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Meta thread

The official meta thread for /druid/. Post your suggestions and complaints here.

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Archive thread

A thread for all the books and articles relevant to the interests of the B.O.N.D

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Banners and flags

Post your requests for flags and banners here.

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Welcome to /druid/

This is a board made to hold the various information gathered on British nationalism, native Pagan faiths, the esoteric and the occult discussed on the Druid/pol/ threads on /pol/.

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Fáilte /druid/s,

For all those who use Discord, there's a great folkish pagan server that's been up and running under several different names for nearly a year now.

Don't have a Discord account? Make one. This server is more than willing to take in new members so long as you're open to discussing a traditionalist worldview from a pagan stance.



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Summoning Gnomes/fey spirits

I'm going to a gnome grove soon and I would like to know if there's any summoning spells, methods or practices which may help me see them or help me call them to me, I would like to learn their wisdom and perhaps make a gnome friend for myself. Any links, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, if not I just plan to do some basic druidic chants and nature rituals and bring them some offering of sweets, fruits and nuts, and perhaps some trinkets. If there's anything else that may help I would appreciate some advice here

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NOS: The Resurrection and Remembrance

A thread for the containment of "beasty" lad and his Self, and for all things related, as suggested by Yanklad. Be warned, this thread from the get go will be steeped in esoterica, and will likely only get to be more and more so.

Since his higher self is either guiding him to, or at the least does not disapprove of his sharing of a large amount of information regarding his personal path (and did so itself while he was channeling it), all information regarding his path will go here. One doesn't really decide what the higher self does, it decides what they do, so one can only hope that this thread is used instead of the general on /pol/ in the case of any future channeling. It probably won't be. For the sake of relations and appearances. This should allow him to continue to share what for some reason seems to need to be shared with the lodge, while not plugging up generals and driving anons away.

In the next few posts will be caps of what was said while hismy higher self was being channeled and related posts for dissemination.

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Pondering Potent Portents

Last winter, I drew and posted pic related. 40k iirc had asked if it was an “automatic drawing” that I had done in a trance state. My answer was no, because I hadn’t meditated or performed any rituals beforehand; I just wanted to make some irl OC for a B.O.N.D. post. The drawing however was automatic in the sense that I wasn’t trying, just sketching a Druid using a dark reflection of myself in a frosted winter window. The only part that was deliberate was the nose, which I struggled with. Mine is much smaller and up turned, but my hand could not form it. One of the lads had posited that it was the likeness of a Druid spirit communicating to me and that I should practice more. Well, I haven’t for reasons both legitimate and not(sloth) tbh, though I promise I will this year once the weather becomes too poor to do much outdoors. The reason being, pic 2. I hadn’t thought of my great uncle much since I moved to Oregon over a decade ago; I’m the first from my bloodline to do so since Jason Lee. I also haven’t looked at his picture since I wrote a report on him in elementary school. Between having the baby, and that anon’s post about PIE ancestor worship being especially important during this lunar cycle, I have been thinking about my bloodline more so than usual lately. I looked at his photo again and was taken aback by the resemblance tbh. He has his own short wiki if you’re interested, but the tl;dr is that he was sent by William Clark, of Lewis and Clark fame, to convert the featherniggers in Oregon and he was instrumental in gaining its statehood. The former is somewhat regrettable, as I hold the shamanic culture of the Indians in higher esteem than christianity. But I will always venerate his pioneering spirit and skills as both a statesman and outdoorsman.

The main point of this post being to log your portents, as their meaning may not become evident for sometime and often require an objective third party perspective. As I was writing this in fact, pic three hopped out from under my wife’s dresser.

>inb4 self dox

Lee isn’t my surname, nor directly traceable by anyone other than NSAniggers who already know my history.

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Know thy enemy tbh.

To the best of our knowledge the Rothschilds or Red Shields, formerly the Bauers are the top of the pyramid of evil on this plane of existence. They may have used typical jewish tricks and usury to become powerful, but it's no secret they use the darkest of arts to maintain and continue to expand that power. The intent of this thread is to analyze the alleged Rofschild AMA from GLP in 2011; aggregate intelligence on the lessor known younger generation, theorize countermeasures short of molotov cocktails, and build a repository of Rothschild redpills emblazoned with gold stars normal fags can't ignore. Do please spoiler pictures of Nat lads.

Here is the AMA:


I can't say how for certain, but I know it in my heart to be genuine. He says straight away he's a black sheep in wolf's clothes which made me think the lady Rothskike that ran off with the negro, but the voice I hear when I read it is an American male, educated in England. As I said I found it oddly motivational and helped me out of a rut tbh. Mostly because it was a reminder of their mindset and how hard I have to work to battle these demons. I copied what I thought were the most pertinent quotes from the alleged Rothskike so standby for a wall of greentext pasta.

>haha. We have no mothers. The chosen are disabused of the notion of a NURTURING OTHER, who sacrifices all for the innocent being. TEACH your children the ways of nature…they will learn one way or another anyway.

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Druidbunker #01

It looks like some fag got the bunker thread on /pol/ deleted, so here's a general thread for now and in the future as we prove popular enough to run through threads before prepared for the next.

Here's hoping for another 40k piece to represent us on the main board soon.

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Just a reminder

Jesus loves you, /druid/

That is all

>inb4 ban hammer

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Red Alert druidbros

Please refer to /polk/ post about Internet sharding.

>Tl;dr honeypot shit where glows are proxies between you and sites like this one.

Very sorry about the shit bread. Find another site or get v&. Godspeed brothers.

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/druid/ music

Hey fellas, looking for high quality pagan / European spirit/esoteric stuff.

Clearly I don't need to introduce Wardruna to anyone around here - which is my goto current enjoyment when it comes to pagan music.

Here check out Kūlgrinda, Lithuanian traditional, high quality stuff. All their albums are spot on.

I am asking for recommendations especially with a serious, high quality feel to them, when looking for pagan music, that a tually has a connection with the ancient sacred rites, and not just another' pointless folk metal / shallow pagan LARPing band.


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Hello B.O.N.D., I am an American mutt (English, German, and Irish to my knowledge) seeking some guidance. I came here because this is the only place that I know of that may be able to help me. I found out about B.O.N.D. from the /pol/ thread, which I lurk off and on, time permitting. Given my mixed state, I am unsure about heathen/pagan practice in general and I am seeking advice about my present path. As of right now, I worship Odin and ask him for wisdom and, occassionally, help in my earthly affairs. This is all very new for me, I was an agnostic deist after becoming disillusioned with Christianity in my teenage years. My eyes were opened by lurking /pol/ during the 2016 election, and I recently decided it would be best to take up the traditions and practices of my ancestors. However, being of mixed European descent, I am at a loss on how to correctly proceed with this endeavor. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. This may be too open ended of a request, I am hoping either way you guys can steer me in the right direction.

pic unrelated

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Why do we all fall for the D&C?

So Indo-European people have lived in Britain for at least 10,000 years. For at least 8000 of those, there was no concept of England, Wales or Scotland beyond regions of a map. They were 'Britons', tribes of Celts (although 'Celts' were not a people per se, just a culture, like 'Western' today doesn't mean just one ethnicity).

People migrated around constantly, the tribes all knew each other, and there's evidence every tribe in Britain met up at Stonehenge, walking from as far away as North Scotland every year to see their tribal cousins.

Then between 55BC and 1066AD, the island was invaded by Romans, Scandinavians, Saxons and Normans (the last 3 are all Germanic). Various regions of the island warred against each other and the population mixed all throughout this time until the Anglo-Saxon was the everyman in most areas, remote areas were mostly still Briton and the upper class was mostly Norman. The British Empire became the most powerful empire in history and spread its language to every corner of the Earth.

So why do Scottish people think they're different to the English and vice versa? Why do we see ourselves as different nations? I don't get it. They're literally just regions with the same blood but slightly different histories, different accents and that's it. Just like places like Yorkshire, Cornwall and the South-East have different accents, histories and fought against each other in history. Why is that a basis for being a different nation when we all share the same blood, overall history and language? One faction was bound to conquer the whole island at some point, and obviously it was going to be the most populous region that did so.

Is it football that has spread this D&C? Apparently St George's flag was almost forgotten until it started being used for English football. In the days of Empire "England" was used to describe the entire Island. Scottish or Welsh nationalists hating England now is like me hating people from the old kingdom of Anglia because I was born in what used to be Wessex, and now the government happens to be in Anglia.

100% of British people have the same history for at least the last 500 years (being beaten and ruled by Westminster), the same overarching history for the last 10,000, the same blood, the same broad culture, and the same first language. Why do we see ourselves as different nations?

My family name is a Viking one, which comes from Yorkshire but I've also found it cropping up in Edinburgh records. I look 100% Norse and so do half the people I see wherever I go in the country, and I've travelled around quite a bit.

I live in Scotland and I'm sick of Scots treating me like some oppressive foreigner when we literally are the same people with a different accent.

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how to into druidism

Hello. I'm terribly sorry to newfag post, but I know that 90% of what I'd find on the various search engines would be talmudic garbage.

I'm looking for a beginner's guide to Druidism, after having spent a year studying Asatru and Rune magic - though admittedly I didn't get very far. Where do I start looking? Where can I find books or pdf's on Ogham, Alchemy and Lore (saw the books posted in a other thread), or whatever else is relevant to Druidic knowledge?

I apologise if I am going about this in a hamfisted or wrong manner. I've only just begun to learn about the other half of my bloodline.

Pic unrelated.

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/warlock/ General

How will you use your druid powers purge our enemies? Because you you know, hiding won't save you and certainly won't recover what they took from you.