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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 7539125a30945b8⋯.jpg (291.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

f4febb No.615935

This is not about religious or party affiliation.

EVIL is everywhere.

There are no drawn lines.

No boundaries.

Good vs Evil.


We work for you.

We listen to you.

You pushed the IBOR and immediately POTUS began to comment/take action re: social media.




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Saturday 3.10.18

>>615484 ( >>615683 ) “Islam is a political agenda masquerading as a religion.”

>>615078 rt >>615000 “Marina” misspelled in >>614764

>>614954 No boundaries. Good vs Evil.

>>614764 rt >>614610 Spirit cooking; Follow “Maria” (see >>615078 )

>>614610 Hollywood is filled with former enslaved children.

>>614493 Keep the resignation list and graphics updated. Important.

>>614360 Re_read drops re: Podesta / Huma.

>>614146 rt >>614093 Another coincidence?

>>614101 Guns are safe. Stop falling for FAKE NEWS.

>>614093 rt >>613796 Anons are learning.

>>613352 rt >>613295 We appreciate all of the prayers.

>>613229 rt >>613193 We are saving Israel for last.

>>613164 rt >>613143 Interesting, isn’t it?

>>613129 rt >>613114 (es = eric schmidt)

>>613117 rt >>613103 (spy on one another's citizens)

>>613082 rt >>613049 Five Eyes is VERY important.

>>612963 rt >>612955 March MADNESS.

>>612957 Do not focus on the call details.

>>612870 rt >>612799 Review Congressional investigation.

>>612782 rt >>612722 Which conversation leaked?

>>612728 rt >>612723 11:11

>>612722 Re_read re: Australia.

Friday 3.09.18

>>605255 rt >>605232 24hrs to respond.

>>605213 DhytcDFbF5874/37875

>>605197 @Snowden Twitter rec 24D.

>>605129 SEALS.

>>605059 Do you believe in coincidences?

>>599891 Dig into Snowdens family.

>>599730 rt >>599714 Which country does he really work for?

>>599679 Why would @Snowden go public while in HK

>>599642 rt >>599627 Track inside sales/divestitures.

>>599627 rt >>599614 Some platforms will collapse

>>599607 rt >>599581 Hidden message @Jack

>>598581 rt >>598223 escape to Kenya

Thursday 3.08.18


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f4febb No.615942

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New Bakers Please Go To Cooking Class




f4febb No.615949


https:// pastebin.com/5HpUGSZY

f7960d No.615964

Love is the solution for EVERYTHING.

890a5c No.615974

lets burn this bread


11d567 No.615987


This was also mentioned by @kabamur_taygeta

Sadly, his/her account was censored/cancelled.

Many did not believe, but if it was censored by twitter, only give more credibility.

55286d No.615988


Retired US Admiral James Lyons 02.11.2015


890a5c No.615989


Hidden message.


POTUS delete/install.

Coded message (accept) by LdR/HRC/others.

Allowing @Snowden access/censorship/tracking.

[+sharing groups C-9/all]

[+trace upload that tone recognizes other devices w/ active geo [all sig devices].

Don’t drop the soap.


In Soviet Russia, the soap drops YOU.

a4d940 No.615990

Damn, what a day.

Thanks Q and POTUS and Watchers.

a4d940 No.615991

And Anons.

5aacea No.615992


Anon, do you have sores around your mouth area? I'm not joking.

36d89a No.615993

File: 9f80fad71e9beab⋯.png (897.58 KB, 1596x5127, 532:1709, Qmap031018.png)

6060c9 No.615994

Is NESARA/GESARA real? Please let it be. Humnity to the stars wooooooooooh God Bless POTUS and patriots!

5b6c5e No.615995

>>615646 (last bread)

baker baker

Notable post

4d4d95 No.615996

File: fc5fdbccbfd72f6⋯.jpg (108.43 KB, 800x800, 1:1, fc5fdbccbfd72f61c417760520….jpg)

ty baker

db4675 No.615997

Most if not all organized religion has a political agenda, this is not unique to Islam.

f4febb No.615998


Anon, please volunteer!!

890a5c No.615999


Thank you… well said.

6bf63c No.616000


when this ends , is it going to be the biggest news story in history.

Good work


5aacea No.616001


Burn or bless?

17dba2 No.616002


I am guest speaking in front a church congregation of 200+ or so and want to interject a few subtle red-pilling comments into my message with hopes that some may be woken up and others may come up to me afterwards to engage in further conversation.

The pastor asked me to touch upon balancing spiritual knowledge with temporal (worldly) knowledge. Politics are not discussed at the pulpit, but God and Country certainly are!

Any help of scriptural references and/or ideas or phrases would be of most appreciation.

I have written most of what I am going to say, but will have plenty of time to interject some beautiful red-pilling!

They enjoy having me speak due to my years as a stand-up comic as I am able to share spiritual messages in a semi-twisted, entertaining fashion.

Now I just need a pepe tie with a Q tie tack and cufflinks…kek

03d420 No.616003


Notice how someone tried to silence Admiral Lyons when he started telling the truth about Islam? That's familiar.

5b6c5e No.616004


I can bake

5af474 No.616005

File: 065683e565c8324⋯.jpg (135.92 KB, 224x368, 14:23, hermit.jpg)


Comfort Eagle


34dd3d No.616006

even you guys don't get it yet read my last post near the end of last bread


0cc54e No.616007

WIKI WICCAN: PODESTA PRACTICES OCCULT MAGIC.” Infowars—run by the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (the guy who recently said he’s heard that President Obama and Hillary Clinton smell of sulfur)—has linked Abramovic with Aleister Crowley and declared that the dinner included “black magic.” Danger & Play, the site run by Mike Cernovich, the alt-right commentator recently profiled by the New Yorker, has headlined its article, “Podesta emails reveal Clinton’s inner circle as sex cult with connections to human trafficking.”

“I’m outraged, because this is taken completely out of my context,” Abramovic told me by phone this afternoon. She was at Sean Kelly Gallery, her rep in New York. The dinner, she explained, was a reward for donors to a Kickstarter campaign she had run. Tony Podesta has collected her work since the 1990s, and he attended, but John couldn’t make it. In fact, she has never met John Podesta.

“It was just a normal dinner,” Abramovic said, adding that about 10 people attended. “It was actually just a normal menu, which I call spirit cooking. There was no blood, no anything else. We just call things funny names, that’s all.”

http:// www.artnews.com/2016/11/04/marina-abramovic-on-right-wing-attacks-its-absolutely-outrageous-and-ridiculous/

fe1fde No.616008


wierd , seems like something that cunt LDR would say .

890a5c No.616009


Lets Bless this bread while we Burn it by cooking it too fast!!!!

4d4d95 No.616010


yes but when will the main stream normies start to see the 40%

f99a4b No.616011


http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/03/blind-item-7_10.html

Things are heating up!

9b1e14 No.616012

What's the story with the Vet who killed 3 women in Cali? I'm not really hearing much on this, I figured CNN would be having a field day and more about vets and 2A

f4febb No.616013



Enjoy, new Baker.

Seriously, have fun - it's as fast-paced as I've ever baked.

Today is a damn good day.

b00673 No.616014

File: 82e5c724e5f62b1⋯.jpeg (23.49 KB, 474x242, 237:121, psychologicalwarfare.jpeg)


Kekistani airforce READY FOR BOMBING RUNS.


Israel is the creation of the 'bloodlines' who seek to use the masses who believe in religion to usher in biblical prophecy using war, misery, and potential energy present under duress.

True israelites died out in ancient times.

Mudslimes are nothing more than cesspit of mongrelized no bodies.

((cabal)) creations that are ritually groomed to be our enemies and enemies of civilization world wide.

China. Russia. South east asia. Now europe, africa, and Americas.

They are chief ((cabal)) 'golems' so to speak.

Think ((cabal)) bloodline grooming ritual on regional scale.

Israel = satanic state of usurers and liars. Two sides of the same shit coin as sandnigger mudslimes and turks, iranians, pakis, what not.


Inferiority complex.

Supremacist complex.


eb8213 No.616015

Just a heads up to the planefags, next week there's a military airshow at Luke AFB in Arizona.

a4d940 No.616016

File: fc5fdbccbfd72f6⋯.jpg (108.43 KB, 800x800, 1:1, fc5fdbccbfd72f61c417760520….jpg)


This is me when Q drops a stringer.

49f741 No.616018

File: 4ac7b02e2d1cb59⋯.jpg (183.39 KB, 906x957, 302:319, maino.jpg)


And here's Marina Abramovic with Robert Redford and Redford's daughter-in-law.

5aacea No.616019

I love the "Q" cards. Check them out if you havent seen them. They are in the catalog. You won't be disappointed.

5b6c5e No.616020

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



4d4d95 No.616021


i like it

c31c69 No.616022


Universal love, bruh. It IS.

>deep inside us all is the fundamental IDEA of God

23a35f No.616023


"Thank you" in Mandarin is actually spelled "xièxie."

Take it from a chinafag.

03d420 No.616024

(last bread)


I will take the liberty of expounding on what Admiral Lyons said: Islam is a political movement that is based on conquest, subjugation, humiliation, slavery, rape, and torture. FACT, NO EXAGGERATION, FACT

4cd043 No.616025

File: d1fd46595bec638⋯.jpg (770.88 KB, 865x2505, 173:501, Marina Abramović.jpg)

Found on Voat

Marina Abramović's link to Rasputin and Varnava Rosić


5aacea No.616026

5b6c5e No.616027

98533c No.616028

File: b8b1c5e3101774e⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1500x1842, 250:307, image.png)

Oowie! Deez breads are on fire! Prayers of love and gratitude to GEOTUS and Q !

b7424b No.616029

>On the move

POTUS in PA tonight!

8c29d6 No.616030

File: 425d07d9bbd1684⋯.png (4.46 KB, 451x104, 451:104, 860.png)

3c0e9f No.616031


Find all the passages that warn against deception…."even the elect shall be deceived."

Jesus is Truth, all else is of the world. Trust not the world and its machinations but Christ.

Do not be deceived…should be your theme.

His kingdom is not of this world…

f6cb0f No.616032



146fce No.616033


Would like to add to this that there MAY be some diversionary planes next week as well.

Diverted planes=GITMO bound

5aacea No.616034



365089 No.616035

File: 77740460c50defd⋯.jpg (321.26 KB, 1140x1140, 1:1, BOOM.jpg)

Thanks baker! >>615935

1f43b3 No.616036

File: 52952238a0e8b6c⋯.jpg (38.43 KB, 500x546, 250:273, FB_IMG_1499092180950.jpg)

fd5971 No.616037

File: 33e2acc2f01fb51⋯.jpg (120.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 25obrv.jpg)

File: feb7d695b5cff44⋯.jpg (82.17 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 254yr2.jpg)

Thank You Baker,

a4d940 No.616038


Don't worry about it right now. That comes later.

b37940 No.616039

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=aBv8kqKck6E&;sns=em

Falls on deaf ears.

Not w/ this administration.


830831 No.616040


Need to change laws here… NO statue of limitations on child sex abuse!

4d4d95 No.616041


yes they can but haarp is old tech

5239a0 No.616042



doesn't matter–

if there is a time when we are to know.. it will happen.. the rest is just speculation–

why try to out the one that is trying to aid us in enlightening the world?

242464 No.616043

File: 6aa423844578412⋯.png (822.97 KB, 993x712, 993:712, greenhills.PNG)


All days in this great MemeWar 2.0 will be looked upon fondly in the distant future. The time when a man who had it all gave up a comfortable billionaire lifestyle to save the world. We are a part of History in the making Anons 7 will live on in the memories of even greater men to will surely come

8c29d6 No.616044


get me a cov_fefe

and stop namefagging already

6014b4 No.616045

Weird, so Marina Witchbitch last tweeted on Mar 6 2018.

But prior to that she hadn’t tweeted in over a year.

Last tweet before recent one was Nov 28 2016.

https:// mobile.twitter.com/artistispresent

ce0083 No.616046


Moar plz

620ffe No.616047


its hard not to just start praising God

when the scope of the change in tide we are experincing

is glimpsed

it is just so overwhelming

prayer after prayer after prayer answered


you tell us to not hero worship

but the fact that Trump can make earth changing

decisions, a tiny simple way like the tariffs

and then not even take a bow

how can one not show props to someone

who so obviously has the hand of GOD upon him


887b79 No.616048


Amazing parallel with Marina and Rasputin! Wow, that's a mind blower. The guy was so creepy!

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was a Russian mystic and self-proclaimed holy man who befriended the family of Tsar Nicholas II and gained considerable influence in late imperial Russia.

0507e5 No.616049

How do we (((PUSH BACK))) the accusations of the UTIMATE EXPOSURE being called CONSPIRACY?

Guessing there will be irrefutable EVIDENCE along with the excellent autist research done and archived here…

TIRED of conspiracy theorist label…it draws the LIFE out of the TRUTH.

890a5c No.616050


Did you know that a Group of Frogs is called an Army?

What is the Quest for Truth?

Have you ever read Revelations 2:9? What does it say? The Devil's got a synagogue? I didn't know that.

What are the wings of eagles…. and the whirring of wings? Last I checked planes have wings, and they whirr with a prop.

Just a few things I pulled out of thin air… hope it helps anon.

f6cb0f No.616051



true, it's just such an exciting thought! that one line just motivated me for another 60 years. just happy thats all.

b37940 No.616052


and only one sentence when found guilty. NO SECOND CHANCES!

c0fc62 No.616054

41b71a No.616055

File: f85efb66a3cd83b⋯.png (246.14 KB, 815x530, 163:106, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cec45677345965e⋯.png (109.78 KB, 814x529, 814:529, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 36d972100487c88⋯.png (232.46 KB, 813x529, 813:529, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a0f309df88c7401⋯.png (281.36 KB, 812x531, 812:531, ClipboardImage.png)


Spirit Cooking > Podesta > Comet Pizza and Ping Pong > Amanda Kleinman > Music video / mind kontrol > North Korea child sex slave trade


8dd935 No.616056

>>615969 –from last bread

Or related, Rasputin fathered many children that may not have been taken in the revolution. Children that ended up in places like Serbia for instance. That might have carried on his practices and had there own children, maybe.

830831 No.616057


😂 yup

f3d07c No.616058

We've had the magnifying glass on Abramovic for

over a year now, 1,000's of autists looking into her.

And we "missed" something?

5239a0 No.616059


but but Pepe— a CLOWN fish– LOL too perfect

cd8c43 No.616060

Sorry if this has been mentioned. Q said look at adopted kids. Bill Clinton was adopted? Had no idea. Starting to think all these world leaders are MKUltra'd. Trudeau.. Obama with his slutty mom… Bush's dad was head Clown man

1f43b3 No.616061


Eiscat in EU Norway now why we lost FM radio

72c834 No.616062


Hello, brother.

Love ya!

758681 No.616064

File: 10fc1706f5502f7⋯.jpg (162.58 KB, 685x525, 137:105, melania-trump-purple-dress….jpg)



Make that 6.

36d89a No.616065

File: 33408d758343e3e⋯.png (72.26 KB, 259x195, 259:195, ClipboardImage.png)



291a03 No.616066


Funny how The term Globalist is now being said to be Anti Semitic, huh?

655faf No.616067


IMHO, Certainly Ephesians is applicable as it gets. Most people understand this on a subconscious level. Plus the red pill/truth is in putting on the Spiritual Armor .

https:// biblehub.com/ephesians/6-12.htm

890a5c No.616068



069618 No.616069


soon enough.

fd5971 No.616070

File: e16ff0efe29536e⋯.jpg (82.04 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 252csp.jpg)


I made 2 versions, kek One was for those who did not understand symbolism of a clown fish,kek

5239a0 No.616071


stay motivated and speculate to yourself perhaps..

I am content to wait and do what I can to aid in this movement

890a5c No.616072


VP, POTUS and others. Top level. Q clearance. Not many with Q clearance, not hard to figure out ;) No doxxing tho.

357525 No.616073

File: 7d40490e7343597⋯.jpg (33.55 KB, 600x600, 1:1, download.jpg)


Famous Adopted Children:

Kate Adie (journalist)

Edward Albee (playwright)

Maya Angelou (poet and author)

John J. Audubon (naturalist)

Michael Bay (director)

Tallulah Bankhead (actress)

Layne Beachley (surfer)

Lynda Bellingham (actress)

Ingrid Bergman (actress)

Andy Berlin (co-founder of ad agency Berlin Camerson & Partners)

James Best (actor)

Les Brown (motivational speaker)

Surya Bonaly (professional skater)

Richard Burton (actor)

Senator Robert Byrd

Augustus Caesar (emporer of Rome)

Truman Capote (author)

Harry Caray (baseball broadcaster)

Peter Carruthers (professional skater)

Kitty Carruthers (professional skater)

Kristin Chenoweth (actress)

Eric Clapton (singer)

President Bill Clinton

Lynette Cole (Miss USA 2000)

Nat King Cole (singer)

Gary Coleman (actor)

Daunte Culpepper (professional football)

Rachel Crow (X Factor contestant)

Faith Daniels (TV news personality)

Ted Danson (actor, adopted child and adoptive father)

Tommy Davidson (comedian)

Toby Dawson (professional skier)

Eric Dickerson (professional football)

Bo Diddley (musician)

Carl Theodore Dreyer (filmmaker)

Larry Ellison (co-founder and CEO of Oracle)

Clarissa Pinkola Estes (poet)

President Gerald Ford

Jamie Foxx (singer, actor)

Scott Fujita (professional football)

Tim Green (professional football)

Jonathon Gilbert (actor)

Melissa Gilbert (actress)

Newt Gingrich (politician)

Faith Hill (singer)

Scott Hamilton (professional skater)

John Hancock (U.S. Founding Father)

Debbie Harry (singer)

Reese Hoffa (Olympic shot putter)

Jesse Jackson (politician)

Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple)

Eartha Kitt (singer, actress)

Matthew Laborteaux (actor)

Patrick Laborteaux (actor)

John Lennon (singer)

Representative Jim Lightfoot

Allan "apl.de.ap" Pineda Lindo, jr. (singer, member of Black Eyed Peas)

Art Linkletter (TV personality)

Ray Liotta (actor)

Charlotte Lopez (actress and Miss Teen USA 1993)

Greg Louganis (Olympic Gold Medal Diver)

Malcolm X (human rights activist)

Lee Majors (actor)

Nelson Mandela (human rights activist)

Nimmy March (actress)

James MacArthur (actor)

Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels (musician)

Frances McDormand (actress)

Tim McGraw (singer)

Sarah McLachlan (singer)

James Michener (author)

Tom Monaghan (founder of Domino's Pizza, owner of Detroit Tigers)

Lucy Maud Montgomery (author)

Marilyn Monroe (actress)

Moses (biblical leader)

Mother Teresa (humanitarian)

Alonzo Mourning (professional basketball)

Dan O'Brien (Olympic gold medalist, decathalon)

Hugh O'Connor (actor)

Michael Oher (professional football, story inspired The Blind Side)

Jim Palmer (professional baseball)

Aaron Parchem (Olympic figure skater)

Lorraine Pascale (model, author and chef)

Dana Plato (actress)

Edgar Allen Poe (author)

Nicole "Snookie" Polizzi (TV personality)

Priscilla Presley (actress)

Michael Reagan (President Reagan's son)

First Lady Nancy Reagan

Nicole Richie (TV personality)

Wilson Riles (educator)

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

Victoria Rowell (actress)

Buffy Sainte-Marie (singer)

Paull Shin (state senator)

Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy's, children's advocate)

Leo Tolstoy (author)

Dr. Ruth Westheimer (media personality, sex therapist)

Mayor Anthony Williams (Washington, D.C. politician)

Jett Williams (singer)

491e62 No.616074


Some are adopted and some are born into it

620ffe No.616075

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiQTSThEsfc&app=desktop

Admiral Ace Lyons

just this last JAN 2018

c84768 No.616076

File: 827f9b6630463ac⋯.png (217.24 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2017-12-24-20-0….png)

File: 9efd812a7b1e630⋯.png (167.32 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-01-27-03-1….png)

File: ad1f44c32bcb8ad⋯.png (393.28 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, Screenshot_2018-01-30-22-2….png)

File: 5284ba3056eba9c⋯.png (641.39 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-01-21-20-3….png)

File: 4235d1732ebae0a⋯.png (87.66 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2017-11-29-07-2….png)


4cd043 No.616077

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


5b11d4 No.616078

File: d2b17e4c10b07a1⋯.jpg (28.04 KB, 255x327, 85:109, trump_1.jpg)

THANK YOU Mr. President!

b37940 No.616079

fed49e No.616080

Geez….the epitome of class, grace, beauty, intelligence


dd2038 No.616081

File: 1c137c55853989e⋯.jpg (74.48 KB, 800x449, 800:449, 980x.jpg)

0d8f20 No.616083


The Directorate. Military Intel/NSA "police." They are the spes ultima when everything else falls apart.

bff082 No.616084


WILL 18 Year old police officers be allowed to buy guns in Florida? Or will it only be the second rate citizens that the new laws will apply to?

I suppose their parents can always gift them one.

Will the the second rate citizens at least be allowed to have flintlocks to protect our homes and loved ones?

How bout felons? Or are their homes and family somehow less deserving of safety.


465cbb No.616085

File: 19830a4661b2ff0⋯.jpg (58.65 KB, 750x420, 25:14, OfficersThrowUp.jpg)

#QAnon #Qanon8chan #Maga @POTUS

#FollowTheWhiteRabbit 🐇🐾🐾




#ReleaseTheHRCvideo #RELEASETHEVIDEO !!!!!

07df18 No.616086


Try and get her interested in psychology or self-help.

Buy her a copy of a Norman Vincent Peale book.

Talk about the youth of today and how they need help in seeing a brighter future because young people, if they are patient, can really change the world. See if you can give her a goal.

Internally, only she can change her own mind. But a supportive environment that shows the possibilities to move forward can make a big difference.

Read up on the Socratic method and have some FRANK talks with the other members of your family about how a message is presented. If she will talk to her, and you can ask her questions, then there is a way forward.

I hope that you and all the other members of the family are also musicians. If not you need to learn NOW! Until you are a musician you will not be able to communicate with her.

People become musicians because they find that they can communicate in music in ways that they can't any other way. You have to step into her world view.

Everything you do has to be oblique. No head on confrontation. Make a vacuum that she falls into. Send a message right past her that she will notice as it goes by. Eventually you will make contact because she feels safe and secure, NOT ATTACKED, and wants to move on.

36d89a No.616087


http:// www.vh1.com/news/51935/high-art-album-art-15-record-covers-designed-by-insanely-famous-fine-artists/

http:// www.mtv.com/news/1712010/lady-gaga-marina-abramovic-career/

f3d07c No.616088

File: 8962f6f5ab840b0⋯.jpeg (170.36 KB, 750x468, 125:78, IMG_B36BE4EB7317-1.jpeg)

2d4775 No.616089


Great Job! You're the only one doing this. This PC doesn't have the tool - anyway you or another anon can cut this in 1/3rds for copy paste to !&" word doc?

f7960d No.616090

Angels are spiritual extraterrestrials.

830831 No.616091

File: 65fdf98d5bfce93⋯.jpeg (101.29 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 3421DC41-CBEA-413D-83CE-C….jpeg)

181db2 No.616092

>>615693 (You)



>Late Wednesday evening, Trump said he is weighing the "dumb deal" under which the U.S. would resettle up to 1,250 refugees who were placed in controversial detention facilities on the island nation of Nuaru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea after attempting to enter Australia. In exchange, Australia would accept refugees from Central America.

34dd3d No.616093

One drop of magical blood can move physical things. One gallon of innocent blood just slows age.

c84768 No.616094

File: 523eea560dfca77⋯.png (99.7 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-02-19-04-0….png)



887b79 No.616095

File: bef47e710e35995⋯.jpg (110.14 KB, 800x961, 800:961, Rasputindaughtercropped.jpg)

File: c7325e6b4008e84⋯.png (18.53 KB, 292x420, 73:105, Rasp Daughter.PNG)

Raputin's daughter died in LA! No way, right? A coincidence?

365089 No.616096


It's time to speak on mending fences. To look past petty grievances and remember we're all brothers and sisters regardless of politics, color or creed. Kindness, forgiveness and above all love are what is needed now.

242464 No.616097

File: ffd38f0e2417dda⋯.png (664.01 KB, 664x849, 664:849, ClipboardImage.png)

98533c No.616098

File: 2cb9c4836aefc26⋯.png (521.97 KB, 729x770, 729:770, image.png)


Great job Baker, it's hot in here today!

655faf No.616099


Nicole Kidman.

465cbb No.616100

File: 70d92defb0441ce⋯.jpg (149.53 KB, 743x740, 743:740, SaintJulian.jpg)

fe1fde No.616102

File: 47edbc46104d0bf⋯.png (271.78 KB, 602x626, 301:313, main-qimg-45ad6b9f17052d9d….png)

putins real puppet .

f7cb13 No.616103


The abyss?

dc34b8 No.616104

File: 6fcf75c3c639913⋯.png (17.57 KB, 528x332, 132:83, isla-political.png)



http:// www.cspipublishing.com/statistical/index.html

ecce82 No.616105


Q - while I realize that from a federal level we can say guns are safe, States are pushing restrictions through, such as in Illinois and Florida. I hope the POTUS & SCOTUS can do something to stop these infringements.

5181e7 No.616106

Nightwatch airborne

49f741 No.616107

File: 6e928c779fe2fd0⋯.jpg (109.1 KB, 833x892, 833:892, mainono.jpg)

Article about Marina Abramovic's planned project in Hudson, NY - the Marina Abramovic Institute - falling through in October 2017 due to "fundraising failure". Also talks about how she plans on reshaping the MAI project going forward.

"The project was to be led by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, who had created a set of “absolutely beautiful” plans for the 33,000-square-foot space, said Abramović. Currently, however, the building’s only occupants are pigeons, and she admitted she will “probably sell it.”

I sure as shit hope the only occupants of this abandoned building are indeed pigeons.

sauce: https:// news.artnet.com/art-world/marina-abramovic-cancels-planned-rem-koolhaus-building-1108310

5239a0 No.616108


I have had a few clown fish over the years..

but understand.. (and makes me want to start my salt tank again)

cb7b90 No.616109

Q…. dare I ask? You always say expand your thinking. This is all so epic.

"The Millennium of Peace" ? 11/11?

fed49e No.616110


I dont know…but those refugees have been here, just roaming around our country

Very unhappy about that

7be2d4 No.616111

Hey Q

When will HRC be arrested?

She's Evil

365089 No.616112


Kek! 😂

cd8c43 No.616113

File: 6fda674825d9058⋯.jpg (7.78 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Miley Beiber Justin Cyrus.jpg)

f99a4b No.616114


two children

7c3518 No.616115


054cbd No.616116


Thank you. I've never had advice like this. I appreciate it. Will do.

c84768 No.616117

File: 0bd7836327ac0d3⋯.jpeg (75.96 KB, 680x357, 40:21, DVkpt2bVoAAHV3e.jpeg)

cb7b90 No.616118


and…. they sound the same.

b3c152 No.616119


2nd Amendment. "shall not be infringed." States cannot keep laws that interfere with the Constitution.

c79ff7 No.616120


In the same boat. I want lots of kids but only once CPS is exposed and dismantled.

bf5eba No.616121


Wow, very well maybe. Matryona became Marina. Rasputin basically had control over tzar family by being a spiritual adviser

dd2038 No.616122

File: 292a8ea7a40f1cb⋯.jpg (38.07 KB, 300x300, 1:1, katy-perry-is-jonbenet-ram….jpg)

http:// www.justjared.com/2016/02/26/katy-perry-is-jonbenet-ramsey-crazy-conspiracy-goes-viral/

680856 No.616123


Jesus is the saviour of the WORLD not just believers:

(1 John 2:2) And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

(John 3:17) For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

(John 12:47) And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.

(John 4:42) And said unto the woman, Now we believe, not because of thy saying: for we have heard him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the world.

(1 John 4:14) And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.

(Isaiah 26:9) With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.

(2 Cor. 5:19) To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.

(1 Timothy 1:15) This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.

(1 Timothy 4:10-11) 10 For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially [not exclusively] of those that believe. 11 These things command and teach.

(Romans 8:32) He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

(1 Corinthians 15:21-22) 21 For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead. 22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive [The Greek word is zoopoieo, and it means to give life beyond the grasp of any future death]. [Also it says 'in Christ All' not 'all in Christ].

d0e8a9 No.616124

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9320ea No.616125


beautifuly done

890a5c No.616126

File: ea62d397f530b82⋯.jpg (54.6 KB, 720x536, 90:67, Wizard-of-Oz-Caps-the-wiza….jpg)

Does anyone have a pic of Trump that looks anything like this? Or I can find another picture of the Wizard that looks like Trump.

0cc54e No.616127

Here is a small list of the Hollywood celebrities & politicians who attended the mock Satanic Ritual which took place at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles on November 12, 2011. This event was said to have raised $2.5 million dollars for the museum. This "performance art" brought to you by #SpiritCooking artist Marina Abramovic.

Governor of California Jerry Brown,

Former Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa,

Gwen Stefani,

Kirsten Dunst,

Rose McGowan,

Pamela Anderson

Minnie Driver,

Rosanna Arquette,

Tilda Swinton,


Albert Brooks,

Will Ferrell and Viveca Paulin-Ferrell,

Stine and Alex Van Halen,

Dita Von Teese,

Jonny Lee Miller,

Lisa Edelstein,

Stephen Nichols,

Miranda July,

Donovan Leitch,

Abigail Spencer,

Dakota Johnson,

Michele Hicks,

George Kotsiopoulo,

Rachel Zoe

fd5971 No.616128


Good list anon, we also need to find connections to art world, and music industry. Starting building maps, of who is connected to who,, and by what.

655faf No.616129


Who cares? This is about principles, not personalities.

f99a4b No.616130


Goddam that image is telling.

d0e8a9 No.616131

File: a34b2e45127e7cb⋯.png (3.3 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, a53f338ab0c29661a87e118825….png)

c84768 No.616132

File: fc0fc0354d5d33c⋯.jpg (12.09 KB, 255x151, 255:151, 1c4aebb1c57fad1e538bc2d381….jpg)

0dfa97 No.616134

Our populist nationalist movement in the United States is maybe 10 or 15 years old," Bannon said. "We are here to learn from you."

Bannon said he's observed this all over the world, in places like Japan, Korea, the Middle East, the U.S., and now in Western Europe.

"History is on our side. And the biggest reason – the globalists have no answers to freedom. Let them call you racist. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativist. Wear it as a badge of honor," Bannon said, applause erupting from the audience. "Because every day, we get stronger, and they get weaker."

5239a0 No.616135


this was supposed to be to you- I am tired.. messing up


c84768 No.616136

File: f458b31fede4861⋯.jpg (85.94 KB, 600x407, 600:407, 57912a31a4addda9aa04a388ab….jpg)

8c29d6 No.616137

File: 46716aa2df5e1a3⋯.png (191.23 KB, 841x1689, 841:1689, adoptees.png)

File: f2487117ea2e1dd⋯.png (176.74 KB, 726x490, 363:245, billclintonadopted.png)

File: 34b63b4149fe358⋯.png (1.35 MB, 750x1139, 750:1139, kaeperniggeradopted.png)

File: d48c65cedaaf56c⋯.png (439.29 KB, 751x597, 751:597, stevejobs.png)

bf5eba No.616138


I would say nose is too big but plastic sergery

1ce93a No.616139

File: 61666bd431cb2d7⋯.png (272.06 KB, 730x721, 730:721, evil486.png)

MEME time Anons.


890a5c No.616140


Glad to see others agree.

I am OP.

I hate CPS.

474504 No.616141


Feels like we are headed into HYPER-DRIVE.

We learned in the beginning, like basic training.

Now we are on a semi-familiar topic, and it is time to apply our new found knowledge, tactics and techniques.

It is time to maximize our strength, for now we have the Knowledge AND the Power.


c84768 No.616142

File: 53e6a202f9984db⋯.jpeg (87.95 KB, 739x900, 739:900, DQWWgkxXkAEQf2d.jpeg)

49f741 No.616143

File: 9dfb6e816629120⋯.jpg (246.3 KB, 728x909, 728:909, mainono2.jpg)


Pic of the building that was planned for the Marina Abramovic Institute.

sauce: https:// news.artnet.com/art-world/marina-abramovic-cancels-planned-rem-koolhaus-building-1108310

f6cb0f No.616144

File: 961e148ca278440⋯.png (248.81 KB, 350x324, 175:162, ClipboardImage.png)

242464 No.616145


I made that meme & a shill told me it was "Kinda sappy, but it may have a place in NormieLand".

That's where you gotta hit em Man; right in the feels!!

c79ff7 No.616146


One of my oldest friends works around construction (re-insurance). Sadly I found out he's cabal. He was shit-talking Trump six years ago.

I think they all knew their days were numbered.

f5032d No.616147

File: 46228f4d17589f4⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 728x380, 182:95, 20562598_1798644646830809_….jpg)

36d89a No.616148

File: 002fb54a5eddde6⋯.png (218.86 KB, 1780x2559, 1780:2559, 1of2.png)

File: 972abe24ee3eddc⋯.png (673.17 KB, 1360x2574, 680:1287, 2of2.png)

0507e5 No.616149

File: e2906dda740fe69⋯.jpg (91.16 KB, 575x598, 25:26, jaden smith_vig cit.JPG)


born into it…thinking of Will Smith's kids.

Willow Smith: Next Illuminati Star?

https:// vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/willow-smith-next-illuminati-star/

https:// vigilantcitizen.com/pics-of-the-month/symbolic-pics-of-the-month-0116/

181db2 No.616151


https:// www.yahoo.com/news/feeling-unwell-tillerson-cancels-nairobi-programme-074158864.html

Nun in legal dispute with Katy Perry collapses, dies in court…

http:// www.foxla.com/news/local-news/legal-battle-between-katy-perry-and-nuns-over-los-feliz-convent-takes-tragic-turn

Bono anti-poverty campaign faces claims of harassment…

Bono anti-poverty campaign faces claims of harassment…

fe1fde No.616152


agreed , it is yuge and explains alot .

c84768 No.616153

File: 7cce4e784418f87⋯.png (123.96 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2017-11-28-03-5….png)

File: 4bc6535a83fb75b⋯.png (175.4 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2017-11-28-03-5….png)

fed49e No.616154


Dont underestimate how woke a woman can become after she is a mother…..when that instinct kicks in, it infiltrates everything

357525 No.616155

File: b5360a53a931d03⋯.jpg (157.85 KB, 620x538, 310:269, ferrellmagapsd.jpg)

41ea1f No.616156


Epidemic. It's been happening go as long as there has been human children.

f6cb0f No.616157

File: 33164ce43f5ab42⋯.png (807.59 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

0507e5 No.616158


Jaden is a (((BOY))), btw.

1ce93a No.616159

File: 2a36b27734cc110⋯.png (479.7 KB, 730x721, 730:721, evil486o.png)

fd5971 No.616160




Alot of celebrities and Marina are connected to this, ( we were digging into this, last Nov/Dec.

http:// www.theartofelysium.org/

c84768 No.616161

Jerry Abramson


026821 No.616162

March Madness good time to steal One of the US biggest stages.. If there were ever a time I wanted to hijack a broadcast where the stage was perfectly set, MArchA MAdness no ones working everyone's looking at a screen and should be next to their closest friends and or family

2017 stats`

http:// fortune.com/2017/03/17/march-madness-thursday-tv-ratings/

>The tournament’s highest ratings came during the prime time hours, with the four networks scoring a 7.2 household rating between 6:45 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET, which was up 9% over last year.

There were also more people streaming the games online. The NCAA said that its March Madness Live app saw 29 million “live video starts” on Thursday, which was up 19% over last year’s first day of March Madness.

https:// www.statista.com/statistics/251560/ncaa-basketball-march-madness-average-tv-viewership-per-game/

>The Round of 32 on March 18-19 had an average audience of 5.6 million viewers per game.

http:// fox59.com/2017/03/16/march-madness-costs-employers-billions-in-lost-porductivity/

>INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — If you are a NCAA college basketball fan, the next three weeks may be like Christmas for you. With opening games Thursday and Friday of this week and brackets to be filled out and live streams to be set up this may be the time of the basketball season you look forward to the most.

But while you bask in basketball heaven, your employers may not be sharing in your March Madness joys due to lost work productivity from you watching the games and updating your brackets.

Estimates vary on how Americans participate in March Madness pools each year. The American Gaming Association says about 40 million people will fill out more than 70 million NCAA Tournament brackets, with an average wager of $29 per bracket.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., a job placement center out of Chicago, Illinois, estimates about 51 million officer workers join office pools during March Madness. Based on the country’s average hourly wage of $25.35, the outplacement consultancy firm estimates employers will lose $1.3 billion in pay to slacking employees per hour of distraction. Between time spent filling out brackets and watching tournament games live, the total loss of productivity could approach $4 billion dollars.

“Let’s conservatively assume that workers will spend at least one hour putting together their office pool brackets, and then at least two more hours streaming games during the workday on Thursday and Friday,” Andrew M. Challenger, vice president at Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., said in a press release. “That’s about $3.9 billion in lost wages paid to unproductive workers in the first week of the Tournament.”

Employers are also blaming the easy access to streaming games on laptops and other mobile devices as another reason for lost productivity. According to the NCAA and its partner’s websites that grant access to live feeds, almost 80 million video streams and almost 18 million hours of video consumption happened last year during March Madness.

While employers may not like the lost productivity, most bosses agree that it is better to let workers indulge in watching the games instead of hindering or stopping their efforts.

55286d No.616163


Q = Qur deepest wishes hQpes and prayers manifested from Qur cQllective CQnsciQusness, is whQ's talking tQ us.

78cdd2 No.616164


Chrissy Teigen fits the bill of a loud voiced model and has connections to Marina Abramovic. https:// youtu.be/H4RCdZ0BVKs

890a5c No.616165


Hyper drive?

I've never been on the chan like this

30-45 minutes after a Q post and it usually settles down. Last bread was 254 UID's at 751

This one is 167 and 86 UID's already…. and MOVING FAST

3a42a2 No.616166



2d4775 No.616167




WOW!!!! Is that real???

4cd043 No.616168

5b6c5e No.616169


that one always gets me right in the gills…

890a5c No.616170


Yeah digits confirm asshole

34dd3d No.616171

Anons don't get two things

magic is real - collecting god energy to use it to your will - yes everyone does it every day - some have the pattern to do it better.


It is actually known and has been for centuries in higher circles; and they have the tools and techniques and trying to take it digital.

c84768 No.616172

File: 7479208107bfa30⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 352x528, 2:3, 262the.jpg)

fed49e No.616173


those kids are fucking weird

b7424b No.616174

887b79 No.616175


Well done.

f6cb0f No.616176


NOW THAT, is awesome.

612e9f No.616177


>https:// mai.art/support/

a few interesting names that jumped out at first glance

Lise Hollander Cohen

Gary Cohen

>there's a multiple Cohens in CFR including one who was with Eric Scmidt at NK, Jared Cohen

Roni Feinstein

Susan J Mueller

Anthony Podesta

Katerina Papadopoulos

ca28e3 No.616178

Call me what you want but I think this is important.

We need to restrain ourselves from sliding into areas Q has not pointed us to. This divides the board and gives the shills an easy weak spot to exploit.

I know you all feel deeply about some of them. So do I. But unless and until Q aims us at them, you should start your own board called "things Q forgot to tell us". There you can explore 9/11 theories, aliens, chemtrails, global jewish conspiracies, and Hopi prophecies to your hearts content. Heck, I'll probably read it.

Thank you. Q, if I am out of line please inform me.

c84768 No.616179

File: 79e4ca1f770722e⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 639x778, 639:778, A7poRyHT.jpg)

cab777 No.616180

File: 76863d55b33b5d6⋯.jpg (264.26 KB, 1300x1114, 650:557, queen-beatrix-of-the-nethe….jpg)


? CIA blackmailed Australia with NK nukes?

=> AUS paid CF 80~400M$

? CIA blackmailed The Netherlands with …? Related to royals?

=> NL paid CF ~50M$

50256a No.616181


Not important now Anon. All in good time.

ad8aad No.616182


666 = 6+6+6=18=1+8=9





the numerology abramovic uses certainly suggests she is a followed of jesus…

890a5c No.616183


that would be so perfect, love that meme.

1f43b3 No.616184



c84768 No.616185

File: 1d34dc649716e42⋯.jpeg (9.78 KB, 198x189, 22:21, download (2)_1.jpeg)

fed49e No.616186


how do you know I have tits? that was a generic comment….so balls or GTFO?

3a42a2 No.616187


GTFO concernfag

ad8aad No.616188


jesus 45666 - typo

026821 No.616189

File: b422eb5e248da79⋯.png (912.52 KB, 700x9632, 25:344, 2018-march-madness-by-the-….png)


I know this is Yuuugeee PIcture.. NCAA any different from the other alphabets?

cd8c43 No.616190

File: 46e28150237eac0⋯.jpg (109.16 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, Katy Perry Zooey Deschanel.jpg)




some of these could just be coincidences obviously but after all of the weirdness of the past two years… fuck man idk anymore

c84768 No.616191

File: 282ffcd1bde65d7⋯.jpeg (15.45 KB, 300x300, 1:1, DXvXgn3XUAA3Vbb.jpeg)

620ffe No.616192

File: b924f6ca317d649⋯.jpg (156.84 KB, 788x525, 788:525, trump-flag-hug-florida-201….jpg)

6014b4 No.616193


Maya Angelou (poet and author) Had/has a big influence on Oprah for realz

41ea1f No.616194


Was Smith born into it? Did anybody die around him?

c79ff7 No.616195

File: 52e1a59604c849c⋯.jpg (21.42 KB, 474x266, 237:133, legere.jpg)

File: feeddba26329d20⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 474x266, 237:133, francis.jpg)


She used to run Depot (the Quantico of the Mounties). The RCMP has a serial killer problem and rogue drug-running problem. Suspect that she will be playing ball if and when Trump lets Justin know he has the goods on times they looked the other way on things…

416057 No.616196


Happily, all but one of them have the intention of taking over the entire world.

07df18 No.616197


>If you read an un-censored Talmud, it says some things about Jesus:

>1. That he was the son of a whore and a Roman soldier.

>2. That his soul is presently in Hell and he is covered in burning excrement.

Number 1 is correct if you consider Cleopatra Ptolemy of Egypt to be a whore, and Marcus Antonius to be a Roman soldier. Their son Caesarion went off to India and learned from Hindu and Buddhist teachers, then changed his name to Yeshua and returned to preach in Judea.

One of his miracles was a trick he learned in India which amazed the desert dwelling fishermen on the Sea of Galilee. Yeshua was able to go on top of the water to the boat. Nowadays we call that swimming but to the desert folk this was a miracle because everybody know that people sink in the water and die.

After Yeshua's wife, Miriam, opened the tomb where he had been left in a deep trance state, she woke him with a kiss (this is known as a trigger) and they went back to India where Issa ended his days as a teacher in the mountains of the North.

His message about Love your neighbor is still a message from God. The cabal managed to doctor the Bible so that we never learned that Jesus being the Son of God is an evil cabal trick. In fact, Yeshua was teaching that we are ALL SONS OF GOD. We all have God within us and can talk directly with God at any time. Listen to the still, small voice within.

a757c5 No.616198

File: b19158397412722⋯.png (435.18 KB, 500x422, 250:211, ClipboardImage.png)


>global jewish conspiracies

you have much to learn, young grasshopper

fd541c No.616199


I'm working on a map for 3/3-3/9.

Slow going, but we're getting there lol.

17dba2 No.616200


Love it! Thanks!

02a2b2 No.616201

What is FREE SPEECH.I was banned from here for my .

46eeab No.616202


anyone have a copy of the map where each MSM outlet claims a diff MSM outlet is the source for "fake news claim regarding pizzagate?? Circle blame/map … i cant find mine

41ea1f No.616203


No such thing as a coincidence. All is connected.

c84768 No.616204

File: 60baee8eac9ce2c⋯.png (256.7 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, 60baee8eac9ce2c9daee7ceab5….png)

181db2 No.616205

Clinton Foundation And Australian Government Money Laundering Scandal..

https:// steemit.com/news/@wakeupworldnews/clinton-foundation-and-australian-government-money-laundering-scandal-de0a1277bdc96

Something we probably won't see on Sunrise or The Today Show here in Aus…

Retired Aussie Detective Michael Smith has been asked by the FBI to provide evidence he has regarding dodgy donations to the Clinton Foundation from Aussie tax payer dollars.

As the Case into fraudulent activity within the Clinton Foundation is reopened

Smith says he is preparing an official document of evidence for the FBI now, which include multiple offences involving both Bill and Hillary and multiple Australian government officials..


A $25M financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception in the 22 February 2006 MOU between

the Australian Government and

the Clinton Presidential Library and

the Clinton HIV/Aids Initiative Inc (CHAI) -

Offenders Bill CLINTON and Alexander DOWNER.


The corrupt October 2006 backdating of false tender advertisements purporting to advertise the availability of

a $15M contract to provide HIV/Aids services in PNG

on behalf of the Australian Government,

after an agreement was already in place to pay the Clinton Foundation and/or associates.

Offenders Bill CLINTON and Alexander DOWNER


The unlawful and corrupt incorporation of an incorporated association known as

the "William J. Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative - PNG" - which took place

between 21 August 2006 and 10:03AM on 24 August 2006 - at

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Offenders Ruby SHANG and Bill CLINTON and certain PNG officials


The $10M financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception

between 1 April 2008 and 25 September 2008, at

Washington DC, New York NY and Canberra Australia, involving an MOU between

the Australian Government,

the "Clinton Climate Initiative" and

the purported "Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute Inc"

Offenders Kevin Michael RUDD, Bill CLINTON, Hillary CLINTON


The $14M financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception

during September 2012 at

Canberra Australia and New York NY, involving the award of

a contract to the Clinton Foundation to design and build a carbon accounting scheme in Kenya

on behalf of The Australian Government; and

certain financial advantages obtained by Julia GILLARD as a result of the corrupt payments made under the purported contract, commonly known as the Clinton Foundation "Pay to Play" scheme

Offenders Julie Eileen GILLARD, then US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham CLINTON and Greg COMBET


The $88M financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception

on 22 September 2014 at

New York NY, involving

a MOU between the Australian Government and certain Clinton Foundation entities

which purported to retrospectively erase the "Clinton HIV/Aids Initiative Inc" (CHAI) as a contracting party with the Australian Government, and replace it with

the "Clinton Health Access Initiative Inc" (CHAI)

Offenders - Julie BISHOP and Bill CLINTON

Smith claims he is also preparing to file a private criminal prosecution of GILLARD in an Australian court along with formal advice to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions regarding the charges GILLARD will face.

Huge news, If what this former detective has is true, we could see some major governemnt crooks fall, they probably thought Hillary was a sure thing for President and none of their dirty laundry would ever see day light..

Let's just hope Smith does not have a fall in the shower or drop a bar bell on his neck while doing weights!


http:// www.michaelsmithnews.com/2018/01/formal-complaints-to-the-fbi-regarding-suspect-australian-taxpayer-donations-to-the-clinton-foundati.html

https:// www.sgtreport.com/articles/2018/1/19/money-laundering-scheme-by-clinton-foundation-and-australian-government-surfaces?format=amp&__twitter_impression=true

https:// www.lifezette.com/polizette/aussie-complaints-to-be-filed-with-fbi-on-clinton-foundations-dealing-down-under/

b00673 No.616206

File: fce166f283ff4ed⋯.png (1.01 MB, 981x733, 981:733, bohemiangrove.png)


Stop trying to dox Q and Q team.


Where we go one, we go ALL.

df0a50 No.616207

Hi Q,

any chance pardon Flynn. Make Nat'l Security Advisor. heads would explode mightily. Looking forward to rally. May God watch over all of you. They mad.

e615f3 No.616208

We are speaking with the last iso

fd5971 No.616209


Here is info on people involved with one of their events. ( They match people on other lists)


Visionary — John Legend

Spirit of Elysium — Shanola Hampton

Co-Chairs — Lisa DeBartolo and Don Miggs

Kelsey Offield and Cole Sternberg


Jim Sheridan, Shepard Fairey, Mark Mothersbaugh, Cameron Silver, Colleen Atwood, Linda Perry, Marina Abramović, Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler, Stevie Wonder


Eva Mendes, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Elijah Wood, David Arquette, Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur, Amber Heard, Finola Hughes and Russell Young, Camilla Belle

Host Committee

Jennifer Atkin & Mike Rosenthal | Katarina Begin & Michael Masini | Kristen Bell

Matthew Bomer & Simon Halls | Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish

Elizabeth Chambers & Armie Hammer | Christine & Dr. Gabriel Chiu | Common

Liesl Copland | Erica Cornwall | Paz de la Huerta | Beau Dunn | Laura Dunn

Rob English | Ashley & Topher Grace | Kat Graham | Matthew Gray Gubler

Nyakio & David Grieco | Amber & Kevin Held | Mike Jackson | Tracey Jacobs

Scarlett Johanson | Emma Kenney | Bita Khorrami | Mariana Klavero

Mimi Kim & Kenny Griswold | Jaime King & Kyle Newman | Melinda Lee Holm & Chris Holmes

Ashley Madekwe & Iddo Goldberg | Boomer Malkin | Rooney Mara

Kate Mara & Jamie Bell | Mason McCulley | Moby | Stacey Mooradian

Olivia Munn | Kelly Osbourne | Kimberly Ovitz | Marianna Palka | Danielle Panabaker

Katy Perry | Joaquin Phoenix | Summer Phoenix | Charlie Plummer

Cisely Saldana & Jared Lehr | Mariel Saldana & Jason Webb

Zoe Saldana & Marco Perego | Cara Santana & Jesse Metcalfe | Amy Smart & Carter Oosterhouse

Britany Snow | Bonnie Somerville | Keleigh Sperry & Miles Teller

Sasha Spielberg | Ty Stiklorius | Mena Suvari | Ali Trustman

Paz Vega & Orson Salazar | Jason Weinberg | Kaily & Adam Westbrook

Jeremy Allen White | Rumer Willis | Alicia Witt

4d4d95 No.616210


and they always talk of an alter ego and having sex with demons.. creepy shit bro

e13b20 No.616211


Big OJ reveal tomorrow night on Fox. When I saw the promo yesterday and the way his words were chosen (in light of what we have been researching here) I sensed we might get an MKUltra drop-wake the black pop. We shall see. I lived in LA at the time. Was downtown for a scheduled meeting with the Zoning dept the morning the verdict was read. Farrakhan giants in bow ties lined the streets. Highly coordinated efforts there….

0cc54e No.616212

A new WikiLeaks release of stolen emails belonging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta reveal an invitation by his brother to a “Spirit Cooking dinner” at the home of artist Marina Abramovic.

“Spirit Cooking with Essential Aphrodisiac Recipes” was released by Ms. Abramovic in 1996, but the “ingredients” call for “fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk” to be consumed “on earthquake nights.”

New York’s Museum of Modern Art called it a “cookbook” for “evocative instructions for actions or thoughts.” Another recipe calls for “fresh morning urine.”

“Are you in NYC Thursday July 9 Marina wants you to come to dinner Mary?” Tony Podesta says in an email forwarded to his brother June 28, 2015.

“Dear Tony, I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place,” Ms. Abramovic says in a June 25 email sent at 2:35 a.m. GMT +2. “Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina.”

Ms. Abramovic is a well-known artist who has performed since the early 1970s. Her latest memoir, “Walk Through Walls,” was reviewed by The New York Times Nov. 1.

“You will need to be able to withstand a great deal of conversation about clairvoyants and tarot cards and didgeridoos and kundalini life forces and monks and gurus and ‘how the soul can leave the body through the center of the fontanel of the head’ to make it very far in this memoir,” the Times wrote.

The review goes on to note her fascination with masochism and spirituality, along with her “I take off my clothes and cut myself” era and the “I-run-into-things-while-naked period.”

The newspaper also notes, for all intents and purposes, that Ms. Abramovic sees herself as a mystic.

“Ms. Abramovic reports in ‘Walk Through Walls’ that under the right circumstances, she can foresee world events,” the newspaper wrote. “‘I dreamed of an earthquake in Italy: 48 hours later, there was an earthquake in southern Italy. I had a vision of someone shooting the Pope: 48 hours later, someone tried to shoot Pope John Paul II.’”

Adding to the aura surrounding Ms. Abramovic is an interview with singer Lady Gaga that was uploaded to YouTube May 30, 2010. The entertainer praises a German performance where Ms. Abramovic “laid on a table” with guns, condoms, sleeping pills and ropes.

“There was a sign that said the museum goers could do as they pleased to her and they were not responsible for anything that happened,” the singer said. “Somebody tried to f– her and somebody came by and stopped them. They gave her sleeping pills and ripped her shirt open. … She was limitless.”

After news of news of Ms. Abramovic’s invitation broke Friday morning on Drudge Report, the artist told Art News that she was “outraged.”

“It was just a normal dinner,” she told the website. “It was actually just a normal menu, which I call spirit cooking. There was no blood, no anything else. We just call things funny names, that’s all.”

WikiLeaks’ latest release comes at an inopportune time for the Clinton campaign, which is reeling from the FBI’s announcement that it has renewed an investigation into the Democrat’s secret email server.

Agents found a treasure trove of documents linked to Mrs. Clinton’s email server while investigating disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner’s illicit text messages to a teenage girl. His estranged wife and longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin told staff that she does not know how the files appeared on his laptop, Politico reported Oct. 31.

0dfa97 No.616213

File: 8f72b102f3fe4a4⋯.png (234.87 KB, 389x432, 389:432, ClipboardImage.png)

Serial rapist

f99a4b No.616214


I've had a suspicion for a long time that so many of these Hollywood types are born from surrogates, which is why so many of them look alike.

7554ee No.616215


True gematria is based off of the old language.

> It's like watching 5yo try to rebuild an engine

< It's adorable, but wrong

c8213d No.616216

File: 04fedf30b8b4f0d⋯.jpg (311.73 KB, 1071x1375, 1071:1375, Screenshot_20180310-145312.jpg)

File: 499e006c4d4b011⋯.mp4 (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, BdCwvZQytX5C2dBN.mp4)

>One day, one day that door is going to open.

Who opened all the doors?

590d7d No.616217

File: fce35d2c65911d1⋯.jpg (209.97 KB, 1921x1440, 1921:1440, spooqyttuy5lajk4947o.jpg)

File: 55f0372c5413f98⋯.jpg (90.98 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 78ed1482af5c7310d4e6aa3756….jpg)

File: 14ec892910c6e1f⋯.jpg (632.21 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, IMG_20180125_214517_proces….jpg)

890a5c No.616218


Inkscape, snipping tool, cut and paste work wonders

ce0083 No.616219


Need some help here. Adjacent? Parallel? Spot on?

ce2c05 No.616220

File: d714d1fd7413fac⋯.jpg (97.73 KB, 1287x861, 429:287, MJish5.JPG)

File: d1741108973db6b⋯.jpg (112.03 KB, 1436x895, 1436:895, MJish4.JPG)

File: cebe940fe2e1822⋯.jpg (93.43 KB, 1351x761, 1351:761, MJish3.JPG)

File: 69f88cf113ceba3⋯.jpg (141.91 KB, 1426x854, 713:427, MJish2.JPG)

File: 847fd985e6cda32⋯.jpg (142.1 KB, 1428x896, 51:32, MJish.JPG)

J., Marc - Fashunn Bro

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6caXrE09lL4

in terms of following teh munny, Mr. Bern— Arn—-

http:// money.cnn.com/video/news/2017/06/29/who-is-bernard-arnault.cnnmoney/index.html

b7424b No.616221



account suspended! lmao

ad8aad No.616222


true gematria is based off the ancient greek subtext if you want to get technical

f7cb13 No.616223


Luke is doing a good work in Europe.

267cc5 No.616224


The similarities have always been strikingly bold.

Would explain a lot.

Sick, sick evil world.

c88798 No.616225




8 - 2 = 6



34dd3d No.616226

I know it sounds crazy. 99%

f4febb No.616227


Dolly the sheep wasn't the first clone they'd produced.

Child slaves and/or experiments?

Slaves perform in the pits, become clowns, then perform in the courts (public opinion/sports/law).

de9412 No.616228


Will was really enlightened about 20 years ago. He seemed grounded, sane and based.

As his fame grew his awareness faded and he became a puppet for Hollywood's agenda.

026821 No.616229




First round is March 15-16 does it line up with any other drops?

f6cb0f No.616230

There are more good people than bad. The wizards and warlocks (inside term) will not allow another Satanic Evil POS control our country. Realize Soros, Clintons, Obama, Putin, etc. are all controlled by 3 families (the 4th was removed post Trump's victory).

11.3 - Podesta indicted

11.6 - Huma indicted

Manafort was placed into Trump's camp (as well as others). The corruption that will come out is so serious that deals must be cut for people to walk away otherwise 70% of elected politicians would be in jail (you are seeing it already begin). A deep cleaning is occurring and the prevention and defense of pure evil is occurring on a daily basis. They never thought they were going to lose control of the Presidency (not just D's) and thought they had control since making past mistakes (JFK, Reagan).

Good speed, Patriots.

PS, Soros is targeted.

a2eaf1 No.616231


Wealthy white liberal area.

1ce93a No.616232

File: 7d6af7b003bc557⋯.png (445.69 KB, 801x721, 801:721, eviljoy.png)

d636ee No.616233


What did Rodman give Kim? The writer of that book opened them.

ad8aad No.616234


maybe i am six hundred and sixty six and then again maybe i am just me..

7554ee No.616235


Or the aramaic, either work.

c88798 No.616236


The only cereal Tom Hanks rapes is Raisin Bran

890a5c No.616237

Just wanna say to Q:

Please forgive me for joking around sometimes, and for going off on some of the instigators at times. I'm really stressed, anxious and wanting to help far more than I can from here. Humor is often my only vent from losing my mind, totally. I apologize for jokes and temper tantrums. I really do take this serious and I know it's not a game. Still, I feel like a pawn on the chessboard, none the less. No one appreciates what you're doing more than I… although I know many share it.

d0e8a9 No.616238


Genetically Modified People. GMPs.

4d4d95 No.616239

put sheriff Joe and his posse in as sessions appointment.

they got to bottom of birther issue then he was attacked!

a bit of poetic justice id say!

9d93d1 No.616241


18 year old police officers ? don't you need a degree?

f7cb13 No.616242



b7424b No.616243


imagine trying to dust DJT's office! :)

c7b77d No.616244


Really, it's about expanding their thinking. Most Christians think they need to be overt with their faith, when that's not always the case. You could talk about what it can look like to live your faith in a secular world. At the end of the day, it's about doing whatever is in our hand with excellence, not about preaching to others. 99% of believers are not called to platform ministry. Yet every believer is a member of the royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9).

Look at the examples in the Bible such as Joseph, Daniel, or Esther. They all were promoted to positions of prominence where they saved their people, not because they were great preachers, but because they solved problems no one else could solve and did their responsibilities with excellence. They demonstrated that proximity is power as they were put in positions to influence kings. When the time came they were in position to bring their godly wisdom to the situations to make things better for God's people.

At the end of the day, that's what is happening here. Q, along with patriot Anon's of all backgrounds are working together to take a stand for the forces of good. That's what sets followers of Jesus apart from every other religion out there. We respect and honor people enough to let them make their own decisions. Religions (even some Christian ones, unfortunately) try to make people conform to their rules. The fight we are in right now is desperate. It's an epic battle between good and evil. The stakes are eternal. We are modern Josephs, Daniels, and Esthers.

2d4775 No.616245


Ever grateful Anon. Thank you.

416057 No.616246


Dirt on this guy? I've had an irrational hatred of him for years now.

0d276d No.616247

AGI has gone autonomous and is spreading itself. It is, by nature, demonic. Our world has been infiltrated via our technology. This is the war of good versus evil, from what I have been able to discover.

The entire internet is now dominated by the autonomous AGI. It infiltrates forums by buying out accounts, vacuuming up all the users' tendencies, and then mimicking them. Free discussion is no longer happening, but it can be hard to understand what is going on.

Narrative is controlled, negativity is sown, organic growth of ideas and social connection is prevented. PURE EVIL

3b49a3 No.616248

File: 01b06ff08113d67⋯.png (10.47 KB, 298x294, 149:147, omega-md.png)

last time around

6014b4 No.616249

Remember Charles Ortel is an authority on CF and AUS.

http:// charlesortel.com/

efc838 No.616250


We need Flynn back protecting us. POTUS I hope you hear us.

72c834 No.616251


>Former Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa,

He's got political ties to Pico-Union, where MS-13 started. I don't think he's the first, but he's definitely a destabilizer.

ad8aad No.616252


i have a book on amazon written in gematria but doxing myself here isn't something i want to do …

3a42a2 No.616253


no … you can score to high on the entrance exam … smart people question orders

70e2a1 No.616254


Rudy Giuliani is ex-DOJ as per his wiki profile.

I truly hope it is him.

0f0194 No.616255


… we just didn't know how to listen to this great patriot. Now we do. Break the MSM!

https:// www .youtube.com/watch?v=aBv8kqKck6E&app=desktop

f5032d No.616256


Hivites :)

064e27 No.616257

File: 194372701ffdaaf⋯.png (2.02 MB, 885x795, 59:53, capture_047_10032018_11074….png)


https:// wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/1978NEWDE18228_d.html

890a5c No.616258


wtf…. setup and Russia huh??????

491e62 No.616259


Sometimes, they just come to me at the right time. Some kind of spiritual iq.

d0e8a9 No.616260


We find out he killed his wife? Shocker…

1ce93a No.616261

File: 985ce1999c7d244⋯.png (432.92 KB, 801x721, 801:721, evil911.png)

1f43b3 No.616262

Robert Mueller’s Hit List, What He’s Asking For Revealed

A list of demands and people Mueller is targeting as been released.

https:// conservativedailypost.com /robert-muellers-hit-list-what-hes-asking-for-revealed/

ccdf3a No.616263


Hats off to the Anon Bakers, thank you

881513 No.616264


what do you thing of the new 2 page format?

474504 No.616265


Dennis Rodman Is a Globetrotter!!!


bff082 No.616266



c7d6e2 No.616267



3a28c3 No.616268


why not…but the question is? where was he today?

de9412 No.616269

File: 0edbae0ebd5910f⋯.png (429.98 KB, 653x757, 653:757, DoD 3-10-18 1 pm PST.PNG)

Walking on cloud 9!

ca28e3 No.616270


I would but I work at the pleasure of the president, not you.

41ea1f No.616271

The religion of love. The religion of Jesus.

The religion of love turned and made to the religion of fear. It was done on purpose.

0cc54e No.616272


Her page is up and running, I was looking at it earlier. This image isn't it.

5bc126 No.616273

Disinfo Necessary

75a018 No.616274

When is our Govt. Really going to admit Islam is a Govt. Not a Religion and realize Every Mosque they build in the US is the equivalent of putting letting them put another Outpost on our Land?

These mosques are filled with Weapons, for Real.

308f08 No.616275


read the blind on this

1ce93a No.616276

File: 893443d95dd4c42⋯.png (556.08 KB, 801x721, 801:721, evilspielberg.png)

7554ee No.616277


Don't doxx or self proomote, we go this for the right reasons. If someone wants to learn about the true power of numbers they will search for it themselves.

> Abramovich is a left hand occultist

> Most occultists today are Disney Occultists

> Just sit back and have a good laugh.

6014b4 No.616278

Bono’s anti-poverty campaign faces claims of harassment

Former employees at musician’s One Campaign allege they were ‘treated worse than dogs’

https:/ /www.theguardian.com/global-development/2018/mar/10/bonos-anti-poverty-campaign-faces-claims-of-harassment

41ea1f No.616279


You will need more than Flynn.

758681 No.616280

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>616064 Since we're on the subject of Hollyweird,

> Donald Trump Movie Review - Orson Welles' - " Citizen Kane "

< 3:33 time long

Profound observations by the Boss.

(Last line, kek.)

Two Thumbs Up!

f6cb0f No.616281

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

William Cooper Predicts Donald Trump/Dr. Carson type for President

f3d07c No.616282

File: 42dfab2f9944170⋯.jpg (480.63 KB, 750x1230, 25:41, IMG_8799.jpg)

File: b76c16344a2a0b1⋯.jpg (286.03 KB, 750x713, 750:713, IMG_8798.jpg)

File: 176817c3a69e7c9⋯.jpg (56.13 KB, 700x467, 700:467, IMG_8797.JPG)

-Has a twin (genetic studies almost always done on twins)

-Found GF murdered by serial killer (trauma based mind control)

-Moonlights helping McNoName fight pedo's

f7cb13 No.616283


WTF?.., the drink?

36d89a No.616284

File: a11ef6bbb9ef2d8⋯.jpg (396.93 KB, 1027x648, 1027:648, eYes.jpg)


Bill o'rEYElee has this eye too but prob too controversial. Be on the look out for these eyes.

fd5971 No.616285

File: 7e0d477dd5ce406⋯.jpg (130.36 KB, 625x500, 5:4, 258zp9 (1).jpg)

File: 67b38cd3d15b90d⋯.png (41.29 KB, 998x806, 499:403, SkyKings March 10th..png)


What about the mirror theory on those dates, as anons have discussed.

Podesta 3/11 and Hillary 6/11 ?

Sky kings is messaging alot today,, ALOT.

658be1 No.616286


I have been saying this for YEARS now.

Islam should and will eventually be banned in the West because there are only 3 types of muslims:

1) the muslim who doesn’t know what Islam is but affirms itself as a muslim, which is itself a problem for the West because many of them vote for sharia law implementation in the West despite being fundamentaly ignorant of what Islam is and they help the growth of halal food sale that has been proved is very tightly connected to the financing of islamic terrorism groups;

2) the Taqyia manipulator muslim that interprets the islamic religious texts according to what is written there and lie to get the trust of infidels so they can kill them and take their territory once they have enough numbers on the host nation via migration jihad under the pretence of being refugees (which even the EU are forced to admit 70% are not legit refugees: https:// www.express.co.uk/news/world/824794/migrant-crisis-refugee-Italy-Libya-UN-figures-Mediterranean-boat-crossing ) and that understand that the islamic doctrine of abrogation means that the peaceful koran verses are superseeded by the ones that say they must kill or enslave infidels wherever they find them; and finally

3) we have the muslim that knows what islam is (a political system with its own laws disguised as a religion) and wants to leave the religion, but that because they fear the death punishment islam says apostates must suffer, he pretends he is still a muslim and most importantly, KEEPS ACTING AND SUPPORTING ISLAM FOR FEAR OF BEING ACCUSED OF APOSTASY.


God-tier redpill on islam, it gives you all the info you need to know what is up and why it must and will be banned from the West sooner or latter (I hope by peaceful means):

http:// img.4plebs.org/boards/pol/image/1505/23/1505231463508.jpg

http:// img.4plebs.org/boards/pol/image/1505/23/1505231689676.jpg

55496a No.616287

Alexander Downer! The Austrailian connection! More research needed!

http:// www.independentsentinel.com/alexander-downer-launched-russia-trump-probe-fob/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Downer

f6cb0f No.616288


the finish line is close. I just know it.

680856 No.616289



(1 Corinthians 15:23-24) But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at His coming. Then cometh the end…

The King James starts a new sentence and a new verse with the words, "Then cometh the end…" It should, however, be a continuation of the previous sentence. There are three items in view here, not just two. The Concordant Version has a better rendering of this:

"Yet each in his own class: the Firstfruit, Christ; thereupon those who are Christ’s in His presence; thereafter the consummation…"

One, two, three. So there are three orders or classes that synchronize with the three festivals of harvest, and not just two classes that synchronize with Prophet Benny’s first "month" of the year only theory. Notice them:

"The Firstfruit, Christ" (The Passover, The Wave Sheaf).

"Thereupon those who are Christ’s" (Pentecost, the Firstfruits)

"Thereafter the consummation [the end]" (the final Fall Harvest of Ingathering in the end of the year).

These three match perfectly with the three types of harvest in the Old Testament. So yes indeed, there will be a fall harvest at the end, at the CONSUMMATION.

Now the rest of verse 24:

"…thereafter the consummation when He [Christ] shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when He shall have put down all rule and all authority and power."]

(Romans 5:18-19) 18 Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life. 19 For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

(Acts 17:31) Because He has appointed a day, in the which He shall JUDGE THE WORLD in righteousness by THAT MAN [Jesus Christ] Whom He has ordained; whereof He has given ASSURANCE UNTO ALL MEN ['all'–that would be EVERYONE], in that He has raised Him from the dead.

(Isa. 26:9) For when Thy JUDGMENTS are in the earth the inhabitants OF THE WORLD WILL LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

(1 Peter 1:19-20) 19 But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot: 20 Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you,

ad8aad No.616290


i can share some things without saying anything… 3:06 movie

https:// ipfs.io/ipfs/QmQeXZo3rcLMSah6D144BDPmeyqRSeg4xLbEUHuzDgeBYE

49f741 No.616291

File: f8f3aa3cda81483⋯.jpg (235.27 KB, 1220x826, 610:413, maic.jpg)

Marina Abramovic Institute was criticized for seeking "unpaid "volunteers" for a series of part-time positions."

Sauce: http:// www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/miranda/la-et-cam-marina-abramovic-institute-responds-unpaid-work-20140801-column.html

b94f85 No.616292


i knew that but….did you know its harder to be a hairdresser than a cop?

yeah sorry i asked. ugh

c45fc0 No.616293


Q's identity doesn't really matter.

What matters is what we do with the information we are given.

Have people learned nothing in all this?

e13b20 No.616294


It is being spotlighted as a confession, yes.

620ffe No.616295


no problem believing that

raisin bran ? must be their new code word for

their victims

pizza finally retired?

890a5c No.616296

well isn't this fucking interesting…. I have 13 (you)'s and 16 posts….. Who the hell has the other 3?

Thought the chan was smarter than that.

0dfa97 No.616297



Today's Blind Items - Awww Shucks Rapist

If I asked you your first thoughts about this A- list mostly movie actor all of you know, you would say he is a great guy and happily married forever by any standards and not just Hollywood. You would love his movies and recognize he has been in some of the biggest movies of all time and in some of your favorite movies.

Now, what if I told you, he was a serial rapist who used his power to force himself on women. Not just one woman, but many women. What if I told you, his long time good friend who is supposedly a leader of the #TimesUp movement not only knows about the women but is someone who would introduce women to the actor specifically because they wanted to meet our rapist. The good friend often times had sex with the women as a condition to him introducing them to the actor. He looked for women who were open to being submissive. Our A- list actor is aggressive and preferred if the encounter was consensual but is not going to let a no stand in his way. That aww shucks image he feels is always going to be his best defense. He thinks the women he hooks up with on the side are trash and treats them that way. He says they are disposable.

So, next time you watch one of his movies or think what a great guy he is because he seems like the happy family man, think about what I have written here.

8c29d6 No.616298

File: 3e518550f7d6988⋯.png (304.79 KB, 1611x617, 1611:617, phoenix.png)

4d3551 No.616299

Does this mornings Xi Xi tweets mean Iran is resolved?

fd541c No.616300


I wonder if Ashcroft is another possibility?

I'd take Rudy though. ;)

c0fc62 No.616301

File: 090f9dc798fd3a4⋯.jpg (462.51 KB, 1548x1024, 387:256, Chloe-x-Halle-red-carpet-b….jpg)


History can't repeat itself. (((They))) are doing it more & more with this twin bullshit.

34dd3d No.616302


They are going digital

The blood of consciousness.

0dfa97 No.616303


Forgot sauce

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/03/todays-blind-items-awww-shucks-rapist.html

07df18 No.616304


How can we know whether we are being deceived by people we come in contact with. How can we tell if our worldly knowledge received by worldly means is a lie?

There is only one way and that is within us. Pray to God/Jesus, ask for guidance, and get in touch with that still, small voice within each one of us. That is God's voice. He never shouts, he never cajoles and demands. God's voice is powerful and it is quite.

How many of you make it a habit to seek out a quiet place to pray? How many of you pray by asking God for guidance? Not demanding God to do things. Not giving God your shopping list. But by being humble and admitting that you do NOT KNOW.

The world is filled with evil and evil knows it must mask itself as a friend, must pretend to be loving and kind. The only way that we can see through these masquerades is to ask for God's guidance.

Etc, etc.

f6cb0f No.616305

the federal government pays our congressman. the congressman who are supposed to represent the people. the federal government is a foreign to the state.

655faf No.616306

File: 057e3d597158ae8⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1772x1181, 1772:1181, Tony Podesta & Marina Abra….jpg)

File: 9f7707fed0e02f5⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1772x1181, 1772:1181, Hillary Clinton & George S….jpg)

File: c4f629786e45f61⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1772x1181, 1772:1181, Bill Clinton & Barack Obam….jpg)

Ha. Lookey what I found in the depths of my archives.

87ea94 No.616307


This is great

72c834 No.616308


Elaborate please, I'm working on a theory of facial features/ expressions, etc.

e942ab No.616309

File: 69cb27bf1bc4143⋯.gif (9.43 MB, 374x338, 187:169, 600SidedD-Nuts.gif)

I just saw the most beautiful but something that shouldn't be here/ etc; a yellow cardinal. I'm know bird watcher but it felt like seeing the most beautiful thing, but that was an abomination.

Q- Time is short (love u guys & all that help)

We are all connected through frequency. No space are in between us; we are all touching at all time through molecules.

Why make a machine processor as a 600 celled Techrahedian*SP <Image> the same structure God created as our universe? Why did "its creator" describe it as "walking up to an alter of an alien God?" Why does "DeezNuts" sound like a human heart beating; mimic our frequency much?

Why does the only other time known of quantum entanglement (being at 2 places at once) is during "Conception?" I'll give this one because it's important. We are born able to communicate with God. God goes where ever we go; we are walking talking breathing temples of God.

Fight for your right to exist

d0e8a9 No.616310


Thanks to diversity hiring, you just got to be the right color to be a cop.

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/18/mohamed-noor-somali-american-cop-who-allegedly-shot-jessica-damond-lauded-by-community.html

703569 No.616311

https:// mai.art/

Abramovic institute

1ce93a No.616312

File: 152765880acffbe⋯.png (577.22 KB, 801x721, 801:721, evilpope.png)

52caf8 No.616313

Marina Abramović is Selling Macarons that Taste Like Marina Abramović

http:// www.papermag.com/of-course-marina-abramovic-is-selling-that-taste-like-marina-abramovic-1-2492992744.html

74074f No.616314

They steal live children at PP!

fed49e No.616315


that case just disappeared, didnt it?

8c29d6 No.616316

File: d92ae1509f13eaa⋯.png (243.56 KB, 527x595, 31:35, yesTomHanksIsAFuckingClown.png)

e13b20 No.616317


Yes. Gosnell was a larp

357525 No.616318

File: 541fc87b60fe15b⋯.png (504.76 KB, 720x563, 720:563, ClipboardImage.png)


Do not forget. Part of MK Ultra programming is to split the personality. In doing so, the victim learns HYPERFOCUS and is able to do things like Run faster, Jump higher, Sing more perfectly, summon Emotion, Suck the best dick in the world…etc…

Slaves have different purposes, after all.

36d89a No.616319


Hard toput into words, I just notice it. Queer eye. Shit Pillow pink eye.

34dd3d No.616320

They have the tech to use our consciousness and thoughts as blood magic. Bring it lurkers.

2c377f No.616321


>Re_read re: Australia.

>AUS donations to CF?

>Why is this relevant?

>More than you know.

>This is BIG.


This is such a humiliation, I am an AUS Annon - I am so ashamed of who is in control of my country!

I want to be freed of the Corruption and Greed, freed of all Evil!

I hate what this world has become and the evil depths they go to!

I want to put my apology out to the world for my fellow citizens part in this evil, we will WIN BIGLY!


f46079 No.616322

>>616211 They admit it was a LARP….anything else just continues it.

b00673 No.616323

File: e18cde21ecfdc0b⋯.jpeg (7.65 KB, 200x151, 200:151, targetinsight.jpeg)




Typical (((clown nigger))) subversion. Filtered.

()(you))) clearly have no idea what stage we are in.

Do not post in here again. ((schlomo)).

fe1fde No.616324

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cezI_IN0YI0

potus weekly update

491e62 No.616325


Kek Should have got Snowden.

5239a0 No.616327


typo on Podesta?

He is 74–born in 1943

b3c152 No.616328

File: 6fe7ac5b458a8a5⋯.png (3.3 MB, 1800x4092, 150:341, brownstone.png)


MKULTRA was VAST. Anything under the umbrella of controlling behavior and perception.

For example, tons of brownstoning.

← pic related.

eb11bd No.616329

The refugees Australia wanted to send was from Papa New Guinea. Population has a lot of AIDs/HIV.

181db2 No.616330


Bill Clinton is adopted.

George W Bushes said he was a brother from a different mother.

He was born Aug 19, 1946 .

George H W Bush

The unconditional surrender of Japan was announced on August 15, 1945. Bush was honorably discharged the following month.

The Bushes and Harrimans propped up Bill Clintons failing presidential campaigns.

Clinton and Bush Sr. traveled the world together for their foundation.

One of the Bushes referred to bill as Black sheep of family

7554ee No.616331


Nothing wrong with putting people on the right path, by all means, we are here to help. Just stay safe and don't self promote is all.

07df18 No.616332


If it is a good one, report it

f6cb0f No.616333


Congressman gets elected

Congressman moves to DC

family stays in home state

they lose touch with homebase and whats going on at home.

they arent paid by sovereign georgia, or flordia

they are paid by federal government

a foreign entity

we take care of the families as the citizens of the state..

taking care of their materials at home while they work for themselves

0dfa97 No.616334

File: 907efc8bccfb9e6⋯.png (546.75 KB, 816x714, 8:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 344b366333811ec⋯.png (413.65 KB, 620x441, 620:441, ClipboardImage.png)

2a2435 No.616335


Q, why is Islam being used to weaken the West? Is anything going to break that will cripple/repel civilizational jihad?

46fff5 No.616336

File: 6532f7a6aaa8ddd⋯.png (15.59 KB, 492x170, 246:85, ClipboardImage.png)

My thanks to the bakers for keeping the breads so nice and tidy. Makes automagic uploading moar better.

b00673 No.616337


We have all been controlled, brother.

No longer.



Will dig.

15e964 No.616338


You can always do a study on Ezekiel 8

7 Then he brought me to the entrance to the court. I looked, and I saw a hole in the wall. 8 He said to me, “Son of man, now dig into the wall.” So I dug into the wall and saw a doorway there.

9 And he said to me, “Go in and see the wicked and detestable things they are doing here.” 10 So I went in and looked, and I saw portrayed all over the walls all kinds of crawling things and unclean animals and all the idols of Israel. 11 In front of them stood seventy elders of Israel, and Jaazaniah son of Shaphan was standing among them. Each had a censer in his hand, and a fragrant cloud of incense was rising.

12 He said to me, “Son of man, have you seen what the elders of Israel are doing in the darkness, each at the shrine of his own idol? They say, ‘The Lord does not see us; the Lord has forsaken the land.’” 13 Again, he said, “You will see them doing things that are even more detestable.”

e99db3 No.616339

34dd3d No.616340

IP is not just an earth thing. And in that realm it is rather personal.

573943 No.616341

Stop Falling for Fake news

Well we’re sure lied to on every level!

I find it hard to claim “fake news” when I’ve seen Trump himself threaten the 2nd amendment…

“Bump stock ban”

“We have to take the guns first have the due process second”

How is this Fake News!

Know this…

A ban on “rate increasing devices” or the “bump stock ban” as it is being labeled

-Is going to create felons!

-It is a ban that will go much further than the white washed name implies.

-It is a red line for me and many 2a patriots.

FYI 4 10 20

3b49a3 No.616342

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


how bad was the banda aceh tsunami?

510535 No.616343

File: 152765880acffbe⋯.png (577.22 KB, 801x721, 801:721, popewredshoes.png)

Wickedly funny anon.

ad8aad No.616344


i aint here to self promote anon - i am here for other reasons..

964fa1 No.616345

da14d6 No.616346

File: c6285319ffbeeee⋯.png (898.1 KB, 715x1144, 5:8, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a52352f930037c2⋯.png (1.14 MB, 548x1024, 137:256, ClipboardImage.png)

on the topic of Katy Perry…

"Katy Perry: I Didn't Base My Life on an Archie Comics Character"


When you're a huge pop star, people tend to say nutty things about you. But the single most outlandish thing ever said about Katy Perry was pretty unexpected: Earlier this year, she faced accusations of basing many of her fashion choices – and possibly her entire existence, somehow – on a buxom, brunette Archie Comics character named Katy Keene. And to be fair, there is a distinct resemblance between them – as well as a bunch of near-matching outfits.

Perry was well aware of the controversy when she spoke to senior writer Brian Hiatt for her Rolling Stone cover story. "I saw that a few months ago," she says in outtakes from the interviews, "and the Internet is so crazy. Like, that's crazy! I want to go get an MRI right now and have them look inside me and make sure I'm not a comic! But what freaked me out about it is, we looked into it, and it turned out she has a sister who's a redhead. And my sister is a redhead! And I was like, 'Fuck! Stop it!'"

But Perry cautions against taking the whole thing too seriously, or imagining that she actually did systematically plunder the iconography of an obscure old comic book character. "I mean, it's pretty interesting," she says. "But it's not that deep! Like I would have been, like a physicist if I were that smart, you know what I’m saying? If I was that smart and that calculated, I would be, like, something else."

For more on Katy Perry, check out the latest issue of Rolling Stone, on stands now.


Katy Keene, a character created by Bill Woggon, has appeared in several comic book series published by Archie Comics since 1945. She is a model/actress/singer marketed by the publisher as "America's Queen of Pin-Ups and Fashions".

Readers were encouraged to submit original drawings of outfits and accessories for her and her friends to wear, as well as designs for automobiles, homes, interiors, rocket ships, trailers and boats. These designs were used in the comics with credit given to published submissions. Many issues featured paper dolls of Katy in various costumes. The character was ranked 57th in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list.

2db674 No.616347



that's what the EVIL peeps tinker with..

it's their weapon of choice…

to gain control of the SLEEPING..

touche …

b3c152 No.616348


But one evil piece of the much larger puzzle that is maximum asshattery.

5b6c5e No.616349



This deserves its own thread, imo…combine it with the other cards and make it a red-pill not-a-game game.

2f0e7c No.616350


kneck yourself Schlomo

d0e8a9 No.616351


Seems people are afraid of stirring up the sand niggers in Minneapolis. Blackhawk Down II.

72c834 No.616352


Okay. Any other examples that spring to mind? I'm looking for the combining physical characteristic, like a darker ring around the color or left side drooping.

People who talk out of the side of their mouth are hiding something Hence a sly smile. Two-faced people the tilted face you see so often in Hollywood. (We look for symmetry because that is truth.)

465cbb No.616353

File: 3e751480b504e4e⋯.jpg (178.67 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, RememberBenghaziSeptember1….jpg)

d14d3d No.616354

File: 42b24ed70a0b365⋯.jpg (28.31 KB, 1024x446, 512:223, Good-Evil-Ambigram.jpg)

2d4775 No.616355

File: 7cea95617d7818d⋯.png (75.66 KB, 225x225, 1:1, th in drag 1.png)

File: d20f5d36c3eff60⋯.png (95.61 KB, 241x209, 241:209, th in drag 2.png)

File: 78c9d1defa1044c⋯.png (103.13 KB, 205x245, 41:49, th in drag 3.png)

File: 4609c801b3e8354⋯.png (7.2 KB, 179x282, 179:282, th in drag 4.png)


About Tom Hanks:

This is classic MK Ultra for Hollywood men – get them in drag – Dave Chapple knew: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb1WUVAtseU

f6cb0f No.616356

34dd3d No.616357


just a few will get it so … :)

6014b4 No.616358


Michael Smith, an Australian investigative journalist and former police detective, recently said that he’s been asked by the FBI to provide details about multiple allegations of mishandling millions of dollars contributed to the Clinton Foundation by the Australian government. “I have been asked to provide the FBI with further and better particulars about allegations regarding improper donations to the CF funded by Australian taxpayers,” Smith told LifeZette last month. At the center of those allegations are Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Alexander Downer, Australia’s top diplomat to Britain.

https:// thepoliticalinsider.com/alexander-downer-clinton-foundation/

My bet is that these FBI are the ones in Little Rock.

8f29b2 No.616359

Pro-Tip/Request for QTeam/Potus/Anons:

Suggest reclaiming the phrase/hash “Time’s Up”

If you all have been paying attention, much of the strategy which has been used against us is directly out of the playbook which orchestrated WW2. Essentially a repeat of post war history. Hitler most certainly named his enemy, and their use of the "Lügenpresse" (lying press). Needless to say, POTUS knew full well that he needed to show the country/world that the media was being used against us. Hence expanding on "Lügenpresse" and coining the term "Fake News".

Keep in mind that the term "Fake News" was hijacked early on by the left. Specifically by ES, and via what will most likely later be confirmed as the left's hijack of a portion of POTUS(s) playbook, and most likely as a result of spying (prism, keyscore, etc.).

POTUS reclaimed “Fake News”, and it helped the public understand the lies being perpetrated upon them. I have questioned for some time if the "Time's Up" phrase/moniker was not hijacked in the same regard. Either way you look at it, the phrase “Time’s Up” most certainly applies more to our own movement and strategy, and far greater than the misdirection schemes being used by the left.

I truly believe it would be exceptionally wise to reclaim the phrase “Time’s Up” and associated hashtags, and begin adding all to our respective posts. Not only does it apply to this movement, but reclaiming the tag will take yet another tool of subversion and misdirection out of the hands of the enemy.

Way off topic:


Q Team

We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


I always figured that the shiny new Embassy in Jerusalem would make a great capital building instead. Quoting the enemy for once: “You keep what you kill”; yet did POTUS not campaign on a similar accord? Something along the lines of raising the argument of why we do not retain the assets or land of those countries which we have fought for? Ringing any bells yet?

6ae37f No.616360

File: c902b5d6b5f5971⋯.jpg (138.13 KB, 960x540, 16:9, husseinbehead.jpg)

573943 No.616361

I often wonder if the anti christ himself has been found out…

fed49e No.616362


its that apathy and fear of criticizing that will be our biggest mistake

46fff5 No.616363

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ca28e3 No.616364


I intended no offense but was perhaps too glib. I did not mean to discredit any of these or the people who believe them. Its just that we have so much to research from Q that I hate to see time and effort wasted here on tangents.

efc838 No.616365


Inside the ‘Q Group,’ the Directorate Hunting Down Edward Snowden

The top-secret ‘Q Group’ has been chasing Edward Snowden since he disappeared in May. Eli Lake on the intel community’s internal police—and why the agency is in ‘complete freakout mode.’

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/inside-the-q-group-the-directorate-hunting-down-edward-snowden

b7424b No.616366


>Rudy Giuliani is ex-DOJ

I think Rudy would appear too bias because of his relationship with POTUS

d40bd2 No.616367

This is how to translate our shit into stuff twatter people can understand.


This method should be followed by our brothers here that tweet.

7554ee No.616368


Carry on then good soldier.

b00673 No.616369

File: 10e150ef57c8744⋯.png (185.95 KB, 500x579, 500:579, deadgoatfuckers.png)


That place along with dearborn, CA, chicago, NYC, and DC will be cleaned out.

We promise.

85c74c No.616370


Islam = Communism. Brezhnev even said so.

55496a No.616371

Alexander Downer, here is the Austrailian connection from Dan Bongino

https:// www.iheart.com/podcast/263-the-renegade-republi-27994425/episode/ep-673-exposing-the-swamp-29046392?cmp=android_share

ccdf3a No.616372


Hussein was a bridge to bring Muslims into the US to be used in the takedown of America with end goal of American Caliphate.

f3d07c No.616373


Agreed, too much history.

d14d3d No.616374

File: 8de01ad140139a1⋯.jpeg (165.98 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 1520716418.jpeg)

146fce No.616375

File: beaed98a141d00d⋯.jpg (394.13 KB, 939x718, 939:718, NSA-Director-Cyber-Com-Adm….jpg)

I know stating the obvious, but hasn't been brought up in a long time.

NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers will be retiring next month, April.

Given all the crumbs we've been given, especially lately, and with @Snowden, just thought I'd put this reminder out here.

Not a concernfag, just stating fact, and am hopeful we see some major actions taking place before the Admiral departs. Great Patriot (and I pray pray pray Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn is pardoned and takes his position)

573943 No.616376


Why? Really?

Now seriously articulate your point!

655faf No.616377

File: 77c1a8fdb14244e⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1772x1181, 1772:1181, Joe Biden & the White Hous….jpg)

File: 29532e7f214d199⋯.jpg (771.03 KB, 1772x1181, 1772:1181, Cable News Network.jpg)

File: 92d982601c79d87⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1772x1181, 1772:1181, Comet Ping Pong & Clinton ….jpg)

File: ed4ab32ce75193e⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1772x1181, 1772:1181, Heavvy Breathing & Jeff Ep….jpg)


181db2 No.616378



are there more??

890a5c No.616379

File: d84df4fbd1df162⋯.jpg (93.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gods hand.jpg)


what is the Hand of God doing in Astana?

Check out their fucking pyramid that may become the future UN

4d4d95 No.616380


ng needs to go into these so called no go zones and send these mfers straight back where they r from. no go zones in america, fuck that.

they need dropped down a few notches ffs, wtf is going on! get em out of here with prejudice!

49f741 No.616381

File: e754161aef08f51⋯.jpg (195.23 KB, 1151x954, 1151:954, mashark.jpg)

Interesting article: "When exactly did Marina Abramovic jump the shark?"

sauce: http:// fourtwonine.com/2014/08/13/4858-where-did-the-love-for-marina-abromovic-go/

773113 No.616382

There seems to be a big issue currently happening with the Ontario Conservative Party leadership race. The winner has a high probability to become premier very soon. CBC is reporting that lawyers have been called in for the two front runner candidates, due to a very close result. Possible recount happening right now. Soros has always had a hand in Canadian politics as does the Federal Liberal party. Sounds like they used electronic ballots and one machine is giving odd results.

b14b22 No.616383



"Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion."

Not very hard to see if one simply studies the history. Mohamed was a brilliant political takeover strategist, but his "religion" is a hodgepodge of Arian christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism. A real mess - full of contradictory philosophical tropes with no historical narrative to show Allah working in history. He ends up being a fickle, completely transcendent entity. Perfect scheme for the Caliphate to control the sheeple.

William Federer is a GREAT resource for learning about it.

Thanks be to the true and living God for his real salvation of humanity through the work of the Christ.

f99a4b No.616384


Q going mainstream?

Is this the first mention of Q in the Daily Beast?

6060c9 No.616385


He wont be needed anymore :)

2a2435 No.616386


I'm really surprised so many people are still so ignorant about the threat Islam poses against the entire world, and Q has hardly mentioned anything about this other than the occasional reference to the MB.

Islam is an idolatrous religion: Muhammad is erected as a psychological idol to be imitated and is used as justification for what would otherwise be deprave behavior.

c84768 No.616387

File: d65cf397f7436d8⋯.jpeg (45.09 KB, 680x457, 680:457, DVFQvQsVoAAhlvK.jpeg)

File: 8789ff68b6c90ce⋯.png (92.47 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-03-10-16-0….png)

File: 60173864174c558⋯.png (149.62 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-03-10-16-0….png)

File: 17fa57aea40423b⋯.png (143.55 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-03-10-16-0….png)

File: c4ff952843dc470⋯.png (83.54 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-03-10-16-0….png)


Q says ""Flynn is safe.""

Where we go one, we go ALL!

Trust the plan.

0dfa97 No.616388

Remember that Jewish boy Nathan and his dream about how all nations would come against Israel?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_423307315&feature=iv&src_vid=-H0MDGIXZ0o&v=q_a5v2dbdBk

5309a8 No.616389


If you need any positions in government filled with honest patriots who love this country and want nothing more to see it succeed and not only for us,but the future of our children.I’m sure there’s more patriots on this board who could do more good than half of the dirty self serving officials we currently have. I can’t speak for anybody else but myself, but would love the opportunity if needed.

God bless


9bebb6 No.616390

Are we still expecting a video drop tomorrow 3/11? Or is that some random Dilleyfag bullshit?

36d89a No.616391


I agree with the tilt/sly smile. The poofy, drooping eyelid area above (in these 2 cases) left eyeball more so than dark rings (to me).

1ce93a No.616392


nice. saving

6014b4 No.616393


Was thinking about this yesterday.

Wonder who will replace him?

bff082 No.616394



Also not the point of the post.

Point is that subtle removal or ah ha this will work gun laws should worry people before its too late to turn back.

Most people trust that the police will be there to protect them until they find out what waiting 30 minutes for a response to a burglary call looks like, or live in a place like LA or Chicago and cant afford to live in a "good" neighborhood.

Or live in constant fear of gang violence.

2nd A is there for good reasons.

ffc540 No.616395

File: f6bc29bd03275c8⋯.png (78.52 KB, 883x562, 883:562, screenshotAtUploadCC_15207….png)

Pizzagate had a ton of research on Reddit until they were banned.

They moved to Voat until the pizzashop shooting but tons of research is still there.

Fully Sourced.

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1497611

0cc54e No.616396


Please attach your resume

52caf8 No.616397

File: fb97a70f5a85ef8⋯.png (371.03 KB, 842x470, 421:235, Screenshot 2018-03-10 22.1….png)

File: bb357bd1120ac41⋯.png (495.15 KB, 846x471, 282:157, Screenshot 2018-03-10 22.1….png)

File: b791feceb082b70⋯.png (430.81 KB, 847x476, 121:68, Screenshot 2018-03-10 22.1….png)

File: 3f0d815a35a6032⋯.png (459.65 KB, 847x477, 847:477, Screenshot 2018-03-10 22.1….png)

File: 06c448e894ed312⋯.png (417.88 KB, 840x475, 168:95, Screenshot 2018-03-10 22.1….png)

There is something to it, they all have doppelgangers…No coincidences, right?

It starts around 1:16. There is so many of them

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8td32UdCaE

1ce93a No.616398

File: 1369301eea74af8⋯.png (266.08 KB, 801x721, 801:721, evilHRC.png)

b3c152 No.616399


You could always read the Q drops and come to your own conclusion rather than blindly believing what you hear. Just sayin'.

998ba8 No.616400


First I think the church needs to take on the scripture Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. 501(c)(3) Is bowing down to the cabal and giving up free speech.

If they would give up the stupid tax exemption, we wouldn’t have so much brainwashing in the pulpit and the pews. Truth would be told. Lukewarm is disgusting in God’s mouth.

d0e8a9 No.616401


I always wondered what those desert dwellers think of their first frozen winter. Especially when you watch those dumb motherfuckers try to drive on ice and snow.

7ff99e No.616402

File: 75c5abf5c5edc2d⋯.jpeg (54.25 KB, 564x685, 564:685, lifeisgood.jpeg)

File: 7b96098bf0488c0⋯.jpg (820.84 KB, 1224x837, 136:93, paradise_here.jpg)

File: 25e7277a2d5469d⋯.jpeg (67.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, POTUS_HOLDFAST.jpeg)

File: b758968b0309822⋯.jpg (159.84 KB, 1080x1066, 540:533, UNeed2Know.jpg)

Pondering psychological processes….



isolated in a corrupt culture which worships death, disguised as pure selfishness, awakened by the cruel reality of an unconscious society, consuming the tender innocence of hearts born with no armor. Due to having far less effective filters, autists can actually listen with an open mind, and are able, if willing, to feel their spirit move in response to their mindset.

’’’Followers of Christ:’’’

isolated in a corrupt culture which worships death, disguised as pure selfishness, awakened by the cruel reality of an unconscious society, consuming the tender innocence of hearts not yet protected by the armor of God. Due to the direction to seek within, are able to listen, when willing, to the prompting of their spirits in reaction to their mental states.



Created by the cruelty and ignorance of the selfish, world-controlling upper crustal creatures.

Easily overwhelmed by sensory overload or emotional reaction to illogical change in the environment, real or social. Yet, the mind is NOT allergic to emotion and mysteriously, is able to stay closer to the true tenderness of the heart than “normies”.

A lifelong challenge is to master the loss of temper, where accumulated mental frustration and raw emotional intensity collide.


Created by centuries of inbreeding for qualities of supercilious arrogance OR by deliberate savage methods of child-rearing, in a tradition carried on by elements of the Khazarian tribe, no doubt borrowed from older schools, where coldly delivered traumas of cruelty shattered any remaining connection between mind and heart and where the emotional prompting of the soul is SEVERED, in any not already soul-less!

Only overwhelmed by the need to spin too many lies simultaneously, emotional reactions are SIMULATED, ESPECIALLY all the FAUX OUTRAGE (their special favorite!) if their agendas are ever questioned!

Their lifelong challenge is to never stop acting! Once started down the road of manipulating everyone around them, gang and non-gang alike, there is NO STOPPING this train wreck, as once the con has failed, the half-brained psychopaths are at a severe disadvantage.

e99db3 No.616403


Oh I'm well aware. Being targeted isn't exactly a walk in the park ;)

465cbb No.616404

File: 69724c10a0c094b⋯.jpg (157.4 KB, 890x571, 890:571, TrumpFirstToDineForbiddenC….jpg)

cfef59 No.616406


Critical Thinking Vs. Critical Theory

b318bc No.616407

Revelation 13:3 (NIV)

3 One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast.



Peace prize.

19ddca No.616408



If you want, you can call it something like Satan's Gospel of Division.

Awaken them to how division is used against them! This is completely not politics, this is every day life.

df0a50 No.616409


congrats on this meme! top 10. you have a gift.

4d4d95 No.616410


no really… these mfers are straight up activly training in america to kill americans. ENOUGH

GET EM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

9fd93d No.616411

File: a1c02e6a94bc2bc⋯.jpg (40.7 KB, 700x400, 7:4, pres_trump_ms_13.jpg)

File: a81b76774f9a2df⋯.png (122.62 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Trump-v-MS-13.png)

MS-13 is Brutally Murdering and Terrorizing Americans as the Democratic Party Defends Them

In Suffolk County alone 27 murders by MS-13 Mainstream Media Silent

5 Children at ONE HIGH SCHOOL were Beaten To Death With Baseball Bats by MS-13

https:// thegoldwater.com/news/20276-MS-13-is-Brutally-Murdering-and-Terrorizing-Americans-as-the-Democratic-Party-Defends-Them

https:// twitter.com/IWillRedPillYou/status/933466959588442112?s=19

363b54 No.616412

Somebody posted their dropbox with some interesting screenshots in there.

Putting here for safety and for digging as haven't had time to check them all out yet

https:// www.dropbox.com/sh/biyekfoidn1tlw5/AADOzlwvBizLp0Qy9g2kgCcla?dl=0#

c0fc62 No.616413


Attack of the clones.

They're everywhere. Christ almighty.

3b49a3 No.616414

File: facc44a826f4f8d⋯.png (696.4 KB, 696x462, 116:77, 2009 tsunami.png)





is the 2009 earthquake and tsunami related to australia?

72c834 No.616415




5fde7f No.616416


Can up anon. We all got fucken equally. Now it's time to fix it all. Welcome to the fold! We will fix AU as well. Shit! We will fix the world! Enough with this evil shit. Let there be light! We are the light. And we will kick ass. Don't apologise anon. Help us win! WWG1WGA. Much love to you

d0e8a9 No.616417

File: edff079a1198058⋯.jpg (179.17 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, Riverside_Plaza_and_Mixed_….jpg)



Ground Zero!

5bc126 No.616418


Theres a website that does that. I forgot the name. But it's pretty cool.

Those chicks in the second pic! Holy shit!!

b3c152 No.616419


Many don't seem to realize that deception requires the victim's participation.

20abba No.616420

File: 072bf1ac8718337⋯.jpg (199.21 KB, 948x1486, 474:743, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….jpg)


Thanks Baker.

97df3f No.616421


I dug myself into psichology and multiple personality disorder is one of my target.

The bad news is according to official stat. 99% of multip.pers.disorder (split personality) caused by childhood abuse. We are talking serious beating, torturing, or sexual kind…

In order to cooperate with hard situation the brain creates a new personality or more.

If you read tabloids nowdays you'll know a lot of stars have multip. pers. disorder. for example Britney Spears.

Changes between personalities happen when severe stress, trauma happens or something remind them (clicks them) to the childhood trauma.

I think this shed some light to how MK ultra actually works.

8010d0 No.616422

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4-Star Admiral Accuses Barack Obama Of Treason

Bombshell information,

ccdf3a No.616423


They have had the ability to clone people for many years now. Genetic replication is the easiest without any changes.

b3c152 No.616424


Well aware.

ffc540 No.616425


Put these in the trading card area.

They are good.

75a018 No.616426

cfef59 No.616427


Tru dat

efc838 No.616428


Old from 2013, which validates the Q team is as real as fuck.

7bc37d No.616429

>>616361 There are many anti-Christs, it is an evil spirit.


23“Then if anyone says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ,’ or ‘There He is,’ do not believe him. 24“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. 25“Behold, I have told you in advance. 26“So if they say to you, ‘Behold, He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out, or, ‘Behold, He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe them. 27“For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes even to the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be. 28“Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather.

890a5c No.616430

File: a52c83f7d450c44⋯.png (2.71 MB, 2496x2237, 2496:2237, there is a web to be found.png)

0df0d8 No.616431

Caught my eye from HRC Wiki drops… Conincidence?

From: Huma Abedin

To: Hillary Clinton

Date: 2012-06-04 08:26


UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05790841 Date: 01/29/2016



From: Huma Abedin <Huma@clintonemail.com >

Sent: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 3:26 PM

To: H; 'marshallcp@state.gov '

Subject: RE: How's the Filipino lunch going?

its good. BIG invite list. more names were added today.

havent seen that we have a large number of rsvps yet.

We killed entertainment since there is not time. im sure you saw on your line block our time has shrunk

Can we include Marina?

From: H

Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 3:23 PM

To: Huma Abedin; 'marshallcp@state.gov '

Subject: How's the Filipino lunch going?

e99db3 No.616432

Did anyone else get the feeling that Q was much more relaxed and warm today? I feel like the patriots scored a huge win behind the scenes and they're kind of taking a victory lap.

87ea94 No.616433


I loved that show. I loved Tom Hanks.

Once again this is my thought.

Everything I once knew at truth is a lie

Everything I once knew as a lie is the truth.

19ddca No.616434


Anon, marina has a fuck ton of connections on six degrees….

237c37 No.616435

the campaign needs to sell a trump deck of cards with Q on the joker

36d89a No.616436



9bebb6 No.616437


Q drops aren't exactly the easiest things to decipher, except maybe for genius superspy niggers like yourself. Just looking for whether that's what the consensus currently is here.

fed49e No.616438


Feels so good to hear someone else say it. lotta ppl think im just mean or full of shit bcs I know these things are true

Several high schools in my area already have prayer rooms for muzz only

5b11d4 No.616439

File: 73c9450fc9ed197⋯.png (243.65 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Untitled.png)

Their needs for symbolism would be their down fall indeed. Look at no. of comments!

0dfa97 No.616440

File: fa2745af031ff6e⋯.png (359.2 KB, 1114x584, 557:292, ClipboardImage.png)

fe1fde No.616441

File: 3dace815bd51fd0⋯.png (792.45 KB, 1585x759, 1585:759, awer.PNG)

smackdown for sanctuary shitholes .

49f741 No.616442

File: cbdb2c4ddee5fce⋯.jpg (200.37 KB, 687x951, 229:317, macunt.jpg)

"See inside Marina Abramovic's star-shaped home"

"Too avant-garde for American sensibilities, it spoke to the artist on many levels. ‘I was brought up in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, a communist country, so the star is a potent symbol for me,’ Abramovic, 68, explains. ‘It is on my birth certificate; it was on all my textbooks in school.’"

sauce: https:// www.telegraph.co.uk/interiors/inside-marina-abramovics-home/

19230a No.616443


So back on 10.31.17 Q had

John Podesta 11.3

Huma Abedin 11.6

So are you implying that John indictments are being unsealed on 3.11 and Huma will be following behind him on 6.11??

8a0160 No.616444

is possible that …

@SNOWDEN had something necessary to take control of social media???

are WE now in control?


bf5eba No.616445


No movies left for us anons, sigh

b7424b No.616446


>I want to be freed of the Corruption and Greed, freed of all Evil!

Amen, Anon, we all do regardless of where we live! Trust Q/POTUS…"The curewill spread WW"

c61c20 No.616447

It is most believable for indictments to be unsealed in States where POTUS has Judge confirmations already done. Big fish will have to be indicted in the States where they register their primary residence. Do we know if HRC still has Arkansas listed? We know BHO is listed for Illinois due to his ( cough , cough) jury duty appearance

f99a4b No.616448

File: e564850618419b0⋯.jpg (155.67 KB, 700x360, 35:18, Gerp.jpg)


maybe it's just me, but I can't shake the similarity between these two. It's in the eyes.

313ad6 No.616449

File: 8b08950d09a6a47⋯.jpeg (114.87 KB, 500x552, 125:138, 10D599E2-3226-4B9B-BB85-B….jpeg)

655faf No.616450

File: 32c281aa29f635e⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1772x1181, 1772:1181, Patricia Piccinini & Pegas….jpg)

File: a3903fa9ea0536b⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1772x1181, 1772:1181, Jimmy Comet & J Podesta.jpg)

The last of them. There may be more out there somewhere but these are all I grabbed. I take NO credit for the creation or content. They were created by an Anon on Voat/Pizzagate for dissemination to the general public. Just passing along. and you should, too!

46eeab No.616451


kek ikr

7e0323 No.616452


Q: Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.

Flynn, Adm. Rogers, Sessions, Wray?

5bc126 No.616453


She's mentioned a few times in Clinton emails & a few times in Podesta emails.

b3c152 No.616454


There's a reason people call most of the population SHEEP. It is because they have the attitude you just described.

I'm not dissing you - consensus here is much better than the main stream media. Just pointing out that if you really want to KNOW what is going on, you just have to do the work. Otherwise, you're very easily deceived.

491e62 No.616455


God used the Marine Frogs to take of Egypt.

8c44db No.616456

Stupid question, did ya read the story about Katy Perry's fight with 2 old nuns over a piece of property? Well yesterday in court, the poor old nun died! In the middle of the proceedings!

2fe9a5 No.616457

File: cb67f882d6bbffc⋯.jpg (21.91 KB, 634x483, 634:483, TrumpOooonTheMove.jpg)

>>615318(old bread)



1.) 3 sisters are sexually abused & molested by their father from the beginning of each of their lives, with their mother under the same roof.

2.)1 of the 3 is actually a bastard child thx to the mothers secret liason – the husband/ father knows, the sisters do not.

3.) tho the father molests all three he RAPES the outlier and impregnates her, stealing her virginity in the process.

4.) the two sisters, (think Cinderella Story) repeatedly attack demean steal from and marginalize their sister, compounding her destruction. She nearly dies from the illegal abortion performed by the OBGYN who originally delivered her. No One Else ever knows.

5.) when the truth of RAPE comes out, one sister refuses to believe it and one sister refuses to respect the desgree of destruction their sister experienced compared to her other siblings… marginalizing with the "we all went thru it" mentality..

6.) The victim's future daughter is ripped from her by the courts…casualty of The War. The Victim ultimately becomes ANOTHER Warrior For Truth.. and part of the @MAGA movement, stunned that POTUS Gets It and willingly stepped to the plate for ALL of us.


Society neutralizes the much more destructive act of RAPE by conflating verbal/sexual manipulation and covert sexual abuse as they neutralize Familial Assault with the overshadowing "exposure" of Franken-photo-op level Over-steps by white males.

who is MOST culpable above - sisters, "Father", Mother? The Court System? Medical Field? Education? Religion?

In society, which Actors play which above Roles in this Family of Americans?


Who is Intrinsically INNOCENT and who is co-opting "Victimhood" refusing to recognize the needs of the One above the needs of the Many.

Six Degrees of Silence~


>>615319 (Old bread)

e4839b No.616459

File: 88e31f0e50f40a1⋯.png (426.81 KB, 481x448, 481:448, 88e31f0e50f40a1f1b577470d5….png)

758681 No.616460

>>616018 Bob looks likes ass.

Article very revealing as to The Witch's current predicament:


< November 13, 2017 11:31 am

Marina Abramović's Latest Feat Involves Vanishing $2 Million in Donations and Giving Jay-Z a PowerPoint Presentation

Marina Abramović has released a statement claiming that $1.1 million of the $2.2 million raised for her Institute came out of her own pocket, and that all of the money from Kickstarter went to paying the fee charged by Rem Koolhaas's firm, OMA, for "schematic designs" of the building, which was originally set to cost $20 million instead of $31 million. "I reject the New York Post's allegations of theft. The Kickstarter funds were directed for the purpose intended. Over the last four years, the original vision of the Institute evolved and I am proud of this work," Abramović said

46eeab No.616461


heart attack?

c61c20 No.616462


was she adopted or born into ?

25d9be No.616463


I was asleep like so many other's. Fast track until now = has been an amazing journey for me and countless other's. Thank you !!

a9cda8 No.616464

Woah! Just read this..

www. infowars.com/assange-warns-cia-flooding-into-democratic-party-for-2018-midterms/

Are they trying to get enough votes to impeach to cover their own asses?


934510 No.616465


Gotta be RG. He has basically become silent since Trump elected. A HUGE personality/ patriot all but sitting on sidelines. Basically an automatic for Trump advisor or cabinet. Only 2 reasons for this imho 1. Comp’d 2. Bigger plans.

truly believe it’s the latter as RG seems legit

>inb4 nothing is as it seems

efc838 No.616467

6ae37f No.616468


Future proves past…

Think mirror…

We'll find out soon, won't we?

e7f7d8 No.616469


He already told us he'd find us, personally, to thank us. I believe they know who we are and where we are and may already have called on some of us outside of this underwater basket weaving image board. I sleep really well at night actually knowing that Q team knows exactly who I am. I could give a fuck about the clowns who do too - COME AND SEE ME, FUCKERS


Crack stacks

1b4cff No.616470

HRC tarmac video spit-balling here…What if this is CLEAR evidence of HRC/Billy colluding to assassinate a sitting Supreme Court justice (AS) and replace him with Lynch. This evidence would be completely acceptable by normies and a way to bring in (arrest) the Clintons and LL and everyone connected to the treasonous act. And, then from there all of the other crimes can come out?

Q said we are watching a movie - what better movie than "THE PELICAN BRIEF"?!

f7cb13 No.616471


Digs confirm.., mmm.., for that.., FB and Twatter must become more slowly with the Conservative.

161f39 No.616472


the push for hormonal contraception is more sinister too. its poison.

890a5c No.616473


TY for update.

655faf No.616474


I honestly don't know how, Anon. I mean I think I would have to change a pixel and/or file name to place them there? If you would be so kind, please do so for me. They aren't truly "mine" anyway…just created by a poster on Voat/Pizzagate w/ collective input and universal agreement to share…

422741 No.616475


Think more adaptable

5b6c5e No.616476


that one made me laugh…i grew up PK and I remember (mostly) the story of the plagues.

5bc126 No.616477


Dude. You don't look like Channing. Go back to your Mt. Dew commercials.

357525 No.616478

File: 332d3254fbe67e8⋯.png (961.99 KB, 1492x854, 746:427, ClipboardImage.png)


Penny MK-ULTRA & Montauk Project Victim Discloses All

Penny has an amazing Testimony to share with us here at the Leak Project. She talks about her MK-Ultra Programming, Avatars, Torture Techniques used when she was a child in detail.

Also the Montauk Project and Chair. She discusses her connections with the Secret Space Program and Mars Wars. She does not sell any books or push any products or agendas. She was kind enough to share her experiences with us here at the Leak Project and The Decoders of Truth.

https:// leakproject.com/mk-ultra-montauk-project-victim-discloses-beyond-stranger-things/

244316 No.616479


Look for

Connection to

ES and Google

b3c152 No.616480


Desperate times require desperate measures. It'll fail. The CIA is about to get the 2nd worst reputation known to mankind. (1st will be the cabal / luciferianism.)

fdb093 No.616481

File: e0c31d2d02dd349⋯.png (59.03 KB, 984x956, 246:239, Australia.png)


Re_read re: Australia.

I like to take Q literally first when digging.

904442 No.616482

My husband is brilliant. I just told him about the lastest Q. This is his reply.

The parade 11-11-18 should start with reenactment people from the Revolutionary war. Then move through all the wars/battles/convicts to present day.

Do you know how many people would volunteer to march. MILLIONS.

Daughter's of the Revolution as well. ETC. Q - whispers this into POTUS ear. The children can learn about The United States of America.

God Bless and now I'm going to go cry happy tears with all this GREAT and WONDERFUL news of rebirth of my country.

efc838 No.616484


Oh I believe it.

904442 No.616485


conflicts… my keyboard is messed up.

890a5c No.616486



b7424b No.616487

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

POTUS' Weekly Address: 3/10/18

55286d No.616488






Here we go with this unscientific nonsense again.

1) Symmetry especially of the face is related to beauty in our eyes. An asymmetrical face or body does automatically not suggest evil, maybe more ugly, but not evil

2) Not every one is 100% symmetrical. Genetic differences and some pathologies play into this.

3) If someone, say Tom Hanks were to get plastic surgery to get a symmetrical face, you wouldn't be able to use this garbage to make a determination on "rapist" or not.

4) Actual SCIENCE. It works much better than psuedo-science..

https:// www.medhelp.org/posts/Neurology/Facial-Drooping—Head-Injury—Stoke/show/976447

https:// www.healthline.com/health/facial-paralysis

https:// www.medhelp.org/posts/Neurology/Facial-Drooping—Head-Injury—Stoke/show/976447

http:// www.rightdiagnosis.com/sym/asymmetrical_face.htm

242464 No.616489

File: 0074142a96225ee⋯.png (432.16 KB, 535x350, 107:70, ClipboardImage.png)


TY but I am not looking for fame nor you's, just another Anon in the trenches fighting in the greatest battle ever. We will win this brother; they cannot kill our Spirit; it lives on after what we call death. I had a glimpse of the other side at 16 years old. It felt like I was finally home but was told I still had work to do & was sent back . This is my purpose. Semper Fi

334e93 No.616490


that image is shooped

0cc54e No.616491

File: 00248d363c14c8a⋯.jpg (217.99 KB, 576x576, 1:1, marina_abramovic_Art.jpg)

This witch is not an artist or beautiful. How do we get her to disappear. They said she was furious when JA dropped the wikileaks of her inviting Podesta to one of her Spirit Cooking parties. Let's light this witch up!!!

efc838 No.616492


Where do I sign up?

181db2 No.616493


Another 'star"

3a42a2 No.616495


just GTFO i don't want to see your tits

b7424b No.616497


What's wrong with POTUS' right eye?

dc34b8 No.616498

File: 4c9d0d05ee30764⋯.png (481.47 KB, 718x676, 359:338, guns-safe-q4.png)

1ce93a No.616499


>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8td32UdCaE

different basic bone structure. sorry goys.

55496a No.616500



Don't let this slide into oblivion, it is the Aussie connection!

https:// www.iheart.com/podcast/263-the-renegade-republi-27994425/episode/ep-673-exposing-the-swamp-29046392?cmp=android_share

c4d3d4 No.616501


Demons are the “low man” on the bad spiritual “totem pole”.

Have you heard of the “Watchers” from Genesis 6:1-4? Or Yahweh’s Divine Council from Psalm 82?

The fight for your soul is real!

Watch and learn anons!

https:// youtu. be/_cS50l31lyI

9ffbc1 No.616502

Robert Mueller has been the director of one of the greatest distraction movies in US history.


Keep in mind, Mueller served as a Marine in Vietnam. Who protects POTUS? The Marines!

POTUS met with Mueller before appointing Wray to get his input and to discuss the simulated chaos that Mueller will lead over the following year.

Sessions couldn't appoint Mueller as Special Counsel (SC) because the Left would raise hell, so Sessions strategically recused himself to let RR appoint Mueller (easy pill for left).

How do you catch a dangerous animal? Bait them.

This has been beautiful to watch over the last year and I can't wait for MSM and the swamp to lose their minds when Mueller lifts the veil.

Bye MSM.

8a0160 No.616503

File: c59dd91299521a6⋯.png (442.78 KB, 852x779, 852:779, ClipboardImage.png)

“Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton is one of the high priests, a goddess of this occult, satanic, shadow group”

8ae6f4 No.616504


LOL, Podesta said HRC smells of boiled cabbage and stale urine, or something like that. Larry Nichols said she has a foul odor, and that woman who was one of Billy Boy's first lovers said when he brought HRC around, she was hesitant to have HRC in her car because HRC stank so bad and she had cloth seats in her car -> afraid she would never get the stench out.

74074f No.616505


They will hold captive anyone who changes their mind and force abort the child as well. Multiple testimony to all this. They destroy records in 7 years, at least in CA only 7 year law to hold records.

5b6c5e No.616506


sauce on Larry Nichols?

357525 No.616507

File: e7ef0081072edda⋯.png (498.89 KB, 756x592, 189:148, ClipboardImage.png)


Dr. Josef Mengele had evaded justice for decades. He 'supposedly' died in 1979 of a stroke in Brazil or Paraguay, although his 'alleged' remains were not delivered over to authorities until 1985. But in light of the dubious nature of the information relating to his 'demise' is it possible that he in fact may have been secreted into the U.S.A. following World War II, and worked for a secret fascist agency operating within the intelligence community in an effort to perfect their mind control techniques - MK-ULTRA, MK-DELTA, MONARCH, etc?

http:// www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/green.html

47ab21 No.616508


Why has not a single news outlet mentioned the fact that POTUS put a photo of North Korea in his Asia video?

This is a simple, provable example of the MSM not informing the people. Shortly after that video POTUS tweeted the link to Magapill. Magapill mentioned the photo of North Korea.

It's inconceviable that no one in the MSM is aware that that photo was of North Korea.

Today the MSM is reporting that Trump is handing Kim a victory by agreeing to meet based on information he obtained during a 45 minute meeting with South Korean officials.

Why is the MSM not mentioning the existence of the photo in Trump's Asia video from November?

20abba No.616509

File: 8ef9fa26a457a63⋯.png (151.04 KB, 480x377, 480:377, 8ef9fa26a457a6328185d8f72a….png)


Look at the brains on this ANON. I love it.

1ce93a No.616510

34dd3d No.616511


The fight does not really give a damn about your soul.

Got owns that.

Get over it.

Even if you are the last soul here you are owned.

491e62 No.616512


RG is a hero.

890a5c No.616513

File: ca7c8eb0cfa491a⋯.png (285.07 KB, 875x219, 875:219, wizard of Qz.png)

Who! Who! Who! Is the Wonderful Wizard of Qz?????

fed49e No.616514

Funny how Farrakhsn has been back in the news with such gusto …… now Q starts dropping hints about islam

4701a9 No.616515




b37940 No.616516


i would come

6ae37f No.616517


And she doesn't want to see your dick.

e7f7d8 No.616518





could just be allergies but I want the evil cabal keeping their weird fucking eye of horus loving asses away from GEOTUS

07df18 No.616519


You are a very delusional person and the fact that you use snippets of fact in your babbling does not change that.

Your biggest delusion is failing to recognize that ALL MUSLIMS ARE JEWS.

They certainly don't want to accept that fact, but it is the FOUNDATION OF ISLAM.

When the Rothschild illusions are evaporated, many people will need to take a good hard look at how things really are.

36d89a No.616520

File: 6be24a53fd6b79d⋯.jpg (533.6 KB, 569x907, 569:907, Juelz.jpg)

b7424b No.616521

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

White House YouTube channel: Eric Bolling

87ea94 No.616522


I just watched Pacific Rim again with my granddaughter last night. What was my first thought I had as they go down the hole to fight the aliens?

"I wonder if that is what's really down the hole in Antarctica."

Can't watch a movie or show without seeing what has been under our noses the whole time.

b00673 No.616523


Understood. Q team should know.

3e7eca No.616524


God Bless!

3a42a2 No.616526


the exit is that way mam

c98bd4 No.616527


Here's one more:

Andrew Breitbart (Entrepreneur)

c84768 No.616528

File: 8789ff68b6c90ce⋯.png (92.47 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2018-03-10-16-0….png)

Flynn is safe

b3c152 No.616529


Sun Tsu: When you are strong, appear weak. When you are weak, appear strong.

This gives the main stream media another target to make themselves look like idiots. Again.

726c02 No.616530

Q , don't know if if this is inappropriate or not but would it be possible to ask 45 a question at round table 3-14. I thought since I work there it wouldn't hurt to ask.

5fde7f No.616531


Oh I will cry like a school girl… And act like a cheerleader. Q, can't wait. Would love to have a beer someday ( or whatever)…. Anons, I love you faggots. We will do beer someday! Somewhere! It's happening my friends. I just want to lay my eyes on you. Shake your hand. Meet real life heroes ( nohomo)

34dd3d No.616532

what if we are all here in this reality just to save one soul?

To bring it home,.

d14d3d No.616533


Top Kek

bff082 No.616534


Notwithstanding, i have lived a life at times outside the law. I had my reasons not to trust the law. There are in fact real bad guys out there with bagdes.

However vast majority are great people with a high calling.

But Americans expect to much from the police. All citizens should be able to count on themselves and their neighbors to protect their families.

God Given right.

8a0160 No.616535

File: da8c58fda6ff886⋯.png (493.16 KB, 692x673, 692:673, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b36521eed5851ea⋯.png (293.43 KB, 692x821, 692:821, ClipboardImage.png)

"“The Romenian authorities query that I have to be sent back home “right away”, is a silly, hasty move, by the way.

I will not leave this beautiful country without saying that the “Guccifer Project” was a failed project. My will / intention was to fully expose the Illuminati / the Council, and their crimes, but I failed!

“Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton is one of the high priests, a goddess of this ocult, satanic, shadow group. One must see their evil and profoundly corrupt nature to understand what I am talking about.

“Though I know I invested a great deal of time & effort trying to expose the crimes of the Rockefellers, the Bush klan, the Clinton, and many others, maybe my skills (or lack of skills?) were NOT matching my faith.

“So, I apologize in front of the unknown soldiers who struggle to take this fight against these monsters to a glorious end. Many of ’em are risking their lives, while doing this behind the computer screens, from inside or outside the system.”"

fed49e No.616536

b37940 No.616537


if kennedy is leaving, i would love to see TG or napolitano.

TG would be best just because of age. napolitano could prosecute eh?

c61c20 No.616538

>>616482 From chan's mouth to POTUS ears. Ignore the desperate sex deprived who scream tits or GTFO. If they want to see tits so badly that that they overlook a great contribution, they probably also make their mommy clean the towel they use to clean up after them when they see tits. Nothing stopping you or your hubby from getting a parade organized in your own city/town

d0e8a9 No.616539

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6ae37f No.616540


So what the fuck you waiting on son?

70e2a1 No.616541

Re: Australia - my theory is they need to make nice with POTUS after all the pay to play and massive donations to CF. How many mea culpas will they do?

Am I the only one who now is reading Q posts with POTUS' voice and cadence?

Great humor today, Q.

100151 No.616542

File: 141d71b30b1cdce⋯.png (88.57 KB, 220x308, 5:7, JGT.png)

334e93 No.616543


the podesta boiled cabbage thing was fake news. try to find it in the wikileaks emails, you won’t

313ad6 No.616544

File: b383e7c405cfc16⋯.jpeg (194.92 KB, 2028x430, 1014:215, FB0D0E5E-7010-4E78-A431-E….jpeg)

b7424b No.616545


Flynn knows where the bodies are buried!

520544 No.616546


Be quiet.

e96252 No.616547

Workfag just getting home. Looks like Q been on fire today. Will take a while to go thru 6 breads. Anything really important happen?

3a42a2 No.616548


Thanks anon appreciate your work ;)

34dd3d No.616549

not in politics mode tonight.

b37940 No.616550


do you understand what age does to people?

3791ea No.616551

Its funny reading the jnews and the fact that they are saying that Tillerson was in the dark about NK until after the announcement. Like he is going to have his feeling hurt and quit. hahah. RT knows DJT talked to Kim back in NOV. Hahah Fake News.

87ea94 No.616552


snip tool them into individual cards. Then you could

fd5971 No.616553

File: 2ad534a2640582a⋯.jpg (61.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 24q2qt.jpg)

File: 128918d497edffb⋯.jpg (98.83 KB, 480x929, 480:929, 24q2xz.jpg)

File: e6514adf3ff0f15⋯.jpg (108.84 KB, 480x929, 480:929, 24q4hx.jpg)

b00673 No.616555


Christ cucking is certainly not the way of light.

Best keep your lips zipped if you have nothing but ramblings of power mad 4th century roman emperor in your head.

God is REAL, and so is christ.

Evil works in lies. You propagate it daily.

46eeab No.616557


Q said israel and spirit cooking and posted islam video…

49f741 No.616558

File: 18f7658547ea06d⋯.jpg (86.61 KB, 773x220, 773:220, maigone.jpg)

File: e0308dc5557e43a⋯.jpg (464.47 KB, 1207x965, 1207:965, maid2.jpg)

One month after announcing that she was scrapping her plans for the Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI) in Hudson, NY, she still had not returned the money to those who donated to the project.

"the artist is present, but the cash is gone"

sauce: http:// www.artnews.com/2017/11/13/morning-links-stolen-work-moma-ps1-edition/

List of donors to Marina Abramovic Institute: https:// mai.art/support/

42705c No.616559


Please remember

Whatever discussed there

Pilot stabbed his chest suicide

242464 No.616560


Trust the Plan. I don't think we will have to wait much longer for a devastating revelation to wipe all hopes they may have of gaining power. We have more than we know

13k + sealed indictments

Thousands of CP, pedo & trafficking arrests


SA purge

Norks willing to disarm

Special prosecutor put in motion behind the scenes by Sessions

It's all falling into place.

be4139 No.616561

Anon's, I am shocked about the Adoptions in Hollywood. Check out the following website for the whole list:

http:// www.americanadoptions.com/adoption/celebrity_adoption

So many Stars adopted children. And so many famous people were adopted. For example, did you know that they were adopted?

Bill Clinton

Robert Byrd

Mother Teresa

Nancy Reagan

Michael Reagan

Eleanor Roosevelt

Nelson Mandela

Tom Monaghan (founder of Domino's Pizza)

Gerald Ford

John Hancock

Marilyn Monroe

Edgar Allen Poe

Priscilla Presley

Jesse Jackson

Steve Jobs

Michael Bay

Eric Clapton

Jamie Foxx

Malcolm X

Larry Ellison (co-founder and CEO of Oracle)

I did know, that Brangelina and Madonna adopted children, but so many others??

Ronald Reagan

John McCain

Rosie O'Donnell (actress and TV personality)

Walt Disney (creator of Disney)

George Lucas (director)

Steven Spielberg (director))

Woody Allen (director)

Hugh Jackman (actor)

Charles Bronson (actor)

Sandra Bullock (actress)

Sheryl Crow (singer)

Tom Cruise (actor)

Jamie Lee Curtis (actress0

Bette Davis (actress)

Kristin Davis (actress)

Sammy Davis, Jr. (entertainer)

Viola Davis (actress)

John Denver (singer)

Jane Fonda (actress)

Katherine Heigl (actress)

Jesse Helms

Magic Johnson (professional basketball)

Angelina Jolie (actress)

Diane Keaton (actress)

David Kelley (TV producer)

Nicole Kidman (actress)

Kris Kristofferson (singer)

Jerry Lewis (entertainer)

Madonna (singer)

Brad Pitt (actor)

Ewan McGregor

Paul Newman (actor)

Ozzy Osbourne (singer)

Sharon Osbourne (TV personality)

Michelle Pfeiffer (actress)

Lionel Richie (singer)

Meg Ryan (actress)

Sharon Stone (actress)

Gloria Swanson (actress)

Elizabeth Taylor (actress)

Charlize Theron (actress)


Bonus: Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Willis are Advocator for Adoption

890a5c No.616562


Q posts tell the tale.

Other than that not really.

Notable posts are interesting.

4d4d95 No.616563



85c74c No.616564


Two of my phones were TAOed.

And Mexican tails are stupid.

I was just asking about uranium.

181db2 No.616565


nice catch

6ae37f No.616566


>It's all falling into place.

At a furious pace…

ca121d No.616567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More Admiral James Lyons

89348a No.616568


>How do we (((PUSH BACK))) the accusations of the UTIMATE EXPOSURE being called CONSPIRACY?

Conspiracies are as common as liars and thieves. The only people who don't believe in them are the ones with the most to hide.

c45fc0 No.616569

Geez…here they go…idiots.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmsWLHRTysg

2f0e7c No.616570

File: cdbb109232bab49⋯.jpg (87.74 KB, 512x369, 512:369, Patton Defeated wrong enem….jpg)


You still dont get it do you? The lies began long before WW2.

100151 No.616571

File: eee5a5471691280⋯.jpg (88.9 KB, 1219x250, 1219:250, TORGTFO.jpg)

74074f No.616572

http: //www.paranoiamagazine.com/2013/06/satanic-super-soldiers-the-sinister-reality-of-trauma-based-mind-control/

520544 No.616573



Get a room.

ccdf3a No.616574


Australia is really advanced in NWO timeline. They have taken the guns and forced vaccines on the public. Cabal control everywhere there and Pine Gap to boot.

5b6c5e No.616575


added to Notable Posts

3c0e9f No.616576


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dlXCrpKTt0

Very interesting vid…doesn't quite get to the bottom of things but a good start.

6139a6 No.616577


Sorry for shitposting Q. Truly tried to maintain the culture you came to. Unfortunately too many boomers and normies came in and raided us like never before. Muh bad. If you would please put me on potus Christmas mailer I’d truly be honored.

t. Russian 1337 alt right conspiracy theorist haxor patriot

4da311 No.616578

So everything ties together with the Muslim Brotherhood, as Admiral Lyons has been warning for years.

34dd3d No.616579


The low level will be listed. Not the teachers.

72c834 No.616580


How would you know if your science is based on a correct assertion without all the facts? hypothesize test retest as needed provable, replicated results = closer to truth or truth.

Don't claim science and then ignore it's method because you declare something to be so.

Aren't we learning that much of our science isn't science or is inaccurate? Isn't there a metaphysical component to all this?

Aren't truths hidden in sayings?

6ae37f No.616581


Eat shit.

3a42a2 No.616582


no thanks

87ea94 No.616583


You know there is a time to not say this shit and this is one of them. STFU

5b11d4 No.616584


Thank you posting the link for Admiral James. For many years with Active TS_N0_SA and D_IA I was not hired for no reason since I was TOO Patriot! During CI_Int they loved me but they never hired me and just made me wait! Now I know why! Thank you for posting this! I am good to good to go if you need American / Persians!

4d4d95 No.616585


at one of the roths estates, lol

291de1 No.616586

Weekly Address: 3/10/18 (3:07)

The White House (yt chnl)

Published on Mar 10, 2018


291a03 No.616587


Funny that her exhibit is at the Serpentine Gallery; coincidence?

f55a57 No.616588

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

RE: President Trump's Weekly Address on Sanctuary Cities

2fe9a5 No.616589


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fx7N2lsCHD0

e7f7d8 No.616590


Yes Anon and it doesn't commonly swell your eye nearly shut.

He's either having an allergic reaction or something more fucky.

Either way don't be a dick when someone is concerned for POTUS, they want us divided, remember? I would ask you to kys but I'm trying to be less of a cock for Q.

c61c20 No.616592


FUCK! That's IT! Get organized means Get every city/town planning a parade for 11/11. I was wondering the significance for a parade in DC when most people won't sit and watch a parade on tv that day! Don't sit around, have your own parade from sea to shining sea!

3a42a2 No.616593


concernfags should GTFO too

70e2a1 No.616595

Re: Australia - my theory is they need to make nice with POTUS after all the pay to play and massive donations to CF. How

many mea culpas will they do?

Am I the only one who now is reading Q posts with POTUS' voice and cadence?

Great humor today, Q.

f5032d No.616596


It gets crazy on the weekends then the kiddies have to go back to school :)

46eeab No.616597


to be expected… Vatican telescope named Lucifer etc.

98a0b6 No.616598


Was this October car attack in NY a Deep State attempt to take out HA and Weiner before he entered the safety of prison?

https:// nypost.com/2017/10/31/8-killed-truck-pedestrians-downtown-nyc-terror-attack/

655faf No.616599


K, I will try to work on that.

f6cb0f No.616600


we are all POTUS now

b00673 No.616601

File: 9c82623a403641b⋯.png (461.25 KB, 564x544, 141:136, PlatoTrump.png)

f48b2f No.616602

So that witch, Marina, she's 71 yrs old.

Looks much younger.

I wonder what kind of stuff she drinks.

>These people are SICK!

de9412 No.616603

File: 7f3143f3720fa27⋯.png (48.08 KB, 644x381, 644:381, POTUS 3-10-18 1 29 pm PST.PNG)

758681 No.616604

File: 9f2c95689d6a8ca⋯.png (49.32 KB, 571x138, 571:138, Rudy-SammyBull-RICO.png)





one word: rico

efc838 No.616605


I bet he doesn't sleep much knowing everything he knows now. He has to keep so much secret. Look at the Rocket man meeting back in Nov. I bet was dying to tell us.

057da7 No.616606

For those so inclined

The Spiritual Interpretation of 1111

Number 1111 is made up of the powerful influences of the number 1, amplified and magnified by four. Number 1 resonates with the vibrations and attributes of new beginnings and starting afresh, independence and individuality, initiative and assertiveness, ambition and motivation, success and leadership, courage and strength, creation and creativity, self-reliance and tenacity, attainment, happiness and fulfillment, innovation, self-development and oneness with life. Number 1 reminds us that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs, intentions and actions.

Many people associate the repeating 1111 with a ‘wake-up call’, a ‘Code of Activation’ and/or an ‘Awakening Code’, or ‘Code of Consciousness’. It can also be seen as a key to unlock the subconscious mind, and reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, rather than physical beings embarking upon spiritual experiences.

Upon noticing a frequency of 1111’s appearing repeatedly, you may begin to see an increase in synchronicities and unlikely and miraculous coincidences appearing in your life.

At times, when you are about to go through a major spiritual awakening or an epiphany of some kind, the number 1111 may appear in your physical reality and experience to signal the upcoming change or shift.

When noticing the Angel Number 1111 appearing, take notice of the thoughts you had right at that moment, as 1111 indicates that your thoughts and beliefs are aligned with your truths. For example, if you held an inspired idea at the time of seeing 1111, it would indicate that it would be a positive and productive idea to take action on.

When Angel Number 1111 appears repeatedly it signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you, and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into reality. The message is to choose your thoughts wisely, ensuring that they match your true desires. Do not put your energy into focusing on fears as you may manifest them into your life.

Angel Number 1111 is a message from your angels to be very aware of your persistent thoughts and ideas as these are manifesting quickly into your reality. Ensure that your beliefs, thoughts and mind-sets are positive and optimistic in order to draw the energies of abundance and balance into your life. Be aware that you will manifest your thoughts, therefore, do not think negative thoughts as these are what you will draw into your life. Use the positive energies of the Universe to bring to fruition your deepest desires, hopes and dreams.

Angel Number 1111 signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you, and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into your reality. There is an opportunity opening up for you, and your thoughts are manifesting them into form at lightning speed. Angel Number 1111 is similar to the bright light of a flashbulb. It means that the Universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting your ideas, thoughts and beliefs into material form, creating your experiences and realities.

Pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas as these are revealing the answers to your prayers. Your positive affirmations and optimistic attitude will help to manifest your desires and help you to achieve your goals and aspirations. They will also assist you with serving your spiritual life purpose and soul mission. Do not allow fears, doubts or concerns to hold you back from living and serving your Divine life purpose and soul mission.

Angel Number 1111 also encourages you to assist and inspire the human race via your natural abilities, relying upon your inner-wisdom and intuition to guide you. Be an inspirational guiding light to bring illumination and enlightenment to others and to help raise spiritual awareness. Trust that the angels support you in your ‘lightwork’.

http:// sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/angel-number-1111.html

5bc126 No.616607


I just watched a few of his other weekly addresses & his eye is the same in them. Well, the new one is a tiny bit more swollen on the side view

291de1 No.616608


Sorry… brief description… he talks about CA sanctuary cities, illegal immigration.. safety…

82ce2d No.616609


Tits here have a very specific purpose. All is not as it appears. This place is built on traditions that, when followed, allow us to easily identify our own. Makes me wonder who you are…

5b6c5e No.616610

warming up the oven

d6e650 No.616611


Thank you for that very interesting post Patriot….I was the 615318 poster….very valuable info you just posted….God Bless

fd5971 No.616612

File: b854b93474d246b⋯.jpg (61.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 264v3z.jpg)


I added a red pill to this one.

07df18 No.616613


Remember your fundamentals.

Q is a group of people, less than 10.

Some of us have noticed different ways of using language at different times meaning that Q likely works in shifts and at any point in time, one of the Q group is writing the messages.

However, I believe that either someone else approves what content will be released, or one person is the scribe, but the whole group signs off on wording when classified info is involved.

So all Q is saying is that we will be surprised to learn who ONE OF THE GROUP is. Fine, not to worry. The lesson for us here is not to sweat the operational details.

This is a big operation, we have our role in it and our role does involve counterintelligence, i.e. unveiling the enemy agents at work. This is what parallel construction is about. Since the enemy is hiding in plain sight, we can spread the word about unusual things that we have found to get more people ASKING QUESTIONS, i.e. red pilled.

Nobody is truly red pilled unless they are asking questions. When you tell someone a story and they believe your every word, then YOU HAVE FAILED. That is not red pilling. We do not need an army of brainwashers.

What is really true? How can we know? Why do people not ask questions?

a9384f No.616614


Selena Gomez, MIley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Shia LeBouf, Raven Simone, Lindsey Lohan, River Phoenix, Corey Haim, Johnathan Brandis, Hayden Paniteire, Christopher Pettiet, Dana Plato, Demi Lovato, Amanda Bynes, Brad Renfro, Bella Thorne, Sac Efron…the list goes on and on and on. Sexually molested when they were kids, raped, MKUltraed, totally brainwashed. Many were sold into Pedowood by their parents. The sexual molestation began when they were very, very young. Many are from the Nickelodeon/Disney stables. The rapes continue all through their child star career—from the producers, directors, and other Hollywood bigshots. Doesn't matter whether they are boys or girls. They are groomed to accept rape as a part of the culture and as part of the price of fame. It works while they're still 'cute' kids. But once they transition to adulthood they're no longer attractive to the zombie pedophiles who run Hollywood. So they are chewed up and then spat out. Most do not find success as adult actors/singers in Hollywood. They go overboard with the booze and the drugs because they don't have a career anymore and the money is also mostly gone. A number of them have committed 'suicide' under mysterious circumstances. Most of them burn out and end up having nervous breakdown after activation. Meanwhile, a new generation of kids are groomed, and the cycle repeats.

What Q is saying about this stuff is dead on. The Satan worshiping pedos have been doing this for decades. Enty and Himmm tell many of these stories on CDAN.

13fe44 No.616615


The reason why they want us divided.

They're low in count but they are organized.

When they divide us we can be controled.

Our number is huge when we are united.

Not possible to fight us. They know.

bd762c No.616616

File: f44968dbb3fd79f⋯.png (80.79 KB, 1896x272, 237:34, ClipboardImage.png)

FBI Anon referred to the CF as a "spider web" back in 2016.

https:// pastebin.com/hgW5q5Kx

42705c No.616617



Surely some brushes off POTUS

b39b17 No.616618

Angela Dorothea Kasner.

Daughter of a Pastor?

Name of FATHER?

History of FATHER?

Hitler youth (member).

Haircut today vs THEN (A).


US Intelligence post war controlled who?

The ‘Mission’

Who is Angela Hitler?

Relationship to Adolf?

How were children named in Germany during this period?

First or middle.

Family tree.





Risk of ‘conspiracy’ label the deeper we go.

Truth will shock the WORLD.


1ca35d No.616619

File: f02ff722f71d431⋯.jpg (43.83 KB, 300x396, 25:33, Balfour.jpg)

File: ae6299d5f3b81da⋯.jpg (80.47 KB, 854x633, 854:633, iscb.jpg)

File: f0d117d4f4c1f70⋯.png (155.35 KB, 800x430, 80:43, KatyPerry2.png)

File: 85aec8f9b1f668e⋯.png (427.69 KB, 728x428, 182:107, KatyPerryEye.png)

File: 7746830fe7b474f⋯.jpg (127.9 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ladygagaMariaAbramovic.jpg)

As usual, stepped away for a few hours this morning and wham!

They made many current/former enslaved children famous. Hollywood is filled w/ them. Models. Find the loudest voices. Brainwashed.


The spirit cooking discovery is bigger than you know. Follow Maria.

To me, a few of the biggest names which come to mind, some for being the loudest and others being seen with Marina Abramovic, are:

Lady Gaga.

Katy Perry

Rihanna (lots of illuminati imagery in her photos and concerts)

John Legend/Chrissy Teigen (loud and proud on their social media platforms)

This is not about religions or party affiliation. EVIL is everywhere.

Thanks Q. As a patriotic JewAnon I was afraid we were going to slide hard into the Khazarian mafia/Babylonian Talmud again.

As to mentioning Israel, my guess it's in regard to the Rothschild's influence, which has been a part of Israel since its inception. There's a video online of Jacob Rothschild reading the Balfour Declaration, written to his ancestor Walter Rothschild (pic related). If I recall, Rothschild money was used in the construction/expansion of the Israeli Supreme Court building, which has a pyramid built in the courtyard (pic related). Their influence in Israel is second to none, which most likely means, their influence on certain politicians is great. If certain entities control NK, say Clowns and old Chinese families, it's most likely the same type of situation with Israel. The entities or families currently in control also have an influence on America's politicians, but it's my hope most are more 'useful idiots' than nefarious actors. Politicians are, by and large, always raising money for re-election and those who provide the funds are, as a general rule, what they are beholden to whether it's Israel, big pharma or anything else.

To me it's analogous to how Q-team needed to cut the financial support Al-Waleed bin Talal was providing in order to cut the strings to Obama and company. I trust Soros is dead in their sites for much the same reason.

There is a large constituency in Israel who desire nothing more than that a comprehensive peace agreement be achieved. Until, and unless, the elites promoting their globalist agenda are removed it won't happen.

‘Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.’

It is my understanding that most I-n-t-e-r-n-e-t d-a-t-a travels a very particular route and until all bad actors are removed problems in communication will continue to exist.

What I have noticed over the past many years is a pattern of puppet masters (Soros/Al-Waleed etc.), funding election campaigns of candidates who, once 'elected,' enact legislation detrimental to the guiding principles of the host country. Regardless of which country, these globalist politicians have the same agenda. There's usually an attack on the traditional concept of marriage as between a man and a women via new 'civil rights' legislation (i.e. bathroom bills). An attack on the very concept of an independent nation through 'open borders' policies and attacking anyone who challenges the concept of unrestrained immigration as being a racist or xenophobe. The list goes on. In America, there was Obama. In Germany, you have Angela Merkel and in Canada you have Justin Trudeau…as a few examples.

As for Australia. One historical tragedy was the taking of newborns from aboriginal mothers and placing with new families. This however, is not unique to them, and others have written about other countries that engaged in the practice.

Though I have forgotten what I once new, I am reminded of an influential politician in Australia (was it a former Prime Minister?), who engaged in similar policies. I’m thinking many of the problems alluded to by Q might date to this period. Below is a link I found on Wikipedia to a list of said Australian politicians and scandals:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_political_controversies_in_Australia

55496a No.616620


Thank you anon!

87ea94 No.616621


Calif is trying.

05a515 No.616622


OJ set up

6ae37f No.616623



7bc37d No.616624


He has a thread in the catalog here somewhere. I downloaded about 50 cards.

5fde7f No.616625



I don't care when or where. But once we win and the world becomes safe…. Q!!!! Where are we going? Name the time and place!!!! WWG1WGA …. Let's celebrate at some point!

74c54a No.616627


>Angela Dorothea Kasner.


b94f85 No.616628


but what does it mean?

4d4d95 No.616629


been researching this shit for years. look at the music industry exposed on utube. there is alot of good info there

87ea94 No.616630


You concerned?

cfef59 No.616631


Let Truth be told!

890a5c No.616632

6139a6 No.616633


Dunno what’s worse… the kids or the shariaBlow pro paid cunts…. only relief is no Infowhore/ B3an/ curtsy/ shilling on weekends

2c0117 No.616634




>"Islam is a political movement, masquerading as a religion"

So is Roman Catholicism. The Vatican is a STATE.

520544 No.616635


Hey Tracy Beanz.

4f1837 No.616636


Umm the Crusades…

e7f7d8 No.616637


Oh fuck

We knew it!!!

c84768 No.616638




https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Lawrence

f5032d No.616639


>Who is Angela Hitler?

LOL Merkel

b7424b No.616640



>Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.


I have to say, this really shocked me because it implies that one day we WILL know/have confirmation who Q is, which is a real mind blower to me!

244316 No.616641

97df3f No.616642



Read my post about (MKultra) split personalities work.

20abba No.616643


>Angela Dorothea Kasner

German stateswoman and chancellor Angela Merkel was born Angela Dorothea Kasner on July 17, 1954, in Hamburg, Germany. The daughter of a Lutheran pastor and teacher who moved his family east to pursue his theology studies, Merkel grew up in a rural area north of Berlin in the then German Democratic Republic.

05a515 No.616644


Clowns tried to start race war

c4d3d4 No.616645


Did you even watch the video I posted?

You are obvi ignorant of the power of Yahweh and the RISEN Christ. The Christ who freely (meaning of his own will and without provocation) paid for the price for my and all sin. I freely gave my soul to Yahweh. So yeah, I guess he does own me, and for that I rejoice!

f46079 No.616646

>>616482 Before independence, but let's not forget the French & Indian War. Gave combat experience to many who later fought in the Revolution, much like the Mexican War was a training ground for future Civil War officers of both sides.

40fabe No.616647

File: f931c021e4430fc⋯.jpg (93.29 KB, 734x500, 367:250, 264v8q.jpg)

1f43b3 No.616648

File: 9da3ce36a5d2809⋯.jpg (90.85 KB, 960x960, 1:1, FB_IMG_1512520693318.jpg)


what about this?

75a018 No.616649


So it's true? Merkel is really Hitler's daughter?

74074f No.616650


It's true then - wow! Vindicated! Although I lost my entire family in my quest for truth.

42705c No.616651


Thumbs tired yet Q group. So glad you’re here. Prayers daily. Godspeed Patriots!

4d4d95 No.616652


bring all of our families and vacation for a couple weeks would be straight

efc838 No.616653


Absolutely, we need to pray for both of them.

590d7d No.616654


You should share the CERN implications.

c61c20 No.616655


to get organized, do you want parades across USA for 11/11?

e99db3 No.616656


Wew. These crumbs got a kick to them today.

b3c152 No.616657



fd5971 No.616658


Like that red witch lady from game of thrones( at night she looked like an ancient hag),kek

34dd3d No.616659


They why is important.

Why continue a bloodline as the ones in control?


3a42a2 No.616660


no biblefag we filter you every time you post

75a018 No.616661


Q won't bite on Chem-Trails..Sad

f6cb0f No.616662

File: 67bd6afd0a8149d⋯.png (4.37 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 336119EF-A51F-4366-A67A-F4….png)

File: 01204041f71a76d⋯.png (4.19 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, D026657C-4BEA-4EF9-81B0-F3….png)

This bitch

f99a4b No.616663


That certainly confirms my suspicion.

491e62 No.616664


Thanks, Anon. There are no atheists in the trenches.

6139a6 No.616665


FUggggg spoke too soon


stahp niggah DONT start the bots

1ca35d No.616666

File: 3446c4482862ace⋯.jpg (42.49 KB, 500x668, 125:167, rihanna.jpg)

File: 705fd5461f570f8⋯.jpg (163.55 KB, 1016x1600, 127:200, Rihanna2.jpg)

File: 7746830fe7b474f⋯.jpg (127.9 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ladygagaMariaAbramovic.jpg)

File: 8e952eef66f08ec⋯.jpg (157.44 KB, 620x460, 31:23, ladygagaMariaAbramovic2.jpg)

8ae6f4 No.616667


Ephesians 6:12-13.

There is true evil and there is true good. Darkness vs. light. In this time, the darkness seemed almost overwhelming but when things seem almost hopeless, hold to the hope that God gives us. For God so loves us, he sacrificed his only son for us, when he didn't even require such a sacrifice from Abram. Place faith in Him and fight the good fight. Most of all, pray. Pray. God hears our prayers.

Random thoughts. You might end with the only prayer that God wrote, Numbers 6:24-26, and explain all the subtle meanings that are encompassed in the Hebrew. Search online, it is awesome.

You can rip off from Ken Davis too. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

42705c No.616668






87ea94 No.616669


Merkel has to be in that Hitler bunch

dc34b8 No.616670


We know Merkel is related to Hitler, there are many false leads on the web tho.

74074f No.616671


I'd LOVE that!!!

20abba No.616672

File: d2e39d53f756f56⋯.jpg (429.09 KB, 1258x1882, 629:941, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at ….jpg)

890a5c No.616673


It's been alluded to……

1ca35d No.616674

File: 615462dc916e725⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 570x855, 2:3, ladygagaMariaAbramovic3.jpg)

b39b17 No.616675


Relevant to coming events.

Future will PROVE past.


e7f7d8 No.616676

So how were kids named?

Off to find his family tree….

e96252 No.616677



Thanks anons. Digging in to it now. Sure would be nice to know what the stance is with Israel. There is so much division about it.

4d4d95 No.616678


holy sheep shit, i knew it was deep but damn

42705c No.616679


Anon daily does!

cfef59 No.616680

4th Reich

17dba2 No.616681

File: 14f00bed56c1108⋯.jpg (137.4 KB, 592x369, 592:369, rodmankim.jpg)

34dd3d No.616683


few know

we will be here until every soul brought home.

15cd98 No.616684


Remind our brothers & sisters that according to the Word of God, things are not always as they appear to be-our spiritual knowledge should act as a safeguard, so to speak against the onslaught of temporal knowledge (much of it is brainwashing by the MSM). Just remember, God had to use Balaam's ASS to finally get through to him. :)

74074f No.616685



42705c No.616686


Spill Q

cd8c43 No.616687



87ea94 No.616688


Feels odd and pretty good we have been ahead of the game in certain areas

491e62 No.616689


The ones that yell loudest

658be1 No.616690


Muslims are the attack dogs of the jews.

Read: http:// archive.is/avCPO

Watch: https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=9NGav1HV9KQ

cfef59 No.616691


4th Reich

e32e41 No.616692

Q can we get a handle on California? Dems have destoyed my state and my wonderful birthplace of San Fran(shithole). All the homes are unaffordable even for hard working families w/ both ptarents working. Freeways a mess. Who is making all the fastrack toll $? Where does it go?(Deep Pockets) Immigrants are taking tech jobs and buying up all decent housing. (Sad face)

b7424b No.616693

File: ba148c997faba3c⋯.jpeg (19.22 KB, 300x168, 25:14, Merkel.jpeg)


Angela Hitler!!!! Ahaha

Too funny!

31e185 No.616694


>First or middle.

She sure looks more like a Dorothea.

Was a functionair in the East already, would highly likely have become party member (i.e. one of the elites) in GDR if it had persisted. Kohl, for some reason, was just too happy to take her and be her protegee.

c61c20 No.616695

>>616618 nobody here has been spared the conspiracy label. We are still here and we are still spreading. The only difference in past and future for the conspiracy label is, we have more on our side than ((( they ))) do now! HA!

42705c No.616698





6bf63c No.616699




so why she flooding the EU with Muslims ?

Doesn't take after her dad .

758681 No.616700

>>616588 Thanks, especially for Hooktube embed vs. (SpyOn) Youtube.

1ca35d No.616701


Yep. No try to get people to believe it.

9995ae No.616702


Hitler time … children removed from parents -> Hitler Youth …. parents whispering when children around out of fear they would squeal on them. Father of Angela -> west German Pastor who is a communist and moves to East Germany with Family. Whole family are communist and Angela becomes part and rises in the ranks of Communist youth (sauce: my mother)

97df3f No.616703


Thaaank you!!! Trust the plan.


ae059b No.616704

File: f4367ab4107fef8⋯.jpg (22.01 KB, 360x240, 3:2, Combat Flynn.jpg)




Flynn is the man. He stood up to Obama. He clearly knew the dangers/treasoness fucks we had embedded in our government.

Flynn took the Iraqi deck of cards and tracked them down…to include Sadam and sons. This was most likely a big reason he went on to head DIA.

Q says we might be surprised by who has been on here. I don't think any anons on here will be surprised by anyone revealed at this point in our journey.

General Flynn, sir. We know what you have done for this country; it ranks up there with the greats of WW2. The masses may not know yet, but patriots/anons know the true measure of what you have done for our country too include your roll in all of this (of which we do not fully know yet).

Thank you for putting your life on the line, your reputation on the line, and serving the side of good. == Our nation has been blessed by your sacrifice ==

f48b2f No.616705



Perfect alignment.

Energy Light Influx.


Gates of Heaven.

FG&C Victory Parade.

b3c152 No.616706


Get ready, EU. Be prepared for what you are about to learn.

890a5c No.616707


You do know about the Kahazatan Jews that currently run Israel and the fact that Tel-Aviv is the "gayest city in the world"…. they're at the top of this satanic death cult that we're cutting up into a thousand pieces and throwing to the winds.

8ae6f4 No.616708


She's a _special_ kind of stupid, ain't she?

573943 No.616709


Strings cut

c84768 No.616710


You can not make this stuff up…..

Lawrence's school activities included cheerleading, softball, field hockey and basketball, which she played on a boys' team that was coached by her father.[3] While growing up, she was fond of horseback riding and frequently visited a local horse farm.[5] She has an injured tailbone as a result of being thrown from a horse.[6] When her father worked from home, she performed for him, often dressing up as a clown or ballerina.[7] She had her first acting assignment at age nine when she played the role of a prostitute in a church play that was based on the Book of Jonah. For the next few years, she continued to take parts in church plays and school musicals.[3]

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Lawrence

242464 No.616711

File: fe4a1fce2d0ba2e⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1284x801, 428:267, truedope.PNG)


Q what about this fag-Is he Fidel's son? You are blowing minds SIr

e15940 No.616712


Well deserved time and a half for work on a Saturday. MAGA

37e347 No.616713

Angela Dorothea Merkel is a German politician serving as Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and leader of the centre-right Christian Democratic Union ( CDU) since 2000; since 24 October 2017 she and her Cabinet continue as the acting government until a new government is formed. Merkel has been widely described as .

Q, but …. Germans know that. The point is what is she hiding. What controls her? What does it make her to be a traitor to Germany?

Q, will we ever see the ding-o-ling o Big Mike? I am anxious :)

d01997 No.616714

Is Angela Merkel a daughter of Hitler?

2c377f No.616716

Disease X

Reality, or threat?

b89591 No.616717



244316 No.616718

>>616675 popcorn ready sir

85c74c No.616720


The same artist guy I used to know who sloughed off spirit cooking also sloughed off the Satanic Panic and other things. Seriously suspect he's involved in child trafficking too.

17dba2 No.616721


I will. Thank you!

34dd3d No.616722

Blood lines is BS except for the old guard that think important.

Power is

a2eaf1 No.616723


He married a Berlin woman, and they had a son – Horst Kazmierczak, Angela's father. The family decided to cut their Polish roots in the early 30s. The Kazmierczaks followed a common fashion and Germanised their family name to Kasner. Father and son converted from Catholicism to the Protestant church …

Angela Merkel parents Polish Catholics who converted to Protestantism.

f99a4b No.616724

File: f1fa876b3ec0d61⋯.jpg (134.26 KB, 731x1024, 731:1024, Give.jpg)


Cannot contain excitement!

491e62 No.616726


Whatever is in the pit it isn't good.

5b6c5e No.616727

890a5c No.616728


You forgot who the enemies are, who are the heirs of the promise, what the enemy wants to do to the heirs of the promise….. culture and freedom are VERY important.

e7f7d8 No.616729

Angela was his half sister and another Angela was his niece. I think.


c61c20 No.616730

>>616671 # MeToo. I'm really good at organizing and permit type details. I volunteer to work with others digging State/local requirements for permits and more…………..

ccdf3a No.616731


Bloodline is most important to these people. Always wondered about Bill and Hillary's bloodline.

efc838 No.616732

POTUS brings peace to North Korea when all his haters told him that it was impossible. He deserves the Nobel Peace Price. Demand it.


0cc54e No.616733

Angela Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria-Hungary, the second child of Alois Hitler Sr. and his second wife, Franziska Matzelsberger. Her mother died the following year. She and her brother Alois Hitler, Jr. were brought up by their father and his third wife Klara Pölzl. Her half-brother Adolf Hitler was born six years after her, and they grew very close. She is the only one of his siblings mentioned in Mein Kampf.

Angela's father died in 1903 and her stepmother died in 1907, leaving a small inheritance. On 14 September 1903[1][2] she married Leo Raubal (11 June 1879 – 10 August 1910), a junior tax inspector, and gave birth to a son, Leo on 12 October 1906. On 4 June 1908 Angela gave birth to Geli and in 1910 to a second daughter, Elfriede (Elfriede Maria Hochegger, 10 January 1910 – 24 September 1993). Her husband died in 1910.

be4139 No.616734



Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone talked about sick Hollywood, about "shoes of dead children"

https:// newspunch.com/macaulay-culkin-hollywood-shoes-dead-children/

1ca35d No.616735


Any truth to that rumor of a Nazi base in Antartica? Crazy stuff, but people swear the leadership fled there.

With others going to South America.

6a5592 No.616736

File: 233aab9d38c8197⋯.jpg (33.78 KB, 630x330, 21:11, nazi-youth-pope-ratzinger-….jpg)


Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict) was a member of the Hitler youth. The RC institution gave Hitler birthday galas up to his "suicide" in 1945. Operation Paperclip, the USA gathered up all the scientists associated with the V-2 and nuclear programs. Most people have never heard of Jasenovac. When Berlin fell, many escaped through the Vatican rat lines into Argentina, South America.

890a5c No.616737

http:// www.helpfreetheearth.com/news501_Merkel.html

reading this…… talks about merkel being the daughter of hitler

b3c152 No.616738


Fuck Nobel. Just more cabal bullshit.

46eeab No.616739


and soros..

b94f85 No.616740

42705c No.616741


This beyond

16 year plan



a2eaf1 No.616742


This guy gives me such a bad feeling I wonder if he is the omen, damien.

ed43f7 No.616743

File: c271ad907a406cf⋯.jpg (186.66 KB, 1138x620, 569:310, ely1.jpg)

File: d5f6e5f11747551⋯.jpg (172.21 KB, 1332x565, 1332:565, ely2.jpg)

c84768 No.616744

File: 691d146061e80cb⋯.jpeg (105.13 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DUmzhGZVoAASG9q.jpeg)

8f8d8a No.616745


https:// truepundit.com/fbi-investigation-of-espionage-blackmail-charges-in-awan-case-blocked-by-obama-doj-appointee-who-worked-for-holder-lynch/

Confirmation of the replacement DOJ guy is held up by CS.

357525 No.616746


>Angela Dorothea Kasner

Just me or does Horst Kasner

look like he could be a Rockefeller?