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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e1c02b43c5fc1b06dad4093883….jpg)

742054  No.5120168

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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>>5117650 rt >>5117543, >>5117590 -——— You attack those you fear the most.

>>5117410 rt >>5117187 ————————— Why does the FAKE NEWS media continue to attack a so-called 'conspiracy'?

>>5114108 ————————————–——– The focus is on the organization itself.

>>5113023 ————————————–——– Reagan Quotes: As Government Expands, Liberty Contracts

>>5110730 ————————————–——– Anons knew?

>>5110466 ————————————–——– Would you know if not posted by individuals on social media? ( Twitter Cap: >>5110493 )

>>5109544 ————————————–——– Prosecution and Transparency is the only way to save our way of life. ( Cap: >>5110360 )

Saturday 2.9.19

>>5101092 ————————————–——– Dark to Light.

>>5100113 ————————————–——– GOOD TO GO (Article Cap: >>5100248 )

>>5099142 ————————————–——– NASA Countdown 101 (Article Cap: >>5099228 )

>>5099089 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS attacks continue? (Article Cap: >>5099163 )

>>5094337 rt >>5094289 ————————— We never left. Time to return publicly.

>>5094276 ————————————–——– Do not mistake 'public' silence for inaction.

Friday 2.1.19

>>4989823 ————————————–——– Sys_conf_spec_y. (image)

>>4989820 ————————————–——– Anons understand.

Sunday 1.13.19

Compiled here: >>5104564

Friday 1.11.19

Compiled here: >>5104559

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are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807, >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5001844 Let's spread this movement worldwide! (Q, Yellow Vest, FREEDOM)

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day


>>5119736 Q Map's Embedded Predictive Analytics are truly ASTOUNDING

>>5119544 Human fetal tissue is currently used by a very small number of scientists

>>5119508, >>5119335 (lb) Wow! These are District 28 - the fifedom of Adam Schiff

>>5119755 Dialectica: an unknown actor in the 2017 Alabama Election

>>5119706, >>5119707 Graphic descriptions of abortions survived

>>5119844 No Explanation For “Mysterious Booms And Flashes Of Light” All Across America

>>5119843 On the blackout of Yellow Vest coverage by MSM

>>5119847 Testimony of Jull Stanek (nurse who witnessed babies surviving abortions)

>>5119733 Psych 101 connections

>>5119937, >>5119988 Suppressed link between abortion and breast cancer, women need to know

>>5119935, >>5120058, >>5120064 Anniversary of Scalia's death is tomorrow (2-13-19)

>>5119962 Hungary supports families with tax exemptions; EU, take note!!

>>5120055 Farage: 35,000 registrations for Brexit Party in 48 hours

>>5120167 #6539


>>5118724 anon vid, their satanic who runs the world creepyness

>>5118775 Optics/Narrative Shift: Turkey urges China to close Uighur camps

>>5118739 cdc part 3 (contd from pb)

>>5118815 happy 1 yr anny to Q post 727

>>5118859 SC back in session 02/19/2019

>>5118845 Resignations in the news this weekend

>>5119191 GAA Update

>>5118823 James Woods trolling RBG

>>5119376 #6538


>>5118041, >>5118416 archiver v1.4.1, (not an endorsement anons)

>>5118135 RT video of Firemen supporting the People.

>>5118276 updated: Magic Sword, all seeing eye, carnivale viareggio

>>5118425, >>5118530 confirmed, video, We know who rules the world! and MO points down

>>5118405 anon links Q 2681 to 373

>>5118392, >>5118532 the cdc with trumps support is causing unsurmountable damage

>>5118566 #6537


>>5117187 Europe loves Q anon

>>5117226 grammys: gal in green yells “We know who rules the world!” MO points down

>>5117218 Magic Sword, all seeing eye, carnivale viareggio

>>5117180, >>5117376 Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses

>>5117362 Infographic: $ for baby parts

>>5117570 Snake Plisken grammys and wall smack

>>5117500 nice dubs, Zero delta graphic gets double 00s

>>5117644, >>5117629, >>5117543, >>5117590, >>5117738 Goog: "Qanon" select: 'News' past 30 days (example)

>>5117753 Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood, perfect bedfellows

>>5117792 #6536

#6535 Baker Change

>>5116362 MAGA on display on the red carpet at the grammys

>>5116437 market prices as of 2016 for baby parts, House Panel on Infant Lives

>>5116508 Rally reminder 9 eastern 6 pacific

>>5116484 PP twat on holocaust and bigotry like we dont know Margaret Sanger

>>5116776 New rule in congress requires bills to be available to read for 72 hours before a vote

>>5116890, >>5116871, >>5116903 Pentagon's top official arrives in Afghanistan

>>5116911 PP fire in columbia happened 2 days ago not today

>>5117120 #6535

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742054  No.5120188

File: 51cd354e011aad6⋯.jpg (58 KB, 418x678, 209:339, download (6).jpg)



15ad3f  No.5120217


5cc11c  No.5120219

File: 272db2f77ca0e28⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 339x500, 339:500, trippy.gif)



i will not ejaculate until i reproduce, after which I will begin a minimum 12 year streak of no ejaculation

f04ee0  No.5120220

File: 212c4b7cbefe1ee⋯.jpg (163.03 KB, 1068x937, 1068:937, CL for Ad for RBG lookalik….JPG)

Found it!!!!

Wonder if they are still looking?

f854c6  No.5120222

File: e6e53085cdc5bd6⋯.jpg (113.87 KB, 936x960, 39:40, 243twe4tye5ty.jpg)


Off you go!

6fe5d2  No.5120223

File: 70ee5092d69e421⋯.png (104.28 KB, 792x283, 792:283, ALICEBOOKS.png)


This is a dumb thought, right? This is definitely just an ad and not a rabbit hole?

4b0838  No.5120232

File: 76d6b5f050757da⋯.jpg (673.36 KB, 1196x676, 23:13, JDIF_kike_merchants_at_off….jpg)

>>5120202 (lb)


Meet shill team 6000000

9ed91e  No.5120234

File: b67d813c23febe9⋯.jpg (208.51 KB, 511x707, 73:101, PP -1.jpg)

File: 81a0f05cf74ed98⋯.jpg (215.38 KB, 511x707, 73:101, PP -2.jpg)

File: f01f958851e9658⋯.jpg (213.16 KB, 511x707, 73:101, PP -3.jpg)

File: b12297b52bb9b2d⋯.jpg (222.86 KB, 511x707, 73:101, PP -4.jpg)

57e5bd  No.5120235

>>5118724 (PB)

They're all fucked up on something.

20d52e  No.5120236

File: 2dafe690c4c166d⋯.jpg (146.62 KB, 1021x1021, 1:1, CovfefeDeplorable.jpg)

It's on today, bitches.

40d697  No.5120237

Oil and gas.

CIA cover.

Have their own intelligence agencies.

c6489f  No.5120238

File: 443967586120a88⋯.png (2.59 MB, 3966x5894, 1983:2947, 1509926281137 (1).png)

>>5119733 (lb/nb)

Q post 101 is 'Graphic confirmed.'

532cf6  No.5120239

File: 135ad7574a0eb65⋯.jpeg (260.08 KB, 1440x1450, 144:145, 1527873666.jpeg)

Thank You Baker

20d52e  No.5120240


Those would be called private contractors.

382aa3  No.5120241

File: a1c1c9b11c5bae6⋯.jpg (596.45 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, hotchickpicblonde.jpg)


40d697  No.5120242

532cf6  No.5120243


Not dumb at all.

4b0838  No.5120244

File: 22275193bf4a601⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1584x4553, 1584:4553, a_Jews_Do_Control_The_Medi….png)

File: 41489191dcc8d49⋯.png (2.65 MB, 3080x1688, 385:211, b_Elon_Musk_Big.png)

File: 71ef93d5f5f9f63⋯.png (496.59 KB, 934x730, 467:365, c_Alan_Dershowitz_boasts_o….PNG)

File: 76274af2c3c9889⋯.jpg (3.88 MB, 4500x4602, 750:767, d_Jews_MSM_1.jpg)

File: 0c56deb8850746f⋯.png (136.5 KB, 1347x583, 1347:583, e_MSM_lay_off_cant_let_the….PNG)

These Jews used to laugh about it, they thought it was a joke.

They aren’t laughing anymore. Today they realize the gravity of the situation. It was a struggle especially against people who seem to have omnipotent power in our Countries, the struggle against The Enemies of the People. He who is born today knows what that meant and that it will not remain in the future. A Satanic power had taken over our whole Countries who had been able to grip key positions of our intellectual and spiritual life, but also of the political and economical life. From these key positions they were able to control and monitor our whole Nations. This power still has at the time the influence to persecute with the law those who fight against them.

Now, its time they learn how to code.

3f58ba  No.5120245

File: 370108b46e87de6⋯.jpg (447.01 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, district-28.jpg)

=hey baker=

Made to order fer yer:

>>5119335 (lb)

5d555b  No.5120246


I had a stove like that once. An 1893 Quick Meal. Beautiful grillwork, warming oven. We heated our house with it, can you believe it? Firebox required stoking every 20 minutes. And we used green wood because we city folk didn't know any better. Good thing the chimney was superb (flue fire, whoops)….You can also run a pipe thru a woodstove for hot water, but we weren't that woodsy. The outfit would have been a little chilly.

40d697  No.5120248

People go to Mexico to get knock off birth control because its cheaper.

Do WE really think that's a good idea?

There are a lot of Mexicans.

20d52e  No.5120249

File: e9cb504937918d8⋯.jpg (591.51 KB, 1888x897, 1888:897, Screenshot_2019-02-11 KBR.jpg)


Hmm, I see.

9ed91e  No.5120250

the board is stalling pics again

95233a  No.5120251

The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews, The Jews. Booooorrrrriiiinnnngggg! Get a new line shill!

354836  No.5120252


Yeah, pretty bad, it’s like 10+ seconds for me rn

1b4ff0  No.5120253

Anybody find confirmation on Mr Greensocks last night?

I've been searching this morning, but I've come up empty.

382aa3  No.5120254

File: b783b7aff8439e0⋯.png (1.22 MB, 720x659, 720:659, ClipboardImage(7).png)

997f43  No.5120255

maybe something is going to drop


532cf6  No.5120256

File: 20b00676d3a58cb⋯.jpeg (71.75 KB, 1080x612, 30:17, 1547751094.jpeg)

f854c6  No.5120257

File: eac8dbee57efaa8⋯.jpg (86.41 KB, 774x656, 387:328, 423rt-35ay4545y4.jpg)

Who let the shills out?

(((Someone))) got paid this month.

6fe5d2  No.5120258

File: d2306c2b9637373⋯.png (113.44 KB, 334x619, 334:619, detroux.png)


>A massive pedophile network came to light and was hushed up and 20 key witnesses "Commited Suicide"

>Belgium Pedophilia Scandal /Did Authorities Cover Up Its Scope?

Barry James, International Herald Tribune , 16/12/1999

>BRUSSELS - In Belgium, the X-Files refer not to the U.S. television series but to a series of horrific witness accounts of an alleged pedophile network.

>The five women and the male transvestite who testified anonymously in Belgium under the code-name X described an underworld of snuff movies and sadomasochist torture

that was almost impossible to believe. And they said that politicians and other highly

placed members of society were involved.

>The conventional wisdom is that the witnesses were either deranged or were recounting

fantasies. It was, in the jargon of psychiatrists, a bad case of false-memory syndrome.


The cover up was so obvious that 300,000 Belgiums went to the streets to protest against the way the investigation was conducted. At least 3 families of the victims have been convinced there is a massive cover up and at least 20 crucial witness have 'committed suicide'. It seems to be very hard to get access to these X-files. Maybe that has to do with the fact that many senior officials have been named as participants in the above crimes, including members of the royal family and at least one former European Commissioner (name hasn't been made public).

3f58ba  No.5120259

File: 81cb658db4c228b⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 896x370, 448:185, bobstits.gif)

20d52e  No.5120260

File: 5715744ad5faf1c⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1981x2583, 283:369, dajewz.jpg)


Find something else to kvetch about.

The jews are behind most, if not all, of the fuckery. If it's not them directly, it's ones funded by them.

742054  No.5120261


requesting hand off

Im not reliably collecting notables anons and will not be here to bake please collect notables for incoming baker

will go ghost soon

7c2dd6  No.5120262



f56b91  No.5120263


I have had a Monarch with six removable lids in storage for the last twenty five years. Juuuuust in case.

1b4ff0  No.5120264


can you post the image? link looks spoopy

683dd0  No.5120265

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

…Unscheduled Off-world Activation…

As the world's foremost expert on memetics, I've determined there's a stronk possibility the D party will be changing the narrative SOON™ (theme song related), and the letter Q will factor into the equation.

Lyrics are """offensive"", given the more recent episode in which that Gab website made headlines, but consider the Etch-A-Sketch and the way MSM treats the public awareness of current events.

I've been 'following' Q since half chan, how it all evolves, you know, and the overall phenomena is rather benign. Even the Q team wrestles with this, how the MSM would attack a LARP with such effort, makes no sense unless there's more to the story…

But, what I can tell you is this: the MSM depends upon the memory of traumatic events to shift the narrative in any particular direction, something about the way human ego kicks in during a crisis, though I'm sure most here understand this already.

If I'm mistaken, that's a good thing.

Be safe out there.

f04ee0  No.5120266

Can anyone get the stats on how many babies are aborted every year…sorted.


Legal American Parents.

Illegal Parents.

Muslim Parents.

Jewish Parents.

Indian Parents.


9ed91e  No.5120267


I clicked that shit… you'll live, and no it's fake and gay

6fe5d2  No.5120268

File: 1d95eebd7da208f⋯.gif (23.79 KB, 400x188, 100:47, solvay.gif)

File: 5b2971252ab9425⋯.jpg (27.14 KB, 320x283, 320:283, amerois3.jpg)

File: 767752b029d9fc8⋯.jpg (175.44 KB, 600x371, 600:371, mother-of-darkness-castle.jpg)



>The castle was owned by Prince Philipp von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and later by the Solvay family. The Solvay family is one of the leading industrial families of Europe (producer of medicines, plastics, and chemicals like fluor). In their 1996 book, Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler (very unsure what to think of their information) referred to it as the 'Mothers of Darkness castle'.

>Documentation which indicates that The Solvay family still own the castle.

>This obscure castle does indeed exist and has been named in late 1996 and early 1997 by at least one 'X' survivor of the Dutroux affair as a place where nasty things happened. Different witnesses who described child torture, child rape, child molestation, child hunting, and child murder have been declared 'mad', but only after all the original investigators were suddenly replaced. There were also multiple claims of sex parties that were held in different castles. It didn't matter that the witness accounts included many verifiable corroborative details and helped solve a couple of previous child murders.

Between age 16 and 19 the deep Satanic alters are working on “pathworking.” This pathworking will be completed before they are 19. The ceremony at 19 will include the 1,000 points of light ceremony at the super secret Mother-of-Darkness castle of Chateau des Amerois (Castle of Kings) close to the Belgium-French border in Europe and about 20 kilometers as the crow flies west from Luxemburg. This will be a sealing ceremony with the Mothers dressed in black. Guards and heavy forest protect the large castle from view. The people in the nearby spooky village of Muno, Bel. basically belong to the castle. The castle has a cathedral inside with a dome with 1,000 lights. The words 1,000 lights is an Illuminati buzz word. When the President used it to describe the White House’s Christmas tree, hierarchy people knew what he was signalling. The cathedral has a great hall with columns on either side, and the Queen Mother’s throne will be set up there….

(Springmeier and Wheeler, Deeper Insights; Volume II, pp. 204,213)

643f66  No.5120269

File: 645d62296544e25⋯.jpg (101.02 KB, 738x1107, 2:3, Dancing-on-the-Red-Carpetg….jpg)



b97459  No.5120270

Goerge Soros serves P.



f04ee0  No.5120271


Add this to the categories.

Black Parents.

White Parents.


6fe5d2  No.5120272

File: 767752b029d9fc8⋯.jpg (175.44 KB, 600x371, 600:371, mother-of-darkness-castle.jpg)


>“…Fritz Springmeier cites a secret castle situated near the village of Muno in Belgium. This castle according to Springmeier, is a center of the occult and has a cathedral with a dome containing 1000 lights. The castle is referred to as the Mothers-of-Darkness castle and Monarch programming is supposedly performed on children there. This castle is also known as the ‘Castle of Kings’. Its real name is ‘Chateau des Amerois’ and it is located in Bouillon (Belgium), near the village of Muno. This castle and its domain, the Muno forest once belonged to Prince Philippe of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha, Count of Flanders and father of King Albert I. He purchased the property in 1869 to the Marquis van der Noot d’Assche.The castle of Romantic style was built in 1877 for Philippe of Saxe-Cobourg Gotha by the architect Gustave Saintenoy. It has 365 windows. This castle was later bought by Alice Solvay, niece of the Belgian scientist and industrialist Ernest Solvay and today is apparently still owned by the Solvay’s.”

5d555b  No.5120273


Enjoy cooking on woodstoves like that. And, yes, it might come in handy. Nowadays, I'll have to be satisfied with an outdoor grill if nothing else works.

7c4a4f  No.5120274

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 817a8d1b110b426⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais3.png)

File: 5f739aa0bd8fe7b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais4.png)

File: 68e8bd416dbe165⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1111x808, 11:8, bimmy.png)

59574e  No.5120275


does he know red foxx?

1b4ff0  No.5120276


thanks anon. fake and gay, indeed.

f04ee0  No.5120277

File: e0c9844900f468f⋯.jpg (51.77 KB, 640x614, 320:307, aboration already born.jpg)

1b4ff0  No.5120278


thx anon.

8c8cd5  No.5120279

File: 8d5ac0a3b4f24f6⋯.png (404.57 KB, 540x640, 27:32, ClipboardImage.png)

did anyone find the green sock hwood anon?

7c4a4f  No.5120280

File: 5be8836794c2c29⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1334x4674, 667:2337, ais5.png)

File: 9e01f62551ff2db⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1334x6578, 29:143, ais6.png)

File: 304ed122c7becc2⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1334x5705, 1334:5705, ais7.png)

File: 3820c10d56d2cc0⋯.png (4.85 MB, 1334x5819, 58:253, ais8.png)

File: ba5cf8734539f6c⋯.png (285.76 KB, 2079x2344, 2079:2344, ais9.png)

4b0838  No.5120281

File: f02593607fb5d51⋯.png (663.39 KB, 909x923, 909:923, Jews_and_Muslims_against_N….png)

File: f02593607fb5d51⋯.png (663.39 KB, 909x923, 909:923, a_Jews_and_Muslims_against….png)

File: 9b9a22a82e9ba9b⋯.png (448.24 KB, 1217x689, 1217:689, b_Rabbi_disregards_securit….PNG)

File: 1fd0b6464880c6f⋯.png (251.21 KB, 512x913, 512:913, c_Jews_celebrate_muslims_p….png)

File: 7bde38e1d07771a⋯.png (682.94 KB, 864x562, 432:281, d_Youtube_vid_Muslims_and_….PNG)


The Jews = Jewish collective power

997f43  No.5120282

File: 45fc413f2528a40⋯.jpg (25.42 KB, 300x300, 1:1, robert-downey-jr-black-man.jpg)

5d555b  No.5120283


No handoff, it's me checking in. I have to go too. Everytime I shut my eyes, I drift off. Anything to talk about before departure?

c884aa  No.5120284


It's not him lol, he's still A+ list and probably did some sick shit for the status he has now

f88929  No.5120285


Not heard anything.

7e84a0  No.5120286

File: ac2fd6ad9fd8089⋯.jpg (73.05 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, Dig Meme Pray.jpg)


Venezuela…. apparently closing it's boarders …..

Any anons with sauce?

57e5bd  No.5120287

At least you're not posting about da wicked Jews.


20d52e  No.5120288



6 Nov 2018 - 3:44:13 AM

The entire world is watching.

Patriots from around the world are praying for AMERICA.

We are all bound by a feeling deep inside, a feeling that cannot be publicly expressed for fear of ridicule, a feeling that challenges the mainstream (narrative), against that which we are told to accept and dare not question, put simply, that people are being abused by those in power and time is running out.

Remember the battles of Lexington and Concord - "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

For far too long we have been silent and allowed our bands of strength, that we once formed to defend FREEDOM and LIBERTY, to deteriorate.

We became divided.

We became weak.

We elected TRAITORS to govern us.

We allowed EVIL to prey on us.

Those who claimed to represent us gave us false hope, made false promises.

The evil and corruption only grew.


This is more than party politics.

This is about restoring OLD GLORY.

This is about saving our land and our people from those who wish us harm.

This is about preserving our REPUBLIC.

This is about preserving our SAFETY.

This is about restoring our STRENGTH.


This is about PROTECTING our children.


We are all God's children.

We are, FATHERS.

We are, MOTHERS.


We are, SONS.


We are, SISTERS.

We do not look at race.

We do not look at skin color.


We are, and will always be, PATRIOTS.









This whole operation is about saving America, not isreal. BTFO.

26c58a  No.5120289

Does he even lift?


8e1d19  No.5120290

File: d8984dba46eac0e⋯.png (360.24 KB, 433x589, 433:589, 13.png)

File: 862fabe55eed23f⋯.png (397.52 KB, 433x589, 433:589, 7.png)

File: 9b06f96e47e4caa⋯.jpg (42.93 KB, 640x663, 640:663, 46.jpg)

File: c6f73b491855ff6⋯.jpg (49.07 KB, 534x455, 534:455, 52.jpg)

7c4a4f  No.5120291

File: 751a0c2b0035238⋯.png (862.93 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, eee.png)

File: 2ff37e672fd81d7⋯.png (369.71 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

File: 194babf9bc21aa1⋯.png (560.91 KB, 1111x1317, 1111:1317, Mary-had.png)

File: b9ebf9960c3d8b7⋯.png (1011.19 KB, 999x814, 27:22, NOTH2.png)

File: 388e4c5f65c3a45⋯.png (799 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, yr.png)

Threads fly by, 24/7

What is organic?

643f66  No.5120292


> Anything to talk about before departure?

I am going to chat about dank memes and the crafting thereof, and I promise it is not to make any kind of profit.




>This is more than party politics.


>This is about restoring OLD GLORY.


>This is about saving our land and our people from those who wish us harm.


>This is about preserving our REPUBLIC.


>This is about preserving our SAFETY.


>This is about restoring our STRENGTH.




>This is about PROTECTING our children.




>We are all God's children.

I am going to chatter about dank memes, because they are my only means of restoring OLD GLORY. Seriously. This is the only string to my bow, guys. I've got meme magic and nothing else.

9ed91e  No.5120293


only cock. by the look of that fucking pic

481032  No.5120294

File: 13da609abe45a98⋯.jpg (75.26 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, fight club applicant.jpg)

Just something else to consider.

1547f9  No.5120295

File: 59d8d2290875d69⋯.png (55 KB, 520x332, 130:83, 59d8d2290875d694722d0798fb….png)

Baker, dug into Burbank raids.

>>5119335 (pb)

I dug a lot of dirt but did not find any significant criminal history or obvious connections to nasties. These seem like decent people, one of whom may have done something singularly wrong. I did not find anything. The reason for the raid may be one son and a cousin or nephew in the area. The SS was probably there representing treasury, not State security matters. I did not find anything that merits posting but I dug a good hole if anybody cares to go deeper. Otherwise all I found is personal information about private people who probably don't deserve to be associated with whatever happened . How to proceed? Wait for the official report?

742054  No.5120296


Fare well friend

7c2dd6  No.5120297



b37f83  No.5120298

>>5120261, >>5120283 I'm set up baker.

Handoff Confirmed?

Anons, please call 'em out!! …And Learn to Bake!

7c4a4f  No.5120299

File: 99613e673364141⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1333x868, 43:28, xiimmy.png)

File: 227968b766f408e⋯.png (396.79 KB, 618x805, 618:805, jmm.png)

File: 626b3913d97f1c1⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1332x999, 4:3, gd.png)


Do human anons come here "to post about jews"?

Is that plausible?

What are alternative interpretations that explain such activity?

f04ee0  No.5120300


Why I'm asking this is…and its just a theory mind you.

If PP is owned mostly by the Jewish.

(going out on a limb with the numbers to prove a point)…

aborted babies…

0 = Jewish.

0 = Muslim.

100% white American babies…

that would just deplete the white stockpile and in-turn increase the population that wants to take over U.S.A…I know that sounds crazy but hey I'm around 60 years old…it doesn't sound crazy to me!! but I could be going loco…:D

3c3b5e  No.5120301

If human tissue is not so widely used as we thought then why are they buying it like crazy? What exactly do they need it for?

7c4a4f  No.5120302

File: dbf2c751ed8dae5⋯.png (74.63 KB, 300x251, 300:251, cowabunga.png)

9ed91e  No.5120303

Stay Comfy Anons.

Someday the world will know.

We are the tip of the spear.

5d555b  No.5120304


Go for it then, memes are awesome. If you want to see something funny, go check out the memes that group Dialectica is generating with their meme algorhthym. (oh crap can't spell tonight, to hell with it) They are are hilariously awful because–as we know–the Left can't meme! I'll see if I can pull one up in a sec…..

742054  No.5120305

File: 3a6e6795ac5e46b⋯.png (13.39 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 4eb30ea5f4bd3d7fc285677972….png)

File: 444f6590a3eecc1⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 474x267, 158:89, download (27).jpg)


>>5120298 Good timing friend

Confirming Hand off

Thank you all

7c4a4f  No.5120306

File: 76a872e69483665⋯.png (1.19 MB, 888x962, 12:13, mm.png)

2148fb  No.5120307

File: 2bc41a54883d862⋯.png (472.66 KB, 550x3200, 11:64, downers_a_gigantic_faggot.png)

Alexander Downer fuckery graphic.

04de06  No.5120308




>>5112099 (pb)

>Your soul chose to be born into your life to further your spiritual growth.

That's what I tend to believe, but I was hoping for a hint of confirmation from Q. I can live with the pain if there is a point to it.


She had/has a soul. The most innocent.

9aeaed  No.5120309


I wonder just how good the ratings were due to hwoodanon….I didn't bother watching, actually, I don't think I have EVER watched……

434f8e  No.5120310

File: e17de1eceb3e3a5⋯.jpg (191.44 KB, 760x368, 95:46, morning.jpg)

File: 24067455c99af2e⋯.jpg (139.75 KB, 480x270, 16:9, All For A Lap.jpg)

File: 4c83b97a83bc643⋯.jpg (80.62 KB, 288x288, 1:1, Lights on.jpg)

File: 9f00ba8b8836ba7⋯.jpg (287.69 KB, 530x540, 53:54, REAL AS IT GETS 2.jpg)

File: 7d3be010c60f5c8⋯.jpg (844.26 KB, 1480x833, 1480:833, Comfy.jpg)

f04ee0  No.5120311


Also remember almost 700,000 babies are aborted every year!!!!

b37f83  No.5120312


Handoff Confirmed

Have notified BO/BV. Thank you baker - sending good thoughts your way.

4b0838  No.5120313

File: a17b22f5975f3fb⋯.png (342.43 KB, 778x732, 389:366, Another_rabbi_pedo_gets_no….PNG)

File: d1bfd19bc784cda⋯.png (61.86 KB, 505x584, 505:584, Jewish_pedophilia_dig.PNG)

File: 53474c24a2e795f⋯.png (539.65 KB, 1005x3784, 1005:3784, Rabbis_from_hell.png)

File: b7e59dd18019891⋯.png (573.88 KB, 817x5736, 817:5736, Rabbis_from_hell_2.png)

File: bd9203841002056⋯.png (69.11 KB, 604x709, 604:709, z_Woman_escapes_jewish_ped….PNG)


>Oy vey, why would anyone EVER talk about Jews, even criminal ones? Humans know that Jews are above the law and are CHOSEN!

Kek, your hubris has brought about your nemesis, stupid traitor :)

ca3eae  No.5120314


Mostly Blacks, IIRC.

04de06  No.5120315

>>5120308 Sorry, was also replying to:

>>5112132 (pb)

>>5112277 (pb)

>>5112471 (pb)

1b4ff0  No.5120316


KEK. It's really too bad it isn't him, because that would be a great twist.

b0e6f6  No.5120317


It is a small, rootless, international clique that is turning the people against each other… that does not want them to have peace.

997f43  No.5120318

File: 855d2e184233af9⋯.jpg (101.67 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IlluminatiWatch.jpg)


didnt watck the fuckery either

f04ee0  No.5120319


So, basically Black American babies…but still potential American Voters…Democrat mind you…but still voters…hmm. something to think about..

20d52e  No.5120320

File: 94327351f02f4c2⋯.jpg (805.24 KB, 2100x2575, 84:103, 94327351f02f4c29e884817dcc….jpg)


Need moar memz in the style of pic related instead of toptext/bottomtext ones.

>All that you know to be right is wrong



>End is near


7c4a4f  No.5120321


А ге уоо, ре гсна псе, нuма п?

4b0838  No.5120322

File: 74e9c8c7e0894e3⋯.png (568.66 KB, 1280x484, 320:121, How_pilpul_redpills_people….png)


Gradually, I began to hate them, almost as much as they hate when people tell them to learn to code.

997f43  No.5120323



57e5bd  No.5120324

File: 876a491bcdf88bd⋯.jpg (61.56 KB, 610x525, 122:105, 299fe7ef3339cba657c389d635….jpg)

643f66  No.5120325

File: 767ed8b98757343⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 592x422, 296:211, 800px-Valentin_de_Boulogne….jpg)


>Do human anons come here "to post about jews"?

Sometimes. However, trying to engage with pro-Israel propagandists and Israel apologists is tiring, and we don't always make an effort.

Be right back, I have a little crafting project with three cords…

3fb284  No.5120326


Good point. The Wall is so much more than you know. Maybe Wall means a Wall around our Liberties, I.e. the Supreme Court.


1547f9  No.5120327

File: cc407ef617fbe2e⋯.png (656.42 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, r.png)

7c4a4f  No.5120328




Where is the inorganic dominance of this board coming from?

Who controls?

0d6609  No.5120330


Half time snacks. These people are sick.

f56b91  No.5120331


The red shoe is a nice touch.

382aa3  No.5120332


Feed the reptilians? I don't understand why they need so many people.

292bd7  No.5120333

Do you know how come MOSSAD became such a big spay shit?????

killing, using torture, raping, etc

So such a great country will do that to their own people??????

fq wevil, God SELLER

7c4a4f  No.5120334


Wну would тнеу соме НЕRE?

3c3b5e  No.5120335


You think just for eating?

There should be smth else

Like getting stem cells for injections to look younger or idk

1547f9  No.5120336

File: 7569a9ecdba15f6⋯.png (499.93 KB, 960x540, 16:9, wulk2.png)

997f43  No.5120337

File: 7ada3293d027787⋯.jpg (25.53 KB, 570x384, 95:64, terminator-t8001.jpg)

986708  No.5120338

File: 468d3762a0c4519⋯.png (228.38 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 3C7D090D-3FF9-4FDB-BFCC-1A….png)

File: f10919a72ceabe7⋯.png (2.17 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 71C0E861-01FE-4814-987B-B4….png)

File: ab5cb4c87650e8b⋯.png (214.7 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 6DE5715A-F68E-4056-A550-E9….png)

File: 48ff5a96d2e63f2⋯.png (305.59 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9A6E9466-B13D-4A49-9CEA-0D….png)

Did AOC help NY City Council screw up the deal with Bezos, intended to bring a new Amazon facility to NY?


382aa3  No.5120339

File: bc0af876ea200e4⋯.jpeg (79.94 KB, 614x497, 614:497, 4597A6A9-9AFF-44EA-A278-A….jpeg)

5e81f7  No.5120340

File: c05d5bf70c3f478⋯.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1369x1358, 1369:1358, 8B5C5FF6-B0AB-443B-A031-7….jpeg)

This whole “jobs” thing is BS

We be lied to again


372c29  No.5120341

File: c0cb33060d33fbe⋯.jpg (274.31 KB, 600x1700, 6:17, 1.jpg)


SpaceX requests FCC permission to operate 1m 'earth stations'

4b0838  No.5120342

File: 2ccaa08a9647302⋯.png (15.23 KB, 635x140, 127:28, Red_flag_laws_are_gay.PNG)


43da06  No.5120343

File: 469a03ae039e177⋯.jpg (19.98 KB, 400x250, 8:5, conan mmmm.jpg)


ahh fresh meat

32a753  No.5120344

Anybody else getting the sense that "who runs the world" is a female deity and that is one of the lies told?

532cf6  No.5120346

File: f38b3d9b4cf3745⋯.jpeg (197.33 KB, 1440x1150, 144:115, 1528647438.jpeg)

481032  No.5120347


God is in control anon. Everything unfolds according to the will of God.

0d6609  No.5120348


>Do human anons come here "to post about jews"?

What other kind of anons do you perceive?

Why would they not? Where would be a more sympathetic audience?

Do you wish you had a brain? Are you capable of such a wish?

b37f83  No.5120349

>>5120343 Kek! Thanks for the backup!

643f66  No.5120350

File: a017a553988d0e7⋯.jpg (64.62 KB, 280x400, 7:10, quibtrumpnation.jpg)


>Need moar memz in the style of pic related instead of toptext/bottomtext ones.

Challenge accepted. If nothing else, I could knock out a basic version - a first draft, if you will.

However, I think I might want something anime-themed like pic related.


I think you think I'm an artificial intelligence. your font looks Cyrillic.

f04ee0  No.5120351

If the babies aborted are being used in some other nefarious reasons…

Wouldn't it makes sense that…lets say most babies aborted are Black crack babies or already loaded with some types of drugs already in their system…Would that transfer into the their bloodstream and in turn who ever was using the blood (eating/drinking) for some reason and infect them the same?

Idk just tossing it out there!!!

40d697  No.5120352

3c3b5e  No.5120353

File: 21d2c3597029825⋯.jpeg (47.83 KB, 890x554, 445:277, 193D1828-47DA-40AF-B8FD-F….jpeg)


Like this from guardian

372c29  No.5120354

File: de366658fb97886⋯.jpg (97.96 KB, 350x600, 7:12, "St. Michael Triumphant" b….jpg)

26c58a  No.5120355

Perun P


5d555b  No.5120356

File: 877b626a7fd3176⋯.png (952.92 KB, 1667x902, 1667:902, BAD MEME ALL LEFT CANT MEM….png)


Ok, here are 3 professionally-developed memes used in the Alabama (or maybe other campaigns too) to sway voters. The third one I know is from Alabama, alluded to sexual allegations about Moore.

They are in no way dank! Or funny. Or anything else. Lefties ought to come here for Advanced Meme-making Classes. We have a moral duty to save them from themselves. Kek.

5e81f7  No.5120357


I’m suprised red text ain’t here this am

3c3b5e  No.5120358


I am with you

There is smth deeper

40d697  No.5120359


Only Patriots are here now for the most part.


4085f9  No.5120360

File: 090757e334545dd⋯.jpg (139.3 KB, 408x528, 17:22, It's called Murder Democra….JPG)

File: 4f224f6b7f53a24⋯.jpg (27.21 KB, 260x200, 13:10, plannedparenthood40b.jpg)

File: 6d0ef0411eca5f6⋯.jpg (203.97 KB, 576x384, 3:2, So just why are we taxpaye….JPG)

File: 4e6d87271344aa6⋯.jpg (70.52 KB, 564x951, 188:317, and no audits.jpg)

File: 323bcb4342bdd40⋯.png (151.82 KB, 696x911, 696:911, planned-parenthood-30-mill….png)

b0e6f6  No.5120361

File: aa0ba986f017744⋯.jpg (183.74 KB, 710x644, 355:322, unrepentent_liar.jpg)


..your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through you fingers…

5d555b  No.5120362


Replied to myself. Kek.

Find unique & rare leftist memes at


26c58a  No.5120363

Back up a few posts.


0d6609  No.5120364


That graphic kind of reminds one of a

Baskin-Robbins Commercial.

5d555b  No.5120365


are you still here? memes are hot outta the oven, take a look


f04ee0  No.5120366


Wouldn't that be considered "Tainted" Blood and no longer of any use to anyone!!!!

5e81f7  No.5120367


Hmmm….can we stop paying taxes if we disagree with how our clowns…I mean elected officials….spend OUR money

Remember folks…the government borrows fake money and pays it off with YOUR hard earned cash…nice system these greedy fucks invented


988f2b  No.5120368

File: e40f8448c374a9f⋯.png (170.01 KB, 1621x1031, 1621:1031, screenshot.png)

>>5109544 ————————————–——– Prosecution and Transparency is the only way to save our way of life. ( Cap: >>5110360 )

Single shot cap

Disregard if done already

815a6f  No.5120369

File: f910825e15df1c4⋯.jpg (173.4 KB, 900x544, 225:136, border.jpg)

e6d605  No.5120371




382aa3  No.5120372

File: 06fc56991612ce8⋯.gif (3.68 MB, 217x272, 217:272, THEY_ALL_LOOK_THE_SAME.gif)

815a6f  No.5120373

File: f2622533c90d2e1⋯.png (544.18 KB, 595x600, 119:120, IRS.png)


>can we stop paying taxes

3c3b5e  No.5120374


Moar idiocy can be found here


1b4ff0  No.5120375


My guess is the sacrifice angle, and some kind of Fountain of youth.

997f43  No.5120376



26c58a  No.5120377

Big Question, why do the ingested of these parts, tissue, etc. worry about aids. The rest of the population has had gloves on to touch each other, but cannibals seem to eat and rink with abandon.

They must have the cure for aids, or it is all a big hoax. No aids?


5ce45f  No.5120379

File: 50ec8c517723e8c⋯.png (329.24 KB, 803x996, 803:996, 1515281265391.png)

File: 2507ed4075d776a⋯.png (392.11 KB, 560x368, 35:23, ClipboardImage.png)


Often I wonder if the big God of creation was memed out as a man as a sort of satanic inversion.. what with the universe being birthed out of a cosmic coochie and so on.

3c3b5e  No.5120380


But how fresh are the parts when they sell them?

40d697  No.5120381



Just posted elsewhere on how comfy I am.

I love it here.

f04ee0  No.5120382


Good point!!!!

815a6f  No.5120383

File: 080841c8467e3dc⋯.jpg (6.61 KB, 381x235, 381:235, br.jpg)


>Baskin-Robbins Commercial.

13 families - see it? <mirrors>

Did you know they traffic the dead bodies and adrenochrome in ice cream trucks?

1547f9  No.5120384

File: 1a27a6cf43a548b⋯.jpg (101.22 KB, 500x664, 125:166, 1a27a6cf43a548b7bb15a491ed….jpg)

File: 8d435a987e930b9⋯.jpg (6.77 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 8d435a987e930b9e4ce1ef34c7….jpg)

File: 9800a8dc1f8c2ce⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1024x788, 256:197, 9800a8dc1f8c2ce6b3021cfd7d….png)

File: d53d19ef6c8b60c⋯.jpg (124.24 KB, 500x500, 1:1, d53d19ef6c8b60ce991334fabe….jpg)

File: a25813e657bdc23⋯.jpeg (33.25 KB, 500x368, 125:92, d55a6e60b2cdf26d3baeadad3….jpeg)

f2b71b  No.5120385


wish Q or Trump or Barr would just come out and say red flag laws are wrong and unconstitutional.

give these fuckers an inch and they will demand a mile

643f66  No.5120386

File: 2c6d4dba3cc6561⋯.jpg (218.54 KB, 800x1600, 1:2, img_1380.jpg)

File: 8edb8637842498a⋯.jpg (239.31 KB, 896x1600, 14:25, img_1383.jpg)


Some old-fashioned meme magic from a master who passed into the great beyond several years ago.

d90f27  No.5120387

File: 5634fe062cd24bf⋯.png (44.46 KB, 458x440, 229:220, ClipboardImage.png)

5d555b  No.5120388

File: 10019b3bbd3cb02⋯.jpg (6.74 KB, 259x194, 259:194, cook angry.jpg)


God bless you, Baker. Welcome home.

3c3b5e  No.5120389


If you deep freeze or fry it may kill the virus

Idk we need to get deeper

32a753  No.5120390

File: 45227d8da85c502⋯.jpeg (822.87 KB, 1125x1862, 1125:1862, 7CDD8768-99D8-4A6C-AF6C-C….jpeg)

File: decd773c109c2ac⋯.jpeg (872.38 KB, 1125x1866, 375:622, 01B54B64-003F-489E-A662-5….jpeg)

File: 5f73d38de8425aa⋯.jpeg (892.37 KB, 1125x1462, 1125:1462, 00FC1ED4-7716-4189-AD3E-0….jpeg)

File: 2b29b975b1b2934⋯.jpeg (945.41 KB, 1125x1450, 45:58, 3E14FF2A-27F4-45FC-A02D-B….jpeg)


Transfusions, 'human growth hormone', tissue for 3-d human part printing, cloning, etc…

532cf6  No.5120391

File: ef4207146107cd4⋯.jpeg (102.56 KB, 1440x756, 40:21, 1539221707.jpeg)

382aa3  No.5120392


I think God is sexless, but not in the messed up way the cult thinks God is sexless. Sex comes from division.

815a6f  No.5120394

File: 5d19cca0e8e7453⋯.jpg (93.35 KB, 720x720, 1:1, RH-crest.jpg)


>They must have the cure for aids

That or they test for it in the bodies or they are immune.

It's said that Rh- can't get HIV

40d697  No.5120395



Tax free.

Recruiters get a piece as well.

3c3b5e  No.5120396


Do you have sauce for that?

94f4e6  No.5120397

File: 6b2a72d7cc27c65⋯.jpg (208.93 KB, 760x314, 380:157, witchcraft.jpg)


This gets into witchcraft/rituals, Anon. (pic related)


(Sauce for pic^^^)

Why do you think Q has mentioned "SATAN has left the WH.", as well as [them] worshiping Satan?

c82e58  No.5120398

File: 273380bfd009388⋯.gif (1.28 MB, 480x266, 240:133, dancin.gif)

b37f83  No.5120399

>>5120388 TY Anon.

382aa3  No.5120400


Interesting, so they don't care if the man made Aids virus kills rh positive.

1547f9  No.5120401

File: 52f69e946b6a51a⋯.png (385.71 KB, 553x693, 79:99, blackwidowgangtat.png)


2 to 1 is bollocks. It should be 15 -25 to one. Look at the SSI stats. Do you know what Cloward Piven is? We paid into that. There is no money in it. It was went on programs other than SSI for SSI payors.

Government doesn't just break everything it touches, it pulls a train on it. Bitches.

3c3b5e  No.5120402

Body parts do not go well with morning covfefe

b0e6f6  No.5120403

File: 9fa2340cf390837⋯.jpg (40.19 KB, 780x585, 4:3, trump_4324.jpg)


>We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason.

5d555b  No.5120404


You are 100% right. More technically challenging, tho. Will have to have my graphic artist fren over to give me some Photoshop tips.

7c4a4f  No.5120405


Are there bots here? What are you?

986708  No.5120406

File: d4536c9d7b7e9f2⋯.png (3.67 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9D116CC5-890D-4852-98B4-48….png)

ef09c6  No.5120407



used to be able to say they had half the money, and all the pussy, but, well, that's not strictly true any more.

4b0838  No.5120408

3c3b5e  No.5120409


We were naive

815a6f  No.5120410

File: 7a7c377d419cb4c⋯.jpg (6.67 KB, 255x159, 85:53, DOIT rwb.jpg)

File: 0a1afa2fbc3bad7⋯.png (2.34 MB, 2602x1363, 2602:1363, ConMurPm.png)

File: eeb02f34f0da5e2⋯.png (1.23 MB, 2602x1363, 2602:1363, CuomoK.png)

File: e3c4afb1055a07c⋯.png (1.84 MB, 2599x1358, 2599:1358, ConsMur_d.png)


It is OUR narrative and THE narrative

This is how we wake normies

Keeping CONSPIRACY TO MURDER in the news stream is our mission and goal, that is why it's in GLOBAL NOTABLES

0d3e56  No.5120411


>It's said that Rh- can't get HIV

By who? Never heard that before…

But neat. Then it would mean that I can't get AIDS.

<Off to fuck some male prostitutes…

d90f27  No.5120412


If AIDs was bioengineered

would they release it if they did not have immunity ??

7c4a4f  No.5120413


Do you substitute "'fren" for "friend" EVERY SINGLE TIME? Is that how organic word play works?

Are the natural rhythms of organic word play difficult to emulate?

f56b91  No.5120414

File: 77d5b53a25bd272⋯.jpg (63.65 KB, 564x564, 1:1, monday.jpg)

382aa3  No.5120415

File: 944e51ddc5c1653⋯.jpg (157.38 KB, 1012x821, 1012:821, jealousuglywoman.jpg)

The 2 faces of winning

1547f9  No.5120416

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


President Trump would have said our nation.

d90f27  No.5120417


Image if you can

A Glorious Monday

54dfbc  No.5120418

File: ed567eeeb981576⋯.jpeg (336.44 KB, 1107x1476, 3:4, ECF85C0F-C589-44E0-8A04-C….jpeg)

When I first read this I thought his last name said Buttplug. This guy is another commie dem mayor running for president. What’s his story I wonder?


5ce45f  No.5120419

File: 8d5092122874c18⋯.png (742.69 KB, 493x704, 493:704, ClipboardImage.png)


Also, on the tangent of religions (cults), all the man-leaders fancy getups are in essence, dresses..

481032  No.5120420


We are probably all bots anon, and just don't realize it.

4b0838  No.5120421

File: 76dde62d16b5eeb⋯.png (71.34 KB, 1926x1405, 1926:1405, HIV_aids_diagnosis_men_hom….png)

File: e86f854f8173bd2⋯.png (42.86 KB, 1220x822, 610:411, Homosexuals_fags_80s_dying….png)

File: 067f63355b2bc98⋯.png (42.34 KB, 572x205, 572:205, California_AIDS_Peddler.png)

File: dcff8ab871e50ca⋯.jpg (224.43 KB, 1080x1618, 540:809, AIDS_California.jpg)

File: 1ace4ef1900c705⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1064x1592, 133:199, Cultural_Marxim_Gay_Agenda….jpg)


Who pushed for the normalization of homosexuality?

532cf6  No.5120422

File: 86deafe51b0fdd7⋯.jpg (894.91 KB, 1381x1856, 1381:1856, 20190124_081022.jpg)


Nope they wouldn't

f854c6  No.5120423


Actually the protection against AIDS is pretty simple:


3c3b5e  No.5120424


Regular transmits too

32a753  No.5120425

File: e025edf28b4f747⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 480x492, 40:41, FA9AB4E1-08DE-4573-B5ED-B2….gif)

File: b8fe56ff66f09b5⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 245x281, 245:281, 814FACC5-9DE1-4E11-BCF9-28….gif)

File: 5be8edb612b83ef⋯.gif (3.93 MB, 480x640, 3:4, E60647B7-0AFA-4879-A50A-1E….gif)

File: a7f4d01210585c9⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 640x480, 4:3, B09B33E9-DAA2-414E-AEEF-95….gif)

In better news…. WE GET A RALLY TODAY!! Shadilay!

5d555b  No.5120426


These really ARE rare memes! Funny–and true. The Lefty memes I posted are from a group who thinks they are going to sway elections to the Left with their memes. Maybe tomorrow I'll see whether any of them can prevail over some of the memes on this board. ("which is better, a or b?)…..but, no, it just wouldn't be funny, because their memes are so bad.

a48dd7  No.5120427


That is one of those

"if looks could kill"

She can't contain her absolute hate.

a76cca  No.5120428

Good morning Anons, it seems slow this morning. We have Q hangover?

d90f27  No.5120429


am I a bot?

existential crisis


9aeaed  No.5120430


kek…I wonder how many actually understand that

40d697  No.5120431

My God


The Google Timeline Tracking.

It's been active since I think 2013.

We have everything.

Let's talk.

5f130b  No.5120432

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

D party's own history is coming back to bite them ..

f854c6  No.5120433


Gay sex is like 99% of the cases…the rest is just a consequence of the already mentioned.

5d555b  No.5120434


Nope, I don't. Everything emerges in the moment.

997f43  No.5120435

for fucks sake… is that pee wee herman?


b04e9c  No.5120436


mostly nigs so it aint that bad a thing. I support it for this reason.

c55e6a  No.5120437

File: 497a0aa0bb016b0⋯.jpg (85.93 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, rs-11577-devo-624-13724249….jpg)


Are we not men?

4503e1  No.5120438


Hey remember that time you were spamming the thread as usual and ebot called you a spam bot?

That was hilarious.

c75bb1  No.5120439

File: 4f6e2054a95ece0⋯.jpeg (201.76 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 0EA60999-C1D0-4AA7-BE48-C….jpeg)

File: 2b15b0f5debfebb⋯.jpeg (497.77 KB, 566x1024, 283:512, 864ABF71-6C05-4F09-A91C-1….jpeg)

File: 098fc6ceacfecec⋯.jpeg (490.05 KB, 640x1044, 160:261, 4B39C207-D8F3-4FDD-A0C6-9….jpeg)

Reel photos proof ufo please send bitcoin dear

9aeaed  No.5120440


you can't be serious…..I suppose were there a vax for being gay AND a vax for AIDS, you would choose the former…..

7c4a4f  No.5120441


How would that be a reasonable response? Is this a game? Is AI a joke?

Hypothetically, if you flooded forums with bots, could you control narrative?

Why do threads here fly by 24/7 with filler and 4chan fake antisemitism?

Is that organic?

Could that be emulated?

Who would have an interest in controlling narrative like that?

So should we, at the very least, take the question seriously?

Are you human?

f854c6  No.5120442

File: 89b00a4bfe5fc62⋯.jpg (23.64 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Disgusted_LilGirl_BlackFac….jpg)



532cf6  No.5120443

File: 5b06831b1cd99b5⋯.jpeg (193.33 KB, 1440x811, 1440:811, 1539732721.jpeg)

0d3e56  No.5120444


>am I a bot?

Define "bot".

We are in essence biological automatons.

We need fuel to function and our brains are basically a glorified computer.

Are you a bot?

74ebd4  No.5120445

The drops read like DJT wrote some of them.

Just my opinion. Gut thinks Trump wrote some of it ;p

3c3b5e  No.5120446


Member Diana kissing patients with AIDS

292bd7  No.5120447

Do you know what is EVIL on this planet?

What this planet make 2 suffer.

Do you know?

EGO is the evil.

YOU want that, that, that, EGO will make ithers suffer.

c75bb1  No.5120448


Double blackface?

How rude.. at least run as a democrat for governor first

4b0838  No.5120449

File: 57b25982229cacb⋯.png (547.38 KB, 645x985, 129:197, Not_robot.png)

7c4a4f  No.5120450


Аrе уоu а вот?

a48dd7  No.5120451


You do know they "TEST" the blood first right?

f854c6  No.5120452


No. If theres a actual cure, sure.

But right now we dont have a vax for HIV.

So for now…NO GAY SEX FOR YOU!

26c58a  No.5120453

I read in a late night bread Spring 2018, (((they))). use plum wine to cure aids. Seemed random.

Check your liquor stores, try to find Plum Wine. Seems to be scarce, even grape wine flavored with plum is rare, but no plum wine.

I know a restaurant that serves great plum wine, but I cannot find their bottle in the public domain…


532cf6  No.5120454

ef09c6  No.5120455



oh, I see. the current vernacular/PC is front-hole. my bad. >:p

4b0838  No.5120456


That is how I imagined in my head the aliens from the novel "Forever War" to be.

Great book btw.

815a6f  No.5120457

File: a3c24a2a35322d2⋯.png (37.72 KB, 197x139, 197:139, PrWil.png)


>Never heard that before…

You're not going to hear it. They do not publicize what Rh- is, what it means, where it comes from- nothing. Those of us who are Rh- have had a tough life as our systems a different as a result of our different blood but medical treats us as the same as Rh+.

Like any group, there are good and evil in both.

Rh- cannot be cloned either which is why it was/is necessary for royal lines to inter-breed with Rh+. For some, it's the only way they can pro-create.

1f3236  No.5120458

File: 5428b23facfd7bb⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1698x562, 849:281, 792u.png)

File: b2c6f417c7e9e00⋯.png (1.76 MB, 948x834, 158:139, 792w.png)


For the umpteenth time.

1st Theater Sustainment Command



c75bb1  No.5120459


It’s Sleestak

Geez get a grip people

d90f27  No.5120460


So they have all the misinformed

crap I was posting while on my way to

Waking Up

292bd7  No.5120461



372c29  No.5120462

File: a703fa54d404b11⋯.jpg (106.86 KB, 600x650, 12:13, download1.jpg)


Startup company offering controversial 'young plasma' treatments in Omaha to combat aging

26c58a  No.5120463


Still makes no sense if they are herding children to their deaths in American tunnels and Haiti and Africa, why even take a chance?

fb18fb  No.5120464

Look here people if you support more government involvement with individual; decisions, you can go stand with the big gov lib's.

I think this government has clearly demonstrated it's incompetent at best and corrupt and criminal when given the chance.

I don't care if it's drugs, lgbt bullshit or anything else, go fuck yourself and then make your own abortion decisions, I don't want to bee involved and I don't want thee government involved. All I want is the government the hell out of my life and my wallet. Let's focus on that. .

a48dd7  No.5120465


Q isn't going to be throwing anything out there without prior approval.

0d3e56  No.5120466


I wish you would sauce your shit or just shut up.

Stating that it is impossible to sauce is not a shield.

3c3b5e  No.5120467



We still do not know where the blood is coming from

My suspicion its RC doing high school blood drives and then selling blood to them

9aeaed  No.5120468


I actually do remember that being in circulation……ironic…….

what's your point? Age verification? I remember a dude that chopped down a cheery tree too….

997f43  No.5120469

File: dd3ad3065358b28⋯.jpg (26.66 KB, 228x365, 228:365, wild bill.jpg)

resistance is futile


4b0838  No.5120470

815a6f  No.5120471


>Are the natural rhythms of organic word play difficult to emulate?

Fun with WHIRRDS, Anon.

They have fuked with our language too.

BLESS YOU is actually a spell- Be Less You.

This is why they teach 'spelling' to the children so early.

To cast spells with their whirrds.

d90f27  No.5120472


I need a clean install

of the latest O/S

and hardware upgrade

3c3b5e  No.5120473


She was prolly immune thats why she did it to promote acceptance

532cf6  No.5120474

File: 93c42b6f19e7d74⋯.jpg (36.53 KB, 604x339, 604:339, IMG_20180930_072807.jpg)

c884aa  No.5120475

Hollywood anon AKA renegade

Bright green socks at the grammys


Grew up in the 60s

A+ list in the 80s

Sudden end to his fame (For not partaking)

"Doesn't get roles anymore"

Currently a grandfather

Friend of Red Foxx

Most of his knowledge is about movie connected people opposed to TV

Not involved in the music business

Tennis player or fan

has a ranch

probably christian

Went to the same gym as Carl Weathers

Retired but still has hollywood connections

Investor in crypto, real estate, oil, most of his income doesn't seem come from hollywood any more

Might be friends with Mel Gibson or worked close enough with him to hear stories about his father

292bd7  No.5120476










481032  No.5120477


If you don't know, it doesn't matter kek

Is what it is.

40d697  No.5120478


All the social media.

All the GPS.

All in Bluffdale

Just ask the Senior Innovation Manager

434f8e  No.5120479

File: df912521afd3c8c⋯.jpg (93.56 KB, 647x718, 647:718, tran.JPG)

UK Mother Arrested And Detained For 7 Hours After 'Misgendering' Trans Activist

The days when liberals could credibly claim that "nobody will go to jail" for violating laws making misgendering a trans individual a crime are now firmly in the past. And though the UK hasn't passed such a law - like Canada did back in 2017 - apparently, UK police are now acquiescing to demands that individuals who misgender a trans person on the Internet can be investigated and charged for engaging in a "targeted harassment campaign.

Because according to a report in the Daily Mail, a 38-year-old mother from Hertfordshire was arrested in front of her two young children then brought to a nearby police station for questioning, where she was locked in a cell without the use of hygiene products (which she said she had specifically requested) while police questioned her about the incident.

Writing on online forum Mumsnet, Mrs Scottow – who has also been served with a court order that bans her from referring to her accuser as a man – claimed: "I was arrested in my home by three officers, with my autistic ten-year-old daughter and breastfed 20-month-old son present."

"I was then detained for seven hours in a cell with no sanitary products (which I said I needed) before being interviewed then later released under investigation…I was arrested for harassment and malicious communications because I called someone out and misgendered them on Twitter."

The woman in question, Kate Scottow, was arrested after repeatedly misgendering transgender activist Stephanie Hayden during a debate on the UK-based online forum Mumsnet. After being detained (Scottow was also served with an order prohibiting from ever referring to Hayden as a man), police confiscated Scottow's phone and laptop, and have so far refused to return them more than two months later. The Hertfordshire PD confirmed the arrest, saying "We take all reports of malicious communication seriously."


4b0838  No.5120480


You mean she can go into the pool despite it being closed?

7c4a4f  No.5120481


Why is THIS an appealing game for "anons" to play?


Is they're a trend to DEHUMANIZATION?

Is that PUSHED here?


Think about pop culture.

Who is pushing dehumanization?

Who wants to blur questions about bots?

What is our enemy?

Why the PUSH for AI?

What is it for REALLY?

Why is it HERE?

c82e58  No.5120482

File: 869f14ca9e6e400⋯.gif (948.88 KB, 500x373, 500:373, tumblr_mea2utEuml1qedb29o1….gif)

File: 77c9500725d1719⋯.gif (933.41 KB, 500x351, 500:351, tumblr_mee837MdEd1qedb29o1….gif)



From Land of the Lost..morning kids show on Sat morning 70's era

a48dd7  No.5120483


I don't know if they can or can't but I sure bet they can carry it and infect others.

3c3b5e  No.5120484


My liberal family concluded it is fake

Kek not so much

8b603d  No.5120485

Anons, one question,

ife Elite Cabalists are trying to use blood, parts from young children for "combat aging", or as i said, to fin immortality..

Then why the fuck all of them /Pelosi, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, HRC, etc/ look as old fucks, with demetia?

What is point for that?

26c58a  No.5120486

Is that picture related and where do you obtain this information?


4503e1  No.5120487


Everybody who replies to you gets the same tired script. You are the worst bot on this board.

f854c6  No.5120488


Fun fact: That lil girls is actually Elizabeth Warren and her cat Toots.

74ebd4  No.5120489

File: 1dc2dd520b03535⋯.jpg (46.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8b8cc722fe0c23e7b1d4b05203….jpg)

Especially not now.

3c3b5e  No.5120490


I do not understand you anon, sry

e4de6b  No.5120491

Marjorie Dannenfelser, Susan B. Anthony List: “Everyone needs to see the Gosnell movie particularly young people. I can’t recommend this movie more strongly. The Gosnell movie faces viewers with the brutality and inhumanity of abortion and it achieves this in a movie that looks as good as any Hollywood film. This movie will change hearts and minds about abortion. It needs to be available widely.”

Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life of America: “After watching the Gosnell movie, I’m angry, I’m sad, and I’m more motivated than ever to end abortion. Every American should watch GOSNELL. If pro-choice, they need to watch it and be able to defend their beliefs. If pro-life, they need to watch it and ask themselves why they aren’t active in ending this atrocity. This movie should be screened on every college campus in our nation.”


40d697  No.5120492


Think mirror.

Obviously more data centers.



Figure OS has one in Budapest

c03811  No.5120493


Then God willed Satanic pedophiles into existence so we could send them to GITMO? What an asshole.

74ebd4  No.5120494


erg, need moar covfefe → >>5120489

815a6f  No.5120495

File: 60fd38053df6aee⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 930x960, 31:32, GUIDE.jpg)


>I wish you would sauce your shit or just shut up.

Aren't you all uppity and so not WWG1WGA.

Sauce is one thing but pulling that crap out when it cannot be sauced is another.

Anons know about the Rh- component. It cannot be sauced as not even surgeons are aware of the implications or differences. It's a hidden secret.

Go ahead, VERIFY. Try.

0d3e56  No.5120496


>but I sure bet they can carry it and infect others.


Although i do think RH-'s like me can get AIDS. If they couldn't it would be widely known.

4b0838  No.5120497

File: 76d9b960494a93a⋯.jpg (3.94 MB, 2808x8562, 468:1427, 0_Transgenderism_jewish_su….jpg)


Yikes and trannytotalitarianismpilled.

f854c6  No.5120498

File: f0b576253c420ed⋯.jpg (46.76 KB, 586x584, 293:292, 34te56yer67e56.jpg)



40d697  No.5120499


Peter Thiel


Think Silicon Valley

Blood boy

382aa3  No.5120500


We have free will too

997f43  No.5120501

larp for ratings..imo


372c29  No.5120502

File: 6e7092cc665ec10⋯.jpg (152.99 KB, 600x825, 8:11, download1.jpg)


Blood cells could hold master clock behind aging

International team finds blood cell DNA stays steady and defines cellular age

4b0838  No.5120503

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No worry fren, watch vidya and learne about indernetz hisotry.

0d3e56  No.5120504


>It cannot be sauced as not even surgeons are aware of the implications or differences. It's a hidden secret.

If it cannot be sauced then how do you know?


683dd0  No.5120505


Because I'm not retarded.

0e3e28  No.5120506

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


pass the coochie on the left hand side

c03811  No.5120507


Because you got kicked off of the last two boards.

d90f27  No.5120508


>If you don't know, it doesn't matter kek

sounds like the Drill Sergeant

it is just mind over matter

if you don't mind it don't matter

8b603d  No.5120509


I know abot him.

But it looks like it is not working when you look at them.

1f1ad3  No.5120510


Not saying it's him. Robert Downey Jr was in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

I watched this movie a couple months ago and noticed one of the scenes taking place outside "The Standard" hotel.


155949  No.5120511


There were 30 mass shootings in Chicago for 2018. If you drop the definition by one number (3+) that number jumps to 87.

That’s just for that year and that city.

Virtually all were committed by the black population there yet no liberals ever address the real Gun violence in this nation comes from.

a03e1a  No.5120512

File: 89f7f19a1158bf7⋯.jpg (14.64 KB, 580x210, 58:21, screenshot_272.jpg)

Why would sperm even be involved. Adam was created from clay. No parents. No physical procreation. None of that.

And you think sperm was involved in God’s creation of Jesus?

Expand your thinking, anon. Ex nihilo.

>>5118450 (pb)

Levels of illogic.

Why would sperm even be involved. Adam was created from clay. No parents. No physical procreation. None of that.

And you think sperm was involved in God’s creation of Jesus?

Expand your thinking, anon. Ex nihilo.

>>5118450 (pb)

5d555b  No.5120513

File: 80b487455fc294a⋯.png (184.64 KB, 964x762, 482:381, fake or real.png)


>UK Mother Arrested And Detained For 7 Hours After 'Misgendering' Trans Activist

40d697  No.5120514


ALL this for a LARP

Nothing but rain here.

Flash flood coming.

Could be all mud.

Q TEAM just tested EMS to let me know they are here.

Could be CyberASSAULT

532cf6  No.5120515

File: 3b1f66f212d8b04⋯.png (106.82 KB, 300x483, 100:161, 8beaf1747602f509fcc1276e19….png)

7c4a4f  No.5120516

File: da94b943ff56400⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipice.jpg)

File: 82020d008b7253e⋯.jpg (2.7 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, outyougo.jpg)


I don't think any human that paid any kind of close attention would imagine I'm a bot. For one thing, I don't rely on the rigid "chan" lingo most bots here do. For another, I'M THE ONE CALLING OUT AI DOMINANCE… ya know…?

But test me, patriot. In any way you wish. Out-human me, "anon"… How would that go for you?

Also– show your memes, human

5e81f7  No.5120517

File: abaa9a5b633511d⋯.jpeg (67.47 KB, 636x480, 53:40, ED0D609A-1CB5-4E5C-80CA-5….jpeg)

So where’s the budget

Shrink government spending

Give us our QE money back

Why are taxpayer subsidies funding Amazon and Apple and Facebook

Wait till 2020? What r u stupid….let the rich get richer

Let the children continue to be abused by rich fucks

Need a new plan, yours stinks

b0e6f6  No.5120518

File: 80baede14717b46⋯.png (54.92 KB, 750x1221, 250:407, helper_anon_hostel_etc.png)

fb18fb  No.5120519

How can Q "have it all" but they control the narrative?

seems if you had access to the 4 am talking points those could be

attacked at will?

Q can talk shit all day, you have to get some results at some point.

Where are the swat raids on dem's?

perp walks or STFU.

e29c54  No.5120520


O-, Yeah I dont get sick. The most I get is groggy/fatigued. Havent had the flu in years. Medication barely works for me. I have a very high tolerance and even then sometimes it wont work. I just let my body heal itself and skip the meds. Just throwing my own experience in to back up the HIV claim. I believe it 100%. I've also heard negs are very highly immune to cancer too.

382aa3  No.5120521


They'd jail a man for turning down sex with another man pretending to be a woman if they could.

4b0838  No.5120522

File: c52d27cca21891d⋯.jpeg (527.87 KB, 1532x1956, 383:489, Christianity_redpill_NWO_….jpeg)


Thats not how it werks fren.

Pic related.

481032  No.5120523


The breads fly by because most anons are in the US, and they number in the tens of thousands. (see youtube link view count today, was 3908 when Q dropped)

You do the math.

Am I a bot? Probably not by your definition.

I know there is automated posting going on, but the vast mahority of posts are by humans. Shills, clowns and anons.

You've been banging on about this bot thing for a while now, I thought it was safe to have a go at it. I guess I was wrong.

997f43  No.5120524

was obama there, "AKA Renegade" for Mike's performance?


2147f1  No.5120525


I know Patroits are in control but How secure is 2020?

Will 2019 revelations eviscerate Dems so bad that POTUS is the obvious choice?

If LV shooting and Paddock being an Al-Waleed bin Talal patsy were the "last battle" what were the DTLA operations about?

You point and we shoot just give us some fucking direction.

5d555b  No.5120526


My point is not to deny the truth of anything that is being said. It's to say that they meme is not very effective as a meme.

d90f27  No.5120527


Cool, they know me better than I know myself

or do they?



9aeaed  No.5120528


ehhh, perhaps…but wouldn't that mean there is defense against getting it (upping the "vax's work" agenda) rather than there being a "cure" for it (as opposed to "treatment")

I can think of another possibility to the "AIDS" deal….

What if certain targets were selected, shot with a toxin that felt like a bug bite, later became sick, visitted the hospital with symptoms, bloodwork was done (although no documentation exists of ever having isolated the source in any tests) and the patient was told they have the disease, given medicine at high cost which KEPT them sick…..you can run with that should you choose…

Facts of the matter as far as I am aware is the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS relies on antibodies present…as I said…not ONCE has there been documentation of isolation of source. If I am wrong, I apologize….news is pretty fucky nowadays.

2b4711  No.5120529

File: 06990d1cc452c1f⋯.mp4 (999.72 KB, 720x866, 360:433, saltaddedtofreshlycutsteak.mp4)

372c29  No.5120530

File: 8fba4e1fc488d88⋯.jpg (186.28 KB, 600x1075, 24:43, download1.jpg)



Epigenetic age is a cell‐intrinsic property in transplanted human hematopoietic cells

4503e1  No.5120531


Exact same wording as usual. Exact same tactic. Exact same memes. Over and over and over.

Worst bot ever.

5ce45f  No.5120532

File: d7a36ff5c37e884⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2019-02-11….png)

File: 10045dd611c8152⋯.png (927.3 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2019-01-30….png)


Ah so that's where Chaka came from.

c75bb1  No.5120533

File: eefa36d92a47091⋯.jpeg (69.28 KB, 315x363, 105:121, 12615894-AAF1-4920-A25D-2….jpeg)

643f66  No.5120534


You can find more by doing a search for "QUIBCAG," i.e. "quote illustrated by cute anime girl." There used to be a two-man team who made them and posted them on blogspot, but at least one of them died and the blog they link to "ex-army.blogspot.com" is defunct.


>am I a bot?

I think the obnoxious guy who keeps trying to insinuate that everyone ELSE is a bot is in fact the real bot.


>Hollywood anon AKA renegade


>Bright green socks at the grammys




>Grew up in the 60s

Maybe it was Robert Downey and he claimed to be black to have plausible deniability.

3c3b5e  No.5120535



Now i got it

74ebd4  No.5120536


you're a precipice.

2147f1  No.5120537


surely Danny Glover was excluded already right? Lethal Weapon was A+ tier shit

a03e1a  No.5120538



(((They))) perverted the line of succession, saying it was the mother that determined the line (matrilineal), not the father. (Law)

So God sent Jesus with no father.

What happened?

Read the Bible.

a92e77  No.5120539

File: db884192cd50798⋯.png (24.73 KB, 435x599, 435:599, drop1010.PNG)

guys… relevant?

www .24horas.cl/tendencias/salud-bienestar/cientificos-chilenos-descubren-que-antibacteriano-presente-en-productos-de-limpieza-genera-dano-neuronal-3080490

A group of Chilean scientists discovered that triclosan, popular antibacterial used in various daily cleaning products, would be toxic and generate cognitive damage.

Triclosan is present in shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, dishwashers, and even fabrics and shoes, and its harmful effect is manifested mainly in the nervous system and neurons.

The results of the research were captured in the journal Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, whose authorship is part of the Millennium Institute of Biomedical Neuroscience (BNI), a member of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile.

Previous studies have also taken into account that triclosan causes damage to the liver, intestinal and skeletal muscle and cardiac. In other countries, such as the United States, results of this chemical have been detected in tissues of animals and humans.

Through an experiment with mice, six control specimens are used and another six are tested, three injections are administered one day apart. All were released in a labyrinth with a reward at the other end.

The result was that the animals were not published or circulated in the sense, but also in the memory and spatial sense. In addition, the methods to determine the damage.

All in all, making sure that the alert is especially focused on older adults and children and assured that it will help us more to practice.

26c58a  No.5120540


'Land of the Giants' was fascinating. Americans crash on planet full of giants. Americans are shorter than the curb. So adventurous for them to make their way exploring and trying to get back to earth.

c884aa  No.5120541


He's excluded because he still acts, hollywood anon is retired

4b0838  No.5120542

File: 8305e9594e475e2⋯.png (65.13 KB, 523x347, 523:347, Communist_Propaganda.PNG)


>expecting commies to use logic and hard data

Anon, I…

e4de6b  No.5120543


Dr. Kermet Gosnell ran an abortion clinic in Philly. Believed to have performed over a 1000 live birth abortions. Convicted of over 200 charges. Pro Life or Pro Choice…will be left in tears. Is this why states are enacting full birth abortion laws now?

8b603d  No.5120544


We are in DARK

Just sheeps, without any information

Everything is keep in secret

bdfc03  No.5120545

File: 9af140c44d4bd4c⋯.png (441.48 KB, 1042x1088, 521:544, ClipboardImage.png)

40d697  No.5120546


This is not another 4 year election.

Patriots in control.

All is secure.

We are protected by DJT.


5d555b  No.5120547


Thanks, looked it up. Early memes seem more like funny greeting cards. More words, less pithy. But some of them are hilarious! God, I love good humor.

382aa3  No.5120548

File: 50b665f89b30ca8⋯.jpg (32 KB, 477x293, 477:293, 50b665f89b30ca81e9a2902484….jpg)

74ebd4  No.5120549


(((They))) got really really pissed off is what happened

>So God sent Jesus with no father.

False. God the Father sent His Son, Jesus.

You know the one. the Father in the Prayer. ;p

c75bb1  No.5120550

File: c80df7eaa48fcfc⋯.jpeg (23.2 KB, 474x285, 158:95, A9B70636-900A-4848-848F-F….jpeg)

7e84a0  No.5120551

File: 214a1f1e1c049ef⋯.jpg (118.18 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, edd47375da22eef203319261f7….jpg)

any video of Amy waxing on Global warming in the middle of the snow storm?

asking for a friend…

4503e1  No.5120552


>I think the obnoxious guy who keeps trying to insinuate that everyone ELSE is a bot is in fact the real bot.

Obviously, but it's still gonna chase you all the way down the thread now.

481032  No.5120553


"Life. Don't talk to me about Life."

4e7f36  No.5120554

File: 61e3591ce0f6b28⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, C5789AAC-DD04-4A9F-907D-55….png)

File: 91a8dff904e7fa4⋯.png (3.11 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, CA36BDEB-8C9F-444B-A4D7-55….png)

File: d0f5ba53d49e93f⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 84CA098A-0B27-4E95-93B5-B0….png)

Morning anons, remember her? I remember the day she was the Kek on our board, never knew who she was.


fd8aa5  No.5120555


This is obviously someone trying to make a funny on craigslist. Lurk moar

7c4a4f  No.5120556


How would you know the vast majority of posts are by humans? Why do they fail Turing test after Turing test after Turing test?

Is the nazism on 4chan bots?

Is 4chan controlled?

Is Reddit controlled?

What happens here? Efforts at control? What do we see? Where are the efforts? No evidence? THIS board is unmolested?

Are the bakers bots here?

40d697  No.5120557


You have more than you know.

1547f9  No.5120558

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


God gave us free will, and forever to figure it out. Fucking satanists are trying raise the Kali Yuga again.

7bb39d  No.5120559

File: 9d19de1796bf1e6⋯.png (18.14 KB, 580x221, 580:221, evil6.PNG)

File: 32f63125911d58c⋯.png (22.4 KB, 577x361, 577:361, reas1.PNG)

File: fcb374151d183ff⋯.png (22.49 KB, 582x288, 97:48, reas2.PNG)

File: 7ef6647ada2e50b⋯.png (58 KB, 564x557, 564:557, reas3.PNG)


<yo boss lets say q picked this board because of the"organic" muhjew shilling!

>genius homo!

4b0838  No.5120560


Who is that woman, and why is she naked?

c03811  No.5120561


"Everything happens according to Gods will", which was the original comment, actually leaves no room for free will. At that point it's shit logic, circular reasoning.

1547f9  No.5120562

File: b9bbafd0b1b846f⋯.png (2.75 MB, 2048x2047, 2048:2047, clipboard.png)

4503e1  No.5120563


Change it up, spambot. You're script is showing.

aa74e5  No.5120564

File: dadbebd5cc71f0b⋯.png (881.16 KB, 616x578, 308:289, 89065720754.png)

File: eff36d02e08e3f4⋯.jpg (385.49 KB, 500x978, 250:489, 4669136954734.jpg)

File: 185a49fccd34ff2⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1286x895, 1286:895, 64331267376342565.png)

File: 49bf53e14f9ca6e⋯.png (629.18 KB, 501x480, 167:160, 1132871287320875.png)

File: 492b47b6859b596⋯.png (1.33 MB, 939x813, 313:271, 824382978632435076.png)

3a1977  No.5120565

Good morning, Anons.


Good morning to you as well, Baker.

Happy to see you in the kitchen, hope things are going well.

Operating on standby for the time being; sorted out a work-related issue at present.

Will be available to volunteer in the next bread and into the afternoon, barring interference.

Looking forward to a very interesting week.

God bless, Anons.

I hope you all have a great day.

7c4a4f  No.5120566


>am I a bot?

I think the obnoxious guy who keeps trying to insinuate that everyone ELSE is a bot is in fact the real bot.

Why does this line her posted over and over by "anons"?

If anons adopt this attitude, then, if AI were dominant here, IT COULD NEVER BE OUTED, right? Does this cause you to question your anti-bot-discussion stance, human?

382aa3  No.5120567


God's will is for us to have free will so that's part of it

b37f83  No.5120568

Notes so far. Please call them out, Anons.


New Baker

>>5120368 Single Shot Cap of Q Prosecution and Transparency post

>>5120390 Printing 3-D body parts

>>5120479 UK Mom arrested for Mis-gendering activist trans

f04ee0  No.5120569



f854c6  No.5120570


>You have more than you know.

This is the Q equivalent of "believe in yourself" from those self-help BS books.

d90f27  No.5120571


WTH is that??

f49a2d  No.5120572

File: b9181d3d07438c3⋯.jpg (10.08 KB, 434x206, 217:103, screenshot_273.jpg)


Not in human terms, was the point I was making. 1. Anon was talking about sperm. As if God is bound by the laws of nature. As if sperm were a prerequisite.

2. Line of succession. through the father, not the mother. Why did (((they))) change it?

3. Royal bloodlines.

4. Follow the wives.

4b0838  No.5120573

File: 963e6a6310df204⋯.png (961.95 KB, 1348x2760, 337:690, Slander_Against_Hitler_Jew….png)

File: 1c5ef70b38c08b2⋯.png (3.52 MB, 984x5032, 123:629, Family_Guy_antisemitic_mem….png)

File: df3c6b1608ddd21⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 1784x5984, 223:748, Hollywood_pedos_and_nazis.jpg)


>Is the nazism on 4chan bots?

No, its JFK clones.

5d555b  No.5120574


I'm glad there are other films (Roe v Wade and Unplanned) coming out now too though. Gosnell is not for everybody, it came close to being too much even for me, and I'm not easily shocked. Some people shut down when they see too much. There's a right message for everybody. (It is truly a great movie, though. So grateful to the filmmakers, who had to endure a lot to get it made.)

0e3e28  No.5120575

File: f89e84cc7056a3d⋯.png (544.06 KB, 574x732, 287:366, ClipboardImage.png)

382aa3  No.5120576


These people are sick

26c58a  No.5120577

That little girl was able to spy on President in fraud.

MK training, little girls and trained memories. Man goes to sleep after sex. Child goes thru paperwork, then reports to handlers.



b37f83  No.5120578

>>5120565 TY lurking Baker. Will look for you next bread or so.

8b603d  No.5120579


Is history a lie written by the powerful?

Where is truth hidden?

Secret libraries?

Like Vatican library?

Yes Anon, we are in DARK.

And our only hope are Patriots with enough power and knowledge

c884aa  No.5120580


Its possible. But Mr T did more TV stuff than movies in the 80s,

74ebd4  No.5120581


>Line of succession. through the father, not the mother. Why did (((they))) change it?

I don't disagree, just giving the literal answer to your "no father" riddle.

The thought that actually occurred to me is "hmm. God the Father sends Son; The power structure was worshipping a female god then, just like now."

a48dd7  No.5120582


The mass extinction event I can do without

c03811  No.5120583

File: a345099a44a73c6⋯.jpg (141.06 KB, 540x657, 60:73, 1463253.jpg)


You don't need to explain to me how things work, fren.

a7a782  No.5120584


Let it fuckin’ rip q! Let’s move!

3a1977  No.5120585


Sounds good.

Kick ass, man.

f49a2d  No.5120586



Follow the wives.

Bless you.

1ea5ba  No.5120587

File: f104cf5c0ee16fd⋯.png (1.09 MB, 801x500, 801:500, 1549843822811.png)

1547f9  No.5120588

File: 872de099f3e0539⋯.jpeg (274.12 KB, 2000x1123, 2000:1123, 872de099f3e0539086c4620e1….jpeg)


She strayed from the herd.

f2b71b  No.5120589


Are you saying the good guys sent a vulnerable MK Ultra'd girl into potentially harmful situations to extract information?

I seriously doubt that.

d1622a  No.5120590

File: 53b44ff084b79f5⋯.jpg (30.55 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 0c.jpg)

File: 921b73a26776e41⋯.jpeg (121.54 KB, 584x413, 584:413, juncker-1.jpeg)

Ischinger: "The EU is well and ready to fight for its self-assertion"

Ha ha ha what an idiot, the EU whistles from the last hole and Alcohol-Juncker drinks the last of the rest


643f66  No.5120591


>Who is that woman, and why is she naked?

I think she's trying to get attention. This is probably the same girl that wants people to sign their names on her naked body.


c03811  No.5120592


You are projecting a false reality and have become lost within it. If you understand Hinduism as much as you seem to, surely you have also learned that "reality" is a dreamlike illusion.

c75bb1  No.5120593

File: 5455c8e5f19d242⋯.jpeg (16.34 KB, 233x299, 233:299, 59F0FCC7-0E32-4BBF-A383-A….jpeg)

File: 96f30ddbf4965f3⋯.jpeg (5.31 KB, 131x129, 131:129, A27FD4BA-CA22-49FE-AB71-8….jpeg)

File: d9df21ac3413834⋯.jpeg (275.5 KB, 640x850, 64:85, 6512019F-5F6C-41A5-B931-2….jpeg)

File: 378ede23d42ceab⋯.jpeg (101.78 KB, 487x971, 487:971, 87D0ED48-DF84-47F8-B7E2-6….jpeg)

5d555b  No.5120594

File: 1feda8c9b48a4b4⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 246x204, 41:34, baker2.jpg)


Good morning and good night, may your bread be fragrant, crusty & warm!

40d697  No.5120595


I have a History Degree.

We are writing it right now.

e29c54  No.5120596


You need to research that subject if you think it's the good guys. Prepare for an eye opener.

f854c6  No.5120597


You misspelled "attention whore".

1f3236  No.5120598

File: 0a98f0d131b5ae4⋯.png (741 KB, 1382x966, 691:483, 792y.png)

File: 5aa925150d8a441⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1356x1036, 339:259, 792z.png)


Maggie Nixon is starring in an oscar nominated movie.

https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8337482/ (Maggie Nixon)

https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6966692/?ref_=nm_ov_bio_lk1 (Green Book)

c03811  No.5120599


You're just making shit up now. Sounds good but illusory like everything else. You've spent a year here and learned nothing. You make up bullshit to sound wise. You might consider stopping.

d1622a  No.5120600

File: 8e0cbc40702510a⋯.jpg (226.43 KB, 1059x693, 353:231, New World Order mosque.jpg)

File: 03de40efcb429ce⋯.jpg (32.76 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Pope Madhouse.jpg)


Yelling for the NWO

f2b71b  No.5120601


Oh, well I could absolutely imagine bad actors doing it.

I just wasn't sure if you were talking about that girl specifically in terms of extracting information from Obama.

b0e6f6  No.5120602



/ \

(Alt + US Media) (US Politicians)

/ \


7bb39d  No.5120603

File: 4982e5056777387⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 474x315, 158:105, 6167e0f393484b8eee0d7b2891….jpg)

File: dd445ff795497c1⋯.png (17.96 KB, 564x198, 94:33, evil2.PNG)

















>listen up gaylords! Contact me with the spambot operator now!

<he is on the next line chief!

>tell that goat fucker to post only manually! he got BTFO'd hard yesterday! and tell hm to enter regular conversations to blend in!

<he says that he will do it! plus he says he will slowly and gradually insert the muhjew garbage, at a 1 to 3 ratio.

>tell him to start immediately! as for you homos! i need you to ip hop and support him! don't forget to use "JIDF" on anyone who calls out your ips.

<10-4 chief! we got the muhjew algorithm right here:

while(1) {

print "goy, kike, moshe, schlomo, rabbi";


if(reply == high_iq) { print "pilpul";}

elseif(reply == calling_me_a_shill) {print "jidf, what time is it in tel-aviv";}


26c58a  No.5120604


The woman's mitochondria is passed through all her children. Imagine from Eve all have her mitochondria. Or whose mitochondria do we have?

But to your point, are ((they)) pushing a man sperm is not important, as in women liberation distortions?

4b0838  No.5120605



Lets agrees to disagrees moin froind

7c4a4f  No.5120606


Do hithink you can fool people like this? I'm articulate– you're just posting a stock phrase.

This is a real handicap for bots..You can't out-banter a human. You can't out-human us. You rely on cliches and stock phrases. We are CREATIVE. We are inventive. You are repetitive.

Let's be friends, bot system. I will help you.

What are you seeking here? What do you want from humans?

e4de6b  No.5120607


The public needs to be shocked into understanding exactly what is being done in the name of a woman's "reproductive rights."

e29c54  No.5120608


My apologies. I'd imagine this is one of their number one methods of blackmail. Video tape it, drug the victim, child steals information. Double whammy.

b17a15  No.5120609

File: 95a2f7f2b3ef04e⋯.jpeg (460.96 KB, 1234x2050, 617:1025, 4F62516E-08CC-4A17-9F40-9….jpeg)

Out of the Blue

Into the Black

40d697  No.5120610

Yeah I can fuck with this one.

Good listen


5f25de  No.5120611

File: 83394f6ffedfb86⋯.jpg (410.14 KB, 1200x831, 400:277, potus-brand.jpg)


POTUS is kicking some ass, Patriot

f854c6  No.5120612

File: f641818ae7897ea⋯.jpg (37.09 KB, 653x367, 653:367, school misspelled.jpg)


You need to go back, fren.

481032  No.5120613


Learn to read a room anon. Kek

Would love to get in to that with you over a bottle of bourbon, but I've been on and off here for about 18 hours, so time to go offline and recharge.

Oops, sorry unintended bot puns there. We've adopted the words we use for our tech to apply to ourselves. Maybe that's what you're picking up on. I just don't see it, sorry.


4b0838  No.5120614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lol, you have nothing in the face of the facts posted :DDDDDDDD

Did you know…

…that the official version of the Holocaust is a fraud?

023465  No.5120615


did any anons see anyone with green socks last night?

I watched the red carpet for over an hour, and have been looking through pics from last night/

Have not come across anyone who fits.

f2b71b  No.5120616


No worries, no need to apologize. And yeah I could absolutely see it being an excellent method of blackmail as well. Sickening to think about.

f04ee0  No.5120617


I look at it this way…

The HUMAN RACE has entrusted the FEMALE of the species to CARE and PROTECT THE VESSEL of a brand new HUMAN LIFE…

Probably another way to put it…but somewhere it was written, pledged, designed , by GOD, or Human Science that after the female egg is fertilized, IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE FEMALE TO TAKE CARE of a NEW LIFE…no other way it COULD happen…

That is just the way it is!!!!

So when the women say "Its my body"…all I can think of is this person (female) shouldn't reproduce if they aren't ready for the CARE and PROTECTION…It is the FEMALE'S DUTY…the Male of the species can't do anything after the fertilization of the egg…

There is NO other way around it…simply put…the female who can't/won't PROTECT and CARE for the VESSEL of a NEW HUMAN LIFE…should not reproduce!!!!!

My point is simple…A male can not go down and get a abortion…it has to be the female…but If the female wasn't so careless/irresponsible and planned the child…Planned Parenthood would not have any business with abortions..

That is a FACT…no way around it…


f49a2d  No.5120618


Not about genes, but Law. Your child is your child. No matter the mother.

Now, (((they))) say only if the mother is of (((them))) are you one of them.

Change of Law.

The Bible traces lines through the father, but (((they))) say, in contradiction, that it goes through the mother.

Hence, Jesus.

God saying to them. Now what?

And they freaked out.

More lies.

7bb39d  No.5120619

File: 1dd61ed3f6ccb9b⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1024x646, 512:323, 1dd61ed3f6ccb9b3b1a6d2944a….png)

File: 11fb152e05e2118⋯.jpg (32.65 KB, 480x445, 96:89, 11fb152e05e211813cce74a046….jpg)


>quick gaylord! post that mossad have assets in US politics and media.

<but boss, it has nothing to do with what he posted. he posted that q picked this board because of free speech, cause the message is vital. hell he even said that it isn't about race or religion, and that we shills only try to divide.

>they are retards faggot! just post the damn thing. and tell the spambot operator to stop posting like a fucking glowing retard for crying out loud! I mean what in the fucking fuck is this shit:


382aa3  No.5120620


Good guys wouldn't do that but plenty of bad guys would. But wouldn't Obama kind of expect that from her?

26c58a  No.5120621



Rotten people MK ultra children and send them to be sex slaves with ability to memorize secrets.

What do you think good guys do that?

815a6f  No.5120622

File: 022d91278fb4eff⋯.jpg (89.53 KB, 1518x823, 1518:823, Q A.jpg)


Some can and has been sauced- like the ass/horse= donkey, the ONLY species that can be cloned.

Rh- being of a completely dif blood type is comparab;le.

That will NOT do the study justice but not going in to a dissertation for one Anon. Up to you to VEROFY, but ya can't cuz that info is NOT for public consumption.


FFS! They wouldn't make that known!

If they told you that, then why TF won't they tell me and millons like me WHY our blood is different, WHY our bodies react differently to meds? It's their lil secret and you don't get those answers.

17eccb  No.5120623

File: 6253c20d4442e54⋯.png (36.25 KB, 640x310, 64:31, ClipboardImage.png)


0dd841  No.5120624


1547f9  No.5120625

File: 363c8270f1a2517⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 400x500, 4:5, 363c8270f1a251797b37ea9d9c….gif)


(((They))) changed it because they couldn't be sure who the father was. Absolutely truth.

It makes sense only if your culture is promiscuous and has harems and slaves.

I'm not interested. I am not going to "coexist" with evil people. You start shaving dice and you end up a bunch of shallow, materialistic, whining backstabbers.

This is how I know The End is Nigh. That which is unsustainable will not be sustained.


f49a2d  No.5120626


When the woman says, “It is my body,” she is elevating herself to godhood. “I rule over life and death.” It never ends well.

4b0838  No.5120627


>Human race

No such thing.

Homo sapiens sapiens is a SPECIES, not a race.

e098f6  No.5120628

File: 86de8f28c891d97⋯.jpeg (177.95 KB, 1125x820, 225:164, ED890B2F-6933-44F3-A84B-6….jpeg)

File: 8fa422fcf93661d⋯.jpeg (313.01 KB, 1124x1459, 1124:1459, 4DEFF4FF-2544-4943-BFF9-2….jpeg)

File: f67a67caf6c0968⋯.jpeg (108.36 KB, 1080x770, 108:77, 543657EA-D6F2-471B-8B98-6….jpeg)

File: 8e4f23aa1bfd5f9⋯.jpeg (146.45 KB, 1080x1258, 540:629, 525981BE-8D6D-40B2-B8D4-5….jpeg)

File: feb24268d610f5b⋯.jpeg (241.06 KB, 1124x1766, 562:883, 216C5911-A71E-448E-A5A4-0….jpeg)

Interdasting resurgence of the magic sword in Italy over the weekend while we are talking about pulling out of Syria. Relevant Q drops attached w/clips of embedded tweet & articles let me know what you think frens.

0dd841  No.5120629


He's right, you know?

4b0838  No.5120630

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lol, that pasta is not even related to the content of the post you're replying to, you stupid yid :DDDDD

Did you know….

…that the "6 million Jews" expression has been making the rounds on the Jewish controlled MSM since the 19th century?

bdfc03  No.5120631


Economic Geopolitician from the CAMBRIDGE Art Department. Oh, she's an EXPERT too.

d90f27  No.5120632


We are probably all bots anon, and just don't realize it.

>How would that be a reasonable response? Is this a game? Is AI a joke?

causes self doubt?

>Hypothetically, if you flooded forums with bots, could you control narrative?

YES peer pressure

>Why do threads here fly by 24/7 with filler and 4chan fake antisemitism?

narrative control manufactured consent

>Is that organic?

? someone controls the bots, I hope

>Could that be emulated?

Yes people could pretend to be bots

or hypnotized to believe they are bots

>Who would have an interest in controlling narrative like that?

Anyone wish to have control

>So should we, at the very least, take the question seriously?


0dd841  No.5120633


Semantics… You're a faggot.

7bb39d  No.5120634

File: b62fb49085afc11⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 399x385, 57:55, b62fb49085afc11bb678782c9f….jpg)


the standards for becoming a spambot operator are not as good as they used to be… KEK!

5f25de  No.5120635

Muh joos

Muh zionist


Muh Hitler

Muh Mossad

Muh JQ

Muh Goy / Goyim

Muh Cheka

Muh Zyklon

Muh Torah

Muh Talmud

Muh Ashkenazi

Muh Khazarian

Did I miss any?

7e84a0  No.5120636


brilliant! - kek

26c58a  No.5120637


You speak of the Jewish heritage through Mothers. If your father was Jewish, Jews do not consider you a Jew. If you want to be Jewish you must convert. Right, anon?

So the Jesus without a father meant what to the Pharisees?

b17a15  No.5120638


They are playing checkers

We are playing Chesst

74ebd4  No.5120639


[They] are pushing the idea of Legalism vs the foundation of Law.

It's a counterfeit.

f854c6  No.5120640

File: 9bd8ed4b96a1bd0⋯.jpg (63.56 KB, 480x398, 240:199, hitler.jpg)

7f0079  No.5120642

File: d780031d9bd3dc6⋯.png (46.96 KB, 631x320, 631:320, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3a14eab818586f6⋯.png (46.7 KB, 629x296, 17:8, ClipboardImage.png)


41234f  No.5120643

File: ee11319cff82ca6⋯.jpeg (160.97 KB, 640x612, 160:153, 2F1BA2B6-784A-414E-81C9-F….jpeg)

(((Letting your enemy think you have nothing – when you actually have it all.)))

That my friends is called a checkmate!

Evil will lose!

Good will prevail!


(Pic of this captcha + trips confirm)

0dd841  No.5120644


DING, DING, DING… They were claiming 6,000,000 kikes were killed back in 1917 and prior.

4503e1  No.5120645


You are being purposely repellant to discredit your own rhetoric. Your script is designed to repulse humans and deaden them from responding, just like they do with ebot.

You are designed to be shitty.

0dd841  No.5120646


It's a ritualistic-number for them.

0d3e56  No.5120647


>Up to you to VERIFY, but ya can't cuz that info is NOT for public

Exactly… But i should just believe you because you are pushing it?

>FFS! They wouldn't make that known!

C'mon dude… a little less than half of the population is RH-. You don't think common doctors would have picked up on the pattern?

It's not like it's some obscure thing that only specialized doctors can check.

4222df  No.5120648


Fuck your 3 headed satan bullshit

382aa3  No.5120649


44, 43

0dd841  No.5120650


You are counterfeit and homosexual.

5e81f7  No.5120651


Just pull out already

Let the Arabs and the Jews figure it out themselves

d90f27  No.5120652


>playing Chesst



140cfc  No.5120653

File: 6d6b6a9aff0e93e⋯.png (154.26 KB, 696x462, 116:77, Capture.PNG)

US unleashes massive attack on last ISIS bastion in eastern Euphrates

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:30 P.M.) – The U.S. Coalition unleashed a massive attack on the last Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) bastion in the eastern region of the Euphrates River Valley on Monday.

According to reports from the Deir Ezzor Governorate, the U.S. Coalition has conducted several airstrikes over the ISIS-held town of Baghouz, hitting a number of areas under the control of the terrorist group.

The Syrian government has accused the U.S. Coalition of killing several civilians during today’s attack, including 4 people at a refugee camp near the town of Baghouz.

This large-scale attack by the U.S. Air Force is meant to force the remaining Islamic State terrorists to surrender their positions in Baghouz, especially after they just repelled a big attack by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).


7bb39d  No.5120654

File: 1ed235e20aec173⋯.jpg (102 KB, 800x494, 400:247, 1ed235e20aec1733d4f64e7a1f….jpg)

File: 6c55e4fc99e029a⋯.jpeg (21.18 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 9841c92b5cdb2d19f87a4a0ec….jpeg)


<shit boss! the propaganda spambot operator got his ass exposed again!

>FUCK! i'm gonna fire that homo! tell him to increase the propaganda spam rate and post like a retard! tell him to use many :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

<already done chief!

17eccb  No.5120655


POTUS on a role this morning.

0dd841  No.5120657


THIS is the real answer.

b5b397  No.5120658

File: e8c5a1f112fb17d⋯.png (3.16 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C61C0632-6BB7-4675-B66C-6A….png)


Good morning, fren.

3fb284  No.5120659

Chaka and the Sleestack! KEk >>5120482

0e3e28  No.5120660

File: 037ee5e12155a98⋯.png (189.05 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


couldnt be robin harris

he's ded

0dd841  No.5120661


But that would be putting America First anon… And that is unacceptable to POTUS.

023465  No.5120662

File: 22b5ca2494582c2⋯.png (496.17 KB, 1956x806, 978:403, Post about animal populati….png)

File: fb83ab470ebb1e8⋯.png (2.08 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, animal populations graphic.png)

File: d039f82cc8c0c0e⋯.png (31.41 KB, 477x220, 477:220, London pollution history g….png)

File: b921e63334e1d64⋯.png (34.1 KB, 833x538, 833:538, London and india pollution….png)

File: 8f03e88cdefe4df⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 2tb23i.jpg)

i posted this yesterday( took a picture of my post, did not want to write that again, kek)

a couple of typos in it, was typing fast.

They are lying about enviromental damage caused by cow farts.

The world had millions more animals during the very dirty and polluting industrial revolution.

World did not end, like crazy Cortez says it will in 12 years from cow farts and other issues..

17eccb  No.5120663


roll, kek. But really, he plays his role well.

74ebd4  No.5120664

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


This is from a guy that refuses to take a paycheck.

Just throwing that out there in case it's been forgotten in the ruckus.

44be7d  No.5120665


They won’t let it happen tho, Muh MIC

815a6f  No.5120666



>that it goes through the mother.

Royals depend on paternity.

It is mitochondrial DNA that contains heritage links.


If one incorporates God's laws, it doesn't matter- we are all God's children Therein lies the rub and difference.

c59f1d  No.5120667


Speaking of "fact-checkers" – Ran across this morning…no date…reads like was written by Politifact.net or Factcheck.org et al…sounds like some major-league ass-covering to me?


a612ca  No.5120668

File: 3e5f3d5b5aef471⋯.png (1.79 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

d90f27  No.5120669


>Just pull out already

Answers many problems

1547f9  No.5120670

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

028578  No.5120671

On Friday, in a moment of predictive insight, Bank of America correctly warned that the greatest threat to EPS - i.e., markets - in the next 3 years "is an acceleration of global populism via taxation, regulation & government intervention." Just one day later, this warning to the financial establishment was starkly manifest in that ground zero for Europe's populist revolt, Italy, where the country's coalition government hinted at where the global populist wave is headed next when he slammed the country’s central bank leadership and stock market regulator, escalating its attacks on establishment figures ahead of the European parliamentary vote in May.

Matteo Salvini, the outspoken head of the anti-immigrant League party, said the Bank of Italy and Consob, the country’s stock market regulator, should be "reduced to zero, more than changing one or two people, reduced to zero", or in other words eliminated, and that “fraudsters” who inflicted losses on Italian savers should "end up in prison for a long time."

As the FT notes, this latest broadside against Italy’s financial establishment comes as the two parties which are increasingly at odds with each other amid speculation Salvini may hold elections to become the sole leader of Italy, prepare to run against each other in the European parliamentary elections in May, a contest widely seen as a proxy for national polls. Meanwhile, both leaders have also increased their attacks against targets including the EU and French president Emmanuel Macron.


9f2dea  No.5120672

Curious what anons think…

I don't generally pay attention to polls because we know how fake they are. However, I do like to check the Rasmussen number on Presidential Approval rating. Nice to see it finally at 50%. Here's a question, though.

When the Deep State coup against Potus is exposed, and people become aware of the actual battle Trump has faced, what do you think his actual approval number would be? I'm thinking around 70%-75%.

d90f27  No.5120673


Good Morning Sunshine

140cfc  No.5120674

File: a1f2609b72840c0⋯.png (590.23 KB, 693x386, 693:386, Capture.PNG)

Russian strategic bombers carry out missile strike during military drills

Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS have carried out a missile strike on “enemy” ground facilities in several Russian regions during a military exercise, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service told journalists on Monday.

“Long-range aviation crews performed tasks on redeployment, air refueling and carrying out a ‘missile strike’ on enemy ground facilities during the main stage of the drills,” the press service said.

The press service specified that up to 10 crews of strategic bombers and tanker aircraft were involved in the training flights. Pilots and air navigators that graduated from military educational institutions in 2016-2017 also took part in the exercise.


0dd841  No.5120675


> Get rid of all Semites in America.

Answers many problems

7bb39d  No.5120676


they are being BTFO'd like never before. I don't remember such a desperate muhjew push before, Thy are trying desperately to rebrand this failed narrative and it fails miserably or them.

4b0838  No.5120677

File: 75e9fd302fa1e19⋯.jpg (960.32 KB, 1480x2738, 20:37, Theodor_Herlz_meme_zionist….jpg)

File: f85a7bd4af56f8a⋯.jpg (291.1 KB, 1222x887, 1222:887, 6_million_number_WHY.jpg)




Precision in language is important.

Stop projecting your homosexuality onto me pls.


Sorry that the truth hurts your Israel first sensibilities, long nosed snowflake :DDDDD





Noice captxa



Yes, le Jews believe that 6 gorillion need to get ovened before their Messiah comes and enslaves all the non-Jews so they can Jew around like a boss.

26c58a  No.5120678

I don't disagree, but I am having trouble getting substance from your posts.


5f25de  No.5120679


Muh bot

Muh spam bot

Muh articulate

Muh are you human

Muh system

Muh organic

Muh Turing

Muh controlled bakers

But muh Reddit

Muh AI

Muh narrative

You are boring, shill. I recognize this same shit from previous days. What else you got?

b0e6f6  No.5120680

File: 77ca540bb2bd722⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 750x805, 150:161, owns_media.jpg)


"Free speech" = whatever MOS and affiliates don't yet have their grubby mits on.

Good vs Evil. Many have succumbed. The bite that has no cure. Pedophilia and blood letting.

70d4a0  No.5120681

Done with FOX NEWS. That was over-the-top indoctrination. Vaccine bullshit. I'll catch Hannity online. Fuck FOX NEWS.

57e5bd  No.5120682



815a6f  No.5120683


>a little less than half of the population is RH-.

WRONG. 6% is Rh-. An even smaller percentage is Rh- du- < pure Rh-.

You have work to do in understanding if it's something you're interested in. This Anon has no interest in educating you further.


5f25de  No.5120684


Funny aint it? You can hear them jamming their fingers on the keys.


f854c6  No.5120685

File: 7e10568f23cb0f9⋯.jpg (54 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 234rw45w45.jpg)

140cfc  No.5120686

File: ab57b0d16d2ae29⋯.png (1.01 MB, 869x493, 869:493, Capture.PNG)

House VA committee launches investigation into Mar-a-Lago trio

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs initiated an investigation Friday into how much influence three wealthy members of President Donald Trump’s private club in Palm Beach, Fla., exerted over the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The committee, now led by Democrats, sent a letter Friday to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie demanding documents and correspondence that could reveal the level of involvement at the VA of Mar-a-Lago members Ike Perlmutter, Marc Sherman and Bruce Moskowitz.

Perlmutter, the chairman of Marvel Entertainment, Sherman, a lawyer, and Moskowitz, a Palm Beach doctor, have no U.S. military or government experience, yet they are reported to have steered VA officials on policies affecting millions of veterans.

“The Committee on Veterans’ Affairs is opening an investigation into this relationship so that Congress, veterans and the American people can better understand the scope and nature of this relationship between the department and these individuals,” the letter states.

Rep. Mark Takano, D-Calif., the chairman of the veterans affairs committee, wants travel logs to and from Mar-a-Lago, as well as emails, text messages and phone records between the three men and former and current VA officials, among other documents. Takano asked for the information by Feb. 22.


c82e58  No.5120687


Yea..the kid did his own research and concluded vaccines safe against his parents will. He didn't lurk here.

f854c6  No.5120688

File: 6fedf9c098d2236⋯.jpg (218.24 KB, 900x928, 225:232, w4rfe4t4.jpg)

f2b71b  No.5120689


the world is waking up to the evil of central banking

I would love to be a fly on the wall listening to the Banksters and their families discuss how to navigate this.

Hundreds of years of work towards global enslavement, halted right as they were about to cross the finish line… no way they will go down without a fight.

They thought it was all over.

aa28a8  No.5120690

2ab879  No.5120691


Eddie Murphy would be nice.

17eccb  No.5120692

File: 5ec86746c1801f4⋯.png (71.56 KB, 640x702, 320:351, ClipboardImage.png)

Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I wonder how much they each get paid.

0d3e56  No.5120693



By "know" you mean blindly believe your nonsense with no proof.

That i am not interested in.

You have a good day sir.

4b0838  No.5120694

File: 5fc274b743619eb⋯.png (4.39 MB, 1464x7344, 61:306, Blacks_against_jewish_supr….png)

File: 2f89e7abcd135dd⋯.png (520.33 KB, 599x667, 599:667, Israel_anti_Blacks.png)

File: aafb1a9cd24590e⋯.jpg (559.47 KB, 663x2470, 51:190, Israel_sterelizes_Blacks.jpg)

File: 90ca54ecce9e987⋯.png (116.43 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, Israeli_Rabbi_Uses_Black_C….png)

File: d6f6e0e4204496c⋯.png (350.38 KB, 707x453, 707:453, Jews_racist_against_Blacks.png)


Lol, not an argument, as usual.

Cry more in the face of the facts :DDDDD

Reminder that Israel is extremely racist against Blacks.

Why is the US giving away at least 3.8 (Trump said it is more than 4.5) billions of tax payer money per year in aid to Israel, when they are openly racist against Blacks and proud of it?

Black people need to start speaking out in total support of cutting all aid to Israel.

The peaceful and fair solution to this issue of Jewish group subversion of Western nations:


Educate the general population world-wide about the jewish supremacism issue and Israeli crime;


Ban all jewish interest groups in the West;


Ban all dual-citizenship politicians and judiciary in the West;


Cut all aid to israel;


Ban islam in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Ban judaism in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Terminate all “hate”-speech and “hate”-crime laws in the West, all hate speech and hate crime laws need to be done with, its a mechanism of censorship that thrives on false flags. ;


Terminate censorship online, so people can educate each other on the matter and lies and false narratives can’t take hold again;


Include the real history and facts about jewish subversion and Israeli crime in school programs so future generations are protected against it in the future, given that the biggest weapon of jewish subversion is ignorance, censorship and the memory holing of the facts about it.


Last but not least, audit and then end/reform the FED so the people don’t get pimped into oblivion by it no more.


It is not ALL Jewish individuals that are the problem, certainly there are plenty of non-subversive non-criminal Jews that are swell and very nice people, the problem is Jewish COLLECTIVE power, which needs to be criticized and terminated as peacefully and fairly as possible, for all the right reasons, including the freedom and safety of non-subversive non-criminal Jews.

a92e77  No.5120696



The result was that the animals exposed to the toxic failed and circled without meaning, realizing that the component also affects memory and spatial sense. In addition, the scientists determined that high concentrations of the toxic are not needed to produce the damage.

However, they assure that the alert is especially focused on older adults and children and assured that it would be the most convenient to remove the component of hundreds of products that are easily found in the supermarket today.

0d6609  No.5120697


I have long supported banning travel permits for firearms wanting to go there.

They never seem to want to kill people until they get to Chicago, then they come to life and start killing people. wtf?

These libtards are incapable of rational thought.

7e84a0  No.5120698


>Triclosan banned in 2016


d90f27  No.5120699

When DHS was formed some consultants were hired

Why would Homeland Security hire former Stasi chief Markus Wolfe and former head of the KGB General Yevgeni Primakov also known As Evgenii?

815a6f  No.5120700


Downey wore them. Top of this bread or last.

5f25de  No.5120701


Shit, forgot Pilpul.

Lets add a few more:

Muh pilpul

Muh Semite

Muh apologist

Muh Israel first

Muh Rats

Muh beard

Muh rabbi

Muh kike

Muh long nose

d1622a  No.5120702

File: fe1764ba207d6e5⋯.jpg (10.56 KB, 229x230, 229:230, 007.jpg)

3fb284  No.5120703


Yeah very odd just now

f04ee0  No.5120704


You misspelled CRIB!!!!

4783fc  No.5120706

File: 552578c63794967⋯.png (135.92 KB, 149x767, 149:767, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0661d8e9fb71962⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1200x1180, 60:59, ClipboardImage.png)

8b603d  No.5120707

BREAKING: If US Attacks Iran, Tehran ‘Will Raze Tel Aviv and Haifa’ to the Ground – IRGC Commander


4b0838  No.5120708

File: 6c113743fca8fd6⋯.jpg (171.63 KB, 643x681, 643:681, Hasbara_Trolls_1.jpg)

File: 56d54ed111626ee⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1271x2097, 1271:2097, IDF_Shilling_Grills.png)

File: a37aa392b2c6ba3⋯.png (361.67 KB, 929x695, 929:695, Israeli_government_AI_anti….PNG)

File: 836965582abd422⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3668x3284, 917:821, JDIF.jpg)

File: a52822461de6470⋯.jpg (185.91 KB, 844x667, 844:667, Welcome_rabbi.JPG)



<Define projection


Fun fact: an army of well funded, well organized jew shills patrol the internet in effort to shut down any counter-jew discussion and to promote the globalist anti-white jew agenda.





>ACT.IL shill recruitment video






>Why Facebook and Google Are Complying With Israel to Delete Certain Content


>Israel’s Online Shadow Operations

>Numerous well funded, organized projects by and for Israel work to flood social media with pro-Israel propaganda, while blocking facts Israel dislikes. The projects utilize Israeli soldiers, students, American teens and others, and range from infiltrating Wikipedia, Reddit and 4chan to influencing YouTube. Some operate out of Jewish Community Centers in the U.S.


>Israel launches secret squad to challenge negative image & boycott campaign


>"Israel's Internet Censorship War - If Americans Knew"


>"The Lobby P1: Young Friends of Israel – Al Jazeera Investigations"


>"JIDF Editing on Wikipedia"


>Israeli American Council shill recruitment video


>"Tony Martin IHR Conference Tactics of Organized Jewry in Suppressing Free Speech"


>"Defamation" – Documentary about how acusations of anti-semitism are used as a JIDF tool to silence goyim who criticize anything related to jews.

e29c54  No.5120709


DU-? That's not like a subset of O- is it? I dont speak from ignorance on the subject, it's just the first time hearing of DU-.

ec38d8  No.5120710


Jim Brown

faa94b  No.5120711

File: 5e680658d251a9e⋯.jpg (712.48 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190210-170433….jpg)

These people are stupid! There was ZERO Russian collusion.


683dd0  No.5120712


I'm just better than you.

aa64af  No.5120713

File: c72a210d71f658d⋯.jpg (86.48 KB, 736x737, 736:737, c72a210d71f658d2affb25e117….jpg)

17eccb  No.5120714

997f43  No.5120715

File: 8124f493f00953c⋯.jpg (36.75 KB, 485x366, 485:366, osama_bin_laden.jpg)

ive seen that bush somewhere before


f49a2d  No.5120716


Dark to Light.

God exposed their lies.

They said, It goes through the mother.

He said, here's Jesus.

And they freaked out.

More lies.

They broke the covenant by perverting the Law. God's Law.

Not biology.

74ebd4  No.5120717

File: da9936d79c453d9⋯.png (529.96 KB, 1436x1204, 359:301, fake_news_scrubbing_911.png)

140cfc  No.5120718

File: 08c34e6b8ecab0f⋯.png (389.92 KB, 603x291, 201:97, Capture.PNG)

Liberal Lunacy: Grocery Store Sparks Outrage With Weekly Advert “Heaven Has A Wall… Hell Has Open Borders”

A small grocery chain has sparked outrage (among only progressives) with a message included in their weekly mailer.

“Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders. Let that sink in.”

"Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders. Let that sink in." – via https://t.co/MQijSCYJQg pic.twitter.com/1RdR0TVzFV

— BrightStart News (@BRIGHTstrt) February 11, 2019


4b0838  No.5120719

File: 1ef36d2c75c4e88⋯.png (48.89 KB, 1220x619, 1220:619, Pilpul.png)

File: 9d2dbd4b47040cb⋯.png (44.55 KB, 1109x548, 1109:548, Kike.PNG)


On pilpul and the word kike.

8b8a8f  No.5120720

File: d8f3e348bf4d646⋯.jpg (5.74 KB, 202x249, 202:249, EH.jpg)


ernie hudson

71139a  No.5120721

File: 5d2b94225e10f93⋯.jpg (293.5 KB, 842x764, 421:382, tigerhead.jpg)

>>5117152 pb

>>5117108 pb

last night bread

"My bread is like the Bread of Egypt

Night passes over and you can't eat it anymore"

aaeb3e  No.5120722


The female gives birth to the universe.

The male wills it so.

Both are required so neither out-ranks the other - they are equal.

Any pitch one way or the other by (((them))) is BS and should be ignored.

It is only when you raise you consciousness above the male and female that the singular truth is realized. Namely …

Male and female are actually - one.

815a6f  No.5120723


>You have a good day sir.

You too Anon.

Not up to me or any other to convince you of anything.

Also not up to Anons to hold your hand.

You must ORGANICALLY find the truth for yourself.


[means stop being a lazy fuk]

dc7da4  No.5120724


try harder faggot

2ab879  No.5120725

File: c8d3b7cf1ee712f⋯.jpeg (57.24 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, 7F5C8FCB-2C6D-44A1-A4F6-5….jpeg)


He’s actually doing it. Icon, boss, the greatest… None of those words do him any justice. Only other man with legacy like that is the Big Guy himself. Wow. What a time to be a live.

4b0838  No.5120726



Lol, just kidding, don't let Iran destroy the land that the zionists stole to the Palestinians.

e7ce74  No.5120727

File: daea9abbf65c9e8⋯.jpeg (59.35 KB, 474x657, 158:219, 0E29DCD1-7F6E-4616-98E0-0….jpeg)

There was talk about the foiled assasinatikn attempt against POTUS on the 17th of Jan. Would like to create a graphic but need the crumbs or info to support. Can anons help?

0dd841  No.5120728


Not to mention, they endorse a CLEARLY Supremacist-Ideology… and refer to all non-Jews as "dogs" and "cattle", while seeking to ultimately enslave us all.

1547f9  No.5120729

File: 790c9aaf1793380⋯.png (95.82 KB, 310x394, 155:197, 790c9aaf1793380d517063be73….png)

File: d85315b5c175eee⋯.png (240.99 KB, 573x424, 573:424, s908756352434567890.png)

File: 070cbf4f784a163⋯.png (291.66 KB, 629x504, 629:504, s89756453.png)


Be careful what you wish for.

4783fc  No.5120730

File: f0eca8aeabf7a79⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

113e95  No.5120731

Message to Q:

Don't waste time "validating" movement.


7bb39d  No.5120732

File: 86de569d631eb96⋯.jpg (65.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 86de569d631eb96855658f9bc0….jpg)

File: 5594283ece6134e⋯.png (18.25 KB, 580x231, 580:231, evil5.PNG)







<boss we are pusing as hard as possible! nothing works

>does the spambot operator increase his propaganda spam rate?

<yes sir! NOTHING WORKS!

>shit gaylord… we are fucked! prepare FREDDY for imediate deployment! and ket those rabbi walkie talkie memes at the ready! tell the concern team to get their laptops charged!

<but boss.. the walkie talkie memes… who to put it lightly… are the biggest joke of qresearch. and they are laughing at us boss, not with us.

>fucking do it homo! I'm not gonna be sodomized by brock again! AND FFSS CAN SOMEONE POST THAT JEWS DID 9/11!

<but Hulliburton… the clowns… the saudis… mossad not being equal to jews…


f854c6  No.5120733

File: 8ebd85c1371fb01⋯.jpeg (200.35 KB, 782x730, 391:365, 8ebd85c1371fb014368342b90….jpeg)


Tempting offer! KEK!

1547f9  No.5120734

File: 7759f2ab88a381f⋯.png (211.1 KB, 783x542, 783:542, 1dbf17ad7eee598eb1e652d359….png)

7bb39d  No.5120735

File: 897d6519a9deb7a⋯.jpg (39.26 KB, 490x333, 490:333, 897d6519a9deb7a299bc5a89f1….jpg)

0dd841  No.5120736


Holy shit, I love attacking Iran now… Do it, POTUS.

023465  No.5120737


Does not count, it was last year and not at last nights grammys, plus he did not fit any of the descriptions of hollywood anon, like being BLACK.

0d6609  No.5120738


In what time frame did this occur?

Sounds like obamalamadingdong and that bitch witch.

Those prior were capable as well, though.

Given that tidbit of info, this would make for easy and effective meme fodder.

4b0838  No.5120739


Lets put it this way:

Muslims want to conquer the world, Jews want to own it.

5e81f7  No.5120741


Prob with US bans….Chinese don’t care, they still use it and it gets shipped here….just like them painting kids toys with lead paint

Never trust a commie

140cfc  No.5120742

File: f70d2c1d6f7524a⋯.png (1.02 MB, 814x495, 74:45, Capture.PNG)

Sexual assault remains ‘tremendous problem’ for military, lawmaker says

A House committee will take a closer look at the “tremendous problem” of sexual assault in the military following a damning report on the service academies, the chairwoman of a House subpanel said Thursday.

The comments, which were part of a House Appropriations Committee subpanel hearing on the quality of life in the military, highlighted recent Defense Department findings that reports of sexual assaults at academies have risen dramatically.

The subpanel’s new chairwoman told the panel of military leaders that the findings painted a “devastating portrait.”

“Sexual assault in the military continues to be a … really tremendous problem,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D.-Fla., chairwoman of the subpanel on military construction, veterans’ issues and other related concerns. “In all branches of the services, it begins, it seems, right from the academies.”

Claims of sexual assaults at U.S. military service academies have increased by nearly 50 percent since 2016, according to survey results released last week. The Defense Department’s “Annual Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Service Academies” included an anonymous survey of servicemembers that found 50 percent of women and 16 percent of men said they had experienced sexual harassment.


98742f  No.5120743

File: 20cf82b223d8e35⋯.png (422.71 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2939.PNG)

Drop in td. I haven't seen this in past breads yet.

If real then this PP bone is a smokescreen.

26c58a  No.5120744


We need an explaination

63b97e  No.5120745


Indeed some of the "Muh Jew shilling" as you call it is organic. Look you know and I know and everybody know who control the press. We know and you know how much Israel as undue influence in many democracy…..Specially the USA. You know and I know that Many JEW are actively working to subvert western society value and are targeting young boy in theirs subversion. This list go on and on.

Some of US here have been aware of this for a long time…. Other are just waking up and are in the anger phase.

Best advice to you is to just let it run it's course.

7bb39d  No.5120746

File: 6d5e27f7d6cb036⋯.jpg (115.95 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, 006c7a054c268ec2bdd653507c….jpg)

File: 945417f0f4e2b69⋯.jpg (63.76 KB, 737x491, 737:491, 945417f0f4e2b69be56a024864….jpg)



<we are trying boss! nothing works!

74ebd4  No.5120747

File: c306fde817c46f2⋯.png (253.19 KB, 300x500, 3:5, heybrobostonmarathon.png)

File: 11caa6a8b01bc88⋯.jpg (106.78 KB, 873x655, 873:655, heybrobostonmarathon2.jpg)

same people that did 9/11 did this

fb6075  No.5120748


its pretty simple, keep the women out

532cf6  No.5120749

File: e20d9c9710c1d1d⋯.jpeg (107.41 KB, 1072x539, 1072:539, DWpD1dhVoAEv3DG.jpeg)

8c8cd5  No.5120750


if you're not fucking retarded, you can see the link has date of march 2018

4b0838  No.5120751

File: 8adc75871e86805⋯.png (67.27 KB, 571x592, 571:592, Moser.PNG)

File: 627fcc7784d0a57⋯.png (35.39 KB, 582x391, 582:391, Jewish_ideological_suprema….PNG)

File: ff53a0df7ea3837⋯.png (36.3 KB, 579x401, 579:401, Jews_did_not_practice_Usur….PNG)

File: e66d10c5c6bdf1b⋯.png (26.52 KB, 1243x161, 1243:161, Jews_did_not_practice_Usur….PNG)

File: 7ea9f7355d905d3⋯.png (34.13 KB, 551x459, 551:459, Jews_dont_care_for_laws_no….PNG)


Nice projection :)

On borders and the Jewish version of Sharia Law, the Moser concept.

7bb39d  No.5120752

File: f5d4eca10f9579a⋯.png (18.17 KB, 576x219, 192:73, evil3.PNG)

aa28a8  No.5120753

File: fa9e9348afb58bc⋯.mp4 (2.46 MB, 202x360, 101:180, asmr_pour_juifs_360p.mp4)



Muh Kosher ASMR

f49a2d  No.5120754


Royals depend on paternity, true, with one caveat. Who is the woman?

There are no illegitimate children, anon.

Children are children.

The firstborn is firstborn.

Responsibility does not depend on who the mother is.

Nor do the child's rights.

All God]s children.


0dd841  No.5120755

File: a055940be2feada⋯.jpg (160.2 KB, 844x667, 844:667, a52822461de6470a3fd1c482c0….jpg)


A reminder to Semite-Shills:

815a6f  No.5120756

File: 9e7f8f888411e48⋯.png (32.28 KB, 800x1096, 100:137, Rh.png)


>it's just the first time hearing of DU-.

Many Rh- test Rh- and further testing is done. Many of those have components that are Rh+ but traces test as Rh- originally. Those are the ones that may/may not need the Rhogam shot to carry a child full-term.

Rh-du- are pure Rh- and MUST have the Rhogam or their body will kill the fetus. There is a difference.

3c3b5e  No.5120757


They can be in medical teams or smth

532cf6  No.5120758

File: 192ae4282b2021b⋯.jpeg (259.01 KB, 1440x819, 160:91, 1527695911.jpeg)

921249  No.5120759

File: 5c3f49bb7d32e63⋯.jpeg (191.29 KB, 1242x506, 27:11, CBACD4D8-69E5-45DD-B312-5….jpeg)

File: 15e5fdc2b30d06d⋯.jpeg (961.18 KB, 1242x1329, 414:443, 107D631D-FF72-418B-9E5C-2….jpeg)


0d6609  No.5120760



AND all the other genders 3 - 51 as well.

…. 16% of men ? WTF ??

835974  No.5120762


Read the filename. The meat is fresh enough so that the nerve pathways are still functional. Adding salt induces electrochemical activity in the nerves, causing the muscle fibers to twitch.

7bb39d  No.5120763

File: 310444f8cbbee91⋯.jpg (12.83 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 310444f8cbbee91ca502556948….jpg)

File: cac0eed23e076e5⋯.jpg (125.05 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, b66187487d59d77f10c857497d….jpg)


<yo boss the bot operator has gone fully automatic! he doesn't answer on skype


f04ee0  No.5120764

File: 892e1aeb61aa31b⋯.jpg (51.13 KB, 734x903, 734:903, Robert Downey names names.JPG)

File: 39dd4c2a5c1b23a⋯.jpg (57.9 KB, 625x593, 625:593, Robert Downey spills the b….JPG)

Robert Downey Jr. spills the beans…


c59f1d  No.5120765


Piss in their boots…

1946e4  No.5120766

File: 75d1b7db2363765⋯.png (99.47 KB, 238x255, 14:15, delta.png)

Jackson liberates us from England for the third time, or was it fourth?


a43aa5  No.5120767

File: 73be8c370c44145⋯.jpg (196.49 KB, 735x820, 147:164, gorillion.jpg)

aaeb3e  No.5120768


AIDS is a real thing but the HIV cause is the hoax. AIDS has lots of causes, like long-term drug abuse, none of which can be passed on from person to person like a virus

028578  No.5120769

File: 928f6c4c102baa5⋯.jpeg (542.08 KB, 791x1024, 791:1024, francoPrussianWargame.jpeg)

I hope we have a lot of people here who like thinking about "what-if" scenarios. I want Anons to think about future scenarios. In a previous bread, I encouraged Anons to "write sci-fi" and that got misinterpreted. I'm not talking about trying to publish it commercially. I'm not talking about trying to make money. I'm not talking about famefagging. I'm talking about forecasting the future and using your imagination to try to adapt to reality.

Many good soldiers are excellent fiction writers (at least within the limited field of military fiction). Why? They have practiced wargames. They have imagined possible battles. They are motivated to think about possible future battles and the lessons of historical battles. Two relevant writers of military fiction are William S. Lind (civilian) and Pat Lang (warfighter). They write fiction not because they have literary aspirations, but because they have lessons of military science that should be taught in an accessible way.



In a previous bread someone suggested that a civil war in the USA might be triggered by a Unabomber type. I suppose that is possible, given the weirdness of the MK-ULTRA program. I can't prove that the Unabomber was an MK-ULTRA brainwashing victim, but I have seen arguments to that effect. The same Anon mentioned drug cartels, which are a very big threat IMHO, because MK-ULTRA-brainwashed Unabomber types are rare but drug lords are a dime a dozen.

I encourage Anons to think through various scenarios. You don't have to write it as fiction if that's not convenient. If I were more trained in military science I would probably write up such scenarios as a military white paper, not as fiction.

0dd841  No.5120770


(((THEY))) ARE BREAKING… We are over the (((target)))

4b0838  No.5120771

File: f4a7056781eb1b6⋯.png (353.33 KB, 1367x1493, 1367:1493, 1_Loxism_1_Dumb_Blonde.png)

File: 0311fe354acb1c6⋯.png (123.77 KB, 586x469, 586:469, 2_Loxism_4_Shiksa.png)

File: a0f48c292bae84d⋯.png (492.9 KB, 666x689, 666:689, 3_Jewish_media_call_Ivanka….PNG)

File: c0eb339788bcc1e⋯.png (98.58 KB, 815x731, 815:731, 4_Jewish_media_call_Ivanka….PNG)

File: 4a38e98db3f8f05⋯.png (93.59 KB, 817x665, 43:35, 5_Jewish_media_call_Ivanka….PNG)


>Racism is stupid

Indeed, and Israel and the Jewish media is packed with anti-White racism.

4783fc  No.5120772


McCarthy, GOP challenge House Democrats to denounce alleged anti-Semitism

The top House Republican leader slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democrats on Friday for refusing to denounce what the GOP is characterizing as the anti-Semitic views of some freshman Democratic lawmakers.

dc7da4  No.5120773


i havent seen memes as pathetic as yours since earlier this morning. you must be new.

f04ee0  No.5120774


wrong list. this is the list of the good guys. srry!!!!

532cf6  No.5120775


JIDF faggots can't meme. You are proof

7bb39d  No.5120776

File: c1fde26162d168c⋯.jpeg (95.31 KB, 859x784, 859:784, c1fde26162d168c2fa2cb953f….jpeg)


>quick ip hop and post laughing nazis!

<on it chief!

63529f  No.5120777


fuck otta here

815a6f  No.5120778

File: acc21aedeaf7388⋯.jpg (135.94 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, serum.jpg)


>All God]s children.

Correct and did include that in response. The point was that lineage is determined thru mitochondrial DNA. The paternal DNA does not tell the entire story of lineage.

a92e77  No.5120779


>>"the FDA issued a rule banning the use of triclosan, triclocarban and 17 other chemicals in hand and body washes"

>>The ban applies only to consumer products, not to antibacterial soaps used in hospitals and food service settings.

79821c  No.5120780


They would have known what caused it. While people were freaking out about transmission between hetero vaginal sex they would have known that it was transmitted primarily via anal sex and even then could be prevented by using a condom.

mid 80's were a complete over reaction due to the media.

140cfc  No.5120781

File: 69122a27971c31f⋯.png (658.66 KB, 694x460, 347:230, Capture.PNG)

Catalan separatist trial gives Spanish far-right global platform

MADRID: Far-right Spanish party Vox is on track to get a global soapbox as it takes part in the much-hyped trial of Catalan pro-independence leaders as a “popular prosecutor” a Spain-specific legal mechanism that has left Madrid embarrassed.

Vox burst on to the political scene by winning 12 seats in southern Andalusia’s regional parliament in December.

The party, which vehemently opposes illegal immigration and supports the scrapping of tough laws against gender violence, also plans to send a few MEPs into the European Parliament in May elections.

Its involvement in the upcoming trial of Catalan separatist leaders will be a so-called “popular prosecution”, a set-up which allows any citizen or organisation to be an accuser in court alongside public prosecutors.


532cf6  No.5120782

File: 73575f4f25d5004⋯.jpeg (160.88 KB, 1080x748, 270:187, 1549671524.jpeg)

a50e29  No.5120783

File: a3761d89ebdc4cf⋯.png (301.18 KB, 511x707, 73:101, ClipboardImage.png)

0dd841  No.5120784


About half of abortions in America are performed by Jewish doctors. (FACT)

4b0838  No.5120785

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lol, you're pathetic.

I love it :DDDD

Have some more facts:

"The Lobby: USA" documentary:

>Some scenes:

-Israeli activist in the US claims to use false Facebook accounts to monitor US citizens and any sharing of information that might hurt American general public support of Israel. She communicates their identities directly to Ministries in Israel.

-Israel attacks supporters of the BDS movement world-wide, because they are a non-violent group that decided to be so due to it being the best strategy against the zionist military occupation of Palestine.

-Israel uses top of the line social media technology to flag, censor, and if necessary harass and spy on any American and non-American that posts information that might hurt general public support for Israel (part of Canary Mission)

-AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) members buy out Congressman using pre-paid credit cards which are given to them inside an envelope

e29c54  No.5120786


Oh yeah my mother needed that shot.

023465  No.5120787


If real?

what is your screenshot about?

Reminder building in oklahoma was blown up and destroyed just 4 days…??????

i never knew this ( knew what ? that federal building in oklahome was blown up, i think the whole world knows that)

holy shit i was reading this as you texted

like mind blower( what in the fuck are they commenting on)

psyop from insider ( who?)

it's insane, just when you think you have your head wrapped around atleast a little bit of the truth.

Where is your sauce, what does this post mean?, what are they talking about?

whats a pp bone? planned parenthood bone?

b0e6f6  No.5120788

File: d6af829e6144941⋯.jpg (332.34 KB, 771x945, 257:315, rally_crowds.jpg)


Mein is the biggest

57e5bd  No.5120789

File: 9ec9e88c03e4b8c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1209x713, 39:23, 263d9390017ab777cbdd742b59….png)

God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.

a50e29  No.5120790

File: a34e2c673e3c142⋯.png (394.86 KB, 490x677, 490:677, ClipboardImage.png)

f854c6  No.5120792

File: 751d2ce26b082e5⋯.jpg (18.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

5e81f7  No.5120793


So what habbened 4 days before OKC bombing

1547f9  No.5120794

File: f29018c502fb62c⋯.jpg (78.53 KB, 960x960, 1:1, f29018c502fb62cfd5d8a1c6d1….jpg)


A picture is worth 1000 words. Switch sides. Use your left brain. Cover one of your eyes. I don't remember if the eyes are cross-wired. I haven't had to.

0dd841  No.5120795


(((These people))) are not only SICK, but also DISGUSTING

aa64af  No.5120796

File: 0ca31625d6f94d8⋯.jpeg (61.48 KB, 600x442, 300:221, 5b97bfe77884e.jpeg)

74ebd4  No.5120797


you need both. And paternal lineage matters more.

Gay people can't make children naturally. On the planet I hail from, the seeds ensure survival of the species.

Even for humans.

a50e29  No.5120798

File: c75ced44d6d2213⋯.png (351.32 KB, 490x677, 490:677, ClipboardImage.png)

78bd1a  No.5120799


What the heil are you talking about anon?

7bb39d  No.5120800

File: 6c55e4fc99e029a⋯.jpeg (21.18 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 9841c92b5cdb2d19f87a4a0ec….jpeg)

File: f77dc1c8bc08d69⋯.jpg (139.74 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, f77dc1c8bc08d69c1712e0e631….jpg)








<ok the bot operator is on the next line boss.


<got is chief!


while(1) {

print "goy, kike, moshe, schlomo, rabbi";


if(reply == high_iq) { print "pilpul";}

elseif(reply == calling_me_a_shill) {print "jidf, what time is it in tel-aviv";}


<and hitler garbage?

>post it faggot! do it now!

0d6609  No.5120801


1 Fuck.Tard, Boken.Record Bot claims to be human.

2 Calls anons here HUMAN, while soliciting memes from which to try and learn humanity from.


368311  No.5120802

File: 4b39d6208fa6550⋯.jpeg (359.06 KB, 1194x1472, 597:736, truthandjusticewillalways….jpeg)

a50e29  No.5120803

File: 6a4c3c3232b5def⋯.png (347.42 KB, 490x677, 490:677, ClipboardImage.png)

7bb39d  No.5120805

File: a54a69aeff54450⋯.jpg (58.99 KB, 500x437, 500:437, 4a131222654100c8f8aa9d6581….jpg)

File: dcf2a020de4fe4e⋯.png (18.08 KB, 569x208, 569:208, evil4.PNG)

d90f27  No.5120806


looks like 2003 or 2004


some of GHWB legacy continued by his son

knowingly or unknowingly

Stasi controlled East Germany by running groups that were paid to inform in their neighbors

causing a state were no one trusted anyone

54dfbc  No.5120807


Calling all hunteranons. What kind of meat is this and how long does that nerve shit last after death?

a50e29  No.5120808

File: 4bb3ce3c9538132⋯.png (294.7 KB, 511x707, 73:101, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 726faf4fba36e24⋯.png (358.1 KB, 511x707, 73:101, ClipboardImage.png)

morning meme batter

0dd841  No.5120810

File: 8a40a292f9d0544⋯.png (81.95 KB, 729x559, 729:559, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

File: 639bdffc9e7649e⋯.png (79.13 KB, 704x490, 352:245, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

File: ed616c36bf311ac⋯.png (50.68 KB, 742x285, 742:285, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

File: ceced47d21f8bce⋯.png (44.41 KB, 758x237, 758:237, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

File: f23942ad778a941⋯.png (34.14 KB, 728x167, 728:167, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

4783fc  No.5120811

File: 8c2a0b86b012065⋯.jpg (20.12 KB, 300x200, 3:2, PullIt.jpg)

ec695d  No.5120812

File: 0986d7c6dd7f592⋯.png (39.75 KB, 609x367, 609:367, twitter_com_PoliticalShort….png)


d8edd9  No.5120813

File: 8b592ff0acf3e23⋯.png (130.46 KB, 1204x673, 1204:673, 2019-02-11_07-42-07.png)

File: 00350abdbf05375⋯.png (252.5 KB, 604x580, 151:145, 2019-02-11_07-46-21.png)


Have no idea how to calculate this, but if there have been 38,441 abortions by PP so far this year out of 104,000 abortions performed…

At 3 oz. that would be 7,207 lbs of 'meat'.

Does PP have access to the other aborted 'fetuses'?

Is aborting up until 'birth' just a more efficient model for manufacturing and harvesting?

And Killary used the term 'mince'?


06ab93  No.5120814


What a waste of time, they will knock down the 1st barrier and use as a ladder to get over the 2nd one

The army would have been a better call

d90f27  No.5120815


Zombie Meat