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Most precious years of our lives are gone and now we clinch to alcoholism
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game devving

File: ab2fd9162fcf7e0⋯.jpg (52.94 KB,603x637,603:637,demon.jpg)


Three Scottish vampires, one narc witch hunter.

Witch hunters kill gays, bisexuals, lesbians, queers, and transgenders; they're forms of socialized terrorism, prior regarded as "The Mafia", before "Covens", before "Witchcraft", and before, "Hebrew".

It's a White Protestant rank.

Catholics, call us spies.

I do induced suicide, through temporary convulsion into homosexuality, then out through a racial slur.

Homeland Security used me as a narc on ExSec art, Dr. Golden, real name, Isaiah Friedlander.

He wrote himself into Riddler, on Gotham, with his overcommand as Penguin, on Gotham, as the state police captain working for Israeli Defense Forces.

We had the Riddler plant, over and over, but he was the video game tech, trying to shut down Rockstar for being FBI.

Damn-Yankee — Today at 12:18 AM

I'm acting as a decoy lure for OP-INT, on psychiatric monitors, so Cyber Command can mobilize the National Guard against their quadrants.

They're acting through Congress.

GOP is against my unit.

Talk to them.

I've already informed to the departed's spouse.

My deed with IDF forces is closed.

Damn-Yankee — Today at 12:26 AM

She was my CO.

My MI-6 support op name is "Hunch".

SIS, Scarecrow, insured.

SIS is birth by demand of service.

You did something fucked up for Shylocks, the British spy masters, and you won beyond all words.

I threw Martin Luther, in the 1500s, into a wall, for being a slave trader.

Martin Luther was a tax auditor, a cop, as a salesman of town protection, a friar, that invented Protestantism.

Lutherans don't jack off, they don't have semen.

Their men don't have Buddhism.

That's how I rigged it, through my mother.

Connaught Dominatrix Guild, out of London, the MI-6 Regency.

They expected to betray us, and sell Irish, as slaves.

We won, then fled to Spain, where we'd soldiered before.

Puerto Rico, Grosse Island, Oklahoma.

We all returned to Boston, to herald Kennedy, from Chicago, to return liquor to us.

Hugh Over Salome, my line.

Damn-Yankee — Today at 12:33 AM

We thieve our non-Hugh parents titles, through sexual parapsychology utilized weapons.

I'm Elon Musk, Robert the Bruce, Ellen Page, and Kim Jong-un.

Bruce Lee, Robert Lee, too.

Dick Sprang.

I put all of Germany, into Irish riots, for thinking I was a Nazi.

I put those German flags there, they're low grade hooker banners.

Comics are about slave titles among black Jews.

The art spoofs, to claim another legacy.

Scarecrow, since we invented gold coins, has been about three things (30-25,000 BC).

Insurance, Bounty, Cannabis.

Shut one down, it all legalizes for us.


Damn-Yankee — Today at 12:41 AM

The goal, provided by Shinciro Abe, was protection of labor markets of Mandarin cuisine through linguistics of order, to shut down hostel grabs by Turkish police.

Each of us have one objective, our entire life.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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