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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

16fb5b  No.5523559

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Tuesday 03.05.2019

>>5523185 "Meet IG" (Cap: >>5523279)

Monday 03.04.2019

>>5509984 ————————————–——– @SaraCarterDC ( Caps: >>5510040, >>5510079 )

>>5509783 ————————————–——– Those awake can see clearly ( Cap: >>5510013 , >>5510524 )

>>5508407 ————————————–——– Public comms prevent. FS on incoming.

>>5508361 ————————————–——– Battery A_roof 1A. Battery F_ground 9G.

>>5508261 ————————————–——– Dark pattern active. [-48] LMT_NO_NONS.

>>5508223 rt >>5508196 ————————— CLEAR ALL NONS. [-48]

>>5508196 rt >>5508181 ————————— MGL_change_route_under, Assist P_193

>>5508181 ————————————–——– D Fire_Good. Location assist_Good

>>5505190 rt >>5505069 ————————— 'War-like' Posture Activated?

>>5504953 ————————————–——– Promises made. Promises kept ( Cap: >>5505096 )

>>5504293 ————————————–——– Hussein gave the order to start the spy campaign

>>5503631 rt >>5503585 ————————— Define 'backchannel'

>>5503493 rt >>5503398 ————————— Public will become aware > doc dump

>>5503275 rt >>5503240 ————————— Departure from the DOJ doesn't mean he's not on the team

>>5503231 rt >>5502835 ————————— You have a short memory, Anon

Sunday 03.03.2019

Compiled here: >>5510343

Saturday 03.02.2019

Compiled here: >>5492143

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are not endorsements


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#7062 Baker Change

>>5522838 Chelsea Manning fights subpoena in Wikileaks probe

>>5522874 Clip of MSNBC hit piece on Q

>>5522889 1 year delta about Snowden

>>5522897 Trump moves to scrap trade privilege for India

>>5522911 Text of a Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Venezuela

>>5522957, >>5523038 Nevada state Senate leader resigns over campaign finance charges

>>5522960 Biotech Shares Tumble As FDA Commissioner Abruptly Resigns

>>5522963, >>5523079 Charlie Kirk tweet: Yale study finds up to 29 million illegals here, double what we though

>>5523002 US-Funded Cuban Propaganda Outlet Fires Eight for ‘Deeply Offensive’ Soros Story

>>5523020 ICE arrests more than 20 released in New York after detainers ignored

>>5523075 Moar on AOC hiding $1 million from the FEC

>>5523098, >>5523119 New POTUS Tweets

>>5523163 Invasion statistics released today by CBP

>>5523210 Tweet Q linked to

>>5523235 Incoming air strikes on Gaza

>>5523343 Michael Bloomberg not running in 2020

>>5523378 NYT says border at "breaking point", but attack POTUS for National Emergency

>>5523421 Finger is pointing to #7: MEET IG

>>5523433 AOC VS AMAZON: Cortez Says Amazon Can Return to NYC if they ‘Consult’ Local Communities

>>5523546 #7062


>>5522051 https://qresearc.ch Updates

>>5522078 Supercut of admissions that there is no evidence Trump colluded with Russia or obstructed the investigation

>>5522088 Ukrainian elections “closed off” from international observers

>>5522096 Israel closes Gaza border, blocking aid transfers

>>5522136 AOC and her chief of staff looking at possible prison sentences re: PAC violations; AOC denies violations

>>5522217 ; >>5522257 ; >>5522495 On Pompeo notes (2019 March 2nd)

>>5522246 ; >>5522414 MSM reporting on sales of Q-related book

>>5522288 ; >>5522692 NASA plane crashes at Houston airport

>>5522297 New DJT

>>5522374 POTUS not complying with House Democrat fishing expedition faggotry

>>5522390 Nevada state senate majority leader to resign

>>5522457 Democrat donors pushing out re: 2020 campaign donations

>>5522478 Planefag on Twitter: small aircraft headed to Gitmo

>>5522513 FDA’s commissioner Scott Gottlieb resigning

>>5522496 Jordan and Meadows write to DHS Sec. Nielsen 2016 election interference briefings

>>5522545 Maduro’s plane headed toward Cuba

>>5522682 POTUS to veto bill re: overturning nat’l emergency

>>5522720 #7061

#7060 Baker Change

>>5521312 Huawei opens cybersecurity center in Belgium amid US crackdown

>>5521317 ; >>5521363 Soros donor dig: Agnes Gund


>>5521327 Idaho lawmakers kill bill that would have ended child marriage under 16 in state

>>5521333 ; >>5521339 Mueller visited WH the day after Podesta emails were stolen; did not work for gov’t at that time

>>5521344 Trudeau loses another cabinet member owing to corruption scandal

>>5521408 Clapper: “I didn’t lie” to Congress about NSA spying - “I just simply didn’t understand” the question

>>5521423 IL fast-tracking extreme abortion legislation

>>5521428 Sweden in heat and presenting for ISIS, “fighters can return”

>>5521450 The Mueller Report available for sale on Amazon

>>5521502 Macron attacks Brexit, calls for “European Federalism”

>>5521549 POTUS signs EO to Empower Veterans and End Veteran Suicide

>>5521623 New DJT

>>5521641 CBP report: 76k migrants entered through southwest border in February

>>5521935 Re: the inauguration of Nulzuludin Shah, 48 hours, and stringers

>>5521986 #7060

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16fb5b  No.5523570



d4533d  No.5523575

Which is the greater, most heinous crime:

Committing Treason? Or…

Committing a crime that requires the law of one's nation to place the government and citizens living in that nation of "believers in God" into the position of killers?

"Thou Shalt Not Kill" is a law of God and most of those living under those precepts accept killing as immoral and an affront to God and so, do not violate what they also accept as a basic tenet of humanity; many resisting even what can be viewed as an acceptable and even required response to invasion, personal danger, protection of life of self or others and other aspects that can be included upon investigation.

Nations all have the inherent right to make laws for their nation that have as their predicate the existing social norms being accepted and practiced by their citizens and the moral/intellectual/ethical development (or regression) of their society; and that society has every right to put in place punishments and penalties for violation of those laws.

The law for Treason grants Death as a suitable and equitable form of punishment for attempting to harm the traitor's home/family/neighbors/society-at-large by "siding with the enemy" - whomever or whatever society has deemed that/those enemies to be.

But what is the punishment for the damage done to "The People?

An attempted existence as a moral/ethical, rational/intellectual/reasoning, being, may be severely damaged by being forced to participate - however distant from actual proceedings - in the death of another human and should also be viewed as a "Crime Against Persons."

Such charge could be included within the proceeding for Treason but I feel it is important to acknowledge ALL the damage a TRAITOR creates and enables; and also eliminates any responsibility from society at large for what is legally about to be done; in their name.

This needs to include - among others - those such as no-name (and not deserving of capitals even using that identification) and papa bushy, who were/are going to be, likely suicided; their full crimes must be acknowledged so society can be absolved of blame.

This should likely also be added to all crimes for which the penalty may be death. Why should society be put in such a position without it being acknowledged for the potential damage to society.

Perhaps a suitable penalty could also be, upon proven grounds for arrest for Treason or another "death-sentence-worthy" crime…an immediate cancellation of ALL political rights; especially those requiring the injured party - society - to provide security, sustenance, medicine etc., to the criminal.

16fb5b  No.5523587

Want to handoff baker?

87ee9a  No.5523596

File: 9f1f3dcf8fff17e⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1551820857467.webm)

NASA on a string

>vid related

29d430  No.5523601


Sure thing.

Handoff confirmed

Thanks, Baker!

16fb5b  No.5523618


thank you!

will be around, can bake later too

37e61e  No.5523622

File: 78a917256c737d8⋯.mp4 (3.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, @AOC Here’s @JerryFalwellJ….mp4)

d4acec  No.5523624

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool

Y'all watching this???

1de0e4  No.5523626

File: 36d03293838cebd⋯.png (295.19 KB, 484x691, 484:691, Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 4….png)

How profoundly amazing and King of all trolling of all time if this was actually published with full unredacted versions of all the FISA and a full accounting of each players treasonous acts. Remember the official scope of the investigation is a total mystery and classified. Then to get giddy libs to fork out $10 each to read a truth they never wanted to learn…What exactly has the declass been waiting for?

29d430  No.5523627


Good to see you man.

Catch you later.

f26820  No.5523628

>>5522217 (lb)


12. Robert Reilly

21 Senol & Saxenfield

e59071  No.5523630

File: d76feba33231b3c⋯.jpeg (249.85 KB, 1685x561, 1685:561, 2E44870A-1FEB-4119-9F81-8….jpeg)

File: 103e0230bb73261⋯.jpeg (572.81 KB, 1708x1463, 244:209, 09442E94-2945-42F8-BF98-2….jpeg)

Okay Anons, I’m playing with the idea that yesterday’s Q posts that appeared to be some kind of operation was mostly tied to comms.

I focused on Qmap 2962

Stringer: Operation Underway




4 Mar 2019 - 5:54:04 PM


SJAH_X-830198374 [-48]

D Fire_Good

Location assist_Good


I removed the letters and only searched the numbers. 830198374

Strangely enough it came up but on a foreign website. Russian I believe.

Site link is. http://numbers.ba-za.net/icq/prefix2/830/198/

I copied and pasted the first paragraph to a translator.

Russian - detected covert to English

Список всех номеров icq, аськи, isq - Выбор диапазона 830198xxx

ICQ - популярная служба мнгновенного обмена сообщениями. В современном мире почти у каждого человека есть аська. По номеру аську часто можно индефицировать человека, узнать его контакты, род деятельности, дополнительную информацию о нем.

На нашем сайте вы можете найти любой номер icq, информацию о нем. Оставить положительные или отрицательные первые три цифры номера и пройдите по ссылке.

Spisok vsekh nomerov icq, as'ki, isq - Vybor diapazona 830198xxx

….snip….for brevity…

List of all numbers icq, ICQ, isq - Range selection 830198xxx

ICQ is a popular instant messaging service. In the modern world, almost every person has ICQ. By ICQ number you can often identify a person, find out his contacts, type of activity, additional information about him.

On our site you can find any icq number, information about it. Leave positive or negative feedback about the owner of the room.

The number icq consists of nine digits (xxx-xxx-xxx). For the convenience of searching by numbers, we divide the number into three parts of three digits. Select the first three digits of the number and follow the link.

ICQ ("I Seek You") is a program you can download that will let you know when friends and contacts are also online on the Internet. ICQ allows you to page them, chat with them, and initiate and participate in PC-to-PC calls, PC-to-phone and phone-to-phone calling cards calls.

Read about it here…https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICQ

ICQ is a cross-platform instant messaging and VoIP client. The name ICQ derives from the English phrase "I Seek You".[1] Originally developed by Mirabilis in 1996, the client was bought by AOL in 1998

My theory is that based on Q post below Q was hinting at playing a game with the opposition and they took the bait.

The following 5 Qposts 2962-2966 were comms related to that phishing expedition.

ame Theory: The Opposition Threw the First Punch (Poor Public Optics)




4 Mar 2019 - 3:13:05 PM

>>5505069 (/pb)

Is there a benefit (think public optics) to allowing your enemy to open the front door?

'War-like' Posture Activated?

Thank you for playing.


Why did those numbers only come up on a Russian site when I googled it?

I don’t know Still digging.

2dad76  No.5523631


Oh, Q, it's getting good.

Thank you!!!

cfd8be  No.5523634


76K Migrants Entered Through Southwest Border in February — Most in 12 Years, Says CBP

374bc1  No.5523635

File: 1ae3ab69c4967de⋯.jpg (91.53 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, b8bc38cb5cb00b72306b38607d….jpg)

Thank You Baker

65365b  No.5523636

>>5523617 (lb, Q)

Sneaky fucker.

8810c2  No.5523638

File: e612a5f9326856b⋯.png (86.04 KB, 1033x339, 1033:339, ClipboardImage.png)

late Q cap

6887c8  No.5523639

Exactly. One who eats meat can have a pure heart just as one who does not eat meat can have an impure heart. In the Buddha's teachings, the important thing is the quality of your heart, not the contents of your diet. Many Buddhists take great care never to eat meat but they are not concerned about being selfish, dishonest, cruel or jealous.

7890bb  No.5523640

File: fa12d7557676c6e⋯.png (34.26 KB, 171x166, 171:166, hillary scared.PNG)

487d6e  No.5523641

File: df3dd3dc7e3c3f0⋯.png (20.2 KB, 1046x320, 523:160, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5523617 (LB)

Late Q Post

d4acec  No.5523642


It's like buying a MAGA hat.

it's a piece of history and I'm not about to print it myself

59878c  No.5523643

File: 0c5b3493245622f⋯.png (33.34 KB, 609x212, 609:212, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 94f3f847e6a2e9e⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1526x5392, 763:2696, ClipboardImage.png)

form this mornings bread

>>5518912 #7056

there was talk if the 93 percent in POTUS tweet from this morning had any meaning (and the most likely candidate this morning was flight 93 / shankville) but there's a extratropical strom brewing right now that could lead to "a storm of the century" as it ls listed on several sites … well the last storm of the century was in


Just about to be in the eye of the storm, think i'll start watching Q PatriotFights board more often for the next while.



a2b417  No.5523644


>>5523617 ————————————–——– [D] party con.

0daa8f  No.5523645

>>5522838 (lb)

The documents leaked were only PRE HUSSEIN and stopped at Dec 2009 right before he took office.

Chelsea Manning = useful idiot? Now being forced to testify who told her to release them?

16fb5b  No.5523646


Really late Q:

>>5523617 ————————————–——– Listen carefully ref re: proof v evidence.

eaa2c1  No.5523647


Will stand by for tweet confirming Horowitz meeting Monday. Was yesterday's drop related to a track and lock from a SAM installation?

ef109e  No.5523648

File: 4e795a59d360313⋯.png (776.07 KB, 1414x444, 707:222, patornot.png)

What is Todd Penley? Organic patriot. Maybe. Profile background pic– plays up the childish angle. Could be organic.

Or not.

18c626  No.5523649


17 digit too

90dcf5  No.5523650

File: 0671b5f4235b6a9⋯.jpeg (416.75 KB, 2224x1452, 556:363, 91EDE941-93A6-4D74-9B89-9….jpeg)

6a930e  No.5523651



>>5523617 (pb)

e81d1c  No.5523652


missing latest Q, baker

941b34  No.5523653

New Q end of LB

>>5523617 (/pb)

db8fb3  No.5523654

File: 17a1918cd7b920c⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 4eda39aa483d26c6b81ee064d0….jpg)

b1d593  No.5523655

>>5523371 (lb)

Wrong. "YHWH" sometimes written in English as "Yahweh", or any number of combination of English vowels, is actually derived from the name of a Babylonian fertility goddess. Do you think that the Jewish priests held in Babylon captivity didn't assimilate the religion of their pagan captors into their own? It is no different than the name use use for God's book, the "Bible", having been derived from a Phonetician fertility goddess "Biblia". Also just like your chosen Name for our Heavenly Father of "God" is derived from a paleo Germanic and pagan fertility goddess "Gott". How about the word for your chosen building of worship being the "Church" having been derived from the Druid pagan fertility goddess Circe. Do you recognize the two letter "c"'s in "Church". The same for the words circle and circus, all come from that same fertility goddess Circe. That's why John of Patmos warned you about the "woman that rides the beast", i.e. the myth and legend of Circe. Every time you step into and worship "God" or "Jesus" in a building adorned with the name "Church" you are literally worshiping in the Name of the Woman the Rides the Beast! I feel so sorry for you delusional ChristFags knowing virtually nothing about the foundations of your own satanic originated religion.

1b5940  No.5523656

File: 333ff7a46415c12⋯.png (110.23 KB, 1158x390, 193:65, -26- -qresearch- - Q Resea….png)

..5523617 (lb) New Q

8c9772  No.5523657

[D] party con

The D party is a con. We have never has such an evil hateful adversary.

Foreign and DOMESTIC

37e61e  No.5523658

File: 7d74c071bbfb446⋯.png (267.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

c40f32  No.5523659



"…and the fraudulent and dishonest statements he made on Wednesday. No way, it’s time to stop this corrupt and illegally brought Witch Hunt. [Time to start looking at the other side where real crimes were committed]. Republicans have been [abused long enough]. Must end now!"

Carpet bombs are ok.

Tactical nukes are better.



thought it was this but dif #

16fb5b  No.5523660



Q posted after the fresh bread post

1b5940  No.5523661

25d86f  No.5523662

File: 4e87453f833ae35⋯.png (754.14 KB, 1080x1539, 40:57, Screenshot_20190306-025753….png)

Late Q Twitter link.

29d430  No.5523663

374bc1  No.5523664

64a258  No.5523665

File: da97f929e1eef79⋯.png (390.09 KB, 601x364, 601:364, Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at ….png)


learning is important but it has to be about truth. finding the truth about history is tricky because of all the misinfo both intentional and accidental.

wasn't the USSR … socialist?? not communist? or was it some of both?

did socialism end up imploding the USSR?

and while we're at it, did the swastika really begin in the US during WWI?



727b9f  No.5523666


So they have EVIDENCE

but no PROOF ?

These people are stupid.

f21a25  No.5523667

File: c29ab226af28b49⋯.jpg (74.76 KB, 573x328, 573:328, iur.jpg)

File: 1f1c13620e0b806⋯.jpg (40.26 KB, 482x255, 482:255, Magic-Hat-Hex.jpg)

File: 74a9e0fce2a65e5⋯.jpg (29.38 KB, 306x220, 153:110, witchhunt .jpg)

65365b  No.5523668


When they post that late, I have to imagine that the timestamp is of importance.

091f73  No.5523669

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 03/05/19 (Tue) 13:26:29 310b06 (2) No.5523617>>5523623


Listen carefully ref re: proof v evidence.

[D] party con.

Define 'evidence'.


1. the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

"the study finds little evidence of overt discrimination"

synonyms: [proof], confirmation, verification, substantiation, corroboration, affirmation, authentication, attestation, documentation; Define 'proof'.


1. [evidence] or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement.

"you will be asked to give proof of your identity"

synonyms: evidence, verification, corroboration, authentication, confirmation, certification, validation, attestation, demonstration, substantiation, witness, testament;


Listen to the clip again re: proof & evidence.

Define 'brainwashing'.


Think for yourself!


c08599  No.5523670

File: fa47e48c595760d⋯.jpg (11.51 KB, 255x241, 255:241, pepekek1.jpg)


Why doesn't Q wait for a fresh bread like the rest of us?

da58d5  No.5523671

File: 066962f56e21ccc⋯.jpg (72.32 KB, 500x1045, 100:209, 2vaoyi.jpg)

File: f595f5bb1bfe3ac⋯.png (405.82 KB, 720x1132, 180:283, Screenshot_2019-03-05-15-1….png)

File: 362aa42b51ea3d1⋯.png (47.99 KB, 720x544, 45:34, Screenshot_2019-03-05-15-1….png)

ef109e  No.5523672


Does Todd Penley post HERE?

Do any "twitter Q followers" post here?

Are those two spheres COMPLETELY DIVIDED from each other?

Is that organic?

Are you here Todd Penley?

Talk to us.

25d86f  No.5523673

File: d62fd42fe3f8651⋯.jpg (43.14 KB, 923x938, 923:938, IMG_20190306_025355.jpg)

..And counting.

b30b47  No.5523674

Hey Q… Nadler and Schiff hiring high-priced, well-connected Attorneys? WTF is up with that?

487d6e  No.5523675

File: b69563843b97df4⋯.mp4 (1.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jim Hanson on Twitter .@Je….mp4)

0868df  No.5523676

Hey guys, there was a late Q did you know. It was late last bread, did someone manage to cap it ? /s

e81d1c  No.5523677


i posted that before Q posted again but captcha. ass.

859543  No.5523678

File: 0d36a5f27106936⋯.png (834.41 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8CEDDF8D-F0A9-4D35-823A-01….png)


db8fb3  No.5523679

File: 074838de3494949⋯.png (464.45 KB, 753x880, 753:880, ClipboardImage.png)

2a37a5  No.5523680

>>5523603 (lb) Pompeo look like a black hat

Maybe go to IG for stop declas

on the next with RR


824177  No.5523681


At the tail end of last bread

>>5523617 \pb

6a930e  No.5523682

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>5523617 (pb)

No collusion.

057b11  No.5523683

File: d5db92a9cae8cb5⋯.png (202.26 KB, 701x982, 701:982, Screenshot from 2019-03-05….png)

Mueller Report available for Pre-Order on Amazon with a release date of March 26th.

Recently sighted on Voat.

90dcf5  No.5523684

File: dff043a71d1e1b2⋯.jpeg (327.2 KB, 1191x1487, 1191:1487, 7CAA1CF8-844B-41B8-A411-B….jpeg)

Q link

e3e5ad  No.5523685

>>5523617 (lb)

We can end this quickly!

Do it Q!

ff7bb0  No.5523686

File: c46c68655bc9b26⋯.jpeg (260.64 KB, 1834x1161, 1834:1161, 3A7C979F-F6EB-4C31-B7B0-1….jpeg)

9f4fea  No.5523687


I think in the clip he's talking about "suggestive evidence" vs. "conclusive evidence."

0868df  No.5523688


Make them dig their graves and slay them all.

b45765  No.5523689

File: 7f525343c535d15⋯.png (67.95 KB, 715x923, 55:71, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5f8638b3e1121d8⋯.png (69.6 KB, 712x848, 89:106, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 72329d341c79fb0⋯.png (37.7 KB, 737x625, 737:625, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d735e10276f4c36⋯.png (49.35 KB, 721x791, 103:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 15f426a4008a94b⋯.png (28.06 KB, 716x899, 716:899, ClipboardImage.png)




Then use the links below to download our work!


SCRIBD: https://www.scribd.com/document/396947368/Q-Anon-The-Storm-X-V?secret_password=dyEKxNsrf3t0v3p41VUC

MEDIAFIRE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/iwbwkxbgme4u3p7/Q+Anon+-+The+Storm+-+X.V.pdf


Understand this is NOT a chat room, lurk for a few MONTHS AT LEAST before posting and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ OUR WORK, watch how the board operates, learn our comms, use discernment to evaluate who is friend or foe and learn how shills operate!SHARE!



P.S. Anyone who has an issue with boobs/baker girls needs to go learn the history of qresearch and what the legends who work here have done for YOU! These are adult women, porn is posted by shills.

We hunt pedophiles. Illegal content is posted by bad actors board mods remove and block but some ip hop, this is a constant battle as the powers that be do not want the TRUTH getting out.


Attacks on this post demonstrate the above line!

3d2c05  No.5523690


your evidence is satan

229721  No.5523691

>>5523584 lb

Why would Pompeo meet with IG to facilitate declas? Per previous drop >>5523574 lb


Why would Secretary of State have anything to do with declas? Just another drop to make anons run around in circles.

368bb9  No.5523692

File: af8f9ebb05bea2e⋯.png (450.73 KB, 585x690, 39:46, Hanson re Nadler No Collus….PNG)

File: a1449d69d21e7bf⋯.mp4 (624.25 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Video Hanson re Nadler No ….mp4)

>>5523617 [Q lb]


.@JerryNadler admits on #CNN they have no proof of Obstruction by @realDonaldTrump it's just his "personal opinion" Meet the new #WitchHunt Same as the old #WitchHunt


6fbaee  No.5523693

>>5523617 (pb)


What does fat jew say at the very end? She was talking over him & I couldn't make out what he said.

c45779  No.5523694

>>5523617 (lb)

(((Nadler))) ain't got nuthin. I still cant over his tweet profile. That just blew my mind.

6b60fb  No.5523695

File: 9a87b93ab55f990⋯.png (766.81 KB, 1433x897, 1433:897, Screenshot_2019-03-05 Jim ….png)

512ead  No.5523696


The Bible has NOTHING to do with the Catholic church however as some will try and lay this off. The WHORE is ISRAEL. (not saying you said it was)

Read Ezekiel ch. 16. It explains why Israel is the whore.


008aa0  No.5523697

Who would date Chelsea Manning?

a man, a woman, a transwoman? a transman?

A lesbian, a gay man?

Who are they attracted to and who is attracted to them?

Or do they just change and are asexual?

I really don't understand.

And is it a coincidence, he/she chose the name 'Chelsea"?

953687  No.5523699


We need to end this PROPERLY.

3350ac  No.5523700

Melania might be hosting a Mardi Gras shindig for the WH staff tonight so not a lot of habbenings while they get their daily stuff done before 6p.

b1056e  No.5523701


Q wanted to grab the 17.

308f53  No.5523702


And Republicans in congress are doing???

d2c1da  No.5523703


"I think there is a lot of evidence but there is no proof "

6b16cc  No.5523704


I find it amazing that someone who rejects the gospel considers himself an expert on the gospel.

16fb5b  No.5523705


that's not even coherent

bread was baked by 710 posts, Q posted at 747

97c811  No.5523706

Shifty Bastard!

have evidence, but no proof?

Thanks for the insight, Q.


107784  No.5523707

File: 51f78299ae707d1⋯.png (780.65 KB, 1002x506, 501:253, ClipboardImage.png)

6a930e  No.5523708


"It's part of what this is about."

f21a25  No.5523709

File: ae4211b79b5670f⋯.jpg (199.69 KB, 1088x729, 1088:729, ae8eb99a99c9df01503a8fd626….jpg)

File: 9ea22e8ee63b9af⋯.jpg (201.77 KB, 1088x729, 1088:729, ae8eb99a99c9df01503a8fd626….jpg)

8287ae  No.5523710



da58d5  No.5523711

File: deb0df0bcfaebe6⋯.jpg (51.34 KB, 610x500, 61:50, 2v8gc7.jpg)

308f53  No.5523712


Certainly not I.

65365b  No.5523713


Naw, totally missed it if anyone did.

Oh wells.

4433fe  No.5523714

>>5523617 PB

They are constantly launching pushing investigations based on faked "evidence", then continuing the investigations to search for a reason why they started the investigation in the first place. The public is being hoodwinked over and over again….

28f058  No.5523715

>>5523617 lb

Branch Termination(((s))) delta?

0bebd9  No.5523716

So what Jerry is saying they have proof but they don't have proof at the same exact time. Well Jerry, buddy, pal. It can't go both ways. You either HAVE proof or you don't have proof. Stop fucking around and cough it up if you do otherwise take a number and wait for your arrest.

e00b33  No.5523717

>>5523434 (lb)

Been watching it. Jack is too big a pussy so he brings his bullying Indian cunt with him, and Rogan is too gutless so he brings in Tim Pool to do the heavy lifting. It's infuriating. Indian cunt just lies and lies and lies. Fucking indict these twat bitches.

07b327  No.5523718

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rogan / Jack Dorsey / Tim Pool / Vijaya Gadde Live on Censorship and twitter …

Arguing they are not censoring, even though they have power in elections, and other countries

e7733d  No.5523719


I don't get it, Congress will be in recess.

Trump doesn't wear a wedding ring, who is that?

b1056e  No.5523720

I really can't believe how huge this movement has become. Such a difference from a year ago.

308f53  No.5523721


Well he's a Jew so…..

d2c1da  No.5523722


In other words there is no evidence or proof of evidence

824177  No.5523723

File: ffe32b90c9947e6⋯.jpg (128.37 KB, 623x577, 623:577, ffe32b90c9947e682ffe231d30….jpg)


Best kinda kitchen is a hot kitchen! ThankQs Baker, awesome job

783786  No.5523724


Holy shit, there is so much wrong with this. Although at this point I think you're just trolling Christfags rather than shilling, but still.. to anyone that has any idea about anything, you just come off ignorant as fuck.

6fbaee  No.5523725


Yep. That's it. Thanks, anon.

21af9f  No.5523726



5cc601  No.5523727

File: 47fade5900ac06d⋯.jpg (103 KB, 577x780, 577:780, !!## the news_0.jpg)

e00b33  No.5523728


Never wanted to slap an Indian bitch so hard in my life. Combative, lying cunt.

cfd8be  No.5523729

File: b40f43662e18f69⋯.png (538.03 KB, 531x564, 177:188, AQ33.PNG)


Report: Google Employees Believe Censored Chinese ‘Project Dragonfly’ Still Under Development

6887c8  No.5523730

659243  No.5523731

File: 9b0706f3b3f5374⋯.png (24.83 KB, 639x342, 71:38, ClipboardImage.png)


cadaf5  No.5523732

File: 19d44a4f2f52290⋯.jpg (61.58 KB, 500x652, 125:163, 2v4wlq_1.jpg)

bc6f8a  No.5523733


Nope, I don't voluntarily listen to shills.

f350e1  No.5523734


Jones and Jack within a week… no agenda there….

505d7c  No.5523735

File: f40b5bbda8a95e3⋯.jpg (201.19 KB, 500x660, 25:33, 2.jpg)

File: 9d0ca2d5508c57f⋯.jpg (78.97 KB, 623x400, 623:400, 2ugfob.jpg)


25d86f  No.5523736

File: 2864fd97c3f6f12⋯.jpg (155.98 KB, 1679x811, 1679:811, IMG_20190306_024706.jpg)


Thoughts on this Q? If legit book, you endorsing the book will spread awakening like a forest fire.

a2b417  No.5523737

File: 4afc4a4b96de0d7⋯.png (36.54 KB, 593x322, 593:322, ClipboardImage.png)

Are (((they))) planning a FF to distract the public from DECLAS?


f26820  No.5523738


Robert R. Reilly

Robert R. Reilly is a writer and senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council.

56044f  No.5523739

File: dce3b4b545b1364⋯.png (986.57 KB, 634x997, 634:997, IG7777.png)

cd6ca4  No.5523740

File: 77bf2476713c51c⋯.mp4 (1.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, wEFqZtH68XjcFNB1.mp4)




9f4fea  No.5523741


Evidence can be conclusive or suggestive. I think he was using "evidence" to mean suggestive evidence and "proof" to mean conclusive evidence.

4433fe  No.5523742

File: 71bdc3f5364ad54⋯.png (185.32 KB, 2060x640, 103:32, ClipboardImage.png)

00106f  No.5523743

File: add9730910fb1aa⋯.jpg (700.33 KB, 1384x2010, 692:1005, SmartSelect_20190305-15321….jpg)

Sara Carter

Wonder what they'll find? Republicans Seek Obama Era Docs From DHS on Russian Election Interference https://t.co/OGmRYIwxFD via @SaraCarterDC


8d316a  No.5523744

Proofs are best left to mathmeticians.

In courts of law, things are "proven" by a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not), clear and convincing evidence, and evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

That Q and POTUS synch their posts/tweets provides evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Q and POTUS work in coordination with each other, or are in fact, one and the same.

Launching criminal investigations with no evidence of a crime; launching a counter-intelligence investigation with no intel; these are things done by desperate men out of sheer instinct to survive. They are not the actions of reasonable men acting according to the mandates of their oaths or job descriptions.

3fa9f3  No.5523745


ICQ bought by Russia [original mainstream chat]

2dad76  No.5523746


23 was left blank on the sheet.

What is meant to go on #23,Q?

29d430  No.5523747



308f53  No.5523748


Deport them all.

6b16cc  No.5523749


Rev_11:8  And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

Support for your argument.

eabb33  No.5523750

Interesting that there are some high profile people who now say they are not running for the Democrats in the 2020 Presidential Election. I'm guessing it would be hard to do that from a prison cell.

091f73  No.5523751

File: b514fa924b386c2⋯.jpeg (209.39 KB, 656x1000, 82:125, 8A9A3854-017B-476E-BC57-1….jpeg)

da58d5  No.5523752



2514ef  No.5523753


I think this is also the clip where he goes on to say it’s about convincing the American people. The way he says it, it has nothing to do with proof or evidence, basically convince the public he should be impeached via narrative. Absolutely disgusting. Hannity has been using the clip as an intro on his radio show when coming back from break. Infuriates me every time I hear it. I hope he has an indictment with his name on it. He’s a weasel.

dd2845  No.5523754

File: f2de38b58ad7a53⋯.png (176.17 KB, 500x500, 1:1, AF97D7AF-888C-49C6-99F7-EE….png)

c45779  No.5523755


Someone is about to get their library opened.

d0ca4c  No.5523756

File: b77982e342311b8⋯.jpg (7.96 KB, 289x163, 289:163, th-2.jpg)

File: 335f2a2e4fad44a⋯.jpg (10.94 KB, 285x161, 285:161, th-1.jpg)

>>5523185 Q

>>5523416 LB



4 Dec 2017 - 9:09:40 PM

RED RED 9/11.

Funds raised vs distributed?


7/10 plane crashes are targeted kills.

Those in the know never sleep.




8 Apr 2018 - 11:15:14 AM



Plane crash 1999.

HRC Senate 2000.

The “Start.”

Enjoy the show.



holds monstrous "internet of Things" patents

that can take down planes with

remote instructions to on little QRS-11 sensor

in the autopilot system.

In the late 1980's and early 1990's,

Hillary Clinton's Rose Law Firm in Little Rock,

Arkansas handled the QRS-11 patent family.

Her mentor, managing partner J. Joseph Giroiri, was on the board of the assignee of the patents

- BEI Technologies, Inc. Hillary Clinton's Rose

Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas was

the original attorney representing the inventor

of the QRS-11 sensor in BEI Electronics/Technologies



953687  No.5523757


>Are (((they))) planning a FF to distract the public from DECLAS?

Does a kike crap in the kibbutz?

07b327  No.5523758


I Know right, but Tim pool is hammering them cause Rogan too much of a pussy to do so himself lol

e898aa  No.5523759


Nad + handler = Nadler

d2c1da  No.5523760

512ead  No.5523761


Jesus Christ, Moses, and others said do not eat unclean animals. I would trust their take over Buddha.

Go read Leviticus 11.

3f5272  No.5523762

File: 8a49abde6d3688f⋯.png (69.54 KB, 227x212, 227:212, PepeScream.png)


mealy mouthed ass.

cfd8be  No.5523763

File: 4ada53ebe01321b⋯.png (370.64 KB, 532x526, 266:263, AQ34.PNG)


Chinese Hackers Target Universities to Steal Naval Technology

The cyber attack was discovered when security experts discovered university networks were inexplicably attempting to communicate with a group of servers in China controlled by a well-known hacking group.

The mysterious network “pings” proved to be emanating from malware slipped into the university networks by tricking users into opening virus-laden email attachments, a technique known as “phishing.”

bda183  No.5523764

File: 5fec4776226313f⋯.jpeg (21.15 KB, 255x202, 255:202, a91021f94088151ede9d0638d….jpeg)

27704f  No.5523765


Coincidence post stringers dropped last night?


Watch the news.


b30b47  No.5523766

I wonder if this new Dem "Witch Hunt" will bee allowed to go on for 2 years as well… Or will we finally see a stop to all this criminal madness? Only time will tell…

e7733d  No.5523767


Thanks, Anon!

Pompeo, the best surprise of all the President's picks.

f26820  No.5523768



22bcd7  No.5523769


That is about the stoopidist thing I've heard in a long time. I hate listening to Nadler talk…he sounds like he has nads in his fat Throat.

953687  No.5523770


Nope. No coincidence.

109fc3  No.5523771


Is it hammer time yet?

Drop Muller, the FISA and IG reports and let's get this party started!

36bc10  No.5523772


Please declas and bring the House down.

1b5940  No.5523773


[-48] Hours

8c9772  No.5523774


Amazon = CIA?


d4acec  No.5523775


Was George Webb right about what was in the containers that shut down that port in South Carolina?

824177  No.5523776


Ditto. ThankQ to you too, new Baker. >>5523723

4433fe  No.5523777


Attacks thwarted

cfd8be  No.5523778


Facebook ‘Massive Security Hole’ Lets Anyone Find You from Your Phone Number

“For years social media Big Brother had been pestering its users to secure their account with two-factor authentication (2FA) by prompting them to enter their phone number so they could get a text with a security code login when logging into their account from a new device for the first time,” explained Fast Company, Sunday. “On the surface, Facebook prompting people to enable 2FA was a good thing–if you have 2FA enabled it’s much harder for someone who isn’t you to log in to your account. But this being Facebook, they’re not just going to do something that is only good for the user, are they?”

65365b  No.5523779

File: 462afbc71e75d1b⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 525x329, 75:47, nobodypasses.jpg)

Q is the bestest there is.


905a22  No.5523780

File: 7941ad4b4fcf9ef⋯.png (338.19 KB, 392x558, 196:279, huber notes meet ig Q proo….png)

My best guesses








8 Jim Donovan

9 call lavrov

10 mexico am?????or /

11?caucus slim/ ed wr…..

12 Robert Reilly RR …..

13 ?outlook on phone/ qtc.

14 Diversify data

(15, 16, 17, 18, 19 missing)

20 Sam Feist

21 ?se..ol & Jaxcatiello?

22 PC on iran


cadaf5  No.5523781

File: cdfc94562c9741b⋯.png (1 MB, 1080x1312, 135:164, Screenshot_20190305-113155….png)


02fbcc  No.5523782


Any chance answer on EC question I posted to U

f783e2  No.5523783


Thank you Q! Much love!

00106f  No.5523784

File: 94979eb132f7212⋯.jpg (957.04 KB, 1375x2187, 1375:2187, SmartSelect_20190305-15340….jpg)



308f53  No.5523785


You can probably bet on it.

b1056e  No.5523786

File: f83aa46ee3698bf⋯.jpeg (11.25 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 1fe1e09137e314d6a1cd081b5….jpeg)

25d86f  No.5523787

File: 50964628bce6951⋯.jpg (167.79 KB, 1440x1982, 720:991, IMG_20190303_212536.jpg)

A big thank you to Notch for spreading the awakening.

f21a25  No.5523789

File: a3b6c3122db28d3⋯.jpg (69.02 KB, 539x397, 539:397, 5c7684f7ad4fedca6311ad0dac….jpg)

d55ad4  No.5523790


At this point if Trump even manages to get reelected his entire presidency will be bogged down with bullshit investigations and stall tactics.

a55e1d  No.5523791

File: ccd578887e4adb3⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1398x1230, 233:205, 27232f3ef27cb629b45af07333….png)




5:5 Q?

dd2845  No.5523792


No coincidences…

3d2c05  No.5523793

File: 96dcdf1042af699⋯.png (177.97 KB, 350x236, 175:118, ClipboardImage.png)

0bebd9  No.5523794


Well I can provide suggestive evidence that your mama is so fat that she speaks in whale but that isint proof. So tired of these people, declas can't come fast enough. No I'm not complaining just listening to the cabal makes me wanna rub my face for some sort of relief of their stupidity.

7890bb  No.5523795


(((they))) all know it false

cabal politicians

mockingbird media

started by satanic high priestess, hrc

(((they))) to afraid to stop now

2a37a5  No.5523796

>>5523731 Good job anon

0a8fa3  No.5523797


No coincidences! WWG1WGA

000120  No.5523798



781e35  No.5523799


Almonds activated sir

eabb33  No.5523800

Why are so many fighting POTUS so hard? They have the (delusional) hope that he will go down in flames and their heinous crimes will never see the light of day. Too bad, so sad. It will be nice to see you all hang.

92e9cc  No.5523801


Buckle Up!

ef109e  No.5523802

File: b379fea193c3a5f⋯.png (38.94 KB, 1383x447, 461:149, puzzlin.png)

The definitions offered establish two-way circularity between 'proof' and 'evidence'.

'Evidence' is in the definition of 'proof', and vice versa.

That is DICTIONARY definition, which tracks usage in the PUBLIC– but that, of course, is not the same thing as LEGAL definition, which is much more to the point.

So, it would seem the moral is this: Nadler manipulates the ambiguity between the words 'proof' and 'evidence' (as reflected in dictionary) in order to confuse the LEGAL question, where, in fact, he has no leg to stand on.

c45779  No.5523803



Then a voice told him, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.”

14“Surely not, Lord!” Peter replied. “I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.”

15The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.”

16This happened three times, and immediately the sheet was taken back to heaven.

f21a25  No.5523804

File: 152780f331f4b62⋯.jpg (120.08 KB, 427x640, 427:640, Oprah-Winfrey-Walking-On-H….jpg)

13aaeb  No.5523805


Melania out of town with her great habbenings, Q+ busy w countdown let's not forget -48 may also be [2 days ahead] -> keep the opposition off kilter.

The is WAR, great battles are won without physical confrontation.

Sun Tzu-

Campaign is on and Q+ is letting the oppo win this battle for him by doing it themselves and no one else to blame for that->except STUPID.

Lust for power, coupled with EVIL/STUPID, gets the job done.

7a985b  No.5523806


Maybe that’s not Pompeo, maybe it’s BARR!

cd6ca4  No.5523807


Wonder if there's also a "GI Teem 7" ("7 Meet IG" reversed)

ab002b  No.5523808


I wondered if the -48 was a pause in the timeline.

f26820  No.5523809

e274ec  No.5523810


if he doesn't grasp game theory, who does?

6887c8  No.5523811

pull out




pull out




pull out




pull out




pull out




pull out




pull out




pull out




pull out




8d316a  No.5523812



In a misguided effort to render the unpronounceable YHWH into a pronounceable word, lost people have taken the vowels from such words as Adonai and inserted them into YHWH.

YHWH was not meant to be pronounced on purpose, as the Jews thought that it was blasphemous to mispronounce the name of God, and so left off pronouncing it entirely. That's why they say HaShem, or The Name, in place of what you would call "Jehovah" or "Yahweh", both of which are absurd.

308f53  No.5523813


At least he didn't say to watch Hannity or the Never Trump Jew.

360ff7  No.5523814


Eyes and ears open Anons. TSHTF soon. All hell is going to break loose.

27704f  No.5523815

"Meet IG"

Huber interview re:

"They range from domestic terrorism to court-authorized wiretaps of criminal organizations to child pedophiles and those who would exploit our children. Criminal aliens. Big fraud schemes."

Do you think the above is UT related?

Crumbs are being dropped and missed.

Think scope.


9af916  No.5523816




6576e2  No.5523817


Q, Irish people had nothing to with it, yes??

6b60fb  No.5523818


jebus Q… they gonna blame you

52a2cd  No.5523819

Hey nadless, how long is it gonna take to find proof POTUS lied on his tax returns?

+\- three years?

I’ll take the over kek

cadaf5  No.5523820

File: ad8079e09c40734⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1335, 72:89, Screenshot_20190305-123927….png)

Obama Gave the Order to Start the Spy Campaign (Both Domestic and Foreign)




4 Mar 2019 - 12:39:34 PM

Hussein gave the order to start the spy campaign.

It was logged officially 2x.

1x - Domestic.

1x - Foreign.

FISC judge WH meeting?

WH visitor logs are important.

Hussein library CLAS doc move?

Attempt to shelter/protect?

Who has AUTH to obtain?

The More You Know.


374bc1  No.5523821

File: 4b1468b67304d1a⋯.jpeg (150.45 KB, 1440x960, 3:2, 1551444674.jpeg)

214930  No.5523822


Seriously over the target!

TY, Q!

6dc6ba  No.5523823

File: 81f05153eade4b4⋯.png (380.21 KB, 654x793, 654:793, e4a624ba241bbddb45008c893b….png)

Think for yourself anons

Unless its about 5g israel wilbur ross william barr the plan


2e87ef  No.5523824

File: c6d2b426f22af06⋯.gif (575.97 KB, 500x304, 125:76, 50241690_2240546419542533_….gif)

40e336  No.5523825



90dcf5  No.5523826

File: cfe9eded37c6e12⋯.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1988x1527, 1988:1527, 9663D81C-E8C3-469A-959A-1….jpeg)

It’s hard to run a First World country when 40% of the people can’t even conceptualize what proof or evidence means, but instead rely on how they feel.

87ee9a  No.5523827

File: d3e43f37dd2a5c0⋯.webm (2.78 MB, 884x552, 221:138, 1551821474409.webm)


more NASA fuckery

2aa41b  No.5523828

File: 8d0c92a3732ae6f⋯.jpg (52.5 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Julius-Caeser-Ides-March-6….jpg)


March 15 = the ideas of March

Deadline for settling debts?

487d6e  No.5523829


>he goes on to say it’s about convincing the American people


>He does say that in the video with Erin Burnett

c45779  No.5523830


Pointed this out earlier today. They specifically called them "bombs", not "suspicious packages", as per the norm.

229721  No.5523831


You're getting way ahead of yourself. Declas isn't going to happen until some time after Mueller report comes out. Considering Congress leaves next week for a week long break, it could be end of the month before declas happens at the earliest.

b45765  No.5523832


The Truth IS anti-Semitic

8d316a  No.5523833


check'd, Accuser


No, they have neither evidence nor proof, and are operating out of "hunches" and "beliefs". Statements without facts.

1b5940  No.5523834


See something, say something, anons.

6887c8  No.5523835


maybe you are touching yourself

f26820  No.5523836



afaac8  No.5523837

31002e  No.5523838



Been trying to research the [-48], but to no avail. Help?

ab002b  No.5523839


Huber going active now?

1b6fc0  No.5523840


it's fucking Huber for the 100th time

f783e2  No.5523841

File: 5089971543a9e54⋯.jpg (293.83 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, 1040070_top-big-screensave….jpg)


Pain coming Q?

1c503a  No.5523843


is it just me or is every time their last surrender?

how many times can it be last?

a55e1d  No.5523844

File: a327db840c3e720⋯.jpg (547 KB, 720x1602, 40:89, [-48].jpg)


Stringers list

4717d6  No.5523845


Trans date trans. Sad but who else are going to go with them? Look at Jenner, and other couples. Lots of the known trans are dating closet trans, marrying, adopting/having twins. fake pregnancies with special pregnancy padding. True, look it up.

50508a  No.5523846


The GOP is the party of Great Old Pansies.

I don’t know how POTUS puts up with their egotistical stupidity. Hope he removes his endorsement from all who have stabbed him in the back.

2514ef  No.5523847


Were they a reaction to your posts or were operators negating an attack?

2c51ff  No.5523848



fa29ae  No.5523849

File: 555aa1e0f5e280a⋯.jpg (286.34 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, kumamoto-musashizuka-park-….jpg)

>>5523538 (PB)

Sun Tzu is strategy for for warlords

Musashi is for warriors of all ranks.

using any sort of weapon. Memes for example

d4acec  No.5523850


What about U1?

13aaeb  No.5523851



e7733d  No.5523852


Look like Chris Christie has some competition on Crispy Cremes.

ac9fca  No.5523853

File: dee0f71baa4d4fa⋯.png (435.93 KB, 479x381, 479:381, muhmoneyrashi.png)

The bsolute State Of The DEMS RIGHT NOW!

Pic related…

953687  No.5523854


>Do you think the above is UT related?


2f5949  No.5523855


Absolutely YUGE!!!!! dig into the Laybournes, ie one of the founders of Nickelodean and the creator of children’s programing like Eureka’s castle.

BOTH of them (the husband and the wife) are on the flight logs of Lolita Express.

This thread ties to Carsey Werner (producers of the Cosby Show), Disney, the Clintons, Soros, amid other things.

cd6ca4  No.5523856

File: 2163b492765aba4⋯.png (49.33 KB, 464x450, 232:225, QMAP 2019-03-05 16-37-31.png)



6dc6ba  No.5523857


Its hard to run a first world country when the people who run the cpuntry mass import the third world

000120  No.5523858

slow the fuck down.]

) and THEY DID.

ANALIZE MY nether?


4433fe  No.5523859


Step it up Anons

"Crumbs are being dropped and missed"

27704f  No.5523860




3350ac  No.5523861


I was hoping it was AWAN-related, frankly, team

8d813d  No.5523862

File: 682039134838e06⋯.jpg (70.53 KB, 468x555, 156:185, article-1254768-051FA2A100….jpg)


Osmonds Activated

8b3882  No.5523863

Re new Q. What is UT? sorry

d2c1da  No.5523864


Definitely wasn't burdened with an overabundance of intelligence

97c811  No.5523865


Hope you all are safe, Q.

God Bless

6887c8  No.5523866

>>5517366 still true

864699  No.5523867

Hey Q can we get some confirmation that the 5G and "6G" The president is talking about is not an ignorant push to adopt competitive tech without a risk assessment or impact report. I could invent a free internet decentralized with today's tech. Why is POTUS not supporting this through the post office real estate?

ef109e  No.5523868

File: 54084ae99e2b6e1⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1333x462, 1333:462, Fl-n-J-mmz-eE.png)

File: 4c8a92e2bb49a53⋯.png (554.77 KB, 1111x627, 101:57, youare.png)

File: 35b56a76bf48957⋯.png (143.69 KB, 555x830, 111:166, whatgetsyoubanned.png)

File: 7698fa8985d6e93⋯.png (211.49 KB, 522x352, 261:176, sodmmt.png)

File: d066f58836dceaf⋯.png (154.9 KB, 730x680, 73:68, whats-it-qm.png)

36bc10  No.5523869


Let’s do it!

00106f  No.5523870

File: 00cbf822360fc44⋯.jpg (546.14 KB, 1398x2147, 1398:2147, SmartSelect_20190305-15373….jpg)


Report from Sara Carter link.


1c503a  No.5523871


>Coincidence post stringers dropped last night?


knew it was 48hrs

ATODASO, anons

b1056e  No.5523872


>Crumbs are being dropped and missed.

Ouch. I bet we have missed a lot sadly.

89c037  No.5523873

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Uncle = Reg Army WWII BoBulge 3 Purple Hrts. SS, never could have kids.

Father = Korea Reg Army BS Froz Chos. bad dreams wake up screaming, still!

Uncle = Reg ArmyVietnam FUBAR Ment & Phys.

Cousin = Marine Vietnam FUBAR Ment & Phys.

Nephew = MP Reg Army, Afgh & Guantanamo, FUBAR mostly Ment.

Nephew = Navy Corpsman, Suicide.

Noticed an obvious pattern developing with post service relatives. "Suicided" nephew made of the same stuff as WWII uncle. Tough as nails, dedicated, always striving to excel. Now gone to Jesus.


embedded vid = "President Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony"

d4acec  No.5523874


Kitchen's Hot

8d316a  No.5523875



Just as POTUS said.

8b2e17  No.5523877


Criminal aliens = Renegade.

b45765  No.5523878

c16fcf  No.5523879


Crap, I did not make enough popcorn

9f4fea  No.5523880


Utah? That's where Huber is.

1b5940  No.5523881


Proof of DS FFs?

360ff7  No.5523882


Media is giving "go" signals!!!

Buckle up anons.

832742  No.5523883


YES …Proof=Evidence

AND they have neither. The guy is just talking in circles and Erin is too dumb to notice (or say anything)

3d2c05  No.5523884

File: 2bc2dfe185d7852⋯.png (311.34 KB, 600x310, 60:31, ClipboardImage.png)

dd2845  No.5523885

2a37a5  No.5523886


10 mexico ambassador

11 carlos Slim (most rich man in mexico)

a2b417  No.5523887

File: 6d307bf10b6c0ff⋯.png (18.4 KB, 391x222, 391:222, ClipboardImage.png)

781e35  No.5523888


Can I assist with what you're gonna do to the pedos?

f21a25  No.5523889

File: c93b6784696dd9f⋯.jpg (23.42 KB, 255x152, 255:152, cawillgoredfire.jpg)

762258  No.5523890


GOTT "GOD" was actually a Germanic Ruler. The name described YHWY as Mighty one or Ones.the Name Gott is the Germanic equivilant of Mighty One/Warrior.

As for the rest, you are close again and correct as well. If people would actually study what they are spoon fed, perhaps we the people would not have been so lost for ao long.

179037  No.5523891

Story Maps

When I saw these, I thought they might be quite applicable – you can insert memes, news articles, timelines, sequences – anything!

Maybe it is a way to tie everything together – plane crashes, resignations, MAGA attacks, tunnels, contradictions over time – this might be a way to tie it all together and find the Keystone??? We have all kinds of datasets, maybe this is a way to bring them all together


What is a map?

Why is a map useful?

What is a legend?

Why is a legend useful?

**What is a sequence?

Why is this relevant?

When does a map become a guide?

What is a keystone?

Some examples:




ab002b  No.5523892


The called them IED's in an envelope? Seems weird.

60289f  No.5523894

File: db02c2651b5ce3e⋯.jpg (872.59 KB, 1960x2953, 1960:2953, kitchen is HOT.jpg)

09f084  No.5523895


Why? You study something and come to the conclusion that's it's a pile of horseshit. It doesn't make sense.

Oh and as it turns out this story was written 1000 years before with different names etc.

90dcf5  No.5523896


Hmmm what fire mean?

e7733d  No.5523897


Let's see some fireworks, Q!

3a4b6e  No.5523898

File: 3f7a889bf7dc550⋯.jpg (417.18 KB, 1024x765, 1024:765, UtahDataCenter.jpg)


>>5523617 LB


Q, let's show Nadler what "P-R-O-O-F" means. :-)

ef109e  No.5523899

File: 98fe280b589cbc6⋯.png (254.89 KB, 620x435, 124:87, DebbieBombermanShultz.png)


Debbie Bomberman Shultz is at it again.

04ac08  No.5523900

File: 5787742f5a0c88e⋯.gif (631.64 KB, 327x251, 327:251, cards.gif)

c82e03  No.5523901


They are subversive smooth criminals

They would have gotten away with this shit a decade ago.

Not anymore.

229721  No.5523902


We are still watching the news for whatever you were talking about during the summit. God this is getting old.

6887c8  No.5523903

>>5517336 still true

8d316a  No.5523904


The Whore is Rome, dude. City sets on 7 hills, rules over the kings of men. Now go be crazy somewhere else. Q is posting.

31002e  No.5523905


The work they're doing is well beyond UT.

eaa2c1  No.5523906


I hate to say atodaso, but I fuckin atodaso.

214930  No.5523907


Will Huber show up next time he is called in to testify, he missed last time…

The IRS bounty hunter lawyers - working with Huber all this time?

25d86f  No.5523908

File: eba9fbbe778c35a⋯.png (454.92 KB, 1877x708, 1877:708, Mueller_rpt_Amazon.png)

8b3882  No.5523909

dbce60  No.5523910


Deep state planning FFs in anticipation for the coming Mueller Report and DECLAS. STAY VIGILANT.

97b697  No.5523911


Q, White Hats just pissed the Black hats off

by finding and stopping the FF attacks


2fb2e3  No.5523912

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

953687  No.5523913


Have you ever disemboweled an animal?

0a8fa3  No.5523914


Crumbs UT…..On it!

b24584  No.5523915


So, we are still a bunch of window lickers!

Let's go, anons, we can do this thing!

60289f  No.5523916

File: 8aaf30d7a65b774⋯.jpg (70.82 KB, 816x408, 2:1, Burn it down.jpg)

5bd6f5  No.5523917


Cali forest fires. Google fire in China.

afaac8  No.5523918


As in the packages were capable of starting a small fire but not exploding.

Big difference.

e40705  No.5523919

Some crumbs too vague Q. We have unbridled weaponized autism here.

008aa0  No.5523920


>Do you think the above is UT related?


The child trafficking could be UTAH related.

There were a bunch of truck drivers killed there recently in single car accidents.

Utah a direct route out of Nevada and north, too.

8c9772  No.5523921

dd3329  No.5523922

>>5523575 A proper translation would say Thou shall not murder!

2514ef  No.5523923


Thank you Anon.

fa29ae  No.5523924

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

"When do I get my chance to prance?"

Saturday night's in GITMO is git down night


9adfb4  No.5523925

"FISA goes both ways"

Yes, indeed!

002739  No.5523926

File: 778d712d7a7256e⋯.png (228.87 KB, 480x359, 480:359, VintagePompeo.png)

705d91  No.5523927


Where’s the smoke?!

eabb33  No.5523928


It's nice to see things are entering the arrest and prosecution phase.

2fb2e3  No.5523929

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.

b24584  No.5523930

b1056e  No.5523931

File: 97f32172493ad18⋯.jpg (64.26 KB, 612x408, 3:2, 4d0d62_7a01964c6e51479491d….jpg)


Time to fire up the memes.

457324  No.5523932

File: f9c3f4d31412328⋯.png (23.42 KB, 726x158, 363:79, ClipboardImage.png)

Interesting that Jim Donovan is on POTUS' list.

This is the same one POTUS nominated for Deputy Treasury Secretary, but the fact that this Jim Donovan has won 15 EMMY Awards is interesting.

cadaf5  No.5523933

File: 32f5d6f08206c9f⋯.jpg (54.81 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 2v9m6f_1.jpg)

File: a12167130afd311⋯.jpg (115.46 KB, 1020x606, 170:101, downloadfile-34.jpg)

487d6e  No.5523934

File: 45e90a9e114393e⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1469x3876, 1469:3876, ClipboardImage.png)



"They range from domestic terrorism to court-authorized wiretaps of criminal organizations to child pedophiles and those who would exploit our children. Criminal aliens. Big fraud schemes."

b69137  No.5523935


I saw this video and wondered about that!

b45765  No.5523936

NY State Officials Subpoena Trump Org’s Insurance Broker – Claim Trump Inflated Company’s Assets For Insurance Reasons

New York state officials issued Aon, the longtime insurer to the Trump Organization, a subpoena over claims that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization were involved in efforts to inflate the company’s assets for insurance reasons.

The New York Times reported that Aon, one of the largest insurance brokerages in the world, received a subpoena late Monday as part of the probe by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Once again, there is no indication that the Trump Organization engaged in misconduct, however, the Democrats are going to go on a fishing expedition anyway.

Via The New York Times:

The subpoena that was served on Aon contains no indication that the company or any of its employees engaged in misconduct, the person said. Nor does it specify any possible wrongdoing that is the focus of the inquiry by state regulators.

Insurance brokers such as Aon help companies evaluate their risk and connect them with underwriters, the companies that offer the actual coverage. For this service, the brokers receive a fee or commission, usually paid by the client.

The nine-page subpoena demands a broad range of materials regarding Aon’s business with Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization dating back to 2009, according to the person briefed on the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss it publicly.

Among other things, it seeks copies of all communications between Aon and Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization, as well as all internal Aon documents relating to Mr. Trump and the company, the person said.

The regulators are also looking at compensation for the current and former Aon employees who handled the Trump Organization account, seeking information about their incentives, bonus payments or commissions. They are seeking similar contracts and agreements between Aon and Mr. Trump.

To be clear, the Department of Financial Services does not have prosecutorial power nor does it conduct criminal investigations, however, it can refer illegal activity to state prosecutors.

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are currently investigating the Trump Organization’s role in the ‘hush money’ Trump paid to porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal during the 2016 election.

The subpoena issued to the Trump Organization on Monday came from an agency that is a part of New York Governor Cuomo’s administration — Cuomo is a huge Trump hater and regularly attacks the President.

To add to this subpoena, House Democrats launched an all out assault on President Trump Monday.

Subpoenas flew on Monday after Rep. Jerry Nadler launched an investigation of Trump and issued document requests to 81 people and entities close to the White House.

Nadler even admitted on CNN that there is no evidence Trump obstructed justice but it’s his ‘personal opinion’ that Trump violated the Constitution so he launched a massive probe to see what they can find.

It was also announced Monday that House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff hired Daniel Goldman, a veteran prosecutor who worked as a US Attorney in the Southern District of New York and has experience fighting Russian organized crime to investigate Trump.

The Stalinist Democrats are also seeking 10 years of Trump’s tax returns in hopes of finding a crime — “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”


d2c1da  No.5523937


Ready. Aim. …. "Fire."

8122f9  No.5523938

File: 54d3824b5cc061e⋯.jpeg (267.27 KB, 1135x818, 1135:818, 7D0454F1-F217-408B-9BA6-2….jpeg)

File: 7d357730812c129⋯.jpeg (80.44 KB, 960x566, 480:283, 673F457D-43E9-4F6A-9A13-B….jpeg)

65365b  No.5523939

File: ca639fe3fc4d28c⋯.png (786.17 KB, 799x500, 799:500, EnjoyTheShow.png)


>Crumbs are being dropped and missed.

Well jesus fukken christ, Q…how many times have crumbs been connected well enough to lay out the story only to hear the BULLSHIT excuse of "Deep State countered".

You're going to play out this 'Movie' how you want, regardless of what the People want.

Pic related was a big fukken let down to say the least.

EO goes active and a big steaming pile of shit for it.

6dc6ba  No.5523940

File: 61447722a2a8d10⋯.jpeg (75.58 KB, 589x561, 589:561, 3C4B49E6-587C-401F-B32B-0….jpeg)


Wheres the wall faggot

Remember when potius said calling out aipac is anti semetic

I hope you get raped by a pack of niggers

781e35  No.5523941


I have indeed

801d67  No.5523942

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Huber interview

2fb2e3  No.5523943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

d63623  No.5523944

Fire the tactical nukes already!

bc6f8a  No.5523945

File: de151d45729c20e⋯.png (1.73 MB, 2544x2552, 318:319, AKQ.png)


Watch the news?

We are the news.

cac1d8  No.5523946

Q, Is Justice Roberts a DS/NWO hack or a Patriot?

295a9c  No.5523947


Exactly, Q! People don't even listen critically anymore. They say we have evidence, but not proof. That is asinine!

Reminds me of someone telling us "it depends on what the meaning of 'is' is"

210881  No.5523948



>court-authorized wiretaps of criminal organizations

strange crime..

e7010f  No.5523949


jesus fuck i am going to have nightmares for a week after seeing that

727b9f  No.5523950



When do you drop the hammer Hilary ?

1dda31  No.5523951


Q, we need more bandwidth! 750 posts get used in NO time!

fc3a60  No.5523952


Thank you POTUS for the bill you signed today. Almost 25 years of dealing with this. The entire family is effected 🇺🇸

dd2125  No.5523953


Bitcoin or Litecoin boss?

0c3940  No.5523954


I think he might be referring to what he termed it in his drops last night - Fire

2fb2e3  No.5523955

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

100% Proof the Jewish Talmud Approves Pedophilia!

31002e  No.5523956


Just like the nut job in the FL van a few months ago….a distraction.

824177  No.5523957

File: 406dd01801e84da⋯.png (764.46 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, dbc8c48af2dfeda7c4316a3725….png)


Very interdasting theory anon.



>SJAH_X-830198374 [-48]

830198374 tied to ICQ (messenger/voip) and baiting opposition?

ba476d  No.5523958


TT, again?

d4acec  No.5523959


Diffusion Fire Good?

Bomb Squad?

31d277  No.5523960


So you were just repeating what you were hearing over the wire?

0a8fa3  No.5523961


Fire in UT

b082d3  No.5523962

Q, when the hammer drops, please dont let it miss the $ills.

Shoutout to all Brave anons that are doing the work, from a overworked mobilefug.

214930  No.5523963


TY, Anon!

28f058  No.5523964

Placeholders are stable waiting for the ==BOMB==


90dcf5  No.5523965


7/7 was Mossad

5bd6f5  No.5523966

File: 548becea36b8ab2⋯.png (331.69 KB, 949x787, 949:787, How many killed in Inquisi….png)

>>5523104 (lb)

Approx. 2000 people were killed over 200 years during the Spanish inquisition following a trial; that requires "self-defence" from murder?

See details at:


60289f  No.5523967

File: 7151af64b3874c0⋯.png (18.85 KB, 859x310, 859:310, Notable.PNG)

>>5523778 Facebook ‘Massive Security Hole’ Lets Anyone Find You from Your Phone Number

cfd8be  No.5523969

Suspicious Packages; FF?

f350e1  No.5523970


Track (2) confirmed.

738c45  No.5523971


Jeh muslim brotherhood Johnson…

2fb2e3  No.5523972

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

ad429a  No.5523973

File: 63ab91798d6ce65⋯.png (241.08 KB, 429x673, 429:673, guillotine.png)


>"Thou Shalt Not Kill"

wtf? way to fucking crucify the text shill. "Kill" in this context basically means murder. the israelis executed people all the time. and it was held to be consistent with the commandment. the commandment becomes operative if the one doing the killing is morally culpable and not before.

you fuckwits must be in a right state - maybe this anon was wrong earlier today that any really big shit would only go down post 2020 cuz this is transparent damage control on behalf of fuckwits in line for the guillotine.

737b1e  No.5523974


I thought you guys liked my green house fire kek Hat to watch the news but will. Fake news sucks. Even in small towns, still the same.

Love love love you guys.

d42474  No.5523975


Fire. As in we are ready and have aim.

000120  No.5523976


ANAL Daniel.


This will be a snap on snap off of ANY COCK in SIGHT>



02025d  No.5523977

Q the article referenced made it seem as if the investigation with Huber was local

7a985b  No.5523979


No, I’m saying the person holding note is possibly BARR not Pompeo.

b45765  No.5523980

So what if they impeach POTUS in a couple of weeks?????

Instant riots martial law total lockdown?

Red state USA

fc3a60  No.5523981

1dc431  No.5523982


Shipping address in NYC? Anywhere special Q?

97c811  No.5523983


>"They range from domestic terrorism to court-authorized wiretaps of criminal organizations to child pedophiles and those who would exploit our children. Criminal aliens. Big fraud schemes."

I thought nationwide?!

8d316a  No.5523984



whore of Babylon, not whore of Sodom and Egypt, i.e. fornication and the World.

The whore is Babylon; the whore is Rome.

Rome is Babylon

09fd91  No.5523985

File: 5c61194a45a0c41⋯.jpg (44.03 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 992.jpg)


Don't trust Utah

f21a25  No.5523986

File: 7df6b6439c94bcb⋯.jpg (220.65 KB, 1280x817, 1280:817, clintonfoundation.jpg)

Justice is coming to Utah

705d91  No.5523987

File: 75c96d1b70c3947⋯.jpeg (205.37 KB, 1564x1564, 1:1, 2582FE83-91D1-4274-8BEB-D….jpeg)

e3e5ad  No.5523988




At what point do you play the Trump card and drop the hammer?

The public can handle Marshall Law.

Would anyone, even lunatic liberal left, doubt that a coup attempt or threat to harm is very much in the realm of possibility?

3a4b6e  No.5523989

File: ebbdf2c7c727828⋯.jpg (266.87 KB, 1000x567, 1000:567, Huber_BeTheHammer.jpg)

1c94fc  No.5523990



CNN: OK, so now you're not sure he's obstructed justice?

Nadler: Personally I think he has..


Nadler: ..but we have to.. we have to look and see. If we're going to do anything you have to have proof.

Uh I think there's a lot of evidence but we have to .. we have to get a lot more evidence…

CNN: So that's what this is about.. you don't yet have the proof

Nadler: It's part.. it's part of what this is about.

I THINK there's evidence

we have to GET A LOT MORE evidence

They don't have evidence

They don't have proof

Nadler just admitted all they have is belief

3d836f  No.5523991


>security, sustenance, medicine are not political rights. God gave humans inalienable rights, the govt merely steals from one person and give to another, there is nothing right about that.

783786  No.5523992


Hi, Ryan. That seems accurate to me as well.

308f53  No.5523993


Oh look, another Jew. Boy, for only being 2% of the US population they sure do cause a lot of f'ing trouble.

b1056e  No.5523994

File: 2ac4c4ea06f24b8⋯.png (55.48 KB, 308x326, 154:163, Blank _67a40156a22f437abe5….png)


Thank you special Anon.

4f8ba7  No.5523995

File: 1998b01adff9600⋯.jpg (39.59 KB, 618x320, 309:160, 44526584_10211690647453800….jpg)

8d316a  No.5523996


Ball Tickler

ac9fca  No.5523997

File: 222ab55de3abd11⋯.png (11.97 KB, 414x570, 69:95, itsabimbmoran.png)

d4bd7d  No.5523998

File: 32c8546e04f36b0⋯.jpg (154.85 KB, 331x570, 331:570, Screen Shot 03-05-19 at 09….JPG)

File: 241a3c883efb58e⋯.jpg (219.12 KB, 513x522, 57:58, Screen Shot 03-05-19 at 09….JPG)


Macron in France has got very load today, is this connected?


And sent their Aircraft carrier to sea


98c333  No.5523999

[-48] could mean hours countdown…


[-48] could mean states left to ??? or states needed to ???

I don't know…just guessing here!!!!

512ead  No.5524000


For the Jews to say "You need to use the term Hashem" for God, instead of God, is laughable. Especially when you understand their reasoning. So they CENSOR God thanks to their satanic spin. (Actually El or Elohim, not God, but it is your intent that is important!

But, Yahweh is a completely misunderstood term. It is NOT God's name. God's name is God. (Or El or Elohim technically). Yahweh is a TITLE of God.

Yahweh Ropheke

Yahweh Shammah

Yahweh Elohim

Yahweh Shalom

These and about 50 more are titles. Just as Trump is now President Trump. And as such President is his title. When Elohim mad man he became Yahweh Elohim.

I always find it funny the Jehovah Witnesses do not even get what the word means.

eaf6eb  No.5524001


Leave the name and email fields blank. Lurk moar newfag.

953687  No.5524002


Squeeze the trigger.

16fb5b  No.5524003




>>5523185 ————————————–——– "Meet IG" (Cap: >>5523279)

6dc6ba  No.5524004


That explains why people say adonai

2a37a5  No.5524005

File: e856a4f924052ac⋯.png (3.51 KB, 268x178, 134:89, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5523889 Fire at will

meme warfare is real


efb9cd  No.5524006


False flag or deep state sneak attack?

71324f  No.5524007

File: 0f8dd87b9921e03⋯.jpg (211.74 KB, 704x929, 704:929, namefag.jpg)

eabb33  No.5524008


Who were the targets?

02fbcc  No.5524009

214930  No.5524010

74bd7c  No.5524011

File: a6926558792a6c8⋯.jpg (260.9 KB, 1419x1905, 473:635, huber1.JPG)

4037f9  No.5524012


In the case of the Brit media reports today; Package #1 burst into flames.

Incendiary, not explosive? Neutralised threat?

25d86f  No.5524013

File: 96e2154c2b67269⋯.jpg (72.36 KB, 913x913, 1:1, 53423900_630156410754005_8….jpg)

File: e7c0f0f2b7ca61e⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 52987464_315332062669642_6….jpg)

File: 93576d6b9b2db61⋯.jpg (104.21 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 53275062_266842187564975_8….jpg)




More Q-proof on the Floor?

More cures on the floor.

487d6e  No.5524014




Full article with direct Q quote.

e40705  No.5524015


It’s the 48 CONUS. Not Hawaii or Alaska.

6a930e  No.5524016

God bless you, Q team. I can't wait until all is public, in part so the world can recognize all of your bravery and sacrifice, the lives you've saved, and the scope of those you've freed.

You're among history's greatest patriots. It's an honor to be here with all of you.

cc788a  No.5524017

>>5523185 (LB) Q twatter link.

Those hands are way younger than 72.

Trump doesn’t wear a wedding ring.

It’s not Bob Barr’s ring.

Whitaker doesn’t appear to wear his ring often, though there are some blurry pictures of his left hand with a ring, just not while he’s lawyering.

And for good measure I checked Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and Rosy’s rings; none have those ridges on the edge.

Whose hands are they?

e2e728  No.5524018

File: 0f362f73abe1711⋯.png (15.96 KB, 519x176, 519:176, 93tweet.png)

File: 1432fd53108486d⋯.png (33.89 KB, 819x171, 91:19, FamousPosterHighlight.png)

File: e7c266b80c1a24b⋯.jpg (153.79 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, LetsRoll.jpg)

Recent notables note the 93. I've been pushing the United 93 angle and the following posts include everything I've got in its most recent form.

Anon above is making a good joke!

(But I really have no idea if Anton has ever actually posted a drop…)

There is a vast array of interconnected stuff here.

Nine post analysis on the Pepe the Baker/Let's Roll meme. It is in one bread, and all linked, so you can follow comments.

>>5491583 (pb) Let's Roll! - Basic Plot

>>5491602 (pb) Kitchen is HOT: A Gentleman and a Scholar

>>5491645 (pb) Kitchen is HOT: We serve at the pleasure of the President

>>5491680 (pb) Kitchen is HOT: Red Carpet Rollout

>>5491719 (pb) Kitchen is HOT: Pepe the Baker

>>5491753 (pb) Kitchen is HOT: Launch!

>>5491773 (pb) Kitchen is HOT: A Footnote to History?

>>5491805 (pb) Carpet Bomb

>>5491934 (pb) Tactical Nukes

Recent material not included in above:

Response to a recent Q post, on Pepe the Baker, includes slight revision of stuff:

>>5509242 (pb)

Here are two recent related posts on Trump-linked "bakers" being part of the "show":

>>5512885 (pb)

>>5514294 (pb)

107e47  No.5524019


FISA is the start.

Q, these crumbs are falling into the couch cause many new Anons don't care for bread.

27704f  No.5524020

Every barrel has a bad apple.

But, in this case, bad apples do not spoil the bunch.

The core is what counts.



8d316a  No.5524021


Really don't understand the "Protect Mogul" bit then.

dd2125  No.5524022


Is my congressman Mike Conaway a White hat or Black hat? Sure has been in the swamp for decades.

7246ec  No.5524023


when does hillary go to prison?

d4acec  No.5524024


Happy Hunting

0e0510  No.5524025



When is evidence not proof? When it is fabricated? Circumstantial?

db3252  No.5524026


>Crumbs are being dropped and missed.

>Think scope.

Most of the autists are gone until habbenings habben, if they're even going to…

just gotta stick it with the tards and all the israeli jidfs for now.

832742  No.5524027


In the hunting world, it's referred to as "getting bloody"

6848b5  No.5524028

File: 955548b7825c8e9⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 760x428, 190:107, a_ov_Pepe_160928.760;428;7….jpg)


No Coinkee Dinks!

Over Target!


0868df  No.5524029


Drain it alreadyyyy

ea17fe  No.5524030

File: 18a865f6b891901⋯.jpeg (202.61 KB, 1125x878, 1125:878, AF6090FF-F083-4AEE-BACB-4….jpeg)

From 2015, but provides context in the fight for life

“I had five months worth of fetal tissue in freezers, and we were renting freezers to put them in. It was all I thought about,” Northland’s Executive Director Renee Chelian says in the video, which is edited into three parts.

“I was so consumed with fetal tissue, I was ready to drive to northern Michigan and have a bonfire. I was just trying to find out how I wouldn’t get stopped, or how far into the woods I would have to go to have this fire that nobody was going to see me.”


8d316a  No.5524031


BARR el?

9f4fea  No.5524032


Maybe where you are. In my bluer than blue state, martial law would itself be seen as a coup attempt.

87ee9a  No.5524033

fc7a4e  No.5524034


It is a well established fact that the elite care nothing for the common person, so even if the scope of the problem is huge; why wait and let more children be exploited and abused by the pedophiles.

1b5940  No.5524035


Don't focus on Paytriots and that damned book

f6eace  No.5524036

File: 277b8a680fe52db⋯.jpg (341.51 KB, 1350x1800, 3:4, IMG_2531.JPG)

90dcf5  No.5524037


Fire like BDT fireworks

21af9f  No.5524038

File: 09187fc0a36ee42⋯.jpg (32.18 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 3feeb6c6dd76ff82639356c5a0….jpg)

002739  No.5524039

File: df99a1883ef24f9⋯.jpg (41.57 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Binney.jpg)


Somebody's always watching and listening, black hats.

You should know that.

36bc10  No.5524040


We know.

e898aa  No.5524042


>Think scope

National scope - sealed indictments.

ee0650  No.5524043


Carpet bombs are OK?

d4bd7d  No.5524044


>The core is what counts.

And the Pips

2fb2e3  No.5524045

File: e8ff10bddfeabc2⋯.jpg (171.24 KB, 612x459, 4:3, damn_it_pay_attention.jpg)

File: a7d82b63095b896⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1788x1080, 149:90, 0001Q_goy_warning.jpg)

File: bcd7b4ceb10f39e⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1655x1080, 331:216, 001Q_goy_warning.jpg)

File: 850d9847a1d4b65⋯.jpg (98.94 KB, 500x237, 500:237, pedo_rabbi.jpg)

5eeae8  No.5524046


I appreciate the advice.

6db084  No.5524047


These animals have amnesty, thanks to the syrian gov/russia. They can surrender and go grab their wife and 10 children, burn their passports and make their way to germany or sweden, they’ll take them with open arms, especially without a identification.

60289f  No.5524048

b5eb18  No.5524049

File: 9161f33c60863d6⋯.png (868.14 KB, 1440x795, 96:53, 2970 Q Proof! Missing dat….png)

File: 718789adc3fc853⋯.png (905.97 KB, 1436x794, 718:397, 2971 Define 'brainwashing….png)

1c503a  No.5524050


>But, in this case, bad apples do not spoil the bunch.

>The core is what counts.

Thank you, i appreciate this nuance very, very much.

Thanks for all, once more and always

107e47  No.5524051


You can grow a healthy tree from a core

c45779  No.5524052

a2b417  No.5524053

File: ed579fdcd18efbc⋯.jpg (444.66 KB, 1500x1001, 1500:1001, DonaldTrump.jpg)


Bring the pain, Justice needs to be served against these TRAITORS.

d4acec  No.5524054

File: 865f84fe17cba36⋯.jpg (476.56 KB, 888x492, 74:41, PofTRP.jpg)


Golly… even the Masons, Gays, and Jews?

Y'don't say…

6dc6ba  No.5524055


Arrest me too Q

Id rather be dead than live under zionidt gangsters

214930  No.5524057


Catch them all.

Out them all.

Let there be Light!

dd2845  No.5524058



90dcf5  No.5524059


I don’t envy your job, it’s a big one

cadaf5  No.5524060


Russia is stepping up their terrorist game in Europe.

737b1e  No.5524061


Utah is a cartel stronghold.

c82e03  No.5524062


Re: what?

dbce60  No.5524063


"There are more good people than bad."

cfd8be  No.5524064


Adam Goldman, SDNY/MSNBC Contributer affiliated?

09fd91  No.5524065


looking forward to Ides

6a930e  No.5524066


I assume this post is, at least in part, coms or a crumb for future decode.

f6eace  No.5524067

File: 616ca79c379dafa⋯.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1642x1711, 1642:1711, fullsizeoutput_9b.jpeg)

8a5889  No.5524068


God always has a bigger plan.

da58d5  No.5524069

File: deb0df0bcfaebe6⋯.jpg (51.34 KB, 610x500, 61:50, 2v8gc7.jpg)

File: 999c88016ffb82e⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 633x500, 633:500, 2v8gmz.jpg)


Been pointing 7 out for 2 days…

13aaeb  No.5524070

File: 1d2361a5e992e3c⋯.jpg (6.01 KB, 259x194, 259:194, TREY GOWDY.jpg)


Q ->Trey Gowdy had this down on his Fox n Friends interview this week, defining Fact patterns. He's a good teacher for this.


02fbcc  No.5524071


trying to help clean via EC but need your help sir

c82914  No.5524072


→ DS actors controled.

Full control.


00106f  No.5524073


Big Apple. NYC

077d5d  No.5524074


We are the cure

60289f  No.5524075

File: 2f868309676c0e7⋯.jpg (108.35 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, National Emergency.jpg)

6dc6ba  No.5524076





ac9fca  No.5524077

File: 0023043f496c046⋯.png (43.94 KB, 240x224, 15:14, pedoheadwear.png)


for the memes….

cb2e74  No.5524078


That all sounds to me like it could connect to [Soros]. Still waiting to see him mentioned again.

229721  No.5524079


Anons did not miss this. This has nothing to do with the trwason, sedition and attempted coup. You're playing games and meanwhile the Dems are destroying this country one state at a time.

DOJ is non existant. If Barr allows Bernie Sanders to employee an illegal alien against federal law, then I call into question his trustworthyness. 2 fucking years and we are still seeing new crimes being committed that have nothing to do with the plan but are allowed to go unpunished.

Fed Up.

5be567  No.5524080


You don't yell "fire" in a crowded theater

Unless you want to incite panic.

139393  No.5524081

File: a1364b29c9e62e5⋯.png (740.53 KB, 649x538, 649:538, ClipboardImage.png)


The Swamp sure is rearing it's ugly head here these days!!!!

b1056e  No.5524082

File: d5aee867dd92a85⋯.png (3.61 MB, 2282x1364, 1141:682, swiss flag.png)

Why is there a Swiss flag on his desk?

8c9772  No.5524083


Is someone still at the top organizing and recruiting?

9e1149  No.5524084


i'll be ready at 15-th then…

7abd17  No.5524085

ITEM #14 Diversity Data (on POTUS list)

I think Item 14 is referring to this. Anotehr Obama edict Potus is removing and libs don't like it. The Judge doesn't have a say because this edict wasn't law.


By (((Daniel Wiessner)))

(Reuters) - A U.S. judge has revived an Obama-era rule that requires larger companies to report workers' pay data broken down by gender and race, which business groups have said would be burdensome and would not address pay discrimination as intended.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan in Washington D.C. late on Monday said the White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB) failed to explain what was wrong with the rule when it blocked it from taking effect in 2017, and ordered the agency to put the requirements back in place.

The National Women's Law Center (NWLC), which sued in 2017 to revive the rule, said Chutkan's decision affects more than 60,000 companies that collectively employ 63 million workers.

The White House and the U.S. Department of Justice did not respond to requests for comment. The government can appeal the decision.

For decades, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has required companies with 100 or more employees to annually report job titles of their workers broken down by sex and race. The agency expanded the requirement in 2016 to include pay data, saying the information was necessary to identify and combat wage gaps caused by discrimination.

(read the rest at the link)

eabb33  No.5524086


Wray looks like a bad apple.

60289f  No.5524087

File: fa06b1646177264⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 4122x2168, 2061:1084, Pile of shit.jpg)

53cf5c  No.5524088


so they think suspicion is evidence?

823599  No.5524089

File: 0c41a262b8c63a8⋯.png (60.98 KB, 784x456, 98:57, Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at ….png)


D Fire_Good

d4bd7d  No.5524090


The early bird gets the worm, but the 2nd mouse gets the cheese.

ea17fe  No.5524091

File: 3727403017d813b⋯.jpeg (51.76 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 928FCA1C-D8C3-4A0D-B922-6….jpeg)

f007e5  No.5524092


Protect_MGL as one anon said could mean MGL=Potus.

he was on the road yesterday.

60484a  No.5524093


Jim Donovan didn't accept the Treasury position. I wonder why.

29d430  No.5524095


No worries baker, got them.

2514ef  No.5524096

Didn’t the NYC subway ‘bomb’ in 2017 basically only caught on fire?

370018  No.5524097


Brings new meaning to "Rotten to the core"

d4acec  No.5524098


or if there's a fire

d4da09  No.5524099

File: dacbb5e3a9842b3⋯.png (355.04 KB, 710x526, 355:263, Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at ….png)



WTF is a Swiss flag doing on his desk?

888552  No.5524100



Old Testament Evidence

New Testament Evidence


781e35  No.5524101


Well I am in the process of planting an orchard.

d2c1da  No.5524102



Hope to clear out the bad apples and stop punishing the masses for the crimes of the few

ab002b  No.5524103


Is there more good guys than bad?

17f09b  No.5524104

File: 628741e5f8b2dcd⋯.png (105 KB, 555x333, 5:3, ff prevented.png)


FF prevented.

e9137e  No.5524105


I'm guessing that you actually mean while still alive, which is what these sick fucks deserve since lynching is off the table.

2aa41b  No.5524106

5cc601  No.5524107

File: ca67bf02d90884a⋯.jpg (112.88 KB, 577x780, 577:780, !!## the news_1.jpg)

3f5c31  No.5524108

File: f14d5a96afc14d9⋯.jpg (45.22 KB, 459x664, 459:664, f14d5a96afc14d91e9b94787db….jpg)

737b1e  No.5524109


In a small town you can't fight the swamp. Please bring in the military!

9b7551  No.5524110

File: 845d5a88f1f7030⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1240x1012, 310:253, 0897436893895.png)

5b9e99  No.5524111


talking about NYPD?

6dc6ba  No.5524112


That along with israel saved for last is how anyone who isnt a retard knows that Q is a larp psyop

3d2c05  No.5524113

File: 4092f0ffdfb68d1⋯.png (585.67 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

cadaf5  No.5524114

File: a5985a3b9bb93aa⋯.jpg (62.34 KB, 500x420, 25:21, 2v993q_1.jpg)

File: a72d55f310b57a7⋯.jpg (40.06 KB, 500x453, 500:453, 2uynbp_1.jpg)

6b60fb  No.5524115

File: bc75bd680730f8c⋯.jpg (134.15 KB, 960x774, 160:129, trust meme.jpg)

6848b5  No.5524116

File: 96284db6c67f2d4⋯.jpg (147.83 KB, 1440x907, 1440:907, Trump-SOTU-2018-rtr-img.jpg)

8a176b  No.5524117


We’re catching the crumbs, boss…sometimes we autists aren’t able to get to the boards right away to help…many knew what HUBER was saying…

1b8694  No.5524118


Agreed. Simple question though please answer. What better way to expose how badly corrupted almost all social institutions really are than by going up to the podium at the start of POTUS term and giving the cure for cancer?

No one would believe anything big pharma, big media, big anything said after that. EVER. Game. Set. Match.

312c2b  No.5524119

File: 6d069f9a3360e44⋯.jpg (9.4 KB, 236x213, 236:213, 26fa0c4a905471030108f2aff3….jpg)


>The core is what counts.

The very core is our POTUS, our POTUS is a good apple!!

29aa4b  No.5524120



And we dont know that, right?

Q time to finish the show

Its overrated and becomes harmful to morale

0c546a  No.5524121

File: 60c2e4dde03d082⋯.png (78.95 KB, 750x377, 750:377, IMG_2013.PNG)


WE are missing CRUMBS!!!

WHERE THE FUK ARE ALL OUR AUTISTS AT?!! 10 Gorillian Push-ups for us all!! Kek

Feels bad man, like we let Q down.

9353ff  No.5524122


Scott Gottlieb, who has done an absolutely terrific job as Commissioner of the FDA, plans to leave government service sometime next month….

1c94fc  No.5524123


Basil Switzerland and the Bank of International Settlements. Probably the center of power in the world

97b697  No.5524124


Q you talking about the book?




thank you !!!

db8fb3  No.5524125

File: 585fbc1f654a09f⋯.png (97.57 KB, 734x455, 734:455, ClipboardImage.png)

b5eb18  No.5524126

File: d11f5ba5a781d52⋯.jpg (169.36 KB, 1053x679, 1053:679, Who is Huber?.jpg)

File: 6cac3d5433dc43f⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1439x795, 1439:795, TRUST SESSIONS & HUBER..png)

File: 0bedb2a03706996⋯.png (875.12 KB, 1438x794, 719:397, 2937 Why have there been ….png)

f21a25  No.5524127


Is Barr a bad apple?

4f8ba7  No.5524128

File: de5e581a1284773⋯.jpg (110.14 KB, 463x651, 463:651, 31646779_2025230684411150_….jpg)

98c333  No.5524129


It shows 24 on that paper…maybe [-48] pertains to that…maybe 24 out of 48…

or the number is upto 48…still guessing!!!

fa30fd  No.5524130

File: aa1671cc294de65⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1600x1064, 200:133, Trump_Tower.png)

d4acec  No.5524131


was he ever a medic?

87ee9a  No.5524132


switzerland u retard

cfd8be  No.5524133


White Hats in NYC "Good Apples"

47f53d  No.5524134

>>5523310 (pb)

Diversify or diversity DATA is what I see.

cd6ca4  No.5524135


EVE of 91st

4ea9a1  No.5524136

File: 9a633d2d94674c1⋯.jpg (140.69 KB, 1087x821, 1087:821, 1a.JPG)

File: 7e32be3484d254d⋯.jpg (135.06 KB, 743x721, 743:721, 3.JPG)

File: 0e34d690febd886⋯.jpg (151 KB, 789x794, 789:794, 4.JPG)

Chelsea Manning will testify before grand jury investigating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange


1b3626  No.5524137

So, they set bombs by the underground in London to grab the news cycle. Am I safe to bet that they were also Bangladeshi'd into fireworks by /ourguys/?

60289f  No.5524138

File: a7f0e6502ff94ee⋯.png (190.65 KB, 600x456, 25:19, BIS.png)

74229e  No.5524139

File: 381a3cd5b055c88⋯.png (200.21 KB, 348x499, 348:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4803b919bfec03b⋯.png (1.45 MB, 780x1170, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


6887c8  No.5524140


like omg

eaf4ae  No.5524141

File: ee790f330cf8ee8⋯.png (130.86 KB, 1093x363, 1093:363, Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at ….png)

360ff7  No.5524142


So POTUS may never have a completely clean cabinet? But they aren't able to poison everything? Looks like we have a Traitor in the House.

2e87ef  No.5524143


308f53  No.5524144


You want people arrested for hurting your tender feelz? What a complete faggot.

0a8fa3  No.5524145


Drill a BIGGER hole and drain that bitch!

ac9fca  No.5524146

File: bdc2b92d9de8f3b⋯.png (434.96 KB, 513x639, 57:71, fatnadlerNoNads.png)

File: baac9c5548b822d⋯.png (299.44 KB, 549x691, 549:691, nadlerFatpanic.png)

File: a9599a30f086024⋯.png (516.98 KB, 590x350, 59:35, madurosoon.png)

File: 8257e1218a1c6e3⋯.png (435.69 KB, 479x381, 479:381, theprice.png)

25d86f  No.5524147

File: 138eae0245bd61c⋯.jpg (92.76 KB, 1000x542, 500:271, DECLASS.jpg)


Core stinks.


274800  No.5524148

File: 110c8ecb9ebefbf⋯.png (637.24 KB, 835x484, 835:484, SEEDS.PNG)

ee85b1  No.5524149


This has always been about more than UT!

002739  No.5524150

File: 325b7220c59520b⋯.jpg (99.15 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, WhiteHats.jpg)


Amen to that.

Good guys, God bless you all.

We love ya'll.

Any of you ever get in a jam near my house, just knock on my door and say Q. No other intro is necessary, and you're welcome as family. I'll take care of you like family.

6dc6ba  No.5524151

Trust the plan goy

c30ef3  No.5524152


Media is complicit. Need to go nuclear on them. Make an example.

0868df  No.5524153


Anyone interpreted those -48 as a pointer to older drops ? Q Drop current number minus 48 could give a drop that was perceived as nowhere

65365b  No.5524154

File: 4f128000285f62a⋯.png (849.09 KB, 988x953, 988:953, 180b3b0ad51a0ae1d51950025f….png)

Q accusing legit Americans of being bad apples.

So much for WWG1WGA, kek.

Donate shekels, goys.

Even though you already get taxed out the ass, keep donating, then donate some moar…while POTUS gives hundreds of billions to our "allies".

Tippy top.

b1d593  No.5524155


Exactly. Any Christfag seeking the truth of the scriptures has the ability to learn enough Hebrew and Greek to do their own translations… as I did. With earnest and constant prayer and a desire for truth there is no worldly power that can appose the revelation of truth.

97c811  No.5524156


"The packages – all white postal bags containing yellow padded shipping envelopes – have been assessed by specialist officers to be small improvised explosive devices. These devices, at this early stage of the investigation, appear capable of igniting an initially small fire when opened."


bfb72e  No.5524157


Public comms prevent.

was a false flag warning

but more direct messaging from Q

60289f  No.5524158

File: 21dee37e1b84d16⋯.png (527.18 KB, 843x827, 843:827, Senator Glory hole.png)

3c7d29  No.5524159

File: 206b06767f52e92⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



214930  No.5524160

File: 29da96860cc68af⋯.png (762.61 KB, 886x814, 443:407, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)

File: 63d66cab1f269da⋯.png (633.34 KB, 1006x743, 1006:743, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at ….png)

b1056e  No.5524161


>Basil Switzerland and the Bank of International Settlements. Probably the center of power in the world


Is he working on a case against them too?

33ac8e  No.5524162


sober up it's time to go to work//potato

e93d3f  No.5524163

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We are anti DISINFO CUCK PSYOPS like Joe Rogan and Alex Jones.


af5fb7  No.5524164

Pompeo spoil on us

bfb72e  No.5524165


get a real job, shill

8d316a  No.5524166


More like 200,000

c82914  No.5524167

File: 38bebe6a0601e7c⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 550x313, 550:313, 38bebe6a0601e7ce4755d4a23e….jpg)


kek! nice one!

3d2c05  No.5524168

File: 5fe6e9ce40a3407⋯.png (80.96 KB, 276x183, 92:61, ClipboardImage.png)

374bc1  No.5524169

File: d143ddefcabcfc5⋯.jpeg (149.19 KB, 1440x812, 360:203, 1533338883.jpeg)

e1b961  No.5524170

File: 432904d0dbe840c⋯.jpg (7.52 KB, 255x195, 17:13, 8chan.jpg)


>But, in this case,

60289f  No.5524171

File: 60430e5f28f5f15⋯.jpg (90.92 KB, 460x468, 115:117, You think..wait you don't.jpg)

7abd17  No.5524172


Waiting. I think I got item 14 with the Judge on diveristy data. Saw Carlos Slim and Ed W.

7cc734  No.5524173

Is Tom Arnold making child pornography? He portrayed a molester and child pornographer in the move "Gardens of the night". I also found this article that says Eunice Kennedy Shriver's assistant who was arrested for child pornography used to send pictures of himself with Tom Arnold to his victims. Tom is sure tight with Maria Shriver.


b24584  No.5524174

File: 654d12d5c2f3983⋯.png (882.97 KB, 706x576, 353:288, hahaha1ab818f38544adb27.png)


Start here, please. <3

6dc6ba  No.5524175


Good goy

Trust the plan goy

5g and mass immigration is great

Ignore everything potus says cuz mub optics

f21a25  No.5524176

File: ab01da87eee595f⋯.jpg (470.77 KB, 1332x1818, 74:101, bis.jpg)

18c626  No.5524177


Heads up in Michigan. I worry about Dearborn area

360ff7  No.5524178


Kushner? Pence? Barr?

ac815f  No.5524179

NSA quietly stops controversial mass phone surveillance program after public outcry and widespread technical issues



e898aa  No.5524180


Found a paytriot.

b082d3  No.5524181


Doubt youll get an answer to such a direct question. Comms needed.

d4acec  No.5524182


During the elections, I'd tell people to look up photos of HRC and count how many different women they saw

823599  No.5524183

File: 75993b7a8eb6432⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1404x1398, 234:233, applecore.png)

90dcf5  No.5524184


It’s a tschotske from his UBS broker

3a4b6e  No.5524185

File: 21e30093669376a⋯.jpg (606.08 KB, 1148x1022, 82:73, comey_Gitmo.jpg)


Speaking of Swamp cretins…

4ea9a1  No.5524186

File: a0803744e924f23⋯.jpg (98.46 KB, 914x824, 457:412, 1a.JPG)

File: 4c11f329a34783f⋯.jpg (187.02 KB, 920x799, 920:799, 3.JPG)

Mike Pompeo's War Warning To China


fa29ae  No.5524187

File: 7617f36d462ba30⋯.jpg (56.21 KB, 764x491, 764:491, 7617f36d462ba307039927248a….jpg)


Do NOT reply to shills

Do NOT demolish their intentionally flawed arguments

Do NOT debate their idiotic "concerns"

Do NOT engage shills.

Do NOT participate in shill KAYFABE

In professional wrestling, kayfabe /ˈkeɪfeɪb/ is the portrayal of staged events within the industry as "real" or "true", specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not of a staged or predetermined nature of any kind.


Do NOT perpetuate shill SLIDES.

Do NOT reply to shills.

Do NOT pick up spit

If you are NOT sure, LEARN to ID shills

shills = hate

shills = labels

shills = repetition

shills = envy, greed, etc.

Do NOT correct intentional shill mistakes

Do NOT be triggered by shill taunts

Do NOT eat dead bats off the street

Do NOT bark back at dogs

Do dig, meme, pray.

How to Spot a clown

Dealing with Clownish Shills & Shilly clowns==

>>2322789 Spot a shill

>>2323031 Spot A Clown

shills have no agency

no will independent of their masters.

Shills are a profitless burden upon the earth.

Shills are the passed gas of history.

Their words are writ upon water.


3f5272  No.5524188

File: f005e31e71d4010⋯.jpg (95.2 KB, 1172x1240, 293:310, PepeApple.jpg)

229721  No.5524189


If you are talking about DOJ, there is no evidence the whole org is not corrupt. If the rule of law is ever restored, then we can think about the "core" being good. 2 yrs into Trump presidency and there is still no rule of law in this country.

98c333  No.5524190


That's a good thought…did you find anything -48 drops back?

db3252  No.5524191

File: f9ff28fc2429f56⋯.png (79.29 KB, 1078x516, 539:258, ClipboardImage.png)


How about dropping some ET crumbs.. Lizards ain't protected by the constitution you know.. NAT SEC shouldn't protect them either.

65365b  No.5524192

File: bb6d743742a810e⋯.png (307.62 KB, 799x500, 799:500, 1543989496994.png)


Yea, just got off my real job, nigger.

Now it's time to call bullshit where I see it.

Now run along and donate, goy.

824177  No.5524193

File: 16a2409cf584f29⋯.jpg (111.24 KB, 1199x537, 1199:537, 16a2409cf584f29a5bede12d40….jpg)


>Every barrel has a bad apple.

>But, in this case, bad apples do not spoil the bunch.

>The core is what counts.

“Get beyond love and grief: exist for the good of Man.”

― Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings

cb206e  No.5524194

Q did the protect code go live again on Mogul? Stay Safe & Cover Six!

29d430  No.5524195

Notables so far

>>5524136 Chelsea Manning will testify before Assange grand jury

>>5524070 Gowdy defines Fact patterns

>>5523990 Transcript of Nadler's Q post statement

>>5523936 NY State Officials Subpoena Trump Org’s Insurance Broker

>>5523934 Article ref'ing "They range from domestic terrorism to…"

>>5523778 Facebook ‘Massive Security Hole’

>>5523887 Past Q Post: 'Fire'

>>5523743 , >>5523870 New Sara Carter re Hussein docs

>>5523731 Initial reports of 3 bombs found in NYC

>>5523729 Censored GOOG Chinese Project Dragonfly Still Under Development

Latest Q

>>5524020 ————————————–——– The core is what counts

>>5523860 >>5523830 ————————— "Fire."

>>5523815 ————————— Crumbs are being dropped and missed

>>5523765 rt >>5523731 ————————— Coincidence post stringers dropped last night?

>>5523617 ————————————–——– Listen carefully ref re: proof v evidence ( Cap: >>5523692 )

>>5523185 ————————————–——– "Meet IG" ( Cap: >>5523279 )

e898aa  No.5524196


{wink} {wink}

bfb72e  No.5524197



d2c1da  No.5524198


>Crumbs are being dropped and missed.

Crumbs here or elsewhere?

2a37a5  No.5524199

File: e39a08d752b84f5⋯.png (532.75 KB, 640x627, 640:627, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1b82482559a9196⋯.png (17.66 KB, 640x217, 640:217, ClipboardImage.png)


@HeyDanKurtz Work just got interesting. Melrose & Larchmont.


Turns out there's a suspicious package outside the Thai Consulate on Larchmont.

More suspicious

6dc6ba  No.5524200


Yes Q the masons and the cia and and all the societies just have some bad apples

Go back to reddit you cia nigger

5bd6f5  No.5524201


Bible prophecies are usually capable of more than one meaning at different times in history.

419a5b  No.5524202


The Marine Corp

699c97  No.5524203


Was Obama’s father [187]

Car crash

97b697  No.5524204

Barrel= basket of Deplorables

Q is talking about our movement

We have bad actors still in it that dont

spoil the rest of us!!!

Anons understand?

b24584  No.5524205

a8154b  No.5524206


Come on, people. Mormons. Polygamy. Religious freedoms taken to extremes. Is Utah the West's cabal capital?

5836f2  No.5524207

File: f7bac92fc858783⋯.jpg (11.02 KB, 233x255, 233:255, 87d18facebcdc8c8ddc1e2bfd0….jpg)

Thank you Q for protecting our country.

Thank you Q for serving Q+.

Thank you Q for protecting the children.

Thank you Q for hiring Pepe the frog.

Thank you Q for draining the swamp.

Thank you Q for exposing the voter fraud.

Thank you Q for loving the Lord.

Thank you Q, for saving our world.

Thank you Q.



1b3626  No.5524208


ThanQ helperanon!

953687  No.5524209


Only harmful to the morale of the weak and the shortsighted.

214930  No.5524210

File: ab567260471663d⋯.png (369.19 KB, 1221x653, 1221:653, Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at ….png)

File: 47385d9df36b610⋯.png (486.26 KB, 1060x823, 1060:823, Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at ….png)

65365b  No.5524211


Found a bootlicking, NWO worshiping fake MAGA faggot.

44ed23  No.5524212

File: cad1cf5e79a83b6⋯.jpg (95.06 KB, 668x387, 668:387, Just Airplane Exhaust Clou….jpg)

Are we ever going to talk about the elephant in the sky, Q? Chemtrails seem to be INCREASING. 95% of days the sun is sprayed out. Are we just going to keep blocking out the sun?

9f094f  No.5524213

I've noticed the last 2-3 days have been filled with the headline about Barr not recusing himself from the Mueller probe. Often times you'll see a technique called 'seeding' used by media outlets to prepare the masses for a bigger story. Most Anons already know this, we see it literally every day.

The point I'm trying to make is that everyone already knew Barr wasn't going to recuse, he was asked about it several times in his open testimony weeks ago. Even though it was easy fodder for their narrative push, MSM didn't seem to make a huge deal about it. Why all the sudden is that headline in everyone's talking points lately?

I think it's because it's coming out REAL soon.

Amazon book? wtf??

Nadler coming out being a turd again on CNN?

Photo reveal of hand written notes suddenly referenced by Q?

It's called seeding, and it's happening right now.

Buckle up, buckeroos.

Orville Redenbacher in microwave, time set, ready to press start.

487d6e  No.5524214

File: 1b8dfa5750fa034⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1469x4865, 1469:4865, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0b3caf3cb3b84ab⋯.png (282.19 KB, 1265x1336, 1265:1336, ClipboardImage.png)



"Huber keeps a Swiss flag is his office as a sign of his heritage and that colleagues can get a neutral, candid assessment of a problem."



705d91  No.5524215

GA very swampy with elections and new HW Atlanta - geographically too


276023  No.5524216

Schpoopy, The Girl who's hard to get.

Better Fuckin be Hillary

29d430  No.5524217



>>5524020 ————————————–——– The core is what counts

>>5523860 rt >>5523830 ————————— "Fire."

>>5523815 ————————————–——– Crumbs are being dropped and missed

>>5523765 rt >>5523731 ————————— Coincidence post stringers dropped last night?

>>5523617 ————————————–——– Listen carefully ref re: proof v evidence ( Cap: >>5523692 )

>>5523185 ————————————–——– "Meet IG" ( Cap: >>5523279 )

17f09b  No.5524218


June 20.

:15 mirror of :45.

:45 + 48 = :33 = March 5th.

825cc7  No.5524219

Aren't any Americans concerned that your country is subservient to Israel, a virtual vassal state of Israel? Are you all happy you are going to become second class citizens in your own country thanks to those new anti semitic/bds/Israel laws? 99% of the US people are fair game for criticism, while 1% are untouchable, even if they do or say anything wrong.

So much for you 1st amendment and the constitution, you are all to become serfs in your own country, thanks to those peopleAren't any Americans concerned that your country is subservient to Israel, a virtual vassal state of Israel? Are you all happy you are going to become second class citizens in your own country thanks to those new anti semitic/bds/Israel laws? 99% of the US people are fair game for criticism, while 1% are untouchable, even if they do or say anything wrong(WHICH THEY DO AND WILL, BECAUSE NOBODY IS PERFECT).

So much for you 1st amendment and the constitution, you are all to become serfs in your own country, thanks to those people.

18c626  No.5524220


Hard to post it goes so fast here sometimes too

11927c  No.5524221

At the Core, there are seeds.

Seeds of Truth.

cadaf5  No.5524222

File: 788eb839b78a3b3⋯.jpg (21.61 KB, 387x355, 387:355, downloadfile-26_1.jpg)


Pull it!!

b1056e  No.5524223


Anon, it's Marine Corps.

f17255  No.5524224


We need suspicious packages > bombs, MSM farce memes.

3542bb  No.5524225


50 tons of gold and you get to live

b1d593  No.5524226


What's wrong pray tell. Use logic and facts or sit comfy in your delusions and SHTFU.

ad1241  No.5524227

File: 82fdc81cf97d73d⋯.jpg (338.64 KB, 2260x1080, 113:54, Screenshot_20190303-125734….jpg)


Hammer time

Huber just got 6 more attorneys to work for him. How much crime could there really be in Utah?

6dc6ba  No.5524228


Who broke daniel

60289f  No.5524229


looks good on notables. you need something retrieved tag me

308f53  No.5524230


Sure be nice if POTUS would put an end to this shit.

1dda31  No.5524231


So much concern for OPTICS. What are the optics of POTUS dropping the hammer after impeachment proceedings are started? That is coming sooner than any of us can imagine if not stopped.

6b60fb  No.5524232


They tried to bury us.. they didn't know we were seeds.

f21a25  No.5524233

CORE Conflict Resolution (US Department of the Interior)

93a796  No.5524234

File: c2134c978b0c594⋯.jpeg (138.8 KB, 1536x616, 192:77, C60B577F-3D34-4759-AB44-4….jpeg)

File: 67a484ac84335da⋯.jpeg (214.81 KB, 1536x620, 384:155, DCD123D2-E4BF-4703-A123-1….jpeg)


No Utah kind of crimes

16fb5b  No.5524235


>>>5523860 >>5523830 ————————— "Fire."

Gotcha baker:

>>5523860 >>5523860 ————————— "Fire."

dd2125  No.5524236


Sure must, I live in the Permian Basin oil revenue galore, yet our government can’t fill potholes and school system sucks. Desert Swamp?

ee85b1  No.5524237

Anybody else hear Bloomberg's statement today on FOX ~ he's not running for president! He says he invested $100 mil in 2018 mid-terms and will continue to oppose current administration. Lost my train of thought when I heard him say there needs to be 'CONCRETE' actions taken…

There it is again ~ CONCRETE ~ anybody got ideas here? activation? what?

bfb72e  No.5524238

I think Q posted during the NK summit was a previous.

In other words, messages were posted, then 'changed.'

In other words, we knew in advance the meeting was going to have a 'change of plans.'

2dad76  No.5524239


Word games?

Can a person be convicted without evidence? The simple answer is, “no.” You cannot be convicted of a crime without evidence. You cannot be convicted of a state crime. You cannot be convicted of a federal crime. If there is no evidence against you, under the law, it simply is not possible for the prosecutor’s office to obtain a conviction at trial.


727b9f  No.5524240


Did you intercept and replace to gather evidence ?

b1056e  No.5524241


Dude, don't fill out the email field.

d55ad4  No.5524242


Yep… it rains a lot where I live. The second we get a sunny day the spraying goes into overdrive. Sick of it.

2f918e  No.5524243


Apple as in Big Apple - NYC - FF deep state operation in NYC planned or prevented.

7abd17  No.5524244


The unsealed I've seen related to product counterfeiting to medicare/cade fraud, to pill pushers, and invest fraud. They have run the gamut of crimes, but no big "recognizable names".

52a2cd  No.5524245


You don’t belong here fam

107e47  No.5524246

File: 29666e6c57cf678⋯.gif (493.61 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 823dfr578edftloaalgr563ju4….gif)

e3e5ad  No.5524247


How do you separate the good apples from the bad?

Are they allowed to 'claim' that they were 'forced' and somehow 'had no choice'?

I hope not.

10c3bc  No.5524248

File: 4f97ee99c0bce1d⋯.jpg (53.6 KB, 457x544, 457:544, Crumbs.JPG)

419a5b  No.5524249


Typo thanks.

e84a50  No.5524250


Crumbs are being missed!

90dcf5  No.5524251


He was DUI, notorious alcoholic

5f15f4  No.5524252


The people in Utah aren't working on Utah cases. That is where all of the behind the scenes work is being done. They are stealth and do not leak. This is why the DS is freaking out. They know they are doomed and can't do anything about it.They are blind to the workings of Huber's team.

659243  No.5524253

File: 120611f0b9fafaa⋯.png (459.55 KB, 641x712, 641:712, ClipboardImage.png)


6dc6ba  No.5524254


How about we be concerned about why Q thinks that warrantless spying is,perfectly fine lmao

Neocon psyop

0f0235  No.5524255

File: 91662c70dac3fff⋯.png (454.88 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, F30DABAF-9F04-4629-A518-76….png)

Running for city council in my small rural city unopposed. We have to start locally to drain the swamp. Corruption is everywhere. This will be here in a few days.


29d430  No.5524256


Maybe check we have all the caps anon, please, if you can? If not ask in-thread? TY


77ccbc  No.5524257


Not articulated does not men missed.

16fb5b  No.5524258



shit, I fucked it up too, hahah:

>>5523860 rt >>5523830 ————————— "Fire."

487d6e  No.5524259

5bd6f5  No.5524260


Harvard article confirms geoengineering despite deniers.

a20efc  No.5524261


Then fucking arrest these faggots already then hang them

978909  No.5524262



Of course I'm watching Rogan. This is an extremely important discussion. I realize how some ppl here feel about Joe Rogan, but I don't care, I'm an observer and the Rogan show is 3 hours of uncut/unedited discussion. You get a good feel of how some people are. Ppl who don't understand that are missing out on Truth mixed with Lies. Use discernment.

The last time Jack Dorsey was on Rogan, the interview was widely disliked. Currently those numbers are: Likes - 13k/ Dislikes - 85k!

Ppl are waking up. Its what caused this 2nd interview just a month or so later.

13aaeb  No.5524263

File: bea4973413c831b⋯.jpg (35.25 KB, 488x247, 488:247, Rinse Repeat.jpg)


Like I said- Gowdy is a good PR man to get this out to the normies. he has credibility.

the committee DO NOT !

bfb72e  No.5524264




never cause it's BS

214930  No.5524265

File: c176f7e19d78308⋯.png (308.5 KB, 739x511, 739:511, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at ….png)

7abd17  No.5524266

File: 925a8061c89594c⋯.jpg (157.06 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, ripitoff.jpg)

2fb2e3  No.5524267

File: de80f15d3f40fcb⋯.png (409.77 KB, 720x477, 80:53, psalms.png)

Every meme made exposing the vile jew is your chance to personally help take down Satan!! BE A WARRIOR OF GOD AND EXPOSE WITH WICKED JEW AND ALL HIS FILTHY DEEDS!

Bombard Facebook, twitter, gab, IG. snapchat, ANY AND ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS with JEW TRUTH MEMES! Make them impossible to ignore!



ab2ac4  No.5524268


The report I read IED's, again very strange language for the media to use for a domestic incident.

c82914  No.5524269


re route, assist, …

would fit some of the stringers

d4bd7d  No.5524270

File: d39a96339960e78⋯.jpg (212.69 KB, 528x534, 88:89, Screen Shot 03-05-19 at 09….JPG)


‘Aggressive promotion of homosexuality’: School stops LGBT lessons after backlash from angry parents

Published time: 5 Mar, 2019 11:58 Edited time: 5 Mar, 2019 15:18


825cc7  No.5524271


b30b47  No.5524272

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Swamp…

b1056e  No.5524273


Roger that.

cadaf5  No.5524275

File: 3bfad2a6d8ec773⋯.jpg (67.99 KB, 818x501, 818:501, downloadfile-17_1.jpg)

Problem with Huber is that he hasn't even impaneled a grand jury.

6541b5  No.5524276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Remember this MEME?

So Qresearch yesterday called TRUMP A LIAR in another post here! Seriously!

Trump Destroys & and Qresearch Fraud at CPAC! IN HIS SPEECH - yet Qresearch CALLED TRUMP A LIAR!

Sunday, March 3, 2019 16:56

Trump unloaded on the Q fairy tale pretty directly in my opinion during the CPAC speech. Q told us over and over again to “Trust Sessions”! If you don’t remember this then you don’t know anything about Qanon! That’s when I knew Qanon was as fake as Barry Soetoro’s Hawaii birth certificate! Listen to what President Trump says about this Jeff Sessions deep state scumbag in this epic rant! If you still believe in Q after Trump throws scummy Sessions under the bus then you’re a fool!

Trump says he put the wrong people (Jeff Sessions) in a couple of positions and THEY (Jeff Sessions) leave behind people for a long time that shouldn’t be there!

“All of a sudden they’re trying to take you out with bull****!” (meaning Jeff Sessions is directly involved with the coup!)

Then Trump breaks out his funny Jeff Sessions impersonation!

“I’m going to recuse myself!”

and Trump says, “And I say why the hell didn’t he TELL me that BEFORE I put him in!”

Spread this video virally around the internet for the people who still worship the Q fraud designed to run out the clock on Trump while they say it’s all going according to plan!

Not one arrest, Chemtrails being sprayed daily, 5G rolling out, GMOs still being rammed down our throats, the Federal Reserve still operating! If this is the plan then we’re in big trouble!

Q isn’t going to do anything but hurt us! Q is here to spread false hope like “Trust Sessions” to keep patriots sitting on their butts thinking somebody will save them! It’s a fraud and it’s DANGEROUS! You’ve been warned! Trump just tried to wake you up on Sessions! He was a FRAUD just like Q!


This is from Trump's Mouth himself! But of course, the brainwashed DS secret cult on 8Chan will NOT BELIEVE TRUMPS OWN WORDS, THEN YOU DON"T REALLY TRUST TRUMP HEY?

So you "Brainwashed Qresearch believers" Cult have a EVIL AGENDA!

Why so hard to "CRACK" Q? "WHO" benefits the most from cracking Q? Yeah, Deep State enemies of the US and Trump need to know what is being planned. So "How" does this help the Q and Trump Community? It can't now can it? 100% only HRC/DEMs/Deep State BENEFIT from cracking, so you helping crack Q clock, HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING THE VERY EVIL YOU ARE FIGHTING AGAINST!

Also, why not 1 single event as ever in your Qresearch history EVER BEEN VERIFIED AS FACTAUL IN PHYSICAL REALITY? NOT A SINGLE PAST EVENT YOU PRETEND TO FORECAST can be proven to have ever ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY HAPPENING!? So why all LIES?

Where did all the Bread Crumbs go? Notice, you all "Feed" a bottomless DARK PIT, and yet again, not 1 of the 10s of thousands of tips ever was used for LIGHT nor a single court charge against a single member of the DC DS Swamp? So where did all your TIPS go? Yeah - into the hands of the DEEP STATE, so they can COUNTER and PLAN THEIR DEFENCES!

Notice Trump 100% goes after MONEY and not attempt to fight back for US legal Citizens very Lives on the Streets? Notice our streets are OPEN SESSION to illegals and crime and Trump does 100% nothing to attempt to stop anything? Threw a few $ to the masses, yet protecting us Trump TURNED HIS BACK to legal US citizens! Again, Trump called for even MORE ILLEGALS TO COME IN OUR OPEN BOARDER!?

Not 1 "ATTEMPT" in year 3 of a single criminal DC swamp ever being charged for a single crime! Why? What would 1 small charge out the 1000s in bulk be so bad? Bulk charging!

Where the "LOVE" for outsiders in WWG1WGA? Notice the boards THREATEN ALL NONE BRAINWASHED NEWBIEs, who use their own minds and ask "Trust But Verify?" So how can you trust someone who can not verify a single event as being true in their entire history? Yet, instead of "LOVE" and open arms, 8CHAN ATTACKS all who are not 100% brainwashed and mind controlled?

So do you believe words out of Trumps own mouth, or Qresearch OVER TRUMP? Isn't Trump the honest one. So DS here want you to side with their lies OVER TRUMPS OWN WORDS!

360ff7  No.5524277


Cathy McMorris Rogers also is a R that won't support the NE.

29d430  No.5524278


NP ; )

107e47  No.5524279

File: d3333718876df08⋯.jpg (30.56 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bcf6c08e7a8b113234e3a45c47….jpg)


Need to BAKE Anons!

f21a25  No.5524280

File: 2bd8e9f6abe5fb8⋯.jpg (18.4 KB, 267x156, 89:52, hammertime.jpg)

2fb2e3  No.5524281

File: 0d8133b6c922a1a⋯.jpg (36.16 KB, 445x395, 89:79, warrior_real.jpg)

Do not allow these monsters to flourish another day! This is your chance to make an impact in the world!


Expose the enemy that hides behind words and "isms"! They kill our children! Fight back one meme at a time, let memes of truth be your weapon against the worst form of EVIL this planet has ever seen!

091f73  No.5524282


THIS. Another mention of “concrete” by an idiot on MSM.

1dda31  No.5524283


Funny. I thought WWG1WGA. Just words?

ee0650  No.5524284

File: 3919f118305458d⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 0B32E1DB-92DE-4796-8BED-80….png)

London explosive devices: 'Irish dissident plot' possible as counter-terror police investigate whether more packages are at large


Apologies if already posted. (Phonefagging, fast breads and drunk)

316405  No.5524285

f783e2  No.5524286


No divfag…. core is Freedom caucus.

dbce60  No.5524287


RandPaul being threatened and blackmailed? He also voted no on Barr nomination. Stark contrast from before.

b082d3  No.5524288


Seconded, we are getting fresh eyes, NOTABLE

e1b961  No.5524289

File: 3b1f66f212d8b04⋯.png (106.82 KB, 300x483, 100:161, ((( ))).png)


>The core is what counts.


90dcf5  No.5524290


I hope Huber doesn’t stroke out before his work is complete

823599  No.5524291


Do not meme children here.

5bd6f5  No.5524292


His eye in the middle symbolism gives away his team affiliation.

fd5970  No.5524294

Trump Needs to start Fighting back Hard.

Enough is Enough

Gateway Pundit:

BREAKING: NY State Officials Subpoena Trump Org’s Insurance Broker – Claim Trump Inflated Company’s Assets For Insurance Reasons ( remember Cohen said this)

Adam Schiff Hires Former SDNY Prosecutor With Experience ‘Fighting Russian Organized Crime’ to Investigate President Trump

6dc6ba  No.5524295



I think its fucking sad anon

Q clearly thinks its a game tho

Enjoy the movie anons

6541b5  No.5524296

File: f5b6de4f7a396bd⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 254x133, 254:133, 77777.jpg)


>>5523526 (You)

Here is Trumps CPAC Speech called Jeff Sessions a member of the COUP ATTEMPT OVER HIM!

Yet Q and 8ch pushed Trust Sessions. So now this board called Trump as lying, and to believe them here.

See how Deep State works? They have been exposed as FRAUDSTERS in Trumps own words! Ask yourself WHY Trump called out the Q lie?

Q is a Deep State operation to gather all the intel they can so they can place their defences on as much evidence as they can. Talk about feeding into to your ENEMY!

Real US Constitutional Patriots believe Trump - not Qresearch AS THEY ARE PUSHING HERE!

Understand how NO 8CH IS TRUTH and TRUMP IS A LIAR? Then why did Q and Qresearch always call Sessions as GOOD, when Trump called him out as a member of the COUP against him? Once Trump lies, he can never be trusted and implants DOUBT in all future words. So Trump is SPEAKING THE TRUTH and 8CH ARE DEEP STATE LIARS!

5be567  No.5524297


Q is delivering instructions real time.

Last posts all mention "scope" "missed crumbs(need to aim)"


and "barrel" "the core" telling to aim for the CENTER mass instead of just aiming at the head(s)

d88773  No.5524298


True dat. Thanks.

8d316a  No.5524299


Most have a near and far fulfillment; near so the people can know if the man is a true prophet, and far so that we can know that God tells men the future with 100% precision.

09af2f  No.5524300


Q, I'm working on a proof of the statistical impossibility of the deltas. I can only get a little more than 99.x% definitive proof. Not sure how to prove closer. (Unless we can get about 10 more 20 second deltas this month.)

Also, thank you for saving the world for my newborn son.

986770  No.5524301


Case 2:18-cr-00365-JNP:


JOHN W. HUBER, United States Attorney (#7226)



7890bb  No.5524302

File: 47909cc00adb533⋯.png (314.15 KB, 554x348, 277:174, 1 bad apple.PNG)

ff7bb0  No.5524304

File: e0a0b0f1589eaf1⋯.jpeg (663.92 KB, 1832x2172, 458:543, 114B85DE-5081-4651-B321-8….jpeg)

65365b  No.5524305


This is why we hate you stupid fucks.

Can't research for shit, without being led by a wolf.


819cfa  No.5524306

File: 1e856c4a97b4561⋯.png (54.79 KB, 477x327, 159:109, ClipboardImage.png)

Except … THIS is NOT POTUS' hands, it's Kansas!

97c811  No.5524307

File: ab3716cb95797db⋯.png (16.31 KB, 1105x276, 1105:276, TZ.png)

File: 20495cd875bcf44⋯.png (82.86 KB, 1216x636, 304:159, B911_London pkgs.png)



Happened 6-7 am est

Doesn't correspond to Q posts

c45779  No.5524308


Directed to a specific person, or gov in general?

ea17fe  No.5524310