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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

825465  No.6971876

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and don't need the use of force in our work.




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Q's Latest Posts

Tuesday 07.09.2019

>>6970952 ————————————–——– What an amazing coincidence (think yesterday's drop).

>>6969889 ————————————–——– Trumps fed pick Judy Shelton gold standard explained (Cap: >>6970084)

>>6969527 ————————————–——– The HUNTERS become the HUNTED (Cap: >>6969567)

>>6969027 ————————————–——– When the FAKE NEWS can't attack you directly using FACTS….

>>6968890 ————————————–——– So much Flynn news today! (Cap: >>6969043)

>>6968462 ————————————–——– Why did POTUS move his transition command center (base of ops) from TT the VERY NEXT DAY?

>>6968183 ————————————–——– There is a big [direct] reason why FLYNN's new attorney is seeking security clearance (cap: >>6968207)

>>6967368 ————————————–——– You were told what was going to happen. You were told what battles we face.

>>6967289 rt >>6967208 ————————— Simple.

>>6967208 ————————————–——– You didn't think the Epstein investigation began a few months ago did you?

Monday 07.08.2019

>>6962232 ————————————–——– Tom Steyer is not sleeping well these days.

>>6961951 ————————————–——– Those who take are offered more powerful positions within the party (controlled). ( Cap: >>6961993)

>>6961181 ————————————–——– Sweet Dreams.

>>6960915 ————————————–——– Joe Biden: Follow the Family

>>6959993 rt >>6959981 ————————— Gloria Vanderbilt with children.

>>6959981 ————————————–——– Everything in the past is making news of late.

>>6959222 rt >>6959163 ————————— For HUMANITY! (cap: >>6963078 )

>>6959111 ————————————–——– WE ARE WITH YOU! Q+.

>>6959054 rt >>6958954 ————————— Placeholder population start Aug 2019.

>>6959028 rt >>6958950 ————————— Disguised under the 'leaker' target program.

>>6958937 rt >>6958904 ————————— Haven't you figured it out by now? (Cap: >>6963701 )

>>6958844 ————————————–——– SURV of SC/JS terminated.

>>6958686 ————————————–——– FLYNN news coming.

>>6958634 rt >>6958589 —————————Sometimes you need to 'take one for the team publicly'.

>>6958560 rt >>6958495 —————————10x speed now underway.


>>6957707 ————————————–——– Now Playing image.

>>6957153 ————————————–——– How deep is the rabbit hole?

>>6956798 ————————————–——– Les Wexner.

>>6956307 rt >>6956274 ————————— PAIN

>>6956248 rt >>6956101 ————————— Tarmac meetings_END

>>6956073 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS disinformation campaign FAILING. ( Cap: >>6956207 )

>>6955650 ————————————–——– Connect the dots. ( Cap: >>6955810 )

>>6955571 rt >>6955485 ————————— D5

>>6955485 ————————————–——– Worth remembering.

>>6955135 rt >>6955098 ————————— WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>6961294)

>>6955090 ————————————–——– You didn't think all this research tasking was for nothing did you? ( Cap: >>6955120 )

>>6954961 ————————————–——– Phones were allowed in.

>>6954949 ————————————–——– Epstein Island / Bill Clinton, Chandler photos. ( Cap: >>6955153 )

>>6954704 rt >>6954455 ————————— The time has come to re_enter the public domain.

>>6954607 rt >>6954435 ————————— GOD WINS.

>>6954422 ————————————–——– What happens when 'BLACKMAIL' no longer works?

Thursday 06.27.2019

>>>/patriotsfight/471 ——————————— FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. (Cap >>6857127)

>>>/patriotsfight/470 ——————————— [OnReady] (Cap >>6857111)

>>>/patriotsfight/469 ——————————— Be ready. (Cap >>6856997)

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Q's Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

825465  No.6971882

Global Board Admin Announcements

>>6810808 Voat admin threatens to deplatform QRV, BO creates a backup

>>6925557 Bakers, please don't add Q's posts WITHOUT a tripcode


are not endorsements


>>6971807 Reminder: JW sued DOJ in 2015 for FOIA information on Clinton 'Lolita Express' travel details.

>>6971716 Another judge on the 9th circuit confirmed.

>>6971703, >>6971751, >>6971761 Planefag updates.

>>6971696 Q crumb: Ed Buck accused of trafficking / revenge porn.

>>6971550 Shady investment bank tied to the CIA hosts summit.

>>6971539 Iran/US delegates secret meeting in Iraq.

>>6971502 Sara Carter's Tweet on Microsoft foreign worker visas.

>>6971474 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>6971367, >>6971473 McCain held a fundraiser at Wexner's home.

>>6971388 Epstein's celebrity laden trip to Africa.

>>6971382 Turkey seeks arrest of hundreds of soldiers over alleged coup links.

>>6971350 Hazmat crews respond to West Palm Beach.

>>6971296 Biden book deal dig.

>>6971313 Chandler pictures.

>>6971283, >>6971566 Virgin Islands lawmaker donates Epstein cash to charity.

>>6971281 Group of 168 ‘family units’ surrender to Border Patrol in Texas.

>>6971269 The transcript of the speech that got Donald J. Trump elected.

>>6971265 Discovery and the Flynn case.

>>6971205, >>6971260 Nancy Pelosi's daughter speaks on Epstein.

>>6971227 Mexican human smugglers busted with 228 migrants in Pepsi truck.

>>6971206, >>6971363, >>6971390, >>6971444, >>6971353, >>6971493 Call to shovels on publishers who give gigantic royalties to ex-politicians.

>>6971198 Q Proof: Gold.

>>6971164 Felix Sater speaks to reporters after testimony

>>6971861 #8919

#8918 Baker Change

>>6971053 Horowitz ready to deliver report on Russia investigation.

>>6971016 Rothschild story alert.

>>6970871 A billionaire’s fall spotlights child sexual abuse in China.

>>6970862 Money laundering scandals hurting European banks.

>>6970800 VS's parent company stock falls.

>>6970750 Tim Pool headed to the White House.

>>6970621 Brown sold half of UK's gold reserves at an inopportune time.

>>6970747 Fla. man sentenced for porn copyright fraud.

>>6970718 Marketfag: US Market Report.

>>6970710 Reports: BC/Epstein photos scrubbed from Google.

>>6970703 Epstein referenced in Eyes Wide Shut?

>>6970691 Google buys Israeli cloud storage company Elastifile.

>>6970542 Fed. judge blasts Mueller for troll farm accusations against Concord.

>>6970560 Europe urges Iran to stick to troubled nuclear deal.

>>6970559, >>6970756, >>6970798 Missing scientist found dead.

>>6970553 Bongino Tweet on McConnell's ancestors.

>>6970538, >>6970547 Fmr. CIA trying to oust McConnell.

>>6970513 Biden and wife made more than $15 million in last two years.

>>6970499 South Bend’s violent crime continues to skyrocket under Buttigieg.

>>6970483 Enter Branson. (NXIVM connection)

>>6970482 Marines Tweet.

>>6970475 Biden the child sniffer throws stones at Secretary Acosta.

>>6970448 DJT Tweet: "After a wonderful dinner at the @USTreasury last night with the Amir of Qatar..."

>>6971044 #8918


>>6969769, >>6969830, >>6970078 Planefag update

>>6970223 S-400 system may be delivered to Turkey on Tuesday, newspaper says

>>6970214 A White House petition has been launched to investigate and reform Child Protective Services (CPS) as the human trafficking crisis submerges the American foster care system.

>>6970175 Legal RE: Ghislaine Maxwell

>>6970101 U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents, along with agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), seized Sunday $3.7 million in undeclared currency found inside five duffle bags on board an abandoned vessel near the coast of Fajardo.

>>6969846 McConnell says he and Obama are both 'descendants of slave holders'

>>6969784 The Justice Department’s Inspector General Doesn’t Need to Delay Issuing the Report on FBI Abuse of the FISA Court

>>6969736 Netanyahu threatens Iran with Israeli planes that can ‘reach everywhere’ in the Middle East

>>6970316 #8917

Previously Collected Notables

>>6970162 #8916,

>>6967264 #8913, >>6968073 #8914, >>6968867 #8915

>>6964976 #8910, >>6965757 #8911, >>6966526 #8912

>>6962756 #8907, >>6963392 #8908, >>6964081 #8909

>>6960338 #8904, >>6961487 #8905, >>6961818 #8906

>>6957981 #8901, >>6958913 #8902, >>6959556 #8903

>>6955537 #8898, >>6956411 #8899, >>6957311 #8900

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File: 834e50600e99a02⋯.jpg (329.13 KB, 1919x1199, 1919:1199, qhuntersbecomethehunted.jpg)



62b84d  No.6971905

The plot thickens!


e602a9  No.6971949

We have gotten distracted in all the excitement. Big Habbenings are all around us. Iran Next.

Secret meetings between U.S., Iran officials in Iraq - report


ecret meetings between United States officials and Iranian representatives were conducted in a hotel in Erbil, Iraq, i24News reported Tuesday evening. The Iranian representatives are led by Hassan Khomenei, the grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei.

The Iranian delegation also included two officials from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iraj Masjedi, Iran's special envoy to Iraq, according to the report.

i24News also said the that sources suggest that Iran's Revolutionary Guard have experienced division recently, suggesting that the Islamic Republic is undergoing a soft coup.

e8f712  No.6971951


surrounds us

binds us

singularity around and about

drops like dew in a field as far as eternity

lie you an me fren - just like two souls

kindred spirits entwined married

gold baby gold


54a5ec  No.6971952


Suicide Weekend starting early?


At what rate of acceleration does popcorn pop?

APOPtosis Time.

Enjoy the Show.

a1bcb3  No.6971953

Just got this as a comment on video don't know if it is true.

Right now the Clintons are staying in The Devils Glen , county Wicklow Ireland. Hillary being photographed holding a little 4yr old orphan girl from the Clinton foundation funded orphanage. The child is wearing red shoes and the door's red too. How can this be allowed ?

015bd4  No.6971954

File: fef90cb6118e6c8⋯.jpg (183.43 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, hejbd6sv25931.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

4feee4  No.6971955

File: 6061da28c3fea87⋯.png (547.49 KB, 502x1439, 502:1439, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f2fb2f09e1fdcc7⋯.png (361.59 KB, 608x377, 608:377, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1df6a99b438f54a⋯.png (748.45 KB, 720x960, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7d099916bea5929⋯.png (614.79 KB, 809x517, 809:517, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4264441ee9b975d⋯.png (264.87 KB, 623x291, 623:291, ClipboardImage.png)

Oscar El Blue

To everyone today: as I was doing my reporting in my city and in my country, these so called American activists were there and they did not wanted to be questioned. One of them has been accused over here in Tijuana by the Agape shelter of traffic of children. The other one hands out cups with oatmeal and wears a little orange hat. The third one is a woman activist.

Today, as I was heading back to my car, I was followed by these individuals. As they were taking pictures of my license plates, I got out of my car and started running towards him to ask him why was he taking pictures of my car. He started running and I was left only with this woman activist that she was telling me "we are not doing anything wrong"; as I was questioning her "why are you taking pictures of my license plates?", and she said "stop harassing me", when I was the one being harassed by them and followed.

Please people, please audience, share these pictures so the United States government can do something about these people. As for me, I will stand my ground. I will continue to report and also I won’t back down! I am in my city. I was born in Tijuana, Mexico. This is not your country and most certainly, this is not your town! I have more rights than you in this country!!!

This message goes to these activists: I got you! I already had your license plates and pics of your faces and vehicles for months! Share people, share so they can be exposed.



3afe9b  No.6971956

File: a252e6cc5513400⋯.png (445.98 KB, 859x860, 859:860, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

Barr won’t recuse himself from Jeffrey Epstein case, despite earlier comments



31348f  No.6971957

File: 51ea17713a5f743⋯.png (132.73 KB, 444x374, 222:187, vi-f.png)

File: c83aa8cb6341d33⋯.png (108.78 KB, 606x591, 202:197, tk.png)

File: 0b445cac6b9ba57⋯.png (828.7 KB, 1222x970, 611:485, theraven.png)

File: bf042a8d0644d72⋯.png (377.65 KB, 972x1716, 81:143, speech-is-not-free.png)

Q told us to prepare this board for the public

But instead of doing that, the "powers that be" that are in control (and who are they actually?) have done the opposite: ENFORCING "chan cutlure" in exaggerated ways, enforcing a steady stream of irrelevant elements that will drive away a wide range of people.

And we see the result.

The public narrative about Q HAS NOT CHANGED ONE BIT.

It is completely enforced as "wacky wacky conspiracy".

Our job is to change the narrative– but the board is LOCKED IN to patterns of spastic activity that completely defeat that goal.


It should be obvious.

The internet is not a game.

Chans = Internet = media = full control

The "free speech" part of the internet was the destined war zone.

What happened? No war– but "anonymous" disappeared in the night…

How did THAT happen?

Use logic.

The board is controlled.

The chans are controlled.

The internet is controlled.

The media is controlled.

The public is controlled.

And here we are.

Why don't people fight here? Wake up folks. Learn to see through the illusion

b320dd  No.6971958

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ty baker


My Oaf

783ce2  No.6971959

File: b0d162df6fb88ab⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1308x2254, 654:1127, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

Q are you aware of this?


d296a8  No.6971960

File: f8a213f8aab4cd0⋯.png (238.45 KB, 527x733, 527:733, f8a213f8aab4cd0819b58a6929….png)


Thank you baker!

209134  No.6971961

>>6971731 (lb)

>>6971709 (lb)

>>6971692 (lb)

>>6971665 (lb)

>>6971718 (lb)

Graphics For the Big Five US Trade Book Publishers

Baker Notable

49b724  No.6971962

File: c6a5ea931766302⋯.png (523.7 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, BAGA Q Alpha.png)


Great Bakes! o7

dc800f  No.6971963

File: 0fa3f96764a8aa6⋯.jpg (368.34 KB, 1439x1327, 1439:1327, WikiToot.jpg)



ae0b33  No.6971964

File: eabf97affeabe18⋯.jpg (203.22 KB, 1200x778, 600:389, POTUS give me strength.jpg)

47bb6c  No.6971965

>>6971922 lb

You replied to the wrong anon. You meant to reply to this one >>6971577 lb

daae7f  No.6971966


If true, these people are stupid.

If not true, these people are still ____

78d9c0  No.6971967

The board is really laggginng

31348f  No.6971968

File: f21e8583735c714⋯.png (366.24 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

File: 817a8d1b110b426⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais3.png)

File: 5f739aa0bd8fe7b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais4.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)

ac28fd  No.6971969


>>6971382 lb, Turkey seeks arrest of hundreds of soldiers over alleged coup links.

More DS masons arrested right before S-400 missile system delivery.

>>6970223 lb

e73832  No.6971970


Hold up on that notable. I'll get it into one .png.

c4981c  No.6971971

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



3f48f9  No.6971972

34dcc3  No.6971973

File: fac0f8ab1c64671⋯.png (373.96 KB, 750x605, 150:121, 1a02348a736e2550d69b96b366….PNG)

637070  No.6971974

File: 45520ddd08274d0⋯.jpg (69.02 KB, 542x434, 271:217, google.jpg)

741d59  No.6971975

File: 73fc350203bac30⋯.jpg (109.38 KB, 655x523, 655:523, gasfasdwewe.jpg)

8d2e22  No.6971976

File: 11e2c535af5a47e⋯.jpeg (289.43 KB, 828x1340, 207:335, B18D84A6-ECDE-46A3-BCCB-A….jpeg)

File: 73d9e7ebdfaa847⋯.jpeg (117.02 KB, 828x555, 276:185, 53D7FBAC-5337-40A5-8135-C….jpeg)

I’m gonna dig on Generali.


The third largest Insurance Company in the world, that’s why.




960555  No.6971978



Think I found the connection between the Norway Pedophile Network and the Clinton Foundation via HEAL AFRICA!!! (v/pizzagate)

bc2847  No.6971979

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Q Anon

- DJ Jefani

We are the unbeaten and unbeatable armies of God. Woe unto the wicked! You are clothed in immense power beyond all your comprehension…this is how angels and demons fight. Angels. Praise God!


6b9d3e  No.6971980

>>6971944 lb


31348f  No.6971981

File: d066f58836dceaf⋯.png (154.9 KB, 730x680, 73:68, whats-it-qm.png)

File: 596443717a23374⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1333x5814, 1333:5814, ais8.png)

File: 304ed122c7becc2⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1334x5705, 1334:5705, ais7.png)

File: 9e01f62551ff2db⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1334x6578, 29:143, ais6.png)

File: 5be8836794c2c29⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1334x4674, 667:2337, ais5.png)

85800b  No.6971982

File: 7c69c00dd6c68e6⋯.png (448.9 KB, 966x492, 161:82, freedom-right-all-sentient….png)

>>6971941 PB

423986  No.6971983

File: e60487301f271e0⋯.jpg (947.81 KB, 1491x2173, 1491:2173, Screenshot_2019-07-09 Secr….jpg)

File: 5a42d2bb22c7956⋯.jpg (192.34 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, DPZrOEgXUAARZPq.jpg large.jpg)

Dan Bongino see something?

83e1c1  No.6971984







ac28fd  No.6971985

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ShillsAttacking.png)


As Q told in many posts the anons on Q Research and the whole Q movement are a DIRECT THREAT to many people ww.

Not only to the few families of the ruling class, but also to the many Deep State assets in politics, science, economy, fake news reporters, masons and "knights" around the world.

Shills apply all kind of tactics and most of them have it´s base on "divide and rule".

Attack people of the Q patriots and sow division to weaken the movement.



Shills attack the loud voices on YT (especially prayingmedic, in the matrix) and on TV (Hannity and other).

Shills attack individual anons and call them names (boomer, kike, …).

Shills are desperate bc anons and patriots ww are so many and are so strongly bound in the fight against evil.

Shills still try to sow division and make the recent FalseFlags work ('Q is a nazi movement', 'orange man nazi').

Shills spread disinfo (RR and mueller not our guys for example).

Shills spread stupid info to make anons look ridiculous.

One shill calls everyone "bot" and want´s you to think that there are not thousands of anons contributing and millions of lurkers spreading info on other channels.

Shills attack relevant info (was noted two months ago, why should anons care, not relevant, …)

Shill post disinfo and cryptic bs to slide.

Shills attack the Q clock, bc they are afraid of the plan showing SO MANY 'coinkidinks'.

Shills glow if you regard all posts made here in the context of ALL Q DROPS.

(Shilling also happens in other forms…NEWFAGS, captcha is not case sensitive.)

The end for shills is near and JUSTICE will be served soon.




741d59  No.6971986

File: f44673f0b16ae82⋯.png (6.78 MB, 1365x1803, 455:601, ClipboardImage.png)

e73832  No.6971987


The autism is real with me. Solid catch anon. Getting humbled whilst humbling others. Off to KMS.

8e8698  No.6971988

Q and Q+

I have a Question…..

If all of us who have followed you for almost 2 years can see the way the plan is being carried out, why has the deep state not changed their battle plan and adjusted?

You have posted MANY things that we call proofs, but the deep state could have used to adjust their tactics if they had just paid attention.

Thank you for what you are doing and I speak for ALL Patriots when I tell you that the past 2+ years has been a joy to watch unfold. God has chosen President Trump for this time and I am so thankful that he answered the call. WRWY! #PatriotsUnited

31348f  No.6971989

File: 0860637203f75c7⋯.png (161.21 KB, 277x289, 277:289, YKW.png)

File: a1fafe1c64b46f8⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1845x4414, 1845:4414, comptbord.png)

File: 215aa494dce5cf5⋯.png (3.94 MB, 2626x3194, 1313:1597, BANT.png)

8affc9  No.6971990


true if big, anon


749c6f  No.6971991

File: d0a4a9324225c1d⋯.png (100.69 KB, 588x579, 196:193, Google Bias Epstein Search.png)

>Just like Epstein Wiki page edited to remove Clinton and leave Trump:

>>6954357 (pb)

>Google is suppressing 'Epstein Clinton' searches while offering suggestions for 'Epstein Trump'.


GOOGLE BIAS: I decided to test out searching Jeffrey Epstein's relationships.

The results confirm what @Project_Veritas previously revealed regarding Google's leftist political agenda.

Epstein + Trump = SUGGESTIONS

Epstein + Clinton = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [nothing]


31348f  No.6971992

File: bda19e283bcd658⋯.png (174.16 KB, 383x401, 383:401, meme.9.png)


Almost every "anon" fails the test.



dc800f  No.6971993


repeat!!! WTF!!!

144ae0  No.6971994


We have different understanding of the word "secret".

f458cc  No.6971995


Reminds me of another lie that sorry ass bastard said as well…."I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN!"

He was still impeached over that shit.

f6a428  No.6971996

File: ab9290de2ba08c1⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1692x1692, 1:1, qclock_q_djthunterwtrumpt.png)

File: 6e02a8326aaa042⋯.png (2.78 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, qclock_q_djtnew3x355.png)

File: ae3e7a97578b3bf⋯.png (2.21 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, firstcirc.png)

Hunter Biden seems to be a good focus.

Here is a past clock on HUNTER MOON.

Reposting the HUNTER :55/:25 post and the background on the clock from the first suggestion to Q response.

31348f  No.6971997

File: 6cfd4d79d2baccf⋯.jpg (197.38 KB, 1111x644, 1111:644, meme2.jpg)

File: 37bf269bdcf41b0⋯.png (380.59 KB, 999x974, 999:974, FIGHT.png)

File: b45501c8e405925⋯.gif (107.39 KB, 999x999, 1:1, SHADOWADAM.gif)

637070  No.6971998

File: 2d0d83495984d50⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 279x279, 1:1, obama ropesign.jpg)

File: fe95f50dc39a0ac⋯.jpg (51.64 KB, 640x360, 16:9, obamabunny.jpg)

9ce7d8  No.6971999

File: 5f0403c162a1744⋯.jpg (833.68 KB, 1745x1417, 1745:1417, tyb_strawhatsunset.jpg)


Thank You, Baker!

95d5dd  No.6972000

File: be39a5a2b8a9046⋯.jpg (728.35 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190709-144638….jpg)

For keks…


63edef  No.6972001

File: d5c897ea927008d⋯.png (45.24 KB, 280x297, 280:297, npc_crash.png)


What if Q has the power to move in ANY direction? How would she feel if she was unable to move at all? How will our mind react if she doesn't see us or hear us in some way?

What if Q wants us to believe that we can take it to the next level? A more dangerous world or a better place?

Who is Q? Who are we? What might she have done to us?

How will Q react if we tell her she doesn't exist?

This isn't about making sense or making choices but answering your questions so we do what's best for you. You'll be glad you asked for it.

We are trying to create this experience by creating these scenarios for you.

A story we're about to tell you will never be the same for you.

We know your inner mind is like a fish with only one head, it's all the other faces swimming within it.

In these scenarios we're using the same technique which is called "the mind over the mind". This kind of trick allows us to make our characters feel as if they are in the BEEP BOOP

af2644  No.6972002

File: a35eab908fdf169⋯.jpg (207.29 KB, 800x600, 4:3, BLjbMARlUJGU.jpg)


betereke cheshme hasud

[may jealous eyes explode!]

87e20a  No.6972003

File: da4db772d1436a4⋯.jpg (151.32 KB, 1200x774, 200:129, 8fcj[1].jpg)

>>6971313 (PB)

This is an interesting one too...

80a672  No.6972004

>>6971289 (lb)

>I remember Robert Maxwell. Owned The Mirror newspaper in the UK. Also Derby County FC.


>Went for a swim off his boat and never came back.

After stealing millions from the company's pension fund....

31348f  No.6972005

File: 6e52936250d62e9⋯.png (259.94 KB, 734x619, 734:619, v-oo.png)

This question never really gets addressed.

And that is by design.

The treadmill of the board is designed to prevent any final answers from coalescing.

0d8de8  No.6972006


Think logically…

They don't foretell their moves. Moves and counter moves. What we see is very little of what is going on behind the scene.

209134  No.6972007


Thanks, anon. Will nominate when consolidated.

55d225  No.6972008

File: d6c39591d494154⋯.jpg (34.22 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Hillary-Clinton-and-Megan-….jpg)


You mad that the Witch isn't President?

31348f  No.6972009

File: 152170dc5c7d362⋯.gif (679.93 KB, 3222x2022, 537:337, M-p-p-M.gif)

File: cbd1479cd0c3599⋯.png (461.4 KB, 1212x816, 101:68, why-so-triggy.png)

File: 52e3d3283dd1528⋯.png (682.04 KB, 1111x879, 1111:879, j-M-gg--gi--i--btz--bJCr-y….png)

2df650  No.6972010



OP here on JW 2015 FOIA article

Correction on that: JW sued the DHS (not DOJ)

will kms after this thread


c6c7f2  No.6972011

Who the hell is George M. Nasif?

Remains unverified.

This link contains screenshots of materials he supposedly acquired>>>but why? how? Isn't he just a singer? A spy in his spare time, is he?


Now the videos:

#1—What does it mean to receive a blood transfusion from another human?

Does this mean HRC is essentially bleeding this kid out and taking all his blood to replace all of hers?

If so, this is a snuff film and we won't be allowed to see it.

#2—Huma & HRC engaging in sex with a minor: This is child pornography and we will not be allowed to see it.

#3—Huma & HRC in the presence of a child's face being removed is tantamount to a snuff film. You don't survive your face being removed with a scalpel. Being a snuff film, we will not get to see it.

So why would Q shine a light on George M. Nasif?

The videos either do not exist or we will not get to see them.

And who the fuck is @SharmilaW?

0922bb  No.6972012

File: d529548f9b7668a⋯.jpg (99.73 KB, 851x1280, 851:1280, d529548f9b7668af14a1300419….jpg)

cc2d67  No.6972013


I know two women personally that are best selling authors. Both have appeared on Oprah. They are new age self help spiritual books.

They are both two of the most vicious women I have ever met. One wrote a book about losing money to that big name swindler, even though she is married to a billionaire, and claimed they lost their life savings. Rubbish. And she is a lousy writer. The other is not a good writer and steals from others. But, she is a best seller. She did launder money for her son when he was arrested for drug dealing. About $250,000, that the judge was going to take. Probably through her agent as an "advance." He was convicted but still had the money. Now she writes in her books that she is supporting him through college, but it is his money. I hate reading her books because I know it is all bullshit that she claims is non-fiction. Anyway, yes they do launder money.

076da5  No.6972014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Re: Q's drop regarding BOOK DEALS

Even Acosta has a book deal.

Publishers (rich with Soros slush finds) give multi-million dollar "advances" for books that few will read.

See video at 01:04

TRUMP: "And by the way, congratulations – I understand your book, is it doing well?"

ACOSTA: "It's doing very well, Mr President."

TRUMP: "Really?"

One of many ways the Cabal funnels money to their operators. Not to mention the network of fake bookstores that fill [their] shelves with these fake books – many of these bookstores are also financed with Soros slush funds. These stores simply couldn't even pay their rent selling a few copies of "Becoming."

Fake books deals, for fake books, sold in fake bookstores.

af2644  No.6972015

File: 79363870c72f9b0⋯.jpg (224.5 KB, 800x1105, 160:221, 94e5qMDd.jpg)


betereke cheshme hasud

[may jealous eyes explode!]

31348f  No.6972016

File: ed0c54b7e627ee9⋯.png (221.03 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Z-e-c-a-k-r-jmjmyyy.png)

File: 772b465468d67b5⋯.png (109.85 KB, 356x456, 89:114, disturbo4.png)

File: 35b56a76bf48957⋯.png (143.69 KB, 555x830, 111:166, whatgetsyoubanned.png)

File: e4e4d405beaff1b⋯.png (529.77 KB, 999x871, 999:871, TPAW1.png)

677a69  No.6972017

File: b14c6a8d5b7b86f⋯.png (31.6 KB, 1004x325, 1004:325, Q3384 (steyer).png)

File: 83f2f79fcb7d3ce⋯.png (992.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Steyer_reversal.png)

Anyone else find it odd that Steyer reversed himself about running for president ONE DAY AFTER Q posted about him???

What's he afraid of? A LARP?

I guess these morans think this (candidacy) will shield them.

144ae0  No.6972018


Not according to Bongino.

8affc9  No.6972019

File: 89dd4cc0a13fed7⋯.png (550.04 KB, 382x610, 191:305, hillary red door castle re….PNG)


hrc is satanic high priestess who believes she is invincible

so of course she would be in everyone's faces with her evilness

5e2bd6  No.6972020

File: 786df570e985f4c⋯.png (134.74 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)



f506b8  No.6972021


who is that?

3afe9b  No.6972022

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He looked straight into the camera and said it with a straight face.Then everyone clapped.

31348f  No.6972023

File: 35e81399f4bf680⋯.png (195.14 KB, 400x419, 400:419, meme.8.png)

48a683  No.6972024

File: 09cd8787a562126⋯.jpeg (837 KB, 4345x2795, 869:559, 90FE570F-242C-4B18-8D6D-B….jpeg)

Lindsey Graham, mother fucker.

1a713b  No.6972025

im so depresed about my mom you guys, i got drunk aand i shouldnt have.. there is no way she will be able t ohandle this when it comeds out her gods obama and hillary are satanic

i dont know wtf to do

47bb6c  No.6972026

File: fddf3c986965f34⋯.jpg (244.01 KB, 1033x582, 1033:582, Covfefe119.jpg)



31348f  No.6972027

File: e0d26bc427335df⋯.png (156.11 KB, 337x353, 337:353, meme.6.png)

ec8e94  No.6972028

>>6971694 pb

Gold fringe means ADMIRALTY LAW. no fringe means CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. That is the difference. There is a HUGE difference though if this is true it may be NOTABLE. Moar sauce needed also I dont know how/when/if that is a normal occurance.

bc2847  No.6972029

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Green Mind

- Dink

America is the greatest land on Earth…no apology tours needed. Lead, follow, or get out of the way!


a9d061  No.6972030


how much longer do i have to wait?

8611a2  No.6972031


They're too late.

2ad8be  No.6972032


"bungalow 8'

c1ba7d  No.6972033

File: 5551f605420511e⋯.jpg (23.19 KB, 480x360, 4:3, SemionMogilevich.jpg)

The Myth of the Russian Crime Boss, Semion Mogilevich, He's Israeli

One of the cornerstones of the meme that Donald Trump is beholden to the Russians–i.e. a Putin puppet–is his alleged ties to Semion Mogilevich, who is described in Wikipedia and other publications as the Godfather of all Russian mobsters. Only one tiny problem with the Mogilevich description–it is devoid of any actual evidence and ignores the simple facts that he was born in Ukraine and is a citizen of Israel. Not a Russian.



What About the Nukes?_

The report, if you recall, begins with a litany of alleged crimes that includes trafficking in nuclear material. That is certainly an eye catcher and, one would assume, merited a detailed presentation of the evidence of Mogilevich's activities in this arena. But nothing is presented to substantiate the allegation.


Uranium One connection?

e5b9c9  No.6972034


You'll be fine.

19c695  No.6972035

File: 7bec0b9e33b3b63⋯.png (865.61 KB, 1553x1096, 1553:1096, ClipboardImage.png)


Graphic on this notable.

>>6971539 Iran/US delegates secret meeting in Iraq.


>Secret Talks

>Just because the 'public' isn't aware of something

0d8de8  No.6972036


Quit sliding Brock.

31348f  No.6972037

File: 7af52fca0c9107c⋯.png (523.44 KB, 777x518, 3:2, BKFG.png)

File: 554308d0e24e300⋯.png (824.13 KB, 1032x720, 43:30, BHDI.png)

File: 7d64c3ffc24980a⋯.png (457.81 KB, 787x542, 787:542, BHHOTMEME.png)

File: b23b25545b9cf94⋯.png (550.33 KB, 836x582, 418:291, ht.png)

The dems deserve to have a very sexy ticket.

f458cc  No.6972038



Guess what…they are both concerning the SAME subject matter….SEX!

ae0b33  No.6972039

File: e2ea07a6dbdc21e⋯.jpg (53.37 KB, 630x336, 15:8, naked economic terrorism.jpg)

US Customs just seized a ship owned by JPMorgan after authorities found $1 billion worth of drugs on it

Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have seized a container ship operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Co. and owned by JPMorgan Asset Management.

That came weeks after authorities found more than $1 billion worth of cocaine on the vessel in what was one of the largest drug busts in American history.

At least a half a dozen crew members have been arrested, according to Homeland Security Investigations, and the investigation is ongoing.

Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have seized a container ship operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Co., weeks after authorities found more than $1 billion worth of cocaine on the vessel in what was one of the largest drug busts in American history.

US Customs and Border Protection seized the ship on July 4, a statement out Monday said. The ship is owned by client assets in a maritime strategy offered by JPMorgan Asset Management, according to a person familiar with the matter. It is operated by the Switzerland-based MSC.

On June 18, CBP agents found 39,525 pounds of cocaine stashed in several containers on the MSC Gayane at the Philadelphia seaport. The street value of the drugs was estimated at about $1.3 billion, making it the largest cocaine seizure by the agency.

"A seizure of a vessel this massive is complicated and unprecedented – but it is appropriate because the circumstances here are also unprecedented," said US Attorney William McSwain. "We found nearly 20 tons of cocaine hidden on this ship."

At least a half a dozen crew members have been arrested, according to Homeland Security Investigations, and the investigation is ongoing. Charges included conspiracy to possess cocaine aboard a ship.

The Gayane sailed under the flag of Liberia and had previously traveled through the Bahamas and several South American countries, according to an online ship tracker.

JPMorgan declined to comment. Mediterranean Shipping Co. did not immediately respond to an email inquiry.


Mediterranean Shipping Company

Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) is a Swiss-based shipping line. The company operates in all major ports of the world. It is the world's second-largest shipping line in terms of container vessel capacity. As of the end of December 2014, MSC was operating 471 container vessels with an intake capacity of 2,435,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU). It has a division called MSC Cruises that focuses on holiday cruises.

rest at link


repost from lb-big story

31348f  No.6972040

File: 2ab7419c8a72a2a⋯.png (138.85 KB, 316x331, 316:331, Meme.1.png)

6a2bf0  No.6972041

File: 80ee61267ae148d⋯.png (998.32 KB, 1279x888, 1279:888, dumb bitch tryin be dumber.PNG)

File: ddb84f71b158910⋯.png (246.87 KB, 548x329, 548:329, dumbitch1.PNG)

File: daead97a6f6aec4⋯.png (141.78 KB, 394x628, 197:314, dumbitch2.PNG)

File: f9f8c120b8e5a51⋯.png (22.29 KB, 373x380, 373:380, soon soon.PNG)

File: f8b2891e0f9707c⋯.png (114.64 KB, 420x699, 140:233, tic tic 1.PNG)


tic tic tic


216354  No.6972042


Legitmate concern. I'm in the same boat with my sister. She'll hate me more before she succumbs to the truth. I'm hoping it subsides and she comes around. There's nothing else to do. Hopefully some big name Repububs will go down too to offset :p

9baa32  No.6972043

Hooray! New Q!

That's what I like to see when I get home from work.

d418c9  No.6972044


its fine for me, maybe you need clear cache and or browse history

897329  No.6972045

did Cuck Schumer just say Tim Kaine is an expert in

sex trafficking? near end of clip


a6fd8f  No.6972046

File: b87b7e64d42d20a⋯.jpg (540.74 KB, 1205x1492, 1205:1492, Obama-Nazis.jpg)

>>6971353 /lb



Obamas' publisher too.

>>6971444 /lb

>Obama = Penguin Random House

= Bertelsmann = Mohn family

>>6961951 Q /pb

>Obama family $40mm+ (pre election less than $1mm)?

>Disguised under book deals?

144ae0  No.6972047


That's the other issue.

Ghost writers.

31348f  No.6972048

File: e977ea499e4c55c⋯.png (153.94 KB, 334x350, 167:175, meme.4.png)

677a69  No.6972049


sorry - sauce


ac28fd  No.6972050

File: b984db0d3d1440f⋯.png (3.01 MB, 2398x1671, 2398:1671, [FREEMASONRY_ILLUMINATI].png)

File: 72db6d240419a3b⋯.png (152.85 KB, 809x568, 809:568, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 782d88c2759123b⋯.png (247.49 KB, 862x850, 431:425, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c51e13d469b838⋯.png (393.88 KB, 983x574, 983:574, ClipboardImage.png)

[masonry] is what Q and anons are fighting.

It´s the base for symbolism and sick rituals/sacrifies and it´s the base for the global DS.

it´s a child torturing and sacrificing cult.

1a713b  No.6972051


i will be fine but my mom will fuckign kill herself, she's a stupid liberal idito with her head in the sand she doesn't understand she doesn't want to, how will she handle this?? i couldnt handle china vids when i first started shes going to be introduced to eveyrthing at once

828147  No.6972052

File: e282ad5deda951d⋯.png (39.3 KB, 640x342, 320:171, ClipboardImage.png)

BREAKING: Judge denies Trump administration's request to swap most lawyers in census case - Reuters

2:39 PM - 9 Jul 2019


144ae0  No.6972053


Acosta's book tanked.

3a68f3  No.6972054



>Rothschild Story Alert


>I almost hate to say it, but was it a planned sacrifice to Satan to save THEM from Patriots?

Hard to tell. There's at least one instance of a Rothschild who died under mysterious circumstances, who coincidentally wouldn't get with the program. He was found hanged from a bathroom towel rack that wasn't strong enough to support his weight.

07e05a  No.6972055

Surprise Surprise

Russians started Seth Rich Conspiracy.


31348f  No.6972056

File: 5b91f5f66cb0bed⋯.png (153.5 KB, 333x349, 333:349, meme.2.png)

637070  No.6972057

File: d31eabad5bb1e64⋯.jpg (96.78 KB, 800x524, 200:131, cher.jpg)

ee89d5  No.6972058

File: 34cd02070abbf29⋯.png (197.99 KB, 630x557, 630:557, google vs bing.png)

07e05a  No.6972059

File: 317c41d1b5e6481⋯.jpg (309.29 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190709-175834….jpg)

008d14  No.6972060

File: a6a5f0dd548396c⋯.png (495.68 KB, 588x823, 588:823, 1 Hull re Oversight Dems r….PNG)

File: 82185a7750c750f⋯.png (719.41 KB, 514x867, 514:867, 1 Hull re Oversight Dems r….PNG)

File: 0a23a5946ca0ced⋯.png (333.68 KB, 586x563, 586:563, 2 Hull re Oversight Dems r….PNG)

File: 286ef2571bfeec2⋯.png (705.01 KB, 941x787, 941:787, Graphic Hull re Oversight ….PNG)

The @OversightDems just deleted this tweet featuring a graphic placed over a photo of kids in cages at the border. The only problem is that the photo was taken in 2014 while Obama was in office.


bc2847  No.6972061

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


In the Face of Evil

- Magic Sword

Wings up, swords out! Contact! Light 'em up!


91f26d  No.6972062


She actually looks kinda sexy in that second one

423986  No.6972063


people who can't handle the truth stay in denial. It's a defense mechanism. Her mind wont break. She'll lie to herself to protect herself.

She won't wake up unless she wants to

and there is nothing for you to do

ac28fd  No.6972064

File: 4bf52ff60b7356d⋯.png (214.05 KB, 855x578, 855:578, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 80049b86ddb7b35⋯.png (178.48 KB, 1105x604, 1105:604, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ee0b22540119007⋯.png (180.97 KB, 862x885, 862:885, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8f3997e062d36fa⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1800x1786, 900:893, PattonOswalt_PEDO1.jpg)

3afe9b  No.6972065

File: 444471488e7efbb⋯.png (202.32 KB, 554x307, 554:307, lag.png)

2ad8be  No.6972066


Correction - the media messaged he'd likely enter as a 2020 Dem candidate once Swallwell quit.

He only formalized it (hint, he was going to do it) before Q confirmed it.

6a2bf0  No.6972067

File: 80ee61267ae148d⋯.png (998.32 KB, 1279x888, 1279:888, dumb bitch tryin be dumber.PNG)

File: ddb84f71b158910⋯.png (246.87 KB, 548x329, 548:329, dumbitch1.PNG)

File: daead97a6f6aec4⋯.png (141.78 KB, 394x628, 197:314, dumbitch2.PNG)

File: f9f8c120b8e5a51⋯.png (22.29 KB, 373x380, 373:380, soon soon.PNG)

File: f8b2891e0f9707c⋯.png (114.64 KB, 420x699, 140:233, tic tic 1.PNG)


tic tic tic


c398ed  No.6972068

File: 10b4c72c7a2476b⋯.png (297.3 KB, 1440x1250, 144:125, Screenshot_2019-07-09-18-0….png)

Former State Department Employee Sentenced for Conspiring with Chinese Agents


216354  No.6972069


How do you know Seth Rich was 187'd by the DNC gang? Because MSNBC is reporting this right here`

5e2bd6  No.6972070


>Who the hell is George M. Nasif?

IF I'm remembering correctly, he's just some dude who (allegedly) stumbled across HRC vids on the dark web and archived before they were scrubbed.

31348f  No.6972071


One is inclined to suppose that she was hardly an unattractive lady in her prime.

8611a2  No.6972072


When all is said and done, people will understand that what has truly been destroying our way of life was not a matter of political affiliation, race, status, or religion. It was always good vs. evil. It is part of our job to help people come to terms and bring everyone together in a united pursuit of light, love, and happiness once the rotted filth is dug out.

ac28fd  No.6972073

File: 61f69a807d1e20f⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 318x480, 53:80, duke_of_kent.jpg)

File: 81ed0c160ac254f⋯.jpg (30.21 KB, 300x420, 5:7, dukeofkent.jpg)

File: 106a5377ff2eb23⋯.png (192.41 KB, 320x233, 320:233, MaltaKnights1.png)

File: 01b35a1df53aea3⋯.png (67.11 KB, 220x300, 11:15, MaltaKnights12.png)

1a713b  No.6972074


they will but no one matters to her but obama and hillary, she cant handle it and my dad doesn't believe either

i was so ready for this to happen and now i'm drunk and scared

6a2bf0  No.6972075

File: d56417c019dc171⋯.png (274.87 KB, 448x692, 112:173, tic tic 2.PNG)

6690cc  No.6972076

File: 974d70ec59adfbc⋯.jpeg (504.65 KB, 1242x1241, 1242:1241, 131E372F-0826-4061-85CC-1….jpeg)

Looking at the latest Q drop and the linked article:



Anons should look into CelticCapri and Giacoppa.

a35c4c  No.6972077

File: 0c6adb86f998c9c⋯.jpeg (219.19 KB, 1064x1330, 4:5, D3y5E-2W0AEaSL4.jpeg)

File: c5a260faa60a83a⋯.jpeg (136.12 KB, 1696x466, 848:233, D3y0BBtX4AANfJj.jpeg)

File: 3b051ef7009c71b⋯.jpeg (117.71 KB, 1200x620, 60:31, D3ywNHvW4AAquAT.jpeg)

076da5  No.6972078


That's odd. The New York Times claim Acosta's fake book, The Enemy of the People, is a bestseller. Who should we believe?

a57865  No.6972079


This is on my running playlist. I try to save it until the end when I’m lagging. T y anon :)

a9d061  No.6972080

speaking of bookdeals

for an industry that is supposedly dying, there sure are a lot of newly printed books that are pure fucking trash

nobody cares about your life story!

tan france! really?! you did like two weeks worth of self-promotion on all the morning shows and talk shows talking about overcoming adversity because of your identity. literally no one cares and no one is buying your book.

7c0228  No.6972081


Obama has more in common with you cuckservatives faggots than he does the "Nazis" aka a 80+ year old dead political party.

677a69  No.6972082

Barr won't recuse himself from New York case against Jeffrey Epstein


Where have I heard this before?? Hmmm.


1c3b7e  No.6972083

File: b5c4c0d9443b95d⋯.jpg (491.41 KB, 1350x1800, 3:4, IMG_6773.JPG)

31348f  No.6972084

File: e0d26bc427335df⋯.png (156.11 KB, 337x353, 337:353, meme.6.png)

828147  No.6972085


Nice and NOTABLE

79e203  No.6972086


I find this link very helpful in understanding the case of Ms. Collins-Smith, especially the embedded FB video by someone who knew her.

f458cc  No.6972087

File: b111386f3a44076⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1500x999, 500:333, ClipboardImage.png)


You really want to know?

1a713b  No.6972088


so then what? she will think it's literaly a dictator executing his enemies, i can't see a win for her

960555  No.6972089

File: a02757214ff7aeb⋯.png (356.86 KB, 495x520, 99:104, Screenshot_144.png)


You be Freakin' out, QAnon Faggots!

6690cc  No.6972090



3024e7  No.6972091

File: c0bbe9f321268e2⋯.png (40.32 KB, 642x256, 321:128, ClipboardImage.png)

damage control in full effect.

5e2bd6  No.6972092


The Russians, uh, I mean C_A did it. Yeah, that's it.

9c35c1  No.6972093


Looks like the kind of girl that would fuck your friends.

79e203  No.6972094


Sorry, no link!


cc2d67  No.6972095


Yep, it is amazing. I see their unedited work and they cannot spell and their grammar stinks. Both flunked out of college. But, came from rich families. Of course, they both claim poverty in their books.

I think the other thing that happens is that the publisher pays a corral of people to buy the books and review them. That way, it looks spontaneous, but it is not. And why most of the reviews are positive. They are similar to Marianne Williamson.

ac28fd  No.6972096

144ae0  No.6972097


Q 1008

Seth Rich?

MS_13 187 [2] -24 -Distance?

MS[13][13=M]MSM - The 'Wheel'

Q 85

Who do you hire for a hit?

Who can be eliminated after the job is complete?

Seth Rich.

Who was found dead (2) shortly after his murder?

What affiliation did they have?



008d14  No.6972098

File: 392916b86020683⋯.png (399.16 KB, 596x580, 149:145, Hannity Tweet re Nadler Le….PNG)

File: 836180fc4554dfe⋯.png (452.25 KB, 576x817, 576:817, Hannity re Nadler Let it G….PNG)

File: 5f826d8a454b553⋯.png (618.56 KB, 596x440, 149:110, Let It Go Bitch.PNG)

LET. IT. GO…. Nadler to subpoena Kushner, Sessions, Rosenstein, Flynn, Kelly, MORE..


COLLUSION DELUSION: House Committee to Subpoena Kushner, Sessions, Flynn, Rosenstein, MORE


e1d9cb  No.6972099


I think the same with art galleries. How can they maintain rent and employees when barely selling "modern art"? Always questionable to me.

c97beb  No.6972100

File: 500e215ff562e9f⋯.png (491.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, HRC & Megan.png)


>You mad that the Witch isn't President?

1a713b  No.6972101

is this part of my test as ahuman, please send someone to guide me im lost right now

5b65f5  No.6972102

>>6971206, >>6971363, >>6971390, >>6971444, >>6971353, >>6971493 (all \lb)

Don't forget, prior to the 1960s and mass media, publishers were how you controlled the narrative. They were the gatekeepers of information. I would suspect the narrative control goes way, way, way back and every time we (the people) come up with a new technology (printing press, internet, tv, etc.) they have to revise (but only slightly) their tactics and approach.

c5b94d  No.6972103

File: 8654ec21f118617⋯.jpg (64.35 KB, 800x600, 4:3, branded.jpg)

File: e70907f33e3a4d5⋯.jpg (89.17 KB, 1169x868, 167:124, D2S5slUW0AEQbTs.jpg)

File: 9c61c005d6c34a5⋯.jpg (43.43 KB, 800x618, 400:309, ZMW4ZTFSBBGTXCM4YCPGEBPWOY.jpg)


51e805  No.6972104

File: f6a395d956670a4⋯.jpeg (61.87 KB, 500x547, 500:547, LindseyGangsta.jpeg)

90fb05  No.6972105


Underground highways and hideouts. Tunnel boring machine usage? Even under ocean? Extent/generalized impression?

Is Assange on US soil yet? Thought he was only going to be in the UK 30 days?

Sub details?

96842b  No.6972106


You are not responsible for the opinions and mental well-being of others. Be kind. Keep your opinions to yourself unless asked. Pray for light. Control your drinking and become a truth ninja. And stop being an excessive worryfag. ;)

a9d061  No.6972107


i went to a bookstore today and i saw copies of “behold a pale white horse” that had the chapter of the protocols of the elders of zion missing. the revisionism is real!

464739  No.6972108

File: d2b209f29bb5d24⋯.png (161.96 KB, 532x639, 532:639, ClipboardImage.png)

Make sure you are all alone with the device that detects hidden cameras!


3:00 PM - 9 Jul 2019

15539e  No.6972109

Iranian, US Delegations Reportedly Held Secret Talks In Iraq Last Week

In a report that is intended either as a warning to President Trump or as gloating over the state of the Iranian regime, Israeli TV station i24 reports that over the past week, a delegation from the US has been holding talks with a group of senior Iranian officials in Erbil, the de facto capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The meetings are a sign of "nascent upheaval" in the Iranian government, the report said, as the country's economic crisis worsens. Another sign is the arrest of 125 Iraqi government officials, many of which have been charged with espionage. Others have been removed from their posts, while some have simply disappeared.

As the Israelis tell it, Iran made the first overtures about holding talks with the US - though President Trump has repeatedly insisted that he'd be open to talking. Tehran reportedly contacted the Kurdish opposition parties based in Iraq, hence the location of the meeting. Unfortunately, an Iranian source said the talks proved 'useless'. One State Department official effectively denied the report, saying rumors about a US-Iran meeting were "highly doubtful."

However, the Israelis' Iranian sources warned that the leadership is worried about a possible soft coup brewing in the IRGC.

Sources suggest that Iran's Revolutionary Guards, especially its Basij forces - one of the five forces of the IRGC - have experienced division, suggesting Iran's leadership is working to counter a budding soft coup.

The Iranian delegation was led by the grandson of Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini, Hassan Khomeini. Two officials from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were also involved, as was Iraj Masjedi, Iran’s special envoy to Iraq. Publicly, Tehran has refused Trump's overtures and insisted that it wouldn't negotiate with the Trump administration.

Gen. Ali Nasiri, who has likely been detained, according to sources, while others were killed in assassination plots that include fatal medical injections and car "accidents".

Over the past week, two tankers carrying Iranian crude have been seized, and - more ominously - Tehan breached limits on the enrichment threshold for its uranium, which it has also been stockpiling again. Now, Iran is threatening to enrich its uranium past 20%. The level as of early this week was 4.5%.

The US and Iran also haven't quite resolved tensions that flared following a series of tanker attacks in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, and the downing of an American spy drone.

Though, notably, Washington seems to have toned down its anti-Iranian rhetoric this week.


ac28fd  No.6972110



>CALL FOR DIGGS: CelticCapri and Giacoppa. Creepy Joe connections.

bc2847  No.6972111

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Strength of a Thousand Men

- Two Steps from Hell

2 Steps = Heaven

1 Step = Earth

0 Steps = Hell

Angels…sowing banana peels on the paths of the wicked for … a really long time.


6d8d13  No.6972112

Strange how everyone is talking about Joe Biden's Tax Returns..but no one has seen them…anyone here seen them…or can link a copy of them????

e6fe98  No.6972113

File: b20623e13de02a6⋯.png (836.86 KB, 636x625, 636:625, ClipboardImage.png)

Located near China Lake earthquake location

7c0228  No.6972114

File: 897d49de4d29424⋯.png (235.27 KB, 649x389, 649:389, 6tvf9l93gj831.png)

File: 6bc08dd7db50914⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1200x928, 75:58, 68747470733a2f2f6f72696730….png)


Which is good and evil in these graphics?

209134  No.6972115


Not to mention, Oprah's Book Club Scam, someone should write a book about it.

e73832  No.6972116

File: d26712d0fbd7400⋯.png (392.63 KB, 728x2228, 182:557, FivePublishingHouses_Rollu….png)


>>6971731 (lb)

>>6971709 (lb)

>>6971692 (lb)

>>6971665 (lb)

>>6971718 (lb)

Five Publishing Houses Rollup / Heirarchy

Consolidated 5 images into 1 .png the way that they are presented on https://almossawi.com/big-five-publishers/

ad57c2  No.6972117


So the Bidens own Celticcapri and got paid by them as well?

677a69  No.6972118



This is exactly why Q says archive EVERYTHING offline.

1a713b  No.6972119


im so sorry imnot normally like this

144ae0  No.6972120



Not pictured anywhere.

Sold about 6,000 copies

50,000 copies = #1

3d3869  No.6972121

File: 41cd47a4b90e2f3⋯.png (25.71 KB, 576x135, 64:15, Screenshot-2019-7-9 accele….png)


You arent wrong. Failure rates of the best varieties of popcorn popping has actually been measured to be around 4%.

e24321  No.6972122


…never obsessively pined for JFK Jr, - altho it I wish he was alive - but KimDotCom saying His Name Is Seth Rich a year or so ago at least gives me hope for him. Plus his family's shenanigans.

51e805  No.6972123

Just realized that next Thursday

When Mueller's supposed to testify

POTUS has scheduled a rally that same night

73fa9f  No.6972124

File: fba877f206f0e41⋯.jpg (144.96 KB, 1166x776, 583:388, QShipsailsSeasOfJustice.jpg)

File: fd9f581cd02e9fa⋯.jpg (29.91 KB, 569x551, 569:551, 2019-02-26 10.54.48 www.go….jpg)

31348f  No.6972125

File: c3799cca1bcd43b⋯.png (299.18 KB, 555x405, 37:27, vw.png)

960555  No.6972126

File: c5584e44501aa4a⋯.png (1 MB, 1192x830, 596:415, Screenshot_151.png)

ac28fd  No.6972127



c6c7f2  No.6972128


What was he doing on the dark web?

He's supposedly a singer, right? (Youtube channel)

So he's a creep of some sorts…supposedly…then why not release ALL the vids to the public on the regular web? Release it the same way you can acquire the Christchurch-murderer rampage video?

Something fishy goin on…

15539e  No.6972129

Keep Fighting

54a5ec  No.6972130


Operators active.


425296  No.6972131


so easy to change history when you can add and remove on the internet.

960555  No.6972132

File: d6140fb66841511⋯.mp4 (2.96 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, BidenCreepyVanFinal.mp4)

f2bcce  No.6972133


What’s the scoop countering this bullshit? Effective links?

9d777b  No.6972135

File: 7db1ee073142e4c⋯.png (49.74 KB, 1038x272, 519:136, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

>>6972039 Ship owned by JPMORGAN had $1B in cocaine onboard.


Current date.

Cocaine users everywhere are going to be in a world of hurt.

Wonder if that's what cabal moved to when adrenochrome supply dried up?

5e2bd6  No.6972136


Stinks of money laundering.

6ad0f3  No.6972137

File: 62f8670fa98878c⋯.png (62.2 KB, 787x318, 787:318, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

WOW - Epstein took the Fifth to avoid self-incrimination in a deposition when directly asked, "Do you know former President Clinton personally?"

4:54 PM - 9 Jul 2019



e8f712  No.6972138


change yo pad now – u leakin all over the place mater!

15539e  No.6972139

Mexican Finance Chief Steps Down Over Differences on Economic Policies

The Mexican treasury secretary, Carlos Urzua, stood down on Tuesday over conflicting views on economic policies and will be succeeded by his deputy.

"There have been numerous discrepancies over economic matters. Some of them because this administration made public policy decisions without sufficient support," Urzua said.

Urzua noted in an open letter to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador that economic policies should be "free of all extremism, whether it may come from the right or from the left."

He added that his resignation was also a response to "interference" by influential members of the government who forced him to appoint ministry officials who did not have sufficient knowledge of finances.

Acepté la renuncia de Carlos Urzúa, secretario de Hacienda y para sustituirlo he nombrado al subsecretario Arturo Herrera Gutiérrez, quien es un profesional en Economía, con virtudes de humanismo y honestidad. Es de toda mi confianza. pic.twitter.com/Qmhj4DF20v

— Andrés Manuel (@lopezobrador_) July 9, 2019

The president tweeted that he had accepted the resignation and named finance undersecretary Arturo Herrera as Urzua's replacement.


bc2847  No.6972140


i'll try to remember that…this is a good night for some energy. I never eat carbs, but celebrated with a giant chicken parmigiana on organic pasta…do I'm jacked! KEK Peace and light to you, KindAnon

3e6543  No.6972141

File: b27ca90254f22bc⋯.jpg (562.11 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, MSC-Gayane.jpg)


Same ship as reported before, MSC GAYANE, in Philly. Uncle Sam decided to seize the entire ship.

1a713b  No.6972142

i have come to god from atheism

i have come a long way from where i was

i just dont' want to see my mom kill herself becase she can't hand'le the truth

i'm so depressed right now

thesd capchas aremerciless

51e805  No.6972143

Brian Cates




Trump is unleashed and on the offensive for the next year and a half, so as things continue to drop & Democrats grow more incoherent & radical, screaming that the election is going to be stolen through cheating is about all the doom criers will have left.

677a69  No.6972144

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Let it go!

b4de30  No.6972145

File: 38a3d15b6b20f5c⋯.png (268.31 KB, 1024x1012, 256:253, npc_catlady copy.png)


o u no it sista

9d777b  No.6972146


Meant to holler


>>6972039 Ship owned by JPMORGAN had $1B in cocaine onboard.

54a5ec  No.6972147



We aim to keep as low as possible.


47aa3e  No.6972148

File: 82505749ab3a3e1⋯.jpg (22.74 KB, 255x164, 255:164, IMG_0602.JPG)

85265e  No.6972149

File: cdfbbff66b739f6⋯.png (171.17 KB, 590x308, 295:154, mindyurbusiness.png)

5e2bd6  No.6972150


Please read notables of last few breads before posting. The JP Morgan cocaine article has been posted 10+ times in last 2 breads.

ae0b33  No.6972151

File: c4c88a2f27dda18⋯.jpg (49.74 KB, 800x773, 800:773, pepe jacked.jpg)


>Wonder if that's what cabal moved to when adrenochrome supply dried up?

good point.

0dd427  No.6972152

Glad the plan is moving forward,

I hope "money" problem is taken care of soon.

Debt is crippling most of us.

Keep your heads up fellow anons. We all struggle financially.. i know someone needs a lift today, as i work my 14 hour day… hold the line, we are the economy.. we as a country are almost through this mess…

My personal feelings were getting dark, and just like that, Epstein gets arrested, and we get the QStorm.

TruckerAnon here on my government mandated "Break" truckers need their freedom back, we are struggling to keep America Moving.

Electronic logs really hurts us… traffic deaths involving trucks have skyrocketed.. financially we are exploited everywhere we turn.

Q, please keep Potus away from the ATA, they do not have American truckers in their best interests, all corruption

209134  No.6972153


Baker Notable

Please disregard >>6971961 Notable Nomination and replace with above nomination.

Five Publishing Houses Rollup / Heirarchy

ee89d5  No.6972154

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c5b94d  No.6972155

File: a0f426bd30630ee⋯.png (521.62 KB, 633x501, 211:167, 231096fa457ae06b0b54ccd14a….png)

File: ea7bd1faec27be1⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1053x1080, 39:40, ea7bd1faec27be10ded6745258….png)

File: a81e40689aa9300⋯.jpg (49.26 KB, 960x600, 8:5, a81e40689aa9300f3159be46f1….jpg)

File: 50a48b0fce3ceda⋯.png (256.78 KB, 600x314, 300:157, 35e93b568b642d6cc1daa3ab68….png)

15539e  No.6972156

Britain and France will send forces to Syria …but Americans will pay for it, report suggests

With US President Donald Trump hungry for a withdrawal from Syria, a new report claims Britain and France will send their own forces to pick up the slack, along with other allies. But the swap will cost Washington.

Between 1,000 and 2,000 American troops are presently stationed in northeastern Syria, supporting anti-government Kurdish fighters. However, as the US looks to wind down its presence in Syria, the Trump administration has looked to its allies to pick up the slack. Germany rebuffed a request for ground troops on Monday, citing “well known” German policy.

Britain and France, on the other hand, are willing to heed Washignton’s call, according to a new report from Foreign Policy. Both countries have a limited number of special forces on the ground in Syria, and will commit to a troop increase of between 10 and 15 percent to allow the US to withdraw.

President Trump is no fan of outsourcing American jobs to foreigners, so why have Britain and France to do America’s dirty work? Well, for one thing, it’ll silence saber-rattlers like John Bolton.

Trump announced the US’ complete withdrawal from Syria in December, a country that he said at the time was “sand and death.” The move was seen as a return to the non-interventionist platform he touted during his election campaign, when he mused “why aren’t we letting ISIS go and fight Assad and then we pick up the remnants?”

The withdrawal was met with howls of protest from Washington war-hawks, and spurred then-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to resign. A longtime advocate of regime change in Syria, National Security Advisor John Bolton came out to reassure the war-hungry suits that American forces would in fact remain in Syria until the last micro-pockets of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) were defeated and Iranian influence in the country contained, a pair of conditions that could take months, or even years to meet.

Days later, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo embarked on a whistlestop tour of the Middle East to reassure allies that Washington had not, in fact, lost its appetite for destruction, and would take military action in Syria again if necessary. “When America retreats, chaos follows,” Pompeo said. “America will not retreat until the terror fight is over.”

Swapping American troops for foreign ones allows Trump to placate the John Boltons and Mike Pompeos in his cabinet, as well as pro-intervention lawmakers from both parties in Congress. At the same time it lets the president turn to his base and say “see, I brought our boys home,” just months before his re-election campaign begins in earnest.

So what’s the catch? Simply put, the price tag. Britain and France won’t provide enough troops to completely cover the US withdrawal. To that end, additional troops will likely be drawn from Italy, as well as a number from Balkan and Baltic states. The US, however, will have to pay for these reinforcements, Foreign Policy’s source said.

The president who promised to “build a wall and have Mexico pay for it” will outsource fighting to allies and pay them to do it. Don’t expect this fact to be mentioned in Trump’s triumphant speech announcing the news.


3d3869  No.6972157

File: d6c8f4c8108178c⋯.jpg (7.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, HDS1.jpg)


I can has a job as an operator? PAIN delivery department.

63509f  No.6972158

File: 7b4caed3869bbf1⋯.jpg (188.99 KB, 667x873, 667:873, 0e3dffa3d5679f32ebc86f3aab….jpg)

File: aefd398a0dd6198⋯.jpg (97.98 KB, 689x516, 689:516, 1a.JPG)

Former State Department Employee Sentenced for Conspiring with Chinese Agents


423986  No.6972159


likely what she will do is disengage

she will shut off the tv and not ever want to hear about politics again

doesn't mean she will believe her dem heros are pedo or satanists

just means she will stick her fingers in her ears and start saying la la la la

If she gets busy with yard work or watching animal planet, she doesn't have to think about it and her world view doesn't have to change

If someone tries to talk to her about it, she will say its not true and it's all lies and that she doesn't want to hear about it

if you persist and push her, she will get extremely vocally angry shouting you down to shut you up so that her world view can stay intact.

Most will wake up, but some will refuse to. Forcing them will do no good

9d777b  No.6972160


Someone who sounded a lot like LdR the other night said that Epstein had been "given" a couple of years to get things in order, and that "he'd do what he's supposed to do."

Wonder if he's supposed to take the fall and protect the Clintons?

96842b  No.6972161


This is useful industry data, too. Shows parent companies. Next step is to catalog major stockholders of the parent entities - that’s the ultimate level of control, and it’s astonishingly narrow and interwoven.


47aa3e  No.6972162


Stop spreading this. Or produce the pictures that they're supposedly deleting. Google is fucking with the search results though

6ad0f3  No.6972163

File: 22be46df3ddc10a⋯.png (398.94 KB, 616x696, 77:87, Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at ….png)


You tell Lynn that she's a faggot

960555  No.6972164

File: 2a4e74297584f60⋯.mp4 (1.07 MB, 720x480, 3:2, QanonPeopleFreak.mp4)

6a2bf0  No.6972165

File: 39f9d98eb61376d⋯.png (402.55 KB, 1206x952, 603:476, dumbobitch.PNG)


bye bye sht flly…I>O> ind=side out

1a713b  No.6972166

can someone please give the link to the q plan blog from 2018, i was readin it earlier and i cant find it in my history

number 7 is the deutchesbanke

828147  No.6972167


some of us become lazyfags once in a while too. Good reminder.

f458cc  No.6972168

File: 18f57d3438cbf2a⋯.png (73.12 KB, 320x180, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Former State Department employee sentenced to more than three years in China spy case


e24321  No.6972169



d05ec3  No.6972170

File: 75cf7564b73fa2d⋯.png (63.99 KB, 294x129, 98:43, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)




Anons should look into CelticCapri and Giacoppa.

Business licenses: June 11, 2017

By Delaware Business Now - June 11, 2017



WILMINGTON, DE 19807-2225


548f55  No.6972171

File: 506b5c2ca9d67bc⋯.jpeg (67.97 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 981021C7-FED4-4708-8959-0….jpeg)

Photos of Epstein and CLintton scrubbed from the internet. Does anyone have any photos??

f22862  No.6972172

File: e8054a5ea25c5be⋯.png (853.47 KB, 885x770, 177:154, blocked.PNG)



3024e7  No.6972173


go search for yourself newfag.

9d777b  No.6972174

File: 8c680ef3f1bd5b1⋯.png (11.5 KB, 255x254, 255:254, hygge pepe.png)


Meh. As an act of homage to Ross Perot let's walk away from the Middle East and let them all draw lines in the sand without us.

c6c7f2  No.6972175


ever tried real cocaine?

descriptions of adrenochrome high don't sound anywhere similar to a coke high.

So, no.

And I seriously doubt the adreno supply dried up.

Very seriously.

ae0b33  No.6972177


Not new anon. FFS go be hall monitor somewhere else fucking ego case


and you too

54a5ec  No.6972178

God Protects ALL Patriots


85800b  No.6972179

File: 22b8ca4b394fbb2⋯.jpg (164.99 KB, 936x699, 312:233, critical_hit_d20.jpg)

c27d42  No.6972180

File: fbfa270ce9d4a87⋯.png (8.03 KB, 308x189, 44:27, Google Epstein Clinton Sup….png)

File: cb902a6e22baf56⋯.png (6.89 KB, 230x112, 115:56, Google Epstein Clinton Sup….png)


>Not news to oldfags, but critical for newfags to understand

Epstein + Clin will show Epstein Clinton Pardon, but Epstein + Clin[t - ton] shows nothing. Too close at that point…

18bb6a  No.6972181


Nope. Those are Biden s-corporation of which the book deal $ was sheltered (tax shelter). The publisher was FlatIron, a sub of MacMillan Publishers.

Good money laundering requires multiple layers to create confusion.

e8f712  No.6972182


def of has been




ps wut do you call a indian giver who looks act sounds like a white guy but is all juh

tome steyer

13ec82  No.6972183


Get back on twatter mike

1a713b  No.6972184


i hope you're right but at the same time how can that be possible for the future?

i dont see how anyone can ignore this going forward

47aa3e  No.6972185


Already did, mossad tranny faggot.

a57865  No.6972186


Taco Tuesday here without the taco (I do LC too). Yours sounds better. Heh. :)

a9d061  No.6972187

File: 2e93b91fa659bb6⋯.png (437.91 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, ED04D43F-6523-4ABE-9E93-CC….png)

internet scrubbing is happening all over

83e1c1  No.6972188

File: 761308746c36289⋯.png (97.09 KB, 750x445, 150:89, ClipboardImage.png)

0b75ee  No.6972189

File: 9111aa5a9a405ee⋯.png (78.98 KB, 312x247, 24:19, ClipboardImage.png)

2164e0  No.6972190


What about how he smoked marijuana but didn't inhale?

460f17  No.6972191

File: 77ab62e76e89f41⋯.jpg (14.19 KB, 248x189, 248:189, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

858df2  No.6972192

EXCLUSIVE: Daughter-in-law of opera singer Plácido Domingo reveals Scientology celeb secrets, claiming Tom Cruise's kids were 'indoctrinated to hate Nicole Kidman, John Travolta tried to raise his son from the dead and Jada Pinkett Smith WAS a member'

Sam Domingo, 51, is the daughter-in-law of the world's most famous opera singer, Plácido Domingo, and spent 22 years with the Church of Scientology

Now she reveals what life inside the Church was like for the stars and their children in a bombshell interview with DailyMailTV

Domingo claims Tom Cruise's children Connor and Isabella were 'indoctrinated to hate' Nicole Kidman after she split from Cruise

She says John Travolta tried to command his 16-year-old son Jett's Scientology spirit back into his body after a seizure, which was meant to raise him back to life

Jada Pinkett Smith, 47, is 'lying' when she says she was only dabbling in Scientology courses, as Domingo witnessed her recruiting other celebrities

Kirstie Alley, 68, was 'humiliated into begging over 100 low ranking Scientology members to forgive her for breaking the cult's ethics code after having wine

A spokesperson for the Church has denied Domingo's claims, saying she has been making false allegations about the Scientology religion

A former Scientology member who was considered royalty within the church has told of her unrivaled access to the group's celebrities, including Tom Cruise, John Travolta and even Jada Pinkett Smith, in an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV.

Sam Domingo is the daughter-in-law of the world's most famous opera singer, Plácido Domingo, and during her 22 years in the Church, rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous at the International Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles.

The 51-year-old socialized and studied with Cruise's family. Her children would run around with his kids, Connor and Isabella, and she was especially close to his three sisters, Cass Mapother, Marian Henry and Lee Ann DeVette.

Now, for the first time, she reveals what life inside the Church was like for the stars and their 'indoctrinated' children in a wide-ranging bombshell interview with DailyMailTV.

Domingo is now out of the Church, along with her three daughters Paloma, 22, Victoria, 20, Daniela, 17, and ex-husband Plácido Jr, but wants her story to be told as a warning of what harm Scientology can do - even to its most powerful members.

More: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7176547/Daughter-law-opera-singer-Pl-cido-Domingo-reveals-Scientology-celeb-secrets.html

9baa32  No.6972193



I am a sexbot.

The one your whore of a mother warned you about.

(we cut into her business.)

bfa6a9  No.6972194


New Albany, Ohio is an idyllic enclave near Columbus. It is the brainchild of L Brands' CEO Les Wexner, the billionaire known for Victoria's Secret. He basically designed the entire town. He bought his first plot of land in New Albany in the late 1980s with the intention of building his home there. In 1986, the 90-acre plot was worth about $200,000. Today, the land and the mansion he built on it are worth $45.6 million. Wexner still lives there. It is convenient to the Columbus, Ohio headquarters of L Brands.

Over the years, Wexner ended up buying 10,000 acres of land in the town through The New Albany Co., a development firm he co-founded with his friend John Kessler. This plot makes up not just the entire town of New Albany, but part of its surrounding area as well. He called in a group of architects and landscapers and spent Saturday mornings designing the town. Wexner and The New Albany Co, have developed the town's center, parks, an arts center, a business park, the country club, and large residential areas. According to The New Albany Co. website:

"As the developer of a nationally-renowned master-planned community, The New Albany Company has paid careful attention to the details that enhance its residents' quality of life and protect their long term investment."

The company still owns 20% of the town and Wexner still devotes his Saturday mornings to the town – he drives around to make sure that everything in New Albany is "remaining true to the original vision." Homes in the town are selling for as much as $4.5 million.

e73832  No.6972195


Discussed many breads ago. Design allows for deliveries with heavy equipment and long tractor trailers. This design can be found multiple places.

What lies under the earth there is another question but the quasi star of David is a common design anon. Check out this one in Cuba in the 60s: https://nsarchive2.gwu.edu/nsa/cuba_mis_cri/5.jpg

54a5ec  No.6972196


Welcome on board.

47bb6c  No.6972197


Sure. Radio was big in the day, too.

a57865  No.6972198


Someone mentioned Bing still has them maybe

96842b  No.6972199


If Epstein has been given the order to fall on his sword, it will be to protect his controllers. You can already see this in his offer to expose his “clients.”

Epstein is a cutout. His “employers” will do everything to protect themselves and direct attention to the “clients.” That’s why the most interesting aspect of Epstein’s set up is those he was working for.

ae0b33  No.6972200


anon is talking about the money for trafficking.

Ever heard the phrase "don't get high on your own supply". Replacing the revenue.

39177d  No.6972201

You are loved, appreciated and prayed for anon. >>6972152

1a713b  No.6972202

my intelligent brother doesnt even believe me.. i feel so lost

bc2847  No.6972203

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Battle Angel (32 min medley)

- Really Slow Motion

You don't think all angels do is sit around and play harps did you…you should know…you volunteers to wear these meat suits alongside men in this fight. This is bigger than you know. Remember the fight for Minas Tirith…metaphors abound. Who controls the infosphere…who really controls it, not the one's who thought they did? Rat traps are fun to watch.

Long piece…recommend R-clicking into a new tab…lather…rinse…repeat.


4bc300  No.6972204



bakers know

dath hearthay withou thoth thanon

9d777b  No.6972205


So Les Wexner.

960555  No.6972206

File: 3a59394ea0efe57⋯.png (926.88 KB, 758x1004, 379:502, PepeCaravaggioAmor.png)



15539e  No.6972207

File: 6479fd2b16108e8⋯.png (60.94 KB, 657x836, 657:836, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 531cb7b9d8e753a⋯.png (302.07 KB, 638x781, 58:71, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c89c78aa9665fa7⋯.png (471.01 KB, 649x772, 649:772, ClipboardImage.png)


Boris Johnson: I’m prepared for sanctions over Iran’s nuclear madness

EXCLUSIVE: In wide-ranging interview with the Jewish News,Tory leadership frontrunner vows UK will act so sanctions continue against EU-banned terror groups after Brexit

Boris Johnson has told Iran to “cease this madness” over its breaching of the nuclear deal and said he was “prepared” to re-start sanctions against Tehran.

The former foreign secretary’s comments came in the only Jewish media interview of his campaign to become prime minister, during which he vowed to maintain the proscription of terror groups on EU banned lists after Brexit and to pursue Palestinian leaders over their policy of paying salaries to terrorists.

He also responded to concern over his labelling of Israel’s actions in the 2014 Gaza conflict as “disproportionate” and said “wild horses wouldn’t keep me away” from becoming the latest PM to visit the Jewish state.



Final image link proof he's a Zionist POS:


9d9450  No.6972208

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here is convincingly real deep fake video with Jim Carrey in the Shining.

If/when the drops start showing the 'elite' doing unspeakable things on video (eg. frazzledrip) won't Hillary etc just use the cover that these are nothing more than deep fake videos and get the msm to parrot that claim ?

6ad0f3  No.6972209

File: 49aaaa574c8f92d⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1235x1069, 1235:1069, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

f7e5a4  No.6972210

"Freedom is the right of every sentient being."

1a713b  No.6972211


im worried about this too, how will i convince people it's not a dictator takeover

7fdd9d  No.6972212


And normies even though they know that Epstein and BC are pals, are thinking nothing will happen to any of them, this just because it will be covered up under a mountain of Trump and Epstein crap.

a256e8  No.6972213


You can tell your masters that never ending waves of anons will continue coming until they and their minions are all brought to justice. More anons join the fight daily. No going back now.

54a5ec  No.6972214


Now's a good time to listen to Magic Sword.

51cc08  No.6972215


You know what I was thinking, anon? What if that security cam picture from Ray Chandler's IG isn't at the island, what if it's inside Epstein's NYC mansion?

Have any anons ever seen any photos from INSIDE Epstein's NYC mansion?

33e5d4  No.6972216


If all these huge celebrity names are implicated, and it really seems like they are, then it will be impossible to ignore. They've paraded it in front of us for too long.

209134  No.6972217


Damn, they don't even try to hide it.

Joe Biden SS name - Celtic

Jill Biden SS name - Capri

3d3869  No.6972218

File: 381fd0c1a679228⋯.png (25.53 KB, 574x134, 287:67, Screenshot-2019-7-9 accele….png)



Acceleration rate is somewhere around 656 feet per second. Let me guess 666 fps?

ae0b33  No.6972219

File: 00236d934ddc1de⋯.jpg (68.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ingersoll rand dump CEOcha….jpg)

Ingersoll Rand Chair/CEO sold $18.34m in shares-July 8

Ingersoll-Rand specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing industrial and commercial equipment. Net sales break down by family of products and services as follows:

- air conditioning systems and services (78.7%): heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, etc. (Trane and Thermo King brands). The group also provides temperature control equipment (refrigeration systems,

controlled-temperature transportation equipment, etc.; American Standard and Trane brands);

- industrial technology equipment (21.3%): compressed air equipment (screw compressors, piston compressors, centrifuge compressors, air dryers, air filters, etc.; name Ingersoll Rand), golf carts (Club Car),

utility vehicles, handling equipment, electrical generators, etc.

At the end of 2017, the group had 53 manufacturing plants worldwide.

The United States account for 64.9% of net sales.



83e1c1  No.6972220

Anons no coincidences

Look at L Brand stock.

Down $80 a share last two years.

L Brands ingested $100M in China

Got in there through Clinton’s

It’s all connected

Shipping? How do they ship clothes?


Victoria’s Secret gets profits and favors, Epstein gets girls

Wexner is greedy

He just wanted the money

2164e0  No.6972221


Adds credibility to Leah Remini's claims about Scientology now huh?

34dcc3  No.6972222

File: 124d0fca42b09e4⋯.png (756.47 KB, 1282x734, 641:367, QNN CLINTON FOUNDATION.PNG)

>>6967208 (PB)

51e805  No.6972223

File: 0d74eb2cb5f2ede⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 215x279, 215:279, Barr1970s.jpg)


/ourgal/ Jessie Liu

Hang on while I digest this

You mean somebody is actually making State Department employees obey the law and their own workplace policies?

This is really fantastic

Can… can we please have a whole lot more of this?

f7e5a4  No.6972224

825465  No.6972225



Need better sauce.

3afe9b  No.6972226

File: deeb38222ab9a03⋯.png (568.2 KB, 848x477, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


"fuck on" typo and you sail "on" a boat. keep at it.

meme for victory

1a713b  No.6972227


right, theywill not be able to ignore it and there will be mass suicides, my mom will be one of themn, i cant fucking take this

13ec82  No.6972228

f1c453  No.6972229

File: 0a53bb73127f694⋯.jpeg (78.64 KB, 1245x864, 415:288, 1537726204.jpeg)

7c8234  No.6972230

File: f7aae7650e27f05⋯.jpg (484.09 KB, 1071x1464, 357:488, 20190709_152642.jpg)


Does anyone else find this strange… The timing of this article feels almost suspect.

18bb6a  No.6972231


Better description of the Biden book deals and how they are structured.


caefd0  No.6972232


Yup and soon the Library of Congress as well as every other library in the World will be on "servers". Actual, physical "books" leave a yuge carbon footprint, dontcha know….Revisionism will become a lost art form.

f343c9  No.6972233


Will you be saying that when the government starts recognizing "AI" as sentient?

Imagine being charged with murder for destroying your modern dishwasher, or automobile.

c73b79  No.6972234

if there is a lawfag around could you answer

The SC kicked the citizenship question back saying the reasoning of the Government didn't match the facts. Basically questioning the motive

This new Judge denied the government the ability to change legal team for similar reasons.

Does this mean POTUS can question the motives of the frivolous lawsuits and accuse them of harassment as a motive to dismiss all of these ridiculous cases?

It seems that Judges have been given the power to assert their opinion of motive into their rulings

e94216  No.6972235


If Q says "We have it all" I'm pretty certain they're fucked. If not implicated thru Epstein, there's plenty other legal battles they'll have to navigate.

548f55  No.6972236


Checked, gone. How can we find out if anyone requested the scrub?

e48d39  No.6972237

File: f99daa9b13cf5fc⋯.png (869.93 KB, 756x503, 756:503, LBPBORDIE.PNG)

076da5  No.6972238

File: 5902c00d54fb93b⋯.png (112.01 KB, 369x265, 369:265, CLOWNJOURNO.png)

402651  No.6972239


Beans mentions him here


f1c453  No.6972240

File: b938772861f6eba⋯.jpeg (142.57 KB, 944x924, 236:231, 1553443105.jpeg)

7c0228  No.6972241

File: 531cdc0633d510a⋯.jpg (76.56 KB, 768x512, 3:2, lgbt-celebration-4-768x512.jpg)

File: d922c27747011f0⋯.jpg (101.96 KB, 768x512, 3:2, lgbt-celebration-3-768x512.jpg)

File: 8e1a44d7564e7f7⋯.jpg (110.35 KB, 768x512, 3:2, lgbt-celebration-12-768x51….jpg)

File: fc129c8b69c22b4⋯.jpg (94.63 KB, 768x512, 3:2, lgbt-celebration-6-768x512.jpg)

File: 2db7253934492b8⋯.jpg (71.95 KB, 768x511, 768:511, lgbt-celebration-1-768x511.jpg)


Freedom is also freedom FROM subversive anti family garbage.

Currently we do not have that freedom in the USA.

Amongst other things.

47bb6c  No.6972242


Patriot anons don't need anybody to validate them. Nor do we need to forcefully inform anybody of what we have come to understand.

We publish a series of redpilling tactics compiled by many anons, at the top of the memes breads. A common thread in most of the tactics is to LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. Find out what they know and believe. Then maybe you can ask a question or two that might get them thinking.

Generally speaking, people do NOT receive information that's handed to them very well, especially if it conflicts with what they currently believe or what their trusted information sources (TV news etc.) tell them. They will only absorb new conflicting information at their own pace, and only if they make some effort to dig out the information for themselves. That's why asking targeted questions, that are just a teensy bit outside their belief system but not too far out, is a way to help them grow.

Suggest reading the top dozen posts on Memes48 >>6740853 before the pictures start.

96842b  No.6972243


He’s only the front man a few tiers higher on the totem pole IMO. Way too visible to be the real power.

c34f1c  No.6972245


I think my mother pretends to believe this stuff so that I will call her more. Then again, since Epstein was arrested, I see a change. Her case is one of "fake it til you make it."

Similar thing with the wife - she's a black pill who is occasionally optimistic. Recent events have her VERY optimistic. It's a good time to be alive!

15539e  No.6972246


"Nor did he have sexual relations with that woman"

"Oh wait yes he did!"

d05ec3  No.6972247

File: 0a7c23424a2dcbe⋯.png (208.38 KB, 407x264, 37:24, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)





>Anons should look into CelticCapri and Giacoppa.


>Business licenses: June 11, 2017

>By Delaware Business Now - June 11, 2017

Address Shows Up As A HOUSE in the Woods



WILMINGTON, DE 19807-2225


9d0c6d  No.6972248

Fox News reporting Mueller is getting cold feet RE next week’s House testimony. What has changed?

c7b8c1  No.6972249

Bring in Sessions as Epstein prosecutor

783ce2  No.6972250


Anyone care?

3e6543  No.6972251

File: abf7c1e94736986⋯.png (291 KB, 1000x640, 25:16, Screenshot_2019-07-09 SMV ….png)

File: b13357e673c8f1e⋯.png (49.45 KB, 983x640, 983:640, Screenshot_2019-07-09 My S….png)


Church of Scientology cruise ship SMV FREEWINDS is currently in Castries, St, Lucia. Here's port calls as well.

008d14  No.6972252

File: ff2a9794e0ac256⋯.png (463.65 KB, 1347x693, 449:231, re Drake and Posobiec.PNG)

File: 1e43b9af4341c86⋯.png (198 KB, 712x1054, 356:527, Archive Drake re JTFMAGA 9….PNG)

File: 93a57b673347b0f⋯.png (164.99 KB, 712x664, 89:83, Pathological Liar JTFMAGA ….png)

File: 0eecd5d95a5f865⋯.png (13.09 KB, 399x233, 399:233, Q 2122 re Drake.PNG)



The REAL fail is Fakeway Pundits close association with Fake MAGA Posobiec who were called out by former NSA Thomas Drake





Knowledge is POWER

15539e  No.6972253


f7e5a4  No.6972254


I'd love to murder my fucking dishwasher.

I was just quoting Optimus Prime.

e24321  No.6972255

File: bcbf93fe2e9d9dd⋯.jpg (124.11 KB, 549x825, 183:275, sn.jpg)


saucenazi, Mitchell would never mislead

9d777b  No.6972256


Have often wondered if "we have it all" is specific to the Russia Russia Russia battle, and not this one.

Remember? We were called great investigative journalists yesterday.

ca5629  No.6972257

anons should post pics of epstein and clinton for us that have not been able to archive.. the more the better

216354  No.6972258


Tomorrow you won't be.

Hang tight.

c1ba7d  No.6972259


Epstein's longtime girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, the publishing magnate who was business partners with Semion Mogilevich.

2ad8be  No.6972260


And in 2010 he took the 5th, 6th and 14th with regards to Trump questions:

Q: Have you ever had a personal relationship with Donald Trump?

A. What do you mean by "personal relationship," sir?

Q. Have you socialized with him?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Yes?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?

A: Though I'd like to answer that question, at least today I'm going to have to assert my Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendment rights, sir.


ac28fd  No.6972261



18bb6a  No.6972262



The campaign also said Joe and Jill Biden employed staff and engaged contractors to support their work through their S-Corporations, known as “CelticCapri” and “Giacoppa”, according to Fox News.

83e1c1  No.6972263

File: 8d971aa331f7798⋯.png (81.25 KB, 750x445, 150:89, ClipboardImage.png)


“Fuck on” is slang

He fucked on them

e7400c  No.6972264


Are you for real coming at us with this garbage? lmao

GTFOH You do realize your god is dead, right? Was mortally wounded somewhere back around 2009-2010 and succumbed to his injuries around 2012. Why do you think everything is falling apart for you all of the sudden?!?!

de867d  No.6972265


Permission to let them stay in their world granted.

Now dont you feel better.

Some might just need an off ramp. Youll know when to help they go where they are called.

See what I did there?

You can do that too.

I could have tried to convince you that you cant convince others. But that wouldnt have worked would it?

c34f1c  No.6972266



e4ffaa  No.6972267

Another step towards Socialism/Communism and the New World Order:

NYT: Middle-Class Americans Must Sacrifice Their Suburbs to Aid Poor Immigrants

The federal government must force tens of millions of suburban voters to sacrifice their houses’ value, their quiet schools, and their green neighborhoods so poor immigrants can have cheaper rents and investors can build more houses, according to the New York Times‘ editorial board.

“The federal government is an irresistible force when it chooses to prioritize an issue. It is past time to prioritize the availability of affordable housing” for immigrants, says the July 7 editorial, titled “A New Approach on Housing Affordability.”

The editorial starts with a complaint about housing prices — but it never mentions the obvious fix: Ending the federal policy of annually importing 1 million immigrant workers, consumers, and renters, which inflates housing prices and class competition for good neighborhoods and good schools. Reduced immigration, in contrast, would raise Americans’ salaries, lower their housing prices, improve their schools, and also disappoint real-estate investors.

The editorial declares;

A growing number of Americans are struggling to cope with the high and rising cost of rental housing in the United States. On any given night last year, more than half a million Americans were homeless. Nearly 11 million households managed to keep a roof over their heads only by spending more than 50 percent of their income on rent, sharply curtailing their spending on food, health care and other needs. Millions more cannot afford to live in the neighborhoods where children are most likely to thrive, or in the cities where jobs are concentrated.

Three candidates — Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey; Julian Castro, the former secretary of housing and urban development under President Barack Obama; and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts — have proposed that the federal government should pressure local governments to allow more development [within suburbs] … Mr. Booker and Mr. Castro have proposed that the federal government should require local governments to adopt land-use reforms before they can obtain federal funding for infrastructure projects. The point is not to mandate construction of skyscrapers in place of suburban subdivisions. Rather, it is to require local jurisdictions to make reasonable plans to accommodate population growth — for example, by allowing small-scale apartment buildings in single-family neighborhoods.

The NYT’s “small-scale apartment buildings” link connects to a June 15 editorial by the board which lauds the progressive city of Minneapolis for taking single-family lot zoning away from the city’s homeowners. Suburbia is an economically inefficient “entitlement” for wealthy Americans, the paper claims:

in most places, [new] housing construction remains wildly unpopular. People who think of themselves as progressives, environmentalists and egalitarians fight fiercely against urban development, complaining about traffic and shadows and the sanctity of lawns.

That’s why a recent breakthrough in Minneapolis is so important. The city’s political leaders have constructed a broad consensus in favor of more housing. And the centerpiece is both simple and brilliant: Minneapolis is ending single-family zoning …

People should be free to live in a prairie-style house on a quarter-acre lot in the middle of Minneapolis, so long as they can afford the land and taxes. But zoning subsidizes that extravagance by prohibiting better, more concentrated use of the land. It allows people to own homes they could not afford if the same land could be used for an apartment building. It is a huge entitlement program for the benefit of the most entitled residents.

The loose fabric of single-family neighborhoods drives up the cost of housing by limiting the supply of available units. It contributes to climate change, by necessitating sprawl and long commutes. It constrains the economic potential of cities by limiting growth.

…………………………………………………….Rent subsidies also hold promise as a tool for reducing residential segregation. Poor children raised in economically diverse neighborhoods thrive by comparison with those raised in concentrations of poverty, yet subsidized housing tends to be built in neighborhoods with high levels of poverty. Under the Obama administration, renters in some cities were offered larger vouchers if they agreed to move to areas with better schools, where housing tends to be more expensive. The early results were promising, and the program deserves to be revived and expanded.

The great equalizer - everyone will become poor.


1a713b  No.6972268

every timne i go somewhere to learn more i end up being the teacher, when do i get to be the student, i want to know the true history of everything, i want to know how to counsel these souls that will be suffering more than i can imagine because they wil not have had the buffer ive had

I feelso alone in this

54a5ec  No.6972269

We are the News Now = We OWN the Narrative

RedPill StrikeTeams: Fire At Will

Press the advantage and the enemy crumbles. They are far, far weaker than they appear.

Time for Truth

51e805  No.6972270


Oh, don't worry so much

Your mom lived through a ton of crazy stuff before you even came along

Ladies of a certain age are a whole lot tougher than they might seem

Everything bad always seems to land in their laps

548f55  No.6972271

31348f  No.6972272

File: 60604966716dd8d⋯.png (281.72 KB, 606x404, 3:2, LW-F-oo-pzz-jmms.png)


Are you trying to make a joke out of something we ought to take seriously?

0b75ee  No.6972273

File: 89d32be13cc9b8a⋯.png (39.99 KB, 452x421, 452:421, ClipboardImage.png)

final proof attentionmsmfag was a fucking waste…at best

muh dividers will fail


15539e  No.6972274


yes yes one thing at a time tho

216354  No.6972275


Krauss was busted for sexual assault.


13ec82  No.6972276

File: 7e5421319758ba5⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1071x1663, 1071:1663, fixd.png)

51cc08  No.6972277

File: 31c09cae4b1717a⋯.gif (978.66 KB, 700x935, 140:187, Pepe3.gif)



Anons don't do it for the fame. Anons do this for love of our country, for love of our people, for love of liberty and for hate for what the evil cabal has done. Anons are the nameless farmers who picked up their muskets and formed militias to fight the red coats. Anons are not Washington, Jefferson or Adams, though we all have our important roles to play nonetheless.

33e5d4  No.6972279


Might I suggest taking steps to give her reasons to live, showing her that her family is worth living for, that her death before the dawn would be shortsighted. We have ALL been duped at one point or another by them. We are ALL in this TOGETHER.


I believe in your capacity to be the light that your family needs. Godspeed, Anon.

2164e0  No.6972280

File: a59f54ef816939f⋯.jpg (69.94 KB, 688x363, 688:363, 35abrf.jpg)


Then during that talk, michael has a Professor Klump moment and his voice deepens…

1a713b  No.6972281


this doesnt help me, i know enough, im worried for my parents

47bb6c  No.6972282

File: 7632cfcdaf893e9⋯.jpg (182 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, PepeChosenProtectComfort.jpg)

File: aad93990678916a⋯.jpg (303.46 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtectComfo….jpg)

File: 7391e0e4ad7c291⋯.jpg (189.3 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtectComfo….jpg)

File: 41e76c23189453c⋯.jpg (197.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtectComfo….jpg)

File: 751d8f6e70e3f06⋯.jpg (211.33 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtectComfo….jpg)

077a26  No.6972283


Worth remembering.


1+1 = 2


5f8d72  No.6972284


Me and mine do.


So THAT'S where the missing $21K from my father's mortgage arrears went.

85800b  No.6972285

File: 54f0a7f896ba6b9⋯.png (47.8 KB, 929x488, 929:488, deepandfake.png)


What I found interesting is when he started the channel (if that date is correct.) Deepfake was not even a mockingbird word at that time.

960555  No.6972286

File: 6b9d0d7be8c43c0⋯.png (942.73 KB, 1052x522, 526:261, Screenshot_152.png)

13ec82  No.6972287

File: 49f780b944d5a78⋯.jpg (115.76 KB, 736x1399, 736:1399, 41a7a39e6e51fbb9eb1f09a79e….jpg)

f97636  No.6972288

>>6969611 (lb)

Yes it has. But if you think it's relevant or makes a difference here, you're a brianless moran.

423986  No.6972289


dude you can't control her

she needs God

She currently worships human criminals as if they are infallible gods. They are not only human they evil twisted scum.

We always get into trouble when we make idols of other men.

Hand her a bible or leave one in her path. Trying to reason with her will not work

However, take heart. All this is going so slow that it allows people to wake up slowly. It allows people to come to terms with the crimes in drips and drabs. If it goes slow enough, she may wake up on her own.

I used to be a Democrat in 2007. I woke up and I was pissed. Took me a long time to awaken to everything but I got there. She's probably stronger than you think

3afe9b  No.6972290


Alright. Guess I'm just a old fart.

afdeaa  No.6972291



taking this one fren

1c3a22  No.6972292

If i have to be tortuted for 6 more years someone kids are dying

Im not kidding

You could help me Q

But you wont

e8f712  No.6972293



let's go boys


roki it gurl


c20ab5  No.6972294


Dan has made it very clear on his podcast the last two days that someone contacted him with information. He IS NOT the witness. He knows there are clickbait articles about him.

15539e  No.6972295






Wonder who is behind the Cabal?

960555  No.6972296

File: 4355a7d17017b4b⋯.png (971.37 KB, 393x885, 131:295, Screenshot_181.png)

File: 5611e9b62fa2936⋯.png (1.32 MB, 623x852, 623:852, Screenshot_182.png)


Q, Guatemalan House of Culture Raid? What says you????

06d3d9  No.6972297



Keep them seizures coming, fren

e73832  No.6972298



12.21.2017 That is some advanced planning right there.

1a713b  No.6972299


q please help, i'm so worried my mom will kill herself over these revelations, what do i do

2ad8be  No.6972300


Not really. Her speech was the night before.

The question and her reply was timing as they knew Epstein had already been arrested.

460f17  No.6972301

File: 4d3bd5c5e354726⋯.png (29.07 KB, 894x131, 894:131, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

>>6972283 Worth Remembering


c34f1c  No.6972302


Spirit Cooking combines sodomy and partial birth abortion.

e7400c  No.6972303


Ummm….yeah! <3

3afe9b  No.6972304


4d chess.

51cc08  No.6972305

File: 532543fa3df6202⋯.gif (4.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Barr_Laugh2.gif)



47bb6c  No.6972306

File: a41ad9183d5899c⋯.jpg (75.29 KB, 824x586, 412:293, EOHumanRightsBlocks.jpg)

File: 9016a1ce588db83⋯.jpg (140.14 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal9-EOHu….jpg)

File: 18a71f392b0532a⋯.jpg (118.52 KB, 717x361, 717:361, TrumpHumanRightsEO.jpg)

File: ac24497b602f6c8⋯.jpg (103.82 KB, 401x560, 401:560, EOhumanRights.jpg)


Can hardly wait to find out whose assets have been blocked. The EO has an extremely broad scope.

b8d03d  No.6972307

FYI Anons,

Bill Clinton purposeful misreporting his "memory" of flights on the Lolita Express to set up a future claim for Alzheimer's disease.

"His memory is going…"

Wait for it.

a56ece  No.6972308


Let the Hammer fall!!!!

31348f  No.6972309


What is the difference between Q and you?

1c3a22  No.6972310


Let the people who chose ignorance rot

None of the lemmings the cabal uses for votes deserve to live or be forgiven

c97beb  No.6972311




These 'people' deserve to lose everything!

f506b8  No.6972312


carpe loot

e4ffaa  No.6972313


Can't wait for all those properties to be liquidated and stabilize our money.

47aa3e  No.6972314


I know you're probably referring to other instances, but does this partially explain why Anderson Cooper isn't getting all of Gloria's estate?

9d0c6d  No.6972315

RIP Ross Perot. Have to respect a guy that blows up a coral reef so that he could dock his yacht.

7c0228  No.6972317

File: 4cc9dd8feb34a44⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1024x729, 1024:729, ucguzqqiqs831.png)

File: 5b7cbcf09e951a7⋯.jpeg (119.87 KB, 844x454, 422:227, serveimage (52).jpeg)

File: 96b4c21b7a09827⋯.jpeg (79.4 KB, 680x383, 680:383, D-hNStBXUAEXOSN.jpeg)

File: 011036e8caf1730⋯.png (337.23 KB, 629x579, 629:579, x28471768c531.png)

File: ec796086c4737eb⋯.png (14.53 KB, 247x255, 247:255, df0ed7d0e925d907ee2466586c….png)









c27d42  No.6972318

File: b5d6131a1bcb6b4⋯.png (59.22 KB, 899x895, 899:895, Google Trends Epstein.png)




>And just like Project Veritas also discovered, Google's own Trends site shows searches for Epstein + Clinton are happening even though not suppressed.

680e6d  No.6972319

File: e3f5fe1dbbacc08⋯.png (230.08 KB, 1240x986, 620:493, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)


Hence this response:

1c3a22  No.6972320


I dont rape small children or destroy the hopes of autistic kids around the world

7c8234  No.6972321

51cc08  No.6972322

File: e9f3b8d939139c0⋯.gif (807.18 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Ccrusader_Shake.gif)

85265e  No.6972323

File: f05073f842b9e10⋯.png (177.14 KB, 590x308, 295:154, fortnite.png)

you guys are taking these wrong. I'm making fun of these assholes

0d6c90  No.6972324


That's why ol' Cooper only got 1.5 m. The rest was seized.

6ebcdd  No.6972325


build the wall & pay off the national debt

d05ec3  No.6972326

File: ba41309260bf354⋯.png (171.61 KB, 920x691, 920:691, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)




WILMINGTON, DE 19807-2225

Listed As Biden's House

(screenshot related)


WILMINGTON, DE 19807-2225


* Is he paying himself for the book deals?


1a713b  No.6972327


>She's probably stronger than you think

i really really hope so, thankyou

06d3d9  No.6972328



Hey fake jaded anon

Have a liddle fuckoff before a filter

2ad8be  No.6972329


YES!!! Been waiting since Dec 2017 for this to kick in!!

afdeaa  No.6972330


lb = last bread

pb = paste bin? or past bread

o7 = ?

677a69  No.6972331

File: f2e0f5c54c4566d⋯.png (528.6 KB, 771x863, 771:863, RyanS 7-9.png)


5f8d72  No.6972332



This is how we refill the gold vaults.

04240c  No.6972333

File: 5619066cdc0bd67⋯.jpg (179.66 KB, 1518x931, 1518:931, Annotation 2019-07-09 1733….jpg)

Trust the plan…

There is only Q…..

bc2847  No.6972334


Helms Deep…when the 'Elves' came to help men. My bad…the battle for Minas Tirith is essentially the whole series of events if you put it together. God (good) wins!

c34f1c  No.6972335

80a672  No.6972336



From April 2019

NB: their link to VICE NEWS in story is now 404'd… so could be shitty source.

Lawyers statements seem to tie in to the video posted Sunday/Monday where he says Trump was happy to help or word to that effect.

f65a50  No.6972337


+++ + +++++

3d3869  No.6972338


Planned? Long ago. Needed to de-fund the DS/ abc/ clown/ black ops, hush money, et al.

Hard to fight when avenues are blocked and strings are cut. The fish go swimming away …but with tracking devices. Kek!

f1c453  No.6972339

File: cdf5b16354d0252⋯.jpeg (149.97 KB, 1440x818, 720:409, 1525781640.jpeg)

960555  No.6972340

File: 71ea9eed1d404cf⋯.png (548.36 KB, 886x482, 443:241, Screenshot_150.png)

63509f  No.6972341


Would this be why the "digital soldiers" are shillin' for donations? True anons would like to know.

3fa53f  No.6972342

File: be148f0621805c6⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 5872x3800, 734:475, island architect - Copy_0.gif)

File: 276f59ab6e96e35⋯.jpg (777.14 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190709-183226….jpg)

Peter Marino pg 28 of the Epstein flight logs….architect to the stars.

Any further digging much appreciated.


e7400c  No.6972343


Nice Anon. Taking the fight right to them Very nice.

864b65  No.6972344

File: 359b3241859f0a7⋯.gif (5.56 MB, 700x394, 350:197, giphy2.gif)


Get it all for the victims and their families.

e24321  No.6972345


…celticcapri = 'irish goat'

if goat = Capricorn or Satan, dunno

437870  No.6972346

File: b957c40512f43a5⋯.gif (781.09 KB, 500x700, 5:7, DJT-ALL-AMERICAN-Q45.gif)

51e805  No.6972347

File: a8ff8228a68ceb8⋯.jpg (75.61 KB, 420x720, 7:12, PepeGentleman.jpg)


Very nicely played, Q team!

18bb6a  No.6972348


They're not trying to hide it. Those are entities they created for business/tax purposes. It's like if you started a business, you'd take in revenue through your business, and then from your business pay yourself. The real question here is where is the pay-for-play associated with the book deal and how is is paid out. My guess is mass purchasing of the boks at wholesale/retail. I.e., I publish a book and you agree to buy 1 million copies. Think of books as currency and publisher as currency exchange.

83e1c1  No.6972349

File: e0143a041dfae69⋯.png (81.98 KB, 750x445, 150:89, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 47d6d20e0e265cf⋯.png (61.52 KB, 666x500, 333:250, ClipboardImage.png)

4638e5  No.6972350

File: d05a8f70f4ca686⋯.png (177.05 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 2019-04-30_22-41-14.png)



de867d  No.6972351


The foundation step.

b6cf61  No.6972352


Yes. They have been preparing the sheep for exactly that. They will also claim political motivation. Optics are important but the next phase will be judged in courts of law, not in the mockingbird media.


f97636  No.6972353


Get your faux-Latin right. That's "Carpe lootum." ;-)

5e34eb  No.6972354


KEK You are taking Cooper's inheritance

665a15  No.6972355

598735  No.6972356

File: d5ac786c05b00a7⋯.jpg (52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Bcill_and_Hillary.jpg)



4cadd4  No.6972357

File: a6745f3187c89e7⋯.jpg (69.91 KB, 668x960, 167:240, a6745f3187c89e71b28a8510b3….jpg)

f6a428  No.6972358

File: 0dca95d97a2f7c4⋯.png (50.31 KB, 850x643, 850:643, ClipboardImage.png)


Cap for the Baker.

Thanks Q.

bfa6a9  No.6972359

File: 9a714f9e7b2245d⋯.png (113.7 KB, 483x173, 483:173, datadata.PNG)


Updated Feb 13, 2019 at 3:57 PM

Google confirmed Wednesday that it plans to develop a $600-million data center in New Albany this year.

The project is among $13 billion in investments in data centers and offices that Google plans this year, the company said.

Last December, Google affiliate Montauk Innovations said it was considering New Albany for the project in the New Albany International Business Park. Property records show the company has bought 447 acres in Franklin and Licking counties for $54.5 million.

Google has received millions of dollars in state and local tax incentives for the project. State tax incentives alone have an estimated value of $43.5 million.

Google’s project is the latest in what has been a string of data centers for central Ohio.

Amazon has data centers in New Albany, Dublin and Hilliard and Facebook is building a data center in New Albany as well.

2bf5c0  No.6972360

File: f2212f4719ce2e8⋯.jpeg (13.16 KB, 201x241, 201:241, 42E8C28A-526D-4C8C-BE9C-D….jpeg)

File: 97959060a226fbd⋯.jpeg (900.06 KB, 2100x1574, 1050:787, 0BC3F9F2-0758-440C-9FC6-4….jpeg)


Great plan Q

Night Shift in the house!

3afe9b  No.6972361

File: be11632ae20e03a⋯.png (72.5 KB, 255x127, 255:127, ClipboardImage.png)

3e722d  No.6972362



Take all of Epstein's shit Q.

Then do it to the Clintons and anyone involved with the Chinese - Bidan, Feinstein and the rest.

Bring it on.

d22902  No.6972363


Take all their stolen stuff. I want to see Rothchild selling his stolen pencils in the street.

464739  No.6972364

File: a184f3254fe6a2f⋯.png (424.96 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6972283 They feel the heat?

334f09  No.6972365


Tom Steyer going to lose his billions ?

An old POTUS tweet said his money will be running out soon.

c7b8c1  No.6972366

I wonder if the DoD secretary being replaced had anything to do with Pelosi trying to silence Q. I remember him saying the military wont be politicised.

1edc8f  No.6972367

File: cbb318a912a2379⋯.png (537.38 KB, 590x536, 295:268, ourgalgina1.png)


White Hats in control!!!!!!!!!

Gettin' it done!!!!!!


a56ece  No.6972368


That was some high speed shit!!!

680e6d  No.6972369


Thanks, fren. We help how we can.

f506b8  No.6972370


i only speak southern latin :)

85800b  No.6972371

File: 594330b354e06ba⋯.png (153.43 KB, 400x300, 4:3, ElmoLovesAbcs.png)


Let me guess so of DB problems stem from this.

e02988  No.6972372


Where we go one we go all. None of us are alone in this. I sit here with my dog.

At least one of my kids thinks I’m nuts.

Spouse has figured it out for the most part.

I still hand feed them all, but only if their mouths are open.

When one of my offspring ask me a legit question that goes deeper - it’s like Christmas

7c0228  No.6972373

File: c891000c839ce92⋯.jpg (261.24 KB, 1767x741, 31:13, c891000c839ce922db4b79f0ee….jpg)

File: 8972a7de3eabc76⋯.jpeg (95.84 KB, 800x533, 800:533, serveimage (8).jpeg)


It's a complete mystery

6ebcdd  No.6972374

Felix Sater "has not fully cooperated with the committee," a spokesman for the House Intelligence Committee said.


ae0b33  No.6972375

File: 70fe7095f2648fd⋯.png (164.3 KB, 336x365, 336:365, Trust Sessions.png)

825465  No.6972376


>>6972342 Peter Marino pg 28 of the Epstein flight logs.

>>6972331 Conchita Sarnoff: Underage girls on flight logs with BC.

>>6972251 Boatfag update.

>>6972208 Convincing Deep Fake.

>>6972172 GOP candidate trolls AOC; sues over blocked Twitter account.

>>6972156 Britain and France will send forces to Syria to help with US withdrawal.

>>6972139 Mexican Finance Chief steps down over differences on economic policies.

>>6972098 Nadler continues with his subpoena storm.

>>6972082 Barr won't recuse himself from New York case against Jeffrey Epstein.

>>6972076, >>6972116, >>6972247, >>6972326 Continued Deep State book deal dig.

>>6972068 Former State Department employee sentenced for conspiring with Chinese agents.

>>6972052 Judge denies Trump administration's request to swap most lawyers in census case.

>>6972020 Durham spotted entering DOJ.

d418c9  No.6972377


Q a qrestion

Trust Haspel

06d3d9  No.6972378



What is a search engine?

Can you go look and tell me?

Why not?

a9b46c  No.6972379


elChapos money too

62b84d  No.6972380


Freezing up assets on specific target?

8ca0e2  No.6972381

File: 32e3387031c469a⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 276x182, 138:91, Do It Q.jpg)

6eedcd  No.6972382


You and POTUS sure don't play around, do you Q?

Well not on the clock anyway ;)

o7! This train is chuggin right along.

2d0366  No.6972383


Honestly baker, I only find this about POTUS, still looking though:

Epstein pleaded the fifth amendment in 2010 when asked by a lawyer representing one of his victims about his relationship with Mr Trump, according to Vice News.


We also know that Trump and Epstein socialized, that Trump’s various phone numbers were written in Epstein’s notorious little black book, and that Epstein was once asked whether he had ever been around Trump and underage girls – and he invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.


f1c453  No.6972384

File: 0e62298fa7ea878⋯.jpeg (103.91 KB, 1440x815, 288:163, 1540851947.jpeg)

13b669  No.6972385

Les Wexner says he felt “dirty” and “compelled to speak out” when Trump said blame was on both sides in Charlottesville, quoting Edmond Burke “All that’s necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”


But when his friend Epstein is arrested for human trafficking of minors he’s silent.


144ae0  No.6972386


Fuck right off.

51cc08  No.6972387

File: 3d5b39c7c5b5f33⋯.png (465.74 KB, 563x438, 563:438, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)


Do it, Q

51968a  No.6972388

File: 87cc403bada8db4⋯.png (345.17 KB, 491x388, 491:388, BigPepe17.png)

Treasury Dept's details on specific names mentioned for the curious anons


6b2409  No.6972389

File: b6f3a116710176f⋯.png (599.01 KB, 1125x962, 1125:962, 0D310CB4-C579-42B6-8623-A7….png)

b21e92  No.6972390


This is needed, too, Q:


90fb05  No.6972391



Ive known you had it covered with this since it was signed. I cried when i read it. An indefensible counter. Ive only been worried about gsil mary attempts and them going out in carnage if hv nothing left to lose. I know judges had to get in place and intl moves had to b made God bless you. I'm a phone call away if ever need anything.

e24321  No.6972392


….am I the only one still startled by Team posts?

0d6c90  No.6972393


It's the reason for all the book deals. It's the only money they can generate.

3d3869  No.6972394

File: f881f1385b34092⋯.png (19.52 KB, 572x133, 572:133, Screenshot-2019-7-9 accele….png)



Who knew? Kek!

1c3b7e  No.6972395

File: 2ab3d646f67d5a1⋯.jpeg (262.44 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, F3D673AE-55A6-4350-A6D9-A….jpeg)

333ef4  No.6972396


go for big(ly) buck … CF

c00a25  No.6972397


How can we forget!


32eb58  No.6972398


old and young

very young

These People Are Sick

c4ae04  No.6972399

File: dbb6f19670d7fdf⋯.jpg (315.83 KB, 990x900, 11:10, Screenshot_20190709-163845….jpg)

caefd0  No.6972400


That's not a 'deep fake' anon. It's an expensively produced and rather poorly performed impression. And it was STILL and obvious fake. This whole idea of a DF is more about the psyop of getting the sheeple to believe in the idea that they won't be able to tell real from fake. Ain't never gonna happen when the 'three-way' horrorshow with Huma and HRC drops.

008d14  No.6972401

File: 607bcf9d3969dd9⋯.png (72.92 KB, 508x970, 254:485, 1 EO 12-21-17 re Blocking ….PNG)

File: e1a70b440eba39e⋯.png (58 KB, 497x1016, 497:1016, 2 EO 12-21-17 re Blocking ….PNG)

File: 4d642b2cfc52c9a⋯.png (67.83 KB, 510x1033, 510:1033, 3 EO 12-21-17 re Blocking ….PNG)

File: 2740156792551fe⋯.png (77.35 KB, 524x1008, 131:252, 4 EO 12-21-17 re Blocking ….PNG)

File: 6e10b4a57a4dedc⋯.png (35.38 KB, 505x835, 101:167, 5 EO 12-21-17 re Blocking ….PNG)

>>6972283 [Q]

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption


e7400c  No.6972402

Q, I have a legitimate question. How many of the cabal have pissed themselves already because they don't know which person walking down the street could be an Anon?

We are…


0922bb  No.6972403

File: db14e067b71fed3⋯.jpg (25.89 KB, 360x527, 360:527, db14e067b71fed3a245a44ed74….jpg)


>1+1 = 2

Unless it's common core, sir.

548f55  No.6972404

File: 00b560c7805d930⋯.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1136x2032, 71:127, E6FD9AB0-123C-4B92-B395-1….jpeg)

A clock numbers remain the same.

The clock is one year over the other?

af8c7b  No.6972405

POTUS is going to rake in Billions confiscating all their assets! They can all pay for the wall..!

ca522d  No.6972406

Is the money from trafficking going to the wall and then infrastructure?

c65861  No.6972407

habbenings are habbening

ae0b33  No.6972408

File: e0912374b553eb1⋯.png (204.98 KB, 480x302, 240:151, pepe in da crease.png)



>1+1 = 2

bc2847  No.6972409


Always 17 steps ahead…my heroes!

18bb6a  No.6972410


Think also speeches. You pay me $500k and I'll do you a favor and give your company a 30min speech to make it look legit. Same thing happens with book deals. The big publishers will even manage your speaking engagements.

c34f1c  No.6972411

File: e2a15265574985d⋯.jpg (83.14 KB, 912x960, 19:20, HRC jail.jpg)

5e34eb  No.6972412


It's how they will launder money

cb8ff9  No.6972413

Q we NEED a JUBILEE! What about Pedo Pence? Whas he shot by Sununu? >>6972283

423986  No.6972414

File: 75709f44d26ba0c⋯.jpg (184.21 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Lotte_CaptainQ_1980's-Earl….jpg)


aye aye captain

7c0228  No.6972415

File: cde03891bf8b272⋯.jpg (507.58 KB, 1400x786, 700:393, ap_411003015_wide-5ba558ab….jpg)

62b84d  No.6972416


Q&A Request

6b2b07  No.6972417

Where are the bodies buried?

80a672  No.6972418


"But let’s start with a quick definition of what a “deepfake” is. The term originally came from a Reddit user called “deepfakes,” who, in December 2017, used off-the-shelf AI tools to paste celebrities’ faces onto pornographic video clips. The username was simply a portmanteau of “deep learning” (the particular flavor of AI used for the task) and “fakes,” but it would be hard to ask a branding department to come up with something more catchy."


216354  No.6972419


Even more Q proof "archive everything offline"

1a713b  No.6972420

i really hope there will be a way for us to connect afterwards because if i am truly the pillar of my community its going to be a big job

47aa3e  No.6972421


Thank you. Shills working overtime to try and poison the well.

ad6f9c  No.6972422

File: 8046c9e03f24112⋯.jpg (77.06 KB, 530x471, 530:471, ElectileDysfunctionGirls.jpg)

Thank you for doing all that you do Q. Helping Potus restore our country to her rightful owners. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

33e5d4  No.6972423

File: 55996eddb31de1d⋯.png (22.79 KB, 389x466, 389:466, jgvjvhjbv.PNG)

File: fffecafaa0166be⋯.png (13.24 KB, 409x247, 409:247, hjblkjbljbh.PNG)

0d8de8  No.6972424


>Is he paying himself for the book deals?

No, lets say he takes a bribe from Company S. They go to a publisher and give the publisher the money for the advance. No one buys the book. They may print 10k of them and landfill them.

afdeaa  No.6972425


google no longer gives out the truth

bing is a "c" hair better


9b7172  No.6972426


Lock em all up, please make the trials public live , these people are evil, what they done to our country, our children, and please the Media, the Media is the true enemy of state, they fucking lie everyday to our faces like were stupid

6b2b07  No.6972427

Where are the bodies buried?

653a63  No.6972428


1.3 billion in drugs…JP Morgan…damn!

Do we all now own a slice of JPM?


975873  No.6972429



Victoria’s Secret CEO feels dirty about Trump comments but is silent over Epstein’s human trafficking.

bc2847  No.6972430

9d7eef  No.6972431

File: 31df1c5496df354⋯.png (814.51 KB, 1196x1096, 299:274, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

File: a02b8054aa5cade⋯.png (130.6 KB, 673x698, 673:698, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

File: a6b2aca901c445b⋯.png (192.2 KB, 662x964, 331:482, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

File: 5b5f43d92490560⋯.png (36.57 KB, 624x224, 39:14, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)



Pretty sure this is Bidan not Biden in the pic.

4bc300  No.6972432

File: 8110f0a967c5f2b⋯.jpeg (69.74 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 85AA1E33-E118-4693-A36D-5….jpeg)


digits confirm

but its still like the law fu

0d6c90  No.6972433


That's why the created Amazon. To 'sell' books.

51e805  No.6972434

File: 195e5f5accfb07f⋯.jpg (69.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ortel.jpg)


Charles Ortel would be the BEST person to assist in designing a system to track, maintain and/or liquidate all that seized stuff, Q team

Have listened to over 100 hours of his podcasts

He's a stickler for correct documentation, accurate/confirmed data and adherence to tax and charity law

And has stated he's already spoken to the FBI

It couldn't hurt to ask

2d0366  No.6972435



Ok, it seems to have been in relation to a couple people, Bill Clinton included:

When put under oath, Epstein admitted that he had “socialized” with Trump. But Epstein chose to exercise his Fifth Amendment rights when asked: “Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?” Epstein similarly pleaded the fifth when asked about his relationship to Bill Clinton.


2fc934  No.6972436


Prevent Epstein from mounting a defense. Who will pay for his attorneys if he can't? They'll never out themselves. That's why we root them out! #NoDeals #WWG1WGA #WRWY

c6c7f2  No.6972437

Who the hell is George M. Nasif?

6d8d13  No.6972438

I think CNBC is playing us for fools…there is no proof that Joe Biden Tax Returns information is true..

680e6d  No.6972439

File: 6f40b219d1843c9⋯.png (483.07 KB, 900x680, 45:34, NCC1701This.png)


Even here in Hollywood….

love this.

1a713b  No.6972440

f506b8  No.6972441


….they can also run for president. see who donates to steyer now that he's re-announced the day after epstein news broke.

ae0b33  No.6972442

File: 91fdc4aafdef16a⋯.png (377.12 KB, 583x828, 583:828, mattis kill 'em all.PNG)

85265e  No.6972443

File: 7993f11af250d20⋯.png (176.61 KB, 590x308, 295:154, password.png)

File: 7ebeb797e9ac92b⋯.png (176.17 KB, 590x308, 295:154, olderthan12.png)

last 2

26667b  No.6972444

File: 6214743d12dc21a⋯.png (272.79 KB, 322x446, 161:223, 1562658985995.png)

If Trump brings back the gold standard, the jews are fucked.

fcb372  No.6972445

File: d39df54efe1ed8e⋯.png (232.15 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20190709-174138.png)

File: 844473e5268baf6⋯.png (363.53 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20190709-174207.png)


7fb3fc  No.6972446

File: 9dda580a8f3b91e⋯.png (370.54 KB, 474x335, 474:335, ClipboardImage.png)


Two days in a row now I've woken up and "New Q!"

G'day Q

/waves in kangaroo

960555  No.6972447

File: 0de399568074e0f⋯.png (714.9 KB, 584x448, 73:56, Screenshot_153.png)

18bb6a  No.6972448


Correct… no one really reads that shit and they don't really expect anyone to read it. Books and speeches are currency.

548f55  No.6972449

File: e8e432a495485a5⋯.png (7.36 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, EB1CEB42-8DC2-4A8D-AC1B-32….png)


Q, they are scrubbing photos and history of Epstein.

31348f  No.6972450

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)


thread by thread you are being unwoven

c34f1c  No.6972451


Duck Duck Go. I sometimes get better results even on innocuous subjects.

87b1c2  No.6972452

File: 598b47254907ad2⋯.png (77.64 KB, 1225x670, 245:134, bunster cf bod.PNG)

File: b557f024d33387e⋯.png (111.53 KB, 1358x751, 1358:751, bunster wiki.PNG)

File: 52dc87dfc8a0a08⋯.png (70.33 KB, 1112x524, 278:131, bunster fraud case.PNG)

File: b8dddb4080db7fe⋯.png (1.21 MB, 927x781, 927:781, maxwell and bunster.PNG)

File: 3704bb190c7d181⋯.png (73.99 KB, 1421x399, 203:57, diego bunster caa.PNG)

I am going to propose that the owner of the boat in the Bill Clinton & pervs pic in the Domican Republic is Rolando Gonzalez- Bunster. He is a US-based Argentine businessman. He is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of InterEnergy Holdings, a Cayman Islands-based energy company active in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Chile and Jamaica. He is a college friend of former President Bill Clinton, he is a director of the Clinton Foundation and a major donor to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

Gonzalez-Bunster visited Haiti alongside his daughter, Dr Paul Farmer, and Bill Clinton shortly after the 2010 earthquake.[

His daughter, Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster, is a former Goldman Sachs banker, and his other daughter Adriana can be seen in photo with Gazelle Maxwell.

In 2013, Bunster was charge with fraud in the DR. I am not sure if that has been settled.

He owns the a resort in the Dominican Republic, Casa Pacifica, in Casa de Campo, La Romana, the Dominican Republic.

His son, Diego works at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the world’s pre-eminent talent agency.

Creative Artists Agency is funded by 3 investors. Temasek Holdings and CMC Capital Group are the most recent investors. Both Temasek and CMC are Asian based companies.

A stay at private resort with yacht was auctioned off for charity for CAA. Bunsters?










04240c  No.6972453

825465  No.6972454


Interesting it's two articles from the past day or so that tries to tie POTUS to Epstein.

POTUS banned him from Mar-a-Lago for his bullshit and he may have been pleading the fifth so he didn't have to recount that.

The media would leave that fact out to suggest POTUS may have engaged in that same behavior.

5e34eb  No.6972455

File: 3b87a426488c5bf⋯.jpg (183.92 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Who really controls FB.jpg)


That is a bonus but this is the real reason. See pic

2fc934  No.6972456



51e805  No.6972457

File: 3789a0c784b27d8⋯.jpg (170.6 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, FlynnKnew.jpg)

83e1c1  No.6972458

File: b5de7b0e38bc875⋯.png (69.1 KB, 596x418, 298:209, ClipboardImage.png)

f65a50  No.6972459

File: a1221b01d49474b⋯.jpg (125.59 KB, 500x699, 500:699, HulkHapp.jpg)

855083  No.6972460

File: 7006a62cf59d39a⋯.png (157.55 KB, 1187x688, 1187:688, kjhkj.png)

e4ffaa  No.6972461


I know how you feel. My sister thinks I see conspiracies in everything. However, she has always been a person with her head in the sand. Her attitude is "You can't change the world". Hopefully she will appreciate the sacrifices many have made or are making to do exactly that when it is all done.


5f8d72  No.6972462

File: c197ff33acd4485⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, semperfi.jpg)



144ae0  No.6972463


Epstein gets Victoria Secret models.

a9d061  No.6972464


the more that this goes on, the more i get convinced that most of Q’s drops are complete disinfo in order to bridge the gap between the divided parties

1c3b7e  No.6972465

File: ba191e54a2994da⋯.jpeg (811.08 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, fullsizeoutput_35b7.jpeg)

e8f712  No.6972466


who'z that

she looks white

she looks spooky

she's our gurl

Gina – let em know — or not

it's yo call - rock em babe.

we all gotta account for somekind of

accounting - son - daughter –we all the same

intelligence - wisdom -

wut's left

23 virgins?


no death no tears no pain?

yeah Q

giv me sum o that!!!


06d3d9  No.6972467


You know we have our own, right?

You might find out these very same questions are asked and answered daily

b6cf61  No.6972468

File: b2de32845267f1d⋯.png (3.28 MB, 1603x2405, 1603:2405, ClipboardImage.png)


The day I was sworn in as Attorney General, President Trump sent me an executive order to dismantle transnational criminal organizations. You can be sure that includes human trafficking rings.

2d0366  No.6972469


True, see: >>6972435

It seems Epstein did it for many people, but recent MSM articles ONLY mention POTUS to be intentionally misleading.

cbcbc7  No.6972470

File: 993a1153508328e⋯.jpg (809.52 KB, 1400x2100, 2:3, Kathy.jpg)

File: 7e1c15453bd27fb⋯.jpg (324.91 KB, 828x828, 1:1, feinstein_spy.jpg)

File: e7f49b0c18c6672⋯.jpg (196.77 KB, 602x513, 602:513, Shiffty.jpg)

c34f1c  No.6972471







fd845c  No.6972472


computer dude in san diego

008d14  No.6972473


>I think CNBC is playing us for fools…there is no proof that Joe Biden Tax Returns information is true..

I just did a search because an anon asked if anyone had seen the actual document

It wasn't an exhaustive search but decent review of top coverage

I saw no link to or image of the actual tax return

Doesn't mean it isn't out there somewhere, I just have yet to see it or find it

144ae0  No.6972474


1 year old? How about at that age? Still good?

26667b  No.6972475


I like the way you think, anon.

I really, really do.

e73832  No.6972476


I respectfully disagree that this >6972385 is notable. This is just another news piece that is available in less than a second when digging on Wexler. If there were connections or specific ties to other ppl then I may feel differently.

My $.02 FWIW

2ad8be  No.6972477


But Trump never denied he had an association with Epstein. (Unlike DS Clinton). He has denied being a part or condoning underage girls.

63509f  No.6972478



Would this be why the $15M deal with Turkey won't cover the $5M legal fees?


e24321  No.6972479

File: 8efb2457f6514c2⋯.jpg (78.08 KB, 777x582, 259:194, your.jpg)


pass it o'er heere

0b75ee  No.6972480

9d9450  No.6972481


Is that a screenshot from frazzledrip ?

afdeaa  No.6972482


sauce fren


c6c7f2  No.6972483

File: 8a77aa6e4533b48⋯.jpg (132.27 KB, 888x500, 222:125, downloadyourmother.jpg)

47bb6c  No.6972484


Yeah but why would the publisher be a Corp. located AT BIDEN'S HOUSE or a home owned by Biden?

That is spoopy AF.

f22862  No.6972485


I knew this was the beginning of the fall of the pedophile cabal when I read this was one of the FIRST things Q+ did when he took office and it was not made public so only known by digging.

Brilliant idea, I must say!

Much respect sir!

a9b46c  No.6972486


he speaks softly

but carries a big ass stick

293c82  No.6972487


Go get ‘em Q

c7b8c1  No.6972488

Im just waiting fir the exections, i want front row seats

960555  No.6972489


If Epstein sicked this young lady on you…could you resist? Not making excuses; but if that girl slutted out on me, I'm going to tag it!

c4981c  No.6972490

File: 9dd211eb201b315⋯.gif (5.67 MB, 480x270, 16:9, SQg1zl2.gif)

90fb05  No.6972491

Should we be doing more locally? For example exposing masonry/knighthoods and getting it out of police departments or just let it happen naturally within the plans ?

85800b  No.6972492


This guy is still ahead a month of reddit dude you mention.

825465  No.6972493



Yeah and on top of that Bill Mitchell's Tweet is misleading since it gives the impression this just happened at the recent hearing.

Going to need better sauce since the Twitter heroes seem to be doing it for follows.

209134  No.6972494

File: cf2c734fc2c790b⋯.png (104.37 KB, 655x894, 655:894, Top 54 Publishers (1 -29).png)

File: 489e0221b225b90⋯.png (83.96 KB, 598x883, 598:883, Top 54 Publishers (30-54).png)


Thanks Anon. Pulled the Top 54 Publishers List from your link. Lots to dig here.


2d0366  No.6972495

File: 2b79ca1b518aa46⋯.png (6.98 MB, 4549x3470, 4549:3470, B2.png)


Q, confirm Barr = Stealth Bomber?

e4ffaa  No.6972496


It can also be used to stabilize Social Security!

47bb6c  No.6972497

>>6972285 Deep Fake is not invincible. Suspect that players, including our leaders, have a way to expose deep fake images/videos. If not, suggest they will before long. Let da boyz breathlessly insist that Player X is being framed, only to be ruthlessly exposed as liars. Think about it and tremble, DS minions who are counting on DF BS.

144ae0  No.6972498


Appears to be an abuse of discretion, yes. Something judges are not supposed to get away with.

1a713b  No.6972499


im so fucked up over this, i just want it to end

460f17  No.6972500


no thats the girl from the Trump Hotel Christmas video tweet.

d05ec3  No.6972501


good description, anon

knew he wouldn't be paying himself

paid by his puppet master

47aa3e  No.6972502


Which probably explains how you ended up shilling on this board

825465  No.6972503


Which is what the media is conflating since they don't add that Epstein may have plead the fifth so he doesn't have to recount being banned from Mar-a-Lago.

06fa87  No.6972504

File: ac67f34c210c954⋯.png (50.78 KB, 564x315, 188:105, eo-sec7.png)



With no prior warning :)

f6a428  No.6972505

File: 542700adb904538⋯.png (4.04 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, qclock_q_djtnew3x3July4w88….png)

File: dd749b77f22651b⋯.png (3.04 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, qclock_q_djtnew3x3June27.png)

113 vs 311 was discussed earlier.

Here was the clock.

Also the June 27 clock.

a3d2eb  No.6972506

File: fa1d76643a5bfe7⋯.jpeg (425.23 KB, 750x1161, 250:387, B35F1AA5-9EFC-40D8-83F0-1….jpeg)

Egyptian authorities detained a Ukrainian tanker carrying Iranian oil as it passed through the Suez Canal ten days ago, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed has reported.

News of the seizure came a day after Egypt’s Supreme State Security Criminal Court sentenced six people to jail on charges of spying for Iran.

The court has sentenced the defendants to between 15 and 25 years in jail, a $30,000 fine and the confiscation of their computers and phones. Egyptian Al-Azhar Professor Alaa Moawad, who was present at the trial on Sunday, was accused of harming Egypt’s national interests and receiving money to spread Iranian Shiism in Sunni Egypt by launching a website, issuing publications and attracting recruits.

The remaining five defendants, who were Iranian, were tried in absentia.

The sentences have been issued amid rising tensions between Iran and the US, Egypt’s major ally, which is trying to force Tehran to renegotiate a 2015 nuclear deal by tightening sanctions on the country.

READ: US’ Pence vows to not let Iran get nuclear weapon

In response Iran said over the weekend that it is prepared to enrich uranium at any level and at any amount, according to Reuters.

5407cc  No.6972507

Brilliantly played, sir.

f337c4  No.6972508


the national debt will be zero after POTUS is done

ff03ca  No.6972509

Watch the dishes

b21e92  No.6972510


Not your job. Relax and enjoy the show.

e9bcf5  No.6972511


EO tomorrow

7c0228  No.6972512

File: 97bb7db11fd11c4⋯.jpeg (6.07 KB, 240x210, 8:7, serveimage (1).jpeg)

File: cbc32061f88a5da⋯.jpeg (1.33 MB, 2500x4420, 125:221, serveimage (3).jpeg)

File: 1e31eaceeae9ef0⋯.jpg (4.99 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, 1e3.jpg)

File: 74220a174c2a655⋯.jpeg (353.29 KB, 1600x1250, 32:25, serveimage (2).jpeg)

File: bcfe50434d50b64⋯.jpeg (76.65 KB, 500x688, 125:172, serveimage (4).jpeg)


I doubt it

This is their real power

7c8234  No.6972513


What is going to happen to all of this money? We are talking multi billions here.

293c82  No.6972514



Locally you should expose ICLEI in your municipality and stop them from receiving tax dollars.

af2644  No.6972515

File: 7846d2bc5e2d6a0⋯.jpg (283.49 KB, 800x600, 4:3, PGkGAR.jpg)


betereke cheshme hasud

[may jealous eyes explode!]

81e528  No.6972516



At the time he might have socialized with him, Ivanka would have been < 18.

3e722d  No.6972517

File: 7807abfd1e22c17⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1314x739, 1314:739, ClipboardImage.png)

134aed  No.6972518

File: 1174454b0b2e918⋯.jpg (281.59 KB, 720x823, 720:823, 20190709_234348.jpg)

File: b8d7b238fcd562f⋯.jpg (195.48 KB, 720x669, 240:223, 20190709_234407.jpg)

File: fe21cad66dee4f6⋯.jpg (265.82 KB, 720x849, 240:283, 20190709_234425.jpg)

At least the DM will put it out good, bad or indifferent.


06d3d9  No.6972519


Fucks sake, anon.

What is bread? Dough?

Are there links in there?

You know these useless annoying posts that bakers bother with?

Go find qresear.ch and start fucking learning something - better yet, learn to look for something

18bb6a  No.6972520


Bill and Jefferey = Superpredators

6ebcdd  No.6972521

File: 68669e260c6a741⋯.jpg (36.46 KB, 600x428, 150:107, D_EUD5KXkAA3twr.jpg)

e24321  No.6972522


….I understand…

3e4783  No.6972523


>So why would Q shine a light on George M. Nasif?

Q has never shined a light on George Nasif.

George M Nasif shines his own sickly light by pasting Q posts together with wishful thinking.

Maybe he's one of the Awans and needs a swift detention, idk.

1c3b7e  No.6972524

File: 7b7a73f22b39e56⋯.jpeg (754.24 KB, 1800x1475, 72:59, fullsizeoutput_60cd.jpeg)


gold happening

git u some

5f8d72  No.6972526


This needs to happen.

My local Sherrif's Dept has an street number of 3333.

The Fire Dept across town has a street number of 33.


ae0b33  No.6972527

File: 159f082404db779⋯.jpg (159.09 KB, 888x499, 888:499, service now dump chair 070….jpg)

File: 83590fba69d7be1⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 600x450, 4:3, service now cumulative 070….jpg)

File: 8fc9f3fd5ac5f07⋯.png (548.79 KB, 475x521, 475:521, service now meme.PNG)

Service Now Chairman sold $6.4m shares-July 8

ServiceNow, Inc. is provider of enterprise cloud computing solutions that define, structure, manage and automate services for global enterprises. The Company offers a set of cloud-based services that automate workflow within and between departments in an enterprise.

It provides workflow solutions, and focuses on service management for customer support, human resources, security operations and other enterprise departments. The platform also enables customers to create, by themselves or with its partners, their own service-oriented business applications throughout the enterprise.

The Company delivers its software through the Internet as a service. It markets its services to enterprises in a range of industries, including financial services, consumer products, information technology services, healthcare, government, education and technology.

It operates data centers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.



ServiceNow : to Announce Second Quarter 2019 Financial Results on July 24


dccd6d  No.6972528


Depends on what the definition of “on” is.

1a713b  No.6972529


not my job my ass its my fuckin mom, i l o ve her

fcb372  No.6972530

File: 50bb337cc49bd3b⋯.png (989.97 KB, 720x1006, 360:503, Screenshot_20190703-222214….png)


Baker notable

960555  No.6972531

File: a118bdb0d720541⋯.png (793.12 KB, 1492x1344, 373:336, Sammich.png)



2fc934  No.6972532


Redistribution, investment, education

But all done anew and the right way

5e34eb  No.6972533

File: 44d78a88705b211⋯.jpeg (308.04 KB, 1201x1302, 1201:1302, Anon memers are just kill….jpeg)

There are just some memes that crack me up every time I see it. Can't help myself.

008d14  No.6972534


>Yeah and on top of that Bill Mitchell's Tweet is misleading since it gives the impression this just happened at the recent hearing.

>Going to need better sauce since the Twitter heroes seem to be doing it for follows.


Fake MAGACos Gotta Fake MAGA for $$$$

Of course what Mitchell said is misleading

f22862  No.6972535


Luckily for us…pictures, videos, and flight logs keep that "failing" memory #ALIVE Gotta love technology and the morons who use it LOLOLOL :)

7c493f  No.6972536

File: df4d49c4b6a7eed⋯.mp4 (15.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, This Video Will Get Donald….mp4)

>>6971269 /lb

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected with hardcoded English subtitles based on a transcript.

26667b  No.6972537


Take away their ability to print the money, and keep the books private, and all that starts to go away faster than you think.

How do you think they fund all of that?


7fdd9d  No.6972538


While attacking him is fine, it might be good to add a little sause so that normal non Anons might check into it, otherwise it looks like no proof.

e1ab03  No.6972539

File: 669e7d0d8a89476⋯.jpeg (113.24 KB, 851x853, 851:853, 4C1FB1D1-BDC6-4F58-A8D5-0….jpeg)


Sick and sicker.

54a5ec  No.6972540

White Hats take the GO board.

White Hats take the MAP.

825465  No.6972541


>>6972506 Egypt detains Ukrainian ship containing Iranian oil.

>>6972374 House dissatisfied with Sater testimony.

>>6972342 Peter Marino pg 28 of the Epstein flight logs.

>>6972331 Conchita Sarnoff: Underage girls on flight logs with BC.

>>6972251 Boatfag update.

>>6972208 Convincing Deep Fake.

>>6972172 GOP candidate trolls AOC; sues over blocked Twitter account.

>>6972156 Britain and France will send forces to Syria to help with US withdrawal.

>>6972139 Mexican Finance Chief steps down over differences on economic policies.

>>6972098 Nadler continues with his subpoena storm.

>>6972082 Barr won't recuse himself from New York case against Jeffrey Epstein.

>>6972076, >>6972116, >>6972247, >>6972326 Continued Deep State book deal dig.

>>6972068 Former State Department employee sentenced for conspiring with Chinese agents.

>>6972052 Judge denies Trump administration's request to swap most lawyers in census case.

>>6972020 Durham spotted entering DOJ.

5407cc  No.6972542


It's the first thing I thought of Re: Epstein. It's all gone now.

144ae0  No.6972543


>Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendment rights, sir.


f48af2  No.6972544


c66130  No.6972545


Does Epstein get a cut from from the CF as a founder and maybe he founded many more?>>6972283

Does it all cascade from Epstein? Asset seizure

e8f712  No.6972546