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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, main.jpg)

a9b5d4  No.5373164

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 02.24.2019

>>5363071 ————————————–——– Why did ISIS launch a social media campaign designed to 'attract' US/UK to join their cause?

>>5362299 ————————————–——– Those who are the loudest.....

>>5362124 ————————————–——– RETURNING POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Friday 02.22.2019

>>5340213 ————————————–——– Nothing to See Here. You are the news now. (Cap: >>5340257)

>>5339881 ————————————–——– Why would [HUSSEIN] transfer control of the internet to a non-profit CA co?

>>5336480 rt >>5336224 ————————— We have everything.

>>5336136 ————————————–——– [Public Service Announcement] 1

>>5336143 ————————————–——– [Public Service Announcement] 2

>>5334342 rt >>5333867 ————————— Tools of prevention online.

>>5333636 rt >>5333408 ————————— CROOKED [[[HILLARY]]]

>>5333421 rt >>5333408 ————————— Disregard all spelling/other errors.

>>5333408 ————————————–——– JUDGEMENT DAY COMING. (Cap: >>5333721)

>>5328866 ————————————–——– One step closer. (Cap: >>5329024 )

>>5328649 ————————————–——– How do you fill your admin if majority of those 'in politics' are corrupt? (Cap: >>5328694 )

>>5328390 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS ONLY DIVIDES.

>>5328186 rt >>5328018 ————————— Crime Against Children.

>>5327931 rt >>5327889 ————————— Sedition. Treason. Crimes against Humanity.

>>5327833 rt >>5327780 ————————— https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Sex%20Puppy (Cap: >>5327878 )

>>5327732 rt >>5327581 ————————— Puppy (sex_urban dic)?

>>5327554 ————————————–——– What happened re: Bernie's wife 'fraud' case? (Vid: >>5327583 )

>>5326450 ————————————–——– The best is yet to come. (Vid: >>5326469 )

>>5326235 rt >>5325789 ————————— Impossible to defend. Vietnam trip coming. Enjoy the show!

>>5325739 ————————————–——– THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS WIN.

>>5325408 rt >>5325320 ————————— There sure are a lot of ‘Q’ comments on that Tweet POTUS just referred to.

>>5325320 rt >>5325292 ————————— Got popcorn? (Re: >>5318964 (see below))

>>5325224 ————————————–——– Dead on. (Caps: >>5325267 )

>>5320727 rt >>5320696 ————————— Just another coincidence we dropped [LL] was offered a SC seat

>>5320696 ————————————–——– The Deal of a Lifetime?

>>5320205 ————————————–——– Our reach is a direct threat to their control. (caps >>5320232)

>>5319456 ————————————–——– Attacker = member of local ANTIFA chapter (joined April 2018).

>>5319191 ————————————–——– Pepe is proud and has never been more popular.

>>5318964 ————————————–——– [Soft Push of New Narrative - Example] (caps >>5319029)

Thursday 02.21.2019

Compiled here: >>5333466

Wednesday 02.20.2019

Compiled here: >>5320765

Tuesday 02.19.2019

Compiled here: >>5305779

Monday 02.18.2019

Compiled here: >>5277090

Sunday 02.17.2019

Compiled here: >>5246773

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

a9b5d4  No.5373168


are not endorsements


>>5177229 MEMES ARE IMPORTANT: Memetic Warfare Division is RECRUITING

>>5251148 Board search got its own domain: https://qresear.ch

>>5341422 how to edit Hosts File (DNS)

#6867 Baker Change

>>5372502, >>5372572, >>5373053 one day delta - Bakers Pepe and Michael Anton

>>5372501 graphic of all the Q+ posts (open image in new tab)

>>5372522 the major executives who were caught in Florida's massage parlor prostitution sting

>>5372592 Trump announces delay of tariffs on Chinese goods due to 'substantial progress'

>>5372652 Deep State mapping project

>>5372615, >>5372710 AOC listed phone is/was same as Kevin J Casey

>>5372769 Bill Maher Bashes: Less ‘Affluent and Educated’ People Who ‘Want to Be Us'

>>5372817, >>5372810 twatter suppression to @GenFlynn followers and followed

>>5372723, >>5372768, >>5372809, >>5372948 Berkeley thug ID's plus priors

>>5373143 #6867


>>5372235 Pakistan’s ex-spy chief stripped of army pension for controversial book

>>5372112, >>5372199 @GeorgeMNassif's twat of HRC & Qatari 6yrs ago

>>5371853 DailyBeast: Trump Admin to shield VZ migrants from deport'n?

>>5371831, >>5371850, >>5371996 @WL: Red Cross says impersonated on VZ border

>>5371814, >>5371816, >>5371825 ResignationsAnon Update

>>5371890 @SebGorka: "leftists care more for the puppy than the baby"

>>5371779, >>5371789 Lookback: 2015 Gay US ambassador to Vietnam nods to RBG

>>5371652, >>5371701, >>5371723, >>5371867 @HRC: Muh Immigr/Wammins #Oscars

>>5371635 Side-by-side: Hong Kong, "Every single pic posted is ORIGINAL"

>>5372338 #6866


>>5370955 Cuban-presenting Anon expresses patriotism

>>5370913 Anon's #QNN spinning globe of storeez 'n memes GIF

>>5371206, >>5371270, >>5371315, >>5371300, >>5371370, >>5371547 Oscars sans SJW glasses

>>5371243, >>5371277 What?? Has "Sandy" not been entiiirely troof-ful?

>>5371079 TOI: Hijacking foiled on Bangladesh-Dubai flight, suspect killed

>>5370961 #OscarsSoDegenerate: Social commentary in pictures -- anon style

>>5370959 @JamesWoods trolls SmollDick, Hussein, and his (ahem) 'lady'

>>5371536 #6865


>>5370779 Florida mom discovers suicide instructions in childrens' YT vids

>>5370763 @Reuters: Pence to announce 'concrete steps' for Venezuela crisis Mon

>>5370697 Digg: Moar on Maduro's ex-VP Tereck El Aissami

>>5370642 Israel's AG to Announce This Week Whether He Will File Charges Against Netanyahu

>>5370580 Venezuela, Lima Group, @DanCohen and FF's

>>5370468, >>5370533 AOC claims recent move explains address questions

>>5370394 Over 70% of voters reject U.S. base transfer in Okinawa referendum

^^Baker change^^

>>5370270 Governor of NHS trust that runs England's only gender clinic for children quits amid claims youngsters are being rushed into transitioning.

>>5370232 Trump clashes with trade adviser over China talks.

>>5370158 Strange CIA Tweets.

>>5370814 #6864


>>5369992 Ex-pro golfer, LPGA star's boyfriend, ensnared in Florida prostitution scandal.

>>5369909 CA Democrats introduce LGBTQ Bill that would protect pedophiles who rape children.

>>5369757 Trump proposes a new way around birth control mandate: Religious exemptions and Title X.

>>5369720 Feinstein shilling for PP as well.

>>5369594 POTUS attends the Governors Ball.

>>5369503, >>5369562 Clintons continue to shill on Twitter. Re: Venezuela and abortion.

>>5369523 Trump says he has a 'special feeling' ahead of second summit with Kim Jong Un.

>>5369455 U.S. team lowers expectations for second summit with North Korea's Kim.

>>5369396, >>5369425 Military spending: 20 companies profiting the most from war.

>>5369381 Venezuela ex-spy chief reveals Maduro’s ties to Hezbollah, drugs and more evil.

>>5369332, >>5369369, >>5369352, >>5369343 Q Business card printables.

>>5369321 To catch government workers with ties to child porn, call the IRS.

>>5370046 #6863

Previously Collected Notables

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>>5364599 #6857, >>5366171 #6858, >>5366820 #6859

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File: f25fd7a8aa0a36a⋯.gif (7.66 MB, 400x400, 1:1, qnn.gif)



bbe20d  No.5373195


Ty baker

89991f  No.5373204

File: 250a089c98c27ae⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1230x1196, 615:598, Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at ….png)

These Posts are all from past breads and relate:

>>5356262 (pb)















"(HighIQ) Anon theory about forcing the 'Q' & Michael Anton

Needs MOAR eyes on faggots!"

It may not even be important who Q is, in actuality. Having Q be anonymous, strengthens our resolve to fight. Being led by principle instead of being distracted by personalities, results in clarity of purpose and gives our war a spiritual foundation.

I want to add an interdasting phenomena associated with an Atlantic article as it relates to 'Michael Anton', (speculation on the boards that he may be Q or associated with Q). The article brought up by another anon, but I picked out a peculiar part of the article, quoting the Atlantic:

"To use a metaphor close to Anton’s heart: The Roman consul he chose for his pseudonym, Publius Decius Mus, sacrificed himself to inspire his army. Which army is ready to follow Anton?"

The Qanon digital Army!!!

Connect this to a specific battle in the Bible, Israelites vs. Moabites:

2 Kings 3:26 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

26 When the king of Moab saw that the battle was too fierce for him, he took with him 700 men who drew swords, to break through to the king of Edom; but they could not.

27 Then he took his oldest son who was to reign in his place, and offered him as a burnt offering on the wall. And there came great wrath against Israel, and they departed from him and returned to their own land.

The Israelites were at war with the Moabite King and his people, the Moabites were losing the battle, losing heart, so the Moabite King 'sacrificed' his first born son right in front of them to motivate his people and it did, so much so, the Israelites fled.

How does this correlate? The King sacrificed his son to motivate and rally his troops who were losing the war. The heart of our President is making great sacrifices to rally and motivate the Q army of patriots, who for years have been discouraged and losing the war against evil in this country and world wide. It makes sense POTUS would partner with a man such as Michael Anton, who has the inner drive (and pseudonym) of a warrior who sacrificed himself for his army.


89991f  No.5373205

File: 4b2bf6386716fbb⋯.jpeg (683.97 KB, 2048x1363, 2048:1363, B7D20CDD-D128-4A7F-BD48-C….jpeg)

0833e5  No.5373214

File: 60fdec5be80fc97⋯.jpg (198.27 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, downloadfile-68.jpg)

CNN is now actually reporting news since they know the Mueller charade collapsed..

9d6f5a  No.5373220

Hollywood anon here - just got back from an after party at the Marriott in L.A. it was about an hour ago I saw a very famous Director take 3 young men up to a hotel room with several bottles of alchohol

This person is very well known and Married. Not long after security escorted me out of the area so I dont wanna say too much.

God bless anons

4bd10e  No.5373221

File: 1bf3dc4cdcc4ff8⋯.jpg (140.3 KB, 751x500, 751:500, 2ujmf9[1].jpg)

7e00b4  No.5373223

File: 5feb6e73d76c69a⋯.png (461.57 KB, 500x667, 500:667, ClipboardImage.png)



26eb75  No.5373224

File: e956b9c9d847440⋯.jpg (737.5 KB, 1365x734, 1365:734, 25 STANDARD NY ACROSS FROM….jpg)

File: 06a89e8bf9d078a⋯.jpg (455.56 KB, 1406x763, 1406:763, STANDARD NY GARDEN.jpg)

File: 98698d9de008958⋯.jpg (426.05 KB, 942x747, 314:249, STANDARD GARDEN.jpg)

File: 6debeee0c1b4b6f⋯.jpg (720.69 KB, 1594x715, 1594:715, standard cooper union.jpg)

Jeffery Epstein

went belonged to the Cooper Union in NY.

across the street is this.

dc36aa  No.5373225

File: 84776f60b6e7e61⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1260x840, 3:2, Nightshift comfy and ready.png)

f8e9d4  No.5373226

File: 2a2aa11f7f79cf4⋯.jpg (130.33 KB, 499x550, 499:550, energy.jpg)

07d222  No.5373227

some of these newfags are really retarded

56948b  No.5373228

File: ac9728fa8381311⋯.jpg (217.21 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, pepeanonymous_seal_logo.jpg)

0c551d  No.5373229

>>5373161 (LB)

The things you find out…

Ephineferine turns into adrenochrome when it oxidizes….

Sauce: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/09/27/why-epipens-expire-so-quickly/?noredirect=on

56948b  No.5373230

File: dba1a1658905332⋯.jpg (147.4 KB, 500x500, 1:1, BMevilMan.jpg)

File: 6e61d7c9bf14503⋯.jpg (163.17 KB, 640x320, 2:1, BMEvil.jpg)

File: fd643450cbb8251⋯.jpg (144.76 KB, 500x500, 1:1, EvilBM.jpg)

464f3d  No.5373231


Don't post [here] again.

7e00b4  No.5373232

File: 6135960a13824fb⋯.png (351.71 KB, 303x485, 303:485, ClipboardImage.png)

>The Standard

they have my favorite mushrooms on the sign

0c551d  No.5373233

File: a093f4582b1db0a⋯.gif (492.78 KB, 175x177, 175:177, tenor (1).gif)

9ceced  No.5373234

File: 67551474eb61127⋯.gif (966.18 KB, 357x270, 119:90, 04a.gif)

Hey Night Shift! Whats shaken, other then this fortess!

6b165d  No.5373235


You have to go back.

cb3ccc  No.5373236


Name names or GTFO. It's no mystery that faggotry is the rule of the day in HW. "Oh, gee. Famous director buggering boys. That's unusual."

7e00b4  No.5373237

07d222  No.5373238

young men? so!! we know you fuckers are queers


89991f  No.5373239

File: 92feb56d8b61c6e⋯.gif (1006.28 KB, 600x371, 600:371, 5B215E7D-AC61-418A-9CDB-97….gif)


TY Baker

0db27b  No.5373240

Think MYRR0R

52047e  No.5373241

File: 0e31f9076d3ac96⋯.png (173.17 KB, 283x412, 283:412, FalsificationOfHistory-cov….png)

Global Gaslighting of Mankind

Let that sink in

The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality

By John Hamer:

This book relates the current, insidious plight facing the human race as a direct result of a grand deception that has been imposed upon it for tens of thousands of years if not longer. This has been perpetrated by the systematic, ongoing falsification of history in much the same way as perpetrated by the powers that be in the suspiciously prophetic novel ‘1984’, by George Orwell.

We have all been deceived on a monumental scale by a tiny clique of people who by their own birthright and bloodlines absolutely believe that they have the divine right to rule over us by whatever method best suits their purposes. In order to achieve this they have lied, deceived, murdered and even committed genocide down the millennia in an attempt to bring their ultimate goal to fruition.

Find out about the use of drugs, vaccinations, micro-chipping, mind control, trans-humanism and 24/7 distractions such as non-stop sports, entertainments and the invasive ‘celebrity culture’ that attempts to pervade our whole lives.

0833e5  No.5373242

File: 9948850b4717adf⋯.jpg (56.02 KB, 748x900, 187:225, downloadfile-51.jpg)

Anons never forget about our American babes.

4c9602  No.5373243

File: 3737319a0ec4b9f⋯.jpeg (40.41 KB, 255x239, 255:239, rjyjr.jpeg)

07d222  No.5373244


influx of newfags trying to be cool, few shiils and a biblefag, snafu

decc41  No.5373245


Glad your safe!

9d6f5a  No.5373246


I just work at the hotel dude, I dont wanna get fired

26eb75  No.5373247

File: 7db15dda79a108e⋯.gif (196.85 KB, 500x505, 100:101, pepe trips out feelz good ….gif)

f0d633  No.5373248


1bf11e  No.5373249



97cd65  No.5373250

All LB




>>5372615 Not Notable

>>5372710 Not Notable

Fake n Gay

see v v v v v


twitter post is fake and gay sorry for posting it here,

a lil digging shows -

Wm. Casey CIA had 1 child, Bernadette no Kevin.

The phone number is to the office phone, no matter who occupies that room at the house. It was Crowleys number and when AOC leaves it will be the next Dems number

07d222  No.5373251

File: c3862f37950e2db⋯.jpg (3.31 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, rustywhyte5.jpg)


you eat THOSE fuckers?

f8e9d4  No.5373252

File: 57060a4608f2027⋯.jpg (184.22 KB, 1600x1117, 1600:1117, tightropewalk.jpg)


798105  No.5373253

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



0833e5  No.5373254

File: 8b1d46738a683c0⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2ueap7.jpg)

CNN has totally collapsed…

6e40a4  No.5373255


I’d love to unload a full power right hook brought in from downtown square on this piece of shits cacsuker.

Make his teeth fly like popcorn.

A guy can dream right….?

56948b  No.5373256

File: 986efb30a69392c⋯.jpg (150.49 KB, 472x584, 59:73, DLDB.jpg)

File: cbe5902f188a5a9⋯.jpg (512.6 KB, 788x622, 394:311, cbe5902f188a5a9f7ef01252fc….jpg)

File: 047ba3380c82061⋯.png (866.25 KB, 704x650, 352:325, 047ba3380c8206199204553b2e….png)

File: e2d6ccd9d6f8273⋯.jpg (659.08 KB, 769x1000, 769:1000, d2020e.jpg)

ba9ca2  No.5373257

According to Twatter, the ANTIFA suspect at Berkley Q wanted ID'd is named Michael Hornsby, a CNN radicalized terrorist. 23 arrested


0c551d  No.5373258

'Chilling the atmosphere': North Korea media condemns U.S. Democrats ahead of summit

HANOI (Reuters) - North Korea’s state media criticized U.S. Democrats and American intelligence officials on Sunday for “chilling the atmosphere” ahead of leader Kim Jong Un’s second summit with President Donald Trump this week.

After weeks of silence about the summit in Vietnam, North Korea’s state news agency KCNA on Sunday announced Kim’s departure by train, en route to talks in which the two leaders aim to build on a commitment to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons, reached at their first meeting in Singapore in June.

KCNA later issued a commentary arguing that if Trump listened to skeptics at home, he could face a “shattered dream” and “miss the rare historic opportunity” to improve relations with North Korea.

“The Democratic Party of the U.S. and other opponents to the negotiations move overtly and covertly to disrupt them as supported by scepticism backed by all sorts of groundless stories and misinformation even at such a crucial moment as now,” said the commentary, which was released under the name Jong Hyon.

Trump’s opponents would bear the responsibility if the summit failed to achieve results, which would leave the U.S. people exposed to “security threats”, it said.

In some parts, the article appeared to echo Trump’s own recent talking points, which have blamed former President Barack Obama for taking the two countries to the brink of war.

Obama’s “strategic patience” policy was “the worst blunder”, KCNA said, arguing that Democrats’ scepticism of Trump was driven by a desire to cover up their failures.

“The Democratic Party seems not realizing itself lurching toward conservative, being lost to its own ‘authenticity’ at the end of getting indulged in opposition just for the sake of opposition,” the article said.

One U.S. government Korea analyst, who spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to speak publicly, said the commentary appeared aimed at softening Trump up ahead of the summit.

“If Kim facilitates Trump using the talk for domestic political gain, he probably thinks Trump will offer him more favorable terms,” the analyst said.

“If not offer more favorable terms, (Trump will) at least be less willing to walk away from the table. That would look like an admission that his critics were right all along.”

Rest here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-threats/chilling-the-atmosphere-north-korea-media-condemns-u-s-democrats-ahead-of-summit-idUSKCN1QD0AM

245e0d  No.5373259


is your butt sore?

dc36aa  No.5373260


ty anon

just help when i can. not an operating baker. if I baked I could not do the market stuff.

07d222  No.5373261


so we now have 3 hollywood anons???

cb8a9e  No.5373262

File: 8870599d475e22b⋯.png (882.71 KB, 3412x1168, 853:292, Q_T.png)

File: fd997798045437d⋯.mp4 (4.51 MB, 852x480, 71:40, special_North_Korea_17_mon….mp4)

My recents

0c551d  No.5373263


Already in notables anon….

7e00b4  No.5373264


no i've actually never seen one

but the ones i do like have a little blue dust on them

like extra magic

6e40a4  No.5373265

File: d186774c361498d⋯.jpeg (719.39 KB, 1242x1029, 414:343, 68FFC69C-165E-43D9-B22E-6….jpeg)

ba9ca2  No.5373266


Ah shit, sorry. I did not see that!

20e722  No.5373267

File: 78216c518f46752⋯.gif (12.24 MB, 400x400, 1:1, WWG1gif300framesAlpha.gif)


Got em'

okay, this is the best quality render yet.

300 frames

12.6 mb though…

6b165d  No.5373268


Take the risk.

60f7b2  No.5373269

File: 163f0be875a6845⋯.png (312.12 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 250E1D10-34EF-42AA-86E5-DC….png)

File: 5ecfb0ef8ff4c7c⋯.jpeg (591.06 KB, 828x1792, 207:448, 4ABDCEAB-2606-4EF5-BC26-F….jpeg)

File: f7b5971cc2bdbe5⋯.png (2.03 MB, 828x1792, 207:448, B84FB961-8673-4E59-813D-54….png)


Few Breads back was about weird CIA tweets… just say this article and Trevor was smack talking Mel Gibson with lots of Black Panther references… I don’t watch Hollywood junk or the Oscars so I don’t know what the Hell Gibson has to do with Black Panthers but I’m wondering if the CIA sleeper cells and Noah were up to something here… thoughts??


33fd58  No.5373270

If you have been trying to redpill someone, tell them to watch True Detective Season 3. Hollywood showing their ways in plain sight. Episode 7 they talk about elite pedophile rings with higher ups in society and public officials. Even show the symbol they use that is on FBI website and says they take runaways and foster kids. These people are sick.

If you have HBO they explain the rings around 22 minutes into the 7th episode.

60b541  No.5373272

File: dc67c5e87c8f018⋯.jpg (142.85 KB, 550x413, 550:413, 2019-02-25 01.26.10.jpg)

245e0d  No.5373273

05571f  No.5373274

File: a0b62333f53190f⋯.jpg (84.57 KB, 630x630, 1:1, BFYTW.jpg)


Way cool!

there is only one thing missing. Right in the middle between the letters and the hashtag….

6e40a4  No.5373275

File: f2f035858d80eeb⋯.jpeg (362.44 KB, 752x422, 376:211, 0E973D5B-1B05-4912-93C4-E….jpeg)

Now here is a little guy with some really Big Nuts…..fk

ab480c  No.5373276

File: 6d3e1b87706e16b⋯.png (192.84 KB, 515x297, 515:297, ASEOP FABLES never trust y….png)



"Never Trust Your Enemy's"

e86ca9  No.5373277

File: f64cbf714360c6a⋯.jpeg (278.2 KB, 466x700, 233:350, 212FB360-A571-4BCF-BEFF-6….jpeg)

56948b  No.5373278

File: 34edb30dfb91d59⋯.jpg (800.51 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Annn.jpg)

Any anons wanna recommend any q proofs that require better visual proofs?

I'm going to spend a few ours getting whatever I can simple as possible for libtards to start taking their pills

07d222  No.5373279


dust? you mean bruising

0833e5  No.5373280

File: 148487fd58600c2⋯.jpg (68.38 KB, 822x503, 822:503, downloadfile-5_1_1.jpg)

865adf  No.5373281

File: 9254247f9af557d⋯.jpeg (335.82 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 61898A1A-BEE2-4733-B777-E….jpeg)


You just wasted space on this board

Go fuck yourself

265364  No.5373282

File: 96a0694ee1ad42a⋯.jpg (419.38 KB, 1200x1487, 1200:1487, St Michael Prayer Card.jpg)

7e00b4  No.5373283

File: 48a0e3ea5c81a7e⋯.png (354.38 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


like this

21b5ec  No.5373284

File: c7711ab48ef16ea⋯.png (360.5 KB, 1086x720, 181:120, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4734e8ad4a433d7⋯.png (317.1 KB, 1703x1163, 1703:1163, ClipboardImage.png)



>>5373143 (lb)

>5372615, >>5372710 AOC listed phone is/was same as Kevin J Casey



Was here digging that the last (first) time it was posted.

The number has been the same at AOC office since predecessor

Kevin Casey was a staffer then

a9b5d4  No.5373285


anyone wanna second this removal

6e40a4  No.5373286


slow it down

89991f  No.5373287

File: d3401ffd73d2a58⋯.jpeg (85.75 KB, 450x500, 9:10, 06B587F3-8425-4B73-8853-8….jpeg)

a9b5d4  No.5373288




praise kek

6292da  No.5373289

File: 9e43ee14cb170bf⋯.jpg (347.41 KB, 1200x1798, 600:899, PicsArt_02-24-05.33.53.jpg)

cc5133  No.5373290

File: 8246a39853bac81⋯.jpeg (235.66 KB, 1766x1197, 1766:1197, 7C4F91C7-1EE3-4ADE-A016-A….jpeg)

File: 29cc368f43fe865⋯.jpeg (231.14 KB, 1055x754, 1055:754, 46F96BAD-B518-4D79-8612-A….jpeg)

File: bd68ae9261cd8a3⋯.jpeg (129.37 KB, 715x476, 715:476, C4D03E95-CB9B-407D-BFC5-4….jpeg)

dc36aa  No.5373291


you would know all about that.

get a new picture ballsucker

9d6f5a  No.5373292

a9b5d4  No.5373293

File: e9df838ac90feb4⋯.png (375.25 KB, 700x512, 175:128, dacB.png)




updated dat dough


c4c7a6  No.5373294

File: 7065def958dd985⋯.png (557.4 KB, 634x405, 634:405, ClipboardImage.png)


Q-size bewbs. TQB. I will try not to shitpost so much this bread.

97fc3c  No.5373295

File: 2ac37ade209940c⋯.mp4 (5.08 MB, 640x480, 4:3, QNN-GowdyTribunals-typosfi….mp4)

Click to Play - QNN Trey Gowdy talks accountability and tribunals

f8e9d4  No.5373296

File: 16fc780a4880a8b⋯.jpg (255.33 KB, 1600x869, 1600:869, kitchenishot.jpg)

9afebd  No.5373297

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

20e722  No.5373298


Slowing it down anymore makes it choppy. it's at the maximum frames already.

56948b  No.5373299


Maher = Ass

Anon = Fox

MSM = Lion


0833e5  No.5373300

File: 7269620156892b8⋯.jpg (61.23 KB, 500x494, 250:247, 2tuz0m_1.jpg)

954363  No.5373301

File: cf4285c941702a2⋯.png (445.85 KB, 835x641, 835:641, Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at ….png)

File: 3f62139bca79f84⋯.png (141.92 KB, 785x565, 157:113, Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at ….png)

FYI, /pol/'s digging on Natacha Jaitt



Sports Club abuse of minors (exposed by Jaitt) 2018


Re:Natasha Jaitt Discusses Pedo Networks (Newell's Old Boys)


Jaitt accused Pope's friend Gustavo Vera of minor sex trafficking.

A coroner determined on Saturday that Jaitt died of multi-organ failure; her body showed no signs of violence.

Argentine media is following the case closely, given Jaitt’s record of controversy, which included work in prostitution, pornography, and television. Her credibility has often been questioned.

[regarding her appearance on the talk show (above)]

Martin M. Barillas Martin M. Barillas Follow Martin

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NEWSCATHOLIC CHURCHSat Feb 23, 2019 - 6:41 pm EST

Argentine prostitute who accused Pope’s friend of complicity in child sex trafficking found dead

Child Sex Abuse, Pope Francis, Sex Trafficking

BUENOS AIRES, February 23, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Natacha Jaitt, an Argentine media celebrity who had accused Gustavo Vera, a friend of Pope Francis, of sex crimes, was found dead during the pre-dawn hours on Saturday at a resort near Buenos Aires.

Jaitt tweeted in October that Vera was Pope Francis’ “accomplice.” She wrote: “Justo Gustavo Vera, is a pimp, sex-trafficker, and accomplice of the Pope and, as I predicted, was tried for misappropriation of funds at Alameda and other illegal acts. God will do what is just, someday. Amen.”

Justo Gustavo Vera , el proxeneta, tratante, cómplice del papa y como anticipé y pasó, procesado por apropiación de la Alameda y otras aotrocidades ilegales. Di/os en algún momento hará justicia, amén. ���� https://t.co/gip0DJuyU3

— Natacha Jaitt (@NatachaJaitt) October 1, 2018

Police arrived at the Xanadu event complex near the capital of Argentina, where Jaitt was found unresponsive in bed. After her death was confirmed, police began investigating. A coroner determined on Saturday that Jaitt died of multi-organ failure; her body showed no signs of violence. She was a widow and mother of two children.

Argentine media is following the case closely, given Jaitt’s record of controversy, which included work in prostitution, pornography, and television. Her credibility has often been questioned. Controversy has swirled around Jaitt, ever since she made startling claims about Pope Francis and his friend, Gustavo Vera – a former Peronist politician who operates the nonprofit Alamada human rights organization.

Vera has attended various conferences at the Vatican, including one that dealt with child sex trafficking.

Despite making claims against Vera and Pope Francis, Jaitt could not offer any proof during an appearance on the popular “Lunch with Mirtha Legrand” talk-show in April 2018. She accused Vera, who was frequently photographed with Pope Francis while he was still Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio, of involvement in a child sex-trafficking ring operating in junior division soccer clubs in the South American republic. Jaitt told a guest “[Vera] is also a pedophile. It is a case that they had me investigate; he managed brothels, and hung out with prostitutes.”

Jaitt clashed with the other guests on the talk show, two of whom were journalists, who disputed her claims. Mercedes Ninci, a journalist who said she is Vera’s friend, denied Jait’s accusation and said that Vera’s conduct is “impeccable” and that he has worked for years with his nonprofit Alameda to stop sex trafficking. Jaitt claimed that she investigated child sex trafficking and found evidence of impoverished boys being forced to commit sex acts by soccer club officials in exchange for cleats and uniforms.

Last year, after her appearance on Mirtha Legrand’s talk show and the resulting controversy over her accusations against Vera, Jaitt tweeted, “Notice: I will not commit suicide. I won’t be bought off or drown in a bath tub, nor will I shoot myself in the head. So, if that happens: I wasn’t me. Save this tweet.”

Ninci, a journalist, challenged Jaitt’s credibility and said, “People know who Natacha Jaitt is and who I am. People know what my work is but don’t know what her work is.” Jaitt replied, “I’m a prostitute. Do you have a problem with that?” adding, “You are a disaster and an imposter. Keep looking in the trash!” Jaitt then accused Pope Francis of having “saved” a clergyman from accusations of pedophilia and sending him to manage a shelter for disadvantaged boys “who can’t make complaints.”


d0c8d3  No.5373302

File: d7b6c465a3b88e4⋯.png (373.08 KB, 621x397, 621:397, ClipboardImage.png)

Hopefully they killed themselves

6e40a4  No.5373303


Brave enough to put them in my hand?

21b5ec  No.5373304

File: 8013a58a956dbdc⋯.png (471.68 KB, 581x1334, 581:1334, ClipboardImage.png)

5e59d8  No.5373305

0db27b  No.5373306

File: 9ce6e120b415e67⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1040, 24:13, mpv-shot0003.png)

File: 5dcb632be59d893⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1920x1040, 24:13, mpv-shot0004.png)


ab480c  No.5373307


Is all the garbled static dominating the sound a special effect?

07d222  No.5373308


very nice, yes psilocin oxidized turns blue, very healthy,potent

4bd10e  No.5373309


it was time for their mothers to lock them in the basement, safe for the night.

dc36aa  No.5373310

File: a4e5b6bb01774ec⋯.jpg (12.48 KB, 255x173, 255:173, Pepe breaking Stock market….jpg)

File: 805afffcca140bb⋯.png (11.73 KB, 273x382, 273:382, 022519 Europe.PNG)

File: 805afffcca140bb⋯.png (11.73 KB, 273x382, 273:382, 022519 Europe.PNG)

File: c471d39b06955dd⋯.png (29.38 KB, 576x488, 72:61, 022519 US WTI crude.PNG)

WW markets

Live Gold Price


(Will close in 14 hrs. 33 mins.)

Feb 25, 2019 02:26 NY Time

US Dollar



High: 1,332.30Low: 1,328.40

+0.60 +0.05%



108c94  No.5373311

File: 7377fadaa3cfebb⋯.jpeg (286.21 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, WeDidntGetKilled.jpeg)

File: 02d9e4ff7f3c8b9⋯.jpg (9.46 KB, 602x423, 602:423, images.jpeg-18.jpg)

File: 84769a69a71ae26⋯.png (162.59 KB, 433x440, 433:440, jrpep.png)

f00553  No.5373312

File: 07e76632f1dcbf1⋯.png (149.29 KB, 492x546, 82:91, NJ.png)


>Natacha Jaitt

Funny her info hasn't been updated

dc36aa  No.5373313

File: 9386a34141066a1⋯.png (12.82 KB, 292x390, 146:195, 022519 Asia 1.PNG)


this should be cap 3

217136  No.5373314


I wonder what info Q has on bitcoin . Was it organic or another form of monetary control by the usual suspects

8681bd  No.5373315


5x5 here

0833e5  No.5373316

File: 24e55479eb96a65⋯.jpg (110.43 KB, 1024x790, 512:395, downloadfile-52.jpg)


07d222  No.5373317


crystal clear

97fc3c  No.5373318


I don't hear garbled?

464f3d  No.5373319

File: 1247ded5d098c64⋯.png (727.87 KB, 799x500, 799:500, 1551080106852.png)

Learn how to play.

Might want to get a new device now.

8e51b9  No.5373320


which part of the movie are we watching now?

89991f  No.5373321

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f00553  No.5373322



ab480c  No.5373323


Her death here pretty much nail's the journalist pedo pawn and motive for it's slithering attack on her revelations. This journalist should be tarred and feathered.

c4c7a6  No.5373324

File: da67b519fdb2ba3⋯.png (249.82 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)

f027d8  No.5373325

File: 5912cfdec6275fa⋯.jpg (65.55 KB, 610x692, 305:346, Screenshot_124.jpg)

File: cfe0c09443e2e3f⋯.jpg (173.17 KB, 1086x723, 362:241, Screenshot_125.jpg)

108c94  No.5373327


The part where all the retards talk trash right before they get Q'd!

56948b  No.5373328


The creator of bitcoin is surrounded by mystery… No one can 100% say it was created by Satoshi Nakamoto alone. Again we gotta look at the facts, so far the old world has always attacked it, now they try to copy it, next they'll want to ban it. My spider senses tell me it's organic but I have no facts

217136  No.5373329

File: bfa5684fea47499⋯.jpg (253.45 KB, 1104x605, 1104:605, IMG_0752.jpg)

i bet he knows some dark shit

f00553  No.5373330


Pics I hope

108c94  No.5373332


Old world attacked central banks too even though they were behind it.

7e00b4  No.5373333


he'd make a good white rabbit

9ceced  No.5373334

Someone didn't get their clown payout


459aea  No.5373335


Be careful who you make an alliance with,

they serve their own interests, not yours.

20e722  No.5373336


kek, this is great watching it in video form…

265364  No.5373337


Spike Lee?

7e00b4  No.5373338

it's SANyo, TOshiba, NAKAmichi, MOTOrola

pretty simple and right in our faces

ab480c  No.5373339

108c94  No.5373341

File: 3fe794079c1b552⋯.jpg (17.05 KB, 535x574, 535:574, images.jpeg-9.jpg)

File: 2766133be2a82f9⋯.jpg (31.76 KB, 639x480, 213:160, images.jpeg-15.jpg)


This part! Soon the next part

56948b  No.5373342


Yeah this is their mo… If it was organic they'd be quick to adopt/control/corrupt it….

07d222  No.5373343




0833e5  No.5373344

File: 231920896f96bbb⋯.jpg (74.09 KB, 533x800, 533:800, downloadfile-74.jpg)

Anons would you hit it ??

7e00b4  No.5373345


broke the first name


f26270  No.5373346


>2 Kings 3:26

That would be a great analogy, but you are incorrect. the Israelites actually defeated the Moabites, and went home. It was Moab's allies that "fled."

Here is the context, (Amplified Version)

24 But when they came to the camp of Israel, the Israelites rose up and smote the Moabites, so that they fled before them. And they went forward, slaying the Moabites as they went.

25 They beat down the cities [walls], and on every good piece of land every man cast a stone, covering it [with stones]. And they stopped all the springs of water and felled all the good trees, until only the stones [of the walls of Moab’s capital city] of Kir-hareseth were left standing, and the slingers surrounded and took it.

26 And when the king of Moab saw that the battle was against him, he took with him 700 swordsmen to break through to the king of Edom, but they could not.

27 Then he [Moab’s king] took his eldest son, who was to reign in his stead, and offered him for a burnt offering on the wall [in full view of the horrified enemy kings]. And there was great indignation, wrath, and bitterness against Israel; and they [Moab's allies Judah and Edom] withdrew from [Joram] and returned to their own land.

c4c7a6  No.5373347


"and a blow to our reputation of being 'open for business,'"

217136  No.5373348


yeah ive been following it for a while, I hear pretty much silicone valley manipulates tf out of it, not to mention the shady buisness going on with censorship and the core developers the tech behind it has a lot of potential .

i wonder if anyone has thought to post Q drops, info on a blockchain to preserve it forever incase bad actors try to wipe it .

0db27b  No.5373349

File: 73e63d408d08a5e⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1040, 24:13, mpv-shot0008.png)

Think MYRR0R


hurt goy

assorted flavors

a9b5d4  No.5373350

File: ae813b4d755c3c4⋯.png (97.85 KB, 778x647, 778:647, wanda.png)

217136  No.5373351


with no rubber

89991f  No.5373352

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Which reminds me of this my fren:

20e722  No.5373353

File: 5376e9350820170⋯.gif (11.73 MB, 400x400, 1:1, WWG1gif300framesAlphapepke….gif)

Just adding a few things to it.

Original work is from another anon.

I was just trying to make it smoother.

With that success, this may or may not be better.

89991f  No.5373354

File: fe4f2b543371953⋯.jpeg (163.35 KB, 520x347, 520:347, EAD4379C-4167-4F22-BE86-4….jpeg)

07d222  No.5373355

so why is potus schedule twitter gone?

56948b  No.5373357


I would have absolutely no idea how to help do that.

285a7f  No.5373358

File: 2ec085f3f9b701a⋯.jpg (194.46 KB, 880x440, 2:1, wallsnotwork.jpg)

>>5372652 (pb)

It's good, but still very manual. The maps of qmap.pub produce some interesting results but I don't find them totally coherent.

What is really needed I think is some kind of learning system that can collect (public domain) events on a large scale and then correlate them, flagging events that might otherwise seem unrelated, such as tweets, FB posts and news articles.

(pic related to use with your libtard alter-ego)

6e40a4  No.5373359

Got the red text out of your system for a while now Freddie?

Feel better?

f8e9d4  No.5373360

File: 769c789ce155aad⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1130x1476, 565:738, qnewsbees.png)

0833e5  No.5373361



Why are you suicidal?

dc36aa  No.5373362

File: b5b18ac3dab495b⋯.jpg (100.09 KB, 960x960, 1:1, economist cover.jpg)


can't speak to what boss knows-and they know it all but imo it started out as a control tool. It was monetized just before the executive orders were signed in dec 2017. It was then able to be traded as a commodity on the COMES via the options market. It never saw the highs it had shortly after that habbened.

I think it started out bad but then control was taken from those bad actors.

It has been planned for many decades. This magazine cover from 1988 sort of tells the tale. It is owned by the rothy family.

My theory is that Satoshi Nakamoto is actually Alana Greenspan under a pseudonym. Just speculation. Look into what transpired with the original exchange called Mt. Gox0it was a shit-show. Lots of coins 'lost' when it folded.

07d222  No.5373363


much better than the one I saw earlier

c4c7a6  No.5373364


Some on holochain has been posted but it hasn't caught Anon's attention much yet. Holochain is the foundation for applying what is essentially the D-wave version of Blockchain.

245e0d  No.5373365

File: 24ab0b8335a5f51⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 237x238, 237:238, 1515456280934.gif)


fyi you could probably do that with 1/2 the jap names out there against their companies and get a match

dc36aa  No.5373366

File: 607db3e0d904879⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Slider.jpg)

e3c084  No.5373367

File: 633a30b0b447586⋯.png (341.64 KB, 900x994, 450:497, QDrop59.png)


Vid @0:04

>"..59 governors, think of that…

>but we actually have, we added a few from the islands so we broke it down to 49.

>But we love to exaggerate just a little bit."

Q drop 59: SA, MSM, Twitter censorship.

>"We are fully prepared that all social media will be shut down to prevent the spread of this information (i.e. POTUS' Twitter etc. and/or mass censoring)."

d0c8d3  No.5373368


I'd run out of dick before I got in either hole

07d222  No.5373369


because I'm crazy but that doesn't answer the question! or maybe because I get stupid answers like yours. Is it working for you?

0833e5  No.5373370

File: 9961dbd4162384d⋯.jpg (64.9 KB, 500x657, 500:657, 2uhqag_1.jpg)

dc4932  No.5373371



4bf832  No.5373372

File: 47c514d7eade154⋯.png (702.45 KB, 680x596, 170:149, BonfirePepe.png)

6e40a4  No.5373373


How does she wipe?

Doubt she has the reach…..UGH

7e00b4  No.5373374


it is a common practice in japan

ab480c  No.5373375



Your right. I just played a YT and it's experiencing the same problem. Looks like my sound system is the problem. Now why would a brand new puter's sound system go haywire like this?

2b9717  No.5373376


Spike Lee

Sidney Lanfield

Sergio Leone

Shawn Levy

Sidney Lumet

89991f  No.5373377

File: 3d947c81650346d⋯.jpeg (221.07 KB, 500x505, 100:101, 3EAC7726-81A6-4D7D-BBFB-8….jpeg)

2cad52  No.5373378

File: 890d59b30f83584⋯.jpeg (65.07 KB, 539x674, 539:674, AAM Black Rape Stats.jpeg)

File: 005d501500abaf3⋯.jpg (120.14 KB, 735x948, 245:316, AAM Black Niggers Sad But ….jpg)

464f3d  No.5373380

File: efeb5971079c920⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1877x864, 1877:864, 1533680355125.png)

File: 6e5749e959d6d49⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 1534047739803.jpg)


MC knows.

He went from victim to handler.

7e00b4  No.5373381


yes, satoshi nakamoto

97fc3c  No.5373382


maybe you just need a restart

c3df45  No.5373383

File: f604f7bb2fdfdae⋯.jpg (243.73 KB, 746x1002, 373:501, trial_Feb25 - Copy.jpg)

File: a07cf6c8ad93aed⋯.jpg (32.43 KB, 437x221, 437:221, post651 - Copy.jpg)

File: 22fd575763d0716⋯.jpg (72.92 KB, 543x510, 181:170, post660 - Copy.jpg)

Just a reminder for you anons-

Remember the garbage truck on train tracks incident January 2018? Well the 3 day trial starts February 25 (TODAY).


2cad52  No.5373384

File: c8c36bbf7f22430⋯.png (346.74 KB, 507x640, 507:640, AAM 1 Useless Stars, Pols ….png)

07d222  No.5373385


wiggle the wire with the green plug

217136  No.5373386



hes on fire tonight

89991f  No.5373387

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cb3ccc  No.5373388


Hardware tech guy 101. Hard boot. Kek!

0db27b  No.5373389

File: 1b77d56ef8cf3c3⋯.png (556.8 KB, 870x705, 58:47, theopheonixgreyblockpizza.png)

192e40  No.5373390


Very nice.

2cad52  No.5373391

File: 41e3096b734947e⋯.png (172.11 KB, 489x332, 489:332, Pedo Strange Fruit.png)

0833e5  No.5373392

File: be193399a63ccbb⋯.jpg (24.09 KB, 300x312, 25:26, downloadfile-22_1.jpg)

2adac8  No.5373393

File: 9528cd51f43b049⋯.jpg (157.66 KB, 1242x687, 414:229, IMG_20190225_003906_097.jpg)

7e00b4  No.5373394

File: 34f4d0524f4f812⋯.png (163.82 KB, 472x293, 472:293, ClipboardImage.png)


she doesnt

she's the real cheesecake factory

87e1bc  No.5373395

File: 9f52729f79bfa84⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1136x852, 4:3, Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at ….png)

File: a5d8cf99b4e447e⋯.png (40.53 KB, 760x314, 380:157, Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at ….png)

File: 9f0f96968b2f7cc⋯.png (67.13 KB, 902x548, 451:274, Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at ….png)

pic from@interior had an Emergency alert link on their page..unusual? haven't seen this before..

89f3cb  No.5373396

File: 43a59c6c8d6a01e⋯.png (787.9 KB, 551x960, 551:960, ClipboardImage.png)

97cd65  No.5373397


> bitcoin



4 Reasons to Believe the Deep State (or the NSA) Created Bitcoin


SHA-256 is the secure hashing algorithm which is an essential part of Bitcoin’s architecture. It is an NSA hash function algorithm first published in 2001.



The Deep State would want cryptocurrency to exist. As Bitcoin’s critics like to say, it’s something perfect for organizations that have clandestine operations (like the CIA is known to have).

It’s a way for the Deep State to have a financial infrastructure outside the watchful gaze and control of institutional finance on Wall Street or any other banks on the planet.


Crypto makes it easier for the Deep State to hide what it’s doing, but it also makes it easier for them to see what criminals are doing.


cb3ccc  No.5373398


But, anon, if he inadvertently connects it against the black wire, the grounding will trigger the Mothenstein Effect, creating a wormhole and swallowing half the planet!

70c024  No.5373399

File: 9b99bcad3fd6829⋯.jpg (134.5 KB, 507x1050, 169:350, 1.jpg)

Kim Jong Un’s bodyguards arrive in Hanoi on Air Koryo IL-76 cargo plane


1c2e35  No.5373400

File: c9d4ccf3bca3529⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

0833e5  No.5373402

File: 9ec5807f3ee85bd⋯.jpeg (42.34 KB, 520x467, 520:467, 7a867aafd747a92629f3b9dd0….jpeg)

89f3cb  No.5373403

File: c4eea95e693c94d⋯.png (651.88 KB, 588x960, 49:80, sunny_butthole.png)

c4c7a6  No.5373404


S t r a n g e is what the ppl at Sodom were in trouble for going after. Gettin some that you shouldn't know still called strange to this day.

Jude 1:7

8e51b9  No.5373405


Focus Anon, focus… dig, meme pray… dont lose focus at any time


2cad52  No.5373406

File: f2812e82aaaf245⋯.png (896.41 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, _R Lady Of The Lake 2.png)

21b5ec  No.5373407

File: efc424ec7a0359d⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1912x1219, 1912:1219, ClipboardImage.png)

2cad52  No.5373408

File: ed74b8efe95321a⋯.png (145.3 KB, 496x654, 248:327, Pepe Benis.png)


Hubba Hubba!!!

6e40a4  No.5373409

File: ae74272216b6ca3⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x917, 1242:917, CB9C41FA-5163-4336-9933-5….jpeg)

459aea  No.5373410


John 8:44 Jesus said to them:

"You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

2cad52  No.5373411

File: b70aab4a1077975⋯.jpg (61.52 KB, 564x810, 94:135, AAM 2 Really Bad Day.jpg)

07d222  No.5373412


but that's not a proper push up

0833e5  No.5373413

File: 5b29169a41195b0⋯.jpg (103.53 KB, 770x1062, 385:531, fonds-ecran-images-sexy-fe….jpg)




Welcome to America.

2e27b0  No.5373414


There is too big of a learning curve for some anons.

#1 Israel and Judah were two separate nations at the time of this war.

#2 Israel totally kicked Moab's hind end

#3 Moab's king did a horrific and blasphemous thing (offering his son as a sacrifice,)

#4 His allies forsook him (and the 700 soldiers he had left.)

#5 Judah was one of his allies, and they were horrified at the King of

Moab's barbaric act, forsook him, and fled (because they weren't about to be allied with anyone who did such despicable things.)

#6 Even Edom (descendant's of Jacob's brother Esau) though pagans themselves, were sickened by the sacrifice of the king's son, and took off.



This guy must have just read a Bible for the first time today…


Read Moar, Lurk Moar.

0f69a2  No.5373415


Redwoods, Northern Cal

Bohemian Grove maybe. A subtle connecting the dots…

8e51b9  No.5373416

Holy shit anons, it's totally happening here. If anyone watched Eyes Wide Shut, this is almost straight from the movie.

VIP prostitute goes to parties and fucks important people

she turns on them and exposes their PEDOPHILE rings

politicians, artists and the media all involved

turns out they bought young children from sports clubs

set to testify against them in the trial

she tweets a year ago that she will not kill herself, so if she appears dead, it was (((them)))

(TODAY) she appears dead, "drug overdose"

her naked-dead pictures are leaked by the people she accused

journalists involved literally posting how happy they are

This is some satanic masonic shit right here. What the fuck do we do?

The day she blew the lid:


The pedophile ring she exposed:


Her tweet:


The people she also accused (incl. politicians, artists, the media, the church)


Pope Francis involved:



Jewish media involved:


Journalist celebrating her death:


People she accused leaked her dead pictures:


"What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face." - Former CIA director and Cercle member William Colby giving advice to his friend senator John DeCamp, urging to quit his investigations into the Franklin child abuse affair and to write a book about his experiences (The Franklin Coverup, 2nd edition, foreword).

The thread (NSFW):




Archives translated to English via google chrome

The day she blew the lid


The pedophile ring she exposed




The people she accused


Pope Francis being involved



Jewish Media Involved


Journalist celebrating her death


People she accused leaked her dead pictures


8chan thread (NSFW):


2cad52  No.5373417

File: 2494f540512163e⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, _00 Red Godess.png)

20e722  No.5373418

File: 6af4112a1e0d5c4⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 300x300, 1:1, q.gif)

just for fun

d7dfc2  No.5373419


Metadubs Status: Chekt

dc36aa  No.5373420

File: aed1f7b8a775145⋯.jpg (104.97 KB, 650x650, 1:1, Real Patriot Indian.jpg)

87e1bc  No.5373421


Alert says "Be Prepared" I don't remember seeing it on their before

7e00b4  No.5373422

File: 98f98b70eeb7ec2⋯.png (339.66 KB, 601x565, 601:565, ClipboardImage.png)


seems interesting but all the articles are in some strange moon language

cb3ccc  No.5373423


You know, this is smokin hot. I really liked it the first time I saw it and my appreciation for the… um… artistry of it just grows and grows. My. Oh. My.

5f7a9e  No.5373425

File: f42842d5bccdddb⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 907ebd797d641f21552a86f545….jpg)

a9b5d4  No.5373426


>>5373295 Q News Network broadcast on Trey Gowdy 'Tribunals'

>>5373325 P&L tshirts of POTUS and KJU

>>5373383 garbage truck on train tracks incident 3 day trial starts today

>>5373253, >>5373367 POTUS at Governor's Ball (video), possible crumbs

dc36aa  No.5373427


after the bullshit with Mt Gox would not touch it.

21m coins 'lost'. No thanks.

BC tech has a place for sure just not in it's present form.

0c551d  No.5373428

File: b06459bfcb7dc6a⋯.png (39.14 KB, 698x339, 698:339, Screenshot_2019-02-25 Dona….png)

See this earlier?

6292da  No.5373429

File: 494e5b48324cce9⋯.jpg (959.11 KB, 2743x1910, 2743:1910, PicsArt_02-25-03.00.53.jpg)

2cad52  No.5373430

File: c1ca5a6760aab7f⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 620x856, 155:214, Toon KotH Dale.jpg)

dc36aa  No.5373431



cb3ccc  No.5373432


Some people saw it 5 years ago. I did not. Just like earlier today for the first time.

0833e5  No.5373433

File: 9a606b5afd0e404⋯.jpg (59 KB, 500x435, 100:87, 2tvllu_1.jpg)

Love you President Trump…. Hardest working president in US history.

8ee1b2  No.5373434

File: 9055c4273b98e30⋯.png (261.32 KB, 1021x951, 1021:951, ClipboardImage.png)


Bullshit tweets

6d3210  No.5373435

File: b8032093036664e⋯.png (1.23 MB, 965x711, 965:711, Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at ….png)


03bb57  No.5373436

File: 528ad0447c56e0c⋯.png (270.55 KB, 1146x573, 2:1, wwg1wga-team.png)

5f2f2c  No.5373437


re:#3 Black ops do not need something like crypto.

They just use hawala banking, especially Saudi money. No trace of money movement outside of "need to know" context.

70c024  No.5373438

File: 7dd0e3092f2d063⋯.jpg (167.41 KB, 501x1325, 501:1325, 1.jpg)

Viasat and Facebook expand rural internet in Mexico


2cad52  No.5373439

File: 9d37c8642106e0d⋯.png (543.61 KB, 819x746, 819:746, AAM Pol Tr FLOTUS with POT….png)

2e27b0  No.5373440


Not if he has a quintuple-core, superHD, audio graphics card…

The Mothenstein Effect would be counteracted by the controlled implosion of his RedTooth earphones.

I see only a small crater resulting.

888566  No.5373441

File: b8527106e1e088c⋯.png (571.02 KB, 729x593, 729:593, Foreign voters.png)

File: 5fd35faf87ae65d⋯.png (537.42 KB, 839x841, 839:841, Trump wants more immigrant….png)

Why does Trump want more immigrants if they all vote democrat? Are we fucked?

c4c7a6  No.5373442

File: 7061f7ab76ab709⋯.png (154.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Qfiles.png)


Member when it came out they called it Libre?

So the Libre algorithm is set up exactly the way human-based SSN values (the global irreplaceable values of live births the DTCC trade on) and this is also the way holochain is set up, and exactly the way holochain is set up - users serving users. In combination with the digital representations each live birth human has (D-wave's Kindred program) the cabal is able to prognosticate the live human value markets. Decision-making on the markets can be driven then (and no doubt are driven) by manipulating the value of human lives by altering circumstances, preconditioning towards outcomes, etc. I really get the sense this all ties together to form an integral part of the web for the Nephilim/Nimrod World Order. Satan has to have a fake omniscience and omnipresence and these (along with Cern projects and Space projects) would be a way to erect those constructs.



0833e5  No.5373443


Diablo Slider…..epic

840bc7  No.5373444

If Bill Maher is still on tv post 2020 election I’m #walkingaway

b95d7c  No.5373445


Does it talk about the 13k years cycles?

6e40a4  No.5373446

File: c49e9c872979bdc⋯.jpeg (675.34 KB, 1075x814, 1075:814, 3FB29B7B-2109-46AA-BC9A-7….jpeg)

9fbae5  No.5373447


Polanski almost looks like George W Bush, kek

with Alfred E Newman( mad magazine) type hair, kek

f027d8  No.5373448

File: d968eaf05e63954⋯.jpg (64.59 KB, 739x216, 739:216, Screenshot_129.jpg)

File: 178a2a4dc9d3b12⋯.jpg (94.75 KB, 719x384, 719:384, Screenshot_128.jpg)

File: f82bc36c87abb9d⋯.jpg (175.59 KB, 745x732, 745:732, Screenshot_127.jpg)

File: 0a254dbeb2d2772⋯.jpg (186.63 KB, 759x809, 759:809, Screenshot_126.jpg)


9afebd  No.5373449

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

"They are on their to Rome

Countless slaves to go to war

And they are fighting not alone

On their way so confident

They are carrying missile and spear

The desperation disappeared

And victory is near

In the sea of blood and bones

Sands of time stand still

Dying on the dirty road

Spartacus has come to kill"

2cad52  No.5373450

File: 0c7110908acab16⋯.jpg (69.16 KB, 470x584, 235:292, AAM Pol Tr Everyone Agains….jpg)


I know, I love that pic. The very epitome of style and class.

a9b5d4  No.5373451

baker here

slow bread

lets speed it up

we've been doing 'dig into your stash and post old school dank memes, potus', pepe's' you havent posted in a while

maybe add some music, DJ this bread, post some tunes

dc36aa  No.5373452

File: 0daac84a83651ca⋯.png (218.92 KB, 678x394, 339:197, 022519 Iran test.PNG)

Watch Deep-Sea Iranian Sub Carry Out First Cruise Missile Test-Launch

Yesterday, we published some commentary written by author Steven Metz where he argued that a US-orchestrated military

As RT reported Sunday, an Iranian submarine successfully carried out its first cruise missile deep-sea launch during a naval drill in the waters south of Iran. The drill was interpreted as a warning to the US following the return of US aircraft carriers to the region after a long absence, but it also took place within the context of wider Iranian naval drills in the Gulf, Strait of Hormuz and Sea of Oman.

Iranian Navy commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi told local media on Sunday that a Ghadir-class sub fired an anti-ship cruise missile from underwater for the first time earlier in the day.

Clips of the launch were circulated to Iranian television. Intervention in Iran would be "one of the worst blunders in American history."

And while Venezuela has continued to attract most of the media attention and speculation that the US could launch a full-scale proxy civil war in that country as it seeks to oust the Maduro regime (using any tools necessary, including a false flag attack, to justify the incursion), thousands of miles away in the Persian Gulf, tensions between the US and Iran are quietly escalating.

Clips of the launch were circulated to Iranian television.

Persian Gulf War Games: Iran Successfully Fires Missile from Submarine for First Time pic.twitter.com/XQipaMvWuy

— Fars News Agency (@EnglishFars) February 24, 2019

Iranian Navy Drills in High Seas pic.twitter.com/Obcy08lxt0

— Fars News Agency (@EnglishFars) February 24, 2019

The launch was part of Iran's "Veleyat-97" naval exercises, a series of war games that are taking place in the area around the Gulf.

Here's more from RT:

It happened during the ongoing large-scale naval drill, ‘Veleyat-97.’ The war games are taking place in the area from the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz to the Sea of Oman and the northern parts of the Indian Ocean. The navy fired numerous cruise missiles from ships and coastal ground-based systems during the exercise. Tehran used the drill to showcase its newest frigate, ‘Sahand,’ and its Fateh-class submarines that military officials say can also carry cruise missiles.

The massive naval maneuvers are being staged amid heightened tensions between Iran and the US. In December, the Pentagon deployed its nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS ‘John C. Stennis’ to the Persian Gulf. It became the first American warship of its type to cross the Strait of Hormuz since US President Donald Trump unilaterally pulled the nation out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear program last year.

As we said on Saturday, expect tensions between the two countries to continue to escalate as the US nears a decision on whether to extend, or end, the waivers on Iranian crude sanctions.


87e1bc  No.5373453


If you click on link in pic, takes you to the main site. History is given, Endor Star of moon, return of the Jedi was filmed there, says you might see an Ewok, looked real quick on wiki, too tired..gotta sleep. interesting

0833e5  No.5373454

File: a74b89b0c293da9⋯.png (480.77 KB, 750x562, 375:281, downloadfile-19.png)

Smithsonian institute has hidden past history.

ab480c  No.5373455



Your right. Reboot ed… sound is back to normal.

89f3cb  No.5373456

File: 781df32566fd7ba⋯.jpg (38.06 KB, 540x380, 27:19, 24993267.jpg)

840bc7  No.5373457

File: 71c01bda60aa762⋯.jpeg (20.89 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 2465CA03-6AE4-469B-ADDF-A….jpeg)


Self tripping

a9b5d4  No.5373458

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is where i wanna be

right here with my anons

888566  No.5373459


I hope Iran wipes Israel off the face of the earth.

07d222  No.5373460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


whatever, dont bitch about my post count then

Shadilay Metal Cover (English)

c4c7a6  No.5373461

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


For listening pleasures.

5597e2  No.5373463

File: dd0fe65040feb1b⋯.png (98.92 KB, 1197x772, 1197:772, buy_OR_sell_NOT.png)



The ENFORCER /\ mandatOR of "This GREED SYSTEM,"

->will prove "FUTURE Proves PAST!"


noticed MSM indicates (((this))) is SO GOOD.

cb3ccc  No.5373464


(sigh) It's just. So. Risky. So very risky, anon. But… dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor not a theoretical physicist. Just tell (op) to be careful and that the fate of humanity may rest in his sweaty little hands.

6e40a4  No.5373465

File: 8e6a0329e3c3e7f⋯.jpeg (736.4 KB, 1242x1235, 1242:1235, 82EF5A7C-90E4-4CC1-8809-8….jpeg)

File: f2a182476d51281⋯.jpeg (128.11 KB, 455x425, 91:85, C651FA78-7FF9-4D9B-8151-3….jpeg)

File: b27089a8b58bbe2⋯.jpeg (294.8 KB, 822x640, 411:320, 5DFEA15F-B7B5-4569-BBCD-8….jpeg)

07d222  No.5373466

File: 202122af5d3bd7b⋯.jpeg (53.29 KB, 300x420, 5:7, baker girl bikini.jpeg)

89f3cb  No.5373467

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

M Pike - Gold Life

97fc3c  No.5373468


cool. reboot seems to fix problems about 80% of the time

2cad52  No.5373469

File: 40061c1b759f115⋯.png (137.74 KB, 302x327, 302:327, AAM Giant Axes.png)

03bb57  No.5373470

File: 2a308a64a44cbe9⋯.png (403 KB, 409x544, 409:544, trump-bud-med.png)

840bc7  No.5373471

File: 0815df324e0600a⋯.jpeg (17.24 KB, 714x429, 238:143, F8C5B835-4148-49FA-BCDD-0….jpeg)

89f3cb  No.5373472

File: 52130858a93a6d0⋯.png (328.37 KB, 2302x2706, 1151:1353, pyramid.png)

0833e5  No.5373473

File: 9fcb700fe4e5f8c⋯.jpg (58.36 KB, 600x450, 4:3, downloadfile-22.jpg)

dc36aa  No.5373474

File: f7ca85124ec3480⋯.png (338.29 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Pepe dream ride.png)


have a good rest of your day baker


cb3ccc  No.5373475


Yay! Now you're 45% of the way toward an exciting and rewarding career in tech support! The world is your oyster, anon.

840bc7  No.5373476

File: 8d00309ea040cf7⋯.jpeg (32.78 KB, 300x452, 75:113, 6E5A0F3A-9E66-474A-921A-C….jpeg)

e160fe  No.5373477

File: 3557c2108014d17⋯.png (390.49 KB, 667x840, 667:840, WON'T.png)

3690dd  No.5373478

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Awolnation Sail

459aea  No.5373479


Only on HBO?

0ce9b4  No.5373480

Dear Q,

Please help, A direct message from (you) might be the only way to awaken my dear Q friend. She’s avidly followed you since day one, she’s a brilliant autist, but has put the movement before her 8 yr old son, she’s a human trafficking survivor, majorly PTSD, but is NOT living in reality, it’s literally between Life & death right now . I know that THIS IS NOT A GAME, but I’m seriously at a loss as to further help her, I’ve done all I can . Any words of wisdom would be life changing.


70c024  No.5373481

File: b6e74e761eb94e8⋯.jpg (204.56 KB, 1486x950, 743:475, bball.jpg)

c4c7a6  No.5373482

File: ff7b7a2bfbb450a⋯.png (303.7 KB, 359x551, 359:551, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 39345d9c40fd0d2⋯.png (170.91 KB, 252x291, 84:97, ClipboardImage.png)


Those Nephilim before the Flood were really tall weren't they.

1c2e35  No.5373483

File: 35ec74ae9462a31⋯.jpg (120.55 KB, 500x666, 250:333, baker.jpg)


She likes the baker

a9b5d4  No.5373485

File: 13abdc52be04607⋯.gif (59.67 KB, 354x286, 177:143, pepe tunes.gif)

2cad52  No.5373486

File: 6b55c4c76680fdf⋯.jpg (54.51 KB, 736x460, 8:5, Hell_Archdemon_95bcea.jpg)

21b5ec  No.5373487


Spanish or Portuguese

0833e5  No.5373488

File: b97767622e8ae1c⋯.jpg (174.62 KB, 880x587, 880:587, downloadfile-34.jpg)

840bc7  No.5373489

File: 70b29d6474f5c89⋯.jpeg (19.87 KB, 307x480, 307:480, C0513FC1-4692-4C8C-8940-D….jpeg)

2e27b0  No.5373490







>cool. reboot seems to fix problems about 80% of the time

We were all pulling for ya, man.

Some of us more optimistic than others…

07d222  No.5373491

File: f0395c19f4f0dd9⋯.jpg (82.12 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 752e6a8d9b79bd4c0a79184d53….jpg)

File: 2f8e9368b65e4a0⋯.jpeg (109.74 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 5baa8b9c2200005700da76fa.jpeg)

File: 6b9d14d16e51acc⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 6b9d14d16e51accb6e9f62e767….jpg)

File: 4372f9e0c4bbcc6⋯.jpg (401.91 KB, 1200x1204, 300:301, abbey road plus salt.jpg)

a9b5d4  No.5373492

File: 7788ee4ba4d994a⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 255x192, 85:64, dab.jpg)



3690dd  No.5373493

File: 9a73650b653079b⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 414x547, 414:547, 9a73650b653079b0ab7b6bde12….jpg)

File: 8b96176a846b6bf⋯.jpg (127.22 KB, 532x677, 532:677, 8b96176a846b6bf39e7d041160….jpg)


Watch the water?

459aea  No.5373494


Nephilim, pre flood, were about 30 feet tall (hence an arm span of 30 feet as well)

cb3ccc  No.5373495


Prayers for your patriot friend. God bless her and deliver her from evil.

70c024  No.5373496

File: cc7664420517561⋯.png (605.12 KB, 800x532, 200:133, celebrities.png)

d7dfc2  No.5373498


honestly, there are only 30-40 of us actually doing this.

Be more like Baker.

Look for the fancy ones.

I can't tell you how many dubs, trips, quads, quints, etc I've had over the gorillian internet/Q æons.

70c024  No.5373499

File: a1e0db99a722d8b⋯.jpg (65.97 KB, 560x372, 140:93, TTWWFTS.jpg)

2cad52  No.5373500

File: 3679b5a82c4eb4f⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AAM Giants Pics.png)

a346b0  No.5373501

File: f26a21ee0921b20⋯.png (123.32 KB, 844x1946, 422:973, 1812war1525647517442.png)

File: 780705f65fcfcd2⋯.png (431.48 KB, 628x790, 314:395, 1525630595770.png)

File: e379c4c1fadeef8⋯.png (115.14 KB, 1250x3506, 625:1753, 1525630918904.png)

File: 22baae8f2520865⋯.png (109.31 KB, 1024x1554, 512:777, 1525631664730.png)

File: 20954adbe83ff3a⋯.png (595.13 KB, 1676x3352, 1:2, 1525632698956.png)

Who wants countryballs?

840bc7  No.5373502

File: 5163993474445dc⋯.jpeg (213.22 KB, 1125x634, 1125:634, A3C3113C-C664-430C-A051-E….jpeg)

9db925  No.5373503

File: 27eb22c9c3c94dc⋯.jpg (310.77 KB, 748x561, 4:3, thisiscnn.jpg)

20e722  No.5373504

File: 3da2566f446bf39⋯.gif (2.96 MB, 300x300, 1:1, qnewsnetwork.gif)

these are gifs btw.

70c024  No.5373505

File: 9c58bbc85818d63⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 1200x1608, 50:67, The_Frog_with_the_Golden_H….jpg)

07d222  No.5373506

File: 34db578a43584e2⋯.png (213.51 KB, 578x387, 578:387, jeff trump it's showtime.png)

old you say?

remember this, kek

a9b5d4  No.5373507

File: e39d4aa1e4901cd⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1200x1204, 300:301, ClipboardImage.png)


that was a fun night

i love those nights when a meme gets passed around

remember the night Kapernick Kneel image was put on everything, anyone still have any of those

97cd65  No.5373508

File: cf1277fc46f9a8c⋯.jpg (260.6 KB, 1333x776, 1333:776, JK.jpg)

a346b0  No.5373509

File: 516ccc1b6055446⋯.png (179.57 KB, 1202x3171, 1202:3171, 1525632744063.png)

File: 005959f7b124dcf⋯.png (8.25 KB, 549x608, 549:608, 1525636481575.png)

File: 4bb499695de6d21⋯.png (165.34 KB, 1140x1471, 1140:1471, 1526509893364.png)

File: 765e8bc1c3541e2⋯.png (23.14 KB, 850x500, 17:10, 1529044188304.png)

File: 2a74ba2c1caa1d2⋯.png (31.51 KB, 604x785, 604:785, 1529044573182.png)

5597e2  No.5373510

d7dfc2  No.5373511


good, cuz i was put off by the lack of anti-aliasing on a static image.

1c2e35  No.5373512

File: 051e58ac9ef2c2a⋯.png (471.57 KB, 2048x1391, 2048:1391, BOOM.png)

File: 7415b8e21fa9758⋯.jpg (436.98 KB, 936x936, 1:1, badge.jpg)

File: 6b8b335e89a3ea4⋯.jpg (66.11 KB, 620x387, 620:387, download (5).jpg)

File: f684daa0276c3c3⋯.jpg (79.34 KB, 883x499, 883:499, download (1).jpg)

0833e5  No.5373514

File: c14317cfa9675b6⋯.jpg (45.39 KB, 497x348, 497:348, downloadfile-36.jpg)


Thanks anon….

70c024  No.5373516

File: 9711158a65c218d⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, BOB.png)

03bb57  No.5373517

File: 9ac1b38ca48a448⋯.jpg (38.87 KB, 550x413, 550:413, kek.jpg)

dc4932  No.5373518

File: bcef6ca049a3eb8⋯.jpg (13.5 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 74903febdebd46da71a6814532….jpg)


how bout this one

a346b0  No.5373519

File: 2e8a888b7e599bd⋯.png (470.31 KB, 600x1385, 120:277, 1536379831462.png)

File: 697f81a9a3f6eaa⋯.png (308.88 KB, 811x1126, 811:1126, 1536380659943.png)

File: bf4ebc3e3433d18⋯.png (402.54 KB, 1035x2040, 69:136, 1536381034569.png)

File: f0085d411446b0a⋯.png (185.15 KB, 576x960, 3:5, 1543104360255.png)

File: 7774d16bf2accb7⋯.png (458.39 KB, 682x1065, 682:1065, 1545605989166.png)

1c2e35  No.5373520


Well I guess that one is too old…

840bc7  No.5373521

File: 6496059c7e3222a⋯.jpeg (104.45 KB, 1125x632, 1125:632, 203AA970-B00F-447A-9BBA-D….jpeg)

a9b5d4  No.5373522

File: faafbdd893d74ca⋯.png (1.73 MB, 565x800, 113:160, faa.png)

ed741e  No.5373523

File: 4f099e89d3b849e⋯.png (40.38 KB, 807x213, 269:71, armorialbearing.png)

File: 4e4271892aceec7⋯.png (33.18 KB, 600x130, 60:13, secondamendment.png)

The second amendment effectively means all are Americans (minor) nobility. That *really* grates on (((their))) nerves.

07d222  No.5373524

File: d754c8efbf878c9⋯.jpg (137.17 KB, 960x936, 40:39, civil war opponents.jpg)

20e722  No.5373525


kek.. yeah

very low res

It's amazing how these gifs eat up room

Should I make a complete news type intro thing?

dfc472  No.5373526

File: cb12b3b12f02ba2⋯.jpg (61.57 KB, 592x500, 148:125, B. Maher-TURD.jpg)

File: bf0265afcfbd04b⋯.jpg (57.46 KB, 592x500, 148:125, B. Maher-Pedo.jpg)

File: 16ef7c6a4d6b9af⋯.jpg (53.91 KB, 592x500, 148:125, B. Maher-PEDO OK.jpg)

21b5ec  No.5373527

File: 0bc5892ab8743f8⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1230x802, 615:401, ClipboardImage.png)

f4a595  No.5373528


Ultimate fiat.

c4c7a6  No.5373529

File: 369f18d24a43a08⋯.png (637.77 KB, 500x664, 125:166, ClipboardImage.png)




Enoch is a must read for Anon of all ages.

0ce9b4  No.5373530


Thank you Anon. Yes & amen

This has been one of the hardest things to deal with but I’m standing in the gap with her. #WWG1WGA

a346b0  No.5373531

File: d8876bfc7acf7a4⋯.png (60.88 KB, 750x1013, 750:1013, 1550645207530.png)

File: 51eb2b97a3cea13⋯.png (61.59 KB, 800x1400, 4:7, angloballs1525642271243.png)

File: 9410cdf3642bbd9⋯.png (778.04 KB, 848x4969, 848:4969, anglofrenchfrns15256427544….png)

File: 3f5c6d5cadc9c29⋯.png (297.96 KB, 464x2266, 232:1133, argvsuk1525634280965.png)

File: 287d74bbc565ebc⋯.png (408.29 KB, 648x4040, 81:505, armeniahistball15256417691….png)

7e00b4  No.5373532

File: 3e56693816139c3⋯.png (79.53 KB, 280x180, 14:9, ClipboardImage.png)

a9b5d4  No.5373533


>>5373295 Q News Network broadcast on Trey Gowdy 'Tribunals'

>>5373325 P&L tshirts of POTUS and KJU

>>5373383 garbage truck on train tracks incident 3 day trial starts today

>>5373253, >>5373367 POTUS at Governor's Ball (video), possible crumbs

>>5373416, >>5373301 anons compilations on the Natacha Jaitt story

>>5373399 KJU’s bodyguards arrive in Hanoi on Air Koryo cargo plane

>>5373397, >>5373463 4 Reasons to Believe the Deep State (or the NSA) Created Bitcoin

201792  No.5373534

File: 04b62bae536d228⋯.jpg (39.17 KB, 450x758, 225:379, 29063646.jpg)

dc4932  No.5373535

File: a445b60edc538a5⋯.jpg (375.05 KB, 1200x1204, 300:301, awrgergrtg.jpg)


this was the starter and i was the one riffin memes wit anons

07d222  No.5373536

File: d89240b017c7c6c⋯.png (235.04 KB, 2584x1168, 323:146, air force one blank banner.png)

c4c7a6  No.5373537


What kind of person puts something other than God before their kid? I have to ask.

840bc7  No.5373538

File: 20e1959b69f7623⋯.jpeg (51.63 KB, 679x452, 679:452, 68FAA845-AD93-4E87-AF23-F….jpeg)

97cd65  No.5373539

File: edc69f8c4b3a404⋯.jpg (78.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, AI.jpg)

File: 1079f00bf96dfcf⋯.jpg (203 KB, 1313x985, 1313:985, DC.jpg)

File: 917f2933fbcf3d3⋯.jpg (66.62 KB, 960x943, 960:943, 41174978_238978780098021_5….jpg)

201792  No.5373540

File: 62c2c7d91fb1184⋯.jpg (38.17 KB, 720x603, 80:67, zuck.jpg)

2e27b0  No.5373542

That war will be one of the most exciting 3 days ever….


7e00b4  No.5373543


typically it's someone who has had the same done to them

0833e5  No.5373544

File: 3043febfd809e86⋯.jpg (70.98 KB, 500x418, 250:209, 2uhrse_1.jpg)

Q… Hillary Clinton never got charged.

a346b0  No.5373545

File: 7824c4d7aab5d08⋯.png (48.28 KB, 829x1387, 829:1387, auscustoms6781525636816202.png)

File: 6fc9b072ca848a6⋯.png (80.82 KB, 900x2682, 50:149, ausemuwar1525636830849.png)

File: e69afa4a8ac03b3⋯.png (776.01 KB, 768x4096, 3:16, axistimtrvl1525639213783.png)

File: d561773ac0fc07f⋯.png (149.48 KB, 800x2737, 800:2737, blandswedes1525633051889.png)

File: 50e620603601b4c⋯.png (187.71 KB, 1016x3808, 127:476, britsntea1525644482287.png)

07d222  No.5373546

File: 877481a67f5e506⋯.png (361.46 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, demoncrat1 logo.png)

File: 299437c6dcf6e77⋯.jpg (122.86 KB, 593x569, 593:569, democrats blm WALK AWAY.jpg)

201792  No.5373547

File: ac3a312fde132f8⋯.jpg (64.75 KB, 960x960, 1:1, all-in-no-ch.jpg)

dc4932  No.5373548

File: 5119bcd83532f56⋯.jpg (86.59 KB, 991x608, 991:608, YU46I467MI6I (4).JPG)


and this

308b40  No.5373549


Would make sense. Trevor Noah is given their top propaganda job after Stewart/Colbert leave and he's from South Africa.

With what we know about Elon Musk and his father being an Antony Kidman level psycho it's likely he was chosen because of some sort of South Africa MKUltra breeding ground.

f4a595  No.5373550


How serious is the neglect?

f027d8  No.5373551

File: e61f4d8400cd1c3⋯.jpg (89.58 KB, 802x552, 401:276, Screenshot_86.jpg)

File: 88644628bcec77e⋯.jpg (154.55 KB, 588x747, 196:249, Screenshot_132.jpg)

File: 425a9559dc88c4e⋯.jpg (69.86 KB, 554x312, 277:156, Screenshot_133.jpg)

File: 79481694158c7cd⋯.jpg (142.93 KB, 563x740, 563:740, Screenshot_134.jpg)

File: 31ee0ffa2efe6dd⋯.jpg (167.27 KB, 578x873, 578:873, Screenshot_135.jpg)


a9b5d4  No.5373552

File: cc135aa36ee2c5b⋯.png (897.51 KB, 750x901, 750:901, ClipboardImage.png)

0c4e40  No.5373553

Here's where AOC comes from:

http s://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=47&v=rsObPEj9ZAY

A sort of political Pop Idol!

She's as mad as a box of frogs!

840bc7  No.5373554

File: bef23f0f23a790a⋯.jpeg (38.81 KB, 1125x508, 1125:508, 5D560F17-6793-4760-ACB0-D….jpeg)

07d222  No.5373555


july 8th

9afebd  No.5373556

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

WWG1WGA "Fanfare for the Common Man"

We are of the Host that serves the Lord of Hosts.

We cannot be defeated, for even in death, we are victorious.

Who can stand against the Lord and His Host? No one can.

No one. They will fall and we will prevail. WWG1WGA

c4c7a6  No.5373557



Let me rephrase. What kind of person puts Q before their kid? Follows Q who says Read the Bible. God Wins. John 3:16. But then neglects their kid to the point of life or death? Are you fuckin serious?

03bb57  No.5373558

File: 490a05e91483c8e⋯.gif (574.9 KB, 404x493, 404:493, pepe-magic-ani.gif)

201792  No.5373559

File: 261a9081b91e6b0⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 452x673, 452:673, avoid.jpg)

265364  No.5373560

File: 3426ceb55e62381⋯.jpg (11.83 KB, 201x255, 67:85, Pepe Heart Hands Blue Yell….jpg)

File: 9c19c7b430946ff⋯.png (208.21 KB, 401x394, 401:394, Lady Pepe Brunette Female.png)

File: e6ed92e99ac0d0e⋯.png (95.96 KB, 570x570, 1:1, WWG1WGA Q.png)


Q's quest to Make America Great Again includes raising good families, valuing motherhood and children for the treasures that they are. Your dear Q friend can help the Q movement by being the loving mother that God has called her to be. This helps America. We need good mothers. We need good children. We need good leaders for the future.

God bless your Q fren.


a346b0  No.5373561

File: b61d8ac5b20e6c1⋯.png (420.07 KB, 976x1556, 244:389, chile1stwrld1525636761427.png)

File: fc32d3681d760e2⋯.png (356.47 KB, 800x8298, 400:4149, ChilevMexico8346990625.png)

File: 9a86ba93c28e58c⋯.png (198.36 KB, 968x2176, 121:272, climate47381525632338540.png)

File: 9450830fdd7fafd⋯.png (109.91 KB, 800x1184, 25:37, colonialballs1525632840631.png)

File: dbb722d4e526f8d⋯.png (53.16 KB, 600x940, 30:47, colortiers451525636664025.png)

07d222  No.5373562

File: 74e9950f5f8d56f⋯.png (9.57 KB, 703x116, 703:116, Screenshot_2019-02-25 Q Re….png)

who wanted the 2's?

c4c7a6  No.5373563

Be a clown

Try to float idea

Q is a cult

Children being neglected

People losing jobs and families


a9b5d4  No.5373565

File: 200c3ca1b65614f⋯.png (534.66 KB, 700x525, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

7e00b4  No.5373566


i dont need to rephrase

re-read what i already typed if you want more

217136  No.5373567


copied and pasted directly from https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/aubqs7/from_4chan_holy_shit_anons_its_totally_happening/?st=JSK2XG3P&sh=2dd393a3

fuck off reddit fag

9afebd  No.5373568

File: 2922e2e29bd5872⋯.jpg (179.44 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 2ujouy.jpg)

97cd65  No.5373569


we were as locusts unto them

70c024  No.5373570

File: 8860752aa8244c8⋯.jpg (20.34 KB, 255x166, 255:166, pepe.jpg)

c4c7a6  No.5373571


I rephrased. Can you read English? The please do.

a9b5d4  No.5373572


2s and 5s



c0afe1  No.5373573

File: 375ec2c3601abbd⋯.png (3.07 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, kapernick nyfd kneel.png)

File: 50b90b4b2cfd076⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1200x769, 1200:769, kapernick kneeling the del….png)

File: 72252e069c6e5af⋯.png (5.22 MB, 1848x1224, 77:51, kapernick auschwitz.png)

File: 69edebd1e3303eb⋯.png (243.79 KB, 600x400, 3:2, kapernick blocks jfk jr.png)

File: 2323bbccdd7016b⋯.png (327.78 KB, 605x328, 605:328, kapernick salutes the fall….png)


I did a few.

201792  No.5373574

File: 20c3dd8438790cc⋯.jpg (16.15 KB, 290x356, 145:178, 27332576.jpg)

9db925  No.5373575


slow it down and add an anti-alias filter if possible

21b5ec  No.5373576

File: 61176d13237b026⋯.gif (72.98 KB, 640x571, 640:571, pepe-vector-dank-12.gif)

dc4932  No.5373577

File: fd4af3efa0ba2fa⋯.jpg (124.02 KB, 640x652, 160:163, 0c12440b3bd7bdc7cca41ec57b….jpg)



7e00b4  No.5373578

File: e1ee071077f3173⋯.png (260.62 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

201792  No.5373579

File: ff832d0693b3e83⋯.jpg (14.37 KB, 310x530, 31:53, 33320381_251133845627948_9….jpg)

c4c7a6  No.5373580


And as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

201792  No.5373581

File: 70c65cfb8acba63⋯.jpg (85.11 KB, 846x960, 141:160, 33720460_513644952371001_3….jpg)

07d222  No.5373582

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Kekistani Woman Dances To Kekistan National Anthem - KEKFEST 2018

a346b0  No.5373583

File: 46b987a8e2730a4⋯.jpg (426.07 KB, 640x5264, 40:329, emuwar1525642863133.jpg)

File: aa3ac345b4dd544⋯.jpg (186.49 KB, 780x1179, 260:393, engfrnds1525636707761.jpg)

File: 66b25aeb4bf273b⋯.png (774.73 KB, 1132x1526, 566:763, englandfamily7874848473222….png)

File: dfcf91c31038a47⋯.png (32.37 KB, 690x939, 230:313, estoniaeuromoniez152564317….png)

File: 93bd4a60210d358⋯.png (107.73 KB, 800x1950, 16:39, estonwntsnordc152563674003….png)

245e0d  No.5373584

File: 9f9db1581f371c6⋯.jpg (185.46 KB, 966x575, 42:25, BIS Taxonomy money 1_0.jpg)

File: 0173d752b747825⋯.jpg (178.08 KB, 965x688, 965:688, BIS taxonomy money 2.jpg)

File: 8c7c033d73286ee⋯.png (361.63 KB, 960x576, 5:3, crypto ecosystem historic.png)

File: fa25df3ecf8ddaf⋯.jpg (64.77 KB, 653x477, 653:477, no cash money.jpg)

201792  No.5373585

File: 200f12c98279766⋯.jpg (84.85 KB, 960x912, 20:19, 33432912_605171939861296_8….jpg)

201792  No.5373586

File: bdcc8acb5cc08a8⋯.jpg (56.87 KB, 720x685, 144:137, 31498099_1859463640739234_….jpg)

0ce9b4  No.5373587

>>f4a595 so serious as that CPS Is about to be involved.

d7dfc2  No.5373588



with a cut out to place things.


Interview set up




even if it's just a static image with the logo spinning…

nibbaz can run with it from there, just give 'em boxes to fill.

autists love filling boxes.

888566  No.5373589

File: 790113cc571774e⋯.png (126.24 KB, 1341x495, 149:55, You don't get to vote your….png)

Do any Qpedes here support going into Venezuela?

201792  No.5373590

File: 6f1a493922c106d⋯.jpg (55.31 KB, 720x687, 240:229, 31497312_2138892623065933_….jpg)

201792  No.5373591

File: b37a681a46756bb⋯.jpg (42.85 KB, 960x718, 480:359, 33514111_2025459270860707_….jpg)

201792  No.5373592

File: 6a4bbf787545f7f⋯.jpg (88.6 KB, 640x434, 320:217, 32368857_1909974319292803_….jpg)

a346b0  No.5373593

File: 569ffccc14dfcfb⋯.png (72.41 KB, 1250x1606, 625:803, eu1525639106191.png)

File: d1e5d7456c4e2c6⋯.jpg (186.57 KB, 1024x1810, 512:905, europool1525642414181.jpg)

File: cd9c5e533d844ac⋯.jpg (50.33 KB, 600x900, 2:3, europoors1525642715330.jpg)

File: 9af5176fe1ebf86⋯.jpg (72.24 KB, 960x628, 240:157, eussr1525639089525.jpg)

File: b7f73c9079eed03⋯.png (55.34 KB, 528x1525, 528:1525, frndistnce1525636724238.png)


lmao qpedes

03bb57  No.5373594

File: a4e8cf2e3bb12b1⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 357x341, 357:341, pepe-trump-ani.gif)

70c024  No.5373595

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

07d222  No.5373596

File: a30b9bdec2f5f0d⋯.png (305.04 KB, 1266x808, 633:404, aflb fail.png)

201792  No.5373597

File: 41bc55faef43087⋯.jpg (132.03 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 33398383_2013772422229301_….jpg)

201792  No.5373598

File: c10cf9b68268c51⋯.jpg (183.04 KB, 500x750, 2:3, badmario.jpg)

201792  No.5373599

File: 0396a9ec53a9073⋯.jpg (58.01 KB, 750x836, 375:418, iz.jpg)

a9b5d4  No.5373600


fuck me in the SJW hole you glorious autistic shitposting fucks

245e0d  No.5373601

File: c0d230cb1e659f6⋯.jpg (34.16 KB, 460x771, 460:771, rape game.jpg)

File: f8a234067a39d30⋯.png (306.56 KB, 624x686, 312:343, raped rapist.png)

0ce9b4  No.5373602

>>c4c7a6 unfortunately I am serious. She’s lucky to be alive, but she lives in an imaginary world. She makes noteables often, smart as a whip but is NOT what this movement is about, I’m sad and sick about it.

07d222  No.5373603

File: 57d65f92ffd6fce⋯.png (248.86 KB, 693x417, 231:139, Screenshot-2018-2-23 Q Res….png)

I gotvcalled newfag 20 times this week and this is not my first post

c4c7a6  No.5373604

File: 14ebbfab1727d2c⋯.png (306.04 KB, 400x310, 40:31, ClipboardImage.png)



For the Extra Tall people.

02f2d6  No.5373605



a person who has suffered and felt betrayed by mankind. I am not condoning, but I do "get it"

Q offers hope, hope is addictive to the ones betrayed by societies evil.

My advice is, baby steps. Try set time limits and slowly increase the off time.

It's important to keep the FACT that we survived the worst of it with no Q. Q is the turning point and shit's already getting better, but it's going to take time, WWG1WGA does not mean we need to sacrifice everything, it means we are together and we can take off some time and TRUST in others to help.

a346b0  No.5373606

File: a0397ed2a5778c1⋯.jpg (367.13 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1534155848423.jpg)


Do any /pol/acks not support the crusade against worldwide marxism and bolshevism Hortler?

b95d7c  No.5373607

File: 3367df5ba0e0461⋯.png (173.54 KB, 262x552, 131:276, screenshot.png)


I suspect there is something that working in IT does to you..

9db925  No.5373608


is that a software issue then?

201792  No.5373610

File: 84b58ffc9b06120⋯.jpg (13.72 KB, 250x277, 250:277, donthurtbert.jpg)

a9b5d4  No.5373611

File: 2dc5a2292ed342f⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 600x450, 4:3, hotline pepe.gif)

c4c7a6  No.5373612


You said life and death. Meaning the person has slipped into murderous psychosis. FUCK YOU DAVID BROCK.

a515d3  No.5373613

File: 12af64ad383de19⋯.png (570.26 KB, 610x610, 1:1, fightthewicked1.png)

File: a483fb129712b38⋯.png (441.38 KB, 846x502, 423:251, qstuff4.png)

File: fb99c701c9a1663⋯.png (589.32 KB, 595x600, 119:120, wakey7.png)

File: c1f5544716cc71e⋯.png (443.55 KB, 722x649, 722:649, cabal1.png)

dc4932  No.5373614

File: 365bc1ee049e19c⋯.jpg (83.2 KB, 460x464, 115:116, 841m56yjk8lhm2.jpg)

07d222  No.5373615

File: 8c4be1c0656b126⋯.jpg (15.15 KB, 255x162, 85:54, meme of war.jpg)

feb 18

201792  No.5373616

File: 1998a152d0ebf91⋯.jpg (140.93 KB, 944x960, 59:60, LLiberty.jpg)

File: a5677115342ba60⋯.png (240.97 KB, 614x319, 614:319, gayfags.png)

File: c1d038ac60f9de9⋯.jpg (219.46 KB, 581x400, 581:400, side2.jpg)

07d222  No.5373618

File: 9abfc78bb5d7099⋯.png (968.91 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, patriots make the dough ri….png)

File: 4268e841509f429⋯.jpeg (15.27 KB, 255x193, 255:193, Patriots make the dough r….jpeg)

File: a899b62d8de1fa0⋯.png (781.56 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, q bread baker.png)

File: 793862865dfcd00⋯.jpeg (11.74 KB, 255x193, 255:193, Patriots make the dough r….jpeg)

63b964  No.5373619

File: 533cee3dffbf637⋯.png (34.08 KB, 520x318, 260:159, Macaulay Culkin calls out ….png)

look at what i felt on my twitter feed :


>Rami Malek eats babies. There, I said it. #MackTweetsTheOscars

245e0d  No.5373620

File: 19ef3327067919d⋯.jpg (141.69 KB, 787x929, 787:929, to die.jpg)

201792  No.5373621

File: 11651c9bf455e31⋯.jpg (77.54 KB, 720x960, 3:4, hillclip.jpg)

File: 6b762d9c2bdd86f⋯.jpg (139.91 KB, 648x352, 81:44, gayfrogs.jpg)

File: fa584b4d86db3d8⋯.jpg (267.39 KB, 1875x1248, 625:416, ukowit.jpg)

07d222  No.5373622

File: 638580b0378c54b⋯.jpeg (152.47 KB, 750x561, 250:187, tree help.jpeg)

840bc7  No.5373623

QAnon is the name of a group of conspiracy theorists who follow a mysterious leader named "Q."

A conspiracy theory described as "one part Pizzagate, one part X-Files" hit the headlines this week, emerging from the underbelly of the internet into the mainstream.

242ea2  No.5373624

File: f128f13b4741dea⋯.png (814.12 KB, 888x884, 222:221, Untitled3.png)

Seems interesting, there are a few connections to this twitter and im sure there are hidden messages in some of those dog tweets





We have any dig on this in past?

07d222  No.5373625


old, lurk moar

888566  No.5373626

File: 602129447700f73⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 574x505, 574:505, 1549572727466.jpg)


No, I don't because our country is being flooded with third world socialist spics. Who cares about Venezuela when our country is falling apart.

8ee1b2  No.5373627

File: 4622cb8fdada819⋯.png (303.8 KB, 781x371, 781:371, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ff702edda4e412⋯.png (837 KB, 683x1360, 683:1360, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5401e540812401f⋯.png (375.17 KB, 960x430, 96:43, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f440842605ca267⋯.png (5.07 KB, 336x62, 168:31, ClipboardImage.png)

Build THE WALL through M!




- G6 Information Management funded by M! for 6G Wireless [THE WALL]

21b5ec  No.5373628

File: 5a27ad51cad74cf⋯.png (219.92 KB, 516x440, 129:110, ClipboardImage.png)

245e0d  No.5373629

File: 9de4330fa5aa48a⋯.jpg (24.18 KB, 575x1024, 575:1024, precommit podesta nsa badp….jpg)

a019ea  No.5373630


Could you play that graph like music?

07d222  No.5373631

File: 2d46edcd1129a9b⋯.jpeg (13.83 KB, 255x193, 255:193, delicious bread 1.jpeg)

File: 0a2f6f0749c4ddd⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, delicious bread 3.png)

14df39  No.5373632

File: 6a838683aa11249⋯.png (35 KB, 574x312, 287:156, hilda.png)

DECODED: Hillary wants more Women and Kids to join the caravan. She wants the Caravan to keep moving forward.

In the last caravan run what was the ratio of men to women/kids?

They screwed up last time and media exposure of the caravan was not containable.

97cd65  No.5373633

File: 4401eb79ab7aacd⋯.jpg (31.2 KB, 354x575, 354:575, CA_J.jpg)

File: 382772674ef9f66⋯.jpg (192.24 KB, 1333x795, 1333:795, CA_J3.jpg)

201dda  No.5373634

I’m wondering who won’t survive the after parties? 187’s, “suicides” “over doses”, hopefully some arrests.

7e00b4  No.5373635


every dog has his day

puppy show

201792  No.5373636

File: 1957bae631828ae⋯.jpg (405.13 KB, 647x570, 647:570, wtf.jpg)

459aea  No.5373637


Pre flood nephilim about 30 feet

Post flood (watered downd version, pun intended)

Only about half as tall

201792  No.5373638

File: 11141ba8c75c70d⋯.jpg (53.48 KB, 542x960, 271:480, mathproblems.jpg)

c4c7a6  No.5373639

File: 6dd28adb437c3ee⋯.png (534.21 KB, 428x600, 107:150, ClipboardImage.png)

b95d7c  No.5373640


I guess that settle the 'muh mr robot is white hat' thing

07d222  No.5373641

File: 8bdf9bcd1b42c2d⋯.jpg (16.72 KB, 255x255, 1:1, cia.jpg)

201792  No.5373642

File: 7a0a017a970ff89⋯.jpg (36.22 KB, 460x619, 460:619, boot.jpg)

1e3c2b  No.5373643


Is that you, and has anyone taken the time to explain the rules to you? Titties or beat it…

245e0d  No.5373644

File: c0ba8439719e342⋯.png (455.33 KB, 615x444, 205:148, Wolfe-you-cant-go-back-hom….png)

5597e2  No.5373645

File: 963098c2efc3398⋯.png (101.18 KB, 490x482, 245:241, KEK_made_cakes_MAD.png)


covfefe and <pic related

top o'morning morning Night Shift

7ddcc1  No.5373646

File: de8021fcbc50955⋯.jpg (21.08 KB, 411x403, 411:403, IHVURSNS.jpg)


Last night one of you guys in here got me started on AOC. Baker no need to noteable this, im sure nothing new in here,

mostly posting to get thoughts on some of this.

"Ocasio-Cortez attended Yorktown High School, graduating in 2007. She won second prize in the Microbiology category in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair with a microbiology research project on the effect of antioxidants on the lifespan of the nematode C. elegans". HUH? Say that again?!!


was LDZ Secretary of State while she attended Boston University.

LDZ = Lorenzo de Zavala (LDZ). If she is not a deepstate manch Cadidate, this guy would likely be her political MO.

Served as an intern in the immigration office during the final year of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy's tenure.

This seems to be correct. Didnt dig on this too much.

She graduated cum laude from Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences in 2011, majoring in international

relations and economics. Alright fair enough. Ill go with it.

After college, Ocasio-Cortez moved back to the Bronx, while she worked as a bartender in Manhattan and as a waitress

in a taqueria. At which point she launches a Publishing Company? WHAT!!!? There is really not much evidence that this company even existed other than a locked up Twitter account. https://twitter.com/brookavepress

At any rate doesn't look like the publishing company worked out so good. It happens, we all go through a starting a publishing

company phase after those college years that drove you into poverty. It happens.

c4c7a6  No.5373647


How long do you think before Anon links the Bloodlines all the way back to the Nephilim kings?

7ddcc1  No.5373648


So then Trump is elected and she mounts her "rightous" campaign against an almost 20 year incumbent Congressman out of a brown paper bag. hmmm

In fucking New York?!!! Yea right.

At some point she joins the Justice Democrats. (they were formed the day after Trump was elected so I assume it was

at this point she joined?) Maybe even sooner? hint hint? Im not really sure how much has been dug on this organization, but aside from other digs im working on I think this so called PAC should get the pepe magnifying glass. Not only is she a member but so is the insest Jihad cunt in Minnesota Illhad or whatever her name is. Looks like this PAC successfully "helped" get something like 23 out of 79 candidates elected. wiki has a list of politicians they endorsed and I am at this point assuming they are all members of this organization.


Justice Democrats was founded by these two famefags.

Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk, and Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks. Ive come accross these idiots before and just passed them off as famefags. However Cenk Uyger catches the eye. He used to be a starch conservative religious Republican, then out of the blue (based on my short dig on his ass) he becomes a starch progressive athiest and even winds up with a highly popular progressive talk show. 7 million followers or something. Not to mention he is another god damned lawyer I believe.

They (JD) literally state on their website that they intend to take over the DNC.


Either this organization really is just an organization trying to stop corporate corruptive political donations. Spurred on by the great socialist Bernie Sanders. Or this is a split off of some kind where (((They))) are trying to establish a new version the same wolf with new sheeps clothing. In order to get their endorsement you cant receive political donations from any large coporation, however in AOC's case, they are willing to overlook donations from JPMorgan Chase. Ive seen discussions about how AOC is one of /ourguys, but she feels like a Manchurian to me.

Out of nowhere these fuckers are populating our Congress pretty successfully. And rapidly right out of the gates too!!

All the people that started and run this org, seem to be about the same age (rather fucking young Id say) and from damn near the same area of New York other than Cenk Uygur which is why he is suspect. Is he the sugar daddy of this little teenage pot party? He had to resign publicly because of some press release about something he wrote, back in the day but yea, he didnt resign.

Think we've seen just the beginning of Justice Democrats.

The DNC owns the most thorough, extensive database of political demographics with a Dbase front end called votebuilder. Im sure many veteran anons are aware of this. But for those who arent and looking for something to do, and need a break from shitposting, Id say Justice Democratcs and votebuilder would be some fun projects. There is much more in Votebuilder than meets the eye ;)

Justice for Democrats feels like a manchurian candidate incubater too me. ((They)) snatched her (AOC) young little ass up and put her ass in Congress as quick

and easy as changing underwear. And against an almost 2 decades long incumbant no doubt. And within their own party??! "Joe Crowley, who was rumored to potentially be the Democrats’ next Speaker of House". Maybe they are literally changing their underwear? Only time will tell. We start seeing bags around AOC's eyes, we will likely know.


At some point in my dig last night I wind up coming across a movie called The Adjustment Bureau. So I finished the night off watching that movie.

WOW talk about projection. The main character becomes "the youngest elected Congressman in New York". yea? and the movie is about how this character

accidentally discovers that there are these "beings" that guide people along their path of life according to the "chairmans" "master plan". uhhuh ok.

And so he falls in love with a girl, but ((they)) dont want the two together blah blah blah (insert emotional content), so hes at odds with his "handlers". This movie is a projection of AOC or similar IMHO. Looks like it was released in 2011. Bout the time she was graduating from college.

07d222  No.5373649

File: a10886db695169d⋯.png (2.89 MB, 3165x1869, 1055:623, a10886db695169d0de229e7a22….png)

201792  No.5373650

File: 302271bb36996b6⋯.jpg (131.69 KB, 960x958, 480:479, 32440498_362251750847781_5….jpg)

0ce9b4  No.5373651

>>02f2d6 so very true, wise words anon. She has had blood rituals performed on her, kidnapped by one of the red shoes pedos in the famous Tony podesta pic, she has a well known twitter acct but severly needs help. She’s always on the board so this is my outlet to hopefully wake her up.

07d222  No.5373652



3690dd  No.5373653

File: 5fa1cbced6fe956⋯.jpg (100.75 KB, 1420x1963, 1420:1963, 5fa1cbced6fe9561db6d235465….jpg)


Was thinking the dogs are the actors, on a lead with handlers.

dc4932  No.5373654

File: 6fb009f0a860093⋯.jpg (314.38 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, v2jz94534t354t39em.jpg)

07d222  No.5373655

File: cf9da58b58649e5⋯.jpeg (50.67 KB, 702x395, 702:395, eddie murphy bad why obam….jpeg)

201792  No.5373656

File: db4d5266b725583⋯.jpg (64.33 KB, 470x548, 235:274, 26815337_1330461003767113_….jpg)

242ea2  No.5373657



Ah, right i guess i never realized the Clowns twitter page was communicating at the same times, thx

201792  No.5373658

File: b6deb0d23291855⋯.jpg (81.68 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DT6cg3EWsAAZ38W.jpg large.jpg)

a346b0  No.5373659

File: 99477d665ed35f7⋯.jpg (46.74 KB, 500x434, 250:217, FSJ975097099e79e75cfa99922….jpg)


>third world socialist spics

So we need to clean up the socialist govts then? Dont worry uncle Bolton will trigger the war soon. Venezuela will be cleansed in a month or two.

893be8  No.5373660

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Incredible Candace Owens.

21b5ec  No.5373661

File: 9f5dbbab8361098⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1917x1079, 1917:1079, ClipboardImage.png)

201792  No.5373662

File: c273a5785bdf905⋯.jpg (92.96 KB, 712x709, 712:709, DTx5TqOUQAARl-i.jpg large.jpg)

07d222  No.5373663

File: d098560b6ef72f6⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, emmy anon tiolet.jpg)

File: 88b9847f0789059⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2208x3928, 276:491, emmy in toilet.jpg)

File: 3d4fe2f773d333b⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 4032x2528, 126:79, emmy q follower.jpg)

0833e5  No.5373664

File: b70cf25cf6e25a8⋯.jpg (73.72 KB, 500x704, 125:176, 2ujpxn_1.jpg)

Great move for the women in Saudi Arabia…

e86ca9  No.5373665

File: 8b34e1ec4667999⋯.jpeg (103.95 KB, 494x612, 247:306, A93B719A-15B7-4588-848B-C….jpeg)

b95d7c  No.5373666

File: ab80f051109808b⋯.png (246.99 KB, 408x407, 408:407, clip.png)


old goodie

201792  No.5373667

File: d2d9394b9f7dd5f⋯.jpg (91.9 KB, 1242x643, 1242:643, DT4ExoxVwAAfgAI.jpg large.jpg)

07d222  No.5373668

File: b42b02c3ab08c34⋯.jpg (159.07 KB, 852x480, 71:40, pepe space force.jpg)

File: bdd764621fdfca8⋯.jpg (395.29 KB, 1181x1195, 1181:1195, pepe space force2.jpg)

File: f84b99e0b68377f⋯.jpg (410.24 KB, 1233x771, 411:257, pepe space force3.jpg)

2e27b0  No.5373669

File: 6cf3c80ef1f57f8⋯.png (586.23 KB, 759x479, 759:479, ClipboardImage.png)

c0afe1  No.5373670

Wikipedo has a page on Chris Hasson now:


Very little new information, but his public defender's name is Julie Stelzig, who according to the Maryland public defender website used to be called Julie Johnson.

c4c7a6  No.5373671

Let me ask you something, Anon.

History books.

This story - is it being written the same way the Bible was, in terms of information being compiled below the establishment radar then later compiled.

201792  No.5373672

File: c9bbffb87f8a7a3⋯.jpg (257.74 KB, 1226x1499, 1226:1499, DT4Aw60V4AAWgnQ.jpg large.jpg)

201792  No.5373673

File: 62a02cfae861e8e⋯.jpg (174.09 KB, 592x960, 37:60, 24862145_1713942435336643_….jpg)

a019ea  No.5373674

File: f43ab8422d30c2d⋯.jpeg (165.32 KB, 640x776, 80:97, 1981A611-83E7-4AD1-A0C7-E….jpeg)


Did anybody ever figure out what that means? Started looking, then saw this. I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole. Information inception.

07d222  No.5373675

File: 126b1cee1dad26e⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 10303cd1a5db430285394ef71f….png)

File: ff0223827894269⋯.jpeg (52.25 KB, 729x728, 729:728, assange chess post marsha….jpeg)

File: bd5915b95e5e9c8⋯.jpeg (3.28 KB, 118x255, 118:255, q post.jpeg)

201792  No.5373677

File: ab0d8033e53d3cc⋯.jpg (51.43 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 26196124_1537755746277514_….jpg)

0833e5  No.5373678

File: e3bcc98d7095254⋯.jpg (60.96 KB, 482x482, 1:1, 2ui9e7_1.jpg)

a4438d  No.5373679

File: 59bd78195d7997d⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1200x1776, 25:37, DDD3184F-D229-4F19-BD27-05….png)

No way would President Trump allow AOC’s mouth on hims pecker.. no way. She is like a 5 on his woman meter.

Feck I tried to sleep and couldnt.

07d222  No.5373680

File: 818ae3f81d33880⋯.jpg (55.63 KB, 750x741, 250:247, american Q.jpg)

File: 5aab8ce90588c9c⋯.jpg (21.81 KB, 255x196, 255:196, country GBA.jpg)

File: d4a070011f25d43⋯.jpeg (14.89 KB, 255x191, 255:191, flag eagle GBA.jpeg)

File: 3321c739f5fdaba⋯.png (405.51 KB, 516x750, 86:125, melania.png)

028f8e  No.5373681

File: 9bdeb0d40fab0ea⋯.jpeg (28.74 KB, 237x255, 79:85, 61ED252E-EBF3-46ED-AFEE-C….jpeg)

c4c7a6  No.5373682


Why are you posting illuminati 3rd eye with no context. That's fucked up you know.

a9b5d4  No.5373683

File: 1a0e98de3888ad3⋯.png (78.61 KB, 278x182, 139:91, ClipboardImage.png)

anons remember this night of memery

201792  No.5373684

File: 4c267737b19511c⋯.jpg (404.14 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, DT4P1I5VoAA4f5E.jpg large.jpg)

07d222  No.5373685

File: 2e5f55a9c888254⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 327x450, 109:150, 4ee98b215f7f02b489ab0e3688….jpg)

e86ca9  No.5373686

File: 0311ca9c0f0dfbd⋯.jpeg (46.83 KB, 640x694, 320:347, 4CB40D5A-ADA8-4633-9589-6….jpeg)

File: 441aeadfd262bc3⋯.jpeg (55.63 KB, 640x518, 320:259, 1F20381C-EDCF-4482-878A-D….jpeg)

245e0d  No.5373687

File: 85cbe08fbceba85⋯.jpg (132.38 KB, 1176x1280, 147:160, no name ded.jpg)

dc4932  No.5373688

File: ab96a20f8171a1b⋯.jpg (103.07 KB, 900x512, 225:128, 3er2rf5ytf3crt.jpg)

c4c7a6  No.5373689


She would be a good target for de-programming. Her weight and skin health fluctuate in extremes, she shows all the signs of someone whose programming is fracturing.

07d222  No.5373690

File: 0c9c4d1873356b7⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 672x420, 8:5, 9 compNIES what we eat.jpg)

201792  No.5373691


>Why are you posting illuminati 3rd eye with no context. That's fucked up you know.

Oh shut up, the triangle is upside down. And is only a dumb ass meme.

a4438d  No.5373692

File: 76e16b10fb07448⋯.jpeg (184.74 KB, 1200x909, 400:303, E8B3FF00-D629-4273-A1A0-D….jpeg)


Only wiff a Hanx

0833e5  No.5373694



Tiffany is a outcast in the Trump family…

70c024  No.5373695

File: 3eecaa39d71983c⋯.png (144.96 KB, 384x382, 192:191, BJ1.png)

a4438d  No.5373696

888566  No.5373697

File: 5c02ee1c3471073⋯.png (1.02 MB, 945x771, 315:257, 1523333447040.png)


You're a neocon retard. It would be fitting if you came home in a coffin draped in an American flag. Bolton would probably laugh at the thought of your death. And so would I.

dc4932  No.5373698

File: cb1382fdfc0cdb9⋯.jpg (61.38 KB, 640x480, 4:3, wab356569xp6t.jpg)


errm neg

201792  No.5373699

File: b06a9b0dcb66295⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 640x960, 2:3, corsibook.jpg)

c0afe1  No.5373700

File: 5d23990e20bad84⋯.png (218.03 KB, 415x411, 415:411, mccain bowl.png)


>not posting the spaghetti skull

028f8e  No.5373701

c4c7a6  No.5373702


Isn't it how blockchain sets are used as data mules? Sounds kinda self-explanatory.

07d222  No.5373703

File: 0235296c67795a7⋯.jpg (17.72 KB, 320x222, 160:111, 931b9fa29108aba26dc5767571….jpg)

File: 4f2e95f29d1d0b5⋯.jpeg (15.44 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 98de611bf5f78e0c713e7bf84….jpeg)

File: ee6f84d49e7f47d⋯.jpeg (13.31 KB, 245x255, 49:51, bea999b5d79b37af2db726989….jpeg)

201792  No.5373704

File: 8c770589b81da82⋯.png (981.06 KB, 1274x715, 98:55, stfufatfaggot.png)

108c94  No.5373705

dc4932  No.5373706

File: f5bd91074ff3c14⋯.jpg (552.09 KB, 1769x2560, 1769:2560, c7e4h6uyqbvcvvu4xl9c.jpg)

20e722  No.5373707

File: 7fb245003542c05⋯.mp4 (3.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 0001-0299.mp4)


I meant something more like this.

maybe a breaking news one…

other types of news.

c4c7a6  No.5373708


You can't justify it.

245e0d  No.5373709

File: 1448a27eec9c6ac⋯.png (134.22 KB, 457x455, 457:455, rbg clerks.png)

File: 871c91230763fae⋯.jpg (251.62 KB, 600x500, 6:5, cool.jpg)

0833e5  No.5373710

File: 2be96b727125d5d⋯.jpg (55.94 KB, 540x675, 4:5, downloadfile-58.jpg)


Fucken saved.

dc4932  No.5373711

File: 060430ea97fff07⋯.jpg (107.22 KB, 800x533, 800:533, soyboys.jpg)

459aea  No.5373712


It sound like she might be obsessive compulsive. Moderation is not something that comes easily to OCD people. A little distraction might be in order. Perhaps suggest an outing that includes her 8 yr old, to get her distracted for awhile. Maybe suggest that she limit her Q time until after her child has gone to bed. Just brainstorming here.

201792  No.5373713

File: 85c0edbdc8a52cb⋯.jpg (195.27 KB, 600x541, 600:541, kick-a-kike.jpg)


>You can't justify it.

Justify deez nuts kike.

f85c8d  No.5373714


Wrong board.

07d222  No.5373715

File: e1219a4f14c3cff⋯.jpg (52.54 KB, 719x384, 719:384, Censorship.jpg)

7ddcc1  No.5373716


I assume your aware of this…


e86ca9  No.5373717

File: e33af83f9da6b8a⋯.jpeg (66.33 KB, 635x378, 635:378, 5C35EE5F-EC1F-4F2A-90D0-9….jpeg)

d7dfc2  No.5373718



Look up trance inducing techniques

https://vigilantcitizen.com/ style :D

201792  No.5373719

File: be1248c4586c543⋯.jpg (86 KB, 720x703, 720:703, ABd.jpg)

ab480c  No.5373720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's been mine since 66

c4c7a6  No.5373721


Hope your early morning shift is terrible today. You certainly earned it.

d9b708  No.5373723

File: 657d2a39fd33620⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1045x600, 209:120, FlagandCannon.png)

245e0d  No.5373724

21b5ec  No.5373725

File: 50f4924c5dc6d22⋯.png (1.33 MB, 740x1110, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

201792  No.5373726

File: 169a0f9538012bc⋯.jpg (151.15 KB, 800x488, 100:61, 3in1.jpg)


>Hope your early morning shift is terrible today. You certainly earned it.

07d222  No.5373727

File: a0821107e8f030b⋯.jpg (80.96 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, donald twitter.jpg)

File: 0ecbb9bceea9a14⋯.jpg (91.01 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, civil war left right.jpg)

File: 21cf0f6aebf3613⋯.png (78.58 KB, 574x378, 41:27, globalism-nwo1-574x378.png)

File: a454344401913e1⋯.jpeg (154.2 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, q crowd.jpeg)

888566  No.5373728

File: 115485a07031e34⋯.jpg (48.22 KB, 720x770, 72:77, 1537343283729.jpg)


Doesn't bother Qpedes that Trump and Bolton are now doing McCain's bidding?

a346b0  No.5373729

File: 1baca958c8a6e19⋯.jpg (541.86 KB, 2481x1670, 2481:1670, 1549667871236.jpg)


No im just anti communist.

201792  No.5373730

File: 908d966abadd027⋯.jpg (112.68 KB, 624x960, 13:20, 36242401_10154889738644649….jpg)

07d222  No.5373731


reddit alert

70449b  No.5373732

Jeez guize. Ilaid down and took a nap and when I come beck the sheet is really flowing.

Who turned over the shitcan?

c4c7a6  No.5373733


There's no such thing as Qpedes.

dc4932  No.5373734

File: 5059d4d0246f38f⋯.jpg (38.69 KB, 552x369, 184:123, h9gsdtyjsdyjdt5ryatckn.jpg)

0d77a5  No.5373735


Now that would be something neat to have inscribed on the rotating circles

>This is a trance-inducing technique

so meta.


0833e5  No.5373736

File: dfde06afe32355b⋯.png (459.71 KB, 632x670, 316:335, downloadfile-6.png)


Melania burned Marla Maples..

245e0d  No.5373737

File: eff3f04bc46d77d⋯.jpg (348.53 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, qanon 17 rain city.jpg)

201792  No.5373738

File: 33fe73484f20398⋯.jpg (158.01 KB, 499x375, 499:375, amdum.jpg)

f027d8  No.5373739

File: 150d50a80a4176d⋯.png (423 KB, 863x507, 863:507, 150d50a80a4176d8e9af9046cf….png)

What if Potus makes an EO that gives voter ID for free..

70c024  No.5373740

File: 4f2f67fdcb66d1f⋯.jpg (184.27 KB, 600x1335, 40:89, 1.jpg)

Vietnam train station on lockdown ahead of Kim's expected arrival


895756  No.5373741


Stop being withholding … just spit it the fuck out. Your shit stinks

c4c7a6  No.5373742


After Totes bot left they sent the "help Q is ruining my life" Clown backed up by the pointless post spam shills.

201792  No.5373744

File: 843820c58841275⋯.jpg (129.31 KB, 720x720, 1:1, bigme.jpg)

dfc472  No.5373745


Bohemian Grove is on private property, not Public land!

b95d7c  No.5373746


hence the 'old'

2e27b0  No.5373747


If a baseball bat was handy…

07d222  No.5373748

File: 17c4837c10bdb7f⋯.png (9.35 KB, 630x90, 7:1, winner1.png)

201792  No.5373749

File: 3f9ab72c11256cb⋯.jpg (184.54 KB, 722x400, 361:200, letstalkaboutit.jpg)

201792  No.5373750


Not for long.

a9b5d4  No.5373751

dc4932  No.5373752

File: 49f265ef9dcff1f⋯.jpg (111.64 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, sorehore.jpg)

7ddcc1  No.5373753


"Hasson, who identifies as a white nationalist"

THis is why shills constantly bitch about Jews as much and as often as they can. Its effectively painting the Q movement as nazis.

cb3ccc  No.5373754


Entertaining and thought provoking.

d9b708  No.5373755

File: d4506bc9fd91f58⋯.png (277.03 KB, 625x455, 125:91, betahitandrun.png)

285a7f  No.5373756

File: 3f7bf7f85b1e57d⋯.jpg (41.01 KB, 1024x463, 1024:463, AF1_45_WWG1WGA.jpg)

c4c7a6  No.5373757


It's not effective, nibba.

201792  No.5373758

File: 8553c1725e76c2c⋯.jpg (312.36 KB, 1063x602, 1063:602, kekman1.jpg)

File: 1ceaab9527a31bf⋯.jpg (263.32 KB, 1070x600, 107:60, kekman2.jpg)

dc4932  No.5373759

File: 75afbd5517611ee⋯.jpg (79.65 KB, 698x483, 698:483, timesup.jpg)

201792  No.5373760

File: ee16c10b42118d9⋯.jpg (105.02 KB, 720x657, 80:73, pod.jpg)

07d222  No.5373761

File: 3402aef4e4f0cf8⋯.jpg (207.38 KB, 500x297, 500:297, boobs2.jpg)

File: 4f14786dfca209a⋯.jpeg (37.21 KB, 474x471, 158:157, boobs3.jpeg)

File: 887dae3b9bc5d8e⋯.jpg (252.14 KB, 976x976, 1:1, boobs4.jpg)

File: 0eb440734e17d67⋯.jpg (29.05 KB, 590x350, 59:35, boobs5.jpg)

879a5c  No.5373762

File: 60f4894272a02d2⋯.jpg (441.19 KB, 1032x630, 172:105, QMOVIE UPDATE2.jpg)

7e00b4  No.5373763



sourced and cited

notable imo

201792  No.5373764

File: 3a8bb2d1aada233⋯.jpg (62.56 KB, 640x779, 640:779, 39974484_10156749766996908….jpg)

0833e5  No.5373765

File: 9ff4b3e8a24d8e6⋯.png (226.26 KB, 419x498, 419:498, downloadfile-9_1.png)

File: 2dfc07bf4b272b0⋯.jpg (154.18 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, Sexy-Karen-McDougal-Pussy-….jpg)

Anons would you hit it ??

Trump hit..

7ddcc1  No.5373766


I wonder if thats actually a message zuckerberg is sending. Maybe his handler doesnt notice.

888566  No.5373767

File: 63aa51571b2d23e⋯.jpg (219.39 KB, 980x652, 245:163, German Revolution 1918-19.jpg)

File: 8d9296883d66453⋯.jpg (76.56 KB, 715x629, 715:629, 1506410537126.jpg)

File: c34c6f34e15bbc5⋯.png (431.17 KB, 878x618, 439:309, 1506409323099.png)

File: 3978c836ef85c06⋯.png (445.17 KB, 913x965, 913:965, 1521510926531.png)

File: ead100744f64611⋯.png (300.63 KB, 1245x1259, 1245:1259, 1540706177871.png)


I'm anti-jew. Almost the same thing.

201792  No.5373768

File: cce704d3279e079⋯.gif (2.57 MB, 360x202, 180:101, cyberpunk 2077 2.gif)

7e00b4  No.5373769

File: 304212cd0156201⋯.png (372.1 KB, 1024x904, 128:113, ClipboardImage.png)

87aaa3  No.5373770

File: 3f6740bdc66df97⋯.png (82.3 KB, 1272x897, 424:299, iwr lookup.png)

Idk if you guys know this.. but i'm digging into this iwr.ai/voterfraud and its interesting that Amazon.com is directly involved


07d222  No.5373771

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump Dance: Shadilay - P.E.P.E

028f8e  No.5373772

File: b7ae5b894e314c3⋯.jpeg (96.68 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 26D45B88-0548-4D28-A947-6….jpeg)

108c94  No.5373773

File: a2a92b48b7455ed⋯.png (167.33 KB, 500x637, 500:637, Batman 10.png)

File: 6191b48abc0bc82⋯.jpg (69.93 KB, 457x578, 457:578, Batman 6.jpg)

File: 3eba595ff15061c⋯.png (133.3 KB, 500x566, 250:283, Batman 4.png)

dc4932  No.5373774

File: c99b1bf7ba1c609⋯.jpg (113.13 KB, 570x570, 1:1, 346363534563hw35ny4.jpg)

7ddcc1  No.5373775


you guys can if you want. I know a lot of that has been covered. And I took some time off from this board (highly recommend it), so not sure how much has been covered on Justice Democrats organization.

f027d8  No.5373776

File: f4804da325b0355⋯.jpg (101.53 KB, 603x527, 603:527, Screenshot_139.jpg)

Bannon Predicts 2019 Will Be "Most Vitriolic Year In American Politics Since Before The Civil War"


9e1cfc  No.5373777


I love you guys (no homo)

c4c7a6  No.5373778

File: 08a62242f9b6224⋯.png (261.59 KB, 283x424, 283:424, Thats Right.png)

f027d8  No.5373779

File: 3dcc7854bd01fb3⋯.jpeg (13.06 KB, 255x205, 51:41, b076d2156260edd45514ee47c….jpeg)

201792  No.5373781

File: 13d4760795b74e0⋯.jpg (61.23 KB, 720x725, 144:145, dumbslave.jpg)

888566  No.5373782

File: c1af145f9279750⋯.jpg (22.37 KB, 448x252, 16:9, 1536050067736.jpg)



Qpedes do exist, and I'm looking at them right now.

0ce9b4  No.5373783

>>459aea thank you anon, I’ve tried this so many times with her, she’s not only obsessive compulsive but autistic, adhd & ptsd, 27 yrs old, doesn’t work, lives at home,& only researches Q all day. NOT healthy nor what Q movement is about.

56948b  No.5373784

File: 27656f311b8f673⋯.jpg (402.16 KB, 2584x1168, 323:146, KekForce1.jpg)

dc4932  No.5373785

File: 62ca7f77b85eddd⋯.jpg (45.65 KB, 429x503, 429:503, nfgnfgjtyijk67985684.jpg)