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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, main.jpg)

3e9ee1  No.5256188

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Monday 02.18.2019

>>5253402 ————————————–——– Pick a Network – Any Network.

>>5248952 rt >>5248831 ————————— Reference: "Found the camera"

>>5248890 rt >>5248785 ————————— What does that tell you?

>>5248728 rt >>5248631 ————————— Street level photo of Corinthia Hotel.

>>5248631 rt >>5248193, >>5248213 ——— New and old photo of Corinthia Hotel.

>>5248432 rt >>5248019 ————————— Reference: "Right next to where the traffic cam pics were taken."

>>5248313 rt >>5247912 ————————— Yes, they are.

>>5247957 rt >>5247847 ————————— The Corinthia Hotel.

>>5247821 ————————————–——– Why do we make things public?

>>5246177 ————————————–——– FEAR IS REAL.

>>5245688 rt >>5245512 ————————— Interesting this leaked already.


>>5245457 ————————————–——– Fellow Patriots:

>>5245228 ————————————–——– People are craving TRUTH.

>>5244213 rt >>5244054 ————————— Define 'Projection'.

>>5242957 ————————————–——– Stop and understand the GRAVITY of acknowledgement.

>>5242534 rt >>5242466 ————————— Read between the lines re: MSM ‘LEFT’….

>>5242432 ————————————–——– 30m use ‘Qanon’ across ‘censored’ platforms?

>>5242227 ————————————–——– It takes courage to speak the TRUTH these days.

>>5239609 ————————————–——– What Family Runs CA?

>>5237861 ————————————–——– Impressive, most impressive

>>5237760 rt >>5237651 ————————— Nothing can stop this.

>>5237585 ————————————–——– Excellent graphic - seconds matter!

Sunday 02.17.2019

Compiled here: >>5246773

Saturday 02.16.19

Compiled here: >>5230898

Friday 02.15.19

Compiled here: >>5226101

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

3e9ee1  No.5256206


are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day

>>5177229 MEMES ARE IMPORTANT: Memetic Warfare Division is RECRUITING

>>5251148 Today the board search got its own domain: https://qresear.ch

#6716 Baker Change

>>5255476, >>5255625, >>5255780, >>5255874, >>5255923 New DJTs

>>5255607, >>5255685, >>5255951 anons re death of Sir Charles Farr, connected to Steele, suicided?

>>5255586, >>5255478 new DJT direct ref to Q 2397 ?

>>5255627, >>5255521 QProofs - [RR] Out - Rod Rosenstein Stepping Down

>>5255544 Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building, safety manager says

>>5255690 Bill Clinton Presidents Day Tweet

>>5256041 Mueller Report March 11

>>5256125 #6716


>>5254738 US State Dept Calls on Russia to Help Deliver Aid to Syrian Rukban Camp

>>5254774 Instagram deleted a post made by @DonaldJTrumpJr in which he shared a report that Jussie Smollett staged an alleged hate crime

>>5254824 The true story of how Oprah Winfrey helped promote a mass rapist who ran a child slave farm

>>5254812, >>5254870, >>5255027 RR to leave. News finally caught up to us.

>>5254814 George Washington University: No Men Allowed to Participate in Debate Tournament

>>5254866 Pelosi 'map'

>>5254873 Despite 'War Crimes' Concerns in Yemen, Raytheon Nabs $1.6 Billion Arms Deal With UAE

>>5254901 Q Dubs 7.17.17

>>5254932 6 Illegal Aliens With Ties to Mexican Cartel Arrested in Drug Trafficking Investigation

>>5254967 Egyptian YouTuber ignites internet firestorm after leaving Islam, denouncing ‘racism’ in it

>>5255092 Goodwin/Good[Win] Qproof?

>>5255160 NEW Attorney General Barr Demotes Rod Rosenstein Who Is Expected to Quit DOJ

>>5255181 FL school hires combat vets with semi-auto RDB bullpups as armed guards

>>5255190 New York, California, 14 other states sue Trump in Ninth Circuit over emergency declaration

>>5255221 Jeffrey Rosen, rumored to be Barr’s choice to replace [RR]..

>>5255227 VA official to serve 11 years in prison for misusing $2M, accepting bribes

>>5255274 Qproof: On the move

>>5255275 Qdrops 'word cloud'

>>5255277 New DJT

>>5255403 #6715


>>5254006 MOAB Explained Graphic

>>5254012 Hoax 'Hate-Crime' List

>>5254013 16 states sue over Trump's national emergency declaration.

>>5254015 Australia accuses foreign govt of cyber-attack on lawmakers

>>5254016 Board of Directors, Corinthia Hotels Dig

>>5254070 Updated Weather Airport Graphic

>>5254150 George Soros meddling in Brussels.

>>5254262 Sir Charles Farr, Chairman of the UK Joint Intelligence Committee, dead from brief illness

>>5254540 Suspected drug dealers kill four Nigeria anti-narcotics operatives

>>5254541 Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein is expected to leave the Justice Department in mid-March

>>5254642 #6714


>>5253189, >>5253270 Anon pulled weather from April 2018. RBG sighting today is total. Bullshit.

>>5253198 Nigerian-American brothers who 'attacked' Jussie Smollett: 'We are not racist…we are not anti-Trump'

>>5253211 Mueller/MOAB Graphic.

>>5253333 New DJT

>>5253352 Israel Launches Cybersecurity Hotline for Suspected Hacking

>>5253382 Huawei founder says Huawei CFO arrest was politically motivated: BBC

>>5253414 Same lawyer for McCabe as Christine

>>5253465 Trump talking about John James as frontrunner for UN ambassador

>>5253581 Venezuela stages own concerts in response to Branson's Live Aid show

>>5253710 President of Chile Piñera announces he will travel to the Venezuelan-Colombian border to deliver humanitarian aid

>>5253806 Poland pulls out of Israel summit in row over WW2 role

>>5253858 #6713

Previously Collected Notables

>>5253112 #6712,

>>5250780 #6709, >>5251587 #6710, >>5252353 #6711

>>5248528 #6706, >>5249258 #6707, >>5249986 #6708

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3e9ee1  No.5256219



2b484e  No.5256230

File: 622bb0ae052d873⋯.png (152.63 KB, 988x559, 76:43, STRINGERS.png)


Patriot Doing His Part

855e1a  No.5256232

File: 9d5a2fb5a736e4f⋯.jpg (25.82 KB, 600x388, 150:97, thanks baker.jpg)

55abea  No.5256235

>>5256133 lb


f650b8  No.5256240

File: d4e42b088ef4349⋯.jpg (12.31 KB, 255x169, 255:169, BUS-SHORT.jpg)

>>5253885 (lb)

Hurry, you missed your bus!

f4aceb  No.5256241

File: 0a04bacb96c6326⋯.png (117.01 KB, 1284x480, 107:40, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)


Have at it, anons.


e63ad8  No.5256246

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



[we are here]


[everyone is seated at this table]


latest word from the bird. you kno wat time it is._ff


dbfff9  No.5256248

File: fec8864907ab765⋯.jpg (72.49 KB, 500x666, 250:333, cfwYB4i.jpg)

5d43e4  No.5256249

File: ca9753de5c62371⋯.png (495.71 KB, 504x512, 63:64, CNN Fake Hate.png)

d81438  No.5256250

File: 74adf59bcbbbf6b⋯.png (1009.54 KB, 810x1080, 3:4, rbg.png)

Check it out boys RBG alive and well, taken last night at 3AM.

2b484e  No.5256251


I'm pretty sure the stringers and what appear to be random codes and such are twitter shortlinks.

d765d0  No.5256252

File: 1613ba93c4a758b⋯.jpg (44.93 KB, 750x669, 250:223, FB_IMG_1550542841307.jpg)

55abea  No.5256253

File: 7909af27a710394⋯.jpg (16.98 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 659479bd081ccff5829a43f0a1….jpg)


928b8e  No.5256254

File: 47c93d8378ddd4f⋯.jpeg (106.71 KB, 923x1299, 923:1299, 96DB6B42-889C-441A-A5C6-C….jpeg)

9dc088  No.5256255

File: cedff7865f700eb⋯.jpg (22.66 KB, 513x384, 171:128, O say.jpg)


ty baker

89e71e  No.5256256

File: 4bdceec02c09a76⋯.jpg (2.65 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190202_073013.jpg)

9a74c4  No.5256257

File: 31fae6e3c8d909d⋯.png (673.73 KB, 696x463, 696:463, ClipboardImage.png)


6b66a3  No.5256258

>>5256118 lb

at&t so… moar jews

AT&T owners


VANGUARD GROUP INC 12/31/2018 548,446,423 17,440,942 3.29 16,711,163

BLACKROCK INC. 12/31/2018 454,818,786 17,703,030 4.05 13,858,328

STATE STREET CORP 12/31/2018 278,791,653 9,761,387 3.63 8,494,782

NEWPORT TRUST CO 12/31/2018 200,679,482 (932,317) (0.46) 6,114,704

GEODE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC 12/31/2018 92,792,834 7,017,620 8.18 2,827,398

NORTHERN TRUST CORP 12/31/2018 85,213,415 2,574,202 3.12 2,596,453

BANK OF AMERICA CORP /DE/ 12/31/2018 78,200,532 (3,050,045) (3.75) 2,382,770

DIMENSIONAL FUND ADVISORS LP 12/31/2018 78,096,681 (1,612,905) (2.02) 2,379,606

BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORP 12/31/2018 67,338,375 (6,091,961) (8.3) 2,051,800

WELLS FARGO & COMPANY/MN 12/31/2018 56,130,717 (4,759,813) (7.82) 1,710,303

MORGAN STANLEY 12/31/2018 53,806,080 (2,757,116) (4.87) 1,639,471

3b90f7  No.5256259

File: 5a7a821ab50c847⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 480x449, 480:449, 5a7a821ab50c84700d7e0698b8….jpg)

File: 16b9e80121eecd4⋯.jpg (303.03 KB, 749x1001, 107:143, 16b9e80121eecd4046224e58da….jpg)

File: a2e1487671cbde7⋯.jpg (214.31 KB, 1220x673, 1220:673, 075a3183cb0bdb009e0dd2dc6c….jpg)


Thank you baker!

Engage the meme war anons!

397447  No.5256260

File: faefacaa27c239c⋯.jpg (87.52 KB, 700x913, 700:913, Clipboardaa.jpg)

Q posts

POTUS Tweets

Situation Normal

263de9  No.5256261

File: d8c2ce1e585d45d⋯.png (2.69 MB, 2062x2062, 1:1, Qclock3deathtollKEKs.png)

Clock of the other death toll "coincidences" since Q said "You are watching a movie".

855e1a  No.5256262

File: a8034d95eee2b9e⋯.png (46.54 KB, 607x352, 607:352, who is m.png)

Who was M?

Potus on McCabe 2017


a25b8a  No.5256264


Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is a treasonous bitch.

When is she going to grow a pair of BALLS that she doesn't have and start working on MAGA instead of being a closet Democrat?

Maybe she should change her fucking party already.

29aa64  No.5256265

File: 9df0faf62ae0532⋯.jpg (379.67 KB, 800x500, 8:5, Injecting MEMES 1.jpg)

d83f2b  No.5256266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

416d59  No.5256267

File: ccc09ecde17a06f⋯.jpeg (14.57 KB, 255x253, 255:253, pepeay.jpeg)

c91320  No.5256268


Only question I'd ask is if SECupp would show her…

97a2f9  No.5256269

File: 39f9db88b9936cc⋯.jpg (827.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, execution.jpg)

No lynchings? No Problem

e63ad8  No.5256270

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






fcf203  No.5256271

File: 10a490b3a450e13⋯.jpeg (145.84 KB, 1255x1061, 1255:1061, 6F1B9B6C-A3B2-407B-84E3-B….jpeg)

What’s this shit?

cf49a3  No.5256272

File: 4b673cfe37426da⋯.jpg (15.7 KB, 480x225, 32:15, 2dj6q5.jpg)

>>5256197 lb

Keep it up, David.

d83f2b  No.5256273

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bfba0d  No.5256274

Attacks will only intensify

dc586a  No.5256275

File: 20769c34e271e14⋯.jpeg (43.84 KB, 657x560, 657:560, Pepe Can't ban these guns….jpeg)


got check out for a bit dump cache and see wtf habbened last collection, back soon

>>5256247 lb

fucking savage on 751!!

6361dc  No.5256277

File: ef535a2708af918⋯.png (494.54 KB, 1511x599, 1511:599, ClipboardImage.png)



dfdfb6  No.5256278

File: 8dfbde03ad0632e⋯.png (938.13 KB, 1332x703, 36:19, Screenshot_2019-02-19 Dana….png)

Michigan Anons with twitter, let her hear your opinion

c2f64e  No.5256279


This → >>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

has fallen out of the catalog. I don't know if that means anything mods should be alerted to, but FYI.


679bb1  No.5256281

File: 98035df7fda1f6b⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 636x288, 53:24, giphy[1].gif)



a205ad  No.5256282


Terry McAuliffe

5daa8e  No.5256283

Why is Zionism So Dangerous?

Having said all that, it is extremely important that Christians identify when the Devil is creeping heresy into the church. Zionism is a false teaching, very dangerous because it deceives Christians to go along and support the Devil's New World Order. Literally, churches who support present-day Israel are supporting THE GREAT WHORE of Revelation 17:1,5 and 18. Churches that support, praise and defend modern apostate Israel are supporting tyranny. It is sinful idolatry to worship a nation and/or ethnicity.

During the U.S. led Iraqi War, a shocking 1,455,590 innocent Iraqis were brutally murdered. We were told by the lying Bush administration that Saddam Hussein was involved with the 911 attacks, which George W. Bush years later cowardly denied. Of course, Iraq had nothing to do with 911, nor did Afghanistan. Bush smirked and joked about the fraud of missing Weapons of Mass Destruction (if sound doesn't play, click the first hyperlink in the article). When Saddam Hussein was captured and executed, U.S. troops and allied forces continued to murder another one million Iraqis. The truth is that the Illuminati are using false Israel as a whore to conquer the Middle East, and they're just getting started. It will all eventually lead into World War III. That means Jesus' return at the rapture must be very near, when the saints will be “CAUGHT UP” into the clouds to meet with the Lord in the air (1st Thessalonians 4:17). Even so, come, Lord Jesus!!!

Whatever happened to the Ten Commandments? The last I checked in Exodus chapter 20, it still says not to bear false witness against thy neighbour, nor to steal from them (we stole Iraqi's oil), nor to covet what others have, nor to murder innocent people. We have much blood on our hands in America. No pastor, Christian or church congregation is right with God who supported the Iraqi invasion. GET RIGHT WITH GOD!!! Iraq never threatened us. Yet, we attacked Iraq without provocation, like barbarian heathens!!!

d83f2b  No.5256284

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fdfaab  No.5256285

File: 1cc6240dc471e5f⋯.jpg (232.24 KB, 960x646, 480:323, Waiting to engage.jpg)

50787c  No.5256286



b88d69  No.5256287

File: 6cabddfa932cfd7⋯.png (169.5 KB, 566x485, 566:485, ClipboardImage.png)

Crooked Cop Rod Rosenstein to Leave DOJ by Mid-March – Jeff Rosen Picked as Replacement

Disgraced FBI official Andrew McCabe sat down with CBS’s “60 Minutes” which aired Sunday night.

McCabe told CBS that he ordered two investigations into President Trump because he wanted to know if Trump fired FBI Director Comey to impede the Russia investigation and was Trump acting on behalf of the Russian government.

There was ZERO evidence that President Trump was working on behalf of the Russian government and there was zero evidence Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to win the 2016 presidential election when McCabe opened these two investigations.

James Comey testified to Congress in December that by the time he was fired there was no evidence of any type of conspiracy between Trump and Russia.

McCabe also accused Rod Rosenstein of volunteering at least twice to wear a wire while meeting with President Trump in an attempt to see him impeached.

On Monday night Sean Hannity announced dirty cop Rod Rosenstein will step down as Deputy Attorney General by mid-March.

Jeff Rosen was picked as his replacement.


b97327  No.5256288

File: 891947b6e01bbb3⋯.png (301.99 KB, 891x605, 81:55, ClipboardImage.png)

Leaking and dumping of info was done with the approval of Comey.

35852d  No.5256289

Just an FYI

The Q research logo image "marines planting the flag on Mt Suribachi" during the Battle of Iwo Jima is coming up this Saturday

Feb 23.

6e659f  No.5256290


one more interesting article:


a205ad  No.5256291


Not confirmed.

529f3b  No.5256292


Holy Fu@k !!!

855e1a  No.5256293


Duh! Brain fail

dd4038  No.5256294

File: 6b90e88a986fed7⋯.jpg (251.07 KB, 1453x817, 1453:817, MSM_Final_Voyage.JPG)

Final Voyage!

23a313  No.5256295

File: 1a24a85f0b56788⋯.png (729.37 KB, 716x1321, 716:1321, ClipboardImage.png)

97a2f9  No.5256296

File: 5faccd9fab22b73⋯.jpg (83.39 KB, 625x397, 625:397, iu (11).jpg)

60669c  No.5256297

File: 1efaa32d378e985⋯.jpeg (131.95 KB, 828x397, 828:397, 6FCFF234-C1D2-406B-A4F6-7….jpeg)

File: 0f18a25c98e19ab⋯.jpeg (991.73 KB, 820x1566, 410:783, 75B017FF-066D-4348-A44E-9….jpeg)

File: c348630610e5df0⋯.jpeg (475.75 KB, 828x1155, 276:385, 5053DFBF-0FA1-4996-AE34-F….jpeg)

File: e9621af025436e8⋯.jpeg (590.14 KB, 828x1423, 828:1423, 13C665C8-CEEE-4F18-982B-4….jpeg)

It’s Time

POTUS giving us the signal.

Moon cosigns.

Tomorrow is a BIG Day

d83f2b  No.5256298

File: 7f5029f65283d31⋯.jpg (39.24 KB, 600x750, 4:5, IMG_5507.JPG)

f4aceb  No.5256299


Been that way a week or so.

Because Jack is a fucking bag of dicks.

54605b  No.5256300

File: 1b83b0553903563⋯.jpg (31.01 KB, 404x538, 202:269, 40265429_10211882472242776….jpg)

File: a308f9b9203c3ea⋯.jpg (42.29 KB, 765x505, 153:101, 40237846_10211882422121523….jpg)

File: 0204020e3f9c730⋯.jpg (48.5 KB, 740x500, 37:25, 40358109_10211882421481507….jpg)

89e71e  No.5256301

File: 100e55df700440d⋯.jpg (103.92 KB, 820x1020, 41:51, IMG_20190218_214644.jpg)

9a74c4  No.5256303

File: 52a92f5a11ba1fc⋯.png (234.74 KB, 458x500, 229:250, ClipboardImage.png)

0af10f  No.5256304



d6c9e4  No.5256305

>>5255902 (lb)

The social media companies are working with ((them)) to silence Patriots spreading anything but the official narrative.

The existing measures are failing so they are testing new methods. A potential FF cyber attack on social media sites is being discussed by ((them)).

When the Something Big comes and they take down Social Media/online platforms, POTUS will use the emergency alert system, us, and a new WH controlled media source to get the info out.

If that does happen then social media sites will be regulated and bye bye censorship/their truth suppression.

That is my understanding.

24960a  No.5256306

>>5256169 (lb)

Worth a notable, I think, Anon. -30 from today too.

bae981  No.5256307


Kek I recall Heather 'miller' Podesta tweeting a random M after this.

ece35f  No.5256309

File: 45da6196fe2b845⋯.jpg (11.86 KB, 167x255, 167:255, us1771.jpg)

Merci boulanger

d7ef54  No.5256310

File: b772aae29eac792⋯.jpeg (814.45 KB, 1018x677, 1018:677, EA3A8B1B-F5DE-4BC2-8249-3….jpeg)

Any anon find this pick odd?

Size of Mini Cooper appears extra small compared to other cars and bikes to right.

White van, front left, door seams don’t line up.

Other white van behind Mini Cooper odd length?

Is there another purpose for this photo (other than showing camera)?

642ff1  No.5256311

File: e5f7b4cf8fb4d06⋯.jpg (382.46 KB, 2484x1384, 621:346, Comey McCabe-James Andrew.jpg)

File: 4bab2abc4640156⋯.jpg (74.44 KB, 643x394, 643:394, McCabeComeyPolicChase.jpg)

File: eca1518035e690b⋯.jpg (160.99 KB, 934x681, 934:681, ComeyMcCabeBehindBars.jpg)

File: 9133d0eae6edbe3⋯.jpg (84.17 KB, 990x632, 495:316, ComeyMcCabeHug.jpg)

a205ad  No.5256312


kek…it happens

c459b6  No.5256313

File: e5435a8f5a183c3⋯.png (895.7 KB, 1104x1178, 552:589, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e21a8e95d45ca5b⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1702x1006, 851:503, ClipboardImage.png)

Members of Italy's 5 Star Movement voted against letting the party's far-right ally Matteo Salvini stand trial for the alleged kidnap of more than a hundred migrants


4 "Q" on the back of his phone? Hard to be sure…

50787c  No.5256314


Dropping the stein, keeping the Rosen.

0764e6  No.5256315

>>5255521 (PB)

>>5256242 (PB)

Seriously, anons need to stop falling for this fake bullshit. AG does not

have the power to "demote" a position appointed by the President.

This is fake

nonsense designed to do exactly what it's doing. Sigh…

7df1c8  No.5256316

File: 00315da63071f6b⋯.png (332.96 KB, 1365x501, 455:167, GAFA.png)

>>5255429 pb

Found Anna Marie Gafa on Facebook


Friends with Josianne Mifsud of Gharb, Malta

Friends with FENECH (pic related)

Bizarre FB page. Has 3 indentical posts, all of her dead cat (bounce?)

Friends must be cat people too???

6361dc  No.5256317



seriously, not confirmed

the anon posted sauce that RR is leaving in march, and that Mueller could release the memo sometime soon

from "conservative treehouse" blog ffs

6f8d0d  No.5256318


He took a shot at the King and missed. Bye bye Andy.

397447  No.5256319

File: 3de52e6df9bfeee⋯.jpg (89.4 KB, 714x946, 357:473, Clipboardab.jpg)


Agreeing on Coup same day too.

Another Q Proof.

b386c7  No.5256320


You got any sauce on that claim?

a25b8a  No.5256321


The latest is allowing the ruling against the fetal heartbeat law to stand rather than challenging it to the supreme court.

We've been dealing with more bullshit out of that woman since she took over for Branstad.

Good thing that we are getting rid of "non partisan" judge selection.

I think we have one branch that gives a shit and two branches that can go fuck themselves.

2e6ca8  No.5256322

File: a9f0d1192421542⋯.jpg (387.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ebs.jpg)

9a74c4  No.5256323

File: f4ea9cf4812a564⋯.png (4.05 MB, 1364x2000, 341:500, ClipboardImage.png)

f4aceb  No.5256324

File: d6a8c323d22baea⋯.png (811.55 KB, 736x727, 736:727, ClipboardImage.png)


Hmmm, who could've ordered Comey to do that.

Who could it be???

3b90f7  No.5256325

File: c8bef04480f48a6⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1736x1271, 56:41, c8bef04480f48a6eaadea63802….png)

bae981  No.5256326


Try searching jaguar & el chapo together, kek

0c343a  No.5256327

File: 00d26ff9b2d2008⋯.jpg (206.85 KB, 1766x1274, 883:637, 2019-02-15_22-42-56_img.jpg)

3e9ee1  No.5256328


can you go copypaste to this bread?

5bd87b  No.5256329

File: c74f4679f51dd7f⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1116x968, 279:242, 7bbr.png)

d61a4d  No.5256330

File: ad8777349df839e⋯.jpg (25.88 KB, 435x527, 435:527, ad8777349df839e84f570d65e1….jpg)


Chek'd TYB

263de9  No.5256331

File: edeb5bded077d98⋯.png (2.17 MB, 2062x2062, 1:1, QclockFeb17SDSS17x.png)

Here is the website for the video clip of the one year anniversary Stoneman Douglas ceremony before the game.


Wouldn't embed properly.

Will reattach the clock. There is a better clip that they aired live highlighting the EAGLES hockey team (17 players) and their winning the State Championships. Haven't seen this online yet. It was drenched in symbolism (even talked about the symbolism of the 17 connection).

ece35f  No.5256332

File: fa4b98586dea69f⋯.jpg (300.24 KB, 1000x1300, 10:13, rbgLich3.jpg)

0f69ff  No.5256333

File: 126a2d567a5607d⋯.jpg (727.43 KB, 1339x829, 1339:829, Part-14-S-web.jpg)

>>5256243 (pp)

dc07cb  No.5256334

File: db7b5e22c42808a⋯.png (377.93 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 66084D16-27D5-6E98-5F4A2C6….png)

2400 Micrograms. FakeQ. No effects. Skip.

<If there's a raid, spammers will have to post 10 replies in every thread they create to slide an entire board.>

7382ed  No.5256335


So that's leaking Comey . .


Squirt McCabe . . . . .

dd46ef  No.5256336

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

doot,doot, doot.


ccff09  No.5256337

File: 6a3483330186d45⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1275x715, 255:143, [#Ba'al].png)

File: a2019e224938535⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1277x716, 1277:716, [#Fakenews].png)

File: 66932a754099eae⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1276x719, 1276:719, #Fakenews.png)

File: f3e051ef5dae817⋯.jpg (421.61 KB, 1278x719, 1278:719, [PELOSI]14.jpg)


>panic all over, twatter broke? Kek…

d83f2b  No.5256338

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a205ad  No.5256339


we use to be better at this.

0af10f  No.5256340


one time Virginia governor

c9cb05  No.5256341

File: 7d114a84b53108c⋯.png (78.82 KB, 284x315, 284:315, ERFGHT.png)

>>5254006 (pb/notable)

gonna put myself in the cross fire here to say i dont think the connections here are strong enough.

Anon may have mistaken the Texas Sharpshooter for a get.

Normally Q does things based on connecting post times (Q Clock, Delta, etc…) but this seems to lack solid known connections.

Not to say anon hasnt hit something else with his dig, but the collection given doesnt seem to be strong enough to be used as evidence.

c2eed5  No.5256342

File: e7db260f7043571⋯.jpg (44.9 KB, 400x387, 400:387, 2u11et.jpg)

ec167f  No.5256343

File: 221c2419ac19046⋯.png (129.67 KB, 467x462, 467:462, ClipboardImage.png)

6361dc  No.5256344


can you explain wtf the hockey scores mean?

25e9ad  No.5256345

File: a8c2c91fbe34731⋯.jpg (88.17 KB, 1036x630, 74:45, james comey slippin jimmy.jpg)

File: 618d67583a8d396⋯.jpg (59.74 KB, 605x920, 121:184, james comey a higher faggo….jpg)

0764e6  No.5256346


The stupid is strong in that article.

"Crooked cop," because McCabe said so. Got a bridge in San Fran I'd like

to talk about, too. Maybe we should be quoting Lynch, or Clapper, too?

37def8  No.5256347

File: 75a26ff60dbc30f⋯.jpg (92.59 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2phjkk.jpg)

3b90f7  No.5256348

fcb66d  No.5256349

Now, what do you all think happens when the president accuses people of treason and attempting a coup?

A happening?

5190de  No.5256350

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In the waiting line

855e1a  No.5256351

File: db70f8e5a0904e1⋯.png (28.87 KB, 616x265, 616:265, Answer Potus Anons.png)


642ff1  No.5256352

File: cd0e876b4044837⋯.png (259.22 KB, 729x630, 81:70, McCabe-treason-intensifies.png)

File: c102d25ac33ec3a⋯.jpg (184.4 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CriminalReferralMcCabe.jpg)

File: 97ab500995991f6⋯.jpg (84.83 KB, 952x500, 238:125, McCabeConfessedTreason.jpg)

File: a16d84211ef934d⋯.png (562.93 KB, 800x478, 400:239, McCabeNoDeal.png)

File: e91b35bd39c430b⋯.png (470.97 KB, 582x588, 97:98, McCabeDossier.png)

6361dc  No.5256353


anons said it wasn't notable, but got added

b0126e  No.5256354

File: afbd26aad8c2b68⋯.jpg (77.43 KB, 550x354, 275:177, elizabeth-fort.jpg)


This is Not Lynching!

12b6dd  No.5256355

File: fd67601bceafbdc⋯.jpg (18.88 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 73d5ccade97c42de888918b10f….jpg)



McCabe, Baker, RR lead to Comey, Brenan, Clapper, No Name, Sally Yates, HRC, Obama Valarie Jarrett - there are probably more but those connections would be obvious.

d83f2b  No.5256356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

maybe we are supose to inceneate the trannys in pheonix and make the donald watch

9a74c4  No.5256357

File: 4379f4ccbc560ec⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1200x945, 80:63, ClipboardImage.png)

b97327  No.5256358


More along the lines of leakin' Comey and shakin' McCabe.

d7d264  No.5256359

File: 68f5adc707d45b4⋯.png (264.67 KB, 411x847, 411:847, Q STRIDER RAVEN FEB 18 201….PNG)

Strider Raven has added more photos to his twitter……. they tell a story with lots of hints leading back to Q drops


0f69ff  No.5256360

File: 4849639d4a8e117⋯.jpg (187.07 KB, 493x599, 493:599, c3b736fd56f7b856de394be225….jpg)

File: 01229b12713a2f9⋯.jpg (108.54 KB, 376x547, 376:547, 3e90f009897483d17722b21104….jpg)

File: 7fdc3f3b32023eb⋯.jpg (239.27 KB, 530x599, 530:599, 90b254e897478385077e4c55d8….jpg)

File: e5e0a3b9f1e0f60⋯.jpg (197.91 KB, 593x599, 593:599, 1942f0d84b1fdea5a67cede284….jpg)

5a28f3  No.5256361

File: 8637c5609f285f4⋯.jpg (135.43 KB, 611x407, 611:407, 44_popcorn.jpg)

POTUS tweeting with gloves off.

Q proofs getting more frequent and closer.

This is gettin good!

434d75  No.5256362


ec69c9  No.5256363

File: a72769f850750ee⋯.jpg (134.33 KB, 800x451, 800:451, gasem.jpg)


Ze 88 bread!

b386c7  No.5256364


Well done. Ty. Looks pretty saucy to me.

d765d0  No.5256365

File: 3aebbf76f06c382⋯.jpg (40.64 KB, 696x462, 116:77, FB_IMG_1550303499610.jpg)


Not my style, however music has great lyrics.and production value.

Together we are strong.

6f6d24  No.5256366


the older model mini coopers were very small

97a2f9  No.5256367

File: 216a7e76469dbe4⋯.jpg (85.66 KB, 387x406, 387:406, honstick.jpg)

35852d  No.5256368




Approximately 40 Marines finally began a climb up the volcanic ash mountain, which was smoking from the constant bombardment, and at about 10 a.m. on February 23, a half-dozen Marines raised a small American flag on the peak–but not before disposing of a Japanese officer who attempted to prevent them. With Mt. Suribachi claimed, one-third of Iwo Jima was under American control. This first flag-raising was photographed by Marine photographer Sgt. Louis R. Lowery.

8d582c  No.5256369

File: b05f3b696d88319⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1434x994, 717:497, Visitors.png)

642ff1  No.5256371

File: e33c80442359061⋯.jpg (112.8 KB, 890x1336, 445:668, comeyass.jpg)

File: 3a9b68f5d282610⋯.jpg (164.33 KB, 913x609, 913:609, Comey2.jpg)

File: 842274846d8c2fe⋯.jpg (93.04 KB, 848x477, 16:9, Comey3.jpg)

File: e25c0efb5c4b6a7⋯.jpg (50.04 KB, 700x382, 350:191, Comey4.jpg)

File: 8796a12f025b8aa⋯.jpg (163.08 KB, 913x609, 913:609, Comey5.jpg)

1a82c0  No.5256372


Trump supporters need to find and help MAGA candidates run as Reps and closet Dems for 2020.

3c9f93  No.5256373

File: 1c94fe2db5d5758⋯.jpeg (437.54 KB, 1408x720, 88:45, 18429.jpeg)

5b4a35  No.5256374

File: 968660b2d445ebf⋯.jpg (30.64 KB, 689x444, 689:444, 1544566900.jpg)

f4aceb  No.5256375


It says "Sardegna" which is a brand of wine, but I can't find anything with that image.

b52493  No.5256376


Spectrum needs a thorough investigation.

36e62e  No.5256377

File: 08cf4cf54416010⋯.gif (6.48 MB, 500x273, 500:273, giphy.gif)


Right on time thank you JM

af9b49  No.5256378

I should be sleeping…and yet, here I am.

679bb1  No.5256379


nbc news CONFIRMS

A source close to Rosenstein said he intends to stay on until Mueller's investigative and prosecutorial work is done. The source said that would mean Rosenstein would remain until early March.


3e9ee1  No.5256380


yea i had it on, took it off, put it back on cuz anons nominated


i think we can let it stay, but not slide,

anons, take note pls

54605b  No.5256381

File: 34d2f5496561c85⋯.jpg (45.64 KB, 528x408, 22:17, 43878639_10212146419161284….jpg)

File: 5186cd070ef41df⋯.jpg (73.07 KB, 577x381, 577:381, fisa.jpg)

File: 5a433bb7d751dff⋯.png (58.68 KB, 532x483, 76:69, Treason.png)

5daa8e  No.5256382

The influence of Zionists and Zionism that deceived and compelled America's churches to go along with the Iraqi war. Satan's Israel controls the U.S. mainstream newsmedia. They control the entertainment industry. Whereas marriage used to be honored in America, the Jewish-controlled Zionist entertainment industry has

The biggest publishing houses are all Zionist controlled. They own the New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. The top 50 media outlets in the U.S. have been consolidated in recent decades down to just 5 media outlets! Revelation 17:15, “And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.” The Mother of Harlots sits upon the waters of peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues. In other words, the harlot sits in control of what information is fed to the unstable passions of humanity. The harlot rules the world through commercial control.

Modern-day Zionist Babylon, “THE GREAT WHORE,“” is corrupting our children through spiritual whoredom! Increasingly we see the Zionist owned and controlled entertainment industry effortlessly press the wine of profanity, sex and violence to the lips of an unsuspecting world. The media has turned the respectable institution of marriage into one in which fornication, adultery and homosexuality are acceptable sexual alternatives. Zionism is behind all of these evils! Babylon is here, now!!!

Remember, this is not about the Jewish people being bad or evil. Jews are a scapegoat for Freemasonry. Jews are victims as much as the average American. The New World Order is not a Jewish thing; but rather, a Satanic thing.

dd569c  No.5256383

>>5256162 Pb

When the heat gets turned up on the Zionists they remind us how bad the Muslims are right?

This bitch is lying

The whore got groped for dressing like a whore in a Muslim country… duhhh… like those retards who rode their bikes through Isis territory believing there is good in all people, but then got killed… stupid is as stupid does

3b90f7  No.5256384

File: 5065df8eb60b7cd⋯.jpg (116.41 KB, 730x499, 730:499, 2fe5d765e34d0d32d4a9279aa9….jpg)

File: 31b082c10236f8c⋯.jpg (433.95 KB, 1500x982, 750:491, babyfroggies.jpg)

d83f2b  No.5256385



e63ad8  No.5256386

File: cbd26e1c2d19e78⋯.png (137.25 KB, 551x336, 551:336, (you).png)

File: 08e3c100d7c5d59⋯.jpeg (115.15 KB, 1440x1021, 1440:1021, sessions.jpeg)

File: da41eac42c3cfc9⋯.png (246.38 KB, 924x665, 132:95, SUSPENDED.png)

File: 17bfd232bfeb660⋯.png (800.96 KB, 863x647, 863:647, FARMERFUNKK.png)








5d52d7  No.5256387

File: 639bb1867f2f622⋯.jpg (276.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190218-215051….jpg)

its 951 do you know where your .jars are?

642ff1  No.5256388

File: a4cb4ae2641603f⋯.jpg (117.26 KB, 888x500, 222:125, McCabeSaid.jpg)

File: 027dacfefb99d30⋯.jpeg (105.78 KB, 820x1020, 41:51, McCabeLastMeal.jpeg)

File: 5bd207cde5feb68⋯.jpg (46.33 KB, 650x421, 650:421, ComeyMcCabeThought.jpg)

File: 243963877e34e62⋯.jpg (110.03 KB, 597x377, 597:377, Pepe_Smash_present_McCabe.jpg)

File: 5798c73ea4ffe60⋯.jpg (334.07 KB, 2224x1112, 2:1, McCabeSat3weeksHillaryEmai….jpg)

cf49a3  No.5256389

5211ea  No.5256390

File: e07f3848750f099⋯.jpg (39.38 KB, 520x330, 52:33, 328fa87383da10a93e739faf28….jpg)


Yes… those dubs.

8d582c  No.5256391

File: ba30f30a717846c⋯.jpg (12.27 KB, 187x255, 11:15, bedtime.jpg)


Go to bed anon!

ca7bf1  No.5256392

File: f2f40f3a79a0694⋯.png (104.77 KB, 1280x858, 640:429, 8B9FC9BF-4950-470D-9022-CC….png)


Sardegna is Italian for Sardinia

8e9581  No.5256393

File: 17bc220dd410ff6⋯.png (1 MB, 776x900, 194:225, ClipboardImage.png)


Wierder yet, is Marie Therese Fenech picture looks oddly like Maria Theresa of Austria.


5daa8e  No.5256394


All we heard from paid-off Zionist stooges like Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, John Hagee, Rick Warren and numerous others, was that America must support and defend Israel at all costs. The professional liars at FoxNews and elsewhere in the Godless mainstream newsmedia, pushed the Zionist propaganda that America must support and defend Israel. WHAT A FRAUD!!! WHAT A SATANIC LIE!!! The Bible teaches in Matthew 7:12 (aka, THE GOLDEN RULE) to treat our neighbour(s) the way we want to be treated, and it is upon that basis God will judge all men in eternity (Matthew 7:1-2). Oh, but Iraqi was just the beginning. Afghanistan is now also controlled by the Illuminati, as is Egypt and soon to be Syria and Iran if they get their way.

It is those woefully ignorant believers, who don't understand the workings of the New World Order, who are foolishly and wholeheartedly supporting the present-day whore of Israel. A pimp controls a whore. Likewise, the Illuminati are the pimp, and Israel and the United States are their whores. Our youth are being exploited in the U.S. military as paid mercenaries to fight for the agendas of the globalists (another name for the Illuminati, or the enlightened ones). The term globalization is virtually synonymous with World Government. I get mad when I hear FoxNews interviewing Joel Osteen, mocking Americans by suggesting that viewers buy Osteen's book to learn how to pray for God to give them a job, while those rotten good-for-nothing rascals in the newsmedia won't dare tell the truth that our government leaders have betrayed their oath of office, committing treason, allowing U.S. corporations to send tens-of-millions of Americans manufacturing jobs to foreign soil to exploit cheap slave labor and escape U.S. regulations. WE'VE BEEN SOLD OUT!!! That's why you cannot find a decent job!

d83f2b  No.5256395


want some free advice?

494037  No.5256396

>>5256222 (lb)

do you understand the evil that took control over her, through coercion and force?

do you understand the evil empire that runs Hollywood?

do you understand the torture endured?

yes, they may have 'sold their soul', but do you judge over all others?

empathy for the slaves of the enemy does not weaken our position. fighting for the slaves of our enemy gives us strength.

if you can not find forgiveness for those who are used as cannon fodder in the global war of Good vs. evil, then how will you stand in triumph?

a36304  No.5256397

Wait til they start leaking results of report …The libs are going to go nuts

ec3184  No.5256398

File: 5452ee6e872330e⋯.png (433.83 KB, 744x3620, 186:905, amazing45q.png)

File: 07fab7db2060ea2⋯.jpg (75.36 KB, 439x298, 439:298, 07fab7db2060ea25d66d3a029e….jpg)

File: 0a9fc66159859ba⋯.png (364.93 KB, 1346x844, 673:422, 0a9fc66159859ba97bde318466….png)

File: 10d9a6e80b2b027⋯.jpg (101.05 KB, 1051x456, 1051:456, 3650ef8bd86d8d6eed8cde9aba….jpg)

One must ask what is a thing. What is its purpose, Clarice? Why does the cabal wish to depopulate the resource rich regions of the world?

Why can Peter always count on Paul to help him rob us, even when Paul knows Peter will rob him later?

9a74c4  No.5256399


SPEKTR- Sounds Bond-y

855e1a  No.5256400

File: 278b2c995658af2⋯.png (44.42 KB, 619x356, 619:356, answer potus2.png)

2017 Potus asks Anons Questions


c459b6  No.5256401


Thanks - seems too much of a coincidence.

3f8a74  No.5256402


Joke's on them.

At what point do we decide to completely disregard what the laws that they wrote say?

At what point do we just do what is right?

8693a0  No.5256403

>>5254967 (pb)

Don't know if you you get this message, Brother. The problem is not Islam, but those who usurp its teachings. Keep your faith. Oppose those who take it to levels that do not serve the Lord.

862723  No.5256404

File: 9d2a7a4c2c93b87⋯.jpg (274.3 KB, 542x1004, 271:502, damned trump supporters-we….jpg)

29aa64  No.5256405

File: fb33e70e214270e⋯.jpg (204 KB, 680x708, 170:177, good.jpg)

330ff9  No.5256406

File: 49cd85bb326efe1⋯.jpg (258.42 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 2.18.RBG.Y.GOLD.MOAB.jpg)

File: 7e197cb72605f3d⋯.png (164.22 KB, 643x651, 643:651, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5254006 PB


monoclonal antibodies

White Rabbit

5b8345  No.5256407


starting to think that the white hats were surveilling this meeting from the start, and used the information to press the weakest link (Page). She's only in on this meeting because she is the CIA/FBI's Section Chief's fuck buddy.

f0e061  No.5256408

File: f56b3d0e5a50a59⋯.jpeg (25.73 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 62081D60-5B3C-4DD6-9553-0….jpeg)


but patriot shit is happening, anon! wake up!

67d029  No.5256409

File: 920e711dfb89cdb⋯.jpg (40.84 KB, 600x488, 75:61, Love You.jpg)

Iubita mea dulce si frumoasa, vreau sa multumesc tuturor prietenilor ce ne ajuta.

Va iubesc si-mi cer scuze de v-am suparat, nu-s perfect.

3b90f7  No.5256410

File: b3e0b2ce94b327b⋯.jpg (20.41 KB, 255x255, 1:1, d5f56e69bfc320db88a69d795a….jpg)


Less people = easier to control

dc07cb  No.5256411

can someone explain why the yeast isn't rising




7b30c4  No.5256412


Terry McAuliffe I think?

Former governor of Virginia

ec69c9  No.5256413

File: e6238b668447e27⋯.jpg (26.89 KB, 600x446, 300:223, kek.jpg)

862723  No.5256414

File: 55fc6a560f830ab⋯.jpg (265.36 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, smollett haute crime.jpg)

9a74c4  No.5256415

d58a46  No.5256416

Not Lynching

048ab8  No.5256417


Spouse works for Spectrum and he said we def need to dig. Check out the CEO and his connections.

cf514a  No.5256418

File: 1090a57df3a2db2⋯.jpeg (14.49 KB, 255x170, 3:2, Comey McCabe Babies held ….jpeg)

File: 15beb4c9cd471a6⋯.jpeg (16.07 KB, 255x177, 85:59, Comey McCabe Block Awan.jpeg)

e59d68  No.5256420

File: 18d4dae3c9db22a⋯.jpg (246.44 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, astronomy-super-snow-moon-….jpg)

repeat from earlier for the later late crew…

Tomorrows supermoon jumpstarts the 911th week since 911.

069ef5  No.5256421

File: c0a2d5beb1e07f3⋯.jpeg (192.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0C89689F-AB59-499A-B951-C….jpeg)

Always joked about Egyptians using slaves to build pyramids, then I saw our society is a pyramid.

dd46ef  No.5256422

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Q Uva Groove

0764e6  No.5256424


"CONFIRMS" with… wait for it… wait for it… "a source close to"…

Riiiiiight. Maybe he

is leaving, but we need to be a little more skeptical of anything that uses "sources"

as sauce. Trump has been doing this for 2 years and they still don't get it.

5daa8e  No.5256425


And then Americans are competing with illegal immigrants for the remaining minimum wage jobs at Burger King and McDonalds. Why aren't the churches angry? Why isn't every preacher in America exposing the fraud and treason in our government? What is wrong with Americans? We've become indifferent and complacent. The average Christian wonders why they are struggling financially, and why God hasn't worked a miracle in reply to their prayer for a job. My friend, deindustrialization (aka, globalization, i.e., sending U.S. manufacturing jobs to foreign soil) has destroyed the economy in the United States!!! As of May 2015, over 100,000,000 Americans are receiving some type of government financial assistance. It's all a house of cards! The whole rotten government is a bunch of smoke and mirrors, which eventually has to economically implode. Americans will continue to work harder, receive less and die completely broke. As time passes, if the Lord tarries, ownership of private property will become next to impossible.

Everything on this webpage that I've mentioned is connected with the fraud of Zionism, a cruel hoax perpetrated upon the American people by the International Banking Cabal, Wall Street, Freemasons and Kabbalistic Khazarian Jews and the Satanic religion of orthodox Judaism. That's why I expose Zionism as much as I do. It is at the core of everything unholy that's destroying America today. It is Zionist Hollywood that it corrupting our culture and runing families, promoting violence and sexual immorality.

As noted in the book, “In Search of Anti-Semitism,” by Leonard Dinnerstein, former U.S. President Nixon acknowledged the Jewish Media Barons influence in America. President Nixon said:

“Politicians are often controlled by the media … People have to realize that the Jews in the U.S. control the entire information and propaganda machine, the large newspapers, the motion pictures, radio and television, and the big companies. And there is a force that we have to take into consideration.”

Now you know why they ousted Nixon as President. He was too honest, which is why the Nazi CIA killed John F. Kennedy.

5d52d7  No.5256426

File: 23bfccaca553677⋯.jpg (466.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190218-211252….jpg)


as soon as NTT puts down the crack, gas the kikes acer war now

puck man

89e71e  No.5256427

File: fd46246e5673ba5⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181111_062748.jpg)

4f1ec2  No.5256428


A very wide angle lens distortion

263de9  No.5256429

File: 0e9638d10eade63⋯.png (2.32 MB, 2062x2062, 1:1, QclockFeb17SDSS17x2.png)


Sorry. They don't mean anything (was the only connection to the game that I could find when I first did it.

Better version.

ef6f9a  No.5256430

I feel like I'm living in a banana republic. Why the hell is Mueller, McCabe Comey and Rosenstien FREE? What the hell do democrats have to do to be arrested if overthrowing the PRESIDENT isn't enough? Not one person has the guts to arrest everyone is worried about the deep state……I thought WE were in control…

bf632e  No.5256431


he brought a subway sub home after getting beat up

642ff1  No.5256432

File: 7dff84315cb64fe⋯.jpg (161.58 KB, 632x423, 632:423, ExFedMcCabe.jpg)

File: 217a6850fcd0163⋯.jpg (301.81 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, McCabeFuckFlynnFuckTrump.jpg)

File: f963e932abca63d⋯.jpg (219.65 KB, 728x1000, 91:125, PassportCancelledMCCABE.jpg)

File: 408d38c34785721⋯.png (193.47 KB, 365x867, 365:867, McCabePledgedHQSpecial.png)

File: 9e6a929d92f0205⋯.jpg (116.86 KB, 846x395, 846:395, ComeyMcCabeWarrantInvestig….jpg)

9061fb  No.5256433

File: d18c02f3f21399f⋯.png (331.18 KB, 330x543, 110:181, 2019-02-18_22-38-42.png)

fdfaab  No.5256434


check out their "smart communities" project

f65698  No.5256435


blast out the memes for this!!!

d83f2b  No.5256436

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5daa8e  No.5256437


The Christ-blaspheming Talmud is the Devil's Bible! The Washington Monument is a giant erect male phallus, the symbol of occult power. Freemasons are penis-worshippers! Freemasonry, Judaism and Mormonism are all rooted (or should I say, rotted) in Zionist Kabbalah and demonic mysticism. If you have difficulty grasping the truths I am am telling you, consider again the predominant infestation of the Obama administration in The White House with Goldman Sachs (Wall Street) insiders. The term “Military Industrial Complex” refers to the criminal relationship between Wall Street, The White House and The Pentagon. If Wall Street controls The White House, then they control the U.S. military. THAT'S HORRIFYING!!! In fact, it was Wall Street Zionists who exploited The White House and The Pentagon to demonize, invade and overthrow Afghanistan and Iraq.

Few Christians have any idea how messed up everything is. Here's an article about how the music industry is controlled by the controlling elite. Read the truth about the entertainment industry. If you just open your eyes and pay attention to all the occult symbols surrounding you in American society, you'll begin to wake up. Look on the back of any U.S. one-dollar bill!!! My I say, it is not unreasonable that most Christians are woefully naive about this stuff, because they are called “Secret Societies” for a very good reason, that is, they are hidden (secret) from the public's eye. We don't see the hidden powers controlling Washington D.C. at every level. Please just consider all the information I give you, and then form your own conclusions. Zionism is a Satanic work of darkness!

6b66a3  No.5256438

File: feca01176a8bfda⋯.jpeg (174.18 KB, 881x703, 881:703, 9B003C1B-14EB-4572-87F5-4….jpeg)

File: 288926124927075⋯.jpeg (117.9 KB, 956x670, 478:335, 39029437-38D2-4000-BFF8-A….jpeg)

File: cb38f91079c083f⋯.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1234, 621:617, 91B58D10-7ABF-4C4C-8B30-4….jpeg)

File: 43aa94a7a801b19⋯.jpeg (207.37 KB, 666x788, 333:394, ECC128E1-B6C4-46FB-9E23-7….jpeg)

File: 00978278f7b73f6⋯.jpeg (80.71 KB, 632x674, 316:337, 4ADCE96C-B632-4752-AE98-1….jpeg)


yeah cus Q said brock is here deploying all tactics to subvert the board… oh wait! That was mossad Q said.

What type of posts most trigger mossad shills?? Perhaps this?

3e9ee1  No.5256439


>>5256289, >>5256368, >>5256343 Battle of Iwo Jima anny coming up this sat 2/23

>>5256277, >>5256319 POTUS and Treason anon graphics/proofs

any pepe baker assists out there wanna bake with baker?

dc07cb  No.5256440



ca6344  No.5256441

File: 554c01eff751e75⋯.png (183.67 KB, 400x278, 200:139, ClipboardImage.png)


>>5256107 Lara Logan's assalth in Egypt

>This was a sad way to become awake.

Yeah, I doubt CBS or any other MSM will publicly attack her for telling the Truth today.

Her story reminds me of the massacre of the famous female philosopher Hypatia, which also occurred in Egypt in 415 AD and for some, marked the official beginning of the fall of Rome.

"the mob stripped Hypatia naked and murdered her using ostraka, which can either be translated as "roof tiles" or "oyster shells". Damascius adds that they also cut out her eyeballs. They tore her body into pieces and dragged her mangled limbs through the town to a place called Cinarion, where they set them on fire. "


9b53b7  No.5256442


It's almost Mardi Gras. You know what to do S.E. (What a fuckin stupid moniker FFS!)

580165  No.5256443

File: 48307bff01e5ec5⋯.png (290.54 KB, 646x1220, 323:610, 7bbs.png)


Holy Shit Anons. Remember that 4chan prophecy?

>A Rock will stand on Seven Hills

Reference to Embassy in Jeruselam

>The Ravens will starve

The media is starved of funding

>The bear will leave its cave forever

Bear=Russia, Russia doesn't have to hide anymore - no collusion

>The Rod and the Ring will strike


ROSEN = RING? Flowers are circular

08a947  No.5256444

>>5255476 (lb)

Remember he got the soccer ball from Putin.

dd46ef  No.5256445

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 01/11/19 (Fri) 00:19:34 467fd2 (1) No.4707080






A man of constant Soros

6bdf2b  No.5256446


My first thought too. Hard not to notice.

51e4a4  No.5256447

File: 2c5ae54a5eeb728⋯.jpeg (272.55 KB, 902x1320, 41:60, 2961C3B7-6B0A-4EA5-92BE-9….jpeg)


It’s really happening

434d75  No.5256448

File: d2a7bc5764169dd⋯.png (438.72 KB, 480x747, 160:249, ClipboardImage.png)

dc07cb  No.5256449

File: bac15187aec636d⋯.jpg (72.38 KB, 650x650, 1:1, blankstare.jpg)

d83f2b  No.5256450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

29aa64  No.5256451

File: 8a278f8b10aaa67⋯.jpg (88.79 KB, 500x314, 250:157, see.JPG)

File: 5731459f01dc192⋯.jpg (97.71 KB, 500x314, 250:157, flags.jpg)

reminder…be safe out there

7f4ca1  No.5256452


Yeah I think they used that "slaves built the pyramids" thing as an inside joke.

6361dc  No.5256453


oh ok gotcha

9a74c4  No.5256454



9f4263  No.5256455

It's not the Jews.


It's Nazis.


It's not commies.


It's fascists


What a pathetic charade this Jewish psyop has become.

c2f64e  No.5256456

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Digits confirm that was [their] plan.

Then we happened.

54605b  No.5256457

File: 7831245e0124cc3⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 598x511, 598:511, 7831245e0124cc3d88d7dcc170….jpg)

b3ddd0  No.5256458

File: ab510f086f81ff5⋯.png (3.21 MB, 2524x1218, 1262:609, barbara crowley.png)

File: 548694b6bee654f⋯.jpg (275.11 KB, 1027x683, 1027:683, GWBcrying.jpg)

>>5255690 (pb)

I suppose Bill and Killery are going to follow in the footsteps of GHWB and Barbara Crowley.

e63ad8  No.5256459

File: 5ed1e351ac18376⋯.png (1.73 MB, 3244x2275, 3244:2275, DossierCoup1.png)

File: b3637f050b3e722⋯.jpg (210.26 KB, 1496x732, 374:183, DossierPerkinsCoieFusionGP….jpg)

File: eb2f96b358da1bd⋯.png (52.44 KB, 500x303, 500:303, goodnews.png)

File: 8e4717d26b1a892⋯.jpg (139.08 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Obama_Huma_Muslim_Brotherh….jpg)

File: 1c7f56fcf495b16⋯.png (485.41 KB, 595x499, 595:499, see.png)

25e9ad  No.5256460


We are the base holding it all up

cf514a  No.5256461


Stop with the fucking datefagging. It could be tomorrow for all we know.

99b571  No.5256462

File: 4ec16db4dbb0f18⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1728x2592, 2:3, Nothing burger.jpg)

Is he fucking going to jail?



9b53b7  No.5256463


Her attack reminds me of a CLOWN setup. Done in order to shut her up.

There's a reason Q mentioned her many months ago.

5daa8e  No.5256464


I Care About You and Don't Want You to be Deceived by the Devil

I'm doing my best with God's help to share what I've learned with others. I certainly don't have all the answers, but the King James Bible DOES have all the answers. Please don't support “THE GREAT WHORE” by supporting present-day apostate Israel. This has nothing to do with true Israel. I am a supporter of God's Israel, but that nation won't be restored until Christ's Second Coming, when a believing remnant of Israel fears God and seeks the Lord as Hosea 3:4-5 teaches. Zionism is not about anti-Semitism, but anti-corruption and fraud. If you are Jewish I love you! If you are African-American I love you. If you are Arab I love you. If you are Eskimo I love you. I love you all in the Lord, whoever you may be; and I mean that, which is why I work so hard to help others, labouring day-and-night in the Lord, and praying always for my web visitors.

I don't like exposing false prophets or falsehoods, but I do LOVE THE TRUTH. 2nd Thessalonians 2:10, “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” Carefully notice in the preceding Scripture that the first step to being saved is to accept THE TRUTH. If you don't want to hear the Gospel truth, then you can never be saved. I've knocked on many doors while soul-winning, just to have a door slammed in my face. You have to want the truth before it can benefit you. Many believers are closed-minded. It's a wonder how they ever got saved. In Hosea 4:6, people often quote the first part of the verse about God's people people destroyed for lack of knowledge, but if you read the second half, it says that God's people deliberately REJECTED that knowledge from God. You literally have to not want the truth these days to remain ignorant with all the information that we have available.

Here again is our text verse, which tells us that the Devil (Satan) is DECEIVING THE WHOLE WORLD!!! …

Revelation 12:9, “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

480862  No.5256465

File: f99f434447d4153⋯.jpg (485.2 KB, 1350x1051, 1350:1051, crooked_hillary_rgb_ben_ga….jpg)

6361dc  No.5256466

File: f778bab4227d969⋯.jpg (27.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, f778bab4227d969c8a04964c24….jpg)

679bb1  No.5256467

File: 32ea91a587dd376⋯.jpg (71.71 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 2u11uw[1].jpg)




d765d0  No.5256468

File: a613e73e0b76f59⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 292x294, 146:147, 3t38l8.jpg)

File: db6ccac0164ea18⋯.jpg (108.14 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 6a.jpg)

File: b8a2ce62bf1ee56⋯.jpg (184.41 KB, 700x974, 350:487, 5a205f4dba9e0.jpeg.jpg)

File: e23fa43722782df⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 840x845, 168:169, allinfavorofgunbans_lighte….jpg)

54605b  No.5256469

File: 1cc1c4c8b7eec26⋯.jpg (143.54 KB, 671x900, 671:900, 6fd2043d07273b6f8ec16b9204….jpg)

855e1a  No.5256470

File: 902503bbbe68ebc⋯.png (29.04 KB, 629x271, 629:271, Answer Potus 3.png)

2017 Potus Names a query Anons 3

642ff1  No.5256471

File: 1da2e0adb3a8932⋯.jpg (78.8 KB, 599x622, 599:622, PF450 Comey Bongino 2018-1….jpg)

File: 5b72e68920ccd10⋯.jpg (130.98 KB, 1101x550, 1101:550, Comey8.jpg)

File: a9ecdcd25cc852e⋯.jpg (356.67 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, LynchComeyNeverDid.jpg)

File: 845b00d27e9fd27⋯.jpg (294.77 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, DejaVu-Comey-Clintons.jpg)

File: 76dff9568f9ca89⋯.jpg (145.05 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PackedForPrisonComey.jpg)

5211ea  No.5256472

File: bdae15f18027f17⋯.png (240.54 KB, 515x515, 1:1, hitit.png)

dc07cb  No.5256473


did you know that nostradamus predicted rubbing two dongs with your daddy

grandmas get that one

*toilet flush*

past proves future uh oh

ead213  No.5256474


Pretty sad that we are back to 14 months ago

54605b  No.5256475

File: 8a7bb60f15b409b⋯.jpg (195.3 KB, 576x384, 3:2, The Best President Ever.JPG)

5190de  No.5256476

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8e9581  No.5256477


Well said. Thank you.

dd46ef  No.5256478

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

You're invited


3e9ee1  No.5256479


you probably need a vag steam

ee89c2  No.5256480

Q and the bossman

We will hold the line, just don't forget about us. When we go back to obscurity.

67d029  No.5256482


You like to control?

That means implement your believes?

dc07cb  No.5256483


Dad is OP. Sorry.

96cfe1  No.5256484


to back up POTUS- yes talent IS evenly distributed only my talent may not be your talent yet both are valid and valuable.

I may not be able to run the Olympic sprints in record time but can that athlete paint a Ruben or Rembrandt like the masters, or compose a rhapsody like Mahler ?

What occurs to me in this moment is that much is coming out into the open- like a slow Chinese drip.

Made public.

No nat'l sec leaks

just anon genius and digs –mega talent!

Q, Q+, Q team, DoD, NSA et al- who own this board-

timing may be your 'thing' and consider

it is NOW-

normies not knowing what to think are wondering WHY these

alleged perps aren't in jail are beginning to wonder if the truth you tell is the hoax, and the fake news must be the truth —drum roll…..

otherwise these PERFIDous felons would be in jail

like the normies would be.

If not- hmmmm

then not guilty.

It can backfire on you. The slow walk can backfire.

Digest that.

bf632e  No.5256485


we have the leverage now

769d71  No.5256486

File: 17a0db275220882⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 536x700, 134:175, IMG_0931.JPG)

d83f2b  No.5256487

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

679bb1  No.5256488




f4aceb  No.5256489


And now he wants to run for Prez in 2020… wonder why?

862723  No.5256490


Swollett has THE MEAT

f009a5  No.5256491

File: 44dff2480792e31⋯.mp4 (3.11 MB, 750x748, 375:374, Over th target.mp4)


some might not get what over the target means exactly..

eaebd7  No.5256492

File: d32234775b362fe⋯.jpg (309.82 KB, 920x600, 23:15, 1550539936302.jpg)

File: ecb87f3dee2a113⋯.png (247.8 KB, 700x671, 700:671, 101aadad58c2cc504d3d8b2d59….png)


In addition to Maine, California, and New York, the group of states also includes Delaware, Oregon, Hawaii, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico.


51e4a4  No.5256493

File: 1973f0bb98ddabc⋯.jpeg (339.34 KB, 1403x1668, 1403:1668, CC0D17D8-A410-462C-897C-0….jpeg)


Lighten up, it’s rewlly gonna happen this time, seriously

c2eed5  No.5256494

File: 3ef0f41f42a2aa3⋯.jpg (111 KB, 500x750, 2:3, index.jpg)

2801ce  No.5256495

File: e60047a60d8c118⋯.jpeg (445.64 KB, 1242x1221, 414:407, 356A949B-3724-4D94-94BA-5….jpeg)

Follow the ball?

29aa64  No.5256496

File: 741c21c59ac16ba⋯.jpg (252.72 KB, 644x500, 161:125, the boys.jpg)

7f26e1  No.5256497

>>5256154 (lb)

Right. Something that acts like an insulator for the inside “wire”.

I love it when Anons post science. I wonder if some Anons are from another planet? Hopefully the benevolent ones drop over unity drive posts and shit on our all for a larp board.

44c289  No.5256498


POTUS is taking the gloves off.

Heavy downpours of MAGA fists in the forecast.

f4aceb  No.5256499


Still have normies to wake up.

af9b49  No.5256500


Why are you "B"-fagging?

dd569c  No.5256501


So fake and very gay

Zionists pulling at your heart strings

Look here muslims don’t look here Zionists

Who resurrected this story today?

Alex fucking Jones

Wake up assholes

60669c  No.5256502

‘Leakin’ James…

Makes me think POTUS knows something about Jimmy and a bathroom…

Everything has meaning.

6361dc  No.5256503



are you retarded?

263de9  No.5256504

File: e25d36b49ba0648⋯.png (1.89 MB, 2062x2062, 1:1, QclockFeb18snow.png)

From this morning (cold moon tomorrow).

Snowball references.

97a2f9  No.5256505

File: 3b4f9499542f602⋯.jpg (74.46 KB, 850x400, 17:8, socialism.jpg)

c3da3d  No.5256506

File: 6b2005e6ccc0a26⋯.gif (22.72 KB, 310x760, 31:76, DefconLevelHapbenming.gif)

048ab8  No.5256507


YES. Merged with Time Warner. CEO got a 90 million bonus last year. Something super sketchy.

37902f  No.5256508

File: 5681a689b9b7bcf⋯.jpg (186.26 KB, 379x600, 379:600, milk1.jpg)

File: 6b8c547ece3b54c⋯.jpg (234.57 KB, 600x452, 150:113, milk2.jpg)

File: 1b7a598c59f9416⋯.jpg (279.23 KB, 600x402, 100:67, milk3.jpg)

File: 0e8934ab1565785⋯.jpg (281.51 KB, 600x402, 100:67, milk5.jpg)

File: 5d6124d1e12d109⋯.jpg (317.66 KB, 600x445, 120:89, milk6.jpg)

29ac24  No.5256509

File: 3ef1f9b132ce9e3⋯.png (1.46 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 61aa4a7cf99be5769779895db5….png)


9d2143  No.5256510


The system is rigged.

08a947  No.5256511


The ball he got from Putin?

9a8336  No.5256512


My first thought was

Hmm The soccer ball is in action

ece35f  No.5256513



67d029  No.5256514


Can you please listem my phone, so that you can be a step behind me???

ead213  No.5256515

File: 1cfea05b2c6fee6⋯.png (13.91 KB, 255x204, 5:4, 9a9cd49405a2c536f8b409abcf….png)

5d52d7  No.5256516

zsh no more

sessions is awake

b2d806  No.5256517

File: bb2c3c0126f0ae6⋯.jpg (66.08 KB, 434x562, 217:281, Bush Sr Writ.JPG)

9a74c4  No.5256518

File: 7b3b7c590568840⋯.jpg (278.56 KB, 520x381, 520:381, barrett50cal.jpg)


Target practice is fun!

60669c  No.5256519

File: 5b2dd0ba855c9fd⋯.jpeg (497.5 KB, 828x1636, 207:409, 3C8F8162-4922-4F82-86B9-9….jpeg)



Post 2397

bf632e  No.5256520


weirdly florida isn't suing

e6e207  No.5256521

File: d501f1de9cb7f6e⋯.png (166.82 KB, 485x336, 485:336, cae29be27b48584845049ec42a….PNG)

fdfaab  No.5256522

d83f2b  No.5256523

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d41909  No.5256524


the soccer ball is being handled with precision~

0764e6  No.5256525


The fuck? And they let someone else take pictures no less?

dd46ef  No.5256526


Christfags! Got a KJV reader here!

e63ad8  No.5256527

File: 4ec773aad958e24⋯.jpg (83.31 KB, 504x479, 504:479, brother.JPG)

File: b68b2737923f5ca⋯.jpg (121.1 KB, 716x500, 179:125, MLKAwakening.jpg)

File: def20370baace40⋯.png (710.66 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, NIGHTSHIFT.png)

File: d6da65320809570⋯.png (393.76 KB, 889x478, 889:478, dragonenergy.png)

File: 63c91375ce71bb6⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 639x388, 639:388, THE REAL HERO.jpg)




8e9581  No.5256528


I suppose he could have…

2ac9b7  No.5256529

File: 551d45a073aae54⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Bless-this-Bread-Celtic-Cr….jpg)

File: 4ff9adeff0c9734⋯.jpg (262.43 KB, 683x512, 683:512, Divided-No-Moar-MitR.jpg)

File: 845c4e567e5919d⋯.jpg (403.84 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, MakeItRain-Q-Drop-Template….jpg)

File: 4203f69cd316e30⋯.jpg (409.8 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, What-is-a-Spell-MakeItRain.jpg)

File: ce8e5781e543d67⋯.jpg (404.74 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Who-is-Asleep-MakeItRain.jpg)

642ff1  No.5256530

File: e32b63a9e6d0fa1⋯.jpeg (447.1 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, QCrumbs10McCabe.jpeg)

File: 4ef81c1df8b3c73⋯.png (136.79 KB, 624x339, 208:113, CrimReferralMcCabe.png)

It now appears that the charges listed in Congress's criminal referral of McCabe – circa mid-April 2018 – are the least of his worries.

cf49a3  No.5256531


Women have always been the target of hate. As John Lennon said, "woman is the nigger of the world". Possibly the only thing he ever said with which I agree.

97a2f9  No.5256532

File: 05106951b96a827⋯.jpg (6.59 KB, 170x191, 170:191, ballspyramid.jpg)


soccer charity- trafficking

af9b49  No.5256533



dc07cb  No.5256534

File: ce2ed4827b1fab1⋯.jpeg (293.1 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, a7741646-f62a-491e-985c-e….jpeg)




b96640  No.5256535


LOL, gonna be hard for JFK Jr. to get elected, being dead, an all.

330ff9  No.5256536

File: bdb3b6a951912fc⋯.png (365.67 KB, 776x462, 388:231, ClipboardImage.png)

b0126e  No.5256537

File: d90477b35bd1bda⋯.jpg (116.74 KB, 533x328, 13:8, NCL keelhaul(1).jpg)

KeelHauling is Not


a205ad  No.5256538



12b6dd  No.5256539

File: a1241e00dd99432⋯.png (20.87 KB, 255x184, 255:184, b0c3c8ae509ee8a59c9548d99b….png)


Yea they take the McCabe 25th amendment treason then link McCabe to HRC through his wife. Comey will have to be linked from Obama and Yates. Brenenan and Clapper are linked to NoName.

5b4a35  No.5256540

File: 010d6780d8165e5⋯.jpeg (584.68 KB, 1072x1345, 1072:1345, 1533698738.jpeg)

dd569c  No.5256541


Zionist please

Jewish is sooo..passé

5bcbb3  No.5256542

>>5256249 magakek

these people are stupid

67d029  No.5256543


or forward??????


what did I said (Q)?

25e9ad  No.5256544

File: 25e8bd9bfe8b673⋯.png (585.82 KB, 960x640, 3:2, trump keep your eyes on th….png)

6361dc  No.5256546

File: b7bd8292961e4a4⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 11ac666d7a164b50220ebe890a….jpg)


not if he runs as a democrat

ead213  No.5256547

File: 85ab2ff90c3071a⋯.jpeg (12.22 KB, 255x185, 51:37, 5d9a4f5743a2cc04ef5a45ecf….jpeg)


I had hair when this started

f4aceb  No.5256548

File: acb9a764e5d7894⋯.jpg (44.6 KB, 634x601, 634:601, muhtears.jpg)

File: 84543fd7a23e3b8⋯.png (180.69 KB, 1282x846, 641:423, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)


d765d0  No.5256549

File: e980034999e5c26⋯.jpg (18.64 KB, 482x273, 482:273, ADXqbn1.jpg)

File: 0c31bbbab5f304b⋯.png (132.39 KB, 500x545, 100:109, if-socialist-college-profe….png)

7b30c4  No.5256550


She was a fuck buddy (if that is even true) because she provided access to mcCabe and Baker.

She was used.

5a28f3  No.5256551


well played anon

069ef5  No.5256552

File: 8c6ee21a0e29d2b⋯.jpeg (436.46 KB, 750x552, 125:92, 23820AF8-6101-4168-BC2E-9….jpeg)

b96640  No.5256553

File: ff423f64680daac⋯.jpg (174.49 KB, 900x478, 450:239, POTUS-Kek.jpg)

429b52  No.5256554


We prefer morally-handicapped

ece35f  No.5256555

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This sounds Bond-y

89e71e  No.5256556

File: 15ddd50e8195cf5⋯.jpg (3.46 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180801_171441.jpg)

Protester at Duluth Rally. What a bitch-ass faggot. I should've knocked his ass out.

0764e6  No.5256558


Probably get him on the SC, too.

97a2f9  No.5256559

File: 19707ab65ba4824⋯.jpg (317.14 KB, 1600x999, 1600:999, sarahballs.jpg)

679bb1  No.5256560



104a7d  No.5256561

File: 2f870253140a9a4⋯.png (882.52 KB, 790x1129, 790:1129, the-sims-13.png)

File: 2798595817b6a37⋯.jpg (202.53 KB, 1500x997, 1500:997, the-sims-12.jpg)

File: b2a91b3a15854c9⋯.png (67.58 KB, 850x540, 85:54, the-sims-11.png)

File: 4476c3f4d529425⋯.jpg (54.86 KB, 946x644, 473:322, the-sims-10.jpg)

File: 0f8226e72fb836d⋯.jpg (13.74 KB, 308x164, 77:41, the-sims-09.jpg)

Repost from last bread.

You are Living In a Sim World

6747cd  No.5256562

File: 0fb163451bb8892⋯.mp4 (938.95 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 0fb163451bb889278f9adb9f16….mp4)

c816b2  No.5256563

>>5256289 the year is important 45

d41909  No.5256564


I always think of the soccer team of Thailand boys in the cave

e2d627  No.5256565


Leakin & bathroom does kinda go together. KEK

55abea  No.5256566


HAHAHA Awesome!

b3ddd0  No.5256567

File: cd4e6a1d83152eb⋯.png (870.27 KB, 567x960, 189:320, ComfyAF.png)


Frens, is it gonna be a quiet night after the excitement of the last 36 hours?

4f388f  No.5256568

File: 83394f6ffedfb86⋯.jpg (410.14 KB, 1200x831, 400:277, potus-brand.jpg)

Suck it shills.

-Holocaust was a real event

-Jews were the chosen people

-Christians support Jews because we have the same God

-All have fallen short of the glory of God

-You won't divide us

Just keep going hysterical like the shills you are, it makes you easier to spot.

1b00d9  No.5256569


My question is are lynching illegal as well if you go by the umjc(tribunal)?

c2eed5  No.5256570

File: 3e554b2c565b968⋯.jpg (64.76 KB, 500x458, 250:229, 2fsr8l.jpg)

ec3184  No.5256571

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Form a militia, peace keepers only, only those you know and trust. Learn the structure of the law and study the laws hung on it. Find out about the policies, procedures and protocols that circumvent the Constitution and the State constitution, and why, and ho they work.

Study organized crime. Your politicians, lawyers, judges and their owners did.

8d582c  No.5256572

File: 1bfdb5ac0f93685⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 241x255, 241:255, loveBO.jpg)

Good night anons.

See you tomorrow.

25e9ad  No.5256573

File: fde0953cc3b8ed5⋯.jpg (174.41 KB, 892x1240, 223:310, trump think big 2.jpg)


she couldnt handle em

d83f2b  No.5256574

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

winners will be contacted directly about the cruise they won

b52493  No.5256575


Between that, their monopoly in certain areas, their unwatchable news stations and Ellen Degenerate as their spokesperson. There is a lot there to dig. A recent conversation with a very unhappy Spectrum executive was an eye-opener.

9a74c4  No.5256576

File: 74370e5f3f35157⋯.jpg (128.71 KB, 996x607, 996:607, BestPOTUS.jpg)

cf514a  No.5256577

File: 6466ce58acd9ac8⋯.jpg (69.01 KB, 777x481, 21:13, 2u128y.jpg)

4e4a64  No.5256578

File: 785346007b7c4e2⋯.jpg (143.91 KB, 492x732, 41:61, 546b0f76617607eaf09c284a74….jpg)


Think I saw shorter version of that somewhere earlier, dat ending tho! Top Kek!

d41909  No.5256579



5bcbb3  No.5256580

File: 168e5ae27cf5d63⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1176x1500, 98:125, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5256323 Monica lovers are legion

7f4ca1  No.5256581


The way Trump was a democrat?

c2f64e  No.5256582

File: 34794f854d20f48⋯.jpg (68.07 KB, 460x562, 230:281, 34794f854d20f48b29fc43efe3….jpg)


I had an idea that this wasn't going to be a quick fix and out the door when this started…

dc07cb  No.5256583

File: b55ec88d3aa3b0f⋯.png (988.96 KB, 1008x1224, 14:17, mattsantoslol.png)

dd46ef  No.5256584


That is one dirty whatever it is

51e4a4  No.5256585

File: a14bca78d06313a⋯.jpeg (300.83 KB, 760x798, 20:21, 8C40E691-4218-4FEE-89F3-A….jpeg)


Super kek

f0e061  No.5256586


decidedly so

be815d  No.5256587

Smocking Gun = DNA gathered from RBG versions 1.0 and 2.0. hair from smocking on old robes?

This DNA can be compared to the new RBG 3.0 DNA to expose the imposter(s) — the smoking gun. This will force removal of RBG 3.0

7f4ca1  No.5256588

File: fd84a25231736c6⋯.jpeg (30.2 KB, 255x255, 1:1, F27C97F2-D0BD-4833-B1F9-E….jpeg)

ad9241  No.5256589


Keel Hauling and Gibbets are NOT lynching.

9f4263  No.5256590


Guns were not banned.

Leftist Jews were banned from having guns.

Very different.


Shut up kike.

It's Jews. Not all Jews.

But it's the Jewish agenda.

Now fuck off.

cf3313  No.5256591

Anything interesting happen today?

25e9ad  No.5256592


That feels like forever ago!

How time flies when you're having fun

104a7d  No.5256593

File: 6ac3a24cf6d545b⋯.png (466.36 KB, 600x647, 600:647, the-sims-07.png)

File: 273d24bee592658⋯.jpg (22.58 KB, 456x388, 114:97, the-sims-06.jpg)

File: f3760e2b9272a2a⋯.jpg (24.1 KB, 480x360, 4:3, the-sims-05.jpg)

File: 1b12f1857de3176⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, the-sims-04.jpg)

File: c84b08cd68584c6⋯.jpg (32.96 KB, 533x344, 533:344, the-sims-03.jpg)

5211ea  No.5256594

File: febc41268f7e5bd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 29.65 KB, 450x254, 225:127, lzBsc5dpw2lPMrAfF-D0JihiCm….png)

9a22a1  No.5256595

File: df92537eea6c1fd⋯.jpg (81.38 KB, 640x960, 2:3, celinedion.jpg)

20e90f  No.5256596


I think this twat will trigger the FF event we've been warned about.

ec69c9  No.5256597

File: d8a1a348a73521e⋯.png (104.1 KB, 1623x411, 541:137, Screenshot_2019-02-18 Unit….png)


3 branches becoming one.

Space Force.


848ae5  No.5256598

File: 4e0f473ae7b12c5⋯.png (79.57 KB, 640x426, 320:213, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4e028f2d4e9e81b⋯.png (231.79 KB, 388x903, 388:903, ClipboardImage.png)

9a74c4  No.5256599

File: 1819230944d3769⋯.png (3.36 MB, 1366x2048, 683:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

c91320  No.5256600


Legion is 20 years late.

96cfe1  No.5256601


by that time- he will be appointed as Pres.

things change.

5d52d7  No.5256602

File: c4668ceeea0827f⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20190218_220212.jpg)

mail the fucking strike package bb

642ff1  No.5256603


No, come back tomorrow

d765d0  No.5256604

File: 78cd625796174bd⋯.jpg (37.5 KB, 960x812, 240:203, 6NuPeeAJ-105932943.jpg)

So I've been meaning to ask, what's the obsession with gingers about round here?

I'm ginger, wifeanon and 3 sex trophies are ginger As fuck..

b62e71  No.5256605


Donald Trump wants to impose white supremacy on Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro said.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s only thoughts are to stay in the White House and his humanitarian aid is just a show, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said of Trump’s “Nazi-like” speech in Miami Tuesday.

"What is it that Trump loves from Venezuela? Oil, coltan, diamonds … the worst thing is that there are people from Venezuela who serve as puppets. The humanitarian aid is a show, they rob us 30,000 million dollars and they offer us 20 million in rotten food," Maduro said during a televised response just an hour after Trump concluded his speech in Florida.

"Today Donald Trump was in Miami with a tired rhetoric, questioning the right of our free country to adopt the ideas of human, Christian socialism, with an almost Nazi-styled speech to stunt different ideologies," said Maduro.

e63ad8  No.5256606

File: 972cfd686c92fb6⋯.png (156.68 KB, 513x654, 171:218, #777.png)

File: 7fb807c134905b2⋯.jpg (104.8 KB, 1114x978, 557:489, assange-itbegins.jpg)

File: 81c119e6f3de110⋯.png (414.67 KB, 750x498, 125:83, fisa.png)

File: bf3c476404b8e65⋯.jpg (119.06 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, reeeee.jpg)

File: a2389ab3f36d196⋯.jpg (192.87 KB, 531x921, 177:307, traitors.jpg)


that ID is feelin' super catchy! Have a greatnight lotto anon.

I'm gunna leave you to it.



0f69ff  No.5256607

File: 0d984dd56d0cb60⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 1852x1624, 463:406, IEntertainMyself.jpg)


Oh good, you got what I meant.


Care to tell us about Player 1?

How about the Architecture?

The Programmer?

The Debugger?


Fuck, now we're breaking out of paradigms…

Do you wanna stick to the babushkas for now?

8037d5  No.5256608

File: 0c9355315c3204b⋯.gif (1016.03 KB, 188x141, 4:3, frawgz.gif)

Play nice!

28c62f  No.5256609


Nice, RBG is back

d83f2b  No.5256610

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b3ddd0  No.5256611

File: 82dbefe398c3cd0⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1540x1120, 11:8, socialism - from money mas….png)

54605b  No.5256612

File: d39fcd035e313d4⋯.jpg (198.14 KB, 528x816, 11:17, commie liar leaker traitor.JPG)

File: 14e84757bee0044⋯.jpg (60.18 KB, 485x340, 97:68, james-comey-1.jpg)

File: def7df085d0dea1⋯.jpg (38.44 KB, 800x445, 160:89, Comey-Behind-Bars-800x445.jpg)

File: c166789f2913b20⋯.jpg (70.19 KB, 576x384, 3:2, commie comey delusionally ….JPG)

f3d99a  No.5256613

File: c2a10e47054dd2c⋯.gif (994.96 KB, 296x272, 37:34, c2a10e47054dd2c57abc7309cd….gif)

63f42d  No.5256614

Snowden for Browder?

c3da3d  No.5256615

>>4160957 (old bread)


9061fb  No.5256616

File: 66a38c441c29c60⋯.png (235.66 KB, 456x437, 24:23, 2019-01-12_00-22-32.png)

ba7716  No.5256617


>sex trophies

what the kek

dd569c  No.5256619


Actually we prefer YOUR MASTERS

but there’s still time before that.

dc07cb  No.5256620


good for (((French))) toast

9d2143  No.5256621


I just assumed that was about Jussie.

0f69ff  No.5256622

File: e06e29ae27a7f51⋯.jpg (250.58 KB, 529x681, 529:681, 549e8eecaf73ce6f3ddeb3d7cd….jpg)

File: c73cfcd787743db⋯.jpg (235.06 KB, 530x599, 530:599, 3585c63ec1ee076cc60d3c7145….jpg)

File: cf6592db7d83c4a⋯.jpg (309.49 KB, 593x599, 593:599, e9003463178081461f9bf5f4ec….jpg)

File: 51e09423363f53e⋯.jpg (226.56 KB, 440x599, 440:599, c69a2f672ee0bca4c981ee2c47….jpg)

fdfaab  No.5256623


You don't realize what you just did…

7b30c4  No.5256624


Think logically.

Power removed? If he was a black hat he'd be screaming obstruction right now.

When the true nature of Mueller work is revealed he will be redeemed.

a53385  No.5256625

File: d5285930f79b563⋯.gif (3.09 MB, 480x270, 16:9, F230EDEA-DCE5-4D1B-B729-E1….gif)


Putin and MBS seeing Potus twatter

c5d5d0  No.5256626

File: b5ad0e125e31b0e⋯.mp4 (829.13 KB, 480x480, 1:1, zS00jkXJdoh7mtQT.mp4)

File: 0c9e6bb26527261⋯.png (364 KB, 576x807, 192:269, Screenshot 2019-02-18_23-0….png)


3e9ee1  No.5256627

File: c850f671b9e2c34⋯.jpg (6.24 KB, 255x170, 3:2, bond2.JPG)



6361dc  No.5256628


he's fucking dead and a libtard

go back to facebook

b386c7  No.5256629


Yeah I learned you can bathe in milk, this woman will watch you and you get a free pic. Pretty interesting stuff.

9a74c4  No.5256630


AND' Drawn and Quartered' is a ride at Disney Land?

679bb1  No.5256631



cf514a  No.5256632

File: b9f2dbb2eb5a321⋯.jpg (70.19 KB, 780x481, 60:37, 2u12gx.jpg)

99b571  No.5256633

d765d0  No.5256634

54605b  No.5256635

File: 39b52dfef9a55e0⋯.jpg (71.12 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 19o1nq.jpg)

ece35f  No.5256636


>Less people = easier to control

Idiots who have never read "I, pencil" think this. These people are stupid.

5b4a35  No.5256637

File: ed38fc28bbc1f00⋯.jpg (42.41 KB, 500x549, 500:549, 1549961705.jpg)


Oh yeahhhh, Gramps will shitpost some dank Bob Seger for you baby. Oooo baby baby.

855e1a  No.5256638

File: f042a676f83c0f9⋯.png (20.97 KB, 506x312, 253:156, BOCK.png)


'This Tweet Didn’t Age Well.'

22 Tweets That Came Back to Haunt President Trump



29aa64  No.5256639

File: ee7b461295b5633⋯.jpg (97.16 KB, 962x751, 962:751, rope.JPG)

3c8f06  No.5256640

Watching the actual world slowly become what we've been told it would become. And it's picking up pace.

Surreal ride….

af9b49  No.5256641


Sounds good to me.

5211ea  No.5256642


Gingers have no soul.

b1d1b4  No.5256643


Ginger, please.

f650b8  No.5256644

I have more problems with the board whenever I deposit memes in Memes 40! Coincidence?

9a22a1  No.5256645

File: 2d964fc8e3b461c⋯.jpg (153.61 KB, 578x300, 289:150, Browder.jpg)

104a7d  No.5256646


Ego Death is a hard redpill.

d83f2b  No.5256647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

well maybe now the top secret navy super homo jew clown can pound your backchannel and backfill your memo

069ef5  No.5256648

b3ddd0  No.5256649

File: ac5fa58236ca94f⋯.jpg (224.1 KB, 639x472, 639:472, shill team 6.jpg)

7c1629  No.5256650


you claim to know the Bible and quote scripture.. yet you ignore so much… and since you love us so much I'll help you out,, cause I'm nice like that

Revelation 3:9

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

5d52d7  No.5256651

File: 6544fbd604040dc⋯.jpg (668.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190218-220447….jpg)

25e9ad  No.5256652


What in the ever loving fuck is this about?

4f41c7  No.5256653

File: 23cf941c2d118bf⋯.jpg (17.59 KB, 294x171, 98:57, Trump the Wheel.jpg)

Meme the World

185134  No.5256654

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e63ad8  No.5256655

File: 116d14c7339884b⋯.png (291.05 KB, 947x583, 947:583, _ff.png)




ca6344  No.5256656

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Her attack reminds me of a CLOWN setup. Done in order to shut her up.

I wouldn't be surprised, but it doesn't take much to get raped in the middle east.

Just watch this video. I was shocked at the number of explicit examples that the media will never report on…

The Middle East is NOT a progressive utopia and Lara Logan learned that fact the hard way

41c5fd  No.5256657

In 2001 the DS had the means to bring down the World Trade Center.

Now they can’t even stage an attack on a gay black guy in Chicago without getting caught.

Looks like more fun is coming our way!

97a2f9  No.5256658

File: 43d4033ebb8b3b1⋯.jpg (91.7 KB, 495x501, 165:167, iu (3).jpg)

6cb310  No.5256659


Nasty toilet

bfba0d  No.5256660

3e9ee1  No.5256662


>>5256289, >>5256368, >>5256343 Battle of Iwo Jima anny coming up this sat 2/23

>>5256277, >>5256319 POTUS and Treason anon graphics/proofs

what else is guud?

nightshift in the house?

731239  No.5256663

File: c1da5b810605d06⋯.jpg (256.58 KB, 1118x1677, 2:3, 1118full-mini-anden.jpg)


Mini > Monica

1a82c0  No.5256665


The AG has that power. The DAG works directly for him. The AG probably talks to POTUS every day.

The vast majority of decisions and work in the Exec Branch are not done by POTUS or the heads of department/agencies. They're far too busy with the most important stuff not stupid little shit like who fills lower level positions.

679bb1  No.5256666


5bcbb3  No.5256667

File: b7449857ffdea29⋯.png (250.11 KB, 1578x760, 789:380, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3fafffe47cddd7f⋯.png (250.64 KB, 1298x519, 1298:519, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9296d38909e08df⋯.png (468.89 KB, 1578x760, 789:380, ClipboardImage.png)

Future prove the past

54605b  No.5256668

File: cb5610bdb8ac025⋯.jpg (200.89 KB, 640x402, 320:201, 201811532755352951773c8e15….jpg)

File: 80e4af4e3ee7353⋯.jpg (146.84 KB, 932x626, 466:313, 16 step to destroy america.jpg)

50787c  No.5256669

File: 4aecaa5b8a5664c⋯.jpg (102.56 KB, 720x1004, 180:251, heryicontrol.jpg)

29aa64  No.5256670

File: b3363a547b65145⋯.jpg (192.78 KB, 680x708, 170:177, yess.jpg)

f0e061  No.5256671

File: 09f23f52b26c4d3⋯.jpeg (445.96 KB, 1600x883, 1600:883, D2397FD9-7569-4A46-8605-5….jpeg)

bfba0d  No.5256672

God wins.

Against that evil ish.

d765d0  No.5256673


Gotta have some fun, educate me

c91320  No.5256674


It's all about the fire bush.

9a74c4  No.5256675

File: 6dafed0cb3920de⋯.png (1.06 MB, 696x786, 116:131, ClipboardImage.png)


I would Still Hit It!

5211ea  No.5256676


They get mad if you hit them with the hard R.

Gingah Puh-leeze!

c12fc4  No.5256677

File: 9f809b93611bf75⋯.png (41.83 KB, 425x585, 85:117, 9f809b93611bf759084155ae0b….png)

e63ad8  No.5256678

File: daf43ae4b984e40⋯.jpg (168.48 KB, 565x629, 565:629, kekbadgeCIA.jpg)

File: fdf55373842a103⋯.jpg (70.56 KB, 930x500, 93:50, shill1.jpg)

File: 00801498e0e4a0f⋯.jpg (19.51 KB, 255x255, 1:1, goodnight.jpg)

File: 37a0704d2074fc0⋯.png (735.78 KB, 774x809, 774:809, psyop.png)

File: 25924ec9cc0de03⋯.png (11.98 KB, 235x255, 47:51, kingkek.png)

3fdd7d  No.5256679

File: 9c5c782c3d666d6⋯.jpeg (165.77 KB, 836x1000, 209:250, B6B18498-AAF8-4966-A0E7-5….jpeg)

File: 204277852a3a53d⋯.jpeg (334.89 KB, 1074x840, 179:140, 81296544-6D76-4030-ACC2-7….jpeg)


^^^^^^^^^^^^ mossad desperation intensifies

you’re not fooling anyone faggot

81c875  No.5256680


DEMS…. Look how Potus is racist …

Gives cudos to black woman

c2f64e  No.5256681

File: 1f6a876d89925f5⋯.jpg (7.48 KB, 300x301, 300:301, 1f6a876d89925f5a1d6065dcce….jpg)

8037d5  No.5256682

File: 6d93e9720cc1eb0⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 358x261, 358:261, aaaaa.jpg)

f4aceb  No.5256683



He's scared shitless and was warned to keep his fucking mouth shut or get GITMO'd.

0764e6  No.5256684


Exactly, anon. The fake news is ramping up to discredit them all right now.

Ironically, this actually serves Trump's goals anyway. If he's a "crooked cop,"

what are the never Trumpers going to say when the report finds nothing. In the

mean time, Trump gains valuable distance between himself and the investigation,

which further strengthens the pending exoneration.

55abea  No.5256685


This would have been a perfect response, but then you proceeded to suck yourself off by saying "cause I'm nice like that"

7df1c8  No.5256686


States suing Trump very close to LOSER STATES. SORE LOSER STATES.

I am sensing high energy on the board tonight.

16b9f6  No.5256687


His tweet only says Amazing!

9a22a1  No.5256688

File: ad068c6782288cf⋯.jpg (224.9 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, livemarchbrae_marchbrae_10….jpg)

677b9c  No.5256689

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I know this has been on before but good vid for everyone to watch and understand what’s at stake in the US-China trade talks. Putin’s statement last week is exactly this about all nations being interconnected and interdependent due to having citizens and businesses all across the globe

Death by China

A Peter Navarro documentary. It was released in 2012.

Dr Navarro was Trump’s campaign trade advisor and now serves as Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.


Dr. Peter Navarro received his Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University and is a professor emeritus of economics and public policy at the University of California, Irvine. He was an economic and trade advisor for President Donald J. Trump during the 2016 Presidential campaign, and joined the White House staff on Inauguration Day.

At the White House, Dr. Navarro is the Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy (OTMP), an office established by President Trump to defend and serve American workers and domestic manufacturers. In his role as Director of OTMP, Dr. Navarro advises the President on policies to increase economic growth, decrease the trade deficit, and strengthen Americas’ manufacturing and defense industrial bases. Dr. Navarro has helped to reform the conventional arms transfer and unmanned aerial systems policies of the United States, and to expand foreign military sales to our Nation’s partners and allies.

Prior to his appointment, Dr. Navarro appeared regularly as a financial market analyst and China expert in such media outlets as CNBC, Fox Business, the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, and the CBS News, including 60 Minutes. He is the author of numerous books on economics, financial market analysis, and macroeconomics, including Death by China, Seeds of Destruction, Always a Winner, The Coming China Wars, If It’s Raining in Brazil, Buy Starbucks, and The Well-Timed Strategy.

0e61ab  No.5256690

File: f9546ccbe1ede29⋯.webm (1.42 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, THESTORM.webm)

97a2f9  No.5256691

File: 100de747b71a9de⋯.jpg (448.33 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, comey.jpg)

File: b4fa4c50375e556⋯.jpg (337.15 KB, 664x781, 664:781, d5comey.jpg)

5daa8e  No.5256692

File: 7786b870c88f0c2⋯.png (1.11 MB, 635x801, 635:801, ClipboardImage.png)

2e6d5d  No.5256694

96cfe1  No.5256695

here is a question:

if there truly is a suicide weekend and perps hang themselves with their ties on the bathroom doorknobs….saving themselves from GITMO,

will fake news, smerfs in con-gress, and Smollett blame it on trump hats?

855e1a  No.5256696

File: bfeb624aaa27fd8⋯.png (20.1 KB, 618x197, 618:197, INCOMPETENCE THE 25TH AMEN….png)

Is this phase 3 or phase 4

the 25th research

ead213  No.5256697


In 30 days…or 60…..maybe 90

fdfaab  No.5256699


I'm surprised the bombing hasn't started, we must have a calm crew in here right now.

4f1ec2  No.5256700

File: 8700fad6d2b8552⋯.jpg (105.75 KB, 500x730, 50:73, 2msglj.jpg)

dc07cb  No.5256701

File: 73d4aaa0e1ec808⋯.png (859.29 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, weliketowatch.png)

Just like libtards, you prefer the block button.


We have SHODAN. It's a scanner.

Dumb butts.

We have a botnet. We stole the opsec dragon from the NSA. We're in your area. We don't forgive. We don't forget. 9000 penises? More like 7 billion penises.

But don't worry.

Not all of them are raping children.

2500 Micrograms. Christmas in July. Jaedong. Spinal. Combo Breaker. FakeQ. These people are stupid. Stop. Check. Skip.

5bcbb3  No.5256702

File: 89749529865a0cc⋯.png (454.33 KB, 306x632, 153:316, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5256580 we need real women

34cb47  No.5256703

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3c8f06  No.5256704


"Came to America" is pretty broad.

He's trying to (incorrectly) insinuate that every single person (refugee/migrant) who wants to live in the US will be denied. Virtue signaling, fear mongering, all while pumping his own ego and achievements in globalist economy.

Typical Left…

35852d  No.5256705

US Military 72 bombardment started the Battle for Iwo Jima.

The Marines made amphibious landing on Feb 19.

?? Are we in the middle of the 72 hour (Q) bombardment??


ee218d  No.5256706


good night hoe.

dfc2dc  No.5256707

File: f633d5c404952a6⋯.png (240.24 KB, 1218x1204, 87:86, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)

File: 2d4e0d58b190dfa⋯.png (234.48 KB, 1246x1186, 623:593, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)

File: 35caee86c69091e⋯.png (139.37 KB, 1204x1172, 301:293, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)

File: 25cb6dfd4931d73⋯.png (142.65 KB, 1224x1302, 204:217, Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at ….png)

from 13% to 51%

You anons are great!

Keep it up!!!

https:// twitter.com/BillKristol/status/1097605913647693829

a205ad  No.5256708


But they have the ability to turn millions into raving lunatics…..

0f69ff  No.5256709

File: 9b994ac4348bdab⋯.jpg (469.71 KB, 530x599, 530:599, 3585c63ec1ee076cc60d3c7145….jpg)

File: 488375e40c2f86a⋯.jpg (514.35 KB, 530x599, 530:599, 90b254e897478385077e4c55d8….jpg)


I feel like these'd be m0ar useful facing this way…

81c875  No.5256710

How come we're not getting any Comey tweet ??

67d029  No.5256711

Even night shft start to go tard,

No more intelligent talk re: ET.

Now is all kiss or punch meme frogs…….

Now, wtf to do?

Q, please come and Q and A , cos i'm bored.

My baby doesn't talk and there is vodka, the last hapiness!!!!

104a7d  No.5256712

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Everything is a Fractal from Microverse to Macroverse.

What makes Atoms working together into one Soul?

6361dc  No.5256713

File: 6a1a453da13c2fa⋯.png (170.59 KB, 1066x373, 1066:373, 6a1a453da13c2fa7c0285fe28e….png)





dd569c  No.5256714


Who the fuck said Jew retard?

Not all Zionists are Jews you fucking moran.

The level of psychological damage done by these Zionists is worse than previously thought….

Ohhhhh.. boy you’re fucked

6f6d24  No.5256715

File: 9c5dcd2b18b8882⋯.png (33.43 KB, 622x302, 311:151, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a6ccc76059cf41⋯.png (86.15 KB, 623x863, 623:863, ClipboardImage.png)

63e32b  No.5256716

File: 87ccbfc63c7ea15⋯.png (679.08 KB, 961x649, 961:649, CB990B25-B0FC-4F2B-8878-5D….png)

9d2143  No.5256717


Considering there seems to be people who routinely listen to the audio feed from smartphones who also post here, is that actually our timeline?

38e831  No.5256718


it's in all the pics you can see that place of the floor- maybe it is a bondage scene- still weird

b674c2  No.5256719

File: 63c896d33a615b7⋯.jpg (929.65 KB, 1688x2520, 211:315, crazy 8 over miami trump t….jpg)

Cool factoid… that's all.

d83f2b  No.5256720

d58a46  No.5256721

Daily M is reporting TuPac is alive in Indonesia.

7a20c5  No.5256722


Nancy Pilosi talking with Chuck Schumer to ask how he was able to get to sleep because she couldn't get any anymore. He told her to get drunk and pass out since that was the only thing working for him.

56becc  No.5256723

I just had a thought anons. We’ve asked for Trump to tweet certain phrases as q proofs. We can do that for other people we suspect might visit the boards as well. Suppose we’re curious if idk let’s say James Woods hang out on here. Well we could ask him to tweet a confirmation. Obviously no one else but Q is monitoring the boards 24/7 but still if we really wanted to know about someone we could try it.

a47a84  No.5256724

File: a835e6b5df80617⋯.png (520.44 KB, 890x467, 890:467, ClipboardImage.png)

dc07cb  No.5256725


Oops. I'm high.

b407d2  No.5256726

File: e89b73fd8161db6⋯.jpg (23.72 KB, 480x360, 4:3, download (37).jpg)

File: 179c002e7420b46⋯.jpg (144.72 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, 54c7732c5bed04168cd33d3a00….jpg)

File: 8a7deb31a1a57b2⋯.jpg (59.84 KB, 520x400, 13:10, mockingbird.jpg)


ba7716  No.5256727


its clever, ill give em that

c2eed5  No.5256728

File: cf7c397155f52fa⋯.jpg (98.91 KB, 500x889, 500:889, index333.jpg)

e63ad8  No.5256729

7c1629  No.5256730


Awwww did I hurt your feelers I'm sowwy

855e1a  No.5256731


can confirm the narcissism

b88d69  No.5256732


3 religions becoming one Fren

0764e6  No.5256733


Look at that face and tell me it's not a makeup job to make a significantly younger

woman look much older than she is.

34cb47  No.5256734


Woman that are not under (((their))) control though

dc07cb  No.5256735


Hold on, fucked up again. Let's try this.

d83f2b  No.5256736

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

be477c  No.5256737

File: d40b8822530121d⋯.png (542.22 KB, 1030x721, 10:7, USMC_POINTA.png)

b1d1b4  No.5256738


Bunch of tired gingahs

e63ad8  No.5256739

File: 5b2c21aa8d3ff3e⋯.jpg (59.24 KB, 800x760, 20:19, FISA BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE.jpg)

dd569c  No.5256740


Put your tits away slutbag

97a2f9  No.5256741

File: 0fad1954084bdd4⋯.jpg (292.56 KB, 947x1542, 947:1542, iu.jpg)

f0e061  No.5256742

File: ae22a302c6dca1e⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 720x404, 180:101, 7FBDECA6-8984-47A5-B062-C1….gif)

d83f2b  No.5256743

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e312a4  No.5256744


If that's true than it is really interesting. What are the odds

dc07cb  No.5256745


These people are fucking stupid.


9f4263  No.5256746

File: a03f4e644e85d86⋯.gif (18.87 KB, 280x210, 4:3, 7453b61a9089db9dd226a99c3a….gif)

File: dbe582bd91af0c6⋯.jpg (126.6 KB, 768x546, 128:91, occf-768x546.jpg)

File: 30f15c55ec638c4⋯.jpg (161.63 KB, 719x800, 719:800, swi.jpg)

File: 992b374a73ddbc5⋯.jpg (62.58 KB, 265x491, 265:491, systemic.jpg)

File: 92937101ec03e4c⋯.jpg (65.19 KB, 539x628, 539:628, 1550421044385.jpg)

Mr. President…

Your SOTU speech was a fucking disgrace.

You made it clear white people haven't reason to continue supporting you.

Enjoy your imaginary coalition of Jews niggers spicks chinks and faggots.

Knock it off.

56becc  No.5256747

b3ddd0  No.5256748

File: 7d7c8c17fde5741⋯.png (494.83 KB, 441x700, 63:100, nein you girst.png)

File: 4a5d824ced81fcd⋯.png (832.38 KB, 888x538, 444:269, night shift.PNG)


I feel it. nite!

12b6dd  No.5256749

File: e8d9487bc726f26⋯.jpg (9.38 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 32af2e49a543efba6fd72fc00f….jpg)

File: 5ec2dc272241170⋯.png (2.87 MB, 2630x2599, 2630:2599, fol6rotations.png)

7f4ca1  No.5256750


Tootybop is getting his booty popped.

cf49a3  No.5256751


kek. you fell for that?

d765d0  No.5256752



3e9ee1  No.5256753


>>5256289, >>5256368, >>5256343 Battle of Iwo Jima anny coming up this sat 2/23

>>5256277, >>5256319 POTUS and Treason anon graphics/proofs

>>5256666 quads confirms McCabe has nightmares about doorknobs now

f4aceb  No.5256754


Lady looks like a creepy fucking ghost from a horror movie.

b386c7  No.5256755


Look at her night gown. I think she was bobbing for apples in the toilet. Dont worry the milk is clean. Even fter all those guys dangled their nut sacks in it.

5b8345  No.5256756


posted exactly at 3am no less…

he knew exactly what he was doing

19c4e4  No.5256757

File: b2431318a8d0d3a⋯.png (629.5 KB, 696x691, 696:691, Melania_silver_eagle.png)

>>5255032 (pb)

An anon asked for something like this a couple breads ago. I'm not very fast at image editing.

50787c  No.5256758


More like When Does a Bird Shit its Pants?

0f69ff  No.5256759


Or three solid tokes of DMT.



Speaking of the God Particle/Pixel/Genesis "Pic" Cell…

069ef5  No.5256760

File: 1ecc6ea80073979⋯.jpeg (43.07 KB, 750x226, 375:113, 2C37D191-4316-4B12-81F6-B….jpeg)

File: 7e5f9e727830a31⋯.jpeg (106.32 KB, 900x572, 225:143, 15A2F96C-79A0-4E95-9C81-1….jpeg)


Oh ya did they get the info from interviewing Hillary. She has a hard time telling people apart.

3803c1  No.5256761


I live in Michigan. I am furious about this

ec69c9  No.5256762

File: bb0824827fbd0d8⋯.png (495.18 KB, 799x500, 799:500, comfyNS.png)


pretty much baked af & enjoying show.

5bcbb3  No.5256763

>>5256720 i won 3 cruises

Where do I get my trip?

5211ea  No.5256764

File: 2d4da0baeebe05f⋯.jpg (128.74 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, IYYCk4P.jpg)

b3ddd0  No.5256765


>I'm a faggot

famefagging fake Q back at for fresh meat

d83f2b  No.5256766

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

97a2f9  No.5256767

File: fdbe5215f0b34d2⋯.jpg (215.4 KB, 589x462, 589:462, knightaddams.jpg)

74ff84  No.5256768

File: c125e0ddca3f654⋯.jpeg (85.89 KB, 369x561, 123:187, ED395507-7F90-4F5B-8F3B-4….jpeg)

Timeline attached.

What has since occurred?

Future proves past (track & update).

Think calendar.


3c8f06  No.5256769


If/when it reaches that point you will have journalists also doing it, as well as obvious proof where required as to why.

It'll be pretty hard to spin Suicide Weekend for anything other than exactly what it will be.

54605b  No.5256770

File: b578bce007ef893⋯.jpg (108.26 KB, 576x384, 3:2, Screeches of SHILL DESPERA….JPG)

File: b9c11a19750f600⋯.jpg (133.41 KB, 408x528, 17:22, smells like shill desperat….JPG)

File: cb5610bdb8ac025⋯.jpg (200.89 KB, 640x402, 320:201, cb5610bdb8ac02599cdb96f93a….jpg)

File: dd137b00e22452b⋯.jpg (128.29 KB, 792x548, 198:137, 43677361124.jpg)

d1574e  No.5256771

File: 683ed930b69e7bb⋯.jpg (17.9 KB, 412x600, 103:150, BLOCKEDSHILL.jpg)

07c95b  No.5256772


NoTalent Anon here, Maybe do a I saved a lot by switching to Gitmo (Geico font). A little gecko in orange would be sweet.

d7ef54  No.5256773

File: 954250a708d56a2⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1169x727, 1169:727, 69543CA8-1994-4A5E-9BE0-4E….png)

File: c2b68d0826db819⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1882, 621:941, D503B8D2-1578-45EA-9859-A….jpeg)

File: 03d0335b65733a6⋯.jpeg (980.26 KB, 1242x1676, 621:838, 14D1228C-A204-4D2F-9364-A….jpeg)


Can’t let it go. Not trying to slide but..

City & West van with We2 logo

d83f2b  No.5256774

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

wanna hear a trillion dollar fart joke

416d59  No.5256775


On it.

f3d99a  No.5256776


>"the mob stripped Hypatia naked and murdered her using ostraka, which can either be translated as "roof tiles" or "oyster shells". Damascius adds that they also cut out her eyeballs. They tore her body into pieces and dragged her mangled limbs through the town to a place called Cinarion, where they set them on fire. "

Multiculturalism works.

0764e6  No.5256777


Who were you thinking?

4b25e6  No.5256778

File: 5069c5100fd63d3⋯.jpg (696.6 KB, 2206x1101, 2206:1101, 4cf975ff-5c19-43bd-8c88-de….jpg)

For shits and giggles I google imaged Treason. Here's a screen shot of the top.

0fb03f  No.5256779

File: 15926a41cdb279a⋯.jpeg (692.9 KB, 1436x1608, 359:402, 7DF897F0-5DCF-4B70-9B0D-2….jpeg)

File: 545f59623e141af⋯.jpeg (256.88 KB, 1289x1110, 1289:1110, EC561904-FE2F-44DB-BF00-F….jpeg)

Blunt & Direct Time!

6b31c8  No.5256780


RR gone 3/15?

Rosen is senate confirmed should be able to begin acting

96cfe1  No.5256781


agreed- tomorrow is- drumroll…….

2.19.19-> 2.19.20 19>

12=3 12=3

= [33]

mystical numbers

20e90f  No.5256782


Don't go athwartships. Stem to stern.

5cbfeb  No.5256783

File: 0edda897fc248d1⋯.jpg (601.18 KB, 800x1060, 40:53, Архангел Михаил.jpg)

29aa64  No.5256784


keked without hitting play…your in my mind

e63ad8  No.5256785

File: a733531bac35048⋯.jpeg (56.25 KB, 591x387, 197:129, davidvsgoliath.jpeg)


I like that ID tonight Q.


:SALUTE: :highfive:

9061fb  No.5256786

File: de2386552a40b55⋯.png (81.18 KB, 253x230, 11:10, 2019-01-05_18-20-07 copy.png)

0af10f  No.5256787


Control of the ball the whole time

460025  No.5256788


Can we get an updated countdown?

731239  No.5256789


Awesome work, anon.

b88d69  No.5256790


review [RR]] notes

6361dc  No.5256791

File: 2e49ecf4e437c80⋯.png (897.54 KB, 1169x1802, 1169:1802, tminus.png)


confirm theory at the bottom of the graphic?

73935c  No.5256792


Hey Q

How are you?

494037  No.5256793

to my enemy,

i reach out with a open hand,

in the other i hold a sword.

please accept my offer and not my wrath.

3e4761  No.5256794


Red/Green Castle. US Army Corps of Engineers is located in Greencastle, and their logo is of a Red Castle.

d83f2b  No.5256795

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

25e9ad  No.5256796

File: f77d40ad5f4f802⋯.jpg (669.8 KB, 2000x1680, 25:21, suicide weekend 2 2.jpg)


I would too if I were him!

ad9241  No.5256797


Drawn and quartered is too quick. Stuffing them live into a Gibbet as a public decoration is my pick.

Keel hauling 1st is optional.

d765d0  No.5256798


Good evening Q,

You've all have done alot for sure

89e71e  No.5256799

File: f94ab04ed2f3818⋯.jpg (3.96 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190216_144232.jpg)

67d029  No.5256800


Q did you ever kissed an alien??????

330ff9  No.5256801

File: 0fb536d5c97e7bc⋯.png (684.02 KB, 1181x1029, 1181:1029, ClipboardImage.png)

deefc7  No.5256802


so very much ~ digging in!


ec167f  No.5256803


It is an honor to be here helping you, Q.

2f94c0  No.5256804

File: 81ee369ba80ee32⋯.pdf (14.75 MB, THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH ….pdf)

File: dc82452280474c2⋯.jpg (13.03 KB, 264x400, 33:50, The Hoax .jpg)

File: d6728be4c855798⋯.png (99.26 KB, 227x332, 227:332, thehoaxofthe.png)

File: 27e1ecbe8e7bbf3⋯.jpg (36.87 KB, 400x205, 80:41, thehoaxofthe.jpg)

File: 02947be2bed658c⋯.png (108.13 KB, 243x252, 27:28, disgusting.png)

Do you, like TRUMP, suffer from

Holocaust Derangement Syndrome?

How would you know?

Do you, like TRUMP, believe that 6 gorillian jews were systematically “gassed” with Zyklon B and Diesel engine exhaust?

Do you cry or feel sorry for the poor little jews when you watch Shindler’s List?

Do you think that the jews brutal treatment of Palestinians is acceptable because of the holocaust?

Do you feel the need to attack anyone that questions the holocaust myth?

if you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, you, like TRUMP, suffer from

Holocaust Derangement Syndrome!

Is Holocaust Derangement Syndrome treatable?

Yes, it is.

The treatment includes educating yourself about the FACTS of WW2.

You can start your treatment today by reading this book, titled “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.”

Followup treatment includes researching all you can about the holocaust, and by using the brain that Almighty God gave you to process information to think like a rational adult.

Send a copy of this book to TRUMP,

and encourage him to treat his

Holocaust Derangement Syndrome.

Education is the key, and let’s face it, you won’t learn the truth from the jews.

7f26e1  No.5256805

File: efc6d285b0fb78e⋯.jpeg (643.54 KB, 1658x1402, 829:701, CB0CFC02-35A2-4EAC-95D0-9….jpeg)


Muh False Testimonial.

IF he is involved with “crime against children” , and …

IF he is declared an Enemy Combatant…

5d52d7  No.5256806

File: 05cb55f947a9b64⋯.jpg (331.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190218-221017….jpg)

File: e92b09c5420bd9f⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 15505494729988351017071447….jpg)


catch me if you can, no really I need tools

fdfaab  No.5256807




The Rules

267f72  No.5256808


hiya boss

c91320  No.5256809


Very nice. Thank you.

99b571  No.5256810


anyone brave enough to click that shit?


679bb1  No.5256811



0e61ab  No.5256812


How does it feel to have balls the size of planets? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

4f1ec2  No.5256813


I`m a squirill…What do I know?…..

d1574e  No.5256814

File: f64c8a4cb2232eb⋯.jpg (109.39 KB, 601x720, 601:720, EVERYKNEEWILLBOW.jpg)




cf514a  No.5256815

File: dc2247bd1fe0efe⋯.jpg (97.36 KB, 903x613, 903:613, 2u1316.jpg)

c3da3d  No.5256816

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Keep your eyes on the prize

2ac9b7  No.5256817

File: fb30dd617a09686⋯.jpg (153.79 KB, 763x512, 763:512, Fear-Tsunami.jpg)

File: cbdd4002afd6d4d⋯.jpg (369.02 KB, 640x948, 160:237, Steady-Storm-1.jpg)

File: 677b31f686f9f64⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Litany-Against-Fear.jpg)

File: 6d2474452b11c4c⋯.jpg (434.93 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Q-Drops-Q-Post-Template-Tr….jpg)

File: 38c361db8b12364⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2048x1361, 2048:1361, WRWY-AlpineLakes.jpg)

c12fc4  No.5256818


Good Evening sir.


5bcbb3  No.5256819

File: 15933f830f17cfc⋯.png (936.52 KB, 736x919, 736:919, ClipboardImage.png)

29aa64  No.5256820

File: 59ec15e974a1b62⋯.jpg (90.71 KB, 500x431, 500:431, sage.jpg)

ba7716  No.5256821


enjoying the ride

c2f64e  No.5256822

kekek so much for the quiet monday, baker :)

3e9ee1  No.5256823

Q's Latest Posts

Monday 02.18.2019

>>5256768 ————————————–——– Future proves past (track & update).

67d029  No.5256824


If so, did alien like it???

d83f2b  No.5256825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9a74c4  No.5256826

File: 103135c8ff2b467⋯.jpg (14.89 KB, 137x255, 137:255, bhofisa.jpg)

b3ddd0  No.5256827

File: 9e3796f661f5613⋯.jpeg (84.39 KB, 906x500, 453:250, left can't meme but we do….jpeg)

19c4e4  No.5256828


Thanks, anon! I just noticed, though, it looks like she has three arms. Fixing that is way beyond my skills, though.

ece35f  No.5256829

File: 005afd4b0bfd718⋯.jpg (21.45 KB, 620x400, 31:20, georgeW.jpg)


You did Ben, you old fool!

89e71e  No.5256830

File: 47de8c89a020d0d⋯.jpg (2.95 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190215_170532.jpg)

9d2143  No.5256831



Scaramucci in 30

RR in 45


a8edae  No.5256832

File: 19a8c11b98e5787⋯.jpeg (83.41 KB, 500x597, 500:597, George-Washington-as-a-Ma….jpeg)

" Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a NEW Government controlled by you, the American People."

Not give back, not return, not re establish, NEW!

Many anons still don't understand that this cult has been there from the beginning. We the People have never controlled this Country, it has all been an illusion.


d6235d  No.5256833


I printed this out earlier today with spaces to fill in when it happened. Looks like I get to start sooner then I thought.

4f388f  No.5256834

File: c224bce2bdeee0c⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 864x1605, 288:535, graffiti-update.jpg)


We are with you boss

8f73f6  No.5256835

File: a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163, 1a574830756483276048754301….png)

56becc  No.5256836


Some say Kav and Ford were never seen in the same room together kek but I’m pretty sure just from looking at her that’s she’s a tranny. Man hands

769d71  No.5256837


So true. Love it!

3c8f06  No.5256838


Countdown to declas…

5bcbb3  No.5256839

File: 543f14fc57c369f⋯.png (750.13 KB, 500x677, 500:677, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5256740 tits for you

fdfaab  No.5256841


73adf9  No.5256842

File: d6458cbc1690fe8⋯.png (479.93 KB, 426x508, 213:254, kamala.PNG)

File: cba4a51a8e8bcbd⋯.png (922.94 KB, 741x553, 741:553, 1.PNG)

Who Wore It BETTER???

55abea  No.5256843

File: 19f899287c9884a⋯.png (10.92 KB, 255x249, 85:83, 72b01ea8ae3645d6a569040f42….png)


HAHAHAHA not in the slightest my friend, but I did yours… Thanks for the trigger lel


d83f2b  No.5256844

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7f4ca1  No.5256845


Do it Q! I had a dream you were like Vision from The Avengers last night. Your first words after being born were "These People are SICK! " Then you went to Trump tower to get Trump and save the world.