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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch.jpg)

3a391e No.1168695

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


Redpill for normies: >>1087693 Proof POTUS was behind Q even before he appeared on the chans.




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2. If you find an important account, ARCHIVE OFFLINE BEFORE posting link to 8ch.

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Monday 4.23.18

>>1164847 ———————- Coming soon.

>>1162020 ———————- It’s time to learn the TRUTH.

>>1160582 ———————- Listen carefully.

>>1159716 rt >>1159482 — When was UBL killed in Pakistan?

>>1159482 rt >>1159198 — Red Cross

>>1159198 rt >>1159032 — Wake up!

>>1159032 rt >>1158853 — Happy hunting!

>>1158853 rt >>1158720 — Happening now.

>>1158695 rt >>1158519 — Order is important.

>>1158519 rt >>1158228 — Like NK, they have been freed.

>>1158067 rt >>1158014 — Why was Armenia mentioned recently?

>>1158014 ———————- The world is awakening.

>>1157518 ———————- Reminder. Iran is Next. Marker.

Sunday 4.22.18

>>1152145 ———————- https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=JDVT-8tUfiE

>>1147720 ———————- Today is Earth Day.

>>1145824 ———————- Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?

>>1140227 ———————- MB Connections

>>1140780 rt >>1140510 — Salon article Michelle Bachmann witch hunt

>>1141069 ———————- Civilization Jihadist

Saturday 04.21.18

>>1133942 rt >>1133925 — AMERICA WILL BE UNIFIED AGAIN! 11.11.18.

>>1133862 rt >>1133796 — They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed

>>1133464 rt >>1133332 — Fire up the memes!

>>1133332 ———————- What will next week hold?

>>1133238 rt >>1133204 — We came here for a reason

>>1133189 rt >>1133099 — Expand Further. Blackwater USA. Plausible Deniablity.

>>1132004 rt >>1131959 — Look at those palm trees!

>>1131877 rt >>1131741 — As the World Turns.

>>1131963 rt >>1131935 — Anons honored by your presence

>>1131741 ———————- Yesterday.

>>1131328 rt >>1131287 — Coincidence?

>>1131266 rt >>1131254 — Think private email addresses

>>1131254 rt >>1131247 — Think public & private Twitter accounts

>>1131191 ———————- Right on Q

>>1130667 ———————- Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest.

>>1130369 rt >>1130171 — Think Sessions

>>1130171 rt >>1130125 — Maggie Haberman on HRC team

>>1130089 ———————- Wikileaks Podesta emails

Friday 04.20.18

>>1124872 rt >>1124637 — The world is watching

>>1124271 rt >>1124212 — Alefantis pic big, but risky

>>1123696 rt >>1123617 — POTUS warning shot

>>1123575 rt >>1123519 — Hussein diddling Maggie/Wendy since 10?

>>1123499 rt >>1123388 — Hussein & Maggie

>>1123388 rt >>1123269 — Agnes Nixon Soap Operas (article)

>>1123269 rt >>1123074 — As the world turns.

>>1123074 rt >>1122995 — The door will be opened later.

>>1122995 rt >>1122741 — Hussein/Wendy Over the Target

>>1122280 rt >>1122226 — Wendy?/Marina

>>1122111 ———————- Hussein with Wendy

>>1121949 ———————- Allison Mack tweet with a pic of Abramovic

>>1121353 rt >>1121283 — Canary palm tree, signal?

>>1121272 ———————- Mack is naming names

>>1117177 ———————- Canary palm tree

>>1116344 rt >>1116307 — TRUMP card coming

>>1116309 rt >>1116269 , >>1116276 — They fall for it every single time/How do you 'legally'

>>1116248 ———————- SR June JA

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3a391e No.1168698



>>1133464, >>1134569

Al Gore



Huma+??(how many siblings does huma have?)


1. Map Huma's Family: Parents & Siblings

>>1142939 Huma's Sister, Heba, attempted to undermine RIGHTFUL outcome of Presidential Election

>>1143533 Follow the Money. Check out Dearborn, MI also


>>1143022, >>1143031


>>1143739 MB & OBAMA


>>1101878, >>1101894 Private Investigation Into Obama By Dr. Taitz

Obama Timeline


>>949587, >>949333, >>949547

>>1066725 POTUS Schedule vs Obama 'vacation'



: D/L Video, Data Mine & Build Profile (Eyes Only)''' >>1113402

>>1164303 Nancy Pelosi's Twatter Archive

>>1118046 NP 1997 NK Talk www.c-span.org/video/?91427-1/north-korea-hunger-problem

>>1114611 32 Page PDF on NP: Needs DIGGING

>>1114530 Intelligence Committee Senate Report on NP's NK visit

>>1114037 NK selling arms to Iran: CIA Reading Room sauce

>>1113439 Alexandra

>>1113436 Christine

>>1113406 , >>1113553 , >>1113534 Paul

>>1113414 Offspring: Profiles

>>1107156 Dig On Feinstein's Husband

>>1112484 Complete archive for the @TeamPelosi twatter, including images

>>1111792 NP's financial disclosures

>>1107270 NP's net worth

>>1108812 NP Family: A Who's Who

>>1109003 NP Family: An overview

>>1113725 , >>1114100 Pelosi in NK

>>1113283 , >>1113404 Did Pelosi giggle when asked a Q about NK's recent ICBM?

>>1115633 NP violated NPT and 1994 Agreed Framework

NP Video Links and Resources

>>1113394 Download the NP video using https:// video-download.co

>>1110963 Streamable download of Pelosi NK vid available

>>1113792 Download straight from anonfiles

>>1107614 Pelosi video expanded version

>>1114951 Bash script



video report: https:// twitter.com/IntelCrab/status/987765785400573953

>>1134056, >>1134177, >>1134803

5e65e5 No.1168699

File: de11c43bd4980cd⋯.jpg (20.55 KB, 332x396, 83:99, macronsatan.JPG)


17cc08 No.1168701

Thank you Baker

3a391e No.1168702



>>1167171 Planned Parenthood Spending $30 Million on Mid-term Elections

>>1167271 Trump's revenge: US crude oil floods European markets in blow to OPEC and Russia

>>1167282 Kim Jong-un visits survivors of bus crash that killed 32 Chinese tourists and expresses his 'bitter sorrow'

>>1167289, >>1167447 Mack is naming names. theory

>>1167311 Singapore PM reshuffles cabinet with succession question looming

>>1167343 Nxivm cult members held wild parties and seminars on Sir Richard Branson’s private Caribbean island, Necker.

>>1167573 Western Spy Agencies Build Cyber Magicians to manipulate online discourse, >>1167590

>>1167492 We The People, Call To Abolish The House Of Lords, >>1167487

>>1167602 Iran joins Russia-led free-trade zone

>>1167623 Initiative to split California into 3 states may be on November ballot

>>1167649 Clare Bronfman, Alisson Mack's Handler?

>>1167679 Bronfmans are connected with the Bushes and Clintons.

>>1167681 1nterview with Sacha Stone: London Tribunal on Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse

>>1167744 De Kalb Junction Getting Rammed By Ddos. Why?

>>1167763 Planting Trees

>>1167768 List Of Charges Allison Mack Includes Child Trafficking, >>1167145


>>1166509 All UN sites info pastebin

>>1166459 Houthi political chief Saleh al-Sammad killed in Saudi air raids

>>1166666 Zach from AJ Infowars?

>>1167004 Digging needed: who was this child

>>1167048 Don't lose focus on Big-Tech, Big-Tech is in the Nordic countries


>>1165496 Iranian spies 'used Red Crescent to enter war zones'

>>1165592, >>1165755 re: full disclosure

>>1165598, >>1165634 UN sites info dump

>>1165650 Red Cross cash vidya >>1165857 Part of Gaddafi's money?

>>1165664 Blind Item - The Church's New Investment

>>1165669 Wtf is happening with this timeline?!? First Kanye drops the red pill and now his wife joins in too???

>>1165679 The Red Cross and the Catholic Church have been collaborating with Nazis and Socialists for decades.

>>1166076 The science agenda to exterminate blacks

>>1166103 The voice of God is still proclaiming "I Am That I Am" Right Now

>>1166190 POTUS Schedule

>>1166230 Miami Herald Files Lawsuit for Sealed Jeffrey Epstein Records

>>1166234 Look who was busy during 2004. A bunch of swamp rats.

>>1166256 Ted Turner is a member of this Steering Committee.


>>1164897 Osama bin Laden Dec 21st Trump EO connection

>>1164931 Pepsi use of cells derived from aborted fetuses reminder

>>1165207 Pakistani Temporary Protected Status Act of 2011

>>1165215 Three Dog Night said it a long time ago.

>>1165331 CDAN –– The Church's Money

>>1165359, >>1165371, >>1165472 Corporations that give money indirectly to Planned Parenthood

>>1165424 Kanye West to Hot 97's Morning Host Ebro Darden: 'I Love Donald Trump'

>>1165442 Elder George Bush hospitalized with blood infection, responding to treatment

>>1165477 REVEALED: Sex cult leader Allison Mack is now seeking a plea deal


>>1164089 Awan brothers timeline

>>1164221, >>1164592 , >>1164700, >>1164737 The UN has a foundation

>>1164254 U.S. government knew Agha Khan of Pakistan

>>1164281 "Bigger than you can imagine." - Q#1123696

>>1164725 Tip on archiving


>>1163239, >>1163355, >>1163400 Torronto van attack thread

>>1163279 Pakistan obtained nukes from Saudi Arabia

>>1163468 Candance tweet re: BLM

>>1163652 Beatiful meme


>>1162483, >>1162723 Maggie Haberman father-n-law is Vartan Gregorian, Armenian born in Iran

>>1162522 Richard Branson ties to Allison Mack

>>1162564, >>1163106 Head of ICRC Detention Program Killed in Taiz

>>1162587 "Red Cross enjoys immunity from judicial process"

>>1162728 Follow the EO's after the pen pics

>>1162731, >>1162958 Sara & Edgar Bronfman Sr: Connections

>>1162755 Saudi Media Claims Houthis Are Holding 19 Oil Tankers Hostage Off Yemeni Coast

>>1162862 , >>1162986 , >>1162991 The External Auditors of the United Nations

>>1162951 109 Former Generals & Admirals letter opposing new CIA head

>>1163047 USAID - 44,650 results in Wikileaks.


>>1161851 Papa Bush hospitalized

>>1161879 Allison Mack charges

>>1161738 POTUS speech with edits related to Q.

>>1161798 Red Cross Chairman of the Board of Corporate Officers

>>1161816 How does the C_A fund non sanctioned ops?

>>1161921 NSA Israel related

>>1162259 Q post related

Best Of Bread >>311157

Auto-Archive of Notables >>>/comms/225 (Batch 740~ present)

06ab26 No.1168703

File: bddfc89ddb5b762⋯.jpg (132.98 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, macron_trump1.jpg)


Macron is very noticeably and purposely doing the horns hand when they all lift up their hands.

4ff889 No.1168704

File: 99af9524b670011⋯.jpeg (123.44 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DbjhxlYX0AAGOeM.jpeg)

57466f No.1168705

thank you Ebaker, was about to do the same

thanks for your service to the great awakening

3a391e No.1168707

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2fa307 No.1168708


I personally believe she's Macron's handler. She met him (as his teacher) when he was 16 or 17, and comes from a prominent family in the town of Amiens, which is a hive for freemasonry.

c2122f No.1168710

>>1168651 (Last Bread)

There would be no difference. I have a gay subordinate and he's always demanding special treatment. No, I treat you all the same. Being gay doesn't make you special. This putting everyone in a neat little box, identity politics, has destroyed America. It's destroyed the workplace. I miss the days when there wasn't always SOME fucking problem that has to do with "muh feelz." I have to tiptoe through the tulips.

The problem I see is in HR. It's almost exclusively women and they have this "diversity above competence" mentality. White guy with 10 years experience will be beaten out by black guy with no experience. All in the name of diversity. Then these snowflakes end up working under people like me who treat everyone equal. I'm not even gonna get into the horrific process of firing a woman, minority, or gay/bi/transgendered person when there is cause.

bbe1b3 No.1168711

File: bdba119635d316d⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1513x747, 1513:747, horns.PNG)

Macron making the horns but Trump fist around it.

3fb13d No.1168712


no 30 days later will be the 27th

ea7389 No.1168713


FLOTUS is only held on by two fingers.

POTUS has one hand at side.

76ebfa No.1168714


same here, but we just got 2 and the other noticed fast - hey we're getting good at this, fukyeh

cd0e51 No.1168715

that sign lol

d3af3d No.1168716

File: 50debd07d6c7af3⋯.jpg (30.14 KB, 603x306, 67:34, fb3.jpg)


Hi EBaker, have some tits

b3574c No.1168717


Who is that with POTUS and Macron?

6f9567 No.1168718

File: 0cfef6080e9f639⋯.jpg (14.65 KB, 255x180, 17:12, santaball2.jpg)




ea7389 No.1168719

File: 0cd12ac80c10b22⋯.png (1.26 MB, 950x633, 950:633, AAV-P7-04-22-2018 (1).png)

Something interesting, not sure what it connects to.



Look at what's stenciled on the turret

3a391e No.1168720

File: ec5ba53ff95afee⋯.jpg (114.99 KB, 693x520, 693:520, DJT15b.jpg)

Dough from previous bread #1461

https:// pastebin.com/mhG0rqEW

Ebake, no notables for previous loaf

Feel free to collect them and I'll add.

Good Morning Vietnam

c2122f No.1168721


Mrs. Macron and Melania

6dd107 No.1168722

File: 816fec1bc739ce8⋯.png (178.91 KB, 1235x1137, 1235:1137, cbtsusvsthem.png)

76ebfa No.1168723


that pussy grabs POTUS and throws himself at him every chance he gets, and dares to do this?


9b85af No.1168724

File: 294e9b32096d13e⋯.jpeg (785.35 KB, 1440x1809, 160:201, 1524525838.jpeg)


cd0e51 No.1168725

who was c96cb4 in last bread?

posting crazy shit about false flags and assassinations I haven't seen before on this board.

Is he notable?

3d6cc7 No.1168726

File: e8b58c4337bf55a⋯.png (334.96 KB, 443x669, 443:669, 1511736907049.png)

Thank fuck i refreshed before posting, nearly got 3 breads. Thanks Ebaker.

3cac3e No.1168727

File: 39f776579fd564f⋯.png (467.8 KB, 461x465, 461:465, canvaghl66778s.png)

File: 53b5847eb4bfaa5⋯.jpg (95.08 KB, 736x1017, 736:1017, c46d46d5abfc4f8fb48d3af8ef….jpg)

File: fe77b163ceadfbf⋯.jpg (65.07 KB, 600x413, 600:413, 1450199089092.jpg)

File: c6bb3f78d293a7f⋯.jpg (27.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, purple-crown.jpg)


Learn the hidden symbolism.

Symbolism will be their downfall.


5e65e5 No.1168728


Will someone please slap the Satanic smug off that French Illuminati midget's face?

e64eba No.1168729


No it’s not dumbass. Go put a drop of water on a penny. Watch what happens.

b3574c No.1168730


Fucking hell!

IT'S A MAN! lmao

57466f No.1168731


no the anon meant in this photo ( >>1168704 )

I think its a translator

4a64c3 No.1168733


why is he being this obvious of a douchebag about it? we get it…you're a frog who follows the horn.

57466f No.1168734

File: 9fc038088e64026⋯.gif (3.83 MB, 480x494, 240:247, SMH.gif)

3a391e No.1168735



Nice work crew. We have got another ##1462, I'll go and see what's happening.

d1a883 No.1168736

File: a2e5b75dbaa7266⋯.png (511.06 KB, 691x685, 691:685, MUHFLAT.PNG)

>> >> 1168718

He reveals himself one bread after I called it.


Where's your signature clown/globe pic flattard?

6f9567 No.1168737


surface tension can create a round drop of water

so what?

413b0f No.1168738





3d6cc7 No.1168739


Tyrian Purple…

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyrian_purple

The colour of the elite.

57466f No.1168740

POTUS: "That's a stupid question"

16df89 No.1168741


Is this a meme? Where's the sauce for this?

c2122f No.1168742


Oh shit wrong picture haha yeah agree with other anon. That looks like a translator.

6dd107 No.1168743

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/11/former-black-lives-matter-activist-quits-movement-discovering-soros-hacks-took-movement-video/

>Chaziel Sunz: They got us working for them. How they get us is they playing us emotionally…

>They getting anybody who basically doesn’t like Donald Trump to fight for war that is being started on American turf very, very soon. And they want us to be a part of their side.

>What I’m trying to get the black population to understand, and this is critical, is the movement has been compromised…

>BLM is not actually a black organization and never was… If you have any kind of brain you know BLM is endorsed by the Soros and Clinton family.

a1a6a2 No.1168744

File: 0d9538fe354f26c⋯.png (434.88 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, 1ba1c344cd6a977f9f978e6853….png)

57466f No.1168745


it was from live TV anon, no meme

ea7389 No.1168746


Is that a small waterfall in the top pic above Macroon?

c75f3d No.1168747

STUPID QUESTION!! -President Trump


3d6cc7 No.1168748


FLOTUS doing the same

e64eba No.1168749


So your premise saying WATER IS ALWAYS FLAT is wrong.

1c8e47 No.1168750

File: bbf08adc305100b⋯.png (154.8 KB, 744x884, 186:221, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

6f9567 No.1168751


got my own meme lazyfag

do some research then your opinion might be worth posting

6b3c2d No.1168752

File: e5389050e3168be⋯.png (198.13 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (60).png)

File: 25710c1bdb46c05⋯.png (215 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (61).png)

Robert (Bob) Dole search

https:// isgp-studies.com/archives

8d948b No.1168753


Nice catch ,

I feel the board is going to explode again in a few hours .


c2122f No.1168754



a7e8a0 No.1168755


I do not trust that mf'er at all. Even when elected he said he was going to govern like a roman god. Trying to set himself up for a godhood.

4ff889 No.1168756

POTUS just told a reporter he asked a stupid question and then didn't answer it lolololol I live this guy!

003d3c No.1168757

File: d738b995ada5df5⋯.jpg (50.21 KB, 620x413, 620:413, obamakeysWH.jpg)



https:// www.smh.com.au/world/new-zealand-prime-minister-john-key-resigns-20161205-gt3z12.html

NEW ZEALAND OF ONE OF THE ‘FIVE EYES” and under Key’s leadership was caught gathering intelligence via 5 EYES for other countries.

https:// www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/mar/05/new-zealand-spying-on-pacific-allies-for-five-eyes-and-nsa-snowden-files-show

Obama visited New Zealand last month for a 3 day visit with ‘leaders’ and kept a very low profile.

http:// www.foxnews.com/world/2018/03/20/former-president-obama-arrives-in-new-zealand-for-3-day-trip.html

Obama’s trip was arranged by AIR NEW ZEALAND, where John Keys now works.

Key and Obama played golf together in Hawaii in 2014 and it is understood a rematch is on the agenda for Obama's New Zealand visit - likely in Key's favorite spot of Queenstown.

The visit will likely carry a stiff price tag for Air NZ. According to US media Obama was securing about $400,000 in speaking fees alone in the the United States.

Obama has often promised to travel to New Zealand but did not do so while he was in office.

Key and Obama were elected within a week of each other in 2008; both had holiday homes in Hawaii and they spent five hours on the golf course in 2014 in Hawaii as well as rubbing shoulders at international summits.

Last year there was a false alarm of a visit after security detail were spotted in Queenstown - but that turned out to be for a meeting of Five Eyes intelligence officials.

Just before Obama's presidency ended, the then US Ambassador to New Zealand Mark Gilbert said Obama did intend to visit but possibly after he left office.

http:// www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11987689

Keys did visit Obama at White House (pic)

6f9567 No.1168758

File: 3b037c0ec7ecf36⋯.jpg (11.6 KB, 300x168, 25:14, exlax.jpg)


body of water

is that better for you

watch the water take 2 and call me in the am

c75f3d No.1168759

File: 1ec4f0720e3e85f⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1480x833, 1480:833, ClipboardImage.png)

VA Nominee Ronny Jackson Facing ‘Hostile Working Environment’ Allegations

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/va-nominee-ronny-jackson-facing-hostile-working-environment-allegations

Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, could have his nomination scuppered over allegations surrounding his conduct, which is said to have created a “hostile work environment” for his colleagues. Sources said to be familiar with the Navy physician’s conduct told CBS News the accusations against Jackson include “excessive drinking on the job, improperly dispensing meds,” and one suggested that the allegations surrounding him could “sink his nomination.” The Senate Veterans Affairs committee is investigating the allegations and it’s unclear if the panel may postpone Jackson’s confirmation hearings, which were scheduled for Wednesday. One of the people familiar with the probe said they started hearing the allegations circulating about Jackson in the last several days. Jackson is best known for his January press conference in which he gave President Trump a clean bill of health.

ab456f No.1168760


Purple has always been the color I hated. And to this day, the ugliest color…. Kek. Must be my eternal hate for royalty

09e934 No.1168761



And woman have to compete with hands for dick now.......

57466f No.1168762

File: 096cfbde9394da9⋯.jpg (57.98 KB, 668x300, 167:75, WWG1WGA.jpg)

lol, for the anons, made it last night, waited to post for today


bbe1b3 No.1168763

>>1168741 here is live stream replay. notice the hand signs Mrs. Macron flashes all the way through POTUS speaking. The horns came after both spoke. https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp4zqX7nMJ4

c2122f No.1168764


I pointed out Elizabeth Dole was President of the American Red Cross for 8 years. Looks like a Clinton-esque marriage of political convenience. She wanted to be married to a President. First Lady. She was engaged in quite a bit of fuckery while President.

5cb39e No.1168765


I love how they are trying to appeal to "pro-choice anons" - as if there is such a thing!

17cc08 No.1168766

Father God, we come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and declare that your word says that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and reverence. In keeping with your Word we lift up Donald Trump, president of the United States. We pray that you would grant him amnesty from his enemies. We declare that your Word says when the enemy comes in like a flood you will lift up a standard against him. We plead the blood of Jesus over President Donald Trump, his family, and those that are appointed to govern alongside of him in Jesus’ name.

We begin by speaking the blood of Jesus over ourselves, our households, our bank accounts, and everything under our stewardship. We declare that he that dwells in the secret place of the Most High will abide under the shadow of the Almighty. We will say of the Lord, you are our refuge and our fortress, our God in you will we trust. Surely you will deliver us from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. You will hide us under your feathers and under your wings we will trust. Your truth will be our shield and our buckler. We will not be afraid of the terror by night, neither of the arrow that flies by day, neither of the pestilence that walks in darkness, and neither of the destruction that lays waste at noonday. For though a thousand would fall at our side and ten-thousand at our right hand it will not come near us. Only with our eyes will we behold and see the reward of the wicked because we have made the Lord, which is our refuge, even the Most High, our habitation. And there shall no evil befall us neither shall any plague come near our dwelling. For you will give your angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways, and they will bear us up in their hands lest we dash our feet upon a stone. And we will tread upon the lion and the adder, the young lion and the dragon will we trample underfoot. Because we have set our love upon you, you will deliver us. You will set us on high because we have known your name. We will call upon you, and you will answer us: You will be with us in trouble, and deliver us, and honor us. With long life will you satisfy us and show us your salvation.

We position ourselves in Jesus Christ and from the hiding place in him, we come against all rituals being executed against President Donald Trump in the name of Jesus. We confuse all pathways and cords and portals coordinating trade and power transfer between earth and the waxing and waning moons, stars, planets, cosmic structures and mazzaroth. We confront the power of darkness and declare that your angels are sent forth as ministering spirits to those which are inheriting salvation. We give them assignment with our prayers and declare that all tarot cards that are used in efforts to execute magical binding of President Donald Trump are actively being confined to boxes and cages in the spirit, and that their power is rendered nullified and voided in Jesus’ name. We declare that the power of candles, pins, and nails used in ritual fashion against President Trump is shattered by the power of the blood of Jesus. We issue forth the decree that vats of oil of anointing are taken across the world by your heavenly hosts, to be poured out in the spirit over witchcraft paraphernalia used in binding rituals against President Trump in Jesus’ name. We also nullify the power of water, salt, white candles, and feathers used to invoke the elements of water, earth, fire, and wind against President Trump in the name of Jesus. We also break the power of matches, ash, sand, pyrite, sulfur, and black thread. We speak and establish booby traps throughout the spirit realm that will snare and bring brutal affliction to all demonic and evil spirits working or placed on assignment along these pathways in Jesus’ name.

b3c0dc No.1168767

baker of 1461 here



I shall scour 1461 for notables


Baker, will you keep eyes open for this thread?

13f721 No.1168768

Am I buggin but wasn't there a new post late last night about planned parenthood. I was talking to my niece about planned parenthood n organ harvesting and then I checked the Q map n there was post about planned parenthood with a link too n now it's not coming up. Its showtjing the last post is Hillary n kkk scumbag friend

3a391e No.1168769

shout out for a baker

Can't stay n bake right now

17cc08 No.1168770


We also come against the power of rituals involving death, blood, urine, feces, and body fluid with the mighty name of Jesus. We blanket the camps of the enemy with confusion, tsunamis of living water, and locusts that will bring crop failure to all evil words, curses, hexes, vexes, spells, incantations, and other evil spoken judgments. We issue assignments for angels to worship the Lord of hosts over ritual sites throughout this night, and all waxing and waning moons, in the name of Jesus. We loose warring angels to track the opening of all portals being opened in order to invoke evil entities from other realms. We loose warring angels to make war immediately on all entities, fallen angels, dark powers, and composite entities being brought in to bind or destroy

President Trump through rituals. We declare that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God to the tearing down of strongholds. We declare that Jesus Christ has disarmed principalities and powers triumphing over them and making an open show of them in it. We declare that Jesus Christ, Yeshua, is the name above every name and that at his name, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess that he is Lord in heaven and on earth and under the earth. We anchor the angels loosed in warfare this night to the Word of the Lord decreed from our mouths. We plant confusion in the camp of darkness and scramble communications among the powers of darkness. We speak confusion to coordinated timelines and decree desynchronization of rituals in Jesus’ name. We ruin the strategies of the wicked and declare that you Lord God will by no means acquit the guilty. We loose engines of war against evil spirits responding to rituals against President Donald Trump in addition to arrows, lightning, hailstones, coals of fire, plague, and consuming fire in the name of Jesus.

We furthermore declare arrest warrants going out on human spirits, souls, and composites, taking assignments against President Trump in Jesus name. We declare massive arrests and decree that they are taken into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ upon confinement to be dealt with by him. We bind, block and sabotage their ability to execute evil against President Trump in the name of Jesus.

Lord God we pray that your kingdom comes and that your will is done on earth as it is in heaven. We declare that the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. We declare that you are the God whose name is Jehovah Gibbowr, for you are mighty in battle. We thank you that you are the God who has fixed his throne upon righteousness and justice. You are the God that sits in the heavens and laughs as you hold your enemies in derision. We thank you God that you hold the whole earth in your hands. We stand in agreement as citizens in heaven, and praise you for your mighty works. Amen.

c75f3d No.1168771

Kaitlan Collins

‏Verified account @kaitlancollins

4m4 minutes ago

WOW. From the print pool: "When Jon Karl asked POTUS if he would consider a pardon for Michael Cohen, the president glared at Karl and snapped, "Stupid question."

fca11f No.1168772


My fellow american's….we've got them by the horns!

38e0c2 No.1168773

Has Q been asked about or answered in any way the 6-20 trillion missing from the pentagon?

55263b No.1168774

File: 3f675a9bdf40d16⋯.jpg (374.98 KB, 988x744, 247:186, FlipSources.jpg)



▶Anonymous 04/21/18 (Sat) 08:33:50 d00fe7 No.1129275


Think Mirror.

Think Modified CC:

Expand Your Thinking.

Multiple Drives.

Multiple Timelines.

Multiple Personalities.

I think POTUS is telling us that there are multiple Networks, and the glitches are misrouted connections or remnants of and uncleaned copy.


Consider that we are aware that digital media is manipulated on the fly.

In real Time?

What is Time?

Who keeps Track of it?

How many hours of each day of human lives are spent in a digital world?

100/25 percent?

What happens when a humans entire life is lived in a digital reality that is altered/edited/controlled in Virtual Time.

What happens when everything a human every did/created/produced is digital/mathematical manipulable.

What happens if (((They))) need to hide something in (((Their))) past, symbols that had definitive meaning and would out (((Them))) to the public?

What happens when computational/mathematical power, allows code to function that will alter digital/virtual reality as (You) know it.

What if (((They))) wanted to accuse a person of misspelling a Name?

What if on one copy (((They))) just change the Name?

How many copies are there?

Which one are (You) looking at?

Who would notice?

If (You) did, would (((They))) shout/shut (You) down?

Archive OFFLINE immediately.

Carve it in stone.

3d6cc7 No.1168775

e64eba No.1168777


A drop of water is a body of water albeit small.

You’re still wrong. Now stfu about muh flat earth. It’s irrelevant to Q

57466f No.1168778



6f9567 No.1168779

File: 6fa3a66076aecff⋯.jpg (11.1 KB, 225x225, 1:1, clown14.jpg)

3a391e No.1168780


Sure, I can watch here until you've collected notables from the other, and collect from here until you're back. Is that good for you?

532443 No.1168781

File: e8fe451c6c6dbab⋯.png (85.02 KB, 778x445, 778:445, ClipboardImage.png)

7efaa2 No.1168782

File: 7e9f9118ff207ac⋯.png (41.4 KB, 652x598, 326:299, Untitled - Copy.png)

Prior bread, mostly overlooked. I'm going to keep an eye on it and see if Horn raiser Macron is doing something we're not seeing ( In a good way)




I started working on names, all french = slow.

These people have ties to all sorts of 3rd world population control. Lots of stuff about birth rates, kids 5-15

8dde29 No.1168783

File: aa7d0ed3ffad7cc⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1400x1131, 1400:1131, iranrc.jpg)

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/us-embassy-cables-documents/174875

6006fc No.1168784

File: eb01f4f55df5679⋯.jpg (55.61 KB, 565x398, 565:398, anubis.jpg)


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis

6f9567 No.1168785

File: 92010ae541d94c7⋯.jpg (11.6 KB, 274x184, 137:92, clown12.jpg)


yeah sure

1d0e94 No.1168786

(Bread #1461)


>Purple Pepe


4ff889 No.1168787

Iran BTFO by POTUS!!!

c60ee0 No.1168788


What is the deal with Macron?!?

886f8c No.1168789

File: a9c6cecb269f0f4⋯.jpeg (91.49 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 5acf7e17eca8e.jpeg)

3a391e No.1168790

File: 6c1e13dd0136634⋯.jpg (215.53 KB, 894x671, 894:671, WWGOWGA1.jpg)

cb6df3 No.1168791


Anubis = Egyptian god of the dead & embalming

532443 No.1168792


I think Trump made him do it.

The look on Macron's face….

57466f No.1168793

File: 110ec0daf1bd047⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 434x250, 217:125, FILTERED.gif)

2703ac No.1168795

File: e81b7f0bd771d44⋯.png (323.89 KB, 628x666, 314:333, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have the raw vid for this?

I doubt he'd be that bold to do that, but I want to see.

e64eba No.1168796


Ya that makes sense… I’m a clown wanting you not to shit up the board about stupid flat earth crap and get back to Q..

1eac2a No.1168797

>>1168675 (last bread)

WTF? POTUS needs to toss him over the balcony. Little french faggot.

3a391e No.1168798

File: cef9d352cf980c7⋯.jpg (32.1 KB, 249x257, 249:257, DJT4b.jpg)


Nahhhhssss Purple Pepe.


b95f78 No.1168799

File: bb363073d237c19⋯.jpg (40.23 KB, 594x507, 198:169, Q 1253.JPG)


https:// www.grassley.senate.gov/news/news-releases/grassley-refers-planned-parenthood-fetal-tissue-procurement-organizations-fbi

Hence all the abortion discussions.

9e6b5c No.1168800

History might not repeat but it sure does RHYME

German Jewish leader advises against skullcaps in cities

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/german-jewish-leader-advises-against-skullcaps-cities-105417065.html

BERLIN (AP) — Germany's main Jewish leader says he would advise people visiting big cities against wearing Jewish skullcaps, following a street assault last week on two young men wearing them.

The attack in Berlin, in which a 19-year-old Syrian asylum-seeker is a suspect, added to growing concern in Germany about anti-Semitism.

Josef Schuster, the head of Germany's Central Council of Jews, told broadcaster Radioeins Tuesday that wearing a skullcap is right in principle, but that he was advising individuals "against showing themselves openly with a kippa in a big-city setting in Germany, and wear a baseball cap or something else to cover their head instead."

Schuster suggested three years ago that Jews shouldn't wear skullcaps in areas with large Muslim populations. But he stressed there's increasing anti-Semitic sentiment among non-migrants.

1d433d No.1168801


Trump knew all about the child abuse rings back when appearing in the movie with Mack.

8f1073 No.1168802

File: ad6ef17b587bf37⋯.jpg (124.64 KB, 500x675, 20:27, Hillary spirit cooking new….jpg)

File: 39f81c51b2f96c5⋯.png (511.98 KB, 500x562, 250:281, Time GITMO is full edition….png)

File: 3771b3a98cb413e⋯.jpg (158.86 KB, 1342x500, 671:250, Gitmo express 2.jpg)

File: 8c2e6f4f5b953bb⋯.jpg (114.98 KB, 1280x452, 320:113, Gitmo Express 1.jpg)

298e23 No.1168803

File: 6319c2b80ddcae5⋯.png (141.64 KB, 597x526, 597:526, WH.gov.FC.18-04-24 at 14.4….png)

WH press conference w/ Prez Macron of France in 56 minutes:

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/live/

5f0fee No.1168804


Good Job Anon, very nicely done.

5e65e5 No.1168805

Just FYI half chan appears kill

Last posts around 6 AM EST

aae9b2 No.1168806


'purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain'

97aaef No.1168807

File: ac7910081c62a93⋯.png (401.37 KB, 984x474, 164:79, ClipboardImage.png)


Anubis = one of the biggest fake news stories of all times

The sphinx was never a lion.. it was the god Anubis on his mound

guardian of the dead and god of the afterlife

899258 No.1168808

>>1168670 lb

Important to learn the definition of "rationalize."

It does not mean as suggested in that comment.

98aaa7 No.1168809

Part 1/2

Hi Anons,

I’ve been researching the spiritual awakening/ ascension topic and the NWO/ Rothschild/ Khazarian Mafia or whatever you want to call them for almost 10 years now. And although there was a lot happening socially, still I only had hope that we would get rid of the powers that be through some kind of heavy miracle. Then Q came in, soon providing proof of his authenticity which got me extremely excited. I am following Q since January and a few weeks back a friend pointed my attention to some connections inside the Trump family that, for the first time, got me worried. I’m not the most skillful researcher and I didn’t come to definitive conclusions but there are several issues with the info I will provide and consequently arising questions I can’t find a good answer to. So I hope some ppl that are better at this than I am could take over and give it a look.

So it all starts with the Chabad Lubavitch, a powerful, Zionist doomsday sect. They regularly meet with several heads of states (including Netanyahu as well as Bush, Obama and Trump). Their estimated yearly budget is about 100 Mio Dollars, that’s half of the Vatican’s budget. They have representations in 1000 cities in over 100 countries (including a so called „Chabad House“ in Harvard). One of the biggest and most popular German political magazines „Focus“ calls the now dead leader of the cult, Rabbi Schneerson, the hidden ruler of Israel. In his honor, the US congress proclaimed his birthday Education and Sharing day in America (https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_and_Sharing_Day). Interestingly this sect has only 100.000 members all over the world and still has all these ressources at their disposal. More on Chabad Lubavich, their ties to US politicians and their doomsday plans and prophecies for the world: http:// axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/Article_28940.shtml

Now, you have to know, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are members of Chabad Lubavitch with the Kushner family foundation providing six figure donations as well as the trump foundation allegedly giving donations in the five figures.

http:// new.euro-med.dk/20170410-trumps-son-in-law-and-adviser-jared-kushner-a-chabad-lubavitch-aiming-at-triggering-doomsday.php

Ok to prevent triggering any „Russian collusion“ defense reflexes I want to make very clear that my whole focus on this is concentrated on the connection to Chabad and not on ridiculous accusations of Russian interference in US politics.

„Starting in 1999, Putin enlisted two of his closest confidants, the oligarchs Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich, who would go on to become Chabad’s biggest patrons worldwide, to create the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia under the leadership of Chabad rabbi Berel Lazar, who would come to be known as “Putin’s rabbi. A few years later, Trump would seek out Russian projects and capital by joining forces with a partnership called Bayrock-Sapir, led by Soviet emigres Tevfik Arif, Felix Sater and Tamir Sapir—who maintain close ties to Chabad. The company’s ventures would lead to multiple lawsuits alleging fraud and a criminal investigation of a condo project in Manhattan.

Meanwhile, the links between Trump and Chabad kept piling up. In 2007, Trump hosted the wedding of Sapir’s daughter and Leviev’s right-hand man at Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach resort. A few months after the ceremony, Leviev met Trump to discuss potential deals in Moscow and then hosted a bris for the new couple’s first son at the holiest site in Chabad Judaism. Trump attended the bris along with Kushner, who would go on to buy a $300 million building from Leviev and marry Ivanka Trump, who would form a close relationship with Abramovich’s wife, Dasha Zhukova. Zhukova would host the power couple in Russia in 2014 and reportedly attend Trump’s inauguration as their guest.”

The following article gives some good background info on the extensive connections between several members of the trump family and the bayrock associates as well as Putin’s connections to Chabad: https:// www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/04/the-happy-go-lucky-jewish-group-that-connects-trump-and-putin-215007

4066e0 No.1168810


> I love how they are trying to appeal to "pro-choice anons" - as if there is such a thing!

Anons are everyone and anyone. We come in every color.

66157c No.1168811

>>1168046 (prev thread(s))

Glad you're still here. I'm playing catch up and hoping I didn't miss you.

Whenever we are re-incarnated here, there is a defined purpose or lesson(s) to be conquered or understood in order to progress on our pathway towards our spiritual liberation. It sounds like you may have succumbed to that temptation in a prior life, and the learning opportunity presented itself again. You made the right choice this time, lesson learned. Now you can move on. It is at times difficult to determine what one's purpose is, but realize that whatever it is, the opportunity for that learning will keep representing itself until you learn that lesson. Re-occurring problems and/or complications can usually give an insight into what this may be. I wish you all the best in your quest. Congratulations on having made a very correct choice on your path to enlightenment. Goodspeed.

c75f3d No.1168812

One America News

‏Verified account @OANN

1h1 hour ago

Caravan of Migrants Reaches U.S. Border - http:// www.oann.com/caravan-of-migrants-reaches-u-s-border-through-mexico/ … #OANN


a1a6a2 No.1168813


He's a good guy.

d1a883 No.1168814

File: 9be51a834508e98⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1523x630, 1523:630, cheese or pasta..PNG)


Side x sided that for twatter, Anon, good meme but will add the email text it was inspired by for the normies

a748d6 No.1168815

File: 03410139fac4348⋯.jpeg (55.23 KB, 534x378, 89:63, 52C77D31-42C6-46D9-A6D3-B….jpeg)

File: 7982312f00ad738⋯.jpeg (67.8 KB, 712x474, 356:237, 93965CCE-F66B-4687-BE02-4….jpeg)

File: e346fcc2678a5c4⋯.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1617x2044, 231:292, 37CAE100-27B3-42DB-821F-7….jpeg)

File: 53ba80c0643c3ec⋯.jpeg (89.71 KB, 940x612, 235:153, F630BA05-85A5-4E20-8200-9….jpeg)

File: 4fd04395fb6b930⋯.png (451.79 KB, 712x367, 712:367, DD139F33-996E-458A-8BFB-99….png)




Mad Love Anons!



98aaa7 No.1168816


Part 2/2

I tried to dig a little bit into the information of the next article but didn’t get very far to confirm the heavy parts of their claims. Never the less there are some interesting connections between Trumps mentor and the deepstate of his time: https:// www.veteranstoday.com/2018/01/28/trumps-ties-to-mossad-cia-pedophile-ring/

And this one last article, whose very relevant question is also mentioned below (2.): https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-rape-case_us_581a31a5e4b0c43e6c1d9834

So there are several questions coming to my mind:

1. First of all what does this whole Chabad connection mean? If Trump is part of the good guys why does he have so many and so close links with this lunatic sect?

2. If the mockingbird media really wants to hurt Trump why doesn’t it use the connection between his and putin’s Chabad affiliates to suggest links to russia? Instead they use only bull**it.

3. Irrespectively of whether it is true or not, why hasn’t CNN used the accusations against Trump of raping a 13 year old girl all over the place, like they do with every other ridiculous claim? Shouldn’t it be much more beneficial to their cause than using his appearance or his sex partners??

4. Why doesn’t Q EVER say anything about Israel’s and Mossad’s role in world politics, international Terror and their heavy influence in US politics?

5. Why is Trump publicly so outspokenly well minded towards Israel and its actions, now even recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

6. It is undeniable that there is a war going on behind the scenes. But the question is: Who are the opponents? Are we witnessing a war between different cabal factions? Chabad vs. Rothschild or something like that?

7. Is Q in on it? And Trump? Or are they even being manipulated themselves?

Lots of questions I don’t have answers to. I really hope that some smart people will dig into this so we have more clarity about what is going on on „our side“ of this war.

8c9c48 No.1168817


Obviously there is a Judas Priest concert going on, Duh….

1d0e94 No.1168818


"stupidity of the average man"

The corollary of which is "keep 'em stupid."

5e65e5 No.1168819


Yeah I thought this was a good thing

But then he started throwing up voodoo gang signs

Maybe it's White Hats in French MI like ours

1d433d No.1168820

>>1167171 Planned Parenthood Spending $30 Million on Mid-term Elections

Can any anons help me find articles from 1-2 weeks ago showing how PP was receiving lots of money from pols? Now we know exactly what its being used for.


11b191 No.1168821


And then Trump slaps him on the hand a couple of times as if to say, "All, right. Cut that out." And ushers him in to the White House pronto.

2703ac No.1168822




9214e0 No.1168823


So sad when you cant convince a board of "conspiracy theorists" that your conspiracy is real..

3a391e No.1168824

File: 0adeca6e1ed6b1e⋯.jpg (78.26 KB, 502x285, 502:285, LicenseToMeme.jpg)


Thx anon.

5e65e5 No.1168825



c49b87 No.1168827



Macron… don't be stupid…

57466f No.1168828

File: 7b090fb7d67a8f6⋯.png (14.24 KB, 255x183, 85:61, conspiracy3.png)

a75b7c No.1168829


Yeah. I get it Anon. I still think purple is the ugliest color. To me, it's cheap. You can find anything purple at the dollar store, and mostly plastic. Purple, plastic, cheap, you know-how like the Queen. Kek

1eac2a No.1168830


If you flip a b = q

c75f3d No.1168831

File: 49c743a9bc2651b⋯.png (416.71 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)

Sean Davis

‏Verified account @seanmdav

FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million

http:// thefederalist.com/2018/04/24/bombshell-fec-records-indicate-hillary-campaign-illegally-laundered-84-million/#.Wt82p71zdmU.twitter

91f615 No.1168832

File: 0be308010eb6cfb⋯.png (396.72 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180424-103138.png)

File: 9bc0710f842e008⋯.png (431.93 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180424-103259.png)

File: ff1cd3159b9e2fa⋯.png (344.55 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180424-103458.png)

File: 4142f524b5f210c⋯.png (370.99 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180424-103510.png)

Why tf do faggots & dykes need birth control or abortions?

13f721 No.1168833


No I do remember that one but that's not it, it was a different one. damn it I should've took a screenshot.

120ac8 No.1168834


Yes that is my point all along. If they get tax payers money to subsidize them cuz they cant function how are they allowed to use it not for services but for political issues

8f1073 No.1168835


He could have been doing that to assure the cabal, yeah i'm still on your side, when he really is not.

Because those people are stupid,, so maybe one hand gesture, makes them stop thinking, kek, like ohh okay, nothing to see there, kek

924e77 No.1168836

Good morning Anons


Q Team, this is very disturbing regarding planned parenthood yet, not surprised considering Dem's involvement. Sen Grassley is a brave man and I fully respect and support his hard hard for all Americans. Praying for Potus 45 and everyone seeking justice. Be safe Q team. May God bless us all. These evil people are off the charts. It's take down time!

2703ac No.1168837







Need to see this in context.

c49b87 No.1168838



Plan B?

31242d No.1168839

>>1168683 1462

In light of that, for the folks wondering here are some stats…

http:// www.politifact.com/texas/statements/2015/nov/25/cynthia-meyer/cynthia-meyer-says-more-black-babies-are-aborted-n/

http:// www.abort73.com/abortion/abortion_and_race/

6f9567 No.1168840


don't be an idiot

They are all Sticking It to the Cabal and their stupid satanic hand signals

Cookie is with us, or I should say with Trump, he loves Trump.

8e7b5e No.1168841

Oh it's a good day. Watching a group of soccer moms get red pillled on Cuckbook re listening and integration. They are coming around. It's MAGICAL.

ad9707 No.1168842


This picture seems totally photoshoped, look around thow the heads looks like they have been copy pasted

899258 No.1168843


Saw a commercial asking for healthy adults to participate in new study of vaccine.


24a5f5 No.1168844

File: 2218af465eea009⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1019x511, 1019:511, wwg1wga.png)

>>1167963 ← How was this missed as a noteable when so many pointed it out?

57466f No.1168845

File: 544a2ec1f32ec60⋯.png (380.21 KB, 670x385, 134:77, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML-WabTJ8no

legit af

8f1073 No.1168846


top of the daily mail,, they have it playing, repeat gif

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5651531/Emmnauel-Brigitte-Macron-grandly-welcomed-White-House.html

eba045 No.1168847


Tell us more

06ab26 No.1168848




You can see the raw vid right here on twitter.

https:// twitter.com/ABC/status/988779743133581314

5cb39e No.1168849


Of course, of course - but if the shills try to divide us on the basis of abortion, I can guarantee that 90% of pro-choice posts will be fake shill consensus.

This is just a bunch of concern fagging anyway. As the truth spreads about PP, no one is going to like them very much. This is not about being pro-choice - this not about aboriton itself, but rather it's about corruption, lies, and deception. Follow the $$$

1eac2a No.1168850


maybe it's paper rock horns, ROCK TRUMPS HORNS!

de5874 No.1168851

Macron is kind of a dork. I'm thinking just note the horns and see what he does, if anything, to help from here on.

fca11f No.1168852


Been there done that ….no use.

they will figure it out…too bad it would be the ultimate red pil altough maybe it's too big to swallow.

Let's follow Q's lead he brought us this far…well WE all did.

57825d No.1168853

File: 0939e46148934ae⋯.jpeg (30.64 KB, 255x200, 51:40, 905F7A71-CBE2-495D-AA57-8….jpeg)

c33df9 No.1168854

File: 33943203369e309⋯.png (386.48 KB, 691x791, 691:791, 20180424_155537.png)

2 rings ?

06ab26 No.1168855


Macron is the one that initiates the raising of hands and pulls his fingers out to make the horns.

5cb39e No.1168857


OK I get the point!

8f1073 No.1168858


nice, because i thought same thing,, trumps fist was in the center of the horns, like hitting it straight on,

09282e No.1168859


This was an ebake, anon. Read the responses higher up.

91f615 No.1168860

File: 71373c5556d1bb9⋯.png (292.91 KB, 500x553, 500:553, 20180311_115406.png)


Why the fuck you even here then shill?


c75f3d No.1168861


Chad Pergram

‏Verified account @ChadPergram

Colleague Anne Ball rpts Senate Vets Affairs Cmte chair Isakson says some of the stories are made up about VA Sec nominee Dr. Ronny Jackson. But the confirmation hrng is off for now as senators probe deeper into allegations

147274 No.1168862


I just read them all. Seems like insider knowledge and deserving of some digging. More eyes on this, Anons?? Check out c96cb4 posts in #1461. Can someone compile them? IRL calls and I’m not able to do that atm.

64ebf1 No.1168863

File: e0bcfe6ff167c02⋯.jpg (404.86 KB, 1078x1070, 539:535, Screenshot_20180424-095621….jpg)

see where (((they))) are going with this??

a6e06b No.1168864


Maybe signaling that he is still cabal controlled?

57466f No.1168865


what a coincidence…

cb6df3 No.1168866

File: 4d388124f9a4888⋯.jpg (43.96 KB, 530x398, 265:199, Clown sausage.jpg)


This smells like sawdust, grease paint and elephant shit.

f226db No.1168867


All ACTORS playing on a stage.


9214e0 No.1168868


I wear my "conspiracy theorist" badge proudly.

c60ee0 No.1168869


She's 24 years older… she could have had him from birth…..

66157c No.1168870



You greatly diminish any respect that may be due you by FameFagging on this board.

We are all anons in this house.

1b1f69 No.1168871


The hell are you doing arguing with the clowns? Filter then get back to digging.

57466f No.1168872


8e7b5e No.1168873


One was surprised to find that a Google search landed a Facebook advert the next morning. Another mom chimed in with a similar story. Then they started listing all the devices that might be used for listening.

They absolutely freaked themselves out. Of course I might have added one or two choice facts about Amazon and reminded them of their Smart TVs and OnStar.

11b191 No.1168874


It's on Macron's twat:

https:// twitter.com/EmmanuelMacron

Here's the ceremony:

https:// twitter.com/Elysee/status/988766818432151552

Go to timestamp 43:08. Macron forces their hands up, and the look on Trump's face is … interesting.

9b1333 No.1168875


Can also be sign language for I Love You, but thumb not extended because holding another hand.

ea7389 No.1168876




Text form the same link:

U.S. 5TH FLEET AREA OF OPERATIONS (April 18, 2018) An AAV-P7/A1 amphibious assault vehicle assigned to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (26th MEU) departs the well deck of the Harpers Ferry-class dock landing ship USS Oak Hill (LSD 51). Oak Hill is home-ported in Virginia Beach, Va., and is in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations participating in exercise Eager Lion 2018. Eager Lion is a capstone training engagement that provides U.S. forces and the Jordan Armed Forces an opportunity to rehearse operations in a coalition environment and to pursue new ways to collectively address threats to regional security and improve overall maritime security. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jessica L. Dowell)

Where was 5th fleet on the 18th, and did someone have a very bad day?

298e23 No.1168877

>>1168382 (last bread)


thx, missed that. about to watch now.

astute observations, will keep an eye out.

related perhaps? >>1168472

Press Conference @ 11.45 a.m. should be interesting.


83fc83 No.1168878

File: 35ac91cb42c043f⋯.png (445.53 KB, 720x679, 720:679, 20180424_095429.png)

You can't make this shit up. Kanye tweets about thought police. Thought police, tell you "how" to think about said tweet.

6b3c2d No.1168879

File: 88fd98a6f2ba2c3⋯.png (31.99 KB, 600x479, 600:479, wikileaks-2017-01-03-john-….png)

File: 52a11a05b4a738f⋯.png (604.51 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (62).png)

https:// isgp-studies.com/miscellaneous/ISIS/wikileaks-2017-01-03-john-kerry-isis-backing.png

https:// isgp-studies.com/isis-rise-under-obama-and-clinton

2703ac No.1168880



Holy shit its legit…

https ://youtu.be/ML-WabTJ8no

Videofags grab this

Even POTUS notices and tries to pull the hand down.

ad3364 No.1168881


That asshole did that on purpose. He is so full of himself

a75b7c No.1168882


That's so fucken gross. Kek. She could have changed her husband's diapers… Sick bitch

aa2483 No.1168883


1) Did you just get here?

2) Are you a shilling famefaggot?

3) Are you filtered?

57dd91 No.1168884


You example is flipped & mirrored.

if you flip a b it winds up being a p, unless you mirror it as well, then it becomes p | q

11b191 No.1168885


No, this is the horns. No love there.

57466f No.1168886


its not a theory, THIS IS ONGOING

Q dropped last night LOL

this isn't an event, IT IS A MOVEMENT

c693b2 No.1168887


don't be discouraged by the brainwashed.

faketube starting blocking this vid shortly after it was posted. ((they)) don't want the brainwashed entering reality.

c49b87 No.1168888


I think so.. Macron in trouble..again..

76ebfa No.1168889


*but just the pre-approved, legal discussions about it, of course.

can't have none of those pesky historians debating things, can we

120ac8 No.1168890


He is gay, she is just his handler

ad9707 No.1168891


OMG you're right, this guy is another cabal muppet. free mason and satanist, the worst. Shame on him to make horns with peacefull people.

298e23 No.1168892

>>1168804 Agreed. Love the silver embossing. Nice touch anon.


308201 No.1168893




Reagan's "A Time for Choosing" Speech:

http:// www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/ronaldreaganatimeforchoosing.htm

"This is the issue of this election: whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves."


8e7b5e No.1168895

File: 3dafd2471673b1c⋯.png (92.51 KB, 438x563, 438:563, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

OnStar. Amazon can now deliver to your vehicle without a key. Hence:

76ebfa No.1168896


wow… thank you, hought police, i guess.


5506bf No.1168897

File: 8484e531135f9f9⋯.png (387.91 KB, 787x440, 787:440, ClipboardImage.png)

aae9b2 No.1168898



Not in #1461 now

2c10c9 No.1168899


IDF Rabbis have also condoned rape of goyim during "war."

8774db No.1168900


Melania knows what’s up. I can see it…but she has to be polite and smile.

b2ae2d No.1168901


Workfag here.

Can confirm.

b7c587 No.1168902


This had to be planned.

1. Macron would not insult the President like this at the White House.

2. The way Trump and Malania are both holding the two middle fingers of Macron looks as though they knew it was coming. Otherwise, it would have been easy to look the hand lock as it could have been interpreted as Macron trying to let go of their hands.

I think it is a message to EVIL. That they are on to them.

aa2483 No.1168903

File: 5df3eef9b8b3b1f⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 798x593, 798:593, youtube_blocking_vid.jpg)



forgot to attach pic

15ce00 No.1168904

I was looking and didnt see anything, either


9b1333 No.1168905


I take it you're not a certified sign language instructor.

c8fef6 No.1168906


Maybe he just likes Ronnie James Dio

1d433d No.1168907


If Macron is new to the Q game he simply might not know about the hand signals. It's possible if unlikely.

Trick is to see if he does it again. They have hours of unscheduled time for bring him up to speed.

3cfad6 No.1168908


I added #1445 to #1461 to the folder, and updated the checksums.


1445-1461.zip MD5: cc26fe9f272e991365b4725cfcedf948

The archive now contains 1147 breads.

The ZIPs contain .webarchive files as usual. So these files are still SAFARI ONLY.


9214e0 No.1168910


I was trying to make a point about the FE idiots. Context. Chill. I dont care about labels. I have been labeled a racist, sexist, homophobe, conspiracy theorist and I proudly embrace them all.

eba045 No.1168911


This is good.

Each awakens in their own way.

A well placed comment about Amazon, Smart TVs and OnStar is appropriate. Maybe even link an article if you have one (ask here if you don't - anons are happy to help!).

71218a No.1168912

>>1133942 Has anyone considered this might not be a "Date" signal? This may be a hint as to a law or something?

I hate to dig into stuff that is too obvious

But knowing Q this long I've developed a knack for knowing that dates never ever mean that particular date for some reason

Or at least nothing we are going to see on that date. Maybe shit in the background we'll never see on that date. But...just saying perhaps there is a law or EO with these numbers in it.

7efaa2 No.1168913


Good catch, thank you. Interesting how it looks like Trump pulled the fingers in then slapped Macron on the hand.

a75b7c No.1168914


Yup. And so is the Canadian fruit loop, and Hussein and his "wife" and Schumer and his "wife" and Zuckerfuck and his wife and so on. It's the women who are in control of the cabal. The lady spiders, the satanic priestess, the black widows of evil… That's why Q said, follow the wives

1d433d No.1168915


Thank for for your diligence, germanarchiveanon

8f1073 No.1168916

File: bc323cc8c970823⋯.jpg (139.51 KB, 888x499, 888:499, Trump's power fist.jpg)






110cb4 No.1168917



37cc2e No.1168918


The gesture has multiple meanings. Here is an example: In Hinduism, the hand gesture is known as the "Apana yogic mudra". In Indian classical dance forms the hand gesture symbolises the Lion. In Buddhism it is seen as an apotropaic gesture very commonly used by Gautama Buddha as "Karana Mudra" which is synonymous with expulsion of demons and removal of obstacles like sickness or negative thoughts.

Not necessarily a bad thing.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sign_of_the_horns

The apotropaic usage of the sign can also be seen in Italy and in other Mediterranean cultures where, when confronted with unfortunate events, or simply when these events are mentioned, the sign of the horns may be given to ward off bad luck. It is also used traditionally to counter or ward off the "evil eye" (malocchio in Italian).

cb6df3 No.1168919


Proud Gator sailor here. Uber service to the World best warriors, US Marines.

fca11f No.1168920


This anon smells a set up !!!

Maybe I want it to be but I think they are sending a message. WE ARE WINNING!

899258 No.1168921



Saw them and noted one. No response.

26 still there

c49b87 No.1168922

Guys. We're in big trouble right now..

'Regulate or KILL??

https:// www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/04/24/finland-set-to-scrap-free-money-experiment-after-two-year-trial.html

cc2ee4 No.1168923

File: 5df24b4f9faff09⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 500x546, 250:273, 28ypb1~2.jpg)

Good morning everyone.

MOAB today?

57dd91 No.1168925


…and in Texas, 'HOOK'EM HORNS"!

9b85af No.1168926

3cac3e No.1168927

File: 9cc69cbb189ed25⋯.png (295.55 KB, 549x307, 549:307, 5cbfbfca423eac77c45817043b….png)

File: fa93abdde5eb962⋯.png (55.13 KB, 541x146, 541:146, carprpskjdghnvas.png)

File: 39f776579fd564f⋯.png (467.8 KB, 461x465, 461:465, canvaghl66778s.png)

File: fa93abdde5eb962⋯.png (55.13 KB, 541x146, 541:146, carprpskjdghnvas.png)


Learn the hidden symbolism.

Symbolism will be their downfall.


76ebfa No.1168928


ugh, not those again.

switch up your meme game, sick of that shit

2703ac No.1168929


toiletfag is back


59419c No.1168930

great article

http:// thefederalist.com/2018/04/24/bombshell-fec-records-indicate-hillary-campaign-illegally-laundered-84-million/

nice law suit too

http:// thefederalist.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/feclawsuit.pdf

eba045 No.1168931


I like the way you think

a81d86 No.1168932

File: 44200458faf3217⋯.jpg (110.28 KB, 620x325, 124:65, constitution.jpg)


Dont forget us !!!!! ( and our purple!!!!)

6b3c2d No.1168933

File: 8bd21a0b82970c1⋯.jpg (78.25 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 28zoonUS make better.jpg)

File: 828eeb4c12e629e⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 500x700, 5:7, US country back.jpg)

File: ef5d4076bdae967⋯.jpg (85.49 KB, 500x700, 5:7, US solution.jpg)

File: eea0412c3b50a63⋯.jpg (69.97 KB, 720x709, 720:709, Popular-Truth-Quotes-About….jpg)

File: 90d74e780595a5d⋯.jpg (132.67 KB, 735x1102, 735:1102, 6c1b87cf7310b6b61e06e59b21….jpg)

ammo to use against anti-Trumpers , clowns and shills?

5e65e5 No.1168934

President Emmanuel Macron is a

1. Heavy Metal music fan

2. A University of Texas football fan

3. An Illuminati Satanist

I'm guessing #3 but trying to keep an open mind

34e0e4 No.1168935


He IS a rainbow in the dark.

2703ac No.1168936


He's shill

1eac2a No.1168937


Flip and mirror are not the same

a : to turn or roll from one side to the other : turn over

The crab had flipped onto its back.

The car flipped over.

b : to do a somersault in the air : to do a flip

He flipped off the diving board.

Therefore, if you roll over or flip a b then you get a q. 1st tweet has two b's, second tweet has one b, the missing b is actually a missing q. This is just like the Goodwin tweets with the missing q's.

57dd91 No.1168939

d1a883 No.1168940

File: e3e2086161e1b8a⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1521x767, 117:59, ClipboardImage.png)

a9aa2d No.1168941

File: 04c9ba647b87503⋯.png (1.49 MB, 671x772, 671:772, Port of Long Beach_page_00….png)

File: ea0f621dbf0b72b⋯.png (1.53 MB, 678x787, 678:787, Port of Long Beach_page_00….png)

Port of Long Beach connection to Podesta.

[Middle Harbor Project/Alex Cherin/Jake Sullivan/CH Tung/OOCL/LBCT/Hong Kong]

https:// wikileaks.org/ podesta-emails/emailid/7365



2c10c9 No.1168942

File: 56148cf404a6dbd⋯.png (411.08 KB, 1242x615, 414:205, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d57d4ee46e4325⋯.png (527.13 KB, 1024x764, 256:191, ClipboardImage.png)

Israeli AF SIGINT platform airborne

5b2aec No.1168943

a75b7c No.1168944


That's the only purple at my house! Love you nativefags so much, I married one…

fca11f No.1168945

File: fc34e1336c344d7⋯.png (16.97 KB, 356x152, 89:38, ClipboardImage.png)

c49b87 No.1168946


The purple is a powerful color.

The most big of the spectrum..

8dde29 No.1168947


4. Arthritis sufferer

40fce6 No.1168948


correct - just like "learn to decider"

71218a No.1168950


Oh but wait there's more!


Insurance companies want a piece of this pie

See you can get a discount now if you put their tracking device on board.

This will creep into all insurance companies using tracking devices to (keep insurance costs low of course)



THEY will have it

This is the goal

Can't buy sell or trade without the chip


b673f8 No.1168951


This. Macron is with us. Go back and look at this Instagram history. It’s hilarious. We are trolling the Deep State with this entire fake history of Macron. Truth is he is 100% our guy.

ad3364 No.1168952


The reason why Hillary has her purple outfit when she thought she would win. I love Bill looking at Hillary with 'Nada Nada Nada..you lost' while Hillary looks pissed she lost.

a81d86 No.1168953


We are all in this together !!!

57466f No.1168954




you gotta point anon

916d61 No.1168955

File: 0d2d51f7db61b7b⋯.png (84.58 KB, 213x236, 213:236, ClipboardImage.png)

Rahm Emanuel has been known as “The Godfather” since the days of the Clinton administration, where he served as a personal aide to the president.

According to newspaper accounts, in 1992, at a dinner celebrating Clinton’s first election victory, Emanuel reportedly took a steak knife and plunged it into the table as he spoke out the names of people he considered to be disloyal during the election, shouting “Dead!Dead! Dead!” after each name – reminiscent of a scene from the movie.

c49b87 No.1168956




e4a7ac No.1168957


POTUS looks very uncomfortable with that weirdo grabbing his hand, twice. looks like macron is forcing it on them purposely.

ad3364 No.1168958

File: b3e414b59913495⋯.png (277.22 KB, 429x366, 143:122, Hillary Purple.PNG)


Forgot the picture

a83778 No.1168959


lil fucker goes down.

he is reprehensible and a non-savable rothschild, through and through.

5e65e5 No.1168960



Legal in DC

Get that old feller some Medicinal Marijuana so he can make a fist again

ea68b4 No.1168961

Al Sharpton

Net Worth:

$5 Million

<https:// www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/celeb/televangelists/al-sharpton-net-worth/

Maryland's Legislative Black Caucus names new leaders — none from Baltimore

<http:// www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/politics/bs-md-black-caucus-leaders-20180329-story.html

Frederica Wilson

Rank: 174th in the House

with an estimated net worth of $1,563,006 in 2015.

Al Green

Rank: 47th in the House

with an estimated net worth of $7,565,006 in 2014.

<https:// www.opensecrets.org/

About Barack Hussein Obama II

The 44th president of the United States, author and the most popular person in the world, Barack Hussein Obama II, has an estimated net worth of $40 million, excluding the $1.4 million in Nobel Prize money he donated to charity and his primary home.

<https:// www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/politician/president/barack-obama-net-worth/

7b81f4 No.1168962


It's an MSM conspiracy theory that this a place for conspiracy theorists.

a27ac0 No.1168963


I totally agree. We ALL have to remember, everything that is done is planned ahead. Everything. Think of all the messages that Q has sent, and had us send out there via meme's and Twitter posts.

You are right, Macron would not insult the President and First Lady at all. They are totally on our side against evil. It's a message telling them we are coming for all of them, and we know their symbolism.

2fe038 No.1168964


That shows good situation awareness by POTUS.

And to Texans… I love you guys (no homo), but Longhorn fans need to understand that

1) they are being duped into making a satanic gesture at the games; and

2) as far as the satanists are concerned (and they are indeed correct about these things, in spite of their perverted intentions), the gesture has the effect of inviting satanic influence regardless of the intentions or the nescience/ignorance of those making the gesture.

It's like all the communists around the world who salute the hammer & sickle; they think they are atheists and are in no way Zionist agents, and yet that sickle is Saturn/Cronos's murder weapon with which he kills the children before he consumes them. And those "atheist" communist party members are giving power to Satan without knowing it… same as the nescient Longhorn fans in Austin.

a83778 No.1168965


you are either stupid or lynn

83fc83 No.1168966

File: 9b3ac62d5aabc99⋯.png (369.44 KB, 720x838, 360:419, 20180423_210124.png)

a75b7c No.1168967


Absolutely brotheranon!


Love you ( no homo)

5b2aec No.1168968


macron likes his ass…. what can ya say.

083888 No.1168969


Kek, playin' a li'l grabbass?

1eac2a No.1168970


Exactly, Habberman to Haberman, and he puts flip in quotes in the tweet.


I didn't catch the Delta between the two tweets but I feel this is similar to the Goodwin tweets where there was a q removed. In this case a flipped b = q so the second tweet has a missing q.

872ae5 No.1168971

File: 9039c5ec50d2d54⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Trump Macron.png)


Obviously photoshopped. I'm surprised some of you are fooled by such crappy job.

Look for yourselves:

https:// youtu.be/AvsVCiBaMIU?t=1h21m25s

9b1333 No.1168972

File: 40f2ec6496d9bf7⋯.jpg (169.18 KB, 952x500, 238:125, BC.jpg)


I like your 'Nada Nada Nada..you lost'

3d6cc7 No.1168973


1 engagement and 1 wedding ring, We wear both here in europe.

e355b5 No.1168974


This money should all be returned to the People when they are incarcerated!

2f8601 No.1168975

If you own the sites https:// qanonmap.bitbucket.io/

https:// qntmpkts.keybase.pub//

https:// qanonmap.bitbucket.io/

https:// qanon.pub

Can you FIX it so that ALL The latest drops are added? Latest drops not showing up!

8f1073 No.1168976



They made it together, Trumps fists is in the center, breaking it..

France helped us in Syria,, they are on the good side now,, or atleast cooperating.

Trump is basing the 11/11 parade on Frances's Bastille day event, which he attended.

a81d86 No.1168977


Nya Weh !!!!!!! uh yeah! (no homo)

eba045 No.1168978


But does not exist alone in the spectrum - must "use" primary colors.

298e23 No.1168979

File: d8c946fed95229e⋯.jpg (309.08 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, KARMA_POLICE.Q.HRC_2.22.09….jpg)


Kdub holds a Mirror right back in Their faces. Beauty.

thought police no match for the Karma Police?

120ac8 No.1168980


Thank you detailsloving anon

a6e06b No.1168981

File: b143c6b238d2273⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 429x366, 143:122, 28zy86.jpg)

083888 No.1168982


Macron looks pretty psyched with the President. You think he's boarded the Trump train?

57466f No.1168983


>https:// twitter.com/Elysee/status/988766818432151552


Macron raises the two fingers then lowers them around POTUS' fist


886f8c No.1168984

For any Anons who lost a family member in 9/11:

https:// www.ae911truth.org/get-involved/bobby-mcilvaine-act

ea7389 No.1168985


Watch the video.

57dd91 No.1168986


So according to what you just wrote, nothing, absolutely nothing has a double meaning.

Pretty small minded, don't ya think.

2f8601 No.1168987


It's called Civil Asset Forfeiture and it does exactly that.

5cb39e No.1168988


It looked like POTUS made a hand gesture when Macron pulled his hand up. Like an "L". Is he saying Macron is a down and out [L]oser desperate for Trump to be his new handler? I could get on board with that.

a75b7c No.1168989


Holdabeast looks pissed and ready to cry. Bill on the other hand, looks like he's holding in laughter. Kek

57466f No.1168991


its not shopped anon lol thats after his fingers were up

see: >>1168874

a83778 No.1168992


yeah well, now that you point it out. i bit.

ok… so we don't have to kill him.

d6f645 No.1168993


Hey Dumbass…lurk more and watch the video…it's real…DUMBASS

9b85af No.1168994

File: b95a420c86d5889⋯.png (54.34 KB, 289x300, 289:300, kek2-289x300.png)


Well done

ad9707 No.1168995


Macron is a pure cabal product recruted and formated in the Roth school. He has been propulsed to his actual position by Jacques Attali, an old french cabal muppet who detected him and proposed him the the cabal at bilderberg meeting in 2016. Then all the cabal machinery started to buy each media one by one. Hollande just prepared the ground for his arrival.

11b191 No.1168996


Never claimed that I was, and that has nothing to do with this.

If he wanted to say "I love you" in sign - (which everyone knows because that's the shill explanation for the flashed horns) - he could have put his thumbs out. He didn't. Did you watch the whole interaction?

You can disagree, but pulling the "appealing to authority" tactic is dumb. Just disagree. Like I did.

7b7a63 No.1168997


You dumb motherfucker.

The time he does this, the camera is zoomed out.

Watch the whole scenario close-up: >>1168874

Afterwards, please consider castrating yourself with a hammer.

98aaa7 No.1168998


yes I am new, no im not a shill, dont know what you mean by filtered. You probably didnt even read my post did you? is there a way of posting substantiated concerns without being called a shill? I provided a lot of info and this is everything you have to say in return? -.-

e355b5 No.1168999


Apparently she forgot to iron her neck that morning.

743aac No.1169000


Q had posted about presidents prior, and hinted that BHO was the only one that would face trial.

Bush sr = are they letting them die without special "satatic rituals" or something.

does anyone find it odd that mom (mrs bush), and Sr. now very ill. (assisted suicide?)

If I am predicting, can we assume Carter is next.

Is this what Q meant when he hinted others would not face trial?

8f1073 No.1169001





i really think that is the message they were sending, because


5cb39e No.1169002


I have to look at it again - I thought POTUS was the one who moved his thumb and index finder… I'm sure that was a very meaningful sign…

003d3c No.1169003


She is wearing purple because she thinks she IS STILL GOING TO WIN.

She thought (((they))) had a plan to oust Trump

a83778 No.1169004


i apologize. it was pointed out to be a photoshop.

but if it wasn't…..

8774db No.1169005


I was duped! Thanks for truth.

Start at the 1:21 mark. No devil horns…

8e7b5e No.1169006


Maybe he's an Aggie.

11b191 No.1169007



Darned it, I responded to myself. Sigh. Here it is again for (you).

Never claimed that I was, and that has nothing to do with this.

If he wanted to say "I love you" in sign - (which everyone knows because that's the shill explanation for the flashed horns) - he could have put his thumbs out. He didn't. Did you watch the whole interaction?

You can disagree, but pulling the "appealing to authority" tactic is dumb. Just disagree. Like I did.

57dd91 No.1169008


>dont know what you mean by filtered. You probably didnt even read my post did you?

Well, if that anon filtered you, that anon is certainly not reading your comment now! Kek!

166930 No.1169009


Without thumb out can also mean to ward off the evil eye.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sign_of_the_horns

57466f No.1169010


look at it again, Macron raises the fingers, the drops them before the stop the gesture


a6e06b No.1169011


Got another but "flood detected" message

110cb4 No.1169012


love you ALL SO MUCH!!!! Please forgive our fore Fathers. I wanted to be you, then 2 of 3 sibs married your peoples. LOVE YOU much. old paleface fag.

11b191 No.1169013

3d6cc7 No.1169014

File: eda51165e285e75⋯.jpg (19.09 KB, 720x420, 12:7, 1484924586242.jpg)

1 Post wonder shills are among those on duty today.

aa1a70 No.1169015

File: ad9b81e41116078⋯.jpg (313.37 KB, 1576x2358, 788:1179, Guido_Reni_031.jpg)


Friendly reminder that demons get thrown in the lake of fire

743aac No.1169016


I get that message often when slow connection.

(step above dialup being offgrid)

And during DOS days.

a75b7c No.1169017


Hey newfag. You're catching filters because you're NAMEFAGGIN. We are all anonymous here Anon. Get rid of your y, or whatever you put up. You stick out like a sore thumb… Btw. Welcome newfag

d6f645 No.1169018


Watch the VIDEO dumbass…Macron grabs their hands and then he makes the horn symbol…lurk more Dumbass

3cfad6 No.1169019


You're welcome. It's our legacy. Maybe sometime in the future it becomes handy to have nearly all breads in one place. It's a pitty i didn't start earlier. But hey… 1147… better than none ;)

af3c44 No.1169020

One thing I've learned from being here for a long time is that, we have already won.

MIL INT does not release info, we are here, doing our thing, at their will.

Everything you see, is a movie.

It is an act.

For the greatest performance in history.

Some of you Americans think its just the USA.

I'm Canadian, and I know there are lots of EU anons out there, as well as other countries.

We are winning world wide.


But "The show must go on!"

So we wait, and we understand, and we learn again, to think for ourselves, with some guidance.

We might not have this chance next time, some evil fucks wanna take over.

So it is now, we learn to think, learn to dig and learn to UNDERSTAND.

We are being trained, before the "theatre of war"

Clowns and what not - rogue ops, extra money.

Fuck 'em. Bitches.

8dde29 No.1169021

File: ce6787d71f26e3c⋯.png (702.97 KB, 1180x1104, 295:276, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)


https:// twitter.com/Elysee/status/988766818432151552

a6e06b No.1169022

File: 99dcabbded9bf40⋯.jpg (49.14 KB, 429x366, 143:122, 28zyf4.jpg)


Try again

2fa307 No.1169023

File: 2370240b267ec32⋯.jpg (28.48 KB, 636x354, 106:59, macron_victory_speech_0904….jpg)


What do you think?

7b7a63 No.1169024


You're still being duped, you moron.

Behold: >>1168874

Watch the whole hand-raise bit in close-up.

Dipshits about to let themselves get gaslit this morning.

cc2ee4 No.1169025

File: 0b6a78269ba7a06⋯.jpg (23.05 KB, 222x527, 222:527, DbbPYJ7WAAAeY8q-1~2.jpg)


872ae5 No.1169026


>>>1168980 >>1168982 >>1168985 >>1168991 >>1168993 >>1168994 >>1168997 >>1169005

Shills trying to derail the fact that Macron is now /ourguy/ by make him look bad.

It's fakery. Trickery.

Don't buy it. It's a clown job.

886f8c No.1169027

File: f115418ee43f4d3⋯.jpg (22.23 KB, 300x180, 5:3, 0ddaaa38d7bb3379f3f9c0dd13….jpg)


Hope so!

a81d86 No.1169028


What happened then is then, what we do today is all we can be concerned about WWG1WGA !!!

083888 No.1169029





Yeah, it is very awkward.

11b191 No.1169030


Jeez!! Just watch the vid! It's on Macron's twitter!

5cb39e No.1169031


SCRATCH THAT. It was Macron who made the devil horns with both hands. He better fall in line, or he will just…. fall.

34e0e4 No.1169032



2fa307 No.1169034


You and I both anon, you and I both…

a1a6a2 No.1169035


We are certainly making immense strides but I will personally do what I can in my position and not rest until the world is transformed.

7b7a63 No.1169036


Kill yourself, you gaslighting motherfucker.

Anons, proper video of devil horns photo is here: >>1168874

Watch and see for yourself before believing anything outright.

57466f No.1169037

File: 3a9797fcd225500⋯.png (165.96 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f6bd26e05496988⋯.png (597.1 KB, 750x510, 25:17, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4a301b9f47e9d45⋯.png (67.46 KB, 214x255, 214:255, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3ff07c50db64521⋯.png (139.98 KB, 1077x370, 1077:370, ClipboardImage.png)









b13663 No.1169038


Vindobona here.


d6f645 No.1169039


Another DUMBASS…watch the feed from ABC news…you are a dumbass…he makes the sign after grabbing POTUS and FLOTUS hands…DUMBASS

a75b7c No.1169040


Top kek. That's exactly what he is doing. 😂😂😂. Fuck this puta

0f8254 No.1169041


The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.

c49b87 No.1169042


Play well or resign..

57466f No.1169043



Macron has the other symbol meaning expelling demons

083888 No.1169044


Dio taught me this.

c49b87 No.1169045

File: 1169b1c49fb61b3⋯.jpg (42.2 KB, 368x464, 23:29, MACRONBROKE.jpg)

64ebf1 No.1169046

Here is what I haven't pieced together yet. We know that Pakistan infiltrated DC. They were blackmailing politicians.

But to what gain? Just money and power?

If we roll back to Princess Di, the muslims were hated by (((them))). Muslims are inferior.

There is a puzzle piece I am not seeing.

af83e6 No.1169047

File: 05b4be2ba080437⋯.png (732.13 KB, 948x668, 237:167, skies.png)


Weird stuff in my sky

11b191 No.1169048


Watch Macron's twitter feed, the whole ceremony, dadburnit - at the end, 43:08.

https:// twitter.com/Elysee/status/988766818432151552

57dd91 No.1169049

File: 2044dec27647ad7⋯.png (786.9 KB, 1413x779, 1413:779, TW1.png)

I can't wait for POTUS to clean out the 9th circuit court.

8f1073 No.1169050

File: 40b551f38def8e0⋯.jpg (120.12 KB, 888x499, 888:499, TRUMP'S FIST, TRUMPS THE H….jpg)




b95f78 No.1169051


Exactly. There are several arguments going on here. It can be quantified as concernfagging, but it is a Q post, so that makes it a topic.

All this talk and meme making on the boards that Patriots have no color. The obvious corollary argument in this is that abortion does have a specific color in the US. Abortion in the US is black genocide.

Planned Parenthood was undeniably set up by Margaret Sanger as a Eugenics organization. Rockefeller funded it. Cabal Central. Top of the Chart.

So all the racefags on here should jump on board against PP. Given the current environment where statues are torn down due to historical grievances, I am surprised that with any critical thinking that the Planned Parenthood offices haven't been a target, as they kill millions.

Secondarily, the selling of body parts harvested for profit should bother anyone. This is the second part that the Senate investigated. It's ugly.

https:// archives-energycommerce.house.gov/sites/republicans.energycommerce.house.gov/files/documents/Select_Investigative_Panel_Final_Report.pdf

Follow this up with

https:// www.grassley.senate.gov/news/news-releases/grassley-refers-planned-parenthood-fetal-tissue-procurement-organizations-fbi

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/07/planned-parenthood-under-investigation-by-justice-department-over-sale-fetal-tissue.html

Coming soon.


Cecile Richards, Ex CEO of Planned Parenthood is now with the Ford Foundation. Yep. More Eugenics.

eba045 No.1169052

8774db No.1169053


Oh FFS. I’ve been here since November. Not a shill, just stating my opinion.

a27ac0 No.1169054


I have to believe several will have legitimate heart attacks when the military comes calling with shackles.

11b191 No.1169055


No, Trump pushes his fingers down.

f3cd5b No.1169056

Geez….you faggots need to use your autism, so fucking what that Macron made a gesture with his hands…..let it go, if you are suspicious of him, then simply keep an eye on his actions and policies going forward from today. Don't let this bullshit steer you away from the objective. Many people interpret that gesture differently.

We can keep an eye on what unfolds with his country when he returns to France, then you'll know if he is genuinely with Trump.

d6f645 No.1169057


Look at Trump's face in the video

He wants nothing to do with it!!!

5cb39e No.1169058


Nope. Either a legit anon will call you out for concerning over something stupid, or a shill will call you a shill for concerning over something smart. Grow thick skin and stand up for what you think it right. Fuck the naysayers - if your concerns are valid, they will reach the right eyes - if not, then not much harm done.

11b191 No.1169059


OK, good point. Shills gonna shill.

57466f No.1169060

76ebfa No.1169061


they doth protest quite loudly.

Macunt is a cron

0b32cf No.1169062


It goes back to the Kings of Khazarian Empire

Muslims served as the kings personal bodyguard

Probably because he didnt trust other Khazars to protect him (eternal struggle for power and all)

298e23 No.1169063

File: a91ac64aa45a8df⋯.png (706.12 KB, 916x564, 229:141, WH.FC.USCG-18-04-24 at 13.….png)

File: cf18d23383eae63⋯.png (553.17 KB, 1044x420, 87:35, FC.DJT TheForce.04-23-18.png)


>>1168382 (last bread)


looks like the USCG came out with the SEMPER PARATUS Flag front & center stage.

>https:// www.gocoastguard.com/family-and-friends/the-helmsman/semper-paratus



From Aztec Shore to Arctic Zone

To Europe and Far East.

The Flag is carried by our ships,

In times of war and peace.

And never have we struck it yet

In spite of foe-men’s might,

Who cheered our crews and cheered again, For showing how to fight.

c49b87 No.1169064

743aac No.1169065


"hook em horns" - (Texas anon)

Macron loves Longhorns!!

-JK (kek)

Also- Could be a message for Buddhists because it has a connection, perhaps liberation is coming soon to a "theater" near them.

9b1333 No.1169066

File: 55e853a1ce88915⋯.jpg (107.24 KB, 751x500, 751:500, FriendsofTrump.jpg)

1d433d No.1169067


Maybe check out the archives link near the catalog link. It seems to have text if not all images.

cc2ee4 No.1169068

File: a6052d38444fe86⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 409x530, 409:530, 28pj3y~2.jpg)

That old lady has been his handler since he was 14 years old.

a1a6a2 No.1169069


> if you are suspicious of him, then simply keep an eye on his actions and policies going forward from today

Apply this to EVERYONE.

11b191 No.1169070



Enough. Filtered. Can't teach a pig to sing.

8774db No.1169071


I don’t trust the guy. Not one bit.

083888 No.1169072

File: 1ae224a874681ae⋯.jpg (110.65 KB, 1366x765, 1366:765, james-dio.jpg)

5f0fee No.1169073

>>1168971(last bread)


https:// twitter.com/Elysee/status/988766818432151552

I just watched the fucking live vid and saw him do the horns then take them down. Don't claim we are making shit up, you gave a different angle vid that cuts to it at the end of the hands gathering.

2b24fc No.1169074

Q! Can you please tell me if I’m anywhere in the ball park on this. Are the electrical companies/cabal etc. sabatoging the electrical grids of our nation to make us more susceptible to an enemy EMP attack??? Research says so. Nothing they are doing is making sense. They are making the grid more dangerous and more expensive than what it has/should be

11b191 No.1169075


Filtered Shill.

872ae5 No.1169076


>>>1169036 >>1169039 >>1169053

In the videofeed it's not to be seen.

Now saw it on photo from dailymail.

Ok. Not a shill.

Just vigilant to fuckery.

cc2ee4 No.1169077


>Dio was a faggot.

b7c587 No.1169078


Dude, Q has said look for the symbolism. The fact that the President of France did that at the WH in a public forum tells you that there was a message being delivered.

The thing is, it was planned.

You can see it how both the President and First Lady are holding Macron's middle fingers. They knew it was coming! Thus, it was a message to EVIL. We know what they have been up to and we are united in taking them down.

c4765e No.1169080


Owned by JAV Imagery, llc.. an Aerial Pictometry company.

c49b87 No.1169081


>We can keep an eye on what unfolds with his country when he returns to France,

Done, I really hope his resign. it's a weak

As the example of the May?

64ebf1 No.1169082


thank you anon

c6629f No.1169083

File: 0527fc0b1d2b2c1⋯.png (16.63 KB, 678x375, 226:125, 1505501165509.png)

Different races have different preferences and vote accordingly. America will be lost for good when the white population percentage shrinks enough for the political Left (the coalition of blacks, browns, and single mothers) to win in perpetuity on a platform of BIG GOVERNMENT and FUCK WHITE PEOPLE.

The future of the US looks like a lot like South Africa, where even the poorest white farmers - who have nothing of value to steal - are attacked, beaten, raped, maimed, and murdered by black mobs.

Only whites - the least clannish people on earth - are so easily taken by the lie that we are all united, compatible, and interchangeable. They naively project their own lack of racial cohesion onto other races, but reality disagrees. An entire restaurant full of whites has never turned violently on a black who shoved a white. But the reverse has happened many times. Blacks instantly know whose side they are on.

6cf52c No.1169084


Could go either way . . . but one of the best ways to know your enemy is to 'infiltrate' and I'm hoping that's what happened here.

743aac No.1169085


I wonder if he died already- (bush sr) -would we even know, or would they hide it as long as possible from the public to make them seem more powerful…

When is last time the public has seen carter and junior?

060c31 No.1169086


Why filter him, thats a good meme and most likely accurate. Lurk Moar.

09282e No.1169087


Could you please answer anons about Macron?

Is Macron a white hat or no?

Now, anons, lets see what Q says and move on to what we're SUPPOSED to be digging on, mmmkay?

083888 No.1169088



>"He claimed his Italian grandmother used it to ward off the evil eye (which is known in Southern Italy as malocchio)"

af83e6 No.1169089


Thank you

57466f No.1169090

File: 2838a380214f75f⋯.gif (348.21 KB, 350x233, 350:233, trumpback.gif)

57dd91 No.1169091

flip does not = rotate.

b13663 No.1169092

File: fe456007def0d31⋯.png (54.03 KB, 641x578, 641:578, Apr23_13A.png)

I’ve seen highlights from the next @Project_Veritas @JamesOKeefeIII video, and let’s just say some people are definitely going to be FIRED.

It is going to break the internet.

9edf49 No.1169093

File: 04b54fe225a34cd⋯.jpg (113.39 KB, 429x366, 143:122, Q40 Purple.jpg)

I am still a cipherin this lernin!

899258 No.1169094


Got them all.

2f8601 No.1169095


The Wizard showing up last week, after and with the Warlocks was the epitome of symbolism for VICTORY.

2fa307 No.1169096


Same here. His political campaign mysteriously came out of nowhere, with seemingly endless funds. Banking Elite Cabal through and through

https:// www.mediapart.fr/journal/france/210517/macron-leaks-les-secrets-dune-levee-de-fonds-hors-norme?onglet=full

link is in French and behind a paywall, so for reference only - let's just say that the guy is not on our side (or wasn't when he got elected)

083888 No.1169097



Dio and his first wife, Loretta Berardi (born 1941), adopted a son, novelist Dan Padavona.[3]

"After divorcing Berardi, he married Wendy Gaxiola (born 1945) who also served as his manager. In the 1980s, she managed the Los Angeles rock bands Rough Cutt, and Hellion. Dio remained married to Gaxiola until his death."

16df89 No.1169098


Melania and Trump's fists in front of Macrons hands…this is planned. Neither Melania nor POTUS could see what was being done behind them. This is a signal put together by all of them. Could it be signaling 11/11 parade? Maybe this is the 11 11 we have been waiting for?

57466f No.1169099


that anon is just filtering at will

oh well

5506bf No.1169100


Just prep anyway.

bc4b43 No.1169101

Iran is next.



POTUS today.

“Mark it down.”

“Bigger problems than ever before.”

SIG to Iran?

CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2 [important]

Refers to more than continued payments of $250B.


Sweet Dreams.


cc2ee4 No.1169102

File: 4bdfce9bc18760a⋯.jpg (65.05 KB, 456x383, 456:383, 28ytke~2.jpg)


>Faggot whites in America are heavily armed you dumb ass.

5506bf No.1169103

1d433d No.1169104


>We are being trained, before the "theatre of war"

Maybe we are being trained to help mop up the mess below the international level. Mattis said "Historians will write about this for 10,000 years". We'll need to train our kids to recognize and prevent this from ever happening again.

f3cd5b No.1169105


I agree with your perspective.

I DISAGREE with people trying to use it for DIVIDING us….we are Anons….we document, source, validate. We just don't need PETTY DIVISION over this.

I'm simply saying don't allow this to be yet another wedge of DIVISION.

16df89 No.1169106


the fingers spelling out 11 11

57dd91 No.1169107


Morning Q

7906aa No.1169108


Can confirm. Posts frozen as of 2:07 PST

532443 No.1169109

File: 2a4cc9ee6bde3e0⋯.jpg (106.04 KB, 581x683, 581:683, McClown.jpg)



743aac No.1169110


Thanks Q.

Bring Iran!

Godspeed and Praying!

57466f No.1169111



09282e No.1169112


Q, is Macron a true ally to POTUS?

a6e06b No.1169115

File: 8035d8504ac5c19⋯.jpg (46.21 KB, 429x366, 143:122, 28zzkz.jpg)

c49b87 No.1169116


A lot of factors.. The Agenda 2030 and the WWIII Also influence…

91a02d No.1169117


No, the meaning of the horn sign should be obvious. He's showing the Rothschilds and the others that put him in office he's still loyal to them. France is on the brink of a revolt so he has to make some concessions but he is in no way a white hat.

5506bf No.1169118


Q I love you! Thank you and the president for your work!

3d6cc7 No.1169119


Upclose Macron Devil hands



WH Youtube footage

https:// youtu.be/AvsVCiBaMIU?t=4887

1:21:15 is when that music kicks in at the same time they start waving., WH camera focuses back off the stage but you can see macron raising his arms.

Shills are trying to fuck with this one boys, He fucked up. Symbolism will be their downfall.

e355b5 No.1169120


The mullas are out already? Excellent! Iran Deal is over and done with!!

d1a883 No.1169121



Rainbow In The Dark

Fag, but still in closet

Settles it

916d61 No.1169122


Why warn them just drop it for gods sake

f226db No.1169123

Hooray Anons….

I've been talking about Q since late October. My mom asked me for a link so she can see for herself what I am so addicted to.

Mom has been red pilled.

31242d No.1169124

In asedition to the earthquake abuse Haiti has suffered….

https:// www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/un-haiti-peacekeepers-child-sex-ring-sri-lankan-underage-girls-boys-teenage-a7681966.html

http:// www.breitbart.com/radio/2016/10/13/former-president-of-haitian-senate-after-what-they-did-haiti-clintons-worst-thing-that-could-ever-hit-us/

003d3c No.1169125


>“Mark it down.”

c75f3d No.1169126

These allegations against Ronny Jackson are either outright lies, or IF true these alleged behaviors (overscripting, excessive drinking) would have been known by the Obama Administration, and saved for this moment. You don't just start over prescribing, and having drinking issue when Trump entered office.

571c47 No.1169127


Macron was very thankful with POTUS this morning.

Lots of touching and hugs.

060c31 No.1169128

File: a379a21eafeeaf2⋯.jpg (12.06 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 3d5888e89bb64a1c535d2bd3b1….jpg)

76ebfa No.1169129

File: 8bc49c1177b9fe8⋯.png (17.6 KB, 636x356, 159:89, Cap1169101_Q.PNG)



c49b87 No.1169130



3a391e No.1169131


Filtered. Your memes are worse than lefty attempts.

06ab26 No.1169133

File: bcfedfd51b4dbd5⋯.jpg (13.22 KB, 332x396, 83:99, macron_horns.jpg)

5aa93f No.1169134


Some of them want to use you.

Some of them want to get used by you.

Some of them want to abuse you.

Some of them want to be abused.

0ab044 No.1169135

File: 40499d101c60952⋯.png (421.16 KB, 569x338, 569:338, rg34.PNG)

VJ was the finance manager of Obama's senate bid in 2004 and most likely his presidential campaign.

VJ probably worked with Huma who was at that time an adviser to Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. VJ goes through Huma who is SA connected and gets the MB to fund Obama's run.

VJ was also on the board of directors for the Chicago Stock Exchange. Remember Loop Capital? Probably connected also. Loop Capital could have laundered the money from MB and VJ could have hid it by doing some underhanded shit as a member of the stock exchange.

At this same time Brennan, Clapper and Comey all get positioned in top tier national security spots to help hide all of this tomfoolery.

Couple with Imran getting access to a large portion of Congress' electronic communication. You have Obama funded by MB with Comey, Brennan, Clapper and Imran running interference to make sure no one can stop it.

6bc8af No.1169136


Yes! Evil surrounded by goodness and light. Notice how bright and white Melania's outfit is.

8774db No.1169137


Good job! One by one… I did the same with my dad and he knows a lot of people (Seniors)..it all helps, spreads outward like a pebble dropped in a lake.

bc4b43 No.1169138


His sole purpose [WH visit] is to convince POTUS, on behalf of the EU, to remain in the Iran deal.

You decide.


134ef8 No.1169139

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 75:

Thanksgiving for God’s Wondrous Deeds

A Psalm of Asaph. A Song.

75 We give thanks to thee, O God; we give thanks;

we call on thy name and recount thy wondrous deeds.

2 At the set time which I appoint

I will judge with equity.

3 When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants,

it is I who keep steady its pillars. Selah

4 I say to the boastful, “Do not boast,”

and to the wicked, “Do not lift up your horn;

5 do not lift up your horn on high,

or speak with insolent neck.”

6 For not from the east or from the west

and not from the wilderness comes lifting up;

7 but it is God who executes judgment,

putting down one and lifting up another.

8 For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup,

with foaming wine, well mixed;

and he will pour a draught from it,

and all the wicked of the earth

shall drain it down to the dregs.

9 But I will rejoice for ever,

I will sing praises to the God of Jacob.

10 All the horns of the wicked he will cut off,

but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.

916d61 No.1169140

File: 4b9dd433bd96374⋯.png (222.16 KB, 1482x375, 494:125, Capture.PNG)


Godfather ?

1425bc No.1169141

File: 4f15f3b7e82010e⋯.jpg (46.81 KB, 484x363, 4:3, ScreenHunter_184 Apr. 24 0….jpg)



POTUS to free.

Just like ole Ronnie.

a27ac0 No.1169142

File: 2d897834c1b4129⋯.jpg (25 KB, 600x337, 600:337, burg.jpg)



f226db No.1169143


C'mon Anons and Autists…. what is

CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2?

7b7a63 No.1169144


Flexing on Iran in front of Macron?

Similar to moving on ISIS in front of Xi?

e355b5 No.1169145


"Sweet Dreams"

b3c0dc No.1169146



>>1167950 Podesta linked to Port of Long beach

>>1167963 Anon confirms Q's UBL post

>>1168018 Red Crescent Enjoys Protected Status By NATO. More Anon Research, >>1168567

>>1168122 Dubs, Fairytales & Morning Covfefe, >>1168376

>>1168140 Marina's Spirit Cooking Endeveaours; DNA Research REQUIRED

>>1168315 Protip: First, you have to get them mad as hell.

>>1168533 Macron's a fag: "We have a rendezvous with history">>1168625, >>1168675 WE. SEE. ALL. EMMANUELE.

Here are the notables.

Do you want to bake the next bread, or shall I?

cc2ee4 No.1169147

File: d9b98c6f5e739f2⋯.png (708.62 KB, 697x618, 697:618, d9b98c6f5e739f2e74f06c3544….png)


>Like I care, you are a ignorant faggot.

5cb39e No.1169148


Even if he is working with Trump, he might have made the sign to try to fool the globalists into thinking he was still (((their))) guy. I Trust the plan - and Macron has already been accounted for whether he knows it or not. I absolutely believe that.

9e6b5c No.1169149

File: 9883a70ba569ee4⋯.jpg (181.34 KB, 1200x1068, 100:89, obama-kenyan-bc-onq-c.jpg)


Cleaning out the 9th circuit court will be easy when Obama's real birth certificate comes out.

3cfad6 No.1169150


THX… Looks like i have work to do…

743aac No.1169151


Nuff said, theres your answer anons…

e355b5 No.1169152


PDJT does what's best for the World, not just France.

5e65e5 No.1169153


There it is

>Satan wants Iran nuke deal

7b9a3a No.1169154


just fly his ass to Gitmo too

76ebfa No.1169155


>You decide.

bwahahahaaa… knew it.

Thanks, Q.

09282e No.1169156


Well damn. I had high hopes for him.

872ae5 No.1169157

File: eacc0e8cf5241da⋯.jpg (13.8 KB, 300x200, 3:2, ahmadinejad_rocks_out.jpg)

File: 2e654fff1aa8492⋯.jpg (8.54 KB, 214x255, 214:255, bcfedfd51b4dbd5df3a2eac860….jpg)


Marker for Iran?

8774db No.1169158


Yes. That speaks volumes. Thank you..

5f0fee No.1169159


Cabal. The horns was a signal to the Cabal he will seal the deal for Iran Deal. He will fail

0ab044 No.1169160


>Sweet dreams.

Cheers, Q. I got my meme cannons primed just let us anons know when to fire.

d1a883 No.1169161


Bringing Iran to heel?

I like it- giver Q team!

15ce00 No.1169162

They have Macron by the balls, it seems

Maybe POTUS will throw him a life preserver


120ac8 No.1169163

Q, UBL killed means time stamp or real kill?

a76c67 No.1169164


No, that anon is a moron. It is not photoshopped. Macron did put his hands up like that. Watch the video yourself, 43:18.

https:// www.pscp.tv/Elysee/1vAxRVylprgxl

d6f645 No.1169165




060c31 No.1169166


Sweet Dreams, Thats a new one.

Anything to do with Deep Dream?

ES in Iran?

a6e06b No.1169167


He has no allegiane to POTUS

hand sign to cabal

003d3c No.1169168


Sun 07 Jan 2018 03:10:11 05b846 No.13359

US taxpayers are paying for it all.

Paris accord = scam (trillions)

Red Cross = scam (billions)

Foreign Aid = scam (trillions)

WAR = scam (trillions)


Who audits where the money actually goes?

Who actually receives the money?

The US taxpayer is funding the very people we are engaged in taking down.

Slush funds everywhere.

Think GS pays for Antifa out of his own pocket?

The hole is deep.

Feel sick yet?

298e23 No.1169169

File: c9529b6331bfcb5⋯.png (612.05 KB, 965x560, 193:112, WH.FC.18-04-24 at 13.25.36.png)

File: 4f4c24c2210f170⋯.png (579.88 KB, 1012x572, 23:13, WH.FC.18-04-24 at 13.25.59.png)


FLOTUS' outfit matches nicely with the Marines. Elegant yet strong.

<The French can do elegant, but not qUite the Strong?

a27ac0 No.1169170


Good Morning Q. Please let POTUS know we are still standing with Him, and standing by for the MOAB.

76ebfa No.1169171

File: de11c43bd4980cd⋯.jpg (20.55 KB, 332x396, 83:99, macronsatan.JPG)



we see you.

571c47 No.1169172


I see.



Right. I saw this and found it weird.

Now clear after what Q just stated. >>1169138

0b32cf No.1169173


He is a piece of shit…needs to be executed as a traitor to humanity

f8fcd7 No.1169174


Fuck no. Stop Irans nuke program. If they want to nuke Israel so bad….give them some and let them get it over with.

e4fdc6 No.1169175


Sweet Dreams, Erasure

Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree?

I travel the world

And the seven seas,

Everybody's looking for something.

Some of them want to use you

Some of them want to get used by you

Some of them want to abuse you

Some of them want to be abused.

57dd91 No.1169176




8b367a No.1169177

File: 12de1f7c08593b9⋯.png (206.05 KB, 297x430, 297:430, angel5.png)


What a huge drop you gave us yesterday, i see these talking points and evidence being talked about far and wide. we are ready to keep digging, keep up the pace!

57466f No.1169178

why are anons pushing its shopped?


c4765e No.1169179


Don't tell me we are also sending them tons of Uranium (conveniently procured from U1) as part of the JCPOA in addition to the $250B payments??!

"Iran is to receive a huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia to compensate it for exporting tons of reactor coolant, diplomats say, in a move approved by the outgoing U.S. administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to a landmark nuclear pact."

One final Iran blunder by Obama

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/wp/2017/01/10/one-final-iran-blunder-by-obama/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.37fd8edb6d32

0ab044 No.1169180


Yeah, no. He's not an ally. Why did the globalists back, fund and prop him up vs nationalist Le Pen? Did we already forget?

743aac No.1169181


Would like to know if Putin is true ally, but I understand you cannot reveal that yet.

(I think we know)

120ac8 No.1169182


Q already confirmed macron is with them, thats all we need to know

eba045 No.1169183


Damn. Ok then…

7efaa2 No.1169184


My wife does here as well in nowhere Wisconsin.

98aaa7 No.1169185


Come on, the only thing I hope for is that someone smart digs into this. Be it to come to the conclusion that this whole thing is bullshit. This information I came across could only have the power to cause havoc if there is some truth to it and if that is the case we should look into it anyway. Taking a look doesn't take much.

aa1a70 No.1169186

File: be9214c9463e240⋯.jpg (948.44 KB, 1024x703, 1024:703, 920 Anastasis Hosios Louka….jpg)

a1efe4 No.1169187


IRAN IS NEXT!!! Just like Armenia!

f21746 No.1169188

File: 400a42197a12d2e⋯.jpg (30.21 KB, 474x342, 79:57, Patriot.jpg)


5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:

7b7a63 No.1169189


When you put it that way, it's not so much a "decision" as it is a fact made even more obvious.

My sympathies to DJT for having to sit around and listen to that pawn ramble for God-knows-how-long.

97aaef No.1169190


he knows he is fucked

and is looking for a DEAL

57466f No.1169191



Macron is a pawn

b3574c No.1169192


>His sole purpose [WH visit] is to convince POTUS, on behalf of the EU, to remain in the Iran deal.


4a64c3 No.1169193


of course they forgot.

060c31 No.1169194

File: 984d753cb9fe30d⋯.jpg (16.45 KB, 229x221, 229:221, 68ac299fa156e864f5f06c33ba….jpg)

ea68b4 No.1169195

Sheila Jackson Lee

Rank: 102nd in the House

with an estimated net worth of $3,547,506 in 2015.

<https:// www.opensecrets.org/personal-finances/net-worth/Sheila-Jackson-Lee?cid=N00005818&year=2015

2703ac No.1169196


Please take it somewhere else.

003d3c No.1169197


>The US taxpayer is funding the very people we are engaged in taking down.


571c47 No.1169198


No deals.

Liberate the whole world.


172391 No.1169199


What did Macron trade for his protection?

b673f8 No.1169200


POTUS looked fired up today! MOAB incoming!

2819a9 No.1169201


Iron Eagle was based on real-life events that occurred off the coast of Libya.

d6f645 No.1169202


Along the lines of 9/11 etc…thought UBL was dead in late 2001 early 2002… Per Clowns, F_I, Albright and others

Was he really in Pakistan raid?

872ae5 No.1169203


Q !UW.yye1fxo 12/19/17 (Tue) 18:11:07 03c2f4 No.127286


We have tremendous WW support.

SATAN has left the WH.

Day of days.


Macron referred to earlier as SATAN?

a27ac0 No.1169204


Holy smokes!! Wow. Well, there you have it. Now I get why the military is there in force. Message sent to the EU.

3d6cc7 No.1169205


HE FUCKED UP. children always rebel when they dont get their own way. Trump even made him plant a tree! bet he didnt like that, Too much good karma.

cc2ee4 No.1169206

File: ffd39e4566fb106⋯.jpg (41.83 KB, 480x352, 15:11, 28xvrc~2.jpg)


MOAB - Status?

09282e No.1169207




0b32cf No.1169208


Never happen…its just a big game…nothing ever happens to Israel. Only the Palestinians actively try to do something with a whole lot of nothing

34e0e4 No.1169209



f226db No.1169210


Workingfag requesting a summary of the Iran Deal please.

1b1f69 No.1169211

File: c38d549704a47a3⋯.png (282.37 KB, 752x440, 94:55, Which side do you think he….png)


When a man has that behind him, do you really have to question his allegiance?

886f8c No.1169212

Half Chan is down since early AM eastern

c49b87 No.1169213


Macron will kill the Iran Deal and defeat Merkel and Sweden *Stable Genius*.

4b71f5 No.1169214


Did POTUS make Macron the light?

16df89 No.1169215


Thus the show of horns

31ff8d No.1169216


You forgot a few facts in your diatribe.

1. There are many, many organizations that are used to further the aims of the deep state.

2. POTUS is working with Military Intelligence who have been studying the organization and power structure of the deep state for at least 20 years.

3. Any organization that is key to the power hierarchy will have deep cover agents working for MI that are inside the organization and will appear to outsiders as traitors.

4. You don't have much information at all because you have no access to the NSA or the work of MI.

5. You are trying to warn POTUS about something that he knows a lot more about than you do.

6. You are trying to distract us from the work of this board. We do not chase all suspicious people/groups. We do not try to warn POTUS or Q about anybody because we trust them when they say "WE HAVE IT ALL".

7. We know that the core of our work is to dig, to MAKE CONNECTIONS, and to draw a map of the network of criminal corruption. We know that when we have uncovered something that is not currently being investigated by the DOJ, that Q's people will pick up our maps and use them to get subpoenas to start a formal professional AND SECRET investigation. We trust this process.

8. We understand that not all connections are relevant because of the principle, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. We will not attack Trump and his associates because we trust that they are keeping our enemies close in order to better observe them and their crimes. Here is an example. You might hear one known bad actor say to another "You on for the twin pines thing?" and you can report that to the NSA who can then dig into phone calls, text messages and emails to learn what this "twin pines things" is all about. It turns out to be a ritual with a sacrifice of a child at an estate in upstate New York that has two large pine trees along the path down to the Hudson River. Now you can act, rescue the kids, arrest some perps, and continue surveillance of the other people who don't quite know what happened and why the people with the kids never showed up for the ritual.

So wise up, back off, and work on the crumbs that Q gives us, not on your random pet projects.

997eab No.1169217

Q - can you elaborate on the coming SKY EVENT?

66157c No.1169218


So, is he a shifty little fuck or what?

Seems to act a little big for his britches, no?

5cb39e No.1169219


That makes him a very, very bad boy. You would think that he could convince his handlers that trying to convince POTUS to stay in the Iran deal is a COLOSSAL waste of time.

8d948b No.1169220




5e65e5 No.1169221

File: c2030665a5c7c31⋯.jpg (16.76 KB, 300x285, 20:19, lafayetteandwashington.jpg)

b3c0dc No.1169222


What a buttboy

571c47 No.1169223


BHO et al.

9b39c9 No.1169224


That's why he went to the WH instead of Mar-a-Lago. Only trusted visits happen in the Southern White House.

0b32cf No.1169225

File: bde16cffc6a7465⋯.jpg (138.82 KB, 640x543, 640:543, IsraelNukesMeme.jpg)


We give money they dont nuke anyone…kinda like Israel

c96f58 No.1169226

File: 4118e4e8f1499dc⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1734x1271, 1734:1271, Point3.png)

743aac No.1169227


Agree, but there was cia doubles.

And I think he meant the timeline of the official capture.

fd9def No.1169228

File: 0637dd59a0947b3⋯.jpg (126.3 KB, 640x360, 16:9, rock-beats-scissors.jpg)

15ce00 No.1169229

Not sure what the 11a P 2.2 is…but a quick search comes up with an interesting article about France and China helping develop Iran's petroleum capabilities

http:// www.irna.ir/en/News/82602351

0d4a0a No.1169230

https:// www.google.com/amp/thehill.com/opinion/national-security/366197-now-theres-no-denying-it-obamas-failed-iran-deal-wasnt-worth-the%3famp

8dde29 No.1169231

File: aa7d0ed3ffad7cc⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1400x1131, 1400:1131, iranrc.jpg)


https:// www.theguardian.com/world/us-embassy-cables-documents/174875

7021f2 No.1169232

File: 3bf6f461102417a⋯.jpg (373.91 KB, 1280x784, 80:49, 20180424_113413.jpg)

Well the Macron hand signals controversy shall not be covered up.

At least we can say that, this morning.

09282e No.1169233


Great point, anon!

d6f645 No.1169234


Then why have him to the WH?

Just let him die on the vine…

3d626e No.1169235


Good morning Q, thank you for everything!

916d61 No.1169236

Israel is widely believed to possess nuclear weapons, with an estimated arsenal of up to 400 warheads; which would make it the world's third biggest arsenal. Its first deliverable nuclear weapon was allegedly created in December 1966; which would make it the sixth country in the world to have developed them

cc2ee4 No.1169237

File: 11484414b9b2322⋯.jpg (45.01 KB, 470x324, 235:162, 28vl2u~2.jpg)

Go 'Q' love your work.

3871b2 No.1169238

Let's just hope MOAB is better than March Madness….

57825d No.1169239


WWJDre: federal reserve

Angrily drive the money changers out with a whip, that's WWJD

c49b87 No.1169240


Here is your answer..

https:// www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8efo1c/here_is_the_relevant_section_referenced_in_q_post/

bc4b43 No.1169241


What’s at risk?

$250B x 2 / year.

What the taxpayers don’t know.

Why aren’t NK developments receiving WW praise?

We endure.


110cb4 No.1169242

thank you for posting Pslam 64 has some interesting lines about.

af83e6 No.1169243

"All spent fuel from the redesigned Arak reactor, regardless of its origin, for the lifetime of

the reactor, will be shipped out of Iran to a mutually determined location in E3/EU+3

countries or third countries, for further treatment or disposition as provided for in

relevant contracts to be concluded, consistent with national laws, with the recipient

party, within one year from the unloading from the reactor or whenever deemed to be

safe for transfer by the recipient country."

How Lovely….

b673f8 No.1169244

File: 75e556001aeaa76⋯.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1758x1371, 586:457, 8F53AA69-C2D6-4E7C-8536-5….jpeg)


Macron is with us, but EU can’t really know that.

76ebfa No.1169245

File: abd849025a975d3⋯.png (893.09 KB, 1111x1952, 1111:1952, Q_Keystone.png)


in the crumbs

d1a883 No.1169246


So Makerel not /our guy/- Confirmed by Q, but POTUS must still play the game/act nice & stupid with the NWO cucked leaders? Got it, Q.

b3574c No.1169247

File: d3462e9fa8b5b20⋯.jpg (311.83 KB, 532x1244, 133:311, Iran side deals.jpg)



Susan Rice admitted "SECRET side deals with Iran"

134ef8 No.1169248


Note the last line of Psalm 75:

All the horns of the wicked he will cut off,

but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.

e8294c No.1169249


No more bad deals for US :)

bf1e12 No.1169250


No Iran deal!

9e6b5c No.1169251


CIA payments

15ce00 No.1169252


The EU is getting fat and rich off the Iran Deal

449c07 No.1169253

97aaef No.1169254


controlled media wont let it be praised

plus we are taking away their boogeyman

743aac No.1169255


Call up search engine and type:

Acronyms for SATAN

Note the surveillance apparatus.

5cb39e No.1169256


Q, Election Fraud must be a big problem in France too. Macron beat Le Pen 66%-33% in an election that was supposed to be very close.

(((They))) really overdid it, didn't they?

ad9707 No.1169257


Look at the two small red light on top of the pyramid, like satan's eyes.

060c31 No.1169258

File: 0acc2ca74d3c290⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 255x178, 255:178, 28ygkm.jpg)

bbce50 No.1169259


>Dear Father, please hear this anon's prayer to get back together with his ex and be the Dad he knows he can be and a worthy partner for his lady.

>Many here will be praying for you anon.

Thank you, anon. Thank you! I really need those prayers like never before.

571c47 No.1169260


There is no EU without Germany.

Angela sent Macron?

d6f645 No.1169261


Then why such a big event and having him visit the US?

A lot of taxpayer $$$$$….

5e65e5 No.1169262

File: e0449a57704e3aa⋯.jpg (210.7 KB, 414x594, 23:33, trumpjfkjr2.jpg)


>We endure

We are all with you

God bless you all

God bless America

916d61 No.1169263


What does EU get from the deal?

f226db No.1169264


TY kind anon…. hopefully I can keep up now. Now I see why Merkel is desperate.

aa1a70 No.1169265


11-11-18 will be GREAT

a6e06b No.1169266



8d948b No.1169267




trumps been preparing months KEK

b02942 No.1169268


“Father of all, whose Son we honor, look down upon us with favor. Deliver us from the fear of all save you. Make us a pleasure to our divine teachers and forever put truth on our lips. Deliver us from violence and anger; give us respect for our elders and that which belongs to our neighbors. Give us this season green pastures and fruitful flocks to gladden our hearts. We pray for the hastening of the coming of the promised uplifter, and we would do your will on this world as others do on worlds beyond.”

cc2ee4 No.1169269

File: 5df24b4f9faff09⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 500x546, 250:273, 28ypb1~2.jpg)

0d4a0a No.1169270

https:// www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-12-18/obama-s-alternative-facts-on-the-iran-nuclear-deal

7d8357 No.1169271


The irony is unbelievable. As soon as NK problem is solved, magically Iran rears its ugly head.

Still believe in coincidences Anons?

09282e No.1169272


They can't launder the money anymore if the deal is cut off.

Just like NK can't be used anymore.

91a02d No.1169273


Iran is next?

Is war a possibility?

Is this why Bolton and Pompeo were picked?

I trust you and POTUS when you say there are big problems with the Iran deal, and the Saudi alliance has been great for us, but the rest of the country will be furious if POTUS does not certify the Iran deal. The problems with the deal all seem to be classified, because everything I've read about the Iran deal sounds good to me. Even Bill O'Reily supports it. Decertifying the deal could lead to a war that would be way worse than the Iraq war. Listen to what Ron Paul said when we imposed sanctions on Iran 8 years ago, a great speech and very relevant.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIO-4v8qpYc

20fde1 No.1169274


>Why aren't NK developments receiving WW praise?

Because (((they))) still have control of the media?

eba045 No.1169275


Need TRANSparency, not


253e34 No.1169276

File: f7f0f8d47ac0b9c⋯.jpg (30.89 KB, 500x321, 500:321, clinton chalk.jpg)

57466f No.1169277

File: 93430f355d203dd⋯.jpg (86.69 KB, 728x540, 182:135, PTSVTP.jpg)

5f0fee No.1169278


Iran Deal is to continue the flow of $, money we have no idea we are giving. It is another slush fund.. for the Cabal in the costume of peace.

fd7a88 No.1169279

File: 4e35bae9094bb19⋯.png (13.02 KB, 255x193, 255:193, Great Awakening Q.png)

Q has not said anything about this, that I recall, but I'm seeing financial chatter about the Globalist moving off the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. They are looking at a blockchain derived monetary system that they would control completely. If this happens, we will get badly hurt here in the US. One commentator said he thinks this will happen as early as July. Being the world's reserve currency is a big advantage for us. We need to know if this is something that Q and POTUS are concerned about. Q?

2fa307 No.1169280


The elite maybe. Not the 99.9%

24a5f5 No.1169281


Trump and France’s Macron disagree on the Iran deal.

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2018/04/24/trump-and-frances-macron-disagree-on-the-iran-deal-heres-why-europe-wants-to-keep-it/

3a391e No.1169282

Tuesday 4.24.18

>>1169241 rt >>1169138 — We endure

>>1169138 rt >>1169112 — His sole purpose


5cb39e No.1169283


$250B is almost $1,000 per American citizen! WHAT?????!??!?!?!

9b85af No.1169284


Gets right to the point!

f8fcd7 No.1169285

Macron is obviously MKULTRA puppet of his wife. What happens if we get enough pressure and offer the right rewards to the Cabal bitch? Is he automatically our minion?

This is a problem when your empire is run from blackmail…..you can lose your leverage.

7b7a63 No.1169286


$0.5T that otherwise could be paying off the national debt sent overseas for crimes against humanity, geopolitical harassment and warmongering, and lining the pockets of the globalist political establishment.

NK not receiving praise because it's another purse string / avenue of control cut.

That and the media is still under cabalist control.

40/60 moves against MSM incoming?

31ff8d No.1169287


Interesting because wampum purple also comes from sea snails. All shellfish are related to slugs/snails so the purple on the shells used to make wampum comes from more or less the same source as the ancient Tyrean purple used for European royal robes.

e4fdc6 No.1169288


Is Iran being used as a uranium enrichment/production site for shipment to rogue actors across the world?

And is the sanctioned oil being smuggled out into the international economy?

That would amount to several hundred billion a year per:

http:// www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-33521655

298e23 No.1169289

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


@0:16 - "You're an errand boy sent by grocery clerks"

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=VEbc0YKsz0o

74152b No.1169290



When will we have MOAB?

7e2cb8 No.1169291


Then the horns were a sign to the cabal. POTUS and FLOTUS knew what he was signaling. That's why POTUS pulled his hand down and slapped it twice. Not pats of affection, but a message to shut it down.

b673f8 No.1169292


Q are you live posting from within the meeting w/ Macron? Lol amazing!

3144fa No.1169293

File: 4ddd72bdf11a3b4⋯.jpg (296.59 KB, 845x1127, 845:1127, 1deepswamp.jpg)

The CIA takeover of the Democratic Party

http:// www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/03/13/pers-m13.html

bc4b43 No.1169294


Hostage no more.


449c07 No.1169295

57825d No.1169296


off topic i know, will anything be done about the "Federal Reserve"

055326 No.1169297


I don't think Q will answer this question…. not yet.

Macron is not an important man. But the people who put him in power are. So listen to what he as to say and how he act. Because those are not his action or his word.

09282e No.1169298

Board's getting laggy again on my end.

449c07 No.1169299



ad9707 No.1169300


Civil nuclear plants market

57466f No.1169301


POTUS needs to repill Macron

003d3c No.1169302

U.S., EU Urge European Banks, Businesses to Invest in Iran …

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-eu-urge-european-banks-businesses…

The U.S. and its European partners made a fresh appeal Thursday for European banks and businesses to invest in Iran, saying they would do more to encourage legitimate business in the country now that most sanctions are gone.

d1a883 No.1169303


MSM refuses to cover POTUS achievements, that proves they are puppets for NWO globalists & are fucked now

cc2ee4 No.1169304

Susan Rice, that bitch needs to face the music.

a27ac0 No.1169305


It's the media. They continue to be the biggest problem in the world. They only spew what they are told to.

7b7a63 No.1169306


5aa93f No.1169307

Send the money to me. I could use them billions, and I'd spend it all in USA where it belongs.

76ebfa No.1169308

File: 4359aa04b0bba39⋯.jpg (168.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, _MadAsHell.jpg)


> otherwise could be paying off the national debt sent overseas for crimes against humanity, geopolitical harassment and warmongering, and lining the pockets of the globalist political establishment.

06ab26 No.1169309


The EU is America's #1 enemy.

7e2cb8 No.1169310


Kill the Iran deal.

15ce00 No.1169311


Yes…thats a given

d6a41b No.1169312

File: 0b4d858f3da6755⋯.jpg (347.35 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_9311.JPG)

File: 5483913ae2e4da5⋯.jpeg (94.71 KB, 368x480, 23:30, VINCE FOSTER.jpeg)

File: cfc001a1b18cdde⋯.png (198.26 KB, 510x287, 510:287, Were gonna need a bigger g….png)



44265b No.1169313


Love the Winning Feeling in the Morning! Go Q!

8d948b No.1169314




916d61 No.1169315


It has to be more than that they print as much money as they want?

b3c0dc No.1169316


So, are you baking, or shall i bake (baker #1461 here)

7d8357 No.1169317

Trust the plan, Iran was always next after NK.

Reread past drops..they are on it (and the globalists are freaking). Welcome to the WH Macron!

We're still going to alter/rescind the Iran Deal. Thank you and have a nice day.

0b32cf No.1169318


America is no longer a hostage?

d61c4e No.1169319



250a55 No.1169320




Thanks be to God.

0e8d18 No.1169321



ea68b4 No.1169322



we see the results

c4765e No.1169323


Good point! Get rid of the JCPOA and give a $1,000 tax cut to every American!

8b28bd No.1169324


We routed all the bad guys out of NK, and the MSM knows it. THis is all going against their master's plan.

9b85af No.1169325

File: 4a3999978ff13d7⋯.jpeg (13.33 KB, 252x255, 84:85, 4c1ed340889c4e8a3e97cfa66….jpeg)

The only thing I need to hear

369692 No.1169326



That's all I needed to know

120ac8 No.1169327


More like deprogram

b673f8 No.1169328


NK was being held hostage? Remember, South Korea had the satanist President who was just sent to prison for life…

57466f No.1169329



c49b87 No.1169330



Rigged election

Same with Netherlands.

060c31 No.1169331

Both time stamps add up to (((13)))

10:27:03 = 13

10:30:18 = 13

15ce00 No.1169332


No doubt….just having a hard time with the legalese in some of these docs…lol

f216ed No.1169333


This is Glorious!

8d948b No.1169334

a6e06b No.1169335


Strings cut

Iran next

57466f No.1169336


no NK is no longer a hostage

003d3c No.1169337

Trump’s Iran Policy Is a Headache for EU Business - Bloomberg

https:// www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-17/trump-gave-eu…

Oct 17, 2017 · Watch video · European politicians treated Donald Trump’s new Iran policy as America going rogue. Europe’s businesses can’t afford to be so dismissive.

fc87f9 No.1169338

All posts from strange "insider" (???) from last bread





























5f0fee No.1169339


NK was their Slush/Fund Country/ Iran another Slush fund Country. We have been held hostage to these Cabals dealings , having no clue that we have been hostages… but feeling the pain of it.

41ea35 No.1169340


So does Joe Dirt.

886f8c No.1169341



Q didn't say not an ally, he said "You decide", implying it's ambiguous. It's clear to me that Macron is backed by the French Masons and European globalists.

Iran announced they were "de-dollarizing" in favor of selling oil in Euros. EU wants this because it strengthens their currency as a "petro-Euro". Question becomes, what is Iran going to do with all those dollars we're supposed to ship them then? My guess is funnel them into teetering EU banks…in exchange for what though?

4b71f5 No.1169342


Q, did Roths, et al, "sell" US to Saudi/MB?

571c47 No.1169343


Thank you.

76ebfa No.1169344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTB46FJOF5w

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

bc4b43 No.1169345


Should we tell all the good people watching the day & time?

Red carpet rollout?

Think logically.

The world is watching.


71c379 No.1169346

06ab26 No.1169347


The EU is America's #1 enemy.

5cb39e No.1169348


POTUS deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

57825d No.1169349

Iran's gov laundering the money. We pay them, they distribute to bad actors WW

3a391e No.1169350


I'm fine for the next one if that's okay, it's almost there and I'm ready. You can take over at the start of next if you'd like to? Did you manage to get the notables from last? Thanks fellow baker.

cc2ee4 No.1169351

File: 558b08249b72330⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 480x439, 480:439, 28vhhc~2.jpg)


Fuck Jeff Sessions.

He burned the President.

57466f No.1169352

SA -> NK -> Armenia -> Iran -> Pakistan


8d948b No.1169353


Will we be shocked who you are ?

ba490a No.1169354


POTUS is in control

0d4a0a No.1169355


Botched CIA and DEA op? Hezbollah involved?

eba045 No.1169356


American people held hostage no more?

France held hostage no more?

Either way is good.



872ae5 No.1169357


Any other rogue nuclear states?

Define hostage.

Define protection.

Who is protected by rogue nuclear states?

Trust the plan.



e355b5 No.1169358


Exactly! This money was coming back to Congress for distribution amongst the house and senate!

449c07 No.1169359



083888 No.1169360

Iron Eagle -

When Col. Ted Masters' (Tim Thomerson) plane goes down in an Arab country and he's sentenced to death for trespassing, his 18-year-old son, Doug (Jason Gedrick), is determined to save him. Unfortunately, Doug isn't the best fighter pilot – he wasn't accepted into the Air Force because he needs to listen to music in order to hit a target. So he enlists the help of Col. Chappy (Louis Gossett Jr.) to borrow a couple of F-16 planes, fly across the Atlantic and start a rescue mission


fd9def No.1169361

File: 0637dd59a0947b3⋯.jpg (126.3 KB, 640x360, 16:9, rock-beats-scissors.jpg)


Q…11 11 ???

Macron throwing the horns at the WH…wtf?!?

97aaef No.1169362


you mean bread-shitter

060c31 No.1169363

File: 2f5f3f1584ef1c9⋯.png (2.53 KB, 310x163, 310:163, a7ffb193423f0a5573ceeefe7c….png)

File: 20006ee72d3904a⋯.jpg (101.58 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, Adler_jagt.jpg)

b19f8c No.1169364


7b7a63 No.1169365


Hell no.

Why would you broadcast the dropping of a bomb?

Catch them off guard and let God sort them out.

We can be patient.

76ebfa No.1169366


Sorry bout those, Q.

Lots don't understand the plan, even when spelled out for them…

0b32cf No.1169367


I know…but who are they trying to force pay out all that cash?

America…They are extorting the US for cash

NK was a hostage and so were we

ba490a No.1169368


Thank you Q

e8294c No.1169369


You just got rekt.

929552 No.1169370

File: cee06e8f86b496d⋯.png (496.91 KB, 593x499, 593:499, ClipboardImage.png)

1425bc No.1169371

File: b3d0e9cbde12b19⋯.jpg (102.6 KB, 622x621, 622:621, NP_Unite.jpg)

06ab26 No.1169372

File: 7188fd99663e08d⋯.jpg (625.9 KB, 885x496, 885:496, 1776-4.jpg)

File: 81cf81120be4158⋯.jpg (131.46 KB, 1153x1440, 1153:1440, 81cf81120be41589d271e7ab64….jpg)

b3574c No.1169373

File: d3462e9fa8b5b20⋯.jpg (311.83 KB, 532x1244, 133:311, Iran side deals.jpg)


>$250B x 2 / year.

>What the taxpayers don’t know.

Is THAT part of the "Secret side deals"???

31242d No.1169375


https:// m.huffpost.com/us/entry/7978588

The European Union’s especially active role in resolving the Iran nuclear crisis can be attributed to a wide range of long-standing economic and political linkages with the Iranian regime, that the EU was keen to preserve. In particular, the EU’s policy towards Iran was driven by its need to access Iranian energy reserves. Iran possesses the biggest combined energy deposits in the world, with the fourth largest oil reserves and second largest natural gas reserves. Prior to the institution of the EU oil embargo in 2012, Iran was the seventh largest provider of oil to the European Union. The EU also opted not to extend its sanctions to Iranian electricity exports, which allowed the Iranian natural gas industry to become a source of limited foreign currency influxes.

The 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea and subsequent souring of relations between the EU and Russia led to optimism amongst European policymakers that a nuclear deal with Iran would result in Iranian energy exports, compensating for disruptions in the flow of Russian gas. Iran’s rhetoric on this issue vacillated, however. On September 24, 2014, Rouhani declared that Iran could be a “secure energy center for Europe“. A little over a week later on October 4, however, Rouhani declared that Iran was not ready to replace Russia as a gas exporter as its extraction capacity was limited and Iran needed to satisfy domestic demand first. Despite Rouhani’s inconsistent rhetoric and a long history of Russian defense linkages to Iran, the notion that Iran could be an energy partner that could assist in containing Putin undoubtedly featured in the minds of European policymakers.

Along with our own, these people are stupid.

On a different note, perhaps my personal news yesterday is the lining I have sought for what seems 6 or more years, especially after last weeks revelation. Still it is "the time" to be alive and I know I would not have arrived had it not been down the path taken.

2fa307 No.1169376

Q, will the EU be brought down at the same time as GS?

5e65e5 No.1169377

File: a8a809eca768464⋯.jpg (30.89 KB, 660x371, 660:371, trumpleadingmacron.jpg)

fcba99 No.1169378

This right here is how…. "Karen Karapetian, who served as prime minister before Sargsyan assumed office, has been appointed to the role again in an interim capacity."

a27ac0 No.1169379



b8e8a4 No.1169380

File: bce4ac78b9153d8⋯.jpg (185.09 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, PP-Baby-Part-Procurement.jpg)

Working on something like this. Momentary loss for words to finish. Can you see the prices clearly or should I use another color.

aa1a70 No.1169381

File: 003f5a76631e64e⋯.jpg (16.69 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 51bDqL9HJiL._UX250_.jpg)


Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

5cb39e No.1169382


Nope. Surprise party.

ba490a No.1169383

File: bd75c239266b9cd⋯.jpg (462.4 KB, 1818x1055, 1818:1055, _20180421_200258.JPG)

3871b2 No.1169384


Sessions is a limp dick.

57466f No.1169385


thats a negatory Q


8d948b No.1169386


We have had months Q

Hope we get our countries back .

Uk digger

3a391e No.1169387


ad3364 No.1169389

File: f0e39e9c1581b15⋯.png (555.91 KB, 625x345, 125:69, Patriots Have No Skin Colo….PNG)

File: 9dfbc7905fd5dba⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1019x511, 1019:511, WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL….PNG)

003d3c No.1169390

The Europe-Iran Forum

https:// www.europeiranforum.com

The 4th Europe-Iran Forum is a world class business conference to be held in Zurich, Switzerland on October 3-4, 2017. … EU Ambassadors, and US Officials.

369692 No.1169391


Bye bye Hezbollah!

743aac No.1169392


Please tell me when its over that Americans will not be "fixated" on the Royal (satanic who gives a crap) Family when they have a Uterual Event.

bb6a2a No.1169393


EU is European's people #1 enemy

5aa93f No.1169394


Could be seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months.

5dcb35 No.1169395


Fuck the EU. Macron is no ally. Just another Cabal puppet.

65236a No.1169396


Instead of giving a link to a place that gives links to other places, here's the DIRECT LINK:

https:// file.wikileaks.org/file/crs/RL31502.pdf

http:// wikileaks.org/wiki/CRS-RL31502

ea68b4 No.1169397


Do the unexpected..give exact time. haha

83fc83 No.1169398

File: bc9e3e4bf1ab995⋯.jpg (50.09 KB, 800x407, 800:407, CFR-Interlocks-2004.jpg)

d6908a No.1169400

https: //youtu.be/ML-WabTJ8no

This guy is a fucking nutjob. He and some chick have been hyping and using the HRC video to gain subscribers.

One night, 'no way in hell I'm showing that shit!' and then the next day, lures new people in. Now he's threatening lawsuits for those who say the video is NOT on the 'dark web.' Oh, and he decided to inform everyone that the 'deep web' and 'dark web' are not the same thing. Blah blah blah….no understanding of wtf he's even talking about.

These are the same lowlifes who tried to claim they had it, just one more hour, it's being edited! Sick shit. I'm a survivor so seeing asshats like this fucknuts trying to make a buck off the lives of kids and saying he's going to show CHILD PORN on his youtube channel?? No wonder his other account got blacked out from streaming. Dumbass.

'If it doesn't exist in your world you're not smart enough to find it. You shouldn't be there.'


Seriously this prick is just begging pedos to hang with him!

ec0d61 No.1169401


Why aren’t NK developments receiving WW praise?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." – William Colby, former CIA Director, cited by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy

"There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don't need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level." – William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein

"The Agency's relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy … to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible." – The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein

916d61 No.1169402


Carry on my wayward son

083888 No.1169403



This anon knows


6d999e No.1169404

File: 66079246ff92aac⋯.jpeg (93.29 KB, 494x352, 247:176, CA499D47-F427-4963-8E60-9….jpeg)


They own a “German” bank. *winks

24a5f5 No.1169405


It's all perspective.

UNITE reds + blues.

CHILL, take the purple pill.

ea71d3 No.1169406

you doxed Zach from AJ? and put it in 1459 bread? Damn thought this was an Anon board? Hope i never see you doxfag say another word about doxing.

22e135 No.1169407

File: d36c57c50dac2fd⋯.jpg (207.92 KB, 581x778, 581:778, PRAY_.JPG)

e355b5 No.1169408


Looks good anon. I think they sell the blood also.

571c47 No.1169409


You decide.

We trust you Patriots to get the work done.

b3c0dc No.1169410


Sure thing.

Here are the notables in pastebin

https:// pastebin.com/ueskMsuy

f21746 No.1169412

File: 400a42197a12d2e⋯.jpg (30.21 KB, 474x342, 79:57, Patriot.jpg)


Isaiah 6:8 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

"Father use me to do your will, I will stand for you and for us. I will not go silently into the night. Here am I Father, Send Me."

7d8357 No.1169413


We are with you! The EU golbalists no longer will have access to their personal 'piggy bank'.

Corrupted fake media will never give POTUS praise.

BUT we do!


f216ed No.1169414


You will know when it happens and don't need to be told!

d1a883 No.1169415



Come with me, boy..I'll show you what a man is.

7e2cb8 No.1169416


We've been financing terrorists, training them and arming them to kill us and create new wars. Our hard earned money goes to an establishment who has decided that fear and death is the best way to keep us in control. We PAY them to kill us and destroy our children. Feeders.

Iran, NK are cabal states. Money laundering, arms trafficking, human smuggling, drug trade, the list is probably endless. the world's "leaders" get rich off these states. They arm them to cause problems and then we pay them more in taxes to pretend to clean the mess up.

No more.

15ce00 No.1169417

China and France knee deep in Iran

http:// www.irna.ir/en/News/82602351

"Tehran, July 18, IRNA - A review of the international and technical conditions of Phase 11 shows that Iran is the winner of the international deal signed with Total Company to develop Phase 11 of South Pars gas field."

ec0d61 No.1169418


"You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month." - CIA operative discussing with Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, on the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. "Katherine The Great," by Deborah Davis (New York: Sheridan Square Press, 1991)

bc4b43 No.1169419


We are in this together.

No fame.

This is about taking back our FREEDOM and saving our children/people from the EVIL that has plagued our country/world for so long.


060c31 No.1169420

File: ca736cfe81a1ca9⋯.jpg (23.41 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 08e7ff4a930bea78a56c6e7b40….jpg)

File: c9568e0e50fc8ac⋯.jpg (18.95 KB, 297x162, 11:6, 27wewy.jpg)

57dd91 No.1169421


>Hostage no more.

Pulling out of the Iran nuke deal?

44265b No.1169422


Sad then… French ALWAYS Surrendering.. pathetic.

57466f No.1169423


thank you for your service baker!

ad9707 No.1169424


Clearly, all the european elites were in favor of HRC and were depicting DJT as a stupid animal.

And still doing it. It makes me sick.

93a01f No.1169425


Endure through 11.11.18 to Victory

ba490a No.1169426


Make Earth Great Again


723216 No.1169427


Willing to confirm removing this amount of evil results in Armageddon?

57466f No.1169428

fucking captcha

af83e6 No.1169429

Iran receives cash - Dispenses to enemies keeps threats to military industrial complex going..

b3c0dc No.1169431




c96f58 No.1169433

File: e3ff786566c8c13⋯.png (125.55 KB, 456x378, 76:63, ClipboardImage.png)


Strategy calls for the day and time to remain secret until the moment when the MOAB is revealed.

Otherwise wouldn't bad actors be able to take countermeasures?

Wouldn't they try?

The Plan is correct.

57825d No.1169434



03a949 No.1169435

This News Conference will be big.



ce0fdb No.1169436


Good Morning Q. Please tell POTUS to make Britain 51stt State …. we need you guys. WWG1WGA

083888 No.1169437


An Iron Eagle is an American military officer who has attained the rank of Colonel but will not be promoted to the rank of General.

7e2cb8 No.1169438


kek Hey guys! Just wanted you to know were are going to drop a bunch of MOABs. Can you all stand together and wait for the flash? kthksbai

a6e06b No.1169439


AMEN to that

7b9a3a No.1169440

449c07 No.1169441



9e6b5c No.1169442


So POTUS isn't going to be appearing on Ellen soon?

97aaef No.1169443

File: 4a88d63e2c9b12c⋯.png (14.36 KB, 691x135, 691:135, Q4-24-114500.png)



Q is hitting :00 even through this huge lag

11 45 00

/our numbers/

must be accessing DB directly with timestamp

550b8e No.1169444

File: 446a2e39f4b52a4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.21 KB, 791x1024, 791:1024, real emperors of france.jpg)




Anons swallowing the Lynn Cheney/Tipper Gore narrative that heavy metal music is Satanic. I'm not saying that the Cabal doesn't heavily use symbology or have their own hand signals, but the heavy metal "devil horns" are not devil horns at all. According to Ronnie James Dio, the originator, they are the "Evil Eye" an old Italian superstition used to ward off evil spirits and/or send malicious intent to your enemies. The rules were very nebulous because he said it was just something his grandmother did when he was a child. When RJD grew up he thought it was a cool thing to do when singing on stage. It has mutated and now most people know it as "Rock On." That is unless Neopolitian spiritualism has been cabal linked this entire time.

Macron is young and such a goof he could have done this purely for fun. But I'm well aware Macron is a puppet, but with an interesting twist. In a reversal of how most politicians are Cabal puppets to like of Soros, Macron is a puppet to higher forces nominally on the side of nationalism.

b3574c No.1169445


>Should we tell all the good people watching the day & time?

>Red carpet rollout?

Ignore the dumbfags, Q!

MOST Anons understand you don't broadcast your moves to the damn enemies! smh

6221dc No.1169446



5e65e5 No.1169447




https:// youtu.be/4B_UYYPb-Gk

bb370e No.1169448


And don't you think it was designed to be confusing. Really, you need to look into Alexander Graham Bell who created sign language. He believed in Eugenics and lived in Martha's Vinyard witch is a known occult area.

"Like his father, Alexander Melville Bell, Alexander became a teacher and later an authority on elocution and speech correction and promoted his father's technique of ‘Visible Speech’. In 1871, he accepted a position to teach at the Boston School for Deaf Mutes for a year then began tutoring deaf children. Mabel Hubbard, one of Bell’s former students married Bell on July 11, 1877. He was also a long time friend of Helen Keller's. While in Boston, Bell established a private school (1872), and worked as a professor of vocal physiology at the School of Oratory at Boston University. He also invented many instruments to help deaf people hear or feel speech. In 1876, Bell developed the electric telephone.

Bell was heavily involved in American eugenics. He researched the genealogy of deaf-mute families in Martha's Vineyard in the early 1880s (Engs, 2003). He also began breeding experiments on sheep while living in Nova Scotia in 1889 (Engs, 2003). He joined the American Breeders Association, which was involved in the American eugenics movement, and served on the Committee on Eugenics for the American Breeders Association, and eventually he headed the Committee on Deaf Mutism (Engs, 2003 ; Biographiq, 2008).

Bell was also involved with eugenics on an international level - he helped organized the First International Conference on Eugenics (1912), and was honorary president of the Second Conference in 1921 (Engs, 2003 ; Biographiq, 2008). He participated with the Eugenics Record Office in the United States as chairman on the board, and helped guide research carried out by the association (Engs, 2003). He also regularly attended meetings held by the Eugenics Board (Biographiq, 2008)"

http:// eugenicsarchive.ca/discover/connections/512eed4734c5399e2c000001

2703ac No.1169449



7b7a63 No.1169450



We appreciate your service and hope our service is useful to you.

1d433d No.1169451


Data point: Family and friends are skeptical of NK peace because NK has repeatedly reneged in past. Understandable, even if it was due to C_A. Maybe there's a way to make that huge development more obvious. Can Rodman help on a red carpet?

5036f1 No.1169452


If POTUS can safely get USA out of the deal, I would prefer that action. God Bless POTUS

8d948b No.1169453


Do we appreciate those who have died for the cause, who got thrown under a bus by these sick people ?

A lot of good people have died Q

6bafb3 No.1169454


Praying daily for your success!

b5bea9 No.1169455

File: 3adc0c8ebb238a9⋯.jpg (62.64 KB, 529x908, 529:908, 17904346_10213241257970547….jpg)

According to the West Central MN Human Trafficking Task Force, this is an example of a sex trafficking scam for young teens! This exact ad was used in Florida and has spread to other states.

Don't be fooled, this IS happening in small town Minnesota.

Stay aware and stay diligent friends.

1b3021 No.1169456

File: e8d8cf5f5c9eed7⋯.gif (2 MB, 181x292, 181:292, boom.gif)




what a time to be alive!

47716a No.1169457


look at his expression


5f0fee No.1169458


Yes!!!!!! Good does not need a fake Cabal metal!

Our Metal we wear in our HEARTS!!

eba045 No.1169459


Let there be LIGHT, and there was Light

fd1f91 No.1169460


Your writing cadence is strange. Feels like POTUS did a "let me type out a hint to my autists this will be fun".

8632bd No.1169461


Take a look at WHO gives out the Nobel Prize - who'd actually want one?

ca329b No.1169462


Do the Europeans also have a different wedding ring finger also? She's not wearing her engagement ring and wedding ring on the fourth digit of the left hand.

aa1a70 No.1169463


We the People Thank You.

9ff4a5 No.1169464


Are there plans in place to keep those freedoms secured for future generations?

Right now our children are being indoctrinated / brainwashed by the school systems. By the time they reach voting age, they'll have no problem voting the socialists back into power.

bbce50 No.1169465


Finish what JFK started. That includes EO 11110. All or nothing.

e355b5 No.1169466



1eac2a No.1169467



JFK files due 4/26

3a391e No.1169468

File: 006393ed96d91e3⋯.jpg (133.72 KB, 800x450, 16:9, DJT7b.jpg)

Fresh Q Bread

Fresh Q Bread




ec0d61 No.1169469


"The President Obama is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously,"Kissinger responded."You have India, Pakistan; you have the jihadist movement. So he can't really say there is one problem, that it's the most important one. But he can give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It's a great opportunity, it isn't just a crisis." – Henry Kissinger at the New York Stock Exchange, January 2009

0f4936 No.1169470


So humble. Thank you

b3574c No.1169471


>This is about taking back our FREEDOM and saving our children/people from the EVIL that has plagued our country/world for so long.



b673f8 No.1169472

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Highly recommend this very timely movie Q team! “You Were Never Really Here”

c08270 No.1169473


I'm so excited!

fed9d7 No.1169474

File: 87ca3725c7cb4d5⋯.png (15.45 KB, 620x220, 31:11, videvidence.png)



they're mentioned in here

https:// ingaza.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/important-documentation-of-israel-working-with-al-qaeda-in-syria/

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