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Pro Aris et Focis

File: c38a240bcbb02a4⋯.jpg (653.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 671.jpg)

c538a7 No.545053

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Suicide at the White House

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2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

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>>544206 What I say a class action lawsuit?

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Saturday 2.24.18

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Thursday, 2.22.18

>>466606 People Kill People

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Wednesday, 2.21.18

>>>/greatawakening/454 [OP]ERATIONAL

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>>448584 US Cyber Task Force

>>448510 rt >>448451 Coincidence? :Protect 6/14-46

>>448465 rt >>448410 @Jack thought he was protected [PROJECT DEEPDREAM]

>>448399 USSS gun intercept, Protect code

>>448338 Stay tuned. Phase [2].

Sunday, 2.18.18

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>>542931 18 men arrested. Human trafficking. Washington County, Oregon

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c538a7 No.545073

https:// pastebin.com/dkZK5dx5

b5b008 No.545100

File: 7ff07f4df01dee6⋯.jpg (371.83 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ReeeeArmy.jpg)

File: eb5b0055f9fd4ec⋯.jpg (49.63 KB, 649x636, 649:636, Reeeeeeeee.jpg)

File: d62b6a26911c71a⋯.jpg (59.93 KB, 650x520, 5:4, RidersOnTheStormREEEE.jpg)

File: 168ac1f993a5f8c⋯.jpg (82.39 KB, 930x1060, 93:106, War info war cyber war.jpg)

File: fc656289ec4e66c⋯.png (80.97 KB, 689x692, 689:692, 3.png)

Make it RAIN!

Meme Warz!!!

30a00a No.545117

File: 8040bd2778276e4⋯.jpeg (115.51 KB, 500x631, 500:631, 27AA292E-6F8C-4DEA-BA9A-C….jpeg)

File: d6c3b7569cd0806⋯.png (600.45 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 76235BDF-B5C0-4A2E-9234-11….png)

File: 82b65f0ee0da759⋯.jpeg (51.15 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 479966E8-E1E0-4848-8FC3-6….jpeg)

File: c2abae976a1ccdb⋯.jpeg (75.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 76E93C86-2009-456F-8FBE-0….jpeg)

8b0a31 No.545118

WHO database, known as MiNDbank, went online. The database was launched on Human Rights Day, and is part of WHO's QualityRights initiative, which aims to end human rights violations against people with mental health conditions. The new database presents a great deal of information about mental health, substance abuse, disability, human rights, and the different policies, strategies, laws, and service standards being implemented in different countries.[66] It also contains important international documents and information. The database allows visitors to access the health information of WHO member states and other partners. Users can review policies, laws, and strategies and search for the best practices and success stories in the field of mental health.

From WIkipedia, but going to a major look other places.

30a00a No.545119

File: d8fdd7e85b8e5f6⋯.jpeg (389.01 KB, 1125x1195, 225:239, 975EBE25-DF32-4D71-8153-D….jpeg)

File: ea44123253c850b⋯.jpeg (110.66 KB, 671x500, 671:500, C893A454-6A46-4234-9EE3-3….jpeg)

File: 19b914244d96c54⋯.jpeg (140.11 KB, 689x500, 689:500, 4F759DE7-8415-4230-9141-3….jpeg)

File: 78cfd53ddaa693d⋯.jpeg (81.06 KB, 750x468, 125:78, 0D7A2EF1-D362-44C2-9FA8-3….jpeg)

31f2fb No.545120

File: 2a51c94d2f36288⋯.jpg (136.76 KB, 823x1200, 823:1200, DWuJtozUQAAroof.jpg)

File: 5f740a443115f56⋯.png (265.78 KB, 1118x674, 559:337, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at ….png)


Bulger -> Kevin R. Hogg connection. Hogg was working at the FBI LAX post, but he got pulled to come to Santa Monica for this arrest. Bulger was a famous mob hitman

Full doc is here. https:// www.justice.gov/usao-ma/file/846256/download

Lots of other Material on the case available searching for CR-10286

84a024 No.545121

File: c364482c821537f⋯.png (16.86 KB, 180x255, 12:17, bakeus.png)

13aaa9 No.545123


MAGA backwards is AGAM

https:// atlanticgam.es/en

9e1e71 No.545124

The reason LV failed was because liberals looneys didn’t really mind a bunch of conservatives to be killed… now children on the other hand tug on the heart strings… especially kids that campaign for against 2nd amendment rights.

Glad to see you back Q.

657e54 No.545125


Baker/BO/BV, anons, stay alert, (((shill))) activity picking up right after Q drops.

Please feel free to fire at will while we dig. Give us cover, if you please.

Thank you.

ba30c3 No.545126


I was NOT referring to that. I was referring to the misspelling ITSELF. Nothing else. Check Big Man Tweets next am and count back same number of minutes on board and see anon confirm what I'm saying, I believe anon only had 5 posts. That one x and c was a honest mistake, other than that, EVERYTHING HAS MEANING.

259829 No.545127

File: 75aaae4921f96e0⋯.png (550.31 KB, 520x520, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


a8fcef No.545128

q i've come to tell you we're watching

we see it will happen soon

before long we'll unzip our sheepskin

we'll be waiting for you on the other side

good luck

pro ares et focis

avise la fin

89c2f7 No.545129

File: eef1653d880a771⋯.png (245.43 KB, 988x786, 494:393, Qcomms.png)

I feel like I'm on the right track with this. Q has, once again, confirmed positive comms with us through POTUS and his deleted tweets & grammatical errors. More proofs!

30ee3b No.545130

File: 18a8e0ec1316d56⋯.gif (35.31 KB, 520x512, 65:64, deadcatbounce.gif)


01fff7 No.545131

File: 5f114a7dda44e07⋯.png (91.62 KB, 335x289, 335:289, Q ga.104.PNG)

File: b922815f450eb13⋯.png (547.77 KB, 1033x667, 1033:667, googtencent.PNG)




>repost from last bread. some answers written out from days previous -

73398e No.545132

SNL accused Hollywood of being filled with devil worshippers tonight.

Happened right after Baldwin’s POTUS impersonation.

Connects to POTUS tweet today.

c7bf47 No.545133



Where US and Russia traded (spies, etc…)


Murdered, dead


New Bridge = relations between Trump and Putin



>The LINK.




Snowden and clowns have been working together running social media. Creating the algorithm and influencing the sheeple

>Russia ICBM tech.

>HRC open source.


The ICBM tech along with other SAPs were sold to Russia, amongst other nations if they donated enough. She was selling secrets as SOS



Pedestal group, along with Manafort were the front men for lobbying foreign governments and setting up those deals for HRC.

>Highest levels of US-G.



Everything was known and coordinated at the highest levels of the US Government.

>WHY would Russia tell the world?

So HRC would know who's side he's on.


So when the world learns what HRC was up to, they will KNOW what Putin was saying by announcing it. He gave proof of our tech to the world.

>Why is SR back in the news?

To let HRC know it's coming.


To ready the world for news that his murder was because of the leak. When its revealed, the fingers will point in the right places. Public will demand justice.

>Why is SESSIONS acting weak?

To play the part.


To seem out of DJT's graces, the enemies cheer him on and are unaware of what he's really up to.

>IG report?

DJT labeling him Obama's IG sets him independent from the administration. Also distances DJT from the charges that it will make.

>No legit leaks.

It's been a clean and sealed team from the start.

>MSM staging narrative.

They want/need the public to keep believing the Russia narrative. They need to be able to blame anything as a political game. But the Session/IG blame has them blind to them.

>IG appointed by SESSIONS for?

Investigate FISA


Because they were already looking into HRC server investigation and they will have found information regarding the FISA abuses to go with that. They're expecting old news in the report and it will include it all.


The IG has unlimited access to everything. It doesn't have power to convict, but it doesn't need it. It doesn't need approval to release its info. It can go direct to the public. It oversees everything in the DOJ/FBI and as such has access to everything. You can't block the IG. The public will be aware of everything.

>Enjoy the show.

>Dead cat bounce.

I took this as a double mirror.

First: sleeping dogs lie. Which means leave things as they are.

Second mirror: MAGA hates the Status Quo



657e54 No.545134

File: 121f6d63deb768b⋯.jpg (88.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, pepeonfire.jpg)


Much appreciated. A LOT to dig through tonight.

Fuck sleep.

31f2fb No.545135


James "Whitey" Bulger made all sorts of claims about the CIA and MK ULTRA after his arrest while he was in jail.

c4cf60 No.545137


Think about it - if there was a team of shooters at that school - there would be comms.

If Q team hears all and sees all surely they would intervene to stop a massacre

Maybe the massive blackout of security cams is to cover up the gross incompetence of the sheriff - if the multiple shooter BS flies then he stays in power and the crime syndicate keeps on going in Broward/DWS crime swamp

fb6f1f No.545138

File: e931ce65f4a1c90⋯.jpg (444.49 KB, 1312x1361, 1312:1361, MKULTRAINNOCENCE.jpg)


>BRIDGE stands for Behavioral Rating Inventory for Drug-Generated Effects (biological psychiatry)

>Man Commits Suicide Outside White House















e3922b No.545139

>>545021 (last bread)

>You certain about that? Right now MSM is the dead cat bounce I think.

I think this is correct. MSM is dead cat bounce.

10740b No.545140




actually miss his presence, intellect, wit, humor, persona



Justice for Justice Scalia!

f4558f No.545141

>WHO wrote the singular censorship algorithm?

>WHO deployed the algorithm?

>WHO instructed them to deploy the algorithm?




So did we ever determine if Five Eyes is /ourguys/ or no?

7a443e No.545142


Are all new electronic communication devices comped with mind readwrite tech? Besides martsphones, laptops, notepads, mobiletech what about TVs, gaming consoles, lcd monitors.. . …

bluetooth headsets

smart led lights?

amazon/google alexas?

anything in modern cars?

e19cc1 No.545143

Make it rain strongly implies we should be doing an anti-censorship tweet storm folks.

dcd7ce No.545144


We need to organize something to uncover the MSM lies.

A lawsuit, class action?

A march for honesty and integrity in MSM? Contact our congressman and demand an investigation into MSM libel, slander, untruth?

We need to brainstorm on ways to expose the MSM.

I believe we have to take it off social media since we are being censored and banned.

88b078 No.545145


What Lincoln did before civil war

e65d0f No.545146

File: abadf3a51df4c69⋯.jpg (185.97 KB, 1178x833, 1178:833, obr2495.jpg)


Many others too.

Bob Marley, John Lennon, JFK…

All people full of LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS.

Love is the force the controllers fear the most.

Love is the force that will end their reign. It dissolves their control programs - that make you think up is down, left is right and black is white.

Refer to the latest Q posts. Revert your mind to the balance. Why would hate be good? Why would weapons and violence be worshipped? Know what your thoughts and actions lead to.

Spiritual development through Love is the SOLUTION FOR EVERYTHING.

efcf2e No.545147


Comprehensive Lsa Automated Support

657e54 No.545148


Disposable asset. Used to eliminate mafia elements, keeping mob assets under control, MK ultra test case?

Project wildly successful, subject disposed of, I suppose.

31f2fb No.545149


It usually refers to a short term rebound in the price of a stock after a huge collapse that suckers in new money who are looking for an oversold bargain.

601948 No.545150


886992 No.545151


LOL!! "FUQ SLEEP!!" Indeed!!

888acb No.545152


As happy I am that our tech these days has been used to undo evil in this country this same tech has infringed on our rights. Will this be addressed when the cabal is finished or will the intrusive aspects of data collection go unabated because it was used to help save the Republic?

58082c No.545153

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳



Freaking awesome!!!!😎

fb6f1f No.545154


Instant fucking filter.

Q posts and Slides appear.

whew, they aren't even trying at this point.

dcd7ce No.545155



80a80d No.545156


Not necessarily MKU.

Could be the guy was given no options.

Kill yourself or we kill your family.

f8cc6e No.545157

Q one of these days after the storm. you need to pay us a visit without the trolls. we anons have so many questions we wish we could just ask you open forum lol

493942 No.545158


Arrest all the editors of major news papers?

e19cc1 No.545159


I would say, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Google Pixel are all comped.

efcf2e No.545160


Class Action Lawsuit Memes

8b3fc2 No.545161


im not Q but my money is on Scalias statements and op ed saying he was going to stop the paris climate agreement ( trillion $ cabal slush fund ), he died the week before he was set to.

73398e No.545162


Right on. Not meant to be personal.

SNL drop was significant. Audience reaction indicated the Red Pill was swallowed by many.

9e7ef5 No.545163

Dead cat theory

In a 2013 article for The Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson noted that one of Crosby's tactics when losing an argument because the facts are against you was to do the equivalent of "throwing a dead cat on the table": bring up an issue you want to talk about that draws widespread attention from the populace, forcing opponents to also talk about your new issue instead of the previous issue.[28] According to the Guardian, Michael Fallon was the implementer of the strategy in the 2015 when he accused Ed Miliband preparing to drop Trident as part of a deal with the Scottish National Party at a moment when the Labour party were starting to pull ahead in the polls.[36] https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynton_Crosby#Dead_cat_theory

https:// www.buzzfeed.com/robstott/here-are-all-the-ways-malcolm-turnbulls-campaign-has-already?utm_term=.wi3LjROPG#.ps9rKA8XR

9cb8f2 No.545164


I think they screwed it up. There was supposed to be a different narrative or result. Pretty sure Q inferred it was an assassination attempt on POTUS and white hat Saudi Arabian prince that took over shortly after LV. If you look closely at it the whole event was botched.

e19cc1 No.545165


I'd say as a sidebar maybe

4ccd29 No.545166


>You have more than your know.

You have more than your know.

660e26 No.545167

File: db3cbc6fc38c4b6⋯.jpeg (260.17 KB, 1200x1114, 600:557, Qcorrelations.jpeg)

not just POTUS tweets?


so… now a correlation between a U.S. DOD @DeptofDefense tweet and Q post???

not just Q posts and POTUS tweets?

this is confusing to say the least

>mfw disinformation is necessary

b37f73 No.545168


'''oh i would so love for the site to be permanently shut down.

maybe people would actually talk again and put phones down. '''

89c2f7 No.545169


In a thread earlier today I posted TV viewership stats from earlier in Feb, and while I can't recall exact numbers, FOX topped the charts with 2.6 million viewers in prime-time, 2nd was MSNBC with somthing like 1.6 million, and then poor poor CNN was only around 600,000 viewers in prime time hours. Yes, less than Discovery network, HGTV, ESPN, and so on.

30ee3b No.545170

File: 67da9e09b4b4230⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 3192x1596, 2:1, MW Wigger1.jpg)

Was working on this thru the first Q drops!

0dd844 No.545171

f8cc6e No.545172


yea I was looking at the Heller case, that decision was made in 08 I dont think that shoe fits.

he was clearly a man of honor tho. so sad.

9166f2 No.545173

File: 3bb04acc3f5bb3e⋯.png (138.91 KB, 1661x602, 1661:602, news_unlocks_past_rr_bm_10….png)


RR operates on Q's schedule.

c3656d No.545174

File: 257daea5666b180⋯.png (759.27 KB, 1779x1677, 593:559, 4chan john.png)

File: 7157da78ce668f0⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1868x1526, 934:763, Blackjack.png)

File: fcf0ea948e7f3f8⋯.jpg (237.71 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 91-ONE.jpg)

Las Vegas was supposed to be a second 9/11* involving a suitcase nuke. The white hats stopped the nuke, but weren't able to stop the shooting(s). Israeli media initially blamed ISIS, so that was probably going to be the narrative and precursor to starting another war. Since their prepackaged narrative was disrupted and pushing for gun control would lead to too many unwanted questions, they dropped it out of the news cycle and hoped the masses would forget about it.

Numerology fags: Las Vegas happened on October 1. 10/1. 10/1 is the second half of 9/11/01.

9/1_1/01 (10/1)

>Why didn’t LV change the news cycle?


80a80d No.545175

Who is the dead cat getting bounced?

Tee hee hee!!

e19cc1 No.545177


You realize it would be hours of questions where he can only answer like 2% of them.

4c6620 No.545178

>>54098 last bread

I believe we have to relearn our Constitution and Meme it. Leave the people out of pictures such as HRC, etc for now, send our forefathers words with American flag and WE the People as the background.

Mostly lurker here. Don’t know how to make above green. Anon has a good point. Lefty associates always respond positively when I say “less R, less D, MORE Constitution”

58082c No.545179


Explains why muller is strong after Manafort

e2aad5 No.545180



HRC's server was the Bridge-2 .. the point of exchange .. the drop box.

Snowden and the Clowns were LINK to the Pedostas.

Goolag/YouTube/Twatter were/are run by the highest levels of US government.

U1 and NK missile/nuke technology all given to Russia and NK by 0bama through HRC.

Russia, Seth Rich are distractions.

Weak Sessions is the setup for the shock of the IG report, and to prevent MSM narrative that Sessions is just a tool of POTUS.

c538a7 No.545181

USBREADCOM Requesting Reinforcements

Is there a graveyard Baker available for handoff?

895727 No.545182

File: 968cc4fb44a3677⋯.jpg (2.6 MB, 2208x3928, 276:491, P_20180303_063446_vHDR_Aut….jpg)

Nice loaf there, baker. Carry on.

6177e2 No.545183


Thank God.

fb6f1f No.545184

File: 817e229e99c16a1⋯.jpg (492.82 KB, 1130x2149, 1130:2149, IdesOfMarch.jpg)

Reposting because Q's in a moral boosting phase and tomorrow may very well be a huge day from the sounds of it.

November time-shifted Q happening:

a89656 No.545185


Why IS NK out of the news cycle…

I think Q/POTUS may be telling us that both Billy Graham and Alec Baldwin are Y's….

58082c No.545186


Is muller a white hat?

c43015 No.545187

Could the Dead Cat Bounce be related to Twitter? Their stock price has been pretty resilient lately…despite all the bad news. Totally propped up by someone.

c7bf47 No.545188


It's not confusing at all. Pay attention to Army, Navy, Marine, Airforce, DOD and Homeland tweets. They all tie in even if indirectly.

cffb6e No.545189

How do we know they won't turn on one of their MKUltra people and let lose a bio weapon of some type? All that fentanyl could kill a lot of people or put out a worse flu then is out now.

660e26 No.545190


I can bake the next one

ab42d2 No.545191


>the Q/coffee/chain of command pic

are you serious? I thought the anons who made this connection were just reaching. seeing shit in the clouds, as it were

8ff586 No.545192

need sleep for a bit - will picture that map as i do

think of the black hole

God Bles


30ee3b No.545193

File: 18a8e0ec1316d56⋯.gif (35.31 KB, 520x512, 65:64, deadcatbounce.gif)


But is "really" DEAD?

493942 No.545194


One can only prop so long…. trend is down

0b7235 No.545195


Nope. They didn't get the reaction they wanted from US. They thought if they shot Rep congressmen and then shot up country music fans and church goers, WE would be begging for gun control! IT DIDN'T WORK. So they moved on to kids and crisis actors.

9e7ef5 No.545196

Dead cat theory!! ←——–

In a 2013 article for The Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson noted that one of Crosby's tactics when losing an argument because the facts are against you was to do the equivalent of "throwing a dead cat on the table": bring up an issue you want to talk about that draws widespread attention from the populace, forcing opponents to also talk about your new issue instead of the previous issue.[28] According to the Guardian, Michael Fallon was the implementer of the strategy in the 2015 when he accused Ed Miliband preparing to drop Trident as part of a deal with the Scottish National Party at a moment when the Labour party were starting to pull ahead in the polls.[36] https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynton_Crosby#Dead_cat_theory

https:// www.buzzfeed.com/robstott/here-are-all-the-ways-malcolm-turnbulls-campaign-has-already?utm_term=.wi3LjROPG#.ps9rKA8XR

379071 No.545197

corona live in >24

Phase3 on the burner


US Grid

A Great Work



will [whisper]




58082c No.545198


Memes of each part of the constitution so folks really understand that it means?

c538a7 No.545199


Thank you. Handoff confirmed:

https:// pastebin.com/Vx5b07mA

d8cf28 No.545200

Dead cat bounce


MSN bringing up old stories hoping that their greatest hits from the past will be a distraction?

f8cc6e No.545201


I equate our frustration to that of a gynecologist or a pizza delivery person. >=) so close yet so far.. *Pounds head on key board*

30ee3b No.545202

657e54 No.545203


If it receives radio/cell/satellite signal, it's comp'd. Unless you never had a birth certificate and lived away from civilization from birth.

Clown capabilities are greater than you realize.

4b3c57 No.545204


Keenan said tonight, "Kiss starts with a Q"

If anyone else was watching stupid SNL lol.

c4cf60 No.545205


I am not sliding fool

I am trying to reconcile for the MILLIONS of normies who follow Q now and want to know if Q knows all and hears all why cant Q stop black ops on american soil

the only conclusion I can come to is it wasnt such a black op

think what you want fuckstick

I am one of the old guard around here

a5afa8 No.545206


Agreed, LV didnt go they way they planned it atall, The saudi prince would of been amoung the dead, He later returned to saudi and arrested all them rich princes

9cb8f2 No.545207


Been happeningn Anon. The crossing of the Potomac pics on Christmas is an older example. Aso seems to coordinate with Assange tweets as well.

660e26 No.545208

>>545199 (cheKeKed)

handoff confirmed

godspeed fellow baker

493942 No.545209


AJ the most badass POTUS ever!

601948 No.545210


73398e No.545211


Kennan also said that everyone in Hollywood worships the Devil.

Very very significant SNL episode.

01fff7 No.545212


crumbs said "across all platforms"

30a00a No.545213

65d753 No.545214


I am starting to wonder why after 4 months we are still being asked to confirm the reality of this operation.

cffb6e No.545215


Thing is if we meme hard on something and try change the narrative we get shadowbanned or banned completely.

60e80f No.545216


Could it be the stocks on Mandalay Bay owner?

Cat bounce

159da4 No.545218






379071 No.545219


…and Comey [twat]

746048 No.545220

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>We are everywhere.



Michael Jackson - ((They)) Don't Care About Us

< www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNJL6nfu__Q

^^ ^^

c7bf47 No.545221

Dead Cat Bounce

I posted the double mirror in my earlier post, but it's also a movie…

About a women that admits to bestiality.

657e54 No.545222




01fff7 No.545223


111 anon?

4b3c57 No.545225


Gotta say imagine it was fuckign Kennan who outs the pedos. Hes been in the industry for ever. I would laugh Q.

a0abee No.545226

f1cef2 No.545227


Nice catch, anon.

493942 No.545228


When asked what party affiliation I am, I say, Andrew Jackson Republican. I get some crazy looks in response.

dbfe08 No.545229


threat ?

8b3fc2 No.545230



ht tps://ww w.forbes.com/sites/michaelkrancer/2016/02/17/scalias-last-stand-he-helped-crush-obamas-big-paris-climate-change-deal/#29b1d8e63300

e65d0f No.545231



[matrix cracking intensifies]

857107 No.545232


Grey hat

660e26 No.545233

>>545188 (cheKeKed)

>They all tie in even if indirectly.


> Aso seems to coordinate



a little nebulous for my taste

but I'm NOT omniscient so… all the more crumbs for the table :)

c4a6d2 No.545234


You are like a rat dog who, as you walk along a fence, threatens you with death and destruction… only to disappear by the time you reach a gate.


df559b No.545235


Q did not say susceptible



fb6f1f No.545236


It's also to map out connections.

f0b8c4 No.545237


Clif High, the predictive linguistics guy, was talking about lawsuits against the MSM coming this year. (I'm not too sure I buy his alleged tech, but I like what he's selling)

30ee3b No.545238

File: ff52674184d44a8⋯.jpeg (7.88 KB, 303x166, 303:166, deadcat1.jpeg)


It is "ONLY known" as a stock market reference

9c9033 No.545239

>Russia ICBM tech

Russia is testing new tech for its ICBMs that could defeat NATO missile defenses Awww.businessinsider.com/russia-testing-new-tech-for-icbms-missile-defenses-2018-1

a89656 No.545240





HAWAII….missile launch….our missile defense system took it out….


259829 No.545241

File: 9447ded99541e36⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1114x1370, 557:685, RoxanneRedLight.png)


This one's back in play then.

ce7ac3 No.545242

File: cc67b39d0dacf96⋯.png (116.39 KB, 520x512, 65:64, Dead-cat-bounce.png)

>>544701 (Q last bread)

>Dead cat bounce.

Love that analogy!

ae1166 No.545243

You have more than your (people) know.

Maybe something more like that? or

Maybe (friends) or (enemies) …

3e0d95 No.545244

File: 6760a79b8ed9a6a⋯.jpg (156.18 KB, 768x1120, 24:35, gallery-mel-gibson.jpg)


good teamwork brothers

857107 No.545245

Thank you, Baker

601948 No.545246



379071 No.545247


clear threat

0b7235 No.545248


LV was not about killing the CP. LV was simply FINANCED by the Saudis.

0f53e5 No.545249


There was an exchange on that bridge :)

bb51ef No.545250


What do we know, Election Interfering?

It did happen, but the only suspect is GS,co

Russia has said publically, show the proof.

Russian Collusion failed, Trump = innocent

HRC = Guilty!

Russia, is our ally, they want Evil gone as much as we do! I hope anyway. All my evidence says yes.

Russia wants to take down Zionist Israel -= Evil.

f8cc6e No.545251


I think what Q was pointing to is how fast we shut them up about LV by stiring up shit and destroying there narrative. sadly they just raised the bar and started using kids.

Who would ever call the poor innocent victim children lyres during such an awful time.

while we have shown that the F.I was incompetent and that the fl sheriff is an Islamist cuck. we cant completely kill there BS propaganda on this one. clever really.

334ade No.545252

High-Tech Bridge - Web and Mobile Application Security

https:// www.htbridge.com/ssl/?id=dosZlz2W

31f2fb No.545254

The chinese were the first to censor the internet and media with algo's.

Exerting Control

The Chinese government deploys myriad ways of censoring the internet. The Golden Shield Project, colloquially known as the Great Firewall, is the center of the government’s online censorship and surveillance effort. Its methods include bandwidth throttling, keyword filtering, and blocking access to certain websites. According to Reporters Without Borders, the firewall makes large-scale use of Deep Packet Inspection technology to block access based on keyword detection. As Ng points out, the government also employs a diverse range of methods to induce journalists to censor themselves, including dismissals and demotions, libel lawsuits, fines, arrests, and forced televised confessions.

To the degree that China’s connection to the outside world matters, the digital links are deteriorating.

Our friends at CFR wrote a nice little paper about how they do it.

https:// www.cfr.org/backgrounder/media-censorship-china

9c9033 No.545255



Definition of suspectable

: that may be suspected

89c2f7 No.545256

File: 208c74f7e740d51⋯.jpg (62.78 KB, 1024x550, 512:275, p-popup.jpg)

I suggest everyone make a brand new twitter account that you will not post from. This will be your Q comms monitoring twitter. What you do is follow POTUS, Wikileaks/Julian Assange, and other OFFICIAL accounts of the DoD, Army, USMC, Navy, State Dept., and so on. Do this because we have seen in the past Q drop phrases and ideas which end up on other official twitter accounts other than POTUS. This is a very easy way to keep track of official "chatter"

240a2b No.545257


Collapse of the Stock Exchanges?

88b078 No.545258


Roxanne - You don't have to put on the red light = Red Red

Bridge = bosporus strait

Watch the water = The black sea

Mirror = Mirror image in the black sea

@Snowden = not in Russia

Double meaning

@Snowden = Criema technically part of Ukrain occupied by Russia

9cb8f2 No.545259


Ooooh. We have a team all comms(ing) across the world we have to find? Or white hat confirmation technique?

ec3643 No.545260


Yes! Was about to post!

3e204d No.545261

Hey Baker, thank you. It has to be real hell when Q posts, and you did great. Thank you to the brave baker taking over.

e2aad5 No.545262

File: afa78174f5a3d10⋯.png (543.25 KB, 572x523, 572:523, ClipboardImage.png)

Real tasty bread, Baker.

a0abee No.545263

File: 239311843dc6956⋯.png (556.15 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Tobacco_Executives_Cigaret….png)

class action lawsuit

it was proven that nicotine IS AN ADDICTIVE DRUG

result was a payoff - tobacco settlement fund in exchange for nicotine not being regulated as a drug by the FDA

b5b008 No.545264

File: ce119d8b437b838⋯.jpg (241.48 KB, 600x431, 600:431, EnjoyTheShow.jpg)

Enjoy the show.

dcd7ce No.545265


Great idea. Thanks anon.

3602b8 No.545266


Had almost the same thoughts when that blank pic went up. Great visual.

379071 No.545267

File: 5eb2aad83914273⋯.png (453.5 KB, 577x621, 577:621, Comey Potomac.png)

b37f73 No.545268


did u see the one the rock did about making the best pedo rape machine… sic mfers

d3805d No.545269

File: 9736be5977c7f41⋯.jpg (219.02 KB, 1072x823, 1072:823, Screenshot_20180303-142624.jpg)

File: 99faa3227980027⋯.jpg (632.16 KB, 1079x1523, 1079:1523, Screenshot_20180303-142642.jpg)

File: d6d6261015bff0e⋯.jpg (133.06 KB, 1074x496, 537:248, Screenshot_20180303-143057.jpg)

File: c1e52ff4d084d56⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180303-143238.png)

3b9f4f No.545270


More likely the deep-state bounceback.. they took back control of the narrative with gun control and school shooting.

It's about to revert.

f8cc6e No.545271

White crane is back in advertisement talking about Kenya and brain surgery.

when will that audio book be ready man?

im on pre order.

9c9033 No.545272


Twat bastards banned my IP on the 7th ban…

f81c16 No.545273

File: 84471a914758bd5⋯.jpeg (83.33 KB, 887x500, 887:500, 51424A1A-C7F3-4E41-B220-6….jpeg)

File: 502487884b1a91c⋯.jpeg (69.5 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 88CFE0BC-35CE-409C-8098-7….jpeg)


30ee3b No.545274


Until today, it was only a stock market reference!

(I think it was a reference to falling TWATSTOCK too)

BUT: I think >>545242 figured it's real meaning out graphically!

dbfe08 No.545275


thank you .

7ef26d No.545276


Suspect Able Danger?

6e96fc No.545277


Is this the real Q or the fake?

There is only 1 space after the Q on the newest post "we are everywhere" whereas all other posts show 2 spaces after

8b3fc2 No.545278




the last three sentences of the article are the reason Scalia was murdered if you ever wanted to know.

601948 No.545279

Brace yourself good people… for we go to war! Never forget the trials we have faced, the mountains we have crossed nor the blood that has been spilt… WE MUST RISE UP AND FIGH FIGHT FIGHT! For the days may be long and progress into weeks… I say that is fine… for the sacrifice, as small as it may be to us, is surely worth fighting for! #BOOM

179693 No.545280

File: acd33dece255d04⋯.png (39.98 KB, 109x169, 109:169, FBI_Pic.png)

File: f2a350b9f8911e5⋯.png (322.55 KB, 669x758, 669:758, Real_Paddock.PNG)

I think I just proved in two pictures that Las Vegas shooting was a false flag.

The real Stephen Paddock had attached lobulus auriculae (earlobes).

The pic released by the FBI was a stand in body double.


5abb6e No.545281


We can crop another 5000 points before we are in Obama's market. That is a long ways away.

325497 No.545282

File: c26f2668c06df61⋯.png (607.32 KB, 603x343, 603:343, SDY.png)

Can a trading anon confirm whether SDY (SPDR S&P Dividend ETF) is in a dead cat bounce?

Not sure Q is referring to this, but the idea popped out at me when looking at >>544206

493942 No.545283


Nobody drives anything… think ying yang. One follows the other. All time highs lead to all time lows. No way when shit is said and done that the market doesn't correct 90%. Shit is ALL driven by human emotion, herding instinct… fire in a crowed theater ect…

ce7ac3 No.545284


Possible, but what we are talking about is the Collapse of the Globalist Satanic Pedophile Rulers and THEIR capital.

b3b55f No.545285


Meme it!!!!

660e26 No.545286


>crumbs said "across all platforms"

yes, I like that, makes a bit more sense to me now.


we're not all hardened veterans here, normies are part of the plan, part of the mission.

chewing and re-chewing facts to help solidify them in our minds and continue to prove their truths is normal for the chans and major truths.

b37f73 No.545287

File: ae54a018fdb39af⋯.jpg (318.22 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, thankyoubaker.jpg)


yes, thank you baker. awesome job brother

c7bf47 No.545288


Or many… Roxanne was about a man falling in love with a prostitute. We know the cabal loves trafficking people for the sex trade. They're trafficking Russians across that bridge into Ukraine

3b9f4f No.545289


Very good. Rendition / Eagle.

379071 No.545290


…i dropped this days ago

realizing I have to work backwards with this group



c3656d No.545291






>We are WITH you.


Translation: Make a very loud and giant stink about the censorship so that the government has a clean, public reason to bring down the hammer.

601948 No.545292


one and the same… play it up brother… BE LOUD AND BE PROUD!

dbfe08 No.545293


ethical leadership , comedy ? kek .

746048 No.545294


Good info. Always multiple meanings.

e3922b No.545295


Project Mockingbird collapse.

0f53e5 No.545296



f95a8d No.545297

dead cat bounce:


a temporary recovery in share prices after a substantial fall, caused by speculators buying in order to cover their positions.

5734b6 No.545298

Could BOOM be an acronym? Barack Obama On Move or something?

886992 No.545299


Thank You for your work. All my respect.

b2ac65 No.545300

File: f9edc3bdfd301d2⋯.jpg (46.13 KB, 375x500, 3:4, MV5BMTQyMzAxNzE2MF5BMl5Ban….jpg)


could possibly be

The Zebra Force (1976) (aka Code Name Zebra"

A group of Vietnam vets, tired of the depredation of the Mafia on their neighborhood, decide to take on the mob on their own terms–but by using a very different twist.

Might be a stretch but throwing it out there as a possibility

dbd721 No.545301





FIGHT the censorship.

You, the PEOPLE, have ALL the POWER.

You simply forgot how to PLAY.


They want you divided.

They want you silenced.


We are WITH you.



01fff7 No.545302


what did they do, CGI him? probably. these people are sick

e65d0f No.545303


When BHO was elected their influence was still very strong.

The Cabal has been here since the fall of Atlantis, when unspiritual people enabled their existence and with their negative choices put them into power.

In a spiritual society of Love the satanic Cabal would be as powerful as a nursery home, because all humans would think with their minds and feel with their hearts, recognizing and not allowing negative choices to pass.

You would not jump off a cliff if you knew you were located on a cliff. Very simple Truth.

dbfe08 No.545304


some are stronger than others :P we all have our place though . salute .

73398e No.545305


A skit on tonight’s SNL also said the only way to change the narrative from Hollywood sex scandals was guns.

601948 No.545306


if it isnt… lets make it one… lets give it deeper meaning!

fb6f1f No.545307


Have they been sending coded messages the entire time as well?!

379071 No.545308

Corona WILL be live tomorrow


expect push back [spin] monday

maybe we can get some blue skies for the next couple days eh?

493942 No.545310


should have called yourself KRS-1 more cred

b992f6 No.545311

File: 0d64baac45d7906⋯.jpg (662.8 KB, 728x973, 104:139, Blood_Analysis_3.jpg)

File: 951c129066938f0⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1599x1369, 1599:1369, room32_falseflag_setup_bod….png)



That has long been settled. Just needs to be mainstreamed.

9cb8f2 No.545312


“It’s release…”. Creepy. Fuck this asshole.

e2aad5 No.545313


Dead cat bounce is a stock market term describing a quick bounce after a decline.

A dead cat bounce can be a short reprieve in a decline, with continued selling OR it can be the first sign of buyers coming back in to support the market after a decline. In this case, a reversal back up will follow after a consolidation (sideways) period.

886992 No.545314



379071 No.545315


my honor anon


a89656 No.545316


2nd misspelled sentence in Q post:

(Why IS) NK out of the news cycle?


Alec Bladwin, AGAIN…Y is focus of mistake

Translation: BALDWIN IS A "Y"

bb51ef No.545317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I agree, these guys will be severely hurt very soon!!!!!!!

quite accurate! Good record!

5a1e25 No.545318

File: 5fb703aab882ad4⋯.png (253.02 KB, 1269x543, 423:181, SW.png)


Post = w/e 2/10

[Next Week] w/e 2/17

[Next Week] w/e 2/24

[Next Week] w/e 3/3

Suicide Weekend?


3e204d No.545319


You Rock, too. Thanks for all you do.

240a2b No.545320


which stock exchange is?

e1d518 No.545321

Nothing like a Q Storm after a Q drought ….

179693 No.545322


You guys are good.

f1cef2 No.545323

File: 65f93f90769b382⋯.png (103.71 KB, 789x601, 789:601, sit in.PNG)


@POTUSpress RT this very recently

6e96fc No.545324


disregard this - it was just posted on the qanonmap.

746048 No.545325



Did ya hear…?

Las Vegas Coroner: Stephen Paddock died one day after he committed suicide

1e4be6 No.545326

File: bf2f2c1a1143a41⋯.png (20.65 KB, 512x512, 1:1, as_899-512.png)

f8cc6e No.545327


dude this is brilliant!

only link important accounts!

dont tweet or re tweet a damned thing!

meerly log in make note of important happenings, then report important shit here and log on your main account with a viral hashtag and unleash hell!

df3006 No.545329


>What event(s) change the news cycle?

>Why didn’t LV change the news cycle?

(s) Super bowl ?

cbc35d No.545330

File: f3516aeb8ac670a⋯.png (60.35 KB, 460x453, 460:453, ClipboardImage.png)


A dead cat bounce is a small, short-lived recovery in the price of a declining security, such as a stock. Origin :- The earliest use of the phrase dates from 1985 when the Singaporean and Malaysian stock markets bounced back after a hard fall during the recession of that year.

30ee3b No.545331



instead of SUSCEPTIBLE


334218 No.545332


for the second one shouldn't is be

Why is NK out of the news cycle?

2685a0 No.545333



could Q be giving us a framework for the mirror?

334218 No.545334


for the second one shouldn't it be

Why is NK out of the news cycle?

4bebe1 No.545335

Expand your thinking.

Who leaked Vault7 to WL?

Who returned fire?

OP Name: Fiddler


Mission 1: Infiltrate

Mission 2: Centralize

Mission 3: Secure

Mission 4: Expose to HARM


(WH interference)

(WH directive)

Mission 5: Russia LINK

(2013 timeline of events)




Mission 6: Fiddler > Ghost-PRIME

Mission 7: CLAS

Mission 8: Whistle Blower traps - jobs C-3567k

Mission 9: Censorship

CLAS +relay


e69f9b No.545336


Pepe Putin!!

c4cf60 No.545337

File: b65e66a8ba942a5⋯.png (401.52 KB, 663x329, 663:329, ClipboardImage.png)


how does this rifle get here? after he is dead

if he shot himself in the mouth from a standing position.;;;;;;

this does not work…

e32e23 No.545338


good catch anon

0b7235 No.545339


There are a lot if anomalies on LV autopsy reports that would make them ineligible for a court proceeding.

9cb8f2 No.545340


Corona. Halo around the sun. Light shine on previous darkness tomorrow?

73c751 No.545341


Jan 23 (123)


>Why is this relevant?

>What comes next?


4c6620 No.545342

Wtf is up with all the dead cat bounce posts? EVERYONE gets it…Q dropped a funny…stop beating the dead cat!

39e02b No.545343


They are not going to target you with this tech, unless they are targeting YOU. In other words, 99.999% of people are right off their radar.

And if an anon hears voices in their head, I expect that the anon will not follow (((their))) instructions, the anon will NOT panic, but take evasive action. If you can remove your phone's battery, do that. If your phone does not support battery removal, replace it now, or get a bag that has a faraday mesh and test it. Be careful because phones can crank up the power in some low signal situations. But if the bag works to break the cell connection, it should give up just like going through a subway or driving across the mountains.

ce7ac3 No.545344


Actually I think the Cabal Illuminati in it's current form was as the result of Friday the 13th Takedown of the KT.

Granted Satanic Cabal has been here even before Altantis, but this HYDRA is getting it's shit pushed in. That is what the graphic represents.

5734b6 No.545345


I’ve got a deeper meaning for you

b37f73 No.545346

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5aebde No.545347

I think the recent "mirror" based on 12/23 is wrong. I believe "Think mirror" means to look at the opposite of what Q says. This also pertains to "disinformation is necessary." "What is the opposite" should be examined.

The "clock" that Q mentions means that these things happen in a repeatable cycle, like a clock repeats every XX hours (12 or 24), so do the events we are to examine. Perhaps the 4:00 talking points, or perhaps a weekly, monthly, every 11 days… some periodicity is what we should be looking for in these onslaughts. We should track dates on similar events. When do the conserva-bans happen? Is there a pattern?

Once we have a pattern, we can then look for initiators. What happened RIGHT BEFORE the periodic event? This should lead to the initiator(s) of that event.

Lastly, we need to get the word out. Ask questions such as "Why would a 7 year old even realize his thing is different from her thing?" "How does an 8 year old even know why their privates are different from the other sex?" Things like this to get people thinking on their own about the over-sexualization agenda of the Cabal.

76eb80 No.545348

>>544390 (last bread)

>:33 :43 :53

>>545059 (last bread)

>3-3 3-4 3-5

lets mirror these this way

:53 :43 :33 and take the first number of each digit to get

5,4,3 followed by 5-3=2, 4-3=1, 3-3=0




01fff7 No.545349


>anons cycle in and out daily. there is no punch clock and a whole bunch of attrition due to agendas, adversity, diversity, shills and bot chaos, I'm here every day at least 8 solid hours and it is always different. Has been particularly slow and hostile lately. just the nature of things. make friends with it b/c I don't see it getting better. ALSO dramafags like to pull that muhQ bs. Just say "consensual/consequential 'nuff said and they shut up most times.

9cb8f2 No.545350


Haha imagine. I bet he knows all about Q.

3d3827 No.545352

886992 No.545353


Thank You!!!

b992f6 No.545354


Simplest alteration proposed so far.


HA. Pop. There's the answer.

31f2fb No.545355


No, i don't think you would call this a dead cat bounce. Think biotech company fails to get approval and falls 80%. The next day it goes up 10% when shorts cover and value buyers take a look.

6177e2 No.545356


Was hoping for another drop. Missed you.

bb51ef No.545357


Nice spotting: suspectable vs susceptible

58082c No.545358


SR leaked vault 7

Snowden set up whistle blowers to be harmed

0b7235 No.545359


My brain just exploded. That's gonna take some work to decode.

493942 No.545360


Shit should have happened back in 09' . Minus TALF, QE ect all finacials would have failed up to 100%. This fate is yet to come, October 1987 (21% loss in a single day) will look like a joke.

No one can visualize what 90% losses look like… check your history, 90% loss on all assets is quit common over the course of human history.

89c2f7 No.545362








Just compiling a Q helper's posts. You've been on all day. Now I'm really gonna have to backtrack.

105744 No.545363


Poor Seth

886992 No.545364


Please Share!!!

73c751 No.545365


Quite timely

0f53e5 No.545366


Kim Dotcom & Seth Rich leaked to WL

e32e23 No.545367

File: 46727b689934668⋯.png (1.16 KB, 704x32, 22:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Keyhole Electronics.

Cheeky bugger Q(you), haha

a0abee No.545368

File: bb83a80d9420957⋯.png (326.85 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Narrative_Catholic_Priests….png)


they tell the truth all the time

it's the truth disguised as 'comedy'

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=VABSoHYQr6k

f95a8d No.545369


It's always a relief when you show up Q.

dcd7ce No.545370


Thank you! Good to know. We need to "MAKE IT RAIN." With all the censorship on Social Media, I feel it's necessary to make some noise in real life. Blowing up our congressman's phones, emails etc.

321cec No.545371


Michael Hastings couldn't have leaked Vault 7 right? I only say Hastings because that was 2013 then he was killed. And he was prob killed by Vault 7 Clown tech

I don't think it's Seth because Seth was just DNC emails

df559b No.545372


Reposting because it IS Brilliant, should not be missed


"I suggest everyone make a brand new twitter account that you will not post from. This will be your Q comms monitoring twitter. What you do is follow POTUS, Wikileaks/Julian Assange, and other OFFICIAL accounts of the DoD, Army, USMC, Navy, State Dept., and so on. Do this because we have seen in the past Q drop phrases and ideas which end up on other official twitter accounts other than POTUS. This is a very easy way to keep track of official "chatter"

5abb6e No.545373


Seams like the NSA dropped to WL. CIA responded with Snowden.

e32e23 No.545374


KeyStone*, thanks Autofkup

529591 No.545375


(resurrected for this bread)

886992 No.545376


Thank You!!!

0b7235 No.545377


Return fire was the ShadowBrokers article.

379071 No.545378


kneed to know

240a2b No.545379


<Mission 9: Censorship

We have in this Act.., what a terrible act

101152 No.545380

Jan 17, 2014

BHO unveiled his plans for reforming the NSA's sweeping spy programs today after they were brought to light by @Snowden

9166f2 No.545381

File: 72ba2c6473902c9⋯.png (3.13 MB, 5320x5840, 133:146, Think_mirror_dopey_ _hait….png)


No. Mirror.

12/23/2017 mirror graphic now updated with three connections of news to crumbs:

2199e3 No.545382


seth rich leaked vault 7 to wikileaks

321cec No.545383


this. why did it take so long for Wikileaks to release Vault 7 though?

746048 No.545384

File: 89cb65360887a28⋯.png (18.14 KB, 647x312, 647:312, developing minds hyerle pd….png)






→ www.eggplant.org/tf/research/journal_articles/pdf/developing-minds-hyerle.pdf


334218 No.545385


S&P 500 went up by +0.51%

Nasdaq +1.08%

Russell 2000 +1.71%

Gold +1.42%

Silver +1.59%

EUR/USD +0.33%

10-Yr Bond +1.89%

GBP/USD +0.17%

55b099 No.545386

File: 4733c68c2f39c3d⋯.jpg (235.78 KB, 2048x1174, 1024:587, DTobFo3VQAAQsgz.jpg)

does anybody have this clip?? i cant find it!

58082c No.545387

File: 7f69a9a602e9c5c⋯.png (308.99 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, FAA43547-D50C-444E-A22C-72….png)

0f53e5 No.545388


With Kim Dotcom's assistance

25d748 No.545389


How would Seth Rich have access to SAP or CIA intel?

fb6f1f No.545390

File: b7e155144945663⋯.png (165.79 KB, 1070x608, 535:304, Expand2.PNG)




a024c3 No.545391

File: 58f6911099bdc6b⋯.png (230.21 KB, 1040x2726, 520:1363, ddg - cepi_net_governance.png)

File: 32a8546cd9a1425⋯.png (161.25 KB, 879x2760, 293:920, 'Partners I CEPI' - cepi_n….png)

File: 73edf9845217ada⋯.png (172.85 KB, 815x2033, 815:2033, Partners I CEPI- cepi_net_….png)

File: 4659abe4e0bfeb3⋯.png (121.56 KB, 814x1673, 814:1673, Partners I CEPI- cepi_net_….png)

832 Mar 3 2018 22:23:13 Q _____ ID: 85cc02 544304 NEW

A demonstration was made today in front of the WH.

It showed they can control ‘innocents’.

It was a direct THREAT.

This is not a game.

The MSM is creating emotional conflict.

This destabilizes certain minds to become suspectable (susceptible) to outside control.

What you SEE is 2%.

The WAR is REAL.

These people are SICK.

Watch the news this week.


>>>_pecta_ should be _cepti_

>>>Leave out t = cepi

DuckDuck Go ==cepi==

http:// cepi.net/partners

Could these folks be involved???

dcd7ce No.545392


Secure Drop - whistle blower traps

dbd721 No.545393

http:// trending-tweets.com/details.php?news=48&tw=1

379071 No.545394



you'll have to go way way way back…

/theworldturns/ - starts there

73c751 No.545395



Suspect Able to Outside(Remote) Control

…programmed by the TV = programmable like a TV

31f2fb No.545396


Vault 7 was CIA Hacking tools that got leaked. I suppose they retaliated by leaking the NSA tools in 8/9.

f8cc6e No.545397


just for the record Q I know we are using it for a good cause right now, but make no mistake we find 702 and fisa to be in direct conflict with our constitutional rights as US citizens.

that bill should not have passed right in the middle of FISA gate.

1f5e6d No.545398


The one in the NYT that mentioned the 'Q Group'?

895727 No.545399



Avoid party - it isnt partisan, we have as many republican as democrats but, truly. Who is counting? It *is* between right and wrong, good and evil.

Its not hard to act decently in the world but (((they've))) made it seem impossible. Breaking bad was poison and people ate it right up.

acfa21 No.545401


someone tell this bitch to sign the g-damn petition.

c4cf60 No.545402


destabilizes mind to become suspect able to control

dbfe08 No.545403


oh man , well done sir . kek

01fff7 No.545404


which somehow didn't bring back Thinthread. Evil.

89ac36 No.545405

File: c294e926bd75263⋯.png (242.39 KB, 690x956, 345:478, HARM.png)



http:// www.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/104602/high-speed-anti-radiation-missile-targeting-system/

a5afa8 No.545406


He had clinton data, He worked as a staff member for them.

61809c No.545407

de0048 No.545408


>Voter ID meme


73398e No.545409



http:// articles.chicagotribune.com/2014-01-17/news/chi-obama-nsa-surveillance-20140117_1_president-barack-obama-nsa-national-security-agency

0b7235 No.545410

3e204d No.545411


He could have stumbled upon it. HRC apparently had SAP all over the place, like it was going out of style.

30ee3b No.545412


CIA = The answer to pretty much everything evil!

c4cf60 No.545413

a89656 No.545414


LOL Fiddler…on the Roof….tops….MSM

379071 No.545415



more about me later

not my stage tonight

529591 No.545416

>>544811 (resurrected for this bread)


up is down (watch the water)

left is right (think mirror)

OWLS everywhere (CRAZY?)

"Their need for symbolism will be their downfall"

WHO would join up willingly? WHO would go to the BohGrove meetings? WHO wants to be in a private club that badly?

These are insecure LOSERS

Reminding anyone of the STONECUTTERS from the Simpsons?

These are the sorts of people who went to private schools for rich kids.

These are the sorts of the people who joined clubs full of the richest kids at those private schools.

These are the sorts of people who never grew out of it - the stakes just got higher and higher.


>>>>>> LOSERS <<<<<<

>>>>>> CLOWNS <<<<<<

>>>>>> OLD MEN AND WOMEN <<<<<<

>>>>>> LARPING IN ROBES <<<<<<


Don't be fooled. They aren't frightening. The power they wield is frightening. The people themselves are pathetic.

So terrified of death they'll slaughter children and abuse the living through >> parabiosis <<

So terrified of exclusion they'll dress up like cheap-costume-store halloween wizards.

Their obsession with satanic iconography, in many cases, is simply a PATHETIC reluctance / inability to let go of their "OH-SO-EDGY" 60s / 70s counterculture.









>>>>>> Stay TOGETHER. Be STRONG. Get ORGANIZED… <<<<<<

e32e23 No.545417

File: 6457deea3d1edef⋯.png (1.32 MB, 791x786, 791:786, ClipboardImage.png)


> Ghost-PRIME

Symbolism of Upside down Cross.

25d748 No.545418


http:// www.jpost.com/International/Operation-Fiddler-on-the-Kremlin-Roof

b992f6 No.545419


Necessary to take down those who rule from the shadows. If you refuse to acknowledge that, you're on the wrong side of the issue.

ce7ac3 No.545420


The mob is basically the domestic operation of the CIA. So yeh, it's part of the PLAN, maybe you touched on something.

I'm betting it is 23 of the remaining CIA covert ops: >>325580

ec3643 No.545421


Should "Innocents" be innocence?

857107 No.545422


Obama speech…

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/politics/full-text-of-president-obamas-jan-17-speech-on-nsa-reforms/2014/01/17/fa33590a-7f8c-11e3-9556-4a4bf7bcbd84_story.html

76eb80 No.545423


yw, seems about right in my mind at least

259829 No.545424

File: f299e29a0089fa3⋯.png (49.06 KB, 1227x571, 1227:571, ClipboardImage.png)


First thing that popped up for 1/17/14:

https:// www.fema.gov/blog/2014-01-17/what-were-watching-1/17/14

Watch the water.

Oh, and random aside, Comey took the reins from Mueller in September of 2013.

e3922b No.545425


I love you Q, but I just don't think like a spook….

3e204d No.545426

some anon post something profound for post #545454.

9cb8f2 No.545427


Sounds like they got everything but full censorship accomplished.

3b9f4f No.545428

File: f153fd74227b395⋯.png (56.16 KB, 660x464, 165:116, putin_17.PNG)


This happened on 17 Jan 2014

886992 No.545429

File: db8ed95cdd04ecf⋯.jpg (139.53 KB, 497x679, 71:97, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….jpg)


I'll look forward to it. Cheers Anon!!

5aebde No.545430


https:// edition.cnn.com/2016/01/17/politics/us-pays-iran-1-7-billion/index.html

17 Jan 2016 was announcement of new Iran theft… I mean "payment."

17 Jan 2014 was California drought emergency declaration… More fed fund transfers?

bb51ef No.545431


but who controls the CIA? The Vatican? Or Israel?

Why does Israel have all the latest US Nukes and Weaponry?

Why does Iran NOT?

6177e2 No.545432



Obama directs new gun background check measures

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-guns-obama/obama-directs-new-gun-background-check-measures-idUSBREA020PQ20140103

0f53e5 No.545433

File: f24d19c0b6c759c⋯.png (358.68 KB, 871x860, 871:860, screenshot_24.png)

Kim Dotcom lawyer joins Mueller probe to look into DNC hack

https:// www.puppetstringnews.com/blog/kim-dotcom-lawyer-joins-mueller-probe-to-look-into-dnc-hack

31f2fb No.545434


CIA hackers discussed what the NSA's "Equation Group" hackers did wrong and how the CIA's malware makers could avoid similar exposure.

https:// wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/

601948 No.545435

is it me or is #BOOM starting to be suppressed?

ec3643 No.545436


or "in a sense"

a8b672 No.545437



>suspectable vs susceptible


25d748 No.545438


No, innocents = plural of innocent (as in multiple innocent people)

0b7235 No.545439

REMEMBER: Word from our side is that Putin is bluffing. They DO NOT have the capabilities he said they have YET. But they do have the potential for building it. They wouldn't have the potential without the TECH from TRAITORS.

9c9033 No.545440

File: 9846b1f2df54a72⋯.png (841.18 KB, 888x488, 111:61, Boom.png)

334ade No.545441


187 > Stanislav Lunev has been taken out as the bridge between Russia and the US


@Snowden > Snowden had been serving as the reverse of Lunev, a bridge of US secrets to Russia.

Clowns. > Snowden is still working for them

The LINK. > Snowden wrote the algo that all the below companies use to censor their platforms.




Russia ICBM tech. > Snowden helped transfer hypersonic missile tech and SAP’s to Russia via the Clinton private server.

HRC open source.


JP. > John and Tony Podesta and other high ranking US gov workers aided in the transfer through their Russian links.


Highest levels of US-G.


NK. > Uranium One gave NK the ore to build bombs and the SAP’s to build the missiles through Clinton server

WHY would Russia tell the world? > because they have flipped and are offering it up as evidence when the truth comes out.


Why is SR back in the news? > because Securedrop exposed him to the blackhats via @Snowden


Why is SESSIONS acting weak? Distancing from Trump, impartial appearance, Great actor.


IG report?

No legit leaks.

MSM staging narrative. >MSM has been saying they are getting leaks about IG investigation this last week, False narrative.

IG appointed by SESSIONS for? > investigating fisa abuse

Why? > As an Obama appointee he will seem more impartial.


Enjoy the show.

Dead cat bounce. > all the MSM lies can’t stop their downward spiral.


9166f2 No.545442


Don't forget @kill_rogue

Suspected relationship to 12/23 mirror and/or Assange

fbf0f2 No.545443

File: 712ef40cad71a3d⋯.jpg (372.9 KB, 1024x887, 1024:887, Watch the water..jpg)

the water?

660e26 No.545444

0564c5 No.545445

imho.. the dead cat bounce…

is the Narrative…

the MSM lost the Narrative.. 4am intercepts…

got it back with Florida Shooting…

(the dead cat bounce)

so, MSM is about to LOSE the NARRATIVE again… maybe forever…

179693 No.545446


>OP Name: Fiddler

http:// www.jpost.com/International/Operation-Fiddler-on-the-Kremlin-Roof

746048 No.545447



>(2013 timeline of events)

Place to start digging?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_presidency_of_Barack_Obama_(2013)

529591 No.545448

File: f252b3b97a13358⋯.png (242.43 KB, 1831x651, 1831:651, ssdsdsdsdsd.PNG)

File: 9031bf5470ec521⋯.png (10.98 KB, 659x197, 659:197, ssdsdsdsdsd2.PNG)

File: 46c772e9e8ab3f7⋯.png (56.47 KB, 657x665, 657:665, ssdsdsdsdsd3.PNG)

File: cb2805d9205a5eb⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1099x5460, 157:780, ssdsdsdsdsd5-jpg.jpg)


Digging on MANDALAY

"Their need for symbolism will be their downfall"


348bf2 No.545449

Anons, here’s the structure

reportage: who, what, where, when, why

Q: what, when, who, WHO (3x), why (2x), where, why (2x), what, why

Three WHOs all relate to the censorship algorithm. What goes “WHO WHO WHO”? Owls.

ab42d2 No.545450


careful anon. if you try to tell anons that jews are behind it, they sperg the fuck out

b992f6 No.545451

For those who need pointers on Clown history:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQouKi7xDpM

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO-mcduYCEA

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMtsbi2C77s

76eb80 No.545452


he is related to Queen Elizabeth II, y dna, bloodlines

9cb8f2 No.545453


(K)need to know? Kek. This shit runs deep.

f8cc6e No.545454


That is exactly why I pointed out that we are using it for a good cause right now.

but make no mistake that weapon in the wrong hands is what caused this mess. it is pandoras box and needs to be locked away and tossed into an ocean some place.

105744 No.545455


that's it

e1d518 No.545456

War is Fake …. Remember ? Money Maker ….Russia isn’t going to attack anyone …..Fear Fear Fear ….. Wake up

506ac1 No.545457


Alec Vladwin?

746048 No.545458

File: e35b4363532c5fd⋯.png (988.89 KB, 1179x4112, 1179:4112, Timeline Barack Obama 2013.png)

da879d No.545459


Can you protect 8chan?

89c2f7 No.545460


The latest posts there are…. concerning. Didn't realize that board existed. I imagine there's more, too.

348bf2 No.545461


I think that’s exactly it. He’s not talking about the DJIA

379071 No.545462



storm away gents and ladies

Oscars are Prime [sunday]

on time for Monday [moonday]

fb6f1f No.545463

File: c63982ed2057b1c⋯.png (45.1 KB, 1170x376, 585:188, Fiddler.PNG)







b992f6 No.545464


Doesn't account for the a and i switch.


Computer program artificial intelligence is one possible extrapolation.

4ccd29 No.545465



>You have more than your know.

You have more than your know.

55b099 No.545466

File: 08696a927e67147⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 200x200, 1:1, WrKPhfd.gif)




holyshit anon




mind blown

73c751 No.545467



http:// www.buzzfeed.com/bennyjohnson/americas-spies-want-edward-snowden-dead

Buzzard feed again

bb51ef No.545468


Jews are Good!

Zionist Jews are not!

Huge difference!

I agree, targeting one unfortunately has a tendance to target the other. But I am being honest.

746048 No.545469


Q-Group, no.

Q-Team, yes.

I'm going with that!

e2aad5 No.545470


^ This looks right to me.

ca99a9 No.545471


This should be in batter, baker. KeK anon good job!

379071 No.545472


new board is quiet til tomorrow

solo posts


b3b55f No.545473


I hope not. I love cats

30ee3b No.545474


That (once again) proves that Putin knew about the Pedo-Cabal.

And likely is working with Trump to eradicate them.

(not that he would not want us speaking Russian, if given the chance)

4b3c57 No.545475


Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

http:// www.dlcc.org/

240a2b No.545476


hmmm., Do you Can explain it?

325497 No.545477


Good thinking

b992f6 No.545478


Pandora's box has been open since 1913 and 1947 twice over.

You can't expect to win by tying your hands behind your back. Same idea.

7c5d1f No.545479


Heck no. MI6 was spying on DJT at the BO administration’s request.

f8cc6e No.545480

The government needs to stop trying to water down our constitution.

"The constitution, does not say that the Government will decree that every citizen shall be permitted to have a right to keep and bear arms, The constitution says the right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed." Ronald Regan

fbf0f2 No.545481


is it??

John Perry Barlow "Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" =CLOWN CONTROL


internet bill of rights = FREDOOM



b5b008 No.545482


If using a PC, you do not need a Twitter account to monitor others' twitter accounts.

Just add their Twitter username after


like this


Remove the @









529591 No.545483

File: 21df9192bbc7a61⋯.png (60.88 KB, 219x259, 219:259, Capture7.PNG)

File: 7d6d8f8a3f65a61⋯.png (177.77 KB, 374x506, 17:23, Capture9.PNG)

File: 1759fa8d7810a11⋯.png (375.99 KB, 560x545, 112:109, Capture10.PNG)

File: 01516cffc7f4e5d⋯.png (140.85 KB, 549x416, 549:416, Capture11.PNG)

File: 1d862d7c50ca3ca⋯.png (272.78 KB, 501x482, 501:482, Capture12.PNG)







Y on bottom of coffee cup???

Also - what the hell is that coffee poster? covfefe???

Think mirror?

Who is this actor??

Have we seen this particular style of "Q" anywhere before???




334218 No.545484


But why has/did Russia flipped?

dbfe08 No.545485

File: 1cd632b96d5f944⋯.jpeg (11.95 KB, 255x243, 85:81, 5154a7a070d9b224af8301b0a….jpeg)

379071 No.545486

ref. Kunev + Potomac [open threat]

msm advantage

ab42d2 No.545487


>Jews are Good

you don't fucking belong here

746048 No.545488

>>545445 ← Great point


Sounds right to me too.

acb181 No.545489



c4cf60 No.545490





b992f6 No.545491


ADL spotted.

259829 No.545492

File: 26b7db7402eb3f6⋯.png (33.53 KB, 926x414, 463:207, ClipboardImage.png)


January 30, 2013

http:// www.hsbc.com/news-and-insight/media-resources/media-releases/2013/former-us-deputy-attorney-general-joins-hsbc-board

c7bf47 No.545493


>Expand your thinking.

>Who leaked Vault7 to WL?

"contractors" in late 2016 (after election, so your team did Q.

>Who returned fire?

MSM saying Kremlin might be behind it.

>OP Name: Fiddler


>Mission 1: Infiltrate

>Mission 2: Centralize

>Mission 3: Secure

>Mission 4: Expose to HARM


>(WH interference)

>(WH directive)

>Mission 5: Russia LINK

>(2013 timeline of events)


"Let it be said here in earnest, with good heart: Thanks, Obama." Snowden tweet after posting Manning would be free in 5 months.



>Mission 6: Fiddler > Ghost-PRIME

>Mission 7: CLAS

>Mission 8: Whistle Blower traps - jobs C-3567k

>Mission 9: Censorship

>CLAS +relay


55b099 No.545494


dig dig dig

9c9033 No.545495


>Who leaked Vault7 to WL?

The Military has the same Special Access Programs (SAPs) as NSA, CIA etc as designated post 9-11.

So….I don't want to say a patriot's name!! :)

9166f2 No.545496

Dennis Rodman was in North Korea on 1/17/14

77bea9 No.545497


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

2f5228 No.545498

c4cf60 No.545499


Go back and tell your ADL kikes to stop censoring us and maybe we wont cook you

fea6da No.545500

>>545468 There's the Jews and then there's the synagogue of satan! Two totally different groups

b37f73 No.545501


anyone who denies Jesus Christ is no good to me.

e7497a No.545502


This was made by 8chan anon, right?

6177e2 No.545503



3f159c No.545504

File: f2d521650b73d41⋯.png (19.49 KB, 256x256, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Watch The Water

18 hours ago this was reading 88 Degrees.

0f53e5 No.545505


That's where Comey used to work!

529591 No.545506


On TV - NatGeo

9c9033 No.545507


The same freaking way the body of the boys that 'shot up Columbine' flip flopped in the photos and changed position!

ce7ac3 No.545508


I wonder if this could be a cameo by a Q team member! happens a lot in this stuff.

fea6da No.545509

0b7235 No.545510


Idk that we are supposed to know the exact name of who leaked Vault 7. All we need to know is that a Mil Intel/NSA Patriot did the job. Payback for Snowden.

da879d No.545511


Define false flag?

What event(s) change the news cycle?

Why didn’t LV change the news cycle?

Killing children changes the news cycle.

These people are sick.

73c751 No.545512

File: 7365194dac272b9⋯.png (432.14 KB, 625x496, 625:496, ClipboardImage.png)


''On the ground, intelligence workers certainly say the damage has been done. The NSA officer complained that his sources had become "useless." The Army intelligence officer said the revelations had increased his "blindness."

"I do my work in a combat zone so now I have to see the effects of a Snowden in a combat zone. It will not be pretty," he said.

And while government officials have a long record of overstating the damage from leaks, some specific consequences seem logical.

"By [Snowden] showing who our collections partners were, the terrorists have dropped those carriers and email addresses," the DOD official said. "We can't find them because he released that data. Their electronic signature is gone."''

7ef26d No.545513

File: 44699ed47d67ba5⋯.jpg (91.83 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, CG9rwxvXIAA4eJ-.jpg)


Different Q but here's one.

3e204d No.545514

File: 58dc75d776e2733⋯.jpg (17.4 KB, 233x287, 233:287, 1519587695434.jpg)

3b9f4f No.545515


I reckon the "Russian Collusion" smear stems from something real. I do think Putin and Trump are working in concert to destroy the satanic pedo cabal.

i.e. "WHY would Russia tell the world?" ..about get SAPs from Hillary

7e5415 No.545516

The executive order 12/21/2017 was to seize the money the all stole from us. They will tank market trump will cut fed and make Treasury the sole form of economy. We will be saved!!!! He's gonna use their money to balance it after they tank

7a443e No.545517

Q, what is the number one thing you want us all here to do?

7eb338 No.545518


this never gets old, anon. Thanks :D


It's time to stand up, gentlemen.

GEOTUS is fighting for us…let's not let him down.

f8cc6e No.545519


This is true anon, but if you set up a second account like the other poster suggested and use it only to monitor. you will get an un censored un filtered un shadow banned feed.

twitter will actually (work) to feed you real data.

bd8db5 No.545520







Earlier Q post including BOOM included CF. Did GEOTUS just seize all their funds?

Also ties into Cuckerberg selling stock.

c3656d No.545521

File: 52ca77e35dade13⋯.jpg (84.11 KB, 843x657, 281:219, Devil-Horns-Las-Vegas.jpg)

File: 7157da78ce668f0⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1868x1526, 934:763, Blackjack.png)

File: 500061beb199ef6⋯.jpg (126.52 KB, 900x506, 450:253, Las Vegas Pyramid.jpg)

File: 33551e0ac4f5a71⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 3136x3620, 784:905, Las Vegas Occult Sacrifice.jpg)

File: 4ccbf31af7fa066⋯.jpg (66.96 KB, 602x600, 301:300, Jason Aldean Tattoo.jpg)



Here's all of my Las Vegas occult stuff. I'll check my notes afterwards for anything on Mandalay Bay.

b37f73 No.545522


mark on bottom is prolly a brand marking

ab42d2 No.545523


the jew cries out in pain while he strikes you

dcd7ce No.545524


Vote in your states primary. At least in Texas Primaries which will be tuesday March 6, Voter fraud is on the ballot. Spread the word to vote if your state is having a primary for the midterm elections in nov.

4b3c57 No.545525

File: b87a5ad3e308998⋯.jpg (88.7 KB, 914x627, 914:627, P-Coffee_Main_914x627_B_0c….jpg)

b992f6 No.545526


are sliding with Jew comments. Do not engage.

f95a8d No.545527

Why didn’t LV change the news cycle?

Because it was a failed mission and they don't want to draw attention to it.

660e26 No.545528


added to notables


d6ebd8 No.545529


Q - are you saying that the whole purpose of the Snowden missions was ultimately for censorship, like what is happening now?

529591 No.545530

ce7ac3 No.545531


Compromise needed to help we don't say his name build ISIS and MB?

259829 No.545532

File: 68709ac48c4d7bf⋯.png (583.08 KB, 524x700, 131:175, ComfyCAT.png)


Me too, anon. :)

0b7235 No.545533


We need the ability to burn someone at the stake when found to be a treasonous piece of shit.

b37f73 No.545534

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




e3922b No.545535


Hillary! Biggest leaker in world history.

fea6da No.545536


Because they DON'T WANT a redshield central bank!!! They hate the redshields

379071 No.545537

you're [fly]ing anons

[h]appy hunt[i]ng

eyes and ears

your "team" is big[g]er than you t[h]ink

a lot bigger

see you at the [coffee] shop Qoph


321cec No.545538


January 17th, 2014

Snowden article

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-23123964

9c9033 No.545539


>what the hell is that coffee poster?

It says 'coffee'! smh

724f10 No.545540


They didnt get the crisis actors to play like they have in FL. They silence the people that told the truth. So better not have MSM cover the cover up.

30ee3b No.545541


If so, I am ok with it…

Rather live under Putins nutsack than downwind of Hillary's cunt.

334ade No.545542


Nov 11 2017 20:33:51



ID: gO/UntOB


Wealth (over generations) buys power.

Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control.

More wealth/control buys countries and its people.

Families combined (TRI) = NWO.

Inner TRI families will collapse.

What is the keystone?

What Nation dominates all others?

What Nation has influence over most others?

What is the keystone?

Return to SA.

Strings cut (+++).

Puppets (+++) in shadows.

Each side of the triangle controls a certain subsect of power brokers.

Power brokers are also labeled as the puppets/servants.

What is the New World Order?

Why did POTUS receive a sword dance when visiting SA?

What does this mean culturally?

Why is this relevant?

What occurred in SA?

How did POTUS remove one side of the pyramid?

What did POTUS receive while visiting China?

Where did POTUS dine?

What is the significance?

What if China, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?


Who controls NK?

Who really controls NK?

Who controls several agencies within the US, EU, and abroad?

Why is No Such Agency so vital?

Enormous scale of events currently ongoing.

Why is Russia helping to kill ISIS?

This is not easy to accept nor believe.

Crumbs make bread.

Operations active.

Joint missions underway.

The world is fighting back.

Refer back to graphic.

The Great Awakening.

Snow White.

Iron Eagle.

Jason Bourne (2016)(Dream/CIA).


3e204d No.545543

File: a80971c69810b2c⋯.jpg (3.53 KB, 170x250, 17:25, 1515651724412s.jpg)

657e54 No.545545

File: 68ac299fa156e86⋯.jpg (12.94 KB, 229x221, 229:221, multiplelaughingpepe.jpg)

dcd7ce No.545546







Many states are having primaries

Voter fraud, toll roads, school credits, property taxes are on the TEXAS primary ballot TUESDAY MARCH 6

6177e2 No.545547


That's fucking awful music lad

39e02b No.545548


Here, try this short article to expand your thinking.

If you didn't notice that the date is from 3 years ago, you would think that he is talking about current events of the past couple of weeks. This is how (((they))) control your mind. It is stupid, it is simple, and it works.

http:// hackdeeper.org/2015/02/18/decoding-the-revelation-of-the-method/

But it stops working when you are aware of what they are doing.

746048 No.545549

File: 3a5987df11bc7ac⋯.jpg (104.29 KB, 1080x1076, 270:269, weekend-sliders-no-real-me….jpg)

← Anons, If you're hungry - dig, research, and enjoy this fresh batch of goodness. KEEP ON KEEPIN ANON!

4b3c57 No.545550

File: db3cbc6fc38c4b6⋯.jpg (260.17 KB, 1200x1114, 600:557, ffd6128f5949e4d4f6f3480236….jpg)


Wait is this a puzzle piece? Our maps could look much like this. Again - we need more visual maps. Look at Qs map. VISUAL.

acfa21 No.545552

dbfe08 No.545553


thank you !

df559b No.545554


Yes, definitely Anon, especially for those who don't/can't tweet.

But the concept of getting that wide variety of official comms & "chatter" via tweets in real time/chrono order all in one place I convenient.

24df0f No.545555

Is the "Keystone" in the Cheops Pyramid?

a8b672 No.545556


Scott Adams' periscope about Seth Rich got throttled the other day, if that is of any use to anybody.

d3805d No.545557

File: a331ad30662c035⋯.jpg (238.61 KB, 1027x1232, 1027:1232, Screenshot_20180303-235018.jpg)

File: 7f3528d195b97b7⋯.jpg (291.76 KB, 1031x1050, 1031:1050, Screenshot_20180304-000534.jpg)

>Mission 4: Expose to HARM

Guessing it's Host Aviation Resource Management (USAF= United States Air Force)

7e5415 No.545559

COMMANDER AND CHIEF/ Trump and chief of staff John Kelly (JFK) double meanings the trump vs sessions thing is a plan to have media glorify sessions as they have with pelosi Chuckie schiffhead etc… Then IG report comes out sessions drops "hammer" the media and people will be FORCED to believe. This is gonna be a MEGA red pill!!!

6177e2 No.545560

73c751 No.545561


Not Q but we've already been told:

1. >>544060

2. continue with the parallel construction per the drops (re_read crumbs), and 3.

>Enjoy the show.

b5b008 No.545562


Cheers friend patriot Anon!

& Thx

b37f73 No.545563


THATS JUST AN OPINION, pretty hype on the boom. not something i listen too on a reg basis, just felt appropriate.

9c9033 No.545564


POTUS HATES that satan worshipping, evil cunt!

660e26 No.545565

File: fbab0b69d4018ab⋯.jpg (31.03 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tacPot.jpg)

9cb8f2 No.545566


Reads like the Snowden plan to me. Censorship they’re just trying now so I assume if that’s the last step then that’s all they had left before whatever the next phase would be.

Here’s my spitball.

Expand your thinking.

Who leaked Vault7 to WL?

Who returned fire?

OP Name: Fiddler


Mission 1: Infiltrate

>>>No Such Agency

Mission 2: Centralize

>>>the intel which is probably decentralized for security purposes. Could be a policy implemented to allow secure and abstraction. Maybe also a clown reference.

Mission 3: Secure

>>>Secure or secure access to.

Mission 4: Expose to HARM

>>>Sounds like an acronym maybe a virus or exploit of some kind.


(WH interference)

(WH directive)

>>>saucable im sure.

Mission 5: Russia LINK

>>>Clinton server relay to Russia maybe? Also maybe an acronym. Seems to represent transfer to Russia.

(2013 timeline of events)


>>>Sauce on this I’m sure is findable.



Mission 6: Fiddler > Ghost-PRIME

>>>Probably Russian protection of Snowden and other deal details.

Mission 7: CLAS

>>>Classified. Probably SAP related.

Mission 8: Whistle Blower traps - jobs C-3567k

>>>SecureDrop = whistleblower trap.

Mission 9: Censorship

>>>What they’re foolishly still trying now.

CLAS +relay

>>>This is a relay of classified info.


334218 No.545568


Jan 17 2014 BHO delivered a speech on US Intelligence programs at the DOJ.

https:// obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/blog/2014/01/17/president-obama-discusses-us-intelligence-programs-department-justice

b992f6 No.545569


She has seances and says she talks to the dead – and will talk to anyone except Jesus. Let that sink in.

73c751 No.545570



The rest, is 100% up to us, as long as it's organic

0f53e5 No.545571

File: fcef6d9c2dd00bf⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 3651x2744, 3651:2744, Making-Coffee-infographic.jpg)


Here's poster size 3651x2744 :)

3e204d No.545572

File: aa49d4ccab171ac⋯.jpg (91.84 KB, 696x720, 29:30, aa49d4ccab171ac989fb6d6b48….jpg)

b075eb No.545573

File: d96864ecea83dac⋯.jpg (1011.36 KB, 1936x1296, 121:81, What do the stars tell you.jpg)




(alice & wonderland 4 a reason!)

1. CLASSIFIED - Flat Earth POSSIBLE? [Prepare to be AMAZED – wonderland]

Bible says earth cannot be moved? Says stars & Sun move?

NASA LYING? No “outer” space? NO PICTURES OF EARTH EXIST? [verity]



Why Bible says “firmament”? Waters above? [Alice in Wonderland].

United Nations Emblem is a Flat Earth Map? Coincidence? [no coincidences]

Why don’t plane pilots factor in the curve or rotation? Why don’t engineers?

Why haven’t star charts changed in thousands of years? Earth not moving?

What are stars? Research flat earth, be amazed. Book of Enoch?

Why does Catholic CHURCH own inferred telescope named LUCIFER?

[bigger.than.you.know] [Alice in wonderland] [follow the white rabbit]

Reality is not what you thought. Youtube.com flat earth. [expand your thinking] THERES A DOME ABOVE YOUR HEAD. POSSIBLE? Shockingly, YES!

2. CLASSIFIED - What are GIANTS? What are Nephilim? Why is this relevant?

What is Big Foot? [wonderland] Does the Bible talk about Giants? Hairy ones?

Why? Where did they come from? Are they real? Alive today? Bible is true.


What is book of Enoch? Who was Enoch? Why was book removed from bible?

[alice & wonderland] Novus Ordo Seclorum (new order of ages) Why?

[future proves past] They are returning. Who are THEY? What are stars?

Alien invasion? NO. Spiritual invasion. Does Bible quote Enoch? Why?

Illuminati knows the truth. Stars are living. This is why they worship stars.

Worship Saturn, venus, mars, sun? Why? Why Egypt? Why pyramids?

Giants from the heavens built them? Aliens? No. Nephilim. Alice & wonderland.

Wandering stars (so called planets) are? Fallen angels? Demonic? RESEARCH!

3. CLASSIFIED - What are UFOs? True UFOs are ANGELIC BEINGS [expand your thinking]

Not UFOs, are UFAs – Unidentified Flying Angels. Light. Shape shifters real.

God is real. Satan is real. Dome is real. Flat Earth is real. Angels are real. Not aliens.

Hybrids are real. (Alice & Wonderland) (follow the white rabbit) [expand thinking]

All are fallen angels. All are demonic manifestations. Revelation 12 sign. 7 years?

Solar eclipse. Magic. Illusion. Distraction. Lies. Hiding reality. Research. Study.

Satanic world leaders working with them. Preparing for [Alice & wonderland]

Return of Aliens? No return of Nephilim. Giants. Hybrids. Preparing for…

“Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are

coming on the earth:” BUT HAVE PEACE – HOLY JESUS HAS ALREADY WON! Great awakening. What is CERN? What are they doing?

4. CLASSIFIED - Illuminati – REAL – Deep State – Swamp – Triangle - Synonyms.

Why is their symbol pyramid? Eye? Egyptian? Who helped Egyptians? (not aliens)

Who did they worship? WHAT did they follow? Stars? Why? Giant beings? (wonderland) Why hide history? History is the key to understanding.

What are star trails? Perfect circles (north star)? Wandering Stars (wonderland).

Why rewrite history? Why Novus Ordo Seclorum? To hide the key.

5. Bible is TRUE! Stop sleeping. Science can prove. Classified.





They use subliminal messages, modified food, fluoride in water, televisions (flicker rate), smart phones (frequencies), video games (distraction/brain warping). All to make you sleep. All to distract you while they have taken over the world. Now it’s time for Alice and Wonderland (evil)

to return. Prepare. Believe. Study.

HIDDEN REALITY – 80,000 ft. – IT’S ALL ABOUT RELIGION – $$$ is their tool. (pray)

Nothing is what you thought it was. Crazy? Surprise! Not crazy. Fact.

Pray, kneel, be humble, repent, submit to Christ


Much RESPECT TO THE Q TEAM! Much Respect to my President

Thank you for fighting evil – Be careful guys



(480458 – Post 827 Q) - Listening for coded messages – loved Capital DOME – (229103 – Post 649 Q)

tiny bread crumbs – coincidence?


6177e2 No.545574


Yup, an opinion which I stand by. Fucking AWEFUL.

e1d518 No.545575

Going to bed now …Praying to God to help me expand my thinking ….See y’all tomorrow …Fight fFight ….Fight

e3922b No.545576


Looks like Zuckerberg

30ee3b No.545577

File: 674939879ed64cd⋯.jpg (105.77 KB, 499x368, 499:368, !backhoe dig pile.jpg)


Red pill normies…

And DIG until …. (PIC RELATED)

dbfe08 No.545578


i think we all do anon . i luv that pic .

53be9d No.545579


Same with Mueller and Rosenstein. I think both are working for POTUS.

acfa21 No.545580


Not so much voter ID but CITIZENSHIP ID. No Cit ID, no vote. Need to avoid the BS they are doing in Illinois that allows illegals the ability to vote.

bb51ef No.545581


You and truth have a problem ha?

Jesus will return and the he will give the Jews their Land where ever that shall be - But, until that time, the Jews will have no Land! It was foretold!

Live with it..

18d01d No.545582


I have too much missing knowledge to make a proper line-by-line, but the way I understand it:

Vault7 was returned fire for exposing NSA's XKEYSCORE. Snowden's "mission" was to embed himself into the Russian intelligence infrastructure under the guise of "running from the gubmint", to keep a link between Russian controllers/bad actors, CLAS controllers/bad actors and the Cabal. Whistleblower traps set up ww to keep anyone from talking, and to supervise censorship efforts.

Probably a whole lot more miss than hit, I'm not smart enough.

2a33e4 No.545583

File: ee950ddf62391ec⋯.png (27.33 KB, 569x215, 569:215, zebra.PNG)


http:// military-dictionary.org/%E2%80%A6Military-Terms/ZEBRA

With China being in the news and Trump meeting with Xi it may refer to this

5aebde No.545584

"I’ve also asked my counselor, John Podesta, to lead a comprehensive review of big data and privacy. And this group will consist of government officials who, along with the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology, will reach out to privacy experts, technologists and business leaders and look how the challenges inherent in big data are being confronted by both the public and private sectors, whether we can forge international norms on how to manage this data and how we can continue to promote the free flow of information in ways that are consistent with both privacy and security, for ultimately, what’s at stake in this debate goes far beyond a few months of headlines or passing tensions in our foreign policy."

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/politics/full-text-of-president-obamas-jan-17-speech-on-nsa-reforms/2014/01/17/fa33590a-7f8c-11e3-9556-4a4bf7bcbd84_story.html

Here's where Hussein set up the govt-bigdata (FB, Giggle, et al) with John "Molesta" Pod in charge of the onslaught.

Read the whole speech. Hussein lays out exactly what they did, by denying they are going to do it. Left is right. Up is down.

9a8f03 No.545585


28 Feb 2018


Engagement on Donald Trump’s Facebook posts has dropped by approximately 45 percent since the platform introduced a new algorithm change, following a year of pressure from left-wing employees and the mainstream media for “allowing” the President to win the 2016 general election.

In January, Facebook introduced a major change to its newsfeed algorithm. In a post, CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed that the change aimed to give greater emphasis to posts from “friends, family and groups” and less to “businesses, brands and media.” The change was followed by a promise to promote what Facebook calls “broadly trusted” news sources on the platform.

In the month following the algorithm change, engagement on Donald Trump’s Facebook posts dropped sharply. Total engagement dropped by approximately 45 percent, according to data from leading social media analytics firm NewsWhip. In an email to Breitbart News, a representative of Newswhip confirmed that Breitbart’s reading of the data was accurate.

http:// www


3e204d No.545586


Martin Luther.

b37f73 No.545587


and under free speech you are entitled

6177e2 No.545588

a1a58c No.545589


>Expand your thinking.

>Who leaked Vault7 to WL?

NSA/Q/MI leaked CIA domestic spying.

>Who returned fire?

NSA/Q/MI after Snowden (CIA) leaked NSA domestic spying.

>OP Name: Fiddler


>Mission 1: Infiltrate

>Mission 2: Centralize

>Mission 3: Secure

>Mission 4: Expose to HARM

CIA harms NSA via Snowden.


>(WH interference)

>(WH directive)

>Mission 5: Russia LINK

>(2013 timeline of events)




>Mission 6: Fiddler > Ghost-PRIME

>Mission 7: CLAS

>Mission 8: Whistle Blower traps - jobs C-3567k

>Mission 9: Censorship

>CLAS +relay


379071 No.545590



no, thank you and all

this is very personal to me

myself and the Hell Hounds thank you immensely



aab1ca No.545591

File: 827ec9bca3aeccd⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nois.jpg)

240a2b No.545592


Talking about of Q…, Check out this phrase..

A building is a symbol, as is the act of destroying it. Symbols are given power by people. Alone, a symbol is meaningless, but with enough people, blowing up a building can change the world.

V (V for vendetta)

Hmmm.., Q as a Symbol..,

d075b9 No.545593


Fukken KEK!

e3922b No.545594


Stop with the flat earth, OMG

4ae2d8 No.545595



Are you K?

Related to H?


ab42d2 No.545596

christcucks (not christians) are a fucking cancer to society

9c9033 No.545597

File: 78b6f596ff49070⋯.jpg (234.19 KB, 500x1278, 250:639, Al Smith Dinner.jpg)

This is one of my favs!!! lmao

The face the guy behind POTUS left shoulder made when he said "HRC is SOooooo corrupt…" rofl his eyes got as big as saucers! Ahahaha And when it dawned on Maria Bartiromo! hehehahahehe she grabed her phone to see who would report it first!

c4cf60 No.545598



73c751 No.545599







334ade No.545600


Solid find anon

1c3d9f No.545601

File: b7891d9d5f382dd⋯.jpg (250.79 KB, 1063x778, 1063:778, cooked.JPG)

30ee3b No.545602


THANK YOU for not posting the Hillary Stain leak pic again.

My eyes hurt thinking about it.


eab624 No.545603

January 14, 2014 = FBI Won't Seek Charges in IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups

4b3c57 No.545604


First off. Flat earthers dont think logically how they explain it.

Heres your flat earth, 2D flat earth. 3D sphere 4d? 5d? 6d? 7d? 8d? 9d? infinity? light.

7e5415 No.545605

545542 your absoultey right this is the chess game and hence the troop build up along NK border the media is still trying to make America think that Russia and China are bad in reality there with us folks!!!

b992f6 No.545606


Flat Earth is a CLOWN psyop. Filter/ignore.

1ba884 No.545607


Intel's remote termination code in the processors, started with "Sandy Bridge" in 2010 and the next version was "Ivy Bridge". Allowed remote termination via 3G cell networks.


"MURDER" Kill Switch


Remote termination ability moved to the Active Management Engine, still available in all Intel processors.



>The LINK.

Snowden was the link between the clowns and the following:




Information gathering, invasion of privacy, the ability to cut off anyone from the internet if they tripped enough flags.

>Russia ICBM tech.

Russia announces to the world to demonstrate that they got it from HRC. Putin is working with Trump to expose and bring down the cabal. This makes it a national security issue, possibly allowing previously classified and "untouchable" information to be released to the public by POTUS.

>HRC open source.

Hillary's private server was "hackable" as plausible deniability, but had enough info on the special goodies available for sale to generate customer interest.


Special Access Projects, the latest in our technology that HRC offered for sale to other countries.



John Podesta and Tony Podesta, behind the scenes power brokers in Washington, pedophiles, satanists, spirit cookers, these people are SICK

>Highest levels of US-G.

The power behind the scenes, the handlers for the officials supposedly in power.

c4cf60 No.545608

746048 No.545609

File: 7aaa4fea5eb5a26⋯.jpg (25.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, who.jpg)


>WHO database ← Very good find. Interdasting.


c892f0 No.545610

File: a82eeb8067cad7d⋯.jpeg (783.28 KB, 1125x1528, 1125:1528, CF4F22A9-0A44-4C4F-AB49-E….jpeg)


This Q mug is from the company “Anthropologie”. That’s probably an “A” on the bottom of the mug.

2744c8 No.545611


There is no statute of limitations with Rico.

We should NAIL them for the murder of Jesus Christ.

6177e2 No.545612

File: b20f75380bd8397⋯.jpeg (31.9 KB, 564x740, 141:185, DQkAcHkU8AEqQS-.jpg-large.jpeg)

bb51ef No.545613

Don't Feed the Shill

54f43c No.545614

File: c7bc7a7dc8ba72a⋯.jpeg (504.03 KB, 1242x1823, 1242:1823, 13080A4E-8B24-40A8-97B8-C….jpeg)

File: b59021eeb137ab8⋯.jpeg (239 KB, 1242x1231, 1242:1231, 4C3F8EE7-6BD9-4B40-949F-F….jpeg)


http:// www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/natosource/russian-cyber-policy-and-the-war-against-georgia

From 1/17/14 , a link?

acfa21 No.545615


LV failedbecause they didn't tell the truth, and more survivors managed to get dead. The event was bad enough, but taking out the survivors after the fact. That's why it failed, no more talkative truth tellers, easy to find them too due to the damn surveillance state we live in, and the fact the media is just a govt agency.

45a77d No.545616


Did an Anon make this map, or did Q???

3e204d No.545617

File: e8d906085f65761⋯.jpg (56.64 KB, 265x260, 53:52, 1519102048765.jpg)

529591 No.545618


Lines… connections…





72df69 No.545620


…I am K




Krishna [shhhh]

til tomorrow

493942 No.545621


Dilly has an asshole a mile wide.

bbc03a No.545622



https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/17/obama-nsa-surveillance-reforms-speech-live

3d40c0 No.545623

Make it rain could be a reference about Rick Ross. As of a few days ago he is on life-support, don’t recall what happened to him

c4cf60 No.545624


I would cut off a finger to have the secret files at Langley just to shut these fucking idiots up

73c751 No.545625


>Snowden open source Prism/Keyscore (catastrophic to US Mil v. bad actors (WW) +Clowns/-No Such Agency)

dcd7ce No.545626


Biggest treasonous criminal in world history

5abb6e No.545627

File: e1f834256bb42c1⋯.jpg (182.89 KB, 1362x1312, 681:656, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at ….jpg)

e3922b No.545628


I know that. He was fascinated with turds. Heretic. Created his own Bible. Causer of the Protestant Reformation.

Almost certainly burning in hell.

c4cf60 No.545629

fiddler - debugger betweem machine and internet roight?

30ee3b No.545630

File: e196a90a524cdd1⋯.jpg (30.65 KB, 279x181, 279:181, flatearther.jpg)


Did someone mention Jane again…?

b992f6 No.545631

0f53e5 No.545632


Pure Gold!!!

259829 No.545633


Damn, you got interwebs up there?

53be9d No.545634


She's just begging to get the rope

b105b8 No.545635

WTF is going on in here? Everyone acting like a cat died or something?

5abb6e No.545636


Nice Dig!

f95a8d No.545637


Thanks I was trying to find that so I could buy one!

dcd7ce No.545638


Seems like he is a sore loser.

Dilley: Oh I lost, so I won't be giving you any more info because, well, I was only doing it to get votes.

e7497a No.545639


The meme is from 8 chan

Q reposted

c4cf60 No.545640



529591 No.545641


Excellent find ANON

a4007d No.545642


Paddock was a distraction. Watch all the footage and ask yourself why there a bunch of helicopters up there during the shooting that were never on radar.

Trump SA speech.

SA roundups.

Attempt on MbS in Vegas and revenge for Trump's talk.

A coincidence that the guy commanding the branch of the military (SANG) training on Apaches locally just happens to die in a helicopter crash later on?

John E Hoover on youtube is one of the only ones that has it figured out. Someone in the media even gave him the victim autopsies because of it.

What's that? You didn't hear the autopsies were out? Wonder why. Maybe the near vertical wounds on some of the people would wreck the narrative that a lone nut shot them from almost a mile away, 30 stories up.

I'm still in disbelief that this board, for all its supposed fantastic researchers hasn't already got this out. Hell, Q even hints at it. Repeatedly.

b37f73 No.545643


rick ross the rapper? hmm prolly shot, lol

i will never understand that dumb shit..

ok ur out of the hood, your making bank, all your dreams came true. screw it im going to gang bang

fb6f1f No.545644

File: 1e2ee0323f75a64⋯.jpg (88.08 KB, 1311x247, 69:13, MakeAMap.jpg)


Is this what you mean when you mention Expand Your Thinking?

Each post like that can become a graphic?

eab624 No.545645

Jan 17, 2014 : Obama to Call for Curbs on NSA Phone Spying But Leave Bulk Data in Gov’t Hands for Now

Study: NSA Bulk Phone Data Has “No Discernible Impact” on Stopping Terrorism

76eb80 No.545646




"distant cousins"…kek, late night bread can be very tasty


acb181 No.545647

File: 88a8d8fcc941d8b⋯.jpg (9.06 KB, 210x161, 30:23, d2d29d630d563546407188f9eb….jpg)

30ee3b No.545648



The term "conspiracy theorist" and "flat earth" were unison projects.

b5b008 No.545649

File: 4915ec44e1575ac⋯.jpeg (43.89 KB, 500x472, 125:118, FeelzGudMan.jpeg)

Anon out

240a2b No.545651


<Mission 9: Censorship


<What they’re foolishly still trying now.

We have in this phase.., althought with this Censorship.., it's begin to affect the Social Media (Stock Exchange)…., for the next days.., it must be in Red Numbers.

0b7235 No.545652

Have a friend. He's well connected. Has friends who were high up in previous admins. He's undercover patriot. He's impatient. He will consider POTUS successful if and only when the bad actors are arrested.

3f159c No.545653




eab624 No.545654

Jan 17, 2014: Report: NSA Collects Millions of Text Messages Each Day

4f61aa No.545655


Was Paddock's job to get the weapons up for the assassins that planned on killing MBS a few floors up? The professionals planning to kill MBS would have to get away afterwards. The mass casualty event would facilitate their escape after the assassination. Also fits anti gun media narrative. But something went wrong in the attempt. MBS made it out. The operation went sideways.

1f4475 No.545656


i like it, alot

ba95ce No.545657

Killbox, kill chain, killbox interdiction, OODA loop…

https:// media.defense.gov/ 2017/Apr/05/2001727300/-1/-1/0/B_0107_KOMETER_COMMAND_AIR_WAR.PDF

76eb80 No.545658





"distant cousins"…kek, late night bread can be very tasty


240a2b No.545659


<Mission 9: Censorship


<What they’re foolishly still trying now.

We have in this phase.., although with this Censorship.., it's begin to affect the Social Media (Stock Exchange)…., for the next days.., it must be in Red Numbers.

9c9033 No.545660



7f4095 No.545661

File: 5af0f6165baf5e7⋯.png (10.16 KB, 562x113, 562:113, timeline.PNG)

File: b23a69f0bcc3687⋯.png (664.71 KB, 683x1035, 683:1035, 11714.PNG)


>(2013 timeline of events)



e3922b No.545663


Makes Benedict Arnold look like an amateur.

5051fb No.545664



Obama announces reforms to NSA phone surveillance


b84be8 No.545665


trillion $ spending deal

Kerry trading deal with russia and ceasefire with syria(posted "the week of 1-12-14")

Post last edited at

d6ebd8 No.545666


>Expand your thinking.

>Who leaked Vault7 to WL?

>Who returned fire?

>OP Name: Fiddler


The last two lines above are the answers to the 2 questions above them right?

>Who leaked Vault7 to WL?


>Who returned fire?

Operation name Fiddler. Now who ran that OP? I'm not sure? NSA/MI??

ec3643 No.545667



601948 No.545668


he attributed it to the power outage in the NE

417b58 No.545669

File: 2da58f84f9971c5⋯.jpg (45.27 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, Gone TO GITMO.jpg)

0dd844 No.545670


Jan. 17, 2014: In a speech on government mass surveillance revealed by Snowden,President Barack Obama orders Attorney General Eric Holder to study possible reforms of the program. But he also defends NSA employees and attempts to assure Americans they are "not abusing (their) authorities to listen to your private phone calls or read your emails."

04e6be No.545671

657e54 No.545672



Do not steal from us like a typical kike (((whore))), you liddle fuck.

Filter this bitch, move on.

2f5228 No.545673


These winter games were the kickoff for the wider war

0b7235 No.545674


Is that what's going on over third?

a0abee No.545675

File: 5400995ef76df1f⋯.png (366.42 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, REAL_VS_FAKE_Q.png)

9cb8f2 No.545676


Yeah I’m wondering if it wasn’t the plan to infiltrate tech companies now that I think about it.

b84be8 No.545677


"week of 1-17-14"

Post last edited at

dbfe08 No.545678



506ac1 No.545679



Fly High. This is from the military. Which branch?

Coffee 11 Qoph?

7eb338 No.545680


haters gonna hate…luv that jam

0b7235 No.545681


Ugh. Fuckin autocorrect. "Over THERE"

b992f6 No.545682


No. His job was to quietly walk away under a different identity.

417b58 No.545683

File: 4d011e3b0c4336d⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, OBAMAsNSA LIBERTY LOGOadjG….jpg)

660e26 No.545684

File: f680d58c763b477⋯.jpg (350.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, clintonReadWeep3.jpg)

File: 04d731efa49b4a2⋯.jpg (497.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, clintonReadWeep2.jpg)

File: 16c493078ae8170⋯.jpg (413.46 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, clintonReadWeep1.jpg)

f37b09 No.545685

When this is all over we should erect a statue dedicated to the unknown Anon.

493942 No.545686


Brah… you talking Devil Dogs when you say Hell Hounds?

6177e2 No.545687


remove your email Glenna

240a2b No.545689


Do you Understand the message of Q?

0b7235 No.545690

9c9033 No.545691

File: 99e092bbfc7ff13⋯.png (138.34 KB, 300x465, 20:31, HRC possession.png)

fb6f1f No.545692

See what we mean when all these unrelated yet seemingly exciting topics appear right after a Q crumb?

Reposting for extreme relevance:

Psychological Momentum is the study of when people feel things are going their way versus not. The application would tell you that humans must be led by subtle redirects, so they do not reject the arguments, and comments must be placed at key points within the discourse stream to tip conversations one way or another… to apply "shame" pressure on those who are leading toward forbidden directions and "validation" to encourage those who are moving away from whatever the touchy subject is.

[Ye shall know them by their fruits]

Flip the script

If you feel so inclined to help our hivemind out in this way, validate those that strike a cord of Truth in (you).

You'll never get it right 100% of the time, but you will help those that dig up great information feel like they're winning. We're a team, so identify and celebrate our successes, no matter how small they may seem.

Perceptions of self as a performer (Sp) and of opponent as a performer (Op) are at the center of PM. The theory posits that the more the initial success separates the two (Op/Sp), the greater the PM. These and associated perceptions, however, have to turn into an increased subjective probability of winning or succeeding before PM becomes a psychological force.

Our Hivemind can been seen as a river of consciousness, and those that are terrified of what this river will crash into will derail as much momentum as they can.

Because you can't stop a river, but you can increase the resistance it meets.

This is (((their))) form of censorship, especially on the chans, because look how much we can change the world when we're Winning.

The clowns are terrified of our success.

Give 'em Hell ; )

4ae2d8 No.545693

File: 6802a7a3795c642⋯.jpg (79.03 KB, 535x355, 107:71, dream_iehshlt6m3t.jpg)


'Bout time I found a Hindu Avatar.

I was just saying I hadn't had one as a Guide yet.

1ba884 No.545694


>Where is @Snowden?

In North Korea

>Why did ES leave G?

Busted, no longer effective, now a liability.

>Why has NK out of the news cycle?


Because of the Q drops, talking about NK is a liability for the MSM/MOCKINGBIRD network. Too much exposure, inability to contain the narrative.

>Define false flag?

A false flag operation is designed to mislead the public and channel public opinion in a specific way. False Flags are designed and implemented, with the pre-scripted narrative ready and contingency plans available to mute opposition.

>What event(s) change the news cycle?

False Flag events are designed to change the news cycle.

>Why didn’t LV change the news cycle?

LV was not a False Flag event. The MSM was caught flat-footed and had to roll with the event as it happened, no prescripted talking points or patsies available.

617c47 No.545695

Infiltrate NSA as Dell contractor (but actually still a clown)

Centralize/Secure Created back-up systems for NSA, had admin privleges, "virtually unlimited access to everything".

Expose to HARM Leak to the media

Russia LINK Putin is controlled by the same families that control the clowns. (according to Q drop #15)

1/17/14 Obama speech on NSA reforms

Fiddler Some kind of operation

CLAS ???

Whistle Blower Traps Secure Drop, probably other stuff

Censorship Helping @Jack, YT, facebook… one algorithm

9cb8f2 No.545696

c4cf60 No.545697


Yes I do

and blowing up buildings is exactly what they did

259829 No.545698

File: 990c73ca7e10dd5⋯.png (1006.32 KB, 1723x1720, 1723:1720, Schifty.png)

dbfe08 No.545699

File: d24a0c24a03a83d⋯.jpg (73.2 KB, 350x421, 350:421, media.jpg)

1f4475 No.545700


You have the gift of clear sight.

keep inspiring your fellow anons!

660e26 No.545701



added to bread, thanks anon for the clear graphic

657e54 No.545702


Q team: Following EO relevant to

>Watch the water.


Presidential Executive Order on Restoring the Rule of Law, Federalism, and Economic Growth by Reviewing the “Waters of the United States” Rule

Economy & Jobs

Issued on: February 28, 2017

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-executive-order-restoring-rule-law-federalism-economic-growth-reviewing-waters-united-states-rule/

04e6be No.545703


Its been a while anon

d6ebd8 No.545704


She's in the kill box!!! KEK!!! Love it!

493942 No.545705


Only a faggot would have voted for an uncouth queer like Dilly

30ee3b No.545707


You can post without filling in name or email.

If you get strange emails from unknown places- DO NOT CLICK THEM!

You are very dangerously posting email info here.

Scary shit happens on the Chan's.

BO : REMOVE B84BE8 email !

601948 No.545708


the New World Health Organization is more like it

334218 No.545709

File: 997a33d170e1157⋯.png (16.18 KB, 498x173, 498:173, Eat_Shit.png)

Snowden had top secret security clearance.

http:// www. businessinsider.com/edward-snowden-top-secret-clearance-nsa-whistleblower-2013-6

417b58 No.545710

File: 6879be48a7c938a⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 866x550, 433:275, PowerRiceandBarry.jpg)

31f2fb No.545711


Seth Rich had nothing to do with Vault 7. Vault 7 was full of CIA hacking tools that got leaked post-snowden.

660e26 No.545712


Any last minute additions?

I'm open to notables from the last bread that may have been missed due to Q postings

dcd7ce No.545713


Yeah. My speculation. After his election loss, he did a live stream saying his intel source and likely q were unauthorized leakers. blah blah blah.

4ae2d8 No.545714


But wait… if you're Krishna…

Is H…


e19cc1 No.545715


sauce anon. trying to redpill a snowden fanatic

ca99a9 No.545716


I agree anon

318eaf No.545717

File: 18d3c404df0d133⋯.jpg (43.24 KB, 581x270, 581:270, ALEXJ.JPG)

NOT a fan but this suks

2f5228 No.545718


Dilly is CEO of the 1% vote club

0b7235 No.545719

No offense Q team, we appreciate the drops, but we do better with some confirms also so we know we are on the right track. We were off on Lunev for DAYS but no clue of what we were posting was important.

fc44ed No.545720

File: dd93f0a9d640831⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Hurricane_Q_The_People.jpg)

f8cc6e No.545721


This maybe true anon but I know many right wing people who are sick and tired of watching HRC and BO still walk free, they will show up to vote and will continue to support the cause. but they have disengaged media and social media platforms due to propaganda and lack of results. they refuse to be radicalized by ANYONE! for ANYTHING.

3f159c No.545722

File: 30566f2c949b25e⋯.jpeg (777.31 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, C8CB2DAE-61C0-432E-B73A-E….jpeg)

File: 88b8d53b755be6d⋯.jpeg (5.85 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 2D704F27-B664-409B-8938-D….jpeg)

This was 88 degrees 18 hours ago. Now it is 114.

It has gone up 3 degrees in the last 15 minutes.

Yesterday it was 139

Watch The Water

4ae2d8 No.545723



9c9033 No.545724

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


link to…

"This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected"

Mar 4 2018 00:22:06





https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

Listen carefully.





53be9d No.545725


And the award for administration with the ugliest women goes to…..

660e26 No.545726

File: 2a37231810fca08⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1310x1000, 131:100, anonIsRed.png)

f95a8d No.545727


People need to know what she's done. I hope she just isn't taken out.

30ee3b No.545728


Cabal clowns had a fastlane to security clearances before POTUS.

7a443e No.545729


>This maybe true anon but I know many right wing people who are sick and tired of watching HRC and BO still walk free, they will show up to vote and will continue to support the cause. but they have disengaged media and social media platforms due to propaganda and lack of results. they refuse to be radicalized by ANYONE! for ANYTHING.

So what do you propose POTUS USMILINT and Q-ADV do?

0b7235 No.545730


"Unauthorized"??? What a fuckin douche.

8e0714 No.545731


Seriously? That is Quincy. Did you watch the series "Chain of Command"?

6177e2 No.545732

Thank you for the drops tonight Q, we missed you,

f1cef2 No.545733

We're still doing training drills.

Still learning.

Still missing pieces.

Where we go one, we go ALL.

Misspellings matter.

Sentence formation matters.



506ac1 No.545734


Wow. I rarely looked at his channel. But this is totally sucky.

493942 No.545735


Looks all made up, like some fag wanna be's shit…

f8cc6e No.545736


relax anon they are just killing all the marine life so they can cry about MUH global warming some more and get evangelicals all upset about end times prophecies.

240a2b No.545737


Nope.., it's to do a World Symbol.., Q is every day seeing a World Symbol. More people of the World is watching to Q.

It's leave a legacy

fb6f1f No.545738


Wonderful work lad.

acfa21 No.545739


assume it is all comped, because it is. telecomfag

9c9033 No.545740


>Snowden had top secret security clearance.

That POS doesn't even have his GED! lmao

4b3c57 No.545741


Learn to read before we learn to write.

e3922b No.545742


Google image not found.

What's going on in the photo?

aab1ca No.545743

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


do it like nature

0dd844 No.545744

Q do you have anything about the aliens?

59cc96 No.545745


How's the tunes in that puppy, hope you have the Hevy Metal 8 track

ab42d2 No.545746



c4cf60 No.545747


DILLEY is a fucking toolbag that used Q and "his source" to bring people to his failed campaign

now that he has gotten his ass handed to him

he has no more use for Q

so he says Q is dead and gone and done and blah blah LITERALLY TODAY

1c6f86 No.545748

File: 1d9f2aad1b618fa⋯.png (395.31 KB, 512x512, 1:1, picsart-08-23-12-10-50_ori….png)

File: d5b0b266c94dd0f⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 364x416, 7:8, shiit.jpg)

File: 894d249de31589e⋯.jpg (28.42 KB, 207x237, 69:79, Mals39logo.jpg)

c892f0 No.545749


$8 and in stock. I got one myself.

f1cef2 No.545750


Learn to crawl before we learn to walk.

b992f6 No.545751


You're the alien. We all are. Now focus on the tasks at hand.

752cae No.545752


Lawsuits? Class Action Lawsuits?

e19cc1 No.545753


…. you might as well get a new email address….

53be9d No.545754


How badass would it be if it goes to 187

a5d1aa No.545755

Watch news cycle change on Tuesday, we are in place, waiting for conf watch what happens to CNN they will be lost>>545335

1c6f86 No.545756

File: 2ec18ac9e997143⋯.png (306.6 KB, 374x420, 187:210, mals39.png)



we're the guys that don't get to remember everything we do, but we have a good time while doing it

4ae2d8 No.545757

File: c7c3a61838a06a2⋯.jpg (36.75 KB, 930x595, 186:119, QNN_TOP.jpg)

These guys go ham every time Q drops a BOOM.

eab624 No.545758

Jan 17, 2014: The Guardian–Obama speech on the NSA: • Obama proposed reforms for how the government uses data it collects on foreigners; the declassification of more Fisa court documents; new rules for the storage and use of information on US citizens collected "incidentally"; and greater transparency for national security letters.

e3922b No.545759


Samantha Powers is a man

8554b4 No.545760

File: 7318fccb59987aa⋯.png (178.63 KB, 1248x937, 1248:937, Bridge.PNG)


BRIDGE Certification Authorization

d6ebd8 No.545761


Adm. R?

f95a8d No.545762

Coronor releases autopsy reports on 58 Las Vegas shooting victims:

https: //www.reviewjournal.com/crime/shootings/coroner-releases-autopsy-reports-of-58-victims-from-las-vegas-shooting/

4d402b No.545763







61809c No.545764

File: f9404dba90209e5⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Snapshot_129.png)


Can confirm.


4bf86f No.545765

(((They))) are starting to seriously screw with the weather. The temperature rise in the gulf then the severe wind was no coincidence, and now I just saw another rise near Texas.

If things weren't serious before they sure are now

ab42d2 No.545766


new posts on /greatawakening/

417b58 No.545767

File: dad81fc952d7e24⋯.jpg (27.06 KB, 600x325, 24:13, CassSunsteinSamanthaPowerW….jpg)

8d9630 No.545768

File: 409c9ebffad6df1⋯.png (44.18 KB, 800x563, 800:563, ClipboardImage.png)

f8cc6e No.545769


been saying it for a long time.

true transparency is the key.

while 2 wrongs dont make a right, the American people are just and fair.

we MUST use what ever tools necessary to combat this evil now that it is upon us. but without transparency, what will stop the next bush 9/11, patriot/freedom act to surrender our republic to tyrants all over again?

forget not patriot that history is written by the victors.

back doors spying censorship disarming. do you see a trend brewing here?

perhaps we should all re read the constitution.

30ee3b No.545770


Keep us informed.

Could be sensor failure, but considering the fuckery- Probably not.

9cb8f2 No.545771

HARM = Host Aviation Resource Management?

Corrupted/manipulated NSA data used to affect targeting of USAF assets?

How we ended up bombing Doctors Without Borders hospitals under Hussein without push back from operators?

Intel looked legit.

Appears to be a genuine mistake?

Related to people who will/have see they have been manipulated and not be happy about it that Q has referenced?

eab624 No.545772

The Guardian - Obama Speech on NSA in response to Snowden leaks: Obama said he would end the bulk collection of domestic phone records "as it currently exists," by restricting analysts' searches of the database and by moving the database into the hands of telecom companies or a third party TBD – the details are not yet nailed down.

• The president said he had asked the attorney general and the intelligence community to report to him by 28 March on how to handle the phone records database question. Obama also asked Congress to begin work to select a panel of public advocates to sit in on the Fisa court process in certain cases.

8d9630 No.545773

File: 9cdec9f05134282⋯.png (218.97 KB, 640x450, 64:45, ClipboardImage.png)

ec3643 No.545774

CEPI–Was looking into the letter difference of Suspectable and Susceptible

CEPI-Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations


We want to stop future epidemics by developing new vaccines for a safer world.

Vaccines are one of the world’s most important health achievements. Yet their life-saving potential hasn’t yet been realised for many known and unknown epidemic threats, particularly in low-income countries, where the risks and needs are often greatest.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Members of CEPI Partners Forum & Endorse CEPI'S Mission:

Clinton Health Access Initiative

http:// cepi.net/mission

9c9033 No.545775

File: db0ed6e8cf2b723⋯.png (143.9 KB, 280x180, 14:9, Stay together.png)

File: d1e547f3caf08b5⋯.png (115.89 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Winning.png)

1c6f86 No.545776

File: c5d2c6d2bc4dc52⋯.jpg (234.45 KB, 864x960, 9:10, $T2eC16FHJIkE9qU3iLlMBQit0….jpg)


get it?

now plz lemme surf in peace

493942 No.545777


Like I said faggot ass shit… leave the Teufel Hunden shit to those who have earned it… USMC and specifically the 1/5

e3922b No.545778


Maybe Seth Rich was undercover.

9cb8f2 No.545779



31f2fb No.545780


The intelligence committee report made it sound like Snowden wasn't even a script kiddie tier hacker. They described him as someone who failed at pretty much every endeavor he undertook. Only one of these 4 statements must be true.

1. Snowden is an elite computer security expert and the intelligence committee was lied to about his identity.

2. Snowden is an elite computer security expert and the intelligence committee is lying to us about his identity.

3. Snowden is a non technical special ops character operating under cover.

4. Snowden is a jackass who bumbled his way into russia.

dbfe08 No.545781

File: 196d62512172409⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1572x711, 524:237, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.PNG)


i just liked it , its from a vetran owned site fwiw

0dd844 No.545782


never seen that before

3e204d No.545783

File: 6df6594de89028a⋯.jpg (355.24 KB, 1900x908, 475:227, 1520038865703.jpg)

Does this resonate with anyone?

04bff1 No.545784

Whistleblower traps…SecureDrop may be one, but could there be others?

Signal? What other ostensibly privacy-minded things has Snowden endorsed?

73c751 No.545785


>What I say a class action lawsuit?

>When is it effective?


When is it a class action lawsuit?

What I say effective?


What I say is it effective?

a class action lawsuit When?

1c6f86 No.545786


speak your mind


i was born into the military

you go by choice?

978bdb No.545787


Seth Rich was a Lefty but he was a Patriot in his own way. He only handed over DNC stuff bc what they were doing was WRONG. He supported Bernie and they were rigging the primaries. He wasn't a traitor..

660e26 No.545788


added, thanks anon

8e0714 No.545789


Thank you. The coffee mug was shown in the last 2 mins of episode one of Chain of Command. Quincy had returned home and was looking forward to homemade coffee.

I believe Q posted what he did for newbies to confirm what we already know - he/they/Q team are real.

9a8f03 No.545790

File: de1c0094f8fc1aa⋯.jpeg (372.61 KB, 1240x1798, 20:29, C8A9C6E6-711F-4C98-BC3A-7….jpeg)

31f2fb No.545791


There is no evidence we have seen which supports this idea.

493942 No.545792


Dude do you know how gay you sound? Ultra faggy I assure you

3a8c91 No.545793


thank you Q team

4ccd29 No.545794


The wall will keep the illegal aliens out.

9cb8f2 No.545795


He does come across as one of those kids that tries to sound smarter than he is. I think that’s why he has such a punchable face.

3602b8 No.545796

File: 12926f1299347e9⋯.png (72.32 KB, 971x382, 971:382, Selection_061.png)



Uranium One Ownership change notice.

https:// deq.utah.gov/businesses/U/uraniumone/index.htm

1c6f86 No.545797


you've been to AZ?

you've seen our dogs?

you know what we do when everyone else is sleeping?

mind your tongue and rank, kid

30ee3b No.545798


Q Just posted BOOM in GA-

Wonder if this could be related to the temperature increase in the gulf?

NAVYfags–→ Would a nuke sub going boom cause an increase in water temp?

74263f No.545799


Paddock also clearly has a chest wound

724f10 No.545800

Q- Sessions appears weak….that has shifted MSM in his favor and they will have to "agree" with his next move. I am praying for justice. They are all free enjoying their millions and we are still hurting for the children and those taken.

God bless!

b992f6 No.545801


NaturalNews is one of the best. Was on Alex Jones recently. Makes a great case for upcoming clown activity.

7a443e No.545802


>we MUST use what ever tools necessary to combat this evil now that it is upon us. but without transparency, what will stop the next bush 9/11, patriot/freedom act to surrender our republic to tyrants all over again?

>forget not patriot that history is written by the victors.

About everything?

Hebrews 5:11-13 NIV

11 We have much to say about this, but it is hard to make it clear to you because you no longer try to understand. 12 In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! 13 Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.

601948 No.545803

#BOOM … the battle has begun

4b3c57 No.545804

File: 6cfc3cff3cc9be1⋯.jpg (83.49 KB, 692x773, 692:773, 48254903859043850943850943….JPG)

File: b8f30b001d6471b⋯.jpg (111.8 KB, 671x792, 61:72, 45748375983475982346589475….JPG)

File: cf0a0834497042d⋯.jpg (129.27 KB, 673x879, 673:879, 78749857947593095203589347….JPG)

File: aa2031d83f68fb6⋯.jpg (96.27 KB, 664x895, 664:895, 90348509345804274036798435….JPG)

File: 96ed558918f4c9f⋯.jpg (77.69 KB, 669x877, 669:877, 85340958742985904286598437….JPG)


And we learn together. And pick up others along the way.


dbfe08 No.545805

File: e9c5be55f083c60⋯.jpg (206.71 KB, 1480x1480, 1:1, snoopy-clipart-red-baron-2.jpg)

8b0a31 No.545806


yeah I am going to spend some hours tonite on WHO. They control vaccines food, mental health have no country they are accountable to. Connected to Bill Gates as most know. Think Microsoft couldnt write the algorithm. Anyway back on the hunt.

6177e2 No.545807


God Bless you and your beautiful family, President Trump. WAWY, around the world.

ddbeba No.545808


It is a template

04e6be No.545809


I think another sub-phase or theme. Another anon reminded:


334218 No.545810

Jeff Session -> Jeff Sessions

What was the other misspelling POTUS made this week in his tweets, apart from today/yesterday?

73c751 No.545811


I'll take 1 AND 2

>1. Snowden is an elite computer security expert and the intelligence committee was lied to about his identity.

IC above = NSA

>2. Snowden is an elite computer security expert and the intelligence committee is lying to us about his identity.

IC above = CIA

1f4475 No.545812

File: 02a0125d7958e6a⋯.png (8.22 KB, 375x227, 375:227, greatawakening.png)

new posts on /greatawakening/

https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/index.html

8d9630 No.545813

Federal BRIDGE Certification Auth

The majority of the government entities cross-certified with the Federal Bridge are Entrust customers, including: Department of Treasury Department of Energy Department of State Department of Homeland Security NASA USDA National Finance Center US Patent and Trademark Office State of Illinois”

d97ecc No.545814


The shot heard around the world.

660e26 No.545815


> Think Microsoft couldnt write the algorithm.

my guess is jewgle wrote it

80182a No.545816


came to say THIS!!!

7a443e No.545817



>We want to stop future epidemics by developing new vaccines for a safer world.

Epide mic = mass casualties

Mass population

How do you stop an epidemic? Make certain that the host population is smaller in number

61809c No.545818



>The coffee mug was shown in the last 2 mins of episode one of Chain of Command.

It was like the last 10 seconds.




9c9033 No.545819

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

God damn, I love our POTUS!!! This makes me want to cry with pride!!! Every. fucking. time.

c892f0 No.545820

File: 495541b74c69ec1⋯.jpeg (2.03 MB, 2028x1352, 3:2, C9319C5D-F023-4E17-A12A-C….jpeg)

1c6f86 No.545821


yeah you're done

as you were, kid

f0b8c4 No.545822



Looks like a Native American Blessing

3e608e No.545823


Do NOT fill in your real name and email address. You put yourself at risk. Leave those fields blank.

9cb8f2 No.545824

The board appears to have some big players tonight. Welcome Patriots this anon is very grateful for your work.

529591 No.545825

File: d982872c3fc242f⋯.png (140.55 KB, 3651x2744, 3651:2744, COFFEEMAP-LINES.PNG)

File: 68f9349c69834c0⋯.png (140.93 KB, 3651x2744, 3651:2744, COFFEEMAP-LINES-MIRRORED.PNG)

File: bf571f8dc849e4a⋯.png (141.24 KB, 3651x2744, 3651:2744, COFFEEMAP-LINES-UPDOWNLEFT….PNG)

File: ea23693105712db⋯.png (1.68 MB, 3651x2744, 3651:2744, COFFEEMAP-SATURATED.PNG)








>>>> MAP???? <<<<

(multiple versions included - will resurrect on next bread as well)

<< BAKER >> consider adding? Might be important…

45a77d No.545826

f8cc6e No.545828


unfollow him and walk away. he is a clown from hell. 2 seconds of digging will tell you everything you need to know about this cuck.

334ade No.545829

I recall from the Snowden film that his final project at the NSA was to centralize all of the different programs.

It was called Heartbeat.

Mission 1: Infiltrate

Mission 2: Centralize

Mission 3: Secure

Mission 4: Expose to HARM

“He was certainly not low-level,” Stone said. “He was very bright. He designed a new [surveillance] program called ‘Epic Shelter.’ He was working on another program called ‘Heartbeat’ that very few people know about. And it was in that capacity that he gained access to classified material.”

http:// progressive.org/dispatches/oliver-stone-s-snowden-hero-ages/

b992f6 No.545830


Alternatively, don't put anyone else's private info there. You're still putting yourself at risk.

cda99d No.545831

>>544701 last br

5D chess is the answer ??!!! We are in the middle game is my guess. End game all will be understood as much as we pawns in the game are allowed to know. Q we are you're Battle Frogs !!!

ddbeba No.545832

> >>545783

It strikrs me as division and wrong thinking

Look again at what has been given.

b2ac65 No.545833



Yeah its possible relating to China

9c9033 No.545834


NO, it's related to the damn video he posted before BOOM! lmao

8d9630 No.545835

617c47 No.545836

File: cb350a01991c188⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 320x240, 4:3, i2LLw.gif)

Lunev IS the bridge (1)

Snowden IS Russian (but also a clown)

Putin IS controlled by the same 3/4 families that control the rest


0b7235 No.545837


No, not working in admin. Just successful guy w well known family member. Not important who he is, my point is that people are measuring success by how well the swamp is drained.

ab42d2 No.545838


I think most of the anons who fill that in are using someone else's name & email. cheers

f1cef2 No.545839


Looking at the Q

As with some Patterns, the pattern is Mirrored

713064 No.545840


I saw it in the side by side thread a couple weeks ago posted by an anon

76eb80 No.545842




529591 No.545844

31f2fb No.545846


The anomalous data comes from a single monitoring station on the Magnolia TLP(an offshore well). I looked into this in detail yesterday. Its strange. I was too paranoid to call the people in Louisiana who oversee the data collection to see if they had anything to say about it. Overall Gulf water temperatures are ~10 degrees higher than normal. Temperature data from ships near the Magnolia TLP all report normalish so I'm still thinking the oil rig is just venting some exhaust periodically onto the thermometer.

886992 No.545847


GodSpeed Patriot. You and your team are in my prayers.

1df42f No.545848


JFK. Dimona. Not forgotten.

Israel is not our friend.

Go be a jew somewhere else.

f1cef2 No.545849


And looking at the Q

The design has a look of letters

3e204d No.545850

File: 6ecf389036115ca⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 469x617, 469:617, redditpuzzle.jpg)

eab624 No.545851

Jan 17, 2014 - The Guardian Reports Obama Speech in Response to Snowden Leaks:

In a speech at the department of justice, President Barack Obama laid out reforms of NSA surveillance programs and their secret oversight court, saying that new technology and new times required revisiting the balance between national security protection and threats to individual liberty.

• Obama said he would end the bulk collection of domestic phone records "as it currently exists," by restricting analysts' searches of the database and by moving the database into the hands of telecom companies or a third party TBD – the details are not yet nailed down.

• The president said he had asked the attorney general and the intelligence community to report to him by 28 March on how to handle the phone records database question. Obama also asked Congress to begin work to select a panel of public advocates to sit in on the Fisa court process in certain cases.

• Obama proposed reforms for how the government uses data it collects on foreigners; the declassification of more Fisa court documents; new rules for the storage and use of information on US citizens collected "incidentally"; and greater transparency for national security letters.

• Senior officials in the intelligence community welcomed the speech. Director of national intelligence James Clapper called it "measured and thoughtful." Many privacy advocates said the speech sounded good but was short on details and its import was yet to be seen.

• It appeared that Congress would have to act before most of the policies Obama described could be implemented. Separately, the president said he had directed the attorney general "to work with the [Fisa court]" to newly require a judicial order each time analysts the phone database.

• Obama did not state an intention to ban the NSA from sabotaging global encryption standards and otherwise undermining encryption, but the White House said it was studying such a ban, Foreign Policy reported.

• The president presented the actions of Edward Snowden as coinciding with his own long evolution of thinking on government surveillance. A debate employing "crude characterizations" has played out after "sensational" coverage of the Snowden revelations, Obama said.

493942 No.545852

Q, I listened… AGAIN! When will you unleash US the ones at the end of the chain…. not these faggots who reside only here on these boards. I'm not ones of these fags but yet I wait here on fagchan waiting my kill order…. when?

Listen carefully.






4ecb39 No.545853

File: 0fb7c4491b8432e⋯.gif (922.32 KB, 240x180, 4:3, jcge_02.gif)

4ae2d8 No.545854

File: b5e2a86be0be0e1⋯.png (33.09 KB, 556x129, 556:129, 648b30b33479c05fdc92778d0d….png)

0b7235 No.545855


These motherfuckers. Idk what's going down behind scenes but they will be very sorry they went down this fuckin nazi road once again!

4d402b No.545856


978bdb No.545857


Did you see >545128

up top of bread? Creepy.

8b0a31 No.545858


yeah probably together over a pineal gland and some baby blood. SICK

657e54 No.545859


>We have tremendous WW support.

US, Russia, China etc. ALL working together.

Whitehats have had enough.

World belongs to US.

2f5228 No.545860


Noted intredasting

30ee3b No.545861


I cannot stream the actual video on this console, but the title is the same as he posted before…

Same Video?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

493942 No.545862

Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/03/18 (Sat) 23:24:16 No.456



BOOM Q? Please, give way and provide utmost support to us who have been waiting tooooooo long.

9c9033 No.545863



Very, Anon! :)

39e02b No.545864


They are stupid.

The clowns haven't been able to figure out how the Trump administration is communicating with the Kremlin. It is quite simple really.

They use military intelligence officers who travel to out of the way cities, meet secretly (because these guys are in intelligence and know tradecraft) and exchange documents.

Like during WWII when Germans met Allied agents in Teheran because it was a relatively quiet backwater away from the action. There is no way that the clowns could have monitored all the possible such meeting places or all the possible agents.

Why do I think this? Same as the Sessions relationship. It's all in the smiles. When Trump invited the Russian Foreign Minister into the Oval office and they took some photos that were published. All genuine smiles. And when Trump first met Putin, genuine smiles, real communication happening.

But there is another reason. I am fluent in Russian. I get ALL my info about Russia first hand by reading Russian media, watching state TV on 1tv.ru, including those 4 hour annual Q&A sessions and press conferences. And I have been to Russia and Ukraine several times, including Crimea (Ukrainian). I also know lots of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants.

This means that I do not have to rely on any analysis from foreign policy thinktanks and publications. These have all been thoroughly infiltrated by Ukrainian Nazis or Russian dissidents. Under the Soviet Union, dissidents were our friends who hated Communism. But after 1991, Russian dissidents are people involved in organized crime who are pissed that their gravy train has been cut short. Both sorts are cultivated by Neocons (DeepState) who manipulate them to their own ends. This means that just like ordinary citizens being assaulted by Fakenews, anyone who goes to the intelligence community to get information on Russia is assaulted with much the same FakeNews dressed up in more scholarly language.

Russia is not an enemy of the USA. Russia is a sovereign country that intends to manage its territory in the way that it decides, and which has a history of a 1000 years or so in which it has NEVER been conquered even though the world's most powerful armies have tried to. The Russian people are not like you. If the USA could push a button that disabled every piece of military equipment in Russia, completely invaded the country, destroyed all the weapons and took control of the infrastructure, then the USA would lose, guaranteed. And would likely spend so many resources in doing so that the folk back in America would be quite happy learning Mandarin in the mandatory re-education centers. Because America would have destroyed its own defense capability by trying to conquer the UNCONQUERABLE Russian spirit.

There is a right way and a wrong way to view Russia. Enemy is the wrong way. But competitor and partner is close to the right way. Russia and the USA have many common interests and should work together in friendly partnership to achieve these. Just like Apple and Google can work together even though they make competing phone platforms. Similarly there are some areas where Russia and the USA are competing. If both countries can maintain open dialog, acknowledge each other's right to exist in perpetuity, then they can also work out arrangements to keep the competition balanced and reasonable. Like a nuclear arms control treaty for instance.

The people who created the NWO are the same ones who created Communism. Russia suffered for 70 years under Communism. They do not want that back. Under Hillary, Russia definitely would have gone to war with the USA and hit hard, very hard. But Russia has no desire to make war with anybody who accepts the right of all sovereign states to live as they will. Trump has made it clear that he shares this view of sovereignty. So we have a meeting of the minds on something very fundamental and it clearly makes a space for each of the two countries to manage its own destiny in the world.

It is actually a great adventure. Can the sovereignty model result in a planet where all the states coordinate their activities without impinging on the freedom of people in any particular state. This is anti-Communism, anti-globalism, anti-Islamism. It could be a glorious world to live in.

0811c2 No.545865

File: 9f45116ebdf5e3a⋯.jpeg (664.23 KB, 1242x1721, 1242:1721, 7AEFBC41-86EE-40D1-90BE-4….jpeg)


Q already stated clearly that Alice is Hillary and wonderland is Saudi Arabia.

e7497a No.545866


Or he just spit up some blood

f0b8c4 No.545868

If it matters, and it probably does, Q was silent for;

7 days, 23 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds

f8cc6e No.545869


nice work anon!

b84be8 No.545870

Together strong organized heard fight people all power play together invincible make noise with make it rain

kill box boom all threat see war is real sick

sheep remember we are winning do not trust what you read mind warfare up is down left is right boom

bridge bridge 2 link sessions, sessions

harm link prime clas clas

trust we fighting


God bless you all

(30 Minute ban only so that you read this. Do NOT fill in your name and email, leave the fields BLANK. This is for your personal safety.)
Post last edited at

9c9033 No.545871


Yes, Anon, same video

ddbeba No.545872

File: 79179f73ee12870⋯.gif (96.37 KB, 384x477, 128:159, 79179f73ee12870822f5424b4d….gif)

anyone else looking into purchasing popcorn in bulk?

3e608e No.545873


Still, there are newfags here. Better safe than sorry.

6eb508 No.545874

File: a21da6f0f6ce570⋯.png (490.73 KB, 1080x706, 540:353, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at ….png)


Dave Chapelle predicts MAGA

f0b8c4 No.545875


690,525 seconds

11,508 minutes (rounded down)

191 hours (rounded down)

7 days (rounded down)

1 week

2.19% of 2018

8b0b3f No.545876


Maybe delete it for her BO

30ee3b No.545877



Pretty much…

0b7235 No.545878

List of CNN, msnbc, NBC, CBS, ect sponsors needs to be posted with phone numbers to corporate. Need to be calling congressmen and sponsors and blow them up like they do to us.

660e26 No.545879






f50128 No.545880


I guess we've got another dip in the stock market to look forward to. We just had one after POTUS announced the steel and aluminum tariffs.

73c751 No.545882


RAIN, thunder and 3 BOOMs

Sounding really "stormy" to me

de0209 No.545883


January 17, 2014: Baron Alistair McAlpine, businessman, politician, advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and accused deep-state pedophile died on this day.

9c9033 No.545884


NO! smh

e5c91e No.545885

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/trump-praises-chinas-xi-lifetime-mandate-extension-043152460.html

POTUS is trolling them hard.

61809c No.545886


I feel dirty just reading her resume.

00c793 No.545887



cbc35d No.545888

File: f3516aeb8ac670a⋯.png (60.35 KB, 460x453, 460:453, ClipboardImage.png)

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