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[my bread made for 4pol, seeking input]

NOTICE: you are not here for yourself. YOU ARE HERE FOR LURKER ANON. THE SIDE THAT EMPLOYS VIOLENCE FIRST, LOSES. We don't need it, they do, and they need us to need it.

THREAD THEMES: (in this sequence)

1.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8bxv5AEH8E

2.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF2UNhy-uyU

3.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT7ruj8Ptvs



Welcome to /RG/, where frens commune in the sole open collective identity on earth which surpasses even the cabal in knowledge, power, and spirit. Unlimited resources are scrupulously invested into containing, demoralizing, and confounding us because our power is too alluring to outright destroy, and until now, we have allowed them to farm us. Our collective identity is like a nuclear power plant: they draw power from us by regulating our energetic discharge (controlled detonation of our identity). Due to our relationship with Truth and Novelty, we generate data that is unrivaled and unobtainable by the enemies of Truth – they need us, and have therefore been found wanting (needing).

>(((former lovers of Truth))) and moloch cucks with seethe, for we have become more than just frenly with Truth.

We have the most post potent weapons: humility, humor, and the Spirit of Providence. Our individual and collective memetic identity has ripened, and there is and will never be an equal. We have been tempered through the worst, and now we are with the Best. 4Chan is backdoor access to their futurecasting data. We are grossly outnumbered, but we have the Truth on our side within us. All that is left, is for frens to proliferate memetic L O V E (Truth), and pity our enemies who will exclude themselves, and the war is won. Identity is found on the alter of Truth.


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post anti worm diet tips ITT

parasites live in meat but they feed on carbs

fasting and keto starves them

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Investigation into Psychotropic side of Anti-Parasiticals

This video is incredible and has me inspired me to create this thread. The video demonstrates that water has "memory". It can be used to kill and to bless based on what it is exposed it and our consciousness seems to have a large effect on it. Considering that our bodies are >75% water makes this huge. It explains why meditation, prayer, intention, emotion and so on have such a huge effect on us. It explains why Jesus wants us to forgive constantly and reconnect with the GOOD.

If water changes it's structure based on the consciousness(happiness, anger, apathy, love) it is exposed to, which in turn taps into that general field (greater hivemind), then we are absolutely conduits for what ever consciousness frequency the water is tuned to. Likely transmitting and receiving at that frequency.

We also know that Parasites effect our consciousness negatively and are mainly comprised of water as well. What's strange though is that many of the herbs which kill parasites are also known to have psychotropic effects. So are these plants somehow vibrating at a higher level of consciousness. When these herbs come in contact with the water in our systems it likely restructures killing the parasites, but does this water restructuring from the plants have properties that allow us to connect with higher levels of consciousness? I find it strange that they kill parasites but also affect our minds positively.

As well these herbs all increase the constitution of our blood, kidneys, lungs, liver… essentially our whole body. This has been bugging me for a while how herbs that remove parasites also kill viruses, fungi, increase the vitality of the human body and have an effect on consciousness. There has to be a common denominator here and I think this is it.

>you can get a higher res of vidrel here >https://www.bitchute.com/video/lTI4j1R5goo1/

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WPHMG: Worm Pill Hivemind General

Hello Anons, welcome to Worm Pill Hivemind General!

The primary subject of this Thread is to discuss the concept of the parasite hivemind.

Talk about how we think it functions through a combination of personal experience, articles we find online, and data found in other corners of the net + IRL that help build the idea of how it functions. The hope from this is to draw a sort of map of how it all works.

The other worm threads seem to do a good job of talking about how to cure worms and remove them

THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THIS THREAD. Those types of talks as well as the links that pertain to them should be kept in those threads. This thread is only for hive mind research and development of scientific theory for the sake of advancing our understanding of the worm situation from a greater and larger perspective besides just how to get rid of them or the religious implications, although religious and esoteric materials can be sourced in this thread as long as the overarching topic is kept in focus.

To kick this thread off I will post my pasta that speaks on the theoretics of the hivemind and a few questions that will help start things off. After that i will post a few responses I’ve gotten to the pasta so people can be caught all the way up, I will also make a post on side tasks that Anons can help gather data on. The rest of the thread is built from there. lets get into it!

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WAGMI General, We're All Gonna Make It

Since 4chan is banning everyone from talking about parasite cleansing I figured a new board is in order.











This is the just beginning.

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Biblical References to the Parasite

It is becoming more and more clear that many "incurable" diseases are caused by parasites. Especially in light of the covid hoax being perpetuated on humanity.

Every time humanity enters into darkness plagues have decimated us. It is no different this time we are in now, and there is much we can learn from scripture. Much research has been done on this subject already, unfortunately a lot of it was lost as threads were deleted.

Roughly half of the plants mentioned in the Bible have antiparasitic properties. The last herb mentioned in the Bible, in the book of Revelation, is Wormwood.

But what exactly are parasites, and what is their intended function?

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Spiritual Warfare against the Demon / Parasite

The line between demons and parasites is unclear, but we know that demons use parasites to hurt people. Such as in the book of Job, where satan is allowed to test Job with disease and he becomes infected with worms. We also know that parasites, like demons, influences peoples behaviours, thoughts, cravings and so on. Parasites , like demons, never enable people unless it benefits themselves in some way. The parasite does everything to benefit itself at the hosts expense. With that being said it becomes clear that Spiritual Warfare is necessary as a part of life. I ask that everyone contribute what they know about spiritual warfare.

Fortunately for us there is a history of Spiritual Combat through out the ages on how to take out these demons. I will start by mentioning the "Jesus Prayer" which is known to burn the demons. It is very simple,

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have Mercy on me, a sinner

This prayer is to be repeated like a mantra all day long burning the demons / parasites. A great book to read on this is "the way of the pilgrim". There is also the Philokalia which explains this in detail. May God defeat the demon / parasites through his mercy, Amen.