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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

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Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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>>4739743 ————————————–——– Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator?

Friday 1.11.19

>>4708257 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee

>>4707306 ————————————–——– Public access to intel?

>>4707199 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China?

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Monday 1.7.19

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are not endorsements


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>>4907063 Cohen's father-in-law loaned $20M to cab mogul who was in FBI warrant: report.

>>4906909 White House reportedly has begun drafting National Emergency paperwork & repost of graphic.

>>4906884 Trump says he will declare an emergency if he doesn't reach a border deal.

>>4906816 U.S. Senate passes bill to end government shutdown through Feb. 15.

>>4906741 Pelosi says the government reopening does not mean the SOTU is back on.

>>4906456 Syria update.

>>4907138 #6264


>>4906363 Trump denounces recorded arrest of roger stone as CNN scrambles to explain.

>>4906202 Suicide weekend in 3 weeks?

>>4906058 95,000 people identified by DPS as non-citizens in Texas.

>>4906045 Senator Schumer and House Speaker Pelosi on three-week continuing resolution.

>>4906084 Anon: Huge "Q" in fox news background just now!

>>4906093 Facebook ripped off game-playing kids and their parents in multi-year "friendly fraud" scheme.

>>4906037 CNN under fire for colluding with FBI over Stone's arrest.

>>4905883 JW suing for records regarding HRC and four of her aide's security clearances.

>>4905829 Anon's notes on POTUS verbage during his speech today.

>>4905821 Media trying to soften us up for some Satan disclosure.

>>4905808 Sarah Sanders: Will the same standard apply to Deep State actors as well?

>>4905682 Clintons in Puerto Rico?

>>4905674 WH video of POTUS remarks from this afternoon.

>>4906383 #6263


>>4905430 CNN reporter at Stone's house is former FBI

>>4905243 OANN: FBI agents embarrassed over Stone raid.

>>4905199 House Live, reaction to Trump Deal.

>>4905033 Human Trafficking arrests.

>>4904946 Graphic on the BackPage-Perkins Coie-HRC connections.

>>4905559 #6262


>>4904663 Gasoline overproduction leads to negative margins.

>>4904602 National Emergency: Anons are months ahead. (graphic)

>>4904537 DJT Tweet: Remarks regarding the shutdown. (video)

>>4904202 Trump driving the national narrative.

>>4904187 Q crumb: Sea to shining sea.

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261a72  No.4907181

File: 7f3437bbf8fb6ba⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1966x1659, 1966:1659, trumpsupernaturalwisdom.jpg)



67f5e7  No.4907190

File: 1d4ba82d01ca561⋯.jpg (11.42 KB, 530x298, 265:149, 105064507-RTS1NFXI.530x298….jpg)

Alright since Q's not here I'll have to explain this to you all. Of course, all you smart anons already know this, so this is mostly for the shills.

The Shutdown was a "Show". It may seem a little risky to hold back the pay of 800k people, but in the end the risk isn't as high as it seems since they ultimately WILL get paid their backpay, and by "holding them hostage" it forces people to pay attention to the issue. What issue? One thing, and one thing only:


For the past 30+ days, everyone has been debating the merits and problems of a wall. It doesn't work / It works everywhere! Everyone weighs in on it. We know most people who say "It doesn't work" are lying to themselves. The only have to look outside their window and witness their fence, or closer still: the wall that the window is cut out of the prevents their family from harm. Wall's work, everyone knows this.

So then everyone asks, why though? What's the threat? Are there really gangsters pouring over? Many will actually, FINALLY, look into it, and find out.. holy shit, who is this MS13 gang? Illegals cost HOW much? Wait, how many Illegals are there really? 11m? But that stat hasn't been updated for 10 years? What's going ON??

Of course, the die hards (who DO know it's the right thing to do but will not consent no matter what because Fuck Drumph) will still say OPEN BORDERS. But now they're the fringe idiots and they're exposed.

The Democrats are stupid though. They won't realise that a cultural shift just happened and are still going to push against funding for the wall. Funding that they themselves wanted mere years ago. Damn hypocrites.

We, who have been following Q since the start, always knew that the plan was having the Military build the wall. Period. This is still the plan. The politicians are too bought and paid for by the Gangs of Mexico and the Overlords of the NWO. Period. POTUS has the power of the USMIL, it was ever his only chance of building it.

BUT!!!!! This part is the key!!

He can't just do it. He can't just blindly declare a fucking emergency. If he did it cold, people would freak the fuck out at him. Even centrists would freak out at him. But, by warming the waters through the national conversation of the Longest Shutdown in History, now not only centrists but leftleaners will actually think "Ahh.. fuck it, maybe/maybe not there's an emergency, what harm could a wall be anyway, let him build his silly little wall".

So now what would have been a draconian dictator like power grab (in their eyes) becomes a "whatever, fucker, just..whatever" move in the minds of the majority.


The democrats would have had the power to stop this if they held the Senate and the SCOTUS. This was KEY, as Q has said. The House didn't matter, and in fact it's actually better optics to give the useless House to the Democrats to make them embarrass themselves daily.

Getting the picture?


48d309  No.4907220

File: 73cbc7e07d9663b⋯.jpg (86.82 KB, 634x444, 317:222, notonmylawn.jpg)

ae390b  No.4907222

File: 9d810a8dd14611a⋯.png (43.4 KB, 595x398, 595:398, AQ7.PNG)

https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1088829355776790528==When will the FBI surround the homes of & arrest, "Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper?==

085185  No.4907225



Mass arrests of Hillary and crew and massive wall.

631503  No.4907227

1 yr cave delta giving us a heads up on him caving temporarily?

ae390b  No.4907228

File: 615d79623821f36⋯.png (45.89 KB, 591x409, 591:409, AQ6.PNG)


JJ seems to want State of Emergency

b2faa6  No.4907229

I hate this. I can’t take it anymore.

d14deb  No.4907230

all previous bread:





>>4907041 (bot operator attempting to blend in)










>>4906932 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


>>4906996 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


2 breads ago:

>>4905706 pb

>>4905987 pb

>>4906077 pb

>>4906123 pb

>>4906156 pb

>>4906201 pb

>>4906274 pb

>>4906314 pb

>>4906345 pb

>>4906355 pb

>>4906367 pb

>>4906377 pb

>>4906415 pb

>>4906417 pb

>>4906426 pb


reminder: above is a propaganda spambot.

>>4906039 (pb) full bot analysis

>>4906164 (pb) bot behavior analysis

>>4906219 (pb) bot glitch detailed example

5f10c0  No.4907231


Have sex anon

That helps

8e0893  No.4907232

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Watch this.

722b32  No.4907233

>>4907143 (lb)

Severance package?

>>4907212 (lb)

Of course; that explains all the shills today.

67f5e7  No.4907234

ecd0e2  No.4907235

File: fd0df3a1cf47af3⋯.jpg (80.39 KB, 546x590, 273:295, 2019-01-25_17-15-34.jpg)

1aa31b  No.4907236

>>4906921 (lb)


Right on the heels of the POTUS presser. Hmmm, is there going to be some action on the mid terms voter fraud in the next 3 weeks. Give them something to gloat and pound their chests over, then crush their glee with rapid fire indictments of voter fraud/election tampering? One can hope.

450a73  No.4907237


you have to

so keep doing it

4ae510  No.4907238

File: 5ef8963a9e44506⋯.png (558.55 KB, 610x884, 305:442, f447bd0a-3031-4d86-bcfe-3a….png)

a6d3fb  No.4907239


wanna hear a great dead pedophile joke?

147bc5  No.4907240


Not until The RIGHT controls the media the way the LEFT does now.

In other words, not in your effing LIFETIME.

a6d3fb  No.4907241

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8e0893  No.4907242

File: 0293b8ff23357d6⋯.png (37.41 KB, 721x377, 721:377, MSM_Journalists_retarded_s….PNG)


>Journalists got laid off

And did you know that they tend to be absolute retards, according to science?

085185  No.4907244


Answer is Ebot did it

13a374  No.4907245

File: ed1e0342f5776a3⋯.jpg (285.73 KB, 667x885, 667:885, sceptical boy.jpg)

11ff69  No.4907246

File: eefda6bff22d0a1⋯.png (94.21 KB, 388x833, 388:833, Screenshot-2019-1-25 Qmap(….png)


Swamp is afraid of these posts…. I hypothesize it already happened … its just when we get to see it play out in public…months/years later…

"National Emergency", you say?

a2179c  No.4907247

>>4907194 lb

Doesn't say SC judges have to show up in an emergency convenience. She has to if it's under regular circumstances by tradition.

f7cb92  No.4907248

58,000 Non-U.S. Citizens Voted in Texas State Elections, Attorney General Paxton Says


4ce46b  No.4907249


people need to read this and understand

a5ad4e  No.4907250

File: 65d774ba9142ad7⋯.png (231.61 KB, 473x530, 473:530, mfkin genius.png)


Real G

dc8cce  No.4907251

File: 7d815bfe576470e⋯.jpg (141 KB, 800x520, 20:13, Thank You Baker.jpg)

Thank You Baker!

085185  No.4907252


Pic related - Rather sounds like the senate yesterday.

509e25  No.4907253


And just to add… this is only one story-line in a much bigger play. There's still DECLAS, which is going to bring big PAIN.

c15f6e  No.4907254

Most of those guys in pics for the baker are homosexual. Just sayin; gaydar activated.

63fe40  No.4907255


Q research is the media now. 2.2 million on a Sat is 3 times bigger than CNN prime time

096512  No.4907256

File: ffe38b2798c08bf⋯.png (212.08 KB, 951x372, 317:124, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c231faff2c13b9⋯.png (118.3 KB, 854x262, 427:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 56f2b6d749a5db5⋯.png (241.46 KB, 778x499, 778:499, ClipboardImage.png)

More proof the Syrians (Russians) are coordinating with the Kurds (USA)



8005e4  No.4907257



4afedc  No.4907258


Nominated NOTABLE (lb) >>4907190

d1b56d  No.4907259


Sex builds the wall?

a1ea90  No.4907260



Was she there last year?

Keep reaching though

626d62  No.4907261


Kek and ty baker

a6d3fb  No.4907262


wanna hear a great pedophile joke?

df821b  No.4907263


get your national emergency declaration together POTUS… they've said and are still saying no wall

4ce46b  No.4907264


sex atop a pyramid

301ee0  No.4907265

File: f87bb60fee9ec0f⋯.jpg (354.21 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Bluff1.jpg)

b2faa6  No.4907266


Job performance down.

Family/friendships lost.

A year of no sleep.

My life is a MESS because I am OCD for justice and order and law. And try as he may, Trump cannot take down the two party system.

1dc03a  No.4907267

Richard Ojeda ends 2020 presidential bid


a6d3fb  No.4907268

8e0893  No.4907269

File: 3e6f7f0e58be7d5⋯.png (319.68 KB, 493x474, 493:474, Pepe_and_Trump_eat_popcorn.png)

5f10c0  No.4907270


Nope silly

Takes care of anxiety

8f1c56  No.4907272

File: 00371ae55d7d247⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 2112x1191, 704:397, Theater of Anon.jpg)

File: 50901432d0b0fef⋯.jpg (196.64 KB, 720x479, 720:479, SO BEE U TI FUL.jpg)

KEK X 60

05b584  No.4907273

2009 Law Blog Newsletter: The Likely Next U.S. Attorney for NY's Southern District: Preet Bharara via @wikileaks

- Blago Wants Genson Back; Patrick Fitzgerald to Stay Put


4ce46b  No.4907274


may as well do it today as they we all know they are not going to budge on this

a149af  No.4907275

>>4907063 Cohen's father-in-law loaned $20M to cab mogul who was in FBI warrant: report.

puts him squarely in Pelosi's world.

8e0893  No.4907276

File: b485a85f7d98093⋯.jpg (185.44 KB, 690x1006, 345:503, Fight_the_internal_Jew.jpg)


Leave the internet and fix you life.

ccce27  No.4907277


wonder if POTUS is doing this just to show the truth - that NP and CS don't want the SOTU to happen - ever.

SOTU means both houses are in recess….

e4d6c1  No.4907278


d18d5d  No.4907279



a6d3fb  No.4907280

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f7cb92  No.4907281

Kim Dotcom

Verified account


Following Following @KimDotcom


Hey @seanhannity I think it’s time that you come and visit me in New Zealand. Let’s talk about Seth Rich and put an end to this Mueller / Russia nonsense.

d1b56d  No.4907283


Is anxiety our problem or the border without a wall :))

a149af  No.4907284



to which can be added, "…and ALL mass media…"

e071e9  No.4907285


That guys ALL over the place. No anchor.

c64711  No.4907286

File: e5720634abaf77c⋯.png (343.08 KB, 400x533, 400:533, ClipboardImage.png)

d9e0b2  No.4907287

Remember when Q said





And Trump repoened the government w/o a wall and Rodger Stone got indicated…

That was pretty fucking gay

460806  No.4907288

File: a5710b035af2585⋯.png (30.24 KB, 693x565, 693:565, Screenshot_2019-01-25 Qmap.png)

Seemed to me that POTUS was telegraphing his future move IN RE: The Wall. Then I remembered this post.

dc8cce  No.4907289


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11/11/18 (Sun) 11:41:25 No.460

[Placeholder - FVEY_pub]

[Placeholder - FISA_pub]

47e81d  No.4907290

File: ed332dd5d39ba31⋯.jpg (152.88 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WhoOpposesTheWallDrugSmugg….jpg)

File: 14e0a92ce9c167e⋯.jpg (123.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WhoOpposesTheWallGunRunner….jpg)

File: 71f6a87409b9a2b⋯.jpg (143.65 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WhoOpposesTheWallDrugSmugg….jpg)

File: 4c033429c4c00b7⋯.jpg (124.67 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WhoOpposesTheWallDrugSmugg….jpg)

File: edd44bc7b2e973e⋯.jpg (128.94 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WhoOpposesTheWallDrugSmugg….jpg)

Notice the Breast Implants

that were used to smuggle




a6d3fb  No.4907291

File: 61eab2fe877d59f⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 239x333, 239:333, BDKI5164.jpg)

1dc03a  No.4907292

Christian Bale: Trump Is a 'Clown,' But 'Clowns Can Do a Lot of Damage'

At the Golden Globes, Bale thanked “Satan” for giving him the “inspiration” to play Cheney.


1a00fd  No.4907293

File: 84e8514c64c8397⋯.png (342.78 KB, 490x543, 490:543, ClipboardImage.png)

025731  No.4907295

Dems working bipartisanly in good faith to solve the country's border crisis which includes a physical barrier ……….BWAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAHAAAHAAAHAAHAAAHAAAAHAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAHAAAHAAAHAAHAAAHAAAAHAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA………………Trump is a funny dude.

504835  No.4907296

File: ed9fa4eee73e8b5⋯.jpg (422.36 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190125-161841….jpg)

For all Anons who refuse to give up on our POTUS!


d1b56d  No.4907297


The pyramid north of Chicago has burnt down, iirc.

d18d5d  No.4907298


ur pretty thmart, anon

692bb2  No.4907299

How long can RBG remain missing before she has to be replaced?

Are there any rules / laws about this or is this the first time in History?

096512  No.4907300


Sarah Sanders asks whether Hillary Clinton will be arrested if lying to the FBI is a crime

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders openly wondered if the FBI would be raiding the homes of Hillary Clinton, James Comey and James Clapper Friday morning after Roger Stone’s indictment.

The FBI raided the Florida home of Trump-confidant Roger Stone Friday morning after Stone was indicted by a grand jury on charges with seven counts, including allegedly making false statements to Congress, tampering with a witness and obstructing a government investigation.

The high-profile indictments were brought by special counsel Robert Mueller in the second year of the Russia collusion investigation.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to the Roger Stone news Friday in an early interview with CNN. Sanders wondered if the same standards the FBI is employing with Stone would apply to other players in the 2016 election who have lied to the FBI.

When asked by CNN about the recent arrest, Sanders said, “We’ll let the courts make the decision. A bigger question is: If this is the standard, will the same standard apply to people like Hillary Clinton, James Comey and [James] Clapper?”

Clinton, former FBI director James Comey and former CIA Director James Clapper have all allegedly made false statements or been dishonest with the authorities during moments of official testimony.

Sanders continued, asking, “Will we see the same people we know have all made false statements? Will that same standard apply? That’s a question we’ll see what happens on that front.”

video of her statement at the link:


b40f0e  No.4907301

File: fcb7a1e5a7c89f7⋯.png (175.87 KB, 968x726, 4:3, jared-kushner.png)

This should trigger some shills…

98b461  No.4907302

File: 970b75fce0fec0b⋯.mp4 (477.91 KB, 714x396, 119:66, RbwQ-NwogWRxp3Rn5KRJPVvHrz….mp4)

Anon Trusting the Plan

- Anon

63fe40  No.4907303


Roger Stone was the last hope for the Russia Hoax.

That hoax failed today

8eade3  No.4907304


I wish he would've wrote #DoOurBidding instead of #DoWhatWeSaid

a6d3fb  No.4907305

wanna hear a great dead pedophile joke?

a149af  No.4907306


that is they refuse to grow up

ae390b  No.4907307


Very possible. 3 weeks. What's next?

f16a70  No.4907308


Folks - if there is one current politician that is aligned with POTUS - It's Jim Jordan. He SHOULD be President one day. This guy will fight for AMERICA and for what is right.

11ff69  No.4907310

File: cf49cfdbbdd7bf1⋯.png (79.16 KB, 388x792, 97:198, Screenshot-2019-1-25 Qmap(….png)


….once The Movie reaches the point where The People/Public are informed…. it spells the end for all the swamp. Once the masses know. The entire World's population will be calling for (((their))) execution. The masses will want to see it …The masses will be as enraged at these horrors as we once were… So… Will The Team handle this in advance to prevent pitchfork marches? Is it happening before our eyes now? Only to be reveled later as to avoid pitchforks marches? Me thinks tis true.

261a72  No.4907311

File: 68d9d1713300ddf⋯.jpeg (255.03 KB, 1344x856, 168:107, POTUSneo.jpeg)


I like to keep it real.

f2ed9a  No.4907312


digits confirm


085185  No.4907313

c6221f  No.4907314


cool story, bro.

3b0de7  No.4907315


Feb 4th it should come out

60d68c  No.4907316


And when the hell is DECLAS coming, anon?

5f10c0  No.4907317

File: b3a8441831c4127⋯.jpeg (91.6 KB, 1190x595, 2:1, 06F2757D-ED2B-4453-B951-B….jpeg)



But anxiety we can control

Wall not so much

8e0893  No.4907318

File: 22275193bf4a601⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1584x4553, 1584:4553, 0_Jews_Do_Control_The_Medi….png)

File: 41489191dcc8d49⋯.png (2.65 MB, 3080x1688, 385:211, z_Elon_Musk_Big.png)

File: 71ef93d5f5f9f63⋯.png (496.59 KB, 934x730, 467:365, Alan_Dershowitz_boasts_of_….PNG)

File: 0c56deb8850746f⋯.png (136.5 KB, 1347x583, 1347:583, MSM_lay_off_cant_let_these….PNG)

File: 9e6634ff6a28d00⋯.jpg (782.1 KB, 2397x3726, 799:1242, MSM_lay_off_meme.jpg)

>Reposting because fug the seditious MSM kikes:

These Jews used to laugh about it, they thought it was a joke.

They aren’t laughing anymore. Today they realize the gravity of the situation. It was a struggle especially against people who seem to have omnipotent power in our country, the struggle against The Enemies of the People. He who is born today knows what that meant and that it will not remain in the future. A Satanic power had taken over our whole country who had been able to grip key positions of our intellectual and spiritual life, but also of the political and economical life. From these key positions they were able to control and monitor the whole nation. This power had at the time the influence to persecute with the law those who fought against them.

5d1c81  No.4907319


Not sure Anon. Why don't you go look it up and report back to us with your sauce

a6d3fb  No.4907320

File: 82db56d856348bc⋯.jpg (102.75 KB, 509x748, 509:748, AXVX0472.jpg)

5595b3  No.4907321

File: f9b720d6faaecea⋯.png (239.85 KB, 526x290, 263:145, ClipboardImage.png)

a149af  No.4907322



ur digits anon

692bb2  No.4907323

File: 751d4041c9d1c89⋯.jpg (38.91 KB, 537x400, 537:400, baghdadbob.jpg)

a2179c  No.4907324


You are right. Only see 5 last year.

4c041e  No.4907325

File: 33efb041740e9d8⋯.jpg (38.06 KB, 600x500, 6:5, cowbell.jpg)

a8d56c  No.4907326


Come here… I got a banana for you

c1ff98  No.4907327


yep - I'm in!

This show has too many stalls, tangents, shifts - and the hero seems to ALWAYS be taking a beating. I like it when the HERO BTFO the bad guys.


df821b  No.4907328


you see the problem is that hilldawg was not under oath…. stone was… manafort was… poppy was… are you starting to see the loop hole?

d9e0b2  No.4907329


Do you really think after today they are just gonna magically stop with the Russia bullshit ? I don't

ae390b  No.4907330


Agree completely.

1a00fd  No.4907331

File: b4f77e1ecc884ef⋯.png (349.95 KB, 490x543, 490:543, ClipboardImage.png)

a6d3fb  No.4907332


look a dead pedophile joke in real time

a2179c  No.4907333

a149af  No.4907334


qresearch digs anything but common sense

755047  No.4907335


Reminds me of the serenity prayer

2cc6f7  No.4907336

File: 3ad770227f7df00⋯.jpeg (115.73 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 359552D9-BC9D-40AD-926F-A….jpeg)

He trusts me and I trust him.

c8f6bc  No.4907337

>>4907124 lb

>>4907071 lb

>wall build by Army Corps of Engineers

>planned shutdown exposed [D]'s for what they are: criminals

Well played, Q!

366beb  No.4907338

File: 5d5474b465fe09e⋯.png (53.24 KB, 270x320, 27:32, 2019-01-17_02-43-33.png)

0540c6  No.4907339

>>4907190 Hows about before the three weeks are up Trump sees they are not dealing in good faith and declares a national Emergency. That would totally throw them into chaos.

c6221f  No.4907340


Sex drains the swamp?


d1b56d  No.4907341


Both true.

4aae72  No.4907342


No President HRC. Got that for Christmas 2016, and it is the gift that keeps on giving, to me, my children, and my grandchildren.

a149af  No.4907343


very kek

cadfa5  No.4907344

(lb) >>4906892

Concernfags have forgotten that for the last week or so we were finding "cave" messages in tweets and shit. Everything's clearly telegraphed for those with the eyes to see. Everything that's happening is one big show.

ccce27  No.4907345


lines up with next shutdown….

e8ef2d  No.4907346

File: 3598e68718dd89e⋯.jpeg (115.61 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 95809043-EF80-413C-AFA1-A….jpeg)

150571  No.4907347

File: b22a2ff410fe3e7⋯.jpeg (71.34 KB, 473x398, 473:398, D20C84BF-391E-4C4A-B71D-C….jpeg)

0a80f1  No.4907348

File: b8f2fb6de702358⋯.jpg (167.38 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, end-shutdown-then-negotiat….jpg)

a6d3fb  No.4907349

File: 197ebe67bf62334⋯.jpg (422.48 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, FKEC9076.jpg)

b40f0e  No.4907350

File: a62946c68c3a607⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 900x554, 450:277, f27c17e98d0cf6dfe2d2e5542a….gif)


← Click it

096512  No.4907351


5 people who lied to Congress, and what happened to them

That's despite the fact that it isn't just a federal crime to lie to Congress while under oath — considered the “general perjury" statute — it’s also illegal to make false statements to Congress even if you're not under oath.


a lawfag could weigh in if that applies to the FBI too

301ee0  No.4907352

File: 5466e67e44cdd4e⋯.jpg (534.05 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Pelosi42.jpg)

File: efd3d131dbc6bd6⋯.jpg (474.78 KB, 800x600, 4:3, RBG13.jpg)

[RBG] did not attend the 2018 SOTU (sauce pb)

Whether she is at any 2019 [SOTU] is no indicator. Doubt she ever planned to attend.

Pelosi keeping the 2019 [SOTU] hostage is her still being an obstructionist bitch.

3b0de7  No.4907353


Enlough to fill a small stadium, you say?

1ab75d  No.4907354


My dick is not for rent.

8e0893  No.4907355

File: a17b22f5975f3fb⋯.png (342.43 KB, 778x732, 389:366, Another_rabbi_pedo_gets_no….PNG)



a64cfc  No.4907356



4aae72  No.4907357


It would explain the absolute lack of grammar, tone, narrative, and facts. Yesterday's "journalists" are today's unpaid shills.

d9e0b2  No.4907358


I spelled Rodger I must be a Jew…. This is why I'm enjoying dismantling this place - I can't stand what you ppl did to the Q movement..

c6221f  No.4907359


That sucks anon.

Thanks for the info.

bfc1bf  No.4907360


Required reading.

f7cb92  No.4907361


if you look

you can find meaning in every single drop…

80dc91  No.4907362

Q, ever occur to y'all what happens when we're enraged enough to meme AGAINST the admin and you?

a149af  No.4907363



highest ranking anon


88605f  No.4907366


Just like Ruth burning in hell… well done, anon.

63fe40  No.4907367


Who else is there to blame?

Mueller has only proven the witch hunt can’t find any Russian connection

600ccc  No.4907368

File: e33216cb5a365f7⋯.jpeg (69.56 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 70dbd68bd26ac94cb37b4df06….jpeg)


Well he should know, he's gotten awards for being a pretender

And accolades for being a clown IRL

a149af  No.4907369


is that supposed to be sauce?

must be true it's on the internet

3244d4  No.4907370













c6fbf2  No.4907371



096512  No.4907372



just something I found (not a lawfag):

Did you know that it is a crime to tell a lie to the federal government? Even if your lie is oral and not under oath? Even if you have received no warnings of any kind? Even if you are not trying to cheat the government out of money? Even if the government is not actually misled by your falsehood? Well it is.

Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001 makes it a crime to: 1) knowingly and willfully; 2) make any materially false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or representation; 3) in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative or judicial branch of the United States. Your lie does not even have to be made directly to an employee of the national government as long as it is "within the jurisdiction" of the ever expanding federal bureaucracy. Though the falsehood must be "material" this requirement is met if the statement has the "natural tendency to influence or [is] capable of influencing, the decision of the decisionmaking body to which it is addressed." United States v. Gaudin , 515 U.S. 506, 510 (1995). (In other words, it is not necessary to show that your particular lie ever really influenced anyone.) Although you must know that your statement is false at the time you make it in order to be guilty of this crime, you do not have to know that lying to the government is a crime or even that the matter you are lying about is "within the jurisdiction" of a government agency. United States v. Yermian , 468 U.S. 63, 69 (1984). For example, if you lie to your employer on your time and attendance records and, unbeknownst to you, he submits your records, along with those of other employees, to the federal government pursuant to some regulatory duty, you could be criminally liable.


c6221f  No.4907373



He folded faster than Trump did on the wall.


1dc03a  No.4907374

Brazil first lady's accounts to be probed in expanding payments

- Brazilian authorities are to scrutinize the bank accounts of First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro as part of a growing scandal over suspect payments involving the president's politician son, according to media.


4aae72  No.4907375


Would love to be a fly on that wall.

f7cb92  No.4907376


not following what you mean

4d33d2  No.4907377


Is that you in the photo?

a149af  No.4907378


done with petitions, anon

1e57c2  No.4907379

>>4906741 (LB)

D's keeps Scotus [Placeholder] hostage

617d1f  No.4907380

File: 3715a6b682426ac⋯.png (63.86 KB, 692x464, 173:116, Dec 5.png)

File: 9a0713b3d2b710e⋯.png (51.42 KB, 388x511, 388:511, Dec 5 roll out.png)

File: b0bbd6788baf51c⋯.png (27.83 KB, 398x438, 199:219, Dec 5 red carpet.png)

[D]ec 5 theory, Red carpet, Moab, Suicide weekend

been saying this since Nov. Moab, red carpet rollout, Dec 5. There is only one thing that has a common connection. The Grammies.

They announced their nominations on D5 but the red-carpet event is on Feb 10. This will be at the end of the 2nd week of the 3 week govt reopening. That puts it perfect timing with Suicide Weekend.

>>4906202 Suicide weekend in 3 weeks?

2d1b35  No.4907381


Silly retard. Shills can't meme.

9588c2  No.4907382

The Senate approves by unanimous consent a bill to re-open the government for three weeks while negotiations continue on border security funding. The Senate also appointed Senators Shebly, Capito, Hoeven, Blunt, Leahy, Durbin, and Tester–who all serve on the Appropriations Committee–as conferees to negotiate a resolution to border security funding legislation. (C-span)

Interesting people and histories assigned…

096512  No.4907383


why is it bad we are working with Russia in Syria?

a149af  No.4907384


kek yer daddy

c4ba72  No.4907385

File: 4d003349a5d159e⋯.jpeg (852.35 KB, 1536x1672, 192:209, F7D3A9D6-7AD6-43FA-BEE8-5….jpeg)

Saudi sisters who were found dead and bound with duct tape on the shore of the Hudson River in New York City in October committed suicide, the city’s medical examiner announced on Tuesday.

Duct Tape

2cc6f7  No.4907386


They tried an Amber Alert but the result was Laura Silsby answered the call and Hillary immediately raped RGB and harvested her organs. System is working as designed!

c6221f  No.4907387


You're not very smart, are you?

b9e4f7  No.4907388


weed man

f1d5cb  No.4907389

>>4906615 (lb)

(((THEIR))) goal is for POTUS' base to walk away…only way they have a chance in 2020.

POTUS did not cave…he said a wall or no deal.

He is helping the American Citizens who need cost of living cash - did you notice his strong emphasis that he is doing this to help AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Optics are showing a fair and compassionate approach being offered to a bunch of (((LUNATICS))).

The World is Watching

5595b3  No.4907391

File: 67fe03fbd52bfc2⋯.png (26.62 KB, 323x364, 323:364, ClipboardImage.png)

a6d3fb  No.4907392

File: 31455bb864d7a6b⋯.png (837.56 KB, 610x813, 610:813, FMIN8967.png)

d542ad  No.4907393


This graphic is BS… one of those vices killed most of the other vices for me. Except one….. come on… Red Dead 2 is awesome… ;)

…and why the jew theme… so stupid to be unnecessarily divisive.

a6d3fb  No.4907394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

83ca13  No.4907395

File: f6654f5952651ce⋯.jpeg (58 KB, 640x793, 640:793, B33602D6-2221-4EF7-8D23-A….jpeg)



Well put ANON

f7cb92  No.4907396


so they have the full power of the military

and you have a mouse?

ae390b  No.4907397

File: 6ae263a256e2dd0⋯.png (44.26 KB, 608x335, 608:335, AQ8.PNG)

Even Diamond & Silk are calling for Pelosi's investigation.


aaa8ad  No.4907398

File: cf92764467758da⋯.png (19.4 KB, 617x398, 617:398, Silent Eruption of Hell.png)

c1ff98  No.4907400


that applies to us, not them

b40f0e  No.4907401

File: 8baf9a48b381210⋯.jpg (45.92 KB, 420x680, 21:34, 96 Duct Tape Babe.jpg)


← Tell me this isn't spoopy

8e0893  No.4907402

File: 82b6eac1a8f1540⋯.png (819.08 KB, 830x911, 830:911, 1.png)

File: 3827c8a8965f3a3⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1091x4694, 1091:4694, Canada_jews_pedos.png)

File: 3d1f288766db92d⋯.jpg (506.9 KB, 2047x1582, 2047:1582, Israel_Pedos.jpg)

File: 53474c24a2e795f⋯.png (539.65 KB, 1005x3784, 1005:3784, Rabbis_from_hell.png)

File: b7e59dd18019891⋯.png (573.88 KB, 817x5736, 817:5736, Rabbis_from_hell_2.png)


You sound like you're defending pedos just because they are Jews.

Have more facts about the Jewish pedophilia problem.

a149af  No.4907403


connection made.

a true autist here.

b11cb3  No.4907404

>>4906928 LB

I don't know if trust is so much the key player in why I'm here. It's mostly just simple curiosity at this point. The friends I had convinced to follow Q have all backed out. They still read it, but don't hold it with the same weight anymore. I find myself slowly falling into this pit as well, but hope burns inside me still this plan is going to work out. I wish Q could provide more crumbs similar to when he was handling NK. When that was going on, this movement felt like it was in full steam, and we had the upper edge, but once Sept came around it seemed like everything hit a brick wall, and now we are just getting fed the same loop of the same info. I want to believe. I don't want no commie distopia. Q help us understand.

c6221f  No.4907405


He's a NWO order globalist.

df821b  No.4907406


do you think they would even try to enforce that one… I'm thinking it's got to be so locked down tight that no one can deny it.. to many little alligators in the swamp

a6d3fb  No.4907407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

68c316  No.4907408

File: 6056118d1bc7dac⋯.png (516.52 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, sinkholes_18_19.png)

made a map of the sinkhole in March 2018 and the most recent sinkhole January 2019

They are both on the 17th Street side of The White House

They run from the press briefing room…. to the Daughters of the American Revolution/American Red Cross

of note on the map, the Council on Foreign relations is in the vicinity

916dc8  No.4907409

Here is how I see this Temporary situation today:

Personally I am sick of the whining. Let us not forget the good men and women of the Military who put their lives on the line everyday, many of them come home permanently injured, why because they chose to fight for what they thought was right. They didn't get to chose where they were going or what they were doing they were Ordered to be where they were or are! There is a big difference here..the choice to be here is yours, if this isn't for you or you don't like the outcomes most of which are temporary..Then by all means..give yourself a break and take a break. There are those of us by choice who are here to serve a purpose and get a job done..That job is to get the word of truth out to the people world wide. The whining serves no useful purpose in this mission. So the choice is either STAND UP or SHUT UP!

a149af  No.4907410



yeah its pretty sick

5d1c81  No.4907411


Just put your fast food order in reply. Get them used to filling orders

480942  No.4907412

File: dc3e0bc67980476⋯.jpg (90.84 KB, 630x400, 63:40, bakergirlpepe.jpg)


e4c31a  No.4907413


He's doing this to show America that the Dem leadership is unwilling to represent the people based on their hatred of him.

755047  No.4907414

Seems like the shills have quieted a bit…

3244d4  No.4907415

File: d4e5045fac5729d⋯.png (445.44 KB, 550x414, 275:207, Schumer_Pelosi_We_Must_Sto….png)

e37969  No.4907416

File: fc4cf7ff351e5a4⋯.png (485.35 KB, 1696x940, 424:235, TrumpCaves.png)



4ce46b  No.4907417

File: 540365474910b4e⋯.png (393.84 KB, 522x677, 522:677, ClipboardImage.png)

Drew Barrymores Grandmother

she have a goiter?

096512  No.4907418


go back already, you've done your best



Huber's investigation is incredibly large, all the false statements, financial crimes, corruption, etc etc

a6d3fb  No.4907419


wanna hear a great dead pedophile joke?

47e81d  No.4907420

>>4907190 Some dim pols have already gotten it through their thick skulls and spoken out about giving ground to POTUS.

He has now beaten the traitors into the corner during a prize fight and is hitting them at will. By threatening to do it the hard way if he gets no satisfaction, he is telling them that in 3 weeks it is going to go the way he wants it anyway, and that their choice now is to give in and make a better deal than they have ever deserved, or get the crap pounded out of them without even a reach around and then watch POTUS do a victory dance as the wall is ordered.

f7cb92  No.4907421


So if dead

why does team trump not just announce it ?

b2faa6  No.4907422


Why couldn’t he have said “either come up with a plan, or I’m declaring a national emergency in 3 weeks” without shutting down the government.

Honestly answer that question.

f044f4  No.4907423


This fat fuck still trying to stay relevant? At best, he hosted the DNC emails on megaupload for wikileaks. That's it, that is all he ever did.

c6221f  No.4907424


The US military/CIA is EVIL and if they're working with Russia, that means they are bad too.

Soo sad.

096512  No.4907425


<gateway pundit

5595b3  No.4907426


That is a huge load

73a7c9  No.4907427


no wonder the c_a likes to employ them

0b346d  No.4907428

Rep. Maxine Waters facing new legal questions over campaign mailers


a8d56c  No.4907430


Send her a 1099

096512  No.4907431


> is EVIL and if they're working with Russia


t. neocon boomer

c926a1  No.4907432

if we can't have the wall….

Then close the boarder!!!

04d3c7  No.4907433

This is the way POTUS rolls …

Pelosi and her crew will eat this shit up and think they have won and in the process schedule the SOTU …

Trump will play the good guy card and open up the government and get some people some paychecks …

In the SOTU he will drop the fucking hammer on these fucks and give them no other options but to build our wall …

You concern fags and shills are a fucking joke

f79d2c  No.4907434


Maxine is safe. She can do no wrong.

a149af  No.4907435

cnn was tipped because every movie needs a camera crew.

did some other anon say this already?

8e0893  No.4907436

File: 1886845276b9d31⋯.jpeg (217.61 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Jews_Hate_Truth_3_honest_….jpeg)

File: 356f0d46da813a9⋯.png (332.15 KB, 1320x735, 88:49, Jews_Hate_Truth.png)


>Those vices

Its just a suggestion, YMMV

>Calling things that are bad for you "the Jew" is divisive

Nope, its the perfect metaphor because Jewish collective power is the most destructive thing to appear on any Country in the world, and it kills Countries from the inside out, just like vices destroy you from the inside out because you accept it.

Read: https://archive.is/8rBlF

711941  No.4907438

Time to get this ragtag band of PATRIOTS refocused.

It's about time for a Q drop.

a6d3fb  No.4907439

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


wanna hear a great dead pedophile joke?

[ ]ult

[ ]n

[ ]merikkka

600ccc  No.4907441

File: a4975da9a66a882⋯.jpg (65.26 KB, 750x433, 750:433, 7a385e39ea131415a55df23985….jpg)

Know what day it is?


b2faa6  No.4907442

>>4907190, see: >>4907416

Cool paradigm shift. It’s already paying yuge dividends.

5595b3  No.4907443


Kim - they are going to suicide you. However, it will look like a bacon induced heart attack - jeezus man lose some weight

c6221f  No.4907444


But it's soooo fun to hang around here on days like today…

7768ad  No.4907445

Does anybody else read this Operation Disclosure stuff? Saw it on The Patriot Hour YT. Not sure I believe it. Latest one:

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 25, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

A global transition is occurring which can be seen via global events (Yellow Vest movement, Venezuela uprising, Brexit, US gov. shutdown, etc.).

The US government shutdown is a coordinated effort to weaken the Deep State.

Brexit, on the other hand is a geopolitical move to relinquish the Cabal's control over the fiat financial system.

Israel's playing the 'bad guy' per Earth Alliance demands in order to justify a Israel-Palestine peace agreement.

The balance of power is shifting.

Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have switched over to the BRICS side.

The situation in Venezuela is solely about securing strategic resources.

U.S. debt is now three times more than the size of the global economy.

We are watching the very last geopolitical power struggles prior to the transition.

Meanwhile, 47 large container ships from a Russian shipping company have been chartered to transfer apprehended low-level Cabalists to GITMO.


Zimbabwe has announced to release a new currency

The timing of the RV remains dependent on the occurrence of geopolitical events.

However, the article below may shed some light on the timing.


Once the RV begins, all currency holders will be contacted and will be given private appointments to redeem currencies at selected banks.

Source: https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1dc03a  No.4907446


Thank you, Mr. President, sir.

b40f0e  No.4907447


>Why couldn’t he have said “either come up with a plan, or I’m declaring a national emergency in 3 weeks” without shutting down the government.

Nobody would have paid attention without Nancy and Chuck doubling down on "not a single mile of wall".

5f10c0  No.4907448


Stand up for what exactly?

I am ready but where…

a6d3fb  No.4907449

File: 2089dd8c7d65f74⋯.jpg (15.83 KB, 240x159, 80:53, BJVM3330.jpg)

a64cfc  No.4907450

File: 9346a68532dee50⋯.jpg (244.95 KB, 505x714, 505:714, 9346a68532dee50a7cd0bda9c6….jpg)


Could well be anon. POTUS and Q know what we don't about the wall, and that 'the FIGHT for the WALL is so MUCH MORE'.

POTUS I'm sure knew that the dems would NEVER agree to the wall in any way or form, which is why Q told us that the military would build the wall.

They probably knew how the timeline for the funding bill / proposal, and that this stand off would inevitably happen, hence the 'cave' delta.

It's a process that has had to be gone through, until it reached the declaration of national emergency.

It's a long drawn out process full of drama and that's just the way it has to be in order to win over the cabal and get the wall built.

Personally I'm totally chill about it. We know the outcome, that the wall will be built, and built by the military.

c6221f  No.4907451


Yes, calling out the US's atrocities overseas makes me a boomer.

That makes sense.

b9e4f7  No.4907452


and the winner is 085185!

The first anon who spelled Booze Gator Rinburg correctly!

8e0893  No.4907453

File: 6c113743fca8fd6⋯.jpg (171.63 KB, 643x681, 643:681, Hasbara_Trolls_1.jpg)

File: 56d54ed111626ee⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1271x2097, 1271:2097, IDF_Shilling_Grills.png)

File: a37aa392b2c6ba3⋯.png (361.67 KB, 929x695, 929:695, Israeli_government_AI_anti….PNG)

File: 836965582abd422⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3668x3284, 917:821, JDIF.jpg)

File: fe26ba6250c6e79⋯.jpg (353.56 KB, 1272x1023, 424:341, JDIF_10Fold.jpg)


They are regrouping.

They will never stop coming until Israeli aid is not cut.

Pics related.

f8060f  No.4907454


>SOTU means both houses are in recess….

NO a Joint Session means they are in SESSION

b06504  No.4907455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ccce27  No.4907456

re: Roger Stone's Arrest

leak to clown news to get EYES on.

key[STONE] to introduce WIKIleaks and other evidence?

261a72  No.4907457


>>4907380 [D]ec 5 theory, Red carpet, Moab, Suicide weekend.

>>4907300 The Mueller exoneration of Trump sets the stage for the Huber prosecutions of [them]?

>>4907256 More proof the Syrians (Russians) are coordinating with the Kurds (USA).

>>4907228 JJ seems to want State of Emergency.

>>4907190 Anon's breakdown of Trump's technique.

3b0de7  No.4907458


POTUS said at the speech this afternoon that 60,000 people are coming over the border.

Enough to fill a small stadium

What a koinkydink- 58,000 illegals may have voted illegally over several elections.

What a koinkydink, the 45 day report (from Dec 21, 2018) on Voter Fraud should be due out on…. Feb 4th 2019.

47e81d  No.4907459

File: 3974058408b2cbf⋯.jpg (233.57 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WhoOpposesTheWallDrugSmugg….jpg)

4d33d2  No.4907460


did they clear that big black patch west of deir ezzor?

f5383a  No.4907461


I was waiting for this. I think a reason for Pelosi not wanting the SOTU is it will shine light on RBG. She most likely is not able to attend whether because near death or dead. Will blow the cover that she is recovering and working from hospital/home.

6e4a62  No.4907462


Supporting Q drops >>4907071 lb

d18d5d  No.4907463


That's fair enough, I suppose.

Kind of like falling out of love.

1dc03a  No.4907465


with ya

b2faa6  No.4907466

File: 0abd2638c62b7ad⋯.jpeg (82.45 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 5B8CCBDF-A061-475F-8FB3-F….jpeg)


Thank you for shutting down the government when you didn’t have to, Mr. president!

Before caving, you could have just given them a 3 week deadline to come to an agreement, and if they didn’t THEN declare a national emergency, still, without having to shutdown the government, Mr. President!

916dc8  No.4907468


Truth Right here!

ae390b  No.4907469


Trump's given up nothing. Pelosi and Schumer have exposed their weakness. We have a FIRM end date in 3 weeks. NP and CS are gonna play around, get comfy, and think they've pulled a fast one on him. In the mean time POTUS has studied and learned and more importantly POSITIONED himself where he needs to be.

8e0893  No.4907470


*Until Israel aid is cut

I need some sleep.

e4d6c1  No.4907471

Fellow Anons..



Stop letting fucking glowing clowns break your faith, otherwise you were never loyal, and you are mentally weak.





a6d3fb  No.4907472


wanna hear a great dead pedophile joke?

[ ]hild

[ ]rafficking

[ ]SSociation

b11cb3  No.4907473



b40f0e  No.4907474

Just had a thought:

Can the military permanently seize the land for the wall, taking it out of Congress's hands forever?

b2faa6  No.4907475


Political capital is a thing.

a6d3fb  No.4907476

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d18d5d  No.4907477


There ain't no draft no more, Cruiser.

a149af  No.4907478

File: 0e95ff9f2eb9151⋯.png (236.17 KB, 629x353, 629:353, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at ….png)



>JJ seems to want State of Emergency

looks pretty chill to me

fa5347  No.4907479

File: 473997c625d50f6⋯.png (79.89 KB, 328x265, 328:265, 2019-01-25_16-53-04.png)

File: ea9c1d5592483df⋯.png (208.43 KB, 474x373, 474:373, 2019-01-25_17-22-40.png)

Early this afternoon, CBSN host Reena (last name unknown) showed off her lack of cultural knowledge. She was unable to understand why Roger Stone did a two-handed display of the peace sign. Guess nobody ever told her that's actually the V For Victory sign! Just another example of cultural appropriation by the left, starting in the late 1960s or early 1970s. I remember Richard Nixon displaying it as he left office after resignation, but NOBODY interpreted it as a peace sign even though the hippies had been using it as such for a few years in their fight against the US efforts in the Vietnam War.

b40f0e  No.4907480

File: b555725423d6597⋯.png (255.67 KB, 508x474, 254:237, bf0c446eb20fea56f6065b8855….png)

5732c4  No.4907482

File: 2b902e1994771b2⋯.png (48.4 KB, 1064x674, 532:337, uninstall.PNG)

Wifeanon was having problems with her laptop, problem solved!

a6d3fb  No.4907483

File: cf193daddd2aaa5⋯.jpg (102.57 KB, 500x697, 500:697, GKGA4898.jpg)

f8060f  No.4907484


>reason for Pelosi not wanting the SOTU is it will shine light on RBG

Oi Vay….SCOTUS judges do NOT have to attend the SOTU and never do ALL of the Justices attend anyway

ae390b  No.4907485


I keep thinking there's morethen RBG to Pelosi

aaa8ad  No.4907486

File: 9dee9fd50b24053⋯.jpg (114.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a_ov_Pepe_160928.jpg)

The alternative to what happened today would have been having POTUS declare a nat emergency after this fake news about Cohen - the shills would have pushed that narrative until the Emergency proclamation - and then it would have been seen as a reaction to it. instead he defused all of it

b0c3f9  No.4907487



Jordan 2024 would work

8e0893  No.4907488

File: f57dad2330f94b2⋯.jpg (79.16 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Pepe_fat_with_tuxedo.jpg)

3244d4  No.4907489

File: 9c6af2a3477c6fb⋯.png (315.2 KB, 632x421, 632:421, 345t6yjhj6775u.png)

8d00ce  No.4907490

File: 27810a9b1f93936⋯.png (178.99 KB, 324x344, 81:86, Hold him too it.png)

The sky doesn't fall

if you bake it, he will crumb

47e81d  No.4907491



How about 1.5 million in Los Angeles alone, that were just removed from the voter rolls due to a successful Judicialwatch lawsuit?

In one city alone!

626d62  No.4907492

File: 8ca67a53d33260b⋯.jpeg (709.07 KB, 1125x1408, 1125:1408, 6437826D-39E2-4F87-A523-3….jpeg)

Pompeo appoints ex-Reagan official convicted of withholding info from Congress to be Venezuela point person


3b0de7  No.4907493

File: c326f6f298baa54⋯.jpg (13.26 KB, 226x255, 226:255, ouchveryouch.jpg)


OUCH upon removal

1dc03a  No.4907494

at least these kinds of situations weed out the fair-weather anons. Good riddance.

916dc8  No.4907495


You think these people serving get to pick where they go?? You are delusional they make the choice to sign up..after that they go where and when they are told! Coy doesn't become you!

4adefe  No.4907496

File: 3d704eed32fcbf4⋯.png (426.92 KB, 780x440, 39:22, ClipboardImage.png)



Born Name Laura Shusterman

Birth Place N/A

Zodiac Sign N/A

Nationality American

Ethnicity Ukranian

Profession Businesswoman

Husband Michael Cohen

Net Worth Under review

Age N/A

Sibling Unknown

Parents Ania and Fima Shusterman

Michael Cohen is sentenced to three years of prison detention.

The American attorney and convicted felon Michael Cohen was a former lawyer for Donald Trump from 2006 to May 2018. The ex-vice-president of The Trump Organization, Cohen pleaded guilty on August 21, 2018, for finance abuses, tax fraud, and bank fraud. On November 29, 2018, he made a second guilty appeal for lying to a Senate committee about struggles to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Recently, the court has penalized him with three years in prison.

On the contrary, Michael Cohen wife, Laura Shusterman is also making headlines for being one behind his taxi business. She has more connections to Trump than simply being Michael Cohen wife. In a Seth Hettena’s book “Trump / Russia: A Definitive History,” he wrote that Trump appointed Michael as a favor to Laura’s father, Fima Shusterman.

Are you curious to know about Laura Shusterman married life with her husband, Michael? Also, learn the figure of Laura Shusterman net worth. On the deck, we’ll be exploring Laura Shusterman wiki facts, age, family, children, husband, and net worth.

peaking of Lauren Shusterman net worth, she was also involved in Trump’s taxi business beforehand. Together with her husband, Michael, she earned a fortune from New York City taxi medallions despite owing tens of thousands in unpaid taxes to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The New York Daily News reported that both owe $53,836 in unpaid taxi taxes. They also own Trump-branded properties. Last year, Laura and her husband sold their Trump World Tower apartment for $3 million.

Michael Cohen


“I am one of thousands of medallion owners who entrust management companies to operate my medallions according to the rules of the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission. Gene Freidman and I are not partners and have never been partners in this business or any other.” #MediaWrongAgain


7:57 AM - May 23, 2018 · Manhattan, NY

Twitter Ads info and privacy

1,729 people are talking about this

Laura’ parents also co-own property with her family in Trump Tower in New York City. After the financial turmoil that Laura and her husband went through, Laura Shusterman net worth must have dropped comparatively. Recently, the court ordered her husband to pay a $50,000 fine for his tax fraud. In 2015, her husband bought a $58 million apartment building in New York City’s Upper East Side. She owns a $9 million penthouse with her husband in Trump Park Avenue.

But what’s the figure of Laura Shusterman net worth?

As of 2018, Laura Shusterman net worth is under review. However, her husband, Michael Cohen’s net worth dropped to -$1 million after the incident.

Laura Shusterman Wiki – Bio: Age, Parents, Father, Ethnicity

Laura Shusterman was born to her Ukrainian parents, Ania and Fima Shusterman. Her father, Fima is the one who introduced Michael Cohen to President Trump. He is directly involved in the tax businesses of Laura and her husband. Nevertheless, she hasn’t shared any of her birth details until now.

Donald Trump mentioned her and her father in one of his tweets related to her husband fraud.

Donald J. Trump


….his wife and father-in-law (who has the money?) off Scott Free. He lied for this outcome and should, in my opinion, serve a full and complete sentence.


10:29 AM - Dec 3, 2018

Twitter Ads info and privacy

37.1K people are talking about this

Laura is of Ukrainian ethnicity. She seems to have a bit shorter height than her husband, Michael Cohen. There is very less info about Laura’ personal life.

cbb3a4  No.4907497

File: 58fab2f6f64a46e⋯.png (287.56 KB, 379x378, 379:378, Capture.PNG)

ddc151  No.4907498

POTUS' speech 18 minutes

17+1 = Q+


f8060f  No.4907499




IF we had won, why are ALL of the Traitors still walking free????? Think Logically!

c780d0  No.4907500


sorry, this class has a shilling 301 prerequisite.

4ae510  No.4907501

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

To those who oppose what this board stands for, let go of the negativity and hate in your heart and open your mind. It will be OK.

a6d3fb  No.4907502

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


wanna hear a great dead pedophile joke?

[ ]ocaine

[ ]n

[ ]merikkka

a149af  No.4907504


pardon me jumping in anon

it's not about q. it's about this social media venue. q could (in theory, not declaring it) just be a device to attract people to it.


480942  No.4907505

File: 975bb37085bdbb9⋯.jpg (714.91 KB, 2171x1179, 2171:1179, iu (1).jpg)

b14964  No.4907506

did anyone ever sit back and wonder what POTUS means when he says Make America Great Again? What time period within our history is he talking about? I mean exact time period. Q drops have exposed that starting with the sinking of the Titanic and subsequent creation of the Federal reserve, we have been infiltrated by an enemy with a plan to destroy us from the inside. We have had many great times within our history and we are great as a country in values. Our constitution is the root of our values and there is no other document like it anywhere. I want to know what time period POTUS has in his mind so I can effectively understand his vision for the chaos we are living in today.

3b9d83  No.4907507


Notable baker. Very fucking notable.

dc8cce  No.4907508

File: 5fde8695f7b721f⋯.png (56.81 KB, 562x648, 281:324, Moon Phase 2019.png)


2dd0da  No.4907509

File: d5e2c8d522276c9⋯.png (16.14 KB, 320x568, 40:71, Twitter Trump Caved 1-25-1….PNG)

File: f38ec1f590721d5⋯.png (451.73 KB, 614x613, 614:613, 1 Twitter Trump Caved 1-25….PNG)

File: d8b0544a69f71b7⋯.png (222.1 KB, 596x615, 596:615, 2 Twitter Trump Caved 1-25….PNG)

#TrumpCaved Trending

a8d56c  No.4907510


Can POTUS declare a Military security zone (say 25 miles) along the entire border for national security in a national emergency?

5f10c0  No.4907511

File: 78d729ca689636d⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 46D5E1A6-B552-4777-9547-4B….png)


Trad behind him

The board

ae390b  No.4907512

File: 37badff6b4121e4⋯.png (285.13 KB, 593x602, 593:602, AQ9.PNG)


List of GOP who voted No to the wall

2d7c54  No.4907513

File: 3f1acad1e5d0bef⋯.jpg (184.09 KB, 1600x1172, 400:293, 7a7b5cab0e77604d5385f5a6b4….jpg)

Couldve cut govt by 30% through RIF

Couldve built wall by nat emergency

Had everyones support

….caves like a good zog puppet

im ready to punch shit right the fuck now fuck this world and fuck the kikes

e4d6c1  No.4907514

The Dems now literally own this. Imagine if the caravan caused havok?

Who's fault would that ve




a149af  No.4907515


relax, anon, it's just a slogan.

f5383a  No.4907516


Absolutely! There is the whole question of what is driving her to fight the illogical wall is bad narrative. Perhaps she is benefitting from the trafficking or she is controlled by threat to do so. Many layers for sure.

a46363  No.4907517

"I see every challenge or crisis as an opportunity." -Nancy Pelosi

778f8a  No.4907518


Q is an important IBM computer like the IBM5100 but quantum

480942  No.4907519


Yeah this isn't gonna bite them on the ass

b66dad  No.4907520

File: 65840250b6eeb3a⋯.jpg (20.77 KB, 292x300, 73:75, open borders for israel.jpg)

File: 7087375d02f6b18⋯.jpg (47.62 KB, 495x495, 1:1, open borders.jpg)

As a half african, half jewish man, I came on here to say I support OPEN BORDERS FOR ISRAEL. No more double standards! And no more lying about the holohoax!!!

us jews are making too many enemies

Let these wonderful african men inside the walls so they can enrich Israel with their beautiful culture!

a6d3fb  No.4907521

wanna hear a great dead pedophile joke?


25525e  No.4907522

File: e84e3adbff27e8a⋯.jpeg (2.6 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, B98277BD-EAB1-41B5-919C-0….jpeg)


Was out and about and saw this stuffed dog- thought of happy Anons dancing in my head

a149af  No.4907523


the man is some kind of media genius

48c16f  No.4907524

File: ed846e9f3c87f99⋯.jpg (85.44 KB, 780x390, 2:1, moral-test-quote.jpg)


Something to consider

b0c3f9  No.4907525

File: ecf7374abde197f⋯.png (269.75 KB, 733x281, 733:281, ClipboardImage.png)


Is that supposed to be slurring or typo?

pic related

626d62  No.4907526

File: 52946f11f374568⋯.jpeg (304.26 KB, 1125x920, 225:184, FE8C92C9-42D8-4ACB-82FB-C….jpeg)

File: 4a94e38e588d8ec⋯.jpeg (583.69 KB, 1125x1177, 1125:1177, 80C64120-9229-47D4-BA84-A….jpeg)

NYPD detective pleads guilty to bank fraud


Follow up tweet:

USA Berman: Instead of upholding his duty to investigate and enforce the law, Michael Bonanno, who was at the time a detective in the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers unit, broke the law by brazenly attempting to swindle hundreds of thousands of dollars from residents of New York


f8060f  No.4907527



Did you actually make it through the 3rd grade?

a1ea90  No.4907528

Nixon Foundation

‏Verified account @nixonfoundation

This morning’s widely-circulated characterization of Roger Stone as a Nixon campaign aide or adviser is a gross misstatement. Mr. Stone was 16 years old during the Nixon presidential campaign of 1968 and 20 years old during the reelection campaign of 1972. 1/2

5:22 PM - 25 Jan 2019


Nixon Foundation

‏Verified account @nixonfoundation

Mr. Stone, during his time as a student at George Washington University, was a junior scheduler on the Nixon reelection committee. Mr. Stone was not a campaign aide or adviser. Nowhere in the Presidential Daily Diaries from 1972 to 1974 does the name "Roger Stone" appear. 2/2

5:22 PM - 25 Jan 2019

3b0de7  No.4907529


context- Texas


8e0893  No.4907530

File: 16990d69eb841cb⋯.png (444.09 KB, 640x653, 640:653, Israel_anti_Black_riots.png)

File: d0577c97bf9edf6⋯.png (29.3 KB, 1019x232, 1019:232, Israel_racism_article_arch….PNG)

File: aafb1a9cd24590e⋯.jpg (559.47 KB, 663x2470, 51:190, Israel_sterelizes_Blacks.jpg)

File: 90ca54ecce9e987⋯.png (116.43 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, Israeli_Rabbi_Uses_Black_C….png)

File: d6f6e0e4204496c⋯.png (350.38 KB, 707x453, 707:453, Jews_racist_against_Blacks.png)


Have you seen this?

c2bd72  No.4907531


Placeholder = Aces up our sleeves

096512  No.4907532

File: 388bdf4fbb2bd98⋯.png (118.89 KB, 697x395, 697:395, ClipboardImage.png)


kek, nope

southfront said the SAA needs a "large security operation" to do that

for comparison, that little pocket we're clearing is on the right

ae390b  No.4907533



977bae  No.4907534


Didn't John Bobbitt get a severed package?

2dd0da  No.4907535


>Yeah this isn't gonna bite them on the ass

I am sure[ ok hoping] POTUS is in full control

But this is just BAD optics on all fronts today

1a00fd  No.4907536

File: 989d73bd973855f⋯.png (44.5 KB, 1170x181, 1170:181, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0778adc79f40faf⋯.png (251.04 KB, 480x320, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)



4c041e  No.4907537

"Never let a good crisis go to waste".

Rahm Fucking Emanuel

e4d6c1  No.4907538


Do you ever stop sucking cocks? Clown?

b40f0e  No.4907539

File: 0c1888fb2c7c242⋯.png (197.11 KB, 457x359, 457:359, 0c1888fb2c7c2423c020698703….png)


>Perhaps she is benefitting from the trafficking or she is controlled by threat to do so

Remember the plane and the story that her family was on board?

What happens to them if she caves on the wall?

a6d3fb  No.4907540

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


wanna watch a great dead pedophile joke?

11ff69  No.4907541


Its not telegraphing to the enemy if you have already defeated them.

d18d5d  No.4907542


I think they chose to ride the ride, which is my point.

4e8a79  No.4907543



For my wife's doctor to get her hormones right. Outside of that? World peace. And Democrat implosion. And a wall. That'd be nice. A wall.

0660d8  No.4907544

File: de2fbe146aa43fb⋯.png (41.86 KB, 402x871, 6:13, ClipboardImage.png)


And if he declares a National Emergency, this would bring the previous National Emergency into focus as well, creating a new narrative about wtf is really going on. We know how CNN likes to dig into POTUS'S past declarations, executive orders and the like. They would end up doing the legwork for POTUS. Nice PLAN!

336804  No.4907545

File: 72adb187b2e751b⋯.jpg (200.83 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, FB_IMG_1548433815261.jpg)


8de776  No.4907546


Not a sportfag here.

What day is Super Bowl?

3244d4  No.4907547


There are only 2 problems. First I went into a field of research where the impact is such that I don't work for just anybody with money, or allow my work to be shared. Second, the only thing protecting these fuckers is the 1st amendment they are trying to overturn. Well played, founding fathers.

301ee0  No.4907548


Not only what the anon said, but consider the following:

Q always said the wall would be built by the military. When Nancy stays an obstructionist bitch and blocks wall funding, Trump gets it done anyway. If by some miracle rank and file congress members get the funding done, then Chuck and Nancy look bad (see Trump, Art of the Deal on denigrating an opponent)

I also like the whole idea of a month without funding the bloated federal government agencies and departments. Trump just proved how the important things get done without them.

We also heard how a lot of heads of departments spend the majority (85%+) of their time stopping career govt employees from sabotaging Trump's agenda. A month without that energy/time drain - priceless???

I am certain Trump is not done showing how Dimocrats are obstructing the will of the majority of the American people. The past shut down and the next (and yes, I predict there will be another - either in three weeks or next debt ceiling) will be about optics for 2020.

a149af  No.4907549


>Have you seen this?

And you beleve it because…you want to. Media wins.

73429c  No.4907550

File: 55624aa8b240395⋯.jpg (6.57 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download.jpg)

ff4622  No.4907551

File: 5f837ea7cb66f3e⋯.png (343.8 KB, 897x371, 897:371, WWG1WGA Bell Rung.png)

Hang in their anons. There is too much weirdness to accept the conventional line.

They fucking rang the WWG1WGA bell three weeks ago at a red carpet event.

aaa8ad  No.4907552

File: ae1864d5d881cfa⋯.png (1.36 KB, 470x21, 470:21, chrome_2019-01-25_14-42-09.png)

4c041e  No.4907553

File: dde3aa51b8d9b40⋯.jpg (104.24 KB, 480x320, 3:2, Are-you-serious-wtf-meme-b….jpg)

f8060f  No.4907554

File: 541aaba89a5a730⋯.png (1.37 MB, 879x883, 879:883, ClipboardImage.png)




Keep hating the Truth- Kool Aide Drinker

a8d56c  No.4907555

A week from next Sunday night >>4907546

5732c4  No.4907556

File: 4ece266fcb3fff0⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 255x143, 255:143, pepe_smooth.jpg)


Super Bowl Sunday

b66dad  No.4907557


Ashamed of my own people!!!

Israel has become the devil

I am denouncing Judaism completely

3244d4  No.4907558


Then go your own way.

94fe7f  No.4907559

>>4906288 (prev)

Your numbers are full of crap.

There are many folks regurgitating the info presented on this channel and hence - millions of followers - especially all of the retweeting, sharing via all sorts of multi-media including email. Only NSA could give us any sort of idea on the real numbers - but they wont.

4d33d2  No.4907560


gotch ya, was looking at 2 different maps and 1 has it cleared and the other it doesn't. good to know though. was thinking it was a glitch or something.

1dc03a  No.4907561

bwahaha. Austin, you deserve it

Austin’s Socialist City Councilman Says Accountability is “Devastating”

Austin’s socialist city councilman says he is opposed to giving Austinites a vote on tax increases.

Councilman Greg Casar, a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America, recently discussed current state and local issues in an interview with the Austin Monitor. One issue Casar referenced was property tax accountability, a proposal put forth by Gov. Greg Abbott which would require Texas’ local governments like the City of Austin to obtain citizen approval if they wanted to raise taxes by more than 2.5 percent.

Casar did not like that idea, calling Abbott and other state leaders “hostile” to his policy goals.

“Obviously, revenue caps will be devastating to working people, and we’ll fight them on [that] front,” he said.

Casar calls the accountability idea a “revenue cap,” but it’s nothing of the sort.


a149af  No.4907562

the media is a psyop when it speaks for my enemies but not so much when it speaks for me.

there's the little hypocrite in everyone.

5595b3  No.4907563


does this like a fucking search engine

11ff69  No.4907564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Was awesome when The Team/POTUS would play this at rallies….


a6d3fb  No.4907565

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

wanna hear a great dead pedophile joke?

b40f0e  No.4907566

File: 8c34a9c60c8fc05⋯.jpg (18.75 KB, 533x313, 533:313, 8c34a9c60c8fc0522dff33968e….jpg)


It's not a man cave. It's a menopause shelter.

59f84f  No.4907567

File: ed567284ae4d497⋯.jpeg (125.42 KB, 1095x601, 1095:601, A3EA9C06-78BD-4C8A-8306-B….jpeg)

File: 5a761a5f4823121⋯.jpeg (997.96 KB, 1061x1819, 1061:1819, DF81C2FD-FD24-4BE7-932E-3….jpeg)

File: 348fbc6c01ae75d⋯.jpeg (801.12 KB, 1242x2032, 621:1016, E2321084-9D18-4324-8821-F….jpeg)

4AM talking point

Evergreen Clinton meets at (12:00) meeting in PR - (Eagle is still there?)

What happened with POTUS?


Getting 2020 candidates on record of what they support, then run through them while campaigns going on. In the background, big arrests. Example: Kamala Harris has donor at dinner, let’s say Ed buck. Photo taken, Ed is arrests days later. Now Kamala drops out. And so on.

227a19  No.4907568


Google is not your friend.

b9e4f7  No.4907569


…and kill Merkel.

Can all be very easily done, except for the hormones.

4f3eba  No.4907570

Still not 1 democrat has gone to prison yet. What a fraud our government is.

f044f4  No.4907571

File: 3b797ccde52ad5e⋯.jpg (43.46 KB, 300x207, 100:69, 434cd8caaf7b62393ce966199d….jpg)



73429c  No.4907572

Bannon is /ourguy/ right?

b0d03a  No.4907573


My opinion as well. Nice synopsis anon.

c2bd72  No.4907574


Weren't Huma and El Chapos wife tied to this?

e4d6c1  No.4907575


Racist fuck.

Your proving yourself, and my point. FUCKING CLOWN.

Keep the faith patriots. Don't let these fucking shills break it.


739580  No.4907576

File: 80c606b5a991e16⋯.jpg (52 KB, 728x283, 728:283, 4hdljf740ejfldh083jh.JPG)

"Hey @seanhannity I think it’s time that you come and visit me in New Zealand. Let’s talk about Seth Rich and put an end to this Mueller / Russia nonsense."


a6d3fb  No.4907577

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

366beb  No.4907578

File: 5707e28f0d429ff⋯.png (203.26 KB, 481x248, 481:248, 2019-01-25_17-44-21.png)

80dc91  No.4907579

If you care about immigration, Donald is laughing at you. And he's telling the moneyed elites he doesn't believe what he's saying. He's not going to build a wall. That's what he told The New York Times. He will betray you on ever you issue across the board. And his strategy of being a bully in particular is directed at women. Donald has a real problem with women.

711941  No.4907580

Hopefully, one of the reasons POTUS agreed to reopen the government was to start the reduction in force (RIF). After all, you can't permanently reduce staff without staff to actually get it done.

096512  No.4907581


some maps show it "cleared", but there are large amounts of ISIS fighters throughout it

I've seen numbers like 500 - 1000 jihadis

a149af  No.4907582


but palantir is.

as long as you like the people who are using it.

the other side says that, too.

f8060f  No.4907583


>Still not 1 democrat has gone to prison yet. What a fraud our government is.

and that is the sad truth!

0eda0f  No.4907584

File: ad5a8d6e4d8da4f⋯.jpg (159.35 KB, 1799x1221, 1799:1221, CIA.jpg)

File: 6c2e0856b93ba71⋯.jpg (151.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Starvation.jpg)

>>4907124 lb

Listen…all the so-called Anons, that are saying 'The Plan' is over, reopening the .gov is capitulation, etc… are counterintelpro . Got it?

Here's the deal…this is brilliant. Why? After getting everyone talking about the common sense of a wall, the shutdown forced certain money streams to dry up.

Follow the money. When they say it's not about the money, it's about the money. See who is supposedly a for-profit business with no connections to .gov, yet suffers financial hemorrhagic shock when .gov output spigots cut off. Notice any layoffs lately?

Now, a temporary restart of 3 weeks, but conveniently at the end of the month (the Eagle flies - money is dispersed) and you can now fit two difficult and fuzzy pieces into your intelligence matrix…particularly how was the money laundered into them (what dried up and it's upstreams, and from what sources do outflows restart into those upstream channels?

Remember the clowns are about the money…it's always, always, always about the money! You can play a lot of games with money, and hide it a thousand ways, but starvation has a signature.

The Machiavellian prince (you clowns know the book well) has a lot of dukes and serfs to keep fed to stay in power…they have to eat…the shutdown will repay the legitimate workers, but the prince's thugs starve. Media thugs, mafia thugs, smuggling thugs, spying thugs, killing thugs, so many hungry thuggy parasites. And they WILL bite the hand that feeds them.

Trust the plan.

42b692  No.4907585


> If he did it cold, people would freak the fuck out at him

thats not what I voted for

I voted for the guy who gave ZERO fucks what normies/liberals think

5f10c0  No.4907586

File: c6af42d379b6078⋯.png (4.4 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 3736D355-C7C8-47DF-BC8E-F1….png)


You almost made me cry bro

b0c3f9  No.4907587


Father asked how they keep winning elections in Oregon

Immediate response: Illegal Aliens and Dead People voting, fraud

4adefe  No.4907588

File: 5501e4cebea9d33⋯.png (459.73 KB, 780x439, 780:439, ClipboardImage.png)


ichael Cohen, the former personal lawyer of President Donald Trump, is married with a daughter and son, who both attended his sentencing. He is also the son of a Holocaust survivor.

Cohen’s two children, Samantha Cohen and her brother, Jake, accompanied Michael Cohen to court in New York City on December 12, 2018, where he was sentenced to three years in prison for lying to Congress.

Cohen is alleged to have paid Stormy Daniels, who claims the money was to buy her silence over what she described as an affair with Trump.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cohen’s Wife Is From Ukraine & They’ve Been Married for Two Decades


Cohen’s wife, Laura Cohen, is Ukrainian. In a statement he gave to the U.S. Senate, Cohen said, “My wife and I have been married for 23 years, and are now entering into the season of our lives when we get to watch our children become adults themselves. My daughter, who is at an Ivy League school, and my wife, who is of Ukrainian descent, have especially been subjected to harassment, insults and threats … some so severe I cannot share them in mixed company.”


Cohen also discussed his son, saying, “I was in Los Angeles with my son who dreams of playing division 1 baseball next year at a prestigious university like USC. We were visiting the campus, meeting with various coaches, and discussing his future. Media sources have been able to confirm these facts and I can provide you with proof.”

Cohen owns a series of taxi medallions that might may have played a role in the FBI’s search. They own “at least 34 medallions through 17 LLCs,” according to The Real Deal. According to Buzzfeed, “Cohen, his wife and his in-laws hold a stake in more than 15 colorfully named taxi companies such as Golden Child Cab Corp. and Smoochie Cab Corp.” Buzzfeed reported that Cohen’s father-in-law, Fima Shusterman, “has been in the taxi business for decades, and was charged in the early 1990s with knowingly conspiring to defraud the IRS as part of a money laundering and tax fraud scheme.”

Read More From Heavy

PHOTOS: Melina Roberge & Isabelle Lagace, the Instagram Pictures You Need to See

2. His Brother Bryan Helped Run a Financial Company in Ukraine

michael cohen net worth salary


Michael Cohen, a personal attorney for President Trump, departs from a House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill

Cohen has links to the Ukraine. His younger brother, Bryan, is also married to a Ukrainian woman. The brothers “were directors of International Ethanol of Ukraine, according to 2006 filings,” Newsweek reported.

According to Buzzfeed, before he became Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen “worked on behalf of a company controlled by …Viktor Topolov, a politician whose associates are members of the Russian and Ukrainian underworld.” Buzzfeed reported that Topolov “has also been investigated twice for money laundering and embezzlement,” and owned an ethanol company “with his longtime business partner, Alex Oronov.”

Bryan Cohen is married to Oronov’s daughter, according to Buzzfeed, which added that Cohen insisted he had only played a “small role” in the company. Here is the document that lists Michael Cohen’s ties to the company.

Read More From Heavy

Laura Cohen, Michael Cohen’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


dc8cce  No.4907589


Sunday, February 3rd 2019

Security Info in Old Bread:



d374e5  No.4907590


Why do you even bother with this? Who are you trying to identify with? I have read these for a while and always, it's soon, for years. Fucking give it up man, this shit just doesn't fly here

1dc03a  No.4907591

Rep. Matt Gaetz

Rep. Matt Gaetz




I call on


today to quickly and immediately bring a comprehensive border security package before the House for a vote. The safety of American citizens is not, and should not be, a partisan issue. #BuildTheWall

5595b3  No.4907592


Brian there is no need for red text.

a1ea90  No.4907593

File: fe28a76c767fc07⋯.jpg (172.81 KB, 946x2048, 473:1024, DxynYDmWwAAx4b6.jpg)

Which anon is this?


‏Verified account @ATFHQ

ATF is seeking the pictured suspect for questioning about the January 23, 2019 arson at Comet Pizza, 5037 Connecticut Ave NW. If you have any information contact 1-888-ATF-FIRE.


4de3e8  No.4907594



a149af  No.4907595








dc0233  No.4907596

Should we thank Bernie for saving us from HRC?

4adefe  No.4907597


3. Cohen Shared a Controversial Photo of His Daughter Wearing Lingerie

Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen branded 'creepy' for posting picture of his daughter Samantha in underwear on… https://t.co/QKjfG3MiLT pic.twitter.com/ounhKbuy98

— check this out (@en_iyisi_burda) May 15, 2017

Michael Cohen shared what some considered a cringe-worthy photo of his adult daughter wearing black lingerie. “So proud of my Ivy League daughter… brains and beauty channeling her Edie Sedgwick,” he wrote on Twitter with the photo of his daughter Samantha, then 21.


The tweet caused a firestorm on social media with some people accusing Cohen of being creepy. According to BBC, when a Twitter user wrote Cohen, “Most fathers don’t post lingerie shots of their daughters. I guess #Trump must be rubbing off on you,” Cohen retorted, “Beauty and brains you a-hole! It’s a modeling shot remake from an old Edie Sedgwick photo. #hater.”


On Instagram, Samantha Blake Cohen listed herself as “UPenn ‘18.” With one Instagram photo, she wrote, “My dad made me stand here because I match the wall 🙈.” Her posts showcase a glamorous life. “Another day another Cabernet,” she wrote with one Instagram photo.

4. Cohen’s Daughter Called Him ‘the Best Dad in the Whole World’


On Instagram, Samantha Cohen wrote, “Happy birthday to the best dad in the whole world !!! 🤗💕😘” She captioned another photo, “fam, fam.”


In 2016, she posted another photo with her dad and wrote, “Happy Birthday to the best dad in the whole wide world !!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 never looked so good 😏”

5. Cohen’s Father Survived the Holocaust

donald trump michael cohen reaction


Donald Trump has called the raid on Michael Cohen’s offices a “disgraceful situation.”

A 2011 profile by ABC News reported that Cohen was raised on Long Island. “His mother was a nurse and his father was a surgeon who escaped a Nazi concentration camp with his family during World War II,” the story reported.

He was first introduced to politics as a child when his parents’ neighbor “invited him to walk precincts with New York Mayor John Lindsay in Atlantic Beach, Queens and Brooklyn,” according to ABC News.

Published Apr 9, 2018 at 8:25pm

f8060f  No.4907598

File: 812d8a7dc711041⋯.png (163.74 KB, 348x400, 87:100, ClipboardImage.png)


>Racist fuck.

Call Racism is what Dems do when they lose an argument…

a6d3fb  No.4907600



8e0893  No.4907601

File: e0fae7f6ce543ab⋯.png (162.86 KB, 1213x527, 1213:527, Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_an….PNG)

File: 11db112ea106f4c⋯.jpg (49.09 KB, 750x706, 375:353, Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_an….jpg)

File: b05243c5987ee31⋯.png (53.59 KB, 575x350, 23:14, Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_an….png)

File: 0bce536c14984c9⋯.png (41.45 KB, 1220x598, 610:299, z_Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_….PNG)

File: 81b90837baac271⋯.png (76.91 KB, 1101x826, 1101:826, zz_Holocaust_psyop_weapon_….png)


That article is very crappy.

The official version of the holohoax is fraudulent.

Related pasta:

It is now anti-semitic to be pro-Trump and pro-MAGA, according to the Holocaust Museum of Berlin.

Reminder that the official version of the holocaust is a fraud:

(The crosslinks below are from this archived bread: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2390914.html

Ctrl+f for these there:)

>>2395991 – David Cole, a jewish historian exposes some of the lies of the official version of the holocaust

>>2396033 – David Irving, historian, exposes some of the lies of the Nuremberg Trials

>>2396017 – Anonymous documentary creator exposes many of the lies pertaining to the fraudulent official version of the holocaust and Nuremberg Trials

>>2396026 – The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure

>>3035752 – Some pictures about the holohoax

>>2947546 – A great book about the fraud that is the official and illegal to question in some countries version of the holocaust: “Hoax of the Twentieth Century” and links to 60+ books and documents on this subject

>>2947546 – “David Cole in Auschwitz full documentary 1992”

>>3144998 - Bishop Richard Williamson tells the truth about the "holocaust"

>>3145022 – 2 pics regarding the death toll numbers of the Majdanek camp and an article about jews admitting to lying about the number of dead in the official version of the holocaust

>>3145069 - Documentary called: "Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth (Eric Hunt)"

And now the child trafficking, Cholera re-introducing, Open Borders pusher UN wants to brainwash the youth into supporting child/organ/human/drug/weapon trafficking facilitator policy of Open Borders using the Holohoax fraud:



UN Report: Holocaust Exploitation To Terraform European Christendom

December 3, 2018 by CH

From the official United Nations website, a discussion paper that proposes using memory of the Holocaust to press for more multiculturalism and globalism.

"The future of Holocaust memory and education lies in its ability to be relevant to the students of coming generations. While study about the Holocaust is important in and of itself, it is even more important to learn from the Holocaust in terms of promoting global citizenship, human rights, religious tolerance and multiculturalism to ensure that such evil does not occur again."

How does multiculturalism prevent genocide? It would seem commonsensical that the best way to prevent genocide of the Holocaustian flavor is to keep different peoples apart.

"In many locations worldwide, the Holocaust has become a universal symbol of evil. Just as the story of the Exodus from Egypt from the Bible, and the catch cry “Let my people go” epitomises moving from slavery towards freedom, the Holocaust is now the defining symbol of the most terrible denial of basic human rights—an evil that we struggle to comprehend."

Paradoxically, we can transform teaching about the Holocaust from a subject of despair to a subject of hope. We can convey to our students the message that the option of preventing the next Holocaust is in our own hands. Our students can take specific steps to counter racism and hatred on a local, granular level and this will impact at the universal, international level.

"In this way, adolescents can become agents of change. The most important educational message of tikun olam,repairing the world, is that we must not be indifferent, we must not be bystanders, because indifference is lethal."

Get them while they’re young. (Although, it’s a good bet [the special kids] don’t fall far from the olive tree.)

"We have to act! We must be agents and facilitators against the evils of discrimination, prejudice, hatred and violence. All teachers need to equip their students with the intellectual and practical tools to deal with complex historical situations."

b40f0e  No.4907602


Could be.

I was wondering about the optics of having Stone on Tucker just before his arrest.

600ccc  No.4907603

File: 0b66cccf6182e76⋯.jpeg (144.27 KB, 1440x1200, 6:5, 1548449047.jpeg)


Did he turn down a bj from you Kamala?


47e81d  No.4907604

>>4907579 Hopefully you already killed yourself and your nasty/ludicrous message came in posthumously.

11ff69  No.4907605


Stop engaging them, Anon. Find real Anon posts and engage with us.

ae3a16  No.4907607

File: 4a2934e42303fde⋯.jpg (117.49 KB, 500x568, 125:142, GWB-NP.jpg)

2639ea  No.4907608


stealing from the poor so you can drug and fuck em like Ed Buck and Adam Shitt West Hollywood Style Sunset and Melrose sandwich style.

You win when you give in and sing. Pray for mercy along with Buck and Lieu and walk the streets to see who gives it to you. Impunity fuckers

741aa2  No.4907609

File: 94af205bda23603⋯.jpg (61.8 KB, 630x473, 630:473, yltkjxhgfd.JPG)


good post anon

I would not rule out the use of State of Emegency

Past use has been frequented and still has it's function of showing a corrupted congress for what it is.

4ae510  No.4907610

File: 41f312c6b84aa37⋯.png (174.48 KB, 474x418, 237:209, ClipboardImage.png)


Why let the media "speak" for you? It doesn't speak for me. It's merely a source of information. Good or bad, it's for you to decide. Letting CNN speak for you is no different than letting The National Enquirer speak for you.

1a00fd  No.4907611

File: dd3144c24252d5a⋯.png (344.51 KB, 490x543, 490:543, ClipboardImage.png)

c1ff98  No.4907612


You germinated a thought,

What actually happened during the shutdown?

Do we actually know?

Did POTUS get something done behinds the scenes?

This announcement came out of the blue and was quite a shock - he just said "We will not Cave!"

So, what did he get? or what did he accomplish?

Something happened…

a8d56c  No.4907613

File: d74824d06276d44⋯.jpeg (79.26 KB, 561x490, 561:490, BE355004-B232-46A2-84A2-4….jpeg)

930387  No.4907614


I hope he says fuck you and keeps it shut, if Q is real they are working for him, I think the dems will not pass it through house now over ICE funding or some shit

666e0e  No.4907615

File: dc23374a8acc1b7⋯.jpg (94.91 KB, 749x743, 749:743, severance.jpg)

File: 49c5102b0df70e9⋯.png (122.41 KB, 749x743, 749:743, huffposeverancepackage.png)


Lets test that theory…

ab7f6b  No.4907616

File: 61b469cbed540ea⋯.png (136.17 KB, 543x297, 181:99, 2e4ea18e0dd3902f5d39d42085….png)


I thought you guys were antiwall?

73429c  No.4907617

File: 4befc106bb4b19e⋯.jpg (78.3 KB, 500x650, 10:13, 2rz6gl.jpg)

a6d3fb  No.4907618

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


wanna hear a great dead pedophile joke?

26b836  No.4907619


Trump can use the two party system to take itself down.

739580  No.4907620


>We also heard how a lot of heads of departments spend the majority (85%+) of their time stopping career govt employees from sabotaging Trump's agenda. A month without that energy/time drain - priceless???

Hear! Hear! And as a plus, over 1,000 MSM jobs were lost…. coincidence ? Slush funds drained due to the shutdown?

111270  No.4907621


778f8a  No.4907622


Its almost one, a human brain one. But like when search engine were now you have to use phrasing and punctuation that activates the system.

When is the super bowl -Wrong!

Fuck NFL, what day do NPC formed receive their annual programming. - Correct!

3b0de7  No.4907623

File: da9001d07976f80⋯.jpg (11.62 KB, 255x143, 255:143, WELLDONELADDY.jpg)


Maybe its YOU setting your "wife" off…..?!?!?

e4d6c1  No.4907624

So many fucking pedo loving shills today trying to sway the board against Q/POTUS.

Do you think we would be this far without Trump and Q?

I won't give up my support for Trump. Never will. He has done far more than nearly any previous president. He knows what he is doing.


Q doesn't televise the moves.

930387  No.4907626


not yet logic says he won't re open it

73429c  No.4907627

Maybe we get the truth about Parkland on the 1 year anniversary (Feb 14) HAHAHAHAHAH

37354b  No.4907628

File: 109026a871079ca⋯.jpg (14.1 KB, 158x143, 158:143, neo.jpg)

In The beginning of POTUS' term he seemed like he was holding his own, BUT it seemed like a lot of work. Kind of like a fair fight, but him against everyone.

In the past month or two notice that POTUS is like NEO at the end of the Movie - Matrix, where he becomes fully aware of his Awakened abilities and kicks complete borgstate ass. Unstoppable at this point (Nothing Can Stop him) Neo uses very little effort to do maximum damage. POTUS does not even break a sweat anymore keeping these horrible people headed (herded) towards accountability. Trust Anons It IS happening

Yes ((they)) have been exposed and under scrutiny over and over in every one of our lifetimes, even almost contained a time or two in history.

Yes they almost always get away with everything. WHY? There have always been varying degrees of fail safes and loopholes and "friends" in high places to help facilitate slippery outcomes.

What Do You Think DRAIN THE SWAMP Means?

Years of few controlling everything is being slowly chipped away. Without the steady flow of money made from treason, drugs, humans etc. the funding for the evil economy has slowed to nothing. MEDIA LAYOFFS Boom. Clean Up BAD Law. Boom. List hundreds of booms..

Realize, We are not just cleaning up the past few years or 10 years. This unraveling goes back at the very least 100(+) years with the creation of FedRes, the dawn of AMA, all the Wars, Theft of Resources, Mfg Drugs, modern Slavery (human traficking MK) and even farther back in time with the creation of various secret societies bloodline elitist positioning for conquest.

you think that level of atrocity goes away in a year?

It took many hundreds of years setting up these institutions and it was done with the people's wealth and completely in secret. Keeping their Narrative has cost lifetimes of suffering that [they] get off on it. One year of actively pursuing [them] winningly would hardly be noticed by most, the second year would force a few more to lqqk. Then history will write it all down (archived).

Dismantling this beast structure takes a NEO. The people have been trying forever to slay it or even define it. Many dove into [their] books and [their] law and some of the people learned all [their] comms. We have learned to speak [their] language of symbology and tweets. Enough maids and guards and gardeners and pilots and drivers and assistants have overheard [them] and will be excellent witnesses.

Nothing like this has ever been done before. If you have eyes and ears, you know FULL well what is afoot. pun intended.

If you are still confused >>>> reread all of Q's posts https://qanon.pub/

a46363  No.4907629


Q has provided numbers in the past that indicated access to that information.

a149af  No.4907630

File: 21d1d755aaa9eb6⋯.png (9.71 KB, 401x397, 401:397, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at ….png)


damn, so close.

love you bro noh omo

8f1c56  No.4907631


–"Watch the Father-in-Law"–

666e0e  No.4907632

File: 8e6ed3fbc0096d1⋯.jpg (103.99 KB, 701x689, 701:689, instinct.jpg)

a6d3fb  No.4907633


Ebot microcontroller



Ebot ~ Version 1

Developer Eng. Ahamd Al Saleh, Eng. Nasser Hayawi

Manufacturer CreativeBits Solutions co.

Operating system Windows, Cloud Base

Power 5 volts

Website www.ebots.cc

Ebot (Arabic: ‎) is a microcontroller unit that is based on Arduino board, two Kuwaiti hobbyists claim that it is an invention and that it has received many national and international prizes.

Ebot is a mini integrated digital computer that consists of a processor, RAM and input/output peripheral devices. Unlike processors used in PCs, Ebot was designed for embedded systems to control operations.

d14deb  No.4907634

File: dd445ff795497c1⋯.png (17.96 KB, 564x198, 94:33, evil2.PNG)














all previous bread:





>>4907041 (bot operator attempting to blend in)










>>4906932 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


>>4906996 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


2 breads ago:

>>4905706 pb

>>4905987 pb

>>4906077 pb

>>4906123 pb

>>4906156 pb

>>4906201 pb

>>4906274 pb

>>4906314 pb

>>4906345 pb

>>4906355 pb

>>4906367 pb

>>4906377 pb

>>4906415 pb

>>4906417 pb

>>4906426 pb


reminder: above is a propaganda spambot.

>>4906039 (pb) full bot analysis

>>4906164 (pb) bot behavior analysis

>>4906219 (pb) bot glitch detailed example

58fcb2  No.4907635

File: 2f69c95d63316c8⋯.jpg (41.17 KB, 604x604, 1:1, 2f69c95d63316c8eb674347ade….jpg)

The shills are out in force today, too bad they sent the gayest bunch of shills with the gayest division sowing tactics.

Seeing these faggots freaking out makes me feel good and comfy though.

Are anons comfy this afternoon/evening?

80dc91  No.4907636


Oh, there's more, at LOT more. Hell hath no fury like a BASE scorned.

a6d3fb  No.4907637


The Ebot microcontroller was built using an (ATMEGA1284P) integrated circuit from the (AVR 8-bit) family, which uses 8 bits to build the commands.

The diagram consists of two layers. The first layer has (ATMEGA1284P) pin functions, the second has the Arduino-compatible pins (bootloader), and the second layer has the names of the (Ebot) pins. The pin names and placement have been modified to suit the unit’s inputs and outputs ports, which will facilitate the programming process for the user.[1]


Ebot IDE was developed by CreativeBits Co., and was designed to teach programming in a simple way. The software allows users to program using a command-line interface or a graphical interface, with a Data Lab to analyze the records, a serial Monitor to view current readings, and an PC control Interface to add more advanced options.

Ebot IDE works like a magnet, where the user drags one component from one of the menus on the left (Input, Output, Flow) and drops it at the top of the graphical page. When dragging the next component, it will be attached to the previous one, and so on

cb1bd1  No.4907638




442d33  No.4907639

AF2 spotted from the ground in SC and Wilmington, NC today.

05f9df  No.4907640


Damn… I'd like to see those. She's hot as fuck.

4ae510  No.4907641


Likewise, anon. Likewise.

f8060f  No.4907642


>so you can drug and fuck em like Ed Buck and Adam Shitt West Hollywood Style Sunset and Melrose sandwich style.

I voted for POTUS over 2 years ago…and I am still waiting for Justice…I have sworn the Oath (5 times I swore that Oath)to Defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign

and Domestic. You are in danger of being suspected as such an enemy…

e4d6c1  No.4907643


Sorry. Just fucks me off. Good point I will ignore.

Just trying to re-energize the group.

Forgive me Anons.


f044f4  No.4907644


Because they would have taken that ultimatum seriously? Because by illustrating that nearly a million government employees went without pay for over a month, that the Democrats are compassionate to their constituents?

That by illustrating in the next three weeks, that the Democrats will not negotiate or compromise with the Trump administration. Showing the country how they are failing to execute the duty they were elected to perform? That despite digging in their heels and crossing their arms over their chest, they still lost the argument on a border wall and the support of many Americans because of how unreasonable they have been?

7959b5  No.4907645

File: 194271b428690af⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1598x892, 799:446, 72164698241376465.png)

56c901  No.4907646


not comfy but certainly have learned to sit still and wait.

f79d2c  No.4907647


I'll believe it when I see it, if I see it. We may not have a country for much longer.

bb77a5  No.4907648


>Are anons comfy this afternoon/evening?


we've seen this kind of wave of shilling and concernfagging before. (yawn)

takes up a lot of room, but eh.

it tickles

755047  No.4907650


I understand anon..believe me! Many a response I have typed out, walked away then returned and deleted :)

dc8cce  No.4907651

File: d1caf894593b7bc⋯.mp4 (4 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Warren01252019.mp4)

Elizabeth Warren

‏Verified account @ewarren

8m8 minutes ago (5:42 PM - 25 Jan 2019 EST)

After 35 days, the shutdown will soon be temporarily over. These guys shouldn’t be running our government. And in three weeks we cannot hold federal workers and their livelihoods hostage again.


a6d3fb  No.4907652


World Summit Award, First Prize- 2015 [2]

First Prize at Arab Mobile App Challenge WAMDA] 2015 [3]

First Prize at Kuwait eContent award 2015 [4]

First Prize at International Invention Fair in the Middle East 2015 [5]

First Prize at CLAWAR Competition 2015 [6]

Robotics education in Kuwait

15 schools (primary and secondary) have been teaching robotics in Kuwait, and by the 2016 academic year it was planned to be taught on a wider scale in all state schools, according to the Education Minister Bader Hamad Al-Essa. Certain errors[example needed] will have to be rectified after they emerged during teaching it in some schools.[7]

Robotics competitions offer a chance to encourage students to build their own solutions as a team to real-world problems using science and maths

cb1bd1  No.4907654



Fucking NPC

666e0e  No.4907655

File: 46c50c41521da7d⋯.png (1.57 MB, 909x796, 909:796, pervpic.png)

2d7c54  No.4907656


So go govt isnt open yet? Superblackpilled right now.

8e0893  No.4907657

File: 5fc274b743619eb⋯.png (4.39 MB, 1464x7344, 61:306, Blacks_against_jewish_supr….png)

File: 2f89e7abcd135dd⋯.png (520.33 KB, 599x667, 599:667, Israel_anti_Blacks.png)

File: ebff5eda5905032⋯.jpg (113.05 KB, 1108x640, 277:160, Jack_Bernstein_book_IRL_pr….JPG)

File: feccb18d06d53ad⋯.jpg (45.26 KB, 571x431, 571:431, Jack_Bernstein.jpg)

File: ed7a012d1ffd081⋯.png (870.64 KB, 942x733, 942:733, The_Life_of_an_American_Je….PNG)


I don't get what you meant with that post.


I believe it because those facts are constantly censored by the zionists that own the MSM.

Have some more facts that they always censor.

Read the book written by Jack Bernstein about racism in Israel. Link in pics related.

3067f2  No.4907658

File: 72c2bca73522eb5⋯.jpg (9.32 KB, 255x218, 255:218, 0a74e378a377ea94647cacc54a….jpg)


Very comfy.

755047  No.4907659


She reminds me of an annoying neighbor I have…

a149af  No.4907660

have to admit i admire hannity's schtick.

hawks snake oil all afternoon and shills for his tv show on which he probably hawks more snake oil.

gotta be the nearest thing to a perpetual motion machine.

4c041e  No.4907661


My achin' ass. Wherever I happen to be standing at the moment is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

bb9cc9  No.4907662


Fucking KEK

d14deb  No.4907663

current bread:


>>4907242 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907269 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907276 (bot operator attempting to blend in)






>>4907470 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907488 (bot operator attempting to blend in)




all previous bread:





>>4907041 (bot operator attempting to blend in)










>>4906932 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


>>4906996 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


2 breads ago:

>>4905706 pb

>>4905987 pb

>>4906077 pb

>>4906123 pb

>>4906156 pb

>>4906201 pb

>>4906274 pb

>>4906314 pb

>>4906345 pb

>>4906355 pb

>>4906367 pb

>>4906377 pb

>>4906415 pb

>>4906417 pb

>>4906426 pb


reminder: above is a propaganda spambot.

>>4906039 (You) (pb) full bot analysis

>>4906164 (You) (pb) bot behavior analysis

>>4906219 (You) (pb) bot glitch detailed example

8e0893  No.4907664

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You might be interested in watching this video.

Pasta related:

Dr Tony Martin, a Black Professor, denounced Jewish subversion in the 90's, and gathered undeniable publicly available information that proves that Jews were the ones who started and dominated the slave trade to the Americas, including the US.

<Some thoughts on the importance of redpilling the Black population of the US on the issue of Jewish supremacism:

The reason why Jews fear a truly informed Black population (13% of the US population) is because they have been accusing Whites of what they did to Blacks (slavery), and using that as a tool for inciting Blacks to hate on Whites for it. When Blacks learn real history, the hate turns back at the Jews, for good reason, and even bigger. Blacks don't give a fuck about the holohoax, they didn't had shit to do with WW2, so the Jews can't play that card against Blacks.

An educated Black community united in the fight against Jewish injustice along with Whites, Latinos, non-subversive Jews and Asians puts tremendous fear in the hearts of the subversive Jews.

Also, a key aspect about Blacks redpilling each other is that Blacks have the ears of the Democrats in a way Republicans and Whites don’t (many White Democrats see all Whites as racists, they were taught to hate Whites for being White and won’t listen to Whites), which means that a redpilled Black is the perfect vessel for redpilling Democrats (almost half of the US population).

If Blacks get redpilled on the JQ, both the Democrats and the zionists are fucked.

Jews did dominate the trans-atlantic slave trade operation…. most blacks in America that blame that on Whites, really should be focused on blaming the jews.

Also note that Blacks blame Whites for slavery because Jews used their MSM and Hollywood domination to scapegoat Whites for their slave trade domination and kickstart.

11ff69  No.4907665



The work on the wall has never stopped. It continues. The shutdown was a show… but to do some MUCH MUCH BIGGER things… its not about the wall… recall the dailycaller.com op-ed? "Trimming fat". removing obstructionists, possibly going after SES, etc…a LOT more than a wall. The money for the wall has always been there… from 170 different places.

90061c  No.4907666


Because he got rid of 1000 journalists. He took them off the payroll. MSM has to pay them now if they want to keep them.

a149af  No.4907667


omg THIS


d14deb  No.4907668

current bread:



>>4907242 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907269 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907276 (bot operator attempting to blend in)






>>4907470 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907488 (bot operator attempting to blend in)




all previous bread:





>>4907041 (bot operator attempting to blend in)










>>4906932 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


>>4906996 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


2 breads ago:

>>4905706 pb

>>4905987 pb

>>4906077 pb

>>4906123 pb

>>4906156 pb

>>4906201 pb

>>4906274 pb

>>4906314 pb

>>4906345 pb

>>4906355 pb

>>4906367 pb

>>4906377 pb

>>4906415 pb

>>4906417 pb

>>4906426 pb


reminder: above is a propaganda spambot.

>>4906039 (You) (pb) full bot analysis

>>4906164 (You) (pb) bot behavior analysis

>>4906219 (You) (pb) bot glitch detailed example

5595b3  No.4907669

File: 0c7633688401bbd⋯.png (135.05 KB, 307x302, 307:302, ClipboardImage.png)


someone start a social media hoax about the racist lemons behind her.

778f8a  No.4907670


Dudeanon, She reminds me of that annoying neighbor we all have…

a6d3fb  No.4907671

File: 295feeb23965ed0⋯.png (88.35 KB, 299x168, 299:168, ENFC0336.png)

88e9e0  No.4907672

Can anyone shed light on big picture?

Earth annunaki controlled

Humans genetically engineered by annunaki. (Enki)

Enki = Lucifer is said to value humanity

Enlil = satan is said to despise humanity

Pleiadians here to help wake us up to control.

Trump working with faction of annunaki who favors humanity progression?

Fighting faction of annunaki who hates humanity wants to keep us as cattle.

All religions developed to direct human consciousness to various annunaki gods.

TV and electronics designed to direct our consciousness to benefit them.

Humanity and our soul being very powerful in cosmos -we have the power to create with thoughts.

We are valued as we may be able to assist both annunaki and other races become positive oriented, love, emotion.

The awakening.

c15f6e  No.4907673


Hardly a paradigm shift. More like a paradigm reminder. Pay attention.

911abe  No.4907675

File: 2dadc64a30e51ac⋯.png (239.04 KB, 940x353, 940:353, Cost.PNG)

This is just a smidge of why we need a fucking wall. Dems and shills that say no to the wall should be hung by a rope.

Haha..You faggot shills spend their day talking shit on a computer.

You shills are LOSERS, in life. Losers.

The Cost of Illegal Immigration to the United States

At the federal, state, and local levels, taxpayers shell out approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens, and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens. That amounts to a tax burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member and a total of $115,894,597,664. The total cost of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers is both staggering and crippling. In 2013, FAIR estimated the total cost to be approximately $113 billion. So, in under four years, the cost has risen nearly $3 billion. This is a disturbing and unsustainable trend. The sections below will break down and further explain these numbers at the federal, state, and local levels.


Federation for American Immigration Reform

156c46  No.4907676

File: 54e7b35ffe0343b⋯.png (118.59 KB, 594x383, 594:383, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at ….png)


CDAN sauce: https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/01/blind-item-8-reddit-blind.html

Reddit sauce: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/ajdzxn/redditors_who_know_truly_horrible_people_how_do/eevemdj/

37354b  No.4907677

File: 90f75f4929d08ad⋯.jpg (8.04 KB, 300x168, 25:14, pepe.jpg)


comfy and smiling

68c316  No.4907679

File: aaf8197d7702507⋯.jpg (303.68 KB, 1108x1054, 554:527, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at ….jpg)

Resignation - Mockingbird Political Media

Veteran reporter and Daily News bureau chief Ken Lovett is leaving the newspaper next month, he told Capital Tonight.

His last day at the Tribune Publishing-owned paper is Feb. 15.

To say this is a big loss of institutional knowledge for the Legislative Correspondents Association is an understatement: Lovett has covered the Capitol for a quarter century, including 10-1/2 years at The Daily News as well as eight at The New York Post, a career that spans five governors.

He could not say what the new job is just yet, but it won’t be in journalism.

https:// www.nystateofpolitics.com/2019/01/lovett-to-depart-daily-news/

2d7c54  No.4907680

File: 57d82a8a03ee6bc⋯.jpg (93.17 KB, 408x602, 204:301, 57d82a8a03ee6bcd451d6d2925….jpg)


Shut up Demon. Were going to burn you on pyres soon.

d14deb  No.4907682


lame ip hop. try harder.

be443e  No.4907683

File: 3ca308b1a5891ee⋯.jpg (96.84 KB, 589x1024, 589:1024, 43c4fe19576c2c8277027e4459….jpg)


…Lurkin' low, dug in for the schilling. Letting the circus clowns perform their act. Positive changes in sight. Holding the line.

4e8a79  No.4907684

File: bd03036a493a9e7⋯.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, 50:31, bd03036a493a9e71693c39dc1f….gif)


>except the hormones


a6d3fb  No.4907685

File: ef463debd2d4643⋯.png (2.52 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, DNQX7853.png)

1f0893  No.4907686

File: b08ecae335af19f⋯.png (24.41 KB, 156x88, 39:22, ClipboardImage.png)


Boy wins science fair for ‘proving’ NFL star Tom Brady cheated


7dabb9  No.4907688

File: dbfb8ed8bad10be⋯.png (48.5 KB, 638x458, 319:229, VKearlymuellerraids.png)

a149af  No.4907689

File: ada0f70cb78fbe4⋯.png (70.4 KB, 284x191, 284:191, crazy blonde.png)


she reminds me of this.

692bb2  No.4907690

I have to admit it is weird that migrants are invading EVERYWHERE excerpt Israel.

Weird Weird Weird

a6d3fb  No.4907691

File: 45387569c9c932d⋯.png (204.38 KB, 800x566, 400:283, 800px-Ebot8-PRO.png)

600ccc  No.4907692

File: 4d285df43012319⋯.png (654.86 KB, 799x532, 799:532, 1545167645.png)


"Hah, it's opposite day, stupid hostages!!!"

cbb3a4  No.4907695

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A Study of the Nephilim and their Return as Aliens by Chuck Missler

8e0893  No.4907696

File: 914e52f436a0adc⋯.jpg (160.06 KB, 1010x783, 1010:783, 4dc2e71a7bffc305d860e203fe….jpg)

File: 4f46e5b8da95252⋯.jpg (983.04 KB, 3145x1752, 3145:1752, Jews_for_refugees.jpg)

File: 9869a92f43f8988⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2508x1504, 627:376, Jews_Islamization_Of_Europ….jpg)

File: 5d673ebdf6fc187⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2486x3062, 1243:1531, Jews_Push_For_Muslim_Migra….jpg)

File: 7bde38e1d07771a⋯.png (682.94 KB, 864x562, 432:281, Youtube_vid_Muslims_and_Je….PNG)



You never post any digs, you’re here only to damage control for Israel.

>So, again:

Not an argument.

I posted facts, you post attacks on the messenger to try to discredit the message.

Name calling and false accusations does not make the facts I post any less factual, Israel first traitor :)

When Israel first shills attack you and you decide to reply, expose them and post verifiable facts that poison the general public's support for Israel, its what they want to avoid as the information containment agents they are :)

Bread #6247

Megajew ID: bfca11

Total posts: 52

No digs, only shilling for Israel and Judaism and inciting filtering.





















































ae390b  No.4907698

File: 9c81c8bcb8ed1de⋯.png (78.49 KB, 594x236, 297:118, AQ11.PNG)

Can't sauce it but encouraging.

e0619e  No.4907699


Was told by my college advisor that journalism was the very bottom run of university. Below football, below education, below everything. It allows dim people to get a degree.

298b30  No.4907700

File: d62d61e1815a03f⋯.png (1.11 MB, 947x542, 947:542, 1 25 19 2.PNG)

File: bd2fa226cfebba0⋯.png (303.96 KB, 614x781, 614:781, witch3.PNG)

?? craft ??

c15f6e  No.4907701

File: 4831e90df3aa153⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 599x403, 599:403, Comfy Camper Pepe.jpg)

1f0893  No.4907702

File: ac4460ccf281e9b⋯.png (630.87 KB, 1280x533, 1280:533, ClipboardImage.png)


Trump, Democrats reach temporary agreement to end partial government shutdown


ae3a16  No.4907703

File: c5815fc9bdea6a4⋯.jpg (87.83 KB, 795x500, 159:100, NP-Dementia.jpg)

a149af  No.4907705

File: a5fa41081277a3a⋯.png (541.05 KB, 758x436, 379:218, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at ….png)


take note of the raids indeed

19f5a4  No.4907706

File: 068abc2c78a7621⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 500x459, 500:459, 1539285879885.gif)


>reminder: above is a propaganda spambot

i find the info quite informative, tbqh

d14deb  No.4907707

current bread spambot garbage:



>>4907242 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907269 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907276 (bot operator attempting to blend in)






>>4907470 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907488 (bot operator attempting to blend in)




previous bread spambot garbage:





>>4907041 (bot operator attempting to blend in)










>>4906932 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


>>4906996 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


spambot garbage from 2 breads ago:

>>4905706 pb

>>4905987 pb

>>4906077 pb

>>4906123 pb

>>4906156 pb

>>4906201 pb

>>4906274 pb

>>4906314 pb

>>4906345 pb

>>4906355 pb

>>4906367 pb

>>4906377 pb

>>4906415 pb

>>4906417 pb

>>4906426 pb


reminder: above is a propaganda spambot.

>>4906039 (pb) full bot analysis

>>4906164 (pb) bot behavior analysis

>>4906219 (pb) bot glitch detailed example

11ff69  No.4907709



To be clear.. the wall conversation is important for informing the population on the true nature of whats going on at the border, human trafficking, drugs, gangs, voter fraud, etc… but it, and the month-long drama played out with chuck and nancy, was and is surface-level. There is much bigger happenings happening.

0eda0f  No.4907710


He already has a declared a State of Emergency dealing with human trafficking, et al..12.23.17…then renewed it, so it's still in effect.

This is theater. He mentions human trafficking every time he talks about the wall, so clearly it's covered.

Something else is going on…he could do the wall in the dark. This spotlight is a diversion.

755047  No.4907711


Rare dinner out (we don’t spend much so this is a 2x a year treat) with spouseanon. No phones. Q may or not come up in the conversation. Life is good :)

147bc5  No.4907712


Too bad no one on the RIght has the BALLS to do the same.

Precedent WASTED!

8e0893  No.4907713

File: ff30471d0bc24f5⋯.jpg (360.98 KB, 1744x926, 872:463, Spurdo_chocolate.jpg)


Bery comby :DDDD

Interdasting article:


"Merkel and Macron, two politicians who cannot muster even a majority of their people for support, signed a Franco-German friendship treaty which has allowed them to boast that this is the first step to creating a European Army. There is a mad rush behind the curtain to create a European Army, not to protect Europe from Putin, but to protect the government in Brussels from the people they rule. They are very much aware that the best way to secure power is to have a foreign army.

Blog/European Union

Posted Jan 24, 2019 by Martin Armstrong

Merkel and Macron, two politicians who cannot muster even a majority of their people for support, signed a Franco-German friendship treaty which has allowed them to boast that this is the first step to creating a European Army. There is a mad rush behind the curtain to create a European Army, not to protect Europe from Putin, but to protect the government in Brussels from the people they rule. They are very much aware that the best way to secure power is to have a foreign army.


In Constantinople during the Byzantine Empire, Emperor Justinian faced the same issue as Macron — a rising discontent. The local lack of support from both the police and military of the Emperor embolden the people to rise up. They went as far as to declare a new emperor, Hypatius. Justinian was about to flee the city for his life when his wife stopped him. She pointed to an army outside the city which was not made up of local Greeks. He ordered the army to enter the city to protect him. They slaughtered what we would call today the Yellow Vests, killing some 30,000 protesters.

This lesson of the Nika Revolt (January 13, 532 AD) is perhaps not openly discussed in public circles, but it is WELL KNOWN behind the curtain. This is why they need a European Army for Greeks would have no problem killing Germans when ordered and Germans would have no problem killing Italians when ordered. The key to maintaining order is always to use police/troops that are NEVER local.

Hopefully, that political ploy will fail before it can really come into play.


6e8fd0  No.4907714

What are the odds of Roger Stone being the Keystone?

Three drops to consider that I just quickly pulled up with a search for the word "stone":


>Key – unlocks the door of all doors (info)

>Stone – the force / strength capable of yielding power to act on info



If Roger Stone testifies about Wikileaks/Seth Rich… NSA gets involved?


>Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL =

>Apply the Keystone.

>Paint the picture.



>What is a map?

>Why is a map useful?

>What is a legend?

>Why is a legend useful?

>What is a sequence?

>Why is this relevant?

>When does a map become a guide?

>What is a keystone?

>Everything stated is relevant.

map = minor attracted person?

Roger Stone is certainly a legend, and known to have had a very "socially liberal" sex life: bisexual, dated porn stars, etc. It would not surprise me if he were also a "map," and can serve as a guide.

Is Roger Stone the Keystone?

a149af  No.4907717

kay that's enough of me for one bread. no extra charge, anons.

626d62  No.4907718

File: 39e102757b85a29⋯.jpeg (594.72 KB, 1125x1430, 225:286, 378114BE-B5F6-4E2A-A2F6-9….jpeg)

Schiff announces House Intel Committee will release all Russia probe transcripts to Mueller


4ae510  No.4907719


Cheers, anon.

580445  No.4907720


On Friday, Reuters reported that Kremlin-linked military contractors from the Wagner group had traveled to Venezuela in the past several days to provide security for Maduro. At least one source told Reuters that there were around 400 Russian military contractors in the country.

Russia has also helped Venezuela develop a cryptocurrency to avoid U.S. sanctions. Maduro announced in February last year that Venezuela would launch an online currency called the petro, which would be backed by the value of one barrel of oil. The move mimicked Moscow’s attempt to launch its own digital currency to avoid U.S. sanctions. The petro was widely deemed a desperate and risky attempt to attract foreign currency to the cash-strapped country

Meanwhile, other Russia-aligned countries such as China and Turkey have also thrown their weight behind Maduro. Researchers at the Atlantic Council who track disinformation online noted that some of the most prominent pro-Maduro Twitter hashtags originated out of Turkey.

450a73  No.4907721

Twitter is fucking loving this #trumpcaved shit.

I hope this somehow blows up in their fucking faces

but if ive learned anything from Q

nothing happens and (((they))) always


778f8a  No.4907722


you're hedge is too tall so I cut down my side

a6d3fb  No.4907723

File: 71bfe7ea81344c1⋯.jpg (285.18 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 71bfe7ea81344c14d0f2233bb3….jpg)

ae390b  No.4907724

File: 0e1665494094874⋯.png (248.23 KB, 584x514, 292:257, AQ12.PNG)

Now, how would they know?


43c039  No.4907726

>>4906473 (LB)

I gotta agree with you there at the end. Thngs need to be dropping quicker with rock solid proof, copies of things etc so it's a 'bam here it is, mic drop' moment.Something with teeth.

1f0893  No.4907727

File: d3f5623d6f0f5e0⋯.png (670.52 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Schumer on shutdown: 'Hopefully now the president has learned his lesson'


9f24e4  No.4907729

File: b02a4f9c72c14bb⋯.png (564.94 KB, 1182x810, 197:135, Hold the Line Frens.png)

File: 4e8ce052b61b3ad⋯.jpg (113.41 KB, 1305x803, 1305:803, We Are All Gonna Make It F….jpg)

File: 68c5dd77cc5caae⋯.jpeg (13.87 KB, 255x218, 255:218, If We Unite Nobody Falls.jpeg)


I would say, take a step back and take care of some responsibilities like job performance, sleep, and doing your best (even if it's only loving them from a distance and praying for them) with family and friends who yes, will sometimes abandon us for our beliefs.

Also, eat right and exercise.

Yes, the President needs the help of We the People. And that said, sometimes it's good to take a rest, the better to come back relaxed and refreshed.

We'll hold the line for you, fren.

d14deb  No.4907730


>>4906039 (pb) full bot analysis

>>4906164 (pb) bot behavior analysis

>>4906219 (pb) bot glitch detailed example

these digs ^^^^ prove that it is a spambot op.

nice ip hop tag teaming though. try harder next time.

c2bd72  No.4907733


Projection = because this is what HRC or BHO would do.

"Donald has a real problem with women"

HRC and BHO among MANY others have a problem with PEOPLE in general.

Good luck to you. You are really going to need it.

80dc91  No.4907734

File: 9b58ae0ec2b0417⋯.jpg (8.22 KB, 305x165, 61:33, gang.jpg)

'the wall is SO much more'

0660d8  No.4907735



19f5a4  No.4907736

File: 7d7faecb3fb5b20⋯.gif (711.32 KB, 200x331, 200:331, 1513818418463.gif)


>reminder: above is a propaganda spambot.

thanks for consolidating the links, makes it easier to find and download the images

68c316  No.4907737

File: 3af49c6d39aa0ed⋯.jpg (277.14 KB, 690x1726, 345:863, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at ….jpg)

File: 605d291c2457206⋯.jpg (163.62 KB, 668x788, 167:197, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at ….jpg)

The local level politicians are very very encouraging….

When they go down, people will notice a real difference in their lives

https:// nypost.com/2019/01/25/woman-allegedly-drugged-and-raped-by-pennsylvania-state-lawmaker/?utm_source=NYPTwitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=SocialFlow

b40f0e  No.4907738

File: 5d5bb4aaefea7ed⋯.jpg (75.8 KB, 640x594, 320:297, 5d5bb4aaefea7edaf9cbb105af….jpg)


Comfy AF

2d006b  No.4907739


To declare a National Emergency, POTUS has to prove that it can’t be done using existing law.

This was proven yesterday - neither bill to reopen government passed the Senate.

7dabb9  No.4907740



Think harder, anon.

2639ea  No.4907742


oh so sorry mr buck


e0619e  No.4907743


Right there with you, Anon. Life nearly destroyed, but holding on for Great Awakening to right the ship.

This doesn't seem like a well-thought out military op if POTUS kowtows to put egg on the faces of his political opponents "in 3 weeks".

b06504  No.4907744

File: 8213fa609f0acb9⋯.png (346.88 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)


A Jewish family was booted from a flight over ‘body odor’ — but says anti-Semitism is to blame

ae390b  No.4907745


Them's fighting words. Kek

9ae28a  No.4907746

File: 4665ebe1c514b25⋯.jpg (120.24 KB, 857x600, 857:600, CSX.jpg)

File: 133cff95f7ad49a⋯.png (56.7 KB, 1735x305, 347:61, 012519 CSX Sale 2.PNG)

File: 5a8ad707ee7cee0⋯.gif (10.7 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 012519 CSX stock.gif)

Insider Sale form 4

Second sale of the day for this one.

CSX Mantle Ridge 2,780,000/sh at $64.42


Total sales filed today= $300,576,924

Mantle Ride is only invested in CSX

Mantle Ridge Up to Nearly

$2 Billion on CSX Play

Former Pershing Square partner Paul Hilal’s activist stake in CSX railroad has reaped huge early gains — but there’s a big catch.

Paul Hilal’s new Mantle Ridge activist fund, a special-purpose vehicle launched last summer after he left Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management, has almost hit the $2 billion mark, after raising some $1.2 billion last fall and winter.

Since then Mantle Ridge has made about $700 million in performance gains from its single investment in CSX Corp., the U.S. railroad, after convincing the company to hire Hunter Harrison as CEO earlier this year, says Kenneth Squire, the head of 13D Monitor, which tracks activist investors. There’s just one catch: Hilal has to hold onto those gains for years to get paid, and right now that is looking like a tall order.



2a9886  No.4907747


>Schiff announces House Intel Committee will release all Russia probe transcripts to Mueller

you mean they've been blocking the transcripts until now?

Obstruction of Justice!!

156c46  No.4907748

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 17, 2019

This flowering financial institution knows where all the bodies are buried when it comes to the drug use of the celebrity CEO. Her deposition should be fascinating and something the CEO probably never saw coming.

Azealia Banks/Elon Musk


a663c0  No.4907749

Think mirror

Libs think Trump is gonna get arrested but never does

MAGAs think Hillary is gonna get arrested but never does

8e0893  No.4907751

File: a369a043983ca62⋯.jpg (278.18 KB, 952x604, 238:151, Jews_Push4Miscegenation_On….jpg)

File: 2ece0b3f18d96dd⋯.jpg (183.08 KB, 824x768, 103:96, Zionism_melting_pot.jpg)






>Once again:

You never post any digs, you’re here only to damage control for Israel.

>So, again:

Not an argument.

I posted facts, you post attacks on the messenger to try to discredit the message.

Name calling and false accusations does not make the facts I post any less factual, Israel first traitor :)

When Israel first shills attack you and you decide to reply, expose them and post verifiable facts that poison the general public's support for Israel, its what they want to avoid as the information containment agents they are :)

Your fluency in lies does not hide them, traitor.

Like the ones we expose and corner into exposing themselves each and everyday, you’re headed for extinction.

It is nothing but mere nuisance that you take so infernally long dying, inevitable but oh, the boredom meanwhile.

You dare call yourself a Chosen…

Everything about you is a cesspool, you have no suitability to the very own agenda you so feebly and pathetically try to advance, and it amuses me to no end that God in all His wisdom and righteousness has put you here day in and day out unable do to anything else but speed up your own demise and the failure of your given mission… The more you squirm and smear, deflect and defame, curse and name call in the face of the facts, the more you help God’s plan to irrevocably remove you from this Earth.

So please, do go on, indulge us with your pitiful presence and woeful participation in this platform, I am nothing but grateful to have an impotent enemy such as yourself here.

In this place you embody the epitome of helplessness as you get to watch all the wickedness you are ordered to protect get destroyed right in front of your eyes by the LIGHT that shines on it by means of the truths and facts that expose it, and when you so desperately try to intervene and stop the righteous from knowing, your actions can only ever result in the speeding up of the now unstoppable process of destruction of your wicked agenda.

So continue stumbling traitor, it is what you’re destined for, and know that once you fall you will be broken to pieces, and that when the cornerstone that your overlords the builders rejected falls on you all, you will be crushed, like the snakes and brood of vipers you are, and that you shall not escape being condemned to hell, where all of the Synagogue of Satan belongs, because you belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your murderous father’s desires, and just like as with your father, when you lie, you speak your native language, for you are a liar, and your father the father of lies.

a6d3fb  No.4907752

File: 932f92d514addc9⋯.jpg (93.27 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 50299883_10205515832211436….jpg)

2d5546  No.4907754


I will always kek the Ginger Mound!

43c039  No.4907755


Jeez, Trump needs to bash this in a tweet…..

ab7f6b  No.4907756


drop the chulupa.

4ae510  No.4907757


So sure of himself and the allies to his side. How disappointed they will be. I'm at the point where I want to reach out and engage with the other side. There's no logical reason to be divided except for the 4%-6%.

2e8a98  No.4907759

“As far as people losing faith so easily in thinking Trump doesn't know what he doing, they are the ones saying "4 D chess master". Idolatry never pays off ”

My Catcha—Imazwob. I am not

d14deb  No.4907761

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reminder: above is a propaganda spambot.

>>4906039 (pb) full bot analysis

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e49f56  No.4907762

Aren’t there some pretty big trials coming up in March? Seems the Emergency order is being saved for a “Stormy” day.

Who do you think flipped:Gumby or Chuckles? Or both?

8f1c56  No.4907763

File: 3d0e6f95dd6e3a6⋯.jpg (17.84 KB, 300x194, 150:97, Loooking.jpg)

7dabb9  No.4907764


What does Elian Gonzales 19 years ago have to do with it?

52b4b7  No.4907765

File: 60a52b334490115⋯.png (80.24 KB, 1579x457, 1579:457, Screenshot_1.png)

05f9df  No.4907766

File: ea62da89dac29ce⋯.png (35.83 KB, 199x258, 199:258, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ea62da89dac29ce⋯.png (35.83 KB, 199x258, 199:258, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ea62da89dac29ce⋯.png (35.83 KB, 199x258, 199:258, ClipboardImage.png)

d14deb  No.4907767

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83ca13  No.4907768

File: 564127812b89d5a⋯.jpeg (46.14 KB, 640x261, 640:261, D15D7F2D-B5E4-443E-B787-E….jpeg)

I swear his hands glow with inner divine light.

4c041e  No.4907769


Shit talking. Save this little tid bit for later use.

68c316  No.4907770

File: addfacb114a0eb5⋯.jpg (446.9 KB, 1952x810, 976:405, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at ….jpg)

File: 0cbf1f44ebacd57⋯.jpg (470.98 KB, 940x1560, 47:78, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at ….jpg)

File: ec6711f765d3824⋯.jpg (208.38 KB, 770x1126, 385:563, Joel_Tyner_1.jpg)

File: bed035d95af70e9⋯.jpg (185.64 KB, 748x992, 187:248, Joel_Tyner_2.jpg)

Local level politicians going DOWN

https:// www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/news/local/2019/01/23/dutchess-legislator-joel-tyner-resigns-to-work-myself/2655564002/

111270  No.4907771


He was on jim and sam (syrius sat. show) yesterday talking about mueller

2e8a98  No.4907773


Speak the truth brotha

cb3111  No.4907774


I imagine him saying that in his gay ass voice

while standing in his gay as way.

1f0893  No.4907775


You have become the spam-bot now.

Good bye.

c7503a  No.4907776

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You are all under surveillance and don't even know it.

11ff69  No.4907777

File: 8b539286df66a95⋯.jpg (80.86 KB, 657x499, 657:499, AmyComfyBarrett.jpg)


I know one thing for sure… Amy is comfy.

a6d3fb  No.4907778

File: 5b579116191e290⋯.jpg (275.79 KB, 700x926, 350:463, 1546664099731.jpg)

d14deb  No.4907779

File: 6b422e6901ca052⋯.jpg (21.33 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 6fd5d9898433cdeba0389b9f09….jpg)


try harder

911abe  No.4907780

File: 498b2dd08e1d14f⋯.mp4 (3.19 MB, 704x424, 88:53, bandicam 2019-01-25 17-02-….mp4)

Anons, relax and chill and listen to some music like Pepe.

(vid related)

19f5a4  No.4907781


>helping people find all the JQ info easier

doing the lords work, anon

741aa2  No.4907783

File: a0aa586cec0b62e⋯.png (261.99 KB, 641x642, 641:642, cflwrpepe.png)


nice after effect of POTUS speech

5cd0da  No.4907784


The Morse code in the png in that post reads:

Feel it? See it?

Understand yet?

f8060f  No.4907785

File: 16da3ff9f3d52af⋯.png (543.2 KB, 960x926, 480:463, ClipboardImage.png)




When did you ever put anything other than your keyboard on the line for this country mf????

Tolerant of only 1 opinion, of 1 way of thinking….If I don't agree with you I must be the enemy….

keep typing…I am sure you're winning /s

8f1c56  No.4907786

File: 4627e1c4fdbb59f⋯.jpg (55.61 KB, 236x352, 59:88, Strain Face.jpg)

"Dead Man Switch"?


dc0233  No.4907787


Those lemons don't even look real, they look animated. Is she on a green screen or something?

d14deb  No.4907788

File: cac0eed23e076e5⋯.jpg (125.05 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, b66187487d59d77f10c857497d….jpg)


try harder. you glow.

600ccc  No.4907789

File: ce1f68ab878aa49⋯.png (311.01 KB, 460x410, 46:41, 1548301664.png)



And great start connect the dots to the investments of very hidden influencers

Maybe even payseur

636094  No.4907790


Sounds like he's wanting to test the waters to confirm whether Mueller really is their guy or not.

19f5a4  No.4907793

File: 90354382b60ecd7⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1066x1184, 533:592, life money.png)

cbb3a4  No.4907794

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



83ca13  No.4907795


Definitely Chuckles

73429c  No.4907796

This shutdown and ending was always part of the plan. Trump knew the Dems would not give him the 5.7b.

The plan has always been to have Army Corp Engineers build the wall. Still is the plan.

The next 3 weeks will be no different. Dems will not give him the wall. And on Feb 15 he declares National Emergency

The question is…. why today to reopen? What significant about today? 35 days? Why now and not sooner or later?

c15f6e  No.4907797

File: 9c61d473da5ddef⋯.jpeg (10.06 KB, 255x185, 51:37, Pepe Shrug.jpeg)


Well hurry up and get your shit together while you still can.

1a00fd  No.4907798


you are a special kind of retarded.

3b0d7b  No.4907800

File: beed3db0c02e40c⋯.png (686.75 KB, 586x652, 293:326, ClipboardImage.png)

147bc5  No.4907801


>Think harder, anon.

"b..b..but we can't be LIKE THEM!!!!!

We have to show we are DIFFERENT! or what is the POINT!"

e32e56  No.4907802

Interesting how POTUS sent a couple of tweets with the word cave and now the word is being used by the entire MSM.

a6d3fb  No.4907803

File: ccc25bfb7a2714b⋯.png (237.99 KB, 1024x626, 512:313, 1024px-Ebot4_pinout.png)

46fae9  No.4907804

File: 02f5073a9b1cd46⋯.png (225.82 KB, 810x506, 405:253, Screenshot_2019-01-25 car ….png)

File: 0e60d9b37e1d0a1⋯.png (512.02 KB, 1349x632, 1349:632, Screenshot_2019-01-25 Car ….png)

A woman drove her car through the front doors of a community center directly in to the childrens pool, in Clarington, Ontario. Thank god there were no kids in it at the time. She was combative, and taken in on suspicion of 'mental illness'.

The question is…when?

The news reports say this morning, but Google says it happened 2 days ago. Pic related.

2639ea  No.4907805


what's your position on the wall?

did Trump cave? or did you play tri-sexual with your boy toys over up in the holly hill

00e9fb  No.4907806

File: 42161bc99b3fd99⋯.png (606.22 KB, 736x589, 736:589, WFQ3.PNG)


Also plain and simple, the wall stops (((their))) money flow, no drug money,no human trafficking money, no gun running money, no laundering money, no new voters. (((They))) will dry up.

8e0893  No.4907807

File: d8713bea7eb0b06⋯.png (569.82 KB, 1173x1162, 1173:1162, Hypocrisy.png)

File: 7e3d5d8cf1e08fe⋯.jpg (673.39 KB, 648x1352, 81:169, Israel_Advocates_For_Soros.jpg)

File: ff16fd62dc5b769⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Israel_Sends_Migrants_To_T….jpg)

File: c2f4c94fc3ed705⋯.png (169.7 KB, 935x165, 17:3, Israel_Soros_Compliment.png)



<Once again, stupid traitor:

I posted facts, you post attacks on the messenger to try to discredit the message.

Name calling and false accusations does not make the facts I post any less factual, Israel first traitor :)

73429c  No.4907809

File: fb7ca2786227e3a⋯.jpg (17.43 KB, 480x330, 16:11, DFLczZAUQAAUlVd.jpg)

666e0e  No.4907810

File: 1da717d2adcb6a5⋯.png (702.11 KB, 1034x586, 517:293, Screenshot_2019-01-26 Q Re….png)


Lactates in schumer

a6d3fb  No.4907811

File: 24eecda200b4d16⋯.png (217.07 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Ebot_Pinout_diagram.png)

2d5546  No.4907812

File: 6272876f8612f7b⋯.jpeg (77.04 KB, 1020x572, 255:143, 1548457501.jpeg)

111270  No.4907813

File: 7a2aa02d0c48c04⋯.jpg (113.71 KB, 1188x1200, 99:100, Ddzufd1UQAAp5Tz.jpg)

Roger Stone brings JULIAN ASSANGE to headlines soon….

d14deb  No.4907814

current bread spambot garbage:


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>>4906426 pb


reminder: above is a propaganda spambot.

>>4906039 (pb) full bot analysis

>>4906164 (pb) bot behavior analysis

>>4906219 (pb) bot glitch detailed example

60e3d2  No.4907815

>>4906741 lb

>Pelosi says the government reopening does not mean the SOTU is back on.

What a witch.

5595b3  No.4907816


It doesnt matter - they are obviously racist in nature and a social media blitz is in order.

1f0893  No.4907817



Trump is weak.

He backed down…should have stood his ground and made the beg.

d14deb  No.4907818

File: c127c65a725d2b0⋯.png (198.42 KB, 384x382, 192:191, c127c65a725d2b0e2f5997cf60….png)

a6d3fb  No.4907820




The whole system has separate certifications in each department to fulfill all customer and business requirements.

Category Certification/License Details

Electronics Hardware

FCC BCTC-FY170301569C

CE BCTC-FY170301570C

RoHs BCTC-FY170030071C


PCB & Schematics Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license N/A

Electronics Firmware & Bootloader LGPL Based on Arduino Open Source License

Plastics ASTM BCTC-FYC170040262R












Software Apache License 2.0 Based on Google Blockly Open Source

DigiCert Certification N/A

600ccc  No.4907821

File: be8c8808c9a6c74⋯.jpg (25.13 KB, 255x255, 1:1, a86a1c27758e8f68ca35213423….jpg)


Chet faker pretty chill


73a7c9  No.4907822


she cleaned off the top of her cabinets!

1a00fd  No.4907823


nice work. tag this one too.


83ca13  No.4907824



a6d3fb  No.4907825

File: 9f1cfa4340c17a7⋯.png (570.62 KB, 800x1128, 100:141, 800px-Verification_of_Conf….png)

147bc5  No.4907826


The media won't COVER IT!

WE already KNOW the score.

WTF are they going to enlighten the MASSES?

d04228  No.4907828

I get why POTUS did what he did today and basically put the noose around the dims neck. What's killing me is I have to hear about this mother fucking wall fight for another 3 weeks.


muh politics

4c041e  No.4907829

File: 42bd3a6bbffc20c⋯.jpg (46.78 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Hory Fuk.jpg)


This frightens them BIGLY.

be443e  No.4907830

File: d6fde30ae2e3fdb⋯.jpg (59.58 KB, 500x400, 5:4, children,boy,child,cigaret….jpg)


…Or aware and tired of the scare tactic. Same shit, different bread. Shill harder, you fucking amateur.

73429c  No.4907831

Arrests cant happen if investigations are ongoing

d350e7  No.4907832

Glorious view at 40k

8e0893  No.4907833





Lol, this never gets old.

Name calling and false accusations does not make the facts I post any less factual, Israel first traitor :)

When Israel first shills attack you and you decide to reply, expose them and post verifiable facts that poison the general public's support for Israel, its what they want to avoid as the information containment agents they are :)

f8060f  No.4907834


>what's your position on the wall?

IT MUST Be BUILT, Not Just 215 miles but from Sea to Sea.


>did Trump cave?

He blinked, that is the only way the Dems will see it….makes it that much harder to get.

3b0d7b  No.4907835

File: fd79f16462b4814⋯.png (692.87 KB, 598x649, 598:649, ClipboardImage.png)

a8d56c  No.4907836


No more little blackie watermelon boy

1d1e8a  No.4907837

2 days early? Feb 13?

Hump Day!

f4672b  No.4907838


I am seeing fewer and fewer diggers and more and more niggers.

2e8a98  No.4907839


When did anons get so impatient? You been working at this research for so many years before Trump came. along and you didn’t lose faith you just kept on moving along. No when you don’t understand the optics all is lost. I feel frustrated and impatient at times, but I think mainly because of the taunting of the left.

I’m not going to be a fair weather patriot and neither are you, get outside for fresh air and realise it’s always been in Gods hands!

7dabb9  No.4907840

File: 3b3199130a701ad⋯.png (68.78 KB, 636x463, 636:463, VKtwowayroad.png)

147bc5  No.4907841


And the Dems will make SURE investigations are ALWAYS ongoing.

GEEZ, get a clue folks! Including DJT!

711941  No.4907842

File: 914ee56a6204d43⋯.jpg (438.25 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, page01.jpg)

Does March 23, 2019 ring a bell with anyone?

The delta of the last two tweets POTUS sent is 3:23:19.

666e0e  No.4907843

File: 54a5308258b20dd⋯.png (340.78 KB, 478x448, 239:224, Screenshot_2019-01-25 Q Re….png)

d14deb  No.4907844

current bread spambot garbage:

>>4907713(bot operator attempting to blend in)




>>4907242 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907269 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907276 (bot operator attempting to blend in)






>>4907470 (bot operator attempting to blend in)

>>4907488 (bot operator attempting to blend in)





previous bread spambot garbage:





>>4907041 (bot operator attempting to blend in)










>>4906932 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


>>4906996 (bot operator attempting to blend in)


spambot garbage from 2 breads ago:

>>4905706 pb

>>4905987 pb

>>4906077 pb

>>4906123 pb

>>4906156 pb

>>4906201 pb

>>4906274 pb

>>4906314 pb

>>4906345 pb

>>4906355 pb

>>4906367 pb

>>4906377 pb

>>4906415 pb

>>4906417 pb

>>4906426 pb


reminder: above is a propaganda spambot.

>>4906039 (pb) full bot analysis

>>4906164 (pb) bot behavior analysis

>>4906219 (pb) bot glitch detailed example>>4907833

73429c  No.4907845


You really think something happens on/by Feb 10?

3244d4  No.4907846

File: 7692abd26b536a5⋯.gif (977.36 KB, 500x381, 500:381, 7692abd26b536a57f20196214b….gif)

File: cd7c01704343f37⋯.gif (375.34 KB, 480x355, 96:71, cd7c01704343f372672617d6ed….gif)

dc0233  No.4907847


Sounds like a stalemate.

d9e01c  No.4907848

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interesting - listen to what she says at the 3:00 timestamp - "…he was talking to somebody else!"

POTUS was talking to (YOU)!

a6d3fb  No.4907849

File: 7553a982ae9187e⋯.png (72.44 KB, 220x320, 11:16, 220px-Certificate_of_Compl….png)