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File: 0a011620c7813ba⋯.jpg (493.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, QResearchGeneral.jpg)

de9bf8  No.5216937

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Saturday 02.16.19

>>5214701 ————————————–——– “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one."

>>5213190 ————————————–——– Enemy of the People. ( Cap: >>5213285 )

>>5209861 ————————————–——– Similar to below? ( Cap: >>5209877, Video: >>5209887 )

>>5209530 ————————————–——– Purpose of FAKE NEWS attacks (slow growth/reach) ( Caps: >>5209553, >>5209578 )

>>5209090 rt >>5208844 ————————— If no evidence of 'Russian Collusion' must manufacture.

>>5208800 ————————————–——– On the daily ("No Wall Fight at OK Corral" ( Cap: >>5208879 )

>>5208021 ————————————–——– Army Chief of Engineers? ALL 'FUTURE' CONSTRUCTION?

Friday 02.15.19

>>5198909 ————————————–——– Be careful who you follow.

>>5188819 rt >>5188784 ————————— [RBG] Why was she 'selected'? (Past post)

>>5188720 ————————————–——– Be prepared for more FAKE NEWS disinfo claiming we stated ‘death’.

>>5187914 rt >>5187870 ————————— F-15. NAT EM today?

>>5187866 ————————————–——– THAAD is Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense (Cap: >>5187998 )

>>5187688 ————————————–——– The orders came from the highest office in the land

>>5186480 ————————————–——– Think McCabe Interview and RR Wearing a Wire

>>5186098 ————————————–——– Remember the Cover Story?

>>5185770 rt >>5185721 ————————— You Have More than you Know

>>5186264 rt >>5186193 ————————— Your husband is a Patriot

>>5185619 ————————————–——– What is the punishment for a traitor?

>>5185527 ————————————–——– Be Alert Next Ten Days

Thursday 2.14.19

>>5182398 ————————————–——– Chatter - Bill & Hillary’s ‘public’ health will begin to rapidly deteriorate

>>5182276 ————————————–——– Phase III

>>5182089 ————————————–——– Truth push.

>>5181988 ————————————–——– No mercy.

>>5181944 ————————————–——– Pain

>>5178012 rt >>5177926 ————————— “Well there ya go!”

>>5177902 ————————————–——– Pace picking up? (Twitter cap: >>5177926 ; YT vid: >>5177959 )

>>5177627 ————————————–——– Define the word ‘plan’. (Twitter cap: >>5177666 ; >>5178299 )

>>5177433 ————————————–——– [Coming weeks] (Twitter cap: >>5177464 )

>>5176863 rt >>5176841 ————————— On the move.

>>5176841 rt >>5176626 ————————— Use caution - high follower count targeting to direct ‘deep in narrative’ mob as method to remove.

>>5176617 ————————————–——– Memes are important.

>>5176313 rt >>5176247 ————————— We only go ‘public’ when we want the ‘target’ to ‘know’.

>>5176262 rt >>5176128 ————————— Credit to Anons who deciphered Red/Green Castle.

>>5176118 ————————————–——– Anons knew last March?

>>5167348 ————————————–——– Register all data pulls. Standby

>>5167300 ————————————–——– Pull all views +/-[10]

>>5167233 ————————————–——– Night crawl active [3]

>>5167220 ————————————–——– Sequence Complete.

>>5167194 ————————————–——– Sequence Register.

Tuesday 2.12.19

Compiled here: >>5187731

Monday 2.11.19

Compiled here: >>5187715

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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Those still on the board — https://8ch.net/qresearch/qposts.html or >>>/comms/226

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

de9bf8  No.5216946


are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807 >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5001844 Let's spread this movement worldwide! (Q, Yellow Vest, FREEDOM)

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day

>>5177229 MEMES ARE IMPORTANT: Memetic Warfare Division is RECRUITING


>>5216289 Planefag report

>>5216335, >>5216358 Syria Update

>>5216477, >>5216493, >>5216558 Series of manhole fires force the evacuation of several theaters in midtown Manhattan

>>5216533 @USArmy tweet: What's blue, pointy, and packs a big punch?

>>5216417 The desperation of the hypocrites allows them to expose themselves

>>5216709 Video of manhole fires

>>5216734 @USMC tweet: Skate or Die

>>5216930 #6665


>>5215469 Possible FF: Chilling image of downtown LA posted online by terrorist group

>>5215720 Possible Q Proof: Hussein will be helping develop Africa’s first NBA league (to claim citizenship?)

>>5215908, >>5216089, >>5216128 New POTUS Tweets

>>5215937 Breaking: Police confirm at least 4 killed in hostage standoff at home in Clinton, MS

>>5215947, >>5216026, >>5216067, >>5216075 8, Twitter attack, November 5th: POTUS sending a signal?

>>5216096 On the IRS Whistleblower program

>>5216161 #6664


>>5214751 Kamala Harris denounced ‘modern-day lynching’ of Jussie Smollett

>>5214859, >>5215297, >>5215319 Lee Daniels (Empire director) was at 2016 Democrat Convention and Kamala's recent fundraiser

>>5214930 This "deepfake" video of Donald Trump and Mr. Bean may give you nightmares

>>5214993, >>5215028 Lies from Smollett

>>5215066 Vatican Defrocks Former Cardinal McCarrick, Finds Him Guilty Of Sex Abuse

>>5215118 MAGA Hat Rally @ CNN in Atlanta

>>5215128 Watch the Media Uncritically Accept Another Outlandish ‘Hate Crime’

>>5215272 VP Details U.S. National Security Policy During Munich Speech

>>5215279 ICE arrests millionaire fugitives from Ecuador

>>5215376 #6663


>>5213942 First lawsuit filed to block Trump's national emergency declaration

>>5213928, >>5213951 All US citizens ordered out of Haiti amidst mass unrest

>>5213987 Updated "Thank you Kim" graphic

>>5213962 Graphic on Red Pill Or Blue Pill

>>5214186 Nigerian Brothers were paid $3500 by Smollett

>>5214221, >>5214529 Transcript of Paul Manafort sealed hearing

>>5214388 Kamala Harris headlined two fundraisers for her 2020 presidential campaign on Saturday

>>5214471 Belarus Declares It’s Ready To Unite With Russia

>>5214377, >>5214489 Pelosi wishes ‘Happy Thanksgiving’, on Valentine’s Day

>>5214304 Anon's Theory on Smollett Hoax

>>5214585 Reminder: Sebastian Gorka was barred from entering the White House in August 2017

>>5214615 #6662


>>5213139 Is There Really More Oil in The Golan Heights than in Saudi Arabia?

>>5213177, >>5213296 Police confirm the Smollett update

>>5213229 For keks: Smollett said "Frauds are everywhere"

>>5213401 Video of Canadian Yellow Vest Protests with a Q sign

>>5213610 Cover up of a beheading by MSM

>>5213664, >>5213670 Rope found around Jussie Smollett's neck was purchased by the 2 brothers

>>5213702 DJT Jr tweet

>>5213854 #6661

#6660 Baker Change

>>5212398 Archive Offline: Trump troll video twitter banned

>>5212441 U.S. President Trump to get update on China trade talks

>>5212449 Stephen Miller on FOX tomorrow at 2 and 7 Eastern

>>5212482 Update on India/Pakistan

>>5212493 Biden in Europe: America Today Is ‘an Embarrassment’

>>5212561, >>5212680 New POTUS Tweets

>>5212612, >>5212657, >>5212810, >>5212435, >>5213068 New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack

>>5212765 NBC news clip about Natalia Veselnitskaya

>>5212787, >>5212834, >>5212930 Heather Nauert removed from consideration for UN

>>5212934, >>5212991 Kamala Harris tweet on Smollett

>>5213094 #6660


>>5211731 Citi may liquidate $1 Billion in Venezuelan Gold Within Weeks

>>5211819, >>5211856, >>5211879 “Onward Together” Inside Hillary’s Latest Political Tax Scandal

>>5211878 DeSantis calling for FL state-wide grand jury investigation into school district's safety policies – bell looks familiar…

>>5212334 #6659

'Previously Collected Notables

>>5210033 #6656, >>5210801 #6657, >>5211567 #6658

>>5207639 #6653, >>5208478 #6654, >>5209232 #6655

>>5207100 #6650, >>5207090 #6651, >>5206921 #6652

>>5203045 #6647, >>5203824 #6648, >>5204588 #6649

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41cf9f  No.5216958

File: ce7b43ad9f2b575⋯.jpg (189.33 KB, 585x908, 585:908, Screenshot 2019-02-16_23-5….jpg)

DJT retweet


de9bf8  No.5216960



13fb9c  No.5216973

Screaming helps.


41cf9f  No.5216975

File: 286de73876456c2⋯.jpeg (27.31 KB, 474x399, 158:133, th.jpeg)


sorry baker


de9bf8  No.5216977


Lurking Baker, you still want to bake?

634297  No.5216979

File: 00b3c080615661d⋯.jpg (82.91 KB, 1200x599, 1200:599, DzihlOUX4AAQneu.jpg)

752462  No.5216980

File: 7a92acdf2378207⋯.png (270.04 KB, 793x598, 61:46, JJ1S.png)


cfe9b4  No.5216981


Yay! You did it for the Jews! Thank you!

God wins because he's still Satan and is running the show to fuck with you all. Yawn. Come on. Do something harder.

cc2e83  No.5216982

File: 2b7ff17c4f202f0⋯.jpg (441.42 KB, 729x494, 729:494, SuckitAntiBotShill.jpg)

31f9d2  No.5216984

File: 55ecab46fcf7af2⋯.png (23.88 KB, 502x316, 251:158, ClipboardImage.png)

Sexy sixes and a Q to boot!

294f5e  No.5216985

File: bf3c09328be14dd⋯.jpg (39.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bf3c09328be14dd17a262466c5….jpg)

ddb368  No.5216986

κύριος Ἰησοῦς

d5c446  No.5216987

File: fa8e0cc00f57a42⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 499x499, 1:1, gifoejiuou9u9.gif)

04b0c7  No.5216988

File: 9b5d4a6f67d384e⋯.jpg (312.52 KB, 1000x1163, 1000:1163, opticsmatter.jpg)

9ca295  No.5216989

File: 5c93340f6b7b3be⋯.png (767 B, 49x40, 49:40, Screenshot from 2019-02-16….png)


Thanks! Bye!

cfe9b4  No.5216990



c4a9e7  No.5216991

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



youre right on time too baker

handoff confirmed?

5f59c1  No.5216992

File: a841db76034cb2f⋯.png (469.8 KB, 612x663, 12:13, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5ec23f76e146cb7⋯.png (172.67 KB, 918x447, 306:149, ClipboardImage.png)


48c3d6  No.5216993

>>5216924 lb



a71617  No.5216994

File: 28d323f564859af⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 4080x2310, 136:77, Highest Authority(b).jpg)

…and these whom He predestined,

He also called;

and these whom He called,

He also justified;

and these whom He justified,

He also glorified.

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?

-Romans 8:30

Evil One…. get wrekt.

c33d10  No.5216995

File: 659031d993f4e7c⋯.png (17.13 KB, 1234x340, 617:170, QMirrorAnsweryesA.png)

Q answered yes to the JFK Jr. question. It is a MIRROR.



SEE the IDs, then fill in the blanks…

1. Odds of cc occupying spaces 5 and 6 on both randomly-generated IDs:_______

2. Odds of interrogator's randomly-generated id adding up to 23 (PAIN/JFK Jr.):_____

3. Odds of Q's randomly-generated id adding up to 17: _____

4. Odds of a flipped question/answer matching Q's THINK MIRROR:_____

5. Odds of 2 of the above happening together:_____

6. Odds of 3 of the above happening together:_____

7. Odds of 4 of the above happening together:______

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible? -Q

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263683 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:51:59 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263659 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:50:26 (EST)




Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?

Logical thinking.



c33d10  No.5216996

File: 474d9ce89b6daf6⋯.png (13.98 KB, 451x299, 451:299, Qmirrorsanddisinfo.png)

6fe725  No.5216997

File: a659a8212df87e6⋯.jpg (92.55 KB, 1234x660, 617:330, POTUS giving light.jpg)

3adc6c  No.5216998

File: dc9b032ec3fea51⋯.png (358.19 KB, 647x649, 647:649, Before_Islam_When_Saudi_Ar….PNG)

File: 5279588c75c1b3b⋯.jpg (649.85 KB, 2772x1645, 396:235, Jews_muslims_enemies.jpg)

File: 3bb4b53324ded16⋯.jpg (766.47 KB, 2668x1744, 667:436, Jews_muslims_enemies_2.jpg)

File: 074791e95d96fbf⋯.png (96.86 KB, 916x640, 229:160, Leopold_Weiss_The_Jew_Who_….PNG)

File: 532482a099039b7⋯.jpg (150.38 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, Wahhabanism_Jewish_Connect….jpg)

>>5216914 (lb)

Not an argument.

Instead of attacking me, you should be attacking the people and groups that I post about.

294f5e  No.5216999

File: f80f20925cc1cfe⋯.jpg (14.44 KB, 456x320, 57:40, r87e9075487185437t84r7t891….jpg)

a01100  No.5217000

File: d3bb2e35aa72ef5⋯.png (51.04 KB, 747x637, 747:637, MAY DAY3.png)

c33d10  No.5217001

File: 21816379a61059f⋯.png (14.34 KB, 546x289, 546:289, WaitUntilYouLearn.png)

3a1313  No.5217002

File: fd4b1f319e31607⋯.png (130.39 KB, 373x584, 373:584, Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at ….png)

File: 252bb101bda4685⋯.png (148.41 KB, 729x396, 81:44, Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at ….png)

File: 2c962b7aa96b96d⋯.png (92.39 KB, 356x435, 356:435, Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at ….png)

Smollett Statement



cfe9b4  No.5217003

File: bbe9b201c257ff8⋯.jpg (3.46 MB, 3100x3000, 31:30, c1a242c81ec5a21d9f10d5a67e….jpg)


I'm just one of seven, silly boy.

2d8aa9  No.5217004

File: 5cdace63b447a54⋯.jpg (108.67 KB, 470x718, 235:359, 3E55DA2600000578-4321382-M….jpg)


TY Baker!!!

>>5216942 (lb)

Respect, anon! It's amazing how "hand in hand" that goes with "originalist". Think about it. Christ fulfilled the law, but that never precluded us from abiding by it.

c33d10  No.5217005

File: 10beda4ed0e9b31⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, AmbulanceFront.jpg)

cc2e83  No.5217006


"A Top-Secret Battle"

in case anyone needs a quick Brain Break


769427  No.5217007

>>5216939 LB


04b0c7  No.5217008

File: a1c4f8320e32a1e⋯.jpg (319.31 KB, 1120x840, 4:3, schopenhauer.jpg)

5f740a  No.5217009

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Never never gonna give you up.

9dc537  No.5217010

File: f16ba37b4b0df50⋯.png (207.63 KB, 670x741, 670:741, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3ebc7ec521e211f⋯.png (88.14 KB, 663x880, 663:880, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 87440ab7533c26e⋯.png (260.09 KB, 667x869, 667:869, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9314feff67a90ee⋯.png (19.58 KB, 660x294, 110:49, ClipboardImage.png)


'Cash, chemicals, drugs, and gold': The incredible story of how a 350-pound programming genius became 'the Jeff Bezos of the dark web' by trafficking crystal meth from North Korea and selling missile technology to Iran

Paul Le Roux, 46, is considered the 'Jeff Bezos of transnational organized crime'

Le Roux is a former programming genius who developed encryption software

He used his internet savvy to make $250million a year by using the dark web to traffic drugs, weapons, and murder-for-hire schemes

Le Roux also sold the services of an army of mercenaries that he used to try to overthrow governments

In 2012, he was arrested by undercover DEA agents after he was lured to a hotel in Liberia where he thought he was meeting Colombian drug dealers

Le Roux then made a deal with the feds, agreeing to entrap co-conspirators in exchange for limited immunity and a reduced sentence

Le Roux's life story is subject of a new book, Hunting Le Roux: The Inside Story of the DEA Takedown of a Criminal Genius and His Empire, by Elaine Shannon


b9895a  No.5217011


start at 8:29

de9bf8  No.5217012


Handoff Confirmed

thanks baker, have a good night

57fb7c  No.5217013

File: b31294284d8bf1d⋯.png (241.51 KB, 498x311, 498:311, ClipboardImage.png)

cc2e83  No.5217014


Titor, is that you?

5f59c1  No.5217015


think BIG?

48bcee  No.5217016

File: 3070af0e9d819bc⋯.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1114x1653, 1114:1653, 4AC063EC-1C96-43CD-8691-0….jpeg)

File: d68744f6ecca267⋯.jpeg (535.48 KB, 1050x1621, 1050:1621, 17A278FF-318F-43E9-BCB2-7….jpeg)

File: 2c6ff5559b24c02⋯.jpeg (352.68 KB, 1008x957, 336:319, 0492F185-0332-4A90-AE2E-C….jpeg)

File: d67fd5d19b666f2⋯.jpeg (747.2 KB, 1242x1870, 621:935, 0659235C-93B1-44BA-A276-2….jpeg)

File: 7945775986cf984⋯.jpeg (613.66 KB, 1242x1803, 414:601, FBC587B9-4FBF-4FEA-8760-0….jpeg)

the 6’s… u know what time it is!!

b8c68a  No.5217017

File: d2d6149d8f1195d⋯.png (512.05 KB, 1440x779, 1440:779, Screenshot_2019-02-16 4 Bo….png)

Oh look more refugee



shocked I tell you


41cf9f  No.5217018

File: 19677f1875b12e1⋯.jpg (99.7 KB, 593x604, 593:604, Screenshot 2019-02-16_23-5….jpg)

File: 807772b36d03125⋯.jpg (115.95 KB, 592x571, 592:571, Screenshot 2019-02-16_23-5….jpg)

DJT Retweet


from 7hrs ago


cfe9b4  No.5217019


look CBLANKA wants me to suicide by cop because they don't have the balls to come out of the dark and slaughter me so what do you think this is going to do lol

6fe725  No.5217021

File: 2be584331a7bcf2⋯.gif (995.9 KB, 176x99, 16:9, you now.gif)

e0e9d9  No.5217022

File: 98f12474afcd097⋯.png (239.91 KB, 1464x913, 1464:913, Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at ….png)


Did Q Biblically Encode "5:5" & "17" ?

Anons, just got back from being out w/ normie gf. Apology if this has already been discussed. Latest Q seems to me to signal 5:5 & 17. Sum the chapters and sum the verses.

Did Q plan this for Bread #6666???


4c9f30  No.5217023

File: f68dedae94dc2fa⋯.png (720.56 KB, 622x442, 311:221, Romans8v19.png)

cb72df  No.5217024

File: 1d6c2ac5ac2bc28⋯.png (423.29 KB, 821x744, 821:744, Epstein1-2.png)

File: e7643ef03c1d814⋯.png (83.18 KB, 859x577, 859:577, Epstein2-2.png)

I'm going to dig further on this. As some anons know, Jeffrey Epstein was somehow an FBI Informant which is part of the reason he got that sweet prison sentence. I guess most of us assumed he was an FBI Informant for his own underage shenanigans, but this article I just found makes it appear as if he was an Informant for something completely unrelated, but this is how he got his 13 month sentence for the underage prostitution thing:

Jeffrey Epstein Became a Government Informant as Part of Sweetheart Plea Deal

In exchange for a sweetheart plea deal that buried dozens of allegations by underage girls of sexual abuse at his Palm Beach, Florida, mansion, disgraced hedge-fund manager Jeffrey Epstein provided federal investigators with “unspecified information,” according to records cited in a Tuesday report from the Miami Herald. Epstein, who has long faced allegations of coercion and sex trafficking, could have faced life in prison in 2007, when his lawyer met with Miami federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta, who is now President Trump’s labor secretary. The pair struck a deal that only required Epstein to serve 13 months in a county jail and shuttered an FBI probe into his alleged crimes. But as part of that deal, according to records cited by the Herald, Epstein provided “valuable consideration”—in other words, critical information—to federal investigators. There’s no direct evidence of what that information was, but records show that at around the same time, Epstein was considered to be a crucial witness during the trial of two Bear Stearns executives who faced allegations of corporate securities fraud during the 2008 financial crisis.


071451  No.5217025

Going to sprinkle some HOORAAH in this bread.

ffb390  No.5217026

File: 03da362d82b8a06⋯.jpg (27.93 KB, 400x588, 100:147, John-1-5-And-the-light-shi….jpg)

3bbd2d  No.5217027


He's dead.

He will come after the Event when we shift into 5D. He will be at the reunion party. Hold strong.

2af0fa  No.5217028

>>5216128 (lb)

It boggles the mind to consider how high the stakes must be in order to read a message like that! The world is teetering on the edge of insanity and crushing Marxism with one man and one team trying, with all their might, to keep us from going over the edge! The sadness that permeated our President when he was giving his National emergency speech, was profound! Whatever "it is"…we've arrived…and I don't expect a cushy landing!

1d238f  No.5217029

File: 9aae93a7d5028bb⋯.mp4 (697 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Alexa knows.mp4)



>GOD WINS edition


>anons know

4dcb37  No.5217030

File: 12f7dd1d44b3f6a⋯.jpeg (963.72 KB, 1242x2089, 1242:2089, 0AB475A0-92ED-4393-BA1C-D….jpeg)


Oliver North to head the NRA.



e92e18  No.5217031

File: 5e05ae1aa20e586⋯.jpg (22.03 KB, 274x447, 274:447, 5e05ae1aa20e5863f162db5751….jpg)


evil quads chekked

cfe9b4  No.5217032



ilu <3

31f9d2  No.5217033




b40794  No.5217034


3 years minimum, if the cops decide to charge him. He's pretty. He'll be a popular choice in the big house. They'll rape him to death in there. He deserves it.


3adc6c  No.5217035

File: 9b9a22a82e9ba9b⋯.png (448.24 KB, 1217x689, 1217:689, Rabbi_disregards_security_….PNG)

File: f77e6bb6c4874e3⋯.jpg (111.23 KB, 634x555, 634:555, 2_1965_Immigration_act_jew….jpg)

File: b27be26c6331972⋯.png (2.32 MB, 3580x1252, 895:313, 3_Jews_Immigration_And_Nat….png)

File: a369a043983ca62⋯.jpg (278.18 KB, 952x604, 238:151, Jews_Push4Miscegenation_On….jpg)

File: 5d673ebdf6fc187⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2486x3062, 1243:1531, Jews_Push_For_Muslim_Migra….jpg)


>>5216923 (lb)

Cry more, zionist traitor piece of shit :)

9dc537  No.5217036

File: 57b29ec6fc49742⋯.png (795.7 KB, 639x461, 639:461, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 404a08cbde5d155⋯.png (355.48 KB, 512x462, 256:231, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0f9f5064b4efcca⋯.png (791.28 KB, 664x795, 664:795, ClipboardImage.png)

Cops Find 69 Bodies in Cartel Mass Grave in Mexico

Mexican authorities in the western coastal state of Colima have discovered 69 bodies in a series of mass graves. Cartel gunmen used the graves to dispose of their victims. The discovery came after two cartel gunmen led authorities to the site in hopes of receiving a lesser sentence.

State and federal authorities spent almost two weeks digging in more than two dozen shallow graves near the town of Tecoman. They have found several bodies that had been recently murdered while other victims appear to have been there for years.

This week, Colima state authorities announced the discovery and met with families of missing persons to inform them of developments and request DNA samples.


071451  No.5217037

File: 6ec2d9a10ef8f52⋯.png (712.16 KB, 720x1005, 48:67, Screenshot_20190216-224315….png)

3d432b  No.5217039

File: d1c9fe27e002e8c⋯.png (9.89 KB, 272x185, 272:185, colortrinity field.png)

File: fe2e7306856cd21⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 310x163, 310:163, quarkgluonplasma.jpg)

File: a2b43a4e92f9638⋯.jpg (38.17 KB, 472x458, 236:229, emcolor.jpg)

File: 00a911ce7dbcb12⋯.jpg (22.59 KB, 640x457, 640:457, 00a911ce7dbcb12be6d11ea446….jpg)

Horatio there is more in heaven and earth than you know.


It is all fractal fields that create 4D

2640bc  No.5217040

File: 9f9c3d645c00b5c⋯.jpg (213.5 KB, 2291x1063, 2291:1063, RevolutionDamnit01.JPG)

File: ce489bdd0451cc5⋯.jpg (219.81 KB, 2289x1079, 2289:1079, RevolutionDamnit02.JPG)

File: 20fe55ace1faaeb⋯.jpg (54.45 KB, 639x573, 213:191, DdpPPKhV0AEsoxg.jpg large.jpg)

Great Awakening

15b648  No.5217041

File: e5879b9d6ee108b⋯.png (372.86 KB, 843x791, 843:791, ClipboardImage.png)

Feb 16, 2019 11:52:57 PM

RT @TomFitton: BIG: Strzok/Page Docs Show More Collusion to Protect Hillary Clinton; Voter Fraud Crisis–Thousands of Aliens Illegally Voti…





Tom Fitton: Clinton Atty Pressuring FBI on Weiner Laptop; Voter Fraud Update; Trump's Border Battle

Feb 16, 2019 11:56:32 PM

RT @TomFitton: .@NYTIMES complains @realDonaldTrump crackdown on asylum scamming is working. https://t.co/K8j94ITalL ]

Feb 16, 2019 11:56:12 PM

RT @TomFitton: Mueller Will Harass @RealDonaldTrump for Entire Term https://t.co/eoQVP6MsmF via @JudicialWatch

c4a9e7  No.5217042


confirmed, godspeed

praise kek

bless this bread

thanks for the bakery

6ce6b8  No.5217043

File: 716b53b567dc687⋯.jpg (166.79 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, yup07.jpg)


Estás pateando panadero burro

17d5c4  No.5217044

File: 7df6372cfb57a6d⋯.jpg (83.9 KB, 728x546, 4:3, prayer-sin-and-god-10-728.jpg)

Matthew 5:37 But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No.’ Whatever is more than these is of the evil one.

Matthew 6:13 Bring us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For yours is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Amen. ’

Matthew 13:19 When anyone hears the word of the Kingdom, and doesn’t understand it, the evil one comes, and snatches away that which has been sown in his heart. This is what was sown by the roadside.

Matthew 13:38 the field is the world; and the good seed, these are the children of the Kingdom; and the darnel weeds are the children of the evil one.

Luke 11:4 Forgive us our sins, for we ourselves also forgive everyone who is indebted to us. Bring us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.’”

John 17:15 I pray not that you would take them from the world, but that you would keep them from the evil one.

Ephesians 6:16 above all, taking up the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you, and guard you from the evil one.

1 John 2:14 I have written to you, fathers, because you know him who is from the beginning. I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God remains in you, and you have overcome the evil one.

1 John 3:12 unlike Cain, who was of the evil one, and killed his brother. Why did he kill him? Because his deeds were evil, and his brother’s righteous.

1 John 5:18 We know that whoever is born of God doesn’t sin, but he who was born of God keeps himself, and the evil one doesn’t touch him.

1 John 5:19 We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

6fe725  No.5217045

File: 23184d6f02d8b89⋯.jpg (24.76 KB, 670x503, 670:503, trips (2).jpg)



4670ac  No.5217046

File: 596c131f880f658⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1110x740, 3:2, 0000A.png)

File: 1fd315cf96ca2f1⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1110x740, 3:2, 0000B.png)

8c25c7  No.5217047


bless the lord baby! we slaying them 6’s… evil is on its last peg.

41cf9f  No.5217048

File: e8cafda2344ba27⋯.jpg (64.66 KB, 563x405, 563:405, Screenshot 2019-02-17_00-0….jpg)


1d238f  No.5217049

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3adc6c  No.5217050

File: ab1b53910006026⋯.png (418.88 KB, 562x615, 562:615, Anti_semitism_law_censors_….PNG)

File: 1a695eeaba826e1⋯.png (6.8 KB, 842x73, 842:73, Anti_semitism_law_censors_….PNG)

File: ba1597e9a129e21⋯.png (231.86 KB, 800x1083, 800:1083, Anti_semitism_law_censors_….png)

File: 00cd7f0f2e8f8dd⋯.png (127.87 KB, 666x788, 333:394, Jews_want_to_change_Bible.png)

File: d24f79306dc7714⋯.jpg (296.95 KB, 1080x1717, 1080:1717, z1550367996886.jpg)


Anon just realized that the new "Anti semetic" "law" just made the Bible Illegal.

The stupid kikes (not every Jew is a kike, there are Patriot Jews) really want to fuck with the Christians in every way they can:





2af0fa  No.5217051

>>5217030 Why do so many give this man a pass?

071451  No.5217052

Get the fuck off our board, Qatari trash.

04b0c7  No.5217053

File: 407608c28f87f02⋯.jpg (153.13 KB, 794x698, 397:349, 40c46ff6304c48cf0622e27b8d….jpg)

cfe9b4  No.5217054


chupa el burro por favor

48c3d6  No.5217055

Do I Have To Say It?



749d48  No.5217056



3d632e  No.5217057

File: 43fc81bc6d0618d⋯.jpg (45.42 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Bless.jpg)

Bless this bread.

838430  No.5217059


Ah that looks like a noteable.

6ce6b8  No.5217060

File: fd7ec260163c392⋯.jpg (75.69 KB, 602x788, 301:394, toiBoi23.jpg)


CTA, get to work on this one. giffy jigglez be cool an shit

1d0667  No.5217061

They got the right spirit, may the house of lords all drop dead


a07f10  No.5217062

File: 71a86f19ac63aa1⋯.png (105.59 KB, 363x139, 363:139, ClipboardImage.png)



c27bb5  No.5217063


Last year. Go back faggot.

634297  No.5217064

File: ebaaa6ac0521a40⋯.jpg (50.69 KB, 640x603, 640:603, DzlOl6WXcAAMglI.jpg)

File: c9bbeffc2d42cb0⋯.jpg (49.12 KB, 750x728, 375:364, DzlQ4RXWsAALBFr.jpg)

Leave it up to Twitter Trends to "shift' the narrative

1c18ba  No.5217065

File: 7b4dbbbb0beab14⋯.jpeg (28.98 KB, 221x255, 13:15, E8BA4200-AD17-488E-9777-6….jpeg)

dfe5e0  No.5217066

File: e29ce7f01f57443⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1197x1479, 399:493, ClipboardImage.png)


Good name for quad bread Baker

7a547e  No.5217067


What do with this info?! Cannot figure out Earth shape or sunlamp shape.

898da6  No.5217068

File: cbd9cfdf30a26e2⋯.jpg (88.04 KB, 1624x658, 116:47, pray.JPG)

>>5216939 LB

prayer…there is something to it

made last second decision post and pray.

3d432b  No.5217069

File: 82ba320d0f4c23e⋯.jpg (13.54 KB, 255x172, 255:172, 073114f0cda903ae852cd07ea5….jpg)

4 million mile view - fields

259892  No.5217070

File: 190c55c8cc1898b⋯.jpg (181.84 KB, 1125x1151, 1125:1151, jessiiiiiiiiiie.jpg)

Jussie Smollett lawyer has responded…He's added to his lies

ddb368  No.5217071

File: c15106dbfd4d4f1⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 299x252, 299:252, shake.gif)


>not posting the gif

d435d0  No.5217072

File: f98346cca8acd7b⋯.png (1.25 MB, 730x771, 730:771, Democrat Hoax Hall of Sham….PNG)

1e4f5a  No.5217074

So the libs are planning protests on Monday showing their opposition to Trumps EO

e49607  No.5217075

File: 7d002ff698131d3⋯.mp4 (10.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 8xi5q.mp4)

If your brain is just a random collection of chemicals

that formed by chance over billions of years, how on earth

can you trust your own reasoning processes and thoughts that

you think? This is an excellent clip.

2683ee  No.5217076

File: c1d6f721b58a37b⋯.jpg (144.17 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_6111.JPG)

604a42  No.5217077

File: 3a8cc464bba0c67⋯.jpg (68.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3a8cc464bba0c6751b75cef8ed….jpg)

File: 4a36aa1f048547d⋯.jpg (106.5 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 4a36aa1f048547d37711e3ef61….jpg)

File: bb00791e998fd0e⋯.jpeg (12.4 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 4b8543bf74204f233020ab4b5….jpeg)

File: 7321b5bb84adc8c⋯.png (202.59 KB, 400x342, 200:171, 6ef59751d759c2f9a0a022a7d1….png)

41cf9f  No.5217078

File: 739c5e6df99ea81⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 299x252, 299:252, Boobs-dancing-bouncing-gif.gif)

e478d5  No.5217079

File: d65b212108b6c94⋯.jpg (40.05 KB, 640x475, 128:95, 25mmRounds.jpg)


It's on the back of a Bradley so 25mm rounds for the Bushmaster cannon is the likely explanation. Not 30mm.

604a42  No.5217080

File: 65a199b3332d649⋯.jpg (49.57 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 65a199b3332d6498a46d99a748….jpg)

c33d10  No.5217081

File: 541f7d4c8865586⋯.jpg (59.54 KB, 500x369, 500:369, 541f7d4c88655867.jpg)

a8d67a  No.5217082

File: 4992d6334975cc5⋯.png (933.57 KB, 993x563, 993:563, John 66.6.PNG)

John 6:66 King James Version

From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.

cc2e83  No.5217083


We finally getting around the Unified Field Theory or are we still waiting for others to grasp the concept of a GUToE?

752462  No.5217084

File: d3a546c30effd44⋯.png (163.5 KB, 640x480, 4:3, pope-francis-refugees-640x….png)

Pope Francis Urges Christians to Overcome Fear of Migrants

Pope Francis focused his homily on Friday on urging the faithful to resist “the wickedness and ugliness of our time” by not giving in to fears of migrants and refugees.

In these difficult times, we are tempted to “close ourselves in ourselves, in our fragile human security, in the circle of our loved ones, in our reassuring routine,” the pope said. But this withdrawal into ourselves is a “sign of defeat” that “increases our fear of others — strangers, the marginalized, foreigners — who are also the Lord’s privileged ones.”

“This is particularly evident today, in the face of the arrival of migrants and refugees who knock on our door in search of protection, security, and a better future,” Francis said.


So, if I want to get to Heaven I have to allow illegal immigrants to over run muh country?

I guess I am going to the promised land.

No stop signs! Speed limits!

52a22a  No.5217085

File: d4694888e8525f4⋯.png (501.26 KB, 900x646, 450:323, american flag peace sign p….png)



4abed5  No.5217086



>All verses about fear

>Chapters and verses add to 55:17

Is this the Sum of All Fears?

2144b2  No.5217087


"They're here."

4670ac  No.5217088

File: cd4d1dbe66cda8f⋯.png (907.3 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 00TY0.png)

TY Baker

Your Service is appreciated

5c4238  No.5217089


Keep trafficking, raping, seancing, and sacrificing! It's allllllll goooood! We'll say you knew something about a couple of other pedos in the banking world to help us look like we are ACTUALLY doing something about the 2007 bank heist.

Sounds about right.

634297  No.5217090

File: 99c6517943c21c6⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 400x350, 8:7, 7b46adb794aec4e86197ecea90….gif)

cfe9b4  No.5217091


doesn't a computer just run code

debug yourself you dumb monkey

1d238f  No.5217092

File: 0dbdc0101a30e58⋯.jpg (114.1 KB, 1063x813, 1063:813, GUDSHID.jpg)




[those were the good ole dayz]

57fb7c  No.5217093

File: fe7aee1733a449d⋯.png (115.09 KB, 474x249, 158:83, _u_.png)




>>5216939 LB

"Attention all anons. Let's all pause for five minutes in prayer together. Prayer is the most powerful in numbers. I ask that any and all anons please take a moment and pray for God to pour out his LIGHT into this world. Pray for peace. Pray for POTUS. Pray for truth and for the light of Jesus Christ to shine in the heart and soul of all men. Pray for God to cast out the evil and rebuke the demons and to bring the world Glory. Pray for the Holy Ghost Spirit of God Almighty to fill your being and for the LIGHT and TRUTH of the word of GOD to reign eternal in the hearts of men! AMEN! TOGETHER ANONS WE WIN!"


5:5 wind the clock.

31f9d2  No.5217094



<namefaggot threatening people

9dc537  No.5217095

File: 81ec3a7de5dceec⋯.png (11.13 KB, 385x308, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Putin Bad

Russia bad

China Bad

Syria bad

Iran bad

Israel The Greatest Ally


EU Ally

Canada Ally

UK Ally

Australia/NZ Ally

Those who destroy v those who create!

The creator v the destroyer!

Expand your thinking!



c6bbfe  No.5217096

File: 316bcdc19a98ffa⋯.jpg (240.5 KB, 1858x1569, 1858:1569, 8841 Mirror 1488.jpg)

Just a thought

4881 Mirror 1488 Q drop

8c25c7  No.5217097


amen fren.

and a few verses b4 ur matthew 13:38 u wrote, Jesus states how the mysteries not known since the dawn of man can be understood thru his parables.

really powerful stuff in the allegories/parables.

bless Jesus and all he taught.

fbd5e9  No.5217098

File: 4295ec8cd588548⋯.jpg (12.6 KB, 474x474, 1:1, ying and yang.jpg)

57fb7c  No.5217099



071451  No.5217100

File: f34efd979b31147⋯.png (386.78 KB, 720x464, 45:29, Screenshot_20190216-224501….png)

5f740a  No.5217101

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hold On I'm Coming

7c2fbe  No.5217102

Frens… find peace in where and what you are.

3adc6c  No.5217103

File: 65a0ab0f65a7f95⋯.png (635.3 KB, 946x791, 946:791, Israel_election_meddling_a….png)

File: 92a37d92e9cc81e⋯.png (1.32 MB, 952x676, 238:169, AIPAC_SUBVERSION_2.png)

51062a  No.5217104



2683ee  No.5217105

File: bb886ff8b99d66a⋯.jpg (133.33 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_6106.JPG)

Call on God but row away from the rocks. ~ hunter s Thompson

607bc1  No.5217106

File: 38b14754731a4ff⋯.png (2.58 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 7AD45FB6-A299-4030-A268-11….png)


48bcee  No.5217107


up is down, left is right.

jews are victims, christians are oppressors.

cfe9b4  No.5217108


putin likes mockba pizza the best

60b62c  No.5217109

File: 03a60a35a9cf4d5⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 650x404, 325:202, Sword-Salute_god-bless.gif)

cc2e83  No.5217110


"Who do you trust?"

"Do not trust what you read."

"Read your bible."

Put 2 and 2 together… c'mooooon… y'all can do it….

04b0c7  No.5217111

File: 3eb87a8cd2b18b3⋯.jpg (25.58 KB, 650x370, 65:37, flippoles.jpg)

5a328c  No.5217112

File: ab9aeb9a93a1555⋯.jpg (70.16 KB, 530x646, 265:323, darktolight.jpg)


ad infinitum

48c3d6  No.5217113




b682d0  No.5217114


poor thing shouldn't have done that www.fakehatecrimes.org

d85685  No.5217115

In Revelation (KJV), Jesus refers to Himself as the "bright and morning star":

Rev. 22:16 (KJV) I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

In Isaiah (KJV), Lucifer is referred to as the son of the morning:

Is. 12:14 (KJV) How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

Now, the NIV:

Rev. 22:14 (NIV) “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you[a] this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

Good so far…

Is. 14:12 (NIV) How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!

Waiiiittt… They remove "Lucifer" from the passage, so it's not immediately clear to whom they are referring, and then change "son of the morning" to "morning star," a title Jesus uses to refer to Himself?

It's almost as if someone is trying to equate Jesus with Lucifer here…

6fe725  No.5217116

File: f4d31a4f2bda239⋯.png (224.78 KB, 890x794, 445:397, 021719 Hedge funds pricks.png)

File: ff417ce6552d1ed⋯.jpg (48.68 KB, 1000x708, 250:177, Underpants gnomes.jpg)

Group Of 10 Elite Hedge Fund Managers Made $7.7 Billion In 2018

Remarkably enough considering investors just endured a year that will be remembered as one of the worst for cross-asset performance in recent memory, Citadel founder and hedge fund billion Ken Griffin - who capped off a $700 million real-estate buying binge by dropping more than $450 million for properties in London and New York City - still finished the year well in the black.

According to Bloomberg, Griffin was one of the leaders of a pack of well-compensated hedge fund billionaires who saw their wealth expand by $7.7 billion in 2018. Griffin alone saw his fortune swell by $870 million, bringing his total net worth to $10 billion.

Citadel had a good year last year, but its returns didn't include anything on the scale of George Soros' legendary pound short or John Paulson's bet against the housing market. So how did he do so well?

The answer is that funds like Citadel and Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates have grown so large, they effectively throw off hundreds of millions - if not billions - of dollars in fees a year, even during relatively lean stretches for the market.

"We still want the mega funds to produce returns that are better than a typical hedge fund, that’s why we’re willing to pay the 2 and 20 percent fees," said Tim Ng, CIO of Clearbrook Global Advisors, which invests in hedge funds. "We’re willing to tolerate lower performance from some in a market like 2018 because they have for years outperformed their peers."

rest at link


634297  No.5217117

File: 6fa002afb6a1c52⋯.jpg (79.59 KB, 1100x817, 1100:817, DzlQ4jWX0AAQGHv.jpg)

d05602  No.5217118

File: ab6bf07d76b447b⋯.jpg (277.6 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, frazetta snake worshiper g….jpg)

File: 140614e928ba6bd⋯.jpg (207.66 KB, 786x1000, 393:500, conan Frazetta stand.jpg)

File: ad50d2a4a9eaa91⋯.jpg (113.17 KB, 485x750, 97:150, Frazetta-beam of light wwg….jpg)

File: 94fba801dcab449⋯.jpg (251.2 KB, 1200x758, 600:379, frazetta warlord of mars l….jpg)

File: 64bf5722362d352⋯.jpg (120.28 KB, 600x750, 4:5, Frazetta-Sacrifice no more.jpg)

abfd4f  No.5217119

File: 106605accc1e4d9⋯.jpeg (456.11 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, bug-aliens-mantis.jpeg)


The Cursed bread #6666

e9d39a  No.5217120

File: 68d41481cb68c7f⋯.jpg (27.32 KB, 632x360, 79:45, jussie lies.jpg)

Not sure if these have made their way around….

48bcee  No.5217121

File: bd0fcc64d506195⋯.jpeg (371.51 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 60DC30C9-C3BB-4875-B25E-F….jpeg)

File: cd5725e92247a15⋯.jpeg (279.62 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, BC4977F7-C37D-4FC6-A7AD-7….jpeg)


do not post that meme on social media! (((They))) really hate it! be a good goy and listen to your jewish overlords.

cfe9b4  No.5217122


sup baseace

3adc6c  No.5217123




Well said.

6d5fc1  No.5217124

File: 9c25e564b6c105d⋯.png (123.3 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-02-16-22-5….png)


cb72df  No.5217125

Anons, is Rob Goldstone our fren? Or was he part of the "frame Trump" team?

31f9d2  No.5217126



No thanks. I'll just call you a namefaggot, namefaggot.

9dc537  No.5217127

File: e951c523d305157⋯.png (289.3 KB, 693x309, 231:103, ClipboardImage.png)

80c653  No.5217128



It has been very clear for a very long time. It is Gods work to open the eyes of all that the Father has called.

2683ee  No.5217129



What's new

1c18ba  No.5217130

File: f1ef8d790c6fbcc⋯.jpeg (95.33 KB, 750x343, 750:343, 9B9A8CD1-4EB9-422C-A5B3-E….jpeg)


Fuck off jaden.

e9d39a  No.5217131

File: e465c8150465d86⋯.jpg (110.51 KB, 589x667, 589:667, jussie obamas.jpg)



923402  No.5217132

>>5216242 PB

Another thought on Aurora from the movie - her dress changed back and forth between light blue and pink (lighter she of red). Blue pill/Red pill?

60b62c  No.5217133



5f59c1  No.5217134

File: c27460b6ad1d146⋯.png (573.76 KB, 628x602, 314:301, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8666d4ca99c4667⋯.png (74.75 KB, 613x153, 613:153, ClipboardImage.png)

675fb7  No.5217135

Have you noticed that since the SOTU, all of the momentum has been behind POTUS?

—AOC’s implosion…green new deal epic fail

—Civil War among NY Democrats (another AOC epic fail)

—POTUS approval rating above 50% and rising

SOTU = turning point

2683ee  No.5217136


Highest ranking bacon

3adc6c  No.5217137



de9bf8  No.5217138


i fucking love this video

comfy as all fuck, anon

9dc537  No.5217139


Skirt wearing homo satanist GTFO

e49607  No.5217140


Yes it is, but did the computer write the code?

Not sure you qualified to call someone else dumb.

752462  No.5217141

File: d8cda989a734da7⋯.jpg (123.92 KB, 921x1199, 921:1199, Dzj_x9lXQAApT63.jpg)


I am sure he will get the Justice he deserves KEK!

38ca19  No.5217142


I have no idea. If anyone personifies so obviously the gun-running, drug-running, money-laundering filth of the Deep State, it's Oliver North.

1d238f  No.5217143

File: 68f13d55869a84e⋯.jpg (40.97 KB, 340x270, 34:27, pepeangelo-crossing-the-de….jpg)

File: af3feb1e6148f00⋯.png (576.42 KB, 650x640, 65:64, potus-painting.png)

File: 564253beb4955ba⋯.png (5.16 MB, 1531x1535, 1531:1535, wife beater avanti.png)

File: 58f1b71786a5ef8⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1430x944, 715:472, nightshift.png)

File: c0d37f4281a2063⋯.jpg (95.53 KB, 672x500, 168:125, nothing to see here.jpg)

a9cb8b  No.5217144

File: 7dd080bb5ba0fcb⋯.png (2.54 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, A0882C42-A035-4465-A9E1-DF….png)

File: 27b5c889b88b31e⋯.png (957.96 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 8ECBC4CB-1C57-4FF4-B8B4-BD….png)

Where is Ruthie

56466f  No.5217145


Why can't the FCC pull the broadcast licenses of these fake MSM companies now Q? Didn't Potus sign an EO detailing prosecution and fines against any media outlet who knowingly commits fraudulent reporting last year?

a01100  No.5217146

File: 02dc924195bd52c⋯.png (115.04 KB, 1271x666, 1271:666, MANHOLE1.png)

File: 1ee9083f23c310f⋯.png (416.44 KB, 459x684, 51:76, MANHOLE2.png)

File: 62298b2fa56e0d9⋯.jpg (275.33 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, MANHOLE3.jpg)

NEW YORK (AP) — A series of manhole fires in midtown Manhattan on Saturday forced the evacuation of a theater complex where performances of plays including “Jersey Boys” and “Avenue Q” were underway.

No injuries were reported from the manhole fires at around 8 p.m. at West 50th Street near Eighth Avenue.

But a representative for the theater complex New World Stages said patrons were evacuated as a precaution.

“Thankfully, no one was hurt,” said Michael Coco, senior director of theater operations for the Shubert Organization.

The plays that were canceled for the night also included “The Play That Goes Wrong,” ″Puffs” and “As Spirited History of Drinking.”

Photos posted on social media show flames shooting into the air. Tim Teeman, a senior editor at the Daily Beast, posted on Twitter that he was inside the theater complex when he heard “4 or 5 bangs/explosions” and smelled smoke.

The Fire Department says the fires were under control by 9:15 p.m.

Subway trains skipped the 50th Street station on the C and E lines while firefighters investigated.

A spokesman for Consolidated Edison said no one lost power. The cause of the fires was not known.



cb388c  No.5217147

Amazon Atlas: https://wikileaks.org//amazon-atlas/ found what amazon is in trouble for. using top secret info on US people to sell there shit

60b62c  No.5217148

File: 80df02dcca7a0ed⋯.gif (2.43 MB, 250x249, 250:249, approvedinamerican.gif)

48c3d6  No.5217149


Thank You. :)


380fab  No.5217150


even biblefags have no idea what they're quoting from or why, just repeating some rando's interpretation

religion is for retards

c6c798  No.5217151

File: b852cdbed4124ed⋯.png (309.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 9a32234a0335969fd9edbc7ddc….png)

File: 945417f0f4e2b69⋯.jpg (63.76 KB, 737x491, 737:491, 945417f0f4e2b69be56a024864….jpg)

b40794  No.5217152

V For Vendetta…one of the last great movies made by Hollywood before it went to shit.

5c4238  No.5217153



071451  No.5217154

File: 6975232d6e3e608⋯.png (461.25 KB, 720x482, 360:241, Screenshot_20190216-224626….png)

c33d10  No.5217155


My bad. On the move.

3d432b  No.5217156

File: 21f9de2cbbd2ea3⋯.png (841.74 KB, 1024x968, 128:121, 14139544724bdd67d4b3c4153a….png)






well what we do is try and figure it out we are thousands or millions. We use it. We allow silly concepts until we know they have no math. We return to math and geometry. We change the geometry to include fracal and the transition. We grow.

b682d0  No.5217157

File: 49af3b04da4a65a⋯.jpg (225.86 KB, 720x525, 48:35, Chicken_little_12lfox.jpg)


But what does it mean? Is it code for others reading this and not anons?

31f9d2  No.5217158


>Why can't the FCC pull the broadcast licenses of these fake MSM companies now Q?

More useful to let the MSM destroy themselves. This way the public gets to see it and hate it all by themselves.

cfe9b4  No.5217159

File: b016fce87bcb436⋯.png (647.06 KB, 900x1273, 900:1273, forced1.png)


I am literally an expert in retarded faggot I'm the biggest retarded rulefag of them all

898da6  No.5217160

File: 722364e521125fa⋯.jpg (159.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 451.jpg)

File: 41b56892290b2f0⋯.jpg (65.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5.jpg)

Just another Saturday / Night @ Q Research!

5ea251  No.5217161

File: 3a0d50761bacbcc⋯.png (6.13 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 0D387236-4C60-4221-B420-06….png)

3adc6c  No.5217162

File: 212c21498e7514e⋯.png (162.75 KB, 977x657, 977:657, 2_Barcodes.PNG)

File: 16d403ef6fad294⋯.png (1.6 MB, 2144x1668, 536:417, 5_meme_1_5.png)

File: f6d0dc915ea0e93⋯.png (3.64 MB, 4260x2012, 1065:503, Israel_Islamization_of_the….png)

File: d86cc0f9661fc42⋯.png (3.51 MB, 4888x2152, 611:269, Israel_MSM_zionists_boycot….png)

File: 88c65a8682c51f0⋯.png (2.92 MB, 2904x1612, 726:403, Israel_pedo_have_boycott.png)


Organize your own boycott movements against the 1st Amend crushing Israel, Israel has occupied the US government via bribes and blackmail.

Israel is the biggest threat and enemy of the US, start acting like it.

And for those whose the narrative still has, and think that Israel is not an enemy of the West, read this:

Israel is not an ally to the US. Israel was NEVER an ally to the US.

Would an ally try to take away your free-speech and 1st Amend rights? Watch this if you haven't:



Would an ally subvert all technology the world uses:


Would an ally attack US soldiers?


Would an ally celebrate the terrorist attacks on WTC in 2001?


Israel is not an ally to the US or the American people.

Would an ally try to false flag US personnel in order to force the hand of the US against Egypt?

You need to educate yourself on the Lavon Affair:


Israel is an enemy of the US.


“Netanyahu speaks candidly about his Agenda and view of Americans.”



What has Israel ever done for the US?

They're no Ally. Brit Hume on Fox News admitted that Israel is the biggest threat to SPY on us, and this was right after 9/11.

They might have had info that could have prevented that, but they withheld it..


Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli, was the most dangerous spy in recent times (read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Pollard ).

We need to STOP giving BILLIONS of dollars to Israel.

We need to STOP supporting them as a Nuclear Regime that has NEVER signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty.

31f9d2  No.5217164



<namefagging idiot

5f740a  No.5217165

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


6fe725  No.5217166

File: c5037efcb8a6e06⋯.jpg (495.72 KB, 1327x2180, 1327:2180, SC slumber.jpg)

002fe5  No.5217167

God is faithful. He keeps His promises.

9dc537  No.5217168

File: eab5c7959b8398e⋯.png (1.21 MB, 865x629, 865:629, ClipboardImage.png)

750869  No.5217169


put fuckfaces lynn and gloria in that pool


bb4076  No.5217170

File: e038e14d594cecb⋯.jpg (13.6 KB, 180x255, 12:17, e038e14d594cecb8e105b83889….jpg)

752462  No.5217171

File: 703e6b374788a9a⋯.jpg (225.75 KB, 800x450, 16:9, samkinosin_cropped.jpg)








3adc6c  No.5217172

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You don't like people posting facts about Israel and Jews, we get it.

Cry more.

Steve Pieczenik (a Patriot Jew) comments on AIPAC and the Jewish influence in the government. Also mentions Mossad. Hint: He hates them and Mossad.

1:07 "As a matter of fact, AIPAC is as dangerous as a lobbying group as Congressman Brad Sherman of California, a very smart Liberal Democrat said: the most Powerful, Powerful group in Congress, bar none, is AIPAC. You're either with AIPAC, or you're against AIPAC."

1:31 "We Jews represent less than 3% of the United States, yet we influence over 67% of all the people, all the Congressman, all the Senators, all the Presidents. All of whom have to abide by AIPAC'S dictates."

1:53 "Like a Jewish Mob, run by Meyer Lansky, they are very shrewd".

1:56 "What they do is to create all kinds of boondoggles, where they allow Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Bushes, Obamas, to all go on Free Trips around the world. also to Israel, several times, to make sure that they are pro-Israel. If you are not pro-Israel, you are then against AIPAC, and AIPAC will take you down."

2:29 "The Mossad is exceedingly dangerous. No. 1, They have planted their operatives in the White House."

2:40 "In 2005, the Intelligence Community got rid of a man named Franklin, and Steven Rosen, who is the head of AIPAC Committee. and they were indicted for Espionage against the United States. That is not something mild, that is not lobbying. That is literally breaking into our Intelligence capacity".

3:00 "Do you really think that Israel is the best ally we've ever had?? Wrong."

3:10 "I found the Israelis created a group in the West Bank called Hamas…… well the Israelis are so sharp that they created Hamas in order to counteract Hezbollah".

3:20 "Now if you think that Iran is an enemy of Israel, think again. because in the War between Iran and Iraq, guess who flew for them? Unmarked Israel Phantom Jets that we gave them, and the French gave them. That's right, Israelis flew for the Iranians."

3:36 "for those who don't know anything about the history of Iran , Darius and Cyrus the Great freed the Jews from Babylonia, so we pray to them."

4:06 "and again, if you think that Iran is a problem, why don't you ask the Israelis who shipped oil to Iran secretly, and nobody says a word…. ..

4:14 "…if you think Israel is such a great ally, why did I pick up the fact that Israel sold Missiles to Syria and Iran, then came back and said to me: "oh these missiles are pointed to us", when in fact I proved that they were the same missiles that they sold to the Chinese "

4:49 "AIPAC has created a scenario of fear and mobsterism that has to disappear."

^^ 5:07 minute Excellent video

cfe9b4  No.5217173


Aww, yay, thank you.

c33d10  No.5217174

File: 5b9d03c5417439f⋯.png (276.87 KB, 960x434, 480:217, 4d48a211.png)

1dd1e1  No.5217175

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Goodnight, anons. God bless you all.

c4a9e7  No.5217176


>>5217022 biblical quotes: 5:5 and 17

>>5217041 New DJT RT

anons, need the new DJT retweets, i kinda have one of the above

sorry bread shitter, i cant use yours fren, im sure you understand

c27bb5  No.5217177


Did getting him physically ready for a music video entail punching him in the face, pouring bleach on him and hanging a noose around his neck? Crazy kids today.

5c4238  No.5217178

80c653  No.5217179

Romans 8:29-30 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

29 For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren; 30 and these whom He predestined, He also called; and these whom He called, He also justified; and these whom He justified, He also glorified.

72068b  No.5217180

File: 97a8394ac731a9a⋯.jpeg (692.59 KB, 750x1081, 750:1081, BE836AD8-472A-43DB-90B9-2….jpeg)

5f59c1  No.5217181

File: d0d9d26bce25c5f⋯.png (238.41 KB, 621x410, 621:410, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a8211af10eb4fa9⋯.png (216.26 KB, 470x669, 470:669, ClipboardImage.png)


fe653e  No.5217182

File: d469b719bbf98b5⋯.jpeg (197.3 KB, 831x618, 277:206, 0AC16968-6CCB-4132-B4D9-4….jpeg)

239e08  No.5217183

File: df28e010db99ad3⋯.jpg (48.29 KB, 624x468, 4:3, jfk-signs-eo-11110.jpg)

File: eca0cee78139713⋯.jpg (169.81 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, trump signs southern borde….jpg)

File: 8b2e5a706306669⋯.jpg (158.82 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, trump signs southern borde….jpg)

File: 197dc9d020a2e0f⋯.jpg (323.41 KB, 1319x999, 1319:999, trump-semonite wall plans.jpg)

File: cf02ee121e4efb6⋯.mp4 (5.1 MB, 830x412, 415:206, raver patriot back up.mp4)

60b62c  No.5217184

File: 2b598a8bf27045c⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 776x1200, 97:150, trusttheplan.jpg)

bb4076  No.5217185

File: e3dcec34d01b3e3⋯.png (151.59 KB, 1343x342, 1343:342, e3dcec34d01b3e3ffc5150df7e….png)

b372fa  No.5217186

File: aed3222c27df660⋯.jpg (16.85 KB, 320x256, 5:4, 0e985bc475.jpg)


25 mikemike

bradley food


æı donot think they will get the chance Hoss tbqh.

reckon the [after] is different than most think.

nice stellar cuts… care to elaborate?

1bc7c6  No.5217187

>>5216860 lb

>>5216793 lb

>>5216747 lb

ahh, that ebot and his poetry…

2144b2  No.5217188


And never before our age have we been able to understand them as well as we can now.

80c653  No.5217189

>>Romans 8:29-30 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

29 For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren; 30 and these whom He predestined, He also called; and these whom He called, He also justified; and these whom He justified, He also glorified.

9dc537  No.5217190

File: 02aea033835066e⋯.png (99.83 KB, 591x334, 591:334, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 42504c047b0c90f⋯.png (705.76 KB, 679x497, 97:71, ClipboardImage.png)

604a42  No.5217191

File: ba69a2b46b35b63⋯.jpg (84.36 KB, 860x484, 215:121, ba69a2b46b35b636de879b913a….jpg)

File: eb39ccc38782b4f⋯.png (12.76 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ce85bb6acabb439031b567ebcf….png)

File: e528ab2ddd34c2d⋯.jpg (107.17 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ed8e0eccbf94eeb2f7ce1d13ff….jpg)

Tip top social engineering and animal husbandry.



e49607  No.5217192


Referencing scripture is not religion. Your response shows your ignorance and really no point in further discussions with someone who refuses to think.

48c3d6  No.5217193



c33d10  No.5217194

File: 5de122caed3ef34⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 3021x4028, 3:4, c76ba55e0.jpg)

e0e9d9  No.5217195



Do not know, anon. Looking for hive-mind thought analysis on this; I'm not that far removed from newfagdom.

752462  No.5217196

File: dfc3358c0046fbd⋯.jpg (14.33 KB, 255x255, 1:1, e55ee294c8cf551b8f7d754f90….jpg)

cfe9b4  No.5217197

File: 1f470a36d9694f1⋯.jpg (18 KB, 416x322, 208:161, danger.jpg)


hahahaha rulefags hate it when you redirect them from jews

not all jews are ferenghis deal with it you fuckin shells

60b62c  No.5217198

File: ccfcafe402e3181⋯.jpg (778.47 KB, 676x900, 169:225, jfk_dark-to-light.jpg)

bb4076  No.5217199

File: 4464668a8e3b3b8⋯.jpg (289.96 KB, 669x382, 669:382, 4464668a8e3b3b842d26babdfd….jpg)

d85685  No.5217200


My belief in God has only come about because of how clearly our enemy worships Satan through rituals. That is something I'm sure all Anons can agree on.

My belief in the bible now as much as ever is only because of the purely deceitful changes that have been made to the KJV.

Even doubtfags have red-pills which are waiting to be taken.

a01100  No.5217201


Stages with an arrow

071451  No.5217202

File: b70b5acc1b6c2b7⋯.png (439.53 KB, 720x464, 45:29, Screenshot_20190216-224719….png)

6ce6b8  No.5217203

File: 65d4d28f17f2cd2⋯.jpeg (58.75 KB, 615x975, 41:65, mbRH02.jpeg)

File: a0967c0ddbbc7ca⋯.jpeg (480.95 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, cumminSparks.jpeg)


Check'd and rekt

Well for fuck's sake let's fuck this god damned bread UP!

41cf9f  No.5217204

File: a60dac8caef6d1b⋯.mp4 (587.46 KB, 320x568, 40:71, 5SmJr5o-4uA6U7bd.mp4)

File: d5d4dc39a926af9⋯.mp4 (285.22 KB, 320x568, 40:71, _IDfC16Jqtsdgj3O.mp4)

7d34b3  No.5217205


She's pretty.

31f9d2  No.5217206




ffb390  No.5217207

File: 27e0aaa98e80f1a⋯.jpg (173.49 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, ladyofthelake.jpg)

d435d0  No.5217208

File: d7d5ee867a96383⋯.png (51.51 KB, 605x545, 121:109, Cortez to CNN Cupp 2-16-19.PNG)

File: 0f2cd0b19907b4a⋯.png (39.17 KB, 585x316, 585:316, CNN Cupp re Hoaxter Smolle….PNG)

The giddiness among Trumpsters over the Smollett news is gross.



9dc537  No.5217209

File: 79bfa0a6885ef36⋯.png (328.75 KB, 393x338, 393:338, ClipboardImage.png)

3d432b  No.5217211

File: 9eed3cbd3716fcc⋯.jpg (35.06 KB, 423x403, 423:403, 2e769c467aa746d609a338870d….jpg)

c33d10  No.5217212

File: bda7a71dee254ba⋯.png (814.56 KB, 913x501, 913:501, CarolynYoungtownProfileCom….png)

c6c798  No.5217213

File: 25b2634a33b5489⋯.jpg (105.5 KB, 500x833, 500:833, bot2.jpg)

File: e59c3e93f71ff66⋯.png (147.89 KB, 799x554, 799:554, e59c3e93f71ff663eec56ef327….png)










the spam-bot is deployed again

below you'll find a sample of spambot activity:

garbage from #6609 bread - 18 spam posts



















garbage from #6608 bread - 17 spam posts



















garbage from #6607 bread - 23 spam posts
























garbage from #6604 bread - 33 spam posts


































garbage from #6603 bread - 18 spam posts



















garbage from #6602 bread - 41 spam posts













































4a5231  No.5217214

What would be the point of God having a gender or sex?

99bd7d  No.5217215

File: b3fb99f43e27ed9⋯.jpeg (101.53 KB, 859x500, 859:500, 3BA167B4-9EC4-4884-9347-0….jpeg)

3adc6c  No.5217216


I know all Jews are not bad.

Hence why I posted a video made by a Patriot Jew telling it like it is.

cfe9b4  No.5217217





9dc537  No.5217218

File: f30809d88e6dd62⋯.png (573.45 KB, 835x558, 835:558, ClipboardImage.png)

002fe5  No.5217219


The military should establish bases along the border.

48c3d6  No.5217220




b682d0  No.5217221


This guy will die rich and free and have an 18 year old girl friend.

..and the road goes on forever and the party never ends…

cfe9b4  No.5217222


tldw faggot

e1bbaa  No.5217223

File: f8be3b82335dbbe⋯.jpg (78.15 KB, 882x500, 441:250, 2tvyja.jpg)

File: e5761a5afb5f77b⋯.jpg (56.76 KB, 594x499, 594:499, 2tvyaw.jpg)

File: 3cf6bb9321401f9⋯.jpg (77.91 KB, 500x642, 250:321, 2tvxx4.jpg)

5c4238  No.5217224


Who cares. Her son died of cancer and her ex-daughter-n-law IS cancer, spreading her bullshit hate for POTUS on the regular.

6ce6b8  No.5217225

File: 3310275b9b8bc11⋯.jpg (15.22 KB, 254x255, 254:255, r2d2Trol.jpg)

41cf9f  No.5217226

File: 518983144af08b8⋯.jpg (82.77 KB, 583x913, 53:83, Screenshot 2019-02-17_00-1….jpg)

File: 167a17d92435863⋯.mp4 (75.07 KB, 320x618, 160:309, ollQ0lYzkpzUV6wA.mp4)


Hell's Kitchen

c4a9e7  No.5217227


>>5217022 biblical quotes: 5:5 and 17

>>5217041 New DJT RT

>>5217146 Manhole fires force evac

manhole fires - i could use the one reposted from prev bread with the Q street to go with this

31f9d2  No.5217228



<namefaggotry is stupid. ditch the name, namefaggot.

38ca19  No.5217229


Yep. No resemblance at all. What's your point in highlighting the dissimilarity of these two particular people?

c6c798  No.5217230

File: 0cf27fbc6e90c01⋯.jpeg (82.13 KB, 611x404, 611:404, 0cf27fbc6e90c014bc37bc7b8….jpeg)

File: 2350a5c836d0c47⋯.jpg (70.91 KB, 750x375, 2:1, 2350a5c836d0c47bcf9abedc4c….jpg)

cb2caf  No.5217231

File: 186261743d5aa64⋯.png (309.7 KB, 374x520, 187:260, 2019-02-17_00-09-49.png)

1bc7c6  No.5217232

File: 80d00514e74ef53⋯.png (833.94 KB, 792x596, 198:149, ClipboardImage.png)


Revelation 5:5

959307  No.5217233

File: 197dc9d020a2e0f⋯.jpg (323.41 KB, 1319x999, 1319:999, DzgCDNoX0AAmnDO.jpg:large.jpg)

Q Confirmed

12adfa  No.5217234

File: c604cbf925b9ab4⋯.jpg (138.92 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_6121.JPG)

4451e1  No.5217235

POTUS told us that Q "these are good people"

I do believe POTUS. but, also want to see so ass kicking as well.

These DS bastards only understand domination.

cfe9b4  No.5217236


look at the retard who paints with one color

956f65  No.5217237


Why stop there? start annexing their territory instead.

c33d10  No.5217238

File: 9fecabb146a1299⋯.jpg (45.89 KB, 400x300, 4:3, RETstrongemp.jpg)

4c9f30  No.5217239


libtards are scolds

99bd7d  No.5217240

File: 7373db8e1bc28bc⋯.jpeg (343.46 KB, 2436x1125, 812:375, 72B2D3AF-CD2F-4204-857A-F….jpeg)

e1c2b4  No.5217241

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New Janda

Dave Janda – Globalists Win if MAGA Supporters Walk


6fe725  No.5217242

File: 06bb2fbad07a5c4⋯.jpg (203.12 KB, 1280x1133, 1280:1133, head exploding.jpg)

752462  No.5217243

File: 9be7e5a49954bb2⋯.png (620.19 KB, 1730x1472, 865:736, rereredo.png)

File: 78a9700c95f79ee⋯.jpg (239.19 KB, 1118x2005, 1118:2005, REMEMBER SPYGATE TREASON.jpg)

File: 50b0a87118ac2dc⋯.jpg (171.46 KB, 962x603, 962:603, REMEMBER REMEMBER JPG.jpg)

File: cd9fa7503ccb311⋯.jpg (318 KB, 2192x1104, 137:69, why so serious.jpg)

a71617  No.5217244

File: 315e5c9921493fd⋯.jpg (233.49 KB, 1203x761, 1203:761, dark to LIGHT.jpg)

2af0fa  No.5217245


I'm bailing on the nra…don't trust 'em anymore! Going with gun owners of America!

79a6e5  No.5217246

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c33d10  No.5217247

File: 573fdd9834a5c86⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 502x628, 251:314, carolynbksplit30s50s.jpg)

File: 8a03e787c38d554⋯.jpg (44.45 KB, 511x583, 511:583, carolynbksplit62pctopac.jpg)

File: 43c72290b617751⋯.jpg (48.48 KB, 499x616, 499:616, Carolynbksplitnoopacity.jpg)

File: 5ab63c1a05247d1⋯.png (490.56 KB, 1055x418, 1055:418, Carolynbksplitsvariableopa….png)

c27bb5  No.5217248


Mueller’s latest indictment?

5c4238  No.5217249


Ha! Great catch.

b9895a  No.5217250


If we get down to Panama we can build a shorter wall

72068b  No.5217251

File: 4ef6151a085de8b⋯.jpeg (29.75 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 47A1D499-89A7-467C-BEBA-3….jpeg)


In what manner could the Son be seen coming on the clouds in which ALL could see… The whole Earth at once.

Possibilities Fren.

a01100  No.5217252

3f6816  No.5217253

File: 167da3d17bf8406⋯.png (800.76 KB, 754x607, 754:607, 167da3d17bf84068893017936b….png)

File: e6e8618538c33e9⋯.jpg (183.3 KB, 1200x1172, 300:293, QNewsNetwork.jpg)

File: 9d4da2da9dc760f⋯.jpg (53.59 KB, 630x329, 90:47, GodsPlan.jpg)






3d432b  No.5217254


Silly Trix are for kids

we are not kids

071451  No.5217255

File: 6a99530b5831e92⋯.png (449.69 KB, 720x432, 5:3, Screenshot_20190216-224842….png)

abfd4f  No.5217256

File: 876badad5de605a⋯.jpg (107.51 KB, 1200x1114, 600:557, 1531972599961.jpg)


The must be smoking out those reptilian rave rooms where they have blood feasts under New York.

12adfa  No.5217257


That must be middle management at the call center

1d238f  No.5217258

File: bd8a28099263c10⋯.jpg (14.33 KB, 248x248, 1:1, GOD WINS.JPG)

File: 97b8090097becc0⋯.jpg (88.53 KB, 540x574, 270:287, fakepope.jpg)

File: 96a3651c68ab88a⋯.jpg (85.32 KB, 527x762, 527:762, pepe_nat_geo.jpg)

File: d55e405c05881a0⋯.jpg (24.37 KB, 302x400, 151:200, COME AND TAKE IT.jpg)

File: 3c2c45f2ab8d696⋯.png (291.24 KB, 497x473, 497:473, unity-pepe-x3.png)






judge me. I dare you.




e1bbaa  No.5217259

File: ec2de476ba836e6⋯.jpg (99.25 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 2tvnc6.jpg)

File: 937d05f4a0db477⋯.jpg (142.23 KB, 500x1082, 250:541, 2ttwvg.jpg)

1c18ba  No.5217260

File: ec8c3b5f6d03685⋯.jpeg (55.54 KB, 400x568, 50:71, C27B7CF7-5625-4D79-AB76-D….jpeg)

Did anons connect the LA tower explosion image with the downtown helicopter extractions?

1e4f5a  No.5217261


Not afraid of them

Just don’t want them in my country. The pope needs to get a different hobby

41cf9f  No.5217262

File: 5e28e00e0d123dc⋯.jpg (71.65 KB, 593x611, 593:611, Screenshot 2019-02-17_00-1….jpg)

File: 1f7398267688075⋯.mp4 (214.5 KB, 640x416, 20:13, a2d2K_6Jzg444oEG.mp4)


3adc6c  No.5217263

File: 60e342a896b1df1⋯.png (431.9 KB, 607x770, 607:770, LGBT_2ndGrade_Classes_2.png)

File: f24334a2d68e3a9⋯.png (847.46 KB, 720x876, 60:73, Lgbt_book_normalizing_pedo….png)

File: 283da5cadf05a50⋯.png (361.03 KB, 562x462, 281:231, LGBT_Child_Abuse.PNG)

File: a1cbd1c0a31cfb7⋯.jpeg (111.33 KB, 567x767, 567:767, LGBT_movement_is_about_pr….jpeg)

File: d322423d100661f⋯.jpg (88.84 KB, 608x1024, 19:32, LGBT_Pedophilia.jpg)


Oy vey, hate speech.

BO pls gib IP of this criminal to the FBI and call SWAT.

c33d10  No.5217264

File: 4838b3cccd9c0e3⋯.jpg (76.26 KB, 1024x612, 256:153, DjiNH2SV4AABYZy.jpg)

File: 8a537410c3d4fb8⋯.png (11.56 KB, 697x206, 697:206, DentalfagReCarolyn.png)

Dentist confirms: teeth are a perfect match.

6ce6b8  No.5217265



>We finally getting around the Unified Field Theory or are we still waiting for others to grasp the concept of a GUToE?

No we're waiting on planefags to triangulate your coordinates so we can stop by and say hi.

4a5231  No.5217266



48c3d6  No.5217267


weirdo lost months ago and posts ON?


move on… dead is revived.


cb72df  No.5217268

File: 7ec4f8798a832ee⋯.jpg (84.4 KB, 499x649, 499:649, 2tvzo6.jpg)

2144b2  No.5217269


Highest lying anon

e4814a  No.5217270

File: 7ac75c48929597e⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 275x183, 275:183, serveimage amazon.usps.jpg)

File: ddaf7f53d9c49d0⋯.png (163.7 KB, 1593x1155, 531:385, AMAZON.COM warevenue.gov.p….png)

File: 23ebde4ca08db6f⋯.png (171.1 KB, 1593x1155, 531:385, AMAZON.COM warevenue.gov.p….png)

File: c436cb285d127c3⋯.jpg (6.25 KB, 259x194, 259:194, serveimage bezos.jpg)

File: 474c7244edc8f8c⋯.jpg (50.41 KB, 777x370, 21:10, DiscountsFeature-777x370 D….jpg)

WHO controls the news cycles? Came up with a theory here on one small topic.

AMAZON.com impacts the narrative of society more than one thinks.

WHY is Bezos in the news with the Pecker-Becker pissing contest? Clowns hard at work distracting hive minds?

Are tech companies set to rule the world?

More than we think. Did some digging to connect dots. This is just a start as this rabbit hole is deep.

Not a lot available on existing contracts (no surprise).

And what about WaPo? Who actually writes the news to whose benefit?


Theory: Divide and Conquer- Amazon (as example)

pit companies against each other and tie them up in court for years, and/or develop en banc cases to put eyeballs on and power in lower district courts. Re-write laws? https://savethepostoffice.com/ups-goes-back-to-court-on-usps-costing-methodology/

pit the states against each other by enticing a company move and promise of jobs,tax revenue then pull out 'at will' getting them to blame it on POTUS and/or each other for the loss.



pit employees against each other and the company for over work, under paid sweat-shop- like working conditions. https://medium.com/s/powertrip/confessions-of-a-u-s-postal-worker-we-deliver-amazon-packages-until-we-drop-dead-a6e96f125126

pit the average mind controlled NPC to shop online versus supporting local business/economy by going to town or a mall for convenience, price savings, availability, 'Green New Deal' - not driving your car; so saving the environment. - fallacy- the USPS uses far bigger trucks and more carbon to deliver the packages for less profit. What powers up your computer to order the carp online? Nuclear, coal, oil energy source?

Think you are saving $$ by shopping online and free shipping with PRIME? Well now PRIME charges and large annual fee for that 'free shipping' so you ARE paying for the shipping and also fees at the Post Office who have to hike fees to stay in business which is now 2/3 Amazon deliveries.

Nice deal- by contracting the work out, Amazon gets out of paying employee bennies, hiring EE's,liability insurance on those deliveries

Amazon pays NO income tax this year despite earnings of $11 mil, in fact gets a refund from IRS for taxes they didn't have to pay and still stiffs everyone from USPS to customer. Yet although USPS is part of the executive branch and not funded by federal government- Congress (mis)manages the USPS budget oversight [can Congress ever do anything right?]



AMAZON helping to form the growing young minds and future leaders and legislators in school support?




Count the ways-

partial lists of schools- amazon.com is noted on state.gov revenue website

Where does all the 'dark money' profits and tax savings go? Lobbyists? Super PACS? business friendly legislation? Campaign contributions? Progressive groups? Border issue ratlines?

d435d0  No.5217271

File: 33334393af2e188⋯.png (40.83 KB, 607x404, 607:404, BSexton re Hoaxter Smollet….PNG)


c33d10  No.5217272

File: 2e9f7044218982f⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 413x450, 413:450, 20pctopac.jpg)

File: 4df2300ea407e73⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 418x448, 209:224, 60pctopac.jpg)

File: 59b643a95b81604⋯.jpg (25.27 KB, 411x444, 137:148, 80pctopac.jpg)

File: 81a86f7d24e63f0⋯.jpg (28.11 KB, 433x452, 433:452, 100pctopac.jpg)

4abed5  No.5217273


good catch

31f9d2  No.5217274




41e275  No.5217275

File: ab5f5e39d91df85⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 996x819, 332:273, 1c.jpg)

38ca19  No.5217276


Think mirror.

239e08  No.5217277

File: 6c7ec1b8b3b0c68⋯.mp4 (10.66 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 911 CARTOONY PLANE.mp4)

File: b68c18fac0b6050⋯.png (76.92 KB, 324x426, 54:71, 666.png)

File: a6740263909e14b⋯.jpg (79.55 KB, 745x848, 745:848, 666.jpg)


that picture looks fake

And for bread #6666…

675fb7  No.5217278


R is trying to restore credibility to R.

Clinging on to former glory.

Very sad.

9dc537  No.5217279

File: 4af748bb5ee5f40⋯.png (402.87 KB, 495x764, 495:764, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f6105b3dc83faff⋯.png (553.28 KB, 661x384, 661:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 92e5c0a1430a713⋯.png (687.99 KB, 507x778, 507:778, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3867df956acfa5c⋯.png (602.82 KB, 573x612, 191:204, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 30e42862c940104⋯.png (671.96 KB, 501x739, 501:739, ClipboardImage.png)


cc2e83  No.5217280


They could just ask Q or the Agent assigned to keeping an eye on me…

e478d5  No.5217281

File: 99d47450cb50c2b⋯.jpg (47.57 KB, 695x558, 695:558, SpellingMistakes.jpg)



48bcee  No.5217282


dude, me posting about that meme getting censored triggered you? I couldn’t possibly imagine why.

12adfa  No.5217283

File: afed6e49df7df88⋯.jpg (127.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_4613.JPG)

File: 53ad2d5e5b35d8c⋯.jpg (102.85 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_4895.JPG)

File: 70c97b79207ed0c⋯.jpg (29.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, DF6393E9-4374-45BA-A5FC-82….jpg)

e1bbaa  No.5217284

File: 4192450f2643ebe⋯.jpg (686.44 KB, 1311x1849, 1311:1849, 2tqs4y.jpg)

be3244  No.5217285

File: 15e8fecb465fb66⋯.png (54.21 KB, 1489x723, 1489:723, define unified.PNG)


Mayotte Mystery Wave Detected World Wide




2 Dec 2018 - 2:26:57 PM


2 Dec 2018 - 2:19:11 PM





Think WAVES.


Define 'unified'


SAT knockout forced new CLAS tech [online] by who?

[Controlled] moment activated? [17]

Do you believe in coincidences?

Do you believe your efforts here persuade people to stop the pursuit of TRUTH, [CA_J]?

There is a place for everyone.


b372fa  No.5217286

File: f86d4849e6bf736⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 986x2002, 493:1001, Screenshot_20190216-231446….jpg)

>>5216786 #

fukn clipboard.

thats 25mm.

standard Bradley Fighting Vehicle turret ammo.

see brads in back.

41cf9f  No.5217287

File: 48f448dd6e95e9d⋯.jpg (104.83 KB, 595x909, 595:909, Screenshot 2019-02-17_00-1….jpg)

File: 506bbbfc6bfa12f⋯.mp4 (230.69 KB, 320x568, 40:71, hua6N2TcReLtRgzn.mp4)


3d432b  No.5217288

wtf night shift can't get 40 thou view

c44968  No.5217289

File: 7b18eaef706c7a9⋯.jpg (26.56 KB, 640x480, 4:3, deus ex sewer.jpg)



More likely MJ12 demolishing an underground lab.

6ce6b8  No.5217290

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







071451  No.5217291

File: 911b0329c70716f⋯.png (715.67 KB, 720x521, 720:521, Screenshot_20190216-225036….png)

c33d10  No.5217292

File: 2b794f5b26f17fc⋯.png (384.04 KB, 637x588, 13:12, JFKJr.RDJTorigpost.png)

4a5231  No.5217293


The Pope needs to attend to the corruption and fear within his own community.

634297  No.5217294

File: 75ed952139a74cc⋯.mp4 (2.33 MB, 324x180, 9:5, 7j0y5dlIv5t_IIMU.mp4)

CNN on suicide watch over Jussie Smollett

3adc6c  No.5217295

File: f5b72743784d6c5⋯.jpg (3.86 MB, 4256x2832, 266:177, Holy_Cross_2.jpg)

File: 4845038a843bc69⋯.jpg (231.83 KB, 4096x2304, 16:9, Christ_3.jpg)

File: 2064403d57c7c20⋯.jpg (103.16 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Christ_2.jpg)

File: e342da5c14959a3⋯.jpg (200.04 KB, 1725x950, 69:38, Christ_1.jpg)

File: 39584a31eccbd14⋯.jpg (256.57 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, CHRIST.jpg)

5c4238  No.5217296


SE Cupp needs a good ole fashion high school beat down by the fairer sex. She's a stupid, poser, cunt with a stick up her Never Trump ass that needs to be removed.

9b0b1c  No.5217297

I have suggested this for years. As a Military retiree it would great the current fence to go full distance. then come 1 mile north and do the repeat of the "great wall' and this should be repeated on the Northern border….

ffb390  No.5217298

File: d038284a026411b⋯.jpg (89.05 KB, 660x350, 66:35, Jesus Exorcism.jpg)

956f65  No.5217299


Layers of walls would work great. 1 great big wall then the push to annex weaker parts. mmm makes my pants wet tbh

752462  No.5217300

File: b89c5d026e6aa25⋯.jpg (208.71 KB, 1151x850, 1151:850, ANSWER THE Q.jpg)

File: 82d332b51d7aa51⋯.jpg (240.13 KB, 1151x951, 1151:951, signifier.jpg)

File: ecc2d708ed9259d⋯.jpg (77.07 KB, 662x415, 662:415, NPCjones1.jpg)

5f740a  No.5217301

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fly like an eagle

675fb7  No.5217302



80c653  No.5217303



By Adam all men sinned, by Christ all men are saved. No human born after Adam has the power to follow and full fill the law. The Law is to show that all have sinned and need Christ. No matter if you try the 613 of Christ's day or the 10 from Noah. All have sinned and fallen short, NO ONE can work their way to Heaven. That is the Gospel, salvation is in God's hand's and has been though out all of history!

12adfa  No.5217304


Still time to fibia the daniel faggot

862862  No.5217305



c33d10  No.5217306

File: 18ae8c69794b55e⋯.png (6.4 KB, 1281x120, 427:40, q062018qdropr.png)

R they serious?

48c3d6  No.5217307

Case in POINT.

God will?

God's WILL

God will…

Think then LEAP.


48bcee  No.5217308

File: b0c278363c3b372⋯.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1529, 1242:1529, C301D28F-E459-48ED-8729-4….jpeg)


holy dubs confirm

6fe725  No.5217309

File: 1bb746135e7b9db⋯.jpg (23.08 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Flying Bacon.jpg)


1bc7c6  No.5217310

File: e378ee2da19b712⋯.png (94.57 KB, 253x189, 253:189, ClipboardImage.png)


Not you, God-hating anon



This guy gets it.

c33d10  No.5217311

019958  No.5217312

File: 0ce9c15eb9497b4⋯.png (702.31 KB, 856x448, 107:56, ClipboardImage.png)

e1bbaa  No.5217313


Fuggg. Thanks for catching.

cb72df  No.5217314

File: 1cadb4b655f9dae⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 450x354, 75:59, 2tvd57.jpg)

3d432b  No.5217315

4D is a fucking movie from fracal

54ec4a  No.5217316

File: fd20c3fe894251c⋯.jpg (36.23 KB, 960x550, 96:55, bah.jpg)

Anyone else unfortunately watching SNL rn? Holy fuck, it's non-stop cringe.

c6c798  No.5217317

File: b3dd70704da71a0⋯.png (112.61 KB, 824x402, 412:201, shill_blew_it.PNG)

File: 9cbe022f5979008⋯.png (176.92 KB, 680x371, 680:371, shill_blew_it_2.PNG)













the spam-bot is deployed again

When the spambot operator blows his cover:

here the bot operator said he filtered me, using the same semi-automatic text

>>5169586 pb

And here, 25 spam posts later, he posted another text reply saying he filters me again.

>>5170172 pb

see attached screen shots.

31f9d2  No.5217318



<do a flip, namefaggot

3a1313  No.5217319

File: 139ef42d8d3561c⋯.png (75.73 KB, 605x357, 605:357, Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at ….png)

File: dc6ff2603d97557⋯.png (94.46 KB, 763x500, 763:500, Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at ….png)

Smollett's Problematic Twitter History


9767be  No.5217320


Brian Stelter - Still gotta blame MAGA

12adfa  No.5217321

File: 11c79fec433b1aa⋯.jpg (353.94 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, IMG_5974.JPG)

File: 3ee1624438f7a1f⋯.gif (407.24 KB, 180x252, 5:7, 0B1D4705-E12F-4C97-8680-3A….gif)

File: 7c23d12a69fa044⋯.gif (747.13 KB, 500x271, 500:271, 3E848017-F4FD-4518-BD1B-DD….gif)

8dfa93  No.5217322

File: f8e13bac533ee7f⋯.png (746.92 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2014-05-07-00-4….png)


4c9f30  No.5217323

File: a0df9bdf55d3b59⋯.png (944.62 KB, 713x820, 713:820, Luke_5_v31-32.png)

3adc6c  No.5217324


Absolutely augmented.

b9895a  No.5217325


wow nice don't make me quote the rules on you..kek

265d67  No.5217326


May 5 2017 makes sense to me

Trust Gowdy

607bc1  No.5217327

File: ffcb7ee2f31ae99⋯.png (264.23 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 03C9F166-88F0-42CF-8157-49….png)

File: 48e9453fd9f581e⋯.png (413.75 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 324E05A0-9648-4EE7-8CF7-0E….png)

File: f10a8e2b59a3fdb⋯.png (360.42 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9889E298-998F-42B0-9F18-C1….png)

File: ab1957f39ae4242⋯.png (291.77 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 7665E248-2FA9-4EE4-8CBE-E7….png)


Biblebashingfag, needs a legit Biblical education.


752462  No.5217328

File: fb7f283b969071b⋯.png (337.35 KB, 1602x1758, 267:293, snopope1.png)


can an anon get a fucking notable?!

e478d5  No.5217329


No problem.

7a547e  No.5217330


Makes a good point about mirrors tho…

41cf9f  No.5217331

File: a417d3d7d306f2c⋯.jpg (91.28 KB, 582x812, 291:406, Screenshot 2019-02-17_00-1….jpg)

File: 15b2e9d466e1529⋯.mp4 (2.6 MB, 320x568, 40:71, opWdjtsiHWxvbCSg.mp4)

956f65  No.5217332


Can't built tunnels when you own the territory

3d432b  No.5217333

File: 4858843159a079c⋯.jpeg (47.65 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 4858843159a079c7247d31b14….jpeg)

4D is a bubble dimension created for time.

You are no limited by time.

c33d10  No.5217334

File: e332be2af3e038c⋯.png (7.91 KB, 452x188, 113:47, SealsgMS_R_fun.png)

5184da  No.5217335


makes you wonder about the nra

just who's side are they really on?

650d4f  No.5217336


Well done. You have single handedly managed to dox someone who has successfully hidden for 20 years - probably because they will be killed on sight if positively identified. You must have an enormous dick. Not so much in the brain department but definitely an enormous dick.

48c3d6  No.5217337


We found the beta bot.


9767be  No.5217338


Manhole farts and everyone loses their shit

a01100  No.5217339

File: 071d6660cb6802e⋯.png (452.18 KB, 479x703, 479:703, manhole4.png)

File: 888f1b4b136d35e⋯.jpg (571.04 KB, 1493x655, 1493:655, manhole new world stages a….jpg)

File: fd72722119a5d10⋯.jpg (155.68 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, manhole 5.jpg)



752462  No.5217340

File: 062dfec63ad114a⋯.jpg (432.59 KB, 907x1316, 907:1316, 0 Q SEES Q PEOPLE BETTER.jpg)

57fb7c  No.5217341

File: fb5fc757d133714⋯.png (735.58 KB, 474x839, 474:839, _goetus_.png)

File: 7fdb1800c0e8f14⋯.png (42.17 KB, 1688x838, 844:419, __GOETUS__.png)


Conquering for THE CONQUEROR.

52d7de  No.5217342



04b0c7  No.5217343

File: 52032e074f475d7⋯.jpg (20.83 KB, 236x295, 4:5, resistancetesla.jpg)

31f9d2  No.5217344



<not at all, dickhead. quit namefagging and you won't be a target.

41e275  No.5217345


Salt put down by truck during recent snow corrodes the wiring, causing gaseous fumes.

Bare wires spark, ignite fumes.

Confined space. Pressure.

Manhole covers fly.

Scary shit.

Sauce: I was nearly hit with a manhole cover that popped this way. Was about a foot away when it went up.

144394  No.5217346


The third one is a faulty meme. The first "t" in tasting would also be showing before the guess.

631e70  No.5217347


Just watched it tonight. Great movie

41cf9f  No.5217348

File: 8babefb4108c1a9⋯.mp4 (2.93 MB, 320x568, 40:71, 1h_f3-uGUKu8bfd1.mp4)

c33d10  No.5217349


I do indeed. And I am a very stable genius.

52a22a  No.5217350


between 8th and 9th

8 + 9 = 17

c44968  No.5217351

File: 8a1b0afaf7042f7⋯.jpg (103.35 KB, 958x796, 479:398, deus ex.jpg)


Hey, if you haven't played GMDX yet, it's time to reinstall.

265d67  No.5217352

File: 3444cd05eea0756⋯.png (46.44 KB, 258x265, 258:265, ClipboardImage.png)

THIS playing on dish right now

c6c798  No.5217353


I love it when you go manual, bot operator, to blend in.

d435d0  No.5217354

File: 37a11041b0347f0⋯.png (50.37 KB, 592x493, 592:493, Smollett to POTUS 1-11-18 ….PNG)

File: 0dc76b0c487e36a⋯.png (237.41 KB, 938x718, 469:359, Archive Smollett to POTUS ….PNG)


>Smollett's Problematic Twitter History




b9895a  No.5217355




6fe725  No.5217356

File: c5b34b1c0e539f6⋯.jpg (52.7 KB, 474x428, 237:214, phone booth stupid style.jpg)

c33d10  No.5217357

File: 2722bf7847991b1⋯.png (304.55 KB, 635x624, 635:624, VKItAllStarts.png)

919a5f  No.5217358

Ya know, I have always written off the JFK Jr. being alive stuff. I put it in the same basket of Flat Earthers.

But tonight, for whatever reason, I looked into this Fusca stuff…

And damn if there isn't something there. (something out of the ordinary, not necessarily JFK Jr.) Now, I am not going to jump 100% on board on this one, but at the least…..

I would not be surprised……and it would be AWESOME if true!

b40794  No.5217359

Eyes on Spain. The upcoming election there will be another stake in the heart of the EU.


cf7e36  No.5217360

It's Time to Boycott Fox News

6ce6b8  No.5217361

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Never forget. They were told they were righteous, and for the most part, they tried. Their rulers were evil.

a6126b  No.5217362

what a bread no.

3d432b  No.5217363


did not know dimensional geometry,

48c3d6  No.5217364


You are NOTHING.


ba6a02  No.5217365

File: 3901964ba34f966⋯.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1242x1215, 46:45, EA544ECA-F323-4550-8CE0-C….jpeg)

c33d10  No.5217366

File: b44aa146a829fee⋯.png (337.14 KB, 626x618, 313:309, VKCigarSmileHat.png)

1d238f  No.5217367

File: 17bfd232bfeb660⋯.png (800.96 KB, 863x647, 863:647, FARMERFUNKK.png)







d3c40c  No.5217368

AOC's Cow Farts in action in down town NY!

239e08  No.5217369

File: bf3f3e02827774e⋯.mp4 (308.91 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Bill Clinton is a rapist.mp4)

31f9d2  No.5217370



>You are NOTHING.

At least I'm not a namefaggot,


675fb7  No.5217371


Q: R they serious?

A: no.

“There is only Q” ~Q

dfe5e0  No.5217372

File: 464769b88440a4f⋯.png (191.3 KB, 458x298, 229:149, ClipboardImage.png)

1bc7c6  No.5217373


Oh, come on.

Say something that a bot wouldn't say,Daniel.

Prove you're real.


4c9f30  No.5217374

File: 6df687d2d1a3647⋯.png (434.52 KB, 708x539, 708:539, hamilton.png)

002fe5  No.5217375


No, we're not giddy over this hate crime. That was the demoncrat news when the story first broke.

cfe9b4  No.5217376

File: c98c00e41025c87⋯.png (3.39 MB, 877x606, 877:606, 986ED527-164D-0888-6756AD3….png)


Libtards in CHARGE. Know your ENEMY. Know their LANGUAGE. Stop WHINING. You are CHILDREN. You are STUPID. You are NOT ACTING. You are not PLAYING. Get BETTER. Learn to BLEND. Learn to HIDE.




MD5: 2056D32C0ADCF37872B8CD2D4756A4DB

SHA1: 20891DEB86BFD95BA8895C92BCE7A2ED15986194

SHA256: C98C00E41025C87078B4A071F7C3BD64D2A22D8F2E9AE79F1B20DA4507F6FC97


MD5: 856027B3933E6CA694BA2B783761EAF6

SHA1: 7C9E348E4818FE6D09FC62C505D70C05C7D44E20

SHA256: 6E8666B3E2884E8389E59AAD179915294CFED9C1A57CA19CB099519AA7F6F3CA

a07f10  No.5217377

File: 5b5be594731671e⋯.png (121.83 KB, 905x343, 905:343, ClipboardImage.png)

Seems appropriate for bread #6666

Post# 666

Dow -666 on Feb. 2, 2018

Dow +444 on Feb. 15, 2019

03285e  No.5217378

Thank you for the Bible passages today Q. I have a big interview coming up and have been looking to the Bible for strength because I really want it to go well.

It reminded me of a passage that I think of when I worry about what other people will think of me.

"Woe to you, whom all men speak well of!"

When good men speak well of you, and bad men curse you, you know you're on the right track.

God bless.

c33d10  No.5217379

File: 43281c0149b5ae3⋯.png (16.88 KB, 533x401, 533:401, ReturnPublicly.png)

File: 59f4cd9b2323ee1⋯.png (25.32 KB, 533x555, 533:555, MrJohnVineyard.png)

File: 39427e3c9dd22be⋯.jpg (71.52 KB, 640x418, 320:209, marthas-vineyard-kennedy-f….jpg)

Mr. John Vineyard is JFK Jr.

72068b  No.5217380

File: f8a14fd69dd48f7⋯.jpeg (94.12 KB, 799x650, 799:650, 2A6A42FF-D44C-467F-A51B-B….jpeg)

4a5231  No.5217381



Oh, gosh. Is someone on Fox saying something you dont like?

57fb7c  No.5217383


>dead is revived.

Thus saith the Lord GOD unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live:

17d5c4  No.5217384

File: b757ccae0537230⋯.jpg (9.41 KB, 300x168, 25:14, go.jpg)


6666 bread number, Q post bible verses having to do with the evil one, and you somehow think you're better than Adam Sandler or something. I see how it is.

12adfa  No.5217385

File: b20f4bb526249b1⋯.jpg (223.96 KB, 1040x1300, 4:5, IMG_5887.JPG)

File: fbc2dcac6188c32⋯.jpg (175.07 KB, 1201x800, 1201:800, IMG_5890.JPG)

File: fd71dbad573996c⋯.jpg (185.53 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_5904.JPG)

c33d10  No.5217386

File: 9eff1d5467ac2d2⋯.png (143.21 KB, 548x362, 274:181, 9eff1d5467ac2d2b4059a889eb….png)

3adc6c  No.5217387


I thought about re-playing some months ago.

Been playing Star Traders: Frontiers lately.

Mebe I will give a try at the GMDX.

That pic related is very true, kek.

c4a9e7  No.5217388


>>5217022 biblical quotes: 5:5 and 17

>>5217041 New DJT RT

>>5217294 CNN clip on Jussie Smollett fakery

>>5217319 Smollett's Problematic Twitter History

>>5217146 Manhole fires force evac

anon posted one last bread that had Q street and highlighted - can someone repost?

there's 2 tom fitton DJT tweets out there to be posted

071451  No.5217389

File: 35e9b76acc0b197⋯.png (367.11 KB, 720x470, 72:47, Screenshot_20190216-225549….png)

c27bb5  No.5217390


And test ranges. Make them run through live fire.

49985a  No.5217391


lighting a fire to flush them out?

752462  No.5217392

File: cd5732f10bc7b4a⋯.jpeg (15.64 KB, 255x226, 255:226, ced31f5f7fdc2f37472fe174d….jpeg)

cb72df  No.5217393

File: c787035abbadf93⋯.jpg (58.64 KB, 592x260, 148:65, 2tw04h.jpg)

c6c798  No.5217394

File: ace8c8c213ff892⋯.jpg (541.32 KB, 1020x1020, 1:1, 4c8eb3be92a0de40d33382ace2….jpg)

b2515b  No.5217395

File: 83394f6ffedfb86⋯.jpg (410.14 KB, 1200x831, 400:277, potus-brand.jpg)


Fuck off, fakeAnon

You glow

a01100  No.5217396

File: beef30d390f1205⋯.jpg (61.69 KB, 906x398, 453:199, manhole show Avenue Q The ….jpg)

675fb7  No.5217397

12:30 is some times the Qwitching hour…

48c3d6  No.5217398


I kept you around for a REASON.


c33d10  No.5217399

File: a5f0d3fcb30a1d0⋯.jpg (24.69 KB, 244x255, 244:255, SopisticatedPepeContinue.jpg)

d85685  No.5217400


Let's not forget DJT's mother died on 6/6/66

3d432b  No.5217401

wow kids will be kids

604a42  No.5217402

File: 29ad30ccf8dcfb3⋯.png (83.11 KB, 300x226, 150:113, reeeeeeeeee.png)

78b709  No.5217403

File: 306ba7827673e54⋯.png (431.97 KB, 719x560, 719:560, smullitwtf.png)

adb63c  No.5217404

>>5216998 Missed the trips faggot.

>>5217035 Why are you replying to yourself? Never mind. I forgot. I remembered now.

cfe9b4  No.5217405


take the pizza back fuckers

31f9d2  No.5217406



<you are delusional, fame-seeking and ignorant. stop using a name, idiot namefaggot.

c33d10  No.5217407

File: d94e768735b9bc5⋯.jpg (264.9 KB, 1310x598, 655:299, 8f426e739c1c.jpg)

239e08  No.5217408

File: ca934a65734a923⋯.png (583.13 KB, 2052x1536, 171:128, jfk jr stop - pain.png)

File: 7377fadaa3cfebb⋯.jpeg (286.21 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, jfk jr - trump - we didn'….jpeg)

File: bd50c2cc23d96f3⋯.png (613.74 KB, 1328x1685, 1328:1685, 172 - _qresearch_ - Q Rese….png)

d435d0  No.5217409

File: 206ba46dbb8ddb1⋯.png (113.53 KB, 606x327, 202:109, Saavedra re Stelter CNN Cu….PNG)


There it is


>Sunday Narrative shaping up early

5ce25b  No.5217410

We need a “Dindu Ruffins” meme with Jussie Smollets face

52d7de  No.5217411


(((They))) love Greek “Mythology.”

4a5231  No.5217412


No, she didn't.

cfe9b4  No.5217413


go back to /erp/ retard

c33d10  No.5217414


You are alive. kek

1d238f  No.5217415

File: cefe4bee651364a⋯.png (690.5 KB, 747x698, 747:698, KEKdefeatsBEAST.png)



dead is revived can mean JUNKIES stop heroin, and become an OUTSTANDING CITEZEN OF SERVICE IN THEIR COMMUNITY

dead is revived can mean SOME ONE TRUAMATIZED BY PASSED can OVERCOME THAT FEAR and find a NEW WAY TO LIVE in the FULL FAITH walking in HIS PROMISES.

adb63c  No.5217416


Oh look, copypasta.

fea2f7  No.5217417

File: 3e28de70a66d549⋯.jpg (147.45 KB, 922x1187, 922:1187, FB_IMG_1550174081756.jpg)

File: 8497eb6aafbf210⋯.jpg (722.62 KB, 1053x1366, 1053:1366, Screenshot_20190214-145609….jpg)

Major 2A Rally in Pennsylvania planned May 6th 2019 at 10AM

Organizers Requesting all hands on deck.

Copied from their Facebook event

Good Morning Patriots!!!

In 12 hours we have reached approximately 8,800 people! This is outstanding!!

Confirmed over 350!

Let's keep the pressure up! May 6th is just a few months away! The ROAD to freedom is paved with Liberty, Strength and Sacred Honor.

Keep sharing the event. We are on the front lines for this battle of wit, the Nation is watching us!! We have the sacred duty to lead the fight for responsible gun ownership. It is our right to stand as free men and women against unjust regulation!

make no mistake, we have some of the best minds in the country here in Pennsylvania. This is the birthplace of our republic. We will not give up our rights now or never.

Stand with us!


Ps. Who doesn't like a political satire memes?!?

3adc6c  No.5217418

File: 6c113743fca8fd6⋯.jpg (171.63 KB, 643x681, 643:681, Hasbara_Trolls_1.jpg)

File: 56d54ed111626ee⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1271x2097, 1271:2097, IDF_Shilling_Grills.png)

File: a37aa392b2c6ba3⋯.png (361.67 KB, 929x695, 929:695, Israeli_government_AI_anti….PNG)

File: 836965582abd422⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3668x3284, 917:821, JDIF.jpg)

File: a52822461de6470⋯.jpg (185.91 KB, 844x667, 844:667, Welcome_rabbi.JPG)


I love the fact that you never hae anything but smear and false accusations in the face of the facts I post, piece of shit zionist traitor :)

750869  No.5217419

>>5217374 normal panic at Hamilton performance in SF

as in madman running town?

waving gun around/

threatening to shoot people?

that kind of medical emergency?

6ce6b8  No.5217420


Perhaps a spray bottle was removed from Jesus's hand?

cc2e83  No.5217421

Anyone here know who Adriana Checik is?

I wanna see if I can get her to sign something made out to Q…

Would anyone here care?

691626  No.5217422


12adfa  No.5217423

File: 96ef7670f9c58bd⋯.jpg (138.71 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_6089.JPG)

File: 581b6f9b9f5d1e0⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_6092.JPG)

File: fe1dd0c68b3319f⋯.jpg (192.34 KB, 800x1074, 400:537, IMG_6094.JPG)

c33d10  No.5217424

File: d94bbe06d0ba758⋯.jpg (118.6 KB, 960x540, 16:9, d94bbe06d0ba7.jpg)

c44968  No.5217425

File: 458fe3b99868bc2⋯.jpg (56.53 KB, 1002x857, 1002:857, jc denton soy.jpg)


GMDX is great. New stuff added to maps, new weapon mods, new skills, and "perks" to augment those skills. It even manages to make the PS20 damn near useful. Unfortunately it fixes the ability to run from Paul on Liberty Island and have him destroy everything in his path.

002fe5  No.5217426


The US Army had control of Mex City I think 1858, but we didnt have the manpower to keep it. The story is in Grant's Memoirs.

41cf9f  No.5217427


Hell's Kitchen → that's near the Church of Satan ?

cb72df  No.5217428

File: 1aa39efaee256fb⋯.jpg (96.21 KB, 737x500, 737:500, 2tw08c.jpg)

5f740a  No.5217429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Baby let me take you

79a6e5  No.5217430

File: 85393cb22d3e759⋯.jpg (33.45 KB, 417x400, 417:400, 4990363.jpg)

d85685  No.5217431

File: 5ee322bdf672dd7⋯.jpg (31.9 KB, 637x244, 637:244, dumbass.jpg)


Yes she did.

c33d10  No.5217432

File: 483e7776441550a⋯.jpg (104.31 KB, 704x547, 704:547, aaasmh_130201.jpg)

071451  No.5217433

File: a1a76ac78992ce3⋯.png (435 KB, 720x435, 48:29, Screenshot_20190216-225717….png)

38ca19  No.5217434


Think projection.

c6c798  No.5217435

File: f0d8f64983b270c⋯.jpg (46.19 KB, 600x400, 3:2, d45354e346654d2e13bf395e36….jpg)


in case you still don't remember, this image will help you refresh your memory about that "anon".

48c3d6  No.5217436


I have always maintained DNR!



cf7e36  No.5217437


They've been funding isis and the Syrian war. They're Fake News.

cfe9b4  No.5217438

File: 85b37978d6bbf27⋯.jpg (78.07 KB, 800x565, 160:113, c9c73b38462cb085935aef35a3….jpg)


First of all: great numbers for my shell. Second of all: where's the kissing booth?

ca1eec  No.5217439


25 mm

25th Amendment


002fe5  No.5217440


Will Barr send Marine Bob packing?

6fe725  No.5217441

File: b87f08ed222aec1⋯.jpg (8.46 KB, 255x134, 255:134, manhole 1.jpg)

File: 67a3d24d6b27097⋯.png (268.44 KB, 459x684, 51:76, manhole 2.png)

File: 3e1d83dc1669e6b⋯.jpg (12.33 KB, 191x255, 191:255, manhole 3.jpg)

here you baker


NEW YORK (AP) — A series of manhole fires in midtown Manhattan on Saturday forced the evacuation of a theater complex where performances of plays including “Jersey Boys” and “Avenue Q” were underway.

No injuries were reported from the manhole fires at around 8 p.m. at West 50th Street near Eighth Avenue.

But a representative for the theater complex New World Stages said patrons were evacuated as a precaution.

“Thankfully, no one was hurt,” said Michael Coco, senior director of theater operations for the Shubert Organization.

The plays that were canceled for the night also included “The Play That Goes Wrong,” ″Puffs” and “As Spirited History of Drinking.”

Photos posted on social media show flames shooting into the air. Tim Teeman, a senior editor at the Daily Beast, posted on Twitter that he was inside the theater complex when he heard “4 or 5 bangs/explosions” and smelled smoke.

The Fire Department says the fires were under control by 9:15 p.m.

Subway trains skipped the 50th Street station on the C and E lines while firefighters investigated.

A spokesman for Consolidated Edison said no one lost power. The cause of the fires was not known.



634ec4  No.5217442

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Pat Caddell. He was such an honest, straight shooter, objective and incredibly wise.

Rest In Peace Mr. Caddell You're going to be terribly missed. God Speed

dfe5e0  No.5217443

File: 013f015c2c6b2ef⋯.png (18.85 KB, 480x480, 1:1, DNC2.png)


Hmm counting MAGA pills

31f9d2  No.5217444




12adfa  No.5217445

File: 2cd0cf1fa5fce57⋯.jpg (241.05 KB, 1600x990, 160:99, IMG_6068.JPG)

41e275  No.5217446


Manhole fires




>>5217345 - Me explaining what I believe happened

c33d10  No.5217447

File: a82ce235feb50dc⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 2816x2112, 4:3, IMG_7936.JPG)

File: ad2af7b8f3d4a29⋯.jpg (2.43 MB, 2816x2112, 4:3, IMG_7939.JPG)

"Volume 18. kek

295c2c  No.5217448

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


FIFTH DIMENSION: NESARA GESARA: Don't forget this; Protecting your family (THE NEW ERA!)

cfe9b4  No.5217449


google apophenia dumbass

3adc6c  No.5217450

File: 5af62ca573496c0⋯.png (396.59 KB, 615x570, 41:38, Israel_loses_leverage.PNG)

File: 1a0801ca34e67c2⋯.png (173.14 KB, 656x651, 656:651, Jewish_interest_groups_tur….png)

File: 935d101e53f3301⋯.png (294.45 KB, 634x622, 317:311, Mossad_ex_head_pushes_Trum….png)

File: 9bfc5babc4dbd8f⋯.png (554.62 KB, 691x1125, 691:1125, New_1_6_waivers_embassy.png)

File: b6c88de4bda5001⋯.jpg (163.88 KB, 978x750, 163:125, Trump_tweets_indirectly_ab….jpg)


You mad because of the facts I post, little yid bitch? :)

Cry more.

752462  No.5217451

File: 3e5473efea25fbf⋯.jpg (13.7 KB, 361x140, 361:140, images.jpg)

File: 84769a69a71ae26⋯.png (162.59 KB, 433x440, 433:440, jrpep.png)

File: 66cbfb9c8765f55⋯.png (94.6 KB, 1710x1396, 855:698, jrWHIT2024.png)

File: 36fb9a6944418b9⋯.png (410.83 KB, 3688x2840, 461:355, jfu1.png)


don't start me up! :D

1bc7c6  No.5217452



74db4d  No.5217453

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They don't think it be like it is.

But it do.

c33d10  No.5217454


Very lame. Sad for you.

ffb390  No.5217455

File: c878b955d6a8c8b⋯.jpg (227.98 KB, 1170x1071, 130:119, iuhygcvbQQ.jpg)

cfe9b4  No.5217456


haha ouch bad number for pizza people

4a5231  No.5217457


Really? What's your sauce on the funding issue?

d435d0  No.5217458

File: dd93ec3b4b4f23b⋯.png (36.67 KB, 583x374, 53:34, EL re Smollett 2-16-19.PNG)

Kathy Griffin: “No one can destroy a career faster than me!”

Jussie Smollett: “Hold my bleach…”


239e08  No.5217459

File: 7308c6685de7ec1⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1504x1128, 4:3, abortion cookies - Girl Sc….png)

c33d10  No.5217460


Oh, hey Jeb. You're a real tough guy.

002fe5  No.5217461


School vouchers end all this libtard perverted bullshit.

12adfa  No.5217462

File: 67e982862cdedb5⋯.jpg (141.03 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_5941.JPG)

File: dad908a59881c99⋯.jpg (237.58 KB, 1257x1600, 1257:1600, IMG_5969.JPG)

File: fac1cecf3633152⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1170x1616, 585:808, 641F5332-40A4-4B4C-8CF2-69….png)

57fb7c  No.5217463


anon doesn't get lost.

wanna step outside?

739e7b  No.5217464

File: 525a038b2ad4989⋯.jpeg (58.38 KB, 800x415, 160:83, C99F5AAA-FDB0-414F-B2BE-0….jpeg)

File: eae4bf25121554e⋯.jpeg (458.81 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 70FCC7DC-8349-438C-9021-C….jpeg)

72068b  No.5217465

File: 5178965e566805a⋯.jpeg (40.7 KB, 320x407, 320:407, D7F3A12F-C22F-44AF-B43F-6….jpeg)

2af0fa  No.5217466

Is this chick saying: "That's Avenue Q"?

c33d10  No.5217467


Yeah. End the public schools.

48bcee  No.5217468


why u so triggered with jqanon posting?

Do u get triggered with posts that criticize christianity or islam??

ur not mossad at all

cfe9b4  No.5217469










>dumb bitch

2af0fa  No.5217470

>>5217466 Sorry - link: https://twitter.com/i/events/1096941074214412288

41e275  No.5217471



Add this to fires

3adc6c  No.5217472

File: bc7f4fbf827eabe⋯.png (210.06 KB, 955x902, 955:902, 1_Anti_Semitism_law_USA.png)

File: 75e9fd302fa1e19⋯.jpg (960.32 KB, 1480x2738, 20:37, 2_Theodor_Herlz_meme_zioni….jpg)

File: 7a4f31138f20519⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 1277x5191, 1277:5191, 3_Jewish_supremacism_post.jpg)

File: 8d3b9b39ab37835⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 1350x7352, 675:3676, 4_Circumcision_big.jpg)

File: 8b53b56810a4db8⋯.png (19.51 KB, 651x382, 651:382, 5_Q_board_anon_on_Jews_47_….PNG)


Oh look, not a single argument in the face of verifiable facts that get censored everywhere :)

Cry more zionist traitor.

1d238f  No.5217473

File: 3ce5b82711d5467⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 4500x4602, 750:767, fakenews.jpg)

File: 519a9e7994819dd⋯.png (306.29 KB, 520x591, 520:591, NO OTHER CHOICE.png)

File: 8e4717d26b1a892⋯.jpg (139.08 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Obama_Huma_Muslim_Brotherh….jpg)




>you have no idea the DEPTH OF THIS

c33d10  No.5217474

File: 500d42306026272⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 2816x2112, 4:3, IMG_7945.JPG)

3adc6c  No.5217475


Kek, I did not knew that you could use Paul as your personal golem in the first level by running from him.

12adfa  No.5217476

File: 0dd63a91fd54db0⋯.jpg (110.19 KB, 1075x800, 43:32, IMG_6066.JPG)

File: d148512e62e9ca8⋯.jpg (190.58 KB, 1080x1346, 540:673, IMG_6071.JPG)

File: 6b4f7787afe832b⋯.jpg (136.56 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_6109.JPG)

a01100  No.5217477

File: 165cb6fb816986b⋯.png (125.7 KB, 600x338, 300:169, qave4.png)

File: fae1e94bffed7bf⋯.png (110.44 KB, 600x338, 300:169, qave3.png)

File: 5d15f6055fbe84f⋯.jpg (46.24 KB, 600x338, 300:169, qave.jpg)

File: 47db67e5adecdbf⋯.png (92.34 KB, 600x338, 300:169, qav1.png)

6ce6b8  No.5217478

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Unwise to tempt fate anon……..

2f52ec  No.5217479

File: 7e9476785931fc9⋯.png (604.27 KB, 1507x500, 1507:500, ClipboardImage.png)

Have Anons/Q confirmed this?

> 2015 story, Trident D5 Launched.

> Pic related

Then later in LA, EM posts his cheeky tweet

> Pic related

> Looks like pic related.


Anons, did we 'miss' a 'missle' shot down over LA?

It literally says D5.

3d432b  No.5217480

File: 1365ea3b3a8d3ec⋯.jpg (10.64 KB, 228x221, 228:221, emfield.jpg)

File: 47df6726e91b5aa⋯.png (8.8 KB, 255x206, 255:206, b2a6b836195830b06908cec560….png)

File: ea1a48882da906f⋯.png (60.06 KB, 250x226, 125:113, 250px-Hopf_Fibration.png)

silly kids you have to bring the fields together.

04b0c7  No.5217481

File: 8d7cf77e8fab771⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 398x175, 398:175, destroyman.jpg)

239e08  No.5217482

File: 41792261e87eb52⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1459x1563, 1459:1563, 276 - _qresearch_ - Q Rese….png)

File: ea093e94294307b⋯.jpg (312.93 KB, 1949x1242, 1949:1242, pepewhitakerstealthbomber.jpg)

3f6816  No.5217483


>"Avenue Q"


>"hells kitchen"





Operators did that?

Lodges or smelly restaurants close?

752462  No.5217484

File: b1d758f92875583⋯.jpeg (18.06 KB, 255x203, 255:203, 2243031810e2dabd2f9e81064….jpeg)


seek help :D

ad1e30  No.5217485

File: c2463703c6b2572⋯.png (467.86 KB, 778x609, 778:609, Faithful.png)

File: ed7c0b61cafbfa5⋯.png (372.74 KB, 682x401, 682:401, Refuge.png)

File: 3073eb8bfb3d622⋯.png (433.13 KB, 665x612, 665:612, DeliverUs.png)

File: ca7485a439f5789⋯.jpg (31.66 KB, 660x313, 660:313, YourKingdom.JPG)

750869  No.5217486


can you add: away with you 'muhjuh' shill

002fe5  No.5217487


"Trump created the climate of fear that allowed this nigga to lie."

adb63c  No.5217488


Wow, this new? Nope. Copypasta shit. How’s tehran this morning? You know the education you received is all a lie, correct? They lied to you. Have you not realized that yet?

631e70  No.5217489


You are late to the. Game. I stopped years ago.

Fox sucks

a01100  No.5217491

File: d5335689a00f91b⋯.png (42.71 KB, 600x338, 300:169, qave2.png)

File: 14f65a17237c199⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 600x338, 300:169, qavesuperbowl.jpg)

cb72df  No.5217492

File: 6c8f1db1348768c⋯.jpg (61.73 KB, 786x500, 393:250, 2tv89f.jpg)

5f740a  No.5217493

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


fea2f7  No.5217494


more 2A Pennsylvania banter

This guy is a decent writer.

I love the enthusiasm! We need to amplify this! Spread the word! Get to your local ranges, we need everyone involved.

Here is the link to the PDF for the flyer. This is going to take a grassroots effort. We need everyone involved.


We need to target the gun owners who are passive toward these events. We need to get them to understand that it's not just their AR15 they want.

They want your accessories. Your telescopic sights, your adjustable stocks, you forgrips..

They want your "high powered sniper rifle" that you use to harvest with.

They want your grandfathers Trophy rifle from world war two. After all it's a weapon of war.

We cannot allow any of this. Pittsburgh is the virtual shot heard around the world. They made their intentions known.

The governor backs it.. they intend to take this fight to the state level.

The opposition forces have been rubbing elbows with our elected officials. Almost Weekly they are in the capital building pressuring them to pass legislation. We need to counter this.

Follow the examples of our great ancestors. I leave you with this.


5f59c1  No.5217495

File: 9c9be19169706e1⋯.png (303.66 KB, 386x469, 386:469, ClipboardImage.png)




12adfa  No.5217496

File: e1b37dfc0b94d25⋯.jpg (625.71 KB, 1500x2250, 2:3, IMG_5943.JPG)

File: e84842091ccc1d0⋯.jpg (150.74 KB, 1360x800, 17:10, IMG_5947.JPG)

File: acef23ae69d8634⋯.jpg (221.76 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, IMG_5948.JPG)

c44968  No.5217497


He tells you to avoid casualties, but the second he sees a bullet he pulls out his assault rifle and goes on a rampage. If you can lure him to the small bot in front of the statue, he pulls out a fucking plasma gun. What a bastard.

c6c798  No.5217498

File: 2bd8c662b01d8fc⋯.png (7.96 KB, 594x183, 198:61, glitch1.PNG)

File: 41c3c29d30b23ac⋯.png (435.45 KB, 881x758, 881:758, glitch2.PNG)

File: 5d8c1ce26461f76⋯.png (309.42 KB, 826x455, 118:65, glitch3.PNG)

File: 8cea281e252874c⋯.png (10.21 KB, 659x135, 659:135, glitch4_kvetching.PNG)