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f0aff6  No.2401171


are not endorsements


>>2355675, >>2351700, >>2349367 BO/BV on nudity/thot policy (incl history)

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)

>>2251030 , >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening

>>2366140 Transcript of speech that got POTUS elected (!!!)

>>2393582 Thank you for your interest in Q and QResearch


>>2401005 Clockfag Update

>>2400710 Facing losses, Condé Nast plans to sell 3 magazines

>>2400938 US State Department Cheers Facebook Ban on 'Inauthentic' Pages

>>2400704 8Ch trolls CNN with an epic tweet

>>2400511 Big news at Ohio State: Urban Meyer placed on leave amid claims he knew of abuse

>>2400662 Australian news hits on Q

>>2400656 Tucker's looking for a FISA leak NOW and he will air it immediately

>>2400644 Anons, we now have lots of new eyes on here. Lets inform with some truth

>>2400545 WPo on Q

>>2400488 , >>2400624, >>2400651 Planefag Updates

>>2401153 #3026


>>2400260 Summary of momentous last 2 days

>>2399999 , >>2400000 Big Quint Gets: GOD WINS & TRUMP WINS IN 2020

>>2399832 , >>2399922 Planefag Updates

>>2399781 , >>2399830 Sarah Sanders' answer to the Question and others

>>2399648 , >>2399793 (pb) More 4am talking points

>>2399721 Massive list of PEDO/Human Trafficing/Child Porn arrests: Dig

>>2399714 For newfriends: A quick run down of the board and acronyms used here

>>2400393 #3025


>>2399472 US Central Command: Iran about to block the Stait of Hormuz

>>2399503 Is Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons going to be suicided next?

>>2399403 , >>2399443 NXIVM: New Updates

>>2399406 You know you're mainstream when....

>>2398962 A guide to 8ch for all the news media showing up today

>>2399166 111-day confirmation. Twitter down. Injection good.

>>2399119 NBCNews: Social media platforms struggling to contain far-right group ‘Qanon’

>>2399007 , >>2399233, >>2399361, >>2399039 Pedo arrests, and filter feature. Dig

>>2398987 The Stephen M. Silberstein Foundation, WL

>>2398930 The Hill jumps into the Q fray:The sHill jumps into the Q fray

>>2399569 #3024


>>2398547 Three Members of Notorious International Cybercrime Group “Fin7” In Custody for Role in Attacking Over 100 U.S. companies

>>2398499, >>2398165 Q Media Reports List

>>2398432 Q Plan to Save The World Video Views Spiking (Twat from Joe M)

>>2398286 Judge Napolitano Doubles Down: Says Paul Manafort was Exonerated 8 Years Ago — May Call Rosenstein as First Witness (VIDEO)

>>2398145, >>2398377, >>2398497, >>2398583, >>2398818 Pedo Arrests July, June, May, April & March

>>2398863 #3023


>>2397557 Niskayuna raid: GE engineer accused of trade secret theft

>>2397549, >>2397693, >>2397778, >>2397834, >>2397879, >>2397930 PlaneFag Reports

>>2397462 Hundreds of Far Left Protesters Line Up Outside of Senator Thune’s Office to Stop Meeting With Kavanaugh (VIDEO)

>>2397401 Rob Reiner: Fox, Breitbart ‘Trafficking in Another Narrative’ – We Might Be in ‘Last Stage of a Civil War’

>>2398093 #3022

#3021 New Baker Incoming

>>2397271 ClockFag Report

>>2397034 Trump Twat, Rally Tomorrow In PA

>>2396957 Mueller Twam Lectured by Judge in Manafort Case

>>2396659 Police name suspect in shooting murder of former Bush doctor as son of a woman who died on his operating table 20 years ago and has held a grudge ever since

>>2396657, >>2396809, >>2396826, >>2397108 PlaneFag Reports

>>2396645 Graphics on Q Media Exposure

>>2396624 Possible Digs Needed

>>2397342 #3021


>>2395860 Summary of Imagine Dragons lead “Illuminati reveal”

>>2395874 ; >>2395952 ; >>2396073 ; >>2396322 Planefag update on LA Situation and Medevac activity

>>2395964 On the circle of Rosenstein, Mueller, and Comey (analysis)

>>2396062 CF and Too Small To Fail

>>2396199 On game theory and Q confirmation/denial (commentary)

>>2396233 Graphic of DJT diplomatic visits and Hussein following

>>2396329 ; >>2396430 CNN, MSNBC on Q

>>2396404 Planefag: Blackhawk over St. Paul for second night running

>>2396540 #3020

Previously Collected Notables

>>2394249 #3017, >>2394963 #3018, >>2395719 #3019

>>2396376 #3016 (bread #3020), >>2396376 #3015 (bread #3020), >>2391965 #3014

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f0aff6  No.2401204

File: 57dd77e985b6924⋯.jpg (28.78 KB, 320x382, 160:191, 57dd77e985b692490e39da9663….jpg)

#3027 Dough


7ee602  No.2401207

File: 6f0dfc98cc846b5⋯.png (268.8 KB, 720x580, 36:29, 1453504712435-4.png)

740fae  No.2401211

File: d6f1616281226ac⋯.jpg (242.89 KB, 652x233, 652:233, d6f1616281226acad3e9fc7134….jpg)

File: 8255c587c5e5faf⋯.jpg (95.93 KB, 751x500, 751:500, 2f3ih2.jpg)

File: 8532660ba0f2eed⋯.jpg (62.69 KB, 768x766, 384:383, 478-768x766.jpg)

File: 9d86bba68fb3500⋯.jpg (218.16 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 9d86bba68fb35003912abdd9d3….jpg)

File: 598190487bef7d3⋯.jpg (13.16 KB, 220x220, 1:1, f738927bf6fb317636a9ebcce9….jpg)

776fdc  No.2401219

File: 99c74fe4ecdcbb0⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 2083x2499, 2083:2499, Bless-this-Bread-2.jpg)


4b3809  No.2401242

File: 4ed1fb0f71b8715⋯.jpg (93.12 KB, 851x1068, 851:1068, 4ed1fb0f71b87155b53e8cfd68….jpg)


On the right you see 000s of snappy sayanim and their stooges.


Someone ask Robert Mueller if he ever spoke to A. D. Mazzone about sanitizing court records in Massachusetts. After he says no, ask him if he can explain how court records might have been altered so as to remove his presence from a case. Who has the skill and power to do that? See what he says.

Armando David Mazzone. Appointed by Dukakis, and Dukakis was later in the same law firm as Mueller, Bill Weld, Deval Patrick at the same time.


49df6f  No.2401246

File: c290c0c4103cb0e⋯.jpg (16.35 KB, 400x400, 1:1, this seems like a really b….jpg)



7ee602  No.2401248

File: e5c46ec500ee4dc⋯.png (118.99 KB, 300x331, 300:331, thanks blessed josh.png)

File: 238a64c2c4a2cad⋯.jpg (192.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, woof.jpg)

f3467d  No.2401258

File: eef996216dd31ce⋯.jpeg (224.92 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1531878423.jpeg)

59957d  No.2401261

File: 95d9c571047ae25⋯.png (48.3 KB, 1263x664, 1263:664, 2013-05-24 Feminism and ge….png)

random redpill - feminism and gender roles

750414  No.2401263

File: 5e306058e086bff⋯.jpg (235.81 KB, 648x1128, 27:47, YOUR MAN.jpg)

One of he more important issues, is to separate POTUS from violence and bigotry. Remember his praise of protestors?

They want to send the message that we need to condemn violence (aside from hanging people found guilty of treason) and promote love and TRUTH!!!!

c826ab  No.2401268

File: 9b28bd5f6179deb⋯.jpg (416.5 KB, 1891x977, 1891:977, SmockingBird_20180801.jpg)


59e020  No.2401273

File: 6043413d384dca7⋯.png (651.98 KB, 640x853, 640:853, 7153ae20e4cef58bccd893e521….png)

File: b11f8264bd579e4⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 459x500, 459:500, 2f4k37~2.jpg)

Jim is a moron.

59957d  No.2401284

File: 4c9c05c58293c28⋯.png (101.32 KB, 1304x216, 163:27, 2013-09-08 Extended adoles….png)

random redpill - extended adolescence and the decline of education

b4e122  No.2401291

File: 6eae0e5e92010d6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.62 KB, 486x720, 27:40, tracy-vaccaro--playboy-nud….jpg)

ty baker!

480a94  No.2401293

File: e26e6a51b3222ec⋯.jpg (11.43 KB, 255x199, 255:199, 47ff3fb1fe0bb8a243a37e04f0….jpg)

Our Kek who art in memetics

Hallowed by thy memes

Thy Trumpdom come

Thy will be done

In real life as it is on /pol/

Give us this day our daily dubs

And forgive us of our baiting

As we forgive those who bait against us

And lead us not into cuckoldry

But deliver us from shills

For thine is the memetic kingdom, and the shitposting, and the winning, for ever and ever.

Praise KEK

cdd0de  No.2401295

File: d5919b6cf789c0e⋯.jpg (3.17 MB, 5056x2436, 1264:609, dempr.jpg)

59957d  No.2401296

File: 1e2d8e83009f5a6⋯.png (160.43 KB, 1236x438, 206:73, 2014-03-02 Loxism and jewi….png)

random redpill - loxism and the subversion of white culture

bcc087  No.2401297

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Blessed be the bakers!



356236  No.2401298

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why dont we get MSM to play this video? Seems to be the most compact and precise description of Q and us.

a481c9  No.2401299

Journos. This post is from NOV 5. We've known about the downfall of the MSM for MONTHS.

It doesn't have to be a war between Trump/Trump supporters and the media. If you are a clean journalist, value free speech, love being a journalist, we NEED you inorder for American Media to move forward.

Now is the time to choose unity and truth.




CIA counter-ops.

Will all fall down.


c8589a  No.2401300

What if they 187 Jim Acosta and pin it on Potus for instilling hatred towards the press?

After watching Andy Pooper and potterhead on MSNBC, they are foaming at the mouth towards this type of scenario.

856841  No.2401301

File: 73f73e2806f336a⋯.jpg (148.78 KB, 620x1000, 31:50, miamom.jpg)

5eec71  No.2401302

File: 1a18e64344cff28⋯.jpg (66.92 KB, 413x395, 413:395, trumpLaughing.jpg)

>>2401278 (last bread)

KEK well done baker!

ffa547  No.2401303

File: 4c575bc4202f871⋯.jpeg (587.72 KB, 1242x2072, 621:1036, F52766BB-E774-4BAB-89CB-D….jpeg)

File: 1bb38d2a43d280f⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1A7A7A5F-C041-48C7-8585-DF….png)

File: 28483f2345e0e68⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B687266E-292A-4B99-ACCD-8B….png)

File: ee740788b93dfb7⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A13647E6-C8F7-4110-ADE9-36….png)

File: 9247b25f3483136⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 011D63FA-6330-4BA6-9B62-FE….png)

Strategery. Moar at link below.


088578  No.2401304

File: 6081ece8d86d5a7⋯.jpg (56.11 KB, 876x353, 876:353, Bikini13.jpg)

TY Baker

4e49ea  No.2401305


Good 1

6ffd68  No.2401306

File: d2ebabb0544dd4f⋯.png (505.75 KB, 906x1021, 906:1021, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


Rob Reiner threatens POTUS with violence

be3597  No.2401307

File: fc68fe315e32ebe⋯.jpeg (32.32 KB, 413x395, 413:395, fc68fe315e32ebe2d59500a5b….jpeg)

File: 299f61ca64882a9⋯.jpeg (48.28 KB, 345x336, 115:112, 3feced9959b62600a8016cfc0….jpeg)

File: 62c45bd16bb11d9⋯.jpeg (13.81 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 5b2fac3d5d7b94b811b5b98bd….jpeg)


>And as for Feminists…which fields are they studying?

>Sociology, Women's studies, etc…

>And what are those? People oriented tasks.

>Yep. You read that right. Out of free will, feminists have chosen gender roles.

Megazillion keks were had

b926db  No.2401308

510e40  No.2401310

File: 8df6f93c6b058d4⋯.png (308.01 KB, 598x709, 598:709, clintons_are_pedos.png)

File: a8ce779d527fe7d⋯.jpg (529.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, netflix_fags.jpg)

Clintons & Netflix are pedos.

59957d  No.2401311

File: 2584acf12a6492e⋯.png (98.01 KB, 912x1759, 912:1759, 2014-03-17 Money, currency….png)

random redpill - money, currency, central banking, taxes, debt, and birth certificates

ed9b9a  No.2401312

All are welcome here no race division by shills

ffa547  No.2401313


A plus contribution. You have dinner, yet?

780261  No.2401314

File: 183e0efbe55e863⋯.png (214.41 KB, 644x303, 644:303, Capture.PNG)

Isaac Kappy seems like one of those people that's too good to be true.

If you look at his Twitter profile and overall tone, it has odd similarities to eyethespy.

If you read any of Fritz Springmeier's work, he claims people like Kappy are what the CIA calls "notionals."

Essentially, notionals are controlled opposition that are purely meant to wreck legitimate movements.

They insert these notionals parallel to legitimate movements, and build them up. Once they have a large parallel following, they wreck them (info comes out showing they're frauds, liars etc).

The idea is, once they're wrecked, so is the legitimate movement because they were given time to overlap with one another.

a481c9  No.2401315


Important Context:

What have you learned about HUMA?

What organization is HUMA?

Which US President is affiliated w/ HUMA?

Why is this relevant?

What year(s) did this occur?

Who funded on behalf this President?

Why is this relevant?

What year(s) did this occur?

What just happened in SA?

Who was arrested?

Funds frozen.

Why would this former President be funded pre-political days?



Why would this former President be funded pre-political days?

Why is the relevance?

Was the MB affiliated to any of these organizations/people?

Fast forward.

Why are the events in SA so important?

Why was JK in SA recently?

Why was POTUS' last Tweet re: SA prior to the happening?

Why was POTUS' Twitter taken down days before under cover of a rogue employee?

Refocus again.

Who was arrested in SA?

Any ownership stakes in US co's?

Why is this relevant?


Las Vegas.

Recent events.

Why would investment be made in a former President pre-political days?

What year(s) did this occur?

What faith does HUMA represent?

What faith does the MB represent?

What faith does Huma represent?

Who are the bad actors?

Who funds majority of US 'senior' politicians?

Fantasy land.

Fantasy land.

Was the former President of the United States groomed to be Command in Chief?

Is this possible?

Is the US political / election system corrupt?

Who owns poll machines?


Why is this relevant?

They never thought she would lose.

They never thought she would lose.

Fantasy land.

Fantasy land.

The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital.

POTUS is our savior.


Operators are active.

We are at war.

Goodnight BO.

Snow White.

Godfather III.


b4e122  No.2401316


The blackmail material on him must be especially bad.

59e020  No.2401317

File: 94ae528c12a12a0⋯.png (73.3 KB, 504x312, 21:13, e5a63cf36a0a963076a58c6947….png)

59957d  No.2401318

File: 082fa1ac982ce8a⋯.png (50.13 KB, 1154x875, 1154:875, 2014-05-10 White privilege….png)

random redpill - white privilege is Original Sin

e58e87  No.2401319

>>2401274 (lb)

I luv this board… when I grew up we called everything gay and everyone was a faggot…. and then the faggots took over and fucked the whole world…. so comfy - thank you Q

2e8da7  No.2401320

File: 090b284ea79d34d⋯.jpg (65.14 KB, 640x426, 320:213, JonMcNaughton_Crossing_the….jpg)

c9fef5  No.2401321

File: 140f1eee352aeda⋯.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, balish.jpg)


Flip the mockingbirds the bird.

be3597  No.2401322


stop posting porno

db01d4  No.2401323

File: ed6ab834b652087⋯.jpeg (63.82 KB, 600x600, 1:1, main-qimg-b4fefbfb390ccf3….jpeg)


As you watch MSM desperately smear us, don't worry. Rest easy because any publicity is good publicity

a83dba  No.2401324

This is pretty bad. Vid shows what looks like an invasion with africans coming out of a boat like clowns out of a car. Just keep coming. Beach full of people watching.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT0RwsfKXV4

https:// needtoknow.news/2018/08/spanish-police-warn-50000-migrants-waiting-morocco-invade-spain/

da15f0  No.2401325



98c850  No.2401326

>>2401122 (lb)

Go back to (((Facebook))) for muh feelzzz


Fuck off to start… secondly, trying to save your ass from the gallows doesn’t make you a ‘grey hat’. Just because one finds God after murdering 20 people doesn’t negate the fact you murdered 20 people

53affb  No.2401327

File: 7ceab73526dc8d2⋯.png (31.53 KB, 641x705, 641:705, ClipboardImage.png)

'I'm confused': Dem senator gets law lesson from ICE

Immigration official explains illegal entry a criminal violation


d0d898  No.2401328

File: 63ac5dfe0616b12⋯.jpg (172.65 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, ys4dgx.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

7ac85c  No.2401329

File: 6a112cba3af5a27⋯.png (1.46 MB, 600x6094, 300:3047, new to the chan.png)

>>2401271 PB

>sorry I thought the script from the new to the chans graph was different from any of the recent codes

Uhhhhhh whuttttt?

>thank you for your work

Ain't my work just have it available.

a481c9  No.2401330

This is us being nice right now newbies. It can get hostile in here. You never know who is behind the screens. You never know what each posters intent is. Trust your gut.

2634d1  No.2401331

File: 8fd3f5eb91907bb⋯.png (168.01 KB, 696x2307, 232:769, www_vanityfair_com_news_20….png)

Vanity Fair is trying to spin the Tony Podesta criminal referral


The special counsel’s move against Podesta cuts both ways for Trump. On the one hand, he could use the news to bolster his claim that Democrats are also involved in the Russia mess. On the other, the targeting of a high-profile Democratic fund-raiser undercuts Trump’s characterization of the Justice Department investigation as a “witch hunt” orchestrated by his political enemies. Until now, Mueller’s prosecution of Republicans provided Trump with a potent talking point. The Podesta case may take it away.

6c96d8  No.2401332

>>2401260 lb




>>2401281 lb






Clowns In America are trying to push the narrative that QAnon believes Michelle Obama is a tranny. That is categorically false. There is NO PROOF. We deal in truths, not fantasy.

550ee3  No.2401333

File: de09bde59973d0b⋯.jpeg (18.37 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 087e8fd6922f07c5a873033ef….jpeg)


Jim himself would write an article explaining how his death was fake news.

79c1fd  No.2401334

Is Senate in formal recess? I thought they were afraid of recess appointments?

526aeb  No.2401335

File: 9f502a785897351⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 356.59 KB, 459x876, 153:292, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2401247 (Last bread)

Great job, BV and BO!

It's a glorious shitstorm in here, and you guys are crushing it!

Thank you !

c2c18f  No.2401336

File: 9f6881c15cb0650⋯.jpg (32.19 KB, 420x424, 105:106, meathead.jpg)

9ed7be  No.2401337

File: 8c4df7b6f5e744a⋯.png (644.7 KB, 1171x1152, 1171:1152, 8c4df7b6f5e744a87fad4777a0….png)

File: 51ff08c9a6b3d06⋯.png (512.86 KB, 1065x1049, 1065:1049, 51ff08c9a6b3d062285015a33a….png)

File: 6711cf738f1759a⋯.png (582.38 KB, 1068x1049, 1068:1049, 6711cf738f1759ac8eca7a895b….png)

File: 97698b202f79d44⋯.png (580.83 KB, 1165x1143, 1165:1143, 97698b202f79d443013360e19c….png)

File: d17f18b355c5f27⋯.jpg (248.7 KB, 1152x1144, 144:143, d17f18b355c5f272eb131bf69a….jpg)

Welcome to Q, newfags.

cbb4ac  No.2401338

File: 955bda9ec52f132⋯.jpg (133.3 KB, 500x502, 250:251, ThankYouBaker.jpg)

f08576  No.2401339

MSM, we welcome you here but you have to learn how to effectively communicate with us. This starts by filling out all fields BEFORE you post. You are important and if you don't stand out, your posts will get lost in the fray. We do NOT want that. We want you to GLOW brightly so we can address questions / concerns you have. Choose a catchy ID to help us out as well. While there are many offensive things said here, the ID name "CIANigger" has always gotten the best results from anons and usually puts you at the forefront of discussion. We are not what you think and are here to help in any way we can. God bless!!

5eec71  No.2401340


I hope you're kidding

6ed307  No.2401341

File: 529a09c4eabd8df⋯.jpg (810.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_421.jpg)

59957d  No.2401342

File: 549247b424f0d2c⋯.png (18.4 KB, 1139x342, 1139:342, 2014-11-03 Why marxism alw….png)

random redpill -why marxism always fails

510e40  No.2401343

File: aeb9a85c8bb6a3c⋯.png (936.44 KB, 647x1320, 647:1320, Complete.png)

His name was SETH RICH.

49df6f  No.2401344


LARPtheSPY is called Charles Moore and is an old egoistic boomer

b4e122  No.2401345


Damn straight. She's a real woman, with a really HUGE bulge.

59e020  No.2401346

File: 379c994641d7cc4⋯.jpg (42.88 KB, 363x415, 363:415, 2f4c4x~2.jpg)

File: 0288f9c43c64504⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 06a4e0151b2b771b163889324b….jpg)

549597  No.2401347

f3467d  No.2401348


First time I actually listened to that. Fucking kek. Shadilay.

e4bd1b  No.2401349

File: d531c2faf87fe75⋯.jpeg (141.7 KB, 859x784, 859:784, d531c2faf87fe75ad76e15470….jpeg)

740fae  No.2401350


Yup. She is really just a disgusting monkey.

That is all.

be3597  No.2401351


I hope you chemo yourself you distraction faggot.

98c850  No.2401353


>msm we welcome you

Fuck off boomer

bcc087  No.2401354


The dems only vote in the best, obviously.

780261  No.2401355


I have a feeling him and Jeff Flake were on the same child sacrifice squad.

a481c9  No.2401356

There are people that come here just to sew discord and hate. Keep that in mind when someone seems like they are attacking you personally.

6ffd68  No.2401357

File: 4475a19f6a2569b⋯.png (637.93 KB, 885x958, 885:958, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


WASHINGTON — Under the gun to increase the size of the force, the Army is issuing more waivers for past drug use or bad conduct by recruits, and pouring an extra $200 million into bonuses this year to attract and retain soldiers.


526aeb  No.2401358

File: 8191a93903bdff0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 891.03 KB, 576x831, 192:277, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you Baker.

c9fef5  No.2401359


Cunt buys his PR teams hype,

thinks that he's hard.

59957d  No.2401360

File: 730468a7f3d1b7d⋯.png (95.27 KB, 1348x526, 674:263, 2014-11-09 The real reason….png)

random redpill - the real reason for mass immigration is debt

e58e87  No.2401361

File: f8cf065b4a7de23⋯.png (360.6 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Rob_Reiner_SNAKE.png)

c2c18f  No.2401362

File: f00b919691b6893⋯.jpg (35.77 KB, 400x307, 400:307, youassman.jpg)

cbb4ac  No.2401363

File: 4ad283e61a77c91⋯.jpg (220.42 KB, 800x450, 16:9, TuckerCarlson.jpg)

c8589a  No.2401364


Havent had dinner yet. Starving. Have any cream of Q soup? No wait, that sounds wrong. Kek.

a29736  No.2401365

When do we get the list of everyone in Congress who has used our tax dollars to pay their sexual harassment hush money….?

b3bd3e  No.2401366

File: 6174f15b7eee111⋯.png (820.5 KB, 999x562, 999:562, 133A771C-EAEC-4441-A2A8-B0….png)

File: 4d7fcdc3fc2f34a⋯.png (699.01 KB, 999x562, 999:562, grave or gitmo.png)

File: 9f9561323089007⋯.png (341.09 KB, 712x337, 712:337, hilldog poedsta.png)

File: fb28552e08b09a5⋯.png (219.77 KB, 604x454, 302:227, we are the news.png)

File: d6a1f66c6890db5⋯.jpg (150.47 KB, 732x1000, 183:250, IMG_3546.JPG)

fc7970  No.2401367



d0fddc  No.2401368

File: c3e89b9b747fdd9⋯.jpg (68.42 KB, 360x640, 9:16, IMG_2665.JPG)

df8ad5  No.2401369

File: 7e7aec3120b8ba3⋯.jpeg (86.68 KB, 780x438, 130:73, 08A38425-8CFA-47DE-A16D-B….jpeg)

File: 5beb470c3055380⋯.jpeg (215.92 KB, 999x749, 999:749, 9AB6EEE9-C1E4-4116-90CC-F….jpeg)

File: 9ee9e7f4994e2bf⋯.jpeg (132.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 24EAA891-A04F-4D7C-BA78-4….jpeg)

File: d845a95bff04c88⋯.jpeg (603.15 KB, 1679x1144, 1679:1144, 141B9BD6-57DD-4BAD-BE82-6….jpeg)

File: 8e3892c6eea2bed⋯.jpeg (65.98 KB, 702x395, 702:395, 9E999B8B-A15E-439E-A36E-6….jpeg)

2634d1  No.2401370


Michelle 'Moose Knuckle' Obama

ed9b9a  No.2401371


Lol, these people truly are stupid. They say this stuff because they know we are law abiding people that won’t call their bluff. We don’t want conflict but they know they would their asses kicked fast in a real civil war.

f3467d  No.2401372

File: bf2c0526b7c993c⋯.jpeg (118.67 KB, 1440x813, 480:271, 1533164461.jpeg)

98c850  No.2401373


Consider becoming an-hero

938d63  No.2401374



c95dfa  No.2401375


I believe the other day he was claiming that he used to be Q along with PamphletAnon.

a481c9  No.2401376


Important to archive.

Above & next drops have high probability of shutting down /pol/.

It is being safeguarded for these transmissions but not 100% secure.

Who owns /pol/?

Why is this platform being used?

What recent events almost occurred re: /pol/?

Why is this relevant?

Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings.


Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings.

More false flags imminent.

Elections (tues) no longer matter at this stage.

Snow White.

Godfather III.

Above will have context as news unfolds.

Summarize and paint the picture.



2e8da7  No.2401377


Artist’s Painting of Trump ‘Crossing the Swamp’ Causes Social Media Firestorm

American artist Jon McNaughton, who is no stranger to controversy, tweeted a photo of his painting titled Crossing the Swamp, with the caption, ”Never give up. Never lower your light. Never stop till the swamp is dry.”

McNaughton’s painting depicts Trump standing with a lamp at the boat’s helm in homage to President George Washington standing at the helm the famous 1851 Emanuel Leutze painting titled Washington Crossing the Delaware.

https ://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/08/01/artists-painting-of-trump-crossing-the-swamp-causes-social-media-firestorm/

59957d  No.2401378

File: f9d9f4fbfc66c43⋯.png (67.42 KB, 952x778, 476:389, 2014-12-11 How government ….png)

random redpill

how government programs are designed to separate and isolate people

bcc087  No.2401379



English Lyrics

Absolutely cosmic, regulate reality

Breathe like an imagination, symphony of civilization

Confused progeny of rebellious cells

I fly toward the universe, I traverse it

If you are a star, show yourself, I will stop

Oooh, oooh

Shadilay, shadilay, my freedom

Shadilay, shadilay, oh no…

Shadilay, shadilay, oh dream or reality

Shadilay, shadilay, oh no…

Flying in my life, it’s not finished

I will stop

Loosen my sails, in the sky and in the deep of the sea

I will believe you…

Shadilay, shadilay, my freedom

Shadilay, shadilay, oh no…

Shadilay, shadilay, oh dream or reality

Shadilay, shadilay, oh no…

Flying in my life, it’s not finished

I will stop

Loosen my sails, in the sky and in the deep of the sea

I will believe you…

Strong harmony, real reality

Electronic video-clip, eulogy of civilization

Confused progeny of rebellious cells

I fly toward the universe, I traverse it

If you are a star show yourself, I will stop

Oooh, oooh

Shadilay, shadilay, my freedom

Shadilay, shadilay, oh no…

Shadilay, shadilay, oh dream or reality

Shadilay, shadilay, oh no…

Shadilay, shadilay, my freedom

Shadilay, shadilay, oh no…

Shadilay, shadilay, oh dream or reality

Shadilay, shadilay, oh no…

Flying in my life, it’s not finished

I will stop

Loosen my sails, in the sky and in the deep of the sea

I will believe you…

6a14a4  No.2401380

File: 1e03e4b5d5faa5b⋯.png (147.27 KB, 507x338, 3:2, 1e03e4b5d5faa5ba85635e7518….png)

5eec71  No.2401381

File: 0cd294bb1f9a304⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 1024x904, 128:113, pepethefuck?.jpg)


you hope I get cancer then give myself chemo?

just say kys you stupid newfag

I didn't even post it dumbass

bacaaa  No.2401382

While you were busy newfag hazing instead of reading…


New Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Appointed by Trump

From wiki:

The Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (DD/CIA) is a statutory office (50 U.S.C. § 3037) and the second-highest official of the Central Intelligence Agency. The DD/CIA assists the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/CIA) and is authorized to exercise the powers of the D/CIA when the Director's position is vacant or in the Director's absence or disability.

Under current law, the Deputy Director is appointed by the President and is not required to be confirmed by the United States Senate. This position is currently vacant due to the fact that Gina Haspel succeeded Mike Pompeo and became the first woman director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

e58e87  No.2401383

File: 6b8967752a75be3⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1474x996, 737:498, DOD_Donkey_Tripod.png)


tripod fell down


588b30  No.2401385

>>2401075 pb

>>2401112 pb

>>2400495 pb

>>2400541 pb

Gotcha. Thanks.


The narrative that "Masons lie about their true intentions, and lie to eachother, etc" is pretty well known…

Do you have any thoughts on the hierarchy of all these Secret Organizations…

Any charts/images online showing the hierarchy that you believe to be accurate?

I.E. are Knight so Malta higher than Masons? etc?

I 'd assume that Organizations that can physically "get things accomplished" (Rogue Elements of the CIA) are higher up the food chain than the Organizations that can't make much happen in the physical world.

Q has alluded to a /_\ structure. Britain, the EU, Saudi Arabia, Israel are obviously steeped in Occult shit. I would assume that the closer you get to the Vatican, Israel, and the UK the closer one is getting to the quote "Center of Power".

But any light you want to shed on the hierarchy would be helpful…

98c850  No.2401386


Her name was Serena Shim

5f101e  No.2401387


Should we welcome the MSM lurkers with they love: Graphic Gay porn?

Or scare them away with beautiful women?

a481c9  No.2401388


Social media platforms.

Top 10 shareholders of Facebook?

Top 10 shareholders of Twitter?

Top 10 shareholders of Reddit?

Why is SA relevant?


Controlling stakes in NBC/MSNBC?

Controlling stakes in ABC?

Controlling stakes in CBS?

Controlling stakes in CNN?

Investor(s) in Fox News?

Why is this relevant?

What is Operation Mockingbird?


Who is A Cooper?

What is A Cooper's background?

Why is this relevant?

Snow White.

Godfather III.



db01d4  No.2401389

File: daf37d0606c1cab⋯.png (167.15 KB, 302x719, 302:719, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


Those who are the loudest…

59957d  No.2401390

File: 80d6eca22ff4a69⋯.jpg (146.53 KB, 1210x555, 242:111, 2014-12-27 The loss of hum….jpg)

random redpill

the loss of human bonding

550ee3  No.2401391

File: c27c6a98eabca2f⋯.gif (7.69 KB, 255x148, 255:148, 84919f9451a05dc0d70482c310….gif)


How many (yous) before Michelle let's you tickle his pickle?

f08576  No.2401392


Read the actual /sarc you actual faggot.

c39307  No.2401393

File: f9fdf3f6624cb05⋯.png (132.26 KB, 639x543, 213:181, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f37f026675bf542⋯.pdf (249.94 KB, The-Censorship-Master-Plan….pdf)

NETFLIX is censoring Louis Farakhan.

SPLC, who approves or disapproves content, has labeled Farakhan an extremist…

What are they afraid of?

Where does it end?

Censorships Master Plan…

a481c9  No.2401394


US Military = savior of mankind.

We will never forget.

Fantasy land.

God save us all.


526aeb  No.2401395

File: 05cd29d2661f606⋯.jpg (190.4 KB, 750x1156, 375:578, fatfuck.jpg)



Just let me finish up here ….

13c49a  No.2401396


…and he didn't use the word "presumed"

b738bb  No.2401397

File: e22907cb1e98a94⋯.png (430.37 KB, 906x1021, 906:1021, d2ebabb0544dd4f6ee093d68ee….png)


He also admitted on TV years ago to sexually assaulting Mary Tyler Moore when he was a kid.

He grabbed her ass!

Somebody find the interview.

740fae  No.2401398


Yeah there is that and…

They also want to come to our racist country and experience how racist we are. They want to be oppressed.

Which is of course so much worse than the shithole they came from right?

e58e87  No.2401399

File: fe9f0d1434e8e1e⋯.png (439.27 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, gay_pride_day.png)

d0d898  No.2401400

File: 6d7d5a5f5baffc6⋯.png (971.04 KB, 1500x1067, 1500:1067, 6d7d5a5f5baffc6faec44c9502….png)


Stop your bitching and post what you want the board to be…unless you want it to be a bunch of whining, in which case you should go back to rebbit.

776fdc  No.2401401

File: b92914df75489bb⋯.jpg (240.29 KB, 960x539, 960:539, WWG1WGA-Q-Eagle-2.jpg)

File: ab46bdbc9ea2ca2⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1440x1915, 288:383, We-Serve-Love-1.jpg)

File: 9cf049536cd57c1⋯.jpg (337.29 KB, 600x773, 600:773, Begone-Shills-2.jpg)


>All are welcome here no race division by shills


The Great Awakening is for everyone! Divided no more!

6d9746  No.2401402

File: 7abde785bfaf731⋯.jpg (11.71 KB, 300x181, 300:181, medic.jpg)

Hey we need a spokesman for Q on T.V. who would be a good candidate for the movement personality wise.? other then our President of course.. this would be my pick. Dave.

AKA.. Praying Medic

a0ed95  No.2401403

File: 99f406b4651b7f5⋯.jpg (37.02 KB, 857x641, 857:641, POTUS praying 8 1 18_3.JPG)

4f8faf  No.2401404


Wrong sew, you fucking illiterate retard.

088578  No.2401405

File: c4be75f6caae3c2⋯.jpg (38.45 KB, 600x513, 200:171, ice-cream-part-2-38.jpg)

17a50c  No.2401406

File: 7dffa98771fdd1d⋯.png (174.26 KB, 726x901, 726:901, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2a0160379e49f80⋯.png (58.55 KB, 718x883, 718:883, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b0e580a18df33ae⋯.png (57.3 KB, 715x364, 55:28, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6f64436e6edec67⋯.png (455.76 KB, 721x917, 103:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 068c0ef753d9027⋯.png (221.4 KB, 716x888, 179:222, ClipboardImage.png)

Q already told us the Iran nuke stuff was BS.

DÉJÀ VU: “The Sloppy Dossier”: Plagiarism and “Fake Intelligence” Used to Justify the War on Iraq: Copied and Pasted from the Internet into an “Official” British Intel Report

Fake intelligence is being put forward by the Trump administration with a view to justifying a military intervention directed against Iran. According to Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) in an open letter sent to president Trump the “Intelligence is fake”. “As drums beat again for war — this time on Iran—-the VIPS’ warning is again being disregarded as it was before the Iraq debacle and this time VIPS fear the consequences will be all-caps CATASTROPHIC”:



4d1ee2  No.2401407

>>2401075 (pb)

>>2401112 (pb)

Honestly I was in but not a huge researcher. Morals and Dogma by Albert pike is good but a tough read due to it's archaic language.

The guys I knew that were deep into research did read Hall.

To me he seemed a bit niche.

I gave 7 years of my life to the "line" but in the end I came to the conclusion that:

A good Man makes a Good Man, not a square or compass.


ad7ecc  No.2401408


Those who scream the loudest are the most guilty!!!

59957d  No.2401409

File: c66461ab1d7c1c3⋯.png (62.75 KB, 1269x618, 423:206, 2015-02-18 Why there is a ….png)

random redpill

why there is a real concentrated effort to destroy gender roles

18cd78  No.2401410

File: 8afe755e95eed00⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 796x960, 199:240, 37997787_10212439837131423….jpg)

This came across my social media today. Said it was on phone poles in a Portland neighborhood.

8fd727  No.2401411


Well technically some chicks have a fat pussy that claps when they walk so yeah…

2e8da7  No.2401412

File: 1d9834a4c870c5c⋯.png (32.72 KB, 94x130, 47:65, 1d9834a4c870c5c4c205816482….png)

ffa547  No.2401413

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

required listening for newfags

consider this interview (suppressed MSM info) part of your starter kit.

750414  No.2401414

File: 3915cf5c023601a⋯.jpg (91.11 KB, 794x597, 794:597, QFACTS.jpg)


Definitely relevant.

We cannot play into the narrative.

Sauce, or GTFO!!!

Sick of reading ignorant twats, where a bullshit lie filled story is posted and there are almost ZERO facts or useful information. The research is completely ignored. ACTUAL FUCKING FACTS are what matters.

Not making claims about Q. Not discounting his reality, since I cannot know what I do not truly know.

e39bca  No.2401415

File: 82b9133569cff15⋯.png (268.93 KB, 458x500, 229:250, 1 filter how 2.png)

740fae  No.2401416


Words of a >>Jew who already lost

1ea88e  No.2401417




AND retarded

510e40  No.2401418

File: 893465f075bffd9⋯.jpg (246.31 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, oh_no_coopers_gone_to_gitm….jpg)

104178  No.2401419



Humble too

140822  No.2401420

we got this far by being what we are.

MSM took the bait.

they are the ones making and saying that Q's gone mainstream.

it's not about changing what we are to accomodate what's coming, but helping it and them deal with the change.

game on

98c850  No.2401421


Can’t get passed

>msm we welcome you


2e8da7  No.2401422

File: 0bced143a5306d3⋯.png (358.78 KB, 1222x862, 611:431, 0bced143a5306d31737c0cb849….png)

bcc087  No.2401424

File: de3fa0e5e880623⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 500x355, 100:71, tumblr_o0hyb8fs5x1rwaupfo1….gif)

59e020  No.2401425

File: a8e56922f7450b5⋯.png (35.63 KB, 480x315, 32:21, Screenshot_2018-07-28-10-2….png)

Huber is a total fag, I hope his findings are better than Horowitz's bullshit non bias IG report.

69673b  No.2401426

File: 6e7a53294717569⋯.jpg (21.58 KB, 247x255, 247:255, womenarenotdecorationsuigh….jpg)

File: 61130d5f23d8594⋯.jpg (12.61 KB, 225x255, 15:17, twotypessndusdgbfdughbfv'd.jpg)

856841  No.2401427

File: 705f23f10d99f6a⋯.jpg (191.73 KB, 817x1222, 817:1222, honeyboy.jpg)

6e27db  No.2401428


Let's not forget that 18 million white people live in poverty in the US. I'm sure they're real happy to learn about the privilege derived from their lack of melanin.

How about we talk about family structure, education and a strong fucking work ethic as being the key to long term generational success.

But, but, but muh melanin!!!

9bd739  No.2401429


It's "porn", not "porno"…now back to facebook grandma

f3467d  No.2401430


Yet Spinal Tap was fucking great. Now I hate liking that faggots film

480a94  No.2401431

File: d48711143df85c2⋯.jpg (746.58 KB, 2500x1673, 2500:1673, thenvsnow.jpg)

File: 1e8d4afe9b1600a⋯.jpg (48.58 KB, 645x484, 645:484, 2018012265945697.jpg)

526aeb  No.2401432

File: 69db48c23c928bd⋯.png (73.88 KB, 500x378, 250:189, freedomdispenser.png)


Kinda hoping that fat fuck shows up at my house uninvited …..

ad7ecc  No.2401433


Seth Green and Clare are rally shitting their pants right now….

82a52f  No.2401434


Pedophiles deserve gitmo too, rope is rope.

db01d4  No.2401435




ffa547  No.2401436


Filtered loser shitting up the bread with zero contribution but a dildo.

e58e87  No.2401437

File: 1fb7bb6c6bd824d⋯.png (1.81 MB, 2430x1454, 1215:727, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJOAGILeiAY

179e15  No.2401440


i'm over it.

not like autists are going to look you in the eye and want to make small talk anyway.

i like me as i am.

6c96d8  No.2401442


kek…yep, but a female monkey.


prove it or STFU

17a50c  No.2401443

File: fc9dc4880b23863⋯.png (51.65 KB, 725x916, 725:916, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8ad7da50f3aca1f⋯.png (46.01 KB, 717x921, 239:307, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1b591d6e331118f⋯.png (52.5 KB, 718x909, 718:909, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9647a997e8d9773⋯.png (50.37 KB, 741x913, 741:913, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b0d88c8c1130e44⋯.png (13.1 KB, 722x318, 361:159, ClipboardImage.png)



a481c9  No.2401444



ad7ecc  No.2401445

File: 785899a107a667a⋯.png (89 KB, 543x407, 543:407, Isaac kappy.png)


He really has it out for Seth

10e20d  No.2401446

Q !2jsTvXXmXs No.67 📁

May 8 2018 12:38:39 (EST)

Review Time.

Not seeking re-election.


Bob Corker - Republican

Jeff Flake - Republican

Orrin Hatch - Republican

No Name - Republican [Departure Soon]


Bill Shuster - Republican

Bob Goodlatte - Republican

Carol Shea-Porter - Democrat

Charles W. Dent - Republican

Darrell Issa - Republican

Dave Reichert - Republican

David Trott - Republican

Dennis Ross - Republican

Edward Royce - Republican

Elizabeth Esty - Democrat

Frank LoBiondo - Republican

Gene Green - Democrat

Gregg Harper - Republican

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen - Republican

Jeb Hensarling - Republican

Jim Bridenstine - Republican

Joe Barton - Republican

John Delaney - Democrat

John J. Duncan, Jr. - Republican

Lamar Smith - Republican

Luis V. Gutierrez - Democrat

Lynn Jenkins - Republican

Niki Tsongas - Democrat

Paul Ryan - Republican

Rick Nolan - Democrat

Robert Brady - Democrat

Rodney Frelinghuysen - Republican

Ruben J. Kihuen - Democrat

Ryan Costello - Republican

Sam Johnson - Republican

Sandy Levin - Democrat

Ted Poe - Republican

Thomas Rooney - Republican

Trey Gowdy - Republican


Al Franken - Democratic U.S. Senate

Blake Farenthold - Republican U.S. House

Jason Chaffetz - Republican U.S. House

John Conyers, Jr. - Democrat U.S. House

Louise Slaughter - Democrat U.S. House

Patrick Meehan - Republican U.S. House

Patrick J. Tiberi - Republican U.S. House

Thad Cochran - Republican U.S. Senate

Tim Murphy - Republican U.S. House

Trent Franks - Republican U.S. House

Xavier Becerra - Democrat Attorney General of California



+ CEOs


Nothing happening?

Goodlatte & Gowdy [important].

Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary.

Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Why is the NY AG resignation important?

What past/current 'high profile' FBI investigations are within the jurisdiction of NY?

Define roadblock.

You have more than you know.

Do not fall victim to MSM/other fake/false narrative pushes.




9e95ce  No.2401447

File: 8b078837f12b17c⋯.mp4 (4.06 MB, 352x640, 11:20, 8b078837f12b17cae44abbbffc….mp4)



f1096c  No.2401448

GEOTUS won’t mention "No Names" name on Rush Limbaugh Show today.

GEOTUS calls Rush Limbaugh today on the 30th anniversary of his show to congratulate.

Midway through the call (6:40 timestamp on video) GEOTUS begins to talk about how the repeal of Obamacare failed because of:

“a man, I won’t mention his name…”

"a horrible thing he did to our country"

"he cost us a trillion dollars"

Q Proof? Start listening at 6:40 timestamp on video:


11fc6d  No.2401449

File: 0df8226752377bb⋯.jpg (5.8 MB, 3159x2106, 3:2, 0acd392f080f626d9f7a0de875….jpg)

Geez, doxx yourself and people just tell yah to shut up!?

1f281f  No.2401450

File: 632f5876be81ccf⋯.jpg (44.08 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tapper.jpg)

9ed7be  No.2401451

File: 0b6255143768669⋯.png (817.91 KB, 580x829, 580:829, 0b6255143768669768671b0da1….png)

File: 6d13f8e69749b4f⋯.png (562.54 KB, 572x754, 22:29, 6d13f8e69749b4f3eec8a1abdb….png)

59957d  No.2401452

File: 34e1f88240e9edb⋯.png (234.73 KB, 1222x1022, 611:511, 2016-01-12 Logic vs Emotio….png)

random redpill

the deliberate poison of Common Core

140822  No.2401453


obvious pizzagating 2.0 in action

f0aff6  No.2401454

File: 2f7f99f48a04cb0⋯.png (179.7 KB, 777x888, 7:8, IMG_0936.PNG)

8ccf4a  No.2401455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" played backwards with the text.

The full text of the backwards lyrics is:

Please! Help me here!

Please! Help me here!

Please! Help me here!

Please! Help me here!

Here to lose. Yeah.

Who's the Lucifer? Yeah.

Who's to lose? Yeah.

Who's the Lucifer?

What's this?

I'm their boss?

Dropped it anyway, sir.

They: your last name

all scared.

"Woe" family be

scared and Zionist.


Please! Help me here!

Please! Help me here!

Please! Help me here!

Please! Help me here!

Here to lose. Yeah.

Who's the Lucifer? Yeah.

Who's to lose? Yeah.

Who's the Lucifer?

What's this?

I'm their boss?

All family, anyway, sir!

Then you were

spoiled after you

ate this sin.

Sir, I'm just a-wonder:

Why he ain't president?

I need ya!

I need you!

And our future,

very near folks.

Woe, psi.

And this sooner

than we think it.

The world gone mad!

Help us here.

Please! Help me here!

Please! Help me here!

Please! Help me here!

Please! Help me here!

Here to lose. Yeah.

Who's the Lucifer? Yeah.

Who's to lose? Yeah.

Who's the Lucifer?

What's this?

I'm their boss?

All family, anyway, sir!

Then you were

spoiled after you

ate this sin.

Sir, I'm just a-wonder:

Why he ain't president?

I need ya!

I need you!

War connected.

I need you!

Sir, wrong, don't send me

where them will rot!

Bird's in the skies.

I need you!

(Bomb dropping sound.)


2634d1  No.2401456

File: 8b135c209de4390⋯.png (284.94 KB, 595x613, 595:613, twitter_com_dcexaminer_sta….png)


551a42  No.2401457


Does anyone have that picture of the headless human looking like a cooked turkey?

5f101e  No.2401458


Why does Anderson Cooper look scared?

He should be excited

8fd727  No.2401459


He better fucking hope it does not come to violence. These assholes have no understanding of the beast they poke here.

Your masters have cried havoc and released their dogs of war,

and on your challenge,

by the ancient laws of combat,

we are met at this chosen ground,

to settle for good and all,

who holds sway over these United States of America,

us patriots, born rightwise to this fine land,

or you, the hordes of worthless pig shit defiling it.

Now the question is not how far we will take this fight,

The question is do you possess the constitution,

the depth of faith to suffer our wrath,

when we take it as far as is needed?

You would do well to understand that you do not face slaves such as yourselves,

You face free men here,

and know that before the end,

you will come to fear us more than your master taking your welfare.

Now before we get this done you remember…you wanted this.

85efc9  No.2401460


Keep asking questions, newbie. We are assholes, sometimes, but we generally do want people to learn how to navigate around this place.

You can post ONLY in breads that have fewer than 751 posts in them. So always go searching for the "active" bread.

If you're scrolling in other breads and want to respond, just type the post number (e.g., 2400501, which was the number of your post, and then go to the "active" bread.

Once you're in the "active" bread just type two of the > symbols and paste your number directly next to the >> that you just pasted.

Then you can respond. You'll be responding and referencing your link to the post to which you are responding.

So your post will look like the following:



Blah, blah, blah.

Fuck you, shills.



I hope that helps. You see? We're not all assholes in here all the time. Just most of the time.



I hope everyone attending President Trump's rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania tomorrow night is wearing their "Q" clothing, waving their "Q" signs, and making sure to place themselves squarely in front of the asshole MSM's cameras. Feel free to chant "Q-ANON, Q-ANON, Q-ANON!" while you're at it, lads.

Thank you, all you good guys in here. The shills and MSM can go to Hell. They're gonna end up there, anyway, so just go now.

ed9b9a  No.2401461

Anyone else think Trump is like Rodney Dangerfield in CaddyShack. Fun, Crude and annoying to the snooty country club elite obsessed with their prudish goody two shoes fake manners while brimming with evil and contempt inside.

f91f0a  No.2401462

File: 91f9c3b82ad9bb1⋯.png (512.71 KB, 737x666, 737:666, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

File: 40d5ea7696c6ef7⋯.png (76.08 KB, 681x224, 681:224, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

Mueller Passes 3 Cases Focused on Illicit Foreign Lobbying to Prosecutors in New York

Gregory B. Craig

Vin Weber

Tony Podesta

According to Rush, this is where cases go to die.

776fdc  No.2401463

File: 8b670a85c9358a3⋯.jpg (341.88 KB, 600x773, 600:773, Begone-Clowns-2.jpg)

File: 6c41ae1d704ed9c⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 1440x1915, 288:383, We-Speak-Truth-1.jpg)


Thanks, Anon.

Anything you read here that spreads hate of a specific group of people is an attempt to discredit and divide. The haters do not speak for us.


59957d  No.2401464

File: b5d8af96bdbbc8b⋯.png (322.81 KB, 1679x921, 1679:921, 2016-03-31 Why jews though….png)

random redpill

why jews thought they were being gassed when they were not

f62a65  No.2401467

File: 5643c43a5ea3bc4⋯.jpg (57.63 KB, 1200x756, 100:63, 1533168184547.jpg)

Have the clockfgs posted recently? I didnt see it in the notables.

Love those autists.

8bf415  No.2401468

>>2400656 (lb)

He also said he'd gotten a message saying Feinstein once put unreeacted classified info into the public record and was protected by a clause and that the very same clause will protect anyone who does so now.

a481c9  No.2401469

File: 2ea43afd2ce82d5⋯.jpg (729.13 KB, 2016x1512, 4:3, 1510005033971.jpg)


Why was the arrest of Alwaleed and others important?

How is Alwaleed and BO tied to HUMA?

Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?

Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?

What is HUMA? Define.

What book was BO caught reading?

Why was this immediately disregarded as false?

What is ‘Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria’?

Why is this relevant?

Why would the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA be reading this book?

What church did BO attend as pre-POTUS?

Who was BO’s mentor?

How is Alwaleed and HRC connected?

Who was HRC’s mentor?

How is Alwaleed and Bush Sr./Jr. connected?

What occurred post 9-11?

What war did we enter into?

What was the purpose and disclosures given re: justification?

Who financed 9-11?

Why, recently, are classified 9-11 pages being released?

What just occurred in SA?

What FOIA docs are being publicly released (recently)?

Why is this relevant?

What information is contained within these c-releases?

Why is C Wray important with regards to these releases?

What does money laundering mean?

What is the single biggest event that can generate many nation states to payout billions?

Who audits where the money goes?

$15,000 for a toothbrush?


Why did we attack Iraq?


Who are they?

What do they specialize in?

What is oil field service?

Why is this relevant?

What ‘senior’ level political officials are affiliated w/ Halliburton?

What is the primary goal?

What is the primary mode of influence that drives corruption?

What does money buy?

How is this connected to SA?

How is this connected to Alwaleed?

How is this connected to LV?


e39bca  No.2401470


It's fake from a movie, anon.

526aeb  No.2401471

File: 65a4340ffbc645e⋯.gif (10.5 MB, 600x338, 300:169, boom.gif)


Excellent post, anon.

2e8da7  No.2401472

File: e9e5e4e01fcf264⋯.jpg (54.54 KB, 640x480, 4:3, HillarySteven1-640x480.jpg)

Hillary Clinton, Steven Spielberg to Produce Women’s Voting Rights Drama

Hillary Clinton and Steven Spielberg are joining forces to bring Elaine Weiss’ The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote to television.

Amblin TV, the television production division of Spielberg’s Amblin Partners, has named Clinton as an executive producer of the project, with talks still ongoing as to whether to turn the critically acclaimed book into a series or TV movie. Reports say Netflix, Amazon, Apple and HBO are among the online stream and premium cable networks that Amblin TV will pitch the project to.

In a statement released Wednesday, Clinton said she is “thrilled,” to be working with Amblin Television on the project.

https ://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/08/01/hillary-clinton-steven-spielberg-to-produce-womens-voting-rights-drama/

510e40  No.2401473


Kek, youre not the first one to say that.

341d9e  No.2401474


Praise Kek.

Thanks for your prayer!

938d63  No.2401475


Trace of Beanz?

0a768a  No.2401476

Why redit /gawak remove this youtube ?


Bez it's conspiracy


3e3e3e  No.2401477



Nice one.

b738bb  No.2401478


That's not the one I saw years ago, but it's the same story he told then. So thanks for finding it…

727177  No.2401479


So is that fake nail wearing cunt

d0fddc  No.2401480

File: 6aec882c0c83762⋯.jpg (54.1 KB, 473x361, 473:361, IMG_1971.JPG)


Very comfy, Anon. Love (no homo)

ffa547  No.2401481


Nice! Wtg anon.

e58e87  No.2401482

File: a4e4253cd62fe0c⋯.png (891.43 KB, 720x600, 6:5, Jake_Spinal_Tapper.png)

File: 06fad411632dbef⋯.png (571.11 KB, 804x1937, 804:1937, Spinal_Tap_Christmas_Not_F….png)

File: 57fe4feac5ef29d⋯.png (58.75 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, survive_CSF.png)

Now you know why Rob Reiner called it "This is Spinal Tap"… no coincidences

95eabc  No.2401483


Top kek Anon.

Porn- hahahaha

It's too early to let newfags know it's "pron".


59957d  No.2401484

File: cbf29768db244b4⋯.png (56.02 KB, 1201x122, 1201:122, 2016-05-11 Races are inher….png)

random redpill

races are inherently natural competitors

55a0c2  No.2401485


Nice nails anon…

1ab9c7  No.2401486

File: 0eb91cd9f0ec321⋯.png (21.28 KB, 658x264, 329:132, ClipboardImage.png)

Those darn Asians. Why can't they be like the peaceful loving muslims?

6d9746  No.2401487

59e020  No.2401488

File: ca223ed411d9e9e⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 338x338, 1:1, 2exacs~2.jpg)

File: b09685c93c22077⋯.png (62.56 KB, 480x766, 240:383, Screenshot_2018-07-31-19-1….png)

America for eight years was controlled by Satan.

a67c6c  No.2401490

File: c87ad0f8b8a9277⋯.png (155.09 KB, 656x338, 328:169, 5D4B3321-BA96-4AAB-BC78-87….png)

File: 9c291a8fbfaed83⋯.png (2.64 MB, 3781x2700, 3781:2700, 08BE7B59-1D49-4F1F-A2BE-88….png)

551a42  No.2401491


Not the one from Tarantino's movie. The real one.

115cce  No.2401492


What's the arabic writing at :35?

cdd0de  No.2401493

File: 1a32326f6c3c0d7⋯.png (99.75 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, sd.png)

0c11b3  No.2401494

>>2399758 Not only can Hussein and his posse of traitors be indicted, they WILL be. It just has to be edged into because of the delicate balance in things. It's us or them, and it's going to be them.

740fae  No.2401495

File: 4e12271bdc2c19a⋯.jpg (103.52 KB, 857x601, 857:601, USAmapVOTE.jpg)

File: 4bed6c4aa47dbfa⋯.jpg (25.12 KB, 765x437, 765:437, VoteRaces.jpg)

File: 76fead98f594bdb⋯.png (66.67 KB, 600x386, 300:193, ElectionResults.png)

File: 05d33ae6be89f44⋯.jpg (13.77 KB, 300x178, 150:89, National.jpg)

File: 4a38c6ae4f585dd⋯.jpg (81.79 KB, 768x440, 96:55, NAJABP.jpg)


That is true.

But we still have to live in REALITY

Abstract belief systems don't work well in REALITY

b926db  No.2401496

File: 3c78f5cf965a393⋯.jpg (14.52 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1c321d6d624a0f5127ff38c894….jpg)


I see you're new here.

Give it time, you'll get used to it.

These are the Chans, after all.

10e20d  No.2401497

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 0b60d7 No.1769202 📁

Jun 16 2018 00:50:56 (EST)


These reporters and networks have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle:

ABC – Cecilia Vega

ABC - David Muir

ABC – Diane Sawyer

ABC – George Stephanoplous

ABC – Jon Karl

ABC – Liz Kreutz

AP – Julie Pace

AP – Ken Thomas

AP – Lisa Lerer

AURN – April Ryan

Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein

Bloomberg – John Heillman

Bloomberg/MSNBC – Jonathan Alter

Bloomberg – Mark Halperin

Buzzfeed – Ben Smith

Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer

CBS – Gayle King

CBS – John Dickerson

CBS – Norah O'Donnell

CBS – Steve Chagaris

CBS – Vicki Gordon

CNBC – John Harwood

CNN – Brianna Keilar

CNN – Dan Merica

CNN – David Chailan

CNN – Erin Burnett

CNN – Gloria Borger

CNN – Jake Tapper

CNN – Jeff Zeleny

CNN - Jeff Zucker

CNN – John Berman

CNN – Kate Bouldan

CNN – Maria Cardona

CNN – Mark Preston

CNN – Sam Feist

Daily Beast – Jackie Kucinich

GPG – Mike Feldman

HuffPo – Amanda Terkel

HuffPo – Arianna Huffington

HuffPo – Sam Stein

HuffPo – Whitney Snyder

LAT – Evan Handler

LAT – Mike Memoli

McClatchy – Anita Kumar

MORE – Betsy Fisher Martin

MSNBC – Alex Seitz-Wald

MSNBC – Alex Wagner

MSNBC – Andrea Mitchell

MSNBC - Beth Fouhy

MSNBC – Ed Schultz

MSNBC – Joe Scarborough

MSNBC – Mika Brzezinski

MSNBC – Phil Griffin

MSNBC – Rachel Maddow

MSNBC – Rachel Racusen

MSNBC – Thomas Roberts

National Journal – Emily Schultheis

NBC – Chuck Todd

NBC – Mark Murray

NBC – Savannah Gutherie

New Yorker – David Remnick

New Yorker – Ryan Liza

NPR – Mike Oreskes

NPR – Tamara Keith

NY Post – Geofe Earl

NYT – Amy Chozik

NYT – Carolyn Ryan

NYT – Gail Collins

NYT – John Harwoodje

NYT – Jonathan Martin

NYT – Maggie Haberman

NYT – Pat Healey

PBS – Charlie Rose

People – Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

Politico – Annie Karni

Politico – Gabe Debenedetti

Politico – Glenn Thrush

Politico – Kenneth Vogel

Politico – Mike Allen

Reuters – Amanda Becker

Tina Brown – Tina Brown

The Hill – Amie Parnes

Univision – Maria-Elena Salinas

Vice – Alyssa Mastramonoco

Vox – Jon Allen

WaPo – Anne Gearan

WaPo – Greg Sargent

WSJ – Laura Meckler

WSJ – Peter Nicholas

WSJ – Colleen McCain Nelson

Yahoo – Matt Bai


Bridge between media, FBI/DOJ, HRC+

Why did the Podesta Group close?

Public charges?


Why close?

When did Huber start?


JP/ Huma NOV.


Do they know?

Why did the Podesta group close?

Why no leaks?

Who else knows?

HRC deal request?



Can IG disclose evidence in pending criminal cases in public disclosures/reports?

Why not?

Grand jury TAINT/BIAS?

Everyone has an opinion.



706ecf  No.2401498


I prefer Tucker on Hannity anytime.

ffa547  No.2401499


This made me so happy last night!

fc7970  No.2401500


According to the STORM - FUCKED!

2634d1  No.2401501

File: 152b9ce7caaccac⋯.png (81.73 KB, 633x457, 633:457, twitter_com_hfinch61_statu….png)


59957d  No.2401503

File: 47167ec1192314f⋯.png (156.65 KB, 895x655, 179:131, 2016-05-20 Racism is neces….png)

random redpill

racism is necessary for survival

856841  No.2401504



this is so fucking negative…

why wake up in the morning?

bcc087  No.2401505

File: 503ddfd324c9518⋯.jpg (45.58 KB, 369x500, 369:500, 7971bee0ae8c577a52da86f3cd….jpg)

4d1ee2  No.2401506


>Do you have any thoughts on the hierarchy of all these Secret Organizations…Any charts/images online showing the hierarchy that you believe to be accurate?


That image is accurate with 1 major exception:

Anything after the 3rd degree of Masonry in a blue lodge is NOT technically higher. They are just different areas and orders but a Master Mason is top. There are caveats Such as Master of the Lodge and Grandmaster but you can be assured that the prior statement is true.

Knights of Malta are not a part of Masonry TMK.

db01d4  No.2401507


St. Joseph Hospital


Texas Instruments (old?)


Comprehensive list here:


5eec71  No.2401508

are we getting spammed with crumbs or are they just new???????????

356236  No.2401509

File: fbb92d8b0c8731e⋯.jpeg (11.37 KB, 306x254, 153:127, 7a990ffab3e20caa96521c5a7….jpeg)


Disinfo being planted

Nice try faggot go kys. This bullshit is fakenews.

750414  No.2401510


Doesn't there have to be a crime, to obstruct justice?

Just asking for a friend at the Standard Hotel

588b30  No.2401511

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1bb04c  No.2401512


You've got a McStain on your shirt.

727177  No.2401513



Why is he to be believed? He looks like a faggot POS

fa5285  No.2401514


A good choice if necessary, but I would argue inappropriate.

We are all anons.

df8ad5  No.2401515

File: b216a1418c92e73⋯.jpeg (110.39 KB, 899x499, 899:499, 7C0B5723-52B7-45BC-8E36-3….jpeg)

a481c9  No.2401516


Crumbs aren't spam.

a1e36b  No.2401517


killery sure, but billy likes raping adult women

140822  No.2401518


i'm waiting/hoping for the movement of actual asians sick of the slander to gather steam

856841  No.2401519

wait wait wait

if Q says we're watching a movie…

that means it's all scripted right?

6c96d8  No.2401520


fuck off clown. Tell your bosses you failed again.

5a62d4  No.2401521

File: 5a28cf51314a350⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 2100x1500, 7:5, 100124-N-8241M-131.jpg)

59957d  No.2401523

File: 8c8c1370bbe2961⋯.png (162.67 KB, 1266x276, 211:46, 2016-05-29 The quickness o….png)

random redpill

the quickness of normalizing degeneracy

3e3e3e  No.2401524


Proves why Reddit is a good intermediary level between normie-sphere and this fucked up place.

Its that—-→ way

a9ae3d  No.2401526


Highly notable. WTF is this….

aaa205  No.2401527


Pedo rapist and former rapee.

Hidden in plain sight with a joke.


After joking about Carl Reiner having inappropriate boundaries with his baby son Rob, Franken goes on to joke about Carl inviting "his famous friends" in Hollywood to rape his child-aged son.

Rob Reiner looks nervous, frazzled, and fidgety throughout the whole thing. Not because he's shocked by the transgressive humor – he's heard plenty worse in the entertainment business. I wasn't the only one who noticed such a bizarre reaction:

727177  No.2401528


Did that person post a porn?

df8ad5  No.2401529



115cce  No.2401530


Thx, anon, appreciated.

780261  No.2401531


>I prefer Tucker on Hannity anytime.

Hannity just bitches for an hour and talks over guests.

a481c9  No.2401532


What family was permitted to leave immediately after 9-11?

Who authorized the departure?

Why is this relevant?

Was anyone else permitted to leave?


Was anyone else permitted to leave?

Was it a private plane?

What can private planes carry v commercial?

What airport did they arrive/depart from?

What was carried on a private plane to Iran?

Why was the Bin Laden family here during 9-11?


How does SA connect to the Bin Laden family?

Who in SA is connected specifically to the Bin Laden family?

What did they deliver?

To who?


What does money buy?

Why are the events in SA relevant to the above?

Who is the financial backer for human trafficking?

Who is the ‘broker’ for underage sex?

Think SA.

How does FB & Instagram play a role in capture?

Think ‘Taken’.

Fantasy right?

Why do select senior political officials have foundations/institutes?

What is money laundering?

What does money buy?

Why is this relevant?

What other people were arrested in SA?

What are their backgrounds?

Are any connected to the Podesta Group?

Why is this relevant?

What do you need in order to prosecute senior political officials?How do you avoid public misconception?

How do you justify counter-political attacks to the mass public?

Why is information so vital?

Is the country divided?

Why does the MSM portray the country as being divided?

Why is this relevant?


6e27db  No.2401533


o7 we don't start shit, but we do finish it, and we will always defend ourselves.

e2e20c  No.2401534


Someone Leaked the Unredacted FISA

c3d2ee  No.2401535

File: 23ca46fc92de6d9⋯.gif (4.55 MB, 554x280, 277:140, Matrix Facts.gif)

AC360 is about to detail the QAnon movement on CNN.

Saying "the movement is only now going mainstream…"

We're mainstream now boys, even Fake News CNN cant ignore us.

db01d4  No.2401536


Odd how open celebs are with telling sexual assault stories. Just because they're on a comedy show means it's okay?

11fc6d  No.2401537

File: 17ccad5703a4c51⋯.jpg (17.75 KB, 191x255, 191:255, ced40937c8ba7825adb657073f….jpg)

I made Q for you, Anons.

59957d  No.2401538

File: ef8c1cb0fd7c19b⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1280x5314, 640:2657, 2016 - The War Against The….png)

random redpill

the war against the west, george soros, zion, gamergate, and you

a481c9  No.2401539


It is the Red Cross laundering money.

53affb  No.2401540

File: 719461d13f964e5⋯.png (797.28 KB, 789x460, 789:460, ClipboardImage.png)

Cruz Keeps Small Lead over Democratic Challenger in Texas Senate Race


Senator Ted Cruz has a slim lead over Democrat Beto O’Rourke in Texas’s hotly contested Senate race, according to a Quinnipiac University poll out Wednesday.

The former Republican presidential candidate leads O’Rourke, a two-term congressman from the state’s 16th district, by six points, 49 to 43 percent. This marks a jump in support for the Democratic candidate since the last Quinnipiac University poll of the race, from late May, which showed Cruz with a healthy 50–39 lead.


The race highlights deep divides along party, racial, and gender lines. Over half of men, 56 percent, support Cruz, while women back O’Rourke over the incumbent Republican, 49 percent to 43 percent. Most white voters (61 percent) support Cruz, while the overwhelming majority of black voters (81 percent) and just over half of Hispanics (52 percent) say they will vote for the Democratic candidate.

Cruz is still popular in his home state, with 50 percent job-approval and favorability ratings among Texas voters. O’Rourke, despite his gains in the race, still suffers from a disadvantage in statewide name recognition.

740fae  No.2401542

File: 8487f033301bdbb⋯.png (27.12 KB, 1502x164, 751:82, AnonTruth.png)

File: 324a85509448a02⋯.png (30.89 KB, 1506x221, 1506:221, AnonTruths.png)

File: 545cd2277b9cd6e⋯.png (33.52 KB, 1501x227, 1501:227, AnonTruthss.png)

File: 40ab38694785dd8⋯.png (6.77 KB, 1491x43, 1491:43, AnonTruthz.png)

File: f474dea03da0de6⋯.png (15.6 KB, 1475x108, 1475:108, AnonTruthzz.png)

3e1424  No.2401543

File: 59bc9316cc06192⋯.png (114.18 KB, 500x566, 250:283, L4myQeOwJOFgvIHkFeTmhGAP_b….png)

73a84a  No.2401544

Q controls the FEED

Feed = 4am talking points

Fox no feed, no report. Juan feeds.

What a show!

706ecf  No.2401545


And is soooooooooo repetitive.

b11728  No.2401546

File: 7e5f137b9e4bb6d⋯.jpg (3.87 MB, 8000x5583, 8000:5583, Banks.jpg)

random redpill: a brief history of the World, the Banks and the forming of the New World Order

51a1dc  No.2401547

File: 37806bfe3553673⋯.jpg (41.08 KB, 500x340, 25:17, TTurner_Sorros_Roth.jpg)

>>2399158 ==LB==

Remember Q dropped us this photo TTurner, Sorros and Roth

df8ad5  No.2401548

File: ebeb18c6ae542e3⋯.jpeg (43.81 KB, 220x275, 4:5, 6E454309-46BE-4351-ABFC-4….jpeg)

File: 351367f781e73f1⋯.jpeg (35.75 KB, 220x275, 4:5, 230B3B77-2CA4-468B-B940-5….jpeg)

File: 4c328c541fa97ec⋯.jpeg (116.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2AB62C26-F996-4E4F-9DA5-6….jpeg)

File: 37af3dab1464310⋯.jpeg (103.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 781CF4CE-12C1-4CE4-8FBC-5….jpeg)

File: af4fe43739f9a74⋯.jpeg (57.37 KB, 360x360, 1:1, D2E31676-38BA-4ECC-B160-9….jpeg)

a4a500  No.2401549


Too bad you stubborn. The rest is funny. Watch for them to glow

140822  No.2401550

File: 6d53575d0321f5e⋯.png (7.29 MB, 4444x5270, 2222:2635, Q_RED-RedCross.png)

File: 8b15032d50f1fbb⋯.png (361.94 KB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171206_RED ….png)


um, classic vintage Q research stuff, anon.

got some re-reading to do…

d62f82  No.2401551


It comes from a video that was going around a while back.

856841  No.2401552

File: edc5926d9b5c115⋯.jpg (24.07 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 17hav1.jpg)

woah woah woah..

slides of people positing extremely negative disinfo as redpills….

we manifest our reality.

choose wisely….!

f91f0a  No.2401553

but he loves Gen-u-cell!

59957d  No.2401554

File: 9e18faf03a28ff0⋯.jpg (109.26 KB, 960x742, 480:371, 1969-03-11 Activities Rele….jpg)

random redpill

the plot for population control in 1969

e58e87  No.2401555


kek…. laughed out loud at that one (literally)

9ed7be  No.2401557


This was not of my intention. I have been lied upon.


69673b  No.2401558

File: a8b386cfb7b5156⋯.jpg (1018.19 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, ospray.jpg)


Pray / Prey


740fae  No.2401559


Looks like a jew

a481c9  No.2401560


Ali Watkins has it. She slept with Wilke on the intel cmte to get it. Tucker knows its out there and he wants it on his show.

10e20d  No.2401561



2fbec3  No.2401563


THE MSM is NOT interested in telling the truth…. journalism is dead.

I Challenge the MSM … Be a REAL journalist again!! Do it RIGHT!! Seek the truth! Deliver it to the people!

59e020  No.2401564

File: eb54cd3ea2c5aa3⋯.jpg (65.76 KB, 691x492, 691:492, 2ezgzq~2.jpg)

File: 384fae940c2f5a0⋯.png (215.7 KB, 1268x629, 1268:629, e2c7589e4143335d87d9182ecd….png)













Read the last 2 lines, it tells you when Trump and Sessions will strike.

8e7fd1  No.2401565

File: 5375a8b949fb3c1⋯.png (1.59 KB, 144x28, 36:7, Screenshotfgvvg.png)


kek ignore

thanks for helping out

ac7b9f  No.2401566


Shia is /ourguy ya'll he is the one exposing Hollywood bank on it. That whole capture the flag was proof of concept for covert /pol ops

f3467d  No.2401567


It's still fucking annoying.

6514af  No.2401568


A variation of the hegelian dialect….interesting.

998430  No.2401569

File: 55d90db36e13694⋯.jpg (297.91 KB, 1099x1469, 1099:1469, !Awakening6.jpg)

bcc087  No.2401570

File: da81d7a9fd1c395⋯.jpg (39.94 KB, 587x438, 587:438, da81d7a9fd1c39541f2460ac5d….jpg)

f6039c  No.2401571


bought and paid for dossier being the most used phrase ever!

356236  No.2401572

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Globalist subversion of society.

Required Redpill

d0d898  No.2401573

File: fb4142fdeb536e0⋯.png (57.84 KB, 600x473, 600:473, fb4142fdeb536e029ff7f99112….png)

59957d  No.2401574

File: 1e0cbb197fcc6c7⋯.jpg (998.93 KB, 1568x2146, 784:1073, 2012-12-24 The social just….jpg)

random redpill

the social justice movement exists to protect wall street

3e3e3e  No.2401575


What is the logic that goes through their heads?

Isn't their lawyer telling them to stfu?

Or is it virtue signaling that they are good soldiers?

Maybe hoping for a pardon in 6+ years if they can ever regain power again?

856841  No.2401576


that Rosanne interview made me think he was a total fool/tool….

db01d4  No.2401578


Da phuck are you sliding, or can you post some sauce?

c30668  No.2401579


Agreed. Complete fraud.

c9fef5  No.2401580

File: e9a3e307e6bb539⋯.gif (5.94 MB, 408x208, 51:26, illK6U.gif)



ed9b9a  No.2401581

Muhjooosshills are up to bat

5cd996  No.2401583

Just one question:

If Schulte is a really good hacker and computer whiz, why would he be so stupid as to use his phone password on the encrypted container with CP in it?

6d9746  No.2401584


He has a public platform. on YouTube. and we are mainstream. he is widely known. and he is far from anonymous

a67c6c  No.2401585

File: 8ddd742aef30e37⋯.jpeg (236.7 KB, 1199x769, 1199:769, D727E593-F92B-4E3D-BA41-A….jpeg)

File: a9614b2c2051550⋯.jpeg (649.61 KB, 988x1096, 247:274, DF816468-32D0-445D-B735-7….jpeg)

File: de0e70e65d0f94f⋯.jpeg (240.95 KB, 1125x1117, 1125:1117, E47B0756-9778-48C1-AB1F-6….jpeg)

1ab9c7  No.2401586


Be not deceived, God is not mocked. for whatsoever a man sews that shall he also wear.

59957d  No.2401587

File: 77ee7f89c15cf82⋯.jpg (165.12 KB, 1319x342, 1319:342, 2013-05-07 Why guns are im….jpg)

random redpill

why guns are important

2e8da7  No.2401588

File: 636c626ade22cc2⋯.jpg (80.51 KB, 640x480, 4:3, MilanoERA2-1-640x480.jpg)

Alyssa Milano: ‘If They Fire Mueller, We Take to the Streets’

Actress and gun control activist Alyssa Milano put out a call to the Resistance on Wednesday, warning of a revolt if Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election is ended.

“If they fire Mueller, we take to the streets,” Alyssa Milano tweeted in response to a tweet sent by President Donald Trump, urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions halt the Mueller probe.

https ://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/08/01/alyssa-milano-if-they-fire-mueller-we-take-to-the-streets/

f08576  No.2401589


Jesus christ, any autist knows it wasn't for us, but for them. Since you can't understand the difference, the hero route awaits you.

55a0c2  No.2401590



you don't see stuff like this everyday…(. NaCl)

With Hillary out of the race, no newsroom in America felt compelled to follow up on Timmerman’s research. At the time this story was gelling, in early September 2008, the media were doing most of their digging in Alaskan dumpsters.

Through a series of denials, lies, and slanders about Sutton’s mental health, the Obama camp and its allies in the media did all within their power to make the story disappear. They were remarkably successful. When Sutton died in December 2009—“an enormous loss” said Obama–the story was buried with him.

the finanacial boom kicked off in September 2008, see how those things cover.

00d907  No.2401591

File: 77019db740d3f51⋯.jpg (98.23 KB, 838x465, 838:465, tranny.jpg)


tell that to joan rivers ghost

63596a  No.2401592

File: 80faa22c9578d23⋯.jpg (115.27 KB, 965x600, 193:120, 2a.JPG)


aaa205  No.2401593


No cage mates = no anal. Scared for sure.hahaha

7ca10c  No.2401594


You're not done using that Q drop crop, huh?

088578  No.2401595

File: c0504d484670472⋯.png (896.79 KB, 920x878, 460:439, santa-always-picks-the-rig….png)

Merry Christmas in August to all the fags here.

740fae  No.2401596


Boston smoke bomb was a fucking hoax retard.

Not saying this guy's evidence is the smoking gun.

But just looking at the scene live you could tell it was a staged event. SMOKE BOMB

59957d  No.2401597

File: 1c4dc3b8aa8be45⋯.png (203.82 KB, 1495x722, 1495:722, 2013-06-19 Redpill on the ….png)

random redpill

the crusades

c9fef5  No.2401598


muhjoos are weaksauce

8c1bd0  No.2401599


which corner , will reroute to avoid

a481c9  No.2401601


Guys, we know this one! Ali Watkins was sleeping with an intel committee member to get leaks. She has a copy of the unredacted FISA on Carter Page.

5a4656  No.2401602

Think Tucker was referencing this


0c11b3  No.2401603

File: 88e532b2eadbfdf⋯.png (980.36 KB, 861x465, 287:155, ServersBelongUs.png)

File: e67fe305faef257⋯.jpg (172.67 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ThoseFourServers.jpg)

File: 4120225e7e4331d⋯.jpg (63.13 KB, 555x416, 555:416, FBINeverExaminedDNCServers.jpg)

510e40  No.2401604

File: c4d247d42aa5a3a⋯.png (82.43 KB, 1071x478, 1071:478, pod_u1.PNG)

Mass suicides on standby for when the media learns Mueller is /ourguy/ and Stormy is /ourwhore/.

17a50c  No.2401605

Acosta on Facing ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant at Trump Rally: ‘It Felt Like We Weren’t in America Anymore’

Wednesday, on HLN’s “S.E. Cupp Unfiltered,” CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta said being shouted at by Trump supporters at a rally in Tampa, Florida, last night, “felt like we weren’t in America anymore.”

Acosta said, “I mean, honestly, it felt like we weren’t in America anymore. I don’t know how to put it any more plainly than that. Americans should not be treating their fellow Americans in this way. But unfortunately, what we’ve seen—and this has been building for some time since the campaign—I’ve been talking about this as an issue since the campaign. When the president, during the campaign, referred to us as the dishonest media, the disgusting news media, liars, scum, and thieves, and so on, and then he rolled that right into the Oval Office, and started calling us the fake news and the enemy of the people, he is whipping these crowds up into a frenzy, to the point where they really want to come after us.”

He continued, “And my sense of it, S.E., is that these opinions that these folks have at these rallies, they’re shaped by what they see in the primetime hours of Fox News and what they hear from some conservative news outlets that just sort of give them this daily diet of what they consider to be terrible things that we do over here at CNN. It’s very unfortunate, but it’s a pitting of American against American and honestly, it needs to stop.”

He added, “I think it’s been dangerous for some time. I was worried during the campaign that a journalist was going to get hurt, and it has been building. But when you refer to members of the press as the enemy of the people, you’re essentially putting targets on our backs and it’s not just some Joe Schmo on a barstool in Kalamazoo saying this. This is the president of the United States. And that comes with a serious force behind it. And he has a lot of people out there who are extremely angry at us.”


f91f0a  No.2401607

File: 57484ac05aef885⋯.png (443.2 KB, 653x338, 653:338, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


Nay, three.

468259  No.2401608

File: 7ff07f4df01dee6⋯.jpg (371.83 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, pepemanyreee.jpg)

db01d4  No.2401609



776fdc  No.2401611

File: 5b5d0670670609e⋯.jpg (188 KB, 432x523, 432:523, Bless-this-Bread-1.jpg)

File: ab46bdbc9ea2ca2⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1440x1915, 288:383, We-Serve-Love-1.jpg)

Don't be fooled by the shills, frenz.

We serve Love, not hate.

2634d1  No.2401612

File: aacf97dcd3c5a51⋯.png (307.98 KB, 635x642, 635:642, twitter_com_RealJamesWoods….png)

File: 225a22cbc32ee27⋯.jpg (93.84 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Chloe.jpg)


f1096c  No.2401613

File: 3922c050c6c5be6⋯.png (462.98 KB, 799x933, 799:933, GEOTUS Calls Rush on 30 an….PNG)

239cb6  No.2401614

File: c683bf83ba93e87⋯.jpg (119.88 KB, 306x377, 306:377, 2018-08-01 19.59.37.jpg)

5eec71  No.2401615

File: c98060198f16a15⋯.png (19.78 KB, 625x118, 625:118, 195!!!.png)


they can be

if its posted enough, anything is spam

b66d80  No.2401616

File: dca0228c96ecfde⋯.jpg (317.28 KB, 640x853, 640:853, scarygirl.jpg)

f3467d  No.2401617


Alyssa who

727177  No.2401618


They don't have the guts

59957d  No.2401619

File: cb762f475d866d6⋯.png (579.71 KB, 1088x790, 544:395, 2015-01-07 The world shoul….png)

random redpill


ab5cda  No.2401620


Agree. This is the bigtime.

We have a number of outlets on platforms like youtube that will become important and dare i say essential in this task we have in the coming days.

f62a65  No.2401621



We're anons and so we don't need Kappy to be legetimate.

706ecf  No.2401622


That and unrepentant terrorist. Remember that?

53affb  No.2401624


Yep, deranged.

796c1b  No.2401625

File: 7a8761a8e4d212a⋯.png (207.47 KB, 561x337, 561:337, dickdurbin-2.png)

File: 76a06a6bdda8ad1⋯.png (314.46 KB, 455x455, 1:1, spirit cooking-01.png)

File: 636322cde574026⋯.png (414.65 KB, 679x362, 679:362, sculpture-genetics-3-00.png)

File: e6be6104534aaef⋯.png (265.35 KB, 357x407, 357:407, TPodesta-art.png)

db8965  No.2401626

CNN posting crop pictures of articles 'Q Wrote' on sub reddits like r/qanon/ and 'Q Uploaded videos he made on Youtube' - so sad, these people ARE STUPID

db01d4  No.2401627


He also says (paraphrased) "I mean some of these people in DC are just… evil!"

be3597  No.2401628

File: 5424aa7426d07c0⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Eatshitsoyboys.png)






Kiss my ass bitches. Unlike you all I have a serious medical condition called having big balls and seeing hot ass ho-hos making my dick rockhard faster than a lightsaber. So, fuck you if I prefer not to spend half my day getting hardons from the candyhookers posted here.

e97797  No.2401629

Holy shit. Tucker just made me spit my drink out while laughing. He was talking to one of the head members of the Calexit movement who wants to give half of the state to native americans so they can have their own reservation. Tucker asked if there will be thorough background checks to make sure real native americans are moving there and not people like Elizabeth Warren.


856841  No.2401630

File: cb6d1a4f3e24cf8⋯.jpg (69.71 KB, 1116x628, 279:157, hwndu .jpg)

bcc087  No.2401631


Go ahead, won't end prettily.

eca372  No.2401632

File: bfc408009a5ad33⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 1932x2378, 966:1189, 20180731_133636.jpg)

Real in house boobs for baker! TY

d7fa2a  No.2401633

File: 1320a0c91c66f22⋯.png (532.13 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 7D7C8796-6D6D-473E-AD7B-83….png)

File: 5b0465741bad6f1⋯.png (515.35 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 64E7876C-3514-4D2F-84D5-E9….png)


cbb4ac  No.2401634


Really good Dude. I do not think 1 spokesperson is a good thing…

This is a grassroots, organic effort… If you feel that you can represent Q, in a correct & positive light, put yourself out there when curiosity grows.

Call or email a few local reporters and offer yourself up for an interview - this is probably our best chance of getting positive stories out from insiders who know.

59957d  No.2401635

File: 9d4272269b09308⋯.png (361.6 KB, 1274x778, 637:389, 2015-01-11 Free speech is ….png)

random redpill

free speech is freedom of thought

780261  No.2401636

File: 4b6cdf060ff65d1⋯.png (97.6 KB, 1214x536, 607:268, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


9a330e  No.2401637

File: 33b58ffc3030a44⋯.jpg (656.23 KB, 1797x1262, 1797:1262, 58 mirror of 52.jpg)

File: 3273b3404b2f179⋯.png (369.71 KB, 448x610, 224:305, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

Tomorrow's Q Clock has BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. The gun. Pics related.

a481c9  No.2401638

We have some smart new eyes here. I love this!

b4e122  No.2401639


Saw that too. Was awesome!

5d037a  No.2401640


Sure you ever were in America?

9c02cb  No.2401641

File: ba18824f45fe68b⋯.jpg (74.44 KB, 790x729, 790:729, hrc hole eew.jpg)


It's what is on the inside that counts….

d0fddc  No.2401642

File: 8498870e08e2863⋯.jpg (105.52 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, IMG_5870.JPG)

ee712f  No.2401643

Did anyone else have their Twitter character limit reduced? I swear, after I tweeted to Will Sommer about his stupid article, character limit is cut on all of my accounts.

0c11b3  No.2401644

File: a9ecdcd25cc852e⋯.jpg (356.67 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, LynchComeyNeverDid.jpg)

File: 845b00d27e9fd27⋯.jpg (294.77 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, DejaVu-Comey-Clintons.jpg)

File: 329b0b27b11ac36⋯.jpg (228.63 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Comey-ClintonConnections.jpg)

File: c99e90bd960a36f⋯.jpg (211.31 KB, 1068x836, 267:209, ComeyClosesClintonClemency….jpg)

780261  No.2401645



bcb01b  No.2401646


Yes Meuller

No fucking way that NXIVM whore is ours, blech.

a1fd76  No.2401647


Captain Obvious Jake….. couldn't find his ass with both hands in his back pockets

59957d  No.2401648

File: 98d169f438e202d⋯.jpg (228.45 KB, 1271x613, 1271:613, 2015-08-21 Transgender red….jpg)

random redpill


10e20d  No.2401649

Q !2jsTvXXmXs No.64 📁

May 4 2018 20:47:29 (EST)



James Baker - FIRED [reported today - resigned [false]] / removed Jan/FIRED 4.21

Lisa Page - FIRED [reported today - resigned [false]]

Testimony received.



Mike Kortan, FBI Assistant Director for Public Affairs - FIRED [cooperating under 'resigned' title]

Josh Campbell, Special Assistant to James Comey - FIRED


David Laufman, Chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section [NAT SEC - HRC email invest] - FIRED/FORCE

John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General – Head of DOJ’s National Security Division - FIRED/FORCE

Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General & Acting Attorney General - FIRED

Mary McCord, Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division - FIRED/FORCE

Bruce Ohr, Associate Deputy Attorney General – Demoted 2x - cooperating witness [power removed]

Rachel Brand, Associate Attorney General – No. 3 official behind Deputy AG Rosenstein - FIRED/FORCE

Cross against House/Senate resignations/final term announcements + CEO departures.







59e020  No.2401650

File: e5a02d0f32e3933⋯.jpg (41.19 KB, 480x519, 160:173, 2ey5zi~2.jpg)

File: 37487af11ee2b15⋯.jpg (5.51 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images-2.jpg)

Fire at will.

55a0c2  No.2401652



Crown Prince: Every person, who has engaged in #corruption, regardless of their status, will be held accountable, provided there's evidence.

Alwaleed was arrested, so there is evidence and it remains to come all the way to light.

5a62d4  No.2401653

File: 85235c8db4ac841⋯.jpg (99.85 KB, 500x500, 1:1, B2_Stealth_Bomber_To_Serve….jpg)


>Pray / Prey

>GITMO !!!!!

46c868  No.2401654

Hannity playing Acosta clip being booed by Tampa Trump crowd

with the We Are Q poster in the background

f3467d  No.2401655


You handled that a lot nicer than I would have. God Bless

ab5cda  No.2401656


can any anons confirm? notable as FUCKING FUCK

468259  No.2401657

File: b53c64bc6d7741c⋯.jpg (45.76 KB, 386x499, 386:499, hitlermeinwompf.jpg)

bcb01b  No.2401658



Dont believe everything you see.

c9fef5  No.2401659


Dear Jim "The Presidential Accoster" Acosta,

Seditious traitors reap what they sew.

73a84a  No.2401660


Sooooo if we are mainstream and Q controls the FEED. Do we create the 4am points now?

ffa547  No.2401661


Newfag starter kit: see https://resignations.info from a laptop or pc to virw the more than 3500 high level resignations tracked here /going back to 9/1/17.

a481c9  No.2401662


I love MBS. He is a hero. Truly.

b926db  No.2401663


Wow. Weak man you are.

b738bb  No.2401664

File: 08415f2dbe5765a⋯.jpeg (1001.62 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 0001.jpeg)



c2c18f  No.2401665

File: cf3923821fc08ee⋯.jpg (81.62 KB, 795x960, 53:64, Db1DbSFV4AAO5D4.jpg large.jpg)

File: b45485ade033315⋯.jpg (80.2 KB, 780x439, 780:439, 180417175425-david-hogg-78….jpg)

6ddb50  No.2401666

CNN is all over Q subject tonight. Insulting and discrediting language but still blowing up their nightly news. DUMB AF because it is all or nothing NOW! All it takes for Q, POTUS, ANONS,PATRIOTS,AUTISTS, LURKERS, NEWFAGS, and everyone else, IS TO BE RIGHT ! TIME! We no longer have to be perfect or pure! We just have to be right once to cause strangers to go HMMMM? We don't need the 40K sealed Court actions to be unsealed in a single action. We just need to prove they exist and release them as the Judges UNSEAL them. Or some other such grand proof! The script has been flipped and they have to prove us wrong on EVERYTHING. We only have to be right ONCE! I didn't see that coming!

140822  No.2401668

>>2401636 woah. more

going mainstream…

(thoughtsung to the tune of the who's Going Mobile for some reason)

856841  No.2401669




have you seen the


a1e36b  No.2401670


oh yes. #metoo or JFK, there are MK'd people in place decades beforehand to "lead" movements and expose crimes (kek) only as far as they want them to go (if Bill Clinton is walking around, there has NEVER been a metoo at all) This placates the masses into thinking, oh it's being well handled and truth will win. Well no, 85% of the truth may emerge, but the DEEPEST DARKEST STATE of the truth will remain forever hidden (unless it is in a Simpsons episode or the such and portrayed as humor)

95eabc  No.2401671


I'll try to help ( kek)

Allysa - she used to be cute as long as she kept her fucking mouth shut. Now, she's just a libtard


10e20d  No.2401672

5eec71  No.2401674

File: 4dc92d8eaf4dae9⋯.png (256.81 KB, 415x491, 415:491, ClipboardImage.png)

d5c86e  No.2401675

when all this is said and done i wonder if we will know the true meaning of 'covfefe'

356236  No.2401676

File: 1d4bb05bd023542⋯.jpg (35.07 KB, 641x530, 641:530, 1d4bb05bd023542875fb5896e0….jpg)


Any sauce on that kid pic? I havent seen a proper answer if it actually some pedoshit.

f801d1  No.2401677

ffa547  No.2401678


Sorry! http: not https:

3fd5c7  No.2401679


Farrakhan has same answer for the JQ that we anons do. That’s what (((they’re))) scared of.

780261  No.2401680





Legit. Link:


e70eea  No.2401681


What is money flow disruption?

List the Billionaires.

What family history goes back pre_WW1/2?

Why is this relevant?

Why did the Bush family recently break silence and attack POTUS?

Coincidence pre SA arrests?

Who audits the billions paid for war?

Who audits the billions paid for environment policy (side note)?

Where do the funds go?


To who / which entity and/or org?

What slush fund was recently terminated by AG Sessions?

What is Fast & Furious?

What is the underlying theme?


Who controls the FED?

How did political leaders/’talking heads’ accum assets in excess of $5mm+?

What was the net worth for each prior to taking office?


Why is this relevant?

Snow White.

Godfather III.


0a768a  No.2401682

File: db71ad75be4b926⋯.jpg (137.5 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 01122018social.jpg)


A thousand may fall at your side,

ten thousand at your right hand,

but it will not come near you.

8 You will only observe with your eyes

and see the punishment of the wicked

59957d  No.2401683

File: 17acf1c356db2c8⋯.png (185.72 KB, 1828x769, 1828:769, 2015-07-31 Why the jews ne….png)

random redpill

why jews need the holocaust

6d9746  No.2401684

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Go ahead Q.


God Bless.

3066e2  No.2401685

Watching POTUS from 92 dug a few digs.

Sound familiar?



bcb01b  No.2401686


Its a slide. Posted over and over again.

85efc9  No.2401688

File: 7a0da62ea7bb86a⋯.png (376.45 KB, 1335x757, 1335:757, Meathead1.png)



Link to Article Depicted in Photos -

Link to Archive of the Article - https:

Anons, please save online.


Hey, on the bright side, at least Mary Tyler Moore was not a child when Rob Reiner sexually assaulted her. But, by all means, let's dig in to see if Reiner has left any other victims in his wake.

10e20d  No.2401689

File: 245b5743c1c47dc⋯.png (95.87 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorOK.png)

4f8faf  No.2401690


Bless your heart, Jim.

Poor thing.

PS - Fuck you.

f3467d  No.2401691

File: e3b2477f27659dc⋯.jpeg (112.03 KB, 1440x813, 480:271, 1531262539.jpeg)

140822  No.2401692


is a saying still fringe' if/when it becomes a political campaign slogan?

17a50c  No.2401693

File: aedd2682c73f730⋯.png (203.33 KB, 907x821, 907:821, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b3a34334c5b2b41⋯.png (87.6 KB, 903x824, 903:824, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1182f02a8e00424⋯.png (91.69 KB, 906x672, 151:112, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f739b42689bde73⋯.png (279.33 KB, 892x653, 892:653, ClipboardImage.png)

US Tech Giants Are Too Big, Too Powerful, & Now Are Running Into Serious Trouble


53931e  No.2401694


The FISA unredacted was given to the intel committee on March 17.

The evening of March 17 Wolfe sent Watkins 82 texts ….. the exact amount of pages in the FISA app

Bongino throws a great time line together….he believes media outlets have had the unredacted FISA the whole time

And the redacted part probably reveals the human intel that was used

a67c6c  No.2401695

File: 41814054451e65a⋯.jpeg (86.86 KB, 869x478, 869:478, EEF94692-CE4F-4089-9440-8….jpeg)

File: 331800625361342⋯.jpeg (527.1 KB, 1500x1392, 125:116, 78B032A4-BF00-4F76-BEAA-3….jpeg)

d3bd19  No.2401696

Just because you visited this board doesn't make you an expert, so please contain your enthusiastic support of what is habbening here by not giving an interview to MSM in PA or elsewhere. Rule of thumb with MSM is she golden rule…silence is golden. ((THEY)) will bait everyone with "Q" anything.


e70eea  No.2401697

Journos, we aren't even asking for you to like or support Trump. We just are asking you to be fair.

95eabc  No.2401698


You're welcome fren!

df8ad5  No.2401699

File: 5beb470c3055380⋯.jpeg (215.92 KB, 999x749, 999:749, F70F048A-FDB8-405A-AF94-2….jpeg)

File: 9ee9e7f4994e2bf⋯.jpeg (132.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FE3B678A-3553-41E9-B22C-9….jpeg)

File: d845a95bff04c88⋯.jpeg (603.15 KB, 1679x1144, 1679:1144, 3911AA70-0119-4366-B60B-9….jpeg)

File: 834e8b3b4f352a8⋯.jpeg (121.5 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, F1DCDEA1-AEC6-4A49-A9A1-C….jpeg)

File: b87b0978752f646⋯.jpeg (147.06 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, 2A2CB9FF-284C-4D71-B291-F….jpeg)

c9fef5  No.2401700

File: a6a6d964f31fa70⋯.jpg (235.13 KB, 1678x939, 1678:939, Farage.jpg)

d7fa2a  No.2401701

File: 9c1800d615bd466⋯.jpeg (326.24 KB, 640x723, 640:723, EB9D1C46-D3D3-4BC6-9978-D….jpeg)

856841  No.2401702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




binaural beats.

59957d  No.2401704

File: a98d19d6ad58fe7⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 1500x7452, 125:621, Clinton Foundation Iceberg.jpg)

random redpill

clinton foundation

fe1682  No.2401705





Notice the guns are numbered 15 and 16? Whats after 16? ;)

cdd0de  No.2401706



2e8da7  No.2401707

File: 35c7e29f72fdb44⋯.jpg (43.28 KB, 640x441, 640:441, 99d7e8_sexual-misconduct-l….jpg)

Bucknell Removes Website References to Alum Les Moonves Amidst Misconduct Claims

Bucknell University has removed all references to alumnus and CBS CEO Les Moonves from its website amidst sexual misconduct allegations that were published by the New Yorker this week.

Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, has removed all online references one of its most visible alumni after Ronan Farrow of the New Yorker published an exposé detailing accusations from six women who claim that Moonves had behaved inappropriately around them.

Moonves was accused by six women of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. The alleged behavior ranges from forcible touching or kissing during business meetings to threats to end the careers of women who rejected his advances.

In a statement to the Bucknell community, university president John Bravman broadly condemned sexual misconduct. “Given Mr. Moonves’ visibility as a prominent alumnus, I felt the need to let you know that we are aware of these reports,” Bravman wrote. “Sexual misconduct is unacceptable — on campus or beyond, and Bucknell will not stand for such behavior.”

https ://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/08/01/bucknell-removes-website-references-to-alum-les-moonves-amidst-misconduct-claims/

remember penn state ?

356236  No.2401708

File: 8af6bb08b9ee5d5⋯.jpg (126.44 KB, 759x474, 253:158, 3fe95c726dc578f7c20e6a5ef7….jpg)


Thanks anon. They will probably use as 'evidence' against us later.

6ffd68  No.2401709

File: 24e14d0e8713bf4⋯.png (376.73 KB, 896x1119, 896:1119, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

File: c2a8dc63c6f7cee⋯.png (469.3 KB, 1127x899, 1127:899, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


“Shooting sports help reinforce many of the bedrock values of our people, such as the free exercise of the Second Amendment,” according to a just-issued US presidential message.

8fd727  No.2401710


Remember when the Fed broke up Microsoft for the treasonous crime of providing their own fucking browser with Windows?

59957d  No.2401711

File: 8381a81f80b012f⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 4621x2914, 4621:2914, cultural marxism flowchart.jpg)

random redpill

cultural marxism flowchart

17a50c  No.2401712

File: c105c6105443aea⋯.png (63.41 KB, 320x189, 320:189, ClipboardImage.png)

bcc087  No.2401713


Its a trick to get more tits posted… I'm not against it. Love me some bewbs.

4f8faf  No.2401714


Ask her how many times she was raped as a child.

Bitch is all out of whack.

d0d898  No.2401715

File: 621fad489d1dea7⋯.jpg (12.44 KB, 302x167, 302:167, 621fad489d1dea73791128ea74….jpg)


Have the pixelfags used it as a password?

It would be hilarious if that was the key to unlocking everything.

85efc9  No.2401716

File: 7a0da62ea7bb86a⋯.png (376.45 KB, 1335x757, 1335:757, Meathead1.png)

File: 5f363d300b0ac47⋯.png (599.17 KB, 1339x755, 1339:755, Meathead2.png)

File: 43fe2ae73686318⋯.png (483.03 KB, 1335x751, 1335:751, Meathead3.png)

File: 4caa0ca628f7d4e⋯.png (111.86 KB, 1153x623, 1153:623, Meathead4.png)


Shoot, it uploaded before the other three pics came on board, so I'll just post all 4 of them again.

Sorry, Anons. . . .

8e15fa  No.2401717

File: cba3b0a8ef10d0a⋯.png (396.74 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180801-210458.png)

File: b92a2a9598e74f7⋯.png (106.9 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180801-210502.png)

706ecf  No.2401718


Stop showing this. We have all seen it. Your repetitive posting belys your sickness.

f0aff6  No.2401719

Early Notables

Busy Red Pill bread. WTG. Anything missed? TY

>>2401681 Past QPost on The FED, SA and powerful families

>>2401636 HOLY NOTABLE: Did this just happen? Fake or real?

>>2401605 Acosta on Facing ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant at Trump Rally

>>2401532 Past QPost on Saudi, 9/11 and Bin Laden

>>2401507 CEO resignations list

>>2401497 Past QPost: Reporters who colluded with the HRC comapaign

>>2401469 , >>2401590 Red Pills on Saudi and Obama

>>2401462 Mueller Passes 3 Cases on Illicit Foreign Lobbying to Prosecutors in NY

>>2401447 Red Pill Video: Red Cross Cash

>>2401446 Past QPost: Those not seeking re-election

>>2401413 Required listening for newfags: Eric Prince (Blackwater) interview

>>2401306 Rob Reiner threatens POTUS with violence

44e5c0  No.2401720


Fuck yes anon! This board needs to become more multi-cultural! We need to work on cleaning up some of the hate speech and obscenity on this board.

59957d  No.2401721

File: 4380b396023bf28⋯.png (781.78 KB, 1500x3719, 1500:3719, Every single stage of Femi….png)

random redpill

every single stage of feminism has been bad

740fae  No.2401722

File: 7c733cedc2981ae⋯.jpg (117.97 KB, 880x491, 880:491, WolfEvil.jpg)

9ed7be  No.2401723

File: 48bac260ba3b2a7⋯.jpg (155.95 KB, 728x817, 728:817, Erictrump.jpg)

Sure looks like Eric Trump liked the comment.

e70eea  No.2401724


Why, by coincidence, is there a terrorist attack (or mental health c-level attack) within a short time post negative D news?

Do you believe in coincidences?

They think you are stupid. Puppets w/o power. They want your guns. Why? No power left.

Who funds ISIS?

What email published by WL connects SA/Qatar to ISIS?

Was HRC connected?

Why is this relevant?

Why is controlling the narrative important?

Do most people investigate for themselves or simply follow?

Why is the MSM so hostile towards POTUS?

Who controls the MSM?

Why, each and every day, is the MSM pushing a particular topic?


Who sets the narrative for the day?

How is the narrative communicated to the MSM?

What does the NSA/MI have (at least what you know of) that allows for data collection?

Think Snowden.

Why is the NSA limited re: ability to capture and unmask US persons?

Who sets the narrative?

US persons?

Who can violate this rule?

Who cannot violate this rule?

Why is Adm R so important?

Who wanted him fired?


Why wasn’t Adm R replaced by POTUS when taking office?

Why is this relevant?

Who has the ultimate power to designate classification?

Who ultimately sets classification?

Why is this relevant?

Fantasy land.


856841  No.2401725



binaural beats.

why is it when I play his music for a baby they dance and smile, and when I play Katy Perry they sit like zombies?

9593da  No.2401726

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


5eec71  No.2401727



I asked if that anon was kidding (jokingly), but I can assure you

that newfag was NOT kidding

d3bd19  No.2401728


should say the …not she. you get the point.

856945  No.2401729

d5c86e  No.2401730


holy shit thatd be hilarious

d330f2  No.2401731

File: cbe66048518128d⋯.jpeg (353.54 KB, 941x1222, 941:1222, 9DECAC77-4DA6-421A-8131-B….jpeg)


Your almonds are fine tuned.

I noticed just after Harvey went down, ol’ Steven started hiding behind the fem high command.

He knows it’s coming

e860d1  No.2401732

Pepe magic :)

we need more!!!

You know what I'm saying! !!!

bcb01b  No.2401733

File: b28b5fb7b3c34e1⋯.png (353.62 KB, 724x841, 724:841, ClipboardImage.png)




59957d  No.2401734

File: 28ec0d0f7546139⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 1018x4799, 1018:4799, General George S. Patton o….jpg)

random redpill

General George S. Patton on the jews

51a44d  No.2401735

File: 007b76f8fe84468⋯.jpeg (670.85 KB, 1280x858, 640:429, 248E11B5-3CBA-4414-9A77-1….jpeg)

File: bdda4f93df97f25⋯.jpeg (446.4 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, D1D6DB72-9152-4164-A3C4-5….jpeg)

File: b8ec5c6c32a8c28⋯.png (372.32 KB, 500x503, 500:503, 6C3F48E8-2EB3-4076-8BF1-C9….png)

File: 2fced3a9d4bac28⋯.jpeg (158.7 KB, 1122x806, 561:403, 153FAB56-53F4-4A5B-878C-7….jpeg)

df8ad5  No.2401736


None. waiting

ab5cda  No.2401737

File: 0bfca23d0b54c15⋯.jpg (856.17 KB, 1440x2960, 18:37, Screenshot_20180801-210651….jpg)

File: 09508178f91d86b⋯.jpg (359.42 KB, 1440x2960, 18:37, Screenshot_20180801-210656….jpg)





998430  No.2401738

File: d5c57b72b900b2f⋯.jpg (274.46 KB, 1357x817, 1357:817, SETH.JPG)

5a62d4  No.2401739


No , looking for it now , thanks anon .

59e020  No.2401740

File: 6355267520bfca2⋯.png (72.2 KB, 249x252, 83:84, 8cb3e07ea2c2ce611898c096a3….png)



Rob Reiner is NAMBLA

856841  No.2401742


good old Meryl.


a9ae3d  No.2401743


How many billions of dollars is this? unfucking believable.

53affb  No.2401744

File: b461ccd56c483de⋯.png (21.62 KB, 588x285, 196:95, ClipboardImage.png)

John Brennan not happy.

2f836e  No.2401745


Of course they are, but we all know who Podesta leads to.

8161f5  No.2401746

File: bdcbb75169e0a96⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 3088x2320, 193:145, image.jpg)

Comfy as fuck

6ffd68  No.2401747

File: 00361e3db01b6e0⋯.png (482.82 KB, 904x805, 904:805, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

File: c968071b06eaf43⋯.png (122.74 KB, 685x356, 685:356, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)




f8cee6  No.2401748

File: 604cc9eab660a1f⋯.png (55.23 KB, 766x329, 766:329, Steno.png)

The GE engineer that got arrested today was using image stenography to EXFIL data


f81ced  No.2401749

706ecf  No.2401751

Whoa, 1950s neanderthal in the house. Kek

e70eea  No.2401752


Why were the acts that recently occurred in SA so critically important?

What US assets are in place in/near SA?

What assurances were made to protect the Kingdom?

Who shot down the missile from Yemen?

POTUS declassify_speech_Jap_11_5

Was it really from Yemen?

How do we know?

Why is this relevant?

Who are the puppets?

Who are the puppet masters?

Who pulls the strings?

What provides power?

What if US elections can be rigged?

How are JFK, Reagan, and Trump different from the rest?

Why did JFK surround himself w/ family much like POTUS?

What if it was bought and paid for?

How would this be possible?

Why are there no voting ID laws in place?

What do you need an ID for? List. Compare. Laugh.

What is the argument for not allowing voter ID laws to be enacted?

Why are immigrants important? (MB)(Votes)(Attacks)

Why are illegals important? (MS13)(Votes)(187)

Why is open border important?

What did BO say on the campaign trail last year to illegals within the US?

What did BO encourage?

Was this illegal?

Who owns sizeable stakes in voter machine co’s?

Who decides what voter machines are used in elections?

Why are some ‘important’ counties still manually/hand counted?

God save us.



SA= Saudi Arabia

2e8da7  No.2401753

File: e07ec9014ae9c15⋯.jpg (46.49 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Pope-Francis-boys-getty-64….jpg)

Pope Francis: Sacrificing Children for Career Is Modern ‘Idolatry’

Modern idolatry takes many forms, Pope Francis said Wednesday, including not having children in order to advance one’s career.

“Idols demand a cult and rituals,” the pope said at his weekly General Audience in Saint Peter’s Square. “People bow down before them and sacrifice everything. In antiquity, human sacrifices were made to idols, but even today people sacrifice their children for their career, neglecting them or simply not generating them.”

Children are not the only sacrifice laid on the altar of idols, the pope continued, and one’s career is not the only idol on offer.

“Beauty demands human sacrifices. Fame calls for the immolation of self, one’s innocence and authenticity,” he said.

https ://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/08/01/pope-francis-sacrificing-children-for-career-is-modern-idolatry/

a83dba  No.2401754


Pepe gave him Kek-nek.

510e40  No.2401755



51b66a  No.2401756


Be careful with this concept.

That being said - good man.

856841  No.2401757

File: 04df7a325f7ab32⋯.gif (479.5 KB, 540x371, 540:371, Shia-Labeouf-Dancing-Russi….gif)

ed9b9a  No.2401758


Lets not start the boob ban again but yea we can self regulate ourselves at least and call out race dividers

4f8faf  No.2401759


Kumbaya, fucktard.

5d037a  No.2401760


Great…how soon can we get it onto the post office walls

356236  No.2401761

File: 1fa81bb69b95abc⋯.jpg (164.67 KB, 750x441, 250:147, 1fa81bb69b95abcf94f19bc7fd….jpg)

How do we break the current MSM narrative guys?

239cb6  No.2401762

File: 09aa51fe90873e6⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 216x320, 27:40, 2018-08-01 20.07.59.jpg)

69673b  No.2401763

File: 690392018a28488⋯.jpg (8.58 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 84a1c3f9d6ae3790c4fc16a6da….jpg)

File: ca4d3f37727a552⋯.jpg (16.54 KB, 255x231, 85:77, 2e5bk9.jpg)

17a50c  No.2401764

Hannity laying waste to Acosta

140822  No.2401765


and yet still just a sample…

and still just actual cash money as currency.

but a good entry point, indeed

9593da  No.2401766



What are you, STUPID or SHILL?!

the day they call us violent. you post shit like this? (YOU) MUST GO BACK!

5eec71  No.2401767

ffa547  No.2401768

File: 45ad3370553b255⋯.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1991, 1242:1991, E257C598-62EE-4826-8B4B-D….jpeg)

File: 2174a524a480dbc⋯.jpeg (833.2 KB, 1242x2128, 621:1064, 2C64B64F-797E-45BF-B83E-7….jpeg)




d6e9ed  No.2401771

She wanted this


d0d898  No.2401772

File: 5239d3c748c860d⋯.jpg (113.22 KB, 592x500, 148:125, 5239d3c748c860d23534407289….jpg)


GTFO, syrupnigger.

59957d  No.2401773

File: 607f646129051b2⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 488x5919, 488:5919, The central banking system.jpg)

random redpill

central banking

938d63  No.2401774

Britain’s first acid attack killer yells ‘f*** you bro’ at judge as he’s jailed over death of mum-of-three nurse hit with super-strength substance


ffa547  No.2401775


Many shills derailing tonight.

2e8da7  No.2401776



spielberg gave 2million to clintons

17a50c  No.2401777

File: f4f9bd71f56b988⋯.png (59.97 KB, 617x524, 617:524, ClipboardImage.png)

df8ad5  No.2401779

File: 7aaa484a2e62bfb⋯.jpeg (101.26 KB, 778x501, 778:501, 42E67BB3-18BC-46CB-B0C4-E….jpeg)

File: d16d07d7ea2de18⋯.jpeg (95.42 KB, 714x483, 34:23, C8EDDC2C-9B7A-4E7A-8405-6….jpeg)

File: 5313926e0fab33d⋯.jpeg (91.37 KB, 758x499, 758:499, DB99E173-E288-4EBC-BE06-B….jpeg)

File: 92ef8ae7ba92838⋯.jpeg (122.83 KB, 500x707, 500:707, 9A3CCA54-B66B-4F4D-8DEA-B….jpeg)

49df6f  No.2401780


sup Ye

998430  No.2401781


It's just a meme faggot

468259  No.2401782

File: 7f0c6b265e0768e⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1501x1083, 79:57, CortezDAYCARE.png)


>I havent seen a proper answer if it actually some pedoshit.

I don't know if it's "actually some pedoshit" but those look like actual wounds.

I suspect this won't be the last one. :(

e3293f  No.2401783


Sowing the seeds of destruction if you start venturing into "regulation."

a5097d  No.2401784

File: e07d34bb4ff1e56⋯.png (254.81 KB, 906x437, 906:437, ClipboardImage.png)





6ffd68  No.2401785

File: fd2299025a6668e⋯.png (135.57 KB, 903x564, 301:188, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

File: 2d76fd704d9fdf4⋯.png (189.19 KB, 1376x459, 1376:459, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

File: 24b8f4a880ab1ae⋯.png (130.5 KB, 430x524, 215:262, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


Oh hey, here's Eric Trump faving a tweet with the QAnon slogan

510e40  No.2401786


Let them dig their own graves. When SHTF they will just look even more retarded, its hilarious.

e58e87  No.2401787

File: c305ee7239875b9⋯.png (3.65 MB, 5008x2368, 313:148, Jake_Jennifer_Tapper_CNN_N….png)


Gee Jake, you weren't scared when your wife was shooting her mouth off about Comet Ping Pong and Buck's Camping and Fishing being her favorite restaurant.

740fae  No.2401788

File: 5cc3473fbf2fdfb⋯.jpg (110.19 KB, 880x491, 880:491, WolfEvil.jpg)

95eabc  No.2401789


Baker! Notable AF

WWG1WGA liked by Eric Trump on twatter! It's real!

55a0c2  No.2401790


Hillary Clinton, The Podesta Group And The Saudi Regime: A Fatal Menage A Trois

(imho any menage with hills is likely fatal)

If I told you that Democratic Party lobbyist Tony Podesta, whose brother John Podesta chairs Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, is a registered foreign agent on the Saudi government’s payroll, you’d probably think I was a Trump-thumping, conspiratorial nutcase. But it’s true.

The lobby firm created by both Tony and John Podesta in 1988 receives $140,000 a month from the Saudi government, a government that beheads nonviolent dissidents, uses torture to extract forced confessions, doesn’t allow women to drive, and bombs schools, hospitals and residential neighborhoods in neighboring Yemen.

The Podesta Group’s March 2016 filing, required under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, shows that Tony Podesta himself oversees the Saudi account. At the same time, Tony Podesta is also a top campaign contributor and bundler for Hillary Clinton. So while one brother runs the campaign, the other brother funds it with earnings that come, in part, from the Saudis.

I recall hearing all about their ties to Russia, why not anything with Saudi Arabia? (rhetorical)

Though I would have to do lots of digging, I believe the financial records show that Citibank would have likely suffered bankruptcy prior to Washington Mutual going under, but now that Alwaleed was onboard at Citi, it makes more sense now why that shook out the way it did.

cbb4ac  No.2401791

File: da18d20f1999ffb⋯.png (184.39 KB, 1464x734, 732:367, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


I just messaged Loomer :) Have messaged back & forth a bit in the past. I told her if she wants an interview to please pick me!!

Pic related

59957d  No.2401792

File: b1586325ac353fa⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 1276x3412, 319:853, The Finders.jpg)

random redpill

the Finders cult

f89df4  No.2401793

>>2401273 Bitch looks scurrreeeedddd

343bdf  No.2401794


Good find, anon.

0d264c  No.2401795

File: 65cb967a4571fb3⋯.jpg (219.71 KB, 1280x2048, 5:8, nycbomber.jpg)



Did you just actually put in work on our task?? In the middle of this shitstorm??? Wow. Did not see that coming. Way to be focused on point anon!

69673b  No.2401796


You're a FUCKING IDIOT, worse than newfags, SMFH

5f4964  No.2401797


all for a LARP, rite?


I will still archive them

ad7ecc  No.2401798

File: 1ae4d9b1a82151a⋯.png (290.27 KB, 567x897, 189:299, Eric Trump Ourguy.png)

e70eea  No.2401799


Nothing is random.

Everything has meaning.



4b3809  No.2401800

File: 5c9113ba376ca55⋯.png (571.55 KB, 1028x602, 514:301, Screenshot_2018-08-01 Jews….png)


fuck off

5a62d4  No.2401801

File: 8c136062587018d⋯.jpg (20.89 KB, 246x255, 82:85, 4c26c5486507bdf079798b8129….jpg)



pass the popcorn fag

c9fef5  No.2401802

e3293f  No.2401803


Heard you the first time.

727177  No.2401804


All those weird sunset & random nature pictures from an unknown in Podesta emails….

59957d  No.2401805

File: daecf68f8f7004c⋯.jpg (909.96 KB, 2334x2159, 2334:2159, The Frankfurt School and d….jpg)

random redpill

the frankfurt school and downfall of western society

9593da  No.2401806




b465c1  No.2401807


KYS PedOShill

f3467d  No.2401808

File: 224fcea9072730d⋯.jpeg (97.26 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1533172252.jpeg)

7ac85c  No.2401809


you just outed yourself as a new fag.

5eec71  No.2401810

honorably mention from Hannity odds?

1b3fa6  No.2401811


I need a bigger monitor

061d53  No.2401812


Keeping it classy I see :)

bcb01b  No.2401813

File: 4235da9d7ce09cf⋯.png (1.01 MB, 785x966, 785:966, ClipboardImage.png)



With my own kinda popcorn brother man.

938d63  No.2401814


chill shill

ed9b9a  No.2401815


No regulation I’m just saying nothing wrong with calling out shill tactics

c1f7ec  No.2401816

I've heard "If the president cures cancer people would still hate him" quite a few times now.

Starting to think Trump will actually cure cancer at some point.

6c84d9  No.2401817

File: 8105c8103798ef1⋯.jpg (332.1 KB, 1024x255, 1024:255, Birth-Certificate-Fuddy-Pl….jpg)

File: 24ff25a4a0615da⋯.png (283.79 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 508128-20140110-1704591.png)

File: 9923e2aca1aba82⋯.jpg (93.92 KB, 665x385, 19:11, Hawaii-Plane-Crash-665x385.jpg)

Never forget

7ca10c  No.2401818


^^ this post kinda glows

8fd727  No.2401819


How about that, when I reported you for being the ASSHOLE you are I got a Q in the captcha. Bye bye dick bag

c9fef5  No.2401820

Rest in peace Patriots.

4d1ee2  No.2401821

File: 986107a0560a22a⋯.png (160.06 KB, 510x299, 510:299, topkek.png)

e4dab3  No.2401822

File: 5bb7f14d52615d3⋯.png (675.56 KB, 1196x673, 1196:673, ClipboardImage.png)

0a768a  No.2401823

File: 6f8d8fca1bbc06e⋯.png (196.02 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 54ea9a69881ee6a5b40fa4d1b6….png)

File: 35f1cbe901a9575⋯.jpg (52.34 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 12565034388712533278.jpg)

File: eca2b7d11595314⋯.jpg (77.83 KB, 700x520, 35:26, 1b186e9.jpg)

>>2401548 >>2401569 >>2401570

Trust P.To.S.T.World

f89df4  No.2401824

anyone see Dilley's PS today

3e3e3e  No.2401825


Shooting Sports Month

omg, the salt this will create.

59957d  No.2401826

File: f3b33afb08326db⋯.png (28.18 KB, 796x437, 796:437, 2014-04-11 Culture is carr….png)

random redpill

culture is carried by the father

706ecf  No.2401827


You should just kill yourself, shill.

5eec71  No.2401828


chill anon

might be a shill or an anon fucking around


e3293f  No.2401829


That's a unicorn of another color.

7e6854  No.2401830


Don’t self doxx burr ur pic

59e020  No.2401831

File: 021ec757bad3f18⋯.jpg (77.28 KB, 924x477, 308:159, 2ekltq~2.jpg)

Brennan is a homosexual Muslim brotherhood degenerate.

d0d898  No.2401832

File: f49e8e1b7797d9c⋯.png (380.6 KB, 595x579, 595:579, PopcornPanties.png)

49df6f  No.2401833


Dave please unblock kabamur_taygeta, now should be the time to get over dogmatic triggers yes?

f0aff6  No.2401834

Notables Update

>>2401773 Random Red Pill: Central Banking

>>2401752 Past QPost on recent world affairs now coming to light

>>2401724 Past QPost on ISIS

>>2401681 Past QPost on The FED, SA and powerful families

>>2401636 HOLY NOTABLE: Did this just happen? CONFIRMED !! >>2401784 >>2401785

>>2401605 Acosta on Facing ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant at Trump Rally

>>2401532 Past QPost on Saudi, 9/11 and Bin Laden

>>2401507 CEO resignations list

>>2401497 Past QPost: Reporters who colluded with the HRC campaign

>>2401469 , >>2401590 Red Pills on Saudi and Obama

>>2401462 Mueller Passes 3 Cases on Illicit Foreign Lobbying to Prosecutors in NY

>>2401447 Red Pill Video: Red Cross Cash In Crates

>>2401446 Past QPost: Those not seeking re-election

>>2401413 Required listening for newfags: Eric Prince (Blackwater) interview

>>2401306 Rob Reiner threatens POTUS with violence

95eabc  No.2401835


Are you sharing that popcorn, or what?

We houngry Anon!!!

e70eea  No.2401836


The graphic is your key.

Let's pause and say hello to the rogue intelligence agencies currently monitoring these threads.

Was the money worth it?



750414  No.2401837


Thanks, Anon!

c2c18f  No.2401838

File: 043ca8cc1df4ce2⋯.png (10.12 KB, 255x223, 255:223, yolo.png)

e58e87  No.2401839

File: aac601ca184363e⋯.png (321.89 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Jake_Jennifer_Tapper_CNN_N….png)



sorry…. 2:1 here

6ffd68  No.2401840

File: 20f5c8ccd36d461⋯.png (411.83 KB, 911x809, 911:809, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

File: 85a5c871d594afe⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1671x1089, 557:363, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

sHILL news & FakeNews




a67c6c  No.2401841

File: 10972ccd6f805d4⋯.jpeg (29.2 KB, 255x166, 255:166, 9F32BDEA-13DF-4C4C-BF50-2….jpeg)

File: 04f68e254daf1e1⋯.jpeg (24.25 KB, 255x140, 51:28, 3C48D379-6A61-4ACB-BD1B-C….jpeg)

File: cf205f8753c4e79⋯.jpeg (31.13 KB, 255x173, 255:173, 71A2094A-0F7B-4A48-9448-4….jpeg)

File: af0cc58c3faa693⋯.png (502.79 KB, 799x807, 799:807, B9382BF4-47F2-4771-A104-A5….png)

Let’s drop some side by sides Anons. All hands on deck. Many eyes on board.

f0aff6  No.2401842



>>2401636 HOLY NOTABLE: Did this just happen? CONFIRMED !! >>2401784 , >>2401785

5849d4  No.2401843

Trump on Rush Limbaugh show

>A man, we won't mention his name

When referring to McCain on Obamacare!!!

6:45 Mark

Public Q confirmation


e3293f  No.2401844


Should I even give a fuck?

bcb01b  No.2401845


7/10 but dont dox sister

53a287  No.2401846

Any math/statanons that could figure out sphere/% of influence

based on the top 25 influencers story?

In short, seeing that his influence is greater than 1 of 25.





Logan and Jake Paul


Charlotte and Dave Willner

Naomi Watanabe

President Trump

Desus and Mero


Kanye West

Roland Szabo

Eman al Nafjan

Scott Rogowksy

The Woman of hashtag#BabaeAko

Ryan ToysReview

Shaun King


Matt Drudge

Kayla Itsines


Busy Phillips


Lil Miquela

The Students of Parkland, Fla


Kylie Jenner

Based on influence in the list

POTUS is 4%

if only looking at the individuals/total

Yet of the 25 these would up the % influence for POTUS

Kanye West = heavy + support for; more eyes to Hollywood influence/corruption, inner city decay by corrupt politicians, working with Trump, corruption in social programs, corruption at HUD,

Drudgereport ? = not sure, yet believe Drudgereport is instrumental in helping Trump

Q = obviously tons of + support; more eyeballs on msm fake news?

Shaun King = not supportive of Trump, yet his feud with Candice Owens brings more eyeballs: 1st Amendment, group/cultthink, Trump doesn't see colors, #WalkAway

Students of Parkland = not supportive, yet their voices bring eyeballs to causes patriots feel strongly about: 2nd Amendment, Constitution, school preparing tomorrow's leaders, NRA

Charlotte and Dave Willner = not supportive, yet their fundraising brings more eyes to see what's been happening at the borders: security, invasion, sex trafficking, human trafficking, child trafficking, CP, drug running, drugs, gangs

5eec71  No.2401847


>>>2401752 Past QPost on recent world affairs now coming to light

>>>2401724 Past QPost on ISIS

>>>2401681 Past QPost on The FED, SA and powerful families


463262  No.2401848


> Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons

Did you see the last one? He tweeted:

"sry for shakiness - v dangerous circumstances"

2f836e  No.2401849


Reference to slippery dims

856841  No.2401850

File: 28ba8f580cd2eb7⋯.jpg (240.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1111.jpg)

59957d  No.2401851

File: fdc462dc745d326⋯.png (398.56 KB, 732x2251, 732:2251, 2013-11-24 History of Rhod….png)

random redpill

history of rhodesia

727177  No.2401852


Will Sommer, do you sit & watch these threads all day too?

THEN DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE FFS instead of being a lazy fuck & getting your news from here. Faggot

bacaaa  No.2401853

This place is a joke. A new Director of the CIA, who is second in command, is appointed by Trump and it's not even a notable.

1f6cf0  No.2401854


I'd love to see se dirt dug up on this one.

6ffd68  No.2401855

File: 20b0f6251291325⋯.png (360.96 KB, 905x920, 181:184, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


Federal prosecutors said to be investigating lobbyist Tony Podesta after special counsel referral

e2e20c  No.2401856

Leaks Reporter Ali Watkins Got UNREDACTED Page FISA Application


f89df4  No.2401857

>>2401846 Write War and peace next time faggot

55a0c2  No.2401858


This is certainly interesting if there is more sauce to it…

5b2255  No.2401859

Anyone catch Chris Cuomo on CNN talking about Q just a few minutes ago?

4b3809  No.2401860




seemed to be an aussie of taiwanese extraction

sjw lawyer that specialized in matters pertaining to off-shore mineral extraction and use of the sea.

c2c18f  No.2401861

File: f40184649af9a07⋯.jpg (64.61 KB, 500x375, 4:3, you2.jpg)

468259  No.2401862

File: ad6b90fd821d09b⋯.png (62.23 KB, 189x302, 189:302, symonealphawut.png)

526aeb  No.2401863

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Too much evidence that Michelle is a man, anon.

Watch the video. That's a dick that Michelle is adjusting. No doubts in my mind.

More evidence than that of muh Russian colluuuusion''

just showing it to the world, because the msm cunts won't.

796469  No.2401864







ed9b9a  No.2401865

MSM panic mode maximum

59957d  No.2401866

File: 90cdef3037e7107⋯.png (608.69 KB, 1486x1669, 1486:1669, 2016-07-25 Biological basi….png)

random redpill

biological basis for the gender war

5eec71  No.2401867

>>2401382 New Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Appointed by Trump



gonna stop your bitching now?

5f4964  No.2401868


>invasion of stupid whores and the far stupider who welcome them episode

e860d1  No.2401869


don't mess with jj


356236  No.2401870

File: 250f9fc6ee62cc1⋯.jpeg (16.37 KB, 196x255, 196:255, 250f9fc6ee62cc16021398959….jpeg)


Its organized. Theyve done this before multiple times. I always assume its a CIA or other 3 letter fed when they call for violence. Pretty much standard chan rule.

f0c90a  No.2401871

File: 5442d052457fc0d⋯.jpg (291.55 KB, 843x890, 843:890, Great Awakening_9.jpg)


it don't get comfier.

e70eea  No.2401872


A new second in command.

51a44d  No.2401873

File: b92514ed3a2d086⋯.jpeg (60.7 KB, 750x391, 750:391, 63CBD220-56ED-4B50-831E-3….jpeg)

File: 4f36731ae2a6957⋯.jpeg (174.31 KB, 620x932, 155:233, 3E58A486-0B3D-4C77-96F6-3….jpeg)

File: b1d0cfe5ddad4e8⋯.jpeg (63.51 KB, 640x480, 4:3, FF0125BC-1082-422F-BD15-4….jpeg)

334e4d  No.2401874


Yes, he sucks

59957d  No.2401876

File: fdab4b864f31f4c⋯.jpg (112.37 KB, 812x531, 812:531, 2012-03-09 communism the l….jpg)

random redpill

the communism that the left wants will never happen

9ed7be  No.2401877



Just trying to be a goodboy anon. <3

f3aa3e  No.2401878


Red, Blue, & Green boxes?


Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

c9fef5  No.2401879


Pray for the lost, no matter how vile their sins. so that they may find their to the Lord.

Nothing pisses Satan off more than losing sacrifices made in his name.

c09569  No.2401880

File: 089d43b19aa2af1⋯.png (592.63 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180801-191343.png)

e39bca  No.2401881

File: ac74f67b5b608f8⋯.jpeg (63.45 KB, 534x351, 178:117, 1 filter shills.jpeg)


Calling you filtered.

69673b  No.2401882

File: b01844e77108a91⋯.jpg (12.18 KB, 255x246, 85:82, pepea52324587b506bf4b15a6a….jpg)


> I got a Q in the captcha. Bye bye dick bag

856841  No.2401883

anyone else absolutely LOVE how much POTUS says he "LOVES" people?

db8965  No.2401884

File: b363a2a03314dd0⋯.jpeg (20.14 KB, 255x247, 255:247, 4b368f8c15da9bfb72e9a34d7….jpeg)

727177  No.2401885



Holy shit.

And here they are getting confused about the Bakers & you don't even clarify it.

Dumb Cunt.

Hopefully your interview will die on BLP if it ever happens. Fucking Gross.

8638fc  No.2401886

File: 7da22b68a13fe88⋯.png (596.4 KB, 904x1213, 904:1213, ClipboardImage.png)

Notice the underline break after Q.

fc7970  No.2401887


never was really… you could see it on his face.

1b3fa6  No.2401888

File: 859d06fd9001ef9⋯.jpg (102.02 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, ali watkinsgot sources.jpg)

6ffd68  No.2401889

File: 942e59e34b7dda6⋯.png (469.71 KB, 895x800, 179:160, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

File: 3e7252bed8bad70⋯.png (563.77 KB, 1598x885, 1598:885, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

Pushin' the QAnon…



920953  No.2401890

File: 10a21318e788794⋯.png (45.68 KB, 356x487, 356:487, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9d74a4006822d9a⋯.png (78.44 KB, 534x257, 534:257, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 47e65b87143ffac⋯.png (167.44 KB, 524x425, 524:425, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5c728632692f0f9⋯.png (140.48 KB, 531x370, 531:370, ClipboardImage.png)


Constitutional crisis.

5b2255  No.2401891


Kek, nice recap

df8ad5  No.2401892

File: 72046fe6007b951⋯.jpeg (24.51 KB, 255x220, 51:44, 2836E9EF-38F0-4F55-92E2-C….jpeg)

File: cbfd9f4470715b4⋯.jpeg (23.78 KB, 255x220, 51:44, ABAEBE11-6D95-415C-82BF-C….jpeg)

File: 5ddf6ed70c9d943⋯.jpeg (77.54 KB, 500x628, 125:157, 01100A79-B292-42CD-8B3C-1….jpeg)

File: ee0f2e8cf7f7f36⋯.jpeg (129.26 KB, 1086x499, 1086:499, F76B1A19-4F0F-4ACF-B3EE-1….jpeg)

ee712f  No.2401893

File: d3b35530f7547de⋯.png (703.25 KB, 1903x2634, 1903:2634, alephInstitute_campForKids.png)

File: 74a52297c924028⋯.png (273.19 KB, 1903x1257, 1903:1257, pizzaSpicePacketLLC_summar….png)

Random redpill: Aleph Institute Camp for Kids (Sean Penn has worked with this group) and Pizza Packet/Itchie Gross

e70eea  No.2401894

File: 7938e1a81097130⋯.png (49.84 KB, 601x412, 601:412, Capture.PNG)


>10 DAYS.

53a287  No.2401895



more eyeballs on fake msm news meant for Drudgereport

1b3fa6  No.2401896

File: a6d1f29008999ec⋯.jpg (129.78 KB, 864x482, 432:241, seal fag.jpg)

5eec71  No.2401897