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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 4987f10a9a3a50e⋯.jpg (290.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

f76017 No.614406

Where we go one we go ALL!


We work for you.

We listen to you.

You pushed the IBOR and immediately POTUS began to comment/take action re: social media.




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>>613129 rt >>613114 (es = eric schmidt)

>>613117 rt >>613103 (spy on one another's citizens)

>>613082 rt >>613049 Five Eyes is VERY important.

>>612963 rt >>612955 March MADNESS.

>>612957 Do not focus on the call details.

>>612870 rt >>612799 Review Congressional investigation.

>>612782 rt >>612722 Which conversation leaked?

>>612728 rt >>612723 11:11

>>612722 Re_read re: Australia.

Friday 3.09.18

>>605255 rt >>605232 24hrs to respond.

>>605213 DhytcDFbF5874/37875

>>605197 @Snowden Twitter rec 24D.

>>605129 SEALS.

>>605059 Do you believe in coincidences?

>>599891 Dig into Snowdens family.

>>599730 rt >>599714 Which country does he really work for?

>>599679 Why would @Snowden go public while in HK

>>599642 rt >>599627 Track inside sales/divestitures.

>>599627 rt >>599614 Some platforms will collapse

>>599607 rt >>599581 Hidden message @Jack

>>598581 rt >>598223 escape to Kenya

Thursday 3.08.18

>>594830 @Snowden

>>594704 RT (pic)

>>594351 rt >>594255 Break the MSM.

>>594193 rt >>594151 Resolved by 11-11.

>>594145 Think FORBIDDEN CITY.

>>594016 rt >>593959 Thank you Kim.

>>593973 rt >>593859 DEFCON, No Such Agency.

>>593825 rt >>593230 He already did.

>>593033 rt >>592934 This is not a game. Play THE game.

>>592913 rt >>592845 NO DEALS!

>>592798 rt >>592731 We were sold out.

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f76017 No.614426


https:// pastebin.com/sMtLPcaD

846469 No.614451

Lets not forget that the day and time that the crazy lady rammed the WH gate, Trump was doing a speech with the AUS PM.

2b2c89 No.614452


>The climax of The Great Awakening will be proof of Biblical Creation and exposure of the lie of Darwinian evolution that has been perpetuated for centuries

You do realise that proof denies faith, don't you?

ea373a No.614453

File: a1a729b1f6b6422⋯.png (1.05 MB, 712x845, 712:845, grandpa spinning yarns.png)

File: f857a03da24ea88⋯.jpg (451.22 KB, 724x597, 724:597, 1800toolate.jpg)

File: e7ebd12e70125d7⋯.jpg (84.37 KB, 712x540, 178:135, autism nah.jpg)

56d6e0 No.614454

File: 69918657f2cbefd⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 505x500, 101:100, call to arms riders on the….jpg)


9d847f No.614455

File: ff257103c48a3c1⋯.jpg (131.32 KB, 1024x522, 512:261, Sea2sea.jpg)

4233bb No.614456


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKM1AAzeRCg

25808d No.614457

File: 59e332ce660758a⋯.jpg (306.4 KB, 1078x1001, 14:13, Screenshot_20180310-132350.jpg)

File: c30dd1268762e27⋯.jpg (242.99 KB, 1028x727, 1028:727, Screenshot_20180310-132307.jpg)


Checked [5]

1727e1 No.614458


Bill Dixon?

e9982b No.614459


yes we need to be allowed to see

sherrif joe and his possey!!!!

ad50c0 No.614460


not gonna happen if a pedo sex video surfaces.

27e8d3 No.614461

For those digging into Australia:

https:// web.archive.org/web/20170615020239/https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1470634

use search string:

"site:voat.co/v/pizzagate australia"

to leverage work from the past

use archive if down

4a3256 No.614462

File: c186bbb79798349⋯.png (218.49 KB, 456x521, 456:521, screenshot_360.png)

5dc271 No.614464


Good find, Anon. I have wondered, too, about their involvement with "The Family" and the associations with Tavistock psychiatric hospital as a possible mind control facility. Lots of academics involved in "The Family".

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3L20Q48HeI

02f98b No.614465

MAN mirror WE R - Q

0e04a2 No.614466

File: 5ad9f5ba0af1b08⋯.jpg (130.42 KB, 980x585, 196:117, WontExist.jpg)

3aebc3 No.614467


it's like watching the movie Damien…spoopy. or the Birds with those poor people blindly splatting at the WH gate.

cccee8 No.614468



076de0 No.614469


The circle of Anti-life

Also, is there any chance money that the US gov (or private charities or anything else) that was given to AU then turned around and "donated" to the CF?

If so it is not only the circle of anti-life, but a big maytag set on "superwash" to clean all that dirty money.

She is evil filth, who cannot and will not ever stop stealing. Money, power, innocence….it is the theft that gets her off

ba8825 No.614470


There is also a little coal mine being planned for Queensland run by Adani

And when I say little I mean huge

But not so good for Australia

Adani (from India) shits everywhere it eats and in this case the Great Barrier Reef is being touted as being in trouble if this gets going

Not to mention all the tax payer dollars poured into it for not much sustainable return.

377277 No.614471

https:// securelist.com/the-red-october-campaign/57647/

The campaign, identified as “Rocra”, short for “Red October”, is currently still active with data being sent to multiple command-and-control servers, through a configuration which rivals in complexity the infrastructure of the Flame malware. Registration data used for the purchase of C&C domain names and PE timestamps from collected executables suggest that these attacks date as far back as May 2007.

5eadf6 No.614472

File: 3a41ce606fdf136⋯.png (83.56 KB, 1373x767, 1373:767, clock w markers3.png)

My clock.

If 11.3 (March 11) is our proof, the clock starts.

cfdad7 No.614473

File: 90caaee6e9186be⋯.jpg (331.25 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MSMObsoleteMuch5.jpg)

File: a1a36ec41291c9c⋯.jpg (267.84 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MSMObsoleteMuch4.jpg)

File: 494ac758113d9fa⋯.jpg (314.18 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MSMObsoleteMuch2.jpg)

File: 579e0efdf480a00⋯.jpg (6.33 MB, 4786x6221, 4786:6221, SessionsInvestigatingQTime….jpg)

2 days old but reposting to encourage other memeanons to try side-by-sides

Still working out the formula to make these palatable and digestible.

Trial & error.

2a77fe No.614474

Q is Jared Kushner or Sarah Sanders

8ff623 No.614475

What a weekend. We’re on the best timeline, anons. See you all in DC in November

56d6e0 No.614476


>exposure of the lie of Darwinian evolution that has been perpetuated for centuries

Only about ~175 years…….

Basically same timeline as Zionism

And Evangelical Churches

And Rapture Theory


916a73 No.614477


Is this what you are referring to, Q? http:// truthinmedia.com/massie-hidden-gun-control-fix-nics/

926e0f No.614478

2nd Special Counsel = A Few Good Men?

Can JAGs do this job?

340e6f No.614479

File: 9c2827ef16f1ff5⋯.png (477.43 KB, 1680x4080, 7:17, Qmap031018.png)

9827f5 No.614480

File: 74efc1b2ffd7fbc⋯.jpeg (177.94 KB, 1080x837, 40:31, 1520481115.jpeg)

For the baker

ca1c2f No.614481


Explains that sayanim on the Patriot Soapbox earlier. "Oh no let's talk about something else besides Israel."

fc6190 No.614482

File: 10a03e833cff2fb⋯.jpg (62.17 KB, 770x1591, 770:1591, 495630-7.jpg)

Ty baker

cfdad7 No.614483

>>613229 Samson Option.

b4fda0 No.614484

Qanons you know how the globalist like to control people and they give advance warnings of what they are going to do, what do you think about “the sims” game?? Is it foretelling our future of someone controlling us??

418b2b No.614485

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

0c2b5c No.614486


0b3831 No.614487

Tomorrow is 3/11 …..Could be a Ba- BOOM

2a77fe No.614488

Shit imagine if Q were Seth Rich

16d348 No.614489

File: 4018d7d788a5fa0⋯.png (440.63 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-03-10-14-2….png)

Another small proof.

PP funding removal in survey. Push survey.

https:// action.donaldjtrump.com/listening-to-america-2018-survey/?utm_source=ta&utm_medium=sms&utm_campaign=20180309__listening-to-america-2018_djt_tmagac&utm_content=whe_approval&amount=50

32c0f2 No.614490

Nice to see the lighter side of Q today.

Lot of progress has been made!

c3e67e No.614491

File: 7b9a01c80add479⋯.jpg (37.23 KB, 228x457, 228:457, CIA_AU_HEROIN_1982.JPG)


CIA Heroin

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP90-00806R000200820021-6.pdf

7d7aaa No.614492

Who ever ((you)) may be, you deserve ((another)) Medal of Honor!

ff7ea4 No.614493

Keep the resignation list updated.


Keep the graphics updated.



75faed No.614494

File: 60baee8eac9ce2c⋯.png (256.7 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-02-02-19-0….png)



PLEASE, please, please tell me POTUS is going to fix this…please?

85ee07 No.614495


http:// www.tribuneindia.com/news/nation/hillary-clinton-on-private-visit-to-indore-from-sunday/555290.html

Will her “private plane” drop off the radar????

Will she be the next Horton Brother escapee?


c3e67e No.614496


New York Times: 1982

0e6da9 No.614497


I’ve known. I knew! Had/have no doubt.

God Bless!

8061c9 No.614498

56d6e0 No.614499

File: c5310bf5eaa23ae⋯.png (1.05 MB, 718x718, 1:1, wait by the river long eno….png)

f04360 No.614500


A school friend had lost all his family by 15, and ended up running away to the city after a period talking with Social Workers. I never understood how he had the money to leave.

About a year later, he called me from Canberra, where he was now working as an escort.

It was strange. He acted like this was a normal thing to do, almost as if he had cool credibility, and, although I tried to save him, he was strong-willed and, well, he was attracted to both the money and the power the job provided, not really seeing how his clients were just using him. Almost as if they were sucking the life and the youth out of him.

This was during the height of Third Wave Feminism in the nineties, where the idea of being a 'Sex Worker' was being normalised as a positive.

There were many other underage boys there, with regular clients in the Canberra region. My friend would talk about how they'd get to 'travel', and be moved from city to city. This included many underage American boys, and, I didn't understand how they could be moved not only around the country, but how did they get out to Australia without parental consent? Who was moving them?

There was one client, who'd always send a limo. He would only request American Boys. When I asked my friend why, he explained it was because it was assumed they wouldn't know anything about Australian Politics. He'd overheard the conversations that happened when they were all in the common room and these American Boys spotted him on TV, but weren't intelligent enough to understand what a 'Prime Minister' meant, politically. They just thought he was a very wealthy man.

I was horrified and scared. What can you do at 16? I've since seen how the Social Welfare system here fails so many childhood victims of abuse, and I can only think it does so because it's designed to do so.

If Q really has the intel, he should know I'm telling the truth.

My friend was dead by 36. The man who tried to save his life through CPR was shocked to discover he was 20 years younger than he'd thought.

He looked like an old man. As I said, it was if they sucked the life force out of him.

Keating is no friend of God.

I pray these people pay.

Godspeed, Q.

32c0f2 No.614501


Will do, Boss!

a6697f No.614503


Relaxed Q is a relaxed anon! Cheers mates!

c786aa No.614504

File: 10e0b16c762862a⋯.png (76.87 KB, 553x565, 553:565, The Adventures of Hillary ….png)


Should we look into the Bank of Queensland?

aadf33 No.614505


kevin bacon

c14124 No.614506


Will do. Godspeed Q team.

5eadf6 No.614507

File: adb8ce92c82bb66⋯.jpg (44.31 KB, 192x254, 96:127, a14ff6b403d8141d525eb751bb….jpg)


Mimosa's and Q in the morning.


9827f5 No.614508

The boom operators love and need their 401ks…

b2f46d No.614509

Do not say his name out loud. But think real hard about who had his character assassinated.

He contained a list. A very above Top Secret list of names.

Do not say his name but he is a Patriot of the Highest order. We thank you from the depths of our hearts Sir.


f76017 No.614510



7608ee No.614511


AMEN to that! and several Purple Hearts!

11a41b No.614512


Help Nick Freitas take down Tim Kaine Q. Pass message along to POTUS

82e5c7 No.614513


Gen. Flynn? That'd be fun. "Build the army."

23f17e No.614514


So many people are awake now. It is awesome to see Patriots defending their turf in POTUS Twitter comments.

2b2c89 No.614515


That sensible knitwear is TEH SEXXEH!!

bcb494 No.614516

Strava heat map..Antarctica pre cleaning pics relavent?

b0604e No.614517


now this would be mindblowing

1a64f5 No.614518


Anyone ever think it may be Lt. Gen. Flynn?

3aebc3 No.614519


the folder


Hope that those who had it already offline repost.


27e8d3 No.614520


POTUS has a clearer schedule on rally days perhaps?

a6697f No.614521


Message received.

8bcd60 No.614522


Hello Mr. President! #PresidentForLife :)

8ff623 No.614523


Especially Kennedy retiring this summer!

1ee006 No.614524

File: 3e64fb9111f0387⋯.jpg (155.77 KB, 1200x770, 120:77, 3e64fb9111f03877bc62adbdec….jpg)


we have our best on the job

7608ee No.614525

1727e1 No.614526


Blankfein Retiring.


56d6e0 No.614527

File: 122ce70d71e09c4⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1363x12926, 1363:12926, victory parade graphic-min.png)


I'm trying Q!!! Thanks for confirmation!!!!

b0604e No.614528

Ive always thought Gorka might be on the Qteam

e117c7 No.614529

File: 5ad15bceda5ce00⋯.jpg (45.17 KB, 620x465, 4:3, MAGAHALLOWEEN.jpg)



4233bb No.614530

http:// gazette.com/colorado-springs-hospital-system-ceo-margaret-sabin-resigns/article/1622264

b0604e No.614531

d51464 No.614532

File: d751edcb9714abf⋯.jpg (151.1 KB, 1580x2028, 395:507, resignations in the news.jpg)

a6697f No.614533


Fucking kekked

5471a4 No.614534

Who founded the Clowns?

CFR prevailed, over the objections of the professional military intelligence in the aftermath of WWII. Under the Obama regime, the paid and funded "fellows" from carefully selected and vetted anti-American communists/marxists in the military increased, further blurring the lines and compartmentalized to fuse into one huge surveillance state focused on oppressing dissent and compelling compliance through a variety of means.

Five Eyes

One of the key benefits of Five Eyes is that they are used to spy on each other's citizens to subvert protections against privacy etc. Or at least they did, before the Obama Regime was emboldened to dispense with this fig leaf entirely. Fellow traveler Britbongs were installed directly at Ft Meade.

8e00ac No.614535


so tomorrow is a big day anons?


eb000e No.614536


Other posting locations wise?

088a48 No.614537


if this is you Trump, I just want to say; from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. God bless you. I have been waiting my entire life to help change the world. You've give us all a chance to make that happen.

5eadf6 No.614538


who cares.

we do not doxx Q here

9c08e3 No.614539



>oh i pray its sheriff Joe

Sessions said it was someone outside of Washington now but that they had been at DOJ, right?

cccee8 No.614540


Not worried. Eye In The Sky. 😀

2a77fe No.614541




Military background


Makes sense

aa6492 No.614542


Roger that.

fc6190 No.614543


Nice job Mr anon

47b0d5 No.614544


11.3 - Podesta indicted

11.6 - Huma indicted

.think mirrored?

340e6f No.614545


Thanks, and for the date.

f49364 No.614546

File: 49376d0dea59a75⋯.png (742.51 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 63A9D584-543C-4D01-8249-8F….png)

32c0f2 No.614547


Have RSBN pre-rally on youtube on now…))

b5b072 No.614548

anyone have a link for the resignations? how many are we up to?

9827f5 No.614549

File: 6953f045f18b64b⋯.jpg (25.11 KB, 210x255, 14:17, 06e82c17b394d3bf1df32f7dd0….jpg)

The pace is picking up!!

15cc57 No.614550


I hope those who are stepping down do not have bodies in their back yard

be0f29 No.614551


You have the patience of Job.

; )

bbdd94 No.614552


Sure would love to find news channel with REAL AND CURRENT output. Only place I feel in the know is watching Q. SO HAPPY to have Q ~ when do we get REALNEWS REALTIME again?

77da36 No.614553

>>614093 (Q last bread)

Steve Bannon

e9982b No.614554

id love to see sheriff joe be appointed.

they attacked him bad after joe and his possey went after bummer birth cert.

poetic justice!

8bcd60 No.614555


Oh Wow!

846469 No.614556

So the timeline goes like this.

Nov 7 2017- Trump dines in the Forbidden City, meets with KJU and they bang out an agreement.

Trump says put on a show for the next three weeks them stop.

https:// www.cnn.com/2017/11/07/politics/trump-forbidden-city-beijing-china/index.html

Nov 28, 2017- The last time NK tested a missile.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_North_Korean_missile_tests

After that it all became about them talking with SK and wanting to join the games.

Kim’s sister attends the games but her and Pence give each other evil eyes, following the script, not sure either of them really know the real script though.

Now KJU wants to denuke.

Good movie.

Great Actors.

0e04a2 No.614557


Q is not ONE person

b2f46d No.614558


You would be incorrect anon

less than 10 know. Only 3 are non military. We all know this Patriot of the HIGHEST

aa6492 No.614559

It's hard to step away from the computer when Q is on.

418b2b No.614560




23f17e No.614561


STOP. We don't discuss Barron.

fcaa71 No.614562


Is it possible that Kim could still back out of the deal? Make Trump look bad?

I hope that trump is talking to us in some of these q posts

0ebefc No.614563


Q said "a very specific reason" that "has not been mentioned a single time". That tells me that Q is NOT agreeing with your Jew conspiracy theories. But that there is an Israel issue of something that is altogether unrelated. Very likely they have their own cabal trying to take a legitimate government down. Likely those who are attacking Netanyahu.

532071 No.614564


Hulk Hogan doesn't mind being doxxed, he can into had to hand.

13bab4 No.614565


According to past crumbs, 10/30 (mirrored 03/10 = today) her passport revoked. She might not be flying anywhere.

ef1d62 No.614566

File: cfe0d5ed9652301⋯.jpg (385.85 KB, 909x760, 909:760, buh bye .jpg)

a6d771 No.614567

File: ad6e7d947368130⋯.png (363.89 KB, 1966x1732, 983:866, Brave_2018-03-10_04-15-43.png)

Soros' handler?

db00e3 No.614568

File: 03960a118dfe599⋯.png (873.01 KB, 898x741, 898:741, guns-save-q2.png)

32c0f2 No.614569


Q has fans all over the world fed up with their own government!

b12d72 No.614570

>>614561 ← Correct

75faed No.614571

File: 6df7b45a73cda73⋯.png (378.42 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-03-08-00-3….png)

File: b0f1628634d1fa9⋯.jpg (124.64 KB, 666x500, 333:250, b0f1628634d1fa97e99adc8a23….jpg)

File: b189b9ae352c53e⋯.jpeg (66.36 KB, 500x750, 2:3, DQmcfvnZgWCHRMuLdt1LtU7AK….jpeg)

File: 27c2c6ec7cb1718⋯.jpeg (77.16 KB, 680x357, 40:21, DVkpwnpU8AAuqmF.jpeg)

be0f29 No.614572


Shouldn't that be listed at the top?

4f2701 No.614573


https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-95giwldeKgsd0nYiw_sEaSf4kGNLZgEIvEhL2mVAw/edit#gid=0

We are On it

4233bb No.614574

19 latest hospital / health executive resignatioins

https:// www.beckershospitalreview.com/hospital-executive-moves/19-latest-hospital-health-system-executive-resignations-3-5-18.html

56d6e0 No.614575




e117c7 No.614576

File: 5e573c98d7ec8df⋯.jpg (60.4 KB, 480x532, 120:133, Stand.jpg)



1e522b No.614577

File: 8dcb58ad1389e7b⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1608x1080, 67:45, IMG_20180223_235154_proces….jpg)


< Pic related

9827f5 No.614578


I am "guessing" Rick Perry.

c1a8e8 No.614579

85ee07 No.614580

File: f20bd593db5bad2⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 280x373, 280:373, 1e3ccf25acd066ae78bf348df4….jpg)

27e8d3 No.614581

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Have RSBN pre-rally on youtube on now…))

Didn't realize they were already on air, thanks for the heads up. Tuned in.

ba8825 No.614582


Keating also had a pig farm

These people are sick

78644f No.614583


Maybe Q is a AI.

515dc9 No.614584


I think I may have been banned from the Soap box. I got frustrated at the excitement and snapped. I admit it was rude and am meant to be more gentle. If you guys see this, I am sorry…😔

b12d72 No.614585


It's "safe," Anon, not "save."

9c08e3 No.614586

File: 2d6a8910a4852a4⋯.jpg (200.4 KB, 1332x708, 111:59, Iran Next - Q.jpg)


Coincidence? :)

a6697f No.614587


Short hop AUS to ANT.

694074 No.614588

Universal cosmic Love -> source code, solution for everything

6ce1d4 No.614589

just me or Q seems more "relaxed" and direct? kinda awesome :)

bf54d2 No.614590

File: 1170387f1002b8d⋯.png (698.15 KB, 470x563, 470:563, Screenshot-2018-3-2 angery….png)

d51541 No.614591


US Forest Service resignation Anons.

cf5fe2 No.614592


Huma needs to be on there now

8e00ac No.614593


https ://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2018/03/09/cincinnati-mayor-john-cranley-seeking-city-manager-harry-black-resignation-sources-say/412544002/





Q do have anything to say about gary cohn?

628da2 No.614594


Thank you SM and POTUS

0e6da9 No.614595


I sense you pulling your hair out.

Thank You. I’ve never doubted!

566359 No.614596


HERE! HERE ! I can vouch for that !

340e6f No.614597


I'm patient.

b25120 No.614598


>Which conversation leaked?


>Why that specific conversation?


>We (they) hear what you are saying?

>Threat to AUS?


>What do they know?





Big Question: WHO were the 31 individuals Hussein trying to get out of the country in the last year of his term by sending them to Australia??

https:// www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/04/full-transcript-of-trumps-phone-call-with-australian-prime-minister-malcolm-turnbull

21b14b No.614599

Sessions is reluctant to appoint a 2nd Special Counsel because he already has an outside persecutor investigating FISA abuse, Election Fraud, Clinton/Obama abuses of power. When the IG report drops, seals will be opened.

Post last edited at

a6697f No.614600


Makes sense. DOE Q

b0604e No.614601


that Gen of the highest caliber. When this is over, we should all pitch in and buy him a house on the beach.

1a64f5 No.614602



5471a4 No.614603

Follow the money …..

Open a crowdsource funding account to trace the funding and pathway to United and UPS to import trojan horses into the US under the radar.

Even off books in the IB there is a paper trail…..

Single hard to find, crowd sourced paying a professional team of attorneys you are unstoppable.

9234c0 No.614604

Q (ops team)… do you have any open positions? EUanon here, would like to join ;-)

846469 No.614605


It’s true, or like 300 where the Persian King just throws his troops like dogs at the Spartans.

We are sheep to them.

8061c9 No.614606

maybe Q is Q from impractical jokers.

df463c No.614607


Is "We don't say his name" gonna be on it?

b8357a No.614608

File: d69d8c3ce5e4df4⋯.jpg (14.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 70099916_59FIFTY_MILBAC_RA….JPG)


When all is said and done I am going to buy you a hat, sir. If someone asks just smile and say you like minor league baseball.

ea78ed No.614609


Plan or no plan, to set up her passport on 10/30 to be revoked on 03/10 and have it take effect with this kind of accuracy … that's just freaky.

ff7ea4 No.614610

They made many current/former enslaved children famous.

Hollywood is filled w/ them.


Find the loudest voices.


Who was adopted?

Who was born in?

They thought the SHEEP would follow the STARS.


aa6492 No.614611


That's what I was thinking earlier. Warmer and more personable this afternoon. Feels like a conversation. Indeed awesome.

b12d72 No.614612

File: 52c6570813cdf8f⋯.jpg (165.77 KB, 564x704, 141:176, Batter96.jpg)

File: c8abe8ee366c12b⋯.jpg (58.1 KB, 500x750, 2:3, Batter97.jpg)

File: 954477daef8a980⋯.png (624.26 KB, 934x708, 467:354, Batter98.png)

File: 6f512aeca180f66⋯.jpg (484.48 KB, 1242x1229, 1242:1229, Batter99.jpg)

File: e8f07ae122a4742⋯.jpg (180.58 KB, 664x664, 1:1, Batter100.jpg)

More meme batter for "Guns are safe."

8e00ac No.614613


kek no

05c29d No.614614

File: e00c8e295746a01⋯.png (651.76 KB, 660x894, 110:149, ClipboardImage.png)


dear Q - although i am certainly curious,

it doesn't matter who you are…i'm just SO

happy to be alive to witness the recovery

of America -> the WORLD!! thanQ!

as a Stage IV cancer patient, i'm more

interested in seeing this glorious plan

come to fruition. BLESS you and POTUS!

i can honestly say, i can die 'happy', knowing

that our beloved country is being restored.

THANQ - from one Patriot to another. 🇺🇸

e117c7 No.614615

File: 2cec796392b6ab6⋯.jpg (62.74 KB, 620x465, 4:3, opraNRA.jpg)



628da2 No.614616



b69793 No.614617


Q is a team (which could include Gen Flynn) but the last word is from our Commander in Chief.

fd343b No.614618


Native Americans are a highly spiritual people, still recovering from the shock of successive waves of genocide. It is possible that their unique spiritual connection to the earth has helped prevent tremendous planetary upheaval. Yet, to survive as a culture (group of related cultures), they need ownership of their land – not merely leasing reservations from the federal government. Will we see this in our lifetimes? This would truly MAGA!

45983d No.614619

Q why don't you give them a little teaser of my true identity and not my earth one because some of us were sent back in time to change the world to change it for the better. Why don't you tell them the government has been protecting aliens that are only human in the flash but not in the spirit. Why wont you tell them the aliens cant get directly involved until full disclosure because of the laws of time travel.

6a2f6b No.614620


Get rid of the name.

a6697f No.614621

be30ba No.614622


He is relaxing as he travels to PA. Likes engaging us during times of travel

96ef52 No.614623


So sad. Make no mistake, Babylonian usury money system is at the heart of this. The system was working exactly as planned.

db00e3 No.614624

File: 1531ae6738f59f4⋯.png (877.16 KB, 898x741, 898:741, guns-save-q3.png)


That was a retarded typo. kek

532071 No.614625


Makes sense. That way they would be able to control them forever.

56d6e0 No.614626

That was as dumb as the retarded anon who demanded a Rosetta stone to decipher the Sumerian tablets. Really can't get much more retarded than that.

78644f No.614627


Mmm.., Musk is so important..

c14124 No.614628


Where haven't they infiltrated? These sick people are everywhere!!!

abe09e No.614629


>which included the ECHELON program.[2]


Rainfall = Water?

"Recently I decided that whenever I meet someone, I should introduce myself as “Water.” Think of it: our brains are about 90 percent water, our bodies about 68 percent. Not even Waterman, simply Water: it makes people curious, they say, “pardon?” and I say again “Water."

This immediately starts a conversation and creates an awareness about it. This new name conveys my deep concern about water.[9]"

— Ulay, Brooklyn Rail Interview, May 2011

Ulay has long history with Marina Abramovic who has long history with Podesta.

"“WHOSE WATER IS IT?” – This question, posed in big luminescent letters, is emblazoned on one of the exhibition walls. At second glance you notice other symbols underneath the glaring red letters – the euro sign for instance and the dollar sign. With this second “layer” located beneath the surface Ulay himself provides the answer to the question that he has asked. And his work references the background to the ownership situation regarding water."

http:// www.schirn-peace.org/en/post/ulay-whose-water-is-it/

56d6e0 No.614630


The reason WHY guns are safe…. is because the SUPREME COURT will NOT tolerate any of it!!!!!

So no matter how far it goes anywhere… take it to the Supreme Court and they will point at the 2nd Amendment!!!!

Pretty soon people around the country will learn

STOP MESSING WITH THE 2nd Amendment!!!!!

32c0f2 No.614631


Followed the rallies up to election day when Candidate Trump showed up at 12:30am in Michigan. The tunes RSBN brings back some recent memories, not to mention the good guitar playing.

Lot of people from all over at the rally today.

340e6f No.614632


CC adopted?

566359 No.614633

e9982b No.614634


it really makes me sic what they have done to the kids.

disney kids!

fc43be No.614635


oh shit MK ULTRA .

8ff623 No.614636


Are these people being deprogrammed?

1a64f5 No.614637


These people are so sick. So So SICK!

15cc57 No.614638


And Disney is like a farm, right?

5d02d2 No.614639


The quickest examples to come to mind are Disney child stars, especially Shia since we repeatedly tormented him throughout his HWNDU nonsense.

548807 No.614640


Filter for being stupid

d51541 No.614641


Sold on a dream… Fantasy Land…

cf6a9e No.614642



Carbon War Room is "partnered" with many including CGI

Clinton Foundation (all varieties) are the biggest when combined - but they are hedging with many other "foundations"

The Clinton Foundation is comprised of seven initiatives: the Clinton Health Access Initiative, the Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative, the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative, the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, and last, but not least, the Clinton Global Initiative. The Clinton Presidential Center and the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas also support the Foundation’s mission and fall within its orbit.

In Malawi, Rwanda and Tanzania, the Clinton Development Initiative (CDI) - public / private partnerships. A model for other areas like Haiti, working with USAID and Friend of Bill / Hillary

"The Islands Project" or "The Islands Initiative"

Navy Bio Fuels

Ship Transport Bio Fuels and "assessments"

Australian Post Lottery

Swedish Postcode Lottery

Dutch Postcode Lottery

Ira Magaziner

Eric Braverman (Now runs GOOG ES Foundation : )

>Tom Cotton NUKES Clinton Foundation: ‘Largest Money Laundering… Operation In The World’

http:// dailycaller.com/2016/11/01/tom-cotton-nukes-clinton-fnd-largest-money-laundering-operation-in-the-world-audio/


TENEO - Formed prior to 2012 HILLARY RUN - Doug Band, together with his partners Declan Kelly and Paul Keary, formed a company called Teneo. In addition, Justin Cooper has joined Doug at Teneo. Doug and Justin will no longer be working for the Foundation. Bill will be taking on 'some Clinton Foundation employees' directly.

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/39900

It never ends …

>" Let's obfuscate so much as to 'make it too hair splitting FOR THE OUTSIDE WORLD' "

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/38234#efmADBAHk

>"It¹s probably safe to assume that any Fund that bears WJC¹s name will attract "investors" or donors or whatever we call them"

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/36784

>"Let's just call all these fishy foreign donations 'Multi-lateral' money to 'Pass Through Countries' "

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/24166#efmABGADP)**

>IRA MAGAZINER - 1M DONATION IRA Magaziner - World Bank coordination for special projects on the 'Islands Initiative' – DIESEL REPLACEMENT $$

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/37888

(In the news recently - US Navy ditches Bio Diesel - hmm)


https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/37987

>USING CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE, (CGI) AND WJC FOUNDATION AS A "PASS THROUGH" ORGANIZATIONS WITH THE CLINTON FOUNDATION Pass through is part of a maze of methods to limit how information is reported in respect to income and IRS They were involved in a wide range of corporate interests with their 'innovative projects' and buddies. https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/36281

0e04a2 No.614643

File: d568f2113506a35⋯.jpg (108.25 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, QAnonBoom.jpg)

c1a8e8 No.614644


We're all retarded. Without it, we wouldn't know what learning was. Mui bueno!

2a77fe No.614645


These people are sick

1a64f5 No.614646

926e0f No.614647


So many sheep do follow them and it's sickening!

A restoration to humility is in order for this planet

f76017 No.614648


Understood, sir.

Transition from slavery to clowns to full-on performers?

Lots of beauties working with the clowns, or so I was told.

b12d72 No.614649


Keep up the good work. More batter for you here:


d0152b No.614650

File: 9d7eeed6a6233b2⋯.jpg (448.45 KB, 750x994, 375:497, IMG_8792.jpg)

File: 6b142855b6b2e8a⋯.jpg (82.04 KB, 750x284, 375:142, IMG_8791.jpg)

c6e02b No.614651

Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.


If it's not Potus himself it can only be S.B. If I am right I would like to met yqu gays.

e94653 No.614652

What about GS? Q Clwns using body doubles or clones since Nov?

e117c7 No.614653

File: 0de4c0adbc23b17⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 600x471, 200:157, sleepy.jpg)



532071 No.614654


Q is Hulk Hogan, newfriend.

4233bb No.614655


Ruffalo, Colbert, Damon,

cfdad7 No.614656


Please state exactly what is meant by 'graphics'. Does it mean

(1) Side-by-side graphics relating Q crumbs to news happenings?

(2) Simply screencaps of Q crumbs?

(3) ?

I think it means (1) but request confirmation.

6ce8e2 No.614657

File: 234f58955ed5332⋯.jpg (333.63 KB, 600x500, 6:5, cheers anons.jpg)


Exactly, trying to dox Q is basic B research. Drink up, dig, meme and pray

c3e67e No.614658

File: bdb0f12892b7f54⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 806x558, 13:9, AU_1991-Present.JPG)

Australia Prime Ministers from 1991 to Present - would have had (((CLINTON))) interactions:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Prime_Ministers_of_Australia

6a2f6b No.614659


Britney Spears for sure.

4f2701 No.614660


big push for casting directors to find new talent.. started last november

eb000e No.614661


Created a fantasy world and language. Understanding and speaking the language is important to establishing comms.

aadf33 No.614662

3aebc3 No.614663


Grew up out there. People are NEUROTIC!! hollow SAD

77da36 No.614664


Australia did this. Think Heath Ledger, Nicole Kidman, the list is YUGE!

dae7f8 No.614665


Speaking of Fake News and distractions. It is funny that Fire and Fury author has filed no Lawsuits against JA or WL. Can't imagine why? KEK. That clue almost took it too far. Newfags here don't remember the escape from 4chan after the Magapill.com clue.

088a48 No.614666


could the elites perhaps be all in on some sort of sick experiment? Where they all try to create the most popular child star?

37e94e No.614667





For the newbies and normies,

>en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Pine_Gap

Pine Gap is the commonly used name for an Australian Earth station ~18 kms (11 mi) SW of the town of

Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the centre of Australia which is operated by both

Australia and the United States.


Not only skoops. See (metatitle) in


Why did the Intercept decide to publish their Pine Gap "Revelations" in Aug 2017 when they've had the Snowden Docs for years?

Wouldn't happen to be cuz of what happened during June 5-6, would it?


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis are in Sydney, Australia, June 5–6, participating in the 2017 Australia-U.S. Ministerial Consultations hosted by Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Australian Defense Minister Marise Payne.

T-Rex, Mattis and their Australian counterparts are discussing a full range of U.S-Australian cooperation on bilateral, regional, and global issues.

Press Conference Video: (U.S. media show publicly why T-Rex dislikes them at 16:30, who was that idjit.)

fb9258 No.614668


Was that announced?

facc14 No.614669


POTUS and his Top Brass. Brilliant minds, strategic Geniuses with moral and kind souls. Happy to have your steer our planet into a greater timeline. Thank you🙏

32c0f2 No.614670


Q has a fan base all over the Quadrant!

5dc271 No.614671

I honestly do not need or necessarily want confirmation on who Q is/are. I love him/her/them just as they are.

d9f855 No.614672

>>614007 Energy grid control? Also using melanin for solar tech?

a6697f No.614673


Lackland AFB

Human trafficking tunnel network

56d6e0 No.614674


Do you want clowns to call your relatives parents on their other phone while you're talking to them? Do you want creepy things happening to you?

Then STAY ANON!!!!!

aa6492 No.614675


https:// youtu.be/-tB2lUe7fRY?t=2m21s

b69793 No.614676


And they work in tandem with Scientology. They tried to take my 12 year old away from me! We left the business.

02f98b No.614677

2cc39f No.614678


I often think about Macaulay Culkin and Trump's cameo in Home Alone 2. Trump probably wasn't aware, back then. What happened to Culkin was terrible. They completely brainwashed him. Now he's 100% with the cult.

I hope you get the bastards who did this to him.

ea78ed No.614679


Dilley intel says Hillary pedo vid is too intense to release. Says 8 vids were made of conference call to HRC from LL/Slick Willy tarmac meeting and it's assumed that the one where they get the order to kill somebody (Seth Rich?) is going to be released.

85ee07 No.614680

78644f No.614681



0e04a2 No.614682


I used to love Alyssa Milano. She is for sure in Deep. She has no grip on reality. Disney messed her up bad

adf85f No.614683


>Find the loudest voices.

Meryl Streep, whatever her real history is, it it needs to become very public, she's horrible

45983d No.614684

remember people internet freedom is the key to having full disclosure and the key to taking out the cabal peacefuly and this is why it is the sum of all fears.

846469 No.614685


Check it anons.

Celeb adoption list.

http:// www.americanadoptions.com/adoption/celebrity_adoption

1727e1 No.614686



515dc9 No.614687


Wow, that was straight out. I am impressed with today's directness. Between here and listening to the Stream and the cross over at is getting out to the "plain world" This is an amazing experience. I'd hate to turn them off, but this is where the meat gets done anyway and there are no "Personalities" or agendas. A few over there…. inevitable.

88622d No.614688

Q please tell me youre going to clean up canada. Things are so sick here.

1a5d09 No.614689


Can we help from out the netherlands aswell?

e5bd13 No.614690


So Katy Perry IS Jonbenet? Ut oh…

56d6e0 No.614691


yes…. 1….. plus like my graphic above…. keeping track of things. My graphic is a bit far out though but interesting.

fc6190 No.614692

File: ec8bd1e13f53476⋯.gif (70.1 KB, 367x506, 367:506, amandarogers.gif)

Come on anons, stop guessing who Q is.

f76017 No.614693


Adding to notables as an avenue for digging.

Good on you, Anon.

96ef52 No.614694


Indeed. History will be very kind to him.

9303ac No.614695


Q, (& WORLD) here…

You (plural) know that we've been here as ONE all along!?! we are the world patriots

Where one goes all go

23f17e No.614696


"They" who?

75faed No.614697

File: 0bd7836327ac0d3⋯.jpeg (75.96 KB, 680x357, 40:21, DVkpt2bVoAAHV3e.jpeg)

File: 2846f85f1878185⋯.png (186.85 KB, 768x450, 128:75, rsz_screenshot_2018-02-02-….png)

File: 2b98bedb7fc940e⋯.jpeg (72.01 KB, 679x398, 679:398, DVKMCABV4AIO6tr.jpeg)

13bab4 No.614698


Has Cory Feldman's money request just a delaying tactic until the time is right? His actions definitely scream programming coming undone.

309db1 No.614699


It’s time for people to know the name Arnon Milchan.

d0152b No.614700

File: e1877a92b7083cc⋯.jpg (264.04 KB, 1200x1515, 80:101, IMG_8793.JPG)

Wasn't Scalia murdered in Australia?

e595bc No.614701


>>614146 rt >>614903 Another coincidence?


Please repair. Should be >>614093


47b0d5 No.614702

File: f3b62a8a3b09ca1⋯.jpg (102.08 KB, 738x500, 369:250, download (15).jpg)

db00e3 No.614703

File: 51801501febb74d⋯.png (651.11 KB, 848x741, 848:741, guns-safe-q-1.png)

c1a8e8 No.614704



7608ee No.614705


And then made the boys into girls

aa6492 No.614706



https:// youtu.be/v82-MPeCPnM

a5de5c No.614708


GEOTUS? Parscale?

b69793 No.614709


I met many of the kids up and coming. Very strange. Very sexualized early on.

a1f143 No.614710

File: fa6e73cc126fbc6⋯.png (23.85 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, 1280px-Flag_of_Australia.png)



This idea is a little out there. Could the Clinton's link to Aus be something to do with the Aboriginals? Similar to their 'taste' for Haitians maybe.. Q also mentions "Blood."

Australian Aboriginals are one of the oldest cultures on Earth. Most of their communities right now seem to be terrible, degenerate places because of things like rampant child sexual abuse and alcoholism. It's a national tragedy. Probably makes them 'easier' to kidnap and traffick though.

There's also this:


Rihanna tweeted and Julie Bishop responded with a lazy $90M Aus taxpayer donation to GPE (not CF but is C-related) less than four weeks after Q posted "Coincidence all donations to the CF terminated post defeat?"

Were they looking to cover their asses? E.g. if Aus still donates to Clinton-related foundations, how can it be Pay2Play?

Or Australia was still being forced to donate and I'm way off the mark.

Were they previously forced to donate because of compromising information on top Australian politicians? Globalist macroeconomic power-plays/threats? Maybe both?

1058c3 No.614711


God bless anon!

02f98b No.614712

a4d420 No.614713

File: c24ba6fcbe4535d⋯.jpg (21.89 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


same casting couch the clowns use.

5dc271 No.614714


Yea and if you watch Home Alone I the pizza delivery scene takes on a whole other meaning…

d6a7bc No.614715


Q, I have been telling people that EVERY MAJOR ACTOR AND MUSIC ACT IS CIA and you should see the looks I get!!! haha

168d1e No.614716


I thought we weren't getting into this stuff until near the end? Are we near, then?

fc43be No.614717

27e8d3 No.614718


Same exact story for me. Never going to forget those songs. Wonder if we will get some winks during the speech today? Paying attention.

418b2b No.614719


Totally brainwashed the kids… through torture , other means, thought they would stay forever and continue what was started… some broke free and talked!

75faed No.614720

File: 1d34dc649716e42⋯.jpeg (9.78 KB, 198x189, 22:21, download (2)_1.jpeg)

File: 2f3750082f4efa9⋯.jpg (30.11 KB, 640x352, 20:11, d1a1415031f09314181f63b7f9….jpg)

File: 8ab5576f65ed6d8⋯.jpg (33.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 754114973-ronald-reagan-qu….jpg)

File: f458b31fede4861⋯.jpg (85.94 KB, 600x407, 600:407, 57912a31a4addda9aa04a388ab….jpg)

9c08e3 No.614721

File: 5e651cb4de8e702⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1872x1920, 39:40, MK Ultra.jpg)

9ad0cd No.614722


Q has existed well before Trump Admin. Also, question for Q in case onto something or worthwhile: have Snowden's actions ever been attributed to Christopher Steele?

d00363 No.614723

File: 76be1c87d8d3ad3⋯.png (405.52 KB, 634x423, 634:423, trumpdrivesatruck.png)

File: bd6bc2dbe454ad4⋯.jpg (43.09 KB, 980x490, 2:1, trumpsternman.jpg)

File: 0a48b98b9dd4b5e⋯.jpeg (105.29 KB, 992x744, 4:3, trumpsotu1.jpeg)

File: 4aea91ae4b8bf25⋯.jpg (694.64 KB, 3000x2028, 250:169, 1009791-donald-trump.jpg)

alright…. headed to the TRUMP RALLY…. with all these new crumbs… could be the best one yet!

f76017 No.614724


Way ahead of you.

Should be fixed in next bread.

f49364 No.614725

File: 0b1554e1f2e0557⋯.png (1.3 MB, 800x800, 1:1, 0B8F444D-C7A0-4462-976D-15….png)


This is where CDAN comes in. All those rumors are true. The church of Scientology is part of that machine. Everything is goin to come tumbling down.

4be7fd No.614726

For other Future looking, Big Picture Anons

http:// hubblesite.org/news_release/news/2017-40

https:// theskylive.com/c2017k2-info

Gonna light up the sky, perhaps?

fd92d2 No.614727


That would put me in a meltdown. :P

c3e67e No.614728

File: 414ccdbdf87dcb1⋯.jpg (75.69 KB, 781x530, 781:530, wikileaks_au pm_lybia.JPG)

Muammar Gaddafi, the deposed leader of Libya, was captured and killed on 20 October 2011 during the Battle of Sirte.

a6697f No.614729

eb569b No.614730

PRISM is a program from the Special Source Operations (SSO) division of the NSA, which in the tradition of NSA's intelligence alliances, cooperates with as many as 100 trusted U.S. companies since the 1970s. … According to this report, PRISM is only used to collect internet communications, not telephone conversations.

XKeyscore or XKEYSCORE (abbreviated as XKS) is a formerly secret computer system first used by the United States National Security Agency for searching and analyzing global Internet data, which it collects on a daily basis. GCSB[55] = Government Communications Security Bureau is the public-service department of New Zealand charged with promoting New Zealand's national security by collecting and analysing information of an intelligence nature.

TEMPORA uses intercepts on the fibre-optic cables that make up the backbone of the Internet to gain access to large amounts of Internet users' personal data, without any individual suspicion or targeting. The intercepts are placed in the United Kingdom and overseas, with the knowledge of companies owning either the cables or landing stations.

MUSCULAR, located in the United Kingdom, is the name of a surveillance programme jointly operated by Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) that was revealed by documents which were released by Edward Snowden and interviews with knowledgeable officials. GCHQ is the primary operator of the program. GCHQ and the National Security Agency have secretly broken into the main communications links that connect the data centers of Yahoo! and Google.

Project STATEROOM, a highly secretive signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection program targeting international Internet, radio and telecommunications traffic. The existence of the program was disclosed in the summer of 2013 by Snowden, who told German newsmagazine Der Spiegel that it consisted of SIGINT collection facilities in nearly 100 US embassies and consulates in almost as many countries. According to the Snowden, STATEROOM operations are handled by a unit called Special Collection Service (SCS), which is jointly operated by the CIA and the NSA.

Looks like Big Brother is always watching. Put tape over your camera yet?

d2cc9e No.614731


So does this mean Disney is the child slave starting point?

50c636 No.614732


Received a lot of phone calls to encourage my kids to join modeling agencies or acting. Evil people!

532071 No.614733

File: 140d13a15e924f3⋯.jpeg (8.95 KB, 228x221, 228:221, index.jpeg)


Everyone that's not a newfriend knows that Q is really Hulk Hogan brother (or sister).

5eadf6 No.614734



tomorrow indictment unsealed

actionable on 11-4 April 4th he appears in court?

7d7aaa No.614735

http:// money.cnn.com/2018/03/09/investing/lloyd-blankfein-goldman-sachs/index.html

b69793 No.614736


and probably had their DNA messed with

153ff9 No.614737


Why wait until June for Huma ??

85ee07 No.614738

File: f6a0de43511cb80⋯.jpg (56.33 KB, 649x961, 649:961, slave.jpg)

1db329 No.614739


>Jew conspiracy theories

Q says the deep state calls people conspiracy theorists. Get the fuck out, clown.

96ef52 No.614740

File: 5829be559302794⋯.jpeg (254.69 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 461B54C7-0C88-4D8A-BB98-7….jpeg)

Guys can we just take a moment to realize how awesome it is that Dennis Rodman was involved in brokering an agreement? I mean, the guy is a weirdo, and I love weirdos. Plus look at this pic. Do you think Bill Richardson could look so dope rocking white jeans?

2cc31b No.614741

File: 43e19fa12974bf3⋯.png (107.53 KB, 1082x964, 541:482, ClipboardImage.png)


846469 No.614742


Kate Adie (journalist)

Edward Albee (playwright)

Maya Angelou (poet and author)

John J. Audubon (naturalist)

Michael Bay (director)

Tallulah Bankhead (actress)

Layne Beachley (surfer)

Lynda Bellingham (actress)

Ingrid Bergman (actress)

Andy Berlin (co-founder of ad agency Berlin Camerson & Partners)

James Best (actor)

Les Brown (motivational speaker)

Surya Bonaly (professional skater)

Richard Burton (actor)

Senator Robert Byrd

Augustus Caesar (emporer of Rome)

Truman Capote (author)

Harry Caray (baseball broadcaster)

Peter Carruthers (professional skater)

Kitty Carruthers (professional skater)

Kristin Chenoweth (actress)

Eric Clapton (singer)

President Bill Clinton

Lynette Cole (Miss USA 2000)

Nat King Cole (singer)

Gary Coleman (actor)

Daunte Culpepper (professional football)

Rachel Crow (X Factor contestant)

Faith Daniels (TV news personality)

Ted Danson (actor, adopted child and adoptive father)

Tommy Davidson (comedian)

Toby Dawson (professional skier)

Eric Dickerson (professional football)

Bo Diddley (musician)

Carl Theodore Dreyer (filmmaker)

Larry Ellison (co-founder and CEO of Oracle)

Clarissa Pinkola Estes (poet)

President Gerald Ford

Jamie Foxx (singer, actor)

Scott Fujita (professional football)

Tim Green (professional football)

Jonathon Gilbert (actor)

Melissa Gilbert (actress)

Newt Gingrich (politician)

Faith Hill (singer)

Scott Hamilton (professional skater)

John Hancock (U.S. Founding Father)

Debbie Harry (singer)

Reese Hoffa (Olympic shot putter)

Jesse Jackson (politician) Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple)

Eartha Kitt (singer, actress)

Matthew Laborteaux (actor)

Patrick Laborteaux (actor)

John Lennon (singer)

Representative Jim Lightfoot

Allan "apl.de.ap" Pineda Lindo, jr. (singer, member of Black Eyed Peas)

Art Linkletter (TV personality)

Ray Liotta (actor)

Charlotte Lopez (actress and Miss Teen USA 1993)

Greg Louganis (Olympic Gold Medal Diver)

Malcolm X (human rights activist)

Lee Majors (actor)

Nelson Mandela (human rights activist)

Nimmy March (actress)

James MacArthur (actor)

Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels (musician)

Frances McDormand (actress)

Tim McGraw (singer)

Sarah McLachlan (singer)

James Michener (author)

Tom Monaghan (founder of Domino's Pizza, owner of Detroit Tigers)

Lucy Maud Montgomery (author)

Marilyn Monroe (actress)

Moses (biblical leader)

Mother Teresa (humanitarian)

Alonzo Mourning (professional basketball)

Dan O'Brien (Olympic gold medalist, decathalon)

Hugh O'Connor (actor)

Michael Oher (professional football, story inspired The Blind Side)

Jim Palmer (professional baseball)

Aaron Parchem (Olympic figure skater)

Lorraine Pascale (model, author and chef)

Dana Plato (actress)

Edgar Allen Poe (author)

Nicole "Snookie" Polizzi (TV personality)

Priscilla Presley (actress)

Michael Reagan (President Reagan's son)

First Lady Nancy Reagan

Nicole Richie (TV personality)

Wilson Riles (educator)

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

Victoria Rowell (actress)

Buffy Sainte-Marie (singer)

Paull Shin (state senator)

Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy's, children's advocate)

Leo Tolstoy (author)

Dr. Ruth Westheimer (media personality, sex therapist)

Mayor Anthony Williams (Washington, D.C. politician)

Jett Williams (singer

75faed No.614743

File: 7a0c1a3c5111d6e⋯.jpg (81.24 KB, 720x450, 8:5, 262u8j.jpg)

File: 7479208107bfa30⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 352x528, 2:3, 262the.jpg)

File: f1e5b478ccf102b⋯.jpg (151.08 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 262nzx.jpg)

fc43be No.614744


i think so , nick at night etc .

418b2b No.614745


Amen !

56d6e0 No.614746


that "church" in the news recently too

4f2701 No.614747


https:// hooktube.com/BBrTOTJRen8

talks about hilary sex tape

9c08e3 No.614748

File: a2d987c1ff48c99⋯.png (145.23 KB, 643x715, 643:715, ClipboardImage.png)


Sheeple are waking up!

a6697f No.614749


Too close to anons heart

cfdad7 No.614750


keeping it rigorous

e94653 No.614751


Podesta's speech at the college,what date? How possible? hummm

340e6f No.614752

File: 84dc1b6dfaf3212⋯.jpg (298.45 KB, 735x672, 35:32, AM.jpg)



Was she adopted or did she adopt?

75faed No.614753

File: e363ad4b4dd2795⋯.jpeg (126.34 KB, 1070x589, 1070:589, DX2xyNfXUAEMDNv.jpeg)

15cc57 No.614754


Nope, he escaped to france, gave radio interview exposing child sacrifice

5d68c7 No.614755



7f1af5 No.614756


Yes, Sir!

fd92d2 No.614757


I keep getting shadwobanned just tweeting once anymore

32c0f2 No.614758


I was thinking of John DeLanci, but she is prettier…))

75faed No.614759

File: 133b7aec6871116⋯.png (702.14 KB, 980x940, 49:47, 9eeb18135e7aca921c64d69fd1….png)

cde719 No.614760

File: 8a00787155ee496⋯.png (798.44 KB, 750x499, 750:499, ClipboardImage.png)

77da36 No.614761


Errol Flynn, Peter Finch, Rod Taylor, Mel Gibson, Guy Pearce, Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush, Toni Collette, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Ben Mendelsohn, Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger, Hugo Weaving, Naomi Watts, Abbie Cornish, Eric Bana, Joel Edgerton, Mia Wasikowska, Margot Robbie, Chris Hemsworth, and Sam Worthington.

418b2b No.614762

1a64f5 No.614763


Immediately after it was unboxed!!!!

Before ever firing this bad boy up.

ff7ea4 No.614764


The spirit cooking discovery is bigger than you know.

Follow Maria.

There’s a reason the word ‘conspiracy’ was made/pushed.

Their weapon against the awakening.


ee54ee No.614765

We're all aiming for #Qevent…anon computer geeks verify (?)

23f17e No.614766

Is Behar considered Hollywood? She's pretty loud and obnoxious.

fc6190 No.614767

File: cff842f1faf3d9d⋯.jpg (189.53 KB, 1087x612, 1087:612, whole.jpg)

Thanks for all Your great work Q. When we get to the end, please lets us know it all

a45cca No.614768


I believe Q is……..General Mark Inch, based upon his studies at Wheaton College

532071 No.614769


Ducking kikes.

0b3831 No.614770

Hollywood was founded by the Jews ….MGM etc….. Khazarians ran Germany and Hitler and created Propoganda …… Movies brainwash people and teach them how to act like good sheep >>614610

9827f5 No.614771


That was my next guess!

56d6e0 No.614772


Agree. Think Admiral Rogers.

8ff623 No.614773


Not 100% yet, but it’s looking like a strong possibility

http:// thehill.com/homenews/senate/377555-gop-senator-justice-kennedy-is-going-to-retire-this-summer

26feed No.614774


Quite the laundry list

https:// judiciary.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/072717_HJC-Letter-to-AG-DAG.pdf

d61360 No.614775


https:// www.theguardian.com/australia…/2018/…/cardinal-george-pell-in-court-to-figh…

6 days ago - The highest-ranking Catholic official to be charged with sexual offences returns to Melbourne court. … Australian Associated Press … Cardinal George Pell will face court in Melbourne under an intense international media glare as a hearing begins that will decide if he stands trial on historical sexual offence …

The New Daily-Mar 9, 2018

The doors of Court 22 at Melbourne Magistrates Court have been strictly closed to media and the public this week but there was nothing to stop reporters from sitting outside the room with laptops, books, picnic lunches and snacks. So we did. After all, the case unfolding inside was against Cardinal George …

076de0 No.614776

This is the article by Duncan Campbell from 1988 about five eyes and corruption. 1988. wow.

http:// new.duncan.gn.apc.org/menu/journalism/newstatesman/Somebody's_Listening.pdf

3aebc3 No.614777


well, that list was awful timely, anon…..


a5de5c No.614778


What if SR's death was faked by white hats and he was put in a safe house from the hospital where he "died".

05c29d No.614779


no wonder so many child actors NEVER

have a decent 'adult' life…sigh…

cccee8 No.614780

75faed No.614781

File: 79e4ca1f770722e⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 639x778, 639:778, A7poRyHT.jpg)

515dc9 No.614782



42de81 No.614783

To most of us, DJT is POTUS. We are on the outside and we see both the good and a lot of bad being said about DJT.

Let us all take a moment and pray for a young man who has to think about all that is being said about his "DADDY."

37e94e No.614784


Also, >>613543 >>613445 from #757

513f1c No.614785

Someone who could have a complete picture of what is going on, would be JA through the wikileaks documents. Maybe Q = JA posting from the embassy ;)

e9982b No.614786


made up the word after jfk

5d1361 No.614787


https:// answers.yahoo. com/question/index?qid=20090129014408AAWU84a&p=why%20famous%20ppl%20are%20called%20stars

http:// articles.latimes.com/2008/dec/19/opinion/oe-stein19

This crumbs reminds me that we talked about cabals worshipped "stars" not so long ago

742578 No.614788


>Q is Jared Kushner or Sarah Sanders

Who the hell cares. Get err done.

Chuck Norris is my bet

c1a8e8 No.614789


Don't dox yourself. :-)

fd92d2 No.614790


Not sure if he is one that talks to us but pretty sure he is working with Q and Team

1727e1 No.614791

File: a39c56ac082f4fc⋯.jpg (32.76 KB, 584x500, 146:125, Abramavich.JPG)

File: d63f41bb46a9fa9⋯.jpg (23.67 KB, 572x412, 143:103, AbramavichII.JPG)

File: b42e39e41691121⋯.jpg (33.04 KB, 657x505, 657:505, AbramavichPrize.JPG)

File: f60ab01f7e53acc⋯.jpg (62.57 KB, 1112x618, 556:309, AbramavichSponsors.JPG)

75ae8b No.614792


>We are saving Israel for last.

I knew it. It couldn't be said, yet…

Putin says Jews, Ukrainians, Tatars could be behind U.S. election meddling


When Q and Putin can make these statements, it means we really are safe. Samson Option is no more. Drinking water supplies protected, I assume.

c45cd4 No.614793


Best way to make Q posts irrefutable: have someone that holds recognition and credibility for both Ds and Rs acknowledge and prove they are Q when the time is right.

This site will become very popular.

People have been speculating Giuliani is the person outside DC that Sessions selected as special counsel. Strange we haven't seen or heard from RG in a long time…although I'm leaning Sheriff David Clarke for that particular job…

Both true Patriots!

1db329 No.614794

File: f6133f298689455⋯.webm (2.81 MB, 180x320, 9:16, 1520702570287.webm)


If you aren't pissed off at the state of this world, you aren't human.

4233bb No.614795


Jay Z, Katy Perry, Clinton’s about to get wrecked.

d70d61 No.614796


Based on the variety of intel shared, I'd imagine a small collective of people (including POTUS) that hold Q level clearance.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_clearance

56d6e0 No.614797


>There’s a reason the word ‘conspiracy’ was made/pushed.

>Their weapon against the awakening.

All the way back to JFK

cfdad7 No.614798


Maria … ?

marina abramovic ?

No coincidences, Q is purposeful in spelling/grammar/sentence construction.

75faed No.614799

File: d200b19f7a1fa63⋯.png (167.89 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-03-09-09-1….png)

168d1e No.614800

File: 0c573eaf32d1e77⋯.jpg (483.87 KB, 2546x1763, 2546:1763, epsteinistemple.jpg)


What about this church?

32c0f2 No.614801


For all his money, Rodman needs a coat that fits…))

fc43be No.614802

File: d07f30f278ceb93⋯.jpg (15.73 KB, 255x200, 51:40, 0c95a6d5aa36fd5b6880095236….jpg)


oh man , this will be hard to red pill .

3caf3a No.614803


been following that B for a long time. WOKE

1a89eb No.614804


>What are sealed?

>Re_read drops re: Podesta / Huma.

Pedodesta/Huma are in one or more of those indictments.

f49364 No.614805


Will Rodman be the first US Ambassador to NK

34959f No.614806


You need to look into Blue Mountain "home birth" midwives. Women have their babies at home - they then do not get registered. Anything can then be done. Their leader is very prominent & very connected..

45983d No.614807

people keep avoiding the question of full disclosure even though is the correct answer to the sum of all fears and how you cage a dangerous animal. just know I told you so when you see visitors not from this world in the sky.

742578 No.614808


>The spirit cooking discovery is bigger than you know.

What is the significance behind 'spirit cooking'. What do these people get out of it, bsides some erally evil and crazy rituals

07499e No.614809

$10 that Q is Eric trump. He's been out of the news cycle for a while and honestly, you can hear the old man slip out from time to time in the way which Q speaks. Tell trump he's kicking ass and taking names as far as I'm concern. Great job doing what we the people have been crying to have done for the last few decades and finally correcting the wrongs of the previous administrations.

088a48 No.614810

File: 7be9ee23ade0a25⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2EBEB4A4-4F55-4215-B45A-BA….png)

Take em down Q!

9827f5 No.614811


Damn. It is real…

a22179 No.614812

Dec 23 2017 15:29:24

Q !UW.yye1fxo


NYT ran this story today with sources saying POTUS said:

"Haiti had sent 15,000 people. They “all have AIDS,” he grumbled,

Jan 13 2018 22:09:38

Q !UW.yye1fxo



Why is this relevant?

Mar 6 2018 13:06:24 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 2362f9 568863

Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?

cf5fe2 No.614813


Maria Shriver?

8061c9 No.614814


Dang Q you're on FIRE tonight.

9bcd13 No.614815


The UK poisoning, big or not?

a6697f No.614816


Free those humans especially kids, Q group. Soon. Very soon.

39c778 No.614817

File: 0bdc484ade10518⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f778bab4227d969c8a04964c24….jpg)


It's true! It's POTUS!!! WOW SIR! SO HONORED!!!

898093 No.614818

>>614764 YES!!! Occult stuff is in play! Podesta angle wide open

d984db No.614819



5eadf6 No.614820


we are going to be so busy this weekend! THANK YOU Q!

27e8d3 No.614821


Eye opening list.

How much of reality is made up? Looking at some of those names you have to wonder about it.



d9f855 No.614822

>>614740 Consider how this stage has been set years in advance..Rodman's trips over the last years, Sessions, Flynn, Wray, (Snowden perhaps), etc. All these set up to be bad guys who are really great Patriots (and actors). What makes a GREAT movie?!

32c0f2 No.614823

5ecc7f No.614824


Is it safe to assume Justin Trudeau is Castro's son?

c14124 No.614825


This is getting to be like some X-Files shit.

fd92d2 No.614826

File: 19f29c60f93f47d⋯.png (51.98 KB, 541x334, 541:334, Julian.PNG)

1e522b No.614827








Lurk moar.








No. Kys




No. Kek.










Shh. No doxxing.

eb569b No.614828


Huma is the key 1st hand witness. What was on Weiner's notebook besides his penis? Videos? Intimate conversations with Hillary? Inquiring minds want to know! Re: Hillary… pick a crime, any crime. Indictments are looming.

75faed No.614829

File: 9f2a4b527660d00⋯.png (1.8 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 9f2a4b527660d00a00f2d206f8….png)

e5bd13 No.614830



2cc31b No.614832

File: b59b1f96c8b200b⋯.png (114.33 KB, 1075x1082, 1075:1082, ClipboardImage.png)

Think magic.

d3d22f No.614833


Wow, just wow.

01779c No.614834

https:// www.buzzfeed.com/spenceralthouse/famous-people-you-didnt-know-were-adopted?utm_term=.xr47MqkEoR#.wng13w4YzM

d4407c No.614835

File: e6cbf6584b22a97⋯.png (42.9 KB, 996x229, 996:229, stellnav.png)


>These people are stupid.

lol. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_navigation

96ef52 No.614836


Missing N?


23f17e No.614837



9234c0 No.614838


https:// art-for-a-change.com/blog/2017/05/spirit-cooking-with-marina-abramovic-the-first-cut-is-the-deepest.html

15cc57 No.614839


When i approached a couple of normies they became so aggravated trying to brush off the topic, you almost need exorcism to get through to them

db00e3 No.614840

File: 2a52f48e8c2fcdb⋯.png (359.95 KB, 508x358, 254:179, bishop1.png)

fb9258 No.614841




Maria Abramovic

ce1630 No.614842


Scary shit. Gotta be exposed though.

2cc39f No.614843


Pizzagate is back on track, guys. I know there's an overlap here already, but it might be a good idea to spread findings re: Australia/CF to their voat. We may get some more eyes.

be0f29 No.614844


I gave up and T.V. 13 years ago, compared to my sister, who is one year older and lives in CA, is completely brain washed by CNN and Hollywood ,the propaganda machine.

ea78ed No.614845


The Newport helicopter hit?

2a77fe No.614846

A lot of celebs are associated with Maria James Franco and Jay z come to mind there are many more



9ffe8d No.614847

File: 10e150ef57c8744⋯.png (185.95 KB, 500x579, 500:579, deadgoatfuckers.png)


Mar 10 2018 13:04:36 (EST) Q yye1fxo ID: 88957f 613229


We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


ALL cucks and kike pets in here ETERNALLY BTFO.

Pray the good white hats in the world have mercy on you KIKE SCUM.

(((you))) and your 'pets' will PAY IN BLOOD.

5d02d2 No.614848


Here's where it gets into the human trafficking territory. Brace yourselves folks, MKultra was only the surface being scratched.

742578 No.614849


Are those the lone renegades who didn't get cooked?

5ec31c No.614850

File: f677713ffbe3459⋯.png (1.98 MB, 884x782, 26:23, capture_041_10032018_10525….png)

File: bb47e78e1ba9fd9⋯.png (2.25 MB, 887x883, 887:883, capture_048_10032018_11092….png)

[C]lowns generate (((chatter))) from around the World.

Two more to add to the previous drops…

https:// wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/1979BOGOTA00440_e.html

https:// wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/1975COLOMB02228_b.html

75faed No.614851

File: 21d7620bdaf923c⋯.jpeg (111.52 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DXDkwRAX0AA8GtX.jpeg)

bf54d2 No.614852


retard filtered

9827f5 No.614853


Need humor to make it through this sick shit

846469 No.614854


Babe Ruth (professional baseball)

Brooke Adams (actress)

Gracie Allen (comedienne)

Woody Allen (director)

Kirstie Alley (actress)

Loni Anderson (actress)

Julie Andrews (actress)

Eve Arden (actress)

Rodney Atkins (singer)

Josephine Baker (actress)

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Pearl Bailey (singer/actress)

John Battle (professional baseball)

Harry Belafonte (singer)

Regina Belle (singer)

Secretary of Treasury Lloyd Bentsen

Milton Berle (actor)

Larry Bird (professional basketball)

Taurean Blacque (actor)

Erma Bombeck (humorist)

May Britt (actress)

Connie Britton (actress)

Charles Bronson (actor)

Denise Scott Brown (architect)

Governor Sam Brownback

Art Buchwald (humorist)

Sandra Bullock (actress)

George Burns (comedian)

Ellen Burstyn (actress)

Kirk Cameron (actor)

Roy Campanella (professional baseball)

Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell

Kate Capshaw (actress)

Kitty Caruthers (professional skater and adopted child)

Joelle Carter (actress)

Nell Carter (actress)

Billy Casper (professional golf)

Jim Caviezel (actor)

Steven Curtis Chapman (singer)

Rt. Hon. Jean and Aline Chretien (Prime Minister of Canada)

Connie Chung (TV personality)

Joan Crawford (actress)

Sheryl Crow (singer)

Tom Cruise (actor)

Jamie Lee Curtis (actress0

Ted Danson (actor and adopted child)

Linda Darnell (actress)

Bette Davis (actress)

Kristin Davis (actress)

Sammy Davis, Jr. (entertainer)

Viola Davis (actress)

John Denver (singer)

Bill Delahunt (state senator)

Oscar de la Renta (fashion designer)

Delilah (radio personality)

John DeLorean (industrialist)

Cecil B. DeMille (director)

Joan Didion (author)

Walt Disney (creator of Disney)

Patty Duke (actress)

Faye Dunaway (actress)

John Gregory Dunne (author)

Christine Ebersole (actress)

Dale Evans (actress)

Edie Falco (actress)

Peter Falk (actor)

Mia Farrow (actress)

Joely Fisher (actress)

Calista Flockhart (actress)

Henry Fonda (actor)

Jane Fonda (actress)

Joan Fontaine (actress)

Connie Francis (singer)

Dawn French (actress)

Robert Fulghum (author)

Teri Garr (actress)

Willie Garson (actor)

Andy Griffith (actor)

Christopher Guest (screenwriter)

Lou Gossett, Jr. (actor)

Karen Grassle (actress)

Mariska Hargitay (actress)

Valerie Harper (actress)

Helen Hayes (actress)

Katherine Heigl (actress)

Senator Jesse Helms

Tony Hillerman (author)

Bob and Delores Hope (comedian/singer)

Cindy Hsu (TV personality)

Senator Gordon Humphrey

Al Hunt (journalist)

Jill Ireland (actress)

e212dc No.614855


Track @VP

dc960b No.614856



b69793 No.614857


And what about all those surrogates. Who knows what DNA it is.

a6697f No.614858


Cabal creates label beforehand

Discredits truth tellers with label

Believe they’re “free”


b0604e No.614859


her name is marina

7c3437 No.614860


Jay Z is definitely in on it, but I think Katy Perry might just be on the business end. :(

c1a8e8 No.614861


It is how the cabal keeps loyalty. They all have the worst possible dirt on everyone in the group and only psychopaths can handle it. Therefore, only the worst possible people get near the top. Fun stuff. /s

2e1594 No.614862


What is c0mrade doing in all of this?

78644f No.614863


>Australian Aboriginals

They has in his Blood 10.000 years (Also Unknown) DNA of history in the World.., it say that the Egiptians traveled to Australia for to meet with them.., they are as Our (((Father))) in the World.

087b41 No.614864


I learned about Sean Penn and Sanela Diana Jenkins' "Haiti Relief Organization" from CDAN.

There was also something about some "church" (LDS?) and religious worker visas or something like that .

"Enty" seems to be very well-connected in that scene.

a5ab19 No.614865

Q are things accelerating ?

cde719 No.614866

File: 00a2f11eaa367cc⋯.png (902.11 KB, 651x1036, 93:148, ClipboardImage.png)


the signs are all over their media!

595b41 No.614867


How will normies handle the concept of possession? H-wood has done a good job with disinfo.

846469 No.614868


Hugh Jackman (actor)

Kate Jackson (actress)

Magic Johnson (professional basketball)

Angelina Jolie (actress)

Diane Keaton (actress)

David Kelley (TV producer)

Josh Kelley (musician)

Nicole Kidman (actress)

Jill Krementz (author)

Kris Kristofferson (singer)

Patti LaBelle (singer)

Hedy Lamarr (actress)

Michael Landon (actor)

Senator Mary Landrieu

Representative Jim Leach

Jerry Lewis (entertainer)

George Lucas (director)

Charles MacArthur (actor)

Madonna (singer)

Dan Marino (professional football)

Harpo Marx (comedian)

Willie Mays (professional baseball)

Senator John and Cindy McCain

Ewan McGregor

Ed McMahon (TV personality)

Richard King Mellon (president of Mellon Bank)

Gary Merrill (actor)

Donna Mills (actress)

Representative Connie Morella

Al Neuharth (journalist)

Paul Newman (actor)

Wayne Newton (singer)

Chelsea Noble (actress)

Representative Anne Northrup

Carroll O'Connor (actor)

Rosie O'Donnell (actress and TV personality)

Ozzy Osbourne (singer)

Sharon Osbourne (TV personality)

Marie Osmond (singer)

Mary-Louis Parker (actress)

Estelle Parsons (actress)

Michelle Pfeiffer (actress)

Brad Pitt (actor)

Representative Earl Pomeroy

Paula Poundstone (comedienne)

Maury Povich (TV personality)

Kirby Puckett (professional baseball)

Sarah Purcell (TV personality)

Sally Jessy Raphael (TV personality)

President Ronald Reagan

Burt Reynolds (actor)

Denise Richards (actress)

Lionel Richie (singer)

John G. Roberts (Supreme Court Justice)

Roy Rogers (actor)

Al Roker (TV personality)

Linda Ronstadt (singer)

Isabella Rossellini (model, actress)

Susan Ruttan (actress)

Meg Ryan (actress)

Tony Shaloub (actor)

Gail Sheehy (author)

Senator Paul Simon

Brooke Smith (actress)

Joe Spano (actor)

Steven Spielberg (director)

Ben Stein (TV personality)

Parker Stevenson (actor)

Sharon Stone (actress)

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Sr. (newspaper publisher)

Gloria Swanson (actress)

Elizabeth Taylor (actress)

Charlize Theron (actress)

Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy (story inspired the film The Blind Side)

Robert Urich and Heather Mezies (actor)

Nia Vardolos (actress)

Robert Venturi (architect)

Kurt Vonnegut (author)

Jane Wallace (TV personality)

Maria Wallace (actress)

Karl Wallenda (performer)

Barbara Walters (TV personality)

DeMarcus Ware (professional football)

Jann Wenner (magazine publisher)

Dianne Wiest (actress)

JoBeth Williams (actress)

Natalie Williams (professional basketball)

Brian Wilson (musician)

Dan Wilson (professional baseball)

Alfre Woodard (actress)

Judy Woodruff (TV personality)

Jane Wyman (actress)

96ef52 No.614869


It is a very hard pill to swallow. Most people operate their lives on a position of trust in the system. This sort of news is a nuclear bomb to that trust.

41a54b No.614870



32c0f2 No.614871


It will all come out in the indictments, I hope!

ff95eb No.614872

File: 058cc568ee9c034⋯.jpg (203.81 KB, 1688x847, 1688:847, redcross.jpg)

75faed No.614873

File: 9ebffee5b6fba2a⋯.png (129.76 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-02-19-04-1….png)

e63efd No.614874

File: a82ee4a9685c9b3⋯.jpeg (114.92 KB, 1200x863, 1200:863, 6E3DBAA6-7FFE-46BA-83BF-C….jpeg)




Burn them, Q.

4233bb No.614875

Was it the soros kid who was photographed at a spirit cooking party wearing all red?


49a8e0 No.614876


The news finds you

45983d No.614877

its typical that a troll would tell me to kill myself for exposing the obvious about full disclosure. I hate to break it to you aliens are very real buddy and they have been hiding under your nose in human flesh the whole time.

85ee07 No.614878


Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present

https:// www.sfmoma.org/event/marina-abramovic-the-artist-is-present/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuse2m8Li2QIVFVcNCh3TKgD0EAAYASAAEgIIUvD_BwE

340e6f No.614879

File: 804be498e581e8e⋯.jpg (237.27 KB, 975x480, 65:32, Maria.jpg)

13bab4 No.614880


I pushed this back when you said it was going to be big. The author of the opposition to it even tweeted back. He was using the 1909 court use, which simply said it was lack of evidence, to push it as always negative. The weaponization of the term in the 60's completely changed the meaning to reach the point of labeling everything crazy. The inclusion of aliens and bigfoot in government documents is meant to lump everything together so you can just call others a 'conspiracy theorist' which allows them to hide in plain sight.

b5e0d2 No.614881

File: 7e0b7cdfc30247f⋯.jpg (460.65 KB, 1058x1822, 529:911, Screenshot_20180310-134518.jpg)


Lady Gaga and Jay-Z no doubt on that list.

fc43be No.614882


yes , the end will not be for all , your choice .

fucking sick .

c446be No.614883

File: 2cd012f1673b7a2⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_E5970.JPG)

File: d23affdb6900b2b⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_E5971.JPG)

File: 15539ca2e29b1cc⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_E5972.JPG)

File: a041207e3ac761d⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_E5973.JPG)

File: 02fb3bc0d4c429e⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_E5974.JPG)


Q and Anons

This artwork was done in 1994 by my brother, it symbolised the future of america and what was in his opinion the demise of the country. It used to anger me that most of it had come to light.


Now i/we can dream once again and MAGA.

56d6e0 No.614884


I don't think you need to ask that question… look at this… Saturday and it blew up on the chan….

Q loves us on Saturdays though……

67898b No.614885


Love that man no homo

a0f55a No.614886

File: 499ba989a1fe712⋯.jpg (105.61 KB, 882x899, 882:899, paris.JPG)


Culkin's god daughter Paris Jackson's latest twat

bbd275 No.614887

Trump and Turbull Conversation - Jan 28 2017

Main points:

• 1,250 people Nauru or Manus, currently in Australia jails, deal with Obama for US to take them in. Not clear what the US got in return besides more questionable refugees.

• Turbull says they are economic refugees

• Trump doesn’t want another Boston bomber, San Bernardino or WTC. Says Obama made a terrible deal.

Why the leak?

• Threat to Trump that they (Deep State) can hear him, even private comms with world leaders.

• Threat to Turbull that they (Deep State) can hear him, and that he better stick the plan.

• Attempt to destabilize Trump administration, one week into Office, by leaking sensitive information.

• Trump described conversation with Putin as “pleasant” vs convo with Turbull. Ammo MSM can use with their Russia narrative in the early days.

The BIG question is who are these 1,250 people from the islands? Why did Obama want them in the US? Are they adults or perhaps children (think Haiti)?

d0152b No.614888

File: 8962f6f5ab840b0⋯.jpeg (170.36 KB, 750x468, 125:78, IMG_B36BE4EB7317-1.jpeg)

Bill Clinton was adopted? How did I not know this?

88622d No.614889

The book of the law by crowly, starts by saying “all human beings are stars.” Spirit cooking is similar to the process crowly used to make people into stars. Crowly was doing similar magick in his home in italy before he was raided. My guess would be the the clintons and others are victims of control as well as they are the perpetraitors of it. Probably tied to Qs post about the nazis integrating into society and developing cbw mk ultra practices. Its also possible aus is austria in reference to the nazis.

7f1af5 No.614890


Hang them ALL!!

e27e7f No.614891


Podesta going down tomorrow? 3.11 11.3 ?

28aee3 No.614892



I've been told that many in the industry are trapped.

The Pharaoh(s) will not let them go worship the true God.

8b5c2a No.614893

Loud Voices = Teigen, Milano, Kidman, Clooney? DiCaprio? Those moving to Canada…

Any Celebfags in here that know this stuff???

911414 No.614894



facc14 No.614895


Thank you. Good info

f3fac6 No.614896


Q has consistently shit on the belief systems of non-Christians so I'm not sure why you think that would change. Shaman? Fuck you. Hindu? Fuck you.

8061c9 No.614897


How to fix the US will be through making Pizzagate come back, this time MSM and the cabal don't have as much power to stop it.

3caf3a No.614898



75faed No.614899

File: 523eea560dfca77⋯.png (99.7 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-02-19-04-0….png)

5471a4 No.614900


Nope, not Bannon.

Bannon would have known to audit the military promotion boards and recall those officers back to active duty (he would understand the process) and/or appoint them under Title 50 to join the fight.

Didn't happen. Instead, the slime will be allowed to stay under some type of 60/40 , 70/30 excuse. I don't know anyone who voted for actual patriots to stay burned and the slime to stay cozy.

GEOTUS once made an off hand remark about how terrible it is that people's lives are ruined by false accusations, but has done nothing to counteract/reverse it.

Bannon would have understood the force multiplier of returning them to the fight. Many were staff officers trained by Mattis, and steeped with Mattis core values.

39c778 No.614901


They are all devil worshipping evil POS!!! Good will always overcome evil!!! They are LOSERS!!!

b69793 No.614902

File: 7b9bef63fd3e631⋯.png (815.56 KB, 1016x656, 127:82, download.png)


Spirit cooking event

a4d420 No.614903

File: 84bf657b0b82b5e⋯.jpg (102.77 KB, 928x523, 928:523, zumaamericasthirteen415044….jpg)

File: a423b73cd2c1050⋯.jpg (162.37 KB, 748x1200, 187:300, Room_23-030_Cindy_Crawford….jpg)

File: 6f49ecae5b3cd6a⋯.jpg (153.69 KB, 1106x1200, 553:600, Room_23-020_George_Clooney….jpg)

File: ee0ece198f1e116⋯.jpg (210.05 KB, 951x1200, 317:400, Room_23-010_Book_Cover_595….jpg)


I am a FORMER personal "friend" of a woman named Diana Jenkins. Doubt you know her, but she's the Rosetta Stone of every scandal and perversion from Hwood all over the globe. She's an Uber-wealthy divorcee whose hubby ran UK’s Barclay's bank – and she ran the Arab investors for the bank! She's been running a high class call girl/party-girl ring for Arabs, Wall Street, DC, Royals, and Hollywood elites. She's also a MAJOR philanthropist, arts supporter, political donor, and social hostess to EVERYONE. Her best Hwood pals include Sean Penn, Clive Davis, Ari Emanuel, George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, and her “little pet” named Hayden. Diana is the connector of wealthy Arabs and Asians and Athletes with Hwood actresses/models. She also is a sick and twisted bitch. When Hayden and her own Mommy went on the outs, Diana Jenkins took that place in her life, by Hayden's choice.

For all of you TRUE diehard Hollywood underworld detectives? Find all you can about the notorious lady named Sanela Diana Jenkins – the ex-British socialite from the Balkans. Read British media stories about her divorce, and IGNORE the PR fluff about her rags to riches story. THEN look at her pics with all her pals, and who she's with. CONNECT ALL THE DOTS to all the blinds you know. Also look into a photo book called ROOM 23 filled with Hwood stars that Diana “produced”. Look closely at the list of stars who took part in that project. She is the HUB on the blind gossip wheel, and the Rosetta Stone of socialite dirt. Good luck!

Also: Cannes yacht girls: SLiMG ImageJPG https:// archive.fo/Ft59b https:// archive.fo/nNGNS

Clinton and Haiti

She is a major investor and project stakeholder in the Clinton Foundation.

Her auto-bio: https:// archive.fo/YaUM7

During the war, the heartbreaking murder of her younger brother Irnis forced her to flee Bosnia as a refugee to Croatia. After one year, she moved to London where she eventually attained asylum and sowed the beginnings of a brighter future. She graduated City University with a BS degree and high honors in math and science, all while learning English and supporting her parents back in Sarajevo.

Jenkins is the founder and CEO of Neuro Drinks, an award winning and revolutionary beverage line that conveniently provides essential nutrients for the modern, overtaxed consumer.

She is the founder and CEO of D Empire Entertainment —a full service music label that represents emerging and established artists within the intersection of traditional and innovative media strategy, branding, publicity, recording, distribution and licensing.

She has received international recognition for her tireless peace and justice work, including the Enduring Vision Award from Elton John’s AIDS Foundation, and was hailed as one of the “World’s Top Three Justice Innovations of 2012” by The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL).

Her incredible philanthropic work has raised millions of dollars for relief and sustainable, localized humanitarian efforts in Haiti, Darfur, and Bosnia, with a focus on social justice, human rights, and AIDS research. These efforts are channeled into many organizations, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation and The Clinton Foundation.

She produced “Room 23″ with the help of her friends, including George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, Ludacris, Elton John and many others. The proceeds from this book benefit several human rights programs.

Her own foundations and projects include The Irnis Catic Foundation (in memory of her brother), The Sanela Diana Jenkins Foundation for Bosnia, The Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project at the UCLA School of Law, The Sanela Diana Jenkins Clinic on Gender Violence in Eastern Congo, and the Jenkins/Penn Haiti Relief Organization.



77da36 No.614904


Conspiracy is like their magic word to make everything go away. The magic is starting to wear off though.

8fb95b No.614905

11-11 Q post snippets

Wealth (over generations) buys power.

Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control.

More wealth/control buys countries and its people.

What if China, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?

Who controls NK?

Who really controls NK?

Who controls several agencies within the US, EU, and abroad?

Why is No Such Agency so vital?

Enormous scale of events currently ongoing.

Why is Russia helping to kill ISIS?

This is not easy to accept nor believe.

Public wealth disclosures – False.

Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.

Eye of Providence.

Follow the bloodlines.

What is the keystone?

Does Satan exist?

Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?

4f2701 No.614906


Zionist openly admits to satan worship, abortion in food, oppression and world domination

https:// hooktube.com/kSxuop16GUI

926e0f No.614907

9d847f No.614908


Mar 3 2018 23:42:23 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 9dc69f 544501

Reality is labeled as conspiracy.

You are made to feel crazy.

You are told to obey.

You are SHEEP to them.

Pawns to be sacrificed.







4233bb No.614909


There’s a recording of Angelina Jolie’s talking about one of the rituals for entry. They all fuck her I think and twist her nipple 360 degrees.

2778c4 No.614910


Rob Reiner and Meryl Streep?

073269 No.614911


Q battles of battles


AC=NWO god

MK=NWO sleepers(controled)

Roth=NWO gov

5G=NWO communication

stop one stop all

ea373a No.614912

File: a1a729b1f6b6422⋯.png (1.05 MB, 712x845, 712:845, grandpa spinning yarns.png)

3aebc3 No.614913


fountain of (seeming) youth tied to PP in some way I'll bet….Was the Doc Kermit Gosnell story a number of years ago a fake out to keep eyes off of what really happens?

fd92d2 No.614914


In the 30-50's the sheep did follow the STARS. Then things seem to change.

d2a815 No.614915


Why Australia? Did the US spy on Aus politicians for dirt for AUS Political party which they were working with.

Criterion Solutions?

75faed No.614916

File: a4efead9adcba20⋯.jpeg (170.3 KB, 1007x1078, 1007:1078, DXEZ4LNVAAAb_pO.jpeg)

c158a6 No.614917


We are breaking the spell.

Time to rise,

and SHINE.

We are the light to dispel the darkness.

e581a5 No.614918



5b2ed1 No.614919


Q, please keep the posts coming if you have time :)

e09a4b No.614920

Canada was sprayed by Agents, yet people think chemtrails are fake..

Agent Orange, Purple and White.

bce042 No.614921


Good, now smack down these pissant east coast political dynasties that keep the from us.

I want my expensive paperhole puncher and i want it now! KEK

42de81 No.614922


I believe that POTUS has been in talks with DPRK since November. The summit with Mr. Kim is mostly for optics for the rest of the world and to have a signing ceremony. I remember Reagan and Gorbachev.

It will be great for the Koreans to be reunited in peace and eventual prosperity. It will be great for the demilitarization of the land.

Let us not forget that the MSM and HRC have wanted us to go to war with DPRK.

Art of the Deal, baby!

My humble suggestion is to have several thousand MAGA hats with "Make Korea Great Again" in Korean made up.

There will be honor guards from:



US forces

Have the honor guards all wearing the same caps as POTUS and Kim come out from the meeting to shake hands and let the worlds' MSM take in the sight.

10f96e No.614923


I've found using the term Criminal Investigation is an effective antidote to conspiracy theory. Certainly causes a pattern interrupt

1b37c9 No.614924


1 spirit is "cooking" the other. a cannibalistic system (Cain - Abel = cannibal). V x V

twin system

twin towers destroyed. ONE world freedom tower built:

We remember

We rebuild

We come back stronger


Vah Vah Vah

6 6 6

New creature in CAIN

2cff3b No.614925


my family was personally affected by CPS and their disgusting abuse of law.

1058c3 No.614926


John Legend & Chrissy Teigen just did an event with Maria abramovic'

b0604e No.614927


WOW! Incredible!

8fb95b No.614928


Japan controls AUS?

58a195 No.614929


Q On fire today!

75faed No.614930

File: c772ffb265b8054⋯.jpg (32.76 KB, 590x550, 59:55, 7119cf873d1fb413097567082d….jpg)

f9167c No.614931


Anons, meme provable events once declared “conspiracy theories” by MSM to discredit them

2a77fe No.614932

The podesta's, since John's emails were released, are synonymous with with spirit cooking. They're also synonymous with PIZZA GATE

7d7aaa No.614933

Stop speculating on who Q is! We would never Dox what/who keeps us digging!

566359 No.614934


http ://neon.org.gr/en/exhibition/abramovic-method-as-one-en/

b71e53 No.614935


>>>614417 (You)


>>The climax of The Great Awakening will be proof of Biblical Creation and exposure of the lie of Darwinian evolution that has been perpetuated for centuries


>You do realise that proof denies faith, don't you?

Nonsense! Proof for creation has always existed - it's just that people choose to believe the lie of evolution. Read Romans 1.

However, I should have better expressed my original statement by referring to a widespread revealing of the many proofs of Biblical creation that have been suppressed. I wrote in haste and didn.t express my intent very well for which I apologise.

34959f No.614936


Homebirth midwives. Babies born at home & not registered. No-one knows about the babies. Anything can happen. All homebirth midwives in Sydney all cover the Blue Mountains.That's where all this is centred.

7cc025 No.614937


Mari(N)a 14th letter.


PI Day

Circumferences Shed On PI [DAY]

168d1e No.614938


"They thought the SHEEP would follow the STARS"

628da2 No.614939


If you know Q has existed well before Trump Admin how come you need to ask him a question? Because you do not have a clue.

076de0 No.614940

Five eyes spied on Strom Thurmond. Well, they obviously spy on everyone, but the article is 1988, most people did not know. Shoot most people today wont let themselves know.

3caf3a No.614941



419ac5 No.614942


I think that is a given

01779c No.614943

https:// . www.buzzfeed.com/spenceralthouse/famous-people-you-didnt-know-were-adopted?utm_term=.xr47MqkEoR#.wng13w4YzM

1727e1 No.614944


Will dig, thanks!

e9982b No.614945


last 3 days!

e117c7 No.614946

File: 3000ae21a6b9c53⋯.jpg (32.37 KB, 255x255, 1:1, OBAMA.jpg)

7d41a1 No.614947


kek kek kek

418b2b No.614948



Under Satan’s spell….

They won’t to continue, but won’t be able too

088a48 No.614949

File: 4d90b04b2f50b66⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1187x1200, 1187:1200, ClipboardImage.png)


mmmm so fun!!! sick fucks

8fb95b No.614950


Yea. The Break. Gnarly.

16d430 No.614951


Strange how this all feels so much

like remembering all of it.

Not so much like hearing it

for the first time. Weird.

75faed No.614952

File: dec85cdf50d7ca1⋯.jpg (15.5 KB, 255x248, 255:248, 3aae9a80a728ab49d4303f79c4….jpg)

4839e0 No.614953


Was the n intentionally left out of Marina ?

ff7ea4 No.614954

This is not about religions or party affiliation.

EVIL is everywhere.

There are no drawn lines.

No boundaries.

Good vs Evil.


e212dc No.614955


the devil loves innocent sacrifice

5b9d11 No.614956


Evil Evil EVIL People!

From the Standard Hotel to the Chateau Marmont, to the Spec Industry, to Bryan Singer and David Geffen and more!


47b0d5 No.614957



1e522b No.614958

File: eff3baad2b109a9⋯.jpg (6.25 MB, 4656x3492, 4:3, 20180310_134709.jpg)


> Retard?

FilterFag likes the doxx

I'm comfy AF right now.

3b28a1 No.614959


>marina abramovic

https:// twitter.com/ArtistisPresent

28000 follow

b69793 No.614960


The Hill was trying to spin a story about it yesterday

498473 No.614961


Former Berner here. Thank God you won. ;)

32c0f2 No.614962


Wonder who are the biological children's parents?

e9982b No.614963


the bible calls it the great delusion!

532071 No.614964


ZOG is real. Not kidding. Just look at the meddling Israel has made into ALL Western countries around the world.

The rabbis, Barbara Spectre, the US yuuuge jew lobby, etc…

Watch: https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=9NGav1HV9KQ

Read: "200 Years Together" book, and as an intro this page: http:// archive.is/avCPO

66ccea No.614965



Glory, Glory, it is/will be Glorious!

Ty Baker

2b2c89 No.614966

File: 328b1ee1a878551⋯.jpg (40.68 KB, 500x357, 500:357, Win.jpg)

a6697f No.614967


Got it Q

50c636 No.614968


Hellish behavior from these evil people!

23f17e No.614969


What about that horrible horrible video of him back stage at a concert? Make it go viral?

4233bb No.614970


I guess that’s one way we need to expand our thinking!

25f35b No.614971


Q has said previously that Disney is a distraction. Whether that statement is also a distraction is unclear.

3caf3a No.614972


GVB and Cooper too..lets not forget them.

41a54b No.614973


Marina - Maria?

d2cc9e No.614974


Q has posted about bloodlines. Either they are doing genetic experiments to combine bloodlines or more gross - drinking the blood to get bloodline powers or mainlining it, which of course does not work.

f76017 No.614975


Take 'em down, sir.

96ef52 No.614976


Man that would be hilarious. Also would be hilarious if Kim’s “special request” is a celebrity basketball match to mark the occasion. Lavar Ball and LeBron BTFO.

cceffa No.614977


Maria José Arjona?

694074 No.614978


Important post.

Unity above all.

e09a4b No.614979



ce1630 No.614980


Heard a couple different theories on Maria.

Maria who ?????

fc43be No.614981


great admit to not being American .

and then explain how you became president .

e94653 No.614982


so they get 7 mos left 2 do what they do? that sux! how many more victims will there b

888af3 No.614983

File: 812aab406f3b5db⋯.jpg (44.19 KB, 640x333, 640:333, 0ytfkuful.jpg)

File: 41a06b1a66fce7a⋯.jpg (199.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1maxresdefault (1).jpg)

eb000e No.614984

9ffe8d No.614985






Holy shit.

Red pill of red pills.

Many cucks and scared fools won't be able to accept the truth.

Jew/arab/semitic scum = SUBHUMANS




God Bless our GREAT nation. We are making this WORLD great again.

be0f29 No.614986


The media have made her and the weird sicking things she does seem normal to those that are already sick.. just watch the "pussy hat march" those people are insane. Those are the ones that can't be saved and will never let go of it.

088a48 No.614987

File: 6bae8937c5e3e7d⋯.png (666.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

e5bd13 No.614988


Supposedly a bastard Rockefeller.




^^^^^^^^^^ The missing N…good thought, anon!


Damn right, and where we go one, we go all.

926e0f No.614989


How do we mark them?

Anons will happily clean them up everywhere.

a6697f No.614990


CHRIST alone

e117c7 No.614991

File: 90a66956585383a⋯.jpg (51.95 KB, 500x264, 125:66, MAGA:COMB.jpg)

5eadf6 No.614992



846469 No.614993


I know weird right?

77da36 No.614994


Oprah is possessed. Gotta be. POTUS alluded to such in one of his tweets.

4d46bc No.614995


Chronological List of Predicted Events this Month:

- Tomorrow, the 11th is rumored to be a significant day. Insiders claim tomorrow to be "D-Day for the Cabal". What exactly is going to happen tomorrow is currently unknown.

(Note: Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Japan earthquake & tsunami of 2011 which was a Cabal attack.)

- According to sources, the UST is to introduce the gold-standard prior to the stock market crash. (The USD is already digitally gold-backed, just not officially announced.)

- The introduction of the gold-standard in the U.S. prior to the stock market crash will keep the country stable.

- Once the stock market starts plummeting, the IMF will immediately introduce a "gold-standard monetary system" for all countries worldwide.

- All country's currencies will reset to values based on gold/assets.

- The RV begins. All fiat currencies/historic bonds are exchanged/redeemed under the new revalued exchange rates.

- NESARA/GESARA is implemented after the RV exchanges/redemptions are completed.

aa6492 No.614996


We will follow you through hell Q. Let's kick some ass.

5471a4 No.614997



And who rose to the challenge and who caved.

We will remember. We will NOT forget.

Even if you decide it's okay to let them stay comfy.

23f17e No.614998



27e8d3 No.614999


Checking it out

fcaa71 No.615000


Why the misspelling? Did you mean Marina?

75faed No.615001

File: 4bc6535a83fb75b⋯.png (175.4 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2017-11-28-03-5….png)

File: 7cce4e784418f87⋯.png (123.96 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2017-11-28-03-5….png)

b230bf No.615002


Thanks to reiterating this. The programming is strong for some.

952db8 No.615003

America has a large percentage of niggers and non whites. In reality, probably 60% of America is non-white. The Deep State wont give the real data because they don't want anyone to become alarmed. Welfare pays niggers and non whites to have more children while taxing the whites out of existence, this ruins America because niggers and non whites have, on average an IQ of 80-85.

This means that 60% of America is too stupid to self-govern and that big government, and redistribution of wealth to the niggers and non-whites will be required. Thus, the niggers and non-whites will clamor for Communism.

The Rothschilds have 500 Trillion in wealth and will keep on using it to pay for increasing the numbers of niggers and non-whites in America until America is destroyed by the niggers and non-whites who, if they gain a large majority over whites, will begin genociding the whites just as the Communist niggers that run the South African government are doing to the whites there right now. This is what the Democrats, and hence the Jews, want to do to the whites. The Jews wrote the entire Democrat party narrative as a prelude to moving America into Communism.

An America white man would not have the conscience be one of the "multiple shooters" in a false flag like Las Vegas or Broward county Florida, however, Jews and Mossad would have no problem doing it. The Broward county sheriff Scott Israel is Jewish. Yes, Mossad is all over America. Who did 9/11?

fc6190 No.615004


Where does Good and Evil come from?

eb569b No.615005

The problem with FAKE NEWS, 90% of people watch it and they have no idea of alternate news sources.

d0152b No.615006


So Republicans/Conservatives


-Spirit Cooking/Abramovic connection

34673c No.615007

Q -

HRC is traveling to Indore for a couple of days between March 11 and 13… (Or is she)? Marshall Island Escape?

3dc784 No.615008


At the very end of the call with Turnuill Trump says "I have been making these calls all day and this is the most unpleasant call all day. Putin was a pleasant call. This is ridiculous."

They leaked the call because Trump said the call with Putin was pleasant. They're too stupid to realize that they pulled the cover off the Obama deal with Turnbull to take the refugees.

Trump: I have no choice to say that about it. Malcom [sic], I am going to say that I have no choice but to honor my predecessor’s deal. I think it is a horrible deal, a disgusting deal that I would have never made. It is an embarrassment to the United States of America and you can say it just the way I said it. I will say it just that way. As far as I am concerned that is enough Malcom [sic]. I have had it. I have been making these calls all day and this is the most unpleasant call all day. Putin was a pleasant call. This is ridiculous.

Turnbull: Do you want to talk about Syria and DPRK?

Trump: [inaudible] This is crazy.

Turnbull: Thank you for your commitment. It is very important to us.

Trump: It is important to you and it is embarrassing to me. It is an embarrassment to me, but at least I got you off the hook. So you put me back on the hook.

2db0d9 No.615009


Jennifer Lawrence.

56d6e0 No.615010


Same here. I spend as much time as I can watching the board go by and reading old breads.



Bible talks about The Land of the North…. people have fled to The Land of the North since time immemorial. If you read America BC you will find out that the Irish were here 1200 years ago or more and the Ships of Tarshish regularly plied these shores. What were the Dark Ages???? Roman Catholics are responsible for more EVIL than you ever know.

Don't blame Indians for not understanding things as Christians understand them. They understand more than you know. I'm a Messianic Christian myself but I carefully examine anything I see that can be logical.

9d847f No.615011

File: 4fb530f2a92add8⋯.jpg (297.64 KB, 854x522, 427:261, Punisher 1.jpg)

47de85 No.615012


All these "reality TV shows" "American Idol", "The Voice" etc… their way to get norms into program?

07499e No.615013


I do follow the stars, the actual ones. Where mankind should be aiming for. Its where we were likely suppose to be by now if technology was not literately kept from us so they can have their break away civilization after killing all of us.

418b2b No.615014


She’s the leader of the Hollywood cabal???

fc43be No.615015

File: 37a55392850f405⋯.jpg (122.73 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 37a55392850f405b856b80be35….jpg)


will be keking for a while .

e63efd No.615016


Light & Dark

Yin & Yang

The duality of man.

Praying everyday Q. Improving relationships with family and friends on my own trip to enlightenment. Thank you patriots!

c14124 No.615017


YES!!! Good vs. Evil. Light vs. Darkness. They feed off of our fear. They want us scared. People need to wake up and unite, for the sake of humanity and all that is good!

fd92d2 No.615018


Look at all the sex symbols put into Disney movies for kids. Woven into the background and somethings right out there.

b0604e No.615019

a45cca No.615020


I had hoped Rudy was going to be the Attorney General from the beginning. Who better than the man who took on the Mafia!!!!!! He also told Saudi Arabia to stick their 9/11 donation where the sun don't shine!!!

Rudy is the man!!!!

45983d No.615021

I think I'm probably gonna go because its abundantly clear that everyone here is not ready to accept the existence of aliens and the up coming full disclosure cause it proves their entire world view is a lie and probably why Q never gave a response on the subject even though hes been hinting at it all along. I bid you all a tempererary farewell and its not a matter of if full disclosure will happen but when. I just have no patience for most people on this planet. you throw them a none and they throw it back in your face because it doesn't conform to their beliefs of what reality really is.

32c0f2 No.615022


Tide turned last Wed/Thurs.

c3e67e No.615023


have NEVER followed anything hollywood.

I pity the kids who have parents pushing them.

77da36 No.615024


All Australian

a4d420 No.615025

Who wears Red Shoes ?

5ec31c No.615026

File: 2ceb3d2323bf613⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, CPC Update Attachment_prog….png)

Zipped file attached. I snagged the last page of a CGI propaganda flyer. Donars.

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/40421

67a8f8 No.615027



bang bang motherfucker

2b2c89 No.615028

File: 7aa07ae747162f5⋯.jpg (76.79 KB, 666x500, 333:250, Q Gitmo.jpg)

Let's just leave the Q doxxing here, shall we?

This is Q.

846469 No.615029


She’s a big ringleader for trafficking I’m sure and getting actors into the club.

c1a8e8 No.615030


I am very glad to hear you put it this way. This is one of the components I have been watching closely for.

Question…can I start building flying cars yet without being gagged with an NSL?

5eadf6 No.615031

File: c96bdafb42be80f⋯.png (431.19 KB, 668x461, 668:461, evil.png)

e27e7f No.615032


-Red shoes >>check

-Pizza >>check

-white rabbit? >>check

-666 hand sign >>check

-black/white duality >>check

-triangle in logo >>check

I'm sure I missed some.

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

5b9d11 No.615033

File: 6ce82b4802a1748⋯.png (1.61 MB, 858x4522, 429:2261, CDAN Spielberg.png)

File: 8e2d8c825f0ac94⋯.jpg (656.24 KB, 964x1200, 241:300, Heather ORourke.jpg)



37e94e No.615034

File: 33563d2362072fb⋯.png (669.57 KB, 911x442, 911:442, Witch.PHAT.Cow.png)


<Who ME?

<But I'm not a witch,

<I'm a STAR!"

47b0d5 No.615035


.what is up with all the recent skyking messages? lets see a Q in there, :)

595b41 No.615036

File: 10fd0ac3037c4bc⋯.jpg (90.77 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 051660e2285be9520553bce1db….jpg)

78644f No.615037



Marina: Bad.

Think Mirror?

4d3f25 No.615038


1/3 followed Satan in the first earth age. Same in this age. The battle is building.

5dc271 No.615039

File: 5c9da9aeeb640a2⋯.jpeg (47.51 KB, 640x349, 640:349, Spirit Cooker.jpeg)


Surely you mean Marina Abramovich?

0c8a57 No.615040


Yes, yes. Thank you for this confirmation. We are so tired for so many years of being labeled conspiracy theorist for knowing the truth and being awake. God bless The Great Awakening!

d3d22f No.615041


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

0e04a2 No.615042

File: e47be00bc3df993⋯.jpg (111.96 KB, 1291x532, 1291:532, Screenshot_6.jpg)


http:// twitch.moobot.tv/

4f2701 No.615043


not aliens… DEMONS… evil Spirits

fd92d2 No.615044


She is one of the slaves. She is pretty loud against Trump

418b2b No.615045


Understood, I think she is the leader of all the Hollywood cabal, child sex trafficking, abuse…ect

82e5c7 No.615046

File: 13ff00c3017a645⋯.gif (950.13 KB, 319x144, 319:144, This.gif)


Tear down the ONE WORLD tower and their whole false history with it.

c2449b No.615047

File: e9644ac498ffe83⋯.png (159.28 KB, 1110x1050, 37:35, MarinaNNN.png)


Could this be what your referencing?

96ef52 No.615048


http:// www.artealdia.com/International/Contents/Profiles/Marina_Abramovic_in_Conversation_with_Maria_Jose_Arjona

Very interdasting…

1727e1 No.615049

Love God

Believe in Jesus

Don't need no stinking religion

888af3 No.615050

File: 500f77ca8584fa1⋯.jpg (120.49 KB, 600x718, 300:359, DUZVM6QXkAIAjmH.jpg)

0c9170 No.615051

File: 0cbfc76e6a7daeb⋯.gif (2.87 MB, 852x449, 852:449, image.gif)


Not worried one damn bit either, bro.

66ccea No.615052


POTUS, Q & Jesus Christ we are at your service

15cc57 No.615053


She was picked up when teenager not from younger years

e9982b No.615054

i chose my good side and will fight til the death for good

b25120 No.615055


Will the REAL Codemonkey…please step forward!!! LOL

fc6190 No.615056


You have never been this Close man

bc8562 No.615057


Knights of Malta?

307858 No.615058

Angelina Jolie is a scout and born into.

Amanda Bynes: they broke her

Britney Spears: they broke her

Timberlake: still under control

b69793 No.615059


I don't know the identity. But I saw at least two children. One girl and one boy.

f76017 No.615060


Keep Things Updated Edition

688062 No.615061


Kids are innocents

Trafficking is a WW problem

COMMON CAUSE for all countries

unify to defeat EVIL

39c778 No.615062


>This is not about religions or party affiliation.

>EVIL is everywhere.

>There are no drawn lines.

>No boundaries.

>Good vs Evil.

That's right Q!!! "Religion" is MAN MADE!!! They (evil ones) have penetrated ALL MAN MADE RELIGION!!!

Very different from TRUE CHRISTIANITY which = Christ in you!!! That's all it should be about - LOVE!!!


cccee8 No.615063


Scary as hell. Wasn’t Obama’s maternal grandmother adopted? The one that raised him in Hawaii?

742578 No.615064

Ive been thinking about all the times Obama got snubbed and insulted during his foreign trips.

Now it makes sense why the Chinese, the Saudis and many others treated him with almost contempt during Obama's foreign trips as President. They all knew he was not a legitimate president of the USA but they couldn't say anything in public due to various forms of blackmail and strongarming going on. So Saudis and others sent out a message that seems nothing more than a significant oversight but in the political world speaks titanic loads. China forgetting to roll out the big staircase for air force one and then giving obama detail shit? Basically China signalling other countries or interests around the world that they know but can't do anything about it.

03012f No.615065

5eadf6 No.615066

File: 6a5cf4d39e5dc1a⋯.png (679.92 KB, 801x603, 89:67, joy.png)


digits confirm.

c446be No.615067


I only found it again in 07 when i moved house.

It blew my mind how much had come true!!

23f17e No.615068


Doth protesteth too much.

e212dc No.615069


Shem's Pizza

42de81 No.615070

At least as far as Google translate will do it.

한국을 다시 좋은 곳으로 만들자.

846469 No.615071


For sure, and their countries of origin.

7f1af5 No.615072


Kill them ALL.

9da142 No.615073


BAKER ^^^^



and Esther and Mary Magdalene, do you mind?

Maybe telling Iran that Moh was created (chosen/sponsored/schooled) by the catholic church might help?

dc960b No.615074


The IDEA of SATAN makes it REAL.

DC must be trembling.

32c0f2 No.615075



Good overcomes evil, evil is punished.

3caf3a No.615076

fc43be No.615077


damn i didn't catch that … spelling matters

ff7ea4 No.615078


On the move.


Don’t analyze.


fd92d2 No.615079


We have been onto Maria for a while now

f49364 No.615080


When I saw pizzagate unfold before my eyes right here on the chans it was a true as the hand before my eyes. They have never worked so hard to “debunk” a “conspiracy theory” as they did with Pizzagate. It was the beginning of the great internet censorship clampdown and it will be the ending of it. Yes people of America this stupid pizzagate fake news is true and here’s the film. Their brains will melt. We’re in for a wild ride but have no fear we will win.

eb569b No.615081


The irony is that the Hollywood elite want to demonize firearms, when they themselves make violent, gore-filled, sexually explicit movies and television. They make the violent graphic games. They prey on children, and then they point a judging finger of condemnation squarely on the gun and take no responsibility.

cfdad7 No.615082


Yup. The Bible is pretty clear about it.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Means precisely, exactly what it says.

9ffe8d No.615083

File: 4b6715470456fa7⋯.jpeg (41.76 KB, 474x266, 237:133, wingedhussars.jpeg)



Khazars, in service to ANCIENT bloodlines.

Mid east = cess pit of the end result of 'multiculturalism'



FARM for (((globalists)))

Weapon against the civiilized world.

Specifically groomed to HATE.

Basically 'illuminati' family scheme on REGIONAL scale.

(((they))) wanted to make the ENTIRE world their brothel.

Please tell us Europe will be restored, Q. Please tell me America and the west + russia will be OURS again.


We will CONQUER.

Are we on target, Q?

07499e No.615084


That would the evil pig.

4258eb No.615085


Himmmmmm?? Enty lawyer???

fc43be No.615086


phew thank you .

2e1594 No.615087


Can you confirm if c0mrade is working with you?

Or @snowden?

Intelligence suggests he is NOT 187

Who is he with?

e94653 No.615088

Multi parties promote division! A tool 2 divide us by nametags!

1058c3 No.615089

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I shared this video on /CBTS/ it talks about Marina Abramovic' and Hollywood spirit cooking, great vid…

https:// youtu.be/xmsxB25cdiQ

0e8d6c No.615090

File: 3510bcaa14e05fd⋯.jpeg (2.14 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, DEDE2391-2BBE-48D5-B384-5….jpeg)

File: 3559e6f267a88b8⋯.jpeg (2.31 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, A3C13C91-F7F4-433D-88CE-C….jpeg)

File: e0308d8c4ff1292⋯.jpeg (2.34 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, A147B773-A816-411E-B069-5….jpeg)

The sky in Austria is not clear today

418b2b No.615091

dc960b No.615092


Thanks for the swift correction - helps keep us focused.

a4d420 No.615093

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b69793 No.615094


Also important to look at Crazy Days and Nights. He uncovers a lot of this stuff as well.

b0604e No.615095

db00e3 No.615096


Happens 2 the best of us.

1f81e2 No.615097

mirror 11:3 3:11

e117c7 No.615098

File: 3b4e57fdd81e250⋯.jpg (48.85 KB, 500x264, 125:66, MAGA:PROTECT:11:11-18.jpg)

75ae8b No.615099

File: ff5c6f832bbd2ce⋯.jpg (277 KB, 638x414, 319:207, haaretz-israel-jew-nsa-spy.jpg)




All raw data NSA collected was sent to Israel.

Two Israeli companies: spying on the world

https:// jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2017/07/12/two-israeli-companies-spying-on-the-world/

DID YOU KNOW?: Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged The US Telecommunications Grid For The NSA

http:// www.businessinsider.com/israelis-bugged-the-us-for-the-nsa-2013-6?international=true&r=US&IR=T

cdde5b No.615100


Nice work BroAnon

0cd798 No.615101

File: 109cceaebfe90b6⋯.png (250.41 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2588.PNG)


Lots of issues with Red Cross and tainted blood circulating in Australia. But why? What would be the cabals goal here!

https:// www.smh.com.au/specials/blood/index.html

32c0f2 No.615102


The spirit cooking takes things is a very grotesque direction.

1ee006 No.615103

in a year i see some of us reading Vatican papers

am i right Q ??

e212dc No.615104


Oh shit, buy OTM calls on AMD??? Hahaha

2cc39f No.615105


There will be no divisions. We stand united - each of us from a different place, a different background, with different means, with different abilities. We stand united for one simple reason - because we refuse to accept evil. We refuse to become slaves. We refuse to give up our freedom for comfort. We fight - together.

For ours and your freedom. Za wolność naszą i waszą. Poland - the Nation - is with you. The Awakening will come here, for I, and all other anons from here, are the vanguards.

Where we go one, we go all.

cf5fe2 No.615106



Confirmed Marina Abramovic

75faed No.615107

File: 2846f85f1878185⋯.png (186.85 KB, 768x450, 128:75, rsz_screenshot_2018-02-02-….png)


Can you please acknowledge POTUS is aware and is working to fix please?

Thank you.

4233bb No.615108


Q car posting.

1e522b No.615109

File: 21c6a840b60bd8b⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1608x1080, 67:45, IMG_20180223_235154_proces….jpg)


< This is Q

418b2b No.615110


Don’t go

05c29d No.615111


thank you! 2018 WILL be a glorious year!! ;)

2a77fe No.615112


Q is human after all

7dcd14 No.615113


Tell us something we didn't already know Q

a6697f No.615114



Thank you Q group

72eab1 No.615115

File: 98a1dab8aba4808⋯.png (142.82 KB, 537x473, 537:473, shooters no fathers.png)


After the swamp gets drained, this issue of easy family breakup that rewards women with cash and prizes (arbitrary child support) needs to be fixed.

This needs to be a national priority.

Feminism Is Cancer

e9982b No.615116


yes this is killing everything and actually warming the planet faster and has got to stop!

only in NATO Countries

3caf3a No.615117

File: 2fa8a5c00078342⋯.jpg (54.34 KB, 605x340, 121:68, redshoes.jpg)

File: 2fa8a5c00078342⋯.jpg (54.34 KB, 605x340, 121:68, redshoes.jpg)

49a8e0 No.615118

fc43be No.615119


that in itself has been their cover , we need to face it .

80df17 No.615120


For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

515dc9 No.615121


Well I am human. Between half of them trying to dox Q and being "smartest guy in the room" They were stomping on someone actually working to hold it together. Now the other half is convinced this board is only for Q to respond to THEM ANONYMOUSLY… too many of thier listeners do not know where the info comes from and I see commercializations and egos growing there.

Ah well. For the record, they have some real patriots over there but telling Pamphlet to shut up because he was stomping on someone was not allowed. I think was rude of me, and who knows who censured me but the irony is not lost on me…

418b2b No.615122


Humans have so much yet to learn…. have to have patience with us please

474ca4 No.615123


Add Goldman Blankfein to the list

9827f5 No.615124

File: e22ab4a6236ae67⋯.jpeg (87.43 KB, 1080x643, 1080:643, 1519997269.jpeg)

8fb95b No.615125


Temples are for worship or SACRIFICE

95f1ed No.615126



26feed No.615127


3/11 is Daylight Savings Day. Saving the day on 3/11? Coincidence?

9a3fea No.615128


I have my suspicions. In hebrew the Cohen is a member of just one tribe. They are the ones who own the priesthood. They are the leaders.

This same model of one tribe which supplies the kings who rule all the other tribes is found in central Asia. In Mongolian the leader is the Khaghan. This word became KHAN in Turkish and in the Khazar empire, the war leader was called the Kunde. This word is the root of the Gothic word kuningaz where the AZ suffix means THE. The KUNING became THE KING in English. The whole concept of Western monarchy comes from these Central Asian roots.

I believe that it was a Central Asian tribe that united the other tribes of the Hebrews and that the Cohanim or Cohen family are descendants of this tribe. Some have noted that the Cohen Y DNA signature is very common among the Kurdish people, who happen to live in the mountainous country on the edge of the Middle East. If they originally can from elsewhere, that would fit, i.e. they mostly live at the edge. But it would also fit as a central region concept where the Cohanim originate in Kurdish land and some went north to Mongolia, others south and west.

In any case, the Kohanim were only one of 12 tribes. The province of Judea that was conquered by the Romans, represented only two tribes Israel and Judah. Where are the other 10?

This is very important because God promised his PROMISED LAND to all 12 tribes. One tribe does not have the right to the heritage that God gave to all. The entire basis of a Jewish Israel is a fraud. The Ashkenazi people have hidden their origins and essentially are faking their ethnicity.

It is true that Hebrews scattered in all directions during the diaspora. It is true that the Persian empire welcomed many of them. This is where they learned tailoring and adopted the Persian style coat which is the basis of the modern suit jacket. Persia was a powerful empire and traded far and wide. Aramaic speaking people spread out along the trade routes which is why the writing systems of India (Kharosthi), Bactria, Tibet and Mongolia were based on Aramaic script.

Eventually, the Khazar Turks established an Empire with their capital at Atil near modern Astrakhan on the Volga river delta. For some reason, the ruling Turkic tribe who supplied the high priest and had higher status than the Kunde or war chief, converted to Judaism. As a result, many Jews from the Persian Empire moved to Khazaria.

Then began something that few have studied or written about. Khazaria was steppeland like Ukraine. This territory is an AMPLIFIER OF ETHNICITY. Whoever lived in this territory had more than enough to eat except during famine periods. As a result, families of 14-16 children became very common. Population soared, people moved out and filled the empty spaces, had more children. The Ashkenazi Jews were now one of the people riding the AMPLIFIER WAVE.

Eventually the Rus in Kiev had enough of paying tribute to the Khazar empire so that rode over and destroyed the capital. People scattered, unified leadership was lost, and the Khazar empire was no more, Now these people became Rus or Polish or Hungarian. Think Hussar cavalry. Think Polish Szlachta with their Turkic tamga coats of arms. Think the original king list of Austria with all its Hebrew names.

It was these Ashkenazi Jews living in Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia that the Rothschilds wanted to mobilize and they used blood and slaughter to do so.

Now along the way, the Ashkenazi did incorporate a lot of non-Hebrew DNA because this is how humans are. Everybody alive today is probably descended from Genghiz Khan. Everybody is probably descended from King David. This is how DNA works. It does not travel through time in a straight line, it blends every single time it replicates, which means there is no such thing as pure blood. Most of your genetic ancestors are hidden from your DNA analysis because 50% of the DNA is lost every time it replicates.

d0152b No.615129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Virtual Reality Art 2/8/18



340e6f No.615130

File: 9ee96f97b3bbf74⋯.jpg (567.14 KB, 905x902, 905:902, WWW.jpg)


W + WW

057c95 No.615131

Q: Should we be on the lookout for a video drop tomorrow 3/11? Archive offline?

4ceca1 No.615132

File: 64bc504b739604c⋯.png (217.49 KB, 800x1075, 32:43, clinton donations2.png)

File: f01a00d502ac4c6⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1178x1120, 589:560, clinton donations.png)

Clinton Foundation & Australian Donations

Here are some links, from when I was digging this earlier on. Looks like 88 million to the Clinton Foundation(s) that was publicly reported on. Who knows what else?

http:// www.news.com.au/finance/economy/australian-economy/australia-ceases-multimilliondollar-donations-to-controversial-clinton-family-charities/news-story/219577919ed8dfbd79cf808321234eba

http:// www.michaelsmithnews.com/2016/07/reconciling-australian-taxpayer-funded-clinton-foundation-donations-.html

http:// www.hangthebankers.com/australia-stops-donations-corrupt-clinton-foundation/

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-25/australia-joins-norway-it-cuts-clinton-foundation-donations-0

aadf33 No.615133


just make records of events happening/events past

adf85f No.615134

File: e332bf4c5079e1e⋯.png (194.82 KB, 630x562, 315:281, Patriot.png)


who's the funny housing official?

5b2ed1 No.615135


Because they aren't in Kansas

8fb95b No.615136

1e522b No.615137


Look at the shape of her witches den I mean..her house.

1727e1 No.615138


Spelling NAZI's have nothing better to do.


Thank you Mooch

1fc493 No.615139


Prince Eric and his friends on the Island!!

45983d No.615140

no sorry bud aliensare not demons that's religious bullshit spread by the new world order and religious fantaics because I'm an alien am I a demon now.Like I said this is why I don't have any patience for people on this planet. you are also gonna find out yes there is a creator but are going to discover at the same time that all religion is bullshit made to control people and is a false spirituality created by the evil ones many years ago but like I said I'm gonna go and come back when it catches my interest.

3aebc3 No.615141



Dunno why that made me wanna back flip.

889a43 No.615142


>This is not about religions

It would have been a good idea to state this 5 months ago before you stirred up all the fundies and made them think this is fucking Revelations.

0ebefc No.615143


I'm not a clown. I'm just repeating what Q actually said, rather than what you imagine him to have said.

32c0f2 No.615144


The PA crowd is gathering and overwhelmingly supportive.

We'll be tuned in, Q-Team!

515dc9 No.615145


I wish Q would tell us he listens. Lol

9da142 No.615146


Red Cross, Red Shield Appeal, Red Nose Day.

Royal Playground

4233bb No.615147

Q, connection between your boom posts and the mysterious booms heard not too long ago?

I stopped believing in coincidence

8fb95b No.615148


its worse because its just shitty evil people.

d4407c No.615149


filling this bread real fast baker. might be record time


aadf33 No.615150


makes it easier for all new people to understand

5dc271 No.615151

File: 3118deab4da28b0⋯.jpeg (13.07 KB, 300x300, 1:1, okey dokey.jpeg)

169f80 No.615152

We don't dox Q

But I have it narrowed to two people. I've seen one mentioned and one not

bf54d2 No.615153


that bacon fanatic is one of the smartest anons here

4258eb No.615154

I would not be shocked to find Gen Kelly in charge of this Op. Great personality and moral code. Has an obvious bone to pick with cabal of demons.

Im just glad to have been in the timeline since Oct. It's been a pleasure watching the show since June 2015, knowing Trump was going to win.

e94653 No.615155


No more multible parties please! Nametags r a tool to divide us

cfdad7 No.615156

File: bb0103712d96d35⋯.png (65.86 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

0c9170 No.615157



846469 No.615158


He’s there.

He’s a big one.

15cc57 No.615159

Q could you please confirm pedosta 11.3, will help a lot with credibility in my immediate environment. I am almost an outcast, they think i need to be institutionalized

e63efd No.615160


Actually a hell of a confirmation, kek.

cfdad7 No.615161

>>614764 Maria Bello has a Haiti connection. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Bello

857923 No.615163


Priceless! Top KEK!

I think the "in the year 2055…" might have been the one that won the war. ;^)

9ad0cd No.615164


Public: https:// www.thedailybeast.com/inside-the-q-group-the-directorate-hunting-down-edward-snowden?ref=home

Apples and oranges

e117c7 No.615165

I choose to stand with good. God bless Donald J. Trump and God bless the United States of America. MAGA


82e5c7 No.615166


Dorothy reference? MKUltra and Wizard of Oz.

1a89eb No.615167



>The spirit cooking discovery is bigger than you know.

>Follow Maria.

>There’s a reason the word ‘conspiracy’ was made/pushed.

>Their weapon against the awakening.


How do mediocre, unexceptional people wiggle themselves in to places where they have so much influence and can cause so much harm?

911414 No.615168

fd343b No.615170


Yes! Thank you for stating clearly!

1aaddf No.615171


Hope James dropped this on Guitar Pick face's Twatter.

9d847f No.615172


Nor in America

5d02d2 No.615173


Oscar Mike-ing it today, gotcha.

50c636 No.615174


Q has been warning us all along with how sick these people are.

9a3fea No.615175


It would be interesting to see a timeline with all the resignations on it. Are they clustered at certain points in time?

What if you add other key events to the timeline? Can we see a pattern where a key event happens, and a bunch of resignations follow?

4f2701 No.615176

On the move… Its time for the Message from our President re NK

78644f No.615177


Hunt to the Witch!!

b5e0d2 No.615179

File: 7406a7fd5a67d30⋯.jpg (252.33 KB, 1063x1335, 1063:1335, Screenshot_20180310-135412.jpg)

File: 4b53c872f0edad7⋯.jpg (474.74 KB, 1078x1202, 539:601, Screenshot_20180310-135459.jpg)

File: 209d6d486827f7b⋯.jpg (352.42 KB, 1053x1323, 39:49, Screenshot_20180310-135512.jpg)

File: 71f404c354d9824⋯.jpg (263.68 KB, 1061x888, 1061:888, Screenshot_20180310-135526.jpg)

http:// www.alphr.com/art/1008750/marina-abramovic-anish-kapoor-virtual-reality-htc-vive

Ohhh!! This is why POTUS is pushing on video games hard! Think about the next gen. Virtual reality. And these sick people will push their evil art closer to the players brains for more effective brainwashing. I quit violent video games when I realized you're literally practicing killing people and stopped.

1058c3 No.615180

A World Without Cancer (HQ) - The Story of Vitamin B17 - G. Edward Griffin

https:// youtu.be/sKhzbcpI_ro

88622d No.615181

I was hanging around with hollywood types for a bit. I started to feel so ething was wrong. My boss, died from cancer and was dead for several minutes. She was revived (so she said.). She never slept for more than an hoyr and worked on something all through the night. She was extremely thin but unusually physically strong. I started to feel like she was dominating me somehow. I decided to had to get away from her after a strange dinner she had for some of her “friends”like me. She filled her condo with candles and set up a table in the middle of her room. She served us raw meat. She told us a very special butcher got it for her. She said it was beef. It wasnt raw beef. No way. It was something else. She told us a story about how she travelled to north korea and bribed her way into the underground market. This market was catering to cannibals. She said she tried it. Fuck me. It had this sick feeling. Two days later i quit and she cursed me and swore at me. Said she was like a mother to me (she wasnt). Later i ran in an election. I was approached by a wealthy guy who told me he would make me a king maker. He then told me the children i saw with him were his test tube babies. He claimed he would raise them to about 3 or 4 and sell them to south america. I cut ties after that. Q, i know this shit is real. Thank you, and thank god for this fight. Anons, we are in so much trouble if we fail. Godspeed Q and Potus. God help us.

b230bf No.615182


breathe… It's all an archetype… it's ok.. and…

Space Jesus loves you!!!11

926e0f No.615183

So the big news coming this week might include:

Australia and CF money laundering evil

Hollywood kids/pedo spirit cooking evil

2nd Special Counsel to kick some evil ass

POTUS doing more of what he does (kick ass)

Also maybe we'll see at least one MSM pundit get wrecked

a6697f No.615184



dc960b No.615185


already cleared


bce042 No.615186

Last posts will tell truth?

Tomorrow feels like something big is kicking off.

688062 No.615187

75faed No.615188

2e1594 No.615189

File: a88f232130eb3ea⋯.png (36.87 KB, 260x260, 1:1, stewart.png)

This is Q

7624d7 No.615190


Q, please shoot them down. They are killing us. Afraid to let the children play outside.

f76017 No.615191

418b2b No.615192


😎 ☕️

5b2ed1 No.615193


Q, you have mentioned a video. Is there enough solid evidence to put these people away for a long long time? Is the evidence (or lack thereof) an obstacle, or is it in good hands? Does POTUS want full disclosure?

05c29d No.615194


Godspeed, Q! 🇺🇸

66ccea No.615195


It's so funny Q has to reign us in cuz he knows we are Diggers!

4258eb No.615196


Just paying attn. Knowing CDAN's has been chosen as another outlet to disperse the intel of the pedos.

02f98b No.615197



f0bf41 No.615198


>I don’t want treatment… I’d rather be a fucking junky with the muh paiiinzzz crutch…

FTFY faggot. get off the kike trickery faggot. Your muh pains will lessen

5b2ed1 No.615199

File: 7c17201022eb265⋯.jpeg (51.78 KB, 575x415, 115:83, sf.jpeg)


f76017 No.615200






78644f No.615201


Twitch.., The New Messenger?

f49364 No.615202


What do you know about her youth?

dae7f8 No.615203



On the move.


Don’t analyze.


1f81e2 No.615204


9893b2 No.615205


Maria = Marina?

Letter N was banned in china

Doesnt china operate cloning farms?

dc190e No.615206

A lot of 24’s in Q’s posts recently. Trump misspells Xi Jinping as Xi Xinping. 24 = X. Q is Q, is Snowden X? Just spitballing.

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