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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch.jpg)

d44533 No.1214513


Enjoy the ride

Board Rules


Q's Tripcode: Q !xowAT4Z3VQ

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Friday 4.27.2018

>>1214085 ———————- Reconcile

>>1211768 rt >>1211682 — Re_read drops

>>1211682 rt >>1211560 — EYES OPEN? COMMS GOOD?

>>1211560 rt >>1211493 — What is the purpose of a laser pointer?

>>1211343 rt >>1211294 — "Done in 30"

>>1211294 ———————- Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Thursday 4.26.2018

>>1203338 rt >>1203096 — GOOD people are acting on the information.

>>1203057 ———————- Patience isn't always easy

>>1198932 rt >>1198778 — Important note [texts only].

>>1197788 rt >>1197573 — How many pics can you find of JL & HRC?

>>1197560 ———————- Sessions playing 4D chess

Wednesday 4.25.2018

>>1189217 rt >>1189008 — Antifa ARE Nazis

>>1187806 rt >>1187631 — Welcome to the WH.

>>1187631 ———————- What happens to...

>>1187021 rt >>1187000 — Note 187.

>>1187000 rt >>1186910 — Non-public release of Strzock texts

>>1184271 ———————- Are you awake?

>>1183319 ———————- Did you know?

>>1181425 rt >>1181379 — WW = worldwide. Try harder.

>>1181379 rt >>1181185 — They tried to delete the proof.

>>1181185 rt >>1180770 — We knew this day would come.

>>1180770 rt >>1180605 — The world is Connected. All or nothing.

>>1180770 rt >>1180604 — The world is Connected. All or nothing.

>>1180605 rt >>1180433 — Think logically…Power shift. Rise of the people.

>>1180433 rt >>1180390 — "Politics." Same for Merkel. Think movie.

>>1180364 ———————- They Feel Threatened By Us

Tuesday 4.24.2018

>>1173273 rt >>1173221 — Red carpet event tonight?

>>1169419 rt >>1169348 — This is about taking back our FREEDOM

>>1169345 rt >>1169290 — Red carpet rollout?

>>1169294 rt >>1169241 — Hostage no more.

>>1169241 rt >>1169138 — What's at risk?

>>1169138 rt >>1169112 — You Decide.

>>1169101 ———————- Iran is next. [Marker].

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But vital to get right.


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Good vs Evil.


This is about taking back our FREEDOM and saving our children/people from the EVIL that has plagued our country/world for so long.


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d44533 No.1214517


are not endorsements


>>1214180 Flynn changes twatter banner

>>1214178 POTUS Order Amending EO 13223

>>1214038 Iran Marker side-by-side update to >>1213396

>>1213277 Flynn/Q/FutureProvesPast Graphic

>>1213972 Secret Plan to Legalize Sex Trafficking of Minors?

>>1213874 'Evergreen' finds in HRC emails FOIA

>>1213819 Dig on Evergreen Marine Corp (shipping containers)


>>1213570 Three Major Takeaways from the Russia Report’s Findings:

>>1213624 Supreme Court orders release of audio, video from Las Vegas shooting

>>1213443 Maggie Nixon attended child abuse benefit

>>1213396 Side-by-Side – "Iran is next" Marker

>>1213279 Page/Strzok text notables & >>1213842 (links to collection)

>>1213270 Netanyahu Indictments

>>1213162 , >>1213267 , >>1213455 Evergreen shipping containers and human trafficking

>>1213248 Mattis On Mercenaries In Syria: I Ordered Them To Be Annihilated


>>1212543 Skippy's 'Sensitive' travel plans for printing


>>1212314 , >>1212513 , >>1212455 Book lists from searching Q's old tripcode

>>1212341 Did Strzok and Page discuss Flynn’s 302?

>>1212255 Caps of crumbs from today all about Flynn

>>1212242 McCabe, Page, Strzok FBI corruption thoughts


>>1211849 , >>1211868 Previous Q drops on Flynn

>>1211795 , >>1211847 , >>1211925 Flynn's plea deal

>>1211867 30 Day Marker: "Done in 30"

>>1211705 Skippy, Gmail and Camp David

>>1211646 Flynn knows EVERYTHING

>>1211483 Clapper busted leaking dossier details

>>1211554 Dis Flynn do what he did so that he could testify?


>>1211182 'Toronto Attack was Radicalized on 4chan': Report

>>1211099 UNITAID and the Clinton Foundation

>>1211039 Intel Report: No deception detected during Flynn’s Interview

>>1211024 , >>1211011 , >>1211021 Jonestown Massacre & Evergreen connections

>>1210984 Patrick Meehan (R-PA) announces resignation

>>1210970 New Storm-based game: 'Lock Her Up - The Trump Supremacy'

>>1210895 #ReleaseTheTexts 70mm exposures on twatter

>>1210716 Genius Redpilling


>>1209860 Renegade

>>1209864 Planting Trees, >>1209880

>>1209877 Wikileaks & Evergreen ——- 100's of search results

>>1209955 Q Proof

>>1209962 Tick Tock Tick Tocka

>>1209996 Op name: Fiddler

>>1210004 Clapper Laked Trump Dossier

>>1210007 Witch Hunt

>>1210020 Red Carpet Rollout

>>1210070 Feeding The Narrative

>>1210090 Absolutely Historic

>>1210171 Rootin Tootin Putin

>>1210336 Oswald In Mexico City? JFK Plot

>>1210360 ES, GOOG, TP & HRC

>>1210446 Further analysis on McCain Phone photo

>>1210538 The Most Devilish Crew Of All Time


>>1208894 HRC Evergreen Mail

>>1209091 Eagles Act of 2018

>>1209110 Hey, hey, hey! It's Bill Cosby, Supposed Father Figure..

>>1209184 Disney/Fox Causes Resignation Ahead Of Time

>>1209231 Iron Eagle Twitter Coincidence ,>>1209509

>>1209289 Cohencidence?


>>1209351 Re: Hey clear gmail..., >>1209273

>>1209370 Expand YouR Thinking, You Must..

>>1209433 Frankfurter Geheimschaft

>>1209471 Real Dr. Corsi Here, >>1209458 Don't Buy My Book

>>1209579 Weekly Adress: Rid Your House Of Prescription Drugs, >>1209540

>>1209617 Rob Schneider is.. a whistling carrot!

>>1209633 Skippy's Burner Phone Network, >>1209644

>>1209660 The Fight IS Real

>>1209663 As The World Turns .. On John.

>>1209685 He Will Not Be Named Retires

Best Of Bread >>311157

Archive of Notables >>>/comms/225 (Batch 740~ present)

d44533 No.1214521



>No redactions.


We might have uncovered the "THINK MIRROR, LEFT IS RIGHT, RIGHT IS LEFT" mystery!!

Check it out and conclude for yourselves:

#1512: >>1206758, >>1206950, >>1206971, >>1206971, >>1206862, >>1207115

#1513: >>1207897, >>1207903,

Just Released: Strzok/Page texts http://dailycaller.com/2018/04/27/read-the-strozk-page-texts-in-full/

Just Released: 281 pages of new Clinton emails >>1182652

JFK Files Released www.archives.gov/research/jfk/release

>>1203013 Globalization & Covert Politics

>>1202345 Howard Hunt was a deep state m**ng operative

>>1201030 James Earl Ray fingerprints didn't match

>>1200616 , >>1200691 Watergate in 1975 but in the body they're asking FBI-C_A for Howard Hunt's vacation & leave records during JFK's assassination period

>>1200531 , >>1200535 FBI intentionally ordered to avoid a DA's input on MLK's assassination

>>1199843 BINGO MLK SHOOTER Eric Starvo Galt >>1199893 James Earl Ray >>1199903

>>1197861 So the FBI plotted against MLK jr???

>>1197394 Hunt and Sturgis

>>1196996 , >>1199497 Names under investigation for conspiracy to kidnap and murder one female General M. Magnifico

>>1196852 Oswald knows the handsigns, etc.


>>1196491 C_A ADMITS TEPEDINO WAS AN ASSET and then some...

>>1196214 , >>1196281 C_A Cryptonyms

>>1196178 C_A HIT TEAM TOOK JFK OUT! >>1203028

>>1195956 Remember the "Tramps" from the Kennedy Assassination?

>>1195717 , >>1195707 Was Lee Harvey Oswald a secret unit called "Coffee Mill"?

>>1195180 , >>1195220 (((They))) killed MLK - what about JFK? DIG FOR HARD EVIDENCE, ANONS!

>>1194818 , >>1194863 , >>1194840 , >>1194686 , >>1194930 , >>1194929 JFK Documents release and finds

>>1194744 Expect fireworks! JFK files


>>1203028 30-35 C_A assets in Dallas

MEME FOR DEAR LIFE >>1133464, >>1134569

Al Gore #WheresAlGore >>1147720

Huma+??(how many siblings does huma have?) >>1140227

Map Huma's Family: Parents & Siblings >>1142939 Huma's Sister, Heba, attempted to undermine RIGHTFUL outcome of Presidential Election

>>1143533 Follow the Money. Check out Dearborn, MI also

HUMA?? >>1143022, >>1143031

MB >>1143739 MB & OBAMA

Hussein >>1101878, >>1101894 Private Investigation Into Obama By Dr. Taitz

Obama Timeline >>1066725 POTUS Schedule vs Obama 'vacation' >>1200729

CLAS Sec 11A P2.2

>>1170278 CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2 [important], >>1170325 sauce

>>1170802 Uranium One Link

>>1176566 Possible meaning "CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2" refers to "HDCP 2.2 11A" Eavesdrop on any data


>>1113402 D/L Video, Data Mine & Build Profile (Eyes Only)

>>1184421 Dig so far. Let's archive it anons, as Q said it's for use later

>>1164303 Nancy Pelosi's Twatter Archive

>>1118046 NP 1997 NK Talk www.c-span.org/video/?91427-1/north-korea-hunger-problem

>>1114611 32 Page PDF on NP: Needs DIGGING

>>1114530 Intelligence Committee Senate Report on NP's NK visit

>>1114037 NK selling arms to Iran: CIA Reading Room sauce

>>1113439 Alexandra

>>1113436 Christine

>>1113406 , >>1113553 , >>1113534 Paul

>>1113414 Offspring: Profiles

>>1107156 Dig On Feinstein's Husband

>>1112484 Complete archive for the @TeamPelosi twatter, including images

>>1111792 NP's financial disclosures

>>1107270 NP's net worth

>>1108812 NP Family: A Who's Who

>>1109003 NP Family: An overview

>>1113725 , >>1114100 Pelosi in NK

>>1113283 , >>1113404 Did Pelosi giggle when asked a Q about NK's recent ICBM?

>>1115633 NP violated NPT and 1994 Agreed Framework

>>1183297 NP Video Links and Resources

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09051e No.1214555


"Also, is Andy good with F 302". That's FISA 302 doc. Another smoking gun in the Strzok/Page texts.

314747 No.1214575


ThankQ Baker!

d44533 No.1214581

Pastebin lagging, will post paste asap.

Help The Baker

By including a description of your suggested notable. Kitchen's busy lads. TY

314747 No.1214582

File: 9351b121eff0997⋯.jpg (128.36 KB, 591x956, 591:956, Screenshot_20180427-024507….jpg)

892bdb No.1214583


The more we can bring in the better, more smoothly things will go.

892bdb No.1214585

File: 78b13fd92fc68be⋯.png (239.4 KB, 1080x1167, 360:389, Screenshot_20180427-173801….png)

More from the EO calling up vets

a7ed8c No.1214586

File: 36d960b32e33fbe⋯.png (798.07 KB, 616x682, 28:31, baker-ty-horse.png)

ty baker

892bdb No.1214587

File: 187b190f6a9a168⋯.png (439.88 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180427-174201.png)

Welp, hell froze over officially….

659b0f No.1214589

File: 183368d536cafa2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 694.91 KB, 640x853, 640:853, Watch_The_Water.png)


Thank you for the loaf.

I'm still at my station

Watching the water for you

When you get out of that hot kitchen

Stop by

We could go for a skinny dip


3fb9a7 No.1214590

File: 72a1dca8f82a3bc⋯.jpg (82.07 KB, 608x480, 19:15, 17522532_1402825349790922_….jpg)


8c9ee6 No.1214591

>>1214501 (prev)

I don't know about Jew thing, but definitely Cuban related.

885af8 No.1214592

File: 5d5b49952e9bfac⋯.jpg (89.27 KB, 1122x1058, 561:529, 5d5b49952e9bfac5a991a2ba83….jpg)

Thank you Baker

000dd3 No.1214593


Nothin' like a country girl in tight jeans, I declare.

ff04f0 No.1214594

File: c32b7ad85cd77c1⋯.png (61.26 KB, 625x385, 125:77, 2fer.png)

98e674 No.1214595


Great! Thank you for link! :)

4b3b26 No.1214596


I appreciate that pic !

1a2ab4 No.1214597


I predict big things in store for her!

93023e No.1214599


Injection good

e1a619 No.1214600



I'm inclined to agree with your assessment.

0c2f97 No.1214601




https:// www.1776channel.com/2017/11/16/national-security/port-canaverals-gulftainer-in-joint-venture-with-russian-club-k-container-missile-exporter/

1f7caf No.1214602

File: 62d057ca4c767d9⋯.png (85.15 KB, 578x269, 578:269, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 28c4db09e05e7ed⋯.png (2.64 MB, 1185x1729, 1185:1729, ClipboardImage.png)

and then in Kanuckistan


d05c0c No.1214603


And Mueller actually served 12 didn't he. so he couldn't serve another term

374329 No.1214604

File: 6187a43237d251e⋯.png (13.02 KB, 255x170, 3:2, e0b5b9f560bb820ab35787c9ff….png)

Watch the water!!!

cc6dcd No.1214605

File: db731fc2e78f986⋯.jpg (576 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, NoNameNoShame.jpg)

1b992a No.1214607

White House Intel: John McCain Expected to Retire from U.S. Senate


543674 No.1214608

File: e35ca48ef688b0b⋯.png (639.91 KB, 1439x2043, 1439:2043, 20180427_012818.png)

File: 06a6b837ca4f7cf⋯.png (1018.07 KB, 1439x1980, 1439:1980, 20180427_012759.png)

387f3c No.1214609

File: df25133e4f41de1⋯.png (446.55 KB, 943x810, 943:810, WikiLeaks on Twitter.png)


Did you guys forget Muellers connection to U1?


7f79ec No.1214610


>Congress passed Public Law 94-503,

in 1976 who let him serve longer than 10

42deda No.1214611


Any significance for the California situation?

Asking for a friend…

09609b No.1214612

601549 No.1214613

Who is Mueller?

Did he serve in the military?

Who met with Mueller the day before he was chosen for the Special Counsel?

Who met with Trump the day before Mueller was chosen for the Special Counsel?

Why the hell would Trump interview Mueller to take Comeys place as FBI director?

Is he that daft to not know you're only allowed to be the director for 10 years and Mueller was actually already director for 12?

Who can call military personnel out of 'retirement' in order to serve their country?

Who is the president?

What did Trump and Mueller REALLY talk about?

Who is Rod Rosenstein?

Why did he literally advise Trump to fire Comey, and then lead the charge for a Special Counsel BECAUSE he fired Comey?

Why did Sessions recuse himself? Sessions barely got approved in the Senate. He has no credibility with the Democrats.

What about Rosenstein? He has only 6 votes against (which is an interesting tale for another time)

Who would have more credibility launching the Special Counsel? Sessions or Rosenstein?

Like, isn't it fucking crazy that Rosenstein gets in and immediately wants to fire his buddy Comey and then immediately wants to impeach Trump?

Kinda weird don't you think?

What is a Special Counsel?

What was this Special Counsel specifically tasked with?

Investigating Trump?

Or, investigating foreign interference in the 2016 election?

Vague isn't it?

How far back could interference actually go?

Could holding old blackmail against people be considered interference?

Who brokered the deal for Uranium1 with Russia?

Was she also running for president?

Why would Russia NOT want this woman to win if she's been so good for business?

Has anyone been indicted for Uranium1?

Interesting isn't it?

What other countries were interfering with the election?


Saudi Arabia?

Would they prefer Trump or Clinton?

Are they fair game under the Special Counsel mandate?

Who's the real target?

What happened to Tony Podesta?

Why did his firm shutter like a fly by night used car dealership?

What if the rumours are true, how do you actually cage a wild, vicious animal?

You make them feel safe. You make them feel like they're in control. You make them think that this is THEIR Special Counsel. You make them think that they're winning.

It won't be much longer now

892bdb No.1214614


That's his sister surfing in the second wave pic.

ca0452 No.1214615

They are talking about Flynn on FoxNews right now!!

af01f2 No.1214616

Q, with respect, how the fuck do we "reconcile" that Mueller gets to ACTIVELY work to destroy America for DECADES but is going to get a pass because he was ONCE a Marine? THAT is a HUGE fucking pill you are asking Americans to swallow! How so YOU "reconcile" "NO ONE GETS A PASS", "NO DEALS", NO ONE playing the game gets a pass"! FUCK DISINFO BS! WE THE PEOPLE have fucking been lied to way to long, Q! Now you want us to accept these corrupt SOBs are going to walk free AFTER EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DOWN to bring down our country??? Seriously, that's so fucked up on so many levels I just can't even imagine we would be asked to accept that utter BS! smfh

93023e No.1214617


Mass red pilling operation is well underway

601549 No.1214618



673413 No.1214619

File: 612d1c8d672763c⋯.jpg (45.94 KB, 600x265, 120:53, Muellar MOAB.jpg)


MOAB incoming..

adcc78 No.1214620

File: b8731c9de4fc615⋯.jpg (82.05 KB, 610x318, 305:159, israel_nucleair_map_04.jpg)

File: 1e7231653f0090c⋯.png (144.23 KB, 662x652, 331:326, JFK-Letter-To-Israel-PM-On….png)

File: 687cbff7b9e2ce8⋯.png (163.55 KB, 810x501, 270:167, Kissinger-JFK-Israel-Nuke-….png)


You dont know?


You dont want to know?

63b742 No.1214621

last bread


If Meuller was a white hat, and got put in charge of FBI - the black hats would have been outed. Also court battle would have to been won to overthrow PL 94-503 to wrest control of FBI from Congress. Can't ave either of those, so black hats co-opted Meuller and put in charge of investigating Potus & russia/russia/russia - a nothingburger. Bought black hats time to try and hide their trail or impeach or anything but face the music.

Predict timelines all you want, but 'no battle plan survives contact with the enemy'

ec7f21 No.1214622

File: 29ba418d95bc2e8⋯.jpg (60.82 KB, 685x385, 137:77, 266qbs.jpg)

File: f23947d49ba5e34⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 634x423, 634:423, German Hillary death stare.jpg)

f822aa No.1214623



26ca2e No.1214624


It's an important thing for people to realize about Mueller… because he's helping now (and I believe he is) doesn't mean he's clean. It doesn't mean "no deals" was bullshit either. It just means the real world is shades of grey.

There are so many moving pieces to this CI op that it's impossible for it all to be black and white.

892bdb No.1214625


No but POTUS has the ability to federalize the Nat Guard if he needs to do.

d72285 No.1214626

File: 2c81979caa0e4fd⋯.jpg (44.75 KB, 452x286, 226:143, 292le5~2.jpg)

To Obongo.

c625cc No.1214627



000dd3 No.1214628

09609b No.1214629


you muh joo shills are worse than the FE shills

543674 No.1214630

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ronald Bernard, ex-cabal member, explains what he saw and why he left.

The exact stuff we are up against.

Should be mandatory viewing for all anons.

There are 4 more parts too.

https:// youtu.be/84vbw_flvqA

af01f2 No.1214631


>MOAB incoming..

Yeah, who fucking knew that mfing "MOAB" would be us having to accept Mueller walking free after decades of fucking corrupt and destruction of America! Great, enjoy! ffs

2c41d7 No.1214632


Think mirror. Are you awake?

23bdc3 No.1214633

(Bread #1520)


That was manipulation that had plausibility. This, not so much, clearly designed to be beyond the pale, to be intentionally off-putting. All generations have been cultivated to some purpose, this one to be nonfunctioning socially.

b6dadb No.1214634


What's the alternative? Death?

Or play along and become a hero?

225b68 No.1214635

File: 4a4fc3b090b3fd2⋯.png (1.04 MB, 930x897, 310:299, Selection_270.png)

File: a873e028bdb6950⋯.jpg (323.11 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, James Alefantis, Paul Farb….jpg)

Brother of Emmanuel Rahm - with the model agency mentioned in earlier bread.

We have a name Christopher Lunch(?)

892bdb No.1214636


We had a PETA shill earlier.

ebad90 No.1214637

>>1214527 (last)

i agree, relevant today

543674 No.1214638


Yep : )

2018 will be glorious!!

e1a619 No.1214639


Well said, Anon, well said!

I concur.

793b18 No.1214640


yeah, no way that was really @jack

b20104 No.1214641

File: dd9b7a935ab32c9⋯.jpg (698.21 KB, 800x800, 1:1, dq.jpg)

785acb No.1214642


"far-right" = "vicious smear"


Accepting a pejorative as such continues to allow it to be powerful. Mistake.

52856c No.1214643

There is another version of the story

Mueller delivered a sample of uranium requested by the Georgian and Russian authorities so that they could determine if it was the same as some stolen uranium they had confiscated


While its still odd…maybe things aren't always what they seem…


1b992a No.1214644


And you who deny facts are the same as FE shills.

8c9ee6 No.1214645


I know, but you only sounds like a Jew hater. But, I know where you are coming from.

5108e7 No.1214646

File: 2775751999f6e25⋯.png (123.07 KB, 320x180, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

d38d33 No.1214647


Yeah. If only squeaky clean people were working for /ourguys/ we might have a few monks meditating in the mountains. Lets be real all of these military generals and government operatives have done things they aren't proud of. That's why they're trying to make it right now.

452a7f No.1214648


Seems like that laser pointer is designed to lead people to the trail of crumbs.

11cf5e No.1214649

Want to find out where the rabbit hole leads, and connect all the dots? This shows the history, and who's who. We need this to go viral to help wake everyone up, its already got a lot more views, but needs to get a 100's of millions of hits.


3de7c6 No.1214650

File: 959b7ced9fa04b0⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 1629x14563, 1629:14563, cleanup.jpg)

Board cleaned up.

9f19b0 No.1214651


Great movie so far, can't wait for the climax scene.

24b67e No.1214652

File: 30a9899f6395927⋯.png (80.34 KB, 958x529, 958:529, Trump tweet 2018-04-27.PNG)

Order from Trump to Mueller to end investigation? reposting

4b3b26 No.1214653

ae5970 No.1214654


It certainly is.

26ca2e No.1214655



cc6dcd No.1214656

File: 4468013293ced34⋯.jpg (576 KB, 1024x574, 512:287, BeetleLynch.jpg)

aeef70 No.1214657


they are getting found out, and people are starting to see it!

26c10b No.1214658

File: c5cfbfdab9976c7⋯.png (6.75 KB, 1185x110, 237:22, Screenshot-2018-2-22 Q Res….png)

File: 0da3f2499650ee5⋯.png (6.75 KB, 655x108, 655:108, Screenshot-2018-2-22 Q Res….png)

File: 7a142dc5be57da3⋯.png (19.53 KB, 502x351, 502:351, Screenshot-2018-3-22 Q Res….png)



Okay regarding Flynn, I believe you're saying he needed to go to court in order for his evidence to be admitted into evidence thereby making it Open Source or "official public records".

Regarding Mueller; I believe he's investigating much more and different subjects than the media and others believe, which is also why his military background is important. Think optics…

What makes a GOOD movie?

GREAT actors.

We are close which is why Sessions called for an end to Mueller's investigation.

This whole week is the precursor to the really big show. That's also why attacks in Canada and today France. (((They))) are wounded animals in a corner. The jig is up Deep state #TickTock

Still working on the reconcile part!

Oh and a laser pointer points out your target.

Hope I'm getting the comms now Q!

WWG1WGA to the Great Awakening!

af01f2 No.1214659


>Are you awake?

You're fucking right I'm "awake"!

That's how I KNOW Mueller deserves to go down along with all the other corrupt SOBs!


Mueller had previous knowledge of 9/11… a hero? Really? Tell that to the THOUSANDS of Americans that died that day!

ff04f0 No.1214660


Who says he's going to be free?

He won't be able to be seen in public without harassment.

He won't last long.

None of them that 'go free' will.

09609b No.1214661

File: 0832d8e7c1b1187⋯.jpg (79.46 KB, 450x531, 50:59, yoda.jpg)


lol missed that

I sense the desperation in their shilling

a978b7 No.1214662

File: 2dc2793c7bf067b⋯.png (13.36 KB, 256x256, 1:1, fireinthehole.png)

e1a619 No.1214663


TY for your diligence BO. Much appreciated.

698efe No.1214664

File: b51fe06207a7d0a⋯.png (378.97 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-17-4….png)

File: cae2362e27970e1⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-17-5….png)

File: 25236184fd8c10e⋯.png (422.41 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-17-5….png)

File: 22d0b077365c5b5⋯.png (442.25 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-17-5….png)

File: 067e0690ce02de9⋯.png (369.9 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-17-5….png)

cc4fd5 No.1214665

File: 1c05c03c288e621⋯.jpg (865.02 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_JFK.jpg)

The release of the documents is because George H.W. Bush is still alive. He was an overseer of Operation Zapata, the Bay of Pigs incident in Cuba. Bush coordinated the CIA assets that were left hanging in Cuba, and turned them on JFK. Bush was even photographed outside the Texas School Book Depository moments after the assassination. He was talking to General Landsdale, a United States Air Force officer who served in the Office of Strategic Services and the Central Intelligence Agency.

So we have to wait because "Poppy" Bush is still alive.

BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it!

Unseal the records!!!!!

4b3b26 No.1214666


Cankles is the word your looking for

d44533 No.1214667


Thanks BO, Gods work.

af01f2 No.1214668


>Who says he's going to be free?

If Mueller is not brought up on charges for his decades of corrupt…he walks free, period!

aeef70 No.1214669


not many are clean, but when your caught there is some leverage!

654ad1 No.1214670

File: 95996d69cb1b3ca⋯.png (182.68 KB, 1218x906, 203:151, IMG_2614.PNG)

File: 31fee333124e99c⋯.png (57.79 KB, 1241x446, 1241:446, IMG_2615.PNG)

File: 4ec773aad958e24⋯.jpg (83.31 KB, 504x479, 504:479, IMG_2625.JPG)

File: 09d2642083b1148⋯.png (5.06 MB, 1272x3816, 1:3, IMG_2632.PNG)

File: aac8723da6d09cb⋯.jpg (162.4 KB, 599x599, 1:1, IMG_2641.JPG)

Kanye is sorry for exposing the cabal too soon he couldn't hold his tounge with the light of god shining through.

By the way "speak in tounges" refers to slang

[Kid Cudi:]

Beautiful morning, you're the sun in my morning babe

Nothing unwanted

Beautiful morning, you're the sun in my morning babe

Nothing unwanted

[Kanye West:]

Just want to feel liberated, I, I, I

I just want to feel liberated, I, I, I

If I ever instigated I’m sorry

Tell me who in here can relate, I, I, I

daa67c No.1214671

File: f42c716b5620d52⋯.png (37.81 KB, 696x315, 232:105, hc.PNG)

This is a BS tweet! It is circular in logic. If they are working moms and dads, they are already paying for child care and participating in policy is not interrupted or hindered by child care costs. This is a threat for a FF against children if POTUS doesn't change his mind about something!

8bdbc3 No.1214672


it's going to absolutely destroy the Left/NWO/Cabal for Trump to get the Nobel Peace Prize.

4725f1 No.1214673

File: bb23b449d6d3d03⋯.png (857.44 KB, 961x649, 961:649, ClipboardImage.png)

11cf5e No.1214674


These people need necked, and their assets seized for what they've done to humanity for so long. That needs to be our new reality.

6cd301 No.1214675

File: 07dba743f5ee466⋯.jpeg (105.91 KB, 999x555, 9:5, image.jpeg)


>>1214038 (last bread)


One example of a MIRROR interpretation: (re_read)

CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2 | CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2

"Installments" | Refers to more than payments of $250B

$250 B | IRON EAGLE | Sweet Dreams

Jan 1 | Re_read

Jun 1 | POTUS today

No inspection of @ GZ NR sites | "Mark it down"

No missile tech prevention | "Bigger problems than ever before"

Load carrying ICBM | SIG to Iran?

93023e No.1214676

File: f2efea264cbd5dc⋯.png (8.6 MB, 3300x2550, 22:17, Shill Proof We ARe.png)

63b742 No.1214677

If Meuller was black hat (likely), then he was taken off Potus "list" and put to hounding Potus, while the FBI was free to 302 whoever they wanted to in the investigation

f09076 No.1214679


Land, Air, Sea Emergency Rescue (US DoD)


Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation


4ca782 No.1214680


Kek. Awesome anon

d72285 No.1214681

File: 71a9c1d1316967b⋯.jpg (57.26 KB, 480x588, 40:49, 298jc7~2.jpg)

File: bfab86d363f1d69⋯.jpg (54.8 KB, 458x605, 458:605, 298g46~2.jpg)

They were designed to extract rare earth minerals , slave miners.

Lockheed Martin.

27e821 No.1214682

use monospace no wrap

Q [auth 478 -24zgP]

Q [auth ori zation]

Q [auth ent icated]

http: // thehill.com/ homenews /administration/337182-trump-considered-mueller-for-fbi-director-before-he-was-named-special

https: // www.npr.org/ 2017/06/09 /532286723/special-counsel-robert-mueller-had-been-on-white-house-short-list-to-run-fbi

https: // www.fbi.gov/ history /directors

“Congress passed Public Law 94-503, limiting the FBI Director to a single term of no longer than 10 years.”



e80448 No.1214684

File: a8159b8ec6b541b⋯.png (4.69 MB, 2048x1290, 1024:645, ClipboardImage.png)


ff04f0 No.1214685


And you didn't even bother to comprehend the remainder of my post, did you?

09609b No.1214686



there are no facts that say Israel killed JFK

muh jew shills replace NWO/cabal/deep state with jew/israel/kikes to obfuscate the real enemy of we the people

adc6ff No.1214687

aeef70 No.1214690


depends if he was controlled like NK, if freed he knows much

7fda04 No.1214691

File: d888fd0a753bb3d⋯.png (540.04 KB, 1275x908, 1275:908, ClipboardImage.png)

d38d33 No.1214692


Yeah more propaganda disguising what is probably a veiled threat to those in the know.

We know that HRC's wet dream would be to end the family.

601549 No.1214694


Not trying to be fake Q. I wrote this from Q drops

26ca2e No.1214695


Exactly. If Mueller "clears" 45 and brings the hammer down on 44 and company, do you think he's going to continue to be the darling of the MSM and vocal left? Hell no. He'll be ostracized like we're seeing happen to Comey right now on his book tour.

His penance won't be pain free - no one's will be.

efcba8 No.1214696


Right? No proof of the FED "restructuring" while we're still being taxed three times over with NO representation. Bull-fucking-shit. People are getting fired for supporting Trump. Can't get land or fair financial opportunities yet we have to trust the invisible chan plan. PFFFT.


>Tell that to the THOUSANDS of Americans that died that day!

THIS. Fucking this! Anyone who tells us to be patient and doesn't show an ounce of restitution to the families or citizen who were BTFO of a building or murdered for filing a lawsuit against Killary is complicit in the coverup. The whole bullshit of Americans can't handle it is the same way we've been led to the slaughter. Enough is fucking enough!

99b034 No.1214697

File: 3185a6c2cd22a3d⋯.png (127.82 KB, 1411x537, 1411:537, ClipboardImage.png)


Q said the MOAB was on hold.

Weren't you listening??

Look at the series of posts.

First post tells us R will be OBUMMER… so when we dig we know what to look for.

The Q became the pepe meme with the dropped ice cream in the next post letting us know that congressfags are freaking out.

Then in the 3rd post he calms the concernfags by letting us know its all in the right hands.

What else was the big point he made? GMAIL DRAFTS.



d44533 No.1214698

#1521 Dough


4b3b26 No.1214699


Can’t and won’t (as we’ve seen) because the world will go nuts put All blame on him (though I doubt it’s All him) and will distract from issues at hand ! Priorities

1b992a No.1214700

File: d7d8ed7d6bd016d⋯.jpg (214.61 KB, 1180x766, 590:383, d7d8ed7d6bd016de8fda46042e….jpg)

File: b0ba032b0765849⋯.jpg (70.28 KB, 798x448, 57:32, 0000001.jpg)

b6dadb No.1214701


Lots of people know the truth, POTUS knew too.

What happens to people that know too much?

POTUS has been a spy for decades.

ff8158 No.1214702

File: 1a625874ea77580⋯.jpg (27.85 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 7fb72953aec8751b979bfbcdd6….jpg)


do you want mueller or clinton ….

is what it comes down to i suspect .

09609b No.1214703


I'm looking for others

great work anon

aeef70 No.1214704


also shine the light on the target

a6ef5d No.1214705

I think they're building a new Internal Affairs department under Mueller. Look who he's got on his team. There's a fraud guy and a criminal and national security prosecutor.

5e78ee No.1214706

3fb9a7 No.1214707

File: 95b3152b14f42a8⋯.jpg (712.55 KB, 1063x800, 1063:800, prosting.jpg)


cc6dcd No.1214708


Yeah Q doesn't use Reddit spacing either.

d38d33 No.1214709


Oh look a division fag trying to pit us against blacks.

Sorry black people aren't the enemy, the satanic cabal of pedophiles is.

Q team is working hard to wake up the blacks and end the Dems. You're shilling isn't going to ruin it.

6cd301 No.1214710


Likewise, KEK

d3bafb No.1214711

Is it even happening anymore? Pretty hard to fuckin tell if you ask me.

f822aa No.1214712


Tell us what you know We're all over the place, here

2d759a No.1214713

File: f1bf5f5e84e7d8b⋯.png (733.42 KB, 692x549, 692:549, ClipboardImage.png)

5d6818 No.1214714

Other people's work.

Glorified news feed.

Out of ideas.

Re-use old material.

Pretend time deadline isn't up.





Take credit for HFC members hard work.

The plan for November.

Just trust.

Trust the plan.

Trust must be earned.

No trust.

The Crown.

They own our military.

Q yet to expose.

They hate us.

They hate our freedom.

Blind sheep cannot see.

Who owns the voting machines?


You are being mindfucked.

R Governors being framed & taken down.


Pardoning of illegals.

Pardoning of others.

Restoration of voter rights to convicted felons.

What IF it is all lies?

Who do you trust?


Can you think critically when the price of not doing so is so very high?

Question everyone.

Question everything.

What, exactly, does the concept of JUST/JUSTICE mean to YOU?

3fb9a7 No.1214716

File: 05ec81771dab6ea⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6743d7ed-cd77-4fdb-a76a-2a….jpg)



659b0f No.1214717


THis is most likely to be a coded message to somebody. Ignore it. Smarter people than you are surveilling these big fish.

ca0452 No.1214718


But remember who was in charge at the time.

There are several white hats who were whistleblowers who were not working for the FBI. Truth could not come out until Trump got into office.

There is so much more to the story…

09609b No.1214719


nice pictures from the muh jew shill website


99b034 No.1214721



Listen or leave dumb fuck

c581e5 No.1214722

Candace Owens is a fool. She should have told jack to fire anyone responsible for labeling her far right.

824c8c No.1214723


Helping the swamp because you're corrupt, is quite different than helping the swamp because "otherwise we'll kill your kids".

Look at the face of Kim of N Korea: that's the smile of a freed man.

5d452b No.1214724

Hi shills… TCW… BFC… hahaha

4ca782 No.1214725


Hory Shiite. Which post stated “leaked- cleared of all charges TOO early. Before the “done in 30”. This iS highly planned out. Totalnorchestration.

15f463 No.1214726

File: 322eae6718abc3e⋯.jpeg (18.01 KB, 255x227, 255:227, Gitmo Gang Corruption.jpeg)

Does anyone have that meme of Trump pushing the cabal dominos down? I can't find it.

af01f2 No.1214727


>Enough is fucking enough!

It's fucking mind boggling!

I just can't…

I'll NEVER accept the fucking FBI Director having prior knowledge of 9/11, remaining silent AND getting a pass, NEVER!

108080 No.1214728

Wasn't Mueller recalled as a Marine?

698efe No.1214729

File: 2a1d8e703be7baa⋯.png (877.83 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-17-5….png)

File: 033e79232f65829⋯.png (451.26 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-17-5….png)

File: 22c55932aba4ee8⋯.png (278.93 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-17-5….png)

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/25/john-bolton-says-national-security-council-staff-changes-are-coming-and-some-employees-arent-happy.html

8c9ee6 No.1214730


New documents reveal the CIA wanted to conceal explosives inside a sea shell to assassinate former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

The plot to take down the communist leader was revealed in a classified 1975 report that is part of the near-3,000 documents about the assassination of John F. Kennedy that were ordered to be released by President Donald Trump on Thursday.

The CIA has long been rumored to have planned a series of assassination attempts against Castro using elaborate means, from using exploding cigars to poisoned pills to putting thallium salt in his shoes. Castro’s inner circle estimate that there were some 634 attempts to take his life.

But the document officially reveals the schemes that focused on Castro’s love of skin diving, hoping that he would pick up the beach shell and trigger an explosive, and another that considered giving the revolutionary a contaminated diving suit.


d72285 No.1214731

File: 96a6ef192a960fa⋯.jpg (66.66 KB, 480x601, 480:601, 295efi~2.jpg)

John Brennan Issues Warning to POTUS About Mueller's Investigation “Stay Tuned, Mr. Trump…”

002299 No.1214732





a978b7 No.1214733

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Trump Card

I'm gonna play

My trump card

And don't you know

It's gonna go hard with you…


1b992a No.1214734


Same jew defense shill bot as every other bread. We see you Shecky.

The truth is coming out like it or not.

Buckle up bitch.

654ad1 No.1214735

File: d34a750993724d9⋯.png (52.42 KB, 559x679, 559:679, IMG_2676.PNG)

f822aa No.1214737


The hats are reversible. White on one side, black the other

e0cd85 No.1214738



94e96e No.1214739

File: 2ca2ce9d119e0a2⋯.png (52.45 KB, 735x140, 21:4, ClipboardImage.png)


12 years already served ending in 2013.



Public Law 94-503 was passed in 1976!

He was never in contention to be FBI director.

Why did the HILL and NPR write these stories?

Disinfo or did they not know?

da9a3e No.1214740

File: 63a90aa7a0b05b7⋯.jpg (60.23 KB, 880x407, 80:37, Muellar MOAB.jpg)

Mueller is the MOAB.

Bring the rain Q!

cc4fd5 No.1214741


Absolutely NOT ALL HIM, but he is the reason delayed. Everyone else is dead.

7c1419 No.1214742

Filling in crumbs from anons post in prior bread. Question asked: Why would nxviem need lobbyists?

Answer is they don't. They need power and position.

Baker wanted it broken down easy so here it is:


So says opponent Che Farley. (Note Gillbrand campaign does not refute grandmother's role.)


48820e No.1214743

File: ec721f8dcd1d5a9⋯.png (1.61 MB, 740x916, 185:229, ClipboardImage.png)

c86281 No.1214744

File: d1961b28a07cbf6⋯.jpg (156.7 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, what-truly-means-be-gray-h….jpg)


Muller is a White Hat

working with Trump from the jump. Q could never say so nor could Trump let on as it would ruin the illusion that Trump was in trouble. And, that was needed to give room for investigations to advance unimpeded. And also to keep the left and other cabal members wrong footed.

Been telling anyone who would listen that he was a WH since NOV. Is it wrong that I feel a thimble full of vindication. Well maybe we can finally put it to rest.

295abc No.1214745


now the muh mueller shills have awoken

over the target!


c59d77 No.1214746

File: 0e657408eb162ae⋯.png (290.46 KB, 1119x668, 1119:668, solved.png)

anons - read the "are you awake?" drop from today. Q is literally PLEADING with us to read the FULL, CORRECT MAP. Let's get started.

>pic related

b76d16 No.1214747


Absolutely Kektakular.

15f463 No.1214748


Sometimes you have to use one of the fish as chum to catch all the other fish.

a45f1d No.1214749

>>1213884 (last bread)

They don't need anything like that.

All they need to do is the following.

Container ship. (You can buy one for cheaper than a Bugatti Veyron. Almost all are flagged to dodgy countries)

Cruise missiles in containers.(Iran has the Russian version)

Fire them off just outside our territorial waters in international waters.(No muss, no fuss)

Very simple guidance-stay at 500 feet above surface until it reaches a set latitude/longitude then detonate. They'd be flying over water so no obstacles until close.

Could take out Boston, NYC, Philly, Washington D.C., Norfolk, Charleston, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

That much infrastructure taken out=collapse of the country.

Iran has been practicing doing this very thing since 2006.

448581 No.1214750

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you motherfuckers better wake up about candace owens…. or at least proceed with caution before anointing her as the greatest thing ever.


I had her in my show because she’s black, she has a vagina and she identifies as a conservative’ That’s what I would like these people to admit, because looking at her content, she cites the same stats we all know, arrives at moderate conclusions and does it confidently. I couldn’t care less if she makes shit content but looking into it (Which I mostly did because Tree of Logic, someone I have a fuckton of respect for, told me she was a con artist) you realize she’s basically reading the talking points of this people in the personhood of a confident atractive black woman, nothing added, nothing to make it more or less controversial than it needs to be, and that’s enough. That’s all you need to be a success, she took a look at the conservative side of youtube and repeated the words already said by countless people, BUT AS A SAUCY CONFIDENT BLACK WOMAN!

3fb9a7 No.1214751

File: 8097edd6d54cdb1⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, whale1.jpg)



2c41d7 No.1214752


I'm dead fucking tired and I'm making a sick joke because I'm fucking delirious.

I've been at this for six fucking months.

I don't eat right anymore.

I don't take a normal shit anymore.

My kids don't talk to me anymore.

I've made 100s of good memes, many are used all the time now.

I've anayzed this every which way but Sunday.

And then I'm asked the other day "Are you awake?"

I was, but probably not anymore.

Time for a fucking nap.

94e96e No.1214753


Why plead guilty?

Because then he has a deal to SPILL the beans.

IF you don't plead guilty, prosecutors bear the burden of proof - THEY have to present evidence.

If you plead guilty, part of that plea is probably to SPILL THE BEANS.

When you spill the beans, MUELLER HAS IT ALL

60d671 No.1214754






793b18 No.1214755


there is always plenty of time to get out before getting too deep into horrible stuff

people involved in "dirty deeds" made that choice

or should we just let everyone do "dirty deeds" with no repercussions and say, oh they were just too dumb to see where things were headed, let's just ignore it? that's ridiculous.

93023e No.1214757

File: f0b9c32146ffdd7⋯.png (598.71 KB, 1014x643, 1014:643, LAPD.png)


a7ed8c No.1214758

File: b77cb56f55cfe23⋯.png (259.01 KB, 580x367, 580:367, release-text-82.png)

cc6dcd No.1214759

File: 43eb778c8ace138⋯.jpg (512 KB, 640x776, 80:97, MemeMakers.jpg)

adcc78 No.1214760


Think about the repercussions if its true?

48820e No.1214761

oops sorry this


was for u


295abc No.1214762


exactly what i think

he lost it when potus wouldnt "prove" his book!

(he was already halfway there with his current shillbooktour)

da7d64 No.1214763

Q post about Chair+. Q has posted Q+. What is the significance of the +?

9b989f No.1214764



roger that

3230b3 No.1214765

File: ec128d9134e1671⋯.jpg (157.4 KB, 959x643, 959:643, Obamas_Freedom.jpg)

File: 28adc4c963c1430⋯.jpg (151.41 KB, 966x648, 161:108, Obamas_Hope.jpg)

File: 4450b0665eb80dd⋯.jpg (153.78 KB, 962x646, 481:323, Obamas_Legacy.jpg)

File: 8c99fdfb47d3e05⋯.jpg (153.4 KB, 959x642, 959:642, Obamas_Protection.jpg)

6c1dc6 No.1214766


Trust Mueller he has the uranium ?

Trust Mueller 911 report ?

Trust Mueller he worked for Whitey Bulger ?

sounds radioactive

Uranium's half life is 4.5 billion years

Trust Mueller he is glowing ?

In 4.5 Billion years he will be whole

cc4fd5 No.1214767

File: b29f3ffc000eb6b⋯.jpg (559.11 KB, 1100x1050, 22:21, OppsSyria.jpg)

File: 6357c317454f426⋯.jpg (523.11 KB, 1000x929, 1000:929, boltommoustashe.jpg)

File: 7f943944eefcf89⋯.jpg (46.72 KB, 400x286, 200:143, boltontrumpo.jpg)

File: b241776afcbb8d9⋯.jpg (524.36 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, dontthink.jpg)

File: 57c32dfd7baa581⋯.jpeg (96.55 KB, 800x436, 200:109, john_bolton__emad_hajjaj.jpeg)

295abc No.1214768


understand the comms anon?

ec7f21 No.1214769

File: 56a677fcd6399ad⋯.jpg (39.05 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 298s0z.jpg)

File: bb05ed223bb913b⋯.jpg (23.99 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 4B9E9B8500000578-5665273-i….jpg)

File: 880bae24f6563dd⋯.jpg (52.38 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 298slf.jpg)

File: 5c19cb6d5d04b26⋯.jpg (38.61 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 4B9E9C5900000578-5665273-i….jpg)

efcba8 No.1214770


Looks like this fucker lied. How can the white hats trust this grey hat? They KILLED people! All for what? Money. There where Quantum computers in the Pentagon that was set to launch a new financial system to end the fucking fed. Fintech = Blockchain technology. The plane that hit a field in PA has the same tech UNDERNEATH. That's why WTC7 was raided and demo'd. They took GOLD for their personal gain but gave us dead bodies and candle light vigils. Fuck that. Fuck this secrecy. Fuck everything.

108080 No.1214771


Q is the laser pointer?

94e96e No.1214773




When Mueller's report comes out, EVERYONE has been hyping it for years. Guess what? ITS GOT FLYNN'S TESTIMONY

26ca2e No.1214774

c59d77 No.1214775

File: d5b94593d1dc7c0⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 208x255, 208:255, kekishield.jpg)

ff04f0 No.1214776



fa823f No.1214777

File: 33305e5b8f0d8f9⋯.jpg (49.71 KB, 640x427, 640:427, lesterchambers.jpg)


I'm not too open minded about Mueller because of his role in 9/11 and many other crimes. Their job has been to set people up.

That's why the FBI cheat on the interviews and don't use recordings. So they can lie on paper if they want to frame their victim.

On Mueller, his history and reputation, By Congressman Gohmert.

https://www. scribd.com/document/377409983/Gohmert-Mueller-UNMASKED#

I'm certain that President Trump would've known this.

So, my conclusion is the "He was looking at him for Fbi chief but couldn't do it because he already had 10 years" is a Fake Out.

Like in basketball when the player moves one way, to get you to move that way, and then just moves the other way.

As how you get a cat to chase the light of a flashlight.

"Time has come today. No place to run"

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=oAScA6YUT30

b07924 No.1214778


“Hide yo’ money, bitches!” -HRC

885af8 No.1214779


more than one…

d44533 No.1214780

97a404 No.1214781



This seems most plausible to me. Mueller comes to WH early and Trump team gives him a glimpse of what they have and how this is going to go down. He cut a deal. I may be way off but his being so involved with the U1 makes it hard for me to accept him as /ourguy/. Future will prove past as always.

b97e9f No.1214782

File: c6e934db1d5e970⋯.png (922.65 KB, 1190x595, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

leaks fixed

cc4fd5 No.1214783

File: 53f90081d25e109⋯.jpg (246.93 KB, 700x700, 1:1, syriafault.jpg)

File: caa66e4c7261a99⋯.jpg (443.79 KB, 1200x891, 400:297, syriafalseflag.jpg)

daa67c No.1214784


I am so grateful for your concern and watching out for me that I not waste my time on things you believe I should ignore. I wouldn't know what to think say or do if it wasn't for you. Bless your heart

5d452b No.1214785

Actions speak louder than words… BFC moto

824c8c No.1214786

Trump doesn't like Merkel at all. I know the man: his posture and gesture and eyes show disdain from every pore. Potus knows Merkel is a swamp rat.

I don't understand why he was so nice with Macron: that man is dumb (a sort of french Trudeau), and he's also an Obama-style manchurian. But Merkel… I think she'll be soon removed.

Let's hope Europe is going to be free soon, or it'll be too late. We are on the fast track to forced burka…

326bc6 No.1214787


One post Anon…. I think we should heed this Anons request, observation seems spot on!

6c1dc6 No.1214788


Trust Mueller he protects kids ?

7c1419 No.1214789



Baker, prior bread you asked for more. I dug and provided.

(Original posting was not mine. I noted another anon for Notables.)

4b3b26 No.1214790


How about that he’s involved in U1….his names all over the papers

e90b6b No.1214791

File: 3d0d18ae1aa3dbd⋯.jpg (176.55 KB, 1063x659, 1063:659, SAFE.JPG)

af01f2 No.1214792


fuck you asshole!

9a5cbd No.1214793

File: 61c555211e68880⋯.png (634.55 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A44AD061-C723-4E46-B4CE-28….png)

e2b3cb No.1214794

>>1214085 (Q previous)

Want a reconcile ? How about Mueller being part of the 16 yr. Plan !


by Congressman Louie Gohmert

https:// archive.fo/gv8BV#selection-49.0-91.28

33580f No.1214795

File: 9b6796975c25516⋯.png (12.79 KB, 255x255, 1:1, e4da1586e2d2aae45d6335d61d….png)


Hang in there Anon.

efcba8 No.1214796


Fucking dirty masonic pigs.

b76b6e No.1214797


General Landsdale is buried in Arlington, He needs to be dug up and buried someplace else.

9f19b0 No.1214798


THIS so much. The texts are not a MoAB, this is an fat man and its already loaded up and ready to go. The stuff worse will be a tsar bomba, the really bad stuff we may not even fully know yet about is likely the black project, majestic 12 stuff that makes nuclear war sound a walk in the park.

aaf6ed No.1214799


I don't think it is related to FISA. A 302 is a document created by an FBI agent during an interview.

Remember Stzrok fucked with HRC's 302s to let her off?

And it was rumored that he fucked with Flynn's 302 pertaining to the interview that lead to his guilty plea.

f 302 could mean Flynn's 302.

07c781 No.1214800

File: 383fe3cfed10747⋯.jpg (148.07 KB, 822x501, 274:167, Screenshot_20180427-161928.jpg)

File: 942cf39b981bc48⋯.jpg (457.31 KB, 686x1630, 343:815, Screenshot_20180427-161948.jpg)

File: 64fc68c63e64975⋯.jpg (164.4 KB, 517x830, 517:830, Screenshot_20180427-162323.jpg)

File: 67aa526425af184⋯.jpg (291.08 KB, 1076x1381, 1076:1381, Screenshot_20180427-175358.jpg)

File: 071c654f5ff1648⋯.jpg (292.14 KB, 880x1391, 880:1391, Screenshot_20180427-175850.jpg)




“Congress passed Public Law 94-503, limiting the FBI Director to a single term of no longer than 10 years.”




Anons look at the sections that the Special Counsel is targeting. Sections 4-10!!!!

24ba52 No.1214801

File: 52167d47505198c⋯.jpg (31.18 KB, 521x274, 521:274, IMG_20180427_163319.jpg)

108080 No.1214802


Chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff + Q

Q + ?????

f822aa No.1214803


No She called out the other platforms quite publicly The peons were doing what they were told

a273d4 No.1214804

File: 4b5ae65a08c7129⋯.jpg (106.42 KB, 500x663, 500:663, MuellerWhiteHat.jpg)

c625cc No.1214805

File: a7021b2be1b08e1⋯.png (219.63 KB, 520x380, 26:19, Screenshot-2018-4-27 pepe ….png)

01f5d0 No.1214806

File: 61ebd2343c1d449⋯.jpg (176.88 KB, 1899x1150, 1899:1150, _20180423_153916.JPG)

5e2143 No.1214807


Mueller is “former” USMC. He was reactivated to service. It’s a Rickroll.

295abc No.1214808


>They were designed to extract rare earth minerals , slave miners

not just them

all of us

read the sumerian histories and learn

09609b No.1214809

6ee54d No.1214810



5afaa3 No.1214811

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/the-latest-dna-site-says-it-didnt-know-about-use-by-police/ar-AAwqhI4

Genetic info obtained from a website service called GEDMatch was used to track down the supposed golden state killer. They of course denied they knew police obtained it from their databases.

Why would the authorities just now use such information to find such a notorious killer if they had the tools to do so?

09609b No.1214812

File: c0d1bba8a78e6eb⋯.png (870.68 KB, 793x500, 793:500, ClipboardImage.png)

a6ef5d No.1214813



He can't be head of that Department. But he can be head of a different department. Maybe they're investigating the corrupt FBI to see who they'll keep, who they'll prosecute and who they'll fire. Then they can disband the FBI and start over with a new department under Mueller.

3fb9a7 No.1214814

File: fbaa9ea0412e693⋯.jpg (480.88 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, nohomo.jpg)



af01f2 No.1214815


>Want a reconcile ? How about Mueller being part of the 16 yr. Plan !


cd1156 No.1214816

File: 84ac1a911b7860e⋯.png (813.89 KB, 1260x1241, 1260:1241, ClipboardImage.png)

These fucks are PROJECTING their Intentions right HERE Q!


f822aa No.1214817


The old exploding clam trick

108080 No.1214818


Now he has no choice but to follow orders

09051e No.1214819


A SINGLE term of not more than ten years. Does it prohibit another term after he steps down? Can he serve another term?

1652fb No.1214820


Where does he come from? We would like to know.

7c1419 No.1214821


This is the biggest snake in the grass to rival other big snakes.

He's disgusting.

48820e No.1214822

File: f281fa6d5591494⋯.gif (46.51 KB, 798x804, 133:134, 0b1f14436a40dd863fd2c03e9b….gif)

File: 42ed20e19daceab⋯.jpeg (25.14 KB, 213x255, 71:85, sdfsdf.jpeg)


Thank you anon! true patriot! we hear your sacrifice, hang in there anon!!! We need you at the end

e0899e No.1214823

File: f96d49690ecc4ff⋯.jpeg (25.41 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 8C5798E3-46F0-4CB5-A739-B….jpeg)

File: 51d0535280624d6⋯.jpeg (578.89 KB, 1869x927, 623:309, 4B902CF5-3ABF-4A10-88A3-E….jpeg)


>I know they're commies. We all know that. Unfortunately some people here still can't grasp that communism/nazism are not the same.

Well, there may be slight technical differences, but where SOROs Open Society funding is concerned they are in fact 2 sides of the same Soros coin.

There is nothing good or redeeming about either socialism (whether nationalist or not) or communism. They are both collectivist constructs which seek to censor, disarm, and oppress Free thinking individuals. PERIOD. I could give a shit arguing over the text book definitions.

>>inb4 muh both sidez of duh same coyn

295abc No.1214824


the shitposters dont care that you are 100% correct anon

but we anons do

2a3169 No.1214825

>>1214646 Really he was crap in that video….fuk his books

b8740c No.1214826

How could you have been so misguided?

Did you really think the evil path was going to allow you spiritual progression?

For those who sold their soul, was the money power and fame worth an inconceivable karmic consequence?

Yes it’s true, humanity has made karmic mistakes as well, but we are good, and we learn/grow.

Nothing we have done is even close to the evil you portray upon us. Genetically manipulating us so we are weak, torturing and eating our children, brainwashing and manipulating….you aren’t gods…you never were. You played the game and lost

You now have two choices, continue down your abyss of misery and evil, or change your ways, and adopt the light, love, and harmony, truely successful beings embrace.

Thank you to the White Hats

The Patriots

The warriors of peace and love

And thank you to our cosmic brothers and sisters for assisting the breakdown of the prison on this planet.

Now it will be up to humanity to pay it all forward.

Let’s not blow this chance

d44533 No.1214827

File: b25289122e9890f⋯.png (627.25 KB, 1111x1077, 1111:1077, b25289122e9890f171a66b9b15….png)


Feel ya anon. Take a nap.

6cd301 No.1214828


No inspection at Ground Zero Nuclear Reactor sites

c625cc No.1214829


Q+ is POTUS … look at Kanye's hat.

d12bc1 No.1214830


So he is subject to the UCMJ?

f6421e No.1214831

File: fb5ae7c81d71069⋯.jpg (113.93 KB, 852x937, 852:937, 1503117252380.jpg)

Strzok/Page text messages released!

DOJ just dumped this:



efcba8 No.1214832


I'm going to start killing these elites if they're going to try and take us out. "Self defense" for the greater good. FUCK THIS. Why are we waiting if they've got us fixed in (((their))) sights?!

aeef70 No.1214834


Better Awake and tired than dead Anon

What if Q was not here?

550f96 No.1214835

File: 8c6841408090853⋯.jpg (62.76 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Antoine Dodson Bed Intrude….jpg)

5e2143 No.1214836



268bae No.1214837

I'm getting why the dis info is necessary. We are red pilling sure but they are also using us to push false narratives. I just had a blind as a bat lib tell me "Mueller is a man of integrity with impeccable record' They trust him fully as they pretty much love anything we hate. They went all in on Mueller and minds will be blown when there hero boomerangs charges back at them.

1a2ab4 No.1214838


Rest and pass the baton on….

09609b No.1214839


its the only reason I rarely give a (you) to a shill

so other anons and lurkers know

now back to Q

33580f No.1214840

File: 1ce3808a19cf838⋯.jpg (41.46 KB, 830x565, 166:113, 1150228.jpg)


Sorry. I had to

295abc No.1214841



muh principles!

meltdown over muh muh concerns

892bdb No.1214843


Chairman Nunes + others

b6dadb No.1214844


Revenge is best served cold

c639f0 No.1214845

What is the purpose of a laser pointer?

It pinpoints the target. Mueller knows ALL the targets.

ae5970 No.1214847


down is up

awake is asleep?

c581e5 No.1214848


The 'reactivated' anons are morons. How does this give Trump plausible deniability?? He can't take orders from Trump and run the SC.

b20104 No.1214849

File: 4b949131496ce2a⋯.jpg (136.66 KB, 600x476, 150:119, 44691.jpg)

easy to spot a fake kek.

000cd9 No.1214850


Just like Glenda…always trying to separate kids from their parents.

I wonder if she plans to hire James Alefantis as a child care giver.

2a3169 No.1214851

Still trying to figure out Mueller angle

fc345c No.1214852


Bingo, been saying this all for months. thank god someone else is bright enough to put it together as well. Shadilay patriot

09051e No.1214853


Gates looks like he already has one foot in the grave.

ca0452 No.1214854


Yes this…..what made me believe this is when Trump's attorney's office was "raided", even though Trump was not under investigation. It had to appear they were after Trump for something. So what were they looking for then?

3fb9a7 No.1214855

File: 1e7c175e97eab9e⋯.jpg (115.55 KB, 768x768, 1:1, udonotknow.jpg)



002299 No.1214856


I think Q either using multiple UIDs or has his white hat friends act as the laser beam. There are a few anons in every thread Q posts in, that help steer the rest of the anons in the right direction to stay focused

24b67e No.1214857


Trump has always called it a Witch Hunt, this is the first time IIRC that he has said that it MUST END NOW.

5d6818 No.1214858


I take it principles means nothing to you.

You must be a democrat.

031e27 No.1214859


Niiice… they're all pink in the middle!

d38d33 No.1214860


Translation: "My minions and I are planning to release a virus and blame it on a 'small, non-state actor.' My wife Melinda would love for it to be in New York City because then it will rapidly spread around the world. Hail Satan."

da9a3e No.1214862

Frmr Clinton advisor is slamming Mueller probe now on FOX…

They are starting to figure it out! KEK.

09609b No.1214863


same lol

d38851 No.1214864

File: a3de65bc0ae87b6⋯.gif (49.59 KB, 1566x1092, 261:182, BigDrop.gif)


some work was being done on this in the last night, Aligning Qpost side by side with markers.

>>1206893, >>1206971, >>1207091

I liked the idea, but thought the text justification should be mirrored. so, I started screwing around….

Not sure how right the graphic is, but the theory is sound and most lines of this make sense.

It is well established that NK and Iran share resources on their nuke programs.

For this I had originally used

>>1169101, >>1157518 but it wasn't clicking in my mind so I started searching for repeated phrases 'Who Benefits' clicked via >>147642680

>Jan 6 2018 15:52:55 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: c9daa0 7958




>Think clock.

>Wind the clock w/ all markers.


>Future proves past.


I think this theory is onto something. But,

Wind the clock w/ all markers.

Winding a clock tightens the spring, compressing it, making it smaller…

Still have no idea.

aeef70 No.1214865

File: 5a5d48ad88d13c0⋯.png (56.01 KB, 130x204, 65:102, ClipboardImage.png)


we are winning

d08ba4 No.1214866

000cd9 No.1214867



My bad. Glenda was the GOOD witch!

Smellary deserves no such title

09609b No.1214868

File: 60a3c75f6e78880⋯.png (358.35 KB, 734x500, 367:250, ClipboardImage.png)

ff8158 No.1214869

File: b38fc84164e2d42⋯.jpg (34.36 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 298sw4.jpg)

2dec2d No.1214870

File: 0be7dd8d3243e08⋯.png (233.18 KB, 572x581, 572:581, Mueller Tweet002.png)

93023e No.1214871


HODL, anon. Trust the plan.

You and your families are safe.

c90f96 No.1214872

6cd301 No.1214873


A MIRROR (re_read) interpretation to the same paired graphics (from last night):

We have it all - But vital to get it right

The right people have the information - Patience isn't always easy

Good people are acting on the information - Be heard

Think GOOG - You have a voice

Think ES departure - Legal case(s) building

Think NK - Who had access?

Many drafts - Reveal gmail draft comms

Many shared users (foreign & domestic)- POTUS

Variable access - Nat SEC issue

Codes - Chair+

Fake E-mails - Kept at top

Game forum comms - Controlled

New Intel revealed today - Still have access

Gmail comms - Cooperating

[R] [EG] - Some [top eyes on 1st] are calling for immediate arrests

Define Evergreen - National crisis

When do you call a plumber? - They are buying time

Ongoing investigations require… - Precursor

2a3169 No.1214874

Did Mueller cut a deal did nothing really bad(treason/pedo) will be allowed to walk

af147e No.1214875

File: 84dd55703c59776⋯.png (476.21 KB, 981x1644, 327:548, screenshot-www.judicialwat….png)


As FBI Director Mueller Helped Cover Up Fla. 9/11 Probe, Court Docs Show

654ad1 No.1214876


Draco blackhat🎥💷be careful of this link wizards

8b3042 No.1214877


Hebjust has to investigate honestly and find no collusion where there was none but since he was given authority to investigate anything related hopefully he will charge criminals for real crimes. Thats what i hope

af01f2 No.1214878


>How about that he’s involved in U1….his names all over the papers

That's exactly why I said that BS about Mueller "once upon a time being a Marine" is utter BS! smh If that SOB gets a pass… I just don't know wtf!

f6421e No.1214879

File: de23e8d324f2cdc⋯.jpg (166.44 KB, 1228x180, 307:45, 81e5f962c413336f7d2bb4fa68….jpg)

File: 15ffecee70600fd⋯.jpg (321.4 KB, 1320x881, 1320:881, 15ffecee70600fd3fee7f2fe03….jpg)



0ece29 No.1214881

File: ac5eeddd2da4bb2⋯.jpg (112.84 KB, 978x978, 1:1, Screenshot_20180427-084936.jpg)

File: 11c117c822f840c⋯.jpg (486.23 KB, 1818x563, 1818:563, 20180427_085534.jpg)

File: 2f6fb4ddae1cd58⋯.jpg (12.57 KB, 233x300, 233:300, s-l300.jpg)

File: d52fb55c4d84f53⋯.jpg (182.54 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, october069.jpg)

File: 74ee500ade29833⋯.png (520.3 KB, 665x424, 665:424, New-100-Bill-Shows-Tsunami.png)

What exactly does "the storm" mean? Any literal double-meaning here? Nuke causing Tsunami to hit New York? Think hostage. Hunt for red october. Symbolism (pic related)

793b18 No.1214882

File: 3ab04c626bf2b22⋯.png (282.19 KB, 604x380, 151:95, Screenshot.png)


there's a lot of versions

f71806 No.1214883

File: 38d1b6238154e94⋯.png (184.03 KB, 1863x2035, 1863:2035, WebSDR_on_experimental_VLF….png)



interesting content (if one takes the time) to say the least.

wish I had a local radio that cut wood like this one.

anons might like, wherever they are from.

try it out, it tumbled on these chans by link above, I had to search a liddle (!) to find it but here's the link, even if I don't know to this day how it would relate in any way to MOAB as OP argued.

Nevertheless… good find!

Worth repeating (have to get used to USA advertising though, your mileage may vary in this respect.).

efcba8 No.1214884


Fucking moron. I wish I could strangle you right now. You don't understand anything. Thinking ending the FED isn't important. Fucking dumb slave.

daa67c No.1214885


I went and looked at her recent tweets and they are all about children. the video she retweeted seems odd too because it is kids and pizza. Take a look for yourself so that I am not leading your thinking and you are free

c59d77 No.1214886


needs a dedicated bread + repository of all linked drops

f822aa No.1214887


That's why you hire lobbyists. A self-help group doesn't normally need lobbyists unless they need a contract or a favor. Or working on behalf of a third party. These people have big connections up to the Roths. It smells

aaf6ed No.1214888

File: 855e4e92b70e917⋯.png (66.99 KB, 930x580, 93:58, as-nra.png)


Schiff on Twatter

1.) Russians sought to establish a secret back channel with Trump campaign through NRA in May 2016 according to an email from Paul Erickson to Rick Dearborn & Jeff Sessions. They sought to make “first contact” at the NRA convention. See the email here:


2a3169 No.1214889

>>1214884 That shite comes later must take down black hats first

daa67c No.1214890

>>1214867 I knew your point no worries

b07924 No.1214891


let’s hope

e7300c No.1214892


famefag bandwagon jumper

use discretion

93023e No.1214893



Legacy Stuff!

ae5970 No.1214894


haha! beautiful

b20131 No.1214895


Seems that Flynn pleading guilty was a strategic way to expose corruption at the highest levels, knowing that a legitimate investigation would absolve him of any wrongdoing. So he pleads guilty to lying to the feds during the course of an interview where he may or may not have been given Miranda, did not have a lawyer present, was run by a corrupt group of investigators, then convicted by a corrupt judge. Remember, he waived his right to trial, agreed to "cooperate" with the investigation, and Mueller requested that sentencing be delayed. If he is a "cooperating witness" he may have access to information that he otherwise may not have; guilty plea may have been a way to start a counterintel op, but was certainly a way to smoke out investigators and a judge willing to charge and convict an innocent man for the sake of making a new president look bad.

601549 No.1214896


Who cares?

d44533 No.1214897


Misunderstanding I think, anon. I was asking for a short description to add along with the post number in notables. Breads are fast and the kitchen is busy. Bakers don't have time to read through docs or long posts in order to create a fitting description so help appreciated. TY.

3fb9a7 No.1214898

File: 49d3703c60efbd7⋯.jpg (252.73 KB, 1920x1088, 30:17, spock-morpheus-kenobi.jpg)




have to wait till monday to murder all of them

000dd3 No.1214899



What is a TP, that they mention?

af01f2 No.1214900










>FBI Director Mueller Helped Cover Up Fla. 9/11 Probe

Awww, but he was a "Marine" once upon a time so…. "reconcile"!!!!!!! Fucking hell!

2a3169 No.1214901

>>1214888 Sought to not did

459105 No.1214902

File: 41eaf5c83520b45⋯.png (224.33 KB, 977x781, 977:781, missing_containers.png)

c59d77 No.1214903


standing by.

ready for sig 5:5.

4628a0 No.1214904


If that's true then Comey is in on it to

0e77a4 No.1214905

File: 349ee89741ee922⋯.png (176.7 KB, 1201x377, 1201:377, lucif.png)


Now they are threatening biological warfare to hang on to their power. Lovely people, these.

f822aa No.1214906


Politician On our side for now.

8b3042 No.1214907


NRA and Russia now in one package. Add KKK and Nazis, why stop here

e90b6b No.1214908




Her whole deal was supposedly to start an anti bullying campaign or some shit then she blew up on AJs scene claiming dem fuckery online then disappeared. Seems a little bit fishy, keep an eye out

33580f No.1214909


Kek. Sets him up and he dunks it!

832cfc No.1214910








First off, very FEW pre-internet records have been uploaded. (Too damn expensive) But this stuff has been going on for a long time…think WHEN was Wizard of Oz released….AND BEFORE?

Q! You getting this? Yes. It was. Confirmed.

2a3169 No.1214911

File: 5cab1c681e6a6f2⋯.jpg (59.07 KB, 620x397, 620:397, 291ahl.jpg)

efcba8 No.1214912


>My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…

Should be a makeshift EBS but we need that tweet NOW. DROP THE MOAB!

af01f2 No.1214913


>If that's true then Comey is in on it to

Of course slimball Comey was "in on it"!

15f463 No.1214914

785acb No.1214915


People who have clearly done far more research than you and present info you personally don't like or hurt your feelz aren't just shitposters. Many have researched this and other subjects since before you were born and their knowledge accumulates. The laughably predictable response you all spout will follow, and your denials and shrieking will change nothing factual, on any matter upon which this subject touches.

0ece29 No.1214916

File: 92ccf853d30fee0⋯.jpg (147.16 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, TIME-Trump-Cover-Stormy-1.jpg)

File: 673ba7bdd582d5c⋯.jpg (525.09 KB, 1019x1740, 1019:1740, Screenshot_20180427-085026.jpg)

a7ed8c No.1214917

File: df6770ac86aae45⋯.png (1.08 MB, 789x547, 789:547, hillbag-plant.png)

2c41d7 No.1214918

File: 93860409e8db221⋯.jpg (78.36 KB, 960x540, 16:9, oueneedtheirdownfall.jpg)

48820e No.1214919

File: fb9ab088dbc3c3d⋯.png (97.95 KB, 855x493, 855:493, ClipboardImage.png)

efcba8 No.1214921


I'll give you the signal. DOITQ.


6cd301 No.1214922


I remember you last night. We think differently about how to get there (to the COMMS) but I know it is important that both of our ways and all others be collected in a dedicated thread so that we, or some smarter anon(s) might open the lock.

Well done

09609b No.1214923




e1a619 No.1214924


Maybe so.

What if your hands were tied, and your wife/husband/child life was threatened? Would you maybe toe the line?

d44533 No.1214925


anons have done some digging, see notables

They were released earlier today and are in our Missions section. Same link from The Daily Caller ————


Just Released: Strzok/Page texts http://dailycaller.com/2018/04/27/read-the-strozk-page-texts-in-full/

d12bc1 No.1214926


I was here when 8 Chan was 8 Track.

295abc No.1214927


bbut muh muh jooooos!


how soon they forget

c86281 No.1214928


yep exactly. Wasn't it awfully convienent that right after it was publicly reported that Trump wasn't under investigation, and then Q posted that this info wasn't supposed to be out yet, and then magically a few days later Trumps lawyers office gets raided.

Smoke screen set up if I ever saw one.

4fea65 No.1214929

Thank Q !!!!

POTUS and all those doing the work to help save our world.

Real world changes. We see them play out every day.

Today it affected my personal life again [already had been seeing more in my bring home pay]

Went on job interview today for what should be a $16/hr entry level position.

Because of experience and told the energy I brought to the interview I left with a $20/hr job offer……

They never thought she would loose…..

I've fought this since William Cooper's works woke me up 15 years ago.

I never thought we would see these days…..

United We Stand.

It's time for them to fall.

Be loud.

5d0277 No.1214930

File: 1e3c4dbec3d8992⋯.jpg (985.92 KB, 2048x1463, 2048:1463, dunford_mattis.jpg)




09609b No.1214931

File: a25ee3e61b5c5c3⋯.jpg (83.79 KB, 699x540, 233:180, hrcLOL.jpg)



2a3169 No.1214932

cc6dcd No.1214933

File: 0b818bdd5a847d3⋯.jpg (306.2 KB, 1024x648, 128:81, GA22.jpg)

af147e No.1214934



After a brief enlistment in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, where Clapper served as a rifleman and attended the junior course of Platoon Leader Training


once a marine, always a marine my ass.

c639f0 No.1214935


Mueller might have been set up/compromised. Remember who was below him - Comey,McCabe and other corrupted agents. They may have put him in a situation where he signed off on things without knowing what was going on. Don't forget about S.E.S.

15f463 No.1214936


But….. he say's they are "Facts".

550f96 No.1214937


Nazi Somali Pirates back by slush funds and aid from the NRA, muh russia .. Now are recruiting KKK members into their armada

387f3c No.1214938

File: df25133e4f41de1⋯.png (446.55 KB, 943x810, 943:810, WikiLeaks on Twitter.png)

I checked all Q drops with "Mueller". Q is vague about Mueller.

I don't get this vagueness. Sorry.

d12bc1 No.1214939


Ok, that looks juicy…and incriminating.

faceed No.1214940

File: d585a3a7bde1ec9⋯.png (148.99 KB, 276x231, 92:77, The Frog Prince Screen Sho….png)

File: a886ae1153f6b98⋯.png (301.3 KB, 287x532, 41:76, Witch Screen Shot 2018-04-….png)

File: 797fa25d2bf312e⋯.png (689.73 KB, 899x629, 899:629, Fight Scene Screen Shot 20….png)

File: 8e8aef75cd6d28c⋯.png (526.87 KB, 627x500, 627:500, Frog Army Screen Shot 2018….png)

>>1213396 (past loaf)

This new side-by-side analysis of Q code reminds me of the famous code in the Muppets movie by Jim Henson, "The Frog Prince":

Coded command: "Bake the hall in the candle of her brain!" in order to break the spell cast by the evil witch who is about to be coronated as Queen.

Solution= "Break the ball in the handle of her cane!"

8a4c28 No.1214941

File: 945b67f67a5ca21⋯.png (97.5 KB, 225x260, 45:52, ClipboardImage.png)

aeef70 No.1214942

Imagine the day we see this from Q

+++ done

++ done

+ done

Hussein done

name we dont say done

HRC next!

d38d33 No.1214943

File: ce61c71ccbddfc8⋯.jpeg (411.07 KB, 1100x850, 22:17, elastihogg.jpeg)



The liberals want us to believe the most unhinged conspiracy theory:

The NRA, the most red-blooded patriotic organization in America was just a front for the Russians all along! In between clandestinely supporting school shooters the NRA were meeting with the Kremlin. Russia was using them to make sure the US renegotiated it's trade deals, pulled out of the Paris Accords, cut taxes and government regulations, and denuclearized North Korea.

3fb9a7 No.1214944

File: 240673521145980⋯.jpg (27.69 KB, 255x191, 255:191, IMG_0890.JPG)



must been aliens getting high on canadians again

7c1419 No.1214945


Single term.

Explain to me where you have difficulty understanding?

0ece29 No.1214946

File: 0eaf0a2c7380420⋯.jpg (455.42 KB, 1068x762, 178:127, Screenshot_20180427-085231.jpg)

File: 11c117c822f840c⋯.jpg (486.23 KB, 1818x563, 1818:563, 20180427_085534.jpg)

File: 0680f70e8643393⋯.jpg (884.08 KB, 2953x2115, 2953:2115, W020070111499003594367.JPG)


Look at background

c625cc No.1214947


quit burning NA5B's bandwidth … here www.sdr.hu

a7737c No.1214948


PLUS….from the articles Q posted….looks like Flynn was given some sort of "immunity deal"….


efcba8 No.1214949


What did I tell y'all? These containers are tossed out on purpose so people can go and grab the drugs & trafficked children that are on the tit rather than regular workers seeing these things. This is bullshit!

1ed934 No.1214950


Yuck. Looks like someone forgot to flush.

6c1dc6 No.1214951


IT means when we go to the airport we get our crotch squeezed and body radiated as they make money on the naked body scanners.

Trust 911 Report by Mueller ?

Maybe its a test for mueller ?

Mueller determines the Moab launching time?

3fe695 No.1214952

File: 59efae50ec08417⋯.png (269.8 KB, 750x1124, 375:562, IMG_5295.PNG)

If Q is telling us what I think he is telling us…(Mueller actually investigating the REAL crimes & treasonous bastards) them for Q to put attention on this must mean Mueller is close to finishing up his investigation & the facade of him being pro- HRC doesn't have to be made anymore..remember that the black hats (aka Fkn glowing CiaCunt Niggers are on here) so they will make the connection as well.

We are getting closer & closer to justice!

a7ed8c No.1214953


He must stay neutral, in liberal eyes.

326bc6 No.1214954


Key word here is brief…. why did he wash out of the Corps?

000dd3 No.1214955



Jesus fuck, just when you think the retardation can't get any more retarded…

8c9ee6 No.1214956


Well, why don't you read what her posted and do some research. Also, Bankers, Hollywood, Henry? Jews ties to Bush, 9-11 building? A lot more. Mob connection?

2264b4 No.1214957


tony podesta

just a guess

e90b6b No.1214958



<anyone notice this is a new tree and the one in korea pics was grown i think

efcba8 No.1214959


2020 we'll see it. LAME.

e0cd85 No.1214960


New texts?

c3797f No.1214961


Yup. Right there with you.

5d6818 No.1214962


Please explain why ES is now working with Pentagon and DOD.

785acb No.1214963


Those who benefit from it, or who's people do, will never accept that system ending. They lose everything if it does.

5d0277 No.1214964

File: f3d9446600f2392⋯.png (139.12 KB, 480x466, 240:233, glow_nig.png)

78c6fb No.1214965

Stick Muller is protected from being fired on top of that cake and what do you have?

633b7e No.1214966

up for some 3 cat ..monty?

rr /bm/jc/

which one of the cats is under the white hat?

ff8158 No.1214967

File: e21403bfa855c5e⋯.jpg (119.13 KB, 450x450, 1:1, EightTrack-2108.jpg)


yeah !!! those were the days .

d13a10 No.1214968

File: 76c307868f7fe56⋯.png (991.78 KB, 819x741, 21:19, 75e989223.png)

a45f1d No.1214969

File: e486f63dc85c0ec⋯.jpeg (33.05 KB, 688x368, 43:23, 3f887ee5e01606e192c4ebf9e….jpeg)


Liddle Adam is schiffing his panties.

adcc78 No.1214970

Dont you know?

Hitler is Trumps secret brother dad and Antifa got him elected by beating up people at rallies because hes secretly a Muslim Jew that hates Jews

f71806 No.1214971


For ANY big (BIG) plan, one has to 'co-opt' lots of people. Q made this clear: the whole of USA admin would be in jail if not. Sooo…

Get with it, get used to the idea (without getting ideas yourself duh) and go with the flow: get the popcorn and enjoy the show.

Want to participate or precipitate things? Dig, post, follow, dig, rinse, repeat…ad libid.

326bc6 No.1214972

All the fucking Mueller Concerfags need to cool their tits and let this shit play out…

d12bc1 No.1214973


Don't Ask Don't Tell

da9a3e No.1214974



42d718 No.1214975

Thomas Paine


3h3 hours ago


BREAKING: FBI NIGHTMARE; Supreme Court orders release of audio, video from Las Vegas shooting massacre

6c1dc6 No.1214976


Trust Mueller Hiding 911 ?

Marines have balls

Working for Alqadea is not an option!!!

ff04f0 No.1214978

aaf6ed No.1214979

Another one not seeking reelection

Representative Patrick Meehan (R-PA) today transmitted a letter of resignation to Governor Tom Wolf and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan effective Friday, April 27, 2018. Representative Meehan had previously announced he would not seek re-election to the seat which he has held since being elected in 2010.

Add it to the list.


108080 No.1214980


they can go hang out with the sessions concernfags

af01f2 No.1214981


>once a marine, always a marine my ass.


WDSHN was in the Airforce, does that mean that POS gets a pass too?

Clapper gets a pass too?

Great… if you ever serve and get out you can be a corrupt POS for decades and walk free under Trump? smh No… just no!

8b3042 No.1214982

Saw stormy on the cnn feed, what was that about?

c25f14 No.1214983


rnr time

battle fatigue

your children deserve your time

57cbdf No.1214984

File: c7be71011ac00d0⋯.jpg (141.26 KB, 467x447, 467:447, jlnra1.jpg)

>>1213214 (previous)

a45f1d No.1214985


LOL! You're Carbon-14 dating yourself.

d13a10 No.1214986

File: c0034e6ed0fad71⋯.png (220.1 KB, 330x281, 330:281, 7649883112222canvas.png)

326bc6 No.1214987


KEK, top post!

ff8158 No.1214988


shit i just noticed that … kek

d38d33 No.1214989


What soul?

e90b6b No.1214990

File: 44d9a80128cfe8c⋯.jpg (53.84 KB, 650x400, 13:8, kim-moon_650x400_415248193….jpg)



<meant to include this

1652fb No.1214991


You sound a bit confused. Are you ok? I just asked where he's coming from. You said you know. Maybe you better get some sleep, anon?

2c41d7 No.1214992


I'll think I'll sit this one out.

Ya'll can have the credit.

295abc No.1214993

File: 6ab756f28a3d252⋯.jpg (6.13 KB, 264x191, 264:191, monty1.jpg)

42d718 No.1214994

John O. Brennan

Verified account


Follow Follow @JohnBrennan

More John O. Brennan Retweeted Donald J. Trump

A highly partisan, incomplete, and deeply flawed report by a broken House Committee means nothing. The Special Counsel’s work is being carried out by professional investigators—not political staffers. SC’s findings will be comprehensive & authoritative. Stay tuned, Mr. Trump….John O. Brennan added,

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


Just Out: House Intelligence Committee Report released. “No evidence” that the Trump Campaign “colluded, coordinated or conspired with Russia.” Clinton Campaign paid for Opposition Research obtained from Russia- Wow! A total Witch Hunt! MUST END NOW!

10:29 AM - 27 Apr 2018

8fe889 No.1214995


Nice find!

031e27 No.1214996

File: 8aea697393bb27e⋯.jpg (90.86 KB, 900x600, 3:2, ovens.jpg)

000dd3 No.1214997


Here's the shitbag "Minority Views" report that he published with the rest of his minion miscreants….


10b979 No.1214998



Twelve-year veteran FBI agent Robert Wright Jr. should be proud. Of all of the FBI “brick” agents who have come forward since 9/11 to describe the deliberate obstruction of investigations that could have prevented the attacks, no others have taken the risks or endured the punishment that Wright has. For good reason.

Wright is the only agent in the FBI’s history to have conducted an investigation of terrorists that resulted in the seizure of financial assets. In 1998 he began an investigation — since terminated by the FBI — into terrorist money laundering in the United States. That investigation resulted in the seizure of bank accounts and other assets of Yassin Kadi, who has “since been identified as one of the ‘chief money launderers’ for Osama bin Laden.” Kadi is reported to have provided as much as $3 billion to al Qaeda before Wright shut him down.4 (Wright’s investigations also put a major crimp in the funding for Hamas, another Palestinian related support group that has been linked to terrorist activities in Israel).

Based in Chicago, home of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) where a great deal of 9/11-related insider trading was to take place, Wright was in one of the three most important financial centers of the United States. Nobody moves $3 billion without using exchanges such as the NYSE or CBOE. It’s just too much money and must move in financial streams where it would not stand out.

In the only real coverage of Wright’s decision to come forward — which was coupled with a formal complaint against the FBI for its suppression of him — the Congressional News Service told a chilling tale as it reported on a press conference held by Wright and his legal team on May 30, 2002:

In a memorandum written 91 days before the September 11 terrorist attacks, an FBI agent warned that Americans would die as a result of the bureau’s failure to adequately pursue investigations of terrorists living in the country… Wright says that FBI management ‘intentionally and repeatedly thwarted and obstructed’ his attempts to expand the investigation to arrest other terrorists and seize their assets .…’ As a direct result of the incompetence and, at times, intentional obstruction of justice by FBI management to prevent me from bringing the terrorists to justice, Americans have unknowingly been exposed to potential terrorists attacks for years,’ he charged.5

FBI Director Robert Mueller held a May 29, 2002, press conference where he stated, “It is critically important that I hear criticisms of the organization including criticisms of me in order to improve the organization.” Meanwhile the FBI was landing on Wright’s chest with both feet. It had issued Wright written orders not to discuss what he knew and not to disclose, either in speech or writing, the contents of an unpublished manuscript entitled Vulgar Betrayal that he had written for Congress. Wright was threatened in writing with disciplinary action, civil suits, revocation of security clearances, and even criminal prosecution if he talked. That letter was received by Wright’s attorney, David Schippers, at 5:00 pm on the same day Mueller lied to the American people about his pure intentions.6


daa67c No.1214999

File: a9ab2cfaddaf65b⋯.png (1.05 MB, 717x777, 239:259, hrcnow.PNG)

>>1214986 blue eyes right? here is her today.

6c1dc6 No.1215000


Hiding 911 ?

60/40 ?

9b989f No.1215001


1. not one was molested

2. future meme anons

3. trust the plan

cc6dcd No.1215002


When music actually had music in it!!

8a6a85 No.1215003

File: 54df2609ef51d8b⋯.png (110.6 KB, 370x366, 185:183, kikeshilling.png)


Bill Gates Warns "Millions Could Die" If US Doesn't Prepare For Coming Pandemic

https:/ /www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-27/bill-gates-warns-millions-could-die-if-us-doesnt-prepare-next-pandemic

"Should a deadly pandemic comparable to the 1918 influenza outbreak reach the US in the relatively near future, the US government would be powerless to stop it. And in all likelihood, hundreds of thousands - if not, millions - of Americans will die. That's the message from a Washington Post interview with Microsoft founder Bill Gates, which touched on many of the same subjects from a talk he gave Friday before the Massachusetts Medical Society.

"Bill Gates says the U.S. government is falling short in preparing the nation and the world for the "significant probability of a large and lethal modern-day pandemic occurring in our lifetimes."

Gates discussed his efforts to convince the Trump administration to set aside more funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and to prioritize the creation of a national response plan that would govern how resources are deployed during a pandemic or biological weapons attack."

(((globalists))) doing their best to unleash the necessary 'plague crisis'. Or has the scenario been defused and this (((useful pawn))) doesn't know?

Q team, Patriots, any thoughts?

8b3042 No.1215004


Greenish brown????

efcba8 No.1215005


>Are you ok?

Gaslighting kike.

e0cd85 No.1215006


Where do you found that picture of Mueller as Marine?

52856c No.1215007

Thanks, anon

I truly have no idea whats up with Mueller….just kind of resigned to the fact that there is so much we dont understand at the moment



ff04f0 No.1215008


Which is why I can't make eye contact with most normies.

10b979 No.1215009




The next day, Wright concluded his own press conference in tears: “To the families and victims of September 11th,” he said, “on behalf of [FBI Special Agents] John Vincent, Barry Carmody, and myself — we’re sorry.”7 But the real truth of what was done to this ethical law enforcement officer is contained in a May 22 letter written by Schippers to the FBI and in the words spoken at the press conference itself.

In writing to Wright’s superior, Chicago Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Thomas Kneir, Schippers described how Wright had voluntarily given a heads-up about a New York Times investigation into what had happened with his investigations. Wright was subsequently ordered not to talk to the press. He complied. Schippers wrote,

The FBI has failed seriously to address Robert Wright’s work-related concerns regarding the FBI’s terrorism responsibilities. In fact, we believe there has been a concerted effort by the FBI to discredit Agent Wright and minimize his concerns regarding the FBI’s failures in connection with international terrorism matters prior to September 11th, 2001. In part, this effort includes providing false and misleading information to the New York Times regarding Agent Wright and his Vulgar Betrayal investigation. Even more disturbing is the fact that the FBI has prevented Agent Wright and Special Agent John Vincent from providing written responses to the New York Times to counter that false and misleading information …. Agent Wright has also filed two complaints with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in an attempt to have his concerns addressed …. To our astonishment, the DOJ employee advised that, although the allegations were extremely serious, the Inspector General’s Office did not have the resources to conduct an investigation of this anticipated size and scope.8

The sheer vindictiveness of a system that seeks to silence whistleblowers was most fully revealed in the press conference itself, in which it was disclosed that Wright, Schippers, and attorney Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch (a Washington, DC-based legal watchdog group) had actually met months before 9/11. They also disclosed that Wright had written most of his manuscript and decided to speak out about the repression well before the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Repeating allegations that Wright had been threatened and intimidated by the Bureau, Klayman stated that Wright’s manuscript hits both Bush and Cheney “hard.” That leaves little doubt about where the orders to crush Wright were coming from. Shippers added that Wright had even been ordered not to talk to Congress. John Ashcroft was not spared in the scathing statements. Klayman said that “Ashcroft very likely had all of this information” and didn’t use Wright’s investigative work to pull the financial plug on al Qaeda before the attacks.

The lawyers also described how Wright had, since voicing his concerns, been demoted to performing “innocuous tasks”; his office had been moved, computer equipment had been taken away from him, and he had been forced to purchase computers with his own money (which he did, out of sheer devotion to his work). Klayman stated that his office, aware of the direct connections between Wright’s work and Osama bin Laden, had called Attorney General Ashcroft immediately after the attacks. The response was terse: “We’re tired of conspiracy theories.”


48820e No.1215010

File: e4cbca598499f03⋯.png (423.62 KB, 846x512, 423:256, ClipboardImage.png)


expressed concern about RR 'going' with Andy(Mccabe), and that he's a dead man walking if he doesnt. "history" is watching.

dam man they really knew how serious this all was, they just grossly underestimated their hand strength.

000cd9 No.1215011

File: 4556d543818f495⋯.jpg (28.8 KB, 300x400, 3:4, bolton.jpg)


I love his "Fuck You, America comes first" attitude.

I just have a hard time respecting him after his cover of "When a Man Loves a Woman". I mean, come on…write your own damn song!

efcba8 No.1215012


Hiding the thing everyone was affected by. Wooooow. What a plan. Bullshit.

698efe No.1215013


It's a threat

daa67c No.1215014

>>1215004 I'm colorblind and I can see that shit

2c41d7 No.1215015


Septic tank brown.

c639f0 No.1215016


My point is that MOST Marines take their oath seriously. Are there bad apples? Sure, like every profession,trade,ethnicity,race,religion,gender,etc. Some are generally more honorable than others.

af01f2 No.1215017


So you're just fine with a mfer that had prior knowledge of 9/11 as FBI Director and did nothing getting a free pass?

42d718 No.1215018

So maybe each state is voting in voter ID laws. Brilliant if so….how we have clean midterm elections :)

Ken Paxton


2h2 hours ago


Breaking — Texas’ common-sense Voter ID Law has been upheld by the 5th Circuit!

93023e No.1215019


Trips confirm… her soul is getting darker by the day..

That tends to happen when #MAGA #GreatAwakening and the future starts to prove the past..

8c9ee6 No.1215020


Why don't you be more specific in your question?

6cd301 No.1215021


You explain it please

3b56b6 No.1215022

File: 9d69c1fc595a197⋯.png (3.43 KB, 241x209, 241:209, 3d axis.png)

File: 38d3fc894cf5822⋯.png (7.67 KB, 263x192, 263:192, 4daxis2.png)

I am back on multidimensional thinking.

If you can draw a 3D axis on a plane (see pic) then by making the plane a 3D object, ie a cube, that should be the next viable physical dimension.

3 axis on each face. Now try and visualize that as our coordinate system.

ff8158 No.1215023

File: fdf69932098f794⋯.jpg (72.4 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 6wu679-ky1sk6x9pqiz.jpg)


ooops …. a friend told me .

52856c No.1215024


Thank goodness!

7c1419 No.1215025


Internet didn't go public until late 80's early 90's.

Prior to that it was Military and bulletin boards.

Anyone who says otherwise, especially "we had internet in the 60's" is a larp

a6ffe3 No.1215026


Are you a marine?

8a6a85 No.1215027

File: e7b2f6e0d1c3269⋯.jpg (19.58 KB, 255x255, 1:1, kikebehindthepost.jpg)


>Somebody asks about obvious kike agenda and involvement.

>'are you ok?' 'maybe you need treatment' literal kikery out the door.


633b7e No.1215028


what lil black cat shiffy hiding under his tail?

the cat is scratchin at a pole and purring like master is going tell cat-tails if h e no show his claws…

5be95d No.1215029


Every detail accounted for.

Every scenario planned for.

Enjoy the show.


Trust the Plan, Anon.

5d6818 No.1215030

Odd how many R Reps aren't running for re-election. Purge of R's. No D purge.

No vote machine investigation.

Yes, just "calm your tits" while we steal EVERYTHING from you!

b5219e No.1215031

File: 057684f548feb59⋯.jpg (557.56 KB, 1368x1224, 19:17, AntiChrist.jpg)



adcc78 No.1215032


Another swindle for another foundation of pedophiles

Gibs us dem shekels Goyim….

7f79ec No.1215033

i think i like this board flying in all directions… it keeps the MSM rats watching this board saying and reporting we will never get caught

09609b No.1215034

does any anon have the meme material of hogg with his mouth open?

832cfc No.1215035

How often does the Board Owner visit?

81ca53 No.1215036


"The gates of hell…"

Bill & Melinda

326bc6 No.1215037


I am, 10% are shitbags.

af147e No.1215038

File: 92dc5b73ce8992d⋯.png (584.09 KB, 717x777, 239:259, a9ab2cfaddaf65b37d3d80833d….png)


WB is complete off, and its a crappy phone pic.

f822aa No.1215039


If she resurfaces, she's a witch

c59d77 No.1215040


you're not going to like the answer. wait for the full map.

27e821 No.1215041

Q [auth478-24zgP]

Q [authorization]

Q [authenticated]

Q [authoritarian]

Q [authoritative]

memento mori

filter clowns at will

42d718 No.1215042

@Jack tweeting apologies? KEK

Candace Owens

Verified account


Follow Follow @RealCandaceO

More Candace Owens Retweeted jack

Thank you, Jack! I fully accept your apology. It’s important that despite political differences, we remember the human beings whose lives we impact. Perhaps the other platforms that ran away with this vicious smear, will follow your lead and right this wrong.

Thank you again.Candace Owens added,


Verified account


Replying to @RealCandaceO

Hi Candace. I want to apologize for our labeling you “far right.” Team completed a full review of how this was published and why we corrected far too late (12 hrs after). There was a clear break in our curation process and understanding, and we’re fixing. Thanks for calling out.

5:18 PM - 27 Apr 2018

232f4d No.1215043


Activated USMC.

Talked 1 day before SC appointment.

Mueller is no white hat.

Mueller may be Canary.

Q says "full control".

End this witch hunt.

6cd301 No.1215044

e90b6b No.1215045


FUUUUUUUUCK! Had me thinking it was unredacted time

3b56b6 No.1215046


That would be 18 90 degree axis's

2c41d7 No.1215047


There's a method to our fucking madness.

e8fc32 No.1215048

File: 5bae8edaeaf38d3⋯.png (425.47 KB, 739x960, 739:960, 1524608689156.png)

File: 392529ea421b472⋯.png (999.22 KB, 965x603, 965:603, 1524870386980.png)

File: 1fd641a7212a575⋯.png (1.14 MB, 965x643, 965:643, 1524870711734.png)

793b18 No.1215049


anyone in that situation chose NOT to get out when they still had the chance.

you see a lot of fucked up shit before you yourself are in that deep, there is a lot of time to leave before things get to that level, that doesn't happen on Day 1

f56f1d No.1215050

File: f56e140b36a4aea⋯.png (124.53 KB, 495x347, 495:347, Screenshot 2018-04-27 at 6….png)

Q, you guys got this?

295abc No.1215051



so he was sent there with a sample and told by HRC that is was evidence for the russians on terror issue

in fact it was a sample of what they were getting in the U1 deal

mueller was stuck after that as he had dome something illegal - very

he never forgave hrc for that and here we are

b76b6e No.1215052


She has green eyes, but she wears contacts because her body double has blue eyes.

aeef70 No.1215053


It needs to come out…..

biggest red pill ever

yes it will hurt

but we all need to know WW

633b7e No.1215054

File: d4f593cce67f521⋯.jpg (47.52 KB, 885x516, 295:172, hoggy1.jpg)

cc4fd5 No.1215055

File: 1c05c03c288e621⋯.jpg (865.02 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_JFK.jpg)

The release of the documents is because George H.W. Bush is still alive. He was an overseer of Operation Zapata, the Bay of Pigs incident in Cuba. Bush coordinated the CIA assets that were left hanging in Cuba, and turned them on JFK. Bush was even photographed outside the Texas School Book Depository moments after the assassination. He was talking to General Landsdale, a United States Air Force officer who served in the Office of Strategic Services and the Central Intelligence Agency.

So we have to wait because "Poppy" Bush is still alive.

BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it! BUSH did it!

Unseal the records!!!!!

c639f0 No.1215056


Well, someone is going to be surprised with the result. Let's hope it's the Commie Jihadist.

adcc78 No.1215057


Just doxx me…Im not hard to find

f56f1d No.1215058


I call that faggot out every day

Result…still shadowbanned

c625cc No.1215059

File: a15b07f2206330e⋯.png (329.58 KB, 554x323, 554:323, Screenshot-2018-4-27 SDR h….png)



unless you are in Africa, there is one near you.

faceed No.1215060


My current take away from FBI lovers' texts. Strzok is usually tired and cranky.

a6ffe3 No.1215061


army vet here, I'd say 2%

3b56b6 No.1215062


unredacted time.

cool phrase

may I use that?

I have Einstein discussions with people.

c639f0 No.1215063


I agree with your theory.

faceed No.1215064

File: 887082a9702760a⋯.png (396.21 KB, 435x569, 435:569, Yay It's Friday.png)

09609b No.1215065

File: 199e41585abddc6⋯.png (656.51 KB, 720x735, 48:49, ClipboardImage.png)


no I mean this one

(pic related)

295abc No.1215066


that was my thought as well

it will be EPIC

326bc6 No.1215067



Easy does it copypastaAnon, we've seen it.

2a3169 No.1215068

>>1215060 Well suck his dick then clown

52856c No.1215069


Shit….pretty good, anon

The original request for the sample came from Georgia….wonder what kind of players they might have in the game?

c581e5 No.1215070


oh wait, nevermind

9cb3cb No.1215071


So how about this. Senate passed a law that says President can't fire Mueller. Mueller now goes after the Prime Beef, Hillary, Bill, Obama and their minions and guess what? No matter how much they scream … FIRE MUELLER!!! President Trump just hangs his head and sayssssss "ordinarily I would, but you just made it impossible." Boomeranged

3b56b6 No.1215072



both are whinny bitches is how I read it and she has more balls than him.

fa823f No.1215073

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


"Tick Tock."

"There are things to realize."

"Time Has Come Today"..

"No place to run".

"it's happening".


2c41d7 No.1215074


Navy vet here. I haven't a fucking clue.

2a3169 No.1215075

File: e9805e4f3c164dc⋯.jpg (91.53 KB, 500x575, 20:23, 291a8c.jpg)

3fb9a7 No.1215076


when do we push all this ethernet kharma through the windows

faceed No.1215077


Hey perv, I was trying to add a bit of levity. Go shill on someone else.

6cd301 No.1215078


If Candace is not far-right who else is not far-right?

daa67c No.1215079


not a phone pic start the live stream at 14:06

https:// www.facebook.com/regionalplan/videos/1682666818454006/

326bc6 No.1215080


Navy is 25%

698efe No.1215081

File: 61106a167e05eb5⋯.png (650.93 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-18-2….png)

Eyes on..

2dec2d No.1215082


Had to be online. I don't have autist skills.

15f463 No.1215083


The problem is it can be used in the future.

f71806 No.1215084


You'll share in the credits: you sat it out.

You've been following up to here.

Bet you've got addicted to this stuff as much as a truckload of us. Sit this one out…why not? As if you didn't sit out the previous 'occurrences' right?

I find one needs to give RL free reigns if one is going to last in games as these here.

Starting to doubt Flynn at this point, is this it?

It is but a great show with great actors.

Sit back and relax above all.

Wanna study, by all means do so. Dig? Go ahead. But SIT BACK AND RELAX… A.N.D. RELATE W.I.T.H. PEOPLE PLEASE.

And enjoy (the show Q throws).


d12bc1 No.1215085


I have a feeling that nobody will be saying left or right here soon.

6c1dc6 No.1215086

File: b0a425dbd71ebf9⋯.png (486.57 KB, 385x544, 385:544, b0a425dbd71ebf981d3f9c496d….png)

60 / 40 ?

e90b6b No.1215087


What's my anon is your anon

11cf5e No.1215088


The second text up, could be an R redacted. Would mean they were talking about having lunch with Renegade/Hussein to coordinate. The redact is only a letter, why else would they redact ONE letter?

eb2f68 No.1215089


MOAB was today.

North Korea.


Red carpet and everytning.


Thank you POTUS!

c581e5 No.1215090


Hogg remembers seeing the dive bombers fly in low at Pearl Harbor.

785acb No.1215091


It's a compulsion. Tag-teams, more overt now.

9f19b0 No.1215092


Threats told subtly like saying thousands of traitors are likely to die due to too much lead in their bloodstreams unless they change their lifestyle.

db7bdc No.1215093



Anon has figured out the markers?

6cd301 No.1215094


Precisely KEK

2c41d7 No.1215095


are you sure it's not 26%?

3fe695 No.1215096


Let's hope she doesn't end up being like Joy Villa.

POTUS is giving her & Kanye props so I will follow his lead. But it is never a bad thing to be cautious because good people can do bad things & bad people can do good things….when the price is right!

326bc6 No.1215097


2nd that!

7f79ec No.1215098


it cant become law till the pres sign's it

b25f45 No.1215099


Yes please!

d38d33 No.1215100


Pretty much everyone except David Duke and the rest of the FBI's neo-nazi goons.

This is just a label used to marginalize opposition to the status quo.

b443dd No.1215101


It's not a BS Tweet. Not when you consider the fact the FEC are investigating her for illegal campaign contributions and possibly wire fraud. $84m dollars the DNC funnelled into her account during the campaign.

She is trying to find a way to legitimize it before people catch on - Plausible deniability.

If she succeeds she will go free.

She won't though because WE HAVE IT ALL.

2a3169 No.1215102

>>1215090 under snipper fire

3b56b6 No.1215103


I am so right - i was told I was correct before my Dad met my Mom.

3fb9a7 No.1215104


how they plant those devices

efcba8 No.1215105


Nice dubs but STFU. Anything good is a boom? Keep playing yourself sheep.

c25f14 No.1215106


subconscious thought plant

d98cda No.1215107

File: e201951fdf05f33⋯.png (195.45 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180428-002319.png)

3rd line. he's jumbled out the letters of a target or something I know the ? are corrupt emoti data. any ideas what could be in them gaps?

e805f8 No.1215108



d13a10 No.1215109

File: 2ea875a1bf39907⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1008x813, 336:271, 4867392873.png)

031e27 No.1215110

File: 35eb62d65dd4e07⋯.jpg (100.26 KB, 900x600, 3:2, dad.jpg)

f09076 No.1215111


You are joking ?

Sauce ?

Just kidding , you are taking the piss right ?

95fc0b No.1215112


But the dyke cousin had the AR !!

3de8ac No.1215113

File: 7be06762a87668e⋯.png (782.1 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Vaccinesarehisbag.png)

b20104 No.1215115

Everyone chill for a bit, get that vision.

7f79ec No.1215116


plus it has to pass the house and full senate

a7737c No.1215117

File: 5fe1be939f5b088⋯.png (601.47 KB, 1444x622, 722:311, Bagatella 1981 Bomber Jack….PNG)




"Fire in the Hole" - warning that an explosive detonation in a confined space is imminent.

Bagatelle 1981 - Bomber Jacket


295abc No.1215118


but muh kaypro!

99b034 No.1215119



It's driving me nuts watching all these whingers going on and on about it.

Q said it was coming

Congress fucked /ourguys/ up

Q came back and told us what it was about

Nobody listened

Muh moab fagging started

f822aa No.1215121


Universities were plugged into DARPAnet in the early 80s

26c10b No.1215122



c25f14 No.1215123


Go Texas

11cf5e No.1215124


May be a notable?

52856c No.1215125



e90b6b No.1215126

File: e359508f5250fbc⋯.gif (433.33 KB, 320x232, 40:29, gotgot.gif)



295abc No.1215127

File: 6ab756f28a3d252⋯.jpg (6.13 KB, 264x191, 264:191, monty1.jpg)


>literal kikery out the door.

1652fb No.1215128




Three Sayanim in a row. So easy.

You are really stupid.

48820e No.1215129

File: 32c09362a24e6ad⋯.png (395.88 KB, 879x504, 293:168, ClipboardImage.png)


they use single letters to talk sometimes, some redacted some not

i did find this talking about WH shredding papers, and them being relieved

09609b No.1215130


hahaha thats the kind of meme I want to do

I don't have that pic though, didn't save

aeef70 No.1215131

is there any indication that Q has help from other countries?

i cant see any?

d44533 No.1215133

Notes so far

>>1215050 Bill Gates, "Millions Could Die" if US doesn't prepare

>>1214613 Mueller theory

>>1214746 , >>1214873 ARE WE AWAKE? Think Mirror

698efe No.1215134

File: dcc6762cacae2f0⋯.png (637.48 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-18-2….png)

Reminder to hold the Line!

2a3169 No.1215135

File: d0cafe6f89f48a7⋯.jpg (48.46 KB, 700x325, 28:13, 2919lu.jpg)

9cb3cb No.1215136


Only for Mueller…and after all the screaming day in and day out throughout the process…Mueller I'm sure will be ready to retired when all is said and done.

4725f1 No.1215137


pfff… thats an Harrington jacket

832cfc No.1215138



So what about all of the actions done then and prior…all that is part of the current situation…but that happened (situations, to people etc…) prior to that time?

When Q says he has it all….has there been confirmation that they have all of that and all that ties into the current?

Movies were made prior to the internet.

Deals were made prior to the internet.

Kids were kids and people were peopple prior to the internet.

9a5cbd No.1215139

File: aa263aa45de877c⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 17E0AE36-FB99-489A-94FE-6A….png)

And she’s fucked. How does a “staffer” raise 50 million..the answer is HE CANT.

c639f0 No.1215140


Our goal is to save people, not harm people. However……..

Is Bill Gates threatening the planet with influenza outbreak?? If he is, let's all take an oath right now - whoever is still living after such an event, we hunt him down.

7c1419 No.1215141


Everyone is failing to realize Mueller has been the DNC hitman on republicans in office for decades

0e77a4 No.1215142


I don't think he's telling us that. Mueller would not be able to keep a REAL investigation under wraps, with all the partisans (such as Weismann) he has on the team. Q is saying that the Mueller Russia probe has been a movie, and it was scripted during the 4 hour meeting with Trump the day before Mueller was appointed S.C.

5d0277 No.1215143

File: 974acc834f192cf⋯.jpeg (114.54 KB, 699x540, 233:180, 057E22F8-0464-4C93-9B92-5….jpeg)

fc0745 No.1215144

File: 50336f0ccec9717⋯.png (67.46 KB, 1118x143, 86:11, AQ2.PNG)

So did anyone look into Q's post about why Mueller was second longest guy? (Hoover was longest.)

Still digging. Pic related.

3b56b6 No.1215145


So in unredacted time you are both experiencing time the same. But in redacted time that dude is going slower in speed and you are aging faster. etc etc :)

33580f No.1215146

c581e5 No.1215147


Afterwards, Hogg organized marches to ban US destroyers.

11cf5e No.1215148


Nice find anon, great digging.

6c1dc6 No.1215149


How do you trap a dangerous animal ?

75200f No.1215151

We don't say his name retiring soon.


000dd3 No.1215152

99b034 No.1215153


Satan is strong in that one

2a3169 No.1215154

832cfc No.1215155



Did movies exist?

Did Hollywood exist?

Did movie theaters exist?

Did People and Kids exist?

6cd301 No.1215156


It is just a theory for messages with the marker RE_READ

In those instances I paired the common entry to both Q posts and went in up/down order on the first post while pairing the down/up message from the second post.

It may not be correct but it might encourage other anons to find the solution so that we fully receive Q's message(s).

e805f8 No.1215157


and he succeeded in recommending we use weak steel from our exporters

295abc No.1215158


well we can be sure they couldnt get him with a honeypot!


483b04 No.1215159

File: 0aecaac47e27705⋯.png (903.46 KB, 937x633, 937:633, trumpwwe3.png)

File: dcd3eb401b6b402⋯.jpg (67.24 KB, 700x400, 7:4, trumpwwe2.jpg)

File: 0409e845251610f⋯.jpg (33.64 KB, 480x325, 96:65, trumpwwe.jpg)

Q said fire up those memes

#WWEGRR #FreeThinkers #DragonEnergy #WWESaudiArabia

b1e19a No.1215160

Flynn pled guilty, but Mueller withheld exculpatory evidence. Mueller knows no dirty tricks, it's the SODDI defense. Some other dude did it. All Mueller has is a strawman argument and the only way he can make it stick, is with an actual strawman. We ALL read Grassley's 48 page letter. 11.11.18 WWG1WGA

26c10b No.1215161



Some people have been using that site to sell things other than what's actually listed.

633b7e No.1215162


bait and trap

7f79ec No.1215163


that bike gets him around

bca3d9 No.1215164


Kek, crapping on the Germans while Merkel is on a state visit. I love our military.

8a6a85 No.1215165

File: 095d3cfa59f1ebd⋯.jpg (53.45 KB, 600x338, 300:169, diversityforkikes.jpg)

File: 81ddc9a4bd3e2ce⋯.jpg (88.9 KB, 889x499, 889:499, wisdomfrommattis.jpg)


Empty one, I think. Something of this caliber is designed to force our hand and provoke/derail White hats.

Useful idiots like Gates is a plague in and of itself.


Bolton was brought in for a specific purpose. iran and (((israel))).

Israeli police recommend indictment of Netanyahu on corruption charges

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/israeli-police-recommend-indictment-of-netanyahu-on-corruption-charges/2018/02/13/5e4cb27c-10e0-11e8-9570-29c9830535e5_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.86b3b7da8b62

Bibi will soon fall, and with him, any hope of 'ethnically homogenous' (((israel))). West will then be going in the opposite direction of course, with expulsion of 3rd world invaders (fully justified, of course), but (((israel))) will be overwhelmed.

(((kissinger))) was right. By 2025, (((israel))) as 'we' know it will be no more. Already ashkanazis are being pushed out of their positions and darker 'jews' are taking their places.

VERY interesting. Judo.

8b3042 No.1215166


His wife in a twat denied it

f822aa No.1215167


In the Navy…

947610 No.1215168


People eat tasty animals?

f09076 No.1215169


Things are heating up aren't they ?


a1c029 No.1215170


So you're aligning the two posts vertically by 'Marker', yes?

faceed No.1215171

698efe No.1215172


Caught that too, perfect!

2c41d7 No.1215173


>Sit back and relax above all.

That's what I'm going to do henceforth.

Sit back, drink beer, fuck my SO, and just enjoy life.

I'm a vet and I'm old (you'd laugh your asses off if I told you how old).

I'm done.

The torch is passed.

God bless America!

09609b No.1215174

if I can't find the pic, someone make:

And there I was when Trump colluded with the russians

I rode my bike all the way to russian collusion

b74a4d No.1215175

File: f991cc782ac2a73⋯.jpg (10.05 KB, 180x255, 12:17, 9146dc40befc82ee4d9eab2c76….jpg)

6cd301 No.1215176


That's Texas sheep to you faggot and that is big news.

Certified by the Court.

11cf5e No.1215177


Still think there's the possibility that redaction is for an R… To think the F_I doesn't know Q's comms, hence why they'd black it out. Since he laid that tidbit out for us. That Hussein would be talked about as R/Renegade in all of these comma.

9a5cbd No.1215178

File: b31095af78d4b7c⋯.png (812.77 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1E2696AC-46E4-44A5-84C0-8B….png)

File: 8670e5ebb38ffca⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5AB80DE0-0208-48F6-B9F8-C0….png)

@Jack apologizing to Candance Owens

1652fb No.1215179


Nothing against u, anon. You're fine. Just tracking down the Sayanim clowns here.

3b56b6 No.1215180

If Q is right

If we have all the cures



Just release the cure for stupidity!!!!!!!!!!

8a6a85 No.1215181


>tries to use 'sayanim'

>'sayanim' LITERALLY means jew-symapthizing kike mossad foreign assets.

How can you fail this hard, this obviously?

659b0f No.1215182


We had a line into the ARPA Net in my school in Canada by 1978. Also a line into the PLATO system which functioned a lot like one of these boards. Back in the late 1970s is when all this stuff was being invented. Since then it just git cheaper, spread everywhere and increased in complexity as cost of computing dropped.

295abc No.1215183


oh yeah

that is at the Tippy tip top of POTUS scores to even

5d6818 No.1215184


If you know, then explain it! It's quite apparent that the likes or dislikes of taxpaying Americans means jack+shit to our govt. So might as well just fill us in.

b34aa9 No.1215185


They missed it… too busy jacking each other off to some WH fuckers that even ain't worth a bullet.

ff8158 No.1215186

File: 126f8ea65be2e3a⋯.png (109.1 KB, 411x490, 411:490, 6b5hyn-001-1k4cBGS.png)


fucking kek

7f79ec No.1215187


drafted ……hummmm

e90b6b No.1215188

File: 1a142bb3ba33c6d⋯.jpg (23.85 KB, 400x400, 1:1, qOfFWpIN_400x400.jpg)


>aging faster…


<oh well

171c1a No.1215189

File: cda297afe582a01⋯.jpeg (19.26 KB, 224x236, 56:59, creepyeyes.jpeg)


This guy has spooky eyes

b174d8 No.1215190

File: b662f04c9a2574b⋯.jpg (586.63 KB, 960x2334, 160:389, la flotus nikita.jpg)

b1e19a No.1215191


It won't hold water in a Court of Law.

947610 No.1215193


big order my son.

the awaking could be educational for many.

c581e5 No.1215194

Hogg rode his bike through the gas chambers in WWII.

832cfc No.1215195

Anyone ever wonder what they did before the internet and the video technology?

What happened during the Pre-curser?

11cf5e No.1215196


The only true cure for all this will be a rope for all the treasonous traitors.

e805f8 No.1215197


he was there.

f09076 No.1215198



e805f8 No.1215199


we played outside with our infinite imaginations.

af147e No.1215200

File: ff4945497f4f3b5⋯.jpg (202.55 KB, 1220x1220, 1:1, HRCEyes.jpg)


Youre wasting your time, crappy encoding.

f56f1d No.1215201


Let's just hunt him down now

8a6a85 No.1215202

File: 096f47a39cfba23⋯.jpg (119.93 KB, 600x508, 150:127, kikestupidity3.jpg)


They are literally turning into a bastard child version of (((msm))) on this board. How STUPID are these stupid (((black hat))) scum?

Seriously, do (((they))) seriously believe anyone is falling for their bullshit?

565a36 No.1215203


Whatever - useful at the moment. Dem stranglehold on the black pop MUST be broken. If she's an opportunist but she helps the cause, God bless her.

633b7e No.1215204


hard copy

hold the line

42d718 No.1215205


my thoughts exactly.

surprised by handcuffs or a nooses!

698efe No.1215206

File: df0465c80483457⋯.png (356.68 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-18-3….png)

File: 314bf4d973307be⋯.png (403.47 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-27-18-3….png)

And here comes Sudan… right on schedule

b174d8 No.1215207

File: c9b0a75d2248887⋯.jpg (597.36 KB, 960x2428, 240:607, la flotus nikita.jpg)


Oops, cut it off at the bottom. Correction

4b3b26 No.1215208


I’m with you sounds “fishy”

785acb No.1215209


THANK YOU! Beautiful

Not saying it's 100% what Q team means, but this is what I was wondering vis a vis re_read/re-read

Military men don't make those distinctions for no reason.

793b18 No.1215210


1 post by this Anon.

Is it Q-Team making fun of us?

3b56b6 No.1215211



Actually it is probably more about point of view, or perception and all - but all Einstein could put in math was Relativity.

faceed No.1215212


These people with creepy eyes are likely demoniacs (possessed).

136c84 No.1215213

File: 4c50e67c67272f6⋯.png (500.16 KB, 768x459, 256:153, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b09e7d97f1006fe⋯.png (416.28 KB, 832x356, 208:89, ClipboardImage.png)

the wonders of hellywood makeup

WOW this bitch is FUGLY

000dd3 No.1215214

7c1419 No.1215215



You have to be above them, not below, in order to pull this off.

0e77a4 No.1215216


BOOOOM goes Feinstein.

af01f2 No.1215217

File: a7e6bf272cf5d79⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 3184x1196, 796:299, HRC The Wing coven.jpg)



>Satan is strong in that one

HRC appeared early April & Feistein is set to appear at the woman's group "The Wing" that their instagram says "We are a COVEN, not a sorority"

4beaed No.1215218


She's a rock star just like her man.

009169 No.1215219

File: 530683c07f6330c⋯.jpg (125.15 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening114.jpg)

File: e758c5a26a1888c⋯.jpg (114.51 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening115.jpg)

File: accf4a69b239ce9⋯.jpg (310.9 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, GreatAwakening117.jpg)

9fc506 No.1215220


Could one of you kindly fix the broken links? Thanks.

Backup Q Posts


07c9ac No.1215221


While everyone is sucking each others dicks and thinking the world is smiling on them.

This fucking kid is dead.

Whos blood will match this kids?

Kim had his teeth pulled.

Im ok with a NK peace, I just want all of Kims teeth pulled.


8c9ee6 No.1215222


OMG. You people make things up based on your own fears. Grow up.

389d2f No.1215223


All know about Mueller and U1, so this could be how the meeting with DJT and Mueller went down …

Pres: Bob we know all about U1. I also know you were first a Marine. Would you like to help us get the really bad guys in exchange for leniency?

Mueller: Mr. President, I would love to serve and be a WHITE HAT.

4c7896 No.1215224


This just proves the clowns are more afraid of being called racist than being called censorship shills.

8b3042 No.1215225



eb2f68 No.1215226


Bolton is an ace man.

He is cleaning house and then he will be let go.

633b7e No.1215227

poison cookie

scratching the surface off

cookie still poison

find the baker…

efcba8 No.1215228


It's muh Murica suppose to have great doctors & medicine? Q, you don't want to move your ass and [A]rrest this piece of shit?

f063fb No.1215229

Why did they release the text redacted??

I thought Q said they were going to be full

09609b No.1215230

File: 21017f1dfa9e1f8⋯.png (91.2 KB, 220x330, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


the irony is undeniable

4766ea No.1215231

have anyone notice the change in Wikipedia??

way more information being given and in different languages

I think the white hats are in full control of wiki now

I searched Grassley yesterday and today there is tons more info on him in way more detail

6f9125 No.1215232

http://www. starshipearththebigpicture.com/2018/04/09/massive-fire-reportedly-seen-on-private-island-owned-by-billionaire-sexual-predator-jeffrey-epstein/

Massive Fire Reportedly Seen On Private Island Owned By Billionaire, And Sexual Predator, Jeffrey Epstein

eb2f68 No.1215233


Axe man

3fb9a7 No.1215234

File: 94d89e0ed624158⋯.jpg (92.35 KB, 1075x1512, 1075:1512, IMG_0273.JPG)

cc20cb No.1215235


Does she have dual Citizenship? might be time for her to run home. The Goyim know.

785acb No.1215236


>How STUPID DESPERATE & PANICKING are these stupid (((black hat))) scum?


Panic makes stupid people make even stupider mistakes in judgment. It's actually quite amusing to watch.

a05606 No.1215237


Too bad 2 "o"s

42d718 No.1215238


Down she goes!

60d671 No.1215239


Found this link:


"But President Obama asked Congress to allow Mr. Mueller to stay on at the bureau, arguing that his national security team needed continuity because the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency were getting new leaders."

Another snip:

"Before the confirmation vote, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, said the complex process had established a historical record showing that any future exceptions to the term limit should not be undertaken lightly."

efcba8 No.1215240


Suicide weekend? I fucking hope so.

1652fb No.1215241


You guys must be tired. Making more mistakes. Glitches. You're not aware of that, are you? End in sight.

52856c No.1215242


Thats fucked up…..but funny as shit

3b56b6 No.1215243


It is a course of therapy to cure.

Get a Job

Work your ass off

Take a lot of shit from your boss

Just to learn nothing is free and you have to work hard to win and move up in life.

First perscription min 6 months - some 40 yrs.

981be0 No.1215244


Chuck Schumer's niece.

Has 1/100th talent of Jeselnik and yet her career is the one that takes off. hmmm

42d718 No.1215245


I'll bet.

Cover up.

7f79ec No.1215247


hide this now,,,,,,

3fb9a7 No.1215248

File: 6997e71fcd505d6⋯.jpg (129.94 KB, 599x430, 599:430, IMG_0110.JPG)

981be0 No.1215249


She probably meant "hungry".

bd15a8 No.1215250


And Jeselnik is a liberal fuck too, they should be tied.

e06ce2 No.1215251

Has anyone seen the personals on craigslist?

"US Congress just passed HR 1865, "FOSTA", seeking to subject websites to criminal and civil liability when third parties (users) misuse online personals unlawfully."

fc0745 No.1215252

File: 778c41178865897⋯.png (15.34 KB, 667x177, 667:177, AQ3.PNG)


Right. Found that, too.


c639f0 No.1215253


Can you say Clowns in America? I wonder how horrendous it was knowing no one would know it was them.

e805f8 No.1215254


nah, just burning the evil off the island for good. a lot of bad and very evil stuff happened there. you have to burn it to the ground.

c625cc No.1215255


Aloha and PRNET

Since radio circuits inherently possess a broadcast network topology (i.e., many or all nodes are connected to the network simultaneously), one of the first technical challenges faced in the implementation of packet radio networks was a means to control access to a shared communication channel. Professor Norman Abramson of the University of Hawaii led development a packet radio network known as ALOHAnet and performed a number of experiments beginning in the 1970s to develop methods to arbitrate access to a shared radio channel by network nodes. This system operated on UHF frequencies at 9,600 baud. From this work the Aloha multiple access protocol was derived. Subsequent enhancements in channel access techniques made by Leonard Kleinrock et al. in 1975 would lead Robert Metcalfe to use carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) protocols in the design of the now commonplace Ethernet local area network (LAN) technology.

Over 1973–76, DARPA created a packet radio network called PRNET in the San Francisco Bay area and conducted a series of experiments with SRI to verify the use of ARPANET (a precursor to the Internet) communications protocols (later known as IP) over packet radio links between mobile and fixed network nodes.[1] This system was quite advanced, as it made use of direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) modulation and forward error correction (FEC) techniques to provide 100 kbit/s and 400 kbit/s data channels. These experiments were generally considered to be successful, and also marked the first demonstration of Internetworking, as in these experiments data was routed between the ARPANET, PRNET, and SATNET (a satellite packet radio network) networks. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, DARPA operated a number of terrestrial and satellite packet radio networks connected to the ARPANET at various military and government installations.


e90b6b No.1215256

File: 040a91e1aff51d2⋯.gif (12.23 MB, 360x360, 1:1, giphy2-2339.gif)

a3568f No.1215257


Overseas #oldanon here's looking at you special anon, thanx for your service - o7

Rest well, re group stand proud Sir..

9fc506 No.1215258


He learned of his conditional immunity.


f09076 No.1215259



Any chance of a tweet to the board ?


faceed No.1215260


Q told us that Kim was a hostage of the CIA/globalist cabal. He has now been released. It was likely the CIA that tortured the young American.

2a3169 No.1215261

>>1214636 Yesterday too…we are over the target they are throwing shite against the wall now

d38851 No.1215262


3 now.

As to your question, no.

Should have left it at just the one.

ca0452 No.1215263


Yes and Trump always had the power to fire Mueller and he didn't. This "set the stage" for the left to believe he was going to take Trump down. Meanwhile he was helping with the investigation into HRC, Hussein, ect…..no one could know that….and the fire at the tower….seemed so "off" to me

As for 911 and U1 he knew, but just like the other white hats, could not just jump up and say something…they would have been killed. The power at that time was with the Elite pigs. But remember, ALL of this has been planned for years. They could not stop the bad stuff from happening, as they were not the ones in power. Trump had to get in there to bring everything to light.

But it had to be done this way for a reason….

6cd301 No.1215264


By their common marker, in the instance of that graphic I aligned the CLAS clauses.

I do not actually think my interpretation is correct but I think it is like getting to the right answer in algebra without using algebraic formula. Kind of bulldogging it. I assume there is a simple, orderly logic that Q is sending out that I am not picking up.

I surf on my iPad so I do not have access to many Q drops. I just pick up on what floats by in the breads.

ff8158 No.1215265

File: 3dab89326edb47e⋯.jpg (92.16 KB, 634x1024, 317:512, 6rvjpd-5katozybp0ez.jpg)


can a memefag put this puking pepe on the i feel pretty poster .

d44533 No.1215266


Hey newfag, welcome. The links are broken as those threads no longer exist. New threads on the board replace old threads.

23bdc3 No.1215267


>First off, very FEW pre-internet records have been uploaded.

Maybe not in the state you live in, but in the states I've lived in, the info is at my fingertips, been there, done that. OLD shit.

3b56b6 No.1215268


Trap them - a reinforced cage or a pit.And a way to lure them into the above.

db4ea1 No.1215269


Look at the bridge of her nose. Specifically the bridge. Not the same person.

947610 No.1215271


it's like running from a 10 foot dick and it's 9 feet away.

0f4997 No.1215272

File: 680a3ecbb168a8e⋯.jpg (65.9 KB, 601x358, 601:358, @jack.jpg)

Is @jack repenting????

b74a4d No.1215273

Fags, remember where Mueller was working when he got tapped as Special Council…

As Robert Novick was personally hired in 2006 by then ExxonMobil CEO, and now US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson to manage this global energy giant’s legal interests, this report details, his WilmerHale law firm is, also, among the top law firms in China—and who after communicating with China’s State Council yesterday quickly approved his firms releasing from duty one of its top attorney’s, named Robert Mueller, to oversee a US Department of Justice investigation into the Trump administrations “links” with Russia.

The negotiations to have Robert Mueller oversee this investigation of the Trump administrations “links” with Russia, this report explains, were conducted by another WilmerHale attorney named Jamie Gorelick—who was well positioned for this task as she is the personal lawyer for President Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, both of whom are Trump’s most trusted advisors.

The WilmerHale law firms links to President Trump further extend, this report says, to his former campaign manager Paul Manafort—whose personal attorney is another top WilmerHale partner named Reginald Brown.

Being released by WilmerHale to join Robert Muller in his investigation of the Trump administration too, this report continues, are another two of their top attorneys named Aaron Zebley and James Quarles.

With WilmerHale lawyers now firmly in control of the Trump-Russian “link” investigation, and their, also, having close, personal and longstanding ties with the Trump family and their associates, this report says, this global law firm now, actually, controls the fate of not just President Trump, but that of world peace too.

981be0 No.1215274



4b3b26 No.1215275


I will say this …all my life( and my parents) NK has been the “bad guy” and at war with all (as told growing up) if we don’t see today with the red carpet and all being a BIG DEAL we need help in ways Q cannot fix ..may or may not be the Moab y’all want or was planned ..but that don’t mean it isn’t Huuuuuuggggeee

8a6a85 No.1215276


I am near certain these (((faggots))) are living in their fantasy world. israeli women, despite ALL the discouragement and propaganda to the contrary, have no problem getting fucked by their enemies. In contrast, they had to brainwash and lie for over 200 years just for others to be forced into something similar, and even now the resistance and backlash is beginning. That SAME propaganda is then influencing these stupid kike bitches to go get fucked by (((their))) enemies.

These fuckers are STUPID.

009169 No.1215277

File: dfe5b1053e049af⋯.jpg (262.6 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NetWorthFeinstein.jpg)

File: e1be4adf14b7294⋯.jpg (447.7 KB, 1192x1624, 149:203, TwitterAuditFeinstein.jpg)

File: 2d0e857f0787eb3⋯.jpg (73.61 KB, 505x542, 505:542, FeinsteinHus.jpg)

File: 27dc630b5edb1b2⋯.jpg (86.05 KB, 669x500, 669:500, FeinsteinRapedCA.jpg)

File: 41711269783bdc7⋯.jpg (84.12 KB, 500x501, 500:501, FeinsteinEvilQueen.jpg)


We don't have that many Feinstein memes. She's a target.

3fb9a7 No.1215278

File: 4645ed78550db83⋯.jpg (57.83 KB, 720x960, 3:4, IMG_0237.JPG)

832cfc No.1215279


Thank you for your contribution. Glad all was well.

Many didn't have that benefit.

Perhaps they should receive more consideration than you.

bd15a8 No.1215280


Watch his shows.

23bdc3 No.1215281


Post got away from me. To continue, some of the old stuff was already uploaded for internal use and then made public.

d12bc1 No.1215282


She turned me into a Jewt….I got better

ab804b No.1215283

I'd bet @Jack likes ping pong.

Anything like NAMBALA in his closet?

d44533 No.1215284

File: 9a799d67bc132b7⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 9a799d67bc132b750caa978b36….jpg)


7c1419 No.1215285


My heart sings the same. I bet many memefags feel the same.

We have a problem because of our skin color.

6cd301 No.1215286



Let's figure it out.

8a6a85 No.1215287

File: b93288da20adcbc⋯.png (267.22 KB, 800x820, 40:41, youhavetogoback.png)


(((projection))) is a dangerous delusion, jew. Really sad you don't remember Q letting you know: You FAILED. Israel will no longer exist as you know it.

4c7896 No.1215288


Q mentioned that R was Renegade in the texts, but then there were no R references in the texts, correct? This is proof that the bulk of the messages were withheld or redacted. Mad blue balls, but perhaps next week.

a7737c No.1215289

File: e2b88081efab47a⋯.png (202.07 KB, 420x236, 105:59, TREASURE TROVE.png)

b20104 No.1215290


thx mom

af01f2 No.1215292

File: 1013b0321280fb7⋯.png (101.43 KB, 600x898, 300:449, ClipboardImage.png)

POS Brian Stelter sees distrust in the media is like "an infection that's spreading"! No, asshole, it's called "people waking up to your NWO Clown propaganda BS!

031e27 No.1215293


She ugly… but if she asked me to take a deuce on her tits I probably would.

9f1575 No.1215294


Reporting incorrect?

Per WH?

The day before.



Mueller & U1?

Mueller &


Comey to POTUS - not being investigated.

RR to POTUS - not being investigated.

Mueller to POTUS - not a criminal target.




Baiting POTUS?

Why no contact w/ WL / JA?

What is being investigated?

Why is Mueller’s team stacked w/ ex Clinton / D sr level authorities?

Why are POTUS supporters screaming for END?


ADD RUDY (quiet).

Can the investigation officially/publicly drop POTUS from review & continue?

Why did the Podesta Group close shop?


Why are known bad actors in full support of Mueller?

Why did POTUS interview (FBI Dir) Mueller a day prior to SC appointment if impossible to assign position?

Why did Sessions recuse?

What are the powers of Huber / IG (H)?


Who has the POWER?

Who can know?

Are D’s using as midterm tactic to win House?

Are D’s using as ammo to gain majority to impeach?

Impeach on what grounds?

What facts exist to impeach?

House report POTUS no evidence of collusion.


Mueller report will contradict per Brennan Tweet today?

Disconnect exists.

R’s / D’s negative for POTUS.

Insurance policy?

Comey release of memos to obtain SC?


SC/Comey/RR state POTUS not under investigation.

Flynn pleads guilty to none committed crime?

S interviewed?

S/P relationship w/ judge?

#2/S/P 302 mod?

Fusion GPS.

The Brits - raw intel / dossier / 5 eyes.


DNC rigging super delegates / funding/ voter rolls / agreement BS

Election/voter fraud





Sec of State



More than you can imagine.

re: HRC insurance [win]



Remainder illegal acts.


SC targeting who?

SC on team?

SC off team?

Questions reveal answers.

Time will tell.


e805f8 No.1215295


yes, I remember when the day came and no kids were outside. Razr phone.

3fb9a7 No.1215296

File: b2a04714292fe42⋯.jpg (14.84 KB, 480x320, 3:2, IMG_0196.JPG)

soros/mueller gang sign, ask unicorn guy

faceed No.1215297


If you watch today's footage of the meeting between Kim and Moon (of South Korea) you will see the gentle approach of Kim toward the young children giving him flowers as he steps across the border into South Korea. That is not the body language of a murderous dictator.

832cfc No.1215298


Tried to find KNOWNS but no results on internet.

Just trying to make sure that information is not overlooked as a significant part of the puzzle. This started long before the 80s.

f09076 No.1215299



Video Q

b1e19a No.1215300

File: 22271b18f6c6a2b⋯.jpg (518.75 KB, 2301x1910, 2301:1910, lulz2.jpg)

e16c5a No.1215301

I won't sit here and complain about the lack of arrests and orange jumpsuits. We can see positive progress in small chunks all over the place… If you're already woke and paying attention.

When does the real show start? When will the handcuffs come out, or just one fucking thing we can point to where the average dumb ass sheep can't even deny what's going on?

Lots of revelations in that new JFK dump. I'm betting Poppy Bush bites the dust nexr week so he won't have to answer for any of it.

When do we get to watch the rest of these crooks die? Nothing else is going to be satisfactory.

793b18 No.1215303

File: c7402f780e9da00⋯.png (299.35 KB, 657x442, 657:442, Cheers.png)


Great job uniting the Koreas, Potus! VSG

6cd301 No.1215305


Getting closer.

I knew he was here

42d718 No.1215306


Sounds like a "fake" apology

9fc506 No.1215308

File: 23e91f13a87ff3a⋯.jpg (21.3 KB, 455x95, 91:19, ohreally.JPG)

File: 0c59265c9701f00⋯.jpg (64.74 KB, 662x324, 331:162, ohreally2.JPG)

File: a871d510a1873a5⋯.jpg (62.52 KB, 558x299, 558:299, ohreally3.JPG)


oh really?

981be0 No.1215309


I've watched Jeselnik Offensive, his specials and his tweets, haven't seen anything ANTI-TRUMP or pro-liberal.

c59d77 No.1215310


bc potus needs his access to the gmail accounts. ourguys have been letting them talk still. they probably still don't know they're comped. these people are stupid.


e90b6b No.1215311

File: 877579acf04e761⋯.jpg (21.63 KB, 500x441, 500:441, f31300a81666a8b37f4ba59e3c….jpg)

b74a4d No.1215312

File: 14b407598c5c088⋯.jpg (90.24 KB, 821x499, 821:499, 28yum1.jpg)



3b56b6 No.1215314


Then 2nd course of therapy once work is natural

Goals and Focus

Make a Fucking Plan - stick to it to achieve your goals!!!

They don't teach this stuff these days.

aeef70 No.1215315

9/11 Families Drop Truth Bomb

Evidence of explosives found at site of terror attack?

We’ve had engineers, architects and pilots question the government’s conspiracy theory about 9/11.

Now, a group representing families of 9/11 victims, the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, has filed a 52-page petition with 57 exhibits of conclusive evidence that explosives were planted and detonated.


250180 No.1215316


The parents likely will end up with a new lawsuit against Barack Obama and John Brennan.

832cfc No.1215317


Obviously you are missing the communications and messages being passed on this board.

If no one else has told you, you don't belong here.

cc20cb No.1215319


>Why no contact w/ WL / JA?

I wondered this myself, where has Julian Assange gone?

af147e No.1215320

File: cb43bf65c363e42⋯.png (68.64 KB, 661x931, 661:931, screenshot-archive.is 2018….png)

Senate Extends Term of F.B.I. Director.


39a7cd No.1215321

Nothing will happen tonight, Trump will want the focus to stay on Korea. Q is running us through the minutiae of Flynn crap.

daa67c No.1215322

File: aacb58843174169⋯.png (273.13 KB, 641x398, 641:398, blessu.PNG)

File: 61d999e81058327⋯.png (8.94 KB, 1020x113, 1020:113, blessu2.PNG)

I made 2 posts about HRC on different subjects and was told twice to ignore. Aww shuckins ya'll. I feelz so loved having you watch out over me so I don't waste my time. How could I ever thank ya'all. Bless your hearts. Lawd only knows what I would do with muh time if not for ya'all

06d103 No.1215324


Um, yeah ok.

9cb3cb No.1215325


Well it wasn't Einstein's idea anyway. He got the Nobel Prize for Electromagnetism.

031e27 No.1215326

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That dude is fucking cool…

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Q, for tomorrow:



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can you say, black mail ? They aren't just giving him a pass.

He had to have been basically good for them to trust him. How did they know that? He was vetted by the NSA.

Q said :

"As a backup, they install only those on the team. As a backup, they blackmail those that aren’t. "