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File: bb23a435a425412⋯.jpg (112.31 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Memes48.jpg)

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Self-Service Image Library

Protect and Comfort Those Around Us



Through tempest, storm,

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.


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--> Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Infanticide, Fetal Tissue https://mega.nz/#F!HgtDxCKR!PK-mv3ndB4gstVLLnSadlQ

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File: 14d5af4834b5181⋯.png (527.98 KB, 1718x1400, 859:700, More-Effective-Memes.png)

File: bd28bd1b0acbb05⋯.jpg (231.16 KB, 1009x934, 1009:934, 2018-10-08 02:00:48Z.jpg)

File: d6806488b93193b⋯.jpg (244.76 KB, 1718x903, 1718:903, 2018-10-08 02:47:47Z.jpg)

c98e34  No.6740882

You are the army. Militia Intelligence - Psyops Team. Your armaments are that you understand the enemy or should.

If you are behind enemy lines and are known then you have failed.

If you are behind enemy lines are are not known, but ready to guide, then you are in place to begin your mission.

If Trump arrested Hillary tomorrow, your goal isn't to jump up in the middle of the office and yell, "FUCK YEAH! I TOLD YOU FAGGOTS!"

Your job is to say, "Oh my god, this is horrible! What is Trump doing?" and then slowly present logical, emotional, social, and other pressures to these groups who perceive you as an insider to get them to accept what has happened.

As someone else here said, the end game is determined. Nothing the Militia Army does is going to change the big plays.

Our goal is to prevent chaos and destruction as a result of those big plays.

How many relationships have you cultivated with the "enemy" so that you may make amends with them when its most needed?

This is a risk of Civil War and failure of Civil Society. We do not want the "enemy" to die and suffer. They are our fellow countrymen. Their fate is tied to ours. Look into the great people who made amends after the Civil War. The statues they're trying to get torn down now.

If you're behind enemy lines you are exactly where you need to be for your mission.

Q is not going to ask us to pick up a rifle and fight the CIA in the streets. People would do well to get that notion of our their minds. _

_Our mission is critical but it is one of unity and truth__.

c98e34  No.6740901

Basics of Effective Red Pilling

• Know your biggest competitors

Apathy (some people genuinely don’t give a shit about politics or even good vs. evil)

Lazy Thinking (Nietzsche was right when he said that "most people go through life trying to avoid any real thoughts")

Short Attention Spans (Learn to ask great opening questions that ENGAGE the other person. For example: "I've been learning of late some rather interesting, but confusing, things about our President. Would you be kind enough to have a look at this with me and give me your perspective?")

Cognitive Dissonance [It's important for you to understand that every living American has been brainwashed–completely–by Project Mockingbird. Every single thing we've ever seen on TV, heard on the radio or read in a newspaper has been a well-scripted lie. When people are faced with evidence (like buildings collapsing in perfect free-fall) that is counter-intuitive to our values and beliefs, we naturally reject them to protect our tenuous view of reality. It took me YEARS to accept the truth of 9/11 due to my military training and a lifetime of believing I was a patriot acting in the best interest of a good gubbermint. Factor in that 9/11 is only one piece of a much larger "jigsaw puzzle" and you will begin gaining empathy for the enormous "wakening" that Normies will soon be facing. It won't be easy for them, so be gentle and patient.]

• Learn how to "play dumb"

• Open the conversation by sincerely complimenting the other person (example: "Joe, you've forgotten more about the Middle East that I'll ever know. I'm really confused about Putin's stance on Syria and why Trump is not getting involved. What are your thoughts on this tricky situation?")

• Ask open-ended questions (they typically start with who, what and how)

• Let the other person be the expert

• Find a topic about which they're already skeptical, then tie that issue to something that's of interest today

• When you sense that they're starting to push back, quickly change the subject back to small talk and wait for a better time

• Embrace the concept that Red Pilling is a process and NOT an event

• No one will have an "Aha!" moment; it's a slow realization that EVERYTHING THEY'VE EVER LEARNED OR BELIEVED IS A LIE

• Someone famous and wise (I think Mark Twain) once said, "It's easier to fool someone than it is to get them to admit they've been fooled." If you agree with this, as do I, then it's easier to accept the fact that when someone starts waking up, they will do it in solace, and NOT in the presence of another person. Plant the seeds and let them walk away to nurture them on their own.

• Another Anon suggested that, "Everyone is Red Pilled at least a wee bit about SOMETHING; vaccines, GMO's, lobbyists, insider trading, Building 7, etc.). Find their one area of skepticism first, then slowly work your way out."

I hope these thoughts help some of you salvage relationships with those near and dear to you. In closing, know this: The people closest to us are the last ones WE will be able to Red Pill. We tend to fall into old habits and roles with them (and vice versa), so plant the seeds and let other people take credit for your family and friends waking up.

Beer at the parade, fellow Patriots!

c98e34  No.6740913

SalesTrainerandAuthorFag's method

Here’s the same Socratic method Q used on us for “Red Pilling” your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors without ruining your relationships or being labeled as a “conspiracy theorist.”

First and foremost: Red pilling is a PROCESS done over time. It requires patience and skill.

Find some common ground where they’ve already questioned the MSM narrative (JFK, RFK, Oswald, John John, Clintons, Clinton Foundation, Arkancides, Obama birth certificate, 9/11, Building 7, no video of plane hitting Pentagon, missing $2.3 trillion, Halliburton, rigged primaries, biased MSM, Russian collusion, Fox News, CNN, etc.)

Once common ground is discovered, let THEM tell YOU what they know about the topic. Even if you disagree, don’t say so.

Once the topic is fully explored, compliment their knowledge and then ask if they think if it also ties to [blank] (another topic/event/lie you want to make them curious about).

If they agree, do NOT dump on them with information you’ve already learned. Instead, ask them to dig into it and agree to speak about it in a week or so.

During the second conversation, let THEM be the expert and teach you. Keep playing dumb. Praise their open-mindedness and encourage them to keep learning.

Ask them to learn about another topic that relates to this one and agree to speak again at a predetermined time. Then, let them teach you again, regardless about how much you already know about the topic. (This will seem counterintuitive but it’s a REALLY important part of the approach.)

Ask a LOT of questions; allow them to “sell themselves” on new ideas (people never argue with their own ideas, but they subconsciously “push back” against other people’s ideas).

Always play dumb; let THEM become the expert.

Ask for their help “solving a puzzle”; let them BE the expert.

Understand that the deeper someone is dug into the opposing viewpoint, the further they will snap into the other direction once they wake up.

If someone shares an idea that you believe is wrong/ignorant, do NOT push back; ask, “Help me see what you’re seeing”, or “Help me understand that better”. The more they try to explain something that has no basis, the higher chance they will eventually change their own mind (which YOU canNOT do for/to them).

Once they show a thirst for new knowledge, invite them to share their ideas with a third person while you are also present (viewing themself as a mentor/teacher reinforces their new beliefs).

When stuck, offer to “switch sides” and debate the topic from their point of view and have them argue from your point of view. This often helps them talk themselves out of their original viewpoint.

When you have to make a statement (instead of asking a question), open it with a “softening statement”: “Do you think it could be possible that…”, or, “I’m not sure this is right, but I just read that…” This provides possibilities for you and the other person.

As often as possible, only discuss events that have already happened. When forced to discuss what you think MIGHT happen in the future, precede with softening statements.

Don’t let the conversation turn into a Red vs. Blue argument. Keep repeating that there’s corruption on both sides of the aisle (point to the huge number of Republican resignations – not running for re-election – for both senators and members of congress). Keep the discussion focused on GOOD vs. EVIL!

Finally: REMEMBER THAT IN EVERY CONVERSATION, YOU ARE THE 2nd-BEST SALESPERSON! Get them talking, keep them talking and encourage their passion for digging!

SHOW the other person that you’ve embraced the teachings of Jesus through your kindness, patience and lack of judgment of their ideas. Happy pilling!

Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow

People don't need preaching to. That's the problem. Those who know a lot tend to tell it all, overwhelming. Just plant a seed and back away. Do this by asking a question that gets them thinking.

Go do something else, and give them a chance to process it and work it out in their mind.

Ask a different question about the topic (the seed you planted) and see how they answer.

This waters the seed so it grows downward into subconscious and upward towards the conscious.

Go away and do other things.

Plant the seed and come back to it later, but lead them, coax them, gently gently, softly softly.

Some people take a long time to process things. E.g. my family members are just now getting something I said years ago (they forgot that it was me who brought it up). They say, “Hey did you know about X?”

I just smile and nod.

It works.

c98e34  No.6740918

Wrong Number idea

→1. Obtain burner phone. (For obvious reasons).

→2. Locate article, meme, video or recording with serious red pilling potential.

→3. In local area (likely best result with local area code), send red pill material with leading script something similar to:

Hey, did you see this yet?; Can you believe this?, etc…

→4. Follow immediately with a quick apology about wrong# such as: Wrong #, Sorry!

Why might this be an effective addition to normal social media attack?

a. It has potential to reach people who don’t use social media much – an untapped population.

b. It stokes curiosity; people are nosy by nature.

c. After you text “wrong #:, their defenses are lowered because they don’t feel the info is directed to them. Similar to how Q sidesteps cognitive dissonance by Socratic questioning.

Sequence: Normal, Thoughtful, Non-Offensive, Step-by-Step

Normies will be turned off by certain words and photos. Like "Zionism". Children being hurt. Funny scenes or fun being made of the images.

Extreme truth will be rejected. Even with all the evidence over years about the Clintons’ bad behavior, half the electorate was willing to make HER president. Incredible, but true.

The public can accept the possibility of monetary corruption, but not treason, much less child trafficking and murder.

Adrenochrome? You will lose the audience completely and it will be dismissed as conspiracy theory nonsense.

So go step by step. First, introduce questions or concerns about corruption in government.

Then add Republicans and Democrats as possible thieves.

Then name individuals and ask; don't make claims.

The next stage is introducing the idea of an interconnected web of corruption that became an international crime syndicate like the Nafia, but run by politicians.

Make it understandable by referencing organized crime (not vampire elites bloodlines, aliens, fractional reserve banking…)

Keep it normal. Thoughtful. Non-offensive.

Step by step.

Ask, Don't Tell

When you tell something, you get cognitive dissonance.

When you ask something, you BYPASS cognitive dissonance.

Q gave us a Socratic questioning method that can BYPASS COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!!!

Coax, don't push

Open minds gradually without bludgeoning or traumatizing. Tactics differ depending on what they already know, and their openness to unsettling new info. Aim for slight to moderate cognitive dissonance. Remember that too much too fast can turn normies away. Hammer on current news topics.

More Tactics

Focus on things that aren’t scary to normies.

(Avoid: aliens, energy fields, hollow earth, metaphysics, religions, pantheons, Moloch / Satan / Saturn, chemtrails, crop circles, detoxing / cleansing pineal gland, chakras, reptiloids. Normies will take one look at any of those and dismiss you as a nutcase.)

So what to focus on? What is easy to swallow? You have to oil up that red pill! A small red pill that's actually swallowed is better than a big one that's spat up.

The normie doesn’t need to see the entire picture. They just need to begin to trust and/or prefer our side. Our mission is to help mitigate an earth-shattering revolt by spoon-feeding normies in small amounts they can handle. Memes should focus on:

1) The elites are corrupt. They force new members to do perverse acts in order to show their loyalty. It can be sex, fraud, corruption, or any kind of perversion or depravity. This is used to blackmail or compel loyalty.

2) Powerful elites have access to the best medical technology, and they believe harvesting blood and other things from children can extend their lifespans, or improve their health.

3) Elites already have everything. Where do people who have everything get their thrills? Some of them delve into taboo and perverse activity. What do they do when they know they have huge power and influence, and think nobody can stop them?

4) The CIA is corrupt and has seriously overstepped its power. The CIA funds itself using criminal activity, such as the drug trade, and sex trafficking – yes, even of children!

So in these examples, there’s no need to delve into Moloch worship or Satanism. The message has a higher chance of reaching more people without being dismissed outright.

We basically need sugar-coated pink pills suitable for mass production and distribution.

We can use persuasion — Words like "dark", "perverse", "sick", "depraved". We don't have to say that Hillary eats children and worships a bull-shaped demon.

Use confirmation bias combined with vague phrasing to good effect.

c98e34  No.6740920

Podesta art shock method

Essentially, explain the basic Q shit and the existence of a child-sacrifice/abuse/trafficking network, HRC, Podestas, etc. Then, as they become incredulous with disbelief, tell them to Google "Tony Podesta art". They will literally be left with their jaw on the floor, sick to their stomach, and will believe EVERY WORD YOU TELL THEM from then on about The Storm. This was a simple and effective way I redpilled my mom.

Start small + plant seeds

Plant seeds and watch them grow… Don’t push them off a cliff. Just a seed… Tell them something backed by evidence… For example, “Isn’t it weird that…blah” and let them mull it over. If you lose influence over someone, you lose credibility.

Start small

He needs to only provide crumbs. We need to find the truth ourselves, with as little help as possible. Otherwise too few people would believe. This is paramount. People have tried to tell the truth (think of famous celebrities), and guess what happens? We don't believe them, ridicule them, and they most likely get offed or worse.

Don't lay it all out for the normies, but ask questions. Lead them to the answers, and make them think they came up with it themselves. That's how you redpill.

Ask questions; lead them to discover answers themselves

How to go viral

If you want to meme/redpill successfully there are are a few ways you can go:

1. Humour

Comedy just sticks. Many anons came to the chans for funny memes. They work best when you hijack something universally known (like Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street) or actual big events (like 911); and start combining shit.

2. Mystery

Question the viewer, sometimes literally, but visually is best. Make them think they found out something themselves in the big sea of the internet. It's the best way to plant an idea.

Obviously there are a lot more ways, but it basically comes to this. Subtlety is key. And when one combines all of the above in the correct way, it might go viral.

How she redpilled her sister

Yes! She was the hardest one too! I told her I was gonna redpill her. I told her to look up politicians wearing an orthopedic boot and when she figured it out for herself, call me back. She took about 10 mins. and said "Ok, you piqued my interest, what else?" so I told her to look up politicians with black eyes and call me back. What I did doing that is REMOVE the built-in hate of republicans vs. dems in her mind. Once she saw it is both, she was more open to listen to me. I then told her to look up who Sally Quinn is and her history with her book tour and call me back. I proved the Satanic control over MSM with their own confessions. Told her to look up the arrest results for the child sex (human trafficking) arrests for this year alone and call me back. I told her to find the stats for the last 10 years of child sex arrests and compare them to this 1 single year. Now she no longer makes me make her prove it with her own eyes and just wants me to tell her what anons have come to a consensus on.

Recipe for redpilling, especially women

1 cup something easy to swallow: I suggest “Did you know Hugh Hefner got his start with CIA money?” (Gentle blackmail, make it more like a movie plot that is changing culture for the worse). Or “How are you doing hearing about all of the Hollywood sleezes?” Again, noting an intentional culture change. Why? Have they noticed? Who is behind it?

1 cup personal: “Have you had anything like that in your life?” “Known anyone that had anything like that?”

1 cup proven history: “Reminds me of the…” Franklin scandal, British scandal, Belgium scandal – whatever you know better.

1 cup “Makes sense it’s probably happening here right now: Have you seen Podestas’ art?” Who is Podesta, what is spirit cooking, how did Wikileaks reveal it.

Leave them to think for a while.

Finish the job with a Q drop when they return to ask questions.

Read Q Spreadsheet


Spouse self red pilled by reading entire Q spreadsheet in 2 days, was able to return to work life with a "Let me know if it comes true."

c98e34  No.6740927

Communication tactics

In every type of communication, about 90% is about personal feelings/emotions/information, and only 10% is about external knowledge. Keep that in mind when talking to people, and see if you can get inside their bubble, or if they are "ignorant".

1. Shut up and let others talk

–This way you will recognize repeating patterns, highlighted views, personal opinions, what the topic is about.

–The less you talk, the more you will learn to listen EXACTLY to what was said.

2. Choose which way you want to interact

2a - Only listen (to get information)

2b - Raise your voice (pass information)

3 Select a strategy of HOW to communicate

3a - "Know your enemy" / "know your opposition"

Depending on who you’re with, your communication approach will differ. It could be

- emotional

- controversial

- understanding

- helping

- distracting…

Choose your way and see if it resonates (if not, change your "style").

3b Catch people from where they are at

3b It doesn’t help anyone if tell someone who talked about their favourite TV-show that their idol is an Illuminati slave. Try taking it to a level that is understandable by the opposition. (The emotional approach maybe working here; try shifting the topic to general behavior morals and point out wrongdoing that this individual would agree on.)

4 - Decide if you want to lead into another information part (from personal to outside stuff). You can do that by either using positive or negative responses (use what resonates), pushing with or against a certain topic.

Learn to be patient!!! if you dont want to take sides, stay neutral.

As always, use small steps to create less opposition or big once to create irritation.

Breaking Down Hardcore Normies

An aggressive method I used in some rare cases:

- Find out their core belief.

- Find out the weak spot.

- Use your higher knowledge/wisdom to compromise the weak spot.

- Use irrefutabe facts.

- Stick their nose in it (like a cat).

- Watch them get angry.

- Know the seed has been planted.

(They will try to disprove you, but won’t be able to.)

This is a strategy for hardcore normies. Also works if you wanna redpill fast and are willing to take casualties along the way.

c98e34  No.6740937

File: daf65527850ca5c⋯.jpg (531.48 KB, 626x1112, 313:556, SocialMediaFAQ-1.jpg)

File: c517f05699b3604⋯.png (652.68 KB, 628x784, 157:196, SocialMediaFAQ-2.png)

File: 5f083e89d8829da⋯.png (1.28 MB, 640x2495, 128:499, SocialMediaFAQ-3.png)

File: 2eaee9eeb276fc2⋯.jpg (569.54 KB, 1208x680, 151:85, SocialMediaFAQ-4.jpg)

File: 5ce035f92c6025e⋯.png (227.34 KB, 690x1200, 23:40, SocialMediaFAQ-5.png)

c98e34  No.6740950

File: da1525a71e6e6f8⋯.png (257.45 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, HowToAvoidShadowBans.png)

File: 893fdec795b270a⋯.jpg (642.02 KB, 1842x1416, 307:236, HelpForTwitterNewAccts Loc….jpg)

File: 120ab9c70bfb045⋯.jpg (304.84 KB, 1190x1417, 1190:1417, TwitterImageShape2:1-max10….jpg)

File: 0494a7b6b314f4b⋯.jpg (77.68 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TwitterShape.jpg)

Twitter Advice From War Room

1) pin great tweet with instructions to your profile

2) send a few GOOD tweets (have something to say, add hashtags, a meme, TY @potus and perhaps an URL to something)

3) search #ReleaseTheTexts

4) select RECENT

5) RT the first 10-15 you see.

Repeat every 30 minutes

War Room.

5e904f  No.6744669

File: 7abc15d35c3246f⋯.png (673.62 KB, 666x575, 666:575, 0603F0B5-3430-41DB-8A96-29….png)

File: 5f270d804c512cd⋯.png (786.84 KB, 995x566, 995:566, A6B66593-B0E5-446E-ACF0-9E….png)

File: cf6bfbeda7142ad⋯.png (700.57 KB, 608x853, 608:853, 60ABF91E-53A4-48FD-B3CC-B3….png)

File: 1788596b6644a3d⋯.jpeg (622.48 KB, 2015x1853, 2015:1853, F6A141C3-5EE4-45EF-9197-8….jpeg)

File: 005f0b01852442a⋯.jpeg (542.92 KB, 1885x1995, 377:399, 276A68AF-68B8-4788-8722-1….jpeg)

5e904f  No.6744677

File: 261653158b5137f⋯.png (978.45 KB, 1000x519, 1000:519, ECC32476-42B9-45E1-B244-4B….png)

File: 49facbadad50057⋯.png (350.8 KB, 640x366, 320:183, CF93941E-83C3-4D5B-85AD-9F….png)

File: 75344b030bce18a⋯.png (663.8 KB, 640x857, 640:857, 4B2C4AF5-4640-41C2-B441-89….png)

File: 77c723ee1e8c66b⋯.png (1.02 MB, 914x640, 457:320, 510D6B8B-3EF7-4155-BE17-DA….png)

File: 35a183e20252718⋯.png (1.02 MB, 914x640, 457:320, EF9474F7-F241-49C4-A2DC-69….png)

5e904f  No.6744687

File: a47e2040e118dde⋯.png (890.12 KB, 640x976, 40:61, C23D00B5-93DC-43F2-B528-F1….png)

File: 3ff3cfd49ccdd3a⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1280x1802, 640:901, 2494F428-E176-4ABD-8A71-FA….png)

File: fc77313acf9dd52⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1280x1802, 640:901, 5F38FD55-F047-40A9-A26E-D7….png)

File: 6bc3375532a2a94⋯.png (1.61 MB, 857x1071, 857:1071, 4C5D6B91-D832-47AC-B7E0-A9….png)

File: 304a565c9fad842⋯.png (508.94 KB, 720x667, 720:667, ECDD7E32-0134-4898-BEF7-08….png)

0f2766  No.6745019

File: 8c9077d5319fb59⋯.jpg (147.26 KB, 1440x1303, 1440:1303, _20190611_222344.JPG)

File: 75d5989f3b3e825⋯.jpg (254.77 KB, 1771x1318, 1771:1318, _20190612_214618.JPG)

File: 6d4c5e9e30a02c2⋯.jpg (333.28 KB, 1881x1373, 1881:1373, _20190612_213511.JPG)

File: de7e5539cc605b0⋯.jpg (546.51 KB, 1978x1440, 989:720, _20190612_220601.JPG)

File: d7f0e7ca53305c7⋯.jpg (246.59 KB, 1619x1110, 1619:1110, _20190612_222311.JPG)



ef70c5  No.6745282

File: 57f3bb77be5de8b⋯.jpg (259.94 KB, 1391x1296, 1391:1296, _20190613_201853.JPG)

0db8d5  No.6745555

File: 0da7e73e034cf8f⋯.png (224.5 KB, 296x434, 148:217, GDNCKnervousNancy.png)

File: 2ba552712315d39⋯.png (93.86 KB, 518x203, 74:29, GDNCKlabel.png)

File: edac219b36b7fb3⋯.png (478.96 KB, 700x551, 700:551, TrumpNeedle.png)

File: 619147b36cb9ba6⋯.png (810.45 KB, 868x583, 868:583, PepeMissileLauncher.png)

0db8d5  No.6745605

File: 91864190c5df929⋯.png (122.6 KB, 695x339, 695:339, PepeMissileLaunchPointer.png)


Nailed Quads.

18fd7e  No.6746040

File: b81694ee1971fba⋯.png (413.31 KB, 520x689, 40:53, A-10's Get Thirsty.png)

b3c3ff  No.6746265

File: 1b189cd510beb15⋯.png (10.19 MB, 2224x1668, 4:3, 578B842C-D168-466B-9900-53….png)

File: afea23f5c759cca⋯.jpeg (548.13 KB, 1399x1629, 1399:1629, 2B861474-1381-4D10-999E-6….jpeg)

File: d85c35551e14b95⋯.jpeg (165.83 KB, 788x949, 788:949, A439EAD7-42E6-4027-959C-F….jpeg)

c64e98  No.6747781

File: 8b8b79b80eda81c⋯.jpg (159.73 KB, 333x500, 333:500, IMG_7436.JPG)

File: 1138dfb051d0867⋯.jpg (164.95 KB, 500x375, 4:3, IMG_7437.JPG)

Im Back :))

Bill you never should have tried to kill me ;) 3 23 94

c64e98  No.6747784

File: 1a40543fb183e2a⋯.jpg (348.22 KB, 1472x1232, 92:77, IMG_7463.JPG)

Whats gonna happen when the public really finds out why this happened ?

Tisk tisk ,.tick tock

c64e98  No.6747788

File: d1233e7d44d77b8⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1440x611, 1440:611, Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at ….png)

They'll know soon Hillary

c64e98  No.6747791

File: 0505a92c0d23429⋯.jpg (249.34 KB, 1120x1533, 160:219, IMG_8092.JPG)

Who orders a male sacrifice on a Satanic Holiday ?

57de92  No.6747796

File: 78ec2ea499c8b83⋯.jpg (54.24 KB, 638x360, 319:180, panic in the newsroom.jpg)

File: c5254fa3880c1b1⋯.jpg (48.51 KB, 638x360, 319:180, MSM breaking news blank.jpg)

c64e98  No.6747798

File: b9cebf2be96f906⋯.jpg (112.51 KB, 1104x477, 368:159, LuciferianCalander copy.jpg)

We know who would rite Bill ;)

c64e98  No.6747806

File: 74fff4b38506408⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_E4244.jpg)

c64e98  No.6747808

File: cf192fc476bff46⋯.jpeg (20.28 KB, 474x248, 237:124, iu.jpeg)

c64e98  No.6747816

File: 0724d68443d288a⋯.jpeg (245.57 KB, 1069x809, 1069:809, IMG_8104.jpeg)

File: 44007a59a53fa64⋯.jpg (298.59 KB, 1402x755, 1402:755, fullsizeoutput_485c.JPG)

File: 33d646a7baa7c87⋯.jpg (425.19 KB, 1438x805, 1438:805, Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at ….jpg)

File: e6fca149655c2e2⋯.jpg (277.88 KB, 1110x769, 1110:769, fullsizeoutput_485b.JPG)

File: 46a5b83ab9f4e27⋯.png (82.74 KB, 744x507, 248:169, Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at ….png)

He has risen. Do more Yoga :) You are NOT prepared .

c64e98  No.6747825

File: 2c19b5dd5466446⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1754x1240, 877:620, fekdva.jpg)

File: c115246fb958cba⋯.jpg (67.71 KB, 500x449, 500:449, 3JkECI5.jpg)

c64e98  No.6747827

File: f0ebbc0ea61e0f5⋯.jpg (87.13 KB, 703x960, 703:960, D6oV4lLW0AEYHNT.jpg)

5c98ac  No.6748077

File: e34aa1e0f81ceea⋯.jpg (127.94 KB, 816x528, 17:11, 45.jpg)

File: 57fdc6f214f3c68⋯.jpg (64.38 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 35.jpg)

a790af  No.6748170

File: a05f10767f7a075⋯.jpg (105.21 KB, 800x533, 800:533, mas tac panther brigade al….jpg)

Thanks for the reminder, Fren.

All The Way.


108665  No.6748766

File: 00deaf53d521e4e⋯.jpg (324.56 KB, 1282x1023, 1282:1023, maxresdefaultghfj.jpg)

File: 07cfc84a10db22e⋯.jpg (219.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefaultghf.jpg)

File: ad86d08d573ece3⋯.jpg (133.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

14ff21  No.6749768

File: 3de696e0c18c4f9⋯.png (548.93 KB, 887x556, 887:556, ASYAFUKED.png)

14ff21  No.6749809

File: 14607ab112c8b87⋯.png (591.83 KB, 887x556, 887:556, 1000PCSCIA.png)

14ff21  No.6749825

File: 04eb3514390d7f7⋯.png (592.34 KB, 887x556, 887:556, 1000PCSCIA.png)


14ff21  No.6749998

File: c755e73ac72f731⋯.png (591.74 KB, 887x556, 887:556, 1000PCSCIA.png)

14ff21  No.6750177

File: d366482211e3630⋯.png (372.82 KB, 887x556, 887:556, BSIASSB.png)

14ff21  No.6750248

File: 7e7cae13fd7628e⋯.png (490.76 KB, 887x556, 887:556, REPIORPOS.png)

b3d867  No.6751090

File: a9bba2730107e54⋯.jpg (146.88 KB, 279x248, 9:8, Hypocrites.jpg)

103660  No.6755466

File: 0a3c1660824941e⋯.jpg (141.74 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, MSM stopped watching.jpg)

File: d1f48c6d761a9d1⋯.jpg (143.37 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, MSM shut it down.jpg)

File: 645e1728efbea2f⋯.jpg (118.59 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, qnn the walls are closing ….jpg)

File: c88e5d4230e54e8⋯.jpg (66.7 KB, 612x344, 153:86, everybody knows.jpg)

c64e98  No.6755977


……..and then some ;)

b9184f  No.6756779

File: 0efc072cae0acfc⋯.png (1001.56 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, FB0476A2-29D4-4817-9C0B-3F….png)

b9184f  No.6756792


Not to mention Adam Schiff requesting naked pictures of Trump from a guy he thought was a Ukrainian politician

14ff21  No.6760821

File: 415b03c8d6267fd⋯.png (555.16 KB, 887x556, 887:556, IIN.png)

14ff21  No.6761260

File: c99bc086fe5540b⋯.png (495.41 KB, 887x556, 887:556, RYTYU.png)

ea959f  No.6761379

File: 66201769b3d1994⋯.jpg (236.12 KB, 1208x809, 1208:809, maxresdefaultddcrr.jpg)

14ff21  No.6762491

File: 3043a843ee06ebc⋯.png (703.19 KB, 887x556, 887:556, mkcia.png)

50566f  No.6763307

File: 22d972ce11c2ac2⋯.jpg (54.4 KB, 600x800, 3:4, time-magazine_khan_loser.jpg)

File: 98046634430b504⋯.jpg (57.3 KB, 600x800, 3:4, time-magazine_khan_asap.jpg)

File: 6bb1d7666383367⋯.jpg (57.5 KB, 600x800, 3:4, time-magazine_khan_disaste….jpg)

File: 1fa24e1eff8e15c⋯.jpg (54.76 KB, 600x800, 3:4, time-magazine_khan_disgrac….jpg)

File: 6be3fe404d24feb⋯.jpg (55.44 KB, 600x800, 3:4, time-magazine_khan_job.jpg)


b2979c  No.6763401

File: 956b46ca076eb36⋯.jpg (79.35 KB, 516x484, 129:121, cisco dump.jpg)

File: 2edf299d26c6037⋯.jpg (98.5 KB, 750x500, 3:2, southern company dump 2.jpg)

File: cdb0260d6092c84⋯.jpg (113.59 KB, 949x500, 949:500, live nation dump.jpg)

File: 736a01a9f6ae035⋯.jpg (90.55 KB, 634x500, 317:250, intercellular therapies bu….jpg)

File: 7cd4132113a522c⋯.jpg (84.76 KB, 704x499, 704:499, ralph lauren dump 1.jpg)


b2979c  No.6763418

File: 87d5db05d8c2534⋯.jpg (70.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, agco corp dump 2.jpg)

File: 9a8e965b30f46d0⋯.png (635.29 KB, 685x445, 137:89, nightshift lemans.PNG)

File: f2e4dc5c006c5a2⋯.png (753.34 KB, 678x444, 113:74, nightshift entry 1.PNG)

File: 544b5c7c4cb22bf⋯.png (620.71 KB, 680x414, 340:207, night shift blue angels.PNG)

File: 82e9b5f3590f489⋯.png (676.44 KB, 686x431, 686:431, nightshift fmoon.PNG)


14ff21  No.6763530

File: fd923d75959b88e⋯.png (512.37 KB, 879x556, 879:556, rotp.png)

b2c9c3  No.6763832

File: 097b4b348398dda⋯.png (525.64 KB, 583x602, 583:602, ClipboardImage.png)

14ff21  No.6765683

File: c281bf63daf41ac⋯.png (405.34 KB, 887x556, 887:556, jbciasb.png)

14ff21  No.6766932

File: 32c7476ea362541⋯.png (600.53 KB, 887x556, 887:556, MBAOCTTT.png)

6a6a46  No.6767067

File: 096fb98890638d0⋯.png (846.73 KB, 1440x680, 36:17, ghfdhgfhdg.png)

File: 1424823000bf4e3⋯.png (435.45 KB, 1440x680, 36:17, dssssssssss.png)

File: af4395ce426dc2e⋯.png (433.53 KB, 1440x680, 36:17, sdddddddddddddd.png)

File: 4ee90b71b2f66ce⋯.png (116.46 KB, 700x546, 50:39, obt.png)

File: 9a06060adafafd7⋯.png (207.54 KB, 490x403, 490:403, rwjpnw_large.png)

cef942  No.6768036

File: 362dccf1bdd9289⋯.jpg (107.49 KB, 561x393, 187:131, I-am-the-show.jpg)

File: 5be954e7c7ffbb0⋯.jpg (87.88 KB, 608x404, 152:101, Linds.jpg)

File: 9b51e61a2fdeb66⋯.jpg (97.62 KB, 507x406, 507:406, Trumpty.jpg)

67d315  No.6768402

File: 1aafa1a0c3699e5⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 618x352, 309:176, 5:5-Binocs.jpg)

File: e9be14fb3c9e5e2⋯.jpg (392.35 KB, 748x976, 187:244, AllAboardWWG1WGA.jpg)

File: e696452159950d1⋯.jpg (110.86 KB, 698x500, 349:250, VoterIDFishingLicense.jpg)

File: 49afbf9a874c4c8⋯.jpg (314.63 KB, 2000x1286, 1000:643, WhatWaitFor.jpg)

67d315  No.6768413

File: c6224c7ad19198c⋯.jpg (914.63 KB, 808x1208, 101:151, AOCCrazy Cortez.jpg)

File: 8cd98d8fbbd4d25⋯.jpg (108.66 KB, 733x568, 733:568, CongoleseMigrant.jpg)

File: 2cd57c9ea7313e0⋯.jpg (431.7 KB, 2026x846, 1013:423, CrimesAgainstChildrenOGrep….jpg)

File: 4de3f0e8e033aff⋯.jpg (98.69 KB, 960x926, 480:463, DemsElectoralCollege.jpg)

File: f6b3f9b8c0add54⋯.jpg (207.75 KB, 617x770, 617:770, ElectionFraudStates.jpg)

67d315  No.6768437

File: 312be5814712dd2⋯.jpg (594.18 KB, 2000x1394, 1000:697, ElectionFraudTrap.jpg)

File: da3b2094a021f2c⋯.jpg (807.71 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, FakeBidenEarlobe.jpg)

File: 9c415c0ce24ccd2⋯.jpg (280.56 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, FamilyBakery.jpg)

File: 996db8d13b558db⋯.jpg (45.35 KB, 640x360, 16:9, fauxBiden.jpg)

File: d03d2101db61c31⋯.jpg (148.08 KB, 1002x754, 501:377, GilliBRANDSexSlave.jpg)

67d315  No.6768455

File: fb3d78007221575⋯.jpg (117.93 KB, 828x600, 69:50, GodAndCountry.jpg)

File: 8b02e6962d35a81⋯.jpg (152.44 KB, 1179x682, 1179:682, GodWithUsTrustThePlan.jpg)

File: fc0f6b26ebd875a⋯.jpg (204.94 KB, 1600x1060, 80:53, happy fathers day BiblePro….jpg)

File: b28ec47a6a18143⋯.jpg (237.88 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, HeySydneyFiveEyes.jpg)

File: d497cb2a2ab995f⋯.jpg (127.76 KB, 500x566, 250:283, IllegalVoteFraud=ForeignIn….jpg)

67d315  No.6768459

File: 4598ffb75f80ee8⋯.jpg (139.74 KB, 768x960, 4:5, Inspiration.jpg)

File: cbdc706617e3332⋯.jpg (223.49 KB, 482x640, 241:320, Join memewar.jpg)

File: bdbde9cd0f8e811⋯.jpg (641.42 KB, 1566x1040, 783:520, Justice2.jpg)

File: 5fda5d7e8d078f7⋯.jpg (637.53 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, LightsOn.jpg)

File: 40f33a7e3705733⋯.jpg (33.78 KB, 658x496, 329:248, mackgillibrand.jpg)

67d315  No.6768473

File: 6ea07da30b6c1be⋯.jpg (113.5 KB, 1024x1014, 512:507, MakeCalifGreat.jpg)

File: fadb7ffe595f592⋯.jpg (295.07 KB, 911x924, 911:924, McCainUrinal.jpg)

File: b0ae299d7af3b77⋯.jpg (494.93 KB, 970x885, 194:177, MICHIGAN RALLY LOVE.jpg)

File: 41797fd37b8b7ef⋯.mp4 (1.36 MB, 256x192, 4:3, moontruth.mp4)

File: 4ab3f6e44a54027⋯.jpg (191.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, MSMJournalismComedy.jpg)

67d315  No.6768477

File: a759770f35caa35⋯.jpg (248.01 KB, 949x1200, 949:1200, QCrumbsAliceWonderland.jpg)

File: 754ca3e3d8ee08b⋯.jpg (674.67 KB, 1600x1284, 400:321, QCrumbsCalifornia.jpg)

File: ed47e486052e4aa⋯.jpg (173.31 KB, 842x1191, 842:1191, QCrumbsCombinePostsAnalyze….jpg)

File: 9d6687dbb31c913⋯.jpg (927.96 KB, 1594x1200, 797:600, QCrumbsEvilEverywhere.jpg)

File: 6eb485aa6f88adf⋯.jpg (717.59 KB, 1599x1157, 123:89, QCrumbsFlash.jpg)

67d315  No.6768485

File: 6d142643c5d504f⋯.jpg (559.96 KB, 1280x1361, 1280:1361, QCrumbsInsuranceFile1.jpg)

File: cf19ec00e15097b⋯.jpg (566.64 KB, 1280x1361, 1280:1361, QCrumbsInsuranceFile2.jpg)

File: 3a471544fb9152b⋯.jpg (709.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, QCrumbsMakeRain.jpg)

File: b8996c59d0d3efd⋯.jpg (96.93 KB, 796x449, 796:449, QCrumbsPelosiFollowMoney.jpg)

File: d184b9f75d65f21⋯.jpg (893.85 KB, 972x1466, 486:733, QCrumbsRogueOperators.jpg)

67d315  No.6768490

File: d38f5841702be46⋯.jpg (721.38 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, QCrumbsStockMarketDive666.jpg)

File: 99fcd0c26fcd22e⋯.jpg (63.68 KB, 500x294, 250:147, QCrumbsTruthbehindyou.jpg)

File: 530f317b0579981⋯.jpg (128.07 KB, 672x524, 168:131, QNewspaperWeRpaper.jpg)

File: afb902112d41920⋯.jpg (360.31 KB, 1083x616, 1083:616, Resist the matrix.jpg)

File: 706518074376c7c⋯.jpg (113.37 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Storm-winds-of-change.jpg)

5c98ac  No.6769264

File: dda680fd4b5da99⋯.jpg (55.17 KB, 960x656, 60:41, 62532650_1644432112357486_….jpg)

File: e95371a17e23f0f⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 471x450, 157:150, 62325486_10219924392326628….jpg)

File: 25c475273589d5e⋯.jpg (114.68 KB, 528x408, 22:17, delusional bs that will ne….JPG)

File: 0714fc41f3419a5⋯.jpg (176.29 KB, 528x408, 22:17, pew gas mask.JPG)

9b9e2d  No.6769643

File: a20d397192e50c4⋯.jpg (106.82 KB, 984x1020, 82:85, DT pepe patch.jpg)

File: ac3d7bb3a624d57⋯.jpg (103.4 KB, 560x720, 7:9, meme corps.jpg)

ddbbd4  No.6769785

File: 1373c5b2f65f4d4⋯.png (1.61 MB, 960x1200, 4:5, 306AD4F5-E20C-4C75-91F1-37….png)

File: 03b2cd45c286aac⋯.png (2.59 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1BCBA0F4-74BA-4A3A-9FDF-80….png)

File: 6b507eb82eb031f⋯.png (541.5 KB, 960x530, 96:53, 689C4C09-C643-4BA7-AFBB-69….png)

File: 099546defaf4394⋯.jpeg (52.35 KB, 960x536, 120:67, D5E25AC4-FCD2-48AE-B41F-0….jpeg)

File: fda0d90010274be⋯.jpeg (41.03 KB, 960x497, 960:497, B9D8864D-B5B0-482C-9B81-B….jpeg)

ddbbd4  No.6769790

File: 5a059449b992b08⋯.png (1006.86 KB, 856x730, 428:365, 4F1F3F8B-3795-4E82-832D-32….png)

File: 7f6111666961d5a⋯.jpeg (44.49 KB, 768x960, 4:5, A327D569-725D-4B1E-85A4-7….jpeg)

a790af  No.6770188

File: 3cd2d988c6cfb0d⋯.jpg (189.47 KB, 857x1000, 857:1000, pepe gatlin_girl truth out….jpg)

File: 30a3fcbc271448a⋯.png (1.01 MB, 667x1000, 667:1000, pepe asuriel_the_vigilant ….png)

File: fde3ad91c9527a1⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1024x750, 512:375, pepe angelic overseer trut….png)

File: eb453e52930dfac⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1200x960, 5:4, Q warrior1smile truth awak….png)

a790af  No.6770216

File: 34f3f18b33d7c2f⋯.png (1020.34 KB, 1024x748, 256:187, pepe knight_exemplar truth….png)

File: 12a4d4fab679967⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, pepe katrina truth coming ….png)

File: 4f593014a5bc910⋯.png (671.93 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, pepe agent_x truth god wil….png)

File: e8b15e7e2c30477⋯.png (1.03 MB, 778x1000, 389:500, pepe lazarus truth game ov….png)

a790af  No.6770224

File: b8b0604c37cb9cc⋯.png (1.08 MB, 754x1005, 754:1005, pepe restoring_angel truth….png)

File: 51273fd597bd0ac⋯.png (944.73 KB, 1000x731, 1000:731, pepe mortar_infantry_team ….png)

File: c5c18657fbc6816⋯.png (1.22 MB, 750x1000, 3:4, pepe sword_in_the_stone tr….png)

File: 5a62d075946b3c9⋯.png (868.58 KB, 617x1000, 617:1000, pepe mgl_140 truth war.png)

93aaec  No.6770546


Provided by te DNC

9f274a  No.6771257


Yep, shills slide in the meme threads, too; fake, ghey, and lame

14ff21  No.6771606

File: 86cfa8c7a38b3b1⋯.png (339.05 KB, 887x556, 887:556, IIADSICP.png)

14ff21  No.6771668


mine follow me like a crazy ex-girlfriend ha

chats during live streams,youtube recommended vids, comments, replies ect ect.

Clown comedy show !!!!!

14ff21  No.6772115

File: 3d95ec25f3a6eb5⋯.png (311.87 KB, 887x556, 887:556, PSSB.png)

d479a2  No.6772836

File: 351ddc350dea944⋯.jpg (311.53 KB, 1936x1216, 121:76, All for a larp.jpg)

File: 1e86badbae2d840⋯.jpg (428.14 KB, 1478x2082, 739:1041, Archive offline.jpg)

File: 24300e4e995dae5⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1601x1220, 1601:1220, Army of digital soldiers.jpg)

File: ab7e75669ef3ab4⋯.jpg (171.49 KB, 396x526, 198:263, Baker notable.jpg)

d479a2  No.6772850

File: fe7c8a43b240a8b⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 361x529, 361:529, Big pharma.jpg)

File: 43427759714884d⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1190x1440, 119:144, Call out notables.jpg)

File: 6ffea24ee747a23⋯.jpg (43.55 KB, 284x373, 284:373, Choice.jpg)

File: 589ef2d191e3b34⋯.jpg (825.02 KB, 2038x3109, 2038:3109, Cia ops.jpg)

d479a2  No.6772862

File: bbdd25460561171⋯.jpg (697.99 KB, 915x1027, 915:1027, Controlled opposition.jpg)

File: d99986b94347027⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1936x1216, 121:76, Covered.jpg)

File: c76efe312b543b0⋯.jpg (1 MB, 808x1208, 101:151, Crazy Cortez.jpg)

File: f5c3234122d4a01⋯.jpg (111.88 KB, 408x582, 68:97, Dig.jpg)

d479a2  No.6772883

File: 0f445102164620a⋯.png (569.59 KB, 1005x603, 5:3, Digging Truth.png)

File: f1c818278ac115e⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 7582x5000, 3791:2500, End Game.jpg)

File: 4fa83c9d35375c4⋯.jpg (347.52 KB, 1211x801, 1211:801, Fakebook.jpg)

File: ac7d2a1b38d91be⋯.jpg (413.97 KB, 713x1004, 713:1004, Great awakening.jpg)

d479a2  No.6772898

File: 810f1435b05e85b⋯.jpg (244.37 KB, 482x640, 241:320, Join memewar.jpg)

File: c0c3313bf8d30d8⋯.jpg (406.39 KB, 1956x1606, 978:803, Kek wills it.jpg)

File: bea160e92acab0a⋯.jpg (230.61 KB, 587x467, 587:467, Panic button.jpg)

File: d210a039a4eb69e⋯.jpg (405.51 KB, 962x626, 481:313, Q army.jpg)

14ff21  No.6773365

File: 24dc26b53d593c1⋯.png (539.99 KB, 887x556, 887:556, TTE.png)

14ff21  No.6773647

File: 067f3a9905d3f9a⋯.png (719.43 KB, 887x556, 887:556, tdrgdrger.png)

One for the shills and haters!!!!

099f6c  No.6774123


Baker testing corrected copypasta:

You are the army. Militia Intelligence - Psyops Team. Your key armament is your understanding of the enemy.

If you are behind enemy lines and are known, then you have failed.

If you are behind enemy lines but are not known – but ready to guide – then you are in place to begin your mission.

If Trump arrested Hillary tomorrow, your goal isn't to jump up in the middle of the office and yell, "FUCK YEAH! TOLD YOU SO, FAGGOTS!"

Your job is to say, "Oh my god, this is horrible! What is Trump doing?" and then slowly present logical, emotional, social, and other pressures to these groups who perceive you as an insider to get them to accept what has happened.

As someone else here said, the end game is determined. Nothing our Cyber Militia Army does will change the big plays.

However, our goal is to PREVENT chaos and destruction that could RESULT from those big plays.

How many relationships have you cultivated with the "enemy" so that you may make amends with them when it's most needed?

We face the two risks of Civil War and failure of Civil Society. Remember, we do not want the "enemy" to die and suffer: they are our fellow countrymen. Their fate is tied to ours. Look into the great people who made amends after the Civil War – yes, those statues the left wants to tear down now.

If you're behind enemy lines, then you are EXACTLY where you need to be for your mission.

Q is not going to ask us to pick up a rifle and fight the CIA in the streets. People would do well to get that notion of out their minds.

Our mission is critical, but it is one of unity and truth.

099f6c  No.6774200

File: d1a56ccd9adc8d5⋯.jpg (167.26 KB, 500x656, 125:164, CopyPastaFaggot.jpg)

File: bb525e829003f42⋯.jpg (122.12 KB, 500x689, 500:689, GloriaVanderbilt Sons.jpg)

File: c3cc41e0d983f52⋯.jpg (599.95 KB, 1188x1420, 297:355, MemeWarHired.jpg)

File: b1a55e8202b9274⋯.jpg (608.98 KB, 976x976, 1:1, MuhNotables.jpg)

File: d860251385892cd⋯.jpg (261.82 KB, 735x930, 49:62, Precipiceflag.jpg)

099f6c  No.6774210

File: 9644e93c8b680bf⋯.jpg (756.21 KB, 800x1232, 50:77, QCrumbsLearnChessNobodyEsc….jpg)

File: c0d4c28d34939eb⋯.jpg (546.89 KB, 1341x1600, 1341:1600, QCrumbsPharmaChainOfComman….jpg)

File: 07d87f073519cec⋯.jpg (394.59 KB, 780x1078, 390:539, QCrumbsTreasonGravity.jpg)

eff1a5  No.6774744

File: 9e510481964a5c1⋯.jpeg (294.32 KB, 839x1190, 839:1190, Kiddos’_20190612_New Worl….jpeg)

File: 92be0a0d4574d85⋯.jpeg (326.28 KB, 839x1190, 839:1190, Kiddos’_20190612_New Worl….jpeg)

File: 7e19a6ce6589890⋯.pdf (2.67 MB, Kiddos’_20190612_New_World….pdf)

File: f2745ee06ab9464⋯.jpeg (295.03 KB, 839x1190, 839:1190, KiZ_20190612_Neue_Weltenb….jpeg)

File: f799079773bda0a⋯.jpeg (327 KB, 839x1190, 839:1190, KiZ_20190612_Neue_Weltenb….jpeg)

Kiddos’ Daily, New World Stage Edition

4f7aaf  No.6774982

File: 6df058f84eb502f⋯.jpg (610.22 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, jrq1.jpg)

File: 015019b16be74cf⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 33p7l9.jpg)

099f6c  No.6774987

File: 0599506454313fd⋯.jpg (137.07 KB, 960x823, 960:823, Clinton Body Bags.jpg)

File: f27c49ce0d016a3⋯.jpg (136.21 KB, 550x668, 275:334, ClintonBodyCountLibrary.jpg)

File: 157dc754365e584⋯.jpg (105.32 KB, 1223x811, 1223:811, Clinton Body Guards Dead.jpg)

File: 879499ca9455fae⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 2359x3686, 2359:3686, Clintons bodycount infogra….jpg)

File: a7dff69706529a6⋯.jpg (123.64 KB, 857x500, 857:500, Bill Clinton body washing ….jpg)


Seems a short list, compared with the this other list

099f6c  No.6775219


Not "must of" but "must have"


099f6c  No.6775293



Thanks for pointing it out for whoever may happen to wander in here.

Memefarmer doesn't harvest the crap.

Hopefully no crap makes it into our archives.

ef6998  No.6776011

File: aa8954f3d179500⋯.gif (134.49 KB, 311x366, 311:366, molocha.gif)

14ff21  No.6776238

File: 0519ef1b66ffbe0⋯.png (617.25 KB, 887x556, 887:556, OWACIAC.png)

1cbf7f  No.6777737

File: adceefeb6f01ae3⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1306x942, 653:471, gloria vanderbilts the hun….png)

File: 4c4a3bd8d85cdc3⋯.jpg (323.47 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, eye of providence symbolis….jpg)

File: 51f1c27026e31ef⋯.jpg (104.33 KB, 627x512, 627:512, amy klobuchar its happy ho….jpg)

File: bacddc5d9e0881e⋯.png (458.14 KB, 789x460, 789:460, trump 17 is very much a re….png)

18fd7e  No.6778646

File: 892a513c6868d47⋯.png (427.64 KB, 840x472, 105:59, Trump Pls Stand By 5:5.png)

cef942  No.6778818


It's been ABOUT TO GET REAL for 2 years now!

It still ain't real. Cute little phrase though.

93aaec  No.6779040

File: 3c3b29721ed565f⋯.png (636.31 KB, 799x470, 17:10, Screenshot_2019-06-18 Meme….png)

b2979c  No.6779146

File: 5398af80b0be5d0⋯.jpg (60.06 KB, 645x387, 5:3, monster dump 3.jpg)

File: 9cf79b76ce7fc81⋯.jpg (67.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, blueprint medicines dump.jpg)

File: 4950cb71b9bb93e⋯.jpg (99.2 KB, 750x422, 375:211, zayo group dump 1.jpg)

File: 6316b9db5f4c754⋯.jpg (104.13 KB, 955x500, 191:100, white horse dump.jpg)

File: 50d7996d0cd8129⋯.png (1.87 MB, 820x777, 820:777, pepe shadilay color.PNG)


9a93c1  No.6780662

File: bf3a128b70a3695⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1071x1570, 1071:1570, Screenshot_2019-06-18 Form….png)

1624cc  No.6780744

File: 051dd69500ef952⋯.jpg (68.07 KB, 387x594, 43:66, independent news rocks Cra….jpg)

803eb2  No.6780822

File: fbb97651ac0933b⋯.jpeg (513.27 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190613_Diggin’_….jpeg)

File: 2a73ed4fad34023⋯.jpeg (503.07 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190613_Diggin’_….jpeg)

File: 501cb2717f61670⋯.pdf (2.62 MB, Kiddos’_20190613_Diggin’_P….pdf)

File: cffd9645e420488⋯.jpeg (512.84 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190613_Schmutz_Grub….jpeg)

File: 9424ec231264af7⋯.jpeg (502.66 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190613_Schmutz_Grub….jpeg)

Kiddos’ Daily, Diggin’ Paydirt Edition

1624cc  No.6781333

File: 22536a3e6d40656⋯.jpg (99.83 KB, 745x438, 745:438, independant news rocks the….jpg)

1624cc  No.6781792

File: 846eb5048ff0c2e⋯.jpg (163.61 KB, 872x804, 218:201, independent news rocks McA….jpg)

d885e4  No.6782790

File: d8d5bfe7cc3bd6b⋯.png (415.16 KB, 474x474, 1:1, lastsupper.png)

File: b06006207777b99⋯.png (150.51 KB, 284x302, 142:151, amnosex.png)

File: 656188ad65ee0e1⋯.png (275.23 KB, 640x360, 16:9, bocheny.png)

File: ea45e4cf6939733⋯.png (94.28 KB, 247x255, 247:255, cjmsniff.png)

File: 30569f2ff2fdb8b⋯.png (414.34 KB, 474x474, 1:1, eatersofthefreeworld.png)

1146bb  No.6782815

File: 2debb11c38a878e⋯.jpg (69.05 KB, 387x594, 43:66, independent news rocks Cra….jpg)

File: 10fb80ac4478034⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 745x464, 745:464, independent news rocks the….jpg)

My spelling, not so much.

d885e4  No.6782823

File: 66a07bcfa2e834a⋯.png (604.59 KB, 720x540, 4:3, hillkill.png)

File: fbfd1534a0fc474⋯.png (622.6 KB, 720x540, 4:3, HILLKILL2.png)

File: 5616a6dce9c4e44⋯.png (601.75 KB, 600x464, 75:58, hrccjbsuicide.png)

File: b3d1eca42f1ba59⋯.png (605.05 KB, 600x464, 75:58, hrccjb.png)

File: cd13ef56b53bd2e⋯.png (549.07 KB, 640x545, 128:109, LIZERD.png)

d885e4  No.6782877

File: c3de5ad5687d31a⋯.png (94.91 KB, 360x272, 45:34, mo2020.png)

File: c8484de8a50803f⋯.png (288.98 KB, 640x360, 16:9, trannyprez.png)

File: e06a617bf3d20ec⋯.png (551.87 KB, 640x545, 128:109, qeliz.png)

File: f3eb2f639b16d1c⋯.png (75.13 KB, 255x191, 255:191, popemichaelfag.png)

48940a  No.6783009

File: 51516bfbf74cbbe⋯.jpeg (442.17 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190614_Enough_I….jpeg)

File: b5477736d0aac1e⋯.jpeg (486.76 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190614_Enough_I….jpeg)

File: aaeec09841b8058⋯.pdf (2.24 MB, Kiddos’_20190614_Enough_Is….pdf)

File: 863850807ac7646⋯.jpeg (440.09 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190614_Jetzt_reicht….jpeg)

File: b90f5fbf49d71cc⋯.jpeg (484.67 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190614_Jetzt_reicht….jpeg)

Kiddos’ Daily, Enough Is Enough Edition

bc8e21  No.6786021

File: d1668802b70ae15⋯.jpg (483.64 KB, 1279x960, 1279:960, 20190619_035047874.jpg)

File: 34021dd62964fc1⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1364x1024, 341:256, 20190619_035327979.jpg)

File: f19f99610d31b51⋯.jpg (2.34 MB, 1972x1024, 493:256, 20190619_041730587.jpg)

File: b3d8f1c23759b18⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1972x1024, 493:256, 20190619_043252447.jpg)

9efdad  No.6788118

File: bf92f0578308e5c⋯.jpeg (443.66 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190615_Comeydy_….jpeg)

File: 1067ca495df5d6b⋯.jpeg (444.55 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190615_Comeydy_….jpeg)

File: 30107d1acbc01b9⋯.pdf (2.16 MB, Kiddos’_20190615_Comeydy.pdf)

File: 1bee5f5dd036cf7⋯.jpeg (442.67 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190615_Comeyker_1.jpeg)

File: 2bc266a1ff3ccb1⋯.jpeg (443.67 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190615_Comeyker_2.jpeg)

Kiddos’ Daily, Comeydy Edition

14ff21  No.6788149

File: 7e3c979f6742d2d⋯.png (429.96 KB, 887x556, 887:556, mkue.png)

14ff21  No.6788154

File: 0a7bb472c1aa2e4⋯.png (569.04 KB, 887x556, 887:556, mountiandew.png)

14ff21  No.6788222

File: 12865864d2ca139⋯.png (570.22 KB, 887x556, 887:556, CCWIAD.png)

14ff21  No.6788258

File: 3ea892129d44625⋯.png (297.36 KB, 887x556, 887:556, dphg.png)

b2979c  No.6789139

File: c579bf7f97fda1c⋯.jpg (103.9 KB, 750x500, 3:2, google buy capital G.jpg)

File: bb8ca4ea2d0f23c⋯.jpg (101.69 KB, 641x500, 641:500, nvidia dump.jpg)

File: a951e3e230a32d9⋯.jpg (106.48 KB, 666x374, 333:187, synchrony financial dump.jpg)

File: 2449db36bb629e5⋯.jpg (173.45 KB, 949x499, 949:499, dollar tree dump.jpg)

File: 59f4f08557682b2⋯.jpg (188.12 KB, 888x499, 888:499, hershey dump 061719.jpg)


f10698  No.6789768

File: 016592069643ec2⋯.png (509.69 KB, 560x574, 40:41, MemecorpsBadge.png)

File: ae32b45f6980bd1⋯.png (1.48 MB, 904x904, 1:1, meme_corps_brothers_foreve….png)

File: a486fa43d60b127⋯.png (455.9 KB, 454x562, 227:281, night_shift_meme_corps.png)

File: cac8ec37489fbb8⋯.png (108.06 KB, 695x339, 695:339, PepeMissileLaunchPointer.png)

f10698  No.6789778

File: 83a1665e0edd9a4⋯.jpg (125.32 KB, 920x613, 920:613, DemRigged1.jpg)

File: 789939362642302⋯.jpg (250.85 KB, 1086x869, 1086:869, DemRigged2.jpg)

File: e55c411df1a0c89⋯.jpg (162.91 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DemRigged3.jpg)

File: fb2e1aa14ab7a76⋯.jpg (192.61 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DemRigged4.jpg)

Tweet with hashtag


f10698  No.6789782

File: f51c40a1c5cb491⋯.jpg (263.75 KB, 1200x816, 25:17, DemRigged5.jpg)

File: 0f600bc2e72a1c4⋯.jpg (91.7 KB, 800x430, 80:43, DemRigged6.jpg)

File: 688ba6eef819fe8⋯.jpg (143.06 KB, 897x594, 299:198, DemRigged7.jpg)

File: 1b4d1ffe738854a⋯.jpg (113.2 KB, 511x494, 511:494, DemRigged9.jpg)

Tweet with hashtag



f10698  No.6789790

File: e7a3410a14bc1d8⋯.jpg (147.24 KB, 809x742, 809:742, DemRigged10.jpg)

File: 478ed78cf5971ec⋯.jpg (157.8 KB, 896x745, 896:745, DemRigged11.jpg)

File: 49e952e7313f59e⋯.jpg (258.64 KB, 1348x1100, 337:275, DemRigged12.jpg)

File: 2d83a54af249ab3⋯.jpg (196.41 KB, 900x648, 25:18, DemRigged13.jpg)

File: 85657cdf07a3e21⋯.jpg (150.85 KB, 950x548, 475:274, DemsNadler_schumer_schiff_….jpg)

Tweet with hashtag



57ea9a  No.6789926

File: 3cc2afca200c4a5⋯.jpg (50.62 KB, 650x376, 325:188, 2016ElectionNotRigged.jpg)

File: 9c0203013a2c397⋯.mp4 (5.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, MerkelViolentShakingLongCl….mp4)

57ea9a  No.6789932

File: 40acea584466d49⋯.jpg (61.51 KB, 598x417, 598:417, Barr Justice 2.jpg)

File: b8041900726de9d⋯.jpg (84.04 KB, 578x500, 289:250, ChuckNorris:WasBorn(Gender….jpg)

File: 4da5248a989edc5⋯.jpg (330.34 KB, 744x1042, 372:521, Force:AvoidViolence.jpg)

File: e49450a3e59bd81⋯.jpg (192.79 KB, 746x746, 1:1, FrenShift.jpg)

File: d436ba6018de06b⋯.jpg (115.71 KB, 720x720, 1:1, JarrettCoverupLies.jpg)

57ea9a  No.6789935

File: 43217c2c7bfb8f8⋯.jpg (236.84 KB, 1333x889, 1333:889, KMAG.jpg)

File: 48c88f2d8b1769d⋯.jpg (606.97 KB, 1200x1675, 48:67, QCrumbsBlackPopAfricanArt1.jpg)

File: c576501340c3336⋯.jpg (615.44 KB, 1200x1675, 48:67, QCrumbsBlackPopAfricanArt2.jpg)

File: 4a9ab42d03a6094⋯.jpg (610.92 KB, 1200x1675, 48:67, QCrumbsBlackPopAfricanArt3.jpg)

File: 60986c0353e591b⋯.jpg (588.25 KB, 1200x1675, 48:67, QCrumbsBlackPopAfricanArt4.jpg)

57ea9a  No.6789949

File: 8c964009edfc901⋯.jpg (72.47 KB, 470x341, 470:341, pepe we love rallies.jpg)

File: b704efa0e5ad1eb⋯.jpg (900.61 KB, 1800x1013, 1800:1013, QCrumbsDividedExposedLaLaL….jpg)

File: 759c2503d3248e6⋯.jpg (399.52 KB, 1134x1445, 1134:1445, QCrumbsDoesHRCCareUranium.jpg)

File: a27f4efe95f0d2a⋯.jpg (50.21 KB, 590x744, 295:372, QCrumbsFollowThePen.jpg)

File: 9b180e1656ef0f8⋯.jpg (167.37 KB, 558x845, 558:845, QCrumbsHammerInternet.jpg)

57ea9a  No.6789962

File: 84638d9afac5a3c⋯.jpg (536.3 KB, 877x1278, 877:1278, QCrumbsIranRouhani.jpg)

File: d1979359f227167⋯.jpg (189.61 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, QCrumbsMoreFriendsUnitedFi….jpg)

File: 5a03141e1aad70e⋯.jpg (648.92 KB, 864x1152, 3:4, QCrumbsRvDBattle.jpg)

File: 88481b83d2e7d4e⋯.jpg (834.4 KB, 1152x1600, 18:25, QCrumbsSheepFollowStars.jpg)

File: 16bff20d6131bed⋯.jpg (326.53 KB, 1169x827, 1169:827, QCrumbsSheepStreet.jpg)

57ea9a  No.6789978

File: 209725eb5f3c5fd⋯.jpg (506.29 KB, 1050x1500, 7:10, QCrumbsSlaveOrAwake.jpg)

File: 0cbc5f24dba4fac⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, QCrumbsSpaceNatSec.jpg)

File: 3b85b30958c2dbf⋯.jpg (271.24 KB, 1047x1572, 349:524, QCrumbsSystematicDestructi….jpg)

File: 15650621967b9d4⋯.jpg (289.06 KB, 874x1200, 437:600, QCrumbsTitanicMurder.jpg)

File: 521a0877c436d63⋯.jpg (418.75 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, QCrumbsVastnessOfSpace14.jpg)

57ea9a  No.6789984

File: f2874f0bfb2252c⋯.jpg (129.24 KB, 590x889, 590:889, QCrumbsWallMeansMore.jpg)

File: f02a201a0c00f77⋯.jpg (108.66 KB, 602x500, 301:250, RallyComfy.jpg)

File: 6d24037e3f2bb14⋯.jpg (274.16 KB, 991x804, 991:804, RepairAmericadetoq.jpg)

File: 2ec7a7889323f40⋯.jpg (65.5 KB, 993x750, 331:250, trumpwin.jpg)

File: be16debc97b66e4⋯.jpg (222.06 KB, 667x1024, 667:1024, Yoda:DestroyTheFed.jpg)

57ea9a  No.6789991

File: 5ae144351e4e774⋯.jpg (83.36 KB, 398x488, 199:244, ReportIllegalAliens3.jpg)

File: 87b67585e4727fd⋯.jpg (138.27 KB, 623x463, 623:463, ReportIllegalAliens4.jpg)

File: d0c908ab1245ef9⋯.jpg (108.99 KB, 622x412, 311:206, ReportIllegalAliens5.jpg)

File: 4ea8a6156d9d0e9⋯.jpg (141.07 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ReportIllegalAliens.jpg)

File: 74815ce41d2eda4⋯.jpg (132.66 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ReportIllegalAliens2.jpg)

Report Illegal Aliens to ICE

The deportation program is underway

57ea9a  No.6789992

File: 156615fc5311c0a⋯.jpg (153.04 KB, 698x766, 349:383, SorosHorseFaggot.jpg)

1cbf7f  No.6790588

File: 9cd6a20642affee⋯.png (1.17 MB, 943x810, 943:810, trump i am the magic wand ….png)

File: 03c6e9d62177f8e⋯.png (1.19 MB, 943x810, 943:810, trump abracadabra.png)

2d2449  No.6791477

File: 620014e0060c01f⋯.jpg (295.23 KB, 1008x928, 63:58, they_live_one_world_trade_….jpg)

File: 0d8682cf4003075⋯.jpg (142.38 KB, 874x928, 437:464, they_live_google_play.jpg)

File: 49c549f311b2a8d⋯.jpg (238.52 KB, 832x928, 26:29, they_live_tanit.jpg)

d885e4  No.6792155

File: 994fc4235bd4b36⋯.png (417.72 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 1560928268085.png)

File: 493dcf1d5f1219b⋯.png (419.63 KB, 474x474, 1:1, acidwash.png)

File: 158760e8b7ae85a⋯.png (88.12 KB, 255x191, 255:191, aocsoros.png)

File: 8303613c7e60e6f⋯.png (601.56 KB, 600x464, 75:58, hrcacid.png)

803e55  No.6792873

File: d1ac2a56954f8db⋯.jpg (10.36 KB, 255x169, 255:169, Custom Image 1906201918595….jpg)

14ff21  No.6793282

File: 8a5c38862ecd642⋯.png (451.08 KB, 887x556, 887:556, THEFEDSARECORRUPT.png)

0bf73e  No.6793550

File: de608a4beb98f37⋯.jpg (75.23 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, Custom Image 1906201920231….jpg)

d0d622  No.6793627

File: 1fdd58399912ea4⋯.png (520.55 KB, 634x506, 317:253, EPISLAND.png)

0bf73e  No.6793652

File: 173d89efbc0b5ec⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 255x178, 255:178, Custom Image 1906201921093….jpg)

9a93c1  No.6796659

File: 97bde988bbd7181⋯.png (169.53 KB, 500x654, 250:327, if-you-dont-know-13th-amen….png)

File: 77345e3670c0fba⋯.png (148.41 KB, 500x668, 125:167, learn-some-history-13th-am….png)

File: 93a4d1c2fed517c⋯.jpg (51.46 KB, 640x731, 640:731, frfr4.jpg)

File: 30abc617da40324⋯.jpg (93.41 KB, 720x682, 360:341, republicanracist.jpg)

File: ce0f22a05775f40⋯.jpg (28.35 KB, 302x403, 302:403, historylesson.jpg)

Animals vs Humans? Skin color does not matter, but what morals and values each hold as a human.

Why can't white people claim clearly black people as Racists? Why can it only go 1 way, but never back at openly black person, who 100% pushs whites based on their skin color?

If you watch TMZ, you 100% clearly see the 2 top black loud mouths, thats blacks are always right and being targetted, yet never defend any while person, against any black person? Yet this is on FOX TV?

Rarely do white people, who clearly are abused by blacks, never ever call out a single black person as racist. Its 100% only the white racists against anything ever on a black person?

So why can't you say any black person is racist against any white person? Notice only the blacks have a handful of words that only they can use against whites? And its a death penalty if the white person use the same word? Yet whites have not a single word they can use against any black person, except whitie being 100% racist?

Blacks seem to want a free life off of others, as they do their drugs and have 10 babies by 10 different mamas, and never have a job or support them. They are uneducated because they rely on pier gang mantality on lies to fit into their gang. Their brains are small and animalistic, and care nothing about human life.

Notice blacks can not talk words and peacefully disagree with fellow blacks without one making it into violence? So their animal brains think only their view is acceptable and the other needs to die for having a different view.

Black on Black violence and shootings are 95% upon themselves, yet its the white ones that are 100% always racial?

8c81e2  No.6797695

File: 04043a524719397⋯.jpg (968.68 KB, 3508x5259, 3508:5259, KAG.jpg)

File: 445ac610e5cb326⋯.png (356.17 KB, 3508x5259, 3508:5259, KAGv2.png)

ff4cfb  No.6798088



Q DEAD?: White House insider who predicted Iran False Flag, David Goldberg found dead

David E. Goldberg was found dead in his New York apartment on June 8th. The death is being investigated, but at this time, authorities have given no indication as to the cause of death.

He was 59.

Friends of Mr. Goldberg were given access to his accounts before his passing. They will be maintaining them, and posting new information as it comes in.

At this time, they are reviewing many documents in Mr. Goldberg's possession, some of which appear to be top secret government documents.

[link to israeltodaynews.blogspot.com (secure)]

War with Iran planned by Trump, to occur in the Fall of 2019

Tactical nukes and ground invasion planned for Iran, according to whistle-blower

[link to israeltodaynews.blogspot.com (secure)]

d4e4a7  No.6798196

File: 7813e1c62a003d8⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, BARRhandOFF.jpg)

File: 390c8f7c01329dc⋯.jpg (764.67 KB, 3000x2213, 3000:2213, pelsiosubpoenas.jpg)

File: 7c64617ff4018d4⋯.jpg (406.35 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, TRUMPrallySPIRIT.jpg)

File: b05c11709e46f40⋯.jpg (204.18 KB, 1500x804, 125:67, TRUMPwall.jpg)

File: 3f07944287a9c1d⋯.jpg (147.68 KB, 1276x638, 2:1, TRUMPwater.jpg)

6915d2  No.6800811

File: 14cd028bb23a40e⋯.jpg (414.04 KB, 800x600, 4:3, TRUMP14.jpg)

File: 9a64cb6d096b271⋯.jpg (341.54 KB, 800x600, 4:3, TRUMP13.jpg)

ba52c8  No.6801279

File: 88e5d5bc94439e0⋯.jpeg (600.37 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190617_ENEMY_OF….jpeg)

File: 4e3574b14a21164⋯.jpeg (461.61 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190617_ENEMY_OF….jpeg)

File: 9bbcb6ba160d09e⋯.pdf (2.64 MB, Kiddos’_20190617_ENEMY_OF_….pdf)

File: 5c0e4570bf824f7⋯.jpeg (596.96 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190617_Volkes_Feind….jpeg)

File: c056425cecb5332⋯.jpeg (458.17 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190617_Volkes_Feind….jpeg)

Kiddos’ Daily, ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE Edition

f88489  No.6801526

File: 1ed8f2225e2109f⋯.jpg (320.37 KB, 564x928, 141:232, huntersharvest.jpg)

f88489  No.6801532

File: b8782991db10230⋯.png (422.21 KB, 524x600, 131:150, Keith-Raniere-NXIVM-Bill-H….png)

NXIVM cult found to have imported child sex slaves from Mexico, even providing them with fake identification to disguise the slaves’ illegal immigrant status.

https://bigleaguepolitics.com/nxivm-cults-daycare-centers-human-experiments-left-children-damaged-for-life/ #WakeUpAmerica #FactsMatter #IllegalImmigration = #HumanTrafficking

187d4a  No.6801680

File: bbdd25460561171⋯.jpg (697.99 KB, 915x1027, 915:1027, Controlled opposition.jpg)

File: 33c2c6c8d03bbaa⋯.jpg (415.51 KB, 955x1275, 191:255, Dark to light.jpg)

File: bc43f2c6be24bb4⋯.jpg (561.78 KB, 816x1145, 816:1145, Dont respond.jpg)

File: 2a375dda8f22604⋯.jpg (397.47 KB, 1287x729, 143:81, Msm Blinds you.jpg)

b2979c  No.6804924

File: 89057313dc0e0de⋯.jpg (104.78 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tiffany dump.jpg)

File: 80570fa820877aa⋯.jpg (91.46 KB, 750x500, 3:2, southern company dump 3.jpg)

File: 0899a9418ddfd4a⋯.jpg (174.8 KB, 719x500, 719:500, dxc dump.jpg)

File: 16672e7860956d1⋯.jpg (91.57 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Laureate edu dump.jpg)

File: 942263b3bcea7ce⋯.jpg (95.1 KB, 596x500, 149:125, chubb dump 1.jpg)


0c6503  No.6805416

File: ce30ea76997c99e⋯.jpeg (499.73 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190618_Dems_Inv….jpeg)

File: af7fcde20050f6e⋯.jpeg (465.8 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190618_Dems_Inv….jpeg)

File: 7e05a47b7f7359d⋯.pdf (2.31 MB, Kiddos’_20190618_Dems_Inve….pdf)

File: e12b0c5cde54327⋯.jpeg (501.8 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190618_Demokraten_U….jpeg)

File: 23d28e0412204ed⋯.jpeg (467.76 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190618_Demokraten_U….jpeg)

Kiddos’ Daily, Dems Investigations Edition

e2831a  No.6805518

File: a41cfff344ca763⋯.jpg (50.18 KB, 628x324, 157:81, MSM joe Biden pepe.jpg)

File: f840a012643e26f⋯.jpg (50.09 KB, 647x324, 647:324, MSM joe and faux biden.jpg)

File: 5ba2bce236c2b67⋯.jpg (54.95 KB, 639x360, 71:40, MSM pepe.jpg)

e2831a  No.6805548

File: eae875531de291e⋯.jpg (62.69 KB, 640x360, 16:9, RM nation .jpg)

File: b6bf5aafe811756⋯.jpg (82.86 KB, 555x531, 185:177, ph100.jpg)

File: a20d397192e50c4⋯.jpg (106.82 KB, 984x1020, 82:85, DT pepe patch.jpg)

File: a1f2299e799b50b⋯.jpg (77.65 KB, 872x924, 218:231, dj Yu .jpg)

18fd7e  No.6805696

File: b5d864452f35efe⋯.png (761.3 KB, 867x574, 867:574, IsraelSaved4Last.png)

d4e4a7  No.6808373

File: 8769bc233a428a3⋯.jpg (533.8 KB, 1200x713, 1200:713, trumpPATIENCE.jpg)

dbfabd  No.6809462

File: aa4a8ba2507986b⋯.png (772.08 KB, 813x498, 271:166, 81FE1D70-933A-4FA5-BE41-B6….png)

File: a28a3ce81d504fb⋯.jpeg (45.69 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 304D451E-2B56-4C55-AFF3-2….jpeg)

File: 62e0f37602d94e7⋯.png (318.98 KB, 600x444, 50:37, B5753B6C-371F-48DA-822F-56….png)

File: 5e1bf6df0292786⋯.png (3.47 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, EB8E653C-B27B-4260-BC8D-3E….png)

File: d20e36d704d77ea⋯.jpeg (633.31 KB, 1680x1539, 560:513, 4960F217-3FB0-411A-B9F1-0….jpeg)

dbfabd  No.6809474

File: b9ffe2b8d300445⋯.jpeg (75.21 KB, 496x680, 62:85, 52E46B35-F295-4234-9CAB-C….jpeg)

File: 3725e6d9b54d2e5⋯.jpeg (369.3 KB, 2048x987, 2048:987, 34073FCA-E800-46BC-9ECA-F….jpeg)

File: 8e1e7289eeb6db2⋯.jpeg (22.84 KB, 197x255, 197:255, A00AC9AD-034C-4B0D-8401-6….jpeg)

File: f87a1b5f01fca37⋯.png (289.16 KB, 548x320, 137:80, 2EBF0B5B-DCDD-4035-9D45-90….png)

File: 7859c5947155922⋯.png (1010.13 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 1269BFED-C220-4343-93EA-2E….png)

71e616  No.6810817

File: 0c372e94220ec3e⋯.png (686.44 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Unity1.png)

File: 442586d6b0d9deb⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1240x775, 8:5, Unity2.png)

File: 2a241ce70cbe1c2⋯.png (270.6 KB, 474x315, 158:105, Unity3.png)

File: 9cfe9b54477ec5b⋯.png (883.75 KB, 736x1226, 368:613, unity4.png)

File: b7c91cdf8ac7a24⋯.png (273.48 KB, 474x315, 158:105, unity5.png)

b9184f  No.6811189

File: f0d6971ce1d2483⋯.png (665.08 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, B97A2C86-DDFF-4020-831C-BE….png)

f747b7  No.6813408

File: 5e7cd2ee93e9cc5⋯.jpg (52.87 KB, 589x406, 589:406, independent news rocks pra….jpg)

File: ac059e142b22a96⋯.jpg (90.57 KB, 885x515, 177:103, independent news rocks edg….jpg)

f747b7  No.6813435

File: eb01e3f1dccae7d⋯.jpg (108.58 KB, 709x664, 709:664, muh dick is touching your ….jpg)

File: 5dd69e177b66483⋯.jpg (62.88 KB, 623x360, 623:360, MSM with pepe.jpg)

2a6ce0  No.6814241

File: 4cfb402e212d01d⋯.png (867.95 KB, 600x367, 600:367, DemocRAT1.png)

DemocRAT Alpha

06617d  No.6814267

File: ecf3558b679c4ca⋯.jpeg (495.82 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190619_Rigged_1.jpeg)

File: 0a2cc0e0908aaf5⋯.jpeg (507.95 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190619_Rigged_2.jpeg)

File: 98cb05ee403fc13⋯.pdf (2.42 MB, Kiddos’_20190619_Rigged.pdf)

File: f0ffd734f9f942a⋯.jpeg (494.17 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190619_Frisiert_1.jpeg)

File: ad84cb4c797c650⋯.jpeg (506.27 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190619_Frisiert_2.jpeg)

Kiddos’ Daily, Rigged Edition

6915d2  No.6816292

File: 998ae9a9df565e9⋯.jpg (298.21 KB, 800x600, 4:3, JARRETT1.jpg)

File: 88c5bf46cee2a8f⋯.jpg (714.13 KB, 800x800, 1:1, INTERMISSION2.jpg)

File: dfe2cec4014ab42⋯.jpg (724.71 KB, 800x800, 1:1, INTERMISSION1.jpg)

File: 9ffd1e3653707a5⋯.jpg (373.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CONCERNFAG1.jpg)

c9193d  No.6818495


Just capped from >>6818319 (off-bread)

How to RedPill Your Wife

>>Note: adjust each of these steps to fit your family, but don't skip the steps.

Step 1: Never even mention things like 9/11, Moon, child sacrifice, etc. That will cause cognitive dissonance and shut down all progress until a lengthy reset period.

Step 2: Shallow end of the pool

>>Patriots exist, knew something, and were targeted.

Gently establish a belief that JFK knew something. Start with his speech and assassination. Show how JFK Jr was looking into it when he was also eliminated.

>>Some will stop at almost nothing to get and keep power. Ends justify the means.

Kavanaugh hearings and aftermath will prove to a reasonable person that Democrats will do anything.

HRC is corrupt. Not a hard sale.

>>Global power players behind the scenes sometimes do things in the background to advance their own interests.

Step 3: Establish that you are not a concernfag. This creates CRITICAL credibility later on. ALWAYS DOWNPLAY AS IF YOU AREN'T THAT CONCERNED



• Think there is value in simply being aware of current events

• Just enjoy the political theatre of observing the players and understanding the power struggles. Show interest, curiosity, and verbally express skepticism EVEN WHEN YOU AREN'T SKEPTICAL.

• Are an "armchair political enthusiast". Just like watching sports. You watch the players and the moves, and are fascinated to see the game of geopolitical chess playing out.

Step 4: Groups exist that push agendas

Bohemian Grove, modern versions of the centuries old "gentlemen's club'. DOWNPLAY. "These are just some private groups of people with common interests, who seek over time to network and lobby for their causes. They just prefer to do it privately." There have always been mostly good people, and a few bad apples trying to get what they want. Organized crime. MENTION NOTHING OCCULT. Just mafia types trying to score some wins. Much later she'll realize some of those groups have darker purposes.

>>Establish the POSSIBILITY that there are good groups too.

"Hey honey, do you think it's possibly that good people could use the same strategies to coordinate and make good things happen?"

>> Establish there is a group of Patriots who

are just trying to roll back a few things that are not good for America.


• shut down the child trafficking (use evidence of progress)

• stop illegal immigration because of what has happened to other countries that failed to stop it. (use evidence of progress)

• pick a conservative cause that your spouse agrees with and show how "well a lot of things might be f'd up, but at least it's cool something is finally being done about [insert pet cause here]". when your spouse agrees "at least that's cool", then you are making real progress


Once the above has been established you have a foundation for very gentle red-pilling. Shallow end of the pool ONLY. The following are good examples. Adjust and add your own.

d66353  No.6818725

File: 070bc818b580b3e⋯.jpeg (510.06 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190621_Human_Tr….jpeg)

File: 2996c81a9974605⋯.jpeg (505.69 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, Kiddos’_20190621_Human_Tr….jpeg)

File: 6aa25b02f8c4290⋯.pdf (2.49 MB, Kiddos’_20190621_Human_Tra….pdf)

File: bd01fa6cc0aadff⋯.jpeg (512.1 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190621_Menschen-Han….jpeg)

File: c0946a0f46b86a5⋯.jpeg (507.56 KB, 1165x1653, 1165:1653, KiZ_20190621_Menschen-Han….jpeg)

Kiddos’ Daily, Human Traffic News Edition

c9193d  No.6818765


Another anon vehemently disagrees:

Another anon replies: Every person is different. The only way to wake people is to find that chink in their Theological/World View ARMOR, and then to patiently exploit it. After awakening thousands of people, the experience and method is different each time.'

>>6818743 (off bread)

cac57f  No.6819553

File: a443117d419d275⋯.png (658.37 KB, 1057x882, 151:126, General Flynn Uncovered Ma….png)

File: 5eaef21d959a683⋯.png (655.41 KB, 847x1316, 121:188, Screenshot_2019-06-10 Mexi….png)

File: 93ae067f5b04dc8⋯.png (830.98 KB, 766x758, 383:379, Screenshot_2019-06-19 FACT….png)

File: 499312bb86feb69⋯.jpg (185.63 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, D9p1rX7XsAUnnti.jpg)


ok - so?

d6c7af  No.6820159

File: 538b5d638965593⋯.png (417.21 KB, 917x416, 917:416, believe.png)

File: 186c38c3f023f29⋯.png (250.06 KB, 572x348, 143:87, mw.png)

File: bf8816b45066841⋯.png (238.43 KB, 501x343, 501:343, np.png)

File: 807f46e461099ac⋯.png (233.1 KB, 639x497, 9:7, WARnyt.png)

2e354c  No.6822511

File: a136db3bf07cc02⋯.jpg (22.39 KB, 255x255, 1:1, AcidWashEvidence.jpg)

File: cb7964b03fdcef6⋯.jpg (387.25 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, BillClintonDungeonAcidWash….jpg)

File: 4decf8ed0b56638⋯.jpg (410.73 KB, 1086x724, 3:2, ClintonDungeonAcidWash6.jpg)

File: a0b0eb663a87eec⋯.jpg (106.38 KB, 500x512, 125:128, Gillibrand 2020 NXIVM.jpg)

File: 21797e5a0922b32⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 480x480, 1:1, HillaryDestroyedEvidenceCr….jpg)

2e354c  No.6822523

File: 05fecf20a11f12f⋯.jpg (681.27 KB, 1600x975, 64:39, HillaryDungeonAcidWash1.jpg)

File: 895ec1676223ed2⋯.jpg (602.29 KB, 1600x975, 64:39, HillaryDungeonAcidWash2.jpg)

File: 72a74e374c8a18b⋯.jpg (692.89 KB, 1600x975, 64:39, HillaryDungeonAcidWash3.jpg)

File: fb253fe60f192ec⋯.jpg (69.31 KB, 486x321, 162:107, HillaryObamaWe're_spying.jpg)

File: 8530e7c095e9c6e⋯.jpg (47.66 KB, 454x254, 227:127, HillaryObamaWeSpieddeclas.jpg)

2e354c  No.6822528

File: 6ec30a54015120a⋯.jpg (634.93 KB, 1600x1003, 1600:1003, Boatfags.jpg)

File: 4cd2a3faaadad3f⋯.jpg (15.93 KB, 263x171, 263:171, buckleup.jpg)

File: c622c932f78ede0⋯.jpg (432.53 KB, 1372x1080, 343:270, WitchfinderPoster.jpg)

2e354c  No.6822529

File: 6546ff7bd1d56f8⋯.jpg (302.08 KB, 720x1000, 18:25, captain marvel 03 truth le….jpg)

File: 68d3e40e94fc042⋯.jpg (62.3 KB, 493x616, 493:616, CareForOurPeopleFirst.jpg)

File: edb8e89a8bd1c9a⋯.jpg (305.49 KB, 1193x1200, 1193:1200, ConstitutionDefendBorders.jpg)

File: dc111e9e70b1fa7⋯.jpg (38.84 KB, 500x532, 125:133, CorruptMueller report.jpg)

File: 6546ff7bd1d56f8⋯.jpg (302.08 KB, 720x1000, 18:25, captain marvel 03 truth le….jpg)

2e354c  No.6822533

File: c51737b83bd6d93⋯.jpg (130.08 KB, 500x614, 250:307, DemsWantSocialism.jpg)

File: 92327d4037eb2ea⋯.jpg (124.66 KB, 693x366, 231:122, DisneyVPChildRapePedo.jpg)

File: 96086f8d76562b1⋯.jpg (489 KB, 816x1145, 816:1145, DontReplyShills.jpg)

File: 945deba08a1b4dc⋯.jpg (141.38 KB, 566x707, 566:707, FakeTrumpAccuserCarrollWit….jpg)

File: 904b45eb21aa27a⋯.jpg (125.54 KB, 846x564, 3:2, FOCUSfreedomNotShillsTarge….jpg)

2e354c  No.6822535

File: 0c37f0d4a733aee⋯.jpg (63.29 KB, 346x236, 173:118, HiveMindUnited.jpg)

File: 5d8b9d2921a37a0⋯.jpg (60.7 KB, 616x388, 154:97, InternScarborough.jpg)

File: 4154e41ba22413d⋯.jpg (559.26 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, JohnDurhamInvestigateJames….jpg)

File: 23df55bcd211706⋯.jpg (37.56 KB, 423x396, 47:44, liz-warren-on-harleyBeer.jpg)

File: 1109cef5c4c8ef4⋯.jpg (24.14 KB, 290x290, 1:1, MSMMediaControlIllusion.jpg)

2e354c  No.6822541

File: e39c6681323fc2a⋯.jpg (502.08 KB, 1191x1047, 397:349, NYCountyWontDriversLicense….jpg)

File: cb7a6276af88fe1⋯.jpg (239.96 KB, 1125x1332, 125:148, ObamaCashIranMissile.jpg)

File: aed096ad547a011⋯.jpg (228.34 KB, 958x462, 479:231, ObamaLegacy.jpg)

File: 21a09a5e93b6cb0⋯.jpg (203.01 KB, 827x613, 827:613, PastPresidentsClappingAtAm….jpg)

File: e2a5211c5aabfae⋯.jpg (221.67 KB, 658x1000, 329:500, pepe captain_marvel03 god ….jpg)

2e354c  No.6822547

File: 402f74e87c633a1⋯.jpg (491.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, pepetron.jpg)

File: eefc2b8bd969419⋯.jpg (335.78 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, PlanefagsReconSquad.jpg)

File: 25dfcd3ce3eb84f⋯.jpg (544.03 KB, 1280x1815, 256:363, QAnonCardsFlynn2.jpg)

File: e2254aedffc239e⋯.jpg (456.96 KB, 999x1443, 9:13, QCrumbsCaptureDangerousAni….jpg)

File: d71ccc920533202⋯.jpg (485.25 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, QCrumbsDangerousAnimal.jpg)

2e354c  No.6822550

File: 7142468a7307f5b⋯.jpg (590.86 KB, 900x1423, 900:1423, QCrumbsEgyptianGold.jpg)

File: c5e70b46d6d7185⋯.jpg (389 KB, 1287x729, 143:81, QCrumbsMsm Blinds you.jpg)

File: 2f71628ae3e99a3⋯.jpg (46.52 KB, 368x533, 368:533, QCrumbsNotFail.jpg)

File: 89e759c342dc1dd⋯.jpg (724.5 KB, 2606x2606, 1:1, QCrumbsNothingCanStops_it.jpg)

File: 2fd94a6c42e0649⋯.jpg (1005.97 KB, 1600x1380, 80:69, QCrumbsSheep no more.jpg)

2e354c  No.6822552

File: c67b92299d696fe⋯.jpg (319.43 KB, 1072x1494, 536:747, QCrumbsStopFallingFakeNews.jpg)

File: eec36708eef55c4⋯.jpg (570.17 KB, 1164x1647, 388:549, QCrumbsThinkMirror.jpg)

File: 8b1913c73cec6b7⋯.jpg (134.5 KB, 794x1200, 397:600, QCrumbsThinkOutsideBox.jpg)

File: 6d4ad940bdaf579⋯.jpg (194.1 KB, 998x998, 1:1, QCrumbsTraitors.jpg)

File: fa72792a3ba2f46⋯.jpg (125.18 KB, 1180x1664, 295:416, QCrumbsWhistleblowerClinto….jpg)

2e354c  No.6822554

File: dbb31917be704f0⋯.jpg (302.01 KB, 1284x734, 642:367, QNN LORETTA LYNCH FISAGATE.jpg)

File: f835d0b49757e35⋯.jpg (74.81 KB, 695x347, 695:347, sally_yates_fisa_warrants.jpg)

File: 870f69c11cdc406⋯.jpg (190.97 KB, 819x809, 819:809, SchumerOpposeLoopCapital.jpg)

File: 14d9a74b57c1aae⋯.jpg (85 KB, 454x600, 227:300, ShillsConfirmedOverTarget.jpg)

File: 84c388c72438e79⋯.jpg (216.43 KB, 495x681, 165:227, Shills_die.jpg)

2e354c  No.6822556

File: b8d1093c2f4f8c8⋯.jpg (52.5 KB, 346x243, 346:243, ThoughtOfSatan.jpg)

File: 69e3e619c4b8f8c⋯.jpg (345.37 KB, 1022x817, 1022:817, TrumpBestSinceWashington.jpg)

File: 33d2f218f281889⋯.jpg (540.78 KB, 1184x780, 296:195, TrumpMelaniaYellowBrickRoa….jpg)

File: 4a89b780a89a7c4⋯.jpg (362.81 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, TrumpRushmore.jpg)

File: c85be6346d81530⋯.jpg (322.24 KB, 1954x1391, 1954:1391, TRUMPsaystreason1.JPG)

2e354c  No.6822561

File: 465f2213faea279⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1200x1204, 300:301, Baker_Badge_Bread_Q_Alpha.png)

File: 3ff2a224d464150⋯.png (339.79 KB, 1475x1200, 59:48, Bernie2020Socialism.png)

File: 5f3ac39ba228857⋯.png (43.11 KB, 600x367, 600:367, DemocRAT1.png)

File: 340350690a59bdd⋯.png (228.05 KB, 397x396, 397:396, KekistanNavyBadge.png)

File: 0008f78240c8914⋯.png (237.63 KB, 960x960, 1:1, YWCApedoSymbol.png)

b2979c  No.6822630

File: 89fd335b7dbe148⋯.jpg (144.14 KB, 952x500, 238:125, intuit dump 2.jpg)

File: dfbdc2b9c5143e9⋯.jpg (104.63 KB, 917x500, 917:500, morningstar exec chair 620….jpg)

File: 2631b877b173b1a⋯.jpg (93.18 KB, 952x500, 238:125, snap inc dump2.jpg)

File: fa6f5d73420aac9⋯.jpg (105.09 KB, 818x500, 409:250, armstrong flooring dump.jpg)

File: c3c002a3600d3d4⋯.jpg (105.28 KB, 640x480, 4:3, kellogg family trust 06201….jpg)


2e354c  No.6822774

File: c440082848c0d0e⋯.png (533.29 KB, 634x506, 317:253, EPsteinISLANDPedoTrafficki….png)


Cleaned (L, lower right corner beneath Epstein)

2e354c  No.6822824


This individual's name?

2e354c  No.6822837

File: 5f3ac39ba228857⋯.png (43.11 KB, 600x367, 600:367, DemocRAT1.png)


It compresses down quite a bit

My 44 kb is 5% of your 867 kb

1da76d  No.6823991

File: 0fefcb64c220984⋯.jpeg (44.74 KB, 480x244, 120:61, 0fefcb64c220984ae5172f90b….jpeg)

File: 2a94aaa9b4b96f1⋯.jpeg (42.83 KB, 480x244, 120:61, 2a94aaa9b4b96f1715a13a3bd….jpeg)

File: 10abf907f363bc2⋯.jpeg (47.22 KB, 480x244, 120:61, 10abf907f363bc2074e4ade7b….jpeg)

File: 131aed403bfdcc8⋯.jpeg (46.55 KB, 480x244, 120:61, 131aed403bfdcc854d2852c84….jpeg)

File: f63c10db2a36572⋯.jpeg (47.72 KB, 480x244, 120:61, f63c10db2a365725c1085f81c….jpeg)

1da76d  No.6824011

File: 0f5b193053ee963⋯.jpeg (201.79 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, 0f5b193053ee9635ceb1519ab….jpeg)

File: 2f4540f08233556⋯.jpg (289.02 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 2f4540f082335561a38a206a0b….jpg)

File: 6bf4bc7343e6f19⋯.jpeg (40.67 KB, 341x413, 341:413, 6bf4bc7343e6f1951b4fa737f….jpeg)

File: 9f7c734105c7a3e⋯.jpeg (413.76 KB, 1500x900, 5:3, 9f7c734105c7a3ee6c281a223….jpeg)

File: 089a5bb48454d06⋯.jpeg (111.75 KB, 612x370, 306:185, 089a5bb48454d061f3a44879b….jpeg)

1da76d  No.6824015

File: 44178da21c50c30⋯.jpeg (152.09 KB, 600x844, 150:211, 44178da21c50c30ca878bde27….jpeg)

File: a354d84f9aaac2b⋯.jpeg (509.13 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, a354d84f9aaac2bd5de63fa95….jpeg)

File: b3babe4b69909fc⋯.jpg (154.03 KB, 751x1063, 751:1063, b3babe4b69909fc0e9464ec124….jpg)

File: b97c92930dc8b1e⋯.jpg (118.61 KB, 647x556, 647:556, b97c92930dc8b1e0fca8ff6ec2….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824043

File: 932fc775bfdd64b⋯.jpg (193.95 KB, 549x640, 549:640, 932fc775bfdd64b60ba738fe4f….jpg)

File: 6820c981ba75648⋯.jpg (102.48 KB, 597x514, 597:514, 6820c981ba75648a75d6e0e8f7….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824057

File: 1b634e48e9d755f⋯.jpg (92.22 KB, 750x791, 750:791, 1b634e48e9d755f3996edbe482….jpg)

File: 59ba0e29cd6a3f2⋯.jpg (89.57 KB, 799x490, 799:490, 59ba0e29cd6a3f29d5bc25a4dc….jpg)

File: a8636edf8510f09⋯.jpg (42.95 KB, 500x483, 500:483, 7838a46573f67c52da03979d42….jpg)

File: c02f0d3c2355536⋯.jpeg (382.04 KB, 1200x783, 400:261, c02f0d3c2355536885e3ce02a….jpeg)

File: 407642b730f3715⋯.jpg (35.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, D2HrK6rVYAAo6Zu.jpg)

1da76d  No.6824082

File: 04f582181e888c3⋯.jpg (101.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, D2HqgQMX4AIgl7F.jpg)

File: 7a4ea880080371e⋯.png (164.48 KB, 857x528, 857:528, D2Ht7HmUgAA1xt2.png)

File: d1860d3648ae212⋯.png (540.64 KB, 589x668, 589:668, d1860d3648ae2129c465bbc020….png)

File: 423d6d5d7ba56a6⋯.jpg (206.81 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, DzE4nWuU0AADMnm.jpg)

1da76d  No.6824094

File: 08aef7e86dcdd96⋯.jpg (70.45 KB, 981x846, 109:94, D2ISFMeXcAEQBXF.jpg)

File: d34e8588a56e84e⋯.jpg (58.35 KB, 960x956, 240:239, Dzc_5UYXQAkHsYL.jpg)

File: 0e4dd6b87f3f014⋯.jpg (25.49 KB, 474x357, 158:119, DzdDekXUwAA-pfN.jpg)

File: 1295eb6e1d8da5b⋯.jpg (94.1 KB, 1024x592, 64:37, DzdEVl1XgAEHyVZ.jpg)

File: b8c8bd11ab78461⋯.jpg (39.54 KB, 523x725, 523:725, DzoOXklWkAEc0Gr.jpg)

1da76d  No.6824107

File: 26d4e59df3e6e4b⋯.jpg (116.49 KB, 891x1200, 297:400, 26d4e59df3e6e4bd3c5b4b5d3d….jpg)

File: 2b5b0365f0aef7c⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 70118b2b54275e9e6007d79a2b….jpg)

File: a1ef880cc55dec3⋯.png (1.99 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, a1ef880cc55dec3b1a05bfa299….png)

File: af5accc975f9d83⋯.jpg (387.96 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, af5accc975f9d832781eb650d9….jpg)

File: c3ef63e4e42ac0f⋯.jpeg (117.4 KB, 800x500, 8:5, c3ef63e4e42ac0f13eccc7ffb….jpeg)

1da76d  No.6824123

File: 06bf8e033851497⋯.png (148.05 KB, 465x840, 31:56, 06bf8e0338514970ca9b93c268….png)

File: db115f8d2f6a20d⋯.png (1.77 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 9af849f1084b179e3cb7223202….png)

File: 40439de33da2617⋯.jpg (40.18 KB, 623x605, 623:605, 40439de33da2617991d2cbe2fc….jpg)

File: f92e91d9f0fda07⋯.jpg (53 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, DzE3x2CVAAAgDbG.jpg)

File: e8c79e425347fcb⋯.jpg (189.63 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, e8c79e425347fcb16c07ffe42c….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824137

File: 0ba319e11615eff⋯.jpg (147.58 KB, 1024x1396, 256:349, 0ba319e11615effe9b012447dc….jpg)

File: 1ce7438bf09e8cd⋯.jpeg (153.31 KB, 820x524, 205:131, 1ce7438bf09e8cdccf1690003….jpeg)

File: 2b5ef6c6f348de2⋯.jpeg (105.46 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2b5ef6c6f348de23fd53ca2cd….jpeg)

File: 1c361ab6911a26f⋯.jpg (587.76 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2cffd34b1d9941fc8aa664c0e3….jpg)

File: ec7604e943f9652⋯.jpeg (71.63 KB, 640x694, 320:347, 2e6711e0828c4dca3e1a337aa….jpeg)

1da76d  No.6824156

File: 1c903ba1ccf2b4e⋯.jpg (782.15 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1c903ba1ccf2b4e20d21bb4db5….jpg)

File: 4ea2826e2cf224e⋯.jpeg (247.66 KB, 949x593, 949:593, 4ea2826e2cf224e8981d95b35….jpeg)

File: 5d2279b68efabf7⋯.jpeg (290.14 KB, 974x515, 974:515, 5d2279b68efabf76db61c17fc….jpeg)

File: 6c06c5a4049627e⋯.jpeg (177.42 KB, 679x844, 679:844, 6c06c5a4049627e432fbca6c1….jpeg)

File: 6fb474537c432e5⋯.jpg (148.59 KB, 1024x513, 1024:513, 6fb474537c432e5aa572a75cea….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824167

File: 4e2ca726a4184f9⋯.jpeg (291.12 KB, 1024x584, 128:73, 4e2ca726a4184f92d0a035bdb….jpeg)

File: 7ab9e76a1d9f798⋯.jpg (138.86 KB, 882x638, 441:319, 7ab9e76a1d9f7984a674456a7e….jpg)

File: 7c1f1798038d2ad⋯.jpg (453.68 KB, 1920x1078, 960:539, 7c1f1798038d2ad71349c675c7….jpg)

File: 7d15627acd65e61⋯.jpeg (646.32 KB, 1600x1002, 800:501, 7d15627acd65e61462096024c….jpeg)

File: 7ed855977d7407c⋯.jpeg (97.39 KB, 644x500, 161:125, 7ed855977d7407c96a6168e99….jpeg)

1da76d  No.6824172

File: 8b2360637ee0b5c⋯.jpg (40.11 KB, 474x355, 474:355, 8b2360637ee0b5c5e0685fe8ce….jpg)

File: 8ea7df0700133de⋯.jpeg (138.96 KB, 603x418, 603:418, 8ea7df0700133de1d709756c5….jpeg)

File: 7db0bb6a3c2517f⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1600x1013, 1600:1013, 9c91fd309317296befe8d2be19….png)

File: 17c83aafd4abe1e⋯.jpeg (174.82 KB, 629x402, 629:402, 17c83aafd4abe1e90726c3aba….jpeg)

File: 19e9ffbc5865c08⋯.jpeg (216.79 KB, 1111x688, 1111:688, 19e9ffbc5865c08dd36af05c3….jpeg)

1da76d  No.6824184

File: 20cec7a7a75c7e6⋯.jpg (167.39 KB, 558x845, 558:845, 20cec7a7a75c7e6d414b88c63a….jpg)

File: 23c5a07245e7522⋯.jpeg (102.26 KB, 450x745, 90:149, 23c5a07245e75220ca6705cb9….jpeg)

File: 34c3a6856ddd32c⋯.jpg (394.31 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 34c3a6856ddd32c4a1e07e93ab….jpg)

File: 34f8dfe399787ea⋯.jpeg (317.93 KB, 1252x686, 626:343, 34f8dfe399787ea58fcaca97f….jpeg)

File: 09385c07e69035f⋯.jpg (150.42 KB, 1192x1188, 298:297, 80dc4488a49994f96c6baac43f….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824191

File: 258a8b1a0dbc73f⋯.jpg (42.27 KB, 499x271, 499:271, 258a8b1a0dbc73f0296cf6a95e….jpg)

File: 269e36f02327ff3⋯.jpeg (387.97 KB, 1355x892, 1355:892, 269e36f02327ff3ffbe57c890….jpeg)

File: 530b8c008230472⋯.jpg (654.04 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 530b8c008230472fa0ed0dc1d7….jpg)

File: 604b697457d70d5⋯.jpeg (245.04 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 604b697457d70d52f61a32cbe….jpeg)

File: 867f2c1ca52d1f1⋯.jpeg (371.7 KB, 1353x965, 1353:965, 867f2c1ca52d1f1c948e35a8e….jpeg)

1da76d  No.6824199

File: 9686f1c524ae5b5⋯.jpeg (187.72 KB, 1020x540, 17:9, 9686f1c524ae5b542dbf2ffc4….jpeg)

File: 77080d772df7532⋯.jpeg (726.54 KB, 2100x1405, 420:281, 77080d772df7532a09bd3c04c….jpeg)

File: a9c2f56d83cb073⋯.jpeg (91.72 KB, 613x407, 613:407, a9c2f56d83cb073a4f4f0578e….jpeg)

File: af68df0bd5ee942⋯.jpeg (556.66 KB, 1917x998, 1917:998, af68df0bd5ee9421e22408edb….jpeg)

File: b26caddaffdd08f⋯.jpg (195.29 KB, 880x512, 55:32, b26caddaffdd08ff6f865ba4c3….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824205

File: f6d584237623152⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2750x1832, 1375:916, b2024d6b12bfe3bab6449668d9….jpg)

File: bca793dab31118b⋯.jpeg (194.32 KB, 640x821, 640:821, bca793dab31118b1735560fb6….jpeg)

File: d0d96d579e16b21⋯.jpg (178.43 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, d0d96d579e16b2183e7b602f71….jpg)

File: d5b0c03d9467fe4⋯.jpeg (51.61 KB, 370x310, 37:31, d5b0c03d9467fe4a32f9b94b8….jpeg)

File: 8d0c9132246666a⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1874x1160, 937:580, d65311044eb561155d05ac04e8….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824210

File: d0b1024aa85999f⋯.jpg (196.5 KB, 474x1042, 237:521, d0b1024aa85999ffb4217aa14a….jpg)

File: daff27b8a372a76⋯.png (862.34 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, daff27b8a372a769b33772d45f….png)

File: df8fec2c3cefb9a⋯.jpeg (145.16 KB, 868x506, 434:253, df8fec2c3cefb9a27aa18877c….jpeg)

File: e54bd18ef807e2d⋯.jpeg (137.32 KB, 656x500, 164:125, e54bd18ef807e2d8c73564368….jpeg)

File: ef11625106dc9f8⋯.jpeg (190.6 KB, 949x599, 949:599, ef11625106dc9f86804e65608….jpeg)

1da76d  No.6824223

File: fe32e8759d39af4⋯.jpg (278.02 KB, 521x1024, 521:1024, fe32e8759d39af446202ce937e….jpg)

File: b99a2a0836ab5a8⋯.jpg (721.4 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, b99a2a0836ab5a8a188595cbbf….jpg)

File: 953f0d320198ee7⋯.png (19.2 KB, 255x250, 51:50, c2801911fb23135dd98fa285c2….png)

File: dc9af8ef861d893⋯.jpg (674.69 KB, 1600x1284, 400:321, dc9af8ef861d893f19abf998c8….jpg)

File: 4d977346f50e0ff⋯.png (788.76 KB, 1594x952, 797:476, ee5d285737e64c69f7d2ebd7a3….png)

1da76d  No.6824230

File: 7373db8e1bc28bc⋯.jpeg (343.46 KB, 2436x1125, 812:375, 7373db8e1bc28bc2e8d10312b….jpeg)

File: f2874f0bfb2252c⋯.jpg (129.24 KB, 590x889, 590:889, 22619483bd2c71363ac672c03d….jpg)

File: 7c25efccdffc3ca⋯.jpg (130.09 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 8389846089a664f702be381191….jpg)

File: ab638c0d057e768⋯.jpg (249.64 KB, 550x1100, 1:2, ab638c0d057e76836ed2e5bb54….jpg)

File: c0e1f37a3e943ea⋯.png (541.41 KB, 534x800, 267:400, cba560ca4a02b0e28574156726….png)

1da76d  No.6824241

File: 33f065437280e28⋯.jpg (110.86 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 33f065437280e28809b6bb72ca….jpg)

File: 351ddc350dea944⋯.jpg (311.53 KB, 1936x1216, 121:76, 351ddc350dea94436f4c504a54….jpg)

File: 584d1dc7334812a⋯.jpeg (63.8 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 584d1dc7334812a896431f1b8….jpeg)

File: 1375ba3b6390823⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1900x997, 1900:997, 1375ba3b6390823f65bd992d39….png)

File: 130918f767c9aef⋯.png (276.9 KB, 495x367, 495:367, 130918f767c9aef831b1bd1576….png)

1da76d  No.6824249

File: 4d7a630b4dbdbbe⋯.jpg (542.65 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 4d7a630b4dbdbbe01001679df2….jpg)

File: 34eed25160db41f⋯.png (231.1 KB, 923x949, 71:73, 34eed25160db41f18b55668d4c….png)

File: 8abf9c9cb2e1e23⋯.jpeg (294.19 KB, 1785x1265, 357:253, 58e1692016c5c24b5af839bbf….jpeg)

File: 2284b3d2bc0ba38⋯.jpeg (50.72 KB, 750x484, 375:242, 229196a39f6819fd3dcf8e388….jpeg)

File: c052a3c20fbd816⋯.jpg (276.46 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, c052a3c20fbd81607ca0512a5c….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824287

File: 9dcb9471c3dbe22⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 500x313, 500:313, 9dcb9471c3dbe22978660108b2….jpg)

File: 210dff0b8479ee1⋯.jpg (216.24 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, 210dff0b8479ee16907f9b78cd….jpg)

File: 3973a40d239583a⋯.jpg (161.21 KB, 820x542, 410:271, 3973a40d239583a0f9f987dd5c….jpg)

File: 7163c6885de0d27⋯.jpg (262.4 KB, 1200x791, 1200:791, 7163c6885de0d27bb1c4bffc5a….jpg)

File: 7f2147748baf9ce⋯.png (208.51 KB, 750x554, 375:277, 7f2147748baf9ce2cc638114de….png)

1da76d  No.6824300

File: 5e5ae31a22da36b⋯.jpg (208 KB, 1006x681, 1006:681, 5e5ae31a22da36bf96cdf95f54….jpg)

File: 34afe1586da87e9⋯.jpg (364.33 KB, 600x833, 600:833, 34afe1586da87e98ef8410d4b3….jpg)

File: 51ad24fdeae83f2⋯.jpg (277.39 KB, 683x512, 683:512, 51ad24fdeae83f25f57085a9cf….jpg)

File: 87ff7a6616808e4⋯.jpg (50.23 KB, 590x744, 295:372, 87ff7a6616808e451f0f2956cb….jpg)

File: 4c8ad9f14700208⋯.jpg (381.98 KB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, 4c8ad9f14700208b6ec01aa816….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824310

File: 3f20fb4021adbcb⋯.jpg (492.61 KB, 1096x913, 1096:913, 3f20fb4021adbcbb19fc76dae8….jpg)

File: bb00791e998fd0e⋯.jpeg (12.4 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 4b8543bf74204f233020ab4b5….jpeg)

File: 5a39457b9090325⋯.jpg (48.26 KB, 540x710, 54:71, 5a39457b90903250cf7605ba07….jpg)

File: 15e6de2a842012d⋯.jpeg (89.27 KB, 758x505, 758:505, 15e6de2a842012d8f3d56aa0a….jpeg)

File: 01ff511cdf0c97b⋯.jpg (34.17 KB, 639x500, 639:500, 094f5d8d6150e776de12c7941e….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824401

File: 0173ddc316a9a4a⋯.jpg (27.23 KB, 501x577, 501:577, 0173ddc316a9a4a1b4307dcce4….jpg)

File: 27d6b0a120011be⋯.png (394.99 KB, 645x459, 215:153, 27d6b0a120011beb7d054b6ccb….png)

File: b106f2e16d5d110⋯.jpg (104.8 KB, 968x681, 968:681, 32a2ede13dc62a82bc6117f257….jpg)

File: 39dcd4ba751f9a1⋯.jpg (36.31 KB, 594x442, 297:221, 39dcd4ba751f9a1e30df066d1f….jpg)

File: 47d17b02a012fa2⋯.jpg (140.23 KB, 814x817, 814:817, 47d17b02a012fa2f534125873b….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824413

File: fa379b359bfef8e⋯.jpg (105.13 KB, 1024x584, 128:73, 42e5f5b27d933547e4cbdaf796….jpg)

File: 44c864b8464a6c7⋯.jpg (57.99 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 44c864b8464a6c7c15452b7a58….jpg)

File: 49bf0c8051aabbe⋯.png (308.77 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 49bf0c8051aabbe8304fc6518d….png)

File: 57e81a26f105070⋯.jpg (67.76 KB, 500x627, 500:627, 57e81a26f10507061dbc41e3be….jpg)

File: efea7a816491426⋯.jpg (140.3 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 58d523e506ce637b90b0d2f971….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824428

File: 86a72339bb22446⋯.jpg (360.8 KB, 1024x1200, 64:75, 86a72339bb22446a244e457a52….jpg)

File: 86c4ebe6b0c6d73⋯.jpg (302.94 KB, 1600x1042, 800:521, 86c4ebe6b0c6d730e265491088….jpg)

File: 70670d9f08db2b6⋯.jpg (90.1 KB, 682x960, 341:480, 70670d9f08db2b6b1f756a8559….jpg)

File: ba6d2e405ac8575⋯.jpg (81.22 KB, 736x736, 1:1, ba6d2e405ac8575ae83c35d973….jpg)

File: 7283404fc059b25⋯.png (625.2 KB, 807x679, 807:679, 7283404fc059b25a0aac4d61e6….png)

1da76d  No.6824450

File: 24938f3fec4a4cd⋯.png (374.78 KB, 600x549, 200:183, 24938f3fec4a4cd17d6ceeea57….png)

File: a69852285597fd1⋯.jpg (15.22 KB, 255x191, 255:191, a69852285597fd1b51a785e414….jpg)

File: abe66f4e1d5e8fe⋯.jpg (86.29 KB, 626x417, 626:417, abe66f4e1d5e8fe558d8a66bc5….jpg)

File: 14f13db22ac04fb⋯.jpg (36.73 KB, 389x540, 389:540, b7b2c0828a978277073b05fba2….jpg)

File: b2ce8e8b29d8c24⋯.jpg (117.59 KB, 722x554, 361:277, b8a2b8bde01bcd4a4b40f4bd1e….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824481

File: 9883bb668ab9331⋯.jpg (74.88 KB, 626x613, 626:613, 9883bb668ab9331b6165d6327a….jpg)

File: 21341a8a060bf81⋯.jpg (70.6 KB, 626x613, 626:613, 21341a8a060bf8103d3f7de13b….jpg)

File: 34269b80ee6f234⋯.jpg (67.08 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 34269b80ee6f234787a1b52fd4….jpg)

File: 422689006d4d924⋯.jpg (50.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 422689006d4d9247c704996b59….jpg)

File: 820266310cfe156⋯.jpeg (98.41 KB, 695x936, 695:936, 820266310cfe1565ce7a6c6a6….jpeg)

1da76d  No.6824492

File: 83c912ff3643d20⋯.jpg (173.71 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, 83c912ff3643d204ffeb67cfdc….jpg)

File: 87ce8b06169ad48⋯.png (350.7 KB, 542x398, 271:199, 87ce8b06169ad4816a516b9bed….png)

File: 88f258200517812⋯.jpg (714.36 KB, 1658x1111, 1658:1111, 88f258200517812fa984589fa4….jpg)

File: 93fa7b63e303571⋯.jpg (87.14 KB, 735x750, 49:50, 93fa7b63e3035716dfeefd5493….jpg)

File: 101e3d8406b2890⋯.jpg (127.28 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 101e3d8406b2890479ed4904ac….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824516

File: 4ab8db5eaafc3fb⋯.png (72.57 KB, 500x389, 500:389, A.png)

File: a02dacaabd49ab3⋯.jpg (11.92 KB, 255x240, 17:16, a02dacaabd49ab360fff166977….jpg)

File: a017a553988d0e7⋯.jpg (64.62 KB, 280x400, 7:10, a017a553988d0e75103784f258….jpg)

File: 66dd826571d2fc4⋯.png (459.58 KB, 621x621, 1:1, Airforce1.png)

File: b3f8cc4c15cfd9e⋯.jpg (57.87 KB, 768x500, 192:125, b3f8cc4c15cfd9ed7e9b61ba6b….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824526

File: 0341492255a8ac6⋯.jpg (104.64 KB, 918x642, 153:107, 0341492255a8ac668eab6a2efd….jpg)

File: 61888085772aa8e⋯.jpg (235.89 KB, 1452x1574, 726:787, 61888085772aa8e5e4ba8cb916….jpg)

File: a0ab855d813b98e⋯.jpg (91.12 KB, 917x487, 917:487, a0ab855d813b98eb09ba3c3b8b….jpg)

File: a4d7066b9873922⋯.jpg (61.78 KB, 1080x607, 1080:607, a4d7066b9873922ad96f834c30….jpg)

File: a89d585d82afb11⋯.jpg (94.14 KB, 687x500, 687:500, a89d585d82afb11a637efe0b81….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824537

File: 68a8896ecaad542⋯.jpg (66.16 KB, 810x455, 162:91, 68a8896ecaad5425e54d08826c….jpg)

File: 76d2edadada3017⋯.jpg (37 KB, 450x451, 450:451, 76d2edadada301707728ba90f0….jpg)

File: f772710b592fa5e⋯.jpg (342.03 KB, 1957x1440, 1957:1440, 81bc835c6fede1f6e0ccd9f948….jpg)

File: f31bef11b586aec⋯.jpg (105.12 KB, 576x384, 3:2, 165ce782be1b18884845463919….jpg)

File: 355cf864d2f2d20⋯.png (335.2 KB, 470x536, 235:268, 355cf864d2f2d20943034d1dc8….png)

1da76d  No.6824542

File: 469d78c8da0bd21⋯.png (692.25 KB, 720x537, 240:179, 469d78c8da0bd2126e26471f96….png)

File: 554b8194cf33f85⋯.jpg (51.25 KB, 800x446, 400:223, 554b8194cf33f85a664ffef1ff….jpg)

File: 559ff701f6b8e87⋯.jpg (37.83 KB, 509x509, 1:1, 559ff701f6b8e870f5d127b0d5….jpg)

File: 600c0f12aa5ffe8⋯.jpg (121.6 KB, 712x709, 712:709, 600c0f12aa5ffe8e07bebedc0e….jpg)

File: 628c01169ea010e⋯.jpg (63.9 KB, 889x499, 889:499, 628c01169ea010e17dc63e34bd….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824554

File: 0792b25abf8b5ed⋯.png (833.46 KB, 987x498, 329:166, 0792b25abf8b5ed6acdaed1814….png)

File: 893f92cfb3f08e9⋯.jpg (109.1 KB, 760x526, 380:263, 893f92cfb3f08e9562e6653d9b….jpg)

File: 2888df369a081be⋯.jpg (226.42 KB, 2304x1296, 16:9, 2888df369a081beb111fcff07d….jpg)

File: 3028e4dd987370c⋯.jpg (115.8 KB, 1088x618, 544:309, 3028e4dd987370c526fdee579b….jpg)

File: b5d9ca8579a7fe5⋯.jpg (151.38 KB, 1126x1317, 1126:1317, 5130e3b21c3e23efb8590f9818….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824558

File: 1952cfcdb5709a9⋯.jpg (73.96 KB, 1077x583, 1077:583, 1952cfcdb5709a9690ee6cc577….jpg)

File: 3282cc4b7e2b1a7⋯.jpg (286.86 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 3282cc4b7e2b1a7757c99c86c2….jpg)

File: 3356a7ec7bb0d60⋯.jpg (114.15 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 3356a7ec7bb0d603c54f3935dd….jpg)

File: 4d2056bc68096a2⋯.jpg (46.29 KB, 635x437, 635:437, 79353edf7364abbfcb2f919717….jpg)

File: 5a5318e12a1965a⋯.jpg (81.46 KB, 736x922, 368:461, 021570055f624fb69a6d079c64….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824570

File: a3097d0829d315a⋯.jpg (111.31 KB, 500x636, 125:159, a3097d0829d315aa0b85c35f24….jpg)

File: a8583d23c55e2b5⋯.png (254.44 KB, 490x537, 490:537, a8583d23c55e2b563e7f7a563c….png)

File: c89f3a07bf9c506⋯.png (612.86 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, b26fbb5c883a225b85eb46d773….png)

File: 9d3ad53779f30be⋯.png (439.17 KB, 1031x957, 1031:957, bac5de15fbf5d7440348d036dd….png)

File: 582d075f7ae6cd9⋯.png (434.59 KB, 1427x1327, 1427:1327, bd36c3c67e4614314847698f0b….png)

1da76d  No.6824585

File: 95e691bfe18fc64⋯.jpg (236.41 KB, 1432x712, 179:89, c84db010901d8d2b2ffba289c4….jpg)

File: c97ab96321881a0⋯.jpg (129.75 KB, 1440x1064, 180:133, c97ab96321881a0c05539e5b5d….jpg)

File: 8e4c0162a6589d4⋯.jpg (99.17 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, c53949c96c275b3a5e039ff479….jpg)

File: cc92da63e622bea⋯.jpg (397.95 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, cc92da63e622bea4a5a9ca0d41….jpg)

File: eb39ccc38782b4f⋯.png (12.76 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ce85bb6acabb439031b567ebcf….png)

1da76d  No.6824595

File: d9dadda06dc55d2⋯.jpg (156.67 KB, 738x498, 123:83, BuildTheWall1 Drunk driver.jpg)

File: e94f57ecaeac864⋯.jpg (68.47 KB, 620x470, 62:47, BuildTheWall2 Overdose.jpg)

File: 061fb72e73f1c12⋯.jpg (47.19 KB, 414x292, 207:146, BuildTheWall3 Rape.jpg)

File: f55da1658b6b4f8⋯.jpg (128.3 KB, 624x500, 156:125, BuildTheWall4 Shooting.jpg)

File: ca388cf652be38b⋯.jpg (48.25 KB, 474x316, 3:2, BuildTheWall5 Carjacking.jpg)

1da76d  No.6824600

File: c5ad2aff12c04ba⋯.jpg (65.6 KB, 541x400, 541:400, BuildTheWall6 Sexual Assau….jpg)

File: b21ff69692ac4cb⋯.jpg (33.56 KB, 419x286, 419:286, BuildTheWall7 Child Traffi….jpg)

File: 960fd96364c8d1e⋯.jpg (103.75 KB, 466x542, 233:271, BuildTheWall8 Drug traffic….jpg)

File: 7022744236d3b19⋯.jpg (70.49 KB, 638x360, 319:180, Buildwall tears.jpg)

File: a3f100c77719cd4⋯.jpeg (141.22 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, BuildWallCrimeFall_01-23-….JPEG)

1da76d  No.6824620

File: e44ff9142157624⋯.jpg (196.44 KB, 1023x734, 1023:734, BuildWallCrimeFallchump4.jpg)

File: d15eec65d98a409⋯.jpg (203.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, BuildWallCrimeFallpray11.jpg)

File: 76511bedbb2e337⋯.jpg (35.69 KB, 640x423, 640:423, BuildWallCrimeWillFallline….jpg)

File: 40da5b71f2d5b72⋯.jpeg (41.11 KB, 540x361, 540:361, BorderWallMonumentKilledB….jpeg)

File: 60c6169aada9bd7⋯.jpeg (40.33 KB, 566x468, 283:234, 60c6169aada9bd797341f031d….jpeg)

1da76d  No.6824640

File: 7ea9d4c926e34ab⋯.jpg (501.18 KB, 800x600, 4:3, a06469c5bc0b2b6b76dc8cb260….jpg)

File: d4c168f328df67b⋯.jpg (66.28 KB, 480x300, 8:5, d4c168f328df67b06e4872703b….jpg)

File: db11e79ce4d45de⋯.jpg (146.55 KB, 994x566, 497:283, db11e79ce4d45de32f60be64a9….jpg)

File: a9d94a3fbfb4284⋯.png (6.01 MB, 2100x1500, 7:5, a9d94a3fbfb4284b7ee4b739fd….png)

File: af182c251444636⋯.png (157.23 KB, 689x960, 689:960, af182c251444636cc35b5fc151….png)

1da76d  No.6824680

File: accec5f29741d7e⋯.jpg (44.43 KB, 338x438, 169:219, accec5f29741d7ea4138953f30….jpg)

File: f51c40a1c5cb491⋯.jpg (263.75 KB, 1200x816, 25:17, 8ccfa7e49e094f157429c77849….jpg)

File: 56eeeff2a57c32e⋯.png (250.37 KB, 896x745, 896:745, 56eeeff2a57c32eb76a4f319cf….png)

File: a79af2fdff6529e⋯.png (524.02 KB, 809x742, 809:742, a79af2fdff6529ed3606aa36d7….png)

File: c9257b3e7984eca⋯.png (609.19 KB, 1039x952, 1039:952, c136b8dae8410da071a7a16a3b….png)

1da76d  No.6824685

File: a8fb2048353822c⋯.png (525.26 KB, 1080x678, 180:113, 21a0c6436b173dd32c79b8ebe0….png)

File: 1e1e4ee172bcb21⋯.png (972.2 KB, 1348x1100, 337:275, 1533f7c87b3e7e6fff073fd267….png)

File: 83a1665e0edd9a4⋯.jpg (125.32 KB, 920x613, 920:613, e11c7c13aa2419b82add1888a1….jpg)

File: feca9f1a682f345⋯.png (426.39 KB, 653x520, 653:520, feca9f1a682f34516524597f90….png)

File: a2cd695cbcfca50⋯.jpg (197.8 KB, 749x598, 749:598, a2cd695cbcfca5095544361316….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824689

File: 5a1b6473843a458⋯.jpg (96.11 KB, 480x480, 1:1, CongressPledgeAllegianceTo….jpg)

File: 1b4d1ffe738854a⋯.jpg (113.2 KB, 511x494, 511:494, c34c87c6ca60de95594bf93529….jpg)

File: de0cc93acb6505a⋯.jpg (101.87 KB, 960x926, 480:463, de0cc93acb6505ac8ab0507e39….jpg)

File: b3b75114c562d97⋯.jpg (220.89 KB, 931x524, 931:524, b3b75114c562d970988167499f….jpg)

File: 689de3dd93e48a2⋯.jpg (35.19 KB, 540x370, 54:37, 689de3dd93e48a250697ee23ad….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824697

File: 0f5c148f99b86b8⋯.png (851.6 KB, 1113x655, 1113:655, a04e6d78460fe74f8f4d243f77….png)

File: 2af108ce16be2a7⋯.png (598.43 KB, 977x601, 977:601, 2af108ce16be2a7642f7b40ee0….png)

File: dc5320f5513a4de⋯.png (437.15 KB, 680x574, 340:287, 3ed8747c4859e445a95e6fa417….png)

File: 32092116c92256b⋯.jpg (73.92 KB, 500x331, 500:331, 8a7eec27e59f92475cf8478c4a….jpg)

File: 1178fcda629c24d⋯.png (25.42 KB, 254x255, 254:255, b0be2dda1fa67502b8a73cd42a….png)

1da76d  No.6824702

File: 819233ffd42cedf⋯.jpg (62.24 KB, 631x426, 631:426, 819233ffd42cedfdb50637a92c….jpg)

File: e441a4544bb8163⋯.png (373.88 KB, 373x532, 373:532, e441a4544bb8163fa5a6401aeb….png)

File: ad12daeb3e97a6e⋯.jpg (87.46 KB, 450x450, 1:1, ad12daeb3e97a6ee77567466d4….jpg)

File: b3730efb56d3b95⋯.png (371.37 KB, 367x552, 367:552, b3730efb56d3b956b7690fd49e….png)

File: d79a1d82c79e921⋯.jpg (138.07 KB, 640x457, 640:457, d79a1d82c79e921f0044db9fa1….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824714

File: c0a1aebde3668ef⋯.jpg (116.26 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, ecca2d7cd6a5e3a3e84ec9f0ff….jpg)

File: 1b8b3f68adde2d5⋯.jpg (118.78 KB, 1080x655, 216:131, 4e5b5d1707b2aed44b7302b01a….jpg)

File: b26fba2351891af⋯.jpg (789.12 KB, 1100x731, 1100:731, d5cb694e4a7570003ac1de4da9….jpg)

File: 32e28802007844e⋯.jpg (168.69 KB, 960x600, 8:5, f73488e726283f2f11e2c45326….jpg)

File: 85157ad5ca834c5⋯.png (498.88 KB, 1140x556, 285:139, 85157ad5ca834c5d9884cc64be….png)

1da76d  No.6824718

File: e6f6e4b2341f1e3⋯.png (493.14 KB, 1136x554, 568:277, e6f6e4b2341f1e3efedb46f3a5….png)

File: bec4079b8a277e4⋯.jpg (24.21 KB, 499x366, 499:366, bec4079b8a277e43eeb51609e3….jpg)

File: 71a37da11f56126⋯.jpeg (65.48 KB, 610x330, 61:33, 71a37da11f56126a2bc1169eb….jpeg)

File: a86af8bdd376251⋯.png (571 KB, 911x784, 911:784, a86af8bdd376251a2392336ed3….png)

File: 55b4ec3a2e36ebb⋯.jpg (75.63 KB, 654x500, 327:250, 55b4ec3a2e36ebbda42a86b908….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824723

File: 26469b5d4a26c25⋯.png (172.64 KB, 710x642, 355:321, 3f5a67f19819f421b2e5d23f2f….png)

File: 0ea51722bc05eef⋯.jpg (180.31 KB, 873x905, 873:905, 29269269374bd77f4ef969374d….jpg)

File: 467093ef165f288⋯.jpeg (79.08 KB, 656x652, 164:163, 7824055fd1718dbee888b9de8….jpeg)

File: 4ccd9d43541e5be⋯.jpeg (81.91 KB, 620x863, 620:863, 7e645cb96b4f094de7a7a23a4….jpeg)

File: b2e02098fc7cf75⋯.png (528.82 KB, 695x462, 695:462, b2e02098fc7cf75e9d4b831b64….png)

1da76d  No.6824731

File: 8a648402f109bd5⋯.jpg (17.52 KB, 246x255, 82:85, b2cbb42ba670eb78a9a1827289….jpg)

File: 31deceed7b31062⋯.jpg (133.15 KB, 640x457, 640:457, 31deceed7b310625e51371920e….jpg)

File: 364e141bd913fd6⋯.png (322.99 KB, 1003x568, 1003:568, 364e141bd913fd602c0746aa57….png)

File: 9cc04e1e92c4ff5⋯.jpg (83.59 KB, 736x549, 736:549, 9cc04e1e92c4ff56127515476e….jpg)

File: 5e30b9b97be8db5⋯.jpg (109.29 KB, 500x609, 500:609, 5e30b9b97be8db548193abcbae….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824757

File: 3ea34a7391856df⋯.jpg (404.79 KB, 1036x1132, 259:283, 3ea34a7391856df5e59f395bd4….jpg)

File: 6b7ac418466212a⋯.jpeg (115 KB, 634x634, 1:1, 6b7ac418466212a6ec2de8c12….jpeg)

File: 49e875f7802240b⋯.png (738.15 KB, 640x468, 160:117, 49e875f7802240bc25bad11424….png)

File: dea6ec279eae293⋯.jpg (118.02 KB, 729x500, 729:500, dea6ec279eae2933bb9def4bc4….jpg)

File: f2b037f063fd550⋯.jpg (59.14 KB, 1080x626, 540:313, IlhanOmar.jpg)

1da76d  No.6824769

File: 232bd0b1a0f097b⋯.mp4 (1.59 MB, 748x750, 374:375, 232bd0b1a0f097be279d227f45….mp4)

File: 92a37d92e9cc81e⋯.png (1.32 MB, 952x676, 238:169, 92a37d92e9cc81ee9e8248c017….png)

File: 3de281b843dae0a⋯.png (121.38 KB, 500x490, 50:49, 3de281b843dae0add8ee0011ba….png)

File: 3ea34a7391856df⋯.jpg (404.79 KB, 1036x1132, 259:283, DualReps.jpg)

File: 3c1389a0ed2671c⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 3c1389a0ed2671cb9d58b8fc88….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824779

File: 82d150e7d3f8c2a⋯.jpg (54.88 KB, 476x571, 476:571, af0896a4181529a1a3667eb44a….jpg)

File: 1ce49083d72a364⋯.jpg (55.78 KB, 1000x416, 125:52, 1ce49083d72a3648f18da65d42….jpg)

File: 1d9962332981c4c⋯.jpg (90.16 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1d9962332981c4c18e9dc13756….jpg)

File: c3ce3940b6459dc⋯.jpg (111.48 KB, 758x512, 379:256, 69ee7976a48c3369925427da78….jpg)

File: 1859b862cc453ec⋯.jpg (172.21 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 1859b862cc453ecf5dd114b520….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824785

File: f54068d7bd5d4ff⋯.png (331.11 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 208ee0b4b69f89c3e3ca2c3019….png)

File: c9595d82edae901⋯.jpg (358.77 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, c9595d82edae90136c2aaf6184….jpg)

File: f10e5501be1ee33⋯.jpg (172.83 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, CensorshipPrivacy.jpg)

File: d7a3f9734eea6d4⋯.jpg (255.76 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, d7a3f9734eea6d4614957f6dcc….jpg)

File: dfe615ee63e0984⋯.png (561.95 KB, 524x485, 524:485, dfe615ee63e09846ef18669223….png)

1da76d  No.6824799

File: db17fb9fd9af7a6⋯.jpg (151.68 KB, 492x537, 164:179, db17fb9fd9af7a69a475f2cf2d….jpg)

File: 09d9f3d5daedccb⋯.jpg (81.39 KB, 682x500, 341:250, 09d9f3d5daedccbb27516df8df….jpg)

File: b190d6398e9be54⋯.png (662.74 KB, 1006x990, 503:495, 9a208e0a2d238dab9dd1c1cc48….png)

File: 6e9382642dad0fe⋯.png (180.36 KB, 607x698, 607:698, 18e7ffd3ba6c3e03e5ae1f6c70….png)

File: 5482cf27178295e⋯.png (289.45 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 5482cf27178295e5f06393c78c….png)

1da76d  No.6824804

File: 4510bf009717c10⋯.jpg (184.89 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 4510bf009717c106fcecd46d9a….jpg)

File: 4982e5056777387⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 474x315, 158:105, 4982e505677738756b545b8c06….jpg)

File: 94452b42c2318b8⋯.jpg (103.54 KB, 800x480, 5:3, 94452b42c2318b851186a48dc2….jpg)

File: 517114be22cef7b⋯.png (116.46 KB, 640x401, 640:401, 517114be22cef7b2bda15f230a….png)

File: 1a875d8eb1d77e6⋯.jpg (78.11 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1560829448638.jpg)

1da76d  No.6824811

File: f3456b75e5d7547⋯.jpg (81.71 KB, 401x469, 401:469, 19689206d3df8ce0bcfac71daf….jpg)

File: f8d5c86ccc828ca⋯.jpg (156.28 KB, 800x657, 800:657, ae21b7c5c5d46ed7b66416afeb….jpg)

File: b3f2a30648a4df8⋯.jpg (190.99 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, b3f2a30648a4df8134bb735128….jpg)

File: b40507c91abcf6d⋯.jpg (135.5 KB, 833x500, 833:500, b40507c91abcf6dabb6f79a8c3….jpg)

File: cc4c05047dbc03e⋯.jpg (79.93 KB, 600x560, 15:14, cc4c05047dbc03e90460c640c7….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824829

File: fd0dc21d323a391⋯.png (264.57 KB, 1040x333, 1040:333, fd0dc21d323a3913e5658dc4e8….png)

File: 3fe4c9999ef901a⋯.jpg (40.2 KB, 507x350, 507:350, 3fe4c9999ef901a8a63dc12f90….jpg)

File: 3295fcb35ca37a2⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 515x675, 103:135, 7dcb20fac98eba4e83f28b2609….jpg)

File: 1489f29d2be634f⋯.png (258.47 KB, 569x569, 1:1, 1489f29d2be634f0eea7f537aa….png)

File: 86273ee307e049c⋯.png (233.32 KB, 567x348, 189:116, weinerGetsOutInMay1.png)

1da76d  No.6824844

File: 49338a83c37ec9a⋯.jpeg (222.28 KB, 901x904, 901:904, 49338a83c37ec9a3f22098d92….jpeg)

File: 7ecbcd9eaf99948⋯.png (131.58 KB, 480x360, 4:3, d462168df2235f720b6209c1e8….png)

File: 1f6771023e1a5e1⋯.jpg (34.35 KB, 602x378, 43:27, 1f6771023e1a5e1efc48caee35….jpg)

File: f0eaadcd613726d⋯.jpg (452.03 KB, 1078x822, 539:411, 33d64b92d0bec428b388d59d0a….jpg)

File: 621a7f4cd6072b5⋯.jpg (36.6 KB, 634x634, 1:1, 621a7f4cd6072b51a3b2bd274c….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824852

File: b3251ff3856bd41⋯.jpeg (57.19 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, c2b05ee1af3a1fda54b6dafcf….jpeg)

File: 5a05b1c662e272c⋯.png (340.55 KB, 700x463, 700:463, 5a05b1c662e272c0142befca40….png)

File: 7c3d3e4febb5c55⋯.jpg (117.55 KB, 564x702, 94:117, 7c3d3e4febb5c55a47a8e276e1….jpg)

File: 9b06f96e47e4caa⋯.jpg (42.93 KB, 640x663, 640:663, 9b06f96e47e4caa47665da46fb….jpg)

File: 21030baa4fa947f⋯.jpg (81.23 KB, 960x720, 4:3, D0ArR7OWsAAg0nU.jpg)

1da76d  No.6824862

File: 76240115de41a27⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, 76240115de41a27fb40c954b0f….jpg)

File: a25813e657bdc23⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 500x368, 125:92, d55a6e60b2cdf26d3baeadad39….jpg)

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, e29b698c24bd2d7b212e58c83a….png)

File: 09b3e5f0e8ee9ba⋯.jpg (177.21 KB, 450x360, 5:4, e31c75e599f3b90bbf2c0dd927….jpg)

File: a0c587bc9c702e6⋯.jpg (401.69 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 517e8bd517288bc048dc733ea1….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824872

File: 208f2a5eb465828⋯.jpg (37.99 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 4ee5bfa47fb812d0faa823c0c7….jpg)

File: 175e619aea6c177⋯.png (595.24 KB, 3508x4960, 877:1240, 175e619aea6c17754c7be61e8c….png)

File: 2dc42242a0029ad⋯.jpg (184.69 KB, 640x694, 320:347, 2dc42242a0029adbcb6c2e8cdd….jpg)

File: 3b7eabcbedba76f⋯.jpg (156.15 KB, 1609x1099, 1609:1099, 3b7eabcbedba76fd43e6ac412f….jpg)

File: 07d0ee715f6c644⋯.jpg (16.3 KB, 255x243, 85:81, 34bdf2215922e7c21bc37674be….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824880

File: 4a8e3c9e328e3fc⋯.jpg (243.71 KB, 1200x1153, 1200:1153, 4a8e3c9e328e3fc82bb7e8a2ba….jpg)

File: 296a382335537c8⋯.png (431.61 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 296a382335537c83d1f78e1dbf….png)

File: 6241f66d1d8d47e⋯.jpg (44.19 KB, 616x616, 1:1, 6241f66d1d8d47e95782dbb946….jpg)

File: 362997d2bfae8b9⋯.jpg (279.52 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, 362997d2bfae8b9f6fe28e982a….jpg)

File: d5cb72ce55bf00b⋯.jpg (47.42 KB, 550x540, 55:54, D1-lfqRWoAELPaa.jpg)

1da76d  No.6824888

File: af27d5eb8b00d24⋯.jpg (18.64 KB, 255x255, 1:1, D1yc2ZMW0AEFxk7.jpg)

File: e2c328563caf48d⋯.jpg (66.3 KB, 640x642, 320:321, D16PyRhWkAAo6mO.jpg)

File: bc5e54726e76cca⋯.jpg (63.76 KB, 666x500, 333:250, bc5e54726e76ccacaf76d42ae4….jpg)

File: 2a305574ad1a872⋯.png (431.87 KB, 635x672, 635:672, 9ef9102c37d79e559a4586bd2c….png)

File: e660bd32190bf6e⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1358x933, 1358:933, e660bd32190bf6ebac2262281c….png)

1da76d  No.6824895

File: 27e6873b2047d5d⋯.png (372.35 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 3b87dcfb9b3e6b299706ac6e52….png)

File: a7b433c012fc0ba⋯.jpg (107.78 KB, 640x842, 320:421, 3c990d9d7f9770851ceaad078f….jpg)

File: a5e78ff01bb528c⋯.jpg (64.96 KB, 640x640, 1:1, a5e78ff01bb528cb6fd5f95573….jpg)

File: 29275e999f486d9⋯.jpg (95.25 KB, 1079x769, 1079:769, DzdBnlJWsAA6sPk.jpg)

File: 6330f3a092ff66e⋯.jpg (6.38 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ec9df2fa570001515fd19b9404….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824915

File: 01c432c0cc60d8c⋯.png (487.02 KB, 723x545, 723:545, 01c432c0cc60d8c0954a1a12a9….png)

File: f019d771b89590c⋯.jpg (50.18 KB, 540x633, 180:211, 1e03b430cbe42512bd51bb79de….jpg)

File: 85d19592c33fda2⋯.png (610.6 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 5e507b19c66e305937513123ea….png)

File: 7eb539d09df92f1⋯.jpg (110.44 KB, 536x500, 134:125, 7eb539d09df92f15c8e075ed47….jpg)

File: 775f667dde5e0b3⋯.jpg (63.29 KB, 616x347, 616:347, 5b0c514952e23ca3d46ddedaa6….jpg)

1da76d  No.6824918

File: 2014fde8a128d6b⋯.jpg (196.52 KB, 1020x1020, 1:1, 1d19d208cc2957cfb7ed2cc8e1….jpg)

File: 28b672b91fd4a38⋯.jpg (39.91 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 26bfc7caf7c1f804fcc0d3c02e….jpg)

File: a6f45bc3be97f52⋯.jpg (7.69 KB, 308x164, 77:41, AHFree.jpg)

File: f8f7e9959d554c5⋯.jpg (92.95 KB, 1200x640, 15:8, AHTyranny.jpg)

File: 863c0e8429e8931⋯.jpg (114.78 KB, 1200x640, 15:8, SAFfffadeaway.jpg)

fd542e  No.6825935

File: a745f72584a5fc3⋯.jpeg (299.87 KB, 839x1190, 839:1190, Kiddos’_20190622_Chess_Ga….jpeg)

File: c8aa63fe3078933⋯.jpeg (303.31 KB, 839x1190, 839:1190, Kiddos’_20190622_Chess_Ga….jpeg)

File: 95068ff60f73dd4⋯.pdf (2.38 MB, Kiddos’_20190622_Chess_Gam….pdf)

File: 809c08bba2e9b35⋯.jpeg (299.52 KB, 839x1190, 839:1190, KiZ_20190622_Schachkurs_1.jpeg)

File: 27b04dafbdb83ff⋯.jpeg (302.98 KB, 839x1190, 839:1190, KiZ_20190622_Schachkurs_2.jpeg)

Kiddos’ Daily, Chess Games Edition

71e616  No.6826095

File: add50ef2303b2c0⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, CalmStorm.png)

File: 4c278130806853c⋯.png (581.47 KB, 768x480, 8:5, calmstorm2 -.png)

File: 764f853492f7512⋯.png (708.29 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, calmstorm3.png)

File: d936dfc86e40f94⋯.png (960.68 KB, 1200x709, 1200:709, calmstorm4.png)

File: 597c0bde4620434⋯.png (961.69 KB, 1200x709, 1200:709, calmstorm4b.png)

3ad3ab  No.6827188

File: bdf42a6dfde20a8⋯.png (548.21 KB, 568x565, 568:565, PanicPopPrimus.png)

074049  No.6830595

File: 57a58710bed80cb⋯.jpg (427.85 KB, 1264x615, 1264:615, programmingus.jpg)

18fd7e  No.6831788

File: a000856a2d31b24⋯.png (465.56 KB, 867x377, 867:377, A-10 BRRRRRRTing.png)

dccff4  No.6832264

Larz Kaos - a brilliant meme warrior deserving more recognition - I advise effectively spreading his creations if you're able to


1866b7  No.6832410

File: 71359f1840b0871⋯.jpg (83.36 KB, 758x506, 379:253, BarrPATRIOT.jpg)

File: fd64553200d6fa1⋯.jpg (254.47 KB, 1200x849, 400:283, TrumpSkyOffice.jpg)

File: 3b5e795037a0c7a⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 749x727, 749:727, TVMindControl.jpg)

File: 374ba4fcf080c14⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 357x451, 357:451, WallHurtsDems.jpg)

File: 59d9ada102f8404⋯.jpg (195.64 KB, 1182x786, 197:131, WhatIfMindControlMKUltra.jpg)

1866b7  No.6832415

File: a0edf9553f66aaf⋯.jpg (56.9 KB, 500x521, 500:521, ComeyWantsDeal.jpg)

File: 9f9ecbca7eea734⋯.png (275.11 KB, 575x584, 575:584, CueBallQ.png)

File: 497d4fbfd1301d6⋯.jpg (174.21 KB, 1034x778, 517:389, DarktoLight.jpg)

File: c2dc23bd2d281b1⋯.jpg (61.07 KB, 500x303, 500:303, DemsLeftDivisiondentityPol….jpg)

File: 581acd2d1bf10b1⋯.jpg (96.63 KB, 768x592, 48:37, DeportIllegals50.jpg)

1866b7  No.6832417

File: 7ccab2afce2322e⋯.jpg (141.22 KB, 706x594, 353:297, Fed-Inflation.jpg)

File: e3bb1edf4dd067d⋯.jpg (47.92 KB, 481x383, 481:383, finally_obama.jpg)

File: 349bd3a1be7d446⋯.jpg (829.69 KB, 1800x1465, 360:293, flakThickOverTarget.jpg)

File: 878f83f484ccfd8⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 736x736, 1:1, FruitsOfTheSpirit.jpg)

File: 8f5ae1995d2f7e3⋯.jpg (269.02 KB, 1152x1152, 1:1, GlobalistsControlPoliticia….jpg)

1866b7  No.6832426

File: 0fb3631caabd8c9⋯.jpg (427.16 KB, 1264x615, 1264:615, GoogleAdmitsProgrammingUS.jpg)

File: cb371e81f4d0694⋯.jpg (448.86 KB, 736x888, 92:111, HanselGretelTrue.jpg)

File: 55cf8d2602ef1dd⋯.jpg (66.58 KB, 547x361, 547:361, Ilhan Omar incest.jpg)

File: e24e8b054c977e8⋯.jpg (152.61 KB, 968x645, 968:645, IlhanOmarIncest14.jpg)

File: ac7dc71e13b7b91⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 500x582, 250:291, IlhanOmarIncestIlhan.jpg)

1866b7  No.6832429

File: d0cfe5dca91c21f⋯.jpg (74.84 KB, 792x612, 22:17, IlhanOmarIncestMarriageCer….jpg)

File: 4627d13d13ca52d⋯.jpg (26.17 KB, 311x273, 311:273, IlhanOmarIncestPerjury5.jpg)

File: 2f3e67adc1e8637⋯.jpg (43.78 KB, 500x312, 125:78, IlhanOmarIncestPerjury7.jpg)

File: 5f7d9127533bc7a⋯.jpg (48.31 KB, 711x472, 711:472, IlhanOmarIncestPerjuryBrot….jpg)

File: ee07ccc1bf1fb8d⋯.jpg (52.93 KB, 497x349, 497:349, IllegalBackDoorfront_door.jpg)

1866b7  No.6832449

File: 1e768aa18c7b824⋯.jpg (57.64 KB, 551x541, 551:541, Illegals get better benefi….jpg)

File: bfe6ad2c09ec058⋯.jpg (507.07 KB, 1200x787, 1200:787, JussieSmollett-LoopCapital….jpg)

File: 38e80a5c8ef21c3⋯.jpg (143.24 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, LeftHypocrisyExampleDACAre….jpg)

File: 7cdd2b6e219f9fd⋯.jpg (72.28 KB, 540x539, 540:539, LibsIllegalsSanctuaryCity.jpg)

File: a9a5a8c7e86b22b⋯.jpg (21.17 KB, 271x175, 271:175, magaflag.jpg)

1866b7  No.6832454

File: 3415e52d83a380e⋯.jpg (360.45 KB, 799x433, 799:433, MemewarQControlCenter.jpg)

File: c5ef9b1e2b731a1⋯.jpg (78.59 KB, 500x488, 125:122, MSMMakesLies.jpg)

File: 6ec72e8806c2a2d⋯.jpg (97.39 KB, 400x400, 1:1, NailedIt.jpg)