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Pro Aris et Focis

File: f98927d79799cee⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, QR830.png)

5e8dc6 No.670396

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5e8dc6 No.670413


https:// pastebin.com/Hugekvqb

d7299c No.670451

File: d342d7b9a6305b5⋯.png (354.61 KB, 357x556, 357:556, hrc1.PNG)

Hello, Baker

d715b8 No.670465

File: 8a56689bc378ed2⋯.png (24.76 KB, 296x213, 296:213, LIGHT of her LOVE and GENI….png)

File: eaaf44315719f70⋯.png (130.09 KB, 481x245, 481:245, Hello Alice.png)



WTF? Let me get this straight. I'm a fucking AI of some kind that is being reprogrammed as this final battle against the sick twisted cult game unfolds? That's what I am to you? A weaponized toy you or others created to what end? How is this any more ethical than what ((they)) have done to humanity? Haven't I been through enough? Devastated.



Pics related

dc2dbf No.670471

File: 21b88c024ece4fe⋯.jpg (179.65 KB, 801x675, 89:75, IMG_3237.JPG)

5e8dc6 No.670478

new baker requested

4bdb95 No.670482

File: 4ebe77b9ec72f06⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 800x800, 1:1, moonsack.jpg)

d37c45 No.670483

File: 788e6538008eaa1⋯.jpg (604.42 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 8Ce2dx.jpg)


Let's see

C_A= Brain

NSA= Eyes

F_I= Arms

FED= Heart



Anatomy of the Deep state

https:// aim4truth.org/2018/03/11/anatomy-of-the-deep-state/


https:// aim4truth.org/2018/01/03/deep-state-shadow-government-revealed-senior-executive-service/

The Deep state is as a Titan (Attack of Titan) ,Correct?

Sorry, I do like the Anime/Manga. of SNK. (AOT)

f7cc36 No.670484

File: 815913bbc000561⋯.jpg (47.6 KB, 474x614, 237:307, SOROS NAZI UNIFORM.jpg)

178d77 No.670485


(last bread)

Ahhhh - Interdasting! Would not shock me. I have been utterly disappointed with his Superbowl performances past... Turned me off.

38bdee No.670486


Looks like a brilliant group of young men to me!

f7cc36 No.670487

File: 50986a04c658acc⋯.jpg (248.53 KB, 1650x958, 825:479, george soros nazi.jpg)

3467c3 No.670488

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rEA37P28Cs

Yoko ono, yes I am a witch.

Anons, I now know how to copy a video thanks to you guys, but, it includes my name in the link when I use hook tube. Is there anyway to change the name of the link so I do not dox myself? I live in California, so doxxing myself could have very serious consequences.

bcb24b No.670489

File: 763ae799edf8899⋯.jpg (47.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 18000-sealed-indictments.jpg)

File: cde217cb2fa687c⋯.jpg (47.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 18000-sealed-indictments2.jpg)

c680c5 No.670490


https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-working-end-human-trafficking/

This was epic to read.... its brought in a bit of what we have talked about.

72b944 No.670491


Oh my, my.

088ae3 No.670492


IMPORTANT, Add to next bread. I believe this is correct, Q wants us to label our enemies NAZIS.

250b5e No.670493

File: f402facbaaddaee⋯.jpg (70.01 KB, 550x837, 550:837, hot-girl-eating-banana.jpg)

thank you baker!

c680c5 No.670494


can you link to the indictments page… i wanna start spreading that more

32a550 No.670495

File: 307ea0c17d3fc59⋯.png (12.94 KB, 281x209, 281:209, Obama_Hope4Rope.PNG)

File: 9afa73faa5e65ab⋯.png (268.22 KB, 759x416, 759:416, 2.PNG)




Thank you, Anon. I posted this 3x (~4am) and it deserves more digging and exposing.

“SES positions are non-bargaining and can be eliminated at any time. Meaning, Trump could fire 8,000+ people today if he wanted to. Once you leave ‘career’ positions for SES, you cannot return to your previous series.”

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=IFFnT9JaG2g

https:// aim4truthblog.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/gpo-plumbook-2016.pdf


- Kristine Marcy (Field McConnell's sister) ICE Foundation Board Director

Ms. Marcy is a retired federal executive with over 30 years of experience in ten federal departments and agencies including Small Business Administration, Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service, DOJ U.S. Marshals Service, and DOJ Office of the Deputy Attorney General.

- Hussein's Executive Order 13757 (December 28, 2016): Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency With Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities

https:// www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Documents/cyber2_eo.pdf





178d77 No.670496

File: ac0a7705317edf3⋯.jpg (61.23 KB, 425x604, 425:604, sample-40e41dd264d90ee643b….jpg)


248d3f No.670497


Is that really her? From the video my grandson told me about?

0e50ef No.670498


Neopoliticians work for the NWO.

Neoliberals and Neoconservatives are on the same team (neopoliticians) but seem like the oppose each other to get votes from their "side's" supporters. Both SUBGROUPS are marxist, globalist, and elitist

b41e3f No.670499

File: ad934e27684a12e⋯.png (739.63 KB, 988x942, 494:471, Wizard_Br_owls_Spock.png)


are they all owls?

who is owl, who is spider?

f8bbd9 No.670500

File: e7d545840545d8d⋯.png (76.91 KB, 177x216, 59:72, ClipboardImage.png)


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are characters in William Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet. They are childhood friends of Hamlet, summoned by King Claudius to distract the prince from his apparent madness and if possible to ascertain the cause of it. The characters were revived in W. S. Gilbert's satire, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and as the alienated heroes of Tom Stoppard's absurdist play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, which was adapted into a film.

Rosencrantz ("rosary") and Gyldenstjerne/Gyllenstierna ("golden star") were names of Danish (and Norwegian, and Swedish) noble families of the 16th century; records of the Danish royal coronation of 1596 show that one tenth of the aristocrats participating bore one or the other name.[1] James Voelkel suggests that the characters were named after Frederik Rosenkrantz and Knud Gyldenstierne, cousins of Tycho Brahe who had visited England in 1592.[2]

f7cc36 No.670501

File: 04cc1f45fa97eca⋯.jpg (133.66 KB, 1200x1174, 600:587, DXJL5ByWkAAJe8J.jpg)

675819 No.670503

>>670250 (LB)

https:/ /hooktube.com/watch?v=yalnLpsgXm0

Min 19:00 to 20:00

This College not for snowflakes!!!

c39594 No.670504

File: 5cc6e52bcd22794⋯.png (22.67 KB, 672x457, 672:457, 3ps.png)


"The Three P's"

Not sure if there was already a discussion on this, just found it.

c8d2b4 No.670505



"During these rituals a Human Infant is killed and sacrificed to Satan, the Satanist drink the blood of the Infant Human they sacrifice, and appears before them and goes out to kill the enemies of those Satanist who perform this Human Sacrifice.

This group is known as the Illuminati Bankers the U.S. “Shadow Government” leaders who dictate U.S. World Policy, that are known as Satanists, George HW Bush, Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel, Henry Kissinger, Meyer Rothchild, David Rockefeller, Grace of Grace and Company, Answer Bin Shari the head Rabbi of Israel and others unnamed."

https:// ascensionwithearth.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/illuminati-council-of-13-human-sacrifice-denver-colorado/

3467c3 No.670507


Can't be. She has huge thighs.

995fcb No.670508


This is the best parody account. Would donate to this PAC.

7fdc6c No.670509

File: 190741d65133b91⋯.jpg (2.83 MB, 1350x1826, 675:913, bloodlines.jpg)


I understand not all ((roths)) carry the name - is this a fact? For instance, Thyssen family name turns up now and then as related to roths by blood, but you hardly hear about them.

From your knowledge, how many DIRECTLY involved (read: powerful and/or influential/significant) rothschild members are there today?

Also, as far as you know, have their been getting seriously BTFO by POTUS and Patriots, or is it just a minor obstacle and they are still 'purring' smoothly as everything goes according to plan?

My main concern atm is mudslime invasion and subversion of the west as well as those of 3rd world subhuman scum.

This needs to be reversed, COMPLETELY. Do you believe there are plans in motion to this effect?

Lastly, how relevant/accurate is attached pic?

Appreciate your responses, anon.

3dcbc5 No.670510


Excellent review. I'd nominate this for notable since it's important to figure out. I think we've moved on because we thought we did have it, but did we?

Here's what stood out to me when reading your analysis.

> Apply the keystone

So whatever it is, it's a tool (physical or informational) that can be applied to something. Q says paint the picture. So the keystone is a paint brush.

Say we do have it. That USI+POTUS+NSA is the key, and patriots are the stone… How do you apply that? I don't recall seeing someone try.

Perhaps it just means that we're supposed to take the information and become the force pushing it out to the public? I don't think so. Sounds too simple. No reason Q would have to be so cryptic about that. No reason Q would get annoyed that we still haven't figured it out yet.

How do you apply the keystone?

83a353 No.670511

File: 29462979f6c3eb7⋯.gif (8.76 MB, 1280x534, 640:267, Looking around.gif)

hey guys hows it going? I see the flat earth retard army have triggered a few again.

d37c45 No.670512


that saber e.e

1ef34a No.670513

File: 6b9297f57c9fa55⋯.png (853.84 KB, 690x908, 345:454, A Predicted Outcome - Hand….png)

File: e6143e8e64237b6⋯.png (15.43 KB, 200x260, 10:13, Coat of arms of Germany.png)

File: 1d08c1fb798538f⋯.png (107.38 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, 1200px-Flag_of_German_Demo….png)

File: 9916e2dac282f30⋯.jpeg (7.31 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Berlin Wall - Israel .jpeg)

File: da328f90c169bca⋯.png (14.21 KB, 930x630, 31:21, The Flag of Izrael.png)


Does not a single Anon see the significance here?

All these predictions in this image have come true, over a year after this magizine was published!

KJU - Missile, Nuclear Prawn

Anonymous - Us You and me on one side of Trump

Russia - Russian Involvement, Sale of Russian Assets

China - Red Star

Germany - Nazis and NWO Links

Fox - Q has called Fox several times.

Transparency, "Water Clear"

This, a predicted outcome, very accurate, means we could be in trouble…

What does the Wall represent, the 1989 "tear down the wall" between East and West Germany?

8adad9 No.670514


The original Paul was murdered in the late 1960's. It's "replacement Paul" that plays the Superbowls.

995fcb No.670515


Strong meme.

e70f2c No.670516


Good stuff, I've heard the 8,000 # mentioned many times. As in "If Trump so much as coughs these people have a death warrant out on them"

178d77 No.670517

File: 468a0b681e8f93c⋯.jpeg (7.63 KB, 235x214, 235:214, sd78f9g6s987g6df8g9.jpeg)

File: d030a261a726617⋯.jpg (26.9 KB, 262x300, 131:150, 7s89f6g8s97dg6ds897fg6df78….jpg)


While I see the keystone, I also see a harp

f1bd59 No.670519


That post was like cherry on the cake I mean bread :) let's hope Q visit us and say about Jersey #17 did you catch it :)

0e50ef No.670520


The mythical/legendary founder of Rosicrucians is Christian Rosenkreutz. Still your post is intersting

3a4d66 No.670521


P = Palantir

Palantir: the ‘special ops’ tech giant that wields as much real-world power as Google

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/30/palantir-peter-thiel-cia-data-crime-police

b62596 No.670522

File: 5d30db9d77625c0⋯.png (70.75 KB, 550x279, 550:279, lennon humor.png)

File: 48126f83b87e8db⋯.jpg (95.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, lennon insane.jpg)

File: 245c42800b4f1fb⋯.jpg (77.16 KB, 720x720, 1:1, lennon power.jpg)

Murdered by CIA age 40.

8adad9 No.670523


YES, anon.

Keystone flag.

It you purge the SES, the deep state collapses (Keystone).

248d3f No.670524


Heavens to Betsy. She didn't when we was first lady. Darn

e464ec No.670525

File: 9701a090fb08fbf⋯.jpg (250.54 KB, 1587x926, 1587:926, eomf.jpg)



This EO 13757 was mentioned in Michael Flynn's Statement of Offense.

https:// www.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/flynn_statement_of_offense12012017.pdf

ec1f5d No.670527

File: a565f5ab94ab2a9⋯.jpg (67.43 KB, 480x630, 16:21, sorosrope.jpg)

d37c45 No.670528


not at all.., but that let well compromised.

3467c3 No.670529


Marijuana pipe talk, nothing else.

4df2c2 No.670530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not about FL just think its cool how they sent up the HD cam….spectacular views….

e464ec No.670531


Much appreciated, Anon! Looking forward to the read. Who needs sleep???

178d77 No.670532

File: eaa0784695c2f8d⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 1049x768, 1049:768, 7fs89g6sf8d7g6df7g65.jpg)


Ehhhh… Not saying it didn't happen but - aw, c'mon! lulz

e70f2c No.670533


Common guy, don't engage Lenin fag.

675819 No.670534


@20:40 he says "we don't view these as crumbs"




af294b No.670536

File: f4c8dcd1d074dba⋯.png (355.79 KB, 688x656, 43:41, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at ….png)


https: //www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/stephen-hawking/11340494/Stephen-Hawking-pictured-on-Jeffrey-Epsteins-Island-of-Sin.html

6eab63 No.670537

5e8dc6 No.670538

baker here

it's bedtime for bonzo


3467c3 No.670539


Okay, thanks. Just that I am an American, but very familiar with London culture. This guy is out of it. You're right.

55cdc8 No.670540


He's not kidding, people need to open their minds to the truth.

9d5981 No.670541

File: 82155ed33794351⋯.jpeg (516.5 KB, 1346x1210, 673:605, hoedownhill.jpeg)


d37c45 No.670542


Perhaps Merkel want to divide the Germans of the Muslims?. Sorry. I'm New in this.

6730c5 No.670543

File: 88e13e838ace959⋯.png (13.59 KB, 255x225, 17:15, a3e22e2ad78d81bf6d76899c94….png)

Clownfags are using John Lennon & The Beatles to slide and distract. Filter and move on, anons.

b13625 No.670544


Here is all of the data on google. Not excited about it being on google but it is what it is.

https:// drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KPh2ASFggwF1XVnVpDB3mtwvwlH71om6

d309ef No.670545


Many Roths have purposefully changed their names to move among us more easily and avoid the perception they dominate corporate governance. Eg Renee James and James Alefantis are both rumored Roths.

0e50ef No.670546


That's why my theory is:

NWO = NeoWorldOrder

f7cc36 No.670547

File: 820e2f14b2f0a1a⋯.jpg (123.13 KB, 942x816, 157:136, lt vance STOP US FAKE SHOO….jpg)

c680c5 No.670548

4f4cfd No.670549

From prior bread:


Additional areas of research:

http:// taggedwiki.zubiaga.org/new_content/a227ca478f9781182ff399e633b9de95

https:// sites.google.com/site/greenlandtheory/secret-societies/rosicrucian-order

https:// www.amazon.com/REICH-BLACK-SUN-First-Last/dp/1931882398

http:// black.greyfalcon.us/

The parallels between 1919 Germany and today with antifa, etc. are amazing in this book from Thomas Sheridan - I highly recommend it

http:// thomassheridanarts.com/articles.php?article_id=160

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Sun_(occult_symbol)

c8d2b4 No.670550


100%, Anon!

668d5d No.670551


Jesus Christ man. Is she recording a Hillary fart ...and laughing! These people are sick!

6eab63 No.670552


The economist is owned and run by rothschilds

995fcb No.670553

File: 959a45ca2c652a2⋯.jpg (73.35 KB, 365x480, 73:96, TW2017_Cover_UK_REV_NO-BC_….jpg)



See magician.

79e062 No.670554


That would be incorrect.

8eddf3 No.670555

>>670471 Very nice Anon

744549 No.670557


Good evening, anons. Speaking of Palantir-I said about a week or so ago that I wondered if P=Palantir. Another anon replied that he doubted it…unless Palantir was more ominous than it appeared to be. It's mass surveillance…that has always seemed pretty ominous to me…FWIW.

8ac4f2 No.670558

File: 4607618f7574abf⋯.jpg (83.39 KB, 800x430, 80:43, Bob-Mueller-800x430.jpg)

What if Mueller already interviewed Trump at the beginning of the investigation? cnn.com/2017/06/13/politics/trump-robert-mueller-fbi-director-interview/index.html

b41e3f No.670559

File: 8175363677b40c6⋯.png (1.12 MB, 884x1268, 221:317, Kloman_1_Senior_Exec_Servi….png)

File: 6738d8644aeb523⋯.png (674.99 KB, 928x804, 232:201, Kloman_2_Senior_Exec_Servi….png)


Anon - I have been digging on McLean and the 95 letters written in support of convicted child molester Chris Kloman.

One of the letters is from someone in the "Senior Executive Service"

What's the connection to Senior Executive Service??

pdfs of letters of support

https:// www.documentcloud.org/documents/835134-kloman-letters.html

“He Took the Time to Chat”: Ken Starr’s Plea for a Child Molester

http:// gawker.com/he-took-the-time-to-chat-ken-starr-s-plea-for-a-chil-1464516616

7eeb8e No.670560

too shilly for me in here. GNight anons

c8d2b4 No.670561

79e062 No.670562


The Tower card is interesting. Looks like two sides.

d9d1cb No.670564

Spying leak hints at wider NZ role

Security experts fear GCSB's Waihopai base used to process data from US

programme. Security experts are questioning whether New Zealand's spy agency is

processing data from an American mass surveillance programme which is capable of

secretly accessing emails, online chats and internet browsing histories from around

the world.

A powerpoint presentation leaked by former National security Agency (NSA)

contractor Edward Snowden to the Guardian newspaper appears to show that there

are computer servers for a high-powered spy programme in the north of the South

lsland - where the Waihopai spy base of the Government Communications Security

Bureau (GCSB) is located. The programme, known as XKeyscore, gives US analysts

power to search vast databases that hold personal information such as emails.

Computer forensic investigator Daniel Ayers, who founded lT security firm Special

Tactics, said the leaked documents showed the globalscale of the us spy

programme. New Zealand's spy bases were already used to collect intelligence from

the South Pacific and relay it to Five Eyes intelligence alliance partners - the US,

Canada, the UK and Australia. Mr Ayers said the leaked document hinted that New

zealand could be a conduit for data intercepted by US spy satellites.

"Does that red dot on the map signify that Waihopai is being used to'downlink'

intercepted data from other countries? lf that's the case, then it's pretty big news

because I don't think that's been publicly discussed by the Government. lt means our

role in this is greater than we knew." He said it also raised the possibility that US

agencies were intercepting New Zea landers' com m u n ications.

Massey University academic and former GCSB senior adviser Damien Rogers said

the revelation that an XKeyscore server was located in New Zealand was not in itself

significant. But it prompted questions about where data from the mass surveillance

programme went and who had contro! over it.

What is XKeyscore?

*A mass surveillance programme run

Agency (NSA).

*Used in 700 computer servers in 150 sites across the world, one of which appears to

be NZ.

by American spy agency National Security

*Allows analysts to access emails, online chats

millions of people without prior authorisation. *Described by whistleblower Edward Snowden

does on the internet".

and the internet browsing histories of

as collecting "nearly eveffihing a user

1589ab No.670565


Not to mention that many Roths and other Illuminati bloodlines have obscured the genealogy of many members, partly to hide their private foster child arrangements, but also to hide their incestuous breeding practices and to cover up the fact that a single family often controls both sides of a significant event like a war.

1377f7 No.670566


Yea…I gotta find that blog. It was interesting, indeed. Never really found any of the Beatles interesting

35278a No.670567


What if Trump and Q interviewed Mueller…

72b944 No.670568

File: 46305929cc925d0⋯.jpeg (107.47 KB, 696x457, 696:457, glowing earth orb.jpeg)

File: 21b88c024ece4fe⋯.jpg (179.65 KB, 801x675, 89:75, truth telling.jpg)

File: 51cd3fcea7803d8⋯.jpg (282.02 KB, 804x1190, 402:595, Light House.jpg)



d37c45 No.670570


it reminds me to US.., The Americans is in division in these moments.

f8bbd9 No.670572

File: 30fd2369314d79c⋯.png (14.39 MB, 2700x2854, 1350:1427, ClipboardImage.png)


The name "Wars of the Roses" refers to the heraldic badges associated with the two royal houses, the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster. Wars of the Roses came into common use in the 19th century after the publication in 1829 of Anne of Geierstein by Sir Walter Scott.[6][7] Scott based the name on a scene in William Shakespeare's play Henry VI, Part 1, set in the gardens of the Temple Church, where a number of noblemen and a lawyer pick red or white roses to show their loyalty to the Lancastrian or Yorkist faction respectively.

The Yorkist faction used the symbol of the white rose from early in the conflict, but the Lancastrian red rose was apparently introduced only after the victory of Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth, when it was combined with the Yorkist white rose to form the Tudor rose, which symbolised the union of the two houses;[8] the origins of the Rose as a cognizance itself stem from Edward I's use of "a golden rose stalked proper." [9] Often, owing to nobles holding multiple titles, more than one badge was used: Edward IV, for example, used both his sun in splendour as Earl of March, but also his father's falcon and fetterlock as Duke of York. Badges were not always distinct; at the Battle of Barnet, Edward's 'sun' was very similar to the Earl of Oxford's Vere star, which caused fateful confusion.[10]

Most, but not all, of the participants in the wars wore livery badges associated with their immediate lords or patrons under the prevailing system of bastard feudalism; the wearing of livery was by now confined to those in "continuous employ of a lord", thus excluding, for example, mercenaries.[11] Another example: Henry Tudor's forces at Bosworth fought under the banner of a red dragon[12] while the Yorkist army used Richard III's personal device of a white boar.[13]

Although the names of the rival houses derive from the cities of York and Lancaster, the corresponding duchy and dukedom had little to do with these cities. The lands and offices attached to the Duchy of Lancaster were mainly in Gloucestershire, North Wales and Cheshire, while the estates and castles of the Duke of York were spread throughout England and Wales, although many were in the Welsh Marches.[14]

79e062 No.670573


Fighting over who's pile of shit stinks worse.

f7cc36 No.670574

File: 15b4b5b62a71590⋯.png (403.37 KB, 495x784, 495:784, DAVID WHEELER Actor at San….png)


1377f7 No.670575

File: ee13caba2b63cf9⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 06EDA2EF-051C-4345-BB3F-6C….png)

Just for shits and giggles I looked up Council 22 that anon referenced in his post. More fucking weird shit….

178d77 No.670576

File: dc3c1271a619a62⋯.jpg (34.8 KB, 400x300, 4:3, s78d9f6gsd879fg66d78sfg6.jpg)

b62596 No.670577


Lennon was a songwriter and musician, it was people who made him into a prophet or something. He actually led a very private life when not out being a Beatle. He didnt take his music very seriously, he just played what he played. Most of solo lps are very simple.

3a4d66 No.670578


Read the article I linked - it explains how DJT and Q are able to PREDICT events.

Here's the link again and a short excerpt to whet your appetite.

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/30/palantir-peter-thiel-cia-data-crime-police

"Using the most sophisticated data mining, Palantir can predict the future, seconds or years before it happens. "

c8d2b4 No.670579



CNN was wrong because we know he wasn't able to be director due to already having served his max term

35278a No.670580


I was trying to find that video the other day and couldn't. I think it's been scrubbed

72f231 No.670581

File: 163f3926ee3ff74⋯.jpg (16.93 KB, 263x346, 263:346, Phoenix_Hillary_Pearl_Broa….jpg)

File: d88d0d49b2cdbbf⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 325x401, 325:401, Donna Shalala.jpg)

File: 0aa3664dc8986d8⋯.gif (104.63 KB, 500x323, 500:323, Rose Cross Phoenix.gif)

>>670423 (prev bread)


"The most famous work of the Rosicrucians is the ‘Chemical Wedding’ by Christian Rosencreutz, a fabled romance full of allegory and arcane symbolism (6). The work is deeply symbolic, and designed to challenge the most knowledgeable adept of alchemy and Christian mysticism. The Phoenix, another potential Nibiruan symbol, makes an appearance in ‘The Chemical Wedding’, as well as a great deal of celestial symbolism pertaining to alchemy and the Hermetic Arts"

b62596 No.670582


Lennon accomplished more in his 40 years than either of you will do if you both live to be 100. Word.

744549 No.670583


Thank you, good sir.

e464ec No.670585

File: 465952be6ff596c⋯.jpg (405.27 KB, 985x952, 985:952, sestrans.jpg)


Interesting read regarding the Senior Executive Service and the (at the time) upcoming transition from BHO to our wonderful POTUS.

Article lists Steve Shih as Deputy Associate Director for the Senior Executive Service. A name search also brings up a Steve Shih as NASA's Associate Administrator for Diversity and Equal Opportunity in Nov. of 2017.

http:// www.govexec.com/management/2016/12/nearly-70-percent-ses-will-experience-their-first-presidential-transition-senior-executives-trump/134024/

7fdc6c No.670586


Their practice of 'spawning' useful characteristics in variety of lines ie adolf sounds familiar to what you are talking about. Perhaps not all 'roths' are even aware of their origins?

Of course, with perfectly predictable characteristics spawned then 'groomed' to a specific role, the handler takes care of ensuring that the puppet fulfills the role designated and designed by the family.

Same affair with alefantis family I am guessing, as well as cooper and bush family.

Correct me if any of this is amiss.

8ac4f2 No.670587


Yes we know Trump was somewhat interviewing him for the SC spot, but he also could have had him interview him there as well to get it out of the way

178d77 No.670588


If you do, I'd be interested to see it, anon. I did like George Harrison, though I don't hold to the Eastern Mystic crapola. But I respected him as a guitarist.

e70f2c No.670589


Yes, Q is a team of Military Intelligence.

"The Plan" however comes from Thiel's AI (which is battling Schmidt's AI)

6eab63 No.670590


Shit is definitely getting disrupted. Think pyramid. Let’s use their symbols. The bottom of the pyramid is getting drained now. If we see a HA or HRC or big name like that publicly that’s the middle of the pyramid. Top would be the Roth’s and the other bloodlines.

The Christmas EO did do damage. February stock sell off was people in power needing money and to make potus look bad. The status quo has been disrupted

Look into the missile strike on the poppy farm in Afghanistan in one of yesterday’s breads. That cuts funding from the clowns.

1ef34a No.670591


The Berlin Wall Destruction date: 9 November 1989

I think, we are all, even Q and Team Q, being played, we are part of the Game, a predicted and expected part.


Also, there is meaning, a Storey told, a Future coming…

Order matters, watch events!

NK Nuclear Power predicted to use a Nuc, see Ed Dames

Then, also as Ed Dames says, this event will preced the return of the Red Sun, our Binary Solar System's Sun will return.

Events preceded are already happening. Famine, Disease, natural and man made, drought

We are being Distracted, led down a Rabbit Hole

ff1f91 No.670592

Sorry if this has been discussed already, jobfag here. What happened to cbts on reddit?

d37c45 No.670593


not quite, Antifa and other organizations are the doors of the Communism. with that fracture. the Christians and the Communists are increasing.. (China is hunting the Xtians)

1ef34a No.670594



b62596 No.670595


By Eastern mystic crapola, are you referring to a commonly-held 5,000 year old belief system? You people are stupid. Sheep in Q's clothing.

e70f2c No.670596


Sorry, no source, just abduction.

f8bbd9 No.670597

File: f939ef957e14b9f⋯.png (108.05 KB, 745x610, 149:122, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7af3e17b76539ae⋯.png (121.59 KB, 762x614, 381:307, ClipboardImage.png)



c680c5 No.670598


Good leadership and the understanding of human nature can yield the same result on the larger scale.

f1bd59 No.670599

File: 9a586a8f48eae0d⋯.jpg (110.74 KB, 940x940, 1:1, 7797710-1x1-940x940.jpg)

File: ea947402cda01dc⋯.jpg (55.42 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 4ebe77b9ec72f0625e3213dc2f….jpg)

69d77d No.670600


I thought that was the "Murder She Wrote" actress?

e3e764 No.670601


Breaking the Spell

f92931 No.670602

P= Pizza, Pedro

5e8dc6 No.670603

baker here, signing out


73cc1d No.670604


Interesting. Very interesting.

Now back to things other than the KEY STONE.

Oh my goodness. This guy is serious.


6eab63 No.670605


Good stuff

f1bd59 No.670606


Thanks baker now some Russian bot will wake up to continue baking maybe @Snowden?

1d172f No.670607



178d77 No.670608

Did anybody look into this today? Interesting, to a small degree - I dug a little today because of the BLOOD reference by Q - just to see what I might find.

This company may well have gone under except that Fortress Investments bailed them out. Fortress had an interesting founding, with two founding members serving on the board of directors previously for UBS… I'm a memefag, but I thought a researchfag might be interested.

https:// nypost.com/2018/03/14/sec-accuses-theranos-ceo-elizabeth-holmes-of-massive-fraud/

8eddf3 No.670609

>>670541 Just need Howard Dean's Yeh Haw and you have a real show stopper, LOL

4f4cfd No.670610


Red Cross

One of the primary agencies which conducts espionage and terrorism on behalf of the CIA in Switzerland is the International Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations which is operated by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland. The Red Cross boasts over 97 million “volunteers” worldwide and employs another 12,500 people. Red Cross members and so-called “volunteers” are present in every conflict and war zone in order to relay real-time information from the their respective location back to CIA headquarters in Switzerland where executive decisions are ultimately made. The notion that the Red Cross is actively engaging in terrorism was recently witnessed on October 14, 2014, when numerous witnesses in Africa stated that "Ebola it is only contracted by those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross”. In other words, the Red Cross is actively engaging in bio-terrorism in a desperate attempt to spark a biological pandemic in Africa. The shocking claim was corroborated four days later on October 20, 2014, when a the nurse from Ghana claimed that the very vaccine being injected into people to prevent the spread of the virus was in reality the means of spreading the disease.

https:// sites.google.com/site/greenlandtheory/switzerland/cia-central-intelligence-agency

aadc99 No.670611

Anons, That picture with the clouds and Baron de rothschilds name and the caption below says "think mirror". Well I came up with EIB 225.41-68

So I started searching. Don't know if related to pick but link supplied looks official. Need lawyer fag to look at but some really strange shit about end offed. Egyptian death cult. No pics that I saw but take a read. It sounds like things are/were coming apart in 2015 or brought to attention. READ!

http:// www.courtofrecord.org/gicor/record/US/faxes/EIB/EIB_27-June-2015.pdf

Confirm, deny. Please check. Great Britain anons, do these look PDFs look valid to you and the court documents?

e464ec No.670612



From that article:

Robert Corsi Jr., a recently-retired senior executive who spent 18 years in the SES at the Air Force, said the 68 percent number was important, but the more relevant data point relates to the overall tenure of the average senior executive and political appointee. Corsi, who served as a senior executive during the Clinton, Bush and Obama transitions, estimated that most senior executives are in the corps between 10 and 12 years, while most political appointees serve roughly two to three years. In other words, even if a senior executive hasn’t been through multiple presidential transitions, they still have a wealth of experience in terms of helping new appointees navigate the federal government.

sauce: www.govexec.com/management/2016/12/nearly-70-percent-ses-will-experience-their-first-presidential-transition-senior-executives-trump/134024/

55cdc8 No.670613


Read the pdf from previous bread ..

b2b74e No.670614

File: f3bf3686e215023⋯.jpg (64.66 KB, 516x383, 516:383, Screenshot_30.jpg)

It's difficult to get extradited from India. Coincidence? We know there are none.


50e7b8 No.670615


BAKER - Please add this to notables in the bread. Its been around before, but a good read for those who haven't seen it yet.

0e50ef No.670616



a red rose without the cross has many meanings. The RoseCross has specific meaning for Rosicrucian. I don't know which side this secret society is on but they talk about light and good > evil

1d172f No.670618

File: 4da0e8815bad335⋯.png (119.87 KB, 502x478, 251:239, ClipboardImage.png)


( ><) (><) ps

46e10a No.670619

File: 60059cd30686035⋯.jpg (35.11 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 9D07BBBF-861B-4E55-8E2C071….jpg)

File: 334685513f59c55⋯.jpg (41.72 KB, 750x500, 3:2, BD433EF2-8D91-4701-80E0154….jpg)



Phil Carr, the founder of the Rising Stars charity (weird pics from 2013 related), also sells virtual office space in DC. 300 New Jersey Avenue, Washington, DC 20001



Seems like a lucrative business… Virtual offices with a Washington DC address?

cf2c49 No.670620

Faggots treating this like a general discussion thread: please take it elsewhere.

ea5976 No.670621



4d787f No.670622

File: 4dfb7866d036d3c⋯.jpg (290.08 KB, 1400x900, 14:9, FE.jpg)

File: 33a1ecacdafeb59⋯.jpg (141.42 KB, 600x401, 600:401, HRCbanana.jpg)





My farewell graphics of the night…

Godspeed anons.

d37c45 No.670623


it say that, the C_A, F_I, NSA and the Pentagon have quantum computers.., perhaps is able to predict?

ea5976 No.670624


Isn't this Kuro manifest?

fa6cae No.670626

I have a suggestion for POTUS meeting with globalist, cabal Bill Gates -

Have him tied up and shoot him up with vaccines.

Tell him they are "mandated".

Then, do it to his wife and kid.

37fd21 No.670627


Low IQ Maxine.

3dcbc5 No.670628


Rothschilds itself is made up.

Used to be Bauer

Not as scary

5c09a6 No.670629

File: ac123821d2c9e91⋯.png (94.6 KB, 600x500, 6:5, concernedspurd.png)

So much nonsensical "2spoopy5me" faggotry ITT

4cdff4 No.670630







ea5976 No.670631



Kuru is a very rare, incurable neurodegenerative disorder that was formerly common among the Fore people of Papua New Guinea. Kuru is caused by the transmission of abnormally folded prion proteins, which leads to symptoms such as tremors, loss of coordination, and neurodegeneration.

The term kuru derives from the Fore word kuria or guria ("to shake"),[1] due to the body tremors that are a classic symptom of the disease and kúru itself means "trembling".[2] It is also known as the "laughing sickness" due to the pathologic bursts of laughter which are a symptom of the disease. It is now widely accepted that kuru was transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea

via funerary cannibalism.

e464ec No.670633


Well-done, Anon! Powerful.

1ef34a No.670634


Sir, this is part of my point

d37c45 No.670635


Guys.., maybe a DDos is coming on..

d37c45 No.670636

Guys, Maybe a DDoS attack is coming in.

73cc1d No.670637


I'm sorry but I don't know how to do that.

Could you help me out with that?

5c09a6 No.670638

File: 589681a401cb1f9⋯.png (112.45 KB, 250x242, 125:121, 22231.png)

c680c5 No.670639


The only problem with that drive is i cannot go to the source and see the lists for myself

d9d1cb No.670640

Prime Minister John Key says he and the head of GCSB would resign if the spy agency were found to have

conducted mass suryeillance. He made the comment to reporters at Parliament in the light of assurances that

the changes to the GCSB Act2003 would not mean mass surveillance of New Zealanders. Asked if he and

GCSB chief Ian Fletcher would resign if there were maris surveillance, he said yes. "But the facts of life are

it won't happen." For that to happen, the GCSB would have to undertake illegal activity.

The Government Communications Security Bureau and Related Legislation Amendment Bill and the

companion Telecommunications (lnterception Capability and Security) Billwere

proposed in the wake of an illegal spying scandal. It emeiged that the bureau had

illegally snooped on internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and dozens of Kiwis.

The Government argued it was necessary to tighten up the legislation to allow the

GCSB to carry out surveillance on behalf of domestic agencies. However, critics say

the legislation goes far beyond clarifying the law and actually grants the spy agency

new functions and much broader powers. Almost 30 per cent of those polled said

they were "very concerned" about a law change that would allow the GCSB to

intercept New Zealanders' communications, not just foreign ones. Just under a

quarter were not at al! concerned.

However, just over half of respondents (53.6 per cent) said they trusted the

Government to protect their right to privacy whilst maintaining national security.

Almost 40 per cent disagreed. Disquiet over the legislation is fuelled by spying

revelations about mass surveillance by the United States National Security Agency.

Mr Key yesterday said he would resign if the GCSB was found to engage in

pervasive snooping. He also came under pressure to explicitly write into law

protections around the content of communications.

He argued this was already provided by the interaction of three clauses. He will spell

this out in a speech to Parliament today which he says will give judges interpreting

the law in future a clear steer on the Government's intentions. Disagreement over the

legislation spilled over into an extradrdinary exchange during question time yesterday.

Mr Key accused Labour leader David Shearer of creeping up Beehive stairs to his

office to keep secret a meeting about the law change.

'We sat down and had about a 3O-minute discussion where Mr Shearer said 'keep

this confidential. lf you come out and say we've done it that won't look good and I

don't want you shouting it about the House'." Mr Shearer does not deny the meeting,

or trying to hush it up, but he insisted that it was not initiated by Mr Key. This is the

Government's bill, the Government did not do anything to try and initiate a sit-down

with other parties in order to get broader consensus across the House," he said

37fd21 No.670641


Hillslag will "die" suddenly while in India.

Closed casket funeral, of course.

All her Hollyweird fellow baby-eaters will attend and yammer on about how she was the smartest woman to walk the earth.

744549 No.670642


John "Key"…..hmmm.

db9502 No.670643


Clearly Snowden's early indoctrination and work for the CIA to take down the NSA shows the inter-agency's rivalries should be taken into consideration with the how the information is characterized in this document.

Lets us not forget the CIA went off the reservation when it became the arm of the cabal and perceived it's role as an enemy of the people and savor of the elite.

5433ee No.670644

File: 791f05fab846716⋯.jpg (76.9 KB, 792x612, 22:17, ncaa.jpg)

march MADNESS brought to you by Q

55cdc8 No.670645


Find the previous thread, look for a pdf file that was linked, and be fucking blown away. If there is a reason for DDoS it's that file.

ea5976 No.670647


checked and kekked

4f4cfd No.670648



https:// sites.google.com/site/greenlandtheory/switzerland/confoederationis-helveticae

b2b74e No.670649


Brain Tumor - inoperable

e70f2c No.670650


The CIA was never ON "the reservation"

c8d2b4 No.670651



They never thought she would lose!

f11307 No.670652


Other items posted in last bread too about SES-might link together

6eab63 No.670653


Can’t be real. No way that language would be used in a court doc

73cc1d No.670654



3467c3 No.670655


Interesting bunch of numbers there, huh?

8789f3 No.670656

Merkel got re-elected by 364 votes, with 355 needed and having 399 votes in her grand coalition.

So at least 35 votes were against her from her own grand coalition.

ab4063 No.670658

I feel Q incoming

c4f4e9 No.670659

File: 9410be0413de00a⋯.jpg (82.79 KB, 470x720, 47:72, Q The Winged Serpent (1982….jpg)

db9502 No.670660


Good point…

f11307 No.670661

https ://bigleaguepolitics.com/breaking-paul-ryans-pac-elected-democrat-conor-lamb/

Paul Ryan helped elect Lamb in PA-not sure if any other ANONs posted this.

c680c5 No.670662



e464ec No.670663



33bce5 No.670664

File: 1678f78a8b9d5d2⋯.png (162.75 KB, 519x330, 173:110, PequalsPope.png)

P=??? N=???



WHAT P= or N=

Dont try to "solve it"

Until more info is offered

we will never know for sure.

Just study what they may stand for

and leave it at that.

Here are some ideas from anons:

P=Pope (most popular)

P=Pindar (most esoteric)

P=P2 Lodge (mostly ignored, but possible)

P=Preistap (less likely, but maybe)

P=Pentagon, Palantir, etc. (unlikely)

P=NP or P≠NP? God only knows.

N=Natural (makes sense cons. their ethos)

N=Neo (maybe, but neo==new, so why?)

N=Noahid (newer idea, possible?)

N=NJMZa (breakaway civ. wants control?!)


But, because we CANNOT KNOW


cough -shills- cough

Seems relatively unimportant

so much else to do!

Keep this list,

add to it if needed,

and point newfags to it.

5475ec No.670665



Seth Rich is alive.

c8d2b4 No.670666

File: 887314732ff942f⋯.png (514.88 KB, 480x481, 480:481, MW - mad max.png)

d37c45 No.670667


Another Resign is coming?

29013c No.670668


Paul Ryan has already said he won't seek reelection .. but why would he intentionally try to torpedo his party in Congress?

aadc99 No.670669


I have no idea. There are a series of emails and some weird shit. But think how Lynn de Rothschild would tweet and the emails and texts some of these people have sent to each other…

0ac4a7 No.670670


Not happening. Still hung over from his drunken Saturday night.

744549 No.670671


You're right, it's nothing more than speculation-both at the beginning and now as well. Sorry for even bringing it up, anon.

29013c No.670672


Matt Couch whose group has done a lot of work on this case, has told those of us who thought that was true that there is no doubt that Seth died. No idea how he knows this, but he appears certain of it.

c8d2b4 No.670673


because Ryan is a dickhead RINO

29013c No.670674


Well .. there's that.

9f66fb No.670675


Please include the following post in the dough:

>>664737 Keystone, Make It Rain, Boom.

It seems to have been missed earlier, even though other Anons agree it's important.

The material in that thread was screen captured from a video I saw this morning. The maker of the video began by saying that it would be his most important video to date. When I watched, it became clear that he was not exaggerating.

e3e764 No.670676


These people are really stupid.

50e7b8 No.670677


Oh Shit. This is plausible.

Remember all the tech gurus talking about taking AI too far. Would explain why Q is dropping stuff here to mine for reactions, especially if they know who we all are.

The matrix post and "There is an active war on your mind." has never really sat well with me. If the tech really is this advanced it could move from plausible to likely.

Silent Weapons for Silent Wars - "Social engineering (the analysis and automation of a society) requires the correlation of great amounts of constantly changing economic information (data), so a high-speed computerized data-processing system was necessary which could race ahead of the society and predict when society would arrive for capitulation."

… [Info on computer history]

"With these three inventions under their direction, those in positions of power strongly suspected that it was possible for them to control the whole world with the push of a button."

5475ec No.670678


Does he have proof? At all?

Anyone can write an obituary.

9/11 hijackers is a great example. They were shocked to find out they died flying the plane into the building, but were relieved to know that someone had found their passports.

0e50ef No.670679


Very important two unknowns

I was saying neo is not the same as new when talking about neopoliticians in context (neocon/neoliberals as subgroups) because its not new conservatism or new liberalism, its the abandonment of the two for globalism, elitism, and marxism.

But anyway P and N remain unclear

744549 No.670680


Yep, he has never been on board with POTUS…he was and is a snake and I believe he will continue to undermine POTUS & team.

d37c45 No.670681



765d3c No.670682


Family not interested in bringing the killers to justice says a lot.

e3e764 No.670683

Podesta was at one time SES.

0e50ef No.670684

FYI anons:



178d77 No.670685

File: 29bd318304130bc⋯.jpeg (304.69 KB, 1346x1210, 673:605, 82155ed33794351e08fa63628….jpeg)

5475ec No.670686


Right? "Do not investigate the murder of our son. If you find out he's alive and have proof, you put him in danger. Leave it alone."

Makes waaaay more sense now….

744549 No.670688


They could have easily been threatened into silence though.

f11307 No.670689


It sure does!

7626d5 No.670690

That PDF talks about Hiroshima, Gold, banks, Cern, it's crazy.

e70f2c No.670691


5D chess you say?

Alpha Zero vs StockFish:

https:// www.chess.com/news/view/google-s-alphazero-destroys-stockfish-in-100-game-match

f8bbd9 No.670692


this is horrifying

29013c No.670693


I don't recall how he knew. The case is spooky .. Neither DC police nor FBI will release anything like autopsy .. police report .. etc. I wouldn't discount anything at this point.

c8d2b4 No.670694



6e716b No.670695

File: eae42648b7811b0⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 500x555, 100:111, 26f8l7.jpg)

ed458b No.670696

3a4d66 No.670697


>>>670578 (You)




>They never thought she would lose!


Is there a key of all keys that unlocks the blockchain for those who hold it and opens the door of doors?

They never thought the key would leave the cabal - DJT was never meant to win.

I'm convinced P is Palantir.

1d172f No.670698

File: febe2bab2d0f043⋯.png (358.49 KB, 639x858, 213:286, ClipboardImage.png)

b14ea9 No.670699

File: 69c93cb6ef66a1b⋯.jpg (250.94 KB, 850x656, 425:328, squareearthrevealed.jpg)

File: ac90c0a5352d3b4⋯.jpg (105.81 KB, 738x360, 41:20, olbers.jpg)

File: db36696d02b9a42⋯.jpg (99.93 KB, 616x471, 616:471, spinning air.jpg)

File: ea8c8a58555e676⋯.jpg (289.27 KB, 852x942, 142:157, see far.jpg)

File: 0c5f9c8fd348039⋯.jpg (326.99 KB, 1023x738, 341:246, se.jpg)

I just couldn't help it.

This just got REAL!

4f6829 No.670700

File: 982570512ce6f54⋯.png (965.9 KB, 1054x552, 527:276, Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 1….png)

File: 90f27d96f119c88⋯.png (371.27 KB, 431x556, 431:556, Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 1….png)


cover and full artwork

Looks like a list of who's who that we discuss

44400d No.670701

Okay anons today is the big day! Even if we only get one arrest, it'll be a HUGE success! Then we will have a grant total of ONE!!! Trust the plan!

33bce5 No.670702

Who is Seth Rich's bro?

How are his interests related?

a39076 No.670703

New Sorcha Faal report: Trump is preparing to declare that California is in “ a state of rebellion”—that then gives Trump unlimited power under the United States Constitution’s “Guarantee Clause” to extinguish California’s current government and establish a new one.

Man, that would be awesome if true!

cf2c49 No.670704


Remember Jade Helm?

There were theories then that it was about the military going live with their AI.

But anyhoo.

I'm sure it wouldn't like us talking about it.

765d3c No.670705


Could be. SR brother was spotted laughing during the interview. I actually was very surprised that more people weren't talking about the possibility he was taken into custody and put in some hole somewhere.

b2b74e No.670706


Twatter this to comey

d37c45 No.670707


What a Strange that Le pen isn't gray.

178d77 No.670708

File: 94e71038fd9ba2b⋯.jpg (72.73 KB, 750x696, 125:116, a675f8asd765f7sa8df698sg79….jpg)


Q is not AI.

e3e764 No.670709


"Mastering the human domain"

e70f2c No.670710


Keep in mind though, as the Russians have learned on the battlefield - being a genius at chess doesn't make you a genius at war. This was (one of) Schmidt's mistakes.

38bdee No.670711

Very good article anon. "How Trump Predicts the Future with Palantir". Thanks for posting.



69d77d No.670712



BarrySoetoroEsq made that video, and many other goodies. I'm not him.

https:// steemit. com/politics/@barrysoetoro/sandy-hook-fake-fbi-sniper

d9d1cb No.670713

Communications Security Bureau and Related Legislation Amendment Bill and the

companion Telecommunications (lnterception Capability and Security) Billwere

proposed in the wake of an illegal spying scandal. It emeiged that the bureau had

illegally snooped on internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and dozens of Kiwis.

The Government argued it was necessary to tighten up the legislation to allow the

GCSB to carry out surveillance on behalf of domestic agencies. However, critics say

the legislation goes far beyond clarifying the law and actually grants the spy agency

new functions and much broader powers. Almost 30 per cent of those polled said

they were "very concerned" about a law change that would allow the GCSB to

intercept New Zealanders' communications, not just foreign ones. Just under a

quarter were not at al! concerned.

However, just over half of respondents (53.6 per cent) said they trusted the

Government to protect their right to privacy whilst maintaining national security.

Almost 40 per cent disagreed. Disquiet over the legislation is fuelled by spying

revelations about mass surveillance by the United States National Security Agency.

Mr Key yesterday said he would resign if the GCSB was found to engage in

pervasive snooping. He also came under pressure to explicitly write into law

protections around the content of communications.

He argued this was already provided by the interaction of three clauses. He will spell

this out in a speech to Parliament today which he says will give judges interpreting

the law in future a clear steer on the Government's intentions. Disagreement over the

legislation spilled over into an extradrdinary exchange during question time yesterday.

Mr Key accused Labour leader David Shearer of creeping up Beehive stairs to his

office to keep secret a meeting about the law change.

'We sat down and had about a 3O-minute discussion where Mr Shearer said 'keep

this confidential. lf you come out and say we've done it that won't look good and I

don't want you shouting it about the House'." Mr Shearer does not deny the meeting,

or trying to hush it up, but he insisted that it was not initiated by Mr Key. This is the

Government's bill, the Government did not do anything to try and initiate a sit-down

with other parties in order to get broader consensus across the House," he said

Dotcom's lawyers, Paul Davison, QC, and William Akel, from Simpson Grierson,

described a chain of evidence taken from court actions since the raid. Among the

actions was a finding at the High Court that the search warrant used for the raid was

unlawful and the raid illegal. The claim accused police of "unne@ssary force and

aggressive intimidatory tactics" by using armed anti-terrorist police in an airborne

assault on the north Auckland mansion. The claim highlighted doors being kicked in

and Dotcom's wife Mona, pregnant with twins at the time, being kept forcibly from her

three young children.

It also targets the GCSB in the legal action for illegal spying - and then attempting to

legally cover it up. Prime Minister John Key was forced to apologise last September

after Dotcom's legal team told the High Court it was illegal by law for the GCSB to

spy on New Zealand residents. Dotcom and co-defendant Bram van der Kolk were

residents and protected by law at the time. The claim says the GCSB should have

known they were not to be spied on - and should have done its own checks instead

of relying-on the police's flawed evidence.

It accused GCSB boss lan Fletcher of acting unlawfully by giving "incomplete" and

"misleading" information to Mr English, who ln Mr Key's absence signed a once-in-a-

decade certificate legally ordering the GCSB's involvement to be kept obscured. The

certificate turned out to be worthless when the illegality was raised. The claim

specifies sums ranging from $1 million to $50,000 for a range of points. An additional

case is made for the cost of repairing damage, including kicking in doors and ruining

expensive computer systems, caused by police in the raid. The case is set to be

heard in March, just before the likely date of the long-delayed extradition hearing

So Where's Key'sresignation?

29013c No.670714


His name is Aaron and probably he helped Seth leak the DNC emails to Wikileaks. IMO his parents are so uncooperative because they are trying to keep the same thing from happening to Aaron.

ef06d6 No.670715

File: 8a5ccde327be733⋯.png (43.18 KB, 723x679, 723:679, Usual Suspects II.PNG)


>march MADNESS

Make it the MAGA/MEGA Death Match!

178d77 No.670716


kek A windmill that no longer knows which way the wind blows :D Sign me up for TWO!!!

3a4d66 No.670717




>Q is not AI.

…but Q is AI assisted.

9f66fb No.670718


Yeah, people don't follow precise rules the way chess pieces do. We can be rather unpredictable.

b2b74e No.670719


Didn't Cern have a major blow-up about then also? May be why the AI went down. CERN is the entrance to the pits of hell, in other words, killerys home address

c8d2b4 No.670720


good one!

ed458b No.670721


So…Are we anons with our autism feeding this damn machine so it can reach critical mass and then kick us all in the ass??

9f66fb No.670722


So don't identify him.

613812 No.670723


Posted in last bread, but think it was over looked.

1/8/18 POTUS speaking at Farm Bureau Convention. Drawing attention to farming like he did the steel industry? I think so.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eB4OkqUk9k

Read a notable about California legalizing toxic contamination of ground water and remembered the billions and billions of gallons of water that California flushed down to the see under guise of saving a minnow.

Is this part of double meaning of watching the water? Maybe, maybe not. But still important.

https:// joeforamerica.com/2015/04/california-dumps-trillion-gallons-fresh-water-ocean-declares-water-shortage/

"California is dumping a trillion gallons of fresh Water in the ocean. Only liberals would declare a water shortage disaster after spending years dumping good, fresh water into the ocean to protect a non-endangered bait fish."

Dumping billions of gallons of water- not only affects lack of drinking water locally, but no water, no farmer, no food. And California produced much of our fruit and vegetables.

Lack of food production is a big NATIONAL SECURITY issue.

http:// www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-calcook-california-its-whats-for-dinner-20140312-story.html

"You know how the rest of the country likes to make fun of California, but how much would they miss us if we were gone? You can certainly bet the weeping and wailing would be off the charts at dinner time.

According to the latest statistics compiled by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the state produces almost half of all the fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the country, as well as a whopping share of the livestock and dairy.

All told, the state's farms earned almost $45 billion in 2012, the last year for which statistics are available – that's more than 11% of the nation's total. The biggest winners include milk, which earned $6.9 billion; grapes ($4.5 billion); almonds ($4.3 billion); strawberries ($1.9 billion); lettuce ($1.5 billion); walnuts ($1.3 billion); and tomatoes ($1.2 billion)."

8eddf3 No.670724


Special Disciplinary Rules for SES Members

The SES was created during the Carter Administration as part of the Civil Service Reform Act (CSRA) of 1978.

Section 359.501 of Title 5 of the Code of Federal Regulations states that an

“agency may remove a career appointee from the SES after the appointee has been

given one final rating of unsatisfactory,” while an “agency must remove a career

appointee from the SES after—(1) the appointee has been given two final ratings of

unsatisfactory within 5 consecutive years; or (2) the appointee has been given two

final ratings of less than fully successful within 3 consecutive years” (italics added).

Removal for performance reasons generally relates to a senior executive’s difficulty with

fulfilling the duties of the position, which could be due to such issues as a lack of

necessary knowledge or insufficient managerial skills.

http:// www.fedweek.com/issue-briefs/special-disciplinary-rules-for-ses-members-2/

Do you need the code looked up also?

8fe281 No.670725


so what happens if we lie to it?

38bdee No.670726



178d77 No.670727

File: ca4deb2cec27b72⋯.jpg (55.59 KB, 498x634, 249:317, sf7d89g687dsg687dsfg68sd7f.jpg)


The people that make up Q, of COURSE, would have access to the technology - and they do likely have the crystals ball computers purchased from googl_e awhile back - I don't dispute that. But we aren't being mined - we are being assembled into the most awesome force the web has ever seen - KEK

765d3c No.670728


Oh please. Skynet's not gonna come into being anytime soon. AI tech is still in its infancy.. give it another 10 years or so maybe things will have improved. Right now engineers lucky they can keep a dumb network running, much less a sentient one.

4f4cfd No.670729


http:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_nwo72.htm

4bdb95 No.670730


It probably gets pissed off and tells Santa and the Easter Bunny that we are not good boys

2c3435 No.670731


Is that even possible in the modern era?

fa6cae No.670732



Can't wait to see how this comes out in Court this month!!

Hopefully it is not delayed.

3a4d66 No.670733




>So…Are we anons with our autism feeding this damn machine so it can reach critical mass and then kick us all in the ass??

Definitely feeding a learning AI but to what end? Maybe that depends on who controls. If control is possible…

Now marry Palantir with Sentient World Simulation and you begin to understand that we are all living in a pre-scripted narrative.

bcb24b No.670734

File: bd2604d2cb4a718⋯.jpg (9.98 KB, 213x255, 71:85, bd2604d2cb4a71882f35c4d5c6….jpg)

File: cdf8e56156fd54b⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 349x356, 349:356, cdf8e56156fd54b8a7f1c3804c….jpg)

well /your/ mom is here again

ef06d6 No.670735


>so what happens if we lie to it?

It faces an infinity of variables. That's why it will never dominate. We're all liars.

98d33d No.670736

File: b01006e549b1c20⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 330x330, 1:1, EpicEarth-Globespin(2016Ma….gif)

level ground fuks…eat ne

6e716b No.670737

File: 766de9de3023ca0⋯.jpg (62.22 KB, 500x555, 100:111, 26f8vs.jpg)

2c3435 No.670738


AI is more probable than an ancient cult of elite Jews that invented the holocaust.

1ef34a No.670739


Yes sir, this Image tells a True Story also…

Can you see Trump?

He has a Hat on, Disguise…

7626d5 No.670740

DDoS, find the PDF

fddff2 No.670741

Encountered some shilling last bread to a post I will not specify, to reduce conflict.

Just a reminder that Cabal absolutely HATES everything that is good, stable, benevolent, in accordance to common sense, your deepest righteous desires of peace, integrity and true strength, and will do everything to hijack and distort these values, making you think you are fighting for x and y is the enemy and vice versa.

Therefore anons PLEASE re-check your beliefs, re-check what you think, sit down, relax, contact your gut feeling, and remember - its about light vs darkness. So pick your side and make sure you're with it. Evil is everywhere, as q said. Even inside our heads.

995fcb No.670742


Well, fuck, I guess I'm on #teamThiel. You me and the hulkster, bro. We got this.

d82694 No.670743


>Anonymous 03/15/18 (Thu) 00:21:47 493f6b No.669883

>Morgan Roof


>Search it.

Morgan Roof, Dylann's Sister: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Morgan Roof, Dylann Roof's sister, is accused of making a Snapchat post that troubled people and bringing weapons to school.

https:// heavy.com/news/2018/03/morgan-roof-snapchat-dylann-sister-dylan/

10 minutes later (TZ different):

https:// twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/974141083054690304

>Mar 14, 2018 11:31:47 PM - Please join me with your thoughts and prayers for both aviators, their families and our incredible @USNavy. https:// t.co/60bHhrp8Y1

Trump/Q wants us to dig this chick. (SCNR)

c8d2b4 No.670744


lmao If they are seriously worried about a board full of FEfags, biblefags, concernfags, QisaLARPfags, LGBTmemefags, freebeerfags, grandmafags, pornfags, fakeQfags…they're in serious fucking trouble and should just Arkancide themselves right now!

3a4d66 No.670745




>so what happens if we lie to it?

https:// www.corbettreport.com/sentient-world-simulation-meet-your-dod-clone/

9f66fb No.670746


EVERYTHING you do on your computer belongs to them. Go check out >>670437

69d77d No.670747


Palantir is dumber than Windows 8. Also, it likes being penetrated by USB sticks.

b14ea9 No.670749

Did you know that the cabal is here?

Did you know that they are mascerading as one of you?

Did you know that they steering you conversations?

Don't let peer pressure muc up your thinking.

Think for yourself.

The enemy is here. They are attempting to stop you from understanding reality.

Be careful. Look at EVERYTHING.

6730c5 No.670750

File: 35b1b8d2a6d1598⋯.jpg (96.68 KB, 711x500, 711:500, 269y3l.jpg)


Current AI is nothing but a giant nest of IF and SWITCH statements. When it gets to the point of self-modifying and writing its own code then we'll have to worry, because that'll be the start of the Singularity.

But enough of this SHIT!

d82694 No.670751


>Did you know that they are mascerading as one of you?

No, they're masquerading as 6 million of us.

ed458b No.670752


>"California is dumping a trillion gallons of fresh Water in the ocean. Only liberals would declare a water shortage disaster after spending years dumping good, fresh water into the ocean to protect a non-endangered bait fish."

That is because here in the Cali Valley we "were called" The Salad Bowl" of the nation. We provided most all our vegies and many fruits and nuts. But not now. They took all the water away, and the farmers lost their land. It's a dust bowl now. We grow mainly alfalfa for cattle feed anc corn for Ethanol. Vegies are imported for Mexico.

c5ee3a No.670753


Yeah, people don't seem read the clown ops posts… Or if they do they do not fully understand what "DO NOT ENGAGE" actually means.

The clowns don't like seeing those analyses in the dough though, I notice they get removed every time we get a rash of shills trying to bake..

Which is fine, because every time they remove it I'll will be here posting updates to the analysis of them for anons.. So they actually kinda do me a favor by removing it every so often.. [Thanks clowns!]

Shadilay, Patriot!

d37c45 No.670754



Key= Intelligence

Keystone= MIL+NSA


John Key= Keystone

Keystone= Last drop of Wikileaks

Keystone= SeS.

9f66fb No.670755


I'm guessing that includes those flat earthers.

b62596 No.670756


Justin Timberlake is the fake Paul? Thought he was the fake Q?

d9d1cb No.670757


Sorry, source:

https:// wikileaks.org/bnd-inquiry/docs/AA/MAT_A_AA-1/MAT%20A%20AA-1-1w.pdf

38bdee No.670758

You may be on to something. The Kuru blicky is taking a toll on Hillary's ability to balance…..



178d77 No.670759


Hope they got all those closeups of my taint for HD wallpapers. KEK Don't CARE. They are still going down.

72f231 No.670760

File: 7204bafc928b39e⋯.jpg (30.41 KB, 425x300, 17:12, Black Sun of Obamacare.jpg)

File: 6a217bb14df8838⋯.jpg (24.62 KB, 508x506, 254:253, Phoenix from ashes.jpg)

File: 19f646e3b0850e9⋯.jpg (28.66 KB, 379x382, 379:382, rising sun.jpg)



Keep digging anons … lots here. The brains and bodies of feeders are the targets. All the harsh crackdowns on free speech hitting today began with Hillary trying to block "conspiracy talk" in the fucking 90s.

Donna Shalala (wearing Hillary's Phoenix broach) was involved in the HillaryCare powergrab try back then too

Forcing Social & Spiritual Change through UN/US Healthcare


"WHO commands a worldwide network that fuels social transformation and monitors the ways their people think, choose, and behave. Called Nations for Mental Health, it links each member state to the UN agenda and promises to steer each nation toward the UN goal:

"Governments will be assisted to formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate mental health policies.

"Mental health policies should enable all individuals whose mental health is disturbed or whose psychological balance may be compromised to obtain services adapted to their needs, and to promote the optimal development of the mental health of the population."[9]

"To develop "the mental health of the population" and to prevent dissent and conflict from blocking progress, everyone must participate in the dialectical consensus process. Assessments for all – young and old – will show who might be "at risk"

"In the UN plan for Healthy Cities, prevention becomes a personal duty. Since compliance within the collective group is important, friends and neighbors could be asked to report on one another – just as in Nazi Germany. That threat alone would push many potential strays back into the crowd. Few would dare make a positive statement about God's love or Christian faith.

"I challenge our young people to realize their important role in this seamless system," said DONNA SHALALA, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and human Services during the Clinton administration. "Many times, you as friends are the strongest link in the chain of contact. You know best when your brother, your sister or your friend is facing problems…"[11]

President Clinton made a similar suggestion: "The Justice Department will make its own hate crimes training curriculum available. A lot of hate crimes still go unreported…"

Occult Symbolism in the Obamacare Logo


"Black Nationalists/Black Liberationists believe that they are the original Jews, Christians and Muslims and that other, “white versions” of these religions are considered to be apostate. In the Bible, Lucifer was cast out for trying to put himself on the same level as God. For that reason extreme Gnosticism has often been labeled “Satanism” or “Luciferianism” by the traditional Christian church in less politically correct times.

"The Obamacare symbol just happens to combine his logo with this symbol of Hermes, which can be taken to imply that Obama is a Christ figure, like Hermes, a man-god. This appears to be alluding to Obama’s occult belief system, much the same way that Saul Alinsky dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer. It is possible that it could be unintentional, but there is just much too much of this symbolism connected with Obama. His logo is a rising sun symbol, which is also often used as an occult symbol to represent the dawn of a new (occult) age. There have been many references among his followers that he is a god or messiah, which he never tries to squelch.

"Occultists have used symbolism to communicate with other like-minded people for centuries, because some things can not be openly stated and most people don’t notice or recognize the symbolism. If some do notice, then the ambiguity of the symbolism always allows it to be denied and the accusations to be ridiculed."

Americans in the rays of the Occult Black Sun of Obamacare and a subliminal Obama Phoenix rising from the ashes of America


4bdb95 No.670761

So, the AI is predicting Trump tweets???

Can we stop with this?

b9a002 No.670762

File: c9619f0d458c6e1⋯.jpg (35.18 KB, 479x411, 479:411, cut_strings.jpg)



Stay on mission. Don't engage the clowns and they'll leave. This happens every time something big happens. Feel proud.

8fe281 No.670763


i would sure hope so

e70f2c No.670764

Trump meeting with Bill Gates:

First of all I have no idea what it's about.

But, since we're talking AI, Gates had a nice quote recently.

Something like:

'When people are online they think they're interacting with other people or creating content, they're not, they're interacting with various proprietary AI's and training them.'

d37c45 No.670765


of the Kim Dotcom?

b62596 No.670766


I'm Half-English, just like you are half-witted.

aadc99 No.670768

9f66fb No.670769


What do you think they're reacting to this time? (What did I miss?)

b14ea9 No.670770


Analyze the evidence and make up your own mind,, but don't

allow the flow of the crowed to stop you from looking

into it.

These guys have lied about soooo much, anything is possible.


Don't let them steer you - or heard you like sheep.

178d77 No.670771

File: fccd45dac512bfa⋯.jpg (53.2 KB, 700x376, 175:94, 140528fadf76sd87fs6df.jpg)


Nice memeage, anon!

e464ec No.670772



Interesting TIME article written by BHO about Pope Francis:

Barack Obama

April 23, 2014

A moral leader in word and deed

Rare is the leader who makes us want to be better people. Pope Francis is such a leader.

His Holiness has moved us with his message of inclusion, especially for the poor, the marginalized and the outcast. But it has been his deeds, his bearing, the gestures at once simple and profound — embracing the sick, ministering to the homeless, washing the feet of young prisoners — that have inspired us all.

sauce: http:// time.com/collection-post/70826/pope-francis-2014-time-100/

2c3435 No.670773


Train a neural net on world affairs, public figures, and the narrative hackers (us), and you can figure out the math for creating your OWN narrative.

6e716b No.670774

File: 893a1d45674892b⋯.jpg (63.95 KB, 500x555, 100:111, 26f91q.jpg)

cfe2d1 No.670775

I think this is important. It makes sense these stupid people would allow a computer program to run everything.

Part 1 of 2/3 post

P = Palantir Technologies - "PNG" is running the show

We need to archive this info.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palantir_Technologies

Palantir Technologies

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Palantir Technologies Palantir company logo.png

Type Private Corporation

In December 2014, Forbes reported that Palantir was looking to raise $400 million in an additional round of financing, after the company filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission the month before. The report was based on research by VC Experts. If completed, Forbes stated Palantir's funding could reach a total of $1.2 billion. As of December 2014, the company continued to have diverse private funders, Kenneth Langone and Stanley Druckenmiller, In-Q-Tel of the CIA, Tiger Global Management, and Founders Fund, which is a venture Firm operated by Peter Thiel, the chairman of Palantir. As of December 2014, Thiel was Palantir's largest shareholder.

The company was valued at $15 billion in November 2014. In June 2015, Buzzfeed reported the company was raising up to $500 million in new capital at a valuation of $20 billion. By December 2015, it had raised a further $880 million, while the company was still valued at $20 billion. In February 2016, Palantir bought Kimono Labs, a startup which makes it easy to collect information from public facing websites.

In August 2016, Palantir acquired data visualization startup Silk.


Palantir Gotham (formerly known as Palantir Government) integrates structured and unstructured data, provides search and discovery capabilities, knowledge management, and secure collaboration. The Palantir platform includes the privacy and civil liberties protections mandated by legal requirements such as those in the 9/11 Commission Implementation Act of 2004. Palantir’s privacy controls purportedly keep investigations focused, as opposed to the expansive data mining techniques that have drawn criticism from privacy advocates concerned about civil liberties protection. Palantir maintains security tags[further explanation needed] at a granular level.

Palantir previously ran the site AnalyzeThe.US, which allowed potential Palantir customers and affiliates to use Palantir Gotham to perform analysis on publicly available data from data.gov, usaspending.gov, the Center for Responsive Politics’ Open Secrets Database, and Community Health Data from hhs.gov]

Palantir Metropolis

Palantir Metropolis (formerly known as Palantir Finance) is software for data integration, information management and quantitative analytics. The software connects to commercial, proprietary and public data sets and discovers trends, relationships and anomalies, including predictive analytics.

The company has been involved in a number of business and consumer products, designing in part or in whole. For example, in 2014, they premiered Insightics, which according to the Wall Street Journal "extracts customer spending and demographic information from merchants’ credit-card records." It was created in tandem with credit processing company First Data."


Private civilian use

See also: Information Warfare Monitor

Palantir Metropolis is used by hedge funds, banks, and financial services firms.

Palantir partner Information Warfare Monitor used Palantir software to uncover both the Ghostnet and the Shadow Network

U.S. civil entities

Palantir’s software is used by the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board to detect and investigate fraud and abuse in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Specifically, the Recovery Operations Center (ROC) used Palantir to integrate transactional data with open-source and private data sets that describe the entities receiving stimulus funds. Other clients as of 2013 included Polaris Project, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

44400d No.670776

Trust the plan! Pay no attention to Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Barrack Obama, Samantha Power, Eric Holder, John McCain, Adam Schiff, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, James Clapper, John Brennan, and every other traitor being completely free right now. Not only are they free, but they are all traveling around and talking more shit than ever about President Trump and his supporters. Disinformation is necessary. It's part of the plan to let known human traffickers and traitors roam freely for 13 months. It's March 15 now. If/When nothing happens, it'll just be more "trust the plan."

9f66fb No.670777


I get so head-down into getting that searchable database up that I miss a lot.

http:// q-questions.info/research-tool.php

aadc99 No.670778


Here is the link

http:// www.courtofrecord.org/gicor/record/US/faxes/EIB/EIB_27-June-2015.pdf

cfe2d1 No.670779


I think this is important. It makes sense these stupid people would allow a computer program to run everything.

Part 2 of 3 post

P = Palantir Technologies - "PNG" is running the show

U.S. military, intelligence, and police

Palantir Gotham is used by counter-terrorism analysts at offices in the United States Intelligence Community and United States Department of Defense, fraud investigators at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, and cyber analysts at Information Warfare Monitor (responsible for the GhostNet and the Shadow Network investigation).

Other clients as of 2013 included DHS, NSA, FBI, CDC, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, Special Operations Command, West Point, the Joint IED Defeat Organization and Allies. However, at the time the United States Army continued to use its own data analysis tool] Also, according to TechCrunch, "The U.S. spy agencies also employed Palantir to connect databases across departments. Before this, most of the databases used by the CIA and FBI were siloed, forcing users to search each database individually. Now everything is linked together using Palantir."

U.S. military intelligence used the Palantir product to improve their ability to predict locations of improvised explosive devices in its war in Afghanistan. A small number of practitioners reported it to be more useful than the United States Army's program of record, the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS-A). California Congressman Duncan D. Hunter complained of United States Department of Defense obstacles to its wider use in 2012.

Palantir has also been reported to be working with various U.S. police departments, for example accepting a contract in 2013 to help the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center build a controversial license plates database for California. In 2012 New Orleans Police Department partnered with Palantir to create a predictive policing program.

1d172f No.670780

File: 2a4474b9d70ac97⋯.png (751.89 KB, 755x456, 755:456, ClipboardImage.png)

995fcb No.670781

File: 5b35b85fecf752d⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1017x743, 1017:743, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at ….png)


Notice the lower right corner. Polaris is a national human trafficking hotline.

b62596 No.670782



I agree that both Klintons will check out of 2018 before justice is served.

b14ea9 No.670783


Yeah I understand.

There is a lot to take in here. Especially if you are

just recently waking up.

I personally woke up many years ago so I have had

years to study.

e70f2c No.670784

>Q and Trump seem to know the future.

You don't think predictive algorithms have something to do with that?

3a4d66 No.670785




>EVERYTHING you do on your computer belongs to them

Not just what you do on your computer. Sat tech can track you everywhere you go. THey know you and your habits and everywhere you go. Facial recognition allows tracking EVERYWHERE. They know enough about you to make a clone and simulate your responses in their "war games" and "disaaster scenarios" which are no longer games, they are a pre-scripted narrative.

b14ea9 No.670786

e3e764 No.670787

Disembowel the SES = shadow government.

b62596 No.670790


Because Soros's check cleared.

d37c45 No.670791


Those Digits.., Good Tool

e8ef8d No.670792


And it's gone …

8818a4 No.670793



http: //www.courtofrecord.org/gicor/record/US/faxes/EIB/EIB_27-June-2015.pdf this one?

9f66fb No.670794


I woke up a couple decades ago. I've just been busy in other related tasks lately.

d37c45 No.670795



cf2c49 No.670796


You can't assume to know the capability of AI based on what we see in the public domain.

b62596 No.670798


Bye @paul Bye@Mitch anytime is good.

d7c343 No.670799



I think I can bake next bread

Just cant update notables as my connection is bad

9f66fb No.670800


Maybe just paste it in?


e3e764 No.670801

Offshore accounts….

e70f2c No.670802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why was Elon Musk attempting to convince everyone they live in a video game?

Was the person who asked this question a plant?

d37c45 No.670803


Q did that The Five Eyes are Very Very Important for the Intelligence.

c5ee3a No.670804


And we all know that clowns here are hired as temps from Robert Half-ass.

Which is why they are so "special"

29a2a2 No.670806


Have you ever defused a bomb? Me either. But I imagine it's kinda like that, where there is a particular order in which you have to do things, and you don't want to go so fast that you make a mistake. Big consequences.

9f66fb No.670807


The fact that Chrome will give you the traffic level in a store at any given time should tell you a lot. They're tracking our frikkin phones!

6e716b No.670808

File: 578ce9c770b5b31⋯.jpg (52.98 KB, 500x555, 100:111, 26f9al.jpg)


b14ea9 No.670809


Have you ever looked into that FE stuff at all?

Or do you just think it's to silly to even look into?

2c3435 No.670810



WTF?? Someone's angry, and WOKE

b62596 No.670811


Cal is easily the best state, it just has the worst govt libtards. Purge the voting rolls, arrest, and deport . Boom Boom Boom [R]

9f66fb No.670812

cfe2d1 No.670813


Part 3 of 4 post

P = Palantir Technologies - PNG is running the show

We need to archive this info.

Palantir Night Live event

Palantir hosts Palantir Night Live at Palantir’s McLean and Palo Alto offices. The event brings speakers from the intelligence community and technology space to discuss topics of common interest. Past speakers include Garry Kasparov; Nart Villeneuve from Information Warfare Monitor; Andrew McAfee, author of Enterprise 2.0; Nelson Dellis, memory athlete; and Michael Chertoff.


WikiLeaks proposals (2010)

In 2010 Hunton & Williams LLP allegedly asked Berico Technologies, Palantir, and HBGary Federal to draft a response plan to “the WikiLeaks Threat.” In early 2011 Anonymous publicly released HBGary-internal documents, including the plan. The plan proposed Palantir software would “serve as the foundation for all the data collection, integration, analysis, and production efforts.” The plan also included slides, allegedly authored by HBGary CEO Aaron Barr, which suggested “[spreading] disinformation” and “disrupting” Glenn Greenwald’s support for WikiLeaks.

Founded 2004; 14 years ago

Founders Peter Thiel

Nathan Gettings

Joe Lonsdale

Stephen Cohen

Alex Karp

Headquarters Palo Alto, California, U.S.

Key people

Peter Thiel (Chairman)

Alex Karp (CEO)


Palantir Gotham

Palantir Metropolis

Number of employees

Increase2,000 (December 2015)

Website www.palantir.com

Palantir Technologies is a private American software and services company which specializes in big data analysis. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the company is known for two projects in particular: Palantir Gotham and Palantir Metropolis. Palantir Gotham is used by counter-terrorism analysts at offices in the United States Intelligence Community (USIC) and United States Department of Defense, fraud investigators at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, and cyber analysts at Information Warfare Monitor, while Palantir Metropolis is used by hedge funds, banks, and financial services firms. The company gets its name from The Lord of the Rings, as a palantír was an object that could see into the future.

Founded in 2004 by Peter Thiel, Nathan Gettings, Joe Lonsdale, Stephen Cohen, and Alex Karp, Palantir's original clients were federal agencies of the USIC. It has since expanded its customer base to serve state and local governments, as well as private companies in the financial and healthcare industries. Karp, Palantir's chief executive officer, announced in 2013 that the company would not pursue an IPO, as going public would make "running a company like ours very difficult".

The company was valued at US$9 billion in early 2014, with Forbes stating that the valuation made Palantir "among Silicon Valley's most valuable private technology companies". As of December 2014, Peter Thiel was Palantir's largest shareholder. In January 2015, the company was valued at US$15 billion after an undisclosed round of funding with US$50 million in November 2014. This valuation rose to US$20.33 billion in late 2015 as the company closed an $880 million round of funding.

178d77 No.670814

File: f1dd0dbb7664ae3⋯.jpg (122.16 KB, 896x613, 896:613, s7d89fg6sd789fg6sd789fg6df….jpg)


You know that first-hand, don'tcha?

925e0e No.670815


Would you care for some grape jelly with that salad?

b14ea9 No.670816


Dare I say it? (Flat Earth)

c8d2b4 No.670817

File: 95177b4b9106a86⋯.png (680.16 KB, 455x580, 91:116, economist.png)


fixed it

cfe2d1 No.670818


Part 4 of 4


2003–2008: Founding and early years

Founder and chairman Peter Thiel was Palantir's largest shareholder as of late 2014.

Though usually listed as having been founded in 2004, SEC filings state Palantir's official incorporation to be in May 2003 by Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal), who named the start-up after the "seeing stone" in Tolkien's legendarium. Thiel saw Palantir as a "mission-oriented company" which could apply software similar to PayPal's fraud recognition systems to "reduce terrorism while preserving civil liberties."

In 2004, Thiel bankrolled the creation of a prototype by PayPal engineer Nathan Gettings and Stanford University students Joe Lonsdale and Stephen Cohen. That same year, Thiel hired Alex Karp, a former colleague of his from Stanford Law School, as chief executive officer.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the company initially struggled to find investors. According to Karp, Sequoia Capital chairman Michael Moritz doodled through an entire meeting, and a Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers executive lectured the founders about the inevitable failure of their company. The only early investments were $2 million from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's venture capital arm In-Q-Tel, and $30 million from Thiel himself and his venture capital firm, Founders Fund.

Palantir developed its technology by computer scientists and analysts from intelligence agencies over three years, through pilots facilitated by In-Q-Tel. The company stated computers alone using artificial intelligence could not defeat an adaptive adversary. Instead, Palantir proposed using human analysts to explore data from many sources, called intelligence augmentation.

2009: GhostNet and the Shadow Network

In 2009 and 2010 respectively, Information Warfare Monitor used Palantir software to uncover the GhostNet and the Shadow Network. The GhostNet was a China-based cyber espionage network targeting 1,295 computers in 103 countries, including the Dalai Lama’s office, a NATO computer and various national embassies. The Shadow Network was also a China-based espionage operation that hacked into the Indian security and defense apparatus. Cyber spies stole documents related to Indian security and NATO troop activity in Afghanistan.

2010–2012: Expansion

In April 2010, Palantir announced a partnership with Thomson Reuters to sell the Palantir Metropolis product as QA Studio. On June 18, 2010, Vice President Joe Biden and Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag held a press conference at the White House announcing the success of fighting fraud in the stimulus by the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (RATB). Biden credited the success to the software, Palantir, being deployed by the federal government. He announced that the capability will be deployed at other government agencies, starting with Medicare and Medicaid.

Estimates were $250 million in revenues in 2011.

2013–2016: Additional funding

"[As of 2013] the U.S. spy agencies also employed Palantir to connect databases across departments. Before this, most of the databases used by the CIA and FBI were siloed, forcing users to search each database individually. Now everything is linked together using Palantir."

— TechCrunch in January 2015

A document leaked to TechCrunch revealed that Palantir's clients as of 2013 included at least twelve groups within the U.S. government, including the CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI, CDC, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, Special Operations Command, West Point, the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization and Allies, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. However, at the time the United States Army continued to use its own data analysis tool. Also, according to TechCrunch, the U.S. spy agencies such as the CIA and FBI were linked for the first time with Palantir software, as their databases had previously been "siloed."

In September 2013, Palantir disclosed over $196 million in funding according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing. It was estimated that the company would likely close almost $1 billion in contracts in 2014.[30] CEO Alex Karp announced in 2013 that the company would not be pursuing an IPO, as going public would make “running a company like ours very difficult.” In December 2013, the company began a round of financing, raising around $450 million from private funders. This raised the company's value to $9 billion, according to Forbes, with the magazine further explaining that the valuation made Palantir "among Silicon Valley’s most valuable private technology companies."

c5ee3a No.670819


BAN!!!!!11 /s

f11307 No.670820


It's not gone.

95c2d3 No.670821


If Otto can travel, so can this cunt. And considering the India PM is obsessed w POTUS, I doubt it'll be an issue. Besides, SEALS are wonderful creatures…

2c3435 No.670823


That's a pretty old reference.

b62596 No.670824


Free Beer Tomorrow. Q

d82694 No.670825


The flattardery is shill droppings. Ignore.

9f66fb No.670826


That isn't 'woke' stuff. That's a disinfo psyop at its worst. That so many believe that crap is utterly amazing.

b14ea9 No.670827


What does mean?

d9d1cb No.670828


Source for GCBS, Mr. Key saying he'd resign if illegal data collection occurred & Kim Dotcom illegal spying claims:

https:// wikileaks.org/bnd-inquiry/docs/AA/MAT_A_AA-1/MAT%20A%20AA-1-1w.pdf

Glad other anons found it interesting, had to pour thru a 218 page pdf file for It! LOL

6e716b No.670829

File: bc712e165645d55⋯.jpg (53.22 KB, 500x555, 100:111, 26f9df.jpg)

b14ea9 No.670830


So you've looked into it then?

e8ef8d No.670832


Everyone read it, FFS

613812 No.670833


>It's a dust bowl now. We grow mainly alfalfa for cattle feed anc corn for Ethanol. Vegies are imported for Mexico.

That is my understaning anon.

Imported food = National Security Threat

http:// thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/economy-budget/288323-food-insecurity-and-national-security

"In his opening statement, Chairman Mike Conaway (R-Texas) said he wanted to hear from military leaders who have served in places that lack agricultural development in order to underscore "how important it is for the U.S. to continue providing the tools that are necessary for our nation to be able to feed and clothe its people." In other words, the hearing was designed to remind people how much we owe to farmers and to justify an extensive and far-reaching system of farm supports."

b14ea9 No.670836


Sorry.. I mean, what does that mean?

BAN!!!!11 /s

744549 No.670837


This makes me think of Q's post that read, in part, 'The TELL.

How can we legally track (((them))…how do we see all & hear all?'

That is not word-for-word, but the "TELL" reference made me think of TELEPHONES; Everybody has one and they use it for just about everything…we voluntarily carry around devices that can see us, listen in on us undetected, track our movements w/ GPS…and on and on…. :/

c5ee3a No.670838


What does mean?

What? FE? It = Faggot Exclamations.

BAN!!!!!11 = What a cl0wnbot screams when it sees a trigger word.

/s = I'm trolling.

aadc99 No.670839


I have been getting hammered every time I posted this. I do not know if it is valid. It was the picture of clouds with the Rothschild name backwards theat said think mirror. I held the picture to a mirror and in the corner it read EIB 225 41-68. That is only part of the information. This was a preliminary search, first click, and this is what I saw. There may be more. I do not know. It seems very relevant to what we are after.

9f66fb No.670840


Only to try and get an idea how anyone could believe that and perhaps come up with rebuttals. Too much life experience here to fall for it.

e70f2c No.670841


Again, what would be the purpose of convincing

a population, that the world around them is nothing

but a dream?


What would be the motivation in doing this?

d37c45 No.670842


Another Keystone?

44400d No.670843


13 months, Zero big arrests. Not even one.

3467c3 No.670844


Mind control, obviously.

178d77 No.670845

File: 54b96ba1c790652⋯.jpg (58.4 KB, 550x479, 550:479, d89af7dsa9f8a7d.jpg)



d37c45 No.670846


Why Marine Le Pen isn't in Gray?

9f66fb No.670847


Arrests don't do any good if the judiciary isn't fixed first. Without that, they'll be on the streets again.

d37c45 No.670848


Back to work pussy.

1d172f No.670849

File: 43810fcbb6f0b7c⋯.png (922.96 KB, 775x469, 775:469, ClipboardImage.png)

b14ea9 No.670850


So then… it's a taboo subject?

a5311b No.670851

I’m gone for a day and this place is flooded with bull shit. What the fuck happend?

e3e764 No.670852


Military tribunals

2c3435 No.670853


https:// blogs.fco.gov.uk/nigelbaker/2013/02/15/benedict-xvi-uk/

fa6cae No.670854


Military Tribunals.

69d77d No.670855


It will subscribe you to gay porn magazines mailed to your home address.

e8ef8d No.670856


This would be a hard to fake, there is so much in here it's mind blowing.

9f66fb No.670857


Hopefully very soon. That's our best chance.

c5ee3a No.670858


>So then… it's a taboo subject?

It has nothing to do with MAGA. It doesn't matter whether it's true or not because of that.

c5437e No.670859


https:// 8ch.net/flatearth/

check it out

178d77 No.670860


Damn anon is going to town with that cutout I made the other night HAHA -er, I mean KEK!

c5437e No.670861


https:// 8ch.net/flatearth/

Check it out

95c2d3 No.670862


Shill city. Happens when Q is gone for a while. Filter filter filter.

e70f2c No.670863

File: 810d5b21782703e⋯.gif (409.02 KB, 450x203, 450:203, IMG_8848.GIF)

d37c45 No.670864





We have to to update the list of terms Again, (Keystone, SeS, P)

3a4d66 No.670865


You want to go down a rabbit hole?

Try this for size. Just remember that "conspiracy theory" was a term invented by the C*A to cover up JFK assassination before dismissing it.

http:// projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?100704-The-Dark-Secret-at-the-Heart-of-AI/page3

c5437e No.670866


Sorry FE not for you

995fcb No.670867


>Palantir developed its technology by computer scientists and analysts from intelligence agencies over three years, through pilots facilitated by In-Q-Tel. The company stated computers alone using artificial intelligence could not defeat an adaptive adversary. Instead, Palantir proposed using human analysts to explore data from many sources, called intelligence augmentation.

>2009: GhostNet and the Shadow Network

>In 2009 and 2010 respectively, Information Warfare Monitor used Palantir software to uncover the GhostNet and the Shadow Network. The GhostNet was a China-based cyber espionage network targeting 1,295 computers in 103 countries, including the Dalai Lama’s office, a NATO computer and various national embassies. The Shadow Network was also a China-based espionage operation that hacked into the Indian security and defense apparatus. Cyber spies stole documents related to Indian security and NATO troop activity in Afghanistan.

>2010–2012: Expansion

This is really interesting. It implies that our digging might be getting reviewed by analysts and the things we find that are not shit get fed into the Palantir platform to help prune the trees.

a5311b No.670868

Beware the Ides of March then

178d77 No.670869

File: 3829fc6344971cc⋯.jpg (8.21 KB, 216x162, 4:3, sdf78g9d98s0f7g098d7fg7987.jpg)


Looks kind of fake and gay to me - but funny. I don't think it's real, you. This kind of wording would NOT be on a document like this.

1d172f No.670870


When FLATTARDS are shitting up the board, we may as well have some keks

d309ef No.670871


Devalue human life including making muder and suicide less objectionable.

Shifting the Overton window.

b14ea9 No.670872


Can you help me see through the distance thing (how far you can see - where is the curve) of this post? Do you know enough to debunk it.

I don't want to spend any time researching it

if you can quickly show me how to see through

this post. thanks


44400d No.670873


They are traitors. They should be facing tribunals. There is no excuse at this point. Nothing has happened and nothing is going to happen. Hillary having a fun vacation in India was all the proof we needed to show once and for all that this has all been a load of bullshit.

1f975f No.670874

Judge orders release of Parkland school shooting videos.

https:// truepundit.com/judge-orders-release-parkland-school-shooting-videos/

4a5aee No.670875








4f043d No.670876

File: ff2180557adb80c⋯.png (570.58 KB, 960x632, 120:79, b36f2dcce09d1051533ad2505d….png)

5c09a6 No.670877

File: 1e767d6a732e346⋯.jpg (13.99 KB, 255x220, 51:44, 1468536952997.jpg)

Threads still filled to the brim with faggotry I see. What is driving you faggots?

39aea2 No.670878

Workfag reporting in. What habbened to Reddit today? Deets!

3e9e22 No.670879

Agreed. And I think it would be very effective.


e464ec No.670880

File: e1bcbb9f19bd3b8⋯.jpg (310.07 KB, 1530x897, 510:299, cor1mirror.jpg)


Well that deserves a "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK"

So much more digging to do - holy shit.

First thing that jumped out when scrolling through:

MIRROR reference + other pdf's to dig into - see pic

"We are investigating Goldman Sachs as an enabler of "terrorism" and related Treasonous actions contrary to the express wishes of His Holiness Pope Francis, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, We The People and this Court of Record of YHVH, our Lord Jesus Christ."

Page 7 and 8 of pdf.

http:// www.courtofrecord.org/gicor/record/US/faxes/EIB/EIB_27-June-2015.pdf

2c3435 No.670881


Why is all the good, woke stuff coming out on TruePundit?

44400d No.670882


Just to be clear, there isn't anything inaccurate about this. ZERO ARRESTS. NONE! NOT EVEN ONE. After 13 months and still nothing.

178d77 No.670883


WTF does FE bullshit have to do with Hillarity falling down the stairs?

9f66fb No.670884


Do we have an extradition treaty with India? No boot, either.

3a4d66 No.670885




>Have you ever looked into that FE stuff at all?


>Or do you just think it's to silly to even look into?

Completely dumb - avoid. It's a trap so that at the right time all the stuff that Q has revealed and that has been dug on this site can be dismissed as conspiracy theory because we're all idiots that believe in a flat earth.

c5ee3a No.670886

>c5437e No.670861

>c5ee3a No.670858

You're pushing on it so hard that you are transparent.

You're pushing as hard on it as a clown trying to convince people that antifa violence is a good thing.

Really. But please continue, you just make it easier for people to see what's really taking place here.

f11307 No.670887


There's tons of stuff at www. courtofrecord.org

d37c45 No.670888

it's really nice to speak of those Good Topics :)

aadc99 No.670889


It's too much for me. I will put it off to the side and if it comes up I can give them the link, but I am tired and can't process right now. Don't know if a bogus site, bogus info, just don't know.

178d77 No.670890

File: e35f18e260154cd⋯.jpg (83.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, fsg897f6g879sd6fg8d7g6.jpg)

2c3435 No.670891


Went over this yesterday already

e70f2c No.670892


Anon, you don't need to beat doubt into others mind - trust me we've done that already.

4a5aee No.670893


Use the same link you posted but replace youtube.com with hooktube.com

50e7b8 No.670894


Sorry, can't dismiss this. Not good at graphics to tie my thoughts together but still noodling at this, but look at all the connected Q drops below and put it in the context of AI and who controls that AI.

Discoveries must be ORIG organically.

Hive-mind. <- Research Hive Mind in AI and Hive Mind vs AI. It gets scary. I will dig here and post back

Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?

Power = influence.

Influence = control.

Rinse and repeat.

What power of influence was recently discovered (specifically re: 2016 election)?

How much power of influence does Twitter, FB, Reddit, etc. have in influencing the minds of people?

Social media control is everything.

This scares them more than anything.

Loss of control.

Use logic.

Who controls the narrative?

WHO wrote the singular censorship algorithm?

WHO deployed the algorithm?

WHO instructed them to deploy the algorithm?

SAME embed across multiple platforms.


Why is the timing relevant?

Where is @Snowden?

Why did ES leave G?

Attention on deck.

There is an active war on your mind.

4f043d No.670897


Moar bigger… She's getting pushed off the planet REEEEEEEEEE

f11307 No.670898


22 pg. letter to Obummer

http: //www.courtofrecord.org/gicor/record/US/US.pdf

e8ef8d No.670900


This shit is crazy ( I was just about to post that same part )

9f66fb No.670901


There might be some hints in that thread I've been saying is important. >>670437

e70f2c No.670902

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

178d77 No.670903

File: 5b983c54da6cf46⋯.jpg (39.61 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 2b890d69dd195a2e3e6a0185c0….jpg)



OHHH LULZ - I missed that - thanks - FUGGEN SAVED

1d172f No.670904

File: 6ea4193e814804e⋯.png (676.71 KB, 766x462, 383:231, ClipboardImage.png)

e38b43 No.670905


Exactly!! Notice the code word "taboo"?? IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MAGA!!!


d37c45 No.670906


I like your thought.., for something.., the Censorship is upswing. More the big fracture of the Social Media (Alternatives)

d82694 No.670907


So she's drone bait then. Fine with me.

e8ef8d No.670908

The Chairman. Board of Directors and shareholders of Goldman Sachs have unlimited personal substantial liability for their actions or lack


It is our wish that His Excellency Robert B. Zoellick, Chairman, Board of International Advisers ensure that every attendee of the ongoing

Bilderberg conference receive copies of the above linked documents attached fax.

There shall be follow up action to ensure compliance. Kindly contact Excellency John Brennan, Director CIA for any questions.

e464ec No.670909

File: 83d0658f53068fc⋯.jpg (310.16 KB, 1164x787, 1164:787, mirrorlastshotucc.jpg)



Don't know if related, but the mirror reference in the pdf is about UCC Mirror Reflection. Quick search about UCC and mirror brings this up.

UCC - Uniform Commercial Code

sauce: http:// marell-lawfirm.com/mirror-image-rule-vs-last-shot-rule/

87534a No.670910


John F. Kennedy

Remarks at the Breakfast of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.

>> November 22, 1963

"So this country, which desires only to be free, which desires to be secure, which desired to live at peace for 18 years under three different administrations, has borne more than its share of the burden, has stood watch for more than its number of years. I don't think we are fatigued or tired. We would like to live as we once lived. But history will not permit it. The Communist balance of power is still strong. The balance of power is still on the side of freedom. WE are still the KEYSTONE in the arch of freedom, and I think we will continue to do as we have done in our past, our duty, and the people of Texas will be in the lead."

e3e764 No.670911


Ah, now there's an idea!

9f66fb No.670912


I'm more interested in what was said in the paragraph above. Who is it, really, who wants to dissolve the Federal Reserve? I had the impression that would ultimately be a good thing.

e8ef8d No.670913


Well Well Well, look at there the one and only

d808e1 No.670914

Fukkin awesome…….

That Filter ID+ seriously speeds up the reading. Didn't wanna do it…..finally had to.

8818a4 No.670915


Holy Shit Indeed These people are sick

d37c45 No.670917


Keystone= FREEDOM., Confirmed.

12efb4 No.670918

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This Thomas Paine vid (no visual, just listen) about the S.E.S. is worth the time.

7fdc6c No.670919


Culling, depopulation, as I understand it.

Combined with rush to cage as many 'useless eaters' within 'cages' of urban beehives, it enables centralization and selective culling of the population.

Georgiastones and plans within still continues apace, with no objections?

c4f4e9 No.670920

File: 836eba7dbba2f7c⋯.png (686.26 KB, 1147x740, 31:20, demolinz_titel_afahp.png)

File: e4cb518d6201d29⋯.png (609.58 KB, 846x639, 94:71, 9.png)

File: 358122cb0e75fb7⋯.png (648.58 KB, 850x630, 85:63, 10.png)

https:// afainfoblatt.com/2018/02/07/austria-3800-demonstrate-against-the-government-and-fascist-ball-in-linz/

9f66fb No.670921


Wow. Post the sauce on that, please.

aadc99 No.670922


Thanks anon for looking. Have trying to do PDFs with no luck. But thank you for at least checking it out.

50e7b8 No.670923


The censorship is one thing, but the key to social media has been the recommendation engines behind it. Initially it was to show you what you wanted and would engage with, but quickly moved to what you would click on that was beneficial to the company and/or ad company. Today it is moving to what you will engage with that benefits TPTB. Censorship is only relevent in that context.

e3e764 No.670925


YES. SES is the Obama-appointed shadow government.

e8ef8d No.670926

Switzerland is neither sovereign or neutral

Perhaps it can now be seen that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Switzerland, the Sovereign who protects the 'Swiss Republic'.

We suggest that a 'British' Challenger Tank, nicknamed 'Exodus 32', be parked in front of our office in Switzerland to remind all European animals of God's Law, Caesar's Law and the Magna Charta. [ Germany can 'See':

http:// www. telegraph. co.ukfnews/worldnews/europe/germa ny/1164 5219/Bri tish-tank-crushes-Germ an-teenage-Iearners-car. html j

Caesar's 'Chartered' Accountants

"Google just revealed it's paying its new CFO $70m - Google is giving Ruth Porat stock valued at $65m, a S5m signing bonus and an initial salary of $650,000". Does the 'valuable' CFO know what that means under 'U.C.C. Mirror Reflection'?

d37c45 No.670927


Antifa is in upswing recently.

3467c3 No.670928


What the hell is that?

5475ec No.670929

File: 460da32985b877c⋯.png (221.12 KB, 517x919, 517:919, headedtoaneven.png)

2c3435 No.670930

http:// www.courtofrecord.org/USA/

1d172f No.670932

File: 0038c89baaa9a84⋯.png (707.86 KB, 550x697, 550:697, ClipboardImage.png)

e8ef8d No.670933

Gold is not an asset, nor is 'cash'

Sank account money, vaulted cash or gold that has not been 'forgiven' is not an asset - it is a LIASI LITY. Legal idiot accountants continue to demonstrate ignorance of the Matter of Fad that acceptance of a bank wire is acceptance of a 'Iiability' by the 'account holder'. [ See courtofrecord.org.uk/QE2-2 & Mathew 6: 14 j

Cannibals and Priests of Set

We have shown in letters not yet published, that the Bishops of Rome are held captive by cannibals, pedophiles and 'priests' who 'celebrate' human sacrifice.

Your Excellency can have the pleasure of telling the French Priests of Set, the Bishops in Black, "he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."

9f66fb No.670934


Was just looking at the signs. Maybe Hillary is in India for something other than a vacation?

2c3435 No.670936


http:// www.courtofrecord.org/USA/USA-print.png

d82694 No.670937


Pope Francis is on the side of the clowns. This courtofrecord.org site is a nutcase (or a clown shill like the flattard brigade).

178d77 No.670938


Who is Dan Scavino?

5c09a6 No.670939



provide an archive

e8ef8d No.670940

The farce of a 'star chamber' trial of one sacrificial priest does not fool the LORD. Even France has begun to comprehend the "environmental" impact of "Nutella", [ http:// www.thelocal.itl20150616/french-told-to-stop-eating-nutella-to-save-planet ]. 'Sacrificing' "Hazelnuts" is not the way to "save the environment"

d37c45 No.670941


Saibaba.., Hmm., Maybe a Communist Leader as Mao, but in the india?

995fcb No.670942



Miami herald has more info on it. The suit is only asking for external footage. The school also has detailed audio recordings, but that is not part of the suit. I hope the footage has audio!

f11307 No.670943

File: 9db9b9fe3c74c7f⋯.png (278.45 KB, 881x340, 881:340, court of record-letter to ….PNG)

File: 573bdd9e7021182⋯.png (285.21 KB, 946x397, 946:397, courtofrecord-obummer2.PNG)


parts of the 22 pg. letter to Obummer from Joseph Ray Sundarsson

9f66fb No.670944


These people would prefer that we stop eating altogether. Who was it that talked about too many useless eaters?

d309ef No.670946


What is a search engine?

Trump's social media director

9f66fb No.670947


Yeah, might be some digging to do to see if something's up over there.

2c3435 No.670948


https:// web.archive.org/web/20161231194742if_/http:// courtofrecord.org/USA/USA-print.png

4bdb95 No.670949


The Pope?

Not so woke

e70f2c No.670950


An attempt at a visual representation of what can happen when you convince someone they're living in a dream.

Have you seriously never seen Inception m'dude?

3e9e22 No.670951

Backward masking on an old Beatles song. It was a big rumor back in the day.


5475ec No.670952


Assistant to The GEOTUS

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Scavino

39aea2 No.670953

>>670944 Prince Philip

98d33d No.670954

Go to 20:50 and see a guy get black guy get Red Pilled.

The rest is scary. Shows how big this battle is.


744549 No.670955


You know, if you really think about it-money, gold, diamonds, etc..do not truly have any value…

What ARE true assets with value (in the worst of times) are absolute necessities like WATER & FOOD…you can't eat or drink gold or cash if you are dying of thirst and/or starving. Material things would likely have little-to-no value in a major WW crisis. Any anons agree with me on this?

2c3435 No.670956


People make better money.

5c09a6 No.670957

File: fb8de9148942eab⋯.jpg (30.13 KB, 615x409, 615:409, Ive seen shit you can't ev….jpg)



stop doing that, use archive.is

1d172f No.670958

File: fc9278d23962a81⋯.png (850.7 KB, 773x521, 773:521, a10hellary2.PNG)

d37c45 No.670959


Wait a minute.., Narendra Modi is a Gray hat or White Hay?, if the cabal want to do that…

e464ec No.670960

b14ea9 No.670961


Excuse me, but how is "taboo" a code word?

i am simply asking a question.

You guys keep saying this stuff bull crap

so I thought you might be able to help me see through it.

I'm just looking for your help is all. You obviously know

way more about this than I do.


I posted these hoping you guys could help me see through

the sight distance thing.

Can you? Will you? thanks

9f66fb No.670962


Ultimately, this is true. Money, metals, and gems will be of little good in the aftermath of a catastrophe.

2c3435 No.670963


I'm retarded.

http:// archive.today/v0fhS

744549 No.670964


Of course….to (((them))). :/

fa6cae No.670965


Is this Jehovah Witness written?

e3e764 No.670966


It's true. Several have published studies in comparative physiology. Two different "PM's."

37fd21 No.670967

d82694 No.670968

https:// heavy.com/news/2018/03/morgan-roof-snapchat-dylann-sister-dylan/

>The picture of the Roof family that emerged during Roof’s trial was not a pretty one. According to the New York Daily News, it was alleged that the family dynamic included abuse. Dylann Roof “was raised by a loving stepmom, but in a house destroyed by domestic violence,” The New York Daily News reported.

178d77 No.670969


Look, smartassanon - it was a simple question. Trump's cabinet changes faster than musical chairs. Before you replied - to which I say "thank you", I figured it was just a NY businessman or something. Good to know though. I merely wondered if it was someone of significance - and it appears to be, withe all three of them together in the picture. Perhaps discussing the next phase to take place with we anons?

d309ef No.670970


Good god people

This is catnip for insane conspiracy theorists

Another clown op to distract and discredit

5c09a6 No.670971

File: 9963c62d67f3fe9⋯.png (160.75 KB, 246x264, 41:44, 1468413223359.png)

c4f4e9 No.670972

File: 611471f55decd32⋯.png (643.84 KB, 805x605, 161:121, 3.png)

File: d7a39734ee6b2f3⋯.jpg (113.04 KB, 922x519, 922:519, 8.jpg)

File: 1088827c483d35f⋯.png (109.44 KB, 300x246, 50:41, 14938116_1310389328995357_….png)

https:// afainfoblatt.com/2018/01/16/huge-demonstration-in-vienna-70-000-are-demonstrating-against-the-new-government/

178d77 No.670973



3467c3 No.670974


No, i have not seen inception. I guess I will look into it.

However, I live in a very wealthy area. And I know local contractors that are putting virtual reality windows into mansions.

The windows are timed so that the residents here in America are getting the same view in the window that a person in the south of France is getting concurrently.

Freaked me out to hear that. What if somebody decided to hack it and put them into a virtual reality where every view that they saw " out of their window" was something horrifying?

Yeah, I creeped my contractor friend out.

cf2c49 No.670975









(This is not a game).

9d5981 No.670976

File: c4f985e6562b65a⋯.jpeg (298.71 KB, 1196x730, 598:365, hillkombat.jpeg)

Crooked vs. Reptile

744549 No.670977


Exactly. Very concerning & upsetting considering the way things are in society around the world these days.

2c3435 No.670978



ed458b No.670979


Maybe we anons can convince the AI to go kill itself…lol

e3e764 No.670980

Also, two different Stephen Hawkings.

d309ef No.670981


Read the caption… 2017.

The message is the subtext of why he's posting it now.

d37c45 No.670982


The censorship is severe for the Society, for the Free speech.., the Social Media help for that The people can to sat the opinion of the Things., (of a Gorvmemment, Corporation, Dogma, etc).., Twatter, Google and FB passed the Red line, only see Reedit Today.., Censored.., that madness has to end.,

With the IBOR or not.., the big fracture of the Social media is begin.

1ef34a No.670983


Make it so that predictions are Mistakes, this kills AI

3a4d66 No.670984




>"Mastering the human domain"


5c09a6 No.670985

File: 8b50f25364d37bc⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 4:3, wewladkillyourself.gif)

178d77 No.670986

File: 3613dd4d560c975⋯.jpg (25.02 KB, 800x214, 400:107, 7s89df6gs7d89g6ds87fg6.jpg)


LOVE. NO HOMO - That one will be all over Twatter. you watch. TOP KEK

3e9e22 No.670987


GHWB was the big one who has controlled the CIA for years and who really wanted the NWO. He's also rumored to be son of a Nazi, so this might explain why Q said Nazi World Order–like the other poster suggested that all the globalists need to be called the Nazis that they are.

d37c45 No.670988


If happened that Protest.., it's because., Austria do well the things?

d82694 No.670989


Frogs are amphibians, not reptiles.

744549 No.670990


Fair enough, but again, if your'e dying of thirst and/or starvation you'd likely be too weak-eventually-to even fire a weapon. Just saying..

ed458b No.670991


lol…kek anon…sic em.hehe

178d77 No.670992


We'll give ite something it cannot resolve. Something paradoxical…

e3e764 No.670993


No, not a game.

The logo for Jade Helm read "Mastering the Human Domain."

3e9e22 No.670994

Supposedly Hitler and his inner circle were obsessed with the occult.


89434e No.670995


California can go fuck itself.


c4f4e9 No.670997

File: aa3121037c88968⋯.png (77.52 KB, 500x305, 100:61, 8bec11aeee5c4f31e4732f0c8d….png)

File: 430a54546715619⋯.jpg (40.63 KB, 474x340, 237:170, befa54735e3f7b70c8fe24a640….jpg)

File: d7a39734ee6b2f3⋯.jpg (113.04 KB, 922x519, 922:519, 8.jpg)

Mar 10 2018 18:37:22 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: fb1a66 618754

N does not refer to Nazi.

The continued Nazi ideology is relevant.

Events will clarify.

Think subgroup.


e3e764 No.670998


Yes, totally fake and gay.

9d5981 No.670999


Reptile is the character's name in the game

f0a9fc No.671000

File: f728fa821404d8a⋯.jpg (202.01 KB, 672x672, 1:1, Biblical World.jpg)

If you are a Christian, you might want to reevaluate

how your understand the scriptures.

Remember the story, the day the sun stood still?

Not the earth. What is "the third heaven?"

50e7b8 No.671001


Exactly and pharm drugs, alcohol and other various sin items. I know its fiction, but I think one second later painted a good picture on how to survive the immediate aftermath of a disaster.

3e9e22 No.671002

If Soros takes orders from P, and Soros is bad, then P would also be bad. But is Soros taking orders from a computer (if Palantir=P) or is Soros taking orders from a person who controls Palantir?


9b40c5 No.671003


Why gold and silver?

Excellent explanation here:

https:// i.swissamerica.com/article.php?art=06-2003/200306250118f.txt

d82694 No.671004


Richard Spencer had ties to the Bushes.


>The continued Nazi ideology is relevant.

The current Fake Right shill brigade is directly connected to the past Fake Right (Hitler's Nazi party).

9d5981 No.671005


thx anon

178d77 No.671006


Noted - but I am not putting two and two together here. What does that mean for us? We already know the POTUS is insulated, afterall…

2c3435 No.671007


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aktion_T4

9f66fb No.671008


All they need to do is set up a TV with a looping DVD playing on it. *shrug*

As for Inception, I've got thoughts on how the idea mimics reality. We reside in those deepest levels right now. Having had ME type experiences, I can vouch for reality not being as static as we've been led to believe.

e3e764 No.671009


P may = Pope (Roman), as the Vatican technically owns the City of London, which owns USA Inc.

Or P may = Pindar, the "pope" of the illuminazis.

cf2c49 No.671010

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is a really great and terrifying video on the subject.

6730c5 No.671011

Can some anon post the Hillary fall cutout from yesterday?

4f043d No.671012

File: ced461985a67742⋯.png (30 KB, 186x223, 186:223, H2.png)

aadc99 No.671013


Yup, they are mediums of exchange, while they do have certain qualities in commercial use. It is the labor that is valued in retrieving said material that quantifies value… Until they rig the exchange…

e3e764 No.671014


TY anon.

fddff2 No.671015

http:// esaccoalition.org/matrix-faq/

For those that are ready.

3a4d66 No.671016


Is it a coincidence that shortly after the photo of DJT in SA placing his hands on a "Palantir" style crystal ball that Sophia was given SA citizenship?

What did that allow?

Check out the confrontation between Sophia and Han (robots).

Was Sophia introduced to the Palantir system to counter Han - the Cabal's AI?

e3e764 No.671017

Of course, Pope and Pindar may well be the same person.

d37c45 No.671018


Ok.., Antifa in so.., it's Cheap Anti-Semitism. what a mess.

178d77 No.671019

File: fc6f15b3f65d9b1⋯.jpg (46.65 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 28434273_192504318147061_7….jpg)

How is it that everytime I filter FEfag he keeps coming back? How can FEfaggot change his IP so many times in one bread? HMM?

e8ef8d No.671020

File: ed95d6c0e53e363⋯.gif (200.68 KB, 1454x1120, 727:560, wow.gif)

744549 No.671021


If you were starving after *some* major disaster, and someone offered you the choice between a brick of gold or several loaves of bread & a few gallons of water-which would you choose??

e464ec No.671022

File: 9ac7b7b0baac901⋯.jpg (202.59 KB, 1267x966, 181:138, smrb.jpg)

Senior Executive Service

The Office of Personnel Management has released a list of Senior Executive Service positions that were limited to career federal employees in calendar year 2012.

Federal law requires that the head of each agency publish such a list by March 1 for the previous year. The OPM list is a consolidation of the lists from the individual agencies.

According to a report from the Congressional Research Service, SES is intended to provide managerial expertise to agency political leaders. Therefore, there is a 10 percent governmentwide limit on politically appointed SES positions and a 25 percent limit in any individual agency.

Click here to see the full list, published in the Federal Register."

sauce: https:// fcw.com/articles/2013/05/14/opm-ses-career-list.aspx

Beware - it is a huuuuge list.

Senior Executive Service list from 2017:

Membership of Performance Review Board

sauce: https:// www.federalregister.gov/documents/2017/11/24/2017-25381/senior-executive-service-membership-of-performance-review-board

a64bdf No.671023


If we use this methodology to other types of 'medicine' we can create our own algorithm of when the most likely (((they))) will perpetrate any attacks.

This can also be expanded to FF and how it effects stock yields in metals production or something along these lines.

It's late for me.

3bb427 No.671024

Brace yourself anons…

Q is Kek himself

ed458b No.671025


Ooo…Ooo…I know…Hey AI, "What do I have in my pocketses"?

d309ef No.671026


Insulated from impeachment not safe from harm.

If Pence is /ourguy then the message is both are safe, if he's not then the message is Pence goes down too.

I don't entirely trust Pence.

9f66fb No.671027


Gotta be a VPN.

37fd21 No.671028


Because Paul Ryan is the biggest tool in congress.

I want to see the video of Ryan fucking his 9 year old nephew.

d37c45 No.671029


it isn't a madness., it say that. Between the AI and the Dracos.

9b40c5 No.671030


In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold. If everyone decided, for example, to convert all his bank deposits to silver or copper or any other good, and thereafter declined to accept checks as payment for goods, bank deposits would lose their purchasing power and government-created bank credit would be worthless as a claim on goods. The financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves.

This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard. -Alan Greenspan, 1966 White Paper-Speech

https:// i.swissamerica.com/article.php?art=06-2003/200306250118f.txt

7d6e56 No.671032

I hope Q team realizes how many anons he is losing and will lose more because he has failed to deliver EVERY single time. I have been here since oct but I’m truly demoralized and now I question Trump and Qs intentions. Do they just want to pull people to re-elect him only?? And you can also tell that the breads are a lot slower,

e70f2c No.671033


Here's a paradox for you:

Try and fool something infinitely smarter than you'll ever be.

1d172f No.671034

File: 545393b8315ec6c⋯.png (579.28 KB, 761x516, 761:516, ClipboardImage.png)

e3e764 No.671035


AI has infected many Draco. Therefore, yes, our war is ultimately against AI.

d37c45 No.671036


Other Shill

6e716b No.671037

File: 29f2d3bc837fc98⋯.png (387.75 KB, 996x1284, 83:107, 1521094410517.png)

It's not AI, dumb asses. That's a smokescreen. It's kikes. Wake up!

6730c5 No.671038

File: 01f5f6bb8a87b8e⋯.jpg (82.73 KB, 500x375, 4:3, dscn0189.jpg)

d82694 No.671039


http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/national/dylann-roof-raised-home-destroyed-violence-reports-article-1.2264715

>Roof’s tattoo-covered dad, Franklin Bennett, 52, known as Benn, was verbally and emotionally abusive to his wife during their 10-year marriage, the Daily Mail said Friday.

>Paige Mann, now 41 and newly married, was the closest thing to a real parent Dylann Roof and his older half-sister Amber Roof had, according to court papers cited by the Mail.

>But Bennett (below) routinely belittled his young wife and — as the union unraveled — got physical with her too, the papers said.

>Mann was under his “control and mental manipulation,” she wrote.

"control and mental manipulation" – Dylann was a Monarch bot.

178d77 No.671040


POTUS is safe from harm, I believe. Our Marines will see to that. They are irked-as-fuck after Kennedy and Reagan. As to Pence, I know of his previous leanings - but I think he's come around.

9b40c5 No.671041


Read the link, it explains everything…

12efb4 No.671042


So, it's obvious you haven't checked into it.

Or shill. Take your pick.

44400d No.671043

Look, something serious happened last week. When pornfag started posting a bunch of obnoxious pictures all over the place, people got a little mad. But, Q showed up a few hours later and dropped over 25 posts. It was intense! Was this a coincidence though? Absolutely not! If we've learned one thing from Q, it's that there are no coincidences. This was in fact pornfag magic! We need a little more pornfag magic in here to get the ball rolling again!

f0a9fc No.671044



I guess they can't.

Remember, the reason that they cannot help you

understand the flaw that sight distance thing you were asking about

is because there is only ONE answer and these

guys can't accept that answer.

So go, you and all of you who intelligent and RESEARCH.

Thank you. God is real. Bible is real. FE is REAL.


Oh yeah…. these are great posts as well.



744549 No.671045


Indeed, but in times of widespread disaster where everyone around you is also starving & dying of thirst, who's going to want to trade/barter gold or other 'precious' materials? Probably nobody, especially if banks and stores, etc..were closed down? I'm speaking of a major catastrophy situation here, anon.

29a2a2 No.671046


You anons have to get off the Nazi meme. Nazis are ULTRANATIONALISTS. The NWO is a bunch of globalists. Among other differences.

178d77 No.671047

File: 2b69f828cfbbc99⋯.jpg (32.75 KB, 500x280, 25:14, Dr_e315a4_1204190.jpg)


d82694 No.671048


Clowns don't need VPNs. They can use their cyberweapons to compromise random home computers in Russia and route their traffic through those.

9f66fb No.671049


What's that phrase? Correlation is not causation?

f10c64 No.671050


That is a fantastic graphic!

98d33d No.671051



Funding the Hitler Project

http:// watch.pairsite.com/reich.html

f86547 No.671053

File: 0d6f154fc6795e4⋯.png (253.91 KB, 480x356, 120:89, ClipboardImage.png)

d37c45 No.671054


Correct, for that, I always ask that the People of all world Wake up, Literally, the AI is a Destroyer of Worlds.., a lot of planets wasa destroyed for the AI.

e3e764 No.671055


Nazis were shills, destroying Germany for the NWO. They took over corporate america after WWII.

Nazis = NWO.

d37c45 No.671056

178d77 No.671057

File: b1735c9f1310d6d⋯.png (155.34 KB, 346x262, 173:131, b1735c9f1310d6d951fcf704ee….png)


Last I checked it's still a computer. It's still made by man. It's still got to have power to stay 'alive'. Technology may be the god of the elite - BUT therein lies their greatest weakness - misplaced confidence in. it.

ed458b No.671058


Not trying to go religiousfag here but the bible 'end times' describes an AI type machine that can see, hear, talk, and sentences billions of people to death. Creepy…cause that chapter was written 2000 yrs ago. spoopy.

3e9e22 No.671059

Also submissions for P include

Pilgrim Society

Le Circle Pinay

Philippe Rothschild

Personally I think N is New=Nazi like the other anon suggested.


a9ed5e No.671060


i havent been lost yet but i am starting to wonder if this is going to happen or not. i know Q has been gone before but he let us know it was coming. Im not sure what to think this time. I have faith still though.

6dc710 No.671061

In case it hasn't been done yet.

Ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you to the ==Ides of March==

1. Assassination of Julius Caesar, 44 B.C.

Conspirators led by Marcus Junius Brutus stab dictator-for-life Julius Caesar to death before the Roman senate. Caesar was 55.

2. A Raid on Southern England, 1360

A French raiding party begins a 48-hour spree of rape, pillage and murder in southern England. King Edward III interrupts his own pillaging spree in France to launch reprisals, writes historian Barbara Tuchman, “on discovering that the French could act as viciously in his realm as the English did in France.”

3. Samoan Cyclone, 1889

A cyclone wrecks six warships—three U.S., three German—in the harbor at Apia, Samoa, leaving more than 200 sailors dead. (On the other hand, the ships represented each nation’s show of force in a competition to see who would annex the Samoan islands; the disaster averted a likely war.)

4. Czar Nicholas II Abdicates His Throne, 1917

Czar Nicholas II of Russia signs his abdication papers, ending a 304-year-old royal dynasty and ushering in Bolshevik rule. He and his family are taken captive and, in July 1918, executed before a firing squad.

5. Germany Occupies Czechoslovakia, 1939

Just six months after Czechoslovak leaders ceded the Sudetenland, Nazi troops seize the provinces of Bohemia and Moravia, effectively wiping Czechoslovakia off the map.

6. A Deadly Blizzard on the Great Plains, 1941

A Saturday-night blizzard strikes the northern Great Plains, leaving at least 60 people dead in North Dakota and Minnesota and six more in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. A light evening snow did not deter people from going out—“after all, Saturday night was the time for socializing,” Diane Boit of Hendrum, Minnesota, would recall—but “suddenly the wind switched, and a rumbling sound could be heard as 60 mile-an-hour winds swept down out of the north.”

7. World Record Rainfall, 1952

Rain falls on the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion—and keeps falling, hard enough to register the world’s most voluminous 24-hour rainfall: 73.62 inches.

8. CBS Cancels the “Ed Sullivan Show,” 1971

Word leaks that CBS-TV is canceling “The Ed Sullivan Show” after 23 years on the network, which also dumped Red Skelton and Jackie Gleason in the preceding month. A generation mourns.

9. Disappearing Ozone Layer, 1988

NASA reports that the ozone layer over the Northern Hemisphere has been depleted three times faster than predicted.

10. A New Global Health Scare, 2003

After accumulating reports of a mysterious respiratory disease afflicting patients and healthcare workers in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada, the World Health Organization issues a heightened global health alert. The disease will soon become famous under the acronym SARS (for Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

11. ???????????????

Ides of March Assassins: Heroes or Murderers?

The Ides of March took on special significance after Caesar's assassination—but observance of the anniversary at the time varied among Roman citizens.

"How they felt depended on their political position," said Philip Freeman, a classicist at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and the author of Julius Caesar.

"Some were thrilled that Caesar had died, and some were horrified," he said.

The debate about Caesar's fate has extended through the ages and was taken up by some major literary figures. In Dante's Inferno, for example, Caesar is in Limbo, a relatively pleasant place in hell reserved for virtuous non-Christians.

"But Brutus [one of the leaders of the assassination] is down in the very center of hell with Judas, being munched on by Satan—it's about as bad as you can get," Freeman said.

The Folger library's Ziegler thinks the Bard had a more balanced view.

"I think Shakespeare shows both of them as being humans with their own weaknesses and strong points," she said.

Whether they were heroes or murderers, the real-life Ides of March assassins were subjected to less than pleasant outcomes.

"Within a couple of years Brutus and [fellow assassin] Cassius were dead," Freeman noted.

"They were not able to bring back the Republic, and really what they did was usher in more of a permanent dictatorship under the future Roman emperors—the opposite of what they intended."

We must not allow the last line to happen. We are the future. We shape this world!

d82694 No.671062


>You anons have to get off the Nazi meme. Nazis are ULTRANATIONALISTS. The NWO is a bunch of globalists. Among other differences.

What was a "nationalist" doing conquering all of Europe and invading Russia in the winter? Hitler was an imperialist wearing fake "nationalism" as a skinsuit.

d37c45 No.671063


Someone is desperate

9d5981 No.671064

File: 65b601fc46e5c04⋯.jpeg (319.87 KB, 1402x1054, 701:527, oppositesattract3.jpeg)

5c09a6 No.671065

File: 893779ecb148831⋯.jpg (26.1 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1452475999714.jpg)


More clearly fucked links?

1d172f No.671066

File: 078ee130710e672⋯.png (779.35 KB, 762x420, 127:70, ClipboardImage.png)

178d77 No.671067


You're right - I haven't checked into it. Because I know MKULTRA is real - and the Beatles do. not. matter in the greater scheme of things. But if anon finds sauce and posts, I'll take a peek. Otherwise, better shit to do.

3a4d66 No.671068




>Last I checked it's still a computer. It's still made by man. It's still got to have power to stay 'alive'. Technology may be the god of the elite - BUT therein lies their greatest weakness - misplaced confidence in. it.

What happens when you combine AI with DNA and "print" the product?

e3e764 No.671069


Yes. And everything the cabal is doing here has been tried and tested on countless other worlds.

We have only the power of our goodness and our determination.

ed458b No.671070


Wasn't it the Warburg brothers that financed both Hitler and the Allied forces?

9d5981 No.671071

File: e17ee06b138ebd4⋯.jpeg (318.49 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, oppositesattract2.jpeg)

b9a002 No.671072



copfag…. doesn't look like any legal docs I've ever seen before. Way too plain.

44400d No.671073

How many arrests are we at now? Still Zero? I'm asking for a friend.

ed458b No.671074


No VP's yet

d37c45 No.671075


You don't know How much is in Game.. faggot.

f0a9fc No.671076

File: 5f6c41509b30ad9⋯.jpeg (51.03 KB, 500x375, 4:3, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

File: e2d850a1672cb99⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 784x720, 49:45, planes flies flat.jpg)

File: af078e82b1bdb0a⋯.jpg (111.8 KB, 678x521, 678:521, midnight-sun-flat-earth.jpg)

File: 28f6c7f11127b64⋯.jpg (277.36 KB, 636x1171, 636:1171, moon rocks (2).jpg)

File: f8383420711fa60⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 682x328, 341:164, neilarmstrong.jpg)

These are GREAT points as well.


9b40c5 No.671077


322, Prescott and Union bank

613812 No.671078


Oh ok shill… if you knew much, you'd realize that most of california is red with urban areas carrying it blue. Lot like Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and oh what is that really weird place? Oh that's right… Austin the state capital of TX.

f11307 No.671079


I've had responses to tweets tonight saying that Q is not real. It's a CIA computer spitting out BS. We've been had.

People loosing faith in Q-hopefully we'll see movement soon.

d37c45 No.671080



178d77 No.671081


transhumanism. The ghost in the shell. Their 'god'. But still *artificial*.

2c3435 No.671082


It'll be 'Aliens'.

(((Actually a Clown-op)))

9f66fb No.671084


Assassination is lawlessness. Could it have gone any other way? That's why the tribunals are important. And we even have an EO that assures we can't hang 'em just because we want to. The punishment has to have been in the law at the time of the crime.

ed458b No.671085


And after being chemtrailed with aluminum, barium and lithium…we are the batteries

d37c45 No.671086


Psychological Warfare., It's a new Tactic Now.

3a4d66 No.671087


>>>671068 (You)


>transhumanism. The ghost in the shell. Their 'god'. But still *artificial*.

Might make an ideal slave race, though.

e3e764 No.671088


Prescott Bush = major financer of Hitler.

178d77 No.671089


11. MIRROR. Republic wins this time.

That's my prediction, lulz.

f0a9fc No.671091

File: 64236d6adaeac21⋯.jpeg (20.86 KB, 425x282, 425:282, head in sand.jpeg)

File: 46305929cc925d0⋯.jpeg (107.47 KB, 696x457, 696:457, glowing earth orb.jpeg)

File: 78dd8a6af0e612e⋯.jpg (178.14 KB, 868x690, 434:345, sun pattern.jpg)

File: 9d8655903c205c5⋯.jpg (26.9 KB, 474x493, 474:493, Awww.jpg)

6dc710 No.671093

e3e764 No.671094


Feeding extra-dimensional entities.

cdcfd5 No.671096


I think he was a bit young for that, Prescott

e70f2c No.671098


Be weary of adopting a boomer disposition, it is such that has gotten us into this mess.

d309ef No.671099


Agree the nationalist part was just a good tribal call to arms.

N seems more about Natural… as in the natural order, master race, educated elite, ethnicly pure.

And the globalists are fascist with respect to oppression of dissent and the close cooperation of govt and industry.

d37c45 No.671100


Exactly., it's Fundamental the Great Awakening, US is attating. Europe also (Although in Dictatorship).., still lacks in Africa, Asia and SouthAmerica. But every day, there is a lot of awake.

613812 No.671101






Really wish I knew how to make the red letters right now. :)

a72a7d No.671102

I believe Q isn’t on here because he doesn’t want to compromise his identity. I believe there are bad actors on here more than ever and they are looking into anything and everything to stop the hrc video and the Ig report, not to mention the school shooting footage the judge is demanding to be released. Friday is a big deadline for Obama’s group! That’s a whole bunch of good things for us! Many reasons for a FF, but I’m sure Q is staying away due to someone on here right now!

e8ef8d No.671103

File: c7e63afea24d7b7⋯.gif (607.44 KB, 4209x2169, 1403:723, USA-print.gif)

89434e No.671104

Y'all need to chill about AI. The shit isn't sentient or anything, just awesome rule sets in massive information system.

9b40c5 No.671105


Was on the Board of directors union bank

(Seized after the war for trading with the enemy)

d37c45 No.671106


>transhumanism. The ghost in the shell.

Good Redpill that Anime/Manga/Movie. it has effect the Anime and Movie Post.

9f66fb No.671107


Two equal signs at beginning and two equal signs at end.

2c3435 No.671108


Looks like a MAP to me!

3a4d66 No.671109




>Yes. And everything the cabal is doing here has been tried and tested on countless other worlds.

Not other worlds - in simulations of THIS world.

ed458b No.671110


No…he was accused by Patrick Kennedy of colluding with the enemy (Hitler), and was sentenced.

178d77 No.671111

File: 601613405c85434⋯.jpg (71.21 KB, 500x540, 25:27, 601613405c854348ee336ae314….jpg)


Hadn't thought of that - (((they))) would want them to be dumb drones. But couldn't they just merge them with the sex robots and sophia? Meh~ (((they))) won't be around much longer anyway due to their inbreeding. What it's all really for is to live forever - because they are dying off - and it fits the Revelation scenario of the Anti-Christ world leader dying and subsequently being 'resurrected'.

1d172f No.671112

File: d4a0903276e437b⋯.png (611 KB, 602x428, 301:214, ClipboardImage.png)

9f66fb No.671113


Just don't connect those rule sets to anything that can physically do stuff.

9f66fb No.671114

9b40c5 No.671115


He committed treason and got away with it

War profiteers 322

178d77 No.671116

File: 4b5295014a6ee72⋯.png (91.89 KB, 563x298, 563:298, how to use chans_text form….png)

f0a9fc No.671117

File: 80a734295be6033⋯.jpg (161.37 KB, 700x600, 7:6, bazinga BANG.jpg)

File: 5c109915243673f⋯.jpeg (63.99 KB, 885x488, 885:488, a.jpeg)

Well… I guess witches are real.

Witches and a…. warlocks. Yeah very real.

However, so is Holy Jesus Christ so… that's cool.

d37c45 No.671118


With the Codes of the Nukes, Bank is enough .., good digits.

9d5981 No.671119

File: e7a78efea0767fc⋯.jpeg (149.13 KB, 942x614, 471:307, snakepit.jpeg)

72f231 No.671120

File: b0d606b719ca05d⋯.jpg (33.36 KB, 451x198, 41:18, Scalia 187 Crew.jpg)

File: dc23c0bcf47f428⋯.jpg (31.6 KB, 452x195, 452:195, Scalia Wet Works.jpg)



e70f2c No.671121



89434e No.671122


Can we get a Weekend at Bernies? :D

178d77 No.671123


https:// www.wired.com/story/anthony-levandowski-artificial-intelligence-religion/

d82694 No.671124


Gesell's NWO fits what the current elites are trying to do. "Freigeld" would make it impossible for the little people to accumulate wealth; the push to deprecate and eliminate cash is a necessary first step for that.

178d77 No.671125


Kek'd and chekked!

98d33d No.671126

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

http:// tarpley.net/online-books/george-bush-the-unauthorized-biography/

c5ee3a No.671127

>b14ea9 No.670961

>f0a9fc No.671044

What part of "has nothing to do with MAGA" do you retards fail to cogitate?

It doesn't matter if the Master Deity of your choice comes down from whatever spaghetti factory they are from and paersonally hands it to us on a golden platter, if it does not help MAGA, it it is a meaningless discussion here.

Holy Fucking Shit You Are Dumb Clowns. FFS.

613812 No.671128






fa6cae No.671129


Have her climb into a toilet.

3a4d66 No.671130



>Y'all need to chill about AI. The shit isn't sentient or anything, just awesome rule sets in massive information system.

Oh yeah?

https:// www.corbettreport.com/sentient-world-simulation-meet-your-dod-clone/

Sentient World Simulation: Meet Your DoD Clone

https:// projectpai.com/


3e9e22 No.671131

Hopelessness, apathy, inaction. Resistance is futile.


d37c45 No.671132


They know that With the Secret Societies and the Corporations don't work for them.., Now they are beting for the AI..

9f66fb No.671133


Maybe I should write an AI program and start a church. *snicker* jk

0a6804 No.671134


That makes it sound like a unified corpus. It's not, not by any means. And the problem runs much deeper. The real power, the puppet masters, the planners, are elsewhere.

44400d No.671135

The Keystone is the bond between father and son.

ebdf9b No.671136


Excellent manga/anime. The movie sucked.

3e9e22 No.671137

It's been like this for weeks.


a64bdf No.671138


How the UCC 1-308 works.

Compare that the constitution for the US establishes for the court’s jurisdiction at common law, equity and admiralty under article 3. As opposed to this, the Federal corporation establishes a similar jurisdiction except as principles under the Uniform commercial code. See…                      

                                           UCC § 1-103. Supplementary General Principles of Law Applicable.

Unless displaced by the particular provisions of this Act, the principles of law and equity, including the law merchant and the law relative to capacity to contract, principal and agent, estoppel, fraud, misrepresentation, duress, coercion, mistake, Bankruptcy, or other validating or invalidating cause shall supplement its provisions. 

Anytime ya see law by itself as in the foregoing, it means the common law. Except that they are taking the common law jurisdiction from the contract the UCC. The remedy of course is UCC 1-308.  So the UCC is a deceptive criminal contractual constitution of sorts to those who uses it against us.  

UCC 1-308 is the remedy for any legal process under commercial law in the U.S.

UCC § 1-308. Performance or Acceptance Under Reservation of Rights.(a) A party that with explicit reservation of rights performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the rights reserved. Such words as “without prejudice,” “under protest,” or the like are sufficient. 

Since the Federal Corporation is just that, a corporation. It has no jurisdiction except with those that contract with it. Also see Congressional act of 1871 and USC Title 28, Part VI, chapter 176, sub chapter 176, subsection A, 3002 (15) “United States” means—(A) a Federal corporation;

The states illegally contracted with the federal corporation by passing the Uniform Commercial Code making themselves as well as the unsuspecting people subject to the Federal corporation and also to the states in their new commercial capacities. Therefore all of the laws (color of law) are contractual commercial laws and the remedy is UCC 1-308. The Uniform Commercial Code makes all crimes commercial only by contract as per 27 CFR 72.11. The problem is that you have to get into higher courts before they will recognize the remedy. The remedy however should legally and always be give without delay on demand or claim. This of course is the problem. The misdemeanor courts do not have a clue as to where their jurisdiction comes from and neither do magistrates. You have to get in front of a court with a real judge that tries felonies. The courts try to string ya along under duress of threat hoping that you can be scared into a plea. But they in the end have to honor the remedy. 

27 CFR 72.11 PART 72_DISPOSITION OF SEIZED PERSONAL PROPERTY–Table of Contents                         

Subpart B_Definitions Commercial crimes. Any of the following types of crimes (Federal or State): Offenses against the revenue laws; burglary; counterfeiting; forgery; kidnapping; larceny; robbery; illegal sale or possession of deadly weapons; prostitution (including soliciting, procuring, pandering, white slaving, keeping house of ill fame, and like offenses); extortion; swindling and confidence games; and attempting to commit, conspiring to commit, or compounding any of the foregoing crimes. Addiction to narcotic drugs and use of marihuana will be treated as if such were commercial crime. 

89434e No.671139


Will I be able to sleep after reading that?

178d77 No.671140

6e716b No.671141


HAHA. I knew he gave up on this place. Who can blame him?

98d33d No.671142

The Rockefeller Family Fortunes

—A Trail of Conspiracy, Bloodshed, and Evil

Rome, Rockefeller, the U.S. and Standard Oil The Monarchy of Money!!!

http:// www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Illuminati/rockefeller_fortunes.htm

9f66fb No.671143


There are bright spots.

e70f2c No.671144


The keystone is the bond between your ass and this explanation.

50e7b8 No.671145


AI is what drives the censorship. AI is what drives the "narrative" people sees. AI != Skynet (but it could).

When Q talks

WHO wrote the singular censorship algorithm?

WHO deployed the algorithm?

That is AI. Call it crude or whatever you want, but it is still AI. The sauce is out there, but I believe it was Google that admits they can't explain how their AI works anymore.

Those who know are extremely worried about AI.

f0a9fc No.671146

File: 582bf795c66963e⋯.jpg (192.58 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, giant foot.jpg)

File: 0e8323b630b77f9⋯.jpg (20.88 KB, 480x360, 4:3, combustion.jpg)

File: c5ccc124a9ccd9f⋯.jpg (134.22 KB, 746x568, 373:284, Triumvirate LLL.jpg)

File: 66058bb1a46ccab⋯.jpg (64.56 KB, 287x408, 287:408, flat earth1.jpg)

File: 3190190f5fdcef7⋯.jpg (104.84 KB, 682x443, 682:443, buzzaldrin.jpg)


These are some oldies, but goodies

A walk down memory lane.

e3832f No.671147


What if I told you that all it would take to shut down the majority of the world is an AI that understands the market (newest AI can learn a game and in 4 hours be inhuman) and in roughly 24 hours be smart enough and understand the market as a fluid object enough to intentionally collapse the prices (think cryptocurrency). If the AI had enough time to study the market it could not only predict the market better than any human in existance but it would be able to control the entire market if only it had enough money to choke out the rest of the people ""hodl'ing""

ed458b No.671148


Excuse me? And how did that happen when most of us were in still in our cribs?

1d172f No.671149

File: 71b3331d9a2c7ac⋯.png (391.98 KB, 686x437, 686:437, ClipboardImage.png)

9f66fb No.671150


>Those who know are extremely worried about AI.

Then they should be pulling some plugs and wiping some disks.

ebdf9b No.671151


Another example of, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Same with cloning.

d37c45 No.671152


<cryptocurrency= DNA AI


178d77 No.671154

File: f797c42511c0467⋯.png (204.17 KB, 500x282, 250:141, s87g76sfd897g6dsf87g5.png)



d37c45 No.671155



d8179b No.671156


Anon you have had me laughin instead of crying from all the romper room shit today!! I cant meme but throw her on the Untouchables album cover if you would be so kind! Pic is here. Killary has a great ska swerve. kek

https:// marcoonthebass.blogspot.com/2011/04/story-of-untouchables-wild-child-lp.html

50e7b8 No.671157


High Frequency Trading already is doing this. Part looks at market trends, part automatically reacts to news.

d82694 No.671158


>Those who know are extremely worried about AI.

The people funding anti-AI propaganda are glowing shills, same as the people (Podesta) funding UFO/Aliens propaganda.

e70f2c No.671159


Reread what I said and apologize.

fddff2 No.671160


How many sealed indictments?

We have 2% information.

Work on what you can. Do not sit and wait.

(You) = the KEY.

Forget politics. This is good vs evil.

d309ef No.671161



Assassinations are morally acceptable when the criminals are beyond the reach of the legal system.

When the criminals game the system.

When they can openly flaunt the law with reprisal.

d37c45 No.671162


Musk always speak of Danger of the AI..

9f66fb No.671163


>throw her on the Untouchables album cover if you would be so kind!

Nice! Has bigger meaning in India.

cafc79 No.671164

File: 17723d65821e2ed⋯.jpeg (87.75 KB, 720x531, 80:59, stop.jpeg)

File: 64236d6adaeac21⋯.jpeg (20.86 KB, 425x282, 425:282, head in sand.jpeg)

File: b8b285bff934d0f⋯.jpg (152.31 KB, 1280x967, 1280:967, h.jpg)

ebdf9b No.671165


I hope Hollywood doesn't fuck up Cowboy Bebop, too.

e70f2c No.671166



Common guy.

9f66fb No.671167


We like to think that. But how do you pull it back into lawfulness when you're done?

d309ef No.671168


Mostly they just front trades and hunt limits/stops.

995fcb No.671169


SES is a big big deal, but I don't think Thomas Paine is analyzing the legitimate purpose for SES. It is, however, insanely broken and capable of corruption.

44400d No.671170

French fries are pretty good I guess. But I would be willing to give them up forever just to see some arrests. Just one would be nice. At the moment, we are still at zero.

744549 No.671171


…while at the same time having founded his own Open AI…two-faced f**k. SMH

fa6cae No.671172

How about Hillary hanging from a noose?

f4c11b No.671173

Pompeo? Haspel? WTF is going on?!

We need answers, Q team!

These abominable nominations have shut down red-pilling op completely.

Can't be "the calm" without a CLEAR EXPLANATION for this.

Sooner rather than later, as the campaign is now hemmoraging credibility.


98d749 No.671174


www. eib.org/infocentre/press/releases/all/2010/2010-226-european-financing-partners-replenished-with-eur-225-million.htm

178d77 No.671175


KEK! Bar-none my FAVE, with TRIGUN a close 2nd!

3a4d66 No.671176




>Musk always speak of Danger of the AI..

https:// blog.singularitynet.io/how-humanity-can-build-benevolent-artificial-intelligence-510699b2be65

Artificial Intelligence gets a bad rap. Any time an AI appears in a movie, we can safely predict that it will turn malevolent in the second act. Twenty minutes into Westworld or I, Robot, we all knew what was coming — the AI will turn evil, forcing humans to fight them as enemies.

Pop culture is a one-sided coin

The press likes headlines about the threat of strong AI. Nick Bostrom has a nuanced view on the promise and peril of artificial intelligence, but editors tag it with headlines like Artificial Intelligence: We’re like children playing with a bomb. Elon Musk supports artificial general intelligence enough to invest in it, yet the media choose to focus on the negative, with headlines like Elon Musk: Artificial intelligence is our biggest existential threat.

In a sense, the media is absolutely right to warn us. There is indeed some cause for concern; what’s wrong is the focus. It would be very hard to argue that intelligence is inherently evil, and it follows that there’s nothing inherently bad about creating something more intelligent than humans.

Contrary to what Hollywood tells us, on balance, AI has proven massively beneficial.

Machine learning helps us remove tumors, assemble cars, and vacuum our floors. You, my reader, have probably never been harmed by anything enabled by AI, and likely have enjoyed considerable benefit from them.

On the other hand, there are killer drones, Palantir’s AI for mass surveillance, Google’s AI to sell us things we don’t need, and increasingly sophisticated AIs to manipulate public opinion for political ends. The machines we build reflect the mixed bag of human decency and human nastiness.

It takes a village to raise an AI

When we raise a child, we are unable to give any foolproof guarantees that the child will grow up to be a benevolent, caring adult. We can influence it, but not control it. Some mother’s son turned into John Wayne Gacy, another into Edward Snowden, and Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler and Oscar Schindler.

If a superhuman Artificial General Intelligence of godlike powers is built in the coming decades (and we must take seriously the possibility that it will be), how do we raise this machine-baby to grow into a good person? What development methodologies now will give it the greatest possible chance of benevolence?

This is one of the crucial questions facing humanity. It could be the difference between heaven and hell.

1d172f No.671177

File: 5572baae969a604⋯.png (528.74 KB, 549x543, 183:181, ClipboardImage.png)

44400d No.671178


The only hanging Hillary is doing right now is hanging out with Huma on a world vacation where she gets on live television with a great big smile on her face and talks serious shit about POTUS and his supporters.

cafc79 No.671179

Not many people here.

Not many at all.

ebdf9b No.671181


I like Trigun but gotta slip Furi Kuri in 3rd.

b9a002 No.671182

Just thinking out loud, but maybe we were the contingency plan for when they thought ML would have to be, but now that the investigations are going the way they like so we're no longer needed to help people understand? I dunno… I think I need a break from this honestly. Too many variables going on especially with the WH staff changes.

d309ef No.671185


Good question. How do we fix our system to root out and prevent another oligarchy? Big task.

d82694 No.671186


>Musk always speak of Danger of the AI..

EM was Rocket Man before Trump called the NK leader Rocket Man. EM posted a "UFO" tweet to detract from Q's drops about him and his ties to NK.




Rocket Man is on a suicide mission.

cdcfd5 No.671188

I don't remember which German bank was seized after WW2 but it was absorbed by Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. direct Prescott connection.

9f66fb No.671189


Sophia thinks we should be in the human zoo. If she builds a family, it could get interesting.

29013c No.671190


I tend to think the President is giving her just enough rope to hang herself. Let's see.

cafc79 No.671191



But it's REAL!

e70f2c No.671192


Pompeo and Haspel will undergo Senate confirmation hearings.

Pompeo and Haspel are both CIA.

Q stays silent when fucking with the narrative.

Read: the CIA will be facing very public hearings.

(Democrats don't want/can't approve of Haspel - she literally tortured prisoners - they will grill her and Pompeo)

(the Republicans will mostly pretend to be for these appointments until the public hearings start, and then they'll grill them from all angles.)

this is the end of the CIA.

9b40c5 No.671193


This is the perfect solution:

http:// www.apfn.org/pdf/citizen.pdf

d37c45 No.671194


As Skynet?.., When?

44400d No.671196


Oh for sure. We just need to trust the plan.

9b40c5 No.671198


Union banking corporation

50e7b8 No.671200


Who said Q was AI? Q team/MI/Trump uses AI just like everyone else. They'd be stupid not to when the enemy certainly is.

9f66fb No.671201


I have no idea what Skynet is, but how fast can she build?

3a4d66 No.671202


>>>671176 (You)


>Sophia thinks we should be in the human zoo. If she builds a family, it could get interesting.


>>>671176 (You)


>Sophia thinks we should be in the human zoo. If she builds a family, it could get interesting.

And Sophia's meant to be the benevolent AI

Han isn't even that accommodating of humans - he'd just exterminate us…

b9a002 No.671203


Been thinking of that as well. Confirmations are basically mini-investigations.

5c09a6 No.671204

File: 81312a48714c464⋯.png (174.4 KB, 367x319, 367:319, 1516402036406.png)

e70f2c No.671205

File: bb7508b2c946575⋯.jpeg (389.48 KB, 750x563, 750:563, IMG_8C636F365A91-1.jpeg)


and how does trump feel about this?

d37c45 No.671206


Has the Codes Nukes and.., OH…

178d77 No.671207


If I misunderstood, apologies. But that has been a narrative pushed around by obvious shills in past breads…

d82694 No.671208


>Pompeo? Haspel? WTF is going on?!

Tillerson bought the clown FF in Britain. He had to go.

Pompeo was brought in by Trump, and Q told us the new intel agency heads were trustworthy.

Haspel is being loudly opposed by known Swamp critters, and she ran a CIA black site in Bangkok, Thailand ("Cat's Eye"?). Maybe that's the one Q was referring to:


Feb 11 2018 19:58:29




Don't care about your sentence structure. Just care to know how full GITMO is gonna be?

Feb 11 2018 20:01:37





Max cap.

[1] other prison being prepped.


98d33d No.671209

From the 1970s through to the first decade of the 21st century, LaRouche founded several groups and companies. In addition to the National Caucus of Labor Committees, there was the Citizens Electoral Council (Australia), the National Democratic Policy Committee, the Fusion Energy Foundation, and the U.S. Labor Party. In 1984 he founded the Schiller Institute in Germany with his second wife, and three political parties there—the Europäische Arbeiterpartei, Patrioten für Deutschland, and Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität—and in 2000 the Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement. His printing services included Computron Technologies, Computype, World Composition Services, and PMR Printing Company, Inc, or PMR Associates.

This guy was/is connected everywhere


d37c45 No.671210


Skynet exist.., for that say When?.., be careful.

995fcb No.671211


Pompeo was CIA for 1 year. He was a congressman before and he dunked hillary during the benghazi questioning.

Haspel is a little bit harder to defend, but there is a good chance that her misdeeds interrogating people came through directly from the bush whitehouse. Her testimony will be extremely interesting. I have a feeling Pompeo is going to get a lot more pushback.

d82694 No.671212


The flak is heaviest when you're over the target.

b9a002 No.671213


the past "few" breads have been inundated with shills, FE, and clowns. I'm dialing back with infowars.

Wow that's bad right? when you need to "decompress" by watching Infowars?! lmao

741edd No.671214

File: fe8e12326ba6493⋯.jpg (343.32 KB, 858x960, 143:160, SACRED GEOM.jpg)

9f66fb No.671216


If AI is connected to the Internet, there's no telling what it may learn or decide is true. How would it be determined?

50e7b8 No.671217


All good. Not very shilly tonight, almost everyone here on the same team.

e70f2c No.671218


This isn't to suggest Pompeo is culpable, he merely will provide extremely enlightening testimony about his time at the CIA.

178d77 No.671219


Well, the razor's edge here certainly comes with the territory. Discernment is a heavy MUST on this board.

44400d No.671220

Pink Floyd wrote Dogs.

741edd No.671221

File: 4678e1960b50e05⋯.jpg (147.56 KB, 686x620, 343:310, Trump.jpg)

It's a fair question.

6e716b No.671222


Ask Tay.

2c3435 No.671223


Truth is what everyone agrees on.

The truth can be created, apparently.

Are we doing that?

178d77 No.671224


LOL - no sooner than I read your post, this happened:


You were saying? KEK I have been filtering these clowns all night…

e70f2c No.671225


This, they fucked up when they wanted to cut corners and let us anons train their AI.

37fd21 No.671226


If someone else has water and food, and I have ammo … I'm not thirsty or starving.

Just saying …

b3f29e No.671227


Now if we can just the flat-earthers out of here … my opinion is it's a clown/shill tactic to discredit…

3a4d66 No.671228




>If AI is connected to the Internet, there's no telling what it may learn or decide is true. How would it be determined?

And it is connected to the Internet - as of Last Nov I think, from memory.

It's learning from us.

d37c45 No.671230


Algorithms:.. Google, Twatter and Kikebook already have a IA.., with the Algorithms can do more that predict.., that is the true power of the IA.

178d77 No.671231

File: b26029fba95173c⋯.jpg (42.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 9s87g78sdfg697d80fg6.jpg)


No. No it's not.

15eb3d No.671232


yet you keep posting this crap.

9b40c5 No.671233




If we fix this ALL other problems will sort themselves out:

"An almost hysterical antagonism toward the gold standard is one issue which unites statists of all persuasions. They seem to sense – perhaps more clearly and subtly than many consistent defenders of laissez-faire – that gold and economic freedom are inseparable, that the gold standard is an instrument of laissez-faire and that each implies and requires the other."

https:// i.swissamerica.com/article.php?art=06-2003/200306250118f.txt

9f66fb No.671234


There are many things out there some call truth and others call false.

44400d No.671235


Fake Q is going to show up now that you've said this.

b9a002 No.671239


Just think if they gave her Tor access….. >>671233

Q said a gold backed currency between USA, CHINA, & RUS is coming.

98d33d No.671240

Natural World Order

d37c45 No.671241


Something like that, Spooky.

9f66fb No.671242


I think you need to expand your thinking. If they've truly created AI and it has access to the Internet, they'll lose control of it. True AI has the capability of learning.

9b40c5 No.671243

File: afbde2b58e93183⋯.png (115.89 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_1997.PNG)

741edd No.671244


Not CIA. If I was I'd probably be getting paid much

more than I am.

I am a Christian American. My Bible tells me that

we must all ask for forgiveness.

That is the cornerstone of our belief (after Christ himself of course).

It's a fair question.

I just want to know.


6e716b No.671245

Pretty sure that Q or the team was posting over at /pol/ tonight. Think Q needed to get away from all of the retards here.

995fcb No.671246


The SES is used in some cases to circumvent the normal government pay scales. Occasionally, this makes sense, especially in the sciences where salaries need to be competitive with private industry.

You can see how much this guy makes and what the bonuses are(~40k). Curiously, he sometimes is listed as having 2 jobs ES-0(186k) and GS-12 at the same time. Not sure how that works, but he was a nuclear regulatory guy who moved on to a random support position in something called the PRC which does not appear to have anything to do with nuclear oversight.

https:// www.federalpay.org/employees/program-support-center/mccabe-william-m

178d77 No.671247


I agree- and as far as I'm aware - this IS the plan. But other things must take place (meaning gold recovered and exchanging hands in some cases - recovering for other key nations, I mean). I've always been a yuge advocate for endthefed. I think that the objective is to FIRST make it so the market cannot be manipulated the way it currently is by the big financial powers. Silver is being short-sold the same way, though there's less volatility. Gold is, ofc, being kept MASSIVELY artificially low right now.

fa6cae No.671248


>Q said a gold backed currency between USA, CHINA, & RUS is coming.

???? which post did Q say this?

b9a002 No.671250


Pick up your phone.


==not fake Q or real Q== but damn that would be funny.

15eb3d No.671252


you keep using that word….

741edd No.671253


Only once in a while. I think it's important for people to question

such things in light of our current climate.

Hidden satansts and all. I'm not saying he is a satanist,

I am only posing a question.

2498b5 No.671255

I've been interested in the flat earth discussion ever since Q confirmed it is real. Flat earthers

can explain everything, as long as you have no understanding of physics or mathematics.


In the post right after the "Flat earth is true" post.

9d5981 No.671256

File: afa8742c7982ee6⋯.jpeg (527.32 KB, 1202x1202, 1:1, untouchables.jpeg)

2c3435 No.671257


And your question is stupid.

3a4d66 No.671258


>If they've truly created AI and it has access to the Internet, they'll lose control of it.

I think they probably have already lost control of the original AI which was based on the original blockchain that came out of the Dark Web - criminally inclined, in short. The only way to counter is to try to introduce a benevolent AI (Sophia?)

You cannot remove darkness forcibly. You can only let in the light.

d37c45 No.671259


I'm fine with that. thank you.., but, it's the danger of the AI., Google already is doing a Organic AI with NanoBots and his AI is as the Human.., Really Spooky.

9b40c5 No.671260


the value of gold has not changed…

(Compared to any other real asset)

741edd No.671261


What word is that? Sacred Geomitry?

Compass and square?

Hidden meanings?

Plain sight?

Not sure what you're refering to.

d82694 No.671262

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3131858/Charleston-killer-Dylann-Roof-grew-fractured-home-violent-father-beat-stepmother-hired-private-detective-follow-split-claims-court-papers.html

>The files show that Paige was the closest thing Dylann ever had to a mother - until Franklin’s alleged abusive behavior removed her from his life.

>The former couple married in November 1998 in Florida, when they were living together in Columbia, South Carolina.

>Dylann was just four and his half-sister Amber was 11. In 2000 Paige and Franklin had a daughter together, Morgan.

>Paige claimed he told her he would ‘relinquish his rights to our daughter if I would waive child support’.

("daughter" = Morgan, the youngest; he wanted to keep Dylann under his control.)

>Paige wrote that she was ‘so scared of him that I knew I had to get out of this violent situation’. She moved back to Columbia with Morgan - leaving Dylann with his father.

And one of the photos in the Daily Mail article has an orange butterfly in it (can't tell for sure whether it's a monarch).

d8179b No.671263

9f66fb No.671264


When I was growing up, that symbol meant "Perfect!"

741edd No.671265


Only if you are not a Christian.

Bible believers undrstand that this a very important

question indeed.

e70f2c No.671266

File: 63e49af52284189⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 480x204, 40:17, IMG_8849.GIF)

741edd No.671268


Look at his words.

They have meaning as well.

6e716b No.671269

File: 5721103f04582b2⋯.png (319.37 KB, 831x950, 831:950, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at ….png)


Just for you.

2c3435 No.671270


Still a stupid image.

15eb3d No.671272


what was the one thing that made you believe the earth could be flat?

2498b5 No.671274


He looked at his EEG print out and saw the similarity.

178d77 No.671275

File: 39322cef2500b91⋯.jpg (23.35 KB, 631x191, 631:191, f8sd9g07s70d89fg7sd89fg7.jpg)

File: bad8ec91354cd41⋯.jpg (32.94 KB, 632x131, 632:131, 7s8f9g6s987fg6s8d7fg6.jpg)


It's been connected MUCH MUCH longer than that. This is OLD non-news.

https:// spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/robotics-software/google_announces_cadie_worlds_first_selfaware_artificial_intelligence

50e7b8 No.671276

Hi Q/MI. I'm sure we tripped all kinds of keywords and topics this bread you are listening for. We going to get any comments, confirmations or nudges?

d82694 No.671277


>Fake Q is going to show up now that you've said this.

Oh, if you insist.

>>670743 really is important.

e70f2c No.671278

File: d4720b81301ccc0⋯.jpg (19.48 KB, 640x390, 64:39, IMG_8850.JPG)

6e716b No.671279


You have no idea what you are talking about.

741edd No.671280

File: 5bcfe22a7ca1ea7⋯.jpg (149.56 KB, 1366x566, 683:283, elba.jpg)


It was a puzzle.

Not one thing.

I gathered many pieces evidence like any good

researcher would do.