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79b552  No.2302164


are not endorsements'''



>>2296345 To Quell the BO is MIA crap, a message from a Board Volunteer

>>2251030, >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening.

>>2174695 ; >>2174831 FULL VIDEO: President Trump and President Putin Helsinki Summit Press Conference

>>2258234 Bakers, please put "^^^ Next Baker ^^^" below 1st shift notes, & NB >bundle



>>2301430, >>2301445, >>2301742 Former Lionsgate Lawyer Goes Public With Accusations Of Abuse+notes

>>2301479 Trump vs. The Fed: America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar

>>2301480 Combined noteables from LB

>>2301526 When Our President speaks, stuff happens

>>2301450 Repost CRACKED THE CODE

>>2301583 Raniere, Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Mack appear in Brooklyn; Trial set for January 7, 2019

>>2301628 Eithics in Government Act. Morrison v. Olson

>>2301712 Machine Learning in Financial Trading: Theory and Applications

>>2301783 ICE HSI's El Dorado Task Force investigation leads to money laundering charges against operators of nationwide prostitution enterprise

>>2301808 Anons connections on Q drops "what do you see?"

>>2301836 Rome and America – Comparing to the Ancient Roman Empire

>>2301879 Time to show Persia some love. Meme away Meme/tweet fodder

>>2301894 Govt. reunites over 1800 children 700 on hold

>>2301911 Federal judge rejects request for Trump gag order regarding Wolfe case

>>2301933 POTUS IS BATMAN (our hero)

>>2302087 The bombshell revelation on Wednesday that the Obama administration funded an al-Qaeda group in Sudan

>>2302108 Here's The REAL Reason The White House Barred That CNN Reporter

>>2301302 #2900


>>2301132 Spacefag Reports

>>2301133 Clockfag Update


>>2300563 US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report

>>2300584 House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) called for a ban on electronic voting systems

>>2300623 Trump’s got mother of all migraines coming on; ISIS is back in Iraq

>>2300626 Former Armenian President, Robert Kocharian Indicted for March 2008 Deadly Crackdown

>>2300657 facebook stock - am pm

>>2300662 Mueller team scrutinizing Trump tweets in obstruction investigation: Report

>>2300699 Christian Pastor: Facebook Censors Bible Verse “John 3:16” and “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”

>>2300729 Anon: My question is what message was POUTS sending the cabal in that photo?

>>2300730 So, did the Black Hats just use SS photo as a cover to send out their dark message?

>>2300747, >>2300787 Tomorrow July 27 Grand Climax for the Luciferians

>>2300775, >>2300814 Sara Silverman digs and notes

>>2300794 Anon Questions if Q has the keys to the whole joint

>>2300804 Who is the mystery congress person?

>>2300823 Anon Notes on Qdrop

>>2300865 Progression pics

>>2300885 Trump's walk of fame star vandalized by 24 year old [Clay Austin]

>>2300914 Anon notes about the "fool" card and Q's drop

>>2300665, >>2300926 Pixelknot Hidden Messages

>>2300998, >>2301005 POTUS tweet PM

>>2300999 America’s Adversaries Are Weaponizing Information, NSA Director Warns

>>2301040 Hidden clues ?

>>2301052 Ashley Kavanaugh, the wife of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh under attack

>>2300811, >>2301062 Was the [RR] "impeachment art" just for show/optics

>>2301079 Look at the numbers on either side of the flag

>>2301101 East coast phone service down

>>2301116 Notes on Q drop and wikileaks by Anon

>>2301040 This is where Hivemind really comes into play.

>>2301139 US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report

>>2300069 (PB) By George I think (s)he's got it! Release the Code Crackin'!

>>2300600 MZ out of FB and country per Q

>>2300420 #2899

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79b552  No.2302216

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




6dcfd2  No.2302218

File: 4fb5ca81e020092⋯.jpg (749.34 KB, 723x1154, 723:1154, 3930a76b2028bf79781986862c….jpg)

c4edce  No.2302239

File: ba6f222065d289c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.64 KB, 460x690, 2:3, charlotte-kemp_4CSo42t.jpg)


b44fc5  No.2302240

File: 88d31caf1d77442⋯.jpeg (226.32 KB, 750x686, 375:343, AB95FFCA-87B6-4C28-9F83-8….jpeg)

File: 364e736cca18d3a⋯.jpeg (152.92 KB, 750x487, 750:487, 9F1168FC-0D33-4000-A42D-A….jpeg)

Potus thread

79b552  No.2302242


call 2

8f3f58  No.2302244

File: 2273782124d6c21⋯.png (258.86 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)

Thanks Baker.

5e238b  No.2302255

File: 6509907fe89acf6⋯.png (831.91 KB, 720x706, 360:353, 20180509_081124.png)

File: a41660ebc5157e4⋯.png (491.16 KB, 509x460, 509:460, 20180509_081205.png)

d7b377  No.2302259

File: ff8e5dd48f8e417⋯.jpg (164.91 KB, 1330x512, 665:256, report submitted.jpg)

R requested deletion of R "proof" breads this morning.

R wants to be FREE.

Breads still exist on /qresearch/.


Sigil magic?

Pure optics provided for MSM push of R?

BO is here.

BV is here.

R "proof" breads still not deleted.

Is BO comped?


6cccf3  No.2302261

File: 928ec8fec0d3b77⋯.png (747.9 KB, 640x988, 160:247, ClipboardImage.png)

757341  No.2302262

File: 9c75052a5b863f5⋯.png (989.99 KB, 1426x873, 1426:873, Steel.png)

From end of last bread

6dcfd2  No.2302263


HRC's hand?

d7b377  No.2302265


BV is here.

I'm sure he can.


ce8149  No.2302267

File: f668439572b558b⋯.jpeg (344.39 KB, 1125x1966, 1125:1966, 998EC846-214D-42B1-9944-6….jpeg)


7645ea  No.2302268

>>2302256 (Prev)

No sweat


Im a /pol/ack, i've had to adapt a little.

still working on it.

d6b57f  No.2302269


Chelsea Handler

CHild Handler

21d7eb  No.2302270

File: 8427492d9b865c5⋯.jpg (116.76 KB, 955x960, 191:192, prolifelol.jpg)

This is funny I don't care who you are. The trouble with the left is they can't make fun of themselves.

f42959  No.2302271

File: 767ecc680908ab2⋯.png (665.93 KB, 996x374, 498:187, unknown.png)

File: b6edd1f54165ced⋯.png (158.78 KB, 383x381, 383:381, 20180726_155628.png)

Q, I see 5 rolls. The one on the far left has something inside it. Did you want us to find this?

Pics related, pulled from WH feed.

Related Q post below.


Q <trip removed> Mon 05 Feb 2018 20:15:26 7b5b43 No.279968


Find the roll.

1 of 4.

Find the 4th.

Find the film.

Not the capture.



Will go viral.

Source _ archive offline.

Raw only.


3fe770  No.2302272


She is pretty


570694  No.2302273


Was Jesus a puppet?

Did the cabal use him unwillingly in order to scapegoat (((THE JEWS)))?

966d54  No.2302274

File: cc43063a95ddbf5⋯.png (538.85 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, 9400bf6b-8785-4e34-9cc1-c7….png)

Thank you, Baker!

4d4630  No.2302275

File: 0d1fd45584a7acb⋯.jpg (39.59 KB, 474x327, 158:109, piggy palace.jpg)

>>2302222 (lb)

Quads say oink.

2eb75c  No.2302276

File: 9e7a2cff35fffa6⋯.png (140.97 KB, 562x374, 281:187, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4bb46783851f37d⋯.png (64.55 KB, 702x669, 234:223, ClipboardImage.png)

7625b6  No.2302277

File: 0d272cd52a8a9a3⋯.jpg (44.48 KB, 750x498, 125:83, 0d272cd52a8a9a3d1cfa236b8d….jpg)

Posted late last bread. Cohen has a 2hour recorded conversation with

CNN's Chris Cuomo. Then the station ran the exact opposite of what the conversation detailed. Libel! Slander! Lies! Other media outlets picked up and ran with the fake news!


21d7eb  No.2302278


Probably just a quality control sticker anon

6c5fb7  No.2302279


>the problem with traitors

FIFY and [they] can't meme in general, either.

8c5260  No.2302280


Does Q want us to use Pixelknot to unlock messages using the filenames?

ddf1ed  No.2302281

How is this

>>2301450 Repost CRACKED THE CODE


There is nothing to support it.

It hasn't been duplicated.


6c67cd  No.2302282



why the fuck are you still here

fc7668  No.2302283

File: 694598a2b72e0bc⋯.png (23.3 KB, 480x360, 4:3, shoulderthinggoeswha.png)

>>2302126 (lb)

I tried getting one with that shoulder thing that goes up.

Figures it's banned in my state.


570672  No.2302284

File: 03925e496bc0ecd⋯.jpg (237.01 KB, 736x883, 736:883, IMG_438.jpg)

5692cb  No.2302285

>>2302217 Grassley tells Schumer to Pound Sand (Request for Kavanaugh docs)

Notable last bread

3fe770  No.2302286

File: 133bf8870634df8⋯.jpeg (230.6 KB, 1894x1043, 1894:1043, image.jpeg)

Read below slow and carefully.


Why Do 'Former' Dignitaries Still Hold Security Clearance?

U.S. to U.S. = Logged/Flagged/Recorded

U.S. [in] NZ = No Logs/No Flags/No Records

=(Individuals with a) U.S. Sec(urity) Clearance (have) AUTH(orized) FVEY VIEW + Doc(ument) Take

Read Above Slow and Carefully

Translation: 'Former' dignitaries are using the FVEY Intel channel from New Zealand to the U.S. as a drop of classified material that is not logged, not flagged and not recorded.


Translation: [FORMER] DIGNITARIES (notice the KILLBOX) are allowed sec(urity) clearances because WE ARE LOGGING, WE ARE FLAGGING AND WE ARE RECORDING.


Future proves past

c79cf9  No.2302287

>>2302219 lb

Fucking KEK

this was great

>>2302260 lb

He has been in the back of my mind just because of Hell's Kitchen alone and he is another chef

Plus, he has a show about kids chef's now

961464  No.2302288


Exactly. Nada.

b73ddc  No.2302289

File: 9b4c79b46125747⋯.jpeg (220.67 KB, 1200x769, 1200:769, e8739a359ccfae09fb677e44b….jpeg)



You know what to do

6c5fb7  No.2302291


For the paycheck, silly ;p

8d9738  No.2302292

File: 4b2a4e4e106515b⋯.png (213.99 KB, 1094x1096, 547:548, Screenshot 2018-07-26 at 7….png)


It will happen when the weather cools. (FALL. SEPT 21?)

That’s when they’ll make their move.

The plans laid long ago, before the founding of America, and older still, will come to fruition. They’re trying to force God’s hand. Watch for these signs:

-Three branches will become one.

-An island will drift away. (Hawaii? Fiji?)

-A killing bolt will shine in the night but will not kill. (Seattle launch?)

-The star will gorge itself on clay. (Trump star on hollywood destroyed by Clay Austin?)

-Idols will speak and move about.

-The black flag will fly above the dome. (Totenkopf/Jolly Roger/S&B)

-The belly of the dragon will drip water. (Jonas?)

-Two voices will call out in a silence that all will hear.

-A rock will stand on seven hills. (Rome/St. Peter's)

-The ravens will starve.

-The bear will leave its cave forever. (Russia)

-The rod and the ring will strike.

27b0b9  No.2302294

File: b001f064edb3aea⋯.png (241.28 KB, 1366x645, 1366:645, thehill_com_homenews_admin….png)

File: bd285b568cb54c0⋯.png (456.21 KB, 1366x645, 1366:645, abcnews_go_com_Internation….png)

File: 9bc5f44043dd08f⋯.png (315.48 KB, 1366x645, 1366:645, www_washingtonpost_com_wor….png)

File: 221126bd19d6e43⋯.png (368.41 KB, 1366x645, 1366:645, apnews_com_4946c3cfaea04ce….png)





It's almost like they want to divert attention from something else.

d6b57f  No.2302295

File: 190acf09b9a72c8⋯.png (31.07 KB, 452x335, 452:335, Screenshot_2018-07-26 unit….png)

File: 55c347980b6be0b⋯.jpg (104.17 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 272uou.jpg)

186cf2  No.2302296

File: 453ba7ed032b45c⋯.jpg (59.7 KB, 768x585, 256:195, Robert_Pickton.jpg)


Is that the Pickton Piggy Palace?


c6f9f6  No.2302297

File: 8dc0306044e4965⋯.png (436.21 KB, 667x854, 667:854, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e1bac8c3d4a0d5d⋯.png (54.24 KB, 653x881, 653:881, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a33e82b32a3d52e⋯.png (58.21 KB, 661x885, 661:885, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fc06c994bd61279⋯.png (60.11 KB, 667x907, 667:907, ClipboardImage.png)

Hayward: Al-Qaeda Group Funded by Obama Admin Supported Bin Laden, Hamas, Afghan Terrorists


3f5278  No.2302298



or pigsgate

d7b377  No.2302299


BV/BO will not delete/rename R "dig" threads on /qresearch/.

Until that is done R cannot leave.


fb2ed6  No.2302300


That Q post referred to The SOTU address anon. We were to find the roll of film #4 which we failed to do.

5d643e  No.2302301

File: 8e4209f567a74ea⋯.png (77.22 KB, 632x709, 632:709, IMG_1013.PNG)

If you want to understand just how evil Pedowood is then look at he production of Justice League. Brett Ratner became an early victim of #metoo for the sole purpose of destroying his production company's influence which focused on films that espoused American and liberty centric values. The bastards didn't stop there. They then went after Zack Snyder's daughter to pull him away from making the Atlas Shrugged of superhero movies. We may have had one of the most important American films of this generation released that was completely anti-thetical to what Pedowood has been pushing. The final spit in the face after they removed Snyder was then bringing in Whedon to "fix" the film. They fucking DESTROYED it on purpose.

570694  No.2302302


I find what I wrote to be hilarious.

You are the stupid one for not getting the joke.

5692cb  No.2302303

File: a0888d476e0d71f⋯.jpg (367.55 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Puppies Golden Bunch.jpg)


Thank you Baker

fc7668  No.2302304

File: 4a04112635acadd⋯.png (593.71 KB, 1865x1467, 1865:1467, mockingbird.png)

>>2301503 (lb)

I was looking at some of the accounts rt'd in pic related.



79b552  No.2302305


Ok Il remove it .

adc239  No.2302306


I feel like it's recycle news week for msm. This story is a big yawn.

59fdc8  No.2302307

>>2302264 (pb)

The eyes say this guy has seen too much…How can you Unsee??? Explaines the 1000yard stare and PTSD. How can you unsee???

6c67cd  No.2302308




I had to go in the middle of two breads ago

its just a coincidence that the BV's code shows up in a WL email

its not the PixelKnot password

if there even is one, not every pic is a PixelKnot pic, but it could be



016116  No.2302309


> It is suspected that arson was behind a devastating forest fire which killed at least 83 people and turned the small town of Mati east of Athens into a wasteland of death and destruction, Greece's Government says.

> In one of the worst Greek disasters in living memory, the blaze trapped dozens of people in their cars trying to flee a barrelling wall of flames.

> "We have serious indications and significant signs suggesting the criminal actions of arson," Civil Protection Minister Nikos Toskas told a news conference.

Anyone know anything about whats happening in Greece politically, could this be a false flag to point eyes in another direction?

5577b2  No.2302310

File: d0aa1b7cb2c6dcb⋯.png (318.1 KB, 1123x628, 1123:628, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: edc771fe83f8524⋯.png (126.85 KB, 360x242, 180:121, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 428e7c9b0786598⋯.png (28.66 KB, 707x224, 101:32, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

635a60  No.2302311

File: 39c6243b6740db5⋯.png (488.65 KB, 470x354, 235:177, Issac King.png)

File: d4f7ba22ada9028⋯.png (2.59 MB, 816x1105, 48:65, A young Arizona Department….png)

I posted this late last bread so one more time.

Looks like Trooper Edenhofer was suicided by [C]lownz…IMO.

Last paragraph; …while King does not any any criminals history he was reportedly on anti-anxiety medication at the time of the incident…

(((They))) will start deleting what we'll be looking for so let's get on it.


27b0b9  No.2302312


it's the lead story everywhere

c6f9f6  No.2302313

File: 4ec5194d4542cdd⋯.png (66.64 KB, 873x829, 873:829, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ec76631d27add56⋯.png (74.61 KB, 863x855, 863:855, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 587ddc38a33c01f⋯.png (13.36 KB, 875x173, 875:173, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump promises investigation into Twitter’s ‘discriminatory and illegal’ conservative ‘shadow ban’


a2b07d  No.2302314

File: c488bf910f481de⋯.jpeg (27.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, assault_weapon.jpeg)

High Capacity Fully Automatic Assault Weapon

e55b8f  No.2302315


6c67cd  No.2302316


>Until that is done R cannot leave.

so you're saying once they delete your shill threads, you'll stop shilling and trying to discredit?

489c31  No.2302317

I am quickly looking for graphics of Hillary’s Whitehaven house new the NZ embassy can anyone help


864c72  No.2302318

>>2302088 (prev)









Quite the collection you have there.

Great /qresearch/

Does it get you hard?

98fc86  No.2302319

File: 34e5751a8809d15⋯.png (270.63 KB, 423x436, 423:436, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

Thank you, Baker!

87575d  No.2302320

>>2299364 (PB)

This rings a BELL. One of the oldest works I ever read about steg used the posture of the subjects to spell out the message … and so does THIS photo.

I, personally, cannot decrypt this, but you are looking at one, maybe two words here (note mostly hidden female next to Carson). Height, spacing, eye focus, hands, Miller's crossed leg.

There is NO OTHER REASON for this photo.

42a5ae  No.2302321

File: 36858fbee581ff3⋯.png (429.6 KB, 1148x1150, 574:575, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


5 Lansing children were locked in a 'dungeon' for days, whipped as punishment, police said

2699a9  No.2302322

File: 0b9f000c1fd3f32⋯.jpg (692.39 KB, 2048x1042, 1024:521, DhL6-HgU0AAWP3D.jpg)


yup, breaks muh heart.

Thank God Vets are getting what they need now.

58cc7f  No.2302323


Screen shot the spoopiness and symbolism then and post it.

6e9ce5  No.2302325

Sorry to ask this here but I could use some advice about the stock market. Is it ever going to correct again this summer or before the midterms? I bought UVXY (it's like being short the market) in May thinking that the Mueller probe nonsense would spook the market. Then came trade wars. Now those are perhaps being resolved. I am not trying to bet against Trump in any way, I just thought the Deep State would hit the markets as hard as they could…seemed like a solid thesis to me at the time. Now I'm not so sure. Any advice for a poor idiot anon? I have my entire life savings in this (wasn't much…maybe like $6K).

186f38  No.2302326


we have many pics, i wonder if any have been trans-coded or scrubbed after being put through tools. depends on the technique.

love steno tho man my god how didn't *I* think of it

I almost assumed it was too obvious

and I worked with forensic watermarks for years

7d08e0  No.2302327


Which picture was deleted?

ddf1ed  No.2302329


Yeah man.

Not looking to bust your ass.

I want it to be as legit as the next anon.

Thanks for reconsidering, unless of course, some valid support is offered.

Then by all means let's keep it.

b020c2  No.2302330


greece has been a dumpster fire since 2012.

literally a failed state with debt they wouldn't be able to pay back till 2060 at the earliest.

c6f9f6  No.2302331

File: 8353f10174817ec⋯.png (226.66 KB, 826x679, 118:97, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c82e3ca0d8aa72d⋯.png (55.37 KB, 838x579, 838:579, ClipboardImage.png)

Pathetic: Liberal Senator Claire McCaskill and Hack Reporters at The Daily Beast Are Already Blaming Russian Hackers for Her Impending Loss


2069f1  No.2302332

File: 9149e0e0e13f6bb⋯.png (8.11 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 9149e0e0e13f6bb6936f32d720….png)



Can anyone find @snowden? IDEN+1 (I think this is related to the key?)

d7b377  No.2302333

2a4f36  No.2302335

Spain is fucked now that they opened the boarder. I just watched a video taken of this guy driving down the road near the boarder. There were 1000's of young men walking into the country. No women, no children, no one over 25. All boys of fighting age. No one had bags or any type.of backpacks. How are they to survive, what were they promised if they came into the country, who promised them something? This will not end well for Spain.

5171ea  No.2302336

Ohhhhhh he’s related to levin and percotti law firm, Chicago!!!

They do a lot of injury cases… for handicapped and also run a foundation!!!! I know this for a FACT!!! Have to find the last paper they sent me about it!!!


acbf55  No.2302338

File: 0a782298483aec5⋯.jpg (63.34 KB, 490x745, 98:149, Dr. Strange and the Punish….jpg)

File: bf821a8ea831eec⋯.jpg (122.75 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, DP.jpg)

File: 0a782298483aec5⋯.jpg (63.34 KB, 490x745, 98:149, Dr. Strange and the Punish….jpg)

File: b968104116c7545⋯.png (285.37 KB, 561x312, 187:104, Good shift.png)

File: 90e2b54249cb3bf⋯.jpg (182.26 KB, 843x1280, 843:1280, Dr. Strange Deadpool.jpg)


ThanQ Baker!

>Locked and Loaded


3b3cec  No.2302339


Anyone try opening with pixelknot?

fc7668  No.2302340

File: 6a0a50ce6ddbf35⋯.png (236.87 KB, 600x325, 24:13, justvolunteered.png)


Too numerous.

Too lazy.

You know how to type usernames into the twatter searchbar.

Have at it.

01a009  No.2302341

e1d1b9  No.2302342


get off qresearch you're drunk again

sarah silverman

fb2ed6  No.2302343


Steel. I'll say no more.

5577b2  No.2302345

File: c554abe7e8ded44⋯.png (296.55 KB, 1302x666, 217:111, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


Handler's ex is Andre Balazs.

Denier also does hotels in meat packing districts,


4d4630  No.2302346


There's lots more to that case than just that link.

The former RCMP commissioner used to be based in Chilliwack. He had to quit rather suddenly. Wonder what he did?

f03960  No.2302347

File: 878f01e4230a0ea⋯.mp4 (2.96 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Hollywood_Writer_Dan_Harmo….mp4)

File: 4b2e5f8c848ad9a⋯.jpg (123.88 KB, 790x970, 79:97, Pain is comming.jpg)

Dan Harmon lady and gentlemen.

5577b2  No.2302348



016116  No.2302349


Yeah I know it was in the shit a while back, but anything recently? or just poor cunts trying to get insurance and it went to far.

42a5ae  No.2302350


These guys are already under surveillance, there better be a way for those watching to help. Fill the gaps.

5171ea  No.2302351

She will lose because most all of Missouri is tired of her crap! >>2302331

c6f9f6  No.2302352

File: 135abc22e07a179⋯.png (43.64 KB, 661x647, 661:647, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c0f580b042acb89⋯.png (375.16 KB, 658x908, 329:454, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1d591695a3e6526⋯.png (21.67 KB, 655x299, 655:299, ClipboardImage.png)

Billionaire Koch Brothers Ignore GOP Midterm Voters: ‘Unacceptable’ to Reduce Immigration


47c7d7  No.2302353

Do you have his interpretation?

I am curious..


6c67cd  No.2302354


BV/BO, can we take this shill larp up on his offer or no?

f05e84  No.2302355

File: 55b0c33337b5576⋯.jpg (6.31 KB, 250x166, 125:83, reptiles1c.jpg)

>>2301672 (last bread)

8d075e  No.2302356

File: 3d77a4bec573730⋯.png (770.98 KB, 564x752, 3:4, 3d77a4bec573730a799011782b….png)

ce576e  No.2302357


in Notables

ac4d9f  No.2302358

File: 514cd12c9b65e88⋯.jpg (103.32 KB, 604x665, 604:665, IMG_8557.JPG)

58cc7f  No.2302359


Expecting others to dig into something and you’re too lazy to save and post the info here yourself? U a retard or a shill?

ed906f  No.2302360

File: 38248d1d7527b85⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1307x943, 1307:943, 38248d1d7527b85b24c1232409….png)


we know (((many))) things, places, & people are in play —- WW.

Many anons believe w/ all our hearts the Plan is not rolling any slower than need be. Gotta get this right. Full control maintained.

Just breaks us a little when we can't fix the suffering on our own shores. I'm in Southern CA, & this situation is getting worse in every county, off every freeway ramp. Hate to see this.

We know it will get more Glorious! TY, Vets wherever you are.

b73ddc  No.2302361


Ravens - The tower of London?

79b552  No.2302362


Thats what you are here for ,to help the bakers. Thanks

8d075e  No.2302364

File: b0d0ce4365e5cc4⋯.gif (737.35 KB, 700x393, 700:393, b0d0ce4365e5cc417ea7c09f06….gif)

94d420  No.2302365

File: 79895f5e4ea4647⋯.jpeg (38.01 KB, 225x225, 1:1, CD33FAB8-39B3-447E-9B20-A….jpeg)

548b2f  No.2302366

>>2302191 lb

Kek, my first one to nazim

33006e  No.2302367



fb2ed6  No.2302368

File: 230142fd6f42d09⋯.jpg (373.81 KB, 1068x706, 534:353, fucked.jpg)

a1a283  No.2302369



Again with the Standard Hotel. Never will stay there.

570694  No.2302371






















Sarah is a kike.

5692cb  No.2302372


Post this to important places on Twit.

@HHS.Gov. and @SecAzara also Don Jr. Dan B James Woods, etc. so they can viral it.

c79cf9  No.2302373


Nice wholesome family content on that channel 101

7645ea  No.2302374


one you didn't see

360918  No.2302375

File: f556ac06465547b⋯.png (187.14 KB, 351x349, 351:349, screenshot_882.png)

8d075e  No.2302376

File: ea28a67eb84d1ae⋯.png (510.09 KB, 685x680, 137:136, zuck-censor-all.png)

fbcec4  No.2302378


filter, do not answer

im filter + from here on out

45ed81  No.2302379

Sarah is a vile disgusting person, her personality is so bad it makes her physically unattractive

79b552  No.2302380


Hang this traitor fuck

5577b2  No.2302381

File: ca9aa6462e2c5f8⋯.png (254.44 KB, 333x585, 37:65, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

9fcd39  No.2302382



He is taking a picture with his phone of the photographer. I have seen ihim taking pictures in other picstures released. Him creeping in the corner at diff events… snapping away… maybe he takes the pics for Q

01a009  No.2302383


Make sure you try everything backwards.


c79cf9  No.2302384

File: e633c195755bb8d⋯.jpg (330.66 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, mark zuckerberg desire to ….jpg)

548b2f  No.2302385


Just disappear asap sharkteeth bastetd

8f2844  No.2302386

File: 0ed3429b6a5e39e⋯.png (213.83 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, thing.png)

ea7a93  No.2302387

File: 76f6d5dc519aa99⋯.png (1005.97 KB, 684x2901, 228:967, ClipboardImage.png)



c6f9f6  No.2302388

'We Stand With Israel': Nikki Haley Cites Her Faith in Jesus as Reason for Support of Israel

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley delivered the keynote address before an audience of thousands at the Christians United for Israel Summit in DC Monday night.

The crowd honored Haley with a standing ovation as CUFI founder Pastor John Hagee presented her with the Defender of Israel Award.

"Each year the leadership of CUFI elects the one person in America that we feel has done the most to defend and protect Israel. We are delighted and highly honored to present this award to Ambassador Haley," Hagee said as he gave her a golden plaque.

Haley is known as a loud defender of Israel at the United Nations – a place she refers to as the "global epicenter of anti-Semitism."

"The United Nations is an interesting place. There are times when it can be a force for good," she said. "The UN can also be an enormously frustrating and bizarre place. Nowhere is that more pronounced than in the truly awful way that the UN has treated Israel for decades"

Despite the United Nation's repeated attempts to condemn and undermine the Jewish State, Haley says the US is changing that behavior.

"Change comes with leadership and clarity from the United States. That leadership and clarity was on full display when President Trump made the bold and right decision to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem," she said. "Jerusalem has historically been, is now, and will always be the capital of Israel."

Haley also took a stand for Israel amidst violent protests on the Gaza border in May. While most of the world condemned the Jewish State for responding to the molotov cocktails and flaming tire attacks, Haley made her voice loud and clear in the United Nations.

"When I heard country after country in the United Nations Security Council critically standing in judgment of Israel, I spoke out. What I said shocked the people at the UN, but I'll say it again because it's the truth. Israel has acted with more restraint than just about any country would under those same conditions," she said.

During that time, Haley vetoed a resolution that condemned Israel and ignored Hamas' actions on the border.

Now it appears her actions are beginning to pay off as skeptical UN members begin to see the anti-Israel terrorist group Hamas for what it is.

"The idea that we could get the majority of the General Assembly for the first time to even acknowledge that Hamas was an issue is a fantastic win," she said.

She also pulled the United States out the UN Human Rights Council, a body known for its unbalanced attacks against Israel.

"The Human Rights Council is a farce," she charged. "What we've said is you've got serious human rights abuses, whether it's in Venezuela, whether it's in Iran where they are protesting their regime, whether it's in Nicaragua, and they're doing nothing about it."

"America will always be the world's leader in advocating for human rights, but we will not do that in a place that makes a mockery of the very human rights ideals it is supposed to uphold," she added. "It's very important to me that we represent truth and reality at the UN, even if it makes other countries uncomfortable."


174791  No.2302389




How about you use the software Q dropped for us and search ALL his posts with it? Search media post stills. ACTUALLY INVESTIGATE. https://guardianproject.info/apps/pixelknot/>>2300665


THINK MIRROR… PIXELKNOT… Things are not what they seem. There is a small Q within the perimeter of that manipulated O and fianter pale yellow where the line would come out. And it's a mirror of the meaning GUARDIAN. Using their own technology against them. Taking down the old guard from within with their own weapons. Even similar names.


Disgusting and disturbing notable from LB








Congress Has a Way of Making Witnesses Speak: Its Own Jail

DEC. 4, 2007

If the Justice Department refuses to enforce the subpoenas, as seems likely, Congress will have to decide whether to do so. Washington lawyers are dusting off an old but apparently sturdy doctrine called ((( “inherent contempt”))) that gives Congress the power to bring the recalcitrant witnesses in — by force, if necessary.

This is where inherent contempt comes in. From the Republic’s earliest days, Congress has had the right to hold recalcitrant witnesses in contempt — and even imprison them — all by itself. In 1795, shortly after the Constitution was ratified, the House ordered its (((sergeant at arms))) to arrest and detain two men accused of trying to bribe members of Congress. The House held a trial and convicted one of them.


SO MUCH GOOD STUFF IN PB. whoa. Good breads and work happening, Anons! Keep it up!

fc7668  No.2302390

File: 26747e9ce38021e⋯.png (26.62 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1df9b255624f989abbf6b315fc….png)


>U a retard or a shill?


But you must be.

Show me where I gave you a fucking order?!

Define the purpose of this board.

I'll help you, faggot.

It's to dig up and spread information.

Dig on it. Or don't.

I don't give a fuck.


48960c  No.2302394

File: 2153495ad59303c⋯.png (167.34 KB, 549x385, 549:385, NICEMEME.png)

Even the ads are clowning on Zuck LOL

e1d1b9  No.2302395

File: 8aab97767f4a032⋯.png (595.72 KB, 576x530, 288:265, 8aab97767f4a0320507c3053cb….png)

File: 82f5c964996aa19⋯.gif (22.47 KB, 220x280, 11:14, pepegif1.gif)

File: 71c6515da5fbabe⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 720x404, 180:101, IF6PrB.gif)





sarah is the black penishill

360918  No.2302396

File: 055ce4a16203a1f⋯.png (246.3 KB, 489x330, 163:110, screenshot_872.png)

58cc7f  No.2302397


Has she ever read what Jesus said about (((them)))??? Don’t think she has.

b5c165  No.2302398

Infowars and Steve P trying to say Trump getting elected was "The Storm". And Q is obsessed with [RR]. No more talk of Roths, Sauds, Soros, +++/++/+

Sorry guys, what we are witnessing is crypto system change by the power brokers in the world. They ran out of steam on fiat money system and plan for NWO in the original planned incarnation. So what we are seeing is a plan to remake the system, maybe take out a few low-level puppets to make the people think a revolution has taken place.

Bilderberg agenda: "post truth world". They know the plan and we are going to learn the kosher truth. See a few puppets go down, a few rich congresspeople and CEOs get to resign into retirement. But I'm sorry that's it.

440a71  No.2302399

File: 1f0ebf0989795a6⋯.jpg (526.64 KB, 1261x948, 1261:948, bandicam 2018-07-26 18-06-….jpg)


Been feeling this way for a LONG, LONG time now!

Of all the things Q has said here, what if the one thing he can't say is, "I need about 10-20million or more of you to be organized enough to all show up in D.C. on the same day and let the voice of the "silent majority" BE HEARD!

How many times has Q posted THIS!?!

I take it as a CALL to come and abolish this tyrannical gov't.

9627d3  No.2302400

Can keys be hidden in text?


Abstract: We introduce FontCode, an information embedding technique for text documents.


b020c2  No.2302401


that's racist

63d635  No.2302402


Silverman, I hope you aren't planning on making a practice of hanging out here. It's likely to disturb your already low self-esteem.

548b2f  No.2302403


Her and Nuland could be the bitches bitches of the world.

Member Fuck EU

4cfaf5  No.2302404

Any planefags available to maybe take a peak at anything from SSH airport on its way to GQQ?


Q put them in the image name.

2699a9  No.2302405

File: c65276e00de97e6⋯.png (161.83 KB, 921x738, 307:246, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: b169fbbce34cac8⋯.jpg (48.5 KB, 500x440, 25:22, bba9a9696b692f231c2c9b7b4b….jpg)

whore defending whore

fbcec4  No.2302406

File: ee5fc8c6c917b0e⋯.jpg (20.91 KB, 480x461, 480:461, ee5fc8c6c917b0e1f15da1cd9e….jpg)

fb2ed6  No.2302407

File: 680eece3b19f860⋯.jpg (365.88 KB, 946x1024, 473:512, HillaryAt8chBoard2.jpg)

6c67cd  No.2302408


>Infowars and Steve P

I stopped there

6e9ce5  No.2302409


Steel tariffs? wish I knew what this meant, thanks for the response tho. EU appears to be backing down on trade, but who knows, could be a feint.

4d4630  No.2302410



d6ffe8  No.2302411

File: e0415bc6a76a0e2⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 543FE76F-DDE4-4A75-B1A3-00….png)

87575d  No.2302412


Nice triple dubs.

There is a LONG list of assignments we have not actually completed.

And now, not having maintained personal off-line copies of everything, we will struggle to look through some of it. I didn't copy the kiddie porn OR the adult porn OR the recent flood of gore. I looked at it to harden myself to what might be coming in the future … but I didn't download it.

TBH, I don't know what happened, but after a few days (with PLENTY of HD space left) my downloads stopped working. After trying a few more times and not being a codefag, I had to give up.

7d01bd  No.2302413

File: 5b63669a5026d61⋯.png (10.99 KB, 255x173, 255:173, c05dafd7bee2a3cad8a04b4d4c….png)


divide they try

fail they will

8d9738  No.2302414





more ideas on the decode…

8d075e  No.2302415

File: 1f971281f180943⋯.png (347.42 KB, 513x292, 513:292, zuck-borg.png)

fecb16  No.2302416


>President Donald Trump nominated Rosenstein to serve as Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice on February 1, 2017.[30][31] He was one of the 46 United States Attorneys ordered on March 10, 2017 to resign by Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Trump declined his resignation.[32] Rosenstein was confirmed by the Senate on April 25, 2017, by a vote of 94–6.[33][34]


>The senators voting against Rosenstein’s confirmation Tuesday were all Democrats: Cory Booker (N.J.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Kamala D. Harris (Calif.), Catherine Cortez Masto (Nev.), Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (Conn.).

RR was picked by Trump folks. Look who voted against him.

We are watching a movie.

>>2296993 (recent Q)

>Do you believe POTUS would allow Sessions & [RR] to run HIS DOJ if something wasn’t being done to his liking?


Are we AWAKE yet anons?

7254cc  No.2302417

File: 6bd14ab7fc66878⋯.png (305.36 KB, 325x412, 325:412, ClipboardImage.png)

something BIG?

45ed81  No.2302418


How fitting

60a0f4  No.2302419

File: bab93972a63dbc9⋯.png (272.1 KB, 1172x614, 586:307, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

what is this bologna

d3264d  No.2302421

People break down into two groups. When they experience something lucky, group number one sees it as more than luck, more than coincidence. They see it as a sign, evidence, that there is someone up there, watching out for them. Group number two sees it as just pure luck. Just a happy turn of chance. I'm sure the people in group number two are looking at those fourteen lights in a very suspicious way. For them, the situation is a fifty-fifty. Could be bad, could be good. But deep down, they feel that whatever happens, they're on their own. And that fills them with fear. Yeah, there are those people. But there's a whole lot of people in group number one. When they see those fourteen lights, they're looking at a miracle. And deep down, they feel that whatever's going to happen, there will be someone there to help them. And that fills them with hope. See what you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you? Are you the kind that sees signs, that sees miracles? Or do you believe that people just get lucky? Or, look at the question this way: Is it possible that there are no coincidences?


027691  No.2302422

Question for Qtists. Should we deactivate our facebooks rn?

186cf2  No.2302423

File: 3850121439d8c8e⋯.jpg (110.21 KB, 864x864, 1:1, F8reXuE.jpg)



What do you figure he did?

c79cf9  No.2302424


Her day is on the horizon too

b162a5  No.2302425


i see her trying to play the woman card ( unsuccessfully)

ea7a93  No.2302426


Just who exactly made the Koch Brothers rich?

NWO bullshit?

fb2ed6  No.2302427


Jeez it's simple. American steel is the best quality in the world. Pretty soon every country will be buying American steel. No brainer.

86ff93  No.2302428


That would be wild.

92431b  No.2302429

File: 0f52278a4efdb87⋯.jpg (11.56 KB, 305x219, 305:219, speech.jpg)


Playing with GOOG F5. Have phun.

6c67cd  No.2302430

File: 20d9d32e78f6411⋯.png (3.58 MB, 4575x3276, 1525:1092, FBsidebyside.png)



you shouldn't've had one

a9090c  No.2302431


Oh it's only going to get worse ladies buckle up….

b162a5  No.2302432


they spelt TURDBALL wrong

016116  No.2302433


Also increasing marine presences in Aus.

027691  No.2302434


[all of them]

84c564  No.2302435


Rodent DNA.

259efc  No.2302436


Cmon man…. pb warning

174791  No.2302437

8d075e  No.2302438


She should be fired inmediately, real leak or not, doesn't matter

470c2c  No.2302439


For more than nine months, House Republicans have been battling the Department of Justice and FBI for a cache of documents they say are necessary to conduct oversight investigations into the FBI’s handling of alleged collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia. The backroom battles between lawmakers and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein culminated in impeachment articles filed Wednesday against the deputy attorney general.

The lawmakers did so despite objections by Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) who said to reporters Thursday, “Do I support impeachment of Rod Rosenstein? No, I do not.”

“I don’t think we should be cavalier with this process or with this term,” he said.

Mr. Rosenstein oversaw the potentially improper authorization of FISA searches and electronic surveillance of members of the Trump campaign

Nonetheless, Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) went forward with the articles of impeachment. The lawmakers charged Rosenstein with “high crimes and misdemeanors” and noted that Rosenstein signed off on a search warrant that deliberately withheld vital information from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). The DOJ under Rosensten was “withholding embarrassing documents and information, knowingly hiding investigative information from Congress,” committing various abuses of the FISA process and refusing to comply with subpoenas, according to the lawmakers. The articles were filed just before the House goes on its five-week August recess and are not expected to come up for a vote until the members return to Washington, congressional officials said.

“Mr. Rosenstein oversaw the potentially improper authorization of FISA searches and electronic surveillance of members of the Trump campaign,” states Article 5 of the impeachment document. “As evidenced by the July 21, 2018 release of the Carter Page FISA application, under Mr. Rosenstein’s supervision, the ‘dossier’ compiled by Christopher Steele on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign formed a material part of the FISA application. Under Mr. Rosenstein’s supervision, the Department of Justice and FBI intentionally obfuscated the fact the dossier was originally a political opposition research document before the FISC.”

Meadows made the decision to file the impeachment articles late Wednesday after a meeting with DOJ and FBI officials. According to Meadows the DOJ was not willing to comply with months of requests, instead, the officials argued they were in “compliance” with Congress.

“They still don’t know the total number of documents they need to produce to the committee after nine months of requests,” Meadow’s told SaraACarter.com.

“Currently, I have filed the impeachment articles as non-privileged, meaning the articles will go to the House Judiciary Committee,” added the lawmaker. “But I have the authority to file the impeachment articles as privileged at any time, and if that happens it goes to the House for a vote within two days.”

7254cc  No.2302440


i think its more about the app also

47c7d7  No.2302441


Thank you, anon

970a9b  No.2302442


Fake leaks by Mattis and Pompeo to the five eyes during their little trip the other day?

127ce8  No.2302443

What's up with Trump's CFO of 30 years getting thrown in front of a Grand Jury?

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/07/26/trump-org-cfo-called-to-grand-jury-to-testify-wsj.html

6c67cd  No.2302444


see notables from #2899:

>>2300563 US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report

there was one from the liveuamap too before that

c79cf9  No.2302445


Anybody ever checked Griffin's instagram?

027691  No.2302446

File: 035d062accdbf44⋯.jpg (76.56 KB, 487x527, 487:527, hitler why jew think.jpg)

6e9ce5  No.2302447


good idea, thank you! (:

ee774b  No.2302448

86ff93  No.2302449

File: c4c029a95f90e33⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1900x1336, 475:334, NoBreaksOnThisTrain.jpg)


Natural Gas is gonna take off as well. The WHOLE Nation is going to be going crazy. People don't know. We get through mid-terms, clean the shit out, arrest these bastards, and then it's full steam ahead.


6f9283  No.2302450

File: 62adec6be1483ff⋯.jpg (148.32 KB, 626x576, 313:288, PeacePepeQek.jpg)


Well, do not have the correct tools for painting, child used the item I thought that I had to cover a world map being painted on the wall, so we are going to tackle in the AM. Lemme go shower & I will relieve you if nobody steps up.

63d635  No.2302451


Did she really think this would help?


b5c165  No.2302452


Infowars and Steve P are controlled opposition, no doubt. But the point is that is the agenda they are pushing that "the storm is behind us"…. You will see more of that from all over the place.

I think Q team is trying to sell us on these small developments are actually a HUGE DEAL. So we think something big has happened.

The schism between Q and PAYTRIOTS earlier in the year was on purpose. If you read what Q is saying and how we are supposed to be impressed by small developments (BOOM!) then you will see that Q message is actually quite similar to Infowars and Steve P trying to say "the storm is behind us"

That's the plan. We won't get 9/11 truth, we won't get Sandy Hook false flag exposure, no arrests of actual powerful people.

45ed81  No.2302453

We stopped letting weak leaders speak for us and decided to start speaking plainly ourselves, that is what is changing the world right now. Trump is just helping us do that.

3fe770  No.2302454

File: d05a0cc5a161085⋯.jpeg (54.08 KB, 650x360, 65:36, image.jpeg)

File: 5535fb412be0960⋯.jpeg (29 KB, 255x204, 5:4, image.jpeg)

b73ddc  No.2302455



Future Proves Past

2699a9  No.2302456



the defense of the whores

fb2ed6  No.2302457


Coal anon. Coal.

570694  No.2302458


>>Not ISIS

>>Takes self portraits of the president's severed head

Bad analogy Kathy

186cf2  No.2302459


There are only two types of people in this world:

- People who divide people into two groups

- People who don't.

d3264d  No.2302461


hahaha, kek.

d915e8  No.2302462

File: a6ad86c970c2de4⋯.png (3.07 MB, 1440x1784, 180:223, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 25efa1f7d0bf79b⋯.png (470.62 KB, 474x591, 158:197, ClipboardImage.png)

Here is the highest res version of the first photo

That I could find

Right click (or ctrl-click on Mac) and select Open Image in New Tab

You probably think you know something

About these two very lovely women

But the second one shows

And see who they really are

Are you surprised?

48960c  No.2302463

File: c9237cb1b785500⋯.gif (3.61 MB, 682x480, 341:240, c9237cb1b78550016a3cebd01c….gif)

92431b  No.2302464

File: c763d5d8dd83035⋯.jpg (11.54 KB, 305x219, 305:219, speech2.jpg)


Maybe this one's a bit better :)

3b3cec  No.2302465


Ok downloaded. I know how to use it. How about what passwords to enter? Or just go to q stuff and use his filenames as passwords in the images he dropped.

360918  No.2302466



mohamedans a race now? a race to the bottom of the pit, yes, so racING not racIST.

Besides, I'm more of a realist really.

5171ea  No.2302467


Which could also mean that most the pics on weiner laptop may have hidden messages.

548b2f  No.2302468


She is still here?

Who broght her here?

She is dead to me

016116  No.2302469


Then again, POTUS doesnt reveal plans, and if its leaked it would be to troll someone.

b4d37f  No.2302470



Operation Mockingbird An Overview and History

e877e8  No.2302471

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

WOW part one was good, but this Part II is worthy of this Board

The Mafia was the mechanism the C_A used to control Covert Domestic Operations.

Just Dropped 7 hours ago.

79b552  No.2302472


ThanQ .I been on it since about 3 pm. est

cb9861  No.2302473


This looks spoopily like the FVEY's…

0147a6  No.2302474


Greece is the playground of EU satanists

f18639  No.2302475


The pedo shit being exposed is causing the unknown pedos to pick a side. Exposing them further.

a9090c  No.2302476


🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Made In America Baby 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

7254cc  No.2302477

not sure about the source


Authorities have accused Rothschild Bank AG and its subsidiary Rothschild Trust AG of not only failing to reveal the source of the assets of dubious customers but also of expanding their business dealings with them.Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has concluded an investigation into suspected money laundering operations involving Rothschild Bank and Malaysian state investment fund 1MDB.The regulator concluded that Rothschild Bank was in “serious breach” of “due diligence, reporting and documentation requirements.”The case involving the Rothschild Bank was one of seven enforcement proceedings launched by the FINMA against 1MDB amid suspicions of a serious breach of Swiss banking laws…Watch more below and click in the link!!!

8d075e  No.2302478

File: edf36d5f6b18841⋯.png (269.16 KB, 576x418, 288:209, flush-fire-pepe.png)


TY Kathy for fueling the conversation

65e908  No.2302479

File: 025a3e0b9910420⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 753x500, 753:500, DYjV5BKWkAAJWKw.jpg)


these summerfags just dont give up. they call you sheep for a reason normies.

961464  No.2302480

File: 7ef91051b8d942b⋯.jpg (15.45 KB, 255x195, 17:13, emo patriotic pep.jpg)

Shills know they lost the game on the images coded war.

Sophisticated shilling, but still shilling.

Now if we could just figure it out.

7645ea  No.2302481

File: 80de68de604c5f9⋯.png (450.62 KB, 675x863, 675:863, ClipboardImage.png)

>Al-Qaeda Group Funded by Obama Admin Supported Bin Laden, Hamas, Afghan Terrorists


361f80  No.2302482

File: 238d4412735d8aa⋯.gif (997.11 KB, 500x373, 500:373, 1456278007757.gif)


I fucking love this president.

79b552  No.2302483

fb2ed6  No.2302484


How about Q's cracked tripcodes for a start?

570694  No.2302485


Groups exist. Here I'll show you one simple example.

Children and Adults.

Your turn. Go.

c226d3  No.2302486

God I'm happy there are many people that are WAY smarter than I am. The recent drops and developments are just amazing, what a time to be alive. I'm grateful that I could contribute 0,00000000000000001% to this movement (was a baker for ~30 breads on half chan, when during the first 100-500 breads).

Either way, just want to say thank you to all Anons contributing in any way. I'm not a based anon, but I'm praying for all of you, maybe one day I might get the honor to become a real US Patriot. Godspeed anons!

ca74e4  No.2302487

So now I gotta grab all of Q's old photos and run 'em thru some stego software. Yay!

aa9740  No.2302488


Man you fucked it up.. amazing from the back but up front… fugly as fuck.

2699a9  No.2302489

File: 5674650e93c21ad⋯.png (106.87 KB, 908x500, 227:125, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: f330819bb316a14⋯.gif (19.89 KB, 89x111, 89:111, mmhmm.gif)


Ooooo dis' gettin' good.

635a60  No.2302490



Milstead said during a press conference on Thursday that King had a history of mental health issues and had been taking medication for anxiety and depression. He did not have a criminal history.


780147  No.2302491

ok regardless of whether the chan generated ID (or tripcode ‘’i guess’’ ) matches a small string in a podesta is a cracked code…

you guys relaying shit from pol made it seem like SS posted herself

why does that say ‘’’BV’’’

i nvr noticed til now

BV same as 8ch ?


027691  No.2302492


How about just No Immigration period?

285643  No.2302493

File: 18fa0ef8a54d16d⋯.jpg (54.31 KB, 572x568, 143:142, ss.JPG)

What if the pixel knot app was being used by Q in his messaged pics? Possible access code to be found in Colossians 3:5?

9627d3  No.2302495

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c79cf9  No.2302496

File: 390049b170f6558⋯.jpg (87.67 KB, 415x595, 83:119, deadpool holy shit balls.jpg)

87b204  No.2302497

File: 244df925a259373⋯.png (234.4 KB, 325x412, 325:412, 6bd14ab7fc66878580a420601f….png)

411988  No.2302498

File: b620763f3827dd4⋯.jpg (85.02 KB, 642x391, 642:391, WH anonymous.jpg)

Blank from earlier post.

ced063  No.2302499


Satan, get behind me!

095a60  No.2302500

Facebook has barely fallen in price yet.

Anons wishing to sell the stock short (legally) can bet on Zuckfailure by buying put options or selling calls.

This stock has a long way to fall from over 200.00 a share atm so you may have time once FB begins to collapse.

Death spiral talk is premature. It may happen tomorrow or next week.or never.

There is no sign yet.

Yesterday somebody dumped 250 k shares of FB afterhours.

Normally you trade this whem market is open to get best price. If you were testing to see how much 250k shares moves price in the aftermarket is more likely.. That was probably a signal. The crooked hedge funds and finacial journ like Adam Feuersten use coded twotter comms to coordinate pump and dump activities

Paid shills infest stock twits.


(((They))) will usually pin a stock,.by buying or selling to support or protect price - they can sell any amount and buy any amount using a variety of scams.

They have pinned to.gold market for years. Our financial markets are totally comped so neither investor gains or losses mean anything except you got lucky (or unlucky) or youre in the cult or not.

electronic trading came in when too few understood it. The system has multiple points which permit manipulation.

We the People have been repeatedly $ raped this way, anons might make money speculating but until we have secure identity based networks betting on fraudulent markets is high risk.

4dd28f  No.2302501


with friends like griffin, silverman does not need enemies

I will pray for you, sarah, to wake up, come out of your evil current existence, turn in the pedos that you know

8d075e  No.2302502

File: 56904cea9efc692⋯.png (791.05 KB, 658x468, 329:234, popcorn-potus.png)

3fe770  No.2302503


I was just thinking the same. They feel they have to stick together because they all hold the 'MAD' (mutually assured destruction) info on each other. But, in their defense of each other, they identify the others.

They are mapping the network for us.

45ed81  No.2302504


Thanks anon for your work, most of us are just small contributors too just trying to help out, soldiers doing their duty

2699a9  No.2302505

File: 8406f13f32e2de1⋯.jpg (146.36 KB, 1200x604, 300:151, DjERITqX4AEi4v6.jpg)

42c29c  No.2302506

File: cd9a07885dcfb4b⋯.png (61.84 KB, 658x698, 329:349, Cortez 7-26-18 12 48 pm PD….PNG)


fb2ed6  No.2302507

File: 5f809fac6969a24⋯.jpg (523.66 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, MAGAFACTORY18.jpg)

27b0b9  No.2302508

File: 35c826eb3d2cc27⋯.pdf (7.31 MB, fontcode.pdf)

cefd7e  No.2302509

File: 4ae5b7dab4868ac⋯.jpg (894.11 KB, 3666x1915, 3666:1915, _272 (2).JPG)

File: 873f9b1d0837280⋯.jpg (897.55 KB, 3564x1939, 3564:1939, _273 (2).JPG)


Oh We will. In more ways than one.

Some pretty interesting caves on that island just begging for some spelunking.

6c67cd  No.2302510


there have been 37 crumbs since the end of the blackout

I count THREE that around about RR

thats 8%

2 are about the FED, which is ++ controlled

1 has to do with the antifags, which is + controled


you'd know +++ has been removed form the power structure, and are being dealt with already

so piss off shill, anyone still talking about the "schism between Q and PAYTRIOTS" is a faggot

it was TIME TO MOVE ON a LONG time ago

I doubt you know a damn thing about whats happening

780147  No.2302511


Why does that SS post ID say board volunteer

ced063  No.2302513


"controlled prosecution"?

5da26f  No.2302515


This needs a Griffin=ISIS meme.

7254cc  No.2302516


Good that its coming out

Sick, not good in another way

411988  No.2302517

[DC moves slow]

Thank you Qaptain obvious ; )

84812f  No.2302518

File: 0b60d97f8883b2a⋯.png (421.22 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, POTUS CAPS Q Alt Alpha.png)

548b2f  No.2302519


Actually, kekked

3fe770  No.2302520

File: ee136b1f4850ed6⋯.jpeg (53.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, image.jpeg)

d3264d  No.2302521


but the phrase is in a killbox?

Q gonna kill the slow walk?

a1a283  No.2302522

File: 0992c4afc9c6b67⋯.png (261.3 KB, 599x664, 599:664, AQ6.PNG)


I just checked her Twitter. Do we have this?

CNN talks about SS and James Gunn/Dan Harmon using 4 Chan source?

1ecd83  No.2302523

File: 17e3487feeccf6a⋯.png (505.79 KB, 670x440, 67:44, 4D842CF0-23EC-4414-86C9-FF….png)


It’s on now bitches!

d6b57f  No.2302524

File: c97548f262b33ad⋯.jpg (317.66 KB, 982x500, 491:250, 2ert35.jpg)

8aa1f9  No.2302525


>It's almost like they want to divert attention from something else.

Q has said that they are stupid. They are going to ride their one-trick jackass all the way to the end.

God wins.

f03960  No.2302526


I think that the is what Q is telling us. We need to find a way to reverse the solution to find the key. This will help us decode other image.

d915e8  No.2302527

File: baed0d8c950d671⋯.png (553.32 KB, 564x604, 141:151, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1c2eb82eee0a8b7⋯.png (789.97 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ba202e19ca9245e⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1080x789, 360:263, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 58abb4882d13daa⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


The same lovelies

Did anybody else see two black girls

In the first photo from last bread?

Is this like the dress

White and gold

Or black and blue?

Still, that first photo really wowed me

It is not just the two beauties in it

But the coloring of everything

Is subtle but complex

And yet balanced and harmonious

259efc  No.2302528


Kek well played

970a9b  No.2302529

File: 135122c1da6876f⋯.jpeg (122.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, download (9).jpeg)

File: 9f651f92dec29f0⋯.jpeg (48.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, download (8).jpeg)



021efc  No.2302530


So, anyone gonna put that tweet next to her with the decapitation photo, across from some ISIS cunt doing the same?

961464  No.2302531

I have twisted these images every which way.

Apparently I'm too stupid for /qresearch/

Manana, y'all.

6d56c7  No.2302532

File: bc5157264e78403⋯.jpg (377.46 KB, 2836x1026, 1418:513, Pilpul Ad.jpg)


Hang out Sarah, get comfy. Nice to know anons are living rent free in your head.

42c29c  No.2302533

File: cdb613d73644dc1⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1120x808, 140:101, Cortez Blank.PNG)



I am sure her ignorance will invoke the desire to create more memes

360c6b  No.2302534


Brett is not a good guy and Zak hasn't made a decent film in forever

060f29  No.2302535

I don't have the greatest memory, but I do not remember one thing from last years congressional summer recess. My memories seem to have started back up in the following October.

186cf2  No.2302537

File: f58f626c9a4e383⋯.jpg (109.86 KB, 579x1200, 193:400, hanx1.jpg)

File: eb8fac4e3a3acd4⋯.jpg (120.51 KB, 1200x851, 1200:851, hanx2.jpg)

File: 3c1e04cdc680d57⋯.jpg (165.24 KB, 935x1200, 187:240, hanx3.jpg)









9cb723  No.2302538


Pixelknot for iphone users.

411988  No.2302539


Chicka copying JJ's tweet from earlier today.

63d635  No.2302540


Damage control. Over the target.

9af5a5  No.2302541

File: 725a62caddaedc3⋯.jpg (24.42 KB, 400x399, 400:399, 1516297433179.jpg)

cb9861  No.2302542


They are burning up the Coastline to take the land back, Agenda 21 type shit, just like they did in Califonication.

570694  No.2302543

45ed81  No.2302544

Sarah you are ugly and you are also getting a bit fat

2699a9  No.2302545

File: 63365409bc08be7⋯.png (405.61 KB, 931x1123, 931:1123, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


took a shot with time - cst.


fb2ed6  No.2302546


The big question remaining for me is.. Did/Does +++ control ALL the royal families, and not just Hoouse of Saud?

9fcd39  No.2302547



Wash it through notepad and see what words are in the text..and lets go from there….

8ae1eb  No.2302548


yeah i got some crap from anons for asking this but why assume Q posted just to refer to some stupid photoshop pic in 4chan?

the message seemed clear to me but i was not sure so i posted but it still seems to me the comms are:

you have it all

you have more than you know

pics contain embedded messages

archive offline

2+2 = 4 dont it?

then all Q has to do is post a decode password or phrase and voila - hundreds of anons post the decodes

anons have guessed at this for months

seems like now we now know how it will occur

what am i missing?

548b2f  No.2302549


Jewish girls are chubby, member monika?

98fc86  No.2302550


I'm very concerned about her lack of intelligence.

f9cb49  No.2302552

File: 64fdd18b356aac1⋯.jpg (18.61 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 2eqlhr.jpg)

Original Q. You really dont think this is the first time Q tired to influence society do you? You anons can think deeper than that. Watch "Brainstorm" the movie made after the MI boys settled on a plan of attack. Watch the movie and see they show you how they were going to make Alexa scare people with a spooky laugh. Watch how they were going to use the system itself to destroy the system. Watch the MI in the movie. The Watcher of the Watchers. The guy who only tries to stop Micheal when (((they))) are watching him but otherwise he roots Micheal on toward hacking in and revealing the MKULTRA torture videos. The MAP is there for any with eyes to see.

The movie is a special sort of genius….future proves past. No normie could of understood the movie for what it was in 1983. But it was the "revealing the method" the occult controllers use on US everyday. But the MI boys mirrored it. Took (((their))) love for showing us everything they plan to do to us and showed (((them))) what we plan for them.

Ever wonder what Q means when "this is bigger than you can imagine"?

Watch "Brainstorm" and understand what a group of desperate men with a deep understanding of the enemy and their occult practices would figure out. Watch the Genius brainstorming plan they came up with in the 1970's. Watch them predict the importance of hacking and the internet. This was before WARGAMES. This was the first I know of a film portray of a HERO COMPUTER HACKER.

Why is the movie not just exciting computer hacker spy shit? Why all the Gnostic Christianity Goddess Sophia stuff there?

"The end is not for everyone" Some will never accept.

This movie is two different stories on two different levels of understanding. Exoteric is just what the public understands. It is the straight forward action of the actors in the film. That is the religion people give the normies.

Esoteric….the deeper hidden secrets of the Universe. That are occulted and hidden from mankind. This is the religion of the Universe.

You spend hundreds of hours of your life reading lines on Q. You need to make an effort to spend one and a half hours of your life watching this movie. You need to have a working understanding of Gnostic ideas. And the idea that EVERY scene is a carefully selected image to teach you something. Pay careful attention to the dialogue. It is not random. There is another story being told to you.

I will soon stop spamming the board with this.

I can only do so much as one anon. But YOU owe it to yourself to understand this film deeply. Understand this the was the original Q.

Q did not come out of the thick air. Q has been in operation for decades. But they were weak compared to (((them))). They had to sneak up on (((them)))

Watch the same MI man in the Scene where the group of board members first get a taste of the new technology. Look at his face as he has a INSIGHT> This is a true representation of a true life event where some genius MI saw the way forward. When they saw the path to saving humanity.

"Brainstorm" is the map.

c4edce  No.2302553


There's plenty of available space in Canada.

411988  No.2302554


I need this hat.


BTW @Q can you have Brad Parscale tweet where we can get the new MAKE OUR FARMERS GREAT AGAIN hats at? I cant find them anywhere yet.

79b552  No.2302555


she looks like shit and needs the rope

45ed81  No.2302556


I actually have a thing for cute Jewish girls but she is not one of them.

ed906f  No.2302557




plenty slip through the cracks throughout communities, & sometimes for something as easy as lack of transportation or even a phone to seek the help……

but it wrenching knowing plenty more have no one & no means and aren't Vets at all. I'm even seeing more female senior citizens at street intersections. THIS used to never happen. No way to completely explain this w/ due justice to my 9-yr old girl.

6e9ce5  No.2302558


I bet big on the deep state hitting the US markets this summer as part of their effort to oust Trump and blame it on him. I might've screwed up, not sure…gonna hold short until October at least.

de0b23  No.2302559


Just remember it has to be a password SS will figure out. It can't be too elaborate.

a1a283  No.2302560

File: d5ff359726a8a6f⋯.png (191.87 KB, 586x482, 293:241, AQ7.PNG)


"Why she loves the Jesuits"

bc67e2  No.2302563


Notice how hard this bot is working to muddy the waters about bots in general. But the truth can't be suppressed forever.

5d643e  No.2302564


#metoo is a damn carrot being dangled over the heads of EVERYONE in Pedowood to keep them in line. I'm not defending their actions, but pointing out WHY these particular people were targeted. Look at Cosby: started red pulling blacks and (((they))) brought his skeletons out.

016116  No.2302565


This bitch says weak on crime yet the DSA wants to abolish prisons, dumb bitch.

485679  No.2302566

File: 5f232bc765dc25b⋯.jpg (50.14 KB, 480x415, 96:83, 23nclq.jpg)

2eb75c  No.2302567


Hey R

i baked 2-4 and 6 and 7

im going to go through the process of deleting them

Rlarpfags Baker

7645ea  No.2302570


hi rabbi

47c7d7  No.2302571

File: d96a7b1262dbe1a⋯.jpg (17.72 KB, 255x179, 255:179, a27f455259505c824f33df6374….jpg)

79b552  No.2302572

File: 3863218c7d3c7e0⋯.png (17.52 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 5c2e7854cd619c602de58e9e8b….png)



e31b34  No.2302573

File: e4ee37a131f6f99⋯.png (196.74 KB, 400x387, 400:387, ClipboardImage.png)

42c29c  No.2302574


Did he delete it?

I see no such JJ tweet

2c1b10  No.2302575

File: a24222dc56c2730⋯.jpg (387.73 KB, 1042x882, 521:441, Screen Shot 07-27-18 at 12….JPG)

It’s not just President Trump’s opponents suffering from a form of derangement any more, as the Weekly Standard flipped the script and diagnosed President Trump as suffering from “CNN Derangement Syndrome.”

The neoconservative magazine made its diagnosis after the White House banned a CNN reporter from a photo op on Wednesday, for rude and “inappropriate” behavior. The Standard conceded that CNN spews out anti-Trump content from morning to night, but gave the president a stone-faced dressing-down for hitting back.

“Trump’s obsession with CNN is irrational,” the editors wrote, “and his constant and frequently personal attacks on the organization and its employees are regrettable.”


60a0f4  No.2302576


lmao kek

2eb75c  No.2302577


filtered btw

5d643e  No.2302578


*Red Pilling

a61b42  No.2302580


"Rlarps" want these threads removed because they are a brilliant case study in how to run a online clown op.

They are chockful of all sorts of neat tips & tricks that anyone who's interested in preventing these types of attacks in the future can study & spot before it spirals out of control.

Suspect that some emotional language algorithms were used to find the particular weak spots to exploit. These also may have been used before in the generals, but it's much harder to detect due to mass volume of posts.

In the Rlarp threads, the precise methods are in full view since they were isolated discussions.

So no surprise those who were responsible want to see them disappear asap.

548b2f  No.2302581


Nah, i like thin ankles and wrists

7254cc  No.2302582

File: 619105599d820ed⋯.png (48.2 KB, 615x154, 615:154, ClipboardImage.png)

could the codes be in/come from the potus schedule?

87b204  No.2302584

File: ed83ceba7bb1600⋯.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 449:401, kek.png)

b4d37f  No.2302585


The people "fake-clutching their pearls" are the wealthy self-proclaimed elite talking about family separation at the border.

a9090c  No.2302586

File: 6f908015a6c6254⋯.png (60.5 KB, 460x332, 115:83, Jesuits.png)

2c1b10  No.2302587

File: abf6b1dae58ac06⋯.jpg (178.65 KB, 517x515, 517:515, Screen Shot 07-27-18 at 12….JPG)

The US House of Representatives has approved the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), allocating $716 billion to the US military. Here are some of the massive bill’s more interesting provisions.

The House Resolution 5515, also known as the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for the fiscal year 2019, passed on the House floor on Thursday, with 359 representatives in favor and 54 opposed, most of them Democrats. If the Senate approves it on schedule, it would be the first NDAA in almost 20 years to be passed ahead of the fiscal year start on October 1.

Much of the bill extends and recycles provisions from previous NDAAs, but the conference report submitted by Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, contains some intriguing provisions.


94d420  No.2302588

File: a8c1bc2620ae764⋯.jpeg (180.4 KB, 1120x808, 140:101, 4F42B757-CB58-49A0-A9E7-5….jpeg)

411988  No.2302589

File: 4b2750f458d67f6⋯.png (51.21 KB, 658x698, 329:349, cortez.png)

File: 31ba5c299a76f8e⋯.png (47.95 KB, 748x495, 68:45, Capture.PNG)

027691  No.2302590



She's a boon, much less dangerous than Crowley.

7645ea  No.2302591

>US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report


fc7668  No.2302592




a1a283  No.2302593

File: a6f54d85c06a5f1⋯.png (24.29 KB, 610x297, 610:297, AQ8.PNG)


She retweeted a thread from Gunn's brother

bc67e2  No.2302594


Fаκе апοη

διΙυτε & δегаιΙ

970a9b  No.2302595

File: 0c1c24895d92bcc⋯.jpeg (340.02 KB, 750x808, 375:404, IMG_B90C630A9C62-1.jpeg)

File: 03a22575cf9b805⋯.jpeg (392.69 KB, 750x783, 250:261, IMG_DBECC03CCE7B-1.jpeg)

File: 843b4617e6db22b⋯.jpeg (289.97 KB, 750x684, 125:114, IMG_FDDCE27AF57F-1.jpeg)

File: dd7741b8fb97ac2⋯.jpeg (257.49 KB, 750x644, 375:322, IMG_A904F9B257DB-1.jpeg)


"wild" fires

bcd1d1  No.2302596

File: f0bca4c74226b9b⋯.jpg (74.72 KB, 900x675, 4:3, ibor-zuck.jpg)

411988  No.2302597


>Yes We Can

b522a1  No.2302598


kewl great maybe they'll make her pope.

79b552  No.2302600


The filthy Jesuits need KICKED out of the USA. Death to satan's marines

60a0f4  No.2302601

File: 2b05bdec2a715e2⋯.png (2.29 MB, 2554x4794, 1277:2397, screencapture-google-searc….png)

taking on the fed = taking down the rothschilds

++ ←next or has it already begun..?

c79cf9  No.2302602


Great work, anon

Nailed it

6c67cd  No.2302603


I don't think so personally

they just had YUGE lobby power here

the other "royal" families have influence in the USA, but WAY moar in the EU

e6ae79  No.2302604




All for a LARP?

Anons: Just remember, Q drop said, "…there is only Q" would could mean that HELPER ANONS' BLACK LIST ANON, X, R are under the umbrella of Q!

Q could have easily ANSWERED ANON'S QUESTION: REAL OR FAKE…with FAKE. (He's done it before…why not this time??)

016116  No.2302605


Check the blondes hand.

45ed81  No.2302606


I like petite brunettes with pale skin so that just happens to include a lot of jewesses but a bad personality ruins it rather quickly

63d635  No.2302607


. . . and she frequently uses this schtick in her "act". Just the sort of thing she'd bring up if she was drunk-lurking here to prove to herself we're all a bunch of Jew-hating Nazis.

We're not. We're American patriots. Silverman is not. She even feels "disturbed" by displays of the American flag and other symbols of nationalism.

b162a5  No.2302608

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

he tried to expose it they tried to destroy his credibility , he didn't stop , they ended him

d915e8  No.2302609


If the messages are meant to be "official"

Then perhaps the passwords

Come from somebody's

Official tweets

That way you unlock the message

And learn that it really is an official message

Not just a LARP

3fe770  No.2302610

File: 0f41c0b73b835a9⋯.jpeg (27.62 KB, 530x286, 265:143, image.jpeg)

I'm just gonna put this right here.

2c1b10  No.2302611

File: 515424834682a94⋯.jpg (261.34 KB, 518x541, 518:541, Screen Shot 07-27-18 at 12….JPG)

They come in peace & need!!

Hundreds of migrants armed with sticks and homemade flamethrowers broke through the border fence in Ceuta, according to the Spanish Civil Guard. Over 100 migrants and 15 border agents were injured in the fight.

“Over 700 sub-Saharans” attempted to storm the border fence, the Civil Guard said in a statement, adding that “at least 602” of them managed to cross the barriers. Volunteers and the local branch of the Red Cross said that 132 migrants sustained injuries, while 11 had to be taken to a local hospital.

b5c165  No.2302614


How do you know +++ has been dealt with? What evidence do you have? Leader of Saud is the son of the last leader, big deal.

So the FED might be re-structured whatever the hell that means. So what? How about executing the mofos that set up that wealth stealing apparatus in the first place that helped fund 2 Euro-destroying world wars? how about they return the interest USA paid to them for the benefit of printing our money to the American people? How about they get forced to give their assets back to the American people from whom they stole from?

Let's see what BOOM can be done about the FED. I contend we will see some small change and Q will give us a few BOOMs. But nooone of any real power will go to prison over past crimes.

This is a crypto system change by the powers that be. That's all. Our generation will be happy and it will take another 2-3 generations until people figure it out.

6bfa53  No.2302615

File: 2fba3b7ad3103ac⋯.jpg (282.76 KB, 1080x598, 540:299, Screenshot_20180726-183021….jpg)

9627d3  No.2302618

File: cc5458d04bda5a8⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1677x752, 1677:752, CU pdf.png)

File: c4b5043afeee5ac⋯.png (169.66 KB, 1745x482, 1745:482, Cu Pdf1.png)



411988  No.2302619

File: 7cf975c2604b226⋯.png (52.38 KB, 747x336, 249:112, Capture.PNG)

8d075e  No.2302620

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Battle of Meme's Deep

ce576e  No.2302621

File: e0d3939790d7452⋯.jpg (128.56 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 37841914_10155637321347267….jpg)

File: d42a48789417861⋯.jpg (157.97 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 37773964_10155637321297267….jpg)

f276df  No.2302622

Looks like Hillary's crew leaking through Australia about military plans regarding Iran using five eyes. Should be enough to put her away for treason.

6c67cd  No.2302623

File: 99a6c9d78ff9e66⋯.png (27.25 KB, 421x219, 421:219, ClipboardImage.png)


There is only Q means THERE IS NO R, X, T, U, H, I, G, OR ANY OTHER SHILL LARP


kek, gtfo shill

a1a283  No.2302624

File: 5aadbba2cbb16b0⋯.png (44.02 KB, 601x422, 601:422, AQ9.PNG)



She's a lurker for sure

027691  No.2302625


Libtardism kills the looks, even ScarJo and Ashley Judd are haggard now.

79b552  No.2302626


THERE IS ONLY Q . What more do we need to see?

9fcd39  No.2302627



Demon inside that wench

a9090c  No.2302628

3f5278  No.2302629


why rosenstein is being charged with high crimes

and misdemeanors

@8:15 pm est


45ed81  No.2302630


I agree totally

6c67cd  No.2302632


>What more do we

WE don't

shills gonna shill

4d4630  No.2302633



African side of the Med. Shares a border with Morocco.

471d12  No.2302634


took me awhile but I got the decoding app to work on PC. has anyone had any luck with passwords? I will run brute force password crack on another pc and see if I can get something.

a2a6b7  No.2302635

File: 374eddbf3f1ce7f⋯.jpg (101.9 KB, 732x484, 183:121, brennansoiled.jpg)

b4d37f  No.2302636


How about the masons, luciferians and church of satan?

a9090c  No.2302637


Is that Rocky Dennis?

360918  No.2302638

File: 81da5c06c4bc31d⋯.jpg (57.66 KB, 728x471, 728:471, s2.reutersmedia.net.jpg)

I did miss this funky little detail from Helsinki:


It says basically that US and Russia have reached agreement for a common action plan to return Syrian refugees to their homeland. Estimates, according to Tass are from Libanon 890.000 , from Turkey 300.000 and from EU 200.000.

Thought you'd like to know. No mention of US refugees, suppose they can all stay put (all dental hygienists and rocket engineers I'm sure).

027691  No.2302640


Powers finally went full libtard?

79b552  No.2302641



98fc86  No.2302642

File: bc30774e428f3e8⋯.png (450.54 KB, 1359x512, 1359:512, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)



63d635  No.2302643

485679  No.2302644

fc7668  No.2302645

42c29c  No.2302646

File: f5f362e049f59ae⋯.png (738.34 KB, 664x665, 664:665, Scavino45 7-26-18 4 24 pm ….PNG)

File: f4ce5ed63df2363⋯.png (738.9 KB, 813x371, 813:371, Scavino45 7-26-18 4 24 pm ….PNG)

File: a29696221dac8dd⋯.png (601.95 KB, 819x307, 819:307, Scavino45 7-26-18 4 24 pm ….PNG)

File: 46ba4265db514a5⋯.png (610.48 KB, 782x359, 782:359, Scavino45 7-26-18 4 24 pm ….PNG)

File: 3d045dd19f89051⋯.png (691.62 KB, 746x351, 746:351, Scavino45 7-26-18 4 24 pm ….PNG)

Q sign in picture 1 / far right

7254cc  No.2302647


still getting my head round it

was also thinking Wikileaks account

fe3b60  No.2302648

File: 1b46838d9ab1490⋯.jpg (79.67 KB, 705x705, 1:1, ibanu.jpg)

7645ea  No.2302649

>"SEC May Want To Take A Look": Facebook Insiders Dumped $4.1 Billion Weeks Ahead Of Record Crash


e6ae79  No.2302650


I suggest you DO NOT…you have no RIGHT to delete my work…along with other anons.



7b7ec0  No.2302651



All these Leftists fuck wanna collect checks being in shitty Movies, TV, and "Web Series" while simultaneously lecturing & judging Middle America on their decisions.

make them walk back the PEDO LABEL like they make everyone not left of Mao walk back being called a NAZI

548b2f  No.2302652


I will still shitpost

635a60  No.2302653


The Latest: ==Suspect in trooper's death has mental illness==

Jul 26, 2018 Updated 15 min ago

PHOENIX (AP) — The Latest on the fatal shooting of an Arizona state trooper in a highway confrontation with a suspect (all times local): 3:40 p.m.

Authorities say the man accused of fatally shooting an Arizona state trooper and wounding another has no criminal record and a history of mental illness.

State Department of Public Safety director Col. Frank Milstead on Thursday identified the suspect in the fatal shooting as 20-year-old Isaac D. King.

During a news conference from DPS headquarters, Milstead said the suspect is on medication for anxiety and depression…


c79cf9  No.2302654


This creature is hideous

bcd1d1  No.2302655

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Idyllwild Fire was arson. Fucking Nigger was throwing road flairs out his car window.

508f36  No.2302656

File: 37fca81caa43322⋯.png (305.59 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1527343670031.png)


R is basically here as some kind of resident spammer. Basically here to bait anons into responding to it so that kikes can implement some kind of Filter Suggestion or Filter ID+ suggestion to be more specific. It is a PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION tactic similar to the porn/gore spammers. Create unwanted traffic and bait anons into responding, then have some subversive kikes to chime in with a filter or filter suggestion. You know, the type of poster that feels the need to telegraph that they are in the process of filtering someone. It is simple social manipulation and suggestion, an attempt to control the board culture essentially.

411988  No.2302657

File: 818b778be64965c⋯.png (32.75 KB, 749x345, 749:345, Capture.PNG)

I don't have a PACER acct but the filing form the USA vs Wolfe is UP!


8974db  No.2302658


(((THIS))) is important Anon… that's for bringing up again.

9fcd39  No.2302659



Comey pw might be something to do with "taller and smarter in person"

fc1d46  No.2302660


Had the same thought upon first seeing Greece fire footage..

635a60  No.2302661


Suspect in trooper's death has mental illness

970a9b  No.2302662


They're all arson.

548b2f  No.2302663


Its fake Q reborn

65e908  No.2302664


hmm…must be true if some faggot on halfchan says so.

bc67e2  No.2302665


Весаυse апопs пееd то снооsе то геjест тне АΙ τακеоνεг оf тнеιг ошп fгее ωιΙΙ.

ΑΙΙ вотs, e.g. ВО [НЕRЕ]

42c29c  No.2302666



I saw that but it isn't quite the same so I thought shadow banned or deleted

a9ac36  No.2302667

File: dbfc83771d6dbbd⋯.png (282.13 KB, 568x396, 142:99, July 26 dont know.png)

79b552  No.2302668


Same scum as the Fake Q phenom and other bullshit larps they get bored pushing.

3fe770  No.2302669

File: 0f1538df3e346a6⋯.png (180.27 KB, 608x342, 16:9, image.png)

Fire away

20b83f  No.2302670

Possible Pickle meaning from #1369:


Senior Strategist, Twitter @policy. Take photos of bands. Fan of @yorkshiretea, coats, books and gin. FRSA. Trustee of @bbcmediaaction. Yorkshireman in the US.

Interesting that he's English.

6c67cd  No.2302671


I agree completely anon

I would just add it is also an attempt to discredit

(which most shill tactics are)

2699a9  No.2302672

File: b70674eac8340d7⋯.png (63.46 KB, 905x329, 905:329, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


We're going to bring more departed soldiers home!

1b0a6d  No.2302673


Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: Status Conference as to JAMES A. WOLFE held on 7/26/2018. Oral ruling denying Motion 20 for Order Governing Extrajudicial Statement. Speedy Excludable started 7/26/18 until 8/23/18, in the interest of justice. Status Conference set for 8/23/2018 at 2:30 PM in Courtroom 17 before Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Bond Status of Defendant: Defendant Continue on Personal Recognizance Bond; Court Reporter: Cathryn Jones; Defense Attorney: Preston Burton, Benjamin Klubes, Lauren Randell; US Attorney: Laura Ingersoll, Tejpal Chawla, Jocelyn Ballantine. (gdf) (Entered: 07/26/2018)

e6ae79  No.2302674


YOU are obviously one who has NOT investigated the "crumbs" that were left to follow…if you had, you wouldn't have said what you did!!

7b7ec0  No.2302675


Whats the 'USS Liberty Survivor' and the 'Prayer Shawl'?

I know what the USS Liberty is…but what survivor are you referring to?

And how does it relate to Mueller/Trump/etc?

9af5a5  No.2302676


>Sarah loves the Goy Toys

Hah! we've got you now Silverstein!

027691  No.2302677


So child sexual abuse is just "politically incorrect?" Uh-huh.

ed906f  No.2302678

File: 9b08334ea0e075c⋯.jpg (109.04 KB, 1106x767, 1106:767, CoinKi keks.JPG)

94d420  No.2302679

File: 13de46cee5d2d4b⋯.jpeg (92.9 KB, 693x500, 693:500, 746BFB39-9C77-418A-9365-9….jpeg)

File: e0c65ed3eaf082c⋯.jpeg (203.39 KB, 1120x808, 140:101, BE4741CA-F480-479C-9594-0….jpeg)

File: a8c1bc2620ae764⋯.jpeg (180.4 KB, 1120x808, 140:101, 396E3806-0E72-4F7D-8679-8….jpeg)

c79cf9  No.2302680

The bad girl stealing the souls of the good boys by sucking it out of them

a9090c  No.2302681


Is this Sarah Silverman in black face?

6c67cd  No.2302682



656148  No.2302683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



here's her "joking" about the Cabala in Israel.


fe5fc6  No.2302684

File: be16becd31d1814⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-192455….jpg)

File: baf15bf6bf7c9b3⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-192503….jpg)

File: 9472d269f062bdb⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-192512….jpg)

File: 951ddfa3a3fc475⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180726-192516….jpg)

Found these documents mentions facebook a couple times.

Looks like state dept. Docs. Not sure if it's relevant or will lead to other info that we are looking for but still interesting to read.


Pics. Related

63d635  No.2302685


"Actual comedians" are actually funny.

Without abortion and pedo jokes.

6dcfd2  No.2302686


I pit my Panz on...

23d366  No.2302687

File: 8eb729df1e44f1f⋯.gif (318.21 KB, 1416x2300, 354:575, qsteg.gif)

Since there is again interest in stenographically hidden messages in the Q community, see this thread from a few weeks ago:



fb2ed6  No.2302688


QE2 family line traces back to Mohammed apparently. That would make them the same family as Saud. That's why I'm curious.

680ce5  No.2302689

Are we a threat to the clowns?

How do clowns respond to threats?

What tactics do clowns use?



Co-opt and control?

How would we know if this board was comped?

How will we know when it's time to move again?

8f2844  No.2302690


just thought it was strange that I was reading it at 7 est but it posted 815 est. but maybe its some journalist thing I dont know about because Im not one

7254cc  No.2302691

Future Proofs Past

Future messages open past pictures

coded messages?

965fac  No.2302692

File: f338d39a008a6ba⋯.png (5.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, twitter_clipped.png)


Twitter's earnings report is coming 7/27 just two days after Facebook's earnings report kicked off a giant 20% downward spiral. Hopefully Twitter is going to get slammed as well.

027691  No.2302693


But muh rank and file po-lice are good peeoples.

a1a283  No.2302694


There we go. Put it all together and now we know.

Sarah Silverman loves barely legal Christian Cock while lurking on the Chans

fe3b60  No.2302695

File: 4ddd3116f7439d1⋯.jpg (39.62 KB, 400x268, 100:67, rlee.jpg)

635a60  No.2302696


"We've talked to his parents – his mother, particularly – who has been cooperative and thought he was in the backyard, on the trampoline," said Col. Milstead.


3fe770  No.2302697

File: 0f41c0b73b835a9⋯.jpeg (27.62 KB, 530x286, 265:143, image.jpeg)

File: 0f1538df3e346a6⋯.png (180.27 KB, 608x342, 16:9, image.png)


It is

Celebrities In Blackface: Our Ugly Past Time With Racial Insensitivity


17eedb  No.2302698

File: d405bef19b906ab⋯.png (300.53 KB, 784x476, 28:17, STFD.png)

680ce5  No.2302699


How important is this battle to the clowns?

How many decades have they been perfecting their tactics?

Why has BO consistently encouraged us to underestimate our enemies?

Why does BO insist on not banning clowns?

Who does that serve?

How do we know when our leaders have betrayed us?

1b0a6d  No.2302700


Graphic is key.

2699a9  No.2302701

File: 61754de7e393637⋯.png (885.72 KB, 898x917, 898:917, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 993b93cd60bc227⋯.png (837.06 KB, 1120x514, 560:257, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 9914a0c3297acd6⋯.png (756.03 KB, 1034x490, 517:245, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: 8c8d8d9336acbe7⋯.png (694.33 KB, 1126x422, 563:211, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)

File: ca29f59170f5f46⋯.png (695.47 KB, 1080x491, 1080:491, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


I spy a Q

027691  No.2302702


The science is now settled.

4d4630  No.2302703


>obvious jokes

Okay, so I'm going to start using nigger and wetback again.

Because, hey, it's an obvious joke.

548b2f  No.2302704


BO is fine, chill

508f36  No.2302705

File: e8c6cd82ed3c062⋯.jpg (392 KB, 1016x570, 508:285, 1461080536554.jpg)



You could also throw in the unironically critical anon shill spammer or CTA for short. It is a persona designed to generate (you)'s and compounded with filter ID+ suggestion will therefore work to censor multiple anons and thereby sources of information. It is why it is stated as a PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION tactic, due to the mass suggestion into filter suggestion. Of course it works as a slide and thread burner as well.

3b309d  No.2302706


keep on it. the Global warmer schills like the Fire..

7254cc  No.2302707

File: 0e93d4d03f7f3b7⋯.png (16.26 KB, 522x207, 58:23, ClipboardImage.png)



a1a283  No.2302708

File: d259d45a7a60829⋯.png (14.36 KB, 594x154, 27:7, AQ21.PNG)


"penis from Heaven"

fb2ed6  No.2302709


God bless them and their families right now. This must be so emotional for them all.

0ef6a8  No.2302710

Using exif data viewers on photos

Looking thru the wikileaks attachment search with wildcard *.jpg

Found one with GPS DATA

Taken with a Iphone 6

Latitude 38.949825 North Longitude 77.074317 West Altitude 107.9442623 m Above Sea Level

Matches photo

3743 Brandywine St NW Washington, District of Columbia



IMG_0300.JPG 840.48 KiB image/jpeg

Looks like John Podesta's & wife's house Mary Podesta

Quote wikileaks: emailid/12321

From:podesta.mary@gmail.com To: mpodesta@gmail.com, meganrouse@gmail.com, john.podesta@gmail.com, gpodesta@gmail.com Date: 2016-01-24 08:25 Subject: This morning

Looking out from living room window as I came downstairs just now.

A quick use of Spokeo against the Lat/long Data converted to street addy provides much additional info about who lives at the addy and has lived in the past.


This confirms the email is validated by the MetaData in the photo.

Original pic and google street view side by side


b50d34  No.2302711



She is a sack of shit. I am ashamed for her as a jew. In fact i should feel sorry for her as a person. Shes a disgrace to all people.

bc67e2  No.2302712

File: 330289378aec18b⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1413x4414, 1413:4414, ΒΟςΟΜΡ.png)

8aa1f9  No.2302714


>The 1.3 million members of the US military have one thing in common. Each one has taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. They have sworn that they are willing to die in combat to defend the core values of this country. And that means they are willing to die on the battlefield for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

CNN emphasis on military members' willingness to die. Contrary to Patton's opinion on the purpose of the military…to make the other dumb bastard die for his country.

>Continuing to attack both of those fundamental American pillars is clearly something that President Donald Trump feels resonates with his political base, even after 19 months in office. But as the Commander in Chief continues uninterrupted in his attacks, there is a problem boiling to the surface. Defense Secretary James Mattis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Joseph Dunford – two of the top commanders – are walking an increasingly fraught line, ordering troops to fight and die under a Commander in Chief who does not publicly share the values the troops are obligated to defend."

CNN doesn't understand irony.

485679  No.2302715


Q IS REX TILLERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7254cc  No.2302716


help me understand?

just got on the boards again

e56d87  No.2302717

File: c839cd3ad60ef05⋯.png (62.84 KB, 806x747, 806:747, WOLFEsuit.PNG)

8d075e  No.2302718

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4d4630  No.2302719


AoC is 16 in Vancouver.

5171ea  No.2302720


They will return to the USA tomorrow afternoon.

That is all..


f9cb49  No.2302721


Telling people to filter information that is not porn and not insulting people is a tell. Like when you play poker. Your giving away the truth by your reaction. An anon here has disernment. They have free will and a brain. They can watch and some will actually realize the truth.

d78c24  No.2302722

File: 30e374e13be3734⋯.jpeg (101.37 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, 32D11E90-7CF4-425E-838C-E….jpeg)

285643  No.2302723

File: c68456927cd934f⋯.jpg (95 KB, 1104x592, 69:37, ss.JPG)

b5c165  No.2302724


Guys… you all are smart. Why are you having trouble seeing what this is? You think the powers that be will tell autists the plan? Or are autists being used to help this "movement" and this "revolution" seem grass roots?

Crypto system change. No different than the trick they pulled ~100 years ago to set up their US dollar "federal reserve" system. That system was created in order to destroy the old world order, primarily Europeans. That old system is not working as well today. So they hatched a plan to make a new system, take down a few puppets to throw a bone to the people.

I really hope this is not true, believe me. But its the only thing that makes sense based on the developments so far. Now if Hussein gets perp walked and we BOMB the SHIT out of the people that perpetrated 9/11 and Joe Biden goes to jail for crimes against children, then I would reconsider my conclusion.

65e908  No.2302725

File: 5e3a38e7acfe960⋯.jpg (252.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, snapshot.jpg)


R doesnt even exist. just some faggot signed his post and the rest of you stupid nigger normies arent intellegent enough to see for yourself why its a waste of everyone's time. oh look, somethin shiney to look at i guess we should all put saving the fucking world on hold and "dig" into it. Q was right, %90 would be in the hospital if they were brave enough to know the truth.


P.S. im not really R i just signed my post like R. thought i better differentiate that for you fucking retards.

ed906f  No.2302726

File: 5d216a642a5783e⋯.png (618.03 KB, 1000x576, 125:72, 5d216a642a5783e2c7f2c93859….png)


There are ultimately supposedly more than 7k remains in total……. just the Tip on this trip.

Choked up.

d3264d  No.2302727

File: c4744639436e8b2⋯.png (710.39 KB, 800x741, 800:741, ClipboardImage.png)


Is this 5-year-old Nigerian the 'most beautiful girl in the world'?


A photo of a 5-year-old Nigerian girl has hit it big on social media, racking up compliments such as “beautiful,” “absolutely stunning,” and “doll-like.”

On Friday, photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa Instagrammed a photo of the young girl named Jare, writing, “Oh yes she’s human! She’s also an angel!” The lifestyle-and-wedding photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria, explained that by positioning Jare in a more mature pose, she illustrated the intersection between child and adulthood.

Twenty-thousand people reacted on Instagram, writing that the photo was a “true work of art” and that Jare is the new Barbie.

2a4f36  No.2302728


Just watched a video not 15 min ago of 1000's coming across the boarder. All boys under 25. It was a fucking invasion.

7254cc  No.2302729


Rod of God

79b552  No.2302730


Yep I agree .Teaching us to filter instead of hide post or scroll past is one of the main goals.

b306a3  No.2302731

File: 955548b7825c8e9⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 760x428, 190:107, a_ov_Pepe_160928.760;428;7….jpg)

8f2844  No.2302732


I prolly let her do it to me. not gunna lie. I would stand the whole time.

f18639  No.2302733


the 100 billion loss from facebook may have been the start.

bc67e2  No.2302734

File: 083b39b855f014b⋯.png (542.95 KB, 788x788, 1:1, dwarfs.png)


Вот, по! Вуе ьотту

b162a5  No.2302735


key "stone" ?

548b2f  No.2302736


Girl has a makeup

726876  No.2302737



Autists reading comms.


60a0f4  No.2302738


we're not bombing anyone. the people that perpetrated 9/11 are traitors in our midst.

potus wants world peace and so do patriots.

why are you here?

fc1d46  No.2302740


Black Face Lives Matter

f3ad59  No.2302742


Could it be this?


2c1b10  No.2302743

File: 1f83c14b7752e2c⋯.jpg (419.22 KB, 1049x759, 1049:759, Screen Shot 07-27-18 at 12….JPG)

Steve Bannon’s ties to Brexiteers are deepening with reports that Donald Trump’s former strategist has been in contact with ex-UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for some time, according to Buzzfeed News.

A source for Buzzfeed News said Bannon was “in private contact” with Johnson during his trip to the UK last month. A further source told the publication that their contact stretched back to when Bannon was in the White House and Johnson was foreign secretary. That suggests that their correspondence has been going on since at least August 2017.

Johnson is not the only Brexiteer in contact with Bannon. In December 2017 he met with Tory grassroots darling and EU hater Jacob Rees-Mogg. The MP said Bannon was “an interesting man to have met.”


69c498  No.2302744


She'd be more beautiful and awe-inspiring as a little girl enjoying her innocence and childhood.

b5c165  No.2302745


Its all part of the plan. For 200 years they plotted the end of European rule over the world. And now we are seeing the end-game.

6d0107  No.2302746

Just found a tool that can detect whether an image has stego. Can save lots of time!!


de0b23  No.2302747


Lots of post picture airbrushing and other tricks.

10f9b8  No.2302748

360918  No.2302749

File: 009cfb2e8e4e29f⋯.jpg (84.62 KB, 768x513, 256:171, 678f1add273cdbcb5be71c1fc9….jpg)


Notice the FAR RIGHT moniker brandished time and again.

That's a bit like if we would call anyone and everyone left of POTUS 'leftist terrorists'. Come to think of it, maybe not a bad idea, after all…

9fcd39  No.2302750



You would think the first thing she would say is that someone posted a pic of her that wasnt her….. odd, no?

548b2f  No.2302751


Good morning, anon

4d4630  No.2302752


Sarah can suck my White Christian Cock™ anytime.

(Seriously. I'm a fan and I'm better looking than Patton.)

027691  No.2302754

File: c551ce129dbe99c⋯.jpg (9.27 KB, 225x225, 1:1, pepe nazi finger.jpg)

726876  No.2302755

Trigger warning.

No Spoilers?


361f80  No.2302756


I don't mind being a bit snarky here, and I know the plan isn't finished yet, but someone should probably tell her it was the Jews that killed Jesus.

021efc  No.2302757

File: 46e736746cdef46⋯.jpg (116.2 KB, 600x455, 120:91, AL-Kathaeda Griffin.jpg)


Really Makes ya Think.

17eedb  No.2302758

File: 7c599cd15272aab⋯.png (291.8 KB, 784x476, 28:17, Q..png)

a1a283  No.2302759


She must love foreskin!

680ce5  No.2302760


How would the clowns attack this movement?

From outside or from inside?

How difficult would it be to infiltrate?

What are the chances that they would try?

What are the chances they would succeed?

Every previous board got comped.

How will we know when it’s time to move again?

b50d34  No.2302761

gore spammer posted on the password thread

Guess those fuckers are afraid of the hive mind. Wonder what that image hides.

027691  No.2302762


I believe the 2017 Cal fires were deep state attacks on the Republic. Calfag.

9af5a5  No.2302763


They are about to truly see all of the data for the volume of peopel they drove away from social media by using it to force their own propaganda with algorithms. People migrate way from oppression, shadowbans and deceptive algorithims are essentially oppression. Mass bans are also oppression. The more they try to control people, the more they feed their opposition with refugees

60a0f4  No.2302765


why the fuck is that child wearing makeup and posed as an adult model??

innocent carefree children LAUGH and SMILE in photos..they don't stare broodingly into cameras like ADULTS..ridiculous.

58979d  No.2302766


Top KEK!!!

42c29c  No.2302767

File: 90647b178d4ed08⋯.png (89.3 KB, 654x389, 654:389, CRoss 1 re Fusion GPS 7-26….PNG)

File: 6c5071fad7da938⋯.png (107.16 KB, 651x533, 651:533, CRoss 2 re Fusion GPS 7-26….PNG)

File: bb410d41cc4d778⋯.png (74.86 KB, 525x837, 175:279, DC 1 CRoss re Fusion GPS 7….PNG)

File: a8f3946334386ca⋯.png (59.34 KB, 531x686, 531:686, DC 2 CRoss re Fusion GPS 7….PNG)

Judge Orders Fusion GPS To Reveal Dossier Details In BuzzFeed Lawsuit



8d075e  No.2302769

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


062e4c  No.2302770


Thats probably Sarah Silverman's post

ce576e  No.2302771


drop dead

7d01bd  No.2302772

File: 92522630f55136f⋯.png (348.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sesamestreet.png)

File: fb9c9ae2de9b6c5⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 378x251, 378:251, djijr.gif)

635a60  No.2302773


Firefox indicated this site worked three hours ago.

No more, server not found?

3 hours ago - … students in Bryan County has misused a prescription drug in the last month. … abuse is that it can happen when people are legally prescribed medications. …. The Department of Public Safety says Isaac D. King (left) in the suspect in the …


1b0a6d  No.2302774

There are important stenographic messages in the gore and porn images. Password: 1elbilluG

98fc86  No.2302775


She's adorable, no filters needed

ed906f  No.2302776

File: cef8f11d6ab3d27⋯.png (558.52 KB, 784x476, 28:17, cef8f11d6ab3d277409ce559a8….png)


Hi there, Sarah's agent!

Try harder.

7254cc  No.2302777


is in Roger?

680ce5  No.2302778


Crying comped when the board is not comped is divisive.

Crying comped when the board is comped is essential.

How can we tell the difference?

How will we know when it’s time to move again?

548b2f  No.2302780


Enlighten us

217426  No.2302781

Google presenting quantum processor with 72 qubits.

Technology is advancing really fast. Crazy.

321fe8  No.2302782




8d9738  No.2302783


Uranium One…

Klondike Gold Leases…ours now as per EO.

6e9ce5  No.2302784


I mean come on guys, let's look at this post again:

-Assures you that Sarah is not a pedo

-Then goes on to flatter you (she loves that white Christian cock!)

Post was probably made by her or her publicist or something. Don't get flattered so easily.

e56d87  No.2302785


Either a closet socialist, or a shill. I cant quite get the read on it. The DOUBLE SPACE after a period indicates mental issues, or an AI or a liberal grammar nazi, either way do not trust this perfect typing. ONE SPACE IS ALL YOU NEED MOTHERFUCKERS

548b2f  No.2302786


Make up at 5

180e38  No.2302787

File: 776b35bc6d968b2⋯.png (19.17 KB, 429x332, 429:332, 73434332.png)

File: fabd30ac56bac00⋯.jpg (139.03 KB, 723x1154, 723:1154, 475647654.jpg)

I had a strange feeling that President Trumps message to Iran about never threatening Americans with hatred and violence again was directed to (((Iran))). The timing was just too cohencindental. Q seems to back this up here >>2298335 What do you guys think?

be475b  No.2302788


37e94a  No.2302789

if images can contain hidden messages, can videos?

what about the videos that Q keeps re-posting?

4d4630  No.2302790

File: d920129968242da⋯.jpg (25.87 KB, 474x711, 2:3, abi.jpg)


I'd turn in my /pol/ack card for a night with Ben Shapiro's sister.

79b552  No.2302791



>>2302313 Trump promises investigation into Twitter’s ‘discriminatory and illegal’ conservative ‘shadow ban’

>>2302387 billionaire-koch-brothers-ignore-gop-midterm-voters

>>2302400 Hidden Keys? Abstract: We introduce FontCode, an information embedding technique for text documents.

>>2302500 Anon notes on FB stock

>>2302587 The US House of Representatives has approved the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

>>2302619 US aircraft carrier departs to NK to pick up deceased vets

>>2302638 US and Russia have reached agreement for a common action plan to return Syrian refugees to their homeland

>>2302705 Notes about understanding the clowns and LARPs spamming Qr.

>>2302767 Judge Orders Fusion GPS To Reveal Dossier Details In BuzzFeed Lawsuit

>>2302151 #2901

c79cf9  No.2302792

File: eda4270d64a4ff1⋯.jpg (141.46 KB, 850x535, 170:107, stampede panic.jpg)

You guys fucking smell it in the air?

Ohhhh To be a fly on the wall for these meltdowns

726876  No.2302794


Go deeper.

Who taught us to not say the word "comped"?


6dcfd2  No.2302795



You're right Anon.. It's important to tell them to lurk more. Sometimes tough love works to get a person to do just that.

96c39e  No.2302796


Look at the hair line… indeed doll-like… probably because it's really a doll.

87b204  No.2302797

Looks like gore/black poster shill is starting his shift 15 minutes early.

fc1d46  No.2302798

File: 4130d65e96df555⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 255x242, 255:242, pepelaugh.jpg)

ec9f35  No.2302799

File: 0e70c114f46eb3f⋯.png (41.83 KB, 502x425, 502:425, cf.PNG)

File: ef65941ab5242e4⋯.png (29.52 KB, 495x384, 165:128, cf2.PNG)

Cooper Freshley for President in 2020? Found on FB

027691  No.2302800

>>2302707 Every item has not yet happened. Only what happens matters.

65e908  No.2302801

File: 6d7f9087186859d⋯.jpg (73 KB, 880x589, 880:589, 6d7f9087186859db0885b4fef7….jpg)


either whoever did that photoshop needs to be fired or this little darky is a fukin alium.

58979d  No.2302802


>-Then goes on to flatter you (she loves that white Christian cock!)


5692cb  No.2302803


Tons of makeup especially eyes.

They can make ANY child look beautiful.

Taking a 5 yr old and turning her into an adult woman.

It she was so beautiful - film her NATURALLY.

45ed81  No.2302804


Yea she is nice

69c498  No.2302805



Who gives a shit about Silverman beyond her connection to pedophiles and her fetish for trolling the chans in an effort to save her retard friends who deserve death and nothing but?

42c29c  No.2302806

File: 9ddd6239d136bd0⋯.png (31.77 KB, 646x361, 34:19, Jr re Cortez GOP tweet 7-2….PNG)

8f2844  No.2302807


dis seems to make more science den some other sheit

c79cf9  No.2302808


Shit, thats right!

2699a9  No.2302809

To the Anon who made the "Nope" filter,

God bless you, it's working great!

60a0f4  No.2302810


"elite folks" is an oxymoron. this entire post screams damage control. 100% transparent. she should fire whoever wrote this for her.

3d57c0  No.2302811

File: 7d123e711341f18⋯.jpg (103.27 KB, 965x768, 965:768, 7d123e711341f18de7595112e6….jpg)


I wish they would switch up the content. These pics are stale.

b5c165  No.2302812


If American people find out who really did 9/11 we would certainly not want peace until the perps are destroyed. Then we would want peace. The traitors in USA that helped would be publicly executed.

I'm here for the same reason most come here. I want the freaking truth. Discussion with real people seeking truth is best way to find it. This board is great for that. I'm convinced the truth will be uncovered by people working together to find it.

But the blind faith in this Q thing is troubling. You cannot trust a plan that you don't know. You can only trust a person telling you the plan. Q has dropped some fine nuggets and Trump has done a great job. But lets not get carried away and blindly accept Q is the end-all be-all source of truth. We might just be getting played.

4d4630  No.2302813





Jesuits are GOD's Marines, bucko.

ddf1ed  No.2302814

2d736f  No.2302818

File: 174d85410d587c1⋯.png (127.24 KB, 966x601, 966:601, guam-airport.png)


those gps coords (13 34 34N, 144 55 28E)

guam airport

pic related

6d0107  No.2302819


Same here!

9af5a5  No.2302820


R is a fraud

R works at Taco Bell


37e94a  No.2302821

how about tweets, can they contain hidden messages in the same way as pictures?

5171ea  No.2302822

Here’s a thought….

Q says be loud be heard….

Maybe we should start hashtagging to boycott the advertising that backs the MSM?

What speaks louder to them but money? Advertisers pull their ads, news loses $$$ to operate… maybe this will help to pull down MSM bull.

9d87b8  No.2302823

File: 21db6eb85312e85⋯.png (914.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, OH SHIT.png)

File: fabd30ac56bac00⋯.jpg (139.03 KB, 723x1154, 723:1154, witch.jpg)

Action and re-action

Same Witch?

5692cb  No.2302824


Some anons fall for ANYTHING star like

fc1d46  No.2302825


Kate, Tanisha or Mena?

79b552  No.2302826


Eat Shit jesuit filth , satanic 2 legged roaches

e877e8  No.2302827


>the Mechanism

a Mechanism.

This guy is a Woke Patriot, he knows what is going on.

5171ea  No.2302828

ea7a93  No.2302829


are you using the filter along with the (you) and q highlighter? I didn't get it to work just yet

de0b23  No.2302830


No kidding. We need fresh meat.

da44e6  No.2302831


what good would it do if you not have the password they used…. just sayin

8f2844  No.2302832


now youre immune. so when the video comes youll be ready

dc9d16  No.2302833

File: 7a7cddc40b254fe⋯.jpeg (93.94 KB, 739x800, 739:800, DhuL_SqVQAEiS_Z.jpeg)

9627d3  No.2302834

File: 5e8f0c3a4fed1c5⋯.jpg (6.98 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Rex.jpg)

File: cc99f2fa2af3fee⋯.jpg (103.98 KB, 375x500, 3:4, Sam.jpg)

bc67e2  No.2302835


Why are "anons" pretending even the MOST obvious bot posters are humans "starting shifts"?

These "people" are stupid, lol.

e0f2ac  No.2302836

File: 46e357fe267c5f3⋯.png (264.1 KB, 620x387, 620:387, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ad790258d935de⋯.png (923.01 KB, 1096x616, 137:77, ClipboardImage.png)

Secret Space Force vehicles revealed!

d6b57f  No.2302837

6d0107  No.2302838


not at the moment. need to find a way to integrate the two scripts. shouldn't be too hard.

58979d  No.2302839

File: 3db78cc495e77f6⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 380x206, 190:103, idiocracy.gif)

d95751  No.2302840

File: 590b16f9a69ce44⋯.jpg (43.79 KB, 471x344, 471:344, MonkeyDurr.jpg)

15bd83  No.2302841


They want people to move into the cities away from water or escape routes. agenda21

de0b23  No.2302842


You are worse than the black gore bot.

680ce5  No.2302844


Why do BO and BVs enforce BO’s “chain of command”?

Implies military authority. Implies right of leadership.

In mil, leadership bestowed by superiors, based on merit.

Who bestowed leadership on BO? He bestowed on himself.

Why does BO demand his orders be treated as law?

Who owns the Great Awakening? Who decides leadership?

What kinds of leaders would help us accomplish our goals?

What would a well-modded board be like? I remember – can you?

c79cf9  No.2302845


Reminds me of the posts we keep getting about Hanx saying I went to high school with him and Robin Williams was weirder blah blah blah

It has that same kinda style

38e09f  No.2302846

File: d0bf6513426c362⋯.png (278.69 KB, 856x315, 856:315, 2018-07-26_19-48-53.png)


Pope Francis is a Jesuit.



87b204  No.2302847

File: 03c86650985d3ad⋯.png (557.92 KB, 800x741, 800:741, Untitled.png)

d7d4ab  No.2302848


wat about single frame in a vid. Q ever give us a timestamp for a vid?

016116  No.2302849


Prominent cheek bones, she must be indian aswell.

1b1ce2  No.2302850


You've been brainwashed by years of porn and movies/tv.

bc7367  No.2302851


No R No work

We Fire Him From A Wok

Very Fake and Gay


6a1f65  No.2302852


Poor girls … most likely a sex slave… I hope you enjoy looking perv

8e54b4  No.2302853



We the people

10f9b8  No.2302854


>Judge Orders Fusion GPS To Reveal Dossier Details In BuzzFeed Lawsuit

ahahahahaha They're fucked!

5171ea  No.2302855

548b2f  No.2302856


Drunkpodting but cant unsee

ddf1ed  No.2302857

File: 978b787b800db39⋯.png (383.13 KB, 337x400, 337:400, USSF1.png)

3f5278  No.2302858

if meuller is dirty

then rr is dirty

both are dirty

what's the plan then

both are very dirty

anons are being led in circles

chasing stupid rabbits

cbe1dd  No.2302859

KEK, Fake News is reporting that the President blinked. Wonder where they got the idea? "The President's apparent blink on trade"…


2d736f  No.2302860

File: cec70404b4d7e71⋯.png (230.8 KB, 1132x606, 566:303, japan-coords.png)


the other one is in japan

pic rel

4e1d5b  No.2302861


Rex was okay, but POMPEO is the BOMB!

726876  No.2302862


It's an old joke around here.

Why would an anon be so defensive?


ed906f  No.2302863


Hard to read on some devices.

Better resolution by compiler?

ea7a93  No.2302864


I like my you and q highlighter more than I like filtering with a single button so I'll wait until it works… please post if you do get it working

fbeb65  No.2302865

File: 522bd0ce93a5d07⋯.png (63.61 KB, 160x255, 32:51, ClipboardImage.png)

Do is missing in front on you. Also do is not capitalized at beginning of sentence.



7d01bd  No.2302866

File: b5facbf85fced6f⋯.jpg (155.06 KB, 1280x1096, 160:137, b5facbf85fced6f7b24d8240cb….jpg)


someone actually knows what phi is

congrats anon. have a pepe

5692cb  No.2302867


She never knew what she was getting into - that little socialist idiot puppet.

Definitely being groomed for first woman president - but I think they should cut their loss now.

6f9283  No.2302868

File: 78d7de3e4664dec⋯.png (16.73 KB, 255x253, 255:253, BakerTeamPeaceFrog.png)


OK Baker, I am here - not how close we are to the end of the bread… I forgot to check number of posts.

321fe8  No.2302869


(((Cartoon Network))) BTFO

58979d  No.2302870


Lucifer's lapdogs

c3cf22  No.2302871

File: d646b4cc0ea08d4⋯.png (297.79 KB, 951x498, 317:166, ClipboardImage.png)

Q post today - .jpg name similar to Q stringers SEE PIC


Jul 25 2018 12:51:49


To all Americans, please pray.



Jun 12 2018 15:20:02



CZTA68-KDHG-[ t]



6c67cd  No.2302872

File: 976c7e5ed004247⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 480x287, 480:287, trumpwrong.gif)


today's crumbs didn't help you I see

929a0b  No.2302873


>Jesuits are GOD's Marines, bucko.

Society of Jesus is definitely military in nature, but pretty sure they work for the other team.

c79cf9  No.2302874


I dont think any of us are immune to that

We think weve seen it all but Its probably gonna fuck us up

3d57c0  No.2302875

File: c844f0622e56ef1⋯.jpg (168.28 KB, 962x1251, 962:1251, 1524302605330.jpg)


Ive been immune to gore since about 1994.

87b204  No.2302876


>Do Do

Don't give blackposter any ideas

ce576e  No.2302877


from the old Rome Empire.. is all in the family just new name.

79b552  No.2302878


Il bake this bread and handoff next bread when BV allows how about that

ad5e0d  No.2302879

Amazon's facial 'rekognition' software matches Congress to criminals

Amazon’s facial recognition software wrongly matched dozens of members of Congress to mugshots of other Americans with criminal records, in a test run by the ACLU. Among the 28 lawmakers wrongly matched with mugshots were civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, major immigrant-rights figure Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez and three senators.

The American Civil Liberties Union did the test, using Amazon’s Rekognition software, to try to show the faults in the tool, which civil libertarians have been complaining about. The ACLU said black and Latino lawmakers were more likely than the average member of Congress to be matched with a mugshot. “Congress must take these threats seriously, hit the brakes, and enact a moratorium on law enforcement use of face recognition,” the ACLU said. “This technology shouldn’t be used until the harms are fully considered and all necessary steps are taken to prevent them from harming vulnerable communities. The ACLU built a database of 25,000 publicly available mugshots then ran photos of members of Congress against its database using Rekognition. The test used the default setting of an 80 percent “similarity” score between two photos to produce a hit.

Amazon Web Services questioned the ACLU’s methodology, saying the 80 percent similarity score “is an acceptable threshold for photos of hot dogs, chairs, animals, or other social media use cases, it wouldn’t be appropriate for identifying individuals with a reasonable level of certainty.” The company said it recommends using at least a 95 percent threshold for important tests such as law enforcement activities. The company said it recommends using at least a 95 percent threshold for important tests such as law enforcement activities. The company also said Rekognition is generally used as a narrowing tool, not a final determinator. They expect people to use the results to inform decisions.

The company did not address the ACLU’s findings for minorities: Nearly 40 percent of the lawmakers with false matches were racial or ethnic minorities, though just 20 percent of Congress falls into those categories. Women fared much better. Only one of the 28 false matches was a woman — Rep. Norma Torres. Rekognition also seemed to have a slight bias against Democrats: Though Republicans are a majority in both the House and Senate, 15 of the 28 lawmakers falsely flagged were Democrats. Given the ACLU’s findings on black and Latino false hits, that could be explained by the higher ratio of minorities within the ranks of Democratic lawmakers.

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jul/26/amazons-facial-rekognition-software-matches-congre/

45ed81  No.2302880


Possibly, my tastes are changing liking more blondes lately too

b306a3  No.2302881

File: 36a6d90c92a2d9b⋯.jpg (11.44 KB, 300x168, 25:14, Red-Wave-300x168.jpg)


It's coming to COMMIEFORNIA!

November will be Incredible!


3fe770  No.2302882

File: ee136b1f4850ed6⋯.jpeg (53.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: 0f1538df3e346a6⋯.png (180.27 KB, 608x342, 16:9, image.png)

File: ef65543cac63f10⋯.jpeg (170.78 KB, 2048x1028, 512:257, image.jpeg)

File: 1f0a9152a4fab1b⋯.jpeg (69.98 KB, 560x375, 112:75, image.jpeg)

3561bc  No.2302883

>>2302218 Wasnt that the words used by DWS on the issue regarding the laptop and the Capital police??

Will be serious Repercussions!

Okey Dokey

b5c165  No.2302884


Haha! See what I'm saying… you guys are smart. You notice everything. That kind of brain power searching for truth is what can lead to real progress. But blindly trusting Q and trusting some mysterious plan without being open to the possibility that we are getting played and double duped doesn't help.

Like I said, if Biden, HRC, Hussein, the Queen, 9/11 perps, Sandy Hook operation coordinators, something some real high-level criminal is taken down and truth told by Trump to the American people… I'll be the first to thank God and admit to anyone that I'm a freaking idiot. But something tells me this won't happen no matter how much I want Q-team and Trump to deliver real truth and real justice.

5f3049  No.2302885

VIA The washington Pundit

Evidence Shows Obama Used Kenya as Birthplace Until 2007

July 21, 2018

The biography provided by Barack Obama to his literary agent specified his birthplace as "Kenya" and, over the course of 17 years, despite multiple revisions by Obama, the Kenyan birthplace remained a fundamental part of the bio on the agent's website.

I've used the Wayback Archive to explore the exact transformations of Obama's biography on his agent's site (Copy and Paste links provided to access archived Pages. Links are too long to create hyperlink).

On June 27, 1998, the website read (https://web.archive.org/web/19980627122741/https://www.dystel.com/client.html#O) : "BARACK OBAMA was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. He was born in Kenya to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, and was raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago. His first book is DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE."

The Obama entry remained unmodified (e.g., June 6, 2002) (https://web.archive.org/web/20020602200456/https://www.dystel.com/client.html) until sometime around December 9, 2004 (https://web.archive.org/web/20041206142636/https://www.dystel.com:80/client.html), when it was modified to read: "BARACK OBAMA is the junior Democratic senator from Illinois, and was the dynamic keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He was also the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He was born in Kenya to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, and was raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago. His first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE, is a New York Times bestseller."

On February 10, 2007, Senator Barack Obama formally announced his candidacy for the Presidency.

On April 3, 2007, the website read (https://web.archive.org/web/20070403190001/https://www.dystel.com/clientlist.html#o) : "BARACK OBAMA is the junior Democratic senator from Illinois and was the dynamic keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He was also the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He was born in Kenya to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister and was raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago. His first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE, has been a long time New York Times bestseller."

Sometime between April 3rd and April 21st, a member of the Obama campaign staff (or Obama himself) noticed the discrepancy in birthplace that would presumably disqualify the Senator from office.

On April 21, 2007, the website read (https://web.archive.org/web/20070421114955/https://www.dystel.com/clientlist.html#o) : "BARACK OBAMA is the junior Democratic senator from Illinois and was the dynamic keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He was also the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He was born in Hawaii to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister and was raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago. His first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE, has been a long time New York Times bestseller."

On June 14, 2007, the website read (https://web.archive.org/web/20070614062851/https://www.dystel.com/clientlist.html#o) : "BARACK OBAMA, the junior Democratic senator from Illinois, is currently campaigning to become the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee. He was born in Hawaii to a father who was raised in a small village in Kenya and a mother who grew up in small-town Kansas. Barack's father eventually returned to Kenya, and Barack grew up with his mother in Hawaii, and for a few years in Indonesia. Later, he moved to New York, where he graduated from Columbia University before moving to Chicago, where he became a community organizer. He went on to earn his law degree from Harvard, where he became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. His first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE, has been a long-time New York Times bestseller."

Old media's feeble handling of this issue – parroting the laughable assertion that clerical errors caused Obama's birthplace to be incorrectly listed, when former clients and the agency's policy itself states that authors provide the biographical briefs – is pathetic.

fbeb65  No.2302886


Quick kek

10f9b8  No.2302887


>Hi there, Sarah's agent!

Gotta love how 'they' try to convince us they're not a bunch of satanic pedophiles!

2699a9  No.2302888

File: f4088fb28d7b585⋯.png (664.54 KB, 806x1239, 806:1239, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at ….png)


bc67e2  No.2302889


And if RR is white-hatting, then Mueller _?

6f9283  No.2302891


Sounds good.

c79cf9  No.2302892

File: 0f3f7ac57342ca7⋯.jpg (152.08 KB, 1187x593, 1187:593, car in space dream to real….jpg)

8aa1f9  No.2302894


>Al-Qaeda Group Funded by Obama Admin Supported Bin Laden, Hamas, Afghan Terrorists

What is Aiding and abetting the enemy, Alex?

8974db  No.2302895


>>>-Colossians 3:5

The Scripture is Col 3:5 and 6:

Col 3:5 Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.

Col 3:6 On account of these the wrath of God is coming.

94d420  No.2302896



They’re not wrong

d68098  No.2302897

File: b6a61a85612ff7e⋯.jpg (29.89 KB, 384x360, 16:15, 2erudz~2.jpg)

Q said [RR] would be forced out or fired six months and now Q is defending [RR] keeping his job.

Q lost all credibility with me today.

I got to call a spade a spade.

016116  No.2302898

File: 72da960d35f1c76⋯.jpg (126.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, phi.jpg)

fbeb65  No.2302899


If it is s form of communication, this could be an affirmative reply.

d3264d  No.2302900


lol the fuck?

2699a9  No.2302901

File: 97f842f26a383b6⋯.png (676.36 KB, 798x770, 57:55, 1449229171632.png)


great pic!

570672  No.2302902

File: 2cdf3d0c1801313⋯.jpg (375.39 KB, 832x832, 1:1, IMG_214.jpg)

60a0f4  No.2302903



if you doubt Q and you're not a shill or clown, GO TO /POL OR ELSEWHERE

you think you're gonna convince anons we're "getting played"?

42c29c  No.2302904


I am still not convinced she is a republican plant

7645ea  No.2302905

File: 6caeef97e573abe⋯.png (147.28 KB, 257x587, 257:587, ClipboardImage.png)

e6ae79  No.2302906

File: 21bd617e8d80384⋯.png (803.21 KB, 984x736, 123:92, N529JK PLANE NUMBER.PNG)

File: 0a29944cd2006cb⋯.png (41.77 KB, 612x416, 153:104, Q DROP 529 JFK JR.PNG)

File: 566c356b3b54566⋯.png (22.29 KB, 630x315, 2:1, Q DROP JAN 13 7 OF 10 ETC.PNG)



Q DROP: JAN 13TH 529

Hmmm…HELLO GEORGE….sounds familiar, no? BIG NEWS…like, coming back from the "dead"….

Then, when you realize that JAN 13 = Hawaii Missile Launch and ANOTHER Q DROP (on the same day) outlines the "7/10 - HIT RATIO"…

Reading it with a JFK JR LENS, takes on a whole new meaning (DOUBLE MEANINGS):

* 7/10 – PLANE

*Targeted Kills. – JFK JR


*Flight re-routes. – PLANE RE-ROUTED



*Public Awakening. – THE STORM/DJT

*Message spreading wide and far. – GAINING TRACTION WW


Bottom Line: THAT'S what EXPANDING YOUR MIND looks like!!!


8f2844  No.2302907


rotten.com 98'

6a1f65  No.2302908

DID you guys watch comey, strozk, and rosenstein…

They think they are above the law..

Mueller and RR are dirty.. DONE

2b986c  No.2302909

File: 7a6e76d1069c17f⋯.png (61.72 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180726-194748.png)


based on this anon's suggestion, I'm trying Freedom.png (Q post from Feb 18) with a clear password in Pixelknot. I'm hung at 11%. Not sure if there's something here or not.

6dcfd2  No.2302910


What about the keyboard?

726876  No.2302911



Will BV approve this?



5f3049  No.2302912


As I've demonstrated here, Obama's bio was carefully edited over the course of 17 years to reflect his various accomplishments.

It was only a few months after his presidential candidacy was announced that his Kenyan "birthplace" became Hawaiian to confirm his eligibility for office. Obama remains a client to this day, which helps explain the literary agent's willingness to instantly offer an explanation for the discrepancy.

Note: This Article is Not Meant as Proof that Obama was Born in Kenya but rather to Show Proof That He Did Use Kenya as His Birthplace on his Literary Agent's Site until 2007. This Could Mean Two Things:

1) He Used Kenya as His Birthplace in Order to Benefit From Foreign Scholarships

2) He was indeed Born in Kenya

Whatever the true reason, I cannot speculate. My Job is to provide to you the evidence I am given.

9a6ded  No.2302913

File: a8ddbfa496999e2⋯.jpg (446.73 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, Dogs LOVE it.jpg)

>>2301117 (Previous Bread about Sarah Silvermans dog eating a lot of peanut butter)

9627d3  No.2302915

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8d075e  No.2302917

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The night is Darkest just before the Dawn

361f80  No.2302919


I still wouldnt. You can let her know that. I don't care if she sucked it dry. No thanks.

bc67e2  No.2302920

File: 083b39b855f014b⋯.png (542.95 KB, 788x788, 1:1, dwarfs.png)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

38e09f  No.2302921

File: 3cc0b65f1b0c7d2⋯.png (555.4 KB, 975x510, 65:34, 2018-07-26_19-51-34.png)

635a60  No.2302922

File: 45e0c518c035476⋯.png (2.03 MB, 891x795, 297:265, capture_353_26072018_16523….png)



79b552  No.2302923


Ok Douglas go fuck yourself and your AIM bullshit jidf jesuit front . Eat shit

c79cf9  No.2302924



This is hilarious

8c3f58  No.2302925

File: 054727124b076a7⋯.png (42.93 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 054727124b076a79c25983ccaf….png)

File: 453ba2e6b17099c⋯.png (406.12 KB, 946x459, 946:459, 1518128471936.png)


Correct we have picked up a ton of people who have refused to adapt to /ourways/ and constantly get baited by ecelebs and LARPs like BC17/AIM/R etc.

5171ea  No.2302926

File: 68db7d372a72e53⋯.png (335.54 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A47C2E02-2522-4D9D-B945-85….png)

fbeb65  No.2302928


My ability is limited but it looked normal. You?

60a0f4  No.2302929


anon, how do you do the you and q highlighter thing?

9a882a  No.2302930

File: fd62de6f488b9da⋯.jpeg (151.92 KB, 1440x1024, 45:32, 1524054040.jpeg)

6c67cd  No.2302931

File: ecd4f8a25d68d17⋯.png (287.55 KB, 614x376, 307:188, ClipboardImage.png)

4f4955  No.2302932

I was going to Pompeo her hole.

027691  No.2302933


So taking cheap porno pix and sleeping with black guys is what anthropologists really do?

45ed81  No.2302934

File: d3cbbf670565410⋯.png (221.14 KB, 571x446, 571:446, AE5ED1B6-DEDE-4A65-9974-56….png)

Mr. T Pepe says go away shill fools

07fc6b  No.2302935

File: 81b451c235e4b81⋯.jpeg (33.72 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 1FA0A765-D6F8-47FD-ADE6-E….jpeg)

656148  No.2302936

missed the Capcha, sorry

d68098  No.2302937

File: a76b5478976440a⋯.jpg (27.78 KB, 397x460, 397:460, 2eruid~2.jpg)

Q said [RR] would be forced out or fired six months ago and now Q is defending [RR] keeping his job.

Q lost all credibility with me today.

I got to call a spade a spade.

fc1d46  No.2302938



astalavista.box.sk memories…

d95751  No.2302939


Get on with your plan to save the world, and get the fuck out.

Why you here?

It's a simple question.

6c67cd  No.2302940



further proof the left can't meme

5171ea  No.2302941



8fc7b5  No.2302942





37e94a  No.2302943

File: 3b0ab2e4fbaa340⋯.gif (793.93 KB, 320x180, 16:9, VUGVIS.gif)

027691  No.2302944


> with black guys is what anthropologists really do?

>▶Anonymous  07/26/18 (Thu) 16:55:20 45ed81 (11) No.2302934

>File (hide): d3cbbf670565410⋯.png (221.14 KB, 571x446, 571:446, AE5ED1B6-DEDE-4A65-9974-56….png) (h) (u)

>Mr. T Pepe says go away shill fools

>▶Anonymous  07/26/18 (Thu) 16:55:21 07fc6b (1) No.2302935

>File (hide): 81b451c235e4b81⋯.jpeg (33.72 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 1FA0A765-D6F8-47FD-ADE6-E….jpeg) (h) (u)


>▶Anonymous  07/26/18 (Thu) 16:55:37 656148 (2) No.2302936

>missed the Capcha, sorry

>▶Anonymous  07/26/18 (Thu) 16:55:43 d68098 (2) No.2302937

>File (hide): a76b5478976440a⋯.jpg (27.78 KB, 397x460, 397:460, 2eruid~2.jpg) (h) (u)

>Q said [RR] would be forced out or fired six months ago and now Q is defending [RR] keeping his job.

>Q lost all credibility with me today.

>I got to call a spade a spade.

>▶Anonymous  07/26/18 (Thu) 16:55:47 fc1d46 (5) No.2302938



>astalavista.box.sk memories…

Q said [RR] problems.

5ab939  No.2302945

File: 624bf00faf20efb⋯.png (142.32 KB, 876x581, 876:581, ClipboardImage.png)


Pixelknot is owned by Guardian Project

Guardian Project has an app called Haven which Snowden built along with Guardian Project Dec 22, 2017

Food for thought.

570672  No.2302946

File: 182335187cd6649⋯.jpg (302.65 KB, 736x735, 736:735, IMG_218.jpg)

9a882a  No.2302947


It's a beaut Clark

726876  No.2302948


Why does baker feel the need to clarify why he didn't do what he said he was going to do?

R wasn't even watching.


6c67cd  No.2302950


no one cares muh dick

Q never had any credibility to you because you're a fucking idiot who thought the bakers were banning you for months

94d420  No.2302951

File: 5ea7b11083889f0⋯.jpeg (180.06 KB, 1120x808, 140:101, 9565F9C8-2F92-4251-8AEC-A….jpeg)

c155e2  No.2302952

File: 5beb4ed5c3709c7⋯.jpeg (32.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, sg7PAPNe.jpeg)

File: ad2b2ca876150f4⋯.png (133.15 KB, 258x281, 258:281, Kathy Dennis.png)

9a6ded  No.2302953


holy moly god is great!

a1a283  No.2302954

File: 371fa9704a9b264⋯.png (27.39 KB, 604x328, 151:82, AQ23.PNG)


D.T.Jr Trolling Cortez

5171ea  No.2302955