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File: acb760d63ff4752⋯.jpg (75.74 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 121a55a2aa9abf72e8757b4ccc….jpg)

2e1a16  No.63303

Greetings friends! I've finally found this board again after months of missing the old 8ch Hypno Board. I love this fetish, but I get the feeling that all of my good old sissy, sub, and transformation files aren't very good for me. What I really want is an actual gf. I'm not a bad looking dude, but confidence has always been an issue for me, and when I do end up dating a girl, I get too invested in her and she dumps me, leaving me emotionally recked and back on this site lmao. Anyway, I'm wondering if someone could share some alpha male or confidence with women hypno files. Something that could really make me a beast with women. I also wouldn't mind some files that would really encourage me to work out and get really ripped / eat healthier. Thanks so much you guys!

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