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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

3867ce  No.5426356

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Tuesday 02.26.2019

>>5408817 ————————————–——– Test 10

>>5408814 ————————————–——– Test 12

>>5408812 ————————————–——– Test 11

>>5408700 ————————————–——– Test 8

>>5408690 ————————————–——– Test 7

>>5408097 rt >>5407826 ————————— Test 6

>>5407223 rt >>5406506 ————————— Test 5

>>5402283 ————————————–——– The Armor of God

>>5402061 rt >>5401939 ————————— It's going to be HISTORIC! Planned long ago.

>>5399463 ————————————–——– Conformity and Behavior.

>>5399134 ————————————–——– THIS IS THEIR LAST STAND.

>>5398367 ————————————–——– Truth v Lies - the propaganda war for your mind.

>>5397816 ————————————–——– Puppet & Puppet Master.

Monday 02.25.2019

>>5387042 ————————————–——– Test 3

>>5386040 rt >>5385640 ————————— How can anyone support such EVIL?

>>5385001 ————————————–——– These people are SICK & EVIL.

>>5384552 ————————————–——– Good find, Anons.

>>5384495 ————————————–——– Many more to come?

>>5380595 rt >>5380232 ————————— Think Map. The truth can always be found.

>>5380099 ————————————–——– Arrival team reporting light rain

>>5379762 rt >>5379729 ————————— Just another day at the office

>>5379626 rt >>5379582 ————————— You are on the right track

>>5379494 ————————————–——– Dear AG Barr, Advice from insiders (cap >>5379625 )

>>5377668 ————————————–——– Who will be next to fall post Weinstein?

Sunday 02.24.2019

>>5363071 ————————————–——– Why did ISIS launch a social media campaign designed to 'attract' US/UK to join their cause?

>>5362299 ————————————–——– Those who are the loudest…..

>>5362124 ————————————–——– RETURNING POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Friday 02.22.2019

Compiled here: >>5383236

Thursday 02.21.2019

Compiled here: >>5333466

Wednesday 02.20.2019

Compiled here: >>5320765

Tuesday 02.19.2019

Compiled here: >>5305779

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are not endorsements


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>>5387705 Democrats want to murder babies. Keep the pressure on.

#6936 Baker Change

>>5425657 The House Just Passed A "Sweeping" Gun Control Bill. Tomorrow They Vote On Another

>>5425667 Live feed from an English Korean station

>>5425708, >>5425790 Dig: Looks like Rashida's brother is a convict

>>5425752, >>5425778 POTUS' schedule for today

>>5425791 U.S. trade chief sees long-term China challenges, continued tariff threat

>>5425817 FOX live feed of the stakeout

>>5426026 Russian Soyuz rocket launches 1st OneWeb satellites to revolutionize Internet

>>5426071 Huber news: U.S. attorney for Utah says of major drug trafficking bust

>>5426099 As Media Freaks Over 159 Measles Cases, Thousands of Kids Sold as Sex Slaves Out of Foster Care

>>5426220 Climate change expert sentenced to 32 months for fraud

>>5426224 Canadian Opposition Urges PM Trudeau to Resign Over SNC-Lavalin Affair

>>5426234 Video: POTUS saying there is "no rush" and "What's important is we do the right deal"

>>5426275 KJU: this must resemble "a fantasy movie"

>>5426348 #6936


>>5425419 Texas judge continued dig.

>>5425435 1/11/19 4 Booms = 4 NK points of agreement? March 1 49 days ahead.

>>5425357, >>5425399 Feinstein shilling for climate change scheme.

>>5425338, >>5425362 Lynne Patton Facebook statement.

>>5425171 Maduro unloads another 8 tons of gold from Venezuela's central bank.

>>5425015 Amazon pulls out of Seattle office tower at center of homeless tax debate.

>>5424996 MS-13 members planning to target city cops: NYPD.

>>5424995 Trudeau's position as Canadian PM in jeopardy.

>>5424994 Continued dig on NEOM / Klaus Kleinfeld.

>>5424965, >>5425158 Dig on R. Kelly's bail provider.

>>5424953 US Marines Tweet: "3D printing is the way of the future."

>>5424902 Rep. Stacey Plaskett mouths 'be quiet' at Michael Cohen hearing.

>>5425546 #6935


>>5424713 Federal judge rules there is no widespread voter fraud in Texas.

>>5424667 Shooting reported at VA Medical Center in Riviera Beach, Florida.

>>5424546 China has infiltrated large sectors of higher education.

>>5424570, >>5424728 Egypt: Dozens killed in crash and fire at Cairo train station.

>>5424250, >>5424760 Clinton foundation/neom/wonderland call to dig.

>>5424364 FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb backs raising the minimum age for tobacco to 21.

>>5424187 Border Patrol Chief’s Congressional testimony buries claims that border crisis is ‘fake’.

>>5424178 FB proposed a "twilight zone" glitch to place accounts in that they did not agree with.

>>5424114 11 charged in SDNY for sex trafficking.

>>5424775 #6934


>>5423847 Northam’s wife handed cotton to Black student, asked her to imagine being a slave.

>>5423688 Chinese communists advise belief in Marx and Lenin, not ‘Ghosts and Gods’.

>>5423549 Kushner meets Saudi's MBS for first time since Khashoggi murder.

>>5423368 Presidential hopeful shoots himself in the foot.

>>5423314 New filing in U.S. vs Stone: Order on motion for order to show cause.

>>5423977 #6933

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>>5423229 #6932

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3867ce  No.5426368



94341a  No.5426374

File: 464191262f6e592⋯.png (636.74 KB, 422x598, 211:299, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you baker

da23c2  No.5426408

File: a127d4793c619bd⋯.jpg (48.36 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 52833828_10157431465761178….jpg)

9cd98f  No.5426412

File: da617a0a6e87773⋯.png (225 KB, 600x474, 100:79, muhtruth.PNG)

Imagine thinking you are a truth crusader while simultaneously propagating the biggest lie in history. Noone stops to consider exactly WHO pumps out the endless stream of holohoax propaganda? Still blind, in the dark, no light.

5e64a2  No.5426414


What are you talking about, anon?

f46ec9  No.5426415

So when are the republicans going to fight back? They need to go scorched earth on the democrats and soon.

1fdc47  No.5426416

File: c300af5535bc539⋯.png (249.46 KB, 640x473, 640:473, ClipboardImage.png)

47dc9c  No.5426417

File: 9350ccdb97ea29d⋯.png (28.01 KB, 533x497, 533:497, Untasdsafitled.png)

dece75  No.5426418


( • )( • )ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)

98dd6d  No.5426419



go back about 4 mins from this time

11c90d  No.5426420

File: 32d0a25bfc03bf1⋯.gif (9.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, giantittys.gif)


da23c2  No.5426421


Tennessee man accused of dipping testicles in customer's salsa before online delivery

0f92c4  No.5426422


There is a 2020 strategy in play.

It's the Dems who are really concerned.

84f34e  No.5426423


oh shit, y'all niggas found the bitch all the way back to Larpavision CNN.

7390b3  No.5426424



so true

what the fuck happened.

and they charge so fucking much

what a joke

cbe800  No.5426425

So whatever happened to the celebrity more notable than Robert Kraft being arrested in Jupiter?

5cb81d  No.5426426

File: 33ddd2da297c3eb⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1133x1700, 1133:1700, IMG_737.png)

patriots remember!

9019dc  No.5426427

File: 7b0eb022e696b1b⋯.jpg (111.51 KB, 1041x1200, 347:400, rodmanletter.jpg)

Dennis Rodman - Ambassador of Goodwill to North Korea - letter to President Trump!


dece75  No.5426428


11a99a  No.5426429

>>5426357 (pb)

THese are excellent. Thank you for your work, Anon.

40860d  No.5426430

>>5426310 lb

Post 20 more pics of fish and bait to chew up the bread faggot. That anon I replied to says he has been here for 13 mo and doesnt know what o7 is???.. its been used as a slide in damn near every bread for the past week alone.

so stfu and learn to discern.

70f045  No.5426431

File: 4dff608fd62b0c0⋯.jpg (920.08 KB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, White Flower.jpg)

Danke, baker.

4949e5  No.5426432

File: f0986f087fc19f4⋯.png (195.13 KB, 500x348, 125:87, 2019-02-20_23-13-20.png)

aeb6dd  No.5426433

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Tri (full album)

- My Sleeping Karma

While we're on the bread karma improvement operation…a little space rock chill with a with an Eastern karma vibe in honor of POTUS' visit to the other side of our round rock.

Peace to the fam of Anons. Some light for your wings and minds.


062844  No.5426434

File: 107d9c6f7ee8b60⋯.jpg (132.33 KB, 1049x712, 1049:712, troll.JPG)

Twitter quietly revised its public database of ‘Russian bot’ accounts earlier this month, removing 228 accounts it previously said were “connected to Russia”— but the admission has gone almost completely unnoticed by the media.

Bloomberg reported on the “burst of activity” from the bot accounts and claimed that Russia's “social-media trolling operation” was “stepping up its Twitter presence to new heights.”

Fast-forward to 2019 and Twitter has removed 228 of these accounts from the database, saying they had “initially misidentified” them as being linked to Russia, but nobody in the media seems to have noticed.

In fact, Bloomberg is the only major US outlet which bothered to correct the story to reflect reality, admitting that Twitter’s changes to the dataset “invalidate central portions” of its original report and that there was “no surge” in this so-called Russian bot activity at the time in question. Oops!

Pivot to Venezuela!

Interestingly, the highlighted accounts have now been linked to Venezuela, another country the US government just so happens to have bad blood with.

In a tweet, Twitter’s “head of site integrity” Yoel Roth said that the company can now “more confidently associate” the 228 accounts with Venezuela. Roth’s short tweet thread on the misidentification was met with little interest receiving only a few retweets and no attention from media figures who supposedly actively follow any and all news remotely related to Russian activity online.



11a99a  No.5426435

File: 6ef3d0439d07a9a⋯.png (35.51 KB, 575x575, 1:1, fishing #001d.png)

File: a80602313b8f183⋯.png (12.12 KB, 237x193, 237:193, FilterIDplus (crop & redac….png)

5cb81d  No.5426436

File: 9f4791a7b31afba⋯.png (591.54 KB, 615x820, 3:4, IMG_736.png)

patriots remember!!

40ed91  No.5426437

>>5426399 lb

If Cohen is team Trump, then he would have literally sacrificed everything in order to do this. I have a hard time believing that is the case. Did he step into a role by his actions motivated by greed and other base character flaws? VERY possible. I think Trump is a master of allowing people to act according to their base nature, and then using that. It is brilliant.

020a0e  No.5426438

File: e5d0e29e9c2cc76⋯.jpg (99.64 KB, 500x538, 250:269, Pepe baker assist DD 1.jpg)

File: 23238b6e99bdd5f⋯.jpg (98.76 KB, 520x704, 65:88, Baker Bewbs 6.jpg)



late and would have NO TABLED but waited and brought

>>5426327 lb “Shadow Banks” Dominate Mortgage Lending by Piling on Risks. FHA on the Hook.

e7cffa  No.5426439

File: 5fa1cbced6fe956⋯.jpg (100.75 KB, 1420x1963, 1420:1963, InQontrolPepe.jpg)




You are watching a movie.

59ae3f  No.5426440

File: 25b08dd63fc833d⋯.png (437.2 KB, 550x400, 11:8, lb33da1e61f4cedb1a39558851….png)

84f34e  No.5426441


LB, fucking faggot

82e162  No.5426442

File: 077a495362347aa⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 4200x2550, 28:17, Q Standard Deviation 18.jpg)

Standard Deviation of ALL Q+ Drops = 18

I was trying to find a pattern by plotting the dates of ALL Q+ drops on the clock. As you can see there appears to be some groupings, but nothing really concrete.

I also plotted out the minute markers of ALL Q+ drops. Again no real pattern.

I then ran a standard deviation calculation on the minute markers of ALL Q+ drops and came up with 18. Coincidentally, 18 is the mirror of the POTUS line (:03 - :33) which also happens to be the D5 line.

e2edd6  No.5426443

File: b98d1e5e4ce0509⋯.png (3.66 MB, 2813x1440, 2813:1440, PicsArt_02-27-05.22.54.png)

Keep getting logged out of twitter for posting this pic haha

ecee9d  No.5426444

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Ballad of the Anons and an Almost President

The power of Kekistan compels you.

Q confirmed Pepe. Pepe will now and forever be mainstream.


TYB. Gud bredd.

4ceb3e  No.5426445

File: bd7611d4aa76f8c⋯.jpg (105.84 KB, 736x993, 736:993, girldancing.jpg)


511501  No.5426446


Trump adviser Kushner meets Turkey's Erdogan on Israel-Palestinian peace plan

Kushner, who has responsibility for Washington’s Israel-Palestinian policy, has said the peace plan will address final-status issues of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, including establishing borders.

The White House said the meeting with Erdogan included Kushner, Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt and U.S. Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook.

“They discussed increasing cooperation between the United States and Turkey, and the Trump administration’s efforts to facilitate peace between the Israelis and Palestinians,” the White House said. “Additionally, they discussed ways to improve the condition of the entire region through economic investment.”

Erdogan has been one of the most vocal critics of U.S. President Donald Trump’s support for Israel.

Last year he said the United States had forfeited its role as mediator in the Middle East by moving its Israel embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing the city as Israel’s capital.

“The United States has chosen to be part of the problem rather than the solution,” the Turkish president said last May, days before he hosted a summit of Muslim leaders which threatened economic measures against countries which followed the United States in moving their embassies to Jerusalem.

INSIGHT: Trump, Kim kick off second summit

Israel calls all of Jerusalem its “eternal and undivided capital”, a status not recognized internationally. Palestinians want East Jerusalem, captured and occupied by Israel in a 1967 war, as capital of a future state.

In an interview broadcast on Monday on Sky News Arabia during a visit to U.S.-allied Gulf Arab states, Kushner made no specific mention of a Palestinian state, whose creation had been a key goal of Washington’s peace efforts for two decades.

But he said the long-awaited peace proposal would build on “a lot of the efforts in the past”, including the 1990s Oslo accords that provided a foundation for Palestinian statehood, and would require concessions from both sides.

U.S. officials said that Kushner, who is Trump’s son-in-law, is expected to focus on the economic component of the plan during his week-long trip to the region.

1fddfe  No.5426447

File: 35ec74ae9462a31⋯.jpg (120.55 KB, 500x666, 250:333, baker.jpg)

0f92c4  No.5426448



1d7cc6  No.5426449

File: 858cd11042b6d7e⋯.jpg (102.81 KB, 793x452, 793:452, EmasculatedLiars.JPG)


The All Lies had the codes for Enigma, so if this shit is true, they didn't do anything.

84f34e  No.5426450


Media circus paraded all over that front.

61ab09  No.5426451



but an odd standstill, yes…

here's hoping they're tracking and logging the hush system scrambling to keep this under wraps

70f045  No.5426452

168938  No.5426453

File: 4875f270f4bb4a2⋯.png (472.09 KB, 587x665, 587:665, Oooooklahoma.png)

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) signed legislation Wednesday to abolish his state’s concealed carry permit requirement

Oklahoma joins Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Vermont as the 15th state to declare the Second Amendment as an individual’s carry permit.


\0/ o7

6730f8  No.5426454

File: e950e72b13f5198⋯.png (645.4 KB, 702x443, 702:443, Capture.PNG)

Hungary: “Brussels makes confession about migration”

Brussels has in effect made a confession that its concepts of migration that the Hungarian government claims would increase migration to Europe do indeed exist, Zoltan Kovacs, the state secretary for international communications and relations, said.

“The Hungarian government regards these as dangerous”, Kovacs told a press conference, commenting on the European Commission’s critical response to the government’s campaign on migration. A legal proposal on the compulsory distribution of migrants within the bloc does exist and the European Commission has also confirmed that it is still pushing for the settlement of migrants from outside the EU within this framework, he said.

“The commission has admitted that migrants staying in Greece receive bank cards, so far costing 110 million euros”, he said. It has also“confessed” to a desire to strengthen border guard units controlled from Brussels, Kovacs added, noting a comment by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that this could only work at the expense of national sovereignty.


640a5c  No.5426455


I think he is speaking of FARA form. Foreign dealings

c7bbb9  No.5426456

File: af5e375c02ef453⋯.png (926.14 KB, 625x569, 625:569, F490AFF3-5856-4D77-BBC3-CF….png)


Mexican Tea-Bag

062844  No.5426457

File: 96561d58ec7ed9c⋯.jpg (177.19 KB, 576x360, 8:5, test.jpg)

7390b3  No.5426458


suck my dick you fucking bitch fuck you

307c98  No.5426459

File: 1055a04a3befc6a⋯.jpg (189.33 KB, 1930x1080, 193:108, fc01.jpg)

24c7ed  No.5426460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Roseanne will have a show on Jon Voight's network

(not familiar with the network & can't find it after cursory search)

129b35  No.5426461

File: f363a66f9a61e0d⋯.jpg (135.74 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 2mb5t2.jpg)

File: 2204db36f7a6657⋯.png (338.86 KB, 816x701, 816:701, Q.png)

File: e6e8618538c33e9⋯.jpg (183.3 KB, 1200x1172, 300:293, QNewsNetwork.jpg)

File: 366ee795c350ca8⋯.png (342.88 KB, 1042x380, 521:190, TheGreatAwakening.png)


Not mine, anon´s.


9667fb  No.5426462

File: 250d47e319f7670⋯.png (652.71 KB, 718x535, 718:535, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa66afa50584142⋯.png (502.69 KB, 669x358, 669:358, IH - Copy.png)

All smiles on all peoples faces in the Nam today!


6ff19c  No.5426463

On Hannity, Meadows just saidpeople are singing "ding dong the witch is dead"…. Russian collusion is dead

f44ed9  No.5426465

File: e3abd754cc877d7⋯.png (132.25 KB, 484x648, 121:162, Q888.png)


Kim had his strings cut…no longer under the thumb of the deepstate

dece75  No.5426466



2b4389  No.5426467


T y :)

c255dc  No.5426468

File: 73218a3cfa9e4a7⋯.jpg (263.03 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, Clinton-Soros-RICO.jpg)

File: 90217609e1136dc⋯.jpg (232.38 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, Clinton-Soros-RICO1.jpg)

File: f55272f84e1830a⋯.jpg (240.2 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, Clinton-Soros-RICO2.jpg)

File: 89a0822433f5dab⋯.jpg (248.75 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, Clinton-Soros-RICO3.jpg)

I think we should revisit this lawsuit. Haven't heard of any movement, but it covers everything and appears to be a complete timeline of Clinton corruption.


d7937c  No.5426469


Not from Arizona. Some salsas that action would bring its own punishment.

fee0d6  No.5426470


When are the Reps going to run candidates who have spines? There aren't very many in office right now that have them. Reality is Reps love being in the minority because they don't have to govern.

020a0e  No.5426471

File: 8db31f1158dd4c4⋯.jpg (67.49 KB, 500x418, 250:209, cc eating balls.jpg)

ed4c5b  No.5426472

File: fd183a8a4635c7a⋯.jpg (9.13 KB, 235x250, 47:50, Born2Fren.jpg)

As those who voted for President Trump, I share the joy of the very small contribution I made to bring peace and an end to the Korean War. Our votes lead to THIS. Peace in our lifetime. Glad to be fighting with all of you Anons.

c9fcd8  No.5426473



e7cffa  No.5426474

5e64a2  No.5426475


I must have missed it, or couldnt find it. Hannity said Cohen didnt sign something?

dece75  No.5426476




3ca469  No.5426477

File: da30dbca34a2d9e⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1547x1782, 1547:1782, 3382EAF2-8052-4133-A558-F….jpeg)

db2e2e  No.5426478


Nice work! Thoughts as to meaning? I've noticed that the entire saga seems to go in rounds which is essential for the storytelling to break through the mainstream.

dcb036  No.5426479

File: cbde2605c86c9c4⋯.jpg (247.51 KB, 1656x871, 1656:871, watching a fancy movie UPD….jpg)

>>5426275 (lb)

>"a fantasy movie."

>>5426195 (lb)

>>5426204 (lb)

>>5426242 (lb)

>>5426245 (lb)

>>5426250 (lb)

>>5426258 (lb)

>>5426273 (lb)

>>5426275 (lb)

>>5426303 (lb)

>>5426365 (lb)

thanks anons!


dece75  No.5426480


c369f3  No.5426482

File: 363eea9441cac3e⋯.jpeg (708.84 KB, 1623x2046, 541:682, CC91DD04-D43E-4EF1-938B-C….jpeg)

File: 468f3de2882137c⋯.jpeg (704.67 KB, 1612x2048, 403:512, 2A4EDC5D-9FEE-4C23-ADA0-C….jpeg)

File: d91151ea9efe614⋯.jpeg (591.35 KB, 1584x2048, 99:128, CD82712E-5C0E-41D0-A8A8-9….jpeg)

>>5425982 lb

Vril Maidens

61ab09  No.5426483


clip from earlier today, under oath

1dd94f  No.5426484

>>5425905 (lb)

So accurate.

People think they're free because their authoritative figures tell them so.(irony at its finest)

Imagine how strong we could be if we were left the fuck alone to build up our own lives and families, without restrictions, and come together to fight wars only when necessary.

That would be True Freedom.

Teach a man to fish….or have his gubment hand him fish in exchange for work.

cbeca8  No.5426485

Every country it seems to be having a melt down.. Canada today

c9d93e  No.5426487

File: 76806393ca952fb⋯.jpg (189.65 KB, 662x499, 662:499, 2umqu3.jpg)

File: 9c7da39c881d0b8⋯.jpg (245.37 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 2utsy5.jpg)

File: 7c66f4115588db9⋯.jpg (12.6 KB, 262x192, 131:96, aaa.jpg)

and one for the baker

84f34e  No.5426488


You want a dude to suck your dick?

dece75  No.5426489



5e64a2  No.5426490


Been thinking about this all day. Youre right, Cohen really played it close to the chest if he is team Trump. If Team Trump, the only way to get out of this hole is for it to be revealed with evidence to the public that he was blackmailed and forced to do this

c2f9d0  No.5426491


Jack notices a camera on the bus; Payne has been watching them all along. Jack has the idea of going to the airport where the restricted airspace will stop the TV choppers from filming and the police set up a tape of the interior of the bus whilst driving normally and transmit it over the frequency that Payne is watching. He thinks he is watching what is really going on on the bus but actually the police are loading everyone off.Eventually Payne notices a glitch in the tape and, dressed as a policeman, kidnaps Annie near where he's meant to pick up the money. He knows the money will be a sniper set up because he knows everyone is probably off the bus so he tunnels underneath the spot where the money should be and swipes it that way, making his getaway on a subway train with Annie all done up in an explosives vest.Jack goes after them, fights Payne on the roof of the train and knocks his head off on a passing light. Jack goes back in, finds out the track is a dead end so they have to get off the train. Payne has handcuffed Annie to it unfortunately, so instead, Jack speeds up the train to jump the tracks and it plows out onto the busy street above.They then resolve to base their relationship on sex.

a441ca  No.5426492

Meadows just said he and Jordan are working on a SECOND criminal referral vs Cohen after today's testimony, and should have more to say tomorrow. I'm guessing it's another lying to Congress rap, because he got caught in a couple of lies today.

457d6e  No.5426493


"Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead!"said just now on Hannity by Congressman Michaels

c2c5a1  No.5426494


Moar 2nd Constitutional Rights!

1fddfe  No.5426495


This needs to be made into a Qnn video clip!

457d6e  No.5426496



03e83f  No.5426497

File: ff27842ba9c2052⋯.png (100.68 KB, 590x416, 295:208, Screenshot 2019-02-27_21-3….png)


062844  No.5426498

File: 915b42d5bd75c20⋯.jpg (114.44 KB, 734x637, 734:637, firefire.JPG)

fr keks


0f92c4  No.5426499


The entire North Korea/summit events as they have unfolded since Trump was elected, still remains the greatest Q proof to me. We were being fed it play by play by Q and so far in advance of any msm. The whole way through. Even beyond the mom concernfagging and disinfo

9667fb  No.5426500

File: c96bc662fc5f88d⋯.png (264.98 KB, 382x380, 191:190, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9b580650fcbf54c⋯.png (500.16 KB, 708x539, 708:539, ClipboardImage.png)

File: efc08bc56ee4d39⋯.png (325.41 KB, 309x447, 103:149, ClipboardImage.png)

7390b3  No.5426501


yea make you a little bitch dick slave turn you trans too

ef906d  No.5426502

File: 829d343e3392c6c⋯.png (581.96 KB, 636x632, 159:158, 829d343e3392c6c4c9189e05c0….png)

c369f3  No.5426503



84f34e  No.5426504



369dab  No.5426505

File: 3e45eb853dff0f3⋯.webm (1.9 MB, 400x226, 200:113, The holocaust is a lie.webm)


there are so many holocaust survivors its hard to believe anyone died in it

4949e5  No.5426506

File: 65d9d588c234863⋯.png (143.25 KB, 387x240, 129:80, 2019-02-27_20-17-18.png)

5462df  No.5426507

File: ce7ff698b964e51⋯.png (1.12 MB, 442x600, 221:300, 9direction02.png)


The front, unless it falls off.

129b35  No.5426508

File: a1880a0bc150ac6⋯.jpg (61.43 KB, 497x731, 497:731, confirm.jpg)



The most awesome video meme fags are amongst us.

307c98  No.5426509

File: f6e36189793c6a2⋯.png (11.57 KB, 1005x148, 1005:148, ClipboardImage.png)



a4c954  No.5426510

File: 81296ddb5dfe2fd⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1103x678, 1103:678, ClipboardImage.png)

Canberra Australia

We know!


c9fcd8  No.5426511



Big, beautiful deal!

51f1e1  No.5426512


The sex side of the SNC scandal

Brian LilleyMore from Brian LilleyFebruary 27, 2019 9:15 PM EST

In this file photo taken on April 13, 2012, SNC-Lavalin's headquarters in Montreal, Quebec.GUILLAUME LAVALLEE / AFP/Getty Images

The SNC-Lavalin affair has had allegations of bribery, political intrigue and a major cover-up, all that was missing was sex.

Now we have the sex component!

A report by Montreal’s La Presse newspaper says that SNC-Lavalin allegedly paid for a sex-filled trip across Canada for the son of the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

“Naked dancers, porn movies and many, many, many prostitutes,” the story states.

Saadi Gaddafi was supposedly working on development issues, specifically making Libya a “new Hong Kong” in North Africa, instead it was all about sex.

Security firm Garda World was hired by SNC to escort Gaddafi across the country as he picked up escorts in city after city.

The total bill was more than $30,000 and one Vancouver escort agency charged as much as $10,000 for a single session.

Bills from other escort agencies ranged from $600 to $7,500 per session.

Previous stories about the relationship between SNC-Lavalin and the Gaddafi family noted the lavish trips the company had paid for and the placement of Saadi Gaddafi’s wife was on the company payroll during the Libyan civil war.


99e309  No.5426513

File: 527cbfd4e36503b⋯.png (142.51 KB, 1017x399, 339:133, Screenshot_2019-02-27-Cisc….png)

File: 1cdd6d35783e7aa⋯.png (95.12 KB, 1042x429, 1042:429, Screenshot_2019-02-27-Cisc….png)








Maybe someone already is on this wireless mesh Test 8, 10, 11 idea

80ecd0  No.5426514

File: 732be790ec7a58f⋯.jpg (21.86 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 732be790ec7a58fed0eb23ee52….jpg)

c369f3  No.5426515


DOJ inaction is the biggest problem imo.

9d8bd2  No.5426516

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Groyper High

84f34e  No.5426517

File: 5ae08f5a9bd1f75⋯.jpg (239.35 KB, 765x1024, 765:1024, k.jpg)

6730f8  No.5426518

Enraged India Amassing Tanks, 14,000 Bunkers Along Pakistan Border

The potential for major war to break out along the India-Pakistan border continues to build after Pakistan said it shot down Indian fighter jets over the disputed border region of Kashmir. India confirmed only one downed aircraft, and its foreign ministry also said a Pakistani jet was hit in retaliation, going down on the Pakistani side of the border, but what is known for sure is that an Indian pilot is currently in Pakistani military custody after his plane was struck.

Amidst international calls for calm led by both the US and China, the fate of the captured Indian Air Force pilot could be key to whether tensions escalate to full-blown war, or return to an uneasy status quo.

There is only one pilot under Pakistan Army’s custody. Wing Comd Abhi Nandan is being treated as per norms of military ethics. pic.twitter.com/8IQ5BPhLj2

— Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor (@OfficialDGISPR) February 27, 2019

But it doesn't look good: throughout the early evening on Wednesday there are increasing reports of tanks and heavy artillery being amassed along the border on both sides, specifically near the Pakistani border town of Sialkot, where video appears to confirm major Pakistani Army deployments.

#Update: Another Video from snapmaps of earlier today of Tanks moving in #Pakistan towards border line in #Sialkot near the border of #India. pic.twitter.com/dR8N5TtbAp

— Sotiri Dimpinoudis (@sotiridi) February 27, 2019

Though Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan in a televised address to the nation called for immediate peace talks between the bitter enemies, saying that “better sense should prevail,” Indian leaders and the public were enraged when Pakistan released a video of the detained Indian pilot, filmed identifying himself as Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.


129b35  No.5426519

File: 3f7ae9fca228d1a⋯.jpg (12.92 KB, 255x234, 85:78, 3f7ae9fca228d1a1ad682324c9….jpg)

e5d745  No.5426520


Trump + Kim + Rodman

What a fukken timeline.

I can't help but grin. So cool.

40ed91  No.5426521


Yes. Or - this is just the result of the nefarious things he was up to, trying to entrap someone who cannot be entrapped - DJT. The ONLY way this plan was ever going to work was if DJT was originally, and continued to be, above it all and very very clean. And it certainly does appear that is the case. It is greatness that we are watching right now - of the highest order. (If I am correct in my thinking)

457d6e  No.5426522


Of the witch hunt the dems tried to pull today about POTUS

d79b6c  No.5426523


Fisa works both ways.

All there coms are monitored.

01f0e3  No.5426525

How to make a person relax? Make them comfy. Meeting poolside… outside…. why?

Kim Jong Un is a smoker, he can have a damn cigarette

cbe800  No.5426526

File: dbf0aebfcdca0cd⋯.png (46.77 KB, 866x491, 866:491, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at ….png)

Fox News live coverage of Trump/Kim Summit jsut cut out. Anyone one else have a link?

db2e2e  No.5426527

File: 53b7c7e210c15e9⋯.jpeg (520.39 KB, 1125x1591, 1125:1591, 5454DE4B-84D1-4A2B-A77F-0….jpeg)

2aca19  No.5426529

File: 134c134ae125661⋯.jpg (73.16 KB, 489x600, 163:200, IMG_1365.JPG)


Seriously, Langley?

Farm raised?

It's something to consider.

129b35  No.5426531

97d64c  No.5426532

File: 2f82c7cecb67f29⋯.jpg (47.2 KB, 455x768, 455:768, 2f82c7cecb67f29c4718cb05ab….jpg)

Q ready when you are this movie needs a plot twist because the dems fuckery is running amok

11c90d  No.5426533

File: 37ba5cb086b53cd⋯.png (64.97 KB, 631x589, 631:589, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2dee349e08a610e⋯.png (521.75 KB, 876x693, 292:231, ClipboardImage.png)

f489f8  No.5426534

>>5425905 lb

>>5426302 lb

This video goes WAY DEEPER as it goes.

This needs to be a GLOBAL and go viral RFN.

aeb6dd  No.5426535

File: 9fbdf10080d6044⋯.jpg (2.61 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20171015_074405892_BUR….jpg)


Y.W. ;o)

c369f3  No.5426536


Yeah he does a lot of judo.

a441ca  No.5426537


Who of us knew where we were headed when we cast that critical vote? It's been quite a journey. Honored to be fighting with you, fren.

e7cffa  No.5426538

File: 5b88b59253f949c⋯.png (184.24 KB, 793x614, 793:614, speed.png)

544041  No.5426540


He didn't lose it there, he hid it there. Get it right douche,

fd54c5  No.5426541


all I could think about was CPR

for me

66256f  No.5426542


Was watching ABC Live….Trump and Kim were poolside, went behind closed doors, then feed dropped.

98dd6d  No.5426543



13 mins back from now

Criminal offense not to list all your foreign contracts

3db4cd  No.5426544


mfw Dennis Rodman has a desk

40ed91  No.5426545


Ha! That is a great analogy, actually

d1a3b2  No.5426546

File: a9f0d1192421542⋯.jpg (387.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Frogcast.jpg)



3db4cd  No.5426547



5c1565  No.5426548

Don't forget, Cohen stated he was a registered Democrat until he went to the RNC. This wasn't until April of 2017… Cohen is a Democrat is sheep's clothing, not a Republican. Is it any wonder that Hillary's lawyer Lanny Davis is representing him..

Sorry if already posted, internet issues… KEK

08fcea  No.5426549


Spare us…

Please detail the first 6 - 8 minutes.

Fuck, I'd take bullet points.

You won't though

27cc3b  No.5426550

File: fd02cb4149f4e79⋯.png (539.87 KB, 1112x548, 278:137, history of lying.png)

File: af79ea5bccd18b8⋯.png (558.52 KB, 1112x548, 278:137, jilted lover.png)

File: 742bf4aab2e84d3⋯.png (558.34 KB, 1112x548, 278:137, flawed man.png)

File: 29c783cec899503⋯.png (537.39 KB, 1112x548, 278:137, flawed witness.png)

File: e10c72304e6feaa⋯.png (562.87 KB, 1112x548, 278:137, have fun.png)


what a shit show this guy is.& playing right into the Q playbook!



03e83f  No.5426551

File: 7588fe7a3a8ffe5⋯.png (422.19 KB, 781x458, 781:458, Screenshot 2019-02-27_21-4….png)

3b6a21  No.5426552

File: c2113fd74c9fd0c⋯.jpg (586.33 KB, 1580x1680, 79:84, ambassador rodman.jpg)

cbe800  No.5426553


kek, thanks

062844  No.5426554

File: 70b645685307468⋯.jpg (77.52 KB, 1056x697, 1056:697, spy.JPG)

File: f006f9874e83d7c⋯.jpg (32.79 KB, 428x281, 428:281, questions.jpg)

When a video of a rear-driving car cruising around Russia’s Stavropol region appeared online recently, one TV channel tweeted to ask Elon Musk what he thought. When Musk replied, people joked that he might be a Russian spy.

“How do you like this?” asked the NTV channel in a tweet, prompting a response from Musk (in Russian): “Haha awesome.” Naturally, the exchange triggered some joking online about how the billionaire might be a secret Russian spy — the key word there being “joking.”

RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan even commented that “Agent Musk” had been busted

But the light-hearted (and definitely not serious) speculation was all a bit too much for Polygraph, the “fact-checking” outfit of the US government-funded Radio Free Europe, which sprung into action to investigate.

“No, Elon Musk is Not a Russian Spy,” the headline confirms, as though responding to some kind of serious speculation that the US-based South African entrepreneur might actually be an agent of Moscow.

Why investigate such a ridiculous claim?

The fact that many Russians had used the word “Nash” (ours) in their posts about Musk gave Polygraph “a base” for the fact-check “even if the claims seemed to be mere jokes” (which they definitely were).

The word “ours” is not just any old “innocent” word Polygraph explained, because the phrase “Krim Nash” (Crimea is ours) was used a lot on social media in 2014 after the reunification of Crimea with Russia.

The phrase “Trump Nash” has also been jokingly used on Russian social media in reference to hysterical speculation in the US that Donald Trump is a Russian agent who “colluded” with Moscow to win the presidency — a fantastical claim for which there is no actual evidence.



e1069a  No.5426555

I always thank vets for their service when I see them, wearing hats, jackets tees that say so.

Shook a man's hand the other day.

He said NO ONE (stranger) had ever done that for him before. He was so excited. Said I made his day. He was a vietnam AF pilot.

A tragedy that I was the first.

Thank the vets. Always.

cbeca8  No.5426556



why the hell are we still paying fucking taxes it is like twisting the blade every damn day

c255dc  No.5426557

File: 89af7fadfb5e79f⋯.jpg (237.19 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, rosenstein.jpg)



01f0e3  No.5426558

File: 6b8c1dc249b2b3d⋯.jpg (754.92 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190227-203526….jpg)

File: d9c077715558cec⋯.jpg (138.82 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, IMG_20190227_203530.jpg)

dece75  No.5426559


Fuck your politics

6bc800  No.5426560

File: feef33085e111b5⋯.jpg (164.88 KB, 1398x1387, 1398:1387, feef33085e111b5f8c725193a6….jpg)



17ca2e  No.5426561

File: 5013e91b5800a0d⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190227_203712.jpg)

File: 7ef7d2e481d642f⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190227_203742(0).jpg)

File: 2c277d4f2d8815a⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190227_203653.jpg)

File: dcbb7ebd214b493⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190227_203743.jpg)

File: 857a525d1fe9f80⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190227_203651.jpg)




fee0d6  No.5426562


We'll see. They're still being arrested. So far, 235 were served.

List of Arrestees


3ce20a  No.5426564


Beta kitten prototype edition.

9cbc8a  No.5426565


Round table meeting now

df368b  No.5426566


I missed Kims statement but if he said that it's a



>This needs to be made into a Qnn video clip!

390719  No.5426567

>>5426194 (lb)

Welcome aboard!

>>5426203 (lb)

>>5426217 (lb)

>>5426223 (lb)

>>5426240 (lb)

>>5426312 (lb)

>>5426312 (lb)

Thanks for explaining Anons - will admit I didn't know for a long time myself.

Just a short way to acknowledge - nice way to show other Anons that their work is appreciated.

When the board is racing it comes in handy - you'll get in the habit of using it.

Can someone flip that image please so it aligns with tag for all to use.


9667fb  No.5426568

File: 697a1f13d6ff55b⋯.png (266.87 KB, 361x247, 19:13, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1d42392d6558113⋯.png (592.67 KB, 473x456, 473:456, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0e826ecb8ef9692⋯.png (666.77 KB, 810x541, 810:541, ClipboardImage.png)

Thanks boys!

From the bottom of every Anons heart - hope you got to see this day!

You waited a very long time!

3ca469  No.5426569

File: 0868535a184c0e4⋯.jpeg (621.18 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 4B7A6E38-6E2A-420B-8344-D….jpeg)


rodman has proven himself many times over, and remains humble

he was doubted here by some, long ago, but they have been converted, surely, by now

c48b7b  No.5426571

File: f7c29f98589169e⋯.jpg (33.86 KB, 719x460, 719:460, img14.jpg)


Stormy and the Rat. (yes, thought of Rock & Rule with Mok the second I read it)

f489f8  No.5426572

File: b7242235a6bdd60⋯.png (28.97 KB, 445x405, 89:81, ClipboardImage.png)




You are a slave, neo.

I refuse to do your thinking for you.

dece75  No.5426573


Preorder your Elon hole sex slave now

Even soros Jew approves of its anal elasticity

61ab09  No.5426574

File: 0b531cd8fce0a6a⋯.png (367.45 KB, 618x412, 3:2, Trump Gift of Touch.png)



390719  No.5426575

>>5426373 (lb)

Well,would you look at that!

I'll be . . . .

d05461  No.5426576

66256f  No.5426577

Arirang: One-On-One Meeting Lasted For 40 Minutes

c9d93e  No.5426578

File: 1ca053b984116b5⋯.jpg (165.29 KB, 765x500, 153:100, 2uttq3.jpg)

File: ef82aab26b43094⋯.jpg (67.9 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 2udsun.jpg)

f3b80d  No.5426579


Here's the link anon


129b35  No.5426580



652428  No.5426581

File: f1751e09677a8ea⋯.png (403.99 KB, 711x437, 711:437, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at ….png)


f83377  No.5426582

File: 5e939278f92f260⋯.jpg (47.07 KB, 443x443, 1:1, Hillontherun.jpg)

Lindsey Graham on Hannity right now

"If Susan Rice gives you advice, don't do it"


df2f3b  No.5426583

File: a5e5211c59f76c3⋯.jpg (6.84 KB, 255x190, 51:38, chanpoint5.jpg)

6498d2  No.5426584

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5e13b3  No.5426585

File: 84b19538b7c77be⋯.png (744.55 KB, 1529x1224, 1529:1224, indiapaki27.png)

India Pakistan border

d3a219  No.5426586

File: a26ad8626c56c60⋯.jpeg (866.81 KB, 1080x1446, 180:241, 0F49AD72-0803-4F2A-A37E-4….jpeg)

File: 59d44b0b4975f18⋯.jpeg (263.37 KB, 800x1019, 800:1019, FD51F370-E419-46DB-95A9-2….jpeg)

File: e27891ee228243d⋯.jpeg (214.64 KB, 983x759, 983:759, AAD5A2DE-0777-4A38-80EB-0….jpeg)

File: 797c1f4cef25f91⋯.jpeg (148.29 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, D825C341-46DC-447B-81AD-6….jpeg)

27cc3b  No.5426587

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


here is the RNC video link frens

2b4389  No.5426588


Chills. It’s happening..

5a665e  No.5426590


Can’t wait to view her perp walk.

ac61bb  No.5426591

>>5426276 lb Reminds me of this:

>>5425703 lb

Seriously, there is a tag team of hall monitors in here, and they post crapola like this on legitimate stories, just because can't research/read for themselves.

>>5425693 lb

>>5425820 lb

>>5426126 lb

cc9107  No.5426592

File: bcfc13e4b8dc620⋯.gif (377.51 KB, 969x333, 323:111, rcoe.gif)

File: dcdf9e26640d21b⋯.png (293.46 KB, 503x444, 503:444, gfs.png)

File: 590268f6834e725⋯.gif (253.24 KB, 333x440, 333:440, lolandy.gif)

File: c9fcba84e6e91ea⋯.png (524.72 KB, 777x707, 111:101, cornynlini.png)

File: 27b55d407693cf1⋯.png (242.24 KB, 524x333, 524:333, HW.png)

b86f25  No.5426593


How did they bust him? Their food tasted like balls?

cd734c  No.5426594


Axis between Melbourne and Sydney

61ab09  No.5426595

File: 94c7c09fb91410a⋯.png (344.57 KB, 680x680, 1:1, Mainstream PEP.png)


>Q confirmed Pepe. Pepe will now and forever be mainstream.

c2f9d0  No.5426596



Recent uptick in train crashes related???

I get the optics aspect. I see Q is in total control. Normies need a dramatic lesson they don't realize is a lesson. They need to discover/figure it out on their own.

a4c954  No.5426597

File: f00630b9572d93d⋯.png (533.03 KB, 894x542, 447:271, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5e68e17b8f5979e⋯.png (442.82 KB, 775x561, 775:561, ClipboardImage.png)

You are a slave

062844  No.5426598

File: 6c58d9d6f488bb1⋯.jpg (83.33 KB, 288x360, 4:5, That's Neat!.jpg)

cc9107  No.5426599

File: d8e48d811ea4a5d⋯.png (118.25 KB, 432x159, 144:53, morebad.png)

File: afa631b4d0a4e54⋯.png (21.2 KB, 438x156, 73:26, vvNHt.png)

File: 40cd67f2724be2e⋯.png (68.7 KB, 432x168, 18:7, wuttt.png)

File: af0461ec780e2c5⋯.png (65.55 KB, 427x154, 61:22, cute.png)

File: 3e7c1aa2af1ca34⋯.png (74.88 KB, 432x153, 48:17, httc.png)


Look at these.

Just look at them.

Are we being MOCKED, here?

Really, are you kidding me?

Do patriots question this?

Do patriots think for themselves, especially when it is obvious something is amiss?

Or not?


control of NARRATIVE (control over you).

>(control over you)



3867ce  No.5426600

File: c0735a1f5477b51⋯.jpeg (14.71 KB, 272x185, 272:185, nigel4.jpeg)

3688e0  No.5426601

Attention Planefags ; UN aviation agency concealed serious hack: media

Reconcile with recent crashes ?


5ddaaf  No.5426603

File: e10886eff3bfb21⋯.jpg (84.83 KB, 772x599, 772:599, 772px-grace1918photographe….jpg)


f49b52  No.5426604


They did the same thing to Geordi's visor on TNG.

ffa0d2  No.5426605


He's an odd guy with an odd and at times troubled past. He has a good heart though, those times he was crying on TV, it was believable. He just wanted some real and positive change in this world. Kanye is similar in this.

457d6e  No.5426606

File: e9ffe660f946e41⋯.jpg (35.4 KB, 640x360, 16:9, e9ffe660f946e419a2f1d4dada….jpg)

369dab  No.5426608

File: d3e79f165c88fc6⋯.png (860.52 KB, 1002x3146, 501:1573, 2017-02-14 JSOCs relations….png)

This is the secret war happening now. This is why Trump has made our military the greatest in the world. This is why there is an all out assault against President Trump. It's their last stand.

97f6fa  No.5426609

File: 91eb77a48de8ea7⋯.png (45.59 KB, 418x541, 418:541, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at ….png)

File: 56faceded6e6aab⋯.png (198.73 KB, 470x359, 470:359, ClipboardImage (11).png)

File: aed8e43a7deb06c⋯.png (607.45 KB, 840x471, 280:157, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)

File: 6dc5b2c0c0703e3⋯.png (357.29 KB, 579x484, 579:484, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….png)

>>5426282 (PB)

Worm, if that's you, I've been a fan since day 1. Even if this isn't DRod, it's worth remembering that Phil Jackson said that Rodman was the smartest basketball player he'd ever coached, or maybe met.

I'm not surprised if he's a super spy. But is he a Battle Frog?? I don't know.

b81213  No.5426610


That actually could be a pretty big crumb of what's coming next.

14c9dc  No.5426611

Geraldo’s face looks like it was formed with a sledgehammer.

3fb5df  No.5426612


I love this meme

6730f8  No.5426613

Bill Maher next to be sued by Nicholas Sandmann?

After it was announced that Nicholas Sandmann was suing the Washington Post for $250 million over defamation, people wonder what liberal media propaganda outfit or hack would be sued next. According to this report, it looks like little pig Bill Maher is next to get his ass served by Sandmann’s attorneys.


bcdec6  No.5426614



7d6b54  No.5426615

Stfu Geraldo

He’s such a douche

11a99a  No.5426616


Not everyone here is an Oldfag. Not al newfags instinctively understand WTF is going on, nor how to ID a shill.

Clown agents use this newfag ignorance to great effect, shitting up the bread with any number of slides, woo, etc.

– see >>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown (etc.)

In particular, the principal objectives of the psychological warfare tactics employed against this board, are to disrupt our research,

pre-empt the discovery of schemes of the Cabal, and confuse both newfags & newbies, and if possible even the hardened QAnons,

about what, in fact, we have uncovered so far.

Cabal operatives will insert flawed or bogus information from time to time as an ongoing tactic, depending on their skill set and the

needs of their immediate mission. Their most common ruse is providing information or evidence which is backed by bad source

material in the hope that the "source of the source" is never checked. This serves several objectives, mainly resource consumption,

evidence pollution, discouragement and misdirection.

Newfags need to have this pointed out to them, so they can recognize it and understand it for what it is. This needs to be modelled.

It's about teaching the newfags that this is an actual warzone, and that's what incoming memetic ordinance & cabal psy-op BS in

fact looks like. They need to know that hardened anons will look out for them; one way to do that is to teach them the difference in

practice between crumbs & comments, on the one hand, and shilling on the other, BY POINTING IT OUT TO THEM, ASSHOLE.

TL;DR: UR full of shite, and if actually an Anon, a fucking kekless, ball-less one who is a useful idiot for the clown agents at work here.

KYS, faggot.

1dd94f  No.5426617


True, so many here will lash Samuel. Sad.


You feed into so much shit by the establishment.

Try looking at the People's side for a change.

10 minutes isn't long.

It's about how people are slaves, given the illusion of choice, while shit never changes for the People. Aka truth.

f8fabe  No.5426618



17ca2e  No.5426619

File: 4447af2a96ebe3e⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190227_204510.jpg)

Sara Carter has flawless and more work in terms of makeup on her face tonight than I can ever recall. Her eyelids in particular are very sharp and with lines she usually trades for more time in her day.

She's planning for a big night.


3867ce  No.5426620

Notables so far


>>5426427 Dennis Rodman, Ambassador of Goodwill to North Korea, letter to President Trump!

>>5426446 Trump adviser Kushner meets Turkey's Erdogan on Israel-Palestinian peace plan

>>5426453 Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) signed legislation Wednesday to abolish his state’s concealed carry permit requirement

>>5426479 Graphic: KJU said this is like "a fantasy movie"

>>5426518 Enraged India Amassing Tanks, 14,000 Bunkers Along Pakistan Border

>>5426561 Pics of POTUS and KJU

>>5426601 UN aviation agency concealed serious hack

51d2bc  No.5426621

File: 47ff3fb1fe0bb8a⋯.jpg (87.92 KB, 1152x897, 384:299, 47ff3fb1fe0bb8a243a37e04f0….jpg)


most action his balls have seen in a long while i'd guess .

cc9107  No.5426622

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Q - The Plan to Save the World - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Who made this video?

Do we know?

It is very slick. Hardly amateur.

Do we know where it came from?


Or did it just show up, and was accepted?

Accepted by whom?

How do we know?

Does Jordan Sather push this video?

Does Jordan Sather also peddle things for money?


If you knew certain truths were going to get out no matter what, what would you do?

Would you try to seize the communication of those truths?

Might you expose A LOT, while carefully and subtly controlling the emphasis?

Could controlling the emphasis control perception, and reaction?

Does this video present DIFFICULT and COMPLEX truths using simplifications that will make them seem absurd to many?

While at the same time being extremely slick, and hence convincing?

Does this video take the HARDEST part of our job– explaining complicated and also very weird realities to the public, and run roughshod over the need for careful presentation?

Does it just chuck out an interpretation that is easy, in many ways true, but in others very incomplete– and in any case likely to be ignored by many?

Is this a form of control?

Is saying “criminals took over” a simplification? Does it tend to make a complex reality look a bit cartoonish? And how does that (cartoonishness) make US look?

Is the title “plan to save the world” also cartoonish?

Does it undermine in many subtle ways?

Who made it?

How would we know?

Does anyone ask?

Or just assume someone else did?

Will it get removed?

Does its origins and validity get addressed?

What controls the board and decides?

Are the people in control of this board?

How do you know?


882e5d  No.5426623



Lindsey Graham on Hannity. Graham talking, Hannity cuts him off, says, hey, do you want to make media heads spin. Lindsey laughs and says: 'it's not that hard'. Flew over Hannity's head as he kept talking.

3bd82c  No.5426624

File: b00db3349ed4f7d⋯.png (329.24 KB, 960x720, 4:3, COHEN LIED png.png)

5e13b3  No.5426625

File: 0c9c753be6ea8f3⋯.png (625 KB, 1549x1225, 1549:1225, indiapaki28.png)

All Pakistani medical personnel ordered to stay on duty and cannot leave work

020a0e  No.5426626

File: d24e2b57349a4d9⋯.jpg (130.87 KB, 874x500, 437:250, pepe breaking economic new….jpg)

File: 6ac17f896676410⋯.jpg (43.7 KB, 890x439, 890:439, 022819 tsf china.jpg)

File: 9bc891c2efef5ee⋯.jpg (39.75 KB, 474x490, 237:245, canary in coal mine.jpg)

China PMIs Plunge Despite Record Surge In Stimulus


(PMI= Purchasing Manager's Index)

we have our own equivalent and this is directly related to the trillions in printed yuan that started the week of January 16th


Despite endless jabs of stimulus and the biggest increase in credit on record, China Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing PMIs plunged in February.

As a reminder, in what may soon be dubbed the Shanghai Accord 2.0, the PBOC announced it had flooded the economy with a gargantuan 4.64 trillion yuan in various new forms of debt which comprise China's Total Social Financing in January, including notably, the "shadow" credit which Beijing had been aggressively cracking down on: an aggressive credit expansion which many took as a tacit confirmation that China was losing the fight with deleveraging.


3fb5df  No.5426627


But I don't think the crisis actor is 'Barbara Starr'

Hi Goldbug.

08fcea  No.5426628

File: 90066b5ecad2656⋯.png (169.57 KB, 272x349, 272:349, slugger otool.png)



I knew I was wasting time with you, slug

b01973  No.5426629

File: 5fc03b8663ba9b7⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 500x260, 25:13, trumpstun.gif)


I order hot sauce from TN , had to check

97f6fa  No.5426630


He worships people like Colbert I bet. And he has a cat.

21b6e3  No.5426631



c9d93e  No.5426632

File: 4fedbf7d5640e73⋯.jpg (73.04 KB, 549x455, 549:455, 2ugdyq.jpg)

File: 50cb756044db554⋯.jpg (19.24 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 0169b2f93ee984d8803e427c49….jpg)

File: 4c286ba1c2063de⋯.jpg (58.52 KB, 550x308, 25:14, tarot63d.jpg)

b1caea  No.5426633

File: 9de071730f07168⋯.png (303.15 KB, 474x474, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I wonder what Q's favorite song is… I want to know.

cd734c  No.5426634

File: b4a4462612cf3ca⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Geraldo.jpg)


That's just like your opinion, man

7d6b54  No.5426635


She’s awesome and on the mark.

2b4389  No.5426636

6ebbde  No.5426637

I imagine our soldiers, all soldiers, stationed at the Korean DMZ are feeling pretty relaxed right now. Thank God!

And thank you POTUS for your great effort.

dece75  No.5426638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All your base are belong to cat can haz cheeseburger too

390719  No.5426639

File: 8de4f7979ed0d0c⋯.jpg (41.19 KB, 449x441, 449:441, therat&thepig.JPG)

>>5426385 (lb)

Did someone mention Rat?

What about the Pig?

129b35  No.5426640

File: 4b8543bf74204f2⋯.jpeg (52.98 KB, 545x544, 545:544, 4b8543bf74204f233020ab4b5….jpeg)

Trump: ‘Great Meetings and Dinner’ with Kim in Vietnam, Joint Declaration to Come


3867ce  No.5426641

File: e6b9c898476d0f8⋯.png (563.96 KB, 475x631, 475:631, pepesara.png)

020a0e  No.5426642

File: c3f353f727ae4a0⋯.jpg (660.01 KB, 1599x1307, 1599:1307, Pepe don't fuck with us.jpg)


trips confirm

5e64a2  No.5426643


Yes anon very true. POTUS has had people his entire life try and frame him, pull one over on him, screw him out of a deal, fake being a friend, try and get close to him just to get info out of him, etc. He can spot this a mile away. If Cohen was always bad, POTUS most definitely always knew it. So, the trap will work itself out. And yes you are correct on the POTUS being clean also… for something like this, they had to choose a squeaky clean guy, as the higher powers would have been able to find ultimate dirt on POTUS that no congressman or opposition research company could have found. What an amazing show we are watching

80ecd0  No.5426644


well we know they're a fan of Dink and Magic Sword

fee0d6  No.5426645


This is exactly what Reps should be doing. When put in power, their job is to restore all the rights the left took away from us.

Good Job Okies!

dc9ea4  No.5426646


Kim Jong Un - people think they're watching a movie? whoa

9667fb  No.5426647

File: afdde9925483d7c⋯.png (135.71 KB, 331x337, 331:337, ClipboardImage.png)

062844  No.5426648

File: 2e80403dc015af0⋯.jpg (111.74 KB, 784x827, 784:827, twattt.JPG)


6fc2e8  No.5426649

File: b7daff502ad5d58⋯.jpg (633.34 KB, 2004x2278, 1002:1139, BENEDICTARNOLD.jpg)

File: f317973f49f72bf⋯.jpg (12.97 KB, 194x259, 194:259, PAULREVERE.jpg)

File: aef2ad83486a3ac⋯.jpg (12.2 KB, 255x185, 51:37, LICENSE2LIE.jpg)

File: 0a5d915ae9921a8⋯.png (45.74 KB, 673x504, 673:504, FUSCATWATR.png)


Turncoat or Patriot; food for thought

Michael Cohen and Trump go way back—far enough to “trust with your life”

Mueller was flipped early—pre SC investigation

Theatrics of FBI raiding an attorney’s office (MC) to dig on client’s (DJT) activities goes unchallenged (why?—in order to plant “tape recordings of client meetings” as “evidence”—along with what other “secret recordings”?)

MC indictments lead to quick and easy plea deal (almost too fast)

Mueller “slips in” language absolving MC from any FURTHER LIES TO CONGRESS

Dems take the bait, POTUS knew they would—and haul MC in for a RAT FEEDING FRENZY (just as good as any FF—and they could time it perfectly to obscure the real news of Trump ending the Korean War and denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula)

As predicted—the fractured, frantic Dems “Demand the Tapes”

MC goes to the (subtle) extent of ensuring Robert’s Rules are followed, by reminding Monkey-Cummings to “pound the gavel” to make the demand “official”

Note the more sr. Dems hackles are up—DF senses a disturbance in the force—and finds a way to “telegraph” her suspicions via conveniently-asked question by a CNN reporter with her response quickly hoisted up the flag pole “he has a credibility issue” (providing some ground cover in the event her spidey-senses are right)

Note also the out-of-character aggressive twat by Matt Gaetz, quick to draw fire from the fake news and Dems as “witness tampering” (he seems a bit too melodramatic for the setting)

“How do you insert evidence into the system…?”

“STEALTH BOMBER” never really fit our main cast of characters; Huber is a Federal Prosecutor, Sessions was AG, Barr and Whitaker are/were bosses of the SC—hard to be “surprised” by bombs dropped by any of our boys here… BUT MICHAEL COHEN?




IF we see a sudden dog-piling on MC by all his Dem handlers—we will know the MOAB came by way of the ONLY STEALTH BOMBER that flew undetected—RIGHT INTO THE CONGRESSIONAL CHAMBER TO DROP ITS MOAB PAYLOAD…


129b35  No.5426650


>where she has taken a number of them

c4b456  No.5426651


Nah. Bet they're not. You never relax on the battlefield. Never.

5e64a2  No.5426652


Lol I have been on 8ch for over a year, I just never knew what o7 meant and I never asked. Not a newfag by any means

14c9dc  No.5426653



08fcea  No.5426654



Still sounds too shilly for my liking.

c9d93e  No.5426655


Get something new fucking fag shit. boring the shit out me

9d8bd2  No.5426657

File: 3f13af80b5ceb00⋯.jpeg (119.02 KB, 640x912, 40:57, 3f13af80b5ceb00b6f129a795….jpeg)

97f6fa  No.5426658


Her body language is off the charts attractive. Powerful.

f489f8  No.5426659


>Back to sleep for this little sheep.

Suit yourself.

You'll see soon enough.

004a55  No.5426660


You did, its like saying who farted while the first to smell it dealt it!

c2c5a1  No.5426661

File: f7d610b22a1e5ad⋯.jpg (72.52 KB, 618x410, 309:205, cortez.jpg)

File: 51e4a42e935d62f⋯.jpg (149.46 KB, 620x349, 620:349, jodi-arias-5-things-ftr.jpg)

One is in Congress!

One is in Prison!

Both Have Soulless Eyes!

cb38ad  No.5426662

Any of you fags at CPAC?

6996bb  No.5426663


"you, your team and my friend, Chairman Kim"

"your diverse team"

"big, beautiful deal"


3b0cef  No.5426664


deport mexicans and everything changes.

3e63f8  No.5426665

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Saw this today, talks about The Storm, for keks!

5a665e  No.5426666

File: 277e3d673636793⋯.gif (3.53 MB, 480x337, 480:337, 9F12CE86-B98B-4823-B485-EE….gif)

66256f  No.5426667

Telegraph via Arirang: Kim would not turn down Nobel Peace Price if given to both him and Trump

70f045  No.5426668


Stop shilling your show, Sean.

033d36  No.5426669


Alec Baldwin is a fucking loser. Fuck him.

6bc800  No.5426670

File: f22d764d2f58b84⋯.jpg (122.66 KB, 883x607, 883:607, f22d764d2f58b846bfe1b38528….jpg)


/ourprettygirl/ that Sean constantly cuts the fuck off kek. Otherwise is comfy.

ffa0d2  No.5426671

I literally have to shut Hannity off sometimes. Cannot stand when people talk over each other and cut off points while being made.

020a0e  No.5426672

File: 209c371627ebb7b⋯.jpg (257.41 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, Pepe salute.jpg)

089b9d  No.5426673


I will be on Fri and Sat. You?

c923aa  No.5426674

File: 414568e550d5bc3⋯.png (411.62 KB, 700x437, 700:437, ClipboardImage.png)

is it weird that I fucking love Kim Jong Un now?

like,….that isn't weird at all right? I think the dude is cool as shit. Happy as fuck he's free too!

3624b8  No.5426675

File: 90bbd1508e9f85f⋯.jpg (12.66 KB, 255x170, 3:2, JUSTICEISBLIND.jpg)

>>5425987 last bread

Once all the fake/vote-corrupt Congressmen are removed, anything they voted on and approved will be easily turned over/nullified.

Just like Dead judges can't vote/make decisions.

4ee284  No.5426676

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gah! Every time I turn on Hannity I remember how annoying he is.

Here's a stream of Kim and Trump.

b1caea  No.5426677

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's coming… They better not cuck out. Future soundtrack teaser.

21b6e3  No.5426678


Buy them in threes and give two away. Keep one. Its great.

08fcea  No.5426679


Dude, you tried.

That counts, right?

Need me to sign off on your 'intent to seek gainful employment' forms?

I don't mind

247c37  No.5426680

We are going to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

In 2023.

If I win re-election.

9d8bd2  No.5426681

File: de4eb1bd1980297⋯.png (1.02 MB, 872x682, 436:341, nk-hirrary-kuru.png)

215a58  No.5426682


I agree and have kind of a cool story. Spouse is a vet and we went to a local restaurant on Vetrans Day for lunch. It was insanely crowded, very happy to see all of the vets, but when we went to be seated they said they were so crowded that they were asking people to sit with others and proceeded to tell us we were sitting with an older gentleman. We were happy to do that and after we were seated began to get to know him. It was our honor to sit with the gentleman who served in Korea and Vietmam as a pilot. An amazing gentleman that we now have as a friend.

75f2b0  No.5426683

File: 9228e246689133f⋯.jpg (399 KB, 1080x1775, 216:355, Screenshot_20190227-204958.jpg)

Another Cohen Lie!

George Stephanopoulos wrote an article in 2010 about shouldtrumprun.com.

He states Cohen created the website with out the knowledge of Trump!



9667fb  No.5426684

File: d795a91db21e437⋯.png (543.1 KB, 872x454, 436:227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4930c86226cfc1d⋯.png (537.69 KB, 797x538, 797:538, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0c28915482760e0⋯.png (483.22 KB, 687x534, 229:178, ClipboardImage.png)

df368b  No.5426685

File: 3bf93700f0f344f⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1692x1052, 423:263, trumpKimMovie1.png)



Clockfagged it for you anon

bd8e3b  No.5426686

File: b6369742ca7f3fc⋯.png (1.93 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_8306.PNG)

f2660c  No.5426687

File: ac8deaf731fdf67⋯.png (2.84 MB, 735x2000, 147:400, ClipboardImage.png)


I guess he wanted to serve 'em salsa verde!

1e79bb  No.5426688

File: f779fa64225702a⋯.jpeg (53.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0C072065-B376-4865-B4D4-0….jpeg)

So can we just state a fact here?

President Trump surrounds himself w GOOD MORALE PEOPLE.. but he ALSO practices the “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” approach to life and dealing w people.

That said of COURSE Cohen was his attorney, OF COURSE he has [DS] members in positions in his admin.. OF COURSE..

Basically if you are [DS] you are fucked.. we are just gunna throw that out there, but most importantly if he ‘taps’ (You) for a position in his afmin.. your ass isn’t safe.. you have just entered the [killzone].

5e64a2  No.5426689

File: 7f46c96a416ec7d⋯.jpg (333.97 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, pjimage.jpg)

168938  No.5426690

File: b4203c0fdb338df⋯.png (554.72 KB, 591x660, 197:220, it could take years to fix.png)


he's helping to fix the mess Hussein made of things, but it will take a bit more time

Top Admirals: U.S. Navy Short 6,200 Sailors, Forced to Cancel 2 Deployments

“According to the 2019 Index of U.S. Military Strength released in October 2018 by the Heritage Foundation, the United States military is only “marginally able” to defend America against the current high levels of risk primarily fueled by “formidable” U.S. rivals China and Russia.

He warned that manpower shortages are a problem, adding that it could take years to fill the U.S. Navy’s 6,200 vacant sea billets and train those sailors.”


84f34e  No.5426691


Oh I get it.

5e64a2  No.5426692

File: 5cfd94302b9cd62⋯.jpg (15.86 KB, 236x356, 59:89, 09d5f142d82a3c133d3df876df….jpg)

File: 52f8cb62f407f93⋯.jpg (18.51 KB, 255x193, 255:193, 52f8cb62f407f93634a8d9d9ed….jpg)

File: 3954d3995b64ad9⋯.jpg (19.06 KB, 384x385, 384:385, 44734aaac981ee2831ffbab0b8….jpg)

File: d5ae96d2ca13ef6⋯.jpeg (228.79 KB, 1100x659, 1100:659, 983919be9d2b1607782841c35….jpeg)

5a665e  No.5426693

File: 5fcbacfd99dddbf⋯.jpeg (103.11 KB, 500x509, 500:509, E41411E8-82D1-4870-ABBA-9….jpeg)

File: 9786c4fc2e35999⋯.jpeg (133.64 KB, 635x647, 635:647, 10DE462C-724F-4D93-97C8-4….jpeg)



0b7751  No.5426694

All these assclown pundits in the news and media taking about how Trump as a bad day, even shills here “worried” about “optics”.

They say POTUS is a criminal. A con. A disgrace, and national embarrassment.

After everything that has happened in the past three years, and SPECIFICALLY today, it has become abundantly clear, it is the US MEDIA that is an embarrassment on the world stage.

It’s the MEDIA that makes America look bad. You want to see Cons, and criminals, and disgraces? Look in the mirror you jackasses. Look at what you just did today with that shit show of a cohen hearing trying to overplay a historic summit.

SMDH, fucking embarrassing. If they were my kids, i would disown them for being so shameless.

1adf37  No.5426695

HRC Campaign

Logothetis Family / Shipping

The Libra Group / McCain Institute

Concordia (Summit)

"Programming Partners"

Atlantic Council

Open Society

Advisory Council of the Elders

International Crisis Group


More In Common than we think?

a0efe8  No.5426696


While John Soloman is talking? Fuck off, shill!

d52205  No.5426697


Would you, could you, on a train? Stand by for further instructions.

0ba892  No.5426698

Yesterday I had a discussion with my friend about MAGA etc. She is very SJW (white guilt). I asked what she thought about all the black and latino people that support Trump. She replied that these groups supporting Trump is a system of internalized racism. IMO, she was projecting an internalized racism onto them, and assumed that they must be too ignorant to understand. Also, how racist of her to assume that black people who support Trump must inherently, deep down, really hate themselves. She tries so hard to educate herself on 'civil rights' but is blindly following the narrative. It is not her fault, as she listens to what marginalized groups have to say; unfortunately these groups have been led to follow the Dems. Pray!

062844  No.5426699

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b66991  No.5426700

File: 792b9fe19a879aa⋯.jpeg (455.44 KB, 2001x1125, 667:375, C633239B-B412-467C-9786-7….jpeg)






4d4767  No.5426701

File: 4f11ff16c5f7f22⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1750x759, 1750:759, ClipboardImage.png)

7d6b54  No.5426702


You may be right

11a99a  No.5426703

File: a80602313b8f183⋯.png (12.12 KB, 237x193, 237:193, FilterIDplus (crop & redac….png)

File: e40ac4e2991acb9⋯.png (35.62 KB, 575x575, 1:1, fishing #001e.png)

1dd94f  No.5426704


I respect the fact it hasn't been spammed like crazy as the typical shills do.

It hits the nail on the head in the first 6-8min like OP says.

Will probably watch entirety.


Not even close to the overall problem.

380 million Americans > 64 million voted for Trump.

Let that sink in.

Most people don't even give a shit about what's going on in the world because they're too busy trying to survive in this fucked up system.

21b6e3  No.5426705


I fell in love with him a year ago…..no homo. He is a cool chubby dude. Just wants to watch basketball. See his people get treated correct. And eat fast food with Trump. Who wouldnt want all that?

455207  No.5426706

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3624b8  No.5426707

File: 24041742f09252e⋯.jpg (2.68 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, constitution-encasement-3W….JPG)


Jim Jordan said it best today, "Cohen is going to jail in May for the 4 FEDERAL crimes he was convicted of."


a9ccc4  No.5426708

File: 0f79c8cb8b53cb5⋯.mp4 (2.82 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fantasy_movie.mp4)

Here's a clip of the fantasy movie moment. POTUS says something to Kim after he smiles a great smile but I can't make it out.

247c37  No.5426709


Trump can’t even get Peter Strzok arrested.

37a385  No.5426710


This also explains why POTUS is so close with his family. There are so many you can't trust and the higher you go, the less honest and good people there are. No wonder he likes spending time with the "regular" people.

d05461  No.5426711


I love it…. I bet he is going to roll out a suit a week for the next 2+ years until statute of limitations end… let this be long, painful and glorious!

80ecd0  No.5426712

File: 174336c4ad05406⋯.jpg (38.18 KB, 550x367, 550:367, hannity.jpg)

when Hannity interrupts Sara

b66493  No.5426713

After seeing the awkward way Kim Jung held his wrist showing off a watch this morning, looking very much like the Q watch. Maybe I’m hyper-sensitive but every article I’m reading is focused on length of meetings, ‘soon’, ‘speed’ measures of time.

I looked up gifts from Trump to Kim and only got the ‘movie’ from last year. No watch gift.

Article with lots of time references- one example.

And article about their ‘movie’ from last year-

https://www.cbc.ca/news/thenational/national-today-newsletter-trump-kim-video-daimler-nobel-1.4695467 https://news.sky.com/story/donald-trump-vows-to-help-kim-jong-un-unlock-north-koreas-unbelievable-potential-11649929

a441ca  No.5426714


He needs to interrupt less, but more than anything he needs to LISTEN so he knows when a guest is really on a roll and should not be interrupted.

c2c5a1  No.5426715


Draft the Chicks who want Equal Rights!

14c9dc  No.5426716

FULL transparency.

b81504  No.5426717


>Her eyelids in particular are very sharp and with lines she usually trades for more time in her day.

Either a lezbo or a fag would EVER notice that shit.

Men make a simple either/or decision within 0.1 seconds: "Doink?" or "No doink?"

e7cffa  No.5426718

File: 11baeb312d3ea76⋯.jpg (14.01 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 4e7a81efa2eafba2ea104ec3f8….jpg)


>Recent uptick in train crashes related??? I get the optics aspect. I see Q is in total control. Normies need a dramatic lesson they don't realize is a lesson.

Yes, we autists know this, normies have no clue.

>They need to discover/figure it out on their own.

Agreed. But they'll need much more than this subtle lesson. A culmination of cognitive dissonance 'lessons' that will eventually lead them to a 'live or die' situation. 4-6% won't survive.

27cc3b  No.5426719

File: 668515560db71c2⋯.png (596.63 KB, 1112x548, 278:137, jilted lover.png)


and one for https://qmap.pub/players

97f6fa  No.5426720

File: 24da0204524ffdd⋯.jpg (91.41 KB, 648x486, 4:3, 5a485d9f64213d9d449ac2a539….jpg)

c59700  No.5426721

File: 2788224057205d0⋯.jpg (16.79 KB, 255x245, 51:49, ba773bfb088f121b83fa2cfecb….jpg)


I see no problem to this

033bb3  No.5426722

df368b  No.5426723

File: 6e758026cf9c8bf⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1692x1052, 423:263, trumpKimMovie1.png)


updated connecting the movies

98dd6d  No.5426724



3f7424  No.5426725



Yes. Executive summary please.

5c26e7  No.5426726

Please God just drop the hammer so i dont have to listen to all the lies and bullshit anymore.

Im not patient. Start the trials or legalise some vigilante justice.

Do it.

1e79bb  No.5426727


Can you have a chicken dinner w a live chicken?

7aa0ce  No.5426728

c0ae87  No.5426729



5e64a2  No.5426730


Where? Not on Fox News

515f60  No.5426732


Stupidest skit ever.

247c37  No.5426733

File: aed110dfff73a37⋯.jpeg (88.95 KB, 857x500, 857:500, 820F30E8-18D7-45C4-9D92-B….jpeg)

cc9107  No.5426734

File: dcdf9e26640d21b⋯.png (293.46 KB, 503x444, 503:444, gfs.png)


You don't speak for patriots– so my interest is in DEFYING your will. So why be so hostile?

You only expose the weakness of your position, bot.

Get a personality, in other words.

bf8276  No.5426735


>WHO pumps out the endless stream of holohoax propaganda

YOU do

17ca2e  No.5426736

File: 13fc3fd291fd3a2⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190227_205454.jpg)



457d6e  No.5426737

File: d984cd1526c881a⋯.jpg (617.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, battlexm_poster.jpg)

0ba892  No.5426738


video no work send halp

3db4cd  No.5426739


yes, but don't be surprised when it shits on the table

d7b412  No.5426740




FALSE HOPE of anything ever coming from any of this.

c3fb3d  No.5426741

Michael Cohen testified today that he was in London when the Billy Bush pussy tapes came out.

they came out in early Oct, 2016.

I do believe that may have been the same time period that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were in London at their secret meeting.

Could cohen be another person who met in London?

98dd6d  No.5426742



020a0e  No.5426743

File: 95259e54f9d233d⋯.gif (90.46 KB, 312x320, 39:40, hussein bowing.gif)

bd8e3b  No.5426744


Look how low Trump's chair is compared to Kim's

72dc68  No.5426745

File: 6d93c7d1da3aae3⋯.jpg (194.18 KB, 399x915, 133:305, bepatient.jpg)

38e083  No.5426746

File: f478d9d3d11863a⋯.png (429.81 KB, 495x522, 55:58, what-is-best-in-life-to-me….png)


as this anon has LONG suspected.

40ed91  No.5426747


Trump is a singular man. Just watching this feed of him with Kim on Fox. The sincerity emanates from him - you can see it on his face. Totally artless and genuine. He has the relaxed look of someone who knows who he is, what he is about. It gives him so much power. That's why they're so scared of him. He has all this power - from within.

4850d6  No.5426748


President Rodman 47

f489f8  No.5426749

98dd6d  No.5426750



53cca9  No.5426751

>>5426234 (pb)

Why is there no rush?

Why is there no real news for the normies about the summit?

Success planned for so long! (Yes, and happening!)

Because of course the media won't cover it, and the Cohen scripted bull shit consisting of 'statements not facts' was planned & timed to provide the media blackout for any possible POTUS success.

Winning++ (because we know it is happening)

Thank you POTUS & Q & US Military & Patriots & Anons.

b690d1  No.5426752

File: 75c224191234808⋯.png (85.17 KB, 429x323, 429:323, DECLAS.png)

17ca2e  No.5426753





0b5ec1  No.5426754

FISA soon …. zzzzzzzz

515f60  No.5426755


I’ve been turning off droning Laura lately. Boring normie.

ed0f83  No.5426756

Psalm 64 (KJV)

1 Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer: preserve my life from fear of the enemy.

2 Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity:

3 Who whet their tongue like a sword, and bend their bows to shoot their arrows, even bitter words:

4 That they may shoot in secret at the perfect: suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not.

5 They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they commune of laying snares privily; they say, Who shall see them?

6 They search out iniquities; they accomplish a diligent search: both the inward thought of every one of them, and the heart, is deep.

7 But God shall shoot at them with an arrow; suddenly shall they be wounded.

8 So they shall make their own tongue to fall upon themselves: all that see them shall flee away.

9 And all men shall fear, and shall declare the work of God; for they shall wisely consider of his doing.

10 The righteous shall be glad in the Lord, and shall trust in him; and all the upright in heart shall glory.

f2660c  No.5426757


The chicken might not like how it ends up, but yes.

61ab09  No.5426758


nice that Hannity's become a mix of humans & puppet show

aeb6dd  No.5426759

File: e7a977f740195aa⋯.png (302.11 KB, 496x409, 496:409, e555d13821759c2520c661a494….png)


Check Ivanka's cap.

5e64a2  No.5426760


hahaha what a tool he is

7fcd11  No.5426761

File: c4a65ed54b31000⋯.png (559.56 KB, 610x597, 610:597, 29cf25ad3e7d3da66bd8f3eec0….png)

Go fetch this.

70f045  No.5426762


Stop redtexting, Sean.

1adf37  No.5426763

HRC Campaign

Logothetis Family / Shipping

The Libra Group / McCain Institute

Concordia (Summit)

"Programming Partners"

Atlantic Council

Open Society

Advisory Council of the Elders

International Crisis Group


More In Common than we think?

4850d6  No.5426764


acbfcf  No.5426765

>>5424902 (lb)

I could swear it looks like she mouthed “I want you to watch me fuck my husband…I’ll record it for you and have my staffers leak it.” I could be wrong, though.

c9d93e  No.5426766

File: 1529cb700f4b15b⋯.jpg (238.83 KB, 500x772, 125:193, 2utuvi.jpg)

5d6c88  No.5426767

File: 74736674ea33212⋯.jpeg (55.99 KB, 696x463, 696:463, 7D3DADAE-3536-427E-8DD4-B….jpeg)


Scooter, when JS or SC are talking, STFU

2b4389  No.5426768


Bingo. Peace through strength.

82e162  No.5426769

File: 07039b207bba27d⋯.png (359.44 KB, 562x786, 281:393, ClipboardImage.png)

a9ccc4  No.5426771

File: 4c247f3988113b3⋯.webm (6.91 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fantasy_movie.webm)


Here take this.

5c26e7  No.5426772


Been hearing this for too long.

Just do it.

97f6fa  No.5426773

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, american-flag-2260839_1280….jpg)


For those who have made it this far, and there aren't enough, I have nothing but the upmost honor and I promise to fight with the same Spirit they fought with, to rebuild America and Her People into something they can be Proud of.


6ce5d3  No.5426774


My Father flew those helicopters (H-34) in 64-65 first tour Vietnam.

d1a3b2  No.5426775

File: bc118f1a5df74c0⋯.png (219.41 KB, 470x379, 470:379, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at ….png)

this is like listening to paint dry.

5e64a2  No.5426776


Its amazing, and scary, how much help he has to have to accomplish all this and avoid assassination attempts. JFK went about it wrong, didnt have much help….. the evil was already too embedded

ffa0d2  No.5426777


See, that's the thing. I find Sara to be a great guest. She's consistently concise with what she has to convey. She's usually flowing and then Hannity jumps in.

I know its his show, so now and then he HAS to jump in and cut people off, but sometimes I just have to ask, WHY are you interrupting???

6bc800  No.5426778

File: 08df52434556e73⋯.png (204.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Tendies2.png)


No, send tendies.

511501  No.5426779


U.S. House approves expanded background checks for gun sales

The background check bill, which was approved by a 240-190 vote, is the first gun control measure taken up by Democrats since they regained control of the House in the 2018 congressional midterm elections.

The bill is likely to face opposition when it goes to the Republican-controlled Senate, however. It would also need President Donald Trump’s signature in order to become law.

The White House said on Monday that Trump’s advisers would recommend the president veto the legislation because it would apply “burdensome requirements” that are “incompatible with the Second Amendment’s guarantee of an individual right to keep arms.”

Trump has previously indicated he supported efforts to extend background checks to all gun sales.

“I will be strongly pushing Comprehensive Background Checks with an emphasis on Mental Health. Raise age to 21 and end sale of Bump Stocks! Congress is in a mood to finally do something on this issue - I hope!” Trump tweeted a year ago, after a shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead.

Representative Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 House Democrat, told reporters on Tuesday that Republicans had prevented a vote on a background check bill when they controlled the chamber, and that while there were differences among Democrats about how to curb gun violence, the background check bill had broad support.

House passes bill to block Trump's 'emergency'

“The carnage that we’ve seen perpetrated by gun violence over the last decade has heightened the American people’s concern, and the bill that we’re putting on the floor we believe has the support of 90 percent of the American people,” Hoyer said.

From 2009 to 2017, there were at least 173 shootings in the United States in which four or more people were killed, with at least 1,001 total deaths, according to the advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety.

Representative Doug Collins, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee where the background check bill originated, said on Wednesday that the bill was ineffective because it “foolishly presumes criminals who flout existing laws will suddenly submit themselves to background checks.”

>The House is set to vote on Thursday on a second bill that would extend the time it takes to conduct a background check before a gun sale to 10 days from minutes.

97f6fa  No.5426780


They talk so slow I thought I went back in time for a minute.

5ddaaf  No.5426781

File: f684749215b55d8⋯.jpg (126.75 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 2utuu6.jpg)

882e5d  No.5426782


Hannity doesn't know how to listen.

9cbc8a  No.5426783


Said that [Last Week] too

dcb036  No.5426784

File: ccb4a79fde2e08f⋯.jpg (313.7 KB, 1281x991, 1281:991, CHILDS.jpg)



>So whatever happened to the celebrity more notable than Robert Kraft being arrested in Jupiter?

Billionaire equity firm owner John Childs wanted on prostitution charge

Billionaire equity firm owner John Childs is one of several men accused of soliciting prostitution in connection with a Florida spa tied to an international human trafficking ring, police said Thursday.

Childs, who lives seasonally in Indian River Shores, is wanted on a solicitation of prostitution charge, according to a warrant for his arrest. He has not been arrested.

Childs owns J.W. Childs Associates, a private equity firm based in Massachusetts.

He's a prominent donor to several Republican politicians and groups, including former U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, Club for Growth and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

He donated about $4.3 million to Republican candidates and PACs last cycle, according to a review of federal campaign finance records.



3db4cd  No.5426785

File: 2cd55dbf914405d⋯.png (69.45 KB, 980x824, 245:206, ClipboardImage.png)

6730f8  No.5426786

File: 306c769a13bcad1⋯.png (132.32 KB, 792x170, 396:85, Capture.PNG)

Cellular networks flaws expose 4G & 5G devices to IMSI capturing attacks

A team of researchers has disclosed their findings at the NDSS (Network and Distributed System Security) symposium 2019 held in San Diego, revealing that cellular networks have certain vulnerabilities that can potentially affect not only 4G but 5G LTE protocols to IMSI capturing attacks.

The findings of their research have been published in a paper titled “Privacy Attacks to the 4G and 5G Cellular Paging Protocols Using Side Channel Information.” Purdue University researchers Syed Rafiul Hussain, Elisa Bertino, and Ninghui Li and the University of Iowa researchers Mitziu Echeverria and Omar Chowdhury collectively conducted this research.

According to their research [PDF], the newly identified vulnerabilities can let remote attackers bypass the security layers in 4G and 5G due to which IMSI (International mobile subscriber identity) capturing devices such as Stingrays can easily intercept phone conversations of users to detect their location.


11a99a  No.5426787

File: 65fa2b520ebe359⋯.png (19.54 KB, 300x300, 1:1, fishing #002a.png)

File: a80602313b8f183⋯.png (12.12 KB, 237x193, 237:193, FilterIDplus (crop & redac….png)

27cc3b  No.5426788

File: d2f6cd5a1d48b03⋯.png (573.87 KB, 1112x548, 278:137, flipped and fucked by who.….png)

who has something on him?


751c27  No.5426789

File: d6de9302ac490b1⋯.jpg (33.71 KB, 480x385, 96:77, jews_paid_hitler.jpg)

515f60  No.5426790


Racism isn’t important. Mostly dumb minority bullshit.

d05461  No.5426791



38e083  No.5426792


Tried to post this to fake book earlier & it wouldn't allow the post.

11a99a  No.5426793

File: 666ceefc4f29567⋯.png (19.81 KB, 300x300, 1:1, fishing #002b.png)

File: a80602313b8f183⋯.png (12.12 KB, 237x193, 237:193, FilterIDplus (crop & redac….png)

f1e7a7  No.5426794

File: 5414342c88e7433⋯.png (8.4 KB, 382x181, 382:181, ClipboardImage.png)

Same Michael Cohen?

Ex-Parte extension?

Interesting address


40ed91  No.5426795


If he has been playing a role for all this time, he will deserve a pardon for sure. He has put a lot on the line if this was all by design. For his sake, I hope that is the case. Because if his greed got him trapped, then it really sucks to be him.

2aca19  No.5426796

File: 5173c44be180f19⋯.jpg (87.84 KB, 489x720, 163:240, IMG_1366.JPG)

5462df  No.5426797


its so much worse than this

66256f  No.5426798

ABC: "Experts warn Trump may have fallen into a North Korean trap." KEK! Total crap reporting!

d7b412  No.5426799



Has a shrine setup of POTUS , "anoint himself with oil" dedication, etc…

Fucking weird, man.

751c27  No.5426800

File: e2ede4cf616a21b⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 720x670, 72:67, mossad_bird.jpg)

f2660c  No.5426801


If a tree falls in the forest…nah, scratch that. Wrong analogy…

747fa2  No.5426802

-20 days

f489f8  No.5426803


This one is awake.

3f7424  No.5426804

File: 2419d0dedd6dcd5⋯.jpg (96.89 KB, 600x600, 1:1, YellowVacay.jpg)

File: 2870dff7acd33f3⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 255x255, 1:1, VacaySmokeWeed.jpg)

File: b877baaa8e02230⋯.png (787.53 KB, 1333x1092, 1333:1092, WheeeSplash.png)

File: 99ea97ee84bdbd2⋯.png (743.22 KB, 720x560, 9:7, gold-star-research.png)

d2280c  No.5426805

>>5425688 (LB)

watch a documentary called The last Mogul. It was on netflix, and it maybe still there for streaming. It was very very interesting. It partly tells about media control but leaves off the Mocking bird aspects. Also talks about Ronald Regan's backer in politics from early on. As always use discernment concerning the messenger. There was a Harvey equivalent in the 1970s. Fascinating documenatry


5c26e7  No.5426806


Got it, read it, heard it.

So what? Two years is patience. Bring the fucking pain.

dcb036  No.5426807

File: e72ee47101b2b2d⋯.jpg (256.86 KB, 1771x933, 1771:933, PAIN.jpg)


>who has something on him?


5462df  No.5426808


perhaps cohen was the 666th 5th avenue anon that got so upset when we kept claling him jared

acbfcf  No.5426809

The delusions of grandeur were strong today…while sitting at my desk at work, I had the constant feeling that a FedEx employee was going to peak his head in my door and hand me an envelope bag with a cell phone in it.

3867ce  No.5426810

File: 6fae7b561a48cdc⋯.png (1.02 MB, 2485x1230, 497:246, -30sidebyside.png)


this is what I'm thinking

faf6e3  No.5426811

File: 547611c321e6b16⋯.jpg (151.24 KB, 576x588, 48:49, SchweddyBalls.jpg)

1d7cc6  No.5426812

File: fa3f9916b014a5f⋯.png (517.02 KB, 925x418, 925:418, UnityIsOurStregnth.png)


Fresh meme's!

2b4389  No.5426813


I think lb there was a post referring to mueller threatening cohen’s wife w jail time? Did anyone else see that?

24c7ed  No.5426814

File: fb517fe1ae85321⋯.png (100.35 KB, 422x297, 422:297, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at ….png)

Veganism leads to sexual dysfunction

Methinks some people already knew that..


b66493  No.5426815


Argues like a teenager- have always struggled to listen to him. Yappy dog

020a0e  No.5426816

File: 5f595a48694ed2e⋯.jpg (30.27 KB, 560x375, 112:75, Mitt the shit 8.jpg)

1e79bb  No.5426817

File: b176b70281d57ad⋯.jpeg (23.93 KB, 258x398, 129:199, EE0FA3B5-9865-4F65-AF1C-A….jpeg)

File: 0528949a397ad5c⋯.png (3.79 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 23D54609-3B94-4689-9DA3-A2….png)


Who are they?!??! Seriously who is protesting this??!?!

Wanna know why I wanna know?!? I bet its the same motherfuckers who were ABSOLUTELY FINE W “No Hesitation” targets under Hussein!!!!!!!!

7b1e02  No.5426818

File: a743f348cea7347⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

7fcd11  No.5426819


That question deserves a Q post.

77d2f4  No.5426820

File: 05c7559d1ed64bb⋯.png (131.42 KB, 603x400, 603:400, Wsmith.PNG)

Trying to figure out who the Hollywood anon was who spilled his guts. Thoughts?

5a665e  No.5426821

File: ee63ad95ceb5041⋯.jpeg (83.08 KB, 715x402, 715:402, EFA42231-6D1A-4E33-8B7B-9….jpeg)

File: c2e58d70a2e594d⋯.jpeg (64.98 KB, 408x408, 1:1, 4B209B0D-B10C-448C-BA50-F….jpeg)

File: 98f8e8962e5361b⋯.jpeg (66.69 KB, 474x355, 474:355, A96B3997-362C-428E-A309-D….jpeg)

File: 0702d9d0fc55604⋯.jpeg (68.01 KB, 618x340, 309:170, 723CBC67-556C-42C7-8C78-A….jpeg)

File: dae54a1baca8b9a⋯.jpeg (87.6 KB, 715x402, 715:402, D6F6C037-3F13-46F5-8D4A-2….jpeg)

80ecd0  No.5426822


been there many times


41f041  No.5426823

File: 9cc02da5bdca0f5⋯.png (535.82 KB, 446x577, 446:577, ClipboardImage.png)


>Basically if you are [DS] you are fucked.. we are just gunna throw that out there, but most importantly if he ‘taps’ (You) for a position in his afmin.. your ass isn’t safe.. you have just entered the [killzone].

Damn Straight Anon

515f60  No.5426824



Trumps DOJ has been useless against the deep state.

457d6e  No.5426825

File: 1295b892327c95a⋯.jpg (82.86 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1440729.jpg)

File: 7ab9c4b778a9382⋯.jpg (101.38 KB, 663x516, 221:172, chosinfew3.jpg)

File: 19fa8aee2d8aa5f⋯.jpg (38.58 KB, 426x298, 213:149, original-1.jpg)


I used to search for my dad in these pics with a magnifying lens..

51d2bc  No.5426826

File: d801e0d10a14c19⋯.png (172.44 KB, 500x540, 25:27, d801e0d10a14c19b87e2c8294f….png)


saved .

3867ce  No.5426827

Notables so far


>>5426427 Dennis Rodman, Ambassador of Goodwill to North Korea, letter to President Trump!

>>5426446 Trump adviser Kushner meets Turkey's Erdogan on Israel-Palestinian peace plan

>>5426453 Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) signed legislation Wednesday to abolish his state’s concealed carry permit requirement

>>5426479 Graphic: KJU said this is like "a fantasy movie"

>>5426518 Enraged India Amassing Tanks, 14,000 Bunkers Along Pakistan Border

>>5426561 Pics of POTUS and KJU

>>5426601 UN aviation agency concealed serious hack

>>5426640 POTUS: ‘Great Meetings and Dinner’ with Kim in Vietnam, Joint Declaration to Come

>>5426690 U.S. Navy Short 6,200 Sailors, Forced to Cancel 2 Deployments

>>5426784 Billionaire equity firm owner John Childs wanted on prostitution charge donated to Romney

747fa2  No.5426828

97f6fa  No.5426829

File: 385492f77236b7f⋯.png (136.4 KB, 366x302, 183:151, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at ….png)

File: df9a87d71e29f83⋯.png (158.94 KB, 880x882, 440:441, df9a87d71e29f83020c22f2437….png)

3f7424  No.5426830


Different makeupfag at the studio.

They don't put on their own stage makeup FFS, the station has people whose job it is.

7fcd11  No.5426831


Throw him a bone.

b7cfc8  No.5426832

File: d691d9bc471b928⋯.png (470.63 KB, 956x623, 956:623, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d1656ba57f2aaf9⋯.png (227.02 KB, 1557x601, 1557:601, ClipboardImage.png)


Seriously, is this a real person who is too dumb to know what "All hat, no cattle" means?

I wouldn't to encourage a paid shill, so I used a screenshot instead of replying to his post.

9d8bd2  No.5426833

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Gimmie Gimmie Chicken Tendies

596d05  No.5426835

Hey Q or Anons,

Was Trey Gowdy comped, is that why he "stepped down"?

11a99a  No.5426836

File: 1fded65c9480ec3⋯.png (19.87 KB, 300x300, 1:1, fishing #002c.png)

6498d2  No.5426837

File: 97f6ba62c133c93⋯.jpg (79.97 KB, 500x735, 100:147, 14251118.jpg)

40ed91  No.5426838


Exactly. And lead by example. Hope Kim takes a cue from him.

4ee284  No.5426839

acf1c4  No.5426840

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

PM Trudeau denies Wilson-Raybould's claim of interference in SNC-Lavalin case


d2280c  No.5426841


Yeah it's in notables. Lynne Patton? Works/worked for the Trumps.

17ca2e  No.5426842

File: 71f286759d6dbd3⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190227_210053.jpg)

Everyone is dressed extra nice and has extra special makeup.



129b35  No.5426843

File: 4fdd98cc015a18c⋯.jpg (32.94 KB, 499x350, 499:350, gloria-steinem.jpg)

Gloria Steinem Compares Pro-Life Movement to Nazism: Hitler ‘Campaigned Against Abortion’

Left-wing feminist activist Gloria Steinem compared supporters of the pro-life movement in America to Nazi Germans on the grounds that Adolf Hitler was against abortion for certain ethnic groups.

Last November, the 84-year-old activist was featured in a Netflix documentary on the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, where she described a woman’s right to an abortion as the “basis of democracy.”

According to a Marist poll released earlier this week, the recent controversy over extremist abortion procedures led to a “sudden and dramatic shift” toward the pro-life position, with 47 percent of Americans now identifying themselves as “pro-life.”


24c7ed  No.5426844

72dc68  No.5426845

File: 0482fcfdd0551a3⋯.jpg (30.37 KB, 446x142, 223:71, Rowdy.jpg)

c9d93e  No.5426846


That the first time I have been called a bot. Bots have better grammar than I do. See the same shit everyday for months????? Tits or BTFO

11a99a  No.5426847

File: 069fdb81de72bf0⋯.png (58.79 KB, 575x575, 1:1, fishing #001a Clown.png)

ed67f1  No.5426848


God Bless Dennis Rodman. A true American, and a genuine hero (imho).

0ba892  No.5426849


Q T clock newdate :min

12/28/2017 0 10 :21 10/21 :18

12/29/2017 0 8 :22 08/22 :18

12/30/2017 0 6 :23 06/23 :18

66256f  No.5426850


My Dad was a flight surgeon there in '64. I have many similar helicopter photos!

4f4351  No.5426851

File: 92ee05787667356⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1044x518, 522:259, chair.PNG)

Trumps chair lower, don't think he's happy with it

129b35  No.5426852

File: 76937098b301207⋯.png (448.05 KB, 650x465, 130:93, 20120415-onc-gloria-steine….png)

File: 8d8da7736e74a50⋯.jpg (152.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, es_steinem_playboy_081011.jpg)

File: 280d12e631cac27⋯.jpg (83.12 KB, 900x507, 300:169, hero-8-900x507.jpg)

751c27  No.5426853

File: 6de20683d759e57⋯.jpg (90.98 KB, 640x845, 128:169, 31a2d0f07a63e2.jpg)

File: a5982e5665084d7⋯.jpg (163.71 KB, 984x550, 492:275, 99989ca7e76aa9.jpg)

File: 4e60c128253f60b⋯.png (662.07 KB, 1057x637, 151:91, SODOM & GAMORAH - Jews USE….PNG)

File: 99a112230101161⋯.jpg (117.2 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 99a11223010116.jpg)

674f22  No.5426854

14c9dc  No.5426855

Ingraham looking good tonight

7d6b54  No.5426856


Nope you are still just a battery

1adf37  No.5426857


HRC Campaign / CGI

Logothetis Family / Greece / Shipping

The Libra Group / McCain Institute

Concordia (Summit)

"Programming Partners"

Atlantic Council

Open Society

Advisory Council of the Elders

International Crisis Group


More In Common than we think?

1dd94f  No.5426858


kek, well to be fair, it was the easiest Q drop decode.

390719  No.5426859


Didn't assume you were newfag - I meant welcome to being in a group that never knew . . . . rather than ask and embarrass myself I searchded . . . .

f46ec9  No.5426860


Thats the building trumps son in law owns.

c57a2e  No.5426861


and the load he blew resembled a cobweb

3f7424  No.5426862

File: 8f5d4a06d132502⋯.jpg (61.95 KB, 318x405, 106:135, SwordPainComing.jpg)

1e79bb  No.5426863


1/2chan keks!

dece75  No.5426864


Maybe your memes need a hug and a new dildo

cc9107  No.5426865


That was due to Mr. Cummings remarkable oratory. Or should we say "roaratory"?!!?


but anyway

515f60  No.5426866


Real men aren’t afraid to appreciate the details of beauty. Women love it too.

a9ccc4  No.5426868


Here's a clip for

>>5426479 Graphic: KJU said this is like "a fantasy movie"

>>5426708 (clip)

5e64a2  No.5426870


Have to assume yes

1ff8a0  No.5426871


I get that. But also he has a limited time to tie together whatever points he’s trying to get across. Yea it’s annoying at times but honestly name one other news anchor on the MSM that’s reporting anything close to what we are doing here?

751c27  No.5426872

File: 40ce78ca6dbef67⋯.jpg (316.81 KB, 620x729, 620:729, uhoh_jewy_os.jpg)


Fuck you baby killer.

2aca19  No.5426873

File: 0c0a07a1c210049⋯.jpg (139.33 KB, 970x1260, 97:126, IMG_1367.JPG)


Am I Cath…wait- never mind.

1d7cc6  No.5426874

File: d98c7f83ec12fee⋯.png (555.97 KB, 421x596, 421:596, FyWmREY.png)


Ahhhh. Sweet beats.

Thanks Anon!

020a0e  No.5426875

File: 5c9a74b712246db⋯.jpg (33.66 KB, 768x512, 3:2, Frank agrees.jpg)

f2660c  No.5426876

File: 8c96b512bdd4914⋯.png (5.88 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Can we just change Cohen's name now to Bisquick?

Cuz he's been put in the bowl, mixed up, beaten until fluffy, fried in the pan, flipped over…

and is shortly going to be consumed until gone.

b9f261  No.5426877

To the HWood2 Anon (Larp or not)…you asked to look at these certain celebrity faces & see what was missing.

One simple answer: their SOULS

I know. I see the void of blackness.

515f60  No.5426878

3867ce  No.5426879


thank you, adding

cc9107  No.5426880

File: 523d8c04a22e2f3⋯.png (238.18 KB, 750x422, 375:211, mmbnn.png)

File: 15e3e56d646c282⋯.png (378.85 KB, 789x444, 263:148, BMNG.png)

File: 078b98c3a0439a5⋯.gif (159.18 KB, 335x444, 335:444, iaea.gif)

File: 3f0d37fdeddc769⋯.png (658.95 KB, 564x885, 188:295, OUITEBIBBOO.png)

File: 9ef9102c37d79e5⋯.png (434 KB, 635x672, 635:672, jiiii.png)

a3c3da  No.5426881


This is getting silly.

81c461  No.5426882


Could not agree more, anon

Growing up, I learned how to be this type of person in my own way. It helped me get through rough times at school and in my home life. Be kind, caring, and willing to help others while making sure you're helping them grow along the way, feel good, ect. And people will want to be around you, want to make you feel happy the way you made them feel happy

Thats why my love for Trump grows every day. I can see he's one of these people that always makes sure to pay it forward, he understands the power and strength that he has, and that he can make other people feel through his speech. I'm just happy we have him

20a19a  No.5426883

File: 1abf91ce008b8b8⋯.png (68.17 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 65736084-C7DC-42B6-B527-D5….png)

POTUS kept saying ’’’VERY SPECIAL’’’

ad91cc  No.5426884


Possibly since Sater was involved in the setup as well. He was tagged by LL.

527de3  No.5426885


He just can't help himself

24c7ed  No.5426886

File: 4ce74f2535cf440⋯.png (111.05 KB, 1104x438, 184:73, Trudeau scandal.png)


Context for those catching up

e5d745  No.5426887

File: 5a4f11e5468e615⋯.png (386.03 KB, 955x571, 955:571, affa89c.png)

5e64a2  No.5426888


Haha thanks anon! What an amazing time to be alive eh

e032da  No.5426889



I think he said "you're right." KEK

f489f8  No.5426890


>You have more than you know.

751c27  No.5426891

File: 204ea17bc35c773⋯.jpg (166.32 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, syn.jpg)

File: c993ba1013efb12⋯.jpg (575.11 KB, 1600x1236, 400:309, synagogue of satan.jpg)

File: 32302597cae9089⋯.jpg (104.69 KB, 600x840, 5:7, kickedout.jpg)

File: a98617c23549bca⋯.jpg (23.99 KB, 480x338, 240:169, 32978808_21330.jpg)

907fd5  No.5426892


This is an interesting article from Rex regarding Cohen. I do not think he is team Trump.


dcb036  No.5426893


>Clockfagged it for you anon


>updated connecting the movies

WOW! Coincidence?

70f045  No.5426894

File: c516d7b3a96028e⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, c516d7b3a96028e4dcd70806b3….png)


>No, send tendies.

Went out for some tendies today and saw a fellow patriot in action.

Little dude, maybe 5'5" stood way up to read my cap.

When he got up to the counter, he started going off on an old guy about AOC and cow farts destroying the planet in 12 years, then went on about POTUS being right to demand money back for CA high speed rail.

Silent keks were had (cuz I try to avoid annoying food workers before I get my food)

5a665e  No.5426895

File: eef0c94b86cfa10⋯.jpeg (119.44 KB, 620x388, 155:97, AA4F1569-19C0-458A-93B9-C….jpeg)

515f60  No.5426896


Yeah. For about 8 months now.

c6b823  No.5426897

File: 79090e8660a80fa⋯.png (1.26 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, F6206D9B-41AA-4F2D-AE38-E6….png)

3:15 = March 15?

b01973  No.5426898

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


May the fours be with (you)

f2660c  No.5426899


Kek! Love the crawler

27cc3b  No.5426900


still dirty af with these ppl.

leveraging control.

control the narrative.

makes sense, they never thought that she would loose, right. don't they see that Trump is in control???

why would they still play for the other team unless, I get it< they have "No Deal".

3f7424  No.5426901


Cirque du Soleil

6ebbde  No.5426902


POTUS has relieved a lot of his fear. He is happier now and showing it. It makes him much more likeable.

722e91  No.5426903

I know there are no coincidences, but here's a weird coincidence:

At the Flames-Devils game tonight,"Q" from Impractical Jokers was in attendance and Mueller got knocked out & taken away on a stretcher…



72dc68  No.5426904

File: 32c5a3fccb8b4c7⋯.jpg (786.63 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, lion-2560x1440-hd-4k-6914.jpg)


Beware the Ides of March.

813f6d  No.5426905

File: 74b6b56fcb48c69⋯.png (24.94 KB, 340x201, 340:201, Screen shot 2019-02-28 at ….png)

File: 08f921ce9d08b52⋯.png (119.22 KB, 626x1024, 313:512, Screen shot 2019-02-28 at ….png)

>>5423331 pb

This (similar) has been posted before on these occasions.

Looks suss.

dcb036  No.5426906


>Here's a clip for

thx anon!

77d2f4  No.5426907

5e64a2  No.5426909

HWAnon2 said Dan Schneider is the one who got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant at age 16… he was producer for Zoey 101 and she was lead star at the time

aeb6dd  No.5426910


Danka…I suspect bc her husband digs it. I hope for the right reasons.

df368b  No.5426911

File: 1074a5485fbdaa5⋯.png (172.49 KB, 584x549, 584:549, alvaJohnsonblack.png)

File: c4bdaef984e2f6d⋯.png (194.87 KB, 560x541, 560:541, Screenshot from 2019-02-25….png)

File: 87ad72b20668bb3⋯.png (635.5 KB, 1137x2516, 1137:2516, alvaJohnsonlinkedinJohnofG….png)

File: c4bdaef984e2f6d⋯.png (194.87 KB, 560x541, 560:541, Screenshot from 2019-02-25….png)


Coincidence this cunt is back in the news a few days after Q Research ties her to Alva Johnson and Omega Institute?

>>5375773 (PB)

bd8e3b  No.5426912

File: 2090e3278e03241⋯.jpg (49.39 KB, 400x322, 200:161, IMG_8286.JPG)

cc9107  No.5426913

File: 7698fa8985d6e93⋯.png (211.49 KB, 522x352, 261:176, sodmmt.png)

File: e4e4d405beaff1b⋯.png (529.77 KB, 999x871, 999:871, TPAW1.png)

File: 9a5a08ce73390da⋯.png (220.29 KB, 931x1023, 931:1023, cat-of-arms.png)

fee0d6  No.5426914


Not our problem. These two countries hate each other. Let them work out their own differences.

9cbc8a  No.5426915

History being made and CNN and MSNBC are not even covering it…unreal

b72e00  No.5426916

File: 38137a56e06b229⋯.jpg (106.4 KB, 640x502, 320:251, AAM 2 Women Get Back In Th….jpg)

File: 60c2a45882cdc56⋯.png (781.48 KB, 640x795, 128:159, AAM 2 Women World Without ….png)

b43622  No.5426917

File: 7ba7d0362dbf554⋯.jpg (64.55 KB, 430x503, 430:503, Street shit.jpg)

73d3b0  No.5426918


I knew u would evenetually go after a JQ post.

Try harder mossad.

6bc800  No.5426919


I remember talking about this sometime before, but IIRC their texts from that time don't bear it out. He could have met with someone else though. It's fishy to say the least.

1d7cc6  No.5426920


Syrup sloshes. Excellent.

He should have paid for this through the Trudeau Foundation (started by his commie step father), just like the rest of teh crooks do through their foundations.

37a385  No.5426921


There's an old saying "You lie down with dogs, you get fleas". I think Cohen found himself in the ultimate position of being caught between a rock and a hard place. I believe he worked in circles of unsavory characters and left himself open to blackmail. He might not have even wanted to betray Trump(he could have made up even worse….and may still behind closed doors tomorrow), but he tried to work out the best deal for himself with the least prison time. I understand his attorney Lanny Davis(Hillary's attorney also) wrote his opening and closing statements which neatly laid out the MSM's narrative and talking points. In a weird way, Cohen cleared Trump for the most part.

2aca19  No.5426922

File: eb80d3cfe9e7a05⋯.jpg (205.65 KB, 580x880, 29:44, IMG_1368.JPG)


I prefer…

a0efe8  No.5426923


Didn't that come from the National Security guest host?!?

129b35  No.5426924

File: 18f35711965a92e⋯.jpg (47.74 KB, 480x320, 3:2, Terry_Richardson.jpg)

File: 0c077a49fda3ee8⋯.jpg (69.35 KB, 570x378, 95:63, Terry_Richardson2.jpg)



Far left activist Gloria Steinem & "photographer" Terrry Richardson.

Nothing to see here…

9667fb  No.5426925



Love you Anon!!

11a99a  No.5426926

File: d4fb41ff065f51d⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1800x1200, 3:2, Koolaid Guy (ANTI-SHILL #0….png)

1e79bb  No.5426927



5e64a2  No.5426928


Thanks for the link anon, reading it now

1d7cc6  No.5426929

File: 079fe1a6df87857⋯.jpg (52.14 KB, 636x358, 318:179, 50954fa4fe43493b8c2d5e2b52….jpg)



21798e  No.5426930

Its 20 degrees, night, snowing, and the goat can't get her baby out.

I can't even see it.

ffa0d2  No.5426931


Absolutely right. But I STILL want to hear points when somebody is flowing and making sense. Cut off the people who start babbling and fumbling.

Some anchors are much worse at it for sure.

dece75  No.5426932

File: 6256e7423dbee2d⋯.jpg (222.5 KB, 1152x1536, 3:4, IMG_6321.JPG)

What if we just kill the religious nutjobs ?

e5d745  No.5426933


Yes that is the orginael spelling.

bf8276  No.5426934


lawfag here speaking with exp. with rich powerful and successful clients

the urge to get a piece of the action is very strong but that is RARELY permitted in attorney client situations

im sure cohen was exemplary for years

but he finally decided he could cash in and take what he "deserved" in his mind

he was wrong and fucked himself

that is what usually occurs in this setting

6730f8  No.5426935

File: 00ae89df01e9bf8⋯.png (308.97 KB, 559x282, 559:282, Capture.PNG)

Despite Sheriffs Protests, New Mexico Gun Control Bill Advances

While lawmakers in New Mexico have shown their desire to pass gun control regulations, sheriffs throughout the state have made a stand saying they won’t enforce the new laws. Since an unenforced law is nothing more than words on a piece of paper, many may have hoped that this would be enough reason for New Mexico lawmakers to take a step back from the gun control ledge.

Well, it looks like they’ve decided instead to go off at a sprint.

Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham pushed back Tuesday against “rogue” county sheriffs who object to a state legislative proposal to expand background checks on firearms sales.

The state House and Senate have approved nearly identical bills to expand background checks to almost all private gun sales in New Mexico, and the House on Tuesday pushed forward with final approval of a Senate version that exempts gun sales to relatives including aunts, uncles and cousins.

The background-check bill is part of a slate of Democrat-sponsored proposals designed to stem gun violence that have drawn criticism from all but a few of the state’s sheriffs, while at least 18 counties have adopted “sanctuary” resolutions that say sheriffs should not be required to enforce any measures they consider unconstitutional.


72dc68  No.5426936

File: 78e20df2af27020⋯.png (412.96 KB, 1697x275, 1697:275, ClipboardImage.png)


Who else starred in the show?

020a0e  No.5426937


Moar signs that stimulus is not going to keep the entire shit pile together for much longer.

>>5426626 China PMIs Plunge Despite Record Surge In Stimulus

247c37  No.5426938

2b4389  No.5426939


ok thx..had just popped on before bed and didn’t check.

dece75  No.5426940


Does that include trannys

5e13b3  No.5426941

Laura had on Kim's full answer and that it may be the first time he has responded to a reporter.

c8ac9b  No.5426942


What else might our trusted UN be hiding?

515f60  No.5426943


Soon was about 6 months ago.

956eaf  No.5426944

File: 812cebbf795e8d0⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_1270.PNG)


I posted this yesterday billionaire JOhn Childs

dece75  No.5426945

80ecd0  No.5426946



7b1e02  No.5426947

File: 846b1d631613c41⋯.png (629.61 KB, 621x354, 207:118, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3d5a972c7d93a78⋯.png (445.29 KB, 480x300, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Malta bound.


Amazon rainforest.

cc9107  No.5426948

File: bdc355e0ef1b2b1⋯.png (201.69 KB, 488x742, 244:371, vvvvvvv.png)

File: e2e4bd3a3cf67dd⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1579x1111, 1579:1111, BIDENWTF.png)

File: 22ad9ff7c2c16c4⋯.jpg (117.4 KB, 555x454, 555:454, VMBRMN.jpg)

File: 3b4729b13b0e421⋯.png (190.55 KB, 264x911, 264:911, Bidlav14.png)

File: 4aa5a398c05f1a5⋯.png (428.96 KB, 600x828, 50:69, BIBRM.png)


introducing self-bidening bots

5e64a2  No.5426949


Thanks for the insight, anon. Helpful!

aed474  No.5426950

Did anyone catch this on Fox Ingram?

Kim said "…watching a fantasy movie…"!!!

Some get a screen shot of that tranlation

ebb1c6  No.5426951

Se was used at several more too.

97f6fa  No.5426952


That dude is the devil's child 100%. Makes Harvey almost look pedestrian.

7fcd11  No.5426953


She's definitely coming.

1d7cc6  No.5426954


Death by deadly sin. How fitting.

020a0e  No.5426955

File: 57f9fa37d17d66a⋯.jpg (18.87 KB, 340x227, 340:227, Snapcrap.jpg)

cc9107  No.5426956

File: f50c1d0e4843001⋯.png (286.06 KB, 505x440, 101:88, biden93.png)

3b0cef  No.5426957

File: 281660449472b3b⋯.jpg (13.75 KB, 457x270, 457:270, ab3d78cb273b42b061e8f658d8….jpg)

751c27  No.5426958

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


3154b5  No.5426959

Snappin green beans. Wonder how many people are left who have that memory. Or calling the cows home with mom. >>5426874

82e162  No.5426960

It appears there are a lot of "coincidences" linking 18, Q+ and POTUS.


51b9f1  No.5426961


Everyone already knew that. That was why Britney went “crazy”

bf8276  No.5426962


lawfag here

the guy is posting j sekulow but i doubt if that smart guy read this and jumped to that conclusion

proceed with caution

needs sauce

515f60  No.5426963

1dd94f  No.5426964


Random post of the night goes to….

b7cfc8  No.5426965


ah, a thinking anon…

129b35  No.5426966


no coinkidinks.

9d8bd2  No.5426967

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Lord of the Memes

6c8dba  No.5426968


That is ear rape.

c3fb3d  No.5426969


Kim also said something was "like a watching movie" or something like that.

aeb6dd  No.5426970


Did a tour there in the Air Force, then got out and went back for a couple more years. Married a Korean for 25 years, so this feels good to see an end to senseless hostility just to sell weapons.

47e356  No.5426971

File: 82d9c77beebe166⋯.jpeg (111.56 KB, 634x870, 317:435, 4C24B48F-41CC-401C-8821-9….jpeg)

Did anyone at the hearings ask how Michael’s arm is doing?

How rude!

dece75  No.5426972

Who needs to poop ?

ffa0d2  No.5426973


I wouldn't bother unless proof gets shown. They have dodged every single request of proof or timestamps. Even when explained what they could do. Sorry, but HWanons are very fishy. You should leave it alone unless proof is shown.

72dc68  No.5426974


Hold on, what?

What do you mean, "she's coming"?

63298c  No.5426976


What if Rodman is the new messiah?

bf8276  No.5426977


its like asking somones name after you get to know them pretty well


6bc800  No.5426978

File: deeb2f9736d91a2⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1800x1197, 200:133, CovfefeFrens.png)

97d64c  No.5426979

File: 3cb102f103df071⋯.png (122.99 KB, 407x479, 407:479, sarapeope.png)

5e13b3  No.5426980


Yup Fantasy movie

11a99a  No.5426981

File: bc08a4afaa8e90a⋯.png (42.44 KB, 512x513, 512:513, Hatefag meme #2.png)

9667fb  No.5426982

File: c4e25e55e80ec73⋯.png (131.06 KB, 352x352, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Empty table - nothing left to do but pop the champagne!!!

98dd6d  No.5426983




d2280c  No.5426984


why are all the targets white?

3ef9cd  No.5426985

File: bc039b503729fd9⋯.jpg (473.33 KB, 480x1358, 240:679, DennisRodmanTheCourier.jpg)

d1a3b2  No.5426986



2b4389  No.5426987


Coming forward?

11e5d5  No.5426988

File: 0a1598865022381⋯.png (329.11 KB, 1440x3120, 6:13, Screenshot_2019-02-27-22-0….png)


Gowdy is tippy top patriot. He was needed elsewhere so he left. His next position is needed. Perfect spot at the right time.

2b0d0e  No.5426989

File: d0de994df4ff236⋯.png (950.16 KB, 1440x1645, 288:329, LolCohen.png)

Julian Assange is a Russian agent again in 3, 2, 1

66256f  No.5426990


Korean news has been non-stop coverage since the leaders arrived. The reporters also show great respect, unlike the U.S. imbeciles.

3867ce  No.5426991

File: 2972383a9c58bb9⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 232x217, 232:217, fukkensaved.jpg)

dcb036  No.5426992


>“keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” approach to life and dealing w people.


3688e0  No.5426993


Always with the Ovaltine

c48b7b  No.5426994

File: 280da49a055d437⋯.jpg (16.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



f3b80d  No.5426995

File: 6eedeb8855efa8e⋯.png (435.46 KB, 762x408, 127:68, 98267365PN0917.png)


Here you go anon

747fa2  No.5426996

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

020a0e  No.5426997


saw him and sammy on that last tour they did. deano was kicked to the curb because he threw a lit cig into the audience before those shows arrived at location.

3ef9cd  No.5426999

File: 4d2cb9402247fa8⋯.jpg (895.39 KB, 1393x968, 1393:968, SmartSelect_20190227-16543….jpg)

6ebbde  No.5427000


Nope, because it's another wall of their evil fortress being knocked down. If they were to report it truthfully, they would be at risk of losing some of their flock.

11a99a  No.5427001

File: ace718b4deab223⋯.gif (8.99 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Clown Fag Alert! - Copy.gif)

08fcea  No.5427002

File: ac6177f53219ae9⋯.jpg (71.17 KB, 629x604, 629:604, nahhhh.jpg)

062844  No.5427003


got roughed up and tolled to play

a441ca  No.5427004

File: fc21c86740f9b49⋯.jpg (254.6 KB, 1786x911, 1786:911, POTUS_Kim_Jong_Un_watching….jpg)


From another anon.

5e64a2  No.5427005


Yep just disgusting

476ba3  No.5427006

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has for the first time divulged explosive secrets about how the United States supported ISIS and intentionally allowed the Takfiri terror outfit to gain power in Iraq so that Washington could creep back into the Arab country.

Maliki, who served as PM between 2006 and 2014, told a local TV station on Sunday that the administration of former US President Barack Obama had played a key role in the creation of ISIS by allowing the terrorist group to overrun Iraqi territories.

According to the former premier, in 2013, the US provided Iraq with intelligence and aerial imagery pinpointing ISIS militants who had lined up behind Iraqi borders in Syria in large groups, waiting to cross into Iraq after what they thought was going to be the imminent fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Maliki said back then Baghdad had no fighter jets capable of bombing the terrorist positions and the Iraqi combat helicopters did not have the range to orchestrate an attack.

So naturally, Baghdad turned to Washington for help and asked the Obama administration to provide the Iraqi air force with “one or two” fighter jets under the 2008 security agreement between the two sides.

Washington, however, turned down the requests and advised the Iraqi government to ask Jordan for help but that was a no-go as there was no military cooperation agreement between Baghdad and Amman at the time.

The former Iraqi PM said America’s support for ISIS did not end there as Washington proceeded to stop all supplies of helicopter parts and other military equipment to Iraq and halted a contract to sell Iraq F-16 attack aircraft even though Baghdad had paid for them in advance.

Maliki said he couldn’t still fathom why the Obama administration made those decisions, letting the terrorists get away by refusing to attack their positions.

He agreed with US President Donald Trump’s remarks during the 2016 US presidential campaign that Obama was the “founder” of ISIS by fully evacuating Iraq at the wrong time to let ISIS take over.


70f045  No.5427007

File: aa855487d832113⋯.png (35.45 KB, 583x164, 583:164, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at ….png)

eaab71  No.5427008


gross how can you can an erection???

5e64a2  No.5427009


Im not too familiar with her…. something happen to her too?

1d7cc6  No.5427010


If you grew up rural, you are sooo lucky. It's much easier to pop into town than it is to pop into the country!

Plus the fam life is the best!

01f0e3  No.5427011


Grandma is in a nursing home, children are at day care, mom and dad are at work, food comes in a bag… cows never leave the barn

11a99a  No.5427012

File: f5a9d00e2b138b4⋯.png (909.03 KB, 2683x1560, 2683:1560, fishing #003a.png)

d1a3b2  No.5427013


515f60  No.5427014



“Experts.” Meh more like “failures.”

3ef9cd  No.5427015

File: 255144e17af5817⋯.png (163.13 KB, 499x335, 499:335, 2019-02-22_08-59-02.png)

dece75  No.5427016

I think I need to fart

Who wants to larp it out of the hole

aed474  No.5427017


Perfect! Thanks anon.

c3fb3d  No.5427018




11a99a  No.5427019

File: 3db64e387b0def2⋯.png (100.67 KB, 575x575, 1:1, fishing #001b Clown.png)

File: a80602313b8f183⋯.png (12.12 KB, 237x193, 237:193, FilterIDplus (crop & redac….png)

457d6e  No.5427020


Thank you anon.

98dd6d  No.5427021

File: 005bcbbb9003847⋯.jpg (122.9 KB, 862x830, 431:415, 005bcbbb9003847fe9a289e8a4….jpg)

366e9e  No.5427022


Let me guess. Maple syrup company? Nasty lot, them.

b7cfc8  No.5427023

bd8e3b  No.5427024

File: 2b55081b6572c16⋯.png (640.79 KB, 588x655, 588:655, IMG_8249.PNG)

03e45b  No.5427025



Just saying this inst the place for complainfagging.

Unless you’re a shill.

5e13b3  No.5427026


You korean - it was translated Fantasy

042298  No.5427027

File: 3a3050c64f95369⋯.png (477.71 KB, 668x506, 334:253, 2-27-19 Vietnam Summit 201….png)

"You are watching a movie."

0b5ec1  No.5427028


I use to have boar goats help her take your time and work the feet out

38e083  No.5427029

File: 7a93205da199cd6⋯.png (498.55 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 05f0f31301e478bb370d235d69….png)


Oh they will try to regurgitate that trope & we will remind them that we see right through 'em!

390719  No.5427030


But he's such a great actor . . . . I put him up there with Steven Seagal, et al . . .

168938  No.5427031

File: 20acb2f12e2e238⋯.png (442.36 KB, 585x663, 15:17, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at ….png)

Travel Ban Ends Nearly All Immigration from Terrorist-Sanctioned Countries

"Newly released data from the State Department reveals that Trump’s constitutional travel ban on eight foreign countries, designated as either dangerous or sponsors of terrorism, has warranted big results."



5ddaaf  No.5427032

File: 941b9a1c1d775c0⋯.jpg (39.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2utvtq.jpg)

457d6e  No.5427033

File: 54184dac62e98de⋯.jpg (11.7 KB, 201x255, 67:85, 1a20607550256011be034f65f4….jpg)

c3fb3d  No.5427034





f3b80d  No.5427035

File: 4f2c614d9d50596⋯.png (169.93 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Cheerspepe.png)

98dd6d  No.5427036


Can you make one for Cohen

aeb6dd  No.5427037


I heard once that there is only one authority higher than POTUS and that's a fire commander at the scene of a fire. Sounds like urban legend…and firefags that can confirm/bust?

d1a3b2  No.5427038


It was not anon.

7a7bd6  No.5427039


Now THAT analysis makes sense

4949e5  No.5427040

File: 09962325e3abf76⋯.png (942.37 KB, 691x864, 691:864, 2019-02-27_22-07-17.png)

11a99a  No.5427041

File: a80602313b8f183⋯.png (12.12 KB, 237x193, 237:193, FilterIDplus (crop & redac….png)

File: 1a5a4f4ef71e6ab⋯.png (80.83 KB, 575x575, 1:1, fishing #001c Clown.png)

3867ce  No.5427042

Notables so far


>>5426427 Dennis Rodman, Ambassador of Goodwill to North Korea, letter to President Trump!

>>5426446 Trump adviser Kushner meets Turkey's Erdogan on Israel-Palestinian peace plan

>>5426453 Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) signed legislation Wednesday to abolish his state’s concealed carry permit requirement

>>5426479, >>5426708 Graphic and Video: KJU said this is like "a fantasy movie"

>>5426518 Enraged India Amassing Tanks, 14,000 Bunkers Along Pakistan Border

>>5426561 Pics of POTUS and KJU

>>5426601 UN aviation agency concealed serious hack

>>5426640 POTUS: ‘Great Meetings and Dinner’ with Kim in Vietnam, Joint Declaration to Come

>>5426690 U.S. Navy Short 6,200 Sailors, Forced to Cancel 2 Deployments

>>5426784 Billionaire equity firm owner John Childs wanted on prostitution charge donated to Romney

>>5426626 China PMIs Plunge Despite Record Surge In Stimulus

>>5427006 Former Iraqi PM al-Maliki claims USA supported ISIS under Hussein

>>5427031 Travel Ban Ends Nearly All Immigration from Terrorist-Sanctioned Countries

38cac9  No.5427043


I am not even that old and I can proudly say I know the hard work of picking rock, putting up hay and milking cows and goats by hand…..loved my youth