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File: af4716b34464fb6⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1st.png)

082ecb No.1133425

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


Redpill for normies: >>1087693 Proof POTUS was behind Q even before he appeared on the chans.




Vincit Omnia Veritas

Do not respond to shills.

>>1071025 How to Quickly Spot a Clownschill

>>1113115, >>1113120 How to filter a Schill


1. Do not post on accounts that are being tracked. Watch, archive, report.

2. If you find an important account, please archive before posting link to 8ch.

We must avoid tipping off the black hats until archiving is complete.


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082ecb No.1133440

Q's Latest Posts

Q's Tripcode

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ

Saturday 04.21.18

>>1133332 What will next week hold?

>>1133238 rt >>1133204 We came here for a reason

>>1133189 rt >>1133099 Expand Further

>>1132004 rt >>1131959 Look at those palm trees!

>>1131877 rt >>1131741 As the World Turns.

>>1131963 rt >>1131935 Anons honored by your presence

>>1131741 Yesterday.

>>1131328 rt >>1131287 Coincidence?

>>1131266 rt >>1131254 Think private email addresses

>>1131254 rt >>1131247 Think public & private Twitter accounts

>>1131191 Right on Q

>>1130667 Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest.

>>1130369 rt >>1130171 Think Sessions

>>1130171 rt >>1130125 Maggie Haberman on HRC team

>>1130089 Wikileaks Podesta emails

Friday 04.20.18

>>1124872 rt >>1124637 — The world is watching

>>1124271 rt >>1124212 — Alefantis pic big, but risky

>>1123696 rt >>1123617 — POTUS warning shot

>>1123575 rt >>1123519 — Hussein diddling Maggie/Wendy since 10?

>>1123499 rt >>1123388 — Hussein & Maggie

>>1123388 rt >>1123269 — Agnes Nixon Soap Operas (article)

>>1123269 rt >>1123074 — As the world turns.

>>1123074 rt >>1122995 — The door will be opened later.

>>1122995 rt >>1122741 — Hussein/Wendy Over the Target

>>1122280 rt >>1122226 — Wendy?/Marina

>>1122111 ———————— Hussein with Wendy

>>1121949 ———————— Allison Mack tweet with a pic of Abramovic

>>1121353 rt >>1121283 — Canary palm tree, signal?

>>1121272 ———————— Mack is naming names

>>1117177 ———————— Canary palm tree

>>1116344 rt >>1116307 — TRUMP card coming

>>1116309 rt >>1116269 , >>1116276 — They fall for it every single time/How do you 'legally'

>>1116248 ———————— SR June JA

Thursday 04.19.18

>>1109466 ———————— Q&A again

>>1109320 rt >>1109176 — Yes, midterms are safe

>>1109196 rt >>1109132 — WW

>>1109139 rt >>1108927 — SR connect to DNC

>>1108971 rt >>1108947 — Structure

>>1108949 rt >>1108920 — Fake. We control

>>1108897 ———————— Q&A 5 min

>>1108850 rt >>1108831 — What makes a good movie?

>>1107913 rt >>1107523 — Memos are FAKE

>>1107796 rt >>1107717 — Who captured?

>>1107754 ———————— Eyes only

>>1107080 rt >>1106974 — The words used re: Intel & buying/selling will bury her

>>1106873 rt >>1106719 — The importance of this cannot be expressed more clearly

>>1106728 rt >>1106719 — 13min mark

>>1106719 ———————— Big ERROR

>>1105360 rt >>1105264 — Push to DIVIDE is strong

>>1105264 rt >>1105115 — SKY Event

>>1105115 rt >>1105041 — What are you witnessing unfold?

>>1105041 ———————— Rudy. NYC. Relationships High

Wednesday 04.18.18

>>1098359 ———————— Why is MSM Attacking Pruitt?

>>1096658 rt >>1096535 — He had no choice

>>1095728 rt >>1095664 — Fake

>>1095705 rt >>1095595 — Failure to retain position/ear

Tuesday 04.17.18

>>1080446 rt >>1080429 — Strike Package 111V-B

>>1080429 rt >>1080066 — We are being set up

>>1074969 rt >>1074950 — BDT & DEFCON

>>1074956 rt >>1074952 — WRAYs of LIGHT

>>1074788 rt >>1074781 — anon gets Q Clearance blessings on interview

>>1074782 ———————- BOOM x4

>>1074761 ———————- RR BOOM

Monday 04.16.18

>>1064908 ———————- www.iqt.org/portfolio/

>>1064365 rt >>1064287 — 23andMe

>>1064089 rt >>1063675 — Not a coincidence, 25/100%

>>1062716 rt >>1062355 — They are here in force

>>1061084 ———————- Re_read Five Eyes

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082ecb No.1133447


Pelosi: D/L Video, Data Mine & Build Profile (Eyes Only) >>1113402

>>1118046 NP 1997 NK Talk www.c-span.org/video/?91427-1/north-korea-hunger-problem

>>1114611 32 Page PDF on NP: Needs DIGGING

>>1114530 Intelligence Committee Senate Report on NP's NK visit

>>1114037 NK selling arms to Iran: CIA Reading Room sauce

>>1113439 Alexandra

>>1113436 Christine

>>1113406 , >>1113553 , >>1113534 Paul

>>1113414 Offspring: Profiles

>>1107156 NP's husband served on the board of 'Korea First Bank'

>>1112484 Complete archive for the @TeamPelosi twatter, including images

>>1111792 NP's financial disclosures

>>1107270 NP's net worth

>>1108812 NP Family: A Who's Who

>>1109003 NP Family: An overview

>>1113725 , >>1114100 Pelosi in NK

>>1113283 , >>1113404 Did Pelosi giggle when asked a Q about NK's recent ICBM?

>>1115633 NP violated NPT and 1994 Agreed Framework

NP Video Links and Resources

>>1113394 Download the NP video using https:// video-download.co

>>1110963 Streamable download of Pelosi NK vid available

>>1113792 Download straight from anonfiles

>>1107614 Pelosi video expanded version

>>1114951 Bash script

Mission: Obama - Validate Legitimacy of The Following Documents

>>1101878, >>1101894 Private Investigation Into Obama By Dr. Taitz


Thread carefully, >>1101931

First Summary, >>1103158

>>1103996 Deep Research Into Obama Birth Certificate

Mission: Obama Timeline

>>949587, >>949333, >>949547

>>1066725 POTUS Schedule vs Obama 'vacation'

082ecb No.1133460



>>1132887 New Bush Klansmember 2 days after Barbara Bush's departure

>>1132934 Bookmark: A Global Display Of Human Trafficking Incidents

>>1133014 Heavy Gunfire Apparoching #Saudi King Palace

>>1133029 First steps into Detectfagging

>>1133064 New POTUS weet: Winning

>>1133066 Lynch Pilot Dimitri Noonan Alive?? sauce, >>1133102

>>1133277 When does a bird sing?

>>1133333 Nice Quints


>>1132517 D.C. Swamp Catalogued; Grab it while it's dirty

..1132418 http:// pialogue.info/books/Illuminati-Undetectable-Mind-Controlled-Slaves.pdf

>>1132227 https:// mobile.twitter.com/SixkillerLLC

>>1132230 POTUS Twitter diagramed

>>1132289 Check the plaintiff names

>>1132306 Seth Rich Master Diagram

>>1132308 NP Comey Memos: Evidence of plot to destroy President Trump


>>1131826 Comms Learned Q?

>>1131828 Podesta email.POSSIBLE CANCER CURE

>>1131235 Clinton Foundation distributed useless drugs to AIDS patients


>>1130839 Q, HRC laundering $$$$$ through Rothschild Banks???

>>1130927 Bill Clinton Pocketing $ From Big Pharma

>>1130968 WikiLeaks: Clintons Schemed With Big Pharma To Keep AIDS Drugs Prices High

>>1130970 Organ harvesting doc


>>1129697 Long Beach Container Terminal takeover

>>1129673 , >>1129706 , >>1130042 Soap Operas, Irma Phillips, Mischa Barton, and Agnes Nixon

>>1129713 , >>1129738 Hussein guest at "special place" Beach Plum Inn owned by Bob Nixon

>>1129809 New EO on Postal System (Amazon attack?)

>>1129779 Little girls in the bedroom

>>1130049 Awan primer (Ignore the "muhjooos" flavoring)

>>1130199 Q's email link graphic form

>>1130285 Q's Podesta Email tie-in


>>1128855 Devin Nunes states Investigation based on phony intelligence

>>1128989 , >>1129133 , >>1129204 "Pet Names" = Isis for Maggie Nixon's friends

>>1129105 , >>1129115 , >>1129151 Maggie Nixon and Sylvia Earle (See >>1128695 from #1410)

>>1129211 Sex magic, Blavatsky, and Abramovic

>>1129246 Maggie Haberman dig

>>1129024 Wendy dig

>>1129263 Sexualizing from birth? Also >>1129264 text with 8ch spacing

>>1129266 , >>1129302 Sony email dig; Laura and Casey Wasserman

>>1129135 Robert Nixon on Mission Blue Board

>>1129325 , >>1129339 Agnes Eckhardt (Nixon) dig; many soap opera connections, including As the World Turns

>>1129421 Correct voat.co link (www.voat.co/v/pizzagate)

>>1129123 India has the right idea

>>1129552 Maggie Haberman graduated from Mockingbird University?


>>1128183 "Golden brains scopus awards"

>>1128236 Witches/Hecate/Sacrifice digging

>>1128317, >>1128399 Brain-to-brain synchronization story w/ Marina Abramovic

>>1128427 Bush family welcomes baby 2 days after Barbara Bush's death

>>1128506, >>1128525, >>1128558, >>1128704 Planefags spotting activity in Middle East

>>1128554, >>1128711 Esopus island, strange energies

>>1128567 Maggie gofundme page from 2016

>>1128646 Armenian PM calls for dialogue with opposition protesters

>>1128656 Mossad blamed for death of Hamas-affiliated engineer in MalaysiaMOSSAD

>>1128650 India approves death penalty for child rapists

>>1128692, >>1128695 The Obama Fish

Best Of Bread >>311157

Auto-Archive of Notables >>>/comms/225 (Batch 740~ present)

082ecb No.1133467

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f5440e No.1133479

All of us on this board are ALREADY part of a social evolution that arrives at a social construct of "intelligence" as an interactive form of self-government for the people that has never before been possible. And we have already come to revere the new functionality of it.

"Intelligence" is not just stored information, but how it is handled, processed and manifest.

Here, these four tasks are manned by white hats, anons, social media and alternative news, respectively.

Each of these however, are only temporary products of timeless archetypes yet to develop

into broader and more functional elements of this "collective social intelligence" to come.

But none of this is "new under the sun." This same design of the STORM is found in a composite of archetypes in ancient texts, believed to refer to precisely our time, that mentions how to substanitally improve the whole operation. It comprises the following five names in order. Observe how each relate to the same operation as the STORM.

Epaphrus means, "One devoted to superimposing times, places or orders." This describes POTUS and all his old-school generals with their utmost experience and knowledge of history. They are able to formulate the best plans for having knowledge of how similar or related plans have faired in the past.

Marcus means, "warlike" in Latin, "hammer" in the Gaelic. A hammer is also widely associated with battle and political change. This compares with the work of the Q team, the NSA, Marines and other white hats more actively involved in the present deep-state struggle.

Aristarchus means, "breakfast of champions." This compares with the bread and info anons have produced on this board. This is the primary source of "meal" people need once the have WOKE. But it is generally filtered through the work of the next two characters.

Demas means "popularity." This "popularity" is ascertained by refinement and exposure of the work in social media (to control the narrative).

Lucas means "bringer of light," and compares with the more esteemed forces of alternative news that "illuminates" the public visibility of what the public is ready for. This archetype also compares with another we all apprise for bringing light (out of chaos), which is the chans unique embodiment of the frog-headed Egyptian god, Kek.

All these names appear in this same order of operation as that of the STORM - and are found in a cryptic appeal for public recognition as collectively authoritative in now-imminent Christian leadership.

Detailed explanation in subsequent posts here: >>989661

f17be0 No.1133480

File: ab5f540ba2188a7⋯.png (626.93 KB, 1080x1082, 540:541, Screenshot_20180422-002206….png)

Q, Boom?!?

082ecb No.1133481


https:// pastebin.com/mxNmgKRa

7f7b70 No.1133482


late Q:

>>1133464 rt >>1133332 FIRE UP THE MEMES!

c13c2a No.1133483

Macron and Merkel will be at the WH next week

aedea2 No.1133484


Drop it like it's hot!

7f7b70 No.1133485


fake and gay

8e8e5e No.1133486


Q, Any idea of the reach we are getting in rough numbers US & WW?

474517 No.1133487


that too….important piece is MOTHER!!!



71bea9 No.1133488


Why does POTUS continually pay tribute to the evil Bush witch?

3dd500 No.1133489


Side by sides with tweets

821cd3 No.1133490



166927 No.1133491


We stay for a reason. WRWY WWG1WGA

6ce900 No.1133492

File: 75c49ce30aaa55c⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 425x400, 17:16, pepe matrix.gif)



96a3a9 No.1133493

File: 4ae15bf9cd3b1a7⋯.jpg (108.59 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 28u27r.jpg)

016b9a No.1133494

File: 792cb1ac0ecc12e⋯.jpg (940.38 KB, 1774x2400, 887:1200, 8lt2OXi.jpg)


fc5787 No.1133495

File: 5edbb703511031a⋯.png (638.98 KB, 536x562, 268:281, 5edbb703511031a1deacd73948….png)

2a2ce4 No.1133496


>Yes, most foster parents are great but a certain percentage are predators.

Some are fronts for this shit. That's where the serious abuse is. You don't need that many overall - easy to cover it with legitimate foster families.

f374bf No.1133497

Which memes what will be the general topic?

082ecb No.1133498

File: e0ba4a24b2066d6⋯.gif (552.36 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 2p7XgLl.gif)



bread is moving fast!

725cc3 No.1133499


I know you said not to glorify you.

But Thank You for doing this, from the bottom of my little Anon heart.

Us truth seekers have had a heavy weight on us. even just knowing some of this stuff in the past.

I can't express how happy I am that something is being done about it, and that you're letting us be involved in our own way.

I know you feel you work for us, but please know we happily work for you too.

Tell POTUS I owe him many Diet Cokes!


Godspeed, you fantastic Patriots.

7f5c02 No.1133500

File: d705a1640aa6e45⋯.jpg (164.22 KB, 750x1047, 250:349, Moving Up.jpg)

dbdc7b No.1133501

File: 562771475225893⋯.jpg (37.48 KB, 430x242, 215:121, 4753347.jpg)

File: 9bc5ba449f0d31c⋯.jpg (38.29 KB, 266x400, 133:200, 4753343.jpg)

File: 1de66954913a41f⋯.jpg (322.74 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ad80d3f6f29292c261acdf0912….jpg)

File: 844fe55d188c7e4⋯.png (16.37 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 844fe55d188c7e4ebcf3f57302….png)

27c63e No.1133502

File: 109e3d19edc2c61⋯.png (38.49 KB, 640x360, 16:9, man act.png)

The latest tweet from POTUS is another hint at human trafficking.

>In 1912, Johnson was arrested on fabricated charges of violating the Mann Act—forbidding one to transport a woman across state lines for "immoral purposes"—a racially motivated charge that embroiled him in controversy for his relationships, including marriages, with white women.

7f7b70 No.1133503

File: a95169f175c00cf⋯.jpg (99.82 KB, 720x542, 360:271, moab.jpg)


0fff34 No.1133504


Optics are important until majority of normies are redpilled.

bb27fc No.1133505

File: 49dec0417f3969b⋯.png (102.74 KB, 359x193, 359:193, Memewarfare13972.png)

File: 63dcefc73b7b894⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 594x378, 11:7, Memewar1.jpg)

File: b04fa5eb780a494⋯.jpg (252.2 KB, 1389x454, 1389:454, Memewar4.jpg)

File: 70ec8612ade4a1f⋯.jpg (129.52 KB, 800x655, 160:131, MemeWar2.jpg)

File: de6d7bae89f2dc2⋯.jpg (78.53 KB, 550x563, 550:563, MemeWarjoin.jpg)

>>1133464 (lb)

Sir, you know we are, first and foremost, your patriot militia cyberwarfare memetics unit. We are ready on your command!

e1f66f No.1133506


Incoming now, on stand by, or incoming next week? Need battle ready preparedness everyone!

243b97 No.1133507


Late Q post from previous bread

▶Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/21/18 (Sat) 15:15:51 b7a0ab No.1133464>>1133471 >>1133472 >>1133474 >>1133477


Fire up those Memes!

Please stand by.

On the clock.

Ready to play?

MOAB incoming.


e5b5b6 No.1133508

File: 44b18d7261d18e6⋯.png (112.08 KB, 512x256, 2:1, tenor.png)


Standing Fast!!!

27bf51 No.1133509

Q, Which memes [target]? Next week?

71bea9 No.1133510

File: 521500c60f7bf2c⋯.jpg (139.28 KB, 590x775, 118:155, fake and gay.jpg)

8bd50f No.1133511


Response to Saudi police raids on Terror Cells linked with IS?

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-41540379

2c8fec No.1133512


Mueller probe coming to a close?

0897d9 No.1133513

May I talk to your supervisor please

ad9e7c No.1133514

Q is next week's Moab the HRC video?

016486 No.1133515

File: 741602dfbd57bd2⋯.jpg (339.89 KB, 882x731, 882:731, IMG_1557.JPG)

Notable from previous bread

>>1133392 Treasure trove of coincidences

2a2ce4 No.1133516


We'll know. He has to keep the asshats confused.

0f32af No.1133517


This is not a new thing. This is something that happens all the time. Either POTUS's post will provide a capitalized, misspelled word or occasionally full message to establish and maintain Q's credibility/authenticity through time markers, as well as supplement previous drops with additional information.

I believe currently we are looking at the missing letters B D T in this, so this would likely correspond with Tuesday's post (or perhaps referring back to the original BDT posts)

14e869 No.1133518

What is happening in SA?

c13c2a No.1133519


We will know when it drops.

b1c9e4 No.1133520

>>1133464 (past bread)

So now I can't go be a workfag?

So Be It!

5c8e55 No.1133521



Andrea Catsimatidis

check your spelling

4fe599 No.1133522

Meme direction?

9d11c6 No.1133523

File: 4c9d58614360e33⋯.png (475.02 KB, 622x403, 622:403, ClipboardImage.png)

pic related

7f7b70 No.1133524


683e22 No.1133525

File: 0a5125563de54aa⋯.jpg (146.54 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 0a5125563de54aa1539a452000….jpg)

You did quite well, Baker. I'd like to buy you a beer.

e0844c No.1133526

File: a58599fde8c003d⋯.png (146.9 KB, 731x522, 731:522, Selection_111.png)

03b5fb No.1133527

File: 8badf0231cbc394⋯.png (486 KB, 1200x672, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)


Always Ready

f17be0 No.1133528

File: 1bcaff6cc7af280⋯.jpg (186.44 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, IMG_20180422_004903.jpg)

Fast & Furious.

35c9f5 No.1133529

c83f04 No.1133530



Candace Owens

Verified account


5h5 hours ago

More Candace Owens Retweeted KANYE WEST

I’m freaking out. @kanyewest ….please take a meeting with me. I tell every single person that everything that I have been inspired to do, was written in your music.

I am my own biggest fan, because you made it okay. I need you to help wake up the black community.

f1f78e No.1133531

File: 10aeb413aa9562b⋯.gif (749.61 KB, 199x200, 199:200, snoop.gif)

5d5f99 No.1133532

File: a1a729b1f6b6422⋯.png (1.05 MB, 712x845, 712:845, grandpa spinning yarns.png)

6990b3 No.1133533



Glory, glory, hallelujah!

Glory, glory, hallelujah!

Glory, glory, hallelujah!

His truth is marching on.

c13c2a No.1133534

Now there are Saudi fighter jets over the king's residence in SA.

3dd500 No.1133535


Look at it this way …he knows more then you …do you have trust he’s doing the “right” thing ,you should

14e869 No.1133537

SA News.



d017bd No.1133538

For you palm tree fags

Q told you to look in Key West. I guess he was with the advance team. Go look around where the President spoke.

c0db77 No.1133539

File: 2d9094125c2360d⋯.png (61.5 KB, 683x381, 683:381, djt-sly.png)

>>1133464 (last Q post)

Sylvester Stallone?

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/987768453338673152

243b97 No.1133540


It is not acceptable for the President of the US to condemn an ex President

edee14 No.1133541



72bf88 No.1133542


What was MOAB again?

Ordnance Air Blast bomb (MOAB) ? MLM reated?

166927 No.1133543

File: cfb036c8b668cff⋯.jpg (175.85 KB, 640x409, 640:409, MOAB.jpg)


0897d9 No.1133544


Sauce please

b420dd No.1133545

File: cd308d83871125d⋯.png (397.57 KB, 498x639, 166:213, Bomber_png.png)

Scramble Meme Bombers!! Hold on the tarmac at readiness, await Q's instructions.

8e5546 No.1133546

File: 70698d74b9cc4f8⋯.jpg (400.16 KB, 823x823, 1:1, Qonfire1.jpg)

85b58b No.1133547

Iran last ditch strike against SA before the Mullahs are snuffed out.

7e2549 No.1133548

File: 0fa8b92c70fd505⋯.jpg (58.5 KB, 500x427, 500:427, pepe bomber fuck em all.jpg)

File: f2b97f438f939fb⋯.jpg (41.13 KB, 500x427, 500:427, pepe bomber.jpg)

File: b95c81c9729487e⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 333x333, 1:1, pepe triangle q.jpg)

File: 667fd6ce7289e0c⋯.png (238.72 KB, 499x499, 1:1, pepe winner.png)

710e71 No.1133549

File: 0b951a3fb5542a0⋯.jpg (74.77 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 0b951a3fb5542a0cb39b9d9bd3….jpg)

File: db5193c65c2c7b0⋯.jpg (215.06 KB, 937x960, 937:960, alinsky.jpg)

File: 42aefc6aa8205a8⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, jewishcrimes.jpg)

File: d676d572ff26460⋯.jpg (67.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, keepbreakingem.jpg)

File: 3322b43aea9767e⋯.jpg (55.18 KB, 545x397, 545:397, kikercrimes24.jpg)

f5191a No.1133550

File: a535c6e9809172f⋯.png (969.6 KB, 768x768, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

ace17a No.1133551

File: dc42f6cac6b9d0d⋯.png (228.55 KB, 950x515, 190:103, ClipboardImage.png)


MOABs? pic related


She fraud.

7f5c02 No.1133552

File: b1c1e4052f5e432⋯.png (53.2 KB, 1013x288, 1013:288, ClipboardImage193.png)


Descendant of Jack Johnson wants President Trump to pardon first black boxing heavyweight champion

http:// www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/descendant-jack-johnson-trump-pardon-boxing-champ-article-1.3808350

e1f66f No.1133553

Is Q telling us that the BW op was successful in retrieving the Treasure Trove of information?

edee14 No.1133554


Standing by.

f17be0 No.1133555

File: ffe3e8e9b137154⋯.jpg (182.18 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, IMG_20180422_005115.jpg)


Mother Of All Booms?!

082ecb No.1133556


Only if I can buy the next [;

7cb743 No.1133558

Ex-partner of House IT aides said they were giving USBs of data to Pakistani intelligence.

We traveled there & 100% confirmed that:

*Imran Awan travels with an armed motorcade of Pakistani agents

*He routinely brags about mysterious political power

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/04/18/imran-awan-usb-drive-pakistan/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=atdailycaller

d81172 No.1133559


what happening on saudi arabia

243b97 No.1133560


This sounds like a BOOM

4fe599 No.1133561

File: a945878af7a0293⋯.jpeg (94.79 KB, 1034x500, 517:250, 39AE28B0-4899-4746-B298-5….jpeg)

474517 No.1133562

File: f6ce84530cbf383⋯.png (13.8 KB, 443x110, 443:110, ClipboardImage.png)


Can you please update the noteable from #1415 with this supporting post?


>Interesting, let's also not forget that DJT liked only 24 tweets and this one is part of them, so James Baker has to be important

35c9f5 No.1133563


is Kanye the breaker of the Pedo HW?

235a5d No.1133564




7f7b70 No.1133565

File: 595c4cc4a05a010⋯.png (862.67 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ClipboardImage.png)




67abab No.1133566


I am thinking that is information on Las Vegas and 9/11

652333 No.1133567

Joint Interagency Task Force South anti-smuggling cente

b11f73 No.1133568

File: 484ec94c225ab86⋯.png (667.52 KB, 881x1060, 881:1060, Selection_207.png)

File: 8e2149e674f678e⋯.png (759.75 KB, 863x981, 863:981, Selection_208.png)

File: 3d426c6abf9eb6b⋯.png (709.96 KB, 866x1057, 866:1057, Selection_209.png)

File: 9705a659046a6cd⋯.png (710.33 KB, 856x1019, 856:1019, Selection_210.png)

File: 2f3fc47f731af58⋯.png (676.5 KB, 839x1014, 839:1014, Selection_211.png)


From May 2010 PDF of notable >>1132517

Wew! There is a lot of info in that drop!


03b5fb No.1133569

File: 7c3e0e9bee28fd4⋯.png (518.82 KB, 740x922, 370:461, ClipboardImage.png)


Q MemeFags Ready

74a191 No.1133570

File: 655e0c382f947b0⋯.jpg (578.4 KB, 1995x1400, 57:40, 1483576382132.jpg)

80cf32 No.1133571


Barbara Bush's parents:

https:// cannonfire.blogspot.com/2006/04/george-w-bush-barbara-bush-and.html

follow the bloodlines.

14e869 No.1133572


The most probable..

Maybe the cells was Iranians..

eb7a82 No.1133573

Watching twitter to see if that particular posts happens to pop up that we have all been so patiently, for the most part, to see.

My fellow Americans…

Fire up those Memes!

Please stand by.

On the clock.

Ready to play?

MOAB incoming.


edee14 No.1133574

File: abc06f21d5df415⋯.png (555.04 KB, 487x635, 487:635, abc06f21d5df415d2ca79c7944….png)

File: 3f19df8811b4dba⋯.jpg (12.65 KB, 340x270, 34:27, il_340x270.1260567917_pk0j.jpg)

File: 124fc92952cfeea⋯.png (201.42 KB, 398x403, 398:403, fa9d8sf7sd89f7ds8f9s7df89d….png)

8c5f11 No.1133575


Need tracking of # of notables per bread.

For example, look at #'s of notables for 1412-1414 getting truncated in previous bread (carried over into this one)

If someone can write up something to grab these from each bread and check for deltas between breads, we can tell when info is being actively suppressed.

That which is suppressed should be notable for that fact alone.

What topics/notables are being actively hidden?

ad9e7c No.1133576



42304b No.1133577

I have a feeling the Vatican has ties to all of this

2a2ce4 No.1133578

If Q drops a MOAB now and it is of suffient media relevance, it could 'hold' in the media. Therefore, next week would hold said MOAB.

Logicfaggot discerning possible interpretations.

65f579 No.1133579

File: 5410dbf5ff26204⋯.png (480.3 KB, 689x672, 689:672, MEMEFACTORY.PNG)


Glad I made that one will edit after crumb drops to reflect where we are going with the MOAB.





710e71 No.1133580

File: b5ffbebb998e426⋯.jpg (15.36 KB, 228x309, 76:103, adolfmeinkek.jpg)

f5191a No.1133581

File: a535c6e9809172f⋯.png (969.6 KB, 768x768, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b0e0d357e5fab7e⋯.png (245.56 KB, 656x640, 41:40, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 71c6515da5fbabe⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 720x404, 180:101, IF6PrB.gif)


1e64e2 No.1133582

File: 0e11ca852225b0c⋯.jpg (162.43 KB, 680x954, 340:477, Expanding Socrates.jpg)

File: 5d0a155de9bf562⋯.jpg (35.84 KB, 540x312, 45:26, 5d0a155de9bf56259418a2b6fb….jpg)

File: fdda9353828900b⋯.jpg (347.27 KB, 739x848, 739:848, KAF 1a fighter.jpg)

File: 5f903e49480ed3e⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, bombs away.jpg)

All squadrons at ready condition!

8e8e5e No.1133583


Sounds like Gene Hunt in Ashes to Ashes "Fire Up The Quattro"

bdb4a7 No.1133584


You obviously haven't looked into the Adventures of Baron Trump books on Amazon. Just go peruse for a minute. It LOOKS like a real conspiracy theory as opposed to just dismissed that way—but I'm entertained enough by the narrative to enjoy it. They're saying Baron Trump is a time traveler. Not that he's a problem.

ed7e61 No.1133585

File: 955632f582991cb⋯.jpg (72.59 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Trump_Lolsuit_1.jpg)



7f7b70 No.1133586


ffff19 No.1133587

File: e2deb1df7e50c5c⋯.jpg (104.66 KB, 2121x1188, 707:396, QResearch1.JPG)

File: f0d019c11ae51e9⋯.jpg (55.17 KB, 973x1276, 973:1276, QResearch2.JPG)

File: 407b6fc07996022⋯.jpg (125.42 KB, 1792x1184, 56:37, QResearch3.JPG)

Anons on standby waiting to help Q!

821cd3 No.1133588

File: 463e26585dd1aae⋯.jpg (209.22 KB, 1440x1767, 480:589, devilpepe.JPG)

aaa5c3 No.1133589

It is my understanding that the cult/Satanist have to be direct with what they are doing. They tell us what they are or will do. They believe that as long as they do this, then they can do what they do freely without "guilt' or consequences. Hence, their outward signs and as symbols.

I can't help but believe that Trump team is using this belief against them. By using this board, Team Trump is openly telling the cabal what is coming down.

They must fear that immensely.

72bf88 No.1133590



67abab No.1133591

File: 5bfa8e26cd479b2⋯.jpg (394.5 KB, 1002x667, 1002:667, KeeblerRope.jpg)

b1c9e4 No.1133592


U'll know it when U C it.

STFU and be patient, child.

6990b3 No.1133593


[The world is connected.]

seems to be a clue that there was a BDT back to the USA from SA…. maybe a CLOWN site there?

Same thing happened in Hawaii…..

What was the trigger for the SA drop though?

d078b3 No.1133594

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



0b8a66 No.1133595





f5191a No.1133596

File: 425ff2b020f49e4⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 600x427, 600:427, 6KRx (1).gif)

File: ea11ab4f632dda7⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 32H7m7Z.gif)



edee14 No.1133597



3dd500 No.1133598


That tweet is rediculous so you look at what’s “in” it …dbl S dbl J tribunals complex , ppl been talking for yrs , we need to break it in pieces decipher pieces then put it back together …just a guess even if I’m partway right maybe another anon will get a lightbulb

0897d9 No.1133599

These gov types think that finalizing a meeting with NK is a bomb.

6990b3 No.1133600

File: 4b1c8ad7f20b653⋯.png (798.24 KB, 513x979, 513:979, barron trump journey.png)

7f7b70 No.1133601

File: 1ba2a9e744ee48f⋯.png (844.58 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ClipboardImage.png)

52b978 No.1133602


9/11 moab?? it;s the MOAB of conspiracies…

b0b9e2 No.1133603


does MOAB stand for Mother Of All Breadcrumbs? dropitQ!

082ecb No.1133604


got it–


thats because it is

c13c2a No.1133605

King Salman has been escorted to a safe place away from the gunfire

860dac No.1133606

>>1133292 (last bread)

nickname - Galveston Giant

Mann Act - The White-Slave Traffic Act, or the Mann Act, is a United States federal law, passed June 25, 1910 (ch. 395, 36 Stat. 825; codified as amended at 18 U.S.C. §§ 2421–2424).

It is named after Congressman James Robert Mann of Illinois, and in its original form made it a felony to engage in interstate or foreign commerce transport of "any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose". Its primary stated intent was to address prostitution, immorality, and human trafficking, particularly where trafficking was for the purposes of prostitution. This is one of several acts of protective legislation aimed at moral reform during the progressive era. In practice, its ambiguous language about "immorality" has resulted in its being used to criminalize even consensual sexual behavior between adults.[1] It was amended by Congress in 1978 and again in 1986 to apply to transport for the purpose of prostitution or illegal sexual acts.

474517 No.1133607


Late, Q! I'm ready to play!

>Please stand by.

>On the clock.

Clock not activated yet?

f374bf No.1133608


Suck a dick

f5191a No.1133609

File: 4bd8390215df080⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 800x400, 2:1, 4bd.gif)

9d11c6 No.1133610

be ready to archive offline if needed anons

f2c5f1 No.1133611

File: 2354f23d14e781a⋯.png (410.96 KB, 768x768, 1:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 1.png)

File: 79b222c68431e3c⋯.jpg (242.55 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 2.jpg)

File: 6bc8f3876f41686⋯.jpg (450.99 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 3.jpg)

File: 10bf9a4e3dc4ef0⋯.jpg (305.32 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 4.jpg)

File: 01519c138728e9f⋯.jpg (300.76 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 5.jpg)


Hussein and Hillary facilitated a genocide with Operation Fast and Furious by running illegal weapons to Mexico for the Cartels to use against the Population. The very same guns they tried to righteously ban in the USA.

Democrats did their best to hide the truth about Fast and Furious, with A.G. Holder, the only Cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of Congress, arguably lying to Congress about his knowledge and involvement and repeatedly saying he "didn't get the memo." American citizens and Mexican nationals to this day are in jeopardy from criminals using weapons the Obama administration funneled to them.

Read more: https:// www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/04/eric_holder_fro_prison_not_president.html#ixzz5DGswbIAi

El Chapo’s Capture Puts ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ Back in the Headlines

Obama-administration scandals never resolve. They just vanish — usually, under a new scandal.

So it was with one of this president’s earliest embarrassments, “Operation Fast and Furious,” designed to help the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) dismantle drug cartels operating inside the United States and disrupt drug-trafficking routes. Instead, it put into the hands of criminals south of the border some 2,000 weapons, which have been used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and at least one American, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Now, Fast and Furious is back in the news. Earlier this month, a raid on the hidey-hole of drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman recovered not only the notorious drug lord, but a (“massive”) .50-caliber rifle, capable of stopping a car or shooting down a helicopter, that originated with the ATF program. Rest easy, though: Only 34 such rifles were sold through the program.

Read More: https:// www.nationalreview.com/2016/01/fast-furious-obama-first-scandal/


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Drug_War#Firearms


200,000+ deaths and many other horrors

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Drug_War#Effects_in_Mexico

Make no mistake, the Clintons have profited both with import of coke up into the USA and running of guns down the border into MX


4cae76 No.1133612

Saudi king just evacuated.. palace is getting lit up in ridyah

b420dd No.1133613

" This is what we've waited for, this is it boys, this is war, our leader Q is on the line, 999 red MOABS go by..

Scramble boys, it's red alert., we've something here from somewhere red, the Meme machine springs to life, opens up it's eager eyes, focussing them on the sky, 99 red MOABS go by.."

7f7b70 No.1133614


keep us updated anon

seems like a coup attempt on MBS

2a2e9d No.1133615

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Prince

7c6cd9 No.1133616

File: f1eeac2004089f2⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1144x811, 1144:811, ClipboardImage.png)

235a5d No.1133617

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




1c0cc7 No.1133618

File: f76cde5697c0886⋯.jpg (66.41 KB, 520x370, 52:37, MBS.jpg)


>The king has reportedly been evacuated.

JPost now up with breaking:

http:// m.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Report-Gunfire-outside-kings-home-in-Saudi-Arabia-551385/amp?__twitter_impression=true

845519 No.1133619


Q, how can we do more than meme? I am not tied to my job, my friends, anything - I love this country so much and want to help.

03b5fb No.1133620

File: 08696a927e67147⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 200x200, 1:1, WrKPhfd.gif)


ditto! nice work

can't wait to keep 'em coming

0668d5 No.1133621


Locked & Loaded_

Standing by_

[A11 SYS G0]


84ad2d No.1133622


F_CK Blackwater.


We will NEVER forget.

How many Marines lost 2X?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA2DZXByAoQ

87ab5c No.1133623

File: 0b0a9c38807e456⋯.png (286.18 KB, 500x558, 250:279, grandpa.png)


I didn't trust her because of that doxxing site she set up, and because she appeared on all the conservative podcasts out of nowhere after flipping from left to right overnight. Smells fishy to me

df7e9d No.1133624


We are ok with thinking whatever you want to believe with regard to him, but since he is a child he is off limits for everything distributed outside of this board

860dac No.1133625

File: d1090d9677eebc3⋯.png (184.95 KB, 1319x553, 1319:553, treasuretrove.png)

bdfaa9 No.1133626

April 26 is Melania's birthday.

Get your memes together and make it a fabulous First Lady Day!

The First Lady should have a day, no matter WHO is President.

a0b78b No.1133627

Moab, Utah. Trust Huber.

14e869 No.1133628





47be13 No.1133629


Wow!!! Working together with POTUS & Q to MAGA!! What a time!! What a time!! So proud to be here witnessing all of this!!

So proud of all of you Anons, you fantastic Memers you! You're good (you)! :)

0b4bd5 No.1133630

File: 4315a824adbb0f2⋯.png (32.59 KB, 659x151, 659:151, Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at ….png)

File: 0c55975c99a2425⋯.png (140.38 KB, 830x428, 415:214, Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at ….png)

File: 5f95f3f6b2845f7⋯.png (97.43 KB, 835x365, 167:73, Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at ….png)


good wendy stuff here

https:// www.deseretnews.com/article/595090703/Theres-something-about-the-name-Wendy.html

c52565 No.1133631

File: 9d9e25e347d79ce⋯.png (65.63 KB, 937x550, 937:550, tweet.PNG)

Moar Incomming!


474517 No.1133632


Bless you, Baker! Carry on, PATRIOT!

0897d9 No.1133633


Sauce or not happening.

fc1467 No.1133634

File: 085f0da6e726b91⋯.png (134.38 KB, 766x580, 383:290, trump.png)

new potus tweet

3dd500 No.1133635


We r not until we decipher ….then the move is made

f5191a No.1133636

File: a55c38e40f5cdf1⋯.gif (2.73 MB, 600x396, 50:33, m96q0dcohyhx.gif)


710e71 No.1133637


wonder (((who))) and their assets are attacking mbs now.

War underway. Operators in harm's way.

c7a79a No.1133638

Q, SpaceX (tech) + Tesla (tech) = MAGA ?

0b8a66 No.1133639

File: 76070543059e233⋯.jpg (20.11 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 0c5-1.jpg)

860dac No.1133640





0fff34 No.1133641

File: fc6d7017439c3e1⋯.png (701.28 KB, 786x626, 393:313, ClipboardImage.png)

Makes me nervous seeing HRC, BC, and Hussein sitting that close to FLOTUS, especially without POTUS there.

527793 No.1133642

File: becd2a76f841f19⋯.jpeg (151.48 KB, 750x747, 250:249, 1 post less.jpeg)

f17be0 No.1133643

File: 2481adf9d3842b3⋯.jpg (41.59 KB, 802x236, 401:118, IMG_20180422_005451.jpg)

File: 8eda31327ad9a38⋯.jpg (30.44 KB, 674x173, 674:173, IMG_20180422_005443.jpg)


eb7a82 No.1133644

File: fd1108c687f938b⋯.png (26.54 KB, 731x219, 731:219, TW1.png)

85b58b No.1133645

JB > EH > HRC > Independent Republic of California > Russian arms deals > CA rebellion

314ee1 No.1133646

File: 8b3b0fce55555a9⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, ERIC HOLDER.png)



ed7e61 No.1133647

File: ddb5601babe6078⋯.png (1001.16 KB, 1302x646, 651:323, Killary.PNG)

0b8a66 No.1133648

File: fcd83ab305986c5⋯.jpg (91.67 KB, 670x446, 335:223, huaUXGsq-1.jpg)

File: b2a152a75ea6396⋯.jpg (42.29 KB, 760x508, 190:127, 20151908194544.jpg)


6990b3 No.1133649


And then we got the Q drop.

Blackwater operation to trigger a BDT.

Hawaii was crystal clear.

Missile alert triggered BDT

What triggered BDT for SA though?

Gunfire sensors?

52b978 No.1133650


and in gitmo few hours after that I might hope?? fucking corrupt perverted slimes

80cf32 No.1133651


Aleister Crowley connections - again.

8e8e5e No.1133652


Q Any idea how many people are now aware of the Great Awakening WW

71e37c No.1133653

I love you guys…lets win this! Free the children and take out the satan worshippers

fc5787 No.1133654

Watch 666

c13c2a No.1133655

File: 00a1201059e0589⋯.jpg (75.77 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1560080-befimagea_-1510899….jpg)



King Salman is the elder one. MbS is the Prince, inline to be king.

976023 No.1133656

New tweet: @realDonaldTrump 12:24 PM - 21 Apr 2018

James Comey’s Memos are Classified, I did not Declassify them. They belong to our Government! Therefore, he broke the law! Additionally, he totally made up many of the things he said I said, and he is already a proven liar and leaker. Where are Memos on Clinton, Lynch & others?

72bf88 No.1133657

We need to know what types of MOAB incoming so we know which memes to get ready? Video? Arrests? OBAMA pic?

d7d9b6 No.1133658

File: 8574956396ff98d⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1170x819, 10:7, Mandella's funeral.png)

>>1133239 (prev)

OmuslimAndThief likes flirting with white women and pissing off Michael!

7cb743 No.1133659

File: 8b2a21a260d5fc2⋯.jpg (260.94 KB, 1335x1281, 445:427, DbQLnpPWAAErePQ.jpg)

File: 6320193afd38b6a⋯.jpg (243.77 KB, 1064x1231, 1064:1231, DbQLSSwW4AIIMc6.jpg)

File: 97630128177100d⋯.png (281.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


lying memos

0668d5 No.1133660



6ce900 No.1133661


Arrest that genius!

ed7e61 No.1133662

File: 3bf4e3659e7980d⋯.jpg (12.04 KB, 369x381, 123:127, trump-al-smith-dinner-hait….jpg)



c75981 No.1133663



ad59b5 No.1133664

File: 2efc268cb4d7814⋯.jpg (20.73 KB, 500x277, 500:277, hell-froze-over.jpg)


Let's roll

f28180 No.1133665

File: f25cafee1a414e7⋯.jpg (313.2 KB, 1071x1039, 1071:1039, Screenshot_20180421-142636.jpg)

cf1350 No.1133666

File: 79f281eec8be42c⋯.jpg (461.08 KB, 1122x1122, 1:1, original-2.jpg)


Bob Likes all of this!!!



0b8a66 No.1133667


SpaceX is working ROGUE against the Military industrial complex to use tech they are hiding from us and helping the Aliiance in this fight.

I am certain.

4f729b No.1133668


Love Melania- and something tells me she can handle herself just fine.

0fff34 No.1133669


MOAB = memos on HRC, LL, etc ?

821cd3 No.1133670

File: 2d005aae25c28de⋯.png (241.89 KB, 608x500, 152:125, moab.png)

3dd500 No.1133671


Ty now to connect

4cae76 No.1133672


https:// mobile.twitter.com/Global_Mil_Info/status/987761596264001537

fdd627 No.1133673

File: 10091ff677156bc⋯.jpg (98.15 KB, 750x561, 250:187, IMG_4064.JPG)


0f3673 No.1133674


Sauce for above comment:

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/roger-stone-trump-put-on-this-earth-to-be-president/article/2613406

a0b78b No.1133675


Moab, Utah. Trust Huber.

314ee1 No.1133676

File: e51f3128b1e989e⋯.png (140.95 KB, 760x603, 760:603, ERIC000001263.png)

243b97 No.1133677



7f7b70 No.1133678

File: 50cb8356b8fa472⋯.jpg (39.63 KB, 401x415, 401:415, moabpepe.jpg)

b4c3d1 No.1133679


or is MOAB the IG report?

0b3114 No.1133680

File: a78cd3928dca938⋯.png (100.54 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5916.PNG)


Anons, any eyes on MBS?

a410af No.1133681

Erik Prince = Jason Bourne

NXIVM = direct ties to MB/SA

67abab No.1133682

Arrest them all at the FUNERAL

016486 No.1133683


Ironically, it's the best insulation for FLOTUS.

(May need a flea bath later, tho)

710e71 No.1133684


hussein will be playing catcher in gitmo before long.

8bd50f No.1133685


Supermodels always seem to have gay friends.

df7e9d No.1133686


Where are the MEMES on clinton, lynch and others?????

b420dd No.1133687



This is why we are holding the bombers at readiness on the tarmac. Stand by for traffic…

0b8a66 No.1133688


I'm sorry but that Q photo he posted was not of Key West.

Palms do not grow that high in FL.

bdfaa9 No.1133689



0897d9 No.1133690


Melania has been dealing with bitchy models most of her life.

f5191a No.1133691

File: 4b6bca5c00d3210⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 8T8fm98.gif)



2cb7af No.1133692


Bill and Hillary look uncomfortable, trying to ignore FLOTUS. LOL Hussein must be high because he is the only one relaxed.

6990b3 No.1133693

I've memorized this poem and can recite the first few lines. SO reminds me of what's happening now.

The Hellbound Train

A Texas cowboy lay down on a barroom floor,

Having drunk so much he could drink no more;

So he fell asleep with a troubled brain

To dream that he rode on a hell-bound train.

The engine with murderous blood was damp

And was brilliantly lit with a brimstone lamp;

An imp, for fuel, was shoveling bones,

While the furnace rang with a thousand groans.

The boiler was filled with lager beer

And the devil himself was the engineer;

The passengers were a most motly crew–

Church member, atheist, Gentile, and Jew,

Rich men in broadcloth, beggers in rags,

Handsome young ladies, and withered old hags,

Yellow and black men, red, brown, and white,

All chained together–O God, what a site!

While the train rushed on at an awful pace–

The sulphurous fumes scorched their hands and face;

Wider and wider the country grew,

As faster and faster the engine flew.

Louder and louder the thunder crashed

And brighter and brighter the lightning flashed;

Hotter and hotter the air became

Till the clothes were burned from each quivering frame.

And out of the distance there arose a yell,

"Ha, ha," said the devil, "we're nearing hell!"

Then oh, how the passengers all shrieked with pain

And begged the devil to stop the train.

But he capered about and danced for glee,

And laughed and joked at their misery.

"My faithful friends, you have done the work

And the devil never can a payday shirk.

"You've bullied the weak, you've robbed the poor,

The starving brother you've turned from the door;

You've laid up gold where the canker rust,

And have given free vent to your beastly lust.

"You've justice scorned, and corruption sown,

And trampled the laws of nature down.

You have drunk, rioted, cheated, plundered, and lied,

And mocked at God in your hell-born pride.

"You have paid full fair, so I'll carry you through,

For it's only right you should have your due.

Why, the laborer always expects his hire,

So I'll land you safe in the lake of fire,

"Where your flesh will waste in the flames that roar,

And my imps torment you forevermore."

Then the cowboy awoke with an anguished cry,

His clothes wet with sweat and his hair standing high

Then he prayed as he never had prayed till that hour

To be saved from his sin and the demon's power;

And his prayers and his vows were not in vain,

For he never road the hell-bound train.


bf0663 No.1133694

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 46:

God’s Defense of His City and People

A Psalm of the Sons of Korah. According to Alamoth. A Song.

46 God is our refuge and strength,

a very present help in trouble.

2 Therefore we will not fear though the earth should change,

though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea;

3 though its waters roar and foam,

though the mountains tremble with its tumult. Selah

4 There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,

the holy habitation of the Most High.

5 God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved;

God will help her right early.

6 The nations rage, the kingdoms totter;

he utters his voice, the earth melts.

7 The Lord of hosts is with us;

the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah

8 Come, behold the works of the Lord,

how he has wrought desolations in the earth.

9 He makes wars cease to the end of the earth;

he breaks the bow, and shatters the spear,

he burns the chariots with fire!

10 “Be still, and know that I am God.

I am exalted among the nations,

I am exalted in the earth!”

11 The Lord of hosts is with us;

the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah

f98b54 No.1133695


Yeah, and the reason is that on every drop we go off in 10 different directions, 7 of which lead to more bad guys.

e39ef0 No.1133696


Lots of times cell towers are disguised as trees ?

e016d5 No.1133697

File: e0cb995ec50d87e⋯.jpg (192.21 KB, 1216x711, 1216:711, POTUS_latest_twat1.jpg)

File: 883a720a7a50a47⋯.jpg (129.43 KB, 1216x466, 608:233, POTUS_latest_twat.jpg)


https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/987766033862873091

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/987768453338673152

7f7b70 No.1133698


I know but a coup on the King is a coup on MBS

you're right thought anon

de7a92 No.1133699

File: f9e809aa55fd7de⋯.jpg (100.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Incoming.jpg)


72bf88 No.1133700


I love that.

fc1467 No.1133701


does Q want our meme canons fired on Comey?

259dd7 No.1133702

File: e310e38d6c059f1⋯.png (705.46 KB, 648x732, 54:61, 2018-04-21_15-20-31.png)

File: c56dfa67e635b5b⋯.png (179.9 KB, 563x807, 563:807, 2018-04-21_15-20-50.png)

File: c47f8848ed63104⋯.png (589.88 KB, 566x925, 566:925, 2018-04-21_15-21-21.png)

File: d9a07b5242d6415⋯.png (335.6 KB, 659x890, 659:890, 2018-04-21_15-22-13.png)

File: 20bec8cdc5f1eb6⋯.png (188.6 KB, 568x710, 4:5, 2018-04-21_15-22-24.png)

Moab maybe NOT mother of all bombs.

double meaning

Maybe Nemes and Moabs are literal.

https:// www.bible-history.com/biblestudy/moabites.html

67abab No.1133703


MK Ultra

821cd3 No.1133704

52b978 No.1133705

File: 29fba6b17647831⋯.jpg (169.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, extreme wave1.jpg)

File: 8e42b122b5af536⋯.jpg (607.85 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, tsunami1.jpg)

File: 092aaf128a61933⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1200x695, 240:139, WAAAAVE1.png)

File: d26a2443b881fa8⋯.jpg (80.17 KB, 1100x608, 275:152, wave 1.jpg)


71e37c No.1133706

File: cfaa69c7a8f4af8⋯.png (530.33 KB, 1919x952, 1919:952, Pizza UAV.png)

I thought I would throw this out there. Looks kinda like a UAV making a pizza shape…was form a little bit ago tho

082ecb No.1133707

File: 70c41118977b0d7⋯.webm (79.86 KB, 400x320, 5:4, 2fxtppv.webm)


That sounds like a good idea, but when i'm baking real time on a saturday afternoon, there's not really time for them.

you're welcome to assist me with it, if you want to help

314ee1 No.1133708


Key West = Kanye West?

3bfaa2 No.1133709

File: f729a1d66bd1b97⋯.jpeg (43.66 KB, 584x172, 146:43, TrumpTweet.jpeg)

243b97 No.1133710


I asked the same. Maybe Potus new tweet is the answer.

7cb743 No.1133711

File: 09c554aebfe8c1d⋯.jpg (393.29 KB, 2048x1148, 512:287, DbPszloV4AA5fL6 (1).jpg)

Reminder: GCHQ’s then head, Robert Hannigan, passed material (information from Steele?) on Trump in the summer of 2016 to then CIA chief, John Brennan. The matter was deemed so "sensitive" it was handled at “director level”.

https:// www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/apr/13/british-spies-first-to-spot-trump-team-links-russia

7f7b70 No.1133712


true, general memes for now

65f579 No.1133713

File: 7823d22a9721c61⋯.png (621.84 KB, 778x783, 778:783, multichekt.PNG)


CHECK EM!!!! 2 pair & a set!!

c98484 No.1133714





thank you Anon. My heart skipped a beat and my throat closed off and my eyes are sweating AMD I FEEL SO MUCH HOPE, AND PRIDE, AND IM SO THANKFUL TO Q, AND POTUS, AND ALL GOOD PEOPLE, AND ALL OF YOU ANONS!



and I love each and every one of you Anons … WE WILL ALL BE FREE



Q, thank you as I sit on my knees and cry, thank you for saving us all. What an honor to be here

c83f04 No.1133715

c13c2a No.1133716


Yes, we like King and MbS.

0b8a66 No.1133717

File: b2a152a75ea6396⋯.jpg (42.29 KB, 760x508, 190:127, 20151908194544.jpg)

File: fcd83ab305986c5⋯.jpg (91.67 KB, 670x446, 335:223, huaUXGsq-1.jpg)



d017bd No.1133718

Minds Is the Anti-Facebook That Pays You for Your Time

https:// www.wired.com/story/minds-anti-facebook

87ab5c No.1133719

File: 3fbad0d5c168f7f⋯.jpg (76.61 KB, 500x336, 125:84, bomb.jpg)


Give them one for Kubrick

dbf6ea No.1133720

File: 4b176fbfac69f08⋯.gif (609.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, moab.gif)

God I love MOAB memes. [Laughs in MOAB]

821cd3 No.1133721

File: b8fe8aaaed44863⋯.png (526.65 KB, 637x452, 637:452, excited.png)

0fbaa2 No.1133722

saudi shooting guys..read translations..who's the guy? Q the guy seems unfriendly to me???

https:// twitter.com/qatar_F9

710e71 No.1133723



Tales From Life In The Anti-Trump Echo-Chamber

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-21/tales-life-anti-trump-echo-chamber

(((kike shills))) getting BTFO every turn.

0b8a66 No.1133724



47be13 No.1133725

File: 79d3744d74129e6⋯.jpg (21.08 KB, 249x255, 83:85, de6d7bae89f2dc2fc7bafa1b41….jpg)


You should feel proud!!! Old mamafag here, so proud of you all!!

72bf88 No.1133726


Nice job!

785559 No.1133727


How excited are we ANONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1fbdb7 No.1133728

Why is RR unfireable?? Why has Sessions threatened to quit (leave DOJ in Hussein holdover hands, force another comfirmation process) if RR is fired? Trust Sessions?

Not a shill or anything. It boggles my mind why we have to keep this deep state POS on. Even if Mueller is our guy RR is definitely NOT.

259dd7 No.1133729

File: e4732e2dab2deae⋯.png (636.33 KB, 841x1126, 841:1126, 2018-04-21_03-02-21.png)

File: e310e38d6c059f1⋯.png (705.46 KB, 648x732, 54:61, 2018-04-21_15-20-31.png)


Nemes and Moabs.

Q said, have some fun with it?

c6b3b3 No.1133730

File: 4e788e06fc50659⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 3580x2332, 895:583, MemeWarz.jpg)


Standby means wait.

Stand next to the comms device and await further comms.

Q is going to drop something HUGE and then we are going to meme the shit out of it and the twatter cannons will blast it into the internetz!

Amirite, fam?

52d2f7 No.1133731

File: 996ab36dc04fad9⋯.jpg (327.32 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, MOAB-Q.jpg)

474517 No.1133732


and NO NAME…

Now, more than 100 years later, Johnson's great-great niece wants President Trump to clear the champion's name with a posthumous pardon. And she has the backing of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who has supported a Johnson pardon since 2004.

"Jack Johnson was a boxing legend and pioneer whose career and reputation were ruined by a racially charged conviction more than a century ago," McCain said in a statement to the Associated Press. "Johnson's imprisonment forced him into the shadows of bigotry and prejudice, and continues to stand as a stain on our national honor."

http:// www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-jack-johnson-pardon-20180210-story.html

0b8a66 No.1133733



7e2549 No.1133734


me too. I hate my job and have few friends.

016b9a No.1133735

File: fd62de6f488b9da⋯.jpeg (151.92 KB, 1440x1024, 45:32, 1524054040.jpeg)

3bfaa2 No.1133736


You are Correct

f28180 No.1133737


They've blocked comments under this tweet!?! Can anyone else see them?

b420dd No.1133738

Bombers, first wave should be about Comey lying and leaking classified information.

Further targets will be advised as information comes in.

821cd3 No.1133739

File: 49dd7d065c45bcf⋯.png (134.47 KB, 477x257, 477:257, lowlife.png)

File: d2e0899ad85842a⋯.jpg (260.51 KB, 1954x1124, 977:562, madtrump.JPG)

File: f080ed2a21bb030⋯.png (673.33 KB, 870x474, 145:79, trumq.png)

1e64e2 No.1133740


Callsign JA458

WEW lads

72bf88 No.1133741


He knows.

314ee1 No.1133742


memos on Clinton Lynch and others coming?

5c6cd2 No.1133743

File: ad2f70eea3a6bba⋯.jpg (39.73 KB, 690x446, 345:223, SessionMEME.jpg)

aaa5c3 No.1133744

File: efed336aa3628ae⋯.jpg (167.52 KB, 810x540, 3:2, palms restuarant.jpg)

https:// www.mercurynews.com/2018/03/30/first-look-los-gatos-newest-restaurant-the-palms/

7c6cd9 No.1133745

File: 0b9c737098566de⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1822x1578, 911:789, ClipboardImage.png)

f98b54 No.1133746


I expect that Q will come back tomorrow, late, and tell us what is target of the MOAB. We should hold back on releasing the memes until then. After the media gets their Monday 4am Eastern time briefing, then Q will let us know the target and we can release the memes on social media while the unsuspecting media is spewing something completely off course. It will make them look really STUPID.

dc5e98 No.1133747

>>1132839 (Last bread)

I absolutely HATE that family.

FUCK them ALL.

eb7a82 No.1133748


In position and ready to start bombardment with these 16" MEME CANNONS on the Battleship USA!

243b97 No.1133749


I think so. Comey leaking classified materials and location of other classified materials that were leaked.>>1133728

f5191a No.1133750

File: df09e647d16de1c⋯.gif (154.63 KB, 220x220, 1:1, tenor.gif)

you have to go back gif for you saving pleasure

71e3b3 No.1133751

File: b5faed1c8c45668⋯.png (60.92 KB, 1388x322, 694:161, Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at ….png)

Bring it

Standing By


553bfd No.1133752


So ARE there memos on Clinton and Lynch?

Jimmy gonna bring the goods and make it rain kek?

0d027e No.1133753


Meme cannons being calibrated

418ab2 No.1133754



32fc1a No.1133755

File: 88cc7627a9de713⋯.jpeg (618.08 KB, 1500x1950, 10:13, 5F3F5910-052C-42BF-B326-1….jpeg)

Q, What about this?

b420dd No.1133756


Yes, but the bombers can go and get Comey in the meantime. That lying SOB deserves it.

c98484 No.1133757


That's what's up family. It's almost /our/ turn to lead the way…. NEXT WEEK WE WILL MAKE FROGS FLY!

Frogs will take over the world

Make it rain boys and girls!

2a2ce4 No.1133758

File: 8ca296697431ffe⋯.png (168.67 KB, 1825x2134, 1825:2134, ClipboardImage.png)

14a318 No.1133759


And 4+5+8=17!!!

4d4d53 No.1133760


Amazing Bob get


821cd3 No.1133761


top KEK!

47be13 No.1133762

File: 05fe03a496daa6b⋯.png (66.63 KB, 636x571, 636:571, ClipboardImage.png)

POTUS tied his last tweet to the one re "treasure trove of material". So, is he saying that there are other slimeball comey memos that are going to be released publicly??

016b9a No.1133763


Sessions! Love the guy. No homo

243b97 No.1133764


You bring up a good point anon. Potus tweets are very effective all by themselves anyway.

0fbaa2 No.1133765


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moabit

14e869 No.1133766

let's see. This attack to MbS in SA did Blackwater USA?

4fe599 No.1133767

File: 96dd2ac56154560⋯.jpeg (111.94 KB, 1034x500, 517:250, 7471A815-F2FF-4704-802A-2….jpeg)

a6e75a No.1133768

(Bread #1415)


>Interesting thought for #EndTheFed


>I have concerns given how corrupt the USPS is….

I've also had a lot of negative interactions with the Post Offce, theft, abusive behavior interwoven with helpful good souls. My sense is that it attracts bad elements, like car mechanics, where there is no oversight or criminals work together. For it to be useful would require as much cleanup as everything else that serves the public. The country really has been permeated with slime.

96b29f No.1133769

File: 883a720a7a50a47⋯.jpg (129.43 KB, 1216x466, 608:233, POTUS_latest_twat.jpg)

File: e0cb995ec50d87e⋯.jpg (192.21 KB, 1216x711, 1216:711, POTUS_latest_twat1.jpg)


https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/987766033862873091

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/987768453338673152

474517 No.1133770


Q has been pushing the side-by-sides

c13c2a No.1133771



Double confirmed. Key-Westonite-anon

39693c No.1133772


I'm struggling with something for the future. While we should never have gotten to the point where we need Q and POTUA to drain the swamp for us, we nevertheless did. Fine. I trust the plan with a faith that I thought I'd lost. I think that the victory of good over evil is a foregone conclusion for our Republic based on what we are witnessing. Bad actors, evil, corrupt, venal psychopaths eliminated from positions of power. Fantastic, and Godspeed.

But how to we stop it from happening again - or are we just like the Matrix and the machines -destined to keep repeating this over and over throughout history? Is there a way to win once and for all?

That's my question and task for my descendants.

7e2549 No.1133773


They should just bury GHB with her…his times up. One less funeral to deal with

e5b5b6 No.1133774



There is your answer. Pizzagate will be this coming week. Nice work everyone.

821cd3 No.1133775



7f7b70 No.1133776

File: 672cb21a0a6d6e8⋯.png (321.41 KB, 640x429, 640:429, ClipboardImage.png)

d7d9b6 No.1133777

File: 305ae5c120ba1e7⋯.png (43.15 KB, 550x540, 55:54, 4-19-18 Memos Fake.png)

f5191a No.1133778

File: 4cdf85ad9a25f56⋯.gif (112.45 KB, 320x180, 16:9, giphy (1).gif)

c26848 No.1133779

File: 9e4526d0a889126⋯.jpg (19.96 KB, 309x190, 309:190, 28u3bt.jpg)

f28180 No.1133780


Nm had to restart browser. Now they show up.

9d11c6 No.1133781

BLN reporting it may be Yemeni Houthi's attacking palace. Unsure if coup or not

7f7b70 No.1133782


call it pedogate anon

47721e No.1133783

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


How did the saying go: When they go low, we go high!

Thank G-d, President Trump has enough class not to act like them. The karmic-debt sitting on the Bush family will take generations to cleanse, if it's even possible. Perhaps Camelot will be able to rest, knowing the truth, after Poppy joins Barbara? I have a strong suspicion that there are still many people with first hand knowledge still afraid to disclose what they know while Poppy is still here.

Anon. A strange question to ask. You can't really be confused as to what the 'newspapers' would be saying if President Trump returned fire. The low-class Bush clan showed nothing but disrespect since day one. That includes the campaign and since President Trump has been in office (video related – a flashback from one of the debates - watch the noise level, might be high).

Out of respect for his successor, and for the office of the President, little George 'W' did not utter ONE disparaging word during Obama's two terms, but has already repeatedly spouted off criticisms towards this Administration. Is there really any doubt that Bush, Sr. - Clinton - Bush, Jr. & Obama are all part of the same cabal? Pluueeeeeezzz.

67abab No.1133784

File: 0deeb6bf75d1bab⋯.jpg (72.58 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 5lju-Mr_draFkWnat89aoH-sJf….jpg)

de7a92 No.1133785


If Twitter would stop shadowbanning so fast that might help.

f17be0 No.1133786

File: 4f33e580e7b57f9⋯.png (311.8 KB, 1080x1400, 27:35, Screenshot_20180422-010350….png)

Free JA!

0b8a66 No.1133787

File: 6ccb3c66684440a⋯.jpg (275.35 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, gettyimages-685313384.jpg)




df7e9d No.1133788


We will get back to your point later, after…

243b97 No.1133789


I would expect so since (((they))) will have to turn over all the evidence (servers, emails, etc) due to the lawsuit they filed. KEK

9d11c6 No.1133790



bf0663 No.1133791

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The Future proves the past.

Psalm 47:

God’s Rule over the Nations

A Psalm of the Sons of Korah.

47 Clap your hands, all peoples!

Shout to God with loud songs of joy!

2 For the Lord, the Most High, is terrible,

a great king over all the earth.

3 He subdued peoples under us,

and nations under our feet.

4 He chose our heritage for us,

the pride of Jacob whom he loves.Selah

5 God has gone up with a shout,

the Lord with the sound of a trumpet.

6 Sing praises to God, sing praises!

Sing praises to our King, sing praises!

7 For God is the king of all the earth;

sing praises with a psalm!

8 God reigns over the nations;

God sits on his holy throne.

9 The princes of the peoples gather

as the people of the God of Abraham.

For the shields of the earth belong to God;

he is highly exalted!

dc5e98 No.1133792

File: 2f543bace5089fd⋯.jpg (113.2 KB, 736x1417, 736:1417, popcornpepe.jpg)


Meme cannons ready.

pepecorn ready.

c98484 No.1133793

Have you Anons notice, that MSM no longer blasts POTUS tweets. Kek. POTUS BE KILLING IT!!!! All of the sudden it's all hushhhhh hushhh 😂😂😂

2c8fec No.1133794


Nice digits!

6990b3 No.1133795


You are watching a movie…. enjoy the show……

03b5fb No.1133796

File: 1d3813d3374ab1d⋯.png (1.14 MB, 4351x2551, 4351:2551, america-has-spoken.png)



5a7684 No.1133797

File: 904e8780b1f67bb⋯.jpg (179.22 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, 904e8780b1f67bb71d22b57200….jpg)


5ea53b No.1133798

Fire up the memes = Comey fired

On the clock = he was on the clock with Gov. equipment so memos Gov property

MOAB incoming = communications at Comey showing him the evidence on him and asking him if he wants to play or give up

016b9a No.1133799

File: 34b07ce0f43eb5a⋯.jpeg (124.85 KB, 1440x816, 30:17, 1523582078.jpeg)

14e869 No.1133800


That can to explain the attack.

The People in iran protested yesterday.


3dd500 No.1133801


That’s one piece of the 3 parts of the game yes

9ec280 No.1133802

Plane fags Saudi in and out?

aaa5c3 No.1133803

File: d7ad9d3fe341053⋯.jpg (14.1 KB, 150x150, 1:1, palmscasinologo_orig.jpg)

http:// www.palms.com/about.html

5c6cd2 No.1133804

File: 77df7b43a76b4e1⋯.jpg (299.53 KB, 1200x729, 400:243, HRCPlaneCrash.jpg)

File: 50873679d3ee0f9⋯.jpg (61.6 KB, 712x402, 356:201, UGottaProblem.JPG)

File: 4c241ae70d74aaa⋯.jpg (190.47 KB, 620x810, 62:81, UKMeme.jpg)

File: a642fdb2c2ef276⋯.jpg (183.42 KB, 945x711, 105:79, USAID.jpg)

1e64e2 No.1133805


It's a UAV. Nobody is onboard, kek.

0897d9 No.1133806

it is amazing how distracted people on this board get.

All Q said was more drops - nothing else and you all are freaking out.

Sauce people it is about the sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0fff34 No.1133807

Q has gained enough visibility by now that you would think at least ONE of the (((them))) would have acknowledged our existence and tried to discredit this. But I haven't see a single mention of Q from any of them. Coincidence?

Perhaps it's because they are afraid people that still support them might start finding truth.

0b8a66 No.1133808

There will be a drop directing us what to MEME!


7c6cd9 No.1133809


LOL you believe that Sessions threatened to quick

>sources with knowledge say

35c9f5 No.1133810

File: a19f989406b66be⋯.png (439.42 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-21-14-2….png)

File: 4b31b4369bcb383⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-21-14-2….png)

File: d51e4e8b81962cf⋯.png (492.35 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-21-14-2….png)

e5b5b6 No.1133811



de7a92 No.1133812


Someone make me the memes and I will get them out

7f7b70 No.1133813







39693c No.1133814


Yah, but the Founding Fathers were planning for a system while they fought their revolution so that they thought they had a solution ready to go. Are we not in just such times again? Should we not be planning ahead?

f17be0 No.1133815

File: 52e27b2d4b08822⋯.jpg (230.37 KB, 2048x1535, 2048:1535, IMG_20180422_010603.jpg)

85b58b No.1133816

Deadline for KW write-in candidacy for CA governor is May 22.

3bfaa2 No.1133817


Ah I'm freakin out. So impatient!!

1fbdb7 No.1133818


AJ 'sources' not MSM

2a2ce4 No.1133819


Palms casino in Las Vegas was a super hot-spot in Vegas - MTV would run shows there. Hyped to hell. Visited there, didn't appear to be anything special. In retrospect, it could have easily been a front for all this pedo/Brownstoning/trafficking shit.

7f7b70 No.1133820


more general

c40271 No.1133821

File: 66fe32eddff062f⋯.jpg (136.25 KB, 763x1200, 763:1200, Master_Blaster.jpg)

Dont be that retard

28a06f No.1133822

File: 10091ff677156bc⋯.jpg (98.15 KB, 750x561, 250:187, IMG_4064.JPG)

Red pill the blacks

9addd1 No.1133823

Q post 1229 - Apr 21 2018 14:02:49

@ realdonaldtrump Stallone tweet - 2:02 PM - 21 Apr 2018

0 minutes.

God Bless

ce3dd9 No.1133824

File: 5875f99a9ed2836⋯.jpg (18.25 KB, 255x255, 1:1, memeflight.jpg)

T-785 landing in Switzerland

0b8a66 No.1133826




314ee1 No.1133827


I just noticed this.

Is Key West = Kanye West?

Should we be looking for crumbs there to?

243b97 No.1133828


Was it "leaked" that Sessions even said that? OOPS!

5c7415 No.1133829

File: 4cf06e6e89e5242⋯.jpg (10.66 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (1).jpg)


196e7f No.1133830

File: e80d729eb3193a0⋯.jpg (334.78 KB, 1084x762, 542:381, e80d729eb3193a044c1ffea909….jpg)

Where savage Truth is a beloved warm blanket; and syrupy sweet fictions the most fatal toxin.

Welcome to /qresearch/ newfags:

Get comfy.

Current Storm Prediction: MOAB incoming with 100% chance of severe Memes

f28180 No.1133831

File: 3c0eb2c3a58829e⋯.jpg (309.83 KB, 1076x1414, 538:707, Screenshot_20180421-143731.jpg)

Number one comment under last post

0897d9 No.1133832


So if SA determines it is Iran based they may not attack Yemen but Iran directly?

5c6cd2 No.1133834

File: 286fc5fb77b6474⋯.jpg (292.42 KB, 970x1193, 970:1193, SKYTarmac.jpg)


87ab5c No.1133835


They've spent so many years ridiculing conspiracy theories that they can't really report on it. That's why they tried to use that comedy channel guy to break the ice, and keep trying to set up false flags, so they can try to discredit the chans, etc.

710e71 No.1133836


Correct. If you haven't noticed, (((they))) are shilling in here hard trying to disrupt by shill baking breads, spamming clown pics, etc.

0d027e No.1133837


That's a UAV tho???

e5b5b6 No.1133838



0b8a66 No.1133839







df7e9d No.1133840


There is so much fuckery now, we need to win first. Then we need to go back to the original constitution. Cuz it happened since they altered the original idea.

c40271 No.1133841

File: 984bfffcf30fe0f⋯.jpg (103.66 KB, 500x786, 250:393, 28smr5.jpg)

Just dont be that retard

c13c2a No.1133842

File: dfc2eb86e29e075⋯.png (552.15 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180421-143712.png)



96b29f No.1133843

File: 356f3397fa45b49⋯.jpg (200.7 KB, 1278x679, 1278:679, POTUS_twat_04-21-18_12.24.jpg)

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/987774054651301888

39278d No.1133844

File: 78a09d117d90ff8⋯.jpg (37.49 KB, 600x450, 4:3, WTF .jpg)

>>1132796 (Last Bread)

How so?

14e869 No.1133845


Hothing received a defeat in the last days..

0fbaa2 No.1133846


looks like an arrow pointing towards germany

6ce900 No.1133847

File: 94bd5527e45910f⋯.png (707.31 KB, 832x540, 208:135, Whistleblower.png)

47a83c No.1133848


Was just bringing this up with the wife last night

e22374 No.1133849

File: add5772d82506fe⋯.gif (165.33 KB, 498x280, 249:140, add5772d82506fed5c99494517….gif)

Memestorm, get ready anons.

78d66c No.1133850


please keep them over there, we dont need them anymore

821cd3 No.1133851


What makes a movie good/


a5eb41 No.1133852

File: eb4ba86ddde23db⋯.png (143.99 KB, 622x974, 311:487, Capture.PNG)

Anons, not sure if relevant to "treasure trove," but seems legit.

Search "treasure island pelosi," and you'll get all kinds of hits on one of her biggest scandals. "hunter island" would be another.

Also, this article has an excellent map of how the corruption flowed through CA politics. It's from 2006, but it's an excellent resource for diggers:

http:// www.fogcityjournal.com/news_in_brief/kirshenbaum_061029.shtml

f93015 No.1133853



http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/384227-trump-misidentifies-former-dnc-chair-in-tweet-about-election-lawsuit

Link mentions that Trump "misidentified the party's former chairwoman" calling here "Wendy Wasserman Schultz". Is there a connection between Maggie and DWS?

14a318 No.1133854



0897d9 No.1133855


5c6cd2 No.1133856

File: 70e8f3cfc7d411c⋯.png (599.77 KB, 981x699, 327:233, SideXSide.png)

9d11c6 No.1133857


nothing that has been leaked has been declassified by Trump

5172a2 No.1133858

gotta say anons after many months tryina help out here and getting a lotta famflak and less sleep I am fully motivated after dat Q hit me up with a big rt drop WWG1WGA let me tell you what this place was in the ZONE last night and now is when we got to COWBOY UP and remember Clint Eastwood and the Empty Chair? Clint as El Camino and the empty chair in front of that green foliage is my next meme boyz

1c0cc7 No.1133859

File: 22d46a1d85c1c6e⋯.jpg (106.16 KB, 1037x735, 1037:735, SOON.JPG)


>Fire up those Memes!

>Please stand by.

>On the clock.

>Ready to play?

>MOAB incoming.



>Standby means wait.

7cb743 No.1133860

File: 17428bb3819ea74⋯.jpg (44.36 KB, 657x247, 657:247, DbE-IfTWkAEnhDj.jpg)

File: 9e4ec68427eb770⋯.jpg (32.69 KB, 643x177, 643:177, DbE9nsDW4AAzpdk.jpg)


72bf88 No.1133861


easy for you to say. Lets pray we get some real beef next week.

30e575 No.1133862


They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed.

Lost now (awakening).

They keep them enslaved.

What did Hussein do for the black community?



314ee1 No.1133863

File: f4c440728ba0b55⋯.png (702.81 KB, 721x710, 721:710, Kanye.png)


MORE Kanye

Is he telling us something?

de7a92 No.1133864

File: 55740c3b5ca0a4b⋯.png (280.66 KB, 631x346, 631:346, Investigate James Comey.PNG)

File: 71b5e3470f376f8⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 630x340, 63:34, Investigate Hilary Clinton.jpg)

File: fcb8a227df9971e⋯.png (239.77 KB, 624x339, 208:113, Investigate Andrew McCabe.PNG)

File: 2c07f2a0e3944a1⋯.png (164.52 KB, 625x335, 125:67, Investigate The ones who s….PNG)

082ecb No.1133865


ay, waszup

4458f9 No.1133866


Wasn't there an EO about leaks? What a coincidence.

7c6cd9 No.1133867

File: e52bd45b8a969a7⋯.png (706.49 KB, 736x1087, 736:1087, ClipboardImage.png)

c52565 No.1133868



I'm fairly certain that POTUS has run into Psychopaths in his organizations

They can do incredible damage, to people, to profits, absolutely decimate organizations.

We are witnessing what that are capable of on a Global Scale.

To return tot he point, I think POTUS has valuable experience in dealing with this.

309762 No.1133869

File: 10091ff677156bc⋯.jpg (98.15 KB, 750x561, 250:187, IMG_4064.JPG)

Red pill the blacks

de7a92 No.1133870

File: 592d80ad5c63d41⋯.png (243.34 KB, 624x340, 156:85, Investigate Loretta Lynch.PNG)

File: 764317e98be5fa0⋯.png (274.04 KB, 628x344, 157:86, Investigate Lisa Page.PNG)

File: 3ff81e385b06d5d⋯.png (244.18 KB, 626x340, 313:170, Investigate Peter Strzok.PNG)

243b97 No.1133871


Probably Houthi's last attempt at remaining relevant. SA, US and Israel are working to take them down.

710e71 No.1133872


dubs of death chekked, ignore bitch ass kike (((shills))).

f3495c No.1133873


Q, about this "Wendy".

She was a little girl forced by family/cult/surroundings to be a pet. Now must be 18+. Knows a lots of things about BHO and others in power.

I don't know if she now follows the dark way.

Her name is now public/exposed.

Bad actors might want to silence her. Is she safe/protected to testify?

55a7cb No.1133874


Fuck all Q

5d5f99 No.1133875

821cd3 No.1133876


oh shit

7f7b70 No.1133877


Hussein didn't do ANYTHING


f17be0 No.1133878

File: a8a049a8bcfe1ec⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1486, 540:743, Screenshot_20180422-010851….png)

Maralago website. The people picture was taken off from the website.

Look for people. Kek.

d7d9b6 No.1133879




>Expand further.

>Why are we making it public?


>These people are stupid.

>We have it all.


2a2ce4 No.1133880


Brilliant strategy, Q. You guys are a shining beacon of light in a historically dark world. Honored.

5c8e55 No.1133881

Had a young man (20s) with today watching me on the board all day ask me Hey….____ what cha doing…..

Very open to it, not a lib… but not such an easy question to answer… well… there are pedophiles that are running the world and there is this guy Q that is dropping crumbs….

Fuck…. read this

Started showing him the Book of Q…. said it was too complicated for him and he didn't know what all the words meant…. but he's a believer…. will give it to him verbally

4fe599 No.1133882

File: e79fcf3f985440f⋯.jpeg (134.74 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 475ADC32-A900-4D21-B8D8-D….jpeg)

0a92d7 No.1133883


Worth keeping in mind.

235a5d No.1133884


BHO: Played the celebrity game, sold his country

POTUS: Jobs, saved the country

76c632 No.1133885


(past bread)

Kinsey was a pedo and sexual deviant himself. He tried to normalize it through his junk science studies on human sexuality.

a0b78b No.1133886


Moab, Utah. Trust Huber.

793d24 No.1133887

0fbaa2 No.1133888


wait..sry..just read salisbury..but it's the US..so..hmm..but still SALISBURY..

f5191a No.1133889

File: ed2ac1014424d1c⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 444x250, 222:125, trumps-smug-pepe-at-g8-mee….gif)

MY all time favorite trump moment, was when he gave a shout out to pepe and his deplorables.

39693c No.1133890


Agreed. But that's my point. They corrupted it (The Constitution). Is it possible to prevent that from happening again? I don't know - I'm just thinking ahead as an unlikely optimist.

eb7a82 No.1133891


He created a race war…more or less.

821cd3 No.1133892

File: fff90b5633081e8⋯.jpg (190.09 KB, 1440x1439, 1440:1439, humantrafficking.JPG)

5c8e55 No.1133893


Diamond and Silk

3bfaa2 No.1133894


Sauce on Haiti is coming soon??

8bd50f No.1133895


Haiti would certainly be a MOAB.

9867fb No.1133896


They have been deceived for so long Q.

Free them.

6ce900 No.1133897

File: e20949d80179fd4⋯.png (455.51 KB, 582x426, 97:71, Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at ….png)

3dd500 No.1133898


The palm tree was a canary Palm signal that Allison Mack is singing like a canary …that was the end of the palm tree

860dac No.1133899

Everybody Needs to read about the MANN ACT!

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mann_Act

5a7684 No.1133900


we must make sure none ever forgets.

the devils greatest trick is convincing the people he does not exists.

bcdd33 No.1133901

File: 0425f9c5b806db1⋯.jpg (144.93 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, moab.jpg)


2a2ce4 No.1133902


Trump trolling Pepe. Yay Pepe!

082ecb No.1133903



5c7415 No.1133904


Made slaves to the government, with so much. Hussein divided the races!! Created HATE!

08a00f No.1133905

File: 5a9fad6523ac604⋯.png (293.9 KB, 635x576, 635:576, God-Empress.png)

FLOTUS mixing it up today!

314ee1 No.1133906

File: 8769d83698805c5⋯.jpg (115.9 KB, 920x613, 920:613, Haitid.jpg)

ed7e61 No.1133907

File: e54b145bcf46b53⋯.jpg (67.51 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Trump_Everything.jpg)

File: 95230d89e8ba44d⋯.jpg (71.01 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Trump_Everything_2.jpg)

File: 955632f582991cb⋯.jpg (72.59 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Trump_Lolsuit_1.jpg)

File: 11e3be434e02e0e⋯.png (226.9 KB, 494x369, 494:369, UK_Picard.PNG)


Fuck yeah!

LOVE YOU ALL Q AND TEAM (no homo)!!!


eb7a82 No.1133908


That he's actually a white female?

Look at the other fucking foot.

6cad53 No.1133909

Dear Q, please tell our beloved President Trump thank-you for the EO “ESTABLISHING A COMMISSION ON COMBATTING DRUG ADDICTION AND THE OPIOID CRISIS”.

Our son, D., had great school years. He was a star football player in high school. Went to college and law school. In his mid-30’s, he closed his practice for a while in order to care for his paternal grandfather who had only a few months to live. Our son was caring that way. While lifting his grandfather, our son hurt his back.

After his grandfather died, our son came back to town. A “friend” of his offered him an oxycodone pill to help with the pain. All it took was that one pill to send D. down the rabbit hole of addiction. He went through about half a million dollars on his “oxy” addiction. When that money ran out, he turned to heroin. We sent him through rehab. It didn’t take. We sent him to another rehab. Again, it didn’t take. D’s addiction showed no signs of abating. I spent one night planning D.’s funeral because we expected any time to get the call telling us he had died.

A couple of weeks after that night, the police raided his house and D was arrested. After getting out on bail, he ran. One year later, D came back. A few months ago, he began serving his sentence. Praying when D gets out he gets on the straight and narrow. We told him that while he is in jail, he needs to evaluate his life. Once he gets out, D. needs to attend AA/NA meetings faithfully and go to therapy. P

We sincerely hope that President Trump’s EO will prevent other people from becoming addicts and will also prevent other families from going through the hell that our family has been through for the past several years. IMO, Oxycodone should be used only for end of life pain management.

Our sincere thanks for everything that you, your team, “lay” researchers, our President, and his team are doing to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. God bless you all and God bless America.

fe98e7 No.1133910




Yes. And free beer tomorrow.

7db382 No.1133911

File: 664f0df3ce19731⋯.jpg (248.06 KB, 1030x753, 1030:753, WikiLeaks_Maggie.jpg)

>>1130089 >11:33:06 >Q WL link.

>>1130344 >11:52:11 >Side-by-Side w/ DJT tweet

Quick & clean => 19:05 <= on the draw.

KISS, by an anon. who KNOWS the Comms.

autism award for the day?

7cb743 No.1133912

File: 000b6be21145a7b⋯.jpg (51.19 KB, 696x366, 116:61, Californians-Getting-Sick-….jpg)

http:// bluepillsheep.com/californians-getting-sick-of-their-states-sanctuary-liberals/

0897d9 No.1133913


political Q

me I like tactical Q

0fbaa2 No.1133914


thx anon..never saw that..BADASS..THANKS SO MUCH..the guy is the greatest human being ever!!

7c6cd9 No.1133915

File: 1888a69d4ee50c0⋯.png (28.85 KB, 577x137, 577:137, ClipboardImage.png)



c52565 No.1133916


>What did Hussein do for the black community?

exploitation only.

I get the optics on this, pardon will be a triple win

Win for Johnson, Win for POTUS 2020, and Bigly win for Black Community. Their potential is so much more than they are allowed to achieve.

2a2ce4 No.1133917


Yeah, just saying about the Palms. May be worth some digging.

710e71 No.1133918



I fear the psychological conditioning is very strong.


we will see in midterms. hopefully Q team than can point us to REAL numbers instead of any comp'd 'polls'.

Now, we know the voter fraud exaggerates number of black vote turn out + latino ones.

Preparing for (((projection))) of 'voter fraud'.

Fuck em to pieces, fuck em so (((they))) can't ever get up again.

Haiti - black community memes firing up. Thank you Q team.

a8bc6c No.1133919


If she's anything like my mom…not a lick over 5'4", she's a tigress and they are TERRIFIED.

My mom also tried to run a pedophile over twice.

Just waiting for that 3rd time is the charm.

Women can be fierce. Particularly concerning kids or their family.

What is lacked in physical strength is made up by crazed she-power LOL

Go get 'em, Tiger.

dc5e98 No.1133920


Clown op.

0897d9 No.1133921


not your intelligence

14e869 No.1133922


What Happen in SA, Is MbS Sure?

7f7b70 No.1133923


fc5787 No.1133924


https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/20411

03b5fb No.1133925

THANKQ - we are an existential threat to the establishment.


f5191a No.1133926


now THAT is how you protect the mother of your children.

e22374 No.1133927

File: abc06f21d5df415⋯.png (555.04 KB, 487x635, 487:635, april-moab.png)

File: 85d5c11d51cf632⋯.png (262.27 KB, 595x451, 595:451, april-moab-q-3.png)

File: 50422be8696b34a⋯.png (324.25 KB, 439x437, 439:437, april-moab-q-2.png)

File: 5756b80e39350ca⋯.png (249.41 KB, 538x439, 538:439, april-moab-q.png)

f1c78a No.1133928


Our POTUS has given the black community great opportunities. Work, home ownership, hope. The American dream. Hussian gave them false hope.

bfa880 No.1133929

File: eee0631d803ea04⋯.png (22.83 KB, 448x190, 224:95, offlineonly.png)

Q are you about to delete the internet?

9d11c6 No.1133930


and realize that RBG wanted the law removed

0b3114 No.1133931


Hussein preached division and hate, told blacks they were oppressed. A coordinated campaign with MSM and Soros orgs to foster hatred for whites, blacks who didn't side with BLM/narrative.

4fe599 No.1133932


Yay! We get vacations soon

cac307 No.1133933

File: 4d01832c9bd4644⋯.png (1.31 MB, 2280x1460, 114:73, Seth Rich 1.png)

File: 7626f938b3e4c9f⋯.png (6.19 MB, 2886x1752, 481:292, Seth Rich 2.png)

America won't forget

314ee1 No.1133934


fuck off, Kanye is our guy.

553bfd No.1133935

File: 79c82da73f67ea0⋯.png (1.31 MB, 900x700, 9:7, SocialismSH.png)

527793 No.1133936

The Office of Inspector General Report will be released. BOOM

243b97 No.1133938


It's already happening. Black community is waking up to what Potus has done for them and will continue to do for their communities that have been held back. Kept ignorant and poor. No Longer. Not about blacks or whites. It's about AMERICANS.

1e64e2 No.1133939


Hussein sang snake-charming songs laced with NLP, some voodoo that they do?


This must be the hot new fashion trend in satanic circles..

9caa4f No.1133940


Have adopted Haitian child from earthquake


Drop it

Show it all!

d7d9b6 No.1133941


Drop the MOABS, Q!!!!!!!!!

ALL these corrupt evil bastards deserve to burn for wth they've done to the world!

DO IT, Q!!!!!!!!!

30e575 No.1133942





72bf88 No.1133943



501320 No.1133944


Praying for our Beloved Children! God Help Us ALL!

76c632 No.1133945


One of the most despicable things the Clintons did was raping and pillaging Haiti after the devastating earthquake. Preying on the poorest of the poor left homeless and injured. EVIL

5172a2 No.1133946


True dat boss. True dat

418ab2 No.1133947


d85869 No.1133948

MOAB=Sept.11,2001 evidence? True redpill for masses WW showing deep state cabal within U.S.A., S.A., ISR., U.K. planned n cordinated 9/11!

e2160a No.1133949

File: 98ec873773a2201⋯.jpg (829.66 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_equaljustice.jpg)


We want equal justice!

52d2f7 No.1133950

File: 5fdc9121073e995⋯.png (17.74 KB, 441x133, 63:19, Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at ….png)

7f5c02 No.1133951


The most important woman on the entire planet :)

66bda7 No.1133952


Q - STOP CHEM-TRAILS and the majority of liberals will join us!!

3acf4a No.1133953

>>1133862 https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgvUjVYQLQ8 << Haiti reveal

8bd50f No.1133954

File: bd0a9e9ed26f980⋯.jpg (140.32 KB, 736x491, 736:491, Haiti1b.jpg)

File: a86e71da73728b8⋯.jpg (94.72 KB, 640x360, 16:9, HAITI2.jpg)

File: 013aa60f72f30a2⋯.jpg (109.02 KB, 459x480, 153:160, haiti3.jpg)

File: fcc9b95798028f2⋯.jpg (87.49 KB, 610x406, 305:203, haiti4.jpg)

File: 312a037c51fc60b⋯.jpg (171.26 KB, 750x499, 750:499, haiti5.jpg)


Haha nice, made this a long time ago. Still have a bunch of these saved.

7f7b70 No.1133955

File: e364b78a2ecae88⋯.png (82.06 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)

235a5d No.1133956


Right before elections

bcdd33 No.1133957



553bfd No.1133958



7c6cd9 No.1133959


I hope this involves the gallows

5172a2 No.1133960


I love a parade

474517 No.1133961


>What did Hussein do for the black community?

Weaponized social services and the criminal justice system. Keep them poor and needy on the GOVERNMENT.

7cb743 No.1133962


Haiti - Laura Silsby & HRC Trafficking??

f5440e No.1133963


No. The white hats and all of us here are learning the ways and means formerly reserved to wrong. But they all have counterparts never before realized, that will next be used for right.

177240 No.1133964


Any significance to this being after elections?

976023 No.1133965


>Fire up those Memes!


Please add last Q Post to bread.

e2160a No.1133966

File: 9624f0e894b5d58⋯.jpg (831.73 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_JFK.jpg)


We want the truth.. We can handle it!

ed7e61 No.1133967

File: 54ee6ec39a1523f⋯.jpg (188.84 KB, 879x881, 879:881, Dual_Citizenship_Mixed_Loy….jpg)

File: fb9ee8b8c849266⋯.png (492.73 KB, 2541x1349, 2541:1349, Jews_Immigration_And_Natio….png)

File: fa18ac8d5083f18⋯.png (994.46 KB, 884x948, 221:237, Jews_Immigration_And_Natio….png)

File: 00e35f5de65fda3⋯.png (43.04 KB, 745x727, 745:727, Jews_Immigration_And_Natio….png)

File: 304ffbe7675d9d9⋯.png (931.08 KB, 1583x3456, 1583:3456, Laws_to_Destroy_USA.png)


Forbid double-citizenship individuals from holding influential cargos.

Deport all Sayanim, and if not possible prison and fines for them.

Revert the Immigration act of 1965. Pics related.

IBOR so the people no longer fall asleep.

0897d9 No.1133968

Why the hell would blacks in the USA give a damn about Haiti? Other than the child trafficking thing?

96a3a9 No.1133969


Veterans day

c98484 No.1133970


Holly shit Anons. THIS IS HUGE. WikiLeaks is thrilled for this lawsuit! this is how Q and friendswill take (((them))) ALL out.This DNC lawsuit will be (((their))) END! That's how we can use ALL the evidence WE have! THIS is HUGE. WE have WikiLeaks on our side as well? Whaaaat?

.. Checkmate! BOOM!

9867fb No.1133971


Thank you all. Godspeed.

2a2ce4 No.1133972


Thank you, Q.

e5b5b6 No.1133973

14e869 No.1133974


eb7a82 No.1133975


Let's git 'er dun!!!

235a5d No.1133976


After sorry

501320 No.1133978


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyVstMv9u40&list=RDeyVstMv9u40&t=20

7f7b70 No.1133979


God bless the United States of America!

4fe599 No.1133980


Happy Thanksgiving!

8bd50f No.1133981

File: 4b68c46fb6433c6⋯.jpg (106.91 KB, 750x499, 750:499, haiti6.jpg)

File: 66a5624c87f3d0d⋯.jpg (133.28 KB, 767x500, 767:500, haiti7.jpg)

File: 08605502a06179e⋯.jpg (98.3 KB, 640x360, 16:9, haiti8.jpg)

File: cbba7b9e2ed1206⋯.jpg (98.41 KB, 640x360, 16:9, haiti9.jpg)

File: 9d30952de0adffd⋯.jpg (93.11 KB, 666x500, 333:250, haiti10.jpg)

3bfaa2 No.1133982


Parades are awesome!!

4458f9 No.1133983




Epic timeline.

fe98e7 No.1133984


You have more than you know.

Also Q:

You can't imagine the size of this.

9b8f7d No.1133985



seems BHO hates the blacks as much as he hates Christians and patriotism.

Hope he gets his soon!

God speed Q I do miss my florida sun shine. hope you guys are taking is some nice fresh air.

e22374 No.1133986

File: 65971f441e234e4⋯.png (205.65 KB, 469x376, 469:376, habbening-pepe2.png)

c378d6 No.1133987



1c0cc7 No.1133988

File: 6f73cc546a9783a⋯.jpg (40.66 KB, 197x255, 197:255, MYHOMIES.JPG)


>POTUS loves black communities

243b97 No.1133989


Hussein never gave them hope..false or otherwise. He gave them freebies to keep them controlled.

7e9221 No.1133990

File: e6187bbe5077b99⋯.jpeg (11.97 KB, 132x255, 44:85, a548873243af9280ce85b7ecb….jpeg)

2a2ce4 No.1133991


That happened a long time ago. If you missed it, you weren't watching.

21ec9e No.1133992

File: 816fec1bc739ce8⋯.jpeg (178.91 KB, 1235x1137, 1235:1137, 816fec1bc739ce8464c0b1ae9….jpeg)

177240 No.1133993


WUT? The 2018 United States elections will mostly be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

e2160a No.1133994

File: 8cc124da8759724⋯.jpg (73.22 KB, 720x515, 144:103, C0XJKBxUkAArDzm.jpg)

File: ce309f01c76b27a⋯.jpg (229.57 KB, 800x573, 800:573, TrumpGarrison.jpg)


Build that wall! Protect our sovereignty.

15ffca No.1133995

File: 227bcee605d5efb⋯.jpg (85.52 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, MOAB.jpg)

9caa4f No.1133996


God Shed His Grace on Thee

And Crowned Thy Good


from Sea to Shining Sea!


8bd50f No.1133997

File: 29d101292a05e23⋯.jpg (120.41 KB, 890x500, 89:50, haiti11.jpg)

File: fdb8d6dfb459281⋯.jpg (166.27 KB, 700x500, 7:5, haiti12.jpg)

File: 40787dc5c9132c1⋯.jpg (175.6 KB, 700x500, 7:5, haiti13.jpg)

File: c0fbd351c367a5a⋯.jpg (87.43 KB, 610x352, 305:176, haiti14.jpg)

File: bfab2050b411ec9⋯.jpg (106.33 KB, 992x414, 496:207, haiti15.jpg)

f17be0 No.1133998

File: 97b665f87cac213⋯.png (617.29 KB, 1080x1491, 360:497, Screenshot_20180422-011211….png)

>Sessions’s message to the White House, which has not previously been reported, underscores the political firestorm that Trump would invite should he attempt to remove the deputy attorney general. While Trump also has railed against Sessions at times, the protest resignation of an attorney general – which would be likely to incite other departures within the administration – would create a moment of profound crisis for the White House.

What makes a good movie? Great actors?

52d2f7 No.1133999


A Day to Remember. Pun intended.



a5c97f No.1134000


It was in the previous bread - a screenshot of the report. I did not post it, but I saw it.

c52565 No.1134001

File: 593c75ca07a0a4c⋯.jpg (569.73 KB, 1024x652, 256:163, 7ddbe65845649f418fac8ccaa6….jpg)


Think Tactical:

They Divide, Q ConQuers

78d66c No.1134002


I see an ankle monitor protruding

f3495c No.1134003



Thank you!

6ce900 No.1134004

File: a1f7c091e036cb1⋯.png (172.86 KB, 819x475, 819:475, Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at ….png)


IDK, but this may be true

785559 No.1134005


That's a kinda MOAB…

e9fc0d No.1134006

File: 8288fb40f48a520⋯.png (455.36 KB, 550x427, 550:427, ClipboardImage.png)


Everyone to DC! Book all the hotels! Make it YUUUUGE!\

527793 No.1134007


It's in the news anon.

7e9221 No.1134008

File: a4ece518a09360d⋯.jpg (116.65 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, maga.jpg)

File: 2f5f3f1584ef1c9⋯.png (2.53 KB, 310x163, 310:163, a7ffb193423f0a5573ceeefe7c….png)

5278ec No.1134009

File: e7b54422b3db1c4⋯.png (137.95 KB, 758x477, 758:477, and_voila.png)

5172a2 No.1134010


Christian Blacks HATE the voodoo cuz they know it's evil

2a2ce4 No.1134011


Also consider that Wikileaks doesn't publish certain emails. Discovery would ask for ALL emails. That could get very interesting.

243b97 No.1134012


What is the skin color of Haitians?

1c0cc7 No.1134013

08a00f No.1134014



Indeed, Patriots

7e2549 No.1134015

File: 9bf0aa2b7dabd37⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 259x194, 259:194, pepe pc.jpg)


NFW…that really happened?

c98484 No.1134016



love you brothers and sisters!

314ee1 No.1134017


11.11 Iran Resolved.

d7d9b6 No.1134018

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

767446 No.1134019

File: b67497cd56e4806⋯.png (722.51 KB, 1312x627, 1312:627, ssf.png)


is this Wendy/Maggie Nixon?

https:// deskgram.org/p/1746280774867706282_463076821

85b58b No.1134020



CA write-in deadline May 22

Election Nov. 6

647093 No.1134021

When will the Red Pill for the masses in the UK be dropped ?


e00056 No.1134022

File: ab72bf2e5fd25c9⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, IMG-5409.jpg)

Hey MemeFags, I found this award today in a house I was cleaning out…. its a sign for sure. meme it up.

1a1e72 No.1134023


I'm an entrepreneur, under thirty and own my own business, manufacturing actually…

It's hard out here Q.

My take home is 55K

I paid 12K in taxes..

It's hard to grow a business, take care of employees, and take care of yourself in this top heavy environment.

Will it get better?

7e9221 No.1134024

File: 977ed9a9e3c5509⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 6c4a5e70685e8b99d010d2e240….jpg)

e2160a No.1134025

File: 72d4fbfe70dfddc⋯.jpg (235.47 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, heart.jpg)

File: 3abaa480ae7ee61⋯.jpg (607.65 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_blame.jpg)

File: 53f90081d25e109⋯.jpg (246.93 KB, 700x700, 1:1, syriafault.jpg)

File: caa66e4c7261a99⋯.jpg (443.79 KB, 1200x891, 400:297, syriafalseflag.jpg)

File: e94562f438882e9⋯.jpg (407.08 KB, 1200x758, 600:379, followplan.jpg)

We trust you, Mr. President. We will follow the plan, please follow your promises to us!

860dac No.1134026


Q would you mind giving a small clue or hint about 9/11 truth? Please. Thank you for everything!

016486 No.1134027

File: cfd7a84ae49d1ac⋯.png (315.77 KB, 2027x873, 2027:873, IMG_1592.PNG)

POTUS pardon tweet is a signal to learn about the Mann Act

ed7e61 No.1134028

File: 86466bb80b212e3⋯.jpg (3.53 MB, 5000x3200, 25:16, Jews_Attack.jpg)


See pic.

2a2ce4 No.1134029


optics. brilliant.

f5440e No.1134030


We are planning too. You just haven't heard about it yet.

The plans were written long ago.

418ab2 No.1134031


fc5787 No.1134032

File: ac97bf696e2bdf2⋯.jpg (73.3 KB, 537x500, 537:500, 24hkwe - Copy.jpg)

7e2549 No.1134033


Where's the HQ of operation mermaid? Is that a 4 ch thing?

0897d9 No.1134034


Well if there was jets and lots of gun fire at the SA palace

it has been at least half an hour twitter and all social media should be blowing up.

e1f66f No.1134035

7f7b70 No.1134036




821cd3 No.1134037




7e9221 No.1134038


Top Kek Anon

14e869 No.1134039


https:// twitter.com/BreakingNLive/status/987779249078788099

845519 No.1134040


The elections are on 11.06.18 - why 5 days afterwards?

3dd500 No.1134041


Sooooo exciting ! A lot of work to do to get there but in time for the holidays is magical THANKYOU doesn’t express it enough

c40271 No.1134042

File: 232036429f8344b⋯.jpg (106.27 KB, 709x500, 709:500, 278552.jpg)

File: 713dedb67e2f00a⋯.jpg (21.01 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2785dk.jpg)

File: 20d31d6f152a06e⋯.jpg (53.59 KB, 583x350, 583:350, Margaret-Sanger.jpg)

474517 No.1134043


I hope it is all revealed well-before then and 11.11.18 is the CELEBRATION!

fe98e7 No.1134044


Take more and better pictures of it.

97d87a No.1134045


Can we really be unified if the Federal Reserve is still stealing our wealth and freedom?

2c8fec No.1134046



f3495c No.1134047



2a2ce4 No.1134049

File: 58007afcec44e21⋯.png (1.77 KB, 106x21, 106:21, ClipboardImage.png)


Behold, the retardation.

bfa880 No.1134050


i want one

7f7b70 No.1134051




e2160a No.1134052

File: 36fe41dbea70ad0⋯.jpg (532.02 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_anchorbabies.jpg)

File: 65304125ef424f6⋯.jpg (149.2 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, bramhall-world-anchor-babi….jpg)

File: 8cc124da8759724⋯.jpg (73.22 KB, 720x515, 144:103, C0XJKBxUkAArDzm.jpg)

ONLY 2 1st world countries adhere to the "anchor baby" ideology. Time to revisit the policy with a Supreme Court ruling.

6ce900 No.1134053

File: 6c4a1efaf2a994b⋯.gif (4.69 MB, 480x270, 16:9, f yeah.gif)



314ee1 No.1134054

710e71 No.1134055


Those two may have bigger role than they possibly imagined.

7e9221 No.1134056


>https:// twitter.com/BreakingNLive/status/987779249078788099


‏ @BreakingNLive

33m33 minutes ago

BNL NEWS Retweeted Ali AlAhmed


BNL NEWS added,

Ali AlAhmed

Verified account @AliAlAhmed_en

Confirmed by @GhanemAlmasarir . #Saudi @KingSalman moved to King Khaled military base. https:// twitter.com/ghanemalmasarir/status/987760499843649536?s=21 … @ForeignAffairs

Show this thread

2 replies 53 retweets 25 likes


‏ @BreakingNLive

22m22 minutes ago

ALERT: It’s still VERY unclear what is happening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we will stop making claims until we have correct and confirmed information.

5 replies 72 retweets 57 likes


‏ @BreakingNLive

15m15 minutes ago

BNL NEWS Retweeted Zaid Hamid

Verified account:

BNL NEWS added,

Zaid Hamid

Verified account @ZaidZamanHamid

There is definitely fighting going on around the Palace of the Saudi King.

Some reports suggest a Palace coup.

But some sources claiming attack by Yemeni Houthis.

Situation is unclear….its night time and NO official reports are possible.…

5 replies 47 retweets 28 likes


‏ @BreakingNLive

BREAKING NEWS: BNL can confirm (via WSJ, Wall Street Journal) that a drone was shot down at the Royal Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Details are still sketchy.

12:44 PM - 21 Apr 2018

016b9a No.1134057

File: 453474c1d5a319a⋯.jpeg (335.73 KB, 1440x912, 30:19, 1524340067.jpeg)

6990b3 No.1134058


Good to know your son is still alive.

I have a niece who was brutally murdered by the crooks that run drugs.

Tall, beautiful, had the world by the tail but got in with drugs. Her drug dealing boyfriend found her dead and "cut her down" from where she had hung herself. Coroner covered up her nose with putty. It had been cut off.

Cops said it was a very suspicious suicide but they didn't have enough evidence to prosecute it as a murder. Regardless, the guy is being watched and it will be brought up in the future if something else happens. Neice's family didn't want the drama of pressing the issue so they didn't.

Left 3 children without a mother.

Thousands upon thousands of stories like this nationwide.

243b97 No.1134059




Q, I pray to GOD you are right about that! Without your knowledge, it's almost impossible to believe it.

98b8e6 No.1134060

File: a2fb74c8ea330c9⋯.jpg (9.96 KB, 255x163, 255:163, a67ae71fe20b0f79605b57588e….jpg)

File: f8e21e1cc6a89a4⋯.jpg (7.87 KB, 255x148, 255:148, 55d77459aa2b603cde942bf83e….jpg)

File: d0da347a63a2058⋯.jpg (9.46 KB, 255x146, 255:146, 4f8704a5b34a0f3599fcd6690e….jpg)

File: 7481f1aee82416a⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 218x218, 1:1, 03999719be034c492a86478f59….jpg)

TRUMP is a genius!


Thank you Q

Save the whistleblowers


2a2ce4 No.1134061


We are a fucking truth plague.

2dafec No.1134062


I was thinking the same thing….but I believe the reference is the 5th of November shall be a day to remember

138e8f No.1134063

Good lord. I've been absent the past couple days and looks like I missed out on some action!

3dd500 No.1134064


For months I’ve thought 11:11 is celebration parade ;)

67abab No.1134065


Maybe a PARADE

c6b3b3 No.1134066

File: 8a3894ca54bf27d⋯.jpg (91.24 KB, 388x500, 97:125, BlackPop8Dems.jpg)

File: 26baa73e1a38584⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1500x1929, 500:643, BlackPop7Pelosi.jpg)

File: c6cc50f30758049⋯.jpg (82.73 KB, 388x500, 97:125, BlackPop6TaxCut.jpg)

File: a95c57ae5b73a44⋯.jpg (85.75 KB, 698x449, 698:449, Black Pop Employment.jpg)

File: 31d65db52c330bf⋯.jpeg (79.83 KB, 829x500, 829:500, MaxinBlackHomeownership2.jpeg)

18dfcd No.1134067


Looking forward to the Parade!

9d11c6 No.1134068

drone shot down at Royal Palace. Details sketchy.

https:// twitter.com/BreakingNLive

a5eb41 No.1134069

File: ff5fe1ccfc7f361⋯.png (433.45 KB, 879x764, 879:764, Capture.PNG)


This is what Trump is doing for American Blacks. The opposite of what Obama was doing.

Blacks in America were the most reliant on good factory jobs to enter the middle class. Obama fought to enrich his Wall Street buddies with free trade, Trump is actually helping Black Americans by bringing back their chance to land real jobs.

Look at what they do, not what they say, and any thinking Black American will realize that Trump is in it for all Americans, and is probably losing a lot of rich friends in the process.

72bf88 No.1134070


So get ready for HRC Haiti memes.


http:// www.wnd.com/2016/08/hillary-helped-crook-get-10-million-for-haiti-scam/

or this??

http:// truthfeed.com/breaking-clinton-foundation-tied-to-convicted-child-trafficker-laura-silsby-media-silent/34146/

c52565 No.1134071


Somebody playing hardball

821cd3 No.1134072

File: 42a560f8ffea0ce⋯.jpg (348.77 KB, 1189x1079, 1189:1079, flagunited.JPG)

File: aa98bbf9c1a7107⋯.png (131.78 KB, 540x290, 54:29, deep.png)

File: bf9ee75ef9003de⋯.png (134.35 KB, 536x284, 134:71, understand.png)

f1c78a No.1134073


I just referring to that pic of him with the word Hope at the bottom that was spread everywhere. I know what he did. Trying to keep them divided and oppressed.

0897d9 No.1134074



You are so not in touch. Work a job or collect your check and live your life. Some nigger from some south piece of shit ain't my problem.

e00056 No.1134075


On it.

1f5b8e No.1134076


I'm thinking "oopsie." It's a show. Great actors.

9867fb No.1134077


Agreed. My mom is on the edge. Just needs a little proof.

6990b3 No.1134078

File: 122ce70d71e09c4⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1363x12926, 1363:12926, victory parade graphic-min.png)











f3495c No.1134079



We are taking it to the next level.


7f5c02 No.1134080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


President Trump - Prince & The Time - Donald Trump Black Version

56a364 No.1134081

File: ec9dd5e7a171c3b⋯.jpg (13.03 KB, 220x220, 1:1, JACKJOHNSON.jpg)

File: b8eed60e09f838e⋯.jpg (5.11 KB, 225x225, 1:1, JEDGAR.jpg)

Potus tweet about Jack Johnson tripped my memory on a previous Q post - in that post I linked Miles Davis and Davis also has a link to Jack Johnson, the Miles Davis album:

Jack Johnson, later reissued as A Tribute to Jack Johnson, is a 1971 studio album and soundtrack by American jazz trumpeter, composer, and bandleader Miles Davis.[2] In 1970, Davis was asked by Bill Cayton to record music for his documentary of the same name on the life of boxer Jack Johnson.[3] Johnson's saga resonated personally with Davis, who wrote in the album's liner notes of Johnson's mastery as a boxer, his affinity for fast cars, jazz, clothes, and beautiful women, his unreconstructed blackness, and his threatening image to white men

Now go back a bit - This was part of the dig I posted after the march 3 post:

On March 3 Q posted:

"Misspellings matter."

"Sentence formation matters."

"What I say a class action lawsuit?"

"What I Say" is a Miles Davis CD. He was an American jazz trumpeter born on May 26, 1926 to an affluent African-American family in Alton, Illinois. His father was an Oral Surgeon Freemason in the Knights of Pythius. The Knights operate a sereis of facilities for underprivilaged and/or disabled children known as "Handi Kids Camp" called the "Bridge Center." The father attended school in Chicago. He owned a 200-acre estate near Pine Bluff, Arkansas that housed a profitable pig farm where Miles and his siblings would ride horses, fish, and hunt.

Miles Davis is a music industry icon and a very talented, but strange character who appears to use many Luciferian references. "Live-Evil" is a Miles Davis album. The front cover was a very bizarre painting of a pregnant woman with an Illuminati pyramid. The back cover was created from a suggestion from Davis: "Miles called me up and said, 'I want a picture of life on one side and evil on the other.' And all he mentioned was a toad. Then next to me was a copy of Time Magazine which had J. Edgar Hoover on the cover, and he just looked like a toad. I told Miles I found the toad."

Then there are Clinton connections. Davis spent childhood in AR same time frame as BC. BC loved Miles Davis. "The CD that everyone has been talking about and waiting for! Bill Clinton's love of music…Featured are recordings by Miles Davis…Clinton's favorite song is “My Funny Valentine" Song played by Miles Davis (andmany others) originally from the musical Babes in Arms. The musical concerns a group of small-town Long Island teenagers who put on a show to avoid being sent to a work farm by the town sheriff.

285dcf No.1134082


>What was the trigger for the SA drop though?

Attempted Coup of the new Good Guy?

47a83c No.1134083


Paul walker-Haiti food -GMO laced for sterility-test ground for bigger implementation?

25d5f4 No.1134084


remaining unified

step two

d7d9b6 No.1134085



Thank you, Q/POTUS!!!

United we stand…

14f70e No.1134086

Please keep in mind anons that this whole Q thing is a Psyop and we don't know who is behind it. Do not fall in confirmation bias. I just hope this psyop is being done by the good guys.

e22374 No.1134087

File: d5cbc8424976844⋯.png (432.67 KB, 777x478, 777:478, patriot-unite-revo.png)

File: 4de2b5e1c15bd1b⋯.png (778.23 KB, 685x663, 685:663, stand-united-meme.png)

File: 9c9bb3a165ed0a8⋯.png (397.88 KB, 435x434, 435:434, united-stand-we.png)

File: 66742b56cc0bc68⋯.png (776.34 KB, 547x593, 547:593, united-we-stand.png)





d8be13 No.1134088

File: 9698e0cad8b83b2⋯.png (735.41 KB, 600x602, 300:301, ClipboardImage.png)

76c632 No.1134089

462661 No.1134090


Alternate meanings?

Different acronym than maybe expected?


501320 No.1134091

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyVstMv9u40&list=RDeyVstMv9u40&t=20

c6b3b3 No.1134092

File: a7bcbf1a876e913⋯.jpg (271.77 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MaganomicsBlack1.jpg)

File: c5382bf8220ed58⋯.jpg (288.69 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MaganomicsBlack2.jpg)

File: fa043de7fe53325⋯.jpg (312.26 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MaganomicsBlack4.jpg)

File: b8d88e6ae5ee993⋯.jpg (257.16 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MaganomicsBlack6.jpg)

File: 3ccad62fc6c2dad⋯.jpg (293.08 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MaganomicsBlack8.jpg)

84ad2d No.1134093



It's about peace and prosperity for ALL.

Not just Americans.

4fe599 No.1134094


Looks like 11.11.18 is a celebration for all patriots. Including us

7b2ac4 No.1134095


I have similar questions. 3rd time has to be the charm for this entrepreneur. The 1st 2 times during the Obama years, i didn't now what i was up against. Now knowing that 2018 is to be GLORIOUS, I'm ready to give it another go!

a5c97f No.1134096



^^there you go

47be13 No.1134097

File: 3645d541caf832d⋯.png (359.22 KB, 501x376, 501:376, ClipboardImage.png)

7c6cd9 No.1134098

File: 1e12ee30788fe33⋯.jpg (33.44 KB, 630x422, 315:211, kerm.jpg)

85b58b No.1134099


Iran neutralized, and also SA (abdicate to crown prince), in July.

3bfaa2 No.1134100

56eacf No.1134101

File: 3cbe2a796f03062⋯.jpg (38.76 KB, 591x152, 591:152, new tweet.jpg)

New Trump Tweet 26 minutes ago. (Pic related)

c98484 No.1134102


I'm telling you. THIS IS IT!

This is how we take them out.

DNC lawsuit. (((They))) are bringing us to court. All of us. The Trump campaign, his sons, his staff, WikiLeaks… It's one lawsuit! ITS ONE LAWSUIT! It will be tried AS ONE LAWSUIT! ( and we have WikiLeaks on our side!)

God these people are fucken dumb as rocks

Top fucken kek POTUS

c13c2a No.1134103

File: d4b32b00471b5fe⋯.jpg (8.15 MB, 4048x3036, 4:3, IMG_20180421_145050.jpg)

e2160a No.1134104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

B.S. from people pushing the Zionist agenda. B.N. speaks in 2002 before the invasion of Iraq, a sovereign nation. Bush never did find WMDs, did he? Let's not repeat the mistake!

Short video, but very important!

684e9e No.1134105


The African American People wanted trump to win. They love him. They talked about him for years before the election.

reveal no reveal they love their president. Though the reveal is important. I disagree

with the sentiment of the opposite though it is pushed on msm.

MSM and fake news and soros groups tried to change the opposite view.

016b9a No.1134106

File: a979bcaa91efbe5⋯.jpeg (102.29 KB, 1440x877, 1440:877, 1523971071.jpeg)

14e869 No.1134107

Ok. This is very confused…



9caa4f No.1134108


Get Behind Me Satan

3513bb No.1134109





5:5 0010110


Violet flame.

21954d No.1134110


So either the dems r trying to steal all the evidence from the Saudis or who could it be??!!

0b8a66 No.1134111



But the wording is confusing.





ed7e61 No.1134112

File: 16dcb7273c93b96⋯.jpg (3.62 MB, 3884x7735, 3884:7735, Kikery_Graph.jpg)


Kill cultural marxism, you get unity again.

56607c No.1134113

I was walking to my local weed merchant today and while on my way i passed a total stranger.

Right when he passed he made a frog-noise (kwebbit, kinda) only loud enough for me to hear it.

It was kinda creepy, i thought to myself "Did that guy seriously just quack at me??"

But then i thought of all the time i spend here everyday and i got the chills.

Was it a Kek reference? was it a sign? Dafuq is happening?

fc5787 No.1134114



Mirror, BO MO

0b3114 No.1134115



I understand what both anons are saying. But I have worked in the arts community and every black liberal I know is obsessed with other black people, to the exception of everyone else. That's why Haiti is the key redpill.

85bf1d No.1134116


Maybe, just maybe if they take out those responsible it will stop automagically? Think more anon.

4fe599 No.1134117

Q, can we get one Pepe in the 11.11.18 parade?

29d347 No.1134118

File: 191a3d1fe267a0c⋯.jpg (60.6 KB, 320x318, 160:159, Angela Merkel masonic hand….jpg)


Why does Merkel always holds her hands like that, incredible the number of public picts where she has this position. Note that she's the only one here putting her hands like that.

314ee1 No.1134119

is the palm tree picture from SA?

243b97 No.1134120


fuck off you biggoted faggot. You're part of the problem.

fe98e7 No.1134121

File: 153829d9d5733f9⋯.jpg (58.57 KB, 500x414, 250:207, 3qcghg (1).jpg)

From Q, for immediate release.

117c7e No.1134122


wrong translation, not mathmatical(lol). sports injury

5c7415 No.1134123

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

082ecb No.1134124



b97aff No.1134125


Q, Germanon here. I absolutely support your great work and am very grateful for your service for the american people and all the people of Europe and the world. Please do not forget to also free Germany once you suceeded in the US. And please set the historic records straight on Germany with the accurate version of history. We're lost if you don't. Please remember that we are brothers (or cousins). Blessings to you, your team, the US military and all the patriots around the world.

52d2f7 No.1134126

File: 401469ec693be21⋯.png (17.67 KB, 665x119, 95:17, Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at ….png)


11.11 is Remembrance Day in Canada.

Armistice Day is on 11 November and is also known as Remembrance Day. It marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918. A two-minute silence is held at 11am to remember the people who have died in wars.

0c2cc7 No.1134127


But these satanist shit goes back to ancient days.

How to take care that it never ever will be playing a role in politics?

First these things need to be exposed!

Also all about MKUltra!

People still think it's just a tin foiler conspiracy theory.

But if exposed, they have to realize that these things are happening.

Because the evil was hiding in plain sight, but protected by the incredulity of 99% of poeple who just canot imagine these things are actually happening!

We need lots of red pilling!

It won't extinguish pedos and satanists, but it

will help that these things won't become as powerful again, when People are aware of it.

7e9221 No.1134128


2nd that

2a2ce4 No.1134129


>I'm ready to give it another go!

locked and loaded.

553bfd No.1134130


Anon assumed you meant next week bc of Q's post, so I was wondering if you'd seen something somewhere else too.

May 8th Horowitz is supposed to testify before Gowdy and them, so I can't imagine it'll be much longer.

710e71 No.1134131

File: edfb01ffd4c381d⋯.jpg (127.52 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, hillarybyrd.jpg)

File: 869eaf5b9396062⋯.jpg (113.15 KB, 700x500, 7:5, hrcshrill.jpg)

File: 6923c9ac208439c⋯.jpg (27.69 KB, 500x278, 250:139, hrctojail.jpg)

File: 143e567a091c1dd⋯.jpg (97.21 KB, 918x612, 3:2, malcolmxmedia.jpg)


Everyone knows hrc secrets HATES niggaz, as in FEAR and HATE, not just dislike.

Similar to how jews HATE and FEAR dark-skinned.

Now…extrapolate this to the vid. What is being said, what is being presented. [uncensored].

Not only HRC, but implicates DEMS as a whole.

97d87a No.1134132


Will we be freed from the tyranny of the Federal reserve?

e2160a No.1134133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Russia and the United States are blood brothers from the Lost 10-Tribes of Israel. We should not be at war. Isaiah 11:1 is not a good thing!

dc5e98 No.1134134



I'm grateful for everything God has done through you, POTUS, and the wonderful anons on this board.

But, why does it have to take so long?

Lots of pain by innocents between now and 11.11.18.

Please consider an accelerated time table.

Thank you again.

138e8f No.1134135

Is it safe to say "checkmate" yet?

7c6cd9 No.1134136



>Dafuq is happening?


>I was walking to my local weed merchant today

0b8a66 No.1134137


How could it possibly be the bad guys at this point?

fe58ea No.1134138

File: 44713a67237347f⋯.jpg (80.25 KB, 663x487, 663:487, e20949d80179fd4fa4f751eb02….jpg)

a5eb41 No.1134139


Not sure if this is right, but maybe by subpoenaing JA we can get him out of that embassy safely? Bring him here and set him up with asylum for the trial. He needs to be exonerated.

7e9221 No.1134140



314ee1 No.1134141

File: abffc404c05891e⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 250x255, 50:51, pepe rock star.jpg)


hell yeah!

1ea435 No.1134142

File: 51bd62df85b4a42⋯.png (714.36 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 42AFE54B-9471-4B82-A165-45….png)

Q, is this how Obama was leveraged?

c40271 No.1134143

File: 7a921f68839984f⋯.jpg (14.46 KB, 244x206, 122:103, 29540933_10213182614252770….jpg)

c6b3b3 No.1134144

File: df4817f63ae9b95⋯.jpg (241.98 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MaganomicsBlack7.jpg)

File: 1d829de188dbb02⋯.jpg (226.95 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MaganomicsBlack5.jpg)

File: 9d0b2f4f932c8dc⋯.jpg (306.83 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MaganomicsBlack3.jpg)

File: 290efc63d63c9b2⋯.jpg (89.4 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AfricanAmericanUnemploymen….jpg)

File: b1b4fc6d088fdb6⋯.jpg (126.09 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AfricanAmericanUnemploymen….jpg)

138e8f No.1134145


And from the IRS

3513bb No.1134146




> \

> \

> \

> 5:5 0010110

> Namaste.

> Violet flame.

082ecb No.1134147


6c8b3e No.1134148


Blackfag here, they already lost my vote. I was blind for so long but now I see the truth.

285dcf No.1134149


Michael looked like he a mouthful of shit about half the time.

5c45b5 No.1134150


Well, after my mother.

6b038e No.1134151

File: 04c37a10bb8450d⋯.jpg (182.5 KB, 1915x954, 1915:954, goodwhichhunt2.JPG)

a46b69 No.1134152

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We all know the story about World War II. The ONE about how "The Good Guys" banded together to stop Adolf Hitler and the big BAD Germans (and Japanese) from taking over the world.

There is just ONE problem with this official version of the history-changing event known as World War II.

It's a LIE!

During the 75 years that have now passed since the end of the grand history-altering event known as World War II, only a single narrative of the great conflict has been heard. It is a story which the architects of the New World Order have implanted, no, POUNDED into the minds of three subsequent generations.

Every medium of mass indoctrination has been harnessed to the task of training the obedient masses as to what the proper view of this event should be. Academia, news media, public education, book publishing, TV documentaries, Hollywood films, clergymen and politicians of every stripe all sing the same song. You know the familiar lyrics: “Led by Adolf Hitler; Germany, Italy and Japan tried to enslave the planet. The “good guys” of the “world community”, led by Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and Winston Churchill, banded together and stopped them.

Literally, not a day seems to pass without some sort of media reference to this incomplete and simplistic narrative; a story which oh-so-conveniently ignores the previous decades of critical history leading up to World War II, omits vital information from the actual war years, and outright fabricates lie after lie after lie. Indeed, the “official story” amounts to a manufactured mendacity of such mountainous dimensions that the human mind will have a hard time processing the actual truth of the grand event, no matter how compelling the case may be.

Isn’t it time you heard a different tune; at least for your consideration? Haven't you ever at least been curious as to what "the other side of the World War II story" was? If so, you ought to have a look at 'The Bad War', a heavily illustrated epic timeline that will transport you back to the mid 1800's; and then lead you on an exciting "you are there" journey right up through both World War I and World War II.

Well-written, entertaining, and meticulously documented, 'The Bad War' is unique for its ability to condense so much real history into just 245 attention-riveting, illustration-rich pages. But do be forewarned. Your worldview may never be the same.

http:// www.realhistorychannel.org/BW%20F%20JUNE%202015pdfversion.pdf

f7bf90 No.1134153

File: 427316a8f909769⋯.png (149.2 KB, 1280x650, 128:65, Screenshot-2018-4-21 US go….png)


Q it wasn't an accident this 411 ended up in this reporters FOIA reQuest now is it?

Still trusting the plan and am super excited for 11/11.2018! FREEDOM!


http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5638069/Government-accidentally-sends-strange-conspiracy-theory-file-describing-remote-mind-control.html

a120dd No.1134154

>>1133989And now pols like Ellison and Waters are trying to grab them back with talk of reparations. They’re too smart for that!

710e71 No.1134155


WW. subhuman muds will be destroyed, purged from europe. No other course of action is available. (((them))) in brussles/europe = [KILL]

2c8fec No.1134156


Hopefully long before then. Election day is 11.6.18, and voter fraud still needs to be dealt with.

df7e9d No.1134157


No we will go as Q division of Kekistan, with the flag, no compromises there

192205 No.1134158


And for the more woke among them, the reveal of AIDS crap (shit meds, all the testing they do in Africa) will add fuel to fire.

6697c8 No.1134159


WW. Unified as a species?

d8be13 No.1134160

File: 86cf053e7a0f809⋯.png (14.31 KB, 588x391, 588:391, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e1abebac09a368⋯.png (267.7 KB, 529x423, 529:423, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b8e8a89868de405⋯.png (295.6 KB, 852x486, 142:81, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b8e8a89868de405⋯.png (295.6 KB, 852x486, 142:81, ClipboardImage.png)

7c6cd9 No.1134161



2a2ce4 No.1134162


I think you'll see thousands.

5b6707 No.1134163


1=2, 2=4, 4=8…..

56607c No.1134164


I smoke hashish. Hashish is rich in CBD not THC.

CBD is not psychoactive.

56a364 No.1134165

File: 7a70fdbe7398435⋯.jpg (6.73 KB, 255x110, 51:22, ar,emia.jpg)

File: 426736ee2b73062⋯.jpg (11.08 KB, 264x191, 264:191, armenians2.jpg)

fc5787 No.1134166

File: e67e80fff6bfa2a⋯.jpg (148.15 KB, 735x628, 735:628, download (1).jpg)

bf4574 No.1134167

File: 751a746e36f1103⋯.png (16.49 KB, 455x235, 91:47, vets.png)

6990b3 No.1134168



I have 50,000 coming this winter.

Long term dream is to own an organic farm.

Have college degree in mechanical engineering technology and have always been a DIY type.

Keep thinking about starting a small manufacturing business but I had the good sense NOT to start a business because the climate was NOT good.

Now it sounds like a CNC machine and a few good ideas is going to be a damn good way to go.

Already have an idea for a specialty razor blade scraper for a certain industry that would find it very useful. Would consist of a milled block of aluminum and a utility knife blade.

ef8337 No.1134169

File: 8f53e4e5ace3041⋯.png (1.08 MB, 2514x2206, 1257:1103, ED042218.png)

Anyone think Team Q allowed Patriot's Day come and go untarnished, instead waiting to drop a MOAB or two on tomorrow's leftist pseudo-religious holiday?

c26848 No.1134170

File: c772835deba9f44⋯.png (6.33 KB, 511x144, 511:144, potus.PNG)

In the interview, Mr. Trump was asked to respond to the elder Mr. Cruz’s invocations of God as he urged evangelical voters to support his son, suggesting the alternative could mean the “destruction of America.”

“I think it’s a disgrace that he’s allowed to do it. I think it’s a disgrace that he’s allowed to say it,” Mr. Trump said, before adding, “And, you know, his father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald’s being — you know, shot. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous. What is this, right, prior to his being shot, and nobody brings it up. They don’t even talk about that. That was reported and nobody talks about it. But I think it’s horrible.”

He went on, “What was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death, before the shooting? It’s horrible.”

683e22 No.1134171

File: 0f6789975661f1c⋯.png (4.16 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, 0f6789975661f1c4fa804c1412….png)


Godspeed, Baker

0b8a66 No.1134172



That's California.






c13c2a No.1134174

The people I follow on Twitter who are in SA seem very unconcerned with whatever is going on at the palace.

151a21 No.1134175


It took many years, generations, to infiltrate so many governments and corporations. This was only possible due to the media covering up, and not exposing crimes of the state. Once dismantled, an honest media, aware citizens, and a truly honorable government will prevent this situation in the future.

5c8e55 No.1134176