proud to meet with brave men & women of @CBP today at their West Virginia training facility where every year more than 17,000 border patrol & law enforcement agents come to train to serve on our front lines.


A vote against @POTUS’ emergency declaration is a vote against border security.

A vote against the President’s emergency declaration is a vote to deny the humanitarian & security crisis at our southern border.


982b51  No.5664262

File: b191828eeaf817b⋯.jpg (16.21 KB, 474x316, 3:2, Painting the tape BIG Time.jpg)

File: 8d1e94478d94e4d⋯.jpg (79.35 KB, 1100x337, 1100:337, Painting the tape.JPG)


It got pumped at the end of the day

see cap

50f80f  No.5664264


desperately grabbing for the handful of people that watch CNN, MSNBC and believe it

da4de3  No.5664265


Once your done eating dick that'd be just great.

Get fucked!

From the Anon's

d5e403  No.5664266

File: f56000f46884dcc⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1500x1080, 25:18, Liberty^X-Matrix-Q-Army.jpg)


72f149  No.5664268


Thay are really fucking pathetic.

Or delusional or both.

POTUS is almost obsessed with smashing the opioid crisis and saving many lives in the process.

95ae4f  No.5664269

File: 61f44dfda8d0420⋯.jpg (12.44 KB, 236x236, 1:1, Ree.jpg)

Howard Schultz is Obama's trojan horse, sent to steal 'centrist' vote from Trump while Democrats are all in having a bunch of candidates(copying GOP 2016) to consolidate as much as voters as they can.

Later those candidates will go all in on Bernie or Biden.

They basically deploy candidates for every demographic.

Also they will for sure push into offices..

Harris will go for AG

Booker will go for HUD or something..

They'll never get to work in office because military won't let them.

If they ever gain power again it will be the constitutional crisis they would've had if HRC won the 2016 election.

9b2d1b  No.5664270


We know, Chill….

But trolling is fun

I couldn't help myself this time

a98c9b  No.5664271


oh no people replied everything's ruined now

pack it up guys

Yes I know you're making a case-in-point bait post.

5b1426  No.5664272


If China behind these

Perhaps influencers backing biggest market

0479b0  No.5664273

File: 47c20eed246738a⋯.png (47.35 KB, 640x406, 320:203, Screenshot_2019-03-13 Dona….png)

737s grounded.

Gotta be something.

91b5f2  No.5664274


Boats n Hoes

356f5e  No.5664275


Are you really a white hat Gina?

34fd12  No.5664276


Singer introduced him to intravenous drugs through studio doctors. He also passed him around like a chew toy to other Hollywood pedos. I believe when it looked like Renfro would spill the beans they over dosed him.

Singer should burn.

75dbf3  No.5664277

File: 7df2d43ccc59dc5⋯.jpg (450.07 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190313-152426….jpg)


f6bab1  No.5664278


The final individual laughing could be either binary gender.

Sorry I’m rusty with my Chan to sjwfag translations

359def  No.5664279


Maybe a reference to Rosanne Barr ??

9912e9  No.5664280

File: c9508a19dce927f⋯.png (24.67 KB, 156x88, 39:22, ClipboardImage.png)


Neomi Rao confirmed to replace Kavanaugh on DC Circuit, winning over key pro-life GOP senator


a224e8  No.5664281

File: 04bafe864ae5ec7⋯.jpg (64.1 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 44.jpg)


Havin' fun. Chill.

c93b26  No.5664282


Gender neutral Q bots.

a45e48  No.5664283



Not my work, credit to another anon from a few days back.

586359  No.5664284

File: 8e79684d6b4e013⋯.png (62.91 KB, 1694x371, 242:53, Capture.PNG)


tower power!


9c5dca  No.5664285

File: 2fc08c25f2d2b84⋯.jpg (43.46 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 7-11.jpg)

File: f4e7404fae475be⋯.gif (4.06 MB, 270x480, 9:16, 7dfea0e32668dadf0ceff794a2….gif)

File: 997e7829818fe6e⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2160x1354, 1080:677, 7tbiqUm.png)

0fc999  No.5664286

Can someone please explain why the fuck search results on Qmap.pub aren't organized or sorted consecutively? Seriously what the fuck? and there is no option to sort by date. Why?????

55e51f  No.5664287




5d46c8  No.5664288


Is a meteorite hitting the earth a ground event or something falling out of the sky event ?

574ee3  No.5664289

File: 746b10109d7b84d⋯.jpeg (263.85 KB, 1125x755, 225:151, 0F3A74A9-1387-413C-B9AE-9….jpeg)

File: a1487391cef61cb⋯.jpeg (272.22 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 5A3A6E43-0262-403E-8CF2-8….jpeg)

018698  No.5664290


The Q Question right time is something that is planned for by Patriots. It is well though. It has its time and place, otherwise Hannity would have already asked it to POTUS back in Vietnam or before.

It will come like in a chess move.

9c5dca  No.5664292

>>5332663 SOY DUES

>>5492579 KYS DOROTHY

>>5517024 Schumer's cat is a BAD MOTHERFUCKER



>>5598916 make a wish dorothy







>>5543223 american dream confirmed







>>5517336 still true


[d(-_^)freedumb]**,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ )

bf8fd5  No.5664293

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Best Donald Trump Bloopers

News Be Funny

8157d8  No.5664295


*sigh* no Brennan

89c09a  No.5664296


Most new Jets today are fly by wireless. Think about that, all the controls are controlled wirelessly. Can they be hacked?

cb5e09  No.5664297


We all have believed Q team has multiple people maybe this is a confirmation one of the members is a female

cf3a19  No.5664298

File: d6de350b1fa71f7⋯.png (318.88 KB, 572x672, 143:168, Screenshot_2019-03-13 VICE….png)

File: 29c27ffb5187cee⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1903x5762, 1903:5762, Screenshot_2019-03-13 Pres….png)



982b51  No.5664299

File: bd17939cc3ab4b2⋯.jpg (722.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Cocaine mitch.jpg)

586b89  No.5664300

File: 24ae5ad9f0ced0e⋯.jpg (249.06 KB, 627x571, 627:571, Screen Shot 03-13-19 at 04….JPG)

File: a58df64f451fcb4⋯.jpg (773.01 KB, 1901x967, 1901:967, Screen Shot 03-13-19 at 04….JPG)

File: de4f2c2c59fae0c⋯.jpg (840.37 KB, 1901x967, 1901:967, Screen Shot 03-13-19 at 04….JPG)

File: 1e5b92410fed99f⋯.jpg (297.69 KB, 1099x620, 1099:620, Screen Shot 03-13-19 at 01….JPG)

7e10ed  No.5664301

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

boom, booM, boOM, bOOM, BOOM!

b95c1b  No.5664302


I've never had this inner dialog.

72f149  No.5664303


How many household objects can you insert into your over-stretched back tunnel Jimbo?

-asking for a friend.

2e857b  No.5664304

>>5662891 (pb)

You mean, Big Mike?

711e95  No.5664305

File: 43edef2086cb379⋯.jpg (185.37 KB, 600x1325, 24:53, 1.jpg)


Trump Administration Makes Surprising Choice for FDA Interim Chief: a Career Scientist

586359  No.5664306


could be a kek!?

2a1217  No.5664307


since 1994

55e51f  No.5664308

File: 34815b9791cc8c3⋯.png (565.76 KB, 500x602, 250:301, ClipboardImage.png)

1ee440  No.5664309

File: 9b6d2d28dfdc1b3⋯.png (950.16 KB, 1514x1626, 757:813, nxivm.png)






>Chinese-owned company that gave illegal $1.3 million to Jeb Bush super PAC also gave to pro-Clinton groups



> Democratic Donors Charged in College Admissions Scam

aa52d1  No.5664310

File: c8737b7feb8edec⋯.png (1.11 MB, 924x614, 462:307, Screenshot-2018-12-6 die h….png)


Thanks for the advice.

d81d8e  No.5664311

File: 894b4b16fba1966⋯.png (311.64 KB, 709x376, 709:376, bomb.png)

This really is a prairie-cane. It's behaving exactly like a cyclonic low over water.

71fc21  No.5664312


Looks that way. Q teams knows what's going on for real.

Maybe we'll get Q drop letting us know. Then again it would scare the shit out of everyone and no one would fly.

ee6681  No.5664313


no coincidences anon

eb69dd  No.5664314

File: 7cd4171d84c3e75⋯.png (323.92 KB, 596x873, 596:873, f816c0f7bbdd5e66a1e82369de….png)

File: 93ee3f57a4e4110⋯.jpg (303.09 KB, 1279x1061, 1279:1061, 93ee3f57a4e4110d560dd6b7c2….jpg)

da4de3  No.5664315

File: 710d0109378b1ad⋯.png (212.45 KB, 687x726, 229:242, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8280b47927b87e7⋯.png (123.27 KB, 706x325, 706:325, ClipboardImage.png)

Hefty Israeli Military Aid Avoids Chopping Block in Trump's 2020 Budget Proposal

US President Donald Trump's spending budget proposal for fiscal year 2020 contains cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, but not to the $3.3 billion portioned off for Israeli military aid that was promised to Tel Aviv during the Obama years.

Budget documents obtained by Israeli outlet Globes show that the budget proposal "includes $3.3 billion in Foreign Military Financing grant assistance to bolster Israel's capacity to defend itself against threats in the region and maintain its qualitative military edge." The proposal was delivered to Congress on Monday.

The large sum of military aid is the result of the 10-year, $38 billion Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by then-US President Barack Obama to help bolster Israeli forces and strengthen US-Israeli ties. The 2016 agreement went into effect on October 1, 2018.

"Under the terms of the MOU, the United States will set funding for Israel at levels of $3.3 billion in Foreign Military Financing and $500 million for cooperative programs for missile defense over each of the next ten years," a release from the US Department of State explains.

"Our implementation of this historic MOU reflects the enduring and unshakable commitment of the President, this Administration, and the American people to Israel's security."

Journalist Dan Lazare told Sputnik on Wednesday that the US' monetary aid to the Israeli state isn't something that began in the last few years. In fact, Washington has been forking over the benjamins for several decades.

"The US has been providing Israel with military funding since the early 1960s, covertly at first, but then on a wide-open basis following the Six-Day War in June 1967," Lazare said. "The goal was to combat Soviet influence and enable Israel to maintain its ‘qualitative military edge' over its Arab rivals, most of whom were deemed to be pro-Soviet. But rather than tapering off with the fall of the USSR and the waning of the so-called Communist threat, US arms sales soared."

To Lazare, while the 2016 MOU is "America's bit to keep the game going," it's also "a sop to the Israeli military" and to the US military industrial complex, as it requires Israel "to spend the full sum on US-made arms."


9fd639  No.5664316

File: aaba71c752c9577⋯.jpg (55.36 KB, 661x481, 661:481, Philly starbucks.JPG)


Yea…cough…cough…stand up company…achoo–bullshit!!!!

9c5dca  No.5664317

File: 31f83867ae75cc8⋯.jpg (96.77 KB, 500x576, 125:144, 10monkeys.jpg)

File: bf524c5c78c6933⋯.jpg (24.59 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 12ftpentagonhole.jpg)

File: 3a0a6bd94cf0504⋯.jpg (326.26 KB, 973x882, 139:126, 911-pentagon-cruise-missil….jpg)

File: 862ed58a121d7e6⋯.jpg (382.6 KB, 810x732, 135:122, download.jpg)

34fd12  No.5664318


The Rothschild's never lose. Especially in Europe.

f2beb7  No.5664320


They are so fucking pathetic. The opioid crisis is a major part of why POTUS wants to build the wall

72f149  No.5664321

File: 1ecf9851646197f⋯.jpg (18.48 KB, 287x533, 7:13, 2019-02-24 17.49.05 www.yo….jpg)

55e51f  No.5664322

File: 41979f3dabb9879⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1280x1444, 320:361, ClipboardImage.png)

ebfcc0  No.5664323




560033  No.5664324



d23968  No.5664325

File: 2637ba523b86043⋯.jpg (246.39 KB, 1271x1572, 1271:1572, zuckRAsmall.jpg)

5cb71e  No.5664326


Krass bros are chicks or controlled by chicks

9933db  No.5664327


Bullshit unlike Xbox live FB drops came way before the actual blackout

b15514  No.5664328


If Twitter is CIA, possibly Haspel.

a224e8  No.5664329



POTUS must be gaining ground with this issue, so the D's are trying to steal it. (Kinda reminds me how the party of slavery and the KKK became the party of civil rights. Which one was it?)

9912e9  No.5664330


Is it moving east at all?

9c5dca  No.5664331

File: 8841c8b5b63398a⋯.jpg (71.14 KB, 620x400, 31:20, darksecretdulce.jpg)

File: 748b0b8644f9cff⋯.jpg (554.92 KB, 1012x717, 1012:717, declasfisa.jpg)

File: 152a1a120e031bd⋯.png (458.04 KB, 728x500, 182:125, dieboomersdie.png)

File: e551e8b5cb94605⋯.jpg (140.72 KB, 1428x787, 1428:787, dinnerforschmucks.jpg)

55e51f  No.5664332

File: 604aa6b4dd8ecfc⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1024x812, 256:203, ClipboardImage.png)

330f0e  No.5664334

File: 388e9c6c8a875ce⋯.jpeg (677.18 KB, 1537x1907, 1537:1907, 1E575F61-165F-4F63-BA02-2….jpeg)

File: f2ae4aad5ce2035⋯.jpeg (237.78 KB, 1379x614, 1379:614, 0DEFCF11-76C7-43A1-8EB8-F….jpeg)

Tomorrow It Will Be 666 Days Since Mueller Was Appointed

601119  No.5664335

File: e74897499ea9bda⋯.png (22.81 KB, 516x205, 516:205, Screenshot from 2019-03-13….png)



6d53c7  No.5664336

File: 492c5f4aba62d37⋯.jpg (5.13 MB, 4171x3064, 4171:3064, 031319_4742_3_4.jpg)

Hilary Clinton Will be Arrest Coming

Uprising/Riots will Occur

Military Ready to Swiftly Squelch


Will Bring Down the HOUSE

POTUS Tweet 4742, 4743, 4744 w/Q-Drops (1128, 1029, 2261, 1794, 1029, 510, 2515, 506, 1129, 1, etc)

71506d  No.5664337


that tweet not showing up on his feed

d5e403  No.5664338

File: a15eacd6b503142⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1500x1080, 25:18, Justice^X-Matrix-Q-Army.jpg)

da4de3  No.5664339

File: e029415b797a2bf⋯.png (90.35 KB, 849x860, 849:860, ClipboardImage.png)

Judicial Watch Announces Depositions of Obama-Era Officials and Former Hillary Clinton Aides

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Wednesday a schedule of depositions of senior Obama-era officials, lawyers and former Hillary Clinton aides.

Thanks to the heavy lifting by Judicial Watch, Judge Royce C. Lamberth ordered these corrupt Obama and Hillary officials to provide answers, under oath, to the watchdog group about the Benghazi and Hillary Clinton email scandals.

Recall, Judge Lamberth previously slammed Hillary’s corruption and said the State Department provided ‘clearly false’ statements to derail requests for Hillary Clinton documents.

Judge Lamberth, a Reagan appointee, said he was “dumbfounded” when he found out that Hillary’s aide-turned-lawyer Cheryl Mills was given immunity.

“I had myself found that Cheryl Mills had committed perjury and lied under oath in a published opinion I had issued in a Judicial Watch case where I found her unworthy of belief, and I was quite shocked to find out she had been given immunity in — by the Justice Department in the Hillary Clinton email case,” Lamberth said during a hearing last October.

The confirmed deposition schedule is as follows:

March 12: State Department’s responses to interrogatories and document requests were due.

March 14: Deposition of Justin Cooper, a former aide to Bill Clinton who reportedly had no security clearance and is believed to have played a key role in setting up Hillary Clinton’s non-government email system.

April 5: Deposition of John Hackett, a State Department records official “immediately responsible for responding to requests for records under the Freedom of Information Act.”

April 16: Deposition of Jacob “Jake” Sullivan, Hillary Clinton’s former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff.

April 23: Deposition of Sheryl Walter, former State Department Director of the Office of Information Programs and Services/Global Information Services.

April 26: Deposition of Gene Smilansky, a State Department lawyer.

April 30. Deposition of Monica Tillery, a State Department official.

May 7: Deposition of Jonathon Wasser, who was a management analyst on the Executive Secretariat staff. Wasser worked for Deputy Director Clarence Finney and was the State Department employee who actually conducted the searches for records in response to FOIA requests to the Office of the Secretary.

May 14: Deposition of Clarence Finney, the deputy director of the Executive Secretariat staff who was the principal advisor and records management expert in the Office of the Secretary responsible for control of all correspondence and records for Hillary Clinton and other State Department officials.

June 11: 30(b)(6) Deposition, which will be designated by the State Department.

June 13: Deposition of Heather Samuelson, the former State Department senior advisor who helped facilitate the State Department’s receipt and release of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

As yet to be determined is the deposition date for Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Eric Boswell, who wrote a March 2, 2009, internal memorandum titled “Use of Blackberries on Mahogany Row,” in which he strongly advised that the devices not be allowed.


7e10ed  No.5664340

File: eee35e192ae1f78⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 425x416, 425:416, Shills-Black-Mask-2.jpg)

Do NOT engage shills

098c9d  No.5664341

File: 9d5532fa13e6233⋯.png (173.26 KB, 2688x2688, 1:1, BC90EE40-3673-4431-833D-CD….png)


Jared kushner or Ivanka?

5ee4f0  No.5664342

File: 2d00b753d88c5cc⋯.png (3.91 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 404F1A96-9A41-4B82-BE12-59….png)


UK Satellite

9832ad  No.5664343


this memefag says i don't know what lifelog is as a normie so this means nothing to me as a normie. can there be some brief explanation?

(because i am still looking into what lifelog is and i really don't know)

72f149  No.5664344



Well said anon!

c6f2ba  No.5664345





It's either an "either/or" reference to Q's sex as a collective of operatives, or trying to maintain anonymity in their sex. Either way, I'm surprised no one demanded Q to show "tits or gtfo", just to make sure all the bases were covered.

Anons are slacking lately. Sheesh!

9a904e  No.5664346

What really happened on 9/11? People inside the buildings and outside the building, including police and firemen, claimed multiple bombs going off before the planes hit and after as well as in concession as the buildings fell (which makes perfect sense as to why they both fell as if they were part of a professional demolition).

1. "Dancing Israelis"??? 5 Israelis working for a moving company called "Urban Moving" owned by an Israeli were arrested after several people reported them and their odd "celebration" of 9/11. Pictures they had showed them hugging, smiling, high fiving with burning buildings in background including one picture of one of the men holding a lighter with the buildings in the background…When interviewed in Israel they said their purpose of being there was to "record the event". At least 2 of the men have direct ties to Israeli MOSSAD (similar to US CIA). Days later FBI went to interview the owner of the moving company but he had already left back to Israel.




2. News reports silenced??? Fox News reported on this information including over 200 more Israelis who were arrested and identified as part of an “organized intelligence gathering operation designed penetrate government facilities” (Remember, WTC7 wad predominantly a government building). Most of them had served in the Israeli military and most had intelligence expertise that worked for companies in Israel that specialized in wire tapping. and deported back to Israel but it was scrubbed from the internet and the TV. Netenyahu is quoted stating "9/11 was good for Israel". Our focus was diverted from our "Greatest Ally" to the evil MUSLIMS!


3. The "Jew Call"???? Senator Al Franken is a comedian and he is Jewish. He states in his book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (2003), he got the "Jew call". I have had multiple people tell me that over 3000 Jewish people who worked in the buildings just happened to not show up for work that day…



4. Israeli Art Student spy ring???? This group had been under investigation BEFORE 9/11 (note the pics below of Israeli art students inside the WTC building with boxes of detonators on the 91st floor before 9/11. Carl Cameron of Fox News did a 4 part series that detailed this group but it has been since scrubbed from the internet. You can watch it here:


5. Who is Jonathan Pollard???? He was charged and imprisoned for espionage after being found to be providing Israel with secret information about the US. At first, Israeli leaders claimed Pollard was part of a rogue operation, but later took responsibility for his work.

Anon digging needed:

1. Johnathen Pollard- espionage Israel (history/connections to businesses, people, governments)

2. Amdocs- phone companies (Memo- wide spread data mining techniques) Israeli owned- need history, connections with businesses, people, governments, and most notably (since FBI insisted on buying ALL systems from this company, identify FBI agents who left FBI and worked for Amdocs.)

3. Comverse Infosys- wire tapping- inquiry is DEA INS FBI pursue suggest is “career suicide” 1999 deep concerned non law enforcement personnel can access phone information (turf war in FBI many who awarded comverse contracts now work for comverse) need history/connections with businesses, people, governments and FBI personnel now working for them

4. TS/SCI security clearance and US concern about Israel getting phone calls

5. MOSSAD- warning of possible terror attacks before 9/11 (very vague)

6. C.A.L.E.A.- US law for wire tapping (Ashcroft/Mueller 10/18 surveillance less effective)

7. LA 1997- drug investigation of Israeli crime goes sour (involved crime units in New York, Israel, Egypt, Miami, Las Vegas, Canada) bad guys had cops beepers, home and cell phones under surveillance. Problem extensive access to database systems for personal information: Amdocs denied any leaks, Comvers Infosys. Bush admin brushed it off (60 Israelis detained).

8. Art Students: 140 israeli org. intel. Op to penetrate gov. facilities- worked for Amdocs or other companies in Israel. (Note “Israeli Art Students” pictured in WTC before 9/11 with detonators?

e371bf  No.5664347


Good work anon, thank you

55e51f  No.5664348

File: e787494e2458455⋯.png (818.89 KB, 750x585, 50:39, ClipboardImage.png)

0479b0  No.5664349




359def  No.5664350


More N-N/E

22a466  No.5664351


Like you never crack a joke at work?

Besides, the bots don't know how to respond to shit like spouse anon last thread.

8b35bb  No.5664352


sorry, I was thinking of another cryptic poem I heard 10 days back. odd.

f2beb7  No.5664353


Oh the irony. Posts about not thinking about Trump. Does she not realize what she just posted? Fucking stupidity at its finest

327f39  No.5664354


This should ensnare Gillibrand, right?

18e323  No.5664355

File: fc17b2b36e0d6a5⋯.png (337.94 KB, 609x542, 609:542, acasta1.png)


Hopefully, Q will come along and tag this post

so we can see another larper shit himself.


71506d  No.5664356


ffs it's there

446afe  No.5664357

File: 4dc8796e5822a16⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 400x478, 200:239, IMG_6496.JPG)

e1419f  No.5664358

File: 4f8eb2d7152a171⋯.png (759.28 KB, 1171x709, 1171:709, pepescarface.PNG)

0be572  No.5664359

File: b50cee7a2662c47⋯.jpeg (53.92 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, AAF6B54F-7638-413C-A4F6-B….jpeg)


Did it come in this?

16be0f  No.5664360


Yes, probably a shill. Do you realize that to answer the q question in the affirmative is political suicide for djt?

The perception would be that he is even crazier than they thought. Good bye 2020.

da4de3  No.5664362


>Jared kushner

Ivanka is the leverage for the kikes

da592d  No.5664363


AC360? my money is on him having called in sick

35b58c  No.5664364


highlighting reminded me of the 737 planes

3dc6ab  No.5664365


He is referring to 7/10 planes used as weapons: stone cold killers.

136bbe  No.5664366

File: 76b873d90b838d5⋯.jpg (123.36 KB, 1050x700, 3:2, ClownMotel.jpg)

Anyone ever doubt when people say the board is comped, feel free to spend a minute on this post (it is not the only example I've provided)

My post below (an innocent response to another anon >>5663998 lb )

>>5664031 (lb)

And the “anonymous/random” reply to my post:

>>5664043 (lb)

What I hadn’t disclosed, in any way shape or form, was that I’m Jewish. Only someone with access to my ISP, in real time, behind the scenes on this board, who has marked me from some previous bread would make a response like that. The reply is anything but an organic reply to what I wrote.

To the Clown who wrote it:

FUCK YOU! Take the penis out of your mouth and knock on my door you pathetic fucking loser! Tell brock, brennan, soros whoever you’re working for to fuck off. Fucking games losers play………

1b823b  No.5664367

Today Owen Shroyer and the Infowars callers keep saying;

"I hope Q is real, or we're done in this country."

34fd12  No.5664368


Fuck you it was a joke. Obviously Acosta isn't going to post here. Kill yourself you self-righteous moron.

72f149  No.5664369


don't forget your apple for teacher.

dbea10  No.5664370

File: 9056d02f738f9d8⋯.jpeg (346.64 KB, 1440x912, 30:19, 1551121576.jpeg)

3e5f4d  No.5664371

Saw Hillary got her law license back March 4th, 2019. Could this be a move that allows her to be hired as a consulting attorney for all of her co-conspirators so they can avoid testifying against each other claiming attorney client privilege? Not a lawyer, so leave that to you law experts if that makes sense. But I seem to

recall her hiring people during email gate to avoid having them testify against her too. I may not recall the correct scandal though.


9777e4  No.5664372

File: 52752b70cb8e4f2⋯.png (684.78 KB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_Ed micdrop.png)

8481f8  No.5664373

File: d35566b14eceae4⋯.jpg (106.76 KB, 400x400, 1:1, stillwaiting.jpg)


omg yaaaas, Israel first!

2eddd3  No.5664374

File: d22a640c5bcb981⋯.png (112.97 KB, 500x630, 50:63, top killers.png)



The problem is the wrong drugs are being targeted.

55e51f  No.5664375

File: 34cd7e0722e48cf⋯.png (226.27 KB, 500x769, 500:769, ClipboardImage.png)

994b53  No.5664376


Doesn’t the watch say 3 14 as well

d5e403  No.5664378

File: 0c9014e89fce902⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1500x1080, 25:18, Truth^X-Matrix-Q-Army.jpg)


9933db  No.5664379


fucking Bullshit unlike Xbox live FB drops came way before the actual blackout

fa5f93  No.5664380


The developer seems to have done it as a labor of love, so don't want to pile on too hard.

But, yeah, you're right.

And, IIRC was asking a while back what cool shit we anons would like to see there.

A bunch of us said SORT faggot!

3d0596  No.5664381


Any namefag can be verified by a twat

Just sayn

e1419f  No.5664382



Hi IQ post^^

5b1426  No.5664383

File: 2485b8ac420dc7f⋯.jpeg (151.47 KB, 949x632, 949:632, A2CB4C9B-F94F-4468-877A-F….jpeg)

815186  No.5664384

File: d4bb7d3f4bdf5c4⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1472x1760, 46:55, Boeing_China.png)

File: f67ad359116feca⋯.png (213.4 KB, 1288x1736, 23:31, Boeing_UAP.png)





3dea32  No.5664385

File: 27411ff1bea7fc6⋯.png (736.76 KB, 1004x768, 251:192, hoggboy.png)

I’m smelling college admissions scandal: David Hogg managed to get into Harvard with a below average SAT score.

da592d  No.5664386


maybe autopsy conclusions would be inconvenient for narrative

0f41ff  No.5664387

File: 2cc3045be3be034⋯.jpg (703.67 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, FlynnAsPunisher.jpg)

160ea8  No.5664388



OK, I did - should be good next time

2eddd3  No.5664389


What a shit show.

c639d7  No.5664390


Like the FLOTUS body double crap as well. I agree, it’s always been their go to and they’re really after it now.

d81d8e  No.5664391


This is really something, anons, a 1st for me. Cyclogenesis over land, that is, many hurricanes continue being cyclones after landfall and some even make it back out into the ATL.

16bc38  No.5664392

File: 1bbb20d5aa916e6⋯.jpg (73.92 KB, 639x524, 639:524, cabbageandpeanutbutteronry….jpg)

a3e150  No.5664393


Need some dick? Just say the word. I gotcha covered

a98c9b  No.5664394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7df4e6  No.5664395

File: d5f0d663efbe656⋯.jpg (120.59 KB, 1737x462, 579:154, platform2793feb182019.jpg)

>>5663815 pb

>>5663803 pb

>>5663782 pb

It's from the latest "Q" tweet

So whatever I think is an assumption, (the communications are deliberately fuzzy)

What fits with what we've been led to, and what apparently is happening now?

I'd say , in light of a posting of a previous "Q' transmission regarding their desperate need to mute us:.

They are talking it down to adjust the algorithms so as to suppress what is surfacing? [Their own criminality]


They are purging accounts, private ones in their secret rooms, which have been crime networks coms? Such as, for world wide trafficking and / or drug dealing.. ? All kinds of deals and info in their private rooms?

So in this case they would be dumping the accounts and messages which incriminatory, in advance of a discovery request?

IS IT TRUE THAT THEY'VE ONLY NOW CAUGHT ON ? (if they are using the opportunity to scrub evidence)

I think they haven't stopped their creepy trade yet.


Good guys are backing up what's there now; for evidence purposes?

Many possibilities; should we take a poll on Twit?


91b5f2  No.5664396

File: ec287195f1755ab⋯.gif (9.43 MB, 324x283, 324:283, d18801c00d59ab183048fff33d….gif)


Chillax bruh

da4de3  No.5664397

File: bed753545f4a7c2⋯.png (291.64 KB, 503x294, 503:294, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7756c61819a197a⋯.png (115.61 KB, 918x800, 459:400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a802c2d44d0d99c⋯.png (102.96 KB, 936x720, 13:10, ClipboardImage.png)

The Global Economic Reset Begins With An Engineered Crash

For a few years now, since at least 2014, the phrase “global economic reset” has been circulating in the financial world. This phrase is used primarily by globalist institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to describe an event in which the current system as we know it will either die out or evolve into a new system where “multilateralism” will become the norm. The reset is often described in an ambiguous way. IMF banking elites will usually mention the end results of the shift, but they say little about the process to get there.

What we do know is that the intent of the globalists is to use this reset to create a more centralized monetary system and micro-managed global economy. At the core of this new structure would be the IMF along with perhaps the BIS and World Bank. It is a plan that has been supported openly by both western and eastern governments, including Russia and China.

As noted, the details are few and far between, but the IMF describes the use of open borders and human migrations during the reset as a means to transfer capital from various parts of the world. It is a novel if not utterly insane way to transfer wealth that only makes sense if you understand that the globalist goal is to deliberately conjure a geopolitical catastrophe.


098c9d  No.5664398


Sometimes u need to

=Spell it out for folks==

c6f2ba  No.5664399



This is the greatest post of the day for a multitude of reasons. Sheer brilliance.

1ebbae  No.5664400

Every normie is so dependent on fakebook to get their news and communicate with everyone.

Fact: People are wigging out w/o being able to check it every 5 flipping seconds.

34fd12  No.5664401

File: 587e6893bfea9a0⋯.jpeg (7.79 KB, 194x179, 194:179, th.jpeg)


If you're taking this seriously you are probably an idiot…….and a boomer.

3e9a16  No.5664402


Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Could it be that (((they))) have prepared the Boeings to crash if necessary?

That's why Trump writes 737-Killers!

If he had left them further in the air, then (((they))) could crash the airplanes as FF at any time and cause insecurity and riots and have a countermove to Q and Trump ready at any time with a crashed airplane.

9f3d69  No.5664403

>>5662895 (pb)

The obvious: It must be data removal and stuff that has to go now.

Its not censorship though. Or is it? Qmap description is at odds with graphic suggesting private comms.

These services use lots of database replication and if you don't take it all down at once and remove it, I suspect it can turn into a game of wackamole when you are deleting things. But if were censorship there would be no reason to take down the backend. If you are trying to sanitize though…

c47c98  No.5664404

5b1426  No.5664405


Or lack of bodies recovered…

e14102  No.5664406

1d05f3  No.5664407

File: a8327b557f6db3e⋯.png (975.12 KB, 844x668, 211:167, Wind Gusts.png)


Coastal Alaska as well!

b95c1b  No.5664408

11b442  No.5664409

File: f044afbdd0a87f1⋯.jpeg (323.54 KB, 1125x1586, 1125:1586, C3A939D8-700E-4A7D-A80F-F….jpeg)

NXIVM President Nancy Salzman pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy

“A court filing from prosecutors on Tuesday outlined how Salzman and other co-defendants "were aware of and facilitated Raniere's sexual relationships with two underage victims … (including) a 15-year-old girl who was employed by Nancy Salzman and who — 10 years later — became Raniere's first-line 'slave'" in a secret club he had created to groom women to have sex with him.“


da592d  No.5664410


YES Defcon demonstration at last convention… sauce incoming

3d0596  No.5664411


Students with better scores who didnt should sue

1b823b  No.5664412



356f5e  No.5664413

50f80f  No.5664414


I think it has to be linked to what Newsome did….737 inmates.(code) Potus got word that they were going to take another plane down so Potus had to ground them. Now hopefully evidence will be provided of fuckery.

9832ad  No.5664415


new banana republic dictator in the making since Obama was such a fail

e66835  No.5664416


all the smart anons are working for nsa now and all that are left are us.. kek

601119  No.5664417


It was her dad, I thought, who lobbied for NXIVM. She is hust a hypocrit who attacked Kavanaugh at confirmation hearing.

359def  No.5664418


Been to that hotel in NV (weird as hell)

1426b8  No.5664419

File: d1aafca5520f8b4⋯.jpg (166.91 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, think.jpg)


A meteorite doesn't stay on the ground until it's time to take off.

Can't be a sky event unless it's… er.. in the sky.

994b53  No.5664420

What if 7/10 ….meant ….73+7

a224e8  No.5664421



Serious fuckery afoot in the UK.

Q team, there has to be leverage on these MP cucks. And our British cousins are too far gone at this point to have any serious resistance. They'll just bend over for the cabal, again.

7e10ed  No.5664422


Leave the name field blank if you want your post to be read by anons, namefagging is what we don't want.

947ad2  No.5664423

This could be their plan: ALL social networks go down (on purpose of course), they make violent moves against the current leaders…but no one hears about it. When the system comes back up, they carefully feed stories to us about what happened and why HRC is now president.

982b51  No.5664424

File: 188bace7ccf86b9⋯.jpg (120.72 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, KANSAS.jpg)


ty anon that is kek!


55e51f  No.5664425

File: 7b7f09c5677d1fc⋯.png (886.06 KB, 910x848, 455:424, ClipboardImage.png)

29539e  No.5664427


I was a professional hire with life experience and work experience in several fields when hired at bigcompany in the 1980s.

Within a few years the younger people that the company hired, who had BS or MS degrees with a concentration in bigcompany's field, started coming in. I started noticing that although these new hires had degrees in that specific skill area they were hired for, they lacked the ability to write grammatical sentences, proofread spelling, or properly organize their thoughts in writing.

When they tried to write documentation that customers would read, the results were just plain embarrassing. But these younger people did not recognize their errors, they were unwilling to accept helpful criticism to improve their work, and they did not realize they had deficiencies in proper use of the English language.

Their education was incomplete.

Their degree was essentially a fraud or a scam.

By now there are at least 2 generations exhibiting these traits.

We've got diploma-mills churning out "graduates" who are skill-deficient, but expect high starting salaries and instant promotions.

We've got a severe devaluation of educational credentials.


327f39  No.5664428


It would be interdasting to witness the lack of productivity at work today. Everyone talking about FB being out.

Stock was up again today, btw. Nothing to see here.

446afe  No.5664429

File: 8cc88492782daf3⋯.jpg (66.98 KB, 640x640, 1:1, F84188CD-56A9-4CE0-BF5C-DF….jpg)

That Nintendo played (you)

098c9d  No.5664430


da4de3  No.5664431


Because those who run the US are all dirty fucking money Hungry pedos and (((they))) have the blackmail vids on them all

da592d  No.5664432




d5e403  No.5664433

File: dd5379d6d25d81d⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1500x1080, 25:18, Honor^X-Matrix-Q-Army.jpg)


cf3a19  No.5664434

File: 9cad46f2c932824⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1903x5055, 1903:5055, Screenshot_2019-03-13 Pent….png)



16bc38  No.5664435

File: 554257bad4d1a06⋯.jpg (93.29 KB, 1024x653, 1024:653, et-burial-1024x653.jpg)

File: 85d3510de20a446⋯.jpg (92.47 KB, 1024x553, 1024:553, et-games-1024x553.jpg)

File: ebc45ba7e0ecd4d⋯.jpg (261.48 KB, 781x1024, 781:1024, et-news-781x1024.jpg)

330f0e  No.5664437

File: e0ed4dc9111dfab⋯.jpeg (319.05 KB, 921x710, 921:710, EF26BD70-5A8F-4AD1-9D30-6….jpeg)

I think POTUS was giving us a heads-up with that tweet.


ebfcc0  No.5664438


You smart!

Good catch!

2eddd3  No.5664439


>racketeering conspiracy

That's all?

55e51f  No.5664440

File: c8db5268c6e810b⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1000x785, 200:157, ClipboardImage.png)

e27757  No.5664441

File: 5571ce449b1741c⋯.png (358.27 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, AF1C5641-F83B-4FB5-94FD-AC….png)

File: c8471061cc1841d⋯.png (389.83 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6E4FE16A-D125-415C-8135-02….png)

File: e7d72716f127f66⋯.png (386.94 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 05DB0650-9F09-4ED9-8FF0-27….png)

File: 430a093211bc5c2⋯.png (354.97 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6242BFCC-FD77-4856-AD26-39….png)

File: 4f9e3e0bdc9d9ba⋯.png (380.79 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 327EC978-528C-464A-8598-9D….png)

Fucking love this place/anons no homo!

1ebbae  No.5664442


This is exactly it Anon.

Pretty obvious.

Suck fuckers.

72f149  No.5664443

File: 6cad0ec4ef52217⋯.jpg (33.41 KB, 995x425, 199:85, 2019-03-12 06.30.59 www.go….jpg)

468815  No.5664444


Beautiful sunny, 70 degree day in north Texas. Just some puffy clouds and a light breeze

982b51  No.5664445

File: 47fd491dbe87a46⋯.jpg (13.07 KB, 255x204, 5:4, 7out of 10 plane crashes t….jpg)

34fd12  No.5664446

File: 13f8cf85ce8388e⋯.jpg (272.5 KB, 638x960, 319:480, image.jpg)

6b2018  No.5664447

File: cb5610bdb8ac025⋯.jpg (200.89 KB, 640x402, 320:201, 201811532755352951773c8e15….jpg)

File: ca1eae64379aece⋯.jpg (167.71 KB, 703x468, 703:468, cornered rats panic in dc.jpg)


ThankQ! I'm dying to share both on fb as soon as it rears it's ugly head. Anything to help the increase in the RAT population :) Have a Wonderful Day!!! God Bless!

356f5e  No.5664448

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



372f45  No.5664449


Last “bomb cyclone” I see written about in Jan 2018- on Northern East Coast

I feel like these cycle together- Brexit, storms, outages. Also is Brexit hindering DECLAS?



ee6681  No.5664450


like into tall buildings?

55e51f  No.5664451

File: 69a18c9d3a15669⋯.png (281.71 KB, 1201x815, 1201:815, ClipboardImage.png)

bfcd5c  No.5664452


Great job, thanks Baker.

fa1abe  No.5664453

File: 00d1ef02e443c75⋯.jpg (736.34 KB, 1260x714, 30:17, davidobama.jpg)

139ddb  No.5664454

>>5664059 (lb - Philly)

>BC Philadelphia: 2019 murders surpasses Chicago

There's some Muzzie rep on the video saying she's gonna work to make it stop. LOL. RIP Philly. It's actually been a hellhole for decades, but it's probably on its way to becoming a Muslim hellhole now and we all know that's the worst kind.


eb69dd  No.5664455

File: b9f357c89cbc0ef⋯.png (548.92 KB, 700x365, 140:73, b9f357c89cbc0ef6299c7fc984….png)

File: d1dcf7a15bd993a⋯.png (531.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, d1dcf7a15bd993af34b2c85cdf….png)

File: 8c452d8822b0b48⋯.png (510.36 KB, 1024x814, 512:407, 8c452d8822b0b48ff2bfcf9988….png)


Why do socialists lie?

Because they have to.


136bbe  No.5664456


Kek anon. Not sure if you're kidding (funny as hell), but if true…….talk about spooky (or spoopy, in this case). Cheers.

c6f2ba  No.5664457

File: acc0a9f06632fd7⋯.gif (2.82 MB, 574x251, 574:251, WebbedGrayGazelle-size_res….gif)


Good one. Yep, that's a good one.

9933db  No.5664458

0c7131  No.5664459

File: b63cfd9d3a33ca6⋯.png (54.87 KB, 588x295, 588:295, WH 3-13-19 1 26 pm PDT Sm….PNG)

File: f6d0e98941a3219⋯.png (403.72 KB, 584x666, 292:333, CBP San Diego 3-12-19 Smu….PNG)

File: b7a877f102665ae⋯.mp4 (1.11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Video CBP San Diego 3-12-….mp4)



>This is a national emergency.

This is a national emergency.



dec087  No.5664460

File: 6f7b81ac7f1425b⋯.png (64.48 KB, 685x436, 685:436, complete.PNG)

Its gotta be close.


7b9e08  No.5664461

7/10 plane crashes

737 Boeing crashes

7 [3 + 7] = 10

7+3+7 = 17



9832ad  No.5664462


thank you anon.

16bc38  No.5664463

File: f59c190075d2102⋯.jpg (893.11 KB, 1293x742, 1293:742, fisadeclass.jpg)

File: 97a342a83a4e1ce⋯.jpg (87.49 KB, 640x426, 320:213, frenfrogs.jpg)

File: 87a37017eb988ae⋯.jpg (137.42 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, fuckingserious.jpg)

File: c593bed0bad2b16⋯.jpg (119.52 KB, 1430x623, 1430:623, goshecon.jpg)

34fd12  No.5664464


Oy vey, such anti-semitism.

a224e8  No.5664465


Heard the term this morning, "land hurricane". Also known as a Derecho if you want to press *2 for Mexican.

958bc1  No.5664466



FWIW in the future greenhouse effect will be widely understood to occur due to atmospheric pressure (compression), not "greenhouse gasses". Models will even accurately predict future climate on other planets.

da939f  No.5664467


^^^^^^ Dis b sum funny sheet.

9fd639  No.5664468

File: 5508da09f86e483⋯.jpg (814.06 KB, 1080x1839, 360:613, US Patent 6965816 B2.jpg)


I don't know if this will help.

668217  No.5664469


Vijaya Gadde

2a87eb  No.5664470

File: 3d1522b561d29ac⋯.png (71.24 KB, 655x405, 131:81, india.png)

356f5e  No.5664471

File: 47c9a54612b8d77⋯.jpg (12.7 KB, 255x207, 85:69, 0ad1b2f4deff66cfc785e8c473….jpg)


We Love you and pray for you Gina!!

Stand Strong!

55e51f  No.5664472

File: 6e0b071763de8e1⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Can also send these instead.

4694c5  No.5664473

File: 3fa1b6a32e16bc3⋯.jpg (397.84 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, opioidcrisis.jpg)

File: 1c9663bec091763⋯.jpg (232.73 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, OpioidCrisis2.jpg)

File: 79e35b14e04a7a1⋯.jpg (104.04 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, OpioidDeaths1.jpg)

File: bfaa283975d2b4d⋯.jpg (21.02 KB, 255x170, 3:2, AfghanPoppiesOpioid.jpg)


Hit Em with Truth Anons


548100  No.5664474

File: baccca33ae2d6d9⋯.png (132.45 KB, 554x570, 277:285, 7outof10.png)



Targeted Kills.


72f149  No.5664475


No thanks, I have seen through your TV set. Rather small. Besides you couldn't find it over the folds of your tummy tum .

098c9d  No.5664476

File: 1a75ac341adcde1⋯.png (761.67 KB, 1056x1805, 1056:1805, 564FBB6C-6E7A-44EA-973B-F7….png)

1d05f3  No.5664477


Interesting TY!

049709  No.5664478


Sky full of ransom.

446afe  No.5664480

File: 682746b042e44ea⋯.jpg (84.2 KB, 639x960, 213:320, 2EC85DB0-68F3-4353-A6C8-F1….jpg)

File: 1a608d37e2cbaec⋯.png (184.47 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6394.PNG)

File: f3aec18e63aec8c⋯.jpg (106.13 KB, 720x537, 240:179, IMG_6406.JPG)

File: a058651eedc9e4c⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 768x387, 256:129, IMG_6414.JPG)

71fc21  No.5664481

File: 70364ae9e530e1c⋯.png (9.03 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 33acd92ddce51319976bbcb6e7….png)

50e433  No.5664482


If They deal, we will bring London down.

We are just waiting now

d46bf8  No.5664483

7e10ed  No.5664484

File: e681988b57bdb56⋯.jpg (7 KB, 299x169, 23:13, download.jpg)


Don't need to score over 400 for the humanities department at Harvard now.


William James sets new record of 1750 RPM rotation

28541b  No.5664485

File: 56e7a4363fd2d8a⋯.jpeg (445.37 KB, 1357x1432, 1357:1432, D33B0AF3-36F0-4685-92C8-0….jpeg)

File: 82eff2722d65686⋯.jpeg (1.29 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, 1E786566-FF27-45A8-9E03-1….jpeg)

Found the


It’s in the Cohen emails CNN has,

They have boners for these emails for some reason. “Trump dangling pardon before Cohen”

711e95  No.5664486

File: 5c2946971f8a351⋯.jpg (206.62 KB, 500x1600, 5:16, 1.jpg)

File: 02fc6a871d7aea4⋯.jpg (179.16 KB, 500x1375, 4:11, 2.jpg)

File: 3a1941a1dd3575b⋯.jpg (211.3 KB, 500x1650, 10:33, 3.jpg)

FDA medical adviser: 'Congress is owned by pharma'


1426b8  No.5664487

File: cb30c1879314754⋯.png (360.97 KB, 1169x588, 167:84, ClipboardImage.png)


if that's the case, then why didn't patrick shananahammock shut it down earlier….

16bc38  No.5664489

File: ed564007cea3762⋯.jpg (34.29 KB, 750x549, 250:183, BERNIEISM.jpg)

File: bf6fd7076a9a1f7⋯.jpg (173.91 KB, 770x600, 77:60, bf6fd7076a9a1f756f63acf380….jpg)

File: d0e0e57b67ae755⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 3300x2700, 11:9, boomstick.jpg)

File: 06dbe3a8a06ff69⋯.jpg (587.94 KB, 1649x1493, 1649:1493, bullshitgnome.jpg)

b78bfc  No.5664490

File: 7369cb44a004f24⋯.jpg (28.31 KB, 615x301, 615:301, fsdfewf342t.jpg)

FB down? No. Everything is back to norm. 0 problems.

330f0e  No.5664491

File: 4ed2aea15273b1a⋯.jpeg (278.41 KB, 703x522, 703:522, 9B829FEB-2FE8-4D68-A03B-4….jpeg)

Funny you should mention that.


359def  No.5664492


Not kidding, anon

Tonopah, NV…Got giant framed photos of clowns in the rooms watching you (as you try to sleep)….bad vibes brother (sister)

fdcc10  No.5664493

File: 38804b6c5d0e863⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 330x166, 165:83, 3C958DB4-43A8-4533-B5CD-E6….gif)

55e51f  No.5664494

File: 5e6a89c3524592e⋯.png (540.48 KB, 573x516, 191:172, ClipboardImage.png)

a3e150  No.5664495


Close, but I don't even own a TV…

dd8681  No.5664496


Richard C Walker is a name used by Clinton Cabal.

2eddd3  No.5664497


The swamp is very expansive. That's why this is not going to be easy and quick to clean up.

Now that the Russia gate has fallen apart as well as other issues they keep tossing at Trump. I'm starting to think this whole College scandal is just another attempt of going after Trump even if there is collateral damage.

9832ad  No.5664498


OMG i think you could be right! remote controlled missile

the pilots tried to take control of the planes and couldn't was something foiled?

e14102  No.5664499


Circumferences shed on pi…..

8edeb4  No.5664500



Quad 4s confirm climate change is bullshit … it's just fucking weather, leftards.

16bc38  No.5664501

File: 570127cc4945dd4⋯.jpg (52.57 KB, 430x241, 430:241, 4791601.jpg)

b95c1b  No.5664502

File: 9c502da2b8703c0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Legalized marijuana closer to reality in Kentucky as pot bill moves forward

55e51f  No.5664503

File: 3a7dff7d2cd9abb⋯.png (865.44 KB, 720x789, 240:263, ClipboardImage.png)

8cb047  No.5664504


Earliest Q posts about hostages. We would all be hostages in that scenario.

327f39  No.5664505

File: e5f1880b7693ed0⋯.jpg (26.89 KB, 255x255, 1:1, confused pepe.jpg)

Something still unsettling about the 737max groundings.

Other countries do it.

Samantha Powers hassles POTUS via Twitter.

Canada does it.

POTUS calls for grounding.

What am I missing?

da592d  No.5664506


nah I gotta tingly feeling these are reporters that are privy something that makes them have to brush up fast all of a sudden

55e51f  No.5664508

File: 08b776ebd99bb2a⋯.png (604.75 KB, 714x750, 119:125, ClipboardImage.png)

038093  No.5664509


This is my fear, mays deal is a pile of shit and almost worse than staying in.

b708c8  No.5664510

File: f9d7e35a0f0b6ed⋯.png (8.61 KB, 518x111, 14:3, ClipboardImage.png)



d5e403  No.5664511

File: 065c729cb5af5d8⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1500x1080, 25:18, Loyalty^X-Matrix-Q-Army.jpg)


ffa74c  No.5664512


no shit. top kek.

72f149  No.5664513


But CHINA were involved remember.

And it's weaponize/water potential for example.

f01738  No.5664514


Did you make the FISA declass image?

5cb71e  No.5664515


737 (prisoners released) did we have dirt on the UN guys?

2eddd3  No.5664516


>What am I missing?

A flight on a 737

eac23d  No.5664517

File: 78ae49e4c9f3180⋯.png (95.31 KB, 194x290, 97:145, Messages Image(3946624810).png)


"New York Flight encountered an unusual turbulence"

ed in nyc, maybe the man with the broken leg, then escorted out of the bronxville hospital and delocated in the melee caused by the false active shooter

they can catch a 777 in air and take you right from it, they could do that in the 1980s, imagine what they're doing now

34fd12  No.5664519

File: 31315633bf5563c⋯.jpg (177.15 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, final_5c840a0fa12d860014b3….jpg)


Heres some topical truth for you.

1426b8  No.5664520


you're missing the point that Trump's Secretary of Defense probably still sucks Boeing Cock on the daily. >>5664487

16bc38  No.5664521

File: 96f4693b712f2d8⋯.jpg (4.93 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)

d81d8e  No.5664522


Derecho's a completely different phenom, anon

e38575  No.5664523

File: 2a9afbe8554f4bc⋯.png (1019.91 KB, 2020x689, 2020:689, tarmac1.png)

File: a58faa829fe3020⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2013x552, 671:184, tarmac2.png)

Tarmac interactions.


71506d  No.5664524


Field M called out Boeing a few days ago on AbelDanger

fa5f93  No.5664525


It's progged to fill later tomorrow.

(Where the center widens out and pressure rises)

a224e8  No.5664526


Funny, thought at first it said, "Q likes to bread shit." Which he does. Kek.

8f4df6  No.5664527

Oracle Accuses Google of Spying on Users

Software giant Oracle has accused Google of spying on millions of people and developing profiles containing “intimate lifestyle details” of Google users.

The Herald Sun reports that tech giant Google has been accused by Oracle of spying on millions of users and developing profiles containing “secret interests” and “intimate lifestyle details” of users. Oracle alleges that Google misled users on the information collected and the control that they have over it.

Oracle made these allegations in a document submitted to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) digital platform inquiry. Oracle submitted a 17-page document titled “Google’s Shadow Profile” which outlined a surveillance operation conducted by the Silicon Valley giant. The attachment stated:


139ddb  No.5664528


>This is a national emergency.

Let me finish that for them: "But we're not going to stop catch and release even though we said we would. Oh, and we stepped up immigration, plus we signed off on granting amnesty to the 20+ million illegals that are already here. Thank you for your vote. Now GFY!"

55e51f  No.5664530

File: 74e83ca01986ec8⋯.png (782.24 KB, 908x743, 908:743, ClipboardImage.png)

20927c  No.5664531


Tru Dat.

Fingers crossed for No Deal anon.

327f39  No.5664532


What if the investigation shows that Harvard/Yale are farm feed sites - tons of CIA kids going into the business under this kind of paid cover?

1d05f3  No.5664533


100Xs better than SNL!

330f0e  No.5664534

Wonder if AOC had a little “help” with her SAT’s


fa1abe  No.5664535

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All the planes have been grounded…

16bc38  No.5664536

File: 423ad31e737b495⋯.jpg (136.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, download (2).jpg)

File: 9303276b97af1e7⋯.jpeg (284.75 KB, 600x648, 25:27, dubsdubs.jpeg)

File: 753822cc4a55f2b⋯.jpg (141.52 KB, 826x767, 14:13, dubsdubs.jpg)

File: e56ae6050438244⋯.jpg (102.66 KB, 651x552, 217:184, e56ae605043824454782f2733e….jpg)

16be0f  No.5664537




Really don't understand that. What would you do if the net and all cell comms were down?

All that's left are sound waves.

72f149  No.5664540


Apparently the UK are getting blasted with some bad weather and often they cop a lot of the US bad stuff a couple of week later..

dbea10  No.5664541

File: edd8fcf728a6ceb⋯.jpg (2.61 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, Photo Collage_20190312_133….jpg)


I mean how obvious can it be.

34fd12  No.5664542

File: 9d3eb77da85aff4⋯.jpg (50.2 KB, 640x500, 32:25, 9d3eb77da85aff442aaec8f638….jpg)

ea139a  No.5664543



dec087  No.5664544


March 14th, the day we go full circle… dunno, hopefully.

9082a6  No.5664545


of course she did. She can't even spell SAT

ee6681  No.5664546


use my LAN line.

57be2d  No.5664547

File: c2b0cdc7c9c4cdc⋯.png (801.32 KB, 1268x790, 634:395, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at ….png)


Who does this look like? The title of the Youtube video is at the top, if you wanna see for yourself.

That's motherfucking LISA PAGE… There are no COHENcidences.

5b1426  No.5664548

5ee4f0  No.5664549

File: b1bf9b1abf3e9bf⋯.png (1.99 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 0C35EFAF-A4F4-4CA1-B94D-DD….png)

File: 87da47c066dee21⋯.png (2.12 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 858DB9D9-1090-4186-AD06-5B….png)


Brexit / Storms / Outages


c6f2ba  No.5664550

File: 7d3d31ef8f0ac92⋯.gif (676.22 KB, 500x212, 125:53, 7d3d31ef8f0ac928b02548d228….gif)


Give it a couple of months, there, compadre. I'll take the blizzards over the people-hunting tornados any day of the week!

8f4df6  No.5664551


The document alleges that Google uses the distance between Android phones and their wifi base stations to determine the precise location of the phones.

If a consumer connects to the same Wi-Fi access point at 9am Monday-Friday, the Wi-Fi base station likely represents the consumer’s place of work. Similarly, if a consumer connects to the same base station every day at 7pm and stays connected through the evening, the station is likely in located in the consumer’s home.

A consumer’s pattern of life — the daily rhythm of the people and places individuals spend time in the real world — combined with online web browsing, search history and a myriad of other data points creates an intimate dossier of a consumer’s lifestyl

55e51f  No.5664552

File: a73f1726913830e⋯.png (757.46 KB, 800x522, 400:261, ClipboardImage.png)

8d8de5  No.5664553

File: ba78fe18d8319e8⋯.jpg (62.12 KB, 560x674, 280:337, 52179382_2641363572546909_….jpg)

16bc38  No.5664554

File: 6a1a6ce3420976a⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 500x333, 500:333, IMG_0553.JPG)

01f8d6  No.5664555

File: e4d44fe4965a586⋯.jpeg (1020.58 KB, 1242x1309, 1242:1309, D6BD186E-199A-4971-BD5D-8….jpeg)

File: aac7714b383110d⋯.jpeg (939.72 KB, 1242x2003, 1242:2003, 33AE35AD-17BF-431F-8C6D-5….jpeg)

One vicitm in Ethiopian plane crash…..did charity work in Haiti.

https:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6802585/Avid-surfer-known-charity-work-identified-one-8-Americans-killed-Ethiopia-crash.html

fa1abe  No.5664556

File: 9e1437cc5002c46⋯.jpg (103.22 KB, 600x465, 40:31, crop_circle_4.jpg)

7472ad  No.5664557

File: a3f45c48c5d1ee9⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1224x997, 1224:997, 2019-03-13_16-34-15.png)

File: c4d99dd51b25e98⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1222x998, 611:499, 2019-03-13_16-35-41.png)

File: 8d33dbfa2d8d413⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1200x925, 48:37, 2019-03-13_16-37-17.png)


Billions in foreign military aid and we have homeless people in the streets.

This part of the plan sucks.

372f45  No.5664558

File: 2f45065633eaeec⋯.jpeg (636.92 KB, 1125x1354, 1125:1354, 9CA2F0B9-F8DC-4CC4-B29B-C….jpeg)


Also National Pi Day

4f8d96  No.5664559

File: 1f3cbf997771c9c⋯.jpg (22.89 KB, 532x600, 133:150, 40735_1220706418_0297-0168….jpg)

File: 63e92fb1e95efe4⋯.jpg (53.06 KB, 299x398, 299:398, 20190313_033608.jpg)

Any more digs on Lisa Page's Iranian mother?

a3e150  No.5664560


Umm… Are you talking about TV's? I feel like you're not

16bc38  No.5664561

File: bf8d5ebbb0dff0a⋯.jpg (77.54 KB, 720x938, 360:469, IMG_0285.JPG)

da4de3  No.5664562

File: c96370664b69795⋯.png (743.3 KB, 767x919, 767:919, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4d024984724f86f⋯.png (60.3 KB, 772x891, 772:891, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1601623322407b5⋯.png (47.23 KB, 780x723, 260:241, ClipboardImage.png)

Whistleblowers Say NSA Still Spies on American Phones in Hidden Program

On Monday 4th, the New York Times reported that the National Security Agency has “quietly” shut down a controversial phone records surveillance program revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013.

The claim was made by a senior Republican congressional aide who told the newspaper that the Trump administration had stopped using the program, which analyses the domestic call and text logs of American citizens, due to technical problems.

On Twitter Snowden hailed the news as a “victory”, while Intercept journalist Glen Greenwald, who broke the Snowden story to international acclaim, took the story at face value. Neither of them raised the obvious question — is the “shut down” of this program merely a smokescreen to continue spying on American phones under new or different secretive programs?

Since then, further doubt was cast on the NYT report when NSA chief General Paul Nakasone refused to confirm or deny the story. But he did tell a major security conference on Wednesday that the agency was still “in a deliberative process” about whether to use a revamped version of the vast database of American phone records.

All of this, however, is an elaborate ruse. According to two former top NSA officials interviewed by INSURGE, there is no credible reason to believe that NSA phone surveillance has truly been shut down.

What shut down?

When the NYT story broke, I reached out to two former senior NSA officials, Russ Tice and Thomas Drake, to find out what they thought.

Both of them told me that the NSA’s shut down of this particular program did not imply an end to domestic phone record surveillance, but quite the opposite — that the program had been superseded by superior technology.

According to Russ Tice, a former senior NSA intelligence analyst who had previously worked with the US Air Force, Office of Naval Intelligence and Defense Intelligence Agency, the latest claim that the NSA was rolling up phone surveillance beggared belief.

“Why would anyone believe a bloody word of what NSA says about their mass domestic surveillance programs?” said Tice, who was the first NSA whistleblower who exposed unlawful surveillance and wiretaps of American citizens as early as May 2005. “They have lied repeatedly in the past and they are likely lying now. They have been collecting metadata and content, word-for-word, both voice and text, for some time now.”

I asked Tice how certain he was that the NSA was still conducting phone surveillance of Americans in the United States. “Of course NSA is still conducting phone and computer comms surveillance and yes, ‘wider programs’ go on and a new massive program that is more efficient is likely to have already been implemented,” he told me.

The real reason the current program has become defunct is that there is now better technology for more advanced surveillance.

If anything, they no longer need this particular program to parse the card catalog — meta data — and can mine the content data directly with enhanced algorithms and processing and strapping. And when there is no pushback capability, congress is at the mercy of NSA to inform them on NSA’s abuses.”

Hidden programs under secret interpretations of different laws

Thomas Drake, a former senior executive of the NSA who blew the whistle on illegal mass surveillance, waste and mismanagement at the agency several years before Snowden’s revelations, agreed that NSA phone surveillance “continues in other forms” in spite of the closure of this particular program.



49af1c  No.5664563

File: 1ba7fba73511d09⋯.jpeg (96.94 KB, 800x462, 400:231, 0E6A7805-510E-478F-93F8-4….jpeg)

20927c  No.5664564

File: 9d0b7dd24acc854⋯.png (21.81 KB, 255x246, 85:82, PepeUK.png)


Storm 'Gareth' That's right anon; Gareth.

Was here yesterday.

Weather is fine in The Midlands currently.

34fd12  No.5664565

File: 2d90672c04c54ed⋯.jpeg (8.94 KB, 361x181, 361:181, th.jpeg)


Yep. Its so obvious anyone can see save for the brainwashed apparently.

3dea32  No.5664567


098c9d  No.5664568




df7f1c  No.5664569

So q dumps lifelog info on us (actually lots of people within the space were already aware but I digress)

Facebook outage

Seems to mirror the Microsoft event and outage

Then aske “how much more obvious can this be”

I’m asking why would FB create the outage? To what benefit was it for Microsoft or Facebook to take themselves offline?

Why is this imoressIve?

bcd24e  No.5664570

File: 0ef8e4e2ecf6a2b⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1234x648, 617:324, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at ….png)

BritAnons, I'm sorry

Leaving on WTO terms is the default provision in the law. Your parliament has continued to subvert the Referendum and rule of law.

Make your displeasure known – peacefully – but loudly.

16be0f  No.5664571


What? Explain.

136bbe  No.5664572


Don't leave out the most likely scenario. Q is real and we're still done in this country.

eac23d  No.5664573




55e51f  No.5664574

File: a9618f06d41363b⋯.png (516.63 KB, 570x438, 95:73, ClipboardImage.png)

9777e4  No.5664575



22a466  No.5664576


I noticed that same thing among new Marine Officers back in the 80's.

327f39  No.5664577


Ok, this might be something.

Is Boeing insured against this kind of thing? The airlines covered against losses?

Why would the cabal ground the planes (((they))) use for dirty deeds?

16bc38  No.5664578

File: 893107c102d3663⋯.jpg (550.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_2611.JPG)

7e10ed  No.5664579

File: f2ae13fa661b4dd⋯.jpg (17.21 KB, 252x396, 7:11, fieldingdoorhl.jpg)




7c9829  No.5664580


I like you're style, ET. Next rounds on me.

9fd639  No.5664581

Hopefully, if a plane was going to be forced down by remote control and crash…

It is a plane full of convicts "ConAir" headed for GITMO..and the guards couldn't make it on the flight and the pilots and co-pilots have parachutes..

8f4df6  No.5664582


Oracle met with obama and google and facebook and the whole tech community

Oracle -→ google facebook did it

not amazon oracle collecting data in their db ?

da4de3  No.5664583


And in turn Israel is trying to destroy the US, attacks it whenever it can.

a1a4cc  No.5664584

File: 698f702dc7f3347⋯.jpg (10.17 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpg)

c499ed  No.5664585


my oh my they were right…. the day after tommorrow

55e51f  No.5664586

File: 10bf56b115558fb⋯.png (141.93 KB, 881x703, 881:703, ClipboardImage.png)

5cb71e  No.5664587

File: a156787aeb0a58e⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fcdd02126ebe2c6⋯.png (254.52 KB, 550x230, 55:23, ClipboardImage.png)

888f34  No.5664588

File: aace95e3233b281⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1034x721, 1034:721, ClipboardImage.png)

fdcc10  No.5664589


Yes anon. Your ludicrous remarks make me jidif.

b25b51  No.5664590

File: 4f93d07ae3b71bf⋯.jpg (109.5 KB, 1148x746, 574:373, 4f93d07ae3b71bfb68d49b0e00….jpg)

446afe  No.5664591

File: 49361456f7e2d4f⋯.png (62.36 KB, 590x314, 295:157, FDA04A42-3629-4B29-9706-35….png)

7df4e6  No.5664592


should've written it like this:

Whatever it is I think means is an assumption on my part, (the communications of "Q" are deliberately fuzzy)?

Perhaps "Future will Tell" ?

"Q" com in question is

Today #3066


How much more obvious can any of this be?

Think LifeLog dump.



2eddd3  No.5664593


Her deals have always been to stay in the EU but totally neutered for any economic or political say.

Brits just need to bite the bullet and leave with no deal at all. What the hell do they need to Trade with EU for? America's got Britain's back.

9142af  No.5664594

File: b0324b66946d5b5⋯.jpg (130.81 KB, 720x846, 40:47, DGgMVdQW0AE9GcN.jpg)


Soviet brickwork is best brickwork.

cf3a19  No.5664596


Why would POTUS announce 737 insteed of 700

72f149  No.5664597

File: f2661021424238e⋯.jpg (99.91 KB, 1016x677, 1016:677, 2019-03-13 15.03.49 www.fo….jpg)

Hitting the fan soon….

c6f2ba  No.5664598


I really like the optimism of your post. A lot!

9584cd  No.5664599

File: 09c734d222a1175⋯.png (326.03 KB, 954x992, 477:496, ClipboardImage.png)

34fd12  No.5664600

File: 47b611c8371ad6d⋯.jpeg (5.85 KB, 232x174, 4:3, th.jpeg)

dec087  No.5664601

File: 994bd376655dad9⋯.png (472.65 KB, 550x3200, 11:64, downers_a_gigantic_faggot.png)


I want a public tar and feathering of Downer. And then the US can do what they want with him. Would be fun.

16be0f  No.5664602

3dea32  No.5664603

A co-founder of an embattled upstate New York self-help organization has pleaded guilty in a case featuring sensational claims that some followers became branded sex slaves.


32d462  No.5664604

File: 5b6e7e05ef83b3c⋯.png (729.34 KB, 847x619, 847:619, 1552268738876.png)

just in my own spamming unique art to the instagram masses hoping my science catches a normies eyes. i take great care in using hashtags to avoid attracting niggers. it is pretty easy considering they are allergic to science unless its nigger science which is really pseudoscience.

the fake value of a nigger in america is at an all time high,the true value of a nigger in america is at an all time low i will explain why this is the ugly truth.

they are a detriment to society as they are all filthy degenerate non-entertaining entertainers or athletes no class dirty motherfuckers blatantly criminal from every angle no one or anything left unexploited from crime.

!% are different and possibly even good, but fuck keeping 99% on the belief that magically they will become like the 1%. to govern and reason this way is bat shit crazy or insane.

do not mistake this for war mongering as i am for peace. peace through separation.

when does the going away party for niggers start? this event should not be missed because == its gonna be the jam my nigga we gwan get turnt,act a fool,i got a new dance move nigga niggas be throwin shade because i go hard nigga real hard in the paint. niggas cant see me naw nigga aint nobody harder than you nigga beast mode 24 7 all day err day ma nigga.==

destruction of civilized societies begin when language breaks down. without proper language society remains indecline.

break it down literally breaks it down. take back language refuse to say those silly words that africans are so inclined to produce.

putin is right rap must be controlled.

make me the rap czar ill tell you everything those dumbs niggers are communicating in broken speak.

take back language use the word ignorant on a regular basis. then one day start saying nignorant once every ten or so ignorants so its not a shocker to people when they hear god damn ignorant.

then casually remind them a word was invented to describe ignorant people but only they are allowed to call themselves a version of the word and how fucked up we are to allow such bullshit behavior from any group of people.

what separates beasts from men?


what makes gods out of men?

mercury racing.


372f45  No.5664605


That’s just got to be a coincidence

55e51f  No.5664606

eac23d  No.5664607


ALL of them did some sort of missionary work

711e95  No.5664608

File: dff8c56c15ddc07⋯.jpg (82.3 KB, 500x875, 4:7, 1.jpg)

Amazon removes books that promoted an autism 'cure'


a7ac13  No.5664609

Why are we not hammering on Rand Paul and Collins to stand behind President Trump and pass security for our boarders? I don't see any posts mentioning this and it is going to be voted on tomorrow.

dd5cbd  No.5664610

File: ca3e4d6f397773d⋯.jpg (35.7 KB, 454x289, 454:289, IMG_20190313_144129.jpg)

a3e150  No.5664611


Radio works too. And TBH, I don't really need anything. Not even radio. I have neighbors. If something is going down, they'll let me know

eaf8cd  No.5664612


a224e8  No.5664613


For Queen and Country. Godspeed, Anon.

eaf8cd  No.5664614

16bc38  No.5664615

File: b8c247ebf44d769⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2586.PNG)

71fc21  No.5664616

File: 1641837d8605df8⋯.jpg (419.96 KB, 1382x1503, 1382:1503, SmartSelect_20190313-16415….jpg)


Puerto Rican man indicted in payment processing fraud scheme https://t.co/hF0Lmal3S6 https://t.co/ssn101gPR6

b25b51  No.5664617

ea139a  No.5664618

File: 936c2f8dcc225ad⋯.jpg (57.52 KB, 726x436, 363:218, muh-holocaust.jpg)

File: 44efe6730c97d8e⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 280x158, 140:79, needsauce.jpg)

Anyone have any sauce regarding the holocaust actually happening?

994b53  No.5664619

446afe  No.5664620

File: 8bd4dde32a36d03⋯.jpg (76.15 KB, 1080x958, 540:479, IMG_6494.JPG)

ad3d3e  No.5664621


Just embed it here dipshit, doxing bait is literally maxed out

2eddd3  No.5664622


Well, what about the CIA? Funny how there are no whistle blowers for them.

Let's have a look under the Denver Airport.

57be2d  No.5664623

File: aaf10355775cac1⋯.jpg (21.03 KB, 385x385, 1:1, lisa.jpg)

File: 77b083ec9b80dba⋯.png (326.17 KB, 756x600, 63:50, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at ….png)


Look at the search-field… I wasn't even looking for it.

55e51f  No.5664624

File: f8c43e2b163a2aa⋯.png (2.82 MB, 1043x1122, 1043:1122, ClipboardImage.png)

2a1217  No.5664625



fa5f93  No.5664626



It's wild watching a continental 24 hr radar loop after one of those crosses the Midwest into the South

52b686  No.5664627


3:14 on January 5



3c8d94  No.5664628







8481f8  No.5664629


Muh Schindler's List and Muh Anne Frank Diary, I think.

7e10ed  No.5664630

File: 299fe7565f8c236⋯.jpg (123.3 KB, 507x700, 507:700, shillums.jpg)

9142af  No.5664631

File: 555faaaba287a08⋯.jpg (427.2 KB, 800x678, 400:339, ecfe0bc10935511d8d23d67724….jpg)


This will be the excuse for the 'reset' that will cascade around the world.

Get ready for the final fight.

Final Boss: Federal Reserve

da4de3  No.5664632


1. Cabal says start revealing our crimes we'll start crashing planes.

2. Alliance calls their bluff, drops a plane.

3. Alliance grounds the planes WW.

4. Will now proceed with reveal.

War is real

8949bc  No.5664633


Also, why all cap letters in RAT? Is that an acronym for something???


16bc38  No.5664634

File: d5c4db209ad75a7⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 500x334, 250:167, IMG_2601.JPG)

File: ab247bc5a659d5b⋯.jpg (43.83 KB, 700x462, 50:33, IMG_2602.JPG)

File: 29d3f72034cc433⋯.jpg (112.88 KB, 500x375, 4:3, IMG_2603.JPG)

File: e7fdbff1906c0c0⋯.jpg (66.42 KB, 650x365, 130:73, IMG_2604.JPG)

File: e52c65ce7b89fb9⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1280x1083, 1280:1083, IMG_2612.PNG)

1d27e8  No.5664635

Paul Ryan will go down in history as a pathetic loser and unremembered treasonous spectre. One who is remembered as to help throw an election when the country needed it the most.


9fd639  No.5664636

Anyone know when the Varsity Blues investigation started? ballpark it if you don't know the exact date…

3dea32  No.5664637


CBS with the spin. Don't forget prosecutors said in court they have sex slaves and branded women.

Raniere is accused of overseeing a criminal enterprise.

Prosecutors say he secretly created and led a sorority named DOS, whose female members were branded on their pubic regions with a logo containing his initials.

They say some members were groomed for unwanted sex with Raniere and forced to give up blackmail material like naked photos and secrets about family members in order to ensure they wouldn't leave the sorority, according to prosecutors.

b90712  No.5664638

xbox down?

da939f  No.5664640


And most recently on 3/10 (leaves 7/10 'balance'). Looks pretty connected to me. Q17 on 10/31 (not much mental gymnastics to make that 3/10). Q17 discusses air travel. Sentence #4 makes a LOT of sense in this context. "Biggest drop on Pol." (layers of meaning? I can make a few hypothetical dates out of that–some of them just days away). We'll never know for sure, I guess.

aa52d1  No.5664641

File: ea6de1f3a8f7da9⋯.jpg (512.14 KB, 1301x1038, 1301:1038, bird-singing.jpg)

1ee440  No.5664642

a3e150  No.5664643


You do realize you can live without a connection to the news matrix, right? I mean, I enjoy the net, but I'm just fine without it too. Perhaps even better off.

55e51f  No.5664644

File: 84c2f9b7cae0a1f⋯.png (1.13 MB, 890x500, 89:50, ClipboardImage.png)

73c123  No.5664645

Seriously though… I'd do Lisa Page

9584cd  No.5664647

Does anyone have the blacklist script, I feel that there is going to be a flux of shills here in the next few days, and I would rather not have to scroll through whatever sick fetish of the day is.


d5e403  No.5664648

File: e3459186d280959⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1500x1080, 25:18, WWG1WGA-Guardians-Matrix-Q….jpg)

16be0f  No.5664649



Yes, radio. So, you would place yourself in the position of depending on others?.

098c9d  No.5664650

File: cb18bf355f9b760⋯.jpeg (76.18 KB, 1024x646, 512:323, A92CB1A3-7236-47E9-A36A-B….jpeg)



Gina Haspel Warnd by leetGlowies involved in CF scandals

221222  No.5664651


don't believe you are really JA; some kind of larp……. can't slide us, you GTFO. You know, IF you were JA, anon was right, you had a chance to actually help people and you didn't. you chose your over-inflated ego for self-aggrandizement over following the Golden Rule. you remember, don't you? the one that says, "do unto others….." too fuckin sad

3e9a16  No.5664652


Because it's a dilemma.

If he erroneously grounded the 737, he would put Boeing in very serious financial difficulties. This in turn would massively weaken a very important armaments company which is very bad in the current situation.

It apparently took some time until they recognized this perverted smart move from (((them))).

Move and countermove.

994b53  No.5664653

The cabal is expecting something to drop ….They will crash these planes to divert narrative

363081  No.5664654


737 hmm


9832ad  No.5664655


there are some in the streets you cannot help really. i am around the homeless on a daily basis. there are those down on their luck and those that just cannot function in normal society no matter what due to mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse etc. but helping them to have food, water, basic necessity is a good thing. They don't need much.

446afe  No.5664656

File: 1fa0caef6454c5e⋯.jpg (24.52 KB, 357x412, 357:412, IMG_0989.JPG)

File: a1e3e8d10ec06e8⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 320x240, 4:3, IMG_2257.JPG)

File: 0130e4096546135⋯.png (75.72 KB, 590x340, 59:34, IMG_2509.PNG)

File: a3161fe8509b709⋯.jpg (174.39 KB, 700x765, 140:153, IMG_1921.JPG)

6a3f16  No.5664657

File: ecce2334f67e7ac⋯.png (205.02 KB, 781x390, 781:390, 56e49c1d1e0000950070fe8588….png)


mein snopes? keks

1d05f3  No.5664658

File: 8978fdae5a4a9f2⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 460x306, 230:153, KEK.jpg)

34fd12  No.5664659

File: db39825849080cb⋯.jpg (92.26 KB, 660x598, 330:299, ben-gurion-2.jpg)


Kinda like International Red Cross statistics are much more verifiable than anything coming from the lampshade crowd.

ee6681  No.5664660


about a year ago they said in the presser yesterday.

7f9b1d  No.5664661

File: 4212ea9baf60bc4⋯.png (125.06 KB, 1068x495, 356:165, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at ….png)

I know…. I know…. but I have IRL friends there… hard to quit.

72f149  No.5664662


Good to hear. Have a pint for me please.

c639d7  No.5664663


Not a techie, just speculation. But my impression is that when they purge large amounts of data of the servers, it bogs them down for a while. They’re not really taking themselves down, servers just can’t handle everything efficiently at that time. Like we get lag here during DDOS attacks and/or Q&A time. J