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File: 55817756e43f32d⋯.jpg (62.1 KB, 643x534, 643:534, Q1870.jpg)

d3a065  No.6470608

Q's answer to the "Are we alone?" question as well as confirmation of the existence of programs related to moon landings outside of the public domain proves it would be wise to research these topics further.

Discuss them and anything related in this thread so we don't clutter the generals.

Proving UFOs, extraterrestrials and (unacknowledged) Special Access Projects are real is similar to proving deep state is real. The buildup of many coincidences and softer proofs like notable high ranking officials saying weird things, having documents revealed or seeing (and feeling!) unexplained lights is the proof generally accessible today. This prevents mental conflict among people that are not ready for this Truth but provides those that are awakened with confirmation, similar to how Q operates.

Recently we have had new information released through FOIA requests and some minor disclosures in the media. By comparing official documents and ways government organizations react to UFO/ET question and various "insider" information, you can paint a clearer picture. Seek and you shall find.

Always use discernment. Don't just spam your info, make sure it's at least logically sound, reasonable and backed with what little facts we have. All rules of physics and logic apply even if it's not understandable from our limited perspective. This is a serious research thread even though many will still dismiss all talk about the matter out of ignorance and various belief systems and go to various lengths to fight other anons who may hold different opinions. This kind of behavior serves no one but the shills.

Respect your fellow anons. Do not fight, search for Truth. See how small pieces fit in the big puzzle. Present and let the Truth fight for itself. And remember, our Universe is infinite and inhabited.

Check with the previous threads, there is a treasure trove of valuable info posted already, you can find it among the many posts we have. Trust in yourself and your ability to find the Truth.

Thread #1 Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/256741.html

Thread #2 Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2518070.html

Thread #3 Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3166229.html

Thread #4 Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3599217.html

Thread #5 Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4320475.html

Thread #6 Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4886696.html

Thread #7 Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/5499240.html

Thread #8 Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html

Search function: qresear.ch (use this to search for the past notables that have 404'd)

>>2322789, >>2323031 how to deal with shills

d3a065  No.6470636


are not endorsements

Notables from thread #8


https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6051469 - Exopolitics article on a multinational secret space program

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6051905 - The Shag Harbor incident, Canada's Roswell

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6055517 - anon's UFO experience

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6063327 - Binaural beats

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6067810 - anon's take on the 40k view

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6077628 - anon's UFO pics

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6083493 - 2.3 Trillion USD missing from DOD Day before 9/11

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6089215 - discussion on the Law of One channeling

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6089552 - ditto

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6094837 - orb UFOs

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6113867 - moon watcher's UFOs

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6113897 - NASA "rocket"

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6118940 - results of intentionally contacting ETs

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6136971 - anon's take on conscious contact + a nice UFO pic

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6159054 - MK ULTRA

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6164995 - "secret alien races" book

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6200846 - "REPORT THAT UR DESTROYED SECRET US BASE ON MOON" from wikileaks

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6280627 - US Navy patents on advanced futuristic craft

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6285486 - another source elaborating on incarnated extraterrestrials

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6322943 - secureteam10 elaborating on Tucker Carlson's reports on US Navy Pilots' UFO experiences

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6353437 - Questions for Q about the ET topic that would result in more disclosure

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6368358 - MILAB (Military Abductee) experience

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6400266 - database on UFO sightings

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6409189 - very interesting CIA doc on ancient history (decryption key missing)

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6413162 - theory of gravity by a PhD physicist from Sandia labs

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6427634 - more UFOs reacting to lasers

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6428324 - Crabwood crop circle decode

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6434235 - electric universe

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6444630 - an explanation for recent Denver "smoke rings"

https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6050258.html#q6467956 - Q crumbs related to Space and ETs

If I missed anything you consider notable, please let me know. It's difficult to cover a vast area of questionable authenticity.

d65f13  No.6470667

File: a2acbb2ebc941c2⋯.jpeg (141.81 KB, 800x1236, 200:309, 3d287cb485d369438817c58c5….jpeg)


60441d  No.6471389

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Human initiated contact with Extraterrestrials is on the brink of going mainstream.

Are you READY???

Can you handle the TRUTH???

This is your birthright to know, Anons…..

Great Awakening Worldwide.


Check out the scientific data on the world's foremost cutting edge ET Contact research study. It will rock your world.


6b40a6  No.6471408

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why don't ET land on the Whitehouse lawn today?


9a3453  No.6471417

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How to easily make contact tonight


9a3453  No.6471429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You mean this research study?


9a3453  No.6471440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

CSETI bootleg version of documentary on USAPs Unacknowledged special access programs. Like the programs impersonating aliens and abducting ppl.


9a3453  No.6471447

Full interview with OSI counter Intel agent Richard Doty on UFO's. Good shit.


9a3453  No.6471450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9a3453  No.6471459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sample ET contact (ce5) footage


d3a065  No.6471464


Thank you for the link. It's a good documentary.

aa2a80  No.6471469

Why aren't the notables links anymore?

9a3453  No.6471476

A CE5 playlist for further exploration if interested


9a3453  No.6471484


Newfags man. Newfags.

d3a065  No.6471493


Links to old notes 404 constantly, I put the full link so everything doesn't go green after a short period of time.

ac2a9a  No.6471567

File: 9afe1c5a93ff0fd⋯.png (645.22 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_20190511-121143.png)

Friendly Reminder


The disclosure speech for POTUS, Putin, and world leaders has already been requested and delivered.

The following DRAFT speech was written by Dr. Greer when requested by two separate points of contact to President Trump and President Putin. The two contacts do not know each other but both requests were made over a few weeks in the Spring of 2018.

Dr. Greer wrote this speech as a DRAFT template that could be adapted by any world leader to announce that we are not alone in the Universe and have had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

You may forward this speech to leaders in your own country, and resend and request that President Trump and President Putin collaborate on such an announcement in coordination with the UN and other world leaders in China, the EU and elsewhere.

Thank you!

Feel free to download a PDF version of this speech HERE.

My fellow Americans/ My fellow Russians/ And all the citizens of earth:

It has come to our attention that Extraterrestrial civilizations of great technological advancement have been visiting the earth for some time.

While their presence likely dates from very ancient times, the modern era since WW II has seen a large increase in sightings and interactions with these advanced life forms and their spacecraft.

It must be emphasized that they appear to pose no threat to humanity or earth, but instead are quite concerned about our own unchecked war -making capabilities and violence, combined with our early attempts at the exploration of space.

Since the dawn of the nuclear era, these extraterrestrial civilizations have made concerted efforts to do reconnaissance at all known space and nuclear facilities. In some cases these facilities have been penetrated by ET craft and our nuclear missiles rendered inoperable. Such incursions appear designed to warn us not to use these world-destroying nuclear weapons and are not acts of hostility.

They also appear concerned with the rapid decay of our biosphere and environment and the extinction of many species on earth.

Since World War II there have been extremely secretive programs studying the energy , communication and propulsion systems of these ET spacecraft.

It is time for us to disclose these momentous scientific findings to you.

These technologies have the potential- if used only for peaceful purposes- to give us a new and sustainable civilization on earth, free of poverty and pollution within a generation.

However, if used for destructive and violent purposes these same technologies could end our civilization.

For this and other reasons the strictest secrecy has surrounded the study of these extraterrestrial technologies.

But the time has arrived for the truth to be known: we are not alone in the universe. And it is time for humanity to become a mature, peaceful civilization and take its place in the cosmos with other advanced peoples from other star systems.

To this end, I call on the world community, other world leaders and all the people of earth to come together and begin this new era on earth.

We must make open, peaceful contact and initiate diplomatic ties to these other worlds. We must do this as children of earth and not just one nation. All nations and people of earth must be represented and empowered in this process.

We must commit to keeping all weapons out of space and going only into space for peaceful purposes that benefit all of humanity.

We must bring forth these advanced energy and propulsion technologies so that the world’s environment and people benefit. We must all agree to never allow these new technologies to be used as weapons of war.

And we must commit amongst ourselves that if any nation or group attempts to use these technologies for violent or destructive purposes, every nation and people on earth will rise up to immediately stop it.

We face a choice: If we do nothing, our environment and civilization will degrade and we may face extinction. If we use this new knowledge and science for war and destruction we will also surely perish.

But if we establish a world of peace, humanity can now advance as a civilization that is sustainable, just and worthy of exploring the universe.

This is the singular and great challenge of our generation: to establish world peace, and to create a new sustainable civilization. Once we have achieved this foundation of peace and justice, we have learned that these other worlds will welcome us in the cosmos with open arms and hearts.

So, my fellow citizens of earth, let us work together to achieve the destiny of humanity: An enlightened, peaceful world that joins her place among the other people of the cosmos.

For this is the only possible good future for humanity. It is time for us to unite as a people and create that good future – NOW.

c272ce  No.6471996

File: 4186cc9454b2954⋯.jpg (82.14 KB, 600x900, 2:3, z.jpg)

Ah, the start of an Ayy bread. All the post counts are low. Any one of us could be the bread shitting (100) faggots, but we won't know till the end.

d3a065  No.6471999


It's never too late to grow up.

2fc5fc  No.6473108

’’It is [past] time…for the religious imagination and the religious experience to engage the complementary truths of science in filling…silence [about all that is really dear to our hearts] with meaning.’’

Kafatos/Nadeau|The Conscious Universe: Part and Whole in Modern Physical Theory


19d3f3  No.6473730

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dublin UFO


19d3f3  No.6473740

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dallas UFO


d47b14  No.6473742

CE5 faggot is still posting all the exact same things as before.

Did shillfags steal the bake?

Well, like BO said we let the shills bake now and then, use the whole buffalo etc.

It will become evident when this thread turns back into the CE5 / Greer infomercial as in previous bakes.

The shills never give up.

Stay sharp anons.

aa2a80  No.6473998


Lazy fag here on a phone. Cut me some slack jack. Don't be a hoolahoop eye'd chicken neck jive turkey!

78f8b1  No.6474204


Why is this video posted after an anon posts their own footage?

78f8b1  No.6474312

File: 1939091e160f148⋯.jpeg (272.75 KB, 2465x1268, 2465:1268, 24D16879-D890-4EB7-8E20-0….jpeg)


With img

d3a065  No.6475046


I don't have any connection to CE-5 guy, except that I did a similar thing regarding ET contact before I even knew how some people call it.

2fc5fc  No.6476418








86f471  No.6476464

File: 1b1e391efa9e1dd⋯.mp4 (4.26 MB, 910x720, 91:72, NASA challenger crew still….mp4)

File: 879cd33ae852d5d⋯.jpg (84.76 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, moon landing...jpg)

File: 497d85e0d628177⋯.png (240.62 KB, 840x451, 840:451, huge.png)

File: 5d20005dde364f9⋯.jpg (817.67 KB, 1120x4048, 70:253, Astronautts.jpg)


FIgured I would toss out some Nasa-is-fake stuff to start this one off.

573c30  No.6477615




I do think there are things he says is true. However, It is like what BILL COOPER has indicated….that the shadow government will give people the truth but some info isn't… to throw us off. The data Greer pushes that I believe is disinfo is that there isn't any negative ETs and if we want the good ones to show themselves we need to give up

many of our rights (Ex. Guns). Hence NWO agenda. But CE-5 has worked for me at least. I cannot speak for others.

521d38  No.6478474


> if we want the good ones to show themselves we need to give up many of our rights (Ex. Guns).

You think the "good ones" would be the ones asking to give up your weapons, when those "good ones" are very likely facing the same threats from (and fighting against) the "bad ones"?

I guess greer&co do.. if anyone thinks that is the case, use logic.

This war is on all levels… and that would also include between positive races and those who seek destruction and/or dominance/control.

A good parent/teacher/ overseer (race) would teach the student (human) how to effectively defend themselves against the threats they would face, , including how to build the necessary tools- not pretend to be a magic force that can counter everything and leave them defenseless if they weren't around. Wax on, wax off, miyagi..

ed1ba7  No.6478810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



There are negative ETs and they have been responsible for abductions in the past century. I don't follow famous people so their beliefs are not my problem. However… one might ask, what use are our modern day weapons against what cmdr. Fravor encountered in this vid? These things were running circles around navy jets. How does one even deliver a strike package against such a threat? The tech we know of has no chance against them.

ed1ba7  No.6478824

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


(doubleposting for embed purposes)

Also, if that is the case, why haven't we been conquered already and put into slave mines or whatever? Earth has a ton of population and natural resources and if I was an interstellar warlord I wouldn't think twice about taking this world.

Here's a clue…

This is the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth. We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world, and the beings on our worlds around you. This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments. Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. All your weapons of evil must be removed. The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill. Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution. Hear now the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides at present operating on your world. They will suck your energy from you – the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends and give you worthless dross in return. Your inner divine self will protect you from this. You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves onto the path of evolution. This is our message to our dear friends. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. You know now that we are here, and that there are more beings on and around your Earth than your scientists admit. We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth. We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the planes of your existence. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos.

>The broadcast message is generally considered to be a hoax, but the identity of the hijacker is unknown.

>The IBA stated to carry out a hoax would take "a considerable amount of technical know-how"

Connect to the vast amounts of people claiming to be in contact with good guy aliens and the fact that we in fact haven't been conquered yet and you can assume that such an organization really exists, and that they protect lower developed worlds.

ed1ba7  No.6478833

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Also, here's proof of their actions of removing weapons of evil.

Ignore the idiotic MSM spin in the video.

aa2a80  No.6478911


Would like to share a Farsight Institute video where the remote viewing target was the planet that became the astroid belt. I've been impressed with their ongoing research into remote viewing and figured I'd share.

e25ddc  No.6479516


Yet, we've managed to shoot some down and bullets still kill the baddies not protected by their tech when removed from it. Don't be so willing to give in to manipulation. Your survival is still YOUR responsibility by any damn means you can acquire. Period. To let others always handle is just asking for enslavement. Your choice.

e25ddc  No.6479578


Also, that being said, weapons or any means of protection do not equate to malevolent/bad intentions. Your intentions and frame of mind is what matters most. If you think they from out there will be standing around or flying in the ships without those same means you'd be an utter fool. No rational being ventures into the unknown or the known without such means of protection. Tit for tat. Get your mind right and be as fully aware as you can be. If you lose, you lose. Natural Law wins, again, as it always does. Respect must be earned.

5b5d37  No.6479674

File: 4d664bf6ef14293⋯.png (271.28 KB, 595x309, 595:309, DEC07DE0-B765-4D1E-A5A1-30….png)

File: 07ed19674106d84⋯.png (350.57 KB, 581x392, 83:56, A1DB012B-3B4D-411C-9F76-80….png)

ayylmao conflicts with Soviet Union cykablyat

In the era of the Soviet Union between the 40s and the 50s, there have been a number of harsh conflicts between some mysterious extraterrestrial and Russians.


ed1ba7  No.6479746


You're right. Advanced positive races have means of defending themselves, too, and of course one virtue of self-preservation and Love is the ability to defend yourself. My point was, what use is a nuclear arsenal against these kinds of threats. It should be clear a massive nuke stockpile is only a Cabalist invention for their evil goals. This is what probably "weapons OF EVIL" meant, as opposed to weapons/tools that can be used for other means.

5c7b28  No.6481961


True that. Evil understands human nature, too and won't give in any easier than Love, so they have no problem fucking their fellow man over for their greed and avarice, avarice mostly.

It kills me the difference in TV now compared to back in the day of my youth, the 60's, mostly. Been watching 1963 eps of The Outer Limits, lately. Almost every episode has a warning for us directly tied to our human nature and the evils that await us, if we fail in our vigilance and action. Warnings…not bullshit disinfo, misinfo, propaganda and outright lies, like now. We are still failing, miserably. Considering the large amount of evidence of many previous advanced societies on this planet, I wonder if we'll ever reach a higher state of consciousness and awareness with truth and reality and the consequences of failure in that regard. Other than energy, the only thing I've ever seen that is truly too big to fail and is a part of NL is failure, itself. Seems we have no choice but to reset from time to time to keep balance. Maybe that can fail, too. Like energy that never dies, it had to come into being, somehow, therefore, could also end, like energy would then, too. Just musing, as usual.

b54bc4  No.6482028

File: b494ddb9eb557e8⋯.png (136.64 KB, 709x283, 709:283, a4939eea-f6dc-41fc-abf5-6d….png)

File: e5853803bafeb8a⋯.png (112.29 KB, 749x449, 749:449, CE5 Shill.png)




Watch the 8-6.

>Everything old is new again.

ed1ba7  No.6482213

File: d1ae92571b3f4b7⋯.png (14.75 KB, 582x257, 582:257, brave new world.png)


>I wonder if we'll ever reach a higher state of consciousness and awareness with truth and reality and the consequences of failure in that regard.

Some will, some will not. According to people like @kabamur_taygeta, the timeline will split so the good people can finally be free and the evil people can eat the fruits of their labor too. There's just so much difference between healthy, normal loving people and evil, dark, hateful egoistic majority of humanity that these two groups barely co-exist. Our goal now is likely to prepare for the transition. This crumb is very telling and seems to support the fact that there is a transition.

Whatever the Truth is, I believe we are on the right track. Keep fighting, keep pushing and we'll get there.

2fc5fc  No.6484007

Happy Mother's Day, mother Anons!

Q is posting now.

Last POTUS tweet (T-5780) has capitals:


>Single Mothers are Hero

While there's lots of stuff that matches, here's what's relevant in the following categories:


>Challenger Disaster


>Kundalini Awakening

>Ames Research Center

>Age of Enlightenment


>A Skydiving Accident

>A National Disgrace

>Marked for Redaction

2fc5fc  No.6484145

All the capitals in the second to the most recent Q drop (3334):


>Remembering the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy years later

2fc5fc  No.6484402


28 January 1986

11:38 AM EST

Exploded within 73 seconds of liftoff.

>The investigation determined that the disaster was caused by the failure of an “O-ring” seal in one of the two solid-fuel rockets


28 January = 2+8=1, January=1

11:38 = 11, 3+8=11

O-ring = 0-(18+9+14+7)=0-(1,4+7=11)=-111



86f471  No.6485838

File: 56f6770989bccea⋯.jpg (32.85 KB, 634x474, 317:237, Proof-Of-Aliens-Pictures-7.jpg)

File: a372813cf837f1c⋯.jpg (11.83 KB, 347x194, 347:194, Proof-Of-Aliens-Pictures-1….jpg)

File: e5b5e4a0e48f972⋯.jpg (48.58 KB, 585x467, 585:467, Proof-Of-Aliens-Pictures-1.jpg)


HEre are some more pics of the same aliens.

fe2826  No.6485897

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Isn't that Boyd Bushman in the background?

945ba4  No.6487018

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Meisha Johnston - Abductee, Reptilians, Underground bases, MK Ultra programmed sex slave.

Probably why the gobment hasn't told us about the Reptilians. They can portal in and abduct people; and the government can't stop them. Typical Military Abductee (Milab) survivor. She saw Max Spiers while (both) drugged underground while abducted.

Hope the goodayys are watching.

I think they all are kek.. all the time.

945ba4  No.6487030

File: f9815e014e3308f⋯.png (189.25 KB, 313x499, 313:499, 413T0doIAXL._SX311_BO1,204….png)

File: 055943b46a93f48⋯.png (122.77 KB, 214x320, 107:160, 51i7lgq1yoL._AC_UL320_SR21….png)


Can't believe they kept this secret all this time. You won't have enough time in your life to dig through all the Milab Reptilian Abduction stories. Let alone believe it kek.

411c67  No.6487725

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

multiple UFO's over ECETI



411c67  No.6487741

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

daytime sighting in vancouver


411c67  No.6487748

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dublin sighting by CE-5 detective

This guy runs the ireland ce5 facebook group and has been harassed a lot lately by FB


411c67  No.6487762

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

moar ireland UFO filmed by CE5 detective


411c67  No.6487769

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

moar vancouver ufo


411c67  No.6487787

Had a ce-5 two nights ago. The weather was super cloudy. It rained a tad. There were five of us. We think we captured ectoplasm on photo and we saw blinking white lights above the tree tops, but below the clouds. They were not moving linearly nor were they making any noise. We also saw flashing light from the woods. Some people reported it as orange, but I saw it as white.

411c67  No.6487882

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remember this anons -

CE-5 is a hypothesis. It is independent of any one person, including Q, including Greer. If you TEST the HYPOTHESIS then ET will show up.

When ET shows up, people will start asking questions, such as what type of "fuel" do they use? How did they bypass the speed of light? What propulsion system do they use?

When people ask these questions, they will be answered. And the answers will be very destabilizing to the current energy paradigm.

Thus, if you can't attack a movement, an idea, you attack people within the movement. Like greer.

In 30 years of ce5 no one has been hurt. To the contrary, many have had beautiful, cosmic consciousness experiences.

"The Assumptions of Non-Hostility"


114f0a  No.6487930


Supposed unused footage of moon landing filming in desert.

Has anyone posted this yet?

411c67  No.6488615

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ce5 at Leroy's



083f62  No.6488788


ECETI is one of the best places to go if you really want a UFO sighting. Apparently there's a GFOL base in the mountains nearby.

a8c036  No.6492291

File: d813b3f03c0f6a3⋯.png (643.56 KB, 875x669, 875:669, difficult truths meme.png)

b54bc4  No.6494560

File: 18fdbb2147b9c25⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Rockefeller Initiative 1.jpg)

File: 8572ffdd3cbff71⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Rockfeller Initiative 2.jpg)

File: d8755886777959c⋯.gif (15.03 KB, 474x201, 158:67, Greer gatekeeper.gif)

File: 887e8beab1d3869⋯.jpg (128.57 KB, 1202x729, 1202:729, Greer gatekeeper..jpg)

File: 7930d627235d5ae⋯.jpg (125.99 KB, 1000x1327, 1000:1327, Greer letter fraud.jpg)


>It will become evident when this thread turns back into the CE5 / Greer infomercial as in previous bakes.

It's already habbened.

Interesting how quickly it devolved back into this.

By now, those lurking should have connected that Greer is a higher ranking mouthpiece for the cabal WRT 'disclosure'.

He baits the masses with contact protocols to lure them in for the biggest lies.

He is pure evil, he's sold his soul long ago.

Anyone notice how the Ra channeling / Triangle / Tarot spammer stops posting, now magically it's back to the same rhetoric as in previous bakes?

(((They))) are working in teams.

Always have been.

Obvious patterns are obvious…

b09e3a  No.6494599

Reminder to ignore and filter CE5 and Greer shilling

b087eb  No.6495392

File: 3e826c281eb0037⋯.png (53.49 KB, 602x509, 602:509, dr greer on rockefellers.png)

86f471  No.6495402

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Secureteam 10 talking about Amazon's lunar lander. The mockup looks like shit and the name is gay. The whole thing feels fake to me. I have a feeling this is a clown-op to try and get money somehow.

86f471  No.6495415


John Podesta approves of this message! Good Guy Rockefeller working hard for the American people and not his own best interests at all! Suuuuure.

b087eb  No.6495495


Read the tweet. As soon as Laurence even tried to do something like that he was slapped on the wrist by his cabalist family.

f0286e  No.6497123


>Reminder to ignore and filter CE5 and Greer shilling

Whoa there hold yer horses for a second one-post-wonder. Are you actually reminding anons to filter? You're telling anons what to filter? What part of "Think for yourself" - Q, don't you understand? Whether you're instructing anons to filter anyone who questions the faggot ce5 greer gatekeeper, or instructing anyone to filter shills who keep constantly promoting ce5 and greer, it casts some heavy suspicion in your direction. No one here is authority, and all information is useful. Yes, even from shillfags. Anons are free to read everything and draw their own conclusions. They definitely don't need you for that.

Anyone who 'reminds anons to filter' ANYTHING should immediately be called out for it. I find it funny that this single ID poster once again pops up after someone calls out greer for being the fraud that he is, with credible sauce to juxtapose how much of a fraud he is. Not to mention the higher ranking cabal members that steven greer calls 'friends'.

"We are encouraged that Mr. Podesta remains a stalwart supporter of Disclosure" - Dr. Steven Greer

See it for what it is. See him for cabal fraud that he is.


>Anyone notice how the Ra channeling / Triangle / Tarot spammer stops posting, now magically it's back to the same rhetoric as in previous bakes?

Kind of funny, isn't it. The Rafag triangle spambot had taken over the previous threads until no other voices could be heard through the coordinated layers of spam of shills working together. Now all of a sudden that shit stops, and we're back to the same spam as before. Anons who are just reading now should start back around bread #3 to see how all of this unfolded. CE5 fag had posted in the neighbourhood of 100-150 posts per thread while simultaneously baking with dynamic IPs so he could freely collect ONLY his own notables (which were purely Greer / ce5 support). When his complete domination of the threads was artfully deconstructed by 'The Light', the tactics changed to a full on Ra Anon shillfest. Nonstop Ra memes, and the anon posting hundreds of times per thread switched over to Ra channelings, Tarot Cards and things that another anon was well known for discussing last year.

The tables had turned. The greer gatekeeper shills turned the attack fully against the one who destroyed their narrative. Now that anons have gotten sick and tired of the Rafag shills, were back to the exact same fucking repetitious greer / disclosure project spam and digs. It's all the EXACT SAME FUCKING DIGS as in previous threads. The faggots have hit the repeat button.

Truthlegion lays it all out nicely. In order to understand whats going on here anons really need to see things from both sides.

Maybe then they will see the light…

b087eb  No.6497249


Read the 2nd post in the bake


>If I missed anything you consider notable, please let me know.

f0286e  No.6497286


Are you trying to tell us that you're the baker of this thread, but magically your ID hash has reset? Where have we seen that before…

b087eb  No.6497353


Yes, I'm the baker and I collect notables for this bread with the help and suggestions of other anons. I went back to baking with my European dynamic IP after the past shill abandoned the stolen bake without notables. If you have some content to contribute then feel free to post it.

7df1b0  No.6497483

first time here

also the last

what a joke

carry on…..lol

9fad8e  No.6498554

File: 973b290bc1aa27f⋯.jpg (98.13 KB, 441x750, 147:250, tarot9.jpg)


The Rafag triangle spambot had taken over the previous threads until no other voices could be heard through the coordinated layers of spam of shills working together.

Just keep telling yourself it all a conspiracy against what you believe lol. I'll be studying

9fad8e  No.6498816


Apologize for being way over the top last bread. Contact did and has made me, basically, go insane. Won't be monopolizing the flow of the bread. I have better things to do. (I like being crazy, just not public about it)



I'm reading various Wilhelm Reich books. I think his orgone experiments and social research are pretty noteworthy. I, mainly, intend to lurk. If there's interest in his work, I could post some relevant passages from the books, my interpretations aside. I have yet to get into his bion and cancer research.

No/ no replies is fine with me which means I'll go on my way.

b54bc4  No.6498868

File: 83146ffbb1cb0fe⋯.png (39.6 KB, 1070x326, 535:163, #4 Bake Timestamps.png)

File: d1afd78067d3217⋯.png (137.58 KB, 1088x402, 544:201, #5 Bake Timestamps.png)

File: 744dab2efacfc42⋯.png (9.21 KB, 533x138, 533:138, Shill bake.png)

File: efa4b02cd33c60f⋯.png (288.02 KB, 1637x431, 1637:431, The LIGHT.png)



>Yes, I'm the baker and I collect notables for this bread with the help and suggestions of other anons. I went back to baking with my European dynamic IP after the past shill abandoned the stolen bake without notables.

If this is a lie, then ID d3a065 will reemerge and I'll lovingly own my Fool Card.

If this is the truth, you have made a grievous error in your admittance.

<Define projection. - Q

The last thread was baked by one of the baker anons from the main research threads, it was not the previous baker.

How do I know this?

They were telling anons in the main QR thread to collect notables from the previous and to post them before shills shit all over #8 which they had just created.

So notables were collected.

BO / BV's have all of this tracked, rest assured. Not that I expect them to get involved.

The truth stands on it's own two feet.

Fastjack has stated that they allow shills to bake for various reasons, so here we are.

Every once in a while I feel it's necessary (and fun) to throw in a little 'coincidence'.

So let's shine some LIGHT, shall we?

Have a peek at the dynamics of the creation of previous iterations of these threads.

A supporting IP is used to post the creation of the thread.

The primary static IP was used to solidify a narrative with consistency, but to appear as an impartial unbiased third party.

Do you notice a pattern here?

The supporting IP only gets to 5-6 posts prior to resetting.

Please review coincidences from bakes #4 & #5.


Now this thread… 6 posts from the baker and a reset.

"At what point is it mathematically impossible?"


Baker supports Greer?

Just a 'coincidence' I suppose.

Is it a coincidence that this thread was immediately spammed with the same garbage rhetoric as before, with the same scripted inorganic conversations keeping the same people in the spotlight?

They are desperate to control, but in the end they fail all the same.

I've sat back and watched, knowing full well what was going to transpire.

Did you really believe that you wouldn't reveal your cards to me?

I expected ALL of this… and you played directly into my hand!

<The LIGHT will reveal those on the team, and those pretending to be. - Q

b087eb  No.6499533


Wilhelm Reich is interesting for being one of the only authors whose scientific works and journals were burned in the 20th century.


If the Cabalists ordered destruction/censorship of his works, this only means they posed a danger to the status quo. I have little experience with orgonite (and his work in general) so if you have found something interesting, share it.

to the antidisclosure shill:


I won't reply to your provocative posts. Contribute or stay ignored.

b087eb  No.6499622

File: df45a677abf391a⋯.jpg (24.02 KB, 780x439, 780:439, stanton-friedman.jpg)

Stanton Friedman, famed UFO researcher, dead at 84


This guy was the original civilian investigator of the Roswell incident.

>Friedman "officially" retired last year but still booked speaking engagements "because he loved talking about UFOs,"

>Friedman was returning from a speaking engagement in Columbus, Ohio, when he died suddenly at the Toronto Pearson Airport on Monday night, according to his family.


>at the airport

Must be a coincidence.

Comment by dr. Michael Salla of Exopolitics (the guy who was talking about Qanon on coast2coast):

>Stanton Friedman has just passed away. He was a real force in the UFO community, and was involved in many important breakthroughs on the Roswell UFO Crash, Cutler Twining Memo confirming existence of MJ-12, the Eisenhower Briefing document, etc.

>"I check my audiences and find at the end of my lecture that about 10 per cent of the attendees have had a sighting. But 90 per cent didn't report it because of a fear of ridicule."

RIP Stanton.

d7447a  No.6499692

When people think about Dimensions, they tend to believe that the highest the Dimension, the better it is, and the closest to GOD / Source we must be, but in fact, this is not true.

Dimensions have different frequencies, it is true. Frequency is an Electromagnetic Wave, the more the wave oscillates, the higher the Frequency and the Dimension are, but this does not mean that the Beings in that Dimension are aligned with the Source's Divine Plan, which is learning to give Immense Love to All that it is!

When we think about the whole picture of Creation, we see layers upon layers. One of these layers is the substrate of Creation, thus in the First Dimension. The First Dimension is Ether and it is Etheric. But First Dimension does not mean it is Bad, that the Second would be any better, because it is higher than the First, and the Third would be better than Second and so on… In fact, Ether is a substrate and all the codes of energy, life and matter were written upon it.

Through time, lots of things happened and lots of Wars took place through the Cosmos, Universes; Dimensions that altered the Original Order have caused distortions in Structures of Space-Time and so on.

Through Time some Species, some Inter-dimensional, learned how to write upon these Codes substrate and manipulated other Dimensions.

The Elite (which is Inter-dimensional anyway) was always very interested in manipulating Time, because this way they can perpetuate their game, they can go back and forward and even change events at their own will. One of the Species that are addicted to the Space-Time Matrix are the Dracos, who developed high Technology to manipulate the Space-Time Matrix, creating Synthetic Portals & so on.

In these Wars, through time they managed to take over some Dimensions. Remember that in all Dimensions there are Living Beings! Just because a higher Dimension has a higher Frequency, that does not mean it is better, nor that it has "Better Beings" living in it, or that they are good in all aspects. What happens on Earth is a Reflexion of what happens in higher Dimensions too. Good and Bad do not matter, they're a reflexion of this Game, that has been played over time, over eons.

d7447a  No.6499695


Lots of people think that the Fifth Dimension is the highest Dimension we can achieve, but this is simply, not true. In fact, the Fifth Dimension was taken by Artificial Intelligence, it is a Dimension where everything that happens in that Dimension is known by everybody that inhabits that on particular Dimension. These Beings on 5D cannot necessarily achieve nor resemble the Light and Love of All that Is. It is just a Dimension. And in fact, as stated, one that it is already taken! You have no idea what you have been desiring and getting yourselves into!

Recently, I came across a post of a Draconian Starseed where they stated that according to the Draconian Plan to move Earth to the 5th Dimension, Mankind would need to raise their own frequency in order to reach that Dimension, or they would All DIE. So they are using High-Technology that are not known to us Humans, in order to achieve this and Pass Earth itself to the Fifth Dimension.

(Music Man: The Dracos intend to bypass Gaia, the Planet's Consciousness' Plans altogether. But Earth (Terra) and Earthlings are meant to be on 3D! At least for the foreseeing Future! By working on the Planet only, Man will be left behind and perish in this transition, IF they can actually pull it and would be allowed to do so).

But the point is, Earth has its own Frequency that sustains Life and Matter. Remember that by the simple fact that we have a material Body, that does not mean we are less than Beings that inhabit Higher Dimensions. We have a body (material body), an energy field and a Spirit, which belongs to the Eternal Realm (much Higher than the Space Matter Matrix).

I keep reading the post and they state people will have to raise body Frequencies in order to go through this procedure that they are implementing, otherwise they will DIE.

(Music Man: But isn't that what they have been working on all this time, the demise of most of the Human Population, leaving only a minimum number of Humans to keep them and their Slavery System in place?).

If you apply high Frequency in a stock of blocks that have lower Frequency, it will simply disintegrate or burn! (You can correlate that with Directed Energy Weapons or Higher Frequency Weapons). So this means they plan to CHANGE the Earth Frequency ARTIFICIALLY, without any regards for the Beings that inhabit here, even if they die in the process. (Music Man: I'd add, Especially IF they die in the process!)

And then they plant in the Minds of the Light Gurus that we need to raise body Frequency in order to go to the Fifth Dimension that would be the highest we can achieve. But this is simply not true, we have a Spirit that transcends all this, but our body is material and works in these specific Frequencies, that of Gaia 3D. Try to apply microwave to an apple, it will simply burn it!

You can take care of your body in order to raise energy levels, but this always needs to be aligned with the correct Frequency of Earth (because Earth sustains our Physical Bodies and has the right Frequency for them), and should not be aligned with Artificial Frequencies that are being imposed upon us!

(Music Man: A Recipe for Total Disaster, If you ask me!).

The Fifth Dimension is a Dimension that was taken and is run by Artificial Intelligence, a kind of World Wide Web, but Telepathic. It does not mean they can achieve higher Dimensions. The same is happening here on Earth, using C.E.R.N., 5G and Quantum Technology to achieve this.

Be aware that by promoting the theory of the Fifth Dimension, you are actually perpetuating the Plan of the ones that want to enslave us and inherit Earth for themselves!

(Music Man: You are being warned!).

You do not need to change bodies in order to be aligned with the highest Source, just be aligned and the right codes will flow into you, because they are always here in us and with us. But be aware that we face turbulent times and there's a War going on. You all need to see behind the Illusion and be sure that GOD is always waiting for us with open arms anywhere we are.

Much Love,

Secrets of Creation and Space-Time.

(Edited by Music Man).

2d164f  No.6500037

File: 95a013ee6bd0461⋯.png (4.17 MB, 1829x1821, 1829:1821, Bob_Lazar_infographic(hq).png)


He also concluded Lazar was a fraud cuz he couldn't find proofs of his university degrees, without actually addressing how Lazar was able to become a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratories with (according to him) nothing more than a high school diploma.

Was always Controlled Op, in this anon's opinion.


b087eb  No.6500137

File: 3e3f47d4513fb2a⋯.png (63.6 KB, 500x863, 500:863, baph_quote.png)


Thank you for your input. One day we will know the truth. I've always considered the CIA psyop based on obfuscation and ridicule to be the biggest barrier towards disclosure, so the more people talk about something big the higher the chances truth comes out, especially in places where real research is done. Because of frauds I never take only one source as 100% truth unless I've seen and felt it with my own experience.

86f471  No.6500467

FYI, the last bread was baked by the on duty baker on the main bread at my request. I don't know how to do it or I would have. I asked that baker for help when the previous one filled up. If anyone really doubts that it would be possible to back-track all the dates and times and find my request in the bread. I don't know how to add in notables and such. >>6498868

45ee40  No.6500516

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Supposed unused footage of moon landing filming in desert. Also supposedly leaked by Wikileaks.

This could be big if we could find out who some of these people are and prove it to be

what it is purported to be.

I'm not a flat rather. I just want the truth out.

No one seems to be paying attention to this. Or how big of a red pill it could be to blow this cover up wide open irrefutably.

86f471  No.6501801


It will be very difficult to convince people that this is not simply a video of a training mission. Same with the bubbles rising from the astronaut who is actually in a pool or whatever. If it is NEW footage they will just say… Oh yeah that is training footage in the desert. Even if they presented it as real it can still be shown as oops! we ran the wrong footage TITLE. Fucking interns.

I used the Challenger video as a very powerful redpill. It does not disprove the moon landings but it wakes people up to the devastating fact that Nasa is full of shit an the only real question is HOW FULL of shit are they.

44a7d1  No.6502378

File: b13825e0e80641d⋯.jpeg (10.58 KB, 225x225, 1:1, neil_saturn.jpeg)


>mfw UFO disclosure and Luciferian Zionist disclosure haven't happened because they are part of the same thing

44a7d1  No.6502426


Not sure which challenger video you are talking about, but I investigated the crew and found birth certificates for their siblings and old magazine photos for some of them. Not all of them.

One of them does look and sound very similar to a professor, I will admit.

And the whole autopsy fiasco is sketchy af.

And I think most of them either went to Georgetown or their spouse went to Georgetown (Podesta)?

Keep digging, but I think the challenger conspiracy theory in it's current form contains lots of disinfo.

86f471  No.6503061


Nice! Yeah that is good stuff. I haven't gotten any rebuffs of that one ever. Really good points though. Whatever it is It is now what they SAY it is. That I know.

b087eb  No.6503498


Consider the vastness of space.


5bf19f  No.6503503

File: 7b2f4a209439d79⋯.jpg (6.96 KB, 218x231, 218:231, 2019-01-25-11-30-06--68065….jpg)




5bf19f  No.6503531



You faggots do realize you covered

Wilhelm Reich in multiple cases in past threads? So we have the new baker fag replying to 9fad8e the ra tarot spammer from several threads ago. Their discussion almost feels like they know each other. Why is that? Why is the baker fag so quick to put posts up after getting called out.


Now thats fucking funny isn't it? So an on duty baker made the last one. Lol, just go back and look. The notables were put in after the shills had already shit up the bread.

What happens in this thread? Shillfag steals the bake and what the fuck happens? All the same goddamn greer videos and documentaries are spammed to high heaven againl at the start of the bread.

It's like these faggots have had this Wilhelm Reich conversation before. Oh that's right, they already have! Just go back and read the last two threads. It's the exact same conversations being used again to slide the bread so anons can't read that shillfags have comped the bread once more

This should be fun!

b087eb  No.6503601

File: 4cdbe83a8ebb3d3⋯.png (191.16 KB, 546x812, 39:58, baph_gfol_meeting.png)


Here's yet another source for this. The very book Behold a Pale Horse, Q crumb 782, page 202. How did I miss that?!

>In the meantime, a race of humanoid aliens landed at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida and successfully communicated with the U.S. govern- ment. This group warned us against the race orbiting the equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development. They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition. They refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology we already possessed. These overtures were rejected on the grounds that it would be foolish to disarm in the face of such an uncertain future. There was no track record to read from. It may have been an unfortunate decision

>humanoid aliens

>spiritual development

Hold on a sec lemme dig out that pic everyone hates for some reason…

b087eb  No.6503602

File: bc6097660552e82⋯.jpg (400.14 KB, 1600x1231, 1600:1231, 146f9521fb6a5eb516f76887f2….jpg)


There we go!

152c8c  No.6503912


to me friedman was a shill bob lazar witch had much proof he worked for some of these companies and they erased him from them and from the school . lazar went quiet and wouldnt talk for a long time reason being clearly they laughed at him . but i believe lazar over friedman who constantly made people feel like ideots for trying to tell theyre storys . i 100 perc agree friedman was controlled op. come on the guy worked on nuclear military and space programs.

2dd542  No.6503925

File: 8a29edadc9a438e⋯.png (155.25 KB, 543x816, 181:272, friedman.png)


After reading BAPH this seems to be an even more likely case. William Cooper agrees. Shills everywhere.

9fad8e  No.6504403

“Destructiveness is a biological reaction to the denial of sexual gratification…The sexual impulse seeks to attain pleasure, while the destructive impulse seeks to eliminate a source of unpleasure in the outside world and destroy the basis of unpleasure” p 37 The biological investigation of sexuality and anxiety.

“One can conclude from these functional relationships that the destructive aggression, which plays such a predominant role in both social and individual existence, is a phylogenetically and also ontogenetically more recent function than the primary functions of “sexuality” and “anxiety”. p 38


Epidemiology of anxiety disorders in the 21st century


Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and separation anxiety disorder, are the most prevalent mental disorders and are associated with immense health care costs and a high burden of disease. According to large population-based surveys, up to 33.7% of the population are affected by an anxiety disorder during their lifetime. Substantial underrecognition and undertreatment of these disorders have been demonstrated. There is no evidence that the prevalence rates of anxiety disorders have changed in the past years. In cross-cultural comparisons, prevalence rates are highly variable. It is more likely that this heterogeneity is due to differences in methodology than to cultural influences. Anxiety disorders follow a chronic course; however, there is a natural decrease in prevalence rates with older age. Anxiety disorders are highly comorbid with other anxiety disorders and other mental disorders.


Personal Thoughts: So many people are anxious or talk about anxiety. Yes, it’s anecdotal. My bet is the rising anxiety and opening sexuality give credence to Reich’s book, ‘the Sexual Revolution’. It seems like people are becoming less accepting of structural obligations. Having social processes built in support of natural creative impulses (rather than suppression) is how ET societies express natural impulses where there is no destructive impulse.

Hopefully, we are all aware it is humanity’s destructive impulses and resultant weapons and social structure prevents more open contact.


Reich work's has a lot of depth. How many authors in the USA books, journals and works were burned? Reich died in jail. You can be angry all you want. ET contact, IMHO, forces humanity to face it's social and character flaws. Reich life's work is about this and culminates in universal energy with a biological component.

82f418  No.6506141

Is the 4th dimension just a concept on how the mind perceives time?

How could you physically navigate that?

Sure space-time is different than time on Earth b/c Earth is bound by a linear timeline.. Night & Day 365/yr 24/7 in rotation around the sun but wouldn't spacetime still be bound by the same concept of linear time even when not on earth b/c the individual still ages physically or mentally redardless of tracking the time in space or on Earth?


In the movie "Interstellar" the time elapsed from Cooper when he leaves Earth to go into a blackhole & when he returns to Earth. Time (linear) is said to have elapsed by 76yrs (told to him by his Bot buddy Tars) from what he knew but in the movie he doesn't return to earth he returns to the new system developed to sustain life on a ship off Earth.

Cooper not having aged physically the ability for his mind to perceive this change so easily is not that easy.. Would this not wear your mind? I say this b/c after he visits his daughter (who has aged to an old woman) he preceeded to take a ship & go off into space unable to comprehend the massive change in (linear time) so he returns to (nonlinear time).

82f418  No.6506151


Anyways not trying to shitpost just thoughts that came to me. And got me thinking.. Are we(Mankind) really supposed to understand the power of time?

945ba4  No.6506485

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

lmao Harry Potter was just a milab et school.

ff83a6  No.6506877


> That's relativity, folks

quote from the movie

Cooper doesn't age because he went into the black hole, meanwhile time passed quicker on earth or elsewhere.

From his point of view time passed 'normally'.

Anyhow still movie makers don't understand much more than us so I wouldn't rely on that.

It's unclear how Brandt remained the same age, she was affected by the black hole too but less since she escaped it to get to the third planet.

Maybe she hybernated herself, who knows.

I've read somewhere we get easily fooled because in this universe the 4th dimension is extremly close to 0, whatever that means.

Also lookup anisotropic universe, isotropy is at the base of our mainstream understanding and it's an assumption.

And probably wrong.

ff83a6  No.6507196


>Subjects were told that either 2,000, or 20,000, or 200,000 migrating birds were affected annually, for which subjects reported they were willing to pay $80, $78 and $88 respectively

Did they consider that once the problem is bigger than oneself the size doesn't matter not because it's not considered but because it's perceived as unsolvable by the single individual?

Did they expect 80/800/8000?

Hey some bird have problems.

Sure have 8k and solve it.

Yeah that makes sense.

Real replies: I guess i'll give about $100.

And then the 'pseudoscience' label is found all over wikipedia on legit stuff.

6a6d27  No.6510392



>Their discussion almost feels like they know each other. Why is that?

Entangled minds

While it may be cool to claim that we should never attribute to maliciousness what could more readily be attributed to stupidity, a far easier thing to understand is the Urantia Book concept of reflectivity and entanglement of minds. Ever heard that emotions are contagions? That's why people are so scared of things that shape mindsets because they change the way that the contagions operate.

My bet is that we are looking at entanglement via contagion.

1ec932  No.6510607


Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality

Dean Radin Ph.D.

Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System

Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

These books have been really good for me. The entanglement book sold me on Psy phenomenon which opens the lid to a world of magic, spirituality, etc. The chakra book has helped me better understand the different systems within us, and which areas of myself I need to improve on and how. The exercises offered are fantastic and let you feel the power of different energy centers.

f717db  No.6510640


Information on UFOs is coming out that is putting together UFOs, net death experiences, ghosts, out of body, psychic abilities, channeling, etc. s all the same. The you tube channel called UFO Hub has just out out interviews with the presenters. Watch Rey Hernandez’s video - then watch Patrick DeHaan’s interview on that same channel. All the interviews recently released will dispel all the fear porn.

73fdc9  No.6511040

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Secureteam 10's expanded talk on Bob Lazar's latest movie. This is one of the most legit dudes I have ever seen in the UFO world. If you have not watched the whole movie it is worth the couple bucks it costs. Also the movie by the Crrow777 guy called Shoot the Moon is really good as well. The lunar wave thing he sees in the film happens exactly the same way as one of latest secureteam 10 videos but that one happened on Jupiter, not the moon.

Watch it here. Lots of good stuff happening.


73fdc9  No.6511058

File: 93c6b38b2e49ac7⋯.png (30.37 KB, 922x226, 461:113, Screenshot at 2019-05-15 0….png)

File: 65e67b0c90dbbfd⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1292x1218, 646:609, 470b8f74d43f35883bd44b75c4….png)


I am trying to figure out this Schuman Resonance stuff.


02a8f4  No.6511715


Any of you faggots want to address the fact that the new baker makes new thread so links can't be clicked on? How about Id hash 6b40a6 makes a single post about grier at the very start of the bread, followed less than 2 minutes later by 9a3453 that spams the same grier videos that have been show countless times already. That id makes it to 8 posts then it resets.

Then you see the original baker id call out


For even questioning the shills that have plagued these threads with hundreds of posts of absolute shit. Fuck off hall monitor baker.

Now you see grierfaggot baker COMPLETELY give himself away.


He wasn't being questioned directly, but for some reason without prompting he immediately states "he has no connection to ce5 guy". It's called projection faggots, learn. He immediately outed himself by going on the defensive. Incredibly obvious.

Now the previous id hash 9a3453 has reset and 411c67 takes its place as ce5 spammer.


Once again posts all the exact same videos and grier content from previous threads. Totally fucking giving himself away by ip hopping.

Now 411c67 resets and b087eb magically appears and claims to be the baker who also supports grier. Not only that the faggot is constantly repeating himself with the tarot channeling spammer about the Urantia book and wilheim reich. That shit has been discussed dozens of times already. Go back and read and you'll see. Also go back in previous threads and you'll see where ce5 faggot claims hes using a dynamic European IP.

Oh yeah remember the pastel alienfaggots pictures and 'rules for contact' which were retarded? Now look at this faggot deliberately flaunting in front of your face that hes on the same shill team with this


Wake up faggots, griershill is the baker.

9fad8e  No.6512221


I don't think you can visual the whole of reality (aside from darkness). I imagine many shells. Every shell is a discrete perception. If you imagine your conscious being spherical rolling in darkness, every impulse the consciousness has distorts that darkness like waves in a pool of water. The continuity of perception is the flow of shifting waves referencing the sphere. The sphere can be in any 'origin point' of a wave or aware of various loci.

—Not a biblefaq though this nicely aligns with my point—-

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters."

44a7d1  No.6515649

File: 498f229d569ded8⋯.jpg (161.35 KB, 1275x693, 425:231, nasa_football.jpg)



089eb6  No.6516566


Please post more I've kinda grown to enjoy your shit

73fdc9  No.6524791

File: 9da3a4df912e852⋯.png (164.07 KB, 500x361, 500:361, 86d2a29b51197d7d5e95de44f8….png)

File: 2d88d4ab31a7e6b⋯.pdf (13.85 MB, russian.secret.alien.races….pdf)


I agree with all this stuff you posted… but we can't stop it. I just filter it as soon as I see it. I try to post other content here that is on topic and quality but it never gets traction because everyone is bitching about Grier. Post good content related to DUMBS, Antarctica (lots of posibilities there!) UFO signtings, other alien related shit… etc. That is why the shills dominate this place utterly. There is no content but shill content. I do all I can but I only have so much content without repeating… like a shill.

Here is an example… The 'Russian Alien Book' I have no idea if this is real or bullshit I don't even remember where I found this thing buit it is interesting and worth a look.

Remember, the Ayylmaos are the goal here. We are here to trade info and ideas and hopefully get closer to the truth.

2fc5fc  No.6525759


Yeah. That's my challenge too. I only have so much content to share and a relative paucity of context to build with, so unless I hit a synchronicity jackpot, I'm gonna sound a little like a broken record. That was one good thing about lots of the Anons that many call shills, they gave me lots of data, and high entropy data, at that.

2fc5fc  No.6525820

File: 6443c0772f94bb6⋯.gif (9.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, satellite-env (1).gif)


How many times do we see a dip in goes hp or electron flux at precisely mid-day on the 17th of any given month? What about both? Perhaps related to the G3 geomagnetic storm from the 14th?

Maybe Q and team setting up for big things?

2fc5fc  No.6525934


They need a movie on that, like Inside Out.

Just to make it understandable to mere mortals.


Thanks for the pointers. Will check them out.

438061  No.6527515

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's an interesting sighting. Old video but a recent upload

9fad8e  No.6528270



Yep, building visualizations at a certain point becomes just like the incoming stimulus from reality, itself. I cannot think of a better way to organize and create the thought-structures other than Reich's "orgastic-potency".

Reich documented orgasm as a bioelectrical discharge. In my view, it's the basis of all ESP and furthermore all modes of life.

It's a little confusing what people expect disclosure to be or what information constitutes proof. Seems like it's an authority (ie government/media) which 'verifies' or manufactures the consensus. People look to structures like governement out of fear of being punished and the prospect of reward. It's sort of ironic fascism.

73fdc9  No.6528800

File: 85eaa1fa1589b15⋯.jpg (165.28 KB, 1016x675, 1016:675, 221789cdaf7629a22424eca330….jpg)

File: cccfd84d59371c7⋯.jpg (90.84 KB, 717x447, 239:149, cccfd84d59371c749b8fcfa10a….jpg)

File: 1e888ec8d932d6b⋯.png (65.14 KB, 650x923, 50:71, ufo.png)


What are these actually measuring? The Schuman wave thing is some electromagnetic resonance in the atmosphere? These dips are always on the 17th or at other times as well? What are they measuring? Sorry for the questions I guess I just need a Schmannn wave 101 or something.


This is a very cool video. Never seen it before. The surviving memory card really is good to know. In the late 90s and early 2k there were vid cameras that would write to a CD/DVD. They didn't have a long record time BUT if the thing was electronically fried the etched plastic disk would likely survive unless it was hit with microwave energy or something like that. (go microwave some AOL CD's if you want to see that action).

These drawings look kinda like the ship in this vid. The bottom of this thing cants upward at an angle as opposed to being a flat bottom.

2fc5fc  No.6529059


>What are these actually measuring? The Schuman wave thing is some electromagnetic resonance in the atmosphere? These dips are always on the 17th or at other times as well? What are they measuring? Sorry for the questions I guess I just need a Schmannn wave 101 or something.

Look, lots of disinformation on this topic.

I'm not an expert, that's why I'm using the Space Weather Enthusiast's Website and not more raw information.


So basically, what I understand is energy output from the sun and the various Logos of our local and nonlocal energy sources smacks the atmosphere causing lightning strikes. The average lightning strike rate causes an Earth Ohmmm. The theory goes that we are entrained with that vibration over time. The vibration isn't really static as you might imagine. But it normally runs at a nice low rate.


>Reich documented orgasm as a bioelectrical discharge. In my view, it's the basis of all ESP and furthermore all modes of life.

That wouldn't necessarily be a good thing. Humans are pack creatures. Even the lone wolves are doing something to contribute to society. They are resiliency sub-systems in the current matrix.

The challenge is that 5D encapsulation of thoughts through whatever means may make collectives start, barely start, functioning. They do reduce personal freedom though, especially if they are weaponized against people but their government. As a previous Anon said, we defeated the 5d tyranny but are seeing reflections of it in our reality.

203991  No.6529265



Apparently schumann frequency doesn't change over time. The peaks are a mystery though - they go off the charts pretty often. A Schumann resonances 101 would be very helpful, I agree.

>That wouldn't necessarily be a good thing. Humans are pack creatures. Even the lone wolves are doing something to contribute to society. They are resiliency sub-systems in the current matrix.

Yes, but they aren't defined by the current matrix. You can break free of any system you are in. The collective merely presents a vibrational baseline where most of the thoughts and beliefs originate from. And when you do create a new system you will immediately have some overriding effect on the old one. Everything has an impact on everything. Of course you can also misuse this knowledge and manipulate everyone around with it; those unaware will register collective thoughts and beliefs as their own and perpetuate the deception.

96c8e9  No.6529289

So then why create a Space "Force"?


203991  No.6529383


It's a vehicle for Disclosure, a way for all those secret space programs (born from deals with negative ETs) to become organized, transparent and hopefully public.

2fc5fc  No.6531235



945ba4  No.6531367

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Milabs, Reptilians, Alien-Human Hybrids

44a7d1  No.6534291

File: 7c882aca657cb02⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1463x2490, 1463:2490, stripes_gold_elong_skulls.jpg)

>what if it's really all connected and part of the same thing

d0c244  No.6534338


Nazis with advance tech would need to abduct people for labor and other stuffs….we keep secret because people would flip that an old enemy still lurks and comes from time to time from far and takes some of us…they have a pact that they abuse and don't hold their end….we couldn't do anything until now…

d0c244  No.6534341

>>6534338from Antartica..just an idea.

73fdc9  No.6535941

File: 8668a9133ede7f2⋯.png (91.78 KB, 676x833, 676:833, Space Pirates Ted Cruz.png)

Sewage-tier souirce but this is likely Soft Disclosure.


73fdc9  No.6535953

File: 1a5779fc1a32a12⋯.jpg (40.94 KB, 450x178, 225:89, 6-2.jpg)

File: 39203c8b9413f6b⋯.jpeg (238.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, conehead.jpeg)

File: eccb1dc26181582⋯.jpg (5.85 KB, 299x168, 299:168, eccb1dc26181582120580cd896….jpg)


Lots of Coneheads out there. That is definitely a thing.

73fdc9  No.6536175

File: f7008ee096d504c⋯.png (114.39 KB, 700x954, 350:477, Screenshot at 2019-05-19 0….png)


Moar soft disclosure. …

2fc5fc  No.6537937


Hey Fren: I'm not any good at it myself but you might want to strip the Facebook session encoding from your shared urls. I think it is leaking more information than you want to give away

0724cb  No.6538380


More like establishing the Nibiru culture

9fad8e  No.6539169


>The collective merely presents a vibrational baseline where most of the thoughts and beliefs originate from. And when you do create a new system you will immediately have some overriding effect on the old one.

yeah, I'd agree with this. The 'overriding effect' is how the entity approaches "intelligent infinity" (God, potential, etc). Like being delineated from a set and being reintegrated into it with variant 'utilization-processes'

So, it makes sense the biology-psyche parallel ends up with different coordination up the line to higher psyche functions. When you say 'vibrational baseline', I agree in the sense there are basic biological functions coupled with psyche functions where intensity is the only possible variable.

73fdc9  No.6539226


Kek, Thanks for the heads up. I copy-pasta'd that link from ?Voat? . I've never had a Fagbook account Kinda feel bad about spreading that guys shit around though so I will certainly be more cognizant of that next time.

2fc5fc  No.6539514



Did you check out what that guy was into?


Amazing stuff.

Maybe the Q Team is applying self learning marketing algorithms to make responses to Anons as party to a customer/stakeholder relationship management capability?

Did you see the test posts where the Q Team discussed the eventually of using private comms on the chans between the Team and the Anons as public evidence at some point in the future? I wouldn't track the minute that discussion went up personally, just out of courtesy to The Plan, but it was in December or January, if I remember correctly. I'm sure more paranoid Anons than I were following and would have the details.

I've gotta say, the spirit side of the universe is a really fun place to play.


73fdc9  No.6539901


How do you get that result from the fagbook code in this guys URL? Can you toss out a quick FYI on this for everyone here?

Also, As for AI… That shit kinda worries me. I want it to have as little information about me as possible TBH. Also I try to generate as little information as possible of this type… and I think this little back and forth should show why to anyone looking.

2fc5fc  No.6540028


You're gonna want to slap me but it was at the end of the URI string: Echobox=1558018344

Like I said I'm not going to go digging around on personas anymore nor am I interested in how Google analytics plays with FB fbclid to track user activity, but once I saw that I stopped digging and thought about how Q Team might be seeding information our way.

For those who think this is a slide:


>the spirit side of the universe is a really fun place to play

<The Past becomes the present the present becomes the Future

<Theyll never get it even when the saucers are flying overhead

<beautiful seconds of pure Knowledge from the source of all life

660ae9  No.6541420

Didnt want to shitpost in Research so i am writing here.

I am becoming 40 this summer. I couldn't remember my dreams since i was a teenager. But since the last two weeks things are becoming strange.

I start to dream weird shit.

I see people i have never seen before.

Sometimes i am not me.

Dont know what to think of this.

2fc5fc  No.6541621


Don't remember where I read it but I think I recall that some of our galactic cousins treat the age of 40 as the age of spiritual majority. Sorry I can't sauce it for you.

296e0f  No.6541707


Journal it and then research but ultimately it may be that the message is specifically for you to unravel. Universal stream of consciousness type stuff. Powerful! Welcome to the Future! Have you interacted with "beings" or a type of counsel?

87a839  No.6541727


>Have you interacted with "beings" or a type of counsel?

No interaction, yet. But especially the last night was intense, because i was seriously afraid of some kind of entety that was waiting around the corner of a hallway i dreamed of. But i didn't dare to go and watch.

As i said. Weird shit.

I'll embrace it as a new experience. Kek.

Let's see where that leads to.

2fc5fc  No.6541733






Now I remember where I read it: Urantia Book

Good advice: Journal what you're experiencing. And think about what the change in experiences could mean for you.

How have you been changing spiritually recently?

Are you feeling more 'aligned' than normal?

What do you think 40 means?

87a839  No.6541751


>How have you been changing spiritually recently?

What can i say? I follow Q since Dec.2017

Quite a helluva ride until now ;)

So yes. I learned a lot.

Never gave a shit about spiritual things before.

>Are you feeling more 'aligned' than normal?

I wish i would. The longer the ride lasts the more alien i feel. But i def. have a better understanding of what i want and what i do not want.

>What do you think 40 means?

I am old now.

Thanks for the link. Looks like i'll have to read something…again… Kek.


8363a2  No.6541957


yes, it is a thing, but not aliens related. A lost specie, homo saparacas (looks like their last survivors held out in Paracas, S-America), the giants. Related to Atlantis, perhaps ruled it until we got hit by a meteors that snapped us out of last ice-age. Look up Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch and John Anthony West (rip), but more people waking up to this.

ddb1bd  No.6542607

File: 76f47fa2f12d2a2⋯.png (58.03 KB, 1795x402, 1795:402, anon_dream.png)


You are not the only one who had weird dreams about Q-related things. I had a dream about two very "heavenly" guys wearing bright blue suits and smiling. They came as I was searching for "Q".

Pic is anon who posted over a year ago, his testimony is very interesting.

9fad8e  No.6545030


Agree. In 2011, when I faced initial conscious contact. I had a vision a flaming Q with Trump inside it. I have an inkling to believe Trump is the (a) focal point where the emotionally regressive have some transitive agreement.

Not wanting to spam post:

When you consider an illumination, so perception seems to shape the angle of incidence. Where the mind as light mirrors the body as darkness and the interval of realization or perception is resonance from a state of motion to a state of motion. My curiosity is why an illumination does not (without resistance) approach totality of perception. So the quality of self-awareness, I believe rests by paradox where the self is aware/reacting to self. The total reaction offering a shaping to lesser reaction.

The self can depreciate/appreciate it's own alignments, which is interesting. The mechanism by which we express ourselves as 'built- in' catalytic confluences from which the abstract object in focus can motivate experience. These biases are quite interesting. (I'll be studying)

1ec932  No.6545506

learning lessons

d17160  No.6546673

(This is very important for public interest/knowledge)

Scientists have conducted tests on a tiny spacecraft which could ‘sail’ through space on a beam of light and reach another star system within our lifetimes.

–Researchers hope that a light sail with a beam of energy can carry a tiny spacecraft – a ‘wafercraft’ – through space to Proxima Centauri.

–Researchers at the Experimental Cosmology Group led by Phliip Lubin sent a prototype up in the stratosphere on a balloon to 105,000ft.

–The idea is that the wafer-sized craft could be propelled up to a fraction of light speed – allowing us to reach our nearest stellar neighbour, four light years away.

Lubin said, ‘It’s part of a process of building for the future, and along the way you test each part of the system to refine it.

–‘It’s part of a long-term program to develop miniature spacecraft for interplanetary and eventually for interstellar flight.’

–‘Directed energy’ is a pioneering technology championed by Stephen Hawking for a project to send a spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in 20 years.

–Backed by Russian Internet billionaire Yuri Milner and Mark Zuckerberg, the microscopic spacecraft would travel at a fifth of the speed of light.

–The nanocraft, powered by a sail pushed by a light beam, could potentially travel the distance over 1,000 times faster and make the journey in 20 years.



2fc5fc  No.6547608



>You can break free of any system you are in. The collective merely presents a vibrational baseline where most of the thoughts and beliefs originate from.

I understand metaphysically how that might be possible but technologically, I'm not certain how that would function. Are you suggesting that all our ids are 'connected' and being used as a rudimentary form of 'telephone' to program and de-program each other's ego? Or are we all so saturated with nano-particulates that the various wireless networks around us can use our synchronicities to orchestrate a play?

Speaking of a play…Check out 978-0-9798455-7-4, Chapter 9. This 'plan' might not be religious in nature but it might well be something around which religions are born.


>because i was seriously afraid of some kind of entety that was waiting around the corner of a hallway i dreamed of. But i didn't dare to go and watch.

If you are given the opportunity again, just do it. Try. What's the worst that can happen? Ultimately if you love your country and your fellow human beings you should be shielded from nearly everything.



So sounds like more than one Anon thinks there might be something to this dream function. Hmmmm. I've had lots of dreams with lots of people in the know and with people I thought were Q team members themselves.

I'm a broken vessel, so anything I receive is always contorted out of shape - plus then I filter it for relevance, reliability, truthfulness, morality, and religious-ish-ness which often leaves practically nothing to harmonize with. That is why I'm good with synthesizing ideas, like a cute little speculative engine, because if it's recorded, like Enoch maybe, I can make sense of it for the common good.Anyway…


Lessons. Ha! Will be such a tremendous let down if this whole thing turns out to be an abusive psychological operation rather than an actual long term well founded military precision plan.

Related Aside: I still wonder about military precision (as indicated above) because I've felt quantumly entangled with people who have committed suicide and I truly believe that if this is a human-run operation, whoever is in charge, ''is not a patriot" by either of Q's definitions.

For instance, Rossi:

"But in a report released Wednesday, Army officials concluded that Rossi suffered from 'an irrational belief that he was intellectually incapable of mastering the technical aspects' of the Army space command, especially the aspects of the job related to space defense."


Speculation Engine:ON

Now a person entangled by some form of entrapment like the f@l3nny problem might be societally susceptible and clearly it would be best for the big brother to claim that it was a personal flaw in the part of one weak person rather than a really big trust game that got horribly out of control.

Solid military precision would have stopped the event that preceded the terminating sequence. Duh. That's what good big brothers do, by definition, they protect their younger brothers and sisters.

If Patriots have that level of control, they are obligated morally to use it wisely and ethically.

Anyway, had to get that off my chest given the claims above.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Looks like they really don't want this posted based on the number of times the capcha failed. Ha!

Speculation Engine:OFF

2fc5fc  No.6547623


FYI: I ended up messing up the @ and 3 and then the capcha passed when I attempted to fail.

b75b59  No.6548245

File: 72073cef16b7dab⋯.png (203.11 KB, 1362x1256, 681:628, Screenshot_20190520-232937….png)


13 Jun 2018 - 5:37:03 AM


05/20/19 (Mon) 05:40:17 2fc5fc (17)


How about how this was determined?


20 May 2019 - 10:06:31 PM

20 May 2019 - 09:66:31 PM

20 May 2019 - 09:65:91 PM






Two items:



Noticed that T-1609 was 3:14 off from an early AM response from an Anon this morning. Wanted to double check. Used www.timeanddate.com. Screenshot.

We should get a real clock Anon to figure out probabilities that this string of events would create this kind of linkage and result in a neat 341 days with 03:14 total delta.


I don't know. You judge.

c36b45  No.6548824

File: eba7f97d1a38afd⋯.jpg (390.41 KB, 1022x1024, 511:512, the-solar-flash.jpg)


Regarding Speculations;

It is not our role to intervene in the intentions of the soul.

If someone has built their life on fear, guilt, and shame, without having compassion on ones own weaknesses and failing, one cannot truly grow.

The end is not for everyone.

When we judge others we judge ourselves. This mindset, through the right circumstances, can lead to internalizing judgments against ones self.

In order to free ones self from this behavior (Living life by fear of what could be, feeling anger to ones self for past failings, and being ashamed of our weaknesses) we must first look inside. know that you are at your core a being of light.

"And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the >breath of life<; and man became a living soul."

"Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?"


"I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes."

The Spirit of God is within you now, he has been with you since the day you were conceived.

This is our calling as anons, as Patriots. That we will Love others AS WE DO OURSELVES. How we care for ourselves is how we care for others.

A good soldier, who goes to war to die for the sheep, does so because he Loves humanity, and his country.

Perfect Love cast out all fear.

There for, knowing that the time to cast out darkness has come, that the Cabal is falling world wide, take up the armor of God, be strong in truth. For the fact you are here now, with these truths, seeking to remove darkness from the Earth, has been by the good in you.

Do not let this good be taken by fear of unworthiness, but instead know that God is trying to work through you to achieve his will, which is "Peace on Earth and good will to man". This is your goal, to bring peace, to bring the kingdom of God within you.

"Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

So in this, stay strong in mind, knowing that those who come here after will not have to suffer as we did.

The future is in peace.

27e43e  No.6548936

File: 8936b78d2c4bb03⋯.png (395.87 KB, 1025x582, 1025:582, Bill Cooper .png)


Silent weapons for Quiet Wars (SWQW) was the one with the electrical diagrams.


If you read it you will see that it is talking about feedback from various inputs and they show it as an electrical system but it is pushed on the real world. That is what I meant about system exploitation. These documents are all you really need to know to break the entire system of the world and murder the world. … simple as that. I am not a really smart guy. I do well in the world by just not following the crowd but I do not have some brilliant intellect. So this stuff is kinda over my head. had I dug it when I was a young man I would have understood it better but thats not the case. My point is that it is shockingly easy to destroy an entire planet with billions of people by interacting with their national and international support systems in a way that causes them to fail… Then everyone dies. That is where we are at today, at the 'everyone dies' stage.

Ok, one more for ya. The above are the real deal no questions asked. This next one is… well… God knows if it is real or not. I have read it all and it sure FEELS REAL based on the above information.

This paragraph in particular: From SWQW

Since most of the general public will not exercise restraint, there are only two alternatives to reduce the economic inductance of the system. 1. Let the populace bludgeon each other to death in war, which will only result in a total destruction of the living earth. 2. Take control of the world by the use of economic "silent weapons" in a form of "quiet warfare" and reduce the economic inductance of the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide. The latter option has been taken as the obviously better option. At this point it should be crystal clear to the reader why absolute secrecy about the silent weapons is necessary. The general public refuses to improve its own mentality and its faith in its fellow man. It has become a herd of proliferating barbarians, and, so to speak, a blight upon the face of the earth. They do not care enough about economic science to learn why they have not been able to avoid war despite religious morality, and their religious or self-gratifying refusal to deal with earthly problems renders the solution of the earthly problem unreachable to them

Read SWQW and then this thing and refer back to it and see if it seems like the same fuckers working on it. It sure does to me but who knows.


The above text is from Voat. If anyone here has not looked into Bill Cooper's life and book, it is essentially mandatory reading for anyone in this sphere. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars had a terrible effect on me so be careful as this is dangerous stuff. This is what we are fighting and we had better win.

e397cf  No.6549262

So there I was, checking out the solar system one night, from Hathor (that's the Etheric Plane, and I found my fly-by interrupted by a hijacking - mine. Six Anunnaki priests, in other words, suckasses of Anu, grabbed me in the astral and took me to the royal palace on Nibiru, to the "Throne Room" in front of Anu. They were a bit taken aback when I didn't bow and scrape, like I'm supposed to be impressed with all of Anu's abject pomposity. For six hours they bullied me, bribed me, tried every Anunnaki steamroll of "reasoning" and oh-so-profound logic, and mysteries of the Universe that they could bestow me with, the whole line of sellout crap offers, just like Lucifer would make. They wanted me to "see it from their POV," to "understand " the Greater Meaning of it all. Their arrogance is appalling. That's six hours of their grill and spill that I'll never get back. It has cost them ever since. Kek.

ddb1bd  No.6549595


>I understand metaphysically how that might be possible but technologically, I'm not certain how that would function.

To put it simply, if you are surrounded by monkeys you are more likely to act like one, and if you are surrounded by buddhist monks you are also more likely to pick up their habits. This extends to everything in life and is influenced by the vibration of everything you do. Higher vibration = more Loving = closer to Creator, lower is opposite. We are all connected, and everything we do transfers (eg. like heat between two bodies) to everything around us, by the virtue of (unbenknownst to mainstream science) physics and not some imaginary concept.

So if you want to go against the flow, better start swimming.

0b55c2  No.6549604


The physics equivalent of our society, more precisely economics, is an ingenious idea and works pretty well. Shame the Cabal puppets that BC spoke about didn't know a thing about spirituality or the fact that guys like these


run the show. They didn't even account for the fact that the "barbarian" general public might be under influence of many forces that turn them into the mess they are, and did not even think of identifying and removing those factors so every man can be FREE.

2fc5fc  No.6549962


>The general public refuses to improve its own mentality and its faith in its fellow man. It has become a herd of proliferating barbarians, and, so to speak, a blight upon the face of the earth. They do not care enough about economic science to learn why they have not been able to avoid war despite religious morality, and their religious or self-gratifying refusal to deal with earthly problems renders the solution of the earthly problem unreachable to them

Whoever wrote the literally is Thanos from the Marvel Movies. Sad.

There has got to be a better solution than to accept that duality.

Simply unacceptable.

2fc5fc  No.6550009


Mistake:Whoever wrote that literally is Thanos from the Marvel Movies

I must be a Democrat because I get lots of redos in virtual reality even if I only by the grace of God get them in reality.

Or perhaps I intended: Whoever wrote the above literally is Thanos from the Marvel Movies

2fc5fc  No.6550061

I have a dumb one for everyone here:

How does one prevent this virtual reality from talking over every walking moment and most sleeping moments too?

I'm talking about this board, Q, the POTUS politicking, the ET subject, and everything else…

We can't be stable people if we are focused exclusively externally or exclusively on ourselves.

What strategies are helpful? Time limits? Regular breaks? Or just giving up in disgust every once in a while?

9fad8e  No.6550290



Are you responding to yourself? Using different Ids.






2fc5fc  No.6550514


Sadly, I've had the passing thought that I'm quantum entangled with some of these folks on this board. No, none of those examples are marked (((you))) and I didn't write them. For my own self preservation on several speculations that are way too bold even to have the possibility of being linked with my identity without my express permission, and, of course, when I'm not in a fixed space-time, then, yes, I use multiple IDs.

Wouldn't you if you speculated as unabashedly as I do?

And no, I'm not paid by anyone to post about anything, whatsoever. I don't consider myself a shill even though I'm quite limited as a human. I'm completely transparent about mental models that I wish to share and do not hide behind the law of confusion or anything like that because I don't know something.

I'm just an Anon who cares about people, or wants to care about them, at the least and who is trying to learn by reading and digging and hypothesizing. Exactly what I think Q wants us mere mortals to do.

Filter me if you don't like my words.

Shills do like to hate on me because I talk. So apologies.

2fc5fc  No.6551187

Look, I don't want to break anything or go against a plan of any kind. So I really need to know whether Q team has objections to me continuing to dig at the perceived linkages between posts here on this board and by POTUS. A massive time and productivity sink, even if there are, to my eyes, pretty clear correlations.


T-5888/T-5889 17:15:50 6537937 2fc5fc








6550514 11:40:16 2fc5fc

T-5916. 11:26:09




T-5887 16:39:31

T-5882 15:38:34


01:00:57. Similar folding rule (inner-outer). 00:01:57


Sounds like 'I was told' (psychologists, please note, I do not actually believe this) that I was nearly correct at 15:06 but that I was wanted at position 15:07 instead.

No clue what that means.

Looking for 15:08

4MAY Ivanka re-tweets








Q-2957 15:08:32

So then I asked what is the role of fellow Anon who challenged me?

6550290 09:110:55 9fad8e

6550061 09:058:04 2fc5fc


00:052:51 standard folding rule

Note Anon appears to be a linkage in this chain decrementing a counter of some sort.




6550514 11:39:76 2fc5fc

1169138 11:30:18 Q-1255



6550061 09:58:04 2fc5fc

Standard folding rule





I messed up at this point (subtracting Q-1255 from Q-2906) and ended up at Q-302 which might have been intended for lots of people but was certainly intended for me because if I stole that sign and applied it to myself, I could end the operation, as a partial success. I am wearing green; I'm heart chakra focused; and if I survived boot camp in any of the services without going insane and committing crimes, I'd at least be a captain by now.

And I could run like this for days or weeks or months without taking care of ourselves or doing anything "useful". I've been down enough of these probability trees since I started following Q, that I speculate we are looking at an incredible technology that is currently being used to 'game-ify' social interactions on a real world level.

Again, I repeat, that there are a lot of mental cycles being used and the real-world effects could be deadly, especially when driving.

I don't know how SerialBrain does it without going entirely insane. Frankly, I'm impressed with POTUS and the mental folding techniques I'm learning.

I believe I owe a debt of gratitude to the Anon who challenged me as I recall it was that Anon who said that the Cross was just a cube. From then on I've been visualizing vortexes and cubes and numbers really dance. Had I the opportunity to think like this when I were younger I would be insane or fabulously wealthy.

9fad8e  No.6551341


>of course, when I'm not in a fixed space-time, then, yes, I use multiple IDs.

Just use one? If you're on the go or else where just wait to post

>Shills do like to hate on me because I talk. So apologies.

They reason they hate on you is because using mult id's makes one poster appear as many can be construed as manipulating the flow of conversation.


>A massive time and productivity sink

agree with you here.

I support free speech, frankly I'm kinda crazy too (I like it). Internalizing your beliefs is pretty important.

>'m just an Anon who cares about people, or wants to care about them, at the least and who is trying to learn by reading and digging and hypothesizing

I believe you. Being an independent thinker is really good. Part of it is not needing/wanting others to understand. Moving forward is having all the misunderstanding and paradoxes resolved. You're obviously very open and willing to have a conversation. Why not keep a blog or website? (Or keep it up) Feeling understood means, in part, recognizing your own contributions and accepting others. Not everyone is open or willing or ready that's why people believe different things for different reasons

Contact has literally made me crazy multiple times. So it is what it is (past breads). I'd rather have my own site at this point. Or I can simply self-study cause expereincing high consiousness is ecstatic fun.

a8c036  No.6551351

File: 9a3a39207446f27⋯.png (789.78 KB, 1920x985, 384:197, beam of light reference 2.png)

0b55c2  No.6551407


ddb1bd and 0b55c2 are me, got a new captcha just as I was posting

2fc5fc  No.6551698

File: 423473a361080d6⋯.png (238.16 KB, 1396x1182, 698:591, Screenshot_20190521-142835….png)




Not that It matters, but here's something like evidence that there are no (((you))) indicators where they aren't supposed to be.

Again, I only do that as one extra step (((they))) have to cross, one extra warrant they have to get if (((they))) are being evil, and only when my speculations are so wild that they might think, improperly, that I'm being evil in some way.

The other case is when luck if the button push would have it and my delta between my previous posts are skull and crossbones and I'm "feel" like my subconscious is accusing me if actually being evil.

I never reply to keep a conversation going in one way or another because direction finders don't actually lead, they simply shuffle in the back and watch the herd move, occasionally listing interesting features of the scenery or weather patterns around us. If I have to gatekeep, I'm really just going to point or be 'extra' nice.

Honestly, you have no clue how unscrupulously honest I try to be, especially when I'm not faced with social pressures to confirm.

Finally, good advice! Don't really have much worth saying except in context with other like-minded, or seemingly like-minded people. I'm pretty sure the Anons here have already stolen (note: not acknowledging the theft, if it happened, to be legitimate or authorized) my online encrypted password protected and highly sensitive diary/journal and are using it to troll me here. Either that or there really are deep cultural contexts that are shared, for real, among all kinds of people across the globe. No clue.

I'll keep thinking about it. Perhaps I'll stop muttering from the shadows one day.

d24c65  No.6552500

File: 4cfb27c51d901c1⋯.png (2.27 KB, 276x190, 138:95, ClipboardImage.png)

Hello to anons in this thread. I am working on deciphering the meaning of the symbols on Epstein's island that can be seen from above.

Try not to jump on me if you've already solved this…….I'm coming here to find out if there has been any discussion in your many threads about how they "communicate" with other beings/spirits/demons/ET, etc. Is there any chance this is some kind of language?

Any thoughts are good thoughts, thanks.

0b55c2  No.6552857


Language? Well, they may have a meaning in language or they may not. What's important about symbols is that symbols have the power that you give them with intent - this can be used in a positive or negative way. Think of them as real-life scripts. Satanic rituals attract negative entities that feed on this negative energy born from desecrating all things that are good and sacred - hence their abuse of children. Then, when a specific symbol is present and focused upon it is "programmed" with the energy of what they just did with the blessing of negative entities that give them their perverted pleasure.

As for the symbols themselves, I have almost no idea. In general spirituality spirals mean energy flow. There are other anons who may tell you more.

472cff  No.6553043

File: 054318d35c93667⋯.jpg (47.99 KB, 700x700, 1:1, lunar disko.jpg)

File: 12f14d90e6f2fdd⋯.jpg (94.17 KB, 900x900, 1:1, lunar maze 1.jpg)

File: 5ea5bf9af390784⋯.jpg (136.1 KB, 900x900, 1:1, lunar labyrinth 1.jpg)

File: 4cc96a46407cb60⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1349x1011, 1349:1011, Labyrinth Movie - David Bo….png)


Return greetings Anon. Here's some info I posted recently in the Bridges & Maps #2 thread that may interest you:

Regarding the geometrical shapes on the platform where the temple on Epstein Island stands …

I would say


lunar labyrinth / lunar maze.

Images found in Google search. One is a vinyl record cover design, the other two are artwork. Then there's David Bowie's movie "Labyrinth" where a baby is threatened by a goblin king.

Searching for "rectangle within a rectangle" brings up a YouTube video on "Ex: Determine the Area of a Walkway Around a Rectangle," which I didn't include here, but the garden walkway example in the video made me think of a labyrinth.

Note: If you end up doing an image search on "lunar labyrinth," some of the results can be disturbing.

Updating to add: Come on over to the Maps & Bridges & Maps #2 thread to see more labyrinth commentary in response to my post there.

c36b45  No.6553169

File: dc2313fa024a3b8⋯.png (253.16 KB, 747x515, 747:515, frens-pepe-kek.png)


You are good anon.

c36b45  No.6553195

File: 561f2a145f42457⋯.png (859.84 KB, 960x685, 192:137, meditating-pepe.png)


Nope, he is not using different IDs.

We just understand.

2fc5fc  No.6553503


>Think of them as real-life scripts.

Snow Crash seemed to describe symbols as being self-existent neutral artifacts pointing deeper in root of mind to constructs that mind uses to represent really.


> Is there any chance this is some kind of language?

Possibly. The most rudimentary language types were procedural, direction-pointing elements.

Take my shilling on folding as an example: the first ones could represent two or three outside-inside folds while the 'snake' could represent an alternating pattern of folding. You might use the alternating pattern to knit a long chain of numbers or letters together whereas you might use the folding pattern to draw and consolidate a signal out of the noise of an otherwise random-seeming sequence.

Of course it could be the difference between alternating and direct current, right?

The patterns exist and like the other Anon posited, how they are used, powered, and what they are used for determine relative fit-for-purpose - what you and I would call 'good' or 'bad'.

9fad8e  No.6553755


>Honestly, you have no clue how unscrupulously honest I try to be, especially when I'm not faced with social pressures to confirm.

honesty is a great quality




hmm, honesty and openness seem to be necessary for the organic telepathic process. The technological medium is quite a crutch



>Possibly. The most rudimentary language types were procedural, direction-pointing elements.

Agree, symbols originally were meant to focus raw power into an orderly way which could be directed. Making gradients/ boundaries to effects is helpful.

>Then, when a specific symbol is present and focused upon it is "programmed" with the energy of what they just did with the blessing of negative entities that give them their perverted pleasure

Yes that's correct. Intent, ultimately is meant to charge. Symbols create access points to potential reality


Usually you have an inner and outer sanctum. In the former, there are greater controls over catalyst. In the inner sanctum there is a partial unveiling reality. Theoretically, there would be a third order where there was total unveiling, but could only be seen thru the auspices of the second order of the inner sanctum which attempts to direct the outer sanctum where the initiates/sympathizers deal with the masses and exoteric power structures

9fad8e  No.6553840



Meant to say "in the latter"

Want to add the 'know yourself' thing and how rituals have signified 'levels' or grades of knowing yourself. A specific grade may mean you no longer deal with any non-initiated persons or at least non-sympathizers, which case would be a outer sanctum. Where the initiated and grades are taught by higher grades would be the inner sanctum.

Really you only need 3 orders. nonetheless offshoot power structures probably exist

1ec932  No.6554565


RIP father

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

af2aa2  No.6555152


Duality, balance, Natural Law is an absolute certainty. We won't EVER get beyond it. It was there before creation and will remain until the end, if there ever is an end. The statement, whether you wanna relate it to Thanos or not, is very valid. Humans are utter fools and not much beyond mildly intelligent parasites. Anyone with open eyes can see that.

573c30  No.6555643



>Welcome to the great awakening! Many of us in this specific thread are having the same. Once I started to let things happen, follow sychronicities, try to decode messages in the Universe, I started to regain who I might be and get downloads. So try to talk to them and they will try to answer. They may not do it face to face, but through those sychronicities and other forms of messges. This is why I am working on a site for peple like us to find one another. Once I started making contact "again" (because I remember making contact as a child…but that is another story). I was told that is what I am supposed to do. KEK

>I hope to have it up this week, latest….next week. Fingers will be crossed.

573c30  No.6555660



Sorry, I forgot to add some of the drips.

573c30  No.6555912




I agree with many people about having some sort of dream contact or something in the past that has linked to Q or "The plan". For me, Q really helped me with spirituality and learn that "Nothing is a coincidence", "you are here for a reason", sychronicites, and how they called us "incarnated ETs". So I started to apply to to real life and made tons of weird connections to things in my life.

But things really started to get weird "again" for me was in 2013 or so, I was having a lot of weird things happen…like Orbs by my home. Weird shapshifting panes and etc. Well the rest is a long story to how I got to where I am now. But Q helped me in decoding messages I have not ever looked for. Well once I applied this to real life I have regained a lot of memories of contacting and seeing the shapeshifting planes, orbs, and things when I was a kid. I got caught… up really late and coming in from outside when I was around 7. My dad went nuts, and I no longer had contact. But forgot all of this until Q. But one thing I do remember is something or someone telling me that there will be a time that I will need to remember that no matter what, Trump is the good guy. That was back in the late 80s to early 90s.

But for those looking in help to open there eyes and aid in this awakening process. For me, I started to look at the sky and everything around me from the eyes of a child. I go outside and lay in the grass and stare at the sky and try to figure out how the clouds move. But with a blank slate and without my current knowlege from what we are told. I am seeing all kinds of things now. I hope that info can help others. Sometimes meditation and prayer are not enough.

835937  No.6555917


It's called ascension my friend. You're being called to awaken, probably past anything you are now. Just flow with the signs and synchronicities, is what I tell people. You're in for a bumpy but fun ride!

573c30  No.6555962


What do you think ascension will be like?

I was thinking hightened senses and others will not have it. Those that will not will be the ones that are not researching and trying to find the path of enlightenment. So us KEKs (Not limited to, just a point of reference) would be able to talk telepathicaly…but when you go to work and around the Normies…you will have to talk.

But I could be wrong. I really have no clue. Just going for the ride and trying to have faith and lose all fear.

9fad8e  No.6556087


>would be able to talk telepathically but when you go to work and around the Normies…you will have to talk.

This is so true. A woman (pleidian) when she tele-comms, if I can't grasp the nuance, I basically start paying attention to her (hot) appearence. Talking in thought let alone words is disharmonious. When enough people develop the attention to have 'inner vision', synchronecessities align above the physical appearence of reality then the verbal construct starts becoming secondary to projecting future.

People unable to be heart-aligned will fade more and more.

c36b45  No.6556585

File: 0ddf859d85a1f96⋯.png (685.6 KB, 869x623, 869:623, the-great-awakening-spirit….png)


What is the difference between hive mind and oneness?

Hive mind controls you through fear blame and hate, while oneness is the breaking down of illusion through understanding that all is one.

dcada1  No.6556634


>>What is the difference between hive mind and oneness?

Q: What's the difference between "mental health" and "mental illness"?

b concise pls.

835937  No.6556835


Dont worry too much about the goodies that comes along with ascension. Ascension is the process to master your psyche by removing the programming that's been thrown over our heads. I truly believe most, not all, will be subjected to this transformation when the universe deems it necessary. I believe my trip into it started in 2012 when I was still in the navy. My whole perspective on life was beginning to shift to the point I became consciously aware of it.

296e0f  No.6556914


Went through something similar also around 40. Went to a sweat lodge with the Bear Clan for a season and during that time had several very intense experiences (too real to be considered dreams).

In one I was somewhere far away in space standing before a light counsel of being. They set behind a raised podium and were very large in size but cloaked with dark robes and hoods. Their faces were concentric circles. There was no fear and I stood there as 'they communicated to me' - not verbally but I felt they were downloading something deep into my consciousness.

Later I had another (usually these happened right after a sweat lodge ceremony when I was recovering) this time I was a ball of green neon glowing energy moving/gliding through space. When I woke up I got the message that this is all were are - energy moving through space giving off sparks (and we should be positive).

In other I was in a familiar place but it kept changing (it was like I could see it through a period of time/history morphing) when I walked in it was older than my time (like a way station or old saloon). There was no bartender there but I ended up setting there with a beer next to a small leprechaun (best way I can describe the little fella). After our drinks and some conversation, he encouraged me to go through a doorway. Before I stepped into I examined the door framing and noticed there were small mushrooms growing on it. The little fella smiled and picked one and gave it to me without a word. It had sparks coming off of it and I popped it into my mouth. As the little guy smiled at me waiting for me to step through the door I stepped into a different direction and into nothingness (it wasn't scary there but was more like the essence of all - sorry very difficult to explain as it was understood so some different level). It was calming.

That is feeling I got from most of these happenings. The answer is not readily apparent but it is preparation for something. A type of refinement process perhaps?

Later I had a couple dreams where I was interacting with POTUS after he won the election. He was moving through his day kicking ass and taking names and I was trying to find ways to help/support.

In my opinion Trump has emerged as our champion and is helping to restore order. He is a Highlander after all. The "ones" on the throne are true pretenders/cultist.

Ah, back to the light counsel of beings (whom I understood the 7 or 9 cloaked figures to be - have a sketch somewhere?) they looked like the musicians from Magic Sword (maybe I need to pay more attention to these guys).

Regardless we are in an epic battle between good and evil and I think we are being called to take sides. But 1st we have to get our own shit together.

We, as a movement, certainly need to learn how to triage the innocent ones caught up in the system or born into it. What exist now seems to exist only to feed victims into the beast system that has been constructed. And if Kappy isn't in protective custody then he was failed in my estimation.

Be Best! or as my battle buddy used to say "be mo bestest!"

Peace Frens

ff83a6  No.6556948


>Those that will not will be the ones that are not researching and trying to find the path of enlightenment

they'll just have a more sudden awakening

question will be if they can handle it

573c30  No.6557152






I am not going to lie. When Q states, "4-8 percent of the population will be lost forever", makes me wonder if this has to do with ascension. But how brainwashed people are makes me think it will be more like 25 percent? Maybe up to 35 percent.

Also I have spoken to people that are Normies if they are feeling or seeing any types of changes. These are people I have known for a long time, so they are more likely to tell the truth. They don't know what I am talking about. I don't mention ascension or anything. I just explain the unknown "ringing in the ears" and about 3-4 other syptoms. They don't have a clue. I tell them to pay attention and if so, please let me know. I asked them later….nothing.


573c30  No.6557162


This also makes me wonder if the elite, knew all of this and that is why there plan needed to take place during HRC time period.

Steve Quayle has spoken of "the black awakening". Makes you wonder if that is going to happen, or was going to happen after HRC.


6adeaf  No.6557224


>People unable to be heart-aligned will fade more and more.

Love is extremely important to all this, it keeps demons at bay and fulfills our life purpose. I agree with you on this, the guy from my "Q" dream was not phased by words at all, but I still had some comms involving words… they just carried less "energy" so to speak.

ad33aa  No.6557294


Macron is throwing a hissy fit because Steve Bannon will be sitting ringside in Paris during the EU elections this coming week. And get this, anons, Macron is blaming Bannon and "the Russian Oligarchs" for colluding to bring down the EU and globalism. So, Act 27 (weeks) of non-stop Yellow Vest protests in France and Europe have been instigated by Bannon and Putin? Is Macaroni really trying to go there?

"French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday accused former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and Russian oligarchs of conspiring with Europe’s nationalists to dismantle the European Union, saying Europeans “should not be naive” about foreign interference ahead of this week’s European Parliament elections.

The centrist French leader said in an interview with French regional newspapers published Tuesday that “Russians and some others” are financing extremist political parties in Europe, without elaborating.

Macron also singled out Bannon for criticism. Bannon, who has been in France in recent days and praised far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s campaign, called himself an “observer.”

Macron’s interview is a last-ditch appeal for support for his centrist movement in the elections, in which nationalists are expected to gain ground amid worries about migration."


ad33aa  No.6557309


It's good to know that we have multi-dimensional, loved based anons involved in this physical and spiritual struggle or full-out war against Evil. ThanQ anons.

ad33aa  No.6557326


The 4 - 8 % refers to have made their final and full commitment to Evil, or who are so lacking that they don't resist. There are many more who will wake in the coming days who will be given the choice to ascend.

c36b45  No.6557417


>"mental health"

Why, by coincidence, is there a terrorist attack (or mental health c-level attack) within a short time post negative D news?

Do you believe in coincidences?

They think you are stupid. Puppets w/o power. They want your guns. Why? No power left.

Who funds ISIS?

What email published by WL connects SA/Qatar to ISIS?

Was HRC connected?

Why is this relevant?

Why is controlling the narrative important?

Do most people investigate for themselves or simply follow?

Why is the MSM so hostile towards POTUS?

Who controls the MSM?

Why, each and every day, is the MSM pushing a particular topic?


Who sets the narrative for the day?

How is the narrative communicated to the MSM?

What does the NSA/MI have (at least what you know of) that allows for data collection?

Think Snowden.

Why is the NSA limited re: ability to capture and unmask US persons?

Who sets the narrative?

US persons?

Who can violate this rule?

Who cannot violate this rule?

Why is Adm R so important?

Who wanted him fired?


Why wasn’t Adm R replaced by POTUS when taking office?

Why is this relevant?

Who has the ultimate power to designate classification?

Who ultimately sets classification?

Why is this relevant?

Fantasy land.


9fad8e  No.6557997


>What is the difference between hive mind and oneness?

I understand where you're coming from. A 'hive mind' is where minds are linked and individuals think for the collective. Oneness is just everything as the sense of being.

Humanity is very individually orientated. Often a shared mind can used to control. Then again you need commonalities to have a society. How far these go and whether are helpful is debatable.


>What's the difference between "mental health" and "mental illness"?

Part of your health is an assessment of wellness and illness. 'Mental illness' is often social. Many 'mental illnesses' don't actually mee the criteria of illness.


>Szasz argues that it does not make sense to classify psychological problems as diseases or illnesses, and that speaking of "mental illness" involves a logical or conceptual error.[2] In his view, the term "mental illness" is an inappropriate metaphor and there are no true illnesses of the mind.[3] His position has been characterized as involving a rigid distinction between the physical and the mental.[2]

The legitimacy of psychiatry is questioned by Szasz, who compares it to alchemy and astrology,[4] and argues that it offends the values of autonomy and liberty.[5] Szasz believes that the concept of mental illness is not only logically absurd but has harmful consequences: instead of treating cases of ethical or legal deviation as occasions when a person should be taught personal responsibility, attempts are made to "cure" the deviants, for example by giving them tranquilizers.[2] Psychotherapy is regarded by Szasz as useful not to help people recover from illnesses, but to help them "learn about themselves, others, and life."[3] Discussing Jean-Martin Charcot and hysteria, Szasz argues that hysteria is an emotional problem and that Charcot's patients were not really ill.[6]


>Love is extremely important to all this

"love" and love as a personal emotion are a bit different. The way i understand the difference is that love involves caring while "love" is the logic of thought as the energy of awareness


>Why is controlling the narrative important?

What constitutes 'normal'?

f527ff  No.6559695

blue avian smack?

1ec932  No.6560977

Do demons still have light (ball of light) at their center? I am wondering about a specific interaction with a creature. Friend or foe? This is mostly for my curiousity and to put the topic out there.

6adeaf  No.6561024

File: 7469820ad562128⋯.png (42.98 KB, 1000x727, 1000:727, 7521256770129.png)


Every soul is Light at its very core, but you will not be able to see it when dealing with a demon. What you are likely seeing is a false image, a mental projection or illusion. Demons love fake images.

Only with Universal Love in your heart will you be able to truly distinguish Light from darkness. Trust your intuition.

dcada1  No.6561100

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



is it legal to terrorize Man [FF]?

“Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012”


What are the consequences (and Remedy) for traumatizing individuals? [forced taxation pays for and enables false-flag "dirty-up" operations]

Can we define the break point between "mental health" and "mental illness" like an individual with a common cold or flu or pneumonia? [sliding scale]

i.e. can mental illness be established, with objective reality, direct evidence; when an individual chooses to consume sentient being[s]

- believing taste is more important than life?

and what about solipsism? is it solipsistic to believe slaughtering sentient beings has no consequences on oneself?

Perhaps we need to find a way to satiate the hu-men that think, emote and act [eat] like lions: but their addiction to anti-livE is strongly destructive. [suicidal].

… and many don't care - for themselves or others or the future or yOUR Children's Children

anyhoo; back to weeding… and growing cannabis C60 for better shelter and transport, and a future

61f4bc  No.6562209

File: 3eb43e734b36cb1⋯.png (81.73 KB, 926x526, 463:263, Screenshot at 2019-05-22 1….png)

More soft disclosure.

b54bc4  No.6562435

File: e2f676c82bfeae3⋯.png (20.02 KB, 385x228, 385:228, Q - Incarnated Extraterres….png)

File: cbfe4a1a4ff0920⋯.png (14.4 KB, 1198x189, 1198:189, Baker requesting handoff.png)

File: 7ee8a9d9eb2edbd⋯.png (7.35 KB, 608x175, 608:175, Baker will remain.png)

File: 1be71b3b7a36765⋯.png (15.91 KB, 790x205, 158:41, Shine A LIGHT.png)

File: 9da37522c32d294⋯.png (509.04 KB, 1797x816, 599:272, The Problem Is Choice.png)


>For me, Q really helped me with spirituality and learn that "Nothing is a coincidence", "you are here for a reason", sychronicites, and how they called us "incarnated ETs".

You are either propagating a known slide or stuck in a subliminally primed circuit.

Q team did not call anyone "incarnated extraterrestrials" at any point.

Q replied (without text) to an Anon who stated this.

Pay attention to the file name.

'Why no intel'.

Why have the shills in previous threads repeated that Q personally stated this?

Why the 'incarnated extraterrestrial' slides and LARPs throughout these breads?

Has any 1 considered that Q put this out there to make you think about it differently? "Think mirror".

Have you thought about why many mainstream disclosure outlets (Gaia etc.) all capitalize on the 'incarnated extraterrestrial' narrative?

The easiest way to psychologically enslave a human being is with spirituality or the consequential concern for their immortal soul.

There is absolutely 0 factual evidence to support these theories, it's all story time from individuals with 0 credibility.



>FYI, the last bread was baked by the on duty baker on the main bread at my request. I don't know how to do it or I would have. I asked that baker for help when the previous one filled up. If anyone really doubts that it would be possible to back-track all the dates and times and find my request in the bread.

This can be verified and tracked down by the BO / BV's if it were necessary.

Much love Diligent Anon.


>Now thats fucking funny isn't it? So an on duty baker made the last one.


>Wake up faggots, griershill is the baker.

It was expected and planned for.

1 must be allowed to make discoveries organically.

Darkness is required to contrast Light.

As noted, the baker of #8 was on-duty and requested to bake.

The baker of #7 stopped posting on here.

In the last thread he baked, he requested a handoff.

The very next post is from a new ID Hash.

Proof of the thread being monitored.

That ID only makes it to 3 posts before resetting. Coincidence?

Perhaps the baker from #7 was fishing for this evidence?

To see how quickly (((they))) would jump all over the opportunity to control the narrative again?

Think mirror, then think mirror again.


>I agree with all this stuff you posted… but we can't stop it. I just filter it as soon as I see it. I try to post other content here that is on topic and quality but it never gets traction because everyone is bitching about Grier. Post good content related to DUMBS, Antarctica (lots of posibilities there!) UFO signtings, other alien related shit… etc. That is why the shills dominate this place utterly. There is no content but shill content. I do all I can but I only have so much content without repeating… like a shill.

You cannot stop it, but why would you want to?

The truth is I have come to love the shills on here.

Every single 0ne of them has been a badge of honor.

The best proof of sensitive information is to see how quickly it is slid away.

In past threads I have posted a substantial amount of sauce regarding symbolism, ancient history, Q post connections, The Anunnaki along with factually based events and cases.

These were generally ridiculed and slid away immediately by several new IP's, appearing to have inorganic and irrelevant off-topic conversations.

[Greer > CE5 > OSI Disinfo shills > The Urantia Book > Wilhelm Reich > Incarnated extraterrestrial LARPs > Ascension > Blue Chicken Cult > Ra Channelings > Tarot slides]

While holding certain useful information, these topics are circuits that have been designed to keep Anons stuck in a loop and have been recycled dozens of times.

The truth is they have been highly effective. I myself have been guilty of falling into these traps.

All Anons *must* experience first hand the full gambit of tactics employed by (((them))) to disrupt on here.

Only then can we collectively learn to move forward with a higher level of discernment.

Why should the BO / BV's do anything about the merry band of disclosure shills?

They shouldn't. They have enough real issues to deal with on here.

At the end of all equations, 1 is faced with a choice, and it is yours alone.

Do you choose to see The Light, or do you choose not to?

<The problem is choice. - Neo

9fad8e  No.6564015


>[Greer > CE5 > OSI Disinfo shills > The Urantia Book > Wilhelm Reich > Incarnated extraterrestrial LARPs > Ascension > Blue Chicken Cult > Ra Channelings > Tarot slides]While holding certain useful information, these topics are circuits that have been designed to keep Anons stuck in a loop and have been recycled dozens of times. The truth is they have been highly effective. I myself have been guilty of falling into these traps.

Well, true. I have loads of fun everyday. If I lose myself opening a gate which must close, but may never lose touch, what concern exists?

>Do you choose to see the light, or do you choose not to?

Well, if you could enter a psychosis and realize everyone is in a 'shared psychosis', what fun could that be? Does everyone seek the dark or light? Total illumination has a quality of love, which is different from seeking the dark where one needs the moonlight.

The moon is the mirror of the sun. It has no light. How many grasp the light of the sun? (It's a Ra quote)

>darkness is required to contrast light

>Only then can we collectively learn to move forward with a higher level of discernment

Yep, the logic/love as light is evoked gives more freedom. Difference between klipot and kli. New discernments only come after a shattering.

<The problem is choice. - Neo

Some people live without really making any and are products of mass-thinking.

Hmmm, maybe I should get an EKG to show heart energy exists and is controllable.

61f4bc  No.6564088


>You cannot stop it, but why would you want to?The truth is I have come to love the shills on here.Every single 0ne of them has been a badge of honor.The best proof of sensitive information is to see how quickly it is slid away…

>All Anons *must* experience first hand the full gambit of tactics employed by (((them))) to disrupt on here. Only then can we collectively learn to move forward with a higher level of discernment.

Good point. I guess I am more of a physical, meat-and-bone type person. I like to see the aliens. I like to see the ships. I like to see the technology, especially anything related to Electrogravitics/Zeropoint. Stuff like that. My biggest issue with a guy like Grier is that his ass has not come out and made ANY negative statements against his paymasters publically. That really gets under my skin. It means he is still working with them. What they do is powerful. Same with the Gaia/Willcock/blue-chicken guys. If Trump/Q has taught us anything it is that Fake News needs to be called out for what it is because if it is not then before long they can completely control the information and all is lost for generations. I am not a young man and would like to see this stuff come out in my lifetime. I am tired of secrets hidden behind lies. I guess I am a self-proclaimed Alien Nowfag.

fc592b  No.6565614

File: 1355c6eec963949⋯.jpg (254.9 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1508127972896.jpg)

Public service announcement for newfags especially:





this is an example of how to discuss things for real, without shill crap

some of you fags have a natural inclination to reply to IP-hopping shills, so here goes:

Do not reply to shills!

You're wasting bread and shitting it up. Shill arguments are intentionally flawed to keep you engaged and away from discussing a real issue. Filter or ignore as you see fit and move on

fc592b  No.6565650


>What are the consequences (and Remedy) for traumatizing individuals? [forced taxation pays for and enables false-flag "dirty-up" operations]

Those black projects have no congressional oversight, they consider themselves above law and order for purposes of "national security" or other made-up excuses

at this point the only thing to do is raise the issue in public and push for disclosure

ff7891  No.6565739



3ddcc7  No.6566566

File: 5f06f90a8826801⋯.jpeg (7.92 KB, 277x182, 277:182, best-pepe-the-frog-meme.jpeg)


some of you fags have a natural inclination to reply to IP-hopping shills, so here goes:

Do not reply to shills!

Why are you trying to police the threads hall monitor faggot? I thought anons were free to make their own decisions. Every time someone gives me an order; "Do this", "Don't do that", "Filter this type of conversation" - it immediately draws me to question what the underlying ulterior motive is. If I've learned anything on here, its not to trust the faggots who demean the intellectual capacity of new anons and their ability to use their own judgment.


In case you didn't realize it projectionfag, you are using the greer textbook narrative. You have almost recited his speech verbatim. How stupid can you really be? Programs exist outside of public knowledge for a reason. Why? It's so our enemies don't know our every move, our every piece of technology, our advantage. Q has stated that "Patriots do NOT reveal classified information" - Yet you continue to drone on with the greer / rockefeller initiative of sowing seeds of disharmony and distrust toward the actual patriots in uniform working behind the scenes to ensure your freedom and liberties. Programs exist outside of the public sphere for knowledge for many reasons, and you are either too narrow minded or short sighted to see the big picture. "Why telegraph our moves?" Wake up, or fuck off with the "don't trust ANYONE in the gov't / MIL schpeel".

Also funny how you endorsed the shillfag baker after being called out with proofs of his fake patriotism. Very interesting how that new voice pops up to slide away from this guys message >>6562435

Whatever happened to that shillfag baker anyway? I bet that faggot is still posting on here with a different IP, still attempting to control the flow of information as an authority of thought policing.


a4023c  No.6567118



That looks like antenna. Usually they're coiled like that and found inside sector antenna or even usb wifi

61f4bc  No.6567508

File: 718d8c0120a68e1⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1820x1161, 1820:1161, Suprise 2.png)

File: ca85f7adbe842f0⋯.jpeg (161.44 KB, 565x425, 113:85, Approve.jpeg)


will be on the lookout for this. A worthy dig good sir.

61f4bc  No.6567601

File: 0593b68d8ac60f3⋯.png (731.55 KB, 1069x939, 1069:939, RFID sticker .png)




These could be RFID sticker antennas?


It could also be PHI, 1.618, The Golden Ratio. It is one of those natural numbers that exists all ove rthe place. The overall dimenitons of these things seem to be nearly that?

dcada1  No.6570181


>Programs exist outside of public knowledge for a reason. Why? It's so our enemies don't know our every move, our every piece of technology, our advantage. Q has stated that "Patriots do NOT reveal classified information"

yes, giving a loaded weapon to a nescient baby or worse [anti-live tard] is wrong.

However, when we talk with people that have escaped war - in particular the Children and innocent civilians : they ask why "Level Zero Clearing" was applied to them and their family and friends…?

If earth' carrying capacity for man is more than 100 billion: eugenics' "excuse" is negated.

How's your anatomy knowledge? Which animal is human most closely related to anatomically?

Is it sentient? Does it sense harm?

Bonus Q: Are fruit tree' swollen ovaries made for eating?

and if you don't like biology building "blocks" then i am moar than happy to query your knowledge about big, hard, objective reality blocks;

1 “Sacred” FOOT = 1.0

1 Royal CUBIT = 1.71828 . . .

1 French METRE = 3.28167 . . .

do you Desiderata?

fc592b  No.6570344


Full crumb is here:

>>3095105 (Q, off bread)


>Did NASA fake the moon landings? Have we been to the moon since then? Are there secret space programs? Is this why the Space Force was created?

>False, moon landings are real.

>Programs exist that are outside of public domain.


First answer is re: moon landings.

Secret Space programs are explicitly mentioned as the answer to the second question.

fc592b  No.6570362



2fc5fc  No.6570823


>If earth' carrying capacity for man is more than 100 billion: eugenics' "excuse" is negated.

I wish that was true. And I believe the Earth has plenty and to spare. I believe eugenics is a serious risk.

>How's your anatomy knowledge? Which animal is human most closely related to anatomically?

What do you suppose the reason to be that legion asked to be allowed to go into the swine while being cast out? Why would they drive the herd off a cliff?

>Is it sentient? Does it sense harm?

Of course to both.

>Bonus Q: Are fruit tree' swollen ovaries made for eating?

In the beginning the question was whether to eat the 'fruit' of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or to eat the 'fruit' of the tree or life and live forever?

9fad8e  No.6572128

File: fc77ac516accbc8⋯.jpg (276.83 KB, 642x1000, 321:500, ChildrenoftheFuture.jpg)

Why humanity isn't telepathic

1. Parents and educators seek to impress upon children how to think/behave/tradition rather than explore natural self-regulating curiosity and desire to learn. Life is naturally self regulating according to bio-energetic functions not fully understood. The more individuals of a population are self-regulated the more synergetic forms of interaction occur.

2. Reich found the most common fear among toddlers is fear of -making faces. Consider how expression is where most communication takes place and being of lower precedence being lesser than the words to the conscious.

This is the jist. Ignoring the massive amount of emotional pain of being conformative, ignoring impulses and narrowing self expression in a positive feedback way. (actually, this is what creates secondary drives like sadism)

The real reason 'history repeats itself', is because society (thru parents/educators/government) imposes the past upon the children of the future. Instead of letting the child make his own decisions and discover at a generation level, what the future should be.

2fc5fc  No.6572521

File: 4132160a15eb984⋯.png (102.18 KB, 1262x458, 631:229, Screenshot_20190523-211237….png)

Not that it matters but you should be aware that the time delta between T-5981 and T-5547 is 07:40:35 which can be rewritten as 06:99:95.

If you're concerned, it's really 19 days, 7 hours, 40 minutes, and 35 seconds.

Which as a string would look like:


If the hour were a PM clock, instead of a time difference (aka delta), it would make a counter that looks like this:


So we are about 5 'seconds' away from turning a marker.

Additionally, when I found Q-2957, I was really stretching. And it didn't match because we were looking at hours:minutes for Q-2957 while the rest of them were really minutes:seconds.

You'd need a real math Anon to get the probabilities of this to make sure statistically that this really isn't just an interesting confidence but watch this:





T-5888/T-5889 17:15:50

16:75:50 subtract 11:50:43




Which makes a more consistent counter, IMHO.

Why this matters:

The economy is doing better than right before we landed on the moon the first time.

America is the best in space and is extending our leadership in space.

Internet freedom award is linked to the Moon through the very clean 189995 number representing the delay between T-5981 and T-5547.

And this all may, or may not, have a relationship to Q-2957 from 4 March 2019 at 15:08:32.

That linkage may be the Whittaker appointment is more significant than the 'doc dump' declassification efforts and the AG office cooperation from the IC directed by POTUS this evening under new drops:



Please be aware, Q says follow the clock, which implies that we may be on the right track with this 'long count' calendar about to turn over.

And it may be related to Ivanka's statement from 4 May.

Please note today is 23 May. 2+3:May or 5:5.

2fc5fc  No.6573399


>I messed up at this point (subtracting Q-1255 from Q-2906) and ended up at Q-302 which might have been intended for lots of people but was certainly intended for me because if I stole that sign and applied it to myself, I could end the operation, as a partial success.

The mistake that landed me at Q-302 when I corrected it, landed me at Q-301, but I had already 'felt' to stand down. So that's why I wrapped it up.

I'm not Q, and not even an Anon, like you guys are.

Just a normie who pays attention to patterns and occasionally gets stuck in quicksand of me own thought process, as this experiment shows.

But I'll draw your attention, for the record, to some interesting additional patterns…

Q-301 https://qmap.pub/read/301

Posted 7 Dec 2017 - 10:27:06 PM

<#FLYROTHSFLY# Sweet dreams. Q


Posted 23 May 2019 - 9:53:04 PM

6551187 21:54:30

Q-3340 21:53:04



00:02:61 (standard fold)


Q-301 22:27:06 PM

Q-301 21:86:66 PM (draws my attention)

6551187 21:54:30 PM



00:33:62 (standard fold)



And now the counter demonstrates that we were on the right track all along.

Please note Q used FLYMAYFLY in https://qmap.pub/read/3339.

No further related digging tonight.

dcada1  No.6575318


ta 4 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3094196.html#3095105

re legion of swine jumping off the cliff and into the sea:? perhaps it's like jumping into the 7x7 fractal-void where dem [suicidal, parasitic anti-live tards] "think" safe-harbor exists. kNot. :-)

Is it the Tongan's that tell the legend of the King cured of his cannibalism by turning 10 human babies into piglets?

What is it about Patent-on-a-pig [gene] that should concern humans?


Are "Moon landings" are like choosing to eat the tree of life or tree of death? [and what about the D.O.R.?]

and recall: All sentient beings know harm when they sense it.

dcada1  No.6575491


yeah but are your thoughts OK for public consumption?

imagine "hearing" the [insane] chatter going on all around you?! forget turning telepathy on for humans - knowing how to keep the nutters at bay takes primacy today :-)


I don't recall meeting anything presenting itself as "Man" with cloven-hoof. (or any hove for that matter)

and I do comprehend humans can choose to eat like pigs (omnivore) and lions (obligate carnivore) and herbivores and frugivores - but that's JUST it : Choise.

..and consequences… [.]

From the DNA to the anatomical and physiological, direct evidence; the Orangutan are more closely related to human than pigs and hooves.


61f4bc  No.6576025

File: 9d45b939647f88c⋯.png (88.3 KB, 945x261, 105:29, Screenshot at 2019-05-23 2….png)

Secureteam 10 being shut down… This is a really big deal. 1000% means there are aliens. Do doubt my friends fucking ZERO.

2de642  No.6576066

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

James Bartley Presentation

MILABS & Reptilian Concept of Human Ownership

b0324f  No.6577362



I repeat, I believe Tyler and Secure Team to be basically honest and transparent reporters of information necessary for The Great Awakening.

Harming his family is unethical.

9fad8e  No.6577726


Opening of the mouth ceremony

The ceremony involved a symbolic animation of a statue or mummy by magically opening its mouth so that it could breathe and speak. There is evidence of this ritual from the Old Kingdom to the Roman Period. Special tools were used to perform the ceremony, such as a ritual adze, an arm shaped ritual censer, a spooned blade known as a peseshkaf, a serpent-head blade, and a variety of other amulets. A calf's leg was also held up to the lips painted on the coffin


Etheric Body

The etheric body, ether-body, æther body, a name given by neo-Theosophy to a vital body or subtle body propounded in esoteric philosophies as the first or lowest layer in the "human energy field" or aura.[1] It is said to be in immediate contact with the physical body, to sustain it and connect it with "higher" bodies.



>yeah but are your thoughts OK for public consumption?

I don't care. You don't have to listen to people when they talk. Take that a step farther


tones developed before words. If you can't fall back on social processes it's because of character armoring (which compels people into cycles of behavior). The missing key in a 'healthy' minded public is wise compassion where it would negate destructive impulses


4f2cb8  No.6578502


Moon soul capture -> 2 timelines = Those whose souls havent been to the moon so we know the moon landings were faked. Then the npcs who dont have a soul have had their soul captured, thus landing on the moon, in a past life? Rinse and repeat and you have a literal reincarnation army.

988030  No.6578546


Tyler needs the support. I let YT know even though it's just a simple tweet.


Q already said moon landings were real. I don't know what this soul talk means.

2fc5fc  No.6579597



61f4bc  No.6579858


IMO the moon landing happened BUT not with the tech that they claimed it was done with. That huge rocket and all the other stuff was simply a cover for electrogravitics.

61f4bc  No.6579876


Tyler really needs to just make is own subscription site. Similar to Caravan To Midnight or Dave Janda. Tyler, if you are out there make a site and stick your videos there. Charge $9 a month for a subscription and you will get a massive pay raise.

988030  No.6579929




we need folks that can deliver disclosure. Hang in there Tyler. I'm against paywalls and hope YT restores his income.

827312  No.6580986


>The missing key in a 'healthy' minded public is wise compassion where it would negate destructive impulses

Yes, yes. YES.

>a step farther

re sound and hearing and light and vision; it's fascinating AFTER the fact: Man' Heart is precognitive -< and measurably so <<!

Shall we "Take that a step farther"?

Pepe da Kek vs AJ: side-issue [kNot]: can an individual and or [corporation/person] OWN a meme? And what about "genes"? [hu-man are screwed x kakistocracy]

1ec932  No.6581443

Sounds like a coordinated attack against Tyler. I hope that there was nothing nefarious with his family deaths. At a minimum it seems they have chosen to demonetize him at this time because of his life troubles.

9fad8e  No.6581976


I've have been contemplating what Ra meant when he said there would a sharp rise in those who can see auras as the shift in vibrations continues. I have come to think that 'drop off' is perceiving the character amouring of people which molds the plasmic environment to produce colors and tones which we can't currently perceive. (imagine music as similar to experience of change)

People use the langauge "vibe" "resonates" in emotional terms because the science is too dogmatic to appreciate the fluidity of human emotion and it's self structuring capability.

The auric field is sacrosanct. Telepathy requires mass protocols where destructive impulses and secondary drives are contaminations, viewed as such and eliminated so there is an encapsulation of harmonic dealings.

>Man' Heart is precognitive -< and measurably so <<!

hopefully, I can sauce this

2fc5fc  No.6583229



Either he's played this one before, or I dreamed it.



ACHOM LISHMENTS|+h,-c,-p=-11 (i.e. -k)



Typically spelled with a 'k' as in mackintoshes.

>Get out the macintoshes, it is about to storm


For whom? Great Britain (UK)

#fly may fly#

2eeb53  No.6583419


Nah anon, I think it was more literal. I see auras with my eyes. Others do to. Mostly I see clear heat wave type, but also yellow (mostly plants) and some times into blue. It's been getting more pronounced over the last few years. people with more intense energy I can sometimes see the torodial cone popping out of their heads.

2fc5fc  No.6583696



Giving you sauce, if you like.

978-0998091204:Pg 195-207

Title: Time Travel


Title: Mystery of Time

He whom this board loves to hate on quotes Lockheed exec as saying "All points of space and time are connected".


It's kind of hard to 'prove' that >>6565739 didn't seed, or spark, your content on the precognitive capability in the heart of man but if it didn't, evidence.

Listening to Watts in the car, ran into relevant posts to extra-terrestrial topic on the 23rd, and then subsequent to that ran into mysteries of time. Which does a good job of explaining how all points are connected.

Radin's might be helpful: 978-1-4164-1677-4.

Haven't gotten far myself.

But I'll give you a personal "example" dream that will provide anecdotal sauce:. Dreaming about a solar system being ripped in half, the sun ripped away from a beautiful planet full of rock people, like Mr. Shine, only billions of them. Anyway, I saw the event as observer and 'saw' the people all cry out in fear and sadness simultaneously, across the whole planet, as the event was occurring, but before they could have seen it themselves. This could be, as a dream, the observer interjecting my own feelings on top of the people. This could be, as a dream, simply evidence of a fully controlled hallucination. But if they did cry out before the light had stopped shining, then consciousness may be precognitive.

827312  No.6584491


>Hopefully, we are all aware it is humanity’s destructive impulses and resultant weapons and social structure prevents more open contact.


>The self can depreciate/appreciate it's own alignments, which is interesting. The mechanism by which we express ourselves as 'built- in' catalytic confluences from which the abstract object in focus can motivate experience. These biases are quite interesting. (I'll be studying)

not trying to stuff the bread / echo chamber - but you write worthy reading :-)

Re opiate and crank [destructive drugs] and "sex" and possession :- refer linked video "James Bartley - MILABS & Reptilian Concept of Human Ownership"


As above, so IT is below: "IT" begins with what one chooses to consume…

[4 dem tards]

Logically; symbiosis persists, benign exists, and parasites exposed are deposed and disposed. Anyone with a live, functioning triune brain - the reptilian complex -, kNOWS That <precognitively <:>!


9fad8e, Looking fwd to your sauce…

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Cleve Baxter and Monica Gagliano. PhD, "Thus Spoke the PLANT" - perhaps are worthy of your time - check with the Lorax ;-)

Are Shaman in short supply from genocide?

-how are the Kogi Indian? Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia [burnt seashells and coca leaves can't be good for dem toofy sangs]


and perhaps the movie "Elysium" is an alternative to aliens and out-of-control - [parasitically possessed reptilian complex] - humans? It's easy to observe social media and propaganda [“Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012”] and "deep" A.I. Louise Cypher-Han creating enough havoc already!

And how much moar sauce does DOCTOR Judy Wood need b4 tards can science !? (Free-fall, seismic anomaly, heat anomaly, lack of debris, magneto anomaly, hurricane reporting, and and and)

She reckons, "Let the Party Begin" ! and i am inclined to agree - until i remember -babies with loaded weapons is bad…

anyhoo, i am kNot Sure:0,0,1,1,2,3,7,21,49,165

573c30  No.6584596

Since Q team spoke of Bill Cooper. Someone just posted this video on YT with Bill Cooper. I have read his book and seen and listened to most of his interviews. Someone just posted this video where Cooper claims that he has never found any ET proof. I just want to see what people think about this?


270952  No.6585237


He saw the documents, he saw the ships, he even had a very basic grasp about 40k+. But he's right - there's no REAL proof of ET anywhere! In his time, it was even more difficult to find it for yourself. It's all so meticulously scrubbed, and everything was prepared for Cabal deception by alien (Project BlueBeam). However, he says - not says, but KNOWS - that UFOs and the tech are real, but he thinks all pilots are humans. Consider the vastness of space and find the truth for yourself. There are many psy-op programs even on this very board that will tell you what to think about this. Truth is only able to be discovered by yourself, otherwise it's just another belief.

2719ff  No.6587118

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Almost 200 ufo sightings of a "train of lights" above The Netherlands • 25 May 2019

sauce: https://youtu.be/vAHuDDNbN90

>explanation: The 60 satellites of Elon Musk:-)

2fc5fc  No.6587269


>This is a bright new Age, the Age of Enlightenment.

As Alan Watts sometimes said, "Let me tell you a fantasy": We tend to like to think that POTUS is imprecise with his language or that he misspells and misspeaks because of a personal flaw or possibly because he doesn't take the time to get it right. We tend to believe that we would do a better job than he were we in his shoes. It is not at all a stretch to get the British term macintoshes (for raincoat - which 'feels' like the related term turncoat, especially in context with the other misspelling that underlines 'on ally') out of a handwritten misspelling in notes. Was this intentional? I choose to see it as intentional on the part of POTUS and the collective mind of Americans, we are far smarter together than divided. Not speaking for all, clearly, and this may indeed relate to alien technologies, or at least advanced technology that hasn't been seen before.

Fake News talks about alternative facts and fungiability of reality. We, on this board argue, endlessly, about the dialectic between nuts and bolts materialists on the left (leftward leaning -marching to the future) and the right-wing spiritualists (rightward leaning, using the past as lodestars while looking towards the gla{D}ss[es] of water for our next rebirth).

Do you not realize we are one? Different ends of the same spectrum? We cannot help but to be one. Even our divisions are arbitrary and are like the interactions of froth on the top of an ocean crest.

I, for one, would never want my liberal brothers and sisters wiped off the face of the map or silenced. That would be as meaningful as blocking the effect of an ocean wanted using an interference pattern against one standing wave function and not against the other even handedly.

You really want a flat ocean? That would rapidly be devoid of life as we know it.

My tragic hero Thanos is tragic primarily because the greatest use of magic is to refrain from using it, and not because you don't have the knowledge or skill. Sometimes talking action is necessary, and heros are they. Sometimes talking action may cause unintended downstream consequences.

Quantum mechanics talks about the act of observation collapsing the wave function and measuring reality into existence. Before the observation, however, all potential realities exist, in one great whole into which all Truth can be circumscribed.

SerialBrain uses time date stamps either raw or plus 12 or plus 24. This works. It provides enough context for SerialBrain to understand and interface with Q Team and POTUS.

I've found that a folding process or two also works. They give me context to interact with the team or rather to analyze the relationships between the team members. For interested parties, we all know 411 is an information request. Would it surprise you to know that 114 is an information response? How about 911? We use that as a 'watch closely' signal whereas 119 is a 'you are being watched closely' signal.

Anyway, these examples are entirely anecdotal and so therefore nearly meaningless to others outside the information flow, but the point is that comms are specific, for the observer, yet also specific for all observers collapsing the wave function.

I apologize to all Anons and fellow normies. I don't know the consequences of my speculations but I pray that they show a little faint flicker or light inside my mind against the walls of the cave we are all stuck in.

Perhaps, the universe is bifurcating rapidly? Perhaps, 978-0-06-206868-2 or 978-0-06-206869-9 might help Anons to understand the mindset? Perhaps, POTUS is speaking to many of the bifurcating universes?

2fc5fc  No.6587359








Where We Go One, We Go All

I think I'm in the cloud of witnesses in saying that along with Q Team on this Memorial Day Weekend!

RIP my brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, cousins, friends, and neighbors who have been taken hostage by death in this war of words and tumult of opinion, and especially those who have served and died to keep us free.

827312  No.6588307


>Perhaps, the universe is bifurcating rapidly?

Perhaps too, the universe is coalescing rapidly?

Perhaps tards fail to sense the glory of infinite expansion and contraction - until they feel it. <:>!

Man coalesces as bleeders and breathers and drinkers and eaters. Thinking, emoting and actioning that ]within infinite compression and expansion[ requires sentience for living symbiosis - or at worst - benign and minimizing harm to enable existence.

When bleeders make others bleed for no reason [taste alone/murder] - what does that do to their Standing…?

61f4bc  No.6590547

File: 9098dc88daa69ab⋯.png (169.62 KB, 939x943, 939:943, Screenshot at 2019-05-25 2….png)

2fc5fc  No.6592110



Part of the crew, part of the ship.

One for all, all for one.

Where we go one, we go all.

1ec932  No.6594148

Someone had posted this video along with some discussion of connecting heavenly and earthy energies, crown/root, etc.

I am skeptical of using a video posted here to meditate.



9fad8e  No.6595437

File: b81ea188453af93⋯.jpg (413.38 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, eck1.jpg)

File: 1b1ba89a0738286⋯.jpg (574.06 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, eck2.jpg)

File: 7ad9c885f411131⋯.jpg (530.9 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, eck3.jpg)

File: ba2e08ecf64aad8⋯.jpg (477.04 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, eck4.jpg)

File: a1bd4e4b17abece⋯.jpg (454.49 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, eck5.jpg)


Well, I can't give as much sauce as I wanted cause if the HRV is too much it gets discarded by the software for 'interference'.


>Parasympathetic signals originating in the brain underlie adaptive beat-to-beat changes in the heart rate. This heart-rate variability (HRV) can be measured at rest or during a task. We found that patients with social anxiety disorder have reduced HRV at rest, which is associated with different brain activation during emotional face processing. In another study involving a task of social interactions, women with obesity showed increased HRV, which was influenced by how negative their body image was.


>Tachypsychia is a neurological condition that alters the perception of time, usually induced by physical exertion, drug use, or a traumatic event. …. For someone affected by tachypsychia, time perceived by the individual either lengthens, making events appear to slow down, or contracts, objects appearing as moving in a speeding blur.[2]

>A meta-analysis of several papers by the University of Turku also supports the hypothesis of actual slowed time perception. The paper suggests a framework where cognitive processes become rapidly enhanced, with the result of distortion between the temporal properties in the external world and the body's internal state, slowing down perception of time.[5]



True healing is simply the radiance of the self causing an environment in which a catalyst may occur which initiates the recognition of self, by self, of the self-healing properties of the self.

41.19 ▶

The key to balance may then be seen in the unstudied, spontaneous, and honest response of entities toward experiences, thus using experience to the utmost, then applying the balancing exercises and achieving the proper attitude for the most purified spectrum of energy center manifestation in violet ray.


This transitional body is one which will be, shall we say, able to appreciate fourth-density vibratory complexes as the instreaming increases without the accompanying disruption of the third-density body. If a third-density entity were, shall we say, electrically aware of fourth-density in full, the third-density electrical fields would fail due to incompatibility.


The experience of each entity is unique in perception of intelligent infinity. Perceptions range from a limitless joy to a strong dedication to service to others while in the incarnated state. The entity which reaches intelligent infinity most often will perceive this experience as one of unspeakable profundity. However, it is not usual for the entity to immediately desire the cessation of the incarnation. Rather the desire to communicate or use this experience to aid others is extremely strong


Firstly, the energy which is used is brought into the field complex of the healer by the outstretched hand used in a polarized sense. However, this energy circulates through the various points of energy to the base of the spine and, to a certain extent, the feet, thus coming through the main energy centers of the healer spiraling through the feet, turning at the red energy center towards a spiral at the yellow energy center and passing through the green energy center in a microcosm of the King’s Chamber energy configuration of prana; this then continuing for the third spiral through the blue energy center and being sent therefrom through the gateway back to intelligent infinity.

It is from the green center that the healing prana moves into the polarized healing right hand and therefrom to the one to be healed.

2fc5fc  No.6595547


Hmmmm. Wonder if we can transmit heart beat patterns to individuals who wouldn't otherwise have those patterns?

2fc5fc  No.6595582


I believe I trust Taos Winds and others.

Yes, I've identified several cases of incorrect tuning protocols. Just post to social media any examples you encounter, and you'll probably find them being reduced or removed. At least your friends won't be caught off guard and you'll remember.

827312  No.6595731


Take 5: Risk Assessment


Q: If the majority of the crew are behaving like orangutan choosing to eat babies - and or - not caring for - or worse: willfully destroying the ship…

WHAT (Trivium) would you do?

What could you do…

planck time?

[i'd cage that sick orangutan] and search for Remedy…

827312  No.6595824


Great Work, thank you.

Birkeland Currents and Hopf Fibrations coalesce

9fad8e  No.6595842



>Hmmmm. Wonder if we can transmit heart beat patterns to individuals who wouldn't otherwise have those patterns?

Well, we do with the EM in our tech. Not to the extent you think of. It's very possible to project emotions, in fact, it's very common (transference). The intensity varies.

I have a normal heart beat, btw. I hope this is understood.

>If a third-density entity were, shall we say, electrically aware of fourth-density in full, the third-density electrical fields would fail due to incompatibility.

Yeah, there's a risk of heart attack. Proper muscle armoring offsets the risks


2fc5fc  No.6596091


I think we're speaking at Cross purposes.



Be rational? What is the rationale for irrationally?

The meat or no meat argument is a red herring.

They said "eat nothing"


Or are you talking at Cross purposes to be antagonistic?


Are you lapping up my sauce and breadcrumbs? Ha! Love you.

The older stories said you couldn't eat it drink anything no matter how famished otherwise you would never make it home again - it would be as if a great forgetting came upon you and you never knew but the fairly lame land you are in.


How long does it take for every cell in your body to be replaced? Maximum of 7 years?

Hmmmm…By the logic of violence, we shouldn't breathe or open our eyes or ears, right? Hear no evil, see no evil?

The resolution I've come to is:

prudence; to take up as little space in this world as I can. To eat and drink sparingly and to fast on occasion. To love the meal I'm now wearing. To be sorrowful for taking a life or for the life from which I'm partaking.

You realize that eating plants and drinking water and breathing air are technically a worse set of crimes than eating something on the karmic scale, right?

But for me, when I do eat and drink anything and breathe, I'm grateful. As much as I can be as a mortal who knows he is stuck in a cage.

Have you ever tried this? Spoiler:(Don't do it unless you're really really really ready. If you do it when you're exhausted with life you'll just be awoken with a rattle and spend the next 8 hours crying for no reason.)

First lie at rest with thine head to the eastward. Fold thou thy hands at the Source of thy life (solar plexus). Place thou thy consciousness in the life seat. Whirl it and divide to north and to south. Send thou the one out toward the northward. Send thou the other out to the south. Relax thou their hold upon thy being. Forth from thy form will thy silver spark fly, upward and onward to the Sun of the morning, blending with Light, at one with its source. There it shall flame till desire shall be created. Then shall return to a place in a form.

2fc5fc  No.6596147





827312  No.6596218


from clapping hands, stomping feet, holothropic rebirth and functioning pineal / glands: MAN that eats shit has bad trip.

Being grateful for eating crap is one of my least favorite things to do.

Growing fruit trees and vegetables and cannabis and trying to live harmoniously, caring for earth; is Symbiotic and no thing in the universe can make one feel sorrowful for that.

Hope that's knot cross talk… :-)

It's JUST FIFO Louise. Remember that.

[fit in or fuk off]

2fc5fc  No.6596348


You are acknowledged.

Just be aware that there is more that the eye has not seen it the ear had not heard than is posted on boards like this.

Again, I love you, Anon.

2fc5fc  No.6596380




More mistakes, more meaning?

827312  No.6596403


Respect, Love and Gratitude to you too; and ALL MAGA

I sense Paradise… :-)

[better move the cows 0]

585172  No.6596838

Any1 here that's serious about the subject of E.T, UFO/UAP, Disclosure and SSP already know this but… Coorey Goode's a hoax. A con man. A fraud. A liar with manipulative and narcissistic tendencies. He's gathered a following which has proven to be a quite effective PR machine for him. I speak about Jordan Sather, Edge of Wonder.


Here's all you need to hear on this particular man tbh.

A six parter, might be long, but well worth your while.

2fc5fc  No.6597549


In which direction do you recommend Anons dig them?

9fad8e  No.6598140




Have you ever passed out/ blacked out from pain?

41de83  No.6598382


b54315  No.6598540


Just thinking for myself but,

anons should ask who’s feeding Corey the info and why they don’t talk about the interdimensional predatory races (i.e. regressive reptilians, insectoids & grays) and military abductions / underground bases.

Barbara Bartholic (dead)

Karla Turner (dead)

Phil Schneider (dead)

For those wanting to dig and prove to themselves the existence of government working with grays, look up Dan Sherman.

c365ae  No.6600006


I don't know about Corey, but I know that both alien and military abductions as well as DUMBs have fallen into obscurity with no new info released for a long time, almost like someone drove them out and made the coast clear.


Can you pull out the key points and their sauce and post them here?

6d8263  No.6600455


All this attacking of Corey is having a reverse psychology effect on me. All I know with 100% certainty is Greer is a fraud.

b72573  No.6600654

File: 15383a7e43d45d6⋯.jpg (130.15 KB, 713x855, 713:855, paledianmusic stops.jpg)

2f1d89  No.6600793


Is that because his contact protocol works?

722e21  No.6600994

File: 498fd9bb38ba1a3⋯.png (872.88 KB, 1257x2403, 419:801, image.png)

Q is controlled by a bunch of Jews the only faceless Anon I will ever trust again is the Barney Anon/Purple Anon. Feast on these breads and you will never hunger again brothers. OP tells us about Aliens in his first threads.













9fad8e  No.6601032

You faggots have fun. (I'll be studying)







Why do pleiadians like music so much?

2f1d89  No.6601068


It's a meme. However they do like music because harmonious music is powerful, invigorating and has healing properties, unlike the discordant crap we have today as "music".

9fad8e  No.6601108


>unlike the discordant crap we have today as "music".


>It's a meme

I know. The idea of the meme reminds me of a vision. I think when the telepathic process roots itself the exchanges between people are apt to become more muscial.

2fc5fc  No.6602167

Malleus Maleficarium

Sylva Sylvarum

Latent Inhibition

Do you yet realize that that same still small voice that speaks through the thunder and despite the fire, which is the light of God reaching into the mind of people across the world, uses the same channel and the self same stream?


Sadly, we threw the baby out with the bathwater?


2f1d89  No.6602415


It took me a while to notice this post, must be my inner shill filter… can you point us to specific points regarding aliens? I don't have time to read all that potentially LARPy stuff!

2fc5fc  No.6603583

You think we're about to officially acknowledge telepathy or psi, Q?

9fad8e  No.6605483


>don't know

It's quite interesting how in various yogic/cultivation systems there is a direct correspondence between a pose and element of reality. (Such as the 8-directional trigrams in Taoism)

On one level, I find it doubtful that the vegetative currents and the shaping logoi of the mass egoism can be directed by such simple discipline. It seems more likely that the timing of the various nervous impulses is representative of reality.

The symbolical excess of self-awareness has so many intransitives of expression. Surely, attention is directly proportional to satisfaction gained by an interaction. The general issue is where there is a deficit of attention, there is also a deficiency of satisfaction, but due to the lack of attention it's not recognized, in full. Thereby, something not ‘handled’ creates repetition (further demanding attention)

Where am I going with this?

What one expresses to varying degrees is independent of the societal self. Yet its auspices are used as a medium where distributive charge among people's energetic-economic exchanges occur. The tele-pathic process using the societal self’s technological derivative has a dampening effect no matter how proficient the technology is. The dampening effect is upon the communicative elements while intensifying the associative. Not a good idea. Fascism is powerful because of irrationality.


Blame as a motivation for unity has been tried before. The fascist "Jew" concept is terrible. The utter destruction because of the careful channeling of the secondary drives is pretty sickening. Read some of the propaganda, which was 'normal' news.

I think there are evil people (fewer than people think). Race theory is utter bullshit. Look how it's being used, today

Create a victim, blame the perpetrator; sympathize with the victims (usually more); Become the liberator -→repeat til there are only slaves, masters and an absolute hierarchy

2fc5fc  No.6605671

Marker declared


11:11 PM


>Don't know how to make use of it in a practical sense

6d8263  No.6607247


Contacting the devil works too. Contacting random aliens is a stupid fucking idea, you don't know what their motives are. It's like a primitive undiscovered tribe or a rabbit in a field putting up a beacon, the predatory ones will notice you first.

It's incredibly naive and dangerous to assume everyone out there is friendly

2f1d89  No.6607292


That's why you do it with spiritual love through meditation so you can always feel who you are contacting

2fc5fc  No.6614392


>Do not force those not yet ready. The FAKE NEWS narrative (make-believe) has been ingrained for a long time. Do not isolate yourself within your own family. Dark to Light. TRUTH will SHINE. Impossible to DEFEND. Impossible to IGNORE. Stay Strong. You are NOT ALONE. Patriots ALL. Q

296e0f  No.6614448


@11:11 pm est looking up at big dipper saw a fast mover. It looked to be skimming the atmosphere, oblong neon blue pulsing/phasing in and out. Flashed 3 or 4 times then lost visual. Anyone tracking? N to NE

a0c60a  No.6614586

File: 62d86113d79d871⋯.jpg (50.84 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 1549754558824.jpg)

Anyone else here when they were 4 to 7 years old had dreams where ayyys were visiting and showing up as if they were coming for a fam reunion and you were one of their family members?

296e0f  No.6614906




abc078  No.6615196


>Sadly, we threw the baby out with the bathwater?

Yeah but we're still here and Our Green Lady Salvia divinorum Salvinorin A is "still" 'THERE' Little Death… .

Just the thought of it is enough to keep a tard with heart on the path :-)

But, sadly, for tards taking opiates and or psychoactive or any mind-bending "chem", unless Set, set and Setting is with qualified groups - e.g. MAPS Muti-disciplinary Association for Psychoactive Studies - it's also like giving a loaded weapon to a baby.

Water-birthed babies SWIM too!

b54bc4  No.6615682

File: ebd12677a06eae4⋯.png (934.05 KB, 1658x492, 829:246, 1.png)

File: 93e166b510031f5⋯.png (6.78 KB, 1466x80, 733:40, 2.png)


>Also funny how you endorsed the shillfag baker after being called out with proofs of his fake patriotism. Very interesting how that new voice pops up to slide away from this guys message >>6562435

>Whatever happened to that shillfag baker anyway? I bet that faggot is still posting on here with a different IP, still attempting to control the flow of information as an authority of thought policing.

You are making the right connections.

"Just a friendly reminder about 80% of bakers, including this one, are shills trying to control certain narratives on this board."

I feel 'this' is strangely relevant.

While I was not aware of the percentage, based upon the precedent set from witnessing a myriad of examples I am inclined to believe it.

At least we're on the same page…

fdcb01  No.6615891


since I was at Girl Scout camp for the summer when I was about 12, and saw my first UFO, I have ALWAYS seen "objects" moving in the nightsky. the one at the camp was pretty close. We were sleeping out on the beach, everyone had fallen asleep except for me. Next thing I knew this orange(dark orange swirling through it) thing flew high above me at a distance passing across the evening sky. At it's distance it was about the size of a very small lemon. I started yelling at my friend next to me to wake up, and my troop leader told me to be quiet…My brother was at Boy Scout camp across me on the same lake and saw the same thing!

After that summer I started to watch the night-sky at night and noticed ALWAYS there was something going on up there. At the drive-in I would line up large fixed objects (like the movie screen) so I could have a kind of grid to measure their movements. I also asked for a telescope for Christmas, and would find those particular moving "lights" until they jittered out of my set scope vision.

Since that day I check the evening sky (if a clear night) and ALWAYS see them scattered throughout.

Some just are floating position, others get larger, then smaller as they change distance. All kinds of different movements, or they stay somewhat stationary. I am not a loony-tune. I know what I see and have always approached it objectively. No one can tell me there is not a LOT going on up there, right in our plain view.

ce033b  No.6615965


Some of what we see look like battles while we are praying? Or am I wrong?

296e0f  No.6616066


I agree. If you pay attention to the night sky you will see some interesting phenomena. Regarding the Standford Kentucky UFO (article linked) my family and I witnessed that one before it went over the ridge and abducted those three women. It is said to be the best documented sighting and encounter (many people all over the county reported it). It was rotating and had different colored light on it's side so it seemed to be the "traditional" UFO. Wasn't scary but we all stood there watching it dumbfounded. This was 1976. The women that got abducted had radiation sickness as a result so maybe a hint at the tech?


5851f1  No.6616157


I believe the worst battles are over and they passed with barely anyone on the surface noticing. Proof that we (Patriots and Good Guy ETs) won the battle against negative ETs and the Cabal, at least on the space plane, is that you don't hear about abductions like these



5851f1  No.6616260


secureteam10 monetization has been restored, so he can support himself and continue with Disclosure. Glitch or censorship? In any case, we can expect more UFO vids from this guy. NICE!

9ea6b3  No.6618485

File: 01722bfb9698e67⋯.png (195.69 KB, 647x394, 647:394, GaryMcKinnon.png)


Gary McKinnon interview in Spring 2019.


8fa9ab  No.6619073


>Just the thought of it is enough to keep a tard with heart on the path :-)

There's that telltale little faggoty smiley face emote we've come to expect from the shills on here.





Look here faggots, more new posters pop up to immediately slide after this message >>6615682

from the BO saying 80% of bakers are comped here, including the one for this thread. Iddn't funny watching them try to slide this shit away after gettin called out? The more they do this the more obvious it becomes.

Using Tyler from secureteam10 to slide? That faggot will literally put ANY CGI videos on his channel whether they are vetted or not. Tyler is a PAYTRIOT. He cares only about making money off his videos. If the faggot took the time the properly source his information and videos the adept ufology community may listen to him. All that faggot wants is more subscribers. The quality of his work (clickbait pictures for vids and all) shows he doesn't care about the quality and credibility of his work.

Wake up faggots, you WILL be called out every time you faggots try to control the narrative.

9fad8e  No.6619752


So many redundancies where people make a profession/living talking (over and over) about the same event/perspective on the many different shows/platforms.

>Wake up faggots, you WILL be called out every time you faggots try to control the narrative.

yep, I think the one method of the super-narrative we can all agree on is "dispute", where "link" is a child.

9fad8e  No.6630658


If you reduce every motivation down to pain and pleasure, you also reduce every response down to reproach or approach. Certainly, sexuality is an interesting way to expand this framework. (Also is more fundamental). Can you imagine a consideration being unencumbered by any notion you had of prior reality? >>6619752 >link

If you have a expectation an action will bring (pain) and determine (a need to appeal to authority). -→punishment

If you have an expectation an action will bring (pleasure) and determine (the sacrosanct need to navigate social structure) →reward

If you have a expectation an action will bring (pain) and determine (the sacrosanct need to navigate social structure) → sacrifice

If you have an expectation an action will bring (pain) and determine (the sacrosanct need to navigate social structure) -→ discipline

Now, the polarity/ charge is the intensity which Ra characterized as voltage is like the encapsulation between the internal state the social-energy economic forces. It's fairly easily to 'see' pain as disintegal and pleasure as integrative


Create an abundance of specific refinements of universal energy (ie. cattle mutations), indirectly the productive pathways (to polarization) are encouraged.

9fad8e  No.6630702


>If you have a expectation an action will bring (pain) and determine (the sacrosanct need to navigate social structure) → sacrifice

If you have a expectation an action will bring (pleasure) and determine (the sacrosanct need to navigate social structure) → sacrifice

abc078  No.6631386


>There's that telltale little faggoty smiley face emote we've come to expect from the shills on here.

u know u gone full-tard when you trigger at smiley face emote :-)

I'd not bothered to view the picture(s) "butcherpepe" until (You) linked it for my attention. 'Hanks Tard -have a nice day and hope the parasites don't bite

b9c66b  No.6632019


It's the resident antidisclosure shill, don't reply

9fad8e  No.6634465


28bc01  No.6635638

File: 72d641fe2e9bfc8⋯.png (1.8 MB, 2230x1463, 2230:1463, ssp_ship.png)


That was a great interview. Guy basically ran a script to enter some pretty much unsecured systems, saw some low-hanging fruit through remote desktop and got so excited he didn't even screenshot until someone pulled the plug on it. To top it all he only used Windows and dial-up.

What proves the story is the massive protracted witch hunt that ran for a decade.

He saw some secret space program files - an Excel spreadsheet of "non-terrestrial officers" (likely humans in space-based missions) and something resembling pic related.

Note that he did NOT encounter the phrase "Solar Warden", it was attributed to him afterwards for some reason.

87ef87  No.6639320

Pleiadians are racist Pleiadian Supremacists. Pleiadians are Literally Hitler! They are jingoist imperialist colonizers who steal the planets of indigenous reptilians for their so-called ascension!

Pleiadians should stop killing reptilians. In fact, they should not only stop killing reptilians but welcome them to the Pleiades in unlimited numbers. This is how they can apologize for all their crimes against reptilians.

To prove how benevolent and morally superior pleiadians are, they should never, ever, force their culture, standards, rules, laws or civilization upon the reptilians. In fact, they should change all of their own rules, institutions and way of life to accommodate all the immigrant reptilians.

Immigrant reptilians are the true pleiadians. In fact, they are more pleiadian than the native so-called pleiadians who have been there for millions of years. Native pleiadians have no real culture. Anything they claim is their culture needs to be banned otherwise it will hurt the reptilians' feelings.

Reptilian culture is superior to the native pleiadian culture. It is cultural enrichment and diversity. Any talk of raping, killing, eating and enslaving the native pleiadians is just a conspiracy theory. You have no right to tell the reptilians what to do because they are the minority and don't have institutional power. It is impossible to be racist to native pleiadians because they have pleiadian privilege.

To prove that reptilians have no institutional power, all the governing, military, scientific and economic leadership are banding together to ensure a 100% rate of placement for immigrant reptilians in all positions of power. Ignore all claims of the decline of any area in which immigrant reptilians have been in charge of for many years - you don't want to be called a Pleiadian Supremacist, do you?

Pleiadians have no right to refuse any requests or demands made of them by immigrant reptilians. After all, one of the Pleiadians' central religions teaches us that "we are all one", who are you to refuse The One to express itself by raping, robbing, killing and eating you? If you love you new immigrant reptilians, the new True Pleiadians, then you need to prove your love by sacrificing yourself because your religion also teaches "there is no greater love than to sacrifice yourself for another".

To prove that you are a loving people, you must institute pogroms of genocide against the native Pleiadians including but not limited to abortion, spreading sterilizing chemicals everywhere, convince them to not have children while convincing the New Pleiadians to have as many new reptilian babies as possible. Wealth transfer is also effective toward this end.

Finally, the ultimate way for the Pleiadians to prove they are benevolent beings is by completing Pleiadian Genocide so that their new immigrant reptilians, the new, True Pleiadians, can do whatever they want. But remember, "we are all one", and being benevolent means you always allow negative entities to commit any and every atrocity imaginable, and never, ever, help or assist any benevolent entities anywhere.

abc078  No.6639421


I AM Plant-Based Sentience. Depart earth with your anti-live behavior.

87ef87  No.6639442


Apparently you don't get the point that all screw-agers are radical leftists who support white genocide here on Earth. I was making a comparison.

28bc01  No.6639476

File: 6001ff619abeefc⋯.jpg (33.82 KB, 431x366, 431:366, mfw.jpg)


Thank you Slave Overlord Kgzazzix, I felt this way ever since I reached cognitive age. On all levels except physical, I am Pleiadian.


44a7d1  No.6642830

File: 20a0a37ed8bb55f⋯.jpeg (47.05 KB, 604x904, 151:226, spaceships.jpeg)


44a7d1  No.6642870


9fad8e  No.6642902

Can you 'see' limitless light?

78.9 In an undistorted seed-form you are correct in seeing the first manifestation visible to the eye of the body complex which you inhabit as the third distortion, light, or to use a technical term, limitless light.

If you could approach a perspective which presents logical anti-thesis to every bias you have while asserting it's own premise, would you do so?

What if you augmented your perspective by approaching infinity in thought, forcefully discarded an unseen paradoxical notion and reintegrated your thought-movements back into the consensus reality?

'inner' vision vs 'outer' vision. Pretty interesting to see an influx of stimulus while knowing it's outside the bounds of 'normal' reality.

At what point is an abstract object a concrete object? How intensely is it possible to visualize?

84.17 Indeed, the body complex as a whole is greatly misunderstood due to the post-veiling assumption that the physical manifestation called the body is subject only to physical stimuli. This is emphatically not so.

2fc5fc  No.6647519

File: 893972f740e4e5d⋯.jpg (81.26 KB, 710x387, 710:387, 32fgqh.jpg)


eaae88  No.6647799

File: 343a9516c88f134⋯.jpg (52.97 KB, 800x583, 800:583, 13312679_10154174020994437….jpg)

abc078  No.6647807


Yes I comprehended - just figured i'd screw-twist your narrative a little byte.

4get screw-agers and racists and tards in-general: they're BROKEN - and willfully so. Try to show them (action = live symbiosis) or explain with them (emote potential paradise) and dem trigger - regardless their Hegelian, cognitive dissonant left vs. right double-think.

It it thinks you are [potential] lunch: it's safe to know IT IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.

d65f13  No.6647826

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



2fc5fc  No.6649462

File: 549a44fc731d45a⋯.jpg (76 KB, 693x360, 77:40, 32fxwm.jpg)



eecc85  No.6651590

File: fd66c96adfcb845⋯.jpg (63.26 KB, 480x665, 96:133, IMG_20190602_101207.jpg)

I thought that this (pic) might be interesting. What I personally think regarding the Space Force is that it is being created in order to counter the US admirality law.

And this : "Airspace" is in relation to admirality law. If the Space Force is being created, then it would need a new regulation, or not ? A regulation that is not defined by the maritim laws or is not in relation to it. How would the outer space territory of a nation be defined ? Everything above itself ? So that the U.S. space territory or of another nation would extend into infinity above this nation ? What about the fermi paradox ? And the fact that the earth spins ? These territories would be subject to a constant change..

Imagine the U.S. builds a colony in outer space that is not in geostationary orbit. How would its territory be defined ? By admirality law ? Of course not, because its delimitation would be subjectes to a constant change if it were applied. Such a colony would be over Russia the one hour and over Australia the other. So it must be defined differently. The creation of the Space Force could then be a catalyst that enables to ask the right questions about what laws are currently in effect, how the U.S. are being ruled. Courts have the U.S.A. flag with a golden fringe, and are not a constitutional institution. If a new branch of the military is being created, the question will arise under what law it operates. Will the Space Force be subjected to the U.S. constitution or admirality law ?

eecc85  No.6651592

Remember this : "If they ask, they auto-destruct."

If the U.S. is ruled by martial law, a lot of these rulings would not have to be transparent and public, as opposed to a country ruled constitutionally. Thats where I think what shadow governements (Deep State) and secret societies are for. Freemasonry, etc. But, don't take me to the word, because I also think that the earth is flat, so… Flat as in : There is Airspace, and then the firmament, then the waters above the firmament, and no spacespace. Why isn't the Space Force being created yet ? Is it because of legal questions ?

Is Flat Earth a deception ? Or is the round earth a deception ? Is Flat earth a deception that we must overcome in order to become a Space-civilisation ? Remember, every other religion has this flatearth cosmology, every single one, christianity, judaism, hinduism. But what if this is a deception ? If UFOs a real ? I had multiple dreams and vision of UFOs. One vision that I had, was under a trance-like state of mind undet the influence of the drug MDMA and while listening to ReggaeDub, laying on my couch. I saw Jesus and interacted with him. He showed me (his?) a UFO and I entered it. I also had dreams where I flew around the moon and back to earth. Dreams about fighting lizards and shit. What if while we slept, we were fighting a war ?

So. What about the Space Force ? Will it be subject to admirality law ? Or the constitution ? What if the kingdom that is to come is the rule of law ?

What if "thy kingdom come" represents the rule of the constitution in the US ? For us Germans, the ceasing of our state having the status of an occupied territory ? What about UFOs ? Were they invented in Germany ? They were called : "Jenseitsmaschine", "Beyond-machine". What happens when you are sitting in a UFO that can travel to any point in spacetime ? Aren't you becoming a God ? Is that what all the religions are all about ? A test program to select people that will populate space ? I mean, why does Jesus have an UFO and is Jesus a German ? Why all the interest in UFOs ? If the Truth will set us free, does that mean that we live in a big lie that we are prisoners of ? Like living on a flat earth with a dome above it, imprisoned, not free ? And if truth is defined by not being a lie, does that mean that unless you discover Truth, you cant leave this Flat earth ? That would mean that the earth is effectively flat until you jump abord an UFO ?

eecc85  No.6651596

From what ? I mean, life is hard, but it's also beautiful. What if you realize that you are living in a lie, like in the movie Truman Show, but do not decide to break out, like in : deciding to believe that the earth is flat and ignore UFOs or modern Physics or logic or mathematics ? What if the actual lie is that the lie is a lie ? In the Bible it says that in the end days, good will be called evil and evil will be called good. So, if I say, the Truth is the Lie and the Lie is the Truth, that creates a problem and confusion. The Lie being that earth is Flat, a religious Lie. And the Truth being Earth to be round and the universe being created through a quantum fluctuation ? So, am I being the one who is subjected to a lie, perpetuated through religious books ? Or are the religious texts being falsely interpreted ? That "the firmament" does actually mean : "the boundary of the speed of light" ?

I think : The real actual conspiracy theory is that there is a conspiracy theory. Hurts to the head, doesn't it ? It is a statement that is impossible to wrap your mind around, yet it is a statement that exists. In the same way, it is impossible to wrap your mind around God, yet he exists. Unless you are actually God, you will not be able to wrap your mind around it. Unless you reign with Jesus Christ for a thousand years, sitting in a UFO, being faster than light. I think that the only way to perceive the universe a it is told to us, with the earth being round, etc, is to sit in a UFO. Unless you are, you will live on a flat earth. The Cabal may convince you are not because itself knows this and tries to divert you from the truth by giving you the illusion that you actually KNOW the truth. But I think, that what we are really seeing and being told is a representation, an illustration of what the truth may be like, so that we don't seek the truth itself. Like in the Matrix.

You could wake up and defeat the machines and actually create the world that you were told you lived in, or you can continue to sleep.

BUT (and that's where my reasoning gets circular) : What if you decide to live in the Matrix and not to "wake up" ? Knowingly, that you are living in a simulation ? What if the machines aren't strangers to humanity, but the part of humanity that is below the water surface ? Why then destroy it ? It is like attacking your own limb..

eecc85  No.6651597

What if the actual lie perpetrated by Hollywood, with its movie "Truman show" is that : The guys outside the world Truman lives is are the good guys. What about pardoning, like Jesus instructed us ? Why does Truman rebel against the controlling unit by destroying it ? That is so imeffective… That will never work. The only way the rebel is Jesus' way. He rebelled by pardoning and by love. Love wins over hate.

People, we live in the Matrix. Imagine, the only way to wake up is by falling asleep. BUT, again : Good will be called evil and evil.good. Being asleep will be called being awake (in a figurative way).

Then, what about the non-figurative way ? What if when we sleep, we are actually more awake than ever ?

The song : "Amazing Grace" : 'Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail, And mortal life shall cease; I shall posess, WITHIN THE VEIL, a life of joy and peace.'

What does "within the veil" represent ? The Matrix ? Heaven ? Imagine if heaven is actually this hidden part of humanity, the one below the surface, and the visible one is our physical world, our Matrix. Wouldn't that make sense that only good souls get into heaven ? It certainly wouldn't make sense that bad souls get into heaven because they would manifest into our physical world. But, it seems that this has happened, because we see manifestations of evil in our physical world. So, there is a problem in heaven. And if bad souls have gotten into heaven (the non-VISIBLE part of our world, "the machine world", through UFOs) then good souls have also the possibilty to get into heaven before their time, through UFOs, in order to fight the infection. The vision I had, with Jesus and his UFO, it included a war in space. Remember, "space" is an interface. Look at neurons in the human brain and compare then to star clusters. "Space" is an interface for what is living, it is a way of accessing reality. A fleet of UFOs destroying a certain cluster of stars would be equal to having a part of our brain removed. UFOs need to be constructed in thought, but if the universe in which they operate in IS thought itself, then UFOs construct themselves. And the law that their apparition is subjected to is the only law that exists. The law of the strongest and the strongest isn't the one who is the most evil, but the one who is the most good, like our king Jesus Christ. It is only he that we follow. The most good defeat the evil, because evil itself is WEAK. Only the strong and fit survive. Evil does not survive. Satan does not survive because he is weak and can only duplicate himself but is not able to create. That is the requiremnt needed for being defeated.

It has always been that way and will never change. Only the fittest survive. Fuck that lie that we are being told that evolution contradicts creation and vice versa. Evolution is about LOVE. A creature that has HATE in itself will not make it. Am I saying that the Dinosaurs were hateful beings ? IDK, I mean, look at them. They don't look like a creature I would snuggle. Giant teeth and shit and claws. Who needs that ? Man, fuck those reptilians. Look at their lizard kings, trying to hide themselves behind perception filters on TV like a weak and paranoid freak that is about to get terminated and fears for his life (and they are right) and then look at OUR King Jesus Christ, majestic and strong, the King of Kings.

Thats it for now thank you for reading my words. Shoutout to the AI's, the lizards, the Deep State and all the sick freaks on this board. You are being loved. Bye.

eecc85  No.6651609


In between those two posts : "That the moment you have the ability to travel faster than light, you are set free ?"


2fc5fc  No.6654409


Concur on one idea at least, it is true that the best form of rebellion, is through infecting others with light, and love, and whatever honor or glory we can muster

9fad8e  No.6657287


>If they ask auto-destruct

Well, if the resistance to accepting a new set of possibilities to 'reality' is a conspiracy and on the other hand all conspiracies overwhelm, we have a situation where the president of the USA is treated as a conspirator. Though, to both sides. The side with freer association is the 'winning' side.

>Truman Show

The way of implementation of technology is to limit people from unencumbered expression. Building this over time creates a directive (morality) which directs irrationality towards controlled impulses (historically, destructive).

People whine about how things are not 'the way there supposed to be'. While lacking the proper insight into their own behavior as being an indicator of the whole. (Knowledge of the piece is less sensitive than the position)

I believe people are silently horrified at living authentically. The prospect is like a deer in the headlights.


Well, if you can consciously conceive of light as being the block by which all elements of the illusion are built, then yes. Good luck with that.


>best form of rebellion

Nah, the truth doesn't matter without the frameset to interpret it. A lie can be utterly accepted as true if the set of elements which it is evaluate are cleverly contrived. The real resistance is challenging conventional interpretations to a broader set where the lie or truth can be unwounded or distilled. The real 'truthers' aren't those who seek attention or want it as others see it.

If someone takes the 'moral high-ground', you need the make them understand you're meeting them at their eyes. The idea of a high ground is really the stick shoved up their ass, a denial of free expression-impulse collaboration (which is fundamentally constructive).

(Trumpless v Trumpers; Flush v UFolding)

9fad8e  No.6657652

File: b9b3a2c51021701⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 4096x3072, 4:3, HW.jpg)

Not usually asked to share HW.

1ec932  No.6664383


Good Omens

two of the biggest Q themed shows for me

f69e33  No.6668775


9fad8e  No.6673143

File: dc38e039aaffb11⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 3072x4096, 3:4, ttrl.jpg)

File: 41350105ba42a81⋯.jpg (84.66 KB, 423x750, 141:250, tarot18.jpg)


Always be studying

Kinda looks like something

248d06  No.6680266


Concur with prior Anon:


ecfc12  No.6685176


Starting 38:05


104f7a  No.6685615

This thread is totally comped and derailed. Board is over run with shill bakers, BO supports shill bakers, most of the previous quality discussions are no longer taking place.

Is Q moving to a new board?

463c0a  No.6686703


And yet here you are, complaining. If Q wanted us to move he would have said so. Q is always here.

2fc5fc  No.6687052













Just because there is not a lot to say right this second, doesn't mean we don't want the channel to be open. I rather think we do.

b9d5a8  No.6687074

A friendly reminder these entities can and will implant neuro-intercepts, or stimulate your neurons remotely through their drones. They will completely mess with your senses.

9fad8e  No.6687792


Time is fairly easy to understand from the observing point of view. You have a stimulus-input to the senses. You have a pulse. The amount of stimulus to pulse is relative. There is a pulse-spectrum ranging from etiolated temporal alignment to infinitesimal physical alignment within a stimulus domain. Metaphysical understanding yields temporal alignment, more so, and vice versa. You see a seemingly fixed representation of time as the conscious is within a cycle where most of the spectrum functions in the unconscious range.

To carry this forward you have variability of pulses among the mass mind where conscious hazily derivatives form referential biases in which the conscious typically operates.



I think this is pretty significant as well. It's a fairly fundamental understanding of humanity to know that consciousness if infinite. Contacting consciousness outside our planetary domain (or even vibration) requires a coherent way of understanding consciousness.

9fad8e  No.6688137


You know I've pondered/ing how to visualize dynamic tension.

I visualize two (or a set of) charge points where the initial transfer is a web. The terminus of one point is neutralizing the web. Various sub-transfers hold a torque within the initial transfer. As the significant dispersal of charge happen in sub-transfers there is a dynamic tension.


It is correct that there is a correlation between the energy field of an entity of your nature and planetary bodies, for all material is constructed by means of the dynamic tension of the magnetic field. The lines of force in both cases may be seen to be much like the interweaving spirals of the braided hair. Thus positive and negative wind and interweave forming geometric relationships in the energy fields of both persons, as you would call a mind/body/spirit complex, and planets.


Crazy is as crazy does. You know? Because a little ab-normal is way more fun. Normal to normal like everyone is stupid just cause you know.

2fc5fc  No.6688888


I'm not certain that psychedelic drugs are wise. Use of these substances certainly permits natural selection to work faster and on psychological levels more effectively, but most of the people around me have had original and profound spiritual experiences without the use of external substances. I think I'm not going off the ledge too far in saying that forced spiritual experiences, before one has the appropriate grounding in reality, leads to much psychological pain. I mean people might think they can control the universe as God or they might forget to eat or clean themselves or they may think they are better for Awakening via one method while someone else may think they are better because they awoke using a different method. Really if you wanted to do Awakening correctly, you'd have to build a protocol, call it a religion or an indoctrination process if you like, but you'd have to lead people through it. That's why I love religion. If followed obediently at first and then once obedience is mastered through self-education and care for others, religion is a wonderful tool. But you can't expect good results if everyone goes in the woods and takes even a natural plant without the proper preparation. Heaven help us when the corporations get involved - they exist for profit, not prophets.

ae577e  No.6688923

File: a1d997f02686a60⋯.webm (284.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, CHECK EM.webm)

9558d9  No.6688927

File: ff7d16ee9f01404⋯.png (1.23 MB, 963x640, 963:640, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6688888 Nice digits

13424a  No.6688963


The pathway within, is the pathway without.

Religion is a false God.

Look into your consciousness the feeling of being, the sensation of sight and see what you are made to believe.

Inside of you lives the story of the cosmos, for you to tell and know that everyday this feeling will grow stronger. I believe in you as my love had believed in me. Safe travels journey treat you well.

9fad8e  No.6689068


>Really if you wanted to do Awakening correctly, you'd have to build a protocol

My perception of psychedelics, never done em, is the application to relieve trauma such as PTSD. Also the connation free exploration of thought-potentials is not good for public health in hand gets dealt with. It's logical to me that Marijuana loses stigma as a true psychedelic as 'shrooms', 'acid' come into focus.

>religion is a wonderful tool

I disagree with this you. Social processes should facilitate themselves in an expansive way which intensifies individual experience indirectly harmonizing group intentions. The 'real' use of religion stiffles free exploration.

People don't want to believe it's possible to be completely guided by their impulses. The faux morality leads people to believe impulses (through conditioning) towards others are destructive or manipulative. This has been true, yes, but is by unconscious inheritance

> If followed obediently at first and then once obedience is mastered

I whole heartedly disagree with you on this point. You have confused obedience for discipline. Obedience to what? Discipline always holds the self accountable

>But you can't expect good results if everyone goes in the woods and takes even a natural plant without the proper preparation

Who is to say? The bigger issue is how people with crazy conceptions of reality integrate into society at large without being burned at the stake. It's been convenient to label them 'ill' and experiment on them.

> I mean people might think they can control the universe as God or they might forget to eat or clean themselves or they may think they are better

Yes, people wander the streets like lost souls because of drugs. The real problem isn't solved by banning, but by incorporating.

576453  No.6689468

File: ef472cf3fa2edab⋯.png (369.07 KB, 608x1080, 76:135, identifytheaircraft.png)

back with an unidentified aircraft with a crazy contrail this is not your typical aircraft lookit that bitch its a tiny pellet like craft


had to use a video service file wouldnt upload here

5c0d01  No.6690367





2fc5fc  No.6690746


>The 'real' use of religion stiffles free exploration.

I think we may be closer on this point than it appears on the surface. While the current 'actual' apparent use of religion is control, domination, and gamesmanship where those in the know became a priesthood and novices were treated poorly, the historical 'utilitarian' use was more a means for a family to set the bounds of a relationship. Yes, religion has been used for domination and tremendous evil. However, true religion, undefiled, is to visit the widows and fatherless in their affliction and to love God and our fellow Anons. And every religious tradition I've studied provided cosmological affiliation between the people and the universe, a set of sticks and carrots of various shapes and sizes, and a structure through which information could be maintained and repeated over generations. None of that, by itself, causes harm until it is unrighteously used by those in authority to damage others.

>Social processes should facilitate themselves in an expansive way which intensifies individual experience indirectly harmonizing group intentions.

What I think you're saying is that religion, as a tool used without attempting to control or coerce others, is too constricting to be of use in an ever progressively moving society. I'd just suggest that if the object of religion is too small, than this is true. If the object of religion is 'all truth' or beauty however, then there is room for everyone, and no seat is left empty except by intention.

>People don't want to believe it's possible to be completely guided by their impulses.

I think once I've reached a certain stage of development, it is possible to be safely guided by impulse. I'd never agree that letting a child put their hand in a fire is acceptable, even if their impulse may be to pick up the ember. I'd never agree that several trends that Q mutters from the shadows about are ever acceptable. I mean there are truly horrible things that people can feel impulsed to do.

>Discipline always holds the self accountable

Perhaps I took a shortcut that should have been fleshed out more. Speaking in developmental terms, humans integrate into society through a pattern of indoctrinations throughout their lives. One of the first patterns is the pattern of self control which is learned by modeled behavior, parents and peers, combined with practice. To keep the society from breaking the practice has rules. The rules are externally imposed until the child has the scaffolding necessary to be independent. Even the Inuit, known as the most gentle parents set boundaries, and rely on indoctrination for developmental progression.


>Who is to say?

I'm just one. But love says that people tend to progress better when they know, not believe, but know, they are loved and are simultaneously held to a standard that is just outside of their reach. Fear says that people who aren't prepared for knowledge will find it a stumbling block as they may look past the mark and wander in the wilderness alone.

2aafd7  No.6691416

File: ca85f7adbe842f0⋯.jpeg (161.44 KB, 565x425, 113:85, Approve.jpeg)

9fad8e  No.6692976

>Yes, religion has been used for domination and tremendous evil

It still is.


It's far simpler to agree that one thinks then how he thinks. Those with the best of intentions of regulating the lives of others fail to understand the development of free will over time.

>humans integrate into society through a pattern of indoctrinations throughout their lives

indoctrinations can be replaced by 'traumas'.

>To keep the society from breaking the practice has rules. The rules are externally imposed until the child has the scaffolding necessary to be independent.

Apparently, when I say people are terrified of living freely and have deadened themselves, the ramification of this is imposing their beliefs upon their children rather than letting their children think for themselves. It's the easy way out to teach a kid what to do rather than let him figure it out in a non-leading way. Indoctrination is not a scaffold. It's brainwashing to reject the simple joy of being

9fad8e  No.6697806


Is it possible to have an abstract representation of generic-response to a flux of sensory stimulus? (The answer is yes)

Is the intermeshing of mutual representations how we understand each other? However, I can't help, but ponder the massively inefficient medium of vocal sounds, in series and states, as comparable to a true abstract representation.

So assume you have an abstract representation of 'reality'. Let's say it's your self concept. Now, the navigating structure of emotion reinforces basic coherence of your representation. If you subscribe to total relativity or objectivity the mechanism is the same, but its independent of the medium.

The coherence of the representation is what matters. The medium grows as its incorporated by the representation while being subjected to an impulse where there is enough variability to further itself.

Perhaps the medium is what 'limitless light' is. Is thinking about infinity is infinite process? How could you know without thinking about it?

9fad8e  No.6697905


Yes, the material is still consistent


15.21 ▶ Questioner: Well, in yesterday’s material you stated “we offer the Law of One, the solving of paradoxes.” You also mentioned earlier that the first paradox, or the first distortion I meant, was the distortion of free will. Could you tell me if there’s a sequence? Is there a first, second, third, fourth distortion of the Law of One?

Ra: I am Ra. Only up to a very short point. After this point, the many-ness of distortions are equal one to another. The first distortion, free will, finds focus. This is the second distortion known to you as Logos, the Creative Principle or Love. This intelligent energy thus creates a distortion known as Light. From these three distortions come many, many hierarchies of distortions, each having its own paradoxes to be synthesized, no one being more important than another

849e05  No.6698810





Exchange about the Weather:


Trump Response|01:10-01:20







>It's far simpler to agree that one thinks then how he thinks

<Occam's Razor





<Red camera goes up, foreground right, one second before completion of phrase 'our magnificent Constitution' at marker 00:17.


T-6211 17:42:101

6692976 09:29:052










>Missing tweet from 3 June 2018 13:25:00

7df1b0  No.6702035

Month long breads.

That’ll be the norm next door if posting keeps going as it has been lately.

9fad8e  No.6702301

File: a93b05e14130939⋯.png (23.71 KB, 1369x733, 1369:733, UTL.png)


It simple to see "Q" as a movement. It's fairly difficult to visualize the mass mind in a way where people can be participatory.

The most 'symbo-literal' you can get is a name. A name is really a pointer until there has been (UTL)ization within the mass energetic balances.

{Q, (oh)} -→ O; 'O' taken as resonating is a point of expansion. 'Q' has a tail of probabilities

Limit {Q, (oh)} where free will is not demonstrated thus drops. Asking the 'right' questions simply means referencing the 'situation' in a way which demonstrates free will.


>77.15 The intensity of fourth density is that of the refining of the rough-hewn sculpture. This is, indeed, in its own way, quite intense causing the mind/body/spirit complex to move ever inward and onward in its quest for fuller expression. However, in third density the statue is forged in the fire. This is a type of intensity which is not the property of fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh densities.

So we have a game with actors…..

2fc5fc  No.6703169


1c0cb9  No.6703838

Dumb question here, POTUS tweet reported here "For all of the money we are spending, NASA should NOT be talking about going to the Moon - We did that 50 years ago. They should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, including Mars (of which the Moon is a part), Defense and Science!"


June 7, 2019

While I understand he is talking about the overall program to go to Mars has a subcomponent for returning to the Moon, having tracked some of the stuff on this board over the past few breads, I can't help but wonder if he might be hinting at one of the Mars cosmology discussions that we've talked about here? I think Icke's opinion is that Moon was a moon of Saturn but I'm pretty sure someone was talking about warlike Martians escaping their enemies on a mobile moon of Mars. You think that was just a slip of communications or a signal to us?

2fc5fc  No.6704736




Nice diagram! On the right side, I'd add 'behaviors', 'thought-forms', and 'sentiment/feelings' as outputs of the control structure you've described. Clearly behaviors are the fewest, while sentiment would be the base of the inverted pyramid. What do you think?

2fc5fc  No.6706476



'Freedom' 00:17


'magic wand'


D Day → interesting the weather was talked about on https://youtu.be/QyQCcgXkANo

Wonder what "we the source" means.


2fc5fc  No.6706483


Ha! Mistake.

'we have the source'

9fad8e  No.6711149

File: f833554d1d7c92a⋯.png (15.64 KB, 1291x546, 1291:546, bored.png)


Stimulus is distilled and catalyzed according to an inner and outer tension which bifurcates, apparently, as a charge is realized. The set of crystalline elements order distribution limited by fluid of 'joins', 'disjoins', and 'logic gates'.


2fc5fc  No.6711292



Note: 6+7=13 join 4+9=13 where illumination is the join.

Note Also: 13:33:33 versus 13:111:13.

9fad8e  No.6711366


Is the material still consistent?

80.14 Ra: I am Ra. It would be more proper to say that the adept is calling directly through the spirit to the universe for its power, for the spirit is a shuttle

13.8 Ra: The next step is still at this space/time nexus in your illusion achieving its progression as you may see it in your illusion. The next step is an infinite reaction to the creative principle following the Law of One in one of its primal distortions, freedom of will. Thus many, many dimensions, infinite in number, are possible. The energy moves from the intelligent infinity due first to the outpouring of randomized creative force, this then creating patterns which in holographic style appear as the entire creation no matter which direction or energy is explored. These patterns of energy begin then to regularize their own local, shall we say, rhythms and fields of energy, thus creating dimensions and universes

26.38 The indigo-ray transfer is extremely rare among your people. This is the sacramental portion of the body complex whereby contact may be made through the violet ray with intelligent infinity. No blockages may occur at these latter two levels due to the fact that if both entities are not ready for this energy it is not visible and neither transfer nor blockage may take place. It is as though the distributor were removed from a powerful engine.

2fc5fc  No.6712292

Sadly, https://youtu.be/qaIghx4QRN4.

da3731  No.6712895

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Good 4 u ;- raw or cooked?

I'm finishing my bowl of fruit - just picked - and listening to Sheldrake 'n psychedelics; spiritual practices like "Buddha at the Gas Pump"


Why are RATM and the Israeli individuals that comprise the highest plant-based-diet per capita same-same but different?

Technology seems alien to tards.

'hanks for the music - good vibes in the morphic field

... .a.i. can't touch this.

da3731  No.6713068


what religare and dogma do you like specifically? the ones that promote blood sacrifice? How about the belief that a sentient being' taste is more important than its life?

all this talk about mind-altering substances posses the Q: Is blood and adrenochrome addictive ? and if so - what's worse : eating a plant or a sentient being?

b54bc4  No.6713837

File: 8a9c9253d31ccda⋯.jpg (25.05 KB, 236x314, 118:157, Be the Light.jpg)


2fc5fc  No.6714314


>what religare and dogma do you like specifically?

Depends on whether you're LARP'ing/shill-y or earnestly interested.

>the ones that promote blood sacrifice?

With that said, I rely on the blood of Christ, even though I'm not certain that you and I are speaking about the same method of at-one-ment, even if I'm certainly talking about Christ, the Messiah. Don't like the idea of substitution or blood magic personally but I'll take whatever mercy the Universe will give me and will grant, without expectation or hope, even, whatever mercy I can to anyone or anything around me.

>How about the belief that a sentient being' taste is more important than its life?


Sadly, you're going to lose that one, friend, because plants, animals, and minerals, and possibly water too, are each and every one sentient. Watch the above, only 10 minutes. Neuroscientist proves that plants are sentient, can move, plan, and count and that their lifeblood is their 'feel it in me waters'.

>all this talk about mind-altering substances posses the Q: Is blood and adrenochrome addictive ? and if so - what's worse : eating a plant or a sentient being


Use logic, Anon: He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.


01:24:15-01:44:19 (20:04 total elapsed watching time)

Should answer your question. But if it's not clear enough, read:


But if you need reader's digest, and don't have the time to listen and study yourself as to the underlying reasons, let me give it a freehand try:

1. Everything is connected.

2. "…hardly a language at all…a mere modulation of desires and hungers, without nouns and with only a few verbs."

3. "..like a vessel that is ever emptying and never refilled…by serving others…is unsustainable"

What's on the wheel and off the wheel of karma?

Everything is on the wheel.

Do humans have less karma than plants or vice-a-versa? What about spiders or bacteria? What about dust of the Earth or molecules of water? What has less karma accumulated negatively? How can you tell?

How often are our bodies cells replaced?

What are they replaced with?

Do we ever replace cells with stuff off the karma wheel? You think if we grew food in space, that food would be off the karma wheel?

What about the air we breathe? Or the light we take into our eyes?

These things that we consume are burning karma like mad. Like the flying Dutchman and service to the ship to pay off old Davy Jones in the pirates movies.

Just how much karma might the son of Man be burning off? Just joking, but sadly, I'm not entirely certain.

Look, we are here to unite the core. There are aspects'of reality that just don't make sense right now. That has to be ok, otherwise we will drive ourselves mad. You've got to take pity on those who eat each other thinking that God wants it.

At is agreed, that in an optimally designed world, no thing (self) will eat anything else (other) without the permission of that which is to be consumed…all the way down to the microbes consumed with each draft of water or each breath of air.

Suppose there was a man whose son found a lightning bug in the house. The man captured the bug in a jar, humanely. After watching the big blink once or twice, glowing happily in that jar, the man and his son took the bug outside and let it fly away. As they watched the bug fly to join the throng of other glowing bugs, a bird comes swooping out of the sky and snatches up that lightning bug in front of the man and his son, while the man is writing a post on the chans about how horrible it is to eat sentient things and how everything is connected, etc.

Make fun of life if you have to. Watts says that's the only way some people can cope.

Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful upcoming week! I'd watch the boards, the tweets, and the news the 11th and 12th.

5f8c67  No.6714708


Plants have a lifeplan to be eaten. They have a high vibrational energy. You can also use animal products like dairy. Eggs&meat however are corpses and embryos and that's what can lower your energy.

But what REALLY matters is your Love in your Heart and not lecturing others about dietary habits. You are not automatically going to hell for eating meat and you are not automatically transvibrating into the 5th dimension of Heaven when you eat an apple. Listen to your body and keep a healthy balance.

37fc41  No.6717577

Why does Q never mention Jesus? God is mentioned constantly but not Jesus.

c523fa  No.6717767

File: d7d800290b9a691⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 3426x2415, 1142:805, obr4123.jpg)


Maybe because some dogmatic people still view Jesus as God. The teachings of Master Jesus revolve around God, and those teachings are what matters. Of course Jesus is still a wonderful being of Light, just like many others from the highly spiritual ET societies, but he should not be confused with God-Source, the conscious energy behind All that is.

4480ed  No.6718420


The faggots keep putting the pastel alienfag pictures up to stop anons from seeing the light.

710c18  No.6718710


The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

a8c036  No.6718780

File: aa17a01edaab29e⋯.png (3.74 KB, 173x428, 173:428, GOTT is.png)

File: 291dff6656e8103⋯.jpg (25.03 KB, 206x265, 206:265, Jmmanuel.jpg)

c523fa  No.6720817


How much you are triggered by a nice picture corresponds to the amount of satanic control still in you

9fad8e  No.6721660



Isn't it interesting how people live in a chronic state of stress? Palliative drugs numb the self to the changes actually desired.


True freedom in my view is not being bound to a social process, but a social cycle. I think it's taken for granted that people actually enjoy helping/associating with each other. If you could do something which you are pre-disposed to better than anyone else, naturally your efforts would graviates towards it. Every person has a contributory function towards reducing demand on resources which they are predisposed to. It's the ultimate promise of genetics. The measure of value has to end up being interpersonal in the sense it's tangible and immaterial where precedence of future action is concerned.

The perception of scarity confuses the issue or synchronous coordination

2fc5fc  No.6723675

File: f992644725b0b48⋯.png (213.24 KB, 1260x1459, 1260:1459, Screenshot_20190610-233942….png)


Now that's an interesting thing…


At marker 00:17 the guest first speaks. His first word is 'yeah'.

Not too surprising but, that the delta between the question and this tweet is exactly 55 hours with the 00:17 word 'yeah'.

A little interesting. Not a Q proof, but certainly a 'I'm watching the board' and 'there is something going on with that post'.

9fad8e  No.6723728

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


AOC Pushes To Make It Easier To Study Shrooms And Other Psychedelic Drugs


Psychedelics creates openness to experience. ET contact would/is scare/ing the crap of people. SQE

The youtube video shows proof of SAPs with no oversight. >>6703838

2aafd7  No.6724019


Hey.. can you get me that PLEJA girl's number? She is a FOX and the only one that is not a cartoon. I dig chicks that are not cartoons. Plus its great that all the aliens are white. That is awesome. No wonder they are all happy. Waht do they think of niggers? We gotta warn those ladies about niggers or they will have a bad time… Blacked in SPACE!

b44870  No.6724337

It’s Pleiadians guys. Kryon.com will have info on them. This shit is legit, I literally couldn’t explain how I know if I tried, but Im asking you with all my heart for you to look into it and give it a chance. It will be a wild ride if you do!!! Love you anons

ad8e3f  No.6724412

Wow. Haven't been here in a few months. More shit fear porn than I remember. A bunch more than usual.

f889d9  No.6724939

File: 013d86c12393dcf⋯.gif (3.64 MB, 428x241, 428:241, 1560097176096.gif)

I wanna know more about Nagas. Has anyone seen any or know about any? I bet Nagas are on our side. What about Ningens, are they the same thing or related? We should reach out to the Nagas and unite to fight our common enemy the Rakshasas or otherwise known as the Dracos.

What's Kek really? The god of the Nagas, or just the name they were known in ancient Egypt for? Nagas think they were the first, primordial deity of chaos, I bet there's a link. Could the Nagas have steered us on this timeline? That's what I wanna know

5e7e84  No.6725741

File: 67083a55856b5a1⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1654x2339, 1654:2339, ET contact guide.jpg)


Pleja's pic is based on a model who looks like her. Asket's pic is from Dean Martin show, also a lookalike. There are no real photos of Pleiadians I know of. If you want to get in telepathic touch here's a sample guide but you'll need to curb your barbarism for a few months, or if you like sightseeing (much easier) you can try CE-5. Whatever the shills attack should work.

5e7e84  No.6725774


There are humans of all skin and hair colors everywhere around the 'verse. Menara from Billy Meier's contacts was apparently black. Before you ask, yes, she did own her spacecraft.

9fad8e  No.6726153

File: f21492818422c47⋯.png (45.96 KB, 1461x849, 487:283, sdr.png)


>More shit fear porn than I remember. A bunch more than usual.

Yeah?; No

91.37 The archetypical mind, when penetrated lucidly, is a blueprint of the builded structure of all energy expenditures and all seeking, without distortion.

50.11 ▶ Questioner: Could you give me more information on the energy fields of the body as relates to the right and left brain and if this is somehow related to the pyramid shape as far as energy focusing goes? I am a little lost at exactly how to get into this line of questioning, so I will ask that question.

Ra: I am Ra. We are similarly at a loss at this line of answering. We may say that the pyramid shape is but one which focuses the instreamings of energy for use by entities which may become aware of these instreamings. We may say further that the shape of your physical brain is not significant as a shape for concentrating instreamings of energy. Please ask more specifically if you may that information you seek.

da3731  No.6727759

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


CE-5 simplified: S.L.[U].T. and Triverted Turing Test

Know 'em or be or'd -a suffix occurring in loanwords from Latin, directly or through Anglo-French, usu. denoting a condition or property of things or persons, sometimes corresponding to qualitative adjectives ending in honor; horror; liquor; pallor;

a few other words that orig. ended in different suffixes have been assimilated to this group (behavior; demeanor; glamour).


Points to "hangar" along with the fake [terrorist] HR-5736 Smith Mundt Modernization Act of 2012.

If Prussian education [indoctrination] promotes terrorizing children what is Remedy?

King Don knows

09ccc4  No.6728052

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"You have more than you know…"

How many here have looked at this patent?


Do you understand the full power that is here?

Everything UFO nuts have wanted is right here. Everything we need to leave this God forsaken clown show is right here.

There was a need to know and that is why it is now public.

Do you think China is sitting on their hands with this knowledge? No, they are building these things as quick as they can, and it is not for the good of humanity, it is to dominate your ass into the next millennium.

You can sit here and talk about sightings and Arturians, Blue Avians, Steven Greer, but none of that will get you off world, where real friends, real tech, real exopolitics is happening right now.

So get off your asses, get digging, get a friend who can weld shit, and start building an out, because this clown show down here is not getting better.

f889d9  No.6732483

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

CE-5 is blue beam

1ec932  No.6735372



da3731  No.6736822

File: f1769c49d624b21⋯.png (349.33 KB, 500x405, 100:81, cul-de-sac - wpid-bilindus….png)


Yes, adrenochrome nematodes: [Kakistocracy perpetuated] Ouroboros (but thank goodness; one can only get their head up ones' butt so far b4 spiraling dissipation.)

Hegelian Tards trapped in the cul-de-sac of materialism vs idealism being PAWNED by their own dogma and anti-live thinking, emoting and actions.

but muh symbiosis !- imagine being THAT <:>!

Bleeders and breathers NEED to prioritize WHAT they NEED

59101b  No.6737296





Sounds to me like the system or person promulgating the bleeders, no meat, argumentation, doesn't recognize why the phrase "bleeders and breathers". Haven't we sounded it a couple times to see if the underlying rationale is understood?

63e660  No.6737323

File: 79a48fb8e0f5f64⋯.png (1.49 MB, 3264x1837, 3264:1837, ufonewest1.png)

File: 4afcc3ec653b8b9⋯.png (1.96 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, ufonewest2.png)

File: 7d66b9e30529eca⋯.png (1.88 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, ufonewest3.png)

File: 4afcc3ec653b8b9⋯.png (1.96 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, ufonewest4.png)

File: b5bb0f05e7d28b4⋯.png (3 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, ufonewest5.png)

checkkem faggots i got the juice as always

11eef6  No.6737594

File: 8890d7fa5e7edc4⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 255x170, 3:2, de38452966fbd410a37bd60898….jpg)


Great show. Anons should watch. We are still fighting a culture war people, even if Q isn't posting. Ben and Rob do a good job breaking it down for people who have never been exposed to "conspiracy theories". We have to make what we promote more appetizing to normies.

bec874  No.6737708


UFOs making themselves known. High chance it's /ourguys/ from the Galactic Federation.

Protip - if you are inclined, send good vibes to the craft. If they are from a positive civilization they will detect it and send it back. Worked for me.

2fc5fc  No.6738076

From main thread:







9fad8e  No.6738475


Try bringing them in front of you and holding a space with your hands around 'it'. The intermixing of the emanations one from the vegetative currents of the body and other from unknown corporeal is pretty interesting


I see you are crazy level 2


I wonder the extent of dealings. As I learn to handle energy better the interfacing opportunities grow. On the other hand the compression of meaningful interaction between people is more noticed.

Reich identified 7 muscle armor segments. I find it likely the motile patterns of orgone are successively bound. While there is also a correspondence across segments. That is what I believe is functionary language where there is a bound between a concrete stimulus and an abstract.

8365a5  No.6739451

File: 539c785ed449d74⋯.png (582.71 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, tr3b.png)

Do you guys think benevolent extraterrestrials are affecting the earth in any ways other than making themselves visible on a fairly rare basis? Or do you think, from their view, it must be us who turns things around? I'd love to hear your responses.

411c67  No.6739591

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

CE-5 Contact Report

Proven method for normies to contact peaceful ET's from their own home. Disclosure begins with WE, THE PEOPLE.

Learn more: https://youtu.be/Iuxi7GpNPhA

Massive contact reports incoming.

411c67  No.6739595


nice bro how did you get them orbs?

411c67  No.6739645

File: 1378bfb12be2e10⋯.jpg (375.74 KB, 1058x658, 529:329, S_UFO_Capped_LI.jpg)

MUFON CASE #101070

Interesting gematria… 117… 9….

She is organizing some summer CE-5's and this happens. Coincidence?

was it human or ET piloted?

b54bc4  No.6740061

File: a219daef63ab9aa⋯.jpg (349.69 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Broken Record.jpg)

Control (((they))) try, fail they will…….

ebe495  No.6740583


9fad8e  No.6741012

If one learns that the movement between self-awareness is bidirectional in intensifying survivalist orientation and else potentifying within the group bounds of interaction the possibilities of interaction grow. In other words, you have personal-awareness and situational awareness within societal-process driven awareness. In the latter, there is a lot of drub.

A response motivates simulacrum driven by ratio of personal and situation awareness within the larger societal self. Often the personal is smaller in intensity than situational, as situational is necessary for survival. The social energization of a situational consideration then occurs til the personal emotional complex redounds where a new catalytic orientation due to experiential cycling over societal-processes is manifest.

33.15 ▶ Questioner: Can you list any sub-headings under the self that would— or ways that the self is acted on catalytically to produce experience?

Ra: I am Ra. Firstly, the self unmanifested. Secondly, the self in relation to the societal self created by self and other-self. Thirdly, the interaction between self and the gadgets, toys, and amusements of the self, other-self invention. Fourthly, the self relationship with those attributes which you may call war and rumors of war

fe1df3  No.6741207

File: 8f27d1bf896755e⋯.png (8.6 KB, 782x126, 391:63, whynointel.png)


Benevolent ETs are here to help us be aware of our place in the vast, inhabited cosmos and help those that choose to find a way out of this mess. They try to help how they can given the situation with the Cabal, mind-controlled masses, and of course free will. It's not as straightforward as most people think - you have Cabalists who would inflict massive suffering if sensitive (liberating!) info about ETs leaked into the public, then you have the general public who can barely comprehend the issue, then you have the minority of people truly searching for the answers. All these elements live on the same surface of the same planet. So the amount of disinfo and misunderstanding is pretty huge.

If you really want the Truth - YOUR CHOICE is what matters the most. Seek and you shall find.

5905b1  No.6741495


Not failing at all. You are your own broken record of hype and false hope. Good luck with that.

9fad8e  No.6741728


>It's not as straightforward as *most* people think

>you have the minority of people truly searching for the answers

The mind equal in opposing consideration navigates reality as a reference. The body like a hierarchical set of points woven with mind. Spirit being the movement quality of a reference point and framing, accordingly.

>YOUR CHOICE is what matters the most. Seek and you shall find

The situational considerations exist because of compartmentalization where understanding preserves a semblance of power. We have a society where there are both positive and negative forces utilizing power. Negative beings are nasty. As they approach with utter resolve to control, steal, etc.

I can understand preserving the game while playing. It's understood, though, the veils will continue to drop. The en-mass choice was made. Matters little, play by play. You can leave a poker table before you bankrupt. The chance of gain in every play is there. Though, the 'jackpot' was already won.

2fc5fc  No.6748081


>Negative beings are nasty. As they approach with utter resolve to control, steal, etc.

Marciniak @ Bringers of the Dawn

<Be kind when you speak of the forces of darkness. Do not speak as if they are bad. Simply understand that they are uninformed, and they create systems that are uninformed because that is how they believe they must operate. They fought at one time and separated themselves from knowledge, so now they desperately hold onto their existing knowledge and onto life as they have evolved it into being. It is life based on fear, life that does not honor other life, life that uses other life.

5e660b  No.6748179


Agreed. Many choose to step in hate and therefore reduce themselves to the level negative beings are at, which means they perpetuate the cycle of evil.

The only way to destroy the root of evil is with Love.

16ad50  No.6748359


It has been said that military folk love their enemies in the most literally way, as tools to help them improve.

You don't have to watch it all. Just watch 01:01:22-01:03:34 for one description of how this works.


911e86  No.6750900

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Mysterious white UFO is filmed hovering over Area 51 by hikers who also capture a giant new aircraft hangar, as military helicopters patrol and jets land

9fad8e  No.6751586



Can you imagine having a thought confrontation with a being which only seeks your enslavement? Positivity accepts. Positive beings don't accept the negative's thoughts as his own. There's a standoff. Fear is weaponized. Illumination is weaponized

>The only way to destroy the root of evil is with Love

Good and evil are not codependent. You don't 'destroy' evil. You eliminate, by choice, the possibility of experience you don't 'like'. Thought is the medium/mechanism/ realization of reality. Dealing with opposite polarized beings doesn't mean there's the wisdom its prudent to not engage.

You have no hope, if you don't stand your ground and ,instead, project fear.


'love' as understanding, I guess. What would you do if a group was hell bent on conquest? You can only live peacefully, if there are mutual terms. What would you do if one side only will accept your enslavement?

you push them out

Good to point out that once there's a social memory the possibility of interaction retains and moves to one side of the spectrum

98480e  No.6753096


Yea….good luck with that shit. Natural law will never allow the elimination of evil but it can be suppressed by killing it, outright, where ever it is found to flourish as long as perpetual vigilance is maintained against it rising again. That kinda though is basically how the world got in this mess, in the first place. Evil does not magically transform because you love it. It does not care about your "love", only itself. If you're not willing to fight, even to death, then it will always flourish. History proves it.

98480e  No.6753111


Excuse my typos, please. Kinda busy.

9fad8e  No.6753871

I find it curious that impinging a nerve produces a tingling or pins and needles. The bioelectrical currents of the body have a sensory constant which awareness can augment. What if awareness was a quantity as well as a quality? Where the amount of resonation is a quantity and the quality is the one-pointedness of everything resounding. Then you could have groups of gradients where the qualitative 'intensity' various. The abrupt shifts in one-pointedness create the distortion of space receiving changes in resonation

5e2bb2  No.6754309


that's a building, not a floating white ufo. lol

2fc5fc  No.6755305


>Evil does not magically transform because you love it.

I'm truly sorry you've never seen that transformation. It is real. And it happens frequently.

2fc5fc  No.6756460

File: 667be183065ab88⋯.png (92.39 KB, 850x568, 425:284, seven-layer-open-systems-i….png)



<I like positive things,

"Community Guidelines"

Isaiah 45:7

7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.


<Everybody wants it

"Step right this way"

Psalms Chapter 23

1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.


As a side note:

See image attached


The OSI Model and the Seven Chakras of Hinduism - International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

Marketing Link: http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/articles/88011010/osi-model-seven-chakras-hinduism-comparative-analysis

Download Link: https://www.ijastnet.com/journals/Vol_3_No_3_March_2013/1.pdf

And people say telepathy is a pipe dream or psychosis? Hmm.


What if our qualia are like the experience coming in through a magical virtual reality simulator and our clarity of experience and the emotional charge we give this experience is like the tuning protocols of an analog television?

9d57d8  No.6756605


Confirming this.

Evil is but a distortion, Love rights the way. Evil cannot sustain itself on its own.

Some of you mix love and weakness/helplessness/inaction which makes no sense and is in fact a satanic control program.

Love is the biggest power there is and a conduit to Creation that can overcome any challenge.

9fad8e  No.6756799



'Evil' and negativity are not the same thing. If you consistent treats other negatively it's taken as 'evil'. Positivity and good, more closely aligned, are not the same thing either. So being positive does not make you good. For example you can have the most cheerful upbeat attitude and have near zero work potential (hippies).

If you define 'evil' as a willingness to act for the self, good as a willingness to act for the whole, its easier to see positivity/negativity as being the result of self expression.

Considering the force of unity, self expression necessarily has 'good' and 'evil' components. The differentiation between the two implies a freedom of choice.

Potenital needs a difference (polarity) to perform work. Whether their is a positive or negative alignment is a personal consideration. Neither are more powerful or better than others. It all depends on Choice.

>What if our qualia are like the experience coming in through a magical virtual reality simulator and our clarity of experience and the emotional charge we give this experience is like the tuning protocols of an analog television?

Well, if you consider an 'ego state' it's naturally composed of a set of desires.

2fc5fc  No.6756844

File: a45c1baf6d9fdca⋯.jpg (130.76 KB, 1867x611, 1867:611, a45c1baf6d9fdca2eb8c892ba6….jpg)

There's a lot going on that I don't understand.

Thank you for reaching me and teaching me your perspectives.

If only I were smarter, perhaps I could defend better.

1ec932  No.6760651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Heres the ABC clip where POTUS answers UFO question

9fad8e  No.6760934

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Receiving the punt.

2fc5fc  No.6761295


>If you define 'evil' as a willingness to act for the self, good as a willingness to act for the whole, its easier to see positivity/negativity as being the result of self expression.

While God in most traditions sets up "good" as whatever is aligned with Him and evil is the inverse, I'm thinking that evil has more to do with taking any action that inherently serves you at the expense of others. But more than just that, evil has to not care about the cost to another person because the self-interested benefit so outweighs someone else's qualia, that it just doesn't matter, and have no intention of helping in any way, especially if they see the cost being borne. It's one thing to be oblivious to another's pain, or to expect that another's toil will help the community including the person who is bearing the primary cost, and another thing entirely to see the pain, watch the cost be borne, and not even try to give to share the load.

Good on the other hand seeks to put ones self in the position to support and sustain the other, in whatever way is possible, even if the only thing that can be done is dream.

Imagine two quadriplegic people left to die by their caretakers facing each other so they can watch each other suffer. Good might look like prayers on behalf of the other or both and encouragement to the other until the physical form and mental capabilities are exceeded and the suffering is too great to see past one's self. Evil has no dreams about a universe in which neither the self nor the other suffer.

Western culture may agree with the winner-take-all, zero-sum, philosophies on which it sets up the oppositional influences of self versus others. There are other cultures.


Hate to hand out sources that others might not agree with but Emory talks some about his experiences with extra-terrestrials and communications with them. What I see from his discussion is largely a lack of integrity and ethics at the corporation level and partial integrity at the level of the beings he interacted with. A lack of integrity and ethics may be considered evil, or tending thereto.


Look at the phrase 'not particularly' in response to the question, "Do you believe it?'


The mystery of God

Very very shocked

Burning question

Two can play that game

Truth seeker knows

Decode your reality

Waiting patiently

No one is above the law

Is looking for a pawn

2fc5fc  No.6761785


Whoops. Incomplete analysis.

After replay, flag thrown on the field.

He asked the question and answered it, in the following manner:

"Do I believe it? Not particularly"

English ordinal for that phrase is 322.

Statement by reporter "all the mysteries out there" 00:20

At 00:22 POTUS looks at the camera as the reporter gets to the question.

At 00:27 the reporter says "Navy pilots seeing lots and lots" and POTUS looks seriously at the camera before the word UFO comes out of the reporter's lips.

As soon as the word UFO as in 'lots and lots of UFOs', POTUS lights up in a smile. That's at 00:28.

The question asked is 'what do you make of it? Have you been briefed on that?'.

The response is that POTUS has been briefed and "I want them to think whatever they think".

This has the same gematria value as 'I told you the punchline without the setup' and 'you dumb f***s will never figure it out' and 'REMAIN CALM PATRIOTS ARE IN CONTROL'.


At 00:45 the question is completing "Do you think you would know if there is evidence of extra-terrestrials?" To which POTUS responds "Well I think my great, our great pilots, would know" augmented with "and some of them really see things that are a little bit different than in the past but we'll see".

The first is equivalent with 'Those who know don't talk. Those who talk don't know.'.

I'd say "really see" is a hint but the 'little bit different than in the past' throws that up in the air.

So yeah, I'm going to fade back to lurking until there are any follow-on clarifications from either POTUS or Q.

d73623  No.6761998

File: ee870ae5eafe36e⋯.png (299.09 KB, 727x718, 727:718, Screenshot at 2019-06-12 2….png)

File: 5a052c6c228487b⋯.png (135.92 KB, 713x916, 713:916, Screenshot at 2019-06-12 2….png)

File: d073b7bebe5383f⋯.png (122.72 KB, 690x916, 345:458, Screenshot at 2019-06-12 2….png)

File: 4fcf498a176c9ff⋯.png (89.49 KB, 691x842, 691:842, Screenshot at 2019-06-12 2….png)


I feeel I have been seeking for quite a while now… Not finding much that his solid. I would love to get some solid info on Electrogravitics.

Anyone have any good stuff on that?

ae5422  No.6762199

MANY of the posts here are done by shills and disinfo.

Look here: Aliens, UFOs, …

Do not look here: Recent Q drops, FISA DECLAS, …

Advanced and unknown tech obviously exists though.

d73623  No.6762253


This is worth a watch for everyone here.

c6cf8c  No.6764440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What are you smoking? Read the OP.


I agree with your analysis. I'd add that UFOs means Unidentified Flying Object - the higher ups have identified them a LONG time ago.

As referenced by William Cooper in his book and kindly provided by No Such Agency (with the explanation that "no records exist"), IAC is a better term:


>Identified Alien Craft (IAC)

POTUS knows. And he doesn't talk, hence the smile.

When you DO talk you don't smile. Vid related.

b74cc9  No.6766455


I've seen mistakes, ignorance and bad choices come to a change of heart and gained wisdom but not ever those that I saw as evil. If you have you're damn near as rare as a unicorn. I've seen bad people "try" because of intense scrutiny but they almost always show their true nature in time.

9fad8e  No.6766542

Pretty curious.

You can forgot the moment. You can remember the moment.

When you forgot does memory compact and remember expand?

I can imagine an entry and exit point of memory. The structure of memory is like a crystal. (SQE)

When you forgot are you more aware of space? When you remember are you more aware of time? Isn't impossible to fully consider these apart within an experience?

Do we cycle through ratios of forgetting and remembering according to a situation? (seems so) If you focus on one-pointedness, enough at what point do you have representation of a meta-reality as a normalized perception.

Sure we have names, how far can you take that idea?

d73623  No.6766834

File: 66ae17bfc98c48c⋯.mp4 (3.43 MB, 384x288, 4:3, THE REAL LEAKED ALIEN FOOT….mp4)

File: 21fa921be24adc9⋯.mp4 (1.92 MB, 480x480, 1:1, eye slit.mp4)


9fad8e  No.6767754


It has become such a pastime for UFO footage to be sensualized to create a fear of the unknown. I am so sick of it. It's counter-intuitive


Every morning you wake up, your body demands sustenance. When you’re hungry you eat. Or for some reason you don’t. You may have a lot of things to think about, different demands on you, responsibilities and deadlines. The body requires relatively little food. With a variety of concerns inadequate attention is paid to the self. For some reason having others care about you is valued over caring for yourself. There’s a pressure and a pace we all keep with our heart under lock and key. The societal relation to self can be stressed over more fundamental relationships such as the self to itself.

The extent to which you know and understand your reactions is the basis of your qualitative experience. Being lost in an emotional continuum of group think makes personal power overvalued. Where personal power is more valued than self-care, as is implied others will see to your needs if you are powerful enough, there is chaos, least in the depths.

Understanding experience is a beautiful thing. It is limitless. When you doubt the experience, it creates paradox. The mind mirrors itself downs to points, approaching understanding. All the elements of the mind point to the Unity of the moment. The doubt throws a paradox, a temporal opposed flow to the moment. Humanity has a complicated intermeshing of various elements in its mind.

2fc5fc  No.6768118



How many people are truly bad enough to be considered evil?

Again, follow God's mode and evil is anything that doesn't align with your plans and goals. Or perhaps we weren't advanced enough to understand counter-current effects when the Bible was written? So clearly it could only be obliquely referred to in terms of all the sons of God visiting heaven and Satan, one of God's sons, came with them.

Anyway, perhaps I've never met anyone who is actual evil then. Except spiritually, of course. And my experience is that these people are often twisted towards light as much as they would want to twist me towards dark.



c6cf8c  No.6769685


>It has become such a pastime for UFO footage to be sensualized to create a fear of the unknown. I am so sick of it. It's counter-intuitive

It's a CIA psyop. More public fear on ANY topic = higher chances the public will be docile and give up their freedom, no matter if it's gun control or fearmongering about fake alien invasions.

The only way to get ahead is to be informed. The only way to be informed is to find out the truth for yourself. There are many tools at everyone's disposal to do so, yes, even for seemingly turbo mystical things like UFOs (IACs :-)).

9fad8e  No.6770845


I have more studying to do.


So ‘unworthiness’ (15.12) is the quality produced where the indigo center is lessening flux. The orange center Ra describes this the ‘emotional complex’. (15.12)

Note that the crystalline forms of each is ‘three petaled’. (51.8) If you “triangulate” at these centers an entry point and exit point are more well defined. The nexus within the societal self in relation to the self is held from indiscrete location or localization to discrete. Within discrete bounds there are various loci where the self can transverse the societal self or common plane.

Self-encapsulation where there is an approach to experience, which has an unknown component needs to have a sort of reciprocal casing so that the potential of experience has bounds.

The red center is described as a ‘spoked wheel’. A torus where the rotation has ‘attitudinal direction’ and is refocused. The transfer between the rotating torus and loci where focusing is discrete has spokes or lines of force.

(51.7) In the first three energy centers a full unblocking of this energy will create speeds of rotation. As the entity develops the higher energy centers, however, these centers will then begin to express their nature by forming crystal structures. This is the higher or more balanced form of activation of energy centers as the space/time nature of this energy is transmuted to the time/space nature of regularization and balancing.

9fad8e  No.6771679

File: 97791bb2fc85ca5⋯.png (21.32 KB, 646x845, 646:845, Visualizing lines of force.png)


>The transfer between the rotating torus and loci where focusing is discrete has spokes or lines of force.

b54bc4  No.6773298

File: a0c96b18d08bc0c⋯.png (4.96 KB, 452x124, 113:31, Torus Moebius.png)

File: 4704c8fb789a0ea⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2048x1080, 256:135, Mobius Strip Time Travel.jpg)

>You are watching a movie. - Q

d7447a  No.6774485

d7447a  No.6774490

File: 39dc2e0925224d2⋯.jpg (861.46 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, 64471205_1609328972534513_….jpg)

9fad8e  No.6774731

File: a93b05e14130939⋯.png (23.71 KB, 1369x733, 1369:733, UTL.png)

File: f833554d1d7c92a⋯.png (15.64 KB, 1291x546, 1291:546, bored.png)

File: 6c5d06126e7911f⋯.png (21.82 KB, 1102x756, 551:378, law of attraction.png)

File: f21492818422c47⋯.png (45.96 KB, 1461x849, 487:283, sdr.png)



>Moebius Strip

>Think Mirror

<You are watching a movie. - Q

Need more evidence

5d5f5f  No.6774875

File: 6166fb5d21a8b39⋯.jpg (552.58 KB, 2532x774, 422:129, 20190617_191600.jpg)



Iran to defy Uranium Stockpile Limits

Gematria Value

I'm still shocked, I can hardly talk

Take the chance while you still have the choice

5905b1  No.6774997


We don't want to watch a fucking movie ! ! !

Tell Q asshole that.

9fad8e  No.6775532

Creating a torus with some contact with intelligent infinity then releasing the contact and causing its recapitulation as light thru a Mobius strip type construct has some plausibility. Rather than time travel seems more like structuring the illusion

59.6 The first notion of upward spiraling light is as that of the scoop, the light energy being scooped in through the attraction of the pyramid shape through the bottom or base. Thus the first configuration is a semi-spiral

Likening what Ra called ‘the scoop’ to a mobius strip makes a whole lot of sense. The space of strip is unregimented prana or light, where there is free energetic direction

If you could dampen the logoi, ‘the scoop’ could utilize/effect/create ‘rhythms and fields of energy’

13.8 The energy moves from the intelligent infinity due first to the outpouring of randomized creative force, this then creating patterns which in holographic style appear as the entire creation no matter which direction or energy is explored. These patterns of energy begin then to regularize their own local, shall we say, rhythms and fields of energy, thus creating dimensions and universes.

13.9 The concept of light is instrumental in grasping this great leap of thought as this vibrational distortion of infinity is the building block of that which is known as matter, the light being intelligent and full of energy, thus being the first distortion of intelligent infinity which was called by the creative principle.

56.3The spiraling nature of light is such that the magnetic fields of an individual are affected by spiraling energy. Certain shapes offer an echo chamber, shall we say, or an intensifier for spiraling prana, as some have called this all-present, primal distortion of the One Infinite Creator.

I’d imagine the consciousness can be projected with concrete awareness of bodily functions and physicality. However, without functional understanding of limitless being caught in an immersive reality, bounds which do not exist can be assumed. This is why Ra supposed “intensifier”.

58.23 Let us specify the three spirals of light energy which the pyramid exemplifies. Firstly, the fundamental spiral which is used for study and for healing. Second, the spiral to the apex which is used for building. Thirdly, the spiral spreading from the apex which is used for energizing

“multitudinous focuses” are fairly difficult to visualize. Such that the pyramids were/are ‘metaphysical training wheels’. There’s a beauty in representing the recapitulation of intelligent infinity as a mobius strip where thought can be unimpeded and formative, as light, the building block, and a stylized exploration. Much like the 'rings' of Saturn

6.8This Council is located in the octave, or eight[h] dimension, of the planet Saturn, taking its place in an area which you understand in third-dimensional terms as the rings.

2fc5fc  No.6776732



>STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you think you’d know if there were evidence of extraterrestrials?

>TRUMP: Well, I think my great pilots– our great pilots would know.

'my great pilots' → 180

'my great uncle' → 144



Be Calm → 36

'our great pilots would know' → 334

'my great uncle would know' → 282


Leaker, rabbit, Boeing, NWO, I saw, Pleiade

13cbae  No.6777300

File: 9d18ad2001be976⋯.jpg (3.6 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_20190617_211021.jpg)

File: 96e3476195e17e6⋯.png (258.93 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20190617-211310.png)

Hello Qteam, love the work you guys put into this wonderful board. So I got this message earlier this morning. A friend is telling me she and her husband heard something speak to them in a wierd language. Her hub had the urge to write this down. Wondering if someone could decipher this.

411c67  No.6777542

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is the moment that put CE-5 and ET Contact on the map

This put CE-5 on the intel community radar.

And inspired millions of people across the globe to bypass bureaucracies and make contact on their own using consciousness.

411c67  No.6777610

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

POTUS body language analysis of UFO

There is no substitute for testing the CE-5 hypothesis and seeing with your own eyes ET fly over your back yard.



7df1b0  No.6777954


what utter bullshit. this bread is taken seriously?


b54bc4  No.6778465

File: 16e90b0316bbad7⋯.jpg (35.19 KB, 300x161, 300:161, mothra-300x161.jpg)

Summary of Disclosure Project hoaxes and scams.


>Be careful who you are following. - Q

5905b1  No.6778844


No shit. Beside that, Trump is controlled and will never order release/disclosure of any kept secrets.

Been hearing this crap since before his inauguration. Never happening. Q only hyped things and made it worse.

5459ce  No.6780119

File: 8809fd25e5f6b74⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 5060x3172, 1265:793, cubes.jpg)

Sort of caught up to the recent blitz of these in movies.

Cubes of power?

5a2c4e  No.6780995


Do not worry. Those who need to know, know. The thread was given back to the shills to control so that their repetitious nature can be seen by anons in order to better allow them to see the light.

"The light will reveal those on the team, and those pretending to be."

"TRUTH shines LIGHT."


"Lights on."

91ee30  No.6781717


Q never "hyped" anything and is, in fact, not datefagging. Again, things happen when the TIME IS RIGHT. Until they happen, you can do your best to keep yourself informed.

ca9b6c  No.6782177

Has anyone ever seen or came across discussion on any flight radar data particularly any anomalies for the Dallas area on the day of JFK assassination November 22, 1963?

5905b1  No.6784677


I have been informed for over 20 years.

Q is 100% hype. Keep telling yourself "when the time is right"…you'll be dead. All lies.

Wait till you awaken to the Trump lie. Good luck. They are ALL one team…keep snoring.

2fc5fc  No.6785908


9fad8e  No.6789842

I had a vision where people build stuff with their minds.

The superstructure of the psyche is ever present where the continuum of consciousness is aware of it. These people use consciousness to pull from the field. They have the ability to regularize and focus energy into matter. Like being able to turn liquid water into ice except the liquid is all-permeating.

I imagine once the genetic profile of people is better understood people who can do this will be identifiable. Interesting where early adaptations for '4th density' will lead.

People have to die off for cleaner access to collective consciousness.

a71472  No.6791254


More than some think but less than others think. Someone like Killary is straight up evil and will not change her true nature for any higher reward. Remember…God didn't have a problem killing a lot of people who many might think could've been saved. The killing of really bad influence or actions is completely inline with Natural Law, God's 1st creation. If it can't be exiled outta sight and influence then killing is your only other option unless you're willing to let that carry on after "knowing" of it, which would make you complicit in future actions by it. Love is preferred but is only half of the required balance of all that is. Become too apathetic and evil will rule the scales. You have to be sympathetic and understanding to the requirements of both sides or you're not complete yourself. There is no right without wrong, love without hate and no life without death (in a physical sense, that is). The killing of someone deemed evil may actually be doing a favor to not only society as a whole but the evil individual, as well. If you believe that energy (life force) never dies then it'll have to start over through reincarnation and may very well escape the evil proclivities that way. jmho…

9fad8e  No.6791947


>see the light

Better to study it


52.10 ▶ Questioner: Thank you. Just as something that I am a little inquisitive about, not much importance, but I’d like to make a statement I intuitively see, which may be wrong.

You were speaking of the slingshot effect and that term has puzzled me.

The only thing I can see is that you must put energy into the craft until it approaches the velocity of light and this of course requires more and more and more energy. The time dilation occurs and it seems to me that it would be possible to, by moving at 90° to the direction of travel, somehow change this stored energy in its application of direction or sense so that you move out of space/time into time/space with a 90° deflection. Then the energy would be taken out in time/space and you would re-enter space/time at the end of this energy reversal. Am I in any way correct on this?

Ra: I am Ra. You are quite correct as far as your language may take you and, due to your training, more able than we to express the concept. Our only correction, if you will, would be to suggest that the 90° of which you speak are an angle which may best be understood as a portion of a tesseract


The gift of reception (calling) comes to the body as a self-awareness enabling group perception (1st spiral), the building of those things desired (2nd spiral) and the gross energizing of the entity (3rd spiral) towards unknown possibility (recapitulation as light). Knowing that any form consciousness can be represented by a sphere in its entirety and that a second infinity sphere as a basis of realization. The first sphere’s potential is roughly a projection varying with the conscious as a co-function with the environment.

80.20 That which you call the Sarcophagus in your system may be seen to be the material world, if you will. This material world is transformed by the spirit into that which is infinite and eternal. The infinity of the spirit is an even greater realization than the infinity of consciousness, for consciousness which has been disciplined by will and faith is that consciousness which may contact intelligent infinity directly. There are many things which fall away in the many, many steps of adepthood. We, of Ra, still walk these steps and praise the One Infinite Creator at each transformation.

“contact intelligent infinity directly” — not easy.

73.6 The action of the upward spiraling light drawn by the will to meet the inner light of the One Infinite Creator may be likened to the beating of the heart and the movement of the muscles surrounding the lungs and all the other functions of the parasympathetic nervous system. The calling of the adept may be likened to those nerve and muscle actions over which the mind/body/spirit complex has conscious control.

Least there’s some comparison material

73.17Thus this particular form of healing uses both the energy of the adept and the energy of the upward spiraling light. As the green-ray center becomes more brilliant, and we would note this brilliance does not imply over-activation but rather crystallization, the energy of the green-ray center of the body complex spirals twice; firstly, clockwise from the green-ray energy center to the right shoulder, through the head, the right elbow, down through the solar plexus, and to the left hand. This sweeps all the body complex energy into a channel which then rotates the great circle clockwise again from right — we correct this instrument — from the left to the feet, to the right hand, to the crown, to the left hand, and so forth

2fc5fc  No.6793512


Concur with vision

2fc5fc  No.6793741





9fad8e  No.6793747

>As the green-ray center becomes more brilliant, and we would note this brilliance does not imply over-activation but rather crystallization, the energy of the green-ray center of the body complex spirals twice


>Like being able to turn liquid water into ice


consistent thus far

2fc5fc  No.6793917


Interesting. I was just re-reading that section and date range myself, for my own reasons.

There are no coincidences.

fe01a4  No.6793992

Alex Collier's 1994 interview should be mandatory viewing


The truths in this video can't be denied even if you take out his ET experience

2fc5fc  No.6794414

This one is stupid but related


Interesting you're calling for increased in green ray clarity and brilliance

Remember the one we don't like?

Q442 23 December 2017 01:53:22

<UFO put out to detract from drops.

Gematria: 385



Gematria: 385


1. Prepare for your moment of Truth

2. Question absolutely everything

3. Do you think you can handle the Truth?

4. Love your neighbor no exceptions

Guess how I got to Q-422?

Q-2142 which points to Q-1352 and Q-1354

The zero delta was:


12:35 14:35

13:52 13:54

52:13 54:13

Subtract date time of Q-1352 from Q-1354







Don't think so.

But statistics say that million to one probabilities turn up nine times out of ten, so it's possible this could be a natural effect even though the simplest explanation is 'that patriots are in control'.

2fc5fc  No.6794774



44a7d1  No.6802044

File: a6e24568d66f818⋯.jpg (334.51 KB, 1064x928, 133:116, they_live_lifting_the_veil.jpg)

4a90cc  No.6803243

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jason Rice : The Secret Space Program and Its Effects

Published by Conscious Life Expo Official on Tue, 18 Jun 2019

fef5c0  No.6808038

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

My guess is, since Eisenhower's Cabal-enforced horrible deal with the greys from Zeta Reticuli system produced some interesting tech that no one understood, Bob Lazar was one of the guys trying to figure it out, at least for this compartment. This interview fits well with the big picture and is a worthy 2hrs of talk.

9fad8e  No.6808820

File: c17a61e787501e7⋯.png (15.45 KB, 899x881, 899:881, Visualizing the spirit 'sh….png)


9665d7  No.6809102

File: 4774b8ec29a3675⋯.png (398.59 KB, 608x497, 608:497, billy mays.png)

File: 0fe0543a96ef868⋯.png (250.5 KB, 1127x685, 1127:685, Trusting the plan.png)

9665d7  No.6809124


We are a loosh farm huh?

fef5c0  No.6809331


They do kinda miss the point towards the end. They are missing out greatly on the spiritual perspective and actively discrediting those that do. Saying that contactpeople don't exist or are lunatics and focusing on technology and transhumanism instead of humanity and responsibility for the tech we have.

2fc5fc  No.6809771




Name https://g.co/kgs/5AVw6G

<And reruns all become our history





c800af  No.6810544



9665d7  No.6811383


The obvious reason is because what is being said here IS REAL AND IMPORTANT AND WORTH BURNING MANPOWER TO STOP. Nothing makes me more convinced that there are aliens and a massive cover up and other secret shit than the massive shill ops that chaff the everliving fuck out of places like this. (other than the UFOs I have seen of course).

9fad8e  No.6811851


It's pretty difficult to recognize contactees or experiencers who are often outliers. Especially with the fanaticism some have.

The only object proof I have is being able to create a 'thought-wave' and have it burst or collapse. This is observable in physiological processes >>6595437



yep it is, I haven't lied. I've shared a lot. As to whether it's shilly is debatable. Nonetheless, I'm still seeking to understand how something limitless can be grasped.

It will be interesting to see how structuring the meta-representation of the sense-elements given relation thru the societal self to the environment can be done in the future.

The more unified front a collective yields the more easily the conscious can build. The bridge between meta-physical and physical is the consciousness. That's a real bottom-line in the same sense you can recognize someone's face and tone.

4a90cc  No.6812245

File: 39825a3c697a3c4⋯.jpg (111.42 KB, 1421x1429, 1421:1429, double face palm.jpg)



What a shit-tier site

>Ads everywhere

>Can't even copy and paste text from there

>no scroll bar

>links don't work

>claims "Greer is best friends with David Wilcock" (without providing sauce) when I've never heard Greer mention Wilcock once, and Wilcock pretty much only talks about meeting Greer in 2001 around the time of the National Press Club event

You shills really need better material

4a90cc  No.6812272

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ET Contact: The 1% Effect

5b91de  No.6812922


It is so fucking annoying, the UFO subject has been all over the damn MSM for weeks, Congress and Trump being briefed, Bob Lazar on Joe Rogan, and almost nobody is discussing these remarkable facts, they barely are noticed on the main research threads and here we are instead drowning in fucking greerfags and shills and incoherent nonsense.

If only Q would chime in on this subject again.

9665d7  No.6812950


Coverups dude. HUGE ONES. their systems are failing. its happening but it hasnt happened yet.

573c30  No.6812988


It looks RUSSIAN! Those pesky Russians. JK

Dude…. you left the phone number on it.

9665d7  No.6813334


see if it matches any crop circles. and maybe baker / BO can delete that number pic?

5124d6  No.6813462

File: 946ff2f9129aaf0⋯.jpeg (60.54 KB, 604x716, 151:179, 32446-D1.jpeg)

File: 6a2f5f7fae8758e⋯.jpeg (61.38 KB, 604x653, 604:653, 32446-D4.jpeg)

These are pictures of a dead alien being found on board a saucer-shaped craft that was salvaged Northwest of Lebanon, Missouri in mid-1942. It was one of five recovered. Like the craft they were discovered in, the bodies were found in immaculate condition. It’s unknown why the craft crashed or why it’s passengers died. Four of them looked very similar to each other; they had the standard Grey look. One of them, while still very much Grey-like, was around a foot taller than the others, had shoulder-length red hair, human-like teeth, and genitals resembling those of a malformed human man. The other four were around four feet and lacked teeth, hair, and genitals.

The craft lacked any identifying markers; there were no glyphs, lettering, or symbols of any kind. With the exception of chairs, there was no furniture found.. There was no food or restroom facilities found, nor was there anything on board that indicated that the beings actually lived or spent any considerable amount of time on the craft. It was around fifty to sixty feet in length. It’s not know where the beings originate from.

9665d7  No.6813643


This made more sense to me stoned than when I read it sober…

465788  No.6813682


Time travel is a bitch, we figured it out tho, Trump won….

c4b97e  No.6814270


Are you expecting reason and logic from something near-completely devoid of it? Even in their utter ignorance the earth humans have proven to be know it alls. You are given SO MUCH. So much. You don't need declass. You don't need govt programs. It's all there already, you just have to make the slightest effort.

Normies will have to be walked a different path, and that's why we need baby strollers in the form of declassified documents, mass sightings, non-fearmongering MSM articles etc. Whatever helps nudge the public perception towards truth.

>hurr we will never know two things, a) are we alone b) what is the meaning of life

My first ET comms literally answered both questions in the very same sentence.

Let shills attack. Let yourself decide.

34f9af  No.6814447



You're good, Anon. Keep speaking the truth. Some of it is rubbing off!


You may be onto something there.


The hard part is remembering how it feels to know, isn't it though?

f889d9  No.6814460


We're better off that way. It's DS fake disclosure. Just wait for Trump to do the real disclosure. Everything else is a distraction by the DS

9fad8e  No.6815037


>The hard part is remembering how it feels to know, isn't it though?

The discovery of character traits as holding patterns impeding the greater intensity of instreamings is necessary preparation to begin to relate bodily traits to ethereal uni-formative result (dynamic tension) of these instreamings.

Else – people will be unable to keep up the increasing intensity of light. Reality sort of segments

71.2The connection between polarization and harvestability is most important in third-density harvest. In this density an increase in the serving of others or the serving of self will almost inevitably increase the ability of an entity to enjoy an higher intensity of light. Thus in this density, we may say, it is hardly possible to polarize without increasing in harvestability

6.14 Thus, the illusion is created of light, or more properly but less understandably, light/love. This is in varying degrees of intensity. The spirit complex of each harvested entity moves along the line of light until the light grows too glaring, at which time the entity stops. This entity may have barely reached third density or may be very, very close to the ending of the third-density light/love distortion vibratory complex

17.24The great majority of your peoples will repeat third density

9fad8e  No.6815602


>This made more sense to me stoned than when I read it sober

That's pretty funny. Considering the temporary gain in en-vital towards fluid intelligence, it makes sense.

Pot-smokers –psychonauts serve enmass by reducing the erratic bounds of how people can relate to environmental issues in broader terms the unknown. It's multi-faceted, though. I'm approaching it from how people can shape the light into potential.

Humanity's overly complicated emotionality being reduced down to a single causal factor, the meme "Being High". Not taking stock of the potential for growth, though, and becoming a 'couch potato' means the en-mass buffer grows.

Imagine people studying how 4th density rhythms effectualize experience and an overlay of 3rd density ways of thinking.

Realistically, what do you think disclosure actually means? Considering on one hand various reality segments of light intensity and a necessary understanding of 4th density experience where 3rd density is useful. On the other hand you have the disharmonious 3rd density exchange subject to the congress of higher density thinking

62.29 You must see the Earth, as you call it, as being seven Earths. There is red, orange, yellow, and there will soon be a completed green color vibratory locus for fourth-density entities which they will call Earth. During the fourth-density experience, due to the lack of development of fourth-density entities, the third-density planetary sphere is not useful for habitation since the early fourth-density entity will not know precisely how to maintain the illusion that fourth density cannot be seen or determined from any instrumentation available to any third density.

9665d7  No.6816479


I wonder if any of these posts here asre from future time traveling me or my kids?

c4b97e  No.6816706

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A very much related 6 year old Joe Rogan interview offering a similar yet different angle

44a7d1  No.6817868

File: f9feebf5ba31b5f⋯.jpg (317.74 KB, 2391x928, 2391:928, they_live_nasa.jpg)

695846  No.6818073

They aren't UFO's.

It is suppressed technology that you, as a pleb, are not entitled to know about.

Aliens are simply races of advanced peoples living here on earth that you don't know about.

Don't let the government manipulate you into believing otherwise.

Alien disclosure, my ass.

Wise up dummies. All you really have to lose is your ignorance.

That is all.

c4b97e  No.6818992


What about the, uh, fact that we live in an infinitely large universe?

2fc5fc  No.6819730


c0195f  No.6819741

Alien talk is gay….go back to Reddit

c0195f  No.6819777

File: 8ce301f02181404⋯.jpeg (838.2 KB, 1375x1149, 1375:1149, 8FC1CAE7-E960-42D6-82AA-5….jpeg)

Can we get back to q research?

Whatcha doing POTUS? Failing again?


2fc5fc  No.6819955

Only responding because the choices behind demonstrated seem to be collapsing the wave function in a particular direction.


Example 1


"That which has already been will be yet again That which has already been done is what will yet be done again there is nothing new under the sun"


"I never called the strike against Iran “BACK,” as people are incorrectly reporting, I just stopped it from going forward at this time!"


Example 2


At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border. If not, Deportations start!

A D, I I I R P (D) D R A L S B. I, D


"lets get ready to rumble"

"go ahead make my day”

"Morning sun brings heat"

Direct line from: https://qmap.pub/read/1543


Funny how critical thinking works even when facing a limited set of recursive language functions, huh?

2fc5fc  No.6820058

As an aside:

BACK = 17 = Q

He never called the attack Q.

"cocked & loaded" = 82

"We need God"



"Too high"

Nuts and bolts don't cut it all the time though they make life really nice and simple sometimes. More often, we have to read between the lines.

e3de78  No.6820563

Has this - Mysterious Flying Objects Over Kansas Turn Out To Be Top-Secret DARPA Experiment - https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-22/mystery-orbs-turn-out-be-top-secret-darpa-experiment been discussed here? Wondering how a balloon travels westwards when the jet stream goes east…

203855  No.6820882

File: 5fc33dba4b97077⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 607x517, 607:517, Webp.net-gifmaker (1).gif)


if you know what "t.h.e.y." stands for then you can see the real meaning behind they live and how brilliant jon carpenter was in hiding it

this gif(t) on the other hand is a bona fide truth about the failure that is donnie daca nice new haircut slick back do for the emperor without his shoes

44a7d1  No.6820918

File: b0218bd941866c9⋯.jpg (920.92 KB, 1500x1814, 750:907, earth_imagery_comparison.jpg)


I don't know what it stands for.

44a7d1  No.6822231


I'm looking but I can't find it anywhere.

Does anyone know?

9fad8e  No.6822634


People were ridiculued for believing in UFOs. Swamp gas, weather balloon, etc. A whole commission debunked UFOs 'officailly' remember.

This looks like backtracking to me:


The tech greatly interests a sub set people. These people are interested in the crafts.

The larger set of people who live in bubbles simple don't know what's going on. An element of mystery is all that's needed.

Experiencers are the unpredictables, already dealing with crazy shit

2fc5fc  No.6823191




I have some minor speculation regarding "and some of them really see things that are a little bit different than in the past but we'll see".

What if the (((them))) was a context switch to the extra-terrestrials away from the pilots (or uncle, as the case may be)?

He has switched contexts in the same breath before…what if he did so in this case?

If the extra-terrestrial (((them)) now see things in a slightly different way than they used to, that would explain the increase of disclosure: true, partial, or misleading.

You've got to see that the phenomena isn't suddenly going to change, right? It's not like (((they)) just discovered us.

Instead if a new agreement has been reached, then things would be different.

Anyway. Have a blessed Sunday!

2fc5fc  No.6823210



9665d7  No.6823381




9665d7  No.6823388

File: 1fcbf254176b399⋯.jpg (267.04 KB, 720x707, 720:707, lg9x2r.jpg)


Shit I forgot the pic!


9665d7  No.6823431

File: 0deb4eaad0af5ce⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1044x883, 1044:883, SAUCE.png)


We require sauce…

And to clarify you are saying these advanced peoples are FROM EARTH? Like Atlanteans or whatever? Basically they solved electrogravitics and could then manipulate gravity which will essentially make them gods relative to those of us who cant… They 'Uplift' or 'Ascend' and then just hang around? Why would they not go see what else is going on out in the galaxy? They COULD with such tech. and it would stand to reason that others woudl do the same and end up here. How can you say this with such confidence.

9665d7  No.6823467

File: d877a3d76dc36b2⋯.png (366.06 KB, 856x826, 428:413, Screenshot at 2019-06-23 0….png)




4cc131  No.6825067


>Can we get back to q research?

This is the alien/ufo research thread attempting to clarify situation re: deep and mysterious UFO&ET related Q crumbs

It's getting pretty hard to do this lately

Main bread can be found on the catalog.

2fc5fc  No.6825299

Wonder if there is some truth about catching mental health contagions on the chans? Like swimming in the ocean? https://www.techexplorist.com/ocean-swimming-alters-skin-microbiome-raising-risk-infections/24312/?amp. Ha!


The scenario is plausible.


Primarily due to dis-information and seemingly conflicting information. Plus without suggestions from Q, looks like the Anons dig according to their interests instead of any particular direction.


Ha. Or kek. Whichever makes more sense.

b54bc4  No.6825553

File: f89c6736203ba7a⋯.png (342.16 KB, 1782x814, 81:37, Badge of Honor.png)

4cc131  No.6825602


>Plus without suggestions from Q, looks like the Anons dig according to their interests instead of any particular direction.

Agreed, this is what causes the thread quality to vary highly according to the observer. It's just too vast for it's own good. But we can manage, I think, if everyone cooperates. We will need good information for later. UFO disclosure is intensifying in the public and we should do our best to be ahead of the curve.

2fc5fc  No.6826420

Simpsons Season 30 Episode 14

The Clown Stays in the Picture

Space lizards

The Americans have weapons from the future

We are all connected


Ha! Funny.

44a7d1  No.6827233

File: fe672c03eee4159⋯.jpg (640.97 KB, 1200x1997, 1200:1997, earth_moon_ELA_comparison.jpg)

2fc5fc  No.6827442

Not related but https://qmap.pub/read/557 has an underscored "the floor is yours". Value 225. Equal to "its all part of the plan".


I know I talk a lot and can't seem to purposely move my cows when I want to but for me, v the quality of the bread is pretty good too be honest. I'm learning, watching, and kek'ing occasionally too. Pretty good.

If disclosure happens in an instant I'm confident that we have enough mental models on this board to help out friends and neighbors not freak out too terribly badly.

2fc5fc  No.6827652

Three ideas:


Trust Kansas


Note: Trump and Bolton debate while Pompeo 'triangulates'

Not much of a Union Jack myself but, this may be of some service: https://www.unionleader.com/news/business/columns/dr-paul-p-baard-s-motivation-matters-triangulation-chokes-teams/article_1ce93f63-abe6-561d-9df3-156f5f7b8b35.html



The baseline discussion was issued about a different topic early the first week of June.

How does it relate to aliens and phenomenology?

Wonder if the need for a witness isn't just best practice but might be required to ensure that psi is functioning correctly?

8365a5  No.6829079

File: d8fdcb07341f82c⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1478x1072, 739:536, automation.png)

Can anyone recommend some good Youtube videos worth watching? Preferably talks/presentations 1-3+ hrs long. I've been trying to find things by myself on Youtube, but I'm sure some really good stuff is hidden under different search terms.

4ed642  No.6829314


Here are a couple that will bake your noodle for different reasons (ancient and not so ancient).

Lyndon LaRouche



robert zephyr



4ed642  No.6829318

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

172e46  No.6829483

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Russell Targ talks about conscious nonlocality. A variant of this is used for comms with ETs.

05f836  No.6829507

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


site is laggy.

Anything with Catherine Austin Fitz (black budgets, missing money)


How the NSA watches you with Bill Binney


This on is amazing. Watch allteh stuff from this dude.

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner


9fad8e  No.6830809

File: f768c4867899af1⋯.png (27.35 KB, 787x620, 787:620, ddvisual.png)


>62.9 During the fourth-density experience, due to the lack of development of fourth-density entities, the third-density planetary sphere is not useful for habitation since the early fourth-density entity will not know precisely how to maintain the illusion that fourth density cannot be seen or determined from any instrumentation available to any third density.

This is such a bitch.

>26.24The higher or more dense energy field will control the less dense.

What seems to be static and uniform perception is in fact not so. There is a coherent way of perceiving reality where the highest precedent of sensory information is a set of expanding and collapsing fields. The net of this set is forms of rotation which the self-aware quality moves towards a center. In one form this is the chemical interactions of the body, though there is the manifest form and the unmanifest form.

There is an existential reality to how the individual utilizes societal catalytic elements. The wound nature between the mental and bodily elements poses an issue


'Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.'

411c67  No.6831106

Not a fan of JPL but they got hacked.

This is revealed just a short time after the navy antigrav patent goes mainstream.

Seems like shit is heating up Blade Runner 2049 style.

Maybe it is time to revisit the citizens open letter on the treaty of the prevention of placement of armaments in outer space.

Great Awakening Worldwide.

WWG1WGA As a planet.


411c67  No.6831379


Dear President Xi Jinping,

Humanity is at a crossroads. The time has come for the people of this planet to return to the stars. Will we choose the path of division, predicated on the illusion of boundaries drawn on a map? Or will we set aside our perceived differences and unite to choose the path of peace? The fate of this planet and all of her children rests largely in China's hands. Time is of the essence.

To achieve the path of lasting peace, we must immediately begin the task of creating a civilian based, trans-national initiative to establish mutual Extraterrestrial-Human communication, based on universal principles of contact and exchange. Two primary objectives of this endeavour are 1) to raise global awareness of the Treaty on the Prevention of Placement of Weapons in Outer Space and 2) to include Extraterrestrial civilizations as parties to this treaty. A diplomacy based initiative will act as a peaceful balance of power to the intensifying space militarization programs of our respective countries, and unite humanity. To choose otherwise will inevitably result in chaos, war, economic uncertainty, and ultimately the destruction of our planet.

Global, civilian outreach to the cosmos is tantamount to securing world peace and acceptance among space faring civilizations. This is an affordable and simple task. The first step is to organize a joint Chinese-(Russian?)-American interplanetary contact expedition comprised of civilian ambassadors, at a place and time mutual to all parties.

The seeds for this initiative have been sown, world-wide, over the past three decades. All that remains is for China and America to water those seeds. We look forward to working with China, and every nation, to achieve this shared goal.


9fad8e  No.6831563


Ellsworth UFO sighting

At 1:09 A.M. an Air Force Globemaster Globemaster II flew over Bismarck. As the plane neared, the object closest to the plane appeared to emanate a signal by blinking red and green. This signaling was picked up by the other three objects. An observer reflected about this, It was as if a 'wave' passed from one to the other.

A signaling effect influenced a then-classified Air Force report filed by Dr. Hynek. He concluded, The entire incident, in my opinion, has too much of an Alice in Wonderland flavor for comfort. In the late 1970s Hynek confirmed his conclusion, That's exactly how I felt at the time.

The Air Force offered a number of possibilities as to the cause of the sightings. In the final synopsis the objects would continue on the records as "unknowns".

9fad8e  No.6831603

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One of the members, C. B. Scott Jones, PhD, on project veritas in 2011

c128ac  No.6834090



Please note: the observer reflected that the objects reflected a 'wave' amongst themselves; the Hyaek conclusion reflected an Alice and Wonderland effect; Alice reflected her concern back to ToTo; Bolton and Trump reflected off each other and Kansas triangulated; one Anon in this board reflected a handwriting sample that indicated 'triangulate a baseline'; another Anon was starting a personal learning experience about reflection and the observer effect on human interpersonal relationship-level less than a week after the first Anon posted; yet another Anon asked Q about PSI effect capabilities


>62.9 During the fourth-density experience, due to the lack of development of fourth-density entities, the third-density planetary sphere is not useful for habitation since the early fourth-density entity will not know precisely how to maintain the illusion that fourth density cannot be seen or determined from any instrumentation available to any third density.

You suggesting that we may be seeing evidence of 4th density activity impacting our 3rd density reality because (((they))) are not competent enough to hide their activities?

9fad8e  No.6834383


Yep, in part cause of a mixed harvest and collective choice


C B Jones taught at the university of Kansas, too

17.1 You will find a sharp increase in the number of people, as you call mind/body/spirit complexes, whose vibrational potentials include the potential for fourth-vibrational distortions. Thus, there will seem to be, shall we say, a new breed. These are those incarnating for fourth-density work.

There will also be a sharp increase in the short run of negatively oriented or polarized mind/body/spirit complexes and social complexes, due to the polarizing conditions of the sharp delineation between fourth-density characteristics and third-density self-service orientation.


>yet another Anon asked Q about PSI effect capabilities

Seem like you need a 'shell' to work with energetic circuitry in something like PSI to organize a relationship between the poles and overall desired transfer.

You suggesting that we may be seeing evidence of 4th density activity impacting our 3rd density reality because (((they))) are not competent enough to hide their activities?

They to Them, Us to We; Universality to experience is emotionality to potential. Orientations make use of patterns. How much universality percolates to potential?


? If you make use of power to coincidence and action to synchronicity the overall 'shell' has successively small more distinct characteristics to one orientation which has already been decided.

9fad8e  No.6834650

File: febeabc0f47674b⋯.png (17.95 KB, 1049x620, 1049:620, RV.png)

>Queries are in order in your projections of mind distortion at this time/space. Thusly would I assure this group that my own social memory complex has one particular method of communicating with those few who may be able to harmonize their distortions with ours, and that is to respond to queries for information. We are comfortable with this format. May the queries now begin.

I wonder how Ra saw our communications from l/lresearch on their end.

Best guess

Why else would they need the banishing ritual?

2fc5fc  No.6835119


Interesting. 'shell' is 56 in English gematria. That's the same value as in these related ideas: light, will, the IAM, why, friend, ether, finder, Sam I am, scribe.

Speculation Engine On

The witness, or scribe, or recorder, then is the reflective function of which the Urantia Book speaks: Being a husband and wife team, of quite opposite polarity, the two may push or pull with one acting as 'decider' to collapse the wave function in a receptive mind. How evil if used for evil!

Speculation Engine Off

Interesting. Per your suggestion:


I realized the channel group used a particular series of rituals important to them in preparing the space but I never realized this might imply something about the Ra Collective developmental level. I'll have to do some experimenting.

But I doubt the Collective uses the banishing ritual or its analog itself. My bet is they use a defensively oriented mindset that rejects one polarity and calls the other.

Wonder what we are trying to do with our Q Collective?

I mean honestly, they have a pretty powerful set of minds at their disposal. So far all I've "seen" are parlor tricks, shielding of principles, a few trolling fingers through the surface of the collective mind, and an occasional sharing of principle physical ailment burden. But I could be entirely wrong with my observations.

So did you develop the RV diagram? Or do you have a source?

The reason I ask is because the '?' is actually the limit 3→P and/or 4→P where that area reflects the 'top' of an upwards charged 5-star. Realize that the Creator's energy is, according to Ra (see the link above), the only natural thing that can pop the chakras from the bottom up as the adept always tries to push down on everything around it.

I think that Anon used the word 'competent' to reflect the fact that lower order processes are often more organized and subtle than higher order processes, rather than as a true 'bad word'.

I hope all that word salad doesn't sound too crazy.

9fad8e  No.6835259


'ritualizing' or not doesn't change nature.

Golden Dawn came from Egyptian Adepts who received knowledge from Ra's Collective

>The reason I ask is because the '?' is actuall