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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e1c02b43c5fc1b06dad4093883….jpg)

f9b367  No.4449151

Welcome To Q Research General


We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only.  We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.






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Q's Latest Posts

Saturday 12/22/18

>>4433511 ————————————–——– Research for yourself

>>4432768 ————————————–——– TRUTH & FACTS MATTER.


Friday 12/21/18

>>4409412 ————————————–——– What was the 16-year plan to destroy America?

>>4408964 ————————————–——– Anons can play this game all day long.


Thursday 12/20/18

>>4401036 ————————————–——– History will not repeat itself this time

>>4400956 ————————————–——– Notice a pattern?

>>4393668 ————————————–——– ALICE & MAD HATTER. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4393450 ————————————–——– The [D] party will cease to exist once it's all exposed. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392683 rt >>4392645 -————————– Old news. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392646 ————————————–——– You have the keystone. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392356 ————————————–——– Completed this week.

>>4392305 ————————————–——– Anons know why.

>>4392219 ————————————–——– None left by choice.


Wednesday 12/19/18

>>4381420 ————————————–——– [D] Day, Patriots.

>>4381317 ————————————–——– Power returned to the people.

>>4381184 ————————————–——– Logical Thinking Always Wins.

>>4381127 ————————————–——– The Clock is Ticking.


Q & A

Thursday 12/13/18

Compiled here: >>4430511


Wednesday 12.12.18

Compiled here: >>4281715



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f9b367  No.4449154


are not endorsements



>>4430721 BO calls out the 'Highest Ranking Post' script

>>4308334 List of meme-friendly news sites for spreading the truth



>>4448587 Al Shabaab bomber executed in Somalia

>>4448591 where did paul pelosi jr. get 84 billion dollars

>>4448608, >>4448629, >>4448734, >>4448745 Payment processing is how businesses are controlled

>>4448754 These Q posts seem grouped: all of them focus on FAKE NEWS.

>>4448922 Read the Vile Hate Mail Sent to Triple Amputee Veteran #GoFundTheWall

>>4448913, >>4449039 brian anthony goodman, and partner weitang feng Big Insider trade

>>4449147 #5672


>>4448048, >>4448076, >>4448048, >>4448076 Things heating up for Israel?

>>4448098 Israelis learn their gov. also run by Jews, Oy (Yellow) Ve(st)!

>>4448044 Bankers fatigue: Singapore bans Goldman Sachs (((Leissner)))

>>4447744 Ronna McDaniel twat re: Dems/Schumer hypocrisy on wall funding

>>4447718 Oz: Chinese Steel or Craftsmanship? Hundreds flee high-rise

>>4448232 #5671



>>4447440 May praises Mil for UK "waters & skies" free fr Muh Russia

>>4447244 (sauce is sauced) US to Increase Financing for Ukrainian Navy

>>4447111 The Hill wants you to believe RGB "back to work" already

>>4446985 FoxNews: Mnuchin talks to bank CEOs amid Wall St. Jitters

>>4446971 Planefag update: USArmy at the border

>>4446966 Former Lithuanian PM’s son arrested in Russian espionage case?

>>4447565 #5670



>>4446172 Marker: Whitaker/DOJ's Rescission of 69 Guidance Documents

>>4446391, >>4446396 Wonder why "Vice" (Christian Bale as Cheney) panned?

>>4446212, >>4446227, >>4446365 Sperry: Huber's a "head fake!" Anons: pfft

>>4446353, >>4446366  Anons discuss Fed, bonds, usury, and GOLD

>>4446144 Diggin' on Marvin Bush, behind the OZ black curtain

>>4446142 Beto-male O'Rourke twats some cryin' about muh kids in camps

>>4446128, >>4446318, >>4446587, >>4446784 Moar @DJT: McConnel/border/Turkey

>>4446100, >>4446133, >>4446168 >want to replace us, >not sending their best

>>4446846 #5669



>>4445986 Battle-lines drawn simply and clearly, chan-style

>>4445972, >>4445979, >>4445984, >>4445990 @DJT to MilIndustrialCmplx: "NO "

>>4445965, >>4445983 You'll be relieved to hear CIA stopped using journos is 1976

>>4445860 Top Trump official calls bankers, will convene 'Plunge Protection Team'

>>4445779, >>4445825 Vid. Anons pay homage to Adm. Rogers (kek)

>>4445536 Anon on POTUS's Farm Bill: legalizing hemp has market implications

>>4445386, >>4445483 Military/ArmyTimes spinning Mattis kept POTUS's "power checked"

>>4446070 #5668


#5667 baker change

>>4445180 NASA Data Breach Highlights Agency Cybersecurity Problems

>>4445179 Has Wells Fargo Been Puttin' America(ns) first?  Nope!

>>4445046 China says it held second vice ministerial call w/U.S. on trade

>>4445068, >>4445107 Reminder digg on Goldman Sachs and Ukraine

>>4445170 Vid: Yellow Vests now in... Taiwan?  Wew.

>>4445128 Vid: Weekend Six of Gilet Jauned avec Les Francais (Tres Jolie)

>>4445124, >>4445160 Brazil learns how optimism follows far right leaders

>>4444756 Guess who just went all organic?  Das Rite: Kyrgyzstan!

>>4444868 Anon's graphic/analysis: (((Schumer's Shutdown)))

>>4444641 Digits Representin': :00:01 and :00:02 timestamps for 44/45

>>4444694, >>4444704 Planefags update: UAE stuff

>>4444680, >>4444716, >>4444732, >>4444739 SA/UAE send Kurds troops

>>4444677, >>4444741, >>4444719 SCOTUS intervenes in apparent Mueller case

>>4445277 #5667



>>4443844 Three major banks suspend lending for shipyard home purchases

>>4443984 – SCOTUS issues a Stay against DC Appeals Court ruling of contempt and fines against foreign company in super-secret Grand Jury proceeding

>>4444179 Game over

>>4444221 Supreme Court Intervenes In Apparent Mystery Mueller Case

>>4444277 Gatwick Airport arrestees released without charge, Perpetrator(s) still on the loose

>>4444295 Meet Patrick M. Shanahan, The New Secretary Of Defense

>>4444305 Rothschild & Co signs agreement for sale of its Trust business

>>4444325 Clinton Presidential Center Closes Due to Government Shutdown

>>4444538 #5666



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f9b367  No.4449157

File: bfbabeb03535f20⋯.gif (684.66 KB, 1361x837, 1361:837, download.gif)



e8ae29  No.4449174

Nawaz Sharif PAK jailed for 7 years


e8ae29  No.4449187




8fcce4  No.4449198

File: 9178e0d758434f8⋯.jpeg (9.22 KB, 148x255, 148:255, 5bdeff7510f6e07e82d1275b1….jpeg)

Merry Christmas Eve BO- BVs- Anons and even muh shills. TY Baker for this bread

de26e8  No.4449200

File: 4fd44bc3db26198⋯.jpeg (229.08 KB, 705x1255, 141:251, 52C3256C-89F4-4943-B25D-2….jpeg)

File: 05d65e7c23af85f⋯.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 7FCC0456-4F6F-4C06-A684-FF….png)

[P] is [P]ritzker.

Jewish Dynasty all over Chicago.

Obama's Secretary of Labor? [P]enny [P]ritzker.

John McCain & Mitt Romney's PUPPETEER?

Jennifer [P]ritzker.

Second biggest donor to Clinton 2k16? [P]ritzker.

Who's NOW the Governor Elect of Chicago?

JB [P]ritzker.

Q said on 1/19/2018 to "REMEMBER THIS DAY"

Governor Elect of Chicago [P]ritzker's bday is 1/19.

Currency of coincidences.

Payseur is disinfo with vague citations of LLC's and lists of supposed industrial monopolizing with little historical verifiability.

Stage is SET

053c6f  No.4449201

File: 8128783f1294b94⋯.jpg (46.41 KB, 1485x1101, 495:367, 58ba6312bcd9c44db9d0bea21f….jpg)

Thank you baker for all your help tonight, time I turned in for the night.

Have a Merry Christmas all you glorious faggots.

d458ea  No.4449206

File: 703dd5dda5a5106⋯.jpg (113.24 KB, 751x1127, 751:1127, 66202.jpg)


Thank you baker!

ffd6b7  No.4449208

File: 652a03b45d5b2a3⋯.jpg (258.73 KB, 735x490, 3:2, WDFD.jpg)


d099ba  No.4449209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is weird .

Happy Holidays from RT… and GRU?

Meanwhile in the White House…

812a46  No.4449211


The kitchen looks like than when I cook. And I'm not four.

812a46  No.4449212


Where'd this come from?

d099ba  No.4449213


You Tube

969e28  No.4449214

File: dd159b8bb1ca48b⋯.png (893.49 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181223-160405.png)

Btw - this is Freddy he's a fag 🤣

812a46  No.4449215


The funny thing is that RT is a better news source than many others, especially for European news. In Britain, the local press won't cover anything about Brexit, Tommy Robinson, or anything else that's anti-DS. RT is a light shining in the darkness. Strange world we live in.

aac9be  No.4449216

File: 44be27be21dc546⋯.jpg (59.93 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Trump - If - Copy.jpg)

130c6a  No.4449217


>I'm guessing there's a few anons around who get caught up in shill battles for the same reason. But I'm guessing there are quite a few shill-on-shills fights. Do they know they're fighting one another?

They do, soemtimes. I've seen ebot, fakeq, ,aflb , and megashill throw down at various times…

I'd bet it happens with the shills that don't flash colors, too.

09bc6f  No.4449218

File: 1e06432c2e5faf0⋯.png (189.32 KB, 500x502, 250:251, baker-ty-pepe-crisps.png)

d458ea  No.4449219

File: 0eb1c4c237d3bd1⋯.jpg (73.8 KB, 500x570, 50:57, 0eb1c4c237d3bd110be3434e25….jpg)

812a46  No.4449220


RT was great for French Gilets Jaunes, especially at the start, when nobody else would cover. Ditto for recent Brexit coverage. They even showed the anti-Brexit violence–RARE footage, to be sure.

d099ba  No.4449221

Trying to dig on what the shirt actually says . Anybody happen to speak Russian ?

b6bb95  No.4449222

File: b99a0c4574c3923⋯.jpg (79.78 KB, 908x411, 908:411, serbia.JPG)

File: 9834211d1fd38b7⋯.jpg (100.83 KB, 828x798, 138:133, belgrade.JPG)

>>National TV is covering only autocratic president. He bought all private televisions that are watched by half of Balkans. He spends 5 hours daily on TV and manipulate uneducated and primitive 30% of Serbia. He stole every elections and that's easy to do in Serbia. He ruined economy after we started recovering from NATO bombing and Milosevic. He doesn't have 1 day of working experience and he is 50.

I could write 5 days about him, but he doesn't deserve that. Worst piece of shit in whole country is President of it. Our Prime Minister is militant lesbian which is unimaginable for Christianity filled Serbia. Shit show in a hellhole.

6f5bba  No.4449223



They were covering the Bundy trial live and often show up in places that have Patriot happenings when no other news source will get within two states of it.

4b578d  No.4449224


I seen this guy in front of walmart 2 days ago trying to offer blow jobs for Christmas money

28145c  No.4449225

I noticed Exelis was acquired by Harris Corp. This is notable because Exelis and Xylem are both remnants of ITT and we Anons know what kind of fuckery they're known for.

a65270  No.4449226

File: 68c26759440188c⋯.png (19.27 KB, 1282x258, 641:129, Screenshot_2018-12-24 Goog….png)

File: a3cb5a97bfa677d⋯.png (587.67 KB, 945x569, 945:569, Screenshot_2018-12-24 Happ….png)


Anon did you not listen to Q when he said to learn russian? kek..

It says right on the video, though-

"Do you work for the GRU?"

Вы Работаете в ГРУ

9c10aa  No.4449227

File: 1c5e2fc53bb24ee⋯.jpg (61.85 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, C-C-C-COCAAAAINE.jpg)


Rand Paul is putting the wasteful and the corrupt on blast.

Behold a Festivus tradition: The Airing of Grievences!

09e80a  No.4449228

File: 00e4cbccc6bd24a⋯.png (57.17 KB, 609x338, 609:338, Screenshot (328).png)

I found something interesting about Trump's Dark Winter tweet. Don't know if it has been discussed in previous breads.

There is another book called Dark Winter, by a different author. Here is the description on Amazon:

Climate change has been a perplexing problem for years. In Dark Winter, author John L. Casey, a former White House national space policy advisor, NASA headquarters consultant, and space shuttle engineer tells the truth about ominous changes taking place in the climate and the Sun.

Casey’s research into the Sun’s activity, which began almost a decade ago, resulted in discovery of a solar cycle that is now reversing from its global warming phase to that of dangerous global cooling for the next thirty years or more. This new cold climate will dramatically impact the world’s citizens. In Dark Winter, he provides evidence of the following:

-The end of global warming

-The beginning of a “solar hibernation,” a historic reduction in the energy output of the Sun

-A long-term drop in Earth’s temperatures

-The start of the next climate change to decades of dangerously cold weather

-The high probability of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

A sobering look at Earth’s future, Dark Winter predicts worldwide, crop- destroying cold; food shortages and riots in the United States and abroad; significant global loss of life; and social, political, and economic upheaval.


Trump made his tweet on the winter solstice. Maybe he is trying to secretly tell us that he knows global warming is a scam, he knows the geniuses are cooking the books to justify economic fuckery and world government. Maybe he's saying he knows they are deliberately pumping aerosols into the atmosphere and this will lead to disaster.

Evidence in favor of it being a coincidence is that Trump could have made the tweet at the exact time of the winter solstice, but he didn't. He has also previously called BS on global warming without needing to use a secret code.

Here's a YouTube interview with the scientist who wrote the book. So much for "all scientists agree":


Also discusses other things, such as increase in cosmic rays causing more clouds, and correlation between cold periods and increased earthquakes.

969e28  No.4449229


Now - let's be straight.

You will appreciate this.

I made no attempt to dox him

And I won't…

How do I know this is him ?

He was stupid enough to fucking post it at me..

Notice the (you)

f9b367  No.4449230


sauce, date interesting

a65270  No.4449231


Also, it's night shift, so you are likely to be eaten by a grue.

812a46  No.4449232


Seldom interact with shills, find it uninteresting. But when it happens, it's usually a strange conversation. Some seem glad to disengage for awhile and act normal. I once was having a very civil conversation with a well-known entity on this board while he was shilling the hell out of everyone from a different IP. Strange to watch, but not unexpected. Even shills get tired of shilling. I like to think that some give it up after coming here–because they like us better than they like their bosses. (And why wouldn't they? We actually care.)

130c6a  No.4449233


kek.. I saw this happen in RT.

e8ae29  No.4449234

File: 918d959e1009d96⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 0E5D7FA4-9085-4DDE-97EA-B1….png)


862198  No.4449235

File: 15c552f5966dd6a⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 15c552f5966dd6a0d6ced3f8f2….jpg)

File: 3382e87f0a34f2e⋯.jpg (844.64 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 3382e87f0a34f2eae754b511a6….jpg)

Alone on Christmas Eve. Hope Qteam comes through for New Years. The world needs changing. Spare me the kys jibes. It's been a long year since last Christmas. Hope 2019 brings some much needed dismantling of cabal, in a public way. Hope the "yellow jacket" awakening spreads, and WE THE PEOPLE take control again.

655738  No.4449236


how do you KNOW its him?

6f5bba  No.4449237


I feelz for you guys.

After 8 years of an Anti American, pro Muslim piece of shit gay black president who deliberately tried to bring the USA down, I feelz for ya.

Don't know what you have for personal weapons but after Milosovic and the NATO crap I would think that you have some talented weaponsmiths there somewhere. Get them busy. An armed society is a polite society.

Even militant lesbians get real polite staring at the business end of a gun.

4b578d  No.4449238


Well crack heads aren't very smart we know that

001a99  No.4449239

File: fa669df883a63a6⋯.jpg (109.49 KB, 550x577, 550:577, UST.jpg)

Morning anons… Don't know if this was covered yet.. Whats up with this Tweet from: Treasury Department@USTreasury

969e28  No.4449240


Lol I wouldn't lie to Anons - they would catch me in my lies

..I could be wrong but I believe this is Freddy KEK

e8ae29  No.4449241

File: 376fe1063383029⋯.jpeg (480.45 KB, 1242x1262, 621:631, 0FAE8E85-0A2F-4137-8C85-F….jpeg)


9c10aa  No.4449242

File: d54f60f11d7dc85⋯.jpg (86.49 KB, 651x710, 651:710, Pauls Walls.JPG)

2b45db  No.4449243

File: d3e140637255652⋯.jpg (158.02 KB, 837x1000, 837:1000, a8eaeff12585f17aabfbbb64f0….jpg)



get out while you can anon, this town is fucked .

130c6a  No.4449244


I can't give [them] any sympathy. for this one reason:

[They] are fighting against MAGA.

If they choose to stop shilling for shekels, then fine, but until then, [they] can all die in a fucking blazing fire called Hell.

e8ae29  No.4449245

File: aacc581eb9187f5⋯.jpeg (436.06 KB, 1242x846, 69:47, 508E3514-F333-4422-A0F9-8….jpeg)

4b4b6c  No.4449246


I was under the impression you had to die before you went to hell, but I seen some shit here, kek

969e28  No.4449247

File: 5b8cc7e59c18a29⋯.png (64.81 KB, 1080x502, 540:251, Screenshot_20181224-055203….png)


Other Anon says they also saw irl rt - what do I have to gain by lyo about this ? Moth so I wouldn't

b6bb95  No.4449248


It was posted here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MGTOW/comments/a8ppko/belgrade_protested_again_tonight_not_a_single_tv/

d458ea  No.4449249

File: 19842b633838bb8⋯.png (75.27 KB, 500x596, 125:149, steal-my-pepes-but-never-m….png)

812a46  No.4449250


I studied Russian in high school and college. But there were zero Russian speakers in the US at that time; just a few defectors. Now there are mnoga (many) Russians and I've forgotten most of what I learned….But I can read that t shirt just fine! Kek.

d099ba  No.4449251



Oh ha sorry Been enjoying some festive christmas trees , Long night . thanks

969e28  No.4449252


Muh was funny back in 2016 jew.pepes - I hate you the most

655738  No.4449253


I am not saying you are lying I am saying why do you think it's him? If I post a video are you going to assume it's me in the video? Doesn't make sense that's all

09bc6f  No.4449254

File: 124710fcb42a7ad⋯.png (16.8 KB, 1284x226, 642:113, Untitled4.png)

f9b367  No.4449255


only looked a bit into John L. Casey but he has been referenced by researchers I have a lot of respect for this is a very important topic a hint from Trump is significant look at


and if you want to go to the most important research of the modern era go to

Heartbeat of the Sun from Principal Component Analysis and prediction of solar activity on a millenium timescale


I will give it a notable if you would like to add to it ….

32eaa3  No.4449256


Ah, okay.

You'll want to watch this case:


Milosevic, and they just now identified he was part of the military? Timing is everything….


Last year, SCOTUS upped the bar for evidence to strip away someone's citizenship. That will come back into play for this case, and with declas from POTUS, that means this case likely will have far more evidence to pull out, since we know the body count of Srebrenica was … horribly overstated, to say the least.

ddaadd  No.4449257

File: 07cca9504ba53b4⋯.jpg (335.46 KB, 1260x630, 2:1, Migration-TotalPNMI.jpg)

File: bb5ed3179c41b68⋯.jpg (228.27 KB, 630x897, 210:299, Map_Combo.jpg)

File: 0d05ef72b207159⋯.jpg (211.63 KB, 1371x886, 1371:886, ScreenShot.jpg)

File: f9852c8f8ea9f6f⋯.jpg (261.55 KB, 606x862, 303:431, NZ_PM-Ardern_Xmas-present_….jpg)

File: 6e364345ffcd8fc⋯.jpg (87.39 KB, 709x496, 709:496, NZ_Commie-Cindy_Special-Pl….jpg)

Huge margins in the Gallup survey –


New Zealand can expect a 101% to 231% increase in population!

Didn’t sign!

United States of America could have (and still can) expected 31% to 100% increase in population!

There’s still the sneaky 2/3 majority issue though which would mean not signing means absolutely nothing. Well past time to leave the evil UN and destroy it for good!


NZ Prime Minister Ms Ardern (Labour AKA Progressive Socialist Party) only managed to get 37% of the vote but did a deal with the minor parties of NZ First (Ms Winston Peters) and the Green Party under MMP to attain power. In the mean time the New Conservative Party has been launched as an alternative to the NZ globalist Uni-party of National and Labour.

The NZ First Party appears to be a misnomer!

We now, under Ms Ardern’s government, have a Minister for Climate Change and that lie is constantly and incessantly being pushed while all stops have been pulled on UN Agenda 2021 / 2030 which is being implemented in all manner of underhanded ways that few seem to be able to see. NZ Media is almost entirely foreign owned now too.


There’s been negligible NZ MSM attention given to the NZ signing of the Migration Pact. Practically a media blackout on the topic with the exceptions being very short mentions of what other countries are doing, not NZ.

'We are coming to get you': Former NZ Rugby boss threatens 'traitor' Ardern

21 December 2018


“A former top rugby boss has called Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters "traitors", and warned he's coming to get them.

Ex-New Zealand Rugby CEO David Moffett, a member of the New Conservative Party, made the comments on Thursday after the Government announced it would support the United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

"Yes we'll see whether you 2 traitors are still smiling when we are done with you next year," he wrote on Twitter.

(The posted maps come from here.)

This is our future under the UN Global Migration Pact

21, 2018


‘‘This isn’t some “right wing nut job” conspiracy theory: thanks to Gallup, we have the evidence. Quote:

If everyone in the world could move to whatever country they wanted to, New Zealand’s population would swell by 231 per cent.

United States-based research firm Gallup’s most recent Potential Net Migration Index (PNMI), a 2015-2017 survey of more than 450,000 adults from 152 countries, has revealed that New Zealand would see a substantial influx of people if migration were free. End of quote.

As the data shows, New Zealand isn’t the only country in the globalists’ sights, but, unlike Australia and the United States, New Zealand is voluntarily throwing its borders wide open.’

Our socialist government will be coming for our guns soon! Can’t have us defending ourselves from the overwhelming influx of ‘peaceful’ Muslim migrants! I can only hope that President Trump has a ‘Special Place’ for the FVEY traitors-to-humanity in Gitmo, or the other two prisons. I’d prefer Gitmo though.

d458ea  No.4449258

File: 8fad8c3e67a8b6c⋯.jpg (11.35 KB, 183x232, 183:232, 8fa.jpg)

969e28  No.4449259


Are you asking me to post something and not digging ? Ok faggit not how this works

.. stop being a lazy fuck

aac9be  No.4449260

File: 4e8132291933a31⋯.jpg (272.6 KB, 886x1032, 443:516, Trump Retort.jpg)

a65270  No.4449261


Yeah, left the ГРУ as uncapped, which goolag translated to 'group' instead of the GRU acronym.

969e28  No.4449262


Fuck you clown - probably a wanna be CIA nigger.. it's not the Jews and I'm not Jewish - you can go fuck yourself

d458ea  No.4449263

File: cac9cebf9ad59a4⋯.jpg (411 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, Oh yes more music from the….jpg)


Q said they were saving Israel last for a very specific reason.

812a46  No.4449264


I don't have much sympathy in me. I just interact with whomever I encounter in a neutral way until I see them doing something I do not tolerate. Have a high degree of tolerance otherwise. There are some advantages to that way of working; it's like being on the edge all the time, working in the margins. Focusing on behavior: when the behavior changes, there's the possibility of reconciliation. It is not for everyone but it works for me. I can fight, too, but can switch–fight or reconcile, whatever the situation dictates. People surprise you sometimes.

ffd6b7  No.4449265

File: d8074a3411fc2a5⋯.jpg (534.92 KB, 1536x1017, 512:339, HiTechBakery.jpg)

130c6a  No.4449266


agreed, some of [them] are looking like literal zombies these days

969e28  No.4449267


I will dismantle your whole reality tunnel and you can't fucking stop me faggit. The joke will be on you - retartd

d458ea  No.4449268

File: 2c6cc194038566f⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 400x322, 200:161, ISIS = JEWS.jpg)

ce3aae  No.4449270

File: 11931cb050b14b6⋯.jpg (380.95 KB, 753x861, 251:287, #0.Chan Archive Service.jpg)

GAA Update

"Happy Christmas!"Edition

Hello Anons,

I added #5639 to #5672 and updated the checksums.



5639-5672.zip MD5: 92665ffd0a58df426d00f240acbe8800


5639-5672.html.zip MD5: bf37722a3931dcb6bef07d2ef3eaa163

The archive now contains 5680 breads.


2b45db  No.4449271


lived here all my life, it is you actually and you fucked this state more than obama ever did, drown in semen.

09bc6f  No.4449272


notice there's no "do"

so it's not a question but a statement

a65270  No.4449273


notice you left off the question mark in your goolac search, when it's clearly on the shirt?

00aecb  No.4449274


Could be a normal year end thing. Go dig and report back back anon.

ee0ddb  No.4449275

File: f1e4c0383dc4c40⋯.gif (557.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2.gif)

4b4b6c  No.4449276


lotta autism

812a46  No.4449277


Happy Christmas, Archive Service.

5680–that's a lot of bread.


969e28  No.4449278


This is not up for debate. Good bye

4b578d  No.4449279


It's a pretty well known fact Mossad did 911

d458ea  No.4449280

File: 26d57d6e1d9af45⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 625x625, 1:1, A6.jpg)

File: 76bec2f05e9c29e⋯.jpg (360.42 KB, 909x987, 303:329, 76b.jpg)

File: b8f928cd4f41609⋯.png (438.53 KB, 618x685, 618:685, 757940f770655199684dd9f029….png)

655738  No.4449281

File: d0a0fe8c61b21b3⋯.mp4 (372.82 KB, 240x240, 1:1, this is Q.mp4)


ok, here is Q btw, he doxxed himself

09bc6f  No.4449282


FML its late/early your right fag you happy?

90ef38  No.4449283


The US is switching to the gold standard as we speak. The Fed is being decimated. Try to keep up, fren….

4bd3de  No.4449285

File: d37f01b97455806⋯.png (870.98 KB, 1175x3235, 235:647, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fa836c8c4edf36c⋯.png (185.76 KB, 590x447, 590:447, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5449a3ecffe6998⋯.png (67.05 KB, 590x369, 590:369, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a7b5d82a9709eec⋯.png (50.08 KB, 590x330, 59:33, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5c88c0369f12715⋯.png (24.38 KB, 588x115, 588:115, ClipboardImage.png)

From a few days ago



Depuis la crise des « gilets jaunes », la vie à huis clos d’Emmanuel Macron

Insultes, huées, menaces… Quand il sort, désormais, cela tourne mal. Depuis le début de la mobilisation des « gilets jaunes », pour le président qui aimait tant les promenades, elles sont devenues rares (et discrètes). Comme les visites.


Translation of the text snippet:

Since the crisis of the "Yellow Vests", Emmanuel Macron's private life:

Insults, boos, threats … When he goes out now, it goes wrong. Since the beginning of the mobilization of "Yellow Vests", for the President who loved so much to go for walks, they have become rare (and discreet). Like the visits.


According to this Macron literally can't walk down the street.



a65270  No.4449286

File: add0001640d7562⋯.png (29.74 KB, 1000x802, 500:401, 1511925289289.png)


kek, as long as the meaning is clarified..

17f4b5  No.4449287


>remnants of ITT and we Anons know what kind of fuckery they're known for.

elaborate please? my startup is presently lubing some high value deals with Harris.

ddaadd  No.4449288

File: d8b9ea219077bc2⋯.jpg (113.5 KB, 719x817, 719:817, Clipboard.jpg)

File: 907487ef2232515⋯.jpg (102.49 KB, 737x526, 737:526, NZ_FVEY_Cindy_Worried_2.jpg)

File: 7593af59c939833⋯.jpg (159.59 KB, 1166x773, 1166:773, NZ_GCSB_Andrew-Hampton1B1.jpg)

File: 1ee2db30b414a01⋯.jpg (74.79 KB, 942x758, 471:379, NZ_New-Venezuela.jpg)

File: 3f1a8937d40c6de⋯.jpg (123.37 KB, 484x841, 484:841, NZ_Commie-Cindy_TAX_1.jpg)

001a99  No.4449289


Or the DS is about to implode the Financial Markets?

c3c392  No.4449290

Were the Natives of North and South America higher up with Soul force than the Europeans at the time of Columbus?

Were the great dying time of the Natives not an accident? Did the Satanist systematically genocide the natives using the Jesuits and the Jews? Small Pox blankets? Were the incidences we know of just the tip of the iceberg? Were the destruction of the Aztec and Mayan text to hide something the Satanist did not want humanity to learn? Was Columbus a crypto Jew? Was he a Satanist? It seems he did not have any light in him seeing his diary upon meeting meek and kind islanders was to plan to make them slaves.

fa2120  No.4449291

File: 829ba6f55a40fe7⋯.jpg (178.48 KB, 932x595, 932:595, Screenshot_214.jpg)

File: 6f212098ad63902⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 220x303, 220:303, Soeharto_as_President_of_I….jpg)

>>4448368 (PB)

Just noticed something in Pompeo's IG post.

Is that a painting of Suharto of Indonesia in the top left corner?

812a46  No.4449292


So he's the first. What an honor.

812a46  No.4449293


Try x22 on yt. Dave has a lot of info on the Fed and delivers it calmly.

7dea40  No.4449294

File: 852007ab2bcf535⋯.jpeg (274.68 KB, 1125x1051, 1125:1051, 2770B4EB-33A6-46A0-82ED-3….jpeg)

File: 33a3d7315e25e24⋯.jpeg (680.03 KB, 1125x1861, 1125:1861, 274F39EE-E94E-41FD-9FEB-2….jpeg)

File: e0852aa24f98640⋯.jpeg (904.75 KB, 1125x1553, 1125:1553, C741DF59-46F5-475C-8A85-9….jpeg)

Kinda weird collection of Masonic Items don’t you think.

a65270  No.4449295


Well, the french have already arrested their ex president sarkozy earlier in the year.. still gotta catch up on the american front in that regard..

c0b4d7  No.4449296


Many of us are just like this anon. I’m a mental ninja myself. That’s what we are. Career wise I’m borderline Wizard/Warlock but just not working in govt. I can’t stomach the vile enemy as much as Q. Thank God someone can. I woulda beat their asses into next year already, which is what I lack, anon. Patience. I want the gallows nailed together today. Start the trials as soon as the oven is cool from Christmas dinner.

But yea I’m also a mental ninja. I can slide into even the most unwelcome of hostile enemy environments. It just takes internal warfare to get my face in line.

00aecb  No.4449297


This ain’t a chat room fuck face.

32eaa3  No.4449298


I'm not completely certain they were 'higher up on the soul force' - but it's clear that, at least the South American people, held quite a bit of knowledge of engineering and tracking of the stars. They were trying to record something that they thought needed to last for many generations.

001a99  No.4449299


Thanks Anon. Seems very unusual what just happened.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin took time off from his holiday vacation in Cabo, San Lucas, to personally telephone the CEO's of America's top 6 Banks.

On Monday (12/24), the Secretary will convene a call with the President's Working Group on financial markets, (Plunge Protection Team?) which he chairs. This includes the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. He has also invited the office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to participate as well. These key regulators will discuss coordination efforts to assure normal market operations.

"Assure normal market operations" through what??? That is the question..

130c6a  No.4449300


>I don't have much sympathy in me. I just interact with whomever I encounter in a neutral way until I see them doing something I do not tolerate. Have a high degree of tolerance otherwise. There are some advantages to that way of working; it's like being on the edge all the time, working in the margins. Focusing on behavior: when the behavior changes, there's the possibility of reconciliation. It is not for everyone but it works for me. I can fight, too, but can switch–fight or reconcile, whatever the situation dictates. People surprise you sometimes.

yeah, I try to operate in pretty much the same way; it does no good automatically attacking and hitting out at invalid information providers without discerning what the provider's agenda is, first.

only difference is this: I won't tolerate known shills just raping this place with bullshit unopposed. Why you ask?

Trump switched from defense to offense. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but since Trump went on offense, he does not ignore negative comments from anyone at any time, and always has a retort. There is no "filter and ignore" from him.

Why should we continue to be on defense? Fuck the shills and their bullshit. Memetic warfare is a war for the mind, yes?

Shill minds can be attacked too. If [they] want to make a living doing what they do, [they] can pay the price for it.

90ef38  No.4449301


and you ain't no savant FUCK FACE

64ca42  No.4449302

Samuel Prescott Bush


969e28  No.4449303

Anyone who made a single cent is fake af

- get your shekelse fags… Fucking you don't belong with us.

I'm sick of you

Go sell your fucking T-shirts elsewhere - niggers

28145c  No.4449304

File: 979154a2e09f958⋯.png (233.94 KB, 939x419, 939:419, nazi.png)

File: 5a6ec19e864aef7⋯.png (22.73 KB, 939x228, 313:76, criminal.png)


From the Wiki but there's tons more as they seem to have been involved in every advanced research project over the last 100 years.

8fcce4  No.4449305


-The high probability of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

New Stars, Fireball, Volcano, Space Weather | S0 News June.5.2017



This guy has linked sunspot activity to earthquakes with good predictability.

812a46  No.4449306


Thx for the info, anon. Yes, I have to catch up on every front. I was doing something completely different a year ago. This work was a surprise, a calling out of the blue. So now I try to fill in holes, especially where politics is concerned–zillions of players all interacting in complex ways going back decades…..but for a motivated person, there is always a way.

d458ea  No.4449307

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

25d2cd  No.4449308

File: 0ba3f0aa26f105e⋯.png (98.88 KB, 533x504, 533:504, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0a011ee8764ce01⋯.png (77.21 KB, 543x499, 543:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9ba1f47843f93e9⋯.png (80.8 KB, 532x496, 133:124, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 44d50d88f5361e7⋯.png (87.86 KB, 540x516, 45:43, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a84f2f424a75dd⋯.png (101.96 KB, 535x497, 535:497, ClipboardImage.png)


Congressional Semi-annual Reports still not released for the following agencies:

Department of Education - PIC1


Department of Health & Human Services


Department of Commerce


Department of Energy




To be continued? I'm looking at all the agencies to see who's missing.

2c9d14  No.4449309

File: 793e6d958243e22⋯.png (286.19 KB, 453x450, 151:150, ClipboardImage.png)

Well fellas, Toots finally got his shit together and joined the Q army

a2ea86  No.4449310

File: 0dccfbf190bdc41⋯.jpg (10.59 KB, 255x176, 255:176, 0dccfbf190bdc41cd6d6246e8f….jpg)

Thanks GA anon. Your work is much appreciated.


f9b367  No.4449311

>>4449174, >>4449187 Ousted Pakistan PM Sharif jailed for seven years for graft

>>4449200 Obama's Secretary of Labor? [P]enny [P]ritzker. [P] is [P]ritzker ?

>>4449222, >>4449248, >>4449256 Serbia Update massive unreported protest + US case

>>4449228 Trump's Dark Winter tweet (John L. Casey)

>>4449234, >>4449245 US warns tourists, possible Christmas Day attack in Barcelona

>>4449270 GAA Update "Happy Christmas!"Edition


>>4449285 Macron literally can't walk down the street.

as many in the first 100 posts as all of last bread

4b4b6c  No.4449312

File: a9b7152879e4821⋯.png (518.15 KB, 589x579, 589:579, sueemall - Copy.PNG)


90ef38  No.4449313


Through the process of decimating the Fed and establishing the gold standard

969e28  No.4449314

Fuck your JFK JR is alive

Fuck your aliens Bullshit

Full your time travel nonsense

Stop being stupid niggers..

Anons carry on

c0b4d7  No.4449315


End of the world Revelation stuff?

Maybe the last episode of MASH?

or the time Al Bundy won by scoring four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon?

Maybe a different thing they wanted to track?

Obama’s legacy?

d458ea  No.4449316

File: 6baf26d39bf186a⋯.jpg (9.46 KB, 221x229, 221:229, 6baf26d39bf186a7333a01d532….jpg)

File: 26d57d6e1d9af45⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 625x625, 1:1, A6.jpg)

File: 76bec2f05e9c29e⋯.jpg (360.42 KB, 909x987, 303:329, 76b.jpg)

File: b8f928cd4f41609⋯.png (438.53 KB, 618x685, 618:685, 757940f770655199684dd9f029….png)

File: 00dcfa0279ef86f⋯.jpg (338.66 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, conservatism-is-sending-th….jpg)

4bd3de  No.4449317



also it's AM on the east coast anons are waking up and getting on here and most have the day off from work.

43d225  No.4449318

File: b19fafcca95c267⋯.png (304.63 KB, 500x403, 500:403, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 66db8c5d5f09a51⋯.png (538.32 KB, 630x663, 210:221, ClipboardImage.png)


4bd3de  No.4449319


there's some other players i wish it would of happened to first but it's a start

001a99  No.4449320


Or any one of a dozen other reasons… Looking ( and searching myself) for sauce… not theories or ideas…

6f5bba  No.4449321


Gonna be a busy day for the bakers even if it is Christmas eve.

Now all we need is for Q to drop another 17 times in one day……

4bd3de  No.4449322

90ef38  No.4449323


Yeah, there's no other reasons!! LOL

c3c392  No.4449324


I Pet Goat 2. Is that person on the boat not Jesus but a false one? Why show the destruction of the pyramid at the end if Thoth created the pyramid and is perhaps Arch Angel Micheal? That cant be a good sign. Am I off the track here?

c0b4d7  No.4449325


Why are you hating on Jews?

Focus on the bankers not the religion.

The real elites aren’t even Jews they’re Phoenician cult. Wake up and stop being used as an antisemetic tool and do some research. Just because they hide among Jews doesn’t make them what they claim.

Call them what they are - Satanist

d458ea  No.4449326

File: a510fb25c7768d2⋯.jpg (28.71 KB, 307x387, 307:387, 7b3k2.jpg)

001a99  No.4449327


X22 - nothing on this yet.. will check back later..

09e80a  No.4449328


Thanks. I can't update my own post but I can call for you to get a NOTABLE.

The video you linked to is consistent with other stuff I have been digging into. Point is that the elite are cooking the books to suppress the big picture: The Sun controls the climate more than we do, and the Sun is now signalling a period of cold, bad weather. Global warming is a scam to get us to support world government, more taxes, austerity, hobbling our economy etc.


Skimmed through this, I don't understand all the physics of the Sun's magnetic field but it looks like the overall point is "winter is coming".

The other, important point to make is that this is real science published in a prestigious journal. The whole "99% of scientists agree about global warming" is BS. More like 99% of scientists know what side their bread is buttered on.

f41481  No.4449329

Anons, remembered that the Report on Election Fraud was due no later than Dec 22. I can't find any information regarding the report… any other anons hear/see anything?

001a99  No.4449330


Don't listen to "normie talk" KEK

90ef38  No.4449331



2c9d14  No.4449332

c0b4d7  No.4449333


I’m just being real. Vanderbilts worship Tikrit not the Jew god.

Shall I go on?

90ef38  No.4449334


HERE'S your sauce


77c7db  No.4449335

How's that red tsunami treating you, you fucking idiots?

d458ea  No.4449336

File: d2aace83d31ede4⋯.jpg (191.47 KB, 1032x992, 129:124, d2aace83d31ede4b4add3ccf88….jpg)

001a99  No.4449337


Latest Action: House - 03/22/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Financial Services.. DEAD BILL

81bcd1  No.4449338

File: ceb1cad0c2d93d9⋯.jpg (122.57 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1543845784045.jpg)

Honest question. Anybody still here actually, unironically believe this deep state jewish psyop?

edb378  No.4449339

Luke 12:33 ESV

Sell your possessions, and give to the needy. Provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old, with a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches and no moth destroy…

Deuteronomy 15:7-11 ESV

“If among you, one of your brothers should become poor, in any of your towns within your land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart or shut your hand against your poor brother, but you shall open your hand to him and lend him sufficient for his need, whatever it may be. Take care lest there be an unworthy thought in your heart and you say, ‘The seventh year, the year of release is near,’ and your eye look grudgingly on your poor brother, and you give him nothing, and he cry to the Lord against you, and you be guilty of sin. You shall give to him freely, and your heart shall not be grudging when you give to him, because for this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in all that you undertake. For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’

1 Corinthians 13:4 ESV

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant



32eaa3  No.4449340


Looks like, perhaps, BPOE related? Just barely glossed the stag/elk symbol of masonic orders. What bugs me is that red flower-like design atop.


Well, what I've learned about their beliefs is that the cycles of human civilization mirror those found in the stars. The greater and longer the cycle, the more change comes with its completion.

Many of the ancient civilizations seemed to think and prepare long-term. Building structures out of granite isn't easy, but it lasts on the geologic time scale. Why do this when compared to much more available and easier to work with materials?

I suspect that they wanted to encode what they understood to be the truth, and that there were factions at play who wanted to keep that truth hidden. Exactly what that truth is, though, I do not know. I have my suspicions - but I could write several books on them and still barely touch the surface.

c0b4d7  No.4449341


She looks believable



2b45db  No.4449343

File: 96e7ed9384af524⋯.jpg (232.89 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DZZJlIaU8AAEWuf.jpg)


>Why are you hating on Jews?

6f5bba  No.4449344


I like boobs.

4b4b6c  No.4449345


quite sure anons know and understand this was all yet another delay tactic. I am of the mind though election fraud date and shutdown date were meant to coincide so as to mask REAL habbenings…shutdown meant for public to bicker about…election fraud date being close meant for anons to bicker about….I wonder what is really behind door number 3…..

969e28  No.4449346


You stupid Muhjooshills are a stain on this board - it's like you 'get it" at the level of a 3 year old retard

f9b367  No.4449347


last bread was thin pickings

seems to come in WAVES

>>4449285 Macron literally can't walk down the street. (included)

>>4449328 I was not going to include my own post without nomination thank you Anon

If I wasn't baking I could post all day on this subject I will include

d458ea  No.4449348

File: 5dc4288d5bc5e33⋯.jpg (41.88 KB, 327x448, 327:448, 5dc4288d5bc5e334cb6f72c159….jpg)

c0b4d7  No.4449349


You won’t find it.

If nothing bad was in it you would see it above the fold on the NYT.

Guess what it says?

Who do you think it implicates?

Plan going forward?

2020 safe?

What about all the bodies in Arlington?

Who knows where all the bodies are buried?

ddaadd  No.4449350

File: aa1ae1e416e2a31⋯.jpg (381.33 KB, 1034x1407, 1034:1407, Very_Bad XMAS_Poetry.jpg)

File: c6a42fbc161957e⋯.jpg (74.35 KB, 665x665, 1:1, Eyes-on_2A.jpg)


Blast it! I meant to attach this to the first post which was before midnight. Now it's Christmas day for me. Oh well, here it is anyway.

Note: My shockingly bad poetry is free of charge.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year anons!


969e28  No.4449351


Imagie thinking you solved it and it's the kikes.. (you) should be gassed faggit

– we can't be this fucking stupid going into 2019

8fcce4  No.4449352


Very well thank you. Having a good Hanukkah?

4bd3de  No.4449353


probably going to be a lot of waves like that over the next couple of days. Good luck :)

d458ea  No.4449354

File: a555b549f658cef⋯.jpg (136.27 KB, 615x914, 615:914, 85663b9d5398133b970a424c78….jpg)

25d2cd  No.4449356

File: fd6dacc4dda7f18⋯.png (121.92 KB, 534x623, 6:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c9a0c8d04df9b5d⋯.png (81.56 KB, 531x461, 531:461, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2f763d2a212a8e9⋯.png (87.43 KB, 532x506, 266:253, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 87d8dddf79de830⋯.png (30.88 KB, 535x296, 535:296, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bc9afc289aad9e9⋯.png (21.94 KB, 523x242, 523:242, ClipboardImage.png)


Post 2….Agencies that have not published their Congressional Semi-Annual Report (SAR) for y/e 9/30/18

Department of Veteran Affairs


Equal Opportunity Commission


National Labor Relations Board


National Reconaissance Office (NRO) OIG


National Security Agency

NOTE: The first published report was just issued 7/25/18 for the prior period


4da4b7  No.4449357


Merry Christmas DownUnderAnon

d458ea  No.4449358


What's "Imagie" do you mean Imagine? WE BOTH can be this stupid going into 2019.

2b45db  No.4449359

File: 4d01e2051f1ac84⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 504x483, 24:23, 82bfb879638b4235bea26747b6….jpg)

812a46  No.4449360


I hear you, anon. Defense doesn't make sense here. Never. Either ignore, reason or fight.

Challenging them to produce evidence to back claims can be satisfying if they don't know enough. Wouldn't work with mah joos, because even if it's BS, it's better BS than mine. But in a new area, they don't have much to work with.

969e28  No.4449361


Oh fuck nigger posted a me at me they didn't make.. do you understand the reason I hate you ?

f9b367  No.4449362

>>4449353 Badge of honor

Thank You Anon will do my best

d458ea  No.4449363

File: 9268f96b710571c⋯.jpg (127.13 KB, 500x756, 125:189, ebot.jpg)

1e8aae  No.4449364


Your never alone with us around ;p) Merry Christmas to you!

09bc6f  No.4449365

File: 2426b894d679fe6⋯.jpg (77.6 KB, 1246x977, 1246:977, no61etvoi96x.jpg)

c0b4d7  No.4449366


Congratulations I was referring to her overall demeanor leading me to a speculative assurance that her appearance was indicating trustworthiness but go ahead and make it about her flesh.

You put the honey in the pot.

Try to know who and what distractions are.

Enemies use them to sideline you.

Hire a hooker instead because they’ll leave when you’re done.

4e4329  No.4449367

>>4448142 (pb)

Hmm, Maybe key to unlock pixelknot images.

Q is always saying we have more than we know. At some point the key has to surface.

Wikileaks left us some riddles that we haven't teased out yet.

Anons got this far a week ago

i tried to go to that wlsearch.tk and found this:












park.above.com/jr.php?[multiple encrypted key/value pairs]

the URL is what jumped out at me…

"park above junior" ?

is there a park above JFK Jr's grave?

969e28  No.4449368



You suck at fucking life faggit..

I wish I was talking to Ebot rn

You probably think he is a fucking bot

- cause you are fucking retarted and don't belong here

d458ea  No.4449369

File: 351b7837bd35018⋯.jpg (35.53 KB, 400x479, 400:479, eb9.jpg)



Maybe you shouldn't call the anons on this board niggers and retards when nobody on this bread mentioned JFK JR or time travel.

You have a hard time of comprehending things, don't you?

I like to purposely target the shills (you) (kike)

2b45db  No.4449370

File: a5e02d8dc8f8bdd⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 202x249, 202:249, 1540082444854.jpg)

d59818  No.4449371


Hantavirus, Anon.

c0b4d7  No.4449372


How do you blame a whole group?

I want names and birth dates of all involved.

Don’t give a Fuck who they worship. They will need more than that entity’s help when we are done with them.

In fact some of them probably worship different idols anyways.

a5fbed  No.4449373


Shift change is always so quiet

4b4b6c  No.4449374


perhaps "someone" will "park" above his grave…..

969e28  No.4449375


Maybe you should learn to use 8chan and not (you) me twice you dumb nigger.. go back to Facebook faggit

4e4329  No.4449376


You suck for making me laugh at that. You racist!

4b4b6c  No.4449377


calm before the storm…shill wave incoming…

d458ea  No.4449378

File: 4da14a9045bac64⋯.jpg (33.47 KB, 400x504, 50:63, 04e.jpg)

6f5bba  No.4449379


I recognized your reference and what you were alluding to. I simply stated I like boobs.

Since I am an old fart and happily married, it is a small pleasure and I don't have to worry about any sooper sekrit spies trying to ply sensitive information out of me by rubbing up against me and showing off their cleavage.

4b4b6c  No.4449380


kek 5:5 both in understanding and your timestamp

969e28  No.4449381


Fuck you GDL nigger… Go jerk off your wop faggit Handsome truth. You are all Doxed

6b8072  No.4449382

>>4449064 lb.

especially trues since central bankers solved "pushing on a string" problem by letting demand for money pull production of additional supply as laid out in BOE paper circa 2013. google "folk theory of money"


paraphrasing mancur olsen on why its hard to counter arrangements that benefit pols and elite interest at expense of citz:

its easy to coordinate a few people to act in manner that benefits each of their lots, but difficult to convince many and moreso cumbersome to see it through that they ought coordinate to prevent or reverse their each small loss that greatly benefitted few and out of sight for many

>>4449130 if new declass document from US agency purports dna findings from bunker in berlin and its legit, they got the samples from the army that rolled in there first (Red Army I do believe).

however, there's interesting case that dna samples from back then would be sketchy at best as sample from close relative (cousin) could have, in early days of such testing, triggered a confirmation of identity.

Best way to check is translate from Russian sources in matters like this. see what they say and if diverge from account in english find if translator noise or underlying motivations were the source.

>>44449176 gfy 🤡. you really want me to go and ask a buddy on your behalf how to commit an act that is illegal federally and then report back on an open monitored channel?! ffs have you not seen that we are legendary for sauce and paranoia (cough cough survival mechanism).

let me rephrase.

if any anons researching the world of payment conventional finra-kyc approved payment processing networks actually operate have questions they would like me to pose to buddy experienced with that field in professional capacity. hit me back with questions and I will check resignation.info, ask questions, report answer.

ad hocing this system so make it easy for me to find question in search for if any posted: mention word "dollop"

d458ea  No.4449383

File: b49898739d26d56⋯.jpg (905.51 KB, 2544x4000, 159:250, 1503396029227.jpg)

You're too cute!

I died!

The end!

I'm in your head!


c0b4d7  No.4449384


I noticed all the Jew haters and racist trolls showing up on time

3887ea  No.4449385

File: 954243fcb8472a6⋯.jpg (391.43 KB, 1127x425, 1127:425, jubilee.jpg)


Was just on /pol, saw this.

What if a one time debt write off/jubilee was a centerpiece of the plan? This would be an incredibly powerful position from which to start redpillin'. Citizens would in a good (GREAT) mood! MERRY CHRISTMAS



812a46  No.4449386


It's morning for some anons…hale and hearty ("morning brings the light!")

Pretty late for night shift (and we bring candles and lanterns…maybe a few metaphorical guns with imaginary silencers)…not so much "hale and hearty" types…at least not me…but we delve deeply in the darkness……kek……

d458ea  No.4449387


Fuck me right?!


What about Awan.

Is Israel involved?


We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


969e28  No.4449388


Kiser Dino Garret - fuck you GDL fags - pain is coming - -

001a99  No.4449390


Amen Anon! Like boobs as well. My wife's are the best.. But after 33 years, it's nice to see something different (but not in person) every once in a while.. KEK.. Happy Holidays to You Fellow Anon!

7cab38  No.4449391


I believe we are living in a globally historic time.

I believe in the greatness of our Country.

I believe in you POTUS.



f9b367  No.4449392

Can't Believe we are not even at 200 update

Good work Anons

Shills "Go Fuck Yourself" (insert maniacal laughter here)


>>4449174, >>4449187 Ousted Pakistan PM Sharif jailed for seven years for graft

>>4449200 Obama's Secretary of Labor? [P]enny [P]ritzker. [P] is [P]ritzker ?

>>4449222, >>4449248, >>4449256 Serbia Update massive unreported protest + US case

>>4449228, >>4449255 Trump's Dark Winter tweet (John L. Casey)

>>4449234, >>4449245 US warns tourists, possible Christmas Day attack in Barcelona

>>4449270 GAA Update "Happy Christmas!"Edition

>>4449285 Macron literally can't walk down the street.

>>4449308, >>4449356 Congressional Semi-annual Reports still not released for the following agencies

please note includes a post from baker (thoughts?)

>>4449228, >>4449255 Trump's Dark Winter tweet (John L. Casey)

6f5bba  No.4449394


Back at ya.

edb378  No.4449395

WE THE PEOPLE are being completely FUCKED by DS?

Is that even a question?

Children first asap naturally. :) :(

WHEN God says NOW!

it begins for US…



a5fbed  No.4449396


I think they knew of the natives prior Columbus. Once they realized the natives expected a white god to return to them, they pretended to be that God in order to siphon off their gold. Plus gave the natives time to dig up more gold

130c6a  No.4449397


Breaking the 4th wall on them for keks is fun also.

Because …the bots still have a human operator (read: baby sitter) that can be attacked.

3887ea  No.4449398



25d2cd  No.4449399

File: 9eb482b6243c4dd⋯.png (106.71 KB, 535x610, 107:122, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6ec5323be95d484⋯.png (85.41 KB, 527x511, 527:511, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3be344405a65fa3⋯.png (93.84 KB, 533x506, 533:506, ClipboardImage.png)



Post 3….Agencies that have not published their Congressional Semi-Annual Report (SAR) for y/e 9/30/18

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Peace Corps


Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)



13 Agencies have not published their SAR

Why the delay????

Do we see a trend here?

1. Department of Education

2. Department of Health & Human Services

3. Department of Commerce

4. Department of Energy

5. HUD

6. Department of Veteran Affairs

7. Equal Opportunity Commission

8. National Labor Relations Board

9. National Reconaissance Office OIG

10. National Security Agency

11. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

12. Peace Corps

13. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Thoughts anons?

969e28  No.4449400

GDL you were stupid to come on this board and test me

.. evil is not welcome here

- massive pain incomming fags

- happy now.. ?

28b431  No.4449401

Please Lord, may this be the Christmas that we are set free….

69225a  No.4449402


No way those aren't the same person

d458ea  No.4449403

File: 6bec4cb5070de4c⋯.jpg (192.85 KB, 501x585, 167:195, bad-goy-network-no-shekels….jpg)

812a46  No.4449404


Have fun, anon, about time for me to pretend it's still night and go to "sleep." WWG1WGA.

655738  No.4449405

ignore post, researching

>>4371306 video posted before

>>4372825 not even freddy

>>4372811 not a researcher

6f5bba  No.4449406


How many of those departments are still run by Obama hold overs, any?

That would be my first suspicion as a common denominator.

25d2cd  No.4449407


Beautiful Bun baker!

Just posted my 3 of 3 post-please add >>4449399 to the last notable about the Semi-annual Reports still not released. Thanks!

4b4b6c  No.4449408


I get the "gold ending the fed" part, but when will someone ask the question as to why "gold" is valuable in the first place? Gold is what started the fed. Gold is what has been sought after since well before (according to our history) it's technological assertions were known and understood. Why gold????

249b04  No.4449410

File: 0729d504085f14c⋯.jpg (235.4 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, BELIEVE.jpg)

0ef00c  No.4449411

2018 wasn't very glorious at all. Just epic disappointment. The Deep State rats and corrupt slime ball politicians are still free, in power and more brazen than ever. The MSM is as vile as ever. Censorship is worse than ever…..That being said, Merry Xmas everyone.

ee6b7f  No.4449412

File: ca6c160752bb5d2⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1527844583130.jpg)

Imagine shilling a research board on Christmas. What kind of human being could be capable of this?

Also Merry Christmas to all of /ourguys/. Love you faggots.

6f5bba  No.4449413


It never tarnishes, is highly malleable and is fairly portable in small amounts.

32eaa3  No.4449414


I highly doubt that will occur, anon.

I think what is far more likely is a gradual increase in federal reserve rates that begin to crash treasury notes, which will be purchased by assets forfeited following trial. In other words - the assets held by Soros and the like will be used to cancel considerable portions of the proverbial national debt. Treasury bonds will then be replaced by gold and silver backed minted currency…. possibly… my grasp on the plan is still evolving, but I somewhat doubt it will be anything drastic or 'sudden.' The "markets will crash" - but business will not stop and the market bubble theoretically deflated with the criminals taking the majority of the losses and purchasing power transferred back to the people.

64ca42  No.4449415

How a World Order Ends

By Richard Haass from Council of Foreign Relations

Great analyse


57f870  No.4449416

File: e7aff1684f2157d⋯.jpeg (146.78 KB, 1501x1000, 1501:1000, 366B322E-EB51-4BAB-82AA-B….jpeg)

When you think about it

Q is just a new form of socialized welfare

As is this RR clown….government welfare comes in many forms

No wonder DC is a ghetto

edb378  No.4449417


exactly how many lies are there banned?


the rest are not a LIE.

seem like it maybe… but not a LIE

false witness is not a LIE… it's a course to RUIN.

using Gods NAME in vain is not a LIE

it is causeing the erosion of BELIEF

look close and a LIE is specific?


969e28  No.4449418

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Handsome truth GDL welcome to me ruining everything you did

. Fuck.this wop faggit Handsome truth - he is a nigger

Mix - Shoobie Da Wop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pufs_Ertcwo&list=RDEMlXo2qkHj40y1ccQx0zjlYA

He should be gassed 1st

Faggit alert

4bd3de  No.4449419


My thoughts are that just because someone is baking doesn't exclude them from having a voice. Dark Winter was mentioned a few days ago but for the life of me can't remember the details. Either way go ahead. As for me time for stronger coffee seem to be stuck in neutral this morning kek.

db04e6  No.4449420

File: 36de29806ce2dc1⋯.png (422.45 KB, 1910x3812, 955:1906, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ee97a5efddb7a77⋯.png (455.68 KB, 1910x3475, 382:695, ClipboardImage.png)

File: de4082d8d129b2c⋯.png (162.64 KB, 1903x912, 1903:912, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 97c35313341c9ea⋯.png (154.73 KB, 1903x912, 1903:912, ClipboardImage.png)

(Bread #5666 >>4443844 Three major banks suspend lending for shipyard home purchases)

Tetra Tech faked radiation numbers and questions about how big that might be. Well according to USAspending.gov it could be a pretty big problem.

First did a broad brush search using Tetra Tech as the search terms. $4.4 Billion Then drilled down on three contracts with different names - but they all had the same parent DUNS#. Searching on the parent company DUNS# get the number to $7.1 Billion. Took the parent DUNS # to the advanced search option to find that the majority of the contracts were from USAID although the DoD was a close second. The biggest contract in this group was for $338 Million dollars and was for foreign aid to …… Kuwait? Haven't done a big dig. The different companies under the parent DUNS probably need their own dig. (I'm putting this in the 'after the family leaves' folder.)



25d2cd  No.4449422





>How many of those departments are still run by Obama hold overs, any?

Good question I know off the top of my head the following have Trump Cabinet Member at the top…

Department of Ed

Department of Health & Human Services



My thoughts…

If you read the SARS they report on investigations and criminal referrals within these reports. I've been watching them to see if there are any up-ticks to indicate an explanation for the 66,000+ sealed court documents. These SARs may be hidden right now because we would have an explanation for the sealed court documents and POTUS isn't ready to show that card.

a2ea86  No.4449423

File: 3899a196e0ef896⋯.jpg (276.22 KB, 1488x1260, 124:105, HazardousWastMadAve.JPG)

NYC Hazardous Waste Disposal, has an office on Madison Avenue at 58'th street, 2 blocks off Central Park. That's a high rent address for a toxic waste disposal outfit, because this business is a shell game.

130c6a  No.4449424


Sleep well and Merry Christmas

b6bb95  No.4449425

File: ec8e64f8e744fec⋯.jpg (198.55 KB, 1242x2413, 1242:2413, dgul4q3m91621.jpg)

A 45-year-old female Social Democrat politician in Alingsås has been sentenced to six months in prison for sexual exploitation of a dependent person.

This after the woman repeatedly had sex with a 16-year-old Afghan at the refugee centre she worked in.

According to the judgment, she had sex with the Afghan on at least 10 different occasions in 2017, both at the centre and in her home.

On the first occasion, the boy had helped her carry a massage table home. She began to massage him and according to the boy, then initiated sex with him.

She also bought the Afghan an expensive cell phone, alcohol and cigarettes and explained that she would “get him a passport”.

The Afghan claims that the 45-year-old insisted on unprotected sex because she wanted to get pregnant with him.

In addition to her political commitment, she is also an officer in the Armed Forces. The Afghan says that she showed him her uniform and gun, and that he was afraid something would happen if he told someone what had happened.

According to the Afghan, the 45-year-old initiated the sex.

The woman, on the other hand, claimed that she was indeed interested in a relationship with the Afghan, but that it was “entirely” he who took the initiative.

According to the District Court, it is “obvious” that the 16-year-old has been dependent on the woman. Though the exact age of the refugee child has not been established.

She was therefore sentenced to six months in prison. And will also pay €8,000 in damages to the Afghan.


3887ea  No.4449426


I dont think Q has ever mentioned something like a jubilee, but it has been talked about for years among the more esoteric folks like Fulford, Wilcock.

4395da  No.4449427

File: 0eb410f10bb6772⋯.jpg (182.08 KB, 1242x1109, 1242:1109, Santa.jpg)


Wishing wonderful days to all of you Anons!

33f1f2  No.4449428

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Carpenters - Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft

In your mind you have capacities you know

To telepath messages through the vast unknown

Please close your eyes and concentrate

With every thought you think

Upon the recitation we're about to sing

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

Calling occupants of interplanetary most extraordinary craft

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

Calling occupants of interplanetary most extraordinary craft

You've been observing our earth

And we'd like to make a contact with you

We are your friends

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

Calling occupants of interplanetary ultra-emissaries

We've been observing your earth

And one night we'll make a contact with you

We are your friends

Calling occupants of interplanetary quite extraordinary craft

And please come in peace, we beseech you

Only a landing will teach them

Our earth may never survive

So do come, we beg you

Please interstellar policeman

Oh, won't you give us a sign

Give us a sign that we've reached you

With your mind you have ability to form

And transmit thought and energy far beyond the norm

You close your eyes, you concentrate

Together that's the way

To send the message

We declare world contact day

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

Calling occupants of interplanetary most extraordinary craft

Calling occupants

Calling occupants

Calling occupants of interplanetary anti-adversary craft

We are your friends

f9b367  No.4449429

>>4449385 government dept can be wiped with only foreign relations push back but private dept cannot be wiped without caring over all of the structural problems and not solving anything

440944  No.4449430

File: 39ed4938452b7f3⋯.png (344.16 KB, 796x308, 199:77, Replicas(2018)_keanu_says_….png)

File: 1a655149ce11bdc⋯.png (512.55 KB, 882x722, 441:361, TravelersS2E8 - "Traveler ….png)

File: aabb71d4589fc5f⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 1294x688, 647:344, iZombieS3E1_last17cures_fo….jpg)

>seeing 17's

My only superpower is consuming an exorbitant amount of h_llyw__d programming.

655738  No.4449431

File: 9b641279608d80e⋯.jpeg (173.22 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, merry christmas.jpeg)


Well it's not a holiday for everyone (hint). Steve is in Cabo banging a smoking hot model. I will be leaving this afternoon and will not be back till Wed.

249b04  No.4449432

File: ace9c72e0b991d8⋯.jpg (488.21 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, MerryPepe.jpg)


Merry Christmas to all.

32eaa3  No.4449433


There are a number of interesting scientific purposes for gold, but I think one of the reasons it was as valuable as it was in society, early on, goes back to the simple fact that it remains what it is. If you're looking for a material that is both hard to find or difficult to simply collect more of, is durable, and 'remains what it is' - then gold is a prime candidate.

Aluminum was more valuable than gold, at one point, way back in the day, because of the chemical synthesis needed to produce it.

f9b367  No.4449434


Thank you anon

4da4b7  No.4449435

File: 5038ee5e0076876⋯.jpeg (123.75 KB, 500x528, 125:132, 136AB3C7-71CD-440E-BC5C-A….jpeg)

45b114  No.4449436


And what's more, you'll be a man my son.

Shooting from the hip but know I'm close in spirit. My family had me thinking about said poem just yesterday … [If] you wrote the second part you did a fine job. Fits nicely.

6f5bba  No.4449437


That is why the very top of the Washington Monument is covered in aluminum sheeting.

c9f130  No.4449438


Lurk Moar Newfag

57f870  No.4449439


Bartering is better than petrodollars

a2ea86  No.4449440

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Ten Year drag queen Desmond is "amazing"

Or a dead-eyed child victim of cult of deranged qeebos.

4bd3de  No.4449441


did a quick search same photo used everywhere funny they blurred her face but if it was a man (especially white man) his face would be billboarded everywhere.

d458ea  No.4449442

File: 90930c17bf71431⋯.png (154.36 KB, 500x610, 50:61, nazis-hate-him-find-out-ho….png)

File: a2b5948ce0a9264⋯.jpg (85.74 KB, 753x500, 753:500, pepe1.jpg)

4b4b6c  No.4449443


of course, it's mallability would be a factor in the age of the blacksmith. As a form of currency, if it were pressed and minted into hard currency, I would be willing to believe, as it would be distributed among the populace, but something tells me, even if the fed is ended, gold notes and not currency is going to be the norm. That or bullshit crypto. How is it each and every damn time currency is evaluated and changes humans give up NEEDS for WANTS. We cannot eat gold. Gold holds absolutely no value whatsoever in the survival of our species. Or perhaps it does and the info is hidden.

Exactly how many REALLY think basing currency on gold, while yes would end the reign of dependency upon the fed(assuming we actually have gold, last I heard Knox was as bare as we are coming out the womb) will effectually solve our system of currency? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

f8f47c  No.4449444


ICBM Anon here. Ran into some ITT spooks one day as a young airman. Knew even then that they were shady. They were deep inside America's nuclear defense programs.

6b8072  No.4449445


been explaining the comms and culture to my ma. the bewbs incentive structure i finally mentioned yesterday, she replied: like beads for tits at mardi gras? i said yes ma exactly like "beads for tits at mardi gras but with no beads and tits or gtfo". kek! shes a fast learner

33f1f2  No.4449446


>Or perhaps it does and the info is hidden.

You are right.

ffd6b7  No.4449447

I wish I could make youtube faster.

I've max out it autism mode already…

and 2x just ain't cutting it anymore.

3887ea  No.4449448

File: bcb0a5345d9b661⋯.png (488.03 KB, 650x497, 650:497, alien.png)



001a99  No.4449449

afdd04  No.4449450


RT also books guests like Congressmen (and women) who otherwise don't get any attention because the MSM wants to shut them out (e.g., Ron Paul).

RT is great… and though it's partially funded by the Russian gov't, they make no secret of that fact. Contrast w/ the fact that all the alphabet networks and all the newspapers in America have been effectively controlled by C A for decades… and that thise very outlets call RT "propaganda."

4e4329  No.4449451


Haven't you read Zachariah Sitchen? It's why the Gcds came, it's the only thing they wanted. The people mined the gold and received food and shelter in return. It was the first barter system in place. If gold was valuable the Gods it must be for a reason. So the theory goes anyway. I call BS personally. The real value is in human productivity. That's what the Fed figured out. The average value of your productivity over your life time is what money is based on. That's what makes us slaves. We are capitol to be leveraged according to the globalists.

888b35  No.4449452


Good work anon.

Keep it up and keep us informed.

Suspect this company now has a short half-life.

249b04  No.4449453

File: 0586c8dbcae4d2f⋯.jpg (109.12 KB, 480x640, 3:4, beads-amp-boobs-demotivati….jpg)

130c6a  No.4449454

6f5bba  No.4449455


Gold is too heavy and cumbersome to be used as common coinage with the amount of people alive right now anyway. I would imagine you are correct and it would be just like Kennedy's Silver Certificates.

edb378  No.4449456

You stuipid jackasses showed your hand for DECADES

Nice ploy with that whole Jesse Hero thing though :)

It's not working now idiot.

you really are too stupid to understand what's happening



45b114  No.4449457


Keep meaning to do more research but I understand inhaling atomized gold, even eating it, produces some truly cognitively enhancing, some say spiritual, properties and effects.

b6bb95  No.4449458


I thought the same thing, she must not be hot enough to push the hot chick pedo angle. I was actually happy that they said immigrant and did not call the poor child a 16year old man or something.

4b4b6c  No.4449459


Hard to elaborate further upon that without massive hearsay…..FUBAR

32e1f0  No.4449460


Banks are the problem. Well not the only problem but for sure a big one.

Geez I was about to give up posting this. Had to captcha several times

f8f47c  No.4449461


Was it really the gold they were after, or the mercury that accompanies it? It appears that mercury may be the element primary to anti-grav tech.

4bd3de  No.4449462



d458ea  No.4449463


Q post 135


Owned by jews.

32eaa3  No.4449464


I like how this refugee kid is… supposedly… sixteen, but no one can really verify that because those countries have absolutely no concept of public record.

Granted, as a libertarian-leaning person, I find myself desiring less tracking of people… hmm…


Micronized gold used in stained glass making will, under UV exposure, become a very powerful catalyst for breaking down organic compounds. There were some who theorized that this effect might have been part of the idea that sanctuaries were protected from plague… although most sanctuaries had far too little stained glass of that variety to be able to process that much air - so it's probably a stretch of the imagination.

4e4329  No.4449465


What ugly face?

249b04  No.4449466

File: 28cf4911faeacb9⋯.jpg (36.55 KB, 650x650, 1:1, Goldschläger.jpg)


Drinking Goldschläger has had some mind altering effects on me.

72a00b  No.4449467

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Home if you want through, home around the girl.


a5fbed  No.4449468


Interesting. I've spent a large part of this night digging on why gold was valuable

888b35  No.4449469



By the way, attempted a preliminary dig on this guy yesterday but didn't come up with much.

Don't have a LinkedIn acct but not much out there regarding:

Tetra Tech

Jim Wu

Investor Relations

3475 East Foothill Boulevard

Pasadena, California 91107-­6024


+1 (626) 470-2844



f8f47c  No.4449470


Bag it.

79c34f  No.4449471

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

57f870  No.4449472


Gold will end credit

4e4329  No.4449473


Great question. Never thought about it but it makes sense. It really makes sense when you look at the apparent production facilities. You may be on to something there.

231286  No.4449474

I've ordered some colloidal gold - when it comes I'll use for a week and then report on the effects >>4449457

fb2ba8  No.4449475

File: c9f68ee1e378b4f⋯.png (401.01 KB, 634x478, 317:239, Schumer Alien.png)



249b04  No.4449476


Just dim the lights.

If you're this picky IRL, you'll regret what you missed out on when you get old.

ecf0dd  No.4449477


I think it's pretty certain that the Phoenicians knew the route from the west coast of Africa to the coast of Brazil - shortest route to the Americas.

There was a little publicised discovery of a Roman galley off the coast of Brazil a few years ago. See here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/1038045/posts

It was deemed too politically sensitive to advertise. To quote:

" So, why haven't we heard more about this fantastic find? One would think this news would make headlines around the world… The short answer is “politics”. At the time the amphorae were confirmed to be "Roman", the large Italian faction in Brazil were extremely excited about this news.

The Italian ambassador to Brazil notified the Brazilian government that, since the Romans were the first to "discover" Brazil, then all Italian immigrants should be granted immediate citizenship. There are a large number of Italian immigrants in Brazil and the government has created a tedious and costly citizenship application procedure for Italians that does not apply to Portuguese immigrants. The Brazilian government would not give in and the Italians in Brazil staged demonstrations. In response, the Brazilian government ordered all civilians off the recovery project and censored further news about the wreck hoping to diffuse the civil unrest. The Brazilian Navy continues to excavate the wreck in secret. "

45b114  No.4449478


Interesting…thanks for sharing. What intrigued me was a lecture by a historian who knew an ancient term for micronized gold, if you will, that he said the pharaohs ingested to induce mystical states…something like that, which made me think of all the modern food trinkets with gold flakes etc. Almost as if ancient wisdom was still being utilized today, whether by design or chance.

969e28  No.4449479

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Even moar of "Handsome Truth" being a total Zogged faggot - for GDL apdovL.. they are the stupidest faggits

7698f8  No.4449480



79c34f  No.4449481

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f8f47c  No.4449482


His mom.

7cab38  No.4449483


Women (and men) like to wear it.

d458ea  No.4449484

File: 7a00c853574c427⋯.png (197.11 KB, 482x605, 482:605, addtext_com_MDQ1NjM3MTE5Mz….png)

245685  No.4449485

File: 2e00e1be049b82b⋯.gif (18.82 KB, 400x400, 1:1, christmascomfypepe.gif)



Frohe Weihnachten Brudi!

72c728  No.4449486



45b114  No.4449487


Cheers anon. I'll look for some, was unaware it existed. Now just to find the money to buy it.

6f5bba  No.4449488


I'll second that advice.

Remember the old saying, a stiff dick has no conscience.

When you get older, those stiff dicks get fewer and farther between but the mind is still there humping every leg it gets a chance to.

33f1f2  No.4449489


Ancient Egyptians considered gold “the skin of the gods” – specifically the sun god Ra – and often used it to craft objects of spiritual significance.

Why is this relevant?


130c6a  No.4449490

File: a1e94e3eef7656a⋯.png (570.33 KB, 720x878, 360:439, cf859a119191638953f7cb2311….png)

4b4b6c  No.4449491


ok, further elaboration into that path, is it not putting the system directly at risk of hijacking again to store currency based material and hand out "notes" Not trying to shoot down the "end the fed" those fuckers certainly need to be abolished, but basing our form of currency upon something we don't even hold in our hands AND wouldn't be able to use for anything beneficial aside from shiny ornaments on the tree or shiny jewelry to woo a mate seems quite superficial to me.

Were it up to me, the gold wouldsimply be kept in a vault and guarded, added to, so as to lure the truth out of those whom seek the gold. Currency would be based upon REAL beneficial things, such as food, shelter..thereby devaluating gold completely, making it an even more tasty bait for the seekers as once it is devaluated, the true means of golds necessity to "some" would eventually surface. I am quite sure this particular tactic has been deployed many times on other matters in other forms. It isn't rocket science. Someone or something WANTS mass quantities of gold to be harbored and stored. The purpose behind that is what lies behind the veil. Just my opinion.

fb2ba8  No.4449492



Crying Schmuk Schumer

fec569  No.4449493


Thank you for your service GAA! I don´t know how it works to archive offline! When this is all over I will spend you more then one beer!

Frohe Weihnachten! Felice Navidad! Merry Christmas to all Patriots!

9beb1e  No.4449494

Signal to Noise edition? Does this mean something is going to be done about the all the BS posts that have nothing to do with research? I'm pretty sure the noise has been outweighing the signal for a long time now.

aac9be  No.4449495

Twas the day before Christmas,

And all through the morn,

I'd waded through Joo posts,

Scrolled past all the porn.

The children are resting

All snug in their rooms,

Except for those kidnapped

By Hillary's goons.

I on my laptop,

As wife anon snored,

Searched bravely through notable

Posts on this board.

Since Q had been posting

That DECLAS was near,

Insisting that D.C. was

Frozen with fear,

To Microsoft Windows,

I flew like a flash,

Entered my password, but

Alack, and alas!

What to my wondering

Eyes should appear,

But hopes still unanswered,

And answers unclear.

So here we shall stay,

And do what we can,

Waiting for Q drops,

Still trusting the 'plan,'

And if we all make it

Through this alive,

We'll see some arrests

By 2025…

801331  No.4449496


I thought he was getting liquor money for his cat.

32a226  No.4449497


>We are capitol to be leveraged according to the globalists.

this. there was a time that corporations had personnel departments…..then it became human resources and now it is….human capital. having experienced each of these from the inside of fortune 500 corps, this anon thinks that each step eroded a bit more of the perception that employees are to be treated as persons. the end of this progression is to completely wipe out the idea that we might have a will that is free. and the functional argument to get there from here is that human resources must be made malleable enough to interface successfully with automated production while displaying predictable enough behavior that the computer control systems can easily direct the resources. once you can predict (as anon points out) finely enough the productive output then you have human capital as opposed to resources or persons.

45b114  No.4449498


Thanks anon. I just jumped on the iodine wagon (4 days in). Convinced our pineal glands are under attack…willing to try anything.

9f2eea  No.4449499

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Attention All Planets Of The Solar Federation

Attention All Planets Of The Solar Federation

Attention All Planets Of The Solar Federation

We Have Assumed Control

We Have Assumed Control

We Have Assumed Control

4bd3de  No.4449500

File: 1b0d863bf3ccb5c⋯.png (487.95 KB, 582x543, 194:181, ClipboardImage.png)

Wikileaks seems to be having a mini freakout on twitter right now on The Guardian. Burst of posts in the last hour or so. Also seem to be begging for money again.

ecf0dd  No.4449501


It's shiny, doesn't oxidise in air and can be worked into jewelry really easily - it's a metal worker's dream metal. Historically, it wasn't found in large quantities, which gave it value. Silver was slightly more abundant, which made it less valuable.

If you do a quick dig on the history of money you'll find out the whys and wherefores. Mike Maloney does a good history - I suggest you start here, with episode one: https://goldsilver.com/hidden-secrets/

25d2cd  No.4449502





EEOC - Victoria A. Lipnic named Acting director by Trump but Obama holdover

National Labor Relations Board - Roxanne Rothschild selected 10/25/18 Obama holdover

National Reconnaissance Office - Betty J. Sapp Obama holdover

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Annette Vietti-Cook Obama holdover

6f5bba  No.4449503


Gold has historically been the preferred method of storing wealth universally. In it's basic form, that is all any money is, a vehicle for storing wealth.

he difference between paper money and gold or silver, even the hubcaps off a 67 Camaro if everyone agrees to it, is that it is tangible and you can take physical possession of it.

1712c1  No.4449504


why do boomers insist on pushing their horrible old degenerate tunes here?

f9b367  No.4449505


especially true last bread that is why the name

this Anon gets it

7cab38  No.4449506


…and Swedish men wondered why.

d458ea  No.4449507


Boomers are unoriginal.

57f870  No.4449508

File: 48271729bdf4168⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2048x1322, 1024:661, 0BC6F2F8-3A10-4189-B190-1….jpeg)

Healing properties of gold would explain why people went nuts digging it up all through history


45b114  No.4449509


Funny, they actually call that music! I think it gives 'noise' a bad name, but that's just me.

b708aa  No.4449510

File: ea94c40fb533a0b⋯.jpeg (875.97 KB, 1242x1910, 621:955, 9BC71309-FE7B-4F37-96F2-C….jpeg)


Bill Gates involved in some project to cool the atmosphere as well. Has been much on boards in recent months about new ice age, as well. Dirtbags playing God. Gross.

6f5bba  No.4449511


Very nice digs

I believe we have something to ask questions about now.

4b4b6c  No.4449512


Egyptian translations are masked in lies and deceit.

It's relevance would be that the gold harvested here is most likely for the "gods" whom come to collect.

Were that the case, I am quite sure the ingenuity of our race would be able to halt such an exploitative process, or even barter our way out of enslavement, as that is what it really amounts to.

9f2eea  No.4449513

File: e2edccf8bad20eb⋯.png (5.23 MB, 1920x1369, 1920:1369, ClipboardImage.png)

Goldfags, dig into Musa of Mali


d458ea  No.4449514

File: e8727fe8e43e87d⋯.png (9.16 KB, 200x252, 50:63, images3.png)

c52e42  No.4449515


You'll miss us when we're gone, you know.

b6bb95  No.4449516


I just did also. taking tri-iodine, selenium, charcoal toothpaste and sups .. also removed meat , soda , coffee from diet ..

I am having vivid dreams for the first time i can remember. head feels like it working better also.

good luck

969e28  No.4449517

If you see us follow back . I do that very rarely

- if not I'll try you later. Thanks

ffd6b7  No.4449518

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

10 Theories That Prove Time Travel Exists

9f2eea  No.4449519



Felipe González Morales, the UN’s special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, has sent a formal complaint to US secretary of state Mike Pompeo, via officials in Geneva, in which he sounds the international alarm about the death. Jakelin died on 8 December, less than 48 hours after she was detained by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) at a remote border crossing in New Mexico.

9b4837  No.4449520



Boomers are tired AF as the advertisers and media push nigga cRap down our throats since the late 80's. We're taking our culture back.

Deal with it faggot.

1712c1  No.4449521


Right? It's not like we haven't had this garbage shoved down our throats our whole lives. Glorifying their drug overdosed childhoods.

c3c392  No.4449522



Okay just got finished rewatching I pet goat 2 played on 1/4 speed.

Okay the thoth egyptian pyramid space ship is going to destroy the Satanic pyramids in antartica with the help of Jesus who has thrown off a lot of fuckery and evil thrown at him. He gets through the underworld or the caves of Satan. The sun has a pulse of power or light and fires the last enemies of humanity?

969e28  No.4449523

Thats me

ecf0dd  No.4449524


Have a look here at episode one to understand the basics of sound money: https://goldsilver.com/hidden-secrets/

Money must be durable, which is why things such as pumpkins are useless, as they deteriorate. Also must be portable and easily divisible (who wants half a hubcab, in their change?)

32eaa3  No.4449525


I doubt that aliens would be interested in harvesting gold from the planet. Many metallic asteroids have far higher concentrations of platinum group metals, including Iridium. The relative cost and hassle of transporting it from Earth would really not be worth it. A species used to living in microgravity having to come and play with a species used to living on a rather large nuclear fission reactor being bombarded by UV … we're probably a bit more intimidating to hypothetical ETs than we realize.

913da9  No.4449526

File: 66a2eb33c6fa253⋯.jpg (392.76 KB, 1362x768, 227:128, 00.jpg)

a5fbed  No.4449528


Went there. What I found interesting was the gleaming nature reminded ancient man of the sun god Ra. Reminded me of Q saying that gold represented the skin of God's, why is this relevant?

1712c1  No.4449529


Jimi hendrix is literally the progenitor of degenerate nigger music. Fucking boomers.

cf0890  No.4449530


the meek shall inherit the camper vans

45b114  No.4449531


Cheers anon. Going to look now. Thanks.

bada24  No.4449532

Have a blessed Merry Christmas and New Year, Anons.

f9b367  No.4449533



But no something will not be done

it is to our advantage this way

32a226  No.4449534


>difference between paper money and gold or silver, even the hubcaps off a 67 Camaro if everyone agrees to it, is that it is tangible and you can take physical possession of it.

i doubt that this is true anon. you seem to point to intrinsic value of the symbol as being the difference between paper money and gold/silver. but it cannot be this black and white. the reason is that paper has intrinsic value. the difference actually resides in how far the value of the symbol is determined by fiat as opposed to the intrinsic value of the object that plays the role of symbol. gold/silver throughout history have held an intrinsic value (primarily due to their uses combined with their scarcity) much closer to the symbolic value (and when the standard is money 100% represented by precious metals or other items with the correct use versus scarcity ratio, then the symbolic value will tend to converge with the intrinsic value).

4b4b6c  No.4449535


that was my point. There isn't enough gold to go around, or perhaps I am wrong. However, the mining of gold has not ceased nor that search for effective ways of making it via an age old term, "alchemy"

It has been reported that the process of "making gold" has been done, but is more costly than that of the resources spent upon finishing the product…..seems to me that is more along the lines of a false scent to throw critical thinkers off the trail, really.

9b4837  No.4449536


iF you don't know the difference between Hendrix and cRap then you don't deserve to be here, this space reserved for those who know.

4da4b7  No.4449537


Golden Son

33f1f2  No.4449538


there are probably aliens helping humans mine gold from other planets and transport it to Earth to back currencies.

969e28  No.4449539

Whoever runs Cultstate.com find me

- it should be easy.

I'll wait

d458ea  No.4449540

File: c1ec5d26c36c9f9⋯.jpg (110.31 KB, 695x599, 695:599, c1e.jpg)


And it looks something like this.

8f8812  No.4449541

File: 2327e948d912e89⋯.jpg (4.31 KB, 255x170, 3:2, f9d7cb3be6b6f0065cdbbfa9b9….jpg)


Damn! I thought I we were actually supposed to be going thru a cool down period? A sort of mini ice age? That global warming was a hoax perpetrated by the elite?



Wouldn't Gate's plan just enhance/speed up the cooling of the earth?

685c35  No.4449542


It's really just the court bards to distract you. Doesn't matter what kind of music it is.

1712c1  No.4449543

No I can't tell the difference between drug addicted niggers being lauded by white boomers.

Glad that fucking nigger died before he convinced even more white kids to shoot garbage into their veins.

4bd3de  No.4449544


yes, maybe their plans changed as well. Either way would bring more chaos from their perspective.

d458ea  No.4449545

File: f64825318a935f7⋯.jpg (77.33 KB, 739x600, 739:600, a7.jpg)



We lived through him and we are managing to live through Amanda Todd.

4e4329  No.4449546


Well said. Iv'e worked in Manufacturing over half my life up to about 4 years ago. The politics have become so insane I had to leave it behind. Now I work in construction where for at least for now, I don't worry much about political correctness. You are right in the sense that they were programming me (us) into robots. I felt I was loosing my individualism. Thank god we have a president that is turning the tables on that shit.

79c34f  No.4449547


I'm not a boomer, you stingy little twinkie. This recorded moment is so beautiful to me that its only value is in sharing it. You got something better? Deal or STFU.

a5fbed  No.4449548


In the future, the definition of journalist in the dictionary will be changed. All of us will be that definition. Basically YOU will be immortalized (name excluded) by the dictionary

4b4b6c  No.4449549


point taken and has been considered by this anon quite a bit. There are those of us whom know and understand "we are not alone" hell, "we" most likely ARE the ET's purported to be zooming around space. None of this would surprise me…but still…..fucking GOLD????

Something is hidden, and a plan MUST be made to dig the truth out. I would rather expose a truth that has enslaved us and die for my efforts than live with a truth hidden which enslaves my entire species. Might be just me, but I think not.

b708aa  No.4449550

File: 2040f1c26a440d5⋯.jpeg (649.73 KB, 1242x837, 46:31, 35002B21-51AA-4D63-92E5-3….jpeg)

File: 163d016899fae75⋯.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1177x1508, 1177:1508, 5C86006B-9B44-4753-AE57-9….jpeg)

File: 6e7e1133f578ebb⋯.jpeg (789.36 KB, 1242x763, 1242:763, C55B08B7-28DB-4DB8-8BB2-8….jpeg)

File: 6fedb3eaf9a1305⋯.jpeg (931.54 KB, 1242x919, 1242:919, 7426675E-63DB-4966-907F-3….jpeg)

File: 1c7824b8bb1cef4⋯.jpeg (650.48 KB, 1242x716, 621:358, 9276B80F-6CBE-454B-8001-3….jpeg)

f9b367  No.4449551

so far friends


>>4449174, >>4449187 Ousted Pakistan PM Sharif jailed for seven years for graft

>>4449200 Obama's Secretary of Labor? [P]enny [P]ritzker. [P] is [P]ritzker ?

>>4449222, >>4449248, >>4449256 Serbia Update massive unreported protest + US case

>>4449228, >>4449255, >>4449510 Trump's Dark Winter tweet (John L. Casey)

>>4449234, >>4449245 US warns tourists, possible Christmas Day attack in Barcelona

>>4449270 GAA Update "Happy Christmas!"Edition

>>4449285 Macron literally can't walk down the street.

>>4449308, >>4449356, >>4449399, >>4449422, >>4449502 IG reports not yet released

>>4449420 First did a broad brush search using Tetra Tech as the search terms. $4.4 Billion

>>4449425 Sweden: Female left-wing politician sentenced for having sex with a refugee child


>>4449228, >>4449255 Trump's Dark Winter tweet (John L. Casey)

Please note Anons the subject covered by Casey is in this humble Bakers opinion

the biggest truth not well understood by this community. This was always going to be a time for the

history books If you want to know what is really driving all this change this is the rabbit hole to go down

6f5bba  No.4449552


Paper has intrinsic value but is not durable. Another reason that gold and silver were historically used.

Gold and silver are impervious to moisture and gold is also impervious to corrosion. This is why it is used in computers, air bag sensors and in the space industry.

249b04  No.4449553

File: b76fa09fe2f76cf⋯.jpg (95.51 KB, 800x474, 400:237, EvilSchumer.jpg)



Dr. Evil himself.

d458ea  No.4449554

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



4b4b6c  No.4449555

stingy little twinkie


1712c1  No.4449556


This "performance" is disgusting. He hated America just like all hippies. If you think this was patriotic you are a fool.

06db1f  No.4449557

File: a3b59b0e51d0211⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 480x500, 24:25, 2poelr_1.jpg)

File: 60a78f68984cd41⋯.jpg (41.16 KB, 640x637, 640:637, Frederica-Wilson-and-Herma….jpg)

a5fbed  No.4449558


At least boomer music has melody, beat, lyrical genius and is relatable.

5e7939  No.4449559



4b4b6c  No.4449560


assumptions correct, but it does not explain why dogsleds were running up the Yukon and searching for gold before calculators, cars, and spaceships were even a light in the attic.

6b8072  No.4449561


check regression theory of money.

06db1f  No.4449562

File: a3b59b0e51d0211⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 480x500, 24:25, 2poelr_1.jpg)

File: 9182bcba331058a⋯.jpg (64.19 KB, 480x482, 240:241, 2podvh_1.jpg)

09e80a  No.4449563



Something else relevant to the climate discussion:

The Sun's magnetic storms release plasma that carries some of the Sun's magnetism far out into space. Our entire solar system is surrounded by a 'shield' which gives us some protection from cosmic rays. The Earth also makes its own smaller but stronger protective shield.

The shutdown of the Sun's magnetic activity is happening at a time when the Earth's own field is shifting and weakening, possibly due to an imminent reversal of polarity. Reversals happen with some regularity. During a reversal, Earth's shield is down.

Earth's shield down + Sun's shield down implies there will be a lot more cosmic rays hitting the Earth.

Cosmic rays can trigger nucleation in the atmosphere, i.e. cloud formation. Before Geiger counters, we used a device called a cloud chamber to detect cosmic rays. They actually leave these little streaks of mist.

Interminable overcast days would obviously be bad for crops, but this cloud has a silver lining: The collapse of the welfare state! Woohoo! Happenings incoming!

CERN is looking into the cosmic ray - climate connection with an experiment called CLOUD. CERN gets the tinfoil hat tingling.


32eaa3  No.4449564


That seems rather far-fetched.

The only real reason for aliens to bother interacting with us is out of a sense of philosophical obligation to do so, or because circumstances have forced them to do so. It's simply much easier, once they have the ability to travel between the stars, to stay up there and play around with what they want rather than mess around with gravity wells and grabby-stabby-slashy things that spawn on them.

969e28  No.4449565

File: f9dc365cdbfd7b1⋯.jpg (372.08 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_20181224-072419….jpg)

Eventually Patrick will stop being shy and say hello - he is very smart I see you cultstate

6f5bba  No.4449566


Nor the 49ers heading to California. The only explanation for that is that Gold had already been established for thousands of years as the premier wealth storage vessel.

750754  No.4449567


WHEN the warrior returns, from the battle afar,

To the home and the country he nobly defended,

O! warm be the welcome to gladden his ear,

And loud be the joy that his perils are ended:

In the full tide of song let his fame roll along,

To the feast-flowing board let us gratefully throng,

Where, mixed with the olive, the laurel shall wave,

And form a bright wreath for the brows of the brave.

b6bb95  No.4449568


looks good. TYB

06db1f  No.4449569

File: 75182d082f9f9d3⋯.jpg (53.09 KB, 480x606, 80:101, 2podl0_1.jpg)

Blacks need to ashamed…

79c34f  No.4449570

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You glow. Love to see you cry.

0bdafb  No.4449571

File: 5faf2f5b080a6d8⋯.jpg (116.16 KB, 572x791, 572:791, Thinking it through.jpg)


Not too bad.

Christmasy, even…

ecf0dd  No.4449572


I confess I haven't explored that avenue. The Egyptians and the Peruvians didn't actually have that much gold - the Persians were the great hoarders of the Middle East. Next came India and the HIndu temples of the far east.

This anon suspects that Billy-boy Clinton had most of the US gold away in an elaborate scam, replacing it with tungsten wrapped in gold foil: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/tungsten-filled-1-kilo-gold-bar-found-uk

The US military have been very active in retrieving it over the last few years, which is why there has been a delay to the financial reset. As they say, he who holds the gold makes the rules…

750754  No.4449573

Columbians! a band of your brothers behold,

Who claim the reward of your hearts' warm emotion,

When your cause, when your honor, urged onward the bold,

In vain frowned the desert, in vain raged the ocean:

To a far distant shore, to the battle's wild roar,

They rushed, your fair fame and your rights to secure:

Then, mixed with the olive, the laurel shall wave,

And form a bright wreath for the brows of the brave.

1712c1  No.4449574


Another dead overdosed degenerate.

Not even buried in America.

750754  No.4449575

In the conflict resistless, each toil they endured,

'Till their foes fled dismayed from the war's desolation:

And pale beamed the Crescent, its splendor obscured

By the light of the Star Spangled flag of our nation.

Where each radiant star gleamed a meteor of war,

And the turbaned heads bowed to its terrible glare,

Now, mixed with the olive, the laurel shall wave,

And form a bright wreath for the brows of the brave.

f9b367  No.4449576


on target Anon

32a226  No.4449577

File: 03ca8bd3fc12200⋯.jpg (21.75 KB, 220x332, 55:83, 220px-The_Moon_Is_A_Harsh_….jpg)


>It's simply much easier, once they have the ability to travel between the stars, to stay up there and play around with what they want rather than mess around with gravity wells and grabby-stabby-slashy things that spawn on them.

and were they to mess with us, they certainly wouldnt come down here to do it. they would likely subdue the planet from outside of the gravity well (or just inside while orbiting)…..

06db1f  No.4449578

File: a3b59b0e51d0211⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 480x500, 24:25, 2poelr_1.jpg)

File: b3ef95ec3530b16⋯.jpg (56.7 KB, 800x770, 80:77, cartoon_01_4.jpg)

750754  No.4449579

Our fathers, who stand on the summit of fame,

Shall exultingly hear of their sons the proud story:

How their young bosoms glow'd with the patriot flame,

How they fought, how they fell, in the blaze of their glory.

How triumphant they rode o'er the wondering flood,

And stained the blue waters with infidel blood;

How, mixed with the olive, the laurel did wave,

And formed a bright wreath for the brows of the brave.

4bd3de  No.4449580

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pet subject of mine, i've posted about it before cosmic rays influence so much down here it's freaky, doing a search on cosmic rays and health, mantle viscosity, weather, rain/snow particle nucleation brings up a number of science paper on the subject. A goind place to start are solarham for daily charts as well as suspicious observers (youtube and websites) for daily information. A lot of those science papers are paywalled so i use scihub to get them. Here's a good intro video on the subect from SO.



750754  No.4449581

Then welcome the warrior returned from afar

To the home and the country he nobly defended:

Let the thanks due to valor now gladden his ear,

And loud be the joy that his perils are ended.

In the full tide of song let his fame roll along,

To the feast-flowing board let us gratefully throng,

Where, mixed with the olive, the laurel shall wave,

And form a bright wreath for the brows of the bravo.

f9f3f5  No.4449582


A poetic shill, nevertheless.

9f2eea  No.4449584

Sun = Gold

Moon = Silver

Mercury = Mercury

Venus = Copper

Mars = Iron

Jupiter = Tin

Saturn = Lead

c9f130  No.4449585

RBG dead tomorrow?

Who is taking bets?

4b4b6c  No.4449586


ironic, isn't it? Humans never knew the true technological value of that which they harvested so feverishly and were willing to stake their very lives upon to retrieve…

As a manipulator, I know and understand well human nature, and greed is by far a predominant one in all of us. It may be suppressed in the vast majority, but as a tool, that particular aspect of human nature can be utilized for gain. Makes one wonder exactly why after 1000's of years and technological advancements, even without the currently hidden knowledge, humans simply haven't accepted that gold holds only the value humans give it…or were told it holds value beyond what value is placed upon it and simply "forgot"……this fucking planet, I swear kek

6f5bba  No.4449587

Fuck me, I didn't realize how late it is out here on the Left Coast. 4:30 AM. I have In Laws and Out Laws to torment all day.

Better head off to sleep. Merry Christmas anons.

8fcce4  No.4449588

File: 6922d323c0abbad⋯.jpg (7.93 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 142b5b481e54b20f1b21b3fb1a….jpg)


The yellow sun controls the Earth. It has eternal power over every living being. If one was to emulate the Sun themselves by covering their body with Yellow gold, then they too would have control. Au 79 element.

9f2eea  No.4449589


Ruth Bader Ginsburg up and working after surgery for lung cancer


d458ea  No.4449590

File: b5b6a50f651eb3d⋯.jpg (4.03 MB, 3931x2620, 3931:2620, i-smell-shekels.jpg)


I'll place a few shekels.

f3f21f  No.4449591


The stock is currently trading at $.20/share not $4.8M/share as reported. Something stinks.

f9b367  No.4449592

>>4449228, >>4449255, >>4449510, >>4449563, >>4449580 Trump's Dark Winter tweet (John L. Casey)

Glorious Anons

>>4449580 eyes open no fear in the new valley of the sun

4b4b6c  No.4449593


and people eat this shit up……fml

79c34f  No.4449594

File: f6408b856605c59⋯.jpeg (13.88 KB, 255x221, 15:13, f6408b856605c593bb49ae90c….jpeg)

File: aab6d96526d37d6⋯.png (131.46 KB, 500x641, 500:641, in-reality-they-re-not-aft….png)

File: 6f7b9f7d181bbfa⋯.jpg (226.33 KB, 1000x677, 1000:677, TrumpWins.jpg)

File: 37753b576f4ac35⋯.jpg (89.64 KB, 1024x1018, 512:509, WWG1WGA.jpg)


When Jim died Mitt Romney was dodging the draft in Paris.

4bd3de  No.4449595


kek another SO fan

4e37bb  No.4449596


Because it's rare enough to have value, it has a nice yellow shining aspect, and, certainly most important, because of it very low electrical potential it's one of the rare metal to exist only under metallic form (most of other metal are under oxidized form, so need to be transformed).

8fcce4  No.4449597



Been following him for years. Posted this link in upper part of this Bread.

c9f130  No.4449598


It's hard to argue the facts with the Guardian.


Your shekels are of no value here.

10ce44  No.4449599

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

real music

d458ea  No.4449600

750754  No.4449601

Columbian was a synonym for American

Key is best known for writing the The Star-Spangled Banner

in September of 1814. The above poem was written to the same

tune (Anacreon in Heaven) in honor of Stephen Decatur, Jr.

and Charles Stewart on their return from the war with the

Barbary pirates.

It was published in the Boston Independent Chronicle on

December 30, 1805. The version above is from:

Key, Francis S., Poems of the Late Francis S. Key, Esq..

New York: Robert Carter & Brothers, 1857.

f9b367  No.4449602

>>4449597 sorry missed it how about a (you) by proxy

130c6a  No.4449603


shitbag mitt can die in the fires of Hell, too.

4bd3de  No.4449604


I only found him in the last year. Sounds good, missed it above there. :)

b708aa  No.4449605


Strange company. Throughout the jugears years this company had so many employment listings all the time they must be some kind of honeypot. Hundreds at a time. Haven't looked lately

4b4b6c  No.4449606


in a world with starving people, seems to me food is rarer than gold…..

10ce44  No.4449607

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

good music

62d06b  No.4449608


Why Gold?

In 1913, an ounce of gold was about $19 an ounce, about the same as an average mortgage (a different discussion). So…in 1913 your great grandpa put an oz of gold in an envelope. He also put a $20 bill in another envelope. He labeled both with "to my youngest heir, do not open until 2019). If you were one of two youngest heirs, which envelope would you want? Intrinsic value.

9f2eea  No.4449609

File: c6037afc6fd3e8c⋯.png (375.24 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Take it with a grain of salt.

I use a lick to get through the MSM.

9b4837  No.4449610


Filtered. Here, have a Traffic jam while I filter your sorry ass. Now head on back to your Facebook friends. FFS


72c728  No.4449611

File: fdbe29bf92cac07⋯.jpg (813.5 KB, 1500x1076, 375:269, 1542876068829.jpg)

656f6a  No.4449612


i FUCKIN love Kurt CoBAIN!

b7443d  No.4449613


At least some of still have a sense of humor left.


Hold on, Poet anon/

We got this.

I'll go back to silent lurking now.

4b4b6c  No.4449614


human based logic…I am speaking in terms well before stocks and inflations were even a thing. But understood anon.

33f1f2  No.4449615

Western civilization heading for a reboot over the holidays

Many signs and confirmations from highly placed sources indicate that a reboot of Western civilization is being planned for 2019. The shutdown of the U.S. government over the holidays, for example, has nothing to do with building a wall, and everything to do with a financial reboot and upcoming military tribunals.

However, what is coming is about much more than just rounding up the criminals who hijacked and bankrupted the U.S. government—it is about fixing the problems besetting monotheism.

Since today is December 24th, Christmas Eve, it’s a good time to remind people of the historical truth behind this holiday. The fact is that nobody knows when Jesus Christ was born, so the early Christian church hijacked the old solar New Year holiday and replaced the sun with Jesus. Here’s the thing: the sun sets at its most northern point on December 21st, the winter solstice. For three days afterwards, it appears to set at the same place, and then on December 25th it starts setting further south, marking the birth of the solar New Year. Thus, the Christian church needs to confess and tell people the truth about Christmas without in any way denying the wonderful teachings of Jesus Christ and Christianity.

The Jews, for their part, need to stop celebrating the xenophobic Hanukkah and realize that it is perfectly kosher to celebrate the solar New Year (unless they somehow think the Creator did not make the sun). Anyway, Merry Christmas to the Christians and Muslims, and Merry Sunmas to everybody else.

These issues, together with discussions of updating the calendars to bring them back into line with the movements of the heavens on which they are based, are going to be part of a broad public discourse in the New Year. That is because, at the highest levels of world power, a decision has been made to go ahead and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and turn that city into an international free zone. This is why 2019 is likely to be a year for the history books.

In preparation for these upcoming historical changes, U.S. troops are being withdrawn from various conflict zones in order to pave the way for world peace, CIA sources say. Pentagon sources agree, adding that “U.S. President Donald Trump is pulling out of Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, and the Ukraine to terminate the Deep State and the Zionists, since the global currency reset requires peace and cessation of hostilities.”

European royal family sources concur that preparations are under way for a reboot of the global financial system. The current U.S. dollar, Euro, and Japanese yen-based system is bankrupt and dysfunctional, these and other sources agree. This is especially true of the United States, which has been bankrupt for quite some time now, the sources say. That’s why this current U.S. government shutdown is going to lead to …

Anyone has the rest of the article?

4bd3de  No.4449617


I was always dubious about climate change, took me years to bring me down the SO rabbit hole :) then i started looking at the actual science paper and change my mind and optics on the subject. Scihub really helped me there since a lot of science papers are occluded from public view. My guess is that's by design, lets them push anything they want.

30cc52  No.4449618

File: 1a02e6a4a9d8475⋯.jpeg (109.96 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 3298D46C-2A00-4AEC-94BC-A….jpeg)

10ce44  No.4449619

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

if this does not get your beans activated nothing will

6b8072  No.4449620


also there is an argument that money is no longer based on labor theory of value and that now money has nothing to do with labor. e.g. those investors sure do very little labor, and now looking at it their actual productive output towards gdp is nill. but wow golly the value placed upon an hour of time for them isnt billed at waymo for the same hour of time in which many patriots bust hump for wage building all kinds of widgets yielding productive gains to to output (sos shit on shelves)

since thats the case, and its out of alignment with our values, maybe a good start (in addition to everything else) would be to remove financial services and marketing from gdp formula.

Kuznets came up with GDP to measure productivity of an economy. he left those two sectors out of original formulation as he felt they produced nothing but rather coordinated: savers to borrowers with financial and supploers with demanders for marketing. we include those sectors because when GDP was made official on in DC, officials had those sectors included into formulation (cough cough lobbyists).

Guess which sectors hve grown to account for dominant share of total GDP.

4e37bb  No.4449621


Well you're right, you can do nothing special with gold in everyday life. Food and water is much more precious. Gold has only the value we agree to give it.

2c8e6c  No.4449622

File: 4ca0f327553cdcd⋯.jpg (8.35 KB, 197x255, 197:255, 0afca26f20307cdf18ba346de2….jpg)

USA, inc filed in Delaware. Is trump aware?

Anon's, seek and you shall find. Search hard enough and you will be rewarded. (Research)

Knowledge is power.

“know yourself and you will win all battles”

Sun Tzu

1712c1  No.4449623


He died from a DRUG OVERDOSE.

He was the poster boy for your whole stupid hippy delusion.

Hippies ruined America. Hippies rejected Western civilisation. Hippies ruined everything.

That you would come here of all places and post this garbage is of-the-scale ironic.

6b8072  No.4449624

>>4449460 dont forget insurance. watch how they treat their customers when storms hit.

30cc52  No.4449625

File: deb0365f5d830e6⋯.jpeg (673.98 KB, 1920x1036, 480:259, F2DF90FE-2A55-4CF6-AC46-8….jpeg)

File: 403fa7550258711⋯.jpeg (63.11 KB, 559x366, 559:366, 5DE1C329-2BA9-41C8-A5D3-2….jpeg)

10ce44  No.4449626


post a smaller version please - this one is too big to see

656f6a  No.4449627

File: 7e66b73a83d49fc⋯.png (26.66 KB, 1612x249, 1612:249, Screenshot_227.png)

ecf0dd  No.4449629


Gold covered skin is an interesting point. We also have historical evidence of elongated skulls in both Egypt and the Americas. As I recall, some have been attributed to genetics, but most were deliberate, being created by the use of boards and bandages while the skull was still soft. Yet another example of 'copying the gods'?

b6bb95  No.4449630


watching this now.. thanks for the vidja

30cc52  No.4449631

File: deb0365f5d830e6⋯.jpeg (673.98 KB, 1920x1036, 480:259, CD238D54-762C-4979-9072-3….jpeg)

File: b328bac3f2eb32c⋯.jpeg (76.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6AF6AC9A-27AB-4B24-816B-5….jpeg)

c9f130  No.4449632


Your father was a hippy wasn't he?

c52e42  No.4449633

File: c0ddf01da0bd1a0⋯.png (350.67 KB, 1622x1386, 811:693, EO 13848.png)


Are you talking about this?


(pic related)

fd633b  No.4449634

File: 3be86c079e9441c⋯.png (44.84 KB, 261x146, 261:146, spray2.png)


I keep telling everyone 'thank god for chemtrails we'd be fucked without them'

Takes the edge off the chemtrail nutter theme.

4b0b7a  No.4449635

File: 066cc4dc6bd3b5d⋯.png (340.86 KB, 656x686, 328:343, 7c5e4758523bc01fdc5cb0c066….png)

30cc52  No.4449636

File: e83d6f0f76eb042⋯.jpeg (88.28 KB, 669x500, 669:500, 090CD808-3628-440E-966A-6….jpeg)

File: f954dde410f5aa8⋯.jpeg (381.63 KB, 1600x1212, 400:303, 0F3D8F47-311C-4345-84B4-0….jpeg)

6b8072  No.4449637


anon how are you defining currency? i have never heard of an edible currency.

9108f4  No.4449638

File: ac5f271361656e5⋯.jpeg (504.71 KB, 1125x2036, 1125:2036, 48FB8569-CA4F-4B5D-B175-3….jpeg)

>>4448608, >>4448629, >>4448734, >>4448745 (lb 5672 notables)Payment processing is how businesses are controlled


Can confirm PayPal looks to control businesses with their social justice.

“Important notice

Notice–Pay Pal.

This item may not be purchased by using the Pay Pal method of payment.”


7cab38  No.4449639


The true Golden Rule:

He who has the gold, makes the rule.

750754  No.4449640

He was assassinated.

Wake Up.

Opn Chaos - J F K

4bd3de  No.4449641


Enjoy, and welcome. Well worth the hour to see it.

30cc52  No.4449642

File: 700ed0d5e55af4e⋯.jpeg (43.83 KB, 560x326, 280:163, 9DA69AF7-6D2B-4F7E-B7C3-0….jpeg)

25d2cd  No.4449643

File: 9a191365e065095⋯.png (126.48 KB, 619x299, 619:299, ClipboardImage.png)



d458ea  No.4449644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're right. It's absolute fucking garbage.

A cancer patient in Hospice would say turn that music off, it's killing me.


Again. This is 100X better than your shit.

6b8072  No.4449645


/ourguy/ Niall ferguson 2 volumes on history of money and another on cash i believe

b09ad5  No.4449646

File: d3506090d0f8609⋯.jpg (64.72 KB, 941x431, 941:431, POTUS troops 12 23 18.JPG)

10ce44  No.4449647


Cue Pizzagate posts…..3…2….1…..

30cc52  No.4449648

File: accc471e8deb861⋯.jpeg (25.88 KB, 516x387, 4:3, 82D6E146-BFFD-4827-BF01-0….jpeg)

File: 573a50965bbd80b⋯.jpeg (786.98 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 7CD4A965-9E62-4BDE-A095-C….jpeg)

969e28  No.4449649

Q the way is forward - ready ?

Do it Q!

6b8072  No.4449650


no. credit existed after barter. necessitated creation of money / coin/ currency

d5509a  No.4449651


I once swallowed a blue shappire brilliant cut. was NEO for a day. true story.

When that stuff happens, do not talk to anyone, and listen to frequency and hear no words. (So u dont get put under again)

32e1f0  No.4449652


Dont get me started on insurance

It's a money sucking scam

9f2eea  No.4449653

File: 868b4b6da05b988⋯.mp4 (9.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, CHOPPERCONVOY.mp4)


Alberta truck convoy in support of oil and gas industry

A huge crowd gathered in Nisku, south of Edmonton, Wednesday for a pro-pipeline truck convoy and rally in support of Alberta’s oil and gas industry. Here’s a look at the convoy from the Global 1 news helicopter.

79c34f  No.4449654


Why so mad? Did somebody else dictate your values to you and write you a losing part in the movie?

I can't sing a lick.

I am the best at every kind of math you'll ever see, and I know several you'll never see because I classified them myself. Only God knows what I know.

Try harder. I won't carry you because it is an insult to you.

d458ea  No.4449655

File: ac6e19833d851e9⋯.png (151.74 KB, 482x605, 482:605, 462d724cb3a4c255c04ebec32e….png)

750754  No.4449656

File: f6569540033ac4a⋯.png (160.4 KB, 744x600, 31:25, ClipboardImage.png)

e3208a  No.4449657

File: 04f2009a8e328e1⋯.png (193.2 KB, 941x693, 941:693, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ad9f9e6fdac2569⋯.png (85.88 KB, 673x764, 673:764, ClipboardImage.png)

For the first time, China imports no soybeans from USA.


4bd3de  No.4449658


Like extended warranties kek

a5fbed  No.4449659


I think so. If that is true though, might the gods be reptillians with crested skulls?

655738  No.4449660


Would you rather have an ounce of gold or 380 nickels?

1913 Liberty Head V Nickels

Your analogy is crap, why not Ford stock or savings bond? We know why.

ae18ca  No.4449661

The original reason gold was sought after by ancient god-kings:

Gold can be *alchemically* converted to a different state (which is still unknown to dumbed-down plebeian science). This form of gold is a white powder that enhances your spiritual powers when you consume it.

You can't be a god-king unless you're literally able to use divine powers you know.

57f342  No.4449662

If anons want to make any side-by-side Fake News memes, The Daily Caller has some good material for you.


8f8812  No.4449663


That is the story we are told… but in light of this whole Q movement, who knows what the real truth is?

d458ea  No.4449664

File: 5a15c430453af24⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 526x500, 263:250, 1pja3c.jpg)

"I classified them myself"

Oh ya? I broke the bench press record but I classified the record.

The real numbers of the holocaust are 0 but I classified them myself.

fd9189  No.4449665

File: 3e64c34b3daa7a7⋯.png (1.42 MB, 986x1616, 493:808, ClipboardImage.png)


bTw tHiS iZ FrudDe HeS iN My hEaD













































































58693a  No.4449666



Future proves past. Watch the begginindg where he comes out of the light just POTUS in his video "this video will get DJT elected". Then the obvious jew shilling.

b7443d  No.4449667



Doesn't sound that shilly, just a little droll humor.

Maybe Q will respond to it by saying something will happen sooner than anon poet pessimistically expressed.

Then, we'd all know more about the time frame than we do now.

ea091a  No.4449668

The Patriotic Hero


Senator Rand Paul puts hold on $38 billion US-Israel military aid legislation


Who was complicit in 9/11 ? Israel.


How many US citizens died ?

Never pay Israel another Cent .

750754  No.4449669

File: 5685098cd21ba97⋯.png (33.42 KB, 711x137, 711:137, ClipboardImage.png)

7cab38  No.4449670


Just as Jane Goodall studied chimps and Dian Fossey studied gorillas, alien scientists will come here to study us.

969e28  No.4449671


Q is fantastic. Q I hope I've been helpful merry Christmas Anons

1712c1  No.4449672


Wrong again boomer!

Try thinking outside your stupid old box.

9f2eea  No.4449673

File: 9c49256c27d9bf0⋯.png (850.14 KB, 508x979, 508:979, ClipboardImage.png)

57f870  No.4449674


Kek….history channel

d40295  No.4449675

File: 951441d6422b172⋯.jpg (95.17 KB, 564x241, 564:241, Screen Shot 12-24-18 at 12….JPG)

File: 16a31f45d88f0fb⋯.jpg (64.71 KB, 560x159, 560:159, Screen Shot 12-24-18 at 12….JPG)

What happens when you can no longer trust those elected to represent you?

What do you want for XMAS?

The Power Given Back to the People….

The U.S. Declaration of Independence states that "when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government"

Happy Christmas Q & Q+

6b8072  No.4449676


man discovers fire 14000bc. signs of fire use N America 9000bc. + land bridge theory of migration common consensus. the archeological evidence of fire in s. america dates to something in between like 11000 bc. boom! Asians crossing land bridge to new world not necessarily best case to be made based of archeological reford.

a65270  No.4449677

File: 7c3eb297e496a6c⋯.gif (851.33 KB, 570x498, 95:83, 1513482778167.gif)


Nope- begone.

a9cd8f  No.4449678

File: 00b486949cbacc5⋯.jpg (53.15 KB, 760x516, 190:129, grandstander.jpg)


9046b8  No.4449679

File: c795fc1390af565⋯.png (492.8 KB, 573x356, 573:356, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey all of you amazing anons, just stopping by to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! God Bless and thank you for all you do. You all rock.


58693a  No.4449680


Disregard the link mistake posting. It's early.

d458ea  No.4449681


You legit were calling me a nigger faggot 2 hours ago.

Here's your bot anons!

b4f786  No.4449682

File: 0a42e9334c407ab⋯.png (399.03 KB, 580x401, 580:401, aaron-burr-encoded-letter-….png)

File: db53ab02b3977f0⋯.jpg (107.72 KB, 580x421, 580:421, aaron-burr-code-part-1-100….jpg)

Coding here, coding there, coding everywhere

3a87d7  No.4449683


No reason to. The author is a fool who's bigotry is using current events as cover.

Be careful who you follow. - Q

fd9189  No.4449684

File: 981b4280d47aeeb⋯.png (93.06 KB, 607x391, 607:391, ClipboardImage.png)





89860a  No.4449685

How many peeps on here are preparing mentally for the no sleep night coming up? Building gifts with 777 pieces and missing at least 1 part/screw!

Well…from this MomAnon….Merry Christmas Eve to my extended PATRIOT family!

a2ea86  No.4449686

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The Ruin of Kasch

Is a story collected by Richard Francis Burton in Sudan in the 19'th century and concerns what was once the richest in the world.

25 minutes long.

Don't have time, don't bother.

d458ea  No.4449687

6b8072  No.4449688


regression theory of money.

f020d3  No.4449689

Guise Q has told us to Watch The Water.

POTUS and other MI twitter accounts have recently posted about the first time in history that no US aircraft carriers in operation WW if I recall correctly.

That got me thinking… what other countries are in operation on the radar maps? Anyone into that stuff here?

969e28  No.4449690


Omg I called you a nigger faggot on 8ch.

It's what we do 🙄

Merry Christmas fag

57f870  No.4449691


The tar sand goop gonna be a hard sell in 2020 when bunker fuel is outlawed

fd9189  No.4449692

File: 9725c8fa3d2ce7f⋯.png (188.51 KB, 613x769, 613:769, ClipboardImage.png)



1d5433  No.4449693


JIm’s not dead

d458ea  No.4449694

File: cdbab01e82d69eb⋯.jpg (270.2 KB, 893x677, 893:677, cdb.jpg)

231286  No.4449695

Pinch of borax in each glass of drinking water to remove calcification >>4449498

1712c1  No.4449696


Right. Hippies were actually patriots.

That's how deluded you boomers are. You refuse to accept that you were responsible for the wholesale rejection of every value we stand for here and need to fight to get back.

And you only did it for shit drugs and free pussy.

Way to go.

887d7a  No.4449697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


fd9189  No.4449698

File: 1da40e6e22669c6⋯.png (379 KB, 496x621, 496:621, ClipboardImage.png)











ffd6b7  No.4449699


What, does he go around with a measuring tape and place ADA complaints if your doors aren't wide enough?

Is he THAT kike?

1712c1  No.4449700


Too bad.

fd633b  No.4449701

File: 2add8f537e8f9de⋯.png (34.93 KB, 261x202, 261:202, spray3.png)

4395da  No.4449702

A light earthquake with magnitude 4 (ml/mb) was reported 28 kilometers (17 miles) from Dehloran in Iran on Monday. Exact time and date of event in UTC/GMT: 24/12/18 / 2018-12-24 04:58:48 / December 24, 2018 @ 4:58 am.


4b4b6c  No.4449703


I am defining currency as being nothing more than a lie. A greed based lie, no matter whom or what set the standards.

A world without currency is not a world that stops spinning altogether.

A world with purpose in place of currency would be my own personal understanding of how it should work, as the work to be done to sustain a world would be shared and no form of wealth would be possible to be amassed. You can't store real food forever, hence anyone wanting to take hold of a purpose based economy would effectually have to keep everyone extremely happy or end up in the same place they started, working for their own survival.

However, I was not leaning towards what a new form of currency should be, just attempting to pick anons brains as to why the hell we hold a value on something that has no value at all so as to run our economy.

Make no mistake, placing value on ANYTHING aside from needs for survival effectually triggers greed, no matter what planet you are on. Gold is my focus because it's past can only be explained by what we are told, I. E. Gold's properties can be used to describe each and every era we know it was sought and horded by civilizations, but each and every explanation fails to answer the OP question…..why is it valued???

In todays age, it is valued for it's technological assertions…..in Egypt, supposedly it was valued as an esoteric element of the gods, or so translations(only few can read, ironically) and the ever so famous "logic" of excavators hold those explanations.

The OP question ALWAYS still remains. Why after thousands of years (supposedly) is gold still more valuable than ANYTHING else???

ffd6b7  No.4449704


Yes Freddy Tootstein, you are truly the kike with the biggest nose.

ae18ca  No.4449705


Indeed. The hippie movement was a CIA created psyop. Some boomers anons have some diggin' and redpillin' left to do…

a5fbed  No.4449706


But, but… The "authorities" say boron and iodine are toxic…KEK

969e28  No.4449707


You didn't even Photoshop hotwheels face

into the meme - that would have been good..

f9b367  No.4449708

Notables at 500


>>4449174, >>4449187 Ousted Pakistan PM Sharif jailed for seven years for graft

>>4449200 Obama's Secretary of Labor? [P]enny [P]ritzker. [P] is [P]ritzker ?

>>4449222, >>4449248, >>4449256 Serbia Update massive unreported protest + US case

>>4449228, >>4449255, >>4449510, >>4449563, >>4449580 Trump's Dark Winter tweet (John L. Casey)

>>4449234, >>4449245 US warns tourists, possible Christmas Day attack in Barcelona

>>4449270 GAA Update "Happy Christmas!"Edition

>>4449285 Macron literally can't walk down the street.

>>4449308, >>4449356, >>4449399, >>4449422 Congressional Semi-annual Reports still not released

>>4449420 First did a broad brush search using Tetra Tech as the search terms. $4.4 Billion

>>4449425 Sweden: Female left-wing politician sentenced for having sex with a refugee child

>>4449653 Alberta truck convoy in support of oil and gas industry

>>4449657 China’s US soybean imports plunge to zero amid trade war

>>4449679 tempting

cea5f2  No.4449709

fake soros sponsored "yellow vest" protests in israel. A dig



Seems legit right? That is until we dig deeper to see what organizations funded and organized all this. The whole thing was organized by the ceo of "the new alliance" organization which is funded by the "Tides" San Francisco progressive fund:


(Use google translate)

Now who are the chief donors to this "Tides fund"? Jonathan Soros (son of…) and the progressive "Ford Foundation":

>The fifteen largest donors in 2015 were

>The Novo Foundation ($6,395,927)

>The Ford Foundation ($3,298,000)

>The M.A.C. Global Foundation ($2,683,438)

>The Wallace Global Fund II ($2,395,000)

>The New Field Foundation ($2,340,000)

>The Annie E Casey Foundation ($2,340,000)

>The Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program ($2,320,000)

>The Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund ($2,128,789)

>The Open Society Foundation ($2,014,350)

>The Natem Foundation Inc. ($1,598,356)

>The Children’s Investment Foundation ($1,500,000)

>The Pema Foundation ($1,159,278)

>The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ($1,127,434)

>The Schwab Charitable Fund ($1,070,842)

>The Broad Reach Foundation ($1,000,000)ttps://www.influencewatch.org/non-profit/tides-foundation/


These people want to finish what hussein tried to do with US tax money in the 2015 israeli elecrtions. They want to crown the israeli globalist deep state with the crown of lefitimate power once again. And most of all they want to keep the normie israeli asleep. So they use the yellow vest movement cynically to achieve their goal. Luckily, only about 50 people came to this fake protest, most of them being progressive political activists and professional paid protestors. People are waking up.

"The more we know…"

d458ea  No.4449710

File: d7194eaf6b285ac⋯.jpg (16.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Your posts are complete shit and cancer.

Q the way is forward - ready ?

Do it Q!

Q the way is forward - ready ?

Do it Q!

If you see us follow back . I do that very rarely

- if not I'll try you later. Thank


fd9189  No.4449711








a2ea86  No.4449712

File: 45d277f6413675d⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 497x567, 71:81, chinook.jpg)



32eaa3  No.4449713


Well, it could be that the 'gods' had extreme UV sensitivity and used gold as a means of shielding themselves when outdoors. Although… seems rather impractical next to a simple suit, or even clothing. Perhaps the solar cycle was different back then and the sun was far more shifted into the UV spectrum.

79c34f  No.4449714

>>4449687 (shillhole on a ride)


33f1f2  No.4449715


Good. You are on the right path to evolve into communism.

6a21f9  No.4449716

Gold also protects or shields from radiation. The radioactive rocks in the Ark of the Covenant were kept from causing harm by gold shielding.

ae18ca  No.4449717


The "authorities" say chlorine and fluoride is good for you too…

9beb1e  No.4449718

>>4449533 No disrespect intended baker. I am all for free speech, for humans. I'm not convinced all these comments are humans. Chat bots don't deserve rights but they surely influence behavior, I look forward to the day they all shut down. It's so fake.

ffd6b7  No.4449719


I never understood that one.

Believe in Sessions/Huber… or else?

Or else what?

What difference does believing in them make?

fd9189  No.4449720

File: e9578e2765e7946⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 1177x662, 1177:662, proof.gif)



f9b367  No.4449721


will do this time friend

969e28  No.4449722


Message isn't for (you) Faggit

- what chatturbate down ?

Fuck you fag.

61cd82  No.4449723


You sound like our parents.

fd9189  No.4449724



d458ea  No.4449725

File: 2b2994b5d1a032d⋯.png (131.68 KB, 500x650, 10:13, straight-shekels-oy-vey-94….png)

8fc457  No.4449726


>>>4449228, >>4449255 Trump's Dark Winter tweet (John L. Casey)

yes notable thank you baker

4b4b6c  No.4449727


albino aliens? kek…not laughing at you anon, it is plausible. "Skin of the Gods" translation dropped by anon earlier can be whittled down to that logic.

655738  No.4449728

i see freddy has nothing new

ae18ca  No.4449729


Your parents had a point.

12bfcf  No.4449730

File: f0b176e205e3632⋯.png (172.5 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ABU 1.png)

File: 2465529797ab5f0⋯.png (443.49 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ABU 2.png)

File: 2700c1305067eda⋯.png (239.8 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ABU 3.png)

File: 6f5545876a08c21⋯.png (373.05 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ABU 4.png)

Fresh Bread you grimy early morning fags!! Fresh out tha kitchen!! I may have found the Architect of ISIS!! Thoughts?

09e80a  No.4449731



Just another way in which the fuckers forgot that the poisoned kool-aid is

supposed to be for plebs only. Now they are outplaying themselves.



Thanks for linking Suspicious Observers

My dad is a ham radio buff and he says he hasn't used the thing in years because all the bands are dead. Something's fucky. Probably the Sun isn't recharging the ionosphere.

ffd6b7  No.4449732



fd9189  No.4449733



c52e42  No.4449734


yaaaaaaasssss :)

cea5f2  No.4449735

File: da0f9b6201da6dd⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 255x230, 51:46, e928ba88929ea91a8fcc8680db….jpg)

File: 877069a9fe6a1c9⋯.png (4.78 KB, 255x50, 51:10, d7e5bacd57e4851aeb778a164d….png)

File: 188cc012d672735⋯.gif (16.66 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 188cc012d67273559ca361b39c….gif)

File: 4e8e89dd72ef628⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 24b5301144e3b98286dc494e02….jpg)













No wonder its called "signal to noise ratio". The noise is 50% of the bread.

fd9189  No.4449736



79c34f  No.4449737


I am defining currency EM flux. Go home until you know more.

4da4b7  No.4449738

File: 049401af41e11c3⋯.jpeg (31.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1C630152-2648-4B49-8F35-D….jpeg)

f9b367  No.4449739

9f4543  No.4449740

Any anons have a good response to this? Seems plausible that HUBER is a smoke screen / distraction to make us think something is happening. I recall reading something about SDNY USAO Berman being the guy looking into the Clinton Foundation. Any thoughts appreciated…

REPORT: Huber and Horowitz Investigations Deep State Cons Constructed by DOJ…


655738  No.4449741

no not in my head, just observing posts

4395da  No.4449742


Iran Daily: Tehran Poses With “Offensive” Military Drills

Under pressure from US sanctions and a troubled economy, Iran has staged large exercises in the Persian Gulf, boasting about the display of an “offensive” component for the first time.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps carried out the final part of the “Great Prophet 12” drill on Qeshm Island on Saturday. Guards commander Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari proclaimed:

We hope the enemies have more than ever grasped the power of our response.

This was a response to allegations made by the enemies who should know that the defense capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are deterrent, and as the Eminent [Supreme] Leader has said, “If they try to hit us once, they will definitely be hit 10 times more.”


fd9189  No.4449743



7db329  No.4449744


Uçhènê:tyat?t Kríswen !

ce8d2e  No.4449745

File: e3b598328d82bfc⋯.png (91.9 KB, 220x211, 220:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fba310620c38b84⋯.png (29.52 KB, 299x113, 299:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 726168f061e9c5e⋯.png (13.75 KB, 1098x120, 183:20, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c07bd175b772566⋯.png (2.75 KB, 219x42, 73:14, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4445386 (pb)

>>4445483 (pb)

>Military/ArmyTimes spinning Mattis kept POTUS's "power checked"


Saw this from last night.

Article is no surprise.

Consider the Source. [DS] runs these news outlets.

Check it out. They're part of the FAKE NEWS MSM.

Don't let the "Military" Times name fool you.

[Sightline Media Group] formerly [Gannett Government Media] and Army Times Publishing Company, is a United States company which publishes newspapers, magazines, Web sites, and other publications about the U.S. and other militaries.

Founded in 1940, it was purchased by the [Gannett Company] in August 1997.

It publishes four bimonthly newspapers aimed at current and former U.S. military personnel: Army Times (founded 1940), Navy Times (founded 1951), Air Force Times (founded 1947), and Marine Corps Times.

It also publishes Defense News (founded 1986), C4ISRNET and Federal Times.

As part of the spinoff of digital and broadcasting properties in 2015, [Gannett] spun off these properties to [Tegna]. In March 2016, sold [Sightline Media Group] to [Regent], a Los Angeles-based private equity firm controlled by investor [Michael Reinstein].

(Progression of Ownership)

*[Gannett Government Media] > [Tegna] > [Sightline Media Group] >[Regent]

[Regent's] holdings also include magazine publisher HistoryNet and the military and defense publishing company Sightline Media Group, which it bought from Tegna in 2016.[13][14][15] Sightline Media Group publishes Armed Forces Journal, Defense News, Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Federal Times.



969e28  No.4449746


Wow cutting edge 2016 teir Muhjooshill meme ya got there.. you fucking suck at life nigger

ffd6b7  No.4449747



fd9189  No.4449748




d458ea  No.4449749

File: 2a83204be98926a⋯.png (139.93 KB, 500x825, 20:33, rallis-shekel-flakes-made-….png)

874a52  No.4449750


Define (correct spelling) "Hippie"?

4e37bb  No.4449751

Fake news, BIG !

The Der spiegel reporter Claas Relotius ia again under the spotlights, after the scandal of its fake reports, it turns out that he asked money to his readers for Syrian orphan childs, but the money never went to Syria. (Remind me something).

This reported has previously admitted having made fake reports.

He received the "CNN jounalist award" among many other awards.


fd9189  No.4449752



8fcce4  No.4449753



https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=c09_1496674644 He talks about new stars discovered from a june episode.

12bfcf  No.4449754

File: cfa99894703bc8c⋯.png (646.29 KB, 960x720, 4:3, PEPE FREDDY.png)


hers some sauce to dip your bread

4bd3de  No.4449755


NP, yeah the atmosphere seems to be going through changes. Wave propagation relies on the ionosphere on the lower bands, between atmospheric spraying and increased cosmic rays affecting electric levels in the upper parts it would cause problems. Haven't done any of that in years so haven't really noticed myself.

9f2eea  No.4449756

File: 5d6077e280ec908⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1400x932, 350:233, ClipboardImage.png)




969e28  No.4449757


Wow another meme you didn't make - who is the shill ? - it's (you)

ffd6b7  No.4449758


Shit, you're right.

4395da  No.4449759


Iran says ready to respond, but U.S. aircraft carrier no threat

Iran said on Monday it was ready to respond to any hostile U.S. action, but it did not consider the arrival of a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Gulf last week as a significant threat.

The USS John C. Stennis entered the Gulf on Friday, ending a long absence of U.S. aircraft carriers in the region as tensions rise between Tehran and Washington.

"The presence of this warship is insignificant to us," Iran's Navy commander Habibollah Sayyari was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA news agency.

"We will not allow this warship to come near our territorial waters in the Persian Gulf," he added.


6b8072  No.4449760


origin of term human capital as applied in economics to describe exogenous growth unexplained by solow-swan neoclassical model: simply knowledge and skills. it's human because it must be learned taught and practiced, it is capital because like machinery it is worthy of investment if the goal is economic growth from productivity gains. if the goal is profit or quarterly add to value for shareholders then yeah fuck it HR is an extension of legal that interfaces with the personnell lower than mgmt usually, and squeezing more by cutting costs to labor is an acceptable means of capitalizing "growth" from humans. NeoLiberal as fuck

fa95dc  No.4449761

File: 9ec9e88c03e4b8c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1209x713, 39:23, 263d9390017ab777cbdd742b59….png)

God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.

d458ea  No.4449762

File: 9a5e416c94e00b9⋯.jpg (73 KB, 490x490, 1:1, j1g7d.jpg)

30cc52  No.4449763

File: f954dde410f5aa8⋯.jpeg (381.63 KB, 1600x1212, 400:303, 7EA4E45A-13CB-40F1-AB21-9….jpeg)

File: edff8b43bccff2f⋯.jpeg (228.91 KB, 1333x1265, 1333:1265, 5384C3E3-28D6-408B-876E-D….jpeg)

1712c1  No.4449764

File: 1f5489791bc38d5⋯.jpg (59.39 KB, 496x522, 248:261, whatevertheycanget.jpg)

82d478  No.4449765


God Bless You swordAnon.

30cc52  No.4449766

File: 4020df1be734035⋯.jpeg (184.49 KB, 545x646, 545:646, 1407B8C7-DEBE-4EB4-8A11-8….jpeg)

d458ea  No.4449767

File: a4bf1bd3f6b8294⋯.jpg (69.55 KB, 799x799, 1:1, a4bf1bd3f6b8294dc7440853f7….jpg)


Good morning Swordy!!

8fcce4  No.4449768


Ready for declass?????

30cc52  No.4449769

File: 3d0832208f483d4⋯.jpeg (83.98 KB, 781x444, 781:444, 7EFD8761-1D99-4D9E-AA70-5….jpeg)

ae18ca  No.4449770


No, the "gods" weren't actually gods, they were "god-kings", that is to say ordinary humans. Who were hoarding knowledge and power for themselves. I explained the gold connection in this post:


This is still highly relevant, since the controlling satanic Elite is the descendants of the god-kings , and they're still hoarding knowledge and power to stay in power.

245685  No.4449771

File: 315fe0a4f8722bf⋯.png (639.69 KB, 1280x1200, 16:15, e40490bc8b59aa813e9e3912c1….png)


sure bud.


Merry Christmas.

fd9189  No.4449772

File: 8608c7537d2a41e⋯.png (142.29 KB, 400x321, 400:321, ClipboardImage.png)






66fa30  No.4449774

File: a1d57f0e2a1160c⋯.jpeg (13.04 KB, 681x197, 681:197, 44D9991E-92A5-457D-B234-E….jpeg)

File: fb886e5dfa69032⋯.jpeg (21.34 KB, 824x137, 824:137, 7154207B-F80B-45FD-81C4-6….jpeg)

File: 88d798fc24dde57⋯.jpeg (9.33 KB, 624x149, 624:149, BB56BC67-6D4E-4873-8162-9….jpeg)

File: c0b074fa7915dd1⋯.jpeg (8.25 KB, 606x142, 303:71, 38B2C8C6-72A5-412B-9D06-2….jpeg)

File: 99fe405cee969d1⋯.jpeg (12.92 KB, 616x281, 616:281, 051F9088-2E6C-4473-AC4F-0….jpeg)

But did you read what they said ??

The hate mail provided to the Gateway Pundit contains appalling statements such as people asking if his brain was “amputated too,” calling him a “handicapped bitch,” telling him to commit suicide, wishing harm upon his children and mocking him for having lost his limbs while fighting for this nation.


4bd3de  No.4449775


you can get all his videos straight from his YT channel no need to go elsewhere https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTiL1q9YbrVam5nP2xzFTWQ

fd9189  No.4449776



4b4b6c  No.4449777


how so?

I never was one to care for the forms of government as defined by philosophers. I have read many of the old philosophers deductions, but as logical as they may be, a form of "leadership" over the many, by my own definition, is nothing more than a dictatorship. If "leadership" is shared by all, it nullifies the capability of amassing greed.

Who is to say, if given the chance, any anon in here could not be placed in a seat of proverbial "power" and that that anon would not be able to run it effectively so as to sustain the very reason that seat of power exists? Or even any homeless person.

I find it ironic in attempt to disseminate a form of currency I am viewed as a communist. Genuinely interested in why that is so, if you care to elaborate.

fd9189  No.4449778


ffd6b7  No.4449779


Aight, so…

Freddy is Trump's dead brother

And Toots was the drinking problem he died from…

Soooo… what's the reference with the ICP guy?

Can't remember his name… I think Violent Jay is the other one…

Is that Silent Bob?

6b8072  No.4449780


oh shit we UN just entered a ticket with zendesk. escalation has begun. lol

f020d3  No.4449781

File: 464e0e98c467875⋯.jpeg (219.41 KB, 1280x852, 320:213, FLOTUSPepe.jpeg)


Likewise Swordy, and a Merry Christmas to you and all anons WW.

30cc52  No.4449782

File: 00ba5581b8a929c⋯.jpeg (69.71 KB, 900x507, 300:169, 5772B8E7-05AE-488F-9975-7….jpeg)

81effb  No.4449784

File: 1ed486e27447900⋯.jpeg (431.57 KB, 750x922, 375:461, 19656E4E-5FF6-45CD-9040-8….jpeg)

Israel to Hold Elections in April, Netanyahu's Government Announces


887d7a  No.4449785


Stop posting in eblood

30cc52  No.4449786

File: affe51d36eb8b0f⋯.jpeg (45.04 KB, 518x362, 259:181, 36208FEC-27EA-4AA0-95B9-7….jpeg)

32eaa3  No.4449787


Well… I'll go this direction with it…

Let's say that one group of people on the planet are descended from the gods, while the other group was engineered to be more of practical labor to them.

Perhaps the gods were not in complete agreement about this plan - or some hoped to one day bridge the divide to create humans on equal terms with their overlords. Or, perhaps the original aliens are dead, and there's simply an echo of some weird science projects left behind with varying attributes from them.

What I find very odd about ancient history is how similar the various pantheons of civilizations were. Long before language solidified into written forms or evidence of complex oral language arose, humans supposedly split from each other into groups with very limited contact with each other. Yet - their ancient gods and goddesses all seem to have very similar attributes, even similar stories and archetypes.


Where did they get the knowledge to begin with, anon?

8fcce4  No.4449788


I get a Qbuck for every YOU from (((you))).

fd9189  No.4449789



fd9189  No.4449790

d16bec  No.4449791

File: 83c6a9cbbbd8ead⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1391x2230, 1391:2230, 2018_9_13_20_12_36.png)

File: b74c4e2dfd64308⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1472x2672, 92:167, 2018_9_13_20_13_51.png)

File: 3b951d3e7c7b4d5⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1415x1946, 1415:1946, 2018_9_13_20_14_43.png)

File: f25a81a34abcc66⋯.jpeg (19.26 KB, 500x341, 500:341, 07090c8804e5b0c5bcc43e19e….jpeg)


Such a "credible" source you have here. Please continue.






Thanks for giving me a reason to repost this q collectio:

Q post #154

>Perhaps someday people will understand ‘they’ had a plan to conduct ‘another’ mass extinction event.

>WWI & II - orchestrated and planned by select families?

>Fantasy land.

>Remember, the more people there are, the more power the people have

Q post #939

>So Hitler was a puppet of the controlling >families of the NWO?

Q post #142

>What happened during WWII?

>Was Hitler a puppet?

>Who was his handler?

>What was the purpose?

>What was the real purpose of the war?

Q post #936

>The Nazi order.

>NWO [N does not refer to “New”].

Q post #938

>N does not refer to Nazi.

>The continued Nazi ideology is relevant.

>Events will clarify.

>Think subgroup.

Q #1822

>They want you DIVIDED.









Pasta works both way faggots. Tasty Q pasta is a natural brock repellant.

30cc52  No.4449792

File: 9bf5f90e2cdcf5b⋯.jpeg (300.47 KB, 1480x833, 1480:833, 2A34A79E-9A41-42DA-8732-A….jpeg)

1ab999  No.4449793


Wikileaks is Comp'd.

Everyone already knows this.

JA doesn't have control over WL on twitter anymore.

fd9189  No.4449794




ffd6b7  No.4449795

File: 958eb2b042b13cc⋯.jpg (748.11 KB, 3024x3140, 756:785, ns3Tvtu.jpg)

Someone has the best mom.

d458ea  No.4449796

File: 5eac4de8f225861⋯.jpg (107.38 KB, 396x479, 396:479, roses-are-red-violets-are-….jpg)

d394be  No.4449797

muh jew shills shilling like crazy.

Read the title of last bread, muh jew shill baker work.

<oy vey, kike goy kike, nose-image, kike…

Glowing obvious shilling.

Not what majority of anons think.

Not what Q says.

Not what POTUS says.

(Unfortunately supported by BO…maybe he didn't happen to read much Q…and maybe he also does not get the worldwide cabal situation to much…maybe he just hates joooos, maybe he has another agenda, not fitting Qs plan….anyway…)

Fun fact: the 'real bad evil joooos' are wearing yellow vests too now, protesting against worldwide cabal governments. Kek.

Shill tactic:

Look here → joooos

Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary&Hussein&Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

Hussein, moslem from kenya, cabal scum?

J Kushner, jew, fine guy working hard to destroy cabal?

Maybe not that easy as shills would like it to be? Kek.

fa95dc  No.4449798


They're not real people anon.

They are shills.

Shills have no will of their own

they self time to whomever.

Why afford mind space to the chitterings and stridulations of being with limited consciousness? They are fragments, incomplete, and envy of other spiritual good has made them hateful.

No one has defined the abomination of desolation but it may be the envy of others spiritual good.

c52e42  No.4449799


Sure, why not? Have you looked at ICP's publicly available FBI stuff, btw?

887d7a  No.4449800


Go rape a male intern

8b76a0  No.4449801


still waiting.

where are her titty pics?

4bd3de  No.4449802


indeed they just have a hilarious fixation on "The Guardian" being fake news.

245685  No.4449803

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

even yt shills giving praise..

this lil' fucker is bought by someone..but can't go any further on his 'skepticism' 'cause TRUTH..

his views tanked after Q arrived. back then he mentioned the storm once or twice or let his bruh talk about it.

but then went straight back to shilling..his whole channel would be crushed if he wouldn't go pro trump from time to time..

fuckin imbecile opportunistic cunt.


c9f130  No.4449804


It's OK little fella, need a hug?

5645ba  No.4449805

File: 9def9cf79452023⋯.jpg (39.16 KB, 600x433, 600:433, Merry-Christmas-Nativity-I….jpg)

4b4b6c  No.4449806


ah gotcha, and yes I have read many articles about the subject. The science is quite beyond my own knowledge, but I do hold an interest. If knowledge were free, the world would be a much better place. But knowledge is useless in the form it is given in lieu of payment received…."education" as it were, is a business, not a necessity, in today's age, and people are only taught what is necessary for them to learn ONLY so they can play the game of "Monopoly" on the lower tier levels.

f020d3  No.4449807

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6b8072  No.4449808


clowns offing Jimi cuz he wouldnt protest or support movements = 1 less role model black anons if growing up in 70s and 80s.

fd9189  No.4449809

File: d5b3259a86f2c3a⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1209x713, 39:23, ClipboardImage.png)



969e28  No.4449810

I've never seen the shills go this hard. Is it because I asked about Patrick ? And Ebot isn't even here

8b76a0  No.4449811

aim faggot

1712c1  No.4449812


And smell like patchouli all day?

No thanks.

fa95dc  No.4449813

File: e5b58cf42c9f8bc⋯.jpg (751.92 KB, 3557x1297, 3557:1297, MNKD.JPG)

File: 6f290744ac2ec2d⋯.jpg (123.88 KB, 2849x283, 2849:283, SaveAlifePatriot.JPG)

IF you are diabetic, or if you have family and friends who are diabetic, READ THIS.

ffd6b7  No.4449814


Fuuuuck me.

That IS Violent J.

My bad.


That they've been deemed a terrorist organization when Antifa wasn't?

64ca42  No.4449815

Turkish forces given ‘green light’ to launch Manbij offensive: report


Breaking: Israel to hold early elections in April 2019


d458ea  No.4449816

File: 396182ce4e52b5f⋯.jpg (40.6 KB, 552x589, 552:589, z1d31a7hqm501.jpg)

57f870  No.4449817


Currency is a dumb idea when 1% have 90% of it…..so the rich force us to borrow “fake” currency and repay them with real currency……scam from day one

fd9189  No.4449818



30cc52  No.4449819

File: 6ef5369eb7687cb⋯.jpeg (29.69 KB, 800x473, 800:473, 7B113560-9DDE-4683-AB20-E….jpeg)

e3208a  No.4449820

File: e11d6648616b729⋯.png (48.27 KB, 541x757, 541:757, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e2f731588d08374⋯.png (42.54 KB, 586x683, 586:683, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4c1bc50d9a30381⋯.png (48.92 KB, 520x798, 260:399, ClipboardImage.png)

Dow gonna go down more today. Then close early.


969e28  No.4449821

Day shift you are worthless - back in 12 hours

8fcce4  No.4449822



You like brownhole (Freddy)?

bcd42a  No.4449823

File: 9e2770e8ab2f00b⋯.jpg (47.42 KB, 308x432, 77:108, plunge.jpg)

ffd6b7  No.4449824


Or did you mean this?