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File: 5dcf8a84bce0e22⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 255x143, 255:143, f399ac48494c1cf0aa423df670….jpg)

1d9369 No.920343


Where We Go One We Go All

Your life here on earth has been full of luxury and pleasure. You have made yourselves fat for the day of slaughter. James 5:5



>>880021 How to Quickly Spot a Clown



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Friday 4.06.18

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Thursday 4.05.18

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Wednesday 4.04.18

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>>896184 rt >>896069 ----- Hussein timeline

>>896069 ---------------------- The gift that keeps on giving

>>894699 rt >>894658 ----- Zuckerberg out of US

>>894658 rt >>894571 ----- TWITTER CLOWNS

>>894571 rt >>894467 ----- Their sacrifice will not be forgotten

>>894467 rt >>894401 ----- RUSSIA NEW THREAT

>>894401 rt >>894110 ----- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

>>894110 rt >>893904 ----- The fight for the Wall is so much more

>>893904 ---------------------- TRAITOR

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>>918917 POTUS tweet on WTO

>>918982 Ex-Romney staffer had woman sign sex slave contract

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>>919052 Brennan accused of doing Putin’s bidding

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>>918034 Cunningham (dead CDC), US Public Health Service, Zika and Ebola

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>>918267 Mueller v. Erik Prince on Russia meeting (NYT; possibly fake news)

>>918294 Tiangong space station falling out of sky (article 09/2016)

>>918403 POTUS’s schedule for today - nearly empty

>>918694 Multiple explosions at a commercial business in Fort Worth, TX

>>918710 IMAGE spacecraft retrieval

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>>917881 A New Day

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>>917795, >>917835 The Pattern; Global Cabalist Company Logos; Take Care In Which You Consume.

>>917824 Planefag Spots Activity Over West-Central Europae

>>917809 & Don't You Forget It!

>>917677 Las Vegas Luxor Lightbeam

>>917774 David Lynched?, >>917725

>>917748 South Korea's ex-PM JAILED for 24 years. Who's next?

>>917690 Mark Zuckerberg is deleting his own sent messages IN OTHER PEOPLES INBOXES from Facebook

>>917666 Trips Confirm Podesta's Allegiance

>>917551 The Vatican's Illegitimate Claim To Christ's Power

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>>917548 >>917585 >>917587 >>917600 >>917399 China,.. Oh, China.. The Ties Go Way Back To Dirty Ol' Mao

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>>917331 The Epstein Island tennis court: Theory

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99b4db No.920383

File: 1111c2f483a2e96⋯.png (11.29 KB, 222x255, 74:85, b81e1533f0543f64ce20a21615….png)

1d9369 No.920386

https:// pastebin.com/eqkfrYAH


030a82 No.920389

File: e7058ef93d4e644⋯.png (590.44 KB, 726x640, 363:320, ClipboardImage (3).png)


1a74d5 No.920391


Ok, disregard my bake then. Good to hear everything is ok.


b52b5a No.920392

File: 45ea488284f0cb7⋯.png (331.76 KB, 720x891, 80:99, 20180406_115324.png)

http:// theweek.com/speedreads/765665/homeland-security-start-collecting-data-hundreds-thousands-journalists

6d528a No.920394

File: 2df17e7de467006⋯.png (57.73 KB, 733x693, 733:693, q_crumbs.png)

bb428f No.920396

File: 3497dbee9925024⋯.jpg (114.65 KB, 840x470, 84:47, DoubleBaked2018_WEB_BRIS_F….jpg)

Love you bakers. No homo

248d24 No.920397


Shill alert.

Filter, Anons

0ff13c No.920398

File: f9f8fc28ab7ae60⋯.jpeg (227.52 KB, 1124x1141, 1124:1141, 2714FD0F-D331-4661-97BB-B….jpeg)


NYT comment approval sphincter - cowardly!

1d9369 No.920400


1fe276 No.920401

>>920392. Oh boy

883e81 No.920402


Lets help them.

9bc677 No.920403

>>920376 (past bread)

Why are you opposing action vs propagandists?

5abc4e No.920404

File: d54fdcb2ea933b6⋯.jpg (554.2 KB, 1260x808, 315:202, ControlBenHur2.jpg)

File: ac12f36d6df8b20⋯.jpg (556 KB, 1260x808, 315:202, ControlBenHur.jpg)

661a03 No.920405

File: 3e2ea29be75fb6e⋯.png (512.95 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, bye-bye-owls.png)


0f66ee No.920406


b1523f No.920407


funny how we're wondering the same about that 4/6%

c0ff3a No.920408

File: 19f377b8502b22e⋯.jpeg (48.58 KB, 572x329, 572:329, 19f377b8502b22ef22cac214b….jpeg)

fake body..

look at the debris

enhance the pic..what can you see?

ffd45e No.920409

Newcomers: You already know that the mainstream media is Fake News. Stick around and you will learn WHY they are lying to you. Be warned: the truth gets very messy and hard to swallow in places.

d02ef8 No.920410

File: d9b74ea8e69d239⋯.jpg (244.62 KB, 1103x536, 1103:536, theladies.jpg)

File: f1c8a7c3644c68b⋯.jpg (62.96 KB, 615x470, 123:94, tybaker.jpg)

Looking @ you NYT

Paid minimum wage to sit in a dark cold room with other nerd virgins posting whatever the boss with the nice car and a THOT tells you to? Confused why the people pushing #metoo were all rapists and hang out with pedophiles? Trying to figure out how to paint Q as a conspiracy but lack the content since your playbook by Barkun is dated? All your questions answered in the greatest PDF on the internet!

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/122807.html

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/122807.html

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/122807.html


445c08 No.920411

File: 091db947af43ead⋯.jpg (91.21 KB, 598x401, 598:401, Untitled.jpg)


d73627 No.920412


Anyone paying attention??!

336025 No.920413

What a Great!, More Censorship!!

https:// eurasianet.org/s/final-turn-of-the-screw-for-kazakhstans-independent-journalism

The Great Awakening in Mongolia?

https:// www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/03/31/reuters-america-mongolians-protest-to-demand-greater-action-against-child-abuse.html

117fb1 No.920414

File: 669271d81d77c4e⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled-1.png)

should I add anything, anons?

d917ba No.920415

File: 572fb1378f7a01f⋯.png (60.78 KB, 716x500, 179:125, qbuzzfeed.PNG)

File: 919b01ca1aad063⋯.png (188.5 KB, 975x622, 975:622, qwapo.PNG)

File: ff050714456ac92⋯.png (40.43 KB, 595x514, 595:514, qbailybeast.PNG)

File: ce673a31d6795d1⋯.png (69.12 KB, 637x915, 637:915, 05faefd5f2568c5bda8842c7f1….png)

Anons, let's be serious for a moment. All of these anti-Q articles are also anti-pizzagate and are all written by (((people of a certain Semitic background))


376d7f No.920416

http:// m.tomatobubble.com/site/id1119.html

Shill at work today.

Trying to make (((Eisenhower))) the piece of shit Commie out to be a hero.

368270 No.920417


>NYT comment approval

If every comment must be approved, it would be a real shame if hardcore redpills were blasted at them. We do it for free, but NYT has to pay moderators.

d6eb7a No.920418

File: 77b24ef3e25d65e⋯.png (212.13 KB, 841x550, 841:550, ClipboardImage.png)


We are at war

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mDlNBU4-z0&t=629s

ffd45e No.920419

Notice how the shills have disappeared for now? They are all commenting at the NYT !!!!

38e23a No.920420

File: 737279921459e9a⋯.jpg (639.09 KB, 1917x925, 1917:925, All at it.jpg)

Much spoopyness, they are all at it…

88e92b No.920421


368270 No.920422

File: 522d1dcf6bd7046⋯.png (277.45 KB, 376x376, 1:1, 522d1dcf6bd70460e82b2b86a9….png)

376d7f No.920423


Can it really be THAT simple???

Yes. Its that simple.

6cd64f No.920424

File: 1661a2a55aef0e4⋯.jpg (91.14 KB, 460x320, 23:16, tumblr_lbosnnZPQz1qazfzso1….jpg)

File: 5fba3eb489d8f02⋯.jpg (27.74 KB, 759x500, 759:500, Twin.Peaks_.S02E02.Coma_.7….jpg)

0ff5a2 No.920425


There is a shadow on Trump's lapel pin. Can anybody make out what that is?

f31568 No.920427

The Thunderbirds have cancelled their upcoming show, Sun N Fun Fly-In, April 5-10 in Lakeland, FL.

http:// www.theledger.com/news/20180405/thunderbirds-appearance-at-sun-n-fun-in-lakeland-canceled-after-fatal-crash

Godspeed and eternal blue skies, Cajun, #4.

368270 No.920428


Doesn't matter. I watched people jump, live.

860e03 No.920429


Q, did you give a comment???

59679e No.920430


But why Goldberg looks like Miss Swan?

030a82 No.920431

File: bbcc055b0cc545a⋯.jpg (379.4 KB, 852x891, 284:297, bbcc055b0cc545a6d19dc87a5e….jpg)

376d7f No.920432




248d24 No.920434

File: d887314e66a3934⋯.jpg (33.22 KB, 640x479, 640:479, ap_donald-trump_ap-photo17….jpg)

File: bb7e9a4d80ff7fa⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 1200x782, 600:391, Ronald-Reagan.jpg)

God Bless Trump and Reagan. Both were Democrats that realized how corrupt and criminal the Democratic Party is and switched to become Republican. And went on to win the Presidency. They both exposed (and are exposing) the globalist, left-wing anti-American agenda.

7425f1 No.920435

File: 9e9729ce1df01bb⋯.jpeg (355.18 KB, 564x567, 188:189, GA4.jpeg)

a6d71d No.920436

File: 41bd6b4138acb55⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 4837x3225, 4837:3225, trump45.jpg)

Thank God above for our incredible president Donald J Trump !!! Time traveler 5D chess master !! Weaver of dreams and hopes . Love this man and his message !! Qteam forever !! Anon for life !! Qtards , WE RIDE !!!!

4b0f47 No.920437

File: 1d0eeb6046fbaf8⋯.png (127.94 KB, 1080x686, 540:343, Screenshot_20180406-130404….png)

I see more 'patriots' being quite hostile against Q and Q info on Twitter. People's true colors are showing.

This post made me laugh though. If its just a conspiracy why call the WH?! 🤭

8614b5 No.920438

>>920149 (last bread)

Pentagon 'plane'

189 dead including those on the ground.

Was it only 188?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Airlines_Flight_77

336025 No.920439

d917ba No.920440


Miss Swan is played by Alex Borsetin, anuddah one of the tribe.

3f2ec5 No.920442

File: 3210299f917ed57⋯.png (385.22 KB, 483x585, 161:195, Screenshot-2018-2-22 Meme ….png)

248d24 No.920443

File: 9483ab9705c9e86⋯.jpg (307.93 KB, 1200x826, 600:413, Screenshot_20180406-125246.jpg)


Yours is behind. Already over 50 million.

Check photo.

faad1f No.920444

File: a0225f9d34f30bd⋯.jpg (145.97 KB, 430x539, 430:539, meme.jpg)

8614b5 No.920445


If they record data on "real" journalists, they will be done in a day.

30faa1 No.920446

File: df66d4655ea0dab⋯.jpg (704.24 KB, 1440x1326, 240:221, Screenshot_20180406-130647.jpg)


50 Million

467ade No.920447

All your space base are belong to us

860e03 No.920448

File: 330c0af3c8bd396⋯.png (495.15 KB, 500x582, 250:291, ClipboardImage.png)

883e81 No.920449


Does Germany have special forces?

b1523f No.920450


they have it all.

just need to set the stage

0ff13c No.920451


Notice the premise belief that we are a ‘democracy’ not a Republic, a ‘community,’ not individuals.

ae5232 No.920452


FBIAnon said it long ago on half chan. Basically, the good majority of all three branches of the gov't are corrupt and have been compromised for quite awhile. This C&C has spread to statehouses on down along with the private sector which feeds off gov't contracts. State judiciaries as well. The entire Swamp is just much bigger and more evil than ever imagined.

Now take the Mockingbird MSM which has brainwashed and programmed the Country for decades, back to the JFK assassination and even before the advent of TV. Now add decades of public education where kids have been indoctrinated and dumbed down with Common Core "No Child Left Behind" along with the strident and self-serving teachers unions which have always leaned Democratic but have gone unhinged in the last decade or two.

So it has necessarily been an arduous and time consuming process to "red-pill" folks on social media and what little of the truth FOX spits out every now and again.

However, Trump was the right person at the right time to try sand turn this all around. His alpha-male personality, extraordinary courage, flinty determination, wealth of experience AND wealth itself, were all necessary components for this all to happen. Also, the disgruntled and discouraged Patriots, within the Gov't and retired, saw in DJT a possible Champion who they could support and assist in a last chance effort to Make American Itself Again.

By building upon one promise kept after another, POTUS has reached the magical tipping point of 51% approval of likely voters. This is critical as he will need public support when it's time to start.

However, the enormity of the task facing a judicial system riddled with the corrupt and compromised would be too much. Accordingly, POTUS and his Team have paved the way for prosecution pursuant to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) with the use of Military Tribunals. This has been done under the cover of a series of brilliant Executive Orders signed by POTUS over the last year.

We are now witnessing the fall of the Mockingbird MSM as well as the collapse of the largest social media platforms on the Internet. There is now a chance for the American People to hear the actual truth and to judge for themselves.

We should all consider ourselves to be lucky to be a part of this Second American Revolution. We are blessed. Godspeed, energy and protection to POTUS, Q Team and all other Patriots.

88e92b No.920453


59679e No.920454

Ah, you know, she look a like a joo!


8fe9ee No.920455

Colossally stupid faggot Eminem doesn't realize that his mossad producers are trying to get him shot for their next 'gun control motivator'. They've been trying to make various celebs bait all along.

445c08 No.920456

f367fb No.920457

The comments on the NY Times article about Q are very supportive of Q. Goldberg stepped in it. SHe is getting blasted on twitter. Join in the fun. https:// twitter.com/michelleinbklyn

368270 No.920458


Kys niggerfaggot that meme should have died with /. where it started.

38e23a No.920459

c80dc7 No.920460


BAKER ****

Please add to Notables for 1143


>>919646 NYT Article: Q Conspiracy Theory

>>919652 NYT article (cont'd)

>>919811 Fox News: String of Mil Aircraft Crashes

7425f1 No.920461

File: 797d60ef049606b⋯.jpg (259.4 KB, 1024x443, 1024:443, PFCTNYT.jpg)

248d24 No.920462

File: 9483ab9705c9e86⋯.jpg (307.93 KB, 1200x826, 600:413, Screenshot_20180406-125246.jpg)


He hit it 10 minutes ago.

Wonder why Twatter shows different totals to different ppl at the same time…hmmm.

9bc677 No.920464


Nice, love the horse theme.

d02ef8 No.920465

File: be4e88d25c6107f⋯.jpeg (167.02 KB, 1200x603, 400:201, IBORcommunistsplotting.jpeg)

File: a622f6db5fd1f40⋯.png (95.95 KB, 1033x404, 1033:404, MZ Mockingbird IBOR.png)

File: 39026aff04f446d⋯.png (470.64 KB, 540x527, 540:527, Fakebook.png)

File: f875e2431d70fec⋯.jpg (100.12 KB, 1050x549, 350:183, nodeals1.jpg)

7402e6 No.920466

▶Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/06/18 (Fri) 00:22:15 db01ff No.914461>>914471 >>914474 >>914477 >>914480 >>914481 >>914484 >>914485 >>914487 >>914489 >>914490 >>914492 >>914495 >>914500 >>914502

Think Navy Ship crashes.

Bigger than you know.

We ARE active.


Tell me what you think:

TNS crashes


I used the caps.

TNS server crashes?

Bigger than you know.


661a03 No.920467

File: bdda4090b6c197d⋯.png (16.75 KB, 621x356, 621:356, failing-nytimes-opinion-au….png)


HRMmmmmm "[A]gain"

from 2012

https:// twitter.com/michelleinbklyn/status/258413523145744384

http:// archive.is/GEWxn

5ccf34 No.920468


no damage done - newfags see the responses and learn how to deduce and distrust all incoming data. schools don't teach skepticism, which should be considered a crime.

8614b5 No.920469

17bdc0 No.920470

Some anon in the last bread asked Q/POTUS for a special tweet when he hit 50 million.

He did it and no one noticed.

37618b No.920471


Morpheus is here.

368270 No.920472


Delusional kikes, the Lot of them.

384f96 No.920473


spam her with side by sides.

At the end of the day, it’s just TIME for Q team to leak to the public real proofs of the cult.

c80dc7 No.920474


Thank you Baker

d73627 No.920475

248d24 No.920477


Nooe. Screengrab from Twitter 15 min ago or so

f4823f No.920478

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>They are panicking!

They ain't seen nothin yet.

We're just getting started.

★ (9:59)

<Listen to the lyrics:>

How many times does an angel fall?

How many people lie instead of talking tall?

He trod on sacred ground, he cried loud into the crowd

(I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar, I’m not a gangstar)

^^^ Who does THIS remind you of?

09254c No.920479

File: e0def2355458308⋯.png (178.18 KB, 1402x795, 1402:795, Capture _2018-04-06-13-06-….png)

File: e53be2afe51d12b⋯.png (248.42 KB, 1360x1069, 1360:1069, Capture _2018-04-06-13-06-….png)

8614b5 No.920480



FBIAnon said that the top brass was mostly corrupted. The rank and file were pretty much good.

d917ba No.920481

File: 216660af93c9eda⋯.png (67.18 KB, 1120x418, 560:209, qsplc.PNG)



883e81 No.920482


I hope we can foia some statistical reports off this. How many American Journalists are foreign nationals or have Dual Citizenship?

That won't look pretty.

030a82 No.920483

File: 36d09dd65cfdc6b⋯.png (131.39 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 36d09dd65cfdc6b7f1b476bb5d….png)


god bless potus

2b907a No.920484


Why is it always the Jews…..every fucking time?

Oh wait we know that already. The Jews are the glue that makes the NWO go. They are the indespensible group that none of this evil could do without. They clannishly stick together and are in a fog of their own brainwashing. They are convinced of their superiority and the sheer fact they are all going down has not hit the lower ranks of jewry yet. But it will.

eadc7d No.920485


The most hilarious thing is that by doing this they are legitimately spreading the message and now the entire normie population will be interested and will hear all about it from friends of friends, etc.

They truly are so stupid….

445c08 No.920486

File: 803dd1f598e1a8e⋯.jpg (109.3 KB, 603x538, 603:538, Untitled.jpg)

9e2d04 No.920487


Bring up Mark Thompson. NYT editor. Used to work at BBC and covered up for CONFIRMED child rapist and murderer jimmy savile.

528fb5 No.920488


Exactly! Can paint Q a conspiracy theory all they want, the irrefutable proof cannot be ignored

773fd6 No.920489


As tute observation Anon- the winning is getting more & more obvious.

You lost already shills, pack it in Brock, it's over.

368270 No.920490



336025 No.920491


Protecting to SUI003.., Dammed cowards Rats…,

860e03 No.920492

File: 32a9881aa4153af⋯.png (408.23 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ClipboardImage.png)

30faa1 No.920493

File: eb824c39587280c⋯.jpg (222.03 KB, 1440x1074, 240:179, 2018-04-06_12.53.32.jpg)


Perhaps someone should call Michelle. See if she's perplexed as to why 95% of the comments under her hit piece are Pro-Q


13dea2 No.920494


Use the Socratic method

248d24 No.920495

File: d887314e66a3934⋯.jpg (33.22 KB, 640x479, 640:479, ap_donald-trump_ap-photo17….jpg)


The Greatest!

b1523f No.920496

File: 8aafe96f5eaf949⋯.png (595.05 KB, 826x422, 413:211, SkyFortressEngaged.PNG)

cb155b No.920497

It's strange… to most of us it's so clear that Q and POTUS are working together and getting it done, and yet, to the normies it just isn't registering.

Still doing the "soft redpill" on family and friends… the cure will take!

116ec7 No.920498


In 1996, V-Chip technology started making MSM headlines. I was overseas at the time but I remember thinking how pervasive and dangerous this would become.

883e81 No.920499


Pedophilia rings are not just a problem for liberals.

ac55ac No.920500

Even if Q was completely a conspiracy and not true the fact that the NYT author thinks that Trump is losing is a complete denial of reality. It's like they pretend that Mueller has something on trump when it was revealed that he is not a criminal target. And they are wishing away the IG and congressional investigations.

dea103 No.920501


528fb5 No.920503

I can't wait for the first press person to ask Trump if he knows who Q-Anon is

d917ba No.920504

File: b0ca32505f2fba7⋯.png (35.41 KB, 1308x369, 436:123, qdailtydot.PNG)


The Daily Dot


1d9369 No.920505

030a82 No.920506

File: 6c98f104c663962⋯.jpg (47.93 KB, 435x571, 435:571, 6c9.jpg)


it will get people questioning

3fb41c No.920507


They're shinttn' bricks. That's why all of the 'conspiracy' and 'LARP' shills lately.

248d24 No.920508

File: 9483ab9705c9e86⋯.jpg (307.93 KB, 1200x826, 600:413, Screenshot_20180406-125246.jpg)


Different accounts on different devices update differently. Might be something for a tech fag to clarify for us.

Over 50 million on mine for a while.

9bc677 No.920509


A Toast to your Personal Info meme – resignations = Trump effect – conspiracy theory Trump is a Genius proven!!

6fb52b No.920510

File: 8ccb0e7d06d69da⋯.jpeg (907.94 KB, 2048x861, 2048:861, B4CF7E21-38E8-4109-A81F-0….jpeg)


Sum ting berry fishy with Twatter. I JUST captured this

4ec76f No.920511

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




ae5232 No.920512


Excellent memefarmer! What happened to Maria von Trapp??

e6c12a No.920513

File: 661c828fc6b5823⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 620x470, 62:47, IMG_1083.JPG)

File: d8b0da8fd273049⋯.jpg (243.09 KB, 1024x714, 512:357, IMG_1084.JPG)

File: b3d470fb4865926⋯.jpg (141.47 KB, 1023x614, 1023:614, IMG_1085.JPG)

b1523f No.920514


>complete denial of reality.

all they have is the illusion of an illusion

bb428f No.920515


It isn't easy anon. I have not given up on my friends and family but I need a rest. They probably do too

445c08 No.920516

File: f69fc4e60e86575⋯.jpg (105.1 KB, 601x532, 601:532, Untitled.jpg)


Just now

13dea2 No.920517


the more they try to discredit Q,

the more they prove Q

53b615 No.920518


And that is exactly what it has become to our troops now.

c94e53 No.920519

File: 3cf551abfa94bd3⋯.jpg (81.31 KB, 500x575, 20:23, yoda.jpg)

File: b78dba8b1942ae3⋯.png (111.23 KB, 500x334, 250:167, great-again-first-they-ign….png)

cd5cc9 No.920520

File: 6191fdd09a9cb58⋯.png (531.94 KB, 1665x962, 45:26, pence.png)

Pence headed home from vacation in Ft. Myers

f31568 No.920521


Incorrect dates, S/B April 10 - 15, 2018.

376d7f No.920522

File: 5a9b0abc84d3702⋯.jpg (17.29 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 8649e94bb4b0c59214594d3dc6….jpg)

File: 86bdf292a846ba3⋯.jpg (216.41 KB, 1280x926, 640:463, 1517754406182.jpg)

File: c982ac19275f62a⋯.jpg (224.87 KB, 1185x759, 395:253, c982ac19275f62a22ec472e840….jpg)

File: 808f10f9b94d173⋯.png (5.6 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 243ce0d9c331818ab6388a2608….png)

File: 50161d2452d6799⋯.jpeg (27.8 KB, 637x530, 637:530, DW2LIMvUMAAI90i.jpeg)

4b0f47 No.920523


Please let us know if it is time or when it is the right time to start pushing Q-proofs (side by sides).

Should we be countering their 'conspiracy' narrative right now?


528fb5 No.920524


You know they have known about Q posting for awhile, but purposely avoided mentioning him. Mentioning him even in an article about him being a conspiracy is still dangerous to them, as it draws attention to him, and finally forces them to publicly acknowledge him. They are about down to nothing if their latest strategy is to try and discredit Q

99b4db No.920525

File: e13c907fe10af47⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, profile.jpg)

68cba9 No.920526


Wait a minute ! i CALL FOUL. She writes to her followers:

Can either of you . . . . . SHE IS CLAIMING more than 1. Now you know this is fake!

How did nobody else catch that?

860e03 No.920527

File: 93a3b55e1f1a66c⋯.png (27.52 KB, 468x125, 468:125, ClipboardImage.png)

4165db No.920528

Hi again Q! Who - or what - would POTUS describe as "ultra mega"? Have fun!

773fd6 No.920529

File: 66006b4ff5d98e1⋯.png (49.48 KB, 578x652, 289:326, pepesmasshjr.png)

248d24 No.920530

File: 9bc7e369b323541⋯.jpg (573.2 KB, 1200x1348, 300:337, Screenshot_20180406-131242.jpg)

Went down, but now over 50 million again!

See pic.

368270 No.920531


Tell Moldberg she's 40 but looks 50. It's petty but immature cunts like her will feel a sting.


AKA Clipper Chip.



What a cohencidence.

a6d71d No.920532


Can't wait Anon . Sooo patiently waiting for that moment. I am all set up and will go the fuck off posting links everywhere within 30 seconds 5000 people will have the link .

f367fb No.920533

File: 69247d5d90e7705⋯.png (161.78 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

NY Times editorial board trying to identify Q

a6d71d No.920534


She looks a little fat too . Her belly is big .

cb155b No.920535


so true!

a99083 No.920536


Good catch, anon. Definitely worth pondering.

e6c12a No.920537

File: 73dc97bcb9d11e6⋯.jpg (37.82 KB, 548x555, 548:555, IMG_1022.JPG)

SOviet fag walking bitch

1d9369 No.920538


0a4ae1 No.920539


Perhaps he's still in the Greenbriar bunker...never came back from WV.

248d24 No.920540

File: ae25a0b09b4eab0⋯.jpg (561.48 KB, 1200x1282, 600:641, Screenshot_20180406-131408.jpg)

Another screengrab

5ccf34 No.920541


the irony of that approval notice should not go unpunished.

030a82 No.920542

File: 19d4eb9e64cb820⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 400x215, 80:43, 19d4eb9e64cb82068927aa7387….gif)

ae5232 No.920543


Sorry anon. You are right. I didn't mean to imply otherwise.

d02ef8 No.920544

File: ab87db3d3b8449e⋯.png (114.98 KB, 675x534, 225:178, NYT right now.png)

7425f1 No.920545


Thought I'd just go with the original for that one ;) God bless.

ec29e8 No.920546

File: 1de3739ca6881f5⋯.jpeg (140.75 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 9CB10301-4DB5-4E49-B522-6….jpeg)

File: fa7956eb42dda5d⋯.jpeg (82.08 KB, 638x479, 638:479, 8EB17D6B-3A0A-41FF-8DE1-D….jpeg)


Binocular Omni-Orientation Monitor

Looks like something the military would use.

Not sure.

a6d71d No.920547


Hit her in the fat cells . She looks REAL chunky .Her face is fat . Looks like she never takes a bath too . Dirty looking slimy stinky yellow colored creature. Some mongoloid breed .

cb155b No.920548


Where's Trinity?

ffd45e No.920549


Good luck to them. That challenge has defeated the best of us!

(shhh - don't tell them Q is a team)

5ccf34 No.920550


or they're in an "oh shit!" meeting.

368270 No.920551



28c369 No.920552

File: 9b441cc270d1221⋯.jpg (57.87 KB, 640x400, 8:5, AP18095618818063-640x400.jpg)

Their wearing Anon masks…wow

https:// www.timesofisrael.com/israel-deploys-snipers-tanks-as-palestinians-begin-protests-along-gaza-border/

445c08 No.920553


So what is @Jack doing

9bc677 No.920554


Excellent memes!

d02ef8 No.920555

File: 21221e1d4b73981⋯.png (640.66 KB, 1180x431, 1180:431, ga.png)

860e03 No.920556

File: b9a78dffac96a97⋯.png (625.1 KB, 695x500, 139:100, ClipboardImage.png)

c6f8c7 No.920557

NYT talkin about QAnon

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/04/06/opinion/qanon-trump-conspiracy-theory.html

f19b76 No.920558


FAKE NEWS. They don't really hate it.

0dd6d0 No.920559


When is show time?!

3f2ec5 No.920560

File: aa1be738041d180⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 480x480, 1:1, worstmemes.jpg)

9e2d04 No.920561


This is quite true. Women like this don’t debate facts. Ridicule her looks and you win.

a6d71d No.920562


Hi Douglas !!! Or is it your extremely stupid to get doxxed super fat redhead wife . Looks like a cow .

248d24 No.920563


Being a globalist NWO fuck as usual.

9bc677 No.920564


Little people rock!

17bdc0 No.920565



Last bread these posts asked Q/POTUS for a special tweet at 50 million.

PAY ATTENTION! They delivered!

53b615 No.920566

Wouldn't that be a show of force along the border…Kek!

Can just imagine the fear that would be going through some alien getting ready to cross the border, and here comes C-130's doing an airdrop of troops…KEK!!!!

0543b3 No.920567

File: f41a58af654a61e⋯.jpg (190.3 KB, 629x354, 629:354, sessions-horowitz-ses.jpg)


1. Jeff Sessions.

2. Inspector General HOROWITZ.

3. Newly appointed “outside of Washington” special prosecutor HUBER.


What this board, “Q” and the BV do not want you to know!

Practically all people listed in the Plum Book are SES!

They hide their names under many categories, but anything not regular civil service, where they move-up the ranks on merit, but rather enter by special appointment, are all SES!!

https:// www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/2018-04-04-Plum-Books-hide-SES-employees-in-a-blizzard-of-bad-math-and-contradictory-nonsensical-categories-by-Anonymous-Patriots-American-Intelligence-Media-Apr-04-2018.pdf

They are hiding this from you. The truth right in front of you, hidden under layers of booby traps and encrypted data, now revealed for you by those who invested hundreds of hours to decrypt it all!

SES is an organized crime syndicate, with 18 guns for hire, secret initiation rights that use blackmail, extortion. They have infiltrated all of the government and even control the Presidential appointments. Their job is to undue all the President does and attempt to remove him from office. They are behind the FISA abuse, the sabotage of THE MEMO, all HC kills, election rigging, subversion of the Constitution and much much more. They work in partnership with the banking cartel and are the same ones attempting to lead the world to war with appointments such as Boulton. Sessions is the ring leader of this crime syndicate and via 500 lawyers in the DOJ, controls all Federal agencies. The SES is The Shadow Government.'

Sessions lied, he said he was appointing someone outside of Washington. Nothing could be further from the truth. Huber is SES, thus SUBMERGED in the swamp. Sessions is colluding with Hillary and is also part of the Uranium Crime Syndicate, together with Mueller, Comey, Wray, Peter Strzuk, Lisa Page, Obama, Hillary, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Clapper and many others. They have subverted the State Department, the White House, all Intelligence agencies and the very constitution. They are thus all ENEMIES OF THE STATE. ANYONE SUPPORTING THEM AND PROPPPING THEM UP, OR SAYING “TRUST JEFF SESSIONS” IS THUS HEREBY DECLARED AN ENEMY OF THE STATE AND MUST BE ELIMINATED AT ALL COST.

Mueller must go, Trey Gowdy must go, Jeff Sessions must go, Q must go, Huber must go, Horowitz must go (will only obstruct and delay prosecutions). With these people in power, none of the Hillary Clinton – Obama – Bush mob will be prosecuted!

Wake-up and smell the coffee!

Are you headed the wrong way?


5ccf34 No.920568


this can be caused by lazy updating in the server arrays. in other words, different servers you hit might have different totals. (This isn't a very important number so it won't be updated as rapidly as other things.)

8a52e6 No.920569


No, actually I am not. I am simply accepting the words provided at face value, nothing more, nothing less. Realize it or not, you are assigning additional meaning, content and context not provided. While that is perfectly acceptable, that action, both actions, in fact, deserve recognition for exactly what they are.

Why is that a problem that requires defense, ignorance or other? Why not just accept and use it as information?

Funny how so many can't or refuse to see and accept the simple reality and baby steps.

f5589c No.920570


yup, call her up, rip her new ones, run her in the ground, make her feel terrible about behind a human.

Then she can write another article running you and Q and POTUS in the ground for doing it.

Today Anon's you now represent the POTUS. This board represents POTUS. Think maybe you better act like it?

This board does serve at the pleasure of POTUS. Q stops posting, our direction goes away. Poke fun here, but lets not call her. Can we have a bit of professionalism?

I know, it's the CHANS GTFO

ee1db9 No.920571

File: c5c719a463703b6⋯.jpg (348.73 KB, 584x592, 73:74, GoldBergStein.jpg)

1fe276 No.920572

88e92b No.920573


b1523f No.920574




you guys are so lame… winning this much and you'd stoop to fat insults?!?

laaaaaaaaaaaaaame and/or shilling

860e03 No.920575

anyone have thoughts on Q posting in the morning?

Q has been posting at 10 or 11 each night

It seems Q couldn't resist pointing out the NYT article

Anyone think Sarah Sanders will get asked about Q?

d73627 No.920576

ecaf5b No.920577

File: ca758d1ba9586a8⋯.webm (220.97 KB, 640x388, 160:97, 45.webm)


Nasim Najafi Aghdam removes breast augmentation

(watch the webm)

source: https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=HlsYtvtl1oo

030a82 No.920579

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




4b0f47 No.920580

Pertaining to JA?

>Device hold.

>Comms transfer castle.


Rig for silent.


53b615 No.920582


Was meant to be for


41fb2e No.920583


fake tweet. filter the shill and move on

4eb25a No.920584


First time I heard "critical thinking" come out of a mouth in school, i was a university freshman. Good thing I didn't wait for them to tell me.

8a52e6 No.920585


Yes, actually that would be the expected response or action. NOT seeing it as such suggests NOT understanding the left.

368270 No.920586


>Looks like something the military would use.

It does. And Gay Robot from Grandma's Boy.


>implying it doesn't affect cunts like her

5ccf34 No.920587



e634a2 No.920588


Thanks for Red-Pilling your readers for us!!

080f9c No.920589


I live a stone's throw off the Gulf of Mexico and have seen many more military aircraft in the area in the last 3 to 4 months, and even more in the last week…small fighter pilot type jets. Although there is an AFB within 5 miles, I haven't seen this many for years. Prayers are being sent up for each one I see.

20f67e No.920590

We are AT WAR.

The time is now Anon Army.

Use patience, critical thinking on approach tactics and overall empathy towards those who will try to mock us.

They are brainwashed victims.

They are FUTURE Patriots.


a6d71d No.920591


On Glp censoring and acting like your buddy buddy friend.

aa1ed2 No.920592


Barbara Olson didn't die. She faked a phone call. Ted Olson remarried her after her face lift.

f5589c No.920593


that won't flush.

you know that right…?

41fb2e No.920594



860e03 No.920595

File: 93fa5d6561d9a9d⋯.png (46.17 KB, 403x195, 31:15, ClipboardImage.png)

This isn't even accurate

54085e No.920596

File: 4663ae024b2e471⋯.jpg (47.08 KB, 438x336, 73:56, IMG_0980.JPG)

When we go milkshake

We go yard

b1523f No.920597


>>implying that kind of attack is just what they want/will use to tarnish opponents.

c1932c No.920598

File: 182662b276814b7⋯.jpg (122.64 KB, 1080x811, 1080:811, Screenshot_20180406-120513.jpg)

File: 183c522b8cc1f30⋯.jpg (471.02 KB, 1077x1757, 1077:1757, Screenshot_20180406-114226.jpg)

File: 41323763add77f2⋯.jpg (423.5 KB, 1080x1181, 1080:1181, Screenshot_20180406-114102.jpg)

File: f33451ba22d8096⋯.jpg (347.76 KB, 1080x965, 216:193, Screenshot_20180406-113649.jpg)

File: a0f0ed78b1a1ab3⋯.jpg (187.38 KB, 1072x302, 536:151, Screenshot_20180406-113721.jpg)

Workfagging, bear with me.

sd4, led me to this area of singapore.

which I then found this study by Singapore Management Univeristy (which bill and HRC have had paid speeches at)

Study is about social media and altruism. being able to gauge people by their social networking. testing them with games and how markets are affected.

Mueller worked for Wilmerhale


Jonatham Lim connections to SMU & WTO

https:// www.wilmerhale.com/jonathan_lim/


https:// dash.harvard.edu/bitstream/handle/1/3054685/mobius altruism reciprocity.pdf

sorry for scattered drop, looked important enough to get more eyes on


336025 No.920599


They're of Asia. What did you expect?. The Japanese also do it..

13dea2 No.920600


Use the Socratic method

Question them

Let them find the answers

661a03 No.920601

File: e808ca5cd0d1b13⋯.png (398.65 KB, 641x723, 641:723, Untitledc.png)

File: 6f91f8e1ba229cd⋯.png (13.12 KB, 623x280, 89:40, Untitledd.png)

interesting. from a nytimes michelleinbklyn tweet i found this.

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2010/nov/28/us-embassy-cables-spying-un

http:// archive.is/WAMuN

https:// twitter.com/michelleinbklyn/status/8951914091782144

http:// archive.is/15RqR

3fb41c No.920602


Exactly. Streisand Effect.

0543b3 No.920603


No, YOU lost you dumb ass.

1c231e No.920604


Glenn Beck also had a 5 or 10 minute Q segment today. Mostly mocked it as another Pizzagate, which they also mocked. Lots of talk about Roseanne too. But this was the first "real" talk radio segment I had heard where Q was directly mentioned.

248d24 No.920605



Request was made after your link.

860e03 No.920606


is that you Nasimfag?

5ccf34 No.920607


mole? friggin' mole? Q pushing their timeline in the most insidious of ways?

23cd90 No.920608

4b0f47 No.920609


It sometimes depends on if they are operating from a different part of the world, or coordinating with people in a different time zone, etc. Or that's just when they needed to post for other operators that watch this board.

c1932c No.920611

File: 1bb6f9c99a52645⋯.jpg (601.71 KB, 1078x1731, 1078:1731, Screenshot_20180406-120726.jpg)

File: 6cc41c88ef28453⋯.jpg (591.75 KB, 1080x1774, 540:887, Screenshot_20180406-120135.jpg)

File: eae2cc5d89bad53⋯.jpg (360.42 KB, 1080x1164, 90:97, Screenshot_20180406-120303.jpg)

248d24 No.920612


Shill back.

Filter, Anons

53b615 No.920613


Looks more like a brick of coco-coir. Kek!

368270 No.920614


FFS what did you pay for that slave training?


They say every horrible lie they can about their opposition you dumb nigger. Fuck off this is war. You're actually making me think it would be even more effective than I thought.

13dea2 No.920615


Not even close

28b611 No.920616


Are they in the vid?

5cacf6 No.920617


They'll struggle to find 10000 most ouranlists today are actors reading a script.

8614b5 No.920618


That's OK anon! Glad you brought up FBI anon :)

9ad42b No.920619


This is the most effective way.

There is a reason Socrates was killed.

If the cabalists could, they'd kill him again.

96622d No.920620


the wall is needed

(America) has been using it's border

as a funnel

to covertly supply evil

99b4db No.920621


beck lost his mind

bdf682 No.920622


Normally, I hold back, but now that there are more chinks in the armor and msm put q out in the open, when all that is holding everything back is the notion that all associations of BHO and HRC are somehow righteous, throw it out there and watch the remaining masses finally vomit out their affliction save of course the other 4-6%.

9ba65d No.920623

File: ae98da5330f8d83⋯.jpg (64.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, globby.jpg)

>>919934 Good Thinking

0543b3 No.920624


We win! Sorry hoser losers!!

Sessions IS OUT!!

5cacf6 No.920625



030a82 No.920627

File: 807af9840549e2b⋯.png (97.37 KB, 775x960, 155:192, 807af9840549e2b222b9ae179e….png)

f20ec7 No.920628


FYI plugged this link into two search engines:

DuckDuckGo - top choice

Goo gull - not on 1st page.


d6eb7a No.920629

File: 70d067d7a99a185⋯.png (335.47 KB, 828x448, 207:112, ClipboardImage.png)

0dd6d0 No.920630


GEOTUS hit 50MM followers yesterday. Not sure if it's happening to you but I'm having to re-follow people because Twitter is unfollowing certain accounts. I've had at least 5 people re-follow me and even DM me about it. Something is very fishy. Twitter is up to something.

d02ef8 No.920631

File: c35f2824a5a04a6⋯.png (107.61 KB, 232x337, 232:337, glennbeckcheetos.png)


>Glenn Beck

who is giving him money still?

6523e6 No.920632

File: 37ed4468a5a9b6a⋯.png (955.47 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, A2E907FF-1BB7-484F-8FE4-75….png)

File: 20b96a76f6ab354⋯.png (180.32 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 5B206390-FA3F-473F-9BC8-36….png)

File: e2f6978e04049dd⋯.png (404.07 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 71934B34-953E-4B1A-A505-B6….png)

File: 097ef57e74009d5⋯.png (407.17 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, DF1C2801-9E05-40AF-B271-52….png)

File: d4f939b0b9ad95a⋯.png (806.11 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 2DE34C21-25BC-469A-BDF9-BB….png)

20f67e No.920633

Best part of the NYT article will be the actual non-mockingbird journalists/editors jr's etc…



51298b No.920634


Q when are we gonna start making these bad boys!?!

c4a25d No.920635

Days later, on Aug. 8, 2016, Strzok texted Page: “Internal joint cyber cd intel piece for D, scenesetter for McDonough brief, Trainor [head of FBI cyber division] directed all cyber info be pulled. I’d let Bill and Jim hammer it out first, though it would be best for D to have it before the Wed WH session.”

>ooohhhh they getting the intel piece ready for Obama in AUGUST 2016. ?

read:http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/28/documents-suggest-possible-coordination-between-cia-fbi-obama-wh-and-dem-officials-early-in-trump-russia-probe-investigators.html

dea103 No.920636

File: 989a4b57fa73785⋯.jpeg (100.21 KB, 1154x664, 577:332, D9960E88-683A-4D94-8E98-A….jpeg)

Wait for the NYTs to post about all the Fake Russian bots following POTUS. Hahaha 11.327 million they have…

368270 No.920637


This is dumb. Make a cap of her bombing churches shit instead.

17bdc0 No.920638


My bad it’s >>919721

8a52e6 No.920639



The most unfortunate part is that doing so is perceived as a threat, accusation, attack, not included, etc., and responded to accordingly with fallacies (ad hominem, labels, strawmen, etc…) resulting in missing the opportunity which shorts all parties and the common goals.

248d24 No.920640


This SMU (Singapore) is evil.

ea07a5 No.920641


Beck is comped and owned. I hope he goes down as well.

3fb41c No.920642


Every time that they try, they bring more and more people's attention to Q.

336025 No.920643

Kazhks News (Capital of Evil)

Also blocked Telegram

https:// eurasianet.org/s/kazakhstan-threatens-to-block-telegram


https:// eurasianet.org/s/final-turn-of-the-screw-for-kazakhstans-independent-journalism

883e81 No.920644


Hah. She's likes conspiracy when it suits her politics.

54085e No.920645

File: 1fab1d2991cd399⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 500x430, 50:43, IMG_1677.JPG)

13dea2 No.920646


they would kill the lot of us if they could

89c5b7 No.920647


https:// nepis.epa.gov/Exe/ZyPURL.cgi?Dockey=P10051KW.TXT

Malathion poisoning in children with lice treatments

- My thoughts so far on this. They intentionally made it to kill, but had not been able to make stable chemical additions.

b1523f No.920648


>Think Navy Ship crashes.

>Bigger than you know.

>We ARE active.


0543b3 No.920649


That would be YOU.

4eb25a No.920650



Goldberg may WANT to be trolled, so that she can publish her follow-up on how deplorable those inane conspiracy theorist Trump supporters really are. The quotes would be insane, and she'd only be "proving her point" even more. Chans, rip her a new one here, but don't take it to her world, she'll win with experience and a smile while continuing to discredit, except now with ammo

c94e53 No.920651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anons digging on topics relative to life - uncovering info some don't want us to know. But mockingbird media want to know- who is that masked man?!

lol "Q"

248d24 No.920652


Distraction shill.

5ccf34 No.920653


Holy Crap! I thought these might be faked. They're real. DAYUM! I've never seen Hannity this lit…!

528fb5 No.920654

Well it took awhile but I think we finally figured Mueller out

0ff5a2 No.920655


what was the special tweet?

54085e No.920656

That was a shitty ship anyways

46aaf8 No.920657


You forgot to add that de Rothschild is the Chairman of WJC.

8a52e6 No.920658


Yes! That right there is a perfect response and example of reading and accepting the words as written.

Great response, anon!

5a6327 No.920659

File: d6be972f5e7858c⋯.png (181.78 KB, 792x437, 792:437, YouFAILED.png)

22084d No.920660


Many people have chosen to ignore (be ignorant). Chasing after entertainment, mindlessness, laziness, consumerism, etc.

Until they are willing to face themselves, their choices, and the world they allow ….. they won't wake up. They have to make the choice to open their eyes. Facing themselves and their own choices is the hardest part. Most refuse to look at how they are responsible and have consented for so long. Allowing all of the shyt.

96622d No.920661


we are literally

at war with ourselves

it is us

69b9d2 No.920662


That concluding question is scary knowing that Communists would kill us the first chance they get.

e665a2 No.920663

Time to dig on these authors writing these articles and meme their garbage right back to them.

Time to pull info from those Operation Mockingbird Clown docs Q linked us to. These people are so forkin' stupid.

b1523f No.920664


>Goldberg may WANT to be trolled, so that she can publish her follow-up on how deplorable those inane conspiracy theorist Trump supporters really are.

"coincidence", idiots saying "tell her she's fat dur dur that'll show her"

368270 No.920665


Kike faggots who want a blowjob.


Maybe, but it doesn't matter. Even if noone said shit to her she'd lie and say she received 6 gorillion death threats. IT'S WAR NIGGER. IF WE DON'T BEAT THEM WITH WORDS WE SPILL THEIR BLOOD.

7c6788 No.920666

File: 749e7f3cd4d8f08⋯.jpg (22.04 KB, 530x530, 1:1, wtf is.jpg)

Anons, a Q-uestion

ref to clowns effort: Q-T2810C

Would the anons on here mind if i'd make a daily screencap vid of the latest Q posts on here, without the 8chan url being visible?

wud be a great protection against FAKE Q POSTS.

I can put the links up on WTF-IS-QANON.COM ?

Currently have a link to the searchable Q-posts archive, but have made screen cap vids since Q first posted about the Q-T clowns, achived them offline (FUCK you clowns).

what do you say anons, i'm eurt from war room. you know me since day 1. not a famewhore, just want to offer sauced info to the normies and the newbies.

diggers: if you want your stuff on there, send me a link.


0543b3 No.920667


Douglas Gabriel did not post this.

Trying to dox them again hey scumbag?

661a03 No.920668



bdf682 No.920669


There's the first card in the playbook…

He called me a kike

248d24 No.920670


Yes, it jumps back and forth. Maybe trying to throw off big reporting on milestones like 50 mil?

54085e No.920671

File: 9e681bea80efc5e⋯.jpg (29.94 KB, 550x245, 110:49, IMG_1600.JPG)

Jiggle the cabal

Trust tacos

6cd64f No.920672

File: 9836ea5ab62fd44⋯.jpg (18.59 KB, 500x365, 100:73, a19c69596e2545f3f67d8d77f6….jpg)

File: 855faffbed498b4⋯.png (107.89 KB, 600x315, 40:21, david-lynch-doppelganger.png)

File: 7cf08f6212b4fc5⋯.jpg (66.29 KB, 1677x1063, 1677:1063, seeu.jpg)

File: 704dbefa7283b74⋯.jpg (55.53 KB, 635x477, 635:477, tpblueyesdop.jpg)


Not only that, David Bowie was a friend to David Lynch and Mark Frost

In David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks an all loving and patriotic, who's nice to everyone FBI agent comes to investigate the murder of a teen.

During the investigations, he discovers that behind the town there's a drug a minor's prostitution ring. The girl in question is a drug-addicted prostitute.

At the end is discovered her father killed her and raped her since she was 12, this man apparently was possessed by the spirit of an OWL who took the form of a man who in turn raped him as a kid. Despite the bleak themes the series tries to put hope and positivity above everything else as if everything can be fixed

There was a prequel that showed the awful life of the teen, pretty good one but it was critiqued during its time as one of the worst movies ever, when I saw it I almost hit my head because is a masterpiece.

The newest season takes more time on explaining the corruption of the current youth, there's another drug ring and an implied prostitution ring but at the end, there's always hope.

Is worth mentioning that the co-writer is a conspiracy theorist with a lot of leg work on old symbology and political paranoia… as for David Lynch… he thinks 9/11 was fake?… the guy isn't too much into things.

4ec76f No.920673



Those guys have bigger balls then I do!

a7675b No.920674

Glenn Beck also had a 5 or 10 minute Q segment today. Mostly mocked it as another Pizzagate, which they also mocked. Lots of talk about Roseanne too. But this was the first talk radio segment I had heard where Q was directly mentioned.

It's like (((THEY))) don't want people entertaining the idea of elite pedo rings and trafficking people through mass immigration.

030a82 No.920675

File: 0b02fa257c5733e⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1000x625, 8:5, 0b02fa257c5733e2a10e782404….png)

4e0140 No.920676


Seems we need to MEME the Drop that states… This not about D and R's. ALL

dea103 No.920677


Suspending followers does that

528fb5 No.920678


We have to assume that Q, back in October, knew one day down the road the MSM would finally start addressing Q in attempts to discredit him. So we know they already know how to handle it. Personally I like it….the more attention drawn to Q and his questions, the more people start researching stuff. I would think this is a last resort for black hats

59b3b5 No.920679

File: 5dcf8a84bce0e22⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 255x143, 255:143, pic.jpg)

I hope everyone understands that it does not matter whether Q is true or not. It only matters what we are doing with this information now and in the future. Believe me, I have more than 17 years of experience from all this shit, and I've seen all this before and it failed. Now it looks like it's the last chance to do something, or else people are scattered or censored, and then people are screaming from small chat channels, and the big masses are not listening. Time is NOW !!!

0543b3 No.920680


You are asking the wrong person. Q is the bad boy.

17bdc0 No.920681



These posts last bread were asking for a special tweet at 50 million followers.



6523e6 No.920682

File: 762bc648250e3f5⋯.png (414.2 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 5A7E5A47-6EA3-4FAB-99A4-A6….png)

File: b2cc3d5686df157⋯.png (190.33 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 6053C260-00F3-435D-A0BE-F7….png)

File: 873f9baee1cd82e⋯.png (327.43 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, FBD85060-ABAC-435A-966B-97….png)

File: 3bdeb6cd5bf9dd7⋯.png (204.28 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 25A98118-0A4F-47FD-A550-3E….png)

File: 48fc0d4fd402100⋯.png (205.86 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 0C2C1AD7-7C01-49FD-A01F-5E….png)

54085e No.920683

File: 36c146fa3983873⋯.jpg (25.84 KB, 224x225, 224:225, IMG_1659.JPG)

248d24 No.920684



Filter, Anons.

You will probably see him post a Kennedy photo soon. Same one. Always on here during same 8-hour shift = paid Soros monkey.

c1932c No.920685

File: 182662b276814b7⋯.jpg (122.64 KB, 1080x811, 1080:811, Screenshot_20180406-120513.jpg)

File: 1d494b08e806584⋯.jpg (91.7 KB, 1080x280, 27:7, Screenshot_20180406-120616.jpg)

File: 686223bdef42ed8⋯.jpg (374.29 KB, 1078x491, 1078:491, Screenshot_20180406-113924.jpg)

File: d3eb7d78094d7cb⋯.jpg (252.92 KB, 1080x437, 1080:437, Screenshot_20180406-113835.jpg)

I hate phonefagging.



d73627 No.920686


Right on Q.

I should have put money on this popping up!

a196b8 No.920687


Yes that and the fact some of our troops were asking for money from back home

because they weren’t supplied with any or just poor quality (ie made in China)

body armor

8614b5 No.920688

We know POTUS wouldn't wait any more than he had to for to bring down the Hammer.

Just imagine how much of a sewer there is to clean up.

883e81 No.920689


This is pretty much true. The weakness of the chan has always been and will always be the straw man attacks. She can post anything as anon and then blast it. Its always pyrrhic though due to Streisand Effect.

3f2ec5 No.920690


1. you are a famewhore.

2. why ask just do.

5ccf34 No.920691


twitter has a lot of servers. they are updated at different times. you're seeing what is called a 'lazy update' of a relatively unimportant number. the reason reloading is giving you different content is because different machines (with different data sets) are responding to each different reload request.

368270 No.920692



We use Q. If legit, cool. If larp, makes no difference.

2b907a No.920693

I think I know why Q and Potus have done very little that can be construed as a true public redpill. Because the truth of the matter is that if we go publically against the Jews all the mindless Jew puppets and the lower tier Jews will "there they go again with the Nazi stuff" they will never look at the evidence they will knee jerk to their brainwashed positions they have learned over the last 7 decades. And they wont go publically against the Catholics because the peon peasant Catholic will rally to the kid fucking Luciferians not knowing any better. They cant go pubically against the god damn Masons because of the millions and millions of brain dead Masons have sworn blood oaths to mindlessly take orders from the top tier kid rapist. So they are going after them all but never once pubically saying it. Which is possible because the top ranks of the Military have all sat around and watched all the evidence they need to swear a blood oath to POTUS and the Constitution.

By the time a unmistakable event takes place it will be done with their media it will be done with their people. Trump will never step out and declare the truth until long after the fighting is over.

This is the way it will be fought. Because the laws that the Luciferians have passed in the last 7 decades has made the President as powerful as any ancient dictator. They can lie to us in the media and it is legal. They can pretty much do anything and it is legal. So they gain no bonus by saying anything. The other side….the Luciferians are in a tricky place. Their whole power revolves around the image they will never be defeated. Many of their minions only serve because they are scared to death of the Satanist and never thought the whole thing would go down. (((they))) can not go public with the true stakes of the battle they are fighting against us. They can not say how much damage they are taking because it will give an appearance of losing. And that will cause all their minions to scurry away even faster. They can not come out and say Trump is attacking us in a major way but secretly….Trump can legally deny it. So the otherside is quietly losing everyday and trying more and more crazy stuff to try to change the narrative. However regardless of what Q said about no deals……deals have been struck. The Luciferians have no idea who is turned in their organisations….Trump can use their whole network of control to bring them down from within. And the Luciferians have little they can do about it.

It makes for frustration on our part. And I imagine the MI game theory guys figured that part out also. So part of the importance of Q drops is to let the WOKE people follow along and not get too frustrated and start taking our own private actions.

Very clever of them. Very annoying the waiting game.

I also think the threats of dropping video is real….they have the video and will drop them. But publically threatening to drop the video allows the Q people to see what responces the Luciferians make to shut down the spread….they watch and make notes. They also probably get emergency messages in to POTUS claiming they will put out some virus or some tidal wave threat….it allows POTUS and crew to pick apart their remaining threat options.

24958b No.920694

b20728 No.920695

So, guys. I think this is still important:

Q is now on title page of NYT (not directly seen, but still close enough). If possible, there should be a way to get him even more popular in MSM, especially on TV news coverage. The MSM is going to fall into a trap of this, definitely. Someone would have to play the bait though.

I am not saying that we should incite something, but if someone was able to do a "bigger" activity in meatspace regarding Q (similar to what the Veritas Project is doing, except that there would be active manipulation and other stuff involved to GET journalists to write about us), etc.

d6eb7a No.920696

File: e23f420498ca814⋯.png (614.25 KB, 828x668, 207:167, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b692dc27ea7f965⋯.png (442.12 KB, 852x682, 426:341, ClipboardImage.png)


Not all jews promote witchcraft

248d24 No.920697


Same person.

5cacf6 No.920698


I've said before 'liberals' seem to have a safe space within their own brains where they won't accept anything that makes them feel at all uncomfortable mentally.

29e2c2 No.920699

File: 13ebb65610317a4⋯.png (623.28 KB, 702x448, 351:224, bombs en route 2.png)

0543b3 No.920700


Yes, he and Sessions are SES, protectors of the Uranium Crime Syndicate. Obama and Hitlery too.

528fb5 No.920701


The censorship is already bad, and getting worse daily. If nothing happens this time, half the country is screwed, because Dems are ready to send "dissidents" off to FEMA camps, and Dems are brainwashed enough to actually justify this

e29fe4 No.920702


I'm noticing that the NY Times hasn't put the article on their Twatter page. They know we'll destroy their narrative.

17bdc0 No.920703



248d24 No.920704



ffd45e No.920705

File: 997fe5c8b23edeb⋯.png (490.72 KB, 729x313, 729:313, Trump_train_locomotive.png)


It's not called the #GreatAwakening for nothing.

ae5232 No.920706


Thx anon. It was FBI anon who gave me the first ray of hope. I knew that there had to be a great deal of patriots in the IC MI rank and file who could not let stand what the Cabal had done and had planned. Hopefully, in fact I'm sure, we'll start to see a watershed of others coming forth!

b15724 No.920707



030a82 No.920708

File: 8f438b6dcb9b80c⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1280x1656, 160:207, 8f438b6dcb9b80c1bd34284f43….jpg)



5df260 No.920709


China's Space Station Wasn't the End. Three More Satellites Expected to Crash to Earth This Week

Tiangong 1, China’s fallen space station, is now in pieces somewhere on the floor of the Pacific Ocean, but it’s hardly the last spacecraft that will plunge to earth. In fact, by the end of the week, three more are expected to re-enter the atmosphere.

Two pieces of space junk from Kazakhstan and one from India are headed home, part of the surprisingly regular amount of cosmic debris that falls to earth each year. The first could occur as early as tomorrow evening, according to Satview.org.

PSLV R/B, an Indian spacecraft that was launched Nov. 4, 2013, is expected to reenter the atmosphere at approximately 6:30 p.m. ET Tuesday. That will be followed Wednesday at 7:30 p,m, ET by FLOCK 2E-3, a Kazakh spacecraft that has been orbiting earth since Nov. 19, 1998. Finally, Friday morning at approximately 10:24 a.m. ET, FLOCK 2E’-6, another Kazakh orbital will fall to earth.

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/china-apos-space-station-wasn-133303347.html

23cd90 No.920710



54085e No.920711

Seems like the spurious narrative is homoerotic with shekels and tradgedy

ea07a5 No.920712

Qanon is just a conspiracy.

The Media does not lie to you.

Illegal immigration is good and benefits you.

You are not a sheep.

The Catholic Church is not Satanic.

You are not asleep.

34e587 No.920713


About Roseanne…

Scroll down for it…

http:// m.tomatobubble.com/site/id1220.html

4f75e5 No.920715

>>919423 (Q post from earlier bread)


The Overton Window just became huge. In their attempt to use humiliation to thwart the Great Awakening the enemy has just wheeled the Trojan Horse into the Death Star.

God bless POTUS, MI, our brave defenders and you anons who dare to believe.

030a82 No.920716


definite happening

368270 No.920717


Is this their censorship algorithm whitepaper?

93137f No.920718

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

explain zis sheet Q! please do. if anyone has access to this tech it would be your space command team, right?

b65981 No.920719

File: 19e5cc4fa404efc⋯.png (60.2 KB, 825x641, 825:641, twin-peaks.png)


sunday is a bit of a special day for us anons

4e0140 No.920720

Coming soon? First question to Sarah or to POTUS from MSM about Q will be soon?

b70ecf No.920721

File: 50e6e40edd5f51f⋯.png (391.84 KB, 463x384, 463:384, control-in-we-1.png)

248d24 No.920722



0543b3 No.920723

File: a40390f6f78f934⋯.jpg (255.9 KB, 509x1440, 509:1440, QResume.jpg)



NO, sorry, YOU and Q FAILED!!

7c28c5 No.920724

9a5820 No.920725

>>920561wrong. To publically attack based on looks makes you look ignorant and shallow. Like the left does every day.

7402e6 No.920726


I used all of the caps. SARE sort of skips over several. Not sure.

8c9d7a No.920727

Phonefag here

”America is open for business” tweet doesn’t show up on my feed.

I do see DJT @ 50M

3fb41c No.920728



b20728 No.920729

c94e53 No.920730


I know some people who will not accept anything until enough time passes for them to pretend it is their own discovery or original thought. Whatever as long as the seed sprouts eventually.

343a69 No.920731

How's that Q-FACTOR lookin?

I smell somethin delicious cookin

248d24 No.920732


They definitely help spread Q to the masses.

These ppl are STUPID!

d917ba No.920733

File: b57593ac2b8d29d⋯.jpg (99.4 KB, 921x800, 921:800, p-field.jpg)

So I'm on 4chan /po/ posting all of these anti-Q articles as examples and I'm getting more people to believe Q is real.


802a00 No.920734

File: c0be5c9b3a1075d⋯.jpg (352.33 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, red-pilling-20000-000-norm….jpg)

da9dd9 No.920735


I will be glad to see the day when the SPLC is dissolved, broken and penniless.

d917ba No.920736


/pol/ no /po/

248d24 No.920737


NYT shill. Lol

01e268 No.920738

Any great tits ?

0543b3 No.920739



I am the original legit creator of all the content Q has stolen from me.

faad1f No.920740



According to The New York Times (NYT) writer Michelle Goldberg who visited Catland in person, these monthly meetings involve trying to communicate with spirits that Bracciale and its witch coven believe can help change the course of the universe, including in politics. Convinced that President Trump is nothing but evil, and that he represents “the inversion of all decent values,” Bracciale believes that placing curses on him is the best way to make sense of a world in which Donald Trump is president of the United States.

http:// trump.news/2017-11-08-deranged-transgender-leftists-hold-monthly-occultist-curse-sessions-to-try-to-destroy-trump-using-supernatural-forces.html

5ccf34 No.920741


hey look! AIM posting as not AIM! (AIM = poo poo.) ignore this shit.

3fb41c No.920742


Beautiful. Godspeed patriots!

030a82 No.920743

File: 611884ba3310940⋯.png (171.1 KB, 888x468, 74:39, 611884ba33109404aea1b717a6….png)


lmao & kek

13dea2 No.920744


there is no daring to believe

this shit is obvious

5a6327 No.920745

File: e2e951cea94bcf0⋯.png (609.94 KB, 595x588, 85:84, dogfail.png)

8fe9ee No.920746


>Catholic Church, not Vatican or Pope

Shill bait

d3ce49 No.920747


You missed a comma, Anon.

d02ef8 No.920748

File: 1d7908ef17039c0⋯.jpg (196.67 KB, 620x775, 4:5, .jpg)

File: 1fd660b6f39ece6⋯.jpg (382.27 KB, 846x767, 846:767, traitors.jpg)

File: 9075bd266368787⋯.jpg (218.54 KB, 1280x2048, 5:8, Lord's Prayer.jpg)

549282 No.920749


https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/982292963492413442

a249de No.920750


> I have more than 17 years of experience from all this shit, and I've seen all this before and it failed. Now it looks like it's the last chance to do something, or else people are scattered or censored, and then people are screaming from small chat channels, and the big masses are not listening. Time is NOW !!!

17 years…….17 = Q

9bc677 No.920751


Wise words

35f85f No.920752

I seriously love seeing all the reactions under the post of Michelle Goldberg

d3ba3c No.920753


yea, i been watching the sun for a bit now and its not normal for sure.

it used to be nice and calming warm yellow.

now its harsh bright pure white.

some fuckery for sure.

ive watched tons of vids and looked myself.

not sure what to make of it but i do know they have patents for this.

8614b5 No.920754


Same, anon! Good to be hear with you!!!

c6401f No.920755


Your FAKED picture is not evidence that the event i witnessed didn't happen.

0dd6d0 No.920756



That's the same faggot who said the global currency reset is a L_ARP. That's how you know we're over the target. Fuck that faggot.

b863dc No.920757


Taking just the first letter of each word AIOFB,

http:// webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http:// aiofb.com/speakers/

What has been going on in Africa recently?

They have been attacking Whites at a fever pitch, machete attacks, etc.

248d24 No.920758


What's a "Q-factor"?

Queer factor?

bd746c No.920759

File: 43a963ced9f7e69⋯.png (551.36 KB, 1510x986, 755:493, white-rabbit-Q.png)

Future proves past!

0543b3 No.920760



I am not AIM retard.

23cd90 No.920761


Agitated much?

d6eb7a No.920762

File: b692dc27ea7f965⋯.png (442.12 KB, 852x682, 426:341, ClipboardImage.png)

These (((people))) worship Satan

d02ef8 No.920763

File: b4060fffba6f46a⋯.png (404.05 KB, 900x782, 450:391, q.png)

368270 No.920764


Remember how soldiers were losing limbs regularly due to IEDs, and it took YEARS to equip humvees with blast packs? It's almost like turbo Vietnam.


FFS what a pathetic creature.

248d24 No.920766


Imagine if that was one of the Q's. Lol. Kek!

e29fe4 No.920767


So a vvitch is a writer…..nice dig

2b907a No.920768


I still believe they picked Glen up around five years ago and showed him some of the dark truths and probably raped his ass and threatened to send his daughters to saudi arabia to be fucked to death by some sand nigger.

Dude had a major change.

368270 No.920769

01e268 No.920770

File: fa4d6df4ce01fa3⋯.jpg (86.66 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_1039.JPG)

Sailorfags please update

0ff5a2 No.920771


mmmkayy…I must be missing something. How was that tweet any different from his other tweets – other than the follower count? Did it contain any special words to us? A hidden clue? Something that would speak to us?

b70ecf No.920772

File: 10fc53f0aa06232⋯.png (523.56 KB, 788x397, 788:397, control-in-we-2.png)

2f1b5e No.920773

File: 03657e23ae5e87b⋯.png (125.87 KB, 500x522, 250:261, IMG_2943.PNG)

030a82 No.920774

File: 9c5a00a6d05206a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 291.58 KB, 514x800, 257:400, 9c5a00a6d05206aadd00c7bef1….jpg)

File: 9c5c82a71716b52⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 56.25 KB, 219x230, 219:230, 9c5c82a71716b52b60ceb5e706….png)

File: 9cbaccc23856bb6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 1030x1030, 1:1, 9cbaccc23856bb6a0db100fbbe….png)

File: 9d9b629ca5231cc⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 929.05 KB, 500x284, 125:71, 9d9b629ca5231ccfa9fe402567….gif)

File: 081a1a938655c69⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 111.21 KB, 375x300, 5:4, 081a1a938655c6910780ab49a8….png)

3f2ec5 No.920775


Hi Baruch

0543b3 No.920776




Not a bit. Actually calm and serene, since WE WON and YOU FAILED!!

6891a1 No.920777


Paris Martineau is a 20yr who lives with her parents and wrote a rag piece for NY Mag. ..really she is…she literally lives with her mommy and daddy. Hpw did she become a credible source?

336025 No.920778


Good Signal. //Pol// doesn't like Q. Now believe in Q.

368270 No.920779


Oh yes, you know that they think about their articles as spells that they are putting their readers under, right?

7c6788 No.920780


1) I am not: neither use face/name or monetize. out of pocket for the MESSAGE, just like every other anon

2) IT's in the RULES not to mention 8chan. THAT's why I am asking.

f20ec7 No.920781


He still around?

Thought he was 5150'd

248d24 No.920782


Q, any sauce on this?

29b061 No.920784

Forced reaction

>Forced action from (((them))) required equal but opposite reaction OR (((they))) called his bluff (nobody thought POTUS would see it thru in sending troops to border with NO support) OR Mexico forced into action from US & allies on trade

>One of many vehicles.

crashed chopper was one of many air/land military vehicles sent to border


Military troop movement to border OR chopper targeted & crashed by remote OR had allies help in forcing Mexico to intercept over trade.

>Night [2]

2nd night out of 10 OR 2nd night of operations


ppl forced to sing OR someone who sung filled them in on caravan funded by Soros

>Fast movers.

organized caravan moving fast OR bad actors on the run with caravan as distraction

>Force projection.

forced to move schedule ahead of projected timeline like before when Q chose to move deadline up

>April Showers.

April showers brings May flowers (showers will be over in April, storm passed & May flowers made possible to enjoy due to the benefit of the showers)

ea07a5 No.920785


What Q posts specifies "white" rabbit? I must have missed it?

04d28b No.920786


NOTABLE at end of last post

5ccf34 No.920787


"Stupid bitch! It's my Loc Nar!"

336025 No.920788


Hunt WITCH!!!

ac55ac No.920789


Yea I'm really sure someone at the White House said that to her, liar

d73627 No.920790


fkn Awesome

8c9d7a No.920791


I’m able to see the tweet but it’s not in my feed.

Censorship much?

e214a4 No.920792


Commander Richard Lawlor

0543b3 No.920793



No use to ask Q. He is part of the Jeff Sessions SES crime syndicate.

248d24 No.920794


Where is this "reporter" now? Anyone actually question her about her statement?

She was fed the 4 am special…

dea103 No.920795


More fakes for (((you)))

https:// www.google.com/search?q=9/11+people+jumping&client=safari&hl=en-us&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjQ__iVl6baAhXC51MKHfUxBzYQ_AUIESgB&biw=1024&bih=666

f14421 No.920796


>"The Catholic church was compromised from the beginning because the Bible never instituted the Papacy, a mediator other than Jesus between God and man, or veneration of Mary or praying to saints."

Since when do items with no sauce make "notables?" That statement is an Anon's opinion/interpretation of the Bible. Devout Catholics would say that their interpretation does point to the creation of the Papacy, praying to saints, etc. W/r to Catholics believing in things not explicitly stated in the Bible, they would also argue that non-Catholics do the same. So who's right? Both are opinions. Do the opposing opinions make it into notables as well?… This kind of stuff just harms the mission. Need to focus on undeniable proof - theology debates can happen after everything is exposed. This is not the place for it.

Rather, there's a more important point to consider. The redpill mission will suffer if ideas (with no verifiable evidence) are pushed as true (especially as a "notable"). Using this example, you have tons of faithful Catholics who voted for Trump precisely because they HAVE been awake for a long time. They're not blind to the evil that has penetrated their church and every aspect of their country. They have been trying to get their family & friends to understand this for quite some time. When an opinion is stated as fact, like the above "notable," it erodes the credibility of actual good info. Keep in mind, it takes many provable facts to win someone over but takes only one piece of garbage to turn them away. So in this particular case, you risk the chance of many Catholics, who were prepared to be allies in sharing the truth (including facts about their own church) not just questioning the legitimacy of Q team and its army of intel, but now wondering what's the real reason behind the movement. (I do understand that there are some imbued with such hatred that alienating Catholics aren't a concern, but my understanding of Q team's goal is to continually increase the numbers of those seeking & sharing the truth - so purposely excluding any group doesn't make sense to me.)

Yes, evil has infiltrated the Catholic Church as it has a lot of other organizations. I appreciate those Anons who have tried to diligently identify when/why/how such infiltration had occurred rather than making blanket statements. (And for those making broad sweeping statements please make sure your anti-Catholicism doesn't keep you from digging into those you hold in high esteem. e.g. percentage of sex abuse in other denominations - even other professions, like teachers - may be an eye opener.) Evil is everywhere. For that reason, every person (not just Catholics) will most likely be associated with a person or group that has been exposed when truth comes to light. If we want people to believe the evidence that will eventually be presented, we must be careful that the stuff we've been sharing up to that point builds a foundation for that trust.

8614b5 No.920797


None. That was spawned by the Alive and Wonderland ref to Hillary and Saudi.

7051c1 No.920798


Find a job or a GF and make yourself useful, lame fuck.

17bdc0 No.920799


Timing. POTUS doesn’t usually tweet at that hour.

Coincidence? Maybe. But Q was in bread prior so probably still lurking. Tweet wasn’t like his usual informative tweets. It was a shout out tweet. Plus he already pretty much tweeted the same thing earlier.

4f75e5 No.920801

File: 9d4daac44948378⋯.jpeg (30.11 KB, 300x197, 300:197, image.jpeg)

9bc677 No.920802


Great work!

cd7727 No.920803

File: 500e099edc29d8a⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1936x1936, 1:1, image.jpeg)


Hi Q, navy ship crashes - I know there have been a few involving tug boats etc, but is this also one of them? - it seemed very suspect at the time - blamed on an inflatable seal……

HMS Queen Elizabeth leak: Navy's new £3.1bn warship 'takes on 200 litres of sea water an hour

https:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/12/18/hms-queen-elizabeth-britains-new-31bn-aircraft-carrier-has-leak/

53b615 No.920804




01e268 No.920805

File: 40a0dc7f43cb9a2⋯.jpg (87.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_0969.JPG)

THE other midget porn soviet fag

336025 No.920806



368270 No.920807


Get fucked by niggers with AIDS, faggot.

1c285a No.920808

Just got this email from POTUS

0543b3 No.920809


Hurts to lose hey?

e29fe4 No.920810

File: a2b7b78ba89acb1⋯.png (163.74 KB, 586x428, 293:214, AQR45.PNG)


So I'm late, but here she is.

9db5bc No.920811

Hey Q,

Will you please go visit Moochelle when you finally detain and give him a big swift kick to the nuts for me?


All Anons

2f1b5e No.920812


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0HPqd8dPeE&t=212s

b70ecf No.920814

File: 4937337a0305c85⋯.png (665.41 KB, 717x397, 717:397, control-in-we-3.png)

248d24 No.920815


AIM is a fraud. American Intelligence Media is Clown disinformation. Deep State propaganda.

04857e No.920816

Press briefing notification on jootube. Should she be asked Sarah's response could say muuuch.

f29d3c No.920817

The sign that the Q message is getting out and having a major effect ? The NYT acknowledging Q and pushing back.

23cd90 No.920818


Doesn't look like that to me.

We'll see, how that all will work out, won't we?

And afterwards, you can easily pretend that you have been forever a staunch conservative and Trump supporter.

73b712 No.920819

>>920767 so we have NYT writer being a witch and the wife of Ben Bradley WaPo being a satanist . How many other journalists openly confessed to evil? https:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/09/08/sally-quinn-has-cast-3-hexes-and-worries-they-worked/642621001/

3f2ec5 No.920820


you have a name … when the rest of us are anon … you have failed at the most basic concept of being anon.

you can post screenshots with saying 8chan at all.

29b061 No.920821


Insane judges of NY! Failed to appear in court for her hearing of conviction in DUI case cuz she had been staying in Thailand with monks!

https:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/06/05/new-york-judge-handcuffs/370456001/

1eb210 No.920822



d77fae No.920823


Lets set this mother fucker straight shall we?

c80dc7 No.920824

File: 47a13aa540a7262⋯.png (312.53 KB, 677x742, 677:742, statedept-oligarchs.png)

The Trump administration has sanctioned seven Russian tycoons, 12 companies and 17 top government officials and allies of #Russia's President Putin. These oligarchs and elites will no longer be insulated from the consequences of their government’s destabilizing activities.

https:// twitter.com/StateDept/status/982308330415652864

2e2ef3 No.920825

File: ccb0e9a9e7ac8f0⋯.jpg (196.43 KB, 940x1024, 235:256, Fucked.JPG)

File: 6283362484a40d5⋯.jpg (96.74 KB, 690x767, 690:767, TidePodHill.jpg)



How much do you want to bet Mrs. (((Goldberg))) was recently at a coven with the queen witch, Hill-dawg, who said told her, "Hey Michelle, I've got a great subject for your next column to do some debunking and propaganda."

73ebf7 No.920826


So SICK of lawlessness that has gone on and on. People doing whatever they want with no consequences, such as the people behind sanctuary cities, etc.

We Americans work and pay loads of taxes, only to fund the Vatican coffers. (Ultimate destination). We are treated like we are the enemy, being paddd down when trying to fly somewhere.

Let the storm unleashed. The masses are behind you.

f71c59 No.920828


>- 4.6.18 - 09:26






7425f1 No.920829

File: 0084821c180eb09⋯.jpg (391.15 KB, 1044x576, 29:16, MouldyGoldie4.jpg)

File: 6401b13402c4cd3⋯.jpg (418.96 KB, 897x805, 39:35, MouldyGoldie3.jpg)

File: 999ed5bba689f15⋯.jpg (470.88 KB, 1038x687, 346:229, MouldyGoldie2.jpg)

File: ea243fd7a0c8bd6⋯.jpg (563.73 KB, 1024x722, 512:361, MouldyGoldie1.jpg)

8642f2 No.920830


Filter this desperation and move on, lads.

b15724 No.920831

File: 6b3351cb4ff105a⋯.jpg (28.39 KB, 337x238, 337:238, tokyorose.jpg)

File: 8c053f8be74e74e⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 276x183, 92:61, clown.jpg)

File: 55a8ce3669646c6⋯.jpg (7.89 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ILLINOISNAZIS.jpg)


Tokyo Rose was a name given by Allied troops in the South Pacific during World War II to all female English-speaking radio broadcasters of Japanese propaganda. The programs were broadcast in the South Pacific and North America to demoralize Allied troops abroad and their families at home by emphasizing troops' wartime difficulties and military losses.

248d24 No.920832


I know, just meant if Q uncovered anything that might be made public. Why no one question her on live tv?

8c0d2c No.920833


use the last 3 only

d3ba3c No.920834


lol yea.. u speak for me

0543b3 No.920835


The Jeff Sessions SES crime syndicate is lurking via Q and his minions.

d6eb7a No.920836

File: 3799751048d2cd3⋯.jpg (42.48 KB, 653x310, 653:310, EastwoodPedo.JPG)

Think the new york times is shitting their pants because of the traffic they are getting on this single opinion piece…

Show them our power.

c6f8c7 No.920837

File: d5c6c2f0072ac65⋯.png (150.78 KB, 528x390, 88:65, nyt q wh.png)


just saw this

d14f24 No.920838

File: dc5fff1287191c9⋯.jpg (192.28 KB, 553x936, 553:936, dc5.jpg)

>Q's gone mainstream

>We're officially in a shadow war, and the victims are starting to become public

>A wave of newfags are soon to descend upon us

>Only amongst tinfoil circles does a lack of evidence of a conspiracy become evidence for the conspiracy

>But if you legitimize it by criticizing it, you shoot yourself in the fucking face

>NYT just did the worst possible thing they could do to prevent redpills


4eb25a No.920839


but…that's…not what…Q said!?!

>BOOMs en route.

>The 'proofs' are important.

248d24 No.920840

4c591c No.920841

File: 4e20ad6219ec83d⋯.jpg (152.8 KB, 1337x556, 1337:556, EQ_Santa_Cruz_Basin.JPG)

File: e157d807980e9ed⋯.jpg (28.47 KB, 450x281, 450:281, EQ_Santa_Cruz_Basin_Chemic….JPG)

File: 29bd184ba277bc0⋯.jpg (92.26 KB, 1250x564, 625:282, EQ_Santa_Cruz_Dump1.JPG)

File: 7316ab4ebc61ca2⋯.jpg (37.36 KB, 408x512, 51:64, EQ_CABLES_SANTA_CRUZ_ISLAN….JPG)











https:// earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/ci37908735#map

https:// www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/05/150529131822.htm

https:// phys.org/news/2013-12-survey-deep-sea-chemical-munitions-dump.html



https:// www.cnic.navy.mil/content/dam/cnic/cnrsw/Environmental_Projects/NEPA_Projects/NBVC/NBVC_FiberOpticCommUnderseaSystem/FOCUS_EA_Draft_160921_r.pdf

d73627 No.920842


What’s the 17th letter?

7425f1 No.920843


Yeah actually - bit too nice a photo that first one!

9bc677 No.920844



53b615 No.920845


She kinda resembles what's her name, Molly Ringwald.

01e268 No.920846

File: dde96ba6795b8dc⋯.jpg (61.17 KB, 720x720, 1:1, IMG_1492.JPG)

Money worship did all that

cd800e No.920847

>>919685 (previous)

This anon loves stomping on shills. Have had to contain myself here. Will start checking in at /pol to spread some trueQ cheer.

248d24 No.920848


American Intelligence Media shill alert!

Filter, Anons

23cd90 No.920849


Q didn't say what the WH told her.

565d69 No.920850

Once that happens, presumably, Trump will be revealed as a master of 12-dimensional chess who successfully distracted smirking elites with his buffoonery while he was quietly saving the world."

got to love it

needs to be on t-shirts

f71c59 No.920851



agree. 1st one glamourizes her way way too much.

love the nickname. look into her bio for mo mo & mo.

5df260 No.920852



Spacewatch: India loses contact with communications satellite

GSAT 6A, primed for a 10-year mission showed no signs of malfunctioning before going silent

An Indian communications satellite has stopped talking to ground controllers. The spacecraft went silent so suddenly that an unnamed official was quoted by the Times of India as saying that it was like the satellite had suffered a “cardiac arrest.”

https:// www.theguardian.com/science/2018/apr/05/spacewatch-india-loses-contact-with-communications-satellite


European Satellite To Demo Debris Removal Techniques

Three different methods of deorbiting space debris are to be tested by a European satellite delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) on April 4 by SpaceX’s Dragon cargo …

http:// aviationweek.com/space-symposium/european-satellite-demo-debris-removal-techniques


Intel Chief Watching Anti-Satellite Threats

On the heels of a report that Russia recently launched a PL-19 Nudol anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon, the head of the U.S. intelligence community says the government continues to track such …

http:// aviationweek.com/space-symposium/intel-chief-watching-anti-satellite-threats

ec29e8 No.920853

File: 53e53b0ad95cfba⋯.gif (753.24 KB, 400x278, 200:139, C3932CEA-7788-45A6-9FD9-28….gif)


They NYT refuses to mention 8chan still saying Q posts on halfchan. Must be on purpose to keep people away. But It makes no difference because the Idiot Left is unable to penetrate the chans. They are so programmed that when they leave the curated confines of the NYT bubble they experience cognitive dissonance. It is incomprehensible. Like Van the Man said “We are living in another country that operates along entirely different lines.” Anons can travel freely between the 2 countries. We speak both fluently. The Idiot Left is illiterate so (((Goldberg))) can do nothing but dismiss all of Q as a “conspiracy theory” without any refutation.

The point is the chans are an encryption device that requires no key. It is not algorithmic it is an immeasurable, organic and ever changing environment that one must inhabit to understand. If you leave for the day when you come back you find you’ve been left behind and you must scramble though the forest to catch up. The chans are a joke the Idiot Left will never get and they can’t even pretend to laugh. It’s just a LARP man you know satire for the keks. Lighten up.

Who could imagine that a Papercraft & Origami message board would be such an enigma to the masses and the elite? I’ll tell you why. It requires courage to enter and humility to understand. You have to leave all your comforting assumptions, conclusions and certainties at home. You must be open to being broken to bits and you must have the will to build yourself back up and broken again when your new assumptions turn out to be wrong too and start the process over again. It is the most challenging and exhausting test of cognition that I have experienced. This is organic intelligence forever enfolding. SHADILAY FAGGOTS! Hale Hortler!

d73627 No.920854


Lick Me

51298b No.920855



9bc677 No.920856



ddce6b No.920857

New talking point: Tariffs hurt American farmers. Actually they don't. If China sucks down supply from some other country, American farmers will ship to their customers instead.

eadc7d No.920858


Why would that cause an eq?

0543b3 No.920859



Hitlery the Queen put Jeff Sessions, her king, to run her crime syndicate for her now.

dfc385 No.920860

Two very good people on Twitter to follow.

Praying Medic and Swamp Drainer.

Swamp Drainer posted this today. 73 pages of Flight Manifest to Epstein Island.

https:// www.documentcloud.org/documents/1507315-epstein-flight-manifests.html

d77fae No.920861


AIM is disinformation

8614b5 No.920862


Is it a chemical weapons dump or is that just to make it off limits to certain activities?

b2f764 No.920863

File: 57068342f3e0d9a⋯.jpg (64.81 KB, 453x486, 151:162, M&M.jpg)


That lyric didn't age well….

eadc7d No.920864


NM, read that wrong.

d02e6a No.920865

last bread


Yes!! Sick of waking up sneezing and already knowing what the sky is going to look like outside. And everyone is sick when they really blast us. It is the slow kill and the pharma/medical money grab all at once. Militarily they bounce radar off it so hopefully when the silent war is over they stop spraying us like bugs. Barium, aluminum, mycoplasm, lithium etc. are not things we should be forced to breath. Any pilot knowingly involved should be brought up on war crimes, including drone pilots unless their is a compelling reason they did it.

902dc9 No.920866

File: bce355a1c454f39⋯.png (16.41 KB, 922x135, 922:135, qposts.png)

Qanon SEO

Anons. With our new found fame there will be more people searching for information about Q in search engines.

With every new story that comes out from "high-authority" sites like NYT good Q search results will get pushed further from the first page. It's already happening.

The good news, so far, is Twatter and YouTube are very "high-authority" sites in the eyes of search engines.

Keep the tweets and vids going. Like, share, retweet etc.

There are a few /ourguy/ sites that are showing in search engines. One is the Qanon Posts site.

We can support that page by linking to it from social media, blog posts, post comments and so on. The more relevant links a site has the more visibility the site gets in search engines.

Speaking of which… whoever controls the Qanon Posts site should update the page title and meta description to encourage search engine users to click on the search engine result snippet.

It's currently not very enticing. Pic related.

c4a25d No.920867


where did you find the reference to Q-T2810C?

I found some type of MP4 player the other day before I got "distracted."

d14f24 No.920868

File: 3f982ada5717698⋯.jpg (4.93 KB, 261x96, 87:32, 1522701110577.jpg)

ee1db9 No.920869


Thanks to our "friends" at the NYT, it looks like the normies are going to start asking woke folks like us some questions.

Here’s how to use the same Socratic method Q used on us for “Red Pilling” your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors without ruining your relationships or being labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”…

SalesTrainerandAuthorFag here…

First and foremost: Red pilling is a PROCESS, not an event! It requires patience and skill!

Find some common ground where they’ve already questioned the MSM narrative (JFK, RFK, Oswald, John John, Clintons, Clinton Foundation, Arkancides, BHO/birth certificate, 9/11, Building 7, no video of plane hitting Pentagon, missing 2.3 trillion dollars, Halliburton, rigged primary election, MSM biases, Russian collusion, Fox News, CNN, etc.).

Once common ground discovered, let them tell you everything they have learned about the topic. Even if you disagree, don’t say so.

Once the topic is fully explored, compliment them on their knowledge and then ask if they think if it also ties to [blank] (another topic/event/lie you want to make them curious about).

If they agree, do NOT “dump” on them with information you’ve already learned; ask them to dig into it and agree to speak about it in a week or so.

During the second conversation, let them be the expert and teach you (keep playing dumb). Be sure to praise them for their open-mindedness and encourage them to keep learning.

Ask them to learn about another topic that relates to this one and agree to speak again at a predetermined time. Then, let them teach you again, regardless about how much you already know about the topic.

Ask a LOT of questions; allow them to “sell themselves” on new ideas (people never argue with their own ideas, but they subconsciously “push back” against other people’s ideas).

Always play dumb; let THEM become the expert.

Ask for their help “solving a puzzle”; let them BE the expert.

Understand that the deeper someone is dug into the opposing viewpoint, the farther they will snap into the other direction once they wake up.

If someone shares an idea that you believe is wrong/ignorant, do NOT push back; ask, “help me see what you’re seeing”, or “help me understand that better”. The more someone tries to explain something that has no basis, the higher the likelihood they will eventually change their own mind (which YOU can NOT do for/to them).

Once someone shows a thirst for new knowledge, invite them to share their ideas with a third person while you are also present (the more they view themselves as a mentor/teacher, the more this reinforces their new beliefs).

When stuck, offer to “switch sides” and debate the topic from their point of view and have them argue from your point of view. This often helps them talk themselves out of their original viewpoint.

When you have to make a statement (instead of asking a question), open it with a “softening statement”: “Do you think it may be possible that …”, or, “I’m not sure this is right, but I just read that …” This provides possibilities for you and the other person.

As often as possible, only discuss events that have already happened. When forced to discuss what you think MIGHT happen in the future, use softening statements first (see paragraph immediately above this one).

Do NOT let the conversation turn into a Red vs. Blue argument. Keep repeating that there’s corruption on both sides of the aisle (point to the huge number of Republican resignations/not running for re-election for both senators and members of congress). Keep the discussion focused on GOOD vs. EVIL!

Final point: ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IN EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION, YOU ARE THE SECOND-BEST SALESPERSON! Get them talking, keep them talking and encourage their passion for digging!

SHOW the other person that you’ve embraced the teachings of Jesus through your kindness, patience and lack of judgment of their ideas. Happy pilling!

b70ecf No.920870

File: d20021e9de55b6d⋯.png (593.21 KB, 713x399, 713:399, control-in-we-4.png)

d6eb7a No.920871

File: b369eded6e7bfd4⋯.png (304 KB, 758x459, 758:459, ClipboardImage.png)

336025 No.920872


OMG!, with a Rods From God?, CDC?

4eb25a No.920873


I'd say that the statement implies that you actually KNOW the contents of the video, which of course you don't, so you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Or, do you? If so, share

248d24 No.920874

d73627 No.920875


Dare not believe.

Been around to know it’s AlL

b15724 No.920876


anon you make good points but the purpose of this board is to expose lies

the catholic church has been pretty dominant in this for loner than any other institution

so its fair game

ps - i have plenty of catholic friends they are mortified but the truth is what it is

368270 No.920878


She's more portly than Molly Ringwald though.


How does you getting fucked by niggers with AIDS make me a shill, kike?

f19b76 No.920879


Is she the whore riding the beast?

3e3baa No.920880

About T-minus 20 minutes on FAx News Live

They where talking about the voting in California and how people with DL's can vote.

Bringing about the Stage Potus discussed during the speech at the round table.

d02ef8 No.920881

File: 20a70cdedbc847c⋯.jpg (388.11 KB, 890x1618, 445:809, summonthekeystoneshills.jpg)

0ff5a2 No.920882


ummm….no. Attention grabbing yes – but no.

Unless your message is "how about a nice game of chess?"

0543b3 No.920883


Jeff SES and Q need to be given THE BIG KICK.

7051c1 No.920884


Is she also a dude? Just like Schumer's husband?

f71c59 No.920885

File: dc8567c8c5ebcfb⋯.png (97.43 KB, 281x297, 281:297, TJPFPiP.png)



29dd0b No.920886


From what I can tell SES is a very important topic we should all dig on but I know better than to take your troll bait otherwise. You are here to steer us away from SES. Sesions and Horowitz kick ass. You know it. We know it. And they know it.

4f75e5 No.920888

File: 58f1a097edc2180⋯.jpeg (28.12 KB, 500x161, 500:161, image.jpeg)


Dilly Dilly


d3ba3c No.920889


tits ogtf

3e3baa No.920890


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNdtyVJxihE

68cba9 No.920891

File: 7f580aff702929a⋯.jpg (61.28 KB, 500x507, 500:507, NYT comment.jpg)

5ccf34 No.920892


you're welcome. tech is not always easy to understand.

16740d No.920893



860e03 No.920894

File: f40c3dad96e3e9d⋯.png (667.42 KB, 2233x1340, 2233:1340, nyt.png)

248d24 No.920895


Shill, filter

d02ef8 No.920896


What is dilly dilly all about? Radio anchors had to inform us that it is a banned term from the Masters

8614b5 No.920897



https:// books.google.co.uk/books?id=-sDAdGCcYFYC&pg=PA191&lpg=PA191&dq=Q-T2810C&source=bl&ots=fRZnsa6fs9&sig=8gfDC07pWGQz_hBWpMnmFi5-gsM&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwint6WJmabaAhVlDsAKHUHRB6Q4HhDoAQhJMAU#v=onepage&q=Q-T2810C&f=false

0543b3 No.920898


True, but Q doxed himself by saying Keystone, sorry.

01e268 No.920899

File: 9f4cf3c6046a322⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, IMG_1667.PNG)

Hair is up

336025 No.920900


Hell of the Earth with SAT-Crash?

368270 No.920902

File: 61658c84f5e3242⋯.png (260.37 KB, 715x473, 65:43, 0186392957173.png)


Done and done.

5ccf34 No.920903


People are eating tide pods.

People are snorting condoms.

Crazy people shoot up schools just because.

The media would not lie to you.

030a82 No.920904

File: 41fc64d85899a6e⋯.png (190.49 KB, 236x316, 59:79, 41fc64d85899a6e3d232b6e97a….png)

59b3b5 No.920905


Im not Q, I woke up 9/11 2001, 17 years ago.

23cd90 No.920907


Tell people that an area is a chemical weapons dump to keep them away.

74a2ed No.920908

Meme worthy-

(In October 1995), a column in the State University of New York at Buffalo’s student newspaper The Spectrum called for violence to be directed against pro-lifers on campus. “Rant for choice” by Michelle Goldberg exhorted students to “do your part and spit at (pro-lifers). Kick them in the head.” Goldberg also observed that, “Just once, I’d like to see someone blow up one of their churches.” The next day, vandals destroyed parts of a display of 4,400 crosses set up by the campus Students for Life group.

http:// www.theinterim.com/activism/violence-flourishes-in-the-pro-abortion-movement/

58bef6 No.920909


Me too

b70ecf No.920910


Just mocking the NYT. They brought that phrase extra to the attention.

b92d72 No.920911

File: 2d5aa5bff3694d0⋯.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1904, 621:952, EF4FDC05-FD00-4CC9-89E7-4….jpeg)

Soon to be

Down she goes?

2f1b5e No.920912

File: 92a862136cda61a⋯.jpg (763.72 KB, 3204x2136, 3:2, IMG_2940.JPG)

File: 9c30a017d5d860b⋯.jpg (36.27 KB, 640x397, 640:397, jfk-quotes.jpg)

8fe9ee No.920913


Agree with all, but watch for shills working the "trigger catholics" angle. They've been doing that last few days.

b1523f No.920914


FULCRUM's still posting about Q on twitter as if yesterday never happened

0543b3 No.920915


Qanon SES.

8614b5 No.920916



3f2ec5 No.920917


retards being retarded … old english term reived by a beer commercial.

5ccf34 No.920918


agree, and it will only get worse.

3f2ec5 No.920919



ea07a5 No.920920


Maybe it's better to let them scream "conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy" before it is dropped and they are forced to eat it and choke on it..

368270 No.920921



No, SEO, search engine optimization. It's how you get websites high ranks in search engines.

699ef8 No.920922

File: 9d82b3e6112e1e9⋯.jpg (100.77 KB, 791x960, 791:960, IMG_1421.JPG)

File: 70be1b79ebef01f⋯.jpg (74.63 KB, 750x918, 125:153, IMG_1479.JPG)

File: 89ed2bc1d80aa30⋯.jpg (129.33 KB, 1280x1005, 256:201, IMG_1482.JPG)

773fd6 No.920923

File: 5212f25572ac996⋯.png (633.67 KB, 673x779, 673:779, ClipboardImage.png)

c4a25d No.920925


she connected to Nexium? Is that why you are checking?

e665a2 No.920926

The average person doesn't know what's really going on in the world. I marvel at how woefully and wilflully ignorant people are, believing everything that the lying news media tells them. Most people are terrified of being labeled as a “conspiracy theorist,” afraid to be an independent thinker, and intellectually too lazy to read and educate themselves.

0543b3 No.920927




20f67e No.920928


Meme Magic.

Plan in motion.

d02ef8 No.920929


I know it is pointless to reply to you;

but Q has given hints as to who they were before and SES is not them. SES is however a political centralization of information that is weaponized and staffed by people not answerable to many, our Founders have warned about that exact thing. Symbolism was their downfall

f71c59 No.920930

File: 5c4ac1fde7c9e4a⋯.png (716.62 KB, 1600x1301, 1600:1301, TWIN.PeakZ-dream.Midget.FX….png)



Twin Peaks is ripe

<<<especially the Red Room

for mememagic


1d9369 No.920931


68cba9 No.920933


She wishes she was shaped like that.

She's shaped more like a Bartlett than an evil queen.

88e92b No.920934


860e03 No.920935

File: 14773b0357c09ce⋯.jpg (86.88 KB, 666x500, 333:250, clintonbluepillmeme2.jpg)

c80dc7 No.920936

File: 29fef4fe6b1af2d⋯.png (47.2 KB, 678x317, 678:317, sophia-chopra.png)

this THING is presenting with Deepak Chopra tomorrow in AZ

Excited to present tomorrow at The Science of Consciousness event in Arizona on AI & Machine Consciousness. Also hoping to learn some meditation techniques from fellow presenter @DeepakChopra!

https:// twitter.com/RealSophiaRobot/status/982309819963981824

0543b3 No.920937


You missed the Qanon SES storm!!

773fd6 No.920938

File: 22107a1cff22729⋯.png (596.16 KB, 839x460, 839:460, ClipboardImage.png)


Hit her twatter with this one

9bc677 No.920939


Sorry but you can't use lies to redpill. It's a zero sum game.

18dea6 No.920940


Is there a list of the sanctioned anywhere?

f71c59 No.920941

File: 934c49a54bd5ffa⋯.png (280.12 KB, 900x300, 3:1, TwinPeaks-RedRum.png)

7051c1 No.920942

File: fdd97eed84e452a⋯.jpg (134.06 KB, 731x624, 731:624, minionsHollywoodMeme.jpg)


Minions, you say…

d73627 No.920943

Knew you’d show.

Weak, very weak….

0543b3 No.920944



4f75e5 No.920945


No tengo Twatter but I like your meme!

40a6d0 No.920946

File: 2b9d2f766f1f640⋯.png (666.64 KB, 1002x710, 501:355, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

565d69 No.920947


trying to cause a tsunami

699ef8 No.920948

File: b03a77822a3cc22⋯.jpg (369.35 KB, 2048x1825, 2048:1825, IMG_1655.JPG)

Peepers creepers

Get off my line

e29fe4 No.920949

File: cd308d83871125d⋯.png (397.57 KB, 498x639, 166:213, ABomber1.png)


Same here.Godspeed!

336025 No.920950

Guys.. Don't lose the Focus in Asia Central..

https:// eurasianet.org/s/china-assures-kazakhstan-that-us-trade-offensive-wont-hit-imports

https:// eurasianet.org/s/turkmenistan-iran-talk-gas-swap-deals

6523e6 No.920951

d6eb7a No.920952

File: e5f047c1297e2c0⋯.jpg (146.52 KB, 614x614, 1:1, McCainTraitor.jpg)

248d24 No.920953

File: 3328bbfaca53507⋯.jpg (136.25 KB, 595x939, 595:939, 3328bbfaca53507e5d9c434ad7….jpg)

File: bb7e9a4d80ff7fa⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 1200x782, 600:391, Ronald-Reagan.jpg)


Too bad Kennedy was a failure.

They tried to shoot and kill President Reagan, but failed.

They have tried to kill President Trump.

God Bless Trump and Reagan, the best!

23cd90 No.920954


Not really.

MSM and the masters of MSM are still backing her.

No Trump in sight to rally behind.

a9d776 No.920955

File: 0a95f6980be144d⋯.gif (2.26 MB, 400x220, 20:11, 1 fake plane - gif.gif)


click on image

c4a25d No.920956


I dunno. The photo looks political as all hell. think of the Economist covers where she was shown in black and white like the rest of the cabal. Getty image here. She is sepia tones (black and white image tinged with color). READS LIKE A THREAT TO ME. A THREAT FROM ((THEM))

d02e6a No.920957


Don't know if anyone mentioned but this area has long been thought to have some kind of underwater base. (UFO Hotspot) Likely a cabal base and not UFO. Some thought it may connect to the land.

http:// www. theeventchronicle.com/editors-pick/massive-submerged-entrance-found-california-coast/#

https:// www. disclose.tv/california-coast-reveals-a-underwater-entrance-to-an-alien-base-309687

d77fae No.920958


Why is this cuck bitch taking up space on this board?

9bc677 No.920959


Your dum insults cause newbies to believe the NYT. Shill.

368270 No.920960


We need this in a cap with her pic so thousands of anons can discredit her with a single image drop on Shitter. Image is better than text because it's easier for spreading, and harder for Shitter to filter.

3fb41c No.920961

File: 9f2a4b527660d00⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, NoDeals.jpg)

699ef8 No.920962

File: bfcd07d2911bcbe⋯.jpg (214.83 KB, 1486x2301, 1486:2301, IMG_1619.JPG)

Why waste a good empty boat

0543b3 No.920963


The evil Master is Jeff SES.

248d24 No.920964

1fe276 No.920965

Does company’s have the right to spy on their employees at work? If they do then why couldn’t the US Govt do it to their employees and have it be admissible?

4e0140 No.920966

it's too bad about traitors. release Trump is not under criminal probe was a signal to Cabal that hope is gone. so they ramp it up on /ourguys/. POTUS will not be taken out. any who were and are harmed by this traitor will be avenged. hicup in plan but there is b,c,d,e,f,g,h and sub-plans in place. traitor. place softy on table. executioner place glass tube in urethra in softy. dog come lick these balls. traitor gets wood. glass tube shatters. classic chinese torture.

73cb25 No.920968


Pouring rain here today, getting the popcorn because this show is glorious!

f71c59 No.920969


love the RED.


0543b3 No.920970


No deals for Jeff SES and Killary.

368270 No.920971


You can't even spell faggot who are you to make claims?

847ca6 No.920972


Imagine being so cucked you still call yourself catholic and go to church

699ef8 No.920973


The idiots blame someone else

3227e0 No.920974


with you

aa084d No.920975




248d24 No.920976


Shut the fuck up, Shill!

4ffc63 No.920977


who cares what the anons think. If you are going to do it and get the message out, more power to you. Chaos reigns supreme here and I believe that has worked in our favor to this point.

773fd6 No.920978

File: afff2f972a072a6⋯.png (122.57 KB, 1190x477, 1190:477, ClipboardImage.png)



It's getting good RT's & looks..This is 1 hour later

b70ecf No.920979

File: 30ec0f05568cc9d⋯.png (430.72 KB, 587x462, 587:462, control-we-are-q.png)

70ea7e No.920980


in James Bond, who was Q?

the tech geek!

In Trump's staff, who is still there?

let's face it, who ever it is gets daily mil int briefings … t or p? both? hence Q+

Q says much but never actually reveals any critical int …

M was already taken (his wife) …

Q is just, oh so mysterious!

let's face it, who ever it is was on the NK flight, meaning high level and close …

at this point in the Qanon saga, it can only be two people, hence Q+

0543b3 No.920981


She is SERCO - SES. All the Jeff SES of the world protect her.

b92d72 No.920982

File: 54fd2db826c1b13⋯.jpeg (590.6 KB, 1228x1794, 614:897, 1D79B1E4-5DA9-49CA-8B9D-0….jpeg)

CEO wanted: Must be independently wealthy, connected to Germany, able to take unpopular decisions in the face of politicians, regulators, unions and shareholders, and be uninterested in ambitious growth or an ego-boosting merger. Any takers?

Deutsche Bank AG's search for a replacement for John Cryan, who fulfills all of these criteria yet hasn't been able to fix Germany's No. 1 bank, looks increasingly like a farce.

8642f2 No.920983

Cabal would probably like to cut loose HRC anyway. She wasn't nearly as "likeable" as Obama and failed to capture presidency. Releasing the video would give them reason to add her to her own bodycount list. Hopefully the video incriminates others along with her.

18dea6 No.920984


> What is dilly dilly all about? Radio anchors had to inform us that it is a banned term from the Masters

It's from a Bud Light commercial. Who said it was banned?

6c9946 No.920985

File: b4c6d0b97f2508c⋯.jpg (221.38 KB, 708x835, 708:835, www.nytimes-vert.jpg)

Did anybody else read the NYT article the same way I did?

860e03 No.920986

Anons, this was just an OP-ED


Q is a sexist, misogynist, racist, xenophobic, islamaphobic conspiracy


a99083 No.920987


Goldberg and the NYT are irrelevant. don't give them any power. They are losing. The chans are the growing barbarian hordes outside the castle walls. We're there to scare the shit out of them, not to accomodate them.

c4a25d No.920988


>yeah, we get it but could you show a little restraint? Honestly I should report it (not concernfagging but you are clearly in need of some educational nuance and situational awareness of the mission at hand.) DIVISIVE

23cd90 No.920989



They don't.

They just call it a CT, if it suits their agenda.

cd5cc9 No.920990


A lot of military boat/ship activity between Santa Cruz and San Clemente Islands as well as P-8s flying around the area in the last couple months.

248d24 No.920991



Shill. Filter Anons.

ee1db9 No.920992


Smartest thing I've seen posted here since Mid-November.


9bc677 No.920993


I know how to spell – it was a shorthand to draw attention faggot.

565d69 No.920994

File: 984510703b08057⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 236x177, 4:3, that.jpg)

not my pic

not my quote

1fe276 No.920995

>>920975. Meme that and I will twat her

b0610a No.920996

NYT comments section on Q needs to be flooded with links - screen cap to show they are censoring.

860e03 No.920997


already did LOL

f71c59 No.920998

12981b No.920999

>>919498 (previous bread)

Great work Anon!

Very important to cross-check HUSSEIN's schedule vs POTUS.

Much appreciated!!

368270 No.921000


Moldberg isn't our priority, she's a toy we buttfuck for a few hours before moving on.

8fe9ee No.921001


Anecdotally I would say only 20% of the catholics I know go to church other for major familial ceremonies.

18dea6 No.921002


Richard Nixon: "I am not a crook."

Everyone else in America: "If he has to say he's not a crook…"

3093a3 No.921003

Shills be like goats on a ledge. Got photo? See news feed this week.

8fe9ee No.921004


*other than

248d24 No.921005


Shill, filter Ano

860e03 No.921006

File: a6787d35436505d⋯.jpg (90.54 KB, 752x501, 752:501, msm3.jpg)

remember anons

54bd11 No.921007

File: 90a856ee383c482⋯.png (623.87 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-06-12-5….png)

File: e27f2eb5ac1f2c4⋯.png (496.37 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-06-12-5….png)

aa084d No.921009


We have to challenge those who pull the CT card. It's as knee-jerk as the race card.

773fd6 No.921011


LOL That will backfire so fucking hard I can't wait! I have a semi-on already!

079d20 No.921012



loaded word for the still programmed

b1523f No.921013


but you're blocking the mouth with the text, ruins the expression

ea07a5 No.921014


Ms. Hitler going down?

73cb25 No.921015

File: 7dc0ac02f026ec5⋯.png (184.39 KB, 330x367, 330:367, 11d9343735465ddb5fa32e7890….png)


Hell Yeah!

368270 No.921016


Nice angle.

0543b3 No.921017



Nope, wrong. Sessions and Horowitz are listed in the plumb book as SES. Sorry to burst your bubble. YOU who deny this FAILED. Fake Q failed.

23cd90 No.921018


Germany is not a sovereign state.

Any German chancellor can only do what he (she) is told.

de8aa3 No.921019

File: 8e7f4155bfaa6fb⋯.jpg (67.02 KB, 960x639, 320:213, g8e7f4155bfaa6fb4334284bf2….jpg)

Looking at you, Patriot Baker.

88e92b No.921020


d05969 No.921021

workfag checking in



This is funny.

1d9369 No.921022


How'd you get a pic of me anon?!?

079d20 No.921023


ICEX is held every year

d77fae No.921024

File: 6d049f37d4c383e⋯.jpg (406.87 KB, 1024x940, 256:235, 4052434223_7fe7127a59_b[2].jpg)

d917ba No.921025

File: df1d2170048e3ce⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1851x1733, 1851:1733, p-qcpo.png)

5abc4e No.921026

File: 27e4c0e0cb7b052⋯.jpg (71.03 KB, 689x575, 689:575, CovfefeP.jpg)

0543b3 No.921027

We are fighting the anti plum book legit PURPLE REVOLUTION and we won.

YOU failed!!!!!

a9d776 No.921028

File: c186c20f3eed971⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1111x1575, 1111:1575, moloch v T.png)

18dea6 No.921029


heh, it turned out the news station owned by Alwaleed bin Talal was Fox News. Every media corporation has their agenda.

de8aa3 No.921030


You left your firewall off. Tsk tsk!

5ccf34 No.921031


i have lost nothing.

343a69 No.921032


I'm glad you asked!

Anons are NODES

Alone, they are just ANON

But TOGETHER…..they form a giant CIRCUIT!

One of Q's many objectives…..

is to increase RESONANCE

and promote UNITY.

so I guess I mis-spoke earlier a bit.

It goes like this.

Q Factor is high>anons resonating with each other>bandwidth is low>meaning this project is inclusive

Along comes NYT article, yes?


Q Factor is lowered>less resonance>bandwidth is HIGH>more potential for REDPILLING

If anons welcome newcomers correctly….

we return to


up and down up and down

like a sin wave(kek that SPELLing)

like the ocean.

d6eb7a No.921033

File: e9a0ce578293bec⋯.jpg (46.58 KB, 600x338, 300:169, RamboLarp.jpg)

8a52e6 No.921034


Many options and easy ways to cut them off at the knees and prevent that.

b70ecf No.921035

f71c59 No.921036


>Goldberg may WANT to be trolled

Agree, and she's probably assuming the counterattacks will be of the low IQ variety.

So all depends on the level we wish to engage, no?

d02ef8 No.921037

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



406f97 No.921039


Imagine being so cucked that you think going to church means anything whatsoever about righteousness/holiness/salvation

d6eb7a No.921040

File: 12172cfd22a2351⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 388x495, 388:495, Frustrating.JPG)


Very rare for three subs to surface at once??

0543b3 No.921041



Clown operative SHILL, filter.

aa084d No.921042




467ade No.921043


way too much face paint…she looks like a clown imo

1c285a No.921044



c80dc7 No.921045

File: 1ae01278eb9106d⋯.png (170.21 KB, 1217x824, 1217:824, treasury-sanctionslist.png)



YES here it is

https:// www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/SDN-List/Pages/ssi_list.aspx

1d9369 No.921046


030a82 No.921047

File: d2a0a4dc506febb⋯.jpg (114.53 KB, 500x750, 2:3, d2a0a4dc506febb18ebab007d7….jpg)


73cb25 No.921048


nice trips

we are rocking their world!!!!

773fd6 No.921049


Relax concernfag NUMINUM just put a vid out where he kills Ivanka-this is a cartoon frog. Fucking pussy go KYS

1c285a No.921050

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

248d24 No.921051


Catholic church is evil.

860e03 No.921052



7f9be3 No.921053

File: 6498016ff61d8c4⋯.jpeg (37.23 KB, 248x300, 62:75, B1A85B22-3627-4C76-8584-F….jpeg)

368270 No.921054

File: e18c02051aebfe9⋯.jpg (623.35 KB, 720x2822, 360:1411, 52c452b0668d81aa13dd8d2a02….jpg)


>Queer factor?

No, that's what the niggerhater Ice Poseidon is calling his next livestream challenge.

847ca6 No.921056



Hi newfag. Repeat after me.

"I am a racist anti semite conspiracy theorist?"

"Okay faggot. Go fuck yourself"

860e03 No.921057


The Pope will be having a bad May

3f2ec5 No.921058

File: 396ae6318dd1a81⋯.png (5.6 KB, 380x380, 1:1, Screenshot-2018-4-6 this a….png)

0543b3 No.921059




Legit Q creator.


565d69 No.921060

d05969 No.921062

When are we gonna fuck up the comments on this opinion turd piece of "journalism"?

d6eb7a No.921063


Please define low IQ?

People who make shit against people who have high IQ's

Fuck off with your haughtiness.

54bd11 No.921064


Don't miss this Baker

23cd90 No.921065


Yes, it is.

But you cannot fight propaganda with truth.

You have to dimantle their lies and tactics, so that innocent bystanders, the people, can see who's lying and who's telling the truth.

Propagandists will never admit to others or themselves, what they did or are still doing.

4c591c No.921066

File: 7316ab4ebc61ca2⋯.jpg (37.36 KB, 408x512, 51:64, EQ_CABLES_SANTA_CRUZ_ISLAN….JPG)

File: 326fb88313e0689⋯.jpg (39.09 KB, 404x512, 101:128, EQ_CABLES_SANTA_CRUZ_ISLAN….JPG)

File: 9a7d5dad8889936⋯.jpg (65.19 KB, 506x329, 506:329, EQ_CABLES_SANTA_CRUZ_ISLAN….JPG)

File: 29bd184ba277bc0⋯.jpg (92.26 KB, 1250x564, 625:282, EQ_Santa_Cruz_Dump1.JPG)

4ec76f No.921067


>Anons, this was just an OP-ED

Since when do opinion pieces call WH for statements?

7ce015 No.921068

Attorney General During Financial Crisis Is Now a Confidant to Corporations.

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/attorney-general-during-financial-crisis-is-now-a-confidant-to-corporations-1523021400

860e03 No.921069






73cb25 No.921070


Love this one!

0543b3 No.921071


The CIRCUIT fights the Q-anon CIRCUS.

079d20 No.921072


I knew Kimmel was effed up, but this is a whole new level!

73b712 No.921073

CNN is interviewing bus passengers from the caravan that is heading to the US border. Only showing women with children. They are refusing Mexico's offer to stay and coming to USA instead

66a9d6 No.921076

File: a8912564566c39e⋯.jpg (638.62 KB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 5Q8bqM5.jpg)

248d24 No.921077


Shill. Filtered

8f1dc1 No.921078


The nerve liberals possess is mind boggling. A Brooklyn liberals: even worse.

d02ef8 No.921079

File: 26ce5bb25e0b339⋯.jpg (117.76 KB, 970x645, 194:129, NODEALS.jpg)

File: 82fe8150002c661⋯.png (90.22 KB, 236x381, 236:381, theirslavecycle.png)

7f9be3 No.921080

File: f7167cbc211e2bc⋯.png (468.19 KB, 2224x1668, 4:3, B8A5FC63-1F10-491F-AE12-8B….png)

I have gotten about thirty of these, never posted them because I know it’s a joke, post and wait, ya right. But this one is to cool to not post.

I am so Q!!! Sweet.

d917ba No.921081


>Since when do opinion pieces call WH for statements?

They couldn't get their full-blown answer from the WH so they had to make it a measly op-ed instead.

b1523f No.921082


so it's not a palm parade anymore already?

406f97 No.921083



All forms of Western Christianity come from Roman Catholicism. They're all fraudulent scams. Only One True Church

53b615 No.921084


Why ya trying to dox Q?

368270 No.921085

c4a25d No.921086


your playpen is calling your for nap time junior. Too bad. Your skills (if that's yours) are stellar and with a little less dense thinking and some nuance your memes could be transformational.


99b4db No.921087


kimmel is one of the loudest

248d24 No.921088

88e92b No.921089

just called wh and asked for Q they put TRUMP on

0a4ae1 No.921090


Let me know when and where I can give my theory about how to reduce the PE curve of cold fusion and catalyze the reaction through collective consciousness.

23cd90 No.921091



They need her, because they want to be the EU their last stronghold in the west.

Germany is not a sovereign state.

Merkel has to do, what she is told.

528fb5 No.921092

Well it's Friday. Today's the day to release the IG Report

368270 No.921093


Fuck off with your endless off topic bullshit nigger.

8c0702 No.921094

File: d2f1f5d1e56df48⋯.png (28.09 KB, 300x180, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

1d9369 No.921095




248d24 No.921097


Dead because stupid.

b70ecf No.921098

File: 9e568053c8d1c7c⋯.png (354.75 KB, 713x399, 713:399, show-enjoy-q-1.png)

9bc677 No.921099


Another shill who subverts the Q message.

336025 No.921100

File: 196380a83241082⋯.png (779.92 KB, 1013x791, 1013:791, 196380a8324108201fa89a2d69….png)


As This?

368270 No.921101


That's how you know he rapes.

0543b3 No.921102





Jeff SESsions.


Board caught doing forced refresh to hide this!!


343a69 No.921103

File: cdfcc477c812519⋯.jpg (56.65 KB, 629x215, 629:215, QFactor - Copy.jpg)

File: 8aec96f77f902b5⋯.jpg (11.39 KB, 427x42, 61:6, qfactor2 - Copy.jpg)

File: 468d8589ecf69c1⋯.jpg (11.68 KB, 722x28, 361:14, qfactor3 - Copy.jpg)

73b712 No.921104


so far I have seen 3 buses and more said to be coming. Who is paying for the buses I wonder

535a31 No.921105

File: fd2965120ae5ce2⋯.jpg (32.92 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ! ! ! DING.jpg)

09bd05 No.921106


this no longer notable?

445c08 No.921107

Has anyone made a list of numbers that have trips or higher? (e.g. 555555, 666666, 777777, etc.)

Maybe add to that list (e.g. xxx000, xxx100, xxx200, xxx300 etc.)

Is there a board where this could be done?

1c285a No.921108


legit, have never seen some of the footage in this video. Like of the SS running to the vehicle.

d917ba No.921109

File: 8398e794998c2f0⋯.png (53.59 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, hru9gyhr9ghr9ughr9ghr9h.png)

Make no mistake about it, we are now on the edge of the Event Horizon.

All oldfags know.

All shills will kvetch.

This marks the beginning of the end for the MSM.

Cat's out of the bag and it's got claws.

Little by little, leak by leak, event by event, Q will forcefully inject itself into the national conscious.

Once this is complete, the Great Awakening will begin.

Look alive faggot shills, your time is coming.

Your necks will be in ropes soon.

God is not on your side.

aa084d No.921110


The Masters has a long history of enforcing strict behavior and decorum rules. They banned Gary McCord from working for the broadcast because he said on air that the greens were so fast they look like they're been treated with bikini wax. Just a private organization trying to maintain a moral code.

5abc4e No.921111

>>919676 Failed, evil, cursed NYT needs what the Romans did to Carthage at the end of the final Punic War. Survivors marched off as slaves. City and wall razed to the ground. Ground plowed. Ground salted so nothing could grow. Ground cursed. Ditto for some other lying leftist rags. Only instead of being marched away as slaves, we make them raze the NYT building themselves, by hand, before being taken to "a very special place."

b863dc No.921112

File: d369167c863a33c⋯.png (228.73 KB, 1199x760, 1199:760, 0 X8hg9J6oL5l4Sdw8 png 12….png)

WTF is this shit?

https:// medium.com/@clowns/qt2810c-f3bb5cd1798d

d02ef8 No.921113


Does the NYT/Mocking bird media ever produce anything besides opinion pieces?

248d24 No.921114


Jesus and God only.

Fuck the Catholic church and the Pope

248d24 No.921115

Heavy chatter.

f71c59 No.921117


Sorry for the miscommunication.

Ask you to allow me to clarify before you dismiss. I meant the low IQ from her POV.

it's exactly HER haughtiness that the original post was referencing to attack.

Just a thought to consider.

ee1db9 No.921118


This has been all over YT forever. I use it as part of my 9/11 red pilling process.

0a4ae1 No.921119


We need a whole tread for arrested and jailed presidents. Not just firings or CEOs stepping down...

406f97 No.921121


Why don't you go cry yourself to sleep on your glow in the dark pillow, ass clown

7f9be3 No.921122


You don’t think the clowns are just going to give up do you?

de8aa3 No.921124

File: 4d12cf05b94ea8b⋯.jpg (162.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, g4d12cf05b94ea8bff878bdd4c….jpg)

Patriots make the dough rise. Also, good meme batter.

0b52ca No.921125


Very well stated anon. Do you think the group as a collective will openly welcome newfags?

368270 No.921126


Funny kike wishes.

9a5820 No.921127

Sheryl Sandberg on Fox now

ea07a5 No.921128

Will the scientific wonder, the man / ape missing link walk away from all of this?

Michelle Obama Mocks President Trump – Claims Crooked Hillary Was the Most Qualified Candidate in US History

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/04/michelle-obama-mocks-president-trump-claims-crooked-hillary-was-the-most-qualified-candidate-in-us-history-video/

248d24 No.921129


Clowns in full op mode.

c94e53 No.921131

File: e3ee0610688c687⋯.jpg (125.58 KB, 752x500, 188:125, release.jpg)

ffd45e No.921132


Looks like some artwork from a really sick shill. I'll be glad when those people are gone.

406f97 No.921133



368270 No.921134


>don't criticize me talking about off topic bullshit or you're a cianigger


0543b3 No.921135




JEFF SESssions.


b863dc No.921136


They are deeming anyone who follows Q a radicalized individual like ISIS

8fccd7 No.921137

Why dont you fags start making a list of every journalist shill and doxx the cunts. That would get their attention. Make a list like a family tree. Know your enemy!

cf8035 No.921138


He also said muchelle is a woman, just sayn

2f1b5e No.921139

File: 09f47bd65abfe0c⋯.jpg (84.97 KB, 595x595, 1:1, IMG_2632.JPG)



[CLAS_GITMO_ J z9-A][89]




445c08 No.921140

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d73627 No.921141


Not enough attention the last 3 times?

Know why?

3fb41c No.921142


>WTF is this shit?

Full-blown panic mode!

Enjoy the show.

5ccf34 No.921144



3d17d5 No.921146


It's all wrong. Should be spreading the message, not the messenger

383425 No.921147


They're urinalists.

248d24 No.921148


Shill, not fooled

51298b No.921149



8c0702 No.921150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Reminds me of the drug lecture from Fear and Loathing

b70ecf No.921151

File: f5eba088f692a9e⋯.png (147.4 KB, 529x399, 529:399, show-enjoy-q-2.png)

336025 No.921152


Merkel going Flipped?

53b615 No.921153


If anybody thought for 1 sec. that that caravan being broken up meant it was no longer on the way here, then your really not awoke enough.

d6eb7a No.921154

File: 48b26133fbdfca8⋯.jpg (212.29 KB, 1025x739, 1025:739, BannonC&R.jpg)

File: 4887524dcd4a9f8⋯.jpg (94.78 KB, 727x676, 727:676, MoochStump.JPG)

File: e8aa479a6c98ed5⋯.png (323.8 KB, 499x363, 499:363, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fcc7527da1688a8⋯.png (30.14 KB, 534x254, 267:127, ClipboardImage.png)

ffd45e No.921156


Now could you do a CIA radicalization pathway? I can't believe what has happened to that outfit!!!

0543b3 No.921157

d73627 No.921158


Never claimed you were. Do you believe in coincidences?

ac55ac No.921159

Session is a member of the SES - Secret Electric Shag, an illegal underground breakdancing group

84d02e No.921160


Fuck all churches, of ALL religions. All of them have very little to do with GOD. It's a money making machine.

8fe9ee No.921161


Trying to force God's hand.

9bc677 No.921162


Spoken like a true Christian. Not.

1d9369 No.921163






4b94a1 No.921165

>>920604 How can you stand to listen to him?

5df260 No.921166


It is the EQ that matters.

Emotional Quotent; how much energy in motion can one handle/master.

Rationality. :)

368270 No.921167



c80dc7 No.921168

File: 7a7c995536b0b92⋯.png (253.61 KB, 500x393, 500:393, sparta.png)

248d24 No.921169


Caught you religion shill.

Nothing worse than an atheist fag.

1d9369 No.921170


467ade No.921172

File: b4c1d75721d943d⋯.png (31.08 KB, 1758x193, 1758:193, ClipboardImage.png)


Welcome To The Wild West

7f9be3 No.921173

If you scale Jesus held his sermons outside, in gods church.


d6eb7a No.921174

File: e92a723b201d8a5⋯.jpg (91.99 KB, 707x500, 707:500, SessionsTrust.jpg)

File: a1a20c5f68f6449⋯.jpg (146.68 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, SessionsPaleHorse.jpg)

File: ad2f70eea3a6bba⋯.jpg (39.73 KB, 690x446, 345:223, SessionMEME.jpg)

6d528a No.921175


And Jesus gave the keys to his kingdom to the Catholic Church (as plainly stated in sacred scriptures), so we'll see what the King things about your statement when he returns.

You guys saying the Catholic Church is evil should also be saying the USA is evil by your own logic.

Bad elements within an organization or a nation do not make those entities evil…. it means they have been INFILTRATED.

4f75e5 No.921178

File: 666f30e67caf20f⋯.jpeg (3.33 MB, 3166x3767, 3166:3767, image.jpeg)

1eb210 No.921179



ca690b No.921180


7f9be3 No.921181

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