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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch.jpg)

fbe966 No.1216057


Enjoy the ride

Board Rules


Q's Tripcode: Q !xowAT4Z3VQ

Q's Latest Posts

Friday 4.27.2018

>>1215845 ———————- Question everything

>>1215294 ———————- Questions will reveal answers

>>1214085 ———————- Reconcile

>>1211768 rt >>1211682 — Re_read drops

>>1211682 rt >>1211560 — EYES OPEN? COMMS GOOD?

>>1211560 rt >>1211493 — What is the purpose of a laser pointer?

>>1211343 rt >>1211294 — "Done in 30"

>>1211294 ———————- Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Thursday 4.26.2018

>>1203338 rt >>1203096 — GOOD people are acting on the information.

>>1203057 ———————- Patience isn't always easy

>>1198932 rt >>1198778 — Important note [texts only].

>>1197788 rt >>1197573 — How many pics can you find of JL & HRC?

>>1197560 ———————- Sessions playing 4D chess

Wednesday 4.25.2018

>>1189217 rt >>1189008 — Antifa ARE Nazis

>>1187806 rt >>1187631 — Welcome to the WH.

>>1187631 ———————- What happens to...

>>1187021 rt >>1187000 — Note 187.

>>1187000 rt >>1186910 — Non-public release of Strzock texts

>>1184271 ———————- Are you awake?

>>1183319 ———————- Did you know?

>>1181425 rt >>1181379 — WW = worldwide. Try harder.

>>1181379 rt >>1181185 — They tried to delete the proof.

>>1181185 rt >>1180770 — We knew this day would come.

>>1180770 rt >>1180605 — The world is Connected. All or nothing.

>>1180770 rt >>1180604 — The world is Connected. All or nothing.

>>1180605 rt >>1180433 — Think logically…Power shift. Rise of the people.

>>1180433 rt >>1180390 — "Politics." Same for Merkel. Think movie.

>>1180364 ———————- They Feel Threatened By Us

Tuesday 4.24.2018

>>1173273 rt >>1173221 — Red carpet event tonight?

>>1169419 rt >>1169348 — This is about taking back our FREEDOM

>>1169345 rt >>1169290 — Red carpet rollout?

>>1169294 rt >>1169241 — Hostage no more.

>>1169241 rt >>1169138 — What's at risk?

>>1169138 rt >>1169112 — You Decide.

>>1169101 ———————- Iran is next. [Marker].

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This is about taking back our FREEDOM and saving our children/people from the EVIL that has plagued our country/world for so long.


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fbe966 No.1216063


are not endorsements


>>1215922 Relevant analysis

>>1215710 , >>1215767 More Mueller White Hat theory

>>1215665 Still searching for the fifth name in the poker game

>>1215480 A little background on Mueller

>>1215404 Mirror graphic

>>1215401 Q's third post coming back full circle

>>1215376 Other Strzok/Page notables

>>1215356 Mueller White Hat Theory


>>1215050 Bill Gates, "Millions Could Die" if US doesn't prepare

>>1214613 Mueller theory

>>1214746 , >>1214873 ARE WE AWAKE? Think Mirror


>>1214180 Flynn changes twatter banner

>>1214178 POTUS Order Amending EO 13223

>>1214038 Iran Marker side-by-side update to >>1213396

>>1213277 Flynn/Q/FutureProvesPast Graphic

>>1213972 Secret Plan to Legalize Sex Trafficking of Minors?

>>1213874 'Evergreen' finds in HRC emails FOIA

>>1213819 Dig on Evergreen Marine Corp (shipping containers)


>>1213570 Three Major Takeaways from the Russia Report’s Findings:

>>1213624 Supreme Court orders release of audio, video from Las Vegas shooting

>>1213443 Maggie Nixon attended child abuse benefit

>>1213396 Side-by-Side – "Iran is next" Marker

>>1213279 Page/Strzok text notables & >>1213842 (links to collection)

>>1213270 Netanyahu Indictments

>>1213162 , >>1213267 , >>1213455 Evergreen shipping containers and human trafficking

>>1213248 Mattis On Mercenaries In Syria: I Ordered Them To Be Annihilated


>>1212543 Skippy's 'Sensitive' travel plans for printing


>>1212314 , >>1212513 , >>1212455 Book lists from searching Q's old tripcode

>>1212341 Did Strzok and Page discuss Flynn’s 302?

>>1212255 Caps of crumbs from today all about Flynn

>>1212242 McCabe, Page, Strzok FBI corruption thoughts


>>1211849 , >>1211868 Previous Q drops on Flynn

>>1211795 , >>1211847 , >>1211925 Flynn's plea deal

>>1211867 30 Day Marker: "Done in 30"

>>1211705 Skippy, Gmail and Camp David

>>1211646 Flynn knows EVERYTHING

>>1211483 Clapper busted leaking dossier details

>>1211554 Dis Flynn do what he did so that he could testify?


>>1211182 'Toronto Attack was Radicalized on 4chan': Report

>>1211099 UNITAID and the Clinton Foundation

>>1211039 Intel Report: No deception detected during Flynn’s Interview

>>1211024 , >>1211011 , >>1211021 Jonestown Massacre & Evergreen connections

>>1210984 Patrick Meehan (R-PA) announces resignation

>>1210970 New Storm-based game: 'Lock Her Up - The Trump Supremacy'

>>1210895 #ReleaseTheTexts 70mm exposures on twatter

>>1210716 Genius Redpilling


>>1209860 Renegade

>>1209864 Planting Trees, >>1209880

>>1209877 Wikileaks & Evergreen ——- 100's of search results

>>1209955 Q Proof

>>1209962 Tick Tock Tick Tocka

>>1209996 Op name: Fiddler

>>1210004 Clapper Laked Trump Dossier

>>1210007 Witch Hunt

>>1210020 Red Carpet Rollout

>>1210070 Feeding The Narrative

>>1210090 Absolutely Historic

>>1210171 Rootin Tootin Putin

>>1210336 Oswald In Mexico City? JFK Plot

>>1210360 ES, GOOG, TP & HRC

>>1210446 Further analysis on McCain Phone photo

>>1210538 The Most Devilish Crew Of All Time


>>1208894 HRC Evergreen Mail

>>1209091 Eagles Act of 2018

>>1209110 Hey, hey, hey! It's Bill Cosby, Supposed Father Figure..

>>1209184 Disney/Fox Causes Resignation Ahead Of Time

>>1209231 Iron Eagle Twitter Coincidence ,>>1209509

>>1209289 Cohencidence?


>>1209351 Re: Hey clear gmail..., >>1209273

>>1209370 Expand YouR Thinking, You Must..

>>1209433 Frankfurter Geheimschaft

>>1209471 Real Dr. Corsi Here, >>1209458 Don't Buy My Book

>>1209579 Weekly Adress: Rid Your House Of Prescription Drugs, >>1209540

>>1209617 Rob Schneider is.. a whistling carrot!

>>1209633 Skippy's Burner Phone Network, >>1209644

>>1209660 The Fight IS Real

>>1209663 As The World Turns .. On John.

>>1209685 He Will Not Be Named Retires

Best Of Bread >>311157

Archive of Notables >>>/comms/225 (Batch 740~ present)

fbe966 No.1216067



>No redactions.


We might have uncovered the "THINK MIRROR, LEFT IS RIGHT, RIGHT IS LEFT" mystery!!

Check it out and conclude for yourselves:

#1512: >>1206758, >>1206950, >>1206971, >>1206862, >>1207115

#1513: >>1207897, >>1207903

#1519: >>1213396, >>1214038, >>1215404

Just Released: Strzok/Page texts http://dailycaller.com/2018/04/27/read-the-strozk-page-texts-in-full/

Just Released: 281 pages of new Clinton emails >>1182652

JFK Files Released www.archives.gov/research/jfk/release

>>1203013 Globalization & Covert Politics

>>1202345 Howard Hunt was a deep state m**ng operative

>>1201030 James Earl Ray fingerprints didn't match

>>1200616 , >>1200691 Watergate in 1975 but in the body they're asking FBI-C_A for Howard Hunt's vacation & leave records during JFK's assassination period

>>1200531 , >>1200535 FBI intentionally ordered to avoid a DA's input on MLK's assassination

>>1199843 BINGO MLK SHOOTER Eric Starvo Galt >>1199893 James Earl Ray >>1199903

>>1197861 So the FBI plotted against MLK jr???

>>1197394 Hunt and Sturgis

>>1196996 , >>1199497 Names under investigation for conspiracy to kidnap and murder one female General M. Magnifico

>>1196852 Oswald knows the handsigns, etc.


>>1196491 C_A ADMITS TEPEDINO WAS AN ASSET and then some...

>>1196214 , >>1196281 C_A Cryptonyms

>>1196178 C_A HIT TEAM TOOK JFK OUT! >>1203028

>>1195956 Remember the "Tramps" from the Kennedy Assassination?

>>1195717 , >>1195707 Was Lee Harvey Oswald a secret unit called "Coffee Mill"?

>>1195180 , >>1195220 (((They))) killed MLK - what about JFK? DIG FOR HARD EVIDENCE, ANONS!

>>1194818 , >>1194863 , >>1194840 , >>1194686 , >>1194930 , >>1194929 JFK Documents release and finds

>>1194744 Expect fireworks! JFK files


>>1203028 30-35 C_A assets in Dallas

MEME FOR DEAR LIFE >>1133464, >>1134569

Al Gore #WheresAlGore >>1147720

Huma+??(how many siblings does huma have?) >>1140227

Map Huma's Family: Parents & Siblings >>1142939 Huma's Sister, Heba, attempted to undermine RIGHTFUL outcome of Presidential Election

>>1143533 Follow the Money. Check out Dearborn, MI also

HUMA?? >>1143022, >>1143031

MB >>1143739 MB & OBAMA

Hussein >>1101878, >>1101894 Private Investigation Into Obama By Dr. Taitz

Obama Timeline >>1066725 POTUS Schedule vs Obama 'vacation' >>1200729

CLAS Sec 11A P2.2

>>1170278 CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2 [important], >>1170325 sauce

>>1170802 Uranium One Link

>>1176566 Possible meaning "CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2" refers to "HDCP 2.2 11A" Eavesdrop on any data


>>1113402 D/L Video, Data Mine & Build Profile (Eyes Only)

>>1184421 Dig so far. Let's archive it anons, as Q said it's for use later

>>1164303 Nancy Pelosi's Twatter Archive

>>1118046 NP 1997 NK Talk www.c-span.org/video/?91427-1/north-korea-hunger-problem

>>1114611 32 Page PDF on NP: Needs DIGGING

>>1114530 Intelligence Committee Senate Report on NP's NK visit

>>1114037 NK selling arms to Iran: CIA Reading Room sauce

>>1113439 Alexandra

>>1113436 Christine

>>1113406 , >>1113553 , >>1113534 Paul

>>1113414 Offspring: Profiles

>>1107156 Dig On Feinstein's Husband

>>1112484 Complete archive for the @TeamPelosi twatter, including images

>>1111792 NP's financial disclosures

>>1107270 NP's net worth

>>1108812 NP Family: A Who's Who

>>1109003 NP Family: An overview

>>1113725 , >>1114100 Pelosi in NK

>>1113283 , >>1113404 Did Pelosi giggle when asked a Q about NK's recent ICBM?

>>1115633 NP violated NPT and 1994 Agreed Framework

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fbe966 No.1216075

#1523 Dough


01ee7a No.1216124

File: e1d1c4a7321c495⋯.jpg (48.44 KB, 635x437, 635:437, trump flynn.jpg)

924dc4 No.1216132

File: 1738ac4794b6cf8⋯.jpg (334.29 KB, 756x1705, 756:1705, No more badges.jpg)

Badges are gone. Don't know what it means, but likely something.

6d20ed No.1216133





6a34ec No.1216134


That is actually pretty funny.

924dc4 No.1216135



good picture

a0e313 No.1216136


You don't know anything Draco. Time is limited.

4456d9 No.1216137

File: d970cf0e6da12f4⋯.png (1.01 MB, 845x558, 845:558, kanye-potus-unstoppable.png)

ty baker

0965a9 No.1216138

If SC is not Supreme Court anymore, who/what is it now?

4500a0 No.1216139



85ed32 No.1216140

File: 446627537f286a3⋯.png (89.29 KB, 258x538, 129:269, bishop-mueller.png)

a0e313 No.1216141

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.





1d9b67 No.1216142




What if the laser is FLYNN and the cat is SC ….

Think about it - FLYNN cut a deal

he gives up all the (planted) "russian" conspirators SC and team chasing down rabbit holes (NONE LEAD TO POTUS)

Meanwhile, FLYNN literally gives MSM 1000's of hours of reporting fodder - civil LIABILITY later?

f89787 No.1216143

File: 755e2e7bb6e1663⋯.jpg (363.61 KB, 1085x887, 1085:887, trump_cooking_macaroni_mac….jpg)


f20c63 No.1216144

The Trump Memo…..written by Scott Bennett, former psychological warfare Officer and counterterrorism expert :

We communicated this to president Trump’s personal staff and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen in 2015 as well as 2016 and this is the memo that summarizes everything. So in the event of my death, this will be an affidavit which can go to nations and people in the world to let them know what the truth is behind the undermining of President Trump and the attempt to overthrow him.

b7e44b No.1216145


Doresn't that also mean any evidence taken from Cohen to be used for "Russia" investigation also has to be tossed? Means there was no point in gaining that evidence if a court rules it inadmissible. We we've lost our right to atty/client priveldge for what???????

7a0187 No.1216146

File: add2c97bc6adc4c⋯.png (648.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20180427-194553.png)


Read (C)

9331b1 No.1216147

>>1216079 (last bread)

Maybe not exactly this plan cuz he hadn't seen the NSA shitpiles of evidence yet, but he hated the bastards & thought about it for years, good point though, I misspoke should have said thoughts of exposing them & not a plan Anon.

b86b0c No.1216148




(If new you can get help later)

6db789 No.1216149

any red carpet for Merkel?

1e9cdc No.1216150

File: 6d650fc8787b022⋯.png (1.67 MB, 2147x1540, 2147:1540, lincolnkanye.png)

thanks baker


7a0187 No.1216151


Special counsel

ae437a No.1216152


>>1215294 (last Bread Q's Latest)

Consider this thing. I was listening to Tracy B this morning and Q's latest long ass post repeats the evidence supporting her theory almost point by point. I was bored because she has made similar vids. I was exposed to the theory much earlier as well, from an ex marine named Steve Motley.

I honestly think Q wants us to acknowledge that Mueller is Trump's bitch. Steve Motley has been saying since RM met with Trump in Trump tower (to allegedly discuss his being FBI director in violation of Federal term limits). The theory always made sense to me. We all know that RM delivered Uranium to the Russians.

RM is a marine, and I think he was given a chance to redeem himself by joining the white hats. Steve thinks he cut a deal for Comey as well.

It looks to me like Q wants us to operate under this theory so he will know we are getting the message. I once had a judge copy my arguments verbatim in issuing her written order, I am telling you this is the same thing.

Q copied Beanz's arguments almost thought for though.

Q, we get it. RM and Trump are working together. I guess you are telling us that it is time to start meming this to the normies on Twitter, but we can't do that if we won't even acknowledge it. Maybe the clown on here are the ones who poking fun at this theory when it come up.

34cde0 No.1216153

File: b283f2ddaad8715⋯.png (111.79 KB, 931x716, 931:716, lsdprk.PNG)

File: 4b54749e0b95051⋯.png (284.22 KB, 1133x525, 1133:525, NK.PNG)

What is this?

924dc4 No.1216154



Mueller is neck-deep in 9/11. He cannot be trusted.

Can he be turned? Possibly.

1b35f1 No.1216155


Write up some theories for us to discuss, perhaps including "SC" possibilities in other languages.


9b0e0f No.1216156

File: 6d3ff3f1ed20708⋯.jpg (313.22 KB, 1071x587, 1071:587, 3c655aeb42952f130ac0c2ed47….jpg)

f10245 No.1216157

File: 9225762290c85d6⋯.jpg (145.65 KB, 640x427, 640:427, totalwreck.jpg)


"Can the investigation officially/publicly drop POTUS from review & continue?"

It already has.

But, no.

611657 No.1216158


appreciate the sentiment.

I need to get gone while i can still afford my life insurance so my family is provided for - so couple weeks tops.

dea4be No.1216159

4f167e No.1216160


I took the last word on the previous bread. What do you Anons think?

97711d No.1216161



>Tracy B


You are listening to the wrong people anon.

9c7835 No.1216162

File: 5b34cc97cc9ef18⋯.png (765.95 KB, 1364x860, 341:215, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)


Fake Q - not even credible

https:// www.captiongenerator.com/936012/Hitler-vs-Q-and-his-Anon-Army

6e239f No.1216163


Mueller/Comey/Rosenstein connection.

1e9cdc No.1216164


don't believe me, ask POTUS

7a0187 No.1216165


Kek that was funny!

a0f85f No.1216166

File: e0c5596954e5851⋯.png (32.95 KB, 700x480, 35:24, AQ31.PNG)


"If POTUS was in a weakened position (about to be impeached/indicted) would ‘they’ resign?"

Any other President usually has a cadre of sycophants at their beck and call. Everyone who wanted the Government's Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. Trump has been firing them!

72288f No.1216167


Triple Dutch Rudder?

4f167e No.1216168


How so?

5b0bb3 No.1216169

Tracy Beanz didnt come up with the Mueller being a white hat theory

She stole it from someone else

221675 No.1216170

Tapper is mockingbird. Dirty.

0f4097 No.1216171



No shit, Q is not here to serve our wants and desires. he is here to have us help bring light from dark. Stop bitching and Trust the plan.

b7e44b No.1216172


He is more than neck deep in corruption. It goes back before 9/11. Not to mention what he has done to the FBI. Whatever he is doing now doesn't even come close to making reparations to those he has damaged.

af6024 No.1216173


>Tracy B

Listen to the sound of her voice.

You know she wears comfy panties.

How is that wrong?

4f167e No.1216174


Steve Motley was saying it long before she did.

949d74 No.1216175

>>1216130 LB

It is clear, to me at least, that Q does NOT want anons meming Mueller as a white hat or as a black hat yet. He put the ambiguity out there and just reinforced it when he said

Not confirming SC is on /team/.

We have have private thoughts (I do), but the media are to remain confused on this issue until Q signals that it should be cleared up publicly.

760054 No.1216176


the could 'lawfully' search for campaign finance violations (stormy payment) and then while legally there 'find' his records on his other clients. they would be discovered during a legal search and be able to be used.

01ee7a No.1216177


"break it" not raid?

looking for dirt

did they break into Potus apartment too?

9fefa3 No.1216178


You know the answer.

6d13ec No.1216179


And McCabe leaked to try and expose the fbi cover up

6a34ec No.1216180


Asshole…Downs syndrome is off limits here.

4f167e No.1216181


Could he be signalling this now?

eb5a34 No.1216182

File: b83b11af99aeeae⋯.png (327.72 KB, 1025x1150, 41:46, free-flynn.png)

We're in the final stage, anons.

a0e313 No.1216183

File: 8c9e88f50c46d8c⋯.jpeg (136.95 KB, 1200x626, 600:313, E5573BA8-CC63-4344-9B25-D….jpeg)

File: 9816b9de4de5220⋯.png (307.15 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2150.PNG)

File: 6217e4a5b4a6edf⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2151.PNG)

File: e03ea1ce570aab8⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2152.PNG)

Anyone dissing Potus or saying Kek is s cabal/Draco FYI guys

3e27fb No.1216184


I can see I wasn’t the only one annoyed last bread ,hang in there anon

1e9cdc No.1216185




7a0187 No.1216186


So Cohen had a ton of "extras" they ended up finding but what did they tell the FBI in order to get them to raid Cohen?

f10245 No.1216187

File: d593e6024fafc77⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 4272x2848, 3:2, Special swamp.jpg)


"Why are known bad actors in full support of Mueller?"

Because they are all on the same team. It's a big club. They've been running things for a while. And are not used to being out of power.

9fefa3 No.1216188


Kim freed

03a764 No.1216189


make sure you ask 2 more times 4 min apart to get it strait….. you never forget…. one can do that with a name …get them to say their name 3 times within 12-13 min and you will never forget their name…..

60c4a2 No.1216190

File: 71383fe28380e68⋯.png (662.94 KB, 841x450, 841:450, 71383fe28380e68172d3797715….png)


It's hard to make out, "ohiya" or something but just enough out of focus that anything's a guess.

A good challenge for folks who have photoshop friends (maybe even a way to introduce them to Q. There are other photo puzzles throighout

1e126d No.1216191

>1215845 (last bread)

I am assuming this is timed perfectly to maximize impact for POTUS team on the midterms.

1b35f1 No.1216192

File: ddc08f43b5881a8⋯.jpg (25.89 KB, 263x224, 263:224, genius.jpg)


Please tell us more.

dea4be No.1216193

I figure we are done with that shit now.

924dc4 No.1216194


Ok. We agree he too belongs under the prison.

5b0bb3 No.1216195


You are right, anon

There were also a few others, but can't specifically remember who atm.

My brain is overloaded…lol

67ae66 No.1216196






down you go…after your wanna-be, totally defeated loser god

4b7945 No.1216197



No White House dinner invite


1e9cdc No.1216198


Personally, I think Q would be saying TRUST Mueller if he was

616b95 No.1216199

File: 41fe9d5121d4853⋯.jpg (22.82 KB, 255x254, 255:254, ptwiwsjhduio.jpg)

c2d41b No.1216200

File: b2ff03e01eec392⋯.png (85.08 KB, 589x204, 589:204, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

did you guys see where the e coli outbreak originated from?

YUMA arizona


949d74 No.1216201



Most def not.

Q wants anons to understand

but keep our understanding private.

Why else would he have come back with

Not confirming SC is on /team/


1b35f1 No.1216202


Beanz and the Beanzfags are back.

e5d3a8 No.1216203

A couple of Questions, Q.

Why did Potus/Sessions allow the Clowns to hide their role in JFK assassination until 2021?

Hope to take out Potus by then?

Clowns in control?

No bad actors prosecuted.

Why redactions? there were to be none.

Team is not "negotiating from position of strength?

Covert agreements?

Nuclear testing in NK, taken out by us? or clown cleanup?

or Xi?

488d42 No.1216204


Praying you find another way, Anon. Your family would rather you remain alive than have the life insurance money.

97711d No.1216205


In time, you will learn.

eb1216 No.1216206

File: 0b4444132a15caa⋯.png (746.71 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5308.PNG)

File: e301acf95e426b8⋯.png (194 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5309.PNG)

Holy sheeet….Mueller had Apple, Facebook, Intel, etc…as clients….he has to KNOW exactly what has been going on & how these companies were involved:

Mueller's client list from his former firm, WilmerHale, reads like a who's who of America's most prominent businesses, including Facebook, Apple, Intel, Sony Pictures, Booz Allen Hamilton and the National Football League.

Mueller KNOWS where the bodies are buried! POTUS must have made one hell of a deal with Mueller the day they met, like a PARDON DEAL if he worked to take the Cabal down!


a0f85f No.1216207


>What other docs were collected?

>How many places raided?

That's what Q want's us to find out.

e5d3a8 No.1216208

File: 8f6705e5b100d80⋯.jpg (15.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, question-mark.jpg)

616b95 No.1216209

File: 6423e6e71435280⋯.jpeg (15.22 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 10eb9760e5eac422f27a14492….jpeg)

6e239f No.1216210


I've seen other reports that refute the 'blank check' approach that Rosenstein has taken, that is what Paul Manafort has resorted to in his legal battle. As for Paul, he got Trump thru the Republican Convention and without him, that was not certain. He is a back room brawler who got the job done. Bothers me that he was called a plant when he did his job and left voluntarily, so there must be more to the picture.

Thanks for finding the relevant passage, but a Special Counsel needs to be appointed in light of a reasonable criminal inquiry, and since the dossier was paid for by HRC/DNC, the SC findings are all theatrics.

5b0bb3 No.1216211


"Q copied Beanz"

As Comey would say…."Oh lawdy"

5782c1 No.1216212


He was a former US Marine serving in the Vietnam War before he was "neck-deep in 9/11".

You're telling me a former Marine cannot be trusted?

9fefa3 No.1216213


Macron is the Good Face of the EU.

He must be enough with the Iran Deal.

7a0187 No.1216215

His home, office , and hotel we're raided.


1e9cdc No.1216216


I like this movie, good actors, good plot

dea4be No.1216217


Weekend Warrior

6d13ec No.1216218


I'm guessing that shit came across the boarder

ff9c9b No.1216219

File: 0617582b9a94b79⋯.png (52.51 KB, 472x382, 236:191, Snip20180427_102.png)

File: 43bc5ccfc86653c⋯.png (188.47 KB, 590x545, 118:109, Snip20180427_103.png)


Bureau of Prisons & US Capital are on 1st.

Which Top EYES?

294ff7 No.1216220

Tucker can barely keep a straight face about the cry closet. The idiot lady says they are nothing but giant stress balls.

e1ee90 No.1216221


You can't investigate Clinton Foundation if all of their attorneys are involved in the special counsel. Mueller is there to protect them (and cover his own ass) not so much to investigate Trump. Hence why he went after the plants as well, Page and Manafort, to protect them. Meeting with trump prior to FBI appointment was for Mueller to confirm Trump is a threat and need to set up SC. Mueller conspires with RR to set it up. Q team leaves Intel at Cohen office, baits FBI and RR into signing off of raid. Damning evidence inserted legally by Q. Rudy meets Mueller to tell him the gig is up.

b7e44b No.1216222


Any competent atty would/should challenge that. They can not used privileged communication between an atty/client garnered while searching for another clients files.

3e27fb No.1216223


What part of the world is watching do you NOT understand ?

1d9b67 No.1216224

File: a2703dda94b6c89⋯.png (195.8 KB, 517x372, 517:372, Screenshot 2018-04-27 at 5….png)


was that the missing sub in the background?

97711d No.1216225


>Listen to the sound of her voice.


ac28f3 No.1216226

Maybe a legalfag can help me out,

Cohen raid by FBI?

How do you introduce evidence into an investigation (legally)?

I don't see how the Cohen raid -> legally introduce evidence. I have a feeling that a whole majority of judges (even/especially? white hats) would not take kindly to admitting anything the lawyer had into evidence because of privilege. The only way I can see it making sense is if Cohen was part of the crime, but then why would they let Trump continue to be associated with him, but then 4D chess if it was a plan to taken Cohen down too? My head starting to hurt.

949d74 No.1216227


Why no contact w/ WL/ JA?

Possibility 1: This is also to ensure that information is acquired in a manner that allows legal use.

Possibility 2: DC white hats already have all that information.

Possibility 3: Assange is dead….unlikely, as that would have triggered his dead man switch.

6db789 No.1216228


and hannity's

7a0187 No.1216229


Dude, Manafort was a plant.

a0e313 No.1216230

File: 4ec773aad958e24⋯.jpg (83.31 KB, 504x479, 504:479, IMG_2625.JPG)

File: 0d01fc07719cb85⋯.jpg (104 KB, 1001x701, 1001:701, IMG_2628.JPG)

File: b4910ced9b2cc3e⋯.png (4.75 KB, 220x220, 1:1, EAC6112C-0960-4EC5-9CCC-F3….png)

File: aac8723da6d09cb⋯.jpg (162.4 KB, 599x599, 1:1, IMG_2641.JPG)


Draco/grey alliance/demonic gods:






control of info





Respect for all life

Free thought


>they are scared

>nothing is more dangerous and stupid than a cornered demon

>here comes the spam

67ae66 No.1216231


"the grey hats"…too bad for you.


WE KNOW HOW IT ENDS. you know your end.

b7e44b No.1216232


Yep, that's exactly what I am saying.

7fccdc No.1216233

Seriously? Can you tell me why POTUS is doing this. When she is truely into the same satanic group as the bush, clinton's, And all the others? Donald J. Trump Retweeted

The White House

‏Verified account @WhiteHouse

6h6 hours ago

"Today I am honored to welcome Chancellor Angela Merkel back to the White House… We are also pleased to have our newly confirmed United States Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell."

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list World Leaders (Allegedly) In The Illuminati

Photo: Freebase/Public domain

As with all the leaders of major nations, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is posited to be a key Illuminatus, with her hands in Satanism, financial chicanery, and police state legislation. Some have declared her to be the most powerful woman in the world. She is also followed around by unsubstantiated rumors that she’s Adolf Hitler’s secret daughter. She’s not.

fbe966 No.1216234


Just in time to derail and destract us

Let's not let them pull our hands

760054 No.1216235


it's what happens when you shit in a field and pick crops without washing your hands. the true cost of low cost illegals

e5d3a8 No.1216236


You are not Q.

It seems my assessments are correct. Potus is NOT calling shots or is being underinformed.

4f167e No.1216237


Why did Q say so much about it:


Reporting incorrect?

Per WH?

The day before.



Mueller & U1?

Mueller &


Comey to POTUS - not being investigated.

RR to POTUS - not being investigated.

Mueller to POTUS - not a criminal target.




Baiting POTUS?

Why no contact w/ WL / JA?

What is being investigated?

Why is Mueller’s team stacked w/ ex Clinton / D sr level authorities?

Why are POTUS supporters screaming for END?


ADD RUDY (quiet).

Can the investigation officially/publicly drop POTUS from review & continue?

Why did the Podesta Group close shop?"

It is a lot of hints, why ask us to answer these questions if he does not want it out there? It is very clear that if President Trump were dropped from the investigation, everyone would say "WTF why is it still going on?"

a0f85f No.1216238


Just quoting Q here.

>How do you introduce evidence into an investigation (legally)?

>Who has everything?

>Methods which info collected/ obtained?

>Admissible in the court of law?

Insert Rudy.

7a0187 No.1216239


No Hannity wasn't raided but they could've taken his info if Cohen had anything.

616b95 No.1216240


Chair+ = Chairman + Joint Chiefs of Staff. IMO.

949d74 No.1216241

File: ee434af20aad6e8⋯.jpg (48.46 KB, 675x714, 225:238, EnjoyShow.jpg)

a0e313 No.1216242




>they are afraid

1e9cdc No.1216243


I took that to mean top officials that were the first to see it wanted arrests

8c9fb9 No.1216244


>Dropping intel publicly but specifically not confirming Flipped Mueller to keep the enemy uncertain until it's too late to matter.


924dc4 No.1216245


>You're telling me a former Marine cannot be trusted?

Yes, I am saying a former Marine may be corrupted.

9fefa3 No.1216247


A Trap?

e8e0b0 No.1216248

It will all make Sense to you when you Learn Tarantino (kill bill)

Wrote the script for Q Team.


010bdf No.1216249


Jake Tapper is life-long family friend and former press secretary to Chelsea's MIL.

6e239f No.1216250


Lol, Anon, Dude, you cracked me up with that one, whatever it means…))

abb5fb No.1216251


Lucifer means bringer-in-of-light in Latin. It is another name for Satan who is the primordial DARK force.

This is really saying that Kek is another name for Satan the deceiver, for the fallen angel named Lucifer. He should not be trusted.

The Illuminati are everywhere and they have been planning this part of the psyop since Steve Jackson Games was raided by the FBI back in the 1980s

1e9cdc No.1216252


I thought that was only Chairmen of committees and above

(so no leakin' dems)

611657 No.1216253


Thank you, i wish i could.

Shame is a powerful emotion.

c725bd No.1216254


Playing the political actor.

a0f85f No.1216255


Maybe a Motion to Enter into Evidence?

Not a Lawfag

1b35f1 No.1216256

File: e2b5eb0bd2b357a⋯.jpg (163.39 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, born.jpg)


Oh you poor dumb naive fuck. Welcome to the chans.

You want more downs syndrome memes?

Because that's how you get more downs syndrome memes.

For future reference, if you don't want to see something, just shut the fuck up and get over yourself.

6835af No.1216257


acosta too.

f2e979 No.1216258


If you need help there are other ways. Look at the amount of money Beanz is making off of her enterprise. Just start up a Jewt00b channel and get got man. Your family will be better off with you than without. Money doesn't mean much when you're miserable.

dea4be No.1216259


Catch up


c27e22 No.1216260

Love kills evil.

you have your marching orders.

b7e44b No.1216261


haha, yeah. UNDER prison is correct.

a0e313 No.1216262

File: b34b0db29832253⋯.jpg (84.94 KB, 675x679, 675:679, IMG_2345.JPG)

File: 0359f9724ed4da3⋯.png (11.51 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 25B5A36E-C7C4-486D-B94C-33….png)

File: 6f93cb0e0978998⋯.png (24.55 KB, 312x394, 156:197, BEE7044B-6867-4F6A-972F-66….png)

File: 804649ae73e52df⋯.png (12.69 KB, 283x178, 283:178, 7E7F73BE-920F-4E23-894F-D2….png)


Correct. Thank you

1e9cdc No.1216263


filtered for not trusting the plan OR POTUS

1e126d No.1216264


Correction: Our team. WWG1WGA.

4f167e No.1216265


Hey, I listened to Beanz this morning, the Q tweet post is from half an hour ago.

She didn't copy Q from this morning.

eb5a34 No.1216266


Can someone please explain to this anon why Trump doesn't just piss his pants and scream REEEEEEEEEEE until all the bad people go away?

1d9b67 No.1216267


sounds like pay to play…

85fec6 No.1216268

Deals have to be made.






7912a5 No.1216269


Mueller and team then have to resign b/c they inadvertently revealed their own crimes

32b3c2 No.1216270


Urban Dictionary: Dutch Rudder


Having someone complete the act of masturbation by pulling up and down on the forearm, while the male holds his own penis.

f3772a No.1216271

File: d44f7b1337343aa⋯.png (606.94 KB, 1008x1244, 252:311, Feinstein Fusion GPS.png)

Feinstein staffer/Fusion GPS

924dc4 No.1216272


pic taken a year earlier


Missing sub reported in 2016 news.usni.org/2016/03/11/u-s-official-north-korean-submarine-is-missing-presumed-sunk

7a0187 No.1216273


But whoever signed off on it (probably RR) had to tell the FBI to raid him for some reason. They had to have a warrant for something.

But then they said POTUS wasn't a target of the Cohen raid right away.

55a204 No.1216274

Question anons. Who wrote the following:

“I was ambushed and then perp-walked across the pages of The Washington Post and Variety as an avatar of male misogyny, taken to the guillotine and stripped of any honor and achievement I had earned in more than a half century of _ and citizenship,” _ wrote. “I am angry, hurt and unmoored from what I thought would be the final passage of my life and career, a mix of ……, philanthropy and participation in environmental and social causes that have always given extra meaning to my life.”


Tom Brokaw

Did anyone think it was written by President Trump or one of his associates? I'm struggling with a relationship with a very blue-pilled, never-Trumper relative who absolutely refuses to either credit President Trump when deserved or criticize the cabal for any of the ever growing list of acts shredding the Constitutional principles which made this country great. I see this story as one that will cause said relative tremendous cognitive dissonance, though there's more than enough present already. My long winded point is this. I'm certain said relative views Mr. Brokaw as a national hero. Now Mr. Brokaw is being treated in the same dirty fashion President Trump and some associates have been treated. Does anyone recall Mr. Brokaw ever coming to the defense of candidate, or President, Donald J. Trump? Seems now the shoe is on the other foot and, in my opinion, this development along with Joy Reid's latest troubles, will be illustrative as to how the left reconciles issues they were convinced were the sole purview of 'the other side.' And please don't get me started with how they treated Admiral Jackson or how some 40+ US Senators could, with a straight face, find Director Pompeo unqualified to serve as Secretary of State. Absolutely disgraceful.

http:// www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/04/27/nbc-news-icon-tom-brokaw-rebuts-sex-harassment-accuser-in-searing-email-was-ambushed.html

5782c1 No.1216275


It's patently obvious he isn't investigating Trump for any crimes. The whole idea is to confuse the left - You don't know which way to go because of all of the compromising posititions he's been in but that is the point.

He's a major piece on this chess board. I for one can trust him.

f2e979 No.1216276


And FWIW: My husband has a YUGE insurance policy and it pisses me off any time he mentions it. Life isn't about financial remuneration or being financially secure. It's about getting through it together. And my mom tried that shit a few months ago—she's probably smarter than you and she still got caught.

5662b3 No.1216277


Frustrations running very very very high.

Patience is a luxury in very very short supply Q!

Anon's can preach patience all day long.

There is no more luxuries here.

Dropped the ball of JFK…

58 years… are you kidding me.

We want you to release the fucking truth and release it now damn it.

3e27fb No.1216278


Well for one thing I never said or implied I was and as for your last remark then why the Fuck are you here ?? ..that’s a rhetorical question btw since you seem so confused

7a0187 No.1216279


And Manafort. Read crumbs.

a0e313 No.1216280



Don't listen to the Draco deceivers

Instead of looking for a leader to guide us to higher elevation, what if we all became leaders and did it ourselves? Rather than seeking followers, what if we choose to empower everyone? The strength of ONEness comes from our ability to each contribute to the whole.

“the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world . . . the accuser” (Revelation 12:9–10), “the ruler of this world” (John 12:31), and “the god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:4).





"The moon turned to blood and the sun darkened" BOTH celestial things that happened this year




fbe966 No.1216281




Anyone with eyes open can see this. Q's beein telling us for months. Re_read drops.

32b3c2 No.1216282


yeah… right

do you know where you are?

bc3ee1 No.1216283

I'm calling my doc sis. think I just blew a brain gasket. I always believed Mueller chose Hillary worshipers cause she won't be able to use them in her defence cause conflict on interest. a/k/a they're all fucked.

97711d No.1216284


Aren't they all?

c68717 No.1216285

It is essential to have Mueller be impartial. He needed a fair shot at POTUS investigation. POTUS knows there's nothing to find.

If Mueller was /ourguy then the investigation is a sham which makes us no better than them, we'd also be weaponizing the DOJ for our own ends. We probably only have one caveat, we get to decide when to pull the plug once it's confirmed nothing is/was found. That is now happening with Rudy.

Great Movie.

85ed32 No.1216286

File: a97cfb5c853c0f5⋯.png (82.01 KB, 610x195, 122:39, quit-quoting-youtubers-who….png)

48683e No.1216287


Q here

No one cares about JFK

The spaceships are coming

Fear the Nephilim

They have returned to Syria

bc5a8b No.1216288

File: dd024af36b986c3⋯.jpg (6.71 KB, 220x230, 22:23, confused.jpg)

I'm late to the part and just trying to catch up. Q blew my mind 2 posts ago. Have these sentences from there been discussed:

Are D’s using as midterm tactic to win House?

Are D’s using as ammo to gain majority to impeach?

At first I thought "as" was a typo. But he used it twice. Does as have another meaning.

It doesn't refer to AS does it? (Andrea Scalia)?

a44cee No.1216289

(Bread #1522)


Pumping-iron Pepe. Inspires me to get back on the weights. More clean-living Pepes to inspire anons? Running Pepe? Bicycle Pepe?

616b95 No.1216290


This is why I think Joint Cheifs of Staff (((Military)))

Apr 26 2018 20:48:19 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 3c7fe2 1203057



They are buying time.

National crisis.

Some [top eyes on 1st] are calling for immediate arrests.


Still have access.


Kept at top.


NAT SEC issue.


Reveal gmail draft comms.

Who had access?

Legal case(s) building.

You have a voice.

Be heard.

Patience isn’t always easy.

But vital to get right.


f10245 No.1216291

File: 06d920327f4ca16⋯.jpg (49.28 KB, 332x512, 83:128, trumpmedusa.jpg)


"Why did POTUS interview (FBI Dir) Mueller a day prior to SC appointment if impossible to assign position?"

POTUS is a fantastic manager. Wanted to meet him and speak to him in person.

Smooze Mueller, get him off-guard. Make him believe POTUS is an easy mark, foolish and "nice" It was to flatter MUELLER

"Oh if only the law was different I'd have you as FBI chief. Oh but it's not. How could I not know that?"

So M . would go head first into trying to trap POTUS as he's trapped so many others.

6d9043 No.1216292

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

How to clean up the Cabal

62f872 No.1216293

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>1216103 (last bread)

Listen to Trump at ~14:30. Trump says that Cohen was raided because of his businesses on the side, not necessarily to get what Cohen has on Trump. POTUS is priming the public ahead of time. The media has already done a great job of justifying it, which will be a wonderful help when it happens to them.

6e239f No.1216294


>Dude, Manafort was a plant.

Trump never would have gotten the nomination if it hadn't been for Manafort. I know he is a shady character, Trump hired him for 1 reason only, and after the convention Paul left.

a0f85f No.1216295


>They had to have a warrant for something.

Who would have issued the warrant?

>But then they said POTUS wasn't a target of the Cohen raid right away.

Why the duplicity?

94693a No.1216296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hang in there good buddy, and have a chuckle.

1a05a9 No.1216297


get help later my ass all you old shills do is call everyone a jew or everyone with a question a dumb ass. bye bye now

760054 No.1216298


i good attorney will fight everything. if its videos of famous people eating babies being held by an attorney for use by clients to illegally blackmail people in power, all bets are off. It is not privileged if it is being used to further a criminal enterprise.

f2e979 No.1216299


People with Down's Syndrome have a sense of humour too you insensitive fuck! Stop shitting on them like they don't have a right to be meme'd!

d991b2 No.1216300

File: caa618db6e48ae9⋯.jpg (36.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, beanz.jpg)

3fb81f No.1216301

File: 67aa526425af184⋯.jpg (291.08 KB, 1076x1381, 1076:1381, Screenshot_20180427-175358.jpg)

File: 071c654f5ff1648⋯.jpg (292.14 KB, 880x1391, 880:1391, Screenshot_20180427-175850.jpg)

File: 1ca83f787068d0d⋯.jpg (560.12 KB, 1056x1844, 264:461, Screenshot_20180427-195804.jpg)

File: becf298e81a5381⋯.png (41.21 KB, 448x1386, 32:99, Apr26_12.png)

Look at the official Special Counsel document. It says other matters. They CAN drop POTUS from investigation and CONTINUE! Also specifically says section 600.4 to 600.10. LOOK ANONS AT WHAT SECTIONS 4 TO 10 COVER!!! Energy… think U1. Accounts… think podesta… etc. Think about EOs that came after Special Counsel appointment!

7fccdc No.1216302

what does it take to get these people of of the government if they are all here? do you really want these people in office?


5662b3 No.1216303




Fuck of shill, you are fake Q and a fucking clown. Kiss my ass faggot.

0993c8 No.1216304



>Are D’s using midterm as tactic to win House

read it that way, Q misplaced the word as with midterm in the sentence, like dyslexia

fdf8de No.1216305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Audio book of

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

https:// youtu.be/icAjo9VXKZU

b86b0c No.1216306


The left wanted a SC to reveal any collusion.

They were given what they requested.

It serves BOTH sides.

They wanted it, the right needed it to shut them up.

ALthough, it went on FAR, FAR too long.

9fefa3 No.1216307


This isn't your board,

Leave if you're not ready.

e32dc4 No.1216308

What makes a great movie.

Great script, unforseen plot twist, great acting

Do actors tell the truth? No. They are acting.

Everyone from Trump to Q to Comey or Mueller….all actors.

We, anons, do not know the plan.

Every hint Q gives us, is seen by (((them))). If I can figure it out, so can (((they)))

…from now on, I am going to sit back, lurq and enjoy the twists and turns of the movie.

I trust Donald John Trump.

….except when I troll chemtrailers, flattards and religious fags

15e604 No.1216309

File: 45c2775fe16e1cd⋯.png (175.2 KB, 1454x862, 727:431, ClipboardImage.png)


Why is Mueller’s team stacked w/ ex Clinton / D sr level authorities?

Because now no one (who gets arrested) can hire or consult with any of these authorities.

It’s like if you were to get divorced. Before telling your spouse, you would go and seek a free consultation with the top ten lawyers in your county/district. Then hire the top lawyer. Then tell your spouse. Now your spouse is unable to obtain the services of those other top nine lawyers because of conflict of interest. Your spouse now has to go out of county and hire an outside lawyer. Your county’s judge(s) despise outside counsel.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Counsel_investigation_(2017%E2%80%93present)#Mueller_and_investigation_team

85fec6 No.1216310



Patriots do it for free

5b0bb3 No.1216311



23b5b8 No.1216312


Luke 18:1

Then Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray at all times and not lose heart:

Acts 1:14

With one accord they all continued in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.

Romans 8:26

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know how we ought to pray, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans too deep for words.

Philippians 4:6

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Colossians 1:3

We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you,

Colossians 1:4

because we have heard about your faith in Christ Jesus and your love for all the saints,

Colossians 4:2

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful,

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing.

1 Timothy 2:1

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered on behalf of all men

dea4be No.1216313

back to multidimensional thinking

if you imagine not viewing a plane in 3D but a Cube or other 3D object and the axis's on that?

You move from 3D to 18D or in a Tetrahedron 12D.

Imagine that coordinate system that includes probably time and emotions.

294ff7 No.1216314


KEK this one is good

48683e No.1216315


Q here

cool the boomer rage

peace and love

f3772a No.1216316


>Fuck of shill, you are fake Q and a fucking clown

What kind of lame ass fake Q says " Hey Q here" lmao what a POS Clown faggot!

dabddb No.1216317


>Sharing of Intel to bad actors?


Confusion breeds division and created mistakes.

Deception is a prime tenet of Sun Tzu, if the enemy knows not the truth they know not what you will do nor even the disposition, composition, and position of your forces.

Mostly mistakes

By product is that we anons have had to also be in a similar fog of war. Worthy price and we are happy to pay it.

Confusion and doubt = failure to execute proper counter moves

7a0187 No.1216318

FBI had to have issued the warrant if they did the raid. So they ad to have had at least probable cause. But probable cause for what? IDK.


611657 No.1216319


I'm sorry to hear about your mom, and I don't doubt that she is smarter than me.

I've failed as a provider and am about to ruin several people's lives by bankrupting by company. It's odd that, looking at others in the same situation, this solution seems stupid - but I am so satisfied with it. It's shame + cowardice really. Can't face the consequences of my bad decisions, only hope some of (((them))) have the same calculus.

c72862 No.1216320

File: 7d220417980d506⋯.jpg (97.88 KB, 501x500, 501:500, dhogg jl1.jpg)

810701 No.1216321

Has anyone taken a stab at answering each question from Q's posts from

>>1215845 ———————- Question everything

>>1215294 ———————- Questions will reveal answers

??? Need anons working on answering each line.

9fefa3 No.1216322

New Strike in YEMEN, 2 Hothings Leaders DEAD

https:// twitter.com/SputnikInt/status/990030423471345665

5b0bb3 No.1216323



Cause Dilley said the same thing the other day

9a25ab No.1216324

File: fc2a73966c8c4fc⋯.png (147.93 KB, 1764x1746, 98:97, Hunter Dog.png)

File: 72fb549d3a23a0c⋯.jpeg (33.91 KB, 500x488, 125:122, Meme Farmer.jpeg)


Here, have a clean Pepe.

4b7945 No.1216325


Controlled cabal contact<= Macron

f2e979 No.1216326



Kind of the point. Obvious lie is obvious because Fake Q is funny Q here. STFU and get over it.

e32dc4 No.1216327


Do you masterbate in public?

03a764 No.1216328


now suppose a certain document or electronic devise has nsa info on it that needed to be inserted to the SC investigation….would not a independent judge see that info get to mueller

5662b3 No.1216329

>>1216303 Tell your mother that your grandmother gives a better blowjob than she did bitch.

305025 No.1216330


The last court filing in Flynn’s case delayed sentencing until May 1. So technically, it could be Tuesday before anything happens. Which we all know/expect to be full exoneration for Flynn.

Think what that will do to the Mueller investigation. If the altering of 302s or whatever other corruption gets exposed in the exoneration of Flynn, all play-acting will be over and it will become obvious who is the target of Mueller’s case(s).

That’s my take. With this complex “show”, none of us can truly know the game plan.

7a0187 No.1216331


Fake Q is one of the better shills we have.

e5d3a8 No.1216332


lol cultfag filters me for asking logical questions in a thread titled "question everything"

fearful of what the answer will do to your programming eh?

294ff7 No.1216333

Maddow is own. Sounds like she didn't get the memo the Russian Collusion is dead and buried.


b473f5 No.1216334

File: 7e6488e8d24b141⋯.jpg (125.16 KB, 1388x824, 347:206, ICBMs.jpg)


Newest ship christened "Ever Liberal'.

Another new ship, "Thalassa HELLA"

"They gotta tell us what they're doing"


010afa No.1216335


Maybe not, but they certainly could conclude for sure just who it was that "planted" Manafort & Cohen into the Trump campaign, maybe. Just "general" info that got caught up in the raid, not atty/client privilege stuff.

59fc8f No.1216336

File: 3874090c8a5152d⋯.png (413.41 KB, 846x512, 423:256, 960a595bddf3a8ecf19208303b….png)

>>1215376 (last)

Thanks, anon.

>"History is watching. He needs to redeem his soul, first and foremost"

<-> KEK.

Also look @ the bottom text in 2nd pic (reposted here):

5/16/18 22:52

"What's the code name for the second matter that we briefed today?"

dea4be No.1216337


define public

define is

1e9cdc No.1216338

File: 0832d8e7c1b1187⋯.jpg (79.46 KB, 450x531, 50:59, yoda.jpg)


and the easiest to filter

b7e44b No.1216339

What really gets me the most is Rudy is suppose to be this Grand Fixer. 2 weeks he is suppose to have it resolved. So Q, why bring these drops up tonight? I know why. You're jerking our chain to get a reaction from (((them))). We are just puppets on a string. It is the real reason you are here. How do you legally inform the enemy of your plans?

In case you have forgotten, we are real people with real feelz. These games you are playing suck ballz. No, I don't want to play a game. This is not a game to me. Not enjoying the show anymore.

45f986 No.1216340

I apologize in advance if this has already been covered just catching up.

Q asked why did flynn cop a plea.

we speculated back when he was charged it was so he could speak freely and testify to doj.

why he plead guilty. im not sure on that one. anyone help me out?

4f167e No.1216341


Mueller has been a bad boy, but he is willing to work against the cabal to save his neck and because he knows it is the right thing to do. You don't every day get the opportunity to buy back your soul.

6db789 No.1216342


pelicanfag is that you??

5b0bb3 No.1216343


I read that info about his medallions were taken, as well as info on his Ukrainian dealings…esp deals with Russians and Ukrainians


eb867b No.1216344


I still use "Expand your Trusting"

9fd4bb No.1216345


Yeah…except you look like a goof asking someone to say their name 3 times in such a short period of time ha

f2e979 No.1216346


No, but I masturbate in public.

01ee7a No.1216347

File: 2cd69eee9e9e1bc⋯.jpg (48.55 KB, 635x437, 635:437, trump if.jpg)

File: 6b855aec41e1e6a⋯.png (255.03 KB, 412x459, 412:459, trump if mm.png)

ecce89 No.1216348

What is Quinn Michaels deal?!

abb5fb No.1216349


>She is also followed around by unsubstantiated rumors that she’s Adolf Hitler’s secret daughter. She’s not.

See how the sleazebag cult of con-artists works. They make a bold statement about Hitler's daughter and then AUTHORITATIVELY say that it is not true.

In the minds of sheep (HITLER)–related–(MERKEL) is now considered to be false. Because SHEEP are stupid and do not think things through.

I do think things through, and I claim that Merkel is Hitler's GRANDdaughter and there is a lot of evidence this is so.

There is a dance going on. POTUS is President of the USA. Germany is a sovereign state so they have to solve their own internal problems. But POTUS will still dance with Merkel anytime she wants, to make it clear that she isn't going to get more than a dance and a photo op. And these meetings are a perfect occasion to give the message "DON'T FUCK WITH THE USA".

28059c No.1216350

File: f157ab0ecb337d1⋯.png (993.31 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (66).png)

File: 0ea9a3852459a2d⋯.png (767.66 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (67).png)


That also gives a list of witnesses who died just before they were to appear before Congress re JFK death




7702ba No.1216351

File: 92d2c5d9a657527⋯.png (338.92 KB, 1056x360, 44:15, pic1800.png)

Robert Mueller served as FBI Director from 2001 to 2013, exceeding the 10 year term established by law. https:// www.biography.com/people/robert-mueller-241110

http:// uscode.house.gov/statutes/pl/94/503.pdf

f3772a No.1216352


Fuck off, asshat!

048576 No.1216353


Well at least it would be a habbening

6e239f No.1216354


Come on, guy, Comey memos were supposed to have been the reason why an SC was needed. Operation TAKE OUT TRUMP is still ongoing.

d03def No.1216355

Workfaggin all day.

Did anything interesting happen with POTUS and German Hillary today?

b7e44b No.1216356


Q implies the reason for the raid was to "legally" give evidence. All I'm saying is that was probably the worst way to do it.

72288f No.1216357


Did admit to spending $5 bucks on a VPN to come back… Thats a lot of shekels when living in moms basement

dea4be No.1216358


new sex tape.

ecce89 No.1216359

66da88 No.1216360

File: d550f99aa4a81d4⋯.png (265.14 KB, 647x421, 647:421, mulbren.png)

94693a No.1216361


So they're plotting an overthrow of the cabal that has been plaguing this country most likely since it's inception and you're upset that you're playing a part in it, but don't like it because it hurts your feelings? Go suck start a shotgun you cunt napkin.

8c9fb9 No.1216362

File: 6c98776e456ee8f⋯.png (51.09 KB, 1861x468, 1861:468, bobertmueller.png)


Dude's also 73. Why spent your final years in misery fighting for evil people who don't have your back when you have another option that comes with glory?

e5d3a8 No.1216363


Potus let the clowns off the hook till 2021

They own him. they'll take him out by then if he is a threat

=scared WH

0993c8 No.1216364


not if it was the only way,

or even just the quickest way,

or even just the stealthiest way,

expand your thinking bro…

1e9cdc No.1216365

File: b7b2c0828a97827⋯.jpg (39.9 KB, 389x540, 389:540, hnwsr1.jpg)

File: 5cf9c85bbcc7799⋯.jpg (29.73 KB, 543x271, 543:271, seth-1.jpg)

File: 93f44709893b395⋯.jpg (136.97 KB, 500x485, 100:97, hnwsr3.jpg)


not muh russia

230c36 No.1216366

Hannity is the answer! He is THE press! Remember break in months ago? Info drop! Weiner laptop info/copies…other information etc. Cohen was raided! Cohen "forced" to name 3rd client in open court …"Hannity"!!!!! QPost [3]!!! Legally gets info to court/public!!!! Q team is fucking brilliant!!!

97711d No.1216367


You have no control over this.

Let it go Anon.

Trust that how you choose to contribute will not go unnoticed. We will be vindicated, one way or another.

48683e No.1216368


Q here

Ignore the shills

Trump dicks the porn whores

Merkel is a gag

47e4cb No.1216369

File: 21041c6949506be⋯.jpg (51.55 KB, 404x386, 202:193, who.jpg)


She used to come in late at night and blab about having better intel than Q until anons started posting unflattering photos of her about every 45 seconds.

Then she oddly stopped coming by.

And now she's back.

Thankfully, I personally have moved on from the very famous brilliant superspy named Tracey.

a0f85f No.1216370

File: b579d59ec489725⋯.jpg (6.55 KB, 240x204, 20:17, AQ41.jpg)


>But probable cause for what?

Now you see. This whole process was long, dragged out and for what? A waste of time!

Ask the right Question.

557b9d No.1216371

f2e979 No.1216373


Thank you non-chat fag. Back to work! Sorry for the slides.


Eat a dick shill pansy.

1e126d No.1216374

106963 No.1216375



Can you confirm, Typo or intent?

>Are D’s using as midterm tactic to win House?

60f348 No.1216376


np anon, and I didnt really see any obvious codenames in the texts, they must have been redacted if present

dabddb No.1216377

ATTN Baker

Please update the dough:

Letters of Gratitude 2


66da88 No.1216378

File: d4a9957bbb5d03f⋯.jpg (384.28 KB, 1200x878, 600:439, deliverance-10.jpg)

1e9cdc No.1216379

File: 068bfdefd632aed⋯.jpeg (40.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, muhaliens2.jpeg)

9a25ab No.1216380

File: f8ccc77d52c0b19⋯.jpg (206.5 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, MaddowPee.jpg)

File: 292b7f5f42b3968⋯.jpg (97.22 KB, 895x750, 179:150, TwitterAuditMaddow.jpg)

dea4be No.1216381


I demand release the cure

Stupidity must me cured!!!!!!!!!

01ee7a No.1216382

File: b4d064faeb84f05⋯.jpg (42.01 KB, 651x319, 651:319, trump merk.jpg)


went entirely in Trump's favor

8c9fb9 No.1216383


>Ha-ha-haaaa! Gosh, Brennan, you sure are a CIAnigger!

>lol I know, right?

5fd777 No.1216384

File: 795ac32ae33e55e⋯.png (282.58 KB, 856x623, 856:623, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)


b716e7 No.1216385


Seth Conrad Rich. Thank You brother.

4f167e No.1216387



Who is SC? That is not SC[r]OTUS in this context is it?

19cc4c No.1216388

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the people in Malaysia disagree with you

d03def No.1216389


Sweet. Can't wait to see what poor creature was fucking German Hillary. Did you see it? Did she like it? Was it a horse?a goat? Kek

fbe966 No.1216390


Done with gratitude, anon.

b716e7 No.1216391


Special Council.

a564b4 No.1216392


Or use that big dick black dude walking on the beach….

010afa No.1216394



There would be all kinds of info/documents that had nothing to do with atty/client privilege that could set off "probable cause" for further investigation. How about comms from the asshats that PLANTED them (Cohen & Manafort) in the Trump campaign? Maybe how much they were PAID and by whom, to hatch this little scheme.

ada980 No.1216395

File: c7d746ff871fc24⋯.png (861.37 KB, 1092x845, 84:65, Podesta Group Closed.PNG)

Why did the Podesta Group close shop?

Answer: http://www.businessinsider.com/podesta-group-shutting-down-mueller-russia-2017-11

Below is what I don't get. Election fraud is a serious offense. Why can you arrest them if you have the proof? Maybe it is not as simple as it sounds?

By Q:

DNC rigging super delegates / funding/ voter rolls / agreement BS

Election/voter fraud





Sec of State




Podesta Group, the lobbying firm founded by brothers John and Anthony Podesta that has close ties to the Democratic Party, may be shutting down.

The firm has become entangled in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation over work it did for President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

Manafort was indicted last month on 12 counts, including money laundering and failing to register as a foreign agent.

Podesta Group has also come under scrutiny for failing to properly disclose its lobbying activities.

Podesta Group, a well-known lobbying firm with close ties to the Democratic Party and the Obama administration, might close its doors after being caught in the crosshairs of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election, CNN reported on Saturday.

Podesta Group — which was founded by brothers John and Anthony Podesta — got roped into the investigation over work it did for Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

Manafort was recently indicted, along with his associate Rick Gates, on 12 counts related to money laundering and his work as a foreign agent primarily associated with Ukraine's pro-Russia Party of Regions.

Kimberley Fritts, the CEO of Podesta Group, told staff on Thursday that the lobbying firm would close its doors by the end of the year, sources told CNN. Fritts also asked employees to clean out their belongings and told them they would not be paid past November 15.

While investigating Manafort's consulting work for the party, Mueller has been scrutinizing Podesta Group and the lobbying group Mercury Public Affairs. Mercury worked with Podesta Group after Manafort asked the firms to do public relations work for the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU), which he and Gates first created, according to his indictment.

The organization's stated goal is to foster closer ties between Ukraine and the European Union, as well as the United States. It was founded, however, by Leonid Kozhara, a senior member of parliament for the Party of Regions. It is also said to be controlled by Viktor Yanukovych, a pro-Russian strongman and another prominent member of the Party of Regions, whom Manafort is widely credited with helping win the presidency in Ukraine in 2010.

Yanukovych was ousted in 2014 after widespread demonstrations against his decision to back out of a deal with the EU that would have distanced Ukraine from Russia and strengthened ties with the West. Yanukovych fled to Russia amid the protests, during which Ukrainian riot police opened fire on thousands of demonstrators, and is now living under the protection of the Kremlin.

45f986 No.1216396

im just gonna go on record and say I FUCKING HATE PSYOPS! what happened to the days of punching people in the face who pissed you off.. lying and deception and sneaky shit. its all beta cuck BS.

Cash me outside how bout dat!

ac28f3 No.1216397


Some details on Cohen's side businesses and relationships. Interesting reading this now knowing it was written in Feb 25th.


9fefa3 No.1216398


Civil War?

55a204 No.1216399

File: 5ca16446febaac9⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1115x629, 1115:629, image.png)

File: 9695ab2b93cd03f⋯.jpeg (75.93 KB, 600x300, 2:1, image.jpeg)


That's bold Q! Get it (wink, wink)




Fuck off Clown!

4f167e No.1216400


OMG I'm a fag

6e239f No.1216401


Karma's a bitch to pay and his dues are up.

1e9cdc No.1216402


very good point

from the chairmen all the way up to the joint chiefs

Q is somewhere in between :)

48683e No.1216403


Q here

We have them all

All but one

There is no cure for stupidity

Expand you're thoughts

You're still here

9b0e0f No.1216404


I have to admit that Q is really giving up a lot of info lately.

If Q was listening to their comms (game chat) why would they tell them?

Why tell them about Mueller? Rudy?

Maybe the op is near a conclusion?

5782c1 No.1216405


Anon, I am no Legalfag but I haven't seen anyone give you an answer so take mine with salt until it can be confirmed.

They raided Cohen based on Stormy Daniels. So they were looking for Stormy information.

If they find any other information relating to other ongoing investigations they will be able to submit that as evidence.

Cohen will have kept that information in his office for the sole purpose of it to be found.

I think it was all part of the plan.

a44cee No.1216406


>Clean Pepe

Sweet! Could you maybe cycle them periodically? I might cycle them, but there are only these three that I have access to, and it really feels like Christmas when somebody else posts them.

dea4be No.1216407



god I hope you are just giving me shit back.

d03def No.1216408


As expected. Thank you for catching me up Anon. Godspeed

60f348 No.1216409

File: ffbb6fde1bbd10a⋯.png (104.25 KB, 858x511, 858:511, ClipboardImage.png)


this is the next page, its redacted

50c361 No.1216410


If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Me, I'll hang around and watch the drama and be among the first to get the clues and talk about them.

85ed32 No.1216411


meh, not worried about that aspect

i am more pissed that people quote some youtube fuckwad

who is basing their ideas on work that is done here

instead of actually reading the breads and seeing the many angles we have on each topic

and formulating their own ideas

so we have more possibilities going forward

instead of some kind of 1984 echo chamber

4f167e No.1216412


A stone cold bitch with a 10 inch strap on.

d01544 No.1216413

File: 4d1cdb5fd6aec19⋯.jpg (106.38 KB, 967x544, 967:544, itsatrap.jpg)


Q, can you confirm raid on lawyer secured HRC tape instead of Trump payments to Stormy? Was it a trap all along?

ff7241 No.1216414


once they sue you its open

you can also sue back with "other" information

6db789 No.1216415

File: a2b5f58df64debb⋯.png (334.91 KB, 768x507, 256:169, Screenshot-2018-4-27 Man c….png)






( • )( • )

6a34ec No.1216416

File: 13a28c03812384e⋯.jpg (43.93 KB, 453x604, 3:4, your facebook pic.jpg)

b716e7 No.1216417


Too many initials. Gets fackin confusing.

45f986 No.1216418


ive been thinking this my self anon.. tension definitely seems to be clearing up. which I consider to be good news for us.

6e239f No.1216419


Yeah…he's 'our guy' for sure!

They all are!!

Traitors that is.

7702ba No.1216420


Obama asked Mueller to stay on in the position for 2 years and the senate approved. This 2 year term violated the law established for FBI Director term limit.

abb5fb No.1216421


Do you know what "WAR AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE" means?

It means that SEALS, Rangers or a police SWAT team can smash in your door, shoot your dog and your wife dead, tie you up and haul you off to GITMO any time they want. Your containerised missiles neutralised, loaded on special trucks, and hauled off to a discreet military disposal place.

That is what WAR AT A MOMENTS NOTICE means. And this is what has happened to all of the bombs and missiles that were snuck into the country. Also, the ports are now secure. No more of these are coming in.

Because this is WAR there is no obligation whatsoever for the government or the military to ever tell you about the details of this. Not even in 50 years from now.

Bye now. You lose.

9fefa3 No.1216422


Leave the board.

19d55f No.1216423

Stormy Daniels video collection with HRC ?

d03def No.1216424


Kek. Relax. Have some fun. We all know no creature would touch her. Kek

674a1a No.1216425

File: b128ac6364e4d7a⋯.png (246.97 KB, 1016x576, 127:72, lockherup.png)

29104c No.1216426

Q strategy is to talk to bad actors and throw them off instead of affirming to patriots that things are changing behind the scenes?

9c376a No.1216427


Califag here.

Election fraud is killing us.

Three more days til May.

Need help ASAP!!

dea4be No.1216428


Weekend operatives on Monster drinks. LMFAO

48683e No.1216430


Q here

He got her

Trump dicked the pron whore


a27e8f No.1216431

File: 220be3aa569d931⋯.jpg (77.19 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, schmitz2-768x1024.jpg)

Not sure I understand the 6 months of build up Q.

If all of this is supposed to be 5d chess why include us so early?

You could have waited to use autists until closer to actual happenings.

At this rate and lack of public action we all look like a bunch of schizophrenics following an anonymous character who has not provided any real outcomes.

It seems like you desperately claim your predictions or theories were proven right even if there is little evidence. You just stretch your cryptic message to seem like it's validation.

BDT, DEFCON proofs are the best examples and no one except us anons and twitter circle jerkers believe them.

When something doesn't happen you say disinfo was nessesary? Try to claim opsec?

You got busted posting fake emails about George Soros voting machines and took that down. The "message" that nothing is deleted was a sorry excuse.

You clearly thought it was real. You also gave false hope with all the vaccines and pharma hype. If you knew anything that could save lives you should have posted this already.

Of course nothing you have suggested as tangible evidence of crimes has been provided. HRC video? JFK drops? Unredacted texts? Obama AK picture? MOAB? Next week? Monday? 11.3, 11.4? Podesta, Huma, HRC arrested?

How about you just start over and help us read your MAP? Why not just post as an anon and answer your own damn questions? Why not use your super secret crypto skills to provide us with a video no one else has?

Instead you will just act like you have to keep us 80/20 or 60/40 and tell us we have more than we know. You will sarcastically tell us you don't want to telegraph moves.

You don't have to tell us about your operations but you can confirm some of the "comms" that we have figured out and be more specific on what we have wrong.

1e9cdc No.1216432

anyone know BS?

for some reason can't think of it

unless Q meant bullshit

010afa No.1216433


Q just reminded us: Timing important. It's coming, but it's not time yet. A lot more needs to be taken care of before that.

2d60af No.1216434


CA Governor write-in deadline May 12.

48683e No.1216435


Q here

Cool the boomer rage

5662b3 No.1216436


>▶Anonymous  04/27/18 (Fri) 17:57:21 f3772a No.1216271




305025 No.1216437


Did he leave voluntarily? I thought Trump let him go when questions started popping up in news reports about his ties to Ukraine.

010afa No.1216438

9b0e0f No.1216440


Let's hope. It could also be dis-info. Q has done it before

bc5a8b No.1216441


because it was repeated - I think it was intentional.

So – what is an "as" tactic?

and what is "as" memo?

e5d3a8 No.1216442


THIS he didn't nor did Sessions prosecute. = the clowns own this operation and the Executive branch now.

game set match. bye.

34cde0 No.1216443


lol what?

8c9fb9 No.1216444

File: f0344cd0d61f5c6⋯.jpg (128.36 KB, 590x439, 590:439, cashmeinside.jpg)

47e4cb No.1216445

File: 82c342bd0500497⋯.jpg (93.92 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, you1.jpg)

48683e No.1216446


Q here

The goal was simple

Trump loves dicking porn whores

Trust the plot


cd94cd No.1216447

I hear you.

4456d9 No.1216448

Yesterday and today #releasethetexts memewar revealed problems anons.

Many Q reporting youtubefags who never support memewars, and rally the listeners. We must hold them accountable, its derailing on the most important part of us being here.

We reached an impressive 30 million impressions on #releasethetext yesterday. Impressive, could have been ten fold tho.

And it relies on just a few people who make memes. I made around 40 yesterday, scraped around another 40, and replaced on other platforms. …thats around half of the total memes that were around ….we need to step up our game anons

55a204 No.1216449

File: 10d1e2e96a30334⋯.jpeg (86.26 KB, 1736x1321, 1736:1321, image.jpeg)

File: c236811ac0713dd⋯.jpeg (73.99 KB, 589x441, 589:441, image.jpeg)

Message to Bold Q

(Pics related)

4f167e No.1216450

File: 424e0861b02600b⋯.jpg (5.75 KB, 194x260, 97:130, CIA Zioshill.jpg)

9a25ab No.1216451

File: 78ae65d723a0e0f⋯.jpg (283.94 KB, 1699x814, 1699:814, 2018-04-07-22:38:38.jpg)


I haven't posted this in a long time but it's time.

0713b8 No.1216452

File: aff25d5d6a5fced⋯.jpg (114.53 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, goback.jpg)

4d134b No.1216453

File: b785b9fe3d184e7⋯.png (412.7 KB, 645x634, 645:634, Drudge re Brooks 4-27-18.PNG)

File: c6913f2ffa37c6a⋯.png (85.51 KB, 695x455, 139:91, rollcall 1 re Brooks 4-27-….PNG)

File: c553cea865344cc⋯.png (54.93 KB, 704x405, 704:405, rollcall 2 re Brooks 4-27-….PNG)

Congressman suggests Republicans retiring because of assassination fears…


But Brooks said while there were multiple factors that contributed to a slew of

Republicans leaving the House, he suggested fears of violence was a major one.

“One of the things that’s concerning me is the assassination risk may

become a factor,” he said.

a0f85f No.1216454

File: b579d59ec489725⋯.jpg (6.55 KB, 240x204, 20:17, AQ41.jpg)


I don't know who you are or why you LARP as Q.But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long time lurking..But if you don't quit, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will Question you.

e32dc4 No.1216455


The best answer for cal is the big one. Beach front property in Arizona.


9c376a No.1216456


Means nothing unless election fraud controlled.

d03def No.1216457


Who? Who do you hear Anon?

7a0187 No.1216458



Um, not a raid at Hannity's home.

97711d No.1216459


Gotcha Anon.

85ed32 No.1216460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

mark dice is live on youtube

in case anyone wants to help me Q post the shit out of chat

3k+ watching

eb5a34 No.1216461


Well, if they shut the charges down immediately, then he'd have no opportunity to provide his testimony.

I think maybe they used the public narrative that Flynn was in financial trouble, and he was protecting his son to create a reasonable excuse to allow the following sequence:

>Flynn is suffering pressure on his personal and financial life from the SC, very publicly (narrative)

>Flynn is "forced" to plead guilty

>Flynn is able to provide his testimony

>Facts finally come out that Flynn didn't lie

>Public learns the investigation is corrupt

>Flynn is cleared of any charges

>The prior public "persecution" narrative along with the investigation being corrupt provides an explanation for why he would plead guilty to something he didn't do.

>Testimony is still on the record.

abb5fb No.1216462

The protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was written by Zionists to provoke anti-Semitism because they knew that they could manipulate both the Jews and the anti-Semites to achieve their goals of MORE WAR, MORE BLOODSHED, MORE CHAOS. You can make a fuckload of money in the midst of chaos if you keep a cool head, and you know what will happen, when, because you are orchestrating the whole thing.

This may have some historical significance to students of Illuminati history but you won't learn much about the Illuminati or about Zionists in that.

4f167e No.1216463

File: 707a738480cbdc1⋯.jpg (61.81 KB, 665x373, 665:373, Concernfag.jpg)


Hey, it got me here. I havn't baked yet, but there is hope for me.

Don't be a concernfag

d0b0a0 No.1216464


Now thats funny

48683e No.1216465


Q here

no boomer rage

peace and love

Trust the plot

55a204 No.1216466


I see Hillary has lost some weight!

010afa No.1216467


No Civil War.

Apr 19 2018 21:22:51 (EST) Anonymous ID: 4e11c7 1109176


Will election fraud be revealed soon???

Apr 19 2018 21:29:03 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d7571e 1109320


Yes, midterms are safe.

Watch CA.


6e402a No.1216468

File: d886009037f0136⋯.jpg (316.95 KB, 657x879, 219:293, watch-the-water.jpg)

File: 97d0206df471c46⋯.png (175.11 KB, 606x403, 606:403, e0b5b9f560bb820ab35787c9ff….png)

U'mm guys…WATCH THE WATER…because the tide has turned?!?

1e9cdc No.1216469

File: 992d285d9ae3209⋯.png (399.5 KB, 501x500, 501:500, ClipboardImage.png)

ac28f3 No.1216470


>>>You're jerking our chain to get a reaction from (((them)))

I think an anon summed it up best yesterday. We are along for the ride getting taken from time to time (as Q was up front about). For that we get the news first. Notice how when news becomes public either we know first or second after Hannity or Sarah Carter a lot of the time.

9c376a No.1216471


The land of Flakes and No Name?

5ed417 No.1216472


Right. Only logical conclusion.

Q is just regurgetating everything the anons know…well, the ones who have been here for the very long haul.

Not to mention we knew and could draw many of these conclusions before Q.

Q just the confirmation of truth.

Just waiting to the the fruit.

So, when does the SC investigation end?

When does all of the IG report drop?

7f7034 No.1216473

>>1215937 (last bread)

HOLY SHIT GUYS!!! Q keeps asking us, "Why are we here?" Why did they choose, originally /pol/ and then moved to infinity. Yes, we are all contributing with different levels of autism and intelligence but there is another reason. Why /pol/? Read the red text in the attached graphic. The FISA warrant was granted on the basis of the dossier but what intelligence initiated the dossier? The dossier was not compiled based on an intelligence product that originated from 5 eyes. Where did the "raw intelligence" come from? Why did Q and team choose /pol/ specifically? Where did the "raw intelligence" originate? The /pol/ prank russiagate story is the 'raw intelligence'. Q and team came here because they tracked the 'raw intelligence' back to /pol/.

dabddb No.1216474

>Cohen raid by FBI?

>Lots of sauce on this, let me take a swag at it.

D PIs and bad actors would be interested in obtaining those documents for Op Research.

The raids move those documents into a controlled situation, the also become state secrets.


a) People cannot access them in Evidence

b) Leaking them would be a crime **

** At the exact same time people are about to be charged and jailed for leaking details about cases. A message conjoined with a pre-emptive move designed to protect sensitive information.

Genius Stabalization

9331b1 No.1216475

File: 36156460f2234e9⋯.png (417.44 KB, 454x429, 454:429, ClipboardImage.png)

ea98fb No.1216476


Support John Cox

6e239f No.1216477


>Maybe the op is near a conclusion?

Rudy was Act IV, Scene IV.

The 9/11 card on Herr Mueller.

Not to mention Uranium 1.

5662b3 No.1216478



Peace and Olive leafs. I have to remember you are actually a Joker, but so easy to confuse with a Clown.

Humor is in short supply today. KEK. Thanks for trying. The intent is appreciated.

Tell your mom she's alright. :)

832cf8 No.1216479

File: b17c8cf4ce1c651⋯.gif (6.45 MB, 320x240, 4:3, giphy (1).gif)

4f167e No.1216480


That's some funny shit right there. As long as fake Q says "Q here" I am not going to tax him for trying to fool anyone. It is clearly parody

ada980 No.1216481


Praying for you Califag. I am very sorry. I wish there is something I can do.

47e4cb No.1216482


Simon Cowell.

Dirty as fuck. Look it up.

7702ba No.1216483


This was resolved earlier today. shiya and the amount is $19,807

490a25 No.1216484

File: cff9d20c3c92de9⋯.jpeg (9.21 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 30E8E089-E621-4112-9125-B….jpeg)

File: c7a91f52fa6b919⋯.jpeg (74.22 KB, 480x386, 240:193, CDFB1D1B-AE3C-48A7-AF9B-8….jpeg)

File: 846e9fb6a5eb514⋯.jpeg (83.48 KB, 960x741, 320:247, 3500ABD1-9988-4346-BD58-5….jpeg)

File: b4910ced9b2cc3e⋯.png (4.75 KB, 220x220, 1:1, EAC6112C-0960-4EC5-9CCC-F3….png)







cd94cd No.1216485

010afa No.1216486


Q already told us the mid-terms are safe.

Apr 19 2018 21:22:51 (EST) Anonymous ID: 4e11c7


Will election fraud be revealed soon???

Apr 19 2018 21:29:03 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d7571e


Yes, midterms are safe.

Watch CA.


1e9cdc No.1216487

File: 94bf9b1539a30c4⋯.jpg (58.56 KB, 809x606, 809:606, redpillcali.jpg)

b67908 No.1216488

>>1216420 What bothers me about this is that it was HUSSEIN who wanted it extended for 2 years. That devilspawn never has done anything in his life with a good motive. Never worked a day in his sorry life either.

9c7835 No.1216489

File: 65bce24b1076bd0⋯.png (104.93 KB, 365x400, 73:80, HA_HA.png)

f2e979 No.1216490


Seems awfully convenient that they didn't find election fraud ANYWHERE after the election, even though we know the DEMS were all over that shit the whole time. DOCUMENTED all over that shit.

72288f No.1216491

File: e2b0b22bca379dd⋯.jpg (56.85 KB, 552x550, 276:275, ZomboMeme 27042018211455.jpg)

ff7241 No.1216492


is this a pic of you?

e32dc4 No.1216493


"The assassination risk"

The risk is they attempted to assassinate Trump…. and POTUS can prove it….

So they run, rather than hang.

616b95 No.1216494

File: 8c90dc685f98d54⋯.jpg (23.96 KB, 390x340, 39:34, moobs.jpg)

b7e44b No.1216495


We already know it was because of Stormy. Anything concerning Potus that was swept up in the raid can not be used as evidence, anywhere, in any trial. SO what was the real purpose of the raid? To show normies just how bad our rights our being destroyed in an effort to "get" Potus? Or was there really campaign contribution violations there? Either way, it set an extremely dangerous precedent. DO you now feel safe telling your atty everything? I don't and never will again. That was a huge red line. If RR is prosecuted for crimes, we might have a chance to undo that damage. If not, to me, there is no justification for doing the raid. Along with losing some of my 2A right, and if Mueller is not prosecuted for at least some of his crimes, I won't be going to the polls in Nov. Too many broken promises for me.

924dc4 No.1216496


The LARP was admitted on pol. I suppose they would have the originator's info.

6db789 No.1216497


no but a break in… then he twated that …. ugh… cant find it.. treason number?

47e4cb No.1216498


That may be the most blasphemous thing I've ever seen.

dabddb No.1216499


Were all going to hang, lolz

a0f85f No.1216500

File: 1cd570b581faa9c⋯.jpg (87.56 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, AQ51.jpg)


What? No witty comeback, no witty retort?

That's the trouble with LARPrs, so sense of reparte.

f2e979 No.1216501


I knew Nasimfag was worth keeping unfiltered.

9c376a No.1216502


Armed and ready as a last resort.

Prayers appreciated.


6e402a No.1216503


On second thought, probably not.

Too subliminal/symbolic to be of consequence I think.

195685 No.1216504


1e9cdc No.1216505

File: fe9faa0f42cbe17⋯.png (398.54 KB, 501x500, 501:500, ClipboardImage.png)

50c361 No.1216506


If we're lucky, it's because the undesirables (only) have been told that security may be unable to protect them if they stay in office.

9fefa3 No.1216507


Or maybe it's the narrative of the D's.

Some lack.

8e501d No.1216508


Are you with JA or against?

(Please be with)

d8b19c No.1216509


Didn't they initially say that Trump funneled money from his election fund to pay her off, which would have been a crime?

5b0bb3 No.1216510


Didnt Flynn Jr start tweeting about the Weiner laptop and other pedo stuff right before Flynn Sr started getting heat?

For some reason, I had it in my head that Flynn Sr was taking heat for his son

d03def No.1216511


I feel ya brother. Just fucking with you. Godspeed anon

9b0e0f No.1216512


When they feel that the stage is set, who do you think will be the first domino?

19d55f No.1216513

File: 8a2325c3fcb90b5⋯.jpg (43.23 KB, 600x265, 120:53, 612d1c8d672763ce6675f25997….jpg)

19cc4c No.1216514


you need a dictionary

0b2b64 No.1216515

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”

― H.P. Lovecraft

161422 No.1216516

JESUIT Priest fired..wonder if he has a line to the P and tied to P having a bad May


0964b6 No.1216517


Good theory

c72862 No.1216519


>Not enjoying the show anymore.

Turn it off or change the channel. There is to much work to be done than to spend time playing nurse maid to the powder puffs. Catch Tucker's show tonight. They had a segment about 'crying rooms' that are being erected on college campuses for the wounded libers. Maybe you could get one.

bede01 No.1216520

File: 252bd155721e289⋯.png (735.7 KB, 727x561, 727:561, 469600004311canvas.png)

1e9cdc No.1216521

Q, shoutout to the anons tomorrow at the rally from POTUS??

61b446 No.1216522

Another dead. -→ ex president of Guatemala (signed peace accord), mayor or Guatemala City, died today from a heart attack.

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/ex-president-who-signed-accord-ending-guatemalas-war-dies/2018/04/27/8c3b9e32-4a7e-11e8-8082-105a446d19b8_story.html

19d55f No.1216523

File: 80075e30c806cb9⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 426x519, 142:173, 80075e30c806cb98fd6367b872….jpg)

9c376a No.1216524


Everytime I'm in Texas I feel at home, just sayin

b7e44b No.1216525


Wonder what happened to all the court cases on the voter fraud. Think one got dismissed already. We also lost PA to redistricting.

e32dc4 No.1216526


Yes, Q told us elections safe.

He said it here, in the open.

It could be intentional disinformation

e9b18b No.1216528


They better be. People are still worshiping them with Cosby's trial and #MeToo claims left and right. MSM has turned into tabloid/talk show bullshit.

bd1555 No.1216529

File: a2d4de127fa02ab⋯.png (129.16 KB, 876x627, 292:209, ClipboardImage.png)

9331b1 No.1216530


That ain't nasimfag

d03def No.1216531


Key word - YET


2754df No.1216532

File: 2cbf1f88f76b9f0⋯.jpg (606.57 KB, 1080x1845, 24:41, Screenshot_20180427-181355.jpg)


^^ shocking - not.

1e9cdc No.1216533


never been

heard nothing but good things

3e27fb No.1216534


Use the pic with the microphone with that one ..it’s hella funny

5b0bb3 No.1216535

Thats bcs it is home, anon

Texas is the beating heart of Murica


fbe966 No.1216536

Cohen raid by FBI?

Public context: re: payment to Stormy Daniels?

SC & FBI raided POTUS’ attorney to pull Stormy Daniels payment info?

RR signed off?

What other docs were collected?

— Other documental evidence which can be introduced legally into an investigation

How many places raided?

Raid on the President of the United States’ attorney for payment details re: private case re: Stormy Daniels?

— Stormy was the cover

Think logically.

How do you introduce evidence into an investigation (legally)?

— By doing the above

Who has everything?

— Cohen

Methods which info collected/ obtained?

Admissible in the court of law?

— Possibly

Insert Rudy.

— Rudy showed the evidence to the bad actors, they resigned

First public statement.

“It shouldn’t take more than “a week or two” to come to a resolution on the probe.”

— Because they now have documented evidence which can be used against the bad actors


Think resignations.

Who has the POWER?


If POTUS was in a weakened position (about to be impeached/indicted) would ‘they’ resign?

— No

Why are we here?

— To share both intel and misinformation

Public forum.

World watching.

Sharing of intel to bad actors?


— To light a fire to draw them out, make them act / react

Not confirming SC is on /team/.

— Not denying either

Question everything.

Timing important.


— It appears so now, boss


19d55f No.1216537

File: 0dbec51f302e32d⋯.jpg (81.27 KB, 635x822, 635:822, 0dbec51f302e32da8351838f8f….jpg)

0abf60 No.1216538


Me too. WWG1WGA

a0f85f No.1216539

File: db0ae111e984592⋯.jpg (5.68 KB, 259x194, 259:194, AQ52.jpg)


The oldest emotion anyone has is fear, the strongest fear, is fear of the unknown.

c72862 No.1216540

File: 62a8b3aca6aaf23⋯.jpg (102.37 KB, 500x501, 500:501, theGoracle.jpg)

010afa No.1216541


Get out then. If you are not into it anymore nobody is making you stay here.

29104c No.1216542


Q isn't talking to normal patriots, we're just another vote to them. They're using the chans to help their game of cat and mouse with the evil bastards.

4f167e No.1216543


Can't come soon enough.

dabddb No.1216544

File: 74b1530c465fed4⋯.jpg (34.39 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 74b1530c465fed47b21118c7ba….jpg)

72288f No.1216545

File: 1fe65ea146dae7a⋯.jpg (55.8 KB, 552x550, 276:275, ZomboMeme 27042018211827.jpg)

9c7835 No.1216546

File: 059aa45f84e0fd1⋯.jpg (50.58 KB, 634x395, 634:395, article-2018335-0D23979200….jpg)








a5f8b7 No.1216547

Kanye taunts Ebro with his new song.

Earlier in the day, Kanye tweets about creating a song that will help Ebro find closure… than he just released this jam… it's funny as hell.

Think about how skilled Kanye is. He produces a sick ass beat and writes stupid lyrics just to fuck with Ebro.

These idiots are so screwed. Kanye gonna beat em up with his music and it's gonna move the people.

He posted the song to his site. kanyewest.com

1e126d No.1216548


Timing important.

d0b0a0 No.1216549


He's not mentioning the Train derailment with all the congressmen on it a few months back. Remember some of those guys had their wives and children on that Train.

At the risk of sounding insensitive. I would hope anyone going into politics understands that like any position of service to the people it comes with risks. If you wont fight for freedom…you will lose it.

6e239f No.1216550


Manafort was employed with Tony Podesta related to Ukraine & Russia and never reported income. His goose was cooked on IRS charges it seemed. BUT, I still think Trump never would have won the Nomination on the first ballot at the convention if not for Paul, so I'm a bit biased for that massive victory over the backstabbing Cruz and never Trumpers who wanted a brokered convention. Republican Party establishment would prefer to lose to Hillary than lose their own power base with now President Trump.

8454ec No.1216551

>mueller not on team Q

>raids cohen's office

>finds evidence of his own crimes

>told to end the investigation or go to jail

would be funny if this is what happened

5ed417 No.1216552


Remember reading about all of that.


Except white hats use cabal tactics to expose them.

light vs. dark.

527b5f No.1216553


Well let's face it if Reps don't crush the midterms Q and this board are over

That's why I like elections, at least we have a deadline for the bullshit

490a25 No.1216554

File: aac8723da6d09cb⋯.jpg (162.4 KB, 599x599, 1:1, IMG_2641.JPG)


Post this picture and watch dark magick flood the boards

5782c1 No.1216555


He was trying to set precedent so that the law could be ripped up and you could have another FBI Director like Hoover who served 48 years.

Probably all part of the 16 year plan.

19d55f No.1216556

File: 01df5adef9dbc6a⋯.jpg (223.88 KB, 902x789, 902:789, 01df5adef9dbc6ac65554668a7….jpg)

3e27fb No.1216558


Really ? My dad was born there only been once yrs ago but I luved it !

195685 No.1216559

File: b2bb47ae52095b8⋯.jpeg (440.02 KB, 1440x1857, 480:619, 1524878357.jpeg)

d04fc7 No.1216560


clown nigga bait

c7cdcc No.1216561

File: a2cb8c0dd481ed9⋯.jpg (57.11 KB, 480x360, 4:3, a2cb8c0dd481ed906e67f40429….jpg)

68edf0 No.1216562


public forum

world watching

hard copy

comms good

83afcf No.1216563


Q drops and memefags making my night.

294ff7 No.1216564


Put a > in front of each of your answers next time.

e9b18b No.1216565



So when is the FUCKING STORM?! POTUS hasn't mentioned it once. We'r'e the ones that make the hashtag about the storm arriving. Come fucking on!

19d55f No.1216566

File: 1d863aaef0343e1⋯.png (481.92 KB, 612x610, 306:305, 1d863aaef0343e1fe02d2f61d7….png)

48683e No.1216567

File: 370f953ed84a760⋯.png (243.71 KB, 640x360, 16:9, U5dstAQnAcooF5pHDJnjYK72aP….png)

Q here

Nephilim have returned

Syria not what it seems

Trust the plot

924dc4 No.1216568

File: 9ca8a3d4457fdda⋯.png (140.46 KB, 1237x441, 1237:441, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

Center for American Progress' fail to protect employees from sexual harassment

[insert shocked face /s]


d03def No.1216569


Fuck you Anon, I snorted! You got me cracking up over here. Keep that shit up! Top kek

1a05a9 No.1216570


you should say [ when i got on blue dress] haha

3e27fb No.1216571


True !

3980f5 No.1216572

Spreadsheet updated to post >>1215845

Screenshots [in EST] in off-site gallery:


0abf60 No.1216573


Oh man

dea4be No.1216574

File: afd4b7e95c7472c⋯.png (60.37 KB, 826x715, 826:715, cubefold.png)

Cube unfolded with the dimensional axis

yea I know it isn't complete :)

47cb71 No.1216575


Yes, we've seen this every time you've posted it.

fbe966 No.1216576


Yea, should have done that, thought I'd try a different format.

Failed. Kek.

f10245 No.1216577

File: 90e0dff8fc2cdc6⋯.jpg (94.99 KB, 725x499, 725:499, TrumpWantsPeace.jpg)


"Why did Sessions recuse?'

To stay in the background and get other work done.

"What are the powers of Huber / IG (H)?"

Sessions given him power of ? Everything. Everything he needs to Prosecute, plus a team of 250?


"Who has the POWER?"

Trump does. "Talk is cheap"

The Mass Media mind control system is fantasy land.. blah blah blah.. bullshit bullshit bullshit.

I would say the power of Military espionage in the hands of a good person? is very big.

The Military strategist, way outclassing the FBI [researcher friend told me today how the regular police make fun of the FBI] , who have been planning this for many years with passion - very powerful, and hidden for a reason.

Those People who have been working for perhaps decades with passion, plotting to bring down this gigantic cabal. Who but G-d could've enabled this to become a reality for us? The best gift ever

The crooks passion is very shallow. Built upon carrot vs. stick motivation. They don't have an elevated motivation [This is expressed by their constant encouragement of smear tactics and hatred to get their way] That is shallow.

The dedication and prayer of those around POTUS who would give their life to keep him safe? That's very powerful I assume he also had private contractors, who are loyal, as protection? As an experienced manager he would know how to vet people.

That and the surveillance power is all I can think of why President Trump is still alive to this day.

Also many of his Executive powers - he has refrained from using; which he could've used in this situation.

I believe that's a sign of real power. He has all those powers he hasn't used , but held in reserve. Hasn't used up any of "what he could do"

I think it's very funny they are begging him not to fire Mueller. Why do they do that? Because they know he could. Very funny.

9fefa3 No.1216578


Well. Civir War?

5b0bb3 No.1216579


Born and raised in Texas….lived all over the country and nothing compares

Just an easy going place full of friendly people

4f167e No.1216580


Do Anne Frank again!

5836dd No.1216581


That would be an awesome twist - an end to a GOOD movie with GREAT actors. Top kek.

19d55f No.1216582

File: 83c37748949164e⋯.jpg (274.36 KB, 596x399, 596:399, 2ca58bd6ff5431576a4ce6e62e….jpg)

951921 No.1216583

File: 40ad319f6809cb9⋯.jpeg (162.72 KB, 1189x666, 1189:666, E9DD76D6-A7C9-413E-BC84-C….jpeg)

85ed32 No.1216584

File: b9952448f9fe0ad⋯.png (67.2 KB, 299x168, 299:168, ClipboardImage.png)


philippe reines

>if thats what you wanted to know

1e9cdc No.1216585

File: 56b3992de4f14de⋯.png (395.92 KB, 501x500, 501:500, ClipboardImage.png)


hahaha that actually wasn't me

another anon did that one

0abf60 No.1216586

File: 976713f2613ce66⋯.jpg (193.14 KB, 625x913, 625:913, ONEPOTATOTWOPOTATO1SHHRws.jpg)

6b900a No.1216587

>>1215845 (last bread)

The one who "has everything" is our President.

The one who has recently discovered a lot—too much to cover up—is Robert Mueller.

bd1555 No.1216588

File: 44dc77332d17e56⋯.png (108 B, 75x15, 5:1, ClipboardImage.png)

bce294 No.1216589


Whew Could be her sister

72b812 No.1216590


Anon was saying Q copied Beanz (!)

8ff560 No.1216591

Saving for next Q/A by Q:

- How long did it take for swamp monsters to notice you on half?

- How long did it take for them to decide you weren't a LARP?

- Convention of States part of the plan?

6e239f No.1216592


>I had it in my head that Flynn Sr was taking heat for his son

You are right about this.

d04fc7 No.1216593

File: 717debdff40c1c2⋯.png (127.12 KB, 500x566, 250:283, download.png)

sent to rulez teh chanz from keks sphincters

dabddb No.1216594


Q may have to become a permanent fixture in the Presidential Staff:

The Peoples Daily Intelligence Briefing

5b299d No.1216595

File: 53953402dc2255f⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 377x232, 13:8, saison.gif)



that type of shill that dropped his sippy cup

and can't pound it on his highchair tray

demanding attention…..

a44cee No.1216596


"You have more than you know." Little bit of punkt in that.

2d4c62 No.1216597

A SECOND trap sprung?

General Michael Flynn attorneys at the law firm Covington and Burling deceived General Michael Flynn regarding Covington’s direct participation and relationship with Union Bank of Switzerland, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department in these matters. Consequently, Covington and Burling should be disqualified from representing Michael Flynn. An amicus brief is being submitted to the court hearing the plea agreement as newly discovered evidence indicating ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial misconduct and fraud on the court. Since this is a case of first impressions this legal motion establishing newly discovered evidence and fraud on the court, mandates the rejection of Michael Flynn’s plea agreement and demands an independent investigation or special counsel be assigned in this matter by the Inspector General, Congress and the White House.

a27e8f No.1216598

File: 7347ad355b8728c⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 800x445, 160:89, joe-schmitz.jpg)

Q hasn't provided any tangible evidence that anything is happening.

Even if you believe Q has somehow PROVEN to be connected to Trump through +++ or "tippy top" or hand gestures there is still nothing to prove any of his theories.

a0f85f No.1216599

File: 12c7e493599e02a⋯.jpg (99.48 KB, 1296x730, 648:365, AQ54.jpg)


I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the LARPr with too much time on my hands! I AM DARKWING DUCK!

dea4be No.1216600


Then follow the axis.

If you want to move from this reality to the next dimension you need to be able to perceive it.

72288f No.1216601

File: f2bd159f9fc5645⋯.jpg (56.23 KB, 552x550, 276:275, ZomboMeme 27042018212226.jpg)

2754df No.1216602



9c7835 No.1216603

File: 1f56f84c3afcbc8⋯.png (101.03 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Truth_not_fear_Because.png)

760054 No.1216604


how do we know that Q did not start the entire ball rolling with that?

29104c No.1216605


Groundhog Day, Groundhog Week

68edf0 No.1216606

we are barely scracthing the surface





all prasie yah.one and only living true god..creator of all …his blessing is his WORD…loving obedience..blessing…disobedience + curse

the cursed are they we are at war with

bd1555 No.1216607

File: 19ed4d64f3ac93d⋯.png (87.75 KB, 816x411, 272:137, ClipboardImage.png)

294ff7 No.1216608


Now we both know it doesn't work. :P

2911a8 No.1216609


Cohen had his files stacked with all the dirt so when raided that put them into play as evidence.

The evidence up until then was obtained when the white hats took over the black hats ILLEGAL surveillance operation.

Trump will claim they found these so he gave them to his lawyer to figure out. So now the ILLEGALLY obtained evidence now becomes LEGAL seized evidence!

5782c1 No.1216610

File: 9d735764b33a7bc⋯.png (415.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, algorememe.png)


Here is another one for you anon.

f0614e No.1216611


These people are awful

45f986 No.1216612


I may trust it.

for one reason only, I trust Trump.

This does not mean I agree with it. im sure it will all come out in the wash. but lying and hiding shit causing division never cool.

a564b4 No.1216613


Looks like Central Florida, chain of lakes.

b7e44b No.1216614


Yes, a few times we've had a heads up first.But with "disinfo is necessary", hard to know what is real. It's just getting frustrating all the build up tp something and then nothing. Not sayin there hasn't been booms, but you know what I mean. Patriots need a win in our corner at some point.

a4f611 No.1216615

I think your meme's on that idiot from florida are hilarious, but I can't truly look at his weird face too long. But your meme's are better than mine!


5b0bb3 No.1216616


Thanks, anon….never sure if I am hallucinating sometimes…lol

d03def No.1216617


This douche was everywhere. I bet he was there when God created the universe. He peddled his ass off on his bike to see it all.kek

bc3ee1 No.1216618

Indictments all around. Then we start the Lion Party. All I ask is 10 minutes with husaine in a room. with my 3 brothers and 2 sisters guarding the door. I will die a happy camper. and no more merlot for me. love you fuckers!

1e9cdc No.1216619

File: 08b66e37322dd3a⋯.png (28.22 KB, 446x144, 223:72, ClipboardImage.png)


whatta movie

e32dc4 No.1216620


No matter what, I vote.

The thing about movies…. they always hide the important clue until the last #Trump…

b7e44b No.1216621


Sure as hell does!!!

bede01 No.1216622

File: ce6014a3bf55967⋯.png (998.93 KB, 819x741, 21:19, 122588764.png)

4f167e No.1216623

File: 73932f551ecc097⋯.jpg (95.22 KB, 450x818, 225:409, you are a fag.jpg)

File: c236811ac0713dd⋯.jpeg (73.99 KB, 589x441, 589:441, you are gay.jpeg)

924dc4 No.1216624

File: 48c2a108ce7e190⋯.png (215.6 KB, 580x431, 580:431, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

Chance the Rapper got in trouble


b67908 No.1216625

File: d0fc7f54f525fa0⋯.jpg (140.94 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening302.jpg)

File: ddb07c5cdc93484⋯.jpg (224.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening310.jpg)

File: ac2ad7a50ff0cf5⋯.jpg (189.62 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening502.jpg)

File: 126aee729ef31fe⋯.jpg (235.67 KB, 1025x512, 1025:512, GreatAwakening503.jpg)

47e4cb No.1216626

File: 568d691c53f7010⋯.jpg (112.81 KB, 879x715, 879:715, sorry.jpg)

951921 No.1216627


Maybe a titanic meme with Hogg boy pushing the women and children out of the way to get on a life raft

19d55f No.1216628

File: 2600b1b74b1e50e⋯.jpg (192.31 KB, 960x639, 320:213, 2bdbbc8a05c372d0027690d34e….jpg)

217a47 No.1216629

File: 1e0b9ba091366b2⋯.gif (348.82 KB, 350x233, 350:233, havetogoback.gif)


Leave immediately

806519 No.1216630

File: 493ef3534e979d1⋯.jpg (84.89 KB, 1200x894, 200:149, Web of Collusion.jpg)

195685 No.1216631

File: 5da162249080446⋯.jpeg (92.99 KB, 1440x1031, 1440:1031, 1524145119.jpeg)

b70060 No.1216632

I just logged on and catching up. My first thoughts:

Holy Shit! So the rumours of Mueller being /ourguy/ might be correct - but he's /ourguy/ under duress with 9/11, U1 and the Boston scandal hanging over his head.

POTUS had him on the shortlist for FBI director knowing about the 10year rule so Mueller was brought in and propositioned with a deal he couldn't really refuse. Remember POTUS is a builder from Queens so mobster tactics were used to perfection. Genius.

At first I didn't believe the rumours the the last 2-3mths, Mullers actions have been confirming them and now Q is confirming it.

Part of Flynn's plea deal was to spill on EVERYTHING which means during the Obama administration. When Flynn is finished spilling everything all charges will be dropped and he will be a free man. Hopefully he will be fully compensated and NOT lose his home and other finance.

a23710 No.1216633


wow! nice catch anon

this is dynamite anons

explosive proof of q team plan


9b0e0f No.1216634


I haven't watched a real movie in over 2 years…why?

a27e8f No.1216636


Yeah it's because Beanz has been Q for awhile now.

375fcd No.1216637


wow. once again, really, really insisting on the

Witch Hunt

c68717 No.1216638

File: 91c27f5e73c3329⋯.png (153.58 KB, 401x271, 401:271, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9937173f575ec4a⋯.jpg (984.59 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_2753 (2).JPG)


Some Anon at the rally better have a giant GREEN Q CUTOUT……….or something. Wish I was there, I'd do it.

19d55f No.1216639

File: 3423b9995dc5cb9⋯.jpg (24.91 KB, 474x315, 158:105, 3423b9995dc5cb9775cf0b6997….jpg)

b67908 No.1216640

File: 8990305b5a65538⋯.jpg (196.38 KB, 1026x512, 513:256, GreatAwakening504.jpg)

File: 91f9e60398d1842⋯.jpg (172.61 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening509.jpg)

File: cdefdace96305e6⋯.jpg (190.78 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening511.jpg)

File: 1c5abc1cfbfbf62⋯.jpg (153.7 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening512.jpg)

File: c6d51522cbf158f⋯.jpg (243.59 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening520.jpg)

dea4be No.1216641

File: afd4b7e95c7472c⋯.png (60.37 KB, 826x715, 826:715, cubefold.png)

it is easy to move timelines all you need is a decent map to jump time or space.

but to move an octave you need to be able to perceive dimensions you didn't even know where there before.

4456d9 No.1216642


Now the tables are turned, gonna be a fun May month

e32dc4 No.1216643


I don't know the plan, but this movie is consuming all the popcorn

f89787 No.1216644


Counsel misspelled as Councel. S replace by C. Target on Comey? We may have a confirmation by Q soon with a correction by POTUS.

62f872 No.1216645


interesting theory!

Anons, I have a true story:

Obama, HRC, Rothschilds, Soros, Alwaleed, and all their associates kill & eat babies. You have been informed.

ce4980 No.1216646


Said literally no one ever but her

1e9cdc No.1216647

File: 028f39882390ebe⋯.png (397.54 KB, 501x500, 501:500, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm gonna stop with the hoggfagging

6e239f No.1216648


Pretty good, despite the layout.

BUT… the Judge overseeing this is a Hillary supporter. NYPD was blackmailed over Eric Garner case so that held up the Weiner files.

cd94cd No.1216649


here, here! the gov should be working for us

I like your thinking

a54a16 No.1216650


POTUS/Marines need to clean up the cabal first and prosecute recent crimes first.

430345 No.1216651

File: 2612fe644e7a0ed⋯.jpg (96.6 KB, 300x300, 1:1, downloadfile-4.jpg)

I prefer to be around white people.

I have been robbed by a nigga.

bc5a8b No.1216652


Whoa! "Hoax by the Democrats based on payments and lies". I'd say Trump just took off his gloves and is donning his brass knuckles.

BTW – does "Hoax" = [H] ?

19cc4c No.1216653


now look up the words in your definition

b70060 No.1216654


Nobody's forcing you to stay here yannow.

9fefa3 No.1216655

Apr 27 2018 18:39:07 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 9f1575 1215294


Reporting incorrect?

Per WH?

The day before.



Mueller & U1?

Mueller &


Comey to POTUS - not being investigated.

RR to POTUS - not being investigated.

Mueller to POTUS - not a criminal target.




Baiting POTUS?

Why no contact w/ WL / JA?

What is being investigated?

Why is Mueller’s team stacked w/ ex Clinton / D sr level authorities?

Why are POTUS supporters screaming for END?


ADD RUDY (quiet).

Can the investigation officially/publicly drop POTUS from review & continue?

Why did the Podesta Group close shop?


Why are known bad actors in full support of Mueller?

Why did POTUS interview (FBI Dir) Mueller a day prior to SC appointment if impossible to assign position?

Why did Sessions recuse?

What are the powers of Huber / IG (H)?


Who has the POWER?

Who can know?

<Are D’s using as midterm tactic to win House?

<Are D’s using as ammo to gain majority to <impeach?

<Impeach on what grounds?

<What facts exist to impeach?

House report POTUS no evidence of collusion.


Mueller report will contradict per Brennan Tweet today?

Disconnect exists.

R’s / D’s negative for POTUS.

Insurance policy?

Comey release of memos to obtain SC?


SC/Comey/RR state POTUS not under investigation.

Flynn pleads guilty to none committed crime?

S interviewed?

S/P relationship w/ judge?

#2/S/P 302 mod?

Fusion GPS.

The Brits - raw intel / dossier / 5 eyes.


DNC rigging super delegates / funding/ voter rolls / agreement BS

Election/voter fraud





Sec of State



More than you can imagine.

re: HRC insurance [win]



Remainder illegal acts.


SC targeting who?

SC on team?

SC off team?

Questions reveal answers.

Time will tell.


Seriously Guys,The World can be doomed/destroyed in November?, be sincere

85ea8c No.1216656


>Why did POTUS interview (FBI Dir) Mueller a day prior to SC appointment if impossible to assign position?

A little late to the party so maybe this has been posited already.

MSM and Ds have been making hay with "Trump is a buffoon / an idiot / incompetent etc." narrative.

Giving impression of interviewing for an impossible appointment feeds that narrative.

"Is Trump an idiot? Doesn't he know that he can't appoint Mueller as FBI director? Ha ha ha!"

Why don't they dig more? Because it confirms their perception that, at best, Trump is an outsider that doesn't know how things work in Washington, or at worst, that Trump is an idiot that is incapable of holding the office.

>Make your opponents underestimate you, then strike.

951921 No.1216657


All wonderful anon. Thank you! Love the horse one with the join us. Great message! Great to spread around!

a0f85f No.1216658

File: 447736170f72933⋯.jpg (11.33 KB, 290x174, 5:3, AQ61.jpg)


You only think you know what you know because all you know is what you know. When you know why you know what you know can you know more then what you know.-Anonymous

5782c1 No.1216659


'based on payments and lies'

Follow the money

50a809 No.1216660


It is Supreme Court when Q is talking about A. Scalia. It is Special Council when Q is talking about Mueller.

72288f No.1216661

File: b732aae2a285f6d⋯.jpg (49.66 KB, 400x592, 25:37, ZomboMeme 27042018212620.jpg)

CMON .. New Batter

b67908 No.1216662

File: fa30493e38c7709⋯.jpg (147.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening521.jpg)

File: 194980ba2b39648⋯.jpg (238.93 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening530.jpg)

File: 969028015bdb4f0⋯.jpg (162.81 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening542.jpg)

File: 3d3ddeef8e0cb5b⋯.jpg (206.24 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening550.jpg)

File: edcab2446cea056⋯.jpg (233.6 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening560.jpg)

490a25 No.1216663

File: 90ae6cffb3fe71d⋯.jpeg (40.69 KB, 602x430, 7:5, 7FF04370-0946-4732-AF57-4….jpeg)

File: 95563b354d94ab9⋯.jpeg (9.66 KB, 213x236, 213:236, 07702019-DA9E-41FD-81FA-7….jpeg)

File: 50840005fce106c⋯.jpeg (7.83 KB, 170x163, 170:163, 324D1B52-A4C3-4201-9B87-D….jpeg)

File: 39008ad9a5dfd1f⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1324x2084, 331:521, 11DEFCE3-4071-46D4-B789-AB….png)


(((They))) can hide the truth but can't stop the starseed from awakening.

Your time is limited to all Draco grey and blackhat alliances. Repent and accept your flaws, go to the light. To our brothers who refuse and continue to betray us all: avici awaits you.

To everyone:

Carbon is the "building block of life"

6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons

Lucifer = light stealer

Illuminati = light keeper

Science will prove religion.

God is light.

We are light.

Made in his image.

Flesh matrix.

9c376a No.1216664

File: 76fead98f594bdb⋯.png (66.67 KB, 600x386, 300:193, election-2016-county-map.png)


Texas is very much like rural California.

California govt is killing off rural California.

Why would they want to do that?

60c4a2 No.1216665


If nothing else, redacted words can be bounded by word length.

Not only the length of the blacked out square, which can be imprecise, but the distance of the last unmasked letter before to the first unmasked following (minus the two word spaces). Absent kerning, this is very precise.

68edf0 No.1216666

this is the baker

past –now


20e028 No.1216667


This is how "racism" starts:

it's just a pragmatic reaction to statistical anomalies - but somehow we're all evil for understanding how to avoid danger.

a23710 No.1216668


this is true

beanz no doubt posted that herself

d04fc7 No.1216669



d03def No.1216670


If you must Anon. I'd rather see your memes than shills shitting up the board. God bless you for the laughs. Keep em coming once in a while. Top kek. I stole this one btw .

85ea8c No.1216671




7f7034 No.1216672


Exactly, my bet is that once the white hats figured it all out and traced the origins of #peepeegate back to /pol/ they probably couldn't believe it at first. I can see a room full of white hat military intelligence being briefed on the origins of the dossier.

(CPT) Sir, we have tracked the 'raw intelligence' back to a LARP on /pol/. (SGT)Come again young man?

(SGT)That's right sir, the 'raw intelligence' originated as a LARP on /pol/.

(CAP) What the hell is a LARP?

(SGT) Live Action Role Play sir

I bet they had a damn good laugh, looked around the room at each other and said, about the black hats, "THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID"



47e4cb No.1216673


Wait another hour until she gets into her second bottle of wine of the evening. She will be telling us that Trump calls her for strategic advice.

72b812 No.1216674


I think Q said it last November kek

eb5a34 No.1216675


For the last time, please stop posting pics of tracy beanz

6e239f No.1216676


It was pizza gate related, an issue whose time had not yet come. Supposedly Flynn knew of the list of participants in Congress, one of which was a BFF of Pence.

4f167e No.1216677


You can do anything with frequency. He spoke it into existence.

0abf60 No.1216678




b7e44b No.1216679


Ummm, NO. The only "evidence" that can be used is what is specifically on the search warrants. Anything to do with Potus can NOT be introduced as evidence. They can only use information obtained on Stormy, if that was what they were looking for.

If you seriously what anything about Potus to be used in court, you need to re-think that. That would mean you have absolutely no atty/client privilege with your atty. Anything gained from a search warrant could now be used in court against you.

Be careful what you wish for.

ce4980 No.1216680


These were the funniest things I've seen in a while, nicely done

abb5fb No.1216681

File: d0921da7aad69e4⋯.png (1.17 MB, 711x1066, 711:1066, ClipboardImage.png)


See these three girls?

See the item of clothing each is wearing?

Do you get the resemblance to a PIZZA slice?

Now do you understand what the celebs are saying

by their OBSESSION with Pizza?

Not to mention the creamy chiz on top of pizza's body, decorated by a sausage.

Do you know what CHIZ or JIZZ is?

Do you understand the function of the sausage

as a jizz dispenser?

But what about the babies, you say.

Yes, what about the babies?

Do you understand the function of those

powerful sucking muscles when a jizz

dispenser is placed carefully in their

toothless mouths.

These people are sick.

And they think that we sheep are too stupid

That we do not know about their games.

6b900a No.1216682

5b0bb3 No.1216683

If anons have time….check out the documentary about Trump on Netflix

Chronicles his rise…..I never realized how hardcore Trump can be until I saw this

Roy Cohn…his friend and lawyer…was about as cut throat as it gets. He dealt in peoples secrets and everyone feared him

I think Trump learned a lot from him

I dont think these people know what they are up against

fbe966 No.1216684


Thanks anon. Busy in the kitchen just now or would enjoy discussing.

616b95 No.1216685

File: 3303151f6417338⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 172x255, 172:255, hsh.jpg)

1e9cdc No.1216686




dea4be No.1216687


You don't get me yet. :)

I saw Gabriel in a White Hat.

1e9cdc No.1216688

File: 47dd853ff04dcda⋯.png (282.42 KB, 400x592, 25:37, ClipboardImage.png)

bede01 No.1216689

File: 84c5d0b0609199f⋯.png (1.11 MB, 852x860, 213:215, 12457980578.png)

dabddb No.1216690


ThankQ Bigly

a0f85f No.1216691

File: 3c0b05e140ece30⋯.png (18.66 KB, 584x148, 146:37, AQ64.PNG)

4f167e No.1216692


You are a lot of the time. Just because you're insane doesn't mean you're wrong.

305025 No.1216693


I agree Manafort got him the nominations, but I’ve felt he was a plant as well. Papadopoulos, too. I started getting that feeling way back when I was only following the Russia collusion investigation and reading all the congressional testimonies.

c68717 No.1216694

If i click hide, and it's my own post, does it hide for everyone or just me

15e604 No.1216695


Schoen is also a big connection to Epstein and BC's trips

a23710 No.1216696


she is such a hag

not a trump gal

self absorbed to the max

16680c No.1216697


BS -> Bernie Sanders

324a77 No.1216698

File: 08b9f22e844b9bf⋯.png (2.77 MB, 1953x1660, 1953:1660, 2018-04-27_20-28-59 copy.png)

File: cfc6b16cf44988a⋯.png (106.31 KB, 824x418, 412:209, 2018-04-27_21-28-54.png)

Watch the water?

72288f No.1216699

File: 1e8162fe556a838⋯.jpg (59.16 KB, 400x592, 25:37, ZomboMeme 27042018212952.jpg)

cd94cd No.1216700


im hoping Q is indicating that the election fraud etc will be revealed before then, and that the expected blue wave will turn crimson… or in an alternate reality, it doesn't matter which side gets elected as long as they are white hats

ff7241 No.1216701

this will be good

FBI NIGHTMARE: Supreme Court orders release of audio, video from Las Vegas shooting massacre


5b0bb3 No.1216702

b67908 No.1216703

File: dee71560b914a5e⋯.jpg (720.28 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningCleaning2.jpg)

File: e55ba78196589c2⋯.jpg (466.17 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningCleaning3.jpg)

File: 8a28776f3cbe986⋯.jpg (360.72 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningCleaning4.jpg)

File: 73d83b555d43cfb⋯.jpg (133.74 KB, 737x489, 737:489, GreatAwakeningDream306.jpg)

File: a969b42b0b1b647⋯.jpg (229.54 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtect7.jpg)


Thank you, anon. Some new anons here, thought they could benefit from a review of key messages.

Are you the anon I made all the horses for?

f89787 No.1216704


Not today, Satan!

Nice quads, BTW.

d04fc7 No.1216705

File: 67316048fdafc1f⋯.jpg (97.91 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, homotusbatinonchan.jpg)

6e239f No.1216706


Baker is far more important to the board.

Guitar tuned & amps are on… need to jam here!

Bake a tasty one, Q is due soon…))

a4f611 No.1216707

Arrggh! It should be Captain Cumgums!

Brennan will get keelhauled as soon as the Texts come out unredacted!

e9b18b No.1216708


This makes me so damn angry. Banksters, Deep State faggots, and elites murdered so many people. Q better do something or I'm going full vigilante. This is not right at all.

1e9cdc No.1216709


damn gotcha thanks anon

bb97bf No.1216710

File: 5b5b0a835ad04ab⋯.png (54.63 KB, 640x470, 64:47, ClipboardImage.png)



d0b0a0 No.1216711


Yeah…your right … you better leave now

b716e7 No.1216712


I dont see pizza mate. I see three sets o tits and a camel toe.

bc5a8b No.1216713


I rescind my [H] question. I must have dreamed we recently had a bold bracketed H. (methinks I need some sleep)

a4f611 No.1216714

File: e85c98831590c38⋯.jpg (79.51 KB, 244x309, 244:309, Captain Pissgums.jpg)

4f167e No.1216715


Tell us lies. Tell us you would get tired of waking up next to that.

fc6dd4 No.1216716


Ugh. This still makes me so fuckin angry and sad.

b7e44b No.1216717


thanks for at least being nice about it.

e32dc4 No.1216718




Who can know…. we cannot.

Or (((they))) will know too.

9331b1 No.1216719

File: 2009aae7090ff9e⋯.png (328.08 KB, 699x680, 699:680, holyhogglies.PNG)

d03def No.1216720


The funniest shit all week. I'm finally happy to see this punk. Throw one at us once in a while Anon. Really, top fucken kek. I damn near pissed my pants

3e27fb No.1216721


And there I was in the trunk when ….at the top of the towers ..when mj died …

01ee7a No.1216722

File: 8ba5f7550c4d41d⋯.jpg (28.58 KB, 486x364, 243:182, youboohoo.jpg)


past someone's nap time

fbe966 No.1216723


Rock on!

f89787 No.1216724

a23710 No.1216725

File: 947b1a89decf2df⋯.jpg (11.05 KB, 299x168, 299:168, tracyflick.jpg)


another tracy?


(the good looking one)

a27e8f No.1216726


Jesus Fucking Christ

You faggots don't even know what the fuck Q said about Mueller?

Did you actually read the crumbs?

No wonder Q is now repeating the same bullshit again now.

If you think Beanz came up with RM is a white hat and she didn't get it from Q then you need to go do QRESEARCH.

I have and it's looking like a LARP now more than ever. No tapes, no BHO AK47 pic, nothing.

048576 No.1216727


I bet her and Melania are BFFs

490a25 No.1216728




5b0bb3 No.1216729


Man…I dont know what to think about Pence

My natural instinct is to be repelled by him…but not sure

616b95 No.1216730

File: fdcb7141031e51a⋯.jpg (110.32 KB, 952x500, 238:125, ptlcmyfqwsy.jpg)

cf0f79 No.1216731

Say good nite to the shills… BFC will weinergate you DERPs in public… remember the last time? Fold your shit up and move to Venezuela

83afcf No.1216732

File: a7a6f7fc075ef82⋯.jpg (62.82 KB, 400x592, 25:37, 2990m4.jpg)

d04fc7 No.1216733


a0f85f No.1216734

File: 3c0b05e140ece30⋯.png (18.66 KB, 584x148, 146:37, AQ64.PNG)



9fefa3 No.1216735


Good Response. I'm Convinced.

a54a16 No.1216736


Good job! The Pepe dog is awesome!

4f7455 No.1216737


Get out of the kitchen, anon.

b67908 No.1216738

File: b53863bf27a1ec5⋯.jpg (447.64 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningUnity3.jpg)


#Alice? Huh?

a23710 No.1216739

File: 5666856d453f040⋯.jpg (11.77 KB, 295x171, 295:171, tracy2.jpg)

eb5a34 No.1216740


That isn't even a Q original.

That goes back to /pol/ and even fucking reddit have been talking about that for as long as the investigation has been going.

195685 No.1216741


They are horrible at it

72288f No.1216742



You fuckin win

d00c41 No.1216743

I'm firmly entrenched in blue territory. And I'm in the fight hard. This better pan out soon. My mom asked me yesterday if I have ever heard of Jim Jones and thinks I might need to seek help…lol

8c9fb9 No.1216744


MegaAnon said it first. Who the fuck is Tracy Baenz?

9fefa3 No.1216745


Venezuela will be in a proxy war soon. *Genius*

fbe966 No.1216747

Notables. Anything missed?

>>1216271 Feinstein staffer/Fusion GPS

>>1216226 , >>1216405 Can docs from the Cohen raid -> legally introduce evidence?

>>1216182 "Done in 30" graphic

>>1216206 Mueller had Apple, Facebook, Intel etc as clients

490a25 No.1216748

60c4a2 No.1216749


Derailing a train with a small truck is inefficient.

Dozens of examples of train/truck interactions with far more damage.

If it was a planned wreck it was poorly executed. If it was a warning, it was right on track.

(Personally I think it's your typical SE unguarded grade crossing accident)

f10245 No.1216750

File: c724e3fce2ac1d3⋯.jpg (87.86 KB, 750x844, 375:422, mueller.jpg)


How is Mueller supposed to investigate uranium one? He was part of the deal? Real convincing investigation?

9b5a9e No.1216751


It is the capital building

1e9cdc No.1216752

File: 524f8acbaab0a37⋯.png (2.74 MB, 2809x1440, 2809:1440, FLAGsidebyside.png)

for those still confused about the flag pic

03a764 No.1216753


heck they know before you read the last line in the drop

6e239f No.1216754


Papadopoulos for sure, an obvious plant.

But Trump needed Manafort because he knew the convention rules of the RNC more than anyone, that makes him more needed for the job. 'Tainted goods' for sure, but he can turn on the Podestas and HIllary and in a trial he will do so willingly. We'll see.

d04fc7 No.1216755



94693a No.1216756


Anon tell her it's very important she doesn't drink any more of the Kool Aid. Get her help as quickly as possible, it may be time sensitive.

4a3edf No.1216757


Manipulating the legal system like that would be dangerous → it's what (((they))) do. I hope POTUS et al. is above board. It's a slippery slope.

9c7835 No.1216758

File: 62e448791d3e36b⋯.png (92.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Sunken_Place.png)

abb5fb No.1216759


Would blasting with microwaves accelerate a fire?

The Cantor Fitzgerald floors are where all the records of the fraudulentr securities were. The gangh would have wanted that fire to burn hot and obliterate the papers, computer disks and microfilms completely, before they took down the building. They could not risk incriminating documents floating out on the breeze of the collapse.

Of course we are all assuming that it was a plane full of fuel that started the fire. But the plane may have never hit the building at all in which case they would have placed fuel and triggers all around the core elevator area to make sure non of the people with inside knowledge of the swindle could survive. That would generate a blast of heat, and hot air heading to the windows. So maybe not microwaves.

72b812 No.1216760


What are you talking about anon. I said Q said it last november!

bb97bf No.1216761


I agree… Makes sense with the way the recent posts have been going

ff7241 No.1216762


Cel as in prison Cell

62f872 No.1216763


You know what the best part about this theory is?

If it's true, then all of the shills that have been coming here to discredit the board–the flat-earthers, the jew-haters, the Pleidian and Pindar pushers…all they've been doing, all along, is making the Deep State look even more stupid and corrupt. Because when people come here to see the source of Hillary's Memo, they're going to see the bullshit that was meant to make us look like idiots. And it will. Which will make it that much more outrageous.

47c8ea No.1216764



If you truly are working to restore the Constitutional Representative Republic that made America a Good & Great nation,

& if you truly are working with the POTUS & have MI working with you,

& if you truly are looking for a way to make unconstitutionally collected data admissible in court,

There's a way.


Contact req.

951921 No.1216765


Yes I’m the one. Always enjoy your work. I’m sure the newbies do too. I’ve seen others posting your work as well on twat and fagbook

a27e8f No.1216766


Unfortunately I have invested 6 months of my life to this shit. Where we go one we go all.

LARP or not.

This mother fucker has been delaying and giving us blue balls for awhile now.

I'm just pointing out the facts.


We have just accepted the "proofs" and "no coincidence" shit as enough to go along with it.

9fefa3 No.1216767

Suicide Weekend.

4a3edf No.1216769


this young man is precious.

you, on the other hand, are a total shit, and a filtered shit.

d991b2 No.1216770

File: 3e0a53fded59376⋯.jpg (86.51 KB, 552x550, 276:275, beanzfags.jpg)

dea4be No.1216771



What vibration supercedes?

How do other vibrations respond?

What amplifies what becomes zero?

Can you spin that axis?

490a25 No.1216772

File: 656cd9b6f925592⋯.png (26.79 KB, 377x352, 377:352, C041E19B-413C-4A4B-BACF-14….png)

File: 0501af12267a686⋯.png (5.09 KB, 310x163, 310:163, 66E94E1A-9496-48FC-A45B-D6….png)

File: 0d7fc78c50ae957⋯.png (10.08 KB, 307x164, 307:164, A7F3AEEA-12A9-424B-9F6D-5B….png)

File: dab16f8f1a0bfe5⋯.png (217.93 KB, 672x372, 56:31, F8C70621-9BC0-49EA-BD53-85….png)

File: aac8723da6d09cb⋯.jpg (162.4 KB, 599x599, 1:1, IMG_2641.JPG)


The pleidians are very real friend….

305025 No.1216773


>We’ll see.

Yes, that seems to be what we’re left with, as usual. It’s all good, though. I still trust the plan.

375fcd No.1216774


> Jim Jones

well well, he's discussed in Notables:


>>1211024 , >>1211011 , >>1211021 Jonestown Massacre & Evergreen connections

Her mentioning Jones might turn out useful… dig enough to have a good idea of the clown he was, and you're ready to talk about Jim Jones, a lot…

cf0f79 No.1216775


Those faggots know what BFC means.

6c19c8 No.1216776

File: fc994a496358437⋯.png (484.78 KB, 640x802, 320:401, ClipboardImage.png)

afa5bc No.1216777


7 months ago we had no hope…been awake 6 years

9fefa3 No.1216778


Leave the board Anon.

ff7241 No.1216779


who cares?

stick together!

490a25 No.1216780

File: b4910ced9b2cc3e⋯.png (4.75 KB, 220x220, 1:1, EAC6112C-0960-4EC5-9CCC-F3….png)

fbe966 No.1216781

File: d6da65320809570⋯.png (393.76 KB, 889x478, 889:478, d6da653208095703848b264c3c….png)


72b812 No.1216782

File: 718def76f2487bb⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1510x2060, 151:206, NKpeace.png)

d04fc7 No.1216783


remeber that tax scheme that was used to get mexico out of the meth game cause they were out of cocaine

221675 No.1216784

Roll Call: [R Rep Mo] Brooks Suggests Republicans Are Retiring Because of Assassination Fears

5b0bb3 No.1216785

That is about as Kek as Kek can get anon


489c0b No.1216786

Anon saying they are getting tatoo and framing his/her first Q (you) is trolling.

Obvious Sarcasm.

Some anons are pretending to be newfags for the shits and giggles.

Making fun of anons still here is reverse psychology for making fun of themselves for falling for this shit.

Of course I could be just projecting.

Think Mirror.

a27e8f No.1216787


You did. You said it as if it was up for debate because these other fags are debating Tracy Beanz vs. XYZ.

She got it from Q.

ea2d99 No.1216788


Wouldn't "1 and 1" be a compound subject, (vs. "1 plus 1" which would be a single subject) thus requiring the plural form of the verb?

"1 and 1 don't equal 2."

"1 plus 1 doesn't equal 2."

4da851 No.1216789

So is Stormy apart of the show??

dea4be No.1216790

File: a71a833cf140349⋯.jpg (187.47 KB, 486x426, 81:71, STRDVD.jpg)

File: 7b68a8d4c768140⋯.png (41.17 KB, 800x800, 1:1, polarcircsqrfull2.png)

f95100 No.1216792

File: 7a3ff179402ef87⋯.jpg (136.98 KB, 780x439, 780:439, chigghur993.jpg)

c3f42b No.1216794


They've been watching the chans for YEARS….. it's possible that the "trash on trump" was anonymously dripped to pol though

b7e44b No.1216795


I wonder if he is full of shit or has inside knowledge.

72b812 No.1216796


Cute meme!

6e239f No.1216797


I've caught shit for being critical of Q-Team, but I would have wasted my time for a LARP.

a27e8f No.1216798


I'll leave the board when you kys.

9fefa3 No.1216799


Just check the news.

The Proxy War will begin soon.

ad2d65 No.1216800

95a84a No.1216802

Not sure I understand the legalize but could POTUS have recalled RM back into the Marines? He has r years remaining on his 8byear committment. Or has it been too long?

d04fc7 No.1216805


it was even based on a dude from abq that ran to south america cause he didnt want to get killed i think

bf570d No.1216806

File: 09abf165ba79d5d⋯.jpg (22.79 KB, 624x360, 26:15, FlingTampon.jpg)

d0b0a0 No.1216807


Hey everyone…this Anon has figured it all out…guess we can all pack up and call it day. Thanks Anon…we all sincerely appreciate you showing up, with all your six months of insights to let us know it's all a larp and we were played like a fiddle.


6e239f No.1216808


but I would have wasted my time for a LARP.


3 beer rule activated!

2fac40 No.1216809

File: ea4083467053c9b⋯.png (89.67 KB, 641x584, 641:584, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a262910dd56bc09⋯.png (67.8 KB, 631x447, 631:447, ClipboardImage.png)

interesting results GOOG book search for Q trip codes

b70060 No.1216810


Nobody's forcing you to stay anon.

BTW, if Q is a LARP, it's been highly positive and woken millions of more people.

So why are you so concerned?

91aed9 No.1216811


Mueller's law partners are on the SC with him and they were on the Watergate team. HRC was on the Watergate. So the law partners saw her modus operandi up close and personal.

9c7835 No.1216812

File: a6aee349b3e1d63⋯.jpg (212.06 KB, 600x442, 300:221, still_more_believeable.jpg)

4b7945 No.1216814


don’t believe the hype

anon doesn’t

a44cee No.1216816


You can crab walk n degrees from Jones to any of these nutters. He was everywhere. It's all been suppressed, I do mean everywhere. If he has tainted one of your mom's faves, well, there you go!

430345 No.1216818

File: 71a9c1d1316967b⋯.jpg (57.26 KB, 480x588, 40:49, 298jc7~2.jpg)

File: bfab86d363f1d69⋯.jpg (54.8 KB, 458x605, 458:605, 298g46~2.jpg)

Lockheed Martin - DARPA

Deep State Project.

dea4be No.1216819


well that sucks I thought i had someone that could play.

a23710 No.1216820


lawfag here

also saw an aritlce today that fed judge tossed the manafort challenge to meuller's jurisdiction

ruled manafort could raise that issue in the criminal trial

seems sketchy to me

manafort was right

3980f5 No.1216821

File: 33a84b5661ae221⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 499x281, 499:281, 1478673289804.gif)


>The /pol/ prank russiagate story is the 'raw intelligence'. Q and team came here because they tracked the 'raw intelligence' back to /pol/.

Was there, saw it all, thought it was hilarious and that no one, NO ONE could possibly be so stupid as to believe that cockamaimy BS. But they were.

>We see ALL

Not a joke, were monitoring in real-time too.

I have also wondered if that wasn't an operator, likewise if it wasn't an operator who made the first spreadsheet…

Q has mentioned our "reach" several times, also not a joke. /pol/ (cuckchan more than here) DOES influence culture in different ways. MI know meme magic is real, remember that dissertation? Remember the NATO conference on memetic warfare?

What do you think the "external memetic wafare center" is?!?

Of course, they also came here because /pol/acks are fearless in researching, having already tackled the "ultimate taboo" of the JQ

>inb4 muh joo shill


We can search anything, the grotesque, the horrifying, the unseemly, and while we may be on the "web's top toxic slime pit" the dichotomy of /pol/ (which will NEVER be understood by the sociologists who study us) of the preceeding on the one hand and the contrarian reflexion to traditionalism on the other makes us uniquely suited to deep dive on the subjects Qteam has broached.

>inb4 muh optics, muh credibility

WE don't need to "look good" or seek "credibility" with the mockingbirds

fuck you and the dragon dildo you take from your mystery-meat significant other/s every nite

WE only need to dig, be diligent, careful, creative and meme.

490a25 No.1216822

File: bf043bbe094bfa1⋯.png (800.21 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2360.PNG)

File: e2e15d0ef4b86df⋯.png (707.26 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2361.PNG)

File: e398f25a14e64ce⋯.jpg (83.03 KB, 960x720, 4:3, IMG_2364.JPG)

File: 700c0ef44d696ad⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2516.PNG)


>tippy top


>North Korea

>5.5 "earthquake" strikes in the water

>pedo arrests

>gtfo division and concern

8c9fb9 No.1216823


He signed an executive order in October that allowed him to call up any retired officer.

72b812 No.1216824


It's official, you are an idiot.

9fefa3 No.1216825


And If the Resigns of the R's are threats of the black hats?

00a820 No.1216826


Pretty sure Q would know more than you do on this topic. In fact, if you had a brain, you'd understand he revealed that to you today.

7a0187 No.1216827


We talked about the Mueller theory all the way back at CBTS when we were all originally there. That's where she got it from. Then we split bc of stuff with Baruch and whoever the other BOs were there.

490a25 No.1216828

File: aac8723da6d09cb⋯.jpg (162.4 KB, 599x599, 1:1, IMG_2641.JPG)




>everyone save

a27e8f No.1216829


I never gave a shit about Q being a LARP.

Pointing out the fact that it's been BS from the start doesn't matter.

Where we go one we go all.

LARP or not..

Q has gotten attention and been a successful LARP.

Just not really MI or Q Clearance.

d04fc7 No.1216830

we can figure out the ceremonial slaying behind the curtains

e2bc97 No.1216831

File: e9651b24ecf7b5c⋯.png (166.93 KB, 1620x450, 18:5, q sighting.PNG)

Q's old trip shows up in a CBTS thread on cuchan.

What's this Drake shit?

ff7241 No.1216832


some kind of energy weapon

check this


watch the mast disappear?

4da851 No.1216834

1 & 1 equals 4 Eyes On not 2

e32dc4 No.1216836


You forgot the wand, Harry.

e9df94 No.1216837


[e] should be an [I]

85ea8c No.1216838


Now that his old trip has been cracked, everyone and their dog over there are having a blast pretending they are Q.

00a820 No.1216839


Tracy Beanz does no research on her own. She gets ALL of her info from here and from the morons at CBTS. There's a reason Q and the rest of us left CBTS.

9fefa3 No.1216840


http:// experimentalvaccines.org/2012/09/21/genetically-modified-soldiers-darpa-the-mutant-wars/

a27e8f No.1216841


Q pointed out Mueller before CBTS.

9c376a No.1216842

Federal appeals court restores Texas voter-ID law

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that Texas’s new version of its voter-ID law can go into effect, rebuking a lower court judge for trying to block the law and delivering a significant victory to voter-integrity advocates.


b1c169 No.1216843


kek, riiiiiight. You think they're really going to tell you why they are resigning/not seeking re-election?

4b7945 No.1216844


sheeple need shepherd to follow

cf0f79 No.1216846


BFC took Weiner out. These shill faggots think it folded after the death threats? Not likely. Many years of underground data collection. They remember.

9b0e0f No.1216847


My favorite meme just got better. Pence never really fit in

7a0187 No.1216848

616b95 No.1216849

File: 46465f3119f1562⋯.jpg (112.67 KB, 983x687, 983:687, podestaart.jpg)

File: ebafbd0fd06effb⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 485x433, 485:433, podestaart2.jpg)


Hows this for grotesque? John and Tony Pedosta art.

94693a No.1216850

Couple of questions:

If the intent of the Cohen raid is to allow for the inclusion of otherwise non-admissable NSA data into a legally binding investigation, what's the planned response for when the question inevitably comes up, "You had all this information for how long, and didn't act on it?"

If you included a disclaimer or memo with all of the pertinent data, saying that the information directly pulled from NSA/MI sources would not be directly admissible into a court of law and the information was deliberately left at a planned raid of Cohen's office to shield from political and potential legal fallout of sitting on this information, would that directly affect the admissibility of the information into the court of law?

5b0bb3 No.1216852


I dont know about anyone else….but I have learned more about government and those in control in the past few months than I have in years of school

b7e44b No.1216853


I'd call that a BOOM

dea4be No.1216854


no 1^2 X 1^2 if taken hyper dimensionally be 4 otherwise just one.

a27e8f No.1216855


I'm an idiot because Q is who claimed Mueller was a white hat?


4d134b No.1216856

File: cad1719a6b8e1ab⋯.png (37.37 KB, 630x356, 315:178, Sexton re Brennan.PNG)

490a25 No.1216857


Instead of looking for a leader to guide us to higher elevation, what if we all became leaders and did it ourselves? Rather than seeking followers, what if we choose to empower everyone? The strength of ONEness comes from our ability to each contribute to the whole.

“the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world . . . the accuser” (Revelation 12:9–10), “the ruler of this world” (John 12:31), and “the god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:4).

1e9cdc No.1216858

9fd4bb No.1216859


what?? how so

4b7945 No.1216860


Texas winners bigly hugely

4da851 No.1216861


7a0187 No.1216862


I know but I remember having this same discussion in depth at CBTS when things first started getting out in the open.

c3f42b No.1216863

File: 92d7fede5164fa1⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-20-0….png)

b67908 No.1216864


Clapper leaked to Tapper.

Tapper hired Clapper.


72b812 No.1216865


I don't think they actually had that. It's from a different person, who does art about the abuse she suffered.

They had other sick artworks though.

f10245 No.1216866


They need some excuse.

Best to blame it on the opposition.

Oh well. Talk is cheap. They are retiring. That's the important thing.

375fcd No.1216868


Thank you.

Won't be, but notable-worthy

430345 No.1216869

File: 738c7f9e5e5cd4b⋯.jpg (51.33 KB, 409x540, 409:540, 295blq~2.jpg)


They have been doing genetic engineering for decades.

2d60af No.1216870


The NSA/MI could always be used as impeachment evidence, regardless of whether it would otherwise be admissible. A Cohen raid stunt would not be necessary.

91aed9 No.1216871


LOL, now that's funny! And, probably true.

ce1b7b No.1216872


Not our guy, not their guy. Just gonna follow where the collusion evidence leads. Who can fault that?

72b812 No.1216873


Tonedeaf moron.

a27e8f No.1216874


That's great.

Q opened up eyes.

At some point Q has to put up or shut up.

Honestly Q should just come out and admit he/she is just another anon with a shit ton of time and good researching skills.

f2e979 No.1216875



Actually, considering the overwhelming number of Republicans that have been targeted in the past year, it wouldn't surprise me if the few good ones who aren't participating in the investigations were retiring for the safety of themselves and their families. I mean, even a low-level NRA guy was targeted at his family's home.

4f7455 No.1216876


Easier to have an already enslaved, controlled FBI head than let him loose and have to find a replacement.

2d4c62 No.1216877


"on track"


47c8ea No.1216878



Please explain this in