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We're moving

We have officially created a new board over at https://8chan.moe/vore1/

Come join there if you're sick of pictures getting deleted for no reason at all

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Abandon Ship

It's all falling apart.


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Another Another Requests Thread

As the previous request thread has reached 750 post limit again, this will be the fourth thread. As such,

"Looking for General. 'We don't know it's paid content if you don't mention it' edition.

Post here your requests for sources, images, and other things you're looking for."

Previous Thread: https://8kun.top/vore/res/41908.html

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State of the Board,



# Please prepare your visitors for a tor only experience — by administrator at 01/11/21 (Mon) 20:24:46

We may be deplatformed and TOR will be the only way to access 8kun at that time.


>Board is for vore and vore discussions - Please keep drama out of image threads, and drama in the "discussion" threads.

>Requests go in the request general - New threads may be deleted without warning. Prefer if paid work was limited to items unable to be purchased.

>Hard Vore, Scat and other trigger fetishes must be posted with spoilers outside of their specific threads

>No Illegal Content - No NSFW Loli/Shota, Real life vore.

>Please be civil - We're here for porn.

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my mom wants to be eaten


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Create account

Hope I’m doing this correctly

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JT-SexyLexi Paid stuff

Wondering if anyone has or is willing to buy any of Jt-SexyLexi's comics and upload them here

Link to shop: http://www.e-junkie.com/JTsexylexi

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Jessica rae

Dose anyone have some of Jessica rae work because a lot of it has been taken down, her art was amazing and it would be a shame to lose it.

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World War 3 WW3 Is Going To Occur Because I The Savior Is In Bad Mood

World War 3 WW3 Is Going To Occur Because I The Savior Is In Bad Mood

The only person that can prevent World War 3 is me, the real Savior Messiah Buddha.

But now I am in extremely bad mood (over the last several months already).

And I have decide this month May 2023 will be my last patience and waiting month for this society/civilization.

I have showed and given many proof such as unique ideas, books, courses, humanity projects that will great benefit this civilization.

But no any groups/entities want to collaborate at all either for money, wealth, good karma or just for their jobs.

My personal situation is terrible, I cannot open new international business from my low tier country which have too many restrictions.

Thus, it is better for me to give up, to stay silence and let this civilization sink and collapse.

If you know any beings, entities who truly want world peace and better society for all, then you should tell them to contact me or make big donation to me before too late.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Buddha

Source: www . ascensionjoy . com/05/2023/world-war-3-ww3-is-going-to-occur-because-i-the-savior-is-in-bad-mood/

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can you help me find these?

the artist deleted or removed them, I cant find them anymore. but I have these brandy images by Innocenttazlet?

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Malezor/Volezor's pajd content

I think his work is really amazing, but it seems no thread about it. I'll put what I have here and really appreciate it anyone could share too.

Multiversal Feast:


The Bribe:


Wild Sleepover:


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create account

i hope this works

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Video Sharing/RIP PH General 2

Since the old thread reached the bump limit, I thought I’d start a new one

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Creating account?

Not sure if I'm doing this right but just ignore me

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Create account


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Lets goo

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Ignore me

Just trying to figure this out

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New Gabi Comic

^^ need i say more?

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Creating an account

Just to see if images work

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New account dw


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Create Account

Ignore me

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Macalda Reye Patreon Only Videos

Anyone has any of mother macabres videos? She put a lot of her old videos behind a paywall and I wanna see them again!

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MyVoreShort LeagueofLegends Comics

Can anyone share these?

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New Account

I'm just trying to create an account to see if any of the images are still up.

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Girls and the Snake

Will this ever be updated again?

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Creating account


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laptop123 dump

went looking for laptops123's da account and its gone so i am dumping all i have in hopes others looking for his vore works find it and add more to it
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Ignore me

Creating account

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Make a account?

How the fuck do you sign up for a account?