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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

eb6d5c  No.5074922

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Friday 2.1.19

>>4989823 ————————————–——– Sys_conf_spec_y. (image)

>>4989820 ————————————–——– Anons understand.

Sunday 1.13.19

>>4965770 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS control over those who don't think for themselves limits exposure of TRUTH. (Cap)

>>4965765 ————————————–——– Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator? (Cap)

Friday 1.11.19

>>4956136 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee (Cap)

>>4956094 ————————————–——– Public access to intel? (Cap)

>>4956076 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China? (Cap)

>>4956045 ————————————–——– BOOM! (Cap)

Monday 1.7.19

Compiled here: >>4834899

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are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807, >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5001844 Let's spread this movement worldwide! (Q, Yellow Vest, FREEDOM)

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day


>>5074213, >>5074217 Venezuelan company that builds power plants connections to FusionGPS

>>5074215 Stonewalling on Clinton Emails Continues Under Trump

>>5074240 On Q crumb #666

>>5074246, >>5074577 St. Mary Medical center in long beach

>>5074321, >>5074337, >>5074668, >>5074670 Graphics on the LA military drills

>>5074332, >>5074350 Jerome Corsi claims Roger Stone tried to give him heart attacks in defamation lawsuit; 1 year delta

>>5074551 Summary on "The Green New Deal"

>>5074603 Feds seize 1.7 tons of meth, other drugs at Long Beach port

>>5074809 From 2014: Cuban expats shoring up Maduro's government

>>5074840 Vermont passes radical bill legalizing abortions up to birth

>>5074914 #6480


>>5073491 UN Peacekeeper Discovers Sex Trafficking Inside The UN With Ties To The U.S. State Department

>>5073507, >>5073522, >>5073548, >>5073719, >>5073759, >>5074010 Bun on Anons' digs on military activity in LA and Long Beach

>>5073567, >>5073875 SCOTUS strikes down Louisiana Abortion Bill after Justice Roberts votes with Liberals

>>5073590 Cuban guards surrounding Venezuela's Maduro, US military commander says

>>5073753, >>5073833 Wells Fargo suffers widespread outage of ATMs, mobile banking capabilities

>>5073787 AOC pushes Green agenda while Yellow Vests protest Climate Change policies

>>5074143 #6479

#6478 Baker Change

>>5072652 Sarah Sanders tweet

>>5072721, >>5073030 Senior FBI Lawyer, Trisha Anderson, Did Not Read Carter Page FISA Before Signing Off on It

>>5072747 Presidential Proclamation on Addressing Mass Migration Through the Southern Border of the United States

>>5072779, >>5073031 Whitaker will testify before House panel after tense back-and-forth

>>5072804 Venezuela says plane from Miami delivered weapons for use by enemies of Maduro

>>5072816 Author of controversial Nunes memo joining National Security Council, Kashyap Patel

>>5072901 South Carolina Senator Reintroduces Bill That Would Ban Abortion

>>5072969 Senate Intel Committee Chair Says There Is No Evidence of Trump–Russia Collusion

>>5072994 New POTUS Tweet

>>5073011 Aid arrives at Venezuela border as US demands Maduro let it in

>>5073049 Trump orders agencies to buy U.S.-made steel, aluminum and cement 'to the greatest extent' possible

>>5072977 NIH asks federal watchdog to investigate 12 allegations related to foreign influence

>>5073238 Fugitive wanted on 865 counts of child rape arrested in Tallahassee

>>5073373 #6478


>>5072398 More digging into AOC's Chief of Staff

>>5072305 13 minute delta from POTUS' tweets this morning

>>5072290 , >>5072321 Interesting NYT article re Feinstein / China, 1997

>>5072276 , >>5072410, >>5072501, >>5072164 LA, Black Hawks & NVIXM. EYES ON

>>5072245 Chelsea 'whitesplains' and responds to Hillary in Blackface

>>5072227 Mueller: Manafort meeting with Konstantin Kilimnik at heart of probe

>>5072207 Comey related to Blackface/Richmond/Virginia? DIG CALL

>>5072105 Mexican Police Seize 550 Pounds of Meth, Fentanyl near Arizona

>>5071932 , >>5071947 Comey tweets re Virginia

>>5071925 Britain, EU leaders don’t budge on Brexit but agree to more talks

>>5071877 , >>5072053 Did Q give Twitter a green light to censor?

>>5072565 #6477


>>5071596 What's happening in LA?

>>5071594 More on the New John Solomon re Adam Schiff

>>5071556 Dig into AOC's Chief of Staff

>>5071406 Is there more to the eye with the Bezos/Trump/NatEnq story?

>>5071349 FLOTUS rallies teenagers in her first Be Best campaign event of 2019

>>5071311 France: 25% believe elites using mass migration to replace Europeans

>>5071310 , >>5071494, >>5071508, >>5071572 New POTUS tweets & photo change

>>5071192 , >>5071223, >>5071235 Bezos loses control of his dick pics

>>5071151 Jeffrey Epstein is seen for the first time in three years

>>5071132 , >>5071104, >>5071341, >>5071386 Wells Fargo: Strange tech issues

>>5071128 Schiff and NXIVM: Q Drop #1203 nailed today?

>>5071121 UNC-Chapel Hill face Blackface backlast

>>5071103 Short Pro-Life video - perfect for SocMed

>>5072025 #6476

Previously Collected Notables

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eb6d5c  No.5074938



want to take over baker?

178796  No.5074967

File: c8a812b85f0b112⋯.jpg (760.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, WWG1WGA-Wolf.jpg)

e5b609  No.5074981

File: 366da60750e0718⋯.jpg (159.37 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_5866.JPG)

080e71  No.5074982

File: a3f6bd6c411dd1e⋯.jpeg (224.02 KB, 1125x826, 1125:826, E07473DB-6F7B-4E05-93D1-D….jpeg)


e282a9  No.5074984



handoff accepted

92c2c3  No.5074985

I dug on all the Long Beach stuff early last year.

Arms and drugs were brought into Lomg Beach Port through Cosco Chinese shipping containers. During the Clinton admin, Diane Feinstein supported the union workers pay raise so they turned a blind eye to what was coming in. Cosco has been busted all over the world for Arms shipments via cargo ships. They were bought out by another Chinese company and changed their name to get the heat off. Clinton turned a blind eye to it all and then the Chinese now own the Port of Long Beach. Feinstein coordinated that transaction. Arms for the Fast and Furious were brought in through these containers, as well. It’s been going on since the 90’s.

002715  No.5074986

File: c6e4ffce4142789⋯.jpg (217.89 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, Pepe butthole baeb.jpg)


f70c7e  No.5074987

File: d1b14791ec50223⋯.jpg (69.35 KB, 561x569, 561:569, 1.JPG)

Emirates digital chief Mueller resigns from position


8a8340  No.5074988


Masons come out to shill.

See them.

36f2ab  No.5074989

File: c80115be4fa8f48⋯.png (843.06 KB, 594x594, 1:1, c80115be4fa8f48507ff4af392….png)

File: 2e5692caf9872c6⋯.png (199.08 KB, 485x512, 485:512, 2e5692caf9872c6fd421256db0….png)

It's me & you baker… oh & ebrat

3568d7  No.5074990

LB/LA 'training' ops update

2nd helo element over eastside port…

2 a/c…looked like Blackhawks

97a3a1  No.5074991

File: 950d4dc8d29193c⋯.jpeg (233.71 KB, 1242x905, 1242:905, 7D17747B-4D97-4012-88D5-6….jpeg)

File: 75585bbb72a3315⋯.jpeg (512.65 KB, 1242x1405, 1242:1405, C0CBFB6E-AE04-4F4C-8E91-2….jpeg)


925178  No.5074992

File: 787472790a34861⋯.png (330.43 KB, 490x490, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

3428d9  No.5074993

>>5074957 (LB)

The drugs were in audio speakers that were on the pallets anon. Not in the USPS pallets themselves.

e5b609  No.5074994

File: 91a29c818d7ce3f⋯.jpg (166.12 KB, 1423x800, 1423:800, IMG_5956.JPG)

e282a9  No.5074995



plenty o bakes on this hash for BVs

might not make it all the way to graveyard, let me know later if you got one in you

d349da  No.5074996

File: aa6ac6cdb500324⋯.jpg (158.04 KB, 960x669, 320:223, pelicanfag.jpg)

>>5074089 (pb)

which takes us back to pelicanfag..

4a708f  No.5074997

File: da97070db953206⋯.jpeg (93.55 KB, 681x500, 681:500, 082AE05B-E46D-42A7-AA63-6….jpeg)

080e71  No.5074998

File: 3de6039294e9817⋯.jpeg (77.52 KB, 500x604, 125:151, 08684A89-DBEA-42FF-B62B-1….jpeg)

3568d7  No.5074999


Hanjin Shipping went bankrupt in 2016

4e351e  No.5075000

File: 46087047ae1963f⋯.png (2.97 MB, 2048x1273, 2048:1273, ClipboardImage.png)

File: df8063debe2a353⋯.png (307.45 KB, 800x428, 200:107, ClipboardImage.png)

e58b50  No.5075001

>>5074904 (pb)

>You need to give space to logic in between the beers.

I don't drink… And, I'm well versed in Logic and Ethics. Statements like these are analogous to the incorrect, assumptive, LARPing, bullshit, many of you here claim here. You make wild-assumptions, then liter the page with what you feel are supporting-arguments for your wild-assumptions, all while smugly lecturing like you are someone of importance to me or anyone else here. While entertaining, it amounts to little more than self-stroking of your disillusioned-ego.

4a708f  No.5075002

File: f13101cb7049ad4⋯.png (346.23 KB, 353x424, 353:424, 18AD4546-8A2D-412E-B478-96….png)

File: 7302cbf52f2f987⋯.jpeg (37.8 KB, 460x460, 1:1, 3A031DE1-3F08-4D24-936B-A….jpeg)

08c4c7  No.5075003

File: c3f53989d22a59f⋯.png (478.49 KB, 637x734, 637:734, Army 2-7-19 8 30 pm PST.PNG)

File: 5ff1338b92fccb7⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1408x791, 1408:791, Army 2-7-19 8 30 pm PST pi….PNG)


An AH-64 #Apache #helicopter fires a Hydra 70 #rocket during a combined arms live-fire exercise at Litochoro, #Greece, Jan. 23, 2019.


e5b609  No.5075004

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Got any BBQ Thauce piggie

4ae40e  No.5075005

File: 5e8b90b27097a2b⋯.jpg (166.2 KB, 715x881, 715:881, ArchAngel Michael.jpg)

Late term abortion/infanticide

anyone supporting this deserves death

925178  No.5075006

File: 7a8bf120b5f2a5a⋯.png (344.74 KB, 490x490, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

720a59  No.5075007

No idea if this was posted on Twat by an Anon using digs from here, but it's without a doubt NOTABLE. Outstanding dig. Clare and Clintons and <il Ops in Downtown LA. Good pricing together of things. Only exception I'd take is that I swear I saw an AH-1 Cobra leading that pack of choppers up Wilshire.


d349da  No.5075008


when potus became potus

4a708f  No.5075009

File: 7ca2cb52db87f1c⋯.png (204.18 KB, 425x282, 425:282, 761D9327-6EF9-4542-BA2B-73….png)

e5b609  No.5075010

File: e84842091ccc1d0⋯.jpg (150.74 KB, 1360x800, 17:10, IMG_5947.JPG)

518ca0  No.5075011

File: 4c0a71267152f47⋯.jpg (120.65 KB, 880x587, 880:587, Night Shift Water.jpg)

TY, Baker

1f8e36  No.5075012

File: a5635c4991ebcf2⋯.png (337.32 KB, 807x344, 807:344, ClipboardImage.png)


Great Thread on LA Mil Op


aca489  No.5075013



e5b609  No.5075014

File: 6860c4e4e9ce95c⋯.jpg (312.25 KB, 1594x800, 797:400, IMG_5942.JPG)

8241e1  No.5075015

File: b69384f748e90e6⋯.mp4 (3.12 MB, 720x720, 1:1, laHelos.mp4)

File: 7a6d4f0b2acbaf5⋯.png (49.74 KB, 474x229, 474:229, HelosBixel.png)

LA "drill" diggers, posting this LA helo vid in case it hasn't been posted yet. Haven't heard anyone mention

Helos at Bixel St

Vid has a blast at the very end at second :24. Fag video taker panics but gets a quick shot of it.

8a8340  No.5075016


5 Feb 2018

Why did the #Memo drop a Friday [& before the SB]?

Did this seem strange to you?

Watch the news.

Rothschild estate sale [Black Forest].

Stock market DIVE [666 - coincidence?].

Soros transfer of wealth.

Dopey FREED.

Marriage for POWER, not LOVE.




News unlocks MAP.

Think Mirror.

Which team?

THEY don't know.


These people are EVIL.

Still don't believe you are SHEEP to them?

20/20 coming.





Can we simply arrest the opposition w/o first exposing the TRUTH?



e58b50  No.5075017


This is quite the powerful meme, actually. Use this liberally.

4a708f  No.5075018

File: da9be6f2d8feba6⋯.png (178.97 KB, 700x400, 7:4, 90819614-E4E8-4A52-87F3-6E….png)

720a59  No.5075019


Sick fuck. The meme is funny, but he's still a sick fuck.

92c2c3  No.5075020

File: 4ed3b7145e7c092⋯.png (473.5 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, DA8F2524-31D3-4F87-83F8-7D….png)

File: d0c411230e7c09e⋯.png (434.95 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 8FFC58E4-AD1A-4A04-BA89-70….png)

File: aab60bdc4b3b8d9⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 30C1915D-A989-4E65-A8A9-B3….png)

File: 584aad2d7f4d607⋯.png (445.56 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, E101B528-C0FE-4DB1-B688-37….png)

File: 5914df163a90afc⋯.png (436.44 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 3C64FBB9-CD5E-40FC-B115-03….png)

There’s a lot more but this gives you an idea as to what is coming into the ports.



925178  No.5075021

File: 9ccbefd2601f6f0⋯.png (347.22 KB, 490x490, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

e5b609  No.5075022

File: acef23ae69d8634⋯.jpg (221.76 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, IMG_5948.JPG)

96f9cb  No.5075023

>>5074857 (LB)

fun fact. 3 times in the bible JAH stepped down from heaven to stop what was happening. The Flood, The tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah. Why did JAH destroy S and G? Do you recall the sodomites demanding that lot allow them to rape two angels? Interesting way for the story to start. Coincidence. What was happening before the flood and at the tower of Babel? coincidence? Is this still happening today?

48277c  No.5075024

File: 51e6033c94da806⋯.png (604.29 KB, 720x749, 720:749, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4d4414ff508c5e5⋯.png (265.86 KB, 1222x1116, 611:558, ClipboardImage.png)

4e351e  No.5075025

File: 56b64435e2d23bf⋯.png (9.33 MB, 3673x2066, 3673:2066, ClipboardImage.png)


nice trips


Hanjin shipyard bankruptcy poses dilemma for Duterte

Chinese interest in strategically located Subic Bay site sets off alarm bells in Philippines

eb6d5c  No.5075026



ok I will, not sure, pretty tired too

Handoff Confirmed

33770e  No.5075028

File: 25ba9c0824ebc09⋯.png (683.63 KB, 737x556, 737:556, Capture.PNG)

Islamic State down to less than 1% of original caliphate: U.S.-led coalition

BEIRUT - Recent gains by Kurdish-led forces in Syria have shrunk the Islamic State group’s “caliphate” to less than one percent of its original size, the U.S.-led coalition said on Thursday.

Maj. Gen. Christopher Ghika, the coalition’s deputy commander, described the size of the last patch of land held by the jihadists as “now less than one percent of the original caliphate.

The coalition and allied Kurdish forces have captured “approximately 99.5 percent” of IS-controlled territory, he said in a statement.

At its height, the jihadi proto-state proclaimed by IS in Syria and Iraq in June 2014 was roughly the size of Britain.

But it has since lost most of that territory to various offensives.


166481  No.5075029

File: ab11b0ba03642b6⋯.jpg (74.04 KB, 450x327, 150:109, cliff1.jpg)

Progressives are heading for that ledge

0e4e16  No.5075030

File: 04024acfdea09c8⋯.png (150.27 KB, 408x235, 408:235, 2019-02-07_23-54-04.png)

>>5074935 lb

>ends air travel with ocean bridges


aac59b  No.5075031


I posted that article a couple breads ago, if you want to attach it to your summary;)

a32697  No.5075032


Keep in mind that about every fukin major terrorist incident cooked up happened during drills. Kinda makes this anon a bit nervous.

c083ed  No.5075033

File: 4c11ebdfe932214⋯.png (54.33 KB, 968x424, 121:53, ClipboardImage.png)

This is not winning..


8a8340  No.5075035


Chelsea challlanging anons?

720a59  No.5075036



2d0220  No.5075037

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cellphone video of LA military "drill".

didn't look like a drill to me…whatever other anon said it, those look like high-risk maneuvers…better reserved for a base…AWAY from civilians.

f00fc9  No.5075038

File: 5824899cac01ef6⋯.jpg (134.53 KB, 1114x800, 557:400, IMG_5879.JPG)

cdd478  No.5075039

File: dfdc8259c961a30⋯.jpg (14.27 KB, 255x170, 3:2, Pepe trader.jpg)

>>5074901 lb

I remember it well. Mr Market fucked with us on that day. It was intra-day so it was never printed that way on the close. Then hussein, geithner, bernancke trotted out the green shoots crap.

Burns my hide just thinking about it now.

A fun fact, in going through the goog 10-Q we found that they had a sizeable gap in what they claimed in the report and the activity's they produced to support it.

without the major details it was approximately $6.65b. Close enough for us.

f79a54  No.5075040

File: 84c7bb5cd0a3f4d⋯.jpg (164.35 KB, 819x1024, 819:1024, 1547527236460m.jpg)




It's almost like this Q thing wasnt bullshit!

36f2ab  No.5075041


Thanks Bill Clinton & crew you fuckin traitors!

925178  No.5075042

File: 0869994f1d633d7⋯.png (348.19 KB, 490x490, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

e4af4a  No.5075043



no it is NOT powerful

it is fake and gay

no reasonable person supports what is depicted here

yes there are libtards who are

they are a small and desperate MINORITY

and the abortion ban faggots are just as extremem and just as small a MINORITY

this shit is a slide to divide

move to the middle like all america

compromise and unite

00e5e5  No.5075044


The long shoreken do not know what is on the containers. They just move the stuff around. Most, if not all, of suspicious containers are found by Customs.

ee1336  No.5075045




4a708f  No.5075046

File: fccf88d603c2377⋯.jpeg (211.42 KB, 1200x2400, 1:2, CD6A84AD-120F-4FA9-AC28-C….jpeg)

a25ab1  No.5075047

Anyone taking bets that FBIanon is correct and Brennan and Comey are going to be Indicted tomorrow, Friday the 8th?

Of course if it doesn’t happy people will say they calculated the date wrong and will be the 15th which is the day Barr will be confirmed.

If Whitaker was smart he Would send out indictments in his last week as AG and hand it to Barr.

I think we’re getting close here. The Dems are Destroying themselves and Full of Schiff’s antics need to be stoped with extreme Prejudice.

Go Q Team

3568d7  No.5075048


Me too…especially since one of the surveillance aircraft could be a 'sniffer'

e282a9  No.5075049

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


no worries, none at all, i got this maybe i can lure out conan baker or train me a padowanon apprentice baker

f00fc9  No.5075050

File: dd76c63ecb8cff0⋯.jpg (191.26 KB, 1201x800, 1201:800, IMG_5897.JPG)

fc8287  No.5075051

File: 6126f9d686d0f2e⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1138x610, 569:305, 78bp.png)

720a59  No.5075052


Going to get a little wicked on those about 12 miles of the CA coast. But I thought she said they're for trains. Even more fun!

48277c  No.5075053



I think she is asking for us to meme to her about her real parents.

dbb64b  No.5075054


I understand that. Im just saying that the pallets are issued for USPS only.

aac59b  No.5075055


No HRC fan for certain, but that ain’t them.

eb6d5c  No.5075056


we do need moar graveyard bakers, and bakers in general

f00fc9  No.5075057

File: 485c07ce1330099⋯.jpg (131.09 KB, 800x888, 100:111, IMG_5959.JPG)

21542e  No.5075058

File: 4dd09bc35790284⋯.png (1.65 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Concern Q Alpha.png)

Concern Q Alpha .png Only File

Concerning the concernfags concerning over their concerns is concerning….

… or you just don't give a fuck. kek

27328d  No.5075059

File: dde72ce16b3cd60⋯.jpeg (302.57 KB, 911x912, 911:912, 770B9328-CB27-42C8-8DA0-F….jpeg)

New one for you

92c2c3  No.5075060


Thank you! I have a bunch from dogs last year. I’m phone fagging and pulled up some but it’s very clear what the Chinese were doing from the 90’s to present day. Very clear. And Feinstein was a KEY PLAYER in the acquisition for the Chinese. Clinton and the Dems hid a lot of this. It’s DEEP.

4773e7  No.5075061

File: cb9adfcc4a30049⋯.jpg (118.2 KB, 603x438, 201:146, memenews1.jpg)

File: 3b63d1f40f7b71e⋯.jpg (181.81 KB, 612x385, 612:385, memenews2.jpg)

File: 72319b9664fe320⋯.jpg (201.46 KB, 592x434, 296:217, memenews3.jpg)

dcbbeb  No.5075062

missed all you faggots

had no internet for a cpl weeks

its good to be back

so does it seem really wierd that they disconnected me for lack of payment and then 2 weeks latter say ok to getting paid another month and a half later and say yeh well hook ya back up

or is it like when they let a guy with no insurance or license drive away after being pulled over when they realize theres a do not detain order in place

would they go to that extent for a lurker on 8 ch that occasionaly streams movies for free

just seems very odd

609d0e  No.5075063


I see.

Hygge is a Norwegian and Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

e58b50  No.5075065


This was probably our JEW-WARS FIRST Military stealing evidence that proves NXIVM is a Jew-Nest of Pedos started by a man literally known as "King Of The Jews", Charles Brofman.

f00fc9  No.5075066

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

07faae  No.5075067


I'd take a bet they won't be, a bet I'd be happy to lose.

1f8e36  No.5075068

File: 853132518eb7045⋯.png (1.2 MB, 634x951, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

What the odds that 40+ Special Ops just happen to breach Giradi's buildings

Yes he owns one next door!

Slated for demo

Has 3 planes

Only 1 has flight records!


Borrowed $15mil not paying back being sued

Assets frozen?? >>5074985



8241e1  No.5075069


true, understandable but he killed the feed. Wouldve been nice to see the end result of that blast.

925178  No.5075070

File: 4ec3178938b433f⋯.png (358.07 KB, 490x490, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

891474  No.5075071

File: f50f1d153a1535a⋯.jpeg (190.3 KB, 720x642, 120:107, 567a4ddc190000e50078a909.jpeg)

A wall mural, or fresco, from 1350, “The Crucifixion,” artist unknown, in the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Serbia. Two odd-looking objects with “pilots” can be seen in the sky on both sides of Jesus.

UFOs in painting


00e5e5  No.5075072


I saw it on FB day or so ago. Maybe she knows the origin, maybe not.

4e351e  No.5075073


lol it's too easy

ec4199  No.5075074

File: 4d743b09addb289⋯.jpg (5.76 KB, 299x168, 299:168, RBG.jpg)


okay a 5-4 vote C.J. Roberts broke the tie to the liberal side. That means RBG must have voted. Really? Where has she been, and if still in hiding, or ill health- WHO is voting for her? Does she have capacity (enough O2 to the brain w/o drugs)

We need sauce she is still bouncing around -

a32697  No.5075075


agreed. I guess we'll know by the end of this week.

e58b50  No.5075076


Go fuck yourself, infanticide-supporting, kike.

44c3fc  No.5075077

00e5e5  No.5075078


A girl can dream. Kek

8c2b21  No.5075079

File: f02516864ea2ac2⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 600x480, 5:4, bushmengkorz.jpg)

anyone seen this??? https ://geopolitics.co/2018/12/02/in-memoriam-george-h-scherff-jr-aka-george-hw-bush-sr/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

460007  No.5075081

>>5074401 (lb)

We cannot coexist with Marxists.

They wont allow it by their nature.

It's as simple as that.

2b2aed  No.5075082

File: 4f9dc38c202d5c5⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 400x264, 50:33, 9A360432-BA38-4956-9AB2-B5….gif)

f00fc9  No.5075083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bdc5c3  No.5075084


That wasn't RA on those birds.

ee1336  No.5075085

File: 0bd51db31352732⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1216x1126, 608:563, 1528722267762.png)

File: 82ab6734a363796⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1522x952, 761:476, 1528722388636.png)

File: ab8dc6c2389dc02⋯.png (3.59 MB, 1482x1248, 19:16, 1528722597071.png)

dfa3d2  No.5075086


>implying this place isn't herding people

dbb64b  No.5075087

File: 3a4e112fc224991⋯.png (3.72 MB, 2000x1167, 2000:1167, ClipboardImage.png)



Cut of one head, 2 more pop up.

a4f6f7  No.5075088

Lurkerfag here, just want to thank all youse anons for what you do here. I'm fukken addicted. Best news source on the web. Tremendous intelligence and Mein Gott!! the sense of humor. Okie dokie, Back to lurken. o7 x gorillion

fc8287  No.5075089


I like to think this is for the armchair general a few breads back who mistook the little birds as UH-72s.

"Being a former space shuttle door gunner, muh standard milops has UH72s in alpha formation along with the blackhawks."

720a59  No.5075090


All I know for sure is those pilots are LOVING that flight. If the op wasn't classified they'd be filming every minute of it.

d349da  No.5075091

File: f938c15f1b5c255⋯.jpg (45.12 KB, 634x413, 634:413, bush nazi 3.jpg)

File: 2416ff78f5bfb30⋯.png (126.98 KB, 240x193, 240:193, bush nazi 1.png)


yes from old bread

4a708f  No.5075092

File: 615e1106ca9b145⋯.png (347.63 KB, 584x316, 146:79, CD1C8F88-594C-4A73-A379-0A….png)

dfa3d2  No.5075093



3568d7  No.5075094


After I eat my dinner…I'm gonna try and get vids of the helo elements moving over LB…wish me luck!

360df9  No.5075095

File: 331779e99bd61e5⋯.png (533.14 KB, 610x500, 61:50, trumpisraelfirst.png)

92c2c3  No.5075096


I backed it up with sauce

f00fc9  No.5075097

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

925178  No.5075098

File: 09ccad7d7ddc6a5⋯.png (361.17 KB, 490x490, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Figured I'd have a go at it.

8a8340  No.5075099



aac59b  No.5075100


Definitely. Feinstein fell off the grid, so this hasn’t been talked about in a while. All the military action around Long Beach is a good reason to renew that line of Feinstein/Chinese Collusion research. It gotta be connected.

891474  No.5075101


I've known this for a while and it stills pisses me off.


36f2ab  No.5075102



Really I was talking about Chinagate not the photo, don't know why that was a response in the 1st place.


f00fc9  No.5075103

File: 222fba1db71084f⋯.jpg (178.78 KB, 831x880, 831:880, IMG_5938.JPG)

3942a6  No.5075104

Am I blind?

I was on earlier today and noted at least 3 notables (in 2 breads) regarding posts by a supposed NSAanon. I had to leave, intending to read them now, and now I can not find them.

Were they pulled? Deemed BS?

f00fc9  No.5075105

File: a286ba54b3fd1d9⋯.jpg (131.1 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_5957.JPG)

8a8340  No.5075106


<muh jooos, kike goy kike

Glow on, have a hug.

eb6d5c  No.5075107


yea, BV posted a hash and it was just an anon

plus the anon later said it was just for shits and giggles

4ae40e  No.5075108

File: a42fb9777acfefd⋯.png (467.14 KB, 2880x1800, 8:5, You're in one.png)

e2440e  No.5075109

File: c70794bbb498cb6⋯.jpg (79.73 KB, 539x500, 539:500, 2t5gfz.jpg)

e58b50  No.5075110


Yes… It's no secret the Bush family supported the Nazis. But not since Prescott Bush.

dfa3d2  No.5075111


Heck let's just kill everyone you disagree with, for God, of course. God created those people just so you could kill them.

bdc5c3  No.5075112

Any video or pics of the uniforms soldiers were wearing in LA?

f00fc9  No.5075113

File: 8b85906c2c980c4⋯.jpg (193.9 KB, 800x967, 800:967, IMG_5927.JPG)

92c2c3  No.5075114


Great read! Thank u!

e58b50  No.5075115


What a fag

3942a6  No.5075116


Thx, Fren.

a32697  No.5075117

CodesUcq I went through your twitter today. Very good info. Some was a refresher, and learned some. Ive been big on symbolism for years. But then you had me watch Greatest American Hero, boy that brings me back to gradeschool. I dont know why but that theme song is the easiest song that sticks in my head since I was a kid. Once I hear it I cant get it out of my head for the longest time.

8a8340  No.5075118


Not blended in well, shills.

891474  No.5075119


NOTABLE to add to LA digs

d35376  No.5075120

How can invisible justice vote? #WheresRuth #Coup

a32697  No.5075121


Good luck soldier and thank you for your efforts.

609d0e  No.5075122


Supposedly the justices are entitled to vote if they were present during the argument. I wonder if RBG did a power of attorney allowing someone else to cast specific votes on her behalf. Damn, there's no way to appeal it if we think it's unconstitutional. Highest court is a law unto itself.

Whole thing smells bad.

Can't wait til the mess gets cleaned up and moar clean justices put in.

92c2c3  No.5075123



37be9e  No.5075124

File: 6d01c8ff0c49092⋯.jpg (64.49 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, Hillary_kkk.jpg)

File: 2225197dc38f544⋯.jpg (117.92 KB, 821x480, 821:480, Hillary and KKK.jpg)


neither is kissing the KKK Grand Kleagle but hey…. who am i to judge

e58b50  No.5075125


We don't support infanticide here, you fucking Jew-rat.

89a25f  No.5075126

File: ccf7ccf18252d10⋯.png (429.29 KB, 925x825, 37:33, Cuba2.png)

Highlights from article on Venezuela, why it's part of the Plan.

Maduro doesn’t really matter. He is simply a useful idiot, the puppet of those who really control Venezuela: the Cubans, the drug traffickers, and Hugo Chavez’s political heirs.

The most important component of this oligarchy is the Cuban regime. Havana’s priority remains controlling and plundering Venezuela. The surprising influence that Cuba gained in Venezuela was essentially due to the close political alliance and deep emotional attachment that Chavez developed toward Fidel Castro.

Another important player in today’s Venezuela is the drug traffickers. Venezuela is one of the main drug routes to the U.S. and Europe. This status is worth billions of dollars, and the country is home to a vast network of people and organizations that control the illicit trade and the enormous amount of money it generates.

Chavez's political heirs are the third major component of the real power in Venezuela. Of course, Maduro; his wife, Cilia Flores; and many of his relatives and associates are part of that oligarchy. In this elite there are different “families,” “cartels,” and groups that compete for influence on government decisions, for political appointments, and for the control of illicit markets—ranging from human trafficking to money laundering. The smuggling and selling of food, medicines, and all kinds of products are just a few of the many other corrupt activities that enrich the Maduro oligarchy as well as the Cubans, the military, and their civilian accomplices.

Getting rid of Maduro is necessary. But it's not enough as long as three criminal cartels—who are intermingled in business, corruption, and the exercise of power—continue to control Venezuela.

aac59b  No.5075127


Just saw the pic, fren. No worries.

2d0220  No.5075128

File: 22d242cad2c5519⋯.png (95.08 KB, 838x749, 838:749, ClipboardImage.png)



annnnnnnnd the comments.

8a8340  No.5075129


<jew jew jew jew jew

Yawn, shill.

f79a54  No.5075130


Something tells me we are going to be seeing more of these.

4c2fdd  No.5075131

File: 9f0d30e9f6543e6⋯.png (146.57 KB, 620x266, 310:133, Jimmy-Kimmel-Jimmy-Fallon-….png)

File: f0a77d9643d3501⋯.jpg (89.47 KB, 610x458, 305:229, LiveLeak-dot-com-Whoopi_15….jpg)

Hey Lookee Here!

f00fc9  No.5075132

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

402c2a  No.5075133

File: 855417f48a64da4⋯.gif (54.42 KB, 223x369, 223:369, IMG_2672.GIF)

dfa3d2  No.5075134


People that cheerfully kill babies will not care about that meme or any other meme, in the same way that no meme would make you want to kill babies.

891474  No.5075135


NOTABLE to add to LA digs too

ee1336  No.5075136

File: 899ae05a281c303⋯.png (2.82 MB, 1458x1008, 81:56, 1528724798544.png)

449743  No.5075137

Green New Deal: " In order to keep the lights on in the United States, a new energy system will need to be constructed."


I get the idea this statement is like an early warning that may as well read: 'due to the size and scale of the project, many areas of the country will be without power for an undetermined amount of time'.

925178  No.5075138


you've got em riled up. they are tag team shilling on you. so easy to spot at this point.

f00fc9  No.5075139

File: 7eab7477c4e81da⋯.jpg (289.51 KB, 1439x800, 1439:800, IMG_5963.JPG)

e4af4a  No.5075140



the JQ shitposters exposed themselves as fake anons

fake patriots

not MAGA

and anti POTUS

now they also shill for extreme pro life division


36f2ab  No.5075141



Yep Chinagate it was called >>5075102

aac59b  No.5075142


There’s an article in notables from 2-3 breads ago. Explains what happened.

e58b50  No.5075143

File: e3da573463f833f⋯.jpg (125.67 KB, 1066x419, 1066:419, Cuck24.jpg)

File: f4733710a94f182⋯.jpg (141.97 KB, 940x250, 94:25, Cuck23.jpg)

File: 42e28284b410916⋯.jpg (124.39 KB, 1078x459, 1078:459, Cuck22.jpg)

File: 9c4cdde68ac2690⋯.jpg (78.41 KB, 636x382, 318:191, Cuck21.jpg)

File: 26e14883b5633e7⋯.jpg (687.29 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, Cuck1.jpg)

1f9e57  No.5075144


I’ve watched it 7 times but neither saw nor heard an explosion. Just wind noise and a caution light.

376c45  No.5075145

File: bc0af876ea200e4⋯.jpeg (79.94 KB, 614x497, 614:497, 4597A6A9-9AFF-44EA-A278-A….jpeg)

4d10dc  No.5075146

>>5075003 Are we "one for one" with the Mil parallels? Hydra rocket equating to a specific political rocket?

75dd29  No.5075147

File: 6124ac6d8e0838b⋯.gif (2 MB, 500x281, 500:281, flingnshit.gif)

f00fc9  No.5075148

File: e2815ebee3dba95⋯.jpg (282.85 KB, 1040x1300, 4:5, IMG_5968.JPG)

bf57b2  No.5075149

File: 62725946c4e25c2⋯.jpg (88.78 KB, 900x600, 3:2, Trump pointing.jpg)

File: 66c8aa52e9d5228⋯.jpg (152.99 KB, 762x620, 381:310, warren proof.jpg)

File: bd88e6bbc646f92⋯.jpg (80.24 KB, 750x500, 3:2, I lied warren.jpg)

dfa3d2  No.5075150


POTUS is rebuilding the Tower of Babel. America is Babylon, and POTUS presides over it.

4ae40e  No.5075151


{9:22} [What] if God, willing to shew [his] wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction:

so you agree with them, huh

36f2ab  No.5075152

File: 5eec219a6671ffb⋯.png (3.29 MB, 1776x1881, 592:627, ba5bbbf11b1e491678c4be5a58….png)


No worries

8a8340  No.5075153


This is very poweful, kek!

Share this.

Shills confirm.

e58b50  No.5075154


It will win over people on the fence, nigger.

26da04  No.5075155

File: 1141ba912c65a98⋯.png (217.49 KB, 761x452, 761:452, ClipboardImage.png)


They crossed Bixel before landing didn't they? The cop car parked diagonally is shown in other vids I think. probably can see the person filming this in the other view from above. Either way cool vid from that point of view

dbb64b  No.5075156

File: d4deb450b68d5ab⋯.png (400.72 KB, 703x437, 37:23, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e8e7817e0c5759⋯.png (70.97 KB, 255x194, 255:194, ClipboardImage.png)

37be9e  No.5075157


there are MANY ufo's painted into the many paintings depicting Christ, Mary, Birth of Christ etc…

04557a  No.5075158

File: 9c69f56586f353e⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1675x941, 1675:941, apache-chopper.png)



0fff23  No.5075159



Is JW the stealth bomber?


2d0220  No.5075160

File: c7cbbb09bb064c7⋯.gif (669.73 KB, 244x130, 122:65, laughinggif.gif)

e58b50  No.5075161


Oh the JIDF-fags fucking LOVE me.

360df9  No.5075162

File: 23d9d6f7bd6b7f9⋯.jpg (182.65 KB, 1133x654, 1133:654, 1549589659818.jpg)

This is funny.


Nancy Pelosi isn't all that impressed. Asked about the "Green New Deal" in an interview with Politico on Wednesday, Pelosi dropped this amazing bit of shade on it:

"It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive. The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they're for it, right?"


f00fc9  No.5075163

File: 914e11035c0c6da⋯.jpg (121.26 KB, 1201x800, 1201:800, IMG_5958.JPG)

33058d  No.5075164


“Gateways program for adults edition”

For nexts breads?

8a8340  No.5075165


It's about waking up folks.

This meme will do a great job waking folks.

e4af4a  No.5075166


Its ugly and wrong yes

but NSA and SS certainly DO know her whereabouts and condition

PAtriots in control

d29190  No.5075167

File: a05fce1867ca56a⋯.jpeg (3.8 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 3F9073D9-15B8-4E98-881F-9….jpeg)

I’m at the park with my dog who loves to kill sticks. She’s got one now and she is chewing on the wrong bit. Can’t get a proper grip, is picking off useless bits of bark and if she’d only turn the damn thing around, put her foot here and here, she’d be done with it.

Can’t help making the analogy with us and Q. If we only knew which way to hold the damn stick… KEK.

925178  No.5075168

File: 3f5c05e646caebe⋯.png (340.11 KB, 490x490, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

1f9e57  No.5075169


In the vid from this bread I saw personnel sitting on side scaffolds. Looks like this was them leaving.

26da04  No.5075170

There is an explosion shown in the Inside Edition video, but without context

36f2ab  No.5075171


Military twitters have posted several helicopter pics & vids recently.

dfa3d2  No.5075172


Bro Q has had all those secret hidden medical cures for YEARS now without releasing any of them. There will be no winning unless you consider death and globalism winning.

4773e7  No.5075174

File: 8a1c40a745b42aa⋯.png (894.44 KB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

8e14ac  No.5075175

File: ab13964f0eb7886⋯.png (115.16 KB, 300x169, 300:169, Messages Image(3127928770).png)

f00fc9  No.5075176

File: 67e982862cdedb5⋯.jpg (141.03 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_5941.JPG)

a68f8e  No.5075177

All lb

>>5074778 lb





I've been on here since 11/15/17 and I'm unimpressed with Q's results. Having practiced law for 25 years, I'm not very gullible and I only trust what I see happen. Which is not much related to Q. Q doesnt have much sauce. Your average Anon post has more credibility than Q, who continues to repeat himself and post news articles about stuff we already knew long ago.

37be9e  No.5075178


it is funny

26da04  No.5075179


I think you might be right, but their formation was more loose when leaving, wasn't it? Like the first 2 left and the 3rd and 4th were a bit slower?

e713f0  No.5075180

File: 248c64005e453fa⋯.jpg (14.28 KB, 294x222, 49:37, gag.JPG)

File: d1c7af26f86ec97⋯.jpg (101.32 KB, 560x678, 280:339, bankster why does the gov ….jpg)


>"The Green New Deal"


Breaking up the discredited financial institutions that have needed so

much public money to prop them up in the latest credit crunch.



Because going against the Banksters is always…

e4af4a  No.5075181




you faggots are the new muhjoo shitposters

you will be gone too

no more division fagging

extreme anti abortion views will NEVER be the law of the land

80% against it

WTF are you doing trying to fool or bully those 80%?

wont work

f25662  No.5075182


Anon, you are sincere. If you really want to dig on aliens and your true history, you must go back, you must go way back, you must go back to the beginning, or as close as you can get. Start with image searches of the oldest documents ever found on Earth. Go from there. You'll soon stand above the rest, enlightened, awake, astonished.

f00fc9  No.5075183

File: ba95cecc28be6f7⋯.jpg (235 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG_5952.JPG)

891474  No.5075184



Anons you should watch this. Landing among all those buildings and palm trees -

and soldiers carrying out something at one point.

92c2c3  No.5075185

File: a743f3a6a7bb537⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 7D23E2C5-1FE6-46AE-A81B-B3….png)

File: 0870dcb80c34830⋯.png (494.44 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 8E4AE2CC-AD27-4EE5-95AF-65….png)

File: 39247fde7d70510⋯.png (500.77 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 1A55F6C2-E5E0-4BA5-A835-F5….png)

File: 5097353029adf66⋯.png (405.92 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 947BBB98-92F8-480E-B2FE-B6….png)

Feinstein and Boxer. Long Beach & Port of Oakland, too. https://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/press-releases?ID=9FF996B6-9D1A-4F6F-8A64-920A1E45D744

5b4b62  No.5075186


the rapid demise of the ISIS caliphate must be redpilling many muslims who believed that their caliphate was ordained by allah – allah is a liar (and not God)

33770e  No.5075187

File: a5081f6c4d4cef0⋯.png (453.17 KB, 582x358, 291:179, Capture.PNG)

Oil workers flee Venezuela's crisis for a better life

PUNTO FIJO, Venezuela (AP) - Nieves Ribullen, a Venezuelan oil worker sick of struggling to get by as his country falls apart, is betting it all on far-away Kurdistan to give his family a better life.

Over the years he's watched dozens of co-workers abandon poverty wages and dangerous working conditions at the rundown complex of refineries in Venezuela's Punto Fijo for jobs in far-flung places like Kuwait, Angola and Chile.

Now it's his turn. Leaving his wife and three children behind, he'll soon ship out to Kurdistan, where he expects to earn more than $3,500 a month - a fortune compared to the less than $20 he brings home monthly in Venezuela.

"I only earn enough to buy a kilo (2 pounds) of meat and one chicken each month," Ribullen said. "We're in chaos."


8a8340  No.5075188


<jidf, muh jooo

<bc it's only jews, not the global DS, really!

ad3d10  No.5075189

File: b345a0d4ccba844⋯.png (645.51 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 5B79D036-2BE8-483A-A67C-C6….png)

File: f5bce89e45695a0⋯.png (420.1 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, C44CE0F6-AD1E-44B3-A6B2-30….png)

File: 5a5b4e92a319949⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 1644DB34-7119-4AED-9278-30….png)

File: 2dac760d841ba02⋯.png (440.27 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 5AAA1253-A11C-46A3-B292-97….png)

LB. >>5073522

I feel like an ass for not thinking about the shipping containers for trafficking. Anyone who has seen season 2 of The Wire will know how trafficking Eastern European women through the ports of Baltimore was a major part of the story.

I found an old MSNBC write up on the tactic of using hard box containers for trafficking (circa 2000)


26da04  No.5075190

33058d  No.5075191


Hey guys a lawyer is speaking!

See nobody cares.

ad3d10  No.5075192

File: 5059c9f668430fe⋯.png (410.49 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 98FEFEE8-3E1E-4E7D-83A4-87….png)

File: 2a30d23d20cf597⋯.png (418.74 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 4897A360-312E-4C36-AA21-9D….png)

File: d4f3eae69964866⋯.png (416.35 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, FACEB57F-2BC4-45F8-8B96-16….png)

00e5e5  No.5075193



d24077  No.5075194

File: ed34729bb808871⋯.png (269.15 KB, 485x532, 485:532, 1548295858.png)

76ebdf  No.5075195

>>5074856 (lb)

If I were to proceed simply on that interpretation alone.(your sauce) I would point out that that article says there is still contention as to the name and its meaning.

The author is simply making an assertion on context alone disregarding many other instances in the Bible where a seemingly innocuous text makes an earth shattering revelation.

If it was simply naming a random creature then why was it given a proper name.

KJV fags are truly something claiming an authorive work in what the 16th century?

Is Azazel that the scapegoat was sent to each year and other demons named in the Bible mere creatures as well?

I can google 3 articles that take a different approach to the argument ending “Facts” you have posted as sauce.

I also have my own sauce of facing a “fallen one” in the flesh and surviving to be here shitposting this evening.

Lilith is a real demon.

You have a long long way to go in your red pilling of biblical study fren.

Do you even Book of Enoch bro? Which Jesus himself referred to.

Or perhaps the Assumption of Moses written about in Jude?

I bet you are of the opinion if it isn’t in the Bible it can’t be true.

e282a9  No.5075196

im watching a video right now of De Niro - robert de niro flipped out at a manhattan court thursday

can someone grab this for me?


>>5075003 US Army twats Apache

>>5074982, >>5075033 SC blocks Louisiana abortion law…

anon, with the notable nomination, theres zero sauce, its kinda dry

>>5074985 anon dug on all the Long Beach stuff early last year, pasta, now you dig the sauce

a32697  No.5075197


In symbolism green = ally or compliance. Looks like some comms going on there.

e4af4a  No.5075198


>Shills confirm

yes you do

glowing you are


come to the middle or you will not be part of the GA

609d0e  No.5075199



Asked about Chinese ownership of Port of Long Beach 1-2 breads ago. Anon replied with a quote from statute? Chinese don't actually OWN the port; port facilities are leased out for long terms. They found a list of the top 10 leases by revenue paid to the city. CEMEX was #1.


>>5073691 #6479

>>5073623 #6479

>>5073743 #6479

That anon's dig copied here for you:

Goes back farther

from 1997

LONG BEACH DESK - The Long Beach Naval Station was tentatively placed on the Military Base Closure-List by president George Bush in 1991. President Bill Clinton, closed the naval base last in 1993. That resulted in the loss to Long Beach, California of 17,500 military and civilian jobs. The economic impact of the of loss was $52.5 million and drove the California economy into the tank. It has never recovered.

Between 1995-1996, during the heat of the Clinton-Gore Campaign fund raising activity, the Clinton administration actively intervened to make sure a Communist Chinese cargo container shipping interest got a too-good deal on a Long Beach, California, shipping terminal.

The Secretary of the Navy has formally turned the base over to the City of Long Beach. But, the Port of Long Beach has signed a letter of intent to lease the property to the China Ocean Shipping Co., a steamship line run by the Communist Chinese government.

The Navy base property is about to be leased to a Communist China-owned shipping company under an agreement that was only made possible by the intervention of the White House.

Forced by a court order, Port of Long Beach officials have now set March 12, 1997 for a new public hearing on plans to bulldoze the Naval Station and lease the property to the Comunist Chinese shipping company.

After a hearing before the court, a judge ruled last week that the deal had been rushed and proper procedures had not been in place.

Clinton was so eager to push the deal through that he met twice with Long Beach officials and once at a White House meeting in 1995 that included his then-chief of staff and the Pentagon's No. 2 official and others.

The deal finally approved by the Secretary of the Navy turns over control of the Long Beach Naval Station, with a value of at least $65 million, free of charge to the City of Long Beach. The city has agreed to lease it to the China Ocean Shipping Co. of the People's Republic of China.

The Chinese deal apparently went forward without a national security review by wither the CIA or National Security Council. The White House apparently avoided normal and routine government channels in pushing the deal through in 1995. '… there seemed to be no reason to check with the National Security Council on the decision …' White House spokesman Lanny Davis said.

However, the China Ocean Shipping Co. of the People's Republic of China has been actively involved in several recent controversies in addition to a Russian AK-47 gun-smuggling episode on the streets of Oakland, California. In another shocking incident in December, one of the company's ships plowed into a crowded boardwalk in New Orleans, injuring 116 people.


9023ea  No.5075200


Bixel street is one block after landing and extraction. That's just them on the way out. You can also see police running blockade for traffic at end of video

1f9e57  No.5075201


Doesn’t matter really. They can tighten up formation in no time with those things.

f00fc9  No.5075202

File: f28afda2247f5dc⋯.jpg (276.5 KB, 1439x800, 1439:800, IMG_5914.JPG)

d8b3d1  No.5075203


>the new muhjoo shit posters

thx for informing us that you’re mossad.

360df9  No.5075204

File: 61b7d844f009835⋯.gif (50.15 KB, 432x576, 3:4, frame_11_delay-1s.gif)

File: 84c9933116012c4⋯.gif (54.03 KB, 432x576, 3:4, frame_06_delay-1s.gif)

File: a9b269af5e799ee⋯.gif (30.52 KB, 432x576, 3:4, frame_07_delay-1s.gif)


Those motherfucking, cuck sucking, anti-semites will be gone before we know it.

07faae  No.5075205


Now that is hardcore alcoholism.

92c2c3  No.5075206


I was the anon that dig it. And provided sauce. That was me. Hence I know what I’m talking about. I added some here.

8a8340  No.5075207


Anons will wake up normies to the regular murder of babies.

Anons will do that with powerful memes.

Q is with us. POTUS is with us. GOD IS WITH US.

Are you with us?

e58b50  No.5075208

File: f0731e17a47188c⋯.jpg (18.21 KB, 400x233, 400:233, f1s45o7qyqiiaabxgg3p91cfja….jpg)

5d644c  No.5075209

File: 06a5c0bfd707e5c⋯.jpg (12.24 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ee7ef4c92dea7bd79af5cd7399….jpg)

aac59b  No.5075210

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ancient Aliens - Debunked

Dr. Michael Heiser

e4af4a  No.5075211


better analogy is we are on the ground waiting for the tree to fall

so far only a few leaves

f00fc9  No.5075212

File: fd45a5137407613⋯.jpg (168.58 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_5930.JPG)

36f2ab  No.5075213

File: b93323295b9c6f4⋯.png (910.5 KB, 1003x1024, 1003:1024, youarewelcomeanon.png)


But would anyone be digging if Q hadn't shown up?

eb6d5c  No.5075214

File: 884e3cb173a174d⋯.png (597.49 KB, 1431x909, 159:101, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d487007927c2a4c⋯.png (117.23 KB, 891x183, 297:61, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 564dc4e0210a3e7⋯.png (378.83 KB, 755x559, 755:559, ClipboardImage.png)

Possible Q proof developing

Q posted on April 30th, 2018, the question:

What if Iran created a classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear facility in Northern Syria?

Israel CLAIMS to have found a secret MISSILE facility in North(west) Syria, but it's unclear if it has anything to do with Iran's nuclear program.

So we need to keep watching this to see if what Israel claims is accurate, and if it is, to see if there is nuclear activity involved.

this has to do with SUM OF ALL FEARS, which was averted and had to do with the cabal setting up a FF nuclear strike to start WW3

still haven't found any other sauce besides this one from Israel though, keeping an eye out



2b2aed  No.5075215


What did it look like?

e58b50  No.5075216

File: 9aadd9da6d72738⋯.jpg (58.44 KB, 610x500, 61:50, 2a2f8j-2.jpg)

609d0e  No.5075217

File: 72b9f82714b5565⋯.jpg (302.08 KB, 1050x549, 350:183, ControlQ.jpg)

891474  No.5075218


Way ahead of it anon. I have studied all 12 Sitchin books (off world beings, Sumerian cuneiforms, etc…..etc….etc.

e282a9  No.5075219


some sauce


anon, with the notable nomination, theres zero sauce, its kinda dry

>>5074985 anon dug on all the Long Beach stuff early last year, pasta, now you dig the sauce

33058d  No.5075220

File: 85a297637b2522b⋯.png (272.8 KB, 815x443, 815:443, 7B01F8A1-2A02-4259-BE41-44….png)

33770e  No.5075221

File: 5bc2a40e09fd354⋯.png (798.44 KB, 725x380, 145:76, Capture.PNG)

Indonesia finds 193 Bangladeshis locked up in a house

Indonesian police found 193 Bangladeshis locked up in a shop house after human traffickers had lured them with the promise of getting them to Malaysia, an immigration official said on Thursday.

The men entered Indonesia as tourists via Bali and the city of Yogyakarta with the intention of going to Malaysia for work, North Sumatra’s immigration chief said.

“They are victims of human trafficking and were lured here,” Fery Monang Sihite said by telephone, adding that the men had been locked up in Medan on the island of Sumatra.

The men, who were described as in a healthy condition when they were found on Tuesday night, had been taken to an immigration detention center and would be sent back to Bangladesh, Sihite said.


8241e1  No.5075222


stop it at 23 seconds in. You can see it

f00fc9  No.5075223

File: e7deaf12d924715⋯.jpg (106.62 KB, 962x800, 481:400, IMG_5928.JPG)

d24077  No.5075224

File: 64bbb8684e54c45⋯.jpg (142.93 KB, 852x1358, 426:679, 1549306418.jpg)


All life is protected


00e5e5  No.5075225


They find containers fairly often at the Port of LA full of Chinese people.

Some are sex traffic victims, some labor slaves, and others who are paying their way via indentured servitude.

e58b50  No.5075226


Fuck off, kike… Go push your Jew-war propaganda elsewhere.

e4af4a  No.5075227


anon - 90% of america is with you against murdering babies (late term abortion)

that same % does NOT support an abortion ban or overturning Roe

8241e1  No.5075228

4be316  No.5075229

File: 17734f1fa059260⋯.png (53.11 KB, 640x470, 64:47, Screenshot_2019-02-07 Maje….png)

File: ed22cf208a73a45⋯.png (37.6 KB, 640x342, 320:171, Screenshot_2019-02-07 Maje….png)

File: 9980fe4255576b9⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1349x470, 1349:470, Screenshot_2019-02-07 Maje….png)

66d932  No.5075230


so if those flying objects are unidentified, does that automatically make them ayys?

seems to be what most anons think

360df9  No.5075231

File: 1a27034c486305b⋯.jpg (44.38 KB, 309x307, 309:307, 1a27034c486305b930e7d3cfd3….jpg)

Would you jew-hating shills stop posting your bullshit, already!? It pisses us off.

d29190  No.5075232


Yeah, well we better know which way that fuckers gonna fall!

e4af4a  No.5075233


hindu you?

jain even

go to india where you belong

your slogans are faggot

f00fc9  No.5075234

File: 74ed02d413e7480⋯.jpg (442.62 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, IMG_5965.JPG)

a32697  No.5075235


Thats was a big thing in Vegas and LA way back in the early 2000's. I have a buddy that worked in trauma back then. Had some fucked up stories for me.

93d8a1  No.5075236


don't forget Snoop Dog and his orangeface clown assassination vid

891474  No.5075237


Quit lurking and get involved. Pick a topic and research the hell out it. Contribute in anyway you can.

93d8a1  No.5075238

File: 25621c174b20682⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1136x568, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

e58b50  No.5075239

File: c89e35a27f196f0⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 6ee.jpg)

d8b3d1  No.5075240

File: ad6b1920fb387fc⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1996x2030, 998:1015, D9241FED-B225-4DCC-B64A-9A….png)


ur retarded. If u cant tell djt is doing what needs to be done in order for the media not to be able to call him Hitler- ur an idiot.

f00fc9  No.5075241

File: a2560e09b80561a⋯.jpg (135.59 KB, 1114x800, 557:400, IMG_5908.JPG)

eb6d5c  No.5075242




>still haven't found any other sauce besides this one from Israel though, keeping an eye out

a Q proof is a Q proof

I guess you'd be fine if FOX or someshit reported it, it's the only sauce right now

8a8340  No.5075243


That is why there are anons.

Anons will change that.

Abortion is murder.

Memes will explain that.

Folks will wake up.

(Shills confirm by panic.)

66d932  No.5075244


da crips is hella gangsta yo

u aint'nt a real nigga unless u slangin crack yo

e58b50  No.5075245

8e14ac  No.5075246


exposure = $$$

this is hate based advertising at it's finest

the future is boring and lazy

36f2ab  No.5075247

File: 03338571f1a869f⋯.jpg (47 KB, 640x641, 640:641, witb.jpg)

d24077  No.5075248

File: e79fe013762df48⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 268x268, 1:1, tumblr_o19mtzQwZ41rxmai6o4….gif)

f79a54  No.5075249


Thank you for unvalued opinion. After 25 years of practicing law, perhaps your lack of astuteness would lead you to be surprised that anon digs, and information sharing is precisely the purpose of this place. Q drop get proved as time passes on, and yes, occassionally Q posts old news to help us along; repeats necessary, and all that.

f00fc9  No.5075250

File: cda045f64f98d3f⋯.jpg (107.41 KB, 1192x800, 149:100, IMG_5852.JPG)

360df9  No.5075251

File: 2ede397edb67435⋯.jpg (90.05 KB, 846x846, 1:1, 2ede397edb674353697f7b911f….jpg)

Every Real Anon (TM) knows that all of you jew-hate spewers are spambots programmed by Nazi teenagers over at stormfront. You are not fooling anyone!

00e5e5  No.5075252


Is that you, Mohammed? How's the goat?

8a8340  No.5075253


Call in the amish.

He will save you shills.

d3460b  No.5075254

File: 97778b68b17dfd2⋯.jpg (296.91 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, moonq.jpg)


>Sir, you are wrong.

>Souls are immortal.

>God recycles.

>Might be you have to keep doing it over til you get it right.

To say that God recycles is to say that HE didn't get it right the first time. It also says that HE doesn't have foreknowledge; that HE hasn't predestined all things before the foundation of the world. God certainly preordained us to go through things over and over while on earth to "get it". It's the whole new wine in old wineskins thing. HIS word IS established and never changes because HE is perfect. We, however are imperfect and we'd explode if given the whole TRUTH all at once.

5b4b62  No.5075255


POTUS must demand proof of life for RBG so a new justice can be appointed. Roberts is a scum bag fake Christian.

f00fc9  No.5075256

File: fd71dbad573996c⋯.jpg (185.53 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_5904.JPG)

3568d7  No.5075257

21:20 PST

LB anon update #3

3 a/c…all Blackhawks

4773e7  No.5075258

File: cd64b519fc2989b⋯.png (371.66 KB, 616x693, 8:9, whojewswho.png)


>Would you jew-hating shills stop posting your bullshit, already!? It pisses us off.

e58b50  No.5075259



f25662  No.5075260

File: cbb62f561e226c0⋯.jpg (11.45 KB, 200x200, 1:1, $a6.jpg)


A photo of one of the ancient Sumerian tablets. In the top left is not only a carving of our solar system, but the planets are the correct size and placement. How does an ancient civilization such as Sumer, have working knowledge of the solar system and planets? Sumer was an amazing city with ivory towers, underground sewage and water pipes, working plumbing… and all this at a time we're told man was climbing down from the trees.

1c0296  No.5075261


He is wearing one fabulous sports coat.

d24077  No.5075262

File: 3b965eb734c63f0⋯.jpg (147.14 KB, 680x1024, 85:128, 1549341480-1.jpg)



97a3a1  No.5075263

File: 3b27fe033c7fa48⋯.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1804, 621:902, BE00A7F5-2AA0-4C97-8280-A….jpeg)


33770e  No.5075264

File: c09751afb70bbfb⋯.png (427.46 KB, 730x410, 73:41, Capture.PNG)

Awami League leader killed in Sirajganj road crash

A local leader of ruling Awami League was killed as a truck hit him on Bogura-Nagarbari road at Chariashikar area of Ullahpara upazila in the district on Tuesday.

The deceased was identified as Abdul Jalil, 54, of Patdhari village in the upazila and general secretary of AL Patdhari ward unit.

Shahin Reza, Sub-inspector of Hatikumrul Highway Police Station said a truck hit Jalil leaving him severely injured in the morning while he was crossing the road.

Later in the noon, the victim succumbed to his injuries after taking to the hospital, he said.


f00fc9  No.5075265

File: 8adddcda0bbfdc4⋯.jpg (129.69 KB, 1114x800, 557:400, IMG_5895.JPG)

aac59b  No.5075266


I never said Lilith or lilit weren’t actual creatures.

I explained the origins of the explanations concerning the nature of that entity (or multiple entities - “the lilit.”) come from Jewish Mysticism / Demonology.

Also, never claimed to be a KJV only fag, either.

Once again, stick to the facts.


a5a744  No.5075267


Thrusting, and slamming those LONG HARD STONG rockets, GREEK STYLE!

92c2c3  No.5075268


He doesn’t have to. The SC is being protected by the USSS. So Potus knows through the SECRET SERVICE where she is… remember that happened during the Kav hearings. All SC justices are being protected. Hence, he isn’t demanding anything. He knows.

740766  No.5075269

File: 56a421ce60bce77⋯.jpg (707.01 KB, 1607x3024, 1607:3024, 11-soldiers.jpg)


Yep, 11 guys and 2 of them carrying this box

f00fc9  No.5075270

File: 39b120c7bcf95c2⋯.jpg (176.49 KB, 1201x800, 1201:800, IMG_5892.JPG)

609d0e  No.5075271


Look anon. I think you're not getting something. Bear with me:

Several states are now adopting or considering bills that would legalize killing out-of-the-womb, full-term, viable infants, using the existing term "abortion" for this new infanticide push.

Making normies in the country aware of this infanticide push may be a necessary part of the Plan.

Yes it's extreme but haven't you noticed that many of the recent actions and themes are almost caricatures of themselves? It may take that much exaggeration to break through normies' conditioning and make them realize something awful is being proposed.

Ultimately I don't think the infanticide bills will fly … but meanwhile it IS excellent meme fodder. Your comments to the contrary are not very helpful because they don't seem to reflect an understanding of possibilities in the big picture.

HOW are you going to make normies understand the horror of unjustified, not-medically-needed abortions?

HOW are you going to make normies understand that fetal tissue has been routinely harvested, sold for high $$, and used for both medical research as well as nefarious purposes such as consumption?

Exaggeration makes a point that cannot be made in any other way.

Strongly suggest you stand down on this issue.

e2393b  No.5075272


No. Just blackhawks and little birds.

d22aa1  No.5075273

File: d5aa1fe93d0f62c⋯.png (284.03 KB, 739x648, 739:648, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)

File: 98d539cc91ed032⋯.jpg (69.67 KB, 1420x387, 1420:387, Dy2pVE_V4AA1RBo.jpg)


360df9  No.5075274

File: ad4f74267c91401⋯.png (300.28 KB, 408x413, 408:413, yourwishjew.png)


Good idea.

e5fb7a  No.5075275



Don't get too excited until we know. Hopeful is fine, just don't break out the champagne yet.

321fa8  No.5075276


If this were a drill, they would have notified law enforcement and the buildings around the area. The police should have at least blocked traffic in the entire area, while having guards at the entrance of every nearby building trying to prevent people from exiting.

460007  No.5075277

Notable unless it already got logged.

the people who were killed in their home by that small aircraft crash that the pilot was misidentified as retired Chicago PD earlier


e58b50  No.5075278


Oh I see… We have to kiss our enemies asses, in order to defeat them, huh?

Great PLAN. Fag…

d29190  No.5075279


Anon is right.

You’ve lurked long enough.

Pick a topic.

What about Joshua Tree National Park?

Do a search for it on resignations search page (see listed above) to get background and chew on it like a dog with a bone.

Or pick something that interests you.


44c3fc  No.5075280


Maybe, but I can also make out a Blackhawk.

360df9  No.5075281


You watched the SOTU, too?

376c45  No.5075282

File: 73028849c12cc1e⋯.jpeg (164.56 KB, 1242x1362, 207:227, 3eac39d7494828faf690e36bc….jpeg)

2b2aed  No.5075283


To the point of my skepticism, reincarnation happens not because God got anything wrong. Man is given the do-over by God’s grace.

5c2b65  No.5075284

File: 05cd4d94f30060c⋯.jpg (133.68 KB, 361x342, 19:18, (You).jpg)


You're very not wrong

757b9e  No.5075285

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is a great Canadian interview on -

How Trump and Mexico fooled Trudeau in the USMCA

And how the media in Canada hides POTUS' accomplishments because it would make pussy soy-boy Trudeau look even worse than he already does! lmao

Wow, made me so proud of our POTUS just hearing this guy talk about how smart and hardworking Trump is and is accomplishing so much to MAGA!

Canada's GDP is under 2% (ours is almost 4%), participation in their job market is going down (ours is going up!), etc…

Very good listen

891474  No.5075286


I also heard from Florida Maquis on YT that China is buying up (or leasing?) tons of land all around the Panama Canal.

f00fc9  No.5075287

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Tang is from outer space

e282a9  No.5075288


>>5075003 US Army twats Apache

>>5074982, >>5075033 SC blocks Louisiana abortion law…

>>5074985, >>5075100, >>5075102, >>5075185, >>5075020 anons dig on ChiFi and LBC

41d6d4  No.5075289

File: 6be564c17573b61⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1442x1793, 1442:1793, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a93695b314335b0⋯.png (53.54 KB, 1220x458, 610:229, ClipboardImage.png)

Wells Fargo,




e4af4a  No.5075290


your slogans are faggot

5b4b62  No.5075291


theory of evolution is hooey; there is absolutely zero evidence that one species evolved into another; we are not descended from apes – humans are humans created in the image and likeness of God – mutations in our gene pool are always negative not positive

609d0e  No.5075292


It's been notable many times already.

More precisely, he was carrying false ID of a Chicago police officer.

And he had a connection with that NV Denis Hof.

The whole thing is spoopy as hell.

d519e4  No.5075293


Symbolism will be their downfall. -1895

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall. - 184

97a3a1  No.5075294

File: b1a979df0e8720b⋯.jpeg (564.74 KB, 1242x1845, 138:205, 1C40BA3B-10A3-4B21-BB01-F….jpeg)


aca489  No.5075295



>raids begin in public


It's nothing, guys!

e58b50  No.5075296


Lol, Yep.

f00fc9  No.5075297

File: 3cea5c6250b70fd⋯.jpg (130.16 KB, 874x800, 437:400, IMG_5940.JPG)

1c0296  No.5075298

SOTU was a pivotal point in history.

Notice the news cycle afterward.

Virginia in turmoil.

Pocahontas humiliated.

AOC humiliated.

Is a STORM taking place?

9023ea  No.5075299


There were multiple platoon members carrying out the same cargo for each helo extraction after the first set of 4 came and landed. I would say, iirc, that there were 4 -6 pairs of operators carrying out same bag between the two of them

8a8340  No.5075300

Listen shills,

Code red.

Muh jew distraction shills are not blended in anymore.

Shitposting is not stopping anons either.

It is time again.

Follow plan "walkie talkie" and release the amish.


a25ab1  No.5075301



They did.

The Iran nuclear deal Obama signed was a Scam. They moved their facilities to Syria Therefore did not violate the treaty. Obama knew damn well that was the plan.

And No, I’m not a Jew or like as they say.

American German and English.

eb6d5c  No.5075302


it's my own post, but consider it:


it's a developing Q proof, not solid just yet

need more info on it

e6876d  No.5075303


We are into the third year of at least a four year movie

Grab some popcorn

There are at least two more years to go

And the best is yet to come

You can always check out if desired

Nobody is holding you here

And if you are going to be here

If we all are going, you are undoubtedly going too.


Case dismissed

d24077  No.5075304

File: d18bc03eddf427c⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1282x1288, 641:644, 1549081343.png)


So true

Fuggin Amish

aebabc  No.5075305

File: 99fd4c3e4d95b11⋯.jpg (25.87 KB, 255x245, 51:49, pepe intel.jpg)

Does anybody see the same thing?

all of these states going crazy with these abortion bills.

I have a feeling it has to do with RGB and the Russia investigation.

when both come to an end,

Trump wins 2020.

by a Fucking D5!

f00fc9  No.5075306

File: b20f4bb526249b1⋯.jpg (223.96 KB, 1040x1300, 4:5, IMG_5887.JPG)

5b4b62  No.5075307


I'm not a shill, but I want to see arrests especially after the way Manafort and Stone were handled

36f2ab  No.5075308


And what about when the state itself is involved say it's a female prisoner or woman in a current CPS "investigation"?

How easy will it be for them to make these decisions regarding these kind of abortions?

Honestly the implications are horrifying

e4af4a  No.5075309


the truth wont be for everyone

carry on fren

873def  No.5075310


(((F E L L O W W H I T E P A R E N T S)))

ee1336  No.5075311

So in LA



609d0e  No.5075312


Yes indeed. See >>5075271

Exaggeration to make a point?

eb6d5c  No.5075313


>They moved their facilities to Syria Therefore did not violate the treaty

very true, I'm just wondering if at this SPECIFIC facility they were doing nuclear related activities

then it'd be one hell of a Q proof, Q called the "north" part

d401a8  No.5075314

File: 10eaf3950338813⋯.jpg (6.95 KB, 300x301, 300:301, baitquestionmark.jpg)

File: 39bd4749c9719e5⋯.jpg (124.96 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 4to6lostforever.jpg)

File: ebd8ba63b6ff905⋯.jpg (78.49 KB, 500x513, 500:513, logicfrens.jpg)

SO MANY SHILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


75dd29  No.5075315

File: a30c84555e12638⋯.jpg (366.37 KB, 814x900, 407:450, whaaaa.jpg)


>lurked long enough.

f00fc9  No.5075316


Kys kike ass nigger fake Jew whore

3772ab  No.5075317


been away for a while what arrests?

6ac125  No.5075318

File: 0a085ec2dd0e422⋯.jpg (192.9 KB, 1078x860, 539:430, snoop dogg suicide gun.jpg)

460007  No.5075319


ok good.

couple days ago someone was asking about the victims in the house, didn't see it myself so when I ran across it I figured I'd through it out there.

4ae40e  No.5075320

File: 951482ce239a4f6⋯.jpg (125.11 KB, 500x728, 125:182, Black Israelites are Racis….jpg)

e4af4a  No.5075321


begs the question anon

where did the ideas of jewish mysticism come from?

history - that is where

9023ea  No.5075322


There were LE cars blocking traffic at Wilshire and Lucas and Wilshire and Bixel

e58b50  No.5075323


German is the largest heritage group in America today. Irish is 2nd. English is 3rd.

All are considered "Germanic". FYI…

891474  No.5075324


Yes, it's absolutely fascinating. I was hooked and everything else makes perfect sense after studying it.

If I wasn't on here so fuckin much, I'd re-read them all again.

5d644c  No.5075325


The RBG and baby killing push definitely

seem related….I just wish this movie would

speed up a little

740766  No.5075326


Is there more than one video floating around? It would be great to gather them into one post. This one only shows one 'thing' being carried, but there were multiple choppers as you say.

5b4b62  No.5075327


It is worse than that – none of the bound nations signed the deal. US handed over cash without a deal – and without tracing the cash so a number of greasy palms could be further greased around the globe.

26da04  No.5075328

File: a4724e8650e1c49⋯.png (1.1 MB, 955x583, 955:583, ClipboardImage.png)


Yep, you're right, I think that whoever filmed this was standing at the X

251a7f  No.5075329


Guatemalan House of Culture "Museum".

Wells Fargo did not get raided. I retired from this company and checked with my sources. The Guatemalan House of Culture non profit "Museum" was raided -not a drill - regarding child sex ring, human trafficking. Tom Girardi, attorney owns that building. Tom Girardi's wife is Erica Jayne, erotica singer actress. She stars on Housewives of Beverly Hills -Bravo.

1136-1138 Wilshire Bl., Los Angeles, CA, 90017 - Office Building Property For Sale on LoopNet.com


609d0e  No.5075330

File: 80370f39d6d0c32⋯.jpg (112.91 KB, 1367x888, 1367:888, PlannedParenthoodElderhood.jpg)


Slippery slope

a32697  No.5075331


Plus there would be several versions of missing links all over the planet. Still around.

d519e4  No.5075332

File: 01c8c4b81306410⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.68 KB, 532x314, 266:157, trumppointing.jpg)

f79a54  No.5075333



Its planned Overton window shifting. In the end, abortion will still ultimately be legal, but hopefully in a true medical/ethical sense. It's still going to be a constant slippery slope until all the commie influence in this country is eradicated.

Nobody said the train ride was a fast one.

cdd478  No.5075334

File: 67bdde78d0418d3⋯.jpg (125.54 KB, 563x553, 563:553, Steve McQueen.jpg)

f00fc9  No.5075335

File: 41508f31d1e2911⋯.jpg (217.73 KB, 1040x1300, 4:5, IMG_5896.JPG)

ac47e2  No.5075336


it never dies xD hahahaha

d22aa1  No.5075337

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

00e5e5  No.5075338


We can look directly at the DNC. It spreads from there.

e58b50  No.5075339


"Hello fellow white people"

dbb64b  No.5075340

File: d4888289e683430⋯.png (26.48 KB, 446x120, 223:60, ClipboardImage.png)

ec852e  No.5075341


That "Anon" you're responding is only here to push it's own agendas, namely getting everyone to say nice things about jews while they kill your children and take over our homeland with hoardes of muzzies that they've forced out of their own countries through war in the name of israel expansion.. course he doesn't give a shit about future American children..

The amazing thing is that they think that since POTUS put out the bait so boldly to Remember muh holocosts, that they can jump immediately into the killing American children topics..

740766  No.5075342

File: c4769f51a7bf260⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1200x1184, 75:74, division-fag.jpg)

d24077  No.5075343


God I hope so

Free beers tomorrow!!!!!

4df7f8  No.5075344


Everyone live in a hologram

You, me, all

We must learn

We not divided

We are United


5a9c57  No.5075345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

92c2c3  No.5075346

File: 8ef24825870199d⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, D72BED40-81D5-4783-B889-3D….png)

File: e834a5783ed311d⋯.png (580.21 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 1205D267-225A-4E3D-B8D4-93….png)

File: 67feb4aea5b63cf⋯.png (578.16 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 180FD1EF-0EB9-43D6-A2DB-32….png)

File: 95b8c127c12beed⋯.png (555.44 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 2FE029A8-B160-4A9A-B86A-25….png)


THIS was the big dig. Found it!


76ebdf  No.5075347


In the form I faced it was human.

Not like the movies or 10 feet tall.

I dont want to speak of the experience in detail.

I know I brought it up but its just not something I talk about.

It happened in the City of Faith in the shadow of the Blood of Christ mountains.

This “being” terrorized a city for months and now sits in prison.

I was a fool running off half-cocked quoting Scripture taking about Trampling Scorpions and such.

The Church has lost much knowledge in dealing with Demons.

609d0e  No.5075348

File: 276eb29f467473f⋯.jpg (184.33 KB, 1716x943, 1716:943, 2019-02-08 05:29:13Z.jpg)

>>5075333 Trips confirm, hive mind.


929d47  No.5075349


Setting up the New World Order

9c97d1  No.5075350

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Justice is coming…What has been hidden, will be revealed.

Imagine, you are just a regular Joe and one day you are notified of an

unknown "inheritance", and that inheritance is the long hidden truths of

a 'secret dark government' killing its leader and that leader knew his

time was running out.

JFK's secret tapes, notes, memos, hidden away by Bobby K because

they knew they were both dead men walking. The chain of custody of a

massive document trove by those who loved their country, to keep this

truth away from the government and alphabet agencies so as not to

"classify" it and hide it away forever or destroy it. People died guarding this treasure. And who came to the rescue of the "inheritor" in 1997 regarding this jaw dropping document cache?

A man named Donald J. Trump!

"The Inheritance" by Christopher Fulton

e58b50  No.5075351


THIS guy gets it.

d349da  No.5075352


and they made beer and processed bitumen


u single?

3942a6  No.5075353


Don't know, Anon. But JW is certainly kicking a@@. Doing the job our DOJ should be doing.

251a7f  No.5075354



Guatemalan House of Culture, Los Angeles, CA


f00fc9  No.5075355

File: cd36763b20ced1a⋯.jpg (425.29 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, IMG_5870.JPG)

4773e7  No.5075356

File: 0cc5d8d0b71c3fb⋯.jpg (110.42 KB, 725x960, 145:192, 23376469.jpg)

5a9c57  No.5075357



84c210  No.5075358

File: d0471bdf18feb04⋯.png (185.9 KB, 522x593, 522:593, ee81889a64447d50e18742cfd8….png)

ee1336  No.5075359



HAHAH imagine walking past and see the army run into the bank and take out a loaded silver bag.

>Nigger instincts come into play

Also it was actually in that Guatemalan building (you can tell by the car park arrow on the ground)

891474  No.5075360


Yes ( * )( * )

925178  No.5075361

File: aae6460df3bdabe⋯.png (231 KB, 490x290, 49:29, ClipboardImage.png)

aebabc  No.5075362


That's it,

The people of this country

cant be in favor of this.

e2393b  No.5075363


Alex Jones looks young there.

2b2aed  No.5075364


Is the incarcerated man still possessed?

9023ea  No.5075365


Fullvideo from Chase building shows a set of 4 small helos land and take off first with 3 or 4 Black Hawks after, each BH had a couple of pairs extracting a payload needed to be carried by two operators. There is also a vid in this bread shown from Bixel St after initial 4 extracted. So two vids so far have surfaced from same area

f00fc9  No.5075366

File: 00cc49a360a64f8⋯.jpg (130.28 KB, 1114x800, 557:400, IMG_5966.JPG)

File: dc9ed6776a79358⋯.jpg (128.95 KB, 1114x800, 557:400, IMG_5967.JPG)

e4af4a  No.5075367


no i believe you are missing something

the cvast majority of americans already OPPOSE this shit

'that same number SUPPORT reasonable access to early abortion and life saving procedures

these extreme measures are a desperate response to the pro life movement which has gained ground under trump

what neither side realizes is that neither POTUS of SCOTUS will EVER go agains the wishes of such a majority

so the whole fight is FAKE and GAY and division

i suggest the extreme positions BOTH stand down and will continue to do so

166481  No.5075368

File: 6f8305fdad57d18⋯.jpg (36.14 KB, 500x386, 250:193, Anarchy_o_99974.jpg)

judicial philosophy has never addressed the status of the baby, just the wishes of the mother, hoping they will address this issue, like heartbeat or first trimester or some such line the states will be unable to blur, same with 2A


96f9cb  No.5075369


i really doubt it. sauce?

e58b50  No.5075370


Damn… Kept secret all these years, and you just fucked all that up by blurting it out on 8Chan.


a32697  No.5075371


You guys have worn the jew discussion out so bad no one really gives a fuck anymore. Just scroll space anymore.

925178  No.5075372

File: fd8278236d8db74⋯.png (226.05 KB, 490x290, 49:29, ClipboardImage.png)

28666f  No.5075373

File: 3e186227ae27543⋯.jpg (75.57 KB, 564x354, 94:59, NightShift.jpg)

File: d3d4a713b6ed750⋯.jpg (38.09 KB, 400x306, 200:153, butt15.jpg)

…I <3 Night Shift.

8da46b  No.5075374

File: 12b8d1410230c59⋯.png (1018.3 KB, 1375x1062, 1375:1062, YGFTLTTITCC.png)

1be11f  No.5075375

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

40,000 foot level everything looks to be going in the positive direction. I for one do not live at 40,000 foot level. Ground level looks to be going to hell.

It has never been said things would not get worse before they got better. Have a plan to survive the plan.

d349da  No.5075376


no honey.. I'm

( • )( • ) but one time …. at band camp….

4773e7  No.5075377


How dare you.

Hicks had integrity.

d80f14  No.5075378


ROFL Top kek anon

da6fb7  No.5075379


That woman is his wife Erica. She has another persona in the seedy world as Erica James..she's also on Bravo's Housewives of Beverly Hills.. housewives kek!

f30fcb  No.5075380



Your smarmy talk is directed at POTUS, not me.

ee1336  No.5075381

File: 2d2a5e20168bc01⋯.png (2.49 MB, 1057x1238, 1057:1238, 7247ecf765cbe20d1c4c830cf6….png)

8da46b  No.5075382

File: 21cc572cce0e46b⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1062x1375, 1062:1375, QOACNF.png)

26da04  No.5075383

File: ea6014d0a1456c7⋯.png (1.21 MB, 954x591, 318:197, ClipboardImage.png)

Above view helicopter vid taken from position #1. Street view vid from Bixel St of helos leaving taken from position #2

182ca9  No.5075384

File: a93dcbfd325ea1e⋯.jpg (667.36 KB, 720x1226, 360:613, 20190207_232248.jpg)

Intermodal Bridge Transport- moves cargo in Long Beach and Atlanta

Was reminded of Long Beach port strikes with the trafficking discussion tonight. Just thinking about how that might affect those being smuggled. Likely didnt change much but name of company was interesting.

"Because of the large size of the ports and the amount of companies operating there, however, the strikes have had "minimal" effect on port operations, he said.

A representative of XPO Logistics declined to comment on the strike threat. Representatives of Intermodal Bridge Transport and California Cartage could not be reached for comment.


925178  No.5075385

File: 779587a4b5f9ba2⋯.png (229.59 KB, 490x290, 49:29, ClipboardImage.png)

3428d9  No.5075386


Gonna need pics of both of ya. Pronto.

406e07  No.5075387

File: 8c30b71f8f0cf94⋯.jpg (303.9 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190208-003025.jpg)

Any planefags watching this

8da46b  No.5075389

File: c27daf24da8db58⋯.png (808.71 KB, 1375x1062, 1375:1062, UYCIGA.png)

1c0296  No.5075390

File: b28d7aa25d0e4b3⋯.jpeg (47.21 KB, 490x467, 490:467, E47E4198-370C-4700-B1BB-3….jpeg)

8d6009  No.5075391

File: 85452f0a150e6fd⋯.jpg (706.54 KB, 916x732, 229:183, watchca1.jpg)

891474  No.5075392

File: 607879c7adb946a⋯.png (286.06 KB, 670x660, 67:66, Board Night Shift.png)

Tonight has been cozy and intriguing.

8da46b  No.5075393

File: e99c45e5b5aaf02⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1062x1375, 1062:1375, NWIDWF.png)

ac47e2  No.5075394


hahahha, that's everything they do! RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA… "fatigue " .. no one gives 2 sh*s

e58b50  No.5075395


Yeah, clearly… Cry moar, kike.

74ef9b  No.5075396

File: b304b2e10311be0⋯.png (617.38 KB, 758x517, 758:517, Academy10.png)

What's Good Night Shift??

We Comfy??

9023ea  No.5075397


This is precise information. Thanks anon for the graphic

d22aa1  No.5075398

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6ac125  No.5075399


My favorite kinda nights

740766  No.5075400

File: bb4f8e95c6207cd⋯.jpg (178.45 KB, 1352x848, 169:106, guatemalan-trade-center.jpg)


Also Guatemalan Trade Center 'non profit'

d401a8  No.5075401


PLEASE post the actual sauce links showing that Girardi is the owner or leasing the space?

e2393b  No.5075402


And then he created his character.

8da46b  No.5075403

File: 7ad0e7110de3e3d⋯.png (808.05 KB, 1375x1062, 1375:1062, DYEPYOAD.png)

9c97d1  No.5075404

File: caf5061f9a55ba3⋯.jpeg (8.46 KB, 255x170, 3:2, caf5061f9a55ba3f6532c698b….jpeg)


Wow…you really are stupid

and 22 posts to prove the point.

e4af4a  No.5075405



a logical anon

no division fagging or fake slogans

33770e  No.5075406


You are wrong

Hebrews 9:27

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”

f80235  No.5075407

PORT of Long Beach


Port is owned by China.

That being the case, Anon does not believe American security or law enforcement is 'invited' to over-see its operations.

It's our biggest Port and it operates in darkness.

609d0e  No.5075408

File: d62de949955e48b⋯.jpg (97.12 KB, 543x541, 543:541, God Wins 3.jpg)

d3460b  No.5075409


The notion of reincarnation is a pagan one. It appears nowhere in scripture, Hebrew or otherwise.

8da46b  No.5075410

File: e1df8c40301e8fd⋯.png (915.57 KB, 1375x1062, 1375:1062, H?.png)

d24077  No.5075411

File: f854ffbd7a71727⋯.jpg (70.92 KB, 500x616, 125:154, fd5b8d782780f0e42cc48d6f78….jpg)


Sangre de Christos

If you were in their shadow then you were in the sea of sand?

Exalte AP atou

Onomati iesou Christos

8d6009  No.5075412

File: 9cd79a1f56fe1d1⋯.jpg (106.64 KB, 850x731, 50:43, iu (18).jpg)

a32697  No.5075413


My mouse wheel hates you.

d349da  No.5075414


mine are in pb .. go dig

( • )( • )

e58b50  No.5075415


Non-Jewish, high-energy genes, I guess…

891474  No.5075416


Kek. What are the odds. shit.

925178  No.5075417

File: 761b6b4c611744b⋯.png (225.75 KB, 490x290, 49:29, ClipboardImage.png)

e282a9  No.5075418


>>5075003 US Army twats Apache

>>5074982, >>5075033 SC blocks Louisiana abortion law…

>>5074985, >>5075100, >>5075102, >>5075185, >>5075020 anons dig on ChiFi and LBC

>>5075346 moar ChiFi from 1997 re Hubby and CHina and LB port

>>5075214 Q 1306 nuclear facil in nSyria compared to story today out of Israel re missile facil in nSyria

where's my De Niro loses it outside of Manhatten courteoom YT video

that shits funny af

i wanna watch it again

8da46b  No.5075419

File: 004890bcdfa9fe5⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1375x1062, 1375:1062, HAYGOF.png)

f30fcb  No.5075420


I thought I told you to come back in a year after reading all the crumbs and proofs.

80ff9e  No.5075421


dbb64b  No.5075422

File: d24878fbe71c156⋯.mp4 (2.19 MB, 1152x720, 8:5, Helicopter extraction dril….mp4)

>Helicopters in LA

Theres some fuckery with the video apparently?

8d6009  No.5075423

File: 322b4100111fe09⋯.png (93.57 KB, 451x349, 451:349, stewie.png)

a4f6f7  No.5075424

e2393b  No.5075425

File: f66137ff87f8150⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.61 KB, 450x450, 1:1, svAKSg6.jpg)


found 'em

1c0296  No.5075426

File: dbab3352457e513⋯.jpeg (61.02 KB, 405x391, 405:391, 9BD31251-D995-4A32-9E64-9….jpeg)

34f327  No.5075427


Watch the water = Watch the ports??


33770e  No.5075428

File: e4c919da81ce42d⋯.png (646.63 KB, 641x424, 641:424, Capture.PNG)


German word of the day: Unkaputtbar

8241e1  No.5075429

File: 3c6ad25e0c0574c⋯.png (2.77 MB, 1760x2117, 1760:2117, iglesiaUnidad1.png)



Reposting graphic for the night shift. Think this has fallen off notables. House of Culture fag Byron Vaquez runs a "church" "music school" cross town. Same deal as the house of culture with a paperwork in one language at one address and an operation in at another address in a different language.

NIght anons

406e07  No.5075430

File: c05911e1d40aba7⋯.jpg (325.17 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190208-003452.jpg)

File: ede98c716ffb3dd⋯.jpg (522.63 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190208-003630.jpg)

3428d9  No.5075431


Not many good ones there. Need link.


f79a54  No.5075432

File: cfea1ed671d35a1⋯.gif (44.37 KB, 220x123, 220:123, tenor (4).gif)


Holy moly. Nice!

e58b50  No.5075433


Yeah, I'm stupid… But at least jokes don't go over my head.

bf57b2  No.5075434

File: 6e40ffb9dcbb443⋯.jpg (664.95 KB, 916x732, 229:183, Night shift tracker.jpg)

d24077  No.5075435

File: 27001e48c89b5fc⋯.jpg (134.52 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1549078217.jpg)


So comfy

d349da  No.5075436


you nailed it

4773e7  No.5075437

File: 0aebc830c485c7d⋯.jpg (88.49 KB, 768x783, 256:261, bert.jpg)

925178  No.5075438

File: 9e8adc157fd8a46⋯.png (227.58 KB, 490x290, 49:29, ClipboardImage.png)

8da46b  No.5075439

File: c3118a805fc205a⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1375x1062, 1375:1062, BLMCIHY?.png)

3568d7  No.5075440

File: 2c619a79956d28a⋯.png (260.41 KB, 1284x614, 642:307, UH-60-02072019.PNG)

e4af4a  No.5075441


why would you want 9 judges to decide this?

that is what fucked up the whole thing to begin with

WE THE PEOPLE need to decide and that means a compromise between libtard baby murder and pro life bans

e5fb7a  No.5075442


And Congress and the media.

d3460b  No.5075443



Thank you Anon for that scripture reference.

a32697  No.5075444


we dont really give a fuck if you cleaned toilets for 25 years to be frank.

8d6009  No.5075445

File: ca6446adb6ddc84⋯.jpg (515.5 KB, 1740x1335, 116:89, nothing.jpg)

8da46b  No.5075446

File: 142548ddc4e0a67⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1062x1375, 1062:1375, SID.png)

4ae40e  No.5075447

File: 743425b0784c085⋯.jpg (43.19 KB, 856x960, 107:120, Babies Lives Matter.jpg)

a25ab1  No.5075448


You’re describing a typical criminal like MS 13 murderers who killed my nephew two weeks ago

9f3db1  No.5075449

File: 3e17dd253683491⋯.jpg (159.79 KB, 776x393, 776:393, Snoop.luvs.trump.jpg)

d401a8  No.5075450


ill share it on here for those glorious planefags, maybe even twatter!

740766  No.5075451


Is it just me or does that box they are carrying look more like…. bags?

8d6009  No.5075452

File: 89f1f5e9ab113db⋯.jpg (607.76 KB, 1920x1530, 64:51, don'tmurderme.jpg)

d22aa1  No.5075453

File: 9240af80265d466⋯.png (36.92 KB, 1342x218, 671:109, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)

File: 29fe29bcb6a31ce⋯.png (35.88 KB, 1367x221, 1367:221, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)

File: 95f85e63a66c0ea⋯.png (63.87 KB, 1371x443, 1371:443, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)

File: bde2d7496d99e17⋯.png (37.48 KB, 1377x222, 459:74, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)

File: b6d376ab0107dd2⋯.png (67.12 KB, 1370x436, 685:218, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)


891474  No.5075454


Nope. I want to be respected in the morning.

But, they are fabulous

8a8340  No.5075455

925178  No.5075456

File: 6d08c21eb062572⋯.png (231.34 KB, 490x290, 49:29, ClipboardImage.png)

5a9c57  No.5075457

File: dd1db1bf8da0b68⋯.jpeg (30.02 KB, 249x290, 249:290, E5EA2368-A0E3-40F3-B247-3….jpeg)

9de6aa  No.5075458


some anon over at QRV made a good point about landing in such close proximity to buildings, streets. If that "exercise" went south it would be a total cluster fuck of bad PR, clean up and possible lost lives, far and away an unnecessary risk for a "training exercise" when mock's up could be simulated MUCH more easily away from civilians.

Was seeing news reports that people saw choppers so low they could see the glow from the cockpit instrumentation

76ebdf  No.5075459


That I do not know.

Though I was told the entity was received through willing rituals some Native American some Sigil/Enochian Magik in origin by choice.

I don’t know if the being was bound to that form indefinately or left when its host was no longer of use.

5d644c  No.5075460

File: d44e3d8fa8914c5⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 250x186, 125:93, 1549601108435s.jpg)

File: 95f86e7aa1339c8⋯.png (657.95 KB, 673x994, 673:994, 1549603597562.png)

89a25f  No.5075461

File: e9f9261b2a3579d⋯.png (184.95 KB, 577x859, 577:859, economist.png)

The Economist has been weighing in recently, and has been supporting regime change in Venezuela. This can only mean that the Rothschilds were cut out of the payola in the many criminal enterprises that have stripped away the wealth of that country and impoverished it's people.

Perhaps Guaido is their man? Venezuela seems to be one of several battle fronts in the war between Q and the Globalists.

8a8340  No.5075462


Narrative shift coming, frens!

d24077  No.5075463

File: 10189b6f94ffcef⋯.png (60.08 KB, 201x255, 67:85, ea4c9081bd5400d3aed5efc34e….png)

a25ab1  No.5075464


I live in Los Angeles and watch the live feed of them landing and picking up people and then flying away it was the weirdest thing. It was almost like they’re practicing rescuing Americans

d349da  No.5075465

File: 1d69fe7daa67176⋯.png (155.12 KB, 704x627, 64:57, la training army.png)

File: 4cf80c0508cc20a⋯.png (89.07 KB, 924x452, 231:113, la training army 1.png)


repeating for nightshift

cdd478  No.5075466

File: 867bfa0798d6984⋯.jpg (15.1 KB, 451x250, 451:250, Wackenhut G4S.jpg)

File: 0ef7a4d1e9922a3⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 1800x2000, 9:10, Octopus.jpg)


South of Joshua Tree is Indio, Ca.

Located there is Wackenhut Corporation or G4S as it is known now


You want major fuckery? This is it.

Inslaw Octopus

Promis Software

these are all tied into the fuckery of the 80's and 90's and the control aspect of the FBI, DOJ and all the 3 letter agency's.

certain that these things are tied to long beach in some way.





9023ea  No.5075467


Definitely a heavy duffel bag. You can see the sag in them carrying it, and they appear to somewhat struggle with its weight

e58b50  No.5075468



This is an example of Jew-deception. ^^^

And my pointing this out, is not "HATE", "RACISM" and/or "PORN" (which I speak against posting).

(((You))) simply HAVE to claim "waycism" or some other bullshit, BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO ARGUMENT. You are guilty of the crimes we accuse you of. And you cannot muster a defense, so you hurl ad hominem at us instead. Which is the hallmark of the intellectually-bankrupt. Fucking pathetic.

da6fb7  No.5075469

File: d1a725273110720⋯.jpg (12.42 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 4e7a81efa2eafba2ea104ec3f8….jpg)


Hey Jeb..

e4af4a  No.5075470


notice the glowing horror porn shitposts on abortion?

notice how the same posts are also JQ asshats?


nope - just double dipping shitposters

a32697  No.5075471


did you guys know that snoop dog and Martha Stewert are pot smoking buddies. He came through town a few years back and the two were caught hanging out together. fukin cracks me up.

8d6009  No.5075472

File: af8b364b0a0e258⋯.jpg (152.14 KB, 553x952, 79:136, girlboots.jpg)

8da46b  No.5075473

a25ab1  No.5075474


They looked a lot alike at times but they were 10 years apart and completely different people.

I hate the whole goldbug look alike bullshit

d29190  No.5075475


Then, of course, is the whole story that China owns California which was (oh and Hawaii) awarded to China for forgiving a massive debt. This was bandied about during the last bushfires in California. Talk about DEW causing the fires to clear the land of rebuilders that wouldn’t be able to afford the expensive rebuild conditions for bush fire security. Then there’s the high speed train line thingy too.

Ausanon here. Could be wrong about this stuff. I was new to 8chan and learning the ropes but pretty sure that’s what I read. All speculation of course but relevant to the port affair.

00e5e5  No.5075476


The Chinese do not own the port. Their is a big protest that they want to buy one of the terminalls.

I believe the potus could nullify any deal based upon national security.

abd82c  No.5075477

File: 05d0a899ae4c8ff⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1884x1156, 471:289, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 53ecdc74189f54d⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1929x1338, 643:446, ClipboardImage.png)


they're coming out of that wells fargo building @3:04, which is apparently closed.

eb6d5c  No.5075478

File: 231f6568578ddf4⋯.png (86.66 KB, 201x255, 67:85, love.png)

d401a8  No.5075479

File: 3b143627ff02055⋯.jpg (64.24 KB, 1024x754, 512:377, mwahloveufrenflotus.jpg)


TYVM FREN! saved.

891474  No.5075480


I'll look.

cdd478  No.5075481


where did they start from if you know?

edbcc4  No.5075482

File: deb5bb1ce05364c⋯.png (2.03 MB, 982x928, 491:464, 490721690347963489.png)

e58b50  No.5075483


Sup, amigo! Did your wife like that Guac-bowl I sent you?

8a8340  No.5075484


JQ = shilling, called out by POTUS.

Strong "unborn life" memes are not shilling at all, but helping to save lives!

You, however, are a shill.

609d0e  No.5075485

File: 15c13124f9ecdbf⋯.jpg (179.64 KB, 1599x565, 1599:565, P3 Spokane 2019-02-08 05:3….jpg)

File: 64a8bb6977c2727⋯.jpg (467.81 KB, 1915x843, 1915:843, LA 2019-02-08 05:39:13Z.jpg)

File: 9e0ac820bf7db73⋯.jpg (353.53 KB, 1770x875, 354:175, UH60 Corona 2019-02-08 05:….jpg)


I wasn't, but checked in for a little bit.

(Was going to go to bed 2 hours ago)

There was also a mil plane (didn't notice what kind) orbiting over Billings, MT a little while ago.

P3 orbiting Spokane

Multiple a/c over LA

Your UH60 over Corona (LA metro area)

Really ought to look for civilian choppers over LA too.

6ac125  No.5075486

File: e0dad86e35dabfc⋯.jpg (102.9 KB, 1024x496, 64:31, jeb bush please fap.jpg)

925178  No.5075487

File: 5b2df6e3371161c⋯.png (231.13 KB, 490x290, 49:29, ClipboardImage.png)

3568d7  No.5075488


Track starts near downtown Riverside

166481  No.5075489

I agree that R v W muddies what is murder but it was never intended to legalize it, support it, therefore, a limit has to be placed, it will never be overturned, good or bad it's not going away


3428d9  No.5075490


Respect is earned. Post 'em or no respect.

6ac125  No.5075491


Plus the outages today…

00e5e5  No.5075492



There not their.

5d644c  No.5075493

File: 6b24400368597b9⋯.png (278.04 KB, 485x539, 485:539, Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 1….png)

e282a9  No.5075494


robert de niro flipped out at a manhattan court thursday

saw that on a byline

925178  No.5075495

File: d7d1781084de5d7⋯.png (225.99 KB, 485x287, 485:287, ClipboardImage.png)

2b2aed  No.5075496


The Bible is corrupted by the Roman Catholic Church to control man. Please consider that fact and be less reliant on that book as the word of the almighty.

My sources have communicated to me, in no uncertain terms, that our souls are reincarnated. They are reliable. The Bible is not.

4773e7  No.5075497

File: 681417d9819932a⋯.png (1.62 MB, 960x949, 960:949, ClipboardImage.png)

8d6009  No.5075498

File: ce67ea7ddfb584d⋯.jpg (178.68 KB, 570x718, 285:359, jewishagenda.jpg)

28ce71  No.5075499

File: 22a41ee1870d907⋯.jpg (262.99 KB, 600x1775, 24:71, 1.jpg)

Meth-Filled Speakers Intercepted at Port of L.A. in Largest-Ever U.S. Seizure of Drug; 6 Arrested: CBP


75dd29  No.5075500

File: 69be38bb84e9c00⋯.jpg (52.07 KB, 631x630, 631:630, 1 time.jpg)


>JQ = shilling, called out by POTUS

757b9e  No.5075501


>How Trump and Mexico fooled Trudeau in the USMCA

The comments under this video are awesome!!

The Greatest Strategist in the world vs. The Greatest Loser in the world. Poor Canada.

The drama teacher / camp counselor was bested by a billionaire developer?

Who could've saw this coming?

Just add this to Trudeau's fail list. Like Trump or not the man is kicking ass for "His" Country, exactly what a "leader" should be doing not putting little dresses on every negotiation.

Politicians with no heavy business experience are useless when dealing with the USA.

Trudeau should’ve came to the table and negotiated like the rest of the big boys from the beginning instead of pouting and last minute coming in

the U.S. must have thought…."what kind of idiots are we dealing with? gender and pay equity!! " not very business like. what a bunch of turds we have.

Wow! This is really important stuff, and the whole country of Canada doesn't know how terrible Trudeau is, and the US doesn't know how hard Trump is working to protect American jobs!

Say what you want, This President is working on behalf of the American people.

4be316  No.5075502

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e4af4a  No.5075503


> helping

not helping


the "fight" is fake and gay

carried on by minority on each side for and against

they want us divided

you are part of it

9f3db1  No.5075504

File: 56b73ad4a8040d0⋯.jpg (59.37 KB, 640x666, 320:333, globalcomune.jpg)

4773e7  No.5075505

File: 3857b5a8a85fc3e⋯.png (156.06 KB, 754x588, 377:294, listen_to_me_goy.png)


>The Bible is corrupted by the Roman Catholic Church

e2393b  No.5075506

File: a816c7351359ef4⋯.png (274.26 KB, 1888x392, 236:49, 78by.png)

File: 37d2198d7234a92⋯.png (524.6 KB, 1938x1722, 323:287, 78bz.png)

File: d02f685ea0caea4⋯.png (280.17 KB, 2718x984, 453:164, 78c0.png)

File: dfebec2fa45eddc⋯.png (340.94 KB, 1492x1382, 746:691, 78c1.png)


Look at that logo - probably satanists too. You've been deceived.

e58b50  No.5075507

>JQ = shilling, called out by POTUS


Pack it up, boys… The JQ doesn't matter anymore, because the POTUS with the Jew-family said to cool it with the anti-Semitism.

251a7f  No.5075508

9de6aa  No.5075509

File: d71fceebd494eac⋯.jpeg (13.4 KB, 237x212, 237:212, d71fceebd494eacfc1db2a65c….jpeg)


ty anon should have done it myself

74ef9b  No.5075510


TY Anon!!


36f2ab  No.5075511


March AFB then.

8a8340  No.5075512


WTF? This?

I said send in the amish!

Do it, now!

Only the amish is strong enough to make anons believe it's all the jews so they don't dig on us!

We almost lost, anons see us glowing.

The amish will help.

925178  No.5075513

File: 0cf99d0c0c3b220⋯.png (218.96 KB, 476x284, 119:71, ClipboardImage.png)

2b2aed  No.5075514



Yes, yes. Them too. They like to be involved you know.

1c0296  No.5075515

File: 9e4ec88ac3fcdad⋯.gif (2.63 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 98D4072E-5653-4092-9C46-5C….gif)


((YOU)) are the person the Simpsons are laughing at and not taking seriously.

e58b50  No.5075516


>My sources have communicated to me, in no uncertain terms, that our souls are reincarnated. They are reliable.

W-Who… Who are your thauces?

a32697  No.5075517


His hell has just begun.

cdd478  No.5075518


he got it


76ebdf  No.5075519


Not to read too much into my choice of “shadow”

Simply Sante Fe. NM

5d644c  No.5075520

ced2a3  No.5075521

File: 35487a8aa0cf8b1⋯.jpg (272.78 KB, 1867x1867, 1:1, DemCow1.jpg)

The cow pic fart didn't stand out enough. Fixed

67a933  No.5075522

The Arkansas Legacy

e4af4a  No.5075523


if the consensus of americans was put into a federal law it could not only overturn roe by statutue but would reduce abortions and eliminate loopholes and abuses

those that claim that is a bad and wrong thing are puppets for the division of america

9f3db1  No.5075524

File: 98b6bb50f3222e6⋯.png (644.97 KB, 847x495, 77:45, fetus.is.smart.png)

5b4b62  No.5075525


we are at war with cabal – Cali fires were a strike against civilian population

e282a9  No.5075526

baker here

i dont see anything new from the militatry drill video replies but if anyone wants to make an LA drill mini bun around post 650 (or whenever, but closer to the end) i cant carry it over to next bread for you

6fa6bc  No.5075527

File: 95491126b75cca7⋯.jpeg (33.6 KB, 474x338, 237:169, D34BCC9A-ED73-48F9-AE81-A….jpeg)

It makes no difference as to the name of the God, since love is the real God of all the world…

251a7f  No.5075528



Exactly, Child Sex Ring, Human Trafficking raid. Not a bank raid as stated in past breads.

9f0a17  No.5075529

>>5074322 lb.



what the actual fuck?! I guess they've been so busy shitting miatas that someone forgot to call the webmaster to put off the reveal kek.

609d0e  No.5075530

File: 7ce20d915d0cfd8⋯.jpg (394.57 KB, 1752x832, 219:104, Civilian helos LA 2019-02-….jpg)


Tons of civilian choppers over LA area.

The only one that shows up as military is that same UH60 already noted over Corona.

LA typically does have a lot of policing done by chopper.

Tonite I see:

Anaheim Police,

LAPD Air Support Division

Ontario Police

LAPD police

San Bernadino Sheriff

LA County Sheriff (3)

Riverside County Sheriff

Mercy Air (that would be an air ambulance)

Pasadena Police

City of Riverside Police Aviation Unit

Ventura County Sheriff.

c8c8fa  No.5075531

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This happened also in 2012. See embedded video.

37be9e  No.5075532

File: 6e1c06c337ab423⋯.png (497.55 KB, 1010x1220, 101:122, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)



1c0296  No.5075533


We’re enjoying the show.

e58b50  No.5075534


I don't watch cartoons, faggot.

e4af4a  No.5075535

spamming fetus pics is faggot

no one cares

586ddb  No.5075536

File: 367be07215c9fbd⋯.jpg (113.25 KB, 915x911, 915:911, FeinsteinChinafornia.jpg)

File: 2a5aaee48872688⋯.jpg (71.7 KB, 960x540, 16:9, FeinsteinHusband.jpg)

File: ed757b952776b18⋯.jpg (524.33 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, ClintonFoundationDonors.jpg)

>>5074603 last thread

And at the port that Diane Feinstein and husband Richard Blum made a deal for with their pals in China.

Not surprised to see Australians involved, given how much they donated to the "Clinton Foundation". Trying to make some of that money back now, huh? Nope, sorry, you're just shit outta luck.





>Feds seize 1.7 tons of meth, other drugs at Long Beach port


>Updated 13 mins ago


>LONG BEACH (KABC) – Six people have been arrested after federal agents seized more than 1.7 tons of drugs stashed inside audio speakers that were being shipped from Long Beach to Australia.


>The shipment included 3,810 pounds of methamphetamine, along with 56 pounds of cocaine and 11.5 pounds of heroin, federal authorities said.


>Officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized three shipping containers containing the drugs on Jan. 11 at the Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport.


>Six people have been arrested after federal agents seized more than 1.7 tons of drugs stashed inside audio speakers that were being shipped from Long Beach to Australia.


>Following an investigation, federal authorities in Australia this week arrested two U.S. citizens and four Australian citizens.


>Federal officials say the seizure dealt a significant blow to the drug trafficking organization behind the shipments.


>"Along with our law enforcement partners here and around the world, we continue in a day-to-day battle against the blight of methamphetamine that continues to devastate our communities," said Joseph Macias, Special Agent-In-Charge for Homeland Security Investigations Los Angeles. "Through a collaborative effort – pooling our information, resources and expertise - we are keeping this dangerous contraband from reaching our streets and potentially saving lives."


>Report a Typo


>Related Topics:


>drug bustmethheroincocainedepartment of homeland securityLong BeachLos Angeles County


>(Copyright ©2019 KABC-TV. All Rights Reserved.)

33770e  No.5075537


you are wrong.. not about the catholic church but about God and his ability to keep his word pure for all generations.. please do the research in the difference

List of New Testament verses not included in modern English translations


1 Peter 1:23

“Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.”

a25ab1  No.5075538


Trumps Changing the narrative.

It will soon be China,Chins,China

4ae40e  No.5075539

File: f1ecc25916afbfa⋯.jpg (81.88 KB, 519x449, 519:449, Putin Popcorn.jpg)

2b2aed  No.5075540


They didn’t say any name for me to call them by. Only indicated they are us.

8a8340  No.5075541

Shills don't like PP meme.


e2393b  No.5075542

File: 14c25a3b20c6b0d⋯.jpg (27.93 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 636406481096882560-AP-Colo….jpg)


"haha, nothing to see here"

08c4c7  No.5075543

File: d0c554e241b3101⋯.png (58.26 KB, 664x331, 664:331, Concha re NYPost re Bezos ….PNG)

File: f0a7204518d408f⋯.png (598.89 KB, 656x892, 164:223, NYPost re Bezos 2-7-19.PNG)

File: 79e04411add8b85⋯.png (839.53 KB, 740x829, 740:829, NYPost re Bezos 2-7-19 pic.PNG)

New York Post, don’t ever change:



34f327  No.5075544


Man the gnostic, Secret Society jokers are shilling, full force, tonight. Ugh.

ee1336  No.5075545





Its out of the corner building

2501a1  No.5075546


This is so rad. I knew I'd be excited for Trump to drop the hammer, but I was ready with the popcorn when I saw the helicopter footage.

ac47e2  No.5075547

File: d14a29de8cc0626⋯.jpg (246.85 KB, 657x946, 657:946, Screenshot_20181107-195606….jpg)

File: ad757c54ae4ba61⋯.jpg (126.77 KB, 494x531, 494:531, Screenshot_20180706-100907….jpg)


u r retarded

how does the Bible control us? … oh, u mean.. dont murder? steal? have sex buddies? lie? cheat? boast? be prideful? be arrogant? …etc

yah, ur right David Ick … we r sooo brainwashed

dbb64b  No.5075548

File: 897ecee8cf25e28⋯.png (525.18 KB, 836x1307, 836:1307, ClipboardImage.png)


>Tom Girardi's wife is Erica Jayne, erotica singer actress.

Holy shit, anon.

d22aa1  No.5075549

File: c886d0ca3cb8227⋯.png (36.59 KB, 1380x309, 460:103, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)

File: 796019101a82cb4⋯.png (29.62 KB, 572x315, 572:315, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)

cdd478  No.5075550

File: 0c5877e71e3acfa⋯.png (89.93 KB, 885x833, 885:833, march AFB.PNG)

5b4b62  No.5075551


fetus = offspring = children

9de6aa  No.5075552


landing in a park and on top of buildings are a far cry from the middle of a DTLA street

1be11f  No.5075553


Pretty sure the wells Fargo Building is the building that says Wells Fargo. Or is this part of it?

37be9e  No.5075554

File: fb9276c0a21a58c⋯.png (754.1 KB, 1016x786, 508:393, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)

File: 3b8cc110e3579ff⋯.png (2.31 MB, 982x1576, 491:788, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)

File: 53cd15e95b92e7d⋯.png (761.61 KB, 1022x866, 511:433, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)

File: 31ebe8829bfc05c⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1016x1604, 254:401, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at ….png)



just curious why you would photograph or put a map and no pics of the museum or any story about the exhibit?

e282a9  No.5075555


>>5075003 US Army twats Apache

>>5074982, >>5075033 SC blocks Louisiana abortion law…

>>5074985, >>5075100, >>5075102, >>5075185, >>5075020 anons dig on ChiFi and LBC

>>5075346, >>5075407 moar ChiFi from 1997 re Hubby and CHina and LB port

>>5075384 Intermodal Bridge Transport- moves cargo in Long Beach and Atlanta

>>5075214 Q 1306 nuclear facil in nSyria compared to story today out of Israel re missile facil in nSyria

>>5075440, >>5075485, >>5075387 >>5075430 planefag's watching this

>>5075530 planefags watch the choppas too

646d43  No.5075556

File: 5c778281d0c877b⋯.jpeg (275.18 KB, 500x715, 100:143, E1F0E98B-8369-4FEF-9DC9-3….jpeg)

File: 6b4ba6e55303573⋯.jpeg (127.59 KB, 960x806, 480:403, D807F2F5-BF8F-4C10-A051-6….jpeg)

609d0e  No.5075557


On-call planefag standing down.

15 hour duty shift ended.


8a8340  No.5075558


5 Feb 2018

Why did the #Memo drop a Friday [& before the SB]?

Did this seem strange to you?

Watch the news.

Rothschild estate sale [Black Forest].

Stock market DIVE [666 - coincidence?].

Soros transfer of wealth.

Dopey FREED.

Marriage for POWER, not LOVE.




News unlocks MAP.

Think Mirror.

Which team?

THEY don't know.


These people are EVIL.

Still don't believe you are SHEEP to them?

20/20 coming.





Can we simply arrest the opposition w/o first exposing the TRUTH?



84c210  No.5075559


atleast those people don't get stuck up in your rackets niggerbitch

34f327  No.5075560


Babylon. What’s your point?

a25ab1  No.5075561


“Be Careful Who you Follow”


166481  No.5075562

You would think a majority consensus would be enough but that was not how they pushed through R v W and once again, precedent is for the court not to walk back previous rulings, if that would happen I'm all for it. Just reading what I see as a realistic outcome


891474  No.5075563

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Robert Ne Niro Flipped out after court'

This is the only one I can find so far. Just someone talking about it with photos. Maybe they scrubbed YT.

I'll keep looking.

4ae40e  No.5075564

File: 060bc28e5ddc6c6⋯.jpg (269.01 KB, 1542x956, 771:478, NP walls immoral KILLING B….jpg)

609d0e  No.5075565

File: 0b5d51bd30b14cf⋯.jpg (7.83 KB, 255x177, 85:59, CHECKEM.jpg)

5d644c  No.5075567

File: 0e8cb646ad63c41⋯.jpeg (13.62 KB, 255x242, 255:242, 1617a96ef35f9498ee87253f8….jpeg)

f00fc9  No.5075568

File: b3e8670e4c2e76f⋯.jpg (291.13 KB, 1066x800, 533:400, IMG_5935.JPG)

a32697  No.5075569


your work is priceless. sleep well fren.

cdd478  No.5075570

File: cce95789783ca03⋯.jpg (443.17 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Quads 5555.jpg)



586ddb  No.5075571


Everything about Feinstein/Blum cartel's connections to China is in our archives, but I'll repost this here to refresh your memory and save somebody having to expend energy to look it up:


"What is the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company for $500, Alex"

8a8340  No.5075572



8da46b  No.5075573

File: e5782bc2358efcc⋯.png (441.55 KB, 1001x962, 77:74, BEEZ.png)

f00fc9  No.5075574

File: d6c772fb0bf2ced⋯.jpg (175.73 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_5929.JPG)

ac47e2  No.5075575


I dont understand ebonics.

e282a9  No.5075576

File: 7788ee4ba4d994a⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 255x192, 85:64, dab.jpg)

check the bakers quads of 5s for the notable bun

praise kek


2b2aed  No.5075577


They say different.

They also don’t lie.

Once, and only once, they confused my thoughts pertaining to neutrinos and they somehow thought “neutrons”.

096d0b  No.5075578

File: 457ae4a2dad75f5⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, mos sad fags.png)


Actually the comping of The Message started the second the tomb was discovered empty.

[They] forgot to comp this part, thank God the Father:

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Evil.

..And the Mossad still sucks dead nigger penis.

e4af4a  No.5075579


sperm + egg = blastocyst = embryo = fetus = baby

up to fetus termination is safe and reasonable

9f3db1  No.5075580



e2393b  No.5075581

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Any sign of Airwolf?

586ddb  No.5075582


Daily Mail had this story much earlier today. DeNiro was swearing and generally throwing a tantrum. Hah.

5b4b62  No.5075583


great memes

cf11ee  No.5075584


Pay people to do nothing!

That’s what the libtard leadership does — nothing!

84c210  No.5075585


nice counter argument

9f3db1  No.5075586

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sorry embedded now..

1e55e9  No.5075587


u waysist!

a3aafe  No.5075588

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

the pope is a jewish pedophile.

start @ 10:30

what do they (jewish circumcision)


9de6aa  No.5075589


Australia, most notably Victoria is up to their necks in this shit. The Chinese influence is almost overt at this point. Hell one of our former Prime Minsters (Gillard) got herself a nice job at the Clinton Foundation post tenure.

8a8340  No.5075590


@Jack, MZ, ES, JB, EM, SH, MSM, etc.

Do you know that we know?

Do you know that we see all?

Do you know that we hear all?





e282a9  No.5075591


no more notables this bread


f00fc9  No.5075592

File: 064ab5976186605⋯.jpg (209.26 KB, 800x1232, 50:77, IMG_5933.JPG)

26da04  No.5075593

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What were these guys up to flying over Lambeau field back in August?

a32697  No.5075594


Fuck Trump! LMAO

ee1336  No.5075595


"some drunk nigger tossing a bottle into those rotor blades"

Kek why didnt I think of that

e4af4a  No.5075596


my point was your post implied those ideas originated with jewish mysticism and that is nonsense

eb6d5c  No.5075597

File: fc2ada3fae5c0ca⋯.png (435.89 KB, 1305x970, 261:194, pepebakerchecked.png)

e282a9  No.5075598


just kididng

736dfa  No.5075599


God is calling up his servants to do this work

All over the world right now

He’s had many hidden in the hills who do not serve Jezebel still

Many demons will be expose every day now, gruesome.

Cast them out Call them out.

Heal the sick

Free the slaves

Do the work of The Lord

33770e  No.5075600

File: 338d2b4e7d84a07⋯.png (33.68 KB, 520x306, 260:153, Liar1.PNG)


Who are they and what do they know.. your so-called sources are lying to you

f70c7e  No.5075601

Resignations in the news today - part 1

Cop in ExposeDat lawsuit resigns


NJ camps’ board resigns over handling of director’s predatory behavior


Oregon Potato Commission CEO to retire


Two Housing Authority Commissioners Resign


Raleigh EOC deputy director fired


St. Lucie County Humane Society’s shelter manager resigned


Scotts Bluff County dispatcher retiring after 40 years of service


Florida city commissioner resigns after being accused of licking men's faces, groping


County employee fired after being accused of accessing confidential information


Murchison Middle School principal resigns after 2 students charged with murder


Ball State's senior advisor to the president to retire


Transgender sailor and Naval Academy alumna forced to resign for misconduct she denies


Strange retires, interim CEO named at St. Luke's


BNZ-parent bank bosses say 'sorry', resign days after damning report


Longtime church and Vaughan administrator retires


Sheehy is expected to resign at a special meeting


5 Florida sheriff's office workers fired in sex scandal


2b2aed  No.5075602


I am.

They test me and I try and assess them.

a3aafe  No.5075603


what do they "do"

95a7cb  No.5075604


Ya, because you're God and you decide when someone is a person.

f70c7e  No.5075605


Resignations in the news today - part 2

Royal Commission claims more scalps as NAB CEO and chair resign


GOP Rep. Rob Woodall to retire at end of term


The executive director of Gathering for Women resigns amid an embezzlement investigation


Warden at W.Va. prison where Bulger was killed is retiring


Emirates digital chief Mueller resigns from position


Bridgewater exec reportedly fired over office romance


David Jones CEO’s shock resignation


Albert to retire as chairman of Public Service Commission


Nepal's ambassador to Australia resigns after 'human trafficking' allegations


Rosemount police chief to retire


Hailey Elementary School principal will resign after this year


Lynn Haven Police Chief retires after 38 years of service


Former Chippewa County Board chairman resigns citing poor health


Hal Lamb retires from coaching at Calhoun High School


Tunstall head football coach David Potts retires from coaching


Roman Reyna to Resign from Santa Ana Council, Potentially Shifting Power Balance


Paul Burrell retiring from floristry to travel the world


e4af4a  No.5075606


actually roe represented a strong majority consensus in 1972

and republicans were nearly unanimously OPPOSED to bans

check tyhe history

586ddb  No.5075607


Pelosi was hogging the California-Kook spotlight from Feinstein.

Diane and ugly husband Richard Blum are as dangerous as ever.

f70c7e  No.5075608


Resignations in the news today - part 3