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File: bbf1caf196ffb5b⋯.jpg (139.56 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, Q.jpg)

11efdb  No.6966555

Q Research General #8910 Sweet Dreams Edition

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and don't need the use of force in our work.




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Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

THE Q MOVEMENT IS ABOUT TRUMPING THE ESTABLISHMENT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

PDF: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3082784.html#3082809

PICS: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3082784.html#3082821

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Q's Latest Posts

Monday 07.08.2019

>>6962232 ————————————–——– Tom Steyer is not sleeping well these days.

>>6961951 ————————————–——– Those who take are offered more powerful positions within the party (controlled). ( Cap: >>6961993)

>>6961181 ————————————–——– Sweet Dreams.

>>6960915 ————————————–——– Joe Biden: Follow the Family

>>6959993 rt >>6959981 ————————— Gloria Vanderbilt with children.

>>6959981 ————————————–——– Everything in the past is making news of late.

>>6959222 rt >>6959163 ————————— For HUMANITY! (cap: >>6963078 )

>>6959111 ————————————–——– WE ARE WITH YOU! Q+.

>>6959054 rt >>6958954 ————————— Placeholder population start Aug 2019.

>>6959028 rt >>6958950 ————————— Disguised under the 'leaker' target program.

>>6958937 rt >>6958904 ————————— Haven't you figured it out by now? (Cap: >>6963701 )

>>6958844 ————————————–——– SURV of SC/JS terminated.

>>6958686 ————————————–——– FLYNN news coming.

>>6958634 rt >>6958589 —————————Sometimes you need to 'take one for the team publicly'.

>>6958560 rt >>6958495 —————————10x speed now underway.


>>6957707 ————————————–——– Now Playing image.

>>6957153 ————————————–——– How deep is the rabbit hole?

>>6956798 ————————————–——– Les Wexner.

>>6956307 rt >>6956274 ————————— PAIN

>>6956248 rt >>6956101 ————————— Tarmac meetings_END

>>6956073 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS disinformation campaign FAILING. ( Cap: >>6956207 )

>>6955650 ————————————–——– Connect the dots. ( Cap: >>6955810 )

>>6955571 rt >>6955485 ————————— D5

>>6955485 ————————————–——– Worth remembering.

>>6955135 rt >>6955098 ————————— WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>6961294)

>>6955090 ————————————–——– You didn't think all this research tasking was for nothing did you? ( Cap: >>6955120 )

>>6954961 ————————————–——– Phones were allowed in.

>>6954949 ————————————–——– Epstein Island / Bill Clinton, Chandler photos. ( Cap: >>6955153 )

>>6954704 rt >>6954455 ————————— The time has come to re_enter the public domain.

>>6954607 rt >>6954435 ————————— GOD WINS.

>>6954422 ————————————–——– What happens when 'BLACKMAIL' no longer works?

Thursday 06.27.2019

>>>/patriotsfight/471 ——————————— FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. (Cap >>6857127)

>>>/patriotsfight/470 ——————————— [OnReady] (Cap >>6857111)

>>>/patriotsfight/469 ——————————— Be ready. (Cap >>6856997)

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Q's Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

11efdb  No.6966563

Global Board Admin Announcements

>>6810808 Voat admin threatens to deplatform QRV, BO creates a backup

>>6925557 Bakers, please don't add Q's posts WITHOUT a tripcode


are not endorsements


>>6965842, >>6966090, >>6966159 President Trump Tweets and info

>>6965814, >>6965900, >>6965815 US MIL Tweets and info

>>6965898 Financefag reports

>>6965830, >>6965870 In this context, EX = Exhibit As in… part of a COURT FILING…

>>6965856, >>6965860, >>6966031, >>6966057 Moar Epstein and friends

>>6965865 Tom Steyer diggs

>>6965910, >>6965915 Moar on Wexner

>>6965893 Federal judge has issued a significant rebuke of a core Mueller claim (sauce)

>>6965840 Federal Judge Puts Last-Minute Block On Trump’s Rule Forcing Drug Companies To Include Prices In TV Ads

>>6965919, >>6966025 Ross Perot, self-made billionaire, renowned patriot and two-time independent candidate for U.S. president, has died after a five-month battle with leukemia.

>>6966023 Pelosi adds her voice to those calling for Acosta’s resignation over earlier Epstein case

>>6966056 PANIC Trying to hijack the narrative.

>>6966098 Flynn news coming?

>>6966089, >>6966128 who is the "cindy lopez' in the logs?

>>6966001, >>6966108 JE is jeff Epstein GM is Gisslaine Maxwell his cohort SK ?/(Stephen King?)

>>6966218 Video RE: Obama era "Fast and Furious" Scandal - Sale of Guns to Mexican Cartel

>>6966267 Ross Perot, Billionaire and Former Presidential Candidate, Dead at 89

>>6966315 Is Twitter Censoring Ben Garrison Images?

>>6966452 Bill Barr will NOT recuse from current Epstein case

>>6966526 #8912


>>6965053, >>6965323, >>6965103, >>6965330, >>6965060, >>6965073, >>6965100, >>6965105,

>>6965123, >>6965134, >>6965135, >>6965263 President Trump Tweets and info

>>6965004 Kevin Spacey Accuser Pleads The 5th After Testifying About Missing Cell Phone

>>6965023, >>6965030, >>6965033, >>6965044, >>6965087, >>6965110 Be careful of this person running against Mitch McConnell…she is C_A.

>>6965031 Epstein Island / Ketron Island connection

>>6965070, >>6965099, >>6965524 [John Podesta] sending tweet code?

>>6965072, >>6965142, >>6965463 Check is in the mail: Sen. Feinstein's husband to cash in selling old post offices

>>6965076 Moar Steyer crumbs

>>6965094, >>6965497 3382 - 2914 = 468 (Freedom_Justice)

>>6965124, >>6965151, >>6965561 @MassStatePolice say a bomb threat was called in by phone to the Martha’s Vineyard Airport just before 7:00a.m.

>>6965090 POTUS opened the door of all doors

>>6965244 Patriots Fight

>>6965249 Q74 on Firetruck behind POTUS. Possible connection here surrounding “secret back rooms developing weapons for irregular warfare”:

>>6965271, >>6965332, >>6965520 Fake images of Epstein Donald Trump and Ivanka debunked

>>6965308 Netanyahu again goes after Barak for ties to accused billionaire Jeffrey Epstein

>>6965359, >>6965079, >>6965088, >>6965359 Who Is U.S. Senate Candidate C.I.A. Pam Keith?

>>6965469 To me, this woman looks uncannily like Ghislaine Maxwell - Madaline McCann photofit

>>6965528 How do you know Trump is clean from the Epstein case? Because the media is trying to convince you otherwise.

>>6965092 Open ended stories…

>>6965498 IBM Completes Red Hat Acquisition in Bid To Become ‘Incumbent Disruptor’

>>6965540, >>6965644, >>6965747 [Tom Steyer] the billionaire investor and activist, said Tuesday he’s joining the race for the Democratic presidential nomination

>>6965547, Ann Sarnoff is married to the nephew of General David Sarnoff

>>6965703 Mueller problems. This is very interesting

>>6965620, >>6965512, >>6965544, >>6965648, >>6965653 Seth Rich is Back in the News with a Lawsuit against the "Conspiracy Theory"

>>6965757 #8911

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>>6964976 #8911

>>6962756 #8907, >>6963392 #8908, >>6964081 #8909

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File: 315c4f4fb6872af⋯.gif (89.49 KB, 500x500, 1:1, castlevania.gif)



fa9fd0  No.6966579

File: cff789bb1f5cb45⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 181210-F-HZ625-953C.JPG)


Thank you baker for the re_fuel!

4f2829  No.6966580


cb1929  No.6966581


Whip it good, baker!

36bec1  No.6966582

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Hello Legacy Media

Welcome to Q research.

We are peaceful civilian researchers who have by directed diligence have exposed your lies.

Your genocidal psyop has failed. Your protectors are murdering each other as they fight for safe exit.

It's the end of an epoch.

Legacy shill media has failed in its sole mission for predictable causes: arrogance, greed and pathetic underestimation of the nature and quality of the forces opposed.

Keep an eye on the door, media shills. Whether you’re a "news" producer, a talking head, a teamster or the child rapist Steve Spielberg. Justice is coming.

Every individual who has sexually abused a child or protected those who do will be delivered to justice.

We know, and will prove, legacy media acted wittingly to protect pedovores and to cover up their atrocious crimes against children for decade and much more.

Not one will escape justice.

Not 1.

3e9985  No.6966583

File: 8353dd1c253389b⋯.jpg (323.48 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_3203.JPG)


>3 5's

Impressive Digits and Many Thanks, Baker!

9db6c4  No.6966584

File: e2fc6fd65e2508f⋯.jpg (6 KB, 192x255, 64:85, trump card.jpg)

76f5e4  No.6966585


no arrests…

02b17c  No.6966586

File: 909bbdac46853b2⋯.png (57.83 KB, 1322x326, 661:163, ClipboardImage.png)

President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, will not testify at the upcoming trial of his former business partner, Bijan Kian, and is being listed as a co-conspirator in the case, according to a court order issued Tuesday.

The order from U.S District Judge Anthony Trenga in the Eastern District of Virginia cites a July 3 notice filed under seal by the government “stating that the government will not be calling Michael T. Flynn as a witness in its case-in-chief.”

The order also states that Flynn filed a memorandum under seal on Monday opposing the co-conspirator designation.

–This breaking news report will be updated.


a426f5  No.6966587

File: 15b3ac16e525ba2⋯.png (103.81 KB, 1543x807, 1543:807, twat.PNG)

Twatter updates rules against "hateful conduct"………


cb1929  No.6966588

File: 8f948fe20c4ee36⋯.jpg (119.08 KB, 1720x528, 215:66, kindercare eye of providen….jpg)

833f30  No.6966589

File: 5be08b94edcec79⋯.jpg (459.23 KB, 1070x1488, 535:744, Screenshot_20190709-102655….jpg)

File: ca40e7c96ce178c⋯.jpg (438.31 KB, 1079x1686, 1079:1686, Screenshot_20190709-102707….jpg)

File: eca55122cf33ace⋯.jpg (209.16 KB, 1079x1715, 1079:1715, Screenshot_20190709-102722….jpg)

File: c09195445555a76⋯.jpg (404.07 KB, 1079x1698, 1079:1698, Screenshot_20190709-102734….jpg)

File: dc8b0c1ec4540b2⋯.jpg (211.74 KB, 1079x1697, 1079:1697, Screenshot_20190709-102746….jpg)


7cb882  No.6966590

>>6966390 (lb)

Fake news.


4edfda  No.6966591

ty baker

Doc still here if you need a handy (no homo)


36bec1  No.6966592

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Legacy media shills

are not just covering up for common criminals, they are covering up decades of crimes against children.

Legacy media shills had ample reason and repeated opportunities to investigate Pizzagate and a half dozen similar previous scandals.

Legacy media shills not only failed to investigate but actively covered up, campaigned extensively to suppress and to discredit the evidence others uncovered, defaming honest researchers, making them objects of scorn, ridicule and contempt.

Legacy media shills did this in both dramatic entertainment and in news content across multiple platforms; all while knowing the stories about the traffic and ritual sexual abuse of children were and are true.

“I didn’t know,” is not a valid or feasible defense for legacy media shills. Our enemies have exposed themselves and the contemptible kayfabe of legacy media.

We the People are awake.

Justice is coming

ca574f  No.6966593

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Live: Senate holds hearing on

'Protecting Innocence in a Digital World'

b20d1f  No.6966594

File: 5801a13bed0fc0e⋯.jpg (56.4 KB, 943x591, 943:591, IMG_20190709_083021.jpg)

File: dee981979e8f017⋯.jpg (20.49 KB, 480x281, 480:281, IMG_20190709_083025.jpg)

For keks

6d0eef  No.6966595


This is the FBI oath as posted by Q on 25July2018:

I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

and a Congressional oath that Q posted on 16Sep2018:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God."

Some anons have taken similar oath as participants in Q's cyber militia.

893a64  No.6966596

New York Mag QAnon piece, look at the title:

So….Was QAnon Right?


d51ec4  No.6966597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Live: Senate holds hearing on 'Protecting Innocence in a Digital World'

3,870 watching now


46 dislikes

Fox Business

Started streaming 89 minutes ago

Happening now: Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on "Protecting Innocence in a Digital World." SC 14th Judicial Dist. Solicitor Duffie Stone, Georgetown Law School Institute for Public Representation prof Angela Campbell, Protect Young Eyes founder & CEO Christopher McKenna, Natl Center for Missing & Exploited Children pres & CEO John Clark, and Family Online Safety Institute founder & CEO Stephen Balkam testify.


36bec1  No.6966598

File: d48259c8568234a⋯.jpg (72.65 KB, 672x372, 56:31, vril_dali2.jpg)



I am satan's shill. I believe nothing, I will say anything. I have no values, friends or family I will not sell into bondage forever for food and for feathers. Dollars will buy me. What can not spend I will burn in an ashtray or shove up my ass but I must have dollars. Give me fiat. I am satan's shill. I demoralize myself. When I finish the blow I take five xanax footballs and pass out on rental furniture. Asleep, I dream I'm awake. I am satan's shill. My stridulations are filtered. My mockery, my despair, my anguish, like my coming and my going, pass ever unnoticed. I am satan's shill. One day I will vanish like the knot in a shoelace. I am satan's shill. A petty criminal, a peeping Tom, a canvas for others tattoos, a repeater, an NPC.

4edfda  No.6966599

HRC top kek!


11efdb  No.6966600


baker will need handjob next bread! i mean handoff

uno mas bakeadores (made more coffee)

ty fren

6d0eef  No.6966601

File: 4ef02a4a33ccfea⋯.jpg (302.61 KB, 1224x1225, 1224:1225, AttentionMSMCannotConnectT….jpg)

b45ed7  No.6966602

File: 9b996d53cd99aea⋯.png (629.58 KB, 1440x1072, 90:67, Capture _2019-07-09-11-30-….png)

File: e9980c4f6dce698⋯.png (273.15 KB, 640x535, 128:107, 8dabdf272c0316d9bd1d4147b3….png)

File: e782aa665fad6fa⋯.png (235.69 KB, 1228x302, 614:151, unknown-11.png)

File: da0d3e8bacd914b⋯.png (212.17 KB, 831x562, 831:562, ea28700da0ab8cbb62bdf60b98….png)

Tom Steyer decides to run for president ha


84af51  No.6966603

Gotta say, i've been skeptical for a while now, but it actually seems to be happening now. God bless Q+ and god bless all you beautiful bastards. They're actually going down!

dfbea1  No.6966604

File: 99986e6ad1c5052⋯.png (65.31 KB, 637x596, 637:596, IvankaQ2.PNG)

After the flurry of Q drops last night (apparently a new record?), it seems to me that it has gone unnoticed on these boards that Ivanka Trump tweeted just after the last one. She mentions a new record. She mentions Q2 (Q too?). So I thought that I better mention this here. The storm has arrived.


2d9a76  No.6966605


This anon did

4b3f71  No.6966606

Sara Carter: Flynn


38ddba  No.6966607

File: 75cbe5e9b5b2683⋯.jpeg (567.57 KB, 828x1612, 207:403, 8AC62EDB-3762-4B85-9416-C….jpeg)

Bill gates “im a minor wizard”


Out in the open motherfucker


0fbf6c  No.6966608

File: 051cfeafd656d58⋯.png (897.19 KB, 970x691, 970:691, THANK YOU BAKER 07072019.png)

File: 56038d1013d96aa⋯.png (631.08 KB, 970x618, 485:309, CHRISTIANS UNITED_KEKFORCE….png)

File: 26e624099ed781d⋯.png (927.15 KB, 966x641, 966:641, A PICTURE WORTH A THOUSAND….png)

File: cabbb5018666f67⋯.png (785.39 KB, 970x607, 970:607, JOINTKEK_MISSION OBJECTIVE….png)

File: d22ff27048cd2a4⋯.png (700.31 KB, 970x650, 97:65, LOOKIN FOR GOLIATH.png)




we have THOUSANDS of new eyes coming here today…

I think Q's posting last night (the KICKSTART of anons launching truthbombs throughout social media)

has got the ball rolling like NEVER BEFORE…

we have anons looking for the answers.

we have anons looking for 'how this all started'

and we have anons looking for PEACE…

let's keep this place CLEAN AND TIDY today and try not to let HATE drown out all the TRUTH that can be found here…

>see something say something

slap a shill if you need to…

we must STAND OUR GROUND, however that needs to happen.






4edfda  No.6966609

damn your digits

good handy prolly

doc waiting…….

ty baker


75895d  No.6966610

File: 42b3ac527333db0⋯.jpg (139.71 KB, 749x1200, 749:1200, D_CzQoGXUAARWgZ.jpg)

File: 18281cf75cf21a7⋯.mp4 (14.17 MB, 476x268, 119:67, House Judiciary Dems prepa….mp4)

House Judiciary Dems prepare slew of subpoenas for Trump-tied targets


893a64  No.6966611


Over Independence Day weekend, as most of the rest of us set off fireworks and grilled at cookouts, a cadre of conspiracy obsessives awaited the fulfillment of a message-board prophecy. In its broadest strokes, QAnon, as the expansive and complicated theory to which these people have dedicated their energy is known, claims that a group within the federal government has been conducting a secret investigation into a network of elite pedophiles. On the Fourth of July, or maybe on the fifth — depending on which version of the theory you subscribe to — with the nation watching, John F. Kennedy Jr., who faked his own death 20 years ago this month, would reveal himself, and then, as QAnon interpreter Will Sommer puts it, “team up with Trump and ship a huge number of top Democrats off to Guantanamo Bay” for their participation in these global child-sex rings

Of course, this wild theory turned out to be bogus. They got the date wrong: July 4 and 5 both passed without incident. It wasn’t until July 6 that the feds handed out an indictment over a global underage sex-trafficking ring implicating U.S. presidents, heads of government, top lawyers, world-famous actors, and a member of the English royal family. And, to be fair, JFK Jr. didn’t emerge from hiding. Otherwise, though, the Saturday arrest of well-connected financier and convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein on one count of sex trafficking and one count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking went a long way toward fulfilling the QAnon prediction — and therefore raised a troubling question: Did QAnon turn out to be kind of, well, right?

6df7ac  No.6966612

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6966565 lb

Pilot Logs Reveal ALMOST EVERY TIME Bill Clinton Flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express — UNDERAGE GIRLS WERE ON THE PLANE!

Conchita Sarnoff: I know from the pilot logs. And these were pilot logs that were written by different pilots at different times, that Clinton went, he was a guest of Epstein 27 times… Many times Clinton had his Secret Service with him and many he did not. Almost every time Clinton’s name is on the pilot log, there are underage girls.

She also said BILL CLINTON IS LYING about his limited contact with Jeffrey Epstein.



29274f  No.6966613

File: 0ed387c870bf396⋯.png (3.11 MB, 1915x1192, 1915:1192, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)


TY Baker!

36bec1  No.6966614

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Legacy Media

To survive legacy companies will need "new management" to “satisfy the patriot market.”

What does that mean? "new management" means not words but actions. Immediately replace pedovore cultists executives. "The patriot market" is 290 million Americans who want the truth; including the truth about legacy media complicity in Operation Mockingbird and institutional roles in C_A social subversion operations.

Entertainment company executives who think movies like NORMAL on HBO are the product of creative competition will be surprised to discover that MI, POTUS and anons see it as subversive IO, a destructive psyop, one of hundreds run by legacy media against an unwitting civilian population.

Whether the public is aware, or ever becomes aware, of the harm done by legacy media content shilling, anons know, POTUS knows and MI knows.

Media companies closely associated with satanic mind control like Disney can not hope to survive except as museum illustrating the destructive power of mind warfare.

Other media companies, those prepared to reverse course, to repent, to admit their role in social and sexual subversion and to atone for the wrong done must make a 180 turn, stop destroying start repairing and rebuilding undoing some of the harm they have done to the US and the world.

Companies with the courage to do that may survive.

A Turkish proverb says “No matter how far down the wrong road you have gone, turn back.”

Repairing damage for legacy media means initiating a cross platform, all format, surge of error corrected, future positive, neural malware-free MAGA news and entertainment content, without subliminal or subsonic embeds, hypnotic induction or “side band” symbolic language technologies targeting our unconscious below the threshold of awareness.

"New Management" means resuming our journey toward the light, as individuals and as a species, and beginning the process of undoing the harm done our minds by decades of satanic IO.


5da0c1  No.6966615

File: fbdf1f759556774⋯.jpg (660.52 KB, 970x2358, 485:1179, Screenshot_20190709-113001….jpg)

WHO'S back online?


WHAT/WHO is the cause?


833f30  No.6966616

File: c23d31dca8cec79⋯.jpg (447.34 KB, 1079x1703, 83:131, Screenshot_20190709-103214….jpg)

File: fe0d8a8538bc098⋯.jpg (239.97 KB, 1079x1698, 1079:1698, Screenshot_20190709-103226….jpg)

File: b19195c866ae5cc⋯.jpg (467.21 KB, 1079x1678, 1079:1678, Screenshot_20190709-103239….jpg)

File: 73d0b98cbdbbd33⋯.jpg (414.89 KB, 1079x1707, 1079:1707, Screenshot_20190709-103250….jpg)

File: b3fd48534eb2ac3⋯.jpg (440.93 KB, 1079x1712, 1079:1712, Screenshot_20190709-103301….jpg)


02b17c  No.6966617

File: 8f21125155a15c4⋯.png (40.61 KB, 1140x318, 190:53, ClipboardImage.png)

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says he is open to hearings on the controversial plea deal Labor Secretary Alex Acosta struck with wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 to resolve multiple allegations of sexual molestation.

“If this plea deal doesn’t withstand scrutiny then it would be the job of the Judiciary Committee to find out how it got off the rails. What kind of checks and balances do we have to make sure that complaints involving minor children are adequately investigated? This is an area of the law where the tie goes to the kids,” Graham told reporters Tuesday morning.

“If we think somebody’s out there abusing children, no matter how hard the case may be, you want to bring it forward simply to get these people deterred if nothing else,” he added.

Acosta was the U.S. attorney in charge of Epstein’s case when he struck what has now been criticized as an overly lenient plea deal that allowed him to spend just more than a year in jail and have work release.

The plea deal with Epstein has faced new scrutiny following federal prosecutors unsealing new sex trafficking charges against Epstein on Monday, alleging abuse of dozens of female minors. He has denied all charges.

Epstein, a successful hedge fund manager, who counted President Trump and former President Clinton among his social acquaintances, pleaded guilty to state charges of solicitation of prostitution but didn’t face federal charges.

Democrats have called on Acosta to resign over the deal that was crafted in secret and effectively potentially blocked dozens of alleged victims of sexual trafficking from pursuing complaints against Epstein.

“As U.S. Attorney, he engaged in an unconscionable agreement w/ Jeffrey Epstein kept secret from courageous, young victims preventing them from seeking justice,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tweeted on Monday night.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), a Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, called for Acosta to resign and for Congress to investigate the plea deal.

“There should be hearings in the United States Senate involving the Epstein-Acosta-Trump connection. Clearly, there is enough basis for unequal justice or excessive leniency and for questions about why that happened,” he said. “There should be hearings here in the United States Senate. The travesty of justice in allowing Epstein essentially a pass in Florida when clearly there were potential violations of law merits hearings.”

Graham on Tuesday said, “I’d like to know more,” noting that Acosta wasn’t the only prosecutor involved in the plea deal.

“This thing was fairly vetted. He didn’t just do it by himself. A lot of people had eyes on the original plea deal. Now it’s being set aside and sounds like there’s more misconduct,” Graham said.

Other Republicans said they would follow Graham’s lead.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the former chairman of the Judiciary panel, when asked whether Congress should review Epstein’s plea deal, said, “if it’s in this committee, you better ask Graham.”

Grassley said he wants to wait for a report from the Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility before making a decision on whether Acosta should step down.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), an advisor to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), said, if Graham decides to hold hearings “I’ll certainly attend” but added, “I think we ought to let the Justice Department and [the] judiciary do their job and then we need to respond to any new information.”


4a6073  No.6966618


Fucking beautiful. Fake Q posts at the start of the bread. Filter button. See you next bread fuck face.

6d0eef  No.6966619

File: c9b9003a4afeb6b⋯.jpg (150.77 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal1-Bloo….jpg)

File: 07f8ccb4bb7d525⋯.jpg (242.21 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal2-Fusi….jpg)

File: 2923528b871754d⋯.jpg (162.5 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal3-Kick….jpg)

File: 1c2da29c6a77eab⋯.jpg (154.01 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal4-Hitc….jpg)

File: cb9368c93a404fb⋯.jpg (155.7 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal5-Phon….jpg)

cb1929  No.6966620


Good memories

550590  No.6966621


Check em.

Thank you baker

75895d  No.6966622


Q2 = 2nd Quarter

893a64  No.6966623


Epstein, the federal indictment alleges, “created a vast network of underage victims for him to sexually exploit, often on a daily basis.” He’s said to have groomed girls as young as 14 in his mansions in New York and Palm Beach, and alleged to have forced them to have sex with the powerful people who ran in his circles. One woman says that she was coerced into sex with both superlawyer Alan Dershowitz and the Prince of Wales’s younger brother Prince Andrew; President Bill Clinton, as the right-wing press is fond of pointing out, was a frequent guest on Epstein’s jet, which was apparently nicknamed the “Lolita Express” by locals on the U.S. Virgin Islands hideaway where Epstein allegedly hosted orgies.

If you believe the most sweeping version of the allegations, Epstein and a handful of helpers were running what was in essence a mobile teenage-prostitution ring catering to the one percent aboard his private jet and in his palatial estates — themselves decked out in full occult-orgy fashion, with a mysterious Eastern European hostess, a custom erotic chess board, and “a life-size female doll in a wedding dress hanging from a chandelier.” Until this weekend, he’d managed to escape justice, thanks to a strange leniency from top prosecutors, including Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance and former U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, now Trump’s Secretary of Labor. One-percenter sex rings? Creepy mansions rife with dark symbolism? A culture of impunity emanating from the highest levels of government? That sure sounds like QAnon.

6d0eef  No.6966624

File: 5e891176eb20e7f⋯.jpg (145.05 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal6-Phot….jpg)

File: 4547a24d1400e93⋯.jpg (133.25 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal7-Poli….jpg)

File: 78705b72ee8ef61⋯.jpg (180.09 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal8-Huma….jpg)

File: 9016a1ce588db83⋯.jpg (140.14 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal9-EOHu….jpg)

File: ba70a414e6cba06⋯.jpg (148.67 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal10-Pub….jpg)

cb1929  No.6966625

File: 3cd04c43224f24f⋯.jpg (261.63 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, hillary clinton its the bo….jpg)


Top kek

11efdb  No.6966626


ay lad

damn number sequences have been following me lately

36bec1  No.6966627

File: 39e865d8a6a9ffa⋯.jpeg (11.05 KB, 238x255, 14:15, 39e865d8a6a9ffac9a8bd4dcc….jpeg)

File: 68d9535d77c2263⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2556x3441, 852:1147, 68d9535d77c2263d4e4ef2cdfa….jpg)

893a64  No.6966628


But it’s not quite QAnon. In many details, the Epstein case is QAnon’s inverse. The charges aren’t coming from a zombie JFK Jr., who faked his own death to escape the system, but from the establishment-aligned U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York. Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring seems possibly to have been a sort of awful side hustle to a real business that involved money laundering, or offshore banking, or even just blackmailing and ponzi scheming, rather than the center of a fantastical satanic cult based out of a pizza parlor. (Though, don’t think too hard about the fact that Epstein once said that his dinner parties were “like eating pizza at the ballet.”)

Most conspicuously, in the world of QAnon, Donald Trump is a crusading savior, the face of a deep-state conspiracy to expose the moral depravity of the global elite and bring a cabal of child molestors to justice. In real life, Trump was friendly with Epstein. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” he told New York in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Trump is not the only person who’s known for decades about Epstein’s conspicuous preference for young women. The journalist Vicky Ward says that references to Epstein’s abuse in a 2003 article she wrote for Vanity Fair were killed by editors. Stories emerged anyway; many of the details of his alleged crimes have been extensively reported over the last fifteen years, and the charges levied against Epstein over the weekend are extremely similar to those brought against him in 2008. The “conspiracy theory” of a network of predators centered around a wealthy enabler, protected by the privileged cohort in which he ran, was easily found in the Miami Herald, or on Gawker, or pieced together through court documents. If QAnon was kind of right, it was as a twisted, telephone-game rendition of a story already out in the open, filtered through Satanist moral panic, right-wing partisanship, Christian prophecy, and Kennedy nostalgia.

What was surprising about this weekend’s news wasn’t the specifics of the allegations, but the fact that anything happened regarding them. Back in 2008, thanks to his sweetheart plea deal with Alex Acosta, Epstein served only 13 months of an 18 month sentence, mostly on work release, for the reduced crime of soliciting an underage prostitute. As more victims came forward and new details emerged, Epstein remained free, and the powerful men who once made up his social circle untainted by their relationships to him. The name Jeffrey Epstein became synonymous with, as Michelle Goldberg puts it, “deep corruption among mostly male elites across parties, and the way the very rich can often purchase impunity for even the most loathsome of crimes.”

If anything, QAnon was a more palatable version of this story — a rendition in which elites spent decades secretly working toward justice, in which the forces arrayed against them were supernaturally malevolent rather than simply rich and networked, and in which the president of the United States is a covert agent for good, rather than a former Epstein acquaintance and enabler. Or rather than, for that matter, a multiply accused sex abuser himself.

In that light, QAnon sounds less like a paranoid conspiracy than a kind of optimistic fantasy. The world of QAnon isn’t a happy one, but as the Epstein case demonstrates, neither is the world the rest of us live in. At least QAnon promises justice, victory, a resurrected JFK Jr., and a nice bit of drama over a holiday weekend.


6d0eef  No.6966629

File: 6b905964bc63382⋯.jpg (116.74 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal11-Hel….jpg)

File: 222017ea8feb77b⋯.jpg (121.06 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Trump-No-Epstein-Pal12-Sob….jpg)

File: fb70a4ed03b3a37⋯.jpg (294.16 KB, 1224x1225, 1224:1225, AttentionMSMCannotConnectT….jpg)

dfbea1  No.6966630


Yes, I know. That was not my point.

b137ab  No.6966631



“Again, you have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not break your oath, but fulfill to the Lord the vows you have made.’ But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.

97afad  No.6966632

I miss getting on 8ch for one day, and Q comes back and posts like 30 bombs lol

8b266e  No.6966633


Thank God! Was worried about JA and his true identity the past month or so…but I really do think he's a good guy. Might be the greatest spy ever! Infiltrated the elites and helped take them down, just like POTUS.

dda6be  No.6966634

>>6966574 - last bread

the sense i get from reading the satanic ritual manuals that have been dug on Qresearch is that they technically think the souls of the victims will be kept by Lilith and that in recognition of the 'nourishment' provided by the children's spiritual energy, Lilith will grant various favors in terms of wealth, longevity, legal safety, physical safety, etc.

03c4c7  No.6966635

File: 187d0d8c91ae7bd⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 4860x2370, 162:79, rachelchandler.jpg)

coming soon…… rachel chandler

cb1929  No.6966636

File: cddd53c5d618772⋯.jpg (194.95 KB, 700x994, 50:71, bill gates harvards most d….jpg)

File: b9a1192f66212fc⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1402x1404, 701:702, bill and melinda gates fou….png)

893a64  No.6966637

File: 9fe38f664ec9d66⋯.png (38.89 KB, 1090x368, 545:184, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)





Baker - please consider this NY Mag article on QAnon, just pressed this am. Spread over multiple posts.

cfd447  No.6966638

File: feb7c5d64544647⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 807x7362, 269:2454, Quantian_Epstein_Theory.jpg)

From Twatter user Quantian … Grand Unified Epstein Theory

via Zero Hedge Article: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-08/shtf-lets-revisit-jeffrey-epsteins-little-black-book

Twat #1 of 13: https://twitter.com/quantian1/status/1148303672742469634

<<<<<<<<<<< Info Graphic

732bda  No.6966639

File: 21bef751940c5bc⋯.jpg (360.33 KB, 1846x1245, 1846:1245, water.jpg)

Watch The Water

is it me smoking again too much @.@ or is there a Water Theme going on today?

b137ab  No.6966640



1810fe  No.6966641

File: e6caf1513f15a9c⋯.png (65.41 KB, 1299x554, 1299:554, CC.PNG)

HRC Donations from NXIVM Clare Bronfman


ac2923  No.6966642

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Crazy Days & Nights podcast re: Epstein

Just posted 15 min ago


78ad1f  No.6966643


It denounces Q in a nicer way. I guess that's progress for the MSM.

a21021  No.6966644


Checked! Yes. ‘Qanon’ was right.

“Coming after 10 (which represents law and responsibility), the number eleven (11) represents the opposite, which is the irresponsibility of breaking the Law, which brings disorder and judgment.“


4edfda  No.6966645

File: 32b78fa10dcb06b⋯.png (1011.53 KB, 1897x960, 1897:960, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c8a3503b1314054⋯.png (53.93 KB, 859x303, 859:303, ClipboardImage.png)


59f640  No.6966646

File: 10576b5b14d5408⋯.png (3.14 MB, 2782x2121, 2782:2121, eastman qclock pain 5-step….png)

File: 0a788b96163d85a⋯.png (341.57 KB, 1281x959, 183:137, pain 23 yesterday.png)

I haven't looked into Eastman (of Eastman-Kodak Photography fame), but something told me he was relevant to the "rvid5774." a few months ago.

At that time, I figured his birthday was likely relevant.

Along comes POTUS tweeting an "Eastman" video 4 days before that birthday/5 days before "P@in" PSWD reveal Qclock position with timestamp AND video length [matching] the [42] location on the clock, with maybe a "1" day cushion.

"How is POTUS always 5-steps ahead?"

4 steps here…but 5 steps prior to "P@in" date…and remember the "they thought it was coming yesterday" during P@in PSWD reveal sequence?

Obscure connections (but "tight")…pretty sure they're legit.




22c987  No.6966647

File: b317608f92d61f2⋯.png (651.46 KB, 661x596, 661:596, nyt attacks middle class A….PNG)

File: fac7cb92a5b33a7⋯.png (35.34 KB, 651x240, 217:80, nyt attacks middle class A….PNG)

File: 2727419c39b5fd4⋯.png (15.4 KB, 650x150, 13:3, nyt attacks middle class A….PNG)

File: d3f4fbb29d0766c⋯.png (48.73 KB, 661x511, 661:511, nyt attacks middle class A….PNG)

File: 5e2e423c714181a⋯.png (51.64 KB, 653x614, 653:614, nyt attacks middle class A….PNG)


02b17c  No.6966648

File: 6c667581bf2236e⋯.png (364.76 KB, 909x549, 101:61, ClipboardImage.png)

In the wake of Jeffrey Epstein's weekend arrest, an observant Twitter user noticed that someone has edited the billionaire pedophile's Wikipedia page to remove all mention of Democrats who have flown on the "Lolita Express" - the nickname given to his private Boeing 727 jet which was reportedly outfitted with a bed.

On Sunday, the sentence "Epstein flrew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker to Africa in his private jet. Flight records show Bill Clinton flew on Epstein's plane 26 times" (a charge Clinton denied on Monday, claiming it was only four times).

A reference to having 'attended parties' with Donald Trump was left untouched.

Seems Wikipedia has altered Epstein’s bio already. First screenshot of Epstein’s bio was at 8:27 a.m. The 2nd was at 10:30 a.m. omitting Bill Clinton & Spacy yet leaving Trump! That is frightening. Same exact bio of Epstein, different times. https://t.co/T6lUHD8TrO pic.twitter.com/5QrjuovwHB

— Desiree Mills (Dez) (@Blondiedez) July 7, 2019

And as Steve Straub of the Federalist Papers points out, "This comes after Christine Pelosi, Daughter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and a top official with the Democratic National Committee (DNC), sounded the alarm over the weekend arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges. Pelosi speculated that "some of our faves" may be indicted in the wake of Epstein’s arrest, the Daily Mail reports."

This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may - whether on Republicans or Democrats. #WeSaidEnough #MeToo https://t.co/2mvskwQwW1

— Christine Pelosi (@sfpelosi) July 7, 2019

Epstein was hauled into court Monday after his Saturday arrest, where prosecutors revealed that they found nude photos of underage girls during a raid on his Manhattan home. He has pleaded not guilty, while his attorneys have argued that Epstein has immunity under a 2008 plea agreement in which he admitted to procuring a person under 18 for prostitution and felony solicitation of prostitution, serving just 13 months in a Florida state prison after cutting a sweetheart deal with current labor secretary, and then US Attorney, Alex Acosta.

In court on Monday, attorneys for the billionaire argued that the case was "essentially a do-over" on "ancient stuff."

According to various reports the Miami Herald - which police used in their investigation, Epstein has victimized around 60 girls between his residences in Florida and New York. His next court appearance is Thursday.


f8c1a3  No.6966649

File: e4d0ab485cde59e⋯.jpeg (44.58 KB, 498x573, 166:191, bb3e86996c5b11d180d562b11….jpeg)


Put two and two together:

1. 52% of new jobs went to foreign-born. (sauce forgotten)

2. 74% of new jobs went to first-time workers.

In other words, fresh immigrants are getting most of the jobs. A slap in the face to all of us. Maybe Trump needs his 150 IQ people in here all day long for free just like him. Maybe we're supposed to give up our salaries too.

893a64  No.6966650



YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING FAGGOT for ignoring the article - which you haven't read because it's long - and pointing out that it's a self nom. Who gives a fuck, queer.

a38438  No.6966651


thats probably true they probably do eat humans alive at dinner partys probably sit all arond them in a circle and cut off chunks. So fuking evil I would not be surprised at all. Kill them all who are involved in human eating the earth has a virus needs eliminated .

76f0f9  No.6966652

File: 9812e30a5a6235b⋯.jpg (55.79 KB, 893x377, 893:377, 19hri7.jpg)


How do you feel about legacy media? I didn't catch it the first 400 times you spamed.

fa52d0  No.6966653


Fuck off farmerfaggot!

da1f99  No.6966654

File: 8e530d6348915df⋯.png (159.27 KB, 477x509, 477:509, tesla.PNG)

f1d774  No.6966655

File: ca150fa0c29ba9a⋯.jpg (532.79 KB, 1080x1376, 135:172, Screenshot_20190709-103858….jpg)



Nice Q proof

If you bake it, he will crumb

d70cae  No.6966656





Besides the clear JFK jr disinfo shilling that has nothing to do with Q and which Q btfo'd, this is pretty good.


8b266e  No.6966657



How do we make these sick excuses for human beings feel the most pain possible for the longest amount of time possible?

c4be18  No.6966658


Q is Q

anon are anonymous.

Qanon is the 'group of all of the Q and anon' and they do not think with one mind, so they can't ever be considered 'right' in that sense.

there is no consensus.

my point: it makes sense to say 'Q was right' or 'some anon (and mention the post) was right', but to say 'Qanon' was right? that implies you don't understand the relationships and that these are real people. Qanon is the team of all of those people. They don't have a singular mind, and certainly don't agree on all things.

11efdb  No.6966659


give me a link to the actual article plz

a21021  No.6966660



All press is good press. Gets Normies normalizing

0fbf6c  No.6966661

File: 9e4b6a9f387a1d4⋯.jpg (122.36 KB, 960x852, 80:71, enslavement.jpg)


yessir. sorry i bothered you.

02b17c  No.6966662

File: 6e4c93b6ecb7f63⋯.png (69.79 KB, 640x438, 320:219, ClipboardImage.png)


75895d  No.6966663

>>6958686 (Q) — FLYNN news coming.

The evidence collected by Flynn’s current defense Attorney Sidney Powell, who recently replaced Flynn’s former defense attorney Robert Kelner, sheds new light on the extraordinary tactics used to target and retaliate against Flynn, according to the filing.

Further, Powell’s submission to the court also reveals that Flynn and his attorneys were under extreme pressure to file a Foreign Agents Registration Act in February, 2017 by David Laufman, the former head of the National Security Division.

Flynn was forced to file his FARA registration in February 2017, “under extreme and unprecedented pressure from extensive interactions with the National Security Division including then- NSD head David Laufman.” Laufman resigned shortly after on Feb. 8, 2017, during DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigation into the FBI’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server to send classified emails.

Further, Flynn’s former counsel had advised prosecutors that “Mr. Flynn did not know and did not authorize signing the FARA form believing there is anything wrong in it. He honesty answered the questions his former counsel posed to him to the best of his recollection, and some with the benefit of hindsight.”


I read this as David Laufman setting up Gen. Flynn

22c987  No.6966664

File: 852e39db6af66bc⋯.png (523.26 KB, 614x345, 614:345, katie couric.PNG)

File: 59f5eec0ad0a18e⋯.png (268.11 KB, 596x342, 298:171, jeffrey epstein.PNG)


katie barr the door

2ab431  No.6966665

File: 330ff6a474eade9⋯.jpg (141.19 KB, 1152x1152, 1:1, IMG_20190708_211007.jpg)

Gonna be hard to indict the super rich when they all have all fled with Branson to the dark side of the moon.


a426f5  No.6966666

File: 201deb8db59c95c⋯.png (369.31 KB, 1874x357, 1874:357, steyer.PNG)

893a64  No.6966667



0fbf6c  No.6966668

File: f2e0fd5ab27262b⋯.jpg (8.79 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, epstien island.jpg)


TRUTH will always win

4edfda  No.6966669

File: 3790e1aac4e10ab⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1897x960, 1897:960, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c22479f738df699⋯.png (25.44 KB, 812x316, 203:79, ClipboardImage.png)



29274f  No.6966670

File: 1404fb328b06e69⋯.png (583.1 KB, 704x656, 44:41, Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at ….png)

File: 32422d8c3327e30⋯.png (327.79 KB, 637x504, 91:72, Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at ….png)

ac1be6  No.6966671

File: 60187eb059db296⋯.png (1.14 MB, 816x888, 34:37, ClipboardImage.png)

4e50a6  No.6966672


In the last bread notables but…


8a72c0  No.6966673

File: cad04f859368021⋯.jpg (189.86 KB, 627x462, 19:14, interesting.jpg)

7013e2  No.6966674


these guys are great keep up the good work fellas

d16704  No.6966675

File: a3328baf4d20638⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1125x1118, 1125:1118, a3328baf4d2063855054cf074f….png)

182bb3  No.6966676



964bdd  No.6966677

File: 0d485081ac7c645⋯.jpeg (80.76 KB, 828x432, 23:12, 2B624232-2256-4FF0-AC90-D….jpeg)

Wouldn’t it be funny if white hats hacked into the Pedostates “Blue Beam” operation and instead of a UFO hologram over Paris it was a big Pepe!

580227  No.6966678

File: 86a946e552157f0⋯.png (558.22 KB, 1080x1665, 24:37, Screenshot_20190709-075052….png)

I hope the arrogant Obongo family is ready for Trump's Justice department.

Laundering money is crime.

Michael OBAMA: “As somebody who’s watched I think one of the most productive and profound presidents of our lifetime, I've seen my husband operate up close. He reads everything. He knows more than everybody in the room because he has to. The job of the president isn't deciding between a bunch of good answers, it's not enough to just have a bunch of good advisers, because if you have 8 advisers you're going to get 8 different opinions. And ultimately the commander-in-chief has to have the knowledge to be able to choose between the eight. That means you have to read everything, you have to know everything, you have to know more than the people around you. But I fear that sometimes people might have thought that Barack made it look easy so it must be easy. It's kind of like I guess if the black guy could do it anybody can do it. And that's not true. It's a hard job. So that means we have to be focused on who's actually ready to lead the nation, and we have to be engaged.

3cfebb  No.6966679

File: d2198e0bb15b0a2⋯.png (128.89 KB, 1263x643, 1263:643, fleur perrylang log.PNG)

File: 40c8b3ddcb13145⋯.png (876.15 KB, 1442x741, 1442:741, fleur about page.PNG)

File: 34c3f9a2778826a⋯.jpg (192.47 KB, 750x1037, 750:1037, fleur devil.jpg)

File: 2dd937ecfc99a1f⋯.jpg (139.55 KB, 750x824, 375:412, fleur super monkey.jpg)

File: 4141c083f9d8b83⋯.jpg (94.38 KB, 500x750, 2:3, fleur scream.jpg)

Fleur Perry lang on Epstein log

LOOKING AT HER ART, I would say she is another MKU victim

appears she has a devil with pitchfork tail in one painting.

in another she shows a 'supermonkey'

in another she shows a kid screaming.

Just all weird stuff like other mku victims.

there are more on site.



3d97d1  No.6966680


they also cast spells over the pharma drugs

no sauce been yrs since read about

118f70  No.6966681

File: 693f00eadd1042e⋯.jpg (382.54 KB, 1816x3278, 908:1639, fight for victory.jpg)


thanks bakah

893a64  No.6966682


quints of TRUTH

e8f803  No.6966683

File: fba877f206f0e41⋯.jpg (144.96 KB, 1166x776, 583:388, QshipAlerts.jpg)

We Are on A Ship

Sailing The Seas Of Future Promise, Hope & Peace


dbe50f  No.6966684

File: 9fc79c10a76c515⋯.png (984.48 KB, 1191x1328, 1191:1328, Screenshot 2019-07-09 08.4….png)

Ross Perot, 2-time presidential candidate and self-made billionaire, is dead.


The Texas software pioneer became a billionaire in 1984 when General Motors bought his company, Electronic Data Systems, for $2.5 billion.

Perot founded EDS in 1962 with a $1,000 loan his wife floated him.

Perot ran for president in 1992 and 1996 and was famously portrayed on 'SNL' by Dana Carvey.

Perot famously would break down American politics and the economy using bar graphs and pie graphs, using his handy pointer.

The conventional wisdom is that Perot was the reason Bill Clinton got elected, because he split the Republican vote when he ran as an independent. The Perot spoiler factor in presidential elections lives to this day.

Perot, who amassed $4 billion, donated a total of $90 million to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

EDS was only one of Perot's businesses. In 1988, he founded Perot Systems Corp., which Dell bought in 2009 for $3.9 billion.

Perot died Tuesday after battling leukemia for 5 months.

Perot is survived by wife of 63 years, Margot. They had 5 children and have 16 grandchildren.

Ross Perot was 89. RIP.

3e9985  No.6966685

File: 227033ce3bd7abd⋯.jpg (585.98 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_4029.JPG)


he's getting that money seized

RICO confirmed

PANIC justified

129b1b  No.6966686

>>6966500 lb

Thank you for your courage, Patriot.


>>6966571 TYB, love that gif!







Love you, Patriots o7

fa52d0  No.6966687


You're a virtuous nigga that nobody wants here! Take your HIV infected self and fuck off.

a426f5  No.6966688



ac1be6  No.6966689


Selfnomination is for newfags, newfag. Go back to facebook and stop being such a faggot.

c4be18  No.6966691


why do you confuse angel-face with cauldron guy?

PS: I won't make a mean meme about anjel but I will give yo ua good meme idea for him:

he promotes

"phake'n Gay. F-kay"

He's def some kind of operator and spy and think he really does work for the truth and the light.

11efdb  No.6966692


>>6966587 (((Twatter))) updates rules against "hateful conduct" - clearly covering for you know who (see their examples)

>>6966617 Lindsey Graham Open To Investigating Acosta-Epstein Plea Deal

>>6966639 Seems to be a lot of water related posting going on (Watch The Water)

>>6966596 , >>6966611 , >>6966623 , >>6966628 Nymag.com Article: So….Was QAnon Right?

118f70  No.6966693

File: 318fd261f58e6f8⋯.png (626.96 KB, 518x734, 259:367, DSB2.png)


hey doc


this guy prefers cavity searches

0fbf6c  No.6966694


I'm undetectable now…

Praise the LORD.

b20d1f  No.6966695

File: e7f6ee0c87b8568⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1318x2048, 659:1024, Screenshot_20190709-084246.png)

Muh Russia Russia Russia


4edfda  No.6966696

File: e9e882fb2c37d55⋯.png (206.65 KB, 1897x960, 1897:960, ClipboardImage.png)



8d32f3  No.6966697


Seconding the NOTABLE

d70cae  No.6966698


It'd be good to add the archive version to notables in case they delete it or fuck with it: >>6966656

They might regret publishing it kek

d152f5  No.6966700

File: 026faeb03c269b1⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1282x953, 1282:953, 8524560961213.png)

File: 1ae6f967cbdca64⋯.png (37.55 KB, 1038x662, 519:331, 438767129876342784.png)

File: 1521324a3d1cb08⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1302x795, 434:265, bcbdb19f31578d486263154eef….png)

>>6966298 pb

>>6966298 pb

545 images of Ghislaine Maxwell with everybody involved!


dig dig dig!


72e5b3  No.6966701

File: 26c42ab3cdaeac3⋯.png (412.01 KB, 576x635, 576:635, grr10x.PNG)

10x lurking

129b1b  No.6966702


And for you too!


5c5a43  No.6966703

File: ca1a041b984a569⋯.jpg (54.24 KB, 400x600, 2:3, THEISLAND.jpg)

freshly farmed

34632d  No.6966704

File: 89a62a248349fa1⋯.jpeg (647.72 KB, 1125x1567, 1125:1567, D1553135-25E5-424B-A1B2-A….jpeg)

File: a205466186771ed⋯.jpeg (599.82 KB, 1125x1398, 375:466, C11E30EA-BF55-44DD-B023-C….jpeg)

File: d13021f9fd819cb⋯.jpeg (72.97 KB, 866x264, 433:132, 1EBE687D-DC9D-4A7C-A84A-1….jpeg)

Proverbs 17:23

A wicked man accepts a bribe behind the back To pervert the ways of justice.


Compromised judges have taken bribes.

They have paid to play now they are fully compromised.

Their personal lives are more important than truth and justice.

They would rather destroy an entire civilization than allow their own personal demise, as short as their remaining miserable days may be.

These men and women have no intention of pursuing justice and truth.


73311c  No.6966705

File: b2f92b0a7d6b17d⋯.png (385.56 KB, 666x945, 74:105, Capture2.PNG)

File: a5c23b878774336⋯.png (1.14 MB, 968x720, 121:90, Capture.PNG)

>>6966410 (lb)

Thank you Q+

Justin "Castro" Trudeau's extra curricular activities are coming to light just in time for Canadian federal elections in October

488597  No.6966706

File: ca7d350ee53e00e⋯.png (116.2 KB, 1754x689, 1754:689, Usual Suspects 07-09-2019.PNG)

Got a few more Brit's added to the list. Not all persons on list are necessarily guilty of participating actively in the coup attempt, but were involved at some level.

4a6073  No.6966707


The guy next to her in the B&W top row withthe shades on is a photographer who goes by the name of 'Purple oz' on instagram. Plenty of pedo suggestive stuff in his 'art'. Done digging on him and his contavts during pizzagate days but lost the fucking lot to a 'virus'.

29274f  No.6966708

File: 9112d46a9df0b92⋯.png (1019.5 KB, 799x818, 799:818, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at ….png)



3ef583  No.6966709

File: 879ad7a8740a581⋯.gif (788.02 KB, 500x286, 250:143, DC.gif)



d70cae  No.6966711

File: 306cca0a8f95c56⋯.jpg (35.68 KB, 400x460, 20:23, 1562187766968.jpg)

11efdb  No.6966712


added to notables ty

fa52d0  No.6966713


Oh yeah?! Is that the same kinda lie you tell yourself when you claim to be headed to the head of the FBI too?

0fbf6c  No.6966714


THAT is my question, and the reason I posted this saying 'TRUTH will always win'

…anons KNOW.

…anons won't let shit slide.

…anons are AWAKE.

I found this picture last bread (maybe a few bakes back) and wondered why someone went OUT OF THEIR WAY to hide/remove it?

f228e6  No.6966715

File: 689ab823cb36b03⋯.png (885.49 KB, 999x530, 999:530, watchwa.png)

e8f803  No.6966716

File: a97433703846cef⋯.jpg (47.16 KB, 740x599, 740:599, 2019-02-15 04.29.04 www.go….jpg)

Why did the BO administration REALLY send all that cash to Iran?

Where did the money come from and what was it primarily used for?


e2422b  No.6966717



Morning sun brings heat

d70cae  No.6966718



Been missing for months.

34cfd8  No.6966719

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4edfda  No.6966720



talk about spoopy digits!

3c8fad  No.6966721

File: 15240d7bdbb4385⋯.png (503.19 KB, 726x1065, 242:355, 2019-07-09_11-43-00.png)


Point being?

22c987  No.6966722

File: 2f55a6020477c92⋯.png (28.36 KB, 1068x261, 356:87, barr just unrecused 1.PNG)

File: 2f3ed5a72dcc1cb⋯.png (889.83 KB, 830x507, 830:507, barr just unrecused 2.PNG)


186630  No.6966723

File: e1b621da8fbd899⋯.png (91.97 KB, 717x637, 717:637, Screenshot_2019-07-09 CNN ….png)


Good. One less swamp rat.


35bf53  No.6966724

File: 5264c8c6870ed84⋯.jpeg (193.97 KB, 921x877, 921:877, Badass Philipine.jpeg)

Fucking KeK Duterte Is daring the Chicken hawk in the US to attack China first!

If Washington wants the Philippines to fight China, the US military should come and fire the first shot, President Rodrigo Duterte argued, accusing the US of using its allies as “bait” for Beijing.

“There is always America pushing us, egging us … making me the bait. What do you think Filipinos are, earthworms?” Duterte said in a speech in Leyte province on Friday, which only got media attention on Sunday.

“Now I say, you bring your planes, your boats to South China Sea. Fire the first shot and we are just here behind you. Go ahead, let’s fight,” he added. “Do you want trouble? OK, let’s do it.”

129b1b  No.6966725



Syntony is the Living Word of God.

5afca6  No.6966726

Anons bit-banging the master protocol

2d9a76  No.6966727


After last hurricane it went missing

34cfd8  No.6966728

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3ba366  No.6966729

File: ca736cfe81a1ca9⋯.jpg (23.41 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 08e7ff4a930bea78a56c6e7b40….jpg)

I thought Ross Perot was a pretty cool dude back in the 90's. As a young techie, he was kind of an IT hero. Now with age, wisdom and hindsight, he was simple paid by Bush 41 to get Bush 41 out of the white house and back to the real seat of power that GHWB controlled. Bill Clinton was picked by GHWB to replace himself and Perot was the tool to make that happen.

34cfd8  No.6966730

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

76f5e4  No.6966731


the founders of ISIS

0fbf6c  No.6966732

File: 55e757445d2d637⋯.png (621.09 KB, 970x618, 485:309, CHRISTIANS UNITED_KEKFORCE.png)


no really. Prezcobix works.

and I'm not headed to head the FBI?

who told you that?

i just wanna be a youth pastor who makes art for the President. just a kid trying to meme the dream.

who's side are YOU on?

03c4c7  No.6966733


noticed that going through all the images, wasn't enough room to fit all the sick and perverted shit

these evil scum must pay dearly

36bec1  No.6966734

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Information War, Non-Linear War, or as the Chinese call it Unrestricted War, is a perpetual conflict between nations and sovereign actors which employs every available means; economic, political, technological, to defeat an opponent. PLA Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui noted in “Unrestricted Warfare,” a study published in China in 1999: “As the arena of war has expanded, encompassing the political, diplomatic cultural and psychological spheres, in addition to the land, sea, air space and electronics spheres, the interactions among all factors have made it difficult for the military sphere to serve as the automatic dominant sphere in every war.’

The potency of tactics employed in IW are amplified by technological evolution; enormous tightly networked populations and readily available personal data means both individuals and groups can be precisely targeted with Information Operations (IO) or psyops engineered to exploit belief systems. Information Operations (IO) are the methods and tactics employed in advertising, in covert social control systems and “unrestricted,” non-linear or Information War. Tactics employed in wartime against enemy civilian populations are the same employed in peacetime to sell consumer goods.

As well as the psyops or Information Operations (IO) carried out by the nation state militaries and intelligence agencies in undeclared conflicts, the public has had decades of exposure in peacetime to unperceived influence technologies employed by the advertising industry.

When psychology professor Wilson Bryan Key documented the ubiquitous use of subliminal technologies in both advertising and editorial media content back in the 1980s, the industry made a significant and sophisticated effort to deny, distract and confuse the public about the issue.

Advertising Age, the leading trade publication, attacked Key in a front-page article, labeling him a dirty-minded crank, obsessed with imaginary obscenities in media content and trotting out a legion of paid experts to dispute, discredit and ultimately dismiss the possibility subliminal embeds were ever widely used in advertising or could ever hope to be effective. The tactics used against W.B. Key then are used against scientists now if they oppose promiscuous vaccine use, phony climate change science, expose institutional corruption or any induced belief- frauds.

ENTERTAINMENT IS NOT JUST ENTERTAINMENT, it is adult education, consumer conditioning and social engineering. Entertainment media content is the principal mechanism employed by nation states to reliably influence social behavior. The content of entertainment exerts significant, predictable effects on human behavior and belief systems and over the future course and direction scientific, economic and moral evolution. Entertainment directs popular attention, lends support to or selectively subverts social issues, fosters unity or division and incrementally enhances or gradually constricts collective cognitive capacity.

893a64  No.6966735


where's the faggot from yesterday who kept jamming barr's recusal down our necks?

8ed4c0  No.6966736

File: fb3cd60ad87d4bd⋯.jpg (103.22 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, download.jpg)

so much love for fellow anons

ive been learning the hard way thru trial and error

self doxxing


falling for shillery

all of it is making me (and collective conscious) stronger



c93dc8  No.6966737


Means us negatives are some special motherfuckers.

34cfd8  No.6966738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ac2923  No.6966740


Summary of CDAN podcast:

Says Sarah Ferguson (Prince Andrew's ex-wife) took $24k from Epstein to pay off debts

And she got the money right after Andrew had been "vacationing" with Epstein

Quid pro quo going on

Neither one of them cared

Discusses problem with District Attorneys who are ELECTED

They need campaign contributions

Ever wonder why Prince Andrew hasn't visited the USA in many years?

He's been advised he's not welcome.

Reitering that Epstein has offered to name "every single name" in exchange for only 5 years in prison

23675b  No.6966741


Bill "Gates of hell" gonna hex you out of business.

60b972  No.6966742

File: b858e37ac14a63e⋯.png (305.15 KB, 1239x479, 1239:479, Isikoff_and_Sines.png)

>>6965990 (pb)

Isikoff is off-the-charts swampy. Wonder what his hobbies are?

>said Deborah Sines, the former assistant U.S. attorney in charge of the Rich case until her retirement last year.

Deborah Sines going on the dig list. Need to check QR.ch to see what others have already found about this one.

Muh Russia invented SR conspiracy theory. PANIC.

4edfda  No.6966743

File: ebeef07f9b4d3c3⋯.png (794.4 KB, 800x907, 800:907, ClipboardImage.png)

b137ab  No.6966744


>He's def some kind of operator and spy and think he really does work for the truth and the light.

gosh lets try to cloud things up with some unsauced assertions

310d6e  No.6966745

File: d0cc4e76c1f241c⋯.jpg (34.74 KB, 255x255, 1:1, fireworks pepe.jpg)

>>6966519 (lb)

Doug Band (via WJC) Teneo, David Rockefeller, Alibaba

Well now, there's a brilliant pick up!

Well done anons.

f228e6  No.6966746

File: 46f109418269cb7⋯.png (442.33 KB, 734x490, 367:245, 12fa920b60f44a76bd9dee486f….png)


Racists always have to bring the race into it

fa52d0  No.6966747


I love your lies.

11efdb  No.6966748

File: fbeb355b66fa9c3⋯.jpg (59.87 KB, 626x400, 313:200, KEK3.jpg)

6aad24  No.6966749


Cat 5 hurricanes will do that to domes.

893a64  No.6966750


youre fucking annoying, thus rendered ineffective.

The president doesn't appreciate you.


580227  No.6966751

File: fb84ac08cd0077d⋯.jpg (34.88 KB, 500x601, 500:601, Gunslinger.jpg)




No reason for AG Barr to recuse himself from the Epstein case.

db7a6e  No.6966753

== uno mas panadores"

Dark Roast?


b23ac2  No.6966755

32 Q Posts yesterday.

The mirror of PAIN? JUSTICE?

34cfd8  No.6966756

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ad2d03  No.6966757

File: 2c2abc210ab98eb⋯.png (453.26 KB, 885x747, 295:249, ClipboardImage.png)

833f30  No.6966759

File: 1cc92cf5c0b0e78⋯.jpg (404.53 KB, 1079x1223, 1079:1223, Screenshot_20190709-104805….jpg)

File: 332ad850beff0df⋯.jpg (812.32 KB, 1079x1710, 1079:1710, Screenshot_20190709-104858….jpg)

File: 1fe81c597739f95⋯.jpg (623.35 KB, 1079x1491, 1079:1491, Screenshot_20190709-104911….jpg)


c93dc8  No.6966760

File: f520a634ca0dcee⋯.jpg (162.7 KB, 1440x626, 720:313, SmartSelect_20190709-11492….jpg)



This has to be the fun…niest captcha yet.

847128  No.6966762

File: 2f400fe0e15b9c8⋯.jpg (42.29 KB, 640x426, 320:213, Declas5.jpg)

34cfd8  No.6966763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c4be18  No.6966764


It's alright if you disagree with me.

it's not alright if you have a hate campaign against a real person.

that is my point.

f228e6  No.6966765

File: f93d774872805d5⋯.png (334.09 KB, 712x481, 712:481, frogleg.png)

166817  No.6966766


They're easily startled but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers…

715f7a  No.6966767


These bum "writers" just can't help themselves but show their poor investigative journalism every time. They take something a couple anons say and pin it on EVERY anon. Of course they pick the things that sound craziest. Pathetic really.

6aad24  No.6966768



Meant for this

22c987  No.6966769

File: 7a01e6d41e633b3⋯.png (264.32 KB, 350x358, 175:179, based barr.PNG)

File: fa12d7557676c6e⋯.png (34.26 KB, 171x166, 171:166, hillary scared.PNG)

3cfebb  No.6966770


that should be made notable from last bread

f77a4a  No.6966771

File: b81edc107d386d7⋯.jpg (77.91 KB, 700x467, 700:467, 8621326-3x2-700x467.jpg)

File: 5945899c24ae8a8⋯.jpg (64.8 KB, 850x531, 850:531, Sun-Conures.jpg)

How do you drain the SWAMP?



7e184f  No.6966772

File: befda0a78d37c99⋯.png (1.19 MB, 598x899, 598:899, baker.PNG)

b23ac2  No.6966773

Epstein opened his own law firm and had 1 client.

Les Wexner.

He was never a hedge fund manager.

He was always in the blackmail business.

Do you know what the difference between a retainer and blackmail is?

A law license.

7cb882  No.6966774

FISA warrants are 20 pages long.

Barr is a slow reader?


dbe5bb  No.6966775


Awesome. So much symbolism. Turn the game on them.

9da436  No.6966776


An entire article on Epstein and fails to even mention Clinton once?

34cfd8  No.6966777

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4edfda  No.6966778

File: 812d90633781f6b⋯.png (888.79 KB, 800x907, 800:907, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 23dfaa0979a0125⋯.png (409.5 KB, 1897x960, 1897:960, ClipboardImage.png)

11efdb  No.6966779

File: 7829733215d0980⋯.jpg (13.75 KB, 363x345, 121:115, french roast.jpg)




french roast

9d1df3  No.6966781

File: 4968929e6021817⋯.jpeg (176.99 KB, 829x858, 829:858, C089B6CB-41B2-4777-AB1B-9….jpeg)

>>6966452 (lb) - Barr not recusing


3c8fad  No.6966783

File: 22301da6ee04b33⋯.png (109.49 KB, 348x310, 174:155, 2019-03-13_00-21-33 copy.png)

d0e684  No.6966784


Stop fucking up the search with your name fagging. WTF is wrong with you, you have been doing this for far too long.

0fbf6c  No.6966785

File: 16f05dc48918873⋯.png (948.45 KB, 909x602, 909:602, AIRFORCE ACADEMY_GET OUT O….png)

File: ec2834dd64b2295⋯.png (202.72 KB, 562x418, 281:209, TOPFAN.png)

File: 2ce20d032fdd37f⋯.png (726.05 KB, 909x606, 3:2, these people are stupid.png)

File: 2e89e7d238fd17b⋯.png (755.13 KB, 909x600, 303:200, JOINTSTAFF _KEKFORCE AGREE….png)

File: 329fdc24e893000⋯.jpg (51.1 KB, 462x522, 77:87, SNIPER.JPG)



okay! have a nice day!

aren't you glad I don't come here for you nerds to accept me?

aren't you glad I know HISTORY will judge me well?

aren't you glad I'm not afraid to call you OUR ENEMY?



your secret admirer

3ef583  No.6966786

File: 8464d784d443d2a⋯.jpg (122.05 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ArmorOfGod.jpg)

2710b5  No.6966787

File: e4547730eab1012⋯.jpg (16.15 KB, 255x228, 85:76, told.jpg)

29274f  No.6966788

File: 4681267494ea26f⋯.png (643.9 KB, 958x809, 958:809, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

File: 38b8e6238069240⋯.png (789.34 KB, 955x832, 955:832, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

File: ff1afaf36911d62⋯.png (839.17 KB, 961x836, 961:836, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)



The Connaught Rooms - London

isn't this where the spies stayed (Strzok etc.)?

118f70  No.6966789

File: 087f21ba6d888b8⋯.png (1.06 MB, 640x663, 640:663, shills.png)


*so get ready for high security clearance into the kitchen



thanks for the bakery bruddah, good to see you back with that aussie 8bit flava

o7 m8bit

e35974  No.6966790

File: f4b854c4f2dd31e⋯.png (583.18 KB, 720x472, 90:59, ClipboardImage.png)

Democrats escalate battle with Trump with a dozen new subpoenas

House Democrats will vote Thursday to subpoena a dozen Trump administration officials, including Jared Kushner, in a move that will escalate the party’s battle with the president. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler announced his panel will vote to issue subpoenas to obtain documents and testimony from current and former Trump administration officials related to immigration policy, including family separations and detentions as well as any offers of pardons to Department of Homeland Security officials. The New York Democrat said the subpoenas into “obstruction of justice, public corruption and other abuses.”

In addition to Kushner, who is Trump’s son-in-law, the list includes former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former chief of staff John Kelly, Corey Lewandowski, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Nadler said in a statement the panel has been seeking information from the Trump administration on the topics but has not received adequate answers. “As always, I remain open to reaching a reasonable accommodation and will not issue subpoenas if the information we are seeking is voluntarily provided,” Nadler said in a statement. “We will get answers one way or the other.”

The panel will vote to subpoena the following:

Rick A. Dearborn

Michael T. Flynn

Joseph “Jody” H. Hunt

Jared C. Kushner

John F. Kelly

Corey R. Lewandowski

Robert R. Porter

Rod J. Rosenstein

Jefferson B. Sessions

Keith M. Davidson

Dylan Howard

David J. Pecker


05fbc2  No.6966791

File: 96b179049e7906b⋯.png (922.71 KB, 961x561, 961:561, mc1b.png)



b23ac2  No.6966792


Kind of his intention.

42844d  No.6966794



34cfd8  No.6966796

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

28d403  No.6966797

File: b16661a8f422a1d⋯.jpg (508.17 KB, 1935x1059, 645:353, pg.jpg)

So, this hashtag on the comet pizza instagram posts always bothered me, made this connection months ago with Einsteins island, anons didn't care much about it back then now. With the arrested I think more eyes should be on this

310d6e  No.6966798

>>6966503 (lb) Re: handwriting on flight logs

Anon's assumption was that the logs were done just prior to the "insurance report submitted" each time.

Would that be consistent with your findings?

On an unrelated note, those who loved PEROT are certainly uncomfortable with him not being labeled a hero. See last bread.

580227  No.6966800

File: 32f2c7bd6adf6e5⋯.mp4 (2.77 MB, 180x320, 9:16, 32f2c7bd6adf6e5615f468bc97….mp4)




AG Barr knows about the garbage that is out there and what law enforcement agencies have to deal with.

6a0190  No.6966801



I guess ment is "water grabbing" by geo engineers. Another guess is the Losharik incident.



22c987  No.6966802

File: 8bae282f5635772⋯.png (613.92 KB, 478x476, 239:238, potus got em sweatin.PNG)

b23ac2  No.6966803


If POTUS is fighting FOR HUMANITY, who exactly is he fighting against?

That armor.

It's priceless.

4edfda  No.6966804

File: 9417d22c54f3816⋯.png (522.89 KB, 800x988, 200:247, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d45755f5de9e807⋯.png (561.36 KB, 800x925, 32:37, ClipboardImage.png)

1810fe  No.6966805

File: 117c32a922f4b5a⋯.png (42.92 KB, 489x615, 163:205, Trial.PNG)

File: 4d3937df26ca266⋯.png (42.78 KB, 488x607, 488:607, NxivmTrial.PNG)

D. Contribution Ev

f30eec  No.6966806

File: 95c226e5cdebd8b⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 498x221, 498:221, tenor (5).gif)

36bec1  No.6966807

File: 3341cd07d518861⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 297x246, 99:82, 3341cd07d51886124c6af8a1df….jpg)

File: 7326e4e95cf6137⋯.png (44.08 KB, 325x278, 325:278, 7326e4e95cf613782eee8efb3f….png)

File: bfc7988c4413ca2⋯.png (93.85 KB, 555x363, 185:121, bfc7988c4413ca24491699b14b….png)

File: 48bcffee25654d7⋯.jpg (14.7 KB, 255x169, 255:169, piper.jpg)

The Princeton psychologist Hadley Cantril was central to development of the science of propaganda:

Hadley Cantril was Nelson Rockefeller's roommate at Dartmouth in the 1920's and his 1935 doctorate was on "The Psychology of Radio". Here's a quote from it:

“Radio is an altogether novel medium of communication, preeminent as a means of social control and epochal in its influence upon the mental horizons of men.”

Cantril joined Princeton in 1936 and became president of the "Institute for Propaganda Analysis" and founding editor in 1938 of the Rockefeller Foundation-funded "Public opinion Quarterly" which was associated with the US government's psychological warfare efforts after World War II. He became chairman of the Princeton Psychology department. The Rockefeller Foundation gave him a $67K grant to form the "Princeton Radio Project".

The official story is that the October 30, 1938 radio broadcast of H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" just happened to occur outside of Princeton and Cantril and associates took the opportunity to do an extensive study of people's responses and to write a book and do studies on the event. At the time, it was the largest mass persuasion event in human history. 911 eclipsed it.

In 1940 Cantril wrote "The Invasion From Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic".

The Rockefeller Foundation was especially interested in manipulating public opinion during wartime. Their 1939 report said: “The war in Europe has given this country an unusual opportunity for studying the development of public opinion, the changes which opinion undergoes under varying conditions, and the reasons for change.”

and that the project:

"would supply essential facts on the formation and trend of opinion from peace to war time and from one stage to another under the force of successive war crises. It is expected that further analysis of the data will demonstrate the influence of such factors as family relationship, educational experience, and

occupation; the group origins of reported intensity of opinion or apparent lack of it on many issues" They helped guide American public opinion as America joined World War II in 1941.

Rockefeller was moving their banking and oil interests into South America and were excited about using the new "soft power" of psychological operations to monitor and shape public opinion there. They funded Cantril and George Gallup to create "American Social Surveys" to assess public opinion in South

America. They did the same in the US. and Roosevelt used Cantril's findings to craft his speeches during the war. They also did projects with the Psychological Warfare Branch of Military Intelligence in North

Africa, the Department of State on US attitudes toward foreign affairs, and the Office of Strategic Services on German public opinion.

Over time, the Rockefellers especially, but many other groups funded ever more sophisticated public opinion monitoring and manipulation techniques and used them for both business and politics.

The War of the Worlds (radio drama)

That event seems to now be understood on at least 5 levels and was related to the study of propaganda for business and to get the US into World War II:

1. Dramatic Orson Welles radio show intended to move an audience

2. Rockefeller funded Princeton study to see how influenced a population could be by an emotionally powerful media

3. The real manipulation was to test whether people would believe that *others* would believe the performance was real and

become hysterical. Early investigation into shifting a population's beliefs about *other people*!

4. Denial of the panic as "fake news" and a "naturally arising" myth

5. Claim that newspaper stories created the myth because "radio was a threat to newspapers" and they wanted to discredit it.

c4be18  No.6966808


no matter who does it, if they stop, someone else can use the same method. That's part of the reason that using names doesn't work here.

28d403  No.6966810



11efdb  No.6966811

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You can never be too sure m8's

086cbf  No.6966812

If a current or former POTUS is found guilty of raping a kid/kids… against their will, the POTUS gets away with it? What about a murder? How in the Hell is that a thing? There is no line drawn as to how criminal the POTUS can be?

76f0f9  No.6966813

File: ce2cc6596458c16⋯.png (1.22 MB, 850x773, 850:773, 1540932638.png)


How do you feel about legacy media?

No shit sparky. You into swordyspam?

7b021b  No.6966814

The cabal sank a Russian sub with a DEW satellite so we blew up their base under China Lake!

b23ac2  No.6966815


POTUS and Barr know, and have known, about all this stuff for decades. And now both men are in the position to tear it down.

May God bless their endeavors and keep them safe from harm.

7cb882  No.6966816

File: ba2ba0839471861⋯.jpg (117 KB, 998x500, 499:250, Satan.jpg)


Oh! He dropped an F bomb. In that case, I'll quit.

You sir, are the savior of mankind.

Gold star props!


34cfd8  No.6966817

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ac2923  No.6966818


So much more about Wexner here:


Apologies for the formatting. Jewgle translate turned Hebrew into hash.

Translated article:

The Wexner Foundation of Deep State and the "enlightened" community under pressure in the light of the following revelations that we will bring you.

It is no coincidence that Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted pedophile whose case has been reopened for many minor charges alleging that Sears was among them for the elites, ran the Wexner Foundation until 2008. But since he left prison, he seems to have found another hidden tube to transfer his money.

It is well known that the "enlightened" clerics in Israel were trained under the Wexner Koret Scholarship at Harvard University in the USA.

It is no coincidence that the historian of the Deep State, Prof. Carol Quigley, used to call one of their prominent branches as Harvard Socialism.

At the Wexner Koret Foundation at the Kennedy School of Government. Between 2004 and 2005, Fado-Epstein, the enlightened, who managed, financed and worked closely with the Wexner Foundation, wanted to donate a lot of money to the same school that trains the fund's recipients. To this end he often spoke with David Gergen, a professor at the same school, but despite Epstein's seriousness, when a routine routine examination revealed problems in his past, the connection slowly broke.

The Harvard Crimson

Epstein, however, found ways to continually contribute to other avenues of Harvard, one way was Lawrence Summers, an economist who served Clinton and Obama, who sat with Epstein at the Central State Committee, the CFR, and the Tripartite Commission The hard core of the CFR, founded by Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brazinski). Another Wexner Foundation director, Itamar Rabinovitch, sits on the tripartite committee.

In 2003, Epstein donated $ 25 million to build a new faculty at Harvard to study evolutionary dynamics (a science that combines mathematics and biology in an attempt to find hidden algorithms in nature), and even earned his name as part of the department's name, which Summers was happy to give him. And felt the need to obtain Wexner's approval in person.

Note: Summers not only sat with Epstein in panels of globalists, he also apparently stayed with him on his private plane called "Lolita Express" due to evidence gathered against him by minors.

In 2006, when Epstein's trial began, Harvard University decided to maintain a donation in the millions already accepted by Epstein's commitment to evolutionary dynamics for the faculty.

The Harvard Crimson

How is it that the Kennedy School of Government has come across compartmentalization without a problem getting full access to the Wexner blessing?

It's not over here. Even then Epstein had many contacts at the university. But after he was released from jail for soliciting minors for prostitution, apparently as part of the gang of influential lobbyists in the world, he maintained contact and funding for the university, which first exposure here will show that he arrives at the Kennedy School of Government, Which he conducted until 2008.


4cb50e  No.6966819

File: 435a7b401af785f⋯.png (117.19 KB, 615x815, 123:163, japan.PNG)

Japanese Q -THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD- (日本語吹替版)


e2b917  No.6966821


The idea that the blackmail evidence is offshore makes more sense than he keep the only copies in a safe at his NY addy.

Maybe the offshore evidences are originals attached to a dead man's switch?

Or what was found in NY were just active files (copies) in use at the time?

Somewhere the pedo island tapes have to exist.

There's no way this guy had a cc system set up that wasn't recording.

Maybe in addition a live feed going somewhere.

That SRA survivor (don't recall name) who used to come around (the one who claimed Q rescued him) said the shit done to him was live fed / taped using a security company's (ADF?) system.

e50b13  No.6966822

File: b03cacb845cb777⋯.png (176.18 KB, 512x501, 512:501, 3367.png)

File: 6ea1a74f04ec872⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1419x1127, 1419:1127, DR GAO YAOJIE.png)

File: 41d5d8468c5256e⋯.png (610.81 KB, 947x786, 947:786, DR GAO YAOJIE 2.png)

File: 5f1f7e0413b7220⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1199x1712, 1199:1712, VITAL VOICES BOD.png)

File: 899a1dd32983b2a⋯.png (339.13 KB, 962x892, 481:446, VV.png)




Dr. Gao Yaojie





Boards and memberships

9 Story Media Group, Board Member

Acumen Fund, Advisor

Betaworks, Board Member

Katapult, Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder

Springboard, Advisor

2007-present: Symantec, Board Member; Compensation Committee[8]

1997-present: Vassar College, Board of Trustees; 2010-14: President of the Alumnae/i Association of Vassar College (AAVC); Co-Chair of Vassar Presidential Search Committee[9]

Vital Voices, Advisor

Past positions

2010-2015: Alloy Media + Marketing, Chairman of the Board

Cable Positive, Honorary Chair

2013-2015: Defy Media, Chairman of Board

2008-2102: Electronic Arts

2009-2013: JC Penney



National Cable & Telecommunications Association

National Council for Families and Television

New York Women in Film & Television, Advisory Board Member

The White House Project


Advertising Hall of Fame

Alliance for Women in Media, Genii Award

Annenberg Public Policy Center, Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to Children and Television Award

Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame

Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM), Grand Tam Award

2004: The Cable Center, Hall of Fame[10]

Creative Coalition, Spotlight Award

Entrepreneurs Club, Member[citation needed]

National Academy of Cable Programming, Governor’s Award

New York Women in Film & Television, Muse Award[citation needed]

2005: Paley Center for Media, She Made It[11]

Sara Lee Corporation, Frontrunner Award

1996: The Hollywood Reporter, 50 Most Influential Women in the Entertainment Industry, rank #1

Time, 25 Most Influential people in America

Women in Cable Award

University of Missouri–Kansas City, Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Women in Communications (New York), Matrix Award for Broadcasting


833f30  No.6966824

File: 4fe5a63166f8807⋯.jpg (529.9 KB, 1079x1722, 1079:1722, Screenshot_20190709-105250….jpg)

File: 65c760a64cbaf1e⋯.jpg (298.91 KB, 1079x1720, 1079:1720, Screenshot_20190709-105307….jpg)

File: 79edc665fd1ae58⋯.jpg (338.63 KB, 1079x1700, 1079:1700, Screenshot_20190709-105319….jpg)

File: c8dcd824bed3447⋯.jpg (520.31 KB, 1076x1681, 1076:1681, Screenshot_20190709-105332….jpg)

File: 4835d70cd46cb1d⋯.jpg (504.4 KB, 1079x1658, 1079:1658, Screenshot_20190709-105349….jpg)


b23ac2  No.6966825



Patriots take care of Patriots.

ac2923  No.6966826



In recent days, Epstein's new covert fund has been discovered that is donating funds to all kinds of places, and even to a number of projects and institutions at Harvard. Gratitude America LTD. (Not to be confused with another non-profit organization ending in INC.)

The Daily Beast

Among other things, money comes from the Hasty Pudding Club, the oldest social group in Harvard. The "Crocodiles" group of the university also received a donation.

Interestingly, however, a $ 110,000 donation came from a non-profit organization called Verse Video Education that produced a documentary called Poetry in America for PBS. According to the organization's tax returns, the director is both the anchor and creator of the film, New Summers, the wife of Lawrence Summers mentioned above. She received a good salary for her work from Epstein, which is what her husband today is one of the professors of the Kennedy School of Government where the Wexner Foundation fellows are being trained.

Did Epstein find a circular way to pass the money? Is this time also authorized by Wexner himself?

His association, incidentally, also contributes quite a bit to the International Peace Institute, which sits at the UN and is run by Terje Rød-Larsen, one of the architects of the Oslo disaster.

34cfd8  No.6966829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

335958  No.6966830

File: 6d17398b040691c⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 720x418, 360:209, how-to-get-rich.jpg)

9da436  No.6966832


Do US Attorneys normally run city mugging cases?

f220d0  No.6966833

File: 1ea4fd9c89e0dd6⋯.jpg (11.64 KB, 340x277, 340:277, fingas.jpg)

5b11f0  No.6966834

Hate to use wiki, but this is interesting:

"Perot became heavily involved in the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue. He believed that hundreds of American servicemen were left behind in Southeast Asia at the end of the U.S. involvement in the war, and that government officials were covering up POW/MIA investigations to avoid revealing a drug-smuggling operation used to finance a secret war in Laos."


580227  No.6966835

File: dddfc1a74221408⋯.jpg (42.54 KB, 400x400, 1:1, d5c978dc78ebf8a7600565494a….jpg)



Well said anon.

05fbc2  No.6966836

File: db9e641742c6afe⋯.gif (3.01 MB, 350x193, 350:193, 1562039128619.gif)

File: 2891c00a0e1c3ef⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 279x235, 279:235, Tucker.gif)

File: 0fae59ea0bc7a01⋯.png (1.17 MB, 887x1015, 887:1015, barpipes.png)

34cfd8  No.6966837

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b23ac2  No.6966838


With a Bel in the middle.

dfbea1  No.6966839


True, also not my point.

Guise, Ivanka appears to be acknowledging the record number of Q drops!

2f1949  No.6966841


Yea, right I noticed that

42418a  No.6966842

POTUS is BAITing them so hard, to make them believe that he is somehow involved in this Epstein shit.

How the fuck can they always fall into the trap?

Insane. So much money and so little brain they have.

Shit looks so easy.

129b1b  No.6966843





You will never defeat an enemy you do not understand.

34cfd8  No.6966844

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b23ac2  No.6966845



Anything SC and JS write is notable.

This is about Gen. Flynn being exonerated.

e35974  No.6966846

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nancy Pelosi says Trump wants to 'make America white again' with citizenship question

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sharply criticized President Trump's repeated efforts to have a question about citizenship on the 2020 census. Pelosi claimed in a Monday press conference that Trump's insistence on adding the question was "disgraceful" and that he wants to "make America white again." The president has been outspoken in his advocacy of having the question on the upcoming census claiming that it would serve to protect minority voters, an idea that has been rejected by his opposition. Many congressional Democrats have fought to keep the question off as they feel it could discourage immigrants from participating in the census, therefore weakening the amount of money communities could be entitled to based on population.

Pelosi further accused the president and his administration of malicious intent saying, "They want to make sure that people, certain people, are counted … Just their people vote and not the general population … That’s why they’re fighting the census." Pelosi further claimed the question was "not what our founders had in mind.'

The Supreme Court blocked the administration's measure to have the question added last month, returning the decision to lower courts. In the decision, Chief Justice John Roberts cited a lack of evidence presented by the Commerce Department for adding the question but left open the possibility that the question could be added if the correct justification is made. Attorney General William Barr also indicated on Monday that there could be a new way for the Justice Department to add the question. The latest Economist/YouGov poll found that the majority of Americans, 53%, want the citizenship question on the census while only 32% opposed the idea.


b1d6ea  No.6966847

Yeah, yeah, sure. KeK!


1865ae  No.6966848

>>6966001 (PB)

SK in the Epstein flight logs is likely his helper Sarah Kellen. https://www.thedailybeast.com/jeffrey-epsteins-alleged-accomplices-where-are-sarah-kellen-nadia-marcinkova-adriana-ross-and-lesley-groff?ref=home

6a0190  No.6966850




US Navy Vice Admiral Ronald A. Boxall—who during a discussion on directed energy weapon systems on warships stated: “We are going to burn the boats if you will and move forward with this technology.”

310d6e  No.6966851


Find your sauce for the first point and anon might listen.

34cfd8  No.6966852

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

72dbf8  No.6966853


No. That was the Corinthia Hotel.

3cfebb  No.6966854

File: 9359d2bd44a9548⋯.png (693.84 KB, 803x630, 803:630, adam perry long.PNG)



Is fleur PERYY LaNG divorced from Adam Perry lang, friend of Jimmy kimmel

Jan 28, 2019

Adam Perry Lang was arrested at the home of his friend, Jimmy Kimmel, over the weekend, and while details surrounding the incident are very bizarre, it appears there is an answer to why the chef was at Kimmel's house in the first place.

Lang, who runs celebrity hotspot APL Restaurant in Hollywood, was arrested early Sunday morning after allegedly being involved in a phone call to cops claiming he had shot his girlfriend with a high-powered rifle. Cops also say the caller threatened, "he had planted two bombs in and around his residence and was waiting for Officers to show up."

An attorney for Lang claims the restauranteur had nothing to do with the call, and Kimmel, who was not present at the incident, believes the whole thing may have been a "swatting" call. The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host bailed his friend out of jail, and revealed that the chef has been living at his Hermosa beach home.

Sources close to the situation tell The Blast Lang just woke up Sunday morning with missed calls on his phone, walked outside and was arrested. We're told those close to the chef believe it is strange that he was actually handcuffed.

As for why Lang is living with Kimmel, it may have something to do with the fact he's involved in an ongoing divorce with his wife of almost 20 years, Fleur Perry

Lang filed for divorce in December 2017 against Fleur, and listed the date of separation as October after getting married in June 1999. The couple has two minor children, and Lang was seeking joint custody.

However, in November 2018 Fleur responded to her estrange husband's divorce filing and requested that she get primary custody of the children, with Lang getting visitation. She also disputed the date of their marriage, as well as the date of their separation, and is seeking spousal support

It makes sense Kimmel would help out his BFF, as the star has been influential in getting APL Restaurant tons of publicity on his social media channels. Lang even provided food for the crew of the Oscars when Kimmel hosted in 2018.

Lang has not publicly commented yet regarding the arrest over the weekend, and sources close to Kimmel tell The Blast they are waiting to hear more from law enforcement as investigators try to get to the bottom of the incident.

Police note that when Lang was arrested for felony criminal threats, there were "no explosive devices, weapons" or any shooting victims located.

b23ac2  No.6966855


Some of us took that oath as young men.

That oath does not expire.

f77a4a  No.6966856

A healthy tan would be ok!

d13092  No.6966857

File: 5b7e6c97f3071d2⋯.jpg (9.67 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, _0001_18.jpg)

File: b50c1f4f5cfb88b⋯.jpg (142.87 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DJDyCmfXYAA1kMt.jpg)



the Truth will set you Free



because hurricanes fucking suck

34cfd8  No.6966858

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

893a64  No.6966859


if she's white, and Trump supporters would gladly put a plastic bag over her head, doesn't that mean we AREN'T racist?

dc7932  No.6966860

File: 52ef8a41e026aee⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 740x317, 740:317, rg19.jpg)


I'll be ready at the top of the next bread if you're looking for a handoff.

Thank you baker!

8675bd  No.6966861



Those pictures be the reminders that others are in existence….

Pay us to keep it dark….


129b1b  No.6966862




We are playing chess.

[They] are playing Go.

Learn a new game or lose.

cd61c8  No.6966863


Odd seems you’re on here to tell everyone about a “larp” which by your actions you contradict yourself…. or you wouldn’t be wasting your time… sit back enjoy the show… it’s about to get good

b23ac2  No.6966864


Sex Trafficker EO in full effect, Tom.

Say bye-bye to your ill gotten gains.

Say hello to Bubba.

166817  No.6966865


This is great. Who better to be at the wheel of the crashing democrat clown car?

5afca6  No.6966866

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


af9396  No.6966867

Fox news segment on juiced baseballs. On pace for 6668 home runs this season. Fuck even baseball is compromised

34cfd8  No.6966868

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f228e6  No.6966869

File: ca41f8180c2ed3e⋯.jpg (84.15 KB, 403x354, 403:354, P1020216 (1).jpg)

867977  No.6966870

Narrative shift in progress…

Value of shift is weak with some mild fake news.

3 day forecast looks shilly with increased outrage.

Maintain situational awareness.

76f5e4  No.6966871


Desperation.. they are playing all their cards hoping something sticks

ac2923  No.6966872


Whoo boy just re-reading this

So Epstein had the goods on Harvard's President, Lawrence Summers, with pedo blackmail? Is that why he was fired?


Gawd, what a wiki

I feel dirty after reading it :-p

2f1949  No.6966873

File: a249866157bf623⋯.jpg (116.48 KB, 450x631, 450:631, hard.jpg)


>AG Barr

Barr is a legend

“Why should you have them?”

3cfebb  No.6966874

File: 9359d2bd44a9548⋯.png (693.84 KB, 803x630, 803:630, adam perry long.PNG)


are they killing off these old people and taking their money.

is that what AC is only getting $1M

the cabal needs their money

13f7fd  No.6966876


Nancy, Q is saying you blocked him.

Would you like to comment?

2710b5  No.6966877

…so.. of all the anons who have Sweet Dreams earworming now, how many are Lennox vs. Manson?

b23ac2  No.6966879


Interdasting, as I've always been repelled by Apple, even before I figured out that their logo is the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden, post-Fall of Man.

34cfd8  No.6966880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4edfda  No.6966881

File: fea3e7d8ee97f89⋯.jpg (10.73 KB, 250x255, 50:51, wink.jpg)


invasive procedures cost lots more than bread!

19ea9c  No.6966883

42844d  No.6966884



>>6957638 (pb) protocol breach, ugh!

6df7ac  No.6966885


>. 52% of new jobs went to foreign-born

yeah, it was so much better paying them welfare dollars to sit home

now Trumps got them working - hes a real nazi

22c987  No.6966886

File: 9b0ea272f977fda⋯.png (280.65 KB, 418x342, 11:9, katie couric dancing 1.PNG)

File: 59f5eec0ad0a18e⋯.png (268.11 KB, 596x342, 298:171, jeffrey epstein.PNG)

File: 9d1c2314cb244a4⋯.png (251.4 KB, 345x351, 115:117, katie couric dancing 2.PNG)

File: a1131279ff99117⋯.png (501.99 KB, 622x344, 311:172, epstein island cams.PNG)

b23ac2  No.6966887


I think that's an effort to apply the Hatch Act to Q.

36bec1  No.6966888

File: 6f889be3d333888⋯.jpg (50.12 KB, 412x432, 103:108, 6f889be3d333888a7b2350e7de….jpg)

File: 7d1f51d57198c54⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 500x379, 500:379, 7d1f51d57198c5480a70b28cf7….gif)

File: 1109cef5c4c8ef4⋯.jpg (24.14 KB, 290x290, 1:1, 1109cef5c4c8ef4b04be5d9742….jpg)

File: bfc7988c4413ca2⋯.png (93.85 KB, 555x363, 185:121, bfc7988c4413ca24491699b14b….png)

File: 3a2d0481fcf31be⋯.png (795.3 KB, 550x730, 55:73, ee72d6f917de7320a91a5edf3f….png)

>>6966807 (cont'd)

Information War

History of social control systems.

[Henry Murray, Harvard, more to come]

From late 1959 to early 1962, Murray was responsible for experiments that have come widely to be considered unethical, in which he used twenty-two Harvard undergraduates as research subjects. Among other goals, experiments sought to measure individuals' responses to extreme stress.

The unwitting undergraduates were submitted to what Murray called "vehement, sweeping and personally abusive" attacks. Specifically-tailored assaults to their egos, cherished ideas and beliefs were used to cause high levels of stress and distress. The subjects then viewed recorded footage of their reactions to this verbal abuse repeatedly.

Among them was 17-year-old Ted Kaczynski, a mathematician who went on to become the Unabomber, a domestic terrorist targeting academics and technologists for 18 years.[5] Alston Chase's book Harvard and the Unabomber: The Education of an American Terrorist connects Kaczynski's abusive experiences under Murray to his later criminal career.[5] In 1960, Timothy Leary started research in psychedelic drugs at Harvard, which Murray is said to have supervised.

Murray's experiments were part of, or indemnified by, the US Government's research

into mind control known as the MK ULTRA project .

Since the days of Key and Cantril and Murray, fMRI and ingenious experiments by behavioral economists like Daniel Kahneman, Dan Ariely and many others have confirmed in a multitude of ways that habits,hunches, and conditioned responses is responsible for almost all non-formal human decision making.

Even complex, procedural logic driven human decision-making has an intuitive component, which anyone involved with the advertising, market research or media content production knows. For this reason, tactics and technologies which reliably influence the unconscious component of mind are highly

developed. National, regional and local media are freighted with sounds, symbols and images, unperceived messages targeting consumers' unconscious, to be retained and held in memory to influence future decision-making.

As professor Wilson Bryan Key put it, “In spite of the evidence presented in this book, most

Americans will still find it difficult to believe that their trusted, high-credibility information sources long ago betrayed them into the hands of profit hungry marketing executives who have quietly researched, developed and exhaustively applied a subliminal technology of communication that is now driving every

larger segments of the population to pathological behaviors. “

Subliminal and subsonic influence tactics are seldom discussed in legacy media, not because the tactics

are ineffective and rarely used, but because they are so effective that the advertising-supported media

superorganism considers them critical to the function of the industry. Subliminal advertising is illegal,

though the laws against it are both feeble and likely unenforceable, having been openly transgressed for

the term of their existence and since the business model of advertising supported media depends on

their nullity. The manipulation of individuals, identity groups and national populations after world war 2

was held critical to “national security;” subliminals are key to that manipulation. Advertising and media

content targeting viewer’s unconscious mind has been augmented by techniques like hypnotic

induction, subsonic “whisper” acoustics and images which stimulate aggression, sexual arousal or

instinctual response. As previously noted, the power of these exploits, their depth of penetration and range of their reach has been greatly enhanced by the advent of networked media technologies.

The presumed independence and competitive operation of entertainment and communications industry

is illusory. The media may be considered as a single functionally integrated parasitic organism which includes the advertising industry. “Simply expressed, what is consciously perceived by individuals, groups or nations has little or nothing to do with the physical, biological, economic and social realities the perceptions represent. “

34cfd8  No.6966890

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

310d6e  No.6966891

File: 6d8829f8a687fd6⋯.png (21.49 KB, 337x165, 337:165, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)


News on Flynn, just like we were promised.

b23ac2  No.6966892



Can hardly wait for BC and HRC to be admitted to some vague hospital somewhere.

34cfd8  No.6966893

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a21021  No.6966894

File: 3254f5e78f6f390⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1095, 75:73, D93534BE-BE77-45F8-B632-8….jpeg)


Love it

580227  No.6966895

File: 729936995098760⋯.jpg (52.95 KB, 500x607, 500:607, Slime Ball_1.jpg)

Biden is all but flushed he just leaving skid marks on the side of the bowl on the way down and if Kamala Harris is all the Dems got then America will be safe for four more years.

75895d  No.6966896

File: 0699a9d7c36449c⋯.png (237.9 KB, 605x630, 121:126, twitter_com_politico_statu….png)

File: 79d7db41011a26b⋯.png (18.47 KB, 675x132, 225:44, D_C3rgdWkAQoJUy.png)

File: 559cb920b2fc24f⋯.png (69.82 KB, 685x513, 685:513, D_C4h3bXoAEYzpW.png)

this entire article is begging people to read a garbage, political hit job of a report while admitting that the vast majority of people, including in congress, haven't read it. Absolutely hysterical.


1810fe  No.6966897

Court papers show Kirsten Gillibrand’s father worked for NXIVM


93351b  No.6966898

File: 2d881abdb7dc32f⋯.png (514.65 KB, 1166x586, 583:293, ComeyHighPoweredProjection….png)

Anons, if you haven't taken a look at the latest technology check out this Comey projection unit.

- 40 lm/W High Output P.D.E.D.s

- State of the art Conscience Avoidance Circuit

- Best in class self-preservation processing unit

- Both a Compromised Integrity Magnifier and a DNC Comms Rectifier

- FISA Obsfucation Lenses

- Nano-Coated, Deep State Optics Pack

I haven't a clue what these things cost but from the vitriol and tweets a unit like this couldn't have come cheap.

I don't Twatter. One of you fags please respond to this tweet ( https://twitter.com/Comey/status/1148598640337936385 ) with this image.

e35974  No.6966900

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Former White House Clinton spox: 'Jeffrey Epstein’s not part' of Clinton's circle

Former President Bill Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart denied Jeffrey Epstein was good friends with the Clintons during an appearance on Tuesday morning. The denial comes as Epstein, the well-connected billionaire, was arrested and is facing new charges for child sex trafficking. "On the Clinton matter, I stay in touch with the Foundation, and I know, you know, to clear up the trips versus the flights, I think the number was 26 or 27. Each of these trips, and I have been on many of these trips where you go to Asia or you go to Africa, and each flight is counted. So each trip will be six or seven different flights. I know most of the Clinton circle. Jeffrey Epstein’s not part of it. I've never met the guy," Lockhart said. "I've met most of the president’s friends, but all of this should come out," he said.

Lockhart then turned his attention to Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, who was part of the federal prosecutor team that made a deal with Epstein that resulted in him avoiding 10 years of jail for similar charges. "No one questions Alex Acosta’s judgment in letting this guy go through. It’s all about, well, will this look bad on the president, and I don’t think someone like Acosta would ever have been nominated by another president, if they had done vetting, but certainly wouldn’t have lasted this long," he said.

In a statement released by his current press secretary on Monday, Clinton claimed to know "nothing about the terrible crimes" Epstein is charged with. "In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein's airplane: One to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation. Staff, supporters of the Foundation, and his Secret Service detail traveled on every leg of every trip," the statement explained. "He's not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein's ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida," it added.


893a64  No.6966901


Anything that was meant to capture our attention is comped.

Think about how many things the devil threw at us.

IG, MTV, processed foods, drugs, chemicals, movies, music, clothing, the catholic church, subverted gov't, Tider, and on and on.


34cfd8  No.6966902

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

weappon of choice

was a warning

af9396  No.6966903


Allow me to simpify: make America full of only Americans again. thank me later.

9b54e0  No.6966904


>>>BuT MuH LaCK oF PrOOfS

13f7fd  No.6966905


Fitton needs to get those docs we need answers here.

11efdb  No.6966906


>>6966587 (((Twatter))) updates rules against "hateful conduct" - clearly covering for you know who (see their examples)

>>6966617 Lindsey Graham Open To Investigating Acosta-Epstein Plea Deal

>>6966639 Seems to be a lot of water related posting going on (Watch The Water)

>>6966596 , >>6966611 , >>6966623 , >>6966628 , >>6966656 Nymag.com Article: So….Was QAnon Right?

>>6966655 , >>6966589 Michael Flynn's New Brief Shines Sunlight On Prosecutors Tactics

>>6966586 Michael Flynn won't testify against former business partner

>>6966818 , >>6966826 , >>6966773 More on Epstein, Wexner and Israel Connections

>>6966846 Nancy Pelosi says Trump wants to 'make America white again' with citizenship question

b23ac2  No.6966907



Good. Without ACLJ and Tom Fitton's FOIA requests, we wouldn't know 1/3 of what we now know.

8fe2cd  No.6966908

File: 1bd9562a8f415ce⋯.png (187.31 KB, 1440x1199, 1440:1199, Screenshot_20190709-110159….png)

File: e6eeba6200c787c⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1440x1072, 90:67, Screenshot_20190709-110036….png)

Ben Garrison quoting Q

2f1949  No.6966909

File: 3e2e30a9066d151⋯.png (957.67 KB, 902x665, 902:665, serveimage.png)

dbdd82  No.6966910

File: ed20dc13a9be8a2⋯.jpg (16.85 KB, 416x416, 1:1, fidelity-investments_416x4….jpg)


I never paid attention to corporate logos before coming here. Then I get something in the mail about my 401K and I see this.

Very disheartening. They are everywhere.

129b1b  No.6966911

>>6966786 Beautiful, TY.

>>6966736 Fail forward, learn fast. Great work.

>>6966803 Q. Who are the [enemies] of humanity?


2710b5  No.6966912


You know she and Demi Moore - where'd she go? - ran together.

d0e684  No.6966913

File: 7e0dd1ca6c25ea6⋯.jpeg (42.11 KB, 550x448, 275:224, bz-5cfc0a2dad437.jpeg)

File: 873658427e858f9⋯.png (147.73 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, trylwc.png)

Throw of your shackles and shekles.

833f30  No.6966915


That's hilld9g in the middle

76f5e4  No.6966916


Routine check up finds cancer?

ce34d5  No.6966917

File: 773a5e7c75fde1f⋯.jpeg (444.5 KB, 750x1035, 50:69, E8866715-5257-4D74-8F0C-3….jpeg)

Virginia Frens:

#BREAKING Virginia Senate GOP majority whip resigns in protest after Majority Leader Tommy Norment proposes banning guns in government buildings


e905b0  No.6966918

36bec1  No.6966919

File: 2a375dda8f22604⋯.jpg (397.47 KB, 1287x729, 143:81, 2a375dda8f22604dc3d569988b….jpg)

File: 2c87192a1f9d151⋯.jpg (85.04 KB, 800x468, 200:117, 2c87192a1f9d151fed3046f56e….jpg)

File: 4b85654f8699c75⋯.jpeg (158.4 KB, 1242x931, 1242:931, 4b85654f8699c757ff1c5ff20….jpeg)

File: 00bb8dc8f73e728⋯.png (344.73 KB, 1046x626, 523:313, 05b568ab5aa9c1f390d3e3e43f….png)

File: 6cd3580bf37a12b⋯.jpeg (33.01 KB, 532x351, 532:351, 6ec091f691cf0bb9b33da88da….jpeg)


Advertising supported media viewers are not citizens whom broadcasters compete to inform but consumer victims to be coerced and manipulated until pacified and enslaved.

Advertising supported legacy media is not a passive partner in subversion - they are the "experts" in social control, supposed Master of Social Programming, planners of and profit participants in, the exploitation and slaughter of the public; and today they’re principal architects of an psychological warfare campaign intended to destroy America.

Subversion is nothing new advertising supported media has been for sale since advertising supported media came into being. Karl Kraus the Viennese satirist, documented the media’s role in fomenting the incompetent and disastrous charade of WW I. One of Kraus’s recent translators, Michael Russell, summarizes, “Kraus saw a powerful influential press in Vienna becoming ever more mendacious, manipulative, corrupt and self-serving, forming ever stronger ties with the aristocratic, industrial, financial and above all political elites of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later, after the war, with the struggling democracy of a new Austria.”

Kraus recognized (as did many at that time) the media was an apocalyptic threat, creating a false reality, one which it was impossible to reject publicly without being considered a fool or a mad man.

Since Kraus’s day the advertising-media superorganism has developed technologically and consolidated economically until six five companies today enjoy near total control over all human communication. 99% everything we learn about the world comes to us today through a screen. This has created an extended perceptual loop, information we receive about the world via a screen is treated the same way that information about the world which we receive via our senses - it is trusted.

Kraus knew, again, as many people did then, that the first world war was started for profit and that the advertising supported media complex - newspapers and magazines in that day - were not passive agents reporting this, but active partners in fomenting and initiating the war and provoking public fear, hatred and palpably fraudulent patriotism to support it.

The media participated directly in the profits reaped by their advertisers; bankers, arms makers, suppliers of goods and services.

Advertising supported media organizations prospered so greatly from the first, mass mechanized, slaughter of civilian populations in the history of warfare, that they’ve been at it ever since.

Six companies today exert near total control over the entirety of human mass communication. As they danced, they sang: "Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands."

89e464  No.6966920

File: c39c4343e868360⋯.png (236.03 KB, 612x408, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


She really gets around.

dfbea1  No.6966921



Ivanka Trump appears to acknowledge the record number of Q drops last night and seems to say that she is Q too.

77b0c4  No.6966922

File: 536e567892a3e5f⋯.jpg (386.13 KB, 1080x1383, 360:461, Screenshot_20190709-110318….jpg)

Barr's recusal https://twitter.com/FOOL_NELSON/status/1148623482609123333?s=19

8ed4c0  No.6966924


quite impossible to tell, no?

138120  No.6966925

File: fc2ccbabdcbcec8⋯.jpg (216.57 KB, 743x775, 743:775, popeye1.jpg)

Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated key Hizballah political and security figures leveraging their privileged positions to facilitate Hizballah’s malign agenda and do Iran’s bidding. Specifically, OFAC designated Hizballah Members of Parliament Amin Sherri and Muhammad Hasan Ra’d, and Hizballah security official Wafiq Safa, for acting for or on behalf of Hizballah. These individuals were designated under Executive Order (E.O.) 13224, which targets terrorists and those providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism.


893a64  No.6966926


tits too small.

The on epstein island has some bazookas. Big flappy saggy ones. Like NP.

34cfd8  No.6966927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

97afad  No.6966928

Q confirmed the Storm has arrived

8fe2cd  No.6966929

>>6966908 (me)

Forgot sauce


76f0f9  No.6966930

File: 9ec9e88c03e4b8c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1209x713, 39:23, 1557578748.png)



Swordy and his bitches will be here for another 6 hours. If we're really lucky he'll handoff to a clone.

f30eec  No.6966931

File: cf4ff1b118b84a3⋯.gif (989.86 KB, 500x220, 25:11, original (2).gif)

b23ac2  No.6966932


She's a woman who was abused as a child.

She's a woman who abused children.

She's a photographer.

I wonder how much of the cp she personally shot.

63f047  No.6966933



==baker using muh jew (((echos))) again? shill much?

need a reminder what Q and anons are fighting?

Hint: owls, satan, cult, ….MASONRY & ILLUMINATI

2f1949  No.6966934


Brah, check out;

The outer light


and also the outer dark


He's also on steemit and dtube

cd61c8  No.6966935

Wow. Qs most recent drops call out Jeffrey Epstein, Les Wexner and Tom Steyer. Connect the dots: 3 billionaires. We need to dig, dig, dig on these 3.

03c4c7  No.6966936


when you've been lying and cheating for so long, you get lazy and stupid

07aa0c  No.6966938

And now everybody:

When the shit goes dowwwwwn

(You) better be READY!


42844d  No.6966939


one big Cuck-O-Rama protecting the perv!

833f30  No.6966940


I'm still going with killary.. that haircut

b23ac2  No.6966941


Small Red Pill: Q has always been right.

Biggest Red Pill: Everything in the bible is true.

580227  No.6966942

File: 6144189647b59ef⋯.png (402.72 KB, 651x700, 93:100, Screenshot_20190708-084228….png)

File: 957fe80add3d8c4⋯.png (463.66 KB, 1080x883, 1080:883, Screenshot_20190709-075840….png)

When she combs her hair she looks a hell of a lot better.

Is her 15 minutes up yet..

34cfd8  No.6966943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c818bc  No.6966944


I would not assume anything myself. I don't read anything into that except she is speaking of the economy.

637a0f  No.6966945

13671c  No.6966946

File: 8c87d9a4602e3ed⋯.jpg (206.03 KB, 811x1200, 811:1200, starblazerstybaker.jpg)

2f1949  No.6966947

File: 42e563523d96b73⋯.jpg (39.53 KB, 408x612, 2:3, eec60fb2c7107729bc45ffff85….jpg)


She does don't she…………

f228e6  No.6966948

File: dd370ae857115aa⋯.jpg (289.17 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, racebait.jpg)

5afca6  No.6966949

File: 2c9f845698539f2⋯.png (1.36 MB, 713x1209, 23:39, ClipboardImage.png)

0a21f9  No.6966950

File: b7868fd0e128ea3⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 3054x3814, 1527:1907, King David Playing Harp.jpg)

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 49:

The Folly of Trust in Riches

A Psalm of the Sons of Korah.

49 Hear this, all peoples!

Give ear, all inhabitants of the world,

2 both low and high,

rich and poor together!

3 My mouth shall speak wisdom;

the meditation of my heart shall be understanding.

4 I will incline my ear to a proverb;

I will solve my riddle to the music of the lyre.

5 Why should I fear in times of trouble,

when the iniquity of my persecutors surrounds me,

6 men who trust in their wealth

and boast of the abundance of their riches?

7 Truly no man can ransom himself,

or give to God the price of his life,

8 for the ransom of his life is costly,

and can never suffice,

9 that he should continue to live on for ever,

and never see the Pit.

10 Yea, he shall see that even the wise die,

the fool and the stupid alike must perish

and leave their wealth to others.

11 Their graves are their homes for ever,

their dwelling places to all generations,

though they named lands their own.

12 Man cannot abide in his pomp,

he is like the beasts that perish.

13 This is the fate of those who have foolish confidence,

the end of those who are pleased with their portion. Selah

14 Like sheep they are appointed for Sheol;

Death shall be their shepherd;

straight to the grave they descend,

and their form shall waste away;

Sheol shall be their home.

15 But God will ransom my soul from the power of Sheol,

for he will receive me. Selah

16 Be not afraid when one becomes rich,

when the glory of his house increases.

17 For when he dies he will carry nothing away;

his glory will not go down after him.

18 Though, while he lives, he counts himself happy,

and though a man gets praise when he does well for himself,

19 he will go to the generation of his fathers,

who will never more see the light.

20 Man cannot abide in his pomp,

he is like the beasts that perish.

34cfd8  No.6966951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

129b1b  No.6966952


Q. What is the QE(:E)2?

Connect the dots.

11efdb  No.6966953

File: 126dd9373daae29⋯.gif (25.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Baker Jam.gif)

65f86a  No.6966954

File: a0195c717fc2d21⋯.png (80.56 KB, 789x618, 263:206, ark-senator.png)

"The FBI has intervened in the murder investigation of former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, according to federal agents who detailed what the Republican politician was investigating prior to her grisly murder.

Collins-Smith was gunned down and her body was discovered outside her home about two hours northeast of Little Rock on June 4. She suffered multiple gunshot wounds.


With a murder suspect already in custody, however, federal law enforcement sources revealed Collins-Smith, at the time of her death, was probing child pornography cases linking to a child trafficking syndicate in Arkansas.


The FBI sources would not say whether the former senator was working with the FBI prior to her death. But federal insiders said the FBI began interviewing witnesses in the case in recent weeks. Also the Secret Service has taken an interest in the case as well, though FBI sources would not elaborate on the Secret Service’s role."


dfbea1  No.6966955


Under ordinary circumstances I would agree. But, timing is everything.

03c4c7  No.6966956


this anon gets it!!!!!!

833f30  No.6966957


These images are notable for connections, maybe start a list?

9c6ce4  No.6966958





Please delete the following from the first line of the current paste, thanks:

Q Research General #8910 Sweet Dreams Edition

ef5738  No.6966959


This is also very true.

A Christian patriot who wishes to mentally commit to serve God, family, and country could just say "Yes, I so commit".

e905b0  No.6966961

File: d75313dceb681ac⋯.png (274.63 KB, 560x481, 560:481, ClipboardImage.png)


Thanks for making my day….too dang funny!

(And no, I'm not Vincent Fusca!!)

b23ac2  No.6966962


This guy is light years ahead of me.



34cfd8  No.6966963

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

129b1b  No.6966964



How many meanings?


Bigger than you think.

49fe41  No.6966965


" And he really likes my dick"

e35974  No.6966966


I think that door swings both ways, anyone connected to the Clinton's on this level may have been equally involved, whether making arrangements, participating or helping with the cover up.

76f5e4  No.6966967


I bet she had a rough day at the office

da1f99  No.6966969

File: ef5166232ec6bbb⋯.png (615.75 KB, 980x906, 490:453, rutro.PNG)



76f0f9  No.6966970

File: d2c9ac8cd2eb406⋯.jpg (602.69 KB, 1080x1731, 360:577, 20190408_123317.jpg)

c818bc  No.6966971


dudes heads are dif as is the neck…but the neck is just fat.

580227  No.6966972

File: c3568e9ff14ab4c⋯.png (886.5 KB, 1021x764, 1021:764, Shit Bags.png)



The bottom will fall out on the Obama's have patience.

4edfda  No.6966973

File: ccc4a9af98beb5a⋯.png (535.56 KB, 800x948, 200:237, ClipboardImage.png)

60b972  No.6966974


Don't know for sure.

I think that US and City have overlapping jurisdiction in DC, much the way that counties and cities have overlapping jurisdictions to sort out.

I suspect, however, that 'run of the mill' murders are handled by the city. Seems reasonable, on the other hand, that SR case would get bumped up to Feds due to his high-profile federal connections.

ac2923  No.6966975


Daily Beast has already dug into Epstein's fraud charity "Gratitude America Ltd":


Not to be confused with GratitudeAmerica, Inc., a Florida nonprofit for veterans, Epstein’s latest private foundation doesn’t appear to have a website or online presence. The only traces of the group lie in tax returns, a fundraising site for multiple sclerosis, and a book of abstracts from a 2017 academic conference in California.

In 2016 and 2017, Gratitude America Ltd. funded an all-girls school in Manhattan, a youth tennis program, cancer charities, Harvard’s famous theater troupe, posh New York arts societies at Lincoln Center and the Met, and a nonprofit linked to the wife of a former Harvard president who flew on Epstein’s private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express” by the press.

Indeed, a review of tax returns reveals Epstein’s foundation donated at least $1.84 million to host of causes, including $15,000 to the Hewitt School, the elite private girls school on the Upper East Side; $30,000 to the O’Gorman Garden, a Harlem preschool; and $25,000 to the Junior Tennis Champions Center in College Park, Maryland.

Gratitude America’s biggest donations included a $375,000 payout to the International Peace Institute Inc., a New York think tank staffed by former United Nations officials and run by Norwegian diplomat Terje Rød-Larsen, and $225,000 to the Melanoma Research Alliance—both of which Epstein boasted of supporting financially in years past.

“He’s reckless, and he’s gotten more so,” one former business associate told Vanity Fair of Epstein, who owns mansions in Palm Beach, Florida and Manhattan’s Upper East Side, along with a ranch in New Mexico. “Money does that to you. He’s breaking the oath he made to himself—that he would never do anything that would expose him in the media.”

Gratitude America, Ltd. is run by a trio of Epstein operatives who were also involved in his previous nonprofits. Indeed, they were the only officers of the following now-shuttered groups: the C.O.U.Q. Foundation; J. Epstein Virgin Islands Foundation; and Epstein Interests.

Darren K. Indyke—a longtime Epstein lawyer—is vice president of Gratitude America, per the 2017 tax return. In the years prior, he was treasurer.

Indyke was active in all three of Epstein’s former foundations, as a trustee of Epstein Interests and vice president of both the C.O.U.Q. Foundation (also known as the Florida Science Foundation) and J. Epstein Virgin Islands Foundation (which went by Enhanced Education).

It was Indyke whom New York authorities contacted in March 2015 for information on why one of Epstein’s charities, the Virgin Islands-based Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, should be exempt from state law, Reuters reported. Months later, Indyke was present for the deposition of Dershowitz, and is currently representing Lana Pozhidaeva, the model whose nonprofit Epstein bankrolled in 2017, in a trademark application for her company.

Erika Kellerhals, a Virgin Islands tax attorney, is Gratitude America's secretary and treasurer. She was also secretary, treasurer and trustee of the J. Epstein Virgin Islands Foundation, according to a 2015 registration statement filed with the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau.

Kellerhals declined to comment when reached by The Daily Beast. Indyke and Kahn, reached by phone before hanging up, did not return further messages.

8e6b10  No.6966976


Pb/Lb Fuscafag

11efdb  No.6966977


Thanks, took it out

9db6c4  No.6966978

File: 79dc265d9ca8f74⋯.jpg (88.56 KB, 953x500, 953:500, lending tree dump pres 070….jpg)

File: af15e626530a7b6⋯.jpg (75.2 KB, 953x500, 953:500, lending tree dump.jpg)

File: fcdd8bb31e997e6⋯.png (497.63 KB, 499x513, 499:513, refi meme.PNG)

Lending Tree Pres. Sold $8.88m in shares-July 5

LendingTree, Inc. (LendingTree) is engaged in operating an online loan marketplace for consumers seeking loans and other credit-based offerings.

The Company's online marketplace provides consumers with access to product offerings from various lenders, which it refers to as Network Lenders, including mortgage loans,

home equity loans and lines of credit, reverse mortgage loans, auto loans, credit cards, personal loans, student loans, small business loans and other related offerings.

In addition, the Company offers tools and resources, including free credit scores that facilitate comparison shopping for these loans and other credit-based offerings.

The Company offers its products in categories, including mortgage products and non-mortgage products. Its mortgage products category includes its purchase and refinance products.

Its non-mortgage products include lending products and other products.

Number of employees : 535 people.



LendingTree, is America’s largest online lending marketplace. It connects borrowers with multiple lenders so they can find the best deals on loans, credit cards, deposit accounts, insurance and more.

LendingTree allows borrowers to shop and compare competitive rates and terms across an array of financial products. Founded in 1996 and launched nationally two years later, the company is headquartered in Charlotte,

North Carolina with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Chicago, Seattle and others.

LendingTree went through a successful IPO on February 15, 2000.

In May 2003, LendingTree, LLC was acquired by IAC/InterActiveCorp, former owner of Ticketmaster, Home Shopping Network and current owner of Match.com. In 2004, LendingTree acquired HomeLoanCenter.com and formed LendingTree Loans.

After 5 years, LendingTree spun off from IAC to join newly established Tree.com, Inc. Tree.com was the parent company of several brands and businesses in the financial services and real estate industries including LendingTree.com;

GetSmart.com; DegreeTree.com; LendingTreeAutos.com; and DoneRight.com.

In 2015 LendingTree disassembled the Tree.com umbrella to focus on its core brand, LendingTree, which now incorporates Business Loans, Personal Loans, Debt Consolidation, Free Credit Scores, and Student Loans

along with its core mortgage products Home Loans, Mortgage Refinance, and Home Equity.

In June 2016, LendingTree kicked off a streak of several corporate development deals with the acquisition of SimpleTuition, a company in the student loans space.

Subsequent acquisitions include CompareCards (2016),

DepositAccounts.com (2017), MagnifyMoney (2017), SnapCap (2017), Student Loan Hero (2018), QuoteWizard (2018), and ValuePenguin (2018).

In November 2016, LendingTree announced plans to invest $47 million and double the employee base of its Charlotte headquarters over the following five years. The online lender's corporate expansion would create 314 jobs during that time span.


2710b5  No.6966979

File: c03ce986dd76aa3⋯.png (21.29 KB, 255x256, 255:256, before.png)

File: fb3dec5319bac80⋯.jpg (105.9 KB, 897x504, 299:168, keaton.jpg)

b23ac2  No.6966980



Desperate attempt to pin the Epstein case on Trump.

ef5738  No.6966981


God bless you, mil anon patriot frens.

The world looked so different to us, back in my youth.

I cherish the opportunity to serve now.


5f0203  No.6966982

I will try this again since the bun from last night seems to be messed up. I posted this late last night.

Not sure if this has been dug up previously so I will post it considering how interesting it is.

Tom Steyers brother Jim Steyer

Jim Steyer - Steyer has been teaching courses as a professor at Stanford University in political science, education, civil rights and civil liberties for 28 years.[12][13] He also authored two books: The Other Parent: The Inside Story of the Media’s Effect on our Children, which focuses on the effects certain media and government regulators have on children, and Talking Back to Facebook: The Common Sense Guide to Raising Kids in the Digital Age.[14] His former students include New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and Chelsea Clinton, who he raved was such a “star student” that he hired her as a teaching assistant and research aide.[15]

Steyer founded his first child advocacy venture, Children Now, in 1988. Children Now was one of the main lobbying groups that fought for the three-hour-a-week educational children's programming quota which eventually became law. The group also became well known for publishing a “report card” on California’s children. This report card helped to shed light on important statistics. One of the red flags the report card raised was that one-fifth of California children lacked health insurance and only half were immunized.[16]

Shortly after starting Children Now, Steyer noticed a serious need for high-quality educational TV programs for kids. In response he started JP Kids in 1996, a for-profit company that produced such shows as "The Famous Jett Jackson", which aired on the Disney Channel. Steyer served as the company’s Chairman and CEO.[7] Under Steyer’s guidance, the company used various platforms to broadcast more educational and entertaining content. JP Kids also provided an online outlet for teens to share opinions, explore alternative points of views and discuss political and environmental topics.[17][9]

Steyer was awarded Stanford's highest teaching honor, the Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching, which is awarded annually to three Stanford professors, in 2010. Stanford students also voted for him to be Class Day speaker during Stanford’s graduation exercises.[18] In 2011, the New York Times reported that Steyer was helping build the Center for the Next Generation, a nonprofit that aims to influence public policy debates focused on national children’s and energy issues.[9]

When Google announced in January 2012 that it would be compiling data about users from across its many sites, Steyer was quoted as saying that "Even if the company believes that tracking users across all platforms improves their services, consumers should still have the option to opt out — especially the kids and teens who are avid users of YouTube, Gmail and Google Search.[19] In 2012, the Department of Education and the F.C.C. recruited Steyer as the chairman of the Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission, which enhances digital devices and curriculums in schools.[13][20] Steyer is also a partner with Hillary Clinton on the Too Small to Fail initiative.[21]

In June 2016, Steyer was included on Tech & Learning's 2016 List of the Most Influential People in Edtech.[22] That same year, Steyer launched the Common Sense Kids campaign through Common Sense Media creating "a mass army for kids" by focusing on children's issues in the political field.[23][13]

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Steyer

This guy has his hands in a lot of pies including Disney. Hmm, I wonder if there is some connection between this guy and that kid from Disney and the movie Grown Ups.

I also found and posted this:

>>6964064 (pb)

Holy shit!! Had no idea what brownstoning meant so I looked it up. KEK. Take a look at this.


Here is a link of someone who added a graphic >>6964117 (pb)

4ffc0f  No.6966983

File: 123a9f65ff44ade⋯.jpg (184.57 KB, 720x584, 90:73, a2293e689144dd42b87e49fe1d….jpg)


Damn…All sorts of digits.

89e464  No.6966984

File: 2eebd47451e6fbf⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1024x751, 1024:751, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2eebd47451e6fbf⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1024x751, 1024:751, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes she do. It's one big fucking club.

36bec1  No.6966985

File: d62835d02df5786⋯.jpg (557.45 KB, 740x1171, 740:1171, 15cb8180b85dc9e3c336a8ba53….jpg)

File: 9ef0e171983094d⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 825x638, 75:58, 280.gif)

File: d413e2797444301⋯.png (428.54 KB, 800x450, 16:9, d413e27974443013f6abbe0348….png)

File: d7497aa55109253⋯.png (365.3 KB, 1645x979, 1645:979, d7497aa55109253dd16572c17d….png)

Information War

aka non linear war, mind war, psyops etc


The unconscious is not subordinate to the conscious mind. There is nothing “sub” about the unconscious component of our mind. The unconscious is that part of our mind beyond the shifting perceptual border dividing what we consciously know from what we intuit or imagine.

The unconscious is what we know without being aware that we know it, the repository of our enduring belief systems, most cherished cultural values, attitudes and basic assumptions. By comparison our conscious opinions are transitory and superficial.

Behavioral economists and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and Dan Airley have both written bestselling books characterizing the nature of the unconscious component of mind sufficiently well to establish that it plays the dominant role in all our non-formal decision making. The unconscious component of mind can be, has been, conditioned to respond emotionally to consumer commodity products.

As Key, in the 1980s said, “Subliminal embedding can make celebrities, models, automobiles, food products, politicians or scapegoats or any other merchandise more attractive, exciting, flavorful and appealing. Modern media usually avoid confronting the audience with factual realities at the level of conscious perception. Fantasies are far more engaging than unembellished perceptions.”

The use of an array of tactics to baffle the perception in conflict is not new, nor is the strategy confined to the human species. Predators who exploit the perceptual deficiencies of prey are common in nature. As human hunters wear camouflage spread scents and simulate game calls to imitate prey animals, Paussid beetles forge chemical signals, blinding ant species they prey on to their presence among them in the nest. A famous human organization employed similar tactics. Hasan ibn Sabah’s Assassins. Sabah reputedly learned the art and science of mind control from priests of the mysteries in Egypt, but whatever the source, Sabah’s Assassins used hypnotic induction, symbolism, stage magic and drugs create a belief system which delivered 100 % loyalty from adherents, and instant complete compliance with leader’s instructions even “suicide missions.” Nation states have great difficulty securing large numbers of people willing to die on command. Hasan al Sabah’s Assassins prospered for 300 years, spreading their agents throughout the middle east because they knew how to create thousands of loyal followers.

Groups today employing the Assassin’s mind control tactics command close to 100% loyalty and instant compliance with leaders’ instructions. Many groups and organizations, religious sects, cults and intelligence agencies have acquired the assassin’s MK technology and have worked diligently to improve it. The assassin’s tactics are often called “trauma-based” mind control because they employ physical or emotional trauma as an instructional aid.

Legacy or mainstream media uses unperceived images, subliminal and subsonic embeds, to deliver trauma inducing images/symbols and manipulate consumer perception and preferences with data concealed in both “advertising” and “entertainment” media content.

Perception, not the labels used to describe the nonverbal perceptual process, cannot be divided into simplistic categories such as conscious (cognitive) and unconscious (subliminal). Conscious and unconscious must be viewed as approximate overlapping states to be viewed on a scale of more-or-less, rather than either or. Perception as it affects the brain and body is totally integrated. All portions of the brain interconnect with all parts of the body. Body and conscious and unconscious mind are inextricable and both have been “programmed from infancy with basic assumptions, unconsciously supported ideas are usually taken for granted.”

The only way to inhibit the function of overt disinformation and covert control tactics is to expose them. NSA, US Military intelligence and allies and partners worldwide are doing this now.

Whatever the >>6966919

ultimate extent of the public revelations, the existing damage is real, and remedial measures are required to initiate recovery with the objective of restoring function and educating the public about our collective cognitive vulnerability.

991219  No.6966986



5afca6  No.6966987

File: 0967ac77188d5b8⋯.png (191.71 KB, 212x583, 4:11, ClipboardImage.png)



Sword of Damocles

Damocles was pandering to Dionysius, his king, and exclaimed to him that Dionysius was truly fortunate as a great man of power and authority, surrounded by magnificence. In response, Dionysius offered to switch places with Damocles for one day so that Damocles could taste that very fortune firsthand. Damocles quickly and eagerly accepted the king's proposal. Damocles sat down in the king's throne surrounded by every luxury, but Dionysius, who had made many enemies during his reign, arranged that a huge sword should hang above the throne, held at the pommel only by a single hair of a horse's tail to evoke the sense of what it is like to be king: though having much fortune, always having to watch in fear and anxiety against dangers that might try to overtake him. Damocles finally begged the king that he be allowed to depart because he no longer wanted to be so fortunate, realizing that with great fortune and power comes also great danger.

dfbea1  No.6966988

893a64  No.6966989


who is this and why have I seen this picture before?

9b54e0  No.6966990

When exhibits become known defenders of evil will cry "deep fake".

Soon to be in their common parlance?

5afca6  No.6966991

File: cfb05ec5a03492a⋯.png (1.67 MB, 803x1024, 803:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

42418a  No.6966992



South Korea is bending under the weight of an epidemic. In the world’s most wired country, it’s not opioids or hallucinogens to blame, but the constant call of a connected society.

Estimates vary, but South Korea — home to 51 million people — now has about a million internet-addicted children and teens. About one in 10. Some call the estimate conservative, claiming the actual number is closer to 50 percent, or five million people aged 10 to 19. In an interview with Vice, Dr. Lee Jae-Won, a neuropsychiatrist at Gagnam Eulji Hospital in Seoul said that online gaming accounts for roughly 90 percent of these internet addiction cases.



Addiction specialist urges Japan to treat over-gaming as a mental disorder

How much gaming is too much gaming?

This is the question Japan’s pre-eminent addiction expert, Dr. Susumu Higuchi, is trying to answer as he treats people whose lives have been destroyed by video game addiction.

Online gaming addiction has become the fastest-growing form of addiction in the 21st century, and it’s the most vulnerable people — children — who mainly fall prey to its psychoactive effects, Higuchi says. As head of the Kurihama Medical and Addiction Center in Kanagawa Prefecture, which started the country’s first program for internet addition in 2011, Higuchi is rolling up his sleeves to tackle a scourge that has eaten into the vitals of our society.

“This isn’t just about Japan, it’s happening all over the world,” Higuchi said in a recent interview.



Eighteen percent of Chinese teens are at risk of video game addiction, says report


34cfd8  No.6966993

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

454bf8  No.6966994



Timing with the other revelations of Child trafficking, Pizzagate, Pedowood, etc. BOOM!

129b1b  No.6966995

Mirrors, mirrors everywhere.

One MAP.

Many mirrors.

Hidden asset?


When does a MAP become a Guide?

fa52d0  No.6966996


Nigga I'm not an enemy but thanks anyways. Keep doing your gay shit. I'll keep calling it out like everyone else.

98af13  No.6966997


arranged meetings with Trump…?

When they RETRACT that will we even notice the fine print?

b23ac2  No.6966998


check 'em, Tom.

You're done.

11efdb  No.6966999


>>6966587 (((Twatter))) updates rules against "hateful conduct" - clearly covering for you know who (see their examples)

>>6966617 Lindsey Graham Open To Investigating Acosta-Epstein Plea Deal

>>6966639 Seems to be a lot of water related posting going on (Watch The Water)

>>6966596 , >>6966611 , >>6966623 , >>6966628 , >>6966656 Nymag.com Article: So….Was QAnon Right?

>>6966655 , >>6966589 Michael Flynn's New Brief Shines Sunlight On Prosecutors Tactics

>>6966586 Michael Flynn won't testify against former business partner

>>6966818 , >>6966826 , >>6966773 More on Epstein, Wexner and Israel Connections

>>6966846 Nancy Pelosi says Trump wants to 'make America white again' with citizenship question

>>6966616 Bipartisan Group Of Legislators Consider Changing Laws Surrounding Freedom Of Information Act Requests

>>6966604 Highly Interdasting Tweet From The Lovely Ivanka Trump

>>6966954 FBI Reveals Murdered Arkansas Senator Planned to Expose Child Pornography, Child Sex Trafficking Syndicate: FEDS PROBE

>>6966638 Another Epstein Dig

67ef1e  No.6967000

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

good morning patriots

i was up ALL (almost) night putting together v2 cut





76f0f9  No.6967001

File: c2bc5000f1fc398⋯.jpg (173.71 KB, 357x511, 51:73, 1562203497.jpg)

36bec1  No.6967002

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Ann Sarnoff is married to the nephew of General David Sarnoff, the spook from Minsk who founded RCA and NBC. Ann Sarnoff, the new CEO of Warner Brothers, is the former CEO of BBC worldwide productions in the US and is described New York Times as a "Hollywood Outsider."


Sarnoff is not a Hollywood outsider. Her history of involvement with cultist programming targeting children is extensive, suggesting that Randall Stephenson at AT&T has not grasped how serious We the People are about stopping the ongoing subversive social sabotage - the non-stop psyops, IO being run by mockingbird media on a naive civilian population - especially with sex and death media content directly targeting children.

Randall Stephenson hires a pedovore, Ann Sarnoff (transvestite? pic attached) with experience programming children.

>Sarnoff got her start at Viacom, where she worked from 1993 to 2003. Sarnoff was the head of Nickelodeon consumer products and business development during Geraldine Laybourne's leadership of the company. In 1999, while working at Nickelodeon, Sarnoff was part of a team that created the TV channel Noggin, a joint venture between Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop. Two shows she promoted were Rugrats and Blue's Clues.


POTUS had Randall Stephenson into the oval office two weeks back, even let him sit down, which was kind. It's safe to assume POTUS knows the damage being done by ongoing mockingbird social subversion ops, and that he wants that bullshit stopped now and turned around.

What does Randall I Stephenson do? He hires a vvitch instead of a white hat to run Warners studios. Why would Randall l Stephenson do that, destroy WBs future after talking with POTUS?

Possibly RS doesn't have a choice. Possibly Randall is a prime pedovore himself and is being blackmailed/extorted or controlled via upstream illuminated handler

> served as National Chair of the Boy Scouts of America from 2016 to 2018

AT&T needs a new CEO.

Warner Brothers need a new CEO.

& We the People need to stop tolerating endless lies from satanic cultists who have brainwashed our friends, families and fellow citizens.

Satanist puppets and shill do not own these big media companies. They’re public companies. In they end they belong to We the People. AT&T and WB are salvageable companies being destroyed by satanist shills bent on further poisoning our reality with evil psyops.

Warner Brothers can go with Disney to join the buffalo, but AT&T is a strategic asset, “critical communications infrastructure” and there is justification for USG seize thing like safeguard “critical infrastructure and preserve children's future cognitive function” and stop the relentless subversive IO targeting children.

Media company arrests will have to follow public awareness. Support Senator Charles Grassley's efforts to inform the public and to hold History channel accountable for social subversion psyops involving deliberate falsification of US history.

ac975b  No.6967003

Missing Oakland scientist found dead in Greece


"Suzanne Eaton, a 59-year-old molecular biologist at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, was last seen July 2.

Colleagues at the conference said they believed Eaton had gone for a run near the port of Chania.

Police say the body found Monday was in a cave near the port. Homicide detectives from Athens were traveling to Crete to lead an investigation.

While the body hasn’t been identified, the German institute on Tuesday expressed “enormous sadness and regret” over Eaton’s death."

da1f99  No.6967004

File: 0190e65c9bf0287⋯.png (757.95 KB, 965x941, 965:941, 1984.PNG)


34cfd8  No.6967005

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8884cb  No.6967006


Great interviewee so well spoken

129b1b  No.6967007

da1f99  No.6967008


It seems they are trying to drag POTUS into this.

63f047  No.6967009

File: b984db0d3d1440f⋯.png (3.01 MB, 2398x1671, 2398:1671, [FREEMASONRY_ILLUMINATI].png)

File: 80049b86ddb7b35⋯.png (178.48 KB, 1105x604, 1105:604, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 72db6d240419a3b⋯.png (152.85 KB, 809x568, 809:568, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c51e13d469b838⋯.png (393.88 KB, 983x574, 983:574, ClipboardImage.png)

[MASONRY] is the base for a global DS, it´s the base for the sick satanic rituals and for all the symbolism that is now going to be their downfall.

89e464  No.6967011

File: 2e22f197c5ef25a⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1024x853, 1024:853, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 529b09b8e159472⋯.png (289.24 KB, 618x369, 206:123, ClipboardImage.png)


Birds of feather.

60b972  No.6967012



I have an answer.

Feds ARE the city prosecutors for DC:

>The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia is unique among U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the size and scope of its work. It serves as both the local and the federal prosecutor for the nation’s capital.


f2718e  No.6967013

File: 488e0eac60b5d7d⋯.png (13.5 KB, 402x257, 402:257, Screenshot_2019-07-09 QMAP….png)

f228e6  No.6967014

File: f221e4822461d54⋯.jpg (314 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, racists.jpg)

ef5738  No.6967015






Satan's helpers turned the whole culture away from the ideals of righteousness and virtue. A person ought to embrace righteousness and virtue.

"It starts right here, with me and the choices I make."

6aad24  No.6967016


The only reason an American citizen isn't working right now is because they don't want to.

b23ac2  No.6967017


Mixed feelings. He became a billionaire in the 80's selling computer services to the government, then ran against Bush 41, was ahead in the polls, but dropped out for like 6 months, then came back in at the end and lost. And split the R vote. So we got Billy in the White House instead of another term for Bush 41.

Odd times.

Giant sucking sound was right on the money tho.

75895d  No.6967018

File: 944368884d8fcf2⋯.jpg (99.57 KB, 741x1200, 247:400, D_C4gaXWsAIXCrA.jpg)

File: 9f0e1405d4232d7⋯.jpg (68.92 KB, 878x1200, 439:600, D_C4gaZWwAEGUvt.jpg)

An appeals court said President Trump cannot legally block users on Twitter.

11efdb  No.6967019

File: a12086236637fc2⋯.jpg (21.46 KB, 310x319, 310:319, jewremphan.jpg)

File: c1cec1a1419c564⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1655x1080, 331:216, jewmap2.jpg)

File: 12c5bb5d1b86f1c⋯.jpeg (125.17 KB, 849x424, 849:424, jewmason2.jpeg)

File: 6da8c3c9d6b2673⋯.jpg (1.98 MB, 1500x4280, 75:214, jewmasonry3.jpg)

02b17c  No.6967020

File: 30d5d838da46acf⋯.png (57.09 KB, 1321x332, 1321:332, ClipboardImage.png)

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta on Tuesday defended the non-prosecution agreement with billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, which he helped broker, but acknowledged new sex-crimes charges could “more fully bring him to justice.”

“The crimes committed by Epstein are horrific, and I am pleased that NY prosecutors are moving forward with a case based on new evidence,” Acosta wrote in a string of tweets. “Now that new evidence and additional testimony is available, the NY prosecution offers an important opportunity to more fully bring him to justice.”

Acosta has come under fire for the agreement he helped orchestrate as U.S. attorney in Florida, with top Democrats calling him to resign from President Trump's Cabinet.

“With the evidence available more than a decade ago, federal prosecutors insisted that Epstein go to jail, register as a sex offender and put the world on notice that he was a sexual predator,” he said.

The crimes committed by Epstein are horrific, and I am pleased that NY prosecutors are moving forward with a case based on new evidence.

— Secretary Acosta (@SecretaryAcosta) July 9, 2019

With the evidence available more than a decade ago, federal prosecutors insisted that Epstein go to jail, register as a sex offender and put the world on notice that he was a sexual predator.

— Secretary Acosta (@SecretaryAcosta) July 9, 2019

Now that new evidence and additional testimony is available, the NY prosecution offers an important opportunity to more fully bring him to justice.

— Secretary Acosta (@SecretaryAcosta) July 9, 2019

This breaking news alert will be updated.


6dc13c  No.6967021


I voted for Perot back in 92, at age 24 even then I knew the two other candidates on both sides were evil fucks…..

f228e6  No.6967022

File: f32b53615c2b67d⋯.jpg (229.73 KB, 400x300, 4:3, cavedwelling.jpg)


In a cave, of course

2d9a76  No.6967023


Me thinks it was a clear shout out to anons

NOt the other way around

She is an anon and obviously a catlady

Hi fren

63f047  No.6967024

File: 4bf52ff60b7356d⋯.png (214.05 KB, 855x578, 855:578, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 782d88c2759123b⋯.png (247.49 KB, 862x850, 431:425, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c0b1186d4631237⋯.png (153.63 KB, 752x835, 752:835, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ee0b22540119007⋯.png (180.97 KB, 862x885, 862:885, ClipboardImage.png)


[MASONRY] = pure evil.

A child torturing, raping, sacrificing and even eating cult.

Scum of the earth - soon to be gone scum of the earth.

5afca6  No.6967025


>An appeals court said President Trump cannot legally block users on Twitter.

An appeals court said A PUBLIC OFFICIAL cannot legally block users on Twitter.

7c9db0  No.6967026

File: b99da4cc51bb148⋯.png (186.46 KB, 474x314, 237:157, dd10d5c69cfbfeb53387144345….png)

File: 03915aeca3facf3⋯.jpg (247.31 KB, 743x730, 743:730, Special.jpg)

>>6961676 PB

Hey Fren. I've been in the mts spending some time with my son who just got back from Iraq !

Hope all is well with you. My Family are all doing great including new Nephew. Got spotty reception here so not much online time. It sure has been a nice few days with lots of winning. I tried to respond last night but couldn't get a post to go thru. Take Care my Fren.

89e464  No.6967027

File: 71e6764b3137e95⋯.png (377.5 KB, 408x612, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

ef5738  No.6967028


We two anons did, bearing in mind that our first and ultimate loyalty is to God Almighty.

e8baa0  No.6967029


Isn't "MAP" pedophile language for semen? As-in you can use the DNA in semen to get a MAP to the culprit. Isn't that what got Clinton in?

What if frazzle drip (or equiv) could be proven by someone leaving their semen behind?

93351b  No.6967030


Solid video anon. Solid work. I like how it builds. Well done.

6aad24  No.6967031


The media was friendly to him, tells you all you need to know.

42127d  No.6967032

File: 4e3d18486e57e06⋯.jpg (160.4 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Q74_17.jpg)

File: 899a239c1458596⋯.png (14.29 KB, 358x271, 358:271, Screenshot-2019-7-9 QMAP Q….png)

File: c8056ed568d7d8e⋯.png (145.48 KB, 386x702, 193:351, Screenshot-2019-7-9 QMAP Q….png)

File: 57026d1be05cd39⋯.png (78.13 KB, 386x814, 193:407, Screenshot-2019-7-9 QMAP Q….png)

File: 09405f240ca11ac⋯.png (538.75 KB, 386x1362, 193:681, Screenshot-2019-7-9 QMAP Q….png)



Q post #2


I bet she was truly detained.

36bec1  No.6967033

File: 00a20f1ddc94fad⋯.png (267.51 KB, 828x1464, 69:122, 00a20f1ddc94fad1fc62d0483a….png)

File: 1fb11aae133b27b⋯.jpg (207.85 KB, 650x940, 65:94, 1fb11aae133b27bdaef3b0c0b3….jpg)

File: 2b3dfcc74d553fc⋯.jpg (344.82 KB, 1200x1780, 60:89, 2b3dfcc74d553fca2a0e9ee332….jpg)

File: 2c87192a1f9d151⋯.jpg (85.04 KB, 800x468, 200:117, 2c87192a1f9d151fed3046f56e….jpg)

File: 3f4f14d94817172⋯.png (321.8 KB, 319x480, 319:480, 3f4f14d948171723f1f1ad503b….png)

Information War



Entertainment" is a general term. We might say “that which fascinates.” Entertainment can make us happier, smarter and better and more tolerant, or, in the hands of advertisers or our enemies, can be used to terrorize, confuse and divide us. The power of entertainment to transform society is enormous. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was a powerful emotional narrative that resulted in more humane treatment and eventual emancipation of the African slave population. We propose to use the same mechanism, dramatic entertainment, and the same platforms and technologies, to distribute a spectrum of entertainment to remediate the damage cause by decades adverse IO. In the short term to provide reliable information and to offer reassurance and a hopeful vision of future.

As Wilson Bryan Key put it back in the 80s, “In spite of the evidence presented, most Americans will still find it difficult to believe that their trusted, high-credibility information sources long ago betrayed them into the hands of profit hungry marketing executives who have quietly researched, developed and exhaustively applied a subliminal technology of communication that is now driving every larger segments of the population to pathological behaviors. “

Repairing our common cognitive capacity means dealing with significant levels of damage to neurological function amounting to PTSD. SEX and DEATH images perceived by the unconscious exert unseen influence distorting our collective worldview and inhibiting discernment by the inappropriate linkage of emotion and symbols or ideas.

British psychologist Norman Dixon, in evaluating 500 scientific studies, concluded, ‘behavior can be determined[induced] by external events [implanted suggestions] over which we can affect no conscious control.’ Dixon, Subliminal Perception p 322

Hypnotic induction technique targeting the unconscious component of mind impact all of the areas listed below.

1 Dreams

2 Memory

3 Conscious perception

4 Emotional response

5 Perceptual thresholds

6 Verbal behavior

7 Adaptation level or judgement values

8 Purchasing behavior

9 Psychopathology

10 Reproductive drive/sexuality

The list of subliminal effects powerfully demonstrates how humans can be programmed into almost any group perceptual construction aka cultural perspective by those who control media. Bluntly, Key said, "Media provide the system by which economic markets are controlled.”

The US public has had decades of exposure to subliminals and years of exposure to acute phase Information Operations conducted by satanic cultists deep state media complex in defense of economic privilege and to forward satanic cultists commercial and political objectives.

An IW or Information War objective is to defeat enemies without kinetic conflict. Explicit and implicit, passive and active, to promote what is harmful and avoid, ignore, or destroy healthy organic growth. Social subversion tactics have the objective of “crashing” the civilization. These tactics attack cognitive capacity, promote binary thinking, create false divisions, exacerbate existing social inequities and gradually constrict public vocabulary, introducing subliminally active masonic “occult” material like "Catcher in the Rye" written by pedophile JD Salinger, into high school or grade school curricula.

“Young people are commercially managed into group identifications, values and behaviors under pretense these are individualized preferences. Much of this consumer conditioning is engineered via popular arts and culture, which derive from advertising and marketing promotion, “ Wilson Bryan Key noted in the early 80s.


Other subversive tactics include the use of prepared coordinated media campaigns to manipulate popular belief, often in conjunction with staged, traumatic public events such as bloody terrorist attacks, political assassinations to create or exacerbate existing racial, religious or cultural divisions among populations, engendering false polarities.

The propagation of fictitious narratives in news media, the use of subliminal image systems, subsonic "whisper" technology and symbolic language to attack components of mind below the threshold of conscious awareness causes progressive cumulative damage. We become to stupid to understand what is happening to us.

d31f00  No.6967034

File: 904b7233ac00307⋯.jpg (94.28 KB, 480x401, 480:401, 20190709_180809.jpg)

File: a780d9c38b2a7e9⋯.jpg (208.15 KB, 480x600, 4:5, 20190709_180726622.jpg)

ac2923  No.6967035


Oh man, the Laybournes

I didn't know that name until last night



34cfd8  No.6967036

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e8baa0  No.6967037


Hence why the deepfake push will not work

124637  No.6967038

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anon, the second one RE Filthy Rich:

Patterson, himself, didn't write about POTUS being the "only sober one" AFAIK. He wrote about DJT barring JE back in 1999.

DJT having always been sober is a fact that we remind people of on here because Mockingbird won't ever make this point to their sheep. (Same with T hosting the Veterans for dinners on Monday nights; His History of Patriotism & ALWAYS helping others is completely suppressed by Mockingbird).

Vid-related: Another reason CommunistCast & others won't carry OANN. No BS "discussion" to cloud perception:

High-profile names are being tied to Jeffrey Epstein, but their involvement with his alleged operation varies depending on who you ask. One America's Alex Salvi breaks down what's fact and what's pure speculation.


c3ed2e  No.6967039

File: a27622b581bdfcb⋯.jpeg (83.14 KB, 500x671, 500:671, 4563DDFB-284F-487D-B764-5….jpeg)


They will go down for treason….eventually. Nothing can stop what is coming….Nothing!

b9cbf1  No.6967040

so what's our take on Alex Acosta? white hat or black hat?

9c6ce4  No.6967041


thx for directing me that to this thread–great analysis.

dbf5c2  No.6967042


I still dont think they are human but either way, its their turn in the soul trap

34cfd8  No.6967043

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

75895d  No.6967044

File: 16ca86b298a3aca⋯.png (244.18 KB, 885x876, 295:292, D_Cu0SdXoAUaMHt.png)

File: cc787eb559dcafe⋯.png (266.81 KB, 750x819, 250:273, D_CvD_mXoAAUk5y.png)

DOJ reverses position on General Flynn in the Flynn Intel Group FARA case.

For months the DOJ told Court that Flynn was not part of the conspiracy.

Now, immediately before trial, DOJ alleges he's a co-conspirator.

Disturbing actions by the DOJ.


b23ac2  No.6967045


Good theory. Fits the facts.

132cbd  No.6967046

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Must watch..Bill Smith GETS IT!

5afca6  No.6967047



Who was the guy that emailed Podesta about a map he found?

It seems pizza related?

Didn't he die recently?

1a9291  No.6967049

>>6966193 lb

I have been asking this question. They all have that creepy Merv-Griffin-George Bush look to them. It is not your typical Jew look with dark, curly hair. It is something else.

I wonder if they are all of one bloodline. Perhaps a bloodline was given the right to rule America.

Also, Epstein, Kerry, etc. have the Hapsburg jaw...

63f047  No.6967050


nope, shill.

i know you are trying hard to save your priviledge of pizza parties, you sick fuck.

but no matter how often you post the same exact memes, it will not change the fact that both Q and POTUS are disagreeing strongly.

Look here: joooos, only joooos, every joooo

Do NOT look here: worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary+Hussein+Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

5c5a43  No.6967051


and where do you think that symbolism comes from, babylon…and remember where the hebrews became corrupted …babylon…remember what their ancient kabbalah and talmud say…and how masons and others and even crowley have said it ….so unless you are prepared to call out the true demons…keep your fucking mouth shut

ce3814  No.6967052

>>6967013 Supreme court/Jeff Sessions back in the day.

3d97d1  No.6967053


>An appeals court said A PUBLIC OFFICIAL cannot legally block users on Twitter.

but twitter can

all bow down to lord twatter

75895d  No.6967054


MAP = Minor Attracted Person

b23ac2  No.6967055

File: d4d5724ce448183⋯.png (517.47 KB, 768x576, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

dc7932  No.6967056


Very nice work. What song was that at the beginning?

67ef1e  No.6967057


thanks bruh

it's version 2

cuts are all about iteration

open to suggestions from fellow anons

or content to add

1a9291  No.6967058

34cfd8  No.6967059

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


it;s the booty joos

49b7bd  No.6967060


Sara Carter and John Soloman

79e4da  No.6967061

File: 7ca8f91c5a7014b⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1400x895, 280:179, ClipboardImage.png)


Thank you baker

5afca6  No.6967062

File: 6314d493b07652e⋯.gif (751.23 KB, 261x192, 87:64, colbertstewart.gif)

2f1949  No.6967063

File: fc7bbf1207d85e1⋯.png (262.95 KB, 1489x665, 1489:665, 1.png)

76f0f9  No.6967064

File: dabb371f430ee21⋯.jpg (250.26 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 1559538227.jpg)


It's the asshole that calls Baker a faggot.

34cfd8  No.6967065

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

67ef1e  No.6967066


same song throughout.


Jennifer Lawrence is singing

Ironic, no?

85a01c  No.6967067

File: 40c0dce29b24010⋯.png (72.84 KB, 301x475, 301:475, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at ….png)

833b14  No.6967068

>>6965988 pb

Watch Turkey

Turk Air Bus was in NZ during mosque massacre FF

Perhaps those 200 should seek asylum

f228e6  No.6967069

File: a02ea6f55fa7875⋯.jpg (40.29 KB, 295x235, 59:47, 3f649767c337a80c849d421161….jpg)

File: 9f0cf59f4b176fb⋯.jpg (36.95 KB, 295x244, 295:244, 3f649767c337a80c849d421161….jpg)

9db6c4  No.6967070

File: 8aaf30d7a65b774⋯.jpg (70.82 KB, 816x408, 2:1, Burn it down.jpg)

File: 43eaceaadd35c1c⋯.png (309.15 KB, 449x511, 449:511, las vegas lose money.PNG)

Las Vegas Real Estate in June: Sales down 11% YoY, Inventory up 89% YoY

This is a key former distressed market to follow since Las Vegas saw the largest price decline, following the housing bubble, of any of the Case-Shiller composite 20 cities.

The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors reported Local home prices increase slightly after three-month holding pattern, GLVAR housing statistics for June 2019

Local home prices broke out of a three-month holding pattern to post a slight increase during June, according to a report released Tuesday by the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR).

The total number of existing local homes, condos and town-homes sold during June was 3,626. Compared to one year ago, June sales were down 11.1% for homes and down 12.0% for condos and townhomes.

At the current sales pace, Carpenter said Southern Nevada still has less than a three-month supply of homes available for sale. While the local housing supply is up from one year ago, she said it’s still below what would normally be considered a balanced market.

By the end of June, GLVAR reported 7,815 single-family homes listed for sale without any sort of offer. That’s up 80.3% from one year ago.

For condos and townhomes, the 1,937 properties listed without offers in June represented a 135.6% jump from one year ago.

The number of so-called distressed sales remains near historically low levels. GLVAR reported that short sales and foreclosures combined accounted for just 2.2% of all existing local property sales in June. That compares to 2.6% of all sales one year ago and 6.3% two years ago.

1) Overall sales were down 11.3% year-over-year to 3,626 in June 2019.

2) Active inventory (single-family and condos) is up sharply from a year ago, from a total of 5,157 in June 2018 to 9,752 in June 2019. ==Note: Total inventory was up 89% year-over-year. This is a significant increase in inventory, although months-of-supply is still somewhat low.==

3) Low level of distressed sales.


e35974  No.6967071

File: 6d57a8ca05929ca⋯.png (700.66 KB, 624x415, 624:415, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 63e2110f0a9f0f3⋯.png (1.06 MB, 838x546, 419:273, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ed12f62762b11c9⋯.png (507.75 KB, 576x432, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


I think we are going to find out a very interesting plot twist regarding the Obama's.

dc7932  No.6967072


Ironic indeed. Set a great mood for the video.

fc636d  No.6967073

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dennis Miller on Pelosit…ROFL!!!

e715d8  No.6967074


But, ya know the russians are the good guys.


Fuck them and Putin.

89e464  No.6967075

File: 8c2b158da5e1f4d⋯.png (321.66 KB, 612x408, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Wonder how often she stayed at Standard Hotel?

4edfda  No.6967076

I thought the same thing

had to go back to the bread and read

took a minute and context

to make Carter/Solomon connection click


b6d499  No.6967077


Presidential Candidates are afforded certain protections under the law that regular citizens are not.

There's a reason all these idiots are "running for President" and it's why they "suspend their campaign" when they drop out… they're technically still running.

8675bd  No.6967078


Herb Sandler


A brief summary: Susan Sandler received an email from her realtor Kate about a handkerchief "a square cloth (w/black and white)" that Kate found in the kitchen of a rental property called the Field House. There were also some pillows she knew Susan had purchased which she offered to send Susan. Kate offered to mail the handkerchief to whatever address needed.

The realtor cc'd Susan's father, Herb Sandler, on the email about the handkerchief and pillows. Perhaps the realtor thought the handkerchief was so important she had to contact both of them about it.

Kate the realtor knew Susan was away since the day before she had emailed to tell Susan about more rental properties w/links and said to Susan: "Safe travels to all."

All of the rental properties Kate sends links to have 4-5 bedrooms with bathrooms. It appears Susan had requested a quiet location from what Kate says about one of the houses. All appear to be in fairly secluded locations on Martha's Vineyard.

Susan Sandler was apparently away for a week b/c a week later she emailed John Podesta to tell him about the handkerchief which she describes as having "a map that seems pizza-related." THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE DESCRIPTION KATE THE REALTOR GAVE SO SUSAN APPARENTLY KNEW WHAT THIS HANDKERCHIEF SIGNIFIED.

How did Susan know what was on the handkerchief? Why did she and the realtor think it and the pillows were significant? Wealthy renters leave all kinds of things behind in a rental property. Why would anyone care about a handkerchief to this extent?

Susan Sandler sent a second email to John Podesta asking about the handkerchief ***https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/41831

dfbea1  No.6967079

File: a7294a27a247241⋯.png (833.72 KB, 592x907, 592:907, HillaryGPS.PNG)


October 16, 2017

“I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand, I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards,” she said, the paper reported. “I tried to get up and it really hurt. I’ve broken my toe.”


63f047  No.6967080

File: a8a292965426322⋯.png (35.37 KB, 386x597, 386:597, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c41ee8af0c52ccc⋯.jpg (309.08 KB, 1600x1042, 800:521, GOODvsEVIL2.jpg)


the symbolism used is sumerian/masonic.

masonry is neither only jews nor all jews, it´s not controlled bei jews only or by all jews.

israel, founded 1948, is not the base for the global DS - bibi is based af, as you can read everyday in the news.

it´s not the 8 million jews in israel that Q is fighting.

it´s the sick and evil child sacrificing masonic cult that has spoiled every organization ww.

maybe let´s ask Q and POTUS?

44988c  No.6967081


2 meanings.

MAP is Minor Attracted Person

Also a map is something you take to a pedo party to indicate your preferences.

The map Skippy Podesta left behind was a handkerchief with colors that indicated what he was in to.

E.g., boys, girls, ages, snuff, etc.

There was some sauce floating around on this, maybe the FBI guide, can't remember.

Go to voat pizzagate if you want to understand more.

02b17c  No.6967082

File: 73f850caf023569⋯.png (155.29 KB, 605x580, 121:116, ClipboardImage.png)


2f1949  No.6967083


The bitch was shunned from Ireland, she didn't want round 2

4822e5  No.6967084



19f9c0  No.6967085

File: 3c4b20b3334880b⋯.png (23.77 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Messages Image(4247623192).png)

da1f99  No.6967086

(((They))) are Nazis however not how you currently think of a Nazi.

They consider themselves "pure bloods" meaning they are RH negative blood type and do not carry the Rhesus monkey attribute.

They see us as sheep / cattle / monkeys. They use us and keep us blind with all their minions.

They want us "monkeys" mixing, thus the migrant push and "diversity" push.

We need to know where the negative blood line originated. Has anyone dug into this before?

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

8ed4c0  No.6967087


aka IHS?

34cfd8  No.6967088

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






4b3f71  No.6967089


Great job! Shared with family.

f228e6  No.6967090

File: 6f94d35dce10d3f⋯.jpg (115.57 KB, 700x457, 700:457, suicide.jpg)


thank you anon

2f1949  No.6967091


If you had a dick, you would be dangerous

89e464  No.6967092

File: b47ab9db8bb2018⋯.png (217.18 KB, 408x612, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

11efdb  No.6967093

File: 1aa963b1276c9a1⋯.jpg (7.31 KB, 300x168, 25:14, jewmasonry.jpg)

File: 917e3e16e4f2903⋯.jpg (28.96 KB, 250x335, 50:67, jewmasonry4.jpg)

File: 7d290cf38268f33⋯.jpg (43.78 KB, 632x472, 79:59, jewmasonry6.jpg)

File: 6125015aabfe1e0⋯.jpg (706.83 KB, 1200x1267, 1200:1267, Jews Condone Killing Child….jpg)

File: a6da27cc1e37c3c⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 1404x934, 702:467, jewish vampires 5.jpg)

ac2923  No.6967094

Another media figure bites the dust

Blind Item #10

Just when the disgraced news host/anchor not named Matt Lauer was about to get a gig again, all of this news popped off and everyone wants to know just how many times he visited Epstein's house. He is definitely in the black book and the younger the better for him.

Posted by ent lawyer at 11:00 AM

Charlie Rose…

153654  No.6967095




01cf1a  No.6967096

I'm sorry if someone already posted this article. I know it is from Time, but it explains a bit about the Wexner/Epstein relationship and properties changing hands between the two.


93351b  No.6967097


This dude makes some sauceless claims. Made it to 1:22. Makes a video to convince me of something, makes a claim then says go research it on your own, continues to talk.

Not quite. You say trucks with a star of David bringing migrants up from south america, sweet screenshot it and include it in your video for 60 or 90 frames. How hard is that?

I highly recommend anons go to Costco and get a large container of Himalayan pink sea salt to season this video.

85a01c  No.6967098


Hamas shuts entrances to Gaza Strip, deploys security forces on the streets. Major event appears to be underway.

13671c  No.6967100

File: 5ab1f059d4ec114⋯.jpg (144.43 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, cheney.jpg)


I voted for Clinton , it would be another 23 years of pain before I figured out I needed to #walkaway

Nice work Obama. I knew 9/11 was bogus in 2005. Took a real masterpiece of ineptitude to get me to vote Republican. Killary deserves credit too and of course the bellwether fake corporate news.

Lesser of two evils, the mantra I grew up with to describe the presidential elections.

b9cbf1  No.6967101


Reminds me of how President Underwood decided to retire his presidency because he wanted REAL power

bfb9a3  No.6967102


No the map guy isn't the same. The guy who died was Herb Sandler, the one who emailed about delectible cheeses and playing dominoes on pasta and how he preferred the standard delivery method

022ebc  No.6967103

File: d396dedb59f5906⋯.jpeg (106.78 KB, 705x761, 705:761, 311E916E-BD21-49C1-9EDA-0….jpeg)

File: b52b3476ec3aeb4⋯.jpeg (314.16 KB, 750x1036, 375:518, 455B5895-7F6C-44EA-8889-4….jpeg)

Arrogance will only make it hurt more.

Even Seth was the Russians.


34cfd8  No.6967104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

can;t read my

can;t read my

my pokerface

63f047  No.6967105

File: dabeee51fb67fb1⋯.png (338.55 KB, 1048x612, 262:153, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ac3b7cf4a7c270f⋯.png (682.81 KB, 987x574, 141:82, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4cd373667c09065⋯.png (432.66 KB, 807x550, 807:550, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fb41573b472e680⋯.png (102.35 KB, 236x309, 236:309, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f0ea55acda90e2f⋯.png (544.43 KB, 387x636, 129:212, ClipboardImage.png)


Many 'hardcode leftists', MANY from antifa come from masonic families and are not fighting for politics, but for the evil cult.

fa52d0  No.6967106


Supahhhh good work! It's an absolute shame a video like this has to be made, but you've done it all justice!

76f0f9  No.6967107

File: 1179c9e4db57b85⋯.jpg (118.91 KB, 1135x712, 1135:712, IMG_20190618_165442_569.JPG)

File: bb40399df0a173f⋯.jpg (127.54 KB, 1271x720, 1271:720, IMG_20190618_165909_744.JPG)

File: caa296882e4be8f⋯.jpg (40.94 KB, 610x367, 610:367, IMG_20190625_065940_374.JPG)



Glowing Neon. Preorder muh book.

580227  No.6967108

Dedicating this song to Wolf Blitzer and April Ryan.

It's being reported this morning by CNN reporter Erica Orden that AG Barr will not recuse himself from the current Jeffrey Epstein case: A DOJ official says that Barr has consulted with career ethics officials at DOJ and he will not recuse from the Jeffrey Epstein case in SDNY.

Anons is anyone out there able to convert this song to an Mp4 clip…. If can much appreciated.

36bec1  No.6967109

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Information Poisoning

Information Poisoning is found throughout nature. Organisms exploit perceptual biases to evade and deceive predators or to attract prey; some species, like ours, practice deception on many levels.

The Paussid or “ant’s nest” beetle forges chemical signals which blinds the ants, its prey, to the beetle’s presence among them. The Paussid beetle eats the ant’s children and lays its eggs in worker's bodies which it paralyses an injected toxin it also manufactures.

Predators exploit perceptual deficiencies of prey, or of host civilizations, they are parasitic on.

Predators can be of the same species, or as with the Paussid beetles, they may create the appearance of being so.

Normally we consider the eye reliable. Unless there is a reason to suspect forgery, we’re usually willing to accept the signal we receive from our eyes, even when it comes over a known insecure, anonymous network like the internet. Could our enemies employ similar tactics?

If you care to look..

Note that the Paussid beetle injects false information to deceive the ants by synthesizing their chemical language. Ants see the world as chemical "scents" and the Passidae are living organic chem labs, able to synthesize many chemicals, not just to make themselves invisible to ants, but to make the ants voluntarily work for for them remain blind to their own exploitation by the enemies living in their midst.

Entertainment media content is used the same way and for the same reason - to conceal the presence and the activities of predatory parasites living among us, many in positions of great trust and responsibility.

Chronological Picture of: [C_A] - Development, Installation & Implementation of > (WW) Social Media Surveillance Network.

(Note) - This (Overview) uses the understanding from Q drops that there has been a "Civil War" running (Within) the USA (IC).

[C_A + DS] Traitors selling out the USA & Sabotaging Patriot efforts within (MILINT) & (NSA).

And Rogue [C_A] Elements - Building a (Digital Spy Network - Integrated with Big Tech & Social Media)

(Rough Timeline Chronology) → Most info is Open Source - Assemble the Pieces & it's like > "Soft" Disclosure.

* (Nov 9, 2011) - Wolfcreek-Angelfire v1.0 - rev.1.0 = User Manual date. Plus the other malware spy tools being discussed as the possible (Keystone).

* (Jan 2013) - Eric Schmidt (GOOG) + Bill Richardson (WJC - Energy Sec.) Trip to NK to > Set Up = Electronic Spy Server Facility?

* (May 2013) - Snowden skips out with (CLAS - NSA) data and "Spills the Beans" so to speak. (NSA) appeared to be the target of his leaks but not the [C_A].

* (Jun/Jul 2014)

(Jun) - CIA Eyes Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform Deployment by Summer.

(Jul) - CIA to Roll Out Amazon Cloud Platform in Summer.

* (Oct 1, 2015) - [C_A] Forms new = [DDI] Directorate for Digital Innovation

- James O. Brennan picks = CIA Deputy Director Andrew Hallman to head it.

→ Effective (Oct 2015) = [C_A] Has its own [Digital Surveillance Network]. Under its (Sole Control) > Focus = Social Media.

(Spring 2016) - Couple of articles describing the interface between the [C_A] + [Big Tech - Social Media]


The CIA is getting serious about monitoring social media.

Yet among the 38 previously undisclosed companies receiving In-Q-Tel funding, the research focus that stands out is social media mining and surveillance; the portfolio document lists several tech companies pursuing work in this area, including Dataminr, Geofeedia, PATHAR, and TransVoyant.

Those four firms, which provide unique tools to mine data from platforms such as Twitter, presented at a February “CEO Summit” in San Jose sponsored by the fund, along with other In-Q-Tel portfolio companies.


The new Directorate for Digital Innovation resulted from the technological explosion of connectivity and data among devices, sensors and people.

Helmed by Deputy Director Andrew Hallman, the new entity is a result of big data – the technological explosion of connectivity and data among devices, sensors and people – and the CIA’s wish to make sense of it all.


Put that knowledge, described above and revealed by Q yesterday, together with what we discovered in 2017.

(NYT - Nov. 12, 2017)

Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core

A serial leak of the agency’s cyberweapons has damaged morale, slowed intelligence operations and resulted in hacking attacks on businesses and civilians worldwide.

Current and former agency officials say the Shadow Brokers disclosures, which began in August 2016, have been catastrophic for the N.S.A., calling into question its ability to protect potent cyberweapons and its very value to national security.


5c5a43  No.6967110


you are avoiding the point cock sucker….the jews killed JESUS because he called them out on their betrayal to the LORD GOD our FATHER….we call them jews because that is what they call them selves and if you even for a minute think that they are the good guys with their kabbalah you are a fucking mouth breathing retard…..ever hear of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN…yeah there is a reason for that….so go ahead ask them….we would love that …would clear up alot about why israel is last you fucking shill

5f0203  No.6967111


Anyone? This guy hired Chelsea Clinton as a teaching assistant and research aide. Look who else he, mentored. Spartacus and Susan Rice!!

Jim Steyer - Steyer has been teaching courses as a professor at Stanford University in political science, education, civil rights and civil liberties for 28 years.[12][13] He also authored two books: The Other Parent: The Inside Story of the Media’s Effect on our Children, which focuses on the effects certain media and government regulators have on children, and Talking Back to Facebook: The Common Sense Guide to Raising Kids in the Digital Age.[14] His former students include New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and Chelsea Clinton, who he raved was such a “star student” that he hired her as a teaching assistant and research aide.[15]

e542b0  No.6967112


In the pockets of Cabal leaders of Cabal countries, Barry, Hill, CF… that's why leaders are/were scrambling to get rid of anybody in (((their))) way of stopping (((their))) money flow… the money came from you & me, the USA. Plane cargo holds full of flats of US cashola.. delivered in the middle of the night..

eb1a88  No.6967113

File: 006d1ff4509f093⋯.jpg (75.5 KB, 387x842, 387:842, 1828.jpg)

File: f2e0210dea7fa29⋯.png (92.38 KB, 917x501, 917:501, 2381.png)


David Laufman


David Laufman, Chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section [NAT SEC - HRC email invest] - FIRED/FORCE

f228e6  No.6967114

File: 434019424a68686⋯.jpg (34.05 KB, 950x534, 475:267, pain.jpg)

9c0102  No.6967115

File: 923ce2b35d58ee1⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2400x2400, 1:1, SendBitcoinGaylord.jpg)

edda67  No.6967116


Oh boy, here we go! Panic in DC!

34cfd8  No.6967117

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9e1436  No.6967118

File: 25afce48f687ea1⋯.jpg (53.26 KB, 594x443, 594:443, Dick Cheney Dick Cheney Sp….jpg)

19f9c0  No.6967119

File: 18fe8d9b6f60470⋯.png (246.15 KB, 588x486, 98:81, ClipboardImage.png)

citizen question has nothing to do with the horde. it has to do with World Citizens who reside in america as agents of another country.

true story

310d6e  No.6967120


Indeed. Perot was not ourguy at all.

132cbd  No.6967121

File: c89e35a27f196f0⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 491x491, 1:1, jew4.jpg)


Watch the whole vid you clipped dick faggot