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Most precious years of our lives are gone and now we clinch to alcoholism

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game devving

File: 433bbb03be89b4c⋯.jpg (25.28 KB,400x400,1:1,joyblue.jpg)


I The Messiah Buddha Willing To Meet US President Donald Trump To Solve World Problems

After my public invitation to Russia President Putin, I think it is fair to give the United States Of America a chance too for they also have a person that I want to meet: former President Donald Trump.

I do not hold any US visa and do not have access to United States land with my weak passport, it is extremely difficult to obtain US visa in short amount of time given my current personal situation.

So I can only meet Donald Trump in 3 scenarios:

– In a neutral nation where I can access to such Singapore, Taiwan, India, Nepal, Chile, Panama or

– In an international airport in United States where I can book transit ticket.

– With the help of US military so I can be escorted to meet in any US City or Location (by pass all kind of restrictions).

In all scenario I still need direct support from the USA’s team.

The topic is about economy, jobs, businesses but nothing else.

All I need is 1-2 hours to reveal, to explain my solution for world problems with Donald Trump.

I know it is extremely difficult to setup this kind of meeting but I still send this offer and invitation so I won’t regret later.

This offer deadline is before September 26th 2023.

If any of you can help me for this special meeting or want more discussion, feel free to contact me.

This is the best opportunity for the USA to save themselves !

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

The Lord Of Lords

The King Of Kings

Source: www . ascension joy . com/09/2023/i-the-messiah-buddha-willing-to-meet-us-president-donald-trump-to-solve-world-problems/

I The Messiah Buddha Want A Physical Meeting With Russia President Putin To End World Conflicts

If you ask me who is the best leader in this world at the moment then my answer is the Russia President Vladimir Putin.

Beside the real military then Vladimir Putin is the person I the real Savior Messiah Buddha willing to meet, to reveal the divine solution to end the current world conflicts with.

I willing to meet the Russia President Putin in Russia (any city).

But I lack of connection so if you can setup a meeting for me with Russia President Putin then it would be great.

All I need is about 1-2 hours to talk with the Russia President Putin.

Maybe he is the only one person in the mortal human group that can understand my message, my solution, my vision.

That is the plan A.

Plan B is I will travel to Russia and will try out luck.

There is a chance Putin will receive certain “diving signal” and will meet me in some random place like in the Church or Temple or in Kremlin Palace visitor area.

But in plan B, I need certain amount of money in order to cover the expense. It is about $6000 USD/Euro or so in total.

If you want to support me for this crazy but sacred meeting for world peace, then you can make donation to me.

You can send donation to me via either cryptocurrency or bank transfer (including fast money transfer).

For Cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin BTC:

bc1qn3hqhwsnr69q9mxxakrspfdyyyww3vvdxs7m5c .

bc1qxhnn6zh8jdq4cs5nuzxh6ut45mqhqfmn5xewva .

bc1qk82evkqe52nvfs2jmv359x9fw3s5dajps6fyl5 .

Bc1qe03pz6l0supm44hls05sjt0eupq2n6fx9cwvw2 .

Ethereum ETH:

0x98D9eB47F22c506B132386E89cb4C8e459020740 .

0x726b5cc49E66B4F8E9f74e1C9d6Bdfe4CCc884D6 .

0xC3E60A3dE82055836EAE25DfA26Fd516eeb0E70D .

0X6A88a1414Dd45B4c7D81647B7723eAce05c7C928 .

Litecoin LTC:

ltc1q7y3weduw6rnp2gfef40ke3mlmk3dyjssm40l4j .

ltc1qy8uj6h4n368ump299eveazwlshfk5l72d64qqy .

ltc1qlsp0shktxf8spykp9c9m3uaf9jgd96k5uqa99f .

ltc1qcnme3gc4grjh6r2a0j4h0y4w2ujr2qsldn8smv .

BitcoinCash BCH:

bitcoincash:qp2fxumzkdmhpxcdceyj90mqlzddz82dfszl5wepmm .

bitcoincash:qqjdzs07w44jggcdxdd9ttm6spzqfkf8d5pky3m7dd .

bitcoincash:qqxv9frcl6vrsp4vpd5wuxvae0fz0geq5uy23ef5zm .

bitcoincash:qr72mycr504m50as0082e7s4luhpwl3c2s0z9q4q45 .

eCash XEC:

ecash:qzhcky7y0ty0cvv87f9kq22ewh39xvnxnu0qjfpzru .

ecash:qrmwga2g0d465zs53952wtav6pzktj95jcr96lsvxe .

ecash:qr2qm4ww5cnk5tj6arnfra7mtjmsfarnnsfq0p7xaq .

ecash:qpukxn0mrdengkrhfjxedqgapa9vzvgzusr3ezsdqq .



Full article, source: www . ascension joy . com/09/2023/i-the-messiah-buddha-want-a-physical-meeting-with-russia-president-putin-to-end-world-conflicts/

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