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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, # JPG.jpg)

d5b336  No.5187745

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Friday 02.15.19

>>5187688 ————————————–——– The orders came from the highest office in the land

>>5186480 ————————————–——– Think McCabe Interview and RR Wearing a Wire

>>5186098 ————————————–——– Remember the Cover Story?

>>5185770 rt >>5185721 ————————— You Have More than you Know

>>5186264 rt >>5186193 ————————— Your husband is a Patriot

>>5185619 ————————————–——– What is the punishment for a traitor?

>>5185527 ————————————–——– Be Alert Next Ten Days

Thursday 2.14.19

>>5182398 ————————————–——– Chatter - Bill & Hillary’s ‘public’ health will begin to rapidly deteriorate

>>5182276 ————————————–——– Phase III

>>5182089 ————————————–——– Truth push.

>>5181988 ————————————–——– No mercy.

>>5181944 ————————————–——– Pain

>>5178012 rt >>5177926 ————————— “Well there ya go!”

>>5177902 ————————————–——– Pace picking up? (Twitter cap: >>5177926 ; YT vid: >>5177959 )

>>5177627 ————————————–——– Define the word ‘plan’. (Twitter cap: >>5177666 ; >>5178299 )

>>5177433 ————————————–——– [Coming weeks] (Twitter cap: >>5177464 )

>>5176863 rt >>5176841 ————————— On the move.

>>5176841 rt >>5176626 ————————— Use caution - high follower count targeting to direct ‘deep in narrative’ mob as method to remove.

>>5176617 ————————————–——– Memes are important.

>>5176313 rt >>5176247 ————————— We only go ‘public’ when we want the ‘target’ to ‘know’.

>>5176262 rt >>5176128 ————————— Credit to Anons who deciphered Red/Green Castle.

>>5176118 ————————————–——– Anons knew last March?

>>5167348 ————————————–——– Register all data pulls. Standby

>>5167300 ————————————–——– Pull all views +/-[10]

>>5167233 ————————————–——– Night crawl active [3]

>>5167220 ————————————–——– Sequence Complete.

>>5167194 ————————————–——– Sequence Register.

Tuesday 2.12.19

Compiled here: >>5187731

Monday 2.11.19

Compiled here: >>5187715

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are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807, >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5001844 Let's spread this movement worldwide! (Q, Yellow Vest, FREEDOM)

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day

>>5177229 MEMES ARE IMPORTANT: Memetic Warfare Division is RECRUITING

#6626 Baker change

>>5187554 Sara Carter segment on McCabe

>>5187535 That airman charged with spying? Here’s how she earned an Air Medal

>>5187216, >>5187268 Anons discuss possible participants of secret meeting after the 2016 election

>>5187213 Iwo Jima vets are ready for your questions

>>5187204 Anon's thoughts about intent of missile launch

>>5187195 Onalaska: this tiny TX town has thousands of foreign aircraft registered there

>>5187156 Barr confirmation: summary of Dems vs Repubs voting

>>5187126 Anon takes a crack at decoding Q 2731

>>5187125 Humane Borders maps warn would-be migrants of the dangers of the US desert

>>5187115 China Cancels UK trade talks

>>5187082 Unmissable Hannity from last night

>>5187741 #6626


>>5186347 Did the treason extend to Marine One?

>>5186348 Lockheed Martin ballistic missile = D5?

>>5186368 NORAD mission notes/info

>>5186417, >>5186454, >>5186875 CPL Drama includes R. Kelly

>>5186620 DoD conducts rail load operations

>>5186633 Flight Emergency Declared Warsaw to Punta Cana flight

>>5186727 Anon theory - Did POTUS send troops to the S. Border to prevent escapes?

>>5186762 Facebook tracking ex-employees?

>>5186798 Pompeo Meets with Top EU Diplomat

>>5186848 Two Utah earthquakes

>>5186939 Reminder - Kerry and Trudeau met to discuss PDJT (from 2018)

>>5186933 #6625


>>5185567 Repost of LB notable for Dayshift

>>5185625 'Poles collaborated with the Nazis': Netanyahu reignites Holocaust spat with Poland

>>5185646 Mexican Gov. vows to thwart new caravan

>>5185383 (PB) Streetview Q china pics location

>>5185759 Hanging used to be punishment for Treason

>>5185802 The 1st conspiracy: the plot to kill George Washington

>>5185849, >>5185890, >>5185926 Sex Scandal Day for the Catholic Church?

>>5185721 DOJ held meetings on how to oust President Trump; Tucker cries foul

>>5185910 WA State Gov. Jay Inslee: It's not acceptable for county sheriff's not to enforce new gun law

>>5186232 #6624

Previously Collected Notables

>>5185554 #6623

>>5182449 #6620, >>5183192 #6621, >>5183915 #6622

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>>5177813 #6614, >>5178538 #6615, >>5179333 #6616

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c48218  No.5187757

https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/news/pressrel/press-releases/richard-deslauriers-named-special-agent-in-charge-of-the-fbi2019s-boston-division BOSTON BOMBING HOAX FBI CORRUPTION.

d5b336  No.5187771

File: d7ee3b59f5ea5b2⋯.jpeg (345.23 KB, 1200x670, 120:67, ##.jpeg)

#6628 Dough


c62292  No.5187798

File: a626cdec5c8272f⋯.jpeg (523.76 KB, 1015x1132, 1015:1132, D66EA4B2-D375-46B7-9BCC-C….jpeg)

3233b2  No.5187803






































































a88530  No.5187817


Notables missed from previous bread

>>5187115 China cancels UK trade talks after bellicose speech by UK Defense Sec'y

>>5187125 Humane Borders maps warn would-be migrants of the dangers of the US desert

>>5187126 Anon takes a crack at decoding Q 2731

>>5187156, >>5187371 Barr confirmation: summary of Dems vs Repubs voting

>>5187195 Onalaska: this tiny TX town has thousands of foreign aircraft registered there

>>5187204 Anon's thoughts about intent of missile launch

>>5187213 Iwo Jima vets are ready for your questions

>>5187303, >>5187323 Anon discussions of secret mtg after the 2016 election

>>5187327 Wikileaks wants Iceland to arrest Pompeo

>>5187340 Shadow warriors: How Trump's Praetorian is saving the republic

>>5187349, >>5187370 School lockdown in Lecanto FL; source is on the premises; is this Q's FF?

bf4a4a  No.5187835

File: 2861fe527be2ffd⋯.jpg (507.89 KB, 1080x1072, 135:134, Screenshot_20190215-061413….jpg)

What defines a Patriot?

f0d8c0  No.5187840


There is no stopping what is coming!

So happy to be here with all of you with a front row seat!

a88530  No.5187854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alan Dershowitz compared attempts to use the 25th Amendment against President Donald Trump to a coup d’etat

0baa34  No.5187857

File: bdf9d61df608ce2⋯.gif (2.63 MB, 900x524, 225:131, F15-pilot-pepe.gif)

0be547  No.5187863

Strike Eagle

9af196  No.5187864

File: 2946d66772cb270⋯.png (861.31 KB, 1312x2085, 1312:2085, Capture _2019-02-15-09-10-….png)

I thought we covered this pretty good. Did we miss something? Is Pence involved?

d75bdb  No.5187866



bf4a4a  No.5187867

File: 25d54ff7caeb693⋯.gif (224.8 KB, 460x298, 230:149, ron-paul-its-happening-gif….gif)

c6138e  No.5187868

File: faefcfb03e73342⋯.jpg (80.52 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2h5ogz.jpg)

0a6f98  No.5187869

File: dfe4719430626f6⋯.jpg (18.05 KB, 474x255, 158:85, Deathmobile.jpg)

e795f8  No.5187870


YES…the F15 plane pic Q posted.

feb 15th

0ff49b  No.5187871


Q says Bill and Hillbags 'public' health will begin to decline - according to the chatter.

Was talking about this with wifeanon. Why can't the world see military tribunals take place? Why can't the world see the HRC video?

Why was "no name" allowed to have an honorable funeral? HE WAS A TRAITOR. Same with GHWB.

What's so terrible about the world knowing the TRUTH? Instability of the masses would result? If the repeated mass shootings/public slaughter of innocent school children doesn't cause catastrophic civil unrest, I don't think publicly prosecuting TRAITORS with CLEAR EVIDENCE would be any worse (to the public).


We have it all, right? So LET'S GET IT ON!!!!

Just one last note: I love Q and the team. Yes, I'm complaining a bit - AND I KNOW SIGNIFICANT THINGS ARE HABBENING. My prayers go out to Q team and POTUS, his family, and those who truly support him.

4a0fdc  No.5187872

>>5186850 pb

"Most of you 'muhJew' shills are Christian, right" sauce please or shut up.

"Your lovely peaceful Bible was written by a…"

actually the estimate is 40 authors over 2000 years. King James merely hired a group to translate it into English. If you don't like it, read the Hebrew OT and Greek NT.

"But anyone who doesn't blindly believe in it is going to Hell, right? " God does not require blind belief, you are tilting at windmills. See, he puts 'knowing' before 'believing':

Isa 43:10 Ye [are] my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I [am] he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me.

"How can the highest and most evolved being condone rape and slavery?" Reporting it in a reliable history is not the same as condoning. p.s. he isn't 'evolved', he is self-existent.

"Christians tell people they're Satanists for not believing the Bible is 100% truth." No they say you are ignorant as you have so wonderfully displayed.

As demonstrated, your hatred for Christians is based in ignorance. BTW. There are fake Christians just like there are fake Jews, but as ignorant as you are, you have no means to discern the difference.

3cef0c  No.5187873

File: ec305cbbfa4af96⋯.jpg (60.23 KB, 1025x562, 1025:562, 55_wwg1wga.JPG)


d5b336  No.5187874


Thanks anon. These are all included except for the following which I'll add.

>>5187327 Wikileaks wants Iceland to arrest Pompeo

>>5187340 Shadow warriors: How Trump's Praetorian is saving the republic

>>5187349, >>5187370 School lockdown in Lecanto FL; source is on the premises; is this Q's FF?

88ab5c  No.5187875

Not honestly expecting a direct answer, but I have to message. Q, my wifeanon and in-laws are going to a big concert tonight. I hope your team is able to keep Americans safe. Slowly waking mother in-law. She knows about you. Slowly waking her (showing her luciferian arm symbols now). Anyway, I sent her your drop of the next 10 days and asked her to stay alert tonight.

I don't know what I would do without them.

42fd3e  No.5187876


Why should we be involve at all if this is all a movie?

If it’s all scripted?

d52226  No.5187877

File: 026e61c1d027c3f⋯.jpeg (427.16 KB, 738x1126, 369:563, 4FB85A46-0BC1-4573-A6E4-1….jpeg)


Screen cap

0be547  No.5187878

4ae0cd  No.5187879


You Have More than you Know

What do we do wrong?

Are we still not enough awake?

c88a15  No.5187880

Hello BO

Just making sure you noticed the Q

987c5f  No.5187881



Will we go mainstream?

We have a lot of patriots that just need a solid confirmation, and the movement will explode .


a88530  No.5187883

File: 44f459587d572b1⋯.png (296.38 KB, 609x781, 609:781, mobile_twitter_com_SevenFl….png)



b5fa60  No.5187884

File: ce0d07d2756448c⋯.jpg (107.58 KB, 599x706, 599:706, Screenshot 2019-02-15_09-1….jpg)

File: 86c75dfb710e6a5⋯.jpeg (54.14 KB, 482x680, 241:340, Dzc9t2pVYAAyU8L.jpeg)

File: 2327afa3398c394⋯.jpeg (17.56 KB, 288x360, 4:5, Dzc9t2sUUAAmtE4.jpeg)

6a81c7  No.5187885


Why is this important Q?

Someone trying to attack the US now?

e795f8  No.5187886

File: 6f56a6d9a15076e⋯.png (187.34 KB, 562x540, 281:270, Screenshot_2019-02-15 7Fla….png)



3cef0c  No.5187887


Very serious. They can't get away with this treason.

3eab73  No.5187888

File: e124717573c80ba⋯.jpg (25.64 KB, 204x255, 4:5, IMG_0151.JPG)

>>5187688 (pbQ)

>highest office in the land


046c11  No.5187889

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You better fall in soldier.

87c298  No.5187890


Are they all going down, or does this stop with HRC and slick Willy?

3233b2  No.5187891


How can they have purchased that tech and put it on a submarine?

6cd27b  No.5187892

File: db8cf3edba0e851⋯.png (303.95 KB, 731x691, 731:691, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dd17f10a99d8d4b⋯.png (242.45 KB, 749x546, 107:78, ClipboardImage.png)

Ya'll see this? Exercise Clockwork

4aacba  No.5187893


Thank you THAAD

f4b43b  No.5187894

File: 464e5cba574e4c5⋯.jpeg (690.85 KB, 1679x1144, 1679:1144, F78BE66E-E193-4C96-9E41-B….jpeg)

File: 4e138dc76facf1f⋯.jpeg (79.99 KB, 634x491, 634:491, 44C8B538-6D82-4F53-8EC1-2….jpeg)

File: ab2bbcaa89b5d74⋯.jpeg (128.31 KB, 750x982, 375:491, 42E55B29-7CAE-4703-B7CC-B….jpeg)

There is ZERO doubt in my mind that this Q guy is legit!

Mathematicaly impossible that he’s not!

79ed8d  No.5187895

>>5187688 (Pb)

Barr, of course, will have a full plate of current issues and new initiatives of his own he wants to pursue. But if there is any hope that the FBI and Justice will regain the credibility they squandered, the new AG must rip off the shroud of secrecy hiding a dark episode in American history.

Let it be Dark to Light in full force !

e011e9  No.5187896


Purrfect God Speed Patriot

d5b336  No.5187897

#6626 Baker change

Posted in #6627

>>5187554 Sara Carter segment on McCabe

>>5187535 That airman charged with spying? Here’s how she earned an Air Medal

>>5187349 , >>5187370 School lockdown in Lecanto FL; source is on the premises; is this Q's FF?

>>5187340 Shadow warriors: How Trump's Praetorian is saving the republic

>>5187327 Wikileaks wants Iceland to arrest Pompeo

>>5187216 , >>5187268 Anons discuss possible participants of secret meeting after the 2016 election

>>5187213 Iwo Jima vets are ready for your questions

>>5187204 Anon's thoughts about intent of missile launch

>>5187195 Onalaska: this tiny TX town has thousands of foreign aircraft registered there

>>5187156 Barr confirmation: summary of Dems vs Repubs voting

>>5187126 Anon takes a crack at decoding Q 2731

>>5187125 Humane Borders maps warn would-be migrants of the dangers of the US desert

>>5187115 China Cancels UK trade talks

>>5187082 Unmissable Hannity from last night

ddadc7  No.5187898


Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense. An anti-ballistic missile defense system for short, medium, and intermediate range ballistic missiles.

We thank our men and women for protecting our POTUS!!!!

22b161  No.5187899

Trump was the highest office in the land at the time of the 25A meeting.

Did Trump orchestrate this narrative himself? It was shortly before his doctor said he's God's gift to science

f0dacc  No.5187900

File: c064983284c4305⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Cultural_Marxism_Frankfurt….jpg)

File: 167382bb0600c17⋯.jpg (765.09 KB, 1608x1600, 201:200, 1_Frankfurt_School_Cultura….jpg)

File: 1ace4ef1900c705⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1064x1592, 133:199, Cultural_Marxim_Gay_Agenda….jpg)

File: 611a44da1e9fb78⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Cultural_Marxism_Frankfurt….jpg)

File: 8cea7865461983b⋯.jpg (330.49 KB, 514x450, 257:225, Cultural_Marxism_Frankfurt….jpg)

>>5187828 (lb)

Do you even Cultural Marxism bro?

Its called repressive tolerance, a "great" Jewish invention.

0c7cec  No.5187901

File: 35d61922c2dabdd⋯.png (227.73 KB, 494x576, 247:288, THAAD.PNG)

4c833d  No.5187902



70e908  No.5187903


Thes are being deployed now, who is the aggressor?

f4b43b  No.5187904


There is ZERO doubt in my mind that this Q guy is legit!

Mathematicaly impossible that he’s not!

c0aca8  No.5187905

File: aab675c6043d5e4⋯.jpeg (55.97 KB, 678x381, 226:127, C030E924-267E-4ACF-B9FA-1….jpeg)

68b314  No.5187906

File: 27780691a057aed⋯.png (55.88 KB, 800x575, 32:23, Donna Brazile on Twitter W….png)

File: 0d7d6195776cf68⋯.png (55.22 KB, 800x525, 32:21, Donna Brazile on Twitter.png)

File: 6379644bb8b8adb⋯.png (32.08 KB, 735x287, 105:41, 4.png)

File: cf93523cec684ed⋯.png (53.01 KB, 800x525, 32:21, 5 Donna Brazile on Twitter.png)

4am talking points?

Going into overdrive today?

DB twatter.

0be547  No.5187907


03ca4e  No.5187908


is that what took out the sub launched missle?

aef952  No.5187909


7 floor no more I hope.

a16caf  No.5187910

Thanks for taking the time to interact with us. I hope your having a good morning, and hope your chair is a comfy one. Wishing the team well.

f0dacc  No.5187911


Oy vey


239bf7  No.5187912

File: 1693483465bf311⋯.jpg (18.7 KB, 294x687, 98:229, 1Salute.jpg)


Thank You Baker!

4b0d30  No.5187913

File: 5d0700079fe24d9⋯.png (130.98 KB, 480x270, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Calls grow for fired FBI deputy director McCabe to testify under oath


d75bdb  No.5187914

File: 469d61759c26836⋯.jpeg (13.31 KB, 220x152, 55:38, C80BEA60-AF66-40AD-A81D-8….jpeg)



NAT EM today?


8930a7  No.5187915

File: ff088b9f8614717⋯.png (991.15 KB, 569x710, 569:710, 1468291499273.png)



Dark to Light.

The orders came from the highest office in the land.



how high are we talking?

e51f7d  No.5187916


Coup d‘etat is being used by many, and rightly so. It was.

329d99  No.5187917


Yes. Open your eyes.

940f16  No.5187918

File: d25b31d216b44ce⋯.png (6.87 MB, 1364x1024, 341:256, O.png)

>>5187688 (last)

>highest office in the land

feaadb  No.5187919


So Hussein gave the orders to take out Trump, one way or another?

757fdf  No.5187920

What is Barr waiting on? Why is he not doing something?

73fea3  No.5187921


WAPO attacks us, I think we’re mainstream already fam

3cef0c  No.5187922

cc099f  No.5187923

File: c6ef00b1d0fbab0⋯.jpeg (532.01 KB, 2000x1867, 2000:1867, 1550150474.jpeg)


LOVE our POTUS Trump

keep him safe Q!

0ff49b  No.5187924


P = Prosecution

A = Arraignment

I = Internment

N = Neutralized

87c298  No.5187925

File: 37d7757abbfed40⋯.jpg (91.31 KB, 527x737, 527:737, 2016_07_16_Saturday-Ginger….jpg)


Talks started before switch over. But you already knew that…

6a81c7  No.5187926


You bring an older submarine to somewhere to wreck it.

But in reality, you don't…you sell it to somebody, who wants to purhase it.

73fea3  No.5187927


That’s how they shot it down?

415b7a  No.5187928

File: be4fbc427641305⋯.mp4 (11.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Liberal Kuala Learns Hard ….mp4)

>>5187732 (lb)

I crack myself up!

d52226  No.5187929

File: dbbcfa859480434⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 498x280, 249:140, B77D83E6-1379-4876-8AE1-FA….gif)



5acb04  No.5187930



Missile Defence System - Terminal High Altitude Area Defense THAAD

987c5f  No.5187931



Are the clintons crimes going to be made public ?

506175  No.5187932

File: dd9db23d091d5ff⋯.jpg (52.31 KB, 821x430, 821:430, dd9db23d091d5ff9f7d8401ac2….jpg)

>>5187505 (lb)









a88530  No.5187933


Feburary 15th

329d99  No.5187934



756916  No.5187935

File: aab3a156b91893c⋯.png (517.23 KB, 1806x887, 1806:887, 19426531753275405742.png)

ddadc7  No.5187936


YES Q!!! Close the door on them ALL!!!!!

b5fa60  No.5187937

File: 7db439e2d85831e⋯.jpg (94.86 KB, 588x533, 588:533, Screenshot 2019-02-15_09-2….jpg)

File: 504169d68b51fa2⋯.jpg (296.72 KB, 1200x686, 600:343, Dzc_IAkWwAEmVXZ.jpg)

File: fdfc05d80f7585e⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DzcSTPPUUAAXFIU.jpg)


68b314  No.5187938


Probs not. Dems are panicking today tho… Showing more card in their hands.

f24ff5  No.5187939


He was just sworn in last night. Let the guy move into his office maybe??

0a6f98  No.5187940

File: 855b96fc81121ad⋯.jpg (49 KB, 600x315, 40:21, MyoKardia dump.jpg)

File: fe6b3ff98366cd6⋯.png (23.51 KB, 620x316, 155:79, Insider Sales.png)

File: 9913857a675fb47⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 474x264, 79:44, sanofi.jpg)

File: 986795cf676f7c6⋯.png (55.22 KB, 1199x385, 109:35, 021519 MYOK dump.PNG)

Sanofi has exited it's position in MyoKarida


8c6649  No.5187941

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Holy shit!!

What Warner Bros movie did this video come from? Major clown MKUltra shit!

42fd3e  No.5187942

No name was not executed

No proof and his family in no way would keep it secret! Makes no sense!

a41d27  No.5187943

File: 792be94f5fc1303⋯.png (823.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

3e83d1  No.5187944


aha the F15 did mean February 15th!

046c11  No.5187945


Your psy-op is an implication of an unauthorized launch.

It's a psy-op.

If an unauthorized launch ACTUALLY occurred. You're telling us there weren't OPERATORS - UP AND DOWN - CLEANING FUCKING HOUSE?

C'mon. Get your psy-op in order.

ac2879  No.5187946


Anons were right with their prediction..for once!

Well, at least that something big would happen on F15.

Are we finally learning to decipher the 'code', Q?

525182  No.5187947

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good morning, Anons! Here's a little ditty to start your day! :)

5c44da  No.5187948



6c72af  No.5187949

Who needs coffee in the morning when you got Q posts to wake you up.

cc099f  No.5187951

File: ea502de776cd616⋯.png (2.46 MB, 2048x1408, 16:11, 1548658239.png)



940f16  No.5187952


DS was trying to attack N Korea to start a war..

88ab5c  No.5187953


2/15 = 17

3eab73  No.5187954

File: b6e1ab013fea42d⋯.jpg (465.79 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_4284.JPG)



fa7fbb  No.5187955


Tell Potus thank you for putting up with all of these threats! WWG1WGA

73fea3  No.5187956

File: d06e732c34f9f6f⋯.jpeg (43.06 KB, 306x377, 306:377, FA4E6552-464C-4E67-91A6-1….jpeg)


You’re a sly fox, kek

Anons knew though

5acb04  No.5187957


A very good morning on F15!

475b81  No.5187958

File: 5cbcc6ba5c5942c⋯.png (26.1 KB, 522x153, 58:17, ClipboardImage.png)

Federal Reserve Note


ac106e  No.5187960

File: 1efa5e76eb5b2c2⋯.jpeg (293.89 KB, 750x694, 375:347, 76C6B2B2-544E-4900-A95D-C….jpeg)

File: 3a14ea7ef3b778e⋯.jpeg (224.04 KB, 750x692, 375:346, 360F5841-C15D-4FA6-BC3F-A….jpeg)

2a9479  No.5187961


Kick out the Lecanto school FF slide.

There hasnt been any sauce and slide has been shown by another anon with no sauced replies to counter.

Until digs turn up anything, its not notable.

792ba0  No.5187962


POTUS has secured enough $ to do NAT EM and also VETO.

79ed8d  No.5187963


They tried to provoke NOKO by launching ballistic missile

506175  No.5187964

File: f0a8c0ba0b828f4⋯.png (798.84 KB, 1042x605, 1042:605, Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at ….png)



ee1e65  No.5187965


baker we are missing notables bun #6627

22b161  No.5187966

Not only was WW3 supposed to start via NK POTUS missle, but the open border was key.

USA is supposed to lose WW3.

a9f824  No.5187967

File: 3549520457d0910⋯.jpg (129.13 KB, 856x503, 856:503, OYD.jpg)


Do you like Pi? Carefully follow the connecting red lines and notice the date/time in the image below. If the 'new eyes' aren't awake yet, I'm not certain how we can return any more publicly!!! Am I right Q? Date AND Time!!! Hello??

b5fa60  No.5187968

File: 0fd592a4f2d2fd7⋯.jpg (92.74 KB, 585x586, 585:586, Screenshot 2019-02-15_09-2….jpg)

093feb  No.5187969


Godspeed, all.

506175  No.5187970

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8c6649  No.5187971


Hahahaha! Of course his family shut their mouths so THEY aren't hung, too….Dummy!

31d13e  No.5187972

File: 4d7310550680665⋯.jpg (153.62 KB, 1240x828, 310:207, chair.jpg)

Heard this on the news, didn't see in our notables.

Riots in Piedras Negras

Apparently not all is hunky-dory across the Texas border. Asylum seekers tried to rush the border, fought with Mexican police over not being allowed to visit stores unaccompanied.




32514b  No.5187973

f5c535  No.5187974


The bastards! God bless you Q+++.Stay Safe.

4a0fdc  No.5187975


> I hope your team is able to keep Americans safe.

Q is not omnipotent, omniscient (though almost) , nor omnipresent. Place your trust in God, and thank him for the things Q is able to do on our behalf.

Keep your eyes open. See something , say something.

b5fa60  No.5187976



242813  No.5187977


She is a traitor too and I hope he gets her karma soon

3233b2  No.5187978

File: dc1354efa876a2c⋯.png (266.28 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

60f788  No.5187979


On March 11 can we have Abrambs tanks crush Kalorama neighborhood?

3616fe  No.5187980

File: 437e4d954034955⋯.jpg (79.83 KB, 905x593, 905:593, 8268Yhx7hsixms.JPG)


Turn up the radio

volume set at 11

4ae0cd  No.5187981


can you please tell us that Patriots are in control in case of National Emergency?


a7da5f  No.5187982


I think it's all scripted like a movie because the goal is to coax out the one from obscurity who will come out and say "enough is enough! Let's all come together"…the Bible is called Scripture. SCRIPTure?

aef952  No.5187983


That wall is going up, red and green, are you aure that isn't an early or late Christmas present Q?

0a6f98  No.5187984

File: daaa564fac7c3e1⋯.jpg (92.54 KB, 666x429, 222:143, Pepe streak.jpg)


fuck 'em up boss

we knew through you


a16caf  No.5187985

If BHO ordered a strike on POTUS, and he does not hang publicly for it… I am gonna hunt you down in heaven or hell to stomp on your balls Q! Make these fuckers pay! Let us see justice so we can stop being angry!

3eab73  No.5187986

File: 869fb65a4bcca6b⋯.jpeg (810.27 KB, 1787x1797, 1787:1797, fullsizeoutput_615a.jpeg)

73fea3  No.5187987


U still here? Should prob go now.

165243  No.5187988


We are as mainstream as we will ever be. Those who know versus those who remain asleep have made a choice. We are into attraction rather than promotion. You have to WANT truth and freedom.

87744a  No.5187989

File: e70afad5e059341⋯.jpg (376.68 KB, 2342x1124, 1171:562, NORAD.jpg)

File: 72ea40436624eca⋯.jpg (92.97 KB, 892x986, 446:493, Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at ….jpg)


USNORTHCOM Mission page says: "We Have the Watch"


"Follow the Watch" - Q

f8e788  No.5187990

File: b87cfd0e8f6f01a⋯.jpg (82.73 KB, 1000x550, 20:11, magamagua.jpg)

Good morning, frens.

b57b3f  No.5187991


Obama. Lurk moar

2e2e99  No.5187992

Former teacher indicted in Missouri for allegedly producing child pornography with 3 minor victims

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A former northwestern Missouri teacher was indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday for allegedly producing child pornography with three minor victims.

This indictment resulted from an investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), and the Clinton County (Missouri) Sheriff’s Department.

William Derek Williams, 39, of Cameron, Missouri, was charged with three counts of producing child pornography, involving three different minor victims, from Jan. 1, 2013, to Sept. 6, 2018. Williams is also charged with one count of possessing child pornography. He formerly worked a high school language arts teacher, and more recently as a part-time high school multimedia teacher at the time of the alleged offense.

The charges contained in this indictment are simply accusations, and not evidence of guilt. Evidence supporting the charges must be presented to a federal trial jury, whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney David Luna, Western District of Missouri.


1ca25a  No.5187993

File: 58f137754730e71⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1423x797, 1423:797, ClipboardImage.png)

5acb04  No.5187994

4aacba  No.5187995

File: 5adb316ffc757f5⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1306x936, 653:468, showtime.png)


Trusting the plan!

87c298  No.5187996



I know what anon is getting at. You cant simply send some of the hard skeptics a bunch of links to proofs. We anons have been tracking for a while, and we have all the proof we need. People that still doubt just need to hear it from his lips.

b5fa60  No.5187997


Q national emergency is for other reason too since we know money can be gathered from elsewhere

d5b336  No.5187998

File: f960faecfbaaf5a⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 481x572, 37:44, ScreenCap_001.jpg)


Interesting post by @USArmy

this morning. THAAD is Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense. An anti-ballistic missile defense system for short, medium, and intermediate range ballistic missiles.


#QAnon #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA


c48218  No.5187999

HEY Q, I would like to know about the Boston Bombing Hoax? Please… I researched and found all the victims were related to law enforcement officials. Corruption in the FBI.

Can you please confirm?? Thankyou

b28d1f  No.5188000


Q, there is no way POTUS can sign this bill. I’ve been combing over it and it’s like a train wreck in motion. Bring the PAIN plz.

d12374  No.5188001


That's the TV show Supernatural. Season 2 somewhere…

3233b2  No.5188002

File: 67b39e0b039a022⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1200x789, 400:263, ClipboardImage.png)

0be547  No.5188003


Using a FF Russia nuke with the hallmark of the U1 deal uranium

0874b4  No.5188004

File: 14fba04d6b03e74⋯.png (89.46 KB, 631x767, 631:767, 0d5425b6e5ade023ea44df3010….png)

File: 7b5783fe7fa3f2e⋯.png (107.44 KB, 764x641, 764:641, 0cd4a4078feb30ef33dbaea801….png)

Trump should veto that bill. What the fuck.


>1) Less of a wall than even what Democrats already agreed to

>2) Liberal local officials have veto power over wall

>3) This bill contains a blatant amnesty for the worst cartel smugglers

>4) More funding to manage and induce the invasion rather than to deter it

>5) Doubling low-skilled workers


Amnesty section included.

What the fuck, Trump. Don't sign that shit. please!

8930a7  No.5188005


naah. don't give that monkey too much credit.. he is just a puppet

4c833d  No.5188006



8c6649  No.5188007


US is currently under 28 National Emergencies….In effect since the 80s!

Stop being triggered by the Emergency word!

fa354e  No.5188008

>>5186347 lb. Re: helicopters.

Q post 1507, 6/15/18:


Will inspect/review.

Marine One proofs forthcoming.

AF1 (inside) thereafter.

More & More.


>>5185759 op Re: capitol punishment - firing squads in Utah and SC


They don't have to hang em high. Bullets work better!

Don't we suspect there are Gitmo additional facilities in SC?

And we know who/what is in Utah.

73fea3  No.5188009


Lurk moar

ddadc7  No.5188010


The post Q is referring to is about

when the DS tried to take out POTUS

after the G20 summit. Would blame it on NK.

They tried to kill 2 birds with one stone,

Get rid of POTUS and start that world war 3 they have been so thirsty for.

098e2c  No.5188011


Q, there is some really f'd up stuff in this "deal" he's going to sign. Line item veto maybe?

a9f824  No.5188012


Q, can you point us ANONs in the right direction on where to dig here or will it become public? Look around at everything going down and all around the same time. Are you able to connect the dots and awaken yourself? Listen to Minute 9:xx Do you believe in coincidences? Patriots are winning! THis is about pay to play with the OPEN BORDER: https://youtu.be/xvaoqbatfTw

70e908  No.5188013

File: 12a98b3f7948fa3⋯.png (331.01 KB, 590x369, 590:369, Screen-Shot-2018-03-02-at-….png)


The Real Russia Story: Port Canaveral “Project Pelican” and Uranium One deals connected through the Jafar


cc099f  No.5188014

File: dcf79e44f6ca9e4⋯.png (3.77 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 1544534101.png)

ad5e0f  No.5188015

File: 726f969e884d8fa⋯.png (669.54 KB, 841x1193, 841:1193, 2019-02-15_09-20-57.png)

File: 2f602a44502dfb3⋯.png (69.48 KB, 412x356, 103:89, 2019-02-15_09-24-25.png)

>>5187746 lb

Not a fan of Amazon, but it was 25,000 jobs at $150K a pop?


f0dacc  No.5188016


Look at all those peaceful refugees.

I see a negro-cirurgeon, the future inventor of the cure for cancer, the next noble peace prize winner…

Pls no post racyss news pls.

1610dd  No.5188017

File: 1791dcf4ea56768⋯.jpg (73.2 KB, 453x600, 151:200, 2tkxiu.jpg)


God bless us all. We are stronger than the evil around us. God bless POTUS and team Q.

4c833d  No.5188018



4b0d30  No.5188019


Vigilante justice is illegal in the US.

No public hearings, no sentencing, nothing…anybody involved in this so called execution is guilty of murder.

ac2879  No.5188020

File: 3177f7ea4c27231⋯.png (6.23 KB, 618x139, 618:139, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9814185aee868d3⋯.png (205.32 KB, 1100x490, 110:49, ClipboardImage.png)


Booker said that "lynching is not a relic of the past," pointing to the attack on "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett in Chicago.

>Booker citing FAKE HOAX for this lynching bill….


a46d52  No.5188021

File: 4a76079c2fe2c64⋯.jpeg (227.99 KB, 1199x910, 1199:910, its.happening.pepe.revere.jpeg)

>>5187688 (prev drop)

>The orders came from the highest office in the land.


McCabe being used like a tool.

Fox was ready to go. Hannity had that monologue ready. Tucker had Derschowitz tee'd up to call it a coup. Derschowitz completely under control.

McCabe interview will be remembered as the Inflection Point on which the tied turned and the false narrative became completely discredited.

Just this week the build up was tremendous. Informations that anons have known about for months seeing the light of day in the mockingbird media. Senate report of no collusion was a key one.

Barr confirmation.

Whitaker 5 minutes are up.

I always knew it was going to feel great, but it feels glorious.

Thank you POTUS. Thank you Q team. Thank you anons that have compiled so much information here. The spreadsheets, the memes, the maps, all of it.

It's a privilege to find myself in this fox hole.

b5fa60  No.5188022

File: 8dc326ccca8a6cc⋯.jpg (68.06 KB, 593x562, 593:562, Screenshot 2019-02-15_09-2….jpg)

File: fce9cae809ed87a⋯.jpg (36.58 KB, 720x522, 40:29, Dzc9f8gXcAYvveG.jpg)


59802a  No.5188023

>>5187268 (PB)

#1 - HRC (Q said: "Whi didn't HRC give a concession speech?" -> because she was at the meeting)

#2 - McCabe

#3 - [RR]

#4 to #7 ? IDEN remaining coming.

d52226  No.5188024

File: 380255371215af9⋯.jpeg (572.95 KB, 1125x1492, 1125:1492, DA746F9A-A4BE-44FF-8F43-5….jpeg)

Dark to light

3 truths you won’t find in Andy McCabe’s book:

1) McCabe is a known liar and leaker

2) Rod Rosenstein has played ‘hide and go seek’ from Congress at every turn

3) We have scores of evidence that top FBI and DOJ brass, without basis, targeted President Trump

You do the math


397769  No.5188025


I'd be please to see the evil Cabal go down, either in flames or on nooses.

bf4a4a  No.5188026

File: 3c099a9dc69c645⋯.jpg (370.64 KB, 1080x894, 180:149, Screenshot_20190215-062520….jpg)

File: fa2c37602f9a008⋯.jpg (434.14 KB, 1080x1028, 270:257, Screenshot_20190215-062526….jpg)

File: 34521a9a49bb1ae⋯.jpg (233.33 KB, 960x2014, 480:1007, Comb11082018051708.jpg)

165243  No.5188027


Q already answered this. This goes on until it is finished. No temporary eight year solution that dies with the next regime. We go where the research leads us regardless of who is involved.

4da2a4  No.5188028


so that trail was actually a THAAD being launched?

73fea3  No.5188029

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You obviously haven’t seen this video

046c11  No.5188030


E-2 psy-op don't lip to me.

5acb04  No.5188031


Andrew McCabe is a national disgrace. He was part of the most corrupt and most partisan leadership team in FBI history and was fired for being dishonest under oath.

And yet, America owes him a big thank-you.

McCabe, you see, has reminded us once again that there really is a powerful deep state, and that there has not been a full accounting of rampant FBI misconduct during the presidential campaign of 2016.


There is also still too much we don’t know about the role top aides to then-President Barack Obama and higher-ups in the Justice Department played in spying on the Trump campaign and leaks of classified information for partisan purposes.

In short, what is arguably the greatest scandal in the history of America remains mostly hidden from the public. That shroud of secrecy piles one scandal on top of another.

Fortunately, the McCabe reminder is a timely one, coming on the same day that William Barr was confirmed as the new attorney general. Barr is just the man to get to the bottom of the unprecedented plot to swing an election and later to remove a duly-elected president.

Barr, who was AG under the first President Bush, also will oversee special counsel Robert Mueller’s seemingly endless probe and, hopefully, == bring it to a conclusion. ==


5d587d  No.5188032


Theory: If Q and US Army channels are publicly making this known, opponents would investigate the tech mentioned to counter.

Therefore, what's being shown, while effective, may not have specifically been what countered the incoming missile strike against POTUS, and it doesn't even represent our best tools.

Either way, it's clear official social media channels of the U.S. Army are in sync with the Q channel of comms, for those who still wonder.

b28d1f  No.5188033


It’s like reading a bad joke.

4efdee  No.5188034

Been digging and putting puzzle pieces together on the Chongquing photos that Q dropped yesterday.Will have details later today. Here are a few prelim conclusions.

1. Camera on the Spa storefront was in high rise building right across the street. There was more than one camera position at that scene.

2. The images of that area which Anons have sourced from the Google photos submitted by Google users only appeared to be taken from the Hyatt but were actually taken from a different building. The Hyatt is located too far away to have provided the angles seen in the Q Posts.

3. The photo taken from inside a vehicle, from its rear seat, appears to have been captured en route to the Spa and not prior to reaching that scene.

More pic and info upcoming.

Godspeed Anons.

ee1e65  No.5188035


kek. disregard my post re missing 6627. baker is in control!

00fcb8  No.5188036

File: 34e331e3a00c3f2⋯.png (446.49 KB, 646x470, 323:235, ClipboardImage.png)


Good morning Boss

b5fa60  No.5188037

File: 5ebd71d50cffe2d⋯.jpg (102.5 KB, 587x771, 587:771, Screenshot 2019-02-15_09-2….jpg)


f0dacc  No.5188038


Isn't it a great thing that we know who agrees with that kind of thing, and we have undeniable proof of it?

What is making your enemies expose themselves?

329d99  No.5188039

>>5187906 @Donabrazile


506175  No.5188040

File: 80ff2700e054034⋯.jpg (21.86 KB, 306x369, 34:41, 80ff2700e054034f272c94f3ac….jpg)

d5bf3c  No.5188041

>>5187771, >>5187965

Ty baker, anon

Are lb's notes good to go as below? Can be reported to BO/BV for edit

#6627 >>5187115 China cancels UK trade talks after bellicose speech by UK Defense Sec'y

>>5187125 Humane Borders maps warn would-be migrants of the dangers of the US desert

>>5187126 Anon takes a crack at decoding Q 2731

>>5187156, >>5187371 Barr confirmation: summary of Dems vs Repubs voting

>>5187195 Onalaska: this tiny TX town has thousands of foreign aircraft registered there

>>5187204 Anon's thoughts about intent of missile launch

>>5187213 Iwo Jima vets are ready for your questions

>>5187216, >>5187268, >>5187121,

>>5187303, >>5187323 Anon discussions of secret mtg after the 2016 election

>>5187327 Wikileaks wants Iceland to arrest Pompeo

>>5187340 Shadow warriors: How Trump's Praetorian is saving the republic

>>5187349, >>5187370 School lockdown in Lecanto FL; source is on the premises; is this Q's FF?

3233b2  No.5188042


He's there to change the narrative.

3eab73  No.5188043

File: 262570648bac0a4⋯.jpg (285.76 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_2010.JPG)

093feb  No.5188044


FF in SD, Ca?

Didn’t they just pull the state trops out?

242813  No.5188045


It is by sheer Divine Intervention that the one thing I was worried about (my son being away at college during Nat Emergency) has resolved itself. He was supposed to have an eye appointment in a few weeks but the doctors office changed it with little notice and he came home for a long weekend with us last night. God answers prayers, people. I’ve been praying he would be home when the SHTF for over a year now.

fb75fd  No.5188046

File: 9772da885d81902⋯.jpeg (247.99 KB, 1536x1413, 512:471, image.jpeg)

File: 9b488c8c1700274⋯.jpeg (143.6 KB, 751x547, 751:547, image.jpeg)

File: ba9c78e4ef86ce6⋯.jpeg (326.97 KB, 1535x1516, 1535:1516, image.jpeg)

Now, with the benefit of hindsight and McCabe's admission of talks within the FBI to remove POTUS via the 25th Amendment, DO THE LEAKS OF FORMER CABINET MEMBERS LIKE MCMASTER AND TILLERSON CALLING POTUS AN IDIOT BEGIN TO MAKE SENSE?

First, let us get hard dates of when the 25th Amendment discussion was occurring from McCabe's book.

Second, let us determine when the MCMASTER & TILLERSON leaks were published.

The deep state was preparing the country (by shifting the Overton Window to prepare the populace of the 'LEGALITY' of using the 25th.

It will all be clear in hindsight.


Here are links to McMaster and Tillerson publicly calling POTUS an IDIOT, a MORON, etc




0874b4  No.5188047


Fuck, I totally forget that this bill possibly can't be vetoed. Fuck.

This bill is literally an amnesty bill for criminal murdering illegal aliens. It's right there.

Trump. DON'T. SIGN. IT.

b7350f  No.5188048


Isnt this the second time R Kelly has been taped with an underaged girl

70e908  No.5188049


“Project Pelican”


2e2e99  No.5188050

File: c7adfd9ca8ee4fc⋯.png (465.09 KB, 639x473, 639:473, Capture.PNG)

So much for the 50 or so congressmen that supposedly retired nothings changed

Veto-Proof Majority in Congress Sends Spending Bill to Trump

Congress passed a spending bill on Thursday with a veto-proof majority, sending the bill the president’s desk. Trump signaled he will declare a national emergency to build the wall.

The House passed the spending bill, 300-128, featuring strong Democrat support for the bill and mixed Republican support. The spending bill contains $1.3 billion in wall funding. The Senate passed the spending bill earlier on Thursday, 83-16.

Congress quickly moved to pass the bill after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) spoke with President Trump, wherein Trump said that he will sign the spending bill and declare a national emergency to build the wall along the southern border. McConnell said that he supports the move to declare the national emergency.


b44557  No.5188051

File: 138153b6d42a042⋯.jpg (146.41 KB, 489x470, 489:470, 34435h809429302843524309df….jpg)


is that the missing "Missle in a Box"

4c833d  No.5188052


If only the clinton arrest one would have been this fucking accurate… any way we can do a trade?

f7410f  No.5188053

File: 202e193ddcd6e80⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 320x240, 4:3, ATeamSalute.gif)





525182  No.5188054


Get em, Q!

1b707c  No.5188055

File: 1dd0c7d6ab6bab6⋯.jpg (325.82 KB, 1077x985, 1077:985, Screenshot_20190215-092723….jpg)

a9f824  No.5188056

File: 83af9ac59de6383⋯.png (2.4 KB, 310x163, 310:163, a7ffb193423f0a5573ceeefe7c….png)


Q Team we thank you and POTUS for all you do! We understand this is not a game and you are in our prayers!!!

564291  No.5188057


They need to be taken down. Keep POTUS safe!

b57b3f  No.5188058


o7 you glorious patriots.


312b24  No.5188059


Bring the PAIN!

ThankQ and God bless you, POTUS and all true Patriots.

0a6f98  No.5188060

File: 67ddfa483f1172d⋯.jpg (639.21 KB, 1536x2304, 2:3, Flag Salute.jpg)


>It's a privilege to find myself in this fox hole.

fuckin' A bubba

b5fa60  No.5188061



830446  No.5188062


This has to be true. R Kelly hasn't been anyone in years.

a1c456  No.5188063

File: f39ae742650b11f⋯.png (756.62 KB, 1024x590, 512:295, ClipboardImage.png)

3e83d1  No.5188064


bye bye [RR]

011316  No.5188065

The USA is no longer home of the free, it is a 2 tier citizen system now, the untouchables(Israel/zionists/jews) and the plebs. Thanks to the draconian dictatorial law just passed to outlaw anti-semitism!!!

America will never be great again, the yids own you all, Trump too, lock stock and barrel!!!

Mr Trump, has just doomed your nation and people, as good as made them slaves, subjects, no longer fellow equal citizens. They no longer have freedom of speech, the USA is becoming a communist dictatorship with draconian laws like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmqe3UD-F3o NO COUNTRY, NO PERSON, NO RELIGION IS ABOVE THE LAW, ABOVE QUESTIONING, WITHOUT FAULT OR WITHOUT BLAME…THAT MEANS EVERYONE!!!! WHY ARE ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE GIVEN PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT, TO THE DETRIMENT OF ALL OTHERS LOSING THEIR FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES AND RIGHTS??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmqe3UD-F3o

57fbcb  No.5188066


Q- You are better than a cup of coffee to wake up

thank you for everything!

8da231  No.5188067

File: abda23bd19d9e99⋯.jpg (26.36 KB, 621x201, 207:67, AOC-DimLeader.JPG)

What's up with this Nancy?

Who's running the show there?

475b81  No.5188068

File: a23837cf64add8c⋯.png (65.5 KB, 635x151, 635:151, ClipboardImage.png)


No one could buy or sell OIL

without the mark of the beast

pyramid on the back

of lucifer's money

288122  No.5188069


Americans know. The people I talk with day in and day out, though not into Q, are totally aware of the corruption. They simply cannot and will not believe anything will ever be done about it. Surprise them!

5a59eb  No.5188070


Veto, Government Shutdown, then National Emergency


629d6c  No.5188071


WRWY POTUS! The world is watching & the world's patriots are with you Sir!

When you speak in the Rose Garden today, know you are surrounded by millions of prayer warriors!


da17c7  No.5188072

File: 27d1dd111430673⋯.png (526.12 KB, 1072x770, 536:385, statement.png)

cap from fox or is this public?

9af196  No.5188073

Did we get any suicides yet?

f8e788  No.5188074


As soon as I saw the thumbnail, I thought, "satanic bitch probably typed 13 emoji's." Sure enough, 13 hand emojis.

fb90b8  No.5188075

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: b2a9e1 No.5186098


Of course is very S E R I O U S!!!!!

027e82  No.5188076

File: fb576a156c145be⋯.png (636.66 KB, 763x1056, 763:1056, !BARR_ACTIVATED.png)

3eab73  No.5188077

File: 9b72a530963b0a7⋯.jpeg (743.8 KB, 1800x1371, 600:457, fullsizeoutput_54d7.jpeg)


i feel like i should cancel all meetings, kek

big day

a16caf  No.5188078

File: 1c8fcdfca3ba19c⋯.jpg (72.48 KB, 1032x581, 1032:581, Epic ermegersh excite.jpg)


4ae0cd  No.5188079

Does A National Emergency Include Martial Law? Here's What The Courts Say

What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency

From seizing control of the internet to declaring martial law, President Trump may legally do all kinds of extraordinary things.


b44557  No.5188080

File: 0f9b7bca3d3dbfd⋯.jpg (123.27 KB, 489x470, 489:470, 34435h809429302843524309df….jpg)

9db803  No.5188081

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jussie, didn't you say that your attackers were White?

I guess it don't matter if they're Black or White.

Of course Jacko can get away with cultural appropriation.

The fucker gets a pass for raping children!

feaadb  No.5188082

File: 1835f9340d9d965⋯.png (274.83 KB, 730x696, 365:348, stodkpiling weapons texas ….PNG)

File: e1d36bcc9733213⋯.png (60.91 KB, 891x512, 891:512, march 4 weapons.PNG)

The wall is not just for stop illegal immigration and drugs, but it is to stop an invasion.

There are tons of new stories about 'drug cartel' stockpiling weapons at the US/Mexican border. Why at the border? I think they were keeping them there to arm an army of invaders into the US.

These caravans are just trial runs.

Soon there will be 'caravans' of a hundred thousand men who would be armed as they crossed our border.

The cabal was deliberately destroying the economies in South American countries.

George Soros owns a lot of the farmland.

The Bushes owned an entire aquifer under Paraguay.

Those people would have been forced up here, and without a wall they would have invaded and taken over.

the southern states were key to letting this happen.

Stockpiles of weapons found at Texas border


“Mexican military forces repeatedly engage violent drug cartels operating south of the Texas border with Mexico, often uncovering large stockpiles of combat-grade weapons and explosives.”



4b0d30  No.5188083


cc099f  No.5188084


so good

God bless you all and keep you safe from harm

dd3a58  No.5188085

File: 81382f770f123a7⋯.jpg (144.6 KB, 1103x958, 1103:958, Screen Shot 02-15-19 at 02….JPG)


Tut Q you've broken it! haha


e7ff4e  No.5188086

File: a207ea255ce9589⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 606x437, 606:437, declastime.jpg)

5acb04  No.5188087


>Fortunately, the McCabe reminder is a timely one, coming on the same day that William Barr was confirmed as the new attorney general. Barr is just the man to get to the bottom of the unprecedented plot to swing an election and later to remove a duly-elected president.

>But his repeated insistence that McCabe’s tale is “inaccurate and factually incorrect” remains unpersuasive and is undercut by the fact that, a week after the meeting in question, Rosenstein appointed Mueller. Because parts of the memo authorizing that appointment remain classified, America doesn’t know the full reason why Rosenstein thought a special counsel was warranted.

>Meanwhile, we do know that Comey and his dirty crew used the unverified Christopher Steele dossier, which was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to get a secret court warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. And FBI text messages, along with congressional testimony, confirm that the same agents probing Trump were simultaneously involved in the Clinton e-mail investigation and decided to go easy on her because they thought she would be their next boss.

This sounds like Q on fox.

2dc4bc  No.5188088

File: 7b217ee0e86757f⋯.png (79.32 KB, 255x168, 85:56, Pain.png)


I am so full of energy!!!

a9f824  No.5188089

File: f9906b05f980b6e⋯.png (393.45 KB, 586x453, 586:453, Q2647.png)


When is MSM going to ask the Question? IF you want definitive Q proof. I believe you will find it at the bottom of this blog. The Great Awakening. SHARE THIS ON TWITTER/FB/GAB/VOAT https://wp.me/paAyui-a

c6138e  No.5188090

File: 851fb8f4541149e⋯.jpg (64.35 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2tqpie.jpg)

26c864  No.5188091


Interdasting filename…I remember something happening 5 seconds prior to 6:15.

Good deltas (72 post and 2:53 time) to go along with it. They make temendous mirors.

c6138e  No.5188092

File: 202e2dce4a234a3⋯.jpg (91.42 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 2qd2sa.jpg)

f0dacc  No.5188093

File: 75e9fd302fa1e19⋯.jpg (960.32 KB, 1480x2738, 20:37, Theodor_Herlz_meme_zionist….jpg)

File: 7a4f31138f20519⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 1277x5191, 1277:5191, Jewish_supremacism_post.jpg)


Fuck Judaism, zionism and Islam.

Say it, it feels good.

Never be afraid to tell the truth no matter what.

eab887  No.5188094


WRWY ~ watching in case reporting is needed to assist in any way!

e51f7d  No.5188095


I think it was a provocation, not attempt. AF1 went east from CA.

44478e  No.5188096


SCOTUS will uphold national emergency declaration by POTUS.

3cbe82  No.5188097


So … POTUS is about to allow congress to steal another half billion of our dollars and give it to Planned Parenthood?

70e908  No.5188098


Watch California!

d4413e  No.5188099

File: 4e5de28bab9c2e3⋯.jpg (86.68 KB, 952x500, 238:125, 2trmef.jpg)

2e2e99  No.5188100

File: 77be2f2331f2932⋯.png (382.84 KB, 337x376, 337:376, Capture.PNG)


Our grand kids say Thank You

605e9b  No.5188101

File: 98c43e3fb9e94d7⋯.png (201.02 KB, 632x482, 316:241, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a21e942e6cec36b⋯.png (211.05 KB, 630x482, 315:241, ClipboardImage.png)

5d27d2  No.5188102


POTUS can't sign the bill. It would practically shut down ICE from what has been revealed so far, and who knows what else will be discovered in there.

bf4a4a  No.5188103

File: 341561e26c227cf⋯.jpg (335.86 KB, 1080x777, 360:259, Screenshot_20190215-062926….jpg)

File: 787dc2728992231⋯.jpg (377.25 KB, 1080x873, 120:97, Screenshot_20190215-063056….jpg)

525182  No.5188104


Don't sign the bill! Do a National Emergency and give a 2 week extension.

cc099f  No.5188105

when will Dick Cheney HANG?

4273f6  No.5188106

File: cc118e701ccc3f0⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1299x709, 1299:709, PYRAMID OF WINNING.PNG)

42fd3e  No.5188107

If Obama did this end around then you’d be outraged! Government shouldn’t be ran this way.

Some deal maker potus is….good job q! Not

0874b4  No.5188108


Yeah, except that Trump is signing that shitty bill. That's what's not supposed to happen. Read the section. It's literally an amnesty bill for criminal murdering illegal aliens. >>5188004

a16caf  No.5188109


Q and POTUS run the show. Cortez/Nancy are just being forced into making arses of themselves to self destruct the democratic party!

4e11c1  No.5188110


Hit them hard Q!

dfb4c1  No.5188111

File: d2faee71aad34b0⋯.jpeg (193.6 KB, 737x1212, 737:1212, BAFA5A8F-CC77-4728-8AA3-5….jpeg)



What about F-16 CLAS-5?

87c298  No.5188112



Plan on it getting challenged in court. That way, Solicitor General can fast track it to SCOTUS, which is on lockdown.

170f64  No.5188113

>>5187688 pb

My fellow Americans. Today I signed the shittiest bill in history to enable human trafficking. Trust the plan. To destroy America.

046c11  No.5188114


Drop the TS-SCI drop of the Clinton server malware. (I know you can't).

BUT… isn't that the real story?

c0aca8  No.5188115

File: 7521b0fbb279efd⋯.jpeg (31.91 KB, 453x512, 453:512, 36C07DCD-78C3-4158-93D9-4….jpeg)

3eab73  No.5188116

File: a8f18abfb7d85a7⋯.jpg (336.38 KB, 1350x1800, 3:4, IMG_6624.JPG)


my nigga

a88530  No.5188117


Baker, should compare with this….


f0dacc  No.5188118


But-but, if you don't let the taconiggers invade, how else are the US going to have cheap avocados?

987c5f  No.5188119


Keep the president safe and secure.

He must have a big target on his back.

Hope Q team is all ok.

0874b4  No.5188120


She would need two thirds of both House and Senate. Not gonna work.

36b528  No.5188121

File: 64f2c2a44d394c8⋯.jpg (64.04 KB, 577x715, 577:715, DoitQ.JPG)

a46d52  No.5188122

File: 6bac5ee86a4cef4⋯.png (707.68 KB, 1000x1141, 1000:1141, MEME.FULL.ARMOR.png)


God bless and protect all operators in harm's way.

cca500  No.5188123


South Korea had THAAD, didnt they ?

0edff7  No.5188124

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

525182  No.5188125


Nat Em will go to SCOTUS…WHERE IS RUTH?

a88530  No.5188126

File: a0d4335895554fa⋯.png (3.51 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, (Q)UESTION EVERYTHING.png)

506175  No.5188128

File: 1d976bbcee9fba1⋯.png (178.58 KB, 872x318, 436:159, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)


QR 101

4b0d30  No.5188129


They have lost the principles of the constitution.

feaadb  No.5188130

File: 7e3ba235a8156ef⋯.png (13.4 KB, 1188x152, 297:38, 14 girls.PNG)


GUATEMALA CITY — As fire swept through the classroom, the pleas from the 56 girls locked inside began to fade.

Most were unconscious or worse by then, as an eerie silence replaced their panic-stricken shouts.

The police officers guarding the door — who had refused to unlock it despite the screams — waited nine minutes before stepping inside. They got water to cool down the scorching knob.

Inside, dozens of girls placed in the care of the Guatemalan state lay sprawled on the blackened floor. Forty-one of them died.

It was one of the deadliest tragedies in Guatemala since the end of its civil war decades ago, and it happened inside a group home for at-risk youth who had been put there by the government, supposedly for their own protection.

44c6ac  No.5188131


Bless you, Q&Q+!

We are with you!

757fdf  No.5188132


We had that, lurk moar!

5d27d2  No.5188133


Oh fucken kek.

dd3a58  No.5188134


Send our wishes to Chuck, Nancy & RBG enjoy the PAIN.

Cheers Q, Making Fridays Great Again!

2921a5  No.5188135


I like this

f0dacc  No.5188136


Trump knows how to turn shit into gold.

He is going to end up using that shit bill against those treasonous cunts.

Trump is an old fox fren, he knows how to set them up and make them shoot themselves in their own dicks.

57fbcb  No.5188137


kek I responded to the last post much the same way as I woke up and checked here while the coffee was brewing. I am fully awake and still don't have coffee.

564291  No.5188138



1be7c0  No.5188139

Q; anything being done about chemtrails? I hate seeing our beautiful atmosphere being sprayed and hazed every day. Thank you for all your service!!!

9af196  No.5188140

File: 76371f733f9c8e5⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1440x2283, 480:761, Capture _2019-02-15-08-50-….png)

File: 6552cb877057f02⋯.png (338.75 KB, 1420x2307, 1420:2307, Capture _2019-02-15-08-51-….png)


fd1437  No.5188141

Anyone have the RBG meme what’s in the box?

613049  No.5188142

File: 47e12c9c0b4fbad⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

U.S. Army

Verified account


5m5 minutes ago


Who knows what this is? Here's a hint: It's abbreviation is THAAD. #ArmyTech

#USArmy photo by Capt. Adan Cazarez

4da2a4  No.5188143




If we were not enraged by this bill, we would have let it go thru without raising awareness of the criminality the Dems wrote into it.

The bill only lasts until Sept. Everything in it expires then.

Keep in mind what Potus TOP priority was when taking office. Human trafficking.

He has a plan. Trust him.

3233b2  No.5188144


Yes. Michael Avenatti does what he is told. Or he needs money badly enough to take orders from dem higher ups. Dems need a narrative shift. Badly. They have to go for what the blacks will be emotional about. Hip hop is controlled by the dems and that's what they use. Most hip hop "moguls" are into young girls or young boys.

70e908  No.5188145


Eyes open, I see battle lines drawn and hardening, dogs of war chomping at the bit!

792ba0  No.5188146

File: b542ae379beedb7⋯.jpeg (692.12 KB, 2660x794, 1330:397, NatEmOnTheClock.jpeg)

National Emergency mentioned only 2 times by Q. These 2 posts align on the clock.

4aacba  No.5188147

File: 9fe1ded37de4e29⋯.png (157.8 KB, 1385x877, 1385:877, cryin.png)

>>5187268 (pb)

If they REPORTED that Hillary was too sad, mad or drunk to make a speech election night,

What do we know are the only 3 reasons she didn't make one?

Maybe she was on her way to a meeting.

c65bf4  No.5188148

Everyone gets a long time to confess on video. Those vids will be played in public, per Q.

Timing is everything. A channel will likely be devoted to trials and confessions.

Tell spouse anon it is happening, timing is important too.


3616fe  No.5188149

File: 227dab2f4db4edd⋯.jpg (126.54 KB, 848x558, 424:279, Jkjihnjvj87-Hjnk.JPG)

File: 606e139c66de315⋯.jpg (34.36 KB, 373x488, 373:488, tjsrthtrgrtg.JPG)

File: f01dc8ed28196bc⋯.jpg (44.51 KB, 529x396, 529:396, tsykjsrtgrfv.JPG)



Build That Wall

ee1e65  No.5188150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3e83d1  No.5188151


that is fucking frightening if true

feaadb  No.5188152


Now, nearly two years later, the trials against public officials accused of failing to prevent the deaths have all begun.

But a review of more than two dozen case files of victims and survivors — along with interviews of family members, group home employees and public officials — reveals a pattern of physical, psychological and sexual abuse allegations at the facility stretching back for years.

Six children had previously died in the government-run home from 2012 through 2015, mostly from preventable health-related complications, officials said. The authorities are also looking into 25 episodes of abuse reported in the year before the fire.

Beyond that, several girls had told their relatives well before the tragedy that they were forced to have sex with older strangers, according to interviews with members of three different families.

0874b4  No.5188153



Anon there are many different kinds of National Emergency in the US. It's not equivalent to Martial Law.

4273f6  No.5188154

File: e9d136cd64cb3f5⋯.jpg (453.83 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 180901 AM Perimeter Prayer….JPG)


An Army vet HOOAH!

329d99  No.5188155


third, I think, maybe 4th… But fuck it CPL is done. He had to turn over what remains of his tattered ruins yesterday, because of his tax evasion.

bf4a4a  No.5188156

File: f25fbc218693843⋯.jpg (79.89 KB, 992x414, 496:207, dtf25fbc218693843c168a813d….jpg)

7e4a7a  No.5188157

File: 0ff10b8ecf2d4e0⋯.png (475.05 KB, 753x553, 753:553, ClipboardImage.png)

a46d52  No.5188158

File: f8c211b9910f25b⋯.png (168.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, meme.pepe.praying.png)


National Emergency more than about the border?

Were they bringing a nuke in?

You are Safe

Patriots in Control

5410b6  No.5188159

File: 95af8147123aabf⋯.png (785.44 KB, 825x619, 825:619, 1550241223312.png)

What does sweating bullets look like?

42fd3e  No.5188160

Will you belie in “Q” when he tells you chem trails are NOT REAL?

3e83d1  No.5188161


catch & release

8b1996  No.5188162

File: 038c3ff8484d65c⋯.jpg (29.62 KB, 420x368, 105:92, storm.jpg)

File: d54f8dbdd64b2e7⋯.png (745.22 KB, 863x633, 863:633, tb.png)

File: eb857150acce52f⋯.jpg (69.06 KB, 546x501, 182:167, af.jpg)

File: 7387c96d10ee1d7⋯.jpg (72.54 KB, 618x741, 206:247, 2d92193643811f813f9dc9bad2….jpg)

We've come a long way…

If you are really ready to understand all the crap that is going on out there and on that tv of yours.. then I can help. It's not easy.. there is a lot to learn, but if you do, I promise it will make more sense than anything you were told by the media. By the time you read this whole post, you will be right is right.. you will feel much better. Still with me? OK.. let's go…


62f04d  No.5188163

File: 1aa8e1562fcb7fc⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1204x1082, 602:541, Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 8….png)

Holy Shit

This is fabulous to wake up to - its habbening!!!

I am sure you Anons have already beaten this to death, but fuck!! Seriously!!

Mornin' NB ;)

fb90b8  No.5188164

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: b2a9e1 No.5186098


RHC (We know who is she)

BD Bangladesh

NK nuke

Of course is very S E R I O U S!!!!!

Nobody see…

63b921  No.5188165


So a THAAD shot down the missile, or it WAS the missile?

329d99  No.5188166

79ed8d  No.5188167



Missile launch to provoke ..who ?

Enemy was very close ?

China submarines at the US coast near missile launch ?

9298fa  No.5188168

File: 5b44c707b017b1c⋯.png (264.16 KB, 608x553, 608:553, Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at ….png)



aa2cd1  No.5188169

It's happening frens!

2cd5cc  No.5188170

File: 46cb71728093316⋯.png (1.22 MB, 789x1013, 789:1013, ClipboardImage.png)


Goose 'em!

a7b250  No.5188171


Time for retribution Q. Let them feel PAIN for the evil they have done.

2e2e99  No.5188172

File: b12bacf630ae9ab⋯.png (632.88 KB, 695x376, 695:376, Capture.PNG)

Thousands of former rebels join Syrian Army ranks in Daraa

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:20 P.M.) – A large number of former rebels have joined the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) ranks in the Daraa and Al-Quneitra governorates this week, a military communique read on Thursday.

According to the report, approximately 7,000 men, many former rebels, were inducted into the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) recently as the military wraps up their winter recruitment class.

With these 7,000 new recruits from Daraa, the Syrian Arab Army has effectively inducted more than 20,000 soldiers into this winter class.


8ed893  No.5188173

>>5187732 (lb)

I think it is the parent Koala kicking the baby out of the tree to get on with life. Like we must do with the sleeping masses.

9aef6d  No.5188174

File: 261186ecfb0647e⋯.png (4.46 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Jussie is biased.png)

>>5185619 pb Q post

Booker and Kamala started legislation of this no lynching bill because of the attack on Jussie.

That attck is now being proved as a HOAX.

Was ihe reason t was set up, is so they can pass this bill?

Also i thought the point of bill was if you( a cililian) tried to hang someone, then it would be a hate crime.

It should have no bearing on Military justice, or execution by the state/military.

Is there wording in the bill that makes it illegal for a hanging under any circumstances?

Jussie refused to turn over phone, now he has deleted most of his social media accounts.

Nothing can be trully erased( we have it all)

Can the FBI pick up investigation and get his phone records.

Fbi investigates hate crimes( it is part of what they do in their civil rights division)

If there is proof he colluded with Kamala, Booker and other dems to push this hoax in order to pass legislation, then they should be charged too.

Also how does this bill pass the senate, when we have control of the senate. The vote should have fell at below 50 for the dems.

Are there still swamp creatures on the right, siding with evil?

If it was proved a hoax that they helped Jussie with, for purpose of that bill, would that make the bill invalid?

Jussie is balls deep with all these evil people.

fa354e  No.5188175


Amidst all the confusion and frustration we feel about the pace of info coming out, we have to remember how brilliant this all is.

POTUS is a genius at getting others to do their damn job. Sure, Q could release all the dirt.

We've done our best to expose people to it, mostly with little success.

But Q+ has managed to get the msm to slowly come back to earth and begin doing what they should have all along. That's a miracle.

And like all good adversaries, POTUS is doing it in a way that allows them some semblance of dignity, even repentance.

That's more than most of us would have granted them. But we still have to all live together and find a way out of the swamp.

We're doing that - TOGETHER.

c0aca8  No.5188176


Damn. That’s sickening to read.

Sounds like they were getting rid of evidence.

4ae0cd  No.5188177


You now too Anon, that this one will be special.

Different from any other from before.

You can feel in in yout guts.

5acb04  No.5188178


Q, when does the clock end?

3f330f  No.5188179

File: 421038e93b52fc3⋯.jpg (32.62 KB, 326x323, 326:323, SLACKJAW.jpg)

3233b2  No.5188180

Well the cabal is obviously in bed with the cartels. The cartel supplies the drugs. The clowns just run them across and profit from them. They don't produce the shit.

d5b336  No.5188181

46a9c3  No.5188182


Semper Fi

That’s my boys


8d1495  No.5188183


Look over the timeline of that account, its not Barr.

44c6ac  No.5188184


dubs of truth

a7da5f  No.5188185

File: 66b22b2ff269417⋯.jpeg (144.23 KB, 1200x935, 240:187, 5-5.jpeg)


f0dacc  No.5188186


I trust /ourboomer/ 100% (he must hate this joke, but you know its all love Mr Trump, you know we like our batnz around these parts of the interwebz, kek).

9298fa  No.5188187


This does nothing for me.

And P-A-I-N is an acronym.

But for what?

830446  No.5188188


No blue check mark.

940f16  No.5188189


Why do you SAT that?

ad5e0f  No.5188190

File: d6e75482f0163d1⋯.png (315.89 KB, 445x452, 445:452, 2019-02-15_09-34-36.png)

2db873  No.5188191

I'll enlist again. Still have some fight left in me.

Go Q

Go Q+

18ec56  No.5188192


Today Feb. 15th Eagle (WJC) gets put on an "Iron" lung?

b44557  No.5188193

File: 6a900fdf742ac45⋯.jpg (53.54 KB, 476x375, 476:375, bringbackthegallows.jpg)

f3bcd7  No.5188194

File: a96805cfb5d59ad⋯.jpeg (606.66 KB, 1452x965, 1452:965, 8D22FB6E-4F32-4A95-82E1-5….jpeg)

8d1495  No.5188195


Devil Dog shock troop, blood sucking war machine

acd2ad  No.5188196

File: d36c57c50dac2fd⋯.jpg (207.92 KB, 581x778, 581:778, PRAY_.JPG)


What a great day to say a prayer Q.

Get'm and let justice be served !!

e2cbdf  No.5188197

File: 694a661123169e3⋯.png (1.6 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

e7ff4e  No.5188198


Today will be a great day!

77a84e  No.5188199


John kasich said he was "put to death " live on cnn. Freudian slip i guess, or maybe a coincidence

42fd3e  No.5188200


CIA deals and warehouse ‘s

Potus too chicken shit to turn public opinion against the institution

Not willing to call out the gun running and drug running that is funding the cia black government

ee1e65  No.5188201


that was actually pretty funny. that Kuala is such a fag.

62f04d  No.5188202




Dammit, I just saw… Well shit

257109  No.5188203

File: e5de4f5d4897c7b⋯.jpeg (359.2 KB, 1242x578, 621:289, F8DA828B-998C-43F2-8551-4….jpeg)

File: 67c9b2ba8fce606⋯.jpeg (263.7 KB, 1242x425, 1242:425, 5A08AD76-D220-499E-AA63-C….jpeg)

>>5186193 (WifeAnon Q responded to)

>>5186264 (Q post)

KEK! Q spankin “Muh tits or gtfo faggots” Q knows it’s an idiot phrase quoted by fucking idiots. KEK

786cf8  No.5188204

Praying for safety for all of you. Thank you POTUS, Q and everyone involved for all the risks you are taking to sort it all out.

Psalm 91:

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High

will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

Surely He will save you from the fowler’s snare

and from the deadly pestilence.

He will cover you with his feathers,

and under His wings you will find refuge;

His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

You will not fear the terror of night,

Nor the arrow that flies by day,

Nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,

Nor the plague that destroys at midday.

A thousand may fall at your side,

ten thousand at your right hand,

but it will not come near you.

You will only observe with your eyes

and see the punishment of the wicked.

If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”

and you make the Most High your dwelling,

No harm will overtake you,

No disaster will come near your tent.

For He will command his angels concerning you

to guard you in all your ways;

They will lift you up in their hands,

so that you will not strike your foot on a stone.

You will tread on the lion and the cobra;

you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;

I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

He will call on me, and I will answer him;

I will be with him in trouble,

I will deliver him and honor him.

With long life I will satisfy him

and show him my salvation.”


4acc5d  No.5188205

>>5187830 pb

deja vu

f0dacc  No.5188206


Akshually, I was looking for a sauce on that subject yesterday.

I found out that he has a lot of Jewish connections, but I could not find undeniable proof of him himself being a Jew.

Can you hook a nibba up with some sauce on that if you have it?

a7b250  No.5188207


Was thinking the same thing. A little confused here.

8d1495  No.5188208


They got me this morning too anon… I do like the picture though

73f460  No.5188209



329d99  No.5188210

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"Andy The Slack Jawed Yokel"

046c11  No.5188211

Stop dodging PATRIOT.

DECLAS FISA. Our congress knows already.


Release NYPD (got taken out) forensics on AW laptop. Release (NSA) forensics on Clinton malware. Oh you know that FBI/DOJ were not the only ones with copies right?


9af196  No.5188212

File: a3ba70dd1d4376f⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1440x1755, 32:39, Capture _2019-02-15-09-36-….png)

564291  No.5188213


Adjusting the package.

d28911  No.5188214

File: 9d8580050342459⋯.jpg (912.5 KB, 1041x953, 1041:953, 26f8d0efb5ff16ddf08a716bb4….jpg)


Do it Q! Dark to light!

4da2a4  No.5188215


He's not wrong. Be angry at Congress, not Potus

5acb5b  No.5188216

File: be07b7a94346e5a⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 0a355a20e5c2416c8eb3e2c9c2….jpg)

19f7cb  No.5188217

File: 6256568857c8aeb⋯.jpg (416.06 KB, 807x1414, 807:1414, ADM.jpg)

File: 489c153b806324e⋯.jpg (255.73 KB, 894x1183, 894:1183, cold war.jpg)

It seems China is working with Trump to stop Soros, the last side of Q's pyramid.



67beff  No.5188218

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jeez! Found this on Aussie thread

Has it been posted here?

Highly NOTABLE imo

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4899520.html#q5166658 original, thanx anon, + text added

Chinese and corrupt politicians building private airports similar to the Airforce bases around the country. China has control over several highly strategic PORTS including key mining/natural resource fields

They can ship their ARMY onto Oz territory and takeover key areas without anyone knowing anything before it’s done and dusted. Oz is in trouble.

Nothing to see here

feaadb  No.5188219

File: 1fa0b539d50c439⋯.png (19.15 KB, 405x378, 15:14, q 1816 go mainstream.PNG)

I don't think FAKENEWS will ask the question because once they do, FISAs go public.

they want to ask, but their asking triggers release of documents that they do want released,

"There is a reason why we needed to go mainstream prior to the EVIDENCE being dropped."



5 Aug 2018 - 1:00:15 AM





There is a reason why we needed to go mainstream prior to the EVIDENCE being dropped.

You have more than you know.



e7ff4e  No.5188220


You are confused.

You seek confirmation from others of things that you wish were not true.

You are a failure.

ee1e65  No.5188221


kek. Anons knew.

2e2e99  No.5188222

File: b1e42bd21ead035⋯.png (474.34 KB, 696x392, 87:49, Capture.PNG)

Syrian Army conducts new operation against ISIS in southeast Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a new combing operation in the southeastern region of the country on Thursday, targeting several areas controlled by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh).

Led by their 3rd Division, the Syrian Arab Army stormed several Islamic State hideouts in the Badiya Al-Sham region, as their artillery units provided cover from afar.

According to a military source in the Homs Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army mostly concentrated their operation along the Homs-Sweida provincial axis, which has been a hot zone for Islamic State activity these last few weeks.

The Syrian Arab Army is still combing through much of this area; however, it may take a while for them to fully clear the Badiya Al-Sham region due to its vast number of caves and hills.


475b81  No.5188223




506175  No.5188224

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

415b7a  No.5188225

File: 5e1e79058d118ec⋯.mp4 (964.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Elizabeth Warren I Would B….mp4)

It's like, I say, it's like…

You're looking at Pocahontas herself!

2dc4bc  No.5188226

File: 009a87414f57418⋯.jpg (27.66 KB, 540x458, 270:229, bah 1.jpg)

42fd3e  No.5188227

All working towards YOUR 2020 support of potus….

Dangling the “carrot for the next ya & half

d5b336  No.5188228


It appears that the last 2 bread's notes are mixed in together.

Calling lurking bakers

Can someone help and fix please?

a88530  No.5188229

Border Wall is not about Illegal Immigration.

The National Emergency is the Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, Weapon Trafficking. and much more that would turn your stomach, all happening at the Southern Border.

El Chapo's conviction was just the start, think about all the Public Corruption that happened to allow him to make $14B.

c00664  No.5188230

File: b0861054809d49c⋯.png (232.85 KB, 340x506, 170:253, 2019-01-10_10-36-34.png)

File: 193245029dce151⋯.jpg (193.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, wilcock.jpg)

73fea3  No.5188231


It’s coming whether they ask for it or not

ad5be1  No.5188232


They got away with 911.

fb75fd  No.5188233


Occasionally Cortez Attempts to Amend the Constitution without going through the actual process of amending the Constitution.

f0dacc  No.5188234

File: 4ebf43abcb3d7aa⋯.png (49.71 KB, 609x232, 21:8, CIA_child_trafficking_Prog….PNG)

File: a94b3657800378c⋯.png (52.85 KB, 518x661, 518:661, 23_Drugs_When_Victims_Rule….PNG)


>The cartel supplies the drugs.

And the kids nigga.

And the women.

And the weapons.

And probably ship money to be laundered too (they did in the 20's, the Orthodox Jews in NY were laundering money thru their jewlery stores by the metric tons, pic related 2).

564291  No.5188235

Where's RBG? Anyone seen her in the flesh?

a9f824  No.5188236


Suicide Weekend 2/16?

483437  No.5188237


Let it ALL out!! No 70/30 or 80/20 BS. It all needs to come out so this never happens again!

4da2a4  No.5188238

44c6ac  No.5188239

File: b86672df0e906d9⋯.png (151.73 KB, 401x269, 401:269, Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at ….png)


she's still wearing her Emperor pin…

70e908  No.5188240

File: 425b07c838f96c0⋯.png (152.02 KB, 401x349, 401:349, 425b07c838f96c0a03c932752f….png)

987c5f  No.5188241




Love you patriot,


b57b3f  No.5188242


Same. My eyes are leaking.

59802a  No.5188243

Q communicating with an agent here? -> >>5186264 (PB)


Wife of burned, amputee Veteran here..we are ready, we are with you… we will continue to fight. God speed Q+++


Your husband answered the call as a brave and selfless Patriot.

We are forever grateful for his service & sacrifice to this Country.

May god bless you and your family.

Honor & respect.


Q+++ ??? I know only Q+

Burned… his/her cover?

73fea3  No.5188244


They would’ve had to know them in order to lose them fam

cca500  No.5188245

File: d24f0d12adf7f74⋯.mp4 (851.85 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Bully.mp4)


Shes such a nice lady.

415b7a  No.5188246

File: c60ac6bd5f11c11⋯.jpg (59.24 KB, 588x707, 84:101, nancy pelosi ms13.JPG)

File: 83c19d85d48c5ae⋯.jpg (143.5 KB, 882x600, 147:100, pelosi walls Capture.JPG)

File: 978a28389996be9⋯.jpg (83.05 KB, 859x570, 859:570, error lib pelosi Capture.JPG)

File: 09a544b8e9c5630⋯.jpg (35.93 KB, 448x448, 1:1, maxine pelosi crack.jpg)

File: c8211b3bff98d60⋯.jpg (42.23 KB, 504x389, 504:389, nancy pelosi.jpg)

60f788  No.5188247

Q, are y'all starting to think NP is perfectly possessed, too?

830446  No.5188248


Anything less than 100% and we are no better off than before.

5acb04  No.5188249



(confirm special emergency)??

b7350f  No.5188250


Yeah, while everyone is worried about muslims, china invades. It's sleight of hand. Makes you wonder if china is paying (((Them))) to push islamic immigration purely for the distraction factor.

046c11  No.5188251


Sociopaths never commit suicide.

Remember this.

They have no ability for empathy, and no ability for remorse. Killing _themselves_ is out of their neural programming structure.

42fd3e  No.5188252


What proof is there? Really?

I wish it was true and by all rights his crimes should be made known! Unfortunately the man had serious cancer that took him out and you kooks ran crazy with it adding to your tale of the “secret war raging all around us” still no proof!

4ee6da  No.5188253


What about Supreme Court Q, will we win appeal there, Roberts is conflicted, RBG replace?

e0e07b  No.5188254


you're gonna run out of wrap space on that FF van

f22e77  No.5188255

Filter+ is for muh jooo shills faggot niggerbitches that don't know how to read.


I dont need the bread.

All I need is this

Wait for the booms

2e2e99  No.5188256

File: 93f00e5dee92e09⋯.png (405.16 KB, 598x393, 598:393, Capture.PNG)

SHOCK VIDEO: Elderly Woman Cries As She Is Harassed-Shouted Down by Protesters for Reciting Pledge of Allegiance at College Trustee’s Meeting

Woman cries as she is abused, harassed and shouted down for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

This is a video clip taken from a Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees meeting

SHOCK VIDEO: Elderly Woman Cries As She Is Harassed-Shouted Down by Protesters for Reciting Pledge of Allegiance at College Trustee’s Meeting

Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft February 15, 2019 205 Comments

134Share 100Tweet Email

Woman cries as she is abused, harassed and shouted down for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

This is a video clip taken from a Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees meeting.

In late January the President of the Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees decided to end reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at board meetings. President Robert Miller said the pledge “has a history steeped in expressions of nativism and white nationalism.”

One trustee and former instructor at the college, Celeste Barber, decided to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the board meeting after the board of trustes president ended the tradition.

Celeste Barber was heckled, harassed and abused by the audience for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the board meeting.


70e908  No.5188257


NP one of many!

87c298  No.5188258


Its classic alcoholism. It destroys the mind.

46a9c3  No.5188259

File: 8be27926c97471f⋯.jpeg (22.06 KB, 255x156, 85:52, F7D5F193-044A-458A-91E3-7….jpeg)


Not to correct you but just so you know but I love the love for these Devil Dogs STRENGTH

Marines use OOH-RAH

4ae0cd  No.5188260


Senate Intel Committee is doing good work, but it does not conduct criminal investigations. It is up to Special Counsel to charge those who criminally conspired with Russia. Don’t conflate collusion, which occured, with criminal conspiracy. Stay tuned.


He flipped or what?

0a6f98  No.5188261

File: a395e8f0b58d460⋯.jpg (135.02 KB, 600x400, 3:2, cracker barrel dump 1.jpg)

File: 0aac4c59276d461⋯.jpg (178.05 KB, 749x500, 749:500, Cracker barrel dump.jpg)

File: 1bea7524373503b⋯.png (109.24 KB, 757x789, 757:789, 021519 CBRL dump.PNG)

This guy has been selling HARD.

Sardar Biglari (Persian: ‎; born August 30, 1977) is an American entrepreneur and is the founder, chairman and CEO of Biglari Holdings,[2] a holding company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BH. Biglari controls the Steak 'n Shake Company, First Guard Insurance, Maxim Magazine and the Western Sizzlin corporation among others, which are subsidiaries of Biglari Holdings.[3] Biglari is also founder, chairman and CEO of Biglari Capital, the general partner to The Lion Fund.



cdf8e3  No.5188262


this is a parody acct. smart anon…but not Autist.

a9f824  No.5188263


Q, perhaps if we offered the MSM a set date/time for a Q&A here, we might get some 'new eyes'… Get the public more awoke? Let's face it, there are so many people out there still following the false narrative that we really need an in your face proof. Are we going to have to force the Q ?

c00664  No.5188264


Doesn't look like it atm, their plan has turned to crap they're all going down. Every day that passes they lose more and more of their protection.

a88530  No.5188265


if the note is before >>5187053 it belongs in #6626

830446  No.5188266


It will probably look like a suicide though.

506175  No.5188267

File: 04cde6400db7d33⋯.png (10.65 MB, 2001x1125, 667:375, 04cde6400db7d336539685bee9….png)


Why would it not be true? The world is run by real gangsters and traffickers in vice. Surely aspirations within that hierarchy lead to strife constantly.

540ef3  No.5188268

File: 601b36dedfc02ee⋯.png (9.88 KB, 265x97, 265:97, Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at ….png)


It is not uncommon in NYC to run into genuine, card-carrying communists. I'm not talking about the Zuccottii Park Kids, or people wearing Antifa kits. I'm talking about every day people in the workplace.

"Card-carrying" is obviously a figure of speech, meaning, "true beleivers, active members and supporters." People nearer to the inside than most.

I believe I know several, and they have all frozen me out hard. These people are circling the wagons. This is real. A couple are well regarded musicians; another is my boss, who has recently become openly and irrationally hostile towards me at work.

All to say that this is real; it's age-old, it's been an active battle in the US since the Bolshevik Revolution.

It is real.


5acb04  No.5188269


>This treasonous conspiracy is rooted deeply in the Obama administration … the guy who continually claims his Presidency was 'free of all scandal'. Turns out, it was the most corrupt administration in our history. I'm ready for Barr to start the REAL investigations.

239bf7  No.5188270

File: c7fb8077f23b453⋯.png (173.67 KB, 1903x910, 1903:910, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 80e6fdffee6a14f⋯.png (127.88 KB, 1903x910, 1903:910, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5187866 Following da money. The lack of spending between 2012 and 2018 is a mere coincidence.



5c44da  No.5188271

File: 509da68cd0ba78f⋯.jpg (46.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 2tcaxl.jpg)

680b6a  No.5188272



cb2bff  No.5188273

File: 6cbe950f8a33468⋯.jpg (38.2 KB, 920x792, 115:99, ketron.jpg)


Did bad actors take out a THAAD in retaliation for good actors using said THAAD to take down one of their missiles?

ad5be1  No.5188274


There is little incentive for the Chinese to invade Oz since they've been allowed to buy it up and send their people here anyway. We were sold out years ago.

3e83d1  No.5188275


I don't think POTUS can just "turn public opinion against the institution" like that. That's a massive conspiracy and normies won't swallow that pill easily

8bd837  No.5188276


OF COURSE they wouldn’t say anything! Executed for treason?! Yeah, that’s what I’d want hanging around forever as my family’s legacy…

046c11  No.5188277


That's one of their partners, who decided they weren't playing along in the right way.

87c298  No.5188278



Theory from last night:

Scenario 1:

Woops! RBG is dead. Sorry guise! Noel Francisco pushing it to SCOTUS won't work!


Justice Kennedy retired under good behavior. Can return to emergency vote:


(1) Any justice or judge of the United States appointed to hold office during good behavior may retain the office but retire from regular active service after attaining the age and meeting the service requirements, whether continuous or otherwise, of subsection (c) of this section and shall, during the remainder of his or her lifetime, continue to receive the salary of the office if he or she meets the requirements of subsection (e).


Scenario 2:

Looks like Roberts just recused himself!!! 4-4, you fucking conservatives!

Oh, ain't that a bitch:

Disability or vacancy

Under 28 U.S.C. § 3, when the chief justice is unable to discharge his functions, or when that office is vacant, the chief justice's duties are carried out by the most senior associate justice until the disability or vacancy ends.[4] Currently, since August 2018, Clarence Thomas is the most senior associate justice.

So, Clarence Thomas appoints Kennedy to be a swing vote; swinging right, of course.

987c5f  No.5188279


Totally agree anon , the momentum is building.

MAybe i just want it all to happen quickly, I trust the plan anon and I trust patriots like you.


f0dacc  No.5188280

File: 56bd00697737c68⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 498x645, 166:215, Circumcision_is_shit.jpg)

File: 5aef426c0b9a4e3⋯.png (740.03 KB, 1185x1325, 237:265, Circumcision_kills_baby.png)

File: 7bba66d6110e71f⋯.jpg (100.2 KB, 1024x912, 64:57, Rabbi_sucks.jpg)


This 100% no doubt same you go grill

c6138e  No.5188281

File: 4b2fdc206f95523⋯.jpg (56.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2trnqt.jpg)

792ba0  No.5188282

If the wall is done right the child grabbers aren't getting in.

2e2e99  No.5188283


The Kings Of The East: The Oriental Confederacy

e7ff4e  No.5188284


What proof is there that you are a human being?

Believe whatever the fuck you want to believe.

0a6f98  No.5188285

File: 5a248c2214d5163⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 197x255, 197:255, Marine Corp kek.jpg)

4b0d30  No.5188286


They are using the judicial system as a weapon against POTUS, and don't seem to care about POTUS' constitutional authority to do these things.

This is the reason they are constantly running to courts to block his every move.

757fdf  No.5188287


always an excuse with you guys

f22e77  No.5188288


Show America what WHITE lines on i40 are for.


It's for me to get AROUND

46a9c3  No.5188289

Depends if they believe in God. Right? Never is a tough word if they are bored I’m sure it’s a option >>5188251

985b73  No.5188290

File: 38ee654ffec9e44⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

5 insane provisions in the amnesty omnibus bill

Here are the immediate issues to flag:

1) Less of a wall than even what Democrats already agreed to

2) Liberal local officials have veto power over wall:

3) This bill contains a blatant amnesty for the worst cartel smugglers:

4) More funding to manage and induce the invasion rather than to deter it:

5) Doubling low-skilled workers:



c19ab0  No.5188291

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thank God It's Friday

f97e39  No.5188292


Ha! That's one way to send a message to Twatter.

70e908  No.5188293


> card-carrying communists

They occupy the highest offices of government.

a9c2d0  No.5188294


He is just running his mouth as their narrative falls apart. I see this as a threat that the SC will be inditing more in the near future.

e442f4  No.5188295

File: 54e0afbf8b78b57⋯.png (1.23 MB, 724x627, 724:627, lion3.png)

002fd3  No.5188296

>>5187688 (LB)

BOOM!! And a big Red Pill for those still asleep!

786cf8  No.5188297

The border needs to be closed so weapons cannot be brought in and taken out? >>5187866

e65e6e  No.5188298

The missing 5 of the meeting with McCabe and RR…

My guess is Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Comey, Sally Yates, and Susan Rice from Rice's email to herself. Read content of that email.

It was made to cover themselves over the next actions that the DOJ were going to take.

fd1437  No.5188299

File: 2c7de47a947e059⋯.jpeg (76.82 KB, 1242x731, 1242:731, 853E88C4-C0DE-439F-AD0C-D….jpeg)

Plus they get an extra day for the holiday: Presidents Day.

813d6c  No.5188300


Well the internet sure fucked up there control of the narrative.

f427cb  No.5188301


Been saying it all along; these “migrant” caravans of fighting age men just stop by the armory on the way across the border

9aef6d  No.5188302

File: aec8c346902c92c⋯.jpg (338.51 KB, 890x828, 445:414, aec8c346902c92c327e462399d….jpg)

File: feb2e1a276d9f38⋯.jpeg (442.74 KB, 1920x1392, 40:29, 0a18b12ca6acf3ce44a531a22….jpeg)

File: 18479fdc4533aa8⋯.jpg (57.24 KB, 946x483, 946:483, 18479fdc4533aa8ca7175caa56….jpg)


THANK YOU POTUS, For keeping us safe.

Godspeed and God Bless

cb2bff  No.5188303

File: 443441e0b2d7092⋯.jpg (42.41 KB, 800x445, 160:89, 1280px-Horizon_Air_Bombard….jpg)


Were they sending a message?

e011e9  No.5188304

File: aa433fae4967756⋯.png (96.37 KB, 240x180, 4:3, rosegarden.png)

17 min Delta

c1c696  No.5188305


I never had any doubts!

73fea3  No.5188306


Cmon fam, we already said sorry nigga

9db803  No.5188307


Trump can't veto something that's got 2/3 support in both houses.

The only non-traitors in the GOP are in the Freedom Caucus and Rand Paul.

a9f824  No.5188308

File: 85057f50ac21fce⋯.jpg (46.19 KB, 720x777, 240:259, Al_Waleed.jpg)


https://wp.me/paAyui-a Read carefully MSM. The blog above includes definitive Q proof. Date and Time of NATL EMERGENCY posted over 2 weeks in advance accurate to both date and exact minute.

d5b336  No.5188309


They're in like this already anon.

However, where are #6626's notes?

Anyone know?

bf4a4a  No.5188310

File: 9bf6e02c7226164⋯.jpg (542.6 KB, 1080x1316, 270:329, Screenshot_20190215-064431….jpg)


757fdf  No.5188311


head mounted laptop stand, you are welcome

4aacba  No.5188312

File: 8fee0650e2b0b6d⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1426x886, 713:443, Pray.png)

596d36  No.5188313

File: 1b7eecd642fe209⋯.jpg (102.48 KB, 714x582, 119:97, 20190215_084030.jpg)

"You can check out anytime you like, but you can't ever leave!"

I will never be able to listen to Hotel California the same…

effd7c  No.5188314

File: a302800343c53be⋯.png (750.19 KB, 990x488, 495:244, smell of panic.png)

f22e77  No.5188315

Soldiers for Christ have needs.

I only need the ONE and will hae it today

0a6f98  No.5188316

File: 103afacb239de16⋯.gif (300.39 KB, 250x197, 250:197, Invader Zim dance 1.gif)

3e83d1  No.5188317


Only WaPo and Posobiec (sp?)… she works out and goes to concerts kek

8ed893  No.5188319

70e908  No.5188320



And ports, "Project Pelican"!

46a9c3  No.5188321


Jesus some of you are blatantly inexperienced with life, what have you accomplished to guess through a keyboard…

Bye Mr. No Experience

10b764  No.5188322

File: 59feeb8747dbbf9⋯.png (40.58 KB, 627x444, 209:148, screenshotWWWWW.png)


15386c  No.5188323

File: cae682050d701c9⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 267x200, 267:200, 1sd420hlk96dfgfghr5aqw4d68….gif)




a9e918  No.5188324

File: 7b0ba6d649bdc59⋯.png (68.1 KB, 500x250, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5187866 Infinite thanks Qteam


792ba0  No.5188325


Damn, sorry, didn't realize we had that many fuckwads running the country.

2e2e99  No.5188326

File: abb1333a096c1d7⋯.png (714.43 KB, 697x374, 41:22, Capture.PNG)

ISIS terrorists begin surrendering themselves in eastern Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:00 P.M.) – The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in eastern Syria have begun surrendering themselves to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) after a string of losses in the eastern Euphrates River Valley region.

According to reports, several Islamic State militants have already begun surrendering themselves to the Syrian Democratic Forces near the town of Baghouz.

Furthermore, some reports from the eastern Euphrates indicate that approximately 80 percent of the Islamic State terrorists still in this pocket are willing to surrender themselves to the SDF.

These reports were based on a recent meeting between ISIS and the SDF in which the former agreed to release 50 prisoners in exchange for food trucks to enter the Baghouz camp area.

The ISIS terrorists that are willing to surrender themselves to the SDF will do so in exchange for fair trials in an international court and no prosecution of their family members.


5c44da  No.5188327

File: bb2147b423efd4f⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 765x473, 765:473, 2tkivp.jpg)

D-Day frens

e442f4  No.5188328

File: 46ac2bd1c6b043a⋯.png (359.52 KB, 431x337, 431:337, lion1.png)

f831eb  No.5188329


Post #5187103 (LB)

Anon has a great de-code of the Q-drop re: F-15's and today. Sorry don't know how to post from LB.

ad5e0f  No.5188330

File: 51e93dd650abbac⋯.png (386.7 KB, 577x497, 577:497, 2019-02-15_09-40-42.png)

ee1e65  No.5188331


we have a legit pastebin? i see 6 different pastebins in the last 3 breads.

c00664  No.5188332

File: 944e51ddc5c1653⋯.jpg (157.38 KB, 1012x821, 1012:821, jealousuglywoman.jpg)



cdf8e3  No.5188334


I read that as…do us all a favour and red scarf yourselves

4ae0cd  No.5188335


But he just admitted that there was no collusin to his supporters

3bf722  No.5188336

Q, Stay safe! And keep POTUS and his Family safe! We are with you, We are praying for you and all of your team!

As the time nears closer where the Deep State suffocates and makes panicked choices, is when they make the most dangerous acts against the public. May God keep all innocent people protected, they didn't buy into this fight. Darkness is real and hurting innocence to protect itself! Time for total eradication!

Get Some Q!!

9db803  No.5188337


The best defense is a good offense

Lock Them Up

46a9c3  No.5188338

046c11  No.5188339

Q dances around, intimates, but never goes into detail about how _structures_ of sociopaths work together.

Qteam are junior psy-operators (but cool - we love you!)

In reality, sociopaths have recognition patterns to acknowledge and confirm their bias. They form groups based on a sort of reptilian response mechanism. THIS is our global power structure this group calls "the cabal" or "them". The truth is much more nuanced, but the psychology of those who pursue power for the sake of power is largely the same.

4b0d30  No.5188341

Wanna see perp-walks so badly…

0c7cec  No.5188342


They stabbed it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast.

e098b8  No.5188343

File: f52381785cc093a⋯.jpg (7.96 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190213_194830.jpg)

Look what popped up on main stream tv.

Proof all around us.

Post last edited at

fc481c  No.5188344

Man! Everything’s sketchy today, YT, Internet, Chan, keeps dropping this morning! Getting 404 and 502, and server not found.

506175  No.5188345

File: 7866706c484ea5a⋯.png (141.92 KB, 754x431, 754:431, Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at ….png)


Wakey, wakey fren.

Lucifer is a word used ONE time in the bible. Isa. 14:12

So other than a dictionary, where are you getting your definition, sauce, as it is not the bible?

Hint: you were told/programmed


Old English, from Latin, ‘light-bringing, morning star’, from lux, luc- ‘light’ + -fer ‘bearing’. Lucifer (sense 1) is by association with the ‘son of the morning’ (Isa. 14:12)

bc276e  No.5188346

File: cd232fc9cf3fd2f⋯.jpg (525.66 KB, 1605x2416, 1605:2416, coma_1978_original_film_ar….jpg)

File: 385dc99be7a3f0c⋯.jpg (131.91 KB, 1000x677, 1000:677, coma-archive-signature-pg1.jpg)

File: 67bebed557f9b74⋯.jpg (177.5 KB, 610x332, 305:166, comap6.jpg)

File: 22b4dbd87df0269⋯.jpg (183.65 KB, 1300x1183, 100:91, the-thing-1951-kenneth-tob….jpg)

File: c0c510507645c40⋯.png (495.12 KB, 1102x385, 1102:385, Screenshot_2019-02-15 COMA….png)

ee1e65  No.5188347


looking now.

a7b250  No.5188348


RBG is not ok. She is currently roasting away in hellfire. She is experiencing non stop torture of a magnitude that is hard to comprehend. She will never escape it, and she is fully aware. Her entire life and legacy has turned to dust, and blown away in to the wind.

And so it should be…

f0dacc  No.5188349

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He reminds me of that propaganda minister in Iraq that kept saying everything was great when even the statue of Saddam was getting teared down, kek

813d6c  No.5188350


The Internet messes everything up for controlled MSM.

15386c  No.5188351

File: 97da408658254e0⋯.jpg (26.23 KB, 500x282, 250:141, DjghjhgyQwGFAWoAEP4KZ.jpg)


Soros captured in Switzerland??

5acb04  No.5188352


>Our former President , Obama , promised the most ethical administration and this is what you got , political corruption at the top of law enforcement , DOJ in Washington . Is this the kind of Community organizing our Community Organizer president was doing ? Organizing the surety of his democrat party's power ?

Was the Russian Witch Hunt for past two years the cover up of the political meddling in the election ,spying on private citizens , infringing on their civil rights ? Was it also meant to discredit a duly elected administration from assuming rightful jurisdiction over government ? To stop the Trump administration agenda of draining the swamp ? Stopping the Agenda of securing the border , we still have NAnny Pelosi and Chuck Schumer trying stop border security as they continue the plot to thwart President Trump and leave us with a porous border so they can recruit future votes from south of the border.

ec3cd8  No.5188353

>>5188261. Wonder why?

bf4a4a  No.5188354

File: eeb9245336ac2e2⋯.jpg (323.56 KB, 856x960, 107:120, 20180905_161635.jpg)

2dc4bc  No.5188355

File: 3e4a944135ccd73⋯.jpg (66.13 KB, 276x640, 69:160, Quattoruth.jpg)

File: ed0dd57370c3b71⋯.jpg (86.57 KB, 560x372, 140:93, ruthcross.jpg)

deba3c  No.5188356


It just hit me. This whole Jussie Smollett Charade is probably part of the psy op to get "lynching" in the news and gain sympathy to pass this joke of a legislation. What are the odds?

The asshole kept the "noose" on all night. I don't buy his lies.

f22e77  No.5188357


Q+ still cant make Memes

Better than the liberal disease

I dont make memes

I make history

I will turn 27 again for HOW LONG

New Green Deal?

No deals.



Give me peace in our time.

Trump, just tweet me bub during executive time I know you having thoughts and prayers.

It is time to pray in public with Ye.

I need this today.

9aef6d  No.5188358

File: 67a81c1520c0f8f⋯.png (286.66 KB, 514x473, 514:473, 3eb658841159c0ab944912ef3a….png)



End of ISIS?

e382d8  No.5188359

>>5184991 (pb)

>digging on Chongqing

There's some excellent background intel in this piece, thanks. Things are more complex & high-level than most are considering. Especially given the ex-US Ambassador to China's current job & GS's new position on China.

Best of luck with your house.



Heywood, fluent in Mandarin Chinese and the reported handler of Bo Guagua, Bo’s son, at the exclusive British Papplewich and Harrow boarding schools, as well as at Oxford University, was a consultant to Hakluyt & Company, Ltd., a secretive British private intelligence firm estaboished in 1995 and linked to the Rothschilds.

According to Chinese sources, Heywood, who was merely a messenger between Bo and the Rothschilds, may not only have become aware of financial improprieties by Gu Kailai, Bo’s wife, who runs an international law office in Beijing, but also the contents of classified Chinese documents being passed by British intelligence assets inside the Chinese Public Security Ministry.

Wang’s chances of receiving asylum were never great considering the Mormon connection to China. Bo had close relations with former U.S. ambassador to China and former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. In fact, Huntsman’s daughter dated Bo’s playboy son, Bo Guagua, who was known for driving his trademark red Ferrari around Beijing. Moreover, the U.S. Consul General in Chengdu is Peter Haymond, a friend of Huntsman and a fellow Mormon.

Canadian Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper is also close to the Bo syndicate in Chongqing.

Harper’s misuse of the Canadian judicial and asylum system to pay back Bo for political and financial favors suggests a massive criminal conspiracy on the part of Harper,

Rothschild and Desmarais investments in the Suez Group, which effectively owns the Chonqing water treatment company, were also assured by Harper’s move.

In a clear case of “blow back,” Bo’s close friendship with Desmarais, the Rothschilds, Harper, Chretien, Soros, and Huntsman has resulted in the Falun Gong making common cause with Xi and his faction to ensure that Bo’s faction is routed out of the Chinese government and party.

After failing to unseat Vladimir Putin in the Russian presidential election, the Rothschilds/Soros financial cartel – with the Obama administration as their willing accomplices – will do anything to bring about violent change in Beijing and Moscow.

Soros and Rothschild interests in New York helped fund the Chongqing property bubble in 2005. In late 2010, Soros Fund Management established an office in Hong Kong after an initial multi-billion investment in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Minsheng Bank Ltd. and Longfor Property Group. … Minsheng was headed by Eddie Wang, former head of the China branch of HSBC who reputedly maintained close links with Britain's MI-6.

2db873  No.5188360

File: 6e02db6ee0a827a⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 340x270, 34:27, 3-Percenter.jpg)

File: 503a15783db3fd3⋯.jpg (26.98 KB, 620x352, 155:88, America-the-Republic.jpg)

Just ask

dfb4c1  No.5188361

File: aca4a0415fb314b⋯.jpeg (513.24 KB, 750x1134, 125:189, BF83726A-8EB7-45AB-AF32-D….jpeg)


>Was thinking the same thing. A little confused here.

May have been disinformation to throw off operators. Regardless, the helicopter cover story was beyond belief


4039eb  No.5188362


McCabes public revelation part of his plea deal?

7c9a08  No.5188363

File: e9729625e8067e6⋯.png (52.22 KB, 640x342, 320:171, ClipboardImage.png)

415b7a  No.5188364

File: 09ee20b22836705⋯.jpg (56.61 KB, 570x570, 1:1, 0cd22513c21dc69e6279056aae….jpg)

File: 0d6b3d7f2815389⋯.jpeg (87.11 KB, 614x561, 614:561, 0d6b3d7f28153894670c7da6d….jpeg)

File: 0ef9854c22be75c⋯.jpg (89.92 KB, 667x499, 667:499, 0ef9854c22be75cdb3c7edb6a6….jpg)

File: 3a917ba4c397f89⋯.jpeg (83.53 KB, 688x685, 688:685, 0f5204f16424e50f04b7771d1….jpeg)

File: 1cf7e7067878a5d⋯.jpeg (15.97 KB, 166x255, 166:255, 1cf7e7067878a5dd08321c678….jpeg)

Q has made it so convoluted that most cannot keep up.

This shit is getting so deep one cannot grasp it already!

Imagine how it is gonna be when the alien tech comes out, eh?

All the crimes on mass scale that has been done revealed…

Crimes that most cannot wrap their heads around revealed and undeniable.

HOW in the hell is the public going to react to that shit?


We are the ones to try and explain this shit?

Our parents dropped the fucking ball or something…

If it is NOT taken care of now…

This entire planet will fall into a void like not seen before.


242813  No.5188365


I think you are correct Anon. Hadn’t even considered that.

401a6d  No.5188366


Nancy enjoys playing her Casio Keyboard once in a while…

8ed893  No.5188367


Elizabeth Warren stated she would arrest POTUS immediately upon election night in 2020 if she won. We have been waiting since Nov 2016 for the HRC and cabal arrests.

d28911  No.5188368


Same deal with pedophiles.

No soul.

4ae0cd  No.5188369

STATEMENT: CAP’s John Podesta, Neera Tanden Praise Green New Deal Resolution


a7b250  No.5188370

As of today, the deep state plan to stop Trump has failed. There are no more chances.


37a645  No.5188371


Do we have this right, Q?


"Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States … If any Bill shall not be returned by the President WITHIN TEN DAYS (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him, the Same shall be a Law, in like Manner as if he had signed it, UNLESS THE CONGRESS BY THEIR ADJOURNMENT prevent its Return, in which Case it SHALL NOT be a Law."

– Article I, Section 7, Clause 2

c69f77  No.5188372


Sounds like political logic, dont blame the one guy, blame the big group of people who passed it. I hold EVERYONE who signs a amnesty bill guilty….including POTUS. Stand for something or fall for anything. Do NOT sign the bill.

e795f8  No.5188373


He couldn't have done it without help…C_A + Frens

c00664  No.5188374


Probably a big psyop they had planned before Hillary lost and now it's just completely fallen flat.

c284f8  No.5188375

>>5187688 (lb)

Do it POTUS and Q

I wanna be in the light

44c6ac  No.5188376


>The ISIS terrorists that are willing to surrender themselves to the SDF will do so in exchange for fair trials in an international court and no prosecution of their family members.

International court trials coming!

9db803  No.5188377

File: 19f542a12688747⋯.png (467.99 KB, 442x426, 221:213, smollettgals.PNG)


Kamala too.

Jussie also hangs with Valerie and Maxine

3baa07  No.5188378

File: 19b83aa822e19a9⋯.jpeg (50.19 KB, 611x568, 611:568, AF881E3C-843C-42B1-ACAA-4….jpeg)


Wall Construction to “publicly” begin on 3/23?

Would be an UNDENIABLE proof.

Conspiracy no more.

f4b43b  No.5188379


Was Avenati a “plant too”!

506175  No.5188380

File: c6332511ddd48d0⋯.jpg (484.01 KB, 912x772, 228:193, kekro.jpg)


Then call our Great Awakening's resultant time the "LWO" … an enLIGHTened world. enLIGHTened to the truth.

Does it matter? Light is 'disinfectant'.

f22e77  No.5188381


You have more than you know

757fdf  No.5188382


too much to list actually

fc481c  No.5188383

Totally agreed, was said about 40 breads back but some anons buffed us off saying we paranoid


8ed893  No.5188384


Pedestal probably wrote it with Soros at the request of the Committee of 300.

564291  No.5188385


She's alive!

a9f824  No.5188386


Is the Subversion/Treason 'part' of the Natl Emergency?? When is Hussein going to be taken in?? ANONS want to know!

2e2e99  No.5188387

File: b790f900ba94575⋯.png (304.85 KB, 773x435, 773:435, Capture.PNG)

Revelation 13:15

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”

Creators Say New AI Text Generator Too Dangerous To Release

While it is commendable that the creators see dangerous results of their AI and are willing to withhold it pending further analysis, it is just a matter of time before is slips out. There is no human intelligence used when generating artificial stories. ⁃ TN Editor

OpenAI, an nonprofit research company backed by Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Sam Altman, and others, says its new AI model, called GPT2 is so good and the risk of malicious use so high that it is breaking from its normal practice of releasing the full research to the public in order to allow more time to discuss the ramifications of the technological breakthrough.

At its core, GPT2 is a text generator. The AI system is fed text, anything from a few words to a whole page, and asked to write the next few sentences based on its predictions of what should come next. The system is pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible, both in terms of the quality of the output, and the wide variety of potential uses.

When used to simply generate new text, GPT2 is capable of writing plausible passages that match what it is given in both style and subject. It rarely shows any of the quirks that mark out previous AI systems, such as forgetting what it is writing about midway through a paragraph, or mangling the syntax of long sentences.


0874b4  No.5188388

RBG is back fagggots.

e65e6e  No.5188389


Hope she's telling them she's stepping down.

ad5be1  No.5188390


>Q dances around, intimates, but never goes into detail about how _structures_ of sociopaths work together.

A study of the mafia is a good intro into the subject.

483437  No.5188391


Absolutely. Examples MUST be made so that no one will do this again!

Includes everyone in the MSM that was involved. EVERYONE

4b0d30  No.5188392


No need to ask, just give coordinates.

257109  No.5188393


Odd thing about that t-shirt….Trump2020 wasn’t even a thing yet. PLUS, I saw him in an interview a few days after the shooting and he slipped by saying, “I’ll be back home in Kentucky where school will be back in session on Monday….” then he corrected himself and said “Florida.”

You’re watching a movie.

c6138e  No.5188394



fac26a  No.5188395

File: 4fe167875bee329⋯.png (61.68 KB, 1156x178, 578:89, Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at ….png)

He's not signing it.

3baa07  No.5188396

File: fb7d611d2712dda⋯.jpeg (159.01 KB, 698x800, 349:400, 908BB541-57D9-49B6-A88F-E….jpeg)


We want JP proof of life.

540ef3  No.5188397


anon mainstream tv is like KoolAid laced with heroin.

506175  No.5188398

File: 8132a1dc5428479⋯.jpg (13 KB, 173x255, 173:255, 8132a1dc5428479e7b489186ce….jpg)

File: 1ec62c8fd61e34d⋯.png (394.42 KB, 584x560, 73:70, mindblownwoods.png)


Sounds like JW and Mohammed Atta…

987c5f  No.5188399


TIme to clean house and get patriot politicians I need office.

Instead of everyone trying to screw the USA .

We the people need unity and pride again.

91af60  No.5188400

File: 034373b493f0ce4⋯.png (40.6 KB, 914x332, 457:166, goodwin.png)






TODAY IS THE 15tH!!!!!!!!!


28faa5  No.5188401

I love each one of you Anons; I can feel us all together deep in my heart and soul. Q…you have reawakened my love for our Lord Savior; and I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you Jesus and please use your armor to protect POTUS FLOTUS in this fight. XOXOXO emotionalfag

0a6f98  No.5188402


they know the markets are pumped on low volume and are cashing out. Most of the insider sales are tied to compensation plans-that is a different thing and a different issue.

These types of these large sales represent them trying to get out before it falls apart imo.

This guy is a major player on wall street money wise.

564291  No.5188403


Showed up to the SC.

73fea3  No.5188404


Stop lying nigga.

Q, DECLAS please?

9aef6d  No.5188405

f24ff5  No.5188406


Oh shit.

f0dacc  No.5188407


Anon, did you not know better than to always distrust kike nigger faggots on principle?


Have you not learned anything?

*shaking mah head*

46a9c3  No.5188408



Don’t worry about his ass, or his plan, VETERANS don’t have color and we will make sure our local community are at ease through facebook and word of mouth..

People listen and HEAR veterans

bf4a4a  No.5188409

File: 8e54a073056c236⋯.jpg (122.76 KB, 695x679, 695:679, 8e54a073056c2360cf637ce8ec….jpg)


that's cuz she doesnt give a shit about citizens. if she did that there would be civil war which is what Q & Potus r trying to & have been able to prevent

540ef3  No.5188410


nah, it spawned.

62f04d  No.5188411

File: 733d7fffb51cb46⋯.jpg (118.99 KB, 607x593, 607:593, FuckYouYellowMemeFag.jpg)


I just woke up NB, I can go look. How the hell did that happen??


b2ff69  No.5188412



792ba0  No.5188413



44c6ac  No.5188414

File: 332459de2f1521f⋯.png (132.92 KB, 369x459, 41:51, Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at ….png)

a88530  No.5188415


C_A operating in Mexico

F_I taking care of domestic

1ce92b  No.5188416




Has anyone considered the [2] Q's talking about ARE McCabe and RR?? And the remaining participants' identities are forthcoming?

Occam's Razor…

c284f8  No.5188417


Loving me some THAAD.

Thank you for keeping POTUS (and us) safe.

15386c  No.5188418

File: 963989fa647db27⋯.jpg (8.75 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 4r3eDt1RwJmXcAAwW0f.jpg)



Rh+/- origin is messed up though Amiright

d357ab  No.5188419

“The orders came from the highest office in the land”

Does this mean BO was one of the 7 at the secret meeting right after the election?

Rut Ro

a9f824  No.5188421


Sure Q, these acts described in Q2732 will be prosecuted by Military Tribunal??

841b84  No.5188422

File: 9d4c35ab97ff7cb⋯.png (881.45 KB, 1366x1014, 683:507, UNSEE-ANYTHING.png)

File: 6c78f1615066500⋯.jpg (142.29 KB, 948x945, 316:315, RISEOFIDENTITY.jpg)

File: fd84a25231736c6⋯.jpeg (30.2 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ChristholdingPepe.jpeg)

File: c33bee0813d19fd⋯.png (915.89 KB, 1212x663, 404:221, MAKEWOMENGREATAGAIN.png)

The reflexive programmed reaction to forbidden truth is to label it a conspiracy theory, citing as obvious that the corporate media would out it by their reporting.

In the subjective worlds of media minions, this makes the media Matrix the only official bulwark against tyranny…

Occam’s razor: the theory which requires the fewest ASSUMPTIONS, is more likely the correct one.

Hill lost the election when media insisted that she would win by a landslide

1. The election was changed by Russian bots on Facebook and Twitter, through some leveraged Streisand effect, combined with deplorable wives following their husband’s orders?

2. The corporate media was gaslighting the public all along?


Relevent because the illusion spinning power of the media Matrix is about to break down, big league!

Ready to reason with your unreachable zombie locals?


504e0a  No.5188423

So, punishment for treason is hanging.

Is it a long-drop that breaks the neck or is it a short-drop with the long, PAINFUL death?

8d1495  No.5188424


And your point is???? You cannot just run out and arrest people, thats how the lefties like to run shit. Due process and investigations into CRIMES, not people.

Yes we all know what theyve done, yes we all know she's a cunt. The non-corrupted investigators have to PROPERLY investigate the crimes. Considering the scum bags already had "investigated" and found nothing, you have to get rid of them and their lackey's first

5c44da  No.5188425

File: b02aee324f6ca9d⋯.jpg (43.64 KB, 369x480, 123:160, IMG_20190208_231539.jpg)

1ce92b  No.5188426


sorry, all (PB)

a7b250  No.5188427


Oh a "private conference". Seems so very convenient once again there will likely be no pics or proof.

540ef3  No.5188428

0a6f98  No.5188429

File: 25aebdc3c8529d0⋯.jpg (59.49 KB, 300x400, 3:4, RBG Coping!!.jpg)

046c11  No.5188430

If you think the deep state is national and not global.

You aren't playing our game.

Do you want to play a game?

Qteam knows a tiny bit.

564291  No.5188431

4ee6da  No.5188432


Is THAAD what was used as attack on AF1 Q?, And F16 's with spec clas used to shoot down ?

fc481c  No.5188433


Weird, this month was the first time the sirens didn’t test!!!

Will we get an EB today?

0874b4  No.5188434




It's veto-proof though.

df46f0  No.5188435


also remember that the Los Zetas were started by Mexican SOF… trained by our SOF guys… so there's that too

540ef3  No.5188436

File: 7c476b2e82ce15e⋯.png (369.72 KB, 632x431, 632:431, xray glasses.png)

257109  No.5188437

File: 62772e960ad045a⋯.jpeg (941.93 KB, 1242x1640, 621:820, BEA9B955-B236-4B4F-B54E-1….jpeg)



596d36  No.5188438


MSM - Mirrors on the ceiling

Hollywood - Pink champagne on ice

Relax said, Pelosi, we are programmed to receive

Special Ops - Wake you up in the middle of the night

Gitmo -What a nice surprise, bring your alibis

3e83d1  No.5188439



79ed8d  No.5188440

File: 3340360043a5d9a⋯.png (132.45 KB, 257x635, 257:635, Screenshot_2019-02-15 Chin….png)

This is a forwarded email about a mysterious contrail that appeared in the skies over the Southern California on November 8, 2010. The email alleges that the large smoke plume came from a ballistic missile that was launched from a Chinese Navy Jin class nuclear submarine from an area just north of Catalina Island about 35 miles from the shores of Los Angeles, CA.

This was in 2010


3baa07  No.5188441

File: 96343be0179d879⋯.jpeg (239.44 KB, 1453x894, 1453:894, 5B583BB6-D427-47DE-911D-E….jpeg)


Doesn’t mean she’s alive.

0c7cec  No.5188443


Pics or it didn't happen.

4da2a4  No.5188444





Waleed and Obama? In college?

4ae0cd  No.5188445

How An Apocalyptic Preacher And QAnon Followers Made A False Pope Francis Quote Go Viral

A false quote first attributed to Pope Francis two years ago is once again going viral thanks to a mix of apocalyptic preachers, followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory, and pro-Trump Facebook groups and pages.

Over the past month, several religious websites have published articles claiming Pope Francis said the US needs to be overseen by a world government "for their own good." He never said that. But people preaching about the end times and deep state corruption have latched onto it and helped it spread on Facebook and Twitter.

An article, "Pope Francis: World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good,’" was published on the website of fundamentalist preacher Jan Markell in January and has so far attracted more than 205,000 Facebook shares, reactions, and comments. Markell, who oversees the Olive Tree Ministries, has preached against the evils of Harry Potter, Pokemon Go, Oprah, and sharia law. In a recent YouTube video, she said that any attempt to implement a one world government would be overseen by the antichrist.

BuzzFeed News emailed Markell to ask her about the article's false quote and headline. "No comment," she replied.

The fake pope quote is falsely attributed to a 2017 interview he gave to Italian newspaper La Repubblica. In the article, Francis talks about the need for Europe to come under a "federated" government, and he warns of "very dangerous alliances between powers that have a distorted view of the world." He cited "America and Russia, China and North Korea, Putin and Assad in the war in Syria."

But Francis didn't say anything about a one world government, or about the US needing to be overseen by one.

The story from Olive Tree has taken hold among followers of the convoluted QAnon conspiracy theory. They believe that a person ("Q") with high national security clearance is using a message board frequented by internet trolls to reveal details of a non-existent massive conspiracy involving the deep state, Clintons, and other figures engaged in supposed pedophilia and mass corruption.

Travis View, a QAnon researcher and co-host of the QAnon Anonymous podcast, told BuzzFeed News that "the Vatican and Catholic Church are certainly part of the QAnon conspiracy theory."

"Q has occasionally pointed to the Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandals, which plays into the theory that the 'Cabal' is running a secret, worldwide human trafficking and pedophile ring," he said.


d5b336  No.5188446


Thanks man. Idk, I just think a mix up with the breads being busy with Q overnight.

Appreciate your help.

91af60  No.5188447



FEB 15th

FRIDAY - 15th






5acb04  No.5188448



564291  No.5188449


Yeah, good point.

ad5e0f  No.5188450

File: e9e0186eea74f0c⋯.png (252 KB, 498x330, 83:55, 2019-02-15_09-52-25.png)

0874b4  No.5188451


No mention of National Emergency. Why?

31d13e  No.5188452

Used to say Booker was like a smart Obama. Not sure who I am dissin' when I say that now.

a9e918  No.5188453

File: 0032df235e172f1⋯.png (621.51 KB, 408x528, 17:22, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5187914 Fire at will

46a9c3  No.5188454

File: 440eec53bed4e73⋯.jpeg (30.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 82BEBD2B-9270-49CB-8FF1-9….jpeg)

6bc914  No.5188455


This is how they’ve been operating. They use every weapon at their disposal to gain maximum exposure for each evil task they embark on. There are no coincidences.

ac12ca  No.5188456


rumor is democrats and nevertrumpers like PAIN, make sure to apply the maximum amount of pain!

c284f8  No.5188457



>NAT EM today?


It's your call guyz.

Fake-em out if you have to.

All trust and faith in you and the plan.

Do whatever it takes, anons have your back and will decode.

f6d570  No.5188458



Why did you miss tripcodes twice yesterday?

relevant or just on the move?

564291  No.5188459



e74457  No.5188460

Extra B-Complex today….

415b7a  No.5188461


I was bored stoned and wanted to beat up on a Kuala.

802586  No.5188462

>>5187866 THAAD is Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense. An anti-ballistic missile defense system for short, medium, and intermediate range ballistic missiles. Coincidence?

>>5187914 yes please


what a day

and it's still early

(also, um, thanks for the Valentine's ( Y o u ), Qteam… i know it's a little stupid to get excited for such a triviality and it could've been any other anon, but it's appreciated nonetheless… that smile will be there a long time, if not forever).

Get'r done & Godspeed!

7c9a08  No.5188463

File: 5acae134a92805e⋯.png (82.69 KB, 640x406, 320:203, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c56d6b07019b872⋯.png (60.07 KB, 1164x183, 388:61, ClipboardImage.png)


I think he vetoes it and makes them pass it again. This way he can say he was against it, which he is

d92811  No.5188464

Impossible to speculate where a ff may be perpetrated… But with the school shooting last year, they had assets in place. On a larger scale… Most assets in place? San Fran? Chicago? NY? DC?

d5b336  No.5188465

Notables so far

Anything missed?

>>5188004 5 provisions re amnesty in the spending bill

>>5187953 Ref Q Post: 2/15 = 17

>>5187992 Former Missouri teacher allegedly produced CP with 3 minor victims

>>5187989 USNORTHCOM Mission page: "We Have the Watch.": Follow the watch

Q in this thread

>>5187914 rt >>5187870 ————————— F-15. NAT EM today?

>>5187866 ————————————–——– THAAD is Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense (Cap: >>5187998 )

f0dacc  No.5188466


No shit Sherlock.

046c11  No.5188467

(PS. It's fun when I see Qteam go off-trip)


257109  No.5188468


POTUS to deliver remarks in 7 minutes


830446  No.5188469


She was at a play last week. I'll wait until I see video.

e74457  No.5188470

File: d9bcc3d6ecf1605⋯.jpg (22.69 KB, 234x267, 78:89, cat.jpg)

15386c  No.5188471

File: 428c943a4c3ab1f⋯.jpg (13.39 KB, 255x251, 255:251, c48a98ddc347af084aca38a35a….jpg)

[FF]s incoming!

Kitsap Peninsula Z-level event is the biggest coverup in history.


f22e77  No.5188472

Where are my angels?

Why am I being punished?


We have it on Earth.


It's a grand fucking slam pancask breakfasy from Denny's for the drive.

Delivered by DREw and Em


Need this




On the wall. On the pike

Watch: Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut

What's wrong here?



Where is the honey?

Are the bees alive?

Can we keep the G(ulf)od Dam America TM until we know we keep DACA children safe?

I will battle live outside with Em and these Wolves until I meet that mother fucker and get the answers I need and closure on this one boys.


Blame me.

26c864  No.5188473


figuratively or literally?

4b0d30  No.5188474


>You cannot just run out and arrest people

When you have it all, as we have been told MANY times, your not just running out and arresting people.

fc481c  No.5188475


Please don’t let him sign that bill!!! Let him call a National emergency instead!!!


From a disabled navy veteran….

a88530  No.5188476

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Heartbreaking, it's making my blood boil…

Elderly Woman Cries As She Is Harassed-Shouted Down by Protesters for Reciting Pledge of Allegiance at College Trustee’s Meeting

In late January the President of the Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees decided to end reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at board meetings. President Robert Miller said the pledge “has a history steeped in expressions of nativism and white nationalism.”

One trustee and former instructor at the college, Celeste Barber, decided to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the board meeting after the board of trustes president ended the tradition.

Celeste Barber was heckled, harassed and abused by the audience for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the board meeting.

Here is a selection of clips featuring Celeste Barber and boisterous protestors at the SBCC Board meeting.

The board voted unanimously to reinstate The Pledge of Allegiance this week.

Warning: This is a heartwrenching video.

3baa07  No.5188477

File: f31ffcb44808537⋯.jpeg (154.45 KB, 1006x1198, 503:599, 62A0498C-1409-45C7-A503-6….jpeg)


When does construction “publicly” begin?

46a9c3  No.5188478


So people tune in, and I don’t mean us, I mean those that hope he caved

Fear will turn the pussies away

ad5be1  No.5188479


The Party has decided to give amnesty to illegals and at the same time some cover for potus by making it veto proof. Yet more proof that America isn't a serious country anymore.

dfb4c1  No.5188480

File: 0ac6ae764b2ed70⋯.jpeg (512.18 KB, 1925x1217, 1925:1217, ECBA3666-CEE0-4F94-BD3A-2….jpeg)



>TODAY IS THE 15tH!!!!!!!!!

>HOLY Q PROOF!!!!!!!

098f43  No.5188481

File: 393fd3e2e0da165⋯.jpg (211.08 KB, 961x600, 961:600, kim.jpg)


>Were they bringing a nuke in?

… and blame Kim

1ee400  No.5188482

File: b5d658267c1e262⋯.jpg (77.64 KB, 749x500, 749:500, qpjettdkyt2sqv5d.jpg)

2e2e99  No.5188483

File: 8fd8563bd169da5⋯.png (217.44 KB, 452x299, 452:299, Capture.PNG)

More Brexit embarrassment for May as parliament defeats her again

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a defeat on her Brexit strategy on Thursday that undermined her pledge to European Union leaders to get her divorce deal approved if they grant her concessions.

In a show of muscle, hardline Brexit supporters in her Conservative Party decided to abstain, handing her an embarrassing, albeit symbolic, defeat as she tries to renegotiate her deal with the EU.

While it will not deter May from trying to secure changes on the most contentious issue of the deal - the Irish "backstop" - the vote does show that her pro-Brexit lawmakers are a major obstacle to passing any agreement.

May was absent from the House of Commons for the debate and the outcome of the vote, which deepened the sense of political crisis over Britain's departure, more than two years after voters opted to leave the bloc by a margin of 52 percent to 48.


6bc914  No.5188484


He doesn’t need to declare one to get what he wants but if he does it’s fine with me.

ca2344  No.5188485

0874b4  No.5188486



f8e788  No.5188487

File: 89cc2ebe3d29d23⋯.jpg (337.07 KB, 1200x1432, 150:179, 89cc2ebe3d29d2355a7aa94a66….jpg)

f0dacc  No.5188488


That makes even less sense then the ATDI lyrics.

c6138e  No.5188489


Maybe in the meeting, maybe not, but the takeaway is that Obama made the call to unleash the plan to remove Trump as a president

9aef6d  No.5188490


I hope so, it is a POS bill.

McConnell will not be happy, but he might be putting on a show.

But then i do not think the WH had a chance to read it until they received it.

So Trump can say there were things in it, they snuck in, that he will not approve.

Shame the president can no longer use line item veto.

4423c0  No.5188491

“The Book of Disco


Chapter 1


1.And the Flying Spaghetti Monster came to me 2. In a dream of fond noodliness. 3. I accepted his gift by touching him back, 4. Making him grow more so fond of me. 5. And he said in the dream 6. “Convert as many as you can 7. as it is my will and prowess to do so.” 8. I agreed to this and he granted me 9. a spot in heaven atop the Beer Volcano and Stripper factory. 10. As I asked him how I could pay my respects daily to him 11. he said “Take this pasta and eat it, it represents my body 12. it will bring us both closer together.”


13.As I was converting others I came upon a fellow named Zach. 14. As I talked with him he bacame overwhelmed by the awesomeness of our noodly master.15. He became so obsessed he started to have massive spasms on the floor while repea”

Excerpt From: The Loose Canon. “The Prayer Book.” iBooks.

This material may be protected by copyright.

0874b4  No.5188492


He actually has to. Dems never gonna accept a wall. Trump has to take extraordinary steps in this.

1b707c  No.5188493


Bill was passed with veto-proof majority, nothing he can do. God bless you patriot!

506175  No.5188494

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is the same clown selling you the 911 LIE.

James Woods.

deba3c  No.5188495


I think it started a while ago. The charade is a distraction. It will be built by the time Schumer caves.


Nice dubs of truth. This faggots gonna burn.

46a9c3  No.5188496


You haven’t come this far to worry about his moves, let it play out

f0dacc  No.5188497

File: d1faf328ffde546⋯.jpg (107.1 KB, 915x744, 305:248, Apu_preacher_end_of_the_wo….jpg)


OMG, they have doxxed him, pic related.

1ee400  No.5188498

File: b34c49bc00c527f⋯.jpg (15.34 KB, 170x255, 2:3, hangemhigh.jpg)



8d1495  No.5188499


Evidence great, you still need a prosecutor an