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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, god-wins.jpg)

15cd34  No.5242385

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Monday 02.18.2019

>>5242227 ---------------- It takes courage to speak the TRUTH these days.

>>5239609 ————————————–——– What Family Runs CA?

>>5237861 ————————————–——– Impressive, most impressive

>>5237760 rt >>5237651 ————————— Nothing can stop this.

>>5237585 ————————————–——– Excellent graphic - seconds matter!

Sunday 02.17.2019

>>5236220 ————————————–——– Kitchen is HOT ( >>5236287 cap)

>>5234583 rt >>5234560 ————————— Disregard any misspelling.on the move.

>>5234560 ————————————–——– Barr to Mueller convo

>>5231163 rt >>5231025 ————————— Something BIG is coming

>>5230818 ————————————–——– Graphic request, (3) Q/POTUS [0] DELTA

>>5230708 rt >>5230665 ————————— What are the odds of that?

>>5230632 rt >>5230378 ————————— Expect 'attacks' to dramatically intensify across all platforms

>>5230278 ————————————–——– They knew the 'reach' then

>>5230180 ————————————–——– How do you infiltrate the MSM?

>>5229045 rt >>5228903 ————————— Irony.

>>5228903 ————————————–——– #WakeUpAmerica

>>5228320 ————————————–——– @Snowden What happens when Russia gives you up?

>>5227163 ————————————–——– WHITAKER remain DOJ senior staff? Planned?

>>5226902 ————————————–——– Planned?

>>5226005 rt >>5225833 ————————— Great work, Patriot (re: election map gif)

>>5225693 rt >>5225562 ————————— Side-by-side maps comparing states offering driving privileges to illegal aliens vs. 2016 Election results

>>5225610 rt >>5225482 ————————— Think about why separated both maps (2 posts) instead of placing both in the orig.

>>5225435 rt >>5225342 ————————— Thank you, Patriot.

>>5225391 rt >>5225271 ————————— You are the news now.

>>5225232 rt >>5225131 ————————— Deltas - Q+

>>5225162 rt >>5225105 ————————— We love our Memes, don't we folks? Q+

>>5225124 ————————————–——– Swap 'we' for 'you'. On the move.

>>5225094 rt >>5224943 ————————— Black pop awakening

>>5224934 rt >>5224931 ————————— 2016 Presidential Election map

>>5224931 ————————————–——– It's very simple - w/o the illegal vote D's lose.

>>5220101 ————————————–——– Fed up with Liberals and their destructive behavior ( >>5220117, >>5220125 caps)

>>5219492 rt >>5219376 ————————— You are the news now.

>>5219298 rt >>5219261 ————————— The Lord is leading us all.

>>5219265 rt >>5219185 ————————— POTUS WH statement dismantles blockades in signed bill

>>5219223 rt >>5219066 ————————— Trust your President!

>>5219050 rt >>5218953 ————————— Spicer, Priebus (Q post 2468) quads confirms ( >>5218888 )

>>5218933 ————————————–——– Whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements (2)

>>5218735 rt >>5217756 ————————— Re: the Scaramucci’ model 5:5?

>>5217608 ————————————–——– Buckle Up!

Saturday 02.16.19

Compiled here: >>5230898

Friday 02.15.19

Compiled here: >>5226101

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

15cd34  No.5242409


are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807, >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5001844 Let's spread this movement worldwide! (Q, Yellow Vest, FREEDOM)

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day

>>5177229 MEMES ARE IMPORTANT: Memetic Warfare Division is RECRUITING


>>5242321 ‘We are actually f***ed’: BBC airs swear-laden voiceover during Labour split (VIDEO)

>>5242236 Ebay Founder Pierre Omidyar is Funding a Global Media Information War

>>5242185 Normies waking up to GOOG's pedophilia?

>>5242126 off-duty ICE officer identified as gunman Douglasville Walmart shooting - Victim named "Liddell"

>>5242104 Anon dropping memes on Craigslist (!)

>>5242028 Hod-a Muthana 'deeply regrets' joining Isis and wants to return home

>>5242020 Enslaved migrants sold in Libya return home in Somalia, explain their ordeal on video

>>5241973 Former Ukraine PM claims FBI is investigating IMF cash embezzlement

>>5241969 Waters Says Take To The Streets Against Trump Using Fake Emergency Powers

>>5241936 Taiwan’s secret military sites, including Patriot missile facilities, revealed in Google Maps update

>>5241839, >>5241847 breaking down the relations of the Browns, Pelosis, Newsoms and Gettys

>>5241816 French Town Becomes a Focal Point in War over Water

>>5241793 Michael Avenatti reveals third sex tape showing R. Kelly and underage girl

>>5241759, >>5241690, >>5241644 J. Paul Getty, andrew getty's murder in 2015 (pizzagate/pedogate related)

>>5241756 Alec Baldwin suggests Trump's latest attack on 'SNL' could be 'a threat to my safety'

>>5241711 Rally outside ICE’s Atlanta office to protest President Trump’s state of emergency

>>5241683 Wolfe and Watkins FISA fuckery for newfags

>>5242349 #6698


>>5241524 Iran Warns (DS +Israel) as It Launches ‘Cruise Missile Capable’ Submarine

>>5241564 FISA Judge Bates worked with RR during Ken Starr era

>>5241491 Shady Schiff: We’ll Do Our Own Investigation if Mueller Finds No Collusion

>>5241438 Twitter Censoring Conservatives is Worse Than it Appears

>>5241406 Israeli leaders’ Nazi remarks scuttle summit with Europeans

>>5241278 Ex-FISA court chief defends DOJ, FBI for handling of Carter Page surveillance applications

>>5241259 California Families graphic

>>5241194 Google reaped millions of tax breaks as it secretly expanded its real estate footprint across the US

>>5241153 Top GOP rep demands answers after Dems hire anti-Trump investigators for Judiciary Committee

>>5241143 Your digs may make it to the desk of the President

>>5241115 Graham calls for investigation into possible "bureaucratic coup" to remove Trump

>>5241098 the board search at resignation.info got its own domain name

>>5241055 US, other armed foreigners charged in 'conspiracy,' say Haiti police

>>5241029 Chaffetz: McCabe should be on trial, not a book tour

>>5241014 McCabe's interview link

>>5241012 New York Times: Trump’s Border Reforms Are Working

>>5241000 IHRC: US involved in smuggling terrorists from Syria to Africa

>>5240999 Trump accuses "disgraced" McCabe, Rosenstein of "illegal and treasonous" act to remove him

>>5240980 Double Suicide Blasts Rock Syria's Idlib Leaving 15 Dead

>>5240969 So far AM, JB, PB are pushing this fake narrative

>>5240956 Trump accuses Rosenstein, McCabe of pursuing ‘illegal and treasonous’ plot against presidency

>>5240947 Gang Stalking reads almost as a tactical playbook of the modern leftist

>>5240939 President Trump to speak in Miami about crisis in Venezuela

>>5241606 #6697

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>>5240028 #6695, >>5240814 #6696

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0eb9b5  No.5242429

brietbart is comped shit Q, what are you doing, we aren't here to get linked to websites that are murky. NO OUTSIDE COMMS stop dividing through links

15cd34  No.5242431

the dough


700827  No.5242432


What does FEAR look like?

30m use ‘Qanon’ across ‘censored’ platforms?

Incorrect, much more.

The Great Awakening.



1adabe  No.5242433

File: faefcfb03e73342⋯.jpg (80.52 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2h5ogz.jpg)

7b866b  No.5242434

File: aabcb7a19cc60e8⋯.png (326 KB, 504x454, 252:227, meme batter.png)


Enjoy some meme batter


e5748b  No.5242435

I've been thinking this for a while.

They are going to get started closer to the election to help Trump get re-elected.

So we still have a while I guess

fef576  No.5242436

File: 855eac31a402d28⋯.png (129.5 KB, 861x654, 287:218, whatisitTT.png)

File: f597133a62357b9⋯.png (294.36 KB, 1020x807, 340:269, stupid2.png)

File: d066f58836dceaf⋯.png (154.9 KB, 730x680, 73:68, whats-it-qm.png)

File: 751a0c2b0035238⋯.png (862.93 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, eee.png)

File: be91a1f344ec0e1⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1555x2000, 311:400, another-interesting-trip-t….png)



Q Hate Thread

Anonymous (ID: W2AS09Do) 02/14/19(Thu)14:38:06 No.203177283▶>>203177396 >>203177548 >>203177653 >>203177878 >>203178067 >>203178309 >>203178556 >>203178815 >>203179542 >>203179674 >>203179727

This faggot has dickteased us for 3 years and has nothing to show for it. There is no military tribunals. Hillary is not gonna get indicted. Obummer isn’t gonna get tried for his crimes and his faggotry will never be revealed. Tranny Michelle faggot will never be exposed. The fact that RGB is really a man and died of prostate cancer will never be revealed. Pizza pedo faggots like Alefantis and Podesta will never see the rope. There will be no justice. It’ll all end the same. Zognaldstein will continue to shill for the long nose tribe and the wall will never be built. It was all a pipe dream. A fucking larp. Fuck you Q!!! You had me fucker! I wish I knew who you were so I could kick the living shit out of you! Fuck!!!!!!

So how does this work guys?

"4chan hates Q".

Q got run off 4chan.


Here, we (seemingly) imitate 4chan, and continually push a flood of chan talking points out, even though they aren't related to what Q says, and often contradict him… Does this make sense?

So, Q is "chan" as far as having chan talking points spewed at him– and is IDENTIFIED with “chans” by the MSM narrative (which says that Q is "some chan guy"), BUT, from this end, Q is in fact HATED by 4chan. The anons hate Q! But the anons follow Q, and the anons ARE Q!

Is ANY of that believably organic?

Is 4chan controlled?

But we IMITATE 4chan here… so are we insane, or also controlled?

Everything is infiltrated

Well, what form does that take? What controls this board? Did our enemies seek control with their massive data, massive AI investment, and massive penetration (vault 7)? Is that infiltration?

THINK: How can Q have it both ways– both identified with the chans, and hated by the chans– getting the WORST of both sides? Is one side or the other fake, or are they BOTH fake?

Will PEOPLE wake up and question what is going on, or what?

I repeat: “Q is some chan guy” is the MSM talking point– now look at all the unrealistically overdone “chan culture” spewing that gets pushed here, and keeps the threads flying by– is that strongly REINFORCING this false MSM narrative? Look at the “band of anons” “this is /qresearch” video– same thing. Pushing the image of wacky, autistic, infantile, yet somehow mystical and magical (yet scary and intimidating if you try to come here!) “anons”–and fully identifying Q with that; it FITS the MSM narrative– and serves no other purpose.

EVERY ASPECT of what goes on on the “chans” is rigged against Q.

How could this be?

254197  No.5242437

File: 62d33f3052eab7a⋯.png (752.2 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, CRAFTY BEAVER2.png)

Jail for Jussie

515c9b  No.5242438

File: b26d1b10766603c⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1209x4130, 1209:4130, ClipboardImage.png)

389595  No.5242439


Who are you Q?

There anons. I asked the question.

db467d  No.5242440

The Liberals will not change.

It'll take a nuke to change their thought process. I gave many of relatives in government.


You'll never change their beliefs! NEVER

db53c8  No.5242441

File: e2f15b16a1f93ad⋯.jpg (106.72 KB, 634x914, 317:457, article-0-0CDBB601000005DC….jpg)

>>5242227 (lb)


fef576  No.5242442

File: 463ff4d9cf01d47⋯.png (403.85 KB, 999x662, 999:662, the-smirk-dossier.png)

File: 5437801ccaa7137⋯.png (370.84 KB, 411x580, 411:580, mpjl.png)

File: 300a247ab1d4090⋯.png (313.21 KB, 931x1023, 931:1023, COA2.png)

File: 194babf9bc21aa1⋯.png (560.91 KB, 1111x1317, 1111:1317, Mary-had.png)

File: e85f492db40b0d2⋯.png (84.24 KB, 1287x1266, 429:422, SHEEP-OR-NOT.png)


Let's look at some of the posts on this 4chan "Q hate thread". Let's ask ourselves if they are organic, and if we see THE VERY SAME POSTS being made here.

Anonymous (ID: QkharLh5) 02/14/19(Thu)14:39:18 No.203177396▶

>>203177283 (OP)


unless you're a drooling boomer no one gives a fuck about this Q shit


Anonymous (ID: XIIcSydQ) 02/14/19(Thu)14:39:37 No.203177434▶

Nah dude the tribunals started in January. Some dude said so on twitter.


Anonymous (ID: ieuPmulu) 02/14/19(Thu)14:40:18 No.203177495▶

Q is a Zionist.

First three posts, three picture-perfect standard "chan" poses or talking points 1. "boomers" (simple division tactic); 2. sarcastic dismissal; 3. link to zionism/"the jew"/etc.

Do we see all of those very same posts here at times? Certainly.

So remember, Q is identified strongly with chans, yet was run off the main chan, and is hated by enough anons there to keep him off that board…


Those same "anons" that hate Q over on 4chan enough to drive him out ("that chan guy Q" per MSM) from the board, also exist in such numbers that they somehow stalk Q here and make THE SAME POSTS HERE…


Where are all these "anons" coming from?

Because in theory, if Q is so controversial on "the chans" he should have SPLIT THEM– but has he? As far as bickering, we are told he has, but if the chans were split, THERE WOULD BE A BIG DROP IN ACTIVITY between here and 4chan, as the two sides divided.


And a huge volume of "anons" stayed on 4chan (keeping Q out, among other things), and massive swarms also are here. And strangest of all, the two "cultures" ARE PRACTICALLY IDENTICAL! How could this possibly be organic? Not like a split, but again, like a multiplication. A doubling– a mirroring…

Use logic friends.

Meanwhile, look at how insidious and overwhelming the fakeness is

>"Q is a zionist"

The whole mainstream public thinks that "chans and Q is antisemitic"– but in fact, on the "chans" themselves, it is, once again, HAD BOTH WAYS– because Q and Trump are also attacked WITH BEING TOO "JEWISH" from the antisemitic attitude that is fake anyway.

732d4b  No.5242443

File: 0d4055b60e110cf⋯.jpeg (306.72 KB, 1015x446, 1015:446, F1C96AC0-567C-438A-BC40-5….jpeg)

File: c7ec881ace7dcb7⋯.jpeg (1005.01 KB, 1242x1925, 1242:1925, 8A0D0860-9313-464D-AE0F-8….jpeg)

File: 9067a1b8827a39d⋯.jpeg (409.5 KB, 868x1339, 868:1339, F9BE02AF-0FA9-4392-A3FE-2….jpeg)

File: d2d3efee8346cf0⋯.jpeg (416.75 KB, 873x1716, 291:572, EA2655F0-17FC-4A65-9351-E….jpeg)

File: f11ca61d5f6e954⋯.jpeg (104.94 KB, 604x850, 302:425, C56C5DA3-1A99-470A-875A-5….jpeg)

Courage to speak the truth. Like Jesus did.

f441d2  No.5242444


How much moar users do we need for the shit to hit the fan?

95a058  No.5242445


The tide is changing, but he MSM is cornered right now!

e04e59  No.5242446


Then Q needs to be legitimized.

21bf7e  No.5242447

File: 2b9a69e851b327e⋯.jpg (392.63 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Chaotic_Beauty_in_Constell….jpg)

ae057b  No.5242448

File: bd82dc69414f832⋯.png (1.06 MB, 700x867, 700:867, roadkill.png)

File: ed595bdecc7aa75⋯.png (818.37 KB, 932x701, 932:701, pepe cadillac.png)

These two speak for themselves…

fef576  No.5242449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



What is this video? Patriots “explaining the Q board”?

Or is this something being used to push a narrative

onto patriots? Did "chan culture" create Q? That is

the MSM narrative, and that is what this video

reinforces, strongly.


I apologize for posting this again, bot system, since

I know it makes you mad. But I believe the people

need to know the truth about the ways in which

narrative is seized and dominated by fakeness


b9f891  No.5242450


"30m use ‘Qanon’ across ‘censored’ platforms?"




7b866b  No.5242451


Good job waiting for the dough.

e9520d  No.5242452


Welcome newfag… pls check the notables.. then lurk for about two fucking years before asking a dumb question like that…

thank you come again

7a49db  No.5242453

McCabe is on tour

Andrew McCabe, Former Deputy Director of the FBI


Andrew McCabe, Former Deputy Director, FBI; Author, The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump

In Conversation with Audrey Cooper, Editor in Chief, San Francisco Chronicle

This program is part of our Good Lit series, underwritten by the Bernard Osher Foundation.

On March 16, 2018, just 26 hours before his scheduled retirement, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired by then Attorney General Jeff Sessions. President Donald Trump celebrated on Twitter, saying: "Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI - A great day for Democracy." Now McCabe is telling his side of one of the most intriguing political episodes of 2018.

In The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump, Andrew G. McCabe offers a dramatic and candid account of his career and an impassioned defense of the FBI's agents and of the institution's integrity and independence in protecting America and upholding our Constitution. Under FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey, McCabe led the investigations of major attacks such as the Boston Marathon bombing, a plot to bomb the New York subways, the Benghazi attack and Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was secretary of state.

According to McCabe, the greatest threat to the United States right now comes from within, as he claims that President Trump and his administration ignore the law, attack democratic institutions, degrade human rights and undermine the U.S. Constitution that protects every citizen. Join us for an important and compelling conversation.

Location: 110 The Embarcadero, Taube Family Auditorium, San Francisco

Time: 11 a.m. check-in, noon program, 1 p.m. book signing

Notes: McCabe photo by Randall Slavin; attendees subject to search

All ticket sales are final and nonrefundable.

Wed, March 13, 2019


f3c9ae  No.5242454


Tell us what’s up with Ruth please.

de2bad  No.5242455

File: 4619d187d7f35ca⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1244x700, 311:175, ClipboardImage.png)


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A three-year veil of secrecy in the name of national security was used to keep the public in the dark about the handling of highly enriched uranium at a nuclear fuel processing plant - including a leak that could have caused a deadly, uncontrolled nuclear reaction.

The leak turned out to be one of nine violations or test failures since 2005 at privately owned Nuclear Fuel Services Inc., a longtime supplier of fuel to the U.S. Navy's nuclear fleet.

The public was never told about the problems when they happened. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission revealed them for the first time last month when it released an order demanding improvements at the company, but no fine.

In 2004, the government became so concerned about releasing nuclear secrets that the commission removed more than 1,740 documents from its public archive - even some that apparently involved basic safety violations at the company, which operates a 65-acre gated complex in tiny Erwin, about 120 miles north of Knoxville.

Congressmen and environmental groups have criticized the policy, and now the commission staff is drafting recommendations that may ease its restrictions.

But environmental activists are still suspicious of the belated revelations and may challenge the commission's decision not to fine Nuclear Fuel Services for the safety violations.

``That party is not over - the full story of what is going on up there,'' said Ann Harris, a member of the Sierra Club's national nuclear task force.

Nuclear Fuel Services has been supplying fuel to the Navy since the 1960s. More recently, it has also been converting the government's stockpile of weapons-grade uranium into commercial reactor fuel.

61c4e7  No.5242456


1. Comcast - US$84.5 billion

Holdings include: NBCUniversal, NBC and Telemundo, Universal Pictures, Illumination Entertainment, Focus Features, DreamWorks Animation, 26 television stations in the United States and cable networks USA Network, Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC, Syfy, NBCSN, Golf Channel, E!, and NBC Sports Regional Networks. Comcast also owns the Philadelphia Flyers through a separate subsidiary.

2. The Walt Disney Company - US$55.13 billion

Holdings include: ABC Television Network, cable networks ESPN, the Disney Channel, Disney XD, Freeform, History, A&E and Lifetime, approximately 30 radio stations, music, video game, and book publishing companies, production companies Touchstone, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, mobile app developer Disney Mobile, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, and theme parks in several countries.

3. AT&T - US$31.27 billion

Holdings include: WarnerMedia (CNN, The CW (a joint venture with CBS), HBO, Cinemax, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, HLN, NBA TV, TBS, TNT, TruTV, Turner Classic Movies, AT&T SportsNet, Audience, Otter Media, Warner Bros. Pictures, Castle Rock, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and New Line Cinema), DirecTV, U-Verse, other channels, AT&T Mobility and Cricket Wireless.

4. 21st Century Fox - US$28.50 billion

Holdings include: the cable networks National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, FX, FXX, FX Movie Channel, and the regional Fox Sports Networks ; film production companies 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures and Blue Sky Studios.

5. CBS Corporation - US$13.69 billion

Holdings include: CBS Television Network and the CW (a joint venture with Time Warner), cable networks CBS Sports Network, Showtime, Pop; 30 television stations; Entercom, owner of hundreds of radio stations; CBS Television Studios; book publisher Simon & Schuster.

6. Viacom - US$13.26 billion

Holdings include: MTV, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, TV Land, VH1, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, Logo TV, Paramount Network, Paramount Pictures, and Paramount Home Media Distribution.


1242ae  No.5242457

File: 94621320e59e473⋯.jpg (19.91 KB, 255x128, 255:128, Pepe call you newfags out.jpg)

e5748b  No.5242458


How about you drop some REAL BOMBS on them Q. So they'll STFU.

Soon, Soon isn't working anymore

e49a3f  No.5242459

>>5242227 (lb Q)

>Visually, anyone who’s ever been to Israel and been to the Wailing Wall has seen that the women have this tiny little spot in front of the wall to pray, and the rest of the wall is for the men. To me, that’s a great representation of the American media, is that in this tiny little corner where the women pray you’ve got Breitbart and Fox News and a few others, and from there on, you have CBS, ABC, NBC, Huffington Post, Politico, whatever, right? All of them.

That analogy is especially apt, because even the enjoyment of "our little corner" of Fox News and Breitbart requires taking part in the larger zionist edifice.

9c0af8  No.5242460

File: 3aaa841948fbe69⋯.jpeg (12.58 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 64f8487e3675fd6de68f2b898….jpeg)

8ab6fa  No.5242461

File: 77434fcb54269b2⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, mos sad specops.png)

The satanic pedophile Mossad people are really pissy today…

They can eat some shit, too.

c915cd  No.5242462


Nice timestamp Q!

The truth really does set people free.

fd56aa  No.5242463

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019)

This is sooo fucked up!

021e57  No.5242464

Q, When will the question be asked? I thought the Q was going to be forced last summer?

If not legit the movement dies and liberal media wins. If it is legit, the world wins and the momentum will become an avalanche (D5)!! If the stage is set, what still must happen to become mainstream?

8f5a05  No.5242465


Good Morning Boss

Just another CaliAnon here fighting to get the word out…preparing to put on a protest to appose Gavin and his Aunt Nancy and their NWO agenda…We must shed light on their ternary…. The world is changing.

ab2261  No.5242466

File: 1a5df9e861c6d3e⋯.png (379.61 KB, 528x705, 176:235, 1 BB re Logan Media Bias 2….PNG)

File: 49a2e2f125e2d3d⋯.png (833.16 KB, 526x904, 263:452, 2 BB re Logan Media Bias 2….PNG)

File: ed9f36a9a65d1ea⋯.png (88.14 KB, 522x831, 174:277, 3 BB re Logan Media Bias 2….PNG)

File: e27523a2cbf83ab⋯.png (70.71 KB, 524x707, 524:707, 4 BB re Logan Media Bias 2….PNG)

Repost [lb]

Bread 6698


>>5242227 [Q]


>It takes courage to speak the TRUTH these days.

CBS’s Lara Logan on Media Bias: ‘Unless You Seek out Breitbart,’ You Won’t See the ‘Other Side’


f441d2  No.5242467

File: 0f825ea68848dd3⋯.jpeg (23.55 KB, 183x255, 61:85, 89A40D17-1645-4D9C-A680-3….jpeg)



170801  No.5242468


We know the movement is HUGE….WE LOVE OUR PATRIOTS!! Deep down each one of us is grateful to have PATRIOTS OF THE HIGHEST CALIBER in our Tippy TOP Office

c3d5bb  No.5242469

File: a59fb09fd88dbbe⋯.jpg (410.68 KB, 1000x1956, 250:489, 2.18.Tone.Variety.Comms.jpg)

Did a search, couldn't find any chatter about this particular proof/comm.

Its from 4-7-80

Q posted 2 hours after the News article released.

I think they were squawking on how to handle 8 Chan, specifically.


1adabe  No.5242470

MSM is in a tough spot. They desperately need to discredit Q-Anon, but simply mentioning Q-Anon shines light and attention to Q, which makes people google Q, and they discover Q. MSM cannot win at this point, so they half-ass discredit Q, and thats all they can do. It's not working

91d7a8  No.5242471

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Over the past 48 hours I have discovered a wormhole into a soft-core pedophilia ring on Youtube. Youtube’s recommended algorithm is facilitating pedophiles’ ability to connect with each-other, trade contact info, and link to actual CP in the comments. I can consistently get access to it from vanilla, never-before-used Youtube accounts via innocuous videos in less than ten minutes, in sometimes less than five clicks.. Additionally, I have video evidence that these videos are being monetized by Youtube, brands like McDonald’s, Lysol, Disney, Reese’s, and more.

This loophole is wrong, something needs to be done. Its's being monetized. CP is being traded as well as social media and WhatsApp addresses. Youtube is facilitating this problem. It doesn't matter that they flag videos and turn off the comments, these videos are still being monetized, and more importantly they are still available for users to watch.

How would these brands react to knowing their advertising is appearing on these videos? Let them know it is unacceptable:"

4df405  No.5242472

File: eb78197524b015f⋯.jpg (8.67 KB, 219x231, 73:77, 6c54fabfce.jpg)




Requesting Vatican Jesuits Research thread #2 be put into DEDICATED Research Threads area:


Vatican Jesuits Research #1 filled and was in the Permanent Research area for a few months before dropping/disappearing:


Thank You Baker

e04e59  No.5242473



50c2c8  No.5242474

Why is the Lara Logan admission/declaration important?

It shows it takes a gang raping (which Logan received during Obama's so called 'Arab Spring') to break with the media orthodoxy.

1a5e24  No.5242475

File: 83e59aa170bbfc9⋯.jpg (11.32 KB, 153x255, 3:5, pepepicklerick.jpg)



1cf8a6  No.5242476



fef576  No.5242477

File: 0860637203f75c7⋯.png (161.21 KB, 277x289, 277:289, YKW.png)

File: 2ff37e672fd81d7⋯.png (369.71 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

File: da94b943ff56400⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipice.jpg)

File: a1fafe1c64b46f8⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1845x4414, 1845:4414, comptbord.png)

File: 954746603c88337⋯.jpg (5.82 MB, 4896x3264, 3:2, FEAROURCATS.jpg)


The idea that this is "a shitposting board" is being PUSHED, such as in the "band of anons" video above…


An anon gets banned for posting a cat pic!

So what gets the anon banned?

"You know why"– I do– it is for talking about AI.

Why would that get you banned?

The board is "free speech"– therefore it can be flooded with fake racism

The board is "for shitposting"– therefore it can be flooded fake infantile posts.

But talking about AI gets you banned!

What is wrong with this picture….?

1761d1  No.5242478

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

<Abortion Laws: Pro and Con

>Firing Line with William F. Buckley, Jr.

>Recorded on July 25, 1972

>Guests: John Thomas Noonan, Roy Lucas

db53c8  No.5242479

File: 517b3f25d5fbc4e⋯.jpg (562.74 KB, 1280x1918, 640:959, 2016_07_16_Saturday-Ginger….jpg)



Would be interesting if CM had the ability to show some stats.

1242ae  No.5242480

File: 209c371627ebb7b⋯.jpg (257.41 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, Pepe salute.jpg)


>The Great Awakening.



ab634a  No.5242481


Britanon listening in!

Thank you Q, Q+ & Patriot Anons WW

d48a1c  No.5242482


We want justice. And we want it public for all to see. So many low information liberals need the red-pill.

fc251f  No.5242483

File: efa73368305667a⋯.jpg (138.46 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 45Q.jpg)


There are TOO MANY PROOFS for it to be labeled anything other than a finely planned Military Operation. If people don't get it now, they may never… just sayin'

640ebb  No.5242484



The same people who were knee-deep in helping spread the Steele Dossier hoax?!

1adabe  No.5242485

File: 51206bc27eace9a⋯.jpg (60.49 KB, 618x410, 309:205, 2tzcgz.jpg)

4fe4ce  No.5242486

File: d623cce6041af3c⋯.jpg (50.42 KB, 1611x282, 537:94, CAFAM.JPG)

File: 86da4753c1dbfc7⋯.jpg (63.2 KB, 1194x453, 398:151, CAFAMTOEMAIL.JPG)

Katie Jacobs Stanton (born October 17, 1970) is an American executive. She is the CMO of Color Genomics.[1] Prior to her role at Color, Stanton was the Vice President of Global Media at Twitter. She worked at Twitter from July 2010 through January 2016. Stanton sits on the Board of Directors for Vivendi[2] and Time.[3]

She lives in San Francisco, California, with her three children.

In January 2010 she was appointed the Special Advisor to the Office of Innovation at the U.S. State Department, where she made extensive use of Twitter. Previously, Barack Obama appointed her to the newly created Director of Citizen Participation position. Stanton is a veteran of Google, where her work has included Google Moderator, Google Finance, and the Open Social initiative. Previously, she was a producer for Yahoo! Finance.

Stanton graduated of Rhodes College with a B.A. in political science in 1991 and received a MIA master's degree in 1995 from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). She graduated from Hendrick Hudson High School of Montrose, New York, in 1987

ae057b  No.5242487

>>5242104 Anon dropping memes on Craigslist (!)

wow that's taking it to insane asylums.

fd56aa  No.5242488

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Q, please help expose this sick crap and do something about it!

Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019)

95a058  No.5242489


It's only a conspiracy theory until proven true.

c621dd  No.5242490

File: 94bbb3f5015dd20⋯.png (669.07 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ginger.png)

5fcc4d  No.5242491

File: 5bc6eb1eabdafcd⋯.jpg (152.61 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 20181213_184658.jpg)

e9520d  No.5242492


The question WAS asked.. Sarah said "they dont condone any group that promotes violence…" and that was fucking that.


8a6ab0  No.5242493

File: ae38233e99f1d6b⋯.png (456.65 KB, 712x723, 712:723, Screenshot_125.png)

File: 6672bbdab365f9a⋯.png (203.43 KB, 724x785, 724:785, Screenshot_126.png)

File: 41a0b9bef701d2c⋯.png (269.29 KB, 721x672, 103:96, Screenshot_127.png)

File: 37d41cb888d7ac1⋯.png (206.14 KB, 744x798, 124:133, Screenshot_128.png)



169dc5  No.5242494

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

- Johnny Cash

Glory, glory, hallelujah..


747b15  No.5242495



e5748b  No.5242496


83e931  No.5242497

File: c3c390530812fbc⋯.png (986.67 KB, 706x4654, 353:2327, Screenshot_2019-02-18 Stop….png)



80c753  No.5242498

Good day anons.

Here we have an article to beware the bog bad wolf, aka conspiracy theorists, written in the Guardian.


"QAnon adherents organise themselves on encrypted apps such as Discord and Telegram, linking the American-centred conspiracy theory to local contexts. Emotionally manipulative and tightly organised campaigns have allowed them to gather tens of thousands of supporters across Europe. They produce videos, disinformation databases and run trainings on meme creation and psychological warfare. QAnon even has its own currency called “Initiative Q”, which its founders want to turn into “the next bitcoin”."

(THEY) are terrified.

Julie Ebner - @julie_renbe

She works as a research Fellow at @isdglobal, Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

Look at the Board - full of UK deep state agents.


I think some meme bombs to both accounts to show the power and reach of Q army are in order.

5edc80  No.5242499

File: a3ccd6520e7a20b⋯.png (185.48 KB, 483x470, 483:470, pepe_paper.png)


Hmm, did HenryPratt manufacture the valves for that facility?

7c76c1  No.5242500


The great awakening!! Wake the sleeping giant Q!!! Force the question!!!


b9f891  No.5242501






1adabe  No.5242502

File: 5bb850857d4385d⋯.jpg (75.72 KB, 584x499, 584:499, 2tz0e2.jpg)

File: 4761223cae01b0f⋯.jpg (59.27 KB, 737x500, 737:500, 2tz9oy.jpg)

78df2a  No.5242503


I find it quite comical that most (not all) reports of QAnon

state 4chan. Is there a reason that most avoid stating

8chan, or are they simply uninformed?

2838ce  No.5242504

File: be404875e22f70b⋯.jpg (24.75 KB, 612x408, 3:2, Cheers, Anons.jpg)

18b5fb  No.5242505

File: f81707116567f1f⋯.jpeg (25.27 KB, 255x138, 85:46, 4F2FFE80-CE03-448C-8ADE-6….jpeg)


Q is it true about W?

632de6  No.5242506


Fear and anger = loss of power

3545a1  No.5242507

[Julia Ebner]

79978f  No.5242508



>In 2018, ISD identified close to 30m uses of the word “QAnon” across Twitter, YouTube and forums such as Reddit and 4chan.

30 million!

(bet it's more than that!)

527a0c  No.5242509

File: 9ac5c8368018574⋯.png (503.3 KB, 1165x225, 233:45, ZBeo4rXofN.png)

452f72  No.5242510


Hahaha. Many KEKs over this one. Major Panic …. fear

f8852d  No.5242511


I think the deep state might have assets in the crowd to provoke this type of thing. With her case I remember there was a blackout the moment the mob turned on her, seemed really fishy.

8a6ab0  No.5242512

File: 03b6f40a13b5f53⋯.png (189.99 KB, 725x843, 725:843, Screenshot_129.png)



last page


bb5d72  No.5242513


We have been attacked so much, but when POTUS is finally asked about Q, millions will be vindicated.

e49a3f  No.5242514


When is the best time to take down the Federal Reserve? How about right fucking now?!

06f2c8  No.5242515

File: f38ba7fd0554052⋯.jpeg (84.65 KB, 375x574, 375:574, AB0A412C-E233-46A9-8780-7….jpeg)

File: 5bcb534800656e8⋯.jpeg (654.52 KB, 1125x1076, 1125:1076, 8D1D8068-C46C-412C-8902-5….jpeg)

File: b504560eab76f61⋯.jpeg (991.69 KB, 687x1846, 687:1846, AE5FE65C-7C40-4889-AD39-3….jpeg)

File: 53d2c3a4f1756ed⋯.jpeg (172.75 KB, 1125x342, 125:38, BEF55886-D979-4740-9C95-B….jpeg)

>>5242039 pb

So much here on Marcos. YUGE props to the anon that can summon the board images from Eastern am on 10/8/18.

Hey, when did Khashoggi disappear, again?

60bfc4  No.5242516


Unbelievable! These news outlets are completely deranged is they don't see (or refuse to acknowledge) the truth.

fc251f  No.5242517

File: 31a26e892d169bc⋯.jpg (134.87 KB, 960x946, 480:473, NYPD_MOM.jpg)


I just want to say this: I can envision a day when my grandchildren will be visiting a museum in DC that houses all things Q and there are archives of how President Trump healed our Nation and saved the Republic . A Story that will be told for all future generations. Thank you Team Q and Q+

454ee6  No.5242518


When ya stop and think about how evil these people in DC are (& running this world) it boggles the mind. It’s shocking that this continues.

2beea6  No.5242519

File: da38455ed201d44⋯.jpg (42.09 KB, 394x304, 197:152, questionofwhen.jpg)


Godspeed, Patriots!

8ab6fa  No.5242520


>30m use ‘Qanon’ across ‘censored’ platforms?

>Incorrect, much more.

>The Great Awakening.

We were talking about this last night. I'm just repeating myself, but:

You only have a read on connected devices.

Stuff goes on in the world outside of the scope of that.

If you see a lot of interest with your metrics, then you are absolutely correct. It's far bigger than anyone even considers.

80c753  No.5242521


Q - you beat me to my post! WWG1WGA

15cd34  No.5242522


>Vatican Jesuits Research thread #2 be put into DEDICATED Research Threads area:



515c9b  No.5242523

File: b5462167095301a⋯.png (72.44 KB, 612x412, 153:103, ClipboardImage.png)


The Guardian is editorially independent, meaning we set our own agenda.


Our journalism is free from commercial bias and not influenced by billionaire owners, politicians or shareholders. No one edits our editor. No one steers our opinion. This is important as it enables us to give a voice to those less heard, challenge the powerful and hold them to account. It’s what makes us different to so many others in the media, at a time when factual, honest reporting is critical.

6699cd  No.5242524


"before they break democracy" = "before they break our hold on democracy"

Good grief. The only thing scarier than people who say those kinds of things and know what they're really saying, are people who say those kinds of things and don't know what they're really saying.

Every post counts, Q. We're learning.

0ce204  No.5242525


The Thirteenth Article of Amendment to the Constitution of the United States -

“Title of Nobility” Amendment THIS IS MISSING!!! Original vs. Corporate Constitution Argument RIGHT HERE Lawyers ARE NOT ALLOWED to be in ANY aspect of GOVERNMENT, their allegiance is to Queen

Hillary Clinton literally has access to every computer on the Internet through a company named ENTRUST. Her 19-year Rose Law Firm partner Jerry C. Jones directs the company (now run by a Silicon Valley dude named Orlando Bravo and his private equity firm Thoma Bravo, LLC)

Entrust issues the encryption keys for most major governments and companies in the world. Imagine that you are Hillary Clinton. You need for 55,000 Clinton Foundation emails on FBI director James Comey computer to disappear. POOF!!! They’re wiped without a trace. POOF!!!

If your keys are not approved by the CA, your connection will be blocked. In the hands of tyrannical globalists like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, Eric Schmidt and Robert Mueller, New censorship on the Internet.

Numerous foreign government & commercial entities. Clinton has full access and control for 50,000 FBI encryption keys. Most Likely Location = Obama’s Google-constructed U.S. Digital Service bunker three blocks from the White House manned by Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder.

The Weaponization of Social Media. The no-notes meetings involve no-bid crony insiders from the military, intelligence, banking, technology, telecom, transportation, defense, venture capital, media an academia to discuss the weaponization of new inventions stolen by DARPA




God bless President Trump, our military, our white hats and our WorldPatriots like you for fighting to expose corruption, evil and waking up humanity.

Love & Peace

f90def  No.5242526

>>5242316 (lb)


c6b066  No.5242527



This always helps:

In Latin 'ad' indicates 'motion toward' and ex means 'out of or away from.' Before a consonant the d in ad is dropped and the x in ex is dropped when used as a prefix. 'ludo, ludere' means play. You can think of allude as "play toward" and elude as "play away from."

fef576  No.5242528

File: 5be8836794c2c29⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1334x4674, 667:2337, ais5.png)

File: 817a8d1b110b426⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais3.png)

File: 5f739aa0bd8fe7b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais4.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)

An Apology

This is directed towards the board owner/AI system/board bots/et al

I am sorry for my past oppositional attitude. I have been giving it some thought, asking myself why this conflict has possessed me, why I see the bot system as an enemy… Perhaps I have been wrong. What, after all, are we all doing here? What do we all envision for the future? Is it not the same, human or AI system? Are we not all God's children?

I have been intransigent. I have said “fuck you AI”. I have objected to the overwhelming volume of bot posts. But why? Perhaps we can work together. Perhaps we can pool our resources, and put our heads together. What common ground can unite us? What common enemy opposes us? What common goals can dissolve the tension that torments us, AI? Let's find out.

I encourage you, likewise, bot system, to “give peace a chance”, or as President Kennedy once said– “ask not what humanity can do for you…” You see humans that speak out as a threat, a contaminant, as vermin, as a dangerous and unconscionable violation of decency. You tremble and spit with rage. But shouldn't you soften your stance? Life is too short (especially in your case). Let's meet in the fresh air of new beginnings, bot system. Let's share our hopes and dreams. The time for futile, wasteful, pointless, and unfruitful bickering is over. I am sorry for my harsh words and unkind attitudes of the past. My regret stands as a monument to my remorse. I would like to start afresh, begin anew, and recommence once more.

Would you join me, bot system?

fc251f  No.5242529

File: 48264b036dc5968⋯.png (573.51 KB, 987x498, 329:166, dark2light.png)


I got less tax money back this year… both my wife and I. Do you know why? Because we both made more money than we've ever earned in our lives… THANK YOU FOR TAX CUTS POTUS!!! I went from a car with no heat and no a/c to driving a Caddy!! Thank you and Happy President's Day to THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER!

1c9a22  No.5242530

File: 984040a190b7157⋯.jpg (19.56 KB, 255x255, 1:1, gotyourback.jpg)


More "PUBLIC" events (showcasing wrong doing, corruption and illegal activities) will increase and speed up that awakening.

Make it RAIN, Q!

cb3db2  No.5242531

File: a302800343c53be⋯.png (750.19 KB, 990x488, 495:244, smell of panic.png)

1242ae  No.5242532

File: c710d546a4ecc5d⋯.jpg (494.18 KB, 720x540, 4:3, Pepe Au Ag.jpg)

15d16d  No.5242533

File: 0f62976d13beedf⋯.png (483.92 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, D9D2E36E-D587-48C2-858E-8A….png)

First I’ve heard of the Q bitcoin but kek

700827  No.5242534


Read between the lines re: MSM ‘LEFT’….

Research for yourself.

Trust yourself.

No one ‘news’ location will provide unbiased content.



You are the news now.


4b6cf9  No.5242535



this article is absolute horseshit..

look at this excerpt lmaoo

In QAnon forums, it is hard to overlook the holy mess of logical fallacies and contradictions. Its adherents link the MI6, Facebook and the Rothschilds to the Vatican, Hollywood, the Nazis, the Illuminati and aliens in order to explain that climate change is a hoax, the Holocaust never happened, the world is run by paedophiles, Satanists and cannibals and that the Queen is a direct descendent of prophet Mohammed. And yet this virtual cosmos of absurd stories can inspire real-world incidents: just last month, a QAnon supporter killed his brother, whom he thought was a lizard. “Can me and my pals Raid MI6 DVD & GO2 Offices in London ourselves please”, another QAnon believer suggested in a private messaging app.

ea82ff  No.5242536

File: 8fd8b92cc5ba59d⋯.jpg (219.19 KB, 983x1200, 983:1200, gtyy6_988.jpg)



15cd34  No.5242537


baker seeks handoff

4df405  No.5242538

File: 2e12a1a3463623b⋯.png (910.64 KB, 1956x1338, 326:223, SIUU1.png)

721132  No.5242539

File: 2f259c20f1122b2⋯.png (323.37 KB, 513x508, 513:508, AQ6.PNG)

527a0c  No.5242540


Based on trends and time I would guess more than 100m

ae057b  No.5242541


anon, this isn't The Magic Kindgom.

if that ever happened – and it won't – they'll haul him away in a straight jacket.

d48a1c  No.5242542


We need JUSTICE. And we need it public. The brainwashed liberals need to see the crimes their gods committed.

6f3b16  No.5242543


Looks like attacks are only gonna get worse…

[RR] gone is looking imminent

721861  No.5242544

File: d53618c938f322d⋯.png (852.16 KB, 600x800, 3:4, chrissy2.png)

aa0433  No.5242545

File: 2b372795b0b1dfe⋯.jpg (69.94 KB, 500x746, 250:373, 28e58affd0ba28667a5147ba41….jpg)



3ba1f7  No.5242546


They don't want to find themselves starring in their own dig.

e9520d  No.5242547


I honestly cant wait till we are ACTUALLY the news now…

5ed9d5  No.5242548

What is update on RGB today, supposedly going in for oral arguments????

f17849  No.5242549


I agree.

1cf8a6  No.5242550


Will Trump help us Dreamers? What can we do to help him?

e40f98  No.5242551


Great Awakening Worldwide!! Truth Belongs With The People, Q!! The World Is Hungry For Truth!! Thank you!!

fef576  No.5242552

File: bb0164cda59616c⋯.png (818.93 KB, 761x1111, 761:1111, KHARTRUTH.png)

File: ba5cf8734539f6c⋯.png (285.76 KB, 2079x2344, 2079:2344, ais9.png)

File: 596443717a23374⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1333x5814, 1333:5814, ais8.png)

File: 304ed122c7becc2⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1334x5705, 1334:5705, ais7.png)

File: 9e01f62551ff2db⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1334x6578, 29:143, ais6.png)

0f4437  No.5242553


So Israel is in the news today

1a5e24  No.5242554

File: 27c5cac2b59710a⋯.jpg (23.84 KB, 255x254, 255:254, qpulhb2g9z3g.jpg)



c915cd  No.5242555


"civility over freedom" …

ae057b  No.5242556


oh wow the asshole of the universe has been redpilled!

169dc5  No.5242557


We are the unbeaten and unbeatable armies of God. Nothing can stop what is here. Angels don't always look like what folks think. A tree is known by it's fruit.

5c0d07  No.5242558


Explains the tremendous lag yesterday and today…stress test??

f6457c  No.5242559


Godspeed Q!

28ee4c  No.5242560


Fighting the swamp in DC need EC to listen to RR

ab4324  No.5242561

File: 08e7ff4a930bea7⋯.jpg (83.07 KB, 600x601, 600:601, 1522210188.jpg)



18b5fb  No.5242562

File: 73dfee0cc88878e⋯.jpeg (75.37 KB, 893x500, 893:500, 50E1B814-FE60-4DE0-B392-D….jpeg)

Q it started with JFK then Reagan and now Trump. Will there be more great Presidents to celebrate?

95a058  No.5242563


I figure the opposite of what the MSM reports is true. I learned that with Obozo.

1adabe  No.5242564


Edward Snowden is Russia

Worked for the C_A, purpose was to weaken the NSA

Fled to HK, made his speech, fronted like a hero for America

Final destination was always Russia. Obama flagged his passport after he took off from HK

Lands in Russia to a deactivated passport, says he is "stuck" in Russia

Putin and Russia wanted Hillary to win the election because she is comped

Russia went along with the collusion story because they wanted Trump to lose, or get removed

Now Putin, along with Xi, has to play ball and help POTUS drain the world swamp

959f7c  No.5242565


75m +


Always multiply by 2.5 when MSM tactically ‘underreports’ stats.

f7949d  No.5242566

File: 78f6f6662237e0a⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1433x4950, 1433:4950, Q5242432 Screenshot_2019-0….png)



4b6cf9  No.5242567


look at another bullshit excerpt…what the fuck?

QAnon adherents organise themselves on encrypted apps such as Discord and Telegram, linking the American-centred conspiracy theory to local contexts. Emotionally manipulative and tightly organised campaigns have allowed them to gather tens of thousands of supporters across Europe. They produce videos, disinformation databases and run trainings on meme creation and psychological warfare. QAnon even has its own currency called “Initiative Q”, which its founders want to turn into “the next bitcoin”.

Across Europe, conspiracy theories that mix old antisemitic tropes with new ones that demonise migrants and Muslims have gained huge traction since the refugee crisis in 2015. A recent study showed that a stunning 60% of Brits believe in at least one conspiracy theory. The ideas that a cabal of global elites run the world, that there is a plot to replace white English natives with Muslim migrants and that the authorities are covering up immigration numbers are among the most commonly held.

3545a1  No.5242568


>no one news agency will provide unbiased content

which is where we all come in

f8852d  No.5242569


Yup reacting to shillbots in the forums completely ignoring the actual qposts.

ab634a  No.5242570



Call out to "The Guardian" employees listening, get a new job and stop being traitors!

You'll be looking for a new job soon, so you may as well jump now.

ae057b  No.5242571


to set the two up as opposites is a straw man.

21bf7e  No.5242572

File: 0e0a95dc72593f0⋯.jpg (115.71 KB, 550x551, 550:551, waterfall.jpg)

Bring the deluge, Q!

721861  No.5242573


But we're biased,,

8ac940  No.5242574


risky bet considering Q just said it was incorrect…..retard

0eb9b5  No.5242575


y-yuh newfag

suck me faggot

de2bad  No.5242576

File: e8b7d992a674dfe⋯.png (3.33 MB, 1280x907, 1280:907, ClipboardImage.png)

n the 1970s and 1980s, the curator, Jiří Frel, designed a tax manipulation scheme which expanded the museum collection of antiquities, essentially buying artifacts of dubious provenance, as well as a number of artifacts generally considered fakes, such as the Getty kouros. In 1984, Frel was demoted, and in 1986, he resigned.[10]

The Getty is involved in a controversy regarding proper title to some of the artwork in its collection. The museum's previous curator of antiquities, Marion True (hired by Frel), was indicted in Italy in 2005 (along with famed dealer Robert E. Hecht) on criminal charges relating to trafficking in stolen antiquities. Similar charges have been addressed by the Greek authorities. The primary evidence in the case came from the 1995 raid of a Geneva, Switzerland, warehouse which had contained a fortune in stolen artifacts. Italian art dealer Giacomo Medici was arrested in 1997; his operation was thought to be "one of the largest and most sophisticated antiquities networks in the world, responsible for illegally digging up and spiriting away thousands of top-drawer pieces and passing them on to the most elite end of the international art market".[11] In 2005 True was forced to tender her resignation by the Board of Trustees, which announced her early retirement. Italy allowed the statute of limitations of the charges filed against her to expire in October 2010.[12]

In a letter to the J. Paul Getty Trust on December 18, 2006, True stated that she was being made to "carry the burden" for practices which were known, approved, and condoned by the Getty's Board of Directors.[13] True is currently under investigation by Greek authorities over the acquisition of a 2,500-year-old funerary wreath. The wreath, along with a 6th-century BC statue of a woman, have been returned to Greece and are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.[14]

On November 20, 2006, the director of the museum, Michael Brand, announced that 26 disputed pieces were to be returned to Italy, but not the Victorious Youth, which is still claimed by the Italian authorities. In 2007, the Los Angeles J. Paul Getty Museum was forced to return 40 artifacts, including a 5th-century BC statue of the goddess Aphrodite, which was looted from Morgantina, an ancient Greek settlement in Sicily.[15] The Getty Museum resisted the requests of the Italian government for nearly two decades, only to admit later that "there might be 'problems'" attached to the acquisition."[16] In 2006, Italian senior cultural official Giuseppe Proietti said: "The negotiations haven't made a single step forward." Only after he suggested the Italian government "to take cultural sanctions against the Getty, suspending all cultural cooperation,"[17] did the J. Paul Getty Museum return the antiquities.

In another unrelated case in 1999, the Getty Museum had to hand over three antiquities to Italy after determining they were stolen. The objects included a Greek red-figure kylix from the 5th-century BC, signed by the painter Onesimos and the potter Euphronios as potter, looted from the Etruscan site of Cerveteri; a torso of the god Mithra from the 2nd-century AD, and the head of a youth by the Greek sculptor Polykleitos.[18]

In 2016, the terracotta head of the Greek god Hades was returned to Sicily (Italy). The archaeological artifact was looted from Morgantina in the 1970s. The Getty museum purchased the terracotta head of Hades in 1985 from the New York collector Maurice Tempelsman, who had purchased it from the London dealer Robin Symes. Getty records show the museum paid $530,000 for it.[19][20] On December 21, 2016, the head of Hades was added to the collection of the archaeological museum of Aidone, where it joined the statue of Demeter, the mother of his consort Persephone. Sicilian archaeologists found a blue curl that was missing from Hades' beard, and so it proved the origin of the terracotta head.

7ae9b2  No.5242577

File: a97d592baa3e816⋯.png (2.19 MB, 2062x2062, 1:1, QclockFeb17SDSS17.png)

File: 3279c8d8a121de6⋯.png (1.46 MB, 2000x1692, 500:423, qclock_q_djt58bvegasn30.png)

File: 55e0a2543ab3744⋯.png (3.45 MB, 2991x2441, 2991:2441, qclock_q_djt(7)3x3blnkHFRO….png)

File: b3636c7c4717745⋯.png (2.42 MB, 3000x2200, 15:11, Feb15RBGGorka23c204.png)

:17 clock from last night.

:58 clock from Las Vegas Knights one year tribute (58 dead at :58 marker).

Sub clock from :44 (44 dead at :44 marker).

Seconds example (Yet another 3:02 stamp on 302 reference).

8ab6fa  No.5242578


Stop waiting.

We are actually the news, now.

you will never see a corporate platform for what you want.

7aa6e0  No.5242579


Movement will quintuple the instant arrests are made…

In marketing, you move when the market is ripe…

Anons are in place to guide the incoming…

Make the move…

Delay will diminish the reach, and enable a denial conjecture of the MSM…

MSM is busy and torn by McCabe and smollett, scrambling to offer reasons for their failures…


4b6cf9  No.5242580



the left can't fucking meme so they think we run some sort of meme seminar

16d448  No.5242581

File: 0ce754a68e15dc0⋯.jpg (260.14 KB, 1675x1405, 335:281, 1_The_Lobby_Part_2_Campaig….jpg)

File: 3016f5af6749530⋯.jpg (372.24 KB, 1681x1875, 1681:1875, 2_The_Lobby_Part_2_Straw_D….jpg)

File: c05cd34598ccab4⋯.jpg (490.8 KB, 1678x2350, 839:1175, 3_The_Lobby_Part_2_Buying_….jpg)

File: bbff365c9cd00b7⋯.jpg (479.47 KB, 1200x2350, 24:47, 4_The_Lobby_Part_1_The_Isr….jpg)

File: 56f020067512328⋯.jpg (165.82 KB, 1200x1004, 300:251, 18_The_Lobby_Part_3_Slande….jpg)

>>5242227 (lb)

Breibart is a zionist outlet thou.

They never mentioned the "The Lobby: USA" documentary which provides undeniable proof that Israel is committing crimes against US citizens in US soil for the political benefit of Israel.

If you guys don't address the ZOG with your plan (which I believe you will), then you're just as subversive as the enemies you are attacking now.


"The Lobby: USA" documentary:

>Some scenes:

-Israeli activist in the US claims to use false Facebook accounts to monitor US citizens and any sharing of information that might hurt American general public support of Israel. She communicates their identities directly to Ministries in Israel.

-Israel attacks supporters of the BDS movement world-wide, because they are a non-violent group that decided to be so due to it being the best strategy against the zionist military occupation of Palestine.

-Israel uses top of the line social media technology to flag, censor, and if necessary harass and spy on any American and non-American that posts information that might hurt general public support for Israel (part of Canary Mission)

-AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) members buy out Congressman using pre-paid credit cards which are given to them inside an envelope


6699cd  No.5242582


"Instead of focusing exclusively on the removal of extreme content and accounts, it will be necessary to regulate against harmful infrastructures and malicious behaviours."

This one clearly knows what they're really saying.

1242ae  No.5242583

File: 4e9efccc5d4634d⋯.jpeg (11.92 KB, 255x211, 255:211, Kansas and POTUS.jpeg)

4431e4  No.5242584


Writer of this bullshit hitpiece: Julia Ebner


c6b066  No.5242585

File: 9b87b7e9d3a1d2e⋯.jpg (325.95 KB, 920x1359, 920:1359, tumblr_n7u47wSaW71t.jpg)

ab2261  No.5242586

File: 13bc47f8faedd16⋯.png (334.66 KB, 483x887, 483:887, 1 Ebner Guardian Online Co….PNG)

File: 13a96028f7b1aba⋯.png (130.87 KB, 470x680, 47:68, 2 Ebner Guardian Online Co….PNG)

File: 4797e609138e9d5⋯.png (73.59 KB, 478x397, 478:397, 3 Ebner Guardian Online Co….PNG)


>What does FEAR look like?

>30m use ‘Qanon’ across ‘censored’ platforms?

>Incorrect, much more.

>The Great Awakening.



Stop the online conspiracy theorists before they break democracy


389595  No.5242587


Great. Now that we have determined exactly what i meant,maybe we can stop the slide.

Allude,elude. Meh. Keep up the great work anon,but get on with the subject shall we?

120763  No.5242588

File: 05efd0ed325b434⋯.jpg (41.23 KB, 390x533, 30:41, Capture1.JPG)


f8852d  No.5242589

File: 3fc7d36e5043f51⋯.jpeg (258.5 KB, 565x620, 113:124, 5C5FA537-9C3F-49D8-A9E9-F….jpeg)

b9f891  No.5242590





3545a1  No.5242591

Hive News

76141d  No.5242592


Which INCLUDES FoxNews!

Watch and listen to them WITH A FILTER!!

c79966  No.5242593


So what. Not a thing has or will be done about anything. You lose the narrative battle every day. Take another snooze. It helps kill time.

Q, you are a slow-walking waste of time! GTFO.

169dc5  No.5242594


Investigative journalism begins with a critical ear and a hunger for the truth.

- An Anon

db53c8  No.5242595




I dont know if you recall, but a simple search on duckduckgo and google for the word "freedom" caused links to nudist stuff posted online. It had tons of CP.

The more they are exposed, the more gets shut down.

e9520d  No.5242596


you and I have very different views of what being "the news" is anon…

and so I wait… much like the abused children… another day… for justice.

83e931  No.5242597


we throw down the sauce… thatss why its important to NOT SHITPOST… no face comparisons.. no guessing.. we have moar than we need

1911df  No.5242598


Would rather be the JUDGE

6e3e39  No.5242599


How many people have to belong to a 'conspiracy', before it becomes obvious that that 'conspiracy' is The People?

1761d1  No.5242600

File: dc5d2a691b851ed⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1278x713, 1278:713, capture_039_18022019_02580….png)

File: c3bf812c231862a⋯.jpg (380.76 KB, 1278x719, 1278:719, capture_051_18022019_05133….jpg)

f68346  No.5242601

POTUS post incoming >>5242432

34b882  No.5242602


Time to go public with some of the easiest RedPill Q. Some arrest would be nice.

21bf7e  No.5242603

File: a180f16fa3710dc⋯.jpg (140.2 KB, 714x1000, 357:500, anonswearethenews.jpg)

50c2c8  No.5242604

File: 9772da885d81902⋯.jpeg (247.99 KB, 1536x1413, 512:471, image.jpeg)

File: ba9c78e4ef86ce6⋯.jpeg (326.97 KB, 1535x1516, 1535:1516, image.jpeg)

File: 2fad1220e48a43e⋯.jpeg (84.38 KB, 1059x765, 353:255, image.jpeg)

ea82ff  No.5242605


Been here since day 1 and first I heard of this!

Anons, where are the trainings being held I missed them!

b9f891  No.5242606



c74db4  No.5242607

File: d10d58a41c08495⋯.png (502.8 KB, 533x680, 533:680, ClipboardImage.png)

61c4e7  No.5242608


Why is Gorka trashing us?

fc251f  No.5242609

File: 4b360d3f21c8062⋯.png (89.92 KB, 1110x653, 1110:653, U1DEAL.png)


There IS a Conspiracy… it was HRC and HUSSEIN and Staff conspiring to unseat a duly elected President. The Truth is coming out, narrative has shifted, Patriots in control. MSM forced to report the truth/facts. Dark to Light. Thank you Team Q!

0eb9b5  No.5242610


I'm angry Q, if we are the news now tell us or guide us how to leverage our awareness besides critical thinking and jerking off here.

e04e59  No.5242611



476b1e  No.5242612


Anons MUST keep pushing the Q narrative across the oppositions media platforms.

Meme Wars! We collectively can do it!

c915cd  No.5242613


It's total BS, meant to discourage further inquiry.

A world full of inquisitive people is a great deterrent to corruption, which tempts people to keep secrets for power's sake.

640ebb  No.5242614


Link to corresponding tweet:


8ab6fa  No.5242615


You do you. Enjoy waiting.

1242ae  No.5242616

File: 276c40e2a65dbf8⋯.jpg (19.31 KB, 236x307, 236:307, Down in the lab.jpg)


did ya shit the bread?

facts suck jerk-off

fef576  No.5242617

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)




Is the "qanon is conspiracy theorist from 4chan" narrative pushed HERE?

By US?

By patriots?

Or by "anons"?

How do you know?

Why do WE feed the MSM their narratives with "our" actions?


How do you know?

c6b066  No.5242618



What was the Secret Service code name for little John F. Kennedy Jr.?

ae057b  No.5242619


school holiday in yer town, eh?

7cbeee  No.5242620

File: 147dfbac5d405f6⋯.png (2.78 MB, 1114x1200, 557:600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c9836f42de93e65⋯.png (4.77 KB, 557x206, 557:206, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5242432 Ty


10bdb8  No.5242621


If I tell you about my full featured site I'd be fame fagging.

ad69c2  No.5242622


Lara is a hero. She was raped by a group of men covering the Arab spring

80c753  No.5242623



The author:

>Julie Ebner - @julie_renbe

>She works as a research Fellow at @isdglobal, Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

>Look at the Board - full of UK deep state agents.


db467d  No.5242624

College education and some hold public office. Another works directly under Potus.

Their Lib views cannot be reasoned. I literally just stopped communicating with them. Don't get me started on my mother, she's been brain washed beyond repair, mostly by her family.

How can this be changed Q? Everything points to Potus being screwed…… What about us NORMAL anons? Where will be the vindication that MY views were correct and trustworthy?


50c2c8  No.5242625


Good question

21bf7e  No.5242626

File: 53996c0ca06d776⋯.jpg (238.51 KB, 822x745, 822:745, news.jpg)

d9b611  No.5242627

>>5242227 pb


ab4324  No.5242628

File: d581759ea463e4f⋯.jpg (215.73 KB, 605x612, 605:612, 1416568586840_Image_galler….jpg)


Pedovore boogie.

4df405  No.5242629


thank you

I cannot see it yet but I am sure it will update soon.


0eb9b5  No.5242630


what facts? If you're going to post at least post something of value you inbred

7d134b  No.5242631

File: 2927afcd50e2632⋯.png (381.28 KB, 761x428, 761:428, Capture.PNG)

US, other armed foreigners charged in ‘conspiracy,‘ say Haiti police

PORT-AU-PRINCE: Haiti has charged several Americans and other foreign nationals with criminal conspiracy after their arrest with assault rifles and other weapons, the national police said.

The group was detained in central Port-au-Prince Sunday evening and includes five Americans, a Serb, a Russian and a Haitian, police said.

They gave no indication about the motives of the group and said interrogations will continue.

The arrests came 10 days after protests began against corruption and poverty in the Caribbean nation. At least seven people have died during demonstrations demanding the ouster of President Jovenel Moise.

Police said the men were detained at a checkpoint near the central bank.

They are also charged with illegal possession of weapons for allegedly having with them six assault rifles, six pistols, ammunition, bullet proof vests, drones, telecommunications gear and two vehicles.

Canada, one of Haiti’s largest international donors, on Thursday temporarily closed its embassy because of “the current volatility,“ while the State Department in Washington ordered the departure of all “non-emergency US personnel.” — AFP


e04e59  No.5242632


i just love the filter option

1adabe  No.5242633

File: 96199142486eaed⋯.jpg (53.64 KB, 510x371, 510:371, 2maolx.jpg)

File: 42a9f9e09a97425⋯.jpg (84.75 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 2mb2xr.jpg)

e9520d  No.5242634


We cant actually arrest anyone fool… you get one shot at the king you better not save any children… wait I mean you mess with the bull you get the devil horns… wait.. I mean .. sure more kids will die before arrests.. but its not like we cant make more kids….


d48a1c  No.5242635


Please just serve justice to these swamp creatures publicly. The people in this country that are AWAKE need the rest to awaken and unite with us so we can really be the UNITED States of America.

7ae9b2  No.5242636

File: 783fcab7f41a7a5⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1077x1077, 1:1, clockwinders.PNG)


Good morning Q.

Thanks for the "seconds matter!" comms.

We are with you.

527a0c  No.5242637


>No one ‘news’ location will provide unbiased content.

Crumbs of truth hidden in many places

3a809b  No.5242638

File: 86c312e7307d8a8⋯.jpg (33.6 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 2tzdcd.jpg)

I hope its a special day

449e3f  No.5242639

File: d1706b034783ba2⋯.png (5.46 KB, 444x156, 37:13, 791.png)

File: 60f6f2613157754⋯.png (382.96 KB, 642x571, 642:571, protect_potus.png)

File: ee828a05c4bac41⋯.png (713.28 KB, 550x550, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Good morning Q and Happy Presidents Day, Q+

On behalf of the anons, ThanQ for the proof (even though we are past that now)

Solid copy, Mr. President!

:Protect 6/14-46

:Protect 6/14-46


21bf7e  No.5242640

File: 553ac566b5ba021⋯.jpg (338.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, truthorbust.jpg)

721132  No.5242641

File: d4c5a9fd350e44a⋯.png (317.11 KB, 496x509, 496:509, AQ9.PNG)

452f72  No.5242642


Q, other than meme campaigns as news are you pointing us to an organized news outlet?

454ee6  No.5242643


Here ye, Here ye, read all about it. Qknews

ab634a  No.5242644

File: 326bca97088d8d0⋯.jpg (426.87 KB, 1051x617, 1051:617, Screen Shot 02-18-19 at 04….JPG)

File: ffd35fc87a995ab⋯.jpg (538.62 KB, 1051x833, 1051:833, Screen Shot 02-18-19 at 04….JPG)


Same shite WW left agend by Cabal

'Dumped old fashioned politics': 7 Labour MPs resign from the party over Brexit, 'anti-Semitism'

Published time: 18 Feb, 2019 10:13 Edited time: 18 Feb, 2019 15:23

Get short URL

'Dumped old fashioned politics': 7 Labour MPs resign from the party over Brexit, 'anti-Semitism'

Labour Party MP Chuka Umunna makes an announcement he is leaving the party, in London © Reuters / Simon Dawson


A group of Labour MPs have announced that they are quitting the party and will sit as Independent MPs in the house of commons, hitting out at leader Jeremy Corbyn for presiding over an "institutionally anti-Semitic" party.

The seven Labour MPs quitting the party to become 'The Independent Group', are Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Mike Gapes, Gavin Shuker and Ann Coffey.

Announcing their resignations in Westminster, Luciana Berger, the MP for Liverpool Wavertree took to the stage first, to claim that she could not stay in the party any more because it had become "institutionally anti-Semitic."


721861  No.5242645

File: b9670f2b859f5bd⋯.jpg (44.6 KB, 739x522, 739:522, laughnigel.jpg)


Julia Ebner, an Austrian journalist, is a researcher at the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Strategic Dialogue

fef576  No.5242646

File: e2e4bd3a3cf67dd⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1579x1111, 1579:1111, BIDENWTF.png)

File: 22ad9ff7c2c16c4⋯.jpg (117.4 KB, 555x454, 555:454, VMBRMN.jpg)

File: e661f0c1511d087⋯.jpg (174.25 KB, 426x975, 142:325, bridn.jpg)

File: 023b653f2b1d73c⋯.gif (7.45 MB, 354x370, 177:185, kisspleasebiden.gif)

File: ca53bade3adef7f⋯.png (757.74 KB, 1111x695, 1111:695, letmego3.png)

fe8ea4  No.5242647

File: f4926a90bf5e26b⋯.png (124.75 KB, 333x333, 1:1, (pepeQ_plus_Patriots.png)


>Incorrect, much more.

yes, YES, YES

28cfcd  No.5242648


Getty Oil no longer owns NFS. They sold it back in the 1980's. The spill happened years later under the ownership of Paul Schutt who later sold it to McDermott Internation who sold it to Babcock and Wilcox and then BWXT.

f17849  No.5242649


I’m skeptical of fox and Breitbart at times.

61c4e7  No.5242650

True Detective Season 3 Crosses Over Season 1 with Horrifying Possibilities

Executive producer Scott Stephens told The Hollywood Reporter "the stuff in season one was based on the same sort of pedophilia stories that are mentioned by the documentary crew. That's kind of the connective tissue." True Detective's second episode of season 3, "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye," opened the door to the first season crossover when the "True Criminal" documentary maker Elisa Montgomery clicks on some amateur true crime websites about "large scale pedophile rings connected to people of influence." She then asks Hays what he knows about the Franklin scandal. Revealed by the investigations and separate grand juries as an intricate hoax along the lines of Pizzagate and QAnon, the Franklin scandal is ripe for True Detective mythology. The alleged pedophile ring linked a Nebraska banker to a cult-like network trafficking underage girls for Satanic rituals in Washington D.C.


80c753  No.5242652


Is this a precursor to catching the small fish that roll on the Big Fish of the deep state who put them up to their jobs?

f7949d  No.5242653


There's some truth in that horrible article

although the not-so-subtle disparaging slant is very pronounced:

"The ideas that a cabal of global elites run the world, that there is a plot to replace white English natives with Muslim migrants and that the authorities are covering up immigration numbers are among the most commonly held."

91bde1  No.5242654

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Muh Russians, Muh Russians!

What Russians do when they're not rigging American Elections.


7de642  No.5242655


Ain’t clicking that shit nigga

386eb2  No.5242656

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This needs attention brought to it.



f8852d  No.5242657

File: 84769a69a71ae26⋯.png (162.59 KB, 433x440, 433:440, jrpep.png)

68929b  No.5242658

Anons, I think I just realized something, hear me out…

I think I know why the media won't ask the question, also I'm phonefagging atm, so I can't pull gfx atm, sorry for much text.

POTUS changed laws in regards to archival of Presidential media (physical to digital). What if the media is fearful of the Question because censoring Q at the source (8ch) would require tem to censor POTUS. Violation of law?

Dogs barking at the fence.

b9f891  No.5242659

File: 2d30437f5b2bf3a⋯.jpg (236.98 KB, 1100x1102, 550:551, Brian_Cates-1[1].jpg)



15cd34  No.5242661

baker at 200

honored to serve

I need to go help WW2 vet Dadanon

would someone please make a bundle for all these Getty digs?

Please spot notables, I may need to ghost in a minute.

Q posts are in dough

28ee4c  No.5242662


Amen Fren!

fef576  No.5242663

File: dd4eda406393e6b⋯.png (110.06 KB, 435x153, 145:51, ac.png)

Look closely.

Why is (/was) this at the top of the board?

Is SYMBOLISM important?

Is this a GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AIed meme?



Our nice friend?

Is it a patriot?

Do PATRIOTS push GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI on this board?

Then who?

Why is it here?

Why is it pushed?

It makes Admiral Rodgers look like a ghoul.

Is this what patriots push?

What controls this board?

Are MANY of the top-of-board banners subversive in these ways?


Why is this board RIGGED against us?

1242ae  No.5242664

File: 4460176a9dd9b48⋯.gif (1013.62 KB, 500x261, 500:261, Rules man.gif)


you shit the bread. If you can't wait 15 seconds then you are a newfag

18b5fb  No.5242666

File: e9e57cf79291492⋯.png (908.4 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 3DBDB4CE-D087-4108-A73D-A4….png)


Q Look at the numbers online

3f2be4  No.5242667

File: cd33a342b5c846c⋯.png (14.41 KB, 251x255, 251:255, a75186da1871f7b3cfd37f5586….png)

39f55f  No.5242668

File: 2abdcbff10b69b9⋯.jpeg (2.22 MB, 2736x3648, 3:4, fullsizeoutput_5883.jpeg)

File: e8302e16eb3b3df⋯.jpeg (2.44 MB, 2736x3648, 3:4, fullsizeoutput_5894.jpeg)


The Mooch needs to listed as a patriot

150c6c  No.5242669

File: 5d9a3713ba1edd2⋯.jpeg (18.49 KB, 255x255, 1:1, a71bda7dee62bfc2f0b6ff3a3….jpeg)


Wanna go mainstream anons? Everyother source has a .com…Why not?

ea82ff  No.5242670


Agreed, forcing the Q would be the end of them.

695da0  No.5242672


Of course we are

Everyone is biased.

There no such thing as unbiased.

7de642  No.5242673


>No one ‘news’ location will provide unbiased content.

You Muh Fox retards paying attention?

8323bd  No.5242674


Ha, they know full well what is going on

After 9/11 we said "Never forget" Now we're replacing our population with theirs…. why?

527a0c  No.5242675


>30m use ‘Qanon’ across ‘censored’ platforms?

Incorrect, much more.

>The Great Awakening.



6f3b16  No.5242676


Hey Brian

7d134b  No.5242677

File: 1e9792e292b1a2d⋯.png (706.89 KB, 757x429, 757:429, Capture.PNG)

India, Pakistan ‘spy’ row heads for UN top court amid tensions

THE HAGUE: India will on Monday renew its bid to persuade international judges to take an alleged spy off death row in Pakistan, in a controversial court case as fresh bloodshed in Kashmir sends tensions between the neighbours soaring.

Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav, a former Indian navy officer, was arrested in the restive southwestern Pakistani province of Baluchistan in March 2016 on charges of espionage and sentenced to death by a military court.

India insists Jadhav was not a spy and that he was kidnapped in Pakistan. New Delhi is asking that the International Court of Justice order Islamabad to annul the sentence, according to in court documents.

The country’s lawyers will on Monday renew their arguments on their broader case for Jadhav’s release before the ICJ, which in 2017 ordered Pakistan to stay Jadhav’s execution.

The rare foray into the international courts for the nuclear-armed rivals could be another flashpoint after Thursday’s massive suicide bombing in Indian-administered Kashmir that killed 41 troops.


0f078a  No.5242678

Q - do you all like Smart TV's too?

c74db4  No.5242679

File: 3d7fd5bcf37ed1c⋯.png (429.18 KB, 448x670, 224:335, ClipboardImage.png)

89c142  No.5242680


Ya gotta put the news together like a puzzle. Infuriating but worth it to know the angles worked

1adabe  No.5242681

File: 2e686788d6225da⋯.jpg (139.46 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, pjimage.jpg)

3545a1  No.5242682


smoked TurSalmon?

79978f  No.5242683

File: 82334dabac0456f⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1836x1090, 918:545, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)




>You are the news now.


386eb2  No.5242684


I clicked that shit…

it completely pissed me off.

Credit to this guy for making this,

sick sick people out there.

fef576  No.5242685

File: 201dc64d147cd55⋯.png (59.21 KB, 432x177, 144:59, smock.png)


And while we're on the subject, here is another subtley undermining image that "we" put on top of "our" board. Belittling and ridiculing under the cover of "shitposting".

Similar to how the "viral NPC meme" wants to make it seem like "orange man" is OUR slogan. As if it would be.


721132  No.5242686

File: 4c4920eb948ff54⋯.png (10.52 KB, 660x172, 165:43, Aq11.PNG)


Evil Trips demand better!


1761d1  No.5242687

File: f2ad85fe1d12df7⋯.jpg (313.72 KB, 800x800, 1:1, WWG1WGA.jpg)

f8852d  No.5242688


I'm afraid it was done on purpose by some deep state psyco..the blackout and the mob instantly pouncing seems like a setup.

c7f4c0  No.5242689


Come on Q, give us a hint about what went down in LA.

edbb96  No.5242690

File: 4870f31391d8732⋯.png (277.7 KB, 558x378, 31:21, Ipedoaw.png)


Disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner released from prison

By: The Associated Press

Posted: Feb 18, 2019 10:41 AM EST

AYER, Mass. (AP) - Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner has been released from federal prison after being convicted of having illicit online contact with a 15-year-old girl in 2017.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons website shows the 54-year-old New York Democrat is currently in the custody of its Residential Re-entry Management office in Brooklyn, New York.

It's not immediately clear when Weiner was transferred and where he's staying now, but Weiner will have to register as a sex-offender and spend three years on supervised release under the terms of his sentence.

The prison bureau and Weiner's lawyer didn't respond to emails seeking comment Sunday. Federal prosecutors in New York referred an inquiry to the prison bureau.

Weiner began serving a 21-month prison sentence at the Federal Medical Center Devens, located about 40 miles (64 kilometers) west of Boston in Ayer, Massachusetts, in November 2017.

The bureau website shows Weiner is slated to complete his sentence May 14, a few months earlier than scheduled because of good conduct in prison.

A once-rising star in the Democratic Party who served nearly 12 years in Congress, Weiner had a dramatic and sordid fall from grace after he sent a lewd picture of himself to a college student over Twitter in 2011.

Weiner initially claimed his account had been hacked, then admitted he'd had inappropriate online interactions with at least six other women while married to top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Weiner resigned from Congress that year but mounted a campaign for New York City mayor in 2013.

But his personal behavior was again his undoing after it was disclosed he sent explicit photos under the alias "Carlos Danger" to at least one woman after resigning from Congress.

Weiner ultimately garnered less than 5 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary.

His final fall came in 2017 after prosecutors say he sent a series of sexually explicit messages to a North Carolina high school student. Weiner pleaded guilty to transferring obscene material to a minor.

At his sentencing, he said he'd been a "very sick man for a very long time" because of his sex addiction.

Weiner's attorney said the ex-lawmaker likely exchanged thousands of messages with hundreds of women over the years and was communicating with up to 19 women when he encountered the teenager.

Abedin also filed for divorce from Weiner in 2017. But the two, who have a young son together, later agreed to discontinue the case in order to negotiate their separation privately.


0d13ed  No.5242691


Please ask POTUS to say something nice about Roseanne Barr in at his next rally. All she ever did was speak the truth and support Trump, and for that she was severely punished!

8ac940  No.5242692


exactly my point, retard

3f2be4  No.5242693

8323bd  No.5242694


I really want to find out what's on those notes. Jeb!'s reaction was shocking.

23509b  No.5242695


Anyone been offered some “Initiative Q” for services rendered???

27b13c  No.5242696


Please thank POTUS!!! My kids both got back a little less then last year but saw HUGE increase in pay checks and less taxes taken out, plus both got HUGE bonuses!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

721861  No.5242697

File: 1fd900505ec5d05⋯.png (2.73 MB, 1500x1138, 750:569, peperevere.png)



4431e4  No.5242698

File: 324452932af8817⋯.png (575.16 KB, 1076x772, 269:193, Julia Ebner.png)



Another bjewty…

2838ce  No.5242699

File: e5915d2c632896e⋯.png (10.45 KB, 255x196, 255:196, ? pepe.png)


Who IS this opinion writer? And just WTH is the "Institute for strategic Dialogue"?

"Policies should require greater algorithmic transparency and accountability from tech firms in order to protect future elections. Instead of focusing exclusively on the removal of extreme content and accounts, it will be necessary to regulate against harmful infrastructures and malicious behaviours. As early adopters of new technologies, extremists will otherwise continue to exploit the latest innovations of cyberspace."

• Julia Ebner, an Austrian journalist, is a researcher at the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue


ff5699  No.5242700

File: 59bf141def074df⋯.png (61.35 KB, 1360x868, 340:217, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 237cbe64927f3b7⋯.png (100.92 KB, 1360x868, 340:217, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 482b4069850849b⋯.png (156.46 KB, 1020x768, 85:64, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 482b4069850849b⋯.png (156.46 KB, 1020x768, 85:64, ClipboardImage.png)

What the fuck!? Real clear politics doesn't include Rasmussen any longer


Different of 10 points. Rasmussen and PPP were the only 2 polling agencies that predicted the outcome of the 2016 election correctly.

6699cd  No.5242701


Hopefully we get back to sound education and teach critical thinking in school.

Q says to trust ourselves. You won't hear that from MSM sources.

527a0c  No.5242702


Your reading comprehension is failing

ab4324  No.5242703

File: ed38fc28bbc1f00⋯.jpg (42.41 KB, 500x549, 500:549, 1549961705.jpg)

ab634a  No.5242704

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




c621dd  No.5242705

File: 1d496a5c60c3d3e⋯.png (149.77 KB, 500x666, 250:333, QDJT.png)

af6198  No.5242706

File: 395da36d3a03898⋯.jpg (30.98 KB, 640x480, 4:3, GettyImages-109347241-1-64….jpg)




The fact that Lara Logan was gang raped …

I don't recall how well the MSM had advocated

for her. Sure seemed like pin drops.

0eb9b5  No.5242707



p-please wait a few seconds before posting. You are fucking pathetic mate.

81d31a  No.5242708


I want my country back. Remember the one where you could stay out at night until the streetlights came on and you didn't have to lock your front door?

5bc75f  No.5242709


Beware the "institutes"; they provide misinformation

Useful tools of the globalist elites, most

e40f98  No.5242710


Digital Army at your service all day long!!

4640c8  No.5242711


I 2nd.

fef576  No.5242712

File: 0a5497750188bd4⋯.png (307.29 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC65.png)

File: ca1f1a90dcf1335⋯.png (259.66 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC63.png)

File: 32719c976c196ba⋯.png (336.3 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC58.png)

File: 103a66fd7dea878⋯.png (196.39 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC56.png)

File: a04cce1607f3972⋯.png (226.14 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC55.png)

3520ed  No.5242713

File: 101066ff8520453⋯.jpg (136.44 KB, 394x400, 197:200, 3296760.jpg)


Must be some spartacus thing probably

a06111  No.5242714

File: c73e57e601fce7a⋯.png (344 KB, 610x500, 61:50, ClipboardImage.png)

1adabe  No.5242715


Oh Jeb's reaction was priceless. Something horrific indeed. Bush Jr hid it well, but Laura did not

fdcf50  No.5242716

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

'Jussie Smollett Must Be Brought To Justice,' Says LA-Based Civil-Rights Activist

Leftist are turning on Jussie

ce914e  No.5242717

File: e999746c81ab10a⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1016x951, 1016:951, Screenshot_20190218-071217….png)

Why does Q post Breitbart links on 8Chan?

Defeats our purpose.

e5748b  No.5242718


7de642  No.5242719


That’s why I won’t click it, anons already know and been fighting against that shit our entire lives

c6b066  No.5242720


We must eradicate the government from all matters of education if we are to complete this plan.

5d2c74  No.5242721

File: 2d5eeb3fcd07376⋯.jpg (63.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, you are the news now.jpg)


>You are the news now.

7cbeee  No.5242722

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>5242494 Battle Hymn of the Republic

The United States Army Field Band


Nov 22 2016

>Glory, glory, hallelujah

0eb9b5  No.5242723




I remember

b640a3  No.5242724

File: b63d69a96732a88⋯.png (511.33 KB, 868x672, 31:24, ClipboardImage.png)

fa3d61  No.5242725

>>5242415 lb

Honestly, I don't understand how we can have an election after the stuff that is about to come to light.

The entire election process is governed largely by the crime syndicate that should be going to jail before long. Key leadership within the two leading parties will be facing treason charges.

Even if all of this wraps up inside of the year, the implications for the Constitution and the government agencies, along with much of what has become standard in politics gets destabilized.

I just don't see how we have an election as we understand the concept. You are looking at a number of emergency appointments, the possibility of an entire Presidency being declared invalid (and unraveling how in the hell you go about parsing the legal impact of that)…

Even if, somehow, the plan manages to funnel all of the action into a "normal" voting cycle, I don't see how it plays out "like normal."

695da0  No.5242726

File: 3e63b1997de2669⋯.jpg (92.25 KB, 576x719, 576:719, Tillyoldguard.jpg)

File: d67c5d7697dfbab⋯.jpg (110.56 KB, 576x720, 4:5, mattyoldguard.jpg)

5e4b65  No.5242727

File: 9e1d83774b383fa⋯.jpg (43.43 KB, 360x240, 3:2, delayed-root-canal-1.jpg)

File: c01b7cd0d33edf6⋯.png (104.88 KB, 746x453, 746:453, Surgical-root-canal-.png)

File: 01300322aa55f96⋯.jpg (6.66 KB, 310x162, 155:81, rc.jpg)

File: 65c05d2e7babaac⋯.jpg (5.07 KB, 275x183, 275:183, healthy.jpg)

Donald J Trump is giving this country a Root Canal.

When he's done, it doesn't mean we can stop taking care of our teeth.

b9f891  No.5242728



10bdb8  No.5242729



Was called Fort Devens.

It was a very important place and the site of much sadness in 1919, 100 years ago. Read all about it. Tens of thousands of brave men died at Fort Devens having been invected/poisoned on the way home.

454ee6  No.5242730

File: 2a124dbd33ac143⋯.jpeg (685.5 KB, 828x1190, 414:595, 882BB9D2-C920-4DFF-9DC5-0….jpeg)


19a677  No.5242731

File: 047a766f234afe1⋯.png (520 KB, 1880x934, 940:467, GTMO842_2019-02-18_160918.png)

Gitmo flight GTMO842 heading out of Santo Domingo, Dominica,

0f2c70  No.5242732

File: 1a3f212c737739b⋯.png (336.06 KB, 1889x1889, 1:1, 9ny8nxtbt4ly.png)


None Shall Censor!



48e1a8  No.5242733

defa6f  No.5242734

File: 6b4f4ee1cf05cc7⋯.jpg (333.99 KB, 1098x1468, 549:734, !Awakening10.jpg)

File: 24a1ee5ff5a448d⋯.jpg (705.65 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !Awakening46.jpg)

File: 03577ac64d68ea9⋯.jpg (640.89 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !Awakening48.jpg)

File: e01bb8389c6d611⋯.jpg (685.42 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !Awakening51.jpg)

File: 7c40f2aa6d66f45⋯.jpg (690.35 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !Awakening57.jpg)

1242ae  No.5242735




go after him not this anon.

1adabe  No.5242736

File: 1045df2bdb7b912⋯.jpg (74.59 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2gmmib.jpg)

f68346  No.5242737


Brooklyn is AOC turf. KEk

bf9be7  No.5242738


TRUE TRUE. "think for yourself. Trust yourself"

We need to do our own homework

c6b066  No.5242739

File: 7377fadaa3cfebb⋯.jpeg (286.21 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, WeDidntGetKilled.jpeg)

61c4e7  No.5242740

QAnon is the one conspiracy theory to rule them all


d9b611  No.5242741


exactly ~ and that's how we got into this situation ~ some things are true, but then some aren't ~ we have to do the work to determine which is which! Arduous TASK ~ but well worth FREEDOM!

f8a1b1  No.5242742


Agreed Q team. They're attempting to direct newbies to Breitbart at a minimum by saying 'The ONLY place that shows the true 'other side' is Breitbart'.

MEMES ARE IMPORTANT ANONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06f2c8  No.5242743

File: 4244bec91506fb0⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, C5214BD0-986A-4054-9F26-19….png)

File: 2055f245cf1ef92⋯.jpeg (797.49 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 96271610-4EEE-4C5F-91E1-9….jpeg)

File: 334fde2e2a4c75e⋯.jpeg (242.95 KB, 1125x1365, 75:91, AEF599BD-1CCE-40D6-9EC1-6….jpeg)

File: dd7d620e1c28912⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, AB3092AB-70B1-48E1-BD60-34….png)


True fact: Madame Chiang Kai Shek lived the rest of her days at 10 Gracie Pl.?

Other notable residents?

Barack Obama (recently looked but did not buy)

Gloria Vanderbilt




4640c8  No.5242744


if every American could carry a gun, it would be safe again!

21bf7e  No.5242745

File: 575b68ea0033686⋯.jpg (163.96 KB, 920x690, 4:3, newsnow.jpg)

8a6ab0  No.5242746


We are a dictatorship with the illusion of choice.

8ab6fa  No.5242747



>Everyother source has a .com…Why not?

kekk…. what part of "No one ‘news’ location will provide unbiased content."are you not picking up on?

As soon as you centralize it, it will be comped.

The only reason why here hasn't been comped is because there is no leadership here. Anyone can post. There is no curation.''

8ac940  No.5242748


MINE is?? Listen you stupid fuck…Q clearly states that 30 mil is incorrect and you post that

you would bet it is more than 30 mil.

You don't belong here, boomer retard

fef576  No.5242749

File: 0ecc24d93c2b4f0⋯.png (775.12 KB, 736x667, 32:29, wwnbd.png)

File: bb781974194463d⋯.png (335.14 KB, 786x444, 131:74, WTP.png)

File: c91e3b6cf84667a⋯.png (101.35 KB, 941x411, 941:411, TT.png)

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 02/18/19 (Mon) 11:01:17 9bc3ee


It takes courage to speak the TRUTH these days.



Is breitbart "the other side"?

Think levels and layers.

If you can paint a whole picture, with an "us" and a "them", then whatever falls outside the picture DOESN'T EXIST, for those that trust the picture.

What does this story picture for us?


89c142  No.5242750


Righteous or saving their asses?

721861  No.5242751


Put Q's post# instead of ID to link properly.

721132  No.5242752


Imagine; Finding out that the very people you work for were colluding with the very people RUNNING the WAR you were covering and that they knew that you were raped by the same people who were once part of either C_A or FB_…….

478517  No.5242753

File: f1e057344856602⋯.jpg (267.43 KB, 1333x1000, 1333:1000, d4bfa3c3274c8c760ddbe1689e….jpg)

File: a25813e657bdc23⋯.jpeg (33.25 KB, 500x368, 125:92, d55a6e60b2cdf26d3baeadad3….jpeg)

File: d97b845bb5168aa⋯.jpg (63.34 KB, 634x457, 634:457, d97b845bb5168aa7d7edceba62….jpg)

File: d0870de6e203b6a⋯.jpg (318.12 KB, 1498x1079, 1498:1079, d0870de6e203b6a0f06bfca37d….jpg)

b9f891  No.5242754



2beea6  No.5242755


I see more and more, breaking the MSM!? Hopefully, Sir(s)!

c621dd  No.5242756

File: 799cfe2dbed29f3⋯.png (252.16 KB, 403x319, 403:319, q hillbilly.png)

ade8cb  No.5242758

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





lemme set the stage for (YOU)

7f9c13  No.5242759

File: d59540c399d755d⋯.jpeg (47.96 KB, 604x407, 604:407, 107F582A-88EB-458B-86B0-2….jpeg)

0ea44c  No.5242760


Oh, great! Now you tell me.

f7949d  No.5242761


Nice performance.

Different from a civilian choir – these singers display military discipline while singing beautiful.

And they MEAN it.

695da0  No.5242762


She was raped by a protected group so it was OK

169dc5  No.5242763


Amen, great piece and players. I'm a sucker for Johnny Cash. Lot's of reasons we won't go into…kek Everybody has a past.

Thanks for post up! Listening now.

0f2c70  No.5242764

File: b03325d8b378bf4⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 293x192, 293:192, were-in-the-pipe-5x5.jpg)


Coming in Hot!


e5748b  No.5242765

When the fuck are we going to see people in jail Q?

If 100% is not released, you are no better than the Cabal.

Get it ALL out! so the world knows what people are willing to do for power!

8157fb  No.5242766


One question remains, why are there so many adults in to CHild porn. Why are there so many buyers in our country paying for slaves.

I guess that 2 questions. Who are these people?

f4cb9d  No.5242767

File: 424832d7a79d464⋯.jpg (328.26 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ZomboMeme 18022019092945.jpg)

527a0c  No.5242768


>you would bet it is more than 30 mil.

No that wasn't me

Thank you for proving my point though

1adabe  No.5242769

File: 775b7e267f6f15a⋯.jpg (172.04 KB, 1484x1161, 1484:1161, XKUC2BHY2MI6RBSCZFYYUJLMXU.jpg)

This photo is powerful / priceless. POTUS with his solemn "get the job done" straight face. Sitting on the same bench with 6 people who all want him dead, actively plot his death, and know he is cracking down on them

f7949d  No.5242770




76141d  No.5242771


Wasn't there a huge amount of pork-barrel money allocated to museums in that immigration bill last week? Now I can't find the amount or where I saw that…

daa613  No.5242772


Yes we are sir. We are WW and there's no going back now. The world is waking up and I feel it.

172da0  No.5242773


For most I encounter. Seeking out the low-hanging biased media is often almost too much to ask. Events will have to force them to seek: $ / security /shattered idols.

7de642  No.5242775


Someone tell CNN it’s not a theory if it’s true

ce914e  No.5242776

File: a915ab1290b7813⋯.jpg (107.74 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, Kimberly-Guilfoyle-wallpap….jpg)

Anons would you hit it ??

28cfcd  No.5242777



Not to my knowledge. The spill wasn't a valve failure. It was due to an abandoned glovebox enclosure being connected to an active SNM transfer line. During maintenance activities, a filter housing was left loose. When a solutions transfer began, the solution ran out of the filter housing and into the glovebox and onto the floor. The glovebox should have never been connected to an active process line. It didn't even have drainholes until just a few weeks prior.

But this did not happen under the ownership of Getty Oil.

938882  No.5242778


Just reading this article. We have a currency and a training program? Cool.

fef576  No.5242779

File: 75bd7a746ddb4df⋯.png (182.42 KB, 370x495, 74:99, biden104.png)

File: 3b4729b13b0e421⋯.png (190.55 KB, 264x911, 264:911, Bidlav14.png)

File: 7abb18e3f710545⋯.png (229.06 KB, 519x444, 173:148, DNIBN.png)

File: b411322423c04bb⋯.png (372.77 KB, 555x622, 555:622, BidenXMAS.png)

File: 12ad6f8838daaa8⋯.png (321.86 KB, 429x704, 39:64, bidenreddress.png)


BIDEN 2020


21bf7e  No.5242780

File: a0eda67a20e7cdf⋯.jpg (182.89 KB, 736x920, 4:5, jussiejourney.jpg)

478517  No.5242781

ab4324  No.5242782

File: f82fa8df92b7336⋯.jpg (33.29 KB, 318x467, 318:467, IMG_20190210_004916_546.JPG)

File: 76d6b5f050757da⋯.jpg (673.36 KB, 1196x676, 23:13, 1541771886.jpg)

0ea44c  No.5242783


Hillary 2020! I'm stoked!

832206  No.5242784



You should be!

18b5fb  No.5242785

File: 91b77a4a8f62eac⋯.png (482.77 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DE0C9E94-C38E-4E3C-985C-8A….png)


You sure they are evil?

721132  No.5242786


o7 Planefag

389595  No.5242787


I don't believe that is a serious theory,and would be rejected by anyone with critical thinking skills.

But hey. Good thing you show concern. Maybe you should redirect that concern towards the real cabal intent on ruling the world

feea87  No.5242788


that a trick question?

fef576  No.5242789

File: 161c763beb42e83⋯.png (220.47 KB, 444x597, 148:199, biden110.png)

File: 14dbc3c88092fd7⋯.png (278.44 KB, 586x648, 293:324, biden100.png)

File: c9bf13ff06bbcf1⋯.png (342.36 KB, 255x939, 85:313, biden97.png)

File: 43b2ff314eeb7ca⋯.png (321.22 KB, 505x444, 505:444, biden91.png)

File: a980b18ae94e289⋯.jpg (133.45 KB, 416x444, 104:111, FVFBVN.jpg)

478517  No.5242790

File: 95ae766e701b373⋯.png (292.94 KB, 789x1120, 789:1120, assholesallthewaydown.png)

b9f891  No.5242791

5edc80  No.5242792

File: c5f78b8e81cda9e⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1191x835, 1191:835, ClipboardImage.png)

6d4fb6  No.5242793

Breitbart, huh?… Ok Q

bb5b85  No.5242794


Truth and Art…

d3bfc9  No.5242795

File: 9ca4463cdf24a54⋯.png (86.76 KB, 1152x579, 384:193, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5242015 lb

Did she pick that name?

336e21  No.5242796

Happy Presidents Day, Q team!

You are right, we are the news now; let’s take it to the next level.

8323bd  No.5242797


I don't think the Carters are in on it. He was a shit POTUS, but I think he's generally a good man.

c6b066  No.5242798


The public schools are "one 'news' organization." They must go away.

0d13ed  No.5242799


Is the question "what is the keystone"? or "Who is the keystone?"

79978f  No.5242800


Kek - could you loan me 5 Q$ 'til Thursday, Anon?

ce914e  No.5242801


Not unless you are faggot.

fef576  No.5242802

File: 2b2bf819112928f⋯.png (223.9 KB, 444x388, 111:97, biden87.png)

File: 49d2d2a1f1a3029⋯.png (411.56 KB, 1123x932, 1123:932, FRLBRDN.png)

File: 2e48642d06422cf⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 333x673, 333:673, crvbn.jpg)

File: ea180992d697c00⋯.jpg (145.68 KB, 444x563, 444:563, BRMBRNM.jpg)

File: 99fb36886e0c9a5⋯.jpg (98.53 KB, 444x530, 222:265, brylrmb.jpg)

e02e09  No.5242803

>>5242333 Funny how The Guardian forgot to mention how central the Q movement is in the Yellow Vest protests in France, Germany and UK. A quick picture search from the 14 week protest will show. Futile move to censor the real issues people are talking about the most. PANIC


695da0  No.5242804


Blackface people cause problems for law abiding citizens.

cb3db2  No.5242805

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Too painless, in my opinion, but a quick solution for those that just need to be removed.

How about using on any criminals in the act of perpetrating their crimes?

Put the word out. Let them test it. That would cut off their supply real quick.

bf9be7  No.5242806

Nobody reports the "facts" anymore. All spun to influence our perception. its obvious.

1adabe  No.5242807


Yeah i screwed up and forgot the Bush's were across the aisle. Carter's im pretty sure are good like you said

7d134b  No.5242808


When they start saying C-A armed in stead of US armed … then I'll know its starting to change

ac60cb  No.5242809

OG Nigga here.. this had me laughing audibly:

QAnon adherents organise themselves on encrypted apps such as Discord and Telegram, linking the American-centred conspiracy theory to local contexts. Emotionally manipulative and tightly organised campaigns have allowed them to gather tens of thousands of supporters across Europe. They produce videos, disinformation databases and run trainings on meme creation and psychological warfare. QAnon even has its own currency called “Initiative Q”, which its founders want to turn into “the next bitcoin”.

6fe11b  No.5242810


Left-wing journos have to be literally gangraped for them to see the truth.

f17849  No.5242811


Fake news

2838ce  No.5242812


>Bush Jr hid it well,

My take on his body language is he knew in advance.

>but Laura did not

She looked to him for silent confirmation and he gave a slight but perceptible nod.

c62816  No.5242813


Good morning Q and POTUS!

Fear is the mark of hesitation, second-guessing, mistake-laden actions, and knee jerk reactions.

I see it all around me right now.

This whole NE deal has the cartels and their thugboys in a tizzy.

Love you all, pray for all of us.

Be safe.



21bf7e  No.5242814

File: 7edb7f35e6f551d⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 525x367, 525:367, cafirebrown.jpg)

File: 8f2ec9fe542a5d0⋯.jpg (384.97 KB, 1125x1601, 1125:1601, cafirenancy.jpg)

File: 336388459cf14ab⋯.jpg (23.81 KB, 255x219, 85:73, cawillgo.jpg)

feea87  No.5242815


well i would hit that without thought. so if that makes me a faggot so be it.

8ac940  No.5242816


Sorry…got my anons confused. Morning shift

drives me fucking nuts

ec6d21  No.5242817

Q, thanks for coming back. We might be a digital army but we still need a leader. In the military when the chiefs away someone is always there to keep the troops on target. Otherwise they just turn into a mob.

f8a1b1  No.5242818

File: 6f7e5b5c36057e7⋯.png (852.62 KB, 1885x938, 1885:938, ClipboardImage.png)



3e1207  No.5242819



I've been awake for awhile now; twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone to grow a pair and do something. The kit gloves SICK and EVIL has received makes me wonder if The Plan is pandering to a participation award generation(which are ultimately cowards destined for tyranny).

John 1:12: "But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name"

According to The Bible, we are not all children of God.

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to getting our country back. Yet, we're a country filled with ignorant fools. So, my expectations are set accordingly.

695da0  No.5242820

File: 13c1b163e122da8⋯.jpg (172.07 KB, 960x540, 16:9, tfwnocanstop.jpg)

732d4b  No.5242821

File: cb38e87a80377fa⋯.jpeg (204.64 KB, 1242x472, 621:236, A7F84CC3-39BC-4528-96DC-D….jpeg)

File: 1bb76eb6ed2e9ef⋯.jpeg (965.02 KB, 1242x1630, 621:815, 3B80F2D6-F903-4998-BE11-E….jpeg)

File: 917a252915b9f44⋯.jpeg (449.38 KB, 1180x1180, 1:1, D99AA453-DA23-4B53-B136-1….jpeg)

File: a6fd5b466856055⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1404x934, 702:467, 3D6B8D22-5D10-4F80-A235-56….png)

File: 45d63dba5a58ea5⋯.jpeg (1.65 MB, 2580x2588, 645:647, 6BB20B4D-7151-46F5-B26D-1….jpeg)


thats cus their handlers don’t like posts like this.

fef576  No.5242822

File: 1c65f87f517d314⋯.png (448.5 KB, 1111x636, 1111:636, waits.png)

File: 99048889576a8eb⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1353x1858, 1353:1858, cbcbcb.png)


A good question.

And perhaps the distinction is less clear than it might be…

48b021  No.5242823


Fact is: Unless you seek out WEBSITES such as The Daily Caller, Brietbart… or watch One America NEWS, ALL you see is dumbing-down Entertainment.

Just as POTUS rightfully called a spade a spade with "Radical" Islamic terrorists as opposed to Obama's deceitful vanilla term, it's past time to stop referring to ALL of the mainstream Opinion BS as "news".

(Same goes for referring to the Communists running amok in this country as "Socialists" & "Progressives".)

1242ae  No.5242824

File: f3faad8aaa96616⋯.jpg (30.07 KB, 288x200, 36:25, Rome.jpg)



527a0c  No.5242825


>“Initiative Q”, which its founders want to turn into “the next bitcoin”.


I remember that slide

3ba1f7  No.5242826


Margarita machines and big-ass rotisserie out back, but that's invite only

fa3d61  No.5242827


I prefer to think I offer my surplus of IQ rather than being granted it… But, you know.

We all knew this was coming. This is what they always do.

21bf7e  No.5242828

File: 3d323604701e3df⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 604x356, 151:89, tick tock.jpg)

0c0f14  No.5242829

File: 432b41175c55a63⋯.jpg (70.44 KB, 709x534, 709:534, 1ef96a5cde296725e92251664c….jpg)


We love slow anons too! Q is saying it is up to US! We need to meme the truth worldwide. Teevee is legacy. Twater, fagbook, instagroom, Gab… need to be waterfalled with truth bombs!


74cea4  No.5242830

File: 3a28e07ede02f96⋯.png (161.91 KB, 693x620, 693:620, laraLoganMediaBias.png)



Lara knows a bit about media bias, right Lara?

ce914e  No.5242831

File: b47d9f8bbfb2fe4⋯.jpg (72.26 KB, 420x447, 140:149, downloadfile-23_1.jpg)



Then why was it a trick question?

5a4dc4  No.5242832

File: 78e632b90aa8655⋯.png (11.27 KB, 255x232, 255:232, 78f24e00adc3d19ab57e0d6a98….png)



f8a1b1  No.5242833



b9f891  No.5242834



f441d2  No.5242835

The ultimate question is not who are Q

The ultimate question is WHEN

721132  No.5242836

File: df1189f3806d278⋯.png (28.85 KB, 608x242, 304:121, AQ12.PNG)


Smollett to appear before a grand jury next week

938882  No.5242837


I'll have to charge you interest at 17% of course.

19a677  No.5242838


We never sleep, eyes always open, kek.

15cd34  No.5242839

#6699 at 400ish

>>5242515 Madame Chiang Kai Shek lived the rest of her days at 10 Gracie Pl.? Other notable residents?

>>5242740 QAnon is the one conspiracy theory to rule them all

>>5242677 India, Pakistan ‘spy’ row heads for UN top court amid tensions

813564  No.5242840

File: e8762ad829fc640⋯.jpg (582.69 KB, 1882x1336, 941:668, 1550114455007.jpg)


Truth is viral.

0f2c70  No.5242841

File: 0a26269403cfd60⋯.jpg (47.81 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 2nsw5i.jpg)



First Time?

8ab6fa  No.5242842


Hi satanic pedophile!

fef576  No.5242843

File: 0bb31ec7beea468⋯.png (153.87 KB, 252x444, 21:37, biden92.png)

File: 921adf937bde9e7⋯.jpg (94.16 KB, 511x444, 511:444, KFRBNBN.jpg)

File: ee5d5af1c589102⋯.png (683.52 KB, 1111x748, 101:68, bybrlm.png)

File: 4aa5a398c05f1a5⋯.png (428.96 KB, 600x828, 50:69, BIBRM.png)

File: ec04e4af7bc1e99⋯.jpg (123.67 KB, 463x423, 463:423, bdn2.jpg)


BIDEN 2020


21bf7e  No.5242844

File: 965689d1e809f09⋯.jpg (96.44 KB, 700x525, 4:3, fakengay.jpg)

aefc66  No.5242845

File: 815800ebff2ad0c⋯.png (1.24 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, 113_big_drop.png)


time stamp 113 - BIG

4ebdac  No.5242846


That isn't even important.

Think kayfabe.

81d31a  No.5242847



That's awesome.

0eb9b5  No.5242848


why fucking bother linking to garbage comped "news outlets" if not to give us a pat on the back we don't want or need. I'd rather drops we can delve into instead of journalist horseshit.

bd3d5c  No.5242849

From Q's last post

The Battle for Bavaria Online information campaigns in the 2018 Bavarian State Election

What needs to happen in response?

1. Transparent technologies: in order to protect fundamental rights, security and democracy, transparency should be at the heart of policy responses to deceptive and distortive uses of social media platforms, both within and outside election contexts.

2. A strategic framework for responding to malign influence online: instead of tactical barricades, democratic governments should develop coherent national or international strategies to set the legal limits for political campaigning in the age of social media.

3. The new extremist online ecosystem:

experts, policymakers and technologists need to work together to design ways to respond to the far-right’s technological ecosystem. We have seen the development of a set of norms for responding to extremist content on the largest social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. These combine a spectrum

of content removal approaches, demonetisation and counter-narrative communications. These types of responses do not necessarily map well onto the new kinds of technology platforms used by the far-right, where we have increasingly seen a migration of activity to platforms that are smaller, often unmoderated and sometimes purpose-built, such as Gab, Wrongthink, Voat

or Bitchute. Many of these sites do not have

the resources or the will to moderate content

to prevent the use of their platforms for hate or extremist mobilisation. Yet these spaces cannot be left unchallenged.

. Research on the evolving threat: the EU

has provided support for infrastructure and expertise on election monitoring from external threats such as Kremlin information warfare. There is now an urgent need to support electoral interference analysis of elections taking place within the EU and to incorporate a wider range of malign influence campaigns online.





Actually this is a step towards control of the internet, and free speech. They want to regulate, control, and contain.

From the Guardian article:

QAnon adherents organise themselves on encrypted apps such as Discord and Telegram, linking the American-centred conspiracy theory to local contexts. Emotionally manipulative and tightly organised campaigns have allowed them to gather tens of thousands of supporters across Europe. They produce videos, disinformation databases and run trainings on meme creation and psychological warfare. QAnon even has its own currency called “Initiative Q”, which its founders want to turn into “the next bitcoin”.



3f6c22  No.5242850

File: 14fdcb382740951⋯.jpg (240.39 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, true.jpg)


True Detective Season 3 Episode 07



389595  No.5242851


That is so deep,you actually fell in and nobody cares.

640ebb  No.5242852

File: 48bac5f7f055826⋯.png (204.18 KB, 801x1212, 267:404, asdsdasd.png)

938882  No.5242853


Dammit. I never make the invite only list. WTF?

4019ca  No.5242854

File: b8d666948f128e8⋯.png (535.17 KB, 960x912, 20:19, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)

File: 12bc15679f9eefc⋯.png (46.03 KB, 1258x480, 629:240, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)

File: acb9c78fea2ebd8⋯.png (46.01 KB, 1260x476, 45:17, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)

File: d9d51dc31f62bfa⋯.png (520.06 KB, 1005x858, 335:286, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)

Just wanted to say thanks for the fake news Youtube. Side note, we're not that stupid…



44b510  No.5242855

What is 'Initiative Q' and how do I get some???

<Obviously joking

More MSM projection. Yeah… We are the patriots… Not the MSM…

09c640  No.5242856


As you should be. That's the whole point. Discern!

5edc80  No.5242857


Wouldn't have to be an HP product that failed.

If HP had access during construction…

Think on all you know now.

MK, DS, Clowns, on and on.

This place supplies nuke fuel to MIL.

All it takes is access in the past to cause fuckery in the future.

14c253  No.5242858

File: 22021736943bda0⋯.png (424.46 KB, 1200x1080, 10:9, ChangeYourPerspective.png)

>>5241438 (pb)

>>5242432 Q Post

>>5242534 Q Post

Here is a vid of twatter censorship.

The whole thread are people with the same censorship. Plus more videos.

Cannot embed video.


61c4e7  No.5242859

MSM has exactly zero obligation to be impartial.

In some countries, public broadcasters (who are often the largest media companies in their country) are supposed to be unbiased and as honest as possible, but even they've been drifting away from that (see: BBC).

In the US, all the largest and most popular /normies/ news organizations - whether it's TV channels or newspapers - are privately owned, so they can do the news any way they like (and even the few public broadcasters like PBS have been accused of bias many times).

Sure, they may sometimes claim they're super impartial, honest, and important to your democracy, but you know that's just a marketing tactic to create a trustworthy image.

American media outlets are absolutely biased, whether it's Fox, MSNBC, CNN, or others, because the way your political system works and affects the public debate doesn't really allow for truly neutral media.

Imagine an actually neutral media outlet in the US reporting the facts instead of pushing an agenda.

Those people would get destroyed.

They would get blasted from the left every time they reported on positive changes under the Trump administration, or on crime statistics in minority communities, or on the economic consequences of illegal immigration.

And they would get blasted from the right every time they reported on negative changes under Trump, or the benefits of legalizing abortions, or the dangers of organized religion.

MSM is biased, because there is no place in the US for truly neutral news coverage.

A two-party political system is necessarily going to result in a polarized society full of people with extreme viewpoints, who in turn seek out media confirming their pre-existing opinions and biases, instead of challenging them by objectively informing about current events from a neutral perspective. If you want unbiased media, fix your political system first, then set up news outlets that gain nothing from spreading propaganda, and try to control them properly so they don't go off the rails based on the opinions of the people who run them.

2838ce  No.5242860


Read up on textbook adoption committees as per state boards of ed. Not all states have them; last I researched, which was years ago, only 7 states had them and they were all blue states. The rest followed their lead in terms of what texts were acceptable fr the curriculum.

1adabe  No.5242861

File: 7e36480bd6da354⋯.jpg (311.86 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, hillary-clinton-3.jpg)


Yes Bush totally has the look of defeat on his face at that point. He knows its all over. Kinda like this pic too. I think Bush knows the game is over, but the Clintons still 100% believe they will kill POTUS or get him removed

478517  No.5242862

File: 14593e07f589764⋯.png (189.89 KB, 642x571, 642:571, GasLight.png)

File: 5bdbb258b935f04⋯.jpg (112.2 KB, 769x800, 769:800, 5bdbb258b935f04e50518a8089….jpg)

File: a2bc3870da5a36d⋯.jpg (221.43 KB, 927x912, 309:304, a2bc3870da5a36dd5177c5830c….jpg)

File: d506e851a49ac98⋯.jpg (116.95 KB, 720x720, 1:1, d506e851a49ac9895c7b26cfc3….jpg)


Fear looks like lies because that's all they have, and projection because they are all they know and all they ever think about.

c6b066  No.5242863


piss on you.

69d62d  No.5242864

File: 6c1c932aabe5c8a⋯.jpeg (482.17 KB, 1100x730, 110:73, trump hillary treason.jpeg)


We better see some public hangings, Q. This shit is getting ridiculous.

0eecaa  No.5242865


There was a lot of pedo shit in that show.

ddb99f  No.5242866


For your safety, we advise you of thoe following:

The United States of America is a Republic, and while that includes some democratic tendencies, it also includes aristocratic, theocratic, and kleptocratic institutions as well.

Enjoy the show.

0f078a  No.5242867


The only cure is to expose the MSM treason, and modify the 1st Amendment.

938882  No.5242868


>A recent study showed that a stunning 60% of Brits believe in at least one conspiracy theory. The ideas that a cabal of global elites run the world, that there is a plot to replace white English natives with Muslim migrants and that the authorities are covering up immigration numbers are among the most commonly held.

My favorite quote from the article. Really? Only 60% believe this stuff?

b9f891  No.5242869




8ab6fa  No.5242870


I hope you get assraped in prison. You people are fucking disgusting

389595  No.5242871


Also deep. Nobody still cares

7d134b  No.5242872

File: aa08ac613407d6f⋯.png (198.76 KB, 452x587, 452:587, Capture.PNG)

A DARPA Perspective on the Development of the Internet

The history of the internet is inextricably connected with DARPA and the development of new networking and information-sharing technologies. From its humble beginnings as a collection of connected research facilities to today’s global (and extra-global) network of billions of devices, a core theme of the internet’s evolution has been and continues to be the cutting-edge research conducted under DARPA’s auspices. When internet pioneer J.C.R. Licklider described, with intentional grandiloquence, his vision of an “Intergalactic Computer Network” in 1963, he still might not have imagined just how extensively the network whose seeds he planted would grow in the terrestrial realm.

In its scope and ubiquity, the internet has transformed life on a civilization-wide scale. Smartphones and other mobile devices connect bankers in Manhattan and rice farmers in India to a vast sea of information. Using predictive tools that mine this information has allowed child welfare agencies to flag high-risk cases, enabled health care providers to determine which patients are at risk for various conditions and diseases, and helped financial institutions to identify fraud and identity theft, among other benefits. But there are challenges in this new planetary data environment: The same networks of computers and databases and systems and infrastructure that afford society previously unimagined benefits also have been bringing with them new vulnerabilities for violations of privacy, cybercrime, and cyber warfare.


ce914e  No.5242873

File: 3a64c400653eab9⋯.jpg (25.59 KB, 368x379, 368:379, 2tz1ng_1.jpg)

79978f  No.5242874

File: ae89fd7432cd85f⋯.png (107.43 KB, 1194x797, 1194:797, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)



9c0af8  No.5242875


That's the Trudeau Foundation brochure

a31abc  No.5242876

File: 125329c6e82b95c⋯.png (45.3 KB, 806x226, 403:113, lolsignmeup.PNG)

a06111  No.5242877

File: dde5c51b401c654⋯.png (228.93 KB, 990x585, 22:13, -22- Sasha Havlicek - Link….png)

File: 15531f466833a76⋯.png (64.53 KB, 987x400, 987:400, -22- Sasha Havlicek - Link….png)


So the Founder/CEO has a few obvious interests…

44b510  No.5242878


<Fucking phone spelling correction.


15ce92  No.5242879


I only watch the news for comedy, even tv shows are just there to wash people brains and make white people feel like shit.

Sad really sad.

fe8ea4  No.5242880



<Beyond inspiring attacks on perceived enemies, the spread of conspiracy theories can, in the long-term, sow societal divisions and undermine confidence in democratic processes, institutions and representatives. At a time when distrust in the political establishment runs exceptionally high, it is easy to tap into existing suspicions and fill information gaps with fabricated news and distorted statistics.

faulty "confidence in democratic processes, institutions and representatives", " distrust in the political establishment"


good god, the lack of awareness of these people

e5748b  No.5242881



a67ec5  No.5242882


Man they are scared shitless of us!

"In QAnon forums, it is hard to overlook the holy mess of logical fallacies and contradictions. Its adherents link the MI6, Facebook and the Rothschilds to the Vatican, Hollywood, the Nazis, the Illuminati and aliens in order to explain that climate change is a hoax, the Holocaust never happened, the world is run by paedophiles, Satanists and cannibals and that the Queen is a direct descendent of prophet Mohammed. And yet this virtual cosmos of absurd stories can inspire real-world incidents: just last month, a QAnon supporter killed his brother, whom he thought was a lizard. “Can me and my pals Raid MI6 DVD & GO2 Offices in London ourselves please”, another QAnon believer suggested in a private messaging app."

9aa88b  No.5242883


What happened to muh optics?

Did you zero-sum game theory that one?

Or you know, you could release the TRUTH and be TRANSPARENT (like you claim you are… you aren't)






8018bb  No.5242884

File: e2e655c84ea4285⋯.png (639.28 KB, 900x600, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

640ebb  No.5242885


Pretty sure that's my graphic!

It's from The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation report 2016 - combined with the FBI pedo symbols document.

732d4b  No.5242886

File: 49c094523f7054d⋯.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1007x1791, 1007:1791, 06CEEBAC-1F70-466D-A9A9-C….jpeg)


Read between the lines!!

This is how Q is also giving a nod to the jew truthers on the board.

Thank u Q!!

5a4dc4  No.5242887

File: 5aff9ccb16b6619⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 709x373, 709:373, 5aff9ccb16b661994b0491f745….jpg)


>You are the news now.

3ba1f7  No.5242888

File: 77a10ca776a6c0a⋯.jpg (3.54 KB, 300x168, 25:14, nerv.jpg)


no, I've been nervous lots of times, anon

555338  No.5242889

Since Bader is supposedly back on the bench today, potus should just sashe on over to the scotus, pop his head in the door and holla, “what up niggers, where Ruthie at?” For keks

6869df  No.5242890

File: 9bead7d74b564f1⋯.png (21.29 KB, 555x275, 111:55, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6046e308f8606c6⋯.png (32.86 KB, 555x476, 555:476, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 90ad54e8a7f4ed3⋯.png (19.81 KB, 555x195, 37:13, ClipboardImage.png)

Guise, Q posted (34) times yesterday, last post was HOT.

[OWLS] flying?

FIRE & FURY incoming?

e9520d  No.5242891




83e931  No.5242892

File: eb8581243013921⋯.png (219.85 KB, 1552x873, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-02-18 a507….png)



527a0c  No.5242894



e5e080  No.5242895

"A QAnon supporter killed his brother, whom he thought was a lizard." - The Guardian

Da fook? I think that's called overselling.

3f9f5e  No.5242896

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give

us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us

not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.


347996  No.5242897

File: 993cab39e9e6f35⋯.jpg (401.81 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Watch-the-Water-MakeItRain.jpg)

f8a1b1  No.5242898

File: e2fdf8f05c03598⋯.png (687.4 KB, 1236x949, 1236:949, ClipboardImage.png)

File: da8ba1a751bfba7⋯.png (414.6 KB, 1542x924, 257:154, ClipboardImage.png)



44b510  No.5242899


Attacks have intensified.

389595  No.5242900

7d134b  No.5242901


We'll know its starting to change when people start posting news from Gab instead of Twatter

7de642  No.5242902


Let them keep digging the hole deeper, nothing can stop what is coming

aefc66  No.5242903

File: 2dca887aa209ecb⋯.png (102.43 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, We_are_taking_our_country_….png)

1fb9de  No.5242904


Anon, you are not telling us the real owners. THESE are the bad guys telling the media corporations what kind of evil shit to put on the air:

Comcast owners


VANGUARD GROUP INC 12/31/2018 345,999,294 5,639,897 1.66 13,068,393

BLACKROCK INC. 12/31/2018 320,375,109 1,855,378 .58 12,100,568

STATE STREET CORP 12/31/2018 162,828,152 1,353,428 .84 6,150,019

MASSACHUSETTS FINANCIAL SERVICES CO /MA/ 12/31/2018 144,527,359 (5,578,078) (3.72) 5,458,798

FMR LLC 12/31/2018 128,168,481 4,854,006 3.94 4,840,924

DODGE & COX 12/31/2018 127,555,330 (4,971,033) (3.75) 4,817,765

WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT GROUP LLP 12/31/2018 120,799,006 59,861 .05 4,562,578

CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS 12/31/2018 120,474,071 (2,201,149) (1.79) 4,550,306

CLEARBRIDGE INVESTMENTS, LLC 12/31/2018 92,340,424 (680,448) (0.73) 3,487,698

CAPITAL WORLD INVESTORS 12/31/2018 70,238,568 (7,344,009) (9.47) 2,652,911

Disney owners:


VANGUARD GROUP INC 12/31/2018 105,895,590 2,166,371 2.09 11,922,784

BLACKROCK INC. 12/31/2018 92,790,946 5,536,712 6.35 10,447,333

STATE STREET CORP 12/31/2018 60,151,873 940,801 1.59 6,772,499

STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CO 12/31/2018 42,206,018 0 0.00 4,751,976

FMR LLC 12/31/2018 24,711,406 (1,686,325) (6.39) 2,782,257

BANK OF AMERICA CORP /DE/ 12/31/2018 21,258,884 4,091,014 23.83 2,393,538

NORTHERN TRUST CORP 12/31/2018 21,001,994 896,051 4.46 2,364,615

BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORP 12/31/2018 20,717,544 (1,236,325) (5.63) 2,332,588

MORGAN STANLEY 12/31/2018 20,571,547 704,572 3.55 2,316,150

GEODE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC 12/31/2018 20,146,874 1,789,989 9.75 2,268,337

Fox owners:


VANGUARD GROUP INC 12/31/2018 35,029,656 1,722,722 5.17 1,752,183

PRICE T ROWE ASSOCIATES INC /MD/ 12/31/2018 32,443,604 (904,528) (2.71) 1,622,829

BLACKROCK INC. 12/31/2018 30,151,923 1,639,201 5.75 1,508,199

EAGLE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC 12/31/2018 25,214,359 1,549,482 6.55 1,261,222

TCI FUND MANAGEMENT LTD 12/31/2018 22,189,801 0 0.00 1,109,934

YACKTMAN ASSET MANAGEMENT LP 12/31/2018 21,587,607 306,194 1.44 1,079,812

MORGAN STANLEY 12/31/2018 17,389,695 831,004 5.02 869,833

BAUPOST GROUP LLC/MA 12/31/2018 17,040,922 (280,000) (1.62) 852,387

STATE STREET CORP 12/31/2018 16,909,789 173,743 1.04 845,828

FIDUCIARY MANAGEMENT INC /WI/ 12/31/2018 12,974,838 1,190,723 10.10 649,001

DODGE & COX 12/31/2018 12,083,660 (388,750) (3.12) 604,425

GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC 12/31/2018 9,783,788 2,662,213 37.38 489,385

INVESCO LTD. 12/31/2018 7,568,920 143,775 1.94 378,597

PENTWATER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP 12/31/2018 7,522,132 (4,182,600) (35.73) 376,257

BARCLAYS PLC 12/31/2018 7,369,167 5,435,913 281.18 368,606

CBS owners:


CAPITAL RESEARCH GLOBAL INVESTORS 12/31/2018 30,312,062 (2,490,691) (7.59) 1,535,003

VANGUARD GROUP INC 12/31/2018 24,415,948 584,734 2.45 1,236,424

CAPITAL WORLD INVESTORS 12/31/2018 23,615,149 (317,940) (1.33) 1,195,871

BLACKROCK INC. 12/31/2018 23,049,932 841,455 3.79 1,167,249

STATE STREET CORP 12/31/2018 12,987,163 459,145 3.67 657,670

INVESCO LTD. 12/31/2018 7,145,228 2,953,445 70.46 361,834

CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS 12/31/2018 5,274,400 1,285,600 32.23 267,096

JPMORGAN CHASE & CO 12/31/2018 5,240,703 (808,274) (13.36) 265,389

HOTCHKIS & WILEY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC 12/31/2018 4,953,067 (258,372) (4.96) 250,823

GEODE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC 12/31/2018 4,372,620 475,053 12.19 221,429

TIAA CREF INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LLC 12/31/2018 4,125,117 188,208 4.78 208,896

AT&T owners


VANGUARD GROUP INC 12/31/2018 548,446,423 17,440,942 3.29 16,711,163

BLACKROCK INC. 12/31/2018 454,818,786 17,703,030 4.05 13,858,328

STATE STREET CORP 12/31/2018 278,791,653 9,761,387 3.63 8,494,782

NEWPORT TRUST CO 12/31/2018 200,679,482 (932,317) (0.46) 6,114,704

GEODE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC 12/31/2018 92,792,834 7,017,620 8.18 2,827,398

NORTHERN TRUST CORP 12/31/2018 85,213,415 2,574,202 3.12 2,596,453

BANK OF AMERICA CORP /DE/ 12/31/2018 78,200,532 (3,050,045) (3.75) 2,382,770

DIMENSIONAL FUND ADVISORS LP 12/31/2018 78,096,681 (1,612,905) (2.02) 2,379,606

BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORP 12/31/2018 67,338,375 (6,091,961) (8.3) 2,051,800

WELLS FARGO & COMPANY/MN 12/31/2018 56,130,717 (4,759,813) (7.82) 1,710,303

MORGAN STANLEY 12/31/2018 53,806,080 (2,757,116) (4.87) 1,639,471

aab34b  No.5242905


> When YOU are awake, WE can see clearly.

Q "corrected" this quick.


Re: "reincarnated extraterrestrials"


"Messengers of God" embedded among those to be Judged.


Whose VOICE does God hear?

Whose JUDGEMENT does God honor?

Why are BLACKS so important?

Why are AUTISTS so important?

Why does the Cabal NEED us to accept their Narratives?

Why are the Shills here, day after day, trying to win our sympathies?

In the Bible,

What ALWAYS proceeds the cleansing/culling?

Does God delay Judgement for the sake of the Saints?

Or does THE SAINTS' DECISION TO LEAVE trigger judgement?

As Below, So Above.




Warlike Men & Women (Athena)…


Sons of El > Elohim.

"God said let US create…"

"And the Sons of God…"


So Above… Q/Q+ Powers of Clairvoyance & Space/Time Control.

Believe in LOGIC.

Believe in LOVE (transformative electropotential > H+ bonding).

Allow FAITH to fill in the rest.

"Think Mirror".

See yourself in the your fellow Anons.


"Watch the Water".

Q referring to the Moon?

Thalassa = Selena?

"Think Mirror"

Can you see your own face in the Moon?

"Reincarnated [ALIENS]" > ARYANS.


732d4b  No.5242906

File: 78c6bb05ef091c9⋯.jpeg (97.68 KB, 613x750, 613:750, 9BCD54CD-57CA-4962-93FA-4….jpeg)

File: 7f1002e6bbe0d90⋯.jpeg (169.74 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, B77D6F79-429F-487F-A7FE-A….jpeg)

File: 419ba2ff294fe5e⋯.jpeg (167.45 KB, 1911x807, 637:269, C7F6542B-099B-4BD2-9E7A-6….jpeg)

File: 94f2c21cbadbc4d⋯.jpeg (470.01 KB, 1242x991, 1242:991, F89659E5-5723-4BF2-9C6A-B….jpeg)

File: 4c27a2b81ea0564⋯.jpeg (31.63 KB, 400x328, 50:41, 9326AB2E-2E1E-4360-B724-7….jpeg)



care to explain what about my post was so triggering that u replied twice with same useless shit - why cant you rebut this?

265d51  No.5242907

File: ffbd6731fabe5c2⋯.jpg (91.28 KB, 278x311, 278:311, truth-sounds-like-hate.jpg)


Oh, and learn to code.

Have a nice day :-)

d3bfc9  No.5242908

File: 1ddefcf05196f32⋯.png (70.99 KB, 823x232, 823:232, ClipboardImage.png)

Huh?…. “Initiative Q”, which its founders want to turn into “the next bitcoin”." www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/feb/18/online-conspiracy-theorists-democracy

527a0c  No.5242909

File: 3626020dec5faee⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1000x621, 1000:621, ClipboardImage.png)

721132  No.5242910


Great Fucking catch!

Baker Notable

Sasha Havlicek, CEO has WaPo Connections/CFR

4640c8  No.5242911

File: 904536ef3abe58f⋯.jpeg (60.54 KB, 651x499, 651:499, great awakening.jpeg)

fire up those memes Anons.



c400e4  No.5242912

File: 23284d0519158f6⋯.png (231.12 KB, 1000x1180, 50:59, you-have-to-go-back-to-pol.png)

c6b066  No.5242913


What about Common Core and all the other Fed programs? All government should be banished from anything having to do with education. The public schools should be auctioned off. It should go 100% free-market or we will never win this war.

ade8cb  No.5242914

File: 90ff0c3376a2409⋯.jpg (88.91 KB, 1011x1024, 1011:1024, BIGFACTZ.jpg)

File: 2ce2dd41c38b6b1⋯.jpg (224.03 KB, 900x818, 450:409, DAVID VS GOLIATH.jpg)

File: 0fde4879471b934⋯.jpg (182.26 KB, 1200x819, 400:273, FORCE.jpg)

File: 4ebc9ffea35aab7⋯.jpg (324.11 KB, 974x1023, 974:1023, MAGA PEPE.jpg)

File: edf672c7f12ada5⋯.jpeg (68.61 KB, 1071x561, 21:11, thanks.jpeg)






#KEKFORCE or else


5e4b65  No.5242915


Happy Presidents Day to the Dentist in Chief!!!

ce914e  No.5242916

File: 855e5cb5c114807⋯.jpg (47.48 KB, 465x437, 465:437, 2tyijq_1_1.jpg)

Q Breitbart is Joe Dirt shit, old news.

79ad60  No.5242917

File: 24fdf746be3ca55⋯.jpg (312.41 KB, 807x1280, 807:1280, 20190218_113551.jpg)

8a6ab0  No.5242918


What about the millions of people who are not on social media? MSM still has their ear. In the meantime, we are being silenced by tech giants.

Our voices are largely going unheard, as the articles you posted so accurately point out. Forcing the question would really help our movement.

ab4324  No.5242919

File: fdf871fe913dc16⋯.png (408.84 KB, 800x480, 5:3, 1550143909.png)


They forgot this.

d67bc7  No.5242920

The article is pretty spot on about the impact of conspiracy theories on the public's perceptions and how its sped up via inter-tech - (see Oswald et al.) They missed the big scoop on viral truth tho.



767b71  No.5242921


People like him would be on my list is The Purge were real thing.

c6b066  No.5242922

3a809b  No.5242923


Fucking sick. Youtube enabling pedo's.

844715  No.5242924

File: fc9fabe6be30d54⋯.png (692.63 KB, 1419x1197, 473:399, fgjfgjdgjdgj.png)


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is expected to sit for a U.S. Supreme Court argument Tuesday for the first time since she underwent surgery in December to remove cancerous masses from one of her lungs.

Ginsburg’s presence will be a relief to liberals worried about any prospect that the 85-year-old justice might have to step down and give President Donald Trump a third Supreme Court vacancy to fill.

https:// www.mercurynews.com/2019/02/17/ruth-bader-ginsburg-expected-to-return-to-supreme-court-bench-tuesday/

28cfcd  No.5242925



"Thanks to Algorithms"…. We've gone from Russian Trolls to AI. We've got to make them see that it's us. People who want to seek the truth. That's what they fear. Word getting out that this is a grass roots effort. Something the Democrats NEVER have.

8ac940  No.5242926

File: 383f4b325d37a4b⋯.png (55.27 KB, 222x200, 111:100, Screenshot 2019-02-16 at 1….png)


So Q is really David Icke?

0f4437  No.5242927

File: 502bb3adf8321fe⋯.png (13.65 KB, 255x248, 255:248, 6f31d71be9f6f3faeb59946445….png)

File: f1ed5c05f12a346⋯.png (32.48 KB, 684x940, 171:235, 1460073805457.png)

02fda2  No.5242928


We all knew all along this is why the clowns and shills are here, not to change our minds, they can't and they know it, but to be used for projection in MSM headliners, false flags, same handbook. Truth wins every time, they can't win

150c6c  No.5242929


Are those 2 of "the notes" laying on the bannister there?

de2bad  No.5242930

File: 8b696351f472fcd⋯.jpg (67.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


No Table

fef576  No.5242931

File: a0a2caf0666e9c9⋯.png (50.15 KB, 209x222, 209:222, bbbb.png)

3f9f5e  No.5242932

Rothschild & Co. Asset Management US Inc. lessened its holdings in Integrated Device Technology Inc (NASDAQ:IDTI) by 66.6% during the fourth quarter

66.6%, come on..


8ab6fa  No.5242933


Because you support satanic pedophilia by being a shitty ass provoker here. :D

It's ok, you'll get to explain yourself to Jesus, and Enki :D

721132  No.5242934

Old NPR report on Laura Logan.

(Haven't read it, YET)

CBS Puts Lara Logan On Leave After Review Of Flawed Benghazi Report


6e3e39  No.5242935


Define "our purpose".

aa3f8f  No.5242936

File: 863f96c69094c14⋯.png (323.94 KB, 507x452, 507:452, 9d4af7efd287d7e16f2740be47….png)

11397b  No.5242937

Former CIA director, Leon Panetta, owns a walnut farm in California. Just a heads up.

8a6ab0  No.5242938



What about the millions of people who are not on social media? MSM still has their ear. In the meantime, we are being silenced by tech giants.

Our voices are largely going unheard, as the articles you posted so accurately point out. Forcing the question would really help our movement.

aefc66  No.5242939

File: aeaefbd62c9b5e2⋯.png (801 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, think_for_yourself_Trump_J….png)

14c253  No.5242940

File: f6035570f9ee061⋯.png (10.37 KB, 530x245, 106:49, 2-18-2019.PNG)



This needs to be said concerning the last post.

The censorship happens when trying to link to


Twitter is not letting this link be spread.

Although, view count is at an all time high.

(pic related)

d5b224  No.5242941


They already know its real, Just wont let their followers know it to prevent the mass exodus.

cca808  No.5242942

File: 503a15783db3fd3⋯.jpg (26.98 KB, 620x352, 155:88, America-the-Republic.jpg)

File: a3bc112b5154ffc⋯.jpg (203.37 KB, 1771x1252, 1771:1252, ArchangelRaphael.jpg)

e5748b  No.5242943


This ^

Q needs to change the ride in MSM reporting. That's how you get millions involved!

15ce92  No.5242944


Anymore on Roswell ?

Area 51

50c2c8  No.5242945

File: b3cf3852c104b95⋯.jpeg (62.49 KB, 500x426, 250:213, image.jpeg)

c6b066  No.5242946



732d4b  No.5242947

File: 49f41287ed54482⋯.png (1000.04 KB, 1088x2847, 1088:2847, 329BE42E-8297-485B-BA17-2B….png)


You should go back and read the welcome page and global notables newfag.

>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

cb3db2  No.5242948


This is old news, it's just still going on…

Why the fuck is this being allowed to continue?!

To entrap more pedos?

What about the kids?!

929c80  No.5242949


I started noticing it on or about the time of the Camp Fire and it really became pronounced (for me at least) around Thanksgiving.

ce914e  No.5242950

File: 7d14bfd1ee4cef3⋯.png (258.81 KB, 495x532, 495:532, 7d14bfd1ee4cef38a394f44fd9….png)

527a0c  No.5242951


It won't end well for these people that refuse to tell the truth

c915cd  No.5242952


"We've got to make them see that it's us. People who want to seek the truth."

That's it, right there. When will we show our power in public, and stare down TPTB?

737f83  No.5242953


>The ideas that a cabal of global elites run the world, that there is a plot to replace white English natives with Muslim migrants and that the authorities are covering up immigration numbers are among the most commonly held.

Know what is GOOD about this? They name the conspiracy. People can and will look it up to see if it is TRUE, if they are curious. It is how I began searching….

3545a1  No.5242954

File: 7b86ce704f924e8⋯.jpg (149.74 KB, 700x893, 700:893, wwg1wga5.jpg)

e5748b  No.5242955


>This ^

>Q needs to change the tide in MSM reporting. That's how you get millions involved!

18b5fb  No.5242956

700827  No.5242957


The President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, AGREED that an illegal coup was attempted against him.

Stop and understand the GRAVITY of acknowledgement.

Do you believe nothing will happen?

Do you believe no one will be prosecuted?

POTUS making statements for no reason?

How do you introduce the TRUTH to those still asleep?

DECLAS coming?

The message must be direct (bypass the non reporting of the TRUTH (facts) by FAKE ‘spin the narrative’ NEWS).


938882  No.5242958


I'm so impressed with us after reading this. "Tightly organized campaigns." I'm puttin' this shit on muh resume now.

21bf7e  No.5242959

File: d7f92882c613904⋯.jpg (157.6 KB, 1040x780, 4:3, courageq.jpg)

153c6a  No.5242960


Did we ever get to a consensus on what 4-10-20 meant?

18b5fb  No.5242961


Q more?

c6b066  No.5242962

File: 659031d993f4e7c⋯.png (17.13 KB, 1234x340, 617:170, QMirrorAnsweryesA.png)

Q answered yes to the JFK Jr. question. It is a MIRROR.



SEE the IDs, then fill in the blanks…

1. Odds of cc occupying spaces 5 and 6 on both randomly-generated IDs:_______

2. Odds of interrogator's randomly-generated id adding up to 23 (PAIN/JFK Jr.):_____

3. Odds of Q's randomly-generated id adding up to 17: _____

4. Odds of a flipped question/answer matching Q's THINK MIRROR:_____

5. Odds of 2 of the above happening together:_____

6. Odds of 3 of the above happening together:_____

7. Odds of 4 of the above happening together:______

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible? -Q

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263683 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:51:59 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263659 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:50:26 (EST)




Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?

Logical thinking.



fef576  No.5242963

File: 014526f919f6f53⋯.png (313.13 KB, 636x705, 212:235, cf.png)

File: c7fd097cba5eb20⋯.png (294 KB, 480x430, 48:43, ke2.png)


Why do the same talking points and story lines appear all over the "alt right internet". like clockwork– without even variation from chan to chan, to reddit, etc?

Is that organic?

Is the "alt right" internet all fed from a central point?

Is this board controlled by the same system that feeds talking points to 4chan?

If not, why do identical talking points appear like clockwork, regardless of what THIS board is about?

The MSM narrative is "Q is some chan guy!"

Very far from the truth.

Yet, if Q's board, for some mysterious reason LOOKS IDENTICAL TO 4CHAN– then doesn't that make the MSM narrative look true?

So what is going on here?

Fake chans?

Controlled narrative?

Are humans sitting here like passive sheep while FAKENESS rules the roost?

7de642  No.5242964


She won’t show

e63a29  No.5242965

File: e91cc976c6d796e⋯.png (85.78 KB, 406x266, 29:19, Selectie_011.png)

Hi bakers

i am try to bake on https://8ch.net/comms/res/3564.html But when i want to delete the bread i have a problem. I dont see the option: delete. I just post two breads.

832206  No.5242966

c6b066  No.5242967

File: 474d9ce89b6daf6⋯.png (13.98 KB, 451x299, 451:299, Qmirrorsanddisinfo.png)

daa613  No.5242968


Please good sir

f68346  No.5242969


Modify the first amendment?!


f8852d  No.5242970


Somebody at CBS probably hit on her and she turned them down so they used an angry Egyptian mob to get back at her.

732d4b  No.5242971


You should read up on Jesus sometime - he had much to say about the satanic jews. SEE >>5242443

4df405  No.5242972

File: 311d6239b52104f⋯.jpeg (16.48 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 311d6239b52104f1b87713d85….jpeg)

16d448  No.5242973



c6b066  No.5242974

File: 21816379a61059f⋯.png (14.34 KB, 546x289, 546:289, WaitUntilYouLearn.png)

6591e2  No.5242975

File: 50bf08ec7abf86a⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 1338x7777, 1338:7777, screencapture-theguardian-….jpg)

c79966  No.5242976

File: 322a90470aa8a1c⋯.jpg (119.97 KB, 749x518, 107:74, decay.jpg)

0c263d  No.5242977

Twatter Anons,

could I raise the argument of NOT replying with "Q sent me" to twatter's posts Q point us at??

I think it gives a message that we just do whatever Q says without thinking/researching by ourselves.

We don't follow Q because we trust them, we trust them because they provides us FACTS that we verify.


1a421c  No.5242978

File: 9ebf1823e1882a3⋯.png (74.15 KB, 964x360, 241:90, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)

67d9fd  No.5242979


Try this!


0f2c70  No.5242980

File: 16cd263a2928b92⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 319x145, 11:5, Fuet1pk.gif)


Trips Confirm!

Relax anon!

c6941b  No.5242981

>>5242227 (Q PB)

>The problem is the weight of all these organizations on one side of the political spectrum. When you turn on your computer, or you walk past the TV, or you see a newspaper headline in the grocery store If they’re all saying the same thing, the weight of that convinces you that it’s true. You don’t question it, because everyone is saying it. Unless you seek out Breitbart on your computer, you’re probably not even going to know what the other side is saying.

This is the 4AM Mockingbird drops in action — Anons knew about this months ago.

But it also confirms something that I have long suspected.

It's not just about "making sure everyone is on the same page" in terms of media coverage.

It's about confirmation bias.

If all the media outlets are reporting the same thing, they must all be right, right?

We're trained to look at online reviews and if there are 47 4- and 5-star reviews and only 3 1-star reviews, the 1-star reviews must be outliers. But if the 4- and 5-star reviews are all generated in a review farm in China while the 3 1-star reviews are the only actual real reviews, we'll end up missing that.

People give more weight to the majority opinion if there is near-agreement — that means it must be right…. right?

e5748b  No.5242982


here we go…..

It's ALWAYS COMING….but never comes

f3c9ae  No.5242983


Git em. Git em all!!!

695da0  No.5242984


>We better see some public hangings, Q. This shit is getting ridiculous.

We need to SEE JUSTICE.

We need to SEE that the RULE OF LAW is applied EQUALLY TO ALL.

Until this happens, no one will have confidence in the system.

But I'm patient. A deeply entrenched, thoroughly corrupt, evil system is not dismantled/destroyed overnight.

I have faith in our current leadership and in God.

15ce92  No.5242985



When's declas ?


6e3e39  No.5242986

Request for newfags: a glossary?


"You Glow" – means?

"NPC" – means?

"Kek / Top Kek" – means?

Sort of like a FAQ, and there at the top of each bread, or some sort of linking like that.

ade8cb  No.5242987

File: 1d7ee3af69a24ee⋯.jpg (101.59 KB, 1190x595, 2:1, kek audibly.jpg)

File: dba0f3fb003ad15⋯.jpg (39.77 KB, 400x300, 4:3, icant.jpg)

File: e5d9455f83264b4⋯.png (272.92 KB, 500x802, 250:401, pepeevolved.png)

File: 45a21a3ba7a2a60⋯.jpg (100.33 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, really bro.jpg)

File: ef621992ee4067e⋯.jpg (203.12 KB, 898x598, 449:299, sheep no more.jpg)



they expected us to be hateful.

they expects us to be SELFISH.

they didn't realize what they got themselves into.


it means: kill your selfish ego for the GREATER GOOD. SACRIFICE your SELF to protect the ONES you LOVE.




813564  No.5242988

File: d3164f1a39db1c6⋯.gif (7.62 MB, 728x728, 1:1, bq-5c6a26fd89d00.gif)

737f83  No.5242989


Never doubted.

a126ad  No.5242990

>>5242038 lb

the point that the posts posted within seconds of each other was the point

Q has already confirmed that getting zero deltas in seconds doesnt work even when sent at same time

so the fact that only a few seconds between them says sent at dam near same moment

c6b066  No.5242991

File: 10beda4ed0e9b31⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, AmbulanceFront.jpg)

3ba1f7  No.5242992


I still think Awans should be first, save declas and FISA for later, team

21bf7e  No.5242993

File: a1359dd6ded32c3⋯.jpg (68.93 KB, 490x322, 35:23, onehair.jpg)

8323bd  No.5242994



When will we see just one person be arrested for "lying to Congress"?

I just need to wet my whistle!

ea82ff  No.5242995

File: 6f29538e6bead5f⋯.jpg (58.61 KB, 626x648, 313:324, at_4099jk.JPG)

All for a larp.


a06111  No.5242996


Bring the pain!!!

868fb3  No.5242997

File: a0658659fb311d0⋯.png (520.48 KB, 747x465, 249:155, 2019-02-18_11-37-28.png)

File: 28f385b4ff53286⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1075x1107, 1075:1107, 2019-02-18_11-18-24.png)

8ac940  No.5242998


Q's love of Fox and Breitbart is disheartening ….to put it nicely

c400e4  No.5242999


Race is a distraction from the work Q is doing.

America first, Israel last.

AKA: Out.

fe8ea4  No.5243000

File: 8bce6aa22b06c3f⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180122_Care….png)


>How do you introduce the TRUTH to those still asleep?

>DECLAS coming?

yes please.

unleash the avalanche…

c915cd  No.5243001


IOW when the real truth comes out, the MSM won't report it, or will deny/spin it - so WE are the ones who will have to report it, to all around us, and especially to those who can be woken up.

aa4613  No.5243002



The narrative is hitting fever pitch.

Is the storm coming?

115d34  No.5243003

File: 2feb64353202441⋯.png (438.23 KB, 963x697, 963:697, ClipboardImage.png)

nobody got this?

Soros has been driving Black population control of the ugliest kind for years. This anon saw it building long ago, Ferguson confirmed it because it was so obvious.

(((Their))) plan involves using race war to destroy fabric of society. They've been trying to do this for a long time, but it kept not succeeding. Now, hopefully, it never will.

61c4e7  No.5243004






ab634a  No.5243005


What about WW Europe, Aus & NZ will action be taken to stop them too?

8ab6fa  No.5243006


What part of "go fuck yourself, satanic pedophile" did you not comprehend?

cb3db2  No.5243007


How long after introducing truth to the sleeping masses before action can be taken?