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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

355da6  No.5136267

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

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Monday 2.11.19

>>5134798 rt >>5134529 ————————— God speed, Patriot.

>>5134370 rt >>5134144 ————————— Thank you, Anons (return publicly)

>>5127652 ————————————–——– Life Lesson - [AS]

>>5127462 ————————————–——– Let's actually use 'FACTS' ( Tweet Cap: >>5127508 )

>>5127210 ————————————–——– Does the list above look familiar?

>>5126726 ————————————–——– The WAR is very real.

>>5123215 rt >>5123210 ————————— Graphic On Voter ID Graphic On Voter ID

>>5123210 ————————————–——– What about Domestic interference?


>>5117650 rt >>5117543, >>5117590 -——— You attack those you fear the most.

>>5117410 rt >>5117187 ————————— Why does the FAKE NEWS media continue to attack a so-called 'conspiracy'?

>>5114108 ————————————–——– The focus is on the organization itself.

>>5113023 ————————————–——– Reagan Quotes: As Government Expands, Liberty Contracts

>>5110730 ————————————–——– Anons knew?

>>5110466 ————————————–——– Would you know if not posted by individuals on social media? ( Twitter Cap: >>5110493 )

>>5109544 ————————————–——– Prosecution and Transparency is the only way to save our way of life. ( Cap: >>5110360 )

Saturday 2.9.19

>>5101092 ————————————–——– Dark to Light.

>>5100113 ————————————–——– GOOD TO GO (Article Cap: >>5100248 )

>>5099142 ————————————–——– NASA Countdown 101 (Article Cap: >>5099228 )

>>5099089 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS attacks continue? (Article Cap: >>5099163 )

>>5094337 rt >>5094289 ————————— We never left. Time to return publicly.

>>5094276 ————————————–——– Do not mistake 'public' silence for inaction.

Friday 2.1.19

>>4989823 ————————————–——– Sys_conf_spec_y. (image)

>>4989820 ————————————–——– Anons understand.

Sunday 1.13.19

Compiled here: >>5104564

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355da6  No.5136270


are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807, >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5001844 Let's spread this movement worldwide! (Q, Yellow Vest, FREEDOM)

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day

#6560 Baker Change

>>5135559 Air "Q" video from El Paso Rally

>>5135586 Salvini proposes seizing control of Italy's Gold Reserves from Central Bank

>>5135608 Former Minister of Education of Israel: "Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

>>5135613 Bloomingdale’s has discontinued a ‘fake news’ shirt. But there are still hundreds of them on Amazon.

>>5135631, >>5135767 Side by sides of Beto and POTUS' rallies

>>5135710 U.S. Attorney John W. Huber Announced Settlement Reached In Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Fire

>>5135761 The 1888 Model

>>5135874 Man attacks reporters, knocks over cameras during Trump rally in El Paso

>>5136037 Four staffers working for Virginia Lt. Gov. resign amid sexual assault allegations

>>5136149 Hundreds of foreign spies in Brussels, European diplomatic agency warns

>>5136255 #6560


>>5134951 Sarah Sanders tweets video of overflow crowd outside POTUS Rally In #ElPaso with Don Jr. passing out high fives

>>5134960 [0] delta from yesterday is likely part of the "It's time to return publicly."

>>5135070 @USArmy: Sending signals

>>5135137 >>5134851 >>5134928 Twitter censoring POTUS’ tweeting out of his rally video and inclusive message

>>5135340 Video from Q's post

>>5135348 Video of GEOTUS 1888: The Great Tariff Debate

>>5135476 #6559


>>5134097 Anon's notes on Q Proofs from the rally

>>5134089 Quotes from tonight's rally

>>5134087 New POTUS tweet

>>5134086 Phase Three: Six phases of the continuum of military operations

>>5134146 Phase III brings justice

>>5134183 THINK FOR YOURSELF graphic

>>5134319 There's only 3 crumbs with "Phrase" in them

>>5134430 Q hand gesture at Trump rally with a YOU

>>5134536 VIDEO: Person detained after rushing media section at Trump rally in El Paso

>>5134716 #6558


>>5133882 POTUS live on Laura Ingraham

>>5133751 , >>5133788, >>5133802, >>5133808, >>5133837, >>5133878 POTUS points at Q shirt

>>5133550, >>5133656 Ref lb 'Nancy caught hanging with Peña Nieto'

>>5133357 , >>5133366 POTUS: The World Is Watching

>>5133353 , >>5133354, >>5133360, >>5133419, >>5133361 YUGE Q from POTUS with a YOU, TOO

>>5133299 , >>5133300, >>5133350 "Check it out. 1888."

>>5133289 POTUS: We did 1 statutorily, we did 2 statutorily, now we go to phase 3

>>5133949 #6557


>>5133221 Dig into Jack F. Matlock Jr. US Ambassador to Russia

>>5133219 POTUS giving us meme material

>>5133120 Happening Now: POTUS overflow crowd in El Paso, Texas

>>5132780 Nancy caught hanging with Peña Nieto

>>5132636 , >>5132651, >>5132699, >>5132707 POTUS: "We're setting the stage, folks"

>>5132581 POTUS, 'murder' and the 187 Q post: 1 year delta

>>5132602 Chelsea Clinton isn’t Jewish she’s just ugly

>>5132569 Fox: The deal is for 1.3 billion for the wall

>>5132560 , >>5132633 Meanwhile at the Beto rally…

>>5133329 #6556


>>5131880 , >>5132046 Rally opera music and lyrics

>>5131881 "Think for yourself" graphic

>>5131848 , >>5132061 POTUS drops a QProof?

>>5131838 POTUS' hand gestures

>>5131813 Deal or no deal?

>>5131787 , >>5131823 Beto March vs POTUS Rally

>>5132425 #6555

Previously Collected Notables

>>5131834 #6554

>>5129420 #6551, >>5130174 #6552, >>5130895 #6553

>>5127045 #6548, >>5127880 #6549, >>5128661 #6550

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c6f0ca  No.5136291

File: 3dae63c4a337925⋯.jpg (291.2 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, DzD770nVsAAAOlA.jpg)

Another Q Proof

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 11 Jan 2019 - 3:19:34 AM







Trump Tweet

40 years of corruption. 40 years of repression. 40 years of terror. The regime in Iran has produced only #40YearsofFailure. The long-suffering Iranian people deserve a much brighter future.

11:58 AM - 11 Feb 2019


:34 goes to :04

delta of :02(:58 to :00)

so :34 opposite is now :06

e44a4a  No.5136323

File: 7c0272d4ff7cbae⋯.jpeg (189.24 KB, 1242x696, 207:116, BD0A2AFC-2E19-48AE-86B6-B….jpeg)

c7a63c  No.5136324

File: 308a3a033ce61df⋯.png (235.47 KB, 414x669, 138:223, Screenshot from 2019-02-12….png)

TY Baker!

626916  No.5136329

File: 7355a0830d6023c⋯.jpeg (27.06 KB, 449x268, 449:268, 8F634F8B-F719-47C8-A596-A….jpeg)

עשינו 11/9. לארי סילברסטיין הוא בר מזל כמו זיון

a30e56  No.5136330

File: f239615a30e821b⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1500x2029, 1500:2029, DamnedDayWalkers.png)


c1b557  No.5136331

File: 10002cca3d51278⋯.png (802.78 KB, 873x1080, 97:120, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you, Baker!

8c9744  No.5136332

File: 8ad2475eb087c40⋯.png (540.81 KB, 676x522, 338:261, C1E076D2-1BB7-4BA4-ABF1-D9….png)


aefef1  No.5136333

>>5136322 lb

Skull and Bones digits confirm.

Radio too, though.

a86688  No.5136334

File: 7ca8a5b64fd2d98⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1571x884, 1571:884, Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at ….png)


TY Baker!

e0c837  No.5136335

File: cc385bbc7f8107c⋯.png (20.98 KB, 252x255, 84:85, lurk.png)

Thanks baker

1f5069  No.5136336

File: 9a5e416c94e00b9⋯.jpg (73 KB, 490x490, 1:1, j1g7d.jpg)




da510e  No.5136337


404f21  No.5136338


Stick around here long enough and you'll be cured for life

38d994  No.5136339

Sorry need to ask this again. When was the first time we picked up on POTUS doing a Q gesture? Also, any footage of him doing that pre Q?

a86688  No.5136340


who you talking 'bout skullz and boneseses Mr 333?

9a8e0c  No.5136341

IF I had to guess, the goal today was to have jidf bakers guard the JQ related notables during morning and evening while the POTUS was doing his thing

likely because of the amount of extra eyes and traffic here

finally at 2am china time baker decides to let one JQ related post into the bread. congrats anons, lol

a30e56  No.5136342


Isn't that The Plan?

Look at what Aquino did to Germany/Europe…

55b8da  No.5136343

File: b9f1e3738b2e526⋯.png (452.67 KB, 647x906, 647:906, ClipboardImage.png)

bf11eb  No.5136344

File: e2f15b16a1f93ad⋯.jpg (106.72 KB, 634x914, 317:457, article-0-0CDBB601000005DC….jpg)



TY Baker!!!

Interesting discussion on half chan:


960b25  No.5136345

>>5135981 lb

The whole committee must be dropping bricks.

Is this a matter for DOJ counter-espionage to take up?

27bb0c  No.5136346

File: 0534ca1091b6847⋯.png (163.58 KB, 433x709, 433:709, 5ec.png)

<from gamergate

Watch out for shills.

SHILL TYPE: The Changer

>Guys we need a list of demands/goals!

>Guys we need to change the narrative!

>Guys we need a leader!

RESPONSE: Comprehensive rebuttal to all of these - http://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5

SHILL TYPE: The Fear Monger

>"I heard the SJWs are going to Doxx people"

RESPONSE: None. Do not respond.

SHILL TYPE: The Defeatist


RESPONSE: None. Do not respond.

SHILL TYPE: The Dismissive

>"Who fucking cares? Take it to /pol/"

RESPONSE: None. Do not respond.

SHILL TYPE: The False Flag

>"We should flood Zoe's twitter account and try to induce a meltdown"

RESPONSE: Condemn. Reply and clearly state that you do not agree with the shill. Report on sight.

SHILL TYPE: The Politico

>Inserts outside divisive issue into thread

RESPONSE: Ignore, report, hide post.

SHILL TYPE: The Discreditor

>"Anita Sarkeesian is such a filthy whore. I want to fucking murder her"

RESPONSE: Condemn. Reply and clearly state that you do not agree with the shill. Report on sight.

SHILL TYPE: The Misdirector

>"Hey guys, I found a totally legit chatlog with m00tykins in it"

>"Hey guys, Liana blah blah blah"

RESPONSE: Refocus. May be a misguided non-shill. Remind them and everyone else what the current actions and strategies are.

SHILL TYPE: The Uncertain

>"Guys, I don't know about this anymore. I don't know if we're getting anywhere."

RESPONSE: Encourage. May be a misguided non-shill. Inform them of any recent progress or successes.

SHILL TYPE: The Slider

>"The next poster is [insert name]. Do not believe it"

RESPONSE: None. Do not respond.

SHILL TYPE: The Self-Shiller

>[insert generic shill post] Responds to self with (You) next to reply number.

RESPONSE: Ignore, report, hide post. Carry on the current actions.

By following this guide we ensure that the shills can neither derail our discussion nor make us look bad by posting anonymous hateful diatribes which SJWs can quote for PR.

404f21  No.5136347


What a precious beauty

8c9744  No.5136348

File: afac972997643f8⋯.jpeg (656.43 KB, 2376x1836, 22:17, 8118A810-91CB-4140-AC78-1….jpeg)

aefef1  No.5136349


From the post I responded too.

e25c7a  No.5136350

File: fcdb38a8b439733⋯.png (1.9 MB, 2048x1212, 512:303, ClipboardImage.png)

a1bc06  No.5136351

File: 3c9e75794de8ca2⋯.jpeg (123.85 KB, 1062x508, 531:254, 6CA28C5B-98F0-489D-969D-B….jpeg)

File: f437ac920849e28⋯.jpeg (82.94 KB, 622x410, 311:205, 74F692E2-D07A-4C87-BC3F-E….jpeg)

File: a79f712e3eccadd⋯.jpeg (175.86 KB, 1224x720, 17:10, 0815C43B-57E5-4EAF-847D-4….jpeg)

File: 96c8659d9307534⋯.jpeg (30.55 KB, 404x332, 101:83, AD30FF7E-7088-4AAE-B5CF-F….jpeg)

File: b61875d75a66158⋯.jpeg (137.74 KB, 800x822, 400:411, A2D1D882-9728-45F9-B9CB-0….jpeg)

I’m anon and this is my umpteenth attempt to quit this qult.

5ceed0  No.5136352

>>5136288 (LB)

The exposure these big checkmarked accounts get is ultimately going to be

their downfall. Everyone will see the pictures. Everyone will know they are

following liars. It is blatant. Think about how foolish they look when 90%

of the comments are pointing out their lies.

feabf5  No.5136353

File: 726800ca0d6ef24⋯.jpg (41.16 KB, 540x644, 135:161, rub_it.jpg)

God damn beautiful baker. Ty.

4f0399  No.5136354

File: 092bf5135abe149⋯.jpg (23.32 KB, 289x292, 289:292, mn.jpg)

9169b0  No.5136355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This place is like Intel Cocaine

Right said at end of last bread.

So are we users or pushers?

960b25  No.5136357

98efd0  No.5136358

16a917  No.5136359

File: c4bcce5630d8c1d⋯.jpg (204.44 KB, 981x1073, 981:1073, hitlervillain.jpg)

cbe27e  No.5136360

File: f45b28c48ba622e⋯.jpg (151.26 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, f45b28c48ba622e2fbcb51e558….jpg)

aefef1  No.5136361

File: edf0da9cd5ab2fb⋯.png (494.14 KB, 542x590, 271:295, post malone post mortem.png)

91eb74  No.5136362

File: b61d7bbb3f3f956⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, TheCountdownHasBegun.jpg)

File: 736ee3cdeeee939⋯.png (312.58 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ButHowWouldTheyKnowGuys_Oh….png)

But how would they know?!

: )

With RGB's part of the blockade ended, there's no turning back.

Nothing can stop what is coming.

5d6cff  No.5136363

>>5136129 (lb)

They busy dealing with Planned Parenthood now… memeber his moms a big PP playah

5b15e1  No.5136364

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Night Shift Theme Song

a86688  No.5136365

File: b085d4c38d74067⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1191x1108, 1191:1108, Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at ….png)


The way I've been twatting, all my ol' frens prolly hate me.

5d6cff  No.5136366

File: d5d350527dbf7d3⋯.jpg (433.26 KB, 1055x2517, 1055:2517, pphogg.jpg)


oops forgot sauce

a1bc06  No.5136367




9bc536  No.5136368

File: c317ac81091e358⋯.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1835x3264, 1835:3264, Endless_Unsourced_Phone_A….jpeg)

Sounds like a text. Not a text.

Sounds like what could be any number of other phone alerts. No discernible app source for any of them.

Sounds like the screen would light up at the sound of such. Nope…never. Just an audio alert with no traceable source.

Many are conspicuously-spendifferous "Q/JFK digits"…the rest don't take much math to become so.

One was a phone call… from someone "calling back whoever called her earlier from my number"…never happened (it's still my only phone call today)… wasn't the only "mirror-like" aspect of the call.


On a paranoia scale from 1-10, '10' being unreasonably/outrageously suspicious… I'm like a '2'…I've never used a VPN and I've mentioned the city I live in several times here. I don't get suspicious… but these phone alerts are just weird… and leave me fairly convinced of what I've suggested here. But, if so – why?

Oh… add "12:50:11" (just now) to the list. kek

9169b0  No.5136369

File: a6b38f054f30554⋯.jpg (41.33 KB, 450x337, 450:337, Meth_head.jpg)


Reminds me of half the candidates I meet for a job interview anymore.

929395  No.5136370

File: cead71bbda145b4⋯.jpg (597.37 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190211-235257….jpg)


1f9370  No.5136371

File: b7e30dc9491f0c5⋯.png (954.67 KB, 1194x798, 199:133, tmim1.png)




The Confederation of Catholics, the Pope, the Black Pope and muh self would like to thank Baker


1f5069  No.5136372

File: 9f686622a3ab0b9⋯.jpg (11.01 KB, 204x247, 204:247, images.jpg)

File: 21fec810f17dafe⋯.jpg (99.19 KB, 396x479, 396:479, i-saw-the-911-pnac-kike-jo….jpg)

6a9e98  No.5136373


All the coke is brought here. We sample everything and figure out what's legit and what's bunk. It's like a clearinghouse.

16a917  No.5136374

File: 5b89370a68c477b⋯.jpg (145.1 KB, 500x354, 250:177, gg.jpg)


5ceed0  No.5136375


Kek! I've only got one friend on twatter, the rest are people I found on twatter.

They're all MAGA, too.

8a051c  No.5136376

MOSSAD’s definition of division shilling

Digging on, posting and exposing jewish fuckery is division fagging.

Digging on, posting and exposing Democrat, republican, muzzie, catholic church, christian, free masonry, etc. is NOT division fagging.

The same goes for Israel. Posting about israeli subversion is divisive. You can post negatively about any other country’s leaders tho and thats fine.

Its only division fagging when the group being exposed is Jewish. You are not allowed to do that or the mossad shills will scream reeeeeee!

284a50  No.5136377


Has there been public confirmation of RBG dying yet? Sorry, I'm a refugee from /pol/, so I'm still lurking threads trying to get caught up..

50bccf  No.5136378

They can end it all by asking POTUS…

Why wont they?

1b776c  No.5136379

File: 042a7fb7629a7eb⋯.png (2.55 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 1.png)

TOP FUCKING KEK!!!! BIG FUCKING 17 at the Beto Rally, pic related….

7bd7b0  No.5136380

>>5136298 (lb)

Do you suck your own dick?

e25c7a  No.5136381


We Have It All

404f21  No.5136382


What paper do you work for again. Research it and post it for all of us if your curious.

84584d  No.5136383

File: a11b494fb0c5c8c⋯.jpg (8.42 MB, 3348x5148, 93:143, QBandOfAnonsBorder.jpg)


a86688  No.5136384

File: 00d4e7257915b96⋯.gif (976.08 KB, 366x200, 183:100, CrazyOptimalEquestrian-sma….gif)

f89297  No.5136385


9169b0  No.5136386


Get help

1f5069  No.5136387



bd9250  No.5136389

File: d209fcd96d41c22⋯.png (282.79 KB, 580x574, 290:287, Parscale RT Wolking re Bet….PNG)

File: 89cc19161e74070⋯.png (350.15 KB, 602x757, 602:757, Wolking re Beto Tear Down ….PNG)

Yes, open borders Beto wants to get rid of the border walls that already exists.

Do his fellow 2020 Democrats agree?


aefef1  No.5136390


Welcome slightly newfag!

Not quite yet, unfortunately.

b03dce  No.5136391


Gamergate certainly was the start, but who knew then?

Great list, can you also post it here, in our shill discussion thread?


16a917  No.5136392

File: 10eb89f87eae16c⋯.jpg (140.87 KB, 960x576, 5:3, buk.jpg)

3e0f2b  No.5136393

File: 2266a0db3787aa9⋯.png (21.44 KB, 300x250, 6:5, damn write.png)

>>5136234 lb


5b15e1  No.5136394

File: cb5d8a924abbd0d⋯.jpeg (85.21 KB, 452x496, 113:124, download - Copy.jpeg)

e25c7a  No.5136395

File: e7a91f2c3c077ca⋯.png (342.94 KB, 600x337, 600:337, WallsAreImmoral.png)


deys immoral

4f0399  No.5136396

File: 0daafe688c195bd⋯.jpg (264.73 KB, 500x852, 125:213, gas (2).jpg)

File: 86c52c04a7f72ce⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 354x390, 59:65, goj.jpg)

File: d9a9a652443facf⋯.jpg (835.3 KB, 1797x1233, 599:411, camp.jpg)


super baked

0c0887  No.5136397

File: b06c664fd5d47b6⋯.jpeg (79.32 KB, 1032x1251, 344:417, 1546173857.jpeg)


Just don't snort too much you'll become a lib

197fd4  No.5136398


Haven’t seen any sauce.

98efd0  No.5136399

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a30e56  No.5136400


I love Movie Posters.

38d994  No.5136401


Why, I work for the Suckmydick Daily. Are you a subscriber?

91eb74  No.5136402


You're really not.

0b67e1  No.5136403


Elizabeth Warren?

2d188f  No.5136404

Hey MSM lurkers- the muhjoo twats are out in full force. You should get your screenshots now to prove that Qanon is a mob of intellectually stunted, ignorant, bigoted morans.

(BTW, for the article his name is Johnny No-Mates and he IP skips a lot)

1f9370  No.5136405

File: 1bf13cce590f8b3⋯.png (558.8 KB, 850x567, 850:567, e9c244bf629126eba3064133b9….png)

f37089  No.5136406

File: 67241daa8220888⋯.png (187.11 KB, 467x425, 467:425, Freud Pepe.png)

aefef1  No.5136407

File: 5194ac2ee78cefe⋯.png (1.19 MB, 850x1104, 425:552, kek proof 2.png)

26ee06  No.5136408

File: ad46c9bf32c7b88⋯.png (27.72 KB, 604x581, 604:581, ToTheEnd - Copy.PNG)


Faithfully, sir.

1f5069  No.5136409

File: 892f1ebe9860764⋯.jpg (16.69 KB, 640x706, 320:353, 892f1ebe98607648a0e1a4a7f7….jpg)

File: 40341e3542c2fce⋯.jpg (69.8 KB, 705x473, 705:473, A3.jpg)

16a917  No.5136410

File: 725c7af6f6d4da7⋯.jpg (86.26 KB, 405x577, 405:577, hitlerstars.jpg)

9a8e0c  No.5136411

File: 064e8881cc2e332⋯.jpg (125.26 KB, 990x834, 165:139, EpsteinIslandIsrael.jpg)


get a screenshot of this

929395  No.5136412

File: 62fbea84de25425⋯.jpg (939.86 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190211-235542….jpg)

File: 6159ac506b046b7⋯.jpg (124.35 KB, 780x521, 780:521, IMG_20190211_235547.jpg)

We love our dogs

9169b0  No.5136413

File: b3780227a39f2fa⋯.png (77.93 KB, 373x239, 373:239, ClipboardImage.png)

0c0887  No.5136414


Wanna talk about it?

1c43f1  No.5136415

i love you faggots (no homo)

can you feel it in the air tn?

whata time to be alive!!


till the end..


78d6e2  No.5136416

File: 817191af19e778e⋯.jpg (23.18 KB, 400x248, 50:31, Ralphie-Christmas-Story-AR….jpg)


Quality Control and Distribution.

3e0f2b  No.5136417

File: f712885e37c7a6c⋯.jpg (200.29 KB, 800x820, 40:41, Pepe meme you rong time.jpg)


no your mom does that for me

e71c20  No.5136418

File: 0559b2fa90be839⋯.png (592 KB, 556x634, 278:317, 0559b2fa90be839ea7ff265f59….png)

File: 14593e07f589764⋯.png (189.89 KB, 642x571, 642:571, GasLight.png)

>>5136194 (pb)

I went to a Trump rally. So many people I couldn't get in.

Counter-rally? This is what the dims & shills are going to do for the next 2 years. It will be the most their constituents have ever seen of them. The best part is they will come, one and all, with hat in hand, asking for more.

Patti can cell with Hillary. She better hope Hill doesn't get hungry.

709797  No.5136419

>>5136376 >>5136387 The Hypocrisy of Shills


99b5a6  No.5136420

File: 9dcc15172d8983a⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1001x638, 91:58, Do Androids Dream Of Elect….png)




Tay's on to something…

e0c837  No.5136421


The only one remotely public is when Fox News had the graphic up, but took it down fast and blamed technical difficulty or whatever.

5f71f1  No.5136422

a86688  No.5136423

File: 62d6ec3b0a3d2d0⋯.png (187.37 KB, 617x562, 617:562, Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at ….png)

a30e56  No.5136424

File: 306409d68e29935⋯.jpg (871 KB, 1500x2205, 100:147, LogisticallyImpossible.jpg)

ab8b2e  No.5136425


Maybe all of the anons can visit the White House one day to meet the man we have been tirelessly supporting! It would be an honor to actually meet our President!

7bd7b0  No.5136426


not clever enough.

a1bc06  No.5136427

File: 37edaff640f986a⋯.jpeg (63.14 KB, 524x500, 131:125, 84DC79F8-F4F7-4F12-A925-6….jpeg)

2d188f  No.5136428


Go to bed Johnny.

1f9370  No.5136429

File: fd5d2874850cac9⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1674x960, 279:160, potusrevolt.png)

File: 9c40f494c979f50⋯.png (1.13 MB, 2296x1460, 574:365, twr.png)

File: 9be7e5a49954bb2⋯.png (620.19 KB, 1730x1472, 865:736, rereredo.png)

File: 78a9700c95f79ee⋯.jpg (239.19 KB, 1118x2005, 1118:2005, REMEMBER SPYGATE TREASON.jpg)

5b15e1  No.5136430

File: babf0390ed66012⋯.png (192.74 KB, 470x463, 470:463, PEPE the farmer.png)

84584d  No.5136431

File: 371600f9b23837d⋯.jpg (2.81 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Army Q.jpg)


you couldn't find your underwear if the deep state didn't supply it. Hanes? boxers or briefs?

284a50  No.5136432


Thank you. Q is doing God's Work. As are all diganons here.


I wouldn't say Gamergate was the start. There were threads on old/pol/ concerning t.a.v.i.s.t.o.c.k. that began to peek into it. But as far as any connections between DIGRA and DARPA, gamergate was the breaking point.

7a4f8f  No.5136433

File: f840eee32759c91⋯.png (70.07 KB, 677x388, 677:388, ClipboardImage.png)

How many times has this fag predicted shit?

Fucking hell.

714829  No.5136434

President Trump

Set the Stage

Set the Table

Shit happens NOW!

aefef1  No.5136435


I'm not sure if I should kek or wtf

46daeb  No.5136436


that would be exciting

a92856  No.5136437



404f21  No.5136438


Great way to get a lot of your constituents locked up…kind of hard to garner their votes from behind bars.

355da6  No.5136439




it's true, but not notable.

a86688  No.5136440

File: 7d716f43a5207be⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1368x1018, 684:509, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at ….png)

1f9370  No.5136441

File: dfc3358c0046fbd⋯.jpg (14.33 KB, 255x255, 1:1, e55ee294c8cf551b8f7d754f90….jpg)

4f0399  No.5136442

File: 5ea4f0c386c8bd3⋯.gif (889.89 KB, 375x304, 375:304, canttouchdis.gif)

File: c75d73d7fa905e7⋯.jpg (64.75 KB, 600x441, 200:147, yadontsay.jpg)

41643e  No.5136443


Both, man. We got hooked on our own product. Kek!

f37089  No.5136444

File: 904734f1e0b1efd⋯.png (176.92 KB, 467x425, 467:425, Pepe Maga Freud.png)

9a8e0c  No.5136445

File: 29f86f439cb633a⋯.jpg (162.79 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 29f86f439cb633aebd3972b62a….jpg)


highly notable third

this shit has got to stop. this is the one subject being constantly fucked with and supressed around here

if anons want to discuss what they find and put it in notables, then get the fuck out of the way

its not our fault jews pop up every single time we dig

a30e56  No.5136446


Ugh, not that Q Army stuff -_-

Tired of hearing about it.

aefef1  No.5136447

File: e6ca30af53d833e⋯.png (1.17 MB, 862x1232, 431:616, ghost frog the way of the ….png)

38d994  No.5136448



a1bc06  No.5136449

File: 3c9e75794de8ca2⋯.jpeg (123.85 KB, 1062x508, 531:254, C1893D60-566C-4389-A07A-8….jpeg)

File: b29f627bcf33179⋯.jpeg (123.57 KB, 1062x508, 531:254, 3B74A35E-C818-4E17-A6A6-4….jpeg)

d4ba62  No.5136450

>>5136108 (lb)

>>5136175 (lb)

>>5136146 (lb)

>Whomever POTUS points to….


there is that number again

I did not mean to imply it was Whitaker, but I seem to have made that case. I

do actually think it has more to do with JFK, Jr and maybe my fear of being

called an rshill caused me to mute this too much. Checkout the analysis of the

Farm Bureau speech to see what I mean.

e0c837  No.5136451


trying to decide between kekking and going wtf

9169b0  No.5136452


That's it right there man.

That's it.

e71c20  No.5136453


Unless something happens that prick gets out in May. I hope he caught some incurable STDs.

a30e56  No.5136454

File: 53a7c81f3b843c7⋯.jpg (92.91 KB, 500x752, 125:188, 2izx3m.jpg)


keep 'em comin'

9bc536  No.5136455


What do dat mean, oh timely response? Sure.

dcca20  No.5136456

File: 3642722387cfe98⋯.jpeg (24.64 KB, 255x159, 85:53, 1B96B83C-A8EC-402D-B7C7-B….jpeg)

Our greatest enemies, the ones we must fight most often, are within…

730979  No.5136457


free thought, free people, freedom, innovation, is the demise of the globalist thought of mind

27bb0c  No.5136458

File: fa389665491791a⋯.png (199.33 KB, 602x501, 602:501, vivian-james-maga2.png)

<from gamergate

I do not like having to be the faggot that has to state the obvious. But clearly I need to be the faggot that states the obvious.

There can be no meaningful discussion on any other significant board. You are all here because there is no where left to assemble. The SJWs have controlled tumblr almost from the onset and reddit is utterly compromised.

• Your enemy knows why you are 4chan, they know how little they can do to strangle free speech here besides troll, shitpost and sometimes burn a faggot mod asset.

• This campaign. The one you are fighting right fucking now. This means everything to them. This will define just how effective their subversion and infiltration is.

• They MUST lose. We MUST win.

• They are terrified of losing this.

• They will be relentless.

• They will hire pro PR agencies.

• They will manipulate media in every way they can.

• They will play us against one another every chance they get.

• They are a sophisticated enemy, never mind the assholes on twitter that shit the bed. The people behind them are in this deep and looking to psyop your pinhead anyway they can.

Don't you fucking dare lose your hearts, assholes. This is the fucking final boss. The is the fucking war of wars. The shills and shitposts will outnumber quality 10 to 1. Don't you fucking dare not see straight through their bullshit. You are better than them. We are better than them.

f1b4dd  No.5136459

Bakers: not notable at all. It is HAPPENING.

1f5069  No.5136460

File: 8c3bb3c7afb5897⋯.jpg (19.84 KB, 178x293, 178:293, 8c3bb3c7afb589797d73d7bd87….jpg)

File: 5a15c430453af24⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 526x500, 263:250, 1pja3c.jpg)

File: 132c6d8eb325cce⋯.jpg (54.38 KB, 600x431, 600:431, heil-honey-i39m-home-did-y….jpg)

File: 46ee1c9aacf32a1⋯.jpg (48.56 KB, 620x330, 62:33, image.jpg)

File: 435f7ac16ff2a53⋯.png (1.01 MB, 780x680, 39:34, 435f7ac16ff2a531655962c3be….png)

5ceed0  No.5136461


An anon posted that they didn't even advertise the musical (or whatever it

was) until 11:30 that day (showtime 19:00). But people came from all over.

40d992  No.5136462

File: 5d25ba096e8422f⋯.jpeg (160.78 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 34958c00ac7cc1ebf2228c0cf….jpeg)

7bd7b0  No.5136463


That's antisemitic

9a8e0c  No.5136464


i cant i have a boner

99b5a6  No.5136465

>>5136379 wtkek

Mar 4 2018 00:17:27 (EST)

We are everywhere.


May 17 2018 18:08:47 (EST)

We are everywhere Anon.


b03dce  No.5136466


/ots of us here


38d994  No.5136467


But we read Q and use computers. And most of us are overweight boomers. That’s totally an army!

0b67e1  No.5136468


Well, I would prefer that the powers that be NOT announce the expiration of RBG until after Attorney General Barr is confirmed.

Otherwise, the bastards will use RBGs demise as an excuse to stop all Senate business and NOT confirm Barr.

46daeb  No.5136469

File: 58652a852c58383⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 585x638, 585:638, Screenshot 2019-02-12_00-5….jpg)

Haitians riot as they call for President Jovenel Moise to step down


84584d  No.5136470

File: d464be98e25ffd5⋯.jpg (438.31 KB, 1800x2500, 18:25, Hillary Raw.jpg)

e25c7a  No.5136471

File: ba9b8ddbee01168⋯.png (618 KB, 1200x907, 1200:907, DoNotEngage2.png)

a86688  No.5136472

File: 0c86d4f7ac65ef8⋯.png (435.57 KB, 1079x818, 1079:818, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)


55b8da  No.5136473

File: 2d953dd23132741⋯.png (667.05 KB, 1056x1546, 528:773, ClipboardImage.png)

1f9370  No.5136474

File: 9b66cbb098c0044⋯.jpg (85.14 KB, 948x495, 316:165, WE MEME.jpg)

File: 8393fbb19846762⋯.jpg (103.29 KB, 804x532, 201:133, LARPME.jpg)

File: 092e0e9f4aa71fd⋯.jpg (149.23 KB, 1132x999, 1132:999, yous.jpg)

404f21  No.5136475


Not sure he predicts anything. Seen him give a heads up now and then but as far as dates go. he hasn't gone there yet.

a1bc06  No.5136477


Ditto. Walks free soon. Good behavior. WTAF

a86688  No.5136478

File: 054e0fd2fd893b0⋯.png (401.38 KB, 589x452, 589:452, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at ….png)


fuck - it's habbeneing

17502b  No.5136479

>muh chat logs

355da6  No.5136480

just because you agree with a post doesn't mean it's notable

notables are for news, digs, graphics, theories on crumbs, etc

e25c7a  No.5136481

5ceed0  No.5136482


Well, he did say "I've learned" after all.

2d188f  No.5136483


Scared you're gonna wet the bed again are ya?

a30e56  No.5136484

File: f6d5ed955f2882b⋯.jpg (163.02 KB, 666x500, 333:250, SarahFuckableSanders.jpg)


-grabs a squirt from ye olde industrial sized lube bottle-


8a051c  No.5136485


i dunno. 4 anons already said notable. thats more notable recommendations than i have ever gotten b4 but its your call.

0060bb  No.5136486

The worst part of all of this is the ridicule and isolation/separation within your own family, I feel for anons who are in this boat.

A long process

1c43f1  No.5136487


big facts!

31c726  No.5136488

84584d  No.5136489

File: 87ef293f1060715⋯.jpg (442.85 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, ComingToATheaterNearYou.jpg)


couple I did you might like

55b8da  No.5136490


That's rayciss

191049  No.5136491







Mein Shills. What’s up my cucks? Der Stürmer posts next? Doing Goebbels proud?

9a8e0c  No.5136492


as long as they dont involve the jews or directly name the (((jews))) or (((israel))) right???

4f0399  No.5136493

File: e6238b668447e27⋯.jpg (26.89 KB, 600x446, 300:223, kek.jpg)

File: 27185e14b5ac61d⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 240x213, 80:71, didn'tsee.jpg)

File: 111f077e8dc5f24⋯.jpg (15.24 KB, 270x300, 9:10, itsthejews.jpg)

File: 87b12b1a481e6aa⋯.png (366.88 KB, 736x951, 736:951, hdnw.png)

e19337  No.5136494

File: 07e97d2b03b072e⋯.png (138.84 KB, 387x480, 129:160, 318136D7-1E11-4835-9531-20….png)

d55bdc  No.5136495

File: f1511cb8304ea74⋯.png (686.22 KB, 1080x1673, 1080:1673, demon.png)

File: 5de31af67734a7c⋯.jpg (172.43 KB, 1080x1673, 1080:1673, demon.jpg)



1fafaa  No.5136496



166dc0  No.5136497

File: ba1f3b287b40d91⋯.jpeg (37.57 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 29C89F63-5877-414A-A05E-1….jpeg)

887141  No.5136498


That's making me miss my dad

He was a very good man, he deserves his story told, perhaps one day I'll be allowed to tell it.

b03dce  No.5136499


yeah I hear you, I mean the first we caught on that the media was B.S. and trying to rewrite societal culture

7bd7b0  No.5136500


Why didn't we do this when Obama was in office?

355da6  No.5136501


stop your fucking bitching faggot

2d188f  No.5136502


4 Points!

aefef1  No.5136503

File: 59aaa063fbb6760⋯.png (708.52 KB, 534x663, 178:221, dont fuck with the frogs 2.png)

5e9e72  No.5136504

>>5136166 lb

second this request

>Anons, anybody have a time stamp linked to a video of the rally where POTUS said "third phase" or whatever it was? It was during the talk about lowering drug prices, or shortly thereafter.

9169b0  No.5136505

File: 0a139602edbcc24⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 255x255, 1:1, kermittea.jpg)


Now someone show me how to get off the stuff.

Cause I just can't stop.

No matter how hard I try.

But every time I go off to work on my life, work, self, home, business.

I keep ending up right back here.

Because I'm sure of one thing.

There's probably very little more important that I could be doing with my life than THIS.

For my God, For my Country, For my fellow man.

I dig, I meme, I pray.

80cfee  No.5136506

File: 5809923f7ace351⋯.png (127.34 KB, 555x318, 185:106, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)


9760a8  No.5136507

File: 9623a0ad25ebe9c⋯.png (225.48 KB, 464x538, 232:269, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)


TSA recently banned pointy eared dogs aka German Shepherds from detection work? POTUS is cheering the Under Dog, literally.

4f0399  No.5136508

File: cec1440c911086d⋯.jpg (49.56 KB, 474x689, 474:689, cantfukkwitmebruh.jpg)

File: e0fa150a411ac08⋯.gif (160.83 KB, 220x169, 220:169, bs.gif)



a30e56  No.5136509

File: e16356aa955a93b⋯.jpg (238.67 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, TS-MAGA-PI.jpg)


fap fap fap fap fap

e25c7a  No.5136510


The scale of this thing is enormous…

1f5069  No.5136511

File: 288299fb7948854⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 300x483, 100:161, 288299fb7948854adb27c71922….jpg)

File: dcdf19eacba9b49⋯.jpg (68.8 KB, 700x993, 700:993, aPBDRMQ_700b.jpg)

File: 022eb041bb71731⋯.jpg (18.1 KB, 250x229, 250:229, g1337301598384206444.jpg)

File: 97b9883f077be6f⋯.jpg (26.24 KB, 400x400, 1:1, h16D45B05.jpg)

e19337  No.5136512

File: b15330e89d154d2⋯.gif (277.09 KB, 240x287, 240:287, 87ED2380-6059-471A-AE43-E0….gif)

6a9e98  No.5136513

File: 2cd9454e6de1190⋯.png (209.17 KB, 490x367, 490:367, ClipboardImage.png)

284a50  No.5136514


Sadly, they're beginning to get a stranglehold on /pol/ too. One of the vols will now start banning you for Pro-Trump speech.


I had a feeling as such.

191049  No.5136515


Not Notable

Shill post trying to get into notables.

2d188f  No.5136516

File: eedadac961e66b5⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1200x944, 75:59, Schulz.png)

7b734e  No.5136517

Guess you didn't end the slide, baker.

Now you see how it works when you give in to the shills?

They are going to spam the board relentlessly and the only way it ends is either they are utterly ignored, or you make every single Notable about the Jews.

84584d  No.5136518

File: 3fedcb6727e9cdf⋯.jpg (553.52 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, AwakeandPissed.jpg)

a30e56  No.5136519

File: d8074a3411fc2a5⋯.jpg (534.92 KB, 1536x1017, 512:339, HiTechBakery.jpg)

0d0f35  No.5136520

Anons are not divided. Anons are under attack…… Please….pray everyone!!! We need God right now

feabf5  No.5136521

File: b52be8c8ca32cf6⋯.png (286.79 KB, 499x583, 499:583, kikenolike.png)


Suck some dicks, jew.

5f71f1  No.5136522

File: ae0a2dff4a3a21d⋯.jpeg (105.3 KB, 758x598, 379:299, 8F9D4DDA-8C3B-481F-B34F-7….jpeg)

ffd322  No.5136523


This is completely with out table. It is so notable that not even the thought of a table remains.

1b1033  No.5136524

Such an honor to be here from the beginning and now the show is about to start. One big question is why won’t USSS allow Q shirts?

1f9370  No.5136525

File: 418b27f6cbbb7db⋯.jpg (319.34 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Q SENT US AGAIN.jpg)

File: ecc2d708ed9259d⋯.jpg (77.07 KB, 662x415, 662:415, NPCjones1.jpg)

File: 3b9522b905809f7⋯.jpg (98.63 KB, 720x614, 360:307, PANON.jpg)

File: 3e8b37ec6a2e1e3⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 1158x718, 579:359, INFO I'M YOUR.jpg)




acec9d  No.5136526


nearly all sex offenders in all states qualify for some weird loophole half time sex offender rehab horseshit. its insane. 60-70% of the entire justice system depending on the state is all sex offenders and they do less time than anyone. even repeat ones.

it is fucking insane.

80cfee  No.5136527


But muh "God's chosen people" tho.

2d188f  No.5136528

File: 1d2ba0c6bd55eaa⋯.png (260.08 KB, 900x526, 450:263, RidiculeMuhJoos.png)

aad438  No.5136529


Beto Shuffle

(with apologies to Boz Scaggs)

Beto missed the boat that day he left the shack

But that was all he missed

And he ain't comin' back

At a tombstone bar, in a juke joint car he made a stop

Just long enough to grab a handle off the top

Next stop Border town, Beto put the money down, let 'em roll

He said one more job ought to get it

One last shot 'fore we quit it

One for the road


Whoah oh oh oh

He's for the money, he's for the show

Beto's waitin' for the go, Beto

Whoah oh oh oh oh oh

He said one more job ought to get it

One last shot 'fore we quit it

One more for the road

Beto will be runnin', havin' great big funnin' till he got the note

Sayin' toe the line or blow it and that was all she wrote

He'll be makin' like a bee line, headin' for the border line, goin' for broke

Sayin' one more hit ought to do it

This joint ain't nothin' to it

One more for the road


Whoah oh oh oh

He's for the money, he's for the show

Beto's waitin' for the go, Beto

Whoah oh oh oh oh oh

One more job ought to get it

One last shot then we quit it

One more for the road


Woah oh oh oh

He's for the money, he's for the show

Beto's waitin' for the go, Beto

Woah oh oh oh oh oh

One more job ought to get it

a30e56  No.5136530


nice way of describing a tiger who has an affinity for dat White Lady

31c726  No.5136531


Yeah, gamergate was pivotal.

It brought gamers with questions to nationalists with answers.

971b78  No.5136532

File: 18db9b640226ff1⋯.png (793.53 KB, 1216x1238, 608:619, ClipboardImage.png)

So being anti-Christian is OK then Ellen Page?

Bigotry comes in all sizes and shapes. You just proved your own point.

ab8b2e  No.5136533


Q the anons who worked tirelessly would LOVE to meet our President! Would that ever be possible? It would be an honor!

5ceed0  No.5136534


World wide.

1f9370  No.5136535

File: bc359d0108b5cc6⋯.jpg (23.84 KB, 480x472, 60:59, ss1.jpg)


Muh Shield Maiden!

38d994  No.5136536


Because people with Q shirts are freaks

5dcc67  No.5136537


cia niggers going to shoot up an event wearing a t shirt. obvious

23b02c  No.5136538

File: b44aa146a829fee⋯.png (337.14 KB, 626x618, 313:309, VKCigarSmileHat.png)

f1b4dd  No.5136539


lol. 4 anons said notable, here's a 5h. Now let me read what you said.

e25c7a  No.5136541

File: cd3bb26ffd76bc3⋯.png (826.06 KB, 1445x684, 1445:684, ClipboardImage.png)


e71c20  No.5136542


(((The crooks))) exploit the way it is presented. The jews, muzzies, fish heads, moonies are all shields for the criminals operating within their group and unless their cocksuckers rob them like Made-off they'll defend them. You know this makes them guilty but they can use this trick as long as there are ignorant people and other criminals.

I think the way to present it is by names. If you name the perps and their crimes they can cry all they want because you have sauce. If you generalize, even if they are all guilty as hell, they can sneak away.

95195f  No.5136543

File: 19cf8f83ff2433c⋯.jpeg (16.37 KB, 244x218, 122:109, 3FC462B4-92D4-432F-9335-5….jpeg)


Noones clicking that shit


a30e56  No.5136544


How is it any less okay than being anti-Jew or anti-Muslim or anti-Buddhist or anti-Hindu or anti-Theosophy or anti-wtfever?

d0c82f  No.5136545


She looked like an angel

84584d  No.5136546

File: 4820051008c7081⋯.jpg (487.98 KB, 1840x1840, 1:1, LiberalLogic.jpg)


We have God. No conflict there. Hey, If I can beat the shills, so can you. Be strong Patriot. We are winning and that terrifies them

d4ba62  No.5136547


>Why didn't we do this when Obama was in office?

that you have to ask this questions means you need to go back to facebook

8a051c  No.5136548


>its not our fault that a jewish connection comes up damn near every time we dig


e0c837  No.5136549


It is not notable or useful you fucking faggot

80cfee  No.5136550


I would guess it was scripted in part. When was the last rally they were allowed?? Tampa?? If there was a threat, I'm SURE USSS would have been all over that couple tonight. As it was, POTUS stopped, in front of EVERYWHERE, stood there, pointed and pumped.

355da6  No.5136551

Notables so far


>>5136389 Old tweet from Beto saying "tear down this (border) wall"

>>5136469 Haitians riot as they call for President Jovenel Moise to step down

>>5136472 65 People Line Up for Beto O’Rourke, 22,000 Line Up to See Trump in TEXAS

a30e56  No.5136552

File: 1134331e65bce45⋯.jpg (252.68 KB, 1028x675, 1028:675, MelanivankaQ2.jpg)

41643e  No.5136553


God, family, work, qresearch. Those should be your priorities in order.

3f10e8  No.5136554

File: 19d2650f32c885d⋯.jpg (42.39 KB, 768x432, 16:9, DP - Let there be light.jpg)


>Anons are not divided. Anons are under attack…… Please….pray everyone!!! We need God right now

We win.




90d4b9  No.5136555

File: 96a33d1e6f53773⋯.png (548.22 KB, 770x433, 770:433, ClipboardImage.png)

Lawmakers reach border deal 'in principle,' including $1.375B for physical barriers

House and Senate negotiators late Monday struck a bipartisan deal “in principle” that would dodge a second partial government shutdown by providing President Trump $1.375 billion in funding for physical barriers along 55 miles of the Rio Grande Valley. The accord, which must pass the House and Senate and receive the president’s signature, resolved a weekend impasse over illegal immigrant detentions.

By Monday night, both sides were claiming victory in the talks, although the exact details of the agreement weren't yet clear, and two of the major claims seemed to contradict each other. For example, Democrats over the weekend were first trying to cap the number of illegal immigrant detentions but backed away from that demand. However, a top Democratic aide told the Washington Examiner that Democrats had secured a 17 percent reduction in detention beds needed to hold illegal immigrants, although it wasn't clear how that reduction was calculated. “We reduce the number of ICE detention beds by 17.4 percent, putting a critical check on the Trump administration’s mass deportation policy that is tearing communities apart,” the aide said.

On the other side, Republicans were claiming victory because the deal includes no statutory caps on the illegal immigrant detention population and secures “the funding and flexibility necessary to maintain its current detention population and respond to surges in apprehensions,” a senior Republican aide told the Washington Examiner. This GOP aide added that the deal provides “enough flexibility” to raise the number of detention beds needed to hold illegal immigrants to 52,000.

The $1.375 billion in funding for a border barrier is far below President Trump’s request for $5.7 billion for a southern border wall, but the GOP aide said all of the money can be used for physical barriers and is double the miles of new fencing funding provided in 2018. The aide said any currently deployed design can be used to construct a barrier, including the steel slat fence Trump has touted. Democrats said the barrier funding achieves their goal, arguing it cannot be used for the type of big, concrete wall Trump long advocated on the campaign trail.

If approved, the deal would fund several departments and agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, which is responsible for border security. "We've had a good evening and we reached an agreement in principle between us on Homeland Security and the other six bills," said Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala. "Our staffs are going to be working feverishly to put all the particulars together." Shelby hinted Trump would sign the bill. He told reporters, “The White House has been consulted all along.”

The talks stalled Saturday when Democrats refused to drop their demand to cap illegal immigrant detentions. But they were revived on Monday. Both parties are eager to avoid what would be a second government shutdown this year affecting the same agencies and departments that were partially closed for 35 days. “When our negotiations stalled and we basically walked away, both sides, all of us realized we had a bigger obligation to get back together,” Shelby said. “I think the fact that there was going to be another government shutdown helped contribute to us getting together.”

A temporary funding bill runs out Friday. Both the House and Senate will have to approve the legislation and President Trump must sign it. The two parties had reached an impasse over caps on detaining illegal immigrants. Neither Shelby nor Democratic negotiators would disclose how the stalemate was resolved. The two sides appeared close to a deal over the weekend that would provide between $1.3 billion and $2 billion for fencing or other physical barriers along the southern border. Shelby would not disclose what final number negotiators settled on for barrier funding.


80cfee  No.5136556




e44a4a  No.5136557

File: 31761f4aba9fd52⋯.png (2.52 MB, 2718x1523, 2718:1523, 8DC4A089-C8DF-4AE8-893C-9A….png)

d4ba62  No.5136558



in pedos of the galaxy..i call BS

1c43f1  No.5136559


motherfukin KEK lmao

355da6  No.5136560


go larp on reddit faggot

8e1dca  No.5136561

File: 1f93b4858d94753⋯.jpeg (28.49 KB, 555x555, 1:1, Flag Pin.jpeg)


2d188f  No.5136562


You dont dig, you copy pasta, same shit for a year, every fukkin bread. You aren't researching, you are in one big, stupid, orchestrated, low-effort, circle-jerk.

ab8b2e  No.5136563


Maybe Q will see this!

9a8e0c  No.5136564

File: b89cdb1de4bfa13⋯.jpg (6.16 KB, 217x253, 217:253, Ugly-old-jew.jpg)

a83b78  No.5136565

File: 8d46a32f95ef4cb⋯.png (308.16 KB, 752x516, 188:129, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

Fuck… You gotta read this.

d3ed6e  No.5136566


What's it suppose to be for?

166dc0  No.5136567


ya could talk about sports and the weather and what’s going on in their lives and just love and be loved. i mean, unless you can’t. family ties are important even if they’re dem activist never trumpers. you could just not contribute to that and be a little apolitical around them… maybe phonefag secretly under the table

55b8da  No.5136568

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Preferred version

f1b4dd  No.5136569


Okay, I read it. Take back my notable rating.

1f9370  No.5136570

File: 423cb1c1b227531⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 3768x4240, 471:530, 423cb1c1b227531abf24bea8d2….jpg)


I am shifting into R mode now! :D

5f71f1  No.5136571


That’s creepy

b03dce  No.5136572


Do you have a research dig with sauce?

Those make notables.

Or do you have just a meme and some angry? that's why everyone mocks your muhjoos. Because you have nothing to offer except..


Hell, it probably is! It probably is. But just saying that is nothing of value. Go do a research dig, and bring back some sauce that hasn't been seen before.

Or continue to whine. Whining is shill. Digging is anon. Dig or whine and that choice defines yourself.

9a8e0c  No.5136573



dcca20  No.5136574

File: 44b27db59bbeed5⋯.png (589.36 KB, 1020x677, 1020:677, 60C1BD69-BA65-48F0-BDA2-94….png)



Read a book…

That is Thomas Paine……

Hurry go get (you)r payment for (you)r (you)

971b78  No.5136575


Exactly. Try saying anything about being gay in Saudi.

I guess that was not your point though.

She made a specific statement that I was responding to. That is all.

a1bc06  No.5136576


Concur. Anonlife

aefef1  No.5136577

File: 446837f46116db8⋯.png (990.31 KB, 840x1118, 420:559, trump the man from earth 2.png)

fee84f  No.5136578

f3b42c  No.5136579

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We must be over the target! Many shills

4f0399  No.5136580

File: f651c421550c170⋯.png (1.02 MB, 799x500, 799:500, 1549951625454.png)

26ee06  No.5136581


Tis a boat called GLORY, anon.

Tis a boat called GLORY!

aad438  No.5136582


I had that bass ackwards for about the first six months of Q. Damn near killed me!

Got it turned around though.

a92856  No.5136583

File: 6d855042a945017⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Interesting.jpg)


I have to stick around just to see if this baker puts this in the notables. At least four notable nominations..

a83b78  No.5136584

File: 2ff0a56282eeeae⋯.png (47.96 KB, 718x115, 718:115, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

feabf5  No.5136585

File: 76d6b5f050757da⋯.jpg (673.36 KB, 1196x676, 23:13, massoy.jpg)


>go larp on reddit faggot

23b02c  No.5136586

File: 09db5d73f041a97⋯.jpg (110.95 KB, 592x701, 592:701, VKneedstobeputin.jpg)

2d188f  No.5136587

File: 44534581a6c50ff⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1800x1465, 360:293, flak.png)

0d0f35  No.5136588



Thank you anons for the reminder ….. Love you ( no homo)

We win

God wins

84584d  No.5136589

File: 5ad9f5ba0af1b08⋯.jpg (130.42 KB, 980x585, 196:117, WontExist.jpg)


I'm sorry. Logic ate your brain there can you repeat with something that actually makes sense? I'll wait…

ca9fec  No.5136590

File: e54e44fb5dd91d6⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 600x773, 600:773, 1549912757.jpg)


The grace ouf our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, securing your holy spirits to the day of our beloved father, creator of all and the author of our souls.

May the peace that passes all understanding rest upon you.

Where we go one, we go all!

3e0f2b  No.5136591

File: 9e94d090ea6acda⋯.jpg (138.39 KB, 666x500, 333:250, Pepe's Advice.jpg)


The Golden Rule can be considered an ethic of reciprocity in some religions, although other religions treat it differently. The maxim may appear as either a positive or negative injunction governing conduct.

Subset of the rule:

Asking questions around here is a sure fire way to out yourself as a faggit shill.

You want to talk to mommy now?..I think she is done.

e25c7a  No.5136592


Dig on Jordan Maxwell to learn more on Saturn Cult..Saturn..Satan.

1f5069  No.5136593

File: 229ada89ca18977⋯.jpg (44.66 KB, 720x960, 3:4, pepe shit on you.jpg)

8e1dca  No.5136594

File: 8398e794998c2f0⋯.png (53.59 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Stay On Target.png)

c92b79  No.5136595

File: 63cb802e478724a⋯.jpg (80.14 KB, 1080x767, 1080:767, truth-1080x767_kindlephoto….jpg)

5f71f1  No.5136596

191049  No.5136597







Mein Faggots. Howdy Cucks. Want to play a game of shitpost each other? Multiples against me, should be a fair fight. Have any real debate you’d like to post, or just the shit memes?

284a50  No.5136598


Obama was the proverbial pied piper of the Left. His promise of bringing change, and his youth, was what lured many to vote for him. Truthfully, he didn't begin showing his fangs until his second term. The tune wore off, and the rats began to mock him, but were still too afraid to stand up and speak out fully because they were still afraid of being labeled racist.

1b776c  No.5136599


“'It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future'” is attributed to a baseball-playing philosopher, Yogi Berra,

16a917  No.5136600

File: 3341cd07d518861⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 297x246, 99:82, 3f649767c337a80c849d421161….jpg)

File: 09704f16283d214⋯.jpg (323.89 KB, 937x846, 937:846, 67b57aa9ec626199e605ca018c….jpg)

80cfee  No.5136601


I don't copy pasta shit. Wrong Anon. KEK!!

7a4f8f  No.5136602

File: 30f4e5bc4267e3a⋯.png (48.33 KB, 674x373, 674:373, ClipboardImage.png)

read the fred


a30e56  No.5136603

File: a8e4650dd1d79b0⋯.jpeg (46.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, DGQ2JiPW0AIM3uW.jpg-large.jpeg)


you ain't wrong nibba ;)

23b02c  No.5136604

File: 310c95304942a40⋯.png (21.91 KB, 391x497, 391:497, R18WeNeverLeft.png)

18 > R. kek

7bd7b0  No.5136605


you foresaw Trump back then, or you're a boomer who loves authority?

9a8e0c  No.5136606

File: b5db5928f38ab1a⋯.jpg (240.75 KB, 300x536, 75:134, 15498940793302606692085309….jpg)

File: 0fa9d5f293b533c⋯.jpg (11.14 KB, 170x354, 85:177, Rubens_saturn.jpg)

File: cdd73c1d4bded67⋯.jpg (58.82 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 7d348f28cd98e3d8acae34174b….jpg)

File: 1a2030d830292df⋯.jpg (395.67 KB, 2100x1500, 7:5, axihcv3q8gx01.jpg)

File: ebea8d89e104a1c⋯.jpg (180.25 KB, 710x720, 71:72, hNm4UQG.jpg)


Sure heres one our comped bakers today have been ignoring:

Pizzagate and pedovore are modern terms for what (((they))) have been doing for over 3500 years


0d0f35  No.5136607

98efd0  No.5136608


Worse is the fact that he was sent to a medical facility like Reality Winner.

He likely didn’t share a cell with anyone and there is no violence at med facilities in general. No bubba for Anthony W.

Med facilities are generally cushy with special diets and lots of privileges. No one wants to get rolled up and sent to gen pop for fighting. Same for some minimum yards with work or school programs. It was his reward for keeping his mouth shut just like Reality W.

It’s a little disheartening sometimes to know that the only higher level perp walk happened because a fifteen year old girl took matters into her own hands.

4a3b5a  No.5136609

File: e852a01bb251373⋯.png (272.77 KB, 407x522, 407:522, IMG_731.png)

patriots remember!

1f9370  No.5136610

File: 664e269765d1a51⋯.png (21.44 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 0 LAUGH.png)


oh my, whats your name? :D

would you like to be muh shield maiden t…. oh shit… yes Ma'am, apologies… I, I, did not recognize you at first…

no wait… wtf? :D

2d188f  No.5136611


If the muhjoo shills had one more brain cell, we'd need to water them.

dd442f  No.5136612

File: d539f7783ec9e68⋯.png (29.81 KB, 739x361, 739:361, poll.PNG)

Hi guys, please fuck up the libs on this dumb twatter poll


e71c20  No.5136613

File: 0a5483752d6b59d⋯.jpg (108.29 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 0a5483752d6b59d60d36372aca….jpg)

File: 0e160c2ca813af2⋯.jpg (65.28 KB, 558x350, 279:175, 0e160c2ca813af2709e609e829….jpg)

File: 54a269d9d500924⋯.jpg (54.61 KB, 540x587, 540:587, 54a269d9d500924156b75dd9f8….jpg)

4f0399  No.5136614

File: 8073b97898d06d7⋯.png (162.96 KB, 1482x450, 247:75, 14dfff9d020484d770748f750a….png)


Right after you admit the holocaust was faked and you suck a fart out of mein asshole?

4a3b5a  No.5136615

File: eb1c7a719d563e2⋯.png (591.53 KB, 615x820, 3:4, IMG_736.png)

patriots remember!!

a30e56  No.5136616


Nice way of describing a large predatory cat with a tendency to enjoy nose candy.

8a051c  No.5136617


I counted 6 notable recommendations so far.

f3b42c  No.5136618


Get Together! Fear’s the way we die!

When the one who left us here, returns for us at last

We are but a moments sunlight, fading in the grass

a83b78  No.5136619

File: ba03913465d4997⋯.png (442.53 KB, 752x533, 752:533, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

1c43f1  No.5136620



pepes neck tho?

4a3b5a  No.5136621

File: 7effeb29d3aa0ef⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1133x1700, 1133:1700, IMG_737.png)

ptriots remember!!!

d4ba62  No.5136622

File: 52543dd184b70fa⋯.jpg (12.65 KB, 255x191, 255:191, AUTISTICCHILDRENPLAYHERE.jpg)

File: 9bc65641ed677ac⋯.jpeg (24.09 KB, 474x391, 474:391, pepe_glasses_tilt.jpeg)

84584d  No.5136623

File: 37b5fd6a590205f⋯.jpg (862.21 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, DrainTheSwamp3.jpg)


yep, you really should see someone about that Anon. embarrassing for you child. get that thing a plug or something

a86688  No.5136624

File: 844ecbc626556d8⋯.jpg (42.84 KB, 413x310, 413:310, CLhkN_RUAAECTrr.jpg)

1f5069  No.5136625



6 million in 6 years? 1 million a year?

2700 a day? Wars going on too? BULLSHIT!

Mathematically no way 2700 were killed a day.

13a7a9  No.5136626

File: fd5ee322a2cdb37⋯.jpg (182.14 KB, 864x1600, 27:50, IMG-20190212-WA0000.jpg)

My God this has been an incredible journey. I feel bad for all the non Q people. I hope Q Team can find a way to secretly fund part of this op for the next hundred years or more. There must be a way to bury it in some budget. Gonna have a beer now. Gotta shovel tomorrow.

This brew's for you Q crew!

fee84f  No.5136627

Anyone find a pic of Beto's rally from well behind the press line? I haven't seen anything except for up close or at the press line. Without a pic of farther back I don't get how they recon their numbers of 10-15k. The crowd I see from the press line is maybe 600-700

d2a3f2  No.5136628

File: 38d770402833218⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1001x631, 1001:631, GonzalezCannon.png)

404f21  No.5136630


Handsome man. Almost beautiful.

a92856  No.5136631

File: c5c52328a59f459⋯.jpg (27.39 KB, 454x308, 227:154, SpongeBob.JPG)


What will the baker do?

46daeb  No.5136632

File: 3e04b200989215d⋯.jpg (916.3 KB, 1345x4148, 1345:4148, screencapture-original-ant….jpg)


cd7ec6  No.5136633

File: 594ab9cc5f89a53⋯.jpg (150.11 KB, 925x613, 925:613, warren.jpg)

23b02c  No.5136634

File: 69b8c4b51462abe⋯.png (229.44 KB, 587x567, 587:567, T4ExtraN.png)

38737e  No.5136635

File: cc0f70fc4dbfa95⋯.jpeg (43.45 KB, 739x415, 739:415, D9E52071-ADF3-4FE4-BA81-A….jpeg)

y’all ever talk to the trees

leafy niggas got personality

46ed67  No.5136636


I agree with this post and its not notable

come on anons

Opinions are not notable

information is

557e08  No.5136637

Who is DJT??

The greatest orator of all time?

f1b4dd  No.5136638

Good night anons, you wonderful bastards. You know who you are. God Bless, bis Morgan.

1b776c  No.5136639


I truly believe this…. God speed warriors, my powder is dry and my weapon is oiled.

8e1dca  No.5136640

File: 8393e59a99feefe⋯.jpg (365.52 KB, 1200x696, 50:29, Bring it Back Great Hangin….jpg)

a86688  No.5136641

File: 7d6f5571d50ca7b⋯.jpg (25.5 KB, 454x460, 227:230, Come_And_Take_It_Mural.jpg)

898468  No.5136642


molon labe

7bd7b0  No.5136643


That's true

b03dce  No.5136644


The deep state has a lot of crimes to answer for, and Potus points them out in different ways to show the DS that he knows and will hold them to account. His friend being killed certainly is one he waves in Hillary's face.

It just doesn't follow that the victims of any DS crimes that POTUS points out or refers to, 'are still alive'. Extrapolating the latter from the unrelated value of the former, is what turned people off the subject.

191049  No.5136645


Put it in the JQ thread notables. That’s where this shit belongs

d5eef0  No.5136646


Should be whataBERDER 17 kek

31c726  No.5136647


No. Everybody else needs God. We have him.

1f9370  No.5136648

File: c3cb6e8668b3a66⋯.jpg (95.92 KB, 704x547, 704:547, 483e7776441550afeceebc5267….jpg)

a92856  No.5136649

File: 416ee0cd5776275⋯.jpg (6.2 KB, 225x225, 1:1, JewsSuckIII.jpg)


Says the anonymous kike.

d4ba62  No.5136650

File: d5b9ba7c85a3ed0⋯.jpg (914.9 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, boomers gonna boom.jpg)

File: 1ab1cc81242fbd3⋯.png (249.45 KB, 635x437, 635:437, MEMEVETQ!!.png)

File: a569688ecbf8620⋯.jpg (278.3 KB, 1307x686, 1307:686, MemewarQDigitalMilitia1.jpg)

971b78  No.5136651

File: ed1e4fca0532abf⋯.png (2.51 MB, 2244x1256, 561:314, ClipboardImage.png)

What if all the anti Jew propaganda in here is from Iran? Makes sense somehow.

16a917  No.5136652

File: fe6ec7936d56a98⋯.jpg (70.96 KB, 476x419, 476:419, it's all good.jpg)

46ed67  No.5136654


opinion !!!!!!!

Not Notable

887141  No.5136655

File: 4c52b878e1fd009⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 1500x877, 1500:877, HerringBoneView_0759vib.jpg)

Watch the Water

Hello RIO GRANDE! Meet EO on Restoring the Rule of Law, Federalism, and Economic Growth by Reviewing the “Waters of the United States” Rule…


4f0399  No.5136656


Would also take a shitload of gas, no?

Not to mention the actual amount of time to burn a human body, about 8 hours per?

The supposed gas chambers could only hold maybe 2?

Just not possible nor logical.

Easier times to lie back then but they catch up.

Dark to LIGHT.

a86688  No.5136657


President Donald J. Trump is The Greatest President in the history of the United States of America.

a30e56  No.5136658


Sharia vs Zion… don't NOT make sense…

d2a3f2  No.5136659


So proud of all you anons


aad438  No.5136660


>The greatest orator of all time?

Jesus Christ gets my vote.

23b02c  No.5136661

File: 2b794f5b26f17fc⋯.png (384.04 KB, 637x588, 13:12, JFKJr.RDJTorigpost.png)

a92856  No.5136662

File: 9ef563d60879875⋯.jpg (56.89 KB, 551x549, 551:549, JewsSuckII.jpg)

84584d  No.5136663

File: f69ededf1c4dc57⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1828x1828, 1:1, TrumpReveals.png)


I elect this faggot Judge and Jury, kek. Fuck off

355da6  No.5136664

>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

stop your fucking whining you fucking faggots

91eb74  No.5136665


>still doesn't know it's not about the content


971b78  No.5136666


>Sharia vs Zion… don't NOT make sense…

So you say Achmed.

404f21  No.5136667


You encapsulated it nicely Anon. Have one on me.

070ba6  No.5136668

How to protect your image/company/future when you are a billionaire…

1. Buy large media outlet like Washington Post

2. Publish disinfo to public by using now owned media outlet

3. Spread disinfo by using help of billionaire friends that own social media companies

4. Have hundreds/thousands of small media outlets link each other as source of reporting

[ie: "according to a report by "xyz" small news"]

5. Trust that people are too busy with life/family/kids/work to research if info is fake and not credible

6. Enhance disinfo narrative outside of internet/news/social media and put into public places

7. Target high traffic areas like airports, sporting events, billboards, train stations, bars, restaurants, etc….

8. Repeat until society is convinced they are informed of truth

9. Control Society in your favor

10. Pray society is ALWAYS divided and NEVER united.

Billionaire 101

c7a63c  No.5136669


Kek! I've always hated the anti-boomer division shilling. But that first one is pretty good.

ca9fec  No.5136670

File: c5172719db66ee4⋯.jpeg (9.26 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1549599704.jpeg)


I think they want anyone to adopt them

191049  No.5136671


What’s Notable? Same shit memes as before with zero sauce. Go fuck off.

b03dce  No.5136672

a92856  No.5136673

File: bece7ebcade19ea⋯.jpg (60.57 KB, 804x803, 804:803, JewsSuckIV.jpg)

1f9370  No.5136674

File: 7c9b1ac63cf12c6⋯.png (104.02 KB, 713x584, 713:584, tk2020.png)


fuck it, I am gonna not able it as well! :D

a86688  No.5136675

File: 674682732bd870e⋯.jpg (67.41 KB, 520x600, 13:15, alamo_alamo.jpg)



d2a3f2  No.5136676


I look forward to the day we all gather and meet, once we take our Great Country back…


13a7a9  No.5136677

1888 Tariff Debate 😂😂😂

Trip 8's confirms!!!!

a83b78  No.5136678

File: cce8b47ba995586⋯.png (242.79 KB, 755x664, 755:664, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

8f8ac2  No.5136679

File: ecc7c1381451b8e⋯.png (378.65 KB, 670x508, 335:254, ClipboardImage.png)

e71c20  No.5136680

File: 5ab8978dc686a46⋯.jpg (143.04 KB, 854x570, 427:285, 5ab8978dc686a46b5e2cc12fe0….jpg)

File: 9ef20590860bf59⋯.jpg (82.75 KB, 800x527, 800:527, 9ef20590860bf5985d54d6ac66….jpg)

File: a64515912617e15⋯.jpeg (47.04 KB, 408x528, 17:22, 370e6dffc5825f6d073b34f2a….jpeg)


Unless she suicides or arkancides she and her crew are going to have the best walls. Bars even.

a92856  No.5136681

File: 975eece466b9a22⋯.jpg (21.79 KB, 256x353, 256:353, Rebbe SchneersonBox.JPG)

1c43f1  No.5136682

26545a  No.5136683


I think it's a sort of "supershilling" scenario. Shills know that when they try to distract from a subject, they draw attention to it. So, rather than trying to shill away from Mossad, they try to shill toward Mossad and sow confusion.

I think the issue of who is whom is a little more complicated. Israel as a nation is being used - willingly or unwillingly - as a sort of bait for the whole world to get hooked by. Then you have your NWO meeting behind the Seal of Solomon to put their chosen/lineage into power in various regions.

It's not a straightforward situation, but the goal of the shills is to try and translate the discussion into something straightforward and simplistic. The more basic they can make the argument, the better they can deflect rational people.

It won't work, but it does make it a bit more difficult to have a reasonable conversation about the higher echelons of control and who seats them in what relative authority, since it's not as simple as "da joos" - but the jewish groups within many nations are most certainly involved with the cabal, if not comprising it.

557e08  No.5136684


Yea but I can watch this any time


23b02c  No.5136685


kek. Very lame.

166dc0  No.5136686

File: d8cb54f239469c0⋯.jpeg (119.29 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 272C55BB-D031-43D7-9AA2-C….jpeg)

8a051c  No.5136687


maybe its a global notable then… since those arent digs but moar of an announcement that anons feel is important enough for the board.

6 recommendations for a post is moar than any I’ve ever gotten and I think moar than any I can remember seeing other anons getting.

and I have seen plenty of lists, anon’s thoughts, etc make notables that arent actual digs but whatever.

a30e56  No.5136688

File: 0083bc30d73ec3c⋯.png (924.36 KB, 1000x1317, 1000:1317, BuddhaQalmYourEgo.png)


I'm tired of being called a jew enough that an aloha snackbar reference is welcome.

c1b557  No.5136689

File: 4c1c29c533edec9⋯.png (522.72 KB, 889x500, 889:500, ClipboardImage.png)

1f5069  No.5136690

File: ec25b436444fc6e⋯.jpg (100.26 KB, 1024x912, 64:57, IMG_20170527_0001-1024x912.jpg)

23b02c  No.5136691




7bd7b0  No.5136692

File: 5ead381f543f167⋯.mp4 (7.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5ead381f543f167044460f0bd1….mp4)



bdcd6c  No.5136693

File: 230f5cc64f81d01⋯.jpg (153.48 KB, 750x320, 75:32, jew shut it down convoy-10….jpg)

c2f0ef  No.5136694

File: 23f5518de34336c⋯.jpg (85.95 KB, 908x659, 908:659, mdwkitlq8zf21.jpg)



Doing my part…

fee84f  No.5136695


with multiple booms habbening concurrently

2d188f  No.5136696

When Q isn't posting it can get a little boring in here, so here's a pastime all Anons can play along at home when the shills are flooding the board.

MuhJoo Bingo! 2.0

(New and Improved)

Too many Anons were scoring 100 in the first 25 posts, so we upped the target points to 500!


Points earned for per-post bigot phrases.

Remember one or more dangerously over-generalized racial smears per post can count, so catch as many as you can.

Hitler/Nazi references - 0 points (As always)

Jew - 1 Point

Fake Jew - 2 Point Bonus Combo

Goy/Goyim – 2 Points

Gorillion – 2 Points

Israel - 2 Points

Rabbi - 2 Points

Torah – 2 Points

Talmud - 2 Points

Zion, Zionist - 2 Points

JIDF – 3 Points

Hebe - 3 Points

Shekels/Shekel – 3 Points

Baby penis/Foreskin – 4 Points

Holohoax – 4 Points

Cabal & Kabbal - 4 Points (Must contain both)

Boomer - 5 Points, only if addressed to you as a personal insult

Kike, Kikey, Kikes - 5 Points

Ashkenazi – 10 Points

Khazarian – 10 Points

Pilpul - 25 Points

Red Sea Pedestrian - *50 Points* (Rare, but can be the game winner)

Bonus Multiplier 2x for a (You) in a response

Bonus Multiplier 3x for a (You) with response in bold red text

Be sure to call all your big scores and yell Bingo when you get to *500* points in any one bread.

Brought to you by ShillBaiter Enterprises

Coming Soon – MuhBingo! Flat Earth Edition

355da6  No.5136697


>any I’ve ever

so fucking what, nothing in your post is even new, it's common knowledge

the moar you fucks keep bitching about it, the less I think it's notable or even organically being nominated

so carry on

8a051c  No.5136698



whoops, 7 notable recommendations with this one now >>5136674

1f9370  No.5136699





404f21  No.5136700


kek nice one Anon

84584d  No.5136701


How's pathetic?

456b4d  No.5136702

File: d040dac491d4831⋯.jpg (117.64 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Untitled.jpg)

a92856  No.5136703

File: 9da728b01c1d152⋯.jpg (26.23 KB, 453x355, 453:355, ScoobySnacksIII.JPG)


I agree, recommend for global notable.



3e0f2b  No.5136704


that would still be a waste of water.

a30e56  No.5136705

File: 4c01098e5d81238⋯.jpg (58.17 KB, 873x747, 97:83, 52013998_10205743655347297….jpg)

Well this is interdasting…

Black helicopter… Wells Fargo…


a74d06  No.5136706

The investigation found David J. Knight made at least nine trips to Puerto Rico to acquire more than two kilograms of cocaine. The drugs were then shipped via U.S. Postal Service to various addresses in R.I.

👁️PROVIDENCE — A Fall River man pleaded guilty Monday to federal charges that he participated in a conspiracy to traffic cocaine from Puerto Rico to Rhode Island through the U.S. Postal Service.

David J. Knight, 48, admitted that beginning in August 2016, he made at least nine trips to Puerto Rico to purchase cocaine, which was then packaged and shipped through the U.S. Postal Service to various addresses in Rhode Island, according to a news release from the office of U.S. Attorney Aaron L. Weisman.

Authorities determined that Knight acquired about 250 grams of cocaine per trip.

Knight pleaded guilty before U.S. District Court Judge John J. McConnell Jr. to conspiracy to possess more than one kilogram of cocaine with the intent to distribute, and possession of more than one kilogram of cocaine with the intent to distribute.

Knight is the ninth person charged in a series of ongoing investigations by U.S. Postal Inspection Service agents to identify and interrupt the delivery of packages of narcotics shipped through the U.S. Postal Service to addresses in Rhode Island, to identify individuals responsible for making the shipments, and to identify the intended recipients of the packages.

He is scheduled to be sentenced June 11.



a86688  No.5136707

File: 116d675a6a508d6⋯.png (897.37 KB, 1045x618, 1045:618, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at ….png)

1f5069  No.5136709




b03dce  No.5136710


in addition, JIDF/MOSSAD use kayfabe tactics, in which one/several will point to jews, and the others will blast it down. NO digs or information, just the constant bitching at each other. When its the same shill team. serves to tire everyone out about the subject, as a deflective strat.

284a50  No.5136711


Incorrect. There's a reason that when you dig into all of this information, you always end up stumbling onto a jewish connection. If you really want to know how bad it is, I would suggest looking at American politicians, and cross-referencing how many of them have dual-citizenship in Israel. The final redpill is realizing what that means. It's hard to swallow, but is the truth.

ca9fec  No.5136712


Bakers getting rolled in the four a kneaded just right, patience go cap off to AOC for 30 seconds ffs

a30e56  No.5136713

File: 4f3281456208971⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1500x2180, 75:109, ForTheGodsAndTheCountryQ.png)


Wouldn't know.

Why don't you enlighten us?

b8fa3e  No.5136714

File: 76be1fd8cd37cba⋯.png (556.62 KB, 960x690, 32:23, ClipboardImage.png)

9bc536  No.5136715


One might think, except not. When your phone keeps doing things for no known reason, at some point you decide to start writing it down to see if there's some rhyme or reason. I've always been pretty good at math, but only recently am I seeing numbers in everything. Q has gotten me trained to look for deltas in the difference between receipt totals before and after sales tax. kek. Your timestamp makes a nice #2, 28(JR), btw… and there's that 1222 again at the end of the post #.

1b776c  No.5136716


what is the 17th letter of the alphabet newfag?

bdcd6c  No.5136717


more like PERTriots amirite?

fee84f  No.5136718


But what is the sauce for this claim to make it notable?

a83b78  No.5136719

File: 4c7e3c0b3744441⋯.png (177.42 KB, 755x525, 151:105, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

23b02c  No.5136720

File: 659031d993f4e7c⋯.png (17.13 KB, 1234x340, 617:170, QMirrorAnsweryesA.png)

Q answered yes to the JFK Jr. question. It is a MIRROR.



SEE the IDs, then fill in the blanks…

1. Odds of cc occupying spaces 5 and 6 on both randomly-generated IDs:_______

2. Odds of interrogator's randomly-generated id adding up to 23 (PAIN/JFK Jr.):_____

3. Odds of Q's randomly-generated id adding up to 17: _____

4. Odds of a flipped question/answer matching Q's THINK MIRROR:_____

5. Odds of 2 of the above happening together:_____

6. Odds of 3 of the above happening together:_____

7. Odds of 4 of the above happening together:______

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible? -Q

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263683 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:51:59 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 07b0b9 No.2263659 📁

Jul 24 2018 11:50:26 (EST)




Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?

Logical thinking.



d4ba62  No.5136721


>It just doesn't follow that the victims of any DS crimes that POTUS points out or refers to, 'are still alive'. Extrapolating the latter from the unrelated value of the former, is what turned people off the subject.

Anyone who believes it is encouraged by some 2 things:

1) there is a tight window, that if it passes one is safe to assume that said victim is not alive - there's no Elvis/Tupac bullshit going on here

2) the "communications" that anons pick out indicated that said victim in this case is still alive

3) finally, if said victim was actually killed then that would put a huge failure on the shoulders of whomever has been planning and executing The Plan for supposedly decades - i.e., allowing the DS to get the son of the person whose assassination sparked this whole thing indicates they're not as great at their job as we're lead to believe…I have faith though, so am encouraged to believe that the man is still alive - for now

84584d  No.5136722


you just make the Letter Q Stronger, more relevant with every negative you post. Sowwy loser

a86688  No.5136723

File: ab98eff736006f8⋯.jpg (26.75 KB, 420x315, 4:3, 9067e1f3e833f73aa0acda4ac0….jpg)

23b02c  No.5136724

File: 474d9ce89b6daf6⋯.png (13.98 KB, 451x299, 451:299, Qmirrorsanddisinfo.png)

16a917  No.5136725

File: d55a9c921c5a833⋯.jpg (244.73 KB, 795x838, 795:838, exercise.jpg)

0c0887  No.5136726


Hopefully they take out wells fargo and destroy my mortage paperwork

1f9370  No.5136727

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I wasn't really gonna do it…

or was i…

a92856  No.5136728

File: 7cd655d8c534129⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 461x341, 461:341, Jew Pedo Religion.jpg)


English please..

e25c7a  No.5136729



23b02c  No.5136730

File: 21816379a61059f⋯.png (14.34 KB, 546x289, 546:289, WaitUntilYouLearn.png)

1f5069  No.5136731



That's a great way to see them as!


Meme exposes they truly have no idea what they are doing.

884e75  No.5136732

File: 54f556dd22f49af⋯.png (216.39 KB, 539x963, 539:963, ScoutingIreland.png)

Is it that awareness is growing,

is it just mine and yours,

or the entire world's?


a30e56  No.5136733



"How do you think we got great?!"

This is a fantastic idea.

Huge Q crowds at all the things the MSM will ACTUALLY cover….

23b02c  No.5136734

File: 10beda4ed0e9b31⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, AmbulanceFront.jpg)

355da6  No.5136735

Notables so far


>>5136389 Old tweet from Beto saying "tear down this (border) wall"

>>5136469 Haitians riot as they call for President Jovenel Moise to step down

>>5136472 65 People Line Up for Beto O’Rourke, 22,000 Line Up to See Trump in TEXAS

>>5136555 Lawmakers reach border deal 'in principle,' including $1.375B for physical barriers

971b78  No.5136736

File: 9cc636f1b384b7a⋯.png (910.18 KB, 1120x628, 280:157, ClipboardImage.png)

99b5a6  No.5136737

File: 6ca35f070aa398d⋯.png (47.14 KB, 628x545, 628:545, 333.png)

1f9370  No.5136738

File: 92a31abc5c4063e⋯.jpg (16.7 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 2df7c68fa4fb2f5cb15150f6ea….jpg)

803370  No.5136739


But no joo

a92856  No.5136740


Sauce is 6+ patriots calling for it to be a notable nig.

aefef1  No.5136741


Did they ever stop rioting from before the Gilet Jaunes?

aad438  No.5136742

File: e143c09bb7ba407⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 863x596, 863:596, bible.jpg)


And I can read this any time.

And I do.

404f21  No.5136743



No's where dropping to 70% when I weighed in.

a83b78  No.5136744

File: 6bfac96f8b99156⋯.png (114.47 KB, 751x290, 751:290, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

31c726  No.5136745


Jesus was no great orator.

He knew too much.

a30e56  No.5136746

File: 7608c6b8180b3d5⋯.png (985.23 KB, 800x725, 32:29, ClipboardImage.png)


Are you the redhead I'm looking for?


8f8ac2  No.5136747

File: ef1c2bb64441b0f⋯.png (235.32 KB, 538x510, 269:255, sliders.png)


SooperKike on a wild stretch here.. Top fukken kEK!!

23b02c  No.5136748



31c726  No.5136749

98efd0  No.5136750

File: 513bb0eb1c77bb9⋯.jpeg (185.71 KB, 670x385, 134:77, FE197883-7F98-42E7-BA9E-2….jpeg)

714829  No.5136751


Yep. Exactly.

a92856  No.5136753


Fucking Kike baker

BO, you paying attention, or are you sleeping at the wheel?

90d4b9  No.5136754

File: f101b7381d321cb⋯.png (790.44 KB, 770x433, 770:433, ClipboardImage.png)

File: af5aecd30a68a9c⋯.png (488.12 KB, 640x912, 40:57, ClipboardImage.png)

Man attacks reporters, knocks over cameras during Trump rally in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas — A male attendee accosted reporters standing behind cameras at President Trump's rally Monday night. The unidentified man ran down a set of stairs in the press section in the El Paso County Coliseum and jumped onto a platform where cameras were recording Trump's speech. The man shoved a handful of cameras, causing them to topple, and pushed reporters, knocking some of them over the roughly two-foot-high ledge.

One reporter yelled, "Get the police, get the police." Police were standing about 20 feet away near attendees in other sections. A police officer ran into the chaos after reporters had gotten a hold of the intruder. The man was kicked out of the venue, according to a Trump campaign official. Trump, recognizing the scuffle going on about 50 feet in front of him, asked if everyone was okay before returning to his speech. It's not immediately clear if anyone was seriously injured.


9c904e  No.5136755

This guy put out a nice thread. #WWG1WGA


166dc0  No.5136756

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is short and fun

55b8da  No.5136757


It ends them.

ca9fec  No.5136758

File: a4594a5224f0a6f⋯.jpg (319.45 KB, 1794x1218, 299:203, db12bcbf32e9a2177f7be589be….jpg)


Yes shills hanging around this long want to be MAGA

New recruits from the enemy ranks very useful

388cbd  No.5136759

fee84f  No.5136760


Public opinion isn't a sauce, especially if it is just a biased opinion. Is there any empirical data to back it up? Or is this just anti-jew shilling? FFS, where the fuck are we, this is Q research, right?

a30e56  No.5136761


You know the difference between you and me?

I'm not a graphic designer.

I also don't lie about how many followers I have.

aad438  No.5136762


And that's a pretty good deterrent.

2c7791  No.5136763


Why are you posting this?

355da6  No.5136764


what are you going to do about you fucking bitch?

84584d  No.5136765

File: a97e88d035a750f⋯.png (2.78 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, GingerBread Q Alpha.png)


Ginger's rule

e25c7a  No.5136766

File: f142f907b2c3f4c⋯.png (207.1 KB, 502x506, 251:253, aoccrazy2.png)

d3ed6e  No.5136767


No idiot - the sign at Beto's rally.

And not a newfag - got my 3rd Q(you) tonight.

cd351a  No.5136768


that was ME

d6ee5a  No.5136769

Just wondering if late term abortions are about finding a new source of adrenachone. Didn't Trump talk about aborting babies who can "feel pain"?

e71c20  No.5136770

File: 21b5860322a968d⋯.jpg (130.96 KB, 720x340, 36:17, Kaaba-e1409022448827-720x3….jpg)


Kinda reminds me of something…

aefef1  No.5136771


Step right up and get some

404f21  No.5136772


Yeah I saw them drag the guy out. What a jerk

3e0f2b  No.5136773


I'm sure it's already in the trust they keep it in 6 gorillion times. Kind of a problem the last rodeo with those.

2c7791  No.5136774


Half the bakers are (((them))) welcome to Q research

6db233  No.5136775

File: e20d87731d1ae52⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1200x1370, 120:137, ClipboardImage.png)

191049  No.5136776

>>5136611 Plants need water.

>>5136614 another fake post on half or wherever is sauce? Mein my cock cuck. Telling the story that it was fake doesn’t make it true. Try harder. MSM tactic.

>>5136625 Mein Tard. Try harder. Only leftists push this. How’s it being a Freshman Muslim?

aad438  No.5136777

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3f10e8  No.5136778

File: c734c4676e9a423⋯.png (638.37 KB, 900x416, 225:104, Batman 7.png)


>Who is DJT??


e44a4a  No.5136779

File: a912e5d7fd8876e⋯.jpeg (205.05 KB, 1242x696, 207:116, A024603C-E132-4E82-86E5-9….jpeg)

Red Sea

1f5069  No.5136780


I'm not the one that called you a kike but something was nominated several times…

a14808  No.5136781

File: c6385e2baac4d62⋯.png (144.54 KB, 695x549, 695:549, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

File: 268f2a5dd42af16⋯.png (173.26 KB, 725x620, 145:124, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

File: 363ef19dd45ac21⋯.png (161.6 KB, 712x695, 712:695, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

File: 28aafc029265d0c⋯.png (578.26 KB, 699x884, 699:884, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

File: 9e260ebfc405dbc⋯.png (544.09 KB, 715x791, 715:791, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

According to the faghags at POL, Shiff is under Anon attack!




a92856  No.5136782


Yeah, at least you confirmed my suspicion.

This whole fucking thing is one giant kike loving LARP

1f9370  No.5136783

File: b91580ca251b0df⋯.jpg (106.42 KB, 900x900, 1:1, DmbkNWcV4AA8rl3.jpg)


I have BO phone number if you need it?

23b02c  No.5136784




a30e56  No.5136785

File: 1f18add8d851394⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1000x1341, 1000:1341, FoundYouBitch.png)


But liars can suck it.

"Muh Only 3"

b03dce  No.5136786

File: 26595e89035ed6a⋯.png (1.91 MB, 3458x1465, 3458:1465, 26595e89035ed6ae86cc2d3741….png)

File: 3fda96b6e89cdfd⋯.png (63.58 KB, 746x558, 373:279, crokin.PNG)

File: d3230ee80fcf36b⋯.png (139.39 KB, 661x456, 661:456, liz1.PNG)

File: 691a2325f98e2f7⋯.png (217.67 KB, 1169x2939, 1169:2939, b6d32a0f07243ab260c958c0ba….png)


>'said communications that anons pick out'.

No anons picked those out. 'Fingers' started the nonsense, wrote the original post because her theory would not get traction. SHE picked out the conversations and interpreted them HER way.

Nobody here took her seriously, and still don't. If these aren't enough for you, see next post

9ac23b  No.5136787


if they had a page from the mossad shill handbook to back this up, then notable. until then…

9195e3  No.5136788

File: c5fc31a8920c94b⋯.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1:1, c5fc31a8920c94bd3994634a98….gif)


We all want a redhead until that morning you wake up with your dick superglued to your belly.

714829  No.5136789

WWG1WGA Nite Anons

a74d06  No.5136790


Also Fall River

No deals


Court document: No plea talks between feds, embattled Fall River mayor

Fall River Mayor Jasiel F. Correia II has had no plea discussions with federal prosecutors about resolving his indictment on wire fraud and false tax return charges short of trial, according to a status report on his case.

The same document, filed Wednesday by prosecutors and Correia’s defense attorney Kevin J. Reddington, informs U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Donald L. Cabell that Correia is reserving his right to offer “a defense of insanity, public authority, or alibi … at a later date.”

The legal adversaries are requesting a hearing on the case scheduled for next week be canceled as unnecessary.

Prosecutors tell Cabell they have turned over 18,256 pages of discovery to Correia’s defense. No trial date has been set, but if one occurs they expect it to last two to three weeks.

“The parties have not had any plea discussions,” the report states, but does not elaborate on whether the subject has been broached or if either side isn’t open to the idea.

Correia, 27, could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. He has refused to resign from office.

He is accused of defrauding seven investors in an app company, SnoOwl, he founded out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of four years — the bulk of which prosecutors allege Correia spent on a Mercedes-Benz C300 sport sedan, designer clothing, jewelry, travel, fine dining, casinos, dating services and adult entertainment, as well as his own campaign fund and student loan debt.

Correia has pleaded not guilty to the charges.


1f5069  No.5136791



Apologies I seen you commented on it.

23b02c  No.5136792

File: 2e9f7044218982f⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 413x450, 413:450, 20pctopac.jpg)

File: 5211f7f2b672238⋯.jpg (24.42 KB, 416x448, 13:14, 30pctopac.jpg)

File: 4df2300ea407e73⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 418x448, 209:224, 60pctopac.jpg)

File: 59b643a95b81604⋯.jpg (25.27 KB, 411x444, 137:148, 80pctopac.jpg)

64534b  No.5136793


The Dachau camp was the first to open in 1933.

It first housed political dissidents, gypys, homosexuals, and others.

Jewish people first arrived in 1938.

So, we have 1938 as the starting point.

The other 11 camps followed.

Many people died of disease and lack of medical care.

So, it is hard to calculate exactly how many died by execution in alll it's forms.

404f21  No.5136794


Savage … love this guy

f8ac36  No.5136795



>not today

55b8da  No.5136796

File: 57814e89d269f6b⋯.png (411.85 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

a92856  No.5136797


More than half

aad438  No.5136798

File: 50bafcbe79b7536⋯.jpg (40.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, dopplegangers1.jpg)

191049  No.5136799


Says the shill. Fuck off. Same shit, over and over.

aefef1  No.5136800

File: 7fd036e4aafbeb9⋯.jpg (122.62 KB, 620x820, 31:41, james woods when theres tr….jpg)

a30e56  No.5136801


What an odd thing to bring to a Beta rally…

0b67e1  No.5136802


Is this to report people who are abusing the clergy?

b03dce  No.5136803

File: c93b8fc4bf3246d⋯.png (18.83 KB, 478x320, 239:160, c93b8fc4bf3246d67c389fadb5….png)

File: ccffed0dfaca593⋯.jpg (70.79 KB, 1088x495, 1088:495, ccffed0dfaca593adcb8c047f5….jpg)

461bd0  No.5136804

File: 7973488c0d987af⋯.jpg (82.39 KB, 500x368, 125:92, 3.jpg)


…This Saturn cube again. I see it everywhere.

23b02c  No.5136805

File: 9b16cd73575e493⋯.png (6.65 KB, 456x185, 456:185, The Start.png)

d5eef0  No.5136806


What has Aerosmith been up to these days anyway?

2d188f  No.5136807


Noone is suppressing your free speech.

We are just laughing at your pathetic attempts to enter propaganda as notables.

You should go to the JQ board. You'll meet lots of new friends there. I heard they do a circle jerk most weekday nights. You should try that.

fee84f  No.5136808


WTF are you talking about? I'm not defending Jews. I'm asking why is someone's opinion about jews calling divisionfaggotry out as notable

feabf5  No.5136809

File: 71a5e51ca49a12b⋯.png (423.92 KB, 1672x931, 88:49, 1599d322c2f814cbc2db702cb4….png)



e25c7a  No.5136810

File: d27ab4d5b19866e⋯.mp4 (7.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, rdkTFT_KidB14nDe.mp4)

a6ec2a  No.5136811

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"And now we're going to PHASE 3. We did 1, statutorily. We did 2, statutorily. Now we go to phase 3."

Time stamp: 3:37:20

f364b4  No.5136812

"Game Of Thrones bosses reveal cat Ser Pounce was killed off the show after mysteriously disappearing in season six"


Did somebody die?

ca9fec  No.5136813


Send your complaint to Microsoft, faggot

And focus on something important we got the thorough shitdump of muhjoos

If they really were all powerful we wouldn't have a Saudi Arabia, now would we, Mohammed?

d0c82f  No.5136814

Newish anon here

Still learning how to avoid shill flak

Have read suggestions and recommendations

Decided what might work best for me is gut feeling

If I think it's a shill, it probably is a shill

Thought I'd share

073b1b  No.5136815



3e0f2b  No.5136816

File: ce59ab1ad7fc40d⋯.jpg (12.15 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 3 midgets.jpg)

99b5a6  No.5136817

File: 1d4fd64ca3a4219⋯.png (369.18 KB, 800x533, 800:533, w.i.t..png)

38737e  No.5136818

File: 081d2ef9267eb6b⋯.jpeg (126.45 KB, 635x643, 635:643, 817212E3-B70E-4397-B3FF-2….jpeg)

File: a177ca1781b36ed⋯.jpeg (50.61 KB, 739x415, 739:415, 0B0408DD-C383-4D42-86F0-9….jpeg)


y’all ever make he connection between cows pooping out shrooms and cow worship in religions.

just sayin u can see the Moses burning bush fo yo self

b88501  No.5136819

Q, we need to have the TSA abolished. Airports need to provide their own security and they need to stop being allowed to harass American citizens. The only people who need to be checked are foreigners coming INTO America. Please make this happen!

191049  No.5136820


Do not misquote me faggot. Your deceit will be your downfall.

aad438  No.5136821

File: c03fdda1bc83791⋯.mp4 (796.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, What the eff you be talkin….mp4)


>WTF are you talking about?

78d6e2  No.5136822

90d4b9  No.5136823


Seriously, he is, what did he think he could do..I really don't get it, I have wonder if it was a pre planned set up with some doerayme if he completed the task. Effort to make us look bad. Thinking something like the followers of Trump are turning…..

1427c8  No.5136824

File: c8d78a8ec1ff918⋯.jpeg (20.32 KB, 221x234, 17:18, download (1).jpeg)

23b02c  No.5136826


Disinfo on a stress test. You failed.

a30e56  No.5136827

File: 49751e1983324c6⋯.jpg (41.65 KB, 430x285, 86:57, 4850783.jpg)

3b1946  No.5136828


Set up. Put a MAGAhat on anyone and have them attack ppl. Funny they dont mention if he ever said anything Maybe the fucker didnt even know how to speak English

a92856  No.5136829


You are full of kike shit baker..

You smell like lox..

e25c7a  No.5136830

File: 0bf5d9315949be4⋯.jpg (76.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WRWYyellow-vest.jpg)

191049  No.5136831


And fuck off as well, commie.

1f9370  No.5136832

File: 6116b764944d50b⋯.jpg (7.34 KB, 225x224, 225:224, 0 CRY HAPPY.jpg)


yes, well that and if we need to reach BO :D

8a051c  No.5136833


yeah fucking 10 notable recommendations and baker doesnt add it?? that aint right.

its a post that calls out mossad operations - baker admits its correct but says he wont add it? Q said mossad is here subverting our board… after that many recommendations for notable, how the fuck does a baker not include it?


its starting to look that way. bunk af.

803370  No.5136834

355da6  No.5136835


when is this from?? is it recent?

aefef1  No.5136836

File: 6c4dc6157118dd6⋯.jpg (127.23 KB, 710x579, 710:579, steven tyler ask me about ….jpg)


Probably more of this

fee84f  No.5136837


right? how the fuck is "divisionfags are jews" notable? WITAF

2d188f  No.5136838


Beats smelling like ignorance I guess.

e71c20  No.5136839

File: ab0f3e0fc05cb67⋯.jpg (53.2 KB, 600x400, 3:2, b98d9b830a22f52b4e6e01e692….jpg)

64534b  No.5136840


Kek. Exactly

573bef  No.5136841


utter bs

23b02c  No.5136842




308cb4  No.5136843

File: 0eac02c3ffbf544⋯.jpg (66.9 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, DzLL85HVsAAfplv.jpg)

a92856  No.5136844


Oh, BV is comped too?


7bd7b0  No.5136845


Thomas Paine was an antisemite?

1b776c  No.5136846


Makes total sense…

191049  No.5136847


No sauce.

f3b42c  No.5136848

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life

90d4b9  No.5136849


Agreed, waiting to see how the media plays this one tomorrow.

31c726  No.5136850


It was shopped.

8e93d7  No.5136851


I agree

aefef1  No.5136852

File: b9d09094ea195e0⋯.jpg (114.64 KB, 896x494, 448:247, board volunteer event secu….jpg)


You tell em!

9a8e0c  No.5136853

File: b5e6d9fa84359dd⋯.jpg (8.2 KB, 342x148, 171:74, hook.jpg)


honestly im laughing hard right now

this place is fucking hilarious

BO , BV's and bakers you goddamn people know full well it's the jews

*windmills dick*

you all know full fucking well at this point

such boulderdash and tomfoolery

23b02c  No.5136854


You mean "coincidence." kek

e25c7a  No.5136855

File: a1823f6cec669d4⋯.jpg (43.58 KB, 750x730, 75:73, Trump winning.jpg)

9bc536  No.5136856


18 years ago tomorrow.

ffd322  No.5136857


No shit… I posted this shit here like a year ago when we were talking about problems we were having. Mentioned the Wyoming guy with the pond. Good shit.

ca9fec  No.5136858


Oh, the fact that Muslims and Jews are half sibling races, and they hate each other so much that we can't have nice things?

Well that's what a fucking cube that they worship reminds me of.

d4ba62  No.5136859

File: d0dfe0a1a0cdd37⋯.png (226.34 KB, 392x296, 49:37, mora-incredulous.png)

File: 7377fadaa3cfebb⋯.jpeg (286.21 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, jfk jr - trump - we didn'….jpeg)


>pre Q

pre-Q? are fucking serious?

355da6  No.5136860


shut you the fuck up you fucking faggot

your unsauced post of common knowledge isn't notable and you and your fellow faggots' pure whining and bitching makes it less notable

fuck off and go back

a30e56  No.5136861


or a sponsor?

2d188f  No.5136862

File: 476c8eba7d4901d⋯.png (982.73 KB, 1000x574, 500:287, muhBingo.png)

e25c7a  No.5136863

File: 572f9d95762c17d⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1235x1080, 247:216, Division.png)

6db233  No.5136864

File: 0bfb8bc6d14f7c2⋯.png (757.25 KB, 1208x1196, 302:299, ClipboardImage.png)

Lovely bunch of pretenders who don't a damn about the country except for promoting themselves.

Bunch of ego hungry opportunistic bottom feeders.

84584d  No.5136865

File: f4d904c968130be⋯.png (405.25 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Be Best Q Alpha.png)


few of about 1,000. what's your point? Amateur artist who loves Country, God and Freedom fighting for Truth and your issue again? Rather filter you than do this shit every night

a1bc06  No.5136866

File: aab621888f64267⋯.jpeg (359.21 KB, 1136x2566, 568:1283, E262B6E6-AC37-4BF4-A383-7….jpeg)

2c7791  No.5136867

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

In (((their))) own words

f3b42c  No.5136868


Study Nazism

8a051c  No.5136869


so getting 10 fucking recommendations for notable and a baker not including it is normal??

are u the bv that tried calling out based baker during (((the triggering))) of the mossad massacre??

5b15e1  No.5136870

File: c98afc85a275209⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1097x3033, 1097:3033, STAGES.png)

23b02c  No.5136871

File: 4838b3cccd9c0e3⋯.jpg (76.26 KB, 1024x612, 256:153, DjiNH2SV4AABYZy.jpg)

File: 8a537410c3d4fb8⋯.png (11.56 KB, 697x206, 697:206, DentalfagReCarolyn.png)

Dentist confirms: teeth are a perfect match.

9a8e0c  No.5136872

File: 7db39056615c982⋯.jpeg (821.7 KB, 1242x1310, 621:655, compedBV.jpeg)

File: bfd42e81a25003b⋯.png (420.4 KB, 1761x717, 587:239, OG BV WTF.PNG)


same BV???? just curious

262124  No.5136873


Man you leave for 45 minutes….


That was a ruckus rally. Would love to be at one but not happening in my state. Many references. Pretty cool to watch. Thanks DJT and Q team. And of course Anons!

a30e56  No.5136874


Aawww… I call you out on your lies and you wanna filter me again?

You claimed you only had 3 followers…

Yet you have almost 5000.

Funny how that works out.

Gotcha bitch.

9195e3  No.5136875

File: bde0f483b178d18⋯.jpg (116.32 KB, 760x499, 760:499, 2tgb8x.jpg)


Kek. I've been enjoying it myself.

473db9  No.5136876

File: 16a153a55adef1f⋯.gif (56.98 KB, 120x240, 1:2, skinless.gif)

ANYBODY? whats the name of the website with all the q posts in one place I cannot remember to save my life right now lol

308cb4  No.5136877


oh hai mark!

a92856  No.5136878


Well, at least it's confirmed we have the antichrist in the White House…

Red Dawn protocol Patriots. We have prepared for this unfortunate event..

920270  No.5136879


i dont think its notable, the fuck does mossad have to do with Qs recent post . we are not on that topic at all .

Requst for that not to be notiable . Stop clouding bullshit random notables with current opertions

7bd7b0  No.5136880


I'm still not convinced about the post-Q gestures

e81cf4  No.5136881


>it's true, but not notable.

This is correct. We're researchers, not whiners.

19fc67  No.5136882

File: ab1c56a0c8fd61a⋯.gif (17.03 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ComfPep.gif)

1f5069  No.5136883


I don't see people bitch about Muslims, blacks, Latinos, R's/D's when the topics are brought up.

Only when Jew topics are brought up is when people scream REEEEE

It's true.

aad438  No.5136884


How'd he get the xrays?

d4ba62  No.5136885

File: 371bd99d4e854ae⋯.png (266.59 KB, 1386x1172, 693:586, steven tyler, abortion.png)


>dude aborts babies

dude looks like a grandma

191049  No.5136886


What a fucking little piece of shite you are. Your bullshit post didn’t get in? Cuck some moar.

1c43f1  No.5136887


really anon? really??

fee84f  No.5136888


and you smell like a shill. why are you here. are you here to sow discord. why is everything about jews with you? You sound kind of like a JIDF team shilling on a 8chan board because you suck at actual fighting for a good cause, other than sitting in an office in front of a monitor. Prove me wrong schlomo

23b02c  No.5136889

File: 9fecabb146a1299⋯.jpg (45.89 KB, 400x300, 4:3, RETstrongemp.jpg)

1f9370  No.5136890

File: 91317e4ccb39290⋯.png (14.61 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 0 POINT.png)

File: 0034ba0c5b8b46f⋯.jpg (107.91 KB, 436x310, 218:155, 0034ba0c5b8b46f9ea5d2be51d….jpg)



not able




84584d  No.5136891

File: 95690dd8173f5d7⋯.jpg (636.16 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Beautiful Q.jpg)


Lub you. Have a great week, Bedtime 4 me, stay on target Anons. We got this

9ac23b  No.5136892


some of the divisionfags are jews, some of the division fags are not jews. it's looking more like a slide than anything else.

50bccf  No.5136893



6a9e98  No.5136894



aefef1  No.5136895


With knock knees

6db233  No.5136896

File: d61dc28e7a996c1⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1228x1136, 307:284, ClipboardImage.png)

She inhaled - therefore she is obviously fully equipped to be president (since that is the standard Hussein set).

These people are shallow and stupid.

2d188f  No.5136897


They are here to ensure newfags don't engage. Their tiresome shit would repel Mengele.

27bb0c  No.5136898

File: 13505f9e97fccb8⋯.jpg (706.61 KB, 1840x4672, 115:292, 135.jpg)

>friendly reminder

The Red Pill is not coming in a one sentence or a viral happening!

dig into

>common core




>gamejournopro list


It's all about knowledge, which you have to get on your own. All i can do is show you the door, but you have to go through yourself.

We already got it all:


than we went all the way up and shit was even more fucked up as anyone could ever imagin.

Keep in mind, it is a lot to read, a lot of information. Something not everyone can get, there will people be left, people who have no time to get all information. This is normal, don't be angry about this. These people follow the mainstream, swimming with the fishes. You can alter the way the stream goes. Learn to meme, the greates weapon developed in gamergate.

I really don't know how i can stress this enough to make you aware of this, all i can do is make this post and hope you understand it.


even if you know it, even if you think everyone already knows this, there is alawys someone who doesn't, keep this information in the flow, in the stream. Knowledge is your weapon, never stop using it.

1b776c  No.5136899


Shove your dick in your ass faggot and while your at it fuck off.

aad438  No.5136900


The most retarded fucker you'll ever meet.

ff9327  No.5136901

File: 95b597e821d7408⋯.jpeg (86.32 KB, 549x548, 549:548, EE62F647-3D0F-483D-8877-7….jpeg)


Me too


eac4d6  No.5136902




4f0399  No.5136903

File: 41eb02be3605964⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1235x1080, 247:216, 6d4cce16459f3b271e011227cd….png)

File: b6e830f5b4b3c16⋯.png (420.9 KB, 633x850, 633:850, b6e830f5b4b3c16e4f9554bc58….png)


The sauce was in the post itself you ignorant fuck stick kike.

Neck yourself.

23b02c  No.5136904

File: 573fdd9834a5c86⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 502x628, 251:314, carolynbksplit30s50s.jpg)

File: 8a03e787c38d554⋯.jpg (44.45 KB, 511x583, 511:583, carolynbksplit62pctopac.jpg)

File: 43c72290b617751⋯.jpg (48.48 KB, 499x616, 499:616, Carolynbksplitnoopacity.jpg)

File: 5ab63c1a05247d1⋯.png (490.56 KB, 1055x418, 1055:418, Carolynbksplitsvariableopa….png)

887141  No.5136905

File: 82c43161a134662⋯.jpg (8.96 KB, 232x217, 232:217, 82c43161a134662dfa7ea7060e….jpg)




26545a  No.5136906


Generally speaking, this is true.

Even if an anon isn't a shill, if they are being stupid, it's best to simply enjoy the scroll rather than try to teach them to draw with the crayons rather than eat them.

Unless you're just in that kind of mood.

You don't always have to 'wear the same hat' as an anon. Free speech and anonymity mean you have no real lasting reputation to uphold. A lot of shills are probably just victims of "inductive shilling" - where they just can't help but take the bait to the slide. Of course, one kek's slide is another kek's slanted dig… So…

c7a63c  No.5136907


That is the consensus interpretation.

d4ba62  No.5136908




>n ?

seems like a count down

355da6  No.5136909





and likely others

e25c7a  No.5136910

File: b444ee949b30523⋯.jpg (88.45 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, EnjoyTheShow1.jpg)

File: 27e6bba8ade8d86⋯.jpg (145.21 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WinningNotCrazy.jpg)

File: 1e1f78438bee8aa⋯.jpg (135.13 KB, 500x656, 125:164, WeKnowItAll2.jpg)

File: 1eec9f56b56d1e9⋯.jpeg (132.17 KB, 1440x960, 3:2, WatchTheShow50.jpeg)

File: cdaa09c2ed01fea⋯.jpg (126.68 KB, 1021x1010, 1021:1010, Mueller1EnjoyTheShow.jpg)

1f9370  No.5136911




55b8da  No.5136912

File: 361291e599e06e5⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1180x1493, 1180:1493, ClipboardImage.png)

fee84f  No.5136913


and its notable that six faggots in the same group say so? FFS

9bc536  No.5136914


"Martha's Vineyard"

"John Vineyard" twitter video tonight.

Haha haa

That's not much of a stretch even.

473db9  No.5136915


I am 100% serial right now Im sure its simple which is why i cannot rememeber lol

e25c7a  No.5136916

File: c67d2fd075ff1b3⋯.jpg (147.91 KB, 598x562, 299:281, WallPrototypeUSMil.jpg)

a14808  No.5136917

File: 435ec059f3e60f7⋯.png (119.1 KB, 1200x893, 1200:893, 3_phase_AC_waveform.svg.png)

File: 31a7e68f156184f⋯.jpg (110.56 KB, 1024x624, 64:39, 3-Phase Fuse Box.jpg)

aad438  No.5136918


Probably lasted as long as the food.

8f3d36  No.5136919

File: d0d86b9d71cbe5f⋯.jpg (127.87 KB, 483x901, 483:901, 1 (1).JPG)

Fired Adviser to Saudi Prince Still Working Unofficially After Khashoggi Murder


2c7791  No.5136920

File: 210af417d503400⋯.png (555.08 KB, 511x920, 511:920, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c29b369bd61682a⋯.png (491.31 KB, 600x375, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

JEWISH LEADERS Thank President Trump In New York Times Full Page Ad – Criticize Freshman Democrats on Anti-Semitic Positions

Jewish Leaders Praise for Trump efforts to combat Anti-Semitism, criticism for Dem support for anti-Israel causes.

American Jewish leaders took out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times on Thursday to thank President Donald Trump for his efforts to combat anti-Semitism.

The ad praised Donald Trump and criticizes the class of freshman Democrats and their anti-Semitic positions.

The Jewish Voice reported:

The leaders also criticize the Iranian regime for its anti-Semitic comments and calls out a new class of freshman Democrats who have advocated in favor of Israel boycotts.

“While the Iranian Majlis has long demonized Israel, anti-Semitic voices can now be heard in the halls of the British Parliament and even the U.S. Congress,” the ad states. “We thank President Trump for his courageous, clear eyed leadership in engaging in the fight to defeat anti-Semitism. We stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump in saying, ‘Never Again,’ and we pledge our full commitment to helping his administration, including Special Envoy Carr, in the days, weeks, and months to come.” (Washington Free Beacon)

The ad was posted just three days before Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar posted several anti-Semitic and anti-Israel tweets.


23b02c  No.5136921

File: 5de122caed3ef34⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 3021x4028, 3:4, c76ba55e0.jpg)

a74d06  No.5136922

File: b709e667d42f357⋯.jpg (167.27 KB, 650x400, 13:8, fall river mayor tekashi-6….jpg)

File: 84be1e289733168⋯.jpg (43.83 KB, 888x575, 888:575, fall river mayor.jpg)


>Jasiel F. Correia II This nigga says he is from the Asores & Cape Verde… He's the Puerto Rican Manchurian candidate.

Correia's parents immigrated to Fall River when they were children. His father is from Cape Verde and his mother is from the Azores.

In November 2015, Correia become the youngest person (at age 23), and first person of Cape Verdean descent, to be elected mayor of Fall River; defeating incumbent mayor Sam Sutter with almost 52% of the vote.[3] He took office in January 2016, becoming the city's 44th mayor. In November 2017, Correia was elected to a second term as mayor against City Councilor Linda M. Pereira with 61% of the vote



Daniel Hernandez was born on May 8, 1996, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City to a mother originally from Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico and a Puerto Rican father.[12] Hernandez grew up speaking Spanish.

Hernandez was raised with his older brother by his parents until he was 13, when his father was shot dead steps away from the family home.


1f5069  No.5136923



Even if you could provide picture proof Q(you)

Who fucking cares?


Get out of here with the "I'm important because Q(you) me.

3e0f2b  No.5136924

File: ac2b5369afb00a6⋯.png (120.15 KB, 374x446, 187:223, PEPE 1st AC death from abo….png)


anyone that picks a fight or tries to change your opinion is a shill. They try to blend in by appearing to sympathize with other's and usually work in pairs. Pay attention to the time between original post and the response. They are stupid and do not have enough time between answers. They have not adjusted this since september.

Think for yourself. You may not always be right but it's what you think. That is all that matters.

aefef1  No.5136925


Thats the first thing that came to my mind, honestly.

c7a63c  No.5136926


You can also find it at the top of each bread. The QMap and raw text versions are handy to have around.


23b02c  No.5136927

File: d94e768735b9bc5⋯.jpg (264.9 KB, 1310x598, 655:299, 8f426e739c1c.jpg)

16a917  No.5136928


The Q army is luring the enemy into Trump's trap

a6ec2a  No.5136929


"My fellow Americans…the Storm is upon us."

a92856  No.5136930

File: 0a3b9712310b290⋯.jpg (34.91 KB, 401x272, 401:272, SpongeBobAngry.JPG)


Love seeing you out yourself baker.

<why is everything about the Jews

Adam Fucking Schiff is a fucking Jew..

Does that mean anything to you Chabad worshipping faggot?

a30e56  No.5136931

File: 4770654a16ea5bd⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 1674x2048, 837:1024, IntelligenceWomen.jpg)


Sorry, you need to focus.

23b02c  No.5136932

File: 0f48afc3f62430a⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 439x468, 439:468, jfkfusca.jpg)

a45200  No.5136933

White Hats Report #63 – #ARRESTtheFED

>The Storm is here.

>The releases coming over the next few weeks will expose the details of the methods by which the cabal rules the world through the control of money by showing you trading contracts with proceeds as high as $3 Trillion and $25,000 Trillion. Enough to fund every TRUE humanitarian project on Earth in addition to advanced technology, free energy, the exploration of our universe, housing, hydroelectric projects for undeveloped countries, turning deserts green and other infrastructure projects all over the world. Instead, the money is used to subvert the production of the people to a select few bloodline families. This is how these people control Planet Earth.

>The Storm has arrived

>This is the first of several in our storm release series. There are storms raging all over the US, both premiere law enforcement agencies, the FBI and DOJ are under severe attack and a serious cleansing and imprisoning campaign is about to begin.

>We see your FBI and DOJ exposures and raise you a Federal Reserve scam.

>Who’s in?

>“Security against defeat implies defensive tactics; ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive.”

>–Sun Tzu, The Art of War


898468  No.5136934


who's seen a body?

a30e56  No.5136935


That's so autistic that I'm wondering how many times you've been vaccinated…

aad438  No.5136936

File: c58c2fec089bb92⋯.jpg (33.95 KB, 433x451, 433:451, Jr-W.jpg)

febd6b  No.5136937

File: f3037bd146cb682⋯.png (85.35 KB, 704x690, 352:345, ClipboardImage.png)


64534b  No.5136938


Because it's all fuckinv day long. The guy just shovels the same old shit day in and day out. Anons get sick of it.

2d188f  No.5136939


Sadly, I'm sure @Jack has a block based on exactly that phrase built right on POTUS' twatter ID.

6db233  No.5136940

File: 7121fc2baa2c849⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1210x1184, 605:592, ClipboardImage.png)

Husseins BFF's in Iran showing how much they appreciate his gifts.

And in case you did not know, death to America actually means what it says. It is not just a term of endearment.

9bc536  No.5136941


We of course not… with digitz like those, you're probably the guy. kek

8a051c  No.5136942


yeah cus I have never seen a notable that included anons theories on shills, lists of shill strategies, or anything of the sort. Great point faggot!

its so common sense that you’re not including it? That makes sense too. Cus common sense to yiu is prolly common sense to everybody else… and I’ve never seen a common sense post make notables ever!

great points all around. Whatever excuse u need to not include a post with 10 fucking anon recommendations… cool.



9ac23b  No.5136943


they're putting down cover for the Rshill! :)

355da6  No.5136944



>>5136389 Old tweet from Beto saying "tear down this (border) wall"

>>5136469 Haitians riot as they call for President Jovenel Moise to step down

>>5136472 65 People Line Up for Beto O’Rourke, 22,000 Line Up to See Trump in TEXAS

>>5136555 Lawmakers reach border deal 'in principle,' including $1.375B for physical barriers

>>5136781 Schiff is under Anon attack

>>5136811 "And now we're going to PHASE 3. We did 1, statutorily. We did 2, statutorily. Now we go to phase 3."

>>5136919 Fired Adviser to Saudi Prince Still Working Unofficially After Khashoggi Murder

fee84f  No.5136945


Did she smoke pot while in grade school, jr high and high school when she lived in Canada, or was it just in college?

2c7791  No.5136946


My goodness you are GAY AS FUCK











55b8da  No.5136947

File: fa4655716b394a8⋯.png (413.66 KB, 532x399, 4:3, rbgbb.png)

a30e56  No.5136948

File: 39213bb58e25add⋯.png (378.66 KB, 591x1217, 591:1217, YourEgoMadeYouDoIt.png)


Awww… running away I see…

d3ed6e  No.5136949



I would but, only big gorgeous bewbs here - no dick.

191049  No.5136950


Get the goat off your dick then worry about Baker’s lox, ffs.

884e75  No.5136951

File: 8dad793ac7e9888⋯.png (397.12 KB, 505x803, 505:803, FrenchAnons.png)


Rock On French Anons!!!

23b02c  No.5136952

File: c24e2cb30cce853⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1165x778, 1165:778, e3fkla75f (2).png)

File: 6f0ef0c7e9fd038⋯.jpg (87.22 KB, 940x1060, 47:53, John-F.-Kennedy-Jr.-940x10….jpg)

Look at the bow.

This is a stress test.

2c7791  No.5136954


>>5136920 JEWISH LEADERS Thank President Trump In New York Times Full Page Ad

1f5069  No.5136955

File: e3dd2f4e1667ece⋯.jpg (12.46 KB, 236x234, 118:117, Love PEPE.jpg)