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Banner Thread

crop your favorite porn and slap the 8chan logo on it or something
the default banner is starting to bother me
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Bunny Cunny

Greetings from your OTHER new bunnyvolent dictator. Here's an archive of the previous sticky: https://archive.fo/oHhAr

This board has some pretty old threads due to being dead so I've archived some for HISTORICAL reasons. For instance, our carefully preserved copy of the legendary vappy.png thread, which was once spammed on every board. (in case you forgot) I turned on ID's for convenience. If you don't like it, feel free to talk me into changing it back.


1. Don't derail threads with other fetishes. If you want to post something extreme that's not completely out of place, spoil it.

2. Humans are fine too, but don't post 3DPD cosplays.

3. Please spoiler OP images for extreme fetishes so they don't bother people looking at the catalog.

General guidelines

The previous rules are ok, but I don't think they need to be enforced:

- Post more bunny cunny

- Stay on topic. SFW can go to >>>/pk/ or >>>/poke/, general 34 in >>>/rule34/

- No drama. Use common sense and be nice.

- If you have the link to the artist post it to help support them.

- Post more bunny cunny

- Stop calling paws feet

- Remember that kemono is still furry

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hey /pokeporn/
which Pokémon would you fuck?
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Greetings from your new benevolent dictator.

/PokePorn/ is for adult artwork of Pokemon characters and creatures. Content may include human, furry, and feral.

Also check out our sister board >>>/DigiHentai/

- Stay on topic. SFW can go to >>>/pk/ or >>>/poke/, general 34 in >>>/rule34/
- No drama. Use common sense and be nice.
- If you have the link to the artist post it to help support them.

(Art: PurpleKecleon)
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u came to fap

Post Pokemon Porn
Dont be a dick
have fun
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>Ok, this is me. I'm writing a bunch of words to soo if I can join. I don't know what's going on. This seems to be what everyone else is doing. So now I'm doing it too. Still typing. And typing some more.

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Ft uh gg gg

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Dumping my collection of exclusively human girls. There's a lot of poképhilia, though.

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let it all be

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Looking for this comic since I don't want to spend $22 to see it. Anyone have it?

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porn server

this server is for pokemon, furry and trap server https://discord.gg/VtDsxJr

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Snivy thread

idc about males, females, or fetishes. just post any you have

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Hypnosis/Confusion vs. Human Females

It's in the title. Post examples of hypnosis, confusion, or other psychic influence being used on human females. Obviously Hypno and Drowzee will be popular here, but feel free to post whatever pokemon you've got. Male on Female only, please.

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Is this place still alive?

this whole site seems dead if anyone is here post Evee/Eveelutions or anything really

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post your waifu. tell us why she is your waifu.

mine is miltank. what I like about her except that she is like a giant cow-udder, is her pretty blue eyes and the big stupid look on her face. I would milk her all day erryday and at the end of the day she would climb into my bed and I would lay actually on top of her heaving body perhaps suck on her teats until we fall asleep together.

I would even raise a powerful tauros to give her a good poke-fucking once in a while (not cuck) and she would want for nothing

>post waifu plx

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Feet/paw appreciation
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Ghost Types Thread

post any ghost type pokemon
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Yummy funny bunny cunny thread

Fuck bunnies, fuck em raw

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which mon would you fuck everyday for the rest of your life
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The unofficial /pokeporn/ draw/color thread

If we're gonna get this board running I think we need to be active and creative in our threads. So in addition to image dumps I figure lets get a draw/color thread. Color thread cause I can't draw, but I can do some simple coloring. These are some of the pictures I'm responsible for coloring. So post some pictures you'd like to see colored and maybe someone will get to it. And talk about ideas for drawings and maybe someone with some real talent can get on that.
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Cute Pokemons

Post pokemon that make you go "Awwww, I wanna fuck the shit out it!"

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I want to try pokeporn.

I want to see Pokémon getting fucked. I’ve never done pokeporn but I want to indulge the weird porn. Give me something like pic related.

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Hey guys, I need some stuff. Anything is good to use.

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male Mews with human women

why is it so hard to find art like this? Most art seems to make Mew into a girl and have human men fucking her, but I think Mew's small size fits right into the 'straight shota' fetish for fucking larger women

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Anyone share the urge to fuck a Meloetta? My cock turns instantly hard at the site of this little slut, and it makes playing the games difficult too.
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How frequently do people come to this board

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If pokemon were real,

How would someone initiate a romantic relationship with a creature that, while sapient, cannot verbally communicate in any way?

It just doesnt seem possible
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PokeTrans or Pokephila?

So when you fanasize of doing it with a pokemon, does it involve transformation of yourself into a pokemon or is the fantasy pokephilia?
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Meowstic is underrated

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post whatever gifs/webms you have
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Rows of teats

Pokemon with rows of teats are frickin' amazing, okay? Share whatcha got. The first three are by ecmajor. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecmajor/
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>f3 raichu
>0 results
you all disappoint me
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Hello from /pkph/!

Hi, guys! This board is pretty inactive, and is neglected. But instead of claiming it, I made my own board over at /pkph/ - Poképhilia! Over the last day, I've made 40 banners, made custom spoiler and image deleted tags, and posted 290 images across 3 threads to get it started. That's so much that /pkph/ is currently at the top of "fastest threads!" Already it's more developed than /pokeporn/, because I've already added tags and stuff to help people find our community better.

If you are interested in moving on over, I'd be really happy to have your support in starting a great new board for Poké-enthusiasts!

Thank you for your consideration!

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Guys post some super sexy Delphox so I can add it to my huge collection.

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Anyone recognize where these are from by chance?

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old manga

Season 1: Indigo League

episode 1 Pokémon, I Choose You!

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sylveon trolls

hope she doesn't get too mad...

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Anybody having good Mewtwo Male Porn?

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Greninja thread

Where is all the Greninja pics? Especially the females.

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Any vore/unbirthing pics??

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Dead board, needs more porn

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Looking for uncensored version

Looking for the uncensored version of this picture. Anyone have it and willing to share?

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We need a little more Generation 7.

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lucario dongs

Where b lucario dong
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Why are pokemon so goddamn sexy?

I dont understand it, but I have this insatiable urge to stick my cock into a tight warm pokemon snatch

Is there some kind of fetish that causes this?
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Board is lacking some blaziken
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Here's a challenge, find some dodrio porn, if all else fails, Flight type pokemons

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Eevee thread?
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Solo and human male on female poke

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Vore thread

Post vore.

Preferably soft and oral vore.

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Why am I attracted to things like this?

Do I have too many non-natural preversions?

tiny thread.
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Writers and RPers on Tumblr?

Got any good ones? nsfw ask blogs too.

Share your favs or yours if you write yourself.






Pic not related

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The Truth

There is truly a great lack of art and fics for that matter, of male blazikens fucking human females!!!

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All Pokemon by National Pokedex #!

Let's try this. Post the picture(s) you like the most of the next pokemon ordered by their national pokedex number:


One pokemon per post, up to five pics of that pokemon. We can try to get their mega forms too, their listed as the same number on that list, but you can include them in the same post.

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Glaceon Porn Thread

Any Glaceon pics would be appreaciated. Female only.

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More Zoroark pls

There's not as enough on this board as I thought there would be

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Human and feral pokemon. Not just a human dick or hand, though.
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Any Female on Female Pokemon stuff I dont have here, there seems to be a major lack of the stuff for some reason, thanks

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Preferably straight Pokémon/Pokémon, but anything is fine I guess.

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Here have fun cumming
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Straight Porn

Because this board is currently lacking in this category
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Just a thread for pokemon orgies.

Artist: shiroisora on FA
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zangoose thread please

im not seeing enough zangoose on here
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Lucario Female thread!

Female/straight lucario pics or gifs
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Lewd Cards

Is this a thing?
Can this be a thing?
R:6 / I:3 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Are we ded

>>>/poke/ now allows lewd images and discussion

is this the final nail in the coffin for our beloved board?
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Would it be theoretically possible for a human to impregnate their pokemon?
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Hi there. The last board owner, G00dra, hadn't logged in since October so I claimed the board. I'm also running >>>/DigiHentai/

Here's some of my favorite pics.

This first one was apparently posted anonymously to an Oekaki years ago.
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I have something of an unusual fetish.

I like ntr/netorare/cuckold

I was wondering if there was any ntr/pokemon porn out there. I'd love to see a trainer have his favorite pokemon stolen away by his rival (sexually of course)
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New Game

We go one person at a time, trying to find a pron pic of every pokemon

>one pokemon per picture (unless absolutely necessary)
>can only use one picture per artist (unless absolutely necessary)
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Anthro Latias Thread!

Because my dick demands it!
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PMD Thread

Can we have a thread for PMD related things?
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board owner, or whoever claims this board, please tag as ###porn### ###hentai### ###pokemon###
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MxM general

Wanna post a mxm image without starting a new thread? Post it here to prevent clutter
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Goodra Thread !

Can we have some Goodra?

Male, female, breasts, whatever. I just fucking love Goodra.
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What does /pokeporn/ think of TGTF?
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DickGirl Thread

Yall cowards aint even tryin to keep this board alive
R:11 / I:11 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]


Maliciously delicious
R:2 / I:1 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]
best porkyman thread
R:12 / I:21 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]
Haven't seen a lesbian thread here yet! So let's make one!
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legendary thread

everyone on this board is fucking gay i love it
heres a cool thread for you guys
R:8 / I:3 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]
Let's settle this once and for all.

And one for the trainers.

You're welcome to post your favorites while you're at it.
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Gay comics dump
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I couldn't help what was going on in my household. I knew I was a weak and easily frightened person but I didn't think I would be overtaken like this. I remember throughout my life close friends and family would advise me to be more assertive. They were worried that I was too much of a doormat and that someone would take advantage of me because I never said no to anybody. But what they didn't understand is that I loved being a pushover… and my pet Typhlosion helped me realize just how much…

It has been going on for a while. I remembered the first day I got my very own house pet, a Cyndaquil. I only wanted a Pokémon around the house so I wouldn't feel alone and I loved fire types! I just thought a small baby Cyndaquil would be the best option for me and for a while he was. He would obey me and show affection whenever I came home from work. He brought a warm flame to my cold and lonely life at that time since I was too shy to ever make friends from work and was too self conscious to go out.

For a while I was finally happy but then he evolved… He started to act a lot more aggressive towards me. At first it was just him shrugging off my orders. Since I was being the wimp I didn't assert myself like I was told and let him do whatever he wanted. Sometimes he would scratch the furniture right in front of me and glared as if asking what I was going to do about it. Other times he would scorch the backyard just when the grass was finally growing back. Sometimes I think the only reason he didn't burn the house down was because he didn't have anywhere else to go.

After a while though…things got a bit weird. At night he would sleep with me in bed, curled up by my side. Even as a Quilava my pet looked so cute but a while after he evolved, in the middle of the night he would wake me up. He would…hump me. And not through the blanket or anything like that he actually bothered to remove the blankets so he could hump against my leg. At first I tried to tell him to stop, I even whacked him but he would growl and scratch or bite me, so I would just let him finish. But it was so weird to wake up and have your Pokémon use you like that. I admit it kind of…excited me. I know I sound like a freak when I say that, But I actually began to look forward to feeling Quilava use my bare skin to sate his desires… his fiery hot member rubbed against my leg with its steaming hot sensitive skin. And just looking at him, how he had this look of frustration as he glared at me, as if he was mad at me and thought that it was my fault that he was like this… and he would just finish and cum all over my leg almost as if he was marking me. I don't know why but…I liked how he did that. I liked being dominated like that in a symbolic sense and feel like I was someone's property…
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You know what to do.
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Eeveelution thread

girl or boy, just post eeveelutions
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First Post Fuck Wads

hey im fucking G00dra and i run a pokemon porn blog on tumblr (goodragoo.tumblr.com) and there wasnt a pokeporn board so i made it

post pokemon porn

stay safe and have fun you fukcin furries
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The reason this board was created was to have a nice collection of pokeporn all in one place
It's really simple
Post just Pokemon porn