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709f5c  No.2415422


are not endorsements


>>2393582 Thank you for your interest in Q and QResearch >>2410101 Please watch this video

>>2355675, >>2351700, >>2349367 BO/BV on nudity/thot policy (incl history)

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)

>>2251030 , >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening

>>2366140 Transcript of speech that got POTUS elected (!!!)


>>2414705 Philadelphia terminates contract with ICE after 'activists' storm City Hall

>>2414729 Newafgs, Listen Up: Read this if you just came (heh) here, >>2414703, >>2414727, >>2414775, >>2415318

>>2414788 Arizonian Mafia meddling in NXIVM case

>>2415037 New HRC E-mails (Posted Inbread For Hiqiqomori)

>>2414945 16 minute delta marker from 2-17-17: "@ABC @CBS" "SICK!"

>>2415181 Judge rjects lawsuit brought against Fox News by Seth Rich's parents

>>2415273 #Metoo on the set: Actors doing scenes they don't want to play

>>2415370 Alefantis Visits To WH

>>2415374 On Iran

>>2415409 #3044


>>2413893 ICE Contacted After Police Pull Over Van, Driver Flees on Foot — And 11 People Without Documents Found Inside

>>2413933 Netanyahu threatens Iran with ‘all Israel’s arms’ if Tehran blocks key waterway off Yemen

>>2413962 United Nation Forces Redeployed At Contact Line Between Israeli-occupied Golans And Syria’s Al-Quneitra (Photos)

>>2414014 Details Emerge About Chinese Spy Who Worked for Sen. Feinstein

>>2414058 Thousands of elementary school teachers fail state math exams.

>>2414095 91 new HRC emails to dig through, >>2414311

>>2414112 Iran Heating Up: More Protests amidst dwindling political support for Iranian Dictator

>>2414117 What's China doing on US Universities?

>>2414136 Even Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro admits Socialism is a Bad System

>>2414167 Who Is Nicolas Kimaz? Mysterious Republican hopes to steal GOP Primary in Florida

>>2414237 Judge orders Fusion GPS to reveal Dossier details in Buzzfeed lawsuit

>>2414249 Why exactly are we going for the Russian Interference again?

>>2414266 DOJ opens up New Database Program to Increase Crime Investigations

>>2414292 Fake News started the Vietnam War

>>2414357 More On Jeff Flake In Zimbabwe

>>2414377 New POTUS Tweet

>>2414614 #3044


>>2413134 Dates of FISA Warrant Signatures

>>2413135 Be careful with your memes: Satanic Abused Kid proven as misleading

>>2413186 Wrey talks about oath, verifies Q post

>>2413299 Qlockworks, >>2413639

>>2413400 Why is Jeff Flake in Zimbabwe ?

>>2413423 Brian Terry murder suspect extradited to the US from Mexico

>>2413542 Scanner feed for active shooting @ Airbase


>>2412350 Military Training going on in Pittsburgh, >>2412379, >>2412524, >>2412527

>>2412369 Anons going through Q #1764, >>2412411, >>2412767

>>2412395 Manafort was in Trump Tower during Trump's tweets about the wiretap.

>>2412396 HRC is getting herself involved in the Midterms

>>2412403 Revisiting Rachel Brand,

>>2412472 Common Sense in the Podesta E-mails?, >>2412522

>>2412483 Nikki Haley & Justice Roberts are corrupt as fuck: trying to ILLEGALLY adopt a child. they BUY one after they were DENIED one, >>2412506, >>2412637 Haley changed her name

>>2412510 Hillary Goes To Hollywood: Hires Spielberg for TV Drama about Women Getting the right to Vote

>>2412602 Obama's Money Trail: US --> Netherlands --> Iran

>>2412784 Strzok Demanded ‘Expanded Powers’ Before Joining Mueller Probe

>>2412909 FF Shooter Alert!

>>2413054 #3041


>>2411585 Iran threatens to block Strait or Hormuz (est. 20% of the Oil goes through there). US doesn't expect the small boats to last long.

>>2411599 Anon Helps Thwart Possible Trump Attack, >>2411900

>>2411629 People talking about Q on the Radio Waves (Short Clip)

>>2411697 Common Sense dictates us to investigate the Judges appointed by Bill Clinton

>>2411718 Apple becomes 1st private company worth $1 Trillion

>>2411798 Pic of HRC partying in Cartagena

>>2411824 Not Surprised: Newest member of NYT Editorial Board has History of Racist Tweets

>>2411835 Missile Parts on their way to Iran seized from Heathrow, London, UK

>>2411965 Maxine Waters hit with FEC complaint

>>2412184 Deep dig on Dr. Joseph Mengele (Aka Dr. Green) father of MK Mindcontrol Programming

>>2412230 Snowden tweets on new NYT pick.

>>2412299 #3040

Previously Collected Notables

>>2410736 #3038, >>2411522 #3039

>>2408342 #3035, >>2409196 #3036, >>2409984 #3037

>>2405809 #3032, >>2406722 #3033, >>2407591 #3034

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709f5c  No.2415436



Baker still patiently requesting for handoff

bd7e79  No.2415453

File: 2dffd3e7787956f⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 360x344, 45:43, B6735226-4B14-4579-9233-95….gif)

what Q hopes anons be like when the new guests arrive…

303488  No.2415454

https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2018/08/02/what-makes-qanon-so-scary/?utm_term=.b4e2cd31171d Read the comments on this WAPO article about Q. The left has decided Q is a Russian.

f008ef  No.2415455


So that chant should be


b5f6f7  No.2415456

Does anyone have a KEK meme of congressmen with dual citizenship ?

549064  No.2415457


Look up Turandot

29e061  No.2415458

>>2415263 (PB)

I'm afraid

I'm afraid

I'm afraid

I'm afraid

I'm afraid

Afraid, afraid of a ghost

c9adcf  No.2415459

>>2415319 all PB

ROPE the Dope


IF A CNN anchor cries and no one's listening does it make a noise?


Q 1776

Newfags will swarm

Dark to Light

Autsits, light up on the Boobs and nudity.

Q (said never)

Make Aureole Great Again


Kek…same for Comey and McCabe

d11ec7  No.2415460

File: 237e7c014316bb0⋯.jpg (151.35 KB, 586x597, 586:597, 237e7c014316bb02147a09cea0….jpg)

fdc542  No.2415461


Super kek

7470aa  No.2415462

File: 3e860d87f3970b1⋯.jpg (135.29 KB, 784x746, 392:373, TB_G_Convo.JPG)

Gaddafi knew it was US/UK behind al Queda

This is from the Tony Blaire transcripts.

Connect the dots with the new HRC emails where its pretty clear they were putting the screws on Gaddafi to leave Libya.

Tony Blaire was in Kuwait at the time, and then he met up with HRC in Israel…. probably so they could coordinate with the al Queda leaders.

3345f0  No.2415463

File: a5e1a72e50ea281⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1090x953, 1090:953, Main Stream.PNG)

c73455  No.2415464


"We love Q!"

"We love Q!"

"We love Q!"

"We love Q!"

"We love Q!"

"We love Q!"

"We love Q!"

928ecf  No.2415465

File: 366cb7f8f67b185⋯.jpg (464.77 KB, 1036x1132, 259:283, HouseDividedDualCitizenshi….jpg)

File: 54ee6ec39a1523f⋯.jpg (188.84 KB, 879x881, 879:881, Dual Citizenship congress ….jpg)

8ed109  No.2415466

Protip- If tits drive people away, you weren't offering much they wanted anyway.

053df5  No.2415467

File: 346f71df6334867⋯.jpg (234.13 KB, 800x420, 40:21, Poor-Jim-Acosta-01.jpg)

562686  No.2415468

File: 1ebae589ba92814⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1539x851, 1539:851, MSM RvsW.png)


>>2414500, >>2414583

>Great work!! MOAR Please!!!


You can do it too.

It's very simple and effective.

Pictures says it all.

Enough weirdo's to compare to us 'fringe lunatics'… ;)

709f5c  No.2415469


>Says he wont add any

>Adds 3


Anyway, im handing off dough, Anon, so you can be the one to bake

fae24e  No.2415470

File: 6fefe1e1c92c3b9⋯.png (65.68 KB, 220x279, 220:279, CHUCKTOPKIKE.png)

e34ecf  No.2415471

File: c2151991b39a122⋯.jpg (16.72 KB, 413x395, 413:395, Classy kek.jpg)


It's perfect

5d96da  No.2415472

File: c29a4e80ac0acb9⋯.jpg (86.57 KB, 636x496, 159:124, Flak.jpg)

b5f6f7  No.2415473

File: e79285befbecda4⋯.jpeg (866.87 KB, 1229x1658, 1229:1658, 47B959E0-7C8E-44B6-8369-2….jpeg)

Poll for the [FakeNewsMedia]

Get out and vote fellow Anons.

Linked below


3fa27f  No.2415474






c73455  No.2415475


"Mainstream" motherfuckers!

f89763  No.2415477

Dont forget…gannet is now tegna memes

6a8d6c  No.2415478

>>2415424 (lb)

Yeah well, how you gonna convince normies that this place is credible when you say you're here to stop the exploitation of women and children while posting exploited photos of women… and even some children?

Think logically Anons!!

29e061  No.2415479

File: 88583313a11a710⋯.png (346.58 KB, 449x877, 449:877, ClipboardImage.png)

bdab09  No.2415480



a9cc4d  No.2415481

File: e893d42874ba2e0⋯.jpg (49.47 KB, 775x837, 25:27, e893d42874ba2e01847d200de4….jpg)

Anons, remember when shills were all "meh, nothing is habbening"?

They can't use that one anymore.

39306c  No.2415482

File: bc7bb9ee77e11b3⋯.jpg (12.74 MB, 4650x3562, 2325:1781, H-R-Cweb.jpg)

ab36d2  No.2415483

File: 912bf9db0c4a817⋯.png (4.93 KB, 1257x136, 1257:136, ClipboardImage.png)

look at them digits last bread

f008ef  No.2415484

File: 1b881efaccd6581⋯.png (246.71 KB, 710x473, 710:473, ClipboardImage.png)

21f015  No.2415485

db2469  No.2415486

File: e260f491c1d7bcb⋯.jpg (267.91 KB, 709x636, 709:636, you fucker.jpg)

>>2415445 lb


88bf30  No.2415487


Shop some porn on that first monitor.

be32dd  No.2415489

>>2415400 lb

That's it! I will never come to this site again. My little children are here surfing the intrawebs with me and they are subjected to this. Think about the children! What about the children!?

Just kidding. thats me in the middle.

668db1  No.2415490

File: 0cc4757114de62f⋯.png (611.34 KB, 762x462, 127:77, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1c1d547aef0844e⋯.png (68.29 KB, 617x917, 617:917, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2331d534c4378c9⋯.png (396.85 KB, 592x916, 148:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 222ba80eaa3c1b4⋯.png (61.83 KB, 597x843, 199:281, ClipboardImage.png)

Israel's Lieberman admits Assad back in charge in Syria


3345f0  No.2415491

File: ed437d5ca02be29⋯.png (320.75 KB, 726x947, 726:947, mockingbirds.PNG)

c73455  No.2415492


Filthy, treasonous fucking bastard

1883b7  No.2415493

File: 6e99e8c54672b10⋯.jpg (117.42 KB, 742x937, 742:937, fun1.JPG)

File: abdfd3ffbbd22ae⋯.jpg (103.72 KB, 968x764, 242:191, obama1.JPG)

File: 8d9d63b919dde39⋯.jpg (222.35 KB, 1867x1347, 1867:1347, obamabiden1.JPG)

File: 1317ef76ec957a1⋯.jpg (267.1 KB, 1440x1246, 720:623, obamaguilty.JPG)

File: 8c308f35b22e4f9⋯.jpg (378.87 KB, 1795x1291, 1795:1291, obamalies.JPG)

9f8dd8  No.2415494


Chant, Q-Anon, Q-ANON, Q-Anon, Q-ANON

2a03ea  No.2415496


>how you gonna convince normies that this place is credible


the messenger is NOT important

bbafbd  No.2415497

I missed the press briefing. Does anyone have a clip of Acosta's meltdown?

bd242d  No.2415498

>>2415450 (lb)

Not porn.

But I'm sure some will grant your request now that you've asked for it!

ed9a23  No.2415499


i am the walrus, q q kachoo

c73455  No.2415500

File: 6f889be3d333888⋯.jpg (50.12 KB, 412x432, 103:108, enemiesofpeople.jpg)

f1cf2d  No.2415501

File: b9c071ac068cfb4⋯.jpg (11.1 KB, 255x254, 255:254, c17052a89a169a288805ab1df1….jpg)


I see me…arghhh

fdb4af  No.2415502

File: 7e793f3b9a62098⋯.png (144.98 KB, 252x240, 21:20, Laughing Pepes.PNG)

0696a2  No.2415503

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


like this:

Paul O'Neil Chant..



87a4e6  No.2415504

File: 42934574c7d3d99⋯.png (183.49 KB, 948x1120, 237:280, ClipboardImage.png)

c9adcf  No.2415505

File: be0424a1850023d⋯.jpg (82.41 KB, 655x450, 131:90, top kek nigel.jpg)

713498  No.2415506

Ya gotta realize POTUS is having these rallies to move Q forward.

d0fae7  No.2415508

1883b7  No.2415509

File: 5ea9260cc045d09⋯.jpg (205.05 KB, 1852x1196, 463:299, TRUMPCHEKEK'D.JPG)

968aa7  No.2415510

(sarcasm) Love how they try to call us "followers" of Q so that we appear to be blind adherents to force their "cult" tag will stick (sarcasm end)




5f1fec  No.2415511

File: d6eb80c1597817a⋯.jpg (11.51 KB, 255x197, 255:197, FORTHESWORDFIGHTERS.jpg)

6a164c  No.2415513

File: aa988222710f36d⋯.jpg (17.96 KB, 255x255, 1:1, aa988222710f36d2086c3a8cee….jpg)


Main Stream !!!!

ab36d2  No.2415514

bdab09  No.2415515

File: d3128110324a058⋯.jpg (269.12 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, d3128110324a058bdc6f862955….jpg)

For the Baker!

For Victory!

1324c7  No.2415516

File: 7182f76f3278572⋯.png (28.18 KB, 787x882, 787:882, MEME.WE.ARE.Q.png)

3462c8  No.2415517


Less opinion…more facts

f008ef  No.2415518


I wouldn't be… so…

4e1e46  No.2415519

>>2415077 lb

>>2415339 lb

Yes, both are necessary. But Q asked for Proofs!

I wouldn't argue with that considering none of us really know all the details of the plan moving forward. We need to trust that what Q asked for is what is needed.

Imo, I think Q wants proofs because the first thing normies will ask is if Q is real. The proofs give that evidence that Q is real. Then and only then will they listen to the rest of what crumbs Q has dropped and the research we have added to those drops.

4a41fb  No.2415521


Ray, you told us never to cross streams!

c0d989  No.2415522


It's a shill, anon.

33bb23  No.2415523

Really tired of the boob debate. Hope Q starts using Patriots Fight more.

d43e74  No.2415524


Well we at least know that not Q isn't always Trump, if ever.

Q posted during Trumps speech at the Tampa Rally.

fad779  No.2415525


How do you find pants that fit

19f3d1  No.2415526


Now they are concerned about bare chested women.


94ca6a  No.2415527


furny, but really it's not about cleaning up.

it's about having organised archives for all the damn proofs and info we already have.

there are dozens of "Q for dummies" intros all over the place, here and elsewhere

67a6e9  No.2415528

File: 913df054f257ddc⋯.jpg (14.26 KB, 250x248, 125:124, a.jpg)


>QAnon is scary because it’s getting bigger, it’s scary because we don’t know how to stop it, and it’s scary because the people behind it won’t be stopped, and, until their illusory storm arrives, they won’t be satisfied.

6a8d6c  No.2415529


So the fact that you're doing exactly what the msm is doing "is NOT important"?


713498  No.2415530



Actually kind of snorted. Is there a chan word for that?

0758b7  No.2415532


where do I get one of these?

7470aa  No.2415533


>how you gonna convince normies that this place is credible

First mistake, this is not a place for normies.

c73455  No.2415534


And victory looks so beautiful!

8dc87f  No.2415535

File: 3d7ae9d60f06b20⋯.jpg (44.14 KB, 812x303, 812:303, QAnon internatinal news 8 ….JPG)

Baseless Mega-Conspiracy Theory Isn't Going Away

Dueling Headlines from BuzzFeed and HuffPost


Wapo FEAR MONGERING: QAnon is Terrifying. This is Why


d0fae7  No.2415536

File: ddcfd7a1f560416⋯.png (681.28 KB, 1068x556, 267:139, pepeohyeah.png)

Some fresh OC for my anons.

65cd63  No.2415538

File: 6692ca3810eba2c⋯.jpg (565.42 KB, 2190x1975, 438:395, val.jpg)

efc877  No.2415539

File: 8a89dcfe83d96fe⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 360x202, 180:101, 8a89dcfe83d96fe9ae47ade11b….gif)

f53e8f  No.2415540

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media in Canada posted a you tube interview with Tommy Robinson. He was starved, among other things.

I'm sorry I don't know how to embed it.


9f8dd8  No.2415541

File: 1fdda20cddcb9cd⋯.png (509 KB, 750x522, 125:87, BEATLES.png)


Fack! That was a wink. >>2415499

a00732  No.2415542

File: 1d53599ccc11987⋯.jpg (53.08 KB, 413x395, 413:395, top pop.jpg)


Just when you thought you were at the height of truth, you get goosed. Top kek.

be32dd  No.2415544

>>2415525 what are pants?

303488  No.2415545


Comments: 3 minutes ago


Surely the internet firms can trace the IP number of "Q". Find this cretin and ban from the internet.





horace labadie

3 minutes ago

Let's keep our focus on the real threat for the time being, trump and what he is doing. The lunatics will probably end up taking a spaceship to a comet on their own.






2 minutes ago

I'm betting a giant blue wave and subsequent congressional investigations, subpoenas, and indictments can stop their idiotic "storm".






2 minutes ago

Probably started anonymously by some self-indulgent hipster, like the flat earth society.

The problem is that any idea, no matter how dumb, appeals to a lot of weak-minded people.





c88511  No.2415546


“A small group of evil unelected officials known as the ‘Deep State’ were given the reigns of the US Justice system, State Department and intelligence agencies.  They banned together to pardon Hillary Clinton of her many crimes leading up to the election while spying on Donald Trump, his campaign and his his administration.”


b39c96  No.2415547

File: 10f1de9c9df675b⋯.jpg (77.37 KB, 941x454, 941:454, Hey Baker.jpg)

Thanks Baker, you give me a chubby

ab36d2  No.2415549


>Baseless Mega-Conspiracy Theory Isn't Going Away

Hoot Hoot Hoot YEAH we are NOT going away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

65cd63  No.2415550

This baker is army.

293942  No.2415551

File: 67e8a7b1dc78f24⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 61.29 KB, 590x314, 295:157, assishat.png)

so bigly

so yuge

so Michelle

so Hahn

9f8dd8  No.2415552


We all serve under God.

8776f4  No.2415553

File: 8392121003c63a6⋯.jpg (9.21 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 8392121003c63a69c6a68de6cf….jpg)

3fa27f  No.2415554

Bread flying like hotcakes today. Jeepers!

6a164c  No.2415556

File: 147cbca125f157a⋯.jpg (220.28 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DZYc0NNUQAY6f3Z.jpg)


Main Stream and videos and Movies !!!!!!

2ca5e6  No.2415557

File: 0c40edec6be1395⋯.jpeg (90.56 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 9BBE57B9-6571-4DB6-9476-7….jpeg)

First attempt for Miller fans

293942  No.2415558

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9f8dd8  No.2415559


New way to look at "MSM pissing contest"

f008ef  No.2415560


What if Q is a team of people?

c9a670  No.2415561

File: 864f256ae4974ca⋯.png (347.93 KB, 737x647, 737:647, kate.png)

>>2415365 (LB)

There are no coincidences!

dcb51a  No.2415562

File: a3c3776da6474a8⋯.png (145.21 KB, 1115x432, 1115:432, SICK.png)

File: cd214efee77453c⋯.png (12.87 KB, 500x202, 250:101, SICKremoved.png)

16 minute delta from 2017 POTUS tweets.

These people(MSM) are SICK!!!

b94d60  No.2415563

File: ccf294226aa382d⋯.jpg (11.88 KB, 225x302, 225:302, DjS125bX4AAiR5I.jpg)

File: b7def17914fbf4d⋯.jpg (171.04 KB, 960x1279, 960:1279, 54da47f8333118e1c4949f575b….jpg)

File: 09689b2eddb2304⋯.png (2 MB, 1251x1599, 417:533, 45730c9eadcc7ccf5ecc3ba780….png)

Muh Nazis tried to gas everyone who didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes!

e75a68  No.2415564

File: ef8b2fdfc7837af⋯.jpeg (23.26 KB, 225x225, 1:1, serveimage (40).jpeg)

File: 1aff3b7dcd9d616⋯.jpeg (16.37 KB, 201x251, 201:251, serveimage (39).jpeg)

File: 6bf380573bc102b⋯.jpeg (14.44 KB, 188x268, 47:67, serveimage (38).jpeg)

File: 11e82a111bcc312⋯.jpeg (13.66 KB, 216x233, 216:233, serveimage (37).jpeg)

File: 4207e056b8fba3f⋯.jpeg (9.93 KB, 245x206, 245:206, serveimage (36).jpeg)

The left is not "racist".

What they are is ANTI WHITE.

13d2ec  No.2415565

File: 87d491707cf87ec⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1106x1109, 1106:1109, SB3.png)


c9adcf  No.2415566


Paywall Fuck WAPO, not unblocking ads for that Bezos rag.

I've read enough other comments to know exactly the alternate reality those readers are living in.

ab36d2  No.2415567


thanks for posting.

I've heard of these flights before where they've had something flown in from an impossibly long distance, normally pizza…. now I know why….


fdc542  No.2415568



1c3f5a  No.2415569


Philadelphia got sanctuary status 2 months ago..

member the dancing mayor?


3345f0  No.2415570

File: 2fe324755c71de6⋯.png (121.81 KB, 358x402, 179:201, sheisnaive.PNG)




(of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment.

"the rather naive young man had been totally misled"

d94bf2  No.2415571

File: 300d6d72edb8ae5⋯.png (213.77 KB, 600x640, 15:16, st michael pointer.png)

678fd1  No.2415572

File: 729c59fd072c530⋯.png (59.76 KB, 727x500, 727:500, un-b.png)

File: 1d79b2443edf3f4⋯.png (266.72 KB, 766x600, 383:300, un-a.png)

Get the US out of the UN.

ac1471  No.2415573

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



45acb7  No.2415574

41db45  No.2415575

1324c7  No.2415576

File: 2026143806e03f9⋯.jpeg (31.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, meme.spirit.cooking.jpeg)


Another good one anon.

Would you mind doing one with a spirit cooking picture?

8dc87f  No.2415577

File: e1e21a7b7c7cbd2⋯.jpg (38.41 KB, 397x537, 397:537, miller 3 13 18.JPG)

668db1  No.2415578

File: d83456043840c0b⋯.png (88.15 KB, 842x843, 842:843, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d706448353668c8⋯.png (79.65 KB, 845x846, 845:846, ClipboardImage.png)

GET READY AND PRAY TO GOD — The Time Is Now — The Imposters Are Preparing The Final Act in Their Coup d’état

To all TGP readers and all American patriots we are informing you to prepare yourselves. This country is at a precipice. America is either going to be overrun by a power hungry Deep State or it will survive one of the biggest attacks to its existence since the Civil War.

We must all be vigilant and prepared.


d43e74  No.2415579


Which i alluded to by saying "always".

fad779  No.2415580

File: c193b726e4aff69⋯.jpg (9.48 KB, 178x184, 89:92, d9203640f0c18c2e2bfeaab2e9….jpg)

3f3a8e  No.2415581


Don't doxx Q. But clear after 1776 that DJT signs off on the drops and has to declas some of the info that needs it. Only Doxx there is POTUS doing self doxxing.

bdab09  No.2415583


Your argument sucks.

2129d0  No.2415584

File: 7ad426d935a5b6f⋯.jpg (28.31 KB, 460x317, 460:317, BandOfAnons.jpg)

Understanding Anons

In the beginning, we warned each other and Q later confirmed we'd be accused of violence performed by bad actors pretending to be anons. All anons that are true to the movement have easily agreed violence is futile–and undesired. If you see violence, do not assume it is performed by anons; know that bad actors make it appear to be the work of anons.

Anons are deep thinkers with ingrained American patriotism. We were awakened to criminals early on and began to gather evidence and solve complex problems. To protect ourselves and the movement, we agreed anonymous identity was the only way to forge ahead. We also agreed that no censorship would occur and we would work online in the midst of other wretched anonymous online posters. Alongside the terrible images and posts falling around our research posts in the forums, we easily recognized anon genius at work. Decrepit posts by enemies of the movement continue to offend newly arrived online posters (normies). It actually works in our favor in that it causes many thin-skinned people to turn away rather than stay and muddy-up the results of our research. From our toils, graphic images called "memes" (pronounced meems) make their way out onto the Internet showing our research results or simply carrying the theories we espouse.

Who do You Believe?

The mainstream media (MSM) companies like NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS and others are firmly under the control of bad actors through blackmail or bribery and including things as simple as threats to the welfare of their families, threats of job loss or outing private activities they want to remain private. Though this does not exonerate the seditious narrative MSM employees have and continue to push, it is recognizable to anons who are only human. One of the things the MSM has done to complicate the ability for Truth to be revealed is to reinvent the phrase conspiracy theory. Long ago, they began the habit of reporting undesired news using the phrase "conspiracy theory" with news stories they believed the general populace would consider laughable or absurd. Over time, since only the laughable or absurd was called conspiracy theory, they essentially co-opted the phrase to manage stories they had to report on to stay competitive, yet needed to fade away into the forgetful fog of ridiculousness.

You've been played, America. Conspiracies are absurd to you, now.

U.S. Laws clearly acknowledge conspiracies exist. When one has a theory that someone has conspired to commit an illegal offense, let's face it, the theory concerning that conspiracy is, at first, truly a conspiracy theory. When Alfonse Capone defrauded the IRS, the FBI had a conspiracy theory that he was defrauding the IRS and researched that theory until it became clear an actual conspiracy occurred. Then they arrested him. Conspiracies begin as conspiracy theory and remain so unless proven. Then they simply become conspiracy (without the theory tagged on). Few are laughable or absurd. They are potential crimes. Anons have uncovered a plethora of potential crimes. Through research, many of these potential crimes have become prosecutable crimes, moving them from conspiracy theory to full-blooded conspiracy. It's what we do and we do it well, backing it up with proof or "sauce" as we call it.

Our Mission Targets

Crime has existed through all of Mankind's existence. At one time in our history, as far back as 2000 years ago, the average person was beholden to (i.e. under the thumb of) kings, queens, slave owners or wealthy families. Though in today's world we have fewer kings, queens or slave owners, we do have many, many wealthy families. Anons have discovered an enormous amount of information–proof as well as theory–about bad actors in these wealthy families, some of it going back hundreds of years. It goes deeper than one could imagine and is darker than one could normally fathom.

Now, for the first time since President Ronald Reagan, Americans have the opportunity to remove the controlling yoke of these wealthy bad actors. These criminals have been the driving force behind war, famine, unrest and crime for far too long. The driving reason we have this opportunity is due to the existence of the Internet. Through social media sites like 8chan (8ch.net), we are "red pilling" (see the movie The Matrix) massive amounts of people in clear sight of, and to the frustration of, the MSM. Traditional news agencies are panicking as they have clearly lost control of the narrative. The Public has control now through social media. With this advantage and the wonderful existence of true patriots in our government, we are moving towards the "Great Awakening" in spite of the controlling MSM's efforts. Join us. Turn off the mainstream media. Turn on your interaction with others via social media.

Be Free.

3c9986  No.2415585


LMAO…that is the go-to answer, everyone is a Russian, a Russian bot or a bot…or a trump bot or a racist…or a xenophobe…blah blah blah blah blah…they just have no discerning creative thought or the ability to critical thought processes. They really have been so indoctrinated that they believe their own lies.

I don't know anyone who is an independent thinker who thinks or talks like that.

Its really turning out to be some sort of learning disability at the very least.


6a164c  No.2415586

File: 317df6a1884803c⋯.jpg (96.18 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DZZhrUZUMAA2BnW.jpg)


Main Stream - Hussein Videos ?

c73455  No.2415587




8ddde2  No.2415588


I like where your head is at, anon. It’s very telling that the media tries to label normal patriotic Americans as conspiracy fringe crazies, while celebrating the most degenerate crap. Arm the meme cannons

94ca6a  No.2415589


but but guys, it's "baseless", remember. please.

6f0d48  No.2415590

File: e30c5f5aa5f4ea2⋯.png (61.92 KB, 500x507, 500:507, this-town-needs-an-enema.png)

88bf30  No.2415591

File: 9ea7ce22bf417bc⋯.jpg (13.24 KB, 207x255, 69:85, conspiretrue.jpg)


I hate AJ, but I feel that gif.

ed9a23  No.2415592

File: 7fa45543fedc4cb⋯.png (356.86 KB, 452x520, 113:130, 860dd362-ebfd-ded3-83f4-10….png)

987230  No.2415593

File: f7f2da4606ea14f⋯.png (413.23 KB, 988x554, 494:277, jasokes.png)

File: 94835ecb430bb62⋯.png (591.65 KB, 1019x556, 1019:556, ytanthrct.png)

File: f49dced4368dbdc⋯.png (770.69 KB, 1019x531, 1019:531, ray7cis.png)


As if they and h'weird aren't enough, jackwads like "piano man" are still touring, STILL going on about POTUS w/ Charlottesville after all this time. NOBODY could handle this massive corrupt cesspool like POTUS does - nobody.

eca6ea  No.2415594

e85b0e  No.2415595

File: e15deac6f462ae5⋯.jpg (139.28 KB, 640x480, 4:3, bgo.jpg)


ab36d2  No.2415596

File: 75973d44574fde2⋯.png (19.14 KB, 402x62, 201:31, ClipboardImage.png)


you're telling me?

I might have to put my warfare tatics to good use soon. I know how to make them newfags shut the fuck up.

6a8d6c  No.2415597

File: 7b56baeec997386⋯.png (131.87 KB, 480x348, 40:29, ClipboardImage.png)


Then you better talk to BO about shutting the gates, 'cause they're on their way and in the words of "Q"..

fe54bf  No.2415598


The pilot's name was Dick.

65cd63  No.2415599

File: 9700789a6b6295f⋯.jpg (147.09 KB, 724x1321, 724:1321, baker undo.jpg)


TY, Baker.

9d7f41  No.2415600

File: 21583e3cf60802e⋯.jpg (41.26 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 2018-08-02 14.53.58.jpg)

cad0fa  No.2415601


These are PERFECT!! Already sharing the others. Great work Anon. Deploying now.

564606  No.2415602


OH MY GOD. lookie here..autist in the making….

6a164c  No.2415603

File: 28d20408caac051⋯.png (232.08 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 28d20408caac0514e206a5e93b….png)


Main Stream !!!!

Ready for the Video ?

1cf048  No.2415604

File: 7a716edd21eb2f0⋯.png (124.73 KB, 819x460, 819:460, Qanon Goldmine.png)

001231  No.2415605

File: 026311ed8fb1104⋯.jpg (187.29 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, PIZZA.jpg)

2ca5e6  No.2415606


Mensa Miller

efc877  No.2415607


yea fuck aj but the dude is entertaining, shit for news or opinions

1f807b  No.2415608



Stop with the color coding crayola programming indoctrination message.

We get it you don't have a mind of your own yet.

But you insult the minds of those who are fully developed and functioning at supersonic levels.

We don't do ibid programming on the Chan's. See if you can grasp it. Or are you really that brain damaged?

367087  No.2415610

File: a355984fc32362c⋯.jpg (88.41 KB, 600x699, 200:233, 1dw96a.jpg)

3fa27f  No.2415611


Get the proofs out please.

bdab09  No.2415612


Duh. Lurk moar.

954b32  No.2415613

CNN trying to interview PA rally attendees with W signs and clothing. They are asking us what the Q means. We are declining to comment.


41db45  No.2415614

File: 336bf7513e71887⋯.jpg (227.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thank-you-captain-obvious.jpg)

5df063  No.2415615

File: ea4fd72731e3b20⋯.jpg (20.36 KB, 337x368, 337:368, imhelping.jpg)


Wow, anon, that's brilliant!

Baker baker, we got a notable here!

c73455  No.2415616


Ripe and natural.

bd242d  No.2415617

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

a5d765  No.2415618


>WH dodges QAnon questions

What more confirmation could anyone possibly need?

Thanks ABC!

ab36d2  No.2415619


this is awesome nice job anon

6a164c  No.2415620

File: eeb783ae34d269c⋯.png (605.08 KB, 1221x540, 407:180, PanicModeTheBeamOfLight.png)


Anons and Patriots have gone Main Stream !!!

What is the MOAB video ?

954b32  No.2415621


Typo. Q Signs and clothing.

3fa27f  No.2415622


783190  No.2415623


Call me a concernfag but I'm a little worried for our POTUS at the rally. This back story sounds strange. Hugs from Kate? I don't mind the VIP section but no hugs please.

Q please protect POTUS.

709f5c  No.2415624

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Totally not Khazarian at all

2ca5e6  No.2415625



be32dd  No.2415626

c73455  No.2415627



293942  No.2415628

File: 5286e9fb88f91a5⋯.png (53.84 KB, 590x288, 295:144, eatingchildren.png)

72f906  No.2415629

(Q)ueen Clearance… Aaaah" *Lightbulb on*

34cedb  No.2415630




dig! They're already in png, not pdf.

d0fae7  No.2415631


An hour ago.

ed9a23  No.2415632


You mean a team of people with Q level or higher security clearance, running a live action role play from within the tip top of the White House, dropping crumbs of information to circumvent a corrupt media and foster the Great Awakening?

1f807b  No.2415633


Ignor my response to this post. Your's was accidentally caught up in it sorry.

8776f4  No.2415634

65cd63  No.2415635

File: dd220e55234a2f8⋯.jpg (100.35 KB, 968x681, 968:681, top secret UFO pictures.jpg)

dd950e  No.2415636

352,000 followers, only 174 votes. Make it LOUD.


25854e  No.2415637

File: 2aea37144f1d225⋯.jpg (235.34 KB, 645x692, 645:692, Notables 08012018_2.jpg)

File: 773cc4e0fff53e2⋯.jpg (477.79 KB, 1567x843, 1567:843, Q drop 08022018_4.jpg)

File: 389fac42ea3dbd7⋯.jpg (241.46 KB, 831x813, 277:271, Q drop 08022018_3.jpg)

TwtPros, give Trump support after he twts.

Meme with truth, links, graphics supporting his wins.

Reply to Trump only, ignore the shills.

19f3d1  No.2415638


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/5zDM8XakVpU" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

223402  No.2415639

File: a8c2a80943fb154⋯.png (43.2 KB, 620x258, 310:129, 2018-08-02_1255.png)


2ca5e6  No.2415640

File: ec10875fb391155⋯.jpeg (33.68 KB, 480x268, 120:67, A7FB564D-8118-40F6-BB3E-7….jpeg)

ab36d2  No.2415641
































This ain't the fucking W movement asshat



41db45  No.2415642


yeah over an hour ago.


b94d60  No.2415643

File: 1f7bee455531bd6⋯.jpg (123.41 KB, 840x1119, 280:373, tommy-robinson.jpg)



Still not redpilled on Tommy Robinstein?

709f5c  No.2415644


Daughter, Mother & Father sure do look happy together

fdb4af  No.2415645

File: cacc48d6e08cdf4⋯.png (37.25 KB, 649x265, 649:265, POTUS Schedule 8-2-18 12 5….PNG)

9f8dd8  No.2415646



There will be no civil war.

Coordinated MSM hysteria designed to instill fear - change narrative.

NK is NOT advancing their weapons program.

Coordinated MSM hysteria designed to instill fear - change narrative.



66c43f  No.2415647


An hour ago, but yes.


b94d60  No.2415648

File: 833a5b1fa86c9b1⋯.jpg (19.73 KB, 255x173, 255:173, ce8133981d9285238ae4fbc87b….jpg)

6a164c  No.2415649

File: d361d28cc95810b⋯.mp4 (134.26 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ItsHappening.mp4)


Main Stream

ABC Fake news no longer needed

Patriots are Main stream

668db1  No.2415650


McDonald’s coffee calamity: Pregnant woman served cleaning solution in her latte


Superbugs now also becoming resistant to alcohol disinfectants


ed9a23  No.2415651

File: cf84ef6da805b34⋯.png (568.47 KB, 584x591, 584:591, 6f9c79fa-1e0f-ee8d-2916-a2….png)


check 'em

d7f55f  No.2415652

Going after Hollywood money structure

Department of Justice Opens Review of Paramount Consent Decrees

As part of The Department of Justice’s review of nearly 1,300 legacy antitrust judgments, the Antitrust Division today announced that it has opened a review of the Paramount Consent Decrees, which for over seventy years have regulated how certain movie studios distribute films to movie theatres. The purpose of the review is to determine whether or not the decrees should be terminated or modified.

The Antitrust Division announced in April its initiative to terminate legacy antitrust judgments, stating that it would review all such judgments to identify those that no longer serve to protect competition. The initiative was undertaken because many of the final judgements that the Division entered into from the earliest days of the Sherman Act until the late 1970s do not include sunset provisions or express termination dates. Consequently, those judgements are perpetual, regardless of whether there have been subsequent industry or technological changes that might make those judgements either ineffective in protecting competition or even anticompetitive themselves.

In particular, the Paramount Decrees have regulated how certain movie studios distribute films to movie theatres since the Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Paramount, 334 U.S. 131 (1948). For example, the decrees ban various motion picture distribution practices, including block booking (bundling multiple films into one theatre license), circuit dealing (entering into one license that covered all theatres in a theatre circuit), resale price maintenance (setting minimum prices on movie tickets), and granting overbroad clearances (exclusive film licenses for specific geographic areas). Given that these decrees do not have any sunset provisions or termination dates, the Division will thoroughly review them to determine whether they still serve the American public and are still effective in protecting competition in the motion picture industry.

“The Paramount Decrees have been on the books with no sunset provisions since 1949. Much has changed in the motion picture industry since that time,” said Makan Delrahim, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division. “It is high time that these and other legacy judgments are examined to determine whether they still serve to protect competition. Today, we take an important step forward in the process of reviewing the Paramount Decrees.”

Since the district court entered the Paramount Decrees, the motion picture industry has undergone considerable change. None of the Paramount defendants own a significant number of movie theatres. Additionally, unlike seventy years ago, most metropolitan areas today have more than one movie theatre. The first-run movie palaces of the 1930s and 40s that had one screen and showed one movie at a time, today have been replaced by multiplex theatres that have multiple screens showing movies from many different distributors at the same time. Finally, consumers today are no longer limited to watching motion pictures in theatres. New technology has created many different distribution and viewing platforms that did not exist when the decrees were entered into. After an initial theatre run, today’s consumers can view motion pictures on cable and broadcast television, DVDs, and over the Internet through streaming services.

As a consequence of all of these changes, and the fact that the decrees have been in place for over seventy years, the Department has opened a review to determine whether the decrees should be modified or terminated.

The Antitrust Division has posted an invitation for public comment on its public website (https://www.justice.gov/atr/paramount-decree-review), inviting interested persons, including motion picture producers, distributors, and exhibitors, to provide the Division with information or comments relevant to whether the Paramount Consent Decrees still are necessary to protect competition in the motion picture industry. The period for public comment is 30 days.


cad0fa  No.2415653

File: 152018b5e1be072⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1022x627, 1022:627, Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at ….png)


Never Forget

19f3d1  No.2415654



9639cc  No.2415655

Answering my own question froma previous bread in light of Q’s patriots fight post re: think new users.

Current phase of The Plan appears to include baiting MSM into sending tons of new people to this board.

fae24e  No.2415656

File: ca4a2fb999fc980⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 356x260, 89:65, nasimgif.gif)

784332  No.2415657

Vice.News.Tonight.2018.08.01 QANON


3c9986  No.2415658


Hey if you are going to be the boy who cries wolf for like 10 years…and all you do is insult half the country everyday on your corporate media platform…..yes I guess people no longer hear you.


2ca5e6  No.2415659


PRayers for POTUS Patrol

f1cf2d  No.2415660

File: 004b29becf71162⋯.jpg (34.46 KB, 600x444, 50:37, 004b29becf71162735e5e6ea3c….jpg)

1883b7  No.2415661



4a2c09  No.2415662

>>2415645 Because there are THUNDERSTORMS in the District asshat

45acb7  No.2415663

File: 8c5a34e27e58836⋯.png (107.49 KB, 646x303, 646:303, 4529dc50-e567-4921-a7e9-eb….png)

bd242d  No.2415664


Lemme guess, reality = clear, sunny skies?

293942  No.2415665


you look like a wanna be trannyshill that;'s gonna get flushed down a toilet

436571  No.2415667

I wonder how many lefties will tune in to watch the rally to see what the Q spectacle is all about and accidentally get redpilled

954b32  No.2415668



9f8dd8  No.2415669





a9cc4d  No.2415670

File: 92dbf93785004b6⋯.png (117.26 KB, 1182x700, 591:350, jack.png)

1324c7  No.2415671


Let them attack.

What's to attack? An amorphous, anarchic group of anonymous researchers working hard to uncover the truth.

We have no leaders, no spokespeople that can be disparaged.

The truth we uncover speaks for itself.

2a4c30  No.2415672

How to organize all this research:

One helpful task for whomever has time and skills would be to create a page (or whatever works best) to bring together all the best notable links.

Even better would be a more extensive presentation with the info organized into topics and perhaps sub-topics, maybe like a “Dummies” book table of contents, where guests can easily find an overview of the best information and a list of the topics to click on for the Q-posts, research, notables, graphics, links to relevant articles, government documents, and videos.

There could also be a section with the best of Baker Thank You’s, maybe with an age check.

“QAnon for Patriots”

d52e5c  No.2415673

File: 99d098d2e95359c⋯.png (55.9 KB, 1527x262, 1527:262, Device Test.png)

d94bf2  No.2415674

File: 35ec76ed8621f13⋯.jpg (72.68 KB, 550x295, 110:59, This Is CNN.jpg)

4a2c09  No.2415675


95eee7  No.2415676

>>2415424 lb

Qmap.pub works way better.

Qanon.pub is so slow loading and locks up so much nobody will read shit.

I never send anyone there.

But……that is my opinion.

2613ef  No.2415677

Post your proofs. Whole reason we r here.

80daa4  No.2415678

File: 608ebf31e7b1392⋯.png (695.31 KB, 1190x742, 85:53, ClipboardImage.png)

Just got out of the car and on the radio - the Schnitt Show. He was replaying a call that he got yesterday. Basically he got trolled by a caller - prolly a C_A shill - who said that he was one of the original creators of Q and that the QAnon movement is nothing more than a huge troll to get the alt-right all riled up and they could laugh at our reactions to their creative peddling of false crap. I think we need to let Schnitt in on the real story.


29e061  No.2415679


I can and will post what ever i want faggot

you are not my thought_leader

dd950e  No.2415680


Q serves at the Pleasure of the President.

The president serves WE THE PEOPLE.

668db1  No.2415681

File: 2f7d1955700dba5⋯.png (229.81 KB, 699x906, 233:302, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 783144dd0e00330⋯.png (52.72 KB, 674x912, 337:456, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ccd5f81ef338172⋯.png (34.64 KB, 649x631, 649:631, ClipboardImage.png)

U.S. Issues New Warning to Europe: End Business With Iran or Face Harsh Sanctions

Trump admin, Congress issue warnings that could impact international financial institutions


92f67d  No.2415682

File: 714be40e368c611⋯.jpg (137.2 KB, 1252x795, 1252:795, Screenshot_20180802-155759….jpg)

Oh boy.

fdb4af  No.2415683


"We are Q!"

"We are Q!"

"We are Q!"

"We are Q!"

"We are Q!"

"We are Q!"

367087  No.2415684

File: 0fcf1fb156f5269⋯.mp4 (431.92 KB, 600x542, 300:271, 0fcf1fb156f526963cd1f46ab8….mp4)


What if Genius?

9639cc  No.2415685


Correction: new ARRIVALS, not new users.

02c282  No.2415686

File: 3b379f04d12df02⋯.png (908.42 KB, 723x687, 241:229, cnn-kanye-figure-out.png)

8e2453  No.2415687


You must be new here. If you have questions just ask.

6a164c  No.2415688

File: 12bb8831bf4d2ea⋯.jpg (17.73 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 12bb8831bf4d2ea69c8c848d05….jpg)


Main Stream !!!!

ABC does not have millions of researchers !!!

ABC is Panicking

News brought to you by millions of researchers!!!

ab36d2  No.2415689


kek I'm giving you shit.

You waitin' for the rally then? How are things?

8788fe  No.2415690

File: a0466e5ae68e17c⋯.jpg (28.1 KB, 255x179, 255:179, PatrioticLove4.jpg)


Sorry Baker, I can't help today. Must apply paint to the walls of my castle. Trust me, I would rather Bake <3

b94d60  No.2415691

File: 80a923b1629e07d⋯.jpg (63.88 KB, 708x533, 708:533, 80a923b1629e07d3f8ca817eb1….jpg)


nice redditspacing.

9f8dd8  No.2415692

File: 985c3d31a926311⋯.jpg (305.37 KB, 750x830, 75:83, HUMANMEAT.jpg)

88bf30  No.2415693

File: bc3971ad289a8c8⋯.png (347.22 KB, 1180x628, 295:157, Serbiastrong (2).png)


Mossad lover or not. Free speech over everything else.

I'm always down for less kebab.

ab050a  No.2415694

Not sure if anyone's mentioned this but:

I think by now it's safe to say that Q is in charge of the MSM 4AM fax feed. "Time to FEED" "We may have to force the issue"

Q mentions Game Theory and that's the basis of my argument. Unless the MSM is 100% confident that they know EVERYTHING that Q knows and can drop, they can't say ANYTHING about Q at all. Up until now, they haven't, another strong point in favor of Q now controlling the FEED.

Think about it, if MSM debunks Q and then Q drops a verifiable bombshell, MSM is fucking toast (This is what I think is coming). The only way MSM can debunk Q without getting toasted is if they know Q can't prove them wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt. The only way for the MSM to win vs. Q is to not play. But now they're playing. Why would they do that? Either they know everything Q has and can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt (possible? Unlikely though), they're desperate (possible, but they must know even this move only ends in failure, being quiet on the issue is still a better option), or Q now controls the feed and is leading them into a trap.

EPIC 5D CHESS Q, I am continually amazed at how thoroughly thought out this plan is.

eab7ae  No.2415695

File: 72e1cf1229156c4⋯.jpg (237.77 KB, 1106x753, 1106:753, Bloomberg.jpg)



f008ef  No.2415696


Sounds too easy

ed9a23  No.2415697


We are the Great Awakening. We love Q.

94ca6a  No.2415698


and it's only beginingggggggggg…. so stoekd

3494d1  No.2415699

Memefag needed

Acosta pic with "They won't be able to walk down the street."

1f807b  No.2415700

b39c96  No.2415701

File: 50cbf4f2d045392⋯.jpg (78.8 KB, 615x435, 41:29, 0_PAY-CEN-VaginaBeer-11.jpg)

Baker Notable

Vagina beer made with 'essence of hot underwear models' goes on sale for first time

Customers can now buy the beer and taste the 'essence' of good looking models at various pubs after its debut on July 28 in the city of Katowice, Poland


c73455  No.2415702


That's a fucking poll I believe.

b94d60  No.2415703


treat the illness, not the symptoms.

ab050a  No.2415704


I predict epic lols when MSM realizes the feed is compromised!!! Gonna need more popcorn…

848391  No.2415705

File: aaa3189dc245fdf⋯.jpg (169.1 KB, 1200x875, 48:35, QProof - Twitter - Q and P….jpg)

File: 4ef08e4f64593ce⋯.jpg (158.19 KB, 1200x933, 400:311, QProof - SA - 06 - Q and T….jpg)

>>2414781 (lb)

>>2414818 (lb)

OK, listen up. I get that we have threads here for proofs, but the link I posted is an example of how you clean it up and present it better. I am not the person referenced in the Twitter thread I posted. Just a messenger, and fellow anon. The point is, get organized, and stop presenting circumstantial evidence as hardcore proof, like this:



An example of irrefutable proof would be images attached.

13d2ec  No.2415706






you know Q made that typo too right?


eab7ae  No.2415707


whoops… url updated


9f8dd8  No.2415708


Trump even said himself at the last rally in Tampa, Polls are also FAKE NEWS.

a76dea  No.2415709


"build it , they will crumb "

6ef1a4  No.2415710


The smallest minority is the individual.

6fc5ab  No.2415711

File: 0af60da456e20a5⋯.jpg (942.99 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, they-live-gannett.jpg)

>>2415398 (lb)

For Gannett-anon from last bread

ab36d2  No.2415712


>How to organize all this research:

would you fuck the fuck the fuck off?

we have real time people here

don't tell us how to do our fucking jobs

we have computers FULL of archives

and we have BRAINS that work

If you want to ask something

You will get flooded with shit if you ask it right

and if you ask it wrong you'll get told to kill yourself

what the fuck did you want in the first place again?

709f5c  No.2415713

File: 454d09cb07324ed⋯.gif (332.04 KB, 327x327, 1:1, coffee machine1.gif)



I just had my cup of coffee


what colour is your castle gonna be?

f008ef  No.2415714


Q+ = [Q, CQ, XQ, EQ]

668db1  No.2415715

File: 5ba0ec3075cdf92⋯.png (217.46 KB, 659x861, 659:861, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 584076bdf66b4fe⋯.png (31.28 KB, 658x525, 94:75, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump Says He’s Working to Pass FIRST STEP Act


2e62c2  No.2415716

How's this work?

Oh, I have another board, totally forgot. I better post there.

c73455  No.2415717


I like it.

I like it a lot.

d94bf2  No.2415718

File: ef1b4b67bc10200⋯.jpg (48.39 KB, 550x688, 275:344, hrc.jpg)

ecf5ba  No.2415719

File: a728c506de66373⋯.png (166.34 KB, 820x893, 820:893, qresearch Q Research Ge….png)


Or you can show them something like this.

f12c4d  No.2415720

File: c958c66087ade2d⋯.jpeg (239.97 KB, 640x653, 640:653, 86DFC8BB-616E-4A23-8AA9-E….jpeg)

File: f3e6adc782990b6⋯.png (140.51 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 985EB832-3CEA-4DD2-881D-28….png)


1090ce  No.2415721

File: c15bd53db0a2d16⋯.jpg (61.19 KB, 457x282, 457:282, DSCN0525.jpg)

File: cfbd92c8cda96c7⋯.jpg (63.59 KB, 370x289, 370:289, DSCN1113.jpg)

21f015  No.2415722

File: 120ceac112f99c2⋯.png (61.36 KB, 189x135, 7:5, ffs.png)


oh ffs….

ed9a23  No.2415723

File: 2627af0b7756743⋯.png (375.03 KB, 622x403, 622:403, 4c9d58614360e33b2e002e881f….png)

713498  No.2415724


We have that. Would you like to read the first few posts of this bread and figure it out?

13d2ec  No.2415725


autists have been quite fine

784332  No.2415726


67% of statistics are made up.

bd242d  No.2415727


How's this for a mind fuck?

Amber alerts are really a signaling system for (((them))).

One of their victims escaped and they're trying to get her back.

de014b  No.2415728

Q - Please declassify the remote Nazi Genetic Cloning colonies. 3rd generation "FARMERS"

Please open this rabbit hole to the world.

Lake Ouachita…. Mount Ida, Ar, EMP at the airport?!?!

Mena , AR

e9c42a  No.2415729

File: edb8616892ce45a⋯.jpg (798.81 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155055….jpg)

File: 2aee081215260c7⋯.jpg (997.83 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155102….jpg)

File: 4b95178c19ab427⋯.jpg (1023.62 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155110….jpg)

File: 4d35c94edead3ca⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155119….jpg)

File: 3676c6311ee073b⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155130….jpg)

A Facebook page callin himself conservative Treehouse. Not The conservative Treehouse and Sundance, they just hijacked the name. Claims he has an email from a guy who used to be a baker back in the early days who claims this was all a joke. What do you guys think.

The original original Q was real in my opinion. You could tell when the writing changed when all the pamphlet anon bull s*** went down. But in my opinion even if the Q now is not real the information that has been revealed is phenomenal. since this info has been revealed I don't want to be taken for a fool.

02c282  No.2415730

File: 8be016ccda93b1b⋯.png (914.75 KB, 910x682, 455:341, hillbag-cnn-polling.png)

6a164c  No.2415731

File: 12b485610e10ab2⋯.jpg (60.38 KB, 266x400, 133:200, 12b485610e10ab20f2900c1e28….jpg)


Patriots are Main Stream

QNN !!!! beats CNN

2783be  No.2415732

>>2414695 (lb)

o7 You are brave.

If Trump offers you security protection, take it.

Stay safe & be well.

9f8dd8  No.2415733

File: 84a8ce8342e3b86⋯.jpg (80.73 KB, 940x590, 94:59, jpg.jpg)



fdb4af  No.2415734

File: cbddb00330cb8a4⋯.png (524.34 KB, 662x745, 662:745, DoD 8-2-18 1 pm PDT.PNG)

🎶 Take me out to the ball game and military ceremony. 🎶


e85b0e  No.2415735

File: f15a09cc741636c⋯.jpg (112.62 KB, 1235x698, 1235:698, lstj.jpg)




d94bf2  No.2415736

File: dc6e4bb5e27820b⋯.jpg (49.3 KB, 560x372, 140:93, cocks.jpg)

File: 6209db1cc771475⋯.jpg (49.59 KB, 560x372, 140:93, CP.jpg)

File: 704927403638a19⋯.jpg (121.84 KB, 612x370, 306:185, hwd.jpg)

88a519  No.2415737


Good! Just tell them to ask Trump!!!

968aa7  No.2415739




A true symbiotic relationship

ecf5ba  No.2415740

File: 562ec4a6423f3bd⋯.png (134.61 KB, 795x350, 159:70, qresearch Q Research Ge….png)



b94d60  No.2415741


Daily Buzz Live, sounds legit.

Although, it's probably OK or recommended in the Talmud so I'm not entirely surprised.

1e9437  No.2415742

Kate is being interviewed on rsbn

293942  No.2415743

File: 8bcb1957737cd9c⋯.png (56.15 KB, 590x288, 295:144, kochfehgels.png)

fbe3ea  No.2415744

File: a7e0cacd5ebc507⋯.jpg (40.41 KB, 607x350, 607:350, POTUSSched.JPG)

Anyone else catch this?

bbafbd  No.2415745

File: f332e4fd5b3359a⋯.png (109.18 KB, 877x554, 877:554, Screenshot_43.png)

549064  No.2415746


Lol. That's good. Thanks for the laugh.

8c73a8  No.2415747

File: a8808736f246469⋯.png (475.39 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 7514D14F-0092-4F25-A5D2-38….png)

1090ce  No.2415748


I need to smoke some green after that mindfuck

9f8dd8  No.2415749

063406  No.2415750

File: 0d4f9a9fd7f5040⋯.png (831.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, cheers-anon.png)


>They won't be able to walk down the street

4d25cc  No.2415751

File: 502bb3adf8321fe⋯.png (13.65 KB, 255x248, 255:248, 502bb3adf8321fe98cdc46e116….png)

now that we have become mainstream that also means we are closer to revealing the crazy stuff that we have known (and soo much more) …

from here on is the big leagues anons we need to stay vigilant

92f67d  No.2415752

1f807b  No.2415753


I love a story with a good twist.

25854e  No.2415754

File: ec51b68fe221da5⋯.jpg (201.14 KB, 570x731, 570:731, Pleading the fifth.jpg)

File: e62b2c17fa60142⋯.jpg (113.06 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Five more minutes.jpg)

File: 483c24b467166a0⋯.jpg (129.89 KB, 737x549, 737:549, ICE 2008 to 2013 BHO.jpg)

File: e1eb0630beb147d⋯.jpg (122.23 KB, 563x556, 563:556, ICE 2011 to 2016.jpg)

File: 3096dc058eca750⋯.jpg (97.59 KB, 565x524, 565:524, ICE 2008 to 2016.jpg)

34cedb  No.2415755


dig please.

7d18fe  No.2415756

Qresearch = Analog Web Crawler / SE / Agregator / Data(Intel) Dump / HIVE Mind Backend

Anons = Neurons of HIVE Mind - Human Intelligence Virtualized Ego Mind

Notables = HIVE Mind Thoughts

Breads = HIVE Mind Memories

Q Research is the HUMAN counter to AI and digital exploitation!

Q Research protects US from HUMAN enslavement by POWERS and PRINCIPALS!

Q Research is Vital to Humanity's Persistence

Take Q Research Fucking Seriously!

Kek - We are BQRG! #Resist Antz is futile!

04f34d  No.2415757

Proofs are important. Results are more important. Achievable practical results.

One of Paul Ryan's big donors attacked by POTUS.


"President Trump mocked conservative mega-donor Charles Koch early Thursday for complaining that tariffs hurt foreign workers, telling the billionaire he is “correct.” 

“Charles Koch of Koch Brothers, who claims to be giving away millions of dollars to politicians even though I know very few who have seen this (?), now makes the ridiculous statement that what President Trump is doing is unfair to ‘foreign workers.’ He is correct, AMERICA FIRST!” Trump tweeted Thursday morning."

It only takes one Republican to issue a motion to Vacate the Chair. Put 2 and 2 together Anons? Q? Anyone?

Vacate the Chair

be32dd  No.2415759


female soldier running with hands up. Makes me feel nice and safe.

88bf30  No.2415760


Q is just a fellow patriot that helps direct our digging. I'm here for these 21 century Patriot Anons.

f89763  No.2415761

File: 69a1379ca4e0ee7⋯.jpeg (718.23 KB, 1377x935, 81:55, 2D870A14-1D2F-44FC-B7F1-7….jpeg)

File: fbfa7e369ed7f6d⋯.png (771.55 KB, 1878x1225, 1878:1225, 91F29E8A-BF8A-467B-95D2-83….png)

File: c2024d843ea633c⋯.png (1.96 MB, 2314x1270, 1157:635, 277C6F61-0031-451F-9617-62….png)

File: 27d0afdbd201981⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1387x943, 1387:943, 5D719BE9-C59F-4CE0-AD25-1F….png)

File: ae31349dcc1c1bb⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1380x935, 276:187, A1F3F1DF-E83E-4103-B652-64….png)

b2c81d  No.2415763

Wasnt this posted here a few months ago?

Not in Facebook form, but an anon posted pretty much the same thing


db2469  No.2415764


The you fag posted his (you)s, they aren't mine, fwiw

a1678b  No.2415765







6b226a  No.2415766


checked , and maybe it is you who should pay attention

e9c42a  No.2415767

File: 734724d31c5ab96⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155141….jpg)

File: 8cf7d09124b3cd0⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155146….jpg)

File: 05985d39d28b50c⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155153….jpg)

ab36d2  No.2415768


IMHO MSM feeds aren't necessarily controlled by Q.

They are playing because their internal polling has now indicated that this is way too big of a story to ignore. If they ignore this they show the American People that they are totally irrelevant and do NOT care about the issue of the day.

It really all boils down to money. They are trying to find their way through this maze and keep their salaries/revenue coming in.

d52e5c  No.2415769

Did you guys just hear that interview in RSB about the Qanon that took down someone who wanted to kill POTUS???

ec0366  No.2415770

Wow the Kathy Anon that stopped the shooter was just interviewed by RSBN. Can't wait for the rally!!!!!

efc877  No.2415771

File: 6ab6922f5dfb0ab⋯.png (111.86 KB, 576x507, 192:169, 6ab6922f5dfb0abec383d9c148….png)

File: 4cf39f102c11bb7⋯.gif (3.91 MB, 270x263, 270:263, 4cf39f102c11bb74fce08773c9….gif)

d42084  No.2415772

File: d04050e917e8eac⋯.png (425.35 KB, 428x406, 214:203, fivekekkingpepes.PNG)

5eb576  No.2415773


I call bullshit!

c9adcf  No.2415774

File: dbd0f4964e6db80⋯.jpg (260.19 KB, 1501x1083, 79:57, ocrazzio destroy america.jpg)

File: 8c1b35869309fb7⋯.jpg (223.79 KB, 1501x1083, 79:57, ocrazziovj.jpg)

f008ef  No.2415775

File: b7a1bc25c2faaf2⋯.png (3.98 KB, 17x12, 17:12, ClipboardImage.png)

64afac  No.2415776

>vigilant not violent

thanks Kate!

ec0366  No.2415777



549064  No.2415778


Pompeo is in thick with Koch Brothers.

ec67ad  No.2415779

File: 16c493078ae8170⋯.jpg (413.46 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, clintonReadWeep1.jpg)

File: 04d731efa49b4a2⋯.jpg (497.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, clintonReadWeep2.jpg)

File: f680d58c763b477⋯.jpg (350.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, clintonReadWeep3.jpg)

f53e8f  No.2415780


Thank you.

8fa29b  No.2415781

Is she bullshit? States she was on /cbts/ on fourchan…unless she meant that was where they original…

That was a long ass time ago.

I thought they'd moved on from directing people to 4chan so they got comped info. She didn't seem to "push" anything other than 4chan, though.

Could just be an unfortunate mistake.

67a6e9  No.2415782

File: e71021c065500fd⋯.png (187.55 KB, 397x386, 397:386, 1532623329961.png)


The entire plan is beyond epic br0

e367b1  No.2415783


nice i like

21f015  No.2415784



c0947e  No.2415785


why does she wear kabbALLAH red sting on the wrist

ee7233  No.2415786

File: bdab6957bd85ec7⋯.png (464.6 KB, 666x874, 333:437, Qpic457.PNG)

==Q is telling (YOU) something..

2ca5e6  No.2415787

File: 97d2ddd5bad90f8⋯.jpeg (105.41 KB, 866x500, 433:250, 71B5940D-0DE5-47AF-85C2-3….jpeg)

5b5fe3  No.2415788


I can't help to be skeptical, but as Q has said on many occasions, there are no coincidences. When I first heard the name, the Strzok thing came to mind… Call me a shill or whatever, but that's how my mind works

1090ce  No.2415789

File: 2a996ba8c10a18c⋯.jpg (29.46 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 9fe4530b75949004c657cee42d….jpg)

File: 3774707ba3b7312⋯.jpg (79.22 KB, 461x346, 461:346, DSCN1148.jpg)

d52e5c  No.2415790


That was AWESOME!!! :D

36a693  No.2415791

File: 718df8a868d66d9⋯.jpg (161.24 KB, 639x640, 639:640, IMG_5448.JPG)

71f056  No.2415792


>Lemme guess, reality = clear, sunny skies?

No, there's actually inclement weather in the area.


293942  No.2415793


maybe someone should hold your head down in the toilet

e75a68  No.2415794


Well guess what genius?

You lose majority you will lose your precious individual liberties.

The brown hordes will wipe their ass with that constitution.

303488  No.2415795

They are reading this. This thread. I copy pasted some of the comments on the wAPO article about Q. Immediately, posters on the article told the other posters to cool it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2018/08/02/what-makes-qanon-so-scary/?utm_term=.b4e2cd31171d

"Giving the hoi polloi access to the internet has the same negative affect on the web as deregulation has had on air travel. The big mistake made by the deep state elite? Teaching everyone how to read in public schools.






4 minutes ago

Qum to our side, we got Qoolaid





Show More Replies


5 minutes ago

Trey Gowdy needs to start hearings on QAnon's emails.






5 minutes ago

Q's "theories" read like a creepypasta that would get deleted from the trollpasta wiki.





Mister Pig Stuff

5 minutes ago

I'm glad I am still "shockable".

With the daily jaw-dropping antics from Trump I worried I might not be able to be shocked any longer.






4 minutes ago

Holy crap, that's all it is.






5 minutes ago

Zealots immune to logic and reason. Striking resemblance to the Taliban.







5 minutes ago

I bet Qanon is Bannon.






3 minutes ago

And Miller?

6a164c  No.2415796

File: 497f1a42afe48af⋯.jpg (85.02 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 497f1a42afe48afa17df7e319d….jpg)


Q A Main Stream -

millions of researchers WW

Will need more popcorn!

bbafbd  No.2415797

File: a566f3b92133048⋯.png (535.15 KB, 586x575, 586:575, Screenshot_44.png)

Judge dismisses lawsuit against Fox News filed by parents of Seth Rich

A federal judge on Thursday dismissed in its entirety a case filed by the parents of slain Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich against Fox News, one of the network's reporters, and a Texas businessman


1c3f5a  No.2415798


katey..vip access today..

063406  No.2415799

File: 3ee6061c33cf782⋯.jpg (771.72 KB, 1375x933, 1375:933, june-2018-habbenings.jpg)


you missed June

>and affirmative action called requesting it be included 20 extra times

95eee7  No.2415800

File: 5af892de9ab4389⋯.jpeg (501.87 KB, 911x744, 911:744, 48A3B033-4309-49F1-88F9-1….jpeg)

File: 8d5111cf9634cc8⋯.jpeg (621.71 KB, 1085x957, 1085:957, 59D63E81-A761-4AAC-AC53-A….jpeg)

File: 6d35699b54d9e28⋯.jpeg (351.63 KB, 1080x721, 1080:721, 2163799F-186D-4A13-965D-D….jpeg)

File: 2ed9a61ec160e77⋯.jpeg (384.26 KB, 871x754, 67:58, AA2128F3-EA41-4208-B61D-A….jpeg)

File: ed451f46525a9b1⋯.jpeg (845.11 KB, 1096x651, 1096:651, C93AF585-D79A-4B24-9151-3….jpeg)

>>2415033 lb

Not just no, F no! Do you know where you are?

Boobs are not bad, evil or any other BS.

Get over ya “muh feels”…”muh concerns”…

e9c42a  No.2415801

File: 5d6f3e6c1970a27⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155159….jpg)

File: a186bd93dc1f2d1⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155205….jpg)

File: 5ee8f27e1839adc⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155213….jpg)

File: f3128bc69f3fac6⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155221….jpg)

File: 490e752f6861dca⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155228….jpg)


02c282  No.2415802

File: 3a45c7c142070d3⋯.png (129.9 KB, 600x533, 600:533, interdasting-pepe.png)

3494d1  No.2415803


Kek. Beautiful!

668db1  No.2415804

File: 68d8a06680a1224⋯.png (369.7 KB, 781x783, 781:783, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3fe1f4926ca2fa5⋯.png (340.73 KB, 797x652, 797:652, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6d08a9bb90fac18⋯.png (626.92 KB, 782x442, 23:13, ClipboardImage.png)

Russian leader to Democrats: Investigate Obama’s collusion with Syrian terrorists


be32dd  No.2415805


interesting theory. Now prove it.

f12c4d  No.2415806

File: 7d3a211317fca5f⋯.jpeg (634.9 KB, 2048x1907, 2048:1907, B5D29FD9-B8FA-468E-BDF7-1….jpeg)

When (((They))) ask what Q is again

9f8dd8  No.2415807

File: 7ce3cbc3c773212⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1443x1757, 1443:1757, 7ce3cbc3c7732129c9a0caba12….png)

bd242d  No.2415808


So, I'm the clown for telling you the truth?

If I lend you a scarf, will you promise to hang yourself from a doorknob with it?

6b226a  No.2415809


read that months ago

b1b393  No.2415810

I for some reason just got the inkling that the VIPChicaAnon is a plant. Watch for her to get some attention, this could be yet another yuge rally. Remember, POTUS is exhausted rn. He may not be in top form *maybe a lil grumpy this time*

303488  No.2415811

>>2415800 unfriendlies are reading this. Hi, Smugbots.

cad0fa  No.2415812


I'm right there with you Anon. We've just been building and building towards THIS.

GOTTA make sure we are completely "debunked" before the trap can be sprung. Great job laying it out so cleanly. Archived!!


e9c42a  No.2415813

File: 490e752f6861dca⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155228….jpg)

File: af1ee00d249e2a4⋯.jpg (882.22 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-155234….jpg)

a74dc2  No.2415814


" Q R (U)S"

8e2453  No.2415815


As long his name is in the news. We don't want the public forgetting this name!

fdb4af  No.2415816

File: 4695c6ce647744e⋯.png (41.54 KB, 534x260, 267:130, JP calling Q larp.PNG)

File: 97cae996cbb487e⋯.png (123.7 KB, 630x203, 90:29, Posobiec Q Larp 6-24-18.PNG)

File: 6d15c5e3f8607ae⋯.png (42.77 KB, 648x471, 216:157, JP 3.PNG)



47eb38  No.2415817


notable ?

1090ce  No.2415818


Think mirror. It's 76%

I"m 99% sure

9d1289  No.2415819


How about " WE won't be able to walk down the street" ?

3f3a8e  No.2415820


We should start getting the 4am too. Starting putting it out on social media before the news companies. Ahead of NYT and WAPO.

0749da  No.2415821

File: 9d235722bf1c2b7⋯.png (210.92 KB, 720x1068, 60:89, 20180802_130716.png)

c7a904  No.2415822

Advice for anons dealing with new arrivals:

1) Be Funny

2) Be Factual

3) Be Friendly

dbe4ce  No.2415823

File: 8b3db5ecd20f3dc⋯.mp4 (14.69 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 🔴 Sarah Sanders COMPLETELY….mp4)


Here you go. Acosta whining again at presser today.

"Why won't you say we aren't the enemy of the people" waaa

081231  No.2415824



e965f2  No.2415825

File: f79a8a4c90b6f76⋯.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1218x1544, 609:772, BF0109DD-352E-4C34-9D61-4….jpeg)


eca6ea  No.2415826

File: e435ca6ff114621⋯.png (282.12 KB, 691x421, 691:421, FNM_1.png)

File: b7bfe350a591f4c⋯.png (179.9 KB, 1280x821, 1280:821, FNM_2.png)

File: 6052972933da84f⋯.jpg (60.84 KB, 640x470, 64:47, FNM_3.jpg)

File: 2fe868dc58fc02f⋯.jpg (127.88 KB, 1200x418, 600:209, FNM_4.jpg)

File: dd59c06ce516223⋯.png (769.84 KB, 1005x600, 67:40, FNM_5.png)

Revival meme bases, Fake News Media bias.

c1894b  No.2415827

File: f051a49bd1d6241⋯.jpg (665.02 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-160438….jpg)

File: 53626f5558c52c9⋯.jpg (473.25 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180802-160421….jpg)


cf2788  No.2415828


"QAnon is scary because it’s getting bigger, it’s scary because we don’t know how to stop it, and it’s scary because the people behind it won’t be stopped, and, until their illusory storm arrives, they won’t be satisfied." - Washington Post


6ed61f  No.2415829

File: d035d8d2636624b⋯.jpeg (233.33 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1533240405.jpeg)

a5d765  No.2415830


>Surely the internet firms can trace the IP number of "Q"

wow…these people have a lot to learn, it's worse than i thought

88bf30  No.2415831

/Qresearch/ is the 21st centuries Green Dragon Tavern.


2ca5e6  No.2415832

8ddde2  No.2415833

File: b22e00734e6e1ae⋯.jpeg (337.1 KB, 1200x1108, 300:277, D317F927-62F6-4639-9515-2….jpeg)


I figured I’d contribute as well

f89763  No.2415834

File: 8ccc757872319b0⋯.png (313.64 KB, 1340x1400, 67:70, D29BB6B2-17CD-4D32-B8EE-93….png)

File: 9c3bf720b6af9af⋯.jpeg (2.85 MB, 2048x3072, 2:3, 5763AD2F-5BAD-44FA-A97F-8….jpeg)

File: ad146906670bcef⋯.jpeg (450.33 KB, 1200x874, 600:437, 085DE31D-88C0-4B51-B717-6….jpeg)

File: 90f686cd79222b4⋯.png (284.2 KB, 1107x482, 1107:482, B87C1409-56BC-4E1D-8670-ED….png)

e2d56c  No.2415835

Hey Q, does the plan have any provisions to stem the flow of immigration into White countries? It seems in modern times all white countries are “nations of immigrants”. Even the European ones.

9f8dd8  No.2415836



Also, be patient. They're new and their brains will be rejecting at first. Can't be helped.

04f34d  No.2415837


Sauce. Thx.

683150  No.2415838


Too funny

db2469  No.2415839

File: e5cbf53acb206cc⋯.png (590.52 KB, 792x446, 396:223, Screenshot_2018-08-02 🔴WAT….png)

She is on the right side replay

0bb7b9  No.2415840

File: f49255af04cf703⋯.png (120.79 KB, 500x443, 500:443, GTFO VOLTAIRE.png)

File: 34f62cdd31e1d0e⋯.jpeg (75.48 KB, 720x720, 1:1, KIKERY - ANTISEMITISM 02.jpeg)

File: 349d7c90fa6e677⋯.jpg (137.37 KB, 1024x657, 1024:657, JEWISH PRIVILIGE.jpg)

File: 356f0d46da813a9⋯.png (332.15 KB, 1320x735, 88:49, JEWISH SUPRMACISM ASSBLAST….png)

File: 1e90b3c91732466⋯.png (225.45 KB, 1364x686, 682:343, JEWISH SUPRMACISM ASSBLAST….png)



Nice try JIDF.

Relevant Q drop: https://qanon.pub/#916

8ea430  No.2415841



17c61f  No.2415842


Would a “real” baker send an email about being a real baker?

Use Logic.

cad0fa  No.2415843

File: d7984676383a91d⋯.jpg (8.61 KB, 255x190, 51:38, e1b0b887676be05e7274286cc8….jpg)


Who says he's exhausted?? I hear nobody can keep up. And he's going to campaign 6-7 days a week once we get to 60 days before the mid-terms. He hasn't even warmed up yet.

ab36d2  No.2415844


thank you for posting, going to check it out

5f1fec  No.2415845


"…the storm is upon us…"

83c280  No.2415846

File: b6dfad3de2907bd⋯.png (251.51 KB, 486x272, 243:136, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)

f89763  No.2415847


I couldnt find ty

94ca6a  No.2415848


>Amber alerts

will keep them alerted if anyone comes close to catching them.

complete opposite of stated purpose.

these people are sick

95eee7  No.2415849

File: 42d46e0b0f4402e⋯.jpeg (612.67 KB, 1094x751, 1094:751, F500215B-2FE6-4439-B02A-E….jpeg)

57da68  No.2415850

File: 64da7da5c7a7946⋯.png (311.12 KB, 953x713, 953:713, merkel_ancestry.png)

Last bread an Anon posted this image of research that concludes Merkel is the granddaughter of Hitler

It was attacked at once citing genealogical research of family names and some articles discrediting the theory that Hitler was a Rothschild.

Well, the Anon who posted their research result never mentioned Rothschilds and clearly has a different view so one can suppose they agree that Hitler was NOT a Rothschild. After all there are other Illuminati bloodlines.

Others called for sauce because most Anons are lazy bastards who never dig for themselves.

I thought that this attached summary is the ideal way to communicate with true Anons. It gives enough info so that anyone with an interest can dig on their own and see if the theory holds water. And isn't that waht the Q movement is all about? We do not simply accepy the word of trusted authorities, or unknown Internet posters, we dig on our own. We make connections.

And there it is, some research results that lead in a certain direction. I would only add that since the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family does have some people in the bloodline named Dorothea, it seems more likely that the father came from there than from Hohenzollern. But then I just dissed genealogy research based on surnames so maybe I am wrong because even first names can lead to a wrong solution.

We also know that there are several Illuminati clans and that they were all jostling for power, until they finally united in 1948 with the United Nations to work together and create one single New World Order. And there is more modern evidence that the bloodlines are interbreeding to create a single bloodline so this may be true. Or not? Can they really stop squabbling? Are they really that smart? Or are they really quite stupid?

9edee6  No.2415851


My cousin works at the base and she was told that it was a training exercise that went sideways. No active shooter.

b217d0  No.2415852

File: 3f94bf6aadfb7d3⋯.jpg (84.16 KB, 640x533, 640:533, Fifth Essence.jpg)


So Q has a multipass?

dcb51a  No.2415853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

start this clip from MIB at the 1:50 mark. Watch the twin towers go POOF.

Now you see me now you don't.

de014b  No.2415854


Shangrai La Resort on the MAN MADE Lake?


Mount Ida is known for its Crystal Caves and The Quartz deposits.

88a519  No.2415856


Several breads ago before Q’s VIP post she posted as anon stating how he tracked her from CBTS to her Twitter account.

God Bless you Kate!!!

34cedb  No.2415857

File: a999a0253ad3e62⋯.jpg (112.56 KB, 1080x1104, 45:46, kek.jpg)

9f8dd8  No.2415858


Keep these up. They.are.amazing.

987230  No.2415859

File: 597ed4f4157e403⋯.png (759.18 KB, 977x512, 977:512, darebts.png)

File: 4b3764c166fe0c8⋯.png (425.01 KB, 1022x557, 1022:557, qanques.png)



Mockingbird HAS to suppress so much, what else do they have?

80daa4  No.2415860

File: df65a74a85233b8⋯.png (87.41 KB, 618x886, 309:443, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c92ea3f3581d08⋯.png (103.52 KB, 624x954, 104:159, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b0571cf40da1cbb⋯.png (56.22 KB, 625x658, 625:658, ClipboardImage.png)

6a164c  No.2415861





55025a  No.2415862

Chant is *ASK THE Q"

d52e5c  No.2415863


That was the greatest interview….is there sauce for the replay?

de5f88  No.2415864

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Don't know if any of you have seen this I just caught it and wanted to share

b94d60  No.2415865

File: b91758f4d72c986⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 650x289, 650:289, b91758f4d72c986bfd35deb962….jpg)

668db1  No.2415866

File: bafaad5f9deca17⋯.png (546.74 KB, 679x381, 679:381, ClipboardImage.png)

Mel Gibson's appearance on Graham Norton show proved controversial

Hollywood elites are an “enemy of mankind continually acting contrary to our best interests” and “breaking every God given taboo known to man, including the sanctity of children,” Mel Gibson said in London, where he is promoting his role in Daddy’s Home 2, his most prominent on-screen role in years.

“It’s an open secret in Hollywood. These people have their own religious and spiritual teachings and their own social and moral frameworks. They have their sacred texts – they are sick, believe me – and they couldn’t be more at odds with what America stands for.”

Gibson said, “I don’t know how to break it to you gently… Hollywood is institutionalized pedophilia.

“They are using and abusing kids.“

“They churn through a huge amount of kids every year. Their spiritual beliefs, if you can call them that, direct them to harvest the energy of the kids. They feast on this stuff and they thrive on it,” the Hacksaw Ridge director said.

“What do I mean? This isn’t some kind of artistic abstraction. They harvest the blood of children. They eat their flesh. They believe this gives them life force. If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force.”

“There is a creative and loving force inside most of us that guides us through life. These people don’t have this. For them it’s the opposite.”

According to Mel Gibson, who has spent 30 years in and out of the Hollywood system, the industry elites “thrive on pain, trauma, stress, abuse, and suffering.”

“Hollywood is drenched in the blood of innocent children. For a long time all the references to pedophilia and cannibalism were symbolic or allusive. But I was personally introduced to the practice in the early 2000s. I can talk about this now because these people, the execs, they’re dead now.”

“The blood of a sexually abused infant is considered highly ‘enriched’ and is highly prized. The money changing hands, the favors, the kickbacks – you have no idea. Babies are a high-functioning currency all of their own. Babies are their premium brand of high-grade caviar cocaine diamond steak.”

But according to Gibson this isn’t a flavor-of-the-month perversion, popular among men and women who have grown bored of standard issue sins.

“This isn’t anything new. If you do some research you will see it’s a metaphysical, alchemical phenomenon and you can find it behind the scenes in all the dark eras in history.

“It’s a dark, multidimensional occult art and practice, used by secret societies in the last few hundred years for social programming and mind control, and raised to a zenith by Hollywood in America in our era.“


d94bf2  No.2415867

File: 86c11ff29855eeb⋯.gif (14.15 MB, 444x365, 444:365, Winning Majestickly.gif)

17c61f  No.2415868


I’m hearing AC / DC in the background…..THUNDER.

bbafbd  No.2415869


Thank you so much anon.

549064  No.2415870


Don't be fucking lazy.

Pompeo and Koch Brothers.

First link.

Pompeo owes his career to the Koch Brothers.

fdb4af  No.2415871

File: c2b3dd8407674cd⋯.png (770.75 KB, 716x716, 1:1, TRUST KANSAS.PNG)

db2469  No.2415872

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

593898  No.2415873


Tommy is a noted schill Zionist.. still..he was wrongly put in jail. now he free to schill about the country.

b39678  No.2415874


CNN: What does Q mean?

==ANON: What does Q mean? Q means "Why don't you go fuck yourself?" That's what Q means==.

9bb561  No.2415875

File: b14b3d7002e6cc7⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1036x1132, 259:283, Dual_Citizenship_Dual_Loya….jpg)

2ca5e6  No.2415876

File: 728f28f280e1eae⋯.jpeg (99.52 KB, 866x500, 433:250, 1E12E9B1-8B22-4BCE-BD8D-8….jpeg)


>WE won't be able to walk down the street"

713498  No.2415877


Makes me think you need a different hobby.

562686  No.2415878

File: 501be3e3b6a5794⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1377x680, 81:40, MSM GvsE.png)

683150  No.2415879


Watching it made my day. “Q supporters are not violent” was my favorite part!

04f34d  No.2415880

When you live in a box everything can be connected.

bd242d  No.2415881


>these people are sick.


ab36d2  No.2415882

File: 8196ad956c37392⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1286x723, 1286:723, ClipboardImage.png)



Check it out… .Kate was just interviewed a few minutes ago.

34cedb  No.2415883


itz ok we just need to rite a gui with visual baysik to trak the killers ip

These people are stupid.

f1cf2d  No.2415884

File: dac8cb8479f133d⋯.jpg (5.62 MB, 2250x2850, 15:19, President-Trump-Official-P….jpg)


remember the last 2 weeks before POTUS got elected?


8788fe  No.2415885


Ultra White!! Gonna be bright up in the castle :)

New light colored flooring as well, pale gray with a darker gray in the bedrooms. Contractors start on Monday (same day I start new job…) Good thing kids are still out of school my 15 yr old daughter will be here to guard the domicile, KEK

884482  No.2415886



You forgot the n

94ca6a  No.2415887


well i'll be… expected a "yournewswire" link, but lookit: independent.co.uk!


f3e7c8  No.2415888

john wilkes booth

lee harvey oswald

james earl ray

jeffrey gardner boyd

got a real pattern going

fae24e  No.2415889

File: c325b9310437c02⋯.png (796.46 KB, 840x656, 105:82, ClipboardImage.png)


random practice. kek

a5d765  No.2415890


and of course Anon can post 2 in less than 60 seconds kek

9d1289  No.2415891


ty Patriot!

c9adcf  No.2415892

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Posting for any NEWFAGS

You'll here words and sayings you won't understand. Once the initial shock wears off it becomes endearing and breath of fresh air.

If you don't already know about Kek, trips, Dubs, Pepe the Frog meme magic, and others watch the vide below.

Its a little long, but I promise it's interesting. I've watched it a few times. It's a nice break from the serious news and horrifying truths.

293942  No.2415893

File: 3f6c71dd093fbeb⋯.jpg (143.78 KB, 1140x1140, 1:1, IMG_1684.JPG)



ab36d2  No.2415895

Best comment from her… "We are not violent, we are viligant!!!!"

968aa7  No.2415896

File: 0a8ee9c26ef5f60⋯.jpg (10.61 KB, 255x175, 51:35, 7d6f1d51516cf3f43f6ffd9a7b….jpg)

File: 6a91910a6f286dc⋯.jpg (82.27 KB, 742x530, 7:5, msm2.jpg)

File: a6787d35436505d⋯.jpg (90.54 KB, 752x501, 752:501, msm3.jpg)

File: d4fa2d3942a21bd⋯.png (8.65 KB, 443x231, 443:231, ! ! CIA CNN.png)

File: 71dbd146bd0916e⋯.jpeg (95.85 KB, 1000x952, 125:119, 2C49FFEE-91A9-4F96-9132-8….jpeg)

303488  No.2415897

>>2415823 Geez, Acosta is an asshole.

de014b  No.2415898


wtf… what years was this?

21f015  No.2415899

File: f3704dafcb61127⋯.png (160.85 KB, 560x353, 560:353, tfw-youre-told.jpg.png)

6b226a  No.2415900

File: 91c7cd25046f86c⋯.png (44.76 KB, 1013x332, 1013:332, ClipboardImage.png)


ID is Hex of Color

>pic related

848391  No.2415901

File: fe8b86b324a71f5⋯.jpg (311.61 KB, 1242x1533, 414:511, 1506629290932.jpg)



You should explain to them that "Q is a Fact-finding movement that does not condone violence or the incitement of violent acts against any groups and/or individuals."

57da68  No.2415902


Might be good if somebody writes a blog article explaining the Roman gladiator's revolt led by Spartacus and why they all stood up and said I am Spartacus near the end. I think that explains the actual meaning behind the I am Q t-shirts. Otherwise it does sound a bit nutty.

45854f  No.2415903


She represented very well.

65cd63  No.2415904

File: 95f27c0c7192e60⋯.jpg (46.11 KB, 720x476, 180:119, how.jpg)

Testing my gender?

Pure soulls are and will be strange 2U.

You like pic level.

f89763  No.2415905

File: 7e7ad22daec05a1⋯.png (1.64 MB, 4208x1752, 526:219, 6CDA14CC-61E6-4F0B-9F57-84….png)

File: 59eedab8b068651⋯.png (718.94 KB, 1440x789, 480:263, B3F94552-3924-4AF9-AA7D-EA….png)

File: d7080ba5386e625⋯.png (67.02 KB, 1419x823, 1419:823, E8DAED1F-A0E8-4BFB-A960-DD….png)

File: 1265454ba2a40e4⋯.png (2.07 MB, 2908x2314, 1454:1157, 08D92114-D90D-4E8B-82BC-E7….png)

File: 3d8ca3e878c0c28⋯.png (517.69 KB, 1762x1164, 881:582, BA9271A0-8A71-4360-A600-06….png)

87a4e6  No.2415906

File: 568718d99f2c994⋯.png (2.43 MB, 2227x2151, 2227:2151, ClipboardImage.png)

Anons feedback please, still in progress need ideas for the empty black areas.

1090ce  No.2415907


oh my god


thank you

3f3a8e  No.2415908


It better!

e367b1  No.2415909

File: 3dea5c43d80d24a⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1200x750, 8:5, steady.png)

928ecf  No.2415910

File: 91c19764196cf4a⋯.png (2.33 MB, 2244x1121, 2244:1121, PopcornTime.png)

File: d5a85a47c3e2d10⋯.jpg (194.33 KB, 1200x963, 400:321, PopcornTime.jpg)

File: 0f641f76f95da94⋯.jpg (81.21 KB, 650x488, 325:244, MOARpopcorn.jpg)

File: a71087cb1bce370⋯.jpg (41.17 KB, 474x287, 474:287, FLOTUSpopcorn.jpg)

6a675e  No.2415911

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

293942  No.2415912

File: e52f4bb43e3ffde⋯.png (65.31 KB, 590x314, 295:157, savemoney.png)



58a9e5  No.2415913

if that anon that had the oklahoma crazy come to try and visit her gets to visit with Trump via VIP access - wow what a GREAT way to force the media to address the Q issue.

the genius of the Q concept, and the ability to adjust mid-flight is impressive

a04e7a  No.2415914


who is she?

5b5fe3  No.2415915


well, isn't yeast a component of beer?

17c61f  No.2415916



7d18fe  No.2415917

I've noticed the MEDIA has not touched the allegation that They are ignoring/ not investigating a Missile Strike Attempt on our HOMELAND, not once but twice. They are ignoring Q saying Q serves at the pleasure of the President himself.

8dc87f  No.2415918

File: a699cfb016d98f7⋯.jpg (50.6 KB, 620x366, 310:183, POTUS limbaugh 8 2 18.JPG)

President Trump Calls To Congratulate Rush Limbaugh – 30 Years in Broadcasting…


f81fac  No.2415919

File: 04527bd408b4c2c⋯.png (16.91 KB, 225x325, 9:13, ClipboardImage.png)

havent gone through notables but Seth Rich is fucking trending

be32dd  No.2415920


It would be more epic if the president just said "where we go one…." then the audience would know what to do. they everyone would lose their fucking minds.

2ca5e6  No.2415921

File: 4afffee0b76c599⋯.jpeg (101.55 KB, 866x500, 433:250, 9097E813-8899-4F7B-9782-0….jpeg)

4e1e46  No.2415922


Who said that?

b94d60  No.2415923

File: 2e63900ac4be0d4⋯.jpg (27.97 KB, 283x329, 283:329, ToddSchnitt2016.jpg)

File: 6bf473714bf9d74⋯.jpg (31.68 KB, 609x340, 609:340, OF-COURSE.JPG)

File: 2d888a0a6f0d309⋯.jpg (150.2 KB, 1200x859, 1200:859, Di0CfvdW4AIQa5j.jpg)

9bb561  No.2415924


top kek

549064  No.2415925


Bomb dropped.


d52e5c  No.2415926


Hey MSM News –– this is what REAL news reporting looks like you faggots!!!!

90c477  No.2415927



928ecf  No.2415928


Anon takes a quick bow, kek. If I'm looking and if we have something like that LABELLED with the right tag in the database, I will dispense. Of course lots of times I'm running around and not looking. Can't keep up with the breads while doing other chan tasks.



ab36d2  No.2415929

File: 86c2553e7fe0bfe⋯.mp4 (2.49 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Trump Q calm storm.mp4)


> illusory storm arrives

yes, the storm, promised by TRump

c7a904  No.2415930


Every article attacking Q is attacking us, and NOT ONE article has quoted anything actually posted by Q. Let that sink in..especially for you new arrivals to this board.

64afac  No.2415931

Lady on Right Side interview right now.


Sounds like an anon. kek

293942  No.2415932

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i hate you meatloaf

57da68  No.2415934


Better to add at the top:

Why is this man worried?

And then at the bottom

Soon they won't be able to walk the street

3bda9b  No.2415935

File: 0bcb965fa4e1e67⋯.jpg (36.84 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez-2….jpg)


Pictured at a science fair in 2007, future congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez poses with Yorktown High School teacher Michael Blueglass.

1c3f5a  No.2415936


hours ago..we had her two breads ago..

f1cf2d  No.2415937

File: f15b855f3e605bc⋯.jpg (17.02 KB, 640x360, 16:9, trump_eric_getty.jpg)

9ef230  No.2415938

File: 895f3e603311d39⋯.png (11.9 KB, 332x190, 166:95, Q Vote.PNG)

ddac30  No.2415939

Just re-read the POTUS tweet supporting Lou Barletta and noticed some extra capitalizations and a misspelled word that add up to GSE and dC. A GSE is a government sponsored enterprise, like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae. I wonder if this is worth digging on. I remember seeing something recently in the press about Mel Watt, the director of the FHFA, being investigated for sexual harassment, but I wonder if there is more that needs to be investigated. I also read a while back that the GSEs were used as a slush fund by the Obama administration after the financial crisis in 2008 when the government essentially confiscated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were shareholder owned at that time. Is this worth a look?

94ca6a  No.2415940


and you have link, pic, formatting, all notable-ready.

repost if needed

2a4c30  No.2415941



>what the fuck did you want in the first place again?

Hi there, Mr. FFF. I wanted to help make the information accessible to the flood of guests who will be hopping into 8 Chan with some initial interest in checking out what this QAnon thing is about. As you say, the autists have generated a ton of important information that many of us who have been watching and studying this since before Q have organized in our lovely brains, but an overview of topics and links would help make this important information for the Great Awakening available to other patriots who could help make the storm most successful.

dbe4ce  No.2415942


ThankQ Anon..very well stated.

812ae2  No.2415943

File: 26c055225b72777⋯.jpg (653.27 KB, 1080x1693, 1080:1693, Screenshot_20180802-151054….jpg)

File: 9fb88db8f68b4e3⋯.jpg (554.32 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20180802-151117….jpg)

File: 254d25a0997ba3e⋯.jpg (484.58 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20180802-151135….jpg)

File: 565f4b3e1973e34⋯.jpg (463.53 KB, 1080x1534, 540:767, Screenshot_20180802-151201….jpg)

File: 55060ca1a7559b6⋯.jpg (106.02 KB, 1080x445, 216:89, Screenshot_20180802-151209….jpg)


I'm starting to like this judge alot. Reagan appointed no BS man. Pay attention to last pic related. Also this quote is amazing!

“Enough is enough. We don’t convict people because they have a lot of money and throw it around,” he said. 

954b32  No.2415944

File: 12a265165d36856⋯.jpeg (884.07 KB, 1242x700, 621:350, C7ADF339-32FC-45B3-94CF-5….jpeg)

PA Rally. Need to get a shot from the left side. So far I see a 10

04ae80  No.2415945


This one is very good!

db2469  No.2415946


Q post 1798

aae9ff  No.2415947


Sirhan Sirhan kinda breaks the pattern though

8b2ca0  No.2415948

File: c8d4b0fde7bd5b7⋯.png (552.49 KB, 1880x934, 940:467, GTMO302_2018-08-02_210740.png)


Did someone call for a flight to Gitmo.

2ca5e6  No.2415949

667b35  No.2415950

Always wondered why Blair converted to catholic back in 2007, he was middle east peace envoy at the time

“This summer Blair, who is now a Middle East peace envoy, had a private meeting in June with Pope Benedict XVI about the switch, but he waited until he was out of office to convert.”


ab36d2  No.2415951


They are pretty much working on fixing it.

Think WW peace then encourage all of the migrants to go back to their home countries and rebuild their homes. Most of the migrants have claims to land at home.

71f056  No.2415952


>if MSM debunks Q and then Q drops a verifiable bombshell, MSM is fucking toast

When this happens the MSM will do what the MSM always does —- they'll ignore it. Some talking heads will outright dismiss it, and others will twist and try to turn it around in an attempt to make it look like one giant conspiracy against their vision of "America", and all of the followers being morons, rednecks and simpletons.

The problem is that this will most likely work as way too many people in this country are still fucking ignorant. These are people whose only exposure to the "news" is through the MSM as well as their idiot friends on FB and Twitter.

9d7f41  No.2415953

File: c11f325413d5f54⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 255x179, 255:179, 2018-08-02 15.15.03.jpg)

968aa7  No.2415954

File: f64ffff55965a78⋯.jpg (918.21 KB, 3880x2176, 485:272, # # 43623c50f5d6bbcb.jpg)

File: 0a8ee9c26ef5f60⋯.jpg (10.61 KB, 255x175, 51:35, 7d6f1d51516cf3f43f6ffd9a7b….jpg)

File: ee75c802accf750⋯.png (188.04 KB, 5008x2368, 313:148, CNN_Psyop_Propaganda_Machi….png)

File: 62fb8384b5b09ff⋯.jpg (15.55 KB, 254x255, 254:255, DTe4BDPXkAAcoWy.jpg)

25854e  No.2415955

File: 2e1231cf5662ec9⋯.jpg (101.92 KB, 654x615, 218:205, Q drop 08022018_11.jpg)

File: e4ffa151f94b453⋯.jpg (486.28 KB, 2048x1487, 2048:1487, if it snows we will meme.jpg)

File: 245d48582136117⋯.jpg (332.57 KB, 1200x890, 120:89, 2018 will be Glorious.jpg)

File: 1fc2e3716a7c2bc⋯.jpg (147.06 KB, 827x823, 827:823, Q drop 08012018_10.jpg)

File: 598280c29e0f8a3⋯.jpg (158.1 KB, 851x717, 851:717, Q drop 08012018_9.jpg)

2ca5e6  No.2415956


NOT aye, sir!

21f015  No.2415957


This would be epic.

f3e660  No.2415958

What's the best place to find SOLID proofs of Q? most people will be dismissive about the "coincidences". What are the strongest points?

Q has been telling us to be prepared, and so far we've done pretty much fuck all.

I know it's like herding cats around here but something needs to be done to back up the position. When normies are told that we're a bunch of wacky "conspiracy theorists" and they come here… well it's gonna be tough to keep their attention without something solid in their face.

b94d60  No.2415959

File: 6ab57e351891f48⋯.jpg (72.81 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, 8Aqx4N7.jpg)



668db1  No.2415960

File: dbb79246d0e7e11⋯.png (71.05 KB, 842x884, 421:442, ClipboardImage.png)

FIREWORKS! Sean Hannity RIPS CNN’s Jim Acosta ‘People See Through Your Lying BullSh*t’ For What It Is’

Sean Hannity ripped into fake news Jim Acosta Wednesday evening after Acosta whined about Trump supporters roasting him with “CNN sucks!” chants at Trump’s rally in Florida.

Jim Acosta blamed FOX News for whipping Trump supporters up into an ‘anti-CNN’ frenzy at a Tampa, Florida rally.


f18181  No.2415961


Yes! He visited my town and we went to his rally! Took my 11 year old and my 17 year old who were joined by lots of their school friends. His rally was AMAZING. I couldn’t believe how many details of his campaign the media left out. I knew I was going to vote for him but seeing him in person really reenforced my decision! I thank God every day for our great POTUS.

ecf5ba  No.2415962


WTF? She starts out saying he found her on The Calm Before The Storm on 4chan?


8eb5b7  No.2415963


Pretty sure that reads Section "105"

34cedb  No.2415965


stupid theory + that's a 105

2fbe89  No.2415966

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bd7e79  No.2415967

File: 9657649197659a3⋯.jpeg (602 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 66B5EE0A-76E8-4D31-B77C-E….jpeg)

must be talkin about “THE STORM” in D.C.

3115b8  No.2415968


What's good about (yous) ?

549064  No.2415969


Point taken.

41db45  No.2415970

9afcec  No.2415971


These are excellent, anon. Great refreshers for all on these former so-called leaders.

293942  No.2415972


"jewish dragon"

i was stuck in a spot


6b226a  No.2415973



>“The blood of a sexually abused infant is considered highly ‘enriched’ and is highly prized. The money changing hands, the favors, the kickbacks – you have no idea. Babies are a high-functioning currency all of their own. Babies are their premium brand of high-grade caviar cocaine diamond steak.”

784332  No.2415974

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1bd4d1  No.2415975



34cedb  No.2415977


if it isn't obvious, then you need to fuck off this board

a5b3aa  No.2415978

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You can't hate Alex. He's done more to redpill the American public than most.

He's passionate, outlandish and may be partly in the bag for some alphabet agency, but he's a good man.

8e2453  No.2415979


Wouldn't have expected that. I hope more will come out and tell it how it is!! FUCK PEDOWOOD

4178c8  No.2415980

File: e1f1d91c37dc26c⋯.jpg (47.05 KB, 788x348, 197:87, NBCandreamitchell.jpg)

aae9ff  No.2415981


I think it’s more

928ecf  No.2415982


Content is good. Text is way too small. I prefer a series of individual memes sized to Twitter's 1024 x 512 pixels, with no more than 7 words of text. OK, more text than 7 gets onto almost every meme. But not gobs of text. My litmus test is can the text be read as a thumbnail. Because most people will see it only as a thumbnail and if there's no grabber there, they won't click and open it. (And in this case, magnify it.)


Consider breaking it into a series of memes.

f1cf2d  No.2415983

File: 1e5e957c4ceeee0⋯.jpg (87.24 KB, 600x808, 75:101, 1e5e957c4ceeee01332695d2e5….jpg)

ab36d2  No.2415984


Kate. See this. >>2415882

668db1  No.2415985

File: 2f8b695d3b38e46⋯.png (432.09 KB, 603x350, 603:350, ClipboardImage.png)

BREAKING: Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by Seth Rich’s Parents Against FOX News

Federal District Judge George B. Daniels dismissed a lawsuit today by Seth Rich’s parents against FOX News.

The Riches alleged in their lawsuit that they had been “collateral damage in a political war” and say their son’s death was exploited for political benefit.

A federal judge in Manhattan has dismissed the lawsuit Seth Rich‘s parents filed against Fox News over their now-retracted articles about their DNC staffer’s murder.

Joel and Mary Rich sued Fox News and several of their of their contributors last year after the network promoted the conspiracy theories questioning whether Rich was really killed due to a botched robbery in Washington. Rich’s family accused Fox News of inflicting deliberate emotional distress on them by running with the unsubstantiated far-right idea that Rich was actually killed in retaliation for leaking the DNC’s emails to Wikileaks.

According to The Daily Beast, District Judge George B. Daniels approved Fox’s motion to dismiss the suit on the grounds that Rich’s family failed to state a claim.


293942  No.2415987

File: 9cc5ab5b17be7e2⋯.jpg (71.65 KB, 698x893, 698:893, IMG_1766.JPG)

File: 5d75047d9c75568⋯.jpg (791.22 KB, 792x1188, 2:3, IMG_1831.JPG)

File: d800aa13f885abd⋯.jpg (200.56 KB, 900x1273, 900:1273, IMG_1838.JPG)


those sneaky hammers

fae24e  No.2415988

File: e036fcdce5ec653⋯.jpg (5.02 KB, 232x217, 232:217, fukkensaved.jpg)

8fa29b  No.2415989


Well, fuck me…


…for the symbolism if nothing else.

ed9a23  No.2415990


and 60% of the time, it works every time

6a675e  No.2415991


Mel is a good man.

6a164c  No.2415992

File: 2d35cc46223f648⋯.jpg (73.47 KB, 480x418, 240:209, 2d35cc46223f648594041f3396….jpg)

21f015  No.2415993


They're supposed to just help you keep track o fyour own posts in a bread.

Egotistical faggots collect them to stuff up their ass or some gay shit…

549064  No.2415994

Hello. Hi. Are you an Anon. I would like to introduce you to validation. Please read post. >>2415866

ab36d2  No.2415995


Yes. I agree. I hope she keeps it up. I'm not a social media person or have hardly anything online so people can tear me apart like rabid dogs.

8ddde2  No.2415996

File: e6d3c4f69e73628⋯.jpeg (69.36 KB, 353x564, 353:564, 88846338-E5B3-4B5C-B2CC-C….jpeg)

Memefag here. Can someone give me the picture of that family at a Trump rally where they’re all wearing Q T-shirts? TY

a04e7a  No.2415997


How does post 1798 refer to KATE?

188b2f  No.2415998


CBTS threads were first done on 4chan

c76590  No.2415999

File: 577968f3f3c1a7c⋯.jpeg (206.27 KB, 1125x512, 1125:512, A6783D49-A268-4499-BFFD-A….jpeg)

ecf5ba  No.2416000


damn. Nice one.

ffbf21  No.2416001



The Mel Gibson thing is bullshit. Click the actual link and it does match the "pasted" text in any way.

Beware of disinfo shills, especially now.

c7a904  No.2416002

Who will be the first MSM outlet to actually quote what Q has posted?

We know you're all here lurking…

d33b7b  No.2416003




c76590  No.2416004


I got tripses

713498  No.2416005


Saw that live.

Hope he is safe.

13d2ec  No.2416006

File: 8366fca74b34927⋯.png (3.56 MB, 4860x2983, 4860:2983, allforalarp4sidebyside.png)


7470aa  No.2416007


One of the few to call out the Hollywood Jews on their bullshit years ago.

ecf5ba  No.2416008


yes. well aware. But why would she reference 4chan from last year. CBTS hasn't been there for months.

3d1229  No.2416009




would not embed for me

884482  No.2416010


Maybe after this rally - we will have the STRONGEST proofs yet.

If Q wants strong proofs, Q knows what can be done on their side to make them stronger.

848391  No.2416011



Can we work this into the speech? Maybe ask POTUS give a pause for a sec and pretend to get interrupted but not mind?

293942  No.2416012

File: 002a49fc9cd0d6c⋯.jpg (55.1 KB, 800x519, 800:519, IMG_1760.JPG)

File: 520af8b63000d7a⋯.jpg (75.07 KB, 880x756, 220:189, IMG_1761.JPG)

File: 078281c3d6290c5⋯.jpg (89.48 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, IMG_1762.JPG)

94ca6a  No.2416013


love those

6a164c  No.2416014

File: 1bde565ef1081b9⋯.jpg (59.5 KB, 800x546, 400:273, 1bde565ef1081b9205eda26b92….jpg)


Meme War and Proof War

Main Stream !!!

Millions of researchers !!!

f1cf2d  No.2416015

File: b6059586dc277da⋯.png (63.11 KB, 640x360, 16:9, gndalf.png)

f89763  No.2416016

File: 5176837be8c1fb5⋯.png (121.99 KB, 463x461, 463:461, 6A21EC6B-9D9A-4E69-9D24-D4….png)

File: 72c5c955ca2f1b8⋯.gif (480.12 KB, 4006x2596, 2003:1298, E2029F57-7B78-4527-AF03-BD….gif)

File: 824f941ab0b7a8c⋯.png (200.45 KB, 1105x980, 221:196, 2518A197-68B4-495B-8700-36….png)

File: f6a8a2160a3ade1⋯.jpeg (478.21 KB, 1473x1013, 1473:1013, 08DE1B64-CF02-4B63-9897-D….jpeg)

File: 193565138d8a695⋯.jpeg (2.67 MB, 4320x3456, 5:4, D3D648F0-3C1F-43C8-9DF5-0….jpeg)

b94d60  No.2416017


doesn't matter.

>The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world!

He will always be /ourguy/.

13d2ec  No.2416018

File: f784221af638f46⋯.png (7.31 MB, 6314x2842, 451:203, allforalarp3sidebyside.png)

File: eb87ebae6c88d21⋯.png (2.51 MB, 4604x2346, 2302:1173, allforalarp2sidebyside.png)

File: aaa9a14a8b86d3a⋯.png (4.31 MB, 5189x2719, 5189:2719, allforalarp1sidebyside.png)


the other 3

4a2c09  No.2416019


8e2453  No.2416020


Fear not Seth Parents….His death will not be in vain!

2fbe89  No.2416021

File: 1d0be0e1f0fb9ac⋯.jpeg (32.28 KB, 400x400, 1:1, B23708BF-61E5-4618-BE7B-6….jpeg)


sad af…

some1 HisNameWasSethRich gofundme

713498  No.2416022


That's not a side-by-side to me anon, but it is a very effective method of communicating the links in sample 4 from Q.

c76590  No.2416023


Posted it in the Assange leaks thread in case it’s needed. Their work is way over my head and I’ve already had a previous run-in with authorities.

f81fac  No.2416024

File: 13e6ba1e73db206⋯.png (259.49 KB, 377x396, 377:396, ClipboardImage.png)

f89763  No.2416025

File: 7fb997770f5f37e⋯.png (3.7 MB, 5000x3500, 10:7, D5941611-2C0F-4F37-ACFF-03….png)

File: 2bb8fe15592d2a4⋯.png (890.34 KB, 1754x1716, 877:858, 3142C425-C5B3-4224-89E8-EF….png)

File: 08f0f5184286087⋯.png (3.36 MB, 3440x3672, 430:459, 337EA1AC-5BB0-4CD2-9363-4A….png)

File: 396153b639b1ac2⋯.png (3.44 MB, 3648x4932, 304:411, A9E4C2D3-6BA4-46B7-B145-45….png)

e75a68  No.2416026


Sure we can.

Nobody has done more misdirection

13d2ec  No.2416027

File: f784221af638f46⋯.png (7.31 MB, 6314x2842, 451:203, allforalarp3sidebyside.png)

File: eb87ebae6c88d21⋯.png (2.51 MB, 4604x2346, 2302:1173, allforalarp2sidebyside.png)


I make them so they're spread!


58a9e5  No.2416028


they probably wanted it dismissed

they are terrified for their other son, and their lives, and probably sued to keep (((them))) off their backs

668db1  No.2416029

File: 944f04048bfa8c6⋯.png (771.04 KB, 721x402, 721:402, ClipboardImage.png)

Judge Hammers Mueller Team AGAIN: Produce Hidden Star Witness or Your Conspiracy Case is Toast

The federal judge in the trial of ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort told Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team on Thursday they cannot prove a key part of their case unless prosecutors call Manafort’s former business partner to the stand.

U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III issued the warning after prosecutors suggested Wednesday that Rick Gates – who is cooperating with prosecutors and had been considered a potential star witness – might not be called to the stand after all.

Referencing Gates, Ellis told prosecutors in court they “can’t prove conspiracy without him.”

“Not necessarily,” Mueller prosecutor Greg Andres responded, before saying they still have “every intention” to call Gates to the stand.

Ellis, a 78-year-old Reagan-appointed judge known for colorful comments, also quipped that his “wife wasn’t fooled” by the prosecution’s comments on Wednesday leaving open the option of not calling Gates — suggesting he did not believe the prosecution was being serious about the possibility.

But the Mueller team was rebuffed by Ellis on Wednesday when it first tried to introduce photos of Manafort’s closets, filled with suits and other high-end articles of clothing. Ellis noted that those photos would eventually become fodder for the media, and called them “unnecessary” for jurors to see.

“Enough is enough. We don’t convict people because they have a lot of money and throw it around,” he said


848391  No.2416030



That JFK Jr. shit is absolute horse shit. No one buys into that.

c9adcf  No.2416031

File: 0ed0704e126a695⋯.jpg (50.85 KB, 767x479, 767:479, grief2 Q.jpg)

593898  No.2416032

File: aa02f75580910b4⋯.jpg (11.6 KB, 186x279, 2:3, kati.jpg)

katie hopkins

just another zionist schill

ff0c79  No.2416033

File: e3e85aa188bf57a⋯.jpg (65.18 KB, 612x408, 3:2, ADM R QEK LOL SMILE TONGUE….jpg)

ab36d2  No.2416034


>overview of topics and links would help make this important information for the Great Awakening available to other patriots who could help make the storm most successful.

>overview of topics and links would help make this important information for the Great Awakening available to other patriots who could help make the storm most successful.

>overview of topics and links would help make this important information for the Great Awakening available to other patriots who could help make the storm most successful.

>overview of topics and links would help make this important information for the Great Awakening available to other patriots who could help make the storm most successful.

>overview of topics and links would help make this important information for the Great Awakening available to other patriots who could help make the storm most successful.

>overview of topics and links would help make this important information for the Great Awakening available to other patriots who could help make the storm most successful.

>overview of topics and links would help make this important information for the Great Awakening available to other patriots who could help make the storm most successful.

>overview of topics and links would help make this important information for the Great Awakening available to other patriots who could help make the storm most successful.

>overview of topics and links would help make this important information for the Great Awakening available to other patriots who could help make the storm most successful.

Now that's one thing that we do need that I haven't seen. Any autists want to make this list and post it?

a2c2b7  No.2416035


They lie lie and lie again…

"Now that it’s clear that what starts on the fringe doesn’t stay there, it is a real concern. QAnon’s lurch from online to off hasn’t manifested only in T-shirted ralliers wielding weird signs. Last week, a “baker” appeared outside Michael Avenatti’s office because Q sent him there."

88bf30  No.2416036

File: c889b630537b0df⋯.jpg (286.45 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, who is Q.jpg)

Valentine, NE

d42084  No.2416037

File: 26ad8dda525deb2⋯.png (43.52 KB, 305x571, 305:571, ClipboardImage.png)

5df063  No.2416038


Man he's really done fucking around, huh?

2ca5e6  No.2416039

65cd63  No.2416040

File: 1a79d9e5ca0c6e2⋯.jpg (51.17 KB, 998x598, 499:299, Princess of Light.jpg)

You have no idea, some, how clam is my pc.

Stay there, YOU baker.


145d51  No.2416041

Q I'm cutting the shit, you guys hacked into my shit, took over my phone, had me buy the good frys, put me into the chans back in november, I know about the water bottles, Trump ,Tucker,and Alex, Cernovich, I know, You know this, you went thru my shit you know who I am, you know what they are doing to me now as well, I know God is also with us, as do other Anons here, I know I'm not alone, you also know I have given up everthing and exposed these fucks to a lot of people, I know you guys are behind the scenes and I see the plane, If fatty from bahrain is on the team (fuck you fatty) but lets pull the trigger, they have now went full blast, YOU KNOW IT ALL BUDDY, you know I know, maybe a little more personal then most, I can only take so much here man, I am ready to re build it

133d06  No.2416042

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bring the PAIN.

02c282  No.2416043

File: 08c910b02d8fc35⋯.gif (836.54 KB, 475x313, 475:313, Accosta-Cat-Gif.gif)

668db1  No.2416044


Yeah that is what I think too. They were pressured into it in the first place as I recall

d9769c  No.2416045

File: 9e409ecfcd7fdb1⋯.jpg (37.81 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 2574053_1.jpg)

41db45  No.2416046

VIP access.



Kate is an assassin with VIP access. Or at least that's what (((they))) thought would happen if "Kate" saved the POTUS. Get her in as a hero and have her pull some Kim Jung Un brother poison stunt.

Fuck Kate

ab36d2  No.2416047


there's a bread in the catalog for that anon

ee7233  No.2416048

File: bdab6957bd85ec7⋯.png (464.6 KB, 666x874, 333:437, Qpic457.PNG)

File: 1f2f895b1cf99a7⋯.png (345.72 KB, 500x691, 500:691, Qpic456.PNG)


WHY did Q wait to post 111 on purpose.

Anonymous ID: FAkr+Yka

The Answer is in the TRIP CODE

Who is FAKR + YKA…?

6a164c  No.2416049


Clowns News Network

6b226a  No.2416050


1. not everyone is on the 'leading edge' of the thread

2. lots a normies and newfags here , probably struggling to understand what the actual fuck is going on , let alone the fact elites use sexually abused babies as currency

13d2ec  No.2416051


no idea why those reposted (can't even repost the same image)


I could care less what you're saying


I surround it in this case

they're side by sides, deal with it

1324c7  No.2416052

File: b055483db9f19d3⋯.png (35.2 KB, 451x363, 41:33, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)

File: d6bd7e5cdf777ab⋯.png (42.39 KB, 449x445, 449:445, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)


To embed click on

Show post options & limits at the bottom of the Reply box.

Past link to video in "Embed" field.

and that's it.

293942  No.2416053

File: 9524ce84d5a49f0⋯.png (44.08 KB, 590x236, 5:2, manga.png)

d7f55f  No.2416054

"QAnon is scary because it’s getting bigger, it’s scary because we don’t know how to stop it, and it’s scary because the people behind it won’t be stopped, and, until their illusory storm arrives, they won’t be satisfied."

QAnon is terrifying. This is why.

By Molly Roberts

August 2, 2018 at 3:21 PM

“The Storm is coming,” say the conspiracy theorizers whose grotesque imaginings terrified the country to attention this week. Maybe they’re right.

QAnon adherents encourage those seeking the truth to “follow the White Rabbit,” but it’s hard to hop down this hole without getting totally lost in their horrorland. The simplest description of the plot line goes something like this: President Trump isn’t under investigation; he is only pretending to be, as part of a countercoup to restore power to the people after more than a century of governmental control by a globalist cabal. Also, there are pedophiles.

A figure named “Q,” who supposedly possesses Q-level security clearance, disperses “crumbs” that “bakers” bring together to create a “dough” of synthesized information. (This is not how baking works, but that seems the least of our worries.) Because Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet and 17 is also a number Trump has said a few times, among other clearly-not-coincidences, he is the real deal, not an Internet troll engaged in an elaborate example of live-action role-play.

It’s obvious that this is scary, but it’s less obvious exactly why. To start, the sheer scope of the supposed conspiracy should cause alarm. By combining the tales tinfoil-hatters have told over time, these truthers have packaged everything attractive about this type of propaganda in one tantalizing product. And that means more and more people will buy what they’re selling.

Then there’s QAnon’s path to prominence — from 4chan to 8chan to more mainstream sites such as YouTube and Twitter and, finally, to a Florida Trump rally and television screens across the nation. In the cesspools where the theory first flourished, registration is either not required or not possible, and the “rules,” such as they are, look nothing like the terms of service for a site like Facebook. The intelligentsia is already at odds over how the more-established entities should regulate themselves, or be regulated. It’s even harder to have that conversation about a site like 4chan or 8chan that eschews responsibility for its content entirely.

Now that it’s clear that what starts on the fringe doesn’t stay there, it is a real concern. QAnon’s lurch from online to off hasn’t manifested only in T-shirted ralliers wielding weird signs. Last week, a “baker” appeared outside Michael Avenatti’s office because Q sent him there. Others have started searching for child sex camps in the desert outside Tucson. A man in an armored truck blocked a bridge near the Hoover Dam demanding the release of a report that Q claimed the government was withholding. He had two guns.

What’s scariest of all, though, might be what motivates Trump’s base to believe in so byzantine a conspiracy. QAnon isn’t your average story of all-powerful actors exercising complete control over a helpless populace. This time, the heroes are already in charge and, still, the theorists see themselves as victims. Why, even with their man in the Oval Office, do they feel embattled?

One explanation has to do with the on-the-ground reality of this presidency. Perhaps the men and women who buy into this gibberish aren’t so confident that they’re in charge at all. The special counsel looks ever closer to proving ties between Trump and Russia and, in the meantime, Trump appears more erratic. If he really is under investigation and not just pretending to be, all his supporters’ hopes evaporate.



13d2ec  No.2416055


why do you keep posting this?

8eb5b7  No.2416056

File: 0ac7c559d266c05⋯.png (781.43 KB, 820x790, 82:79, ClipboardImage.png)

More Q spreading like wildfire.

6a164c  No.2416057

File: 11c37887c1ce9e0⋯.jpg (73.29 KB, 1039x611, 1039:611, 11c37887c1ce9e090f526fb90c….jpg)

f12c4d  No.2416058

File: 93090e45ab27c24⋯.png (1012.09 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, CDC1A871-1917-4754-A9E5-82….png)

41db45  No.2416059


All she wants is a hug, BULLSHIT

f3e660  No.2416060


The link doesn't show ANY of what you are quoting here. Shill tactic to discredit and slide?

Are any anons even double checking sauce for this bullshit??


b39c96  No.2416061

File: 0af755d205708c7⋯.jpg (255.5 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Untitled - Copy.jpg)

1324c7  No.2416062

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

683150  No.2416063

File: 7c0839360e83e33⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2654x2404, 1327:1202, 7F20CA2B-E74E-4EE9-A1CA-1….jpeg)

13d2ec  No.2416064

File: 0a30e762bd4efbb⋯.png (10 MB, 7368x5473, 7368:5473, Rlarpsidebyside.png)


which is why I made this

0e7a47  No.2416065


I am Q.

dd950e  No.2416066

File: 6e9a59886ae4b75⋯.jpg (93.29 KB, 1200x602, 600:301, kate.jpg)


Share a coke with Kate.

6ed61f  No.2416067

File: 64b07be70f1f4fb⋯.jpeg (85.8 KB, 1065x708, 355:236, 1531186416.jpeg)

3115b8  No.2416068


KEK patriot


226a19  No.2416069

so……took my laptop in to checked for viruses as some weird things been happening (including not able to get into mail) - and again after I clicked on R thread - and I really needed my resume. Just got back from picking it up. No charge. Wonder if it was because of all the Q items on my desktop…….Never did say what was going on my laptop, just tweaked it.

cad0fa  No.2416070



13d2ec  No.2416071



Q serves the president


668db1  No.2416072


Watch the video

c9adcf  No.2416073



Nor any real Anons interviewed.

f89763  No.2416074


Hahah. Just wait. He will stand up.

3ada12  No.2416076


She is pretty

7d18fe  No.2416077

File: 0fba8c7550aff30⋯.png (284.03 KB, 1610x906, 805:453, FB TEST FAIL.png)

I tried copy/paste links and Q most recent post image from /PF

Immediately FB deleted my POST. Never happened to me before. Called it SPAM

pic related

acd2d8  No.2416078


So why onot go for a celeb who's actually talked about eating people like Katy Perry?

There's zero actual proof on LG.

Careful who you point at.

What is a puppet?

What is a slave??

They keep some of them sick…and you are idiots for spouting this shit still.

Also….Gaga is related to the Bessets.


And likely abused, so back tf off until you have proof she's HURT ANYONE, because there's non.

At least be accurate.

Or we look like raging fucking nutcases.

Don't care if I get shit over this.

I'm sick of you pricks lying on this shit.

Yes, it's being done.


145d51  No.2416079


NO comms Right? but not before that, Q knows he cherry picked some of us

d72edc  No.2416080

File: 4053851339ed03a⋯.png (264.23 KB, 979x560, 979:560, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)

Just ran across this timely reminder…

57da68  No.2416081


What else needs to be said?

>Hollywood is institutionalized pedophilia.

>“They are using and abusing kids.“

>“They churn through a huge amount of kids every year

e85b0e  No.2416082

File: 806543bc9207089⋯.png (148.01 KB, 1826x598, 913:299, afiles.png)


13d2ec  No.2416083


you are pretty

ab36d2  No.2416084


awesome anon

2ca02d  No.2416085

File: 8fc3ed2fb336187⋯.jpg (79.36 KB, 1024x778, 512:389, AqWgtxIq.jpg large.jpg)



Anon Boobs are the best.

6a164c  No.2416086


Gitmo !!!



593898  No.2416087

File: fd99dcf0c6877f5⋯.jpg (73.07 KB, 992x413, 992:413, west.jpg)

Mike Huckabee says he may buy home in West Bank settlement'

just doing his part in the zionist ethnical cleansing for Israel.

be32dd  No.2416088


where you get that text? I went to link and didn't see none of that. Is my computing machine broken?

1ddd65  No.2416089

What time is the rally… anyone ahve a video feed?

5509fb  No.2416090


REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! David from PA

884482  No.2416091

File: 6629ab486e3aadd⋯.png (354.74 KB, 724x401, 724:401, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)

File: 2a2e2a4528f5b91⋯.png (391.07 KB, 658x415, 658:415, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)


RSB Interviewed a Q guy (who did very well)