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File: a5d0b0779c57f22⋯.png (150.33 KB,567x324,7:4,2022_03_11_16_13_39.png)

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Welcome to Q Research General

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."


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#25122 >>20480397

>>20480469 Financial disclosures show Fani Willis has a net worth of $8 million on a $110,000 / year salary

>>20480495 Tucker Carlson: The Vaccine Interview with Steve Kirsch

>>20480502 Mil tweets

>>20480525, >>20480554 Alleged Assassination Attempt on Tucker Carlson while he was in Russia

>>20480528 Hungary’s parliament on Monday elected Tamas Sulyok, head of the Constitutional Court, as the country’s new president

>>20480686 Religious exemptions for vaccines allowed in bill that passed in West Virginia House

>>20480785 Planefag

>>20480883 Bibi Netanyahu in 2019: Israel Must ‘Support Bolstering Hamas and Transferring Money to Hamas’

>>20480997 The Rothschild Foundation Confirmed Lord Rothschild's Daughter Hannah, Would Succeed Him

>>20481099 Stage @ the Rock Hill, SC rally looks like a stealth bomber / BOOMerang

>>20481162 QClock February 26, 2024 - Fly Roths Fly

>>20481212 #25122

#25121 >>20479548

>>20479593 Zero Cost Organic Gardening for Food

>>20479596 Their Goal Is To Make Everyone “Global Citizens”

>>20479601, >>20480220 Mil tweets

>>20479603 Microsoft Boasts that White Employees Are Paid Less than Minority Peers for Same Job

>>20479639, >>20479726, >>20479965 Palestinian prime minister resigns amid calls to reform Palestinian Authority

>>20479647, >>20479954 DJT: Crooked Joe Biden's border invasion is destroying our country and killing our citizens!

>>20479648 Billionaire-backed Koch network halts Nikki Haley campaign funding after South Carolina loss

>>20479660 BC Emergency Health Services Overdose & Drug Poisoning Data

>>20479684, >>20479689 Gavin Newsom faces another recall threat in California

>>20479692 Biden Will Discuss an Emergency Aid Package for Ukraine and Israel, as Well as Avoiding a Government Shutdown Next Month

>>20479703, >>20480205, >>20479706, >>20479775 Swamp events

>>20479794 More trouble for Fani; trashing the Declaration of Independence; Obama put out hit on Biden; vaccine fraud

>>20479796. >>20479854 Trump may have the last laugh on traitor Prince Harry

>>20479814, >>20479816, >>20479933, >>20480114 Planefag

>>20479890 Banking scion Jacob Rothschild dead

>>20479937, >>20479982 "Like A Warzone": Farmers Surround EU Headquarters Building

>>20479960 Fani Willis Allegations 'Could Not Be More Serious,' Attorney Warns

>>20479975 Shane Gillis back on SNL after firing

>>20480040 Report: Houthis Sever Undersea Communications Cables Linking Europe and Asia

>>20480045 Trump Appeals $355 Million Ruling in New York Civil Fraud Case

>>20480066 Professor Emeritus in Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health and Medicine saying COVID-19 is a bioweapon

>>20480078 Missouri: In a 6-1 vote, members of the Columbia City Council voted to make the city an "LGBTQ Safe Haven" on Feb. 20

>>20480182 Secret CDC Report: Covid Shots Killed Half Million American Children & Young Adults

>>20480252 Alvin Bragg demands Trump be silenced with gag order in business records case

>>20480267 Tucker Carlson publicizing Vax Holocaust

>>20480283 US Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Has 10-Year Backlog of Claims

>>20480291 RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Announces Her Resignation

>>20480378 #25121

#25120 >>20478611

>>20479459, >>20479477 PF updates

>>20478636, >>20478669, >>20478691, >>20478722, >>20478786, >>20479069 ICYMI: JACOB ROTHSCHILD DEAD AT 87/Rockefeller

>>20478642 Microsoft has revealed intentions to disable the computers of individuals who share 'non-mainstream' content online, aiming to combat perceived 'misinformation' leading up to the 2024 election.

>>20478644, >>20478931, >>20478944, >>20478987, >>20479008 CIA Built "12 Secret Spy Bases" In Ukraine & Waged Shadow War For Last Decade/Russia responds

>>20478645 Fauci "on call" while we were saving lives of those with acute COVID?

>>20478664 Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy


>>20478669 Putin signs decree on the re-establishment of the Moscow and Leningrad military districts

>>20478730, >>20478782 Rothschilds History

>>20478739 @/surflant A little more to the left 🌊📦🚢⚓️

>>20478741 Chinese President Xi has called for the mass production of humanoid robots by 2025.

>>20478750, >>20479200, >>20479206, >>20479230 Doctors Confirm Vaccine Connection after Young Ontario Woman Paralyzed after Moderna Shot -- Then Offer Her Euthanasia as Remedy

>>20478779 On this day in 1991 Tim Berners-Lee introduced the WorldWideWeb, the first ever internet browser, to the public

>>20478839 @I_Corps Sights are steady, trigger cold 😎

>>20478864 10:00 AM EST Supreme Court October Term 2023 Argument Day

>>20478954, >>20478989, >>20479010, >>20479031, >>20479051, >>20479071, >>20479092, >>20479143 Nancy Pelosi and the National Pan-Hellenic Council, aka "The Divine Nine" plus

>>20478998 NASA Astronomy Picture of the DayMartian Moon Eclipses Martian Moon

>>20479072 Abrams tank destroyed in Ukraine conflict (FIRST VIDEO)

>>20479116 SpaceX, NASA 'go' to launch Crew-8 astronaut mission to ISS on March 1

>>20479127 Police fire tear gas at protesting farmers in Brussels

>>20479134 German Chancellor Scholz (SPD) rejects Taurus cruise missiles for Ukraine, citing the risk of possible war involvement

>>20479144 First Sweden, now Denmark closes investigation into Nord Stream pipeline blast, concluding it was "sabotaged" but there was "no basis for pursuing a criminal case."

>>20479156 Former Panama Border Chief: UN Is Behind the Chaos at U.S.--Mexico Border

>>20479211 Start of special military op spelled end to Western global dominance, Borrell admits

>>20479251, >>20479253 China’s 2024 space plans include 100 launches and moon sample return mission

>>20479263 @realDonaldTrump Vicious gangs and gang members are pouring into our Country from South America, and from all over the World. They are being FORCED out of their Countries

>>20479272 11:00 AM EST Investing in Leading-Edge Technology: An Update on CHIPS Act Implementation Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

>>20479316 IDF presents evacuation plan from combat zone in Gaza Strip

>>20479334 Shirley MacLaine, Whitley Strieber, Michael Ian Black Join Hollywood Disclosure Alliance For The Keks!

>>20479422 Biden butchers line from Lincoln’s inaugural address after saying ‘I want to make sure I get this quote exactly right’

>>20479452 @US5thFleet 📷 Is this a glow party?

>>20479492 LIVE: ‘Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel

>>20479536 #25120

Previously Collected

>>20477077 #25117, >>20477837 #25118, >>20478581 #25119

>>20474580 #25114, >>20475526 #25115, >>20476290 #25116

>>20471809 #25111, >>20472501 #25112, >>20473781 #25113

>>20469143 #25108, >>20470046 #25109, >>20470855 #25110

Aggregators: https://qresear.ch | https://qnotables.com | https://qproofs.com

Q Research Notables Archive Board >>>/qnotables/

Q Research Notables #22: This Is War >>20349940

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

57b209 No.20481300

File: dd7e24e5b777ae8⋯.png (289.68 KB,503x541,503:541,8kun_beautiful.png)




last I checked, only the admin server is working atm

Suspect that those with Reporter cred should be able to post, which means some of the bakers.

There are two pastes because both controlc.com and fullchan.net gave a BLOCKED message, no idea why. For once, pastebin.com paste went sailing thru.

baker stepping down

still watching the bread.

God bless this site, this board, this bread,


Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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