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Most precious years of our lives are gone and now we clinch to alcoholism
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game devving

File: 933f13fce8c770a⋯.jpg (115.22 KB,1024x768,4:3,c_17.jpg)


Whitey (Yakuza): SDF in charge of arcades rackets, Boston. Beaten to death in prison, orders of George "B-Rock" Bulger.

OJ (DC Comics): Jesuit sports club assassin, Los Angeles. Death of Heath Ledger, at orders of Dave "Scarecrow" Charlebois, inspired to sell mob hits to Major League Baseball, Ryan "John Spartan" Taylor. Omaha Steaks.

Lee (Microsoft): Stan Lee, slain for stealing work; Jack Kirby, gay, framed for opium sales of guns, Keanu Reeves, "The Mufti". Jumped to death, Alan Laverdiere II assisting.

Depp (FBI): Suit of wife, to remarry him, German Deputy's suit; claiming Cherokee, actually Nipmuc, "Praying Indian"; mentally ill, regarded as witches, instead of LGBTQ community. Televised, for Red Power, FBI, Ghost Shadows. Taiwanese banks, FBI, John Phillips, Boston PD.

Osama (IRA): Deepwater Horizon disaster, staff on 2k5 MUSH, "Chuck Gotham"; assist given to Matthew Lennox, "terrorist stock market". Hired, Homeland Security.

Netanyahu (Likud): Batman, is the Jewish community. Believed to be comic series, all heroes, by Benjamin Netanyahu, Goyim. Failed.

Elizabeth II (MI-6): Sent own son, Charles, Crown Prince, to ECT, to write "Maxie Zeus"; Adolf Hitler, ideal history teacher. Sick.

Friedlander (Heaven's Gate): French ExSec, Vietnam War pacifists; factory and warehouse investment. Arabian Nights, Thieves Quarter, Cairo, past investment. Terrorist writer, Arab. I'm a terrorist too, Dr. Golden, but I'm Jewish. For Allie Gaetano.

Lucas (NKVD): Ellen Page, rescued from Hugh Jackman; Hard Candy printed, accusation to Bruce of sped, combined Muhammadan bloodline, refused, teacher killing ADHD, homophobe, put to death.

Lavey (CNI): Seven golf games beaten; Lennox, Morgan, Savell, McDade, Lamb, Haimes, Pride.

Lange (Shah): Placed as Ed Gein, for killing own wife, NSA, for IDF.

Thompson (USAF): Chinese art, pedophile; Axe Cop, child molesters of future.

Pratt (Hellfire Club): Dave Chappelle, mob hookup out of low income housing, cut off; Tamarens, shut down; Hecate/Osiris/Dracul, shows true face.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


Hire: Dennis O'Neill, editor, Marvel Comics.

Sarkesian (Napster): ECT of Jenna Williamson, to refuse her marriage intent to self.

Haimes (Jong-il): Draft to IDF/ExSec/INTERPOL, responsible for 9/11, approached systematically by Congress, President stripped of power by print of "Loose Change", through 9/11 Truth; formed by George W. Bush, Morningstar Lodge, Ottomans.

Long (Essex): Sales of Rohypnol, to Calvin Williams and Zach Klein, through Hampshire College.

Heard (Attleboro): Stalker on behalf of Hugh Jackman, of Ellen Page; Sheriff's Deputy, Los Angeles Police Department, Political Adjutant Services.

"Bailey" (INTERPOL): Hunting "Riker" for Chris Hansen; ID'd, led, caught, and captured by self, given to Sirhan Sirhan's grandson/grand daughter, samurai (hermaphrodite), for police scholarship; awakened, as precognitive cop, the Witchblade. Prophecy, is Islamic, through comic books.

Enfield (Detroit): Incarcerated, for mob hit, on Mike Charlebois; attempting to create Spider-Man, for Insane Clown Posse. Cried real sweet, for Mossad Detroit, before beaten to death in his cell. Given the character, "Master Herbert", on Family Guy; post-mortem.

Willie (Providence): Cop's bet, if the Charlebois family, was Lucky Charlie Luciano; crushed to death, in car compactor, by MI-6, as AA sponsor, both of them. CIA coin, in possession of Gwenn Pratt, "Nixon"; grand uncle, Tricky Dick. Send ET home, to California.

Moen (Germany): Some sort of assassin, with piss and hemoglobin, for bus drivers. Whitey Bulger, thought this could be useful. It is not.

Monaghan (Sweden): "The Tux", played by Daniel Craig; seeking a prison, run by George Jung, "Mike". "Mike", is Tiago Rodriguez, he fired Jared Fogel, for looking at Bill Ward, Chris of England, and Eric Stanton; heterosexual pornography, for women. Britain was ashamed.

Valesquez (Holland): Copy cat killer, witnessed self taking a dump on the freeway, 2006. Lured in through Pirate Bay, and Metallica. Lars Ulrich handled it.

Becker (CIA): Bad liver, Jigsaw. "Batman", was you; the mismarked Saints emblems, for Paperclip families. I'm "Batman" now, "Saw"; call me "Spiral".

Kyanka (SIS): Pay your employees. I was 14 when I saw your slave torture game of Jews, Kyanka. Thullee Kardash called me. Taxes are high, to pay your workers, not to profit. American History X. Two earrings, me.

Stock (Facebook): Vulgar, Cassie, that Romani linguistic Facebook page, off my main mail account.

Laveaux (Canada): Bears aren't cops, they enslave a criminal to be homosexual as a bottom. You disgust me, queers. Dead, police fag.

Warner (Mexico): Marilyn Manson, you want prison, you have it. You'll be able to kill doctors in there; "just following orders", they said. Pol Pot told them to remove your left amygdala, as an infant, and they did it. O'Neills reversed Pol Pot's legacy, and now, Israel too.

Trump (Japan): Warrera, is open privilege, never taken away. You wanted to take my booze away, as Vassal, to my Lord, Shinchiro Abe. So this is what you get.

James (Boston): Boston doesn't like bikers. Now you work for Robert Redford, printing censorship, as Palestinian Mickey Mouse; an Israeli ploy, for fags to place as Islamic.

Warren (KKK): Christine Warren, you raised a child as gay.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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