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File: c76044e06864aa1⋯.jpg (7.42 KB,250x140,25:14,c76044e06864aa1605b9feb622….jpg)

f974d2 No.20518029

Welcome to Q Research General

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."


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#25165 >>20517254

>>20517300 Save America TRUMP 2024

>>20517307 Falcon 9’s first stage has landed on Landing Zone 4

>>20517320, >>20517540 US MIL posts on X

>>20517339 Live from Palm Beach, Florida, RSBN will host a pre-Super Tuesday special with President Donald J. Trump TONIGHT at 19:15 ET

>>20517340, >>20517444 Man Scheduled for Hip Replacement Surgery Says He Grew the Cartilage in His Hip Back

>>20517348 Sen. Tommy Tuberville Says The Quiet Park Out Loud: Social Security & Government Spending, “It’s All A Scam”

>>20517349 Elon Musk Hits OpenAI with Lawsuit For Abandoning Mission to Serve Humanity

>>20517411 @NASAWebb found the first evidence for a long-theorized first generation of stars, and the farthest active supermassive black hole to date

>>20517543 Haiti's government declared a 72-hour state of emergency on Sunday after armed gangs stormed a major prison. At least 12 people were killed and about 3,700 inmates escaped in the jailbreak

>>20517552 @RepThomasMassie The House voted unanimously to stop funding transgenic edible plant vaccines, but that prohibition was left out of the new omnibus

>>20517566 @DavidShafer My lawyers today proffered testimony by the Cobb County Co-Chief Deputy District Attorney in support of our motion to disqualify Fani Willis and Nathan Wade

>>20517593 Just five of New York's 62 counties are accepting illegal aliens through the state's "Migrant Relocation Program," which pays a year's rent to any "migrant family" that moves out of NYC

>>20517615 @RandPaul Wow, I thought this “fixer-upper” for $14 million in Palm Beach was a good deal until I heard I could get Mar-a-Lago for $18 million!

>>20517758 Oregon Health & Science University researchers found that women who received a COVID-19 shot in the first half of their menstrual cycle are more likely to receive cycle length changes than those who received the vaccine in the second half

>>20517764 Keith Olbermann pizza delivered to the Supreme Court comms

>>20517800 Serial killer ripped out hearts of three murder victims and drank their blood: Police arrest 51 year old Brazilian recycling collector over deaths

>>20518024 #25165

#25164 >>20516463

>>20517009 Jack Posobiec: You're going to jail, Jena

>>20516583 US Supreme Court rules Trump can’t be kicked off ballots The judges unanimously

>>20516516, >>20516537, >>20516905, >>20516961 In Major Blow To Democracy, Supreme Court Rules Voters Can Vote For Favorite Candidate

>>20516534, >>20516503, >>20516627, >>20516566, >>20516517, >>20516736 Raskin announce they are now working on federal legislation to remove Trump from the ballots (Casp 0:27)

>>20516568 Mike Davis Perfectly Predicts '9-0' Supreme Court Victory For President Trump In Colorado Major Legal Victory for President Trump 7:10

>>20516513, >>20516657, >>20516532, >>20516537, >>20516579, >>20516957, >>20516976, >>20516978, >>20516999, >>20517026, >>20517029 Who upset Keith ? tears are ultra salty today.

>>20516477, >>20516533, >>20516580, >>20516615 What is Wrong with America’s Food? Comedian Atsuko Okatsuka’s Viral Joke Sparks a National Conversation

>>20516590 Government funding bill: 1050 pages, mandates sale of entire US gasoline reserve, followed by reserve infrastructure closure

>>20516591, >>20516622, >>20516716 Jena Griswold Colorado secretary of state [placeholder] statement on Supreme Court Decision Allowing Donald Trump to Appear on Ballot

>>20516656 FOX News: Rumors That Haley Campaign Is Talking About Canceling Ad Buys After Super Tuesday

>>20516664 Gaetz Takes Early Lead in the 2026 Florida Republican Gubernatorial Primary: A Kaplan Strategies Poll Insight

>>20516672, >>20516688, >>20516731, >>20516747 @RoyalMarines conduct shooting drills during Operation Longshot

>>20516675 DATA: England’s vaccinated population had close to one million deaths in 23 months; unvaccinated population had less than 61,000 deaths over the same period

>>20516682, >>20516684 Ruling on Deters-Massie lawsuit expected March 15

>>20516690 NASA Science Live: Our First Commercial Science Delivery to the Moon

>>20516701, >>20516832, >>20516874, >>20516878, >>20516855 The meltdowns are in full swing. Best one: “Supreme Court sides with Trump, affirming each president gets one free insurrection” "Freedom" is slavery.

>>20516720, >>20516762 FAKE NEWS: The Return of the Clintons

>>20516739 Donald Trump Jr: Joe Biden purposely allowed a full scale invasion of illegals at our border and American citizens are dying because of it!

>>20516755, >>20516764, >>20516772 Gearing Up for ‘Biden’ Versus Trump: Not If, But When and How to Replace Biden

>>20516779 Q+: "If they can do this to me, they can do this to you!"

>>20516818 Back to bed Obama

>>20516849, >>20516892 Disgusting: Kentucky Senator Karen Berg defends what she calls "minor attracted persons"

>>20516549, >>20516558, >>20516880 Video: Merrick Garland Says DOJ is ‘Fighting’ to Force Vote by Mail, Drop Boxes in 2024 Election (Cap 0:47)

>>20516940 Meltdown After 9-0 Supreme Court Ruling Trump Can Be on the Ballot, with Stu Burguiere & Dave Marcus 12:40

>>20516964, >>20516972 COMMS: FBI launches urgent manhunt for Iranian secret agent, 42, accused of plotting to assassinate Trump-era officials including Mike Pompeo in revenge for killing of Qasem Soleimani

>>20516966 Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira agrees to accept 16-year prison sentence Teixeira, 22, agreed to plead guilty to all six counts against him

>>20517110 Wall Street's big retreat from DEI: Banking giants including Goldman, Bank of America and BNY Mellon slash black-only events for inclusive ones and mull the end of diversity quotas

>>20517160 New California bill would make illegal immigrants eligible for first time homebuyer loans

>>20517182 Iran Defies US Sanctions With Surging LPG Exports

>>20517196 OPEC+ Extends Oil Cuts, With Russia Bolstering its Effort

>>20517245 #25164

#25163 >>20515641

>>20515779, >>20516253, >>20516294, >>20516368 Unanimous Supreme Court: States Can't Kick Trump Off Ballot

>>20515674, >>20515689 10:30 AM EST Women, Peace, and Security in a Shifting Security Landscape Atlantic Council

>>20515680 11:00 AM EST Subcommittee Field Hearing, Roswell, Georgia: Human Rights in Housing

>>20515687 11:30 AM EST International Women of Courage (IWOC) Ceremony

>>20515690, >>20515752, >>20516039, >>20516128, >>20516309 12:00 PM EST LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Gives Remarks at Mar-a-Lago

>>20515710, >>20515715 Can Biocement Help the Air Force Build New Runways in the Pacific?

>>20515717 ICYMI: B-52 Armed With Hypersonic Missile Makes Appearance In Guam

>>20515733 Finland approves construction of Patria’s F-35 assembly facility

>>20515741 Trump campaign on Nikki Haley DC Win: "The swamp has claimed their queen"

>>20515750, >>20515954, >>20515941 A federal judge has blocked Texas Texas immigration law to take effect/ federal appeals court rules. Texas law enforcement is now authorized to arrest and detain any illegal immigrants crossing the border if the Supreme Court doesn't intervene.

>>20515783, >>20515911 Nikki Clinton 2024 Original Six Foundation

>>20515811 Judge In Trump’s Classified Docs Case ‘Unlikely’ To Hold Trial Before Election

>>20515820 Congress Must Investigate John Podesta’s Role in Biden’s LNG Decision

>>20515826 Chinese Client: Hunter Biden Must Return $1M

>>20515856,>>20516436 Democrats Say They Won’t Certify Trump Victory in Congress.

>>20515874 AP tries to frame it as a partisan decision to “stop accountability!” when in reality it was a unanimous decision to stop unhinged leftists trying to further pervert the judiciary.

>>20515921 Pascal Najadi “Global US Military Operation #STORM reality in 2024”

>>20515926 Did a former UK Prime Minister just call out the Deep State & Central Bankers?

>>20515933, >>20515937 Life insurance companies are reporting an unexplained increase in deaths among 18-49 year olds

>>20515956 WA Secretary of State Hobbs, Despite Ethics Complaints, Boasts Using AI To Surveil Social Media

>>20516003 Donald Trump criticizes Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan in interview

>>20516017, >>20516342 ICYMI: Democrats Are Furious That Due Process Is Ruining Their Lawfare Schedule

>>20516103 1:15 PM EST State Department Press Briefing with Spokesperson Matthew Miller

>>20516120, >>20516312, >>20516350, >>20516365, >>20516404 Griswold up close

>>20516123, >>20516138 US diplomat found dead in apartment in Jerusalem as embassy launches investigation

>>20516240, >>20516245 Democrats’ double freakout

>>20516269 ‘White rural voters’ are now a threat to democracy; new racist narrative pushes trashing of Whites

>>20516281, >>20516288 TRUMP IS NOW ROLLING AROUND IN WHITE SUVS??? Dark To Light???

>>20516290 Illegals Registered In U.S. Census | Jeff Clark Exposes Massive Issue And Its Consequences On Citizens

>>20516307, >>20516327, >>20516403, >>20516432 17 Q1238 and Q1255

>>20516367 Fact check: Are Colorado Supreme Court justices ‘unelected,’ as GOP has claimed?

>>20516388 Just Wait Until 2024 When They Have Their Hamas Riots To Scare The Hell Out Of Republican Voters

>>20516389 Former undercover agent for the CIA reveals how YOU can make yourself a more convincing LIAR

>>20516407 BOOM

>>20516408 Raheem Explains Merrick Garland's "Racist Conspiracy Theory" Used To Destroy Election Integrity. Election Interference by the DOJ

>>20516450 #25163

Previously Collected

>>20514582 #25161, >>20515606 #25162

>>20512174 #25158, >>20512939 #25159, >>20513797 #25160

>>20509418 #25155, >>20510498 #25156, >>20511210 #25157

>>20506716 #25152, >>20507472 #25153, >>20508231 #25154

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Q Research Notables #22: This Is War >>20349940

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f974d2 No.20518035

File: 816055ff0ccce37⋯.png (113.9 KB,416x400,26:25,816055ff0ccce37133aeeb3189….png)



handoff requested

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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