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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

ee8afb No.748261

Welcome FBI: We've been expecting you. Hopefully you will learn something while you are here. We know not all of you are bad apples, only some of you are comp'd.

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File: 21b32f7ac1a7f3c⋯.jpg (558.37 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 21b32f7ac1a7f3cfd0e78ae986….jpg)

Current Operations : Kekistani War Department



[3] hashes:




https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2 OR TINY URL bit. ly/2oSGA2n

Make sure to follow up with the email verification!!!

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ee8afb No.748282

https:// pastebin.com/UhGJany0

b99273 No.748293

Mueller and Comey.

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypx1Stz8zN0

945b85 No.748294

I can't believe we gotta deal with FBI niggers now too.

e3e21a No.748303

last bread


0bb76d No.748304

File: 4119046a36475ab⋯.png (343.12 KB, 1159x626, 1159:626, 06A6E185-4068-4B96-AEB5-43….png)

There’s a reasons Trump’s tweet had RESET in all capitols. We were over the target. GLobal currency RESET. He tweeted about it just as we were discussing it here. Then the shills poured in.

fff729 No.748305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cecd36 No.748307

File: 879993a9a2a338f⋯.png (173.42 KB, 1597x827, 1597:827, Java Script Screenshot (1).png)

File: 54f255eb7c925a4⋯.png (171.66 KB, 1599x829, 1599:829, Java Script Screenshot (2).png)

File: 201e39ffe6d61ec⋯.png (177.17 KB, 1597x829, 1597:829, Java Script Screenshot (3).png)

File: 28926f4efca108a⋯.png (169.79 KB, 1598x830, 799:415, Java Script Screenshot (4).png)

Here are Q's Java Script abbreviations. Some anon on Reddit sent this to me. Save all 4

7528ec No.748309


Suhail Rizvi

Founder / CIO

Mr. Rizvi is co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Rizvi Traverse Management. He has over 26 years of private equity investing, operations and management experience.

John A. Giampetroni

Founder / COO

Mr. Giampetroni is a co-founder and member of the Investment Committee of Rizvi Traverse. Mr. Giampetroni has over 25 years of investing experience.

Ben Kohn

Managing Partner

Mr. Kohn is a Managing Partner and leads Rizvi Traverse’s Los Angeles office. Mr. Kohn is a member of the investment committee of Rizvi Traverse and has over 18 years of investing experience.


George Akopov


Mr. Akopov is a Director at Rizvi Traverse and has over 10 years of experience in private equity, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and accounting. Mr. Akopov also holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.


Todd Knowles


Mr. Knowles is the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for managing the financial reporting, accounting, fund administration and tax compliance functions for the firm.

Audrey DiMarzo

Principal and General Counsel

Ms. DiMarzo is Principal and General Counsel of Rizvi Traverse and has over 17 years of legal experience in private equity, venture capital, mergers and acquisition and securities law compliance. Ms. DiMarzo received a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Karen Blanchard


Ms. Blanchard is the Chief Compliance Officer. Ms. Blanchard is responsible for managing all administrative functions of the firm, including compliance, regulatory, legal, and human resources.

James Caballes

Project Manager

James Caballes joined Rizvi Traverse Management in March 2007 and has over 30 years of experience in marketing, sales and operations, information technology, and improving corporate efficiencies.

Jennifer Rudoy


Ms. Rudoy is a Senior Accountant at Rizvi Traverse Management and is responsible for assisting with all finance and accounting functions for the firm.

Jing Situ


Ms. Situ is a fund controller at Rizvi Traverse Management and is responsible for accounting and tax functions under the supervision of the Chief Financial Officer.

Anna Cianci

Office Admin

Ms. Cianci is responsible for the administrative functions of the firm’s New York office.

c00aab No.748310

AHH IM SO TRIGGERED THAT YOU DIDN'T CALL IT: Which RT? Correctly numbered edition

Jk, thank you baker :^)

d0c24b No.748311

Slight slide- anyone have a Fox News YT link? Having trouble getting live one.

600b2f No.748312


Was that not about the Iran relations reset by the obama admin with hillary as sec. state?

58727a No.748313

File: 9ab54585ed287e3⋯.jpg (124.13 KB, 636x261, 212:87, Hannity_Boom.jpg)

Hannity is funny…hehe.

331e12 No.748314


Drop Pence too. Trump/Flynn

8220c7 No.748315

File: ef7513fe9b4e784⋯.jpg (36.98 KB, 510x510, 1:1, $$003.jpg)

cecd36 No.748316


Most of this is true. Different countries will have different currencies but the exchange rates will all be even to each other

8220c7 No.748317

File: 8a8d2491112fe1c⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 552x550, 276:275, $$001c.jpg)

817abe No.748318

46c1c9 No.748319

Thought just occurred to me, parkland then Austin, can we draw lines between the last few false flags/attacks and see if they form a geometric pattern?

6edc90 No.748320

File: 56032c6fc6df66f⋯.png (822.85 KB, 753x620, 753:620, boom-clowns.png)


c6f99e No.748321


I don't know why this hasn't be labeled as notabel if GEOTUS literally gave us a nod. Come on baker!

289557 No.748323

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Don't know if this has been dug already…

Kristine Marcy Founder of SES (Keystone) emails her brother that she is giving up. Surrendering.

She is all up in the Pedophilia with HRC.

Not good sauce. Only her brothers word and an email.

Tube: v=b9lEtLZm3bE

8220c7 No.748324

File: 99b15ab98494eb0⋯.jpg (63.45 KB, 960x484, 240:121, $$003a.jpg)

cecd36 No.748325


What are odds that RT is in fact Rizvi Traverse Management?

e701ff No.748326


Buy zim! Buy dong! Buy my newsletter! Reset happening tomorrow (for the past 15 years)

Kill yourself.

9dec22 No.748327

Bit off topic question anons but do you guys feel the waves of energy nowadays? Like it's been a week now. Mostly feel them when sitting still and stuff

58727a No.748328


Wouldn't that be RTM?

Just saying.

3a6a44 No.748329


It was going that way last bread

7e9bd8 No.748330

File: 8e7f4155bfaa6fb⋯.jpeg (67.02 KB, 960x639, 320:213, c7491bf98f2ee6bba7dbfba75….jpeg)

Thank you baker

8220c7 No.748331


Bet you they form an owl

ee8afb No.748332


Rizvi doesn't have anything to do with FB though, do they? They manage Twitter.

90bf96 No.748333

Youtube just banned all videos even showing guns. This shit has to be fixed!

7e9bd8 No.748334


Kek. It would

ee8afb No.748335


Sorry Pence but this would be badass.

c8c6aa No.748336


>HRC was in India… Did she meet with Suhail Rizvi?

This is a great question.

97798c No.748337

Sentence formation matters.


All posts are connected.







Big meeting.

Cell phones left at door.


5 political

1 former intel dir

Mask & Spin

IDEN friendly ‘insiders’

MSM support +talking points

Shift narrative


We hear you.

We have the algorithm.

Thank you @ Snowden.

Learn chess.

Down she goes.

Nobody escapes this.




Are you following the news today?


These people are REALLY stupid.

This will be the END of the D party.

This will be the path forward (w/ public outrage) to JAIL many so-called 'untouchables'.

You, THE PEOPLE, have the POWER.




@Jack, MZ, ES, JB, EM, SH, MSM, etc.

Do you know that we know?

Do you know that we see all?

Do you know that we hear all?





cc40fc No.748338

File: b911f3499c7a76c⋯.png (248.28 KB, 374x540, 187:270, madam.png)

7e9bd8 No.748339



c6f99e No.748340

File: 2f6f7d292d4711a⋯.jpg (601.01 KB, 1080x1629, 120:181, b6061193ff3b9c10a76fedd63a….jpg)


Adding the side by side to confirm GEOTUS mentioning it minutes after we did.



Suck my dong, shill.

609028 No.748341

File: d132ec05ed010fb⋯.png (38.39 KB, 333x278, 333:278, George Akopov.png)

File: 01fdc004d69aa32⋯.png (52.66 KB, 647x135, 647:135, Background.png)

File: 75681839d64032e⋯.png (316.33 KB, 1017x436, 1017:436, M&A.png)


Their director used to handled mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures at Jefferies.

I posted sauce on it last bread.

ae6abb No.748342


(anon rubs chin) reminds me of Nazi gun grab, from Jews.

8220c7 No.748343



914b50 No.748344

File: 058313715566552⋯.png (78.62 KB, 1035x872, 1035:872, rivzi1.png)

File: 80d6b5966679d09⋯.png (10.3 KB, 191x255, 191:255, rivzi2.png)

File: d73e9b07a133faa⋯.png (43.47 KB, 846x900, 47:50, rivzi3.png)


well done anon. you saw 208 as well I assume. "very Important".

he HAS to be the RT. Trex is lame duck with no power


RIVZI.... India... hoessein & killery were there.

damn dudes..

692f99 No.748345


Yellow letters would make it stand out more….

ee8afb No.748346


I agree with you. Why would Rex meet with FB though? That seems odd too.

680e06 No.748347


Did someone say mind control???

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=oC0iQNY_PVs

There are a lot more videos of obama NLP stuff out there if you want to have a gander down that rabbit hole.

c8c6aa No.748348


You have to go back.

144e99 No.748349

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


why do you lie?'

424309 No.748350


looks like hover over text

58727a No.748351


Just did a search for AR15 on YouTube, tons of videos came up.

7528ec No.748352

>>748332 yes

Questions Answered on Rizvi Traverse’s SESAC Investment

January 22nd, 2013 via Billboard

WHAT? SESAC, the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers, has a new majority owner in private equity firm Rizvi Traverse. According to reports, Rizvi Traverse paid $600 million for a 75% stake in the company, which would give SESAC an $800 million valuation. Billboard sources say that more likely the price was $450 million for the 75% stake, which would result in a $600 million valuation. An earlier auction yielded bids of only $500 million-$550 million, they say.

WHY? Rizvi Traverse probably bought in, due to SESAC’s ability to produce a five-year 13% compound annual growth rate. Some see further growth opportunities in an expanded roster, or from diversifying into administration services, mechanical licensing or maybe even an international play. Beyond that, SESAC’s model leaves plenty of room for investors to recapture cash. In the last three years, BMI has paid out to songwriters and publishers 85.5% of the $2.7 billion it has collected; ASCAP has paid out nearly 87% of the $2.9 billion it has collected, while SESAC has paid out only 47%, or $167 million of the $356 million in revenue it collected, according to sources. In its most recent fiscal year, SESAC produced $41 million in EBITDA, while net publisher’s share was $68 million, on total revenue of $128 million. That model leaves plenty of cash for dividend payouts to owners.

WHO? Rizvi Traverse, a private equity firm that has made equity investments in talent agency ICM, film studio Summit Entertainment, Playboy, Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, the sellers-Stephen Swid, Allen & Co., entertainment lawyer Freddie Gershon and Ira Smith-bought SESAC in 1992 for $15 million. Along the way it sold 36% of SESAC to asset management firm Och-Ziff in a deal that valued SESAC at $410 million in 2010.

If the original investors retain a 25% stake, and Rizvi Traverse bought out their other 39% stake and Och-Ziff’s 36% stake, that means the latter received $216 million on its $147.6 million investment, while a $140 million debt offering from 2010 was also probably retired, leaving the original owners with a $94 million payout plus whatever dividends they paid themselves since 1992. For the last six years, that totaled $18 million in dividends and $158 million in dividend recapitalizations, or dividends funded by debt offerings.

IF? If new deep-pocketed owner Rizvi Traverse sees opportunity to grow SESAC, will it invest more funds for acquisitions? Or will it see SESAC as a safe cash-flow-producing investment like real estate, which produces predictable cash streams, and simply wait for dividends?

Meanwhile, SESAC management sees new growth opportunities in signing more international songwriters, and added revenue as digital service providers grow their revenue base. Currently, digital licensing accounts for only 2% of its revenue, while all broadcasting produces 60% of its revenue; general licensing to stores, concert halls, airlines, restaurants and bars brings in 25%; and foreign revenue accounts for about 13%. -Ed Christman

e701ff No.748353


False. A shitty SJW move to be sure. But not at all what you're claiming.

YouTube will ban videos that promote or link to websites selling firearms and accessories, including bump stocks, which allow a semi-automatic rifle to fire faster. Additionally, YouTube said it will prohibit videos with instructions on how to assemble firearms. The video site, owned by Alphabet Inc.’s Google, has faced intense criticism for hosting videos about guns, bombs and other deadly weapons.


cecd36 No.748354


Yes most likely. Just trying to explore all options

331e12 No.748355


Yep..I know when I watch a youtube video, I'm itching to go shoot up a school…aren't you anon?

Fucking idiots don't realize any gun and rapid fire…doesn't matter how you define it…if it's not guns, it will be bombs, fire, swords, acid, poison or something else….

Then again, once the CIA is dismantled, these fake terror events will stop.

a5e0f6 No.748356


My question would be, why did Trudeau visit India and short after Hillary?

And why did they both wear Indian inspired clothing?

cecd36 No.748357


No dumbass, it tells some of the abbreviations we still argue about. We know 95% of them, but it fills in a few holes, fuck off

5efeb5 No.748358

File: 931941e885eaba4⋯.jpg (9.11 KB, 277x182, 277:182, images (1).jpg)

ee8afb No.748359


Side by sides go in the side by side thread.

Good graphic though.

9433dd No.748360


When in Rome.

837061 No.748361

>>748355 Wow lack of shills…they scurred

914b50 No.748362

fff729 No.748363


Strange how pot legalization people went on for years about reefer madness fake news, but when Donald Trump used the same technique to combat media propaganda, they got all upset because he was Team Elephant and not Team Donkey..

9dec22 No.748364



They changed their policy around guns earlier today, seen in a tweet @donutoperator retweeted but it's been deleted for some reason

ee8afb No.748365


I wonder if they will start managing FB?

680e06 No.748366


I don’t think tillerson is that stupid tbh. Rizvi traverse fits much better.

d666b2 No.748367

File: 3dc1674081a7002⋯.png (373.34 KB, 1173x1873, 1173:1873, IMG_3254.PNG)


7e9bd8 No.748368


Kek. Thankfully I never do that.

5c384a No.748369

File: 635d8281a48daa7⋯.jpg (166.62 KB, 924x960, 77:80, myspace.jpg)

Memefag reporting in.

cecd36 No.748370

RT in Q's drop last night is "Real Time". He is telling us about a secret meeting that is going on. He did the same thing with Adam Schiff right before the memo came out. Real Time.

424309 No.748371


good catch anon

837061 No.748372

>>748362 No HRC is trying some country that will let her run to them…..cash money up front is all i can tell them

0bb76d No.748373


Shill confirms it!

Add these 2 to the dough.



d3ad3c No.748374

Rizvi wifey.

Patti Jean Blanchard Rizv is 51 years old and was born on 02/05/1967. Currently, she lives in Sparta, NJ; and previously lived in New York, NY

45e3e4 No.748377


And what was that last name again?

97af4f No.748378


Hover asshat!

0d461f No.748379


I hope they like it.

9660e6 No.748380

Suhail R. Rizvi is co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Rizvi Traverse Management LLC has a large stake in Facebook.

A venture capitalist, his investments include Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard and Square.[3] Due to his large stake in Twitter, both personally and for other investors, he was the subject of media scrutiny at the time of Twitter's IPO; he is notoriously private.

People with direct knowledge of his investment activities say that Rizvi, backed by Chris Sacca, a former Google executive and Twitter investor, were instrumental in attracting large private investors to the microblogging site, serving as matchmaker between the company’s founders and global financiers from Wall Street to Riyadh.

https ://www.hindustantimes.com/world/suhail-rizvi-the-47-year-old-unsocial-social-media-baron/story-WWDY7jGJhfmmqhiOS1vcyL.html

The previously unknown extent of Rizvi’s involvement in Twitter comes as the eight-year-old company prepares for Silicon Valley’s biggest coming-out party since Facebook’s IPO in 2012.

47-year-old financier who guards his secrecy so zealously that he employs a person to take down his Wikipedia entry and scrub his photos from the internet.

meme his pic everywhere on the socials!!

no pic of him person deletes it every day

https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suhail_Rizvi

a5e0f6 No.748381


When I'm travelling, I'm wearing the same clothes, I'm wearing at home. I wouldn't travel to Bavaria and wear Lederhosen.

609028 No.748382





e0f2b3 No.748383



o'd say a meeting is always realtime and therefore Rex Tiller would make sense..

I don't know yet whether to alter that post or 'to gamble on 'rex Tillerson


thanks for mentioning that! I did check the abbreviations list but didn't search for it on Q's page: stupid!


now I saw that, I am afraid I made a stupid mistake.. ah well..

Thank you all very much for your answers!

fff729 No.748384


It's like they fear people getting gun training.

Oh well.

https:// explore.nra.org/

2662cd No.748385

File: 54dc1a22e832e30⋯.jpg (841.12 KB, 1920x2016, 20:21, Make Earth Great Again.jpg)


>I have an American History book that was published at the first Anniversary of Interdependence, 1876, and it details a 2nd "Great Awakening"

Couldn't find that citation - But here's Wiki

- https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Great_Awakening -

cecd36 No.748386

File: 1fe07bc9f27a702⋯.png (5.9 KB, 255x176, 255:176, 685516d3ce2ee2cab4cbb28e99….png)


Come back in a month, Redditer

648610 No.748387



c99768 No.748388

da3a41 No.748389


Parkland School Shooting

Austin Bombings

Parkland Bus Burnings, TX and PA

Plus a few more.

29880b No.748390

File: 564377facc75e7b⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 680x591, 680:591, yass.jpg)


Thanks anon.

A unique, relevant, and succinct post about specific info, including context, related pic, and link to sauce. And done without insulting people, or using obnoxious formatting or fake-you's.

Unfortunate that this is no longer the standard but the exception.

ee8afb No.748391


I think this is it. Traverse is a maybe, Tillerson is a no. RT meeting with FB +8.

837061 No.748392

>>748380 Thats right Anons give her a good background check….see what slime oozes up

331e12 No.748393


Good news for you anon. The new Saudi king is lifting the requirement for Burkas in SA.

fd5bf5 No.748394

Just re-read the Stormy lawsuit and original NDA.


It definitely says that "Donald J Trump" aka "Mr Trump" aka David Dennision is the one who ran for President, AND is the person in the NDA.

But nowhere in the NDA does it mention they had a sexual relationship.

And of course the NDA was never signed.

So, did they construct a hoax we are watching play out now?

7704e4 No.748395


It seems the wheel of Samsara.

cecd36 No.748396


I'm gonna research Rex and Mark and see if they've ever crossed paths

aa3afd No.748397

File: 4001b2a0e7d1e70⋯.jpg (615.27 KB, 1458x483, 486:161, FuckComedyCentral.jpg)

6edc90 No.748398

7da2e4 No.748399

File: 5f57946da540d47⋯.png (318.33 KB, 482x468, 241:234, ClipboardImage.png)

Posted this last bread but nobody noticed, sorry about double posting.

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/03/20/seth-rich-investigator-attacked/

7528ec No.748400


> >>747062 Rizvi Traverse Portfolio Connections

837061 No.748401

>>748389 They do they all point at a clown

424309 No.748402


so Q never mentions rex tillerson or Rizvi Traverse?

we are sure of that? it's always real time?

6b848a No.748403


you're right. Jason Goodman is not a good source.

da3a41 No.748404

who has snowden's new twitter handle

19471d No.748405


This is so fucked up.

What's worse is I believe it to be true.

These people are fucking sick.

2d89b5 No.748406




YES!! The Rex Tillerson guess was ridiculous

Then Twatter gets flooded with old photo of Mattis & Tillerson in Jefferson restaurant in DC

Like Mattis is implicated too

Total Disinfo


837061 No.748407

>>748399 Yeah he looks like a normie……not

a9523a No.748408

File: c331fd5c00c0aaa⋯.png (265.76 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2968.PNG)


In this post Q told us that MZ had a secret meeting to "mask & spin"….it is NO COINCIDENCE that ole MarkyMark put out his press release TODAY, After Q's drop!!

If this doesn't tell you that Q truly does hear and see all I don't know what could convince you!

Q also showed us the "spin" that Comedy Central is trying to do to us & this board and he says to "expect more"….he is telling Anons that much more reports against us (QR) are coming…SO BE PREPARED!! We must be organized & ready to show the world that Q is real & what we have dug up on all the drops he has given us. This is why (IMO) he said to do side by side meme of Q (with TIMESTAMP) that relate to POTUS tweets with Timestamp AFTER Q's posts to validate the authenticity of Q, Anons & the Great Awakening.

BE PREPARED FOR WAR!! Get ready to


9dec22 No.748409


donut just fucking set up his stream in a god damn gun shop, like what the hell with these new rules he's probably gonna be pretty restricted haha.

At that point we either need /ourguys/ to take control of youtube, or a new youtube, with blackjack and hookers

a5e0f6 No.748410


>o'd say a meeting is always realtime

Real time means NOW.

837061 No.748411

>>748410 Thanx Captain obvious

1d2e2d No.748412

File: 6252ca6f9e6065d⋯.jpg (7.9 KB, 275x183, 275:183, child-with-head-blown-apar….jpg)

Clinton Foundation Funded Operations


2662cd No.748413

File: d7e515088c944e1⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 181x181, 1:1, GreatAwakeningTime.jpg)


Was wrong on two counts. the second "Great Awakening" was in the 18th c.

And I spelled "Independence" wrong

7e9a33 No.748414


I'm using this right now.

http:// streamfare.com/foxnews.html

d3ad3c No.748415


That shits crazy.

But the drum mag is so huge for only 20 rounds.

Not practical for army.

Gimme a Rem 870 trigger happy edition 10 +1 tub mag anyday.

2d89b5 No.748416


Posted yesterday


Field has no proof

Just brotherly intuition

Has said as much

6edc90 No.748417

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Mad world - lady Pepe (song)

8b7145 No.748418

Repost from >>>/thestorm/2723

> 2014 Kingdom Holding Company (KHC), chaired by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, announced its investment in the Rizvi Opportunistic Equity Fund III. KHC recently invested in the Rizvi Opportunistic Equity Fund III building on the previous successful relation, which led to KHC investment in Twitter. The fund is specialized in pre-IPO opportunities in well-known and well-managed companies in the United States with a focus on Technology, e-commerce and social media. Furthermore the size of the fund is expected to be $400 million.

[C][A] basically controls Twitter through Rizvi investment and they were trying to manipulate the election towards one candidate. Treason!

>Who paid for BO to attend Harvard?

Donald Warden AKA Dr. Khalid Abdullah Al-Mansour

Mansour, according to a well-circulated local access television interview made in 2007, contacted Sutton in the mid-80s for help getting Obama into Harvard Law. Obama’s patron was Alwaleed bin-Talal, one of the world’s richest men.

Shortly before Obama entered Harvard Law, bin-Talal donated twenty million dollars to Harvard. Five years later bin-Talal created the “Alwaleed bin-Talal Center for Islamic Studies” at Harvard Divinity School. At about the same time bin-Talal, probably with al-Mansour as his agent, opened similar centers at Georgetown, Cambridge, American University, and other major Universites. Al-Mansour was involved in the funding of Wahhabi mosques throughout the US.

Bin-Talal is the largest private investor in News Corp, which owns the WSJ and FOX news. He was bailed out of his potential total loss, benefiting, much as did Warren Buffet, from Obama’s bailout of Citibank, Goldman Sachs, and GEBy July 1979, he was being quoted as Khalid Al Mansour, "formal" attorney for OPEC, threatening an oil embargo by the OPEC nations in response to a lawsuit filed against the cartel.

Percy Sutton, a former lawyer for Malcolm X and a former business partner of al-Mansour, says he was raising money for Obama’s graduate school education, al-Mansour was representing top members of the Saudi Royal family seeking to do business and exert influence in the United States. In 1989, for example — just one year after Obama entered Harvard Law School — The Los Angeles Times revealed that al-Mansour had been advising Saudi billionaires Abdul Aziz and Khalid al-Ibrahim in their secret effort to acquire a major stake in prime oceanfront property in Marina del Rey, Calif., through “an elaborate network of corporate shells in California, the Caribbean and Europe.”

501 Key people to follow up on, other than Suhail:

> Mr. Todd Knowles is the Chief Financial Officer at Rizvi Traverse Management LLC. He is responsible for managing the financial reporting, accounting, fund administration and tax compliance functions for the firm and previously served as a Director of Finance.

Prior to joining Rizvi Traverse Management LLC in 2008, Mr. Knowles was a Senior Vice President at Citi Private Equity Services, co-leading the private equity services client group based in New York City. Prior to Citi, he was a Controller for an international technology company and a Manager at a regional certified public accounting firm. Mr. Knowles is a C.P.A. He holds a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from the University of Buffalo.

https:// www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=53143290&privcapId=32427911

>Mr. Ben Kohn is a Managing Partner at Rizvi Traverse Management LLC. He serves as a Interim Chief Executive Officer of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. He was a Partner at the firm. Mr. Kohn joined Angelo, Gordon & Co. in 1998, where he focused on private equity and special situations. He has over 18 years of investing experience. Previously, Mr. Kohn was in the Merger and Acquisition Group at Cowen & Company. He received a B.S.M. degree from A.B. Freeman School of Tulane University and an M.B.

d9549b No.748419


Twitter's shadow banning is driven by Facebook's data and algorithms. They even warned us about this in late November.

RT in that Q drop was saying that Rizvi Traverse was represented at the meeting along with MZ, politicos and either Brennan or Clapper

cecd36 No.748420


He used RT for Rex once or twice, but never mentioned Rizvi Traverse before

9433dd No.748421


You also wouldn't be standing next to head of state in front of journo's.

I hear India is very hot at times, I wouldn't think it's a place where you'd want to wear jeans all the time, sweaty balls en all that.

2aecb0 No.748422


Check Q Post #208


Nov 23 2017 00:01:22




Rizvi Traverse Management.

Very important.


a5e0f6 No.748423


I read that.

But men were never required to wear a Burka, iirc.

7704e4 No.748424

Hmm, I found this article when I was searching things of France., maybe irrelevavnt.

https:// wtop.com/europe/2018/03/france-court-oks-third-life-sentence-for-carlos-the-jackal/amp/

ee8afb No.748425


Where are you seeing that he is invested in FB?

b5728d No.748426



144e99 No.748427


FPS Russia is awesome the guy has some sick vids…

the quadrotor is one of my personal favs…

402f13 No.748428

331e12 No.748429


Check out "Weird Scenes inside the Canyon" Dave McGowan

More microcosim about music in Laurel Canyon..clown/intelligence/mk related. Social engineering...similar stuff

424309 No.748430


there should be a separate meme library just for that purpose

d0c24b No.748432


T y anon.

6b848a No.748433

File: 95ebdfb733ac551⋯.png (322.9 KB, 1905x909, 635:303, 3.22 indian attack.PNG)

File: 50fb89a1ea46521⋯.png (64.31 KB, 727x351, 727:351, skullbonz.PNG)


>3.22 a big date for secret societies; numerous mass killings on that day.

Going all the way back to 1622, apparently:

http:// www.virtualjamestown.org/phatmass.html

9660e6 No.748434


double meanings to widen the net of the anons

78a3e4 No.748435


OP-Office of Personnel


"(which was to be chaired by D/Pers)"

Director of Personnel?



Where are the other pages? I saw them elsewhere…

837061 No.748436

>>748422 bingo was looking for it

97af4f No.748437


All you have to do to see the abbreviations is hover over them. You don't have to go all Mr. Robot.

You act like you actually found something.

Not to mention, those aren't the actual Q posts but a site that displays them.

So. You go back to Reddit or Corsi's YouTube channel or Dilley's twitter, faggot.

ee8afb No.748438



nvm I found it. I was looking at the other link.

d3ad3c No.748439


What’s crazy is the dude that attacked him was an ex special agent for the Dept of Energy.

That’s where Q clearance comes from.


4ed1d8 No.748440


National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) was a set of proposed economic reforms suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax, abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy. The proposals were never introduced before Congress.

NESARA has since become better known as the subject of a cult-like conspiracy theory promoted by Shaini Candace Goodwin, doing business as "Dove of Oneness", who claimed that the act was actually passed with additional provisions as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and then suppressed by the George W. Bush administration and the Supreme Court. Goodwin's conspiracy emails have been translated into several languages and have a large following online.[1]

a5e0f6 No.748441


YES. But nobody wants to know that, it seems.

331e12 No.748442


hehe…defintely don't wear your Lederhosen to Saudi Arabia

cecd36 No.748443


I'm leaning that way. Rizvi's top clients are Facebook and Twitter

7b5e8f No.748444

File: 62984966d918531⋯.jpg (178.98 KB, 824x1000, 103:125, 06e82c17b394d3bf1df32f7dd0….jpg)

File: daf74d3b25afc82⋯.png (347.24 KB, 800x443, 800:443, 34ad0954c5f4fb0a8aa477d9d7….png)

692f99 No.748445

File: f0d6cc33d1c23aa⋯.png (906.93 KB, 759x545, 759:545, screenshot_727.png)


Fluoride stare….

1eea56 No.748446

File: 20d4eb49135b3bd⋯.jpg (452.04 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, peakyblinders4.jpg)

File: 3e478479aa85a34⋯.jpg (421.42 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, peakyblinders3.jpg)

File: a1f9dc9644c36df⋯.jpg (468.93 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, peakyblinders2.jpg)

File: 644cc5eef85856e⋯.jpg (497.44 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, peakyblinders1.jpg)

6edc90 No.748447


its our job 2 redpill the watching FBI now

424309 No.748448


May Day is another

d3ad3c No.748449


Gonna check him out.

Big gun lover.

837061 No.748450

>>748445 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO flouride shills back

5efeb5 No.748451

File: 5960d11756a8f4e⋯.jpg (151.26 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, 58ebba4435b05.image.jpg)


special agent ? DOE me thinks SES

9660e6 No.748452


47-year-old financier who guards his secrecy so zealously that he employs a person to take down his Wikipedia entry and scrub his photos from the internet. - weakness

Learn to play chess

1eea56 No.748453

File: 5a48225f3a37c4d⋯.jpg (816.15 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, peakyblinders5.jpg)

File: b92a9dd6160d3e5⋯.jpg (465.28 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, peakyblinders6.jpg)

File: 898715a05db8175⋯.jpg (547.12 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, peakyblinders7.jpg)

33bf01 No.748454

File: cd0db1899c9c052⋯.jpg (122.28 KB, 564x500, 141:125, DYS5XtWUMAAY-bw.jpg)

946623 No.748455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good Cabal hunting music for the Troops : )

Click Click Boom!

67e5be No.748456



e0f2b3 No.748457



I obviously didn't understand understand that, immediately.

Thanks for explaining this stupidfag, anon

b1d9ea No.748458

File: 1c30878a4d58405⋯.jpg (45.45 KB, 600x395, 120:79, waco1.jppg.jpg)

File: 750dccb8dbe163d⋯.jpg (93.32 KB, 683x468, 683:468, waco2.jpg)

File: 29cd925d342e38a⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 2549x2387, 2549:2387, waco3.jpg)

File: 94eb94d3fa91cc7⋯.jpg (40.03 KB, 676x476, 169:119, waco4.jpg)

File: 16fd7eab189abd6⋯.jpg (212.46 KB, 1484x1165, 1484:1165, waco5.jpg)



Hey FBI, did you guys pass slides of your kill job at Waco to the newbies that have come in since the psychopath Clinton and his barren bitch AG Reno dropped a bomb on the Mount Carmel Center where the babies were taking cover. I bet Madeline Albright had everything to do from restraining her delight, as it had to be worth it. That delight was probably overcome by her desire to celebrate her new found “Jewish Roots” and not head on down to Waco to eat the remain of one of the bar-b-q’d kids.

You’re a bunch of sick fucks.>>748412

b0bce0 No.748459


There is, in the catalog

8220c7 No.748460

File: 2bc1cea5a4954fb⋯.jpg (62.87 KB, 567x878, 567:878, 26814617_10157152048802942….jpg)

2aecb0 No.748461


FB and Twitter were both using the algorithim to ban/shadow ban. They are both social media meeting with Intel and political leaders in secret.

c00aab No.748462

File: 9ea45143d09b66c⋯.png (626.41 KB, 800x571, 800:571, 1479447981844.png)


Didn't the FBI run a dark web CP site for a year or so?

Guessing most of the transactions would have been with BTC, the strongest crypto.

Wonder if the reset happens when the elites dump their remaining thawed USD for BTC in a final act of desperation.

BTC can be tracked, after all.


>my wallet when Trump announces USD now backed by blockchain

Nah, that's prolly just sum bullshit

837061 No.748463

d2d03a No.748466


Rizvi Traverse research thread from cbts board

https:// 8ch.net/cbts/res/3952.html#3952

cecd36 No.748468

File: 5af015cfa3a0ff2⋯.jpg (87.35 KB, 500x545, 100:109, 26vgjp.jpg)

2091f5 No.748469



2662cd No.748470

File: f367622ba784333⋯.png (177.48 KB, 626x351, 626:351, GreatAwakeningQAnon.png)


Damn, There was a third Great Awakening

- https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Great_Awakening -

837061 No.748471

9dec22 No.748472


Goodman is a disinfo agent of some kind anyways, why are people still paying attention to him.

ea39fc No.748473

File: e49d6ac6cd8fea2⋯.jpg (378.09 KB, 1848x817, 1848:817, 1518129208226.jpg)

File: 42d190e11f1401f⋯.jpg (15.54 KB, 226x255, 226:255, 151573773377uyeuu5uu253676….jpg)

File: 069ef0cc1ba0327⋯.png (77.87 KB, 700x467, 700:467, 00643610015156416616416541….png)

Just to continue from prev thread. Oliver, Kimmel and other Late Night retards just read off the script and aquire shekels. Its the format thats evil and viewers arent aware.

Denouncing 'wrong' viewpoint + Euphoria/Adrenaline + Praising 'correct' viewpoint is very fucking advanced manipulation of unsuspecting viewers. The methods predate whoever the talking head is at present time. This type of disgusting subversion must be stopped.

b247ee No.748474


No…. it isn't….. it is shit retard music….

f46c05 No.748476

File: bdf7d586a1acd07⋯.png (4.13 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, CFF2ACCA-308F-422C-9D37-21….png)

File: 0d3723a527436f7⋯.png (548.26 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 59D481FB-3538-41B8-A334-5A….png)

File: 00abca21c5bdf59⋯.png (526.5 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 661D43BA-9960-4625-9CB2-A2….png)

File: d6900bd6cbc22c8⋯.png (476.37 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 67E11B35-2243-476D-9B93-5C….png)

File: 83007a2235ca483⋯.png (500.39 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 649965EF-3ABA-4C95-8F6D-AB….png)

Haven’t seen this posted today. Congress passes motion to lead to POTUS desk a bill that will hold companies liable like FB, TWITTER, and others for hosting and aiding sex trafficking on their websites! Boom!!!!

7e9a33 No.748477


They're brand is the letters RT -see >>748367

d3ad3c No.748478


Given what’s going down with social media right now Rizvi is worth taking a fresh look at now regardless if that’s what RT stood for.

dfc908 No.748479

So been following The 'Cabal' for 20+ years, following you all here, since the beginning of Q, came over from PG on Voat when Q arrived, so Newfag, also a twatfag and battle every day to MAGA.

Have always wished to contribute here, but I don't want to be that guy and slide or anything detrimental to the board and distract from the magic you all do everyday, much love to you all.

And if someone aready posted I apologize I did lurk, just have limited time today could only do the notables.

Anyway very nervous to post this but if it's good I should right?

Not sure if I have it right, but if someone could let me know that would be great, might be important.

Q says that dis-info is necessary and he posts in code, etc.

So maybe he actually called out the exact time of when the suspect would go boom?

Which was a 3am according to news reports.

If it was called out by Q at the exact time, what does that tell us?

I'm med retired from the Navy and stuff like this gets a little confusing to me, so any help would be appreciated or just to tell me to Fuck right off and I gladly will.


Predictable is the only one word sentence & before a marker [4am] so I used it as a key or a place to start.

Then Key = +or- 1

Next line with marker, is 4 'word' sentence if include marker in the count as a word, but add or subtract marker i.e. subtract 1 (# of markers & beg or end placement determine # to add/ subtract)

i.e. if marker at beg of the line it = add, if at the end = subtract

So I subtract 1 from 4 = 3

If we Walk back 3 sentences from marker takes you to "boom".

Go up 3 sentences says [Wednesday]

Message reads "Boom 3am Wednesday"?

& what happened at 3am this am? The Austin Bomber went boom in his car…

It makes sense to me or am I just seeing what I want to see?

Again apologies if already discussed, and thank you To all of you Fags, Q & Potus alike, for the hope you've given me! God Bless and GodSpeed to our Patriots in harms way!

67e5be No.748480


Also said

>We hear you

not we HEARD you. Sounds like live action to me (Real Time).

cc40fc No.748481

File: 01a47af68de7f86⋯.png (837.22 KB, 781x978, 781:978, jenner.png)

jenner one day ago

ee8afb No.748482


Reread crumbs. Q says they have Q level clearance and that it doesn't necessarily mean they are DOE>

8220c7 No.748483

File: 46fdf288f0ec0fc⋯.png (396.13 KB, 1024x417, 1024:417, zzz001.png)

d2d03a No.748484


>Rizvi Traverse thread from old cbts board

https:// 8ch.net/cbts/res/3952.html#3952

a5e0f6 No.748485


Did you read the stupid post, I was replying to?

Anon said that because every meeting is in "real time", RT MUST be Tillerson.

Don't reply to other people's replies, if you don't care for context, captain obviously-not-so-clever

67e5be No.748486

97af4f No.748487


Fuck you, FBI

cecd36 No.748488


Oh wow, Ok Anons, time to research Rizvi Traverse Management…its important

837061 No.748489

>>748485 Kek….biatch

4b20c5 No.748490

ee8afb No.748491


No. They manage Twitter and one of the Traverse Management founders invested in FB.

b61e78 No.748492


WTF happened?

3a1e0c No.748493


8220c7 No.748494


Bad Syphilis..

20217a No.748495

Any Chan’s look into the 4/18/18 shit? Off topic I know just curious

1d2e2d No.748496

File: bf37db118ac1200⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.72 KB, 456x453, 152:151, gd_c.jpg)

f46c05 No.748497

3ba5b9 No.748498


Is he Clown now?

f8835f No.748499


>They're brand is the letters RT

New shill tactic. Drive autists insane with poor grammar.

69b9ed No.748500



2d89b5 No.748501

File: b47b243b205cbf1⋯.jpg (79.18 KB, 624x485, 624:485, Senate bill.JPG)

c8c6aa No.748502

File: f7e61cc1f81f5d7⋯.png (9.74 KB, 461x295, 461:295, 2.png)


Stick your dick in a blender, Clown.

9ea733 No.748503


If jewtube is censoring content, would it not be expected that twatter would do the same, so you wouldn't find out as fast?

Only a small step from the shadow banning that they are already very comfortable with.

837061 No.748504

>>748487 Ditto….been.to combat …been there seen it asshat

97798c No.748505



Go deeper.

Signatures are IMPORTANT.←—-HMM?


Sentence formation matters.


All posts are connected.



http:// www.cc.com/episodes/drc1ue/the-opposition-with-jordan-klepper-march-20–2018—of-montreal-season-1-ep-1080

Enjoy the show.

Expect a lot more.



Panic mode.

Enjoy the show.



Panic in DC.

Leverage depleted - POTUS freed.

EXTREME chatter.



House of cards.

12 deals rejected (today alone).

Panic in DC.


Enjoy the show.



The masses tend to panic in such situations. No war. No civil unrest. Clean and swift.


Do not panic.

We are prepared and assets are in place.

God bless - I must go for good at this point.


f46c05 No.748506

File: f2d207910423f34⋯.png (828.4 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, EF4DC7F5-3B04-494F-8244-3A….png)

File: 444e6257bc17534⋯.png (896.79 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 75175944-581D-4038-AD03-53….png)

ee8afb No.748507



We need a hint at which RT we are talking about………

ce8363 No.748508

>>748215 last bread

richard branson: chatham house = british CFR

royal inst of international affairs = chatham house from round table & milner group

cecd36 No.748509


>o'd say a meeting is always realtime and therefore Rex Tiller would make sense..

Yes but that meeting with Adam Schiff related to the memo was obviously real time, yet Q still said "RT".

402f13 No.748510

ae6abb No.748511


Loop Capital

Ugly head rears again

Shills incoming


9f9c7c No.748512





WHO? Rizvi Traverse, a private equity firm that has made equity investments in talent agency ICM, film studio Summit Entertainment, Playboy, Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, the sellers-Stephen Swid, Allen & Co., entertainment lawyer Freddie Gershon and Ira Smith-bought SESAC in 1992 for $15 million. Along the way it sold 36% of SESAC to asset management firm Och-Ziff in a deal that valued SESAC at $410 million in 2010.

WHAT? SESAC, the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers, has a new majority owner in private equity firm Rizvi Traverse. According to reports, Rizvi Traverse paid $600 million for a 75% stake in the company, which would give SESAC an $800 million valuation. Billboard sources say that more likely the price was $450 million for the 75% stake, which would result in a $600 million valuation. An earlier auction yielded bids of only $500 million-$550 million, they say.

https:// www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/1526330/questions-answered-on-rizvi-traverses-sesac-investment

Facebook has just concluded licensing agreements with a string of major rights owners. Get ready for Facebook Music!

Facebook is obviously serious about licensing music with major rights owners. The only question now is what they plan to do with all these newfound rights.

Earlier this week, the company finalized major licensing pact with Global Music Rights, or GMR. That’s a recently-created PRO (or performance rights organization) founded by longtime industry manager and executive Irving Azoff.

But that’s not all: the social network has also signed licensing agreements with Kobalt and SESAC. All of the deals appear to cover Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and related services like Facebook Messenger.

The deals were confirmed early this morning to Digital Music News by Tamara Hrivnak, Head of Music Business Development and Partnerships at the social network. “Facebook have entered into Global Music Rights’ first-ever user generated content deal,” Hrivnak opened, before discussing the other deals.

We didn’t talk to Irving Azoff about the deal. Though we overheard this: “Our partnership with Facebook reflects that when music is valued properly, it’s easy for both sides to view it as a win-win,” Azoff remarked.

On the SESAC side, the dealmaking took an interesting turn. SESAC owns HFA/Rumblefish, an acquisition sandwich that involves content recognition solutions. “The program will enable users to upload and share videos with music on Facebook, Instagram and Oculus and allows publishers to be compensated for the use of their music,” said Scott Sellwood, Head of Commercial Music Publishing Partnerships at Facebook.

“Rumblefish will also help Facebook optimize the identification and clearance of musical works through an innovative data-sharing agreement.”

The HFA/Rumblefish pact is an ‘opt-in for independent publishers,’ effective immediately, according to Sellwood.

The latest string of deals adds to groundbreaking pacts involving Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV.

Those were the behemoths that undoubtedly paved the way for the latest agreements. Accordingly, the social network is expected to sign a range of licensing deals with remaining rights holders, including majors Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group.

No word yet on the ‘twin tower’ PROs, namely ASCAP and BMI. Collectively, the pair controls north of 90% of public performance licenses, but that’s a rough estimate*.

https:// www.digitalmusicnews.com/2018/01/11/facebook-gmr-sesac-kobalt/

97af4f No.748513


Missing Penis Syndrome

7e9a33 No.748514


It's best to keep all three in mind until the future reveals the past

9433dd No.748515


Looks like a crack whore.

397692 No.748516


stuck his face in the oven, only he forgot to turn off the pilot/heating element and preheated the gas oven.

e0f2b3 No.748517


she must have leakage issues. The poor lady

a5e0f6 No.748518

4b20c5 No.748519

File: 35f22ba1c039785⋯.png (448.2 KB, 785x714, 785:714, ALL connected.png)

cecd36 No.748520


A venture capitalist, his investments include Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard and Square.[3] Due to his large stake in Twitter, both personally and for other investors, he was the subject of media scrutiny at the time of Twitter's IPO; he is notoriously private.[4]

e36059 No.748521

File: d448668939f5c9e⋯.png (611.69 KB, 788x615, 788:615, Mar 21 constitution.png)

FBI, the attached picture is the United States Constitution. As long as you're on another witch hunt, this time for Q, go ahead and read it. You're welcome.

9660e6 No.748522


That Saudi picture with Jack would look great on Wikipedia!!! Every day someone should post a picture of him on wikipedia.

That pic would look great on other socials!!!

does he pay Wikipedia?

9dec22 No.748523



ae6abb No.748524


Probability high.

5fbd92 No.748525

Don't know if anybody else caught this last night during Hannity (or right before)….

They had breaking news about another bomb and one of the reporters on the ground in Austin said, "Some neighborhoods are on LOCKDOWN"

When I heard it, I thought it was VERY ODD….why would they lockdown certain neighborhoods when the bombs were being placed randomly….

Was thinking something else going on here…

1d2e2d No.748526


Yes, Lady Justice does have leakage issues also…

c28c3a No.748527


thanks! :)

6edc90 No.748528

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Metal Shadillay

d9549b No.748529


Could Mask & Spin be Mika/Scarborough?

Then BIDEN friendly insiders but who are they?

Has Morning Joe teken a lead in the attack recently especially by shifting the narrative?

b61e78 No.748530


Would he… errr… I mean she, be taking selfies if that's the cause? WTF is wrong with these people???*

*Rhetorical question

837061 No.748531

>>748521 They fucking forgot…soul less MFs

ac1829 No.748532


Yet they will continue to rent violent movies? Hmmmm

e0f2b3 No.748533


You are right

945c33 No.748534

File: d941bdd452febab⋯.gif (44.92 KB, 95x150, 19:30, ZuckerChicken3.gif)

ee8afb No.748535

Do we have a backup baker in the house?

b5881e No.748536

Was this related to the Storm ?

https:// sputniknews.com/europe/201803211062776591-france-sarkozy-supervision-investigation/

2d1d3c No.748537

https:// twitter.com/OnWithLogic/status/976592358987923456

Nails it. All the ridicule @potus has welcomed, we're headed for the same… the GOAL is to ridicule us. We can take it. Same pattern with anons as potus. Brilliant, 4d. Q sets the stage…



1) It dawned on me w the last #Q post dropped overnight. It's a new phase: something wonderful happening in our little world, #FollowTheWhiteRabbit.

#QAnon #MAGA #Crumbs #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #InternetBillofRights #DeepStateinPanic #WeThePeople #TheStormIsHere @POTUS #IBOR


((("First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.")))

(((We're past the ignore phase. We're at the beginning of the ridicule phase.)))

e7ca71 No.748538


BRICS has been a real thing for a while, establishing an alternative to the Rothchild cabal bank. (computer in JPMorgan building in NYC)

Why can't POTUS join in, with the power to defeat the deep state via US Military?

be282c No.748539


Anything is possible Anon. You may be right! I think the Q code goes much deeper than most think. Good job anon

39cd10 No.748540

What's up with @Jack?

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-21/twitter-ceo-says-bitcoin-will-become-worlds-single-currency-within-decade

d846cd No.748541



Video? Where?

Haven't seen it

20217a No.748542


Thanks for the heads up

a5e0f6 No.748543


He's already back on the streets.

1eea56 No.748544

File: e8299a73ff31286⋯.jpg (753.98 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, bombschoolfbi.jpg)

File: c3b0d28c66c7686⋯.jpg (823.84 KB, 1024x738, 512:369, ComeyBombAttacks.jpg)

File: 075f9f3494b42ec⋯.jpg (795.94 KB, 1024x738, 512:369, DeadmanTales.jpg)

File: 4618bde381bb318⋯.jpg (472.54 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, fbibombframe.jpg)

File: 8cc46c428d0f0f9⋯.jpg (756.42 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, stupidfbilosers.jpg)

ea39fc No.748545

File: ba8622e8ade0bb0⋯.jpg (160.3 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 88fef916955f4ef6ad6dfd19a8….jpg)


Technically all Social Media sites who spied on users must have collected some underage material at some point. Especially with employees bragging they were looking at explicit material.

b61e78 No.748546

File: f4f1a213dcd1b00⋯.png (51.76 KB, 269x188, 269:188, not again-pepe.png)

2662cd No.748547

File: f55aad2c75cc2b4⋯.gif (68.4 KB, 480x270, 16:9, giniewatson_5269195_GIFSou….gif)

File: 8b4ba9f342fc36c⋯.jpg (60.86 KB, 664x349, 664:349, 10215smiling.jpg)

File: 02f377bd90de7d4⋯.jpg (43.96 KB, 600x392, 75:49, glareinglasses.jpg)


Compare real grief to Bullshit.

God I'm sick of these perverts; so twisted.

01837a No.748548


Pa is the "KEYSTONE State"

5efeb5 No.748549

File: 0a740bba3ba1743⋯.jpg (127.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6rfa78-hfe0fh7y2ldz.jpg)

i used to live in Austin , for those who don't understand what happened to Austin

in the late 90's IBM left cuckifornia for austin for tax relief iirc , then the flood of cuckafornians insued .

914b50 No.748550


We've seen better glow niggers in here.


he shud hv stuck with aliens.

1d2e2d No.748551

File: 30bd3bee202bc02⋯.jpg (47.81 KB, 513x614, 513:614, shot self in car.jpg)


Bill Clinton found dead, suspected Suicide. Police are investigating, and FBI are opining a new case against Q - BOOM

One down 9000 to go

ae6abb No.748552



Thank you anon for sharing

0450e9 No.748553

File: ca3e6f8ece937e4⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, CBA4E16C-03DC-48F6-855F-7B….png)

6b848a No.748554


http:// www.rense.com/general90/weid.htm

Not into conspiracy sites, but this article was interesting.

3-22, or March 22nd, is also the sacred number to Skull and Bones, the secret society from Yale that produces the leaders of the United States and the world. When Tim Russert asked President George W. Bush what the Skull and Bones special number - 322 ­ signified Bush replied that this was a secret. Senator John Kerry, who ran against Bush in 2004, is also a member of this ultra-secret society. He also refused to tell us what the number 322 meant to Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones is a German secret organization that successfully transferred itself across the Atlantic Ocean in the early 1800's. When you back-engineer the secret societies from which the German version of Skull and Bones emerged one finds a strange fascination with Mars.

March is the only month of the year that is named after a specific planet in the solar system. It is also the first day of spring as well as the first day in the zodiacal sign of Aries, which is the Greek word for Mars, and it is where 'March' gets its name.

The number 322 is vitally important to these secret societies especially Skull and Bones, which has the number, enshrined in their tomb at Yale.

The number 322 is actually the number for March 22nd. The first day of Aries, also called Mars.

The great alchemist Fulcanelli was a member of a secret society in Europe. He tells us of a secret elite that rule the world. In his obscure book Mystery of the Cathedrals he tells us that there is a secret science called alchemy that only the elites understand. He also tells us that all alchemy begins in Aries (Mars).

For some reason these secret societies are fixated on March 22nd. Perhaps this is because of a special relationship between these secret societies and the planet Mars.

The ever stranger Georgia Guidestones were created in 1980 by a mysterious gentleman named R.C. Christian. They are huge granite columns, which have new set of 10 commandments etched into them. These are new rules for the future. While most of the new commandments appear reasonable enough there is one commandment that makes one wonder what is really happening in our world and what these secret societies are really after. That is new commandment - number one, of course - commands that the population of the world be reduced to 500,000,000 people.

It isn't going too far out on a limb to say that population reduction is a major goal of these secret societies ­ for better or worse.

Normally I wouldn't put this much time into this small curiosity of ancient German secret societies. But as I watched the Health Care Debate over the last few weeks I suddenly saw that it was beginning to appear that President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were going to vote the Health Care Bill on March 22nd.

On Sunday March 21st as I watched C-Span I suddenly got a tingle up my spine. Were they purposely putting this off until the clock hits March 22nd Universal Standard Time? Is this thing being orchestrated so that it falls on 3-22, March 22nd, the Holy Day of some crazy secret society? And a secret society that has built a monument, christened on 3-22 that announces their plans?

Then that would mean the 'Health Care Plan' is something far more sinister.

Happy March 22nd America.

19c02b No.748555

Fake Q and crew like to shoot down the medical boot covering up a tracking device. If RT was fired for , in part, white listing HRC to travel, and she was later refitted for a device could that device be put on her wrist instead of ankle? She claims to have fractured her wrist getting out of the bath tub and hiding her cast in India. Why hide a cast?

e36059 No.748556


Not sure Q could have known his car was going to go boom. I personally am OK with the 4am being the time of the raid to nab the suspect. Q was likely on Eastern Time as well, so… And I do not think any + or - are involved with this one, but you are definitely thinking.

67e5be No.748557


Took me two times to read it, but that's actually a pretty interesting perspective! You should post more anon (not being sarcastic).

3a826f No.748559



Confirm RT : Rizvi Traverse

914b50 No.748560

File: d316f8b32b27f75⋯.jpg (17.82 KB, 575x350, 23:14, suhail rizvi.jpg)


Da fuq. this is him

89ceb3 No.748561


Q mentioned Rivzi Traverse on November 22 and again in this bread at


HFS. If I climb the walls on these boards I can only imagine what Q team endures.

BTW, I can't access Muckety(dot)com. I was excited to think it might be a good crowdsourcing mindmapping tool.

845bcc No.748562

bit off topic, but remember all that stuff about Black Forest?

https:// www.upi.com/Archives/1985/09/25/A-former-top-disciple-of-Bhagwan-Shree-Rajneesh-denies/6020496468800/

"The Hamburg-based magazine said Sheela was interviewed in West Germany's Black Forest. The television station said it talked to her on an unidentified German Island in the North Sea."

related to a cult that attempted to assassinate those they determined to be their enemies - the mastermind behind that tactic was evidently interviewed in the Black Forest.

78a3e4 No.748563

File: 902e9044303fab9⋯.png (3.87 MB, 2376x1408, 27:16, Screenshot 2018-03-21 at 8….png)

File: bac842e37cec8f2⋯.png (183.14 KB, 714x818, 357:409, Screenshot 2018-03-21 at 8….png)

File: 3b73ddef1cc746c⋯.png (165.69 KB, 580x1354, 290:677, Screenshot 2018-03-21 at 8….png)


Convenient location, interesting neighbors.

ae6abb No.748564


liberal shithole

never travel Austin

2662cd No.748565

File: f55aad2c75cc2b4⋯.gif (68.4 KB, 480x270, 16:9, giniewatson_5269195_GIFSou….gif)

Sorry i couldn't get the gif to work.

The woman with the glasses [in my previous post] See the camera lights set up reflected there?

542c5a No.748566

McCabe investigation of Sessions

Breakdown on threadreader


7e9bd8 No.748567


I can't recall seeing fluoride shills before. Can they really be worse than FE'ers

733845 No.748568

I have been here before

Just wanted to stop by again &

Say Thank You Big Time

For what the REAL Q Anons are doing

To the trolls, DROP DEAD PLEASE

b9c65e No.748569


I guess once everyone has CP on their machine they can blackmail the whole world! I figured out their plan!

933d6d No.748570

The guy signing for the deaf, during the Austin police conference on fox, is quite enchanting/ entertaining, can't stop watching him,kek

He's stealing the show,,kek

be282c No.748571


Hive mind at work Anon. Keep it up

c00aab No.748572





7e9a33 No.748573


Great work anon.

89ceb3 No.748574


They are very high. See drop at >>748344

9660e6 No.748575


Happy Hunting

Any videos coming out on Rizvi in RT ?

da3a41 No.748576


I know about @snowden

They were talking about him posting as waldo in the last bread?

ace755 No.748577

Rizvi Traverse is not a significant investor in Facebook. There is no reason why Suhail Rizvi (NOTE THAT IS SR NOT RT) would be at such an important meeting with Zuckerberg. But be my guest, spend all the time on this you want, it makes for a very easy filter.

But you OTHER anons - what are you thinking???

11c19d No.748578


I'd say it seems like Rizvi Traverse, met with Zuckerberg who's known to be allied with al Waleed. The club had a meeting.

Coming out of it, Zuck posted about it being a problem of apps and developers skimming too much data, and Cambridge Analytica. So that's apparently their spin.

When I had read FB simply GAVE much more, deeper data to the Dems. Not mention, not admitted, not denied, just danced around in Zuck's statment.

c28c3a No.748579


thanks! :)

c8c6aa No.748580

File: 253709f5ff618e6⋯.png (1020 B, 166x61, 166:61, ClipboardImage.png)

1 - That list may not be right.

2 - You don't need to pull up any javascript. You can literally just hover over the name and it will give you the suggestion. See Pic.

3 - That list also exists in the PDF.

9ea733 No.748581


I see it finally found a bed companion.

Looks like the next surgery is fixing its' face to look clown like without needing make up.

b9c65e No.748582


Who let the fucking kids in here

89ceb3 No.748583


Right there with you anon.

c8c6aa No.748584


Intended for:


47d030 No.748585

File: c755c8195e8274b⋯.png (22.42 KB, 248x206, 124:103, brofist.png)


Dont worry about posting .. this type of post is valued, it is legit research and this is /qresearch.

A post of half this quality is still probably better than 80% of the stuff on here.

Kepp posting anon, hivemind will filter. Where we go one we go all.

1d2e2d No.748586


No, give em all FREE Guns!

Smart bullets, only lethal to them!

d846cd No.748587

File: 276c6175669b969⋯.gif (368.52 KB, 370x235, 74:47, IMG_2454.GIF)


You are a angry individual, I'm not CIA,

Your fucking paranoid! Get a grip

For (you)

733845 No.748588

Whomever is a Real Anon

Please check with Q about

Field McConnell & Abel Danger

SES & Serco

You need to all know the enemy

d9549b No.748589


You haven't read Lao Tzu, have you?

I can tell…

2d1d3c No.748590




They were meeting REAL TIME

aa3afd No.748591


Three, by my count.

914b50 No.748592

filter this shill >>748420

see Q 200 and Q 208

9433dd No.748593


Google Beverly Hills and United Talent Agency…hmmm I wonder what talent they have to show.

424309 No.748594


meme suggestions

in the near future American history will be measured as BQ AQ before q after q

or something about q's volunteer intelligence agency/forces QIA CitizenIA

817abe No.748595

File: 13e3ebb1b01f9f3⋯.png (246.52 KB, 577x439, 577:439, ClipboardImage.png)


b1d9ea No.748596


https:// ashesofwaco.library.txstate.edu/resources.html

https:// www.google.com/search?q=waco+texas+massacre+pictures&sa=X&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ved=0ahUKEwiFn8Lsxf7ZAhVOSK0KHSJiBHMQsAQIKA&biw=1366&bih=557

9dec22 No.748597


Could act as a referendum on liberty vs security tbh fam

d2d03a No.748598

class-action complaint seeking damages over Facebook’s ability to protect user data…


c8c6aa No.748599


Great find!

cecd36 No.748600



c00aab No.748601


Post more

Checking to see if anything else lines up similarly

Ty anon (less disclaimers next time)

cecd36 No.748602


Hey I might even filter myself

d3ad3c No.748603


It’s a dumb statement.

Bitcoin is too slow and miner fees too high to be a world currency.

Also doesn’t take into account the 5000+ other coins and tokens.

331e12 No.748604


I think the poor guy was MK'd for the Kardashians own sick agenda

2d1d3c No.748605

Very solid work

https:// twitter.com/NameRedacted7/status/976584904304668673

f46c05 No.748606


yeah, honestly. who makes a spelling mistake these days? ugh, soo third world…god I hate her sooo much.

6edc90 No.748607


Happy 1 AQ :D

19471d No.748608


I want a cut of the money they made on everybody's info. Over years.

And triple damages.

331e12 No.748609


I think its up to 8200 now…at least as of last week.

c00aab No.748610


Remember the fappening?

da3a41 No.748611


yeah click the arrow on the left of your post and then click add filter and then click Name. Works great every time.

02ea56 No.748612

Q team invited me over for nachos and beer. I don't have proof. Just trust me.

1eea56 No.748613


Fuck off with the famefagging AD. Go eat a sandwich on youtube and slurp some more tea whilst boring people to death.

e7ca71 No.748614


i'd be happy to steal this and post but if you want to raid the twitter post for this here it is

https:// twitter.com/TheOpposition/status/976497413698523136

9f9c7c No.748615

Rizvi Traverse : Old Research Threads

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse

https:// 8ch.net/cbts/res/3952.html | http:// archive.is/v9ArE


https:// 8ch.net/thestorm/res/32883.html | http:// archive.is/Nc6xx

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse Link Edition

This thread will include ALL POSTS from t

37dcb0 No.748616

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=PZWUsZ3AVnQ

Explains How Facebook stole the Leader Technology Patent.

d80431 No.748617


Props for giving props anon! We need more supportive peps like you

89ceb3 No.748618


Anons, take notice. This is how we are to interact.

I like Pepe with bubbles even better than Pepe with wine. Very nice.

ae6abb No.748619


MZ from SA buying…?

aa3afd No.748620


Never hesitate to add to our collective brainstorm!

You just might trigger something else in one of our minds.

God bless you, Patriot!

914b50 No.748621

File: d316f8b32b27f75⋯.jpg (17.82 KB, 575x350, 23:14, suhail rizvi.jpg)

File: 6f35743765c243b⋯.png (19.76 KB, 962x500, 481:250, wow wow wow.png)



RT = Rivzi Traverse

totally agree.

Since he hates it. Lets meme troll him about the fucking meeting


97798c No.748622


Funny you mention Joe Scarborough,


Lori Klausutis 187 in July 2001

Chandra Levy 187 in May 2001


b40f4e No.748623

cuckerbot is appearing on CNN

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-21/zuckerberg-appear-cnn-9pm-summoned-uk-over-growing-scandal

78a3e4 No.748624


Casting call for some bakery girls!

9660e6 No.748625


Need a meme campaign on RT!!!

He is making money spying on Americans!!!

definitely apart of the great awakening

f46c05 No.748626

File: 48d0166030b6742⋯.png (537.96 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5A340E1C-EF8E-4898-A5E7-E9….png)

5efeb5 No.748627

File: 5fac62c5e7fa8b5⋯.jpg (26.6 KB, 400x400, 1:1, fancy-fbi-meme-you-can-t-h….jpg)

02ea56 No.748628

You made Pepe look like a fag

67e5be No.748629


Good digs, But…

Q said nothing about either.

cecd36 No.748630


Thanks doing it right now

733845 No.748631


So I guess I can assume you are a Non Anon working for Q

4b20c5 No.748632

File: 4d420f7ebaf5f42⋯.jpeg (623.97 KB, 2048x1818, 1024:909, beyond the memo.jpeg)

File: eab040aed6c1692⋯.png (381.18 KB, 767x713, 767:713, clinton dossier - hot as h….png)

File: b06cca0e46bc367⋯.jpg (365.34 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, IG report - collusion at h….jpg)

File: b06cca0e46bc367⋯.jpg (365.34 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, IG report - collusion at h….jpg)

File: 9a967d00163ff8e⋯.png (199.99 KB, 497x433, 497:433, h - WL - Q.png)

1eea56 No.748633


You believe the tv story?

Of course the FBI are doing it! Didn't you get that from Q's posts and translation of Comey's tweet?

c512c4 No.748634


especially when texting…never happens…she's a whack-job

485ec8 No.748635


I can think of no reason why these two would be meeting. Either we are getting MZ, RT or both wrong.

2662cd No.748636

File: 3fe128719558358⋯.jpeg (128.88 KB, 750x750, 1:1, GitmoMarines.jpeg)


Somebody doesn't like evidence around the shitty actors.

Why can't they just pay more and get descent actors? Maybe then they would avoid some trouble?

When it breaks wide open people will be very pissed their emotions were played with in such a vile callous manner.

The real "paranoids" are the ones getting cornered right now.

11133f No.748637

Hunting for The Question? We have Answers.

02ea56 No.748638



I love AD but seriously…


19471d No.748639


We don't need a world currency. Fuck the world.

We need an American currency, one that we don't have to pay interest to the Federal Reserve for the privilege of allowing them to print our money, instead of Congress as mandated by the Constitution.

da3a41 No.748640


Good job. Now you can cuss me out when you figure out how to unfuck the page.

79d5bf No.748641


Yes, splatter his face everywhere!!!!

1eea56 No.748642


Assume what you want. That's none of my business.

8b7145 No.748643


Rizvi are previous investors in FB. IF the C!A are involved, which from our previous research threads on Rizvi point to, are they agreeing to invest again and bolster the share price / prevent it from falling and hold onto control, ie shares? If they’d were at this secret meeting, the emergency meeting re FB, what else would they be doing there?

d3ad3c No.748644


Isn’t United Artists the one all the actors were complaining about re sexual harrassment and rape coverups in the film industry?

9f9c7c No.748645

Sorry for clipped post.

Rizvi Traverse : Old Research Threads

Heffner, CIA, RIZVI Traverse Heffner, CIA, RIZVI Traverse

https:// 8ch.net/cbts/res/3952.html | http:// archive.is/v9ArE


https:// 8ch.net/thestorm/res/32883.html | http:// archive.is/Nc6xx

Heffner, CIA, RIZVI Traverse Link Edition

This thread will include ALL POSTS from the Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse Thread from /cbts/

https:// 8ch.net/thestorm/res/2706.html | http:// archive.is/GEpo1

e3e21a No.748647


see the Tavistock group's influence on the British Invasion of the 1960s. Neuro-Linguistic-Programing

4b20c5 No.748648



b1c399 No.748649


there is something weird about those boots, especially McNoName's, but people can be chipped with a grain of rice, or speck of smartdust, in like 2 seconds, so i doubt their boots have to do with tracking. maybe it was just humiliation or some signal or who knows

cecd36 No.748650


It was one of those "pretty sure but not 100% sure" type things

f46c05 No.748651


can't wait to see all the softball questions they throw his way, and how they will spin it to make him look like the victim! watch!

6edc90 No.748652

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm a Cuck Song (song)

fde0cd No.748653


Starter earlier than that. Late 70s-early 80s.

cecd36 No.748654


Yikes you believed me. Are you a liberal?

485ec8 No.748655

File: de36c4c90a888c5⋯.jpg (73.56 KB, 600x314, 300:157, trump mcconneryan.jpg)

File: c8a9c6372030c92⋯.jpg (148.15 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, zuck shares.jpg)

331e12 No.748656


The pretty one on the left is a UK actress. I'm just sure she was in Paris to listen to a shitty band and then spend the entire evening from her apt on CNN, laughing and smiling about the trauma she suffered.

Pulse mommy auditioned several times for Wheel of Fortune..desperate for her big 15 min of fame….Treasonous whores.

d3ad3c No.748657


Yeah it’s stupid all around.

@Jack is a dumbass.

733845 No.748658


You are an asshole, who is not looking for truth, why are you here?

037e20 No.748659

File: 532fcf5dbdd18fe⋯.png (471.34 KB, 954x860, 477:430, Rackspace San Antonio - Au….png)

File: 89be718384ec7f2⋯.png (61.83 KB, 687x578, 687:578, Rackspace Texas offices.png)

File: b5e21d8a584fc07⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1470x823, 1470:823, Rackspace hq1.png)

File: c4839e443612f1d⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1773x713, 1773:713, Rackspace hq2.png)

File: ed2410485597fc9⋯.png (8.73 KB, 568x137, 568:137, Q nov30 Austin.png)


Rackspace Headquarters are stationed in Windcrest, San Antonio Texas, and also an office in Austin.



And also again 'coincidentally' the name 'Austin' referred to by Q 111 days ago, on November 30th. (alternative timeline)

914b50 No.748660

File: 6b319fb501490ec⋯.jpg (387.76 KB, 1132x946, 566:473, rivzi44.jpg)


RIVZI: what are the chances??

Pic related

bbe8f5 No.748661


Start with Charlottesville?

3a826f No.748662




Go away shill

da3a41 No.748663


Some people are that stupid. If they are they don't belong on here anyway. I'm not.

cecd36 No.748664


Agreed lol. I'm just messing with ya man

11c19d No.748665


Wyden's against it. That seals it, it must be good legislation.

89ceb3 No.748666


But it's important. When this bread fills, instead of running to the next one, set it to tree mode and review it carefully. See if you can spot the number of times TEAM Q was here. It's really important that we learn to discern. Our minds are so great and our hearts are so big–we can do this. They give us the gift of understanding so that we can pay it forward. They already know this stuff. Please, consider taking the time to learn, not just comment, in every bread.

e7ca71 No.748667


Did you mean Sun Tzu, the Art of War? No I haven't. My post sucked, apologies.

I meant that US, Russia, China should dance down a yellow brick road with unicorns to a Gold standard.

d80181 No.748668

Fox News just said that their may be another leader in the White House.

Whoever leaked about Trump congratulating Putin.

I believe they said it would be a member of the National Security Council, but I'm not positive on that part.

09696e No.748669

File: 77e21f2c34d3578⋯.png (313.03 KB, 577x439, 577:439, liq.png)


Not to put words in her mouth, but…

5efeb5 No.748670


wow , thanks , i could only speak to what i witnessed personally .

its a shame , i loved it there .

0402d2 No.748671

File: c631dacc35ec2c5⋯.png (45.58 KB, 974x391, 974:391, ClipboardImage.png)

"Symbolism is their downfall"

The Red Shoes images… there is probably something about red color. It must have some meaning. It could be related to this:

http:// runelore.it/en/satanic-magic/meaning-of-colors.html

bbe8f5 No.748672


holy spirit my dude

ae6abb No.748673





Servers hold video

e0f2b3 No.748674

For the my post re. MZ's meeting..

I'll just change it to "zuckerberg had an important meeting recently".

e36059 No.748675

File: 755c5b3e2f8badc⋯.png (502.78 KB, 489x390, 163:130, Mar 21 dark side.png)

d80181 No.748676




f46c05 No.748677

File: b2cfeeb42aac4c8⋯.png (3.49 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 95A30CA1-5112-4BB9-8C44-38….png)

LOL MCCABE thought he could go after the silent executioner and still keep his pension?! Lmaoo

a1fb5f No.748678

Lou Dobbs gets it! He is furious and lets it be known.

817abe No.748679


hahahaha, the soap dish is useful at least

19c02b No.748680


she now has a fractured wrist and apparently feels the need to hide it because it is embarrassing while telling out loud she has a fractured wrist is not embarrassing. I don't get it

47d030 No.748681


Thanks anon, imo there is too much of this chan elitism … ooh, I know more memes than you newfag, ha you dont know who tyrone is, or ceiling cat or some shit…

This isnt the time or the place - this isnt /b no one gives a fuck if you are an old fag, new fag, summer fag, what the fuck ever … so long as the research is good everyone is welcome as far as I am concerned .. We have far more important things to do and we need intelligent people.

837061 No.748682

>>748669 You know she is a anal queen…and her boy too

f88727 No.748683


Going to sound off the charts skeptical, but I don't believe that even one single happening of the last two years was organic.

Every last one of them just stank of FAKE

9f733b No.748684

File: cbd2f5509eeda3f⋯.png (200.85 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, down_she_goes_Q_3_21_18.png)

9dec22 No.748685


Can we get rid of McMaster already? Get Flynn his job back so he doesn't have to put his house on the market anymore

02ea56 No.748686

Shillanon here. Yall stop making fun of Zuckerberg. He's really a great guy. No more memes or talking bad about him, you hear me?

67e5be No.748687


The helpers theory again?

Possible but never proven.

Unless, you have proof?

9433dd No.748688


Does @Jack have money already invested in Bitcoin? Brought it at a higher price than it currently is maybe, trying to push up the price to get his money back?

Who would know?

837061 No.748689

>>748686 Sure NP

b1c399 No.748690

7b5e8f No.748691


i could see the energy phontons bouncing a few of the sunny days over thhe weekend

felt amazing. still do

da3a41 No.748692


Trips confirm.

Yes… that's the biggest thing that no one ever talks about here… tree mode is SO important for really understanding what has happened.

705bf8 No.748693

>Enjoy the show

Austin bomber is a white conservative Christian. Why would I enjoy that?

a1f9ed No.748694


fuckin shill slider…trying to tie Q to aforeknowledge of deaths

d80181 No.748695


For some reason I thought McMaster was already out…?

I agree, fuck CFR McMaster.

36a47b No.748696

File: 9c3e8d3108df96a⋯.png (89.06 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 3abe01819930e8d0ce816b954c….png)

bbe8f5 No.748697



397692 No.748698


You cannot block his shtyle.

9ea733 No.748699


Infrequently is a better word than never.

Multiple meanings. Real Time. (this time)

47d030 No.748700


Trips … also Im sure Q shows us where to go but the WW have to try and herd us like retarded cats

f46c05 No.748701



ive never heard of this tree mode…please explain more. Ive been on this board since October..

da3a41 No.748702


someone posted about masonic hidden hand symbolism. It's a flag of surrender. Hiding your right hand.

89ceb3 No.748703

File: ea3381de71ad199⋯.jpg (7.49 KB, 250x192, 125:96, Muppetism_Rizzo_the_Rat.jpg)


It's RIZVI dear anon. I bet by the next bread we are experts.

814afa No.748704

boom ………am i gonna be investigated?

837061 No.748705

>>748691 OMG not energy boy again…think they have a positive vibe board somewhere

7528ec No.748707


couple breads back anon posted I believe a Nov 22/23 drop saying Rizvi Traverse Important.Nov 23 2017 00:01:22 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 66o6MRSe 150562337

Rizvi Traverse Management.

Very important.


6e534c No.748708

File: 7cffc0cfb1628f9⋯.jpeg (24.4 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 7cffc0cfb1628f9f823c748c0….jpeg)

I don't believe that RT=real time. In the context of the post it would refer to initials.

11c19d No.748709


What kind of non-advice was this in Trump's briefing packet supposedly. "Do Not Congratulate."

"Do not show normal good manners, act like an oaf." The left is so stupid.

dfc908 No.748710





Thank you guys can't imagine how proud i feel right now giggity :) & yeah sorry for disclaimers nervousfag lol.

As per him knowing the exact time,and mattering or not i guess that is my main question beyond whether this is good.

And That's How did he know the exact time? no coincidences right? If he knew the exact time what does that tell us? Is it another message?

837061 No.748711

>>748704 Yep your done…got ya

da3a41 No.748712


are you fucking stupid?

daddy was FBI agent

"bomber" was a delivery boy

bomb was remotely detonated by a cell phone

now lets catch the real perps.

a5e0f6 No.748713

914b50 No.748714

File: fc94e6d05c71c96⋯.jpg (564.08 KB, 946x841, 946:841, rizvi.jpg)


get whole lotta nasty sandniggas when typing RIVZI in jewtoob.

pardon the Kraut text.

14ad71 No.748715

File: 60ca25c81151bf1⋯.jpeg (53.69 KB, 652x367, 652:367, 58DCCFA8-111F-4907-B265-A….jpeg)


Make it a relevant political meme at least! And disguise that gapping ass hole so most don’t know what the fuck they are looking at!… I dropped this awhile back. Schiff is huge gapping ass hole… 🕳

037e20 No.748716


Yep. At first I thought the video would be released on March 15th, but incorrect. We don't know the plan, and are not supposed to know. If we know, the enemy knows…

And we only see a small percentage of happenings.

331e12 No.748717



I'll go even further back to Manson. Even some say Kent State had signs of fakeness, but I haven't investigated that one myself to say.

All since SandyHoax have been fake.

At one time there was a line connecting a bunch of them on the east coast (but then you also had Aurora, San Bernadino, Dallas, Midwest).

But there was a line connecting Louisiana, VA, Sandy hook, Amtrak Philly and others all the way up to Boston.

1eea56 No.748718

File: dce4525d6472bf7⋯.jpg (477.44 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, GuiltyZuckerberg2.jpg)

File: 62b991a79120115⋯.jpg (425.76 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, GuiltyZuckerberg3.jpg)

File: d74c52ca3efaa71⋯.jpg (412.11 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, GuiltyZuckerberg4.jpg)

File: 1896c4b97685189⋯.jpg (322.5 KB, 1024x536, 128:67, GuiltyZuckerberg5.jpg)


Sorry. No can do. I must not comply.

7b5e8f No.748719

File: aa49d4ccab171ac⋯.jpg (91.84 KB, 696x720, 29:30, aa49d4ccab171ac989fb6d6b48….jpg)

File: 8e5d7f4421064e0⋯.gif (876.08 KB, 304x376, 38:47, 1511579313415.gif)

914b50 No.748720

9e6339 No.748721

25 min video of bomber confession on CNN erin Bennett after commercial

19c02b No.748722

>>748702 I must have missed that post. Gonna research it now because I have seen the hidden hand before but never knew what it meant. Thanks anon!

aa3afd No.748723


Please steal it; I don't "do twatter". Do you want me to name it something different and re-post it for you?

d80181 No.748725


I believe you are confusing 2 things.

Secret Masonic handshakes, which indicates membership and rank.

And this part I'm not certain of, but pretty sure, when some members are photographed or painted, they will have one hand hidden under a jacket or similiar to symbolize the "hidden hand" of Masonic influence throughout the world.

6edc90 No.748726

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Right. it could mean Retarded Tendies. …plausible deniability

da3a41 No.748727



Don't be afraid to contribute. What happens here isn't anything special. Sometimes the hive mind works sometimes the fucking shills make the bread go to hell. I haven't been told I'm being filtered in a long time so I must be doing alright. I def. don't want to derail things either.

542c5a No.748728


All posts


be282c No.748729

Every time I think about Flynn and his house up for sale, it breaks my heart. He is losing it all FOR US! Can we maybe buy his house from him and give it right back to him? Gofund me page?…. We have to think of something. Maybe we can just send POTUS cash ( whatever you can, $10,$50,$100) and ask POTUS or maybe FLOTUS to collect it from him. Flynn deserves to FEEL OUR LOVE… Thoughts?

d67c73 No.748730


We just have to follow along enough to explain the happenings to others

705bf8 No.748731


Doesn’t matter. MSM running white, right-wing Christian narrative. Once again. 8chan believes one thing and rest of world believes other thing.

ae6abb No.748732


House of Windsor


Naaaah, can’t be!

ff0136 No.748733


RT = Rex Tillerson, no?

3fe273 No.748734

>(Sec. 2) This bill expresses the sense of Congress that section 230 of the Communications Act of 1934 was not intended to provide legal protection to websites that unlawfully promote and facilitate prostitution and contribute to sex trafficking. Section 230 limits the legal liability of interactive computer service providers or users for content they publish that was created by others.

>(Sec. 3) The bill amends the federal criminal code to add a new section that imposes penalties—a fine, a prison term of up to 10 years, or both—on a person who uses or operates (or attempts to use or operate) a facility or means of interstate or foreign commerce to promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person.

Do the elites traffic kids on the web? I'd be willing to bet they do. This is an overlooked thing that may be important in the future.

This is what POTUS signed into law today (I saw conflicting reports, does anyone have the final text?)

d80181 No.748735

1eea56 No.748736


Hmm… don't they have the tech to fake videos?

2aecb0 No.748737


That was how the FBI took care of innocent children in Waco.

933d6d No.748738

File: 405b1f8d1d8a2fb⋯.jpg (97.15 KB, 605x896, 605:896, 6a4d790e6f442f5df6b225c28a….jpg)

File: 391a8283b2b018d⋯.jpg (42.77 KB, 401x500, 401:500, zJV12SN.jpg)

File: 6c2c7458f71a286⋯.jpg (150.94 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 6c2c7458f71a286265e9808a23….jpg)

File: 58d93a1af82c4f2⋯.png (11.6 KB, 255x170, 3:2, a766c1841c07201a45ca05bfae….png)

cecd36 No.748739


POTUS will buy him a new one with the 500 trillion in assets frozen from this storm lol

da3a41 No.748740


I'm just repeating what I saw here on the chan… I didn't sauce it but they were implying that it was a hidden hand representing surrender. No clue myself.

be6bef No.748742



Not all videos, just videos showing gun demos per breibart.

“prohibit videos with instructions on how to assemble firearms.”

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/21/youtube-bans-all-gun-demonstration-videos/

600722 No.748743

File: 9448ce8cd53e1e8⋯.png (14.2 KB, 440x330, 4:3, 2C93D451-B6B9-4F63-8874-D8….png)

The ‘Keystone’

The flag of the Senior Executive Service

(Face plant)

9dec22 No.748744


He's getting cleared and he'll be rich from the damages done to him. He'll be restored to his job and he'll launch the MAGA train at quint speed.

7e9bd8 No.748745

File: 367da989f6bba8c⋯.jpg (147.69 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, CuRNUo-WYAIAoA9.jpg)

8ea263 No.748746


https:// www.cnbc.com/2013/11/01/rizvi-traverse-is-twitters-largest-outside-shareholder.html

1d2e2d No.748747


Lady JUSTICE - They Ate her!

Hahaha Nice!

cecd36 No.748748

File: 7b081cb07f372c6⋯.jpg (61.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 26uvxr.jpg)

a808e3 No.748749

Investors are suing Facebook in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which sent the company's value plunging almost $50 billion this week.

Facebook shareholder Fan Yuan filed the lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco on Tuesday. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of an undisclosed number of investors who bought Facebook shares between February 3, 2017, and March 19, 2018.

The lawsuit said Facebook "made materially false and misleading statements" about the company's policies, and claims Facebook did not disclose that it allowed third parties to access data on millions of people without their knowledge.

e36059 No.748750

File: f0fd069ec9f8ffb⋯.png (279.53 KB, 485x305, 97:61, Mar 21 free shushi.png)

FBI, since you're lurking can we have a little heart-to-heart chat? How much did you really pay this guy? (pic related)

a5e0f6 No.748751


>It's a flag of surrender. Hiding your right hand.


And this is why high ranking masons had themselves portrayed for the generations to come with this gesture?

dfc908 No.748752


sorry forgot to include you in there but i addressed your question….oh and report i saw was eastern for 3am

91faf9 No.748753


This is bad and you should feel bad.

d67c73 No.748754

File: c6915bee25ff0f5⋯.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1492, 621:746, C97D5CB2-1F99-44F4-8173-8….jpeg)


https:// mikeflynndefensefund.org

914b50 No.748755


wud make sense "big meeting" so more than 1 frm RT showed up. alaweed fucker was also into RT as lots of other creeps.

RT connected to norks, so i'd say they have some serious shit on their hands.

6b247b No.748756


Wrong crew, he worked for the CIA prolly.

d9549b No.748757


March is the month that things rise, and grow. Mars is god of war so he blesses the warrior's dick and makes it grow too. The warrior's natural role is to dominate whether he uses his dick on a baby lamb or he uses his fist in an opponent's face. He can fashion an artificial dick by taking a wooden staff and attaching a stone head to one end. With this dick he can fuck up his foe all the way out of this life. Warriors do not fear death, they deliver death. Mar 22 is a good time for a sacrifice to Mars.

6b848a No.748758


Other interesting events on March 22nd, besides the Brussels bombing and the Jamestown massacre:

1621: Massasoit, chieftain of the Wampanoags, came to Plymouth to "treat of peace" with Pilgrims


1765: Stamp Act passed by the English Parliament, requiring American colonists to buy and affix British-issued stamps to most documents


Died 1832: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (writer)


1874: Young Men's Hebrew Association founded

1887: President Grover Cleveland appointed members of the first regulatory agency, the Interstate Commerce Commision

Born 1931: William Shatner (actor)

1946: First U.S. rocket to leave the earth's atmosphere, launched from White Sands, New Mexico, attained height of 50 miles

1957: 7.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Fox Islands, Alaska

1962: Louis B. Leakey announced his 1961 discovery of a 14 million-year-old hominoid in Kenya

1963: The Beatles' first album, Please Please Me, was released in Britain


1972: Proposed women's equal rights amendment to Constitution submitted to states for ratification

Died 1979: Sir Richard Sykes (British ambassador to the Netherlands), assassinated by Irish Republican Army


1988: U.S. Congress voted to overide President Reagan's veto and reinstate the Civil Rights Restoration Act. The law, which was designed to replace protections voided by 1984 U.S. Supreme Court decision, prohibitted discrimination by an institution receiving federal funds

2009: Alaska's Mount Redoubt volcano erupted four times. An ash plume more than 9 miles was released into the air in the volcano's first emission in nearly 20 years


Born 2233: James T. Kirk (character on Star Trek series)

ae6abb No.748759


“Cut the hardlines!”

(hearing sirens?)

54bcef No.748760


You should see the new census questionnaire.

They ask how many people ride in the car with you to work and much more.

933d6d No.748761

File: 0bdb177bf14abd7⋯.jpg (104.65 KB, 800x666, 400:333, 0bdb177bf14abd7717b7fd4cf0….jpg)

File: 8a3bc92e0ecc8e2⋯.jpg (81.37 KB, 788x420, 197:105, 22ykkc.jpg)

File: 9f1687f33a30130⋯.jpg (69.49 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 22ykmg.jpg)

File: 9c63d0714fe33b7⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 180x281, 180:281, 24x9sq.jpg)

be282c No.748762


I hope so Anon. Flynn is such a Patriot … What an amazing human to have on /our side/

1eea56 No.748763




67e5be No.748764


Good questions. I don't have all of the answers, except to say that research or future will prove past. Meanwhile I was just reading this prior to see your ?s, so no no coincidence there…Make it sound like the guy was being arrogant and/or sloppy

https:// www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trail-austin-bombing-suspect-combined-high-tech-old-fashioned-techniques-n858791

0b95b2 No.748765

>>748408Hey Q’s new drop about looking at Rizvi Traverse. Awhile back some of the main Anons where talking about how they thought the puppet master behind the cabal was perhaps Indian or SA and whomever it was they are one to avoid the limelight. Check out this article. Do you think Q is saying this is our guy or is behind him????

⁠Who is Suhail Rizvi? The Twitter Billionaire!


a1f9ed No.748766


MASk =Jim Cary friendly insider

817abe No.748767

File: ebd2a808cb31302⋯.png (246.89 KB, 516x535, 516:535, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// pjmedia.com/trending/as-biden-and-kerry-went-soft-on-china-sons-made-nuclear-military-business-deals-with-chinese-govt

78a3e4 No.748768


I think it's all of them, but the Weinstein Company is in there somewhere…perhaps someone with more understanding of hollywood with all the producers, directors, studios, agencies, rubberstampers, etc. could explain the supply chain better.

6e534c No.748769


On the fence about that one too, anon. RT=T-rex could make sense in regard to his firing, but something still doesn't sit right with me assigning T-rex to RT.

275f1f No.748770

File: be84a04253f5e22⋯.jpg (129.12 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, UNfriend2.jpg)

cecd36 No.748771


I'm hoping for VP on the 2020 ticket

ae7ddd No.748772

I think I am the newfag that sent everyone down the RT = Rex Tillerson path last night. Apologies to all, I was wrong. Real Time would be the correct interpretation. Q has never used the Ritzve management company as RT, he has always spelled the name out in full.

da3a41 No.748773


>Doesn’t matter. MSM running white, right-wing Christian narrative. Once again. 8chan believes one thing and rest of world believes other thing.

Doesn't matter what MSM says. If people actually believe that MSM is correct then they deserve their own stupidity.

What happened after Las Vegas?

Everyone questioned the story

What happened after Parkland?

Everyone questioned the story.

What happened after Austin?

Everyone questioned the story.

MSM is a dying cat and they're soon to be dead as a doornail.

I don't care what MSM said and the stats say that hardly anyone else does either.

Most people with half of a brain will quickly figure out that kid couldn't have been the bomber. Way too clean cut.

144e99 No.748774

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

video of the uber self driving car accident that killed someone

wait until the end to watch the driver reaction

d80181 No.748775


I agree that it's a non-issue, but could also see it being sincere advice, kind of like "don't throw more fuel on the fire".

A lot of morons still think Trump is a Russian puppet, and this would only further confirm it, in their stupid minds.

e701ff No.748776


Better to sperge across multiple threads and argue about strong retard opinions

89ceb3 No.748777


Top right is an [Options] to click. Its an option a few down on the list.

9f9c7c No.748778

File: 3bb1473c5417990⋯.jpg (48.1 KB, 960x539, 960:539, 29468560_10216127376279468….jpg)




6b848a No.748780


keks anon. I half think you're mocking me, but it's funny anyway

89ceb3 No.748781


It seems I'm a fucking Q whisperer. I'll give proof if I am instructed to do so.

1eea56 No.748782


He a scumbag! Probably killed his girlfriend too!

261f3d No.748783


Its the hidden hand that shaped society .. thats why people like the creator of the paris pole thing (Eiffel tower) did it in old photos too

7c1134 No.748784

we really need some big booms with some big pieces of meat.

3a8bd4 No.748785


I was thinking this with the helpful googanon on halfchan who teed up the story about goog running the bots…

0c24e1 No.748786


Funny things.

Last thread, Shills were deriding this bill as “censorship”.

680e06 No.748787


Encoded message

be282c No.748788

Thank you for the link to the GoFundMe page. I will donate…

And to the other 2 Anons. I pray so brothers! 2020ticket! I pray Flynn gets all of his life and honor back. God knows he deserves it




933d6d No.748789

File: ef0c7063e8eb5d6⋯.jpg (74.8 KB, 740x499, 740:499, 25q9ha.jpg)

File: 3c35d18d4125991⋯.jpg (73.56 KB, 740x499, 740:499, 25q9p1.jpg)

File: cd52a3ef3fb80b2⋯.jpg (101.18 KB, 825x462, 25:14, 25qkx4.jpg)

File: 90893d95303b17c⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 516x393, 172:131, DXdF0OpX0AYGEUQ.jpg)

78a3e4 No.748790

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2aecb0 No.748791


Rizvi Traverse is a huge investor in Twitter. Just one platform for social media who shared an algorithim with FB to ban conservative views.

89ceb3 No.748792


Maybe try RI zzzzzz VI?

914b50 No.748793


i dont speak sandnigger. thought kinda funny "ANDERSON school of management" pooper..

e86964 No.748794

e701ff No.748795


since "Q whisperer" = AIDS spreading faggot of cancer, I believe you are correct

da3a41 No.748796


I do a lot of q whispering.

check this out


a5e0f6 No.748797


I know that.

Don't reply to me, if you didn't read the nonsensical post, I did reply to.

6edc90 No.748798


Just some (nostalgic) satire from when it was fun to trigger libs. We grew up tho …no need to trigger libs now,.

c00aab No.748799


Here's my take:

Q knew the OP was early AM because they had the perp pinned and planned it as such to circulate with the 4am drop. Did not necessarily know he would boom an hero. Either way, narrative was affected, and people were talking about "Q's Booms" - win/win.

037e20 No.748800


Rothschild's Rackspace in Windsor Park Mall aka the Castle.

How RED_RED can it be?!

be282c No.748801


Shit happens Anon. Integrity looks awesome on you. Keep it up

0bb76d No.748802

File: b3d40a841a71093⋯.png (98.05 KB, 283x600, 283:600, 73800DA7-4A5C-4557-BF15-3A….png)

File: cd4196e980ad8db⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B18858EC-B039-481C-B143-46….png)


Him and his brother helped run a pedo shop there in McStain’s fav playground.

On another note, There’s a reasons Trump’s tweet had RESET in all capitols. We were over the target. GLobal currency RESET. He tweeted about it just as we were discussing it here. Then the shills poured in.

Last note, SES is the keystone. Remove it and the cabal’s grip on our govt falls.

7da2e4 No.748803


dude looks JUST LIKE my old tank driver, weird ears and all. Same glasses too.

33d38a No.748804


Flynn is coming back in a big way.

4b1ff2 No.748805

File: e53c05140f1ed79⋯.png (216.86 KB, 600x363, 200:121, rizv.png)

e86964 No.748806



why does this remind me of that show silicon valley on hbo

5efeb5 No.748807


was the peson walking the bike across the street so calmly at night not worried about the headlights approaching . answer , not even looking that way . 50/50 imo .

cc40fc No.748808

File: 1fc03cd93aa028f⋯.jpg (48.17 KB, 600x400, 3:2, tricky.jpg)

4b0a62 No.748809


Kek !

0bb76d No.748810

File: 4119046a36475ab⋯.png (343.12 KB, 1159x626, 1159:626, DE900325-189F-4316-89F9-FA….png)


Wrong attachment. Here. Global currency reset related.

54bcef No.748811

Facebook is not the only ones mining your data.

Check out the New USA census form asking your income, bills and how many people ride in your car etc

https:// www2.census.gov/programs-surveys/acs/methodology/questionnaires/2018/quest18.pdf

ae6abb No.748812


FB Twitter

Same room

Meeting secret

No cell phones


f46c05 No.748813


AND JUST LIKE THAT, the bomber blew himself up…

1d2e2d No.748814

WTF does Kek mean?

fdefe0 No.748815


With all of the talk about about Merkel being Hitler's Granddaughter and all the talk of Rothchild's and Bushes et. al. funding both sides of WWII did anon's know:

Mika's Grandfather, Zbig's (bin Laden's handler and co-founder of Tri-Lateral) father was the Polish Ambassador 1st to Nazi Germany and then to USSR for the years leading up to WWII. He was involved in the Whole Ribbentrop Document mess. He left to be Poland's Ambassador to Canada approx 2-3 weeks BEFORE Germany and USSR invaded Poland. He safely sat out the whole war.

Sauce? Read it in Wikipedia YEARS ago. Entry has since been thoroughly scrubbed.

be282c No.748816


That sounds so good. I pray for your words to come true anon

89ceb3 No.748817

File: ea3381de71ad199⋯.jpg (7.49 KB, 250x192, 125:96, Muppetism_Rizzo_the_Rat.jpg)


Be my guest. This could help.

(No social media for me. Don't use those tracking discount cards at the grocery store, either.)

33d38a No.748818


I'm not a Newfag and my undercaffeinated self also thought it was Rex this morning too. Real time makes most sense to me.

914b50 No.748819

File: d316f8b32b27f75⋯.jpg (17.82 KB, 575x350, 23:14, suhail rizvi.jpg)


fuck this *facepalm* i m off to twat storm.

no sleep in days. duh.

Look at the screaming shills.

lets post moar RIVVVZIII

e701ff No.748820


we have found peak boomer

a5e0f6 No.748821

19c02b No.748822

did anyone ever gather info about the timing of the Clinton's closing Clinton Global Initiative with election loss and HRC becoming an ordained Minister? This was about funneling monies from a corrupt organization but painted as election loss and drying up of funds I think. If they put the money from CGI into CF then it would be comingled funds and that would lend seizure rights to all of their money, so where did CGI money go when they closed down?

e0f2b3 No.748823

File: 84fa39a5731cd16⋯.png (471.49 KB, 562x746, 281:373, ClipboardImage.png)


anon, I checked i list before I made my comment on that forum..

And saved this list way before yesterday..

Sweet of you to say sorry, but that's not necessary

d666b2 No.748824


David (can't spell his last name) korech, the compound from years ago? I'm still not sure what that was. Thanks that anon went off on me, so called autist needs to quit trying to run people off. I thought Q wanted us to get bigger so to speak

fd5bf5 No.748825



I don't follow the logic with this one -

>29. You'll note that Page, Strzok, Preistap & former FBI Gen Counsel Baker have all been demoted, reassigned & have no duties. Why? Why not fired? This angers a lot of people. The simple answer is: they're not witnesses w deals.

Better answer -

They have not been fired because the OIG loses the ability to question ex-employees. Plus, they may be cooperating as long as they think they can save their careers or avoid prosecution.

933d6d No.748826

File: 6bf03e64a2e1951⋯.jpg (92.94 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 263jh1.jpg)

File: 5188906d0d59315⋯.jpg (85.4 KB, 568x500, 142:125, 265l81.jpg)

File: 079ec492ee4e1f4⋯.jpg (50.94 KB, 720x405, 16:9, pepe-mccain-brain-cancer.jpg)

File: 0837b3372785b1d⋯.png (885.65 KB, 932x1186, 466:593, 2brg.png)

8ea263 No.748827

Found some old questions and answers we did for Suhail Rizvi . They invested in Twitter, Playboy and SpaceX

>Twitter largest outside donor

>Suhail Rizvi is the "secretive investor" that has ties to SpaceX and is tied to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s investment company

>saudi prince alwaleed bin talal is in for something like $400 mill.

>RTM had Hugh Hefner as associate around 13 yrs ago.

>Some connection to NK also but still digging for specifics.

>Rizvi traverse management is trafficking humans through hollywood, and govt subsidized companies like space x.

>http:// www.rizvitraverse.com/portfolio/

>Sesac the aisle a triangle. Definitely read the about page.

>https:// www.sesac.com/About/History.aspx

https:// www.cnbc.com/2013/11/01/rizvi-traverse-is-twitters-largest-outside-shareholder.html

d3ad3c No.748828


Very interesting anon.

a1f9ed No.748829


the man next to him in the black cowboy hat…kept making strangle motions with his hands

c00aab No.748830



Corollary: Ctrl+F "[4am]" on one of the Q post webpages. Has been mentioned in prior crumbs.

e36059 No.748831

File: 3d65973ed9673f7⋯.png (256.68 KB, 489x276, 163:92, Mar 21 desert.png)

FBI, just what did you guys say to the Sheriff to force him to quit doing his job? Care to unload about Vegas yet?

7c1134 No.748832

File: 77868b3756423bc⋯.jpg (10.77 KB, 165x255, 11:17, e4e8ae69fb2bf2a8b2ad5a10fb….jpg)

4b0a62 No.748833


Meant this kek

54bcef No.748834


and they say you have to answer by law or they will send someone to your home.

e86964 No.748835


what does a nuclear silo look like from above> Q

2a22a9 No.748836

File: b2204e94400398e⋯.png (1.3 MB, 776x811, 776:811, ClipboardImage.png)

914b50 No.748837


btw: also sandniggers on riVVVVzi (ceKKed)

531207 No.748838

Saudi Crown Prince Salman will be in the US for 3 weeks - meeting with Tim Cook (Apple), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bill Gates (Microsoft)…also meeting with Google and Uber…Hollywood producers and execs…Wall Street CEO's…no doubt updates on AramCo…will major announcements be made regarding Prince Wally re: Twitter??? Tick tock [@Jack]


1eea56 No.748839

File: 20388a400fac19d⋯.jpg (330.24 KB, 1024x690, 512:345, HomerThinkingDiegoGarcia.jpg)

1d2e2d No.748840

Breaking News

Austin Bomber found, excuse was bag hamburger meat, Flatulence blamed for Explosions

376e4a No.748841



FOX said this dude is a convicted felon who served 4 years for something

33d38a No.748842


RIzvi Traverse is NOT an investor in FB

One of the owners of RTM has INVESTED in FB

Big Difference.

3a8bd4 No.748843


This might actually be a viable strategy. Full-disclosure shills. Full-contact meme warfare.

9dec22 No.748844


[yt]https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5emewg44qw[/yt]

Ben's take on the bill is interesting. Could explain the whole reddit banning guns thing perhaps

fff729 No.748845



https:// lawandcrime.com/exclusive/facebook-forces-nyt-to-quietly-delete-unflattering-reference-to-sheryl-sandberg-in-story-about-russian-trolls/

>The New York Times apparently offers powerful third parties the ability to edit away–that is, to delete from the internet–unfavorable coverage appearing in the paper of record’s online edition.

>One such entity seemingly afforded the privilege is Facebook. And this has legal experts raising potential antitrust concerns.

cecd36 No.748846


Poor sheriff Lombardo

9dec22 No.748847


Ok so I dunno how to do embeds obviously, sorry anons

914b50 No.748848


"Him and his brother"

omg.. i prefer the jew shills

853de9 No.748849


The one in the middle, the picture behind her is of her when she was little.

47d030 No.748850

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Watch the Jim Carey vid .. they plan to watch the world burn from the caribbean .. where are we taking them? Concern …

914b50 No.748851


LOL thx

e0f2b3 No.748852


I remember I saw Real Time and Rex at the list yesterday, as possible explanations for the abbreviation RT.

Rizvi Traverse should be added to that list

df3737 No.748853


It can only be Riz because he's a major investor

376e4a No.748854

File: e31395fa8979a09⋯.png (9.08 KB, 210x255, 14:17, c2695bf042c56227badc3c3b45….png)

0402d2 No.748855

File: bf20e58467030bb⋯.png (111.89 KB, 945x613, 945:613, ClipboardImage.png)

Part of bigger tree map: Rizvi and some others.

My bet is that Clowns want to have data from any large SoMe company that has a lot of user data. Rizvi is connected to many of those companies.

54bcef No.748856

New USA census is total invasion of privacy!!!

https: //www2.census.gov/programs-surveys/acs/methodology/questionnaires/2018/quest18.pdf

89ceb3 No.748857


Oh my gosh! I did it, too! RIZVI not rivzi.

fd5bf5 No.748858


Biker was at fault - fucking idiot jaywalking in the dark… no reflectors or reflective clothing.

I would have hit him too!

But..was the 'driver' looking at his phone? He clearly wasn't paying attention. What's the point of that?

dfc908 No.748859

>>748694 TBH i never thought of that, didn't know what to think, if BO think that is what this post does then please remove it, with my humblest of apologies, i would never infer that Q would purposely kill someone at a specific time to make a point, but like i said if that's what it looks like by all means…remove.

f8835f No.748861



>Ok so I dunno how to do embeds obviously, sorry anons

Click "Show post options & limits" at the bottom. A URL box will pop up. No special code needed.

1af4ce No.748862

File: c7e755a4cb195f0⋯.jpg (69.41 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Rizvi_MilkCarton.jpg)

Here's a Rizvi blank if anyone wants to meme it

3a8bd4 No.748863


MLG-style arena event with WWE drama. Team members from all layers of the propagandist ranks convene for battle.

f91f0e No.748864


looks like a zhe to me, anon

> that sure as fuck is not a he

9dec22 No.748865


Roger that, thanks a lot

7704e4 No.748866


buy of assets?

289557 No.748867

Guys, this lady needs to be dug on. Kristine Marcy. 9/11, Blackmail, ConAir, Federal Bridge (FBCA), Pedogate, Snuff films. She is alleged to be in the middle of all of it.

From: https:// piotrbein.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/sisters-of-evil-pedophilia-extortion-of-vips-snuff-films-assasinations/

Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell) [Revised April 1, 2012: Kristine Marcy is a Matrix 5 principal and the 1979 founder and de-facto president of the Senior Executive Service (‘SES’); she and co-recipients of the Gore Hammer awards, allegedly used Clipper chips and the Nortel-developed Joint Automated Booking Station (JABS) in the spoliation of evidence of a home break-in and torture murder of JonBenet Ramsey on Christmas Day, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado, and Gareth Williams some time in August 2010 in Pimlico, London, U.K.; she allegedly developed JABS for David Blood and Al Gore to authorize serial and/or mass murders of ‘Mindless Breathers – Useless Breeders’; she is allegedly rewarded with other JABS users for the management of evidence at Blood & Gore crime scenes with money laundered through the Department of Justice Assets Forfeiture Fund; she was the 1996 recipient of Vice President Gore’s Hammer Award for Reinventing Government Programs for her work in creating the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS – nick named ‘Con Air’); she allegedly organized the theft of PROMIS and its translation into a French version of JABS for La Sûreté du Québec and Francophonie 9/11; she and co-recipients of the Gore Hammer awards, allegedly used the Nortel JABS system in the spoliation of evidence of a home break-in at the former Glyndon property of her brother, Field McConnell; she allegedly conspired with FAA’s Collaborative Decision Makers who also won Gore Hammer awards, to overthrow the United States Government on 9/11; she allegedly sent bogus Con Air passenger manifests and flight schedules to the FAA’s air traffic control headquarters in Herndon, Va., to paralyze blue-team responses to electronic hijacking during the phony Gore Hammer war game on 9/11; she allegedly used Con Air to fly victims to cannibal oath ceremonies at a British Columbia pig farm where they would swear to uphold the principles espoused in Al Gore’s propaganda movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’; she allegedly conspired with her former SBA loan syndicate client, Wells Fargo, to promote the Al Gore : Inconvenient Truth [Death by Breath?] propaganda on her brother’s birthday October 02, 2007 at the Wells Fargo Theatre in Denver, CO; she allegedly authorized DOJ Pride to set up a ConAir pedophile transport system to entrap and extort KPMG clients at SOS Children’s Villages in the State of Illinois and 130 countries around the world; she allegedly launched DOJ Pride in 1994 to infiltrate Uranian – third sex – entrapment experts into crime scene investigations to accuse the innocent and shelter the guilty; she allegedly used a Federal Bridge Certification Authority to give the U.K. Ministry of Defence an electronic warfare backdoor into the Air Force Special Operations Command and its SBA mentor-protégé programs for ‘Gore Hammer 9/11’; she allegedly converted a Pennsylvania mine to hold pedo-file images for use by her DOJ Pride colleagues to extort pedophile government employees and undermine the integrity of a Federal Bridge Certification Authority (‘FBCA’); she allegedly holds proxy keys to the FBCA which give Barack Obama distance from contract hits such as the Fast and Furious assassination of ATF agent Brian Terry;

33d38a No.748868


But he's not RT he is ST.

ac0bab No.748869

File: c6f5a83925c712b⋯.jpg (9.38 KB, 294x171, 98:57, WhatDifference.jpg)


>lawandcrime. com/exclusive/facebook-forces-nyt-to-quietly-delete-unflattering-reference-to-sheryl-sandberg-in-story-about-russian-trolls/

http:// archive. is/9ag3T#selection-2041.0-2045.233

These people are stupid?

5b05f4 No.748870

File: 482b41e53213f4e⋯.jpeg (333.59 KB, 1242x824, 621:412, 21F87201-30F1-47BE-AB95-4….jpeg)

814afa No.748871

i use to respect the FBI

f46c05 No.748872

File: dc3634690e8a68c⋯.jpeg (986.43 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1EEB2ECF-21BC-4B58-A4E3-0….jpeg)

8220c7 No.748873

I wonder who is in Gitmo… Probably someone from Iran.

376e4a No.748874

File: 11a85c0abbdb98c⋯.jpg (43.06 KB, 432x494, 216:247, redcc.jpg)

289557 No.748875

Kristine Marcy cont…

she is the former Senior Counsel for the Office of Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); she allegedly issued time-lapse private keys to the SBA’s extorted 8(a) HUBZone voters to ensure Barack Hussein Obama was fraudulently elected POTUS 44 in November 2008; she allegedly procured time lapse keys for use by a matrix of Her Majesty’s Crown Uranian (see anagram for Manchurian) cells inside DOJ Pride to conceal Paperclip passport frauds exposing Obama as a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (CUKC); she allegedly directs the extortion of man-in-the-middle officials in the U.S. Department of Justice, the Bar Associations of the District of Columbia and the U.S. Court of Military Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court; she appears to have used .tv snuff films to extort the Office of Personnel Management into concealing Obama’s ties to a Mau Mau oath-taking family in Kenya; she allegedly linked the U.S. Small Business Administration’s HUBZone Settlements to an E-Comm command center in British Columbia where 9-1-1 operators learn how to stage a murder during the production of a horror film production with unwitting (?) actors or extras; she allegedly formed a joint venture between Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates and the U.S. Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (‘Con Air’) to use Sabre seat reservation technology to monitor the movements of pig farm oath takers; she allegedly used SBA 8(a) mentor-protégé companies to modify an EC135C Speckled Trout aircraft carrying General Henry Shelton and support a Uranian attempt to overthrow of the United States government on 9/11; she allegedly set up a revolving fund (# 15X4275) with bona vacantia – ownerless goods – in a joint venture with Star Chamber insiders, the Treasury Solicitor, Permira (Schroder Salomon Smith Barney in WTC#7) and organized crime groups to finance modifications of aircraft for the 9/11 attacks; she allegedly procured ‘Con Air’ Lear Jet aircraft for use by Bombardier’s homicidal EW pilot, Russell Williams to support the SES Speckled Trout chain of command and the decoy-and-drone maneuvers of 911; she allegedly used USIS files and Canadian Privy Council insider and NAPA vice president Lena Trudeau to create virtual ‘al-Qaeda’ operatives; she allegedly auctioned off SBA 8(a) CDOs just before the 9/11 attacks and assigned patented-device incendiary liquidation rights to D2 Banking and KPMG clients at Canary Wharf; she allegedly used images of Uranian pig-farm oath ceremonies to extort 9/11 cooperation from the likes of Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Frank Carlucci, Lynn McNulty, Dr. David Finkleman, Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart, Rear Admiral Gordon Piche, Robert Mueller, Bruce McConnell and Generals Haig, Shelton and Shalikashvili; she is the de facto President and Chief Executive Officer of Washington D.C.-based NAPA (The National Academy of Public Administration); she allegedly infiltrated pig farm Greek Life oath takers into George Washington University, University of Chicago and Northwestern University and University of Hawaii (BA French) and Georgetown University ( MFS, master foreign service); she allegedly exfiltrated U.S. Marshals from Murrah Building OKC before initiating the bombs fraudulently attributed to a subsequently-executed decoy, Timothy McVeigh; we infer from spoliation through pay-per-view encryption that she re-assigned SBA liquidation rights in patent pool devices used on 9/11, including .tv to Crown Agents’ City & Guilds Livery Companies such as the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers]”

86cd63 No.748876


same, highly

19c02b No.748877

>>748839 I think if we seized all monies from RICO violations of the corrupt politicians we could pay off the national debt. Withdraw all of the money from the treasury in $1 bills , hand them over to the roths as payment in full, then tell them to GTFO with their paper. Raise taxes briefly as a volunteer method to pay for the pallets and shipping of the $1 bills to get that paper off our land! One can only carry on with ones wet dreams

914b50 No.748878


…logic sais they were @ the meet & sneak.

Not T rex. besides, T-rex should hv been one of the "politicians'

8b7145 No.748879

File: 340a91b4b3f1494⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2048x1449, 2048:1449, 0C20525D-64B5-41E5-A9EC-A….jpeg)


Rizvi Traverse Management, the company, were previously a very big investor in FB. Who’s to say they’re not being called in again to remain in control of shares?

Why did Q say Rizvi were very important, but the importance’s hasn’t been found by us yet or revealed by Q?

cc40fc No.748880

File: 4b60d4de7689de0⋯.jpg (70.65 KB, 952x500, 238:125, vegas.jpg)

aa67bb No.748881

File: a89f27f814b8ac9⋯.png (241.58 KB, 438x661, 438:661, Screenshot-2018-3-21 Meme ….png)

File: 1d442f16a868bce⋯.png (26.31 KB, 959x180, 959:180, anontested.png)

File: e2093528e333021⋯.png (32.59 KB, 1114x198, 557:99, shillapproved.png)

91e675 No.748882


When has Q ever given us a DIRECT clue like this? Honestly?

When they said Blunt And Direct Time, even though they gave information, it wasn’t directed at the attempted bombing. It was a clue for us to dig on.

Could RTM stand for something else?

5b05f4 No.748883

9f9c7c No.748884

>About Rizvi Traverse Management, LLC

Rizvi Traverse Management, LLC is a leading private equity investment firm that primarily invests in the media, entertainment and technology sectors. Past investments include ICM, Summit Entertainment, SESAC, Playboy, Twitter, SpaceX, Square and Snapchat. For more information visit www.rizvitraverse.com.

Key Executives

Ben Kohn Managing Partner

Todd Knowles Chief Financial Officer

Suhail R Rizvi Chief Invsmt Ofcr/Co-Founder

John A Giampetroni COO/Co-Founder

Karen Marie Blanchard Chief Compliance Officer

Audrey Dimarzo Principal/General Counsel

George Akopov Director

Citigroup, Twitter, Lyft: Prince Alwaleed’s Arrest Touches Many

https:// archive.fo/ixJtu

https:// archive.fo/1GT1F

Mr. Rizvi, 47, runs a private investment company that is the largest outside investor in Twitter, with a 15.6 percent stake worth $3.8 billion at the end of trading on Thursday. Using a web of connections in the tech industry and in finance, as well as a hearty dose of good timing, he brought many prominent names in at the ground floor, including the Saudi prince and some of JPMorgan’s wealthiest clients.


>Company Number

> 3849781

>Incorporation Date

> 1 September 2004 (about 13 years ago)

>Company Type

> Limited Liability Company


> Delaware (US)

>Agent Name


>Agent Address

> 2711 CENTERVILLE RD SUITE 400, >WILMINGTON, New Castle, DE, 19808

>Directors / Officers


https:// opencorporates.com/companies/us_de/3849781

See also:


>Company Number

> 4835546

>Incorporation Date

> 11 June 2010 (over 7 years ago)

>Company Type

> Limited Liability Company


> Delaware (US)

>Agent Name


>Agent Address

> 2711 CENTERVILLE RD SUITE 400, >WILMINGTON, New Castle, DE, 19808

>Directors / Officers


https:// opencorporates.com/companies/us_de/4835546

dfc908 No.748885


Word will do!

37dcb0 No.748886

Good summary about Trump Dossier.

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=jwYbimhID0c

da3a41 No.748887





anyone else want to add?

newfag. I was one once.

814afa No.748888

i woulds been a great FBI agent too bad ima ex convict

e36059 No.748889


Consider that source : The Washington Post. Cabal. Clowns. Trying to spin a story that casts less culpability on F**kerberg than the reality that FB was born of Clowns, DARPA and IAO (Information Awareness Office). This is what the WaPo does not want you to see:

http:// www.therealnewsonline.com/our-blogs/facebook-and-its-connections-to-the-cia-and-darpa

It's from, like 2011.

376e4a No.748890


It'd be perfect if the white was yellow but I haven't been able to

c03df9 No.748891



Quadrotor FTW…!!!

6b247b No.748892


Kek is also Pepe.

69b9ed No.748893

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Better song for anons

02ea56 No.748894


Hey thats not nice. Thats not nice at all! You cut it out.

e701ff No.748895



>newfag. I was one once.

Pick one

9dec22 No.748898

File: 4178faf9fa4c70e⋯.png (64.53 KB, 184x182, 92:91, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/03/sessions_makes_his_move.html

>Back in 2011, the indomitable Peter Schweizer published Throw Them All Out, a detailed examination of political corruption as it is actually practiced in the halls of Congress.

>In his investigation, Schweizer found one single member of Congress against whom no allegations could be held – who had never taken a dime that was not his, had never cut any backroom deals, had never, simply put, played the game.

>That individual was Jeff Sessions.

39cd10 No.748899






Why does my gut feeling insists this bitcoin (blockchain) stuff ties in with social media drag nets and links with the Chinese somehow.

Prolly their social credit thingy they launched recently.

If you're in for off putting bizarre shit check thàt out.

Doesn't bode well my anon friends.

Surely not given that Europe's freedom of speech and opinion has taken a nosedive.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-21/offensive-jokes-uks-latest-absurd-national-security-threat

Or this bombshell:

http:// www.breitbart.com/london/2018/03/21/french-criminals-monitor-hate-speech-online-community-service/

https:// www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12008/france-le-pen-free-speech

https:// www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12051/france-islam-free-speech

https:// www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12010/eu-censorship

and so on and so on really…

The one world short term future is a very bleak distopian one, buckle up!

c0f8bd No.748900

So, the social media platforms, selling customer/user data wasn't enough, then this because if you have a cellphone, It's habbing there too.


https:// www.techdirt.com/articles/20180320/10281539457/if-youre-pissed-about-facebooks-privacy-abuses-you-should-be-four-times-as-angry-broadband-industry.shtml

54bcef No.748901

Why does the new USA census ask if you have trouble walking up stairs or running errands?

33d38a No.748902


I thought S Traverse was the owner of Traverse Management and HE was an investor in FB. Or is the management company and investor?

6edc90 No.748903

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Normalfag Song

fff729 No.748904



Not really relevant. Youtube is clearly taking a political position.

df3737 No.748905


His first name starts with a T like Travi Rizvi something like that

f46c05 No.748906


and he's come back to clean house.

14ad71 No.748907


Yea, compare those fuckers, and Broward fuckers to how Texas handled it! That FBI agent should have had a white cowboy hat on though, doubt it was his government agency Abbott was thanking! Abbott never said FBI, or thanked them! Fakers standing right behind his wheelchair… thanked local police, and Texas DPS directly.

e36059 No.748908


Lurk moar.

78a3e4 No.748909

File: d623937e8873c57⋯.jpeg (71.07 KB, 500x626, 250:313, download.jpeg)


$100 he commits suicide within 5 years.

Transsexuals don't make it very long after confronted with reality.

9f9c7c No.748910

File: c8f105e3fbc777c⋯.png (43.18 KB, 725x205, 145:41, 1511413493905.png)

f8835f No.748911


Tits or GTFO! - No special treatment for being a girl.

376e4a No.748912


So they ask that and not if you're even a citizen???


df3737 No.748913


Reverse that kek

289557 No.748914

Kristine Marcy board member of Global Smile foundation.

https:// gsmile.org/board-members/

914b50 No.748915


Everyt FUCKING thing is connected to rivzi.

how can q NOT mean ==THIS==?

Q??? confirm pls.

6a7a2d No.748916


You're exhibiting the early stages of collective autsim.

Welcome home Anon

1d2e2d No.748917

File: 063d35d3f7c4ae9⋯.jpg (240.03 KB, 1190x1028, 595:514, HRC Funds.jpg)

e36059 No.748918

2aecb0 No.748919


I don't actually think he did predict the time.

9de922 No.748920

RT AlAweed

https:// www. theguardian.com/technology/2013/oct/04/twitter-millionaires-ipo-windfall

7b5e8f No.748921

File: 7bf674c22f5a3bd⋯.jpg (47.96 KB, 800x450, 16:9, shilly-wok.jpg)

this place one the weekends

a822ab No.748922



e701ff No.748923



>Not true. Here's the source showing that.

>Not relevant.

54bcef No.748924



True - well it does have a box for born in USA/citizen.

And if you don't respond they will send someone to your house.

https: //www2.census.gov/programs-surveys/acs/methodology/questionnaires/2018/quest18.pdf

12f6c5 No.748925

Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/21/18 (Wed) 00:52:37 b086d2 No.739690>>739696 >>739698 >>739704 >>739707 >>739708

MZ. who/what is this

RT. who/what is this

Big meeting.

Cell phones left at door.


5 political

1 former intel dir

Mask & Spin

IDEN friendly ‘insiders’

MSM support +talking points

Shift narrative


We hear you.

We have the algorithm.

Thank you @ Snowden.

Learn chess.

Down she goes.

Nobody escapes this.



5efeb5 No.748926

File: d89201cb6e61f30⋯.png (30.63 KB, 991x379, 991:379, gtyuyh.PNG)

da faq ?

0bb76d No.748927


Yeah you faggot. The Las Vegas killer (supposed but really a patsy) and hhs brother did human trafficking for the cia and helped manage a pedo shop in mcstain and pelosis fav land.

14ad71 No.748928


Reigning in his new stock power over those companies, probably end up on their boards! Good news!

05be6c No.748929


You can't make this shit up. Oh wait…

ea39fc No.748930

File: 6483aab44c54bdc⋯.jpg (99.75 KB, 1024x722, 512:361, jwayneee654.jpg)


Which reality is that?

9dec22 No.748931


Google are the worst offenders in modern book burning

it's from fucking wow jesus christ

df85db No.748932


Is there a medfag in the house?

What could cause Jenner's nose to look like that?

8220c7 No.748933


No, you wouldn't. Agents have to be smart, witty and able to think for themselves.

aa67bb No.748934

a6ffaa No.748935


I used to respect Jews.

Reality sucks.

8220c7 No.748936



376e4a No.748938


Good, I was hearing they didn't want to "offend" by asking people who aren't citizens if they are citizens. People not who are not citizens shouldn't play a roll in our governmental processes. Might as well be influenced by some goat farmer in afghanistan at that point LOL

814afa No.748940

i woulds been a great FBI agent too bad ima ex convict


guess your right

5fbd92 No.748941

Let me help you with your pseudo takedown of Q (just in case you hadn't thought of it):

Check out this drop from 3/3



Sounds like a "bridge" dying (going down)….


Didn't we have a collapse happen in FL???

Wow….looks like your buddies at CNN are already on it! (Start at the 40 second mark)

Funny how now they're saying it was caught on a street cam…but a guy is in the frame to the left…with a ball cap….

Seems like THEY knew it was gonna go down….

There's your first clue….FIND THAT GUY….

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXNgAEQoAyg



The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined.

Yeah…that sounds about right!!!!

1d2e2d No.748942


ZIONISTS are to blame, not Jews, Jews hate ZIONISTS

b82bc3 No.748943


yeah, and I asked if there was any relation to that marine that was arrested a while back after going to the WH with a car full of guns talking about some chip in his head

58727a No.748944


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1HVD1vUjUw

c4f928 No.748945




39cd10 No.748946


YES! You remember that one too.

Very astute remark IMO, because, yes it is a stupid remark as there's not enough to go around to make a world currency etc etc.

But YES, encoded message. We're still waiting now on the message from LdR, yes? Snowden has answered, HRCs tapdance on the stairs and breaking something might also be a code of sorts ;)

Here was what Q said:

Mar 09 2018 06:16:07

Q !UW.yye1fxo



Hidden message.


POTUS delete/install.

Coded message (accept) by LdR/HRC/others.

Allowing @Snowden access/censorship/tracking.

[+sharing groups C-9/all]

[+trace upload that tone recognizes other devices w/ active geo [all sig devices].

Don’t drop the soap.


54bcef No.748947

Ohh they don't ask if you are a citizen just a box for where you were born.

914b50 No.748949



0bb76d No.748950


That’s bad ass. Trust sessions.

e7ca71 No.748951


no i didn't mean that… i posted it already, gracias

78a3e4 No.748952


That a sex change and hormone therapy can't cure a disease of the soul.

e36059 No.748953

File: a2968c553f9682a⋯.png (94.7 KB, 568x534, 284:267, Jan 9 8chan ultra.png)

File: 2d73eef358d569e⋯.png (496.29 KB, 500x802, 250:401, Dec 13 the evolution of pe….png)

a5e0f6 No.748954


Complete BS.

4 am is talking points drop off for the MSM.

That's all.

ce8363 No.748955

File: 01cbbdf17373fb6⋯.jpg (16.96 KB, 325x216, 325:216, bush_martin_fox_in_waco.jpg)


burnt offering for usa, ca & mx combo signed in waco.

Bush, Mexico's President Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Martin relax and chat just after signing a new, CFR-prepared pact designed to dissolve the United States as a separate and independent nation. President Bush and congressional leaders are now pushing for amnesty and full citizenship for all Mexican illegals in the U.S.A. That is only one of scores of changes that must take place by the year 2010, according to the CFR agenda.

fff729 No.748957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> Oliver, Kimmel and other Late Night retards just read off the script and aquire shekels.

I miss Dave.

cf9d90 No.748958


The rabbit hole tunnel you need to look down next is holographic universe theory and the effect of shapes/numbers and colours in our universe. Happy reading

1a8249 No.748960

>>748660 from the matrix wiki:

Anderson is suddenly contacted by Morpheus via a cell phone mailed to his office, but is almost immediately captured by the virtual reality's Agents, led by Agent Smith. After refusing to co-operate with the agents, Neo has an electronic bug implanted within his Matrix-simulated body so that his actions can be tracked and those seeking to make contact from the free world can be traced and destroyed. He is then contacted by Trinity,[7] freed from the bug, and taken to meet Morpheus.

e0f2b3 No.748961



i hope not syphilis.

i also had a real red nose 9really a small round) a few times.

searching on the i'net, I found a similar nose, this person had gone to the doctor and it was not that serious

1d2e2d No.748962

File: a53ed153047b2d1⋯.jpg (252.19 KB, 1190x1028, 595:514, HRC Funds.jpg)

c28c3a No.748963

File: 82b7d7328f7707c⋯.png (358.65 KB, 500x584, 125:146, psycho joe & morning ho 2.png)

8b7145 No.748964


It appears that Rizvi Traverse is Rizvi Suhal’s company and he invested in FB and Twitter through Rizvi Traverse.

Inderasding repost from an old research thread:

RIZVI. SUHAIL RIZVI. "The situation dates back to 2011, when private equity firm Rizvi Traverse Management, in partnership with Hefner, bought Hefner’s company Playboy Enterprises (which in turn owns Playboy) and took it private for about $217 million.

But Hefner didn’t actually put up the money, nor did he sell his stock. Instead, he just gave all his shares to Rizvi in exchange for a minority stake in the new company and a couple of simple promises: Hefner would receive an annual salary of $1 million, and he would be allowed to live out the rest of his life in the Playboy Mansion for rent of just $100 a year." http:// fortune.com/2017/09/29/hugh-hefner-worth/


RIZVI TRAVERSE MANAGMENT was "given" PLAYBOY and paid Hef 1 million a year until he died.

CIA acquired the Playboy enterprise through RIZVI and has all the dirt on all the visitors.

01837a No.748966


Goodman is a George webb wannabe. The 2 paired up and got into it with de fago Jason Goodman was a porn movie maker and clown. Field should know this but idk. Field said his sister surrendered herself to field!

39cd10 No.748967


If Schiff were a country he'd be a …

a5e0f6 No.748968



7b5e8f No.748969

File: 95cfafc9b3dc511⋯.jpeg (9.5 KB, 148x255, 148:255, 60a913039f699ad9905f83f8f….jpeg)



song is the tits

914b50 No.748970


agree. makes sense. More sense than Real Team or Trex

e36059 No.748971

File: 5b589a85f0c6aec⋯.png (174.88 KB, 329x330, 329:330, Feb 9 pepe badge.png)

d9549b No.748972


Carinthia is a region of Austria that borders

Slovenia. Part of this region is also called the Black Forest.

Again like Langau Austria, and Šilheřovice Czech, it is located near a border. Same could be said of Germany's Black Forest which borders France and Switzerland.

If you were smuggling goods way back when by stagecoach you would likely travel by night, and hide somewhere during the day where the horses could rest or be changed. Big private estates would be ideal places to hid your smuggling operation.

And now that we know the Illuminati are a cult of con-artists, we can expect to find that they have run organized crime gangs for thousands of years.

b15d81 No.748973


She has arms like Lin

e0f2b3 No.748974


I accidentily involved you in a red nose/syphilis response.


ce8363 No.748975

File: f1a38d0b4809738⋯.jpg (20.65 KB, 280x220, 14:11, bush_martin__fox_in_crawfo….jpg)



Masonic handshake: Mexican President Vicente Fox shares a Masonic handshake with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin as U.S. President George Bush looks on. The three met in Waco, Texas in 2005 and jointly signed a pact requiring the United States to be dismantled as an independent nation and integrated into a CFR-planned North American Union.

http:// www.texemarrs.com/082006/murder_of_america.htm

c0f8bd No.748976


Read both parts, and, even if some of this is FACT, she should be first on the list to get shot at sunrise.

2aecb0 No.748977


Never once said he was an investor in FB, asshole. He is invested in Twitter.

15e803 No.748978

Have we decided that IDEN = the new "blackberry" for "friendly" cabal members?

89ceb3 No.748979


Such a beautiful map. Thanks for sharing.

b016f9 No.748980


F(ag)BI, you must be a newfag.

But hey, we really appreciate your manners, trés professional as you request career resume evidence on an anonymous board.

0402d2 No.748981

File: 1211bdb132ce72a⋯.png (193.91 KB, 1294x787, 1294:787, ClipboardImage.png)


Rizvi is connected to so many things…

Any additional connections found?

19c02b No.748982


Tits or GTFO is lame. None of you are as desperate to see tits as it looks when you say that. It just makes you look like a skeezy fapper boy waiting for their chance to say it. Lots of new ppl are coming to the board now. Females don't need any special treatment and you are as lame as Hillary for suggesting they are so weak. So get over your wannabe fuck boy dreams.

1eea56 No.748983


Schiff would be a cunt reeeeeeeeeee

6edc90 No.748984


Right, the families were the foreign elie class Sadducees, ancient priest family. the judahists hated them, the King replaced many priests because the people demanded it.

More ancient connections to the last babylon King and the Hyksos in Egypt.

9dec22 No.748985

Does anyone here have the HoaxWars video/song from when George Webb left Jason Goodman in a state of confusion?

that shit is gold and it doesn't seem he uploaded the old vids on his d.tube/bitchute

0402d2 No.748986


thanks, I will update if any new connections are found. Let me know.

c4f928 No.748987


>Females don't need any special treatment

which is why they should never say they are female

df3737 No.748988


rizvi traverse

680e06 No.748989


I’m saying it’s an encoded message to run up the price and dip out. Does anyone have any sauce for Clinton/trafficking/bitcoin/Diego Garcia? Have a buddy in bitcoin and I texted him the guardian article. He is a bitcoin blind believer but I don’t want him to get taken to the cleaners.

02ea56 No.748990

What happens after Q?


bdc78d No.748991


Only problem I have with this line is that Stormy is getting herself in trouble if she's bringing a lawsuit with no merit whatsoever, and her lawyer too if he's in on it.

Following this line, at some point Stormy has to flip it right? If the flip is that nothing happened, she's putting herself in civil/criminal jeopardy.

Now that I'm thinking about it, imagine if Trumps alleged lawyer didn't represent Trump, and Stormy claims honest mistake she thought it was Trump.

Similarly, has anyone read the NDA? Typos fucking everywhere, sloppy as fuck document.

a1f9ed No.748992

Survivor! Ghost Island!

9aa262 No.748993

cbdffd No.748994


I think you came here by accident, facebook, Reddit and Homo chan are located elsewhere.


f1570f No.748995

Obama used executive powers to benefit close friends' private investment firms

Good article documenting how Obama tanked the value of businesses while President so that his friends could buy them up at a cheap price.

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/obama-used-executive-powers-to-benefit-close-friends-private-investment-firms-book

b22615 No.748996


Blockchain ah no thanks. I'll take gold/silver backed. No bitcoin type faux money

37dcb0 No.748997

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=PZWUsZ3AVnQ

Explains How Facebook stole the Leader Technology Patent.

692f99 No.748998

File: 289dd20dba048bc⋯.png (549.19 KB, 1030x902, 515:451, screenshot_154.png)

GOP's Saccone concedes to Democrat Lamb in Pennsylvania special House race

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/21/gops-saccone-concedes-to-democrat-lamb-in-pennsylvania-special-house-race.html

d666b2 No.748999

File: 976b1ae54849569⋯.png (102.9 KB, 814x814, 1:1, IMG_2635.PNG)

e701ff No.749000


So… tits?

df3737 No.749001


http:// www.rizvitraverse.com/

Big investor and PR

f8835f No.749002


>>>748911 (You)

>Tits or GTFO is lame. None of you are as desperate to see tits as it looks when you say that. It just makes you look like a skeezy fapper boy waiting for their chance to say it. Lots of new ppl are coming to the board now. Females don't need any special treatment and you are as lame as Hillary for suggesting they are so weak. So get over your wannabe fuck boy dreams.

Thanks for the extra example.

CONCERNFAG - Shill who shits up the bread with political correctness.

1be010 No.749003


Some ass actually put this in the Urban Dictionary. #4

https:// www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Kek

d3ad3c No.749004


Patti Jean Blanchard is Suhails wife, so Karen Marie Blanchard must be a sister?

15e803 No.749005


He did lots of things to steal or close businesses. Lookup Operation Chokepoint. Went after gun sellers and supplement companies to target 2A and also make Big Pharma happy.

78a3e4 No.749006

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c512c4 No.749007

File: 15f8ce514af66b7⋯.jpg (61.61 KB, 678x749, 678:749, Q IDEN.JPG)

File: 3dafd6bcc171c44⋯.jpg (51.57 KB, 494x493, 494:493, IDEN.JPG)


http:// acronymsandslang.com/IDEN-meaning.html

a5e0f6 No.749008


I see a tiny, tiny space between TR.

This leads me to believe that another t is hdden between T and R:

OMG! T plus "hidden T" plus R!!!!!

Time TRavel!

Q just confirmed time travel.

It must be so, because I want it to be true!

4b1ff2 No.749009

File: 1c5cb9f5bcfb533⋯.jpg (80.67 KB, 960x672, 10:7, muel.jpg)


Fucking hilarious. What a splendid trolling.

Could you please pass the grey poupon?

33d38a No.749010


Nice find!

ce8363 No.749011

File: da37dbcbeca34cf⋯.gif (15.93 KB, 147x220, 147:220, building_north_american_co….gif)


The CFR has even published its despicable plan in a book, entitled Building A North American Community. Authored by three elite members of the New York-based organization, the book calls for the ending of American sovereignty and the overthrow of the American Constitution and government.

The CFR's membership of 4,275 conspirators, backed by the organization's predominantly Zionist Jew leadership, demands that, by the year 2010, America as we once knew it will no longer exist. By that date, the Illuminati intends that the following be achieved:


A new currency, called the Amero, replace the dollar.


All borders between Mexico, the U.S.A., and Canada be erased and the Border Patrol retired.


A North American Parliament Group, composed of Mexican politicians and U.S. quislings, take over legislative authority, superseding our own Senate and House.


A North American Judicial Council, or Tribunal, take over the judicial function and demote the U.S. Supreme Court to an advisory only role.


A joint Executive Authority be set up, possibly with its capitol in Mexico City or Toronto, to dictate to U.S. citizens the terms of surrender.


The 106 million citizens of Mexico be given full rights by the defunct U.S.A. and be allowed to enter our territory, re-conquer and seize whatever lands and property they wish within the once sovereign U.S.A.


The Bill of Rights be abolished and a new North American "Declaration of Rights" be drawn up. It will comprise a shrunken list of abridged, government granted privileges more suitable to the changed times.


Over 100 million Mexicans living South of the Border, plus 20 million more Mexicans now residing illegally in the U.S.A., will be awarded full social security and medicare benefits and have full job, voting and other rights granted to them. American taxpayers will foot the bill.


Mexican workers will be given affirmative action and preferential job quotas. Millions of Anglo-Americans will lose their jobs.


Hispanic-owned corporations will be favored with government grants and contracts. The economies of Mexico, the former U.S.A., and Canada will be totally merged and a 4-football fields wide NAFTA super highway is already being built. Thousands of air-polluting Mexican trucks and vehicles will rumble up I-35 and disperse to the various states.


The 50 existing American states will be formally dissolved and the former U.S.A. will be divided into ten weakened administrative regions. Some will have Mexican leaders appointed over the local, formerly American citizens.


Spanish and English will both be recognized as joint official languages. Mexican textbooks critical of United States history and disrespectful of American "gringo" traditions will be required in all North American schools.


The North American Union will join the European Community and the ASEAN (Asian) Union as the three major subdivisions of the planned global governance system, as envisioned by Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission.

http:// www.texemarrs.com/082006/murder_of_america.htm

02ea56 No.749012


Did someone say tits?

890144 No.749013

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9f9c7c No.749014


>in-law ?

680e06 No.749015



1eea56 No.749016

File: a75208efaf44d60⋯.png (11.71 KB, 121x358, 121:358, ST.png)

Why are the names all strikethrough now? WTF??

19c02b No.749017


I guess we both made a mistake then. You assume I am female and I assume your not a basement dwelling , mouth dripping, 40 year old virgin getting off on the shock value of Tits or GTFO.

86cd63 No.749019

REPORT: Robert Mueller’s “Shadowy” Witness Flees The Country After He’s Exposed As Convicted Child Molester

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/report-robert-muellers-shadowy-witness-flees-the-country-after-hes-exposed-as-convicted-child-molester/

c00aab No.749020


True! Who's culpable?


Welp, my plan is when they all try to flee and it skyrockets, I go back to USD/MAGA and come out on top :^)


Important note because it hasn't been discussed here much and approaching 751

AR-15s can be manufactured as PISTOLS




424309 No.749021


at thestoryofq the hover over text for NP says non profit

It should be Nancy Pelosi.

Is that something you can fix?

df3737 No.749022


http:// www.rizvitraverse.com/

Rizvi Traverse



23c4f1 No.749023



a61db3 No.749024


If this whole thing was a false flag by (((them))), they could have also planned when they intended to blow up the "quiet" target they had picked out.

2aecb0 No.749025


Agree. Q was NOT talking about the Austin bomber. He was talking about those rats getting their talking points ready for the 4:00am SecureDrop.

5b05f4 No.749026

File: bf9d7153f7cca20⋯.jpeg (250.51 KB, 1231x1319, 1231:1319, 24592F1B-449B-41D2-B26E-F….jpeg)

File: eea85d3a9cfe61f⋯.jpeg (202.79 KB, 1242x1391, 1242:1391, D708F6B6-92A7-4A77-A5BA-B….jpeg)

File: 83f25710eedf9a1⋯.jpeg (234.04 KB, 1242x1361, 1242:1361, 571945BA-BFE3-4ABF-AD1F-6….jpeg)

b261ef No.749027

File: 3fd64a2510af38e⋯.jpg (152.66 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 5a8de0318c646.jpg)

Looking at you, Baker

3a8bd4 No.749028


This actually undersells Rizvi connections - I believe he was the one that talked al Walid into investing in social media etc.

b82bc3 No.749029


god damn that was hard to watch.

That "woah" actually made me cringe

ce8363 No.749030

File: 7d9fd4f8d15991f⋯.jpg (17.69 KB, 450x212, 225:106, karl_rove_murder_america.jpg)


White House strategist Karl Rove is shown here confidently displaying the El Diablo horned devil sign with both hands just after having met with Republican congressmen and giving them their marching orders on the illegal immigration issue. Rove’s immediate boss is Joshua Bolton, a Zionist Jew who runs things as President Bush’s Chief of Staff. Bolton, alias "Mordecai," speaks fluent Hebrew. His role is to transmit orders from the CFR Jewish elite to Karl Rove, President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Bolton cracks the whip and makes sure the three men stay loyal to the CFR scheme. That scheme is to put Mexico first, end American sovereignty and set up a North American Union to replace the government and Constitution of the "outmoded" U.S.A.

914b50 No.749031


Urban dictionary… great place to dump red pills ourselves… EASTEREGGS!


15e803 No.749032


It's the Integrated Digitial one by Motorola.

933d6d No.749033

File: f729d55bd982c2c⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 576x608, 18:19, A Toronto Bar Posted A Tr….jpg)

File: 16cbc6c83cd9405⋯.jpg (89.78 KB, 539x500, 539:500, stms7.jpg)

File: 792cc0622c9b26a⋯.jpg (91.03 KB, 539x500, 539:500, srvs2.jpg)

File: 08c1ad491a72e23⋯.jpg (86.5 KB, 539x500, 539:500, srvnd.jpg)


Had these in the meme files,kek Last 3 i never posted before, kek

8b7145 No.749034


https:// archive.is/xcI38 Richard Branson of Virgin airlines:

> Five years before President Obama was elected a good friend of mine, Suhail Rizvi, told me over dinner that he was convinced that this then-unknown man would become president.

4fd6eb No.749035


Last bread regarding 111 days:



Also, 111 days before the Cambridge Analytica/FB news broke on 3/20 is 11/29. One post from Q on that day. In it's original context, we thought Q was just talking about the need to switch from 4chan to 8chan, but now that we know @Snowden gave up the algorithm, it could take on an entirely different meaning:

Snow White utilized/activated to silence.

This was not anticipated.

Control / protection lost.

Routing through various networks ('jumpers') randomly has created connection/sec issues.

Working to resolve.

Select people removed.

Stay strong.

We are winning.

More to follow.

c00aab No.749036


(Oh and also my BTC is very smol, poorfag here, so maybe this is pipedream, but it's what I've got)

885b5b No.749037

File: cdaf6560e1bce17⋯.png (266.13 KB, 600x405, 40:27, FrenchFryPizza.png)

dfa077 No.749038


Looks like you added the javascript into options. Strikethrough is an artifact of that.

b261ef No.749039

File: 8363ed80bbf8937⋯.jpg (132.64 KB, 768x960, 4:5, Batter132.jpg)

Patriots make the dough rise

933d6d No.749040

File: 84668ccc388c9ab⋯.jpg (87.26 KB, 539x500, 539:500, srvot.jpg)


and this one,kek

e701ff No.749041


Or he's flashing the U.T. hook 'em horns, like every other alum. You turbotard.

e36059 No.749042

File: 91e89ee5ea74b1b⋯.png (13.16 KB, 633x463, 633:463, Mar 20 what about general ….png)

9aa262 No.749043



02ea56 No.749044


What the hell is that?

7b5e8f No.749045

there are no girls on the internet

if you claim to be one you are looking for the same special treatment you get in life.

so show us tits or gtfo k thanQ bye

df3737 No.749046


You won. Correct


cbdffd No.749047


No Mistake, your an idiot that followed some bandwaggon QAnon link and think we need to change out board to accommodate your political correct culture.

We Welcome you but honestly STFU

It didn't happen the last 10000 fags like you that showed up what makes you think you are going to change 8Chan???

Lurk Moar, learn, and then open your mouth. lol

933d6d No.749048


Bruce, aka Caitlen Jenner

15e803 No.749049


I like Dr Corsi but I haven't kept up with his decoding sessions. Just happened to pop up on my YT suggestions today so I listened and thought he was wrong about most of it. Def not referring to 4am bomber blowing up.

c512c4 No.749050

File: d94403c6ed13765⋯.jpg (59.57 KB, 720x429, 240:143, election theft.JPG)


Election Theft

02ea56 No.749051



1eea56 No.749052


Oh ok.. it just happened though kek! Thanks anon.

d3ad3c No.749053


Most certainly

89ceb3 No.749054


It's a whopping $500 maximum penalty if you don't. I haven't answered more than confirming my address in years.

https:// www. gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/USCODE-2011-title13/html/USCODE-2011-title13-chap7-subchapII-sec221.htm

b261ef No.749056

>>749051 ← Incorrect

Real woman Army Airborne member

fff729 No.749057

File: 454749c80d3b843⋯.gif (221.3 KB, 700x700, 1:1, keep-austin-weird.gif)

9f9c7c No.749058



02ea56 No.749059


Why is it allowed in public?

33d38a No.749060

File: c7eb68a2780ea97⋯.jpeg (196.46 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, DYyYdv9W4AUH--2.jpeg)



91e675 No.749061

File: d7e6d5ffcaaea3a⋯.jpeg (470.41 KB, 750x1014, 125:169, 01298CB3-4208-499E-BCD0-8….jpeg)

680e06 No.749062


Rizvi wanted to keep a low profile for a reason. Very in the thick of it.

81b6e0 No.749063


>instead of running to the next one, set it to tree mode and review it carefully

Jesus, newfags. Good tip anyway. Do it to get up to speed on shit that happened off shift. Then you can shit post intelligently. Kek.

f6b3e8 No.749064


looks like moochelle

b261ef No.749065

Fill this bread, anons

b261ef No.749066

Eat this bread

b261ef No.749067

Tasty bread, Baker

1d2e2d No.749068

File: 79f7ec21e8290be⋯.png (779.61 KB, 750x960, 25:32, HRC while Free.png)

b261ef No.749069

nom nom

d666b2 No.749070


George W Bush was exploring that idea, I have it lost in my junk. Let dig it out and I'll post it. Maybe the next thread though

0402d2 No.749071

File: b98593f2b43650d⋯.png (126.27 KB, 1163x586, 1163:586, ClipboardImage.png)

Rizvi bought 3D technology.

What this could be used for? Clowns find any use for such tech… ?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RealD

In November 2015, the company announced the acquisition of 3D cinema technology firm RealD for $551 million.

b261ef No.749072

Fill 'er up

c512c4 No.749073


I saw that but was wodering about the small lettr i.

Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) is a mobile telecommunications technology, developed by Motorola,

b261ef No.749074

Bread filler

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