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File: 4e094838c2c77ba⋯.png (8.72 KB, 255x143, 255:143, qresearc.png)

3151fc  No.3685608

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Tuesday 10.09.18

>>>/patriotsfight/373 ——————————— Statement release 10.9.18 [p_AUTHORITY1] (Cap: >>3643730 )

>>3412993 rt >>3219413 -————————– Guangdong = Guangzhou = Shenzhen? (Cap: >>3643790 )

>>>/patriotsfight/372 ——————————— effort to combat CHINA's attempts to harm our farmers (Cap: >>3643646 )

>>>/patriotsfight/371 rt /pf/297 -——————- AMERICA IS NO LONGER FOR SALE. (Cap: >>3643633 )

>>>/patriotsfight/370 ——————————— Coincidence the news today is focused on a resignation? (Cap: >>3643750 )

Monday 10.08.18

>>>/patriotsfight/369 ——————————— [Sally Yates] ( Cap: >>3640554 )

>>3398484 rt >>3398290 —————-———– Court order to preserve ALL data sent to GOOG? ( Cap: >>3640570 )

>>>/patriotsfight/368 ——————————— Graphic: DECLAS! ( Cap: >>3640575, >>3640687 )

>>>/patriotsfight/367 ——————————— Win-at-all-costs? ( Cap: >>3640595 )

>>>/patriotsfight/366 ——————————— Blasey Ford #WALKAWAY ( Cap: >>3640609 )

>>>/patriotsfight/365 rt /pf/357 -——————- Our voice is spreading. ( Cap: >>3640623 )

>>>/patriotsfight/364 ——————————— TomFitton/Status, Knowledge is power. ( Cap: >>3640638 )

>>>/patriotsfight/363 ——————————— [Next Up][RR], Locked & Loaded ( Cap: >>3640665 )

>>>/patriotsfight/362 rt /pf/306 -——————- Think 2/3rd Senate vote req to impeach [impossible]. ( Cap: >>3640678 )

>>>/patriotsfight/361 rt /pf/293 -——————- Anons knew POTUS would not be baited to FIRE ( Cap: >>3640688 )

>>>/patriotsfight/360 ——————————— NK will allow inspectors access to nuke sites ( Cap: >>3640702 )

Saturday 10.06.18 and Sunday 10.07.18

Compiled here: >>3444448

Friday 10.05.18

Compiled here: >>3408448

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3151fc  No.3685609


are not endorsements


>>3425883 Thread specifically for RED OCTOBER Memes for the MidTerms

>>3478991 and >>3522113 NPC Memes ----- & ----- >>3445122 Kanye Memes


>>3619933 CodeFag ArchiveAnon Creates Program for Archiving to Local Drive (New with notables!)

>>3572123 Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0

>>3447773 Vote.gov - register to vote online in many states

>>3466717 On the Hatch Act, the midterm elections, and the timing of arrests (analysis)

>>3507228 Video: "Q - We Are The Plan"; good red-pilling explanation

>>3673226 Voter Fraud Report hotline; active only during voting hours

#4679 Baker Change

>>3684975 Papadopoulos deletes tweet hinting at country that spied on him, named in FISA declas

>>3684991 ; >>3684998 Montana Senate race: libertarian drops out, backs Repub. candidate

>>3685023 Defense shipbuilder Austal hit be cyber security breach and extortion attempt

>>3685163 HRC pic currently circulating/gaining attention is from 2016

>>3685298 China’s surveillance model expanding abroad

>>3685381 Concerted fake news effort surrounding Khashoggi murder

>>3685404 Trump to impose oil sanctions of Iran

>>3685414 ; >>3685434 ; >>3685451 Recap of “concrete” recently communicated by the cabalists

>>3685519 Black box from Lion Air flight confirmed found

>>3685564 #4679

#4678 Baker Change

>>3684838 Wired Q piece downloadable mp4

>>3684755 Q-Clock Fag Reports

>>3684753 SA Coup Talking Points

>>3684730 Croatia Will not sign Agreement on UN Migrants

>>3684745 , 3684784 , 3684788 , >>3684810 Oxfam CT corruption digz

>>3684608 , >>3684667 Fianancial musings, Trick or Treat Banking Elite

>>3684145 , >>3684197 Kamala Harris & Elizabeth Warren Have Ethics Complaint Filed Against Them In Senate

>>3684151 , >>3684161 Fail at a "short history" of Q by Wired

>>3684158 , 3684775 Planefag Reports

>>3684164 , >>3684234 JA's Mom: Ecuador's President is refusing JA ANY visitors for the next 4 days

>>3684209 Trump-DeSantis: 8,300; Bernie-Gillum: 200-300

>>3684218 , >>3684796 , >>3684805 Rand Paul Assange immunity / WikiAssangeHaps

>>3684850 #4678

#4677 Baker Change

>>3683385, >>3683426 German hitpiece on Q

>>3683415 Brain-hacking & memory black market

>>3683424, >>3683450, >>3683476 Deleted Papadopolous Tweet: Obama was spying on him (and POTUS) for a country that "was not Russia"

>>3683451 Anon on the military at the border

>>3683455 Pentagon’s NATO Policy Chief Steps Down

>>3683496 Moar on Federal judges ordering Ohio to allow purged voters back in

>>3683500 Gitmo Terrorists Obama Traded for Army Deserter “Reinforce” Taliban in Qatar

>>3683504 Reminder: RealClearPolitics Owned by Chinese Company

>>3683560, >>3683631, >>3683634 October Habbenings Calendar (and past calendars)

>>3683608, >>3683615, >>3683725, >>3683861, >>3684005 OxFam Hivemind Dig

>>3683635 Technoviking original video (for keks)

>>3683657 Resignations in the news today

>>3683740, >>3683745 C919 plane to undergo rigorous tests at Nanchang Yaohu Airport

>>3683752 Migrant caravan must walk as Mexico ignores demand for buses

>>3683744 Seattle PD RT's #TheResistance Member In RIP Tweet About Officer Killed By Liberal

>>3684036 Millions in Mexico City set to go without water for days

>>3684070 #4677


>>3683125 Muh Conspiracy Theorist (Corsi) becomes key figure as Mueller builds case

>>3682923 Fox correspondant Chad Pergram twats about shooting near Capitol Complex

>>3682994 Clockfag's Huber connection for Oct 30

>>3682946, >>3682960, >>3682973 What gives w/this $8.5M Goog settlement to 129M users?

>>3682938, >>3682979 Moar late night twats from @DJT: Fox "treats me fairly!"

>>3682869, >>3682889 Jimmy Buffet Confirmed Cabal-supporter--to play for Gillum campaign

>>3682857 The 12,000+ times "Assassinate Trump" phrase posted on SocMed challenges USSS

>>3682812 @JulianAssange twatter suspended

>>3682816 Don Jr & Kim Guilfoyle campaign ad: "Let Your Voice Be Heard Loud & Clear"

>>3682715 Michael Johnson, former Boys & Girls Club CEO, resigns over "hostile environ."

>>3682676 Moar Venezuelan Oil fuggery: Exec Abraham Ortega admits taking $bn's in bribes

>>3682611 Washington State Judge Candidate Choi a QAnon Follower? JFK, Fed, & Moar

>>3682599, >>3682692 Anon (& Pocahontas) calls for becostumed Anons to post fliers TONITE

>>3683330 #4676

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File: ea6b8eedec5a1c8⋯.jpeg (23.88 KB, 354x246, 59:41, DayBakerGiftFromNightCrew.jpeg)



32c977  No.3685623

File: 14a1c59cdbd9839⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1258x1376, 629:688, 1540950328955.jpg)

There is a reason (((Wohl))) went after Mueller.

6dadeb  No.3685639

>>3685536 lb

please repost

IMHO, this is so important considering Q drops about the border being more important that we know.

And Trump's focus on CHINA CHINA CHINA!!!



>>3685562 LB

her and the girls

fb4897  No.3685655

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Live Forever

3db028  No.3685668

File: 112ddb8923376ed⋯.png (151.91 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 98729CDB-0160-4E5B-909D-0A….png)

2018 Will Be Glorious!!!!!!!!

6dadeb  No.3685677

File: 9c5c64fdc365787⋯.png (463.35 KB, 707x650, 707:650, iran under attack.PNG)


d7305f  No.3685682

File: 23b65e66f24bea2⋯.png (14.03 KB, 603x165, 201:55, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a93fc2aa25aae0c⋯.png (190.13 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ed2565f06a8de23⋯.png (675.31 KB, 1283x2798, 1283:2798, ClipboardImage.png)

Does This Bounce Mean The Sell-Off Is Over?


Those qats sure can bounce a lot.

fb4897  No.3685683

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Child stealing in Guatemala Highlands.

Anon encountered the same thin in the upper Amazon. Tribal people with little contact with the outside world had children stolen by "aid workers" fro western NGOs.

Strangers are advised to have proper introduction or your head will hand with the others in the rafters of the maloca.

29c1b8  No.3685686

File: 9642b818d7f0b2c⋯.png (106.22 KB, 1230x614, 615:307, 9ea1ba7620c575a0f3cdb5f051….png)

File: b403f1e15a64696⋯.jpg (227.08 KB, 1125x1491, 375:497, f0223009ab6644bc63de461e63….jpg)

File: 7380387dbff57db⋯.jpg (355.18 KB, 1428x1148, 51:41, HillaryConcreteGO!.jpg)

>>368498 (lb)

So if concrete is a call to help, so to speak, to fellow Masons (Brother & Sisters). Could this not be their way of responding?

Say Hillary uses the word concrete yesterday asking for help or info from the fake news media, they respond today saying "all clear", no hard evidence, or something like this. Maybe the talk in literal plain sight, in code, back and forth in a way to elude NSA and the like.

>>3685629 (lb)

This anon looks to be on to something by saying the concrete was a signal for a "all out war against whitey" lol maybe its a call to arms of all the witches around the establishment to hex whitey.

Maybe this is why whitey b. just got whacked in pen, for the people to read between the lines and use any means necessary to take them down, news, politics... all angles.

275c2c  No.3685687

File: 8a7f88dbafce56f⋯.png (139.64 KB, 577x460, 577:460, Capture2.PNG)

Concrete Steps

e01630  No.3685688

File: eb108a4d05d37cc⋯.png (691.71 KB, 852x630, 142:105, ClipboardImage.png)

File: acdc7525c8d031c⋯.png (78.53 KB, 863x740, 863:740, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 981348ab13f2f26⋯.png (194.45 KB, 919x683, 919:683, ClipboardImage.png)

Exclusive: Pilot made distress call on doomed Indonesian jet's previous flight

The pilot of a Lion Air flight from Indonesia’s Bali island on Sunday made a distress call minutes after take-off due to technical problems, but they were overcome and he pushed on to Jakarta. The same jet crashed on another flight hours later, killing all 189 people on board. Herson, chief of the airport authority for the Bali-Nusa Tenggara area, told Reuters that after the call the pilot updated the control tower to say that the plane was flying normally and he would not return to the airport as requested. “The captain himself was confident enough to fly to Jakarta from Denpasar,” said Herson, who goes by one name, speaking by phone from Bali and referring to the resort island’s airport.

The pilot of another plane that was approaching Bali just after the Lion Air jet had taken off said he was ordered to circle above the airport and listened in to a radio conversation between the Lion Air pilot and air traffic controllers. “Because of the Pan-Pan call, we were told to hold off, circling the airport in the air,” said the pilot, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media. “The Lion plane requested to return back to Bali five minutes after take-off, but then the pilot said the problem had been resolved and he was going to go ahead to Jakarta.” Pilots use ‘Pan-Pan’ calls to flag urgent situations. They are a step down from ‘Mayday’, which signals severe distress.

The Denpasar-Jakarta flight landed at the Indonesian capital’s airport at 10:55 p.m. local time on Sunday. The same Boeing 737 MAX jet took off at 6:20 a.m. the next morning, bound for Bangka island, off Sumatra, and plunged into the sea 13 minutes later. Just before the crash, the pilot had made a request to return to base. A Lion Air spokesman declined to comment when asked about the distress call on the earlier flight, citing the ongoing crash investigation. The budget airline’s CEO, Edward Sirait, said earlier this week that a technical problem had occurred on the Denpasar-Jakarta flight but it had been resolved “according to procedure”. Amid media speculation over the airworthiness of the aircraft, the transport minister suspended Lion Air’s technical director and three other officers on Wednesday to facilitate the crash investigation. The suspended technicians “issued the recommendations for that (final) flight”, the ministry said in a press release. It did not say how many technicians had been suspended.


2f1bd7  No.3685689

File: 7bf40f17a42db64⋯.png (237.47 KB, 618x738, 103:123, Screenshot_130.png)

File: 374c82f97399390⋯.png (345.38 KB, 629x619, 629:619, Screenshot_131.png)

File: ee494d1e47b4c89⋯.png (258.86 KB, 615x709, 615:709, Screenshot_132.png)

File: 6a4e81ae8cb2d2f⋯.png (37.81 KB, 622x402, 311:201, Screenshot_133.png)

>>3685414 lb

Concrete bundle

>>3685680 lb

Anons and Plisken...on it!


da9b02  No.3685690

File: 4f1788d9712c686⋯.jpg (169.82 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Carpet bombing.jpg)

7774a7  No.3685691

File: f0223009ab6644b⋯.jpg (857.91 KB, 1125x1491, 375:497, f0223009ab6644bc63de461e63….jpg)

File: 9998c44e4c18960⋯.jpg (15.17 KB, 190x255, 38:51, d154ae926a26c258a43b39e22f….jpg)

From last bread



Altered message.

2475fb  No.3685692

File: 47a94e33229743d⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1000x1392, 125:174, Adolphe-Sylvain.JPG)

Thank You Baker

275c2c  No.3685693

Ahead of import fair, EU calls for concrete opening steps from China


2f1bd7  No.3685694

fb4897  No.3685695

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Crooked financial journalists

& Rigged cultist financial markets.


bd0016  No.3685696

File: 89713fef24a6d36⋯.jpeg (882.64 KB, 996x1348, 249:337, 9EC0270E-31D6-405E-80EF-1….jpeg)

File: 3d415f407d6c798⋯.jpeg (867.39 KB, 1014x1355, 1014:1355, 614180A1-D1E2-4C27-820B-5….jpeg)


28f72f  No.3685697

Morning anons.

Want some advice. Young black girl "came out" as MAGA and within 48 hours is asking for money for school because "my parents cut me off for my political views"

She's playing it up, but she's actually getting a few donations to her GMF.

only takes 7 days into her twadder acct to see she's full of shit.

permission to sauce?

9176a8  No.3685698

File: 12aba045070288f⋯.png (580.46 KB, 829x775, 829:775, ClipboardImage.png)

Mueller assault charges aren't going away

“We started vetting her case the beginning of October, maybe late September. We came forward now because this is the soonest time in which we felt comfortable coming forward. We needed to make sure this was rock solid,” he said. “We were not going to bring forward a Christine Blasey Ford whose going to get up there and say ‘ I don’t remember when it happened, I don’t remember where it happened – sometime in the ‘80’s.

“In this case, not only is the accuser credible, but one of her best friends who was also there watched her go up to the hotel room allegedly with Robert Mueller. This corroborating witness is also very credible. This is not a person looking for profit. These are not people who are politically motivated. These people aren’t political, they’ve never voted. They are certainly not looking for profit, and they certainly don’t need profit. I’ll put it this way, these are a couple of very wealth people, prominent people.”


d7305f  No.3685699

File: a816e2ad5bd2376⋯.png (11.6 KB, 582x60, 97:10, ClipboardImage.png)

ab7665  No.3685700

File: f506494a72c6045⋯.jpeg (950.69 KB, 867x6091, 867:6091, image.jpeg)

d03eb7  No.3685701

File: 6471368c6623e1f⋯.png (777.17 KB, 1125x1707, 375:569, IMG_3115.PNG)


fb4897  No.3685702

File: e5b58cf42c9f8bc⋯.jpg (751.92 KB, 3557x1297, 3557:1297, MNKD.JPG)

File: 6f290744ac2ec2d⋯.jpg (123.88 KB, 2849x283, 2849:283, SaveAlifePatriot.JPG)

Save a life, patriots. If you are diabetic or no someone who is tell them about #afrezza.

da9b02  No.3685703

File: 0876c9927c595fb⋯.jpg (147.77 KB, 852x630, 142:105, Carpet bombing_2.jpg)

c352f3  No.3685704

File: dcb3c4d4870627f⋯.jpg (13.06 KB, 255x211, 255:211, investigator pepe.jpg)

Concrete was used around November 2016 and April 2017 by (((them)))


28f72f  No.3685705

File: 0a3ee44d7065b7c⋯.jpg (44.98 KB, 539x960, 539:960, dyslexia.jpg)

7774a7  No.3685706

File: 548a5885b94bf63⋯.jpg (270.56 KB, 1242x1667, 1242:1667, d154ae926a26c258a43b39e22f….jpg)

File: f0223009ab6644b⋯.jpg (857.91 KB, 1125x1491, 375:497, f0223009ab6644bc63de461e63….jpg)


Wrong size

4f863f  No.3685707


How common are brackets like that on a twitter handle? ((())) genuine question

98f9da  No.3685708

File: 194dabe1e0f60af⋯.jpg (91.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, eng.jpg)


489746  No.3685709

File: a92fc34bc2256f9⋯.jpeg (397.13 KB, 1242x1455, 414:485, 42348EB0-5E64-434E-ABA2-B….jpeg)

Anyone see this yet?

Kepler Space Telescope dead.


pic related

4d4425  No.3685710


You saying China is going to war with America…?

2c0744  No.3685711

File: 9752226a6b35d0a⋯.png (157.6 KB, 416x234, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

She learned that particular survival technique from the woman in the photograph on the right, her mother and my grandmother, who had to use it from the 1930s until my grandfather died in the 1960s. Both women were often mistaken for white. And for whatever privileges my aunt and grandmother might have received for their light skin, their husbands paid for it by beatings or threats from white men. One handed-down family story that sticks with me is how my uncle was lucky to have survived a savage throttling in the 1950s after exiting a ferry crossing the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to Port Allen. Apparently, he and my aunt had let down their guard. They never did it again.

Heck, as a child, I wasn’t even sure about my grandmother or my aunt. “Is Aunt-ee Lacy white?” I’d ask. “Lacy’s black,” an adult would say. Of course the reply was followed by a big laugh and a phrase I’d never forget: “It only takes one drop.” Meaning it only takes one drop of “Negro” blood to make you black…

Don Lemon is a racist through and through. He hates white men (except his partner who he loves long time). I wonder if his mom really is white and he suffers from not being 100%. Where is his father? His father, known only as Mr. Richardson. That's strange..

6ab4aa  No.3685712

File: a380e0f2db2cff0⋯.jpg (161.01 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, DqzB_mRXgAAvTUc.jpg)


TY Baker!

57d00c  No.3685713


I saw the above post last night and also found the list of books. Is this new information? Found it curious that no one replied to the original post.

01d533  No.3685714

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

10 minutes: well worth the time spent to view while the bread is slow.

92f954  No.3685715


And no shuttle program to fix it.

b11d5a  No.3685716


>>3685658 (lb)

Maybe this "concrete" talk is a signal

to (((their))) mafia assets.

What do we think of when we hear of

a mafia hit? Concrete shoes

Bulger was going to talk? Was this also

a warning to others?

Who was it that recently tweeted, "activate sleeper cells"?

Who gets suicided in the next 5 days?

2f1bd7  No.3685717

File: 35e981cea91049a⋯.png (326.19 KB, 612x557, 612:557, Screenshot_125.png)

File: 27c20368afe081f⋯.png (296.17 KB, 603x620, 603:620, Screenshot_126.png)

File: d422e5d827a2e52⋯.png (55.43 KB, 629x505, 629:505, Screenshot_127.png)

File: e0502f62518eef2⋯.png (163.37 KB, 615x812, 615:812, Screenshot_128.png)

File: e4cbec180b3152a⋯.png (563.1 KB, 596x913, 596:913, Screenshot_129.png)







This captures are from last bread, but reposting for bundle in current bread.

1fbfaf  No.3685718

File: ae3e99ee5a9bd70⋯.jpg (88.25 KB, 500x697, 500:697, tybaker7.jpg)

ty baker

bdd262  No.3685719


why does nadler have jew parenthesis in his name lol

dbf1a4  No.3685720

File: 1aa7b7fe98fa555⋯.jpeg (141.99 KB, 851x651, 851:651, DC849102-7647-4F77-80CB-9….jpeg)

Only concrete mention in Q drops.

511404  No.3685721


Its something important Jews use to try to take the symbol away from muh alt right. It just reminds everyone of their (((jewishness)))

1cdb4d  No.3685722


pot ekk! :D

98f9da  No.3685723

Times investigation

Charity sex scandal: UN staff ‘responsible for 60,000 rapes in a decade’


Fuck….I mean wow.

bd0016  No.3685724

28f72f  No.3685725

File: 4130d65e96df555⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 255x242, 255:242, KEK lol out loud.jpg)

1825dd  No.3685726

File: cf1c639f43fa863⋯.jpg (62.5 KB, 639x449, 639:449, Hoover.JPG)

concrete? planned terrorism?

38dcfe  No.3685727


I read something earlier today that stated basically the opposite. It may have been on theHill.com? Don't remember.

In a nutshell: Women were pretty bothered by the "outreach" effort and contacted the appropriate orgs/agencies, like, immediately.

68447f  No.3685728


Which was an Obama tweet.


511404  No.3685729


KYLE! They are posting your mom again!

3c8bae  No.3685730

excellent read outlining the birthright citizen debate. Others want to muddy the waters.


01d533  No.3685731


fuckin eh! sauce it.

38dcfe  No.3685732


And: Gateway Pundit is crap.

1a205c  No.3685733


Thats about 16 rapes per day

Sick cunts

6919c1  No.3685734

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


James O'Keefe Asks Gillum Staffer Why They Deceive Voters

4f03e2  No.3685735


Trudeau is a pansy moddafuqr. He cries at the first sign of Cabal shitstorms…Look at the date of his tweet Anons….

0b5203  No.3685736

File: 81c8a77e953565d⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1382x2739, 1382:2739, c796c38200b0c0865380d123a9….png)

9176a8  No.3685737


Sauce? Sounds like MSM narrative

e01630  No.3685738

File: cc24022f8534a8b⋯.png (596.31 KB, 852x568, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

U.S. to announce charges against former Goldman bankers for 1MDB: WSJ

The U.S. Justice Department is set to announce multiple criminal charges on Thursday against two former Goldman Sachs Inc (GS.N) bankers and Malaysian financier Jho Low tied to the Malaysia 1MDB sovereign wealth fund scandal, the Wall Street Journal reported. Citing sources familiar with the case, the Wall Street Journal said Tim Leissner, former partner for Goldman Sachs in Asia, is expected to plead guilty to conspiracy to launder money and conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and will forfeit $43.7 million. Roger Ng, the other former Goldman banker, was arrested in Malaysia and Jho Low, last seen in China, will be indicted.

Goldman, which generated about $600 million in fees for its work with 1MDB, has in the past repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and said it is fully cooperating with authorities. Reuters could not immediately confirm the report.

An estimated $4.5 billion was misappropriated from 1Malaysia Development Berhad, or 1MDB, by high-level officials of the fund and their associates, the U.S. Justice Department has alleged. While U.S. prosecutors have previously filed civil asset forfeiture suits for assets allegedly bought with some of the stolen funds, these are the first criminal charges the Justice Department has brought against individuals in the case, the Wall Street Journal reported.


6ab4aa  No.3685739

File: 0ff00bd46e88786⋯.png (525.69 KB, 822x801, 274:267, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)


>“The accuser is not a person off the streets. This is a person of unimpeachable character. This is a person with an illustrious background as a fashion designer – well educated, well networked, well liked.

Georgina Chapman - Weinstein's ex wife = fashion designer.

Could it have been someone on her staf?

9176a8  No.3685740


Hoft often makes the notables

2475fb  No.3685741

File: 79ac2fd34901535⋯.jpeg (86.37 KB, 1020x768, 85:64, 1537828207.jpeg)

f5ee3d  No.3685742

File: cab25b4151fdc13⋯.jpg (174.64 KB, 1372x827, 1372:827, US-NZ_China.jpg)

File: 2f150824d5a829a⋯.jpg (153.86 KB, 1049x823, 1049:823, NZ_FVEY-Soft-underbelly.jpg)

File: e1a62acc1082ea9⋯.jpg (118.08 KB, 589x820, 589:820, Clipboard.jpg)

File: 6f16670aeebc5e2⋯.jpg (240.48 KB, 1225x717, 1225:717, Screen_Cap01.jpg)

File: d4cd48cfaf00d56⋯.jpg (82.96 KB, 650x437, 650:437, Mushrooms_1A.jpg)

Repost from previous bread as requested.

RE: NZ bunkers question.

I posted some info on NZ bunkers awhile back and will locate and repost.

I hope it's New Zealand! I really do and I'm a Kiwi! Involved as secondaries in the attempted overthrow of President Trump and I can only assume we also provided intel for attempted assassinations plus we're a bolthole for the elites!

Perversely (I suppose) I want vast amounts of punishment to be heaped upon us for our crimes to wake the sheeple up and break that damn sleepy and all pervasive 'She'll be right mate', 'No worries' attitude!

Just a few Enemy Combatants.

Former NZ PM Sir John Key (National Party)

Former NZ PM Mr Bill English (National Party)

Current NZ PM Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern (Labour Party AKA Progressive Socialist Party)

AND former NZ PM Ms Helen Clark (Labour) who's also the former UN administrator (2009-2017) for the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and basically the creator of UN Agenda 2030 otherwise called Post-2015 Development Agenda!

Cut from a rough document I'm currently compiling -

On Helen Clark's UN Watch.

1) Started agenda 2021 / 2030 via the UNDP as Post-2015 Development Agenda.

2) Haiti – Cholera epidemic from Nepalese (deliberate or accidental?) Peacekeepers + subsequent vaccination from 2010 - 2017 approx. UN lies about the alleged cause – blames climate change. When asked about compensation avoids question. Compensation paid?

3) Peacekeeper sexual abuse. How many?

4) Kenyan sterilisation of ~500k women/girls via tetanus vaccinations.

5) Over-vaccinations causing outbreaks of polio via polio vaccinations etc.

She's also Ms Jacinda Arderns mentor!

Thanks to former NZ PM Sir John Key (a progressive) the Chinese practically own NZ now and even have an MP in the National Party. It's the Uniparty here with both National and Labour AKA Progressive Socialist Party almost one and the same. National is corporate capitalism while 'Labour' the socialist engineering part of the equation.

This has been posted before.

US Ambassador warns NZ not to trust China



‘The United States Ambassador to New Zealand says we should be wary of China's growing influence here.

New Zealand is a small country caught in a gravitational pull between the world's two superpowers, China and the United States, both of which have a strong influence over the Government's foreign policy approach.

US Ambassador Scott Brown believes New Zealand should look to the US as a more trusted ally than China. He answered questions from Kiwis on RadioLIVE on Wednesday morning, where he defended the United States' history of perceived international meddling.’

From an older post-

NZ labelled 'soft underbelly' of Five Eyes spy network in Canadian report



‘For the second time in a week, New Zealand has been singled out as a soft target for Chinese influence.

Last week, a Senator and ex-CIA analyst told a US congressional hearing New Zealand politicians are receiving "major" donations from China, which has "gotten very close to or inside the political core".’

19e9fc  No.3685743

File: f5eb6914cea41f6⋯.png (154.64 KB, 684x295, 684:295, NL-AMB-concrete.png)

looks like a Dutch ambassador living in Switzerland is in on the CONCRETE game


bd0016  No.3685744



38dcfe  No.3685745


I will in a minnit - yeah.

76fad2  No.3685746

File: 9121d74f7a1042c⋯.png (159.62 KB, 804x531, 268:177, ClipboardImage.png)

Can’t call it out myself but I think this is NOTABLE and I didn’t see it covered

Article and charges apparently filed yesterday

JOSHUA SCHULTE accused of leaking from prison

Feds accuse ex-CIA employee of continuing leaks from prison

NEW YORK (AP) — Federal prosecutors beefed up charges against a former CIA employee Wednesday, saying he has leaked classified national defense materials while incarcerated.

The new charges against Joshua Adam Schulte were contained in a rewritten indictment filed in Manhattan federal court.

Prosecutors said Schulte, 30, of New York City, was charged with the unlawful transmission and attempted unlawful transmission of national defense secrets from prison, along with a contempt violation.

An earlier indictment had charged him with transmitting classified national defense information that he stole from a CIA computer system in 2016 when he worked in the Eastern District of Virginia. Some of the information emerged publicly in March 2017 when WikiLeaks began releasing some of the CIA's hacking tools.

The previous indictment also alleged child pornography crimes. He has pleaded not guilty.



1cdb4d  No.3685747


good sheet…

"cracker ass cracker cracker!" :D

3bdee3  No.3685748

File: 256001f0e65936b⋯.png (15.42 KB, 255x219, 85:73, 7433ea305ef2fce57fb10ecd0c….png)

File: 9640b256be790ea⋯.png (370.2 KB, 1635x880, 327:176, Screenshot 2018-11-01 at 9….png)

File: af2c1ce480a4196⋯.png (51.68 KB, 778x249, 778:249, Screenshot 2018-11-01 at 9….png)

>>3685632 (((LB)))

Lots of offering of Concrete Steps. Escape path?

[P] mentions concrete steps dozens of times. Often used in MSM titles as a message.

dbf1a4  No.3685749

File: dfd933fbb6747d2⋯.jpeg (360.27 KB, 1255x915, 251:183, D60DF9A6-69D3-4D9E-B161-F….jpeg)


Look at the date. About a year ago after a shooting.

991ed6  No.3685750


Anons he deleted the “concrete” tweet and added a “.” in front of the “@“ at the beginning of the tweet and changed the wording to “concretely” . The period before the “@“ changes the visibility on twattter.

Not a big deal- still “concrete”

f5ee3d  No.3685751


Plus additional links on the page–

1 - Former CIA analyst says New Zealand should be kicked out of Five Eyes alliance



‘A United States Congress hearing has been told New Zealand politicians are receiving "major" donations from China, with one former CIA analyst suggesting we be kicked out of the Five Eyes alliance.

Senator James Talent alleged at the hearing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has "gotten very close to or inside the political core" of both New Zealand and Australia. He claimed he's heard allegations of "Beijing-linked political donors buying access and influence with party politicians" to incentivise the country to "parrot its line on issues it deems important".’

2 - Hillary Clinton warns of Chinese influence in New Zealand

This link no longer exists and now re-directs to the third link.

3) China's influence over New Zealand at 'critical level' - academic



‘A New Zealand academic is warning that China's influence over this country is at a "critical level".

University of Canterbury professor Anne-Marie Brady is urging the Government to act to protect the country against foreign interference.

In a policy brief published today, Ms Brady warns: "New Zealand - along with other nations - is being targeted by a concerted interference campaign by the People's Republic of China (PRC). The campaign aims to gain support for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by co-opting political and economic elites."’

Additional links -

National Party MP Jian Yang refutes 'Chinese spy' claim



then – (same day?)

National Party MP Jian Yang admits training spies



‘National Party MP Dr Jian Yang has admitted training Chinese spies so they could monitor other countries' communications - but refused to say whether this included New Zealand.

Dr Yang spoke at a press conference on Wednesday, after allegations he had studied and taught at an alleged spy school before moving to New Zealand.

He denied ever being a spy and denied ever having intelligence training, but admitted teaching students English to help them with their spying activities.’

901e9d  No.3685752


Grew up listening to the wives talk about that shit on Base, whenever the "Peacekeepers" would be sent out. Learned about the UN hearing MomAnon talking about how they'd have women trade sex for the bread they were supposed to be giving out to the hungry, leaving them pregnant, with even less food for the population. If some of the dependas around there knew enough to tsk about it, everyone knew.

662749  No.3685753

File: dfecdad677043d3⋯.jpg (126.89 KB, 493x1440, 493:1440, neporj1208.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

931193  No.3685754

How red was October?



False flags


7f4819  No.3685755

File: 1cbf91c5a7832b3⋯.gif (906.08 KB, 372x391, 372:391, 6d4ee39b01ec73a71a381bafc3….gif)


She needs a little more meat on those bones.

Like this one…

2475fb  No.3685756

File: 52d740dea9d82af⋯.jpeg (178.53 KB, 1440x1002, 240:167, 1531186643.jpeg)


Fine Tribute

99186c  No.3685757

File: 2ec11fa6a36093e⋯.png (15.8 KB, 1266x130, 633:65, Screenshot_2018-11-01 Yaho….png)

7492ce  No.3685758

#BringItHome #VoteItForward

is some more hashes to get on Twitter folks for this Gillum staffer video

Great Job Anons!! Keep it Going!!

64f34f  No.3685759


Thanks for inclusion in notables baker!

I included the line to put:

Verified Twitter accounts mentioning the keyword "concrete" around the same time as HRC

but it instead was listed as:

Recap of “concrete” recently communicated by the cabalists

This is NOT correct, or accurate. Some of the tweets are likely unrelated, so labeling them all as "cabalists" is inaccurate, and leads to qresearch being falsely maligned.

For accuracy, I'd humbly request the notable be changed to:

>>3685414 ; >>3685434 ; >>3685451 Verified Twitter accounts mentioning the keyword "concrete" around the same time as HRC

11fe7a  No.3685760

File: 51ab7d7e8d3a9a9⋯.png (947.4 KB, 1029x503, 1029:503, Capture.PNG)



Why Nestle pays next to nothing for Michigan groundwater

LANSING, MI – To say that Michigan is an ideal state in which to operate a bottled water factory is something of an understatement.

Nestle Waters North America, the world's largest bottled water company, shipped the first bottle from its Ice Mountain plant in Stanwood in May 2002. Since then, the company has extracted billions of gallons of groundwater from underneath Michigan and has paid next to nothing for it.

Nestle Ice Mountain

Michigan, a water-rich state surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes, charges high-volume, self-supplied water bottlers like Nestle and Absopure only $200 per year in paperwork fees to operate. There's no state tax, license fee or royalty associated with the company's extraction of a precious natural resource.

That has not exactly sat well with many Michiganders after it was revealed this fall that the Department of Environmental Quality was ready to sign off on a 167-percent capacity increase on a high-volume well Nestle owns in Osceola County.


Michigan OKs Nestlé permit for increased water withdrawal for bottled water plant

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality approved a controversial permit Monday for Nestlé Waters North America to increase the amount of water it withdraws from the state’s groundwater table from 250 gallons a minute to 400 gallons.

Despite vehement opposition to the permit from residents in Osceola County, where the Nestle well is located, and water activists across the state, the DEQ said the permit met the requirements of the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act.

“The scope and detail of the department’s review of the Nestlé permit application represents the most extensive analysis of any water withdrawal in Michigan history,” said C. Heidi Grether, director of the state DEQ, in a statement. “We are hopeful that whether residents agree with the Nestlé permitting decision or not, they will acknowledge and respect the work that MDEQ staff did to thoroughly and conscientiously apply the law in reviewing the permit.”


6dadeb  No.3685761


appears to be he is telling them to concrete and ly……which, IMHO, is code for 'cover up and bury the evidence (permanently in concrete) and lie, lie lie about everything.

2f1bd7  No.3685762


1. FF Attack on Dems, to play the Victims (Policy)

2. FF Attack on Jews, to play the Victims (Religion)

3. FF? (Culture? Minorities? The System:Election?)

Attacks on Election Day FFs?

68d0dc  No.3685763

File: df9553c22ad60e1⋯.png (483.59 KB, 735x733, 735:733, reactive-abuse.png)

>>3685657 (lb)

dang me if y'all don't got a word salad chat bot what can sound just like a fella...

d7305f  No.3685764

File: 2d8bb2543baf861⋯.png (20.54 KB, 577x75, 577:75, ClipboardImage.png)

6919c1  No.3685765

File: bdf2db575b773c9⋯.jpg (151.73 KB, 1245x847, 1245:847, q101102.jpg)

File: 7656773af49941c⋯.jpg (313.71 KB, 1769x864, 1769:864, boconcrete.jpg)

File: 8f03877e9cb7d95⋯.jpg (87.36 KB, 796x425, 796:425, q107.jpg)


Here's the sequence of events Q refers to in the concrete drop.

c352f3  No.3685766


Concrete has to be tied to Bulger. No coincidences.



bdd262  No.3685767


oy vey this shit is the worst

d9df2d  No.3685768

File: 6ace3ae48025245⋯.jpeg (502.14 KB, 750x1188, 125:198, 6E10690B-C980-4AB3-9A3A-6….jpeg)


Or it’s IRAN that’s involved and wants to set up Israel; since Russia collusion was a bust.

Article from Iranian- mentions PapaD payment


3151fc  No.3685769



4afec8  No.3685770


Why do you say that? It's just another alt media site, they don't get everything right but they do some good.

Are you limiting your media to Q believ3rs or something? Because that would be just stupid.

d9ec0b  No.3685771


Start concrete steps to escape for all?

No Deals!

0b5203  No.3685772

File: 04fd267d420b328⋯.jpg (92.94 KB, 1024x566, 512:283, IMG_20181031_205205.jpg)

File: 5a02fdd7ea3b3fa⋯.jpg (63.39 KB, 716x960, 179:240, IMG_20181031_110017.jpg)

File: 440564baf36dac0⋯.jpg (192.61 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, IMG_20181101_083746.jpg)

4e1b38  No.3685773

Florida - as of OCT 29

Total early Republican votes: 1,330,579 (40.8%)

Total early Democratic votes: 1,307,187 (40.1%)

Total unaffiliated votes: 540,565 (16.6%)

Total early votes cast: 3,258,034

Trick is: All your unaffiliated votes are belong to us!

38dcfe  No.3685774






7c1a4c  No.3685776

File: a470578b473db0e⋯.jpg (126.87 KB, 1080x1348, 270:337, 1080full-alina-kovalenko.jpg)

TY Baker!!!

>>3685555 (lb)

1000% this. All of you are awesome. Yes, even the shills (sometimes).

4f03e2  No.3685777

File: 6578349ca7e00ac⋯.png (440.26 KB, 1071x768, 357:256, ClipboardImage.png)


ANON—- Nestle does the EXACT same thing here in Aberfoyle, ONT. Huge backlash from residents. this was just one report on the issue.

c352f3  No.3685778


Morning POTUS.

f5ee3d  No.3685780


Note that the National MP 'Chinese spy' refutes and admits on the same day.

2f1bd7  No.3685782

489746  No.3685783

File: 6a09cd534fce8b2⋯.jpeg (201.3 KB, 1242x554, 621:277, 5483CACE-0833-4DFE-96F8-9….jpeg)

Won’t bore you with the details so I’ll just show a single paragraph from one of the stupidest articles on global warming I’ve ever read.

pic related

I think I lost IQ just reading it.

7774a7  No.3685784

File: b072d5abdf3473e⋯.png (311.02 KB, 475x889, 475:889, ClipboardImage.png)

Googling Clinton and concrete and came across this. If its been posted before, apologies.

906695  No.3685785

DJT twatter is spooky quiet today November 1st. 11/1 111

6a2713  No.3685786

File: 1e33acec53dd761⋯.jpg (94.56 KB, 702x621, 26:23, ballot-mailed-california.jpg)

Early mailed ballot numbers looks good for republicans in California.

Sauce: https://www.politicaldata.com/absentee-vote-tracker/

1cdb4d  No.3685787

File: 1686c5cd59179e7⋯.jpg (79.95 KB, 732x412, 183:103, MUDIG.jpg)


I made this meme with people like you in mind :D

fda964  No.3685788

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

O'Keefe Asks Gillum Staffer Why “it’s not for [voters] to know” “fairy tale” Policies Won’t Happen; Soros & Comey donations

4f03e2  No.3685789


Did Bulger run any concrete companies?

996b29  No.3685790

File: f3eb5769ff2a147⋯.jpg (378.66 KB, 1890x1743, 90:83, concrete 4.jpg)

File: 52d73225d9e9933⋯.jpg (82.34 KB, 769x541, 769:541, concrete 1.jpg)

File: 08ac55c037499cb⋯.jpg (104.8 KB, 741x567, 247:189, concrete 2.jpg)

File: c8535b5178bc001⋯.jpg (70.56 KB, 1003x502, 1003:502, concrete 3.jpg)

7d26ba  No.3685791

Are WWG1WGA ready for rough days ahead? I hope I am. I have talked to friends and family and made plans to hunker down in place and wait out the storm. Stay in touch through this or any other sites as long as these are up and working. Any ideas to better prepare?

2f1bd7  No.3685792

f89b57  No.3685793


The point of muddying the waters regarding birthright citizenship is to steer the debate to 'Trump is a tyrant' acting unconstitutionally.

The birthright on American soil of children of illegals is not settled law.

The beauty is now that Democrats and RINOs are pretending to be 'Constitutionalists' they are undermining DACA.


99186c  No.3685794


??? it was planned for 3.5 year mission, lasted 9 years. Now you want to fix an old outdated telescope? why?

2c0744  No.3685795


Scavino Jr pics

275c2c  No.3685796

File: 7433ea305ef2fce⋯.png (394.59 KB, 580x499, 580:499, Capture.PNG)

e04249  No.3685797


My gut sez 'yes'.

11fe7a  No.3685798


Exactly, they are world wide just like the rest of the cable, we have a long fight ahead of us, winning the elections is just the start, people need to understand that,, didn't Q say the world is at stake

e020a5  No.3685799

File: e3c2534d8e94e36⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 877x607, 877:607, caravan.jpg)

File: 88c17604acc04db⋯.mp4 (6.54 MB, 1200x720, 5:3, XslcgQJMZaY.mp4)

Caravan location.


3151fc  No.3685800

File: 82befcd24b02d91⋯.png (84.93 KB, 600x351, 200:117, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)


dbf1a4  No.3685801


About 34 minutes after Q go drop Obongo tweets concrete.

Original go had GREEN in it.

bd0016  No.3685802

File: aefcc60e7ec0498⋯.jpeg (597.33 KB, 1242x1262, 621:631, A0174A33-C107-4616-9CDF-7….jpeg)


38dcfe  No.3685803


No - I don't limit my media to believers of anything.

I do have a problem with Gateway Pundit as a source for anything because their headlines tend to lead to short sketches of what an article might actually look like. Not always, obviously. Just enough for me to give them a shrug and not take their "journalism" very seriously.

46840e  No.3685804


92f954  No.3685805


>Now you want to fix an old outdated telescope?

Don't put words in my mouth.

I pointed out there is no shuttle program to fix it, doesn't mean I want them to fix it.

1967d9  No.3685806

>>3685256 (lb)

That seals it.

I'm making clay tablets, and burying them to troll the future.


11fe7a  No.3685807


hopefully you know I meant cabal not cable but the cable companies are world wide to so it fits

3e212d  No.3685808


Lovely cat.

2475fb  No.3685809

File: ad9509cea2e056a⋯.jpeg (159.56 KB, 1440x874, 720:437, 1537020663.jpeg)

7c3462  No.3685810

Red October was pretty eventful. Now on to Midterms!

d7305f  No.3685811


wonder whats really happening there while they walk out.

7774a7  No.3685812

File: ef1b38d8cecfc89⋯.png (73.33 KB, 634x422, 317:211, ClipboardImage.png)



Original tweet.

92f954  No.3685813


Argentina…4th Reich territory.

2f1bd7  No.3685814


Waiting for POTUS to use the word CONCRETE!


994852  No.3685815

File: e4d6660b78b00a1⋯.jpg (56.05 KB, 480x640, 3:4, dafuck.jpg)

f89b57  No.3685816


Translation of concrete: kill the operators who committed the acts that can be linked back to us.




ec7200  No.3685817

File: b287c23609c079d⋯.jpeg (396.22 KB, 1250x985, 250:197, F22D25AB-9A58-4D7D-BC54-8….jpeg)

“The Professor”

Was this article a death threat having been published knowing he is alive as a warning?

Make note of each echo in the media and the writers.

https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/sep/8/joseph-mifsud-professor-who-discussed-clinton-dirt/ Andrew Blake

https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/09/dnc_lawyers_say_joseph_mifsud_who_set_up_papadopoulos_and_had_close_ties_to_russia_may_be_dead.html Thomas Lifson

https://www.redstate.com/diary/ElizabethVaughn/2018/09/09/dnc-joseph-mifsud-professor-informed-papadopoulos-russian-dirt-clinton-missing-may-dead/ Elizabeth Vaughn

Big Papa says….in past tense I might add..

The entire “Russia collusion” investigation began because Joseph Mifsud (“the professor”) was a supposed Russian agent who told me that the Russians have Clinton’s emails. Now, Mifsud’s lawyer says he was working for Comey’s FBI to fabricate collusion and sabotage Trump. Truth!

He tweeted this Oct 31 and his use of past tense indicate either he is merely speaking of the past or “The Professor” is dead. If “The Professor” is in fact dead this would be such a shame as the words spoken from his lips would remove most suspicions.

Perhaps the testimony of his attorney will suffice the public.

2f1bd7  No.3685818


And spell it WRONG!

Dubl KEK!

68447f  No.3685819

File: cb589a431f27aef⋯.png (293.35 KB, 1178x1312, 589:656, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

File: 463ec9ff359dcb2⋯.png (248.96 KB, 1192x1314, 596:657, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

File: e2697e8f6d48bc5⋯.png (259.3 KB, 1190x1240, 119:124, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

File: 308b10af969c9ec⋯.png (40.15 KB, 1212x226, 606:113, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

Pope Loves Concrete!

7d0d9f  No.3685820


Red October goes until November 6.

2836db  No.3685821


anyone get the feeling China is holding someone hostage?

23f1a0  No.3685822


Waiting for the obligatory Comey concrete tweet to complete the circle

1cdb4d  No.3685823




28f72f  No.3685824

File: b920ba81a55a4b9⋯.jpg (65.04 KB, 482x628, 241:314, opmaga.jpg)

File: 8f26cea11cea715⋯.jpg (74.46 KB, 445x419, 445:419, gfm maga.jpg)

File: 64069f5452c1d2e⋯.jpg (71.55 KB, 481x626, 481:626, hype maga.jpg)

File: 54c67dae9bba8bd⋯.jpg (57.12 KB, 296x338, 148:169, paul harvey.jpg)

File: fb9e8be0e2c28d9⋯.jpg (291.96 KB, 901x1265, 901:1265, maga rest.jpg)



Original "out":






(Paul Harvey) and now the rest of the story:

9c2b0a  No.3685825


>concrete is a call to help, so to speak, to fellow Masons


275c2c  No.3685826


Maybe they are pouring CONCRETE STEPS

46840e  No.3685827


only the voices in your head

dbf1a4  No.3685828


Moses 2 electric boogaloo

720f14  No.3685829

we should all blow up this comment on potus twatter https: //twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1057997981922873344

7dbb03  No.3685830

File: b1ec978779885ca⋯.png (36.33 KB, 636x361, 636:361, ClipboardImage.png)


6a4b73  No.3685831

File: f8043aab3f931d5⋯.png (63.14 KB, 480x360, 4:3, fiddy.png)


fiddy dolla bill!

275c2c  No.3685832

File: 8d931e2ccf67e1d⋯.png (195.96 KB, 580x444, 145:111, Capture4.PNG)

concrete action steps

c352f3  No.3685833


Pivot to immigration?

b250f9  No.3685834


he worked in construction but never ran any kind of assoc co

2475fb  No.3685835

File: d4ef518c6c95fa6⋯.jpeg (102.09 KB, 1320x1080, 11:9, 1541081611.jpeg)

7c3462  No.3685836


George doesn't understand that the crime was that he was willing to meet with a supposed Russian agent to effect an election. It doesn't matter that Mifsud was lying, George was wrong to try to meet with him in the first place.

dbf1a4  No.3685837


Sick people.

4afec8  No.3685838


He is shlocky and clickbaity but also trying to pay a staff of several people from revenues of web advertising which is almost impossible.

But when it comes to any level of reporting we have to take what we can get.

At least Hoft is not downright evil or anti-American.

dc4995  No.3685839


What day did John Titor first appear?

What day was his original forum post?

When did Q appear?

What day did Q announce he was a Q Clearance Patriot?

There are no coincidences.

17 years

2564 nothing exists.

2+5+6+4= 17

5d640b  No.3685840

concrete as distress signal: perhaps its a plea to someone with a resource wxclusively at their disposal and not at disposal of cabal fags putting up batsignal. what if everytime they call for it, it is seen but the person decides "not yet" or not dire enough (perhaps its a one shot only type of thing or the mahnitude of the response is so great they have been holding off…. instead of "false flag" what if it is "release the kraken"?

489746  No.3685841


I scribed a big, deep hooked X on a granite boulder out in the woods about ten years ago.

You have to be in just the right place to see it.


92f954  No.3685842

Over NM at the moment.

Yesterday was over San Angelo, Tx.

77-0352 AE11E0

United States Air Force

United States Military

Boeing E-3B Sentry E3CF

c352f3  No.3685843



Quick search shows no "concrete" involvement. (Made myself kek.)

8b63ee  No.3685844


11th hour

9176a8  No.3685845


Thanks, Anon. Gotta IRL but will dig these later.

2f1bd7  No.3685846

File: 223456a11b1902c⋯.png (71.23 KB, 596x346, 298:173, Screenshot_134.png)




Like this!


(this twat is fake and gay, btw)

d7305f  No.3685847

File: a12a44a53caa54a⋯.png (27.26 KB, 577x115, 577:115, ClipboardImage.png)

Just had a long and very good conversation with President Xi Jinping of China. We talked about many subjects, with a heavy emphasis on Trade. Those discussions are moving along nicely with meetings being scheduled at the G-20 in Argentina. Also had good discussion on North Korea!

841 replies 1,668 retweets 5,791 likes


b11d5a  No.3685848


Funny as Hell watching lefttards screaming "Muh Constitution" when they think it helps their agenda

787365  No.3685849


This has all the markings of

POTUS announcing that China has bent the knee

Perhaps they are ready to make a deal now

1e7132  No.3685850


I think HRC is hungry and wants to eat the children.

b250f9  No.3685851

dbf1a4  No.3685852


Can someone do a google analytics trending CONCRETE

1cdb4d  No.3685853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It


watch video


76fad2  No.3685854






I see no one cares but this guy is the CIA Vault 7 guy busted for child porn…

AND the "he's still leaking from prison" accusation - if proven….

Will provide PRECEDENT for locking leakers and politicals


But hey….don't look

just go on with self flagellating over fake tits, giant asses and bare pussies.

400125  No.3685855

Anyone have the link for the Muh Drumpf Hitler compilation that was floating around the last cpl of days? Would check previous breads but phonefagging and wanna show some ppl.

2475fb  No.3685857

File: 2b6cdd82dbfeacf⋯.jpeg (161.4 KB, 1440x956, 360:239, 1527905587.jpeg)

2f1bd7  No.3685858


11 minutes Star Spangled Banner?

29c1b8  No.3685859



Does anyone have the ORIGINAL (((Nadler))) tweet with the word "concrete" with a time stamp and all? I'd like to do a side by side showing the altered word, so to bring attention, how it was changed.

4afec8  No.3685860


Shes doing exactly what Joy Villa did.

Going to extract some cash from stupid white people.

Thanks for the context, anon.

d7305f  No.3685861

File: 812ebddc3dce8cc⋯.png (18.78 KB, 471x244, 471:244, ClipboardImage.png)

b11d5a  No.3685862


Hillary trying to save the children

….for dinner

2836db  No.3685863

File: cb6556114ad43f2⋯.png (17.77 KB, 590x152, 295:76, GP - Copy.PNG)

dc4995  No.3685864


> who knows where the bodies are buried?

The person who buried them

Aka: the hitman

7d0d9f  No.3685865


Don't forget that CEMEX is WW.

99186c  No.3685866

File: 4d8838f1b400b13⋯.png (39.65 KB, 1265x692, 1265:692, Screenshot_2018-11-01 Goog….png)

File: b0e2fce79dc704b⋯.png (46.89 KB, 1254x682, 57:31, Screenshot_2018-11-01 Goog….png)


>google analytics trending

no, but can do trends

c352f3  No.3685867


Keep your money in your pocket folks.

Politicians don't need it.

983e21  No.3685868

Guise is newsweek a friendly force now, wtf???

4b6368  No.3685869

File: 20013d0c5da2fa6⋯.jpg (6.44 KB, 142x46, 71:23, Screenshot_20181101-101609.jpg)

Clockfag, would you please post an updated Q Clock pic, for us to use, who the app will not work on our phones.

Thank you

d99b0b  No.3685870


Yep, I'm more and more confident that its thes local freemason groups and comped police who orchestrate FFs and psyops. I've seen flat out fuckery in a southern city…..linked to (((them))).

Hint. Vanderbilt

d9ec0b  No.3685871


To me, it really sounds like the start of the evacuation from the Deep State members…

Who posted concrete as first?

A lot of this Tweets from the pope sounds like, start the Journey?!

And in this bread I read about a men in Swizze tweet the word concrete, too!

StartThe Escape plan WW?


7492ce  No.3685872


8b63ee  No.3685873

Alice Through the Looking Glass Chapter 11 Summary

Chapter 11 Summary


Who Stole the Tarts?

Alice and the Gryphon arrive at the court to find the King and Queen of Hearts on their thrones with a crowd of people around them. The Knave, who is the defendant, is in chains. The White Rabbit is the announcer and has a trumpet and a scroll. On display is a pan of tarts.

Alice sits down and starts thinking about all the people and things in the trial. She notices that the King is wearing a wig along with his crown, making him the Judge. Twelve of the little animals Alice has met in her adventures, including Bill the Lizard, are in the jury box writing on slates.

The White Rabbit calls for silence. Alice is irritated by the squeaking pencil that Bill is using on his slate and takes it away from him.

The King asks the White Rabbit to read the charge. The Rabbit unrolls his scroll and reads (Verse Alert!) a poem about the Knave of Hearts stealing some tarts that the Queen of Hearts made.

The King is ready for a verdict from the jury, but the Rabbit reminds him that they have to finish the trial first.

The King calls the first witness: the Mad Hatter. He's still drinking tea and eating bread and butter, which he takes with him into the witness box.

The Hatter gets in trouble right away. The King doesn't understand that it's always teatime for him. He wants him to take off his hat, but he can't, because it's not his own but one for sale.

The Hatter is so nervous that he bites his teacup instead of the bread.

Alice notices that she is growing larger again. The Dormouse, sitting beside her, complains that she is squeezing him.

The Queen stares at the Hatter, then asks for the list of singers from the last concert, which makes him even more nervous. (Remember, that was when he offended her by "murdering the time" of his song.)

The King tries to get the Hatter to give his evidence, but he keeps rambling on about the tea party and trying to blame the Dormouse or the Hare for what he knows. Finally, the King gets frustrated and lets him stand down. He runs away before the Queen can have him executed.

The King calls the next witness, who is the Duchess's cook. She brings the box of pepper with her and everyone starts sneezing.

The cook refuses to give evidence, and the Rabbit tells the King he'll have to cross-examine her.

The King asks the cook what tarts are made of, and she says they're mostly pepper.

The Dormouse, talking in its sleep, interrupts. The Queen freaks out and has him turned out of court.

The King dismisses the cook and calls the next witness – Alice herself!

Bill the Lizard!

fff710  No.3685874





c352f3  No.3685875


So maybe "concrete" is signaling (((they))) ran a hit on Bulger?

11fe7a  No.3685876

File: bb244c96d423b23⋯.png (330.41 KB, 529x303, 529:303, Capture.PNG)

Inadvertently My Ass. I inadvertently make typos, this is bullshit

Western universities may be inadvertently helping China's military: Report

Some Chinese military scientists have deliberately concealed their army backgrounds while working on sensitive research at Western universities, according to a new report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

The findings come amid widespread fears of Beijing using education, spying, political donations and people-to-people diplomacy to gain a greater clout abroad.

Chinese scientists cultivating cells in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province of China.

Visual China Group / Getty Images

Chinese scientists cultivating cells in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province of China.

Many Chinese military scientists working on strategic research at Western universities have deliberately concealed their ties to the army, according to new research. That's sparked concerns of host institutions unknowingly contributing to Beijing's defense prowess.

In a report this week, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) said it discovered two dozen new cases of scientists from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) — the umbrella term for China's ground, naval and air forces — traveling abroad "using cover to obscure their military affiliations."

"These scientists use various kinds of cover, ranging from the use of misleading historical names for their institutions to the use of names of non-existent institutions," the Canberra-based think tank found.

Most were Australia-bound and studied topics such as hypersonic missiles and navigation technology, according to the study. The majority came from top Chinese military academies such as the National University of Defense Technology, which is led by the state-run Central Military Commission.


92f954  No.3685877


Dead as a door-nail, or concrete-slab.

489746  No.3685878


Pic # 2…..trails

6ab4aa  No.3685879

File: e6d3a2fdd3e80b2⋯.png (539.38 KB, 1174x861, 1174:861, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

File: ead3483393eccff⋯.png (655.86 KB, 692x1182, 346:591, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

File: 04e166be367bd1c⋯.jpg (105.95 KB, 600x901, 600:901, Flame-of-Democracy.jpg)

Random concrete steps…

-9/11 survivor's staircase

-creepy DC Exorcist staircase

-South Africa steps preserved to remember apartheid

1cdb4d  No.3685880


Potsy! :D







totally worth it…





650e6e  No.3685881


Still too close

305747  No.3685882

Crofag here.

MY BELOVED COUNTRY WILL FOLLOW HUNGARY'S AND POTUS' decision to NOT accept the UN migration agreement!

You can't imagine how great this anouncement is!

Look at it this way:

- Several countries have put neo liberal woman, such as Merkel, May among others, in place to project a state of secure environments in politics. Think of "Mom" will take care of you.

Hillary should have become President in the US to support THEM.

They failed. Further Croatia, which is a great European military power that silently watches the happenings, is in great US support.

Allies all the way, since Croatia's achievement of freedom was reached.

They elected a CONSERVATIVE woman that would erase their mainstream-ideology of female liberal politics in which man who oppose them are being called sexists among other defamatory things.

So, if Croatia is pulling out of the UN agreement, this sends SHOCKWAVES to every other member state of the EU, actually across the whole West.


PS: Croatia is, along with Hungary, a nation that consists of more than 95% peaceful CHRISTIANS.

ed6d70  No.3685883

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

'Merica: It's too Late to apologize

Stahp the DIMMs Concrete attempts at voter fraud

Illegals voting

Fraud Absentee Ballots

Ballot Box stuffing

Bussing in voters

Election Machine Tampering

Fraud Polls to dampen enthusiasm

Vote See something Say something

4cb643  No.3685884


The Pope used it a lot since Q appeared and we became aware of their code speak.

867e16  No.3685885

File: 04dff0dd5f2f9a7⋯.jpg (154.96 KB, 477x755, 477:755, DP - Family movie.jpg)


>1000% this. All of you are awesome. Yes, even the shills (sometimes).

The shill is what gives meaning to the Anon.

The (0) to the (1).

The darkness to contrast the stars.

Every (1) of you is a STAR.

Whether we choose to like it, or choose not to… the shills are a part of this movie.

This is a family movie.

64f34f  No.3685886

File: b33b2aa894fb6fc⋯.jpg (116.85 KB, 887x749, 887:749, 1VtU5Pjdc6w.jpg)



Dough amendment noted.

d46a1d  No.3685887


>fucking domino

that is not her.

9c9844  No.3685888


Full version:

The Star-Spangled Banner

O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,

What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming,

Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight

O’er the ramparts we watch’d were so gallantly streaming?

And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there,

O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep

Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,

What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,

As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?

Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,

In full glory reflected now shines in the stream,

’Tis the star-spangled banner - O long may it wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,

That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion

A home and a Country should leave us no more?

Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

O thus be it ever when freemen shall stand

Between their lov’d home and the war’s desolation!

Blest with vict’ry and peace may the heav’n rescued land

Praise the power that hath made and preserv’d us a nation!

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,

And this be our motto - “In God is our trust,”

And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

48c45f  No.3685889


Yah, chill out and don’t make a fool out of yourself. We never got anything ‘concrete’ regarding the actions just before or after the midterms. Enjoy the show

1967d9  No.3685890


For the next 3 centuries people will be digging for treasure, and creating myths about the lost treasure. Bravo Zulu



I just imagine ancient Sumerians who were able to make craft beers..

"No, no, he lived 36,000 years that will take them centuries to figure out.."

76fad2  No.3685891


What is it about

Vault 7

CIA leaker

Joshua Shulte - covered in significant detail in past

continues leaking

additional charges filed about activities in prison that threaten national security

gets sent to more "secure" prison

providing pathway to legally secure people in military facility

don't you think is notable?

6ab4aa  No.3685892

File: a96c7f37f8a5c76⋯.png (75.93 KB, 901x386, 901:386, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

BREAKING: Accused Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers pleads not guilty to federal charges and has requested a jury trial - KDKA




19f8ad  No.3685893


good catch


Thank you, patriot :)

2a6ffb  No.3685894


President Trump asked at the rally last night how many people had already voted… almost all of us in the crowd raised our hand and the cheers were loud and proud!

11fe7a  No.3685895

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck performs the National anthem.

4cb643  No.3685896


How about "concrete" means "taking action"?

9843a4  No.3685897

File: 197b3a759d6b8c7⋯.png (13.17 KB, 200x129, 200:129, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5e6d3cd899e002c⋯.png (22.38 KB, 197x191, 197:191, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5a8ae5b89b89ed4⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1500x1125, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>>>3685398 (pb)

CHINA'S Flanking Maneuver South of The Border (USA)

(AmericanFreePress article - Jan 20, 2007)


"Communists Positioning China To Dominate Trade in Americas"

By Mark Anderson


w/ Flanking Strategy above:

CHINA Positioning to Dominate The Oceans.

(2017) COSCO & OOCL/OOIL = Merger

COSCO - China Ocean Shipping Company = PLA controlled

PLA - Peoples Liberation Army = Beijing

OOCL - Orient Overseas Container Line = Hong Kong

OOIL - Orient Overseas (International) Limited = Hong Kong

(2017) Beijing took control of Major shipping Corp. based Hong Kong.

COSCO is Controlled by Beijing.

(iContainers - article headline)

"Cosco Shipping acquires OOCL"

Olaf Merk


Market share of top 4 carriers after COSCO takeover of OOCL: 53.8%. The container shipping industry has "officially" become an oligopoly

4:23 PM - Jul 9, 2017

(Caixin - article)

"COSCO, Shanghai Port Buy Hong Kong Shipper OOIL for $6.3 Billion"





d7305f  No.3685898

File: afda974de14c3a7⋯.png (29.11 KB, 462x283, 462:283, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a3f603b075ca9a1⋯.png (45.25 KB, 460x466, 230:233, ClipboardImage.png)

b11d5a  No.3685899


This is why (((their))) assets need to be killed

2f1bd7  No.3685900




Yep, watched it, Anon! Good vid!


Trips confirmed, Anon!



b62dea  No.3685901

File: 78b26b5120889fb⋯.jpg (101.3 KB, 620x375, 124:75, in-britain-malware-most-fo….jpg)

Image-Borne Malware: How Viewing an Image Can Infect a Device

December 12, 2016 | published by Chris Qiao

There's nothing dangerous about viewing pictures in a browser, right? Most users with some level of technical knowledge are familiar with typical malware concealment methods, such as document-borne malware. But there's more than one way to introduce malware. Image malware — malware that's concealed within in-browser images — has become a potential threat vector as well.

Users typically don't think of common image files (such as .jpg, .png, .bmp, and .gif pictures) as risky or insecure. But Saumil Shah, CEO of Net-Square and security researcher, explained how it's possible to conceal malicious code in an image during his presentation at the 2015 Amsterdam hacking conference, Hack In The Box. He then demonstrated how to get the browser to execute the code, resulting in a successful malware attack.

In other words, a device can be compromised, in theory, after simply opening a picture in a browser.

Referencing the ancient method of message concealment called steganography, Shah dubbed this kind of malware exploit "Stegosploit." (Steganography refers to hiding data in an image, message, or file.)

The Stegosploit technique hides malicious code within the pixels in a digital image. Shah referred to the malicious code used in the image as "IMAJS," and it's a combination of JavaScript and image code. The malware leverages the HTML 5 <canvas> tag, which is supported by commonly used browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, to get the browser to read the pixel data as JavaScript.

When the picture is loaded by a browser, the hidden malware is automatically decoded. And the malicious code is executed. In one example, Shah demonstrated how to use the IMAJS code to hack into a PC and send the machine's data to the attacker.


7c3462  No.3685903

File: b863e1611edff85⋯.jpg (165.28 KB, 1200x670, 120:67, BATTERS BOX MOYER.jpg)

File: 0c93378a5c92d01⋯.jpg (149.18 KB, 1200x670, 120:67, BATTERS BOX TASH.jpg)

File: 484a450c7ee8852⋯.jpg (134.76 KB, 1200x670, 120:67, BATTERS BOX TRISHA ANDERSO….jpg)

File: af347f0b6d1db78⋯.jpg (172.01 KB, 1200x670, 120:67, BATTERS BOX CLINESMITH.jpg)

8b63ee  No.3685904


Don't forget the name of the Democrat who Doxxed Republicans on Wikipedia.

98f9da  No.3685905


How can any sane person still vote Democrat?

3bdee3  No.3685906

File: 6c4db4ae255695f⋯.png (47.8 KB, 572x384, 143:96, Screenshot 2018-11-01 at 1….png)

File: febdb70c87f2510⋯.png (316.88 KB, 563x596, 563:596, Screenshot 2018-11-01 at 1….png)


G-20 Nov 30 POTUS will be out of country. Mattis will be in charge.

218f16  No.3685907

File: bbeaada1a8b461c⋯.png (69.21 KB, 1266x332, 633:166, ClipboardImage.png)

99186c  No.3685908

File: 738e5e3bd1410b7⋯.png (19.28 KB, 723x118, 723:118, fix it.png)


sure anon

92f954  No.3685909


Kick the can down the road ANOTHER month!


74209a  No.3685910

File: a7d0a68c056f2c3⋯.jpg (204.56 KB, 902x858, 41:39, NeverGoingBack87b.jpg)

File: 777d843762ef0ea⋯.jpg (93.34 KB, 626x417, 626:417, NeverGoingBack110b.jpg)

File: 671a2aabb19a612⋯.jpg (369.15 KB, 1022x1023, 1022:1023, NeverGoingBack86b.jpg)

File: 83b632b2644acfa⋯.jpg (295.37 KB, 1400x1026, 700:513, NeverGoingBack85b.jpg)

File: 109f4cf1857b4f6⋯.jpg (127.2 KB, 752x803, 752:803, NeverGoingBack84b.jpg)

Ammo. Twatter infanty on your mark. Fire at will!

Continuing to modify this series with text requested by twatanons. (The ones that can't be easily modified I'm just adding #WalkAway to; use or don't use, your choice, as always.)

b11d5a  No.3685911


Brainwashing. My dad is a boomer and retired

auto worker…still votes Dem because of 30

years of programming

6a2713  No.3685912


Here are the daily updated Florida early vote numbers


46840e  No.3685913



7c1a4c  No.3685914

File: a1f50fc544a7d57⋯.jpg (56.04 KB, 489x750, 163:250, domino.jpg)


>When Cosplay is better than Hollywood…

1cdb4d  No.3685915


I tend to equate this to the chart that we used to decide if you blew yourself up or figured out some far advanced bomb tech in d&d :D


I agree i jus make fun of everyone anyways cause we already won! :D

Now go fuck off again!

like that :D


digits confirm! :D

7f4819  No.3685916

File: bfd97b94e070f6a⋯.jpg (295.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20160126_LAUGHINGimage.jpg)

ca0c4b  No.3685917


Spelled Concrete wrong?

92f954  No.3685918


Dude, fuck off.

88c060  No.3685920

File: a2540b468a9d1ed⋯.png (960.2 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 4E462751-8942-4423-B7DA-76….png)

File: 36f8c28e3fc613a⋯.png (984.81 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 90478750-9B78-41FA-AF43-AB….png)

File: d1a292ed803d164⋯.png (1007.29 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 17C2C733-749B-4DE7-843E-18….png)


AF2 and 2 interesting planes including a canadian af plane above 40k feet over tennessee

4cb643  No.3685921


Another embassy victim, but nobody cares, because it's the 'wrong' embassy and the 'wrong' victim, not a "journalist".

11fe7a  No.3685923

File: 9ff0cee38f08a3f⋯.png (13.24 KB, 642x66, 107:11, Capture.PNG)


This is a old article, Google and Microsoft and a few others have new cookies coming out if not already out

Most Internet users know a little about what Web cookies are and what they do – especially now the rules on keeping the public informed about cookies have been made more stringent (see the Privacy/Cookies tab at the top of this page for details specific to this site). If you’re still a little in the dark about the general picture, have a look at my Web Cookies & Your Privacy article for a full explanation.

However, there’s another type of ‘cookie’ which isn’t properly covered by cookie regulations, and is still going below the radar when it comes to public consciousness. Why? Because technically, it’s not a cookie at all. It’s a data file for the Adobe Flash motion graphics facility. Officially, its purpose is to enable the smoothest possible running of Flash-based routines. Unofficially, it does exactly what an ordinary text cookie does – placing re-readable information onto your hard drive, so you can be recognised by sites you visit, and virtually stalked.


19f8ad  No.3685924

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


The one by the former US paratrooper is my jam.

f35991  No.3685926

File: f14d5a96afc14d9⋯.jpg (45.22 KB, 459x664, 459:664, Kek wills it.jpg)


in-laws were republicans (boomers) and switched to democrat during 2016 cycle.

It was the last straw for this anon.

1cdb4d  No.3685927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

the name of this band is conkrete!

prolly just a coincidence :D

7c3462  No.3685928

File: b1d2ecd264a0176⋯.png (32.85 KB, 591x359, 591:359, CLAPPER TO COMEY TO TRUMP ….PNG)

File: 068fa4229acca83⋯.png (46.79 KB, 595x464, 595:464, CLAPPER TO COMEY TO TRUMP ….PNG)


[WH [Hussein][VJ][DM][JB][RE][[[JK]]][SP][KM]]←—-→[HRC/DNC]

[C_A [JB][CLAS1-5]](NSA - play/reveal TT) ^^

[DNI [JC]] ^^

^^^^^ ^^

[DOJ [LL][SY][BO-CS(UK)][DL][PS][DL][JC][MM][RB]]←——–→[BC]*


[FBI [JC][AM][JR][MS][BP][PS][LP][JB][MK][JC][SM][TG][KC]]←————→[[HRC][BC][HA][CM]………][FAKE NEWS]




[FUSION GPS](Shell2)←——–(CS)——-→[NO NAME]

[PERKINS COIE](Shell2) ^^^^^

[WASH FREE BEACON](Shell1) ^^^^^^


*Tarmac (final meeting - no charges/drop = supreme court)

*Go-Between(s) (meetings 1-4)

Hussein (3) NAT SEC ORDERS OFFICIAL (POTUS CAN DECLAS)(Bottom-to-top (see now))(FBI/DOJ to expand fast)

FISA apps FALSE activate domestic spy campaign (UK assist - feed to C_A (cannot operate domestically)(JB)

They NEVER thought she would lose.


fff710  No.3685929


Why is it notable?

Lay out some CONCRETE sauce and a theory explaining what your trying to imply

32c977  No.3685930


>Iran wants to set up Israel

I can see your nose from a mile away.

92f954  No.3685931


I think your full of shit.

eaff1a  No.3685932

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Black magic transsexual sex slave ring busted in Spain

Well damn, they checked a lotta boxes on this one.


3781a1  No.3685933


True, unaffiliated voter…that is voting

red all the way through. First time in my life.

11fe7a  No.3685934


Not many can compete with Jimmi

b11d5a  No.3685935


Let me guess….they didn't like Trump's hair

or that he acts "un-presidential"

826561  No.3685936

File: a851230df150c1b⋯.jpg (146.89 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, cannot-sleep.jpg)

oh boy … back here in good old Germany, people are brainwashed to an extend, that just asking about the parents of Merkels mother triggers a conspiracy theory algo.

I am just hoping, that the truth will be revealed, once we are free.

It's a hard fight.

Without all you anons, we would be lost and I would consider myself crazy.

8dbf95  No.3685937


Tired of the White Domestic terrorism meme… Is it Black Domestic Terrorism when Farrakhan goes on a muh joo diatribe?

33be49  No.3685938


Hi Crofag, Magyarfag here.. good to have you.

683868  No.3685939


They need a scandal like Perrier had. NOW!

We can make that happen.

76fad2  No.3685940


Fucking sauce



3781a1  No.3685941

File: cfdbe4674a1f46e⋯.png (83.21 KB, 621x441, 69:49, ClipboardImage.png)


George really wants to tell so much.

17203a  No.3685942


This article references Children and AIDS patients as being the most vulnerable.

High Level UN meeting?

Hussein's :::Red Cross::: AIDS video?

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide.

In 2017, 10 million people fell ill with TB, and 1.6 million died from the disease (including 0.3 million among people with HIV).

In 2017, an estimated 1 million children became ill with TB and 230 000 children died of TB (including children with HIV associated TB).

TB is a leading killer of HIV-positive people.


1cdb4d  No.3685943


many decades of programming…

blaming you for the sins of your fathers…

2836db  No.3685944

File: bdb0827fd47c967⋯.png (18.59 KB, 592x156, 148:39, GPP - Copy.PNG)

03673d  No.3685945


We are learning their comms.

c352f3  No.3685946

File: 4c945477379cbdc⋯.jpeg (187.45 KB, 1600x1187, 1600:1187, candy land.jpeg)

Whitey Bulger proved involvement with the FBI.

Was Whitey being prepared to provide testimony against the FBI?

489746  No.3685947

File: e27b08621d2cc3a⋯.jpeg (897.13 KB, 1155x1232, 15:16, B8DC27B3-F8A3-415F-93F3-C….jpeg)

f35991  No.3685948


wish it were not true. It is.

Just as the anon said…brainwashing.

Died-in-the-wool defense contractor family, Lockgreed. Totally turned off by all the supposed hero's of GOP past being on the warpath against POTUS from the start.

They totally drank the kool-aid late in life.

6d182e  No.3685949

File: 09bd4b2d3ce9f82⋯.jpg (964.34 KB, 2863x1830, 2863:1830, Epic Destruction.jpg)


> (((they))) ran a hit on Bulger?

By "they" do you mean Mueller/Comey? They certainly had a lot to lose if Whitey had blabbed. We know they were in bed with the mob, and that the mob is just another enforcement arm of the cabal.

Yeah, I'm thinking Mueller ordered the hit to protect the cabal's efforts to unseat DJT.

Really looking forward to Trumps payback for all this fuckery. It's going to be epic.

98f9da  No.3685950


yea… "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false"

41e9e8  No.3685951

File: 43da4b2f303fbbf⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1560x877, 1560:877, naddathehutt.png)

3735a3  No.3685952

File: 64da7da5c7a7946⋯.png (311.12 KB, 953x713, 953:713, merkel_ancestry.png)


In Germany there are lots of books

That have investigated Mayerling

And the intrigues of Bismarck

So you should be able to find a lot more evidence

Than we can looking at English language sources

07a541  No.3685953


And what happened when Stuxnet was deployed? It got out into the wild….

11fe7a  No.3685954

File: 6110d3dc887ab23⋯.png (1.04 MB, 830x503, 830:503, Capture.PNG)

‘Black magic’ transsexual prostitution ring smashed by police in Spain

Fifteen young Brazilian transsexuals were rescued from a flat in southeast Spain

Victims were forced to take and sell drugs ‘faced continued threats and even physical beatings’

Spanish police said on Wednesday they had rescued 15 young Brazilian transsexuals from a sex trafficking ring that forced them into prostitution by beating them and threatening them with black magic.

The operation led to the arrest of 13 people across the country suspected of running the ring, as well as the seizure from three flats in the southeastern city of Murcia of objects used “to coerce” victims, police said in a statement. These included items related to black magic and the ritual-filled Santeria religion.

“The criminal group was headed by a Brazilian national, who from Spain and with the aid of associates, recruited youths in Brazil who were in a precarious economic condition. They were then tricked into coming to Spain,” it said.

Police said the gang forced its victims into prostitution, made them consume and sell drugs and sometimes locked them up in the flat where they “faced continued threats and even physical beatings”.

The authorities began their investigation after one of the victims filed a complaint at a police station in Murcia.


c352f3  No.3685955

826561  No.3685956


I turned of my TV 20 years ago …

then it is easy to understand, how the programming works

f35991  No.3685957

File: b236068d6ae6c79⋯.jpg (44.39 KB, 580x384, 145:96, YOU glow.jpg)


no you are not

9843a4  No.3685958

File: 9dea60ca9f30325⋯.png (86.9 KB, 255x161, 255:161, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d905ead48ebc57c⋯.png (50.56 KB, 255x191, 255:191, ClipboardImage.png)


>>3685398 re-post (lb)

CHINA'S Flanking Maneuver South of The Border (USA)

(AmericanFreePress article - Jan 20, 2007)


"Communists Positioning China To Dominate Trade in Americas"

By Mark Anderson

Key Points, Players & Outline:

- Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. - Chinese Shipping Co. (port mgmt)

- [PLA] Peoples Liberation Army - PRC

- China International Trust and Investment Corp. (CITIC)

- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC)

- China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO)

- Hutchison International Terminals (HIT)

- Li Tzar Kuoi - Chinese = Hutchison Whampoa’s executive director.

- Li Ka Shing - Chinese = Whampoa executive, father of Li Tzar Kuoi.

- Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) = We've been fighting this for yrs here in TX. = Super Tollway to 'mainline' the poison into CONUS from Mexico.

- Kansas City SmartPort Inc. = Who'da thunk it, a port 1000 miles inland? Well, read the article. They had it all planned out.

- Kansas City, Mo. - Lazaro Cardenas = 2006: Sign trans-Pacific trade corridor agreement (thanks GWB you globalist son-of-a-$#@&! sell-out)(the Bush's are NOT F-ing Texans! Carpet-baggin traitors)

- Ports of:

* [Lazaro Cardenas] [Ensenada International Terminal (EIT)] [Terminal Internacional de Manzanillo (TIMSA)] - Mexico

* Cristobal and Balboa - Panama (control both ends of Canal) Chinese have bridge & other construction projects also, dominating Canal Zone.

* (Hutchison Whampoa’s) Panama Ports Company (PPC) operates the ports of Cristobal and Balboa located at each end of the Panama Canal (large expansion projects are proceeding at both ports).


* Li was on the board of : (CITIC & HSBC) Remember James Comey & other players of The Cabal worked for HSBC.

(All PLA connected/controlled)

- Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.

- China International Trust and Investment Corp. (CITIC)

- China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO)

- Hutchison International Terminals (HIT)

Just a summary of: The 'Flanking Maneuver' China has been executing to our south. Part of the bigger "Pincer Strategy" to infiltrate the CONUS thru Mexico & Canada.

That article was 2007. Moar has developed since then.



7c3462  No.3685959


He is going to get himself in a lot of trouble.

6ab4aa  No.3685960


strange sentence:

"…two most powerful newspapers in America, and I had a FISA on me…"

and I

had a FISA on me


4a56ca  No.3685961

File: 0f684cc242111a9⋯.jpg (376.57 KB, 650x860, 65:86, 0f684cc242111a958c5b68ee98….jpg)

FRENS! I just found out that my grandpa, who I've never met was a Vietnam War Veteran. He and my grandma concieved my mother but had to head back to the US before she was born. I'm thinking about looking for him to reunite my mother with him but it's looking like it'll be a longshot…

Other than that, I'm SO proud of my connection to a US veteran. I always knew I had some European blood in me (I have freckles and light skin where I'm not tanned).

I feel like I was born to be here at this exact moment to fight for my country. I wasn't born in the US, but damnit do I bleed red white and blue.

d46a1d  No.3685962


what coulda been.

damn hollywood

b11d5a  No.3685963


I agree….Bulger's murder wasn't just to keep

him from talking it was a warning to others

who have dirt on the corrupt FBI….along with Hillary's concrete tweet

38dafb  No.3685964

Is there any list of Red October booms WW?

Merkel, SA, Turkey, Cezar, Gillum, China, etc?

518b2f  No.3685965

File: d547ea793c8d073⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 2700x3420, 15:19, MENENDEZ.jpg)

File: 41a0e7ea983ec50⋯.jpg (50 KB, 800x449, 800:449, SESSIONS SESSION.jpg)

File: 7eadcf333fc5317⋯.jpg (68.09 KB, 750x800, 15:16, papsoon.jpg)

19f8ad  No.3685966


I kekked at the end of that clip.. Jimi gets all goofy on camera at the host..

7c1a4c  No.3685967

File: 6154fbbb4ced71d⋯.png (31.63 KB, 574x499, 574:499, Merkel Summarized 2.png)

File: e0c7c0139dcc6c7⋯.png (27.35 KB, 724x391, 724:391, Merkel Summarized.png)




As well as:

fda964  No.3685968


Some 15 transgender Brazilians who were forced into prostitution using black magic have been freed from sex slavery following police raids in southeastern Spain.

Authorities busted the prostitution ring in the city of Murcia Wednesday, making 13 arrests and seizing three flats after one of the victims managed to escape and raise the alarm.

“The criminal group was headed by a Brazilian national, who from Spain and with the aid of associates, recruited youths in Brazil who were in a precarious economic condition. They were then tricked into coming to Spain,” police said in a statement.

Black magic paraphernalia linked to Santeria, an Afro-American religion thought to have originated in the Caribbean, was discovered throughout the flat during a police raid which was filmed by Spanish authorities.

The 15 victims were coerced into moving to Spain before being forced into sex work and drug dealing to pay back their debt. All 15 were locked in a flat, beaten regularly and forced to both consume and sell drugs.

So far, 13 arrests have been made in connection with the raid; four suspects remain in custody while the remainder have been released on bail pending further investigation.

The suspects are aged between 19 and 60 and come from a diverse set of nations including Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Romania, and Spain.


19e9fc  No.3685969

File: e292ab57cac4930⋯.png (144.94 KB, 468x498, 78:83, @Trudeau-concrete.png)

File: 885601feaaaa866⋯.jpg (73.7 KB, 621x332, 621:332, @macron-concrete.jpg)

File: 4d5ef43a1b55f76⋯.png (193.46 KB, 312x419, 312:419, @Trudeau-game-is-afoot.png)





Trudeau twatted CONCRETE one day before Macron.

Also look at his Halloween twat. It's on frens.

7c3462  No.3685970





Who is accountable to Congress (civilian body)?

Define 'State Secrets'.

Process of obtaining a FISA warrant?

What must be DEMONSTRATED to be GRANTED?

Who must SIGN OFF?

Can 'select' individuals in senior positions of power be SHADOW BANNED from ACTIVE FISA WARRANTS / SURV?


Sufficient evidence shown to demonstrate rogue elements of intelligence apparatus illegally violated FISA law (tenets) in coordinated effort w/ d+foreign allies to impact/mod the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election & safeguard against future uncover / criminal prosecution?

Who must sign off on FISA warrants?

Who directs the signers?

Given magnitude of spy campaign (U.S. Presidential Election Republican Party Nominee Candidate + President Elect + President of the United States) would HUSSEIN be required to DIRECT ORDER?

How would updates occur?


Who has access to the PDB?

On-site CLAS briefings / SIT ROOM / OO / PEOC / N_C?

How often does a President use PEOC?


Could FISA warrants be issued/active for numerous 'in-the-news now/future' U.S. targets?

'Foreign' tangent req to obtain warrant to spy on U.S. ORIG?

Define 'Projection'.

What is Known?

Connections (them) to Russia/other F assets?

Who commands INSCOM?

Who commands No Such Agency?

Who has ULTIMATE command?


11fe7a  No.3685971

File: 20ab4ef82868af1⋯.png (1.05 MB, 853x475, 853:475, Capture.PNG)

Despite Donald Trump’s snub, TPP trade deal will take effect at end of 2018 after Australia ratifies it

Australia informed New Zealand that it had become the sixth nation to formally ratify the deal, alongside Canada, Japan, Mexico and Singapore

The deal will reduce tariffs in economies that together amount to more than 13 per cent of global GDP. With the US, it would have represented 40 per cent

A massive trans-Pacific trade deal cleared a final hurdle on Wednesday allowing it to enter into force this year, a pointed rebuke of President Donald Trump’s protectionist policies from some of America’s closest allies.

Hours before an administrative deadline, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that his government had ratified the 11-country Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), meaning a quorum of more than half the members have formally signed on.

“Australia is the sixth country to ratify the agreement, meaning it can now enter into force on 30 December this year,” said centre-right leader Morrison.

Other signatories include G7 economies Japan and Canada.

The TPP has had an arduous birth and had appeared to be floundering when Trump withdrew US participation shortly after coming to office.

That turned out to be the opening salvo in Trump’s winner-takes-all, “America first” and threat-heavy approach to trade relations.

Frantic behind-the-scenes, Japanese-led diplomacy kept a slimmed-down version of the pact alive among the remaining members – in the hope that Washington will have a change of heart, or government, and will eventually join.

The deal was spearheaded by then-president Barack Obama, who saw it as a geopolitical power play, with ramifications far beyond trade – a way of binding rising Asian powers into a rules-based, American-backed order and countering China’s might-is-right approach to commerce in the Asia-Pacific region.


d46a1d  No.3685972

826561  No.3685973


thank you … i am collecting

the brainwash works so well, people are not even looking at such information

right now we can only prepare by spreading seeds

telling pure truth would put you in the nut house (by society)

fff710  No.3685974

File: f9f013f5c4ed13a⋯.jpg (88.62 KB, 842x650, 421:325, t.jpg)

POTUS tweet contains

T (rade) should not be capitalized

- (G20) not necessary

T- (minus) = Countdown sequence


f35991  No.3685975

back again CRT

b11d5a  No.3685976


That is exactly what this has always been,

This has been a silent Communist coup.

It started 1913 but really ramped up after

WWII. (((They))) slowly and quietly took

over our intelligence agencies, schools, media

, entertainment and banking.

It finally makes sense…this was another

attempted Bolshevik revolution

2f1bd7  No.3685977



The similarities:

Both Key and Jimi wrote or played from their experience.

Key did it with words,

Jimi did it with his guitar…

c352f3  No.3685978


This is my favorite theory.

Concrete confirms Bulger's hit.

Bulger was going to add to testimony against the FBI.

4b6368  No.3685979

HRC calling for concrete, which was CEMEX a Mexican owned company(?), which the childrens camp was found. Her BEST friend Lynn de Rothschild just happens to be on the board.

POTUS in South FL rally last night.

CEMEX was the company who built the collapsed walkway, which killed people.

POTUS makes the comment again about the "Academy Awards" As he talking about the news in the back. The First time he used this phrase was in PA after Kate's attempt to assassinate him. He has used the phrase off & on. I believe he was telling us another attempt was made.

Before he got into the Beast there were 2 others sitting across from him. As soon as he entered the Beast, one of the men was briefing him hurriedly, that he was on the edge of the seat while talking to POTUS. Then Gov. Scott entered. There was no break in mannerisms of the person talking to POTUS.

POTUS was 30 minutes late starting the rally last night.

I haven't checked the time. Someone said it was about 1:45- 1:59 mark that POTUS makes a Q sign, as he is pointing at the cameras.

6ab4aa  No.3685980

File: 79adbf325883c84⋯.png (110.35 KB, 1153x417, 1153:417, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)


that's who I'm leaning towards too…

39a88f  No.3685981

Inscribed under the Jefferson Memorial Dome.

"…I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

- Jefferson to Dr. Benjamin Rush, September 23, 1800.

d9df2d  No.3685982


Nope. Not Jewish. Sorry to disappoint.

Who benefits from blaming Israel for everything?

Iran would be one…

489746  No.3685983


Invisible Spy.

Last night a friend stopped by. On the table between us lay my phone, on but nothing open.

We talked briefly about ringing of ears.

This morning, two e-mails about tinnitus cures.

Yeah, I know. Diff subject.

Happens all the time.

c352f3  No.3685984


Oh dear. You really need a crash course on Q before you say much more.

3781a1  No.3685985


yep, Q told us this almost a year ago.

How many are still questioning if Q is a "larp"

and how many who have bashed us all for following along Q intel are now using the same info from Q to pretend they figured it out themselves.. Kek this is fun.

6d182e  No.3685986


>"Communists Positioning China To Dominate Trade in Americas"

How much did Mitch McConnel enable the Chinese? We know the turtle has deep ties to Chinese shipping companies.



The swamp is on both side of the aisle.

720f14  No.3685987


nice reminder anon! so much has been dropped, it's easy to forget important crumbs like these.

8b5224  No.3685988

File: 6b4da301cf37ae1⋯.jpg (23.79 KB, 540x281, 540:281, fisa4.jpg)


Good Post

305747  No.3685989


WWG1WGA Magyarfag

Thanks for Orban, he makes much things easier in Europe

6ab4aa  No.3685990

File: c8afb65cf2d829f⋯.png (491.22 KB, 917x1000, 917:1000, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

Translation of @DonaldJTrumpJr comments: “Avenatti was right when he predicted I would be indicted (which is one of the reasons why we are so concerned about him running in 2020 and going after us)”






70beaa  No.3685991


That's very dangerous

996b29  No.3685992

File: ea8807c3e42a6e8⋯.jpg (138.99 KB, 550x480, 55:48, WW2MarinesAttackDVD-2.jpg)


"And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

Oh, say! does that star-spangled banner yet wave

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave"

Great vidoe anon. Thanks.

f35991  No.3685993

File: 7ffe5fd060ae22b⋯.png (46.45 KB, 425x617, 425:617, Ace of Pepe.png)

b11d5a  No.3685994


POTUS using that "Academy Awards" line is

very strange. He has used it a couple of times

Any theories on this? Is he just reminding us

that we are watching a great movie? Or is there more?

01d533  No.3685995





92f954  No.3685996


Only if running.

c352f3  No.3685997


Red pilled dozens on FB with stories like these.

Now the friends offer their own experiences.

Even managed to convince one of the offspring.

8b63ee  No.3685998


Guest just on Fox News talking about The Beast, apparently a huge freight train that runs all the way through Mexico to the US border that the carvan is trying to get on.

867e16  No.3685999

File: ae7a98aec7560d2⋯.jpg (68.29 KB, 470x295, 94:59, DP - 4th Wall.jpg)

275c2c  No.3686000

Money Shot

LOOK at those NAMES some are quite SIMILAR

Five or six crime families have traditionally dominated OC in Israel, although the names and makeup of these syndicates have fluctuated in recent years. The Abergil, Abutbul, Alperon, and Rosenstein organizations are among the most well known, but recent arrests and assassinations have created a power vacuum at the top. New names such as Mulner, Shirazi, Cohen and Domrani have moved quickly to fill the gap. Other up-and-coming groups include the Harari, Ohana, and Kdoshim families. There are also a number of rival families active in the underworld of Israel's Arab sector.


52149a  No.3686001

File: c24fcafcce5f456⋯.jpg (24.69 KB, 350x305, 70:61, wolters.jpg)

2836db  No.3686002

File: a67e137096249db⋯.png (14.85 KB, 589x146, 589:146, GPPP - Copy.PNG)

ca0c4b  No.3686003


I brought up the 3 Stooges in discussion with my wife for some reason. The next morning, 3 Stooges youtube clips were on my youtube homepage. That was my holyshit moment.

32c977  No.3686004

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to the situation in the middle east. Stop talking and maybe watch this lecture and educate yourself.

bdd262  No.3686005

i got some top quality loosh for sale here to any lizards watching

much better than lame millitary loosh

or small children

any takers ?

06b385  No.3686006

Alright, what’s the deal with concrete? They keep using it over and over in various news stories, texts, etc… I know it’s code but what are they saying and to whom?

2f1bd7  No.3686007


Discovered Energy?


8b63ee  No.3686008


Red Carpet Event

ec7200  No.3686009

Yes it is a shame that this notion was even entertained. Lacking integrity. Our societies notion of ethics, morality, and integrity have become perverted.

His willingness to obtain the emails was not criminal though as he was convicted for lying.

The point of order here is that the fishing expeditions intent was surveillance and the news articles may have been warnings to “The Profesor” to keep quiet.

Occasionally in the past I have pondered the notion of judicial branches keeping elected officials in line through fear.

Since all this has come out I am deeply troubled to the notion that this scenario is very likely.

This is a catastrophic problem of which our republic may not recover. This is the kind of shenanigans that precede anarchy. I want my children to enjoy our beautiful country as I and this behavior, on each side, is destroying our society.


7c3462  No.3686010

File: d238ad25f3dda50⋯.png (21.22 KB, 220x259, 220:259, WIZARDS AND WARLOCK.png)

File: 73b41b2cbb32f81⋯.png (160.44 KB, 1349x649, 1349:649, Capture.PNG)

Within the NSA, INSCOM and its counterparts in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps Intelligence, are known as Central Security Service.

ea9e0d  No.3686011


This video should be posted as permanent post on Research General. This my frens is our story, our history, what we all fight for whether in uniform or behind our computers but always FightingThe Good Fight…time after time after time..battle after battle, war after war…FOR OUR FREEDOM!

92f954  No.3686012


What a fucking idiot, couldn't even explain Rockwall.

Had nothing but a flimsy excuse for how it was formed.

034338  No.3686013

File: b83a6b1e967fc46⋯.jpg (530.34 KB, 1061x1570, 1061:1570, Hooverdam2.jpg)

File: c1afeb29fb33187⋯.jpg (811.89 KB, 1079x1243, 1079:1243, Hooverdam.jpg)

Not sure if noted before

1st- the notice regarding visitor center

2nd- water color and dates

88c060  No.3686014

File: 82d106ce4e5c582⋯.jpeg (579.19 KB, 1696x1252, 424:313, 4F1B39F4-A224-4180-878A-3….jpeg)


Is anyone making a call on this? Gonna just go ahead and say God save the Queen for last on this one.

32c977  No.3686015

File: faf9c99c1a0b9b5⋯.jpg (80.72 KB, 500x417, 500:417, HTaqb7vB31DOy6zcjnoUA5nRPR….jpg)

e1d579  No.3686016

concrete steps: Odessa steps:

a movie and a battleship: Battleship Potemkin

Odessa steps false flag?

bloody day in Crimea. 1917.

Battleship Potemkin, a Film, 1925. a master of propaganda and montage produced it. Later 'heart-attacked' by the Georgian dictator.

subject of the film: to start the glorious revolution of the forward thinking patriots of the great Soviet the victorious and heroic heroes of hyperbolic humanism mutiny aboard a battleship, in the pleasure districts of the Black Sea and open fire on the Czarist troops.

the Odessa steps look to made of concrete from images readily available on line.

Films like these were the MKUltra of the 1920s.

and so, in conclusion, it's possible that 'concrete steps' is a trigger calling for all traitors to act out in mutiny, and do irreversible and unchangeable 'concrete actions' or 'steps' or, in Fr. 'measures'?

7492ce  No.3686017


Why didn't he ask him about the cracker comment??

11fe7a  No.3686018

File: 66a79631ee03cf4⋯.png (487.17 KB, 775x425, 31:17, Capture.PNG)


Everyday it gets closer, we lose more and more freedoms and they are constantly spying on us . What do you get for pretending the dangers not real

DARPA Seeks FAA Approval For Military Drones Over American Cities By 2030 – At The Latest

Just a little over 10 years after drone surveillance inside U.S. borders was declared a conspiracy theory, it is now an indisputable fact of life. So, too, are military grade drones along the “border,” which in reality constitutes a 100-mile-wide swath that encircles the continental United States and 2/3 of its population.

According to a new report from Defense One, this level of access is still seen as a restriction by the DARPA-directed military apparatus. As new forms of autonomous aircraft take to the skies such as the latest Blackhawk helicopter drones that could be ready by 2019, DARPA and aircraft developers want permission to fly over large cities as needed. Utilizing a new artificial intelligence system that is literally called MATRIX, developers see an opportunity for more flexibility in potential use. Of course, surveillance isn’t mentioned among those uses:

In that linked article sourced above, the long-range plans of converting military aircraft to drones and incorporating them anywhere and everywhere inside America is also detailed and expanded upon as a potential replacement for the already controversial use of police drones.

By 2025, enormous military-style drones – close relatives of the sort made famous by counterterrorism strikes in Afghanistan and Iraq – will be visible 2,000 feet above U.S. cities, streaming high-resolution video to police departments below. That is the bet that multiple defense contractors are placing, anyway, as they race to build unmanned aircraft that can pass evolving airworthiness certifications and replace police helicopters. And if that bet pays off, it will radically transform the way cities, citizens, and law enforcement interact.


660c19  No.3686019

I swear it seems Q Team is writing her tweets>>3685686

b11d5a  No.3686020


Ok..this is gettin weird

d84af4  No.3686021

Not exactly concrete but..


Hunter Biden first met with Chinese leaders in 2011, along with a managing partner in Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC., Devon Archer. Also accompanying them was the nephew of infamous Irish-American Boston mobster Whitey Bulger, James Bulger. James Bulger controlled a Massachusetts-based consultancy firm at the time.


Rosemont Seneca joined forces in doing business in China with another politically connected consultancy called the Thornton Group. The Massachusetts-based firm is headed by James Bulger, the nephew of the notorious mob hitman James “Whitey” Bulger. Whitey was the leader of the Winter Hill Gang, part of the South Boston mafia. Under indictment for 19 murders, he disappeared. He was later arrested, tried, and convicted.

James Bulger’s father, Whitey’s younger brother, Billy Bulger, serves on the board of directors of the Thornton Group. He was the longtime leader of the Massachusetts state Senate and, with their long overlap by state and by party, a political ally of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

Less than a year after opening Rosemont Seneca’s doors, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were in China, having secured access at the highest levels. Thornton Group’s account of the meeting on their Chinese-language website was telling: Chinese executives “extended their warm welcome” to the “Thornton Group, with its US partner Rosemont Seneca chairman Hunter Biden (second son of the now Vice President Joe Biden).”

The purpose of the meetings was to “explore the possibility of commercial cooperation and opportunity.” Curiously, details about the meeting do not appear on their English-language website.

Also, according to the Thornton Group, the three Americans met with the largest and most powerful government fund leaders in China — even though Rosemont was both new and small.

The timing of this meeting was also curious. It occurred just hours before Hunter Biden’s father, the vice president, met with Chinese President Hu in Washington as part of the Nuclear Security Summit.

1cdb4d  No.3686022

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






they want you to keep digging and tie this in with other things my sister/brother


be proud of any service that you may find in your past yet never forget that much of it was WAR IS A RACKET so it pisses me off moar than anything else at the moment.

They have not thrown one party in several hundred years that my clan did not attend and look at where we found ourselves just 2 years ago…

We must all ALWAYS remain vigilant as the battlefield is everywhere…


hear hear! = this means I agree with you in old timey speak :D

plus "she" was a red head so theres that :D

85247a  No.3686023

File: 859c3e69f8c1b23⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, black pill 2.jpg)

492da8  No.3686024

File: 69091a33c0256b9⋯.jpeg (90.63 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 82B7B63E-B777-4D98-982B-8….jpeg)

I think by now, it’s generally accepted HRC is a colossal piece of shit. So what the fuck are we waiting for? Does her disapproval rating need to hit a certain number before she gets strapped to an electric chair or something?

I’ll have you know, my grandfather is hanging onto just so he can watch the life leave her eyes.

29c1b8  No.3686026

File: 63edafa75519096⋯.jpg (340.95 KB, 1500x1300, 15:13, LearnOurComms1.jpg)






Q has been teaching us over the course of

this year, by example, he (the team) have been

getting us to think critically, showing and telling us how they communicate. By getting us to decipher his drops, we can more effectively read theirs.

Trumps tweeting, we know (sorta) how to read. The president has given the gift of top level communication. Now we just need to "think mirror" and apply the same communication to the other team. Spitballing as always…

99186c  No.3686027

File: c843660f59ab595⋯.png (33.55 KB, 1260x677, 1260:677, Screenshot_2018-11-01 Goog….png)

File: 3c27874ea55f1bd⋯.png (35.75 KB, 1255x652, 1255:652, Screenshot_2018-11-01 Goog….png)


wangdoodle, here it is spelled correctly

the word concrete google trends


7c3462  No.3686028


He claims that HRC and Victoria Nuland were targeting him because of his energy company in Cyprus. We know that is not the case. Everybody knows that is not the case. The whole point of surveillance on him was to 'get Trump'.

GP wants us to believe he was the target, but really he was just a Patsy and a vehicle to obtain the spying warrant.

275c2c  No.3686029


Not even a LOOK DIGITS?

Come on Anons






1cdb4d  No.3686030

File: 35d8d88b8ec0c08⋯.jpg (68.03 KB, 449x498, 449:498, INFO NEVER.jpg)

File: 3e8b37ec6a2e1e3⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 1158x718, 579:359, INFO I'M YOUR.jpg)

File: 60c88491408ed5d⋯.jpg (79.41 KB, 663x420, 221:140, INFO TERRORJ.jpg)

File: ecc2d708ed9259d⋯.jpg (77.07 KB, 662x415, 662:415, NPCjones1.jpg)


yep awesome stuff right there but i fight for my (yous) so it just wouldnt feel right :D

996b29  No.3686031

File: 0ac8f7d36b97b02⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Discovered energy, you say?

2836db  No.3686032


Michael Faraday "discovered" electromagnetic energy…He is from England.

Resonates with me…

4041bb  No.3686033


a few years ago, Australia announced that it had 'discovered' enough oil reserves to satisfy its need for the next 50 years or so without ever needing imports.

Maybe he's talking about Oz.

fff710  No.3686034

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1964- Khruschchev, We Will Bury You,

All your Children will be Communists

Nixon who was a Prescott Bush underling and McCarthy aide "rooting out" the commies opens trade with RED CHINA, lots of rockefeller fuckery to make the US a Commie State

b4cdce  No.3686035

File: fb67aeca409273a⋯.png (103.86 KB, 637x446, 637:446, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 34179ec407492b6⋯.png (22.98 KB, 604x155, 604:155, ClipboardImage.png)

489746  No.3686036

4cb643  No.3686037


>I think I lost IQ just reading it.


a6f522  No.3686038


So, Israel, right?

52149a  No.3686039


Yeah, that one pissed me off too. He might have been forced to make that conclusion though. Anything potentially having anything to do with giants gets quickly scrubbed. L

2475fb  No.3686040

3e212d  No.3686041


Hillary. Big O, Good Omens, embrace your future!


d845e8  No.3686042


You forgot the red, freddy faggot…

275c2c  No.3686043



b88727  No.3686044

File: 3d8b25c92a9bbc0⋯.png (13.38 KB, 623x145, 623:145, Oil in ME.PNG)


Maybe this?

1f7e6a  No.3686045

File: dca19fc0ade89b5⋯.png (99.92 KB, 902x696, 451:348, forced abortion UK.png)

Alert Q Board censoring info in line with UK Government wishes.

We're trying to make people aware of this issue:

A secret court in the UK has ordered a forced abortion on a girl. They've also ordered their news not to report it.

Two threads on this board have been shoah'd



Please don't allow a corrupt mod to stop this getting out.

Non UK anons, please help us spread this this news. Tell your politicians, your churches and your press. We cannot allow forced secret abortions to become the new norm.

48c45f  No.3686046

File: 33fc135224a1c03⋯.jpeg (48.3 KB, 515x341, 515:341, E98D2404-A00E-4747-997F-9….jpeg)


Oh dear…

76fad2  No.3686047


There are apparently about 3 actual anons and 97 shills on the board right now.

I can't get traction on story I posted either…


I guess I'll just go to work and come back later.

991ed6  No.3686048

File: 681418306901d4b⋯.jpeg (368.14 KB, 1363x1678, 1363:1678, 29580DED-99D3-4BD9-9A8C-1….jpeg)

983e21  No.3686049


She is already smart enough

Doesnt need 4 years of brainwashing

f774ec  No.3686050


His bar contacts were an Israeli, an Aussie and a Brit, I think.

9843a4  No.3686051



>The swamp is on both side of the aisle.

Oh what a tangled web.

88c060  No.3686052


Faulkland islands perhaps involved?

1a205c  No.3686053


Wtf is going with that 2nd graph.

Cyclic AF

11fe7a  No.3686054


If they are asking for donations and have a twadder acc, they no longer are anonymous, heat the sauce up

4cb643  No.3686055


His posts might make some people to feel uneasy.

511404  No.3686056


El tren de la muerte ("The Death Train") refers to a network of Mexican freight trains that are utilized by U.S.- bound migrants to more quickly traverse the length of Mexico, also known as La Bestia ("The Beast") and El tren de los desconocidos ("The train of the unknowns"). This mode of travel is extremely dangerous and illegal. It is estimated that yearly between 400,000 and 500,000 migrants, the majority of whom are of Central American origin, continue to ride atop these trains in the effort to reach the United States.[1] The National Migration Service (Spanish: Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM)) reports that of 64,061 foreign nationals that were detained in the year 2009, 60,383 were from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.[2] Furthermore, according to the consul of El Salvador, Vilma Mendoza, "Around 30 percent of those who ride the trains are 'cyclical migrants'; men and women who attempt to return to the United States after deportation, or after a failed attempt".[3] (((But most are escaping violence and poverty from their home countries.)))

Gay ass wikipedia

489746  No.3686057

File: 39add7456ad224e⋯.jpeg (198.04 KB, 2466x986, 1233:493, 342DD5CD-FAC4-427F-A407-F….jpeg)

Ever see it rain in just one small spot?

If I did not see it happen I would not believe it.

I’ve seen it rain across the street and not a drop in my yard, but this…..

Feel free to throw shit.


996b29  No.3686058


Started squinting at the screen (long story, but never talked about my eyes) got eye therapy advertisement.

6919c1  No.3686059

File: ef0c92709d48565⋯.jpg (20.56 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 337912fd8e639623dbc9fcebae….jpg)


I see what you did there.

2475fb  No.3686060

File: a23c9c74ce661fb⋯.png (15.55 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 829d343e3392c6c4c9189e05c0….png)

c45328  No.3686061

Anons, just wanted to let you know what (many) Mexicans think is really going on with the caravan.

A good friend of mine is part Mexican and part British, and very highly educated. He just told me this, quote:

"It is seen over here in a different manner than you describe it. Trump himself publicly admitted he has no proof there are trained middle-eastern terrorist men in the group and, it is said it was orchestrated by Trump himself in order to frighten the U.S. electorate in order to win the election (which he will). What is evident in this side of the world is that the Mexican authorities are acting in full agreement with Trump’s government."

I'm certainly not suggesting that this is true. But it appears that in Mexico they think that it is. FWIW

32fd5c  No.3686062


2 aussies. Downer and an IC agent.

275c2c  No.3686063


You are correct. Why did CM create this bot network to fuck with our research?

2f1bd7  No.3686064



1d9c0e  No.3686065

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


< Iconic Rock & Roll. Hendrix still the best!

057b9e  No.3686066


Or bury (in concrete) all evidence!!

7c3462  No.3686067

File: 752d9b9a5b8d819⋯.jpg (350.27 KB, 1487x1048, 1487:1048, 752d9b9a5b8d8193d512ba7e85….jpg)


Israel is the US's "Greatest Ally", remember? He is trying to blame Irael for the spy op.

Anons need to be careful because George is feeding disinfo.

We already know exactly how the spy op went and what the reason for it was.



[WH [Hussein][VJ][DM][JB][RE][[[JK]]][SP][KM]]←—-→[HRC/DNC]

[C_A [JB][CLAS1-5]](NSA - play/reveal TT) ^^

[DNI [JC]] ^^

^^^^^ ^^

[DOJ [LL][SY][BO-CS(UK)][DL][PS][DL][JC][MM][RB]]←——–→[BC]*


[FBI [JC][AM][JR][MS][BP][PS][LP][JB][MK][JC][SM][TG][KC]]←————→[[HRC][BC][HA][CM]………][FAKE NEWS]




[FUSION GPS](Shell2)←——–(CS)——-→[NO NAME]

[PERKINS COIE](Shell2) ^^^^^

[WASH FREE BEACON](Shell1) ^^^^^^


*Tarmac (final meeting - no charges/drop = supreme court)

*Go-Between(s) (meetings 1-4)

1cdb4d  No.3686068

File: 52bcabd5e5ba15a⋯.jpg (155.4 KB, 649x648, 649:648, SKULLTRIX.jpg)

File: 2c9639843a7b7c5⋯.jpg (51.49 KB, 629x578, 37:34, MORPHEUS Q PILL.jpg)

File: 5bcf14796253b9e⋯.jpg (10.02 MB, 7504x6768, 469:423, ULTRA JPG L.jpg)


3 actual anons!

we have an optimist! :D

four star caviar…

think i will buy myself a world war…

41a3db  No.3686069

What is going on here? How does this happen? They just came here by themselves? Are they adopted? No articles give any information about how this came to be.


2f1bd7  No.3686070


I'm thinking a hobo took a piss.

d949b5  No.3686071

File: 79db1f85ade4727⋯.jpeg (60.13 KB, 300x332, 75:83, B6CE7DCD-3749-49EF-BD50-E….jpeg)


Tesla Titor Trump Q

660c19  No.3686072

Moar redheads with freckles! 3685776

03673d  No.3686073

File: d0daeaa2b40a436⋯.png (63.23 KB, 907x661, 907:661, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 277e3f1da73a6d7⋯.jpg (21.21 KB, 515x387, 515:387, killerpepe.jpg)



Whew Lads..

d7305f  No.3686074


NP, you're welcome. I started rereading crumbs this week, considering how close to the midterms it seemed prudent.

64f9ea  No.3686075


Cemex Ties To Child Sex Trafficking


1f8219  No.3686076


"crowd size" = CrowdStrike

c352f3  No.3686077

511404  No.3686078



6ab4aa  No.3686079

File: 9103a12fa8bbd5e⋯.png (293.74 KB, 894x1039, 894:1039, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

File: a3d56582e1f2c57⋯.png (310.17 KB, 890x1071, 890:1071, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

File: 2de50a19b43177a⋯.png (197.23 KB, 891x727, 891:727, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)


moar of PDop's twats.

2f1bd7  No.3686080

File: e4fdfae5f3bf899⋯.png (685.61 KB, 596x633, 596:633, Screenshot_135.png)

996b29  No.3686081

File: 430c08f181522dc⋯.png (653.8 KB, 960x600, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

d949b5  No.3686082

File: a2a8eeb071c5536⋯.jpeg (31.51 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 005B757E-CDE6-41EF-B86D-A….jpeg)

File: 79d6df529f8bc70⋯.jpeg (1.39 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, EB750021-C86B-4735-B80E-C….jpeg)

256d4a  No.3686083

File: b21984c307a9b8c⋯.jpeg (164.94 KB, 718x652, 359:326, 0520F619-2F9B-48E8-9814-0….jpeg)

File: 9784fd7061034fb⋯.jpeg (57.84 KB, 615x411, 205:137, EF4E7BFE-E153-4B53-83D6-A….jpeg)



Agreed. No one on the night shift gave this post any pause for thought. Much more could be said

2475fb  No.3686084

File: cf2f43020784ab1⋯.jpg (256.82 KB, 1440x741, 480:247, IMG_20181017_102123.jpg)

275c2c  No.3686085


He had spent several years promoting himself as an expert on energy — not energy in general but specifically in the eastern Mediterranean where Israel had discovered large amounts of natural gas.-

70beaa  No.3686086


Found it.


c352f3  No.3686087


Wise anon.

489746  No.3686088


I went through the same thing last night.


I won’t bring the subject up again.

I know Q saw it.

2f1bd7  No.3686089

File: ded818ba8637156⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1181x793, 1181:793, Screenshot_82.png)

85247a  No.3686090


if you bring your kids to my house and drop them off, I am not the one "separating"

ea9e0d  No.3686091


Was already starting to swallow the red pill.. live alone so no conversation going on BUT tv was on while working on my laptop, commercial comes on with an old standard playing in background -Tony Bennett, Fly Me To The Moon… I like that song so closed out my work & went to YT to pull song up. Waiting for me in "Recommended For You" was Fly Me To The Moon by Tony Bennett. Everything we have is listening. So we all know the drill to keep them dumb as best as possible…right?

I'm not to lazy to turn on/off anything in my home so don't want anything "smart" . Wish I had my old flip phone.

8b63ee  No.3686092


Yep. The Mexican government claims to be trying to "stop them" from boarding but have been unsuccessful.

That train must be dodging them and taking side roads./s

Not like you can stop the fucking thing anywhere along its predictable travel route.

057b9e  No.3686093

File: 9f32897e8c71e89⋯.jpeg (103.94 KB, 676x461, 676:461, 3AAD4945-DA25-49D9-9C7F-5….jpeg)


I had that thought as well! Unnecessary capitalization of T in Trade! Snowden?

275c2c  No.3686095

7c1a4c  No.3686096

File: 7014db28fe726ef⋯.png (11.03 KB, 457x298, 457:298, Mossad the News and Alt Me….PNG)


>We already know exactly how the spy op went and what the reason for it was.

Yes, we do. The problem is, you seem to take issue with the fact that FVEY might be taking orders from someone else. Why would they be here if they weren't implicated as the ringleaders of the whole fucking thing?

489746  No.3686097


Hi Leafie

01d533  No.3686098


My thoughts exactly: UK and or Israel

218f16  No.3686099

File: b1ad6c5d49523d0⋯.png (9.18 MB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, ClipboardImage.png)

bbffa7  No.3686100


the elections will not happen, arrests will tho, I think you will find that most running are cabal they were not going to take any chances, Fake Maga?

Fake Rally?

Think Logical its already tainted Pre vote is in

MI has it all they don't give a shit about public perception that is fake news,

Just fires to flush out bad players

d46a1d  No.3686101


>mexico is powerless to stop hondurans entering their country to stop a usa presidents plan

sounds about right. mexico is shit.

b4cdce  No.3686102

File: aad695f1650906f⋯.png (638.72 KB, 843x544, 843:544, ClipboardImage.png)

Creepy Shit

Trials are underway of an EU-funded scheme where AI lie-detector systems will be used to scan potentially dodgy travelers coming from outside the bloc. Too Orwellian? Or just the latest step towards smoother travel?

Commencing from November 1, the iBorderCtrl system will be in place at four border crossing points in Hungary, Latvia and Greece with countries outside EU. It aims to facilitate faster border crossings for travelers while weeding out potential criminals or illegal crossings.

Developed with €5 million in EU funding from partners across Europe, the pilot project will be operated by border agents in each of the trial countries and led by the Hungarian National Police.

Those using the system will first have to upload certain documents like passports, along with an online application form, before being assessed by the virtual, retina-scanning border agent.

The traveler will simply stare into a camera and answer the questions one would expect a diligent human border agent to ask, according to New Scientist.

“What’s in your suitcase?” and “If you open the suitcase and show me what is inside, will it confirm that your answers were true?”

But unlike a human border guard, the AI system is analyzing minute micro-gestures in the traveler’s facial expression, searching for any signs that they might be telling a lie.

If satisfied with the crosser’s honest intentions, the iBorderCtrl will reward them with a QR code that allows them safe passage into the EU.

Unsatisfied however, and travelers will have to go through additional biometric screening such as having fingerprints taken, facial matching, or palm vein reading. A final assessment is then made by a human agent.

Like all AI technologies in their infancy, the system is still highly experimental and with a current success rate of 76 percent, it won’t be actually preventing anyone from crossing the border during its six month trial. But developers of the system are “quite confident” that accuracy can be boosted to 85 percent with the fresh data.

However, greater concern comes from civil liberties groups who have previously warned about the gross inaccuracies found in systems based on machine-learning, especially ones that use facial recognition software.

In July, the head of London’s Metropolitan Police stood by trials of automated facial recognition (AFR) technology in parts of the city, despite reports that the AFR system had a 98 percent false positive rate, resulting in only two accurate matches.

The system had been labelled an “Orwellian surveillance tool,” by civil liberties group, Big Brother Watch.


74209a  No.3686103

>>3685696 Nadless, the worthless poseur, has strutted & fretted his hour upon the stage and now sees his just future looming as he & his swirl around the toilet bowl. The silence of the Madness of Nadless looms.

03673d  No.3686104


Oil patch discovered in Golan Heights?

Genie Energy connection? (((Rothschild))) & Cheney on BOD?

68447f  No.3686105

File: 9c5c743e8c005bb⋯.png (42 KB, 1446x176, 723:88, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

cement = concrete???????????????? possible link to the concrete talk?????????

Links to Haiti, Clinton?

https ://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/businessman-indicted-conspiring-bribe-senior-government-officials-republic-haiti

e04249  No.3686106


Well hello leaf. Howz it hangin?

5d640b  No.3686107




i helped research a nook on US-Iranian relations going back to 1800s. farsi term is naft. special relationship with britain NOT from WWII but from mossedegh kicking them out and nationalizing oil fields. UK went to kermit roosevelt then CIA and we assisted them in regaining control of oil fields and reentry by overthrowing moseddegh.. THink Argo prologue. special relationship because we aired dirty laundry to one another.

c352f3  No.3686108

Unsafe at Any Speed

Nader was cabal through and through.

Those were damn fine cars.

Germans knew it, too.

Engine in the rear.

85247a  No.3686109


notable imho

just so i can find out how he did it FROM PRISON

92f954  No.3686110


Nice little guard frog there…KEK!

d7305f  No.3686111

File: 80b3d120382a7bb⋯.png (19.28 KB, 582x79, 582:79, ClipboardImage.png)

b250f9  No.3686112

File: a815e6ea217d34c⋯.png (24.02 KB, 1366x483, 1366:483, ClipboardImage.png)

not to slide

prayers to all

Happy All Saints Day

"Nulli expugnabilis hosti"

1cdb4d  No.3686113

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

all i want to know is…

How do you have a GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD without a resurrection?

You cant have your pudding if you don't eat yer meat :D

68447f  No.3686114


"Businessman Indicted for Conspiring to Bribe Senior Government Officials of the Republic of Haiti"

cement = concrete???????????????? possible link to the concrete talk?????????

Links to Haiti, Clinton?

https ://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/businessman-indicted-conspiring-bribe-senior-government-officials-republic-haiti

***with title

530c9b  No.3686115

>>3685134 lb

This is exactly what I thought when I first saw it

The symbol at the bottom of the page is not a crosshairs it's like the clock broken into quadrants

The show that I saw it about Zodiac Killer I think they said some of those symbols were possibly flags for boats

Maybe all the letters go into whatever quadrant depending on which way they're pointed and the flags and the arrows are markers just like it is done for the clock

Up Is Down

Left is right

6dadeb  No.3686116


more or less

IMO, that is why the cabal was depleting our military and steel plants and transferring all of our wealth to China.

Our guns would have been taken away if Hillary became president.

Chinese would have invaded our country and that would be the end.

256d4a  No.3686117


Israel is really a fiefdom of the London money power, so two possibilities essentially reduce to one

9223ca  No.3686118

File: 819a495d6b246c1⋯.jpg (550.06 KB, 3000x2254, 1500:1127, flag-friend-or-foe.jpg)

File: 372c8b30979d2ba⋯.jpg (625.41 KB, 3000x2375, 24:19, flags-allies.jpg)

fa937d  No.3686119

File: bb5768dab7b96de⋯.jpeg (31.6 KB, 349x450, 349:450, 597FFBFD-6398-42EB-BC2C-A….jpeg)

File: 03e92ca33c68466⋯.jpeg (763.9 KB, 1125x1336, 1125:1336, 0A0C68FE-6D48-424F-8458-6….jpeg)




George is talking about Michael Faraday, (born September 22, 1791, Newington, Surrey, England—died August 25, 1867, Hampton Court, Surrey), English physicist and chemist whose many experiments contributed greatly to the understanding of electromagnetism.


01d533  No.3686120


Maybe this is part of the whole story!? The Book of Acts is still being written, kek.

ea9e0d  No.3686121


CEMEX WW is (((their))) source..where there is a rat line, you'll find CEMEX.. MEX= Mexico ..

7c3462  No.3686122


The reason for the spying was to get something on Trump. Ensuring Trump was not president was the entire reason for the spy op. They knew he would take down the global cabal or at least make their lives much much harder world wide. That is why 5 countries were interested in assisting Obama and admin in the spy op.

What George is trying to sell is that the whole point of the op was him (George) and his energy company.

If HRC wanted to take him down as he claims, she would have just had him killed. She wouldn't have bothered involving the US govt and 4 other countries in to him.

3828ab  No.3686123

>>3685555 --> lb

You forgot to say, "No homo," faggot.

Also, we love you, too.

38dcfe  No.3686124



What does that even mean?

1cdb4d  No.3686125

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)

my how things have not changed much…

d46a1d  No.3686126

add an israel , canada, and nz flag


92f954  No.3686127

Not hiding yet, but it hasn't reached Lubbock, Tx. yet either.

99-0060 AE0806

United States Air Force CADDO99

United States Military

McDonnell Douglas C-17A Globemaster III C17

fb4897  No.3686128

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

b4cdce  No.3686129

File: 5b7c9f4386c3a40⋯.png (105.55 KB, 634x453, 634:453, ClipboardImage.png)

01d533  No.3686130


My thoughts exactly: UK is ENEMY #1

c352f3  No.3686131


That you don't understand Iran's position in the world.

2f1bd7  No.3686132

File: 35aa959857ae372⋯.png (1.17 MB, 2188x1824, 547:456, Screenshot_122 - Copy (2).png)

File: f78f23ca6b50d04⋯.png (1.18 MB, 2188x1824, 547:456, Screenshot_122 - Copy (2) ….png)


20 vertical

17 horizontal

37 killings Zodiac claimed.

Q is 17

T is 20

1cdb4d  No.3686133




74209a  No.3686134

File: ecfbea41b3c3c8e⋯.jpeg (259.17 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, NeverGoingBack29b.jpeg)

File: 4c4cc772d9fcebe⋯.jpeg (116.09 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NeverGoingBack30b.jpeg)

File: 46e061e2884ddd8⋯.jpeg (109.65 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NeverGoingBack33b.jpeg)

File: 8f3c3c81f82bc51⋯.jpeg (169.17 KB, 927x873, 103:97, NeverGoingBack31b.jpeg)

File: 5e1f5d162e6fe7c⋯.jpeg (143.94 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NeverGoingBack32b.jpeg)


MOAR ammo. Fire at will.

cf27ea  No.3686135

Look at the simple efficiency of how the Watergate Road Map laid out the claims and supporting evidence, leading inescapably to the conclusion that Nixon deserved impeachment.


I wonder if it would be feasible to do this against Obama, given all that Q has provided us.

3c8bae  No.3686136

File: 1b0e9c195ce5ec3⋯.jpg (23.24 KB, 780x102, 130:17, temp.jpg)

POTUS remarks at White House on Immigration at 4EST

489746  No.3686137


Comcast puts different commercials on everyones TV based on eavesdropping.

Confirmed this by watching the same show with a buddy across the street and comparing what ads were being shown to each of us.

I disabled the mics on the remotes that allow you to speak/search their programs.

Yeah , I know. Too little too late.

11fe7a  No.3686139

File: 8de711a93ba881a⋯.png (1.1 MB, 924x500, 231:125, Capture.PNG)

Notice the name Carlos Slim

Mexico’s incoming president scraps partially built US$13 billion airport for capital

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador argued during election campaign that new airport was tainted by corruption

Mexican businessman Carlos Slim is the airport’s main investor

Mexico’s incoming leftist president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he would halt construction of a new airport for the capital after it was rejected in a referendum.

The decision will mean “years of delay” and multimillion-dollar losses, according to International Air Transport Association (IATA) officials.


c352f3  No.3686140


Maybe that's what we're supposed to be doing.

1f7e6a  No.3686141



UK ans Israel.

Same place basically. Same (((people))) in charge anyway.

1a205c  No.3686143


You have some Ausfag allies in this bread Ameribros

fa937d  No.3686144

92f954  No.3686145

This one has settled into a circular pattern in the SE area of NM.

77-0352 AE11E0

United States Air Force

United States Military

Boeing E-3B Sentry E3CF

1cdb4d  No.3686146

File: 19956881e04d043⋯.jpeg (48.3 KB, 590x318, 295:159, IDIO1.jpeg)


yep total fagot :D

fd6615  No.3686147

File: e6fbb5f3cf521f8⋯.png (406.69 KB, 1600x909, 1600:909, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 503ae4da067a330⋯.png (326.34 KB, 567x403, 567:403, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9f84767b048241e⋯.png (554.89 KB, 850x607, 850:607, ClipboardImage.png)

4afec8  No.3686148


>No one on the night shift gave this post any pause for thought

Virtually everyone knows it would be UK as first choice, Australia or Canada as distant seconds. China or Vatican as unlikely thirds.

41e9e8  No.3686149

File: e70a22709aa0a60⋯.jpg (12.66 KB, 600x500, 6:5, redpil.jpg)


The UK benefits the most from blaming Israel

74209a  No.3686150

>>3686024 May his desire be fulfilled, anon. And may my eyes be fulfilled by the glorious sight of the 4-6% wailing as they watch their demonic hag of an idol sky walk off the stage. They too are guilty of massive crimes, for willfully turning their eyes for lo these many years, from the mountains of evidence condemning her & Slick. They enabled those crimes to continue as they mindlessly drooled their way through life.

cd7634  No.3686151

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The Lord's Prayer

- Singh Kaur

Sing along in your heart. Beautifully done and the best way to start your day I know of..




c352f3  No.3686152



(((They))) know where you are.

(((They))) know what you buy.

(((They))) know how you seek entertainment.

(((They))) know when you sleep.

(((They))) use it to enslave you.

6dadeb  No.3686153

File: 4c8329ad9e29363⋯.png (20.75 KB, 476x576, 119:144, q1072.PNG)




9223ca  No.3686154


WRWY AussieFag! The is a WW event, most of us have shitty dishonest governments.

1cdb4d  No.3686155

File: a68c437b3e4aeb1⋯.jpeg (10.97 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 7b22260337ddc205a092ff149….jpeg)

File: 6943b49357e1a0d⋯.jpg (75.4 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 10kjhl.jpg)


vatican gonna be jelly! :D

38dcfe  No.3686156


Signal Corp is what came to mind, personally.


6ab4aa  No.3686157

File: bbd336fb5a9f1ad⋯.png (500.03 KB, 926x966, 463:483, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

VIDEO: Pakistani Christians react to the Supreme Court overturning of the conviction of Asia Bibi, a Christian mother facing execution for blasphemy, in a landmark case which has incited deadly violence and reached as far as the Vatican




7774a7  No.3686158


Just London.

0e9e04  No.3686159

File: e03264819cc124c⋯.png (614.63 KB, 978x1276, 489:638, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

File: 1068cc972513290⋯.png (429.81 KB, 1702x938, 851:469, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)


early Hollyweird propaganda?

What ACTUALLY happened during the Potemkin?



LOTS have been helping "US" get to THE timeline. we are on it now. God is with us.

Shadilay friens, the time is near. 11.3 & 11.4

01d533  No.3686160


HA! Except Jesus didn't FAKE his death. The Romans put his BODY into the Sepulcher.

Jr.s supposed ashes buried at sea, with only family members present. No photos, etc. Still a big question in my mind.

926ae5  No.3686161

File: 2a618ea1390ba4b⋯.png (4.1 MB, 2828x2676, 707:669, ClipboardImage.png)

From bread sometime last night I thought was inderesting coming from this ID

Who is this??

Surely not a bot?

If so, ebot, you got some opposition!

92f954  No.3686162

File: 36bb42512d6e51c⋯.png (904.95 KB, 1280x533, 1280:533, ClipboardImage.png)

Why has that fucker not been arrested yet?


Caravan organizer admits failure in bid for Mexican buses to United States border


d9df2d  No.3686163


We already know UK was involved- so not much of a shocker.

Think Iran-Contra. It would be shocking if UK and US government officials were “colluding” with IRAN though.

Iran stood to lose a lot if DJT was elected

1cdb4d  No.3686164



Lord's Prayer Change




9 Dec 2017 - 1:12:19 PM

News unlocks map.

Future proves past.

Why was the Lord's prayer posted?

Which version?

Why is this relevant?

What just came out re: the Lord's prayer?

What can be connected?

Do you believe in coincidences?

Re-review the map post relevant news drops.

Godfather III.


Why was the Lord's prayer posted?

Which version?

Why is this relevant?

What just came out re: the Lord's prayer?


In biblical criticism, the prayer's absence in the Gospel of Mark together with its occurrence in Matthew and Luke has caused scholars who accept the two-source hypothesis (against other document hypotheses) to conclude that it is probably a logion original to Q.


When later scholars abandoned the evidence of Papias as an argument, this hypothetical source came to be more neutrally designated as Q (for Quelle), but the reinterpretation of the word logia already had firmly taken hold in scholarship




b11d5a  No.3686165


I guess I am not the only one who considers the ignorant complicit

1e7132  No.3686166


>(((They))) know when you sleep.

I don't sleep and I keep (((them))) awake.

b55585  No.3686167

Scott Adams said on this morning's periscope that the reason Q disappeared is because Jack discredited him.

983e21  No.3686168


What xactly was she accused of?

7c3462  No.3686169


Scott Adams is an idiot.

99186c  No.3686170


you don't pour concrete in the winter in the northern (roughly) half of the country.

d84af4  No.3686171


Maybe it is the find in the Golan Heights that IS wanted to link to their offshore field and send to Cyprus.


He began his career working as a Research Analyst for the American Hellenic Institute in 2008. From 2011 until 2015 he worked for the Hudson Institute as well. In 2015, he was a speaker to Tel Aviv at Israel’s Energy and Business convention. He also worked in London for Energy Stream as an oil and gas Consultant.

That same year he became the Advisor to U.S. presidential candidate Ben Carson. After Trump became President of the United States in January 2017, Papadopoulos worked as an independent energy and policy consultant. During this time he also lobbied for Israeli energy cooperation and later even met with Israeli settler leaders when Trump was president-elect.

275c2c  No.3686172

File: a6a9c1db0d26cfd⋯.jpg (30.81 KB, 637x480, 637:480, wohl-accuser.jpg)

489746  No.3686173


I have three old ones with cards. Just need new batteries.

Idk, I use my phone more than pc/laptops to get online now.

Probably does not matter anymore.

My c-pap even has a fucking phone in it to report my sleep cycles.

Clipped that too…

7c1a4c  No.3686174


>They knew he would take down the global cabal or at least make their lives much much harder world wide.

Who runs the cabal? What George is selling is an angle on his contacts in the energy world. I'm not saying it's 100% bullshit, but it's a distraction from the real truth, yes.

28f72f  No.3686175

6ab4aa  No.3686176

File: 31b301619cbc038⋯.png (557.46 KB, 926x1136, 463:568, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)

#Khashoggi Case- But They Just Said: “It Was Melted in Acid!”-Oops- No They Said: “The Bits & Pieces Were Scattered Around Istanbul”- Oops- They Said: “It Was In A Well” ! “Turkey wants to know where Khashoggi's body is - justice minister”




Turkey wants Saudi authorities to tell them the whereabouts of the body of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed last month in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the justice minister said on Thursday.

Turkey expected Saudi Arabia to co-operate in its investigation and there must be no cover-up, minister Abdulhamit Gul told reporters.

"We are looking for answers to the question of where the body is," he said.



ee010f  No.3686177


I have had this happen on more than one occasion. Me and BF have conversation regarding one product or other and the next day I have ads popping up on my computer and emails regarding the very products discussed ! I try to tell folks all the time, you have no privacy with your computer, smart phone or smart TV as they are always listening.

efc7eb  No.3686178


The RED OCTOBER revolution=Bolshevik https: //www.bolshevik.info/90-years-red-october071107.htm

cfd2e1  No.3686179

File: eb3e3de03ee3060⋯.png (116.81 KB, 278x1016, 139:508, ClipboardImage.png)

research tool


d949b5  No.3686180

File: 27169cba6495285⋯.jpeg (23.25 KB, 170x255, 2:3, 889898D4-EAD1-420C-BE23-C….jpeg)

Bots R us

5f75c8  No.3686181

File: af9cf71dbdd062d⋯.jpeg (36.3 KB, 250x250, 1:1, CA65FF48-D389-4FD8-A7A8-2….jpeg)

I can’t wait for this month. One of the most exciting times of my life


018317  No.3686182


>Maybe that's what we're supposed to be doing.

yeah, i don't know. this place seems more a "right on time" shop. like deal with the shit on the plate now and when nothing pressing let the autism wander where it will. in any case, once habbenings begin, it is something that can be picked up and run with.

with this group, putting together a narrative around barry shouldnt take more than a day once it becomes necessary.

narrative development and deployment agile/devops style.

572bd5  No.3686183


Tons of jews use it.

983e21  No.3686184


Thats why i said she is smart enough to pull a stunt like this

01d533  No.3686185


could be. (banking center has all of Europe under control….just like the FED in US.

76fad2  No.3686187


Article says he had contraband phones with social media and email accounts - at least one of which was "encrypted"

In addition, several stories have come out in last couple of days where he claims he is being "tortured"

WaPo et al covered torture - but not additional leaking

yahoo article even - lists UK not US as origin of story.

No mention of it anywhere on MSM in US - I picked it up from Drudge

Im not saying yes or no on validity of claims - I think he sounds like a douchebag whiner


If claims can be proven - it sets a precedent for locking people in Gitmo and other military detention if they pose a threat to national security - even if they are American…

275c2c  No.3686188


It is all here


c352f3  No.3686189


Morning again POTUS.

6d182e  No.3686190

File: ef98819ee12210a⋯.jpeg (70.57 KB, 1024x699, 1024:699, Shit storm.jpeg)


"Why would our allies be concerned"? Maybe because they committed acts of war against the United States. After the midterms, we are going to see some shit anon's, some serious shit.

6ab4aa  No.3686191


"Asia Bibi was convicted in 2010 after being accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a row with her neighbours.

She always maintained her innocence, but has spent most of the past eight years in solitary confinement.

The landmark ruling has already set off violent protests by hardliners who support strong blasphemy laws."



d9df2d  No.3686192


5 replies calling me a retard…


38dcfe  No.3686193


Ah. Of course.

b11d5a  No.3686194


And he thinks he is a genius..what kind of retard

thinks Posobofag is relevant in ANYTHING?

fd6615  No.3686195

File: e6fbb5f3cf521f8⋯.png (406.69 KB, 1600x909, 1600:909, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 503ae4da067a330⋯.png (326.34 KB, 567x403, 567:403, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9f84767b048241e⋯.png (554.89 KB, 850x607, 850:607, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 12ad4f8beb9ddcf⋯.png (590.47 KB, 750x562, 375:281, ClipboardImage.png)

511404  No.3686196


>5 replies calling me a retard…


probably just confirmation

c2e461  No.3686197

File: 238e9a493216c98⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2224x1668, 4:3, BA7A1F78-8AA0-498C-9D6F-7C….png)

MSM statements of 57%-60% increase of violence against Jewish population is incorrect.

Data states 57% increase on “incidences”. By definition that includes school bullying, vandalism, propaganda, etc. extreme/violent acts against Jews is down significantly.

People need to look beyond headlines and do own research. It’s easier to trust journalists, but more important to have facts and data to fight against liberals.

As soon by MSM using unnamed Turkish sources “2 hrs of torture and dismemberment” has gravitated to “strangled immediately “ several days later by same unnamed sources. Where’s MSM retractions, corrections?

Data collected to support MSM conclusion is here: www.adl.org/education-and-resources/resource-knowledge-base/adl-heat-map?s=eyJpZGVvbG9naWVzIjpbXSwiaW5jaWRlbnRzIjpbIkFudGktU2VtaXRpYyBJbmNpZGVudCJdLCJ5ZWFyIjpbMjAxNiwyMDE4XX0%253D

01d533  No.3686198


yeah, I removed my cpap modem caller too.

0e9e04  No.3686199


I think Scott Adams is in on it. I watch him 4-5 days a week.

He got a visit to the White House a month or so back. Refused to talk about what the meeting was about.

I believe he is helping with the movie.

Gonna slow walk semi-conscience normies to a fountain of red pills.

28f72f  No.3686200

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5bb08e  No.3686201

File: f1af010d1f44af9⋯.jpg (112.19 KB, 500x666, 250:333, hrc.pu.jpg)

File: f0f1f3968e6b93f⋯.jpg (92.79 KB, 500x535, 100:107, hrcToilet.jpg)

File: a6982ef44b817f5⋯.png (81.01 KB, 500x611, 500:611, ds tennis.png)

2836db  No.3686202


Beginning to make sense that the reasoning behind the fake K coming out on the video after entering the embassy and supposedly being killed…attempt to hide the fact he is still alive…..why does Turkey want to know so bad where the body parts are "found"….

K is alive and well and ready to bring down the house, so to speak, in regards to DS?

6a4b73  No.3686203

File: b2d6880b7cfb8dd⋯.png (192.55 KB, 478x429, 478:429, trig.png)

11fe7a  No.3686204

File: 70cdb45aecbc64a⋯.png (841.85 KB, 745x472, 745:472, Capture.PNG)

From China to crime, Jair Bolsonaro plots radical new course for Brazil

Far-right former army captain Jair Bolsonaro was elected president of Brazil on Sunday, beating leftist opponent Fernando Haddad in a runoff election after a polarised campaign.

“We will change Brazil’s destiny together,” he said in his victory speech. Here are some of his main policy objectives:

After the biggest corruption scandal in Brazil’s history swept through the political class in the past four years – helping to secure Bolsonaro’s election – the former army captain has pledged to tackle widespread graft in public life.

He has said he will encourage further corruption investigations and end horse-trading between the government and political parties, which has been a major source of back room deals and patronage.

Bolsonaro has pledged to reduce the number of ministries in Brasilia from 29 to 15 and appoint several retired generals to the cabinet.

(If after he does this and the murder rate goes down, what will the anti-gun idiots say then..( my comment) )

In a country with more than 60,000 gun deaths a year, Bolsonaro wants to amend Brazil’s gun laws to make it easier for Brazilians to arm themselves.


52e4d0  No.3686205


Largest MOB Family I can think of is The Clinton's.

Anyone in their way dies. Think of National Human Trafficking Hotline->Polaris->Clinton Fondation.

Clinton Fondation used info to put together list of traffickers. Look into reports? What does the mob do? They protect for a fee. If they get the info from Polaris they can have the info on how they are being recognized as traffickers. They then say pay us and tell them how to fix the problem. Once fixed say we did not find any evidence to justify this happening. If competition moves into an area they can quickly be turned over to the FBI or pay for allowance to continue. Most likely a connection to the NoName fondation.

6dadeb  No.3686206


jACK ma was in tight with Clintons and they ship containers all over the world.

fd6615  No.3686207

File: 8f3bd6536a5d970⋯.png (53.15 KB, 255x145, 51:29, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 503ae4da067a330⋯.png (326.34 KB, 567x403, 567:403, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 12ad4f8beb9ddcf⋯.png (590.47 KB, 750x562, 375:281, ClipboardImage.png)

d949b5  No.3686208

File: 8c2ccb778131153⋯.jpeg (19.92 KB, 255x247, 255:247, B50D291B-AA92-484B-BE08-4….jpeg)

File: decedaf618d6d9c⋯.jpeg (44.74 KB, 281x468, 281:468, D9B6E0DB-E0D7-4C11-92D6-9….jpeg)

38dcfe  No.3686209


Predictable and kind of funny, isn't it?

28ba58  No.3686210

File: 4bac523af06e576⋯.jpeg (28.12 KB, 180x255, 12:17, 9C13BB33-18B5-4903-92F0-B….jpeg)


[China, China,China]

Excellent dig…

China has been very precise and patient gathering footholds throughout Central and South America for at least a decade or more.

And as usual when [China] is mentioned here an uptick in shill activity appears…

fb4897  No.3686211

File: 2709b13fb3b9cb7⋯.jpg (172.85 KB, 1102x1160, 19:20, fbd8fea88634471ead2d75e101….jpg)

File: 184398fbec86df3⋯.jpg (35.34 KB, 400x600, 2:3, SixthAnnualUNICEFMasquerad….jpg)

File: b9798341c3ac472⋯.jpg (56.69 KB, 600x816, 25:34, will-forte-lydia-hearst-cl….jpg)


2f1bd7  No.3686212

File: b169fef55a3fd0b⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2188x1824, 547:456, Screenshot_122 - Copy (2) ….png)




Also, i noticed the fucked up backwards "K", almost like the Zodiac wanted it to look like he made an error and scribbled out whatever and replaced it with a backwards letter "k".

When the code is mirrored into quadrants, The backwards scribbled "K's" will form a perfect 11x11 grid in the center of Q's and T's.


1f7e6a  No.3686213

File: 55312118c70fc09⋯.jpg (376.34 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, steinlight plan.jpg)

Q is a multi faceted plan. Expose much of the corruption while keeping the Jewish Supremacists in the places they've stolen in the West. Note how anything anti Israel gets Shoah'd from youtube but WarDrummer and other good goys saying there's no Jewish element to all this get actively promoted.

The Zionists have turned on the deep state to cement their control, in line with the Steinlight plan. They only need a few more decades of Jewish Nepotism to own everything.

30b7c3  No.3686214



e5a080  No.3686215



92f954  No.3686216

File: 18d4f0c843f5c68⋯.png (273.48 KB, 1025x700, 41:28, g.png)

Waiting to see if this one goes off ads-b and a tanker shows up, then heads for the border.

46840e  No.3686217

so Yeah Retardists It was all FAKE https://www.wtae.com/article/allegheny-general-hospital-president-jewish-doctors-nurses-cared-for-suspect-as-he-shouted-slurs/24409378

e1d579  No.3686218


correction: 1905 is when the historic mutiny actually occured.

b55585  No.3686219


I don't think so. I like Scott but he's just wrong sometimes.

e89032  No.3686220


"Toxic" is SJW/leftist lingo. Don't use your enemies language.

3c8bae  No.3686221

File: 8b64b1e29342162⋯.jpg (83.52 KB, 785x763, 785:763, je1.JPG)

File: 92e5a62cd8cbe62⋯.jpg (80.38 KB, 776x888, 97:111, je2.JPG)

The comment section is nuts! Don't report the remarks by a President because MSM knows what he is going to say before he says it? MSM determines Military Intel better than Military intel?

fd6615  No.3686222


"Some platforms will collapse under own weight of illegal activities."

7aff59  No.3686223


“Concrete” Disparities in Article III Case Law after Spokeo

When is an intangible injury, such as an unlawful disclosure or an invasion of privacy, “concrete” for purposes of establishing Article III standing? The question has been fiercely debated since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins, 136 S. Ct. 1540 (2016). And while Spokeo is not entirely clear on the factors that determine concreteness, the majority opinion in Spokeo is clear that concreteness must be determined by the courts, not by Congress. The majority held that it is always the role of the courts to review a statutory right to determine whether it qualifies as “real” or merely “abstract.” In a concurring opinion, however, Justice Thomas argued in favor of a different framework in which concreteness automatically exists for violations of all “private rights” created by statute. This discrepancy between the majority opinion and Justice Thomas’s concurrence has also emerged in divergent rulings by various circuit courts of appeals and district courts.

https ://www.americanbar.org/groups/litigation/committees/class-actions/articles/2017/winter2017-0117-concrete-disparities-in-article-3-case-law-after-spokeo/

8d3b24  No.3686224


Kepler and Hubble are flown around in NASA planes. They are not in 'space'.

2f1bd7  No.3686225






32c977  No.3686226

File: 7dcbcb17309e865⋯.jpg (121.57 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1532246156396.jpg)


>everyone else is wrong im right

275c2c  No.3686227

File: da0239bdac236c1⋯.jpg (493.94 KB, 1201x1920, 1201:1920, tumblr_p9manmWBDZ1x3ilh9o1….jpg)


Tons o' Bots

c352f3  No.3686228


If you know something we don't know, then share.

Qurious as to why you said Iran, when Q said Iran would be freed in the same manner as NK.

6ab4aa  No.3686229

File: a639c727ea62d3c⋯.png (549.43 KB, 1528x914, 764:457, Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at ….png)

File: f7cd0d61d3ed119⋯.png (599.88 KB, 932x965, 932:965, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at ….png)


China is so exposed.

>Stocks traded higher on Thursday to start off November after comments from President Donald Trump indicated potential progress in U.S.-China trade relations.




92f954  No.3686230

File: 7d0f7e59a0018b7⋯.png (161.28 KB, 1013x714, 1013:714, h.png)

BOOM! There it is, the tanker I was waiting on.

cd7634  No.3686231

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


We Believe

- Newsboys

Have faith, stay strong, glory is breaking out across the world. The field is ours. Evil will be no more. Light returns…forever. All is known.




fd6615  No.3686232

File: 8f3bd6536a5d970⋯.png (53.15 KB, 255x145, 51:29, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2049dece9a82e47⋯.png (86.25 KB, 255x181, 255:181, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 18984b8a34534d0⋯.png (72.67 KB, 255x191, 255:191, ClipboardImage.png)

d845e8  No.3686233


They already own the space inside your head, so there's that.

018317  No.3686234


>"Toxic" is SJW/leftist lingo. Don't use your enemies language.

dont use your enemies language unless you are able to coopt it.

c352f3  No.3686235


Making a Q.

674748  No.3686236

If POTUS needs a KS win in OK someone better pay attention here….KS needs to meet with these folks that have built a pretty cool WE THE PEOPLE movement…otherwise could be #losing and no one wants that!


0e9e04  No.3686237


precursor to october revolution.

did ((they)) plant the seed for the revolution with this false flag? back up the narrative with hollwood?

dbf1a4  No.3686238



Why are the spikes on the downside.

f35991  No.3686239

File: c091584168008c8⋯.jpg (86.36 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Malvinas et Falklands.jpg)

File: 89ed24cc07a5acc⋯.jpg (196.9 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, Fangio Buenos Aries.jpg)


Maybe. Always wondered why Juan Fangio(5x F1 champ from 50's) made it a point to obtain a Malvinas driver's license. Always struck me as odd why he would even need to do that.

It has always been an issue between the two cty's

See this for another Fangio 'thing'


2f1bd7  No.3686240

File: 8b3e7b77902c435⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2188x1824, 547:456, Screenshot_122 - Copy (2) ….png)



error corrected.

572bd5  No.3686241


dingalinga ding ding dong

sick digits

92f954  No.3686242


CADDO99 will go off ads-b here in a short bit, and only the tanker will be trackable through ads-b until they get back from the border.

c352f3  No.3686243


OK was just put on an election watch list by the DOJ, I think.

Makes sense. Some of the recent state-level election turnovers were messed up.

7c3462  No.3686244

Election Integrity Briefing today.

35d236  No.3686245

File: 0995ecb92cc9f15⋯.jpeg (135.05 KB, 1178x650, 589:325, 56FE5DCC-B15C-4E05-B05C-6….jpeg)

File: e5fee2d3a646f33⋯.jpeg (305.47 KB, 1179x1094, 1179:1094, 00E118F6-863D-4992-A34F-3….jpeg)

489746  No.3686246



here we go

f5ee3d  No.3686247

File: 11e0a5cd6860279⋯.jpg (199.43 KB, 1350x825, 18:11, Rising-S.jpg)

File: 1ac35a6419b7251⋯.jpg (147.84 KB, 619x349, 619:349, Rising-S_offers.jpg)

File: ae932b771facd69⋯.png (1.81 MB, 739x853, 739:853, Bunkers.png)

File: 35a6d474121124d⋯.jpg (562.65 KB, 1349x1932, 1349:1932, Misc.jpg)

File: 3fd1338301356d8⋯.jpg (99.89 KB, 445x868, 445:868, Stuff-it.jpg)

Info on NZ Bunkers as requested.

I would have bet that they’d have been situated in the lower South Island around Queenstown but these bunkers have been shipped seemingly all over the country. Northland is well above Auckland at the top of the North Island and ‘from Wellington to a "sleepy town" on the West Coast’ most probably means the West Coast of the North Island again and not the West Coast of the South Island as it would have been easier to ship the bunker straight to the South Island town of Westport rather than Wellington. Of course depending on the size of the vessel it was shipped over on it could have gone from Wellington to Westport then on to be buried in the South Island so I can’t be certain about that at all. I’d say that the owners of these new bunkers are ‘late to the party’ so they can’t be all that important.

As to numbers. Who knows? They’ve had years/decades to prepare but I would expect that the most important Elites are hanging around Queenstown in the lower South Island as it’s an international party town with the facilities they like. Being surrounded by mountains with two easily defended ways in and out, a difficult flight path for aviation and even a very small power station on the river makes it a good choice for defense. They won’t have come alone and unarmed that’s for sure!

Unless you want to hear about Matt Lauer in NZ basically ignore the video as it’s liberal progressive so called ‘journalists’ on what passes for a news program now in NZ.

Wealthy Americans ship doomsday bunkers to New Zealand - report



‘Two 150-tonne survival bunkers have been sent to New Zealand from Texas, a report claims, as wealthy Americans target the country as a suitable doomsday retreat.

Over the past two years, seven Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have purchased survival bunkers from Rising S Company and had them sent to New Zealand, the manufacturer's general manager Gary Lynch told Bloomberg.

One of the 93sqm bunkers arrived in Auckland and was settled in Northland, while the other was transported from Wellington to a "sleepy town" on the West Coast.

Bloomberg said the New Zealand Customs Service wouldn't confirm that the bunkers - which would accommodate around 300 people - had arrived in New Zealand, because of privacy concerns.

New Zealand has been pinpointed as a popular destination "not only for those worried about impending dystopia, but for wealthy tech entrepreneurs seeking incubators for nurturing start-ups," writes Olivia Carville for Bloomberg. ‘

Dozens of bunkers possibly shipped to New Zealand could be unconsented



Mystery surrounds secret Kiwi survival bunker claims

September 14 2018


Some of the article -

‘Claims 35 underground survival bunkers have been shipped to New Zealand by mega-rich Americans fearing an apocalypse have been debunked by local authorities.

According to international media reports, US based company Rising S has manufactured, shipped and buried bunkers in New Zealand in recent months – one to the value of NZD$12.1 million.

The company's top-end models come with a gym, hot sauna, swimming pool and hot tub, game room with billiard tables, bowling alley and media room. The budget bunker, priced US$39,000, includes a bunk bed, basic air filtration system and kitchen counter.

Rising S Company general manager Gary Lynch told Stuff there were about 35 underground bunkers in New Zealand.

He would not disclose the bunkers' locations, but said the most recent shipment was late June or early July.

"They have been installed all over NZ, not only for Americans but we have also provided two shelters to New Zealand citizens as well for private security reasons."

Bloomberg's report on September 5 said five Silicon Valley executives co-owned an "escape" jet – a Gulfstream G550, one of the few jets capable of the making journey from the US to New Zealand in one haul.’

41e9e8  No.3686248

File: 9495b1ed6045be4⋯.jpg (79.38 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, deebly.jpg)


so which country was PapaD the most well known in?

that is the first thing he hints with.

likely means it is obvious to him.

where is PapaD most famous?

7aff59  No.3686249


Complaint in Cybersecurity Case Dismissed

plaintiff must show a "concrete and particularized" breach of contract and an "actual injury"—not simply a potential cause of action.

https: //www.americanbar.org/groups/litigation/committees/minority-trial-lawyer/practice/2017/complaint-cybersecurity-case-dismissed/

11fe7a  No.3686250

File: 6b860316eb02b9c⋯.png (337.3 KB, 527x285, 527:285, Capture.PNG)

Robots Only In China: World’s First Humanless Warehouse Debuts

Technocrats value machines and automation over people. China has enough people to staff any number of factories and warehouses, but Technocrat engineers would rather co-opt them by using robots instead. This guarantees runaway income inequality and ultimately, a return to feudalism. ⁃ TN Editor

The Tokyo-based start-up is aiming to be a leader in automating logistics processes. To do that, it’s building robot controllers and camera systems and integrating them with existing industrial robot arms. The key product here is the controllers — each about the size of a briefcase, one for motion planning and one for vision — that act as an operating system that can control the hardware from any robot manufacturer. If a goal such as grasping an object is input, the controllers automatically can generate motions for robots, eliminating the traditional need to “teach” robots manually. The result, according to the company, is higher productivity for users.

Simply put, the technology — based on motion planning and computer vision — makes industrial robots capable of autonomous and intelligent action.

Mujin turned heads when it showed off its transformation of a warehouse operated by Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com. The 40,000-sq-m facility in Shanghai began full operations in June. It was equipped with 20 industrial robots that pick, transfer and pack packages using crates on conveyor belts, as well as camera systems and Mujin robot controllers. Other robots carted merchandise around to loading docks and trucks.


ea9e0d  No.3686251


She's signaling with the word concrete..so is Barry. There is an old dig from spring about trafficking Clinton Foundation, NIXVM & CEMEX cement company. They all tie in together..

a6f522  No.3686252


Yeah, these people are batshit fuckin' loonie toons.

38dcfe  No.3686253


So, Red October has absolutely nothing to do with steel plants? It's all about the Bolshevik Revolution?

So embarrassed right now! I honestly thought it might have something to do with steel and and shit like that.

42727b  No.3686254


Israel is top of the pyramid. Nice try.

c352f3  No.3686255

File: 9178e0d758434f8⋯.jpeg (9.22 KB, 148x255, 148:255, tits pepe.jpeg)


I get kind of all hot and bothered around you planefags.

Thanks, anon.

f18fc3  No.3686256

File: a0566528d8bf0a5⋯.jpg (64.79 KB, 1224x713, 1224:713, Clipboard01.jpg)

Migrant Mob:


ab5b27  No.3686257

What if…… the national guard is being sent to the southwest to protect…



7c3462  No.3686258


He is not famous anywhere. But he wants to be here.

518b2f  No.3686259

File: 87dca79a254e30e⋯.jpg (120.11 KB, 743x691, 743:691, paptreason.jpg)

File: 3a05dba76fb83dd⋯.jpg (58.77 KB, 500x562, 250:281, big donna.jpg)

File: 8653f9a322340ad⋯.jpg (127.56 KB, 986x720, 493:360, COLORED STORM.jpg)

File: af4023ac81a899f⋯.jpg (121.45 KB, 1066x500, 533:250, laundry.jpg)

7aff59  No.3686260



concrete cause injury

bbffa7  No.3686261

ha ha Trump is going to invade Mexico, then we will build a smaller boarder wall and just fix mexico,

Fuck em

1f7e6a  No.3686262

File: 3b6d74026373942⋯.png (3.04 MB, 1574x787, 2:1, jews do not control the me….PNG)

Oh please….

19e9fc  No.3686263


agree. nice find on the (((Nadler))) misspelling.