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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e1c02b43c5fc1b06dad4093883….jpg)

5ffb00  No.4389153

Welcome To Q Research General


We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only.  We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.






Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Storm Is Upon Us - YT Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

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Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening  v.1.0 >>3572123

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Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 12/19/18

>>4381420  -————————– [D] Day, Patriots.

>>4381317  -————————– Power returned to the people.

>>4381184  -————————– Logical Thinking Always Wins.

>>4381127  -————————– The Clock is Ticking.


Q & A

Thursday 12/13/18

>>4282164 ————————————–——– Stress test failed.

>>4282020 rt >>4281684 -————————– 'Guardians' of intelligence.

>>4281837 rt >>4281583 -————————– (3) detention centers being prepped.

>>4281568 rt >>4281479 -————————– No.

>>4281478 rt >>4281387 -————————– "Watch CA" was deliberate.

>>4281410 rt >>4281121 -————————– Senate to investigate 2019.

>>4281049 rt >>4280876 -————————– Gold shall destroy FED.

>>4280936 rt >>4280653 -————————– Only her beauty and love of country.

>>4280831 rt >>4280746 -————————– NSA ability to overreach hosts possible.

>>4280779 rt >>4280688 -————————– Separated by 2.

>>4280699 rt >>4280617 -————————– While attacks do occur, we are safeguarded by a 'Black Eye'.

>>4280615 rt >>4280575 -————————– Added server(s)/bandwidth improved performance.

>>4280592 rt >>4280423 -————————– No.

>>4280554 rt >>4280453 -————————– Mission to harm NSA.

>>4280455 rt >>4280260 -————————– No.

>>4280331 rt >>4280236 -————————– 2020+ safeguarded.

>>4280247 rt >>4280228 -————————– Yes.

>>4280231 rt >>4280212 -————————– Our promise to 'counter'.

>>4280213 rt >>4280193 -————————– No.

>>4280202 rt >>4280192 -————————– Control.

>>4280189 ————————————–——– Q&A


Wednesday 12.12.18

Compiled here: >>4281715



Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/  |  Qs Trip-code: Q  !!mG7VJxZNCI


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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789,  >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

5ffb00  No.4389160


are not endorsements



>>4308334 List of meme-friendly news sites for spreading the truth.

>>4282761 Anon's recap of Q's 12/12 Q&A



>>4388458 Adding to anon's Travis View dig

>>4388481, >>4388548 Boeing 737 damaged in possible drone crash near U.S.-Mexico border

>>4388468, >>4388477, >>4388538 Wrap up of California Meteor Trail

>>4388597, >>4388752, >>4388778, Foreign Political Donations Will Be Illegal in Australia From 2019

>>4388691 What to Make of the Mystery Judgment in In re Grand Jury Subpoena

>>4388694 SYDNEY YELLOW VEST PROTEST - 30/12/18

>>4388771 Trump's withdrawal plan shocks allies BBC Argues for war

>>4388827, >>4388836, >>4388983, >>4388947 Top Cancer Doctor Resigns as Editor of Medical Journal

>>4388831 France to stay in Syria after Trump orders US troops home

>>4388850 Church knew for years L.A. bishop had been accused of abuse

>>4388858 Qatari media gave away Democrat Congressmen’s ‘clandestine’ trip to Doha

>>4388994 Judge orders NXIVM lawyers to reveal all donors to the Defense trust

>>4389105, >>4389114 Jayda Fransen Arrested By Armed Police At Gatwick Airport

>>4389108 Indonesia officiates military command, submarine base in South China Sea

>>4389154 #5594


>>4387770, >>4387899 Corbyn appears to call May 'stupid woman' in Parliament

>>4387804 Update on dig about Q#2604, [Avoided Z]

>>4387864 SGT Report Interview with Wayne Jett

>>4387939 El Salvador's top cop pursues politicians; now some want him gone

>>4388074 Progressive Nonprofit Caught Trying To Conceal References To Its Employee, Unmasked Antifa Leader Joseph ‘Jose’ Alcoff

>>4388090 Interesting info on Huber's dad, Army Intelligence and Signal Corps

>>4388130 Moar on the NoName Associate that Gave Dossier To BuzzFeed

>>4388260 Texas May Become a Testing Ground for Defending the Grid From EMPs

>>4388364 Tom Steyer talks presidential run rumors

>>4388382 #5593



>>4386891 Dig on Q 2626/2627 about 'Travis View'

>>4386905 New POTUS Tweet

>>4386911 Moar on the charges against outgoing Brazilian President Temer

>>4386913 Laser Weapons Are Future for Missile Defense, Space, Expert Says

>>4386917 Paul Ryan aide and Rep. Adam Kinzinger received the "dossier" early

>>4386959 Mexico will invest US $25 billion in southern states over the next five years

>>4386981, >>4386993 Video of the 'mysterious object' over California

>>4386992, >>4387012 SKY EVENT UPDATE: Meteor that caused bright “noctilucent cloud"

>>4387015 Possible next EU boss says nationalism is “the way of destruction”

>>4387206 Senate Judiciary Committee receives questionnaire on AG nominee Barr

>>4387261 DDay, Utah beach connection

>>4387505 Daniel Payseur, the former Crown Prince of France

>>4387508 Federal judge deals setback to BuzzFeed in Russia dossier lawsuit

>>4387603 #5592



>>4386205, >>4386215, >>4386248 Planefags: Current activity

>>4386213, >>4386397 Dem staffer who doxed senators during Justice K's hearings "downloaded more information than was originally understood"

>>4386305, >>4386314 Senate Republicans blocked for the third time legislation to protect Mueller

>>4386356, >>4386422, >>4386456, >>4386491, >>4386572 Another outage at Mississippi nuclear plant raises concerns

>>4386371 Justice Department Sues to Shut Down Promoters of Conservation Easement Tax Scheme Operating out of Georgia

>>4386387 Banned for Use in War, But OK for Our Crops

>>4386477, >>4386486, >>4386670 Pic of the 'mysterious object' from tonight

>>4386509 Over One Million Gun Owners Refuse to Obey Ban, No One Turning in Magazines in New Jersey

>>4386606, >>4386759 Even moar on the 500 Illinois Catholic clergy accused of abuse

>>4386620 Weaponizing Child Protective Services To Enforce Adherence to Public Education

>>4386664 Reminder: Hussein was one of the 13 top government officials communicating with HRC on her private server

>>4386724 Remember this day: Marines died January 19, including Cpl Jesse W. Stites

>>4386746 US and French troops withdraw from Manbij area in northern Syria: SDF

>>4386790 In Syria retreat, Trump rebuffs top advisers and blindsides U.S. commanders

>>4386808 Brazil top prosecutor indicts President Temer for corruption

>>4386853 #5591



Previously Collected Notables

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>>4383784 #5587, >>4384557 #5588, >>4385312 #5589

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>>4376899 #5578, >>4377611 #5579, >>4378473 #5580

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61ee96  No.4389164

File: 9566b5ea76cc2bf⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

good morning night shift

5ffb00  No.4389165

File: 51c146f1fa04638⋯.jpg (181.82 KB, 1106x770, 79:55, download (17).jpg)



9db609  No.4389176

File: e2f77a3d0f8474d⋯.jpeg (169.77 KB, 804x700, 201:175, 36C1CE98-AC8B-4FD3-B54A-4….jpeg)






61ee96  No.4389178

File: dcf268d60fa0bf5⋯.png (994.04 KB, 1052x591, 1052:591, ClipboardImage.png)

Syria diggers

Anyone know where Ghassan Alabed is?


9db609  No.4389197

Why has ISIS never attacked Israel?

5ffb00  No.4389199

File: a0c4ecb3932fe69⋯.png (3.1 MB, 1799x1198, 1799:1198, a0c4ecb3932fe690970c0883fb….png)

baker will take hand off when available

695566  No.4389202

File: b276eb102017e5a⋯.png (846.85 KB, 1358x758, 679:379, osprey72.png)

Good morning everyone

Have a brilliant day

357dba  No.4389211

File: 2c7bdab59f3fa9b⋯.png (130.28 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 2c7bdab59f3fa9b802a0eb1aaf….png)

▶Anonymous (You) 12/20/18 (Thu) 19:01:13 e48877 (23) No.4388694>>4388698 >>4388719 >>4388967 >>4388972

File (hide): 711f8ad0543e05d⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 500x327, 500:327, q-sent-me-5bbc73.jpg) (h) (u)



10.00am - 12.00pm

Sunday 30th December 2018


Yellow Vest


Rear of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) ULTIMO CENTRE, ULTIMO NSW 2007

Public Park/Plaza Area (actually concrete) at the junction of 'The Goods Line' and Thomas Street, ULTIMO NSW 2007

Assembly Point:

Meet at the 8 metre high stone statue located at the mid-point along 'The Goods Line' walkway.


Central Train Station - 5 minutes walk

Wilson Parking (Novotel Sydney Central Car Park) 169-179 Thomas Street, ULTIMO - $20 all day Sunday - 20 metres from the stone statue


To protest the Deep State ABC for contravening it's Charter. The ABC is a 100% taxpayer funded entity which engages in Fake News, Identity Politics, Treason and Suppression of Free Speech to the detriment of the Australian People.


No violence

Patriots have no skin colour

We do NOT represent the Q Team (no outside comms). However we do support the Q Team and advocate research of all things Q - understanding that tactical disinfo is required to defeat the Deep State.

No profanities on signs as it contravenes NSW Law.

Signs: (made in the basement from love!) - suggestions










1.To support our Yellow Vest Patriots in Europe.

2.Networking of Patriots here.

3.Tactics - We know the ABC has spent a great deal of taxpayer money self-promoting as so-called "Real News". They know what is coming. Let's use it against them!

Spam the ABC email - Communications Lead - munro.peter@abc.net.au

Bring Peter to the attention of the upcoming Protest outside their main building in Australia.

Dare them to cover the Protest/signs on the 7 o'clock news nation-wide that night.

Take multiple photo's of signs at the Protest and upload to Social Media. If they don't cover the Protest then call them out worldwide. The ABC FAKE NEWS is exposed either way. It's a start.

Action Now:

Time to do our best Patriots.

Spread the 'Sydney Yellow Vest Protest' far and wide! (Time/Date/Place). Simples.

Use FB, Twitter, Instagram, Word of mouth, anything…


Conveyed information as suggested by the NSW POLICE FORCE:

Notice of Intention to hold a Public Assembly - Attending authorised Organiser/Civilian Marshal (Dr Russell McGregor) under Schedule 1 of the NSW Summary Offences Act No 25 of 1988 - section 23

12b3b4  No.4389214

Friggity fresh bread my dudes

655af6  No.4389215

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

655af6  No.4389218

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7a22a1  No.4389220

Hillary Clinton

Verified account


Follow Follow @HillaryClinton


Spread the word: Some states have extended Affordable Care Act enrollment into January. Full list here: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/14/map-of-states-that-have-an-extended-obamacare-open-enrollment-periods.html …

May be a dumb question, but why are they pushing this so hard yet? Is it so when Obumacare crashes and burns, more people will be pissed at POTUS? It's the only thing I can come up with but it just does not make sense.

61e987  No.4389221

Why were bump stocks banned?

c5c09a  No.4389224

File: 3d81ad41c6e6d12⋯.jpeg (720.43 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 389A70AD-0A85-4C84-98BD-4….jpeg)

20e6ca  No.4389226

File: a0f147bf2d0d8bc⋯.jpg (106.14 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, GoTards.jpg)


I'm starting to enjoy seeing this tard. His face discredits itself.

413f80  No.4389227


is it morning already

kek that was all night loaf

915a38  No.4389228

File: e53be0894df7853⋯.png (168.38 KB, 466x547, 466:547, nMoon19.png)

File: 2979b17d5fed12d⋯.jpg (347.95 KB, 1389x911, 1389:911, DD.jpg)

[D] Day - We Will Have Our Country Back

The DARKEST Day will occur on January 5, the NEW Moon. In the lunar cycle, the New Moon occurs when NO Moon is seen in the night sky. This brings complete DARKNESS.

The New Moon occurs on January 5th.

Five days after the EO takes effect, 2 days after the new Congress is scheduled to be sworn in.

D Day was America's darkest day. Marked by the Normandy Invasion which began on 6 June 1944, often considered America's darkest hour due to the enormous loss of life.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0365ff No.4381420

Dec 19 2018 18:23:03 (EST)

[D] Day, Patriots.

We will have our Country back!


51f809  No.4389229

File: a16153cb7ab3932⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 960x668, 240:167, foundation-donations-from-….jpg)

821064  No.4389230

More idiots hiking in a Moooslum infested shithole. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer.


a081f3  No.4389231


And there's your answer right there.

12b3b4  No.4389232

D5 5 days left until chirstmas is chirstmas D Day? Theory plus it’s grocery anon

a6e3c0  No.4389233

File: 888d77fbddfc33e⋯.png (143.57 KB, 1056x641, 1056:641, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4388548 lb

Look how much damage there is to the nose of the plane.

But you're telling me the 'plane' on 9/11 went straight through the building and retained its conical shape?


413f80  No.4389234


been getting a lot of calls wanting to sell health care

a81a20  No.4389235



Why was it called D-Day?

On the morning of June 6, 1944, Allied forces staged an enormous assault on German positions on the beaches of Normandy, France. The invasion is often known by the famous nickname “D-Day,” yet few people know the origin of the term or what, if anything, the “D” stood for. Most argue it was merely a redundancy that also meant “day,” but others have proposed everything from “departure” to “decision” to “doomsday.”

According to the U.S. military, “D-Day” was an Army designation used to indicate the start date for specific field operations. In this case, the “D” in D-Day doesn’t actually stand for anything—it’s merely an alliterative placeholder used to designate a particular day on the calendar. The military also employed the term “H-Hour” to refer to the time on D-Day when the action would begin. This shorthand helped prevent actual mission dates from falling into enemy hands, but it also proved handy when the start date for an attack was still undecided. Military planners also used a system of pluses and minuses to designate any time or day occurring before or after D-Day or H-Hour. For example, D+2 meant two days after D-Day, while H-1 referred to one hour before H-Hour. These terms allowed units to effectively coordinate their operations ahead of time even when they didn’t know their actual start date, and they also provided flexibility in the event that the launch day shifted.

Use of these terms stretches back to World War I. One American field order from September 1918 noted, “The First Army will attack at H-Hour on D-Day with the object of forcing the evacuation of the St. Mihiel salient.” Other nations had their own shorthand. In World War I, the French used the code date “J-Jour,” while the British called their operation start days “Z-Day” and “Zero Hour.”


655af6  No.4389236

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Emery Smith Discusses the Sci-Fi Like Based Reality Humanity Lives In

695566  No.4389237

File: dc95fda67a992f3⋯.gif (3.46 MB, 432x324, 4:3, vape.gif)


Dec 21 solstice

Darkness to Light

Let the festivities commence

998728  No.4389238


they have to be getting $ out of it……def NOT humanitarian reasons

a27287  No.4389239

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Disney ripped off the Lion King.

7ffbe2  No.4389240

File: 359a4e81e041f93⋯.jpeg (214.82 KB, 750x678, 125:113, 686E3BC3-ED18-4A2E-8675-F….jpeg)

d0773b  No.4389241

File: 560576d8a071124⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 540x260, 27:13, 0E4D9B16-B803-404A-8D62-DA….gif)

File: 6d2f972983d3d5a⋯.gif (141.37 KB, 326x246, 163:123, 3F1B02B4-7CE8-4D66-867C-5E….gif)

817aa2  No.4389242

Happy holidays

49523c  No.4389243

File: 120f394f779c775⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1760x978, 880:489, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)

Morning anons…

The dramatic Tuesday hearing for former national security adviser Mike Flynn didn’t produce a sentence. Instead, Judge Emmet Sullivan gave Mr. Flynn a delay to reconsider his options. I was in the courtroom, and my reading of Judge Sullivan’s treatment of Mr. Flynn (with whom I co-wrote a 2016 book) was rather different from what most reporters have said and written.

Judge Sullivan repeatedly invited Mr. Flynn to reconsider his guilty plea on a charge of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Judge Sullivan stressed that he had not presided over earlier proceedings in the case and that he was prepared to have Mr. Flynn change his plea or even ask for a dismissal of charges. At times, the judge seemed to implore Mr. Flynn to reopen the deal he made with special counsel Robert Mueller, implying that there was reason to believe his guilty plea had been wrongfully arranged.

Mr. Flynn wasn’t interested. Over and over he told Judge Sullivan that he was comfortable with his confession, did not wish to have it reconsidered, and wanted the judge to pronounce sentence. But Judge Sullivan continued unsuccessfully to invite a change in Mr. Flynn’s plea.


1476c5  No.4389244

File: bb63250fadbc1c3⋯.jpg (623.54 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, bb63250fadbc1c3b4515eedce8….jpg)

File: 1a4852cb50b734e⋯.jpg (108.08 KB, 1200x1007, 1200:1007, 1a4852cb50b734eca6c5f5a707….jpg)

>>4389210 (lb)

>Interesting tweet by the FBI this morning…



51f809  No.4389245

>>4385874 (pb)


Total as of 6AM Eastern, on 12/20

$2,593,364 of $1.0B goal

Raised by 43,395 people in 3 days

> Like a majority of those American citizens who voted to elect President Donald J Trump, we voted for him to Make America Great Again. President Trump’s main campaign promise was to BUILD THE WALL. And as he’s followed through on just about every promise so far, this wall project needs to be completed still.

> As a veteran who has given so much, 3 limbs, I feel deeply invested to this nation to ensure future generations have everything we have today. Too many Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens and too many illegals are taking advantage of the United States taxpayers with no means of ever contributing to our society.

> I have grandparents who immigrated to America legally, they did it the correct way and it’s time we uphold our laws, and get this wall BUILT! It’s up to Americans to help out and pitch in to get this project rolling.

> If the 63 million people who voted for Trump each pledge $80, we can build the wall. That equates to roughly 5 Billion Dollars, even if we get half, that’s half the wall. We can do this.




b00b6e  No.4389246

>>4389212 (pb)

bored? here??? meh

harmless? Now, that right there needs a response. Ideas are very hard to kill, and intelligence in todays day and age MUST be safeguarded, and when exposed, MUST be done so in a manner of education, not in a manner of elicitation.

Make no mistake, I have no problems whatsoever with the ideas which were displayed….they were very well thought out and carried the sense of no holding back. It was the grammar which held me at odds with the statement. Words are more important than most people think. They tell a story not being told in the story itself, at least to me and those like me.

It's all good anon, take nothing personal here, we are all on the same side, even when we aren't.

817aa2  No.4389248

Hope everyone as a great one

c5c09a  No.4389249

File: abd89d51f42ba1b⋯.jpeg (457.61 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, D366F2F1-8F10-40E0-AA67-9….jpeg)

36f550  No.4389250


thank anon.

I havent seen this one yet. watching it now.

love me some DW.

41c69e  No.4389251


Always find Emergy Smith an interesting and credible source despite his very unusual experiences

49523c  No.4389252

File: 463cc1d8fafc9e5⋯.png (92.13 KB, 1182x302, 591:151, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)


142c43  No.4389253

Any chance the troops have been brought back from Syria to US for the ARRESTS?

b00b6e  No.4389254

kek…. my ID….

817aa2  No.4389255

We all want the same thing it’s just a long wait

821064  No.4389256


As a pacifier to the idiot libs. They don’t seem to realize that bumps are useless to a real marksman. Bullets flying just slightly less than at random is a waste of ammo and dangerous to innocent bystanders.

915a38  No.4389257


We did this when we were kids by writing in vinegar on paper.

When the paper is held up to candle light, the writing can be seen.

Not exactly 'new and innovative' tech!

61ee96  No.4389258

File: 0a300f8be5335c0⋯.jpg (5.62 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, Concert Cat.jpg)


fuckin eh bud

3e403a  No.4389259


Have you read Matt Bracken's short story "What I Saw At The Coup" ??

It is almost a mirror image (opposite) of [Avoided Z]

Recommended (not very time consuming, written by a former Navy SEAL, worthwhile reading for anons.)


121feb  No.4389260

drudgereport link at top


18 media stories that were terrifying. I remember them all like it was yesterday.

I think CNN will top it by years end.

43b73a  No.4389261


WilPenis is just another crackpot

30a35e  No.4389262

File: 4c79022199342e4⋯.jpg (181.27 KB, 1139x811, 1139:811, ScreenShot.jpg)

File: d8b9ea219077bc2⋯.jpg (113.5 KB, 719x817, 719:817, Clipboard.jpg)

File: 6e364345ffcd8fc⋯.jpg (87.39 KB, 709x496, 709:496, NZ_Commie-Cindy_Special-Pl….jpg)

File: f6aed3eba61249e⋯.jpg (108.75 KB, 509x900, 509:900, NZ_PM-Socialist-Dance copy.jpg)

File: 58efce0a5b9079b⋯.jpg (103.44 KB, 792x594, 4:3, NZ_UN-Clark-Haiti2.jpg)

I wonder if “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client” applies here?

If good common sense prevails she’d be designated the junior member of his legal team but… married and all that pillow talk from a freshly minted, eager to prove herself newbie.

Kim Dotcom's wife joins his legal team for Supreme Court extradition appeal

20 Dec 2018


‘Kim Dotcom has announced his wife, Elizabeth, will join the internet entrepreneur's legal team on the same day the New Zealand Supreme Court ruled it could hear Dotcom's appeal of his extradition to the United States.

Posting on Twitter, Dotcom said he was happy to announce his "brilliant" wife would be joining his legal team in the new year after graduating in Law and Business.

"I'm very proud to become her first client. What an excellent start for her career in the Supreme Court of New Zealand," he said.’

665f2b  No.4389263

File: 4e9dceee44e429f⋯.png (140.66 KB, 360x251, 360:251, Creepy Obama with Cortez.png)

File: 0f192b937029806⋯.png (324.37 KB, 487x433, 487:433, Creepy Obama with Cortez 2.png)

File: 7b79ecb6d44a79e⋯.png (413.28 KB, 576x563, 576:563, Creepy Obama and Cortez 3.png)

File: 663a8ffc9c56d72⋯.png (427.53 KB, 868x584, 217:146, Obama being creepy.png)

It's late, i thought about a silly meme last bread, kek

Someone had posted the scary pic of Cortez, and i posted the story about Obama being Santa at a hospital.

He looked really creepy has a wierd smile( like Joe Biden creepy)

so i made these for keks

a6e3c0  No.4389264



Suppressed technology includes:

"A lot of 3D holographic imaging."

Reconciles nicely with the theory from SGT report video about not actually using planes on 9/11.

413f80  No.4389265


The Clock is Ticking




19 Dec 2018 - 5:11:25 PM


The clock is ticking.

When will the 1st alarm ring?

>what alarm??

If the Senate was the primary target (majority control)….

53-47 active when?

>Jan. 3. ?

EO (designated_target(s)) active when?

> Jan 1 ?

Ongoing investigations…..

"There are a lot of sealed indictments" - SC

"It's all going to come out, U1, Dossier, CF, etc…." - SH

"I have pretty good sources…" - SH

There is a reason why SH, SC, and JS are on stage.


d5864e  No.4389266

[D] Day (Iran)



655af6  No.4389267


yeah. he probably has the most extensive credentials out there of all the public whistleblowers.

d0773b  No.4389268

File: fdee26b371ec913⋯.jpeg (185.09 KB, 1242x1232, 621:616, F0D0107A-C39E-4EB0-89BB-C….jpeg)

5215f4  No.4389269

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This Truth May Scare You! (2018-2019)

interesting video '


b5c110  No.4389270


dont you have a containment board to go spam that shit on…

5ffb00  No.4389271


Book marked will look tomorrow

ThnQ Anon

a081f3  No.4389272

>>4389176 >>4389230 Yep. Tragic, but what can you do? Should be common-sense.

>>4389221 politcal optics

>>4389227 Bread took forever to finish. Might start putting in memes next time to move it along. Fixed itself this time with some interesting posts, last 200 started to fly

1476c5  No.4389273


Not really the technology I find interesting. It's the message.

"Will begin operations Monday morning as ordered."

What do you want for Christmas?

d0773b  No.4389275

File: 39604d1b0533858⋯.jpeg (57.52 KB, 296x300, 74:75, 3D4A6198-AA37-4A4F-807E-D….jpeg)

File: 684aaec91095bb4⋯.jpeg (120.52 KB, 764x599, 764:599, E9F80449-AFF4-47AB-8B8F-1….jpeg)

File: 648e55614e4d630⋯.jpeg (50.21 KB, 358x480, 179:240, F7BEFE8D-39F4-48D4-B530-F….jpeg)

File: 7d0bdc58c538aab⋯.png (182.24 KB, 500x610, 50:61, 5E6421F6-F767-4C43-904E-98….png)

File: ef0fe9dea65a0dd⋯.jpeg (511.39 KB, 1210x1060, 121:106, 08EADEBA-4499-4E00-9241-D….jpeg)

d0773b  No.4389276

File: b303e012a485dbd⋯.jpeg (123.97 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 22BC895D-0FF9-4C11-A0D6-7….jpeg)

File: 7160a179062a0ec⋯.jpeg (365.25 KB, 807x1050, 269:350, 3230B9A1-8E43-4B64-A6CC-7….jpeg)

655af6  No.4389277


the entire 9/11 attack always gives you a very occultic and esoteric feel to it

0fccd0  No.4389278


IDK from who, but there it is, right in the source code.


large amount of information in DNA, probably can be manipulated with sound IDK

been thinking that the code might have to do with the function of the Anthropos - the Cosmic man, Adam Kadmon or the like.

Termites (for example) are social animals like us, and they posses TWO identities one as individuals, and a second collective identity which is what allows them to form civilizations.

We are in similar case. We have individual identities, but we are also part of something called civilization.

There is no "western" civilization, there is only civilization.

It is our accumulated store of knowledge.

cf4d36  No.4389279


The the Judge first tells Flynn that he committed treason and then walks that back?,then practically gets on his knees and begs him to reconsider his plea, in my opinion the Judge knows what's coming.

61ee96  No.4389280


'This is deliberate… there's a drone on my airfield': Hunt for Gatwick drone pilot as tens of thousands are stranded and ALL flights are suspended - with airport CLOSED until at least midday

41c69e  No.4389281

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm listening right now to Dan Bongino's Dec 19th show talking exactly about the Flynn hearing, and wow, is Bongino on fire! If you haven't heard this podcast, it's well worth your time. Highly recommend; drives home every point in this wsj story. (Bonus: great Comey commentary!)

Ok, might as well embed the podcast, voila…

Ep. 875


a27287  No.4389282

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Holy fuck… if you're gonna doxx a scammer, thiiiiis is how you do it.

Also, how in the fuck did… oh… facebook.

Or was it?

Private Investigator, maybe?

d0773b  No.4389283

File: 78c3c7b882515ab⋯.jpeg (91.58 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, F69BE51E-D2E3-4850-B900-9….jpeg)

File: 517c1a4676eecef⋯.jpeg (76.84 KB, 442x650, 17:25, C5BE574F-2C4F-4BDF-8112-E….jpeg)

File: 46ec7bb9748c9ec⋯.png (153.65 KB, 500x422, 250:211, A6D816BA-5244-4F38-9B9F-BC….png)

a27287  No.4389284

File: 315a11a5df342ae⋯.jpg (193.53 KB, 479x752, 479:752, d2d97c42022750ff50a523454b….jpg)

File: 98123ce4b476342⋯.jpg (273.2 KB, 482x745, 482:745, 4dc8bd0fa0130b25cc45174d1d….jpg)

File: b93371b796b9bf7⋯.jpg (195.29 KB, 602x519, 602:519, de6fd962a27174e06112817bf5….jpg)

File: 8f562fa107e9ece⋯.jpg (176.5 KB, 655x550, 131:110, 2431fb92fdefe17e14aea5c551….jpg)

d60c25  No.4389285

File: 44bbcaf41e30594⋯.jpg (688.16 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 4afed19d70e331988e122fd6a5….jpg)


Flynn did the right thing. Sullivan is Deep State and comped as fuck.

b12312  No.4389286


Lemon juice held over heat also works.

385c8d  No.4389287

File: 90d00a7bb0a4281⋯.jpeg (76.92 KB, 540x459, 20:17, 7f6627e4-af0d-444f-8e8d-4….jpeg)



Red Ornaments are down.

121feb  No.4389288

File: 49cd9e76045755a⋯.jpg (76.58 KB, 921x800, 921:800, 49cd9e76045755aecddbca5d67….jpg)

Fucking liberals with their fucking furries!!

d0773b  No.4389289

File: 5bd27196b6331f6⋯.jpeg (49.59 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 2FB9B5A9-4784-466F-904B-7….jpeg)

File: fad0dc6535ea0b9⋯.png (185.49 KB, 300x250, 6:5, E1161FEA-0F34-4F5E-A7B7-A5….png)

b00b6e  No.4389290


in regards to the "alarm" when does the clock run out? Not an advanced clockfag here……

the way the clock is formatted, it is infinite in it's capacity to continue, as intended, so "markers" come into play. I would assume the markers coupled with coded sequence of events allowing for changes to be made in the event something goes awry would be the precursors to knowing when "alarms" are to go off. One must set the alarms, in other words, one must wind the clock. Forgive an anon, working from memory only.

41c69e  No.4389291


BTW, already notable just wanted to post it here for sleepless anons interested in in-depth stuff from Bongino

821064  No.4389292

Don’t have my computer available right now but I have the patents that relate to using your cell phone with 5G tech to use frequencies that you can’t even hear to control your mind. I will post later today. Very spooky shit.


28f155  No.4389293


This is fucking ridiculous.

Which fucking jew is behind this?

Id protest channels 9 and 10 before even thinking about the ABC

61ee96  No.4389294


Book 'em, Danno!


41c69e  No.4389295


Moving right along….

0fccd0  No.4389296

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

GTMO Git Down

Pedovore Boogie.

58cb72  No.4389297

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


they spelled it ultra violent

cf4c8d  No.4389298

>>4386724 Remember this day: Marines died January 19, including Cpl Jesse W. Stites

Guise was this not the Seal Team 6?

d0773b  No.4389300

File: b045639a86cd868⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ACEDA2BC-AE4E-4177-87A1-38….png)

28f155  No.4389301


Fuck off

Read >>4389293

e28a80  No.4389302


i think the main reason to target the ABC is because of publicly funded , as in tax dollars pay for the fakeness

4d260c  No.4389303

You ever use one? It is irrelevant>>4389153


49523c  No.4389304


+1 on 12/21

285718  No.4389305


Missing an "n" in(n) historical and an extra n in" viole(n)t

e28a80  No.4389306

File: eb62ba0da3a2dd0⋯.jpg (86.14 KB, 711x465, 237:155, stripes_basic_english_1.jpg)


i retyped that sentence a few times

result=bad english

1476c5  No.4389307


Nice catch. I missed that one.

b00b6e  No.4389308


I spoke a long while ago about the cross ref of Q's posts and the movie "National Treasure"

Matlock, 55 (5x5) in Iron Pen, lemon juice to reviel the secrets on the Declaration of Independence, etc….

Gotta remember, Q loves movies.

d0773b  No.4389309

File: 7f8ca1d9b324808⋯.jpeg (199.78 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 9569A19A-D4E1-45BA-BE39-6….jpeg)

File: 8dbffb7cb87cb38⋯.jpeg (126.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 16955F44-2E98-4707-B619-D….jpeg)

a27287  No.4389310

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wow… the apology is amazing. Skip to 2 minutes in.

385c8d  No.4389312

>>4389287 (shameless self reply)


Excellent Q, VIP Patriot!


NAT SEC had to be included for reasons I'm sure you can understand.

Think Green/Red Castle.

Think MIL.

Happy Holidays!


Its happening!

c090b2  No.4389313

File: 2948ceb747c344e⋯.jpg (515.14 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181220-064524….jpg)

File: c432e8d1befdcc9⋯.jpg (85.11 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, IMG_20181220_064530.jpg)

Air Force Times


b80618  No.4389314

File: 2d39b0d42117811⋯.png (72.38 KB, 249x179, 249:179, ClipboardImage.png)

49523c  No.4389315




The judge wanted Flynn to change his guilty plea??? This should tweek everyones nipples…

Any lawfags about? Some kind of double jeopardy? Clearly a "guilty" plea is not what the judge wanted…

413f80  No.4389316


I was goofing last bread

I do understand the situation

and have lived the hell of being the ( what seemed like to me ) one of few in my generation that was seeing through the lies

I am so relieved to see that I was wrong and that many more were awake to what was going on

I do not have any special skills in analyzing peoples intent in their comments, just an old man that wants this country back from the criminals

d0773b  No.4389318

File: d690f8edc40234c⋯.jpeg (136.14 KB, 700x502, 350:251, CBED5E98-9711-43B9-88A6-B….jpeg)

File: 93723ecef8742bd⋯.jpeg (86.03 KB, 636x479, 636:479, 1C238293-2325-4239-BCA4-4….jpeg)

61ee96  No.4389319


Supposedly something about some NDA.

If he retracts his plea, NDA stays in effect?

0fccd0  No.4389320

File: 0436b057d7ae124⋯.png (373.26 KB, 532x756, 19:27, 92c588b09c3c6488bd44d0946f….png)


TY anon

We'll get out of here yet

c090b2  No.4389321

File: a8f09ff40a62809⋯.jpg (582.25 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181220-064748….jpg)



b00b6e  No.4389322


5:5 anon.

Don't sell yourself too short though. We all have more than we know in regards to "skills" Have patience and maybe a little holiday cheer. You did nothing wrong mate. Here, we disseminate down to the finest details within our capacities to do so as a whole. Take nothing personal.

4f5ded  No.4389323


Probably for the unrest this is about to occur in the months coming. Soros plants lunatic Liberals ect.

365302  No.4389324

File: 852b64926c97397⋯.png (97.7 KB, 1551x367, 1551:367, missing i.PNG)

New POTUS tweet.

Missing "i" in Their.

Seems to happen when Elon tries to launch a rocket…

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


4m4 minutes ago


Getting out of Syria was no surprise. I’ve been campaigning on it for years, and six months ago, when I very publicly wanted to do it, I agreed to stay longer. Russia, Iran, Syria & others are the local enemy of ISIS. We were doing there work. Time to come home & rebuild. #MAGA

d0773b  No.4389325

File: 10b558a631d869b⋯.jpeg (323.56 KB, 736x1673, 736:1673, E712EAF8-8A4E-4D80-A6D1-6….jpeg)

a27287  No.4389326

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can we hire this guy to call the Clintons?

Holy fuck.

87bcf8  No.4389327

File: e07273de141a390⋯.jpeg (62.46 KB, 640x395, 128:79, F36465F9-8732-4F7E-8EA1-2….jpeg)

File: 44381c111ed1d19⋯.jpeg (57.7 KB, 611x330, 611:330, 0C6F1023-1418-4F6A-8B2D-7….jpeg)

File: fe4fdeaa4cd5fb6⋯.jpeg (600.84 KB, 1221x640, 1221:640, F62ED784-86AC-43B5-BAA2-5….jpeg)

384851  No.4389328

File: abaa9a5b633511d⋯.jpeg (67.47 KB, 636x480, 53:40, 6A5FD024-1697-4CFB-B1A4-5….jpeg)

Geriatric politicians are great at kicking the can down the road so they can go on vacation.

How many “real” people can blow off their job before vaca

a27287  No.4389329


"there work"


"here work"

b00b6e  No.4389330


interdasting pattern recognition. Perhaps graphics from the past tweets crossed with scheduled launches is in order.

d0773b  No.4389331

File: 6c0d4df83ba3338⋯.jpeg (111.55 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 5B28CF79-A14B-4B6B-94C1-2….jpeg)

File: dc64aebd26a3bbc⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, 186B782E-9F09-434D-8C0C-14….png)

efafc7  No.4389332

Pleiades 1 Messages

P1 or Pleiades 1 is not a Pleiadian groups from the Pleiades. Even if we are all ONE, as has already been said, for a clearer and more comprehensible understanding, we will explain better.

P1 or Pleiades 1 are beings of the 17th dimension and are not Pleiadians as some people think.

They come from the seventeenth dimension through a portal in the Pleiades Star System, one of the countless interdimensional portals that exist there.

This group of spherical consciousnesses entered through the portal of the number 1, existing there at the Pleiades. Therefore, let’s say: Pleiades 1 = Consciences that have entered through the Portal 1, the Pleiades.

Disclosure News

655af6  No.4389333


Syria is a location hosting some key stargate portals to other important bases in the galaxy and that's why the battle there is important. Rumor has it that some bad ETs use the portals there extensively.

998728  No.4389335



d0e3c0  No.4389336


… we were doing “there” work

43cf44  No.4389337

>>4388691 l.b.


The court asserts that “there is no question” that the Corporation falls within the definition of a “foreign state” under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) for the purposes of sovereign immunity. It specifically cites 28 U.S.C. § 1603(b)(2), which addresses agencies and instrumentalities of foreign states and includes within that definition corporations that are majority-owned by foreign sovereigns. This almost certainly means that the Corporation is majority-owned by Country A, an inference with which the Corporation’s own arguments are consistent: as the court describes them, the Corporation’s argument would “completely insulate corporations majority owned by foreign governments from all criminal liability.” And under relevant case law, this ownership is almost certain to be direct, not through subsidiaries or other arrangements.

>Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA)

Now that's a law that needs to be changed. No corporation should be allowed to operate anywhere in the U.S. immune from criminal liability, period.


87bcf8  No.4389338

File: 098c11700e2e4b5⋯.jpeg (602.64 KB, 1221x640, 1221:640, 9007E8DD-4758-4B62-A6EF-2….jpeg)



Font fix on “traitor”

384851  No.4389339


Ahhh, you mean the Bushes won’t get control of the ConocoPhillips oil fields.

d7803d  No.4389340

File: 0d683a6a223f878⋯.jpg (521.85 KB, 987x788, 987:788, 0d683a6a223f8781e58ed4c0a5….jpg)

d0773b  No.4389341

File: 146720b553a5bb8⋯.gif (907.44 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 24CA4772-063D-450B-8446-42….gif)

3c90d4  No.4389342

Judge Nap. just said judge Sullivan should recuse himself from Flynn sentencing.

61e987  No.4389343

Panamafag here - During January 22-27, 2019 we are hosting the JMJ which is an event where we will receive more than 250k people from “around the world” to come and see the pope.(this happened in Denver 93’)

The government has already spent $25M (lajmjtecuesta.com) with the promise that this event will generate around $250M for the country, but they have failed to provide financial data to prove this and are refusing to answer simple questions about how the country is going to benefit from this event.

Our fear is that these pilgrims as they say, which I know people that are receiving up to 10 of them to stay at there house, will be criminals or refugees that will want to stay here in Panama illegally, and more so now that we signed the UN Migration Act.

4d260c  No.4389344

Is DMT the key to interacting with the wormholes?


121feb  No.4389345

File: 70d9438d492916f⋯.png (551.43 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Faggot brother Krass fag..png)

They are so fucking gay.

I can't believe people believe this shit.

d0e3c0  No.4389346

Shills just trying to make this board look “crazy” with stupid comments like “strange demonic presence” after reading Q and that Syria has ET portal.

a27287  No.4389348

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




This… whoa.

Over a game console (think XBOX/PS blackouts…)

a80030  No.4389349


What am I missing because I don't get it.

Q wants to deliver truth to the people.

Q talks about upholding values of constitution, patriotism, murica.

Q only supports limited intel to three reporters on one network who are all clearly biased MSM too (whom the general pop won't believe anyway)

What's the strategy here? There is a platform for truth dissemination right fucking here.

90be4d  No.4389350

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

61ee96  No.4389351

File: 9c46fa7beaf8f68⋯.png (423.95 KB, 1239x954, 413:318, ClipboardImage.png)


This one?

43cf44  No.4389352



>… we were doing “there” work

aka cleaning up Hussein's & NoName's mess

0fccd0  No.4389353

File: de185b50d30e66e⋯.jpg (103.55 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, 1509667792666m.jpg)

HILLDAWG is a VVitch AND a priestess.

She deserves FAR BETTER from you phone-it-in, low IQ, low-energy NPC shills.

Start putting some effort and energy into your work because HILLDAWG is WATCHING.

Representations were made to HILLDAWG.

“We will disrupt the board with sophisticated psyops, handcrafted by the best cognitive scientists to exploit zero-day defects in human neural processing.”

Does that mean posting the same MUH JEW meme over and over? Does it mean Furry spamming do you think? Does it mean gay interracial spamming?

You think HILLDAWG's going to tolerate (you) shills fucking her in front of anons?

HILLDAWG was promised the BEST shills.

You single use skidmarks can't even handle basic Kayfabe, or even just blend in without being called out not just as shills but as low IQ defective shills

Much safer to QUIT now if this is "high level operation" to you because HILLDAWG is not happy and she is NOT paying for this if you don’t up your game right now.

HILLDAWG didn't quit when she lost an election; despite spending a billion dollars, rigging returns in 12 states and having the entire mainstream media on her side 'cause HILLDAWGS NEVER QUIT.

You standing desk seat sniffers had better be worthy of HILLDAWGS trust and you'd better deliver on the “devastating and disruptive” psyops HILLDAWG was promised or (you) will discover what it's like to be eaten from the inside out by a VVitch AND a Priestess

cf4c8d  No.4389354

File: af0ea83ca8a1763⋯.png (107.96 KB, 634x205, 634:205, Screenshot_2018-12-20_11-5….png)


>Remember this day

4a0fc3  No.4389355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c090b2  No.4389356

File: a53201664015b3c⋯.jpg (531.14 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181220-065741….jpg)

And another DJT


384851  No.4389357


D-Day + 1

121feb  No.4389358


finally fight….

false flag?

29449a  No.4389359

File: 1e21ae42448ce67⋯.jpeg (259.65 KB, 750x738, 125:123, 8443EA44-14BA-4913-96B6-5….jpeg)

839c33  No.4389360

File: 874396d28c13c0b⋯.jpeg (350.29 KB, 750x941, 750:941, 3F62CF21-A894-48F0-A77B-F….jpeg)

All for a drone?

BREAKING: All flights departing and arriving at Gatwick Airport have now been suspended until at least 4pm (4 hours from now), 2 hours later than earlier stated, due to continuous drone activity around the Airport.

31c467  No.4389361


>SH, SC, and JS

SH = Sean Hannity?



d0773b  No.4389362

File: c28f65e90f2f4e0⋯.jpeg (102.57 KB, 602x452, 301:226, 9A1B2867-7957-415B-855D-8….jpeg)

File: d0673e09fe2d9ce⋯.jpeg (157.22 KB, 1125x444, 375:148, B055C0FD-55FF-48CD-B5B4-6….jpeg)

File: 0051aa12868bb73⋯.jpeg (304.81 KB, 1500x810, 50:27, 2E9F9723-F00E-4C4C-8457-E….jpeg)

File: d94768656fc370d⋯.jpeg (184.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 28057C7B-2B5E-44F2-80B9-0….jpeg)

File: e09eada747fd39a⋯.jpeg (42.7 KB, 306x481, 306:481, EA46673E-7420-4533-A380-3….jpeg)

31c467  No.4389363


so sowry… forgot (pb)

985426  No.4389364


Keep contracepting dumb shits…

The Muzzies sure aren't.

Patriots are being breeded away making this movement pointless.

c090b2  No.4389365


I think

Sean Hannity

Sarah Carter

John Sullivan

61ee96  No.4389366

74d064  No.4389367

>>4387770, >>4387899 Corbyn appears to call May 'stupid woman' in Parliament

My estimate of the British opinion re May.

Is she stupid? likely.

Is she a women? most likely.

On the face of it, then "stupid women" would probably be considered true by most British.

By trying to wuss out with his, "I said stupid people", in order to get his ass out of the wringer, Corbun basically convinced the majority of the British that he's full of shit.

Corbyn should have ridden the downside to a crushing victory by saying, "I wanted to say 'stupid bitch', but the tradition and history of this building and austere body kept me civil". He would have been lauded as the most honest politician British in history, and gotten his money's worth out of the hue and cry to boot.

Boy might need a little help in the trash-talking dept. from POTUS and Jr.

87bcf8  No.4389368


No doubt…

821064  No.4389369

Why would we do they’re work?

36f550  No.4389370


I believe Dmt changes your frequency allowing you to interact with being that are around us already. just on a different channel. like radio stations, we are tuned into one, but all the rest are still around us all the time.

cfb2e4  No.4389371

Could be of note: I arrived to Gatwick Wednesday evening at 18:30 – 2.5 hours before the drones closed the airport. What was peculiar was the presence of heavily armed police just before immigration. They had all incoming foot traffic form into one line and walk past a (presumably) drug-sniffing dog. I don't recall seeing this before at Gatwick or Heathrow. Why would you sniff for drugs before baggage claim?

cf4c8d  No.4389372


Didn't Q have a Russia post missing the I?

23f575  No.4389373


there vs. their

3d29e4  No.4389374

File: 14359dec9212ff6⋯.jpg (97.6 KB, 856x642, 4:3, 15452447378783.jpg)

Jesse Wade






In 1812, Samuel Manor founded the historic Wade Plantation. Manor was a revolutionary soldier and after the war, he moved from North Carolina to South Carolina. Here he met George and Mary Williamson and from them he purchased 2,523 acres of land on the Savannah River on the Georgia side. Maner moved to his Screven County property and named his new home Lebanon Forest.

Samuel Maner built his home on the same place that the current Wade Plantation house is located. Maner was a faithful Methodist and he opened his home to traveling Methodist preachers. His daughter Sarah met and married one of these preachers, the Rev. John Crawford.

Around 1816, Samuel Manor passed away and Sarah and John inherited the Georgia plantation. John Crawford passed away a few years after this. He and Sarah did not have any children. Sarah then married another Methodist preacher, the Rev. Peyton Lisby Wade. Sarah passed away without having any children and the Rev. Wade married her niece, Elizabeth Robert. Together they expanded their property to over 10,000 acres.

Peyton and Elizabeth raised eleven children Peyton passed on in 1866 and left everything to Elizabeth and their children. After Elizabeth passed on, the Wade Plantation went to their seventh child, Jesse Turpin Wade.

>>Jesse Wade was born on Wade Plantation in 1851. He was educated at and graduated from the Virginia Military Institute. As master of Wade Plantation he was called Captain Wade, his rank in the local Screven County militia. At the age of 36 he married Elizabeth Jones.

In 1844 the original plantation home built by Samuel Maner burned to the ground. Captain Wade built a new home using timber cut and sawed on Wade Plantation. Under Captain Wade's guidance, Wade Plantation grew and ginned their own cotton. Captain Wade built a plant on the plantation in which the cotton seed was converted into oil and meal. Fertilizer for new crops was was also prepared in this plant. He had a railroad constructed on the plantation to transport his cotton to the Savannah river where steamboats waited to take the loads to Savannah.

Captain Wade sold the train and the railroad iron to the U.S. government in 1917. The train and iron was loaded onto barges at Burton's Ferry landing and taken to the Argonne Forest for the army's use at the end of WWI.

The Wade family owned and operated Wade Plantation until 1954 when it passed out of their hands.

d0773b  No.4389375

File: 0a2d3bdd9f6aaaa⋯.jpeg (485.69 KB, 1125x1759, 1125:1759, 1F8AD3D0-3F83-45AC-B5E0-8….jpeg)

7a22a1  No.4389376


Nailed it. POTUS rocks!

821064  No.4389378


Bald guy on Hannity? Name is John Solomon…. Muh Jooooz

121feb  No.4389379


Yup! just russa















4f5ded  No.4389380

File: 1fc07e1d6318017⋯.jpg (8.98 KB, 204x255, 4:5, trumpcall.jpg)

c090b2  No.4389381



Sorry misspellings

Sean Hannity

Sara Carter

John Solomon

413f80  No.4389382


I first learned about the Federal Reserve System

in 1990 at the same time I learned about the ( Hidden Hand ) . I have telling anyone that would listen ever since, quickly made enemies of some that did not like what I was saying. Poppy said " New World Order " and I knew it just got real. !! Lost a job cause I spoke out about the abuse of police power at Waco, Never thought I would see A President that would stand up against TPTB, still not sure if I can TRUST!!!

915a38  No.4389383

File: b0b4dbc9bfd6b47⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7 7 7.png)

File: ebdfd971f65811b⋯.jpg (15.65 KB, 220x255, 44:51, 777.jpg)


New Moon actually occurs on Jan 5,6, and 7! ALL days are DARK.

Jan 6 would mark 6 months from the Normandy Invasion [D]ay which occurred on 6/6 (1944).

6/6/1944 = 6 6 (1+9+4+4=9) 9

669 (9 being an inverted six)

Symbolic numerology for them.

Make no mistake, number magic is being deployed!

Conversely, Jan 6 = 1+6+2+1+9=10 or 1 ONE


Jan 6 = 1+6= 7 x 2+1+9=12 / 1+2= 3

^^ 7 (3) times


We're canceling cabal numbers and replacing the evil with good!

Correction- Jan 5 New Moon to Jan 6: >>4389228

4d260c  No.4389384

>>4389370 I agree that's why I was asking the question about wormholes because it's all interdimensional travel and if everything is infinite in all directions how do you control like an ark Crystal you have to control the frequency you have to control the flow like a water faucet to get what you want out of it how do you control DMT which is naturally occurring


d0773b  No.4389385

File: ac1ea6682daae44⋯.png (420.32 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 05ACE08C-7849-4860-8DF8-7B….png)

d2ade1  No.4389386


Don't get me wrong, anon - I am the type who would fuck with the world's governments simply for the sake of doing so. Though mostly the ones who are… Undeserving of their rule.


Interesting use of keystone. You'll find the story of Gilgamesh very interesting. Unsure how relevant to Q, but… Probably more relevant to things well after declas.

The… Japanese know shit (or… The people funding their studios with export rights do….) I'll put it that way. How did they get to know so much?

They told us just the other night…

The trolls… Owls… Are not what they seem, most of the time.

Easiest way to hide is to make people not care to look at you.

Sometimes, those of us who think outside our heads are a little difficult to understand. I didn't particularly mean to alarm you, although I would be incorrect in saying my statement was not intended to provoke. In a sense.

a27287  No.4389387

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The things this guy is saying…

If this isn't fake, he's either contacted by the victims, or is a hacker, or a blend.

2eb289  No.4389388

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Beginning at 56:44, fascinating questions posed by a former Dept of Defense contractor to John MacArthur (the most knowledgeable and solid TRUE man of God out there) regarding AI, artificial life, "Voice of God" technology, etc and it's relationship to The Beast prophesied in The Revelation. He also mentions the existence of world-wide, underground shelter type abodes that is known to DOD.

154999  No.4389389

File: 537aacc1d036801⋯.mp4 (9.38 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

0a6014  No.4389390



baker notable when put together

think red castle/ green castle. red ornaments down.

81baea  No.4389391

File: 334fc8fd0e4bdea⋯.jpg (65.34 KB, 623x260, 623:260, hillary_scalps.jpg)


cf4c8d  No.4389392


Be nice to tie this all together.

49523c  No.4389393


hmmmm…odd indeed..ty anon

da3ff8  No.4389394

File: 4027e70c2710a33⋯.jpg (208.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ymhasih.jpg)

A thought for today anons

c940e2  No.4389395

File: 06f51c6f8a76dd5⋯.png (56.69 KB, 598x345, 26:15, ClipboardImage.png)

Does the USA want to be the Policeman of the Middle East, getting NOTHING but spending precious lives and trillions of dollars protecting others who, in almost all cases, do not appreciate what we are doing? Do we want to be there forever? Time for others to finally fight…..

3:56 AM - 20 Dec 2018


6a9149  No.4389396

File: 60be2b6c4e0b5a6⋯.png (50.16 KB, 645x369, 215:123, Safe 1.PNG)

File: 796554be3f188a8⋯.png (81.22 KB, 624x578, 312:289, Safe 2.PNG)

Of bumpstocks and non-compliance in New Jersey over the magazine ban.

New York led the way with Cuomo's Safe Act. Massive non-compliance.


90be4d  No.4389397

File: ef678915291bf50⋯.jpg (83.33 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, bush.JPG)

File: 57e3ee449b8cefc⋯.jpg (67.17 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, bush2.JPG)


There are no ETs.

Earth is flat, Sun is a light put there by Einstein, who btw, was the smartest man on this planet.

There is no other dimensions, so no interdimension beings.

The us gov is the best, full of honest people, and CIA help that.

Red Cross is working woth Mister Soros to impruve the world.

Rothschild is a honest family that help any of you, to have money on holidays, that you might have not.

Santa is not a fake story, invented by coca-cola, to grow sales.

Pharma is helping humanity, but they just don't jave cures.

Bill Gates is not a criminal!

Hillary will be a better president.

Piramids was made by keops-thumb.

He's mummy was in there, and many others.


Humans are the only one…..so beautiful and amazing people……..

Bush workd for us, as humnans, to evolve.

Here the proof!

a081f3  No.4389398

File: 5361e08f866fdf0⋯.png (316.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IS ISIS- But you must sell….png)

>>4389313 >>4389321 >>4389352

IS/ISIS- A sincere thank you to POTUS and President Putin, and all the personnel and operators involved in eliminating that scum.

It must have been a pleasure.

(And coincidentally, some cabal/DS assets also…)

1476c5  No.4389399

File: 937d1960e1635cf⋯.jpg (572.2 KB, 1056x948, 88:79, masa.jpg)


The great thing about supporting President Trump is he is constantly doing things that justify your support and makes you want to support him even more.

154999  No.4389400

File: a0f6ba9a2b9acac⋯.mp4 (9.58 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

d1a18b  No.4389401


I was in London on Tuesday and took a walk around Parliament and Downing St. I though there was less police presence than normal. Paddington station and the tubes were a different matter. I thought there was an increased police presence. Might just be the time of the year.

d0773b  No.4389402

File: 2e63209fba72729⋯.jpeg (141.95 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DB95DE1A-A4C8-4B31-962E-2….jpeg)

5e85fc  No.4389403

Nothing not expected but new article about; with minor exceptions, DOD/Pentagon failed audit (results made public Nov 15 2018)


5ffb00  No.4389404


Thank you anon

3b34d7  No.4389405

File: b0fb54330d6385b⋯.png (278.17 KB, 931x635, 931:635, more-not-winning.png)


There is no "panic" on the other side – for the past year, there has been nothing but open rejoicing from them. And why not? They are winning. If ever there was a "Plan", it's been defeated.

It's time for those of us who are not blind cult followers to start thinking about where to go from here. If Mr. Trump's presidency continues to fall to the plotters, what will be our center, our rallying point?

c940e2  No.4389406

File: 7c357622eaea19e⋯.png (19.63 KB, 649x163, 649:163, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a73455fb48a5370⋯.png (640.42 KB, 1220x2322, 610:1161, ClipboardImage.png)

Amazon error allowed Alexa user to eavesdrop on another home


FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A user of Amazon’s (AMZN.O) Alexa voice assistant in Germany got access to more than a thousand recordings from another user because of “a human error” by the company.

154999  No.4389407

File: f400ad75b5a1f3f⋯.mp4 (9.9 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

ec6507  No.4389408

2 drones on the airfield

d0773b  No.4389409

File: b6565321200deb1⋯.jpeg (55.54 KB, 778x477, 778:477, 6C2992AB-9200-4C56-94C8-B….jpeg)

File: 7b8b2967b9399ca⋯.jpeg (114.2 KB, 810x540, 3:2, 81738AA0-1852-4EF8-9ACD-A….jpeg)

87bcf8  No.4389410

File: cd1d6e2cd71fa16⋯.jpeg (64.45 KB, 640x753, 640:753, 395B5631-D761-4CED-B46B-B….jpeg)


Higher res…

cf4c8d  No.4389411

File: 464e0e98c467875⋯.jpeg (219.41 KB, 1280x852, 320:213, FLOTUSPepe.jpeg)


GOD bless all in harms way.

985426  No.4389412

Is Q still real if Trump signs the continuing resolution?

It's the perfect test.

Sounds like Trump will get the bill. If he signs, Q's fake.

If he DOES NOT SIGN, Q is legit because Trump is using the MIL for Boarder Security, which is National Security.

Bring it. (you)

23f575  No.4389413


even for so-called fake news, the latest news headlines seem so canned

ec6507  No.4389414

2 drones on airfield

cf0c05  No.4389415

>Why does the FAKE NEWS media continually attack a (as they say) so-called 'only a conspiracy' 'nothing to see here' 'lonely guy behind a keyboard' movement?

>The largest media co's in the world giving so much attention…. WASH POST leading the attack?

Look at the balls on this scam artist, the mainstream media ia giving attention to this fucking LARP because it's designed to be mocked as a LARP because it's a PSYOP FUCKING LARP

Q hasn't done a fucking thing, nothing, revealed ZERO and really, how many posts now has Q made SUCKING HIS OWN DICK ? Tonnes. And there it is again. No one gives a fuck if the Washington Post writes a story about you Q anon, especially if it doesn't expose you properly, exactly how you never exposed Alex Jones properly and why you let faggots like Jordan Sayther make you look like a fucking nutjob when he goes around saying he definitely knows how to cure cancer and stuff like that. There may be some truth to what he's saying but he's still a fucking idiot to bring that shit into it and you know it.

Just stop fucking LARPING you cock sucker.

6866b7  No.4389416

File: a297d1abcc2ca52⋯.jpg (11.73 KB, 350x440, 35:44, RiddickBushClinton.jpg)


Full name on Marker is Jesse Wade Stites

Master Sgt Travis Riddick was onboard same flight as Jesse

Riddick was also Pilot for Clinton and Bush


4f5ded  No.4389417


Fake and Ghey

36f550  No.4389418


interesting. so you think your traveling in a way during the trip? like visiting another planet type travel? The rip we hear could be that..

I always thought we stayed here and tuned into something different. but you could be correct.

the experience was out of this world, and every time made me feel like what i witnessed was the real world .. and this was a dream state.

be635a  No.4389419


Glorious the ABC has always been infested with Satanic pedos, they never seem to get called on it though.

c5c09a  No.4389420


Winners win

POTUS is a winner

tired of winning yet?

5ffb00  No.4389421

so far friends

>>4389228, >>4389235 [D] Day - We Will Have Our Country Back?

>>4389262 Kim Dotcom's wife joins his legal team for Supreme Court extradition appeal

>>4389280, >>4389360 This is deliberate… there's a drone on my airfield

>>4389287, >>4389312 Think Green/Red Castle.


>>4389374 In 1812, Samuel Manor founded the historic Wade Plantation

requesting hand off

2eb289  No.4389422


thank you, Mr. President, sir

154999  No.4389423

File: 1174964789f1c0a⋯.mp4 (11.22 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

a81a20  No.4389424



Sauce it

3288b7  No.4389425


>Russia, Iran, Syria & others are the local enemy of ISIS

>mentions Iran as the good guys

>doesn't mention Israel

Holy shit, it's really happening. Will Israel false-flag itself today?

be635a  No.4389426


Can't believe you're dissing Edgar Cayce and the father of human kind

154999  No.4389427

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I am making a permanent archive of that documentary here on the 8c server, so the cabal can't censor it.

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlgTgIOmRT4

e17f87  No.4389428

>>4388994 (pb)

>>4388995 (pb)

>>4389050 (pb)

Wondering if the judge's order to disclose all donors to NXIVM trust fund is related or causal to the delayed flights from Gatwick. All flights delayed until 1pm London time; deadline for disclosure is High Noon in DC. Not sure how to dig this though.

a27287  No.4389429



No… apparently it's real…


"Youtube Anti-Bullying Troll. I prank those who deserve a little 'scare'. Australia's #1 Troller.

Your bullies fear me, and your mothers love me."

He's trolling, yes, but that's real emotion on the other end of the line.

Apparently there's a form you can fill out to bring his attention to something, according to the youtube comments.


daea48  No.4389430


Look, I don't know if you're concernfagging or if you are a shill.

Sit back and take a very deep breath. What you are witnessing is the best military attack on an enemy this world has ever seen. Books will be written about what has been done for centuries to come.

It is all about optics. Make your enemy comfortable so they screw up. Then, spring the trap.

We are almost there…

c090b2  No.4389431

File: 072b041880da5fe⋯.jpg (71.3 KB, 711x474, 3:2, 960x0.jpg)

Always interested in these given Mark Taylor's prophecies.

Forbes: https://twitter.com/Forbes/status/1075722487705542656?s=19

What A Virtually Untouched 4,400-year-old Ancient Egyptian Tomb Might Reveal

DSA: This new tomb might be full of ‘beautiful things,’ but what can archaeologists learn by excavating another tomb in Egypt?

LAW: This is a tomb of a high official, so it gives us insight into the bureaucracy of the 5th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt. When we think about Egypt, we tend to think of a Pharaoh who controlled the whole country, but what becomes clear with tombs such as this is how complex the bureaucracy under Pharaoh was. This tomb highlights how one individual held multiple roles and how those roles might have been interconnected. Since Wahtye was buried in a royal necropolis, he was obviously associated with the Pharaoh, but he also carried several titles that are reflective of the religious hierarchy, so we see how religion and state intertwined in the Old Kingdom.

DSA: What makes the site of Saqqara, where this tomb was found, an important place?

LAW: The first pyramid built in Egypt – the Step Pyramid – was built at Saqqara during the 3rd Dynasty. During the 4th Dynasty, Giza became the burial place of choice for the Pharaohs, and we of course have the height of pyramid architecture at this time. When it comes to the 5th Dynasty, Pharaohs were buried at multiple different sites, and the private citizens who served them were not necessarily buried at the same site as the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh that Wahtye worked under, Neferirkare, was buried at Abusir, a site further south. What we see is a breaking from the 4th Dynasty conventions where Pharaoh and his administration were kept very close and tight together in both life and death, and now in the 5th Dynasty the administration became more complex and diffused. Also, at this point, positions within the government bureaucracy had a hereditary element. So, it is interesting that Saqqara continued to be an important place to the Old Kingdom Egyptians. Wahtye’s burial in Saqqara, away from the king he served, combined with his titles indicates that he was not a particularly high-ranking individual, though he was part of the bureaucracy and the royal network.

DSA: What do you mean by not high-ranking?

LAW: In the Egyptian bureaucracy you had Pharaoh on top, then you had the man right under him who was the Vizier. This individual would have made a lot of the day to day decisions running the government. Under the Vizier there was a whole slew of other people. It is hard to make a simple hierarchy out of it. Some titles denoted rank and not actual responsibilities. If Wahtye were someone closely associated with the Pharaoh, like the Vizier, or the head priest of a state deity, or even if he were a royal hair dresser who would touch Pharaoh’s body, he would have been in a more important position. This person was lower in the hierarchy.

DSA: Wahtye chose to be depicted in his tomb with a relief featuring his wife and mother. What was the importance of these family roles during the Old Kingdom?

LAW: Ancient Egyptians aspired to have families. That was one of the most important things you could do, to be a father or mother of children. The family line was incredibly important to the Egyptian afterlife. In order to live forever, you needed someone to come and leave you food and offerings. Without a family that would not happen. Having your wife and mother in your tomb was important; your wife, of course, was necessary for continuing the family line, and your mother is the person who brought you into this world. It makes sense that you would reference that person as you pass into the next world. Mothers and fathers are incredibly important figures in Egyptians’ lives.

DSA: We are looking at the tomb of a royal official, but can a discovery like this teach us more about the lives of average people lived during the Old Kingdom?

LAW: We can use this tomb to learn about what life was like for this person, this particular class of person, and particularly how the 5th Dynasty was operating at this point in time. The painted scenes and statues are stunning but remember that Egyptian art was very idealized. Wahtye was likely a land owner, based on what we know of other officials of similar ranks, and that land is likely where much of his personal wealth came from. He used his tomb to present to us an idealized view of his estates. He would not have done any of the farming or labor himself. Catching reality in these images was not the goal. One of the interesting points to look forward to will be to see if the Egyptian team finds untouched shafts with human remains and offerings. Understanding

61ee96  No.4389432


doesn't mention Turkey either

b00b6e  No.4389433


nice timestamp

cf0c05  No.4389434

funny how Trump pulls America out of Syria but the Australian Prime Minister goes to Iraq and commits to staying in the middle east.

Probably more bullshit as usual

43cf44  No.4389435

File: e94d272a1aac7df⋯.jpg (114.87 KB, 1358x758, 679:379, osprey-patriots.jpg)


Good morning.

Brilliant shot.

You too.

e17f87  No.4389436


I think the most important part of that DJT tweet is the closing statement: "Time to come home and rebuild."

831e40  No.4389437

File: 69c6582b16531d7⋯.jpeg (95.29 KB, 1440x821, 1440:821, 1535756471.jpeg)

0788ba  No.4389438

File: ad6e6611c643036⋯.png (18.16 KB, 255x60, 17:4, image.png)



Q always writes "C_A", instead of CIA.

Why does he do this?

To show us that the "I" is missing here.

Where is the "I"


When Q writes about the C_A.

Look it up on qmap.

When Trump tells us that "we were doing there work", he tells us ("I" is missing) that we were doing the CIA's work! (pic related)

be635a  No.4389439


They were planning it so long..I think it was an inside inside job.

a80030  No.4389440


>What you are witnessing is the best military attack on an enemy this world has ever seen.

The absolute state of delusional, cultish anons here is historic in itself. Fucking Qtards

349fc3  No.4389441


DW is definitely limited hangout material. He's disclosed some nugs, but overall, he's a flaming alien-savior drone. He cannot wait to be rescued! Kek.Really doe, his vids are ok.

4d260c  No.4389442


yeah but I think if you ever taken an Ayahuasca journey you are you definitely move out of this existence to a different one and I think I've never smoked DMT but I've heard it's a very short duration of the same thing I don't know whether you can travel through a wormhole with such a short duration with the Ayahuasca it's 4 hours and you can definitely journey and see quite a bit and then then when you come back you know it's just how do we do that without needing something to propagate it you know drug free

c940e2  No.4389443

File: 39ebac637afa946⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1208x4313, 1208:4313, ClipboardImage.png)

Jebus … The Compost brings it back to NK can't leave it alone it seems. Muh nuke fears.

"North Korea rejects denuclearization unless U.S. ‘nuclear threat’ is eliminated"


384851  No.4389444


Yup…that’s the one

61ee96  No.4389445

File: c2ba71205df7e80⋯.png (575.77 KB, 700x522, 350:261, ClipboardImage.png)



16dea8  No.4389446

"The Storm" has a double meaning whether or not Q or Potus intended it. There are very real strong forces of nature already here for a while but getting far far worse in the next few years. I know that we all wanted mass arrests a long time ago, but this process of arrests does not end in January, or whenever the arrests finally come. That is a start.

The very real storm comes shortly. This is not a question, not a guess, or an interpretation of Youtube based research. This is a force of nature that will be here. It has already been planned for a while that it is a part of the Awakening.

As crazy as you may think it is now, or as much as you think this is a larp, when it comes considering how bad it is, and that it gets worse over the next few years, it will be very easy to get scared. If you happen to remember this at that time, remember it is OUR storm. It is OUR ALLY. We are mostly safe. Others are not. They are preparing their DUMBS/bunkers. They know how bad it is and that it is coming. They may not know it is coming for them. They have need to be scared. They have need to hide in bunkers. They are the target of it, and it is not something to mess with. This is not a man made storm. This is not weather manipulation. This is a true strong force of nature that is unstoppable and very very serious. They say it can end civilizations, but despite this do not be afraid when it comes. It is OUR storm, and we can ride through the middle of it and be fine for the most part. It will help clear out the trash as well, and the world that emerges from the storm is our world where we can ensure that corruption never takes hold like that again.

a27287  No.4389447

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




"Submit Your Friend/Enemy To Be Trolled By Me

(8chan doesn't like the address style)"


a81a20  No.4389448


thank you. Good video

1476c5  No.4389449



I like it.

646bce  No.4389450

File: e6de55739e97244⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2011, 1440:2011, xb3cJVw.png)

Daily reminder to never trust the bongers, I mean brits.

ec6507  No.4389451

would be interesting to know which type of drones it was (reportedly 2 on the airfield)

cause most of commercial drones have geofencing for at least class c airspace

this would hint to 2 pilots with DIY drones evading geofencing via missionplanner/pixhawk

or some racing/freestyle quads without gps

anyhow it is very odd and looks like planned to fly on there, maybe a tactic to hinder flights from leaving

0a6014  No.4389452


no question about it. 100% obvious if you've been following along

413f80  No.4389453


It is TIME

831e40  No.4389454

File: 4320dd3b11c28fa⋯.gif (3.63 MB, 400x294, 200:147, O52Ri6.gif)

b00b6e  No.4389455


I did mention the more than likely possibility we anons have literally replaced the intelligence portion of the clowns and feebs which had to be dismantled due to inability to clean efficiently and effectively….with all the shit we DO know, it is not beyond the realm of possibility.

c090b2  No.4389456

File: a745c3ba57d4997⋯.jpg (548.3 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181220-071943….jpg)



efafc7  No.4389457


It holds many keys.

What is illusion/real is at this point in time for the writer of this message is unclear.

The writer have a hard time letting go, and do not know what to let go of, and most importantly the "why" must be understood.

The writer must know how to impact the verse/verses with least amount of damage to the surroundings.

The writer did manage to let go for 1 day only to cry when said individual saw a excavator digging into the Earth to make roads.

The love is so strong that watching health being dug up for roads was too much to handle.

I am writing this as the observer to this individual.

It is obviously too much love, that when he sees something that breaks free-will, or influence that is promoting death and "lower" energies hate starts to accumulate.

I fear he will bubble up so much hate for the surroundings that when he burst he will destroy the entire universe. Making it hard to be anywhere on the planet.

The writer follows no script at this moment and writes by pure reaction.

DMT is hefty. Be careful.

He have only smoked "changa".


The thing is; if this is "me" that I see… If I change "Me" I change the world I hear and read.

I did change only to wake up to the hate around me, the plots, the choices of death, the breaking of free-will.

It would be fine if it was not intended.

But I soon realized that it was with intent they broke my free-will.

And here is the paradox; If this is "me" doing it to myself then it must be a higher goal yes? since I only want a healthy planet and if possible entire verse.

If it is not me "mirror", and I am out of duality then it is just plain evil I see.

"you dont know that you dont know" - How do you know what you dont know?

Spells.Why? It is no love in spelling Thus the entire universe is fake.

That is why nothing is real.

I say, stay of the Changa.

What Q+ say about the truth I at this point in time do not at all regard as a false statement.

"This statement is false" would be the only true sentence in the history of the universe along with total silence, making me think that if we developed mental "telepathy" we can spare the verse and the beings in it for suffering with the spoken words of love, goodness and health.

Dissecting the words, and sentences will shoe what they manifest.

Love = Evol - What sound does that remind you of?

What is a paradox?

What is a black hole and why did Hawking study it so long?

Anyway. ramble ramble.

Have fun with this. I did not.

cf0c05  No.4389458


he's a shill just like the rest, David can't help being narcissistic just take a step back and look at how much he talks about how smart and how great he is. It's a very common thing for shills. I think they do it deliberately to some degree, they know it makes people mad and thus creates anger and division and plus in the modern age people that get pissed may also then signal boost that hes a scam artist elsewhere on the net, but that just brings attention, and when you're a shill you're protected from ever really getting exposed and going down so who cares

821064  No.4389459

I think Q misses the I in. C_A because he is telling you he is CIA but not loyal to the cabal. >>4389438

159d71  No.4389460

File: ad102011aa3629d⋯.png (955.7 KB, 1404x2048, 351:512, Screenshot_20181220-071807.png)

The toppling of the fake news media is beginning methinks?

https:// www.foxnews.com/world/german-star-reporter-forced-to-resign-after-admitting-to-have-fabricated-multiple-stories

The German magazine Der Spiegel revealed Wednesday that one of its top award-winning journalists fabricated many of his articles, inventing characters, sources, and their quotes “on a grand scale” for many years.

Claas Relotius, a reporter and editor, admitted to fabricating parts of at least 14 stories following the magazine’s internal investigation. The publication said the issue “marks a low point in the 70-year history of Der Spiegel.”

“I am sick and I need to get help,” he reportedly told the magazine.

695566  No.4389461

File: 8a5f3e845f08f83⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1102x924, 551:462, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)

File: d3fac5cf0cd2475⋯.png (107.55 KB, 265x363, 265:363, trumprallygirl2.png)

I just found this in Potus tweet comments, had no idea plaid shirt guy made it out of qresearch.

0788ba  No.4389462




This IS the solution to all the missing "I" posts.

Elon Musk: the same thing

Whereever the "I" is missing, Q and Trump are telling us about the "C_A"

154999  No.4389463

File: c2b89ea1e538cd9⋯.mp4 (10.06 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)


My pleasure fren.

1476c5  No.4389464

File: 596e5ec1413865f⋯.png (46.46 KB, 460x204, 115:51, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)


nice id.

90be4d  No.4389465


I hope all of you, will attend he's father cemetery, cos he was a great man.

That was in the cia and helped JFK assasination.

Nad made a fortune w/ drugs.

And jope that I will not have powers, to fkin kill all the criminals and jerks on this planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

b00b6e  No.4389466


also remember, back in the beginning…..sniffer programs were primary concern, now though, I think not, as the idea has changed from informing us here to informing the rest of the world to Q….

47c5ec  No.4389467

File: 98e00603aa5cdb5⋯.jpg (67.92 KB, 768x511, 768:511, Doomed.jpg)

b00b6e  No.4389468


ya I caught that one in the beginning of the bread, kek

0a6014  No.4389469


baker possibly notable

i'd call this notable just to bring moar attention to it. it is very possible and a great observation.

missing "I" in djt tweet indicates C_A?

413f80  No.4389470


Did the US Presence hold everyone back?

Will leaving cause anything??

23f575  No.4389471


Thank God for President Trump

trying to end America's participation in perpetual war

349fc3  No.4389472


tits or gtfo

efafc7  No.4389473


Dmt and changa can take you anywhere for any amount of "relative" time.

Anywhere.. 1sec- 1000 years. The suddenly you come out with wtf was that?

I was in there for 80 years!! what the HELL!

4c4beb  No.4389474

>>4389460 Writer touted by CNN as ' Journalist of the Year' Forced to Resign for Fabricating Stories


154999  No.4389475

File: 51f6d07bfb88b30⋯.mp4 (9.3 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

349fc3  No.4389476


c940e2  No.4389477

File: 7a4693ad62c6a55⋯.png (57.17 KB, 596x340, 149:85, ClipboardImage.png)

….Russia, Iran, Syria & many others are not happy about the U.S. leaving, despite what the Fake News says, because now they will have to fight ISIS and others, who they hate, without us. I am building by far the most powerful military in the world. ISIS hits us they are doomed!

4:16 AM - 20 Dec 2018


4d260c  No.4389478

I am trying to grasp it, this helps


21fbdb  No.4389479


Don’t fight Darwinism, it’s our friend.

6866b7  No.4389480

File: bc5bba36e1ff134⋯.jpg (41.31 KB, 720x540, 4:3, missafghan.jpg)

e17f87  No.4389481


>>"“I am sick and I need to get help,” he reportedly told the magazine."

"These people are sick!" -Q

b00b6e  No.4389482

dfe212  No.4389484

So Q did your people get any sleep last night ?

12am Tweets .. 6am Tweets .. you seem rather busy ;)

c940e2  No.4389485


>>4389395 1st

>>4389477 2nd

d60c25  No.4389486

File: 0431594ab28b485⋯.jpg (156.37 KB, 657x974, 657:974, 2000yroldsatanic.jpg)

File: 0d1ae67752f0354⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 1935x1847, 1935:1847, 2000yroldsatanic02.jpg)

File: 5fde277825a52b4⋯.jpg (559.2 KB, 698x954, 349:477, 2000yroldsatanic03.jpg)

File: 3e646c4b4bb4727⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 2470x2374, 1235:1187, 2000yroldsatanic04.jpg)

File: db68411a5c15c3e⋯.jpg (187.72 KB, 471x586, 471:586, 2000yroldsatanic05.jpg)

/pol/ Luciferian/Occult Thread up. Artifacts and videos.


36f550  No.4389487


I have only smoked it but always wanted to try Ayahuasca. my experience is short and only lasts for 10 min or so. you get a flush of feeling wonderful, then you zip or flash out of where you are and then experience another place filled with light and love beings that show you around. Very safe and loving trip. And having done it a few times always leaves me feeling like what I experienced was "home" or how things should be or maybe really are…

absolutely my favorite drug type or even life experience.

ec6507  No.4389488

4f5ded  No.4389489


That is pretty hard to swallow as well. Clowns and No such agency do not get along even a little

2a97c0  No.4389490


in other words

how to find new handlers like the old saudis bin talal

831e40  No.4389491

File: ac2189bfd34a400⋯.gif (51.24 KB, 220x164, 55:41, tenor_1.gif)

0788ba  No.4389492

File: 2e03a87d5032970⋯.png (18.57 KB, 255x60, 17:4, image.png)


Q always writes "C_A", instead of CIA.

Why does he do this?

To show us that the "I" is missing here.

Where is the "I"


When Q writes about the C_A.

Look it up on qmap.

When Trump tells us that "we were doing there work", he tells us ("I" is missing) that we were doing the CIA's work! (pic related)

61ee96  No.4389493

File: 9517d8671b3cd22⋯.jpg (400.73 KB, 719x900, 719:900, European crested tit.jpg)

File: 3b842c83b261e1d⋯.jpg (985.27 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, tufted titmouse.jpg)

File: dd4f57ce128ea87⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 1643x1297, 1643:1297, Blue-footed boobies.jpg)

154999  No.4389494

File: 9d41174fa51ca75⋯.mp4 (9.42 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

4d260c  No.4389495


How do we control that? Dyslexics are so lucky

c940e2  No.4389496


20m delta

06e739  No.4389497

File: f3366f850a40063⋯.png (995.72 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a1a562039eca04⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1024x694, 512:347, ClipboardImage.png)

ThanQ from across time <3

142c43  No.4389498

Anns I believe Jayda Fransen is an MI5 agent!

4d260c  No.4389499


I think that's because it's naturally occurring it's not an artificial influence no we make it how do we regulate it?

cf0c05  No.4389500


it's just a shell game, while Trump says the US is pulling out they send the Australian LACKEY Scott Morrison over there, probably just to run the whole thing exactly the same way but under a different banner, who knows maybe they just assign USsquads to Australian command, at least on paper

4f3502  No.4389501

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This Niggar, Malcom Nance.

Spews projected occult magicks, like a firehose.

Not sure if Niggars understand;

We speak for God and should be VERY careful;

Our "Ideas" are not our own & should be guarded VERY closely.


Check the recent, 12/18 eps of Tucker (posted video, 5:15 mark),

Where Nance's "Disinformation Frame" is reacted to,

Note Nance bitching: Americans DISMISSING LOGIC as a result.

Disinformation Frame = ANTI-LOGIC FIELD.

"Logic" defines our PERCEIVED reality.

"Logic" is self-defined according to what we figure & are taught.

"Logic" is what binds us to reality, gravity, laws of physics, etc.

"Magic" begins when logic is disrupted, for an individual, group, or area;

The original disrupter can them redefine, aka "hack", the disrupted logic.

THIS is what the RUSSIAN HACKING bitching is all about.




The shift into depraved liberalism under HUSSEIN was due the use of ANTI-LOGICS.

THIS is why men, white men in particular, are suffering so;

Remove from them logic AND their anti-logic support (women),

And the physiological underpinnings of their psychobiology crumbles;

Niggars less affected cos we are used to (re)defining our own shit;

And THIS is why POTUS & Q-group are so interested in Blacks.

Logic is ALWAYS needed to ensure a non-subjective, order-bound REALITY;

LIGHT is a by-product of creating a reality bound by mass-consensus;

POTUS is trying to ensure that the NEW ORDER flows seamlessly from the old;

Otherwise, "10 Days of Darkness" from which no one–not even GOD–knows what arises.

Did you know that you have WINGS~~?

My guess, is that this forum exists for the same reason POTUS wants the Wall;

It guarantees that what emerges from Chaos is FAR less palatable than cooperation;

And for this to work, POTUS has to be absolutely determined to make/allow it to happen;

Funny the recent news that we have Syrian detachments suddenly being reassigned…


"Fuck it".

"Fuck it".

349fc3  No.4389502


I'd smash

d0773b  No.4389503

File: 63b22f1d8db127b⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 245x265, 49:53, 750932E4-2A68-47BE-B5D2-F2….gif)

File: 6d6c3980716c6d6⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 320x320, 1:1, C46654D3-24D4-45A2-B231-88….gif)

File: 0aff05c21750c15⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 490x270, 49:27, 696363F8-1E9F-4105-BCA7-9E….gif)

File: f21ce2897dbef09⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 268x230, 134:115, 7D6BB572-CC09-4AA6-8ED7-FA….gif)

be635a  No.4389504


WTC 7 looked like a normal controlled demolition and WTC 1 and 2 looked like dew blast demolitions. Also the planes were holographic IMO.

1476c5  No.4389505

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Meme acquired.

5f42e2  No.4389506


Not to slide but noticed in my lifetime girls used to be much hotter looking, they wore makeup nicely and nice clothes. Now they dye their hair gray, put in face rings, are fat, become dykes, when they wear makeup it's garish, and are nasty to even talk with. Always wondered if it's something in the water, or a frequency, a vibe that made them change into witches.

43cf44  No.4389507

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Well said. Nice meme.


And prayers to all the families of the soldiers who lost their lives.

Now it's time to take care of those involved in perpetuating that scum.

b00b6e  No.4389508


trust yourself….at this point, the division is only apparent within the fake news. YOU are 100% completely correct to not have faith in a presiding power….it is and has been YOU all along whom has the powers of observation and knowing something is not right. We were all forced into seclusion. We are coming into the light now. Always trust yourself. You are here for a reason, as we all are. You have faith that there are others like you out there. Best advice I can give, from one gen to the other.

154999  No.4389509

File: a2f8357bebb3f48⋯.mp4 (10.64 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

a081f3  No.4389510

>>4389455 'replaced'; 'we anons have literally replaced the intelligence portion of the clowns and feebs which had to be dismantled due to inability to clean efficiently and effectively'

Sorry, that's a nice thought but I don't think that it is realistic.

A supplementary window to the public, a vehicle to drive opinion? Maybe. To find new items and/or add to some intelligence, sure.

Completely replace, not likely.

23f575  No.4389511


with neocons going down in flames ala The Weekly Standard, the whole 9/11 macabe docudrama is about to be exposed, so yes, put my faith in President Trump

7d9847  No.4389512

File: c7f4d141cb6b1a5⋯.jpg (10.42 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 9c92003bf6188fc06c9a51072e….jpg)

050a70  No.4389513

File: 0fc027fa89714c9⋯.jpg (179.65 KB, 1280x544, 40:17, doubt.jpg)

142c43  No.4389514

"Bring the boys back home" Pink Floyd.

Is DJT bringing the boys home for the ARRESTS?

c940e2  No.4389515

File: 035189efd50731a⋯.png (56.81 KB, 580x346, 290:173, ClipboardImage.png)


The Democrats, who know Steel Slats (Wall) are necessary for Border Security, are putting politics over Country. What they are just beginning to realize is that I will not sign any of their legislation, including infrastructure, unless it has perfect Border Security. U.S.A. WINS!

4:28 AM - 20 Dec 2018


13ffe2  No.4389516

File: 0b248a8fc5acea2⋯.jpeg (167.61 KB, 888x499, 888:499, morning.shift.sunrise.jpeg)


Imagine a world without the cabal.

Cures for cancer.

No poison in our food or skies.

Fair trade and commerce with all nations.

Less government. Less oppression. Less taxes.

Peace among men.


646bce  No.4389517


>Sit back and take a very deep breath. What you are witnessing is the best military attack on an enemy this world has ever seen. Books will be written about what has been done for centuries to come.

Will the books be written at tricycle speed as well?

Just wonderin

0fccd0  No.4389518

File: c047ee45a37bd01⋯.png (1.06 MB, 940x677, 940:677, 5508876842_b0c5083681_o2-9….png)


Jayden Franzen arrest ?


avoiding (you)?

paytriots have mercenary ambitions

they post here

but we're only anonymous to each other

and some of us are not

anonymous at all

to anyone.

413f80  No.4389519

File: 1e13bf6607cc4f2⋯.png (492.08 KB, 769x667, 769:667, Salih.PNG)


Watch Damascus


Isaiah 17 English Standard Version (ESV)

An Oracle Concerning Damascus

17 An oracle concerning Damascus.

Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city

and will become a heap of ruins.

2 The cities of Aroer are deserted;

they will be for flocks,

which will lie down, and none will make them afraid.

3 The fortress will disappear from Ephraim,

and the kingdom from Damascus;

and the remnant of Syria will be

like the glory of the children of Israel,

declares the Lord of hosts.

4 And in that day the glory of Jacob will be brought low,

and the fat of his flesh will grow lean.

5 And it shall be as when the reaper gathers standing grain

and his arm harvests the ears,

and as when one gleans the ears of grain

in the Valley of Rephaim.

6 Gleanings will be left in it,

as when an olive tree is beaten—

two or three berries

in the top of the highest bough,

four or five

on the branches of a fruit tree,

declares the Lord God of Israel.

b12312  No.4389520

I searched out the truth alone for nearly 10 years before I met like minded. Still years later only a handful of us.


61ee96  No.4389521


Bizarre fake police force included Kamala Harris aide.

Masonic Fraternal Police Department

cd991f  No.4389522


They are puppets, Q has SH SC and JS by the balls and they are FORCED on stage.


Like mueller, SH SC and JS are choosing FREEDOM over (((them)))

Really suggest not reading the latest drops until you memorize the first 2500 otherwise you are open for interpretation as a slide a newfag or an idiot, I’m leaning newfag. Don’t prove me wrong.

cf0c05  No.4389523


you reckon we'll see arrests before nibiru causes a pole shift or x22report gets past 10,000 youtube videos ? that's a lot times to make an "any day now …" video LOL

154999  No.4389524

File: d0d750adcdbe556⋯.mp4 (10.56 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

4c4beb  No.4389525



Thank you POTUS!

831e40  No.4389526


Been trying to redpill a good friend on tower 7 for months. People are stubborn. I mean it's So obvious it was demolition.

I am not sure about the hologram theory yet. Possible for sure.

Bottom line our government was behind it 100%

e28a80  No.4389527


how long has this been going for? , seems like hours and hours

did a small amount of digging on battery life of 'professional' drones , max flying time i could find was 38mins. Granted a modified one would probably be more, but due to the length of this event , there are either multiple drones being used in a relay type system by one operator, multiple drones being used by multiple operators, or drones being used as a cover for something else that has shut the airport down.

3288b7  No.4389528


I didn't even notice this, but this is a fantastic amateur film and I'd recommend that anyone who hasn't watched it should make time to watch it, or at least see if hooks you.

a7aea3  No.4389529



a81a20  No.4389530


>We were all forced into seclusion.

My parents…they knew what was happening but had no power to change it…fucking Jesuits

((((they))) ruined our lives

Every POS member of the cabal needs to burn at the stake for ruining the lives of millions of people

d0773b  No.4389531

File: 4e5de42a505c9d4⋯.gif (834.45 KB, 242x142, 121:71, C92071CB-4432-4C7A-BC6C-8C….gif)

File: 53f732217dd01c8⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 471x251, 471:251, C82514F0-CF53-4F9E-AE62-E8….gif)

a81a20  No.4389532

ee3176  No.4389533


Cause that way they don’t have to worry about being approached by a guy. Those that secretly want a guy can whine that men are bad… and those who truly hate guys can sit back and not have to worry.

In a nutshell, they’re ugly on purpose

8f5ea1  No.4389534

File: 731f59cb29e06eb⋯.png (438.86 KB, 640x432, 40:27, DemocratsSteelSlats.png)


Steel Slats

cf4d36  No.4389535

I believe Soros is being propped up by the MSM and those who drink from his well.

If what we have seen of his activities, the caravans, POTUS and Qteam are closing in on him and his "friends." In my opinion.

1476c5  No.4389536

File: be6e731620c7ba8⋯.png (79.2 KB, 743x387, 743:387, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)


He was going on about those "artisitc" steal slats last night too.

c940e2  No.4389537



59995d  No.4389538

File: eeba94dd38b0c74⋯.jpg (86.29 KB, 639x480, 213:160, IZJISISNamed~MCCAINJohn~2o….jpg)

File: 7fc4eb580a1427e⋯.jpg (160.38 KB, 640x596, 160:149, IZJ~ELLIOTShimonMOSSAD~ELB….jpg)

File: acd4885255a183a⋯.png (1.7 MB, 730x5250, 73:525, IZJISIS(ISIS Is a US-Israe….png)



The person in the first image, also the second from left in the group photo who seems kind of camera-shy, is Abu Bakr Khalife al Baghdadi, also known as Simon (Shimon) Elliot, the head of ISIS, a Mossad agent born of Israeli parents.

IS, ISIL, ISIS has been created, funded, and managed by a US-Israeli coalition:

ISIS Is a US-Israeli Creation. Top Ten “Indications”


61ee96  No.4389539


Larry Silverstein on WTC7: "You know we've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it, and they made that decision to pull, then we watched the building collapse."

d0773b  No.4389540

File: e868aea58c55e15⋯.gif (2 MB, 350x227, 350:227, A30F637A-95AD-4D71-BDBC-B1….gif)

3767f9  No.4389541




Stop Datefags just Stop.

Please - cult leaders pick dates for stuff - just stop.

This thing is getting silly - how many times this date that date - just stop.

Right now you could argue that Q is Assad - D - day is the day we get our country back since Trump announced withdrawal. Q has actually done nothing - Trump has been stopped 6 times out 10 and we scream we are winning.


413f80  No.4389542


In the Last year I have Learned that there was many of US.

154999  No.4389543

File: eb6a51f0763bb7b⋯.mp4 (11.08 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

423343  No.4389545

Regarding previous notable,

>>4388858 Qatari media gave away Democrat Congressmen’s ‘clandestine’ trip to Doha

Iran’s FM was also in attendance at Doha Forum in Qatar.


61ee96  No.4389546

File: d039ddbe7ab9859⋯.jpg (143.52 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, MSGA.jpg)


That's Soccer Mouaz!


23f575  No.4389547

File: d5e8ab26a620464⋯.png (1.05 MB, 846x556, 423:278, rumsfeld.PNG)

cf0c05  No.4389548


he didn't have any problem supporting the Las Vegas hoax and banning bump stocks infringing the US Constitution in the process.

2eb289  No.4389549

File: 7becd93b0355e1a⋯.png (419.21 KB, 611x805, 611:805, Screenshot_2018-12-20-06-3….png)

File: d467743bd777c18⋯.png (84.04 KB, 800x384, 25:12, Screenshot_2018-12-20-06-3….png)

File: daaf99d9487539c⋯.png (345.87 KB, 700x448, 25:16, Screenshot_2018-12-20-06-2….png)

b00b6e  No.4389550


As did many of us here. It has been a lonely existence, I know and understand very well. Most are not among us anymore because they chose not to be among us and ended their lives prematurely. This was the intentions of forcing us all into seclusion in the first place imo. Those of us still here and fighting this day have the utmost respect for life…not just our own, but life in general. We all understand the human nature enough to know that others whom don't seem to heed the signs we see that they don't are simply programmed by malicious intent disguised as social and family values. Hang in there mate, you are among friends and are home.

008e98  No.4389551

File: 9ec9e88c03e4b8c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1209x713, 39:23, 263d9390017ab777cbdd742b59….png)

God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.

821064  No.4389552

More than 1 drone each with more than 1 battery?


89ce38  No.4389553


right on schedule! thanks swordanon

e17f87  No.4389554


Thank you for offering this very positive energy to the board. Many say that we co-create our reality. By this theory, the more we all think about the future you've painted, the more likely it becomes. Even if the theory's bunk, it won't hurt any of us to envision a wonderful, positive future. Do it regularly for your own health and perhaps a happier future for all.

154999  No.4389555

File: 3048c16d6d70ba8⋯.mp4 (9.59 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

5c357f  No.4389556


Vertical steel slats = jail cell bars

06a5f0  No.4389557

File: cd641ade7110b0b⋯.jpeg (41.83 KB, 698x402, 349:201, Syria sdf2.jpeg)


This fucker is trying to attract Patriot sympathies by using our imagery and slogan.

this is what he is afraid of. Pic related.

87bcf8  No.4389558


Don’t think holograms or blue beam but,

Possibly CG done in real time coordination masking a military drone or missile.

831e40  No.4389559



Shit my blood is starting to boil and it's way to early for that. Long day ahead.

God Bless Faggots.

349fc3  No.4389560


Where y'at, Q?


SS (Secret Syria)

W(ar) Necessary for BS

C(an't) W(in)


f74cc0  No.4389561

File: ae12b1899bc9ece⋯.jpg (247.19 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ae12b1899bc9ececc24705493b….jpg)


time (for the military) to come home and rebuild

c940e2  No.4389562

File: 7531c4afea7b740⋯.png (284.15 KB, 580x439, 580:439, ClipboardImage.png)

wapo just posted this shite guess someone in the alphabets wants all y'all to stay there

0dd867  No.4389563


Part of controlling history is to never ever back down from the lie. All of this is historical record they are hoping to lie to future generations about. Hedging bets for them ultimately winning. You are also probably right about maximum damage when the final ruling destroys it as well.

4d260c  No.4389564


I remember watching the 60 minutes show about swarm technology and feedback between the drones to create an artificial intelligence


be635a  No.4389565


Couldn't you just have an oil powered drone wouldn't they have much bigger range?

3a420a  No.4389566


Artistic steel or creative Steele

47c5ec  No.4389567

File: 4eda840077807db⋯.jpg (35.02 KB, 585x323, 585:323, ComeyFaggot.jpg)

448778  No.4389568

File: 3dae4515e98b27d⋯.png (40.62 KB, 897x454, 897:454, ClipboardImage.png)

777 days after Trump inauguration will be Saturday March 9th 2019

21fbdb  No.4389569

File: ee26b65d6be7d83⋯.jpeg (176.94 KB, 1177x773, 1177:773, 9A5CA6EA-D4F3-4A4F-B6E6-6….jpeg)

File: 44b9dea0d40cc84⋯.jpeg (532.29 KB, 1178x1673, 1178:1673, F8ABE61E-4211-4156-A1A0-C….jpeg)


You may be a chat bot but just in case you are a lost new fag SOROS has been targeted for a while.

0788ba  No.4389570


Yes, he posted about "artistically designed" slats.

About "steel" slats.

Q told us that "steel" is a marker.

Potus posted about the wall/ the fence and SIMULTANEOUSLY about "steel" (marker!)



cf0c05  No.4389571


Q anon is a heavily shilled psyop larp

413f80  No.4389572


The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

831e40  No.4389573

File: 9a6792310297703⋯.gif (502.27 KB, 500x225, 20:9, giphy_2.gif)

4d260c  No.4389574


This is a fundamental and very powerful truth if it is in fact a feedback loop it will only continue to produce the outcome that you project into the feedback loop

13ffe2  No.4389575

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


WTC 7 is the smoking gun and ultimate red pill. This video of Danny Jowenko coming to terms with what happened is particularly powerful. Danny was the premier expert on demolition in Europe and died a tragic death soon after this video went public.

Stay away from DEW because it complicates things. Scientific studies on thermite being found in the air are also very powerful.

But, it all starts with the notion that it wasn't our "government" but evil elements within it that did it. Also, a sense of mistrust of the media is also important. One has to be able to believe that the media is hiding the facts.


154999  No.4389576

File: bef1262c918666a⋯.mp4 (10.27 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

4f5ded  No.4389577

File: ed6064dbfeb71d7⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 600x450, 4:3, image_532.jpg)

File: 4ac1b3f35731fca⋯.jpg (59.26 KB, 620x413, 620:413, b_1_q_0_p_0 (1)4.jpg)

File: 0bd3c8c8d40c56b⋯.jpg (41.05 KB, 480x379, 480:379, b_1_q_0_p_0 (1)vf.jpg)

831e40  No.4389578

File: 4a95991b42b90b4⋯.gif (956.86 KB, 320x180, 16:9, mB_BM7.gif)

384851  No.4389579


Awful lot of ancient symbols being used today

413f80  No.4389581


Turkey, France, Germany, ????

4d260c  No.4389582


All I can think of is I pet goat II the opening scene with the goat in the boxes behind the fence doesn't make me feel comfortable

0a6014  No.4389583

File: 981c2d04c690845⋯.png (250.83 KB, 1084x648, 271:162, steel slats SS secret serv….PNG)

Steel Slats = SS = Secret Service.

thank you USSS for being a WALL that is providing needed security!

21fbdb  No.4389584


"Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” Orwell “1984”

b00b6e  No.4389585


understood. hold nothing against those in the past. none of them thought they had any choice in the matter and thought they were doing the right things.

Also keep in mind to wish vengeance upon another in the form you are considering would make those whom implemented it upon the "deserving" would be no better than the "deserving" themselves. The spider's web is a tangled mess some may say is beyond unscrambling.

I may sympathize with your understanding and emotional reactions, but I cannot agree that justice and stake-burning are at all synonymous. It's just a hell of a mess and the cycle must simply be stopped imo.

154999  No.4389586

File: ea05e82d1053d94⋯.mp4 (9.23 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

cf0c05  No.4389587


this is what we call projection.

Guess what projector ? I was ready for arrests when Q asked if we were………………………………….

trust Sessions lol

1d2a6b  No.4389588

File: 59a6241f2f97927⋯.jpg (395.88 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 2018-08-01 15.55.56.jpg)


>>Nance said “memes and tropes” used in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign were the equivalent of “cruise missiles.”

Muh deplorabullz kek

a6e3c0  No.4389589

File: 6693862d58cbd25⋯.jpg (81.31 KB, 960x960, 1:1, c889b61c461cc6594fe9a68dbc….jpg)

Why is Q here on chans?

Answer is Hivemind.

Our collective consciousness is conducting the energy that permeates and transcends the cosmos.

Awakening not only the People, but the Earth herself.

Gaia is very angry with the cabal.

Her wrath will be known.

a81a20  No.4389590


SS= Nazi SS

We are talking about D Day people.

Make the connections

The SS

Founded in 1925, the “Schutzstaffel,” German for “Protective Echelon,” initially served as Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler’s (1889-1945) personal bodyguards, and later became one of the most powerful and feared organizations in all of Nazi Germany. Heinrich Himmler (1900-45), a fervent anti-Semite like Hitler, became head of the Schutzstaffel, or SS, in 1929 and expanded the group’s role and size. Recruits, who had to prove none of their ancestors were Jewish, received military training and were also taught they were the elite not only of the Nazi Party but of all humankind. By the start of World War II (1939-45), the SS had more than 250,000 members and multiple subdivisions, engaged in activities ranging from intelligence operations to running Nazi concentration camps. At the postwar Nuremberg trials, the SS was deemed a criminal organization for its direct involvement in war crimes.

Origins of the SS

In 1921, Adolf Hitler became the leader of a fledgling political organization called the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party. The group promoted extreme German nationalism and anti-Semitism, and was dissatisfied with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, the 1919 peace settlement that ended World War I (1914-18) and required numerous concessions and reparations from Germany. Hitler blamed Jews and Marxists for Germany’s problems and espoused the concept of an Aryan “master race.”

Did you know? A separate wing of the Dachau concentration camp was set aside for SS members found guilty of committing serious infractions. Close to 130 SS members were interned at Dachau when the camp was liberated by U.S. military forces on April 29, 1945.

By the end of 1921, Hitler had his own private army, the “Sturmabteilung” (“Assault Division”), or SA, whose members were known as storm troopers or brown shirts (for the color of their uniforms). The SA accompanied Hitler during his public appearances and surrounded him when he made impassioned speeches urging his supporters to perpetrate violence against Jews and his political adversaries.

In 1925, Hitler ordered the formation of the Schutzstaffel, an entity that was separate from, although linked to, the SA. The SS initially consisted of eight individuals, all of whom were entrusted to personally guard Hitler and other top Nazis. Julius Schreck (1898-1936), a dedicated Hitler loyalist, became the first commander of the SS. The following year, Schreck, who frequently wore a fake moustache that resembled Hitler’s, was replaced by Joseph Berchtold (1897-1962). Erhard Heiden (1901-33) took control of the SS in 1927. That same year, SS members were banned from partaking in political debate and were required to profess undying loyalty to Hitler and unquestioningly acknowledge him as their one and only prophet.

Heinrich Himmler, Architect of the SS

On January 6, 1929, Hitler named Heinrich Himmler commander of the SS, which at the time had close to 300 members. Himmler, who like Hitler was a fervent anti-Semite, had joined the Nazi Party in 1923 and eventually served as Hitler’s deputy propaganda chief. Himmler was determined to separate the SS from the SA, transform the SS into an elite force that was larger and more potent than the SA and, finally, alter the function of the organization within the Nazi Party.


c940e2  No.4389591


actually non sentence start words and names gives you SSWBS

646bce  No.4389592


>P1 or Pleiades 1 are beings of the 17th dimension and are not Pleiadians as some people think.

Yes bro, I am very sure 17th dimension aliens are busy shitposting on 8ch.

413f80  No.4389594


I pet goat II

lots of symbolism there

a081f3  No.4389595

Actually anon, upon further reflection on >>4389438 , I now can see what you are getting at with your post >>4389455. It is possible, so perhaps you are more correct than me. It is hard to definitively tell sometimes, apart from analysis, logic, and often a good dose of intuition.

I previously posted this comment to you >>4389510 based on logic.

915a38  No.4389596


ThanQ Anon.

c940e2  No.4389597


Oh dear are you suggesting that others pull their weight

121feb  No.4389598

File: b49898739d26d56⋯.jpg (905.51 KB, 2544x4000, 159:250, 1503396029227.jpg)



"Yes bro, I am very sure 17th dimension aliens are busy shitposting on 8ch."

49523c  No.4389599


Drudge has a way of triggering me…he always puts these VERY "emotional" and triggering stories as headlines…


LEARN their tricks of emotional manipulation…

>here is no "panic" on the other side

Ha…you are not following the REAL news then…

13ffe2  No.4389600

File: 4d4b21419893289⋯.png (96.72 KB, 743x708, 743:708, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)



Agreed, anons.

Power Elite Analysis (cabal) is a very real discipline. They exist. Very respected historians / economists like Murray Rothbard have dozens of articles and books on the matter.

They run the banks that run the corporations that run the governments that own the people.

When we are successful it will be the dawn of a new age.

This topic is covered at length by the authors on Lew Rockwell dot com.

Here is a link to some very important ones.

Here's to us creating our new reality together, brother anons.


a81a20  No.4389601


there will be no peace until Justice is served.

e28a80  No.4389602


a quick search reveals that a gas powered drone has about the same flight time (while carrying up to 15lbs) as their battery powered cousins (carrying camera only) and are significantly more expensive. Unladen and with a bigger gas tank certainly longer flight times are possible

839c33  No.4389603

File: 924081fdbe93043⋯.png (44.25 KB, 444x252, 37:21, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)

File: 70fc7f6eac700f6⋯.png (314.64 KB, 1310x410, 131:41, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)

I don't know about you, but I'd call this a Q proof.

LL testify's and now No Name, his associate and their pee pee dossier are back in the news.

2c6ae8  No.4389604

File: a565ecbabf4fc82⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 219x255, 73:85, you5:5.jpg)

59995d  No.4389605


>That's Soccer Mouaz!

No Soccer Mouaz is the guy on the far right in the group photo.

47c5ec  No.4389606

File: 72a26cd926b8742⋯.jpg (55.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, MorningHeat.jpg)

154999  No.4389607

File: beec1e84c4d7284⋯.mp4 (10.79 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

d60c25  No.4389608

File: b0af0605f32436d⋯.jpg (470.18 KB, 580x770, 58:77, 1530575421173.jpg)


SDF has already been fighting alongside SAA for last 6 months. If they learned something from Manbij loss they will let Syrians move into the west and join Assad again. WaPo is fake news.

cd9234  No.4389609

File: 45b33c2cdaa44b3⋯.jpg (248.87 KB, 895x594, 895:594, Trinity.jpg)


Hail to thee SwordAnon, beloved leader of our movement. God bless thee. May the peace and the blessings of Almighty God descend upon thee from heaven and may the Lord keep thee in everlasting and eternal life, now and forever.

a02856  No.4389610

File: 07481afd21ab2f1⋯.png (81.78 KB, 309x421, 309:421, bigmike.png)



87bcf8  No.4389611

File: 2c923443cf65b53⋯.jpeg (100 KB, 640x614, 320:307, 383FA455-F418-41E3-BBD3-D….jpeg)

c940e2  No.4389612

File: 2e67d43f80acf4e⋯.png (266.89 KB, 597x502, 597:502, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5d085d08b8cdebd⋯.png (226.21 KB, 581x389, 581:389, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7a4ed1cc600f783⋯.mp4 (2.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 6MLNRocOBL2RJvl3.mp4)

== RT DJT ==


After historic victories against ISIS, it’s time to bring our great young people home!

9566ca  No.4389613

maintaining the Senate majority was crucial in the event we, for some reason, lost Pence. Grassley slips into his place. The majority party of the Senate chooses president pro tempore based on seniority.


cf0c05  No.4389614

right now the plan looks to be:

no one getting arrested, nothing gettting revealed

but everyone will be poor

8a73c0  No.4389615

File: c9aaa9e2bb66065⋯.jpg (86.5 KB, 779x248, 779:248, WeinshallBacon.jpg)

Iris Weinshall and Kevin Bacon are like Bruce Wayne and Batman - have you ever seen them in the same room together?

0788ba  No.4389616


It doesn't really matter, who is correct here.

All that matters is, WHAT is correct.

Imo, all the missing "I" tweets connect to Q and how he writes "C_A".

He ALWAYS writes it on qmap with a missing "I".

And this helps us tto identify, when Potus tweets about the C_A:

Potus tweets about the C_A, when an "I" is missing in his posts.

c940e2  No.4389617

File: a10e3e6dd592fd4⋯.png (57.18 KB, 604x339, 604:339, ClipboardImage.png)

== NEW DJT ==

With so much talk about the Wall, people are losing sight of the great job being done on our Southern Border by Border Patrol, ICE and our great Military. Remember the Caravans? Well, they didn’t get through and none are forming or on their way. Border is tight. Fake News silent!

4:39 AM - 20 Dec 2018


413f80  No.4389618


Who would want us to stay in Syria??

and why???

3767f9  No.4389619

Well I am weaning back tired.

Local New unless big story - get pertinent information local weather, local traffic etc. Wait and encourage board to move to autistic format research and share information, relax and make each other laugh, share autistic pursuits; and just drop all the blind following pattern.

d7803d  No.4389620

File: dc5f62b944dad58⋯.jpg (127.85 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 163505426-e1428068879505.jpg)


A scathing report from Attorney General Lisa Madigan finds the number of Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse against children in Illinois is much higher than previously acknowledged.

The report said accusations have been leveled against 690 priests, while Catholic officials have publicly identified only 185 clergy with credible allegations against them.

The determination is part of a preliminary report made public Wednesday by Madigan’s office, which has been investigating Catholic clergy sexual abuse of minors following revelations during the summer of widespread abuse and cover-ups by Catholic officials in Pennsylvania. The report was critical of the six Catholic dioceses that govern parishes across Illinois for their lack of transparency and flawed investigations.

154999  No.4389621

File: 429818ecacf2431⋯.mp4 (10.86 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

3288b7  No.4389622


It's a mystery.

c940e2  No.4389623


yeah and it's a US problem why?

94c5be  No.4389624



Activating you internal dmt is the key, once this happens, fluttery eyes. The dmt travels down your spine on a journey to the base. Then back up to the pineal gland. Those couple of days are euphoric! Eventually it travels back up to the pineal gland - fluttery eyes again. Fkin wonderful and enlightening.

b00b6e  No.4389625


perhaps not for those of us who have been wronged and attacked all our lives. But for the rest of humanity????

I like to think that because of the suffering in my own past at the hands of those whom we fight now, the future will be much brighter for those like me, as no amount of "justice" will ever change what I myself have endured. I do understand though. Maybe further along the line, you too may be able to let go of the past. It is kind of rare for one whom respects life to be satisfied by taking life, I would assume by logic at least.

d9673b  No.4389626

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Truth to Power. You as well swordy.

Here is some Craig Mason, my new fav [hook]tuber phenom

d60c25  No.4389627

File: d2ee772a21ddef5⋯.jpg (25.49 KB, 358x361, 358:361, d2ee772a21ddef5887fc17f895….jpg)


Hey man fellow Pleiadeian from the 21st dimension here. Yall niggas still living on a planet?? Fucking 3D plebs BTFO daily!!

13ffe2  No.4389628

File: 363dfa47cc2d11d⋯.jpg (31.93 KB, 960x960, 1:1, clear light.jpg)


Ephesians 6:10-18

The Armor of God

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

d3420c  No.4389629


> >>4388364 Tom Steyer talks presidential run rumors

can't wait to demolish them, eh, tom?

915a38  No.4389630




Please include correction post:


There are 3 days of new moon and believe Jan 6, not the first day of new moon (5th) but the next, to be THE D Day.

413f80  No.4389631

File: 7c2d7bf136104a7⋯.png (119.53 KB, 1688x689, 1688:689, Albert Pike Plan.PNG)


A group that wants America in the coming War??

We are here collectively to solve mysteries

154999  No.4389632

File: 881c8a24395eef6⋯.mp4 (10.01 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

695566  No.4389633

File: cbfbfa34bd98054⋯.jpg (101.91 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, laughmil.jpg)

Not a graphicsfag

First two tweets in POTUS current morning run delta 17.

Latest two ,delta 11, top (7:39)minus second (7:28)is 7:17

d9673b  No.4389634

File: 5612d9759cb8689⋯.png (1.39 MB, 786x685, 786:685, doesntknow.PNG)

49523c  No.4389635



b00b6e  No.4389636


off the top of my head…corporations would want us there for resource exploitation to maintain influential power over the consumption of resources available….even though the tech (also held back by corporations) is available to completely nullify the necessity of the consumption habits of resources.

e93c70  No.4389637

>>4388694 LB







Let’s join together and be heard



obviously now forewarned, the Fed’s will be using facial recognition technology to start a file on each and everyone of us so I’ll be wearing my TRUMP mask


#GoFundMeTrumpWall could be another banner slogan

Look now! ITS ABOUT TO HIT $3M in a few seconds …BOOM!

I love you ‘Mericuns!

2c6ae8  No.4389638

File: 0a9986c67820f07⋯.jpeg (24.23 KB, 474x423, 158:141, pepethumbsup.jpeg)

3c90d4  No.4389639


Not exactly. If Pence is out of the picture, then POTUS can select a new VP. Both House and Senate must approve with simple majority vote.

e28a80  No.4389640



my point is; no matter what system the operator(s) have in place , wouldn't you just follow a drone (with binoculars/physically) when time for battery change/new drone, to find the operators location. Repeating if necessary if multiple operators.

Limited flight time + length of shutdown = fucky

4d260c  No.4389641


That's it man eye of Horus, pineal gland, third eye, all seeing eye, it's the place that the DMT is produced naturally in your body so of course it resonates from that point it's why the sh, resonanceaman's journey every two weeks

0788ba  No.4389642



When Potus tweets with a missing "I", he talks about the C_A!

a6e3c0  No.4389643


Sry for slide, frens.

It just hit me like my 3rd eye had been opened all of a sudden.

Consciousness is so much more powerful than we've ever known.

b12312  No.4389644


As soon as I began to read the threads in January, I knew this was special and the plan would work. Some of my awake friends have not come to that conclusion or cannot handle the fire hose force of information. But some are still interested. The common denominator is Biblical Christianity. But it is going to be hard on us if the Bible is incorrect.

154999  No.4389645

File: 3530f2a0b0d4006⋯.mp4 (11.44 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

ca74ff  No.4389647

File: b2d073c1e471d03⋯.jpeg (235.63 KB, 1178x789, 1178:789, 3EFCB03E-087B-4FB3-81E5-9….jpeg)

Ask yourself a logical question.

With all the censoring we are witnessing on Social Media, does it make any sense that we can still watch this video on Youtube?





Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pic related

5dc503  No.4389648


That's just your average trip to the shops in Australia these days.

36f550  No.4389649


its my understanding that it takes years and years of meditation and practice before you can control your own DMT trip without the intake of plants.. is this correct?

413f80  No.4389650


And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.

695566  No.4389651

File: e0d7dc708fe962f⋯.png (257.52 KB, 567x361, 567:361, trumpv3.png)


F-F-F-F-F-F-F-uck off

Classify it under prayer and worry your fussy self about something else.

a081f3  No.4389652

File: 778451d0fbb0e4b⋯.jpg (211.93 KB, 1000x674, 500:337, 911 evening.jpg)


Not to start a 911 slide (?) here on the board, but you need to research further.

There was a major hijacking exercise that day, and the CIA was 'testing' their remote-controlled passenger planes. Truth.

If you check that out it should explain more of 911, and lead to other things… It is a complex subject, covered here and elsewhere in depth, and would take multiple posts to discuss in detail.

There was major discussion of 911 in the leadup to September 11, two months ago.

Try https://www.resignation.info/scripts/8chan/search.php

It is the search function for QResearch. Should bring up all the 911, 9/11, September 11 references you need.

Also check out Germananons archives, they contain the full threads including most pictures.

Hope this helps.

ca74ff  No.4389653

File: 890fdad253e10aa⋯.jpeg (121.49 KB, 1242x552, 9:4, DBC22C80-A1CF-4E0F-A533-8….jpeg)

2c6ae8  No.4389654

File: d38fef318f764d0⋯.png (331.44 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ClipboardImage.png)

90be4d  No.4389655


ants post

c940e2  No.4389656

1476c5  No.4389657

File: 004a1592be92cf2⋯.png (818.59 KB, 1367x1054, 1367:1054, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)

File: af27bbd882a8397⋯.png (159.56 KB, 725x876, 725:876, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)

File: 7a90a79015497c5⋯.png (131.77 KB, 710x851, 710:851, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)


Claas Relotius wrote a hit piece on Trump and his supporters in November 2017 that Der Spiegel now says he made up.

(pics related)

"Among the articles that he is found to have fabricated concerns one about Fergus Falls, Minnesota, where Relotius spent some time in early 2017 with the intention of writing about a Trump-voting area of America.

"The underpinning idea, originating in the Hamburg news office/editorial office, was not about haughty demonization of the first months of Trump from the perspective of Europeans, but about looking at that time frame through the eyes of those who had presumably voted for Big Don," Der Spiegel says.

"The plan was for Relotius to rent in Fergus Falls, meet people, listen, and record a small time image that would make you understand the Americans a little better."

However, the magazine notes that Relotius found nobody who could give him the story he was looking for, with Der Spiegel writing: "There is simply no story, no one can be found."

But rather than give up and admit this, he started making stuff up, beginning his story by generating a fictional sign at the entrance of the city that read: "Mexicans Keep Out – Mexicans, Stay Away."

This sign never existed, "it was only in the imagination of the author," and as a result "insulted the inhabitants of Fergus Falls."

Relotius went on to write that students at Kennedy High School were asked to paint models of the American Dream, and he said that all but a few painted Donald Trump.

"All this is a lie, just everything, it's crap," Der Spiegel says.



8fa23b  No.4389658

Of all times, they finally pass a bill making lynching a federal crime. How convenient for them. The bill was led by Kampala Harris Cory booker, and that scott guy..


154999  No.4389659

File: 6aa22173b340540⋯.mp4 (10.38 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

43cf44  No.4389660

File: 04cfd3ccb298714⋯.png (94 KB, 660x455, 132:91, ClipboardImage.png)


>then practically gets on his knees and begs him to reconsider his plea,


> Clearly a "guilty" plea is not what the judge wanted

Clearly. Timing of this indictment the day before sentencing in the same federal district of Alexandria a coincidence?


0788ba  No.4389661


How do you like my theory?

915a38  No.4389662


MANY different meanings. [i] is the black eye and [i] also references iridium… among many decodes.

4d260c  No.4389663


I imagine that's why throughout history we've always been told to look within

bd6f39  No.4389664


POTUS is doing such a good job of looking like he is losing, I am almost starting to believe it. This is hard to watch……If something does not happen soon we are gonna be fucked…..but remember, "appear weak when you are strong" I think Polosi is the only one who is not going after him, which means she may be the smart one,

c940e2  No.4389665


i know wapo is controlled ops, i found it ironic that it was posted within minutes of POTUS saying it was time to clear out and let others fight.

49523c  No.4389666


While no sauce it should be obvious that there was a plan in place by the CHOADs for a WWIII between USA and Russia…

Did hear a story that Bushs have played this out like revelations with GWB being the anti-christ..doesn't look like that is working out to well for them…

Patriots/Service to Others in control and a bigger picture coming then we have been taught/force feed…

821064  No.4389667

Yeah unless they were trashing the drones as they died off it wouldn’t take too long to find the operator….. Unless there were some way to remote control the remotes? >>4389640

3e9397  No.4389668

File: 193a5304d77194a⋯.jpeg (231.14 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 785DD931-D008-4217-8E11-1….jpeg)

a81a20  No.4389669


No. I believe you can get there without drugs.

I did - I took a class to read the Akashic Records and it was astonishing….I said a prayer and closed my eyes and I was in another dimension, seeing my entire family there and smiling/happy (all but one has crossed over) - I am not shitting you - it scared the hell out of me and I haven't done it since (a year ago). To my left I sensed there was a VERY TALL white guide, I wasn't supposed to look at him but I did - he was up against the wall and stood as tall as the ceiling (which was dark like a starry night sky)…very strange stuff

1d2b6b  No.4389670

File: f700c258fe1fbd6⋯.mp4 (1.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, TwitterVideo tweet_30b4d.mp4)

I have seen this ad come across my Twitter twice now and it creeps me out. Why a red rabbit and why is 401k relating itself to test tube babies? Yuck!!!


831e40  No.4389671

File: e3b2477f27659dc⋯.jpeg (112.03 KB, 1440x813, 480:271, 1531262539.jpeg)


Good video

13ffe2  No.4389672

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Let's Go!

1476c5  No.4389673


Got the date wrong.

3e9397  No.4389674

File: 17f5c14f50c68d4⋯.jpeg (63.08 KB, 519x399, 173:133, 4954BB39-1462-4AE6-8141-C….jpeg)

ca74ff  No.4389675

File: 587893b24dadb17⋯.jpeg (555.94 KB, 1242x1377, 46:51, A916E421-3145-4D0D-BAE6-7….jpeg)


It sure amazes me that Youtube did not censor this video.

I wonder if they even can at this point….

Enjoy the movie.

Patriots In Control….!


e28a80  No.4389676


>He ALWAYS writes it on qmap with a missing "I".

not always eg;

#'s 9 11 17 23 39 46 66 92 110 1286

like your theory though

299793  No.4389677


>time for (((OTHERS))) to finally fight…

21fbdb  No.4389678

SP500 earnings grew >24% this year. They are slanging out bonuses to the c suite.

People or households or 401k retirees who own the SP500 stocks have lost ~5%

If that’s not the most obvious sign that our markets are detached from reality you are insane.

The people need to revolt.


No targeted boycott









a81a20  No.4389679

File: bd03036a493a9e7⋯.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, 50:31, 1545160219.gif)

154999  No.4389680

File: ee5c0922bf9f24e⋯.mp4 (10.98 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

43cf44  No.4389681


Any idea whether the person who posted it is friend or foe?

5dc503  No.4389682


Of course it makes sense because it was a speech by the current president. It's already been seen by many millions around the world. It doesn't prove anything.

d60c25  No.4389683

File: 64c25b832d182df⋯.jpg (281.75 KB, 1200x1568, 75:98, 64c25b832d182df12579cc7ef9….jpg)



6866b7  No.4389684

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


[D] Day, Patriots




19 Dec 2018 - 6:23:03 PM

[D] Day, Patriots.

We will have our Country back!


This Is Not Another 4-year Election




19 Dec 2018 - 6:19:27 PM


This is not another 4-year election….

Listen very carefully.

Power returned to the people.

Long term solutions.



49523c  No.4389685


>It just hit me like my 3rd eye had been opened all of a sudden

Horseradish helps…serious…herbs go at organs…horseradish is one of the few that like the pineal gland…


3e9397  No.4389686


I like the cut of your jib.

edf4f7  No.4389687

File: 3e1cf141a23a605⋯.png (614.54 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-12-20-06-5….png)

As World Turns marker on RT this morning. Story is about the fall of the dollar

448778  No.4389688

File: 2ab7b03556c3922⋯.jpg (126.44 KB, 960x400, 12:5, merchkike.jpg)

Why are there so many shills still here trying to convince people that this all a LARP?

I mean JIDF must spend millions of the US security aid just to fill the TelAviv shill sweatshop cubicles, and it really seems that good help is hard to get considering they have resorted to shitty muh joo shills on duty memes, I mean what the fuck BiBi, you got to shill harder to convince the best Gold Star Researchers on the planet to give up kicking the shit outta your shit tier LARPERS that try to pass themselves off as Anons, just like you

Watch me pwn the JIDF shilltards here, Anons, Every Single Day

61ee96  No.4389689

File: 6b969f2a82169de⋯.png (623.86 KB, 735x632, 735:632, ClipboardImage.png)

Do the Ingvaldson and Magnotta stories relate to these two?

121feb  No.4389690

LOL! POTUS was always like this!


a81a20  No.4389691


bomb sniffing dogs


89a4e2  No.4389692

Steel Slats are prison bars

a6e3c0  No.4389693


"It must be hard to communicate."


[They] have had to go back to basics.

efafc7  No.4389694

File: 6c12a8fef96bebd⋯.jpg (159.1 KB, 2048x1195, 2048:1195, ast.jpg)


Do 4 weeks.

week #1; 1-2 h meditation every day.

week #"; 2-3 h meditation every day.

By week #4 you are able to sit 6 h in meditation.

Eat only fruits and vegetables, juice.

You will see shifts.

Kundalini meditation.

90be4d  No.4389695


Go away, clown.

Earth is flat, No HER, Sophia,

ETs are not!!!!

d5b1b9  No.4389697

File: 9ded49291c57f3a⋯.png (82.58 KB, 480x291, 160:97, Screenshot_2018-12-18-16-5….png)

File: 8340357a5f1b7f0⋯.jpg (60.95 KB, 500x573, 500:573, 2pf8tk_1.jpg)

25a5dc  No.4389698


I've had strange experiences all my life, however since following teslas 3 6 9 and other things I managed to accomplish interal dmt within a year. Thing is when this shit happened I was at work….

People notice a certain glow about you when this is happening. And know its not the cia nigger glow.

0c0767  No.4389699

File: 6500a1e1a1bc310⋯.jpeg (403.11 KB, 488x1895, 488:1895, B16D7037-3364-4783-905C-1….jpeg)


Previous Notable about weaponising CPS to get parents to conform.

We are the threat.

‘Big Footed Rabbits and ADD’ -This was written years ago.

fc0197  No.4389700

Also says you can easily see through it >>4389570

49523c  No.4389701



Ha..this is to keep the normies under control when the lid blows off…interesting…

ff8534  No.4389702

File: 7c25d7f6b62d98c⋯.jpg (80.02 KB, 957x543, 319:181, d026ad902774f3af884b4b5ae1….jpg)

0788ba  No.4389703


I am talking about decoding the posts, where POTUS INTENTIONALLY PRODUCES AN MISSING "I".

AND I'M CONNECTING THIS TO Q's way of writing CIA:

He always writes CIA with a missing "I":


This is proof that when the "I" is missing in a Potus post, he's talking about the CIA.

Like when he just posted that "we were doing there job" in Syria.

Telling us that we were doing their job (the C_A's job).

154999  No.4389704

File: 14798f3d9ab4861⋯.mp4 (10.36 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

915a38  No.4389705

File: bb2e72a6e8ddec7⋯.jpg (83.25 KB, 604x568, 151:142, NP nazi.jpg)

File: f05a3d3eed1d7f0⋯.jpg (82.94 KB, 888x499, 888:499, NP zi.jpg)

File: 90c0905b2bac5aa⋯.jpg (14.52 KB, 172x255, 172:255, NP.jpg)


No. Pelonazi is an idiot.

She's only playing nice because she's trying to save her ass. She's singing and has cut a deal

1476c5  No.4389706

File: 60a223f7121771f⋯.jpg (105.07 KB, 700x467, 700:467, 19-border-wall-prototype.w….jpg)

e17f87  No.4389707


I like this. Stress test the system!

3e9397  No.4389708


Lame. A country overrun by ragheads, and they are surprised at drones flying around. Ask me if I care.

21fbdb  No.4389709


“Since the creation of the Federal Reserve the US dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power

Under the Federal Reserves 2% inflation target the US Dollar loses half its value every generation or 35 years.”


edcf09  No.4389710

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Spooky action at a distance

89a4e2  No.4389711


Democrats who know them

299793  No.4389712


- Rand Paul

- Bernard Sanders

a27287  No.4389713

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Heeeee calls a pedophile in this on…

Apparently this vid dropped "3rd Sept 2017, and the guy was arrested on 15 Jan 2018"

I'ma look into this… maybe there's something in the video to back up whoever left that comment…

ca74ff  No.4389714


it burns huh.

Tick Tock

5dc503  No.4389715


The market often goes in a reverse direction to the real economy. Why complain about it when the ppt have kept it artificially high for years which benefited retirees? Despite recent losses it's still way overpriced.

efafc7  No.4389716


You also do this by doing the right physical things.

When you start to do the wrong things it get blocked again.

Anyone have a book of rules that is nor paradoxial, and with non-duality in it?

36f550  No.4389717


does frequency meditation help?

recently read something about using 396hz tone?

49523c  No.4389718


hmmm..their is something that is triggered by his "partners"…Flynn is a major key in all of this. The guilty plea and sentencing is a linchpin in something else…could be as you suggest…

bd6f39  No.4389719


I could staff 1000 Red Robins with the people who could slip between those slats…..Terrible design. I can already see them shoving babies through it.

d5b1b9  No.4389720

File: 4eb5a5da9f653d0⋯.jpg (53.25 KB, 500x603, 500:603, 2pf9g3_1.jpg)

5ffb00  No.4389721

Notables so far

>>4389228, >>4389235, >>4389383 [D] Day - We Will Have Our Country Back?

>>4389262 Kim Dotcom's wife joins his legal team for Supreme Court extradition appeal

>>4389280, >>4389360, >>4389428, >>4389451, >>4389408 This is deliberate… there's a drone on my airfield

>>4389287, >>4389312 Think Green/Red Castle.

>>4389438, >>4389462, >>4389492 To show us that the "I" is missing here.

>>4389460, >>4389657 CNN 'Journalist of the Year' forced to resign for fabricating stories

>>4389545 Iran’s FM was also in attendance at clandestine Doha Forum in Qatar.

>>4389620 500+ priests accused of sexual abuse not yet publicly identified, Illinois attorney general finds

>>4389656 6 DJT Tweet's so far

>>4389658 Of all times, they finally pass a bill making lynching a federal crime.


Morning Baker When ever you are ready

47dcac  No.4389722


Modern day sambo singing and dancing for his cabal masters on tell-a-vision.

21fbdb  No.4389723


And no one gets hurt, physically.


Stop using their power!

d963e3  No.4389724

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fitting that the clip they show has American Pie's lyric of "Satan laughing with delight".

c940e2  No.4389725



south by south west, border security (just spitballing).

0788ba  No.4389726



I still believe that this is the way to decode missing "I"s in Potus' tweets.

"we were doing there (missing "I") job in Syria:

This is a war for oil.

Standard Oil, Rockefeller is now Soros, C_A is fighting the corporate wars, using the US Army.

47c5ec  No.4389727

File: 430085b71395a98⋯.jpg (65.28 KB, 728x408, 91:51, TheCourier.jpg)

90be4d  No.4389728

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Do I….. LMB?

Do I?

I really do?

If so…..?


e63691  No.4389729

Dow 22,000 is the place to watch close below that and 18,000 would be the next stop.


It was connected at one time, when I was a kid. the 80's they took over, in 2008 they removed themselves and said fuck the little guy.

695566  No.4389730

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Just Let('s) Go

915a38  No.4389731


>Please - cult leaders pick dates for stuff - just stop.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

You're obviously a failure and FAIL to comprehend sage of a calendar.

31c467  No.4389732


06a5f0  No.4389733

File: 7999f8206cf081b⋯.mp4 (3.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, TRT World Now on Twitter I….mp4)

File: ee934d3fcdbb148⋯.jpeg (87.96 KB, 628x613, 628:613, Irain visit Turkey.jpeg)

Head up!

Does this look like a simple diplomatic visit. This happen today.

Who is now best friend with Iran? (They have always been BTW)

Almond activated.

31c467  No.4389734





87bcf8  No.4389735

File: 73f87dc95e21b21⋯.jpeg (118.65 KB, 540x603, 60:67, 796D52A9-CFFB-42B4-A151-6….jpeg)

a81a20  No.4389736


>Maybe further along the line, you too may be able to let go of the past.

I have done that already, easily.

But we are fighting an EPIC WAR of GOOD vs. EVIL. Revelation.

I will never forget what they did to countless humans. Crimes against humanity are not forgivable. (((They))) will pay with their lives.

You are living in la -la land.

6866b7  No.4389737

File: 3565e3094df8e07⋯.jpg (12.89 KB, 200x181, 200:181, USArmyCorpsOfEng.jpg)

File: 4e567c9e90d7d93⋯.png (231.83 KB, 600x720, 5:6, BuildItDJT.png)

File: ee434af20aad6e8⋯.jpg (48.46 KB, 675x714, 225:238, DJTenjoyPanicQ.jpg)

ca74ff  No.4389738


Fuck off with your mkultra shit

13ffe2  No.4389739

File: 39f695676eb65f3⋯.png (402.71 KB, 842x613, 842:613, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)


Prior to Gatwick there were several news articles of drones hitting planes. Seems very coordinated.

Here's one of several articles in the news prior to Gatwick.


25a5dc  No.4389740


I've a couple of videos and shit loads of manuals from the y2k era. Astri travel and all sorts are capable. The energy which you can get flowing through your body is untrue. I can't post shit as I'm in the pub mobile fagging. Do I dare mention! indigo children

0788ba  No.4389741



I overlooked this totally, ty!


The Steel Dossier had been artistically designed, faked, and one can easily see through this!

Ty, Anon!

51f809  No.4389742



Total is now in excess of THREE MILLION dollars . . . that's an increase of half a million in about two hours.

>Total as of 6AM Eastern, on 12/20

> $2,593,364 of $1.0B goal

>Raised by 43,395 people in 3 days

90be4d  No.4389743

cul, come bwm

e28a80  No.4389744

File: 8f78092d496a9a7⋯.png (416.23 KB, 1320x912, 55:38, Historic_Victories_Against….png)


like i said, i like your theory

i made this earlier today , or was it yesterday

154999  No.4389745

File: 392c6650f9c4385⋯.mp4 (10.65 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

61ee96  No.4389746

File: afc56e7f608ec08⋯.png (243.62 KB, 604x334, 302:167, ClipboardImage.png)


Drive a Mad-Max armored technical through it, Mythbusters style.

For science.

49523c  No.4389747


I think the FLYNN story relates to Podesta.."partners"…but could be Turkey as this anon suggest…>>4389660

4d260c  No.4389748

Now we're getting somewhere can you share how you did this what method?


d5b1b9  No.4389749

File: 09b31948d4473a6⋯.jpg (82.59 KB, 500x507, 500:507, 2panvp_1.jpg)

File: 65d03ad5c03ca65⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 500x601, 500:601, 2pf93k_1.jpg)

d60c25  No.4389750

File: 201a112636aa3ca⋯.jpg (76.2 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 1527844430560.jpg)


Turkey has backstabbed everyone in the last 3-4 years. Id hate to be Erdogans best friend.

cf4d36  No.4389751


Not new, really? I would never guess he was a target.

21fbdb  No.4389752


Over priced relative to what?

Bonds are in a 35 year bull market and is the biggest bubble ever created in history of the world.

Fun fact most retirees never bought stocks again after the first two crashes. They were in cash at 0% interest rate for 8 years now they don’t have enough money for retirement, and you will have to subsidize that.

47c5ec  No.4389753

File: 254d3301a888d24⋯.png (726.49 KB, 295x640, 59:128, PEN_.png)


I wonder if President Trump has this bad-boy loaded with some of that ink.

EOs signed in thick black ink, but have a special message written on them, too?

efafc7  No.4389754

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I can help.

I am not sure exactly how it works at this point in time.

Google - Cymatics.

Also be advised that you must feel if you feel good.

Feel your way trough it.

We all love you.

89a4e2  No.4389755


Replace “steel slats” with “prison bars” in past tweets and things makes sense. Steel slats is a telling the corrupt democrats to vote for the wall funding or see “steel slats”

ca74ff  No.4389756


missing I



a81a20  No.4389757

File: 45cec5a9b0772aa⋯.jpg (80.08 KB, 475x725, 19:29, 1544795172.jpg)


shut up. this is what we do here.

go away if you don't like it, no one is stopping you from closing the window.

Walk away, faggot.

915a38  No.4389758


Anon- you are confusing the upper case [I] used in C_A with the lower case [i] in iridium and black eye [i] .

Two entirely different decodes and meanings.

Here, the missing [i] is lower case in Syr[i]a.

e63691  No.4389759


Relative to Zero.

d5b1b9  No.4389760

File: dbb2520a8a24b75⋯.jpg (87.94 KB, 500x548, 125:137, 2pamrr_1.jpg)

File: 7b90a81926adb1f⋯.jpg (59.27 KB, 480x475, 96:95, 2oes89_1.jpg)

File: 9ded49291c57f3a⋯.png (82.58 KB, 480x291, 160:97, Screenshot_2018-12-18-16-5….png)

3e9397  No.4389761

I have a good idea, let’s lead the rabble by their noses as long as we can, always promising the elusive arrests, while we avoid an armed revolt or insurrection, all the while cataloging and identifying them for future elimination. By the time they find out, it’s too late.

302180  No.4389762

File: 895464ffefe6123⋯.jpg (27.62 KB, 640x603, 640:603, zqrtyl33t8521.jpg)


655af6  No.4389763


over priced relative to risk adjusted discounted future free cash flows

ca74ff  No.4389764

File: e8d25e9e534d25a⋯.jpeg (805.64 KB, 871x1061, 871:1061, 455588E2-7470-400B-9EDC-0….jpeg)

302180  No.4389765

File: 32ce80202dad643⋯.jpg (77.47 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 69pzruybna521.jpg)


6866b7  No.4389766

File: 2a5bcbc477daaf8⋯.jpg (743.92 KB, 3122x4101, 3122:4101, DJTlookingATQresearch.jpg)

File: 4e3de82db6173f9⋯.jpg (47.34 KB, 500x322, 250:161, DJTstormYoullFindOut.jpg)

File: 7ee6e1dd8fc4c01⋯.jpg (243.77 KB, 792x548, 198:137, RatsPanicInDC.jpg)

8a73c0  No.4389767

ADS-B Exchange appears to be down for me, are there any other Planefags monitoring?

c6f301  No.4389768



2c91ad  No.4389769


But it wouldn't affect a legally imposed sentence of hanging, correct? Lynching by definition is hanging by mob action without legal approval.

d963e3  No.4389770

File: 08ae46956065df5⋯.png (324.56 KB, 500x333, 500:333, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5b95caa9221aaf0⋯.png (48.83 KB, 300x185, 60:37, ClipboardImage.png)

302180  No.4389771

File: 3036eac0eae5af5⋯.jpg (79.62 KB, 640x703, 640:703, wdwdkp59fd521.jpg)

47c5ec  No.4389772

File: f9172ccdcc08c20⋯.jpg (129.19 KB, 1024x466, 512:233, TheGreatestAmericanHeroOfA….jpg)

06a5f0  No.4389773

File: c9defbcca938753⋯.jpeg (65.42 KB, 823x369, 823:369, Turkey2.jpeg)


If you only knew how bad thing really are!

302180  No.4389774

File: 07599bf7037be33⋯.jpg (212.42 KB, 865x1200, 173:240, 9ir1dgg8qd521.jpg)

47c5ec  No.4389775

File: 029009c251d3038⋯.jpg (148.97 KB, 1000x656, 125:82, StealthBomber.jpg)

154999  No.4389776

File: 5507c4a9c9bde98⋯.mp4 (10.23 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

31c467  No.4389777



43cf44  No.4389778


It may connect to the secret filing discussed in the article in l.b. notables.


>>4388691 l.b.

>the appellant is a corporate entity (“the Corporation”) that is owned by a foreign country (“Country A”) and is seeking to quash a subpoena it received from a grand jury in an undisclosed criminal matter.

Everyone is assuming "Country A" is Russia, but it could be any country. Like Turkey for example.

384851  No.4389779


The church in Philadelphia will be destroyed

49523c  No.4389780

File: 8bef5ff98f0d7e4⋯.png (158.43 KB, 1392x904, 174:113, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)


Laura the Lizard…already a killer…


d5b1b9  No.4389781

File: 849ede8199d515a⋯.jpg (83.95 KB, 500x673, 500:673, 2pani0_1.jpg)

File: 4472d110b858d21⋯.jpg (80.83 KB, 500x530, 50:53, 2pamf0_1.jpg)

File: ffedd5bee182bce⋯.jpg (91.43 KB, 500x657, 500:657, 2pama2_1.jpg)

File: 56862ea88e3729e⋯.jpg (60.59 KB, 480x524, 120:131, 2paogs_1.jpg)

06a5f0  No.4389782

File: 89175cfbe9d3679⋯.jpeg (119.62 KB, 854x857, 854:857, Degenerate Furry.jpeg)


???? WTF anon?

Pic not related.

ca74ff  No.4389784


spin those wheels faggot

you have no power here


5dc503  No.4389785


Like every game with money involved the organizers and insiders profit the most.

This is how the game actually operates.


Essential viewing for anyone hoping to strike it rich in the stock market.

3e9397  No.4389786

File: 10330e7197ece48⋯.jpeg (68.81 KB, 500x581, 500:581, 4CBBE548-2146-4DDA-89E9-6….jpeg)

4d260c  No.4389787



Nassim is a prophet, like all the other prophets trying to explain fundamental truth. We as Man have convoluted it and made it difficult to understand

Watch this


6994c9  No.4389788

Any other anons wonder what all Plan Z would have entailed?

dfe212  No.4389789

File: c0e2b25064daaa6⋯.png (3.42 MB, 2112x1188, 16:9, c0e2b25064daaa6fc656239fd8….png)



In addition to above ^^

Last two POTUS Tweets hit at:

11:09:19 PM ACST = 11/9 = 9/11 ?

11:11:08 PM ACST = 11/11 ?

His earlier tweets also included verified decodes to Q drops, Q621 and Q2183


Noone is sleeping tonight.

Let that sink in.



911 digits Q interesting!



How many breadcrumbs do you need before its no longer random coincidence, Patriots ... ?

I know we have all been caught before .. but just let this digest for a sec here ..

1) Q+ says in Q#2629

[D] Day, Patriots.

We will have our Country back!


2) POTUS 2 x 12AM Tweets

4:5 reference from first tweet timestamp

5:5 reference from intra-delta second tweet timestamp

3) Tweet decodes referencing Q621 & Q2183

4) Latest tweets making reference to 9/11 and 11/11 in ACST

I'm Australian so a little too far from the action front to do much except decode, but implore you US Patriots to start digging for yourself and see if there's some substance to this ... and let others here know what you find.

47c5ec  No.4389790

Fuck Congress. They think they're so smart with their delay tactics.

President Trump said he wouldn't sign another continuing resolution last time, and they still wait until the last minute and try to push another one. Probably, thinking we'll give him nickle (what 5 Billion is to them) for the wall and he'll sign it.

Fuck you! Veto it. Take full control and show them that every detail of what you want is the only thing you'll accept. They're shit-bags. They're always working against us. Destroy them, President Trump!

ca74ff  No.4389791


Hi Dave……

shrooms this early?

a81a20  No.4389792


It was a local class on reading Akashic Records by Linda Howe - she has written books on it and is on youtube.

They provide a simple prayer that you say to request entrance to your records. I think it

helps to stop using fluoride to decalcify your pineal gland…

It was very simple, which makes me think anyone can do it. It's pretty crazy…I thought it might be sorcery so I didn't take the advanced class, but I actually have experiences without it…not everyone has the same experience – I was kind of the star of the class.


47c5ec  No.4389793

Fuck you, to Congress, I mean, if that wasn't clear.

1476c5  No.4389794

File: 8f37fcfed9f208f⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1547x1782, 1547:1782, rodman.jpg)

0788ba  No.4389795


Anon, I envy your ability to produce such a graphic!

It is gorgeous!

Would you please take the time and read this article about the vatican, Soros, two "P"s (not Popes!), and Benedict + Francis, Godfather, Deutsche Bank, Swift, a letter to Trump, EVERYTHING Q wanted to hint at!

this article is a treasure trove regarding NSA (potentially other agencies too), Biden, Podesta, Clinton and all the above mentioned.

I posted about it several breads ago, but Anons are sleepy and wouldn't pick it up.

PLZ, read it.

English is not my mother language and I can't make a sensible synopsis of what I learned there.

But, imo, this article is what Q wants us to find out.

384851  No.4389796


Greeks founded Philly in Turkey as the first big homo enclave….next came the Olympics….all gay

154999  No.4389797

File: ada42bc5331d5f6⋯.mp4 (8.8 MB, 512x288, 16:9, One Third of the Holocaust….mp4)

6866b7  No.4389798

File: d0272e58078d34d⋯.png (214.25 KB, 600x600, 1:1, NPCPepePaperballed.png)

3f5d4a  No.4389799

File: 9cee3813c6191b6⋯.png (13.47 KB, 168x191, 168:191, Glork00005.png)

d5b1b9  No.4389800

File: 94d03319e9460af⋯.jpg (13.05 KB, 242x208, 121:104, 2pdjc1.jpg)

No wall, Trump is to stupid to know he doesn't need congress to build the wall.

0788ba  No.4389801


Link to the article

49523c  No.4389802

File: ca8770bab9a1429⋯.png (150.56 KB, 1214x634, 607:317, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at ….png)


Hmmm…if this is the real tweet then he just changed it to this…

If this is real tweet the use of CONCRETE is


and the change to no CONCRETE is also


6a8430  No.4389803


Guess we better hurry up and find the thugs who committed cold-blooded murder of a convenience store clerk. This one has folks talking about oak trees on the town square, if you get my meaning.

302180  No.4389804

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

M[A]rtial L[A]W

Coming to a theatre near you.


Do not be Afraid

36f550  No.4389805


thanks that was an awesome video.

I just worry that with all the bad info we get, playing with frequencies during meditation could be doing harm. but your right, feel your way threw it. I should know if its wrong.

13ffe2  No.4389806

File: 3ffdb07796c178b⋯.jpg (48.82 KB, 624x350, 312:175, triggered.peace.syria.jpg)

cf4d36  No.4389807

0788ba  No.4389808



forgot Link to the article

874059  No.4389809

File: df388bbf89cb884⋯.jpg (88.79 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Sydney.jpg)

File: 0263da4d4695acd⋯.jpg (61.84 KB, 625x415, 125:83, OZ o7.jpg)

6866b7  No.4389810

File: adeeb90706056ac⋯.jpg (19.55 KB, 444x794, 222:397, FilteredFU1.jpg)

c6f530  No.4389811


But if it is B), what is it that the rest of the family has to hide?,

and if that were the case, why would anons accept that they

could freely circulate whilst still hiding their misdemeanors.

You forgot about Option C):

That the funeral(s) were faked and he is being held in Gitmo

for future evidence against other perpetra(i)tors.

Understand cards need to be held close but ultimately full

transparency will be needed so in history there will be no

doubt as to the reasons/actions were justified. Get it done!

831e40  No.4389812

File: 61afc59bfa32df2⋯.jpeg (116.54 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 1545135899.jpeg)

ca74ff  No.4389813


Thanks bro. I got coffee everywhere ffs.


070dc8  No.4389814

File: f9d269f09ad1855⋯.png (130.23 KB, 257x221, 257:221, Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at ….png)


the i is missing to implicate they are operating without intelligence

Dumb C_A niggers

e17f87  No.4389815


This effort looks to have a similar momentum and associated impact as Ron Paul's first "moneybomb" had a few years back. Interesting watching this effort bloom.

6b22f6  No.4389816


It's MAGA or the gallows. Now wave it…BITCH!

Leverage works BOTH WAYS

43cf44  No.4389817


Would make sense in this context, yes.

Could be worth going back into the old "there/their" tweets & see if the theory holds.

Nice thinking.

8a73c0  No.4389818

File: 89908119ea7a0bb⋯.jpg (156.46 KB, 1807x680, 1807:680, Gitmo 20 Dec 18.jpg)

Today's Gitmo flight tables.

3f5d4a  No.4389819

File: 635b35c28301cd4⋯.png (14.88 KB, 183x226, 183:226, Glork00003.png)