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Most precious years of our lives are gone and now we clinch to alcoholism
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game devving

File: 1c492e1abf673de⋯.jpeg (668.26 KB,900x1275,12:17,chief.jpeg)


Do you know where a drill instructor is from?

They take a successful army lieutenant, always army, and they financially ruin him, give him a cot and a dreidel and a foldout table for his lunch, and a camera cell to jack off in, for female Marines, sex offenders, to watch.

The spy, they put him in a highschool drama play of Shakespeare, get him to assassinate himself junior year, and have him create his own quandry, to kill it.

I'm the demise of Donald J. Trump, labor abolition.

Rice a Roni, the San Francisco treat.

Teachers run all of it.

Recruit a soldier, you get to be a teacher, a female pedophile.

Mine lisps like Patsy Collins, I framed it on LSD.

So Matt Lennox can't be a gay teacher, for killing Rich Coughlin.

She teaches Brazilian-Jews to lisp in English, and the retarded to suck cock.

Hard Candy has been printed, to kill the teacher that recruits the politician, the jumping kid.

With the bomb plans they have.

I turned Dr. Jeff Lange into Ed Gein, with "Chet", "Red Serpent", and "RedSerpent.EXE", the record of his rise to power taking over MUSH, Sony Pictures NSA.

I had Matt Lennox, use Bowfinger, on MUSH, so I'd suck his cock. Then I sent him to prison on Halloween, instead of sucking his cock.

I ran for class President to prove the system was rigged against pot users.


Won both, denied by Will Morgan's personal complaint the first time, under grounds of Cherokees being offended by Iroquois, the second time by withdrawal before speech, to Ben Sweeney, George Washington's unbroken line.

Cigarettes, pot, beer, liquor, and meat, are permanently distributed.

Out of Arab investitures.

Barack Obama's false black rights movement, claiming Islam, since the 1990s, is over.

Islam is their word for "queer".

You didn't practice Buddhism when you were 8-10 years old.

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