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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch.jpg)

b524f0 No.1211384


Enjoy the ride

Board Rules


Q's Tripcode: Q !xowAT4Z3VQ

Q's Latest Posts

Friday 4.27.2018

>>1211343 rt >>1211294 — H"Done in 30"

>>1211294 ———————- Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Thursday 4.26.2018

>>1203338 rt >>1203096 — GOOD people are acting on the information.

>>1203057 ———————- Patience isn't always easy

>>1198932 rt >>1198778 — Important note [texts only].

>>1197788 rt >>1197573 — How many pics can you find of JL & HRC?

>>1197560 ———————- Sessions playing 4D chess

Wednesday 4.25.2018

>>1189217 rt >>1189008 — Antifa ARE Nazis

>>1187806 rt >>1187631 — Welcome to the WH.

>>1187631 ———————- What happens to...

>>1187021 rt >>1187000 — Note 187.

>>1187000 rt >>1186910 — Non-public release of Strzock texts

>>1184271 ———————- Are you awake?

>>1183319 ———————- Did you know?

>>1181425 rt >>1181379 — WW = worldwide. Try harder.

>>1181379 rt >>1181185 — They tried to delete the proof.

>>1181185 rt >>1180770 — We knew this day would come.

>>1180770 rt >>1180605 — The world is Connected. All or nothing.

>>1180770 rt >>1180604 — The world is Connected. All or nothing.

>>1180605 rt >>1180433 — Think logically…Power shift. Rise of the people.

>>1180433 rt >>1180390 — "Politics." Same for Merkel. Think movie.

>>1180364 ———————- They Feel Threatened By Us

Tuesday 4.24.2018

>>1173273 rt >>1173221 — Red carpet event tonight?

>>1169419 rt >>1169348 — This is about taking back our FREEDOM

>>1169345 rt >>1169290 — Red carpet rollout?

>>1169294 rt >>1169241 — Hostage no more.

>>1169241 rt >>1169138 — What's at risk?

>>1169138 rt >>1169112 — You Decide.

>>1169101 ———————- Iran is next. [Marker].

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You have a voice.

Be heard.

Patience isn’t always easy.

But vital to get right.


This is not about religions or party affiliation.

EVIL is everywhere.

There are no drawn lines.

No boundaries.

Good vs Evil.


This is about taking back our FREEDOM and saving our children/people from the EVIL that has plagued our country/world for so long.


Redpill for normies >>1087693 Proof POTUS was behind Q even before he appeared on the chans.

>>1071025 How to Quickly Spot a Shill

>>1113115, >>1113120 How to filter a Shill


1. DO NOT CONFRONT accounts that are being tracked. WATCH. ARCHIVE. REPORT.

2. If you find an important account, ARCHIVE OFFLINE BEFORE POSTING''' link to 8ch.

We must avoid tipping off the black hats until archiving is complete.

>>1126202 For Instagram mirroring

>>1127332 For Website mirroring

Twitter Mirroring Tool Anyone?

Linked In Harvesting Tool Anyone?

b524f0 No.1211392


are not endorsements


>>1211182 'Toronto Attack was Radicalized on 4chan': Report

>>1211099 UNITAID and the Clinton Foundation

>>1211039 Intel Report: No deception detected during Flynn’s Interview

>>1211024 , >>1211011 , >>1211021 Jonestown Massacre & Evergreen connections

>>1210984 Patrick Meehan (R-PA) announces resignation

>>1210970 New Storm-based game: 'Lock Her Up - The Trump Supremacy'

>>1210895 #ReleaseTheTexts 70mm exposures on twatter

>>1210716 Genius Redpilling


>>1209860 Renegade

>>1209864 Planting Trees, >>1209880

>>1209877 Wikileaks & Evergreen ——- 100's of search results

>>1209955 Q Proof

>>1209962 Tick Tock Tick Tocka

>>1209996 Op name: Fiddler

>>1210004 Clapper Laked Trump Dossier

>>1210007 Witch Hunt

>>1210020 Red Carpet Rollout

>>1210070 Feeding The Narrative

>>1210090 Absolutely Historic

>>1210171 Rootin Tootin Putin

>>1210336 Oswald In Mexico City? JFK Plot

>>1210360 ES, GOOG, TP & HRC

>>1210446 Further analysis on McCain Phone photo

>>1210538 The Most Devilish Crew Of All Time


>>1208894 HRC Evergreen Mail

>>1209091 Eagles Act of 2018

>>1209110 Hey, hey, hey! It's Bill Cosby, Supposed Father Figure..

>>1209184 Disney/Fox Causes Resignation Ahead Of Time

>>1209231 Iron Eagle Twitter Coincidence ,>>1209509

>>1209289 Cohencidence?


>>1209351 Re: Hey clear gmail..., >>1209273

>>1209370 Expand YouR Thinking, You Must..

>>1209433 Frankfurter Geheimschaft

>>1209471 Real Dr. Corsi Here, >>1209458 Don't Buy My Book

>>1209579 Weekly Adress: Rid Your House Of Prescription Drugs, >>1209540

>>1209617 Rob Schneider is.. a whistling carrot!

>>1209633 Skippy's Burner Phone Network, >>1209644

>>1209660 The Fight IS Real

>>1209663 As The World Turns .. On John.

>>1209685 He Will Not Be Named Retires


>>1208276 They Are Basically Remainer Names, >>1208443

>>1208325 Wonderful News, >>1208326

>>1208390 Kanye West has performed a great service to the Black Community

>>1208397 111 theory still holding strong

>>1208410 MS-13 Member Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for RICO Conspiracy Involving Attempted Murder and Conspiracy to Murder

>>1208478 Good Body Language

>>1208560 CIA asking for current photos of Oswald 6 weeks PRIOR to the assassination., >>1208616

>>1208867, >>1208869 House Intelligence Committe Report: No Evidence Of Collusion With Trump, >>1208776, >>1208910

>>1209009 NoName & David Kramer responsible for submitting Steele Dossier


>>1207549 POTUS tweet: Remember sailor! >>1207555, >>1207578, >>1207818

>>1207560 Small map regarding VIP Poker: Things don't add up!, >>1207585 TinyFund.

>>1207573 Evergreen might be Stanford

>>1207579 The Minotaur Of Hollywood

>>1207677 Unsolved Mysteries: Iron Eagle, Las Vegas.

>>1207686 KOREAN WAR TO END!, >>1207681, >>1207891

>>1207696 Perspective fix and initial analysis of McCain Poker image

>>1207742 We Demand Answers.

>>1207791 We Make It Rain.

>>1207884 The Qappening

>>1207899 My Good Friend President Xi of China

>>1207921 Deputies Have No Confidence In Israel

>>1207969 Land Ho!

>>1207996 Shocking Documentary: The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan

>>1208125 Evergreen Aviation

>>1208180 Great Moment As Kim Jong-Un Crosses Over To South Korea, >>1208197 in Gif

>>1208207 Mattis Warns, >>1208165

>>1208231 Phantom Secure Takedown


>>1206760 Hitler's Niece is visiting WH. Get dem memes ready, >>1206885, >>1206903

>>1206762 Evergreen Hillary

>>1206766 Korea's Latest

>>1206796 More on Oswald

>>1206828 Making More Connections

>>1206902 FBI Leadership & Structure under Comey (Many Names)

>>1206907 Archive #1492 - #1510

>>1207133 SS Code Name List, >>1207200

>>1207206 Depraved Pizza Art: Instagram of davidhenrynobodyjr now archived

>>1207228 John's Legend

>>1207241 Aggressive Electronic Warfare Encountered in Syria

>>1207347 Comey on Strzok-Page

>>1206765 >McCain.jpg, >>1207110, EXIF DATA, >>1207400, >>1207404, >>1207406, >>1207415, >>1207423

>>1207407 No Name and Renegade like to play Poker.

Best Of Bread >>311157

Archive of Notables >>>/comms/225 (Batch 740~ present)

b524f0 No.1211397



>No redactions.


We might have uncovered the "THINK MIRROR, LEFT IS RIGHT, RIGHT IS LEFT" mystery!!

Check it out and conclude for yourselves:

#1512: >>1206758, >>1206950, >>1206971, >>1206971, >>1206862, >>1207115

#1513: >>1207897, >>1207903,

Just Released: Strzok/Page texts http://dailycaller.com/2018/04/27/read-the-strozk-page-texts-in-full/

Just Released: 281 pages of new Clinton emails >>1182652

JFK Files Released www.archives.gov/research/jfk/release

>>1203013 Globalization & Covert Politics

>>1202345 Howard Hunt was a deep state m**ng operative

>>1201030 James Earl Ray fingerprints didn't match

>>1200616 , >>1200691 Watergate in 1975 but in the body they're asking FBI-C_A for Howard Hunt's vacation & leave records during JFK's assassination period

>>1200531 , >>1200535 FBI intentionally ordered to avoid a DA's input on MLK's assassination

>>1199843 BINGO MLK SHOOTER Eric Starvo Galt >>1199893 James Earl Ray >>1199903

>>1197861 So the FBI plotted against MLK jr???

>>1197394 Hunt and Sturgis

>>1196996 , >>1199497 Names under investigation for conspiracy to kidnap and murder one female General M. Magnifico

>>1196852 Oswald knows the handsigns, etc.


>>1196491 C_A ADMITS TEPEDINO WAS AN ASSET and then some...

>>1196214 , >>1196281 C_A Cryptonyms

>>1196178 C_A HIT TEAM TOOK JFK OUT! >>1203028

>>1195956 Remember the "Tramps" from the Kennedy Assassination?

>>1195717 , >>1195707 Was Lee Harvey Oswald a secret unit called "Coffee Mill"?

>>1195180 , >>1195220 (((They))) killed MLK - what about JFK? DIG FOR HARD EVIDENCE, ANONS!

>>1194818 , >>1194863 , >>1194840 , >>1194686 , >>1194930 , >>1194929 JFK Documents release and finds

>>1194744 Expect fireworks! JFK files


>>1203028 30-35 C_A assets in Dallas

MEME FOR DEAR LIFE >>1133464, >>1134569

Al Gore #WheresAlGore >>1147720

Huma+??(how many siblings does huma have?) >>1140227

Map Huma's Family: Parents & Siblings >>1142939 Huma's Sister, Heba, attempted to undermine RIGHTFUL outcome of Presidential Election

>>1143533 Follow the Money. Check out Dearborn, MI also

HUMA?? >>1143022, >>1143031

MB >>1143739 MB & OBAMA

Hussein >>1101878, >>1101894 Private Investigation Into Obama By Dr. Taitz

Obama Timeline >>1066725 POTUS Schedule vs Obama 'vacation' >>1200729

CLAS Sec 11A P2.2

>>1170278 CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2 [important], >>1170325 sauce

>>1170802 Uranium One Link

>>1176566 Possible meaning "CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2" refers to "HDCP 2.2 11A" Eavesdrop on any data


>>1113402 D/L Video, Data Mine & Build Profile (Eyes Only)

>>1184421 Dig so far. Let's archive it anons, as Q said it's for use later

>>1164303 Nancy Pelosi's Twatter Archive

>>1118046 NP 1997 NK Talk www.c-span.org/video/?91427-1/north-korea-hunger-problem

>>1114611 32 Page PDF on NP: Needs DIGGING

>>1114530 Intelligence Committee Senate Report on NP's NK visit

>>1114037 NK selling arms to Iran: CIA Reading Room sauce

>>1113439 Alexandra

>>1113436 Christine

>>1113406 , >>1113553 , >>1113534 Paul

>>1113414 Offspring: Profiles

>>1107156 Dig On Feinstein's Husband

>>1112484 Complete archive for the @TeamPelosi twatter, including images

>>1111792 NP's financial disclosures

>>1107270 NP's net worth

>>1108812 NP Family: A Who's Who

>>1109003 NP Family: An overview

>>1113725 , >>1114100 Pelosi in NK

>>1113283 , >>1113404 Did Pelosi giggle when asked a Q about NK's recent ICBM?

>>1115633 NP violated NPT and 1994 Agreed Framework

>>1183297 NP Video Links and Resources

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#1517 Dough


23f66f No.1211467

File: 8eba80d329e6d94⋯.png (9.35 KB, 303x166, 303:166, E315ACA3-42CA-440E-978A-3F….png)

File: 647a92c4086b5d4⋯.png (8.87 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 70932F91-FA00-496F-97AE-A3….png)

File: e685c33c9e8b7ba⋯.png (8.21 KB, 303x166, 303:166, BBDDE61C-E8C5-495F-A34C-B9….png)

File: d01acfdbd70e65c⋯.png (11.68 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 3A718263-2A68-4C79-8BF9-82….png)


These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down."

>not fact, written by man said by Jesus, it's a code read the truths find the message.

(1) And he said, "Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death."

>find meaning to these sayings in context to find enlightenment (sainthood, light-bodies)

(2) Jesus said, "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All."

>Thing biggest, HOW deep does the rabbit hole go? HOW long have we been programmed? HOW would the truth set us free? If we knew the true God was pure love and light (made in his image)

(3) Jesus said, "If your teachers say to you, ‘Look, God’s Divine Rule is in the sky,’ then the birds will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It’s in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, God’s Divine Rule is within you and you are everywhere. When you know yourself, you will be known, and you will understand that we are one. But if you don’t know yourself, you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."

>the biggest mistake humanity made was the personification of god, you and I and all of us are all part of god. God speaks through everything this is what miracles are. We have free will and can choose to listen or wait for a "magic trick". To deny love to any animal or human Or the earth/universe is to deny gods love. We are in poverty of the true love of god right now.

(5) "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed."

>look for the obvious signs and stop throwing them aside. (ET, history,Hauntings, Paranormal, all "conspiracy") and the truth will become more clear.

(8) Jesus said, “A wise fisherman cast his net into the sea. When he drew it up it was full of little fish. Among them he discovered a large, fine fish. He threw all the little fish back into the sea, and he chose the large fish. Anyone here with two good ears should listen.”

>For every net full of fish (ideas,concepts) there are a bunch of small fish that aren't worth anything, look for the biggest nicest fish (the truth) through the whole net.

(17) Jesus said, “I will give you what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has touched, and what has not arisen in the human heart.”

>if you can decode these sayings and history you will have the power to collectively change others with your presence alone

(18) The followers said to Jesus, “Tell us how our end will be.” He said, “Have you discovered the beginning, then, so that you are seeking the end? For where the beginning is, the end will be. Fortunate is the one who stands at the beginning: That one will know the end and will not taste death.”

>STOP digging for information from now. LOOK to the past. Start with the BEGINNING. If you can make sense of the start you can make sense of the end. You will not fear or taste death.

(20) The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us what God’s Divine Rule is like.” He said to them, “It’s like a mustard seed. It’s the smallest of all seeds, but when it falls on prepared soil, it produces a large plant and becomes a shelter for birds of the sky.”

>gods rule is so small you may miss it. It's impossible to see but when planted in a body of light it spreads heavenly love to all

(22) "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so the male will not be male and the female will not be female…then you will enter the Kingdom."

>when you put aside your differences and opinions on race/sex/gender/identity then you will all live in peace.

(24) The disciples said, “Show us the place where you are, for we must seek it.” He said to them, “Anyone here with two ears had better listen! There is a light within a person of light, and it shines on the whole world. If it does not shine, it is dark.”

>stop looking for a magical man to come from the sky and tell you how to be a good person so you can "believe it" just shine your light of love into the whole world or you will end up just like the "cabal" in darkness

(34) Jesus said, “If a blind person leads a blind person, both of them will fall into a hole.”

>if you follow people who speak blind nothings you will both fall into a cycle of hate and bad karma

d1621b No.1211475




stop with the gospel of thomas shit

it was posted ONCE at night a few days ago

you're either ridiculous or a shill

79d233 No.1211478

Flynn would make a good VA pick.

8620ff No.1211479


it's a shill and BO warned him to stop it

aeac5a No.1211480

File: db64bac146166c7⋯.jpg (273.53 KB, 1022x768, 511:384, RTT7.jpg)

File: e379dfe7810e8ec⋯.jpg (193.98 KB, 1023x602, 1023:602, RTT8.jpg)

File: 5bba963c5ed7cc3⋯.jpg (217.7 KB, 962x643, 962:643, RTT9.jpg)

479458 No.1211481

German Hillary is no match for POTUS

cf8a5d No.1211482

File: 4770bfeeaa33761⋯.png (709.76 KB, 1559x1088, 1559:1088, 1037.png)

File: 383d63adca72fff⋯.png (222.78 KB, 1694x890, 847:445, 995MOAB.png)

File: 12fba97fb757573⋯.png (181.74 KB, 1740x496, 435:124, ZZ.png)

File: 12fba97fb757573⋯.png (181.74 KB, 1740x496, 435:124, ZZ.png)

Please review! I stumbled upon this through a series of COINCIDENCES. 0010110

6c4dc4 No.1211483

>>1211440 (last bread)

Clapper incoming…

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-27/clapper-busted-leaking-dossier-details-cnns-jake-tapper-lying-congress-about-it

479458 No.1211484


He would…never thought of that

d1621b No.1211485


gotcha just got here, missed Q's last two crumbs and reviewing them now

23f66f No.1211486

File: 846e9fb6a5eb514⋯.jpeg (83.48 KB, 960x741, 320:247, 3500ABD1-9988-4346-BD58-5….jpeg)

File: 4ec773aad958e24⋯.jpg (83.31 KB, 504x479, 504:479, IMG_2625.JPG)

File: 0d01fc07719cb85⋯.jpg (104 KB, 1001x701, 1001:701, IMG_2628.JPG)

File: 09d2642083b1148⋯.png (5.06 MB, 1272x3816, 1:3, IMG_2632.PNG)


40) "A grapevine has been planted outside of the Father, but since it is not strong, it will be pulled up by its roots and shall pass away."

>they have made a fake kingdom of god through schism of religion and think it will hold. It won't because it's built on lies.

(42) "Be passersby."

>don't participate in hateful behavior. Observe it and change.

(44) Jesus said, “If two make peace with each other in a single house, they will say to the mountain, ‘Move over here!’ and it will move.”

>if you figure out how to make peace with all you will literally be able to move mountains

(51) The disciples said to him, “When will the rest for the dead take place, and when will the new world come?” He said to them, “What you are looking forward to has come, but you don’t know it.”

>once you can actually decode these saying with the power of the allegory for creation (internet) you will know the new world is here.

(56) "Whoever has come to understand this world has found merely a corpse, and whoever has discovered the corpse, of that one the world is no longer worthy."

>we are in a divine hologram in a 3D perception of existence we are in the "I am this" conscious atmosphere.

(57) "God’s Divine Rule is like a person who had good seed. His rival came during the night and sowed weeds among the good seed. The person did not let the workers pull up the weeds, but said to them, “No, otherwise you might go to pull up the weeds and pull up the wheat along with them. For on the day of the harvest the weeds will be conspicuous, and will be pulled up and burned.”

>god doesn't discriminate. Don't rip someone down because you believe them to be a "weed" let them grow and at the end it will be much easier to spot.

(58) Jesus said, “Congratulations to the person who has forgiven and has found life.”

>forgive all life and love all life, you will find new life

(59) "Look to the living One as long as you live. Otherwise, when you die and then try to see the living One, you will be unable to see."

>look towards YOU (I AM) for the truth or when you die you will just be reincarnated again with the same blindness.

c293f2 No.1211487


She is soooo boring to listen to. Like a little german mouse.

8620ff No.1211488


old news

6631d0 No.1211489

File: 34fd3b7313ec9fe⋯.jpeg (255.09 KB, 1440x1446, 240:241, 1524525792.jpeg)

Oh God Bless You Baker! Laughed my ass off at the You are here forever.


7ee620 No.1211490



120379 No.1211491

File: 6f2ae976461c362⋯.jpg (56.96 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ZomboMeme 27042018144032.jpg)

04fd50 No.1211493

File: 210d0b5cfa60089⋯.png (846.13 KB, 1110x699, 370:233, flynn judge.png)

ffe838 No.1211494

File: 5ba2796e79d79ea⋯.jpeg (18.5 KB, 252x255, 84:85, GREATactors.jpeg)


>Flynn is safe.

>We knew FLYNN would be challenged.

>Part of the plan?

>Flynn JR recent “did not lie to VP.”



>SIG sent [WH position]?

>Moves & countermoves.

>Role outside of WH?

>“Lost house.”

>“Funds for legal.”

>“Beat up.”

>You are watching a …..

>What is right?

>What is wrong?

>Up is down.

>Left is right.

>Left is LEFT.

>WH position [rapid] changes.



>Visibility in one helps another?


pic realted. HEAVILY.

Seriously, why don't newfags understand this? Undo your conditioning.

DO NOT BE A SHEEP. (((they))) want you to live a MOVIE. ACCORDING TO (((THEIR))) 'SCRIPT'.

e23b3f No.1211495



Flynn knows where are the bodies are buried. He was NSA DIA

ef221d No.1211497


Future proves past. Future also continues to disprove certain fake twitter accounts.

Right after fake twitter clown Backchannel17 posts "COMMS DARK [planned]" Q posts twice a few minutes later. Oops! Not so dark, huh. I hope anyone following that account realizes this…

733369 No.1211498

>>1211477 (prev.)

just like @kill_rogue switched his handle post-Q drop, and >>1211388 ("Alan")

23f66f No.1211499

File: 656cd9b6f925592⋯.png (26.79 KB, 377x352, 377:352, C041E19B-413C-4A4B-BACF-14….png)

File: 3e52e84689c5f53⋯.jpeg (65.04 KB, 590x400, 59:40, 3D2ADA51-DF2D-44DF-9BEE-3….jpeg)

File: b5a5b92bf52bb6d⋯.png (11.21 KB, 163x310, 163:310, BBE3384D-490B-43ED-AD26-68….png)

File: c7a91f52fa6b919⋯.jpeg (74.22 KB, 480x386, 240:193, CDFB1D1B-AE3C-48A7-AF9B-8….jpeg)

File: d7f4186ad5da133⋯.png (6.25 KB, 183x275, 183:275, A97D7C5B-8651-4F7C-8752-04….png)


(61) "I am the one who comes from what is whole. I was given from the things of my Father. Therefore, I say that if one is whole, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness."

>we are all spirit fragments of greater spiritual energies. If we come together we literally form a whole massive spiritual entity within synchronicity of god. We literally all come from the same soul. If we fill our heads with light and knowledge we will all form a beam.

(63) "There was a rich person who had a great deal of money. He said, “I shall invest my money so that I may sow, reap, plant, and fill my storehouses with produce, that I may lack nothing.” These were the things he was thinking in his heart, but that very night he died."

>quit focusing on the same plots used to control humanity since time began (read the Ten Commandments or ten teachings of Buddha) if you focus on greed and pursuit of meaningless desires you may as well be dead.

(76) Jesus said, “God’s Divine Rule is like a merchant who had a supply of merchandise and then found a pearl. That merchant was prudent; he sold the merchandise and bought the single pearl for himself. So also with you, seek the treasure that is unfailing, that is enduring, where no moth comes to eat and no worm destroys.”

> god is like a man who sells his everything he owns for the beauty of nature. Seek the treasure that always fulfills. The love of the earth and the meaning of all life

(90) Jesus said, “Come to me, for my yoke is comfortable and my lordship is gentle, and you will find rest for yourselves.”

>you will find love and eternal happiness once you understand love for all beings.

(94) Jesus said, “One who seeks will find. And for one who knocks, it shall be opened.”

>never stop looking for answers and never wait for someone to give you answers. You must look hard yourself for the truth.

(95) Jesus said, “If you have money, do not lend it at interest. Rather, give it to someone who will not pay you back.”

>money is pointless. Give it away and help someone who has nothing. It's not about you. God is all of us so by disrespecting a brother or letting them feel pain you are only hurting god.

(100) They showed Jesus a gold coin and said to him, “The Roman Emperor’s people demand taxes from us.” He said to them, “Give the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor. Give God what belongs to God.”

>Jesus isn't saying quit your jobs and stop going about your daily lives. Just use your wisdom to grow and one day the empire will fall.

(108) Jesus said, “Whoever drinks from my mouth shall become like me. I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to that person.”

>if you trust the Jesus Christ consciousness to show you the way to truth than all will easily slide into frame for you. No fear, no resentment, no hate.

1ed03d No.1211500

File: e8b2b4c465220e3⋯.png (92.65 KB, 554x431, 554:431, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3e3a0beca8c4665⋯.png (30.24 KB, 350x363, 350:363, ClipboardImage.png)

0c0cc4 No.1211501


Schiff and committee Democrats released their minority view report Friday, where Schiff said they "correct the record on a raft of misleading conclusions, insinuations, attempts to explain away inconvenient facts, and arguments meant to protect the President and his campaign found in the Republican report."

d1621b No.1211502

9f9ea6 No.1211503


Ain't happening. months after Q claimed arrests we have stuff like this.

you'll die of old age first. lol dumbshit

950396 No.1211504


Pretty sure he's talking about the Page/Strozk txts. Coulda SWORN I saw a "Done in 30 mins" in there. Lemme look.

6bb982 No.1211505

Was the OIG report released ahead to any parties today?

It's a week or so out from MH testimony..?

8620ff No.1211506



stop posting this shit.

cfab57 No.1211507

File: 6380259b5bc763f⋯.png (344.22 KB, 682x540, 341:270, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: 5ed602f746e7a01⋯.png (157.63 KB, 711x594, 79:66, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: 356ce07c3e95fbc⋯.png (137.89 KB, 699x641, 699:641, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: 34676394f4df1bb⋯.png (516.7 KB, 676x492, 169:123, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

Flynn Free 30 Days - Q

dd6507 No.1211508

File: 782ac4fe73124c1⋯.webm (425.25 KB, 920x615, 184:123, 1441998835803.webm)

These 5 seconds changes the 911 narrative.

Cognitive dissonance?

Don't see a airplane?

That means you have 20/20 vision.

b524f0 No.1211509

File: 2d527b064144d2a⋯.jpg (10.43 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 2d527b064144d2ad6742552819….jpg)


You know it.

d7a26c No.1211510


concern fag is concerned

c8d850 No.1211511

File: f624fe9001ad7d3⋯.png (144.41 KB, 613x375, 613:375, ClipboardImage.png)


Done in 30 from Q on March 27

79d233 No.1211512


They're scared of someone good running it. I have the feeling it's way worse than we know.

d1621b No.1211513

File: 524f8acbaab0a37⋯.png (2.74 MB, 2809x1440, 2809:1440, FLAGsidebyside.png)


see the (pic related)

7ee620 No.1211514


you STFU yourself. that VID if it REAL than thats one HELL OF A MOAB

c293f2 No.1211515



9f9ea6 No.1211516

File: 1967e14a58e42d0⋯.jpg (12.91 KB, 277x182, 277:182, index.jpg)

File: 22b7b696e08e429⋯.jpg (36.75 KB, 640x360, 16:9, poster_d82c9282566947fda2a….jpg)

File: dca42d72ea3744c⋯.jpg (9.68 KB, 274x184, 137:92, images.jpg)

File: f431bb8b10f5c7e⋯.jpg (10.34 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 2654d3f53e54a499a4997b0f56….jpg)

9b43f0 No.1211517


Vengeneance is sweeter

d1621b No.1211519

063410 No.1211520

File: cd89484f283600e⋯.png (442.72 KB, 878x818, 439:409, Selection_122.png)



c5dac2 No.1211521


Link for green video pls

d4aa1e No.1211522

Merkel's comments note Germany has increased …. increased their defense budget to 1.3% of GDP. NATO contribution requires 2%.

Trump is pushing and Merkel says they will increase that 1.3%.

You know Trump, he said – Trade deals will be impacted.

479458 No.1211523


I have a feeling youre right

Its a national disgrace

639f5b No.1211524


You all need to stop it!!! If you don't like it then don't read it. Come on ppl!

b9e49e No.1211525

HAHAHA not that i care about Poland, but mentioning POLAND is paying more as they should … LOL

bc27a4 No.1211526


Doesnt play for me

fffbf0 No.1211527


With all of this in mind, and wishing the best for our country as well as for Catholics worldwide, we believe it to be the responsibility of loyal and informed United States Catholics to petition you to authorize an investigation into the following questions:

To what end was the National Security Agency monitoring the conclave that elected Pope Francis?

– What other covert operations were carried out by US government operatives concerning the resignation of Pope Benedict or the conclave that elected Pope Francis?

– Did US government operatives have contact with the “Cardinal Danneels Mafia”?

– International monetary transactions with the Vatican were suspended during the last few days prior to the resignation of Pope Benedict. Were any U.S. Government agencies involved in this?

– Why were international monetary transactions resumed on February 12, 2013, the day after Benedict XVI announced his resignation? Was this pure coincidence?

– What actions, if any, were actually taken by John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and others tied to the Obama administration who were involved in the discussion proposing the fomenting of a “Catholic Spring”?

– What was the purpose and nature of the secret meeting between Vice President Joseph Biden and Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican on or about June 3, 2011?

– What roles were played by George Soros and other international financiers who may be currently residing in United States territory?”

Some interesting questions asked by concerned Catholics. I'll wager they know not about the loan provided to the See by House of Rothschild.

Asleep and divided, that's how they like us.

Where's that door?

c293f2 No.1211528



d589d2 No.1211530


Dig on MIT AV Club.

790ec1 No.1211531

File: 8a1bd5699a9f0ec⋯.jpg (44.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, unfuck_flynn.jpg)

23f66f No.1211532

File: 9816b9de4de5220⋯.png (307.15 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2150.PNG)

File: e03ea1ce570aab8⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2152.PNG)

File: dab16f8f1a0bfe5⋯.png (217.93 KB, 672x372, 56:31, F8C70621-9BC0-49EA-BD53-85….png)

File: c3871090f730249⋯.jpeg (8.04 KB, 287x176, 287:176, D8FD738F-0E83-479D-9227-4….jpeg)

File: ad4dc0ed77e3eb1⋯.jpeg (6.02 KB, 166x304, 83:152, F3F4DF5F-4648-4629-B7BB-E….jpeg)









6aee31 No.1211533

"We're going to catch you"

d1621b No.1211534


see this: >>1211479

I gotcha anon

713767 No.1211535

File: 89dc98167b84e2e⋯.png (1021.72 KB, 1004x782, 502:391, zzzyahoosucks.PNG)

can yahoo post anything positive ? ever ?

9273fc No.1211536


Is trump crazy!!!??


The EU/NATO is his worse enemy

10dfc2 No.1211537

File: 7f36bc4d0573555⋯.png (73.35 KB, 614x355, 614:355, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

cfab57 No.1211538

>>1211507 Sauce

ffe838 No.1211539


Trump, Merkel Confirm That Iran Deal Talks Continue; Oil Drops


Draw em in, crush em completely. MOVIE. ACTORS.


7ee620 No.1211540


I grabbed it last bread,

>>1211343 Q is this for real??

If yes//// holy goddamn fucking hell

8a3601 No.1211541


what in the actual fuck is your malfunction?

move along with the conversation…

or simply just MOVE THE FUCK ON!!

6bb982 No.1211542


I get that but you know what Q is like and he said, expand your thinking and then expand…

8f81e4 No.1211543

File: 86219dcf69d4da0⋯.png (317.45 KB, 601x575, 601:575, ClipboardImage.png)

>>1211294 (prev)


>What was completed and released today?

9b43f0 No.1211544


Satan homage

We must b n teh hell still

e0ee62 No.1211545


moar Evergreen, CIA, drugs, White slavery, False tail numbers, Air America , etc.


fe4702 No.1211546

(Bread #1516)


What I'm talking about goes back decades. What Qs want is parallel investigation, the stuff that's been leaking for years, the stuff certain people on this board have been digging up all those years, staying on top of the cabal's plans. Plus, the Qs want more evidence. We're not supposed to be a claQue.

c293f2 No.1211547



48c72f No.1211548

TRUMP said to Merkel

"We're going to try to catch you"

Double meaning?

34e3c0 No.1211549


Didn't the Board Owner tell you to stop posting this?

79d233 No.1211550



2ecb8f No.1211551

File: 3d36c3c5195352d⋯.png (240.55 KB, 1284x799, 1284:799, 30days.png)


>What was completed and released today



>Done in 30

639f5b No.1211552


Just because you don't agree with someone else's beliefs doesn't make them a shill. Linear thinking is dangerous. Much Love

c293f2 No.1211553



034833 No.1211554


Regarding Flynn and Q’ “expand your thinking.”

Q wants us to know that Flynn did all of those so that he could testify. He wants to talk.

6bb982 No.1211555

fb1fe6 No.1211556


when you can show me how 0.036" thick 2024T3 aluminum moving at 500 mph can cut 1" thick tempered structural steel columns in box form (i'm talking the last 30 feet of wing and the entire tail section) then disintegrate completely to dust 200,000lbs of Boeing's finest handiwork I'll buy a plane hit the thing.

cf8a5d No.1211557

File: cc93367ca4180f6⋯.png (47.33 KB, 1040x368, 65:23, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)


You can find the link on Q Post 1037!

0c0cc4 No.1211558

Mar 27 2018 23:43:29 (EST) Anonymous


Free Flynn

Mar 27 2018 23:45:17 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ


Done in 30.

House cleaning.

WH secured.

Final stage.


http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/27/house-report-backs-claim-that-fbi-agents-did-not-think-flynn-lied-despite-guilty-plea.html

8f81e4 No.1211559

File: 788c4eb3fcbf1f6⋯.png (246.98 KB, 584x536, 73:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 24b7f7b18c505eb⋯.png (214.4 KB, 585x537, 195:179, ClipboardImage.png)

Q, these evil bastards need to go!!!!!!!

58ac53 No.1211560



Who interviewed Flynn?

What redacted texts were released yesterday?


Why did Flynn take the bullet?

Rubber bullet?

Lawmakers make public?

Lawmakers learned gmail draft comms yesterday?

Lawmakers go hunting?

What is the purpose of a laser pointer?

You have more than you know.

Comms understood?


23f66f No.1211561

File: aac8723da6d09cb⋯.jpg (162.4 KB, 599x599, 1:1, IMG_2641.JPG)






9064aa No.1211563

I have maintained all along that Flynn went deep undercover during the Mueller scam to track down the deep state. Scam because Mueller and Trump were in cahoots.

Enjoy the show.

7e395a No.1211565



d1621b No.1211566

File: 437fae5da2ea7b0⋯.png (56.65 KB, 1159x233, 1159:233, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 904d779c42cd6f8⋯.png (29.4 KB, 1162x156, 581:78, ClipboardImage.png)

for those just getting here

8620ff No.1211567


yep…sure did. I reported it. Wouldn't hurt if others did too

9f9ea6 No.1211568

File: 51441ddf5de81bb⋯.png (11.46 KB, 255x134, 255:134, 611884ba33109404aea1b717a6….png)

File: 195364b1276a0af⋯.png (244.62 KB, 993x177, 331:59, EO13526 sec 1_7.png)

File: 3402e689f9c7e08⋯.png (87.23 KB, 500x667, 500:667, we-have-four-boxes-with-wh….png)

go fuck yourself Q

6bb982 No.1211569


Yes but was that the only thing "completed" and released today?

e940d9 No.1211570

File: 691f72edd185bd3⋯.jpg (6.09 MB, 3438x2430, 191:135, 166901662.jpg)

Activate Flynn!

9a5864 No.1211571


i.e. he told them where the bodies are buried

6bb982 No.1211572



63bcc7 No.1211574


>laser pointer

Cat chases it.

1147f9 No.1211575


Strozk, and the hunt lead to discovery of way more than originally expected.

b41272 No.1211576


>What is the purpose of a laser pointer?

You can use a laser pointer to make stupid people chase the dot.

11a0af No.1211577

Q you're dealing with a generation that has the attention span of a fly, we need arrests!

b1a465 No.1211578


Reports today No Name resigning in few weeks?

c293f2 No.1211579




bc hes a patriot

laser pointer activated haha


35c633 No.1211580


Any poster who feels compelled to post and repost the same stuff ad nauseum, by definition lacks conviction and sincerity and relies upon repetition instead of a compelling argument to make a point. Such posters deserve instant dismissal.

48c72f No.1211581



"Are you ready for tomorrow?"

(While posting a FAKE antifa flag)

Well Q I was, you lying bitch ass faggot.

Q, you're the one that needs to "try harder" you lying cunt

29d1fa No.1211582

File: 24726858d025ed7⋯.jpg (90.52 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Expand Thinking1.jpg)


>What is the purpose of a laser pointer?

To provide FOCUS!

d1621b No.1211583



I quite frankly don't care the shills beliefs they ARE IRRELEVANT

9273fc No.1211584


Proxy war imminent..

Poland needs help.

09a6f5 No.1211585


Another way to introduce evidence legally through Flynns prosecution

c8d850 No.1211586

File: 2c642e0f5b32bc0⋯.jpg (36.96 KB, 450x338, 225:169, Laser Pointer.jpg)

c5dac2 No.1211587


which part is the link? show me.

a youtube link looks like this:




d589d2 No.1211588

File: da12330a1f61e38⋯.png (24.47 KB, 474x316, 3:2, da647a653edf93d728303bf041….png)


>Lawmakers learned gmail draft comms yesterday?

6bb982 No.1211589


Brilliant anon, I knew there was more to it.

bf4aca No.1211590


"Flynn has a story to tell"… He absolutely does.

Flynn is a patriot of the highest order. His team of leak killers and palace coup hunters (Q-Team crossover?) have been VERY busy, even after his firing.

I've been studying this counter intelligence operation for over a year now and every day am left more and more in awe of what General Flynn sacrificed and risked to save the republic.

Q, any chance Flynn is named NSC again once Bolton and 45 deal with Iran?

713767 No.1211591

File: 9eb3b3510088491⋯.jpg (154.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6cgcn9-geab96xsnuyy.jpg)


mueller good guy ? is that wat i'm reading .

478fd8 No.1211592

Laser pointers distract - especially my cat.

9a5864 No.1211593


Cyrstal Clear Q

277a83 No.1211594


Nice "catch" anon!

733369 No.1211595

File: 3093ae04040b4d8⋯.jpg (103.06 KB, 1200x746, 600:373, CAT LASER POINTER.jpg)


>What is the purpose of a laser pointer?


034833 No.1211596


Yes, but he wants to do this publicly, at an open hearing.

479458 No.1211597

It has all been methodically planned

Trump and his administration sent them in a specific direction….brilliant


02c0e7 No.1211598


labels are gay, especially when weaponized

120379 No.1211599

File: 7cb9fc4a2027d87⋯.jpg (47.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ZomboMeme 27042018144703.jpg)

d1621b No.1211600


like this copypasta bitch (ID 48c72f)

23f66f No.1211601


Nice you guys took your shill playbook text and projected it back to discredit god once again.

You already lost

b7ebc9 No.1211602


Flynn testifying was bait. Strozk changed the 302's to help frame POTUS.

The redacted texts yesterday prove that.

(We just haven't seen the redacted parts yet.)

Now Nunes and company can go full traitor hunting.

524675 No.1211603

Jesus fucking christ these Strozk/Page emails are fucking crazy.

"And yes dammit I know full well I am bringing outside into work. I'm angry."

Well there goes your fucking Flynn case.

7735e9 No.1211604


The messages will be released in batches, more to follow?

1147f9 No.1211605


Now your on the list Asshole, Good job.

e940d9 No.1211606



c8d850 No.1211607

>>1211560 US lawmakers hunting children like the European royals? Got the goods on them?

10dfc2 No.1211608

File: 45ce8461ffb246f⋯.png (659.57 KB, 818x553, 818:553, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

36f2d9 No.1211609

File: 56b93c8c18a1c4f⋯.jpg (791.05 KB, 5069x3379, 5069:3379, B99625355Z.1_2018020115074….jpg)

Text om leftmost phone was disxussing RACIST tweets, not visible in downsized photos for public distribution.

Getty deleted hi-res original. The low res (text unreadable remains:

EXIF bits from oldest version of photo:

DateTime 2018:01:30 23:33:47

DateTimeDigitized 2018:01:30 21:42:40

DateTimeOriginal 2018:01:30 21:42:40

ExifImageLength 3379

ExifImageWidth 5069

ExifOffset 724

ExifVersion 48, 50, 51, 48

ImageDescription during the State of the Union address in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives January 30, 2018 in Washington, DC. This is the first State of the Union address given by U.S. President Donald Trump and his second joint-session address to Congress.

ImageLength 3648

ImageWidth 5472

InteroperabilityOffset 1450

InteroperabilityVersion 48, 49, 48, 48

ISOSpeedRatings 5000

JPEGInterchangeFormat 1688

JPEGInterchangeFormatLength 4148

Make Canon

MaxApertureValue 3/1

MeteringMode 5

Model Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

Software Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)

Artist Chip Somodevilla

>>>> search for other images from this photog on this date


Hi-res photo here: https://www.gannett-cdn.com/media/2018/02/01/DetroitNews/B99625355Z.1_20180201150749_000_GM41RHK2K.1-0.jpg

950396 No.1211610


30 days +- 15 mins

c293f2 No.1211611



21858c No.1211612

File: 2c36c1d8cb9c38f⋯.jpg (48.09 KB, 659x412, 659:412, NO CHEM.jpg)

File: 7a6da8a297b5316⋯.jpg (11.44 KB, 242x181, 242:181, Evergrn.jpg)


This is one of the stoopidest comments I've witnessed yet! EVERYDAY, EVERY PERSON on the PLANET is sprayed with toxic, POISONOUS chemicals!


WHY is this still going on? I trust the plan.

I do believe.

What I find difficult to believe is that we provide our time and effort to the cause of making the world a better place, yet POTUS has not stopped the daily poisoning of every person in this country!

We have radar- there is no way these planes can dump, run and hide.


Research will halt if we all end up dead.

Research will stop when we can no longer function because our brains have been poisoned.


I PETITION the government of the Untied States of America to cease ALL chemtrail and aerosol poisoning of the population immediately.

c8a4dd No.1211613

File: 2516ce0aa2383a3⋯.jpeg (1.7 MB, 2048x1414, 1024:707, E0BC32D7-2154-4C58-AD5B-6….jpeg)

File: 04677abf5ae8fe2⋯.jpeg (1.97 MB, 2048x1485, 2048:1485, A9FB77DF-AA33-43B8-8593-B….jpeg)

We need to expose this darkness


9273fc No.1211614



With Macron maybe. but Merkel is pure evil.

6bb982 No.1211615


Insulates POTUS if the Congress uncover this all.

Stable genius.

9a5864 No.1211616


WOAH that would be a


57e92b No.1211617




the mayflower generation ?

120379 No.1211618

File: 857e0d217f2f208⋯.jpg (48.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ZomboMeme 27042018144817.jpg)

Fixed it

62c3b8 No.1211619


Flynn info into evidence

injection good

32a914 No.1211620

Who is Mueller?

Did he serve in the military?

Who met with Mueller the day before he was chosen for the Special Counsel?

Who met with Trump the day before Mueller was chosen for the Special Counsel?

Why the hell would Trump interview Mueller to take Comeys place as FBI director?

Is he that daft to not know you're only allowed to be the director for 10 years and Mueller was actually already director for 12?

Who can call military personnel out of 'retirement' in order to serve their country?

Who is the president?

What did Trump and Mueller REALLY talk about?

Who is Rod Rosenstein?

Why did he literally advise Trump to fire Comey, and then lead the charge for a Special Counsel BECAUSE he fired Comey?

Why did Sessions recuse himself? Sessions barely got approved in the Senate. He has no credibility with the Democrats.

What about Rosenstein? He has only 6 votes against (which is an interesting tale for another time)

Who would have more credibility launching the Special Counsel? Sessions or Rosenstein?

Like, isn't it fucking crazy that Rosenstein gets in and immediately wants to fire his buddy Comey and then immediately wants to impeach Trump?

Kinda weird don't you think?

What is a Special Counsel?

What was this Special Counsel specifically tasked with?

Investigating Trump?

Or, investigating foreign interference in the 2016 election?

Vague isn't it?

How far back could interference actually go?

Could holding old blackmail against people be considered interference?

Who brokered the deal for Uranium1 with Russia?

Was she also running for president?

Why would Russia NOT want this woman to win if she's been so good for business?

Has anyone been indicted for Uranium1?

Interesting isn't it?

What other countries were interfering with the election?


Saudi Arabia?

Would they prefer Trump or Clinton?

Are they fair game under the Special Counsel mandate?

Who's the real target?

What happened to Tony Podesta?

Why did his firm shutter like a fly by night used car dealership?

What if the rumours are true, how do you actually cage a wild, vicious animal?

You make them feel safe. You make them feel like they're in control. You make them think that this is THEIR Special Counsel. You make them think that they're winning.

It won't be much longer now

0c0cc4 No.1211621

File: d2908af4371b265⋯.png (51.07 KB, 1844x94, 922:47, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)


Strzok interviewed Flynn (1 of 2)

'During his tenure, Strzok was one of the two FBI agents to interview Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn — who on Friday pled guilty to lying to the agency about meetings with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak last December.'

http:// thefederalist.com/2017/12/05/what-we-know-about-dismissed-fbi-agent-flynn-hillary-emails/

Comms? Auth?

9b43f0 No.1211622

File: d46ae2e653d3e2d⋯.png (216.11 KB, 500x282, 250:141, IMG_1955.PNG)

49615a No.1211623


Flynn is a Patriot

Flynn was under the strictest NDA imaginable

Special Counsel forced testimony

Flynn knows horrible things

Flynn is an American Hero!!

10dfc2 No.1211624


Correct, he's playing it smart and truthful.

7086a7 No.1211625

Flynn cleared in public Q? Or should we take your word for it.

febc7e No.1211626


Heard it too…

412240 No.1211627

File: bfea8ab5a96820a⋯.gif (276.43 KB, 240x180, 4:3, SereneAthleticEuropeanfire….gif)

When are these evil doers going to get what they deserve?

7ee620 No.1211628


I know the fucking physics brother anon. never believed that. was just exited about the RAW VID with no plane. asking Q if this was the real raw vid and not some well meaning anon real handy with video shop.

i know "real plane"should hv been squashed like a bug against steel frame structure.

c8d850 No.1211629

File: 271fcfb4ab1d73c⋯.png (31.53 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait8.png)

dce018 No.1211630


For decades Judges have been part of the cabal.

Some have been let off with a slap on the wrist, just probation for pulling a gun in a courtroom, for example, while others suffered the wrath and did not receive justice.

Hopefully the plan will include all that happened decades ago.

c24d0e No.1211631

Why was she not arrested? She's the worst for Germany. Is this the plan, we should trust?

German patriots are loosing cofidence in POTUS!

There are only 27 hours remaining for MOAB - or is MOAB a fire cracker?

9b43f0 No.1211632


Donnie darko simplified the tweakers with time machines bs in the eighties

87db32 No.1211633


More redaction and lies from lawmakers makes it hard to keep trying to understand this stuff.

It is not truth for the people, not yet at least.

23f66f No.1211634

File: 6f93cb0e0978998⋯.png (24.55 KB, 312x394, 156:197, BEE7044B-6867-4F6A-972F-66….png)






63bcc7 No.1211635

Rudy the red nosed reindeer…?

c293f2 No.1211636


Strzok interviewed Flynn, if I remember correctly.

559e8f No.1211637


I’ve never doubted you. I’ve defended you and have been laughed at for months. My own family, who is pretty conservative, thinks I’m crazy for believing you and I have to admit, it’s getting very hard to continue doing so. Q, you must understand that at this point, this movement is losing steam. We need results and we need them now. People are starting to give up all hope. Without hope, we can’t remain patient. We need something big. I’m sorry, we just do. You can't tell us a MOAB is coming, then double-down when you say "ready for tomorrow?", and then not deliver. It's absolutely soul-crushing.

9b1e01 No.1211638

ICYMI: Choke this Red Pill down if you can.



d1621b No.1211639


based on what timetable?

e0ee62 No.1211640


your second pic isn't chemtrails … it's firefighting.

6a3948 No.1211641


We need to verify this and that it's not some sort of odd angle that might of missed the plane from another side. Gotta cover all bases before claiming as credible.

790ec1 No.1211642


Does it though? I feel like the whole "there was no planes" is disinfo nonsense. My theory is that planes were remote-controlled via drone tech (unknown to the public at that time).

And your video could be taken from the other side of the towers. i.e. The sides where the planes didn't hit. You see the explosion on the other side to boot.

e92249 No.1211643


Q we have it all and so does POTUS OMG


9273fc No.1211644




Callese Traidor de mierda!!!!

034833 No.1211645


Q, please see


And confirm.

bf4aca No.1211646


The NDA's are key.

The plea with Mueller freed him from those NDAs and required General Flynn to tell Mueller about ANY crime he was aware of…

Think back to his tenure in 44's administration and why Flynn was fired. He knows EVERYTHING.

It's all coming out. SOON.

639f5b No.1211647


Thank you. Back to Q Much Love

b821c5 No.1211648


Exactly…kinetic energy has its limits

Swing a aluminum softball bat into an anchored steel girder….what happens to the girder?

Maybe a scuff on the paint

Swing the same bat at 400mph into the same girder…what happens?

Cuts through it like a knife? I don't think so

8f81e4 No.1211649


>You have more than you know.

>Comms understood?


Trust the plan!

Trust Sessions!

Trust Huber!

Trust POTUS!

Yeah, but sometimes "trust" is diffucult after so many decades of corruption and destruction!

Still…trusting POTUS, the plan AND Q!

Thank you, Q, for everything you guys are doing for humanity worldwide!

fb1fe6 No.1211650


agreeing with ya. trying to support your point.

I'd like to see some unfucked vid of that day too. Media videos are doctored and not to be trusted.

b83c4c No.1211651


Q, we anons need some sort of update on the plan. The news in Korea is amazing but our domestic issues seem to be more of the same here.. No bombshells in the texts, no arrests, nothing from Huber.. Comey frollicking around.. Ex IC chiefs blabbering on twitter degrading POTUS. We want to TRUST THE PLAN but men as intelligent as your selves no to question everything and that TRUST is earned. If there is any sort of unclassified marker/picture/solid proof that you can drop right now I think the community needs it.

10dfc2 No.1211652

File: d06051db1c0250a⋯.gif (2.3 MB, 460x260, 23:13, glow.gif)

9a5864 No.1211653


yes and don't forget the 302's that were altered…also in the redacted text messages that came out today.

e1ea85 No.1211654

Hey Anon's.

Anyone expecting a wartime explosion relating to MOAB drops by Q is failing to look at this cold war as what it is. Cold and devious. Nothing that every blows up like C4 is necessarily going to alter world history, but something like the House report, NK and SK peace, Flynn future forgiveness, and even Kanye are things that are earthshaking if you look at the seismic event correctly.

Don't look for shattered buildings, look for shattered institutions that were created 4,000 years ago or more and watch them rot or crumble or BOTH!

We need to remember that we are small and Q and POTUS are big, and that it is good to be small and archive so that our progeny are aware of how things rotted, then were restored to life and love.

This is more than some semtex popping. Although a few pops from here on our on the dark state pervs won't be a terrible thing either.

356f0d No.1211655

File: a81628c1d14d9e6⋯.jpg (649.87 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180427-144854….jpg)


http:// thefederalist.com/2018/03/16/revealed-peter-strzok-had-personal-relationship-with-recused-judge-in-michael-flynn-case/

a86e3b No.1211656


My thoughts exactly!!

790ec1 No.1211657

File: cf72fe1f78e319e⋯.gif (177.86 KB, 400x224, 25:14, 0f4c15cb23fdb938f089506bd4….gif)

9b43f0 No.1211658

homotus fegel succubated some soul off merkel , must been cause macron got hollodeck time instead of accidental whatever

b63f85 No.1211659


Recent reports noting FBI Agents under Comey and McCabe who were PS and LP Bosses are flipping and going against Comey and McCabe Lynch Etc atm. Boom incoming?

c293f2 No.1211660


McCabe altered them.

b41272 No.1211661


War is soul crushing. But the best warriors keep fighting. They're the ones that save the rest.

8620ff No.1211662


Then make your own bread and post it. This bread is for Q research, not religion.

c56d33 No.1211663

File: 048046762ba2a81⋯.jpeg (750.33 KB, 1242x2058, 207:343, B694B67F-74C7-4718-929E-6….jpeg)



048c3a No.1211664


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIfMw7mEDNk

9/11 involved media fakery and explosives in the buildings. Explosives for the aluminum plane somehow cutting through the steal and disappearing, and for the final takedown.

Trigger on take down pulled earlier than planned. With this deep state faction 2 crossed/surprised deep state faction 1 and gained a lot of control.

september clues – see video

might have been a test run for a 'project blue beam' fake alien invasion sort of event. Maybe hologram machines tested as well, but media fakery used.

6a3948 No.1211665


Who owns Taco Bell that a fast food chain is part of a satanic cult?

I was asked this when I told someone of the 666 in the logo. And boy if they didn't shut me up.

b821c5 No.1211666

File: d4905105a690c61⋯.png (166.52 KB, 455x377, 35:29, Screenshot 2018-04-23 at 5….png)

bb25cc No.1211667

Strzok interviewed Flynn. And text messages show that the interview notes (302) were not completed by the FBI until 1 day after Flynn resigned…….The 302 was fixed? McCabe had to approve them – per text messages on 2/14/17.

a0e1e4 No.1211668

File: bf34f63903e1aa3⋯.jpg (129.49 KB, 1567x660, 1567:660, Macron.jpg)

Why was this pic selected of all the footage?



7086a7 No.1211669


If I hear it's all coming out soon bullshit one more time, I will fucking puke. Soon means never at this rate.

e940d9 No.1211670


This concern…very concerning!!!

9891dd No.1211671

File: a0118e3d479b500⋯.jpg (18.35 KB, 255x255, 1:1, d43109fcfbfb08320cda80cb7c….jpg)

This should surprise no one but it's worth knowing and keeping an eye on at the very least:


Remember the swamp is WW and IS is part and parcel of it (created, controlled and financed by them).

Pic somehow related even if it might seem a long shot at first glance.

cf8a5d No.1211672

File: 72bc51068610093⋯.png (544.69 KB, 1996x596, 499:149, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)






7c59bf No.1211673


Fake and gay

d589d2 No.1211674


She's got diplomatic immunity right now.

That's why all these clowns in gov't are 'untouchable' right now.

Shine an undeniable light in their closet, however…

7ee620 No.1211675


a dish best served C-O-L-D

1bdb2a No.1211676

File: 11dcae099b1810e⋯.jpeg (896.5 KB, 2126x2657, 2126:2657, 7AF1EFDB-04F8-488A-BB84-3….jpeg)

File: 9a90fe28b53aa4a⋯.jpeg (176.71 KB, 881x1329, 881:1329, 5D599A37-B7AA-4D9C-983E-C….jpeg)

File: c33aa6878687a68⋯.jpeg (417.21 KB, 1125x1325, 45:53, 4356C962-015F-4D07-A196-8….jpeg)

File: 3a1eb20cfc0fdff⋯.jpeg (409.65 KB, 1123x1627, 1123:1627, B7DDCB5F-2473-41D1-80AF-2….jpeg)


Comms cleat, crystal clear. Decode below. ThankQ

23f66f No.1211677

File: 3f2d66ae9fe3abe⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2649.PNG)

File: f4c6d011038c357⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2650.PNG)

File: ab66d2699e7fd52⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2651.PNG)

File: 159fe0a6ca4c100⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2652.PNG)


Shill on pal

32a914 No.1211678



6f0038 No.1211679


Try harder harder.

a54380 No.1211680


NXIVM preschool in Miami busted


9f9ea6 No.1211681

File: 6020862ed79deeb⋯.jpg (19.31 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 68fd7522b9b9306cd065ddeb8f….jpg)


fuck all of em I'm voting Rand or no one in 2018

58ac53 No.1211682


If the FBI found NO evidence of lying why was Flynn charged?

Expand your thinking.


1 & 1 don’t equal 2.




1333ad No.1211683


Q posts are literally guided the House Intelligence Committee towards the evidence!

e3e5cf No.1211684

File: fb7ddac739af672⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 294x171, 98:57, fb7ddac739af67228fe43f2d27….jpg)

Thanks, Baker-

733369 No.1211685

File: 397e967bf632e7c⋯.jpg (28.78 KB, 638x425, 638:425, 50-shades.jpg)

File: e0d79cbaaee7124⋯.jpg (19.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, MACKtheknife.jpg)

File: 0ea286a40abac1b⋯.jpg (48.63 KB, 850x607, 850:607, NXIVM_keef.jpg)



the NXIVM keeps on creeping out…


8afe79 No.1211686

Gen. Flynn's attorney said from the beginning that he has a story to tell and wants to tell it. He was pushed out by the Obama admin because he was trying to blow the lid off all the fuckery. They went after him FIRST because they had to take him out before the Trump admin really started picking up steam. It had the added benefit of stymieing the POTUS, too.

There have been slow leaks for months that Flynn is innocent. He did what patriots do, though. He fell on his own sword in order to expose what was going on. He WANTED to be deposed and pulled into it.

How do you inject evidence 'legally'?

It's entered as testimony.


fb1fe6 No.1211687


but small and fast = penetration.

xm193 cuts through ar500 1/4" like butter

m855 can't.


but yea, I'm not buying it. Where's the plane, hell for that matter, where's the buildings? That pile of junk left on the ground after 500000 tons of shit came down wasn't very big.

6a3948 No.1211688


Waiting to hear another deal has been made with another devil.

157f92 No.1211689

File: caa66e4c7261a99⋯.jpg (443.79 KB, 1200x891, 400:297, syriafalseflag.jpg)

File: 53f90081d25e109⋯.jpg (246.93 KB, 700x700, 1:1, syriafault.jpg)

Stupid people. USA does not belong in Syria at all. People believe the destruction of Damascus is a good thing in light of Isaiah 17:1. But they need to read the whole chapter. The House of Joseph, Ephraim, will suffer. People do not realize, W. Russia the USA are blood related brothers. There is a reason we look alike. Both countries were populated by the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel after Assyrian captivity.

9a5864 No.1211690


Mueller is our guy

21858c No.1211691


Is there a point to your comment? Aeosol spraying is done for fire suppression in some circumstances. Spraying poison on the population is NOT a reason to spray chemicals out of a plane!

Your words are empty, much like your brain.

6190e1 No.1211692



Comms = Paladine?

7e1e97 No.1211693

Flynn lied about something that was leaked to the Wapo. Master spy not aware of what was in the papers? No, it was a plan to 1) distract the Dems into an investigation that would boomerang on them 2) Tie up all the dems favorite lawyers that are now conflicted out of representing them and 3) provide Sessions/Horowitz quiet time to do the real investigations.


8198ea No.1211694

Mike Flynn has reportedly sought immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony about the Trump campaign's potential ties to Russia, but past comments show that Donald Trump's former national security adviser once associated immunity with guilt.

"I mean, five:5 people around her have had, have been given immunity to include her chief of staff," Flynn told NBC's "Meet the Press" in a September 2016 interview, referring to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's email controversy. "When you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime."

1147f9 No.1211695


Because they lied.


470c12 No.1211696


EXACTLY!! TY….too often everyone acts like "oh yeah I get it totally..all of it..super easy."

If it was that easy why would he keep saying expand like your saying

3a1811 No.1211697


"Lawmakers go hunting?"

Don't bring Cheney.

c293f2 No.1211698


To prove spying?

e0ee62 No.1211699

Anatomy of a CIA Proprietary Airline

As my exposure of government corruption became more widely known, additional covert agency people continued to contact me with insider information. In mid-1995, a 15-year veteran of deep-cover CIA activities called and started providing me with detailed information on highly secret covert activities, some of which corroborated what other CIA personnel had told me. Stephen Crittenden operated an airline with close CIA ties, Crittenden Air Transport (CAT), based in Bangkok, Thailand. Much of what Crittenden stated to me was corroborated by some of my sources.

Crittenden‘s described how the CIA assisted in starting up his airline, provides funds and operating expertise. He gave me details about the drugs his aircraft flew for the CIA.

CIA operative Gunther Russbacher had earlier mentioned Crittenden Air Transport as a CIA operation, and I listed it as such in the second edition of Defrauding America. But it wasn’t until Crittenden contacted me, and we spent dozens of hours in almost daily deposition-like sessions that I learned more about the secret operation of that airline. Some CIA operatives referred to that airline as the “ghost” airline because it was often seen in covert operations but little was known of it, including where it was based.

Start of a CIA Proprietary

Crittenden, at an early age, was selected by the FAA to be the “owner” of a new CIA proprietary airline. He had much to learn about operating an airline but the CIA provided management personnel and did most of the scheduling from CIA headquarters at McLean, Virginia. He was provided a mentor to organize and operate the airline that was given the name, Crittenden Air Transport (CAT). In January 1976, the airline commenced operation with five C-123s, an office building in Bangkok,[1] and $20 million in start-up operating cash, provided by the CIA. This high-level planning permitted Crittenden to fly many of the flights. This CIA operation continued until December 1988.

It was a businessman’s dream; he had no mortgage payments to make, and engine replacements and aircraft upgrading were provided by the CIA at no charge. Most of his loads consisted of arms and drugs, with payment for full loads, even when flying partial loads or empty.

First Flight to China

In January 1976, Crittenden Air Transport (CAT) made its first flight, which was to Beijing, China, delivering a load of small arms and picking up a load of heroin. CAT received a $100,000 check from the Shamrock Corporation for that flight. Crittenden, a young man given an airline by the CIA, thought he had really hit the big time. Far bigger payments would be made in the future.

The drugs from that flight were unloaded at Bangkok, Thailand, where another CIA proprietary airline, Southern Air Transport, picked it up for delivery at Los Angeles. At that time, Crittenden was flying twin-engine short-range military C-123s, and Southern Air Transport was flying long-range military four-engine C-130s.

Thereafter, CAT aircraft flew to seven different countries flying arms, including Thailand, China, El Salvador, Nigeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the USSR. The arms were flown from Thailand after Southern Air Transport aircraft unloaded them.

Payments to CAT for the flights were received from the CIA’s Shamrock Corporation through the Bank of Bangkok. Payments were based upon full loads and at five dollars per pound of permissible cargo weight.

c403e0 No.1211700


So that he could testify against them later.

fb1fe6 No.1211701


>1 & 1 don’t equal 2.

common core math…….

157f92 No.1211702

File: 41135d39498c52d⋯.jpg (478.67 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_plan.jpg)

File: 7f943944eefcf89⋯.jpg (46.72 KB, 400x286, 200:143, boltontrumpo.jpg)

File: 6357c317454f426⋯.jpg (523.11 KB, 1000x929, 1000:929, boltommoustashe.jpg)

05142b No.1211703

File: 92b5df1e070e79c⋯.png (6.56 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C7C19D8A-7A45-4E53-82F0-D2….png)

He’s waiting for the world peace award

713767 No.1211704

File: 1da12b85e5e6048⋯.png (13.73 KB, 244x255, 244:255, 6b306ae3532915decc1a7d8433….png)


you can't just say FBI there are 2 good/bad

they put the patsies in to positions of power .

094b85 No.1211705

File: ecd1ffb441878a3⋯.png (2.17 MB, 684x1104, 57:92, Did we send our gmails to ….png)

Skippy; "Did we send our gmails to senior staff list?"

https:// wikileaks.org/ podesta-emails/emailid/27024

Wants the Camp David photos?

https:// wikileaks.org/ podesta-emails/emailid/47810


639f5b No.1211706


He was charged so they could put what Flynn knows "on the record"

d52947 No.1211707


@USNJack = @Backchannel17

Paid disinfo shill.

32a914 No.1211708


He was charged so he would have a good cover to be interviewed. Duh.

Only thing I don't get is how this REKT his personal finances. I assume he'll be compensated well?

618f4b No.1211709

File: dd187ca55cf6959⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1436x788, 359:197, MAGA:USMC:AMEN.png)


God bless the U.S.M.C., God bless President Donald J. Trump and God bless the United States of America. MAGA

23f66f No.1211710

File: 0501af12267a686⋯.png (5.09 KB, 310x163, 310:163, 66E94E1A-9496-48FC-A45B-D6….png)





ef221d No.1211711


Peter Strzok interviewed Flynn

Flynn had a story to tell.

Flynn was forced to tell that story.

Oedipus Rex

8a3601 No.1211712


Bayer + Monsanto…


11a0af No.1211713

how bout this Free Flynn! and get to arresting the TRAITORS!

9273fc No.1211714

File: 261c8062fa165e3⋯.jpg (162.7 KB, 1051x595, 1051:595, 261c8062fa165e31e80682239e….jpg)




bf4aca No.1211715


Flynn was charged to make the case against others (Comey, McCabe et al) stick.

Look at the charges he plead to and compare to Comey and McCabe's upcoming charges…

Brilliant plan. Flynn is a hero.

120379 No.1211716


Fuggin 5:5

7c59bf No.1211717


There is no MOAB

Q is a long con to get you all to dedicate months of your lives to a LARP, which will be proved to be a LARP so that you will never trust anonymous informants ever again.

It's a genius NWO pied piper campaign and you're all falling for it hook line and sinker

c56d33 No.1211718

File: 4350df88c2ad636⋯.jpeg (435.92 KB, 1242x1088, 621:544, B07AFD7D-DAC7-431C-B0D5-1….jpeg)

Sheriff seeks sanctions against indicted Backpage owners, alleging their suit was 'fraud on the court'



df78e1 No.1211719

File: a4bd6dfdb47235e⋯.png (779.01 KB, 800x806, 400:403, freedom.png)


laser pointers guide your viewers attention when (YOU) are presenting


Fuck All Shills (Armenian and otherwise)

790ec1 No.1211720


I looked it up. Nothing of interest. Might be an Army Cyber Command Rick Roll for all I know.

29d1fa No.1211721


The story unfolds.

5e7f1d No.1211722


Just a curiosity, might be nothing. While I agree that might be what Q is getting at, I'm still a little lost on WHOSE bodies. Also, wasn't this the line in "Citizen Kane" regarding the butler?

"That's his butler. You can learn a lot from him. He knows where the bodies are buried."

Could be nothing; could be something. Q makes hints at us watching a play a lot, so I figured I'd put it out there.

cfab57 No.1211723



12fcb3 No.1211724


Those texts dont sound like texts between two 'lovebirds' now do they?

4b7de8 No.1211725


So Flynn could speak under oath, and gave him a legal platform to divulge necessary info

c08ede No.1211726

0bc05e No.1211727


BAIT.. they charged him for BAIT..

618f4b No.1211728

File: 8a03555577cc22b⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1439x797, 1439:797, MAGA:KOREAN:WAR:TO:END.png)


God bless President Donald J. Trump and God bless the United States of America. MAGA

9f0507 No.1211729


C'mon guys Get behind the Q Team ! MAGA WWG1WGW

687f52 No.1211730


Flynn's plea deal involved him having to give up information on any crime he was aware of, he "knows where the bodies are buried" and realized this was going to get thrown out anyways. What a sacrifice

102a4f No.1211731


The one on the right had her nose broken along with her cheeks. My brother took a line drive to the face in baseball. They broke his cheeks in the process of fixing his nose. He now has the same rosy cheeks as the Hillary on the right. Take a look at Cher also, she had her nose and cheeks broken too.

The one on left is the tired run down Hillary showing her age.

733369 No.1211732



We knew this day would come.

We knew people would need a guide.

We all have a part to play.

We knew FLYNN would be challenged.

Part of the plan?

Flynn JR recent “did not lie to VP.”



SIG sent [WH position]?

Moves & countermoves.

Role outside of WH?

“Lost house.”

“Funds for legal.”

“Beat up.”

You are watching a …..

What is right?

What is wrong?

Up is down.

Left is right.

Left is LEFT.

WH position [rapid] changes.



Visibility in one helps another?



Why is this relevant?

Think pushback.

Open source.


They are watching.

Proofs provided to retain.

Future proves past.

History books.


d1621b No.1211733


you clearly misunderstood what I said

b63f85 No.1211734


Ive seen a 2x4 shot from a air cannon penetrate a steel armored door so yeah… lots weaker material can wreck stuff

32a914 No.1211735

File: e9f95f1c94a966e⋯.jpg (580.68 KB, 1882x2451, 1882:2451, 108-initial-letter-q-q85-1….jpg)

11a0af No.1211736


0c0cc4 No.1211737


He was not allowed to talk or disclose this evidence under UCMJ (military justice) unless charged with a crime, correct?

e5234f No.1211738


Flynn had to plead guilty to something so dumb that the House Intelligence Committee would have reason to open the investigation that ultimately cleared Trump today.

They knew from the beginning that the Left would try to sabotage POTUS with the retarded "Muh Russia!" plans, and Flynn knowingly took the fall so they could build a case on the conspirators.

I feel like that's why McStain tapped out.

dd6507 No.1211739

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

El Al Airline Version


e0ee62 No.1211740


my point is you are discrediting your own posts out of either ignorance, or outright shilling … i'm trying to help you retard

f8c4b0 No.1211741



Do it Q

b2667c No.1211742



63bcc7 No.1211743


> 1 & 1 don't equal 2

Said that in last bake, it's the string length. And here, (1 & 1) returns 1, boolean.

6a3948 No.1211744


Care to acknowledge the elephant in the room or nah?

9cfb87 No.1211745


Lurking, learning, archiving, redpilling… Waiting for the project to properly land over here, too. It's exciting!


62c3b8 No.1211746

File: 7a153570f5bf199⋯.png (30.88 KB, 383x462, 383:462, mueller-is-our-guy.png)

32a914 No.1211747



e4308b No.1211748



ce559c No.1211749



Discovery… Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried

157f92 No.1211750

File: 1c05c03c288e621⋯.jpg (865.02 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_JFK.jpg)


You promised, and then put it off for several years. We do not care that George H.W. Bush is still alive.

Stop the hiding. Don't be a CIA enabler.

2eca94 No.1211751

File: 44d0bbbbe8fe898⋯.png (576.56 KB, 580x580, 1:1, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: add367e6037e090⋯.png (632.89 KB, 582x580, 291:290, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: 6377fcafa3cb52c⋯.png (293.94 KB, 572x580, 143:145, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: 43d22d256c0c64f⋯.png (469.98 KB, 570x572, 285:286, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)


ig: somopho++to

remove the +'s


9f9ea6 No.1211752

File: ba931355e322c24⋯.jpg (75.46 KB, 594x576, 33:32, 097c550e34cc34356ad66513c9….jpg)

File: 83768939ab6cc43⋯.jpg (11.82 KB, 208x255, 208:255, 3579a3323b4d752003c5b6166e….jpg)

File: 953f0d320198ee7⋯.png (19.2 KB, 255x250, 51:50, c2801911fb23135dd98fa285c2….png)

File: 3be23df3d756c19⋯.png (15.08 KB, 255x253, 255:253, ffb5350f2a0491d2b0bfe95053….png)

File: 0bde85b26fa43b4⋯.gif (48.01 KB, 300x257, 300:257, pmag.gif)

1ed03d No.1211753

File: 7d8f903c1055500⋯.jpg (223.87 KB, 859x704, 859:704, FlynnFree.jpg)

0c0cc4 No.1211754


Q, why the hell are Page and Strzok still employed on our dime?!?

05142b No.1211755

File: 0de275a708816fb⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 949E21CD-91D7-45F0-A25D-A2….png)

Q, trump card?

7ee620 No.1211756

File: 03657e23ae5e87b⋯.png (125.87 KB, 500x522, 250:261, building7 1.png)


hv the etire bbc building 7 broadcast thank God.

archived safely.

3a1811 No.1211757


"Rubber bullet?"

These drops are starting to feel pretty damn rubber…

1fb75b No.1211758


They charged him because they needed then to create proof of Russian Collusion.

9273fc No.1211759


I feeling that They will search the suicide.. at lesat the 55%

d1621b No.1211760


well said agree

09a6f5 No.1211761


As long as they nuke Israel who cares…not a US problem. Time for them to pull their own weight…not worth one drop of American blood

e940d9 No.1211762


WW euanon!!

be7ed1 No.1211763

File: 35369aad68d94c4⋯.jpg (148.21 KB, 800x999, 800:999, Barack Obama.jpg)

File: 6e8c8e0816aec93⋯.png (607.99 KB, 1322x594, 661:297, BO.PNG)

In the midst of another task I realized our Military Intelligence Corps called Barack Hussein Obama a Bitch.

HRC - Hillary Rodham Clinton

BO - Barack Hussein Obama (not BHO)

But BO is a dog & was Obongo's pet's name.

Ah the little things.

081b8a No.1211764

there is enough publicly made crimes to arrest people tonight, the legal arguement delay is B.S. >>1211560

10dfc2 No.1211765

File: 34637df6075de40⋯.png (522.86 KB, 815x524, 815:524, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)


They knew Flynn did not lie.

He was charged anyway = charging, investigation, documents, plea etc., are based upon gov't perjury


Why did Flynn plea? To leverage something later? To lock the gov't into their fraud?

479458 No.1211766


So this would lend some credence to Mueller actually doing his job and not being a partisan hack?

157f92 No.1211767

File: 6b20ec8fb40af5b⋯.jpg (772.69 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, pope_pedophelia.jpg)

File: f4810ef36dc6ac9⋯.jpg (730.66 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, popeantichrist_02.jpg)

File: 1d91e0752a62da9⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, popeantichrist_01.jpg)

File: 250d6fee70c7c8c⋯.jpg (792.17 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, popeantichrist_03.jpg)

58ac53 No.1211768


These do not match.



Re_read drops.

Future proves past.

You have more than you know.


08270a No.1211769


this seems like a big deal. wonder if there's a similar operation close by in Broward County with the gun control tards

590157 No.1211770


Flynn wanted to be investigated, maybe? He purposely got "caught" right in the proximity of demo crime but was never really there. Laser pointer?

ef221d No.1211771


So that he could reveal things that he is only allowed to reveal if he is accused of a crime and needs to defend himself.

048c3a No.1211772


see 'conspiracy videos' showing the TV released footage of this from another view. the tip area of wing hole explodes highly irregularly. cant recall if timing off, etc. There is a 'harder to find' september clues video showing an unused 'special interruption of a news show' that appeared extremely fake. Also see the Ashley Banfield (i think) interview where Building 7 falls in background. Faint but distinct and evenly spaced booms sound out at the perfect time as the textbook controlled demolition of building 7 happens in background. Statistically all very very very unlikely. Not possible. 1 / 10^10 chance.

28ea13 No.1211773


Trying hard here Q. Am I close?

So Flynn testified and fell on the sword so that his statements on record would be publicized all over the place and prompting an investigation so more could be uncovered. Flynn's statements would later be validated and him exonerated of wrong doing. This was planned from the beginning…

Interestingly enough, James Comey was the catalyst in executing this plan, similar to the perfect timing of his book, which included statements that prompted congress to demand additional information. Also, Comey perfectly, but "unintentionally" released damning statements on Hillary's e-mails just prior to election, which many blame for her downfall.

I think Comey is kicking ass and taking names while also falling on a sword. As Gowdy says, history will be kinder to Comey than the Democrats.

034833 No.1211774

21cd7d No.1211775

Flynn couldn't be vindicated until the HIC Report was finished. Mainly because of who was on the HIC, Schiff… Now that the report is done, time for all hell to break loose!


dd1bcd No.1211777

Was driving and had a thought. Had to swerve into a gas station to do some digging. In regards to 11.3 Huma 11.6 podesta. What if they weren't dates but laws that were broken? On doing some digging I came across CFR (code of federal regulations) 11.3 and 11.6. Thoughts?

10dfc2 No.1211778


set up?

157f92 No.1211779

File: db49156e8a82a27⋯.jpg (691.01 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, popeantichrist_04.jpg)

File: adec8292b99e9df⋯.jpg (665.72 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, worldcharity.jpg)

File: f414b6f523f6580⋯.jpg (600.98 KB, 1000x1032, 125:129, isaiah17.jpg)

File: b29f3ffc000eb6b⋯.jpg (559.11 KB, 1100x1050, 22:21, OppsSyria.jpg)

0c0cc4 No.1211780


5:5, Q

9f0507 No.1211781


Comms understood? Somewhat Q

c5dac2 No.1211782


fb1fe6 No.1211783


Ben Garrison! Love that guy's work! Perfection!

11a0af No.1211784


you trust it fag! i want results!

9273fc No.1211785



8cad54 No.1211786


This way Flynn didn't have to testify or have to cover what he knew by lying…kept him safe

d4aa1e No.1211787


McCabe interviewed Flynn 1/2017 and that's the interview where Flynn was accused of lying.


bf4aca No.1211788


They are employed because they're singing. Horowitz, the IG, would lose access to them if they were fired (IG's can't interview former employees).

They're sitting in a room, hands on a desk, doing nothing but singing. Trust.

0bc05e No.1211789


Wait… what was flynn really charged for then????

9f9ea6 No.1211790

File: 1d1369d634426df⋯.png (312.54 KB, 1017x1084, 1017:1084, QQYLmOn.png)

this is the pos they want to replace ryan….

Trust the plan eh?

Q you and your entire plan is fucked up. go die.

479458 No.1211791

This is what Flynn claimed he lied about:

On or about Dec 29, 2016, FLYNN did not ask the Government of Russia’s Ambassador to the United States … to refrain from escalating the situation in response to sanctions that the United States had imposed against Russia that same day; and FLYNN did not recall the Russian Ambassador subsequently telling him that Russia had chosen to moderate its response to those sanctions as a result of his request."

"On or about December 22, 2016, FLYNN did not ask the Russian Ambassador to delay the vote on or defeat a pending United Nations Security Council resolution; and that the Russian Ambassador subsequently never described to FLYNN Russia’s response to his request.”

e92249 No.1211792


http:// republicbroadcasting.org/news/donald-trump-possesses-this-document-along-with-flynn-mattis-cohen-and-others/

405de2 No.1211793

File: bd0d7ccd8f86e85⋯.png (21.72 KB, 500x287, 500:287, goQ.png)


>Expand your thinking.


>1 & 1 don’t equal 2.



Flynn lied so that he could testify in front of a grand jury without fear of prosecution? Now the stage is set to exonerate him and his entire testimony will be permissible in court as evidence. This wouldn't be the case if he were shown to have lied to congress.

Please confirm

8620ff No.1211794


What we know is that Flynn was charged with lying so they could use flip him to testify against Potus. He didn't lie, but Strzok changed the 302's to say he did lie.

cfab57 No.1211795


The door is open for him to get all the corruption (Bodies) out to the public and on record.

ad1095 No.1211796

File: 6ba9634f53c1fe4⋯.jpg (150.83 KB, 890x501, 890:501, 75M5785K7789KL57TK9LFUUTKG….jpg)

cf8a5d No.1211797


Are you serious!? YOU NEED TO KEEP DIGGING!

3efceb No.1211798


Took the BULLET & plead guilty to create dis-info

& insert mis-direction against the CABAL!

Brilliant move!

The bodies will be RAISED!!!


87db32 No.1211799

Q indicates there is a historical case similar to Flynn, do we know what that is yet?

c3072a No.1211800


It's so sad to see a great country like Germany "lead" by a birdbrain woman who's so weak and all over the place.


6a3948 No.1211801


I would like to think he/they knew that going into this.

68192d No.1211802

What is the purpose of a laser pointer? it takes the place of my iron sights at night to direct the projectile it hit the target

4b7de8 No.1211803


"as part of a deal that involves his full cooperation with investigators in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe"

e4308b No.1211804


To release from NDAs and be forced to disclose classified crimes

23f66f No.1211805

File: 41b8a8f179ca0cf⋯.png (72.37 KB, 1242x431, 1242:431, IMG_2673.PNG)

File: 09fc2bddc4288d5⋯.png (228.57 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2674.PNG)



febc7e No.1211806


Flynn has already told them everything needed. Mueller about to wrap up his investigation and Flynn will be publicly free.

Mueller went after the planted moles in Trump admin and their Russians.

Mueller ex Marine.

POTUS has literally had him hunting the WITCH. HRC/ H = [8] also = EG


b41272 No.1211807


Someone altered the original report to make it look like Flynn lied to try get POTUS?

36f2d9 No.1211808



950396 No.1211809



I dug up the Shell Game PDF a coupla days ago and posted. Interesting read. Confirms alot @ UBS

7e395a No.1211810

157f92 No.1211811

File: eb5bf2c96f661c0⋯.jpg (557.46 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_zionists.jpg)

File: bf1e36483f0c45c⋯.jpg (686.91 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_ZionistAgenda.jpg)

"Trust the Plan"

Hurry before they (CIA) buries the president. That was JFK's mistake. Don't follow in his footsteps.

d589d2 No.1211813


WW3 is already here.

You're in the trenches right this second.

1501e0 No.1211814



also is neogaf the game forum comms you alluded to in yesterdays posts?

that place was a major donor to clinton 2016 and has a lot of mentally ill LGBT people that ban anyone who doesn't support their radical left agenda

6190e1 No.1211815


Plan to 187 proves actual 187 of jfk by clowns?

dd6507 No.1211816

File: 08ff2a73bcdc3a9⋯.png (148.96 KB, 320x240, 4:3, DO-NOT-EXPOSE-OUR-EVIL-320….png)

File: 65c50c978335396⋯.jpg (15.94 KB, 591x411, 197:137, 1507971009n.jpg)

c24d0e No.1211817

File: 4fbeaa546ef6173⋯.png (111.54 KB, 2148x1258, 1074:629, Firecracker.png)

MOAB was nothing like this. We have not heard any explosion!

POTUS and Q if we should keep on trusting you, we want a shot that can be heard, also in Germany!

b8af0e No.1211818

File: 101b8c741884e99⋯.jpg (87.66 KB, 464x828, 116:207, done_in_30.jpg)




>“Done in 30.”


>If the FBI found NO evidence of lying why was Flynn charged?

so he could testify.

aeac5a No.1211819


Q the concernfags do not speak for us all.

We are patient, playing the long game.

Comms not understood at all here yet though kek!

9273fc No.1211820

174d18 No.1211821

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lol, so that's what Q meant by 'We' are being setup.

These stupid cunts - the theory of radicalization is retarded to even think about. An anonymous message board on random subjects 'radicalized' in the same sense face to face contact in a mosque or other doctrinal institution would.

23f66f No.1211822


Nice try shill Q mentions prayer all the time

b56160 No.1211823


>Why would Flynn plead guilty to something untrue?

Attorneys and lawsuits are incredibly expensive. A lot of innocent folks plead guilty to crimes they never committed because the outcome happens to be the lesser of the two evils.

Our judicial system is a sick joke. It's not about innocent versus guilty. It's about being able to afford attorneys who know how to game the laws which were written/passed by criminal politicians most of whom don't even read them being voting.

e0ee62 No.1211824

Gift of Additional Aircraft

Several years after the formation of Crittenden Air Transport, in 1978, the CIA provided Crittenden Air Transport with seven military C-130s and one Boeing 707, which came from Evergreen International Airline’s operation at Pinal Airport near Marana, Arizona, a small town north of Tucson. Again, no money was paid for the aircraft, and no money was owed on them. Eventually, Crittenden Air Transport had over 15 aircraft.

With these additional and longer-range aircraft, the CIA had Crittenden flying into additional countries, including the United States, Mexico, France, Germany, Great Britain, Egypt, Italy, Colombia, Bolivia, and Panama. Payments for these flights came through the CIA’s Shamrock Corporation, with checks written on various bank accounts, including the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), Valley Bank in Phoenix (a reported CIA proprietary), Bank One, and Barclays Bank in Miami. (Barclays is a major British bank, headquartered in London, with offices throughout the world.)

Common destinations in the Pacific were Sydney, Manila, and Singapore. Out of Miami, common destinations included San Salvador in El Salvador; Guatemala City in Guatemala; Managua in Nicaragua; San Jose in Costa Rica; Panama City in Panama.

The C-123s flying from Bangkok to Manila carried approximately 10 to 12,000 pounds of heroin. Because of the large amount of fuel necessary on the long over-water flights from Southeast Asia, the C-130s, normally able to carry about 40,000 pounds, would carry only 10 to 12,000 pounds.

A typical flight from Manila or Bangkok to the United States would make the first stop at Honolulu for fuel, and then go non-stop to either Miami or Mena, Arkansas, often flying over Mexico. Special codes were used in air traffic control procedures that advised customs not to inspect that aircraft.

Crittenden said that the C-123s were used primarily to haul heroin obtained from the powerful Chung family in China. The drugs were sent from China to Bangkok in old DC-3 and other aircraft flown by independent operators, and then loaded onto CAT’s C-123 aircraft. CAT’s ground personnel at Bangkok handled the unloading and loading. The drugs would then be flown to Clark Air Force Base near Manila, where the drugs would be transferred to long-range C-130s operated by Southern Air Transport. SAT then flew to the United States via Honolulu.

157f92 No.1211825

File: fb44faa6cd33217⋯.jpg (382.55 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, LadyJustice.jpg)

File: 62269f5219b0699⋯.jpg (260.6 KB, 973x800, 973:800, lock-hillary-up-ben-garris….jpg)

File: b1ee1aaa49ea598⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, dodgedbullet.jpg)

a6f45f No.1211826

File: e914e7b815d8688⋯.jpg (41.79 KB, 540x360, 3:2, Battle lines chess.jpg)

>>1211560April 27, 2018

Battle lines

There is an animus between two groups of people that runs deeper then any political party lines. It runs to the dividing of soul and spirit.

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

The Word of God, our Lord Jesus Christ is winnowing his harvest. He is making clear he who lives by His Holy Word and he who does not.

Matthew 3: 12 His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

It is simple enough to see those that choose to live Godly lives, submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, continuing to seek the good in a world that has gone so bad are children of the King.

Those that insist on going their own way, insisting on having their “rights” that are opposed to God’s word are children of the evil one.

There is a tipping point, a point in time when the cup of God’s indignation will have reached its limit, it will be full to the point of no return.

Revelation 14: the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out unmixed into the cup of His indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

We are dangerously close to this point, if we have not reached it already. It is only by our Lord Jesus’ Grace and Mercy that we are not destroyed.

What to do at this point? If we are in God’s will, following his Word to the best of our ability, living and being led by his dear Spirit, fear not.

The Lord knows those who belong to him, his winnowing fork is true and there will be no error.

Revelation 22: Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy.”

When the winnowing comes, the gathering of the wicked, heed the words of the prophet Isaiah

Isaiah 26: 20 Go, my people, enter your rooms

and shut the doors behind you;

hide yourselves for a little while

until his wrath has passed by.

21 See, the Lord is coming out of his dwelling

to punish the people of the earth for their sins.

The earth will disclose the blood shed on it;

the earth will conceal its slain no longer.

32a914 No.1211827


For being too damn good looking!

c25efb No.1211828

missing "e's" in "don't" (should be "doesn't)


faeddf No.1211829

File: 63bb9bf29498e52⋯.gif (484.15 KB, 500x249, 500:249, 1508674980627.gif)


>how does this information legally get out?

By having someone knowledgeable in place to testify on it.

b7ebc9 No.1211830

File: fbf7828376a4fc5⋯.jpg (71.68 KB, 1081x376, 23:8, Strozk flynn.JPG)

This I think.

7086a7 No.1211831

Trust the plan.

Disinformation is necessary. Trust all sorts of compromised people.

Believe Q.

Great plan!

43e5cf No.1211832


The first is weight evaluation equipment for flight trials. Not chemtrail equipment either.

6208e1 No.1211833


A sting on the FISA judge who also accepted the plea deal?

23f66f No.1211834


^ bodies buried a

034833 No.1211835


Still no MOAB …

c293f2 No.1211836

File: 4a06b1ee83c447d⋯.png (227.04 KB, 994x366, 497:183, Capture.PNG)


I don't get it. Make shit happen. :-)

Flynn was charged for lying when he didn't lie. Now he is cleared. He played some sort of role.

9d7b0b No.1211837

This needs to be leveraged to fling Redpills at the mindless masses… Imagine the possibilities …

"Alexa, who is Q?"

"Alexa, what is spirit cooking?"

"Alexa, what is the Great Awakening?"


"Alexa, how can I create my own Alexa answers?"

Join the thousands of customers who have created their own customized Alexa responses. Have fun customizing answers to questions like, "Alexa, who is the best mom?" with Skill Blueprints. Learn more:



e940d9 No.1211838


I like it.

157f92 No.1211839

File: b1ee1aaa49ea598⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, dodgedbullet.jpg)

File: edf30c6d70822dd⋯.jpg (821.84 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_circus.jpg)

File: ec466060b91677a⋯.jpg (640.62 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Uranium1.jpg)

7ee620 No.1211840


someone in the FBI is /ourguy and fucking the shit up for the DeepState.

GREAT actor.

Comey? Either dumbest on the planet or deserves Oscar "higher loyalty". LOL

950396 No.1211841

0c0cc4 No.1211842


Military Intelligence.

What is 'State Secrets' and how upheld in the SC?

What must be completed to engage MI over other (3) letter agencies?

What must occur to allow for civilian trials?

Why is this relevant?

What was Flynn's background?

Why is this relevant?

Why did Adm R (NSA) meet Trump privately w/o auth?

Does POTUS know where the bodies are buried?

Does POTUS have the goods on most bad actors?

Was TRUMP asked to run for President?


By Who?

63bcc7 No.1211843


Difficulty with depth of field, like a magic eye picture?

b0e774 No.1211844


In a written statement, Flynn said "it has been extraordinarily painful to endure these many months of false accusations of 'treason' and other outrageous acts."


09a6f5 No.1211845


Why…If Israel strikes it should be at Iran…

If Russia and the US refuse to get invloved they anhilate each other and who cares

Problems solve themselves

b990bd No.1211846

File: f6779bcd9963d8e⋯.jpg (47.69 KB, 479x650, 479:650, shiva_obama_newsweek.jpg)




declensions of "Shiva"

a31dbc No.1211847

File: e9f74045b17d520⋯.jpeg (348.34 KB, 1242x1584, 69:88, D0390276-E931-4C6D-8AA3-4….jpeg)

File: 258d7793ae440f1⋯.jpeg (303.02 KB, 1081x1744, 1081:1744, 1A4C7596-7171-49A1-985E-A….jpeg)




When you look at General Flynn’s plea agreement, he is required to provide knowledge of ALL crimes. His sentencing can be delayed to facilitate his full cooperation, which Bob has done.

efa4c7 No.1211848


I want 9/11 truth and justice!!!!!!!

my father worked in the pit for many months as a responder and got heavy metal poisoning from it and will suffer from severe pain for the rest of his life.

he worked for the Red Cross. where the fuck were they in helping him afterwards? where did all the 9/11 victims compensation fund money go??? 9/11 victims compensation pays for his medication and threw him a few thousand bucks. thats nothing!!

He also served 20 years in the military. Gave his whole life to serving this country and look at how he is treated by the government. makes me sick.

The way the government has treated all 9/11 victims makes me sick. LET THE LAWSUIT HAPPEN!!!!!!!

d1621b No.1211849

File: 771ff2367747511⋯.png (65.26 KB, 409x538, 409:538, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2302055bf55a572⋯.png (80.55 KB, 363x557, 363:557, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0976ee2c6822ee5⋯.png (62.21 KB, 369x553, 369:553, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 87b4de378a25d0d⋯.png (11.35 KB, 341x101, 341:101, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 60719adc5d4856e⋯.png (58.16 KB, 312x581, 312:581, ClipboardImage.png)

Flynn drops (1/2)

0c145b No.1211850

File: 419f437f58b5869⋯.jpg (46.09 KB, 920x613, 920:613, ANGELA.jpg)


"My predecessors did not do a very good job. But we'll try and CATCH you ok?" - POTUS to Angela

6631d0 No.1211851


Back to Comey is a white hat?? I don't see it but this is all above my pay grade. I'm buying the beers if you are right Anon.

c021d7 No.1211852


Trump should have the gold fringe taken off the flags in the oval office.

57e92b No.1211853


Have faith in us Q

just a lot to dig into


e0ee62 No.1211854

Branching Out

After receiving the long-range C-130 aircraft, Crittenden Air Transport then handled much of the Pacific Rim cargo for the CIA that was formerly handled by Southern Air Transport. These drug-related flights often flew direct from Hong Kong to the United States via Honolulu, often over flying Mexico. Southern Air Transport then confined its operations mostly to Central and South America, until it returned to the Pacific Rim in approximately 1987. When Crittenden shut down his Crittenden Air Transport operation in 1988 the CIA used Evergreen International to take its place. For some reason the Chung family was not satisfied using Evergreen, according to Crittenden, and entered negotiations with him to get back into the operation.

Crittenden went into detail describing the type of cargo he carried, the people he dealt with, and many specifics concerning logistics, fueling, billing, payments, and other data that could only be known by someone in a position held by Crittenden. Most of the loads were either arms or drugs, including heroin from Southeast Asia or cocaine and marijuana from Central and South America. Crittenden explained that other covert proprietary airlines, such as Southern Air Transport and Evergreen, also carried similar loads for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Further Description of Drug Trafficking

Crittenden described numerous CIA flights transporting drugs into the United States. He described his contacts with Fernando Canles, then head of the Bolivian Air Force, who transported cocoa paste in their own aircraft to Medellin, where it was then off-loaded for further processing into cocaine. Crittenden described flying Canles to La Paz in 1984 in a newly overhauled Lodestar 500 (a converted piston-powered Lockheed Lodestar).

Crittenden said that he gave Canles flying lessons in the Lodestar, and that Canles had an expensive condo in Key Colony at Key Biscayne, Florida.

Crittenden had described the many drug loads that he flew for the CIA out of Southeast Asia and Central and South America. He described various contacts that he had with known high-level drug traffickers. He described his Miami meeting with Pablo Escobar in 1990 to arrange payment for a CIA drug flight out of Colombia.

c3072a No.1211855




1147f9 No.1211856


Now it looks fake. 20/20

815771 No.1211857

10dfc2 No.1211858


& the entire chain: investigators, prosecutors, FISA judge, & trial judge

e880b5 No.1211859


Apr 19 2018 21:21:28 (EST) Anonymous ID: e53d0e 1109132


Will Europe really be broken from its chains too?

Apr 19 2018 21:23:42 (EST) Q owAT4Z3VQ ID: d7571e >>1109196




89f719 No.1211860

I heard hitler works at dhs now

something something Austin something

733369 No.1211861


that's pre-emptive spin, distracting from the Cult's even worse crimes.

similar to frazzledrip ops

c616f6 No.1211862

Are any arrests ever going to be made? Is any of this information going to be available to public? Or are you doing exactly what the left is doing by promising this and that to stay in control?

Weiner’s laptop was foundation 2 years ago, still not a single arrest. Quit fucking lying to us! A lot of cryptic messages with zero fucking results

32a914 No.1211863


A wise man once said: DISINFO IS NECESSARY

23f66f No.1211864

File: 41b8a8f179ca0cf⋯.png (72.37 KB, 1242x431, 1242:431, IMG_2673.PNG)

File: 09fc2bddc4288d5⋯.png (228.57 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_2674.PNG)

7e888d No.1211865


Strzok interviewed Flynn.

Form 302 may have been changed to setup Flynn for false prosecution.

By Strzok? By MCabe?

McCabe had private meeting with FBI insiders during which he said "Fuck Flynn, Then Fuck Trump"

Plot against Flynn recorded in the Gmail drafts….

Rubber bullet = Bogus charge from the beginning and WE KNEW IT!

9a34d8 No.1211866


Flynn was denied the opportunity to tell his story so he plead out to a bogus process crime in order to get his story on the record by submitting briefs in his case and during allocution.

ae4712 No.1211867

File: 0d7ff279df88ba3⋯.png (12.05 KB, 559x304, 559:304, Q march28 free Flynn.png)



Q posted '30 days' on March 28th…


d1621b No.1211868

File: 5e2d229059461eb⋯.png (87.21 KB, 328x498, 164:249, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5e7eb9de61cf9f4⋯.png (68.08 KB, 352x441, 352:441, ClipboardImage.png)

Flynn drops (2/2)

2abe9f No.1211869

150 Million Protestants living in the US.

0 Protestant Supreme Court Justices

5,425,000 Jews living in the US

3 Jewish Supreme Court Justices

70,412,000 Catholics in the US

6 Catholic Supreme Court Justices

b821c5 No.1211870


A 2x4 has mass and is solid…an airplane wing or tail is not

6208e1 No.1211871

File: 6b21a3d8e5585a3⋯.jpg (32.98 KB, 550x158, 275:79, PQG.jpg)

Cabal Of Wealthy Donors Financing Private $50 Million Trump-Russia Investigation by Fusion GPS


157f92 No.1211872

File: a52b860276120ed⋯.jpg (797.64 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, NixonCrook.jpg)

c293f2 No.1211873


=Wait, what did Fynn tell Mueller when he was interviewed then???????==

8a3601 No.1211874

10dfc2 No.1211875


However, the Rwandan genocide was known. I remember it.

ef221d No.1211876


So that jackass is still around? As BC17?

That's hilarious. Thanks for the heads up.

cf8a5d No.1211877


"Military On American Boarders."

e940d9 No.1211878

Schiff is on cnn still talking Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a237f2 No.1211879

If a true movie of these events are ever made it'll be an interesting show, kinda like now

b8af0e No.1211880


moves. countermoves.

06365b No.1211881


SO …draft comms on Gmail were sign with codes to identify sender, Hussein [R] - hillary [EG] called for plumber to fix SR leaks?

+ evidence of WW shared secrets = TREASON.

New intel revealed today may help??



New intel revealed today.

Many drafts - Gmail comms.

Many shared users [foreign & domestic].

Variable access.





157f92 No.1211882

File: 9bbc92869b56137⋯.jpg (536.48 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, un_budget.jpg)

File: adec8292b99e9df⋯.jpg (665.72 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, worldcharity.jpg)

49553f No.1211883

Flynn is safe. He took the bullet. If he would have not taken the bullet would he had survived? Has he been under "protection" all this time so he can drop it all when the time is right?

b7492e No.1211884


Eyes wide open? Laser sharp!

e0ee62 No.1211885

Paymaster For Drug Cartels?

Crittenden described Colombian and Bolivian drug cartel figures landing their Cessna Citations and Lear jets at Marana. Stephen said they did not carry drugs on these flights. They arrived to obtain payment for prior drug shipments. These were usually flights from Cali and Bolivia, which landed at an airport outside of Mexico City, and then on to Marana, 50 miles into the United States from the Mexican border. Stephen said these planes never had to clear customs.

State Police Protecting Drug Loads

Crittenden went into detail about drug loads that he flew into Mena, Arkansas, for the CIA. He described the practice of Arkansas state police guarding the unloading operations, closing off the airport access roads during unloading, which coincided with what pilots had stated to me who had flown drugs in small and corporate-size aircraft for the DEA.

Shamrock Corporation, CIA Paymaster

Other CIA assets, including Gunther Russbacher and Robert Hunt, had described the role played by the Ireland office of the CIA’s Shamrock Corporation[2] in disbursing bribe money to federal judges and other covert agency assets. Crittenden described his relationship with Shamrock that focused on other areas of Shamrock’s activities. He said that the Shamrock Corporation paid his airline for the flights flown, and that totaled approximately $571,350,000 on flights from 1976 to 1988.

Funds in BCCI

Crittenden said that when BCCI closed down, his proprietaries had about $800,000 on deposit, and that he had a claim in for the 20 percent settlement of that amount. During one of many conference calls with another CIA asset, during which I was silently listening, James Pennington discussed this claim, showing that Pennington was familiar with it. Pennington was the CIA’s liaison to Somoza, the head of Nicaragua until the Sandinistas removed Somoza in 1980. Pennington was also the chief CIA adviser to Central America. He arranged for the purchase of arms from England and other European countries for Somoza, most of which were paid for by U.S. aid money intended to help the citizens of that country. Instead, the CIA’s conduct converted that humanitarian money into weapons against the people.

bb25cc No.1211886

A laser pointer on a gun = target

bc27a4 No.1211887


Then what about his twat where sleeping cells were activated

c3072a No.1211888


God bless the German people who have for too long suffered unjust abuse for supposed crimes of the past at the hands of their weak "leaders".

c293f2 No.1211889

What did Flynn really talk about with Mueller when he was interviewed??

Did Flynn tell everything he knows about everything?

e1f3f5 No.1211890

Anons, I think I know why Flynn plead guilty to something untrue:


It's related to this chain:

>>1205721, >>1206100

He did it because it set up Mueller to investigate Russia and Turkey. It may be possible that Flynn engaged in his activities well ahead of time for these days, because it was already known that the Cabal (Soros for sure) had dealings over there (although it wouldn't be necessary--Flynn could have just been a trustworthy /ourguy that had the right background with the right regions). By Flynn getting in their vicinity and pleading guilty, it provided plausible explanation for Mueller to investigate all things Russia and Turkey. And those who are hoping for Donald Trump's demise would openly support it, giving Mueller their full cooperation.

I think we're a part of some Keyser Soze level stuff here, anons--except this time Keyser's been outplayed:


(note the date)

157f92 No.1211891

File: 72d4fbfe70dfddc⋯.jpg (235.47 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, heart.jpg)

File: b29f3ffc000eb6b⋯.jpg (559.11 KB, 1100x1050, 22:21, OppsSyria.jpg)

File: f414b6f523f6580⋯.jpg (600.98 KB, 1000x1032, 125:129, isaiah17.jpg)

File: bf1e36483f0c45c⋯.jpg (686.91 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_ZionistAgenda.jpg)

File: eb5bf2c96f661c0⋯.jpg (557.46 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_zionists.jpg)

0c0cc4 No.1211892











Why is this relevant?


What is Flynn’s background?

What was his rank?

Was he involved in intel ops?

What access or special priv?

Why is this relevant?

Set up.

Who wins?

Who becomes exposed?

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Who has access?

What is MI?

Who was part of MI during BO term?

Who was fired during BO term (MI)?

Why is this relevant?

89f719 No.1211893

File: f5c44b2c5b4efb1⋯.jpg (90.81 KB, 800x516, 200:129, IMG_2008.JPG)

hat merkel das oberste Stockwerk ausprobiert

e4308b No.1211894


All part of the plan to enable the secrets to come out. thanks anon

e15b47 No.1211895

Q's Fox News link talks about Contreras recusal, replaced by Sullivan. Sullivan was appointed to federal bench by WJC.

Sullivan's name rings a bell. I looked it up during the lead up to the election… I think Sullivan was presiding over something related to email gate.

e3e5cf No.1211896

File: 1376c2db0e163ac⋯.png (283.35 KB, 783x446, 783:446, ClipboardImage.png)


9273fc No.1211897

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The muslims are clones

The clones haven't Soul.

dd6507 No.1211898

File: 84c5d0b0609199f⋯.png (1.11 MB, 852x860, 213:215, 12457980578.png)

File: 810bf3f86613794⋯.png (140.9 KB, 369x381, 123:127, 557854994457664939709.png)

How could anyone do this to a fellow human being?

3a1811 No.1211899


Rubber MOAB?

7ee620 No.1211900


fake AF

ef221d No.1211901


(fixed quote)

So that jackass is still around? As BC17?

That's hilarious. Thanks for the heads up.

10dfc2 No.1211902


keine ahnung

1fb75b No.1211903


He was charged with lying to FBI.

e0ee62 No.1211904

Somoza was the CIA’s choice to head Nicaragua, and his removal through elections was the start of the United States’ war in that country.

Crittenden described flying several flights carrying CIA money to offshore depositories on Grand Cayman Island for deposit into BCCI. In one case, he carried 40 million dollars.[3] Other CIA assets, including Trenton Parker and Gunther Russbacher, had years earlier described doing the same.

Crittenden said that the BCCI bank not only held the account for Shamrock Corporation, one of the money-disbursing proprietaries for the CIA, but handled money involved with the CIA drug and arms trafficking.

There were two BCCI accounts in which Stephen Crittenden had money. One was in the name of Crittenden Air Transport and the other was in the name of Thomas Kary. Stephen thought the account number of one of them was 09090011.

Three Levels of CIA Proprietary Airlines

Crittenden described three levels of CIA operations. As it relates to personnel, level one would be typists and other office personnel; level two personnel would have compartmentalized knowledge, and level three would have a broader knowledge of a particular operation.

As it related to airlines, Crittenden said level one would be airlines that would be suspected by the public to be a CIA proprietary, such as Southern Air Transport. Level two would be an airline that had less of a public exposure, such as Evergreen International Airlines, based in McMinnville, Oregon, with a tightly guarded base at Marana. Level three would be an airline that was virtually unknown, and which he identified as Crittenden Air Transport.

Arms Flights to Moscow During the “Cold War”

Crittenden described several flights that he made into Moscow during the Cold War period, including one flight in the summer of 1976 where a load of M-16 rifles were off-loaded. The load had been brought to Crittenden at Manila by Southern Air Transport. A load of Russian AK 47s were then loaded on the C-130 and flown to San Salvador in El Salvador. A prior load consisted of American M-16s. At San Salvador the unloading of the arms was coordinated by John Forsyth, who worked for James Pennington, the CIA’s liaison to Anastasio Somoza, who headed the Nicaraguan government.

Crittenden said that the U.S. reason for having Russian and U.S. weapons in Nicaragua was to convey the impression to the news people that both American and Russian soldiers were in the country.

49615a No.1211905


Q Team and POTUS running greatest op in history. This is mind blowing!!!!

c293f2 No.1211906


kek, true.

9a34d8 No.1211907


Except that video looks more like 82nd Airborne training over Ft. Bragg.

157f92 No.1211908

File: eb3ebf10004fcbe⋯.jpg (384.75 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_EOsObama.jpg)

File: 7b776b764795755⋯.jpg (615.59 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Exec_orders_wendy.jpg)


Stupid people. USA does not belong in Syria at all. People believe the destruction of Damascus is a good thing in light of Isaiah 17:1. But they need to read the whole chapter. The House of Joseph, Ephraim, will suffer. People do not realize, W. Russia the USA are blood related brothers. There is a reason we look alike. Both countries were populated by the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel after Assyrian captivity.

7e888d No.1211909


Strzok interviewed Flynn.

Form 302 may have been changed to setup Flynn for false prosecution.

By Strzok? By MCabe?

McCabe had private meeting with FBI insiders during which he said "Fuck Flynn, Then Fuck Trump"

Plot against Flynn recorded in the Gmail drafts….

Rubber bullet = Bogus charge from the beginning and WE KNEW IT!

6a3948 No.1211910


It escapes so many, that WW3 is a digital war.

6d722b No.1211911


Didn't the plane impact the other side of the building first? Hence it wouldn't be on camera as it's view is obstructed?

ad49f0 No.1211912

File: 5a904956058c60a⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, NKSK.png)

9273fc No.1211913


German Intelligence?, Are you?

b8d66c No.1211914

File: f532e8bb066310d⋯.png (23.66 KB, 501x235, 501:235, Screenshot-2018-4-27 Micha….png)

c293f2 No.1211915







FLYNN, you are a hero!!!

62c3b8 No.1211916

Flynn gets into DHS just long enough to get all the info he needs

doesnt take long because he knows what to look for

purposely 'lies' to Pence. (possibly to test Pence)

gets fired by POTUS

becomes a distraction for media to shit talk about

all the while, his testimony becomes part of a court case against him

he pleads guilty to lying.. minimal charge

but gets to inject all his info into public record

thereby allowing Mueller to act on said info

79799f No.1211917


Hey!!! Come look over here!

d1621b No.1211918

c403e0 No.1211919


Jesuits & Jews screwing US.

10dfc2 No.1211920

File: 4ed77a610aa7398⋯.png (654.37 KB, 659x442, 659:442, Meme war.png)


Started a while ago…

6631d0 No.1211921

File: 9bb56b4ffad0987⋯.jpg (82.02 KB, 678x751, 678:751, Agreed.jpg)

81a6e3 No.1211922


thank you!

German here.

I do not "hate" muslim people in general, but I do not want ot live in a muslim country. And some of our citys (also F and UK) are now more or less muslim dominated.

Any idea how we will get rid of these people again?

- in a peaceful and human way?

Or at least replace this very aggressive kind of Islam with a nice and secular one?

87db32 No.1211923


The agents said he didn't lie, the leadership said he did lie. FBI leaders hung by their own rope.

4025ec No.1211924

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

“Retired Expert Pilot John Lear - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11”

Image Projection Technology

cfab57 No.1211925

File: 5ccc30bafe02e3f⋯.png (416.87 KB, 724x554, 362:277, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: adac22fc521fcd0⋯.png (126.09 KB, 726x496, 363:248, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: a89419d90e212ac⋯.png (77.69 KB, 723x304, 723:304, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: 08c71f156236ac0⋯.png (155.52 KB, 745x553, 745:553, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)



63bcc7 No.1211926


Makes sense.

c5dac2 No.1211927


>Article says that Flynn's false statements were

"On or about Dec 29, 2016, FLYNN did not ask the Government of Russia’s Ambassador to the United States … to refrain from escalating the situation in response to sanctions that the United States had imposed against Russia that same day; and FLYNN did not recall the Russian Ambassador subsequently telling him that Russia had chosen to moderate its response to those sanctions as a result of his request."

"On or about December 22, 2016, FLYNN did not ask the Russian Ambassador to delay the vote on or defeat a pending United Nations Security Council resolution; and that the Russian Ambassador subsequently never described to FLYNN Russia’s response to his request.”

8198ea No.1211928


I don't know but nice trips

09a6f5 No.1211929



32a914 No.1211930


Is Trump a legit Time Traveller?

7086a7 No.1211931

Trying to redpill normies when it looks like the deep state has Trump by the balls is going to be pretty tough.

Thanks Q! I'm sure this will not cause any riots.

e880b5 No.1211932

File: 6606c18d544e7d7⋯.png (127.84 KB, 438x371, 438:371, rereadpepe.png)




For all newfags and normies:

https:// qanon.pub/

Q drops in searchable format, from the very beginning. Re-read all from back in Oct. 2017. Delete the spaces between / and q

a6f45f No.1211933


I will second that motion!

e3e5cf No.1211934



these mirror well

e0ee62 No.1211935

Orders From CIA Headquarters

Crittenden described how he received his instructions from the CIA for his various missions. In some cases, he called his handler at the CIA headquarters in McLean, Virginia, named Ross Lipscomb. Crittenden remembered the confidential phone number as 202-357-1100, and when the switchboard operator answered, Crittenden would respond, “Access code 4613,” after which he would be switched to his CIA contact. Stephen said that the “3” in the code signified that he was Level Three.

In some cases his instructions came on computer floppy disks that he would then put into his computer. He described receiving floppy disks on some occasions around 1978 from CIA asset G. Gordon Liddy, who in the mid-1990s was a Washington-area and nationally known talk show host. Crittenden said that the physical handling of the disks from Liddy to Crittenden occurred in the garden area of the DuPont Center in Miami.

Included in the floppy-disk data was information about avoiding radar detection while flying drugs into the United States from Central and South America.

CIA Stolen Aircraft Operation

Crittenden described another facet of how the CIA (and the National Security Council under Oliver North) used stolen aircraft in the Contra arms and drug-smuggling operation. CIA assets Gunther Russbacher and Terry Reed described this practice. Crittenden described how twin-engine Beech D-18s were stolen and then sent to Volpar Aviation at Van Nuys Airport in California for a Volpar conversion to nose-wheel from tail-wheel con­figuration. Crittenden stated that a Sam Virse from Memphis, Tennessee, took many of these aircraft to Volpar.

Elaborating more on this operation, Crittenden stated that Aviation Materials on Sweeny Road in Memphis, Tennessee, was an aircraft salvage yard containing wrecked Beech 18s, Queenairs, Kingairs, Barons and Cessna 366 and 377s. Reportedly, the owner, Graham Lotts, would give the aircraft manufacturer’s data plates that were riveted onto the fuselages of the wrecked aircraft to Virse, who owned an airport at Bud Island in Memphis.

Virse reportedly had a couple of assistants who would steal identical aircraft. The manufacturer’s identification plates would be removed from the stolen aircraft and replaced with the data plates from the wrecked aircraft. The aircraft would then be flown to Volpar in Van Nuys to be repainted and modified.

Crittenden stated that Volpar knew the CIA was picking up the aircraft after modification, but was probably unaware that the aircraft were stolen. He said that this practice continued from 1976 to 1988, during the time of the CIA, State Department, and National Security Council‘s illicit arms and drug trafficking involving the Contra operation.

a33603 No.1211936

File: da470167e8c37d7⋯.jpg (125.65 KB, 549x541, 549:541, Clapper Tapper CNN.jpg)


110fb4 No.1211937


30 days, long time to take shots @POTUS. America has a lot to lose..

6bb982 No.1211938


cfab57 No.1211939

>>1211925 Sauce.


0c145b No.1211940

File: ff72c1318ddd11b⋯.jpg (455.95 KB, 1440x1896, 60:79, q.jpg)

File: 3e8e44385783460⋯.jpg (288.26 KB, 1440x1103, 1440:1103, Qanye.jpg)


Q, are we learning the comms?

dd6507 No.1211941

File: 981200619536eb9⋯.jpg (124.68 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, terrorist-organization-isr….jpg)

File: 4ec8ecb82a61525⋯.jpg (16.2 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 911_5174f9fa13cd869e4042a4….jpg)

1fb75b No.1211942


Exactly. I was answering anons question.

89f719 No.1211943

File: e4cfd41d1c5845e⋯.jpg (84.74 KB, 880x497, 880:497, IMG_1696.JPG)

File: f72533058abc738⋯.jpg (52.77 KB, 300x233, 300:233, IMG_1706.JPG)


was ist in der hollodeck disco passiert? Ich dachte, Verne und Agnar hätten es gehandhabt

51ce05 No.1211944


Sounds like a rehash. I surmised months ago just based on the usage of their phone that an account existed as a hub for people to communicate. I do not know why the American people need to demand the DOJ and Congress to do their job if they are acting in accordance with the law? Fucking retarded. Just say we want the fucking truth or we going install a new government that will follow the constitution. How would that get their response. I not going to beg them to do their job anymore. That is like begging a Soldier to point his gun to shoot the enemy. So build the case, but if there is clear statements of people communicating the assassination of the president and you can't prosecute that, then our laws have been so perverted they need to be rewritten immediately. So some of the stuff written here is just retarded and makes no fucking sense. On the other hand, I understand we need to draw out all the crooked ones we can. I get it.

12fcb3 No.1211945

rubber bullet?

Kek. We really are watching a movie.

d1621b No.1211946

Q , the mueller probe will continue AFTER POTUS is cleared to get Hillary, Hussein, and the co-conspirators????

c616f6 No.1211947

ENOUGH WITH THE BULLSHIT, if you don’t start arresting pedophiles the people will start hunting them.

It’s fucking ridiculous, by the way your Moab was a giant nothing

bc27a4 No.1211948

Comey, at least reopened investigation. I think he will be judged lighter cuz he initially was trying to do the right thing but every time folded under pressure. He didnt act evil from the start thats it

059c90 No.1211949


A white hat in FBI must have had him charged to start the process of him telling his story.

787133 No.1211950



d52947 No.1211951



1147f9 No.1211952


It was a pre planned 5D chess move. Kek.

c3072a No.1211953


Find your sausage German. You may have to remove the invaders by force. You can try to get them to self-remove with incentives, but you MUST find your sausage and be willing to preserve your country, people, and culture, by any means necessary.

302ddb No.1211954


Sorry, but this is old reheated stock anti-Catholicism that has many years ago been debunked. Maybe instead of this, you can connect some of Q's current clues to [P]. Using these just makes Q look like an idiot.

af5976 No.1211955


Waiting is hard, Q. Sometimes this anon loses faith and thinks that none of the corrupt politicians will ever pay for their crimes. That is where I am at right now. I need to find my faith in Q and POTUS again but it seems like nothing really ever happens. I want to see HRC in handcuffs! Will we ever really see this, Q? Or is there a two-tier system of justice in our nation? I want to believe but am struggling, anons. Losing hope.

048c3a No.1211956


a large number of secondary crimes occurred due to the destruction of the first. Many important ongoing criminal and fraud investigations ceased to exist because of the destruction of building 7. Enron. – look into the flight list of passengers on the planes. The planes were underfilled – these are usually very busy and full flights. Suspicious passengers, if one supposed it was fake and they needed people to get on who later got off, or perhaps people who needed to be silenced/defeated were all rounded up. Probably landed inland base, who knows what happened. The 'hijackers' never even got on the planes, maybe nobody did.

87db32 No.1211957


So he'll testify and we'll get another redacted memo. Winning!

95d9c7 No.1211958

File: f88cc12012c6097⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 750x236, 375:118, FB_IMG_1524844940966.jpg)

Ran across this wondering if it is valid?

88babc No.1211959



more smoke Q?

b990bd No.1211960

File: 6c17d1b0e940963⋯.jpg (45.23 KB, 600x427, 600:427, papernanodust.jpg)



I want to "get them" - take them down [the perps] very badly.

I'm sorry for what happened to your Dad.

Maybe we will all live long enough to see the criminal conspirators exposed for what they are.

75b8ba No.1211961



c403e0 No.1211962


That's what Sally Yates said.

All leads back to Hussein eventually.

Lot of corpses along the way…

639f5b No.1211963


Clearly shows FBI corruption

7735e9 No.1211964

File: 82183f5ba28fccb⋯.png (682.23 KB, 607x617, 607:617, one-party-upset.png)

d1621b No.1211965

the SHILLS bitching about the MOAB CLEARLY don't understand the comms

2d6641 No.1211966

File: 5819ea63923b0cf⋯.png (100.52 KB, 870x498, 145:83, ClipboardImage.png)

Laser to draw attention or to point at target?

bf4aca No.1211967

Text from Page to Strzok on 1/23/17 - one day before the infamous Flynn interview at the WH:

"I can feel my heart beating harder. I'm so stressed about all the ways this has the potential to go fully off the rails."

She's talking about FLYNN. Again, this is the language used by people trying to pull off a scam, not hunt for Russian moles.

Strzok replies: "I know. I just talked with John, we're getting together as soon as I get to finish that write up for Andy this morning."

Strzok then sends Page Hope Hick's Wiki page to prep for the meeting tomorrow…

Later on 1/23, Page says: "Need to talk to you when you're done re [redacted]" - this is FLYNN.

89f719 No.1211968

WHAt happened to the gold beneath the buildings ?

51ce05 No.1211969


Mueller has nothing to do HRC

7c59bf No.1211970


Posting links and pointing out inconsistencies was being done looooong before Q

No arrests ever came out of those and no arrests will come out of Q's posts either

Q is going to be revealed as a new WWE character that Trump manages

Joke's on us

4025ec No.1211971

File: bdf976fffe18979⋯.jpg (195.62 KB, 1098x1548, 61:86, 63acead18896e579ea1b947b86….jpg)



d1621b No.1211972



that's what I'm thinking


5e7f1d No.1211973

File: c00edd36c2101d6⋯.gif (3.74 MB, 360x540, 2:3, 1506193853188.gif)


Since Mueller wasn't going to have Flynn charged, Flynn ad to plea guilty and "still the beans on what he knew". Mueller's had this info from the get go.

Mueller's team is investigating the bodies, and all the crimes linked to them. MI took over after it was proven that ABC's committed treasonous acts sharing intel with foreign govt to usurp elections, work nuke and missile deals, run pay for play, and even up to human trafficking and sex shit.

Holy fuck, this is going to be a field day!

cab825 No.1211974


>The door is open for him to get all the corruption (Bodies) out to the public and on record.


In [30] again? FFS

869eb6 No.1211975

File: b365564d16fe9dc⋯.jpg (94.47 KB, 1192x500, 298:125, xxxx.jpg)

65b077 No.1211976


They needed a way to plant somebody inside the white house such as McMaster.

ce793d No.1211977

I can’t wait for left-tard heads to explode when:

- General Flynn is cleared

- Mueller goes away

- Trump is awarded the nobel peace prize

04fd50 No.1211978

Flynn takes rubber bullet to save POTUS from real bullets..

e880b5 No.1211979



- (((kike shills))) while spamming repeat pics of kim's ass and shitty clown pics

9a34d8 No.1211980


Sullivan is no bullshit. He presided over Judicial Watch v. IRS and the Judicial Watch suit in re Hillary's email server. Ordered production. He also presided over that miscarriage of justice known as the United States v. (Ted) Stevens and eventually set aside Stevens' conviction. He's a straight shooter.

d1621b No.1211981


"… and ANY matter related to the 2016 campaign"

6631d0 No.1211982

File: 32f1052ddf1eecf⋯.jpg (10.12 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download (1).jpg)


Oh in my head Comey is all black hat and yes his secret code Twitter is something I remember.

a33603 No.1211983

File: 877f0d1ced30d69⋯.jpg (203.82 KB, 614x635, 614:635, Flynn Finding.jpg)

Fly_ _

32a914 No.1211984

Q, my wife is totally brainwashed by fake news. It's straining our marriage. Will the Great Awakening save us? It's literally impossible to talk to her about anything political anymore.

787133 No.1211985


I might say if asked that I'm a constitutional conservative. If it aint in there, get it the fuck outta my face.

e0ee62 No.1211986

Requiring FAA Assistance

Crittenden described how someone within the FAA at its Oklahoma City registration division cooperated in this scheme by furnishing Sam Virse pre-signed aircraft Airworthiness Certificates to be used in the stolen aircraft having the substituted manufacturer’s identification plates.

Companies Cooperating With the CIA

Crittenden described several airlines that are involved with the CIA in a cooperating relationship, including Eastern and Braniff when they were still operating, and Continental. These cooperating airlines received various benefits for their covert role with the CIA, including fuel allotments and fuel discounts, mail contracts, hidden subsidies or payments.

Connections With Evergreen Shipping Lines

The existence of Evergreen Shipping Lines out of Taipei became more prominent in the mid-1990s, causing me to ask Crittenden if that Taipei corporation with a similar name to Evergreen was part of the same operation. He described a prior conversation with Evergreen International Airlines president, Dale Smith, stating that they had acquired a shipping line.

Another Side of CIA-Evergreen Operation

Crittenden described the practice of stealing jet engines and other valuable equipment and avionics from Eastern Airlines aircraft that were stored at Marana after Eastern went into Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He described how low-time jet engines were removed from Eastern Airlines Lockheed 1011s and other aircraft and then replaced with high-time nearly run-out engines, and the records altered to cover up for these activities.

This mindset could be expected to be accompanied by similar conduct in other aircraft maintenance practices, such as placing worn parts on aircraft and counting on averages that they would not be discovered. A former Evergreen mechanic, based in Australia, filed a lawsuit against Evergreen Airlines[4] charging that he was fired for objecting to the standard practice by the airline of installing worn-out parts on Boeing 747s and other aircraft and falsely showing them as meeting replacement specifications.

One of Evergreen’s government contracts involved the “Logair” contract, flying military equipment and supplies from one air force base to another. In my earlier flying days I also flew this contract operation.

A video[5] was produced about Evergreen’s covert activities and CIA connections that were entitled, “Welcome to Evergreen.” The video caused the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) to conduct a secret investigation of Evergreen in 1995.

Former Congressman Denny Smith, who had oversight responsibilities for the CIA, later became a member of Evergreen’s board of directors.

In 1995, Evergreen halted payments on some of its debts, raising the possibility that it could be a typical CIA scam of placing a CIA proprietary into bankruptcy. If that happened, it could have its debts canceled and the assets acquired by another CIA proprietary, thanks to the CIA’s influence of the Justice Department, federal judges, trustees and CIA proprietary or cooperating law firms.

79799f No.1211987

File: 81347698ef6cf88⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 3072x2048, 3:2, USMC Artillery.jpg)




cf8a5d No.1211988

File: eae1f55eeb991aa⋯.png (58.53 KB, 762x712, 381:356, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)


Sure, but what about the content on the rest of the channel? Or the links on the channel's ABOUT area. How has it not been taken down by YOUTUBE?

53dd1f No.1211989


Thank you Q for all do. WWG1WGA

a7461a No.1211990


It released Flynn from the NDA & he is able to tell ALL of what he knows now.

8198ea No.1211991

Why did Hillary pass-the-fuck-out at 9/11 memorial?

af5976 No.1211992


Germany knows how to get rid of troublesome groups better than anyone. Remember your history.

d1621b No.1211993


hi muh jew shill

filtered for being a muh jew shill

32a914 No.1211994


Don't point a laser at an aircraft, you might crash it.

9b1e01 No.1211995

Why no arrests have occurred and none are coming.



c24d0e No.1211996

Is the German history a different one, as we are told?

1871 - 1914 - 1933 - 1939 - 1945

so many questions and enough high explosive for 1000 MOABS

384e76 No.1211997

So it’s been about a month since q could post on great awakening board 3/27….and post 815876 was 3/29 when the 30 days post was ….

10dfc2 No.1211998

File: c049ae94908b08f⋯.png (202.96 KB, 609x583, 609:583, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: 42b05c4b37b13c8⋯.png (47.4 KB, 624x174, 104:29, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)


e92249 No.1211999

General Michael Flynn attorneys at the law firm Covington and Burling

deceived General Michael Flynn regarding Covington’s direct participation and relationship with Union Bank of Switzerland, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department in these matters. Consequently, Covington and Burling should be disqualified from representing Michael Flynn. An amicus brief is being submitted to the court hearing the plea agreement as newly discovered evidence indicating ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial misconduct and fraud on the court. Since this is a case of first impressions this legal motion establishing newly discovered evidence and fraud on the court, mandates the rejection of Michael Flynn’s plea agreement and demands an independent investigation or special counsel be assigned in this matter by the Inspector General, Congress and the White House.

e5234f No.1212000

b56160 No.1212001


>If the FBI found NO evidence of lying why was Flynn charged?

Because Mueller has a reputation of squeezing folks to try to make them talk.

We have so many laws at the federal, state, and local levels that each of us is guilty of breaking something. So, it's easy to prosecute anyone. Trump has focused on reducing regulations but not the mountain of laws which we cannot possibly follow.

3efceb No.1212002

File: fc101349f1cad6a⋯.jpg (84.89 KB, 512x512, 1:1, fc101349f1cad6ae49594995f4….jpg)





7fc0d2 No.1212004

File: fe09a1c5b2f52a2⋯.jpg (102.94 KB, 500x550, 10:11, 298blx.jpg)

3a1811 No.1212005


Then announce Flynn has been cleared already. Sick of watching the Brennans and Clappers get away with everything while everyone with an R by their name sits on their fucking hands. The people have been patient. Time for action.

e940d9 No.1212006

89f719 No.1212007

See if mueller knows the taste oh shit, part of soros salad tosser union

51ce05 No.1212008



1f3ac1 No.1212009


Peru sacrifices were dated at 600 years ago

048c3a No.1212010


Why were several young Israeli's set up beforehand and then filmed the event? A van listed for a moving company? Why in an interview later did one state "we were there to document the event."

ddf5d1 No.1212011



Oh my!!!!! This is a big win!

e880b5 No.1212012


Women follow men. Make her follow you. Fuck it into her or something.

Women have no hope of survival without men.

87db32 No.1212013


Every human I know is in the same boat as your wife. It sucks. All we can do is pray the truth actually comes out anon.

fe4702 No.1212014


Creepy as hell. Children who will understand instructions in seven languages.

b524f0 No.1212015

notables so far

any missed?

>>1211849 , >>1211868 Flynn drops

>>1211795 , >>1211847 , >>1211925 Flynn's plea deal

>>1211867 30 Day Marker: "Done in 30"

>>1211705 Skippy, Gmail and Camp David

>>1211646 Flynn knows EVERYTHING

>>1211483 Clapper busted leaking dossier details

>>1211554 Dis Flynn do what he did so that he could testify?

b8af0e No.1212016

File: 34258ceea951eeb⋯.jpg (250.91 KB, 1328x782, 664:391, peter_dalglish.jpg)


could be valid…

>pic related

2abe9f No.1212017

We are WOKE AF, thanks DJT

6d722b No.1212018


30 seconds, 30 minutes, 30 days?

fcd901 No.1212019

File: 1143005e2e21545⋯.jpg (116.91 KB, 704x569, 704:569, Dbz27EUVAAAeg7H.jpg)

'Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.'?

8620ff No.1212020

Comey himself told Congress Flynn did nothing wrong!!!

2d6641 No.1212021

Q!!!! I already believe the worst of the worst has happened. Slave Traders rule the world through proxies and they want to harm us with hidden technology.

What do I need to do to prepare my family and myself for potential backlash?

d7a26c No.1212022


poisoning the well

1ed909 No.1212023

Not naming McCain is related to West Point never says Benedict Arnolds name. Boot hangs there in recog of his service at Saratoga but no saying his name.

4bbb92 No.1212024


Avoid talking about until comes the time when she won't be able to bury her head in the sand anymore.

c293f2 No.1212025

The lawyers that thought this whole scheme up are true geniuses.

8a3601 No.1212026


…some may need to be dragged kicking and screaming into "The New Era"

d1621b No.1212027


that's what I meant

theories have been talked about that Mueller will exonerate POTUS and go after the REAL criminals

4714b0 No.1212028


Took a rubber bullet… they hurt but don't kill.

2d2f36 No.1212029

File: 107158f3e16d6d4⋯.jpeg (56.22 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, serveimage-35.jpeg)


was it a simple plan to keep the wool over the eyes of the sheep and wolves? What I think, why the "loosing house" and all those "effects" were added to add what was needed to make it look real.

Hitlery Lost fair and square, Russians were NOT involved.. HA.. Hitlery Made You Look!

657412 No.1212030


6a3948 No.1212031


False. No one will do shit but sit here and bitch.That's why we better hope this is real. People have proven for hundreds of years they are willing to accept lies for safety.

1795da No.1212032

File: e0d0010a2333999⋯.jpg (31.7 KB, 480x255, 32:17, kysf.jpg)

6bb982 No.1212033


Does it mean that Flynn has spent 30 days testifying to Mueller?

68192d No.1212034


>Why would Flynn plead guilty to something untrue?

He was needed to get in the lions den to protect the true direction of the Mueller investigation.

bb25cc No.1212035

Flynn was charged so that others could be investigated……..the real crooks

1147f9 No.1212036


#metoo, edge of divorce. Fucking normies.

4bbb92 No.1212037


Talking about it*

384e76 No.1212038


Lol 30yr plan lol jk

c5dac2 No.1212039



The Muller probe investigating the 2016 election… used to expose HRC and Obama?? That would be a crazy plot twist.

87db32 No.1212040


30 redacted memos.

0c0cc4 No.1212041

File: ffddf66fcaf84b7⋯.jpg (41.61 KB, 440x550, 4:5, 440px-Michael_T_Flynn.jpg)


US Army Lt General

Background of Military Intelligence

Deployed in Grenada & Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

Appointed by Obama as 18th Director of Defense Intelligence Agency (2012-14)

National Security Advisor to President Trump (Jan 2017 - resigned supposedly due to lying to VP Pence re Russia amb Sergey Kislyak)

April 27, 2017 - Flynn plead the 5th & refused to hand over docs to Senate Intel Comm.

Dec 1, 2017 - deal with SC Mueller to plead guilty to single felony of "willfully and knowingly" making false, fictitious and fraudulent statements to the FBI.

6208e1 No.1212042


Manafort was a plant, as part of the pied piper strategy.

The special counsel should be able to go after him and the Podesta's.

8f81e4 No.1212043


Pence lied about Flynn lying to him????

d1621b No.1212044


looks good baker, just I'd make clear they are the Flynn drops prior to today's

but thank you

ce521f No.1212045


You sound like a guy who prefers Burger King over a 3 star restaurant. Great things require time. Have faith/patience anon. Keep calm and be ready.>>1211947

9891dd No.1212046

File: 6f0be7e6d054c67⋯.png (41.5 KB, 550x377, 550:377, putinpopcorn.png)



05e2e5 No.1212047

File: 979d96f10875adb⋯.gif (101.37 KB, 668x528, 167:132, mfredb0q.gif)


symbols reveal all

c56d33 No.1212048


Fake charges?

d1621b No.1212049



08270a No.1212050


perfect clown assets

b524f0 No.1212051


Will do, thanks anon.

3be783 No.1212052


Oh!! Brilliant!!

e880b5 No.1212053

File: c05dafd7bee2a3c⋯.png (471.42 KB, 960x651, 320:217, Trumplaugh.png)


>21+ posts of absolute nothing and now bites on one post among 750 because it is a guilty ass little muthafucka

You kikes, easier than bitch in heat. We always grab you by your pussy.

d7a26c No.1212054


thats a vast majority of people anon, some will never accept the truth. they are zealots, hopefully your wife does not fall into that category if so time to DTB.

3a1811 No.1212055


Said every day for the past 2 years, minus any happenings.

b41272 No.1212056


Be strong. Lead. She'll respect you later when events prove you were correct.

(Then tell her to never it happen again.)

4025ec No.1212057

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


“Retired Expert Pilot John Lear - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11”

Image Projection Technology

7086a7 No.1212058

I'm either woke as hell, or Q is a fucking larp. The jury is still out.

b8af0e No.1212059


hi newfriend.

yes, that's exactly what is going on.

787133 No.1212060


I dont believe that the intelligence agencies have any need for qresearch although it does no harm. It's mostly a way to involve The People (autists) in the WH. It's also a good way for the WH to listen and to adjudge the moods of patriots and shills too.

522c48 No.1212061


>US Army Lt General

Iron Eagle? Was Flynn in a position to not be promotable?

a7461a No.1212062


Lmao at your ignorance. Arrogant asshat.

56ed7a No.1212063



37963f No.1212064


All part of the plan! Brilliant!

b82e8a No.1212065


This is the Moab Video at utube:


49553f No.1212066


Most important movie ever.

5d800c No.1212067

Ok I believe Mueller is our guy, but what has all these Clinton loving attorneys working for him been investigating this whole time? Do they know the plan? If they dislike Trump, and love Clinton, why has none of them leaked that the investigation will not be going the way liberals hope? Just trying to understand it.

9891dd No.1212068


My bad!

should've erased the copied tripcode, damn.

cab825 No.1212069


I fucking hope so. That would be so sweet. Nice masonic dubs by the way, kek

d7a26c No.1212070


yes it is, some of us know

ef221d No.1212071




In his statement, White House lawyer Cobb said: “The false statements involved mirror the false statements to White House officials which resulted in his resignation in February of this year. Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than Mr. Flynn.”

"Flynn entered the plea at a federal court in Washington, D.C., shortly after Mueller's office released a one-count charging document. The false-statements charge pertains to Flynn's interactions with the Russian ambassador in late December – specifically discussions about sanctions and other matters he apparently claimed never happened.

"Flynn was accused of "willfully and knowingly" making the false statements to the FBI while serving in the Trump administration.

"According to the charging document, those false statements were that:

"On or about Dec 29, 2016, FLYNN did not ask the Government of Russia’s Ambassador to the United States … to refrain from escalating the situation in response to sanctions that the United States had imposed against Russia that same day; and FLYNN did not recall the Russian Ambassador subsequently telling him that Russia had chosen to moderate its response to those sanctions as a result of his request."

"On or about December 22, 2016, FLYNN did not ask the Russian Ambassador to delay the vote on or defeat a pending United Nations Security Council resolution; and that the Russian Ambassador subsequently never described to FLYNN Russia’s response to his request.”"


Among the 44 findings in the report was a line stating that “Federal Bureau of Investigation agents did not detect any deception during Flynn's interview.”

c293f2 No.1212072


Expand your thinking. Would it make sense to you that the Vice President would be kept in the dark in all this? Or playing his role?

e0ee62 No.1212073

White Slavery of American Women?

Crittenden described on the phone and in writing a flight that he flew from Los Angeles International Airport in one of his Boeing 707s in January 1984. Forty tall, blue-eyed, blonde women boarded the plane at the Flying Tigers hangar, thinking they were going to Singapore to do a movie. Instead, according to Crittenden, while enroute over the Pacific Ocean, he was ordered to divert to Hong Kong. He said the women were “presents” from the CIA to the military leaders of Red China. Crittenden did not know the actual plan for their use, or of their fate, until a later date. Crittenden Air Transport was paid $500,000 for that trip. The women were never heard from again.

My first thought after hearing of this operation was how it could have occurred without media attention. But then I thought of the 30 years of attempts to expose the massive corruption, harm, deaths, that I sought to expose, with every print and broadcast media, and every member of Congress, that I contacted, keeping the lid on the scandals.

A June 17, 1995 article in the San Francisco Examiner described this practice, stating in part:

Smuggling of women from Central and Eastern Europe for prosti­tution is increasing, the International Organization for Migration said Friday. Many women are tricked by offers of jobs as dancers…the victims passports are taken by smugglers, who threaten them and deprive them of most of their earnings, the report said… cases of smuggled women…had doubled and tripled…in recent years.

Describing His CIA-Related Contacts

Another CIA operator in Houston, Ted Smith,[6] had the job of selling or trading military goods throughout the world. When a deal was made, Crittenden Air Transport would load the military equipment at Fort Hood, Texas, and at that time the list was given to a Major Robert Cooper. Often, the goods were unloaded in San Salvador, El Salvador. The CIA people responsible for subsequent distribution were James Pennington and John Forsyth.

fcd901 No.1212074

File: 96a6ef192a960fa⋯.jpg (66.66 KB, 480x601, 480:601, 295efi~2.jpg)

Comey is now an informant.

4ba2ac No.1212075


Lawmakers go hunting

laser pointer→ to draw focus to…

063410 No.1212076


Perhaps intentional perhaps not. Leaning towards probably not.

ES = Our buddy from Alphabet

2cb169 No.1212077

- It's been 30 days, and Flynn's not cleared


- No arrests

Your comms are becoming clear. You got nothing.

384e76 No.1212078

Anyone have the original 30day post handy ? Not on my pc right now

05e2e5 No.1212079


so he could reveal all to Mueller investigation on deep state players

c3072a No.1212080


>t.stronk woman who's never left her house

What did anon say that isn't true, dumb bitch?

c5dac2 No.1212081

89f719 No.1212082

File: 4b55bb93c0a5614⋯.jpg (27.46 KB, 236x286, 118:143, IMG_1957.JPG)

File: d8f9bd2598a766b⋯.jpg (42.07 KB, 450x227, 450:227, IMG_1959.JPG)

File: dfb333eeab5781a⋯.jpg (73.22 KB, 540x540, 1:1, IMG_1960.JPG)

9273fc No.1212083



b8d66c No.1212084

File: f624fe9001ad7d3⋯.png (144.41 KB, 613x375, 613:375, f624fe9001ad7d3a940bce7ccb….png)

8620ff No.1212085




EXCELLENT anon. This might be just why Flynn took a rubber bullet.

8f81e4 No.1212086

Menendez admonished by Ethics panel, which says he broke the law https://truepundit.com/menendez-admonished-by-ethics-panel-which-says-he-broke-the-law/

e4308b No.1212087


Maybe we are the laser pointer

b41272 No.1212088


I'm sick of people whining they're sick of this and sick of that.

ae4712 No.1212089


>If the FBI found NO evidence of lying why was Flynn charged?


>Expand your thinking.

In custody he was kept safe.

9c3869 No.1212090


Comms good Q. Just remember we've all been absolutely fucked with mentally all our lives.

Flynn was the head of the DIA. He's not stupid enough to get caught lying under oath about a minor detail. He plead guilty so he could testify. He knows all about the deep states fuckery in the middle east over the last couple decades.

0c0cc4 No.1212091

Flynn was a registered Democrat — what did he see under Obama to make him flip???

As one of the keynote speakers during the first night of the 2016 Republican National Convention, Flynn gave what the Los Angeles Times described as a "fiery" speech, in which he stated: "We are tired of Obama's empty speeches and his misguided rhetoric. This, this has caused the world to have no respect for America's word, nor does it fear our might";[69] he accused Obama of choosing to conceal the actions of Osama bin Laden and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.[70] Flynn went on to criticize political correctness and joined the crowd in a chant of "U-S-A! U-S-A!". During the chants he told those in the audience, "Get fired up! This is about our country."[69][71]

During the speech, Flynn launched a blistering attack on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He led the crowd in chants of "Lock her up!"; during one of those chants, he encouraged the crowd to keep it up, saying, "Damn right! Exactly right! There is nothing wrong with that!"[34] He called for Clinton to withdraw from the race, saying that "if I did a tenth of what she did, I'd be in jail today."[72][73] He repeated in subsequent interviews that she should be "locked up".[65] While campaigning for Trump, Flynn also referred to Clinton as the "enemy camp".[72] Six days after the speech, Flynn stirred up a controversy by retweeting anti-Semitic remarks, which he later apologized for and claimed were unintentional.[74] During the election campaign, Flynn used Twitter to post links to negative stories about Clinton, like the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.[75]

37190b No.1212092

Can we use the Kanye West Opportunity to spread some warm, welcoming outreach? We need to strike while the iron is hot. It would be a surprise to see very charming messages from conservatives on their facebook pages, on their youtube channels and twitter accounts. We need to include all those that call themselves Americans into our movement if we expect to have a peaceful future.

09a6f5 No.1212093


Seriously as a woman go run your mouth in any non western country…try it and see what happens

5e7f1d No.1212094

File: d7f8c340fbbcf35⋯.jpg (96.64 KB, 743x708, 743:708, Soon.jpg)


Pic related!

32a914 No.1212095


I do. She sometimes can't resist the hot topic of the day. The other day we got into a huge tiff because ISIS killed a bunch of people in Afghanistan or something. She lorded it over me saying "SEE They're not defeated!" and I responded "I said they were ALL BUT defeated, they lost 99% of their territory!" She thinks I'm totally brainwashed by fox and breitbart and reddit, but doesn't seem to notice that everything she ever says is a DNC talking point. At least I'm willing to admit I'm using talking points, I just think my talking points are more or less correct.

470c12 No.1212096


hahah fucked me up for a sec…I was like PUTINNNNNN…but still didn't get it

b78d82 No.1212097

File: ab394fe0880fc88⋯.png (443.86 KB, 1196x1334, 26:29, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

733369 No.1212098



>>1211663 NXIVM pre-School closed

1c0368 No.1212099

Could the MOAB be that Mueller reports to the House Intelligence Committee?

Wouldn’t they have to if not rogue?

7e7c4c No.1212100

File: 9bfe5d4f432b488⋯.png (320.85 KB, 1000x1150, 20:23, free-flynn.png)

Sorry it's a little delayed, workfagging at the moment.

a7461a No.1212101


Fuck off you idiot asshat.

c3072a No.1212102


This. We focus attention.

2d2f36 No.1212103

File: e05a8828be2bd6e⋯.jpeg (70.65 KB, 900x900, 1:1, serveimage-39.jpeg)


we have a bunch of shithawks like yourself.. we have PLENTY of them here

6a3948 No.1212104


You're not alone. I've become a black sheep here. Family, friends, woman, the whole 9 yards.

And I'm not even sure what to think anymore. I'm holding on blind faith and hopeless, hope.

I've decided to shut up until more proofs exist …at least from our end where we can explain things without multiplying 14 numbers into a 3, subtracting by 111 days, turning pictures upside to see a sort of 6, etc.

3a1811 No.1212105


For someone like me who's spent so much time here, I hate to agree. But it's looking more like that's the case.

657412 No.1212106


well id fucking hope so

120379 No.1212107

File: 401cbe26a9c50ba⋯.jpg (48.26 KB, 440x550, 4:5, ZomboMeme 27042018151315.jpg)

48409a No.1212108


Either way, he's still a shit rat that deserves to hang.

048c3a No.1212109


that is a good thought, but I do not think this is the case.

e880b5 No.1212110


Do not let the old man vs woman trick fool you. Stay together. Each have their role.

c5dac2 No.1212111


You just blew my mind.

c403e0 No.1212112


Mueller is over his head on 9/11 and Uranium 1, he ass belongs in GITMO. Total traitor!!!

8afe79 No.1212113


Stream of consciousness…

Flynn pled guilty, he said, "I recognize that the actions I acknowledged in court today were wrong, and, through my faith in God, I am working to set things right. My guilty plea and agreement to cooperate with the Special Counsel's Office reflect a decision I made in the best interests of my family and of our country. I accept full responsibility for my actions."

The charges state these statements were false:

"On or about Dec 29, 2016, FLYNN did not ask the Government of Russia’s Ambassador to the United States … to refrain from escalating the situation in response to sanctions that the United States had imposed against Russia that same day; and FLYNN did not recall the Russian Ambassador subsequently telling him that Russia had chosen to moderate its response to those sanctions as a result of his request."

"On or about December 22, 2016, FLYNN did not ask the Russian Ambassador to delay the vote on or defeat a pending United Nations Security Council resolution; and that the Russian Ambassador subsequently never described to FLYNN Russia’s response to his request.”

He was told to make these calls, and the calls in and of themselves aren't treasonous. The problem, though, is that he 'lied' to the FBI according to the initial court filing.

Fast forward to today:

Among the 44 findings in the report was a line stating that “Federal Bureau of Investigation agents did not detect any deception during Flynn's interview.” Also: Comey reportedly told lawmakers at the time that agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe he lied in that Jan. 24 meeting, and that any inaccuracies in his account were unintentional. But: “No,” he said in an interview Thursday with Fox News’ Bret Baier on “Special Report.” “I saw that in the media … maybe someone misunderstood something I said. I didn’t believe that. I didn’t say that.”

Strozk interviewed him in what was basically an ambush. The texts indicate that McCabe was heavily involved with the 302.


79799f No.1212114

File: 0dd94e4283ecbac⋯.jpg (11.19 KB, 342x147, 114:49, show.jpg)


Special Counsel is the SHOW!!!

Pleaded Guilty to SC when even the FBI did not think there was a crime.

c3072a No.1212115


>t.delusional leftist woman

6bb982 No.1212116


And a nice 69 for you friend anon :)

e4308b No.1212117


Good info anon thanks

374280 No.1212118

File: 1cfe60363865d92⋯.png (375.67 KB, 680x694, 340:347, ThereFIXT.png)

2eca94 No.1212119

File: 49651ba39bf412f⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1086x1006, 543:503, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: 06f5c81f4863234⋯.png (1.04 MB, 972x950, 486:475, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

File: e892e898ee3bef5⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1238x1016, 619:508, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

8cad54 No.1212120


Flynn to replace Pence

8f81e4 No.1212121


>Would it make sense to you that the Vice President would be kept in the dark in all this?

YES, it would!

If Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried and has dirt on Pence!

There are a LOT of stories out there about Pence and wtf he has been up to for decades!

d1621b No.1212122


its not a widely accepted theory

it would imply Mueller is a white hat which is highly debated and NOT settled by any standard

b6647e No.1212123

File: 7a1d3e84281e912⋯.png (15.12 KB, 559x142, 559:142, ClipboardImage.png)

75609a No.1212124


Why would SC hire known Trump haters?

6bb982 No.1212125


Lawmakers are being pointed at the shitfest to insulate POTUS from looking partisan?

d52947 No.1212126

File: 7dfdbac2e111113⋯.jpg (31.75 KB, 720x393, 240:131, Space_Wars!.jpg)


Space Wars

Digital Wars

Info Wars

So many new kinda wars….

c3072a No.1212127


Fuck off nigger, you say we each have our roles then try to rebuke anon stating as much. You want "equality" to mean something it doesn't faggot.

c293f2 No.1212128


The stories are wrong.

e4308b No.1212129


Very nice!

75b8ba No.1212130




a33603 No.1212131

File: 4b2b02e4dac5191⋯.jpg (159.65 KB, 704x568, 88:71, Flynn Directed to contact ….jpg)

Fly_ _ 2

e0ee62 No.1212132

Ports of Call Airline

Among the CIA proprietary airlines that Crittenden had contact with was Ports of Call Airline that had passenger flights for vacationers, and cargo flights for hauling arms and drugs. The airline was based in Denver, a city with heavy CIA involvement. Its fleet consisted of Boeing 707 and Convair 880 and 990 jets. Because of media publicity about the nature of the airline’s flights, the CIA closed down the operation in 1987.

Crittenden said his C-130 aircraft hauled four loads of cocaine during 1983 and 1984 to Guatemala City, where the loads were transferred to Ports of Call Convair 990 jets. Each C-130 carried approximately 20,000 pounds of drugs that were distributed into two Convair 990s. Ports of Call aircraft operated in close liaison with Evergreen International.

He said that Ports of Call aircraft carried passengers in the Boeing 707 aircraft, and carried cargo, such as the food-lift to Ethiopia, often drugs, in the Convair 990s. After Congress conducted closed-door hearings into the Iran-Contra affair, and after Denver papers carried stories of its questionable operation, the CIA shut down the operation.

Contact With CIA’s Evergreen Airline

To those with at least a fair knowledge of CIA activities, Evergreen International Airlines is known to be a CIA proprietary, operated by CIA assets. Crittenden had frequent contacts with top management people at Evergreen’s McMinnville, Oregon headquarters, and Evergreen’s more secretive operation at the Marana Airport. Stephen thought that the McMinn­ville operation was relatively clean as far as drug trafficking was concerned, and that the drug shipments go through Marana. The parent company for Evergreen International Airlines is The Evergreen Group, a Delaware corporation.

Crittenden described how CIA money is flown from CIA headquarters at McLean, Virginia to Marana, sometimes using a Boeing 707 with NASA markings, flown by CIA pilots, including himself. Part of this money is reportedly used to pay for drug shipments arriving from Central and South America.

Crittenden had dealt personally many times with Evergreen’s president, Dale Smith. Stephen said that Smith was more of a figurehead, and that for many years the main person was Mike Irwin, who provided Stephen with a card authorizing his presence at the heavily guarded Marana operation. Don Doss was head of aircraft scheduling, and was a level-two CIA asset. Doss’s immediate boss was Walt Burnett.

787133 No.1212133


If he waits until June 1, the appointee will serve out until 2020, if he goes before then, a special election is held. So we actually hope for him to last until 6/1. In a last act of disloyalty to the US, he'll prob die 5/25.

62c37b No.1212134


That's more of an issue when working with powerful lasers, not so much the toy lasers people use to play with their cats.

Check out Tom Clancy's "Debt of Honor" for an example of using a laser to crash airplanes.

57e92b No.1212135


DID THE FBI kill Tupac ?

Lbj killed JFK?

Aids and Ebola?

Uncle sams plantation ?

Am I over target Q

cab825 No.1212136



>I hate to agree. But it's looking more like that's the case.

I need to see a high profile pedo-satanist in handcuffs…this is just too fucking much. We've waited for decades!

09a6f5 No.1212137


I get that…but women need to come to realize that most women in the world know what real oppression is….Western women havent got a clue

9273fc No.1212138



That was the idea. but was writter in the last president.

d1621b No.1212139


my guess, so that libs and the public can't refute the findings of


3a1811 No.1212140


My wife got pissed and told me that Q makes me lose credibility and she hated it because I was an otherwise credible person. That hurt. Couldn't really fight back either cuz I didn't have any real evidence to point to.

bc27a4 No.1212141


To make a conflict if interest when representing other clients

c7d7e5 No.1212142


not to take the topic backwards but JL handle was Lauren Hill

She wrote this weird song and I can't help but think all the "repetitive" and 'simple' chants are one of the ways evil controls the mind / MKUltra


b41272 No.1212143


Just calm down and be stable. People have been emotionally exclaiming "It's Happening" for months. Then those same people get whiny when nothing seems to be happening.

ef221d No.1212144


Teach her to follow the $$$$$. Best way to discredit the news media. Most important first red pill. Save the blood drinking stuff for later.

7ee620 No.1212145


yup. legal way to enter illegally obtained evidence. Assholes at FBI and there GMAIL concept game have never heard of

key loggers

ddf5d1 No.1212146

Fed says economy is too good!

Yes, too good for people to not get behind Trump and his agenda.

79799f No.1212147

File: 0dd94e4283ecbac⋯.jpg (11.19 KB, 342x147, 114:49, show.jpg)


SC is one ring in…

c5dac2 No.1212148

>>1212100 Free Flynn - Done in 30


4bbb92 No.1212149



Same here with my parents, they believe I'm a literal nazi when I comment on the news. (Well at least I'm a reactionary , but still far from being a Nazi)

63bcc7 No.1212150

I assume Flynn plead guilty to fall on his sword, give Trump space to set an example what happens if anyone goes Renegade.

But, what's this? Did Pence and Flynn set this up from the beginning?

2d2f36 No.1212151


there is a reason Pence has been so quite. Homeboy thought he was going to take President seat.. some say there are Pedo ties.. he is friends with a LOT of deepstaters

c8d850 No.1212152


So perhaps Gen. Flynn has been testifying to Huber's Grand Jury or others …

4025ec No.1212153

File: a7cba338c0f31aa⋯.jpg (14.88 KB, 181x255, 181:255, 63acead18896e579ea1b947b86….jpg)


Irrefutable evidence



c293f2 No.1212154


What better vindication than Trump haters and democrats are the one's doing the clearing of the Trump admin and campaign?

5df30c No.1212155



This, they can't represent all the dirty dems they're really going after

cab825 No.1212156


April Showers bring May empty promises…

384e76 No.1212157


THank you fellow anon :)

f17535 No.1212158


Who wrote the 911 report?


174d18 No.1212159


Look at RR's appointment authorization.

He appointed RM to investigate Russia interference in the 2016 election, and by god, Mueller seems to be doing so! Burn the Witch

d8cc34 No.1212160


Flynn is now 'cleared of all charges' and indisputable in any future testimony.

f89c42 No.1212161


He confessed to allow the plan to unfold.

787133 No.1212162

File: 032cc75536bac8b⋯.jpg (18.03 KB, 640x409, 640:409, pelican_australian.jpg)


Exactly, it's mindless. Esp when its a bunch of items.

c3072a No.1212163


Calm yourself normie. Boards exist in a perpetual state of happening.

7086a7 No.1212164

The only way any of this makes sence is if Strzok is a plant.It might be a pot plant and im totally stoned, but otherwise,Trump is screwed and Q is messing with people.

e1ea85 No.1212165

File: 757d264f5426680⋯.jpg (241.38 KB, 962x641, 962:641, Wood Grabber.jpg)

Getting to the root of the wood for Q and POTUS!

c403e0 No.1212166


Sadly, she is probably too far gone.

Sooner or later the arrests might wake her up.

e880b5 No.1212167


Re-read my original post…you might be talking to a (((shill))). Women have no place to act as men. They are weak. Stay together. Fuck her into follow you etc.

a7461a No.1212168


To keep them all busy & out of their (MUELLER) hair. Also libtards will HAVE to accept their findings.