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European Parliament Approves White Genocide, Plans To Flood Europe With Foreigners

The European Parliament has approved the controversial EU "Asylum and Migration Pact", which will see countries forced to accept their fair share of new arrivals into the bloc or pay a fine for every illegal 'migrant' they reject.

Nationalist politicians across Europe expressed their anger at the passing of the pact, which they claim cedes sovereignty to an ever-centralized European Union. “The Migration Pact organizes the tutelage and control of nations, the legal impunity of NGOs complicit with smugglers,” tweeted Marine Le Pen of France’s National Rally. She further vowed to “put an end to the accelerated pursuit of policies to encourage and organize mass immigration,” on June 9 at the EU elections in which her party is expected to win the most French seats.

In the parliamentary debate that preceded the vote, Le Pen’s party leader Jordan Bardella confirmed that those within the Identity and Democracy (ID) parliamentary group would be voting down the legislation. “Countries will be forced to welcome thousands of migrants into their towns and villages or pay dearly to be spared!” Bardella told the chamber, warning that Brussels wants to redistribute new arrivals while nationalist politicians want to “send them back.” After the vote, Bardella took to social media to denounce the “terrible European Migration Pact” that seeks to “impose the distribution of migrants in our municipalities under penalty of financial sanctions.”

Voting was briefly suspended on Wednesday evening due to a protest from inside the chamber from left-wing activists who urged those of their political persuasion to vote down the bill on humanitarian grounds.

“This Pact kills, vote ‘No!'” they chanted from the observation rooms as they threw paper airplanes down into the auditorium. Protesters disrupt the European Parliament chamber during a voting session on the Asylum and Migration Pact, throwing paper airplanes down on lawmakers and demanding the bill be rejected. pic.twitter.com/sL6c2vsLzr

— Remix News & Views (@RMXnews) April 10, 2024


The Hungarian government reiterated its opposition to the pact following the vote with spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs citing Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó who “declared that regardless of any migration pact adopted by the European Parliament, Hungary will maintain its legal and physical border barriers and will not allow illegal immigrants entry, opposing the pro-war and pro-migration stance of Brussels’ leadership.”


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