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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

015ad6  No.4952451

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Sunday 1.13.19

>>4740419 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS control over those who don't think for themselves limits exposure of TRUTH.

>>4739743 ————————————–——– Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator?

Friday 1.11.19

>>4708257 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee

>>4707306 ————————————–——– Public access to intel?

>>4707199 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China?

>>4707080 ————————————–——– BOOM!

Monday 1.7.19

Compiled here: >>4834899

Sunday 1.6.19

Compiled here: >>4770751

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are not endorsements


>>4887360 , >>4887417 , >>4887496 Update from MemeFarmer

>>4727722 Graphic guide to posting on 8chan

>>4727758 Reminder for newfags: this is a free speech board

#6322 Baker Assist

>>4951787 Reminder Mueller is dirty

>>4951804, >>4951833 One person dead and another injured after a small plane crash

>>4951810 Chicago Faces Extreme Temperatures More Frigid Than Antarctica

>>4951831 Loud Boom Echoes Through Night In Philadelphia Region

>>4951834, >>4951864 Andrew Gillum joining CNN as a commentator

>>4951896 Trailing in polls, Ukraine’s Poroshenko launches bid for second term

>>4951918 Breitbart Article regarding the book and person POTUS references

>>4951922 Prince Philip Health Update: Duke ‘Struggling, Visibly Frailer’ Since Sandringham Crash

>>4952038 FLOTUS is a force to be reckoned with in the White House

>>4952082 Why on Earth would BuzzFeed need 1,666 employees for a digital blog?

>>4952212 Roger Stone pleads not guilty to Mueller charges in federal court

>>4952215 Some Dems float idea of primary challenge for Ocasio-Cortez

>>4952291, >>4952334 BNL News: RBG "is deathly ill, but is being kept alive at an unknown hospital or unknown reasons"

>>4952293 10 children in Tanzania kidnapped and killed for their body parts

>>4952350 Shanahan has identified top pick to lead Space Command

>>4952417 12 arrested after smugglers’ boat washes ashore on California beach

>>4952445 #6322


>>4951619 Embarrassment for Apple as major iPhone FaceTime bug lets you eavesdrop on person you are calling before they pick up.

>>4951681 Wife of former National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen is violently assaulted during Paris street robbery.

>>4951198 Cliff Sims in #SpyGate.

>>4951403 Congress starts to go after big pharma.

>>4951337 China most active in cyber espionage against U.S.

>>4951270 Alexander Downer was on the board of Huawei.

>>4951290 Marina Abramovic spends less time in America since President Trump was elected.

>>4951275 Fugees member embroiled in an attempt to cover up Malaysian embezzlement investigation?

>>4951261 Collection of DNI Dan Coats quotes from Senate hearing.

>>4951253 Military to get some fresh American made kicks.

>>4951252 WH Statement: President Donald J. Trump supports the Venezuelan people’s efforts to restore Democracy in their country.

>>4951222 Exercise Cutlass Express 2019 begins.

>>4951166 Google’s sidewalk labs to package and sell location data on millions of cellphones.

>>4951157 Scaramucci: It's hard not to alter your behavior around President Trump.

>>4951124 Anon's theory on controlled Pelosi and the Mueller emotional build up for the letdown.

>>4951057 Open hearing on worldwide threats.

>>4951050 Mysterious mile-wide object spotted at edge of our solar system.

>>4951028 Black fungus is eating an 8,000 year old (error?) Portuguese cathedral.

>>4951006 Dig on Cliff Sims.

>>4950987 Democrats threaten boycott of Starbucks of Schultz runs as independent.

>>4951010 Alaweed intended on having a 24 hour news channel for the Arab world led by Khashoggi.

>>4951000 AOC/Tlaib named to House Oversight Committee.

>>4950998 Sean Penn with el Chapo.

>>4950988 China releases video of ballistic missile in a clear message to the US.

>>4950971 Computer analysis shows that popular music lyrics become angrier and sadder over time.

>>4951698 #6321

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7c1150  No.4952479

File: 01e9495b1798e08⋯.jpg (226.6 KB, 900x818, 450:409, pepe-goliath0facts.jpg)

804358  No.4952484

File: d066f58836dceaf⋯.png (154.9 KB, 730x680, 73:68, whats-it-qm.png)

File: 817a8d1b110b426⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais3.png)

File: 5f739aa0bd8fe7b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais4.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)

19d776  No.4952485

File: 802415e03980a04⋯.jpg (140.11 KB, 700x526, 350:263, homerjews2.jpg)

804358  No.4952492

File: ba5cf8734539f6c⋯.png (285.76 KB, 2079x2344, 2079:2344, ais9.png)

File: 596443717a23374⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1333x5814, 1333:5814, ais8.png)

File: 304ed122c7becc2⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1334x5705, 1334:5705, ais7.png)

File: 9e01f62551ff2db⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1334x6578, 29:143, ais6.png)

File: 5be8836794c2c29⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1334x4674, 667:2337, ais5.png)

804358  No.4952498

File: 699d202d9127ede⋯.png (55.04 KB, 813x453, 271:151, cdanbot.png)

File: d0b99b747ee69fd⋯.png (236.03 KB, 1508x674, 754:337, image-attached.png)

File: 194babf9bc21aa1⋯.png (560.91 KB, 1111x1317, 1111:1317, Mary-had.png)

File: 2ff37e672fd81d7⋯.png (369.71 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

File: be91a1f344ec0e1⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1555x2000, 311:400, another-interesting-trip-t….png)

Please read and understand:


The "4chan trolls" are FAKE. The exact same fake nazi AI that is pumped into this board, is pumped into 4chan, twitter, and wherever else it is needed. This article gives away the whole game. This bit is even quite flagrant (although the journalist may be quite deceived about the reality herself):

>Lavin said she was able to identify the origins of the campaign because of the “uniformity of the responses,” noting they all began with tweets of the same memes before using varied racial slurs and threats.

Yes, UNIFORMITY– this is exactly the sign of the AI crap. It has to be uniform, because it is quite uncreative as a whole.

And then at the end of the article, the fake nazi hatred spread by the bots gets pinned to POTUS. A completely rigged game of fakeness. AI "chan trolls" control the "alt right media", and this is used to control political perceptions as a whole.







2d5dfd  No.4952511

US State Dept warns ‘do not travel’ to Venezuela in new advisory

The US State Department has raised its travel advisory warning for Venezuela to “do not travel,” citing civil unrest. The move comes after the White House stepped up efforts to remove President Nicolas Maduro from power last week.


ace805  No.4952516

File: a6ef6db6b8c70ed⋯.jpg (69.53 KB, 885x516, 295:172, IMG_20190129_112707.jpg)

804358  No.4952520

File: 08a9232db5665af⋯.png (1.38 MB, 999x3382, 999:3382, Soros-bares-his-soul.png)

File: 91c8b9dc7ae0988⋯.png (55.68 KB, 846x393, 282:131, clownazon.png)

File: 33312034016f607⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1252x1111, 1252:1111, Madame-Pepedour.png)

File: 3c4e116f30103c6⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1999x1392, 1999:1392, thedegradationofthebotmago….png)


4chan is now VERY VERY FAKE. Just look.




Could it be more obvious?

And if 4chan is controlled with fakeness, what is happening [here]? Use logic.

396ed7  No.4952522

File: fd50a670d46314a⋯.png (80.11 KB, 584x518, 292:259, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at ….png)

FBI concludes its investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history without determining a motive

After nearly 16 months, the agency says it can't determine why gunman Stephen Paddock killed 58 people in October 2017.


d2004f  No.4952523

File: eed2e0bb3e360ae⋯.png (20.13 KB, 599x425, 599:425, coldy.png)

Went to the grocery

Loaded in extra firewood

No where to go until Saturday

Looking for a good movie to watch

5e4bf6  No.4952524

File: b0ace1c25d279d9⋯.jpg (189.85 KB, 1564x763, 1564:763, 88668.JPG)

File: c82a927aeb60a9c⋯.jpg (155.31 KB, 878x682, 439:341, borders.JPG)




b69f96  No.4952525

Paul Sperry @paulsperry_


BREAKING: Hill sources say new Dem HPSCI Chair Schiff is furious House Minority Leader McCarthy still hasn't seated Republicans on committee,thereby delaying Schiff's anti-Trump investigations/hearings & plan to turn over all witness transcripts to Mueller for perjury prosecution

5e4bf6  No.4952527

File: b218423f7741345⋯.jpg (250.72 KB, 1356x1229, 1356:1229, LOVE like (you) have NEVER….jpg)

File: a3d70f35ec1c8bc⋯.jpg (195.66 KB, 1092x739, 1092:739, LOVE TRUMPS HATE.JPG)

File: 6582cf999a13843⋯.jpg (40.78 KB, 500x463, 500:463, muhdick.jpg)

File: 463dd346f3c05ec⋯.jpg (84.43 KB, 600x460, 30:23, peaceisourprofession.jpg)

File: d83dc6b8841d2eb⋯.jpg (122.91 KB, 564x768, 47:64, breakthetruth.jpg)

5849b1  No.4952528

File: ab632c1c5337f6e⋯.png (571.48 KB, 858x617, 858:617, ThesePretzelsAreMakingMeIn….png)

8a4b5e  No.4952529

File: b90152b3566d6d3⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0186.JPG)


0dad49  No.4952530


They certainly are trying aren't they? The desperation is delicious.

d4fa6b  No.4952531

>>4952449 (LB)

They didn't show up AFTER announcement was made about the shutdown ending.

8b4eef  No.4952532

File: 6e3cef9cdfb2066⋯.jpg (47.19 KB, 728x567, 104:81, 0129-jussie-smollett-hate-….jpg)

File: 949530fb6e72519⋯.jpg (39.5 KB, 728x567, 104:81, 0129-jussie-smollett-tmz-5.jpg)



By MAGA Supporters

"Empire" star Jussie Smollett was brutally attacked by 2 men who beat him up, put his head in a noose and screamed, "This is MAGA country."

Sources directly connected to Jussie tell TMZ, the actor arrived in Chicago from New York late Monday, and at around 2 AM he was hungry and went to a Subway. We're told when he walked out, someone yelled, "Aren't you that f*ot 'Empire' n***?"

The 2 men – both white and wearing ski masks – viciously attacked Jussie as he fought back, but they beat him badly and fractured a rib. They put a rope around his neck, poured bleach on him and as they left they yelled, "This is MAGA country."

Jussie was taken to Northwestern Memorial where he was treated. He was discharged later Tuesday morning.

ThatGrapeJuice.Net first posted this letter which was sent to Fox Studios in Chicago with cut out letters spelling, "You will die black f**." Our sources say the letter was sent 8 days ago.

804358  No.4952533

File: 9546ab79e1488ee⋯.png (171.17 KB, 420x407, 420:407, JIC.png)

File: 014526f919f6f53⋯.png (313.13 KB, 636x705, 212:235, cf.png)


Is AOC spam organic?

Did it appear on 4chan, suddenly, in force?

Did it do likewise here?

And on reddit?


Is that organic?

Does the "hive mind" magically pump out talking points, memes, and narratives all over the "alt right" internet?

Or is it not organic?

What is GOOGLE doing with all their AI?

396ed7  No.4952534

36f423  No.4952535

The ultimate "blackmail" on Obama is that his wife is actually a "black male"

The irony

9c3213  No.4952536

File: 1d07be1ced90f8b⋯.png (118.37 KB, 1218x688, 609:344, Gallows.png)

GW = George W

Wa(m)ing-Missing "r"= Renegade = Hussein

Bring back the gallows!

acfc7e  No.4952537

File: 659031d993f4e7c⋯.png (17.13 KB, 1234x340, 617:170, QMirrorAnsweryesA.png)

Q answered yes to the JFK Jr. question. It is a MIRROR.



SEE the IDs, then fill in the blanks…

1. Odds of cc occupying spaces 5 and 6 on both randomly-generated IDs:_______

2. Odds of interrogator's randomly-generated id adding up to 23 (PAIN/JFK Jr.):_____

3. Odds of Q's randomly-generated id adding up to 17: _____

4. Odds of a flipped question/answer matching Q's THINK MIRROR:_____

5. Odds of 2 of the above happening together:_____

6. Odds of 3 of the above happening together:_____

7. Odds of 4 of the above happening together:______

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible? -Q

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263683 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:51:59 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263659 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:50:26 (EST)




Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?

Logical thinking.



20fa86  No.4952538

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

acfc7e  No.4952539

File: 474d9ce89b6daf6⋯.png (13.98 KB, 451x299, 451:299, Qmirrorsanddisinfo.png)

804358  No.4952540


It is not going to taste right until we REGAIN CONTROL of the internet.

This isn't a game.

c1a2d1  No.4952541

File: eb3f1ecfb30fdef⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1276x1681, 1276:1681, 1545882497.png)

acfc7e  No.4952542

File: 21816379a61059f⋯.png (14.34 KB, 546x289, 546:289, WaitUntilYouLearn.png)

20fa86  No.4952543

File: 05a714df642753e⋯.jpg (29.47 KB, 500x500, 1:1, FB9A515F-AEF5-4D14-87C6-A6….jpg)

392944  No.4952544

File: 574e90bc03bf067⋯.png (777.5 KB, 1381x782, 1381:782, 1547741396.png)

804358  No.4952545


And by 'we' I mean THE PEOPLE

8e9bec  No.4952546


Just when I think about leaving Fl because MUH hurricanes….

Stay comfy chilly anons

f404a6  No.4952547




5849b1  No.4952548


>both white and wearing ski masks


acfc7e  No.4952549

File: 10beda4ed0e9b31⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, AmbulanceFront.jpg)

8b9099  No.4952550

Israel claiming a cancer cure??

015ad6  No.4952551

File: 03034b08666005a⋯.jpg (15.06 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 03034b08666005a3dbf4b90ab7….jpg)

20fa86  No.4952552

File: 516fa453f15a674⋯.png (170.48 KB, 200x619, 200:619, C2D8A9E9-DA3F-49DD-A21E-F9….png)

0b10db  No.4952553

>>4952434 (pb)

The Air Force was taken away from the Army and given it's own branch at the same time the Clowns were created. Think about it. Space Force is taking space out of the AF (or at least threatening to) and giving it it's own branch in the same way, it's a balance.

19d776  No.4952554

File: d9bbde6f39684c6⋯.png (515.27 KB, 500x557, 500:557, fakeainazis.png)

20fa86  No.4952555

File: 8f35f2372955cec⋯.jpg (52.06 KB, 490x550, 49:55, 6964CD82-A1E2-4450-9D54-40….jpg)

e707d9  No.4952556


Fake. Probably sent to himself for some victimbux and to help raise his star power.

396ed7  No.4952557


why are you yelling at me?

f404a6  No.4952558

File: bf25018288765f4⋯.jpg (71.08 KB, 586x540, 293:270, Screenshot 2019-01-29_12-3….jpg)

File: 3a5ef3f1dc7faeb⋯.jpg (47.91 KB, 1024x525, 1024:525, DyGHwUEXcAEI5PT.jpg)


20fa86  No.4952559

File: a7d1b75e6e4fbd5⋯.jpg (87.5 KB, 407x405, 407:405, C2297F33-83BB-41D5-A030-C5….jpg)

f97f81  No.4952560

File: 8522ce0388319ab⋯.jpg (100.38 KB, 888x500, 222:125, schumer1.jpg)

9c213d  No.4952561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

President Trump's Reopens The Government: Cave or Strategic Move?

One smart cookie,

35 Days A dry run

All moving parts in place

AWOL (Absent without Leave) Status is set

Agencies heads have all had their trial runs and given individual grades to their staff and set their reduction in force protocol.

EOs in place

RIF in place

Reorganization of departments in place

TSA likely to go the way of private contractors instead of government employees

d2004f  No.4952562


or the sinkholes eh?

6b8a2f  No.4952563

File: 85a297637b2522b⋯.png (272.8 KB, 815x443, 815:443, 77D955DD-946F-41DA-8566-DE….png)


How many cancer deaths there in past 30 years I oneder.

392944  No.4952564

File: 47ff3fb1fe0bb8a⋯.jpg (87.92 KB, 1152x897, 384:299, 1540067027.jpg)

19d776  No.4952565

File: bef8d1e3b60fa9a⋯.jpg (128.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, homerjew004.jpg)

8b9099  No.4952566



ee0b6d  No.4952567


Aoc, I suck a lot of nigger kike cock. I suck my brother akmeds cock all the time.

f404a6  No.4952568


serenely capitalizing

df846b  No.4952569


It was cancelled and noted here more than a week ago.

0dad49  No.4952570

File: 509c2adebd935cd⋯.jpg (45.07 KB, 620x465, 4:3, 2ibemb.jpg)

f094e1  No.4952571

File: 614445a3b05ab7e⋯.png (848.03 KB, 1858x991, 1858:991, RBrinGoutcherdead.png)

392944  No.4952572

File: 8d2ea03b734946c⋯.jpeg (48.77 KB, 600x401, 600:401, 1548041456.jpeg)

e707d9  No.4952573


Pretty sure the cancellation was a couple weeks ago, but I hope this helps force the question among the general public.

864f53  No.4952574

File: 3d2ecee58d779ee⋯.png (68.82 KB, 543x900, 181:300, 04CA0398-6C67-4579-8231-3F….png)

So Sims is a viper whose job is to accuse loyal strums allies of being vipers. Classic projection, favorite tactic of the Left. (And the shills here too.)

410052  No.4952575


This is all to set the stage on why dear Ruthie won't be at Trump's speech on the 5th.

8e9bec  No.4952576

dced19  No.4952578



Great decode autistanon.

Nice to see decodes on the Qresearch board again. Brings it back to basics.

f404a6  No.4952579

File: 8de4e74ad5c53e1⋯.jpg (69.47 KB, 590x459, 590:459, Screenshot 2019-01-29_12-3….jpg)


396ed7  No.4952580


kek, I like that.

015ad6  No.4952581



you sure this isn't another event?


tooooooo late

d41379  No.4952582

Hey Kansas, from a Kansan….

Shut the fuck up and get outta south america.

Telling the UN to support our coup or else is not becoming a Kansan.

Hey Q, wtf happened to trust kansas?

This is bs and reflects poorly on your character. Evidently you cannot properly choose those whom you delegate authority to.

Fix this as in yesterday.

1d322a  No.4952583

File: 8a8bd93049b5a05⋯.png (167.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

RBG replacement ???? It is all about the SCOTUS.


The Dems will fiercely OBSTRUCT any Conservative Catholic picked for SCOTUS by POTUS..


The Senate Delay on confirmation of Barr is simply OBSTRUCTION


PROOF that the only thing the Dems are good at is OBSTRUCTION

bf07af  No.4952584

File: adb23226ca7e67e⋯.png (545.58 KB, 700x464, 175:116, Capture.PNG)

US expects to retake last ISIS territories within few weeks: Defense official

US-backed forces will recapture the remaining Daesh territory in Syria within a couple of weeks, according to acting Defence Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan.

The “disciplined” US withdrawal from Syria is still in its early stages, the acting the defence secretary stated.

The statement comes after Pentagon spokesman Sean Robertson told Sputnik that the US troop numbers in Syria “will fluctuate” during the withdrawal process when he was asked to comment on reports that Washington had sent additional troops to the country.


ace805  No.4952585

File: 815a1179b5addb0⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 456x356, 114:89, IMG_20190129_113432.jpg)


Nah man. Someone posted the batter on Twitter so I reposted. Just Like this one.

8fa9c4  No.4952586


That took longer than I thought it would.

371968  No.4952587

File: 9e90a52b99713a3⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 255x228, 85:76, Thumbs Up Pepe.jpg)

>>4952521 (LB)

TYVM, Anon. That is precisely the answer I needed. You rock.

396ed7  No.4952588

392944  No.4952589

File: fb7be639b1c9e78⋯.jpg (173.47 KB, 991x649, 991:649, IMG_20190126_141434_218.JPG)

a192f4  No.4952590

>>4952336 pb


‏ @BreakingNLive

We’ve deleted a tweet about RBG, as we want to verify details before spreading unverified info.

11:35 AM - 29 Jan 2019

a8290a  No.4952591

File: 0af5b36928074a1⋯.png (2.68 MB, 2000x1278, 1000:639, ClipboardImage.png)


Infamy, zeal for carnage inspired Vegas shooter

20fa86  No.4952592

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

42c9c8  No.4952593

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


20fa86  No.4952594

File: 5710e199bb29c44⋯.png (233.7 KB, 554x553, 554:553, 2F78BDF8-24BE-48BD-A50C-AA….png)

5849b1  No.4952595

File: 95ed5b76d02214e⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171105_Vega….png)

File: ceb9ce52faea3db⋯.png (952.05 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171105_Vega….png)

36f423  No.4952596

Attention memefags…. Can someone make a meme showing ginsberg in a cooler of ice with keystone beer. Saying we have the keystone

acfc7e  No.4952597


Las Vegas was 100% fake. Flash mob with ketchup packets.

a8290a  No.4952598

File: 81c18888d34ef3e⋯.png (3.86 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, ClipboardImage.png)


China tells US to stop 'unreasonable crackdown' on

19d776  No.4952599

File: 788359c165d9e8b⋯.jpg (115.44 KB, 700x506, 350:253, jewmastersmagazine_001.jpg)

60d3fa  No.4952600

File: c505eb072697086⋯.png (398.8 KB, 867x867, 1:1, FamousQuote.png)

6f0bc9  No.4952601


well it does seem a little fishy… the new AG is put off a week… then RGB is dead finally hits mainstream… gotta think on this one

20fa86  No.4952602

File: b458b3a004ad6a3⋯.jpg (129.4 KB, 943x943, 1:1, IMG_4796.JPG)

8fa9c4  No.4952603

File: 063514ba9f8ec37⋯.jpeg (100.06 KB, 1182x268, 591:134, 007799BC-BDC9-41F4-A2BB-6….jpeg)


This was one of the comments under the post.

657024  No.4952604

File: 218695cddc3f350⋯.png (241.28 KB, 498x289, 498:289, 2019-01-29_12-31-08.png)

19d776  No.4952605

File: 1e748952b614468⋯.jpg (150.13 KB, 750x550, 15:11, homerjew_006.jpg)

9cc00d  No.4952606


Friday….something always happens on a Friday around 5:00 EST.

1c2982  No.4952607

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Think it's a game if you want to.

We got HUGZ and SLUGZ



30cc32  No.4952608

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Watch MSM

Get poisoned.

Subliminal SEX and DEATH embeds in editorial and advertising media content.

923635  No.4952609


dream on

44de4b  No.4952610

File: 20423a483f6da46⋯.jpeg (82.72 KB, 888x499, 888:499, image.jpeg)

File: 87cc674cca7df0b⋯.jpeg (85.15 KB, 750x500, 3:2, image.jpeg)

File: 263a60cfc9f253c⋯.jpeg (137.11 KB, 957x386, 957:386, image.jpeg)

File: 60603a739f57f8a⋯.jpeg (67.96 KB, 857x483, 857:483, image.jpeg)

File: 24d6ba6cf4180a2⋯.jpeg (75.3 KB, 862x486, 431:243, image.jpeg)


Following that logic we should remember that Nancy Pelosi is not the equal of POTUS (the unitary executive). POTUS IS THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH.


The unitary executive theory is a theory of American constitutional law holding that the President possesses the power to control the entire executive branch. The doctrine is rooted in Article Two of the United States Constitution, which vests "the executive power" of the United States in the President.

We do have checks and balances. Pelosi is the majority leader of ONE-HALF of the Legislative branch.

Many forget that the Senate can be a check and balance against a runaway House just as the House can be the check and balance against a runaway Senate.

20fa86  No.4952611

File: 4f8373471e00002⋯.jpg (107.17 KB, 798x726, 133:121, IMG_4107.JPG)

File: 75d09cce431da0a⋯.jpg (48.3 KB, 373x521, 373:521, IMG_4222.JPG)


Tell me it gets better

196c4b  No.4952613


POTUS went along with it.


Ask yourself WHY.


eec66d  No.4952614

Constitutional lawfags, when a president is incapacitated the office is transferred to the VP. This is presumably what would happen if a president were to be in a coma or vegetative state for an indefinite period. Are there any provisions for when a SC justice is incapacitated, but not quite dead, for an extended period?

249ba1  No.4952615


Its been in notables, starts with "Oy!"

20fa86  No.4952616

File: 6ebbbbb83434e93⋯.jpg (12.15 KB, 236x253, 236:253, 548371FB-B135-4E73-A23B-34….jpg)

f404a6  No.4952617


the shills deploy troops after setting up their scheme…

this time it was a fake screenshot

they all poured on immediately supporting it and hyping it up

if you follow those same supposed shills to their twitters, they make sure to emphasize it was from the chans….

later their goal is, wow the chans are wrong and crazy

eec66d  No.4952618

7deea9  No.4952620

5e4bf6  No.4952621

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



30cc32  No.4952622

File: d59c2c37ac67194⋯.jpeg (137.44 KB, 1000x798, 500:399, 9915b44f0dfe911260f4b628f….jpeg)

“Man is a scientific creature; he labels his ignorance and shelves it: it bores him, but when he has given a name to any appearance then the mystery flies away, and reality alone remains for his cogitation. We have arranged to label faculties of imagination and prophesy among lesser creatures Instinct, and with this label we have thrown overboard more mystery than we could afford to live with. Later these may confront us again in our proper souls, and the wonder and terror so long overdue will compel our tardy obeisance. “

adcbae  No.4952623


you're welcome, Anon-

stay warm!

8fa9c4  No.4952624


Anons know.

8e9948  No.4952625


Sure! Keep your head on the sand and pretend that nobody actually died.

Whatever works for you, man!

b69f96  No.4952626


guy is a FAG & doesn't know shit

249ba1  No.4952627


Its a good day when Hasidah walkie-talkie Anon gets here!

e7da6e  No.4952628


Kek. The resistance hates resistance!

20fa86  No.4952629

File: 82971746b9815fc⋯.jpg (935.97 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, IMG_4112.JPG)

File: 3f2647c639c2752⋯.jpg (163.73 KB, 922x1024, 461:512, IMG_4797.JPG)

a8290a  No.4952630

File: 107e8e8a6e5edd1⋯.png (3.74 MB, 1200x1901, 1200:1901, ClipboardImage.png)

0b10db  No.4952631




I meant balance out the removal from the Army, not create another spy agency. Too many cooks spoil the broth. If there is a spy agency created, it's the Open Source Anonymous Fusion Intelligence Centre (OSAFIC is what I've called it in papers), which is us.

368a45  No.4952632


(PB) for the pb lb fags

I’ve been going back and forth on this issue for a while and cannot fully reconcile myself to supporting either position.

Logic for NP and CS doing a bit part in the plan:

Q compares what we are seeing as a movie and we are to enjoy the show.

We have been told for years that the Q team has everything and the R’s that’s retired did so when confronted with evidence. Many were given a pass (for now) if they quietly got out of the way.

We know many prominent Democrats have amassed a personal fortune using extra-legal means and are indictments waiting to happen.

Trump tweets indicated he wanted Pelosi to become Speaker. We know Trump is no dummy and when he advocates for his main opponent to his agenda, there is something more to the story. He either thinks he can wipe the floor with her and enjoy the victory (read Art of the Deal) or she is a part of a larger strategy, or both.

It’s easy to think NP and CS are operating as irrational opposition upon orders from white hats.

But ——

The other side:

Prominent Dims have switched their position on most main issues to one that reflects a globalist agenda. Since we know there are rich globalists, namely Soros, who have been actively promoting those issues, it’s not hard to imagine Soros is upping his game (he is getting old and nearing end of life too). Look how hard libtards have pushed on gender issues. They think the general population is ready to accept globalization and socialist rule.

Trump represents a fatal threat to their plans and to their money and lives. They HATE everything about him and everything he represents. They are pushing their agenda hoping to just bulldoze over him.

D And R politicians who drank the koolaid and took bribes are stuck or they will be suicided. Chuck and Nancy may not like the positions they are instructed to take, but they have no choice. They have to follow instructions — just like the MSM do or they will be taken out of the way.

Again, because Trump represents a threat to the overall globalist agenda, they hate him and everyone who helps him.

So, here’s the problem. Chuck and Nancy appear to be controlled, but who is doing the controlling? I hope it’s the Q team calling the shots, but I fear it’s still Soros and/or a globalist cabal.

Don’t know, but still trying to enjoy the show as Q asks us to do.

I will continue to dig, meme, and pray.

bf07af  No.4952633

File: 4eae31767a1bcde⋯.png (281.81 KB, 614x382, 307:191, Capture.PNG)

Dutch refuse to take migrants from stranded Sea Watch migrant ship off Sicily

Italian interior minister considers legal action against the crew

The Netherlands have refused Italy's request to take in 47 migrants currently on board a Dutch-flagged rescue ship that Italian ports have refused to allow to dock.

The Sea Watch 3 ship, run by a German NGO, rescued the mainly sub-Saharan African migrants off Libya more than a week ago and is currently sheltering from bad weather off Sicily.

Italy and Malta have both refused to let it dock.

"Without a firm idea of an overall solution, the Netherlands will not take part in ad hoc measures for disembarkation" of the ship, Lennart Wegewijs, a spokesman for the Dutch Justice and Security Ministry, told AFP.

Italy's far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has insisted Germany or the Netherlands take responsibility for the migrants, warning that he was considering legal action against the crew.


acfc7e  No.4952634


Stay asleep if you like.

44de4b  No.4952635



Determine where RBG is.


Counties have laws which require the dead to be registered. Even Scalia was subject to an official report before he was speedily cremated.



9a4b92  No.4952636

File: cf37a40147f7a31⋯.png (46.18 KB, 657x241, 657:241, 1547834237.png)


Wonderful isn't it?

First place the fake is debunked gets maligned

Maybe ask Snopes ?


196c4b  No.4952637


How many former followers of Q will stay after Deep State takedown is proven false?

Will they try clean up the mess?

Time Heals All Wounds


30cc32  No.4952638

File: b0fee791808b1a9⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 480x480, 1:1, b0fee791808b1a9d5044b7fab1….gif)

Of all unnatural things, if that word can be used in any context, there is none more unnatural than silence, there is none so terrifying; for silence means more than itself, it means also immobility; it is the symbol and signature of death, and from it no one knows what may come in an instant; for silence is not quietness, it is the enemy of quietness; against it your watch must climb the tower and stare in vain; against it your picket must be set, and he will thrust a lance to the sound of his own pulses; he will challenge the beating of his own heart, and hear his own harness threatening him at a distance. “

b23861  No.4952639

5:5 bot swarm bakers comp..its a team




a8290a  No.4952640

File: 769d161f16c999e⋯.png (709.55 KB, 800x533, 800:533, ClipboardImage.png)


PG&E files for bankruptcy amid wildfire lawsuits

5849b1  No.4952641


>Italy's far-right

far from what

f094e1  No.4952642

Not to be outdone by the kikes at the ADL who defame people and then play the victim to get people to hate jews for defaming people and then playing the victim:

The heebs over at the SPLC decided we need to be included in their "HateWatch".


adcbae  No.4952643


oh- one more thing- keep it on the slowest setting for best results

20fa86  No.4952644

File: 1fbc5d0bbc7517f⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1280x1728, 20:27, IMG_4109.PNG)

0b10db  No.4952645

File: e535de1992264b6⋯.png (2.56 KB, 225x225, 1:1, BC.png)


>on the sand

30e7d6  No.4952647

File: 2a1dc510845280b⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1191x694, 1191:694, merpissed.PNG)

File: d8407388877c80b⋯.png (990.95 KB, 686x626, 343:313, merchtroll.PNG)

File: f531e4d007d6990⋯.png (902.34 KB, 548x726, 274:363, merchbaked.png)

File: 5f33deab378cc38⋯.png (11.21 KB, 255x146, 255:146, merchgassed.png)

File: 2ab7b03556c3922⋯.jpg (126.44 KB, 960x400, 12:5, merchkike.jpg)

e707d9  No.4952648

File: c9656129db8562b⋯.png (407.95 KB, 600x631, 600:631, far right.png)

3ef53b  No.4952649


Trust Wray!


Ur dur well we dunno why he dun it but trust us he dun it. What a ducking joke. Trust Wray my tookus!

a8290a  No.4952650

File: 36fbea62dd555da⋯.png (815.89 KB, 800x495, 160:99, ClipboardImage.png)

6ae284  No.4952651

File: 889d5dcb9104e6a⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1223x837, 1223:837, 1_BLN_Forever.png)

File: 1564bd7b1de1d79⋯.png (1.24 MB, 645x673, 645:673, 1_BLN_Threat.png)

36f423  No.4952652


There goes some campaign donations

71c39f  No.4952653


AOC: You will vote how i tell you to vote you Somalian trash.

This crazy bitch has no idea. I will cut off her head and let my husband brother fuck her throat.

923635  No.4952654


Janda is just another opportunist. Makes the

rounds on youtube telling us exactly what we

want to hear….from his "sources"

Does he have a book coming out? Is he selling


3f5d63  No.4952655

File: 4c9546b6f14c11a⋯.png (41.59 KB, 1022x184, 511:92, ClipboardImage.png)


#6322 Baker Assist

>>4952291, >>4952334 BNL News: RBG "is deathly ill, but is being kept alive at an unknown hospital or unknown reasons"

7b6cf9  No.4952656

File: 9427abaef41cd57⋯.jpeg (31.35 KB, 268x188, 67:47, 03D5D075-D7BD-4AAA-B9E2-3….jpeg)


Let’s face it: on a long enough time line, this is the only possible outcome for liberals.

20fa86  No.4952657

File: 7a763f7014c1a63⋯.png (150.95 KB, 802x1158, 401:579, AE8D711B-CB25-4C94-B086-13….png)

015ad6  No.4952658


gonna keep it

30cc32  No.4952659

File: 38b70dfb10ecdac⋯.jpg (68.48 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 7039917b7ca5f1dc907361e09f….jpg)

And I’m telling you this, that if the world wasn’t so full of trouble there’d be no life at all for the poor. It’s the only chance we get is when people are full of woe, God help them! And isn’t that a queer thing?

5e4bf6  No.4952661

File: f74b299602f3ec3⋯.jpg (504.48 KB, 1080x1082, 540:541, played.jpg)



ONE nigga.



ONE cig break every few hours


77c9c3  No.4952662

File: f290452e213cb5d⋯.png (754.65 KB, 1177x1177, 1:1, ben-shapiro-square-1024x10….png)

File: 08f724e0a274e7a⋯.png (92.28 KB, 1162x834, 581:417, Screenshot_2019-01-25 Q Re….png)


take me in tender woman

6f0bc9  No.4952663


does the article state what chapter of bankruptcy?

6f45cb  No.4952664

>>4951831 Previous

It was a loud explosive boom. It rattled windows and was not the usual earthquake like reverberating sound. It didn’t scare my dogs but it freaked out my cat FWIW.

392944  No.4952665

File: e025b2bdbce69dd⋯.jpg (81.43 KB, 690x528, 115:88, 1537558936.jpg)

6e072c  No.4952666

File: 5a04cb0ccc4b2c8⋯.mp4 (12.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mobpercent.mp4)

???% Q has awakened us

9a4b92  No.4952667

File: 97508352d4a8dcb⋯.png (757.03 KB, 777x519, 259:173, 1548654247.png)


Worried you won't have a paycheck? Will you be learning to code???

Maybe you'll stop by from time to time, just to hang…..

d0b39e  No.4952668

File: f1c611f8ff03892⋯.png (407.3 KB, 1091x593, 1091:593, jillianTurner1_55.png)

Jillian Turner 5:5

fb7e65  No.4952669


I thought that the missing [R] was for {R}uth Bader Ginsberg? I get that it could equally mean 'Renegade' though.

Multiple meanings.

015ad6  No.4952670

File: bda530e92b19f89⋯.jpg (14.05 KB, 255x205, 51:41, bda530e92b19f892bee20f3720….jpg)

196c4b  No.4952671

This is not a game

Learn to play the game.

Pull My Finger


19d776  No.4952672

File: 98b230f789d1c4e⋯.jpg (161.36 KB, 750x550, 15:11, jewguy_01.jpg)

File: d49ce9d431d3b84⋯.jpg (158.6 KB, 750x550, 15:11, jewqguy_002.jpg)

7f9c30  No.4952673


Body is still alive

not required to report bodies on life support

question is

How long can you really keep someone on life support (ventilator/drugs/IV nutrition)?

I'm a medicalfag and I don't even know

Rarely an issue once actually on ventilator

d41379  No.4952674


now it stinks in here

a8290a  No.4952675



PG&E’s Bankruptcy Filing Triggers Complex Reorganization Case

35c689  No.4952676

20fa86  No.4952677

File: f060084ff8c783b⋯.jpg (5 KB, 299x168, 299:168, 5710863D-F39C-48D1-BA22-82….jpg)

File: 364c9a3d36b3c85⋯.jpg (385.19 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 33A952BD-828F-4BE5-9340-2E….jpg)

8e9948  No.4952678


Denial is the first stage.

Much easier to pretend nothing happened than face reality. I understand.

30cc32  No.4952679

File: c1cce073e5c8e6d⋯.jpg (60.67 KB, 858x1278, 143:213, 0c91aa720afa8d3159a34a237a….jpg)

The reason subliminal messaging tactics are seldom discussed in mainstream or legacy media is not because the tactics are ineffective and rarely used but because they are extremely effective, so effective that the advertising supported media considers subliminal tactic critical to the function of advertising supported media. Subliminal advertising is illegal, though the laws are both feeble and likely unenforceable, having been openly transgressed for the entire term of their existence, and since the entire business model of advertising supported media depends on the nullity of such regulations. The manipulation of individuals, identity groups and national populations after world war 2 was held critical to “national security.” Subliminals are key to that manipulation.

371968  No.4952681


Thanks again. Have never had to worry about it. Till now.

2d1bdd  No.4952682


years, with the right equip/staff

5df81a  No.4952683

File: f1d55d6256c6b8c⋯.jpg (234.62 KB, 500x397, 500:397, Norway_Rat_Picture.jpg)

File: c3b4814aca99819⋯.jpg (16.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Catcatcat.jpg)

…Fuckin' rats in the kitchen again? Where's that damn cat.

87c67f  No.4952684


it's called thunder

when extreme cold atmosphere

hits warm air

tell them it's the clash of the titans

gd people are stupid

f8fb14  No.4952685


Morris Dees is a child molester you say?




3f5d63  No.4952686


I am not in charge so OK. It is just a related post I thought.

4a18c4  No.4952687

File: 53da675f442f2e4⋯.jpg (25.16 KB, 410x307, 410:307, 53da675f442f2e439d403a26ce….jpg)

adb82b  No.4952688

So is it possible that the announced cure for cancer was made public so as to buy time for RGB not to be forced out?

Also, Here's a joke-

How many Falun Gong does it take to keep a supreme court judge alive? A: Not enough

a8290a  No.4952689



sought protection under chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code

20fa86  No.4952690

File: 485250d327ef4bd⋯.jpg (47.56 KB, 474x269, 474:269, IMG_5670.JPG)

File: 5cfeaa7f88471f0⋯.jpg (231.14 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_5673.JPG)

File: 71bea95fb79e390⋯.jpg (39.05 KB, 620x465, 4:3, 04212255-C10D-4EE7-81F6-27….jpg)

9254d7  No.4952691

BOOM!!!!! Federal Panel Of Judges Dismisses All 83 Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh!


196c4b  No.4952692


Creatures of habit?

How many lies before it becomes mathematically impossible?

Done in [30]


7b6cf9  No.4952693

File: 8ebe6b92dd1566e⋯.jpeg (69.5 KB, 608x500, 152:125, C15F73EC-7460-482F-8FB4-3….jpeg)

File: c209760ca69269a⋯.jpeg (179.75 KB, 2436x1125, 812:375, 62D7C990-5662-4935-A3E5-7….jpeg)

bf07af  No.4952694

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

she's got eyes of the bluest skies

Bullet - White Lies, Blue Eyes (1971)

b23861  No.4952695

rumor is POTUS is fucking pissed off at the comp baker board




30cc32  No.4952696

File: 0f86d2795022a57⋯.jpg (63.27 KB, 480x425, 96:85, 0f86d2795022a57a55515bf396….jpg)


The reason no one talks about embedded subliminals is not that they don’t work or are rarely found in use. It’s because use is near universal; in marketing, PR, advertising, entertainment media industry all depend on subliminal tactics and use them consciously to shape public opinion. The presumed independence and competitive operation of entertainment and communications industry is illusory. The media may be considered as a single functionally integrated parasitic organism which includes the advertising industry.

20fa86  No.4952697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

19d776  No.4952698

File: b8dd7f13dc41991⋯.jpg (77.19 KB, 750x500, 3:2, artjew02.jpg)

0dad49  No.4952699


I see. Thanks for clarification. I find the timing of the creation of USAF, C_A and the other defense establishments highly suspicious given what we know now. I also find the the close ties between USAF and the clowns thru NRO highly suspicious. If you follow the waste, fraud and abuse trail, USAF is the most common culprit. I'm not casting aspersions upon the service members, but those at the upper levels of command. Clapper is the poster child for this type of DS actor.

7f9c30  No.4952700


chapter 11


they refused a bailout by another company yesterday

39074a  No.4952701

Why does every bread start with the same 15 posts kek

e8b70d  No.4952702

File: 027c90f7556e332⋯.png (22.44 KB, 776x116, 194:29, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at ….png)

Almost 10% have been unsealed, anons.

8b9099  No.4952703


Yes, thank you! That's where I was going with this. RGB excuse to survive???

46106c  No.4952704

File: a05c8a128a27a1f⋯.png (798.64 KB, 634x667, 634:667, RBDion.png)

128c7f  No.4952705



They need trump dead or impeached so bad.

Has he been cancelling a lot lately ?

They are desperate and are at breaking point.

Just keep him out of the open , keep him safe.


20fa86  No.4952706

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

196c4b  No.4952707


How about a nice snack?

Cashews, Almonds, and Brazil Nuts

Make a nut bag [salty]


44de4b  No.4952708


I do not doubt this.

So, the question remains, WHERE IS SHE?

Where have the ELITE gone for medical attention in the past?


Cleveland Clinic

Mayo Clinic

Please list others.

Granted, the attending physicians might be making 'house calls' rather than her being an inpatient BUT she needs to be somewhere near the doctors.

30cc32  No.4952709

File: fb7deeb6ae45b5f⋯.jpg (13.08 KB, 255x143, 255:143, d8617828cc3c174ba6d79827f5….jpg)



The Viennese playwright Karl Kraus saw the media become an essential element; a planner, partner and profit participant in the modern mechanized nation state wars. “Almost alone in the period before the first world war, Kraus saw the press as an apocalyptic threat.” War as an industrial process, the massive profits from wholesale human slaughter would have been impossible without the support of the media – mostly newspapers in Kraus’s day. Michael Russell , says, ‘Kraus saw a powerful influential press in Vienna becoming ever more mendacious, manipulative, corrupt and self-serving, forming ever stronger ties with the aristocratic, industrial, financial and above all political elites of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later, after the war, with the struggling democracy of a new Austria.”

9c3213  No.4952710

File: 3bb3994a4f4bd52⋯.png (16.52 KB, 393x246, 131:82, Screenshot (884).png)

20fa86  No.4952711

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eec66d  No.4952712


>Why does every bread start with the same 15 posts kek

Shills announce themselves early so you can filter them. They're very considerate like that.

fb7e65  No.4952713


Rothschilds taking their money out of PG&E before SHTF. Leaving taxpayers to pick up the tab again, like always? The Chapter 11 filing should get the 'Fuck Off' treatment.

'Privatise Profit, Socialise Debt' - always the hallmark of the Rotshchilds. They've even given PG&E bosses a raise while this is going on. Bastards.

2d1bdd  No.4952714


I believe the Chief Justice is allowed to require a personal meeting with one of his sick justices.

19d776  No.4952715

File: b2c476497dff5e6⋯.jpg (170.01 KB, 700x700, 1:1, walkietlkiejewdrawing.jpg)

e8b70d  No.4952716


FFS, thanks for the heads up. Venezuela has been a shit show

015ad6  No.4952717

Notables so far


>>4952511 US State Dept warns ‘do not travel’ to Venezuela in new advisory

>>4952522 FBI concludes its investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history without determining a motive, Las Vegas

>>4952536 Waming tweet theory and graphic

>>4952558 Reminder RBG's event in LA was cancelled due to 'work and surgery recovery'

>>4952579, >>4952651, >>4952655 BNL News deletes RBG tweet

>>4952633 Dutch refuse to take migrants from stranded Sea Watch migrant ship off Sicily

>>4952640, >>4952675, >>4952689 On the PG&E bankruptcy

>>4952691 Federal Panel Of Judges Dismisses All 83 Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh


f952f2  No.4952718

File: b46c59dede93077⋯.jpg (393.84 KB, 1080x1082, 540:541, CHUCK MAYBE.jpg)


The puppeteer is obviously Trump as far as this anon is concerned.

7f9c30  No.4952719


That's what I was thinking

can implant pacemaker

put on vent

give TPN

drips for organ support

dialysis for failed kidneys

unless have body tissues actually slime out…


3f5d63  No.4952720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Woman Kicked Off United Airlines Flight After Saying She’s Sitting Between Two ‘Big’ Passengers

“Oh my goodness, I don’t know how I’m going to do this the next four hours. This is just impossible because they’re squishing me,” she said in the clip.

6d6e47  No.4952721

File: c4cdd8b37b16bf7⋯.gif (960.09 KB, 250x123, 250:123, bQyv0Nb.gif)


I think brain activity is what needs to be considered. No brain activity..no life.

1b2f88  No.4952722

File: 5a1b5d48e081945⋯.png (355.38 KB, 863x827, 863:827, pepeiceskating_not.png)


see the fakeness of this bot ?

he can only use the same meme/pics since half a year and is so bad at faking human interaction he accused others of his own failure

9a4b92  No.4952723

File: 12a13a5ac07a520⋯.png (93.16 KB, 1242x918, 23:17, 22a170ec538ab7a4d1e50b75bc….png)


Missile of Chaos


30cc32  No.4952724

File: 181e5349dda2a1a⋯.jpg (72.59 KB, 798x407, 798:407, 1428edb54f1c70cb45e1355a4e….jpg)

File: 3438fc30adf924a⋯.jpeg (6 KB, 255x149, 255:149, 3438fc30adf924af3fcc4f9be….jpeg)


Deceptions propagated by media, accumulate. When residual lies are formulated as social dogma, and represented forcefully by media as orthodox reality, we must wholly accept, as good citizens, or entirely reject lies, as immoral fools, traitors, and lunatics do. Russell says, “In May 1926 Kraus responded to agitation for Anschluss, annexation by Germany, declaring that “the hypnotic power of newsprint was creating a “counterfeit reality” in which “nothing is real except for the lies.”

“British psychologist Norman Dixon, in evaluating 500 scientific studies, concluded, ‘behavior can be determined by external events over which we can affect no conscious control.’ Dixon, Subliminal Perception, p 322

1 Dreams

2 Memory

3 Conscious perception

4 Emotional response

5 Perceptual threshold

6 Verbal behavior

7 Adaptation level or judgement values

8 Purchasing behavior

9 Psychopathology

10 Reproductive drive/sexuality

The list of subliminal effects powerfully demonstrates that humans can be programmed into almost any group perceptual construction aka cultural perspective by those who control media…Media provide the system by which economic markets are controlled.”

10911b  No.4952725


desperation. love it.

9254d7  No.4952726

What if israel wants to release the cure for cancer, to cure RBG so she doesn't die while at same time, israel looks like the good guy for finding said cure, even though the jew cunts have actually been hiding it for years.

5e4bf6  No.4952727

File: 1fe085e41ef788c⋯.jpg (65.45 KB, 403x400, 403:400, scone.jpg)


God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are,

>he let the scum of the earth be FISHERS OF MEN, to prove that even the dirtiest heart can be WORTHY, so that NO MAN OF THE FLESH can boast or brag, for without GOD it would not be possible.


d41379  No.4952728


Insecurities that prevent logic and understanding they their belief system is wrecked by fact.

Sucks when you find out what your idol actually is.

9cc4f9  No.4952729



Aoc, I suck a lot of nigger kike cock. I suck my brother akmeds cock all the time.


AOC: You will vote how i tell you to vote you Somalian trash.

This crazy bitch has no idea. I will cut off her head and let my husband brother fuck her throat.

3e5f89  No.4952730

File: 00ddcfbdc609d86⋯.png (356.79 KB, 438x418, 219:209, A2.png)

8e9bec  No.4952731


Eyeballs get mushy and slimy after awhile

f094e1  No.4952732


When will passengers realize they're just cargo?

7f9c30  No.4952733



No lie

same thing happened yesterday

sliding the notables with CRAP

17c243  No.4952734

File: 38a572c5d9b3fa1⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1232x936, 154:117, 906149856234569840546.png)

5849b1  No.4952735

715b06  No.4952736

I met Louie G. A while ago. Guy is a Texas rattle snake. Tough SOB. Down to earth, no BS type of man. Talks with simple words, not an ounce of grandeur or political fluff.

He knows. Not sure if he is part of the plan/movie But he aint waiting around doing nothing. He has a bone to pick with RM,RR,PS,LP and the lot.

Texas folk should feel proud of having a elected someone like him. The man truely loves justice and his country.

3e5f89  No.4952737

File: 32eb935043e4a24⋯.png (178.56 KB, 438x324, 73:54, Academy.png)

bf07af  No.4952738

File: e08d220dec371ad⋯.png (297.62 KB, 697x446, 697:446, Capture.PNG)

Swedish Migration Agency’s phones hacked with vulgar greeting

People who called the Swedish Migration Agency between 8 and 9 on Monday morning were not met by the usual female voice – but by a man who in a “threatening voice” hissed “jävla Migrationsverket” (“fucking Migration Agency”), according to SVT.

On their website, the Migration Agency wrote: “Right now, there is a problem with our switchboard and it is unfortunately not possible to call us. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.”

Any further details were not given.


392944  No.4952739

File: 3253d3a62adb9ab⋯.png (347.7 KB, 490x495, 98:99, 1547522827.png)

a192f4  No.4952741

fb7e65  No.4952742

File: cfdebaf4c7283c2⋯.jpg (257.48 KB, 1023x689, 1023:689, RBG2.jpg)


Ruth is OK, she just can't get out and about like she used to…

30cc32  No.4952743

File: 68d9535d77c2263⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2556x3441, 852:1147, 68d9535d77c2263d4e4ef2cdfa….jpg)

File: 0e10e0d20911506⋯.jpg (159.36 KB, 1050x700, 3:2, 70a668973ef47da4c16ee98046….jpg)

Perception, not the labels used to describe the nonverbal perceptual process, cannot be divided into simplistic categories such as conscious (cognitive) and unconscious (subliminal). Conscious and unconscious must be viewed as approximate overlapping states to be viewed on a scale of more-0r-less, rather than either or. Perception as it affects the brain and body is totally integrated. All portions of the brain interconnect with all parts of the body. Body and mind are inextricable.

a8290a  No.4952744

File: f33b69ec92cc2b8⋯.png (1.8 MB, 958x1200, 479:600, ClipboardImage.png)

c51691  No.4952745

File: e22a89537e4c2e7⋯.png (13.96 KB, 354x197, 354:197, leverage.png)


Mark it

Leverage Depleted = RBG GONE

Potus Free = Choose SCJ

acfc7e  No.4952746


You are in denial, so you understand.

5849b1  No.4952747



Rise, swedes, We Are With You!

<Any further details were


adcbae  No.4952748

File: af82af72aaae7f6⋯.png (41.45 KB, 797x344, 797:344, Capture.PNG)

fb7e65  No.4952749

File: 379702267b106e0⋯.jpg (90.86 KB, 500x605, 100:121, VladImpaler.jpg)

015ad6  No.4952750



There was a ghost handoff you fucking idiots, if I didn't take it reluctantly, you'd be ebaking

learn to bake or stfu

e116be  No.4952751

File: 093ff58de187995⋯.png (886.72 KB, 978x649, 978:649, ClipboardImage.png)

Huawei CFO’s lawyer says she’s a ‘hostage’ as US presses charges

Huawei’s CFO “should not be a hostage” in Sino-US relations, her lawyer said on Tuesday, after the United States announced criminal charges against her and the Chinese firm just days before crunch trade talks with Beijing.

The Justice Department charged Huawei Technologies and its chief financial officer with conspiring to violate US sanctions on Iran by doing business through a subsidiary it tried to hide. In a separate case, the Justice Department charged the telecommunications equipment maker with stealing robotic technology from T-Mobile. Huawei has said the companies settled their dispute in 2017.

CFO Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s founder, was arrested in Vancouver on Dec. 1, a move that was followed by China’s arrest of two Canadians on national security grounds. She is scheduled in court on Tuesday to discuss her bail terms, and is subject to a US extradition request. Her lawyer Reid Weingarten, partner at Steptoe & Johnson, pointed to “complex” Sino-US relations. “Our client, Sabrina Meng, should not be a pawn or a hostage in this relationship. Ms. Meng is an ethical and honorable businesswoman who has never spent a second of her life plotting to violate any US law, including the Iranian sanctions.”

Huawei said it had sought to discuss the charges with US authorities “but the request was rejected without explanation.” It said it “denies that it or its subsidiary or affiliate have committed any of the asserted violations” and “is not aware of any wrongdoing by Ms. Meng.” China’s Foreign Ministry urged the United States to drop the arrest warrant and end “unreasonable suppression” of Chinese companies. Spokesman Geng Shuang also said China had issued stern representations to both Canada and the United States after the US formally issued its extradition request for Meng.

Canada’s justice minister has 30 days from receipt of the request to decide whether to grant authority to proceed. If granted, Meng’s case would be sent to the British Columbia Supreme Court for a hearing, which could take weeks or months. The development is likely to upset talks between Beijing and Washington this week as part of negotiations intended to walk back trade tensions between the globe’s two largest economies. President Donald Trump said in December he could intervene in Meng’s case if it would serve national security interests or help close a trade deal with China. US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the charges are “wholly separate” from the trade negotiations.


657024  No.4952752

File: 1dc447728786ed2⋯.png (109.94 KB, 214x253, 214:253, 2019-01-10_14-42-06.png)

b22973  No.4952753


>House Minority Leader McCarthy


7f9c30  No.4952754


She used to go to GWU hospital in DC

most recent surgery was Memorial Sloan Kettering in NY - their big deal is cancer but naturally, they have other stuff

frankly on life support - she could be anywhere

even in home unit with the right equipment and staff

20fa86  No.4952755

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

19d776  No.4952756

File: ead0b45e45d88e1⋯.jpg (77.96 KB, 750x500, 3:2, homerjew_007.jpg)

44de4b  No.4952757

File: ec08c6cda753ab2⋯.jpeg (139.25 KB, 1811x481, 1811:481, image.jpeg)

b795d9  No.4952758

>>4951922 (pb)

I thought it was originally said that the faggot walked away unscathed.

a8290a  No.4952759


8fa9c4  No.4952760



Re: panel of judges dismissed ethics complaints against Kavanaugh

Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but this ruling wasn’t a clearing of Kavanaugh, it was a finding that the panel itself has no authority to investigate or discipline a Supreme Court Justice.

923635  No.4952761


He figured that out using boomer speed and efficiency

5e4bf6  No.4952762

File: d016a152cbe4a03⋯.jpg (231.83 KB, 1024x853, 1024:853, Boom1.jpg)




20fa86  No.4952763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d1108e  No.4952764


Wouldn't it be the 6th if we are two days ahead of schedule?

b23861  No.4952765





acfc7e  No.4952766

File: 2e9f7044218982f⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 413x450, 413:450, 20pctopac.jpg)

File: 5211f7f2b672238⋯.jpg (24.42 KB, 416x448, 13:14, 30pctopac.jpg)

File: 4df2300ea407e73⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 418x448, 209:224, 60pctopac.jpg)

File: 59b643a95b81604⋯.jpg (25.27 KB, 411x444, 137:148, 80pctopac.jpg)

5849b1  No.4952767


>Huawei CFO’s lawyer says she’s a ‘hostage’

aaaw poor lil thang

fuck Huawei "superior intelligence"

fuck China


adcbae  No.4952768

File: b9a0bbfb5b81a5e⋯.png (56.99 KB, 794x472, 397:236, Capture.PNG)

657024  No.4952769

File: a9a795be19b123f⋯.png (256.07 KB, 452x323, 452:323, 2019-01-26_20-17-07.png)

bf07af  No.4952770

File: c66d14026741806⋯.png (576.18 KB, 642x428, 3:2, Capture.PNG)

Merkel warns against nationalism in Fulbright Prize acceptance speech

Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed the continued importance of strong transatlantic ties and international cooperation to oppose rising populism and nationalism, during her acceptance speech for the J. William Fulbright Prize for International Understanding on Monday evening.

“Thinking in national spheres of influence is increasing and principles of international law or human rights are thus also being put up for discussion. We must resolutely oppose this,” Merkel said.

The Fulbright Association, the alumni organization of the Fulbright Program, awarded Merkel Monday´s prize “for her remarkable, compassionate leadership and her strong commitment to mutual understanding, international cooperation, and peace.”


87c67f  No.4952771


It's amazing. If we say anything attacking the hateful jews, we're censored and attacked.

fixed it mitchell

b22973  No.4952772


>EXTREME chatter

heheheh - forced to use twatter, eh Maggie?

>we hear all, we see all

20fa86  No.4952773

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e3494c  No.4952775

File: 0c152d7c7b92284⋯.jpg (76.61 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, Punisher-Skull-12x18.jpg)

Just a small thought guys…

Has anyone noticed how Q's last post was on Jan 13, which is oh so conveniently -23 days of what we now know to be the day of the SOTU.

-23? Now comes the pain.

3f5d63  No.4952776

File: 7029f100bb6fd52⋯.png (59.79 KB, 1150x544, 575:272, ClipboardImage.png)


Love the comments.

c97c9a  No.4952777

File: 6d4db7314e5099a⋯.jpg (58.28 KB, 654x439, 654:439, Qdoa.jpg)

File: 1fdaf7a984bfdf3⋯.jpg (9.29 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 1dbf5d5dfa70319c37b17ccfa6….jpg)

File: 6dc35b5a599eee1⋯.jpg (19.06 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 2sbvcx.jpg)

File: 82dbbaebc2aa886⋯.jpg (18.07 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 2sbu62.jpg)

Captcha getting a bit antsy this morning … Q doa .. really?

3e5f89  No.4952778

File: 2d0eb5e3f8ac90a⋯.jpg (954.08 KB, 2550x2632, 1275:1316, TF4.jpg)


The Real is in the House.



7f9c30  No.4952779


I, sir, was not actually talking about you

was talking about the faggot who left without relief saying hed be back in an hour

and the fuckers who baked overnight

392944  No.4952780

File: 46d9fb94096af30⋯.jpg (102.04 KB, 788x555, 788:555, IMG_20190120_094456_048.JPG)


Fuck Mitchell.

c51691  No.4952781


not sure, but thought if 2 days ahead then to see whats going on for the 10th i would need to look at the 8th right???

dced19  No.4952782

File: c174d9c715849f0⋯.jpg (163.27 KB, 1409x924, 1409:924, 20e05d88e9d00a789f9bcbad94….jpg)

196c4b  No.4952783

[W]atch the ne[w]s today

Switzerland [WW]

Follow the [W]atch

Rolex, TAG, I[W]C

Who o[w]ns?

Follow the Money

Think SHELL.

These People Are Sick


3e5f89  No.4952784

File: e3018f4884a5f05⋯.png (464.52 KB, 605x399, 605:399, Academy9.png)


Well now….

568406  No.4952786


Bullshit. It happened. The only questions are who planned it, who really did it, and why?

6f45cb  No.4952787


It wasn’t thunder asshat. It was a single bursting sound almost like mortar fire and concussive.

19d776  No.4952788

File: 2f93b8ebc4aadf5⋯.jpg (158.26 KB, 700x466, 350:233, homerjew_008.jpg)

acfc7e  No.4952789


Who is the PAIN?

8fa9c4  No.4952790

File: 15dd2b067be1bc1⋯.jpeg (610.57 KB, 1215x1341, 135:149, 415A1614-D133-4331-B984-7….jpeg)


The gifs in comments under this are hilarious!

eaca98  No.4952791

File: 13d6e7a6283e6d3⋯.gif (2.36 MB, 300x190, 30:19, moarfreedomforyou.gif)

0a8cbf  No.4952792

9a4b92  No.4952793

File: 5d73e0c65762c32⋯.jpeg (67.11 KB, 576x324, 16:9, 1548258395.jpeg)


Dont worry fakeQ anons will still let you come an entertain here

No one enjoys irony more than God, and then anons….. the only ones who don't are deceiving themselves (when you look in the mirror )

fb7e65  No.4952794

File: 0fbd9c4245de31b⋯.jpg (86.92 KB, 720x456, 30:19, Merkel Wirklich.jpg)

File: 2fd6f6028685f8d⋯.jpg (119.02 KB, 500x666, 250:333, Merkel2.jpg)


Getting a prize for being a total fuck-up? You can't make this shit up.

20fa86  No.4952795

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

30cc32  No.4952796

File: 52a21cdb093880b⋯.jpeg (323.32 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, 52a21cdb093880b5deab0f5b0….jpeg)

A formal theory underlying the Information War doctrine is Vladimir Lefevre's Algebra of Conscience, published in the 70s in the then Soviet Union to little fanfare. Developed intensively since, nation state militaries, intelligence agencies, advertising agencies and media added Reflexive control to the existing body of older, rule of thumb or ritual influence techniques and tactics already in their social control repertoire. Cults, religions, private military and secret societies also employ hypnotic induction, suggestion, embeds, subsonic “whispers” and stage magic/ illusion to manipulate perception at multiple levels.

88c4e8  No.4952797


I watched this earlier & like Dr. Janda's theory. Video about 10 mins.

TL;DW: 35 day shutdown was like a business soft opening to see where the bugs are. Marketing of border issues delivered to public hard and often by Trump, which is his strength. Now all know the issues and why it will only work if there's a wall. Dems offered no tangible alternatives. OPM set up RIF stopwatch , with streamlining suggestions and performance ratings having been done by end of 2017. AWOL warning & policy put in place. Biggest issue was TSA, but some airports have private contractors who can fire workers at will. SF int has private security services working under TSA rules. No problems,

Dr. Janda's guess is hard shutdown goes live on 2/15. Thinks constitution upholds pres powers to do so.

7f9c30  No.4952798




015ad6  No.4952799


learn to bake or stfu

c621a2  No.4952800

A thought on Shultz.

He is running, not against other dems, but as an alternative to Trump. He is trying to woo them. The dems rail against him now,

"Oh No! Look how horrible shultzy is. He will ruin our chances "

The reps and never Trumpers ,think he is cool and vote for him, thinking a sensible alternative to Trump. If a dem party member wins, globalists win. If shultz wins, dem globalist win.

We all lose.

392944  No.4952801

File: 0a546e915dcdc24⋯.jpg (41.91 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 55b64254371d22ce178b9b9d-7….jpg)

b22973  No.4952802

File: b2a2469942f2c19⋯.png (145.84 KB, 988x792, 247:198, Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at ….png)

File: c9a29625b9ae64b⋯.png (532.87 KB, 686x610, 343:305, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

fb8f55  No.4952803


I like that!

f1268e  No.4952804

File: 85dd3cb50dc1a3c⋯.png (21.43 KB, 388x198, 194:99, Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at ….png)

bf07af  No.4952805

File: 0baac4eaa03fefe⋯.png (698.83 KB, 651x429, 217:143, Capture.PNG)

German software giant SAP to slash 3,000 jobs

German software giant SAP said Tuesday it would slash around 3,000 jobs as it launches a mammoth cost-cutting programme against a background of stagnant profits.

"We are talking about a completely voluntary programme, we expect a number slightly higher than in 2015 of employees" to leave, chief financial officer Luka Mucic said, referring to a past move to cut 2,200 positions as SAP shifted focus to "cloud" computing from traditional software.

Earlier Tuesday the software giant, which is located in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, said it would launch a billion-euro restructuring plan after profits stagnated in 2018, while insisting it was on track to grow revenues and earnings this year.


a8290a  No.4952806

File: 7fae8a33c561e9a⋯.png (100.41 KB, 916x511, 916:511, ClipboardImage.png)

b23861  No.4952807



9d8e94  No.4952808

File: 306c559c5f280e4⋯.png (730.82 KB, 1092x495, 364:165, 121255.png)

f4dbb2  No.4952809


Can bake.

Please confirm handoff.

Updated dough would be much appreciated.

Notifying BO/BV's.

5849b1  No.4952810



might as well have Mr. Shekel Shekelstein run

d19ecd  No.4952811


It was a combination of false flag on actors and real attack on real people….That's what they want us to fight about…

10911b  No.4952812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What it sounded like to me…. "IDGAF about anything going on in this sick world besides myself. My comfort is far more important than reality. Human trafficking, pedo-rings, torture, genocide, poisoning, robbery, social conditioning, and deception are not nearly as important as my comfort. I'm the only thing that matters. I'm a priority."

Fret for your figure and

Fret for your latte and

Fret for your lawsuit and

Fret for your hairpiece and

Fret for your Prozac and

Fret for your pilot and

Fret for your contract and

Fret for your car

It's a

Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of


a98e09  No.4952813

>>4951977 (pb)

If General Kelly signed the letter wanting an open southern border with the Bush acolytes, then he is not MAGA. And Kelly Anne should have resigned immediately after her idiotic husband publicly attacked POTUS. If she cannot keep her own family member from disparaging POTUS in public she is a liability not an asset.

20fa86  No.4952814

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c1a2d1  No.4952815


>[W]atch the ne[w]s today

>Switzerland [WW]

>Follow the [W]atch

>Rolex, TAG, I[W]C

>Who o[w]ns?

>Follow the Money

>Think SHELL.

>These People Are Sick



Thank you Q!

19d776  No.4952816

File: 61e6486284d34b9⋯.jpg (156.61 KB, 750x550, 15:11, freakedoutjew_001.jpg)

7f9c30  No.4952817


Good job at recognizing my point

c97c9a  No.4952818


Welcome back Q!

196c4b  No.4952819


Faith vs. Reason

Confirmation Bias

Never a Straight Answer vs No Such Agency

KEK vs K_K


392944  No.4952820

File: 8da3834727916e0⋯.jpg (336.92 KB, 819x614, 819:614, 1541890549.jpg)

dced19  No.4952821



99601b  No.4952822


Good to go, thank you baker.

d0b39e  No.4952823

File: c180b72bb52124b⋯.png (407.18 KB, 1091x593, 1091:593, jillianTurner1_55_17.png)


hmmm. Podesta emails on October 15 2016?

a8290a  No.4952824

File: 308358666dc70b6⋯.png (850.27 KB, 634x964, 317:482, ClipboardImage.png)


Trump disses former aide Cliff Sims as he dishes about his new tell-all book

015ad6  No.4952825

File: c7463c678e1c469⋯.gif (299.38 KB, 528x398, 264:199, tripcode.gif)

c1a2d1  No.4952826


>Just a small thought guys…

>Has anyone noticed how Q's last post was on Jan 13, which is oh so conveniently -23 days of what we now know to be the day of the SOTU.

>-23? Now comes the pain.


kek Q posted like 1min after your post

5e4bf6  No.4952827

File: ef5a15fb995332c⋯.jpg (16.38 KB, 606x406, 303:203, (shallweplayagame.jpg)

File: 8583c7873144c0b⋯.jpeg (566.11 KB, 1818x1818, 1:1, holdmuhbeer.jpeg)

File: 2176580eac1eecb⋯.png (230.46 KB, 777x777, 1:1, kekbadge-punisher.png)

File: a79e79cc7e1df09⋯.gif (1021.42 KB, 702x388, 351:194, draketrump.gif)

File: f4ebbf58e0a85c5⋯.jpg (211.18 KB, 639x639, 1:1, dumbass.jpg)


for all we know, 2 days = 2 years

…unless you have a reason with sauce to mention 2 days ahead?

did you find the golden keystone with the MAP?

I guess R didn't leave the answer on the QLOCK?

I love you anon, but your useless sinful ignorance is a waste of time, and SOMEBODY needs to tell the truth..


please stop getting everyone on the edge of their seat when you don't know the reason for the excitement.


>dont get knocked off course

acfc7e  No.4952828


I'm not susceptible to your lame Clown mind tricks. It was 100% fake.

c621a2  No.4952829


it isn't Q. it is a name faggot

320b84  No.4952830

File: 226f6ad0bf0edc9⋯.jpeg (224.48 KB, 799x748, 47:44, Screenshot_2019-01-29-12-….jpeg)

File: fad10edc7c4eecd⋯.jpeg (362.72 KB, 799x1173, 47:69, Screenshot_2019-01-29-12-….jpeg)

File: 2c3a40e7e77f003⋯.jpeg (328.23 KB, 799x1049, 799:1049, Screenshot_2019-01-29-12-….jpeg)

File: 59843dfb5b95e28⋯.jpeg (241.01 KB, 799x683, 799:683, Screenshot_2019-01-29-12-….jpeg)

Well, after almost a year and a half of investigations nobody knows what happened. Just some random guy for unknown reasons decided to shoot up Vegas in the deadliest mass shooting in history, all by himself. How many billions was wasted on that investigation? The FBI should officially dismantle its self for their total incompetence and failure. They are completely useless

A separate report made public in August involving the Federal Emergency Management Agency found that communications were snarled during and after the shooting. It said police, fire and medical responders were overwhelmed by 911 calls, false reports of other shootings at Las Vegas casinos, and the number of victims.

Hotel security video and police officer body camera recordings made public under court order in a public records lawsuit by media including AP showed police using explosives to blast through the door of the 32nd-floor hotel suite where Paddock was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Clark County coroner ruled his death a suicide.

Paddock left no note providing an explanation.

The volumes of police materials also including written reports and witness accounts provided glimpses of horror, heroism and heart-wrenching drama. They did not provide a motive for Paddock’s actions.


87c67f  No.4952831


Navajo Skinwalker Legend


The Navajo skinwalker legend is one of the more complex and terrifying stories, steeped in mystery and evil intent.

navajo skinwalker legend Many Navajos believe firmly in the existence of skinwalkers and refuse to discuss them publicly for fear of retribution. They believe skinwalkers walk freely among the tribe and secretly transform under the cover of night.

The term yee naaldooshii literally translates to “with it, he goes on all fours.” According to Navajo legend, a skinwalker is a medicine man or which who has attained the highest level of priesthood in the tribe, but chose to use his or her power for evil by taking the form of an animal to inflict pain and suffering on others.

To become a skinwalker requires the most evil of deeds, the killing of a close family member. They literally become humans who have acquired immense supernatural power, including the ability to transform into animals and other people.

moar evil here…http://navajolegends.org/navajo-skinwalker-legend/

acafa5  No.4952832


Two days ahead of schedule, so 2/3 Super Bowl Sunday Patriots win?

d92c27  No.4952833


KEK POTUS filled stadiums.. DEM barely filled coffee shops.

8e9948  No.4952834

File: 93922ff0b8f38ec⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 339x230, 339:230, 1pnwmr.jpg)


Sure sure.

6e072c  No.4952835

Fake Q is here

Where is the eye of the storm moving to today. This repeatable shill pattern is just like feeling a chill in the air.

015ad6  No.4952836



Handoff Confirmed

here's the updated dough:


thanks baker, BV, I'll be lurking

30cc32  No.4952837

File: 46919fe0b33a3c0⋯.jpg (253.66 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 46919fe0b33a3c0790962f658b….jpg)

Mainstream legacy media is a monster. It has knowingly poisoned the unconscious and distracted and trivialized the conscious process. Karl Kraus the Viennese satirist, documented the media’s role in fomenting the incompetent and disastrous charade of WW I. As one of Kraus’s recent translators, Michael Russell , says, ‘Kraus saw a powerful influential press in Vienna becoming ever more mendacious, manipulative, corrupt and self-serving, forming ever stronger ties with the aristocratic, industrial, financial and above all political elites of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later, after the war, with the struggling democracy of a new Austria. Kraus saw the media as an apocalyptic threat, creating a false reality, one which it was impossible to reject publicly without being considered a fool or a mad man.

19d776  No.4952838

File: 17606af3f805325⋯.jpg (162.31 KB, 700x466, 350:233, crazy_jew_whip.jpg)

4d5828  No.4952839

File: 1f95211e386eae8⋯.png (388.35 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190129-125925.png)

File: 3d8df1b66010fa3⋯.png (293.15 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190129-130014.png)

File: 059057634d88dd1⋯.png (245.17 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190129-130022.png)

Caves…and coal mines





acfc7e  No.4952840


There you go. That's better. Clown. Nervous?

923635  No.4952841


I saw it on da X-files

a8290a  No.4952842

File: be65bfadbbf80b0⋯.png (594.53 KB, 1200x550, 24:11, ClipboardImage.png)



44de4b  No.4952843



Complete and total rebellion against God's Law

396ed7  No.4952844

File: 9619d040e4dae68⋯.png (204.06 KB, 1207x650, 1207:650, liu_fg_helen.png)

Huawei > Lia Chaoying > Bill Clinton

SUPER IMPORTANT. Please read, anons.

This entire article, and it's the third part, is important to read. But for copy/pasta I will grab some of the clips that place the connection to Clinton. This is through Australia as well, so could very easily help to understand Papa D's mention of Huawei as well.

"The ultra-secretive chief of Chinese military intelligence was on the lookout for his protege, a well-dressed, 37-year-old businesswoman called Liu Chaoying. She was bringing her new friend, a California-based entrepreneur called Johnny Chung who had a penchant for over-the-top jewellery and a knack for getting inside Bill Clinton’s White House.

Once the pair arrived and the group was seated, they talked American politics. It was 1996 and Clinton was running for a second term.

“We really like your president. We hope he will be re-elected,” General Ji told Chung.

“I will give you $300,000. You can give it to your president and Democrat party.”

A few days after this August 11 meeting, Liu Chaoying wired $300,000 into Taiwan-born Chung’s account. Some of this money ended up in the coffers of the Democrat’s Clinton re-election campaign in breach of US laws banning foreign political donations.

This transaction later became the focus of US criminal and congressional investigations into a major political scandal dubbed Chinagate by the US media. It was part of a broad Chinese plan to influence American politics to favour Beijing’s acquisition of sensitive, advanced technology."

"In 2007, US diplomats reported that Liu Chaoying was “involved in arms sales to foreign countries through Huawei and other military or quasi-military companies on whose boards she sat”. Her elder brother, Liu Zhuoming, is an influential navy admiral and member of the National People’s Congress."

42c9c8  No.4952846

File: 5cc82a037a04c85⋯.jpg (374.71 KB, 939x540, 313:180, rgb keystone.jpg)



44de4b  No.4952847


q is here

Not Q

b23861  No.4952848

bakers , bots, keep pulling it down

drill core data




9c3213  No.4952849

File: bfc59447fa3f7b1⋯.png (141.34 KB, 1074x757, 1074:757, Minus.png)

7f9c30  No.4952850


He doesn't "pretend" to be someone who hangs at IHOP

that's a big plus

doesn't go to hoedowns wearing mom jeans

try to eat tacos at local shack

go to hot dog contest

he says "I'm fucking rich - It's great! You should be rich too!"

196c4b  No.4952851


Everything is proof of Q's validity



6ae284  No.4952852

File: af731acd976f49d⋯.png (187.73 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Baby_Scarred.png)

923635  No.4952853


Patriots beat Hollyweird 53-47

fb8f55  No.4952854


That is the phony Q

392944  No.4952855

File: 6762aefbc65390e⋯.jpg (63.1 KB, 908x677, 908:677, 1546043615.jpg)

11dd0e  No.4952856


I wrote about this morning.

It's also 45 days after the Shutdown started

8e9948  No.4952857

File: ba244f5579e2cca⋯.jpg (14.34 KB, 480x319, 480:319, 2W4Q2Jh.jpg)



You are trying to hard!

af13fb  No.4952858


No flashing code. Suspect.

30cc32  No.4952859

File: be7e42f841ad528⋯.jpeg (165.94 KB, 1022x605, 1022:605, be7e42f841ad528df27d0a83b….jpeg)

File: bfc7988c4413ca2⋯.png (93.85 KB, 555x363, 185:121, bfc7988c4413ca24491699b14b….png)

“Young people are commercially managed into group identifications, values and behaviors under the pretense of individualized preferences. Much of this consumer condition is engineered via popular arts and culture which derive from advertising and promotion.” WB Key

“Subliminal embedding can make celebrities, models, automobiles, food products, politicians or scape goats or any other merchandise more attractive, exciting, flavorful and appealing. Modern media usually avoid confronting the audience with factual realities at the level of conscious perception. Fantasies are farm more engaging than unembellished perceptions.”

“Simplistic seeing and getting are perceptual constructs custom manufactured only for overprotected, nongrowth oriented children, highly vulnerable to manipulation, who eventually become adult victims in media-dominated society.”

a7c786  No.4952860

6e072c  No.4952861

Remember to check only Qs board for real posts.

74f98c  No.4952862


You are correct.

Shills can't math.

bf07af  No.4952863

File: e3d64808d576c2d⋯.png (688.51 KB, 697x387, 697:387, Capture.PNG)

Germany: 38,000 illegal immigrants caught by federal police

Figures seen by DW show how many people were caught by German Federal Police after they entered the country illegally between January and November 2018. The total number of illegal arrivals is probably higher.

More than 38,000 people were caught entering Germany illegally between January and November 2018, German Federal Police have told DW.

Over 28,000 people entered Germany by land, with most — some 10,300 — entering from Austria.

By comparison, some 9,270 people arrived illegally at airports and more than 1,120 people at sea ports.

Read more: How do refugees in Germany view Seehofer's tougher migration plan?

Most of the migrants were from Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

Figures likely too low

The true number of illegal entries was likely higher because the figures did not include the number of people who were not caught after entering the country, police said.


741a1e  No.4952864

File: 5b72b67b7cb3905⋯.png (51.22 KB, 633x347, 633:347, ClipboardImage.png)

Notable tweet concerning RBG from last bread was deleted. Should be updated


acfc7e  No.4952865


19d776  No.4952866

File: df059b0442ffa3b⋯.jpg (84.11 KB, 700x498, 350:249, 2jews_002.jpg)

3f5d63  No.4952867

FBI concludes investigation into Las Vegas mass shooting

LAS VEGAS — A high-stakes gambler who rained down a hail of gunfire, killing 58 people from his high-rise casino suite in Las Vegas wanted infamy and mass destruction, the FBI told the Associated Press Tuesday, but took whatever motive might stretch beyond that to his grave.

“It wasn’t about MGM, Mandalay Bay or a specific casino or venue,” said Aaron Rouse, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Las Vegas office. “It was all about doing the maximum amount of damage and him obtaining some form of infamy.”

Rouse says Stephen Paddock acted alone when he planned and carried out the attack. The 64-year-old fatally shot himself after opening fire from his hotel suite.

Rouse says the reason for Paddock’s rampage remains a mystery after months of study by agents and behavioral specialists. Almost 900 people were injured during the Oct. 1, 2017, attack on an outdoor country music concert.

Paddock, 64, was a retired postal service worker, accountant and real estate investor who owned rental properties and homes in Reno and in a retirement community more than an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, held a private pilot’s license and liked to gamble tens of thousands of dollars at a time playing high-stakes video poker.

His bank robber father was once on the FBI Most Wanted list. His younger brother, Eric Paddock, called him the “king of microaggression” — narcissistic, detail-oriented and maybe bored enough with life to plan an attack that would make him famous.

His ex-wife told investigators that he grew up with a single mom in a financially unstable home and he felt a need to be self-reliant.

Police characterized him as a loner with no religious or political affiliations who began stockpiling weapons about a year before the attack, spent more than $1.5 million in the two years before the shooting and distanced himself from his girlfriend and family.

He sent his girlfriend Marilou Danley to visit her family in the Philippines two weeks before the attack and wired her $150,000 while she was there. Danley, a former casino worker in Reno, returned to the U.S. after the shooting and told authorities that Paddock had complained that he was sick and that doctors told him he had a “chemical imbalance” and could not cure him.

Danley, who is Catholic, told investigators that Paddock often told her, “Your God doesn’t love me.”

A Reno car salesman told police that in the months before the shooting Paddock told him he was depressed and had relationship troubles, and his doctor offered him antidepressants but told police that Paddock would only accept a prescription for anxiety medication.

Yet Paddock’s gambling habits made him a sought-after casino patron. Mandalay Bay employees readily let him use a service elevator to take multiple suitcases to the $590-per-night suite he had been provided for free. Authorities said he asked for the room, which had a commanding view of the Strip and the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert grounds across the street.

The night of the massacre, Paddock fired more than 1,000 rounds with assault-style rifles in 11 minutes into the crowd of 22,000 country music fans. Most of the rifles were fitted with rapid-fire “bump stock” devices and high-capacity magazines. Some had bipod braces and scopes. Authorities said Paddock’s guns had been legally purchased.

Las Vegas police closed their investigation last August, and Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo declared the police work ended after hundreds of interviews and thousands of hours of investigative work. Lombardo vowed to never again speak Paddock’s name in public.

A separate report made public in August involving the Federal Emergency Management Agency found that communications were snarled during and after the shooting. It said police, fire and medical responders were overwhelmed by 911 calls, false reports of other shootings at Las Vegas casinos, and the number of victims.

Hotel security video and police officer body camera recordings made public under court order in a public records lawsuit by media including AP showed police using explosives to blast through the door of the 32nd-floor hotel suite where Paddock was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Clark County coroner ruled his death a suicide.

Paddock left no note providing an explanation.

The volumes of police materials also including written reports and witness accounts provided glimpses of horror, heroism and heart-wrenching drama. They did not provide a motive for Paddock’s actions.


42c9c8  No.4952868

File: e637479aba27025⋯.jpg (373.81 KB, 939x540, 313:180, rgb keystone.jpg)



b23861  No.4952869

skull and bones = skinwalkee




65de4e  No.4952870

File: 611a0a91951f157⋯.jpeg (155.55 KB, 1000x788, 250:197, 6ef055df-da1d-4ee1-a566-3….jpeg)

File: d333d1454e4ff17⋯.jpeg (184.14 KB, 1000x856, 125:107, 5b385bf9-e49c-48a0-9556-3….jpeg)

A little help anons. Queen B of Netherlands, Maria the witch, and is orange hair Willam Defoe?

f094e1  No.4952871


I knew they were falling for that shit going around about the "i'm one of three people in the room"

e116be  No.4952872

File: b6b11a775866ac5⋯.png (817.3 KB, 960x640, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Huawei executive Meng arrives for hearing at Canadian court

VANCOUVER (Reuters) - Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou arrived on Tuesday for a hearing before a Canadian court in a case that has strained Beijing's ties with Canada and the United States. Canada arrested Meng on Dec. 1 as she was changing planes in Vancouver, at the request of the United States, which on Monday brought sweeping charges against Huawei and Meng that paint the company as a national security threat. Meng was charged with bank and wire fraud to violate U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Meng, the daughter of Huawei's founder, is scheduled to appear in court in Vancouver to discuss her bail terms, according to British Columbia Supreme Court schedules. She is fighting extradition to the United States. Following her arrest last month, China arrested two Canadians on national security grounds. Her arrest further aggravates U.S.-Chinese tensions at a time when the world's two largest economies are locked in a trade war. U.S. President Donald Trump said in December that he could intervene in Meng's case if it would serve national security interests or help close a trade deal with China. In her December bail hearing, Meng argued she should be released on bail, citing her longstanding ties to Canada, properties she owns in Vancouver and fears for her health while incarcerated. In a sworn affidavit, Meng said she is innocent and will contest the allegations at trial in the United States if she is extradited. Meng said she was taken to a hospital for treatment for high blood pressure after being detained. She cited that condition in a bail application seeking her release pending an extradition hearing.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said on Tuesday he expected significant progress in Washington trade talks with Chinese officials set for Wednesday and Thursday. Mnuchin said the U.S. security concerns raised by the Huawei case were separate from the trade issue. China's foreign ministry has urged the United States to drop the arrest warrant and end "unreasonable suppression" of Chinese companies. China has demanded her immediate release. Huawei is the world's largest supplier of telecommunications network equipment and second-biggest maker of smartphones. It derives nearly half of its total revenue outside China.


fb7e65  No.4952873


I get that she's 'Full', but she isn't that bright…

f1268e  No.4952874

File: 5f91317659926c1⋯.jpg (11.49 KB, 239x255, 239:255, 5f91317659926c14e073022c5c….jpg)

acfc7e  No.4952875

File: 5b9d03c5417439f⋯.png (276.87 KB, 960x434, 480:217, 4d48a211.png)

392944  No.4952876

File: 67a0d52d3befcec⋯.jpg (20.73 KB, 540x448, 135:112, -tzi-the-iceman-tattoo-pho….jpg)

c97c9a  No.4952878


Thanks for heads up.

f4dbb2  No.4952879


Much thanks, BO/BV.

Thank you for looking out as always.


Thank you, AB.

Great work, rest easy.

Assuming responsibilities.

Time to rock.

c27525  No.4952881

File: c3c0f04ebfd2f2c⋯.jpg (568 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-120551….jpg)

File: 636e8a51ff9c068⋯.jpg (872.32 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-120604….jpg)

File: 9518b895c4a7e06⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-120612….jpg)

File: bd57ec93aa9bf4a⋯.jpg (1009.44 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-120617….jpg)


c51691  No.4952882

File: 9e7c699a846d5c2⋯.jpg (319.53 KB, 1184x1351, 1184:1351, 30.jpg)

well Q just monkey renched my theory

a8290a  No.4952884

File: ca984a550e878d3⋯.png (373.68 KB, 650x488, 325:244, ClipboardImage.png)


"This sort of whole concept of Huawei being involved in cyber warfare, presumably that would just be based on the fact that the company comes from China. This is just completely absurd."


44de4b  No.4952885


If BNL ever had a journalistic standard they would have never posted the unsourced, unverified claim.

Click bait

Of course they retracted. They have nothing

38a347  No.4952886

File: 1a26797a1c637d6⋯.jpg (66.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2sbw2r.jpg)

af13fb  No.4952887


>a retired postal service worker

Motive: He went Postal

Move along

Nothing to see here.


The FBI, Inc.

fa383e  No.4952888

8fa9c4  No.4952889


He did do that cheesy Green Acres number for the Emmys. Kek.

ae37df  No.4952890

File: c38599487aa66ad⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 376x279, 376:279, wjshr5y64-7htg.JPG)


Fake q is the easiest filter going

always a slide

not worth the time

075ae0  No.4952891

File: 67eacdb28bcb639⋯.jpeg (532.11 KB, 1125x1248, 375:416, D0DCD484-6901-4800-ADCA-F….jpeg)

Hehe “Handler”. 2 abortions at 16 years old?

Her former boyfield, Andre Balazs, is CEO of André Balazs properties, and his portfolio includes the STANDARD HOTEL.

These people are fucking stupid.


11dd0e  No.4952892


lurk moar, retard

840d8b  No.4952893

More media attacks on MAGA.


3ae65c  No.4952894


only for non-Mexican….

b23861  No.4952895

how much Trump paying you?




6e072c  No.4952896

Shills, is it frightening for you to be backed typically by advanced tech and military yet to be completely visible to us? I wonder how much more you attack will intensify today.

Looks like you guys are moving in to the defensive position.

a8290a  No.4952897

File: 1cfff94da315540⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1024x727, 1024:727, ClipboardImage.png)



6a401d  No.4952898

File: 24002072af67998⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Omarawan.jpg)

File: e3d707bd13dbca0⋯.jpg (116.15 KB, 873x827, 873:827, Omarawan2.jpg)

File: 512af87e4303780⋯.jpg (38.47 KB, 675x993, 225:331, awanomar.jpg)

90e300  No.4952899


That was not the real Q

5e4bf6  No.4952900

File: 900419c99f86c4b⋯.gif (588.04 KB, 350x300, 7:6, rockingchair.gif)

File: b75a3648af52369⋯.jpg (203.46 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, locked and loaded.jpg)

File: d67d95c10ab3d2d⋯.jpg (205.08 KB, 501x377, 501:377, falseflag.jpg)

File: ab062466340c365⋯.png (982.14 KB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, NOBODY GETS A FREE PASS.png)

File: 900cb4d3e80bfa1⋯.png (258.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NONE ARE SAFE.png)


it should be OBVIOUS by now.

maybe this isn't the place for you…

015ad6  No.4952901


room level


no problem


no problem baker, working on a graphic and lurking

thanks, previous baker said it'd be an hour or two before returning

392944  No.4952902

File: 06208672f05778d⋯.jpg (128.23 KB, 570x855, 2:3, downloadfile-7.jpg)

19d776  No.4952903

File: 42e7cb4095e0c3a⋯.jpg (178.88 KB, 700x700, 1:1, crazy_jew_whip_002.jpg)

bf07af  No.4952904

File: 0a33138f6c44c60⋯.png (635.46 KB, 696x392, 87:49, Capture.PNG)

Closer Everyday

We know what you're thinking. We read your brain

Researchers at Columbia University say they've translated brain signals directly into speech. This could help people recovering after a stroke. Ostensibly.

It was only a matter of time until we'd have scientists claiming they can read our minds. Certainly only a matter of time coming from the US, and especially the Zuckerman Institute at New York's Columbia University, which is renowned for research into neuroscience and the mechanics of the human brain.

A group of neuro-engineers at the Zuckerman Institute have been working on a technique called "auditory stimulus reconstruction" for some time. In the jargon of their paper — "Towards reconstructing intelligent speech from the human auditory cortex" — which has just been published in Nature, "reconstructing speech from the human auditory cortex creates the possibility of a speech neuroprosthetic to establish a direct communication with the brain and has been shown to be possible in both overt and covert conditions."


81da6b  No.4952905

File: 6659ed9ad90cf6c⋯.jpeg (627.25 KB, 1169x943, 1169:943, BDD90822-3751-4093-A554-9….jpeg)

3ae65c  No.4952906


she was groomed early.

c97c9a  No.4952907


Go stick your LARP up ya dickhole!

Sound off.

87c67f  No.4952908



>Huawei executive Meng arrives for hearing at Canadian court

Canada will let her go and give her

$10 mil for her troubles

8fa9c4  No.4952909


So are those poor boys.

e707d9  No.4952910

File: 3c2e45d3cb226e9⋯.jpg (391.89 KB, 1200x1618, 600:809, womeninsults.jpg)


Yawn… social shaming-based insults.

579268  No.4952911

RBG "died" and Fox News was alerted and ran the graphic.

However, in pure desperation, she didn't "fully" die, the call was premature, and Doctors were able to sustain her vitals just barely enough to consider her still alive.

Her state is impossible to recover from, she's good as dead, but technically not dead.

This is how Fox screwed up with their graphic. They thought they had breaking news, and were quickly embarrassed when they were informed she's still hanging by a thread.

b23861  No.4952912

19d776  No.4952913

File: 4621ce4542d19eb⋯.jpg (170.17 KB, 700x700, 1:1, homerjew_009.jpg)

015ad6  No.4952914

File: 0ab110ae8238d6f⋯.jpg (12.11 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 5b6ce9f90622f79287cd61034e….jpg)

c51691  No.4952915


Done in [30]

wonder if that means ML will last 30 days

acfc7e  No.4952916

File: 2a6988d7fe2328c⋯.png (86.61 KB, 838x853, 838:853, 03fdec74.png)


You know. That makes a lot of sense. Your influence has inspired me to re-think my life.

449c65  No.4952917

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c27525  No.4952918

File: 1b8febe705f8703⋯.jpg (397.11 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-120924….jpg)

File: 9daba02cb04f751⋯.jpg (476.73 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-120931….jpg)

File: e0d9122956d62c2⋯.jpg (452.23 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-120941….jpg)

File: fdbef403f6852c2⋯.jpg (489.65 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-120947….jpg)

File: 3714aa7dc5d2d3b⋯.jpg (465.66 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-120956….jpg)

Howard C. Nielson, Jr., to be United States District Judge for the District of Utah

J. Nicholas Ranjan, to be United States District Judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania

Rodolfo Armando Ruiz II, to be United States District Judge for the Southern District of Florida

Rodney Smith, to be United States District Judge for the Southern District of Florida

Michael J. Truncale, to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas

Wendy Vitter, to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana

T. Kent Wetherell II, to be United States District Judge for the Northern District of Florida

Allen Cothrel Winsor, to be United States District Judge for the Northern District of Florida

Joshua Wolson, to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Patrick R. Wyrick, to be United States District Judge for the Western District of Oklahoma

John Milton Younge, to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

M. Miller Baker, to be a Judge of the United States Court of International Trade

Richard A. Hertling, to be a Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims

Ryan T. Holte, to be a Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims

Timothy M. Reif, to be a Judge of the United States Court of International Trade


acfc7e  No.4952919

File: d94e768735b9bc5⋯.jpg (264.9 KB, 1310x598, 655:299, 8f426e739c1c.jpg)

3f5d63  No.4952920


>Motive: He went Postal

>Motive: He went Postal

a5d058  No.4952921

File: 9550ff79df36c55⋯.jpg (117.2 KB, 500x557, 500:557, wtootsto.jpg)

f4dbb2  No.4952922


Thanks for the heads-up.

Will keep an eye out.

God bless, man.

11dd0e  No.4952923


for fucks sakes faggot, it's not Q , you fucking donkey

d8ea47  No.4952924

File: 3faf7ad82b626b7⋯.png (509.89 KB, 1376x760, 172:95, Screenshot from 2019-01-29….png)

Hide and seek?

2d1bdd  No.4952925


Now Whitaker can re-open Awan with 'undiscovered stars learned'.

8365aa  No.4952926

File: 193245029dce151⋯.jpg (193.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, wilcock.jpg)

4e964c  No.4952927

File: 84e0e73af1d6b94⋯.png (18.81 KB, 1116x96, 93:8, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c054bd930e51ee8⋯.png (15.8 KB, 663x338, 51:26, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 41a1816ba9a6168⋯.png (18.92 KB, 754x394, 377:197, ClipboardImage.png)

Dog Catchers



acfc7e  No.4952928

File: d3b2cdd5bf895b9⋯.jpg (39.88 KB, 752x960, 47:60, 6f0PWPm.jpg)

File: a3293432fdd2a50⋯.jpg (42.2 KB, 752x960, 47:60, 6S95YRh.jpg)

File: 92e23789f5584b3⋯.jpg (47.48 KB, 752x960, 47:60, GJllqwB.jpg)

f094e1  No.4952929


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Trump Supporter Booted Off Frontier Airlines Flight for SECOND TIME Over Saying ‘Make America Great Again’

14b07c  No.4952930


Proud Capitalist says, your blocked.

075ae0  No.4952931


It wasn’t like it was BREAKING NEWS at the time. They were memorializing her. Like as if her funeral was that morning.

c27525  No.4952933

File: 4a48a6a965fb81e⋯.jpg (214.12 KB, 1080x938, 540:469, Screenshot_20190129-121122….jpg)

File: bddea76e408c58b⋯.jpg (958.79 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121135….jpg)

File: b43d229e62c80ef⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121145….jpg)

File: ea1a3901b402b2c⋯.jpg (953.56 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121155….jpg)


568406  No.4952934


Wondering who "alerted" Fox. Why would they report if not from the SC itself.

392944  No.4952935

File: 1c776d99531f5e6⋯.jpg (139.21 KB, 970x706, 485:353, IMG_20190116_233410_922.JPG)

File: 536f8e69aa69a79⋯.jpg (148.34 KB, 981x710, 981:710, IMG_20190116_233443_705.JPG)

Give this freak a pass. He brought n 6 billion.

a8290a  No.4952936

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eec66d  No.4952937


Either way, her medical status needs to be all over the 6 o'clock news.

b795d9  No.4952938

File: c1a6dfcb910e6ab⋯.png (56.36 KB, 140x194, 70:97, eyes 1.png)

File: cf84d9fc1c0b83e⋯.png (165.23 KB, 261x353, 261:353, eyes 2.png)


>those eyes

b23861  No.4952939

how much is trump paying you?




45a177  No.4952940

File: a42ee955bc44104⋯.jpg (9.79 MB, 5958x14790, 993:2465, MASONCLOWNSSSS.jpg)



SANTA FE, TX shooting → FREEMASON witness


MASONTOWN, PA shooting → duh

MICHAEL BROWN shooting → FREEMASON symbols


Lawyers DARYL PARKS & BEN CRUMP who show up @ every po-po shooting → FREEMASONS !

Freemasons are the clowns runnin Domestic Terror Ops and False Flag Racial Shootings

Track Freemason Associations & Symbols to all Police-Involved/Media-Fodder Shootings


4d5828  No.4952941

File: 103ff5d13cc07f8⋯.png (444.84 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190129-131127.png)


Iceman…his tattoos are much more interesting.

c51691  No.4952942


funny thing Sara sd last night

the govt has 3 weeks to fix wall problem and only take 15 minutes


9a4b92  No.4952943

File: aae03ba840e99a0⋯.png (417.53 KB, 736x589, 736:589, 1548457500.png)

Where'd the extra funding come for the shills ? Or is there a bounty for doxxing Q? Now that the slush money is gone and the "extra" journalists need an income (cuz their brainlets can't code)?


6e072c  No.4952944


I'm all set on the bait mam'

392944  No.4952945

File: e2d0ad78650c76f⋯.jpeg (643.3 KB, 1242x1793, 1242:1793, 1536017491.jpeg)

9d6fd5  No.4952946


He went to NC after the Hurricane and handed out food and water to the people their, shaking hands and etc.

63d724  No.4952947

File: a3be6b036721c97⋯.png (39.7 KB, 635x365, 127:73, ClipboardImage.png)


5d6631  No.4952948

fd44f0  No.4952949

File: 03bdf4f7416ee86⋯.mp4 (3.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hYJzIOpTKJjct3oU.mp4)

Kamala Harris laughing about putting poor people of color in jail.

e21db1  No.4952950

>>4952736 YES! THIS is the kind of character and commitment that is going to save our State and our Republic! Nothing less will do!

c27525  No.4952951

File: f3aaecef5637821⋯.jpg (754.1 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121302….jpg)

File: 5fd05260e993f68⋯.jpg (492.9 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121308….jpg)

File: 60820c5c44a2352⋯.jpg (507.44 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121313….jpg)

File: 90627fb82e7b008⋯.jpg (826.33 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121319….jpg)

File: 3eafb5d775bf033⋯.jpg (435.2 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121325….jpg)


19d776  No.4952952

File: c678913a13fae41⋯.jpg (133.87 KB, 700x466, 350:233, homerjews.jpg)

568406  No.4952953


That cannot be released except with her, or her legal designates authorization.

e21db1  No.4952954

>>4952944 " ma'am "

392944  No.4952955

File: e4596268fa2cf32⋯.png (341.96 KB, 414x468, 23:26, 1548281822.png)

87c67f  No.4952956


>how much Trump paying you?

oh look

(((they))) are here

all collecting unemployment benefits now

89b654  No.4952957


Felt that emotion in that video. You know what one I'm talking about.

a7c786  No.4952958


Boomers have been waiting for you with bated breath.

Be gentle with them.

015ad6  No.4952959

File: 5d020d35d9ca1c1⋯.jpg (13.21 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 5d020d35d9ca1c1d9cd5b66b20….jpg)

seriously, this isn't rocket science

there's no fucking tripcode, it's the fucking name

you can put whatever you fucking want in the name

e116be  No.4952960

File: b1497ce8629dd20⋯.png (286.15 KB, 732x439, 732:439, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a0e45cd5c8352a5⋯.png (106.23 KB, 724x1160, 181:290, ClipboardImage.png)

EU Officials Pledge to Bolster Cyber Defenses As More Nations Call for Unified Stance on Huawei

BRUSSELS—Amid new calls for a continent-wide response to state-sponsored digital security threats, senior figures in Brussels have vowed to beef up Europe’s cyber defenses in a coded warning to Chinese telecom giant Huawei. The European Union’s Security Commissioner, Julian King, said regulators wouldn’t “walk away” from the challenge and insisted it was “entirely legitimate” for the bloc to take action to defend itself.

Hungary meanwhile, often considered the black sheep of the club, called for an “all European” diplomatic response to China over the deepening security scandal and warned the continent is now “lagging behind” on technology. The remarks came after Beijing’s envoy to Brussels, Ambassador Zhang Ming, accused the EU of “slander” and “discrimination” and said it had “fabricated a security story” in an interview with the Financial Times. French European Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau also said on Jan. 28 that Europe needs to take a unified stance on Huawei. “Talking to China, we can’t do it each state on its own. … we should act as Europe,” Loiseau said.

On Jan. 28, U.S. prosecutors announced 23 new charges against Huawei, with 13 of the charges also targeting the company’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou. Charges include bank fraud, obstruction of justice, and theft of technology. The emerging details have jangled nerves in Europe, but so far the bloc’s response has been disjointed. France, Germany, and the UK have all issued statements expressing concern but other states are said to be afraid of offending Beijing. Germany has separately said it is now actively considering banning Huawei from providing 5G technology in the country over security fears, prompting a furious response from the company.

Asked about the arrest of Meng, King said while he doesn’t want to comment on individual cases, the issue of “digital resilience” is very important, he said. “It’s an entirely legitimate European concern to try and take measures to reinforce our digital resilience because, after all, that digital resilience is crucial for protecting the business of our governments, industrial research, intellectual property, business plans, our elections, democratic institutions, as well as our own personal data,” King said. “We’re not going to walk away from this issue.”


b23861  No.4952961

what do you want? why comp board? FF incoming?




14b07c  No.4952962


Why, does Nancy Pelosi have a better offer? Go away you don't belong here.

2496d4  No.4952963


IWC=Compagnie Financière Richemont SA

The largest significant shareholder of Compagnie Financière Richemont SA is Compagnie Financière Rupert, a Swiss company that holds shares controlled and principally owned by Johann Rupert. Compagnie Financière Rupert owns 522,000,000 Class "B" shares of Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, representing 9.1% of the equity and 50% of the voting rights. Johann Rupert and Compagnie Financière Rupert also hold 2,836,664 class "A" shares or "A" share equivalents as of the end of March 2016

3954f8  No.4952964

File: 9eca9b2448f776b⋯.jpg (51.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Grampa.jpg)

923635  No.4952965

Hey Q, how's "The plan" coming along?

Axing for a fren

a5d058  No.4952966

b29064  No.4952967

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

371968  No.4952968


>To become a skinwalker requires the most evil of deeds, the killing of a close family member.

Kind of like…abortion?

77c9c3  No.4952969

File: 58032cc6f6f4d00⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 228x274, 114:137, 58032cc6f6f4d001f964c65005….jpg)


Anon, it's possible given the number of

anti-Zionist Jews (25% of Jews that voted in the USA 2016 voted for DJT, which puts them in FEMA camp range along with the rest of us; that wasn't a "kike trick" by THEM. They are patriots anon, and folks like Stephen Miller will hang if we lose and I will be proud to hang alongside him and anyone that wants to MAGA) that that chap is secretly one of us…

In Israel there are Jews that are sick of it all as well. Is it dangerous to express discontent and rebellion against the Rothschilds and the rest of the Cabal?

Or maybe he is what he appears to be.

God Bless POTUS.

+Pater noster, qui es in caelis: Sanctificetur nomen tuum: Adveniat regnum tuum: Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo, et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie: Et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed +libera nos a malo.


c51691  No.4952970


Donkey here o/, how do u know???

b795d9  No.4952971

File: c17cc0c0007d72c⋯.png (29.82 KB, 399x243, 133:81, q504.png)

File: bd50c2cc23d96f3⋯.png (613.74 KB, 1328x1685, 1328:1685, 172 - _qresearch_ - Q Rese….png)

File: 1b7da4ced62b392⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 640x636, 160:159, jfk jr punisher.jpg)

File: 8dbe17f3d28c824⋯.gif (5.09 MB, 480x270, 16:9, jfk-jr-storm-approaches.gif)

File: 920d261174fd910⋯.jpg (52.54 KB, 322x819, 46:117, jrsmallhands01.JPG)


>triggered niggered


>fake and gay

you can't fool us with your retardation

JFK, Jr lives, but not because you say so

075ae0  No.4952972

File: 508d6dc28931934⋯.jpeg (129.02 KB, 930x707, 930:707, A953A9B2-07C3-4125-82A8-C….jpeg)


If I die on these boards, please make sure Mark knows his face is making the rounds on 8ch.


90b1f8  No.4952973

File: 4c27a2b81ea0564⋯.jpeg (31.63 KB, 400x328, 50:41, 831A8B38-8335-4A96-8261-9….jpeg)

File: caf17d89c7e3695⋯.png (34.85 KB, 571x592, 571:592, 9BB129AB-E2F2-400B-AE5E-56….png)

File: 1089c5b29ec9d0d⋯.png (19.83 KB, 582x391, 582:391, F3A94B3C-A6D6-4471-9830-87….png)

File: 87efc463e21e57d⋯.png (19.82 KB, 579x401, 579:401, E3BA9A0D-0F78-4C2E-8728-3E….png)

File: 1b6367abbdd54f5⋯.png (18.76 KB, 551x459, 551:459, 2668F5C4-F00C-4D0F-B361-3C….png)




you should cry moar.

6e072c  No.4952974

Careful shills, there's a rebound associated when you target me.

392944  No.4952975

File: 36231ffb5ce8453⋯.png (425.79 KB, 544x533, 544:533, 1534982078-3.png)

579268  No.4952976


When they were alerted, she was "dead", but by some ridiculous fluke (left would call miracle), she was "revived" just enough to be considered alive.

So whoever called Fox, didn't make a mistake. But it turned out to be hasty.

1d1e03  No.4952977


their symbol looks like the peacock symbol for NBC?

1af0ee  No.4952978

File: 07545b5d8c640a0⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 763x572, 763:572, madigan.jpg)

FBI secretly recorded Mike Madigan at his law office pitching firm’s services


Not sure what to make of this. Ed Burk may have dropped a


but its a nice shake up. about time.

38a347  No.4952979

File: c1f398d8e27b439⋯.jpg (253.51 KB, 723x1106, 723:1106, 2fi464.jpg)

657024  No.4952980

File: 88c279894fb5a30⋯.png (228.61 KB, 486x299, 486:299, 2019-01-29_13-07-04.png)

9a4b92  No.4952981


(Looks like actual cannibal without his flag)

449c65  No.4952982


Al Gore Rhythm

c27525  No.4952983

File: 10357cce62e9d17⋯.jpg (618.04 KB, 1080x1392, 45:58, Screenshot_20190129-121507….jpg)

File: 839d3147748dcf9⋯.jpg (609.8 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121523….jpg)

File: 1fdd31b69d4716b⋯.jpg (769.31 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121529….jpg)

File: c98a9a16ca2619a⋯.jpg (733.58 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121537….jpg)

File: 5bcb1f2a7290c87⋯.jpg (777.94 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121543….jpg)


9c843f  No.4952984


OR they announce her death on the fourth.

Pelosi "under these circumstances, I think the MORAL thing to do would be to cancel SOTU"

a8290a  No.4952985

File: bd273685cd1d284⋯.png (518.18 KB, 769x682, 769:682, ClipboardImage.png)



015ad6  No.4952986



fucking retards

b795d9  No.4952987


why is it so many niggers are masons?

1c2982  No.4952988

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The this is NOT A GAME

1000X MORE

bf07af  No.4952989

File: c25f6d77fb0b52a⋯.png (771.59 KB, 829x447, 829:447, Capture.PNG)

More Than 40 Dead, 850 Detained in Venezuela Violence, UN Says

850 people were detained between Jan. 21 and Jan. 26, including 77 children, some as young as 12

The Trump administration on Monday sanctioned Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, ratcheting up pressure on socialist President Nicolas Maduro to cede power to the U.S.-backed opposition in the oil-rich nation in South America.

The action means Maduro’s embattled government would lose access to one of its most important sources of income and foreign currency along with around $7 billion in assets of the state-owned company, Petroleos De Venezuela S.A.


adcbae  No.4952990

File: 9a7d62f0b27f57b⋯.png (296.46 KB, 995x522, 995:522, Capture.PNG)


found it!

17c243  No.4952991

File: 88fe5a82a3aaa8b⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1339x800, 1339:800, 572134234002346654007.png)

b795d9  No.4952992

File: 22a61949eb1da84⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 600x800, 3:4, shilldevice.jpg)


>fucking retards

every. fucking. time.

923635  No.4952993


fucking brainlet….post less

19d776  No.4952994

File: d61a70f68170408⋯.png (371.48 KB, 665x499, 665:499, oppositeofliyingjews copy.png)

392944  No.4952995

File: 6be5ab3e245ad78⋯.jpg (690.68 KB, 1461x2000, 1461:2000, TheFatJew.jpg)

c27525  No.4952996

File: 1671aed69ad10d0⋯.jpg (749.5 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121700….jpg)

File: ef1579b88a1c6a0⋯.jpg (501.05 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121707….jpg)

File: fbbf9fffd94a36d⋯.jpg (746.05 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121715….jpg)

File: 4e3e6d91e3ae357⋯.jpg (500.81 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121723….jpg)

File: bd189034b362ffe⋯.jpg (583.91 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-121731….jpg)


45a177  No.4952997




^ as usual, let us give thanks to the shills for confirming

9121d3  No.4952998

File: 220c3017a7b6aa0⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1086x869, 1086:869, PENTAGON.PNG)

Is a foreign military invasion imminent?


d2170b  No.4952999

Q = Trump 2020 election campaign.

It's not about bringing down the deep state. It's just about getting Trump reelected in 2 years.

No storm.

No declas.

No bringing down the house.

No wall.

No arrests.

No traitor hangings.

Just 2 more years of the same old bullshit politics.

568406  No.4953000


Your red text mischaracterizes.

I suspect that many here would cheer the actions if performed by a republican.

Fuck off

a98e09  No.4953001


If Huawei is pushing 5G - lock her up.

b23861  No.4953002

would you like to GC/MS data on the core samples?




38a347  No.4953003

File: 528a2b58d19bdeb⋯.jpg (103.56 KB, 732x499, 732:499, 2rh35n.jpg)

5eb2df  No.4953004

File: 387a7157ecd407b⋯.png (117.92 KB, 898x841, 898:841, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1f0f9fed883d1ee⋯.png (99.27 KB, 903x760, 903:760, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9a64fba5638de84⋯.png (137.49 KB, 913x777, 913:777, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dbc2055832e419d⋯.png (104.49 KB, 914x710, 457:355, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2291f0731dadede⋯.png (229.88 KB, 936x855, 104:95, ClipboardImage.png)

Monetization Vs. Depopulation - The World's Narrative Until Something Breaks

In contemporary, post world war II times, the process of depopulation is the declining number of births pitted against significantly longer life spans of the existing population. Given this, depopulation starts from the declining quantity of young and slowly works its way up the population. So, as depopulation is taking place, it is tracked by declining births, and eventually by declining 0 to 64yr/old populations vs. still expanding 65+yr/old populations. Outright depopulation only takes over once the declines among the under 65yr/olds outweigh the ongoing growth among the 65+yr/olds.

In 2011, there was one state plus Puerto Rico that experienced outright depopulation. However, by 2018, that number has increased to 9 states(Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, West Virginia, Wyoming),plus Puerto Rico that are outright shrinking (chart below).


396ed7  No.4953005


your description of this video is as fake news as CNN. She has plenty to be heckled on, but this red text is fake and gay. Kamala Harris talks of having truency become a crime for parents also due to the statistics of elementary school truency leading to school drop outs and eventual crime.

Is she wrong on that? Not once did she mention color. Have better standards, anon.

075ae0  No.4953006


Yes faggot. Cartels ARE the military in s/c America.

541dcf  No.4953007

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


568406  No.4953008


You misspelled shills.

e116be  No.4953009


You know I thought the same thing when I first looked at it months ago…given what we have learned about NBC's activities..I wonder if there is a connection there..

a5d058  No.4953010


Keep telling yourself that.

2018 was full of win, and if you keep going with this angle of yours I'm going to start posting the proof, every time you respond to me.

11dd0e  No.4953011



for the guy working for free in his 70's with more money than he'll ever need.

how do you type with cum in your eyes, faggot? Voice to text?

923635  No.4953012


Abby Martin and Jimmy Dore told me

Venezuela is doing great, socialism is great

and this is all propaganda

196c4b  No.4953013

Failing to Identify Fake Q?

After 15 months?

How many "patriots" are bots? [QResearch]

The More You Know


a98e09  No.4953014


speak for yourself Harris shill

14b07c  No.4953015

==Treason== that is what is important. We can deal with all others after we get the ==TRAITORS==.

b23861  No.4953016

but we solved Skin Walker..massive




392944  No.4953017

File: e6f82a4f6fef36b⋯.jpg (86.6 KB, 455x640, 91:128, tori spelling.jpg)

9143d2  No.4953018


Polar Vortex used to be called the 'Siberian Express' when it comes from the North .When it comes from the West it's called an 'Alberta Clipper' . I guess 'Siberian' is currently politically incorrect.

d61ff7  No.4953019



>That’s part of the reason why some things that tie back to foreign heads of state will remain classified (not all).


Hey baker, should we add this Q post to this point?

b795d9  No.4953020

File: 4a6f50559fd09bb⋯.jpeg (111.34 KB, 980x742, 70:53, shill sniper.jpeg)

fa383e  No.4953021


Madigan is been a crook from day one and his daughter got her position because of daddy

11dd0e  No.4953022


kill yourself, shill

1d523c  No.4953023

Suddenly it all makes sense.

The left is conspiring with Putin to bring Trump down. Think about it. Gets rid of the whole cognitive dissonance over left going or actually remaining socialist while it seems to be suddenly wacko commie-paranoid.

Now supporting Maduro and coming out against Trump for opposing Maduro, sanctioning him and endorsing Guaido. Leftist press in US blithely ignoring Putin takes the opposite view, accuse Trump of wanting the oil, when US now oil independent, net exporter, just found biggest oil and natural gas deposits ever in Texas and New Mexico.

Trump dossier coming from Russians. It all makes sense if it was actually Clinton and dems colluding rather than Trump.

9cc00d  No.4953025

Does it really make a difference..


Almost Dead?

Life Support?

Can she do her job on SCOTUS?

If she can't, will she ever be able to regain enough mental capacity to do her job later?

If not, that would mean she will never been able to do her job on the SCOTUS and she should resign (if she is able) or other means should be put in place to set her down…

Reductio ad absurdum = she could technically be on the SCOTUS forever she is on lifesupport…unfair and probably illegal somewhere in the Constitution.

Just makes common sense…if anyone else can't do their job in the U.S.A. are they relieved of DUTY!!!

a5d058  No.4953026

File: 1b672ef6ba1a167⋯.png (1.2 MB, 2429x1689, 2429:1689, january-2018-habbenings.png)


As a matter of fact, fuck you, I'm starting now.

e116be  No.4953027

File: 76ebb09ce58a31c⋯.png (125.26 KB, 733x1330, 733:1330, ClipboardImage.png)

Chinese Telecommunications Device Manufacturer and its U.S. Affiliate Indicted for Theft of Trade Secrets, Wire Fraud, and Obstruction Of Justice

Huawei Corporate Entities Conspired to Steal Trade Secret Technology and Offered Bonus to Workers who Stole Confidential Information from Companies Around the World


196c4b  No.4953028


It's the Jews.


2fbdc3  No.4953029

I’d love to see white women get even more shit from minority groups to help redpill them back to sanity. Q, make this happen please.

5eb2df  No.4953030

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Exact same playbook as Trump

1:23 of your time.

b795d9  No.4953031

File: 99c7e214b2f797d⋯.png (47.77 KB, 508x552, 127:138, shill spotters and snipers.png)

a8290a  No.4953032

File: 99f8393e976da42⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1440x907, 1440:907, ClipboardImage.png)


FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers the lines between “the Chinese government and ostensibly private companies” are blurred if not totally erased and “especially the lines between lawful behavior and fair competition and lying and hacking and cheating and stealing.”

568406  No.4953033


I'm not a Harris shill. But, I happen to agree with her on this point.

fa383e  No.4953034


Fake Q!!!!!!

c1a958  No.4953035


I don't understand retards like yourself. Why are you here? Lonely little bitch

a5d058  No.4953036


Hi, loser failed mod! You're still a fucking tossing loser.

241455  No.4953037


Negativity is allowed.

46106c  No.4953038


Oh Hey Ex-Buzzfeed!

320b84  No.4953039

File: 5920e6a4912cc33⋯.jpeg (252.03 KB, 799x843, 799:843, Screenshot_2019-01-29-13-….jpeg)

File: 8990a7230e07efa⋯.jpeg (88.57 KB, 799x319, 799:319, Screenshot_2019-01-29-13-….jpeg)

File: e6791d3156a4fd4⋯.jpeg (328.02 KB, 799x1053, 799:1053, Screenshot_2019-01-29-13-….jpeg)

Witchcraft motivated body part trafficking

Needed for money rituals


Probably being sent to Obama

009dcf  No.4953040


Well, considering they probably had a hand in starting it…they SHOULD know how to stop it.

90b1f8  No.4953041

File: 3b018332b848047⋯.jpeg (55.13 KB, 530x331, 530:331, 40B30514-2CD4-49FC-BD00-C….jpeg)

File: 00316b186548db2⋯.jpeg (194.5 KB, 1046x843, 1046:843, 1AA4026D-311A-4A23-A516-F….jpeg)


what if I told you that free masonry was developed and weaponized by jews to create useful idiot goyim en masse?

1c2982  No.4953042


You dumb bish made duck ass niggaz were. Bout to kill your selfs over NFL taking a knee and a Drake meek mill beef.

You ignorant crackers were convinced the Mexicans were the problem.

You wanna be holy spirit lookin ass niggaz were about to bomb Iran over Israels selfish debt.




9c843f  No.4953043

File: 871127d4961f4a8⋯.jpg (217.92 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, fake q.jpg)

b795d9  No.4953044

File: bc8c909618b8343⋯.png (970.48 KB, 808x762, 404:381, esperanto is his first lan….png)



I can fill in the name field, too, fagget.

90fd7d  No.4953045


Our Nation, Our Lives.

Our's is a Labor of Love.

Weren't you told to expect us?

c27525  No.4953046

File: e4c2b34e66fb85a⋯.jpg (546.69 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-122104….jpg)

File: 1a152965691bfea⋯.jpg (368.82 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-122110….jpg)

File: 46171966075cc21⋯.jpg (389.83 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190129-122115….jpg)


da090d  No.4953047


bait and switch

4a18c4  No.4953048

File: 9c725d02b09e831⋯.jpg (540.33 KB, 1020x1020, 1:1, 6031a1e961d97821d0fa5765e5….jpg)

File: 3f16ddb929f4ac3⋯.png (192.38 KB, 517x594, 47:54, 3f16ddb929f4ac3403c89803d7….png)



Kayfabe spotted

392944  No.4953049

File: b6d7250609cc9b4⋯.jpg (61.17 KB, 511x508, 511:508, 1548039558.jpg)

c2df82  No.4953050

File: 35d4e6e6bcaae1b⋯.png (424.69 KB, 485x365, 97:73, Chicken1.PNG)


MAH Mockingbird..

a98e09  No.4953051


arresting single parents and poor people (regardless of colour and usually minority) for their children's truancy is sick and disgusting – and leaves children open to trafficking and abuse

d2170b  No.4953052


like i said, same old bullshit politics. we were promised arrests and booms and we get the same old shit as always.

e116be  No.4953053


It seems to be a common theme with them 5G in the countries where they are doing business. China's interest in this is that they intend to be the world leader in AI..so there is that as well. I do believe the Chinese government protests too much!

b23861  No.4953054

or maybe the ICP/MS..far better..Im just waiting for the knock on door..blowing the lid off this bastard

how you like me now fuck tard?

a5d058  No.4953055

File: b584d6e3ee3500d⋯.png (1009.95 KB, 1878x1225, 1878:1225, February-2018-Calendar.png)

28e36c  No.4953056


Fox reporters hang out here. They got if from us

c621a2  No.4953057


She didn't have to be so rude and laugh. All the airlines did was to solve her problem. She told them she couldn't do this. so she didn't. problem solved.

009dcf  No.4953058


Hillary? Is that you?!

4a18c4  No.4953059

File: 73a9799bc86e35e⋯.jpeg (10.48 KB, 255x143, 255:143, ea81ee38f50db207412846056….jpeg)


What if i told you q said it isn't about a specific religion and that evil has no boundaries.

5eb2df  No.4953060

File: b7a571058f11c65⋯.png (179.02 KB, 639x619, 639:619, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d92e3fd61e6cabe⋯.png (20.3 KB, 622x364, 311:182, ClipboardImage.png)

Senate advances anti-BDS bills as Congress resumes work after shutdown

Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act now goes to the House; would protect states targeting Israel boycotters, enshrine military aid to Israel in law

The United States Senate overwhelmingly passed controversial legislation on Monday to curb boycotts against Israel, its first move since returning from a several-week government shutdown.

The Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act, known as S.1, advanced in the upper chamber by a vote of 74-19.

The package included the Israel Anti-Boycott Act and the Combating BDS Act, bills that are both supported by most major Jewish organizations but vehemently opposed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and J Street on the grounds that it violates free speech.

While the Israel Anti-Boycott Act would make it illegal under federal statute to boycott the Jewish state, the Combating BDS Act would grant federal protection to the 26 states that have already passed similar laws targeting Israel boycotters.

The act also incorporates a separate measure to codify into federal law an agreement for the US to provide Israel with $38 billion over 10 years in security assistance.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Obama administration, and has thus far been upheld by the Trump White House, but could be torn up at any time. Codifying it into law would protect the aid over the life of the agreement.

The act also included separate measures to aid Jordan’s government and Syrian civilians.



dc2e01  No.4953061

Any planefags tracking the p8s and mystery plane circling Florida east coast

4bd5ac  No.4953062


False flag. Yawn. If only people weren’t so gullible.

b23861  No.4953063

File: 195e6c8c624206b⋯.png (328.35 KB, 297x546, 99:182, ghostdancedresspng.png)

90b1f8  No.4953064

File: 6c4a64f493f0bc7⋯.jpeg (146.52 KB, 668x750, 334:375, E09A5406-D56D-439B-A06F-6….jpeg)


yeah make sure you announce to the board every single time you block someone cus you’re offended that they criticize zionists!

258111  No.4953065


Nice graphic, saved. thanks


fuck jew


black power. niggas gotta eat somehow with all the ongoing fabricated racist, fascist oppression by whitey

1200d6  No.4953066

No it's Ford being very brave trying to fly.


5eb2df  No.4953067


Exactly what trump is about to do in Venezuela

77c9c3  No.4953068

File: 4c25db00210b157⋯.png (382.19 KB, 887x904, 887:904, 4c25db00210b157e559d94a5ab….png)

File: f355b3e672ad196⋯.png (392.16 KB, 656x763, 656:763, ea28706f366c49b6d139aa8237….png)

File: fb75555170801e2⋯.jpg (159.02 KB, 1050x640, 105:64, Quotation-Thomas-Aquinas-T….jpg)

File: 19c1c990839188f⋯.jpg (69.3 KB, 638x479, 638:479, topic-8-thomas-aquinas-7-6….jpg)

File: 2190c6340e01d7f⋯.png (156.79 KB, 1055x343, 1055:343, Screenshot_2019-01-22 Q Re….png)


Our Blessed Lord IS a Jew anon, an actual Semite of the right blood in all senses.

In His Sacred Humanity the Second Person of The Most Holy Trinity is a "Jew".

His Immaculate mother whom He fashioned is a "Jew", so was his foster father, the last and greatest of the Patriarchs, St. Joseph - a man's man.

Be careful whom you follow.


196c4b  No.4953069


It's bigger than you can imagine

MSM radicalizes the Left with LIES

Who radicalizes the Right?


Anonymous sources?

They want you WEAK

They want you DIVIDED


91fbd0  No.4953070


Coloboma. Who were his parents?

14b07c  No.4953071


We still have the best President in my lifetime and that includes Reagan.

65de4e  No.4953072


That explains why qresearch turned into current events.

9a4b92  No.4953073

File: 53f3e3a935bc860⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 500x557, 500:557, 53140e9f47b0e54f051cf2f513….jpg)


AOC. Knows it's the Amish, rtard

4f95e5  No.4953074

File: 8444b92840c0632⋯.jpeg (332.02 KB, 1296x863, 1296:863, DEDC635B-D933-4B1A-B856-B….jpeg)

File: cd4516a4eb6983d⋯.png (884.11 KB, 723x1024, 723:1024, 95F2EB6E-DD8C-42AA-A5C4-1B….png)

File: 4c540b95ce9c0a9⋯.png (443.59 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 5AC5B9F2-6C20-4FC1-9457-B2….png)


You know your sad shit posts only temporarily make us angry.

Then we just refocus that energy on making






19d776  No.4953075


You are one deluded person.

392944  No.4953076

File: c7dff959c24b0b4⋯.jpg (220.28 KB, 866x1300, 433:650, 77844892-vintage-style-por….jpg)

fd0ec8  No.4953077

File: 3d0bb1402cea89b⋯.png (612.91 KB, 879x514, 879:514, ClipboardImage.png)

1935a9  No.4953078

5eb2df  No.4953079

California’s Largest Utility Goes Bankrupt Under Billions In Wildfire Debt

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), California’s largest utility company, filed for bankruptcy at midnight on Tuesday, seeking to escape potentially $30 billion in liabilities, CBS News reports.

The company announced its plans to pursue bankruptcy protection two weeks ago after its CEO, Geisha Williams, stepped down reportedly over fallout from the utility’s wildfire debt. PG&E said then that bankruptcy “represents the only viable option to address the company’s responsibilities to its stakeholders.”

PG&E is seeking $5.5 billion in bank loans on top of a $10 billion loan granted by the California Public Utilities Commission in San Francisco Monday to carry the utility through the bankruptcy process while continuing to serve its roughly 16 million customers, according to CBS News.

The bankruptcy may leave ratepayers and wildfire victims worse off. PG&E will be free from paying off damages from wildfires sparked by its equipment, and the utility may raise rates as part of its financial reorganization, CBS reports. (RELATED: California Faces New Energy Crisis As State’s Largest Utility Files For Bankruptcy)

Investigators found that equipment owned by PG&E sparked at least a dozen major fires in 2017. California officials are still investigating the causes of several major 2018 fires, including the Camp Fire that killed 86 people and all but destroyed the town of Paradise.

Some have attempted to blame global warming for PG&E’s bankruptcy, and Williams said the company was under pressure from “climate-driven extreme weather.”

The Camp Fire and wine country fires of 2017 “were associated with a failing and poorly maintained power infrastructure, strong Diablo winds, and people living in inappropriate locations on the wildland-urban interface,” University of Washington climate scientist Cliff Mass told The Daily Caller News Foundation Jan. 15.

The California legislature took steps in 2018 to limit the company’s liability for 2017 fires by passing a bill that many criticized as a “bailout.” The law allows PG&E to hike rates on its customers to pay off liabilities for 2017 wildfires. The legislation did not affect potential liabilities for 2018 wildfires.


90b1f8  No.4953080

File: b71793de59a106b⋯.jpeg (610.63 KB, 1000x2891, 1000:2891, 907AA240-07FC-4703-90E4-5….jpeg)

File: 288926124927075⋯.jpeg (117.9 KB, 956x670, 478:335, 817BF2A4-D07E-4CEA-9DB9-9….jpeg)


Hey, General Patton and Bobby Fischer dont look like her!

d2170b  No.4953081


gtfo lame ass fag

c97c9a  No.4953082


Some of us arent normally up at 4am, during your day when Q normally posts .. so no need to be a cunt about it … go KYS faggot

258111  No.4953083

File: 5f12524d85936ac⋯.jpg (240 KB, 1312x1056, 41:33, Zionist Brain.jpg)

eec66d  No.4953084


If he was medically dead, even for only a few moments, then it might give the remaining 8 justices legal cause to declare that the conditions for naming her replacement have been triggered.

Maybe. But clearly whatever solution to this conundrum would probably not be accepted by the public unless her peers were part of it.

396ed7  No.4953085


It's not sick and disgusting. People need to take care of their kids. I get the single parenthood hardships,I've lived it. But guess what, manners and discipline start at home regardless. Many parents don't care. You may be surprised how little some do, and those are the ones that should be held responsible.

94b895  No.4953086


"What the hell is going on with Global warming?

Please come back fast, we need you!"


The "r" is missing in Global Waming".

Not a big "R", like for "Renegade".

A small "r" is missing here.

A tiny "r".

Like little, tiny Ruthie.

Trump is asking, masked in a tweet about the global warming lie:

"What the hell is going on with little, tiny Ruthie (the missing "r")?

Please come back fast, we need you!"

He is taunting the Dems with his upcoming SOTU, where little, tiny Ruthie will not appear and they don't want to talk about this…

0e1526  No.4953087

File: 73f02431540510c⋯.jpg (662.73 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 73f.jpg)


noticed them about an hour ago . not tracking though .

2fbdc3  No.4953088


Red pill or black pill?

17c243  No.4953089

File: 3bfc664684fb417⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1256x872, 157:109, 0623106234086254983.png)

90b1f8  No.4953090

File: 6c400d134843233⋯.jpeg (162.42 KB, 668x750, 334:375, D23F2EB0-EB6C-4579-898D-2….jpeg)

File: c9511e6562f16f3⋯.jpeg (839.39 KB, 1242x1789, 1242:1789, 1272130F-A32D-41D3-A723-4….jpeg)



449c65  No.4953091

Yesterday Christianize Pagans

Today Paganized Christians


1c2982  No.4953092

File: 5c385952fbb8330⋯.jpg (5.74 MB, 3996x2664, 3:2, IMG_20190126_1436407.jpg)


Ask yourself, would the constitution talk like this?

Only the hateful selfish evil heart would wish arrest and booms without proper trial in court.

We tricked you retard.

How does it feel? To get cooped by Lil Wayne + the church? You lost! You showed your cards!


d2170b  No.4953093


just like Q wants you too. keep working on that 2020 campaign. you're just proving that i'm right

b795d9  No.4953095


BOs allow this because we need to be trained in discernment. Anons who know, know. You just gotta make the mistake once and you feeling like a fucking retard is punishment enough.

392944  No.4953096

File: 7503c7da610454e⋯.jpg (104.51 KB, 732x597, 244:199, Screen-Shot-2016-01-27-at-….jpg)

5abd2e  No.4953097