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Just wondering if this makes sense to you all? Trying to apply logic in figuring out who's who as I attempt to catch up on everything Q related here. Please correct me if anything doesn't jive.


1. Some who get "Blackmailed" do not welcome their situation.

2. Some may have willingly allowed themselves to be compromised in exchange for power/money.

3. The others hold no loyalty for their Blackmailers and are angry with themselves, for being stupid, as well as those who now control them. Sound like a miserable existence?

4. The ones who willingly accept such arraignments, would probably be treated differently than the ones who had no choice.

5. The willing "deal makers", might even be initiated in ceremony, while the unwilling, might just get a letter in the mail detailing the proof against them and a veiled threat+ …

6. The unwilling, may not be such bad actors. Only dupes that may have cheated on their wives/taxes, maybe secretly gay. Probably some are just as bad as the willing and were just sloppy. But the dupes would hold guilt.

7. The willing, are most likely narcissistic sociopaths. They didn't care what they had to do, who got hurt, what might be asked of them. They were in it for themselves, right?

8. Which group, the willing or the unwilling, might be more inclined to make a secret deal with the trusted enemies of their Blackmailers? Maybe, feign compliance with their controllers demand while keeping a new ally in the loop. Acting as the opposition until the time is right?

9. How might we separate the current players into each group, for clarity? Once separated, could we maybe use logic, to figure who might be "playing along"?

10. The friends you choose are a reflection of who you are. History matters. Family matters…Or does it?

11. Are all above a certain lvl compromised in some way? Above what lvl?

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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