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File: 3d01fab6d493c1f⋯.jpg (51.15 KB, 468x307, 468:307, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

7e19ca  No.4557354

This is the thread for all POTUS Tweet Timestamp Decodes and Discussions.

Regardless of whether Q is posting or not, they are always keeping in close contact with us, to let us know how the next step of the Plan will unfold, or to highlight Q Posts to be reviewing/digging, types of memes to be preparing etc.

I am still learning the finer points of the Comms method used, but over the past 2 months since I recognised that POTUS Tweet timestamps were being used to communicate with us, have developed a good appreciation for the decoding methods employed, and will share these with you, with a hope that others will get interested in joining me in decoding, and give this lesser known comms method the recognition it deserves.

Sadly my explanations/decodes were getting swamped amongst the bantz and shills/shitposters in /QResearch General, so hoping that having a separate thread will help keep the information together in a more user friendly fashion.

7e19ca  No.4557491


Reposting from >>4513390

Currently there are 2 different methods of Tweet Analysis/Decoding appear to be used for POTUS Tweets

1) Analysis of Tweet Content, including Capitals and Numbers (which includes Gematria) - by the likes of SerialBrain2 and others

2) Analysis of Tweet Time Stamps and Deltas Between Tweets (this is what I have been looking into)

Personally I have focussed on (2) above since I noticed several identical tweets being re-tweeted, and wondered why POTUS would be doing that. By analysing the Tweet data I was able to correlate that to specific relevant Q drops or parts thereof.

Since then I have been digging into the timestamp data to see what significant information they contain.

As you will soon realise, there is very specific timing to each of POTUS Tweets - they aren’t just haphazardly posted when the Prez has 5 minutes to spare.

Each Tweet has been specifically constructed to encode the message it contains (Capitals, Numbers & Gematria) and then posted at the specific time, down to the exact second, that it was required to be posted, so that not only does the Tweet Content convey as much info as possible to Patriots, but also the time stamps and deltas between tweet postings can also be used to direct us to the relevant Q drops that they want us to be focussing on re-reading or piecing together.

Currently there are over 2640 Q drops which can be referenced by POTUS Tweets Timestamps. And how might this be done? Well by the fact that the Q matrix was designed in the first place to be able to point to different strings of information based on each Q drop timecode, as well as other relevant data contained in the specific Q drop. So you can understand for this to occur that each Q drop also had to be meticulously designed and then posted at a specific time down to the second as well.

Now I know the doubt fags will say it is not possible to post down to an exact second, but recall POTUS on 20/12/2018 posted two Tweets at exactly the same time down to the second @ 5:21:07PM. This wasn’t just by chance, proving it can be done, regardless of whatever dinsinfo Q has said in Q#2247 about [0] Delta = [0:00] = [0:00:17].

Coincidentally this 0:00 Tweet Posting Delta was then used to highlight that the specific Tweets involved were significant, which was also signified by the overall Time Delta from the 1st Tweet that day being 17:17:02 (17= Q of course). These are just some of the signs used to indicate look over here - this is important.

So I have alluded to the fact that not only the Delta between Tweets being important, but also the Delta from the 1st Tweet each day is important, as it can also be used to convey relevant information vital to decoding each Tweet.

In my next Post I plan to go through a Tweet decode step by step, to show you exactly how its done and to give you an appreciation of the complexity of the Q Matrix.

7e19ca  No.4562079

File: 682bd19224df74e⋯.jpg (135.95 KB, 555x497, 555:497, Q1806.jpg)


Thats the beauty of the whole POTUS taking to Twitter in 2016 .. POTUS set up plausible deniability from the word go by going to Twitter as he did, little did everyone realise Q has been pointing to specific Q posts all along via the time stamps and deltas.

Things got a lot more complicated re decodes and disinformation in late Nov, due to upcoming D5 fears, and Q not wanting to give any meaningful info away. For now lets work with a simple example.

In essence, every tweet is posted at a time of XX:YY:ZZ and then an intra delta is calculated between each pair of digits. ie XX:YY:ZZ reduces to (XX-YY):(YY-ZZ)

So for instance a post at 7:50:43 would reduce to (50-7):(50-43) = 43:07

A search of Q drops for the terms 43:07 and 4307 would then be conducted, in this case finding 0 hits for 43:07 and 1 hit for 4307.

The term found is contained in Q1806 (as shown in the attached above).

The final task would then be to seek confirmation of the specific timecode from nearby data (ie 10:09:53). So it means searching for the numbers 10, 09 and 53 in close proximity to each other in the data set. This would then provide final confirmation that the Q drop/message is the one you were meant to find.

I have personally seen Tweet decodes searched pointing to specific Q drops, attachments within Q drops, and even other Twitter/weblinks - it is in this way that they can direct you to exactly the documents/articles they are wanting you to see.

At roughly 10-20 POTUS Tweets per day, with anywhere from 2 - 30 specific Q-drops highlighted from each Tweet decode, it is understandably a lot of work to decode properly, both physically and mentally, but the joy of seeing something drop a few days later in the news which verifies the drops you were looking at makes it all worth it.

7e19ca  No.4562822

File: 0c5b5b78ae475c0⋯.jpg (21.18 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Qanon.jpg)

Just want to put it out there … We received 17 Tweets today (2 Jan 2019) from POTUS (= another nod to Q).

I always like it when I see a 17 or 1111, 55, 45 or 23 among the tweet timestamp data because these numbers are significant to the Q Plan, and they usually aren't there by chance alone - they normally signify something of importance about the tweet.

Not sure whether this was already planned by POTUS/Q or whether someone in the Q team saw my posts on NYE (when we had received 16 Tweets for the day by 9:30PM US EST) as I had posted several times before midnight asking if we would get to see one more BIG ONE with a significant timestamp like 11:55:11 PM so we would also hit the magical 17 Tweets that day.

It wouldn't be the first time I have seen significant markers in tweets displayed in my local time zone, which has led to me focussing on decoding particular tweets of significance.

7e19ca  No.4562879


Oops 1st Jan not 2nd Jan

6a16f6  No.4591252

File: 6dd91c016eb82f1⋯.jpg (130.36 KB, 1426x193, 1426:193, 2 Jan Tweet Decodes.jpg)

File: 17dcd0511d6c7e1⋯.jpg (581.92 KB, 772x731, 772:731, Jan2_Important TimeCode Co….jpg)

Tweet Decodes - 2 Jan 2019

POTUS Tweets for the day = 5

Decodes are no longer simply a case of reducing the timecode, now data shifts must be employed which can be derived from the Delta between Tweets data (time between tweets) and the Delta from #1 data (time between each tweet and first tweet of the day).

The required Tweet Shifts and Resulting Decodes are shown in Attached graphic.

I will show you the full process I follow for the first Tweet POTUS made that day.

POTUS Tweet 7:53:55 AM

Decodes to 17:15/1715 (5/12 hits from Q Plan) and 46:48/4648 (2/4 hits)

Q drops:

Search 17:15, yields

Q#2 TC17:15:48 (TC Verified by Delta Shift data 3/1)


HRC detained, not arrested (yet).



(Good news it seems - HRC has been detained? Confirmation that recent HRC Tweets were actually written by a second party? (highly doubtful HRC would include a Darkness to Light comment in a Tweet if she had written it herself)

Q#1016 TC17:15:57 (TC Verified by Delta Shift data 3/1)

Hussein timeline.

1/20/17 - today.

Cross against POTUS’ schedule.

Cross against WH visitor log 11/22-1/18/17.

This will become very relevant very soon.


A crumb trail Q obviously wants us to follow?


Calculate probability.

What is the mathematical probability that a rogue missile launched at/near the runaway plane?

Was he a trained pilot?

How fast did intercept occur?

Think missile intercept.

Think aircraft.

Outside of standard deviation?

Do people travel to islands to [Fish]?

How many billionaires own islands?

How many billionaires live on islands?




More crumbs to follow?


Graphic: Band of Anons Movie Poster


Oscar worthy?


Note: All time codes components in above Tweets can be verified from the two data points in the Delta Shift column (refer graphic, examples for Q#2 and Q#1016 - All others can be solved similarly):



So this also confirms that all Q drops noted above were significant and meant to be included in the decode from this tweet.

Above has been decode/Q Map search for 17:52 only (5 hits). Also need to perform same for 1752 (12 hits) and 46:48/4648 (2/4 hits).

And that’s just for POTUS Tweet 1 of 5 for the day (2 Jan).

So hopefully now you can get an appreciation for just how much work is involved. Obviously too much to detail like this every time!

Hoping these proofs of concept will help stir some interest and hopefully get a few keen people to join in this and help spread the load a bit.

4315a6  No.4591524


Thanks for starting this thread. I will try out your method tomorrow.

6a16f6  No.4591545

File: 1b33f1742aa66c5⋯.jpg (95.65 KB, 546x560, 39:40, Q2253.jpg)

File: af8dd92fdf99e4d⋯.jpg (188.39 KB, 446x372, 223:186, TC Confirmation.jpg)

Tweet Decodes - 2 Jan 2019 (Cont'd) >>4591252

POTUS Tweets for the day = 5

POTUS Tweet 7:53:55 AM

Decodes to:

17:15 (Completed) / 1715 (5/12 hits from Q Plan) and

46:48 / 4648 (2/4 hits)

Q drops:

Search 46:48, yields

Q2273 Attachment/Q2253 TC13:46:48 (TC Verified - refer below)

Step 1: Read the 1st sentence re: [RR]

Step 2: Read the NYT article re: [RR] wear wire

Attempts to BAIT POTUS to FIRE to cross RED LINE will FAIL.



TC Verification - Checking the Delta from 1st Tweet Data Column for Tweets on 3/1 (look vertically), yields the timestamp components 13, 46 and 48 adjacent to each other, confirming this is again a significant Q drop.

Reread Q2273:

Attempts to BAIT POTUS to FIRE to cross RED LINE will FAIL.


So again confirming POTUS isn’t looking to fire RR, as FISA release (when it drops) will deal with that issue.

6a16f6  No.4591697

Tweet Decodes - 2 Jan 2019 (Cont'd) >>4591252

POTUS Tweets for the day = 5

POTUS Tweet 7:53:55 AM

Decodes to:

17:15 (Completed) / 1715 (5/12 hits from Q Plan) and

46:48 (Completed) / 4648 (2/4 hits)

Q drops:

Search 1715, yields

Q2558 TC17:50:16


It's all just a CONSPIRACY.

Nothing To See Here.

Nothing is happening.



Q2557 TC17:47:00


What do you want for XMAS?


Q2381 TC20:42:13


Here you can see how they can point to a single part of a Q-post, in this case a video.

As you can see original Article not active any longer - in these cases use the archived copy on qanon.pub


Q1947 TC12:34:00


Q1715 TC13:49:21

You'd be amazed how much is shared on /pol/.

Data exchange.



Perhaps this is one way the Keystone may be applied (once known) - to unlock graphics dropped by Q to be able to access any additional content that may be present. Q always saying “You have more than we know”.

Q1472 TC13:08:57

Photograph from plane?

Q1471 TC12:38:05 / TC12:36:22 (Attach.) - 3 hits


If you can pull strings, how about getting Acosta's press pass pulled. I am embarrassed he represented our country in that historic meeting in Singapore.

Think strategically.

Does Acosta's continued disrespectful and poor behavior hurt or help us in the future?



Q1470 TC12:36:02

When the info is released [RR] no more.

When the info is released no more Russia investigation.

It will factually conclude the corrupt nature by which the entire false narrative was created all to 1) prevent the election of POTUS 2) delay/shelter/mask/hide all illegal activities by Hussein/others during past 8 years.

DOJ/FBI cleanse vital as primary.

Huber coming.

These people HATE America.


Q1383 TC13:47:42 (Attachment)

Here the search term 1715 is contained in the graphic name


A graphic showing the pen and WHITE HOUSE letterhead underneath.

So it shows again how a smaller part of a Q drop can be referenced.

Q1042 TC14:10:07

Here the search term 1715 is contained in a post number >>921715.

Original article:

The attached article is all true….

does anyone remember how Facebook became famous? It was the CIA Clown run OP –– Virginia Tech University Shooting that put FB on the map….

Fugitive 'Facebook founder' says he's alive and well but 'running for his life' from CIA because of its secret involvement in the social media site

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3747202/Paul-Ceglia-supposed-Facebook-founder-disappeared-2015-says-s-running-CIA-want-kill-knowledge-involved-social-media-site.html

6a16f6  No.4591733

File: 3170bd3289efa59⋯.jpg (86.38 KB, 945x424, 945:424, 8ch post found.jpg)

File: aba1379ff228c77⋯.jpg (130.44 KB, 691x189, 691:189, Q1042 TC Verif.jpg)


Last find from previous search may be very significant.

1) Content was only referenced as a post number from 8ch (so not searchable by sniffer programs) - and had to be manually located

2) Time code for Q1042 could be verified

Q1042 TC14:10:07 (TC Verified - refer graphic)

Here the search term 1715 is contained in a post number >>921715.

Original post (also refer attached graphic):

The attached article is all true….

does anyone remember how Facebook became famous? It was the CIA Clown run OP –– Virginia Tech University Shooting that put FB on the map….

Fugitive 'Facebook founder' says he's alive and well but 'running for his life' from CIA because of its secret involvement in the social media site

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3747202/Paul-Ceglia-supposed-Facebook-founder-disappeared-2015-says-s-running-CIA-want-kill-knowledge-involved-social-media-site.html

e7ab3e  No.4591744

File: e9eb41fe80fc2cf⋯.jpg (82.29 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 3B8A6C7300000578-0-image-a….jpg)





Fantasy Traveling Slight Of Hand Parlor Clock Slight Of Word Fortune Creators/Tellers

What happened to "Trust But Verify" - can you pls verify evidence of being truthful and factual? Why is evidence so hard to provide?

Don't hate the Love of Q and Trump we have…. I'm sure we are on the same side….but…I only ask for factual validation of your Clockfag so called "Truthful" self created fantasies are in fact REAL… Thats all… Or could it be I am the only one to speak truth that not once could a past Clock event be verified as happening as you all stated?

Pulling any 1 - 2 digit code out of 1000 doc's starts your story. The you add in a 2nd 1 of 1000 to carry on your theory, so you know have a 1 in 10,000 different storyline you can create… Then you add in say 1 in 10,000 (limiteless) document with a single word in it and say its veified again, well now you have the odds of 1 in 100,000 as being real… So you control the storyline as you see fit, and the more 2 digit secret codes you can add that sorta get close, well you twist it as fact… Thats all. You can't and you are upset because someone caught you in your scheme of BS? if its real, whats so hard to show 1 event in your entire history as being real..? If everything all you Clockfags are real, why can't you prove just 1 clock of being real…. Simple answer would do, but you don't seem to have one, and you don't want your Dark secret to be known by your readers? Notice I didn't say anything about not a single bread crumb nor tip being used for DC swamp charges?

I send this with Love for Q and Trump,but I'm confused by 8ch knowingly mixes up their words to push a different agenda outside Q and Trump using lies…

Why you hate the Love being sent? I only want love back via evidence and if one is truthful, truthful evidence should be plenty to give in return…

1 simple example of truthfulness shouldn't be impossible now should it, if you only provide truthfulness? Any Truther speaking for Light Truth can provide evidence of their loyalty, yet no one in the entire Clockfag world here can provide it? So one must stay in the Dark when asking for a beam of light to show the Light path out?

SO when will any Clockfag believer PROVE A SINGLE PAST EVENT AS ACTUALLY HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE? Didn't think so, so you continue to play and push your fantasy stories…

Anyone can view anything as fact, when you only rely on 2 digits in 1000s of documents.

REMEMBER GUYS - "MATRIXING" means you have the ability to change anything words/numbers etc. TO ANYTHING YOU WANT! Their are NO RULES/LAWS AND MATH CAN BE TWISTED TO ANYTHING - INCLUDING WORDS!

1+1 can in fact to Clockfags, mean 30! Or 23 or ANYTHING! Any word can be ANY NUMBER to Interject the fake link! THEY ARE INFINITE and all mathmatics can be twists trillions of times over and over until they get their result needed. Thats "Matrixing" and only ones imagination is the limits to change anything, and make anything link to something else!

Qp x9

e7ab3e  No.4591842

File: 21c5fcf2eb800e1⋯.jpg (119.27 KB, 940x529, 940:529, 18574732_304.jpg)


Love all the straight out OPINIONS GUYS, but its all speculation as to what you want to create in ones minds. Only your minds infinite thought in creating any story by 2 digits of a single word in a 20 page document IS YOUR PROOF OF REALISM! Seriously?

Let's take "Run Spot Run". What is your meaning? Can it have more then 1 meaning?

If one is in a negative mindset, upset, or encountered something bad - ONE WILL THINK SPOT IS RUNNING AWAY FROM TROUBLE!

If one is in a positive, loving mindset, and in a peaceful state of mind - ONE WILL THINK SPOT IS RUNNING TO LOVE!

Understand how "Slight Of Hand Parlor Trickery" works? Its like ones "Horiscope" they read each day. It is WRITTEN so vague and generalized, yet millions of people "Feel" their Predictions WERE REAL AND THEY BELIEVE! Yet others reading the exact same "Horiscope", it was not predicted correctly! SEE - ITS ALL 100% HOW YOUR BRAIN PROCESSES THOSE WORDS!

That is why, to this very day, NOT A SINGLE CLOCKFAG "slight of hand parlor word trickery" HAS NEVER BEEN VERIFIED AS REAL AND HAVE HAPPENED AS STATED!

See how now some 8ch now "Flip" Truth for Disinformation or "Mirrored"? How can 1 be truthful, and 1 be Disinformation and FAKE? Which is which? How do you know then what is TRUTHFUL and what is LIES? YOU CAN'T NOW CAN YOU? So then, what is the "CODE" that "FLIPS" Q's code?

Lets take JFK Jr. Someone asked Q if they were dead or alive. Q replied "Dead" so? Yet, now the boards are chalked FULL OF HIM BEING ALIVE AND DEAD! So now 8ch Clockfags are still placing JFK Jr into wheels AS TRUTH, yet Q said he was "Dead". Then others now CALL THIS Q MOVE A "MIRROR"! Understand? So how do you really KNOW what is TRUE and what is FAKE?

So my "Trust But Verify" was NOT SO OFF NOW WAS IT? I was only looking for Truth, which EVERYONE SAID EVERYTHING WAS, yet still not a single proof of evidence in 8ch's and Clockfag's entire history can 1 event clock be proven AS BEING VERIFIED Outside fake fantasy code! GET IT?

And what about all the Bread and Crumbs? Again, all the 10,000+ tips and links to criminals went into a Dark Bottomless Pit yet not a single atom of information you all given was used in any Light charge or arrest now has is? This is also in its entire history nothing was ever used… So are you serving Dark or Light? If Light, why not a single DC swamp charge for a parking ticket? Or could you be giving all this info to Dark Deep State so they can get a headstart of charges coming their way to protect them from Light?

See how anything can be interpretated as one wants. Words/Statements have duel meanings , yet 8ch, ONE MUST BELIEVE AS THEY DO! If you think or question like I have, you are anti-Trump and a SHILL! Why? For only telling the truth - something you do not what the readers to know?

So what was your interpretation of "Run Spot Run"? Were they running to someone with love, or away from someone for hate/evil? This is 100% how anyone can play this "Slight of hand parlor word trickery". So why not ask for VERIFIED EVIDENCE OF TRUTH TO WHAT ONE SAYS? IS THAT RIGHT OR WRONG?

This word game is also played on street corners by picking a playing card. They show you the cards face up so you can view the words, and then flip them over, and mix them up. Then say Pick the card. Same thing.

They purposely lay out all their fantasy storyline, and use slight of hand trickery of words/numbers to link it together… But shouldn't they be placing all the FACTUAL EVIDENCE 1st - THEN THE STORYLINE THEY WANT? See how its done.

Love Q and Trump, but Trump, time to throw a bone to the masses…

Qp xkj

6a16f6  No.4591914

Tweet Decodes - 2 Jan 2019 (Cont'd) >>4591252

POTUS Tweets for the day = 5

POTUS Tweet 7:53:55 AM

Decodes to:

17:15 (Completed) / 1715 (Completed) and

46:48 (Completed) / 4648 (2/4 hits)

Q drops:

Search 4648, yields

Q2418 TC11:09:39 (TC Verified from Tweet timestamp data 2/1)


Q2303 TC14:15:19 (TC Verified from Tweet timestamp data 3/1)


There’s nothing more maddening than debating someone who doesn’t know history, doesn’t read books, and frames their myopia as virtue. The level of unapologetic conjecture I’ve encountered lately isn’t just frustrating, it’s retrogressive, unprecedented and absolutely terrifying.

Q2099 TC15:49:28 (TC Verified from Tweet timestamp data 3/1 - refer graphic)

4648 term found in graphic for “Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test Planned”

A Reminder about the Emergency Alert System .. and Timestamp Verified in Tweet data, so we know it is significant. Not going to say much more .. but just keep it in the back of your mind, over next few weeks .. just in case.

Q1562 TC12:18:59 (TC Verified from Tweet timestamp data 3/1)


6a16f6  No.4591925


Just out of interest did u bother reading the posts in here before you posted (I doubt the first guy did, seeing as he was replying to the clock fags) ..

.. or was this just a cut n past generic response you make to all who you dont agree with ?

A rhetorical question .. no need to answer.

6a16f6  No.4591934

File: 482f4061111e073⋯.jpg (81.62 KB, 547x573, 547:573, Q2099.jpg)

File: 102c9467af879e6⋯.jpg (130.62 KB, 444x251, 444:251, Q2099 TC Verif.jpg)


Sorry, forgot graphics

7f0a84  No.4592401


Outstanding, Anon!!!! I am sure I can speak for all Patriots in expressing much gratitude for your valuable contribution to our movement..

Even those Patriots who think they don't have any skills to contribute, deserve a huge "Thank you." For the fact that they are using their mind to focus on ridding the world of evil is greatly helpful to our cause.

Again, thank you for your hard work!!!!!

6576ae  No.4596409


Stoked about this thread. Ive been hoping we could meet in one place because the decodes and graphics dont get eyes on with so many shills

34f2e9  No.4596439

File: 56ad5e0b8f401ce⋯.jpg (26.82 KB, 334x444, 167:222, 56ad5e0b8f401ce0775ac37936….jpg)


YES SO WHERE'S YOUR PROOF THIS IS REAL? You lost your mind to think this is REAL?

Like someone said Trust but verify - yet you trust and refuse to verify TRUTH?

May your family get abused and harmed by illegals so who really cares? Lets see how you can twist this as a good thing and if you will just stay calm… But who cares if Trump refuses to lift a finger to protect me and my neighbors and neighborhoods from the flood of ILLEGALS! Trump that POS (who I loved at 1 time) I hope the same abuses and sexual abuses happening to our lowlife citizens and not rich, happen to his family. Who cares and imagine Trumps experience and see how his 100% "Who cares" they are here? Oh well, i'd rather it be his family and children then mind, but it won't happen. He's protected not like me or my neighborhood.

Trump needs to s+ck Sat+ns wang for eternite for his inaction to even attempt to charge anyone in DC nor use his power. We all know he can do it in 1 second, yet Trump is Pure Evil by refusing to stop the 50+ million illegals here.

FU Trump - from someone who loved and had faith in you from minute 1!


What are you afraid of - TRUTH? Prove me wrong and provide PHYSICAL REAL EVIDENCE - SOMETHING YOU DO NOT HAVE NOW DO YOU?

Anyone can twist any quote as they will. Just like Horiscopes. They are really real now aren't they - just like the tweets you read. Whats really the difference?

Lets see, Q stated JFK Jr is Dead. Well, why do you all say he's alive? So then Q lied now didn't he? One can NOT JUST LIE 1 TIME NOW DO THEY? So what else did HE LIE TO YOU ABOUT THAT YOU DON"T KNOW ABOUT!?

ONCE A LIAR, always a liar. Trump - where our wall you screamed for 4 years now you POS? FU TRUMP. ROT NEXT TO "NO NAME" you traiter!

34f2e9  No.4596526

File: 9970e250e44d2c3⋯.gif (48.13 KB, 500x384, 125:96, 9970e250e44d2c3d9ab6765fe5….gif)



Q - JFK Jr is dead. yet you say he's alive? See how you have no Facts you can 100% rely on? So will send me all your money you have in the bank and I will hold it for you? I will not lie now will I?

Trump lied - No Wall. No border security. Actually it increased many times MORE NOW THEN IN THE PAST!

FU TRUMP AND YOUR FAMILY! I expect honesty, yet you lied over and over you POS! I once loved you, now I crap on you and your family!

So everything they both now say IS ALL TRUTHFUL? PROVE ME WRONG? WHERES THE WALL? WHERE THE BORDER SECURITY? Oh, who cares and I don't count those as LIES!

See how you follow blindly without facts? FU TRUMP!


34f2e9  No.4596631

File: 4b94bbc564dafd0⋯.jpg (39.47 KB, 418x554, 209:277, `8chLies.jpg)


You know - Trump CAN CHARGE ANYONE FOR 1 SINGLE CRIME! So why did he 100% Refuse to even attempt a single small DC crime? See how you all are SIDETRACKED AND FOLLOWING LIES!?

Yet you forget that individual crimes can be charged 1 at a time so whats the problem? Why wait and expect all at 1 time?

SEE THE F'ING GAME? FU TRUMP! You can charge for individual crimes to support the base, BUT YOUR REFUSE! You have 1,000s of crimes you can charge, yet you REFUSE! WHY?

You are bulk charging now aren't you? But why not a single DC Swamp charge to give your followers faith? FU POS!

You are waiting too long because those you are hoping will be blackmailed to change, and the longer you wait to charge, the more blackmail being dug up and used to protect the Deep State - not help you. You dumb POS!

7839a9  No.4596692


Shhh. You don't want to upset those dumb anons that are watching their kiddie movie. They get so upset when you snatch away their woobies and their binkies when they are all comfy.

34f2e9  No.4596768


Right! Love for being truthful…

2ed144  No.4596841

File: e493d8364ba90c5⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 880x644, 220:161, e493d8364ba90c588a1f2bcb1e….jpg)





SEE IT???? He always brags of all the money he's bringing into the nation, and F+CKS THE PEOPLE!!!! WHO GIVES A SH+T ABOUT THE MONEY - SEE HOW OUR LIVES ARE MEANINGLESS AND NOT THE #1 PRIORITY!???


6a16f6  No.4597288

Glad to see such a (mostly) positive response from those joining us.

My suggestion is to ignore the shitposters, so please dont reply - simply not worth feeding their discontent.

Just go to Post Menu (Arrow at top left of their post) and Hit either Hide Post or Add Filter/ID. That seems to be the easiest way to sort the wheat from the chaff, so we dont get distracted.

6a16f6  No.4597564

File: dc674a8d36237da⋯.jpg (192.27 KB, 1881x217, 1881:217, Tweets 2 Jan.jpg)

File: 42fbece7a36e62f⋯.jpg (312.29 KB, 577x839, 577:839, Timecode Verification Jan ….jpg)

So what can you do now to help you ask? (I am hoping thats what u are thinking, anyway)

Well I need people to dig the Q posts from the Search Terms and present as I have above (Easiest way to search I have found is to use Ctrl-F in https://qanon.pub/)

For starters I have provided the rest of the Required Searches for POTUS_2 Jan Tweets along with the Data (+/- 1 day) where the Q drop timestamps should be found if the Q drops are significant.

When posting findings please include Tweet date and time / Search term you are digging / Q drops found and relevant timecodes.

More than happy to assist any way I can, if you're keen to help but get stuck or need further clarification of the process.

6a16f6  No.4597602

In the meantime I will get stuck into POTUS_Jan 1 Tweet data and see if I cant get that massaged into a more user friendly format, like I have provided above.

2ed144  No.4597686

File: 3af653ff5afa8af⋯.jpg (127.5 KB, 1300x744, 325:186, 3af653ff5afa8afd3c09554f81….jpg)



Matthew 7:1

“Judge not, that you be not judged.

Notice they one can only have a cloned thought? If not clones are acceptable in their minds, and their closed world believes, they need to be removed from exposure. See how they say they are open? Only if they are clones mindless zombies with the same DNA thinking. No diversity or views allowed so BLOCK THEM! See how they play the same card as their enemy? They are extreme and not toleratable in their world.

2ed144  No.4597724


Prove anything here as being factual and true?

Love how you all twist any numbers to court of law proof…

Please, jump on that sword to make this a better world..

No need to ask, as it is only parlor word games and one can interchange anything to whatever fantasy they feel like at the time. So where is the proof its real?

2ed144  No.4597751


Are you going to ask Stormy Daniels for that massage to better push your fantasy lie story? Why do you need to create more lies to the already lies? Please provide factual evidience all can see?

6a16f6  No.4602717

File: 141980c26e9cdc2⋯.jpg (537.43 KB, 1881x447, 627:149, Tweet Decodes Jan 1.jpg)

File: 27ffe1d601f0d5c⋯.jpg (393.26 KB, 578x1023, 578:1023, Timecode Verification Jan ….jpg)

Jan 1 Tweet Decode Data:

Please refer attached graphics:

1st graphic gives the search terms derived from each tweet timestamp.

2nd graphic gives tweet decode data (+/- 1 day), which is where the time codes for the Q-drops found will be located, if they are significant.

Note: Confirmation of Q posts isnt simply picking 3 times from the Q# timestamp simply anywhere out of the page of data. As in my earlier examples - time codes have to be in close proximity to each other in order to be valid.

Also I thought I was on the wrong decode track with T-3977 because I couldn't find any results from the Q Map.

But a quick search for 78:79 on DDG yielded something that truly resonated with Q, proving to me I was on the right track all along:


Luke 1:78-79:


because of the tender mercy of our God,

whereby the sunrise shall visit us from on high


to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,

to guide our feet into the way of peace.

From darkness to light …

6a16f6  No.4602766


I love the unintentional syncronicities you seem to get in post numbers when things are just 'meant to be'.

.. 2717

2+7+1+7 = 17 = Q

6a16f6  No.4603305

File: 05671c8b0ffdbac⋯.jpg (161.48 KB, 577x210, 577:210, TCVER Jan 1.jpg)


For those wondering if you can simply reduce any timestamp to meaningful data .. you cannot.

Take for example T-3971 posted at 9:32:01 AM.

Calculating the intra-delta from the timestamp (without any shifts)

= (32 - 9):(32 - 1) = 23:31/2331

A search of Q Map yields (5/2) hits - but upon closer inspection of the results they are simply disinformation: Q2625, Q1302, Q136, Q135, Q130.

For example Q2625 TC19:23:21


Stress test failed.


So even though the timecode may be verifiable, the messages they contain are off target.

Similarly if calculating the intra-delta from the timestamp (using the wrong shift).

Here using 00:55:00 - 00:00:55 instead of 01:00:00 - 00:01:00, yields

09:01:32 = (9 - 1):(32 - 1) = 8:31 / 831

A search of Q Map yields (9/40) hits, including


Fellow Patriots,

I'm being advised actions have created accelerated counter-actions.

We have not yet ascertained the scope of the attack.

Watch the news outlets.

POTUS' Twitter take down was not by accident (as referenced several hours ago).

Should the lights go out please know we are in control.

Do not panic.

We are prepared and assets are in place.

God bless - I must go for good at this point.


So more disinformation … in this case a panic message

This is why these decodes take so much time to get right - I am looking for all the possible shifts, and reviewing results, so that the correct shift is used and the intended message is reported, and to ensure the disinformation messages (like the one above for instance) aren't posted in error.

In our example from above, using the correct shift of 01:00:00 - 00:01:00 yields:

32:09:01 = (32 - 9):(9 - 1) = 23:08 / 2308 (2/1) hits

Q829 TC23:08:25 (TC Verified - refer graphic)


Bring the thunder.




Q658 TC23:08:14 (TC Verified - refer graphic)




Q2308 TC17:09:41 (TC Verified - refer graphic)



Anyone else that Jan 1 Tweet Message decoded to FREEDOM DAY .. or just me ?

So to summarise, things that MAY indicate you have gone off track when decoding/analysing:

- Q Map results timecodes cannot be verified

- Q Map results topics are all over the place or dont seem to be on message from previous findings

- Q Map searches are not well targetted and give a large number of results

I am sure we will find more to add to this list as we learn the comms.

032774  No.4603971


Can you verify what the shill is saying is wrong? Where's your proof to disprove him?

032774  No.4604125



Please verify any event as being true? If you believe will be simple. No proof means fake.

032774  No.4604209


Did you ever run into someone from High School in a store? Then after you met a long lost cousin?

SO THAT MAKES IT ALL "Unintentional Syncronicities" now isn't it? So to you, it was all thought out and planned in advance, for a reason.

See how foolish and fake this is?

On your #'s, you can also twist your 2717 to anything you want.

You can multiply divide + or - say the 1st digit or last digit to the rest. 271 x 7 =? or 2 x 712 -? Or divide any single digit via "Matrixing" which means you can do anything to numbers infinitately. You can also make it 33 or 942 or 3829…. Pick any number and I can rearange them yet is all true…

Selling the Brooklyn Bridge - how much ya want to buy it?


6a16f6  No.4605164

File: 366e1933d3a1165⋯.jpg (137.37 KB, 738x333, 82:37, 31 Jan Tweets_ADEACH.jpg)


In case you hadn't worked it out POTUS Tweet T-3971 which decoded to FREEDOM DAY, was posted on 1st Jan 2019.

You ready to see something more interesting?

When looking at the Tweet Data for 31/12/2018, I realised that POTUS first tweet of the day

was posted at 14:51:38 after the previous tweet, the day before. By substituting A=1, B=2, C=3 etc. 14:51:38 became AD:EA:CH, as in AD EACH.

So I added each delta between tweets to 14:51:38 (as shown) and then reduced to intra-deltas to give the search terms, as shown in the graphic.

Now for 9144, the first result was Q2404 TC13:14:16 (Verified by Delta Shift column data 31/12), which referenced


QAnon Army here, standing in line at the Chattanooga, TN Trump Rally! We're about 150 people behind the front. We got here around 6:50 am. What a crowd here!

150 people behind front .. got here at 6:50am

Just for a laugh I reduced 150 650 = 15:06:50 = (15-6):(50-6) = 9:44

That didnt seem very random occurrence, as the original search term leading to the Twitter post was 9144, so I did a quick search using 9:44 to see if it led to anything of interest (as still learning their comms).

And sure enough I found Q#Post 647 Attachment (TC20:39:44) which read:

I have posted this so many times.

Tomorrow is Freedom Day. Q posted a flag named Freedom and timing is everything.


The timestamp for the Attachment was verified amongst Delta Shift data from tweets that day.

So in summary .. POTUS Tweet posts on 31 Dec 2018 are decoded, unearthing term ADEACH in data, which in turn leads to a Twitter comment with very similar numbers to original search term used … which leads to Q#647 telling us Tomorrow is Freedom Day.

POTUS Tweet T-3971 then posted on 1 Jan 2019 decode leads to Q#658 pronouncing FREEDOM DAY. FREEDOM_

The doubters would say it was just a coincidence … What do you think ?

As Q said in Q#2604:

Use Logic.

Why would we tell you the plan if in doing so also alerts those who we are actively engaged in HUNTING?

But they didnt tell us the plan at all .. just told us to research, dig and follow the crumbs.

6a16f6  No.4606166

File: 300cb936aaf81ee⋯.jpg (124.59 KB, 699x882, 233:294, Breaking911.jpg)



As shown in links above, timestamps from POTUS Tweets on 2 Jan 2019, pointed to Q2099 National Emergency Alert System Test.

Now on 4 Jan 2019 - POTUS considering declaring a national emergency to circumvent congressional approval to allocate funds for border wall.


Another coincidence I guess?

975458  No.4606565


Correct. How can you claim this be real? All Speculation now isn't it? So if he did it say 1 Feb 2019, you'd again call it real? A little late for the ones who died in the hands of illegals now isn't it when you could have done it 1 year ago.

975458  No.4606570


See how 1 can create anything they want and make it fit in the pegs? Matrixing where everything can mean anything. 1+1 can mean 48,095.093,039.04987407407857943757375 ifneeded. See its true.

>QAnon Army here, standing in line at the Chattanooga, TN Trump Rally! We're about 150 people behind the front. We got here around 6:50 am. What a crowd here!


>150 people behind front .. got here at 6:50am


>Just for a laugh I reduced 150 650 = 15:06:50 = (15-6):(50-6) = 9:44


>That didnt seem very random occurrence, as the original search term leading to the Twitter post was 9144, so I did a quick search using 9:44 to see if it led to anything of interest (as still learning their comms).


597082  No.4607735


you got it…just pull any fabricated logic out yer ass and make it work…kek

597082  No.4608457


100% anon. The delays and stalls are mean death to so many. Why the E.O.'s? Even those were delayed. The one for mil tribunals 1-1-19 was even a joke. No proof they are even in use. Just trust the plan though…..

9e776d  No.4608480

File: cf75d5084add5a5⋯.jpg (626.08 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, page01.jpg)

Thought I'd run this by folks with timestamp expertise.

9e776d  No.4608496

File: 895b0af037b002e⋯.jpg (483.8 KB, 2550x2550, 1:1, page01.jpg)

Here's another one with 11.11

4315a6  No.4613347

File: 4064e784aec72d0⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1654x1444, 827:722, Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at ….png)

File: 462aa0b097fa9af⋯.png (650.06 KB, 522x1524, 87:254, Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at ….png)




OK, I did a decode last night and didn't post it because I couldn't make sense of it, except both connected to the Dems then today Q posts the same image.

6a16f6  No.4614464


I see where you are going here … relating deltas (time difference) to post numbers. I will have a look through the spread sheet and to see if it holds up.

6a16f6  No.4614588


I have been seeing those flags quite regularly in my decodes, so interesting to see Q then post about them. Gives me some more assurance that I am onto something meaningful here.

6a16f6  No.4624529

File: 3a207a9dd8602e1⋯.jpg (14.01 KB, 183x255, 61:85, ef0b974529f80e89ae6a386f2d….jpg)

While others are busy clockfagging with POTUS watch (time was 3:14:40), thought I would have a quick look at what it yields:

Intra delta = (14-3):(40-14) = 11:26

A search of Q Map yields 4 results for 11:26


Patriot, your country needs you.

You are not alone.

God is LOVE.

2018 will be GLORIOUS!

God bless,


(remember Q said 1 year Delta .. so 2018 = 2019)


Break the MSM.


Q1452 Attachment

Hence why POTUS is leaving earlier than planned. While the media has a field day with the news, the events have already taken place.

We are hungry for the ARRESTS!

Q1907 Attachment

Xbox Outage Map

Just recall Q said things were 2 days ahead of schedule and POTUS heading to Camp David.

Now re-read Q1452

Q1452 Attachment

Hence why POTUS is leaving earlier than planned. While the media has a field day with the news, the events have already taken place.

We are hungry for the ARRESTS!

Could it be that POTUS is getting himself safely isolated on AF1/Camp David in readiness for the news to break - for detainments that have already been made?

This would explain why prominent people like HRC/Obama have been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter.

This would be the sort of news that would break the MSM … and while the media has a field day with the news, the events have already taken place.

May also be a trigger for strategic and necessary BLACKOUT (hence the Xbox blackout reference in Q1907)

Have we just been given a glimpse of whats to come in the next few days ?

6a16f6  No.4625195

File: 0fb30545421d8a9⋯.jpg (64.19 KB, 693x173, 693:173, 11.11 Marker.jpg)

Very interesting start to 6 Jan … Already have 2 x POTUS tweets twice at 11:11PM AUS time … and I believe he is at Camp David - isolated and protected from potential harm?

First at 11:11:04PM And the second at 11:11:23PM?

11:11 Marker + 23 NowComesTheP@IN

Could mean we are in for an interesting day.

Sure hope so .. Enjoy Patriots.

f82296  No.4627090


Thanks for this. I am no good at it at all.

676c99  No.4627267

File: 7f79d99c8a7b141⋯.jpeg (7.17 KB, 206x300, 103:150, 7f79d99c8a7b14168e028c60d….jpeg)


Bless Q and Trump but the community here are so fucked up.

Everything, every single day for years, you daily say tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow and pretend game. Still have not ever seen anything on 8ch as actually being real.

This is nothing but a worthless game that the most so called smartest show they are the dumbest on the planet.

So tell us facts that can proven even 1 time?

Notice you all just color in the dot's and theory, yet never did anything happen. Oh how easily the so called smartest in the room, are the most easily to brainwash themselves to believe fantasy is real and fake fantasy's are now real.

676c99  No.4627276


Too all you everyday is interesting to the entire world. So what have you ever proven happened? nothing right so what makes this day any different then the last 700+ days? Brainwashed and single with no human interaction?

676c99  No.4627304


No worries. You know more then them as the ones here only pretend they know, yet they really don't. Proof? They never had Q claim they are real - if they are so close. Notice never 1 time have they provided anything truthful and they read and write pretend storylines that are not real? thanks for not understanding as only the most brainwashed ones with no life need to feel they belong yet they straight out lie.

676c99  No.4627323


Can you tell me what makes this same day interesting, like the last 2 years? See how generic wording makes each day seem special? Nothing but lies by trump, well, many are seeing the evil side of him for not protecting humans only worried about getting as money $ he can for the us.

9e776d  No.4627776

File: 3b3725dfe4b6814⋯.jpg (286.32 KB, 2970x1710, 33:19, page01.jpg)

Not tweets, but still interesting.

6a16f6  No.4629636


Nice work fren. Well spotted - dont worry if it isnt tweets, doesnt make it any less relevant.

For sure, the more you look into this, the more you can see the markers that Q has been talking about.

45 = 54 POTUS/D5

23 = 32 NowComesTheP@IN


5:5 = 55

And thats what these markers are all about .. hence their design and use .. a nod to Q and Patriots, and a reminder to TRUST THE PLAN.

6a16f6  No.4630156



Future proves past .. so going to keep my eyes open and see what the week brings.

9e776d  No.4630876

POTUS Tweet Delta's = Bill Clinton's B-Day


6a16f6  No.4642593


I like it .. good work Anon.

Just more proof there are hidden crumbs amongst the timecodes and deltas.

9e776d  No.4643532

File: b8820a11ce64d21⋯.jpeg (361.96 KB, 1290x981, 430:327, AF14974B-D588-456E-A0FA-7….jpeg)

Seemed a little far fetched. I spotted it after Q’s post asking who appointed RBG


9e776d  No.4646752

File: 646aac87e62bb27⋯.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1563x1093, 1563:1093, BC69F3FB-13F7-4740-9D59-1….jpeg)

This time stamp might be pretty straight forward.

9e776d  No.4690767

6a16f6  No.4691113


Should have posted about this here earlier ..




11:11 Marker in POTUS final Tweet for the day - 11:11:41PM US EST (9 Jan 2019).

Sorry guys havent been the best .. hopefully will get stuck back into it over the weekend.

6a16f6  No.4691132

File: fa8135bf456d91b⋯.jpg (94.79 KB, 448x310, 224:155, 11.11 Marker (2).jpg)

File: 60f1c020f4b2411⋯.jpg (141.39 KB, 922x631, 922:631, 60f1c020f4b24110ea993580d4….jpg)


Here's the raw data for his Tweets 9/1/19.

986930  No.4691227


[RBG] using Adrenochrome ?

or something else?

Q can you confirm?

6a16f6  No.4691366

File: 613ed22511953b8⋯.jpg (215.16 KB, 913x355, 913:355, 11.11B.jpg)

File: 60f1c020f4b2411⋯.jpg (141.39 KB, 922x631, 922:631, 60f1c020f4b24110ea993580d4….jpg)

File: c0b9bbfd9e8aac5⋯.jpg (127.48 KB, 1152x491, 1152:491, c0b9bbfd9e8aac54ae17abb643….jpg)


Posted incorrect Deltas from 1st Tweet .. Apologies .. told you I wasnt the best atm.

At first glance, lots of mirrors in the Aust. time data stick out in my mind, signifying something big was on the way, and the final Tweet at 11:11:41 US EST (11:11 Marker), with a Delta in posting time of 11:59 (contains 911 and 5:5 markers), and Delta from 1st Tweet of 14:05:32 (contains 45 and 23 markers).

Couldn't ask for more really.. in a timestamp that is.

Will be interesting to see what happens next couple of days. This could prove to be a good future proves past.

Had to include that last one being Aussie .. kek

9e776d  No.4696003

File: 41a47c3b40b7078⋯.jpg (678.49 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, page01.jpg)

This might be a stretch, but the deltas of POTUS tweets today = 97103

97103 is the zip code for the Columbia River Maritime Museum.

One of their exhibits is: Science Of Storms

6a16f6  No.4697022


Not sure how u connected those dots .. but kek

4749d5  No.4708663

Some interesting findings

>>4708180 11:11 Tweet Marker then '2 days ahead' Q is posting BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM (Q#2668)

>>4708558 Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) shows up in POTUS Tweet decode data

4749d5  No.4708884

File: a183b2a1f63be57⋯.jpg (160.25 KB, 967x611, 967:611, 11.11 Marker Q Confirmatio….jpg)


Posted the Q Confirmation of POTUS 11:11 Tweet Marker in >>4708827 … adding some further detail to show how it all connects.

4749d5  No.4709488

Just a thought …

Q mentioned they were (2 days ahead of schedule) in Q2644.

Then Q asked "Will POTUS be @ CD tomorrow? [1 year delta]" in Q#2647, showing a connection between the date of Q drops in The Plan and what is now transpiring in 2019.

… and POTUS State of the Union Address is going to happen 29 Jan 2019


Q drops# 658/659 were posted 31 Jan 2018 [ie 1 years delta, 2 days ahead of schedule]

Intriguing timing wouldn't you say?

Sounds like it might be worth tuning in and watching what Prez has to say in his State of the Union Address this year.

4749d5  No.4709605

File: bbbde839d5368e6⋯.jpg (136.01 KB, 1434x589, 1434:589, POTUS State Of Union Addre….jpg)

File: 1320fddc5ef7d2b⋯.jpg (40.2 KB, 860x275, 172:55, POTUS Post Synchronicity.jpg)

File: 613ed22511953b8⋯.jpg (215.16 KB, 913x355, 913:355, 11.11B.jpg)

Posted also in Q Research Bread


Check out the synchronicity .. post numbers

9e776d  No.4710348

Interesting that 1-29 lines up with 8-2 on the clock

The Declaration Of Independence was signed on 8-2-1776.


9e776d  No.4710389

File: f20b2c4a30c4ec8⋯.jpg (369.03 KB, 2100x2280, 35:38, page01.jpg)

Bunch of 11s


4749d5  No.4713771


Thanks for that my US-bro (I assume).

Nice to know … I am good with playing with the numbers and seeing the markers … but not close enough to pick up all the significance.

That is indeed a very promising find … seems to back up my theory nicely. I think (and HOPE) SOUA will be noteworthy indeed!

4749d5  No.4713826


All those 11's are signs that the 11:11 Tweet Marker was of major significance too .. the 11:11 Marker obviously put out in different formats too, in the hope that more people will see it. Clever!

f56b7a  No.4713906

File: e5da9eb0631de31⋯.png (578.31 KB, 648x914, 324:457, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a824882e0ce7347⋯.jpg (129.25 KB, 1024x800, 32:25, qanonNews_delta.jpg)

File: 5da2a65ae45d16c⋯.png (823.98 KB, 1864x820, 466:205, Untitled-1.png)

Some delta tools

https://qanon.news/q calculates simple deltas off of Q drops in a {MM:SS} format. You can also search by time in a {mm:ss} format. {mm:} will only search minutes, {:ss} will only search seconds.

This scatterplot maps all the q drops and potus tweets. The [0] deltas are in purple. Click the bars in the legend to toggle visibility.


4749d5  No.4714024

File: f55c8998206e645⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7ab61add6f578f882fbfa1ec14….png)

Just noticed a lot more 11's in POTUS Tweet about the Wall.

4749d5  No.4714041

File: d56f90986bb3594⋯.jpg (891.15 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7ab61add6f578f882fbfa1ec14….jpg)


kek .. might help if I add correct graphic.

Not as pretty as your work, but should do the job.

4749d5  No.4722966

File: 1a56e638e4dcbbc⋯.jpg (344.46 KB, 913x542, 913:542, Day after 11.11 Tweet.jpg)








Look at POTUS Tweet Data for 10 Jan 2019 - Lots of 1111 in the tweet data (as shown) highlighting the significance of the 11:11 Marker in his 11:11PM Tweet on 9 Jan and interestingly a lot of 41/14's in the data as well.

As you recall the Tweet time was 11:11:41PM - I didnt think any significance of the 41 at that time, but now wondering if POTUS was pointing towards GWB through the 41 sign?

I have seen some comments in the past couple of days suggesting both "No Name" and GWB (41) did not die of natural causes - but were found guilty and executed - so wondering if this is the significance of 41 in the 11:11 Tweet Marker?

4749d5  No.4723000


Sorry should have said GHWB (41) not GWB.

9e776d  No.4724740

Check out this 11:11


4749d5  No.4726293




8:09AM .. 8+9 = 17

9:20AM .. 9+2 = 11

9e776d  No.4727866

File: fb6742736160e7e⋯.jpg (120.73 KB, 1305x682, 1305:682, Delta = 1-10-19.JPG)

This one is interesting too.


I used it on this clock


9e776d  No.4729757

File: 8a3489f35abf53f⋯.jpg (55.31 KB, 819x585, 7:5, 2-5-18 Delta.JPG)

Another interesting POTUS tweet delta.

I used it to start building a clock.

>>4729460 pb

4749d5  No.4736966

File: 72890b0f48b2447⋯.jpg (191.44 KB, 961x920, 961:920, John John_8chA.jpg)

File: 1a1004adeecfd80⋯.jpg (120.06 KB, 960x521, 960:521, John John_8chB.jpg)

POTUS Daily Tweet Count … Dec 22 - Dec 31 2019, leads to decoding signifying John John, John F Kennedy Jr.

4749d5  No.4737009


The original post (linked) was screen-capped but doesnt appear in the /qresearch bread any more … wierd .. i seem to have broken 8ch with my post!

9e776d  No.4740698

File: 9dbfd5757117b6f⋯.jpg (553.5 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, Q Day.jpg)

Interesting delta with lots of 17s

9e776d  No.4742497

There's a lot more to this delta.



4749d5  No.4750100

File: 53657cf45f26d9d⋯.jpg (94.58 KB, 989x528, 989:528, Q714.jpg)

Links between POTUS Tweets today and Q714.

e2685f  No.4781007

sodomite dicotomite sodomite dacotomite,



44bf14  No.4788747

File: c9582b153af7a8c⋯.jpg (179.4 KB, 533x493, 533:493, 11.11 Marker2.jpg)

Interesting to note that POTUS posted his second 11.11 Tweet Marker in a week.

The latest was posted 11:11:31 AM on 15 Jan 2019.

The first was posted at 11:11:41 PM last week on 9 Jan 2019.

Also lots of other markers in the Tweet data (as shown) including 5:5, 911 and 45's.

44bf14  No.4804647

File: 3e5dd3912c6a577⋯.jpg (386.39 KB, 1388x1388, 1:1, POTUS Darkness to light Ma….jpg)

Posted this Proof to QResearch earlier .. it shows that the POTUS Tweet made at 11:11:41PM on Jan 9th may be the DARKNESS TO LIGHT marker referred to in Q#1464.

Also interesting to note that there was a second 11:11 Tweet by POTUS, made at 11:11:31AM on Jan 15th, and that there was an inteval of 5 days (5:5?) between the two 11:11 marker tweets.

406516  No.4818833

Interesting findings in POTUS Tweet counts the past few days.

Jan 16: 2 tweets

Jan 17: 8 tweets

Jan 18: 28 tweets

So it looks like the number 28 is highly significant to be included twice here, seeing over past 3 days we have had 2/8/28 tweets.

Interesting 28 = 17 + 11 AND ALSO 23 + 5

And as the 2/8/28 Tweet Count signifies 28:28

28:28 = 11:11 + 17:17 = 23:23 + 5:5

Wondering if this is why have suddenly have all these markers showing at once, coinciding with POTUS speech at 3pm today.

Either way … more signs that we are getting closer to POTUS delivering the speech mentioned in Q#34.

e7d13a  No.4819405

Nice catch. It’s also interesting that :28 on the qclock lines up with the date of the SOTU (1-29), the signing of the Declaration Of Independence (8-2) and JFK’s birthday (5-29).


e7d13a  No.4849002

Probably worth linking to this NOTABLE theory on delta markers.

>>4848656 mb

ca6e8a  No.4852001

File: 2aface0aa55ac17⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1196x847, 1196:847, 5SD1F5SD156FD7541567.PNG)

Hey Anon,

Glad I have found your work again. Miss you at the home of the ClockFags.

I see you have the same retard trolling you here. They are persistent with their concern fagging.

Keep up the fight, Patriot. We are with you.

c3fd7d  No.4852946

File: 64263249e3c6097⋯.jpg (293.05 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 21-3-2018.jpg)

File: fb073583d538dde⋯.jpg (271.97 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, 1-13-2019.jpg)

File: 72dc8fec20bee2f⋯.jpg (72.55 KB, 957x640, 957:640, 3-22-2018.jpg)

File: 6a061a6eb06d013⋯.jpg (159.75 KB, 998x1200, 499:600, Flotus tweet 1-13-19.jpg)

2018 versus 2019


What is Flotus' message?

b5fd5a  No.4854583



(next post will be the pasta and pics)

b5fd5a  No.4854599

File: eff51fcad64c4ee⋯.jpg (5.46 MB, 8047x4970, 8047:4970, DeltaMap.jpg)

File: d8e37d1174a8b2f⋯.jpg (5.5 MB, 8158x4970, 4079:2485, DeltaMapX.jpg)


Theory on the significance of Q's confirmed delta markers:

[0] = POTUS and Q are together

[1] = Message Confirming Q or Crumbs

[5] = Message Related to Crumbs

[10] = Delta Test with Message

[15] = Delta Test (comms test)

[1 year delta] = some events occur a year after Q informed anons about it, or are reoccurring yearly

(example of an event occurring a year after Q informed anons about it was "Flynn is safe")

(example of an event reoccurring yearly is the camp david pen pics)

"Wind the clock w/ all markers" seems to indicate the "Clock" is a DELTA COUNTER, using the confirmed DELTA MARKERS of [0], [1], [5], [10], [15], and [1 year] for COMMS



- just a theory based off confirmed deltas, AND HOW THEY ARE USED BY Q AND POTUS

- these deltas are in units of MINUTES, but anything less than a [1] delta is a [0] delta

(crumb #2140 for example confirms this)

- a delta can be between a crumb and a tweet/retweet, between tweets/retweets, or between crumbs and crumbs

(this includes tweets that correct misspelling, which also matter for comms)

- there are exists unintentional deltas

(crumb #2616 for example confirmed this)

- NOT EVERY [#] is a delta marker, and many [#] are just general markers

(context matters)

- NOT EVERY delta is a confirmed delta MARKER

([6] and [7] are examples)

— Theory of the [6] and [7] deltas based on their usage (can only find one confirmed occurrence for each):

[6] = Device Delta Test

[7] = Word For Word Message

— Q also replied once about a [2] delta

(crumb #1756 for the [2] delta)

— Q also replied once for a [22] delta

(crumb #606 for the [22] delta, but I'm pretty sure it's a 21 minute delta, so not adding or thinking about)

— Q also noted a [17] delta between POTUS' tweets when he acknowledged an anon's request

(pun intended, crumb #2577)

- NOT EVERY DELTA IS SHOWN IN THE GRAPHIC, just included the ones that were confirmed


b5fd5a  No.4854615


some anons are wondering if anyone has a excel sheet of all timestamps and dates of crumbs, and POTUS tweets' timestamps and dates

7b57df  No.4854682

File: 1b953bb9b3a059c⋯.jpg (68.17 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 1548113978289.jpg)


Someone please code meaning.

7b57df  No.4854696

File: b549de97eb12d57⋯.png (172.38 KB, 500x654, 250:327, 1-rule-never-get-too-fucki….png)

e7d13a  No.4854765

Was hoping you’d find your way here.

I brought the link to the mb so that everyone here could see all the work/thought you have put into time stamps. Very impressive. I also put it here so I wouldn’t lose it.

I think our anon from down under might have some spreadsheet data.

I’m looking forward to diving in on this. Also want to go back and find some of the comments, thoughts and suggestions you received from other anons today. Nice work!


e43aae  No.4855950


I don't have an issue with Q/POTUS infos containing multiple layers of encoded infos.

But I can't follow your logic, please explain you maths.

Time shift?

e43aae  No.4856223


>For those wondering if you can simply reduce any timestamp to meaningful data .. you cannot.

Alternate forms of the same information, ex. Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal, is meaningful data. Converting timestamps to all of these forms may provide another layer of information.

If you don't look then of course you can not find any meaningful data in timestamps.

We can make some assumptions based on Q posts:

1. Messages are carefully crafted.

Interpretation: Q works with the NSA. NSA specializes is Advanced Automated Computer Research (AI).

Therefore: Messages are computer composed, possibly multilayered.

Question: Are you capable of identifying the limit of the NSA's ability to multi stack messages into a single message?

e43aae  No.4856364


Typical Communist thief.

Committing crimes of theft and then posting your pic and admitting to your crime is how you ensnare yourself, Communist.

4e672b  No.4856470


Hey timestampfags, wanted to let you some of us were talking in General about making some excel spreadsheets to help Anon with a "Marker Theory" he's working on, so I made a thread for it. I would have maybe just jumped onto this thread for it, but I made the other one before someone pointed out you guys had this one. Apologies if you would have prefer I not done that. At any rate, just an FYI there are discussions and tools developing over there you guys might be interested in, and we might be linking to some of your stuff here.

Excelfags & Marker Theory #1





See this post,


I might know what Anon's talking about (but not sure), made a quick-and-dirty graphic if that makes it clearer.

2c35e6  No.4856691


No probs .. would appreciate if you can cross post any data files you collate / findings .. so we can see how things are going.

Happy also if you decide you want to tag onto this thread.. Will leave that up to you.

Take care.

2c35e6  No.4856808


These might help you do some of the heavy lifting of Q/Twitter data collation.

Spreadsheet Timestamps/Deltas: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OqTR0hPipmL9NE4u_JAzBiWXov3YYOIZIw6nPe3t4wo/

POTUS' Tweet Archive: trumptwitterarchive.com

Need to work out if you can import this data into excel and pull out meaningful data from the timestamp format used. It may help smooth your way also.

2c35e6  No.4856824



Not sure why earlier links didnt work.

e7d13a  No.4869207

Here's a fun tweet delta.

>>4869190 mb

5c96ec  No.4870315


Funny find … thats the sort of stuff I miss in the details, given I'm non-American.

6480cc  No.4896511

This tweet delta points to a video I believe POTUS wants us to watch.


5c96ec  No.4897435


Another nice find! Thankyou.

907e77  No.4898547

ROGER STONE ARRESTED. That part of your plan to Q faggots? Trust muh plan. Jesus you are all a bunch of cucks. Get off my board.

5c96ec  No.4910898

File: 94884ebef5fbe32⋯.jpg (257.67 KB, 1395x1025, 279:205, POTUS Tweet Decode - Jan 2….jpg)

POTUS 26 Jan Tweets Decodes

Leads to Q1127

Comms need to be cryptic (Nat Sec) / Trust the Plan / April Showers

April Showers also happens to be the title of a 2009 Movie about the aftermath of a school shooting and the media circus. Sound familiar?

Refer >>4910730

04d1c6  No.4959045

Am re-posting this here in case anyone might find it interesting.

Hey Anon, have been working over at the ExcelFag site and part of our discussion is about the map and Q's hints to reading it.

Sequences are part of the discussion as Q specifically asks What is a sequence? And, Why is this relevant?(to reading the map).

Changing gears now to Q Post #368 with incomplete deltas.(see below):




Q/POTUS-4 [10]


“Special Place”

Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter?

Some DeltaFags have filled in the blank deltas as follows:

Q/POTUS -1 [15]

" 2 [5]

" 3 [3]

" 4 [10]

" 5 [5]

Looking for a sequence, as one might be asked to do on an IQ or placement test, I tried something like this:

Anons provided 15;5;3;10;5

It looked like some numbers that could be divided by others.

I came up with:


It looked like if you take the first number in the sequence divided by the second to get the third number. Repeat. If the first, 4th, 7th and 9th numbers they are descending from 15 by 5 at each step. The 2d,5th,8th and 11th numbers in the sequence are always the number 5. The 3rd,6th,9th and 12th numbers in the sequence are a count down from 3 to zero.

It goes like this:





Disclaimer- In sequences, there may be more than one solution yet undiscovered.

If I postulated the next 7 Q/POTUS deltas would they be any use to you?

Here is what my sequence yields:

Q/POTUS-6 [2]

" -7 [5]

" -8 [5]

" -9 [1]

" -10 [0]

" -11 [5]

" -12 [0]

This is only something I came up with while looking into visible patterns to possibly be gathered from deltas or time stamps. The sequence rule happened to work so I wanted to share it in the off chance it might be something others might find interesting.

ca6e8a  No.4959434

KEKs from today.

On the CLOCK.


ca6e8a  No.4959445

File: 8b252a10ce7b673⋯.png (1.55 MB, 2034x2034, 1:1, qclock4555.png)

Pic related (not sure why it didn't post).

ca52e9  No.4959545

File: fee8b6644e40cf2⋯.png (41.77 KB, 382x447, 382:447, q992.png)

File: aba18133c2b84e0⋯.png (242.67 KB, 747x379, 747:379, tweet.png)

didn't see this one mentioned

fe3c3a  No.4960677

File: 66db9d97681195c⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 5100x3300, 17:11, Lexington - Concord.jpg)

Nice catch! Fits nicely onto this graphic of the typo in POTUS-Schedule.Yet another tie to Lexington & Concord.


5c96ec  No.4962574


Interesting … and I can follow the logic with your sequence.

Are the POTUS tweets which happen at [15] [5] deltas from Q posts etc all significant ? And have they occurred in sequence thus far ?

fe3c3a  No.4968627

Exactly ZERO delta

>>4968512 Mb

fe3c3a  No.4991063

POTUS and Q Delta


ca6e8a  No.4991088


Well done, Anon.

Lots of KEKs. Nice to have Q back.

Things are Habbening!!!!

5c96ec  No.4993707


Always nice to see these lead to something that seems extremely connected and timely. Nice work!

e556b3  No.5003784


Yes they are from significant Q/POTUS deltas. However, some disagree with the #3 delta of [3].

Over at Excel thread, they think the first 5 sequence of deltas should be 15-15-5-10-5 which I can't get to fit nicely in a sequence with rule for it. A sequence should have a rule.

I will keep trying.

Let me know if you guys here have a different sequence for the five Q/POTUS deltas where Q already showed the 4th delta as [10].

I will try to work it.

e556b3  No.5003891


The Q368 post implies they are sequential. Q gives us a crossword-puzzle type clue to bring our attention to the [10] delta for the 4th Q/POTUs delta.

Having done that, Q allowed us to say Ok I will work backwards and forward from the #4 delta.

Hope that helps.

d4bc80  No.5004007

Anyone have any thoughts on what 22 might mean.

>>5003988 Mb

d4bc80  No.5004380

“Someone” found the answer.



2d40f0  No.5004992


Let's put it this way, this is supposed to be the biggest intel drop in history, & therefore there has to be sophistication in how its done. This is definitely worth a look. Seems like some computerfag could prog this though. Manual, it is alot of work

d4bc80  No.5014244

Another POTUS tweet delta = a date.

>>5014141 mb

fc3dd0  No.5018665

File: 62dfe5f71751508⋯.jpeg (273.68 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 92E94FF1-5E38-444F-9E2B-5….jpeg)

File: 7ac5b1000122ee4⋯.jpeg (348.28 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 18A32EEC-4443-4269-9D5A-6….jpeg)

File: e8a59b128be92bf⋯.png (431.74 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 21F86745-5E42-49C2-87D1-15….png)



Probably not connected but i started re-reading all the posts recently and ran across post 28 which seems to have some kind of counting starting with 23 to 28 and skips 27.

The delta between post and inner post is 11min and the posts are from 11/1/17

e556b3  No.5019966


Deltas between posts and "inner" or pictured posts are becoming very interesting. I think we are looking at timestamps and deltas with an awareness now that, even if we can't piece it together now, we have never been so aware.

Good observing. Stay that aware. I like a collaborative environment where people can say, Hey I am looking at this. What do you think?

In this thread, I think we should borrow the Q admonition, "If you SEE something, SAY something,"

ca6e8a  No.5067732

File: 777d0d469022b4a⋯.png (2.1 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, qclock_q_djtFeb07.png)

Here is a blank today with the delta's calculated between the POTUS tweets.

d4bc80  No.5068923

File: 467ed012bdaf1ca⋯.jpg (720.4 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, page01.jpg)

Interesting find for the 1:08:17 delta.


ca6e8a  No.5069896


Thanks Anon.

Put it on the clock.

>>5069815 (link to CWQ bread).

41482d  No.5069974

File: 50f5011bcae0ca0⋯.jpg (256.5 KB, 1040x1300, 4:5, IMG_5889.JPG)

ebc42f  No.5071790


Nice. Thanks.

ca6e8a  No.5083025

File: a05d12689fbf05c⋯.png (6 MB, 3300x2550, 22:17, Keystone_ClockFeb8keks.png)

Today's MM:SS delta has some interesting coincidences.

Only single hits for that delta and one is on a shared marker with today. I see POTUS has tweeted again so will add to the clock.

d4bc80  No.5195282

File: b97430f4454b467⋯.jpg (521.02 KB, 2550x3000, 17:20, page01.jpg)

Interesting one. POTUS tweet delta leads to Q posts.

4bed28  No.5202571

File: b4653c2099d9474⋯.png (232.45 KB, 2469x972, 823:324, QT_Aurora_FF.png)

4bed28  No.5202593

File: 7b7c49c0da5464e⋯.png (858.53 KB, 1614x1614, 1:1, TProof_09_24_18_clock_17.png)

File: d52b33e20df2802⋯.png (392.89 KB, 3516x898, 1758:449, TProof_09_24_18_tweets.png)

File: d3dd50a0c5540b2⋯.png (82.88 KB, 947x1516, 947:1516, Sig55_read.png)

Can someone turn this into a legit graphic?

Probably the best proof I've seen of Delta Markers, Misspellings, and Qoincidences.

d4bc80  No.5208736

File: 5ae77e9d148d889⋯.png (56.97 KB, 808x410, 404:205, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4df08dfd7d3b06d⋯.png (1.07 MB, 2034x2034, 1:1, qclock 2-15.png)

First you need a new clock.

Second tell me more.


95b539  No.5214576

Not sure if this is the right place, but under 'tweet content' using SerialBrain techniques (take uppercase), I find something interesting in his last tweet.

T-4451 16FEB2019 19:17:54

20 3 20. 14 13 12. 9 2 4 21 19 3 20 20

T C T . N M L. I B D U S C T T

The first thing I noted was the sequence NML - 141312. Makes me think mirror is going to play the whole decode backwards. To do that I'm just going to relabel them all temporarily so you'll see the mirror.

17 16 15 . 14 13 12 . 11 10 09 08

T C T . N M L . I B D U

07 06 05 04


So the highest is 17 - which is Q. But the lowest is 4 meaning we have a transform of 3 that's coming up (i.e. subtract 3 from every letter value).

So let's do the mirror and put the number values next to each letter.

T T C S U D BI . l M N . T C T

20203 19214 29 .121314.20320

Transform it all by negative 3

17 17 0|16 18 1 26.9 10 11|17 0 17

The stuff after the period was only used for sequencing, so let's throw it away.

17 17 0|16 18 1 26|17 0 17

So looking at the numbers now in terms of blocks, we have three blocks, two of which have a zero in them. The first block has a zero in the third place, the third block has a zero in the second place. So that's a count down: 3, 2, 1.

That means we have an extra 1 somewhere in the second block.

Let's see if it is obvious…

17 17 0|16 18 1 26|17 0 17

Q Q _| P R A Z-1|Q _ Q


Hmmmm. Am I projecting?

S/he has said to pray before. No clue.

95b539  No.5225990

Not projecting on this one, and it's timestamp related per definition one.

Delta between T-4458 and Q 2753.

T-4458 07:00:26

Q2753 03:37:17

Delta: 03:23:09





d4bc80  No.5226329

File: 49fb42fcc586266⋯.jpeg (174.45 KB, 1183x515, 1183:515, D58D5866-D67D-41F0-A374-7….jpeg)

File: 32fbc892cbeb1c1⋯.jpeg (381.79 KB, 1468x744, 367:186, 09F6FF87-81D5-4BA4-8C93-7….jpeg)

File: f1bb03f8930b0e3⋯.jpeg (89.53 KB, 1362x295, 1362:295, 6BEA7E60-BBA7-423B-85E4-5….jpeg)

There’s a few more interesting things about the delta.

Q=17, today is the 17th and today lines up with :17 marker on the clock.

Also if you subtract 9 from 23 = 14

Time on the watch was 3:14.

Always like to see extra O’s


d4bc80  No.5237361

Clock Is Activated

>>5237347 mb

d4bc80  No.5244196

File: c6ac7af85b0a5e7⋯.jpeg (70.61 KB, 585x307, 585:307, 33DE2587-8594-4C5A-A64B-A….jpeg)

Interesting delta

>>5244007 mb

ca6e8a  No.5274481

File: 8bfe91d755bb5e6⋯.png (89.72 KB, 1300x1286, 650:643, postnumbermagic.png)

This is a post number KEK but thought someone here might find it interesting.

Post number mirrors (lots of them).

d4bc80  No.5335174

I like to think seconds count.

>>5335146 mb

ca6e8a  No.5336580

File: 8a4f74e29ff27a0⋯.png (136.57 KB, 491x503, 491:503, ClipboardImage.png)

File: beb0644a44277ee⋯.png (173.33 KB, 1300x1500, 13:15, postnumbermagic3.png)


Agreed. Q even posted "seconds matter!" THIS WEEK.

Here is the final version of the post number KEKs

c6128c  No.5339301

I think Q is showing us “seconds matter”.

Two :47:17 time stamps (the Q line on the clock) spaces 17 hours apart.


d4bc80  No.5340779

Improved graphic



04a997  No.5343565



It gets much more complicated when you start calculating with seconds. I have only done analysis of general minute deltas. From Q posts we know that misspellings matter and we know that seconds matter. We know that everything has meaning.






























[13:22]__13(evil)__22(11 11)


Many of these connections may make zero sense. They hardly make sense to me; however, I see enough 'coincidences' that I know better. When you begin to decode seconds the information becomes way too complex.

The best example I can find with these seconds is this section:






The delta between the deltas is 07:24. The delta between these two numbers is 17.

The basic minute deltas, only considering within the hour, are as follows:
















From timestamps, date 02/13/2018. On the clock is :08 (1+7)

These tweets are from 09/24/2018. On the clock is :51 (17*3)

Delta between :08 and :51 is :43 minutes or :17 minutes.

43 is 34 mirrored. 34=17*2

Deleted tweet misspells Accusations as AcQusitions. Tweet is corrected 13 minutes later. [12:11] (23/13 Pain?)

Overall, minute Tweet deltas lead to a date 17 minutes later on the Q clock and POTUS misspelled Accusations as AcQusitions in order to include Q.

d4bc80  No.5378530

POTUS tweet delta regarding North Korea.

>>5378341 mb

3be3b1  No.5382333

Time Stamp 3:33:33

>>5382101 mb

3671c2  No.5448126

File: ba3ad29a663650d⋯.png (19.69 KB, 316x309, 316:309, Screenshot from 2019-03-01….png)

>>5447523 (all gen bread)




Dropping pic related here in case DeltaFags have seen this pattern before. General bread links are to tweet that started it and discussion.

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