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Meta Discussion

Good morning, fellow vidya babe lovers. This is your new B.O., reporting in. Sadly, our previous B.O. seems to have disappeared months ago and, coupled with the fact that this board is (at the moment of this post) essentially dead, I've decided to claim, and try to revitalize it.

This thread in particular is dedicated exclusively for any suggestions, gripes or comments you might have, regarding how the board is handled, banners or what changes you might like, etc.

11/2/16: Previous board owner here, I haven't abandoned this place yet, in fact I've been doing my best to advertise the board around 8chan. I'll be leaving this thread up for suggestions regarding advertising anyone may have.


4/18/2020: New BO here. I tweaked the rules a bit to ease up on restrictions, and hopefully make new posts more likely. AkaRai, Iczelionfag, I wish you both the best, and if either of you are around and don't like what I did, I'm willing to listen.

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Welcome to /tifa/, a board so named after the queen of /v/. Post Tifa and other busty vidya vixens you love.

Global rules apply. Just be courteous - i.e. no shitposting.

Edit: fixing the 404

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Bikini Thread

The skimpier the better!

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Because she's perfect
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Let's discuss the Tifa Breast Reduction Theory. Think it's legit?

Personally, I do believe it's intentional on the part of Square, seeing as they removed Lulu from FFX-2 replacing her with a flat character, reduced Lara Croft's bust, and have since primarily produced small-chested female characters.
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Mei-Fang, from Arcana Heart. There's certainly enough of her to fill her own thread.
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There's a new titty queen in town. And she's from a Zelda Spin off game
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Has this board really gone this long without a Sorceress thread?
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*Does not specifically need to be catgirls

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The bigger the… wings, the better.

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Whether they're canon or otherwise.

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Blue Girls

Blue girls are the white girls of non-humans.

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Back around 2013 up until September 2014, there was a guy on half/v/ who would do color edits of pictures. He would do mostly hair edits, and also pale skin edits. His most well-known edits are the ones of a partucluar Rosalina picture he used to pump out, with the first one being the most reposted. He said that it was because he had an ex-girlfriend with pale skin and raven-black hair, his favorite combination, and it reminded him of her. Anyway, with the death of http://archive.moe , a lot of these pictures are lost, so I'm reposting the ones I have saved here. There are probably a lot more out there, though.

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Alright, I think it's time for a paizuri thread.
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Why is this board dead? There's only been one post within four months, and after that nearly a whole year. Are there not enough recent or popular large-breasted characters or games featuring them? Do not enough people know this board even exists? Is it because Senran Kagura has its own board? Does 8chan mostly hate anything that isn't petite, flatchested, nor a Under-age child, because it seems like it doesn't matter whether you're among the mainstream or niche crowds, liking boobs is becoming more and more haram no matter where you go.

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Obscure Ladies

Post characters there unfortunately aren't enough images of to justify giving their own thread.

I'll start off with Robin. I gotta say, when Pilotwings 64 came out, her design was enough to draw my attention enough to pick up and play the game.
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Are cosplay threads okay?
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Kicking things off with a little Tifa flood.
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Let's have a DoA thread, shall we?

All board-themed DoAs welcome. That means no lolis.
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Just making this thread to say that I'm glad this board exists. We may be super-slow, but it's good there is a place where we can talk about vidya girls like this without delving into normalfaggotry.

Posting best girl as gratitude.

Keep the tits coming, gentlemen.

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SoulCalibur thread

Well, really, Taki thread, but you can post your favorite titty monsters from SoulCalibur as well.
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Any love for Candy from Fighting Vipers?
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Why, if it isn't Izuna, the Unemployed Ninja
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A couple characters from Criminal Girls have proportions befitting this board, and there's a lot of great art of them. Best part is, most of it's official.
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For being a relatively minor character, there's an awful lot of art of her, and I will say she quite made me interested in the game she's in.

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This board needs more Tiffany.
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Favorite MK girls? I'm partial to Skarlet.
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Roomi's a personal favorite, though unfortunately fairly obscure. There's very little good art of her out there.